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10.Dez.2004 In one of his glib "Nothing's perfect," "Freedom's untidy" + "Stuff happens" maxims,

Rummy told the soldier: "As you know, you go to war with the Army you have."
It wouldn't make a good Army slogan + it was a lousy answer, especially when our kids are getting blown up every day in a war ginned up on administration lies.

Remember when the president promised in the campaign that the troops would have all the body armor they needed?
These young men and women went to Iraq believing the pap they were told: they'd have a brief battle, chocolate, flowers, gratitude.


they were thrust into a prolonged +

savage insurgent war

without the troop levels or armor they needed because

the Pentagon's neocons

had made plans based on their

spin -

that turning Iraq

into a democracy

would be a cakewalk.

+ because Rummy wanted to make his mark by experimenting with a lean, slimmed-down force.

+ because Rummy kept nattering on about a few "dead-enders,"

never acknowledging the true force, or true nationalist fervor, of the opposition.
The dreams of Rummy + the neocons were bound to collide.

But it's immoral to trap our USA troops in a guerrilla war without essential, lifesaving support + matériel

just so a bunch of officials who have never been in a war can test their theories.
How did this dangerous chucklehead keep his job?

He must have argued that because of the president's re-election campaign,

the military was constrained from doing what it is trained to do,

to flatten Falluja + other insurgent strongholds.

He must have told W. he deserved a chance to try again after the election.
He had a willing audience.

W. likes officials who feed him swaggering fictions instead of uncomfortable facts.URL:,1518,druck-332037,00.html
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DC BANK SWEPT UP IN INTRIGUE ... [CIA, MAFIA, S&L FRAUD ... -... Cline told the joint congressional Iran-Contra committee that he was advising individuals with GeoMiliTech , the company connected to Singlaub, on selling arms ...

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Council for National Policy (CNP) - Sh - Member Biographies -... He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House...38. "...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a ...

Council for National Policy (CNP) - N-Pa - Member Biographies -... 45. "...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington ...arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras... GeoMiliTech ...

The Council for National Policy: Selected Members Biographies CNP ... -... He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House...
38. "...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a ...

The Council for National Policy: Selected Members Biographies CNP ... -... 45. "...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras... GeoMiliTech ...

Intelligence Online's Back Issues -... named Bayshore Bank of Florida, was jailed for a year earlier this month for illegally diverting funds from his establishment to GeoMiliTech Consultants Inc ... -

The Chupacabras of Infowar -.. they are going to strike." Schweitzer was fired and later worked for GeoMilitech ,a Washington arms brokerage known primarily for its secret shipments of

DoD employees hold forth on radio frequency weapons for Congress. -... move" they are going to strike." Schweitzer was fired and later worked for GeoMilitech , a Washington arms brokerage. In 1987 ...

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Harper's Magazine: Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner ... -... Studley, Barbara had gathered archconservative military + political leaders to establish a Washington-based arms company called GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ... -

Harper's Magazine: LICENSED TO KILL.(arms dealer Ernst Werner ... -... Studley, Barbara had gathered archconservative military + political leaders to establish a Washington-based arms company called GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ...

Eastern Europe's Arsenal on the Loose -... including AK-47s, to Christian militias in Lebanon [8]. Polish weapons worth $5 million were shipped to Contra forces in Nicaragua by GeoMilitech , an arms ... -

Final www.

Eastern Europe's Arsenal on the Loos -... 8 Polish weapons worth $5 million were shipped to Contra forces in Nicaragua by GeoMilitech , an arms company implicated in the Iran-Contra affair ...


00.000.1984+00.000.1985 ; Defex- Portugal, Lda.,

a Portuguese arms brokerage firm that sold weapons to Secord, Richard + his agents; + GeoMilitech (GMT), another ...

A-Infos Hyper-Archive: (Cast)Antifa Info Bulletin Vol. 1, #5 part ... - ... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + Singlaub partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3
million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ...

A-Infos Hyper-Archive: ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Vol. 1, No. 5 -... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ... The origins of Iran-Contra: Lessons from the Durrani Affair
... Reagan Administration. In the main, this was not an illicit nor an illegal traffic. Studley, Barbara and GeoMiliTech The first US ...

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[CTRL] STILL MORE PRETTY MUCH INCOMPREHENSIBLE, INCONCLUSIVEHTML-Version ... move"...they are going to strike." Schweitzer was fired + later worked for GeoMilitech , a Washington arms brokerage. In 1987 ...

[CTRL] A Small Circle of Friends Larry Pratt, the Council fo -... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ...

[CTRL] [9] The Marcos Dynasty - ... joined Singlaub + The Enterprise in the civilian world, taking a post as adviser with Singlaub in a Washington consulting firm called GeoMiliTech Corporation ...

... revolutionary terror was a very profitable enterprise indeed.

GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, ...

AASE, JEAN....................\224 \ ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS.... ... -... 028 \ GENERALS: RIGHT-WING.....030 \ GENOCIDE: AIDS, WAR, FOOD,ETC\226 \ GENTILE, NICOLA.....178 \ GEOMILITECH (GMT)....088 ...

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CRYPT NEWSLETTER 47 March 1998 Editor: George Smith, Ph.D ... -... move" . . . they are going to strike." Schweitzer was fired + later worked for GeoMilitech , a Washington arms brokerage. In 1987 ...


Les Archives d'Intelligence Online -... faillite, la Bayshore Bank of Florida, a été condamné début avril à un an de prison pour abus de biens sociaux au bénéfice de GeoMiliTech Consultants INC ... 09.Dez.2004

A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - ... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ...

From: Michael Pugliese <> Subject: SNET: Larry ... -... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ...

Arianna Online Forums - A small Circle of Friends - ... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in ...

... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured \\$5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero ...

A Small Circle of Friends -... GeoMilitech , founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in...

Alfred Opitz: Authentizität - Referentialität – Kontext ... ästhetische - Diskurs gibt diese Wirklichkeit mehr oder weniger ... auf seine Schelling-Lektüre schreibt Goethe am 6 ... der Empirie in einem völlig neuen Licht ...


00.000.1980 -During the mid-s-North Carolina Senator Helms, Jesse vigorously supported a Nicaraguan CONTRA rebel group closely tied to narcotrafficking.

North Carolina Senator Helms, Jesse vigorously continued his support long after the drug link was widely known in Washington + reported in the national press.
What did North Carolina Senator Helms, Jesse know about drug network undergirding these guerrilla fighters?

When did North Carolina Senator Helms, Jesse vigorously know it?

And what was the extent of North Carolina Senator Helms, Jesse vigorously involvement with the contra faction most tainted by cocaine?

The Senator won't say, but Dossier has uncovered the facts. (This article originally appeared in The Independent, a weekly paper based in Durham, North Carolina.)
1: Cocaine and a Covert War
2: Commander Zero and the Smuggler
3: "The Enemy of My Enemy"
4: The Senator's Silence

Helms/Contra/Cocaine Documents Index
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09.Dez.2004 Beschwerden von US-Soldaten: Bush lenkt nach Kritik an Rumsfeld ein

09.Dez.2004 Israel: Likud stimmt für Koalition mit der Arbeitspartei

09.Dez.2004 If Dunne would have "dunne" his homework,

Dunne would have discovered that I have been writing about the Bushs' dirty money sources since before + right after Dubya came into office:
+ that my investigation of where the money came from to rig the election is a continuation of past investigations + leads.

09.Dez.2004 Life During Wartime - ... General John Singlaub is being paid to make patriotic speeches ... War on Waste More money for the Pentagon, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, while ...

09.Dez.2004 CTRL] Fwd: [CIA-DRUGS] TREASON-BUSH SR. ILLEGALLY ARMED IRAQ WITH HTML-Version - Remember BNL Bank, Rep. Henry Gonzales House Banking Chairman.

00.Jun.1992 testimony + Bush's accounts at BNL Bank, Hildago Company? ... -

09.Dez.2004 CTRL] 7/2000 - Written Statement of Celerino Castillo, 3rd - ... Early part of 1986, I received a cable from DEA SA Sandy Gonzales in Costa Rica ... Grasheim also claims that he met with Studley, Barbara and John Singlaub and they ...

09.Dez.2004 The Order of the Skulls and Bones Exposed. - Support Divorce - ... plan of Iran/Contra), Donald Gregg, Gene Tatum, John Singlaub + many ... + Iran/Contra), Rafael Quintero, Felipe de Diego, Virgilio Gonzales (also involved ...

09.Dez.2004 Letters - ... Alberto (Stonewall) R. Gonzales , who got you out of that Driving While Intoxicated case, has set up a screening ... Richard Vernon Secord, Gen Singlaub , Col ...

09.Dez.2004 Scott P. Richert's THE ROCKFORD FILES -... US Supreme Court would be counsel to the President Alberto Gonzales , who, as a ... woman who insisted on taking my picture with Keyes, General Singlaub + others ... /

DejaVu14 - ... Gonzales is unafraid of clashing with top Republicans + he will seek to ... the Nicaraguan Contras, working directly with retired General John Singlaub , one of ... -

Past Peak: Politics Archives - ... Gonzales, Alberto who it seems is replacing Ashcroft, is the legal whiz who ... included Lieutenant Colonel North, Oliver Major General Singlaub, John K. + other ... /


Mafia, CIA und Politik der USA ... Committee on Assassinations, das im 00.Feb.1975 von Henry Gonzales angeregt worden ...Security Council, angeführt von CIA-Topagent General John Singlaub + dem ... -

johnson city forum -Rice Condoleezza Spellings, Margaret Gonzales, Alberto Goss, Porter ownership society dominoes ... Colonel North, Oliver Major General Singlaub, John K. + other Iran ... -

NAMES ASSOCIATED WITH HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE -... Peres, "Don Minche", Mayor Gonzales . Guatemala ... Iran-Contra + Consistent Themes During the Cold War; Singlaub , John, Major General, USAF, Ret. -

09.Dez.2004 This is a Bizarre World - ... for the contras in Congress + claimed North was innocent. Singlaub + Micharl ... Jose Gonzales Souza started Semilla ("Seed") at the Chesepeake, Va, office of ...

[DOC] Date: Tue, Aug 1st 2000 14:05:47 Filter senderHTML-Version ... Early part of 1986, I received a cable from DEA SA Sandy Gonzales in Costa Rica. ...Studley, Barbara + Singlaub, John + they wanted him to sell night vision equipment ...


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09.Dez.2004 800 Meter: Samsung baut höchsten Wolkenkratzer der Welt

09.Dez.2004 Weltraumtourismus: US-Kongress ebnet Weg für Privattrip ins All

09.Dez.2004 Amoklauf bei Konzert: Ehemaliger Pantera-Gitarrist erschossen

09.Dez.2004 USA: Millionen-Urteil gegen islamische Organisationen

09.Dez.2004 Terror-TV: Das ZDF probt den Ernstfall

09.Dez.2004 Rumsfeld: Lost in a Masquerade

09.Dez.2004 Afghanistan: Karzai erklärt Drogenbaronen den Heiligen Krieg

09.Dez.2004 Kiew: Juschtschenkos treueste Anhänger wollen weiter zelten

09.Dez.2004 Terrorgefahr in London: Polizei verhindert Anschläge wie in Madrid

09.Dez.2004 Kranke Bäume: Förster fürchten Rinderwinde

09.Dez.2004 Besuch auf der Tropen-Baustelle: Pasta zum Pandschabi-Sound

09.Dez.2004 Tropenwald-Schöpfer Au im Interview: "Glaubt uns, dass wir nachgedacht haben"

09.Dez.2004 Pakistan: Neun Monate Suche ohne eine Spur von Bin Laden

09.Dez.2004 Nordirland-Friedensplan: IRA will Entwaffnung nicht dokumentieren lassen

09.Dez.2004 "Souveränität verletzt": China verbietet PC-Fußballspiel

09.Dez.2004 Wüstensturm: Lockerer Sand kann Menschen verschlucken

09.Dez.2004 DSL-Preiskampf: Die Branche schädigt sich selbst

09.Dez.2004 US-Regierung: Weiterer Minister tritt zurück

09.Dez.2004 Madrider Anschläge: Vier weitere Festnahmen

09.Dez.2004 Südamerika: Staatengemeinschaft nach EU-Vorbild gegründet

09.Dez.2004 US-Regierung: Weiterer Minister tritt zurück

09.Dez.2004 Öl- und Dollardruck: Der Kanzler will intervenieren

09.Dez.2004 Geheimdienstinformation: Aufständische im Irak erhalten Hilfe aus Syrien

09.Dez.2004 Rüstung: EADS soll Europas Waffenschmiede werden

08.Dez.2004 US-Regierung: John Snow bleibt Finanzminister

08.Dez.2004 Internetsucht: Mutter verliert Sorgerecht

08.Dez.2004 Putins US-Kritik: Der Steinewerfer im Glashaus

08.Dez.2004 Nordirland: Blair und Ahern legen neuen Friedensplan vor

05.Dec.2004 While most people can accept the fact that the CIA has intervened covertly in the domestic affairs of Third World + Soviet + Central American states,

many people may not realise the extent of USA CIA Agency's same tactics of infiltration, sabotage + terrorism against its supposed allies in the West.

In fact Western Europe has been the theatre of CIA undertakings of major proportions,

designed to create the false idea of a "Soviet threat", to win the hearts + minds of liberals + social democrats + assorted socialists + steer them in an anti-Communist direction + to manipulate the political path of every European country….
"We "had" at least one newspaper in every foreign capital at any given time."
00.000.1977 - a CIA admission in, referring to European papers owned outright or infiltrated sufficiently by the Agency to print stories which were useful to the CIA or to suppress those it considered detrimental.
During World War II, many European labour leaders had been rescued from the Nazis with the aid of funds raised by American trade unions.

This brought them closely in touch with American military intelligence, in particular the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the forerunner of the CIA ), whose chief in Switzerland and Germany was Allen Dulles, later to become the first head of the CIA . The principal union leader in these secret operations was Jay Lovestone, who had switched from being the leader of the American Communist Party to secretly working for USA intelligence.

As the Allied armies advanced across Europe, Lovestone's men followed as political commissars, trying to make sure that the liberated workers were provided with trade union and political leaders acceptable to Washington. In France, Germany, Italy + Austria, the commissars provided lavish financial + material support for moderate socialists who would draw the sting from left-wing political movements + the beneficiaries of this assistance survive in European politics to this day 09.Dez.2004 .

The CIA set up dozens of American foundations, charitable trusts + the like as conduits for payments to all manner of organisations, which in turn funded other groups, all working covertly for an anti-Communist propaganda campaign.

So numerous were the organisations involved + so many were their interconnections + overlaps, that it is unlikely that the full picture of their activities will be revealed. URL:
05.Dec.2004 "They are trained, for example, to confront disorders + student demonstrations,
to prepare dossiers, to make the best possible use of bank data + tax returns of individual citizens, etc.

In other words, to watch over the population of their country with the means offered by technology.

This is what I call techno-fascism." -

Ex-CIA officer VICTOR MARCHETTI on the training provided by the Agency to the Italian security services, 1974. URL:

"Yale Professor of History Gaddis Smith said, 'Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.'

" Even our slang term for spies, "spooks," originated as Yale argot for secret society members.

00.000.1945 Bonesman Robert Lovett chaired a committee on intelligence + pushed for carrying on with the wartime OSS, Office of Strategic Services.

Dozens of Bonesmen are listed as holding high posts in the CIA, including, of course, USA President Bush [BGHW948] . URL: 

26.Mär.2004 Details Origins - articles which explain how and why the Bilderberg meetings began .
0.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Armed+Dangerous-Serial Killers[1] on the Loose
Origins - articles which explain how and why the Bilderberg meetings began.
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00.000.19-- Origins - articles which explain how and why the Bilderberg meetings began 362k – 16.Dez.2003

08.Dez.2004 URL:!.htm
08.Dez.2004 But it was not the Satanic aspect of Aquino's writings that caused me to scrutinize his earlier writings for the Army.

Shortly after the Waco incident in Texas, a secret "classified conference" was held at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico.

Through a friend in Maine, I was able to obtain an official copy of the speaking agenda for the 00.Nov.1993 conference +, oddly, the subject matter under discussion correlated with not only the original Aquino Army report, but also with the MKUltra behavior research underway during the 1950's and 1960's.

The title of the conference was "NonLethal Defense" + just a few of the speakers included such dignitaries as the Honorable U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno;

Dr. Edward Teller who had helped develop the nuclear bomb;

Dr. Milt Finger from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory;

Mr. Andy Andrews, NonLethal Project Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory;

LTG William H. Forster from Army Research, Development and Acquisition;

Dr. Clay Easterly from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory;

Dr. Henry Brisker from U.S. Army Research Laboratories;

Ms. Astrid Lewis from the U.S. Army Chemical Research & Development Command;

Lt. General Richard G. Trefry, former Military Advisor to President George Bush;

and many more.

The most noteworthy "nonlethal" technology presentations included the following:

"High Power Microwave Technology" "Application of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to NonLethal Weapons"

"Voice Synthesis"

"Incremental Agression: Requirements for the Future"

"Chemical/Biological AntiTerrorism"

"Biological Challenges"

"NonLethal Research: Fracture & Dynamic Behavior,

Biotechnology & Structural Ceramics,

and many more.

Interestingly, the opening address was given by General E.C. Meyer (Ret.), former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army the very same General Meyer who had set up the Department of Defense conference in which Michael Riconosciuto had been the principal speaker from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to a group of senior level national security research and development officials.

00.000.1993 The objective + scope of the Los Alamos conference included exploring a nonlethal approach

to apply force against not only wartime enemies (the Soviet Union had already fallen)

but against "terrorists" + "international drug traffickers" as well.

The introduction noted that the purpose of the conference was to bring together

"industry, government + academia to explore the potential of nonlethal defense +

identify requirements so that the defense community can work together in leveraging the nonlethal concept."

"Industry [law enforcement], particularly, will benefit from a more precise understanding of requirements +

operational constraints regarding nonlethal defense technologies,"

noted the conference's sponsors, The American Defense Preparedness Association.

Additionally, nonlethal defense was described as "an emerging technological option being developed conceptually with a sea of technical opportunity."

Based upon the technical presentations listed in the brochure, it didn't appear to me that

such technology as acoustical, highpower microwave, laser, ELF/RF weapons + "psychotronic" systems

were particulary NEW in the field of military or intelligence applications.

Obviously, what was occurring at this conference was the presentation of these formidable weapons to law enforcement for domestic (U.S.) applications.

00.Nov.1993 -In late- a letter came to my attention which discussed the abovementioned conference.

The letter had been written to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno by a former CIA employee, Julianne McKinney, on letterhead stationary originating from the

"Association of National Security Alumni, Electronic Surveillance Project, P.O. Box 13625, Silver Spring, Maryland 209113625."

Portions of the letter read as follows: " ...

00.Dec.1992 when `Microwave Harassment and MindControl Experimentation' was published, U.S. Government representatives routinely took the position that directed energy technologies were nothing more than mere figments of physicists' imaginations, still on the drawing boards.

Shortly following publication of this report, information concerning these technologies began to appear in such noteworthy organs as The Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Tactical Technology, Defense Electronics and, most recently, The Washington Post.

"In a flurry of activity these past 10 months, directed energy based surveilance + antipersonnel systems have suddenly leaped off of physicists' drawing boards into the world of reality,

thus obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the attached publication [Los Alamos conference brochure] concerns nonexistent technologies.

The lesson, according to Aquino, was not to ignore U.S. PSYOP capability, but rather to change it and strengthen it "so that it can do precisely that kind of thing to our enemy in the next war." To begin, there would be a name change from Psychological Operations to "MindWar." Noted Aquino, "We must reach the people BEFORE they resolve to support their armies + we must reach those armies BEFORE our combat troops ever see them on battlefields."

Aquino went on to compare his proposal with the definition of Psychological Warfare first introduced by General William Donovan of the OSS in his World War IIera "Basic Estimate of Psychological Warfare" in which Donovan discussed the need to destroy the will of the enemy.

But an attendant 1947 letter stressed the need for a "synonym which could be used in peacetime that would not shock the sensibilities of a citizen of democracy."

Aquino indicated contempt for the U.S. Army's inability to accept PSYOP in its "most effective configuration," adding that "the reluctance with which the Army had accepted even an `antiseptic' PSYOP component" was well documented.

Having read about General Donovan's "behavioral control" program in the MKUltra book, I didn't perceive it to be exactly "antiseptic." Aquino's report, obviously written after the Vietnam war, suggested that future MindWars should be fought through "skillful use of communications media."

"MindWar," noted Aquino, "states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the USA ... A MindWar message does not have to fit conditions of abstract credibility as do PSYOP themes; its source makes it credible."

Aquino continued, " ... The MindWar operative must KNOW that he speaks the truth + he must be PERSONALLY COMMITTED to it.

What he says is only a part of MindWar; the rest and the test of its effectiveness lies in the conviction he projects to his audience, in the rapport he establishes with it."

As I read the document it was difficult not to recall Oliver North's diary in which he called his associates, "The True Believers." (More on that in another chapter).

Aquino noted that the recipient of the statement by the MindWar operative would judge such messages not only by his conscious understanding of them, but also by the mental conditions under which he perceived them.

"For the mind to believe its own decisions," wrote Aquino, "it must feel that it made those decisions without coercion. Coercive measures used by the MindWar operative, consequently, must not be detectable by ordinary means ..."

Aquino's basis for his report came from various publications which were listed at the back of the document.

"More effective configurations" of MindWar as noted by Aquino may well have included the following (taken from the back of the document):

"ELF (extremely low frequency) waves (up to 100 Hz) ... are naturally occurring, but they can also be produced artificially ...

ELF waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to both physiological disorders + emotional distortion.

Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity.

Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELFwaves endure for great distances; + it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well."

So, the human brain can be aligned to infrasound through media broadcasts.

Was that technology used on Manuel Noriega when he was forced to surrender in Panama under blaring radio broadcasts?

And hadn't the Branch Davidians had been subjected to loud music and chants for extended periods of time?

Another section of the Aquino report noted that "ionization of the air" could be used to control an individual's emotions.

"An abundance of negative condensation nucleii (air ions) in ingested air enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess of positive ions enhances drowsiness + depression.

Calculation of a target audience's atmospheric environment will be correspondingly useful."

After his retirement from the Army, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, an exGreen Beret, was later written up in the San Francisco Chronicle as the head of the Temple of Set, a satanic, devilworshipping church. 00.Nov.1987 headlines read as follows: "Army Says Constitution Lets Satanist Hold TopSecret Job," by reporters John Whittinger and Bill Wallace.

The story went on to say that "the high priest of a San Fancisco based satanic church is able to keep his topsecret security clearance because his activities are constitutionally protected, Army officials said yesterday.

"Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, is the founder + president of Temple of Set, a satanic church headquartered in Aquino's Russian Hill home ...

"Aquino, a psychological warfare officer who has worked in military intelligence, holds a top secret security clearance that allows him to handle information whose release would gravely damage U.S. security, according to Defense Department regulations.

"He maintains the clearance even though he has performed Nazi occult rites + has described himself as the `AntiChrist' in literature published by the Temple of Set ..."

Temple of Set literature described a coming apocalypse in which only followers of Satan would be saved.

Readers were encouraged to read such works as "Mein Krampf," "Hüitler: The Occult Messiah" + "The Occult Roots of Nazism."

Aquino conducted occult rituals patterned on ceremonies performed by Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler in a German castle once used by the Nazi SS for black magic ceremonies during the Third Reich.

Nazis considered the black arts and satanic worship part of an ancient Germanic tradition.

Aquino, in his book, "Crystal Tablet of Set," wrote that he performed the rituals to recreate an order of Knighthood for followers of Satan.

Aquino even encouraged his followers to study the beliefs of the Nazi terrorist group, the Vehm, the Thule Gesselschaft + the Ahnenerbe, two fanatic rightwing Aryan groups that existed before + during Hitler's reign.

When the two reporters from the Chronicle inquired about Aquino's security clearances, Major Rixon declared that "to the best of his knowledge, there was no part of the liturgy of his church that caused any (security) problem." Aquino admitted to being involved in devil worship for 22 years.

Germany Casa Furna Christina Ebenig & K-P GehrigAm Pfarrberg 26

65510 Idstein Germany 0049-6126-71407 Please have a look on the site: licensed architect in Portugal or


Date/Time: 12/08/2004 15:1 Table of Contents:

Affidavit of Ari Ben-Menasche

Affidavit of Lester K. Coleman

Affidavit of Margaret Wiencek

Affidavit of Michael Riconosciuto

Affidavit of Richard Babayan

Angel of Death Gives Deposition to Justice Department in Inslaw Case, by J. Orlin Grabbe

Beneath Contempt, Did the Justice Dept. Deliberately Bankrupt Inslaw?, by Maggie Mahar, Barrons National Business and Financial Weekly, 21.Mar.1988

Dead Right, by John Connolly, Spy, 1/1993

Death of a Journalist Exposes a Secret Government, by Paul DeRienzo

Declaration of Howard Teicher

Deposition of Chalmer C. Hayes

Deposition of Richard J. Brenneke

Gunther Russbacher Table of Contents

Inside the Shadow CIA, by John Connolly

Inslaw-Octopus Related Deaths Interview with Bill Hamilton, by Paul DeRienzo

Interview with Harry Martin, by Paul DeRienzo

Interview with James Norman, by Jim Quinn

MCA/Curry Company  Table of Contents

Oversight Hearings on Alyeska Covert Operations Obstruction of Justice:  Exposing the Inslaw Scandal and Related Crimes, by Karen Lee Bixman, Media Bypass Magazine, June, 1995

Pay Your Money, Take Your Chance Promis, by Michael C. Ruppert

Software to Die for - Inslaw Lawyer Elliot Richardson Talks About Murder and the CIA , by James Ridgeway

Rigged Software Claimed to Hack Intelligence Files, by Valerie Lawton and Allan Thompson

Snowbound, by John Cummings and Ernest Volkman, Penthouse, 7/89

Submission to the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Inquiry, by Marshall Wilson

The BCCI Affair, A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, USA Senate, by Senator John Kerry and Senator Hank Brown, 00.Dec.1992

The Crimes of Mena, by Sally Denton and Roger Morris, Penthouse, 7/95

The Inslaw Octopus, by Richard L. Fricker

The Last Circle, by Carol Marshall

The Last Days of Danny Casolaro, by James Ridgeway and Doug Vaughan

The Mysterious Death of Danny Casolaro, by David MacMichael

The Napa Sentinel Table of Contents

The Octopus, by Karen Bixman

Trail of the Octopus.  From Beirut to Lockerbie--Inside the DIA, by Donald Goddard with Lester K. Coleman

Vince Foster Table of Contents Virginia McCullough Interview, by Paul DeRienzo

Wackenhut Corrections Corporation, by

Wackenhut Corporation, by

Wackenhut Corporation -- A Patriot or a Partner in Executive Crime?, by Armen Victorian

Wackenhut Corporation Namebase Search Results by

When Osama Bin Laden was Tim Osman, by J. Orlin Grabbe

Whitewater Table of Contents

Learning From Nature In
The Age of Reason, Paine repudiates religious dogmatism + asserts that we can directly discern God's thoughts and intentions by contemplating the universe and the natural world. 

As Einstein said, "in this materialistic age of ours the serious scientific workers are the only profoundly religious people." 

This view of the natural world as teacher was fundamental to the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, whose Meditations record the thoughts of a man who drew lessons from nature + as a king, tried to extend the nobility of kingship to all of his subjects. 

In our own time, this tradition of combining natural history and philosophy was elaborated  by Loren Eiseley, whose classic, The Immense Journey, blends scientific knowledge with transcendent contemplation. 

In architecture, which gives form to human aspirations, Antonio Gaudi copied natural forms in steel, concrete, plaster, stone + ceramics, to express his vision of perfection in the earthly realm.

The theory of voidness is little understood by most Buddhists,

08.Dez.2004 Interview zu drohendem Eklat in Sachsen: "Die NPD wird verharmlost und normalisiert!"

08.Dez.2004 al-Qaida: Erschossen, wegen fehlender Korankenntnisse

08.Dez.2004 Struck: "Wir sind auf tote Soldaten nicht vorbereitet"
Evolutionsvorteil: Linkshänder prügeln besser

08.Dez.2004 Irak: CIA erwartet deutliche Verschlechterung der Sicherheitslage

08.Dez.2004 USA: Die Normalität des Unerträglichen

08.Dez.2004 Scharfe Sicht: Kunststofflinse kopiert Krakenauge

08.Dez.2004 Euro-Statistiken: Das Kartell der Schummler

08.Dez.2004 It is doubtful that the El Diario columnist ever read Stonor Saunders’ book.

00.000.1949 conference at the Waldorf that the book refers to was organized not by the Trotskyists,

but by a group of prominent American intellectuals—Aaron Copland, Arthur Miller, Norman Mailer, Lillian Hellman—with the support of the Soviet government.

Its purpose was to oppose the onset of the cold war + plead for a continuation of the wartime Washington-Moscow alliance.

A group of liberals + “independent socialists” led by philosophy professor Sidney Hook attended the congress + challenged its organizers over the repression in the Soviet Union, including the murder + jailing of hundreds of thousands of socialists.

The CIA followed this event with some interest + forged relations with some of those who attended.

None of the figures involved were connected to the Trotskyist movement, though some had expressed intellectual sympathy with Trotsky before his assassination nine years earlier.

To cobble together the Waldorf Astoria conference, Trotskyism + the CIA as Pelaez does is neither factual nor serious.

An understanding of history and the evolution of different political tendencies requires an element of political precision that is sadly lacking in her comments.

08.Dez.2004 Where is the evidence that the US “supported with all of its might” the worldwide spread of the Trotskyist movement?

Washington’s ambassador to the Soviet Union, Joseph Davies, endorsed the Moscow Trials in which the leaders of the October Revolution—including Trotsky, tried in absentia—were convicted in monstrous frame-ups + sentenced to death.

Under conditions in which he was being pursued by assassins of the Stalinist secret police, the GPU, Trotsky was denied asylum not only in the US, but in every other country of the world, save Mexico.

The nationalist government of President Lazaro Cardenas admitted him as an act of defiance against Washington, with which it was in conflict over the nationalization of Mexico’s oil.

00.000.1940 -When Trotsky was assassinated in, Washington refused even to allow his corpse to be brought across the border for a memorial meeting.

As for the American Trotskyist movement, 18 of its leaders were jailed under the Smith Act, becoming the first to be persecuted under that infamous anti-communist law.

They were imprisoned for opposing war and refusing to renounce the struggle for socialism.

Individual leaders—including Carl Skoglund, the organizer of the 1934 Minneapolis general strike—were threatened with deportation.

The Stalinist Communist Party USA, it should be noted, enthusiastically backed these repressive measures, which would later be turned against it as well.

There is ample evidence that FBI and CIA spying on American Trotskyists has continued right up to the present.

To substantiate her claim of US government support for the Trotskyists, Pelaez cites Stonor Saunders’ book to the effect that the CIA organized a Trotskyist congress in 1949 at the Waldorf Astoria.

It is certainly a novel idea that the Trotskyists, a party of workers with limited resources, would have chosen the Waldorf for its congress.

In any event, it is pure fantasy. No such meeting ever took place.

While we've been working on this story for several days in order to get it right, we had hoped to hold it a bit longer to confirm a few more of the details. As well, we had hoped to allow the Judiciary Committee and others time to comment before making this story widely available.
However, as of late Sunday night, Curtis' story has been reported elsewhere on the Internet
by Wayne Madsen.

His detailed account references an older, very short affidavit that Curtis had made in regards to the information contained in a self-published book on some of these matters.

While Madsen's article was independently researched and reported -- and offers some very good detail in relation to Curtis, YEI, FDOT and Feeney, much of which that we can confirm -- he then ties those stories to a much grander CIA/Bush family conspiracy.

While we have looked somewhat cursorily over the last several weeks into some of the larger matters which Madsen discusses + has been reporting on for some time, we cannot confirm any of those grander details as playing any part in this particular story.

While his claims may be true, The BRAD BLOG has seen no evidence to support them as being related to the Curtis story at this time.
Frankly, we find the information related in Curtis' sworn affidavit + via our interviews with him + others directly related to his story to be rather stunning as is + we will stand by our reporting of those matters at this time.
Given the importance of the many allegations in his story if they are true -- + we have so far been unable to identify any major holes or discrepancies in his information -- we thought it necessary to release the full details contained in this sworn affidavit immediately so that Curtis' story + the explosive allegations contained therein could be more accurately assessed.
00.May 2002 -By- the FDOT had finally taken up the investigation into malfeasance by YEI.
In one particularly chilling paragraph in the affidavit, Curtis explains what became of Raymond Lemme, the inspector at FDOT who was said to be pursing the allegations against YEI, Tom Feeney + the other reported matters:
00.Jun.2003 he told me that he had tracked the corruption 'all the way to the top' + that the story would break in the next few weeks + I would be satisfied with the results.

01.Jul.2003 A few weeks later, on Mr. Lemme was found dead with his arm slashed in a hotel room in Valdosta, Georgia."
The death was ruled a suicide by the Valdosta Police.
The BRAD BLOG has obtained + is currently reviewing many official documents related to Mr. Lemme's death.
00.Mar.2004 Mr. Hai Lin Nee, "the ilegal alien" who had worked at YEI + was reported by Curtis, was arrested in on espionage charges which included "shipping radar guidance system chips for Hellfire Anti-Tank Missiles to a company in Communist China.

"Curtis discussed in detail, during our interviews, Mr. Nee having placed "wiretapping modules" into software code created by the company.

The secret "wiretapping modules", Curtis claims, were to download information from programs built by YEI for contractors + then either copy or send that information via Email back to YEI.

Such software, Curtis claims, was created for companies such as NASA with whom YEI held substantial contracts.
According to both the Curtis affidavit + email dated 22.Nov.2004 obtained by
The BRAD BLOG, YEI is currently under investigation by the FBI.
That information was sent to Curtis after he had attempted on several occassions to notify law enforcement authorities of his seemingly remarkable story of espionage, possible vote tampering + other ethical concerns.
00.Jul.2004 of this year, in an email we've reviewed which purports to be from a current YEI employee whose name we are withholding,

Curtis was sent the following message in regard to a book that the employee had learned Curtis was working on:
They know about the book. You should not have sent it to a bush supporter. They are going they weren't after you already.
So I get to warn you AGAIN.

They will do everything thwey [sic] can to keep it from getting published.

They are also going to try to take you out again.

Don't be alone. They specifically want to limit casualities to just you. As long as they can't catch you alone they won't touch you. You are such a loser........Moi

08.Dez.2004 In other meetings with Feeny prior to the 2000 elections, it became clear to Curtis that Feeney had plans to suppress the vote in strong Democratic precincts. In the affidavit, Curtis claims that in those meetings Feeney had "bragged that he had already implemented 'exclusion lists' to reduce the 'black vote'." Feeney also mentioned that "proper placement of police patrols could further reduce the black vote by as much as 25%."
Curtis says that he submitted his resignation to YEI effective December 2000, but stayed on until they had found someone to replace him in February of 2001. He eventually became employed by the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) after leaving YEI.
08.Dez.2004 Mrs. Yang then told him, "You don’t understand, in order to get the contract we have to hide the manipulation in the source code. This program is needed to control the vote in South Florida." [emphasis in affidavit]Mrs. Yang then took the CD containing the software from Curtis, reportedly for later delivery to Feeney.
Ocean Press Publishers of books on Cuba, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara ... -... Leon Edney, Adm ... chairman David Steinmann sits on CSP’ s board of directors; and before returning to the Pentagon Douglas Feith served as the board’ s chair ...

08.Dez.2004 Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf - Disinfopedia - ... Doug Feith , Managing Attorney, Feith & Zell PC ... Former Secretary of Defense; Leon Wienseltier, Literary ... Dov S . Zakheim, Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense ...

08.Dez.2004 Best of the Blogs - ... naïve belief that foreign peoples are eager to be liberated by American armies -a notion more grounded in Leon Trotsky’ s concept of ... And Feith . ...

08.Dez.2004 Leo Strauss - ... for defence intellectuals such as Perle + Wolfowitz + Feith + Woolsey ... advisors lie not with Revelations but with Leon Trotsky’ s “permanent revolution ...

08.Dez.2004 Right Web | Individual Index -... Mark Falcoff. Douglas Feith . Edwin J. Feulner. Julie Finley ... Thomas E. White. Leon Wieseltier. Chris Williams ... Meyrav Wurmser. Dov S . Zakheim. Robert Zoellick ... -

08.Dez.2004 The American Thinker -... We have not yet heard from Leon Wieseltier or Frank Rich ... in their responses to threats to America’ s Jews ... Feith and Wolfowitz need only whisper in Rummy’ s ear ...

08.Dez.2004 PDF] OUTBREAK. LET??S TAKE OVER. AMERICAN EMPIRE ALS WILLE UND ...PDFHTML-Version Page 1. OUTBREAK. LET?? S TAKE OVER. AMERICAN EMPIRE ... Offenbar hat sich sein Status geändert – sei` s zum Konkurrenten oder zum abhängigen Gefolgsmann ...

08.Dez.2004 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 2 von 2 für colvenbach vatican . ( 0,34 Sekunden) 

05.Nov.1998 Concordia's Thursday Report_-... The Vatican -based head of the world's 20,000 Jesuit priests, Colvenbach spoke to a large audience in the Concordia Concert Hall on 27.Oct.1998

22.Oct.1998 Concordia's Thursday Report_

27.Oct.1998 The Very Reverend Peter-Hans Colvenbach , Superior-General of the Society of Jesus, visiting from Vatican City, Rome ... -

30.Nov.2004 On the move: Screenings at airports confound men, too
America's shame

08.Dez.2004 Amcor officials quit amid investigation
Commentary: The twilight of U.S. supremacy? A contrarian view
Mahathir assails Bush for views on Muslims
Chinese texts leave gaps in history
11.Sep.2001 verdict favors leaseholder
Deal is reached on intelligence bill
Ohio says Bush won, but fight continues
Globalist: Peace signals from Bush wafting toward Europe
Powell rejects claim by Russia that West meddled in Ukraine
Bank papers detail millions in Pinochet payments
Office workers fall short when building a sentence
Iraq deteriorating, CIA warns

US backs Venezuelan terrorists The US has a long + bloodstained history of using brutal force to make sure Latin America stays open to exploitation by US corporations.

08.Dez.2004 The 'Conspiracy' Art of Mark Lombardi Late Artist's Swirling Diagrams Chart Scandalous Relationships
Listen to this story... * Photo Gallery: Mark Lombardi's 'Conspiracy' Art

01.Nov.2003 Weekend Edition - Saturday,
11.Sep.2001 -A few weeks after the terrorist attacks-, an FBI agent called the Whitney Museum of American Art + asked to see a drawing on exhibit there.
The piece was by Mark Lombardi, an artist who had committed suicide the year before.

Using just a pencil + a huge sheet of paper, Lombardi had created an intricate pattern of curves + arcs to illustrate the links between global finance + international terrorism.

In other drawings, Lombardi explored subjects ranging from the collapse of the Vatican bank to the Iran-Contra scandal. The results are not only detailed slices of history, but also works of art -- some looking like constellations of stars on a dark night, others swirling clouds of abstract lines and points.

A traveling show of Lombardi's work opens this weekend at the Drawing Center in New York City. NPR's Lynn Neary spoke to exhibit curator Robert Hobbs, professor of art history at Virginia Commonwealth University, who discusses why Lombardi's work should be considered art + not just good research.
Listen to this story...
Wayne Madsen's Vote Fraud Tale Spin DEBUNKED

08.Dez.2004 When ex-NSA employee, Wayne Madsen hit the Internet with his tale of a massive electronic vote-stealing operation costing tens of millions of dollars, the story was greeted with skepticism by vote fraud activists. With good cause .
Despite their hunger for any report that would shed light on the exact method by which Bush had subverted the will of the people, Madsen's story --featuring a Cayman island bank, an offshore trust and a payoff check to conspirators for over $29 million-- was just a bit too tinfoil-hat for most.
Madsen reassured the doubters with promises to put more flesh on the bones of the story. After failing in two subsequent missives to add substantial details, he's finally laid it all out.
Unfortunately, even fully-fleshed, Madsen's story is a corpse with no detectable pulse + a missing heart.
...MORE Also : This article discussed at Democratic Underground

08.Dez.2004 FDA Tightens rules to protect security of US food supply

07.Dez.2004 Blind Briton is 'luckiest man in Fallujah' The Briton, apparently of Iraqi origin, was either unwilling or unable to escape + remained with his relatives as the battle raged around him.
I don’t just think I got him 'I know it. Man, was that exciting.'
Dutch man arrested over Saddam nerve gas deals
Pakistani president denounces war on terror
US Soldier Seeks Refugee Status in Canada During training, he and his fellow soldiers would chant, "Train to kill! Kill we will!"

08.Dez.2004 Wayne Madsen's Vote Fraud Tale Spin -Debunk
Falluja's displaced grow angry in harsh conditions
Silverstein's Court Victory may double WTC payout
Soldiers Sue Pentagon over Extension of Duty

07.Dez.2004 UN atom chief certain North Korea has made fuel for 4 to 6 bombs : The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency says he is now certain that the nuclear material his agency once monitored there has been converted into fuel for four to six nuclear bombs.

08.Dez.2004 Ukraine: Lawmakers reach compromise on election: As international observers mediated talks in Kiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against foreign interference in the new ballot and suggested the opposition was seeking power at any price.

08.Dez.2004 Powell Clashes With Russians Over Western Role in Ukraine: Colin L. Powell dived into an unusually rancorous rhetorical battle with Russian leaders over Ukraine and regional politics today, denying Russian suggestions that the USA and other Western nations were interfering in the Ukrainian elections.

08.Dez.2004 The price of People Power : The Ukraine street protests have followed a pattern of western orchestration set in the 1980 s. I know - I was a cold war bagman

08.Dez.2004 U.S. payments to Pinochet detailed in bank papers : General Augusto Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, received multimillion-dollar payments from the governments of several countries, including the USA, during his 25-year tenure as Chile's ruler and military chief, according to documents uncovered during a U.S. Senate committee investigation

08.Dez.2004 Syrian President Makes Peace Overtures : The Israeli and U.S. response has been lukewarm, with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon insisting last week that Syria first must crack down on militants.

08.Dez.2004 Serious Suspicion that Israeli Occupation Force Executed an Unarmed and Injured Palestinian

08.Dez.2004 Report: Israel biased against non-Jews : Israel prevents some non-Jewish families from living together

08.Dez.2004 Free Trip To Israel: 1982 Since, JINSA has sponsored an annual trip to Israel for recently retired American Admirals and Generals. These officers, although no longer on active duty, are selected because they are still connected to the American security establishment.

08.Dez.2004 American Fantasies: Government statistics keep telling us that the national income is rising, but the average American family today, with both parents working their butts off, is spending 75 percent of its disposable income on housing, food and transportation, compared with less than 50 percent of income back in 1960

08.Dez.2004 Bush committed to Social Security overhaul: Even if it means piling up huge new government debt to pay for the transition to a partially privatized system.

08.Dez.2004 Paul Krugman: Inventing a Crisis: Privatizing Social Security - replacing the current system, in whole or in part, with personal investment accounts - won't do anything to strengthen the system's finances. If anything, it will make things worse. Nonetheless, the politics of privatization depend crucially on convincing the public that the system is in imminent danger of collapse, that we must destroy Social Security in order to save it.

08.Dez.2004 'Just pretend you're Canadian' : An American T-shirt company has a solution for their fellow citizens who want to vacation in Europe without having to answer questions about USA politics - pose as Canadians.

08.Dez.2004 45 Million Children To Die in Next Decade Due to Rich Countries' Miserliness : Unless the world's wealthiest countries comply with their past pledges, some 45 million children in the worlds poor countries will die needlessly over the next decade, according a new report released Monday by British-based development group, Oxfam.

08.Dez.2004 Grateful Child: Lay Down Your Guns.

08.Dez.2004 You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is

08.Dez.2004 The Power of Nightmares - Part III

06.Dez.2004 Gunmen Storm US Consulate in Jeddah, 12 killed

08.Dez.2004 Shiites plan autonomous region : ABOUT 600 leaders from central Iraq's Shiite Muslim provinces announced plans to begin setting up their own autonomous region, following a meeting today in the holy city of Najaf.

08.Dez.2004 Putin: Conditions not right for Iraqi elections: President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he could not imagine how Iraqi elections scheduled for 30.Jan.2005 could be held under current conditions.

08.Dez.2004 Fear US losing its grip: REPUBLICAN Senator John McCain has criticised the Pentagon for failing to stabilise Iraq + has refused to endorse the reappointment of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

08.Dez.2004 FBI witnessed Guantanamo 'abuse': Including a female interrogator grabbing a detainee's genitals and bending back his thumbs. One US Marine told an FBI observer that some interrogations led to prisoners "curling into a foetal position on the floor and crying in pain," according to the letter dated July 14, 2004.

08.Dez.2004 Molly Ivins: Drop the euphemisms - it's not 'tantamount to torture'; it's torture

08.Dez.2004 Navy says tactics seen in latest torture photos OK : Preliminary findings of a military inquiry suggest that some of the recently published photographs of Navy special forces capturing detainees in Iraq were taken for legitimate intelligence-gathering purposes and showed commandos using approved procedures

08.Dez.2004 A Real American Hero: One sailor protests Iraq war, refuses to board ship : " I know other people are feeling the same way I am + I'm hoping more people will stand up," he said. "They can't throw us all in jail."

08.Dez.2004 U.S. soldier who left his unit seeks refugee status in Canada, calls war in Iraq illegal

08.Dez.2004 Yesterday's draft dodgers help today's war resisters: War can turn strangers into brothers. It's true if they're fighting it + it's true if they're resisting it, as Vietnam War resisters resettled in this Canadian province know.

08.Dez.2004 Dahr Jamail : So much loss…: There are no words to describe the sadness, nor the hopelessness felt, when meeting with a family left behind when their 30 year-old father was shot by US forces this past Fall.

08.Dez.2004 War pimp washes his hands: Charles Krauthammer: This is their civil war

08.Dez.2004 Ray McGovern : All Mosquitos, No Swamp; No Elephants Either : “We are seen as a hypocritical bully in the Middle East and we have to stop!”

08.Dez.2004 Rich kids go to college, poor ones to Baghdad : The Bush administration signed the No Child Left Behind Act in January 2002 - which it hailed as an important social initiative. In the small print is a provision that threatens the withdrawal of federal funding from any high school which refuses to provide students' details to military recruiters

08.Dez.2004 2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path: Together, the appraisals, which follow several other such warnings from officials in Washington and in the field, were much more pessimistic than the public picture being offered by the Bush administration before the elections scheduled for Iraq next month, the officials said.

08.Dez.2004 Siegreiche Spermien: Warum es nur einen geben kann

08.Dez.2004 Treue Dienste: China errichtet Ratten-Denkmal

08.Dez.2004 Kabinettsbericht: Waldschäden so groß wie nie zuvor

08.Dez.2004 Geheimdienst-Dokument: Weitere Misshandlungs-Fälle im Irak

08.Dez.2004 Neuer PC-Gigant Lenovo: Chinesen greifen Dell und HP an

08.Dez.2004 USA: Größte Geheimdienstreform seit 50 Jahren gebilligt

08.Dez.2004 Ukraine: Ärzte bestätigen Giftanschlag auf Juschtschenko

07.Dez.2004 Ukrainische Opposition: Julia Timoschenko rutscht von Interpol-Fahndungsliste

07.Dez.2004 Saudi-Arabien: USA erwarten weitere Anschläge

07.Dez.2004 Irak: CIA erwartet deutliche Verschlechterung der Sicherheitslage

07.Dez.2004 Polit-Ambitionen: Firmenjäger Spitzer will die Macht in New York

07.Dez.2004 Tagebuch aus Warschau entdeckt: "Das Getto brennt den vierten Tag"

07.Dez.2004 Ohrenkuss

07.Dez.2004 Cursor-Bewegungen der vier Probanden: Langsam (blau) bis schnell (rot)

07.Dez.2004 Ukraine: Kutschma beurlaubt Regierungschef Janukowitsch

07.Dez.2004 Mordvorwürfe gegen US-Soldaten: Und dann legte sie das Baby auf den blutigen Körper ihres Mannes...

07.Dez.2004 Kanzlerreise: Siemens dementiert AKW-Deal mit China

07.Dez.2004 Unwort des Jahres 2004: "Öko-Stalinist" gegen "Mitnahme-Mentalität"

07.Dez.2004 Irak-Konflikt: Tausendster US-Soldat gefallen

07.Dez.2004 Missbrauchsverdacht: Kartellamt startet Verfahren gegen Gas-Lieferanten

07.Dez.2004 Russische Diplomatie: Putin gegen Irak-Wahl unter US-Besatzung

07.Dez.2004 Terrorprozess: USA stellen Beweismaterial zur Verfügung

07.Dez.2004 Stabilitätspakt: Roms Schwindel sorgt für Aufregung in Brüssel

07.Dez.2004 Die New Yorker Forscher sind längst nicht die einzigen, die an solchen nicht-invasiven Methoden arbeiten. Die Firma Neural Signals mit Sitz in Atlanta versucht sich ebenfalls an einer Schnittstelle, die ohne chirurgische Eingriffe auskommt. Auch
an der Berliner Charité und am Fraunhofer-Institut First experimentieren Wissenschaftler am so genannten Brain-Computer-Interface. Und selbst das US-Militär forscht bereits seit Jahren auf diesem Gebiet, um Kampfpiloten die blitzschnelle Steuerung ihrer Flugzeuge zu ermöglichen.
07.Dez.2004 Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass Menschen lernen können, an der Kopfhaut aufgenommene Impulse so zu nutzen, dass damit schnelle, präzise Bewegungen eines Cursors in zwei Dimensionen kontrolliert werden können", erklärten die Forscher. Software und die Probanden hätten die Steuerung gemeinsam gemeistert.
Das Experiment dürfte einen Durchbruch bei der Konstruktion von nicht-invasiven Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstellen markieren. Erst im Oktober hatten US-Mediziner einen Chip ins Hirn eines Querschnittsgelähmten eingepflanzt, der die Signale von 100 Neuronen an einen Rechner weiterleitete. Der 25-Jährige konnte nach Angaben der Firma Cyberkinetics
E-Mails abrufen, am Computer spielen und durch Fernsehprogramme zappen. Das US-Unternehmen hatte bereits im Juni von der Gesundheitsbehörde FDA grünes Licht für klinische Tests mit dem Implantat namens "Braingate" bekommen.
US-Militärs forschen ebenfalls
07.Dez.2004 Die erste Herstellung der jungsteinzeitlichen chinesischen Alkoholika fand um die gleiche Zeit statt, als im Nahen Osten erstmals Gerstenbier und Wein hergestellt wurden, schreiben die Wissenschaftler.
08.Dez.2004 Die Wissenschaftler analysierten 16 Scherben von 9000 Jahre alten Tongefäßen aus der Henan-Provinz. Das Resultat: In den Krügen schwappte einst ein vermutlich alkoholisches Getränk aus Reis, Honig und entweder Weißdornfrüchten oder wilden Trauben.
Auch bei ihren Analysen jüngerer Flüssigkeiten stießen die Forscher auf Alkohol. In versiegelten Bronzebehältern in Grabkammern in den Provinzen Hebei, Henan und Shanxi war noch flüssiger Wein enthalten. Die Gefäße waren luftdicht abgeschlossen und hatten den Wein so in seinem ursprünglichen, wohlriechenden Zustand erhalten. Dem Reis- oder Hirsewein waren verschiedene Aromastoffe aus Kräutern, Blumen und Harzen zugesetzt, darunter Wermut, Chrysanthemen und Fichtenharze.
08.Dez.2004 He now has written put his "affy-davy" to it (as Long John Silver mught have said).
Brad Friedman, who does not buy into these claims easily, seems to think that this one looks genuine. Unfortunately, many people cannot get to his site right now -- the latest news has made it very busy, it seems.
The affidavit can be found
here. Fascinating reading. Unless someone quickly unmasks Curtis as a fraud, this may become the key document in all future discussions of this issue.
08.Dez.2004 The Affidavit to end 'em all: You may recall
Clint Curtis, the fellow in Florida who claims that he was asked by Republican Congressman Tom Feeney to come up with a vote-rigging program for a previous election.

08.Dez.2004 Olbermann's reaction to the Conyers letter to Blackwell is
worth reading.

08.Dez.2004 Curtis, it seems is also a primary source for
Wayne Madsen.
08.Dez.2004 There's more. Hats off to Brad and Wayne Madsen for their remarkable work!
Yes, Madsen does connect (in a roundabout way) Curtis' former associates with Five Star Trust.

I haven't the time to summarize, but I encourage you to red Madsen's latest.

He also confirms that the $29 million dollar check was a fake -- a "bogus instrument" tied to Nigerian money scams.

(The payer of the check was an entity long known to the Canadian police as linked to that notorious email fraud.)

08.Dez.2004 Madsen: I am now told that the mysterious Mr. Horn is not a source, at least not a primary source, for Madsen's work.

But according to a correspondent who has also posted here, the check is definitely a "decoy."
08.Dez.2004 Ohio : Apparently,
it went well. One source says 1500 people showed up, although the AP report puts the number as 400.

"I would like to welcome you to the Ukraine," said an organizer.
This page has a couple of fine graphics explaining how black neighborhoods in Ohio received far fewer voting machines.

I'm not sure we really need any further evidence to justify a revote.
Remember those precincts where the third party candidates received a ridiculous number of votes at Kerry's expense?
This page on Kos has all the details.
Cliff Arneback, a lawyer with the Alliance for Democracy, claims to have proof that the Ohio vote was hacked:
The only logical explanation is that there was a movement of some 65,000 votes or so that were cast for Kerry into the Bush column.

Which created a margin that is approximately the total margin by which Bush was reported to have won Ohio.

So our current view of the evidence is that this is where the fix occurred.

The link above will lead you to a CSPAN recording of a speech by Mr. Arneback.
Schnittstelle im Kopf: Sensormütze liest Gedanken

08.Dez.2004 Chauvinismus: Wie Frauen im britischen Unterhaus fertig gemacht werden

08.Dez.2004 Niederlande: Saddams Giftgaslieferant gefasst?

08.Dez.2004 Irak: Alawi will Wahl zeitlich strecken

08.Dez.2004 Ukraine-Wahl: Fischer will 100 deutsche Beobachter schicken

08.Dez.2004 Ermittlungen: Ansar-e Islam soll hinter Attentatsversuch auf Alawi stecken

07.Dez.2004 Terror in Saudi-Arabien: Mit Allahs Segen in die Schlacht

08.Dez.2004 Alarm für Opel-Werker: GM plant noch schärferen Sparkurs als angekündigt

08.Dez.2004 Weltraumschrott: Wenn der Handschuh zum Geschoss wird

08.Dez.2004 Stoibers Auftritt: "Dieses Land ist ärmer und kälter geworden"

08.Dez.2004 Einsatz im Irak: US-Soldaten klagen auf Rückkehr in die Heimat

08.Dez.2004 Hungrige Insekten: Heuschreckenplage könnte noch Jahre dauern

08.Dez.2004 Kartellrecht: EU-Experte sieht Probleme für Apples iTunes

08.Dez.2004 Digicam-Beratung: Edelminis fürs Fest

08.Dez.2004 Amerikas Moraldebatte: Sexmonster in Suburbia

08.Dez.2004 Uno: Schröder für tief greifende Reform des Sicherheitsrats

08.Dez.2004 Generationenwechsel: "Ich lebe online"

08.Dez.2004 Alter Wein: Chinesen zechten schon vor 9000 Jahren

08.Dez.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Deine Identität ist global!"

08.Dez.2004 Guantanamo: FBI liefert Belege für Gefangenen-Misshandlung

08.Dez.2004 OHIO Bushs Wahlsieg bestätigt
Fünf Wochen nach der US-Präsidentschaftswahl hat der Staat Ohio den Wahlsieg von Amtsinhaber George W. Bush amtlich bestätigt. Bush erreichte 51 Prozent der abgegebenen Stimmen und liegt damit knapp 119.000 Stimmen vor seinem Herausforderer John Kerry.
Columbus - Kerry kam nach Angaben des höchsten Wahlbeamten des Staates, Kenneth Blackwell, auf 49 Prozent. In ersten Ergebnissen nach der Abstimmung war von rund 136.000 Stimmen Vorsprung für Bush die Rede gewesen. Die Diskrepanz ergab sich den Angaben zufolge vor allem wegen einer nachträglichen Auszählung im Ausland abgegebener und so genannter provisorischer Stimmen. Anhänger Kerrys hatten das für den Wahlsieg entscheidende Ergebnis in Ohio wegen diverser Unregelmäßigkeiten am Wahltag angezweifelt.

08.Dez.2004 Ohio: Bushs Wahlsieg bestätigt

08.Dez.2004 Spätfolgen der Arbeitslosigkeit: Rentenexperte warnt vor grassierender Altersarmut

08.Dez.2004 Ukraine: Verhärtete Fronten in Kiew

08.Dez.2004 World Trade Center: Gericht spricht Silverstein doppelte Versicherungssumme zu

(Wirtschaft, 08:05) US-Konsulat in Dschidda: Al-Qaida bekennt sich zu Anschlag

08.Dez.2004 Kanzlerbesuch in China: Win-Win Schröder

13.Sep.2001 29.Sep.2001 01-10 I-X -The WTC Conspiracy Index:Mathias Bröckers 13.Sep.2001

1. Informationen
Osama Ibn Ladin
Pearl Harbour
Hitler, Saddam und bin Laden
Pax Americana
Ausreichende Beweise?
Die Bush(s)
Aktien-Bewegungen vor dem 11.Sep.2001
13.Sep.2001 01.Verschwörungstheoretische Anmerkungen zu einem Terroranschlag – I-X -The WTC Conspiracy

14.Sep.2001 02.Osama Ibn Ladin – I-X -The WTC Conspiracy

Der Verdacht, dass Osama Ibn Ladin hinter dem Anschlag steckt, "verdichtet sich", jedenfalls laut Agenturberichten.

Irgendeinen konkreten Beweis hat freilich noch niemand vorgelegt

Der "Geheimdienst", so meldet NBC am Mittwoch, habe angeblich das Telefonat zweier seiner "Anhänger" abgehört, die über die gelungene Operation gesprochen hätten. Nun denn ...

Wir hatten gestern schon angedeutet, dass es sich bei dem mysteriösen Bin Laden um einen alten Spezi der CIA handelt - + was die Geschäfte des saudischen Ladin-Clans betrifft,

der einen der größten Baukonzerne in Nahost betreibt, braucht man eigentlich nur bei George W. Bush persönlich nachzufragen.

00.000. 1979 Das Startkapital für George W. Bush erste Öl-Explorations-Firma kam von seinem Nachbarn + Fliegerkameraden bei der "National Air Unit",

James R. Bath, der als Repräsentant zweier saudischer Multi-Millionäre ein Vermögen gemacht hatte: Khalid Ibn Mahfouz + Salim Ibn Ladin, den Cousin + Mentor von Osama.

00.000. 1991 Mahfouz wurde wegen seiner Schlüsselrolle im BCCI- Bankenskandal zu 225 Millionen $ Strafe verurteilt - die

00.000.19---00.000. 1991 BCCI hatte als Geldwaschanlage für Drogenhandel ebenso gedient wie als Transaktionskanal für Geheimdienstgelder im Iran-Contra-Deal.

Da Sheik Salim Ibn Ladin bei der Operation "October Surprise" - einem Geheimtreffen von US-Republikanern + iranischen Fundamentalisten, um die in der Teheraner Botschaft gefangenen US-Geiseln noch über den Wahltermin hinaus festzuhalten, was Carter um die Wiederwahl und Reagan ans Ruder brachte - als Vermittler gute Dienste geleistet hatte,

wurde 00.000. 1980 auch sein junger Vetter Osama vom Geheimdienst akquiriert. Sein Auftrag: die Mudschahedin in Afghanistan zu einem schlagkräftigen Heer gegen die Sowjets aufzurüsten.

Wie man zuvor Khomeini - um die persischen Ölquellen, die der Schah nicht freiwillig drosseln wollte, in den Griff zu bekommen - in aller Gemütsruhe von Paris aus den ersten radikal-islamischen Gottesstaat installieren ließ, obwohl man seine Ideologie kannte, akquirierte jetzt der junge Osama mit Koffern voller BCCI-Dollars und "Jihad"-Parolen Söldner für den heiligen Krieg - um die Sowjets aus Kabul zu vertreiben. Als dies

00.000.1988 erfolgreich war, stürzte Sheik Salim unter mysteriösen Umständen mit eben jener Maschine über Texas ab, die er schon für die geheimen Geiselverhandlungen mit den Iranern zur Verfügung gestellt hatte. Und Osama? Folgt man der Ultra-Verschwörungstheorie des Ex-Trotzkisten und Neo-Faschisten Lyndon La Rouche, wird Osama bin Ladin seitdem nur noch vom britischen Geheimdienst gesteuert, als Zahlmeister diverser "islamischer" Terrorgruppen, die in Nordafrika und Nahost den Zielen britischer Geopolitik dienen. Nach dieser Logik hätte also das perfide Albion, der in London stationierte "Rothschild-Clan", der Konkurrenz um die Weltherrschaft, dem "Rockefeller-Mob", ziemlich eins ausgewischt - doch an einem kommenden Krieg zwischen christlicher und islamischer Welt verdienen ja dann wieder beide... Ibn Ladin soll seine ominösen Millionen übrigens nicht unter einem afghanischen Feldbett, sondern in Londoner Immobilien und texanischen Ölaktien angelegt haben.


06.Dez.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Lustloser Handel nach Anschlag in Saudi-Arabien

06.Dez.2004 Israel: Ganze Armee-Einheit nach Mordvorwurf vom Dienst suspendiert

06.Dez.2004 Iran: Chatami räumt Scheitern seiner Reformpolitik ein

06.Dez.2004 Wahlwiederholung in der Ukraine: Regierung und Opposition finden Kompromiss

My colleague J. Richard Gott, together with his collaborator Wes Colley, correctly predicted well ahead of the election every state except Hawaii.

They did this by using the median of several poll predictions. See
Kerry Won. <br> Here are the Facts ... The election in Ohio was not decided by the voters but by something called "spoilage."
Typically in the USA, about 3 % of the vote is voided ...

The Writings of Greg Palast ... intimidation, overt manipulation + blatant fraud " that were ... regarding the inconsistency of official election results + ... voters in Florida + Ohio ; nor the ...

The Pitt News - Many Kerry supporters suspect election fraud ... In Ohio , legal challenges to the election are brewing ... activists said they would contest the election , under a ... court if they believe there has been fraud in an ... - Politics - Election-fraud rumors on Web refuse to ...have not seen convincing evidence of either fraud nor of ...error; + the early exit polls on Election Day this..that Kerry would carry Florida + Ohio + thus

04.Dez.2004 What's New: IPA's Latest News Release The Election in Ohio-But if the Ukraine standard were applied in Ohio-as it should be-then the late lamented US election certainly was stolen

05.Dez.2004 Demonstranten in Ohio fordern Neuauszählung der US-Wahlstimmen -Der Standard-

06.Dez.2004 The US victory diminished the appeal of militant Islam. "The commitment of fanatics tends to melt away when they see their cause losing," explained Stuart Taylor, Jr. of the National Journal just as this phenomenon was happening.

In the first week after the U.S. airstrikes began, there were nine anti-American demonstrations in Arab countries. The second week saw three; the third week, one; the fourth week, two; then zero. Muslim anger turned against bin Laden, accusing him even of being a Zionist agent sent to discredit Islam. Governments felt emboldened to crack down on militant Islam; Pakistani authorities, for instance, closed hundreds of offices and arrested more than 2,000 people.

I expect that Muslim anger will likewise diminish after an allied victory in Iraq + for reasons similar to those 00.000.2001: Iraqi gratitude :

In northern Iraq, a young girl yells in English "I love you," to U.S. troops; in the south, Najaf's mood is described as "like a carnival."

Watching the gratitude of liberated Iraqis will undercut the Muslim sense of outrage that this war harmed the Iraqi population.
Casualties : The relatively small number of civilian casualties, plus the excellent care they are getting from the allies, will diminish the rage about Iraqis paying too high a price for their freedom.
Islam : Respecting Iraqi ways, especially their religion, will reduce apprehensions about the war being a crusade.
Oil : A poll in Jordan finds 83 percent of respondents believing Washington is fighting for control over Iraqi oil;

but when a new Iraqi government takes charge of its oil resources, this canard will die.
Imperialism : The alacrity with which the allies remove themselves from controlling Iraq will assuage fears of it becoming part of a U.S. empire.
Strong horse : As bin Laden himself put it, "When people see a strong horse + a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse."

An allied victory will establish who the strong horse is, diminishing the ardor of its enemies to fight.

Just as the intense emotions of October 2001 are now forgotten, so will those of this moment probably be fleeting.

A U.S. victory in Iraq, this means, will protect more than it harms.

Today's furies can be ignored.

Now is a time not for fretting over future bin Ladens, but for finishing the job against Saddam Hussein. URL: Original article available at:

06.Dez.2004 Saudi-Arabien: Tote und Verletzte bei Terrorattacke auf US-Konsulat

06.Dez.2004 Türkei und EU: Beim christlichen Gebet sitzen die Spitzel nebenan

05.Dez.2004 From: DJ Hexis Bush's own inspectors admit Iraq had no WMDs, no capacity to acquire them + that Iraq didn't help al-Qaeda. So Bush changes his reasons for war, saying the war creates happiness and ending the war would create unhappiness. More lies. Bush wants to control Iraq's oil, Iraq's water + to use Iraq for military bases + to hell with Iraqis. To quote the Bible, book of Matthew 7.15, the prophet Jesus said, "Beware of false prophets ... by their fruit you shall know them." Behold in this photo the fruit of G.W. Bush.

00.Mar.1993-00.Apr.1993 Issue 1.01 - URL:

The INSLAW Octopus - Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action: Just another decade at the Department of Justice -By Richard L. Fricker-

The House Judiciary Committee lists these crimes as among the possible violations perpetrated by "high-level Justice officials and private individuals":

>> Conspiracy to commit an offense >> Fraud >> Wire fraud >> Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies and committees >> Tampering with a witness >> Retaliation against a witness >> Perjury >> Interference with commerce by threats or violence >> Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations >> Transportation of stolen goods, securities, moneys >> Receiving stolen goods

Bill Hamilton, Inslaw & PROMIS

04.Dez.2004 From: jamie)
So many Americans, mostly the Republicans and religious right, never put themselves in anyone else's shoes. The just lumber about believing everything they hear on Fox News or from Jerry Falwell and never once consider what it would be like to walk down ANY street, on a daily basis + see blood and body parts on the sidewalk. Or have their homes destroyed, their loved ones killed, etc. Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz and cronies started this war because Saddam wouldn't play with them, wouldn't sell out to US imperialism. These hawks have never seen war, only wealth and comfort. Their supporters sit here in comfort and cry about homosexuals and abortion...while women and children in Iraq and Palestine are murdered every single day. Hypocrites and cowards! I hope they all burn in HELL! URL:
04.Dez.2004 From: christianesharrison@hotmaillcom - Amen, Jamie.
Is Annexing Canada on Bush's Agenda?
Territorial control of Canada is part of a geopolitical and military agenda built on the creation of NORTHCOM -- a blatant violation of both Canadian and Mexican territorial sovereignty.
00.000.2002 Donald Rumsfeld unilaterally declared that US Northern Command would have jurisdiction over the entire North American region.
This "Binational integration" of military command comes along with changes in immigration, law enforcement and intelligence. URL:
Dems Pocket $52 Million, CNN Ignores Evidence + Officials Stonewall...
What Vote Fraud?   by Bev Harris, BlackBoxVoting
We saw Ukrainian presidential election coverage on CNN last night. It was surreal They were saying that in the Ukraine elections aren't transparent. 'Scuse me?
This, after CNN said they weren't interested in filming 59 orange-tagged records from Volusia, Florida showing that our elections are missing one-third of the key documents entirely. Psst. Don't look here. Look there.
Meahwhile a completely irresponsible Kerry Campaign holds on to a $52 million litigation war chest accumulated from citizen donations for that purpose.
...Continues URL:
11.Sep.2001 Phone Calls FBI Says It Never Made
Recently revealed documents, show that the FBI may have been a few phone calls away from the 11.Sep.2001 plot in 00.Aug.2001 -late-.

The FBI is a client of ChoicePoint + for information on people it seeks, regularly taps the largest U.S. database of public records on individuals .
00.Aug.2001 -late- the FBI had an investigation underway into two of the men who turned up on 11.Sep.2001 as hijackers. ChoicePoint had up-to-date telephone listings for both men. The FBI say they never made the call.
See Also:
Saudi Arabia Denies Funding Hijackers, FBI Probes URL:
Kerry Intervenes in Green/Lib Ohio Election Recount Lawsuit
Attorneys representing the Kerry-Edwards campaign have filed papers in defense of Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik, who are seeking a recount of all votes in Ohio and who are also currently seeking recounts in New Mexico and Nevada. URL:
Something's fishy in Ohio BY JESSE JACKSON
The vote in Ohio decided the presidential race, but it was marred by intolerable + often partisan, irregularities and discrepancies.
In one of dozens of examples, Ellen Connally, an African-American candidate running an underfunded race for Cheif Justice at the bottom of the ticket , received over 257,000 more votes than Kerry in 37 counties. She ran better than Kerry where she wasn't known than she did where she was known and did campaign.
It's 3 weeks after the election + Ohio still hasn't counted the votes and certified the election. There should be a federal investigation of the vote count, with the partisan secretary of state removing himself from the scene. URL:
Unembedded, Independent
Dahr Jamail: Iraq's Outspoken Reporter
Newtopia: The US Corporate media consistently characterizes the Iraqi resistance as "foreign terrorists and former Ba’athist insurgents". Is this accurate?
Dahr Jamail: This is propaganda of the worst kind. Most Iraqis refer to the Iraqi Resistance as "patriots." They are people who have had family members killed, detained, tortured and humiliated by the illegal occupiers of their shattered country. Calling them "foreign terrorists" and "Ba’athist insurgents" is simply a lie. URL:
Television and the Hive Mind When a person watches television , brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere - leading to emotional responses + releasing endorphins -

thus, it is possible to become physically addicted to watching television.
There is another way in which we are manipulated by television news. Human beings are prone to model the behaviors around them +

avoid those which might invite ridicule or censure + in the hypnotic state induced by television, this effect is particularly pronounced. URL:
Anti-War MP Wins Saddam Libel Case
George Galloway has won £150,000 libel damages from The Daily Telegraph over allegations that he was in the secret pay of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Galloway says documents the newspaper used were forgeries "For the moment the situation in Baghdad is such that were I to go there," he said. "I am sure the friends of the Daily Telegraph in control of Iraq would like to arrange an accident for me on the way or whilst there." URL:
06.Dez.2004 The "Wild West" of the Internet
Former CIA Director George J. Tenet yesterday called for new security measures to guard against attacks on the U. S. that use the Internet.

Let’s face it, all of this is a smoke screen.

Bush and Crew don’t want you surfing around, reading blogs like this, wandering outside what they consider permissible boundaries,

thinking for yourself, arriving at your own conclusions without the assistance of the Bush Ministry of Disinformation. URL:
Re-Vote, Not Recount, in Ohio The election in Ohio stinks .

But a recount probably won't do much good in three counties that have suspicious numbers -- Franklin, Mahoning, + Warren.

We have votes in three important counties that may have been lost forever.
However, we have numerous reports of civil rights violations and voter suppression throughout the state.

With all these anomalies that may be uncorrectable through a recount, the only logical solution is to conduct a re-vote throughout the entire state using paper ballots. URL:
Voters' Suit Seeks Reversal -not recount- of Ohio Result,vows "aggressive discovery"
Cliff Arnebeck, a lawyer for "
Alliance for Democracy" - a group of liberal voters challenging the Ohio result, is expected Friday to file before the Ohio Supreme Court.
"We'll be calling for a reversal of the result based on evidence developed in the course of litigation," Mr Arnebeck told The Guardian on Tuesday.

"There is evidence that votes cast for one candidate were moved to the column of the other candidate." See Also: Voters to challenge US election See Also: Arnebeck LIVE on C-Span URL:

04.Dez.2004 From: gina   How, I wonder, would we feel, if we were them?

They are so constituted as any human being on this planet, regardless of race, color or creed, with the same human pathos...
06.Dez.2004 From: hinz   (Mon Dec 6 09:32:51 2004)
Answer to mark : - THAT explains it!

04.Dez.2004 From: Michael6842  
How could anyone believe that the persons responsible for these heinous crimes were Iraqis?

Ask yourself this: who stands to gain from continued unrest in this theater of terror?

Answer: the same people who are profiting from the war.

How could anyone believe that Iraqis would murder Iraqis when there was a tyrannical invader in their presence?

This line of reasoning, to believe what the mass media is telling us (censored by the US military) that the bombings are the work of Iraqi insurgents, is utterly rediculous.

Who else stands to gain from continued unrest in this region? The same people who are profiting from this war! WAKE UP PEOPLE
04.Dez.2004 From: Grandpa  Mossad could also be the perpetrators, especially if it was not a suicide bombing.

Nobody benefits more from intra-Iraq bloodletting -- consider how they aided both sides in the Iran-Iraq war.
04.Dez.2004 Garbage/debris lay in the street. From: gina
Health hazard, as if it were not enough to be contaminated by unpotable water-borne diseases + eventually die therefrom...God have mercy!
04.Dez.2004 From:  I can't believe that someone would be concerned with a scrap of metal being a health hazard in this pitiful place.

I think that the snipers and covert bomb squads would be a far greater threat that a piece of scrap metal or bacteria!
05.Dez.2004 From: rob  ..not to mention the massive health issues from DU rounds all over iraq.

our soldiers are going to be massive victims of this as well.

bushie is quite democratic...he's spreading the suffering to include every living thing in iraq. damn him to hell.
05.Dez.2004 From: MarciaJ  More people die from the affects of WAR than from war itself.

It is now estimated that up to 100,000 Iraqis have died directly or indirectly from this war.

Indirectly means disease - and there is a lot of going around in Iraq with the lack of sanitation throughout.

Remember how the white man just about wiped out the Indians with their diseases when they discovered America?.?.?
05.Dez.2004 From: rob  american indians were intentionally given disease filled blankets in the nineteenth century with u.s. gov't approval.

there were prices for each scalp (literally) of an indian man, woman or child returned to u.s. army outposts.

the history of the genocide of the american indian is there...if you choose to see.

"what!? the land of the free!?? whoever told you that is your enemy." URL:
Ohio Rally Hits the News
A weekend Ohio vote fraud protest at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio has already been carried by

ABC News,

Wash. Post,

CBS News,

NBC News,


Toledo Blade, + even the New Zealand Herald.

Hundreds of voters heard speakers call for a democracy, where every vote counts and every vote is counted.
Judge gives green light for Ohio recount URL:
Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter URL:
06.Dez.2004 If you thought a new video game inviting players to try their virtual skills at assassinating JFK was tastless, hold on to your hat.
A just-released misssion in the Kuma wargame series is themed "Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr". It re-creates the recent assault on Fallujah, which may have left thousands of civilians dead.

Players join U.S. Marines + Army soldiers in their attack on the Jolan district in Fallujah. This is seamless integration of military gaming and real military action.

Al-Jazeera is PsyOps says Tehran Times
00.000.1997 -At the time the Al-Jazeera network was founded, rumors arose suggesting that the network was established by USA + Israeli agents

in order to present a bad image of Islam to the world.

The actions of the network have slowly confirmed that Al-Jazeera are trying to divide Islamic countries +

tarnish the image of Islam.See Also : Bev Harris on Al-Jazeerah URL:
06.Dez.2004 Bechtel's Dry Run: Iraqis Suffer Water Crisis
Dahr Jamail was the primary contributor to this report on the failure of Bechtel to reconstruct/rehabilitate the water treatment plants it mentioned in its contract.
The (almost) Death Defying....Art of Conspiracy URL:
Other drawings feature nearly every political + financial scandal at the end of the 20th century.

Lombardi's death 00.000.2000 was ruled a suicide . His business card read "Death Defying Acts of Art + Conspiracy."
View BreakForNews
Lombardi Gallery > URL:
Mark Lombardi: Global Networks" is an exhibition of drawings which are elaborate flow charts of the hidden connections between the brokers of power and money.
"George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens" which charts the connections of former CIA spook Bath, James who linked the Bush + Bin Laden families. URL:
Front Man for a Police State
Kerik, Bernard s elevation is an ominous warning of the repressive measures the Bush administration is preparing for its second term .
Kerik, Bernard brings to the agency the political sensibilities of a prison guard + an undercover cop, with no compunction about trampling on democratic rights.

With no opposition from the Democrats.

On the contrary, Senator Clinton, Hillary issued a statement saying, "Bernard Kerik knows firsthand the challenges and needs of New York."
See Also:
Kerik - a ticking timebomb
See Also:
Czar of Homeland Security  URL:
Poindexter had TIA ready to roll on 9/12

Florida Top State for Election incidents
Ken Blackwell & JISNA
MoveOn: No VoteFraud
George Bush Plays John Wayne
Way to Go, Ohio "Ellen Connally, received over 257,000 more votes than Kerry in 37 counties." URL:
I Smell a Rat : The Dixiecrat Theory URL:
100's rally for Ohio recount URL:
11.Sep.2001 Truth Factions URL:
Tehran says Al-Jazeerah is US-Israel PsyWar Op
JPost: How the FBI set up AIPAC as spies
Iraqi Red Crescent withdraws from Fallujah Amid concerns over continuing insecurity

06.Dez.2004 Fallujah refugees in desperate need of aid: UN -More than 200,000 people who fled Fallujah ahead of the US offensive have yet to return + many are in desperate need of aid, with temperatures in Iraq heading towards freezing, a new UN emergency report says.

06.Dez.2004 Israel kills Islamic Jihad fighter: The soldiers, who arrived 00.000.20 jeeps, opened fire in his direction as he was giving himself up, Aljazeera correspondent, Shirin Abu Aqila reported.

06.Dec.2004 Three Iraqis arrested in Germany for alleged murder plot against Allawi

06.Dec.2004 Judge refuses to set trial date for Moussaoui : -A federal judge said on Thursday that she will not set a trial date for alleged Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui until the Supreme Court considers a defense appeal seeking to strike the death penalty.

06.Dec.2004 Kerik nomination is a ticking time bomb: Energetic exploiter of 11.Sep.2001 tragedy may be named today to take Tom Ridge's job as head of homeland security.

06.Dec.2004 From Bush Aide, Warning on Social Security: A top economic adviser to President Bush on Thursday strongly implied that any overhaul of the system would have to include major cuts in guaranteed benefits for future retirees.

06.Dec.2004 FBI spying allegations supported by records: Officials with the American Civil Liberties Union accused the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force on Thursday of collecting e-mails and license- plate numbers from peaceful activists labeled as terrorists.

06.Dec.2004 Jay Bookman : Citizens Stripped of Protection : This is how the government works these days.

06.Dec.2004 Thompson Said Resigning From Cabinet : Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson resigned Friday, The Associated Press learned, broadening an exodus that has emptied more than half of President Bush's Cabinet before he takes the oath of office for a second term.
Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial': Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the USA on Friday of pursuing a dictatorial foreign policy and said mounting violence could derail progress toward bringing peace and democracy to Iraq

06.Dec.2004 Russian Air Force Prepared to Strike Foreign Bases Pre-emptively: “We have all the manpower and equipment we need to cope with the mission if we get such an order,” the Russian Information Agency Novosti quoted the Air Force commander-in-chief, General Vladimir Mikhailov, as saying.

06.Dec.2004 China tests ballistic missile submarine: The new submarine will make it more difficult for the U.S. military to take part in a defense of Taiwan because of the threat of nuclear retaliation,

06.Dec.2004 Ukraine court annuls poll result : Ukraine's Supreme Court has annulled the second round of the presidential election - upholding opposition claims that it was fraudulent.

06.Dec.2004 Russian Duma slams EU for Ukraine unrest: The Russian parliament has overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning what it calls western Europe's destructive role in Ukraine's political crisis.

06.Dez.2004 Norman Solomon: ‘Our Nukes Good, Our Allies’ Nukes Pretty Good, Others’ Very Bad’ : Top officials in Washington are now promoting jitters about Iran’s nuclear activities, while media outlets amplify the message. A confrontation with Tehran is on the second-term Bush agenda. So, we’re encouraged to obliquely think about the unthinkable.

06.Dez.2004 Ukraine recalls peacemakers from Iraq : The Ukrainian parliament decided on Friday to recall the Ukrainian army contingent from Iraq. Two hundred and fifty-seven members of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) have voted for this decision.

06.Dec.2004 Rumsfeld admits underestimating Iraq task: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged today that the USA failed to predict the strength of the resistance forces in Iraq, but he defended the size of the US force deployed to stabilise the country.

06.Dec.2004 Rebels return to 'cleared' areas : In Fallujah, US forces are going through 50,000 houses one by one. But Iraqi resistance forces are coming back.

06.Dec.2004 Fallujah Residents Face Choice: Retina Scan and Take ID Card....Or Die?

06.Dec.2004 PM: Fallujah incident not Denmark responsibility : Anders Fogh Rasmussen claims Denmark is not liable for actions committed by other coalition countries in Iraq, but opposition parties claim the PM is shirking his responsibility

06.Dec.2004 Pictures : You want explicit? You aren't supposed to see. You aren't supposed to know. You are to remain ignorant and shielded, and, if you're like most Americans, you have been very carefully conditioned to think Bush's nasty Iraq war is merely this ugly little firecracker-like thing happening way, way over there

06.Dec.2004 Sidney Blumenthal: You call this liberation: Pentagon experts have made a discovery: Muslims do not hate America's freedoms, but its policies

06.Dec.2004 Ray McGovern: All Mosquitos, No Swamp: “We are seen as a hypocritical bully in the Middle East and we have to stop!”

06.Dez.2004 Marines reverse death disclosure rule: US marines are to disclose the deaths of marines as they occur in Iraq, reversing a policy that has made it difficult to track American casualties.

06.Dec.2004 U.S. military says "evidence" gained by torture acceptable: Statements produced under torture have been inadmissible in U.S. courts for about 70 years. But the U.S. military panels reviewing the detention of 550 foreigners as "enemy combatants" at the U.S. naval base in Cuba are allowed to use such evidence

06.Dec.2004 Molly Ivins: Torture by Americans a nightmarish picture : One's first response to the report by the International Red Cross about torture at our prison at Guantanamo is denial. - When we break international law and the conventions of warfare, then the same thing can be done to American soldiers who are captured abroad.

06.Dec.2004 Government lawyer: Detainees have ‘no constitutional rights’: Could a “little old lady in Switzerland” who sent a check to an orphanage in Afghanistan be taken into custody if unbeknownst to her some of her donation was passed to al-Qaida terrorists? asked U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green. “She could,” replied Deputy Associate Attorney General Brian Boyle

06.Dec.2004 Court date to be set for torture charges against Bush : A date will be set in BC Provincial Court, Criminal Division, at Vancouver on Monday December 6th 2004.

06.Dec.2004 More troops in Iraq, more trouble: One of the most important lessons of the Vietnam War was scrupulously to avoid situations in which US forces found themselves in an escalating guerrilla war, where the only way to contain a growing resistance movement was to deploy more troops. Now the US is sending an additional 12,000 soldiers to Iraq.

06.Dez.2004 H
onda tüftelt am 1-Liter-Auto
Der japanische Automobilkonzern Honda hat angeblich mit der Entwicklung eines 1-Liter-Autos begonnen. Das Modell solle in vier Jahren auf den Markt kommen.

Tokio - Nach Angaben der japanischen Wirtschaftszeitung "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" soll das 1-Liter-Auto in Thailand gebaut werden. Um das Jahr 2008 könnte der Wagen in Europa sowie auf anderen Weltmärkten eingeführt werden. Dem Blatt zufolge betrachtet Honda das Modell als strategisches Produkt. Ein Sprecher des Unternehmens wollte den Bericht nicht kommentieren.
Im April 2002 hatte Volkswagen bereits einen Prototyp eines 1-Liter-Autos präsentiert. Der damalige Konzernchef Ferdinand Piëch fuhr den Einzylinder-Diesel mit 8,5 PS (6,3 Kilowatt) von Wolfsburg nach Hamburg. Für die 230 Kilometer lange Strecke benötigte Piëch rund drei Stunden. Nach Angaben von VW benötigte das 290 Kilogramm leichte Fahrzeug bei der Testfahrt nur 0,89 Liter auf 100 Kilometer.
Russia May Launch Pre-emptive "Anti-Terror" Strikes : ITAR-Tass commented that Russia had initiated discussion of preventive strikes over a year ago "due to Washington's regular employment of this method in international affairs."

06.Dec.2004 U.S. authorizes sale of missiles to Jordan The Bush administration has authorized the sale of 50 sophisticated USA-made air-to-air missiles to Jordan, despite Israel's protests to the sale, according to the U.S. military.

06.Dec.2004 Knives out for Kofi Annan: When Annan dared to suggest that the war had been illegal, the Wall Street Journal in an editorial described the secretary general's letter as "a hostile act

06.Dec.2004 144 countries call on US, China and Russia to join landmine ban : Some 144 countries party to an international treaty banning landmines appealed to those still outside the pact, which include the USA, China and Russia, to join it and hasten the total eradication of the deadly devices.

06.Dec.2004 Taliban reject amnesty offered by US envoy in Afghanistan: report: Afghanistan's Taliban militia spurned an amnesty offered by US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad on condition the hardline Islamic fighters lay down their arms, a report said.

06.Dec.2004 Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud : Democratic Representative John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan, ranking Minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing on Wednesday 08 December 2004 to investigate allegations of vote fraud and irregularities in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential election.

06.Dec.2004 The election is over. The fight is not. : Elections are only one part of democracy. We need to think strategically about direct action, learn from a rich history of nonviolent activism + develop new tactics to take on this administration.

06.Dec.2004 A Blueprint for Moore Bashing: The Democratic Leadership Council has joined Fox News and the GOP in savaging Michael Moore, blaming him for Kerry's loss.

06.Dec.2004 "The China Price" : They are the three scariest words in U.S. industry. Cut your price at least 30% or lose your customers. Nearly every manufacturer is vulnerable -- from furniture to networking gear. The result: A massive shift in economic power is under way. A must read report from Business Week

06.Dec.2004 U.S. dollar dangles in the dust : It now takes $1.34 to buy one euro when, four years ago, you could buy one euro for 82 cents. Why is this happening + do we have a problem?

06.Dec.2004 Dollar scores all-time lows in closing out week : The euro sailed to a record high against the dollar Friday, with the greenback knocked down again as November U.S. jobs data came in well short of expectations.

06.Dec.2004 Inside the Clouds of 11.Sep.2001

06.Dez.2004 Gideon Levy: Suffer the little children : In the present intifada, 323 Palestinian children under the age of 14 have been killed by Israeli Occupation Forces. Three recent examples from Nablus

06.Dez.2004 CIA - Venezuela Coup Documents: Despite consistent denials from the U.S. government of any role in the coup d'etat against President Chávez in April 2002, these documents prove that the CIA had the detailed plans for the coup in their hands well before it took place.

06.Dez.2004 Brutality pays poorly in interrogation: After a Japanese soldier named Shuji Ishii was taken prisoner by American Marines on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II, he expected the worse, including being put to death. Instead, he wrote later in a memoir, he was astonished to find himself in a sanitary hospital and to be given clean drinking water, sufficient food, soap, medicine, cigarettes and a soft bed.

06.Dec.2004 Army closes hearing on accused soldiers : Citing national security, the Army closed a hearing Thursday on whether three soldiers will be court-martialed for allegedly suffocating an Iraqi general during an interrogation last year.

06.Dec.2004 Media challenges Army decision on hearing: Newspaper attorney Steve Zansberg said a petition was filed with the Army Court of Appeals in Washington seeking to make the hearing public except for the presentation of classified material.

06.Dec.2004 U.S. admits torture used in interrogations: Results become evidence, though illegal in U.S court

06.Dec.2004 Firebombing Falluja: The USA is using napalm in Falluja. So far, the military has denied the allegations, but the proof is mounting.

06.Dec.2004 Dahr Jamail: Trophy Hunting? : The director of Fallujah General Hospital was shot and wounded by soldiers while he and two other doctors attempted to enter Fallujah in an ambulance in order to provide aid to families trapped there

06.Dec.2004 Documents show CIA knew of Venezuela coup: The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency knew dissident military officers were planning a coup

00.000.2002 against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, according to purported U.S. intelligence documents posted on the Internet.

06.Dez.2004 Navy Investigating New Torture Photos: The U.S. military has launched a criminal investigation into photographs of bloodied prisoners, one with a gun to his head.

06.Dez.2004 Seven Dead as U.S. Consulate Attacked in Saudi Arabia: Three attackers were among those killed, while two others were injured and arrested, the Saudi Interior Ministry announced.

06.Dec.2004 68 Iraqis Die in Weekend Attacks : U.N. special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi warned that credible elections cannot be held Jan. 30 under current conditions.

06.Dec.2004 Anti Occupation Forces Kill 21 in North Iraq : Iraqi Resistance ambushed a bus full of Iraqis occupation collaborators, killing 17 civilians and wounding 13 in Tikrit on Sunday, while a car bomb and a gun attack killed four members of the Iraqi security forces elsewhere in northern Iraq.

06.Dec.2004 Three Soldiers killed in two separate incidents

06.Dec.2004 Four U.S. Troops, 16 Others Killed in Iraq

04.Dec.2004 -As of - A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths -at least 1,269 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003.

The AP count is nine higher than the Defense Department's tally, last updated at 10 a.m. EST Friday.

06.Dec.2004 Iraqi Red Crescent ordered from Fallujah : The IRC distributed food, water and blankets to around 1,500 people in the city, whose population was around 300,000 before a massive assault by US-led forces began on 08.Nov.2004

06.Dec.2004 Baghdad worse than ever: Australia's Defence Minister: : ROBERT Hill has learnt first-hand the new perils involved in visiting strife-torn Baghdad.

06.Dec.2004 US military arrests Iraqi in charge of Sistani electoral list: aide : "If he is not released, there will be serious consequences," said the source, giving no reason for Yehya's arrest in Baghdad.

06.Dec.2004 Ex-CIA official: We will lose terror war: The USA will ultimately lose the war on terror because of its policies in the Middle East and because of concerns over the human rights of militants worldwide, the former head of the CIA's team that hunted Osama bin Laden said Friday.

06.Dec.2004 US admits the war for ‘hearts and minds’ in Iraq is now lost : THE Pentagon has admitted that the war on terror and the invasion and occupation of Iraq have increased support for al-Qaeda, made ordinary Muslims hate the US and caused a global backlash against America because of the “self-serving hypocrisy” of George W Bush’s administration over the Middle East.

06.Dec.2004 Biden: US Losing Illegitimate Iraq War: The Democratic Party's top foreign policy expert in the Senate said Sunday that the U.S. is losing what he described as a war with "too little legitimacy" in Iraq

06.Dec.2004 McCain Criticizes Pentagon Over Iraq War: Sen. John McCain is attacking the Pentagon's approach to the war in Iraq, saying it's letting Iraqi resistance take the initiative.

06.Dec.2004 Helen Thomas: Declare Victory And Leave: Administration Claims Killing Leads To Peace

06.Dec.2004 George Galloway : An enemy of the state : As most UK people now believe, the entire case for the war was based on falsehoods + lies.

From the forged papers showing Iraq buying nuclear materials from Niger to the pulp fiction of the Campbell-Scarlett dossiers, one of the grossest deceptions in modern history has been practised upon us.

06.Dec.2004 Defining resistance : Diaa Ali Khedr, head of the Iraqi National Guard (IRG) battalion in Samaraa, resigned from his job, together with 20 IRG soldiers.

They said they quit in response to a fatwa issued by the Muslim Clerics Association prohibiting cooperation with the occupation forces in Iraq.

06.Dec.2004 Pictures: US Navy Seals Torturing Iraqis

06.Dec.2004 " Torture" images showed "stupid" and "juvenile" behavior - but not necessarily a crime.

06.Dec.2004 Returning Fallujans will face clampdown: Returning residents may find that the measures make Fallujah look more like a police state than the democracy they have been promised.

06.Dec.2004 Eric Margolis: Uncle Sam has his own gulag: Behaving like the Soviet secret police won't make America safer

06.Dec.2004 Unembedded in Iraq: This exclusive interview with un-embedded journalist Dahr Jamail reveals an almost unrecognizable picture of Iraq and its people

06.Dec.2004 State's wounded vets at bottom for benefits : Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew Derrig was fixing a dented .50-caliber machine-gun round outside one of Saddam Hussein's palaces when the bullet exploded.

The blast cut through his hand, blew out an eye and scattered shrapnel over the 18-year-old.

06.Dec.2004 The way our country treats returning soldiers is a national shame : Is it easier to support the mythical, invisible image of a brave soldier fighting for "glory" + "freedom" than it is to support the very real limbless, psychologically damaged or lifeless person returning from Iraq?

06.Dec.2004 Putin lashes out at the U.S.: Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply criticized the USA, accusing it of a double-standard in fighting terrorism + questioning whether any election in Iraq can be democratic when fighting is raging in the country.

06.Dec.2004 War on Terror Fans Anti-Christian Feelings: Vatican : Anti-Christian sentiments are running high in Muslim countries + other parts of the world because of the US-led so-called war on terrorism, the Vatican warned.

06.Dec.2004 Whistle-Blower Crackdown Spreads: A judge is ordering government workers to waive their confidentiality agreements with journalists.

06.Dec.2004 UN Oil for Food 'Scandal': The CIA's Duelfer report may have confirmed the gross falsity of the WMD claims invoked by the Bush Administration to justify its war against Iraq, but it has also triggered a feeding frenzy in the growing attacks against the United Nations.

06.Dec.2004 Israel's new road plans condemned as 'apartheid' : Israel has released plans for the upgrade of roads + construction of 16 tunnels which would create an 'apartheid' road network for Palestinians in the West Bank.

06.Dec.2004 Vanunu: Israeli nukes push atomic arms race: Nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu said Sunday that Israel's atomic weapons are pushing other countries in the Middle East to develop similar arms.

06.Dec.2004 When Jewish loyalty meets the brutality of Israel

06.Dec.2004 Secret Intelligence and the 'War on Terror': Fear of Saddam Hussein's illusory weapons of mass destruction was used by the President to frighten and intimidate Congress into voting for war. Kindness permits us to call this an honest mistake once, but only once. Next time we will have to conclude that the CIA can no longer be trusted + matters will deteriorate from there.

04.Dez.2004 25 killed as prisoners go free Anti occupation forces stormed a police station in southern Baghdad + a car bomb was detonated outside a Shiite mosque in an attacks that killed at least 25 people, police said.

06.Dez.2004 The Power of Nightmares - Part III The Shadows In The Cave This is a must watch documentary

06.Dec.2004 The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden + organised terrorist network is an illusion. The programme explains how the illusion was created + who benefits from it.
You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is In Iraq, the US does eliminate those who dare to count the dead -By Naomi Klein-
Dear Mr Johnson, 26.Nov.2006 your press counsellor sent a letter to the Guardian taking strong exception to a sentence in my column of the same day.

The sentence read: "In Iraq, US forces + their Iraqi surrogates are no longer bothering to conceal attacks on civilian targets + are openly eliminating anyone - doctors, clerics, journalists - who dares to count the bodies." Of particular concern was the word "eliminating". Continued

06.Dez.2004 Fallujah Refugees Tell of Life and Death in the Kill Zone
Journalists + residents who have fled Fallujah share accounts of
US troops killing unarmed + wounded people;

Many refugees tell stories of having witnessed US troops killing already injured people, including former fighters + noncombatants alike.  . Continued

06.Dez.2004 Sparmodell: Honda tüftelt am 1-Liter-Auto

06.Dez.2004 Müller-Milch: Prügelei mit Greenpeace vor dem Werkstor

06.Dez.2004 Misshandlungen bei der Bundeswehr: Beschuldigter klagt Vorgesetzte an

06.Dez.2004 Ukraine: Putins Problem mit dem Onkel im Tropenhelm

06.Dez.2004 Medienberichte: Kamen Hinweise auf Alawi-Attentat aus dem Irak?

06.Dez.2004 Nukleare Gefahr: Nordkorea besitzt laut Baradei bis zu sechs Atombomben

06.Dez.2004 Schröders China-Besuch: EU signalisiert Ende des Waffenembargos

06.Dez.2004 Hamburger Startbahnstreit: Durchbruch zweiter Klasse

06.Dez.2004 Cebit 2005: Da wächst wieder was

06.Dez.2004 Japan: Erdbeben der Stärke 7 erschüttert Insel Hokkaido

06.Dez.2004 Baden-Württemberg: Experten rechnen mit neuen Erdbeben

06.Dez.2004 Arbeitslosengeld-II-Bescheide: Verbände fördern den Widerspruchsgeist

06.Dez.2004 Spanien: Eta zündet sieben Bomben

06.Dez.2004 Ukrainische Stichwahl: Kutschma fügt sich dem Obersten Gericht

06.Dez.2004 Angriff in Dschidda: Sieben Tote bei Geiselnahme in US-Konsulat

06.Dez.2004 Wiki-News: Und noch ein Blog...

06.Dez.2004 Gaspreiswut: Viele Verbraucher verweigern Rechnungszahlung

06.Dez.2004 Mordkomplott gegen Alawi: Bundesanwalt lässt weiteres Objekt durchsuchen

06.Dez.2004 Ungeschützter Party-Verkehr: Sex, Drogen und Chlamydien

06.Dez.2004 Airbus: Air China unterschreibt Milliarden-Auftrag

06.Dez.2004 Anti-Terror-Kampf: USA kündigen Offensive in Afghanistan an

06.Dez.2004 Opinion: Saving Iraq's Election

06.Dez.2004 Union: Wirtschaftsflügel wettert gegen Patriotismus-Debatte

Weil die so genannten "roten US-Staaten" ihm den Wahlsieg eingefahren haben, glaubt das Bush-nahe US-Blatt "New York Post", habe er eine Ansicht des "Red Room" im Weißen Haus als Motiv für die präsidentiellen Weihnachtskarten ausgewählt.

Das als "bezaubernd" bezeichnete, ganz in Rot gehaltene Zimmer in der Bush-Residenz ist von der texanischen Künstlerin Cindi Holt gemalt worden.

Auf dem Bild ist ein kleiner Weihnachtsbaum zu entdecken samt brennenden Kerzen auf einem Tischchen vor Kaminfeuer.

Im Innern der Weihnachtskarte ist das Zitat eines Psalms eingerückt, was die christliche Rechte der USA erfreuen wird:

"Lasst uns vor IHN hintreten zum Danksagen und IHN preisen mit Musik und Gesang."

06.Dez.2004 Wachstumsmotor: Samsung setzt Milliarden auf die Karte Halbleiter

06.Dez.2004 Zusatzstoff: Shampoo gefährdet Hirnzellen

06.Dez.2004 Sprengstoffdrohung: In Waffendepot verschanzter Soldat stellt sich

06.Dez.2004 Geheimdienste: Operation Roter Hering

06.Dez.2004 Christliche Schule will Prügelstrafe: Recht auf den Rohrstock

06.Dez.2004 Gratifikationssaison: Frohes Fest in den US-Chefetagen

06.Dez.2004 Weihnachtsgrüße: George W. Bush setzt auf Rot

06.Dez.2004 Euro-Höhenflug: Eichels Haushalt droht Milliardenrisiko

06.Dez.2004 China-Besuch: Schröder will sich für Aufhebung des Waffenembargos einsetzen

06.Dez.2004 Deutschland: Böhmer kritisiert Boshaftigkeit im Westen

06.Dez.2004 Münchner "Nibelungen"-Inszenierung: Plastikmännchen im Führerbunker

06.Dez.2004 Neue Stichwahl in Kiew: Tauziehen um die Wahlgesetze

06.Dez.2004 Airbus: Weg für Hamburger Startbahn ist frei