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15.Feb.2007 Chinese man to hang in ant scam A Chinese company chairman is sentenced to death for running a scam involving giant ants.
15.Feb.2007 Chavez threat to seize food shops Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez threatens to nationalise supermarkets that raise food prices.
15.Feb.2007 Iraq invasion plan 'delusional' US commanders originally thought only 5,000 troops would be in Iraq by the end of 2006, documents show.
15.Feb.2007 Jail for German Holocaust denier A German citizen is convicted of Holocaust denial + jailed for five years by a German court.
15.Feb.2007 Rocks reveals Mars' watery past Exquisite colour images of the Martian surface give a tantalising glimpse into the Red Planet's watery past.
15.Feb.2007 Digital neighbourhood watch plan A neighbourhood watch for the digital age, utilising the power of social networking is proposed.
15.Feb.2007 Nuclear power review 'flawed' A judge orders a rethink of nuclear power plans, saying the energy review was "flawed" and "misleading".
15.Feb.2007 Leaders plot path to climate deal Legislators meet for talks in Washington aimed at finding a new global deal to curb climate change.
15.Feb.2007 Rice hails N Korea nuclear deal The US Secretary of State welcomes a deal with North Korea over its nuclear programme as a "good start".
15.Feb.2007 Cheney 'not to testify for Libby' US Vice-President Dick Cheney will not testify for ex-aide Lewis Libby, accused of lying to investigators.
15.Feb.2007 UK children's quality of life 'worst' The UK comes bottom of a Unicef league table for child well-being, sparking anger from children's charities.
15.Feb.2007 US House clashes on Iraq policy There are sharp exchanges in the US House of Representatives at the start of a marathon debate on Iraq.
15.Feb.2007 Iran president 'ready for talks' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran is open to talks on its nuclear programme.
15.Feb.2007 Police criticised for terror raid The Metropolitan Police Service has been told it should apologise to families over the Forest Gate raid.
15.Feb.2007 US trade deficit hits fresh high The annual US trade deficit rises to a record $763.6bn, hit by higher oil prices and surging Chinese imports.
15.Feb.2007 Comet clash kicks up dusty haze Collisions between comets may be kicking up copious amounts of dust observed around a dead star.
15.Feb.2007 Japan's commercial whaling push Pro-whaling countries meet in Japan to plan the lifting of the global moratorium on commercial hunting.
15.Feb.2007 Top journalists testify for Libby Top Washington journalists take the stand in defence of a former key White House aide accused of lying.
15.Feb.2007 Thousands flee Mozambique floods Heavy flooding forces 60,000 people to be evacuated in Mozambique, while 100,000 others are at risk.
15.Feb.2007 Canada pledges $1.3bn green fund Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces a new $1.3bn fund to combat climate change.
15.Feb.2007 Blast close to US base in Japan A small blast takes place near a US military base south of Tokyo, causing no casualties.
15.Feb.2007 Australia PM slams US candidate Australian PM John Howard says al-Qaeda should be praying for Barack Obama to win the US presidency.
15.Feb.2007 Teraflop chip hints at the future A chip the size of a fingernail and capable of more than a trillion calculations per second is unveiled by Intel.
15.Feb.2007 Israeli PM's aide in graft probe A top aide to Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is suspended for six months as part of a growing corruption scandal.
15.Feb.2007 Putin attacks 'very dangerous' US Russia's president says America's "almost uncontained" use of force is fuelling a nuclear arms race.
15.Feb.2007 TV chief quits over terror scare The head of the Cartoon Network resigns after a marketing stunt causes a terror alert in Boston.
15.Feb.2007 IAEA suspends Iran aid projects The UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, says it has frozen almost half its technical aid projects involving Iran.
15.Feb.2007 Type 2 diabetes genes mapped Scientists say they have mapped the most important genes that put people at risk of type 2 diabetes.
15.Feb.2007 Portugal will legalise abortion Portugal's prime minister says the country's parliament will legalise abortion despite a low referendum turnout.
15.Feb.2007 Alcohol 'time-bomb' of Aborigines Alcohol abuse among Australia's aborigines is claiming a life every 38 hours, new research finds.
15.Feb.2007 Hope over '£25 test for cancer' A screening test costing as little as £25 has been developed that can test for cancer, a study says.
15.Feb.2007 Public 'lack sex knowledge' The public have a lack of knowledge and understanding about reproduction and sex, a survey suggests.
15.Feb.2007 The Pentacon - Eyewitnesses Speak, Conspiracy Revealed - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Daily Show: Douglas Feith Has Huge Balls - BG -

After reviewing the recent report that exposed Feith's personal role in distorting the CIA's pre-war intelligence ... Source:
15.Feb.2007 - Wolfowitz chilling speech - BG - Wolfowitz chilling speech
15.Feb.2007 Accussed 7/21 bombing suspects "purchased hundreds of bottles of hydrogen peroxide" - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Pensito Review » Bush Caught on Tape Lying about 2003 SOTU ‘16 Words’ - Media Yawns - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Aside from a Lack of ANY Official Analysis of the Flight 93 Crash-- - BG -what have we had? An emotional story about passengers fighting back-- memorialized in TWO (count 'em), TWO full-length movies. A heavily promoted and totally bogus story that flight 93 was shot down-- a story no doubt promoted by government spooks.... Source:
15.Feb.2007 's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea! - BG -
Two stories posted in the last week on the website, one on nukes in Iran last Wednesday + another on nukes in North Korea on Saturday, both use the same aerial photograph of the same purported nuclear power plant! But one is supposed to be in Iran and the other is supposed to be in North Korea!... Source:

15.Feb.2007 The Raw Story | Senator Dodd to introduce 'Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007'; Bans torture, restores habeas corpus - BG -
15.Feb.2007 September 11 Responders Seek More Funds - BG -

13.Feb.2007 -Update- Officer Cesar A. Borja also did not remove debris from the fallen towers and did not work a formal shift there until December 2001, the newspaper said.
02.Feb.2007 As President Bush visited New York yesterday, advocates for ill first-responders to the attacks of

11.Sep.2001 called for greater funding for the health care for the workers.

The 21-year-old son of a New York City police officer who died last week, Cesar Borja Jr., met with Mr. Bush to push for more money for first-responders with respiratory and other complications.

On Tuesday, Mr. Bush announced an additional $25 million in federal funding for September 11-related health care, and...Source:
15.Feb.2007 A federal judge has ruled that a CIA agent identified only as "Doe, " allegedly fired after he gathered prewar intelligence showing that Iraq was not - BG -
A federal judge has ruled that a CIA agent identified only as "Doe," allegedly fired after he gathered prewar intelligence showing that Iraq was not developing weapons of mass destruction,

can proceed with his lawsuit against the CIA.
15.Feb.2007 Iran (What is the US Doing?) - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Today's Papers: No New Nukes - BG -today's papers
No New Nukes
By Daniel Politi
Posted Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, at 5:12 AM ET

The New York Times, Washington Post + Los Angeles Times lead, while the Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox, with word that negotiators from six countries reached a tentative agreement that could be the first step in getting North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program.

Under terms of the agreement, which wasn't released but the papers all have sources, North Korea would be given energy assistance and aid in exchange for the closing down of its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon + readmitting nuclear inspectors into the country. Discussions about North Korea's existing nuclear weapons and fuel would be left for a later date.

USA Today leads with a new poll that reveals 63 % of Americans want troops to leave Iraq by the end of 2008.

Also, 57 % want Congress to put a cap on the number of troops that are sent to fight in Iraq but 58 % oppose denying funding for these additional troops.

By 51 %-19 % those surveyed place the blame on Republicans for the Senate stalemate. Lawmakers should take note, because

approximately 70 % of those surveyed said votes on the war will affect their choice in the next congressional election. To continue reading, click here.
15.Feb.2007 Gallup: Most Americans Want Congress to Go Beyond Non-Binding Vote on War - BG -6 out of 10 oppose the "surge" in troops.
15.Feb.2007 Amnesty condemns Iraqi VP death sentence :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it - BG -;p=30577&s2=13
15.Feb.2007 McClatchy Washington Bureau | 02/12/2007 | Joint Chiefs chairman sees no evidence of meddling by Iran's regime - BG -
WASHINGTON - A day after the U.S. military charged Iran's government with shipping powerful explosive devices to Shiite Muslim fighters in Iraq to use against American troops, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday that he hasn't seen any intelligence to support the claim.

15.Feb.2007 Study Based On Abu Ghraib Suggests Military Veterans Highly Tolerant Of Detainee Abuse - BG -
In a study that appears in the current issue of Military Medicine, William C. Holmes, MD, MSCE, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine + lead author of the paper, assesses veterans' tolerance for detainee abuse and variables associated with it.... Source:

15.Feb.2007 Killtown: Is a spook site? - BG -
15.Feb.2007 The Blog | Toby Barlow: Crazy But True: Record NY Snow is Proof of Global Warming | The Huffington Post - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Protest of Planned Texas Coal-Fired Power Plants - BG -AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -

Carrying signs with slogans of "Stop the Coal Rush" and "Shame on Texas," about 1,000 people rallied at the state Capitol to persuade lawmakers to abandon a plan to build up to 18 new coal-fired power plants.

Environmentalists fear the new plants will pump millions of tons of pollutants into the air every year.
15.Feb.2007 UK Study: Western Boycott of Hamas Pushing It Closer to Iran - BG -Source:
15.Feb.2007 An Unusual Weapon Captured in Iraq - BG -
An Unusual Weapon Captured in Iraq Michael Yon sent out an email asking if anyone can identify this unusual weapon captured by Iraqi and US forces in Iraq; he says it has mystified everyone who's seen it. It looks homemade to me. What say you, lizards? What in the World is This?... Source:;only&rss

15.Feb.2007 Rick Siegel Speaks Out About 911truth | - BG -
15.Feb.2007 World Trade Center Port Authority Cops heard explosions
15.Feb.2007 Byron Pitts discusses WTC 7 collapse
15.Feb.2007 Rudy Giuliani's Vulnerabilities - February 12, 2007 - BG -
Perhaps that is why Giuliani, as Barrett reported, ordered copies of the vulnerability study destroyed shortly after it was circulated to top campaign aides. He surely could not have been pleased to read that his "personal life raises questions about a 'weirdness factor.'"

15.Feb.2007 Wolfowitz Emerges as Key Figure in Intel Manipulation - BG -
Paul Wolfowitz, former under secretary of defense, has been identified in recently released grand jury transcripts as being involved in a White House smear campaign against Joseph Wilson, the former US ambassador who accused the Bush administration of manipulating intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq War.

15.Feb.2007 German terrists released and Germans kidnapped in Iraq - was one a spy ? - BG -
As expected (see Lord Patel Jan 19th )the Stuttgart State Court has announced this morning the release of Brigitte Mohnhaupt, 57, on 5 years probation on March 27. One of the last jailed members of the Baader-Meinhof gang, she received 5 life sentences. In anticipation, no doubt of widespread public objections, the court was anxious to point out that this was not a pardon and was a decision... Source:

15.Feb.2007 Iran denies supplying arms to Iraqi militants - BG -TEHRAN (Reuters) -

Iran on Monday denied U.S. accusations that it was stoking violence in Iraq by supplying militants with Iranian-made weapons and that those at the "highest levels" of Tehran's government were involved....

15.Feb.2007 The New 9/11 Hijackers (This guy elevates Judy Wood to Sainthood) - BG -Blogger Thoughts: Don't know...
The New "9/11 Hijackers"?
Andrew Johnson, Feb 2007 9/11 – It Controls Our Lives

15.Feb.2007 Stem cell technique helps women grow their own implants | the Daily Mail - BG -British surgeons said yesterday they were convinced by the technique and found it "appealing".
15.Feb.2007 Taking On Guantanamo - BG -
Vanity Fair has a thought-provoking article on JAG lawyer Charles Swift:

15-Oct.2006. The day I meet Charlie Swift, he attempts to sum up the legal morass of Guantánamo. "Justice," he says, "is based on a simple idea: it can happen to you."

The line comes out minutes after he arrives at a Starbucks in the suburbs of Maryland + the intensity of his delivery causes the teenagers making out at the next table to look up.

It's a Sunday afternoon, shortly after the announcement that Swift is leaving the navy. A few days earlier, on October 11, The New York Times ran a harsh editorial commenting on the subject:

00.000.2003, Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift was assigned to represent Salim Hamdan, a Yemeni citizen accused of being a high-ranking member of Al Qaeda-for the sole purpose of getting h... Source:
15.Feb.2007 Today's Papers: The Iran File - BG -today's papers
The Iran File
By Daniel Politi
Posted Monday, Feb. 12, 2007, at 5:35 AM ET

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times lead + the Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox, with the long-awaited briefing by military officials in Baghdad where they presented what was described as convincing evidence that Iran is providing weapons to Shiite militias in Iraq. The officials displayed a variety of different weapons, including the "explosively formed penetrator," which is one of the deadliest weapons because of its ability to go through armor. It has allegedly killed at least 170 Americans in the past three years.

The New York Times fronts the presentation, but leads with the apparent collapse of the North Korea talks.

The main stumbling point appears to be North Korea's demands for large amounts of aid before it agrees to anything.

The NYT also got a summary of the proposed agreement and says it would pretty much prevent North Korea from producing new weapons, but it does not specify any deadlines for giving up existing nuclear weapons or weapons fuel. USA Today leads with a look at how Arab states "are making some of their most public overtures ever to Israel and American Jews" in an effort to limit Iran's influence and solve regional problems.

This comes at a time when Saudi Arabia has tried to position itself as a leader in trying to solve Palestinian issues and will need Israel's cooperation if it intends to try and broker a peace deal. To continue reading, click here.
15.Feb.2007 Breaking News: Americans caught with Iranian Weapons in Iraq :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it - BG -The Bush Administration is spinning a story about Iran that is full of contradictions.;p=30549&s2=12
15.Feb.2007 n inconvenient truth about "An Inconvenient Truth" - BG -
Last night Al Gore's important film "An Inconvenient Truth" was shown on Cuban television. It was accompanied by some interesting discussion which probably won't accompany most showings in the USA (and certainly none on TV): In order to present the documentary, the "Roundtable" invited John Saxe-Fernández, professor and essayist from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, who criticized the maneuvers carried out by ruling circles in the USA to ignore alarming realities like climate change. Buying the opinions of the scientific community and silencing the warnings of those who have more advanced environmental ideas has been the conduct of the U.S. government, which abrogates rights in order not to comply with international laws and regulations, Saxe said, noting ... Source:

15.Feb.2007 CIA Analysts: Over 50% Of Bush's Iraq War Justifications Untrue - BG -
As the Bush administration began assembling its case for war, analysts across the U.S. intelligence community were disturbed by the report of a secretive Pentagon team that concluded Iraq had significant ties to Al Qaeda. Analysts from the CIA and other agencies "disagreed with more than 50%" of 26 findings the Pentagon team laid out in a controversial paper, according to testimony Friday from Thomas F. Gimble, acting inspector general of the Pentagon. ... Source:

15.Feb.2007 The Gaelic Starover: “Very Damning” (Pre-War Lies) - BG -
15.Feb.2007 This seems amazing - BG -

One of Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc.'s top investment bankers, Woody Young, has left the firm because of a strategic disagreement with Lehman's management,

according to people familiar with the matter.
Link from 2004 ( ):
For his part, Edwards raised $1.4 million at three NYC fund-raisers on the first day of his pre-convention campaign swing.

Most of the money came from a closed event at the home of Lehman Bros. executive Woody Young.
15.Feb.2007 BBC NEWS | Business | BAE in several corruption probes - BG -Defence firm BAE Systems is facing a series of corruption probes surrounding its activities in six countries, the government has confirmed.
15.Feb.2007 New York Prepares for Nuclear Terror - BG -The federal government is installing new radiation detection machines at a New York City port facility in a test of defenses against a terror attack by a nuclear weapon or radioactive "dirty bomb."
15.Feb.2007 Court Denies Bush on Iraq Terror Transfer - BG -An American citizen who has been held by U.S. military forces in Iraq for more than two years cannot be transferred to Iraqi authorities for trial on terrorism charges, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.
15.Feb.2007 Rich Nations Launch Vaccine Pact - BG -The Advanced Market Commitment for Vaccines project involves donor nations making a prior commitment to buy vaccines which are under development once they are launched, thereby creating a demand-led market for new vaccines needed by poor countries.
15.Feb.2007 Move to Dump Electoral College Defeated in Montana, North Dakota - BG -A movement to essentially dump the Electoral College
15.Feb.2007 Al-Qaeda Suspects Color White House Debate Over Iran - - BG -The strategy has sparked a growing debate within the administration and the intelligence community,...
15.Feb.2007 Criminals Control the Executive Branch - BG -
Gentle reader, you are probably unaware of former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski's damning indictment of the Bush Regime in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on

01.Feb.2007 as the USA no longer has a media--only a government propaganda ministry. article17021.htm
15.Feb.2007 The Iraq-Iran Super Bowl: - BG -Every poll shows that we the people strongly oppose any further escalation in the Iraq war and that we do not want to invade Iran. We are intelligent enough to understand that threatening other people encourages terrorism. article17014.htm
15.Feb.2007 Helping Israel Die - BG -President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are unwittingly playing Dr. Jack Kevorkian in helping the state of Israel commit suicide. article17020.htm
15.Feb.2007 'Intelligence' on al-Qaeda refuted - BG -
The presence of al-Qaeda in Iraq has little bearing on the group's international planning and the Iranians have not been more active than key Sunni regimes in supporting their proxy militias in Iraq, despite the assertions of the latest US National Intelligence Estimate. These are some of the points Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit, makes in an interview with National Interest Online editor Ximena Ortiz.... Source:

15.Feb.2007 Tony Snow Explains the Laugher Curve - BG -
Brad DeLong tries his best to explain why the President's press secretary was acting so stupid during this Q&A. But hang on a second folks and let's focus here: Q: does the Treasury tell him that more money is coming in than was lost to the tax cuts? MR. SNOW: Well, I'm not sure - the whole point is that the tax cuts generate extra economic activity. All you have to do is - I would, if you want to Q: That's a separate issue. MR. SNOW: Well, no, it's not. It's not a separate issue at all. What it says is when you have greater economic Q: If the economy is growing more, that's one thing; but whether tax revenues are growing is a separate issue. Actually, it is not a separate issue. The impact of a reduction in tax rates o... Source:

15.Feb.2007 Tommy Franks Was Right - BG -
by Larry C Johnson Douglas Feith, the former number three man at Rummy's Department of Defense and co-author of the debacle in Iraq, proved Tommy Franks right. General Franks described Feith to author Bob Woodward as: "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth." Yes. Amen!! Feith displayed his utter cluelessness today during his appearance on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer today and cemented his status as the King of Stupidity. Feith continued to insist that Saddam was in league with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Here's a portion of the transcript of the interview: FEITH: On the al Qaeda connection, George Tenet on October 7, 2002, wrote an unclassified letter to the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee laying out the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda. BLI... Source:

15.Feb.2007 How People Are Influenced by Fear - BG -
Avedon Carol linked to an article in the January/February Psychology Today a couple of weeks ago which explored the effect of fear on making people conservative and inclined to trust their leaders. This is an important topic to understand because it is obvious that our world is guaranteed to become more volatile, more frightening and we will be asked to make decisions (including selecting leaders) in the face of situations that are terrifying. The article starts by discussing one woman, Cinnamon Stillwell, who switched from being liberal to being quite conservative because of 9/11. She went on to start a new group for conservatives most who were also switched from being liberal to conservative. So what happened to her? And what does that teach us about liberals and conservatives? We tend to believe our political views have... Source:

15.Feb.2007 Measuring the Flight 93 Crater Again: It's Still Too Small for a Boeing 757 - BG -
Following up on the post here, this official government image alsosupports my previous measurements and significantly, the idea that the distance between the engine craters (or engine "scars") is too small: Source:

15.Feb.2007 Iran says CIA, Mossad spy ring detected | Jerusalem Post - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Bernard Lewis's Holy War Against Islam - BG -Regarding Bernard Lewis's holy war against Islam -- this is what is going on: Nearly all the basic premises behind the Zionist experiment have collapsed among... Source:
15.Feb.2007 Neteller's Open and Honest Conspiracy - BG -Although Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre are charged with money laundering, there was nothing sneaky about their "conspiracy."

00.000.1999 the two Canadians co-founded Neteller, an online payment processing company, now based in the Isle of Man, that openly specialized in serving online gamblers.

The FBI's investigation of Lawrence and Lefebvre, who were arrested last month and face a preliminary hearing in New York next week,
consisted mainly of reading their public statements and using Neteller to bet on a couple of football games—a vice that in this country has to rank up there with eating a second slice of Mom's apple pie while listening to The Star-Spangled Banner. Yes, the feds really blew the lid off this publicly traded company that never made a secret of who its customers were or what it did for them.

The impressive ... Source:
15.Feb.2007 Why We Need a New 9/11 Commission - BG -
15.Feb.2007 The Haditha Doctor and The Media Dissemblers - BG -by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

This item originally published June 19th 2006

This article will have continuous updating about the Haditha murders
in Iraq until the case is resolved.
This article updated 20/01/2007

Try weaning Bush supporters from the obvious lies that are the basis
of this administration + they will call you every name in the book.
Paul Craig Roberts

The Haditha Doctor - Walid al-Obeidi

02.Jun.2006 published an unsigned, scurrilous article entitled Questions Arise About Haditha Doctor – Wahid al-Obeidi - Central Figure In "Massacre" Case.

This article questioned the account "Dr. Wahid al-Obeidi" had given about being arrested and beaten in Haditha in October 2005.

The article then said, "Wahid is associated with the pro-terrorist Brussels Tribunal,... Source:
15.Feb.2007 Giuliani 9/11 actions may fuel campaign debate - Politics - - BG -
NEW YORK - Former New York mayor and presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani gained fame for his performance after the Sept. 11 attacks,
but charges that he also made serious blunders could give ammunition to rival candidates.
15.Feb.2007 Lawyers for Three Gitmo Detainees Slam Rules - BG -Lawyers for Three Gitmo Detainees Slam Rules

"After all the work that was put into evaluating and raising possible challenges to the old structure, we now have this new 238-page manual dropped in our lap a week and a half ago," said Marine Corps Maj. Michael Mori, the lawyer for David Hicks, an Australian accused of fighting for the Taliban.
Fluoride Mafia - BG -In this video, Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception.

EARLY REVIEWS of The Fluoride Deception:

"Bryson marshals an impressive amount of research to demonstrate fluoride's harmfulness, the ties between leading fluoride researchers and the corporations who funded and benefited from their research +
what he says is the duplicity with which fluoridation was sold to the people. The result is a compelling challenge to the reigning dental orthodoxy, which should provoke renewed scientific scrutiny and public debate." — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Source:
15.Feb.2007 AlterNet: The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy - BG -
Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, told his students that when we were his age -- he was then close to 80 -- we would all be fighting the "Christian fascists."
15.Feb.2007 NYPD planned illegal detention around Republican Convention in NYC - BG -Christopher Dunn, associate legal director at the NYCLU, said the documents "reveal that the long detentions of the thousands of protesters arrested for minor offenses at the convention were the result of deliberate policy decisions by the NYPD.

15.Feb.2007 BBC NEWS | UK | Ex-terror plot suspect speaks out - BG -
A man freed after he was arrested over an alleged plot to kidnap a UK Muslim soldier has criticised the police investigation

15.Feb.2007 Crooks and Liars » on the Edwards/Blogger Story - BG -
15.Feb.2007 Does the AP lie? Does a Bear.....? - BG -
SWC: In reaction to SWC's 25,000 signed petitions that were sent to former US President Jimmy Carter protesting his book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," Mr. Carter has responded.

In a hand-written letter to Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center's dean and founder, President Carter accused the Center of "falsehood and slander."

Rabbi Hier responded, in part, "Let me say, Mr. President, that I am not one who believes that Israel is infallible ... the only reason there is no peace in the Middle East is because of Islamic extremists who refuse to compromise, not because of the State of Israel."Read the exchange of letters between President Carter and Rabbi Hier.... Source:
15.Feb.2007 Economists Stating the Obvious about Condoleezza - BG -Condoleezza Rice is not the woman she once was some goobers/ liars/ neocons said she was
15.Feb.2007 Dispatches From the Scooter Libby Trial
The Grand Jury Grilling.
By John Dickerson, Dahlia Lithwick + Seth Stevenson
Updated Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007, at 10:50 PM ET
From: Seth Stevenson
Subject: The Grand Jury Grilling
Posted Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007, at 10:50 PM ET

9:55 a.m: Let's fire up the tape player for Tuesday's grand jury recordings. The courtroom speakers fill the air with Scooter Libby's reedy, disembodied voice.

Hearing 10 seconds of my own voice played back to me can give me the willies. I can't imagine how uncomfortable Libby must feel, hearing himself talk for hour after hour, with dozens of strangers intently listening in. (Of course, the actual grand jury grilling he endured was no doubt vastly more uncomfortable, so perhaps this is tranquil by comparison.) To continue reading, click here.
15.Feb.2007 Whatever happened with the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? - BG -
(also see: Re:
[political-research] Elite Firm to Guard Bilderberg Meeting)

16.Dec.2001 PIRMASENS, Germany (Reuters) –

German computer experts are working round the clock to unlock the truth behind an unexplained surge in financial transactions made

11.Sep.2001 -just before two hijacked planes crashed into New York’s World Trade Center.

Were criminals responsible for the sharp rise in credit card transactions that moved through some computer systems at the WTC shortly before the planes hit the twin towers?

Or was it coincidence that unusually large sums of money, perhaps more than $100 million, were rushed through the computers as the disaster unfolded?

A world leader in retrieving data, German-based firm Convar is trying to answer those questions + help credit card companies, telecommunications firms and accountants in New York recover their records from computer hard drives that have been partially damaged by fire, water or fine dust.

...The CONVAR data salvage has made it completely clear that more than $100 million in insider credit card transactions took place in the hours + minutes before the twin towers collapsed.

The mainframe computers in the towers processed these transactions; and

the credit card data would have been lost forever had it not been for the successful data reconstruction of the CONVAR specialists.

A German company, CONVAR of Pirmasens near the French border, was given more than 400 computer hard drives from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.

These are extremely sensitive computer components that went through the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Using blue laser technology, CONVAR succeeded in reconstructing all the data from the computer debris.

This includes diverse financial data and telecommunication protocols up to a few seconds before the collapse of each tower. (Source: e-mail from CONVAR Germany on

16.Oct.2003 .) The U.S. government’s blatant lie about the allegedly missing black boxes is outright made ludicrous by this fact.

The reconstructed data was given by CONVAR to the FBI.

The FBI was held by law to investigate, based on the reconstructed data, who placed the inside transactions.

The FBI is doing no such thing…

... GFP would like to inform, that in June 2002, Ontrack/Convar was aquired by Kroll Inc. (Kroll O’gara Eisenhardt), which has strong [sic] with the US Government ...

...Kroll O’ Gara Eisenhardt is one of the oldest security companies in the USA and, some say, responsible for every U.S. President since the end of WWII.

What does an upstanding, powerful company like Kroll do in its spare time? Why it trains local forces in Saudi Arabia, of course!

One partner of Kroll, Cable and Wireless provides training in Counter-Terrorism and Urban Warfare in Saudi Arabia.

00.Aug.2001 former Kroll employee, Jerome Hauer, arranged a security job in the Twin Towers for FBI Agent John O’Neill.

At the time, O’Neill had been investigating ENRON’s business deals with the Taliban and was subsequently pulled from that investigation.

Neither Kroll nor Hauer was asked to testify about this coincidence….
Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An ‘Inside Job’ - BG -
Michael Cook was also visited by Secret Service and then became subject of Federal charges for speaking out against Bush before a

00.000.2006 speech at Northern Kentucky University. Agents also confiscated his weapons, safely kept at his home, even though legally registered.
.Feb.2007 By Greg Szymanski

Michael Cook has been persecuted and placed in a psychiatric ward
simply for saying 9/11 was an inside job and possessing firearms registered legally in Kentucky.

His story is just another in a long line cases where law abiding citizens have been systematically deprived of their due process rights and trampled on by a fascist mindset controlling America.

In a nutshell, Cook’s case exemplifies how freedom of speech and the right to possess firearms are being taken away from Americans.

His story further shows how a right to a fair is being replaced with psychiatric incarceration based on flimsy and often-times concocted doctor evaluations……

…….Cook’s legal troubles began after he shared information to an
aide about 9/11 being an inside job as well as telling the aide he legally possessed firearms, including a 45 caliber pistol locked safely away in glove box of his car. full article:

15.Feb.2007 From Media Fearmongering Links Letter Bomber to Big Brother Critics, Tax Protesters - BG -
Groups opposed to tracking and surveillance demonized as Blair's cash for honors scandal disappears off front pages, fearmongering spreads to make people nervous about looking in their private home letter box,
secret Downing Street memo called for police postal scans Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A third UK company that oversees Big Brother tracking and taxation policies has been targeted in a letter bombing campaign that has only succeeded in demonizing privacy and personal freedom advocates, while also wiping Tony Blair's cash for honors scandal off the front pages.
British media outlets are busy trying to link the letter bomber to anti-surveillance and tax protest groups.

From Lawrence O'Donnell: How Giuliani Will Help Elect the Democrat - BG -
Rudy Giuliani's presidential candidacy is the best thing that will happen for the Democratic candidates this year. He's going to lose.
Yes, I know he's the Republican frontrunner in some polls, but Howard Dean was the frontrunner for a while in the last contested presidential primary season.

15.Feb.2007 The Excuse of Last Resort for Supporters of the Official 9/11 Story, Part 2 - BG -Well, no one has ever seen a Boeing 767 going 500 gazillion miles per hour hitting a 110-story building before, so who knows what it should look like!!!... Source:
15.Feb.2007 On the Editorial Page
The housing boom is over; time to whoop on the bankers. 12:01 a.m. EST

OpinionJournal Federation BY MICHAEL B. OREN
The Sinai campaign of 1956 established that Israel was here to stay.
12:01 a.m. EST

15.Feb.2007 Today's Papers: Main Man - BG -today's papers
Main Man
By Daniel Politi
Posted Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007, at 5:10 AM ET

The New York Times leads with word that senior military officers have warned any new strategy for Iraq runs a high risk of failure if there isn't more involvement from civilian agencies. These military officers, including members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, contend that no amount of military intervention will help Iraq if it doesn't include a concerted effort to speed up the country's reconstruction and political development. The Washington Post leads with a look at how Gen. David H. Petraeus has become the public face of the administration's effort to convince lawmakers and the public to give "surge" a chance. The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox with Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives announcing they will hold a vote next week on a resolution opposing the administration's new plans for Iraq. Meanwhile, House members began "what promises to be a long, embarrassing inquest" into mismanagement of rebuilding funds in Iraq.

The Los Angeles Times leads with a look at the "unusually open campaign" being waged by Israel in order to get the international community to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. USA Today leads with at least six states (Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia + Utah) that are considering expanding the use of the death penalty.

Some, for example, want child molesters to be eligible for the death penalty, while others want to lower the bar of when certain offences become eligible for the death penalty. To continue reading, click here.
15.Feb.2007 From We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school - BG -
The principal of an Islamic school has admitted that it uses textbooks which describe Jews as "apes" and Christians as "pigs" and has refused to withdraw them.

15.Feb.2007 From Robert Anton Wilson - BG -
The oral bio-survival system

Dating from Adorno in the

1940 s, psychologists who do surveys on large groups (e.g., entering college freshpersons) have repeatedly noted a correlation between dislike of "foreign" and "exotic" foods + the "fascist" personality.

A total Gestalt seems to exist--a behavorial/conceptual cluster of dislike of new food-dislike of "radical" ideas-racism-nationalism-sexism-xenophobia-conservatism-phobic and/or compulsive behaviors-fascist ideologies.

This cluster makes up the well-known F-Scale (F for Fascism).

Where more than two of these traits appear, the probabilities indicate that most of the others will appear.
This seems to result from a neophobic imprint in the bio-survival system .

Those with this imprint feel increasingly insecure as they move in space-time away from Mommy + "home-cooked meals". Conversely, those who like to experiment with strange and exotic foods seem to have a neophilic imprint and want to explore the world in many dimensions--traveling, moving from one city or country to another, studying new subjects, "playing" with ideas rather than holding rigidly to one static model of the universe. Robert Anton Wilson, Quantum Psychology, 1990
Toll Road Checkpoints to Deal With Dissenters - Paul Joseph Watson Jackbooted thugs given stop + search powers for people suspected of removing tracking tags, arguing with
15.Feb.2007 Talking Toilets To Tell Us Right From Wrong - Paul Joseph Watson -Government thinks we need to be kept in line by urinal cakes
15.Feb.2007 How Long Before "Community Service" Is Mandatory? - Paul Joseph Watson -Creeping fascism and the most annoying phone call ever
15.Feb.2007 NYPD Officer Heard Building 7 Bombs - Paul Joseph Watson -"The whole time you're hearing boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I think I know an explosion when I hear it"
15.Feb.2007 Big Brother Brain Scanners To Detect Pre-Crime - Paul Joseph Watson -Watching, Listening, Shouting, Firing X-Rays and scanning your brain for thought crime
15.Feb.2007 As Predicted: Global Warming Skeptics Linked With Holocaust Denial - Paul Joseph Watson Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Friday, February 9, 2007
Military Denial Of Torture At Gitmo Is The Sickest Joke - Paul Joseph Watson -Army clears itself of any wrong doing despite hundreds of reports of systematic torture and soldiers
15.Feb.2007 Ground Zero EMT: We Were Told Building 7 Was to Be "Pulled" - Paul Joseph Watson -New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician asked "how could someone have rigged all these explosives?"
15.Feb.2007 Media Fearmongering Links Letter Bomber to Big Brother Critics, Tax - Paul Joseph Watson -Tax Protesters Groups opposed to tracking and surveillance demonized as Blair's cash for honors
15.Feb.2007 Wurde Anschlag auf Revolutionsgarden von Drogenclans verübt? - sfux Onlineredaktion/ Teheran -

Bei einem Bombenanschlag auf einen Bus der Revolutionsgarden (Pasdaran) sind im Südosten des Iran nach jüngsten Angaben elf Menschen getötet worden.

30 weitere Menschen seien verletzt worden, berichtete die Agentur ISNA am Mittwoch.
Die in einem Auto versteckte Bombe sei in der Stadt Zahedan explodiert, als ein Bus mit Angehörigen der paramilitärischen Revolutionsgarden vorbeifuhr, berichteten Augenzeugen. Die Täter seien auf...

Der Bundestrojaner und die unterschobene Straftat - sfux Karl Weiss -

Computer sind nicht nur ausspähbar, auch manipulierbar - Die Polizei tut es schon. Am Wochenende,

04.Feb.2007 wurde bekannt, der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) hat die Durchsuchung von Computern von eventuell Verdächtigen mit Hilfe von ?Trojanern? (in diesem Fall dem ?Bundestrojaner?) für unzulässig erklärt.

Als unmittelbare Antwort darauf erklärte der allseits geliebte Minister Schäuble,...
Afghanistan im Griff der Parfüm-Industrie? - onlineredaktion Harald Haack -

Rosen statt Opium, sagt die Deutsche Welthungerhilfe. Der Vorschlag könnte eine Alternative zum Mohn-Anbau in Afghanistan sein. Weg vom Rauschgift und hin zum Duft der heiligen Blume des Propheten? Statt der Mohnpflanze sollen Angaben der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe in Bonn 360 Bauern in der ostafghanischen Provinz Nangarhar Damaszenerrosen anbauen.

Ein lukratives Geschäft, besonders für die Parfümindustrie: In Afghanistan könne ein Liter Rosenöl im Wert von rund 5.000...
HARARE-MALABO - Das Ende einer Söldnerkarriere - onlineredaktion Dr. Alexander von Paleske - Übermorgen, am

15.Feb.2007 blickt die englische Presse wieder gespannt nach Zimbabwe, nicht dass sie an der trostlosen Lage der Bevölkerung Anteil nimmt, oder vielleicht ein Regierungswechsel ansteht, nichts von alledem.
Eine Reise ohne Rückfahrkarte auch für einen Deutschen Vor dem Magistrates Court, vergleichbar mit dem Landgericht in Deutschland, wird über das Auslieferungsbegehren Äquatorial...

Iranischer Chef-Unterhändler Ali Laridschani zu Gesprächen in Bern - sfux  Bern -

Der iranische Chef-Unterhändler für das Atomprogramm, Ali Laridschani, hat sich in Bern mit Aussenministerin Micheline Calmy-Rey getroffen.

Nach Angaben des EDA fand ein Austausch von Positionen und Informationen zu Irans Nuklearfrage statt.
Sie habe die Position der Schweiz noch einmal deutlich gemacht, sagte Calmy-Rey vor den Medien:

Eine Nutzung der Atomtechnologie ausschliesslich zu friedlichen Zwecken + eine diplomatische Lösung des Atomstreits mit dem Iran.
Nordkorea ? Heizöl und Strom gegen Atom-Stopp - onlineredaktion  onlineredaktion -

Nordkorea hat offensichtlich kalte Füße gekriegt. Million Tonnen Heizöl, ein Million Kilowatt Strom und noch vieles mehr soll das Land kriegen, wenn es seine Nuklearanlagen schließt und Inspektionen durch die Internationale Energiebehörde zu lässt, und Nordkorea signalisierte bereits zustimmen zu wollen.
Der US-Chefunterhändler Christopher Hill sagte am Dienstag, Nordkorea habe allen Punkten des Entwurfs zugestimmt. Damit stünden die...

Teurofigther? im ?Wienergate? - sfux Malte Olschewski -

Mit dem Einbruch in den Parlamentsklub der grünen Partei hat das Schmierentheater um den Ankauf der Kampfflugzeuge vom Typ ?Eurofighter? durch die Republik Österreich seinen Höhepunkt erreicht. Ein Untersuchungsausschuss des Nationalrates ermittelt seit zwei Monaten in der Frage, ob bei dem Kaufpreis von 1,959 Milliarden Euro samt heimlicher Zusatzkosten von 233 Millionen...
Eine Explosion des Unglaubens - 9/11: Drei Viertel der US-Bürger glauben nicht mehr... - onlineredaktion Karl Weiss -

Nach einer neuen Umfrage der ?New York Times? sagen nun drei Viertel aller US-Amerikaner, sie glaubten nicht (mehr) an die offizielle Version der US-Regierung über die Vorgänge am 11. September 2001. Bereits vor einem Jahr war es die Hälfte der US-Bürger, die einen solchen Unglauben zeigten, nun ist es eine erdrückende Mehrheit.
Zu diesem Anstieg haben ohne Zweifel das Video ?Loose Change? beigetragen, das bereits von etwa 100 Millionen Menschen,...

Drudge Re-Tells Lame Global Warming Joke - Nico -

In January 2004, Matt Drudge began a wave of laughter on the right with this observation, which he dubbed “the biggest gaffe in years.”

Three years later, he’s resurrected the joke:

Whatever you think of the joke, the sad fact is that many on the right think this is actually proof that global warming isn’t occurring. It’s not.

Weather is current events. Climate is history. The three years that have passed since Drudge’s first joke have been among the hottest ever recorded in human history.

Scientists believe 2007 will be even hotter.

The National Academy of Sciences reported last year that Earth’s rising temperature “is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia,” +

that “human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming.”

The fact that temperatures have swung from extreme to extreme — in New York, from all-time-high 70 degree weather in

00.Jan.2007 to record-high snowfall one month later — is exactly what increasing greenhouse gas emissions predicts: climate destabilization.
15.Feb.2007 “The benefits were temporary, - Nico - the bodybags were permanent.” — Rep. Ric Keller (R-FL), on past escalation efforts and why he’s opposing the current one.
15.Feb.2007 Limbaugh: Obama Should ‘Renounce’ His Race And Just ‘Become White’ - Amanda -

Yesterday on his radio show, right-wing host Rush Limbaugh derided Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) — who is biracial — for saying, “If you look African-American in this society, you’re treated as an African-American.”

Limbaugh claimed that this statement meant Obama didn’t want to be black and should “renounce it”: “If it’s not something you want to be, if you didn’t decide it, renounce it, become white!” He added, “If you don’t like it, you can switch. Well, that’s the way I see it. He’s got 50-50 in there. Say, ‘No, I’m white.’” Listen here:


The right wing has repeatedly thrown baseless racial slurs at Obama. Earlier in the week, right-wing radio host Glenn Beck said that Obama “is colorless,” and that “as a white guy…[y]ou don’t notice that he is black.

So he might as well be white, you know what I mean?” (HT: Too Sense) Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
15.Feb.2007 Hillary stands up to Bush on Iran. - Faiz -

“If the administration believes that any, any use of force against Iran is necessary, the president must come to Congress to seek that authority,” Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) said in a Senate speech. See the video here.
15.Feb.2007 Kansas approves evolution-friendly science standards. - Amanda - MSNBC is reporting that the Kansas school board, “long ridiculed for its resistance to teaching evolution,”

today rebuffed social conservatives and approved “science guidelines that embrace Charles Darwin’s mainstream theories.”
Leaked Letter Reveals Conservative Strategy For Iraq Debate: Don’t Talk About Iraq - Think Progress -

This week, the House of Representatives is debating a resolution opposing President Bush’s Iraq escalation. The resolution is just 58 words long + has only one purpose: “Disapproving of the decision of the President announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional USA combat troops to Iraq.”

But a leaked letter obtained today by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) office reveals that conservatives have formulated a strategy to avoid talking about the central question of the debate.

In the letter, leading conservative Reps. John Shadegg (R-AZ) and Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) inform their allies: “The debate should not be about the surge or its details. This debate should not even be about the Iraq war to date, mistakes that have been made, or whether we can, or cannot, win militarily.” Shadegg and Hoekstra warn, if conservatives are forced to debate “the surge or the current situation in Iraq, we lose.” Read it:

Instead, they write, “the debate must be about the global threat of the radical Islamic movement.” The problem is they lose that debate too. Digg It!
15.Feb.2007 Bush Takes Budget Axe To America’s Volunteers - Amanda 

Today, President Bush commemorated the fifth anniversary of the USA Freedom Corps by praising America’s volunteers:

“ We’re heralding volunteerism here today. It is a really important aspect of American society. I’m proud of our fellow citizens who have answered the call. I encourage you to continue on.”

Bush loves praising volunteerism. In his

00.000.2002 State of the Union address, Bush called on “every American to commit at least two years, 4,000 hours over the rest of your lifetime, to the service of your neighbors + your nation.”

But Bush also loves cutting funding for AmeriCorps, which

00.000.1993 President Bill Clinton created “as a kind of domestic counterpart to the Peace Corps.”

Since that time, more than 200,000 Americans have served in AmeriCorps. A look at Bush’s real “commitment” to volunteerism:

2003: “The president promised to expand AmeriCorps by 50 %, from 50,000 volunteers to 75,000 volunteers. But 00.000.2003, he signed legislation that cut AmeriCorps’s operating budget by 30 %.”

2004: “The President in his FY 2004 budget request proposed $324 million for AmeriCorps, a $40 million decrease from FY 2003.”

2005: Bush’s budget included $442 million for AmeriCorps, which was “level funded from FY 2004.”

2006: Bush’s budget proposed to “reduce funding for Americorps from $287.7 million in FY ‘05 to $275 million in FY ‘06.”

2007: “Beginning next year [2007], the White House would reduce funding for the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps from $27 million to $5 million with the goal of closing it down, according to the president’s budget. About 81 full-time staff members would lose their jobs.”

2008: The Bush administration’s fiscal 2008 budget would allocate about $480 million to AmeriCorps programs — more than $25 million less than what’s called for in the 2007 spending plan that Democratic Congressional leaders have crafted and significantly less than the fiscal 2006 enacted total.
15.Feb.2007 In Heated Exchanges, Reporters Press Snow To Justify Iran Claims - Nico -

At today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Tony Snow faced intense questioning over administration claims that Iranians have smuggled weapons into Iraq with “the approval of senior Iranian officials.” Yesterday, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace seemed to contradict this claim, saying that he has not seen evidence that the Iranian government “clearly knows or is complicit” in the weapons smuggling.

’s Ed Henry pressed Snow: “When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff seems to be saying something different than the White House, does that raise questions about how solid this evidence is?” But Snow insisted that the White House and Pace were “not on separate pages.”

Later, Henry accused Snow of repeatedly “changing what my question is.” Snow said, “No, no, I’m trying to clarify your question,” but Henry interrupted. “I don’t need it clarified. I’m trying to tell you — I know what my question is + basically, [Pace is] saying that he doesn’t see evidence that the Iranian government is clearly behind it. That’s my — I’ve asked that three or four times, you haven’t answered that.”

Watch it: Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
15.Feb.2007 Cheney won’t testify. - Faiz - Reversing course, attorneys for former White House aide Scooter Libby say they no longer plan to call Vice President Dick Cheney to testify in the CIA leak trial. The AP reports, “Defense attorney Theodore Wells said he advised Cheney’s lawyer over lunch that his testimony would not be needed. Wells also said he planned to rest his case without calling Libby.”
15.Feb.2007 Boehner Weeps For ‘Solemn’ Debate — Then Says Iraq Critics Are Taking Al Qaeda’s ‘Bait’ - Faiz -

NBC reported, “House Minority Leader John Boehner got emotional this morning as he spoke about the ’solemn’ debate that the House is set to begin today over the non-binding resolution opposing Bush’s troop increase.” Boehner “began to shed tears.”

Boehner’s fleeting moment of solemnity was quickly replaced with divisive attacks on Iraq war critics. Speaking on the House floor, Boehner began the House debate on the anti-escalation resolution by calling it a criticism of “the latest effort by American forces to win in Iraq.”

Boehner said that escalation opponents are taking the “bait” of “al Qaeda and terrorist sympathizers” by using Iraq to “divide us here at home.” Watch it: Transcript: (more…)
15.Feb.2007 Exxon finally admits global warming is real. - Amanda -

Exxon Mobil Chairman Rex Tillerson told a world energy conference today that “there is no question that the world’s climate is getting warmer,” but “didn’t offer specific actions that nations should adopt to combat climate change.” While Exxon has recently embarked on a campaign to “soften” its public image on global warming.
15.Feb.2007 U.S. Military: Television Series ‘24’ Is Promoting Torture In The Ranks - Faiz -

The U.S. military believes the television show 24 — which has become a foreign policy guide for the right — is sending inappropriate messages to the troops condoning torture:

The United States Military Academy at West Point yesterday confirmed that Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan recently travelled to California to meet producers of the show, broadcast on the Fox channel. He told them that promoting illegal behaviour in the series - apparently hugely popular among the US military - was having a damaging effect on young troops.

The New York Times noted, “Very little public scrutiny - much less protest - of violent interrogation is depicted” on the show. Numerous conservative pundits have cited 24 as a sanction for harsh interrogation practices. For example, radio host Laura Ingraham has said:

The average American out there loves the show 24 . OK? They love Jack Bauer. They love 24 . In my mind that’s close to a national referendum that it’s OK to use tough tactics against high-level Al Qaeda operatives as we’re going to get.

In a recent interview, actor Keifer Sutherland — who plays the lead character Jack Bauer on the show — noted, “You torture someone and they’ll basically tell you exactly what you want to hear, whether it’s true or not, if you put someone in enough pain,” he said. U.S. intelligence officials have said that torture is extremely ineffective. Lt. Gen. John Kimmons, the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence has said, “I am absolutely convinced…no good intelligence is going to come from abusive practices. I think history tells us that. I think the empirical evidence of the last five years, hard years, tell us that.”

David Danzig, the head of Human Rights First — an anti-torture non-profit group — argued, “The image of the U.S. and its military [being involved in torture] is being affirmed” by the torture practices employed in the show. Undoubtedly, the Vice President’s sanction of tactics such as waterboarding also contributes to that image.

Digg It! UPDATE: Tapped has more.
15.Feb.2007 Most smuggled weapons used for civil war. - Nico -

“Kenneth Katzman, a Middle East researcher with Congressional Research Service, the research arm of Congress, said that…most of the weapons Iran had been supplying the Shi’ite militias were believed to be for use against Sunnis. Shi’ite militias may be attacking US forces in retaliation for arrests of militia leaders, he said, but their attacks pale in comparison to the deaths inflicted by Sunni insurgents who are not believed to get assistance from Iran, he said. ‘The Shi’ite militias are not the key threat to US forces in Iraq, so the overall question is why is the US military making a huge issue of this?‘ he said.”
15.Feb.2007 Fired U.S. Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations From Justice Department - Amanda -

Last week, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty claimed that six U.S. attorneys were fired for “performance-related” issues. But according to the former prosecutors and Justice Department officials, five of the six attorneys received positive evaluations from the DOJ shortly before they were told to resign.

John McKay, former U.S. Attorney in Washington:

“McKay said he was called Dec. 7 by Michael A. Battle, head of the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, who only months before had s ent him a congratulatory letter for the laudatory report issued by the Justice Department audit team .”

Daniel G. Bogden, former U.S. Attorney in Nevada:

Bogden “was described in his last job performance evaluation 00.000.2003 as being a ‘capable’ leader who was highly regarded by the federal judiciary and investigators. ‘He didn’t get any dings,’ said a Justice Department official with knowledge of the review. ‘ The overall evaluation was very positive .’”

Carol Lam, former U.S. attorney in California:

“Lam was described in her 2005 evaluation as ‘well respected’ by law enforcement officials, judges and her staff . Overall the review was positive. ‘We’re not aware of any significant issues,’ said another Justice Department official.”

Paul Charlton, former U.S. attorney in Arizona:

“Officials with the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona said Charlton received his last review in December 2005. He was described as being respected by his staff, federal investigators, judges and Native American leaders for “his integrity, professionalism and competence.’ “

David Iglesias, former U.S. attorney in New Mexico:

Iglesias “ received a positive evaluation last year, according to another Justice Department official.”

Bogden, McKay + Charlton have all confirmed that the Justice Department did not cite any performance-related issues when it told them to resign.

Knight-Ridder notes that “Justice Department officials are now completing the evaluation of Kevin Ryan, who’s being forced to step down as San Francisco U.S. attorney.” McNulty has admitted that a seventh U.S. attorney, Bud Cummins, was pushed out to make way for a “37-year-old protege” of Karl Rove.

TPMmuckraker has more.
15.Feb.2007 Foggo, Wilkes indictments expected today. - Nico -

Federal prosecutors are expected to announce indictments today in the case involving the former No. 3 official at the CIA, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo + defense contractor Brent Wilkes. “Foggo, who served as the CIA’s executive director, was accused last year by fellow CIA employees of steering contracts for the CIA station in Iraq” to Wilkes, whose activities also led to the indictment of former Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-CA).
15.Feb.2007 Rep. Issa Questions Mother Of Murdered U.S. Contractor: ‘Who Wrote Your Statement?’ - Nico -

Last week, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings probing the work of U.S. contracting firms in Iraq. The committee heard testimony from four women whose family members were killed by insurgents in Fallujah 00.000.2004, then burnt, dragged through the streets + hung from a bridge. The women described how the contractor BlackwaterUSA has refused to give them information about the deaths of their loved ones to cover up its own errors.

Almost immediately, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) went on the offense, telling the women, “I don’t think your testimony today is particularly germane to the oversight of this committee.” He added, “One question I have is, the opening statement, who wrote it?”

The women responded to Issa’s attack, explaining that it was a “compilation of all four of us.” But other members came to their defense. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) said, “I think clearly the implication was that somehow these wonderful women couldn’t possibly have written that wonderful, heartfelt testimony and that it took a lawyer in order to put it together + I resent that very much.” Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) added, “I’ve only sat through several hundred, maybe 1,000 hearings + that is the first time as a member of Congress that I have heard any witnesses asked who wrote their opening statements.”

Watch a compilation of key moments from the hearing:
Beck: Obama is ‘colorless…he might as well be white.’ - Amanda -

Yesterday, right-wing radio host Glenn Beck claimed that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) “is colorless,” adding that “as a white guy…[y]ou don’t notice that he is black. So he might as well be white, you know what I mean?”
15.Feb.2007 February 13, 2007 - Think Progress -

Former CIA Director George Tenet is racing to complete his memoir which is due out this spring. “Tenet is not expected to take on [President] Bush, with whom he developed a close bond during early morning intelligence briefings in the Oval Office.” A former colleague said, “In order to sell books he’s going to have to throw somebody out of the lifeboat.”

63 %: Number of Americans who want all U.S. troops home from Iraq by the end of 2008, according to a new USA Today poll. A CBS poll shows that 63 % of the public also disapprove of the President’s plan to send more troops to Iraq.

One year has passed since Sunni insurgents “ripped a hole in the glorious dome” of the Samarra mosque (photo), “one of Iraq’s most sacred Shiite shrines.” The New York Times reports, “ Not a single brick of the mosque has been moved since. There has been no rebuilding and no healing; the million annual pilgrims + the prosperity they spread, are gone.”

The House is set to consider legislation that would “ place strict ethics limits on executive-branch officials .” Among numerous reforms, the bill requires officials “to report all significant contacts they have with any private interest related to an official government action,” a response to the secrecy surrounding Vice President Cheney’s energy task force.

“Iran will be able to develop enough weapons-grade material for a nuclear bomb and there is little that can be done to prevent it, an internal European Union document has concluded.” (more…)
15.Feb.2007 Administration stonewalls on Pace remarks. - Nico -

The Washington Post follows up on Gen. Peter Pace’s claim that he has seen no proof of high-level Iranian involvement in weapons smuggling into Iraq:

Pressed repeatedly, Snow answered, “Look, the Department of Defense is doing this. What I’m telling you is, you guys want to get those questions answered, you need to go to the Pentagon.”

A call to the Defense Intelligence Agency brought a referral to the main Pentagon press office. That office referred a caller to the Washington office of the Multi-National Force-Iraq, which responded with an e-mailed copy of Sunday’s briefing slides — containing no mention of the “highest levels” allegation and a request for questions in writing. Written questions brought no response. An official from the Pentagon Joint Staff said last night that Pace had seen the briefing slides but had “no personal knowledge of any senior involvement by senior Iranian officials.”
Bush wants cuts to veterans’ health care. - Nico -

“The Bush administration plans to cut funding for veterans’ health care two years from now — even as badly wounded troops returning from Iraq could overwhelm the system. Bush is using the cuts, critics say, to help fulfill his pledge to balance the budget by 2012. … Even though the cost of providing medical care to veterans has been growing rapidly — by more than 10 % in many years — White House budget documents assume consecutive cutbacks 00.000.2009 and 2010 and a freeze thereafter.”
15.Feb.2007 “It is an uncomfortable inconvenient scientific truth: - Nico -

we cannot pour into the atmosphere all of the fossil fuels that were buried in the ground over millions of years without creating a different planet, without destroying creation, without being miserable failures in our stewardship of the planet we were blessed with.” — NASA Institute for Space Studies chief James Hansen, in his latest “must read.
15.Feb.2007 Gates raps Rumsfeld over ‘old Europe.’ - Nico -

In January 2003, Donald Rumsfeld famously said of European opposition to the Iraq war, “You look at vast numbers of other countries in Europe, they’re not with France and Germany…they’re with the US. You’re thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don’t. I think that’s old Europe.” At a conference in Europe yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates rejected Rumsfeld’s characterization:

Mr. Gates cast himself as a geopolitical realist and drew a knowing laugh when he focused on Mr. Putin’s assertion that the USA and its allies were dividing Europe.

“All of these characterizations belong in the past,” Mr. Gates said. “The free world versus those behind the Iron Curtain. North versus South. East versus West + I am told that some have even spoken in terms of ‘Old Europe’ versus ‘new.’”
Bush impersonates his Iran critics. - Faiz -

During an interview with C-SPAN today, President Bush impersonated the concerns of his Iran critics. “I guess my reaction to all the noise about, you know, ‘He wants to go to war’ is, first of all, I don’t understand the tactics + I guess I would say it’s political,” he said. Watch it:

Bush_Impersonates_His_Iran_Critics_VIDEO">Digg It!
Falwell to host McCain “meet and greet.” - Nico  - “The Rev. Jerry Falwell will co-host a ‘meet and greet’ for Sen. John McCain a week from today at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando. The Arizonan is attending, but not speaking at, the convention, billed as ‘the premiere event in Christian communication.’”
15.Feb.2007 FBI loses 3-4 laptops each month. - Amanda  - New report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General finds, “Between three and four FBI laptop computers are lost or stolen each month on average and the agency is unable to say in many instances whether information on the machines is sensitive or classified.”
15.Feb.2007 Pace: No Evidence Tying Iranian Government To Smuggled Explosives - Amanda  -

At Sunday’s briefing in Baghdad, U.S. officials attempted to tie the Iranian government to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq,

claiming that “Iran’s export of the bombs to Iraqi Shiite militias was a deliberate strategy of the regime.”

But today, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace disavowed this claim. He told reporters he has no evidence of any links between the explosives killing Americans and top Iranian officials:

We know that the explosively formed projectiles are manufactured in Iran. What I would not say is that the Iranian government, per se [specifically], knows about this ,” he said. “It is clear that Iranians are involved + it’s clear that materials from Iran are involved, but I would not say by what I know that the Iranian government clearly knows or is complicit .

Pace isn’t the only one concerned about the intelligence presented at Sunday’s briefing:

Indeed, while the specific intelligence on the explosive formed projectiles is no longer disputed in the intelligence community, the CIA is questioning whether their export from Iran represents a strategy of the regime or the rogue actions of one of its security services, known as the Quds Force. [New York Sun, 2/12/07]

The officials offered no evidence to substantiate allegations that the “highest levels” of the Iranian government had sanctioned support for attacks against U.S. troops. [Washington Post, 2/12/07]

More on Iran in today’s Progress Report. Read it (and sign up) here.
15.Feb.2007 : Bush-Backed Shiite Group Receiving Weapons Shipments From Iran - Think Progress  -

U.S. intelligence and military officials have stated that Iranian weapons shipments “are going to Shiite militias that include rogue elements of Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mehdi army militia.” But U.S. officials have not been as vocal about possible Iranian support for a separate Shiite militia, the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution In Iraq (SCIRI). The Mehdi Army and SCIRI are rivals + both have armed wings.

Yesterday, Kevin Drum speculated that Iran might be providing the SCIRI militia with weaponry. Drum wrote, “In other words, if we had to guess where the bombs were going, we might guess that SCIRI’s militia is getting a share of the action too.” There’s no need to guess any longer. ’s Michael Ware has confirmed that Iranians have been supplying weapons to SCIRI. Watch it:

00.Dec.2006 Bush met with the head of SCIRI — Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim — for the second time a+ applauded his “commitment to a unity government” + his “strong position against the murder of innocent life.”Transcript:(more…)
15.Feb.2007 Caterpillar neues Kursziel Rating-Update: Baltimore ( AG) - Die Analysten von Stifel Nicolaus stufen die Aktie von Caterpillar (ISIN US1491231015/WKN 850598) unverändert mit "buy" ein. Das Kursziel werde von 75 auf 81 USD angehoben. (08.02.2007/ac/a/u)
15.Feb.2007 Kwitny,J. The Crimes of Patriots. 1987

Theodore Shackley, Richard Secord, Thomas Clines + Edwin Wilson played ... 360); CONNOR REGINALD FRANCIS XAVIER (134); CONTROL DATA CORPORATION (99, 101) ...
The National Intelligence Service – Murder and Mayhem: A ... work for the Control Data Corporation with which Consultant’s International ...

09.May 1983Deputy Assistant Attorney General, “Re: Edwin Wilson.
20050221 ... projects.

And through Shackley, Deuss is linked with some of the most controversial names in recent history: Rogue CIA agent Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines, ...
Social and Power Organism Theory Catastrophe Theory: The ...

Edwin Wilson & Company.

The Marcos Dynasty:

The CIA, the

Pentagon, & the

White House by ...

William McGowan (of MCI) + William Norris (of Control Data ).
15.Feb.2007 Giant luminescent squid captured on film for first time  With pic. posted by Prof. Hex
15.Feb.2007 Mark + Cleo were no Dick + Liz, ancient coin shows  So maybe Mark Antony loved Cleopatra for her mind. posted by Prof. Hex
15.Feb.2007 Australia: 'Gutless' Howard gags debate: Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has accused John Howard of lacking courage as the Labor leader called for a debate on Iraq foreign policy.

15.Feb.2007 US gets military base in Western Australia:

AUSTRALIA'S close defence alliance with the USA is to be further entrenched with the building of a new US military communications base at Geraldton in Western Australia.

15.Feb.2007 EU endorses damning report on CIA : The European parliament has approved a damning report on secret CIA flights, condemning member states which colluded in the operations.

15.Feb.2007 US drops Liberia debt : The US secretary of state has said the US will cancel the $391 million in debt owed by Liberia . Its foreign debt is estimated at $3.7bn, half of which is accrued interest.

15.Feb.2007 US, UK 'worst places for children' : Britain and the USA are the worst places in the industrialised world for children to live, according to a report by the United Nations Children's Fund

15.Feb.2007 Chrysler Announces 13,000 Job Cuts In the next three years, 13,000 Chrysler workers will lose their jobs under a wrenching restructuring announced

Wednesday that eventually may lead to a DaimlerChrysler divorce.
About Face: Bush’s North Korea accord is a reversal for the administration —and a sign that the administration’s hardliners are falling from grace.

15.Feb.2007 'Much work to do' to disarm N Korea: In a possible indication of problems to come North Korea’s state media has referred to the “temporary suspension” of its nuclear facilities under the deal.

15.Feb.2007 India, China and Russia hold talks :

00.000.1998 The trilateral relationship between India, China and Russia was first proposed by Yevgeny Primakov, the former Russian prime minister, during a visit to New Delhi.
Ahmadinejad: 'Let Palestinians decide': Ahmadinejad stopped short of addressing whether Iran would recognize Israel, but said any decision the Palestinians make should be respected.

15.Feb.2007 Apartheid Israel: Israeli Arab couple petitions High Court after residency denied : An Israeli Arab couple petitioned the High Court of Justice this week, asking it to issue a temporary injunction that would allow them to live in the predominately Jewish town of Rakefet.

15.Feb.2007 Amira Hass: What a strange 'abroad': Now it is official: The Gaza Strip is "abroad." As of February 1, the few Israelis whose entry into the Strip is approved by the army have had to present a passport at the Erez crossing + they are listed on the Interior Ministry's computer as having crossed the country's borders.?

15.Feb.2007 Jerusalem’s apartheid tramway : The road to hell is paved with good intentions, even in the holy city. This project has raised many urban and, more important, political objections.

15.Feb.2007 American money to the Palestinians? Not so fast : "Early last week, I placed a hold on the $86 million," says New York Democrat Nita Lowey, a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee . - This means, basically, that the money cannot be transferred to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
15.Feb.2007 US says anti occupation cleric Sadr has left Iraq for Iran:

A U.S. military general said on Wednesday that Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has left Iraq and is in Iran, accused by Washington of inflaming sectarian tensions in its neighbour.

15.Feb.2007 Al-Sadr did not leave for Iran, says a movement leader: Former Shiite member of parliament Fattah al-Sheikh said al-Sadr was currently in his office in the Shiite city of Najaf.

15.Feb.2007 Juan Cole: On the Mystery of Muqtada al-Sadr's Disappearance: It is possible but not likely that Muqtada would go to Iran. He and his family have endlessly made fun of the al-Hakim clerical leaders for fleeing to Iran to escape persecution by Saddam Hussein, when the al-Sadrs insisted on staying in Iraq.

15.Feb.2007 House finally faces off over war: A resolution putting the House on record against Bush's expansion of troop strength was expected to be approved by week's end. It was nonbinding, but nevertheless unmistakable in its message. ``No more blank checks for President Bush on Iraq,'' Pelosi declared.

15.Feb.2007 A Trillion Dollar Military Budget?: The president has sent Congress a proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2008 that would spend $967 billion on current military activities and past wars. That figure represents 44% of the federal funds budget and is $100 billion higher than the amount of money allocated for this year.

15.Feb.2007 Al-Zawahri says Bush "Alcoholic Who Gambled on Iraq' : “Bush suffers from an addictive personality + was an alcoholic. I don't know his present condition ... but the one who examines his personality finds that he is addicted to two other faults – lying and gambling,” al-Zawahri said in the audiotape.

15.Feb.2007 From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Bush: Iran supplying weapons in Iraq :

President Bush said Wednesday he's convinced that the Iranian government is supplying deadly weapons to fighters in Iraq, even if he can't prove the orders came from the highest levels in Tehran.

15.Feb.2007 Bush 'to do something' on Iran weapons : U.S. President George Bush said Wednesday he is determined to do something about Iranian arms going to insurgents in Iraq.

15.Feb.2007 U.S. Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line: The unnamed officials who briefed the media Sunday admitted that the claim is merely "an inference" rather than based on a trail of evidence.

15.Feb.2007 General clashes with Bush on Iraq: America’s top general appeared to contradict claims made by the White House and other US military commanders yesterday that Iran was arming Shia militants in Iraq.
15.Feb.2007 War with Iran? Is war with Iran on the way? We hear from four former CIA officials. - By Ken Silverstein. -

Yes, I think Americans should be prepared to wake up one morning and find themselves at war with Iran. Continue

15.Feb.2007 2003 Memo Says Iranian Leaders Backed Talks -By Glenn Kessler
The Swiss ambassador to Iran informed U.S. officials 00.000.2003 that an Iranian proposal for comprehensive talks with the USA had been reviewed and approved by Iran's supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; then-President Mohammad Khatami; and then-Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, according to a copy of the cover letter to the Iranian document.

15.Feb.2007 Russian Bear Growls At U.S. Hypocrisy -K Gajendra Singh
The Arab world has welcomed President Putin's Middle East visit to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan .Arab experts feel that the primary aim is to "send a message" to the US that Moscow has a key role to play in this vital region and that it is high time for Washington to give up its policies of domination and destruction.

15.Feb.2007 Lebanon Slides Towards Civil War as Anniversary of Hariri's Murder Looms-By Robert Fisk
They were commuter buses, 10 minutes apart, carrying the poor from the mountain town of Bikfaya to the coast, targets of opportunity for someone who wanted to enrage the Christian community of Lebanon less than 24 hours before today's mass demonstrations to mark the second anniversary of Rafik Hariri's murder.

15.Feb.2007 Abusing The Profession-By Peter Kinderman - Why hasn't there been more of an outcry from professional psychologists about the practice of torture in the 'war on terror' Continue
15.Feb.2007 Bill Moyers: For America's Sake-5 Minute Video -The conservative movement stands intellectually and morally bankrupt while Democrats talk about a "new direction" without convincing us they know the difference between a weather vane and a compass. The right story will set our course for a generation to come. Continue

15.Feb.2007 Before The Invasion, There Was Feith -By Robert Scheer
The most glaring distortion was Feith's indefensible reliance on a shaky, discredited report from a Czech intelligence agent that said 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta had a meeting with a top Iraqi diplomat in Prague five months before 11.Sep.2001 .

15.Feb.2007 Ex-aide says Rice misled Lied To Congress on Iran -By Carol Giacomo, Diplomatic Correspondent
Controversy over a possible missed U.S. opportunity for rapprochement with Iran grew on Wednesday as former aide accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of misleading lying to Congress on the issue .

15.Feb.2007 Don't Do It, Mr. President - Hon. Ron Paul Of Texas -The moral of the story, Mr. Speaker, is this: if you don’t have a nuke, we’ll threaten to attack you. If you do have a nuke, we’ll leave you alone. In fact, we’ll probably subsidize you. What makes us think Iran does not understand this? Continue

15.Feb.2007 How Corporations Continue to Rape The Worlds Poor -BBC : 15 Minute Video Report By Greg Palast
Vulture funds - as defined by the International Monetary Fund and Gordon Brown amongst others - are companies which buy up the debt of poor nations cheaply when it is about to be written off and then sue for the full value of the debt plus interest - which might be ten times what they paid for it.

15.Feb.2007 Is the Military Our Last Hope?-By Paul Craig Roberts
Perhaps America could regain its reputation if General Pace would send a division of US Marines to arrest Bush, Cheney, the entire civilian contingent in the Pentagon, the neoconservative nazis + the complicit members of Congress and send them off to the Hague to be tried for war crimes.

15.Feb.2007 Iraq's Death Toll is Far Worse Than Our Leaders Admit -By Les Roberts- The US and Britain have triggered an episode more deadly than the Rwandan genocide. Continue

15.Feb.2007 Surge Toward the Truth.-By Dennis Kucinich
"The American people are waiting for us to provide real leadership to show the way out of Iraq. My 12-point plan responds to that demand. This plan, - creates a peace process which will enable our troops to come home + stabilize Iraq.

15.Feb.2007 Beware of the Ides of Iran -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
What the American authorities are reluctant to admit, however, is that there are signs that the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia and their allies - including Jordan - have been equipping and training Sunni extremists in Iraq for some time now.
Defense attorneys misled the court into thinking that former White House aide I. Lewis ``Scooter'' Libby would testify in his CIA leak trial, a federal judge said Wednesday, as he blocked Libby from using some classified evidence in the case.
Ex-aide says Rice misled U.S. Congress on Iran overture to U.S. to open negotiations

15.Feb.2007 Magnets That Speak For You: Campy, Outrageous, Colorful and the Plain Truth
Please sign the following statement to let the NRA know that you support your local police, even if they don't.
Bush at Press Conference Wednesday Contradicts Sunday's "Anonymous" Briefing on Iranian Weapons That His Own Chief of Staff Had Contradicted
GOP Concedes Rebuke of Bush on Escalation, Now is Creating a Strategy to Keep the Dems from Blocking Funding of Endless Wars 2/15

15.Feb.2007 Dave Lindorff: Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up: The President Needs a Straitjacket and a Padded Cell -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Lawmakers seeking method to choke off funds for Guantanamo 2/15

15.Feb.2007 Political Thread [12] - CLOSED Agreement on global warming signed by 157 nations, not U.S. ... as in the truly anti-"war" protestors, but some inconvient change in what's happening. ...
15.Feb.2007 -“The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook” referred to in the story + referenced often in reports of al Qaeda’s interest in germwar weapons, Smith said, ...
Dick Destiny - But readers should know by now that the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook takes its recipes and others from Maxwell Hutchkinson's The Poisoners Handbook ...
Dick Destiny - "Police said among the items on the hard drive found in her possession were the Al Qaeda Manual, The Terrorists Handbook, The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, ... Secrecy News 08/08/05 - In short, the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook that was excerpted on the Washington Post web site indicates something nearly the opposite of what the Post ...
National Security Notes - Another source, which is sometimes conflated with the al Qaeda training manual's recipe for ricin, is " The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook," written by someone ...
Chemist Derides Qaeda Germwar Skills Touted by Manual -

"The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook," which purports to explain how to manufacture "betaluminum poison " and other gruesome biological warfare agents, ...
15.Feb.2007 [ thedisease | Home Sweet Home | Where the lesion hides a lesson ] - Tactical Library: Navigation Hub ]. Combat, Training + Survival. Combat,

This branch contains files and military training manuals related to the arts and ...

Die Bezirksregierung behauptete zudem, die Pädagogin habe in der Schule erklärt, sie wolle mit der Mütze wie schon zuvor mit dem Kopftuch ihre religiösen Gefühle ausdrücken.

"Und das ist laut Schulgesetz bei uns nun mal verboten", sagte der Anwalt des Landes NRW. Der Fall sei "hochproblematisch".

Die Sitzung am Mittwoch endete ergebnislos, das Gericht will am 1. Juni weiter verhandeln. Das Urteil wird auch für andere muslimische Lehrerinnen in Nordrhein-Westfalen interessant sein: Um keinen verfassungsfeindlichen Eindruck zu machen, tragen dort neuerdings mehrere Lehrerinnen Wollmützen statt Kopftücher.

Das Land gibt sich in diesem Fall unerbittlich: Laut "taz" geht es um 26 Fälle von Lehrerinnen in Nordrhein-Westfalen, die seit dem Kopftuchverbot mal Basken-, mal Wollmützen oder den "Grace-Kelly-Look" tragen.

Ähnliche Konflikte gibt es auch in anderen Bundesländern mit Kopftuchverbot. Neue Nahrung erhält der Streit oft dadurch, dass Musliminnen ihr Kopftuch ablegen müssen, während das Nonnen-Habit oft weiter erlaubt ist.

So entschieden Richter in Bayern zuletzt contra, in Baden- Württemberg pro Kopftuch.

Offenbar behielt Echnaton aber trotz seines revolutionären Verhaltens einige religiöse Traditionen bei. Ein Archäologenteam aus den Niederlanden hat in Ägypten jetzt ein Grab aus der Epoche des Pharaos entdeckt.

Darin beerdigt war ein hoher Beamter namens Ptahemwi. In seinem Grab fanden die Forscher mehrere Gemälde, auf denen etwa Affen abgebildet sind, die Früchte essen.

Außerdem erzählen die Bilder von Alltagsszenen aus der damaligen kurzen Religionsrevolte.

Wie der Oberste Rat für die ägyptische Antike mitteilte, liegt die etwa 3300 Jahre alte Grabstätte in der Totenstadt von Sakkara. Die Entdeckung zeige, dass Standespersonen auch während Echnatons Herrschaft in der Grabstadt beerdigt wurden. Damit sei weiterhin den religiösen Traditionen gefolgt worden.
Gefährlicher Alltag: Wie deutsche Frauen in Bagdad leben
15.Feb.2007 Irak: Führung der Mahdi- Miliz soll sich nach Iran abgesetzt haben
Kunstvolle Grabkammer: Gemälde verzieren Wände von antikem Beamtengrab
15.Feb.2007 Stellenabbau bei Chrysler: "Die Deutschen haben alles versaut"
15.Feb.2007 Üppige Mehreinnahmen: Experten prophezeien Steuerwunder
Bizarrer Rechtsstreit: Ist die Baskenmütze auch ein Kopftuch?

15.Feb.2007 Hohe Zahlen: Japans Wirtschaft erstaunt mit Wachstumsspurt
15.Feb.2007 Geschwister- Forschung: Brüder und Schwestern erkennen sich intuitiv
15.Feb.2007 EU- Untersuchung: Studien- Partner streiten über Kriminalatlas
15.Feb.2007 Feuer auf Walfangschiff: Umweltkatastrophen- Alarm in der Antarktis
15.Feb.2007 US- Außenpolitik: Bush richtet Sondertribunale ein
15.Feb.2007 Terrorprozess in Madrid: Der Morgen, an dem die Züge explodierten
14.Feb.2007 Latino News U.S. Base in Ecuador in Danger; Drug Fight could Suffer, Associated Press, Manta, Ecuador -- The U.S. military's lone outpost in South America is a modest ...
14.Feb.2007 GovTrack: Senate Record: OUR WESTERN HEMISPHERE (110-s20070118-10) Ecuador is the home of the U.S. Forward Operating Location at Manta, which plays a key role in the multilateral approach to fighting the war on drugs.
14.Feb.2007 Afghanistan: Britische Expertengruppe kritisiert Militäreinsatz der Nato

15.Feb.2007 Verzweifelte Briefe des Vaters: Freunde in den USA bemühten sich um Visum für Anne Frank
14.Feb.2007 Absage an Ahtissari: Serbisches Parlament lehnt Uno- Plan zu Kosovo- Autonomie ab
14.Feb.2007 Irak: Phantom des Bürgerkriegs
US- Justiz: Porno- Pop- Ups - Lehrerin droht jahrzehntelange Haft

14.Feb.2007 Jugend und Pornos: Sexuell verwahrlost statt aufgeklärt
14.Feb.2007 Washington: Schneesturm legt US- Hauptstadt lahm
14.Feb.2007 Ernüchterndes Konterfei: Antike Silbermünze zeigt hässliche Kleopatra

14.Feb.2007 Iran/Irak: Bush wirft Teheran erneut Waffenlieferungen vor
14.Feb.2007 Americans oppose US troop increase in Iraq - polls: A majority of Americans do not approve of U.S. President George W. Bush's plan to send another 21,500 troops to Iraq, according to new polls released as the U.S. House of Representatives takes up a nonbinding resolution condemning the troop increase.

Americans want complete withdrawal from Iraq within two years: poll : Americans overwhelmingly support congressional action to cap the number of U.S. troops in Iraq and set a timetable to bring them home by the end of next year, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released Tuesday.

Bush budget plan cuts veterans health care: The Bush administration plans to cut funding for veterans’ health care two years from now — even as badly wounded troops returning from Iraq could overwhelm the system.
Italy foils 'arms for Iraq plot' : Italian police say they have broken up a major arms trafficking ring that was planning to supply thousands of weapons to insurgents in Iraq.
14.Feb.2007 Ulster on the Euphrates

14.Feb.2007 The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq -By Chris Floyd
Imagine a city torn by sectarian strife. - Behind the scenes, in a shadow world of double-cross and double-bluff, covert units of the occupying power run agents on both sides of the civil war, countenancing -- and sometimes directing -- assassinations, terrorist strikes, torture sessions + ethnic cleansing.

14.Feb.2007 Stop it Now -By Debi Smith
You know what would be really revolutionary in the world of breaking news + news reporting in general? If, every time a soldier died in this illegal war we're mired in, the media would give them as much attention as they give so-called celebrities. If our media really supports the troops, their actions should show it. And if we really support the troops, we should demand that they do.

14.Feb.2007 Unilateral Force Has Nothing To Do With Global Democracy-By Vladimir Putin -

The US has overstepped its borders in every way. We must build a new world order to ensure security and prosperity for all : Continue
14.Feb.2007 Web of Deceit
Saddam Hussein - The Trial You'll Never See

Made for European television this film was never broadcast in North America.
This is a must watch Video - A Barry Lando and Michel Despratx documentary
The horrifying truth is the extent to which we in the west have been complicit.
Click to view

14.Feb.2007 U.S. General: No Evidence of Iran Giving Arms to Iraqis-By CHRIS BRUMMITT - Associated Press
A top U.S. general said today there was no evidence the Iranian government was supplying Iraqi insurgents with highly lethal roadside bombs,

apparently contradicting claims by other U.S. military + administration officials. Continue
14.Feb.2007 Precise Words Are Vital To Use, Especially When Troops Lives Are at Stake in Iraq; So If It's An 'Escalation' and not a 'Surge,' We Have to Call It An 'Escalation.' Words and Framing Do Count, by George Lakoff for

14.Feb.2007 The Funny Thing Is... (Hardcover, Now Out of Print, By Ellen DeGeneres. Only 21 new copies available from
Congresswoman Maxine Waters Marched With Those Supporting Our GIs by Bringing Them Home and is for Cutting Off Funding to the War to Save Lives. She Merits the Honor of Receiving This Week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice" Award.
The number of waivers granted to Army recruits with criminal backgrounds has grown about 65 % in the last three years, increasing to 8,129 00.000.2006 from 4,918 00.000.2003, Department of Defense records show. 2/14

14.Feb.2007 The Dixie Chicks were the belles of the ball at this year's Grammys, where they took home five awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year + Song of the Year. Buy the Album That Brought Home the Grammies for the "Dixie Chicks" and Support Directly: "The Long Way Home"
Be sure your Valentine's Day flowers are worker friendly 2/15
Bush's War is With Reality

14.Feb.2007 Please sign the following statement to let the NRA know that you support your local police, even if they don't.
Weren't We Supposed to be Going to Iraq to Free the Shiites from the Yoke of Sunni Dominance? Guess That Was a Lie Too. 2/14
Brent Budowsky: Feuding In The Liberal Radio Leper Colony -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

14.Feb.2007 Do you feel certain that prisoners were the only cargo on those CIA flights...? Permalink
14.Feb.2007 What did those CIA flights carry? Note the numbers in the new TPM story on the CIA's travails in Europe... At least 1,245 undeclared flights operated by the CIA flew into European airspace or stopped over at European airfields after Sept. 11, 2001. While it has not been proven detainees were on board, the European Parliament says many of the planes were routinely used for transporting terror suspects from Afghanistan to Guantanamo, or to and from other secret detention centers. In the past, I've asked if detainee transport has not functioned, at least in part, as a sort of cover story. According to Wikipedia, some 558 detainees have been held there. The highest figure I've seen was 759.

Doch die Funde von Evreux sind einige hundert Jahre jünger, betont Christian Goudineau. Die Geschichte lasse ihn "perplex" zurück, räumt er ein.

"Ich glaube nicht, dass nach drei Jahrhunderten Romanisierung noch etwas Gallisches wie ein Epona-Kult überlebt hat", sagt er. Epona war die gallische Göttin der Krieger und der Pferde. So fragt sich Goudineau: "Hätte man in einem großen Loch Sklaven und an einer Krankheit gestorbene Pferde beseitigen können?" Dagegen spreche, dass die Gräber "mit einer gewissen Sorgfalt ausgehoben" worden seien. Für den Archäologen Antoine Cottard zeugt etwa der Totenkopf zwischen den Pferdeschädeln von einer regelrechten "Inszenierung". Eine Erklärung dafür haben die Forscher noch nicht.
14.Feb.2007 It smells of disinfo: CentCom Commander William Fallon, the top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, joins JCS Chairman Peter Pace in refusing to endorse BushCo's theory that the Iranian government is arming the resistance in Iraq. Permalink # posted by Joseph
14.Feb.2007 Briefly... Voting machine testing: We should all congratulate BradBlog's Michael Richardson for a marvelous piece of investigative reporting:

"U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair, Donetta Davidson, Knew About Problems of Voting Machine Test Labs But Kept Quiet."
CIA- Affäre: Schweizer Journalisten des Landesverrats angeklagt
Schweden: Neue Sicherheitsmängel im Kernkraftwerk Forsmark
14.Feb.2007 Vernachlässigte Nachrichten: Das Schweigen der Medien

14.Feb.2007 Erstmals gefilmt: Tiefsee- Tintenfisch blitzt und blinkt verblüffend flink
14.Feb.2007 Rätselhafter Friedhof: Gallier- Reste zwischen Pferdeknochen verblüffen Forscher
14.Feb.2007 US- Iran- Politik: "Wir sollten unsere Rhetorik zügeln"
14.Feb.2007 Fall Kurnaz: EU- Parlament relativiert Kritik an Bundesregierung
14.Feb.2007 Stimmungshoch: Firmen geht es so gut wie seit 1991 nicht mehr
Energiestandort: Investoren planen Steinkohlekraftwerk im Emsland
14.Feb.2007 Ausgabe Materialsammlung

Den Ursprung bildeten die gegen Napoleon in den Befreiungskriegen (1812/13, 1815) kämpfenden Freikorps . Beeinflusst von den Ideen u. a. Fichtes und Arndts ...
Deutsche Adelige aus marxistischem Blickwinkel beleuchtet Dessen eingedenk beachte man bitte die von diesem Lexikon ...

Lützow, Adolf Ludwig Freiherr v., Führer des gleichnamigen Freikorps (1782-1834) ...
20041012 IDGR - Lexikon Rechtsextremismus .. Ustascha + Adolf Dammann + Friedrich Schwend + British ... "Werbebüros für die Freikorps ",. "Studentenarbeitsstellen", ...
Freikorps - Schlauweb Das Lexikon im Internet ... Eine erste Hochphase erlebten die Freikorps jeweilig gegen Ende des Österreichischen Erbfolgekrieges und des ...

14.Feb.2007 rogueclassicism: ClassiCarnival 01/29/06

A news report that is almost a review of Roger Bittlestone, Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer's Ithaca points us to the official website of the book, ...

Oct.2006 Quia - STATE TEST REVIEW: Events, Laws, Organizations, etc. ... not provided answers to any of the most important questions involving Mr. Mehlman ...
Ernie's 3D Pancakes: Academia "And when they do it, your honor, the answer of the students is, we don't believe you," Mr . Rosenkranz said.

"The reason they don't believe you is because ...
Youngfox Canada: War Crime SPIEGEL ONLINE

"While the war rages on, a huge environmental disaster is threatening ... are working hard to integrate us into the “ North American Union ”) ...
14.Feb.2007 neocons &laquo; Tag Feed In contrast, the United States of America has barely 2 % of total oil reserves. ... the USA into the North American Union - A WorldNetDaily Exclusive! ...
14.Feb.2007 Veterans for 9/11 Truth:

00.Dec.2006 North American Union - The NAFTA Super Highway - Amero ... Atomic Mole Vanunu Hopes for an End to Hypocrisy Spiegel Online, Germany - Dec 13, ...
14.Feb.2007 Tapir's Rants King, who sued the company for sex discrimination and won, said in an interview ...

Beyster's close associates within SAIC were a succession of young men. ...

00.Feb.1969 J. Robert Beyster founded SAIC "with a couple of consulting ... odd sex lives + he digs into the story behind the sex discrimination suit filed ...
NUCLEAR MONITOR - View as HTML J. Robert Beyster, former nuclear. scientist at Los Alamos National Lab,. founded Science Applications. International Corporation + by

00.000.2002 SAIC ranked ...
NUCLEAR MONITOR - View as HTML clearances; Beyster himself has one of. the highest top-secret clearances of any U.S. civilian.

SAIC spokesman Keith. Nightingale, former U.S. Army Special ...
SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP Annual Report (10-K ... sex or age discrimination or intentional fraud) and (ii) that results in ...

... of SAIC's executive team, led by Dr. J. R. Beyster, in accomplishing SAIC's ...
CURRENT EVENTS important to ALL Christians! Beyster, J. R. - Founder and CEO of SAIC ... Sliding 'sexual orientation' into education Bill would prohibit discrimination against homosexuals

14.Feb.2007 FORM 10-K Beyster was our only chief executive officer + chairman of the board.

... commission of sexual harassment, (2) race, sex or age discrimination, ...
NucNews - January 6, 2004

00.000.1969 Founded by physicist J. Robert Beyster, formerly a nuclear ... But SAIC's biggest source of income is surveillance especially for the USA ...
An open invitation to election fraud

Chief executive Jim Adler said VoteHere was confident it knew the identity of its hacker and had already turned over "megabytes of evidence" to the FBI + ...
Políbio Braga Acabo de me certificar pela ISDS, a empresa israelense que garantiu toda a segurança para a Olimpíada de 2004.

Estou apto a chefiar a equipe de segurança do ...
Políbio Braga Trata-se de um software israelense, da multinacional Neme Sysco, ... na ISDS, que é uma referência global em formação de recursos humanos paras a área de ...
20041219 General israelense especializado em segurança adverte contra riscos de uma investida ... hoje presidente da International Security & Defense Systems ( ISDS ), ...

20060412 ... Estimate is the collective judgment of the intelligence community .

Apr.2006 Venezuela: Proteste oder Oppositionsstrategie - Anna Krämer ...

Sep.2005 Hurrikan -Krise: Bush verliert an Zustimmung ...

Sep.2001 -der Tragödie vom- + dem Hurrikan "Katrina" gezogen, der vor rund zwei Wochen weite ...

Das erklärt ein weiteres Rätsel für Fledermausforscher: Die gewaltigen Nachtjäger kommen auf der iberischen Halbinsel nur an solchen Orten vor, an denen große Vogelzugrouten entlangführen.

Riesenabendsegler ernähren sich im Frühjahr zum Teil und im Herbst ausschließlich von Singvögeln, wie die Wissenschaftler im Online-Fachmagazin "PLoS One" mitteilten.

Also schlossen sich die Spanier und Schweizer zusammen. Denn eine Methode gibt es, um dem Jagdverhalten der Riesenabendsegler ganz genau auf die Spur zu kommen: Anhand bestimmter Kohlen- und Stickstoff-Isotope konnten sie nachweisen, dass die Riesenabendsegler tatsächlich Vögel verspeisen. Sie nahmen den Fledermäusen im Jahreslauf Blut ab und analysierten die Konzentration der Isotope.

Wirklich Schockierendes wird sich auf der Erde übrigens in etwa fünf Milliarden Jahren ereignen - wenn unsere Sonne das gleiche Schicksal ereilt wie den Stern, dessen Leiche heute im Zentrum des Helix-Nebels liegt.

Denn auch die Sonne wird irgendwann zuerst ein machtvoller Roter Riese werden, der alles Leben auf Erden verbrennt.

Dann wird sie explodieren, ihr Planetensystem vernichten und als erkaltender Winzling die staubigen Reste beleuchten.
Unicef- Vergleichsstudie: Kinder in Deutschland leben schlechter als in vielen EU- Staaten
14.Feb.2007 Helix- Nebel: Überlebende der Apokalypse
Konfrontation mit Iran: Bush geht auf Beschwichtigungskurs
Nachtjäger: Spanische Fledermäuse fressen Zugvögel
14.Feb.2007 Zypries' Gesetzesvorhaben: Wer heimlich testet, wird bestraft
14.Feb.2007 Mittlerer Westen: Amerikaner stecken im Schnee fest
14.Feb.2007 Irak: Schiitenführer Sadr soll nach Iran geflüchtet sein
14.Feb.2007 Presseberichte: Daimler prüft Verkauf von Chrysler
14.Feb.2007 Atom- Einigung: US- Konservative kritisieren Einknicken Bushs vor Nordkorea
14.Feb.2007 Terrorangst in Seattle: Delfine sollen U- Boote bewachen
14.Feb.2007 13. FEBRUAR 2007
Israel dementiert: Doch kein Baustopp am Tempelberg

13.Feb.2007 Neuer Wirbelsturm: Rückschlag für New Orleans
13.Feb.2007 Ancient Chimps May Have Used Hammers  Chimpanzees may have been using stone "hammers" as long as 4,300 years ago. See also: Ancient Chimps or Tano Giants? posted by Prof. Hex
13.Feb.2007 Sources: Ex-CIA No. 3 to be indicted in defense corruption inquiry  So says . posted by Prof. Hex at
13.Feb.2007 Fired U.S. Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations From Justice Department  Why does Bush hate America? posted by Prof. Hex
13.Feb.2007 02/12/07 The World Can Halt Bush’s Crimes By Dumping the Dollar-By Paul Craig Roberts
Intelligent people realize that American claims to be a moral and democratic force are mere pretense behind which hides a policy of military aggression.

13.Feb.2007 Top Cheney Aide: U.S. Attack ‘A Real Possibility’: One ambassador in Washington said he was taken aback when John Hannah, Vice President Cheney’s national security adviser, said during a recent meeting that the administration considers 2007 “the year of Iran” and indicated that a U.S. attack was a real possibility.
14.Feb.2007 Sen. Hillary Clinton Refuses to Acknowledge Making Mistake Over Voting for Iraq War : Says No Options Should Be Taken Off The Table on Iran

Spin and Propaganda? U.S. could support Iran nuke power -- if: White House spokesman Tony Snow Monday indicated Washington might support a civilian nuclear program in Iran if Tehran stops trying to destabilize Iraq.
13.Feb.2007 Democrats plan 'troop surge' vote : Democrats in the US House of Representatives have published a resolution that opposes plans by George Bush, the US president, to send more troops to Iraq.
13.Feb.2007 U.S. General: No Evidence of Iran Giving Arms to Iraqis-By CHRIS BRUMMITT- Associated Press
A top U.S. general said today there was no evidence the Iranian government was supplying Iraqi insurgents with highly lethal roadside bombs, apparently contradicting claims by other U.S. military and administration officials.

13.Feb.2007 Blame it on Iran! -5 Minute Video-Keith Obermann speaks with Prof. Juan Cole about U.S. attempts to blame Iran for the disaster in Iraq. Continue

13.Feb.2007 Ulster on the Euphrates

13.Feb.2007 The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq-By Chris Floyd
Imagine a city torn by sectarian strife. - Behind the scenes, in a shadow world of double-cross and double-bluff, covert units of the occupying power run agents on both sides of the civil war, countenancing -- and sometimes directing -- assassinations, terrorist strikes, torture sessions + ethnic cleansing.

13.Feb.2007 Stop it Now -By Debi Smith
You know what would be really revolutionary in the world of breaking news + news reporting in general? If, every time a soldier died in this illegal war we're mired in, the media would give them as much attention as they give so-called celebrities. If our media really supports the troops, their actions should show it. And if we really support the troops, we should demand that they do.

13.Feb.2007 Unilateral Force Has Nothing To Do With Global Democracy-By Vladimir Putin -

The US has overstepped its borders in every way. We must build a new world order to ensure security + prosperity for all : Continue

13.Feb.2007 Does Putin Not Have A Point? -By Patrick J. Buchanan
For one of the historic blunders of this administration has been to antagonize + alienate Russia, the winning of whose friendship was a signal achievement of Ronald Reagan + George H.W. Bush.

And one of the foreign policy imperatives of this nation is for statesmanship to repair the damage. Continue
14.Feb.2007 Israel dementiert: Doch kein Baustopp am Tempelberg
14.Feb.2007 Menschenrechtsverbrechen: Argentinien will Auslieferung von Ex- Präsidentin Perón
14.Feb.2007 Wikipedia Founder Introduces Wiki Magazine Sites - Zonk 90 - KingJawa writes

"Wikipedia blew away Encyclopedia Brittanica, but can the model be used to upset the magazine industry? Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, thinks so.

His company, Wikia, today announced three open-source magazine-style sites where users can write about news, opinion and gossip — one magazine wiki each for politics, entertainment + local interests.

Each open-source magazine hands total editorial control to the readers, allowing them to read, write, edit + dictate the editorial feel for each topic."
Auditors Report FBI Fails in Tracking Lost Laptops - Zonk 68 -An anonymous reader writes

"The Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General is reporting that the FBI has lackluster performance when it comes to tracking data lost on missing laptops.

In a recent 44-month audit (ending in Sept. 2005), the FBI reported 160 lost or stolen machines. Of those, ten were confirmed to have sensitive info.

A startling 51 of these machines had unknown information — in other words the FBI never knew what they lost.

Some of these machines likely contained some of the most sensitive security information the FBI has, as there were several in the bunch that belonged to members of the Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Divisions. But the FBI was never able to properly respond to these losses because someone didn't fill out the right paperwork. The OIG has a copy of the audit (pdf) for public consumption."
Michael Crichton on Why Gene Patents Are Bad - Zonk 301 - BayaWeaver writes

"Michael Crichton, author of The Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park has made a strong case against gene patents in an op-ed for the New York Times. Striking an emotional chord, he begins with 'You, or someone you love, may die because of a gene patent that should never have been granted in the first place. Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it's only too real.' From there, he moves on to use logic, statistics + his way with words to make his point. Arguing against the high costs of gene therapies thanks to related patents, he eventually offers hope that one day legislation will de-incentivize the hoarding of scientific knowledge. As he points out: 'When SARS was spreading across the globe, medical researchers hesitated to study it — because of patent concerns. There is no clearer indication that gene patents block innovation, inhibit research and put us all at risk.'"
Study Finds P2P Has No Effect on Legal Music Sales - Zonk 268 - MBrichacek writes

"The Journal of Political Economy is running the results of a study into P2P file-sharing, reports Ars Technica. The study has found that, contrary to the claims of the recording industry, there is almost no effect on sales from file-sharing. Using data from several months 00.000.2002, the researchers came to the conclusion that P2P 'affected no more than 0.7% of sales in that timeframe.' 803 million CDs were sold 00.000.2002, according to the study, which was a decrease of about 80 million from the previous year. While the RIAA has been blaming that drop (and the drop in subsequent years) on piracy, given the volume of file-sharing that year the impact from file sharing could not have been more than 6 million albums total. Thus, 74 million unsold CDs from that year are 'without an excuse for sitting on shelves.'"
Bird Flu Pandemic Could Choke the Net - kdawson 316+ - PetManimal writes

"If a pandemic were to occur, many companies and organizations would ask their staffs to work from home. The impact of millions of additional people using the Internet from home might require individuals and companies to voluntarily restrain themselves from surfing to high-bandwidth sites, such as YouTube. If people didn't comply, the government might step in and limit Net usage. The scenario is not far-fetched: last year at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, a group of telecom and government officials conducted a pandemic exercise based on a hypothetical breakout of bird flu in central Europe. The results weren't pretty." From the latter article: "'We assumed total absentees of 30% to 60% trying to work from home, which would have overwhelmed the Internet,' said [one] participant. 'We did not assume that the backbone would be gone, but that the edge of the network... would be overwhelmed... The conclusion [of imminent collapse] was not absolute + the situation was not digitally simulated, but the idea of everyone working from home appears untenable,' [he] said."
Building a Silicon Brain - kdawson 208+ - prostoalex tips us to an article in MIT's Technology Review on a Stanford scientist's plan to replicate the processes inside the human brain with silicon.

Quoting: "Kwabena Boahen, a neuroengineer at Stanford University, is planning the most ambitious neuromorphic project to date: creating a silicon model of the cortex. The first-generation design will be composed of a circuit board with 16 chips, each containing a 256-by-256 array of silicon neurons. Groups of neurons can be set to have different electrical properties, mimicking different types of cells in the cortex. Engineers can also program specific connections between the cells to model the architecture in different parts of the cortex."
Interview With Jailed Video Blogger Josh Wolf - doom (posted by kdawson) 396+ - Video blogger and independent journalist Josh Wolf has been in a federal jail for 170 days for refusing to turn over to a federal grand jury a video of a San Francisco demonstration. On Feb. 6 Wolf's length of incarceration set a new record for US journalism. "Democracy Now!" has an interview with Josh Wolf from his jail cell. If federal authorities can jail bloggers with impunity, it does not bode well for the future of citizen journalism.
Biology Goes Open Source - ScuttleMonkey 65+ - cford writes

"According to Forbes some of the drug company giants are finally realizing that their genetic research is worth more if they give it away. 'Novartis, the Basel, Switzerland, drug giant, has helped uncover which of the 20,000 genes identified by the Human Genome Project are likely to be associated with diabetes. But rather than hoard this information, as drug firms have traditionally done, it is making it available for free on the World Wide Web. "It will take the entire world to interpret these data," says Novartis research head Mark Fishman. "We figure we will benefit more by having a lot of companies look at these data than by holding it secret."'"
China Creates Massive Online ID Database - kdawson 63+ - schwaang writes that

while the US continues to hash out concerns over the Real ID Act, which aims to create a national ID by standardizing state driver's licenses, China has already implemented a massive online ID database, which they say will help prevent fraud. From the Xinhua English-language site: "Anyone can now send a text message or visit the country's population information center's website, to check if the name and the ID number of a person's identity card match. If they do match the ID card-holder's picture also appears, said the Ministry, adding that no other information is available to ensure a citizen's privacy is protected. Completed at the end of 2006, China's population information database, the world's largest, contains personal information on 1.3 billion citizens. Giving public accessing to the database is also designed to correct mistakes if an individual discovers that their name, number and picture don't match."
Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html ... powerful public relations machines ... public relations ...
Operation Clambake present: Alt.Religion.Scientology Week In Review Reuters reported on

26.Mar.2006 that Scientology minister Reed Slatkin has agreed to plead guilty to investment fraud . "EarthLink co-founder Reed Slatkin, ...

The clever part of using coldstores is that it doesn't require much new investment, argues Van der Sluis. "The 'batteries' are already there, at no extra cost."
13.Feb.2007 -Cold start
"Being a refrigeration expert, I realized the possibilities of using refrigerated warehouses as thermal energy storage and therefore as electrical energy storage," says Van der Sluis.

The capacity of Europe's coldstores alone could handle more than twice the projected output of wind power in the European Union 00.000.2010, he calculates.
The idea seems simple. Say you lowered the temperature of all large coldstores in Europe by just 1°C during the night when electricity demand is low, then let it rise 1°C by switching them off during the day when demand is at peak. The net effect would be that the warehouses would act as as batteries — potentially storing 50,000 megawatt-hours of energy — and the food wouldn't melt.
That's the calculation of Sietze van der Sluis, head of refrigeration and heating technology at The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Delft.
Van der Sluis is now leading a research project called 'Night Wind', to try to put the idea into practice. Together with energy research groups and suppliers in Spain, Bulgaria + Denmark, he's looking at coldstores as a potential solution to managing the intermittent and unpredictable flow of renewable energy sources, such as wind power.
The problem with renewable power sources is that you get more electricity on a windy day than on a calm one, or on a sunny day than a cloudy one.

13.Feb.2007 Summary of APOLLO RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL INC - Yahoo! Finance

The Company's need to raise additional equity or debt financing and the ... 49345 Convertible notes (1) 12/31/2007 8.00 % 320943 1297674 Argyll Equities, ...
GRUPO TMM SA (Form: SC 13D/A, Received: 07/20/2006 14:45:43) On

14.Jul.2006 in the County Court of Law in Kendall County, Texas, Argyll Equities, LLC (“ Argyll ”) filed its Original Answer to Servicios’ Counterclaims

International Investment - Products

Argyll Investment Services. Product: Montenegro Investments ... Product: Henderson Horizon Asia-Pacific Properties Equities fund ...

But we have plenty of drug lords of our own. NEXT: Robb Tiller on. LA JOLLA, ARGYLL EQUITIES, RANDY CUNNINGHAM, TITAN ...

Against this background, the UK equity market index returned 8.2% for the. quarter against the Overseas index return of 8.9%.

The Argyll & Clyde ...
printmgr file - View as HTML 99.15 Form of Modification and Warrant Agreement between BlastGard International, Inc. and Argyll Equities, LLC, dated June 22, ...
file://G:\My EDGAR\BlastGard International\3rd QTR QSB\form10qs - View as HTML

Form of Second Modification and Waiver Agreement between BlastGard International, Inc. and Argyll Equities, dated as of

20.Jul.2006 .
From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald: One More Week... argyll equities llc ceo, rumor of bush land deal in paraguay, awol army turn yourself in, 60 arrested temporarily yours boston escorts, fbi atf corruption ...
20060809 Argyll Equities is currently involved in a still-unexplained imbroglio which may shed ... in a “purported stock loan program operated by Argyll Equities, ...
TABLE1 - View as HTML 14, Argyll Equities, LLC, 895722. 15, Delta Traders, 694444. 16, James Wikert, 500000. 17, Europa International, 330000. 18, Joseph Ritchie, 181818 ...

13.Feb.2007 Storing Wind Power In Cold Stores - kdawson 133+ - Roland Piquepaille writes

"According to Nature, a European-funded project has been launched to store electricity created from wind in refrigerated warehouses used to store food. As the production of wind energy is variable every day, it cannot easily be accommodated on the electrical grid. So the 'Night Wind' project wants to store wind energy produced at night in refrigerated warehouses and to release this energy during daytime peak hours. The first tests will be done in the Netherlands this year. And as the cold stores exist already, practically no extra cost should be incurred to store as much as 50,000 megawatt-hours of energy. Here are additional details and a picture illustrating this brilliant idea."
Wikipedia On the Brink? Or Crying Wolf? - CowboyNeal 286+ - netbuzz writes

"Might Wikipedia 'disappear' three or four months from now absent a major infusion of cash donations? The suggestion has been made by Florence Devouard, chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation. And while her spokesperson has since backpedaled off that dire prediction, there can be little doubt that the encyclopedia anyone can edit could use a few more benefactors to go along with all those editors."
MIT Scientists Reach Fiber-Optic Breakthrough - CowboyNeal  27+ - kcurtis writes

"The AP (via has a story about how MIT scientists have detailed a breakthrough in optics that could lead to cheaper, more efficient optical communications. From the story: 'Like polarizing sunglasses that block light waves oriented in different directions, the MIT researchers created a clever device that splits the light beams as they pass through a circuit. The device then rotates one of the polarized beams, before both beams are rejoined on their way out of the circuit, retaining the signals' strength. But it's not just that device that the researchers are touting. They're also trumpeting the innovative method they devised to integrate the optical circuitry with electronic circuitry on the same silicon chip.'"
Written by HyperCog on Friday, 09 February 2007 Now everyone can have their very own micro-UAVs (more likely only the Pentagon will have them). Now they just have to perfect the micro-missiles. 
Until all such powerful, new technologies are directed towards providing for the general welfare of Life, I'll have to assume that they will simply empower the emerging global corporate police state. 
But we are all just SO happy to have the crumbs from the table of those who actually own all the resources of the planet. Just keep us entertained + worried about security + we'll be satisfied just to to keep our jobs.

13.Feb.2007 Princeton ESP Lab to Close - Zonk  256+ - Nico M writes

" The New York Times reports on the imminent closure of one of the most controversial research units at an ivy league School. The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory is due to close, but not because of pressure from the outside. Lab founder Robert G. Jahn has declared, in the article, that they've essentially collected all the data they're going to. The laboratory has conducted studies on extrasensory perception and telekinesis from its cramped quarters in the basement of the university's engineering building since 1979. Its equipment is aging, its finances dwindling. Jahn points the finger at detractors as well: 'If people don't believe us after all the results we've produced, then they never will.'"
Doomsday Seed Vault Design Unveiled - Zonk  267+ - in2mind writes

"The BBC News is reporting on the completion of a design for a 'doomsday' vault ... that will house seeds. All known varieties of food crops will be represented in the structure, which will be constructed by the Norwegian government. The vault aims to safeguard the world's agriculture from future catastrophes by building into the side of a mountain. On a remote island. Near the North pole. The Svalbard International Seed Vault will house the seed samples at a preservative -18C (0F) + could be used by post-apocalyptic people to feed a hungry planet."
New Universes Will be Born from Ours - Zonk 107+ - David Shiga writes

"What gruesome fate awaits our universe? Some physicists have argued that it is doomed to be ripped apart by runaway dark energy, while others think it is bouncing through an endless series of big bangs and big crunches. Now, scientists have combined these two ideas to create another option, in which our universe ultimately shatters into billions of pieces. Each shard would then subsequently growing into a whole new universe. The model could solve the mystery of why our early universe was surprisingly well ordered."
Breakdown Forces New Look At Mars Mission Sexuality - Zonk 337+ - FloatsomNJetsom writes

"Popular Mechanics has up an interesting story, discussing what the long-term implications of the Lisa Nowak incident could mean for Mars Mission crew decisions: With a 30-month roundtrip, that isn't the sort of thing you'd want to happen in space. Scientists have been warning about the problems of sex on long-term spaceflight + experts are divided as to whether you want a crew of older married couples, or asexual unitard-wearing eunuchs. The point the article makes specifically is that NASA's current archetype of highly-driven, task-oriented people might be precisely the wrong type for a Mars expedition. In addition scientists may use genomics or even functional MRI in screening astronauts, in addition to facial-recognition computers to monitor mental health during the mission." Maybe observers could just deploy the brain scanner to keep track of them?
Brain Scanner Can Read People's Intentions - CowboyNeal  272+ - Vainglorious Coward writes

"Reality continues to catch up with Nineteen Eighty-Four with the announcement of the development of a brain scanner that can read a person's intentions. 'It's like shining a torch around, looking for writing on a wall,' said the leader of the project, Professor John-Dylan Haynes . Demonstrating his own mastery of doublethink, Haynes continued 'We see the danger that this might become compulsory one day, but we have to be aware that if we prohibit it, we are also denying people who aren't going to commit any crime the possibility of proving their innocence.'"
MIT's Millimeter Turbine to be Ready This Year - CowboyNeal 177+ - Iddo Genuth writes

"After a decade of work, the first millimeter size turbine engine developed by researchers at MIT should become operational by the end of this summer. The new turbine engine will allow the creation of smaller and more powerful batteries than anything currently in existence. It might also serve as the basis for tiny powerful motors with applications ranging from micro UAVs to children's toys. In the more distant future huge arrays of hydrogen fueled millimeter turbine engines could even be the basis for clean, quiet and cost effective power plants."
Mice Cured of Autism - CowboyNeal 206+ - noahisaac writes

"My brother just sent me an article he posted for the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation about a cure for Rett Syndrome, a form of autism. According to the article, researchers successfully re-introduced a fully functional version of the MECP2 gene into mice that had been born with damaged MECP2 genes. Contrary to their expectations, the mice improved. In the article's words, 'restoration of fully functional MECP2 over a four week period eradicated tremors and normalized breathing, mobility and gait in mice that had previously been fully symptomatic and, in some cases, only days away from death.' The ramifications for people suffering from Rett Syndrome are obvious, but mutations of the MECP2 gene are also believed to be the cause of 'classic' autism + a number of other neurological disorders."
2004062426_Report 26.Jun.2004 Interestingly, reporter Dan Hopsicker says the learjet was owned by multimillionaire businessman. Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, Florida, ...
HuffmanAviation - 9/11Encyclopedia The owner of the flight school in Venice, Wallace J. Hilliard, was in business ... The deal was brokered by a mutual business partner, Wallace Hilliard.
13.Feb.2007 Iran-Iraq War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Abolhassan Banisadr.

Ali Shamkhani. Mostafa ... United Kingdom, France, Spain ( Explosivos Alaveses ), Canada, Italy and the ...
13.Feb.2007 JCS Chairman won't endorse briefing on Iran General Peter Pace won't back up the Baghdad "background briefing" which tried to convince the world that Iran is behind the Iraqi insurgents. General Pace said he was not aware of the Baghdad briefing + that he could not, from his own knowledge, repeat the assertion made there that the elite Quds brigade of Iran's Republican Guard force is providing bomb-making kits to Iraqi Shiite insurgents. Iranian materials may have made their way over the border, says Pace, but he knows of no evidence of complicity by Iran's government.

And how many American news outlets have mentioned all this? So far...none. (Thanks to Covert History.) Permalink # posted by Joseph
13.Feb.2007 Bush Caught on Tape Lying about 2003 SOTU ?16 Words? - Media Yawns. Tenet Had It Removed from SOTU; Cheney's Office Re-Inserted It.
The Dixie Chicks were the belles of the ball at this year's Grammys, where they took home five awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year + Song of the Year. Buy the Album That Brought Home the Grammies for the "Dixie Chicks" and Support Directly: "The Long Way Home"
Lying and Leaking Aside, Scooter's Libby Defense of "Chronic Amnesia" is a Serious Problem for the VP's Chief-of-Staff to Have! -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

13.Feb.2007 After Running an Uncritical "Iraq Redux" Anonymous Allegations Article That the Administration Used to Try and Justify War With Iran, Schizophrenic New York Times Editorial Calls for End of Anonymous Allegations. It's like the New York Times Has Two Different Political Perspectives: Neo-Con Enablers on Its News Page and Occasionally Politically Responsible on Its Editorial Pages. 2/14
A new Gallup Poll released today -- as a landmark debate on the Iraq war begins in the House of Representatives -- finds that most Americans favor congressional action for a cap on + then withdrawal of, troops. They are less excited about the current nonbinding resolution against a "surge." 2/13
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

13.Feb.2007 "In the last few days we've been subject to a p.r. campaign by the administration and their allies in the media focused on supposed Iranian funding of the Shiite faction in the Iraqi civil war. But at the same time, Saudi Arabia is funding the Sunni side. Once again, Saudi Arabia gets a pass." Uh, When Do We Bomb Riyadh, Mr. Bush?
Libby and Cheney Won't Testify in TreasonGate Case. Libby Might Further Commit Perjury -- And Cheney Would be Under Oath and Almost Certainly Commit Perjury. What Cowards. 2/14

13.Feb.2007 NBC?s Mitchell Once Said Everybody Knew Who Plame Was, But Recanted It -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
Please sign the following statement to let the NRA know that you support your local police, even if they don't.

13.Feb.2007 More on the student loan conspiracy Remember when I said that the student loan program had become a racket? It's worse than we thought. Albert Lord, the Chairman of Sallie Mae, dumped a massive amount of stock just before Bush announced a substantial cut in federal subsidies for student loan providers -- a cut which severely affected the value of those stocks, natch. Coinky-dink, ya think? Permalink

Bushs Politik "hat nicht funktioniert, wird nicht funktionieren und muss geändert werden", sagte die Präsidentin des Repräsentantenhauses, Nancy Pelosi, zum Auftakt der Debatte. Die entscheidende Frage müsse sein, wie man die US- Truppen möglichst bald nach Hause bringen könne.

Die Demokraten, die seit der Wahl im November eine Mehrheit in beiden Häusern des Kongresses haben, wollen eine Resolution beschließen, die die Entsendung neuer Truppen kritisiert. Allerdings wäre die Resolution vor allem symbolischer Natur und für das Weiße Haus nicht bindend.

In dem Entwurf heißt es: "Der Kongress missbilligt die Entscheidung von US-Präsident George W. Bush, mehr als 20.000 zusätzliche Soldaten zum Kampfeinsatz in den Irak zu entsenden." Zugleich betont der Text, dass die US-Truppen im Irak mit voller Unterstützung durch den Kongress rechnen können. Die Soldaten führten einen "tapferen und ehrenwerten" Kampf. Die Demokraten hoffen, für ihren Entwurf auch Stimmen von Abgeordneten der Republikanischen Partei Bushs zu bekommen.

In den 1990er Jahren meinten Forscher darin die Nachwehen der Eifel-Vulkane zu erkennen. Doch inzwischen deuten sie die Signale als Zeichen anhaltender Aktivität. Ein weiteres Lebenszeichen der Eifel-Vulkane blubbert im Laacher See: Blasen im Wasser zeugen von Kohlendioxid-Gas, das aus dem Magma stammt. Steigt das Magma auf, setzt es vermutlich mehr CO2 frei.

Ameisen als Frühwarnsystem

Ameisen würden einen bevorstehenden Ausbruch als Erste bemerken, meint Geologe Schreiber. Ähnlich wie ein Kaminfeuer die Störche vom Schornstein vertreibe, verscheuche das Kohlendioxid die Insekten aus ihren Nestern, die sie bevorzugt auf tektonischen Rissen in der Erde anlegten.

Schreibers Theorie sorgte unter Ameisenforschern zunächst für heftigen Protest. Doch nachdem er nun mit Kollegen auf Tagungen Belege präsentiert hat, hat sich der Widerstand gelegt. Schreiber und Kollegen haben ihre Studien inzwischen bei renommierten Fachzeitschriften zur Begutachtung eingereicht.

Verließen die Ameisen in der Eifel zuhauf ihre Nester, sei das ein Alarmsignal, sagt Schreiber. Ansonsten würde es wohl nicht auffallen, wenn sich vermehrt Magma im Untergrund sammeln sollte. Denn in der Eifel stehen kaum Messgeräte. "Eine systematische Überwachung der Vulkane", klagt Schreiber, "ist nicht möglich."

Experten, die die vulkanischen Ablagerungen untersucht haben, verwundert die inzwischen 11.000 Jahre lange Pause. Denn die Eruption des Laacher-See-Vulkans vor 12.900 Jahren war die erste seit gut 100.000 Jahren. Vieles spricht dafür, dass sie der Auftakt für eine lange Eruptionsserie gewesen ist, die bis heute anhält. Denn die drei vorigen Ausbruchsphasen in den letzten 450.000 Jahren dauerten jeweils einige Zehntausend Jahre, wie Forscher um Hans-Ulrich Schmincke herausgefunden haben.

Weltweit folgen Vulkane analogen Zyklen. Verliefe es in der Eifel ähnlich, seien "in der allernächsten geologischen Zukunft" zahlreiche Eruptionen zu erwarten, schrieb der Geologe Gerhard Jentzsch von der Universität Jena bereits vor sechs Jahren in einem Gutachten für die Bundesregierung.

"Die Material-Kultur der Schimpansen reicht bis weit in die Vorgeschichte zurück, die Erkundung ihrer Wurzeln fängt gerade erst an", schreiben die Autoren in "PNAS". Zwar könnte der Zeitraum von gut 4000 Jahren Laien erstaunlich kurz erscheinen, zumal bei Schimpansen in Westafrika heutzutage rund 30 verschiedene Arten des Werkzeugeinsatzes bekannt sind. Um aber wissenschaftlich zu belegen, dass sich solche entscheidenden Kulturfertigkeiten unabhängig von anderen Primaten - wie dem Menschen - entwickelt haben, sind Mosaiksteinchen wie jenes aus Taï nötig.
Wissenschaftler hatten bereits im 19. Jahrhundert erstmals Schimpansen im Taï-Nationalpark beobachtet, die Steine als Nussknacker benutzten - eine primitive Form von Werkzeugeinsatz.

Im Regenwald der Republik Elfenbeinküste grub ein Team um Boesch und den kanadischen Regenwaldarchäologen Julio Mercader 4300 Jahre alte Steinwerkzeuge aus - die ihrer Ansicht nach von Schimpansen benutzt worden sein müssen. Im Lebensraum der Tiere im Dschungel des Taï-Nationalparks müssten die Schimpansen die dafür nötige Kulturtechnik über mehr 200 Generationen weitergegeben haben, schreiben die Forscher in einer Online-Vorabveröffentlichung der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS).

Ohne menschliche Vorbilder Nüsse geknackt
Irak- Debatte im Repräsentantenhaus: US- Demokraten rechnen mit Bush ab
13.Feb.2007 USA gegen Iran: Planspiele für den nächsten Krieg
13.Feb.2007 Nuklearabkommen: "Nordkoreas Atomprogramm bleibt die größte Gefahr"
Gesunde Siesta: Mittagsschlaf verlängert das Leben
13.Feb.2007 Terrorismus: Übertritte zum Islam beunruhigen Polizeigewerkschaft
13.Feb.2007 Irans Irakpolitik: Smoking Gun aus der Alpenrepublik
13.Feb.2007 US- Außenpolitik: Bush bewegt sich - Richtung Abgrund?
13.Feb.2007 CO2- Ranking: Gesundheitsministerin Schmidt fährt den umweltschädlichsten Dienstwagen
13.Feb.2007 Bewegte Erde: Forscher warnen vor Vulkan- Gefahr in der Eifel
13.Feb.2007 Nordkorea- Gespräche: US- Kotau vor Kims Atomkurs
13.Feb.2007 Mediz00.000.2067: Hightech für Reiche, Diabetes für Arme
13.Feb.2007 Atomausstieg: Nordkorea akzeptiert 60- Tage- Frist

13.Feb.2007 Norwegen: Russland wieder als militärische Bedrohung eingestuft
13.Feb.2007 Schrumpf- Objektive: Militär- Technologie für Handy- Cams
13.Feb.2007 Irak: US- Soldaten finden österreichische Waffen
13.Feb.2007 Tier- Werkzeuge: 4300 Jahre alte Schimpansen- Nussknacker gefunden
Einigung in Peking: Nordkorea verspricht schrittweisen Ausstieg aus Atomprogramm
13.Feb.2007 Konjunktur: Wirtschaftswachstum überrascht selbst Optimisten
The Open House Project. - Nico - A new government transparency effort sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation + endorsed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Check out its site HERE + a description from Matt Stoller HERE.
13.Feb.2007 ‘It would be nice to have a secret government.’ - Nico -

The New Yorker profiles “24? creator Joel Surnow, whose show has become a foreign policy guide for the right: “Every American wishes we had someone out there quietly taking care of business,” [Surnow] said. “It’s a deep, dark ugly world out there. Maybe this is what Ollie North was trying to do. It would be nice to have a secret government that can get the answers and take care of business — even kill people.
13.Feb.2007 CIA agent says he was fired over Iraq WMD intel. - Nico - U.S. News: “A federal judge has ruled that a CIA agent identified only as ‘Doe,’ allegedly fired after he gathered prewar intelligence showing that Iraq was not developing weapons of mass destruction, can proceed with his lawsuit against the CIA.”
13.Feb.2007 Top Cheney Aide: 2007 Is ‘The Year Of Iran,’ U.S. Attack ‘A Real Possibility’ - Nico -

As the Bush administration ratchets up pressure on Iran, Vice President Cheney’s top national security aide has been quoted by the Washington Post — in the 10th paragraph on page A18 — that war with Iran is “a real possibility” this year:

Some senior administration officials still relish the notion of a direct confrontation. One ambassador in Washington said he was taken aback when John Hannah, Vice President Cheney’s national security adviser, said during a recent meeting that the administration considers 2007 “the year of Iran” and indicated that a U.S. attack was a real possibility . Hannah declined to be interviewed for this article.

Those with knowledge of the build-up to war in Iraq will recognize John Hannah’s name. In Bush’s second term, he replaced Scooter Libby as the head of Cheney’s national security staff. During Bush’s first term, he personally wrote the first draft of the infamous speech that Secretary of State Colin Powell delivered to the United Nations, according to Powell’s former aide Lawrence Wilkerson.

Moreover, Hannah was a top source for false pre-war intelligence from Iraqi exiles that was “stovepiped” past the intelligence agencies and sent directly to the White House:

For months, Cheney’s office has denied that the veep bypassed U.S. intelligence agencies to get intel reports from [Ahmad Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress]. But a June 2002 memo written by INC lobbyist Entifadh Qunbar to a U.S. Senate committee lists John Hannah, a senior national-security aide on Cheney’s staff, as one of two “U.S. governmental recipients” for reports generated by an intelligence program being run by the INC and which was then being funded by the State Department. Under the program, “defectors, reports and raw intelligence are cultivated and analyzed”; the info was then reported to, among others, “appropriate governmental, non-governmental and international agencies.” The memo not only describes Cheney aide Hannah as a “principal point of contact” for the program, it even provides his direct White House telephone number.

John Hannah’s comments about Iran should be taken seriously. He knows how to mislead a nation into war. Digg It!
13.Feb.2007 30-60. - Nico -

The number of Republican House members who will back the nonbinding resolution opposing escalation in Iraq, according to Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD), “which would be the strongest repudiation of Bush’s Iraq policy from Republicans since the war began nearly four years ago.”

UPDATE: The text of the resolution is now public:

(1) Congress and the American people will continue to support and protect the members of the United States Armed Forces who are serving or who have served bravely and honorably in Iraq, and;
(2) Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W. Bush announced on

19.Jan.2007 to deploy more than 20,000 additional USA combat troops to Iraq.
The Chicks win big. - Nico -

“The Dixie Chicks completed a defiant comeback on Sunday night, winning five Grammy awards after being shunned by the country music establishment over their anti-Bush comments leading up to the Iraq war. The Texas trio won record and song of the year for the no-regrets anthem ‘Not Ready to Make Nice.’” More: “‘That’s interesting,’ Maines said in picking up the band’s Grammy Award for best country album on Sunday. … ‘Well, to quote the great Simpsons: heh-heh,’ she said. Via Atrios:
13.Feb.2007 Deputy President Cheney. - Nico -

The AP on lessons of the Libby trial: “‘What didn’t he touch? It’s almost like there was almost nothing too trivial for the vice president to handle,’ said New York University professor Paul Light, an expert in the bureaucracy of the executive branch. ‘The details suggest Cheney was almost a deputy president with a shadow operation. He had his own source of advice. He had his own source of access. He was making his own decisions,’ Light said.”
13.Feb.2007 Evidence Grows That White House Planned To Release Cooked Intel On Iran - Nico -

The New York Times today published a front-page story by Michael Gordon which recites administration claims about Iran’s involvement in Iraq “without the slightest questioning, investigation, or presentation of ample counter-evidence.” Greg Mitchell notes, via Glenn Greenwald, that it was Gordon “who, on his own, or with Judith Miller, wrote some of the key + badly misleading or downright inaccurate, articles about Iraqi WMDs in the run-up to the 2003 invasion.”

The Times story comes even as evidence grows that the administration planned to release contained cooked intelligence in a “briefing” on Iranian involvement in Iraq .

In little noted comments on Feb. 2, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley acknowledged that the Iran briefing washeld back because it was “overstated” and not “focused on the facts.”

HADLEY: The reason we put the intelligence briefing on hold was really two reasons. One, we thought we’d better get the NIE out so people could see the full context, which you now can. And secondly, quite frankly, we want to make sure that if we put out intelligence, the intelligence community and MNFI can stand behind it, because we are sensitive to try and put out the facts as accurately as we can. …

Q And now [the briefing has] been pushed back. Can we conclude anything from that other than people looked at the intelligence that was set to offered and said, this is not good enough?

MR. HADLEY: No, I wouldn’t –

Q Does that mean there was a willingness to overstate it?

MR. HADLEY: The truth is, quite frankly, we thought the briefing overstated. And we sent it back to get it narrowed and focused on the facts.

But a new report in the National Journal states that it was the intelligence community, not the White House, that demanded the briefing be “scrubbed” of overstated claims:

At least twice in the past month, the White House has delayed a PowerPoint presentation initially prepared by the military to detail evidence of suspected Iranian materiel and financial support for militants in Iraq. The presentation was to have been made at a press conference in Baghdad in the first week of February. Officials have set no new date, but they say it could be any day.

Even as U.S. officials in Baghdad were ready to make the case, administration principals in Washington who were charged with vetting the PowerPoint dossier bowed to pressure from the intelligence community and ordered that it be scrubbed again.

Despite the intelligence community’s intervention, there is still no guarantee that the intel on Iran that is eventually made public will be factual or comprehensive.

As yesterday’s report on Douglas Feith reinforced, senior administration officials are perfectly willing to work around intelligence professionals to obtain the “facts” that justify their ideology. Digg It! UPDATE: U.S. officials leak the intelligence to Joe Lieberman, who says he approves: (more…)
13.Feb.2007 Murtha to probe use of military aircraft. - Nico -

“Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, said on Thursday that he’s planning hearings this spring on executive and congressional travel on military aircraft. Murtha said he’s requested from the Defense Department records on travel and logistics from the past two years. He asked the Defense Department to hand those over within a month.” (Via Atrios)
13.Feb.2007 America, this is your health care system: - Nico -

“A paraplegic man wearing a soiled hospital gown and a broken colostomy bag was found crawling in a gutter in skid row in Los Angeles on Thursday after allegedly being dumped in the street by a Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center van, police said. The incident, witnessed by more than two dozen people, was described by police as a particularly outrageous case of ‘homeless dumping’ that has plagued the downtown area.”
13.Feb.2007 Does Cheney know bombing Iran will backfire? - Nico - Bush doesn’t say:

At a farewell reception at Blair House for the retiring chief of protocol, Don Ensenat, who was President Bush’s Yale roommate, the president shook hands with Washington Life Magazine’s Soroush Shehabi. A grandson of one of the late Shah’s ministers, Soroush said, “Mr. President, I simply want to say one U.S. bomb on Iran and the regime will remain in power for another 20 or 30 years and 70 million Iranians will become radicalized.”

“I know,” President Bush answered.

“But does Vice President Cheney know?” asked Soroush.The president chuckled and walked away.
13.Feb.2007 Pentagon IG: White House Refused To Cooperate With Investigation Into Manipulated Iraq Intel - Faiz -

This morning, the Pentagon Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble found that former Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith developed, produced + disseminated “alternative intelligence assessments” to falsely claim that a relationship existed between Iraq and al Qaeda.

Testifying about the report before the Senate Armed Services Committee today, Gimble said Feith’s office “did not provide the most accurate analysis of intelligence to senior decision makers” at a time when the White House was making the public case for war at home.

While Feith’s “intelligence” analysis was presented to the White House, Gimble explained that he was unable to determine to what extent the White House used Feith’s false reports. Under questioning from Sen. John Warner (R-VA), Gimble revealed that White House attorneys refused to allow National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley to be interviewed:

GIMBLE: Senator, we requested an interview with Mr. Hadley. The lawyers at the National Security Council did not let us interview him. So we requested and were unable to. Frankly, he is not a member of our department, so we don’t have any authority to interview…

WARNER: I understand that. But the simple fact is you made a request, for whatever reason. On counsel’s advice, he declined.

GIMBLE: Right.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) pledged that his committee would pursue both Hadley and Scooter Libby. “We will be talking to witnesses who presented [the Feith analysis] to the Vice President’s Office and to the National Security Council.” Addressing Gimble, Levin said, “So if you would supply us with the names of the people from the Feith office that did make this presentation, we will be interviewing those folks.” Stay tuned. Digg It!
13.Feb.2007 Graham: Pace and Gates Showed ‘Lack of Sophistication’ On Escalation Debate - Payson -

Earlier this week, both Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace and Defense Secretary Robert Gates disputed the argument that a resolution opposing Bush’s escalation strategy would harm the troops and “embolden” our enemies:

PACE: “There’s no doubt in my mind that the dialogue here in Washington strengthens our democracy. Period”

GATES: “Gates said troops understand members of Congress want to find the best way to win the war. ‘I think they’re sophisticated enough to understand that that’s what the debate’s really about,’ he said.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of the Senate’s most ardent escalation supporters, slammed Pace and Gates this morning in the conservative Washington Times:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he was outraged that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates would say U.S. combat forces “understand” politics back home and won’t be disheartened by a symbolic no-confidence vote against the commander in chief.

“ It shows a lack of sophistication about how this would play in newspaper headlines throughout the world,” said Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican.

Instead of concerning himself with newspaper headlines, Sen. Graham should focus on getting the policy in Iraq right.
An Iraq interrogator’s nightmare. - Nico -

“The lead interrogator at the DIF had given me specific instructions: I was to deprive the detainee of sleep during my 12-hour shift by opening his cell every hour, forcing him to stand in a corner and stripping him of his clothes. Three years later the tables have turned. It is rare that I sleep through the night without a visit from this man. His memory harasses me as I once harassed him.” Read the full op-ed.
12.Feb.2007 Fired U.S. Attorneys Rebut Administration Claims They Were Pushed Out For Poor Performance - Amanda -

The administration has recently forced at least seven U.S. attorneys to resign. Several of these prosecutors were working on high-profile corruption cases, such as Carol Lam, who successfully investigated the corruption of former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham. In their places, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has appointed partisan administration allies.

Earlier this week, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty admitted that the U.S. attorney in Arkansas, Bud Cummins, was pushed out to make way for a “37-year-old protege” of Karl Rove. Initially, the Justice Department tried to claim that Cummins left on his own. Cummins said the matter was “handled poorly” and he was given no explanation for his forced resignation.

According to McNulty’s Senate testimony, the other six were fired for “performance-related” issues. But of those six, two have now spoken out, rebutting McNulty’s empty excuses. They state that the Justice Department never cited poor performance — or gave any explanation at all — as a reason for being pushed out:

Daniel G. Bogden, former U.S. Attorney in Nevada:

“I was told I serve as a presidential appointee. Any further explanation than that, no, I was not giv[en] any explanation or reason for the request to step down . … We’ve done more gun cases, drug cases, gang cases, child exploitation cases, identity theft cases than any office has done in any five year period of time.”

John McKay, former U.S. Attorney in Washington:

McKay said he was called Dec. 7 by Michael A. Battle, head of the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, who only months before had sent him a congratulatory letter for the laudatory report issued by the Justice Department audit team. He said Battle told him to resign by the end of January. “When I was composed enough to ask him why, he told me he couldn’t answer any of my questions. … He said nothing about performance issues or management or anything else .”

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee pushed back on the Bush administration’s attempts to install unqualified administration allies as U.S. attorneys. It passed legislation repealing a little-noticed provision in the Patriot Act that allows the attorney general to appoint U.S. attorneys for indefinite periods of time.
.Feb.2007 February 9, 2007 - Think Progress -

The Pentagon’s Inspector General has found that Rumsfeld aide Douglas Feith’s rogue pre-war intel group was an “inappropriate” use of intelligence by Pentagon civilians + was “predisposed to finding a significant relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda.” Senate intel chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) says he will probe whether the Pentagon broke the law by “failing to notify Congress about the group’s work.”

All 435 House members will be allowed to view the classified version of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, providing “fuel for a House debate” next week in which all members “will be given five minutes to speak” on Bush’s escalation plan.

For the first time in history, “ more of America’s poor are living in the suburbs than the cities — 1.2 million more, according to a 2005 survey. ‘The suburbs have reached a tipping point,’ says Brookings Institution analyst Alan Berube.”

Sir Richard Branson and Al Gore announced $25 million will go to the winner of the Earth Challenge Prize, a competition announced to see “who comes up with the best way of removing significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

The White House released a “fact sheet” yesterday saying Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace didn’t mean it when they said voting on an anti-escalation resolution will not hurt the morale of U.S. troops .

The White House insists both believe in “the importance of Congressional support for our mission in Iraq.” (more…)
12.Feb.2007 52: - Nico  - The number of oversight hearings on Iraq the 110th Congress has held in its first month.
12.Feb.2007 Escalation update. - Faiz  -

A senior military official commenting on the recent spate of helicopter downings in Iraq: “There is certainly the expectation here that insurgents are trying to inflict some losses as we’re building up forces as a means to try to discourage the Iraqis and us that this is a futile plan.”

UPDATE: NYT reporter Damien Cave says military officials are mum on helicopter attacks. “It’s not clear if it’s a change in tactics or if it’s simply a reinvigorated effort to fire at helicopters. It’s possibly the latter, as opposed to the former, but American investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly is going on and, frankly, they’re keeping this stuff very close to the vest and not really telling us too much about what they think is going on or whether or not they know exactly what might be going on.”

UPDATE II: Tapped has a round-up of coverage.
12.Feb.2007 Gore to launch global warming concert series. - Nico  -

Al Gore is set to launch a series of concerts “bigger than Live Aid” planned for July “in a bid to put the subject of climate change before an audience of a global audience of 2bn. The event, scheduled for July 7, will feature co-ordinated film, music and television events in seven cities including London, Washington DC, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Kyoto, with major broadcasters and media owners aiming to extend the reach of public awareness of global warming.”
12.Feb.2007 Right Wing Spreads Misinformation About Oregon’s Global Warming Denier - Faiz  -

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) is considering replacing the “state’s climatologist,” George Taylor, who has suggested that “natural variations” — not human-induced greenhouse gases — are to blame for the Earth’s recent warming. Taylor’s view is not in line with the state policy of Oregon to reduce greenhouse gases, nor is it in line with the consensus of the scientific community.

Conservatives have been up in the arms over the Taylor replacement. Yesterday, Drudge breathlessly reported “Governor plans to fire Oregon climatologist for skeptical view of warming…”

And last night, Tucker Carlson blasted Oregon’s Governor for considering replacing Taylor. Watch it:

The right wing has resorted to distorting the facts and spreading misinformation in order to attract attention to the issue. Here are the facts:

1) Taylor is not the “state climatologist.”

00.000.1989 Oregon abolished the position.

He was bestowed the title by Oregon State University, not by Gov. Kulongoski or the state of Oregon.

2) Taylor is not a “climatologist.” Taylor is a meteorologist. He does not possess a PhD or have a background in climatology.

3) He will not be fired. Taylor will not lose his job or income, which comes from Oregon State University. He will merely be stripped of his title, which he never earned but claims to retain. Gov. Kulongoski has the right to appoint a climatologist who is an expert in the field and adheres to the state’s climate policies.

UPDATE: News Hounds has more.

UPDATE II: Blue Oregon has more on Tucker’s “hot air.”

UPDATE III: Brian Hines confirms with Oregon State University that Taylor is not the “state climatologist.” Transcript: (more…)
12.Feb.2007 Pentagon planning for failure of escalation plan. - Amanda  -

Pentagon “policy planners are conducting secret meetings to discuss what to do in the worst-case scenario in Iraq about a year from today if and when President Bush’s escalation of more than 20,000 troops fails,” according to a participant in the discussions. “None of those who are taking part in these exercises, shielded from the public view and the immediate scrutiny of the White House, believes that the so-called surge will succeed.”
12.Feb.2007 For the Cheneys, Going to War with Iran is a Family Affair -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
We Have a Failed, Sham, Lying Government that Avoids Accountability by Using the Media to Divert Attention and Start New Wars. Here's the Truth: "Intelligence on Bin Laden whereabouts has gone 'cold': US general." Anyone Who Supports This Incompetent, Sociopathological Administration Puts America's National Security at Grave Risk.
Why is the Corporate Media Once Again Shamelessly Swallowing the Bush/Cheney "Framing" Propaganda to Lead Us Into Yet Another War? Our BuzzFlash Interview with "Old School" Investigative Journalist Robert Parry -- and the case of Gary Webb -- Offers Some Insight as to How We Arrived at the Press Becoming Uncritical Cheerleaders for WW III.

12.Feb.2007 Robert Novak takes the stand in Libby trial; fingers Karl Rove and Richard Armitage as the sources for his famous 'outing' column 2/13
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

12.Feb.2007 "The allegations against Iran are similar in tone and credibility to those made four years ago by the US government about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the invasion of 2003.

The evidence against Iran is even more insubstantial than the faked or mistaken evidence for Iraqi WMDs disseminated by the US and Britain 00.000.2002 and 2003. The allegations appear to be full of exaggerations." 2/12

12.Feb.2007 George W. Bush is the "Unfit Commander." Seminal book at more than 50% off, due to a special BuzzFlash purchase. (Display this book cover prominently!)
Bombs kill at least 68 people in Iraq. Meanwhile the American Mainstream media, once again, shamefully serves as stenographers for a Bush diversionary tactic, using anonymous sources yet again, to blame everything on Iran. Uh, Iran and Iraq were natural enemies until Bush started the war. And, no one would be killing our GIs if Bush didn't keep using them as bait. The corporate media should go the way of the old Pravda.

12.Feb.2007 Latest from the Libby Trial on Feb. 12
The Sweet Revenge of Talent and Speaking Truth to Power: Dixie Chicks win 5 Grammies. Get the DVD About How the Busheviks Tried to Censor and Shun Them from

12.Feb.2007 the closer Fitzpatrick gets to indicting Cheney and company, the sooner we will be at war with Iran.

The war with Iran will give them the power to nullify pending lawsuits, throw out election fraud lawsuits and run this country as a bunch of power hungry, greedy, arrogant Texas/East coast brethen have wanted to run this country decades ago: like a hybrid version of Singapore where freedom of speech is illegal and military police are used to spy upon and keep the civilians in check and enforce that the rank and file live a sort of Mexican squalor life existence: paycheck to paycheck, no affordable health insurance, no social security, working until one drops, decreasing living standards and rising inflation except for the very wealthy who control and are protected from any hardships. # posted by Anonymous :
12.Feb.2007 Any answer to who really wants war with Iran might start with the membership of the Iran Policy Committee -

- perhaps the most hard-line pro-war, pro-MEK group around -- which consists of
Raymond Tanter -- a former National Security Council staffer with apparent links to AIPAC, WINEP + MEMRI
Neil Livingstone -- a batshit crazy "counter-terrorism" expert who frequently appears as a commentator on tv -- has a dubious history going back to Iran-Contra, where he had connections with Oliver North -- also has links to the American Security Council
Paul Leventhal -- president of the "Nuclear Control Institute," an anti-Iran/Libya/North Korea group which was active immediately after 9/11 in trying to rouse fears of terrorist attacks on nuclear plants
Bruce McColm - former president of the International Republican Institute -- back

00.000.2000, was working for the government of Equatorial Guinea to whitewash its image
Clare M. Lopez -- former CIA officer
James Akins -- was Nixon's ambassador to Saudi Arabia and worrying about the oil running out even then -- allegedly fired for opposing Kissinger's plan to seize the Middle Eastern oil fields -- has close ties to Middle Eastern leaders
Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, USMC (Ret.) -- Fox News analyst and head of wvc3 Group, a consulting firm that helps arms firms obtain government contracts (Carlton Sherwood of "Stolen Honor" is or was a wvc3 vice president)
Major General Paul E. Vallely, USA (Ret.) and Lt. General Thomas McInerney USAF, (Ret.)-- Vallely is one of the originators of the concept of "Mindwar" -- and both of them have enjoyed a cushy counter-terrorism gig as Fox News commentators (curiously enough, their book Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, had an introduction by Ollie North) -- they were also the source

in November 2005 of the (thoroughly debunked) claim that they'd heard Joe Wilson out his own wife in the Fox News green room 00.000.2002
Captain Charles T. "Chuck" Nash, USN (ret.)
Lt. General Edward Rowny, USA (ret.)
I have pushed these names round and round, trying to come up with a common factor. Tanter is the only one with Neocon connections, so that's not a strong element.

They don't have oil industry ties either.

What most of them *do* have is connections with psyops and propaganda.
These are people who are pushing a certain narrative ("the terrorists are out to get you"), who regularly appear as experts or consultants or tv commentators + who have connections to various sorts of dirty tricks and disinfo campaigns. And they are using every trick they know to get the rest of us steered in the direction of war with Iran.
That said, though, it still doesn't answer the question of what their ultimate agenda is, or who they're really working for.

My best guess is that they've got a secret vision of the 21st century as an era of intensifying conflict over diminishing resources, combined with a Darwinian imperative for the survival of the fittest + are doing their best to make the US top dog before the rest of the world is even aware of the terms of the battle. But that's just a guess. # posted by starroute
12.Feb.2007 Permalink
12.Feb.2007 Also see here. I agree that we are seeing provocation on many fronts.

I disagree that the motive is democratization or religious freedom -- otherwise, we would be at war with Saudi Arabia.
So why this march toward madness?
Larisa puts the tale into perspective. I hope she will forgive such lengthy quotes:

The motivations for an Iran strike were laid out as far back as 1992.

In classified defense planning guidance - written for then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney by

then-Pentagon staffers I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, World Bank Chief Paul Wolfowitz + ambassador-nominee to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad -

- Cheney's aides called for the USA to assume the position of lone superpower and act preemptively to prevent the emergence of even regional competitors. And:

According to an article in The Forward in

00.May 2003 "A budding coalition of conservative hawks, Jewish organizations and Iranian monarchists is pressing the White House to step up American efforts to bring about regime change in Iran. ...

Two sources [say] Iran expert Michael Rubin is now working for the Pentagon's 'special plans' office, a small unit set up to gather intelligence on Iraq, but apparently also working on Iran.

Previously a researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East policy, Rubin has vocally advocated regime change in Tehran." And: In early

00.000.2002 Ledeen formed the Coalition for Democracy in Iran, along with Morris Amitay, the former executive director of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
00.Aug.2002 Larry Franklin began passing classified information involving USA policy towards Iran to two AIPAC employees and an Israeli diplomat.

Franklin pleaded guilty to the charges in

00.Oct.2005 explaining that he had been hoping to force the US to take a harder line with Iran, but AIPAC + Israel have continued to deny them.

Inconveniently enough for the Blame-Israel-for-everything crowd, Israel seems wary of this new war.

"The response of Iran would be first against Israel, even if Israel is not involved in this activity.

This is the first thing you have to understand," said Col. Schlomo Mofaz of Israel's Institute of Counterterrorism.

"Second point, I think Israel should not be in the front of a coalition or any kind of activity" against Iran. So what is happening?
Notice how Cheney keeps emerging as the key player here.


Damit entwickelt sich die Meinung der Republikaner nahezu diametral entgegengesetzt zur wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnislage:

00.Apr.2006 gaben bei der gleichen Frage immerhin 23 % der Republikaner zu Protokoll, dass der Mensch für den Klimawandel verantwortlich ist.

Der schwache Trost: Möglicherweise erringen die Demokraten bei den nächsten Präsidentschaftswahlen die Macht.

Unter ihnen waren es immerhin 95 %, die bei der Umfrage die Verantwortung für die globale Erwärmung beim Menschen sahen - und damit nur drei % weniger als im 00.Apr.2006 .

Mit ihrer Meinung zum Klimawandel befinden sich Sensenbrenner, Rohrabacher und Akin innerhalb ihrer Partei in bester Gesellschaft.

Das "National Magazine" hat kürzlich 113 Abgeordnete des Senats und des Repräsentantenhauses über den Klimawandel befragt. Das Ergebnis: Ganze 13 % der Republikaner glauben, dass der Mensch für den Klimawandel verantwortlich ist. 84 % sehen überhaupt keine Verantwortung beim Menschen, drei % der Parteigänger von US-Präsident George W. Bush immerhin einen Teil.

Als Solomon sagte, dass ein großer Teil des Methans in der Atmosphäre aus der Landwirtschaft - und damit aus dem Verdauungstrakt von Nutztieren - stammt, fragte der Republikaner Jim Sensenbrenner:

"Bedeutet das, dass wir Katalysatoren in die Hinterteile von Kühen stecken sollten?"

13 % der Republikaner sehen Schuld beim Menschen

"Das war eine gut strukturierte und hoch gefährliche
Organisation", erklärte Amato. Aber die Polizei habe eingreifen
können, ehe die Verdächtigen ernsten Schaden anrichten konnten. Allerdings hätten Ermittlungen ergeben, dass es noch weitere Zentren der Roten Brigaden gebe, warnte der Minister.

Diese müssten noch zerschlagen werden.

Die Polizei teilte mit, die Extremisten seien in den norditalienischen Städten Mailand, Turin, Padua und Triest festgenommen worden.

In Justizkreisen hieß es, unter den Festgenommenen seien auch einige Gewerkschaftsmitglieder.

Die Roten Brigaden hatten zum Höhepunkt ihrer Aktivität im Jahr

00.000.1978 den ehemaligen Ministerpräsidenten Aldo Moro entführt und ermordet.

Die Führung der nächsten Generation der Roten Brigaden war

2003 verhaftet worden, worauf man in Italien davon ausging, dass die Organisation bereits zerschlagen sei.
Italien: Polizei verhindert Comeback der Roten Brigaden
12.Feb.2007 Momentan ist der Ehrliche der Dumme
12.Feb.2007 Druck aus den USA: DaimlerChrysler zieht sich aus Iran zurück
12.Feb.2007 Vermögens- Ranking: Reichster Russe ist 16,4 Milliarden Euro schwer
12.Feb.2007 Österreich: Mutter hielt eigene Kinder wie Gefangene

12.Feb.2007 Klimadebatte: CDU will grüner werden
12.Feb.2007 Klima- Streit: Dino- Blähungen im US- Kongress
12.Feb.2007 Ausrüstungsdefizit: US- Soldaten warten auf lebensrettenden Humvee- Schutz

12.Feb.2007 RAF: Was aus Top- Terroristen wurde
12.Feb.2007 Mars- Sonde: US- Späher verliert sein Augenlicht
US- Vorwürfe gegen Iran: Ein gewisser Mangel an Beweisen
CIA-Agenten hatten den unter Terrorverdacht stehenden ehemaligen Imam im

00.Feb.2003 in Italien entführt.

Vom US-Luftwaffenstützpunkt Aviano in Norditalien wurde der frühere Imam einer Mailänder Moschee - über den US-Stützpunkt in Ramstein in Rheinland-Pfalz - unter strenger Geheimhaltung nach Ägypten gebracht + eingesperrt.

Nach Angaben seines Anwalts wurde Hassan in der Haft misshandelt und versuchte, sich das Leben zu nehmen.

Sein Mandant werde Italiens Ex-Regierungschef Silvio Berlusconi anzeigen und Schadenersatz in Millonenhöhe fordern, kündigte der Anwalt an.

Berlusconi solle angezeigt werden wegen der "Beteiligung, die er als Ministerpräsident an der Entführung hatte und dafür, dass er der CIA erlaubt hat, ihn zu fassen", sagte Sajat.

Hassan wolle zehn Millionen Euro Schadenersatz.

Außerdem werde geprüft, ob US-Regierungsvertreter und die CIA belangt werden könnten. Er stehe bereits in Kontakt mit einem italienischen Kollegen, sagte Hassans Anwalt weiter.

Die Affäre belastet noch die Beziehungen zwischen den USA und Italien, weil Rom eine Auslieferung der CIA-Agenten verlangt.

00.Nov.2006 wechselte die italienische Regierung die Führung von zwei Geheimdiensten aus;

der damalige Chef des Militärgeheimdienstes (Sismi), Nicolo Pollari, soll der CIA bei Hassans Entführung geholfen haben.

Italiens Justiz ermittelt gegen insgesamt 35 mutmaßliche Beteiligte, unter ihnen 26 CIA-Agenten. Voranhörungen am Montag sollten Klarheit über den Fortgang der Verfahren bringen.

Der Vorsitzende der Linkspartei, Lothar Bisky, sprach von einem ganz normalen und richtigen Vorgang. "Die Haltung des Vergebens ist wichtig für einen Rechtsstaat."

Die Innenexpertin der Fraktion, Ulla Jelpke, forderte auch die Freilassung der noch einsitzenden ehemaligen RAF-Mitglieder Christian Klar, Eva-Sybille Haule und Birgit Hogefeld.
Alle gesetzlichen Voraussetzungen seien erfüllt. Der Tag der Entlassung wurde auf den

27.Mär.2003 festgelegt, wenn die gerichtlich festgelegte Mindestverbüßungsdauer von 24 Jahren erreicht ist.

Das Oberlandesgericht hatte heute entschieden, den Rest der lebenslangen Freiheitsstrafe von Brigitte Mohnhaupt zur Bewährung auszusetzen.

Mit dem Beschluss gab das Gericht einem Antrag Mohnhaupts auf Freilassung statt, der auch von der Bundesanwaltschaft befürwortet worden war.

Es gebe "keine Anhaltspunkte", dass sie erneut schwere Straftaten begehe, erklärten die Richter. Sie wiesen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass es sich nicht um eine Gnaden-Entscheidung handle.

"Lernen und Glück sind direkt miteinander verknüpft"

Ganz anders hierzulande: Angstüberwindung sei die Sache der Deutschen nicht, weshalb es noch viele Hausaufgaben zu machen gebe - Selbstverantwortung übernehmen, so dass ein sich ein evolutionärer Glückbegriff durchsetze. "Das wäre dann das Gegenteil vom prekären Glück, wird aber in Deutschland sehr schwer durchzusetzen sei, denn hier ist Individualismus immer sehr nah am Egoismus", sagt Horx.

Und streute gleich noch eine Zahl ein: 80 bis 90 % der Weltbevölkerung glaubten, dass die Zukunft besser wird als die Vergangenheit, in Deutschland seien es gerade einmal zwölf %.
RAF- Terroristen: CSU bedauert Mohnhaupt- Freilassung
12.Feb.2007 CIA- Affäre: Entführter Imam wieder frei
Kaliningrad: Chinesen bauen Autofabrik in Europa

12.Feb.2007 Zuckerkrankheit: Risiko- Gene für Diabetes identifiziert
12.Feb.2007 CO2- Debatte: Luftfahrt- Verbände akzeptieren Emissionshandel
12.Feb.2007 Atomstreit: EU zu Gesprächen mit Iran bereit
12.Feb.2007 Kooperation: Nachrichtenagentur AP setzt auf Blogger
12.Feb.2007 Niedersachsen: Gemeinde schafft sämtliche Verkehrsschilder ab
Irak: Ex- Vizepräsident Ramadan zum Tode verurteilt

12.Feb.2007 Teraflop- CPU: Erster 80- Kern- Prozessor vorgestellt
12.Feb.2007 Preisvergleich: Strom und Gas sind in Deutschland besonders teuer
Waffenlieferungen an den Irak: Iran wirft USA Beweisfälschung vor

12.Feb.2007 Antarktis: Walfänger kollidiert mit Tierschützer- Schiff
12.Feb.2007 Ärzte Zeitung Online - Suche ... für das Verbot von Landminen ( ICBL ) hervor, die in Berlin vorgestellt wurde. weiter. Internistenverband unterstützt Aufrufe zum vierten Protesttag ...
00.Sep.2006 Fenster ins Netz -Weltweiter Protesttag gegen das weltgrösste Delfinmassaker in Japan! ... Die Internationale Kampagne für das Verbot von Landminen ( ICBL ) teilt mit, ...
-Suchergebnisse@dataspace Von der Landminen - zur Kleinwaffenkampagne (IANSA - International Action Network on Small Arms) illoyal: 11/2000 (Zeitschrift, Seiten: 29-31) ||| <more> ...

Apr.2006 Nationaler Protesttag : Zwei Millionen Reformgegner wollen ... which, in turn, is controlled by the INI ...
12.Feb.2007 Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität, Nachrichten-Archiv Michael Ledeen war formell als Berater des SISMI tätig, ...

La Repubblica dazu eine ganze Artikelserie der Journalisten Carlo Bonini und Giuseppe D'Avanzo,
20051026 Eine Anklage Roves in der Affäre gilt als nicht ausgeschlossen.

Oct.2005 Michael Ledeen ’s Fingers in the Niger Yellowcake : Some of us, those who pay ...
» Die dümmsten Sprüche von George W. Bush Archivbeitrag - Die dümmsten Sprüche von George W. Bush.

... and therefore we had huge nuclear arsenals aimed at each other to keep the peace .ümmsten-sprüche-von-george-w-bush-F_4747
12.Feb.2007 Mohamed Khashoggi Mohamed Khashoggi on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs + more ... contact information . ( ), photo gallery. resume. news articles. message board. official site ...
1 useuse 2006 Press Contact and Information Sheet INTERNATIONAL ... - Press Contact: Jeff Hill, International House of Publicity ...

Steve Forbes, Milton Friedman, Bill Gates Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Paul Orfalea ...
12.Feb.2007 View Quotes -

00.000.1988 Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama,

,We must conduct research and then accept the results.

If they don't stand up to experimentation, Buddha's own words ...
12.Feb.2007 Materialien zum Neobuddhismus: Buddhismus im Baltikum Dalai - Lama zum Buddhistischen Erzbischof von Litauen, ...

00.000.1923 the 13th Dalai Lama granted Tennisons the title 'Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia, ...
12.Feb.2007 China shuts Tibetan author's blog after Dalai Lama birthday wishes ...

BEIJING -- China has shut down a popular blog by a Tibetan author after she wrote birthday wishes for the Dalai Lama and touched on other sensitive topics, ...

Dalai Lama . "Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier." ...
Averell Hariman - Founding Turd of the BFEE

The CIA brags that its

00.000.1953 operations in Iran led to the pro-Western ... Walker’s operations were always quiet, or mysterious, whether in local or ...
12.Feb.2007 Subject: Kennedy: Nazi, Mafia, CIA Assassins Was the Kennedy ...

Allen Dulles dubbed it Operation Sunrise.

He mounted it from his walk-up ... were hidden out with the 370th Counter Intelligence Corps at Oberammergau .
12.Feb.2007 Gehlen Organization – NAZI-German Intelligence Agencies

00.000.1946 Under Operation Sunrise, some 5000 anti-communist [FASCIST] Eastern European + Russian ... were trained for operational missions at a camp at Oberammergau, ...
FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space ...

00.000.1946 Operation SUNRISE developed into Operation OVERCAST with General Walter Dornberger ... for these missions at a special camp set up at Oberammergau,

OPERATION SUNRISE According to Col. Bo Gritz, former head of U.S. Army Special ... for these missions at a special camp set up at Oberammergau 00.000.1946, ...
Fire From the Sky Page 22

Operation SUNRISE developed into Operation OVERCAST with General Walter ... camp set up at Oberammergau 00.000.1946, under the command of General Sikes + ...
Reinhard Gehlen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A successful mission was " Operation Sunrise " which infiltrated some 5000 ...

These agents were given espionage training at a camp named Oberammergau .
US-Nazi collaboration - 01 -

00.000.1946 Operation Sunrise, Oberammergau command of Gen.Sikes and SS Gen.Burckhardt. in. some 5000 anti-communist Eastern European and Russian personnel ...
Reinhard Gehlen - QuickSeek Encyclopedia

00.Jul.1946 Gehlen was officially released from American captivity and flown ...

A successful mission was " Operation Sunrise " which infiltrated some 5000 ...
Reinhard Gehlen

00.Jul.1946 Gehlen was officially released from American captivity, ...

One successful mission was " Operation Sunrise " which infiltrated some 5000 ... Wikipedia - Reinhard Gehlen

00.Jul.1946 Gehlen was officially released from American captivity + flown ...

A successful mission was " Operation Sunrise "?title=which infiltrated some ...
Reinhard Gehlen [Definition]

Harimann ? also served as US Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 00.000.1946-00.000.1949 .

A successful mission was " Operation Sunrise " which infiltrated some 5000 ...
12.Feb.2007 Caucasian diamond trafficHTML-Version head of a big project under the patronizing of A. Khashoggi, contacts, made by Abu. al-Valid in Angola on the operative level, demanded development in the ...

Contact Adnan Khashoggi Adnan Khashoggi contact informations . Find out the contact address for Adnan Khashoggi and some of the reppresentatives of this celebrity.

Contact Information for Mohamed Khashoggi Mohamed Khashoggi on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs + more...
Adnan Khashoggi Adnan Khashoggi on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs + more ... contact information . photo gallery. resume. news articles. message board. ( ), on tv this week ...

Canada,Adnan Khashoggi,the SEC, GenesisIntermedia and me : IMC ...

Adnan Khashoggi be ? Why can't the SEC contact Adnan Khashoggi or any other person who opens a public company using US + or Nevada incorporation to do so ...

CIA,Khashoggi,Zwebner,Katsav,Hadid,Farkas,Al Ali Al Sabah,Kuwait ... Aviation'flight school',has pointed to possible connections between Khashoggi + Wally Hilliard just ...

portland imc - 2006.10.29 - The 'Genesis' of the Adnan Khashoggi ...Adnan Khashoggi is wanted in Thailand, where he was convicted for fraud in ...

TwinCities IMC: Adnan Khashoggi,GenesisIntermedia,Tim Mahoney ... Adnan Khashoggi aided the illegal arms deals of the Iranians + the Reagan-Bush ...

Sandy Berger, Mossad Team Thailand, Khashoggi, Marc Rich nuke ... information on NATO with the help of Adnan Khashoggi disguising these uranium + nuclear materials ...

The New York Times: Search > Topic: KHASHOGGI, ADNAN

The Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi denied accusations yesterday that he had ... Copyright 2006; The New York Times


17.Apr.2006 11:04 AM ALERT-By bburrell on-: John Deuss Reported to have been Arrested + Extradited to Holland for Trial.

SEC Charges Khashoggi with Fraud . - 626
Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions - Le Cercle

He did this with controversial partners as John Deuss + Ted Shackley, ... affair with the former wife of famous arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi ; MP; ...
PEHI - Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions - Le Cercle ... Shackley was hired by oil baron John Deuss to organise shipments of oil to ... Khashoggi, an international arms dealer and associate of the British crown, ...

12.Feb.2007 - Actueel nieuws De volgende stap was duidelijk: een e-mail naar Jan des Bouvrie. Deuss zette zijn carrière voort vanaf de Bahama's en roerde zich in Oman en Kazakstan.

17.Apr.2006 11:04 AM ALERT-By bburrell on-: John Deuss Reported to have been Arrested + Extradited to Holland for Trial.

SEC Charges Khashoggi with Fraud .
Ron S. Harel Executive vice president of GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ... Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military Industries, ...
The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists ... Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military Industries, Joel Arnon, Bruce E. Herbert, Barbara F. Studley, Ron S. Harel ...
Bruce E. Herbert Herbert has held:. Vice president of GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ... Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military Industries, ... - Diskussion : Der psychisch kranke Amerikaner - Fortsetzung Diskussionsforum auf Ask1 .org mit sehr vielen Teilnehmern.

Bitte jetzt kein Streitgespräch über AJ oder Infowars ! ... - Diskussion : Bohemian Grove Diskussionsforum auf Ask1 .org mit sehr vielen Teilnehmern. -shop/videos.html Und hier gibts ein 9-minütiges Video zum ... www.ask1org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=14092.html

12.Feb.2007 INFOKRIEG.TV - Forum [Powered by Invision Power Board]

Sowas haben sich noch nichtmal die Treppenbrüder auf Ask1 rausgenommen.

Okkulte NWO-Symbolik, Namen wie ...

12.Feb.2007 Geomilitech Consultants Corporation Ben-Menashe,A. Profits of War. GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION. Click on a name for a new proximity search: ...
Gmt Corporation GMT CORPORATION. see: GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION . pages cited this search: 1 Order hard copy of these pages ...
GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation


GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation (GMT). a.k.a. GeoMiliTech. GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation participated in the following events as an ...
Barbara F. Studley President of GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation . Related Entities:. Employee GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation . Barbara F. Studley participated in the ...
20041210 Geomilitech Consultants Corporation : Covert Action Information Bulletin ...
20061211 GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation Ron S. Harel Executive vice president of GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation .
GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation participated in the following events as an ... Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military ...
Center for Cooperative Research [Block, 2000]. Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military Industries, Joel Arnon, Bruce E. Herbert, Barbara F. Studley, Ron S. Harel ...

The origins of Iran-Contra: Lessons from the Durrani Affair F that GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation (GMT) of 1919 Pennsylvania ...

GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, “Certified Copy of the Minutes of the Board of ...
John K. Singlaub Soon afterwards Singlaub helped establish a company called GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation (GMT) a Washington-based arms trading company.


Jan.2007 Vote fraud : Not just a conspiracy theory anymore Cannonfire keeps an ...

Senior management: John Chr MAM Deuss – Chairman + Chief Executive Officer ...
Rettende Insel im Strahlenmeer Mind Control Technologie wird in den USA den „nicht tödlichen“ Waffen zugeordnet.

Sie sind immer noch Versuchskaninchen für elektronische und chemische ...

20030501-20030601-datesbase.html New York-Rumsfeld sagte in New York,

er wisse nicht, warum der Irak im Krieg nicht wie von den USA vorhergesagt chemische Waffen eingesetzt habe. ..

12.Feb.2007 Afghanistan Archives

Dubious figures like Nukhaev, Khodorkovskii + Khashoggi have already shown ... put: "Abu Mazen quietly plans a revolution: He wants to be president, too.
(Sujatha Fernandez: Savvy Marketing or Debating the Issues. Recent ... Joseph M. Darby, whose anonymous note would first bring the Abu Ghraib abuse ...

(Jamal Khashoggi, deputy editor in chief, in Jeddah: Why the US must find ...
12.Feb.2007 Institute for the Study of Violent Groups ... 172 Khan, Anwar, 188 Khashoggi, Adrian, 178 Khawaloujian, Chanes, 79 80 Khomeini, ... Mahmoud "Abu Mazen ," 82, 96 97110113116 17 Abdullah, Crown Prince, ...

12.Feb.2007 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Aaamazzarite Aaan Aabach Aabach (Afte ... Abu Gharib Abu Ghraib Abu Ghraib (Coalition detention facility) Abu Ghraib ...

Dshaffar Abu Mazen Abu Mohamed Al-Masri Abu Mohamed Al Masri Abu Mohamed ...
12.Feb.2007 American Committee on Jerusalem fighting," said Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi expert on Islamic movements.

They inevitably also mention the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib as needing to be ...
20050113 It is his chronic denial of responsibility for the Abu Ghraib atrocity + ...

00.000.1983 Marcos + Khashoggi set about to create Five Star Trust as a means ...
Line Rider Vol 1 Issue 5 - Home Page - HTML olarak görüntüle challenge compared with the existing construction camps at Tengiz ,”. says Steve Green, PFD site services manager, SGI/SGP.

“Whereas ... PFD International Tengiz, KZ Walkdown Engineer,

00.Oct.2006-present. Fluor Corp. Houston, TX US Construction Engineer,

00.May 2006-present ...
31.Mar.1997 SEC Info For- Gabelli Equity Series Funds Inc – N-30D ... in Kazakstan (building a pipeline linking the giant Tengiz oil field to the ...

85000 20625 2500 Navistar International Corporation $6.00 Cv. Pfd . Ser.
20061203 Kazakhstan + The Tengiz Field:. John Deuss +. Roger Tamraz. John Deuss, a Dutch citizen, ... TWRCP, TOWER AUTOMOTIVE INC PFD, 0.2900, 0.3200, 0.3200 .
Oil and Energy: March 2005 Archives

Work was awarded to Hargreaves by PFD UK, an alliance between Parsons Energy + ... Ventilation systems are needed to ensure comfort for Tengiz oilfield ...
Kazakhstan News on 123 NEWS - All English news classified by ..., Borat defends new movie, UK - 9 hours ago ... provoked into starting another riot at the oil drilling site in Tengiz, Kazakhstan, ...
1997 NTE When the PFD program was first implemented,

the main incentive for companies ... huge Tengiz oil field + pump 67 million tons of crude annually to world ...
12.Feb.2007 Stinnes Schiffahrts AG und Poseidon Stinnes ; Dieter Hugo Stinnes ; Else Hugo Stinnes ; Ernst Hugo Stinnes ...

The Inspection and Hire as well as Charter -Work were all been carried out in ...
The Cultural Landscape of the Middle Rhine Valley from Bingen ... - HTML-Version

00.000.1899 -starting in- Puricelli + the Heimburg by Hugo Stinnes, ... on the Rhine Valley Charter + an extensive intercommunity planning analysis ...
Monetary Theory, Prof. Rittershausen Thus, presently, nothing else could be done than trying to reconstruct this version. Hugo Stinnes and Friedrich Minoux, his former general manager, ...

12.Feb.2007 1891 C A L I F O R N I A I N S T IT U T E O F T E C H N O L O G YHTML-Version All else equal, more projects should be worth funding in systems with lower ... Feldman, G.D. 1998, Hugo Stinnes : Biographie eines Industriellen 1870-1924 ...
12.Feb.2007 JSTOR: The USA and the Schuman Plan. A Study in French ... In the recently published World Trade Charter (1948), better known as the Havana ... Evident similarities exist between Robert Lehr and Hugo Stinnes, ...
12.Feb.2007 20060111 gegründet, die Industrieverbandschef Hugo Stinnes ([mehr über Hugo Stinnes ] ... not reported anywhere else - are the details of a State Department briefing ...
JSTOR: Cartels During the War Similarly, Hugo Stinnes, who holds a controlling interest in the German-Luxemburg Mining ... This concern received a royal charter on April 21, 1917, ...

12.Feb.2007 Customer Experience Strategy Insights - FindTech Insights According to a Verint Systems Research VP, the majority of customer ... global vendors are profiting from this — witness IBM's current ramp-up of its Indian ...,Customer%20Experience%20Strategy/catalog,FINDTECHINSIGHTS/insightListings.htm
20060825 New York-based Verint Systems, a subsidiary.

Aug.2006 Rationality and Israeli violence: As we witness the unfolding spectacle of ferocious, ...
20060613 Jun.2006 BBC Question Time: George Galoway on Al-Zzarqawi + the war crimes commited by Bush + Blair.

09.Jun2006 Was Al-Zarqawi death used as cover for ...
ING-DiBa - Wikipedia Die ING-DiBa AG ist die größte Direktbank in Deutschland und Europa.

00.Jul.2005 folgte die Umbenennung im Handelsregister in ING-DiBa AG .
20041212 Updated White Paper, "Homeland In security: How The Wackenhut Corporation Is ...

Our updated White Paper, " Homeland Insecurity: How the ...
12.Feb.2007 NACLA Digital Archive - The Job You Save May Be your Own

00.000.1959 -since- Singapore, run by the anti-worker government of Lee Kuan Yew, has imposed press restrictions, jailed students, unionists and leftists, ...

Oct.2006 Pay organ donors, expert suggests People should be paid for living organ ...

Board of Directors Howard Wohl, Chairperson Stacy Schusterman, ...
00000.2006 Press Releases-The Bank of New York: Pershing Unit to Provide Customers with Access to Donor -Advised Funds » ...

12.Jan.2006 Larry Simon + Howard Wohl Named Vice Chairmen ... These CIA-controlled companies include Aero Systems, Inc., of Miami, Arrow Air, Aero Systems Pvt. Ltd of Singapore, Hierax of Hong Kong, Pan Aviation in ... 12.Feb.2007 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION OFFICE OF HEARINGS WASHINGTON ... - View as HTML

See, e.g., In re Pan Aviation Fitness Investigation, Order No. 86-9-. 30, Docket No. 43006, 1986 WL 70382, at *1 (Sept. 19, 1986) (noting that Department ...
12.Feb.2007 GLOBAL AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS, INC. - GACF Proxy Statement (definitive ... From

00.000.1983-00.000.1986 Mr. Mason was the Director of Administration and Engineering for Pan Aviation Airlines.

Mr. Mason attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical ...
GLOBAL AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS, INC. - GACF Amended Annual Report ... From

00.000.1986-00.000.1988 Mr. Mason was the Senior Account ...
12.Feb.2007 Philippines/ Marcos, Attempted Coup (NBC) from the Vanderbilt ...

Timing of Marcos' travel plans + coup attempt in Manila noted;

role of arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian's Pan Aviation discussed.

Chgs. Soghanalian faces in ... ABC-6.html">Philippines/ Marcos (ABC) from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive Marcos said chartering plane from Pan Aviation, owned by arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian who has ties to CIA and is currently under indictment for attempted ...
NOT FINAL UNTIL TIME EXPIRES TO FILE REHEARING MOTION AND, IF ... - View as HTML Pan Aviation, Inc., 448 So.2d 1112 (Fla. 3d. DCA 1984); Hull v. Miami Shores Village, 435 So.2d 868. In the instant case, the trial court’s findings and ...
Of Am. V. Pan Aviation, Inc. 448 So. 2d 1122 (Fla. 4. th. DCA 1984); Hull v. Miami Shores Village, 435 So. 2d 868 (Fla. 3d. DCA 1983).
Wireless Data Fusion System for Agricultural Vehicle Positioning ... - View as HTML

pan Aviation Electronics, Tokyo, Japan), which con-. sisted of three accelerometers and three FOGs in three. orthogonal axes (X forward; Y to the right; ...
00.000.1993 Denial Orders Pan Aviation Inc. (58 FR 21703 on April 23, 1993). 11. Sarkis G. Soghanalian (58 FR 21704 on April 23, 1993). 12. Reza Zandian, a/k/a Golamreza Zandianjazi, ...
The Ayers Investigation Bradley Earl Ayers claims that between 1985 and 1986, he surreptitiously entered the premise of Southern Air Transport (SAT) and Pan Aviation (PA) at Miami ...

12.Feb.2007 Defense Trade Controls - List of Debarred Parties July 1988 ... - View as HTML
22.Sep.1992 Pan Aviation, Inc. (57 Federal Register 43768, ). (57 Federal Register 37184-37185, August 16, 1992). Perez, Ricardo Benitez ...
ST.LUCIA AIRWAYS Honegger,B. October Surprise. 1989 (218). PAN AVIATION (MIAMI) · Brewton,P. The Mafia, CIA + George Bush. 1992 (209) ...
1992 International Traffic in Arms Regulations These individuals + entities include Dilligas Trading Company, George R. Mitchell, Novacom Inc., Pan Aviation Inc. + Sarkis Soghanalian.
FRONTLINE/WORLD . Sierra Leone - Gunrunners . Gallery of ...

As owner of the air transport company Pan Aviation, he leased a plane to Ferdinand Marcos for his planned return to the Philippines during the unsuccessful ..
Sheet1 View as HTML 297, Pan Aviation, Inc. (57 Federal Register 43768, September 22, 1992), (57 Federal Register 37184-37185, August 16, 1992) ...

12.Feb.2007 But You Don't Understand, My Case Is Different! ... war on drugs revelations, you've never mentioned my 85-6 entry of aircraft at Southern Air Transport (SAT) and Pan Aviation or the Joe Price affair.
12.Feb.2007 US State Department - Policy - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls Pan Aviation, Inc. (57 Federal Register 43768, September 22, 1992), (57 Federal Register 37184-37185, August 16, 1992). Park, Kwonhwan (a.k.a. Howard Park) ...
12.Feb.2007 VoxPop: Sander Hicks's Interview with Brad Ayers But yeah, Pan Aviation is one of the places where I found narcotics aboard ... Not only Southern Air Transport, but Pan Aviation was another key entity in ...
12.Feb.2007 Affidavit of Bradley Ayers ... I entered the secured compounds of Southern Air Transport + Pan Aviation at Miami International Airport on three and four separate occasions, ...
12.Feb.2007 Pete Brewton - pp.209-210 & 224-227 "The companies include Aero Systems, Inc., of Miami, Arrow Air, Aero Systems Pvt. Ltd of Singapore, Hierax of Hong Kong, Pan Aviation in Miami, ...
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12.Feb.2007 Aviation Photos: Untitled (Pan Aviation) N92GS (cn 18452/310) Del 08/62 to Western as N93146. Operated by Pan Aviation 1986 - 1988 + then stored. Seen here being broken up.
Aviation Photos: Pan Aviation Pan Aviation · Grumman G-21 Goose · Miami - International (MIA/ KMIA) ... Pan Aviation · Lockheed JetStar · Miami - International (MIA/ KMIA) ...

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The Mafia, CIA + George Bush.
new the forgotten case of dea agent bradley

Ayers also believed that SAT which was 600 meters from Pan Aviation, was trafficking ...

Ayers began to maintain surveillance of the SAT and Pan Aviation ...
Zusammen mit anderen RAF-Mitgliedern wurde Mohnhaupt 1978 in Zagreb verhaftet.

Doch weil die Bundesregierung nicht im Gegenzug wegen terroristischer Anschläge in der Bundesrepublik einsitzende Exilkroaten austauschen wollte, ließen die Jugoslawen die Truppe nach einem halben Jahr wieder frei - + Mohnhaupt verschwand erneut vom Radar der Fahnder.

Nachdem sich Ulrike Meinhof im

00.Mai 1976 in Stuttgart-Stammheim erhängt hatte, fragte die Stuttgarter Anstaltsleitung - irrsinnigerweise - die RAF-Führung, wen sie als weiblichen Ersatz im Hochsicherheitstrakt haben wollte.

Andreas Baader schlug Brigitte Mohnhaupt vor + diese wurde am

03.Jun.1976 nach Stuttgart-Stammheim verlegt.

Dort verbüßte sie die letzten Monate ihrer Haftstrafe zusammen mit der Führungscrew der ersten Generation der RAF, bevor sie am

08.Feb.1977 entlassen wurde.

In Stammheim, wo sie mit Baader, Ensslin und Raspe im siebten Stock einsaß, instruierte die RAF-Führung sie gründlich.

Zunächst sollte sie bei den relativ kopflosen Illegalen und Unterstützern Ordnung schaffen.

Als erstes organisierte sie dementsprechend das Büro des Rechtsanwalts Klaus Croissant in Stuttgart neu.

Nach wenigen Wochen setzte sie sich erneut in den Untergrund zu den Illegalen ab und übernahm bei ihnen eine führende Rolle.

Kurz darauf startete die RAF ihre "Offensive 1977", das Attentat auf den Generalbundesanwalt Siegfried Buback, die Ermordung des Bankiers Jürgen Ponto, an der Mohnhaupt unmittelbar beteiligt war +

schließlich die Entführung Hanns-Martin Schleyers.

Mohnhaupt ist eine rätselhafte Figur.

Im Gegensatz zu anderen führenden Figuren der RAF wie Andreas Baader oder Ulrike Meinhof, über die zahlreiche Biografien erschienen sind, liegt ihr Weg in den Terrorismus weitgehend im Dunklen.

Keines der ehemaligen Mitglieder der RAF, die sich 1998 aufgelöst hat, wurde bisher nach der Freilassung wieder straffällig.

Außer Mohnhaupt sitzen aus den Reihen der RAF noch Christian Klar, Eva Haule und Birgit Hogefeld in Haft. Bei Klar prüft Bundespräsident Horst Köhler derzeit eine Begnadigung.

Der 54-Jährige hatte sein Gnadengesuch schon bei Köhlers Amtsvorgänger Johannes Rau gestellt.

Seit dem 11. November 1982 sitzt Brigitte Mohnhaupt im Gefängnis - seit rund 20 Jahren in der bayerischen Justizvollzugsanstalt Aichach unweit von Augsburg.

Heute hat das Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart, das sie 1985 verurteilt hatte, entschieden: Am 27. März wird sie auf Bewährung entlassen.

Mit Gnade oder Reue, die derzeit allenthalben von den einstigen RAF-Mitgliedern gefordert werden, hat das nicht das Geringste zu tun.

Das Gericht hatte lediglich zu prüfen, ob von Mohnhaupt noch eine Gefahr für die Allgemeinheit ausgeht. Ob zu erwarten ist, dass sie in Freiheit erneut schwere Straftaten begeht. Die Stuttgarter Richter kamen nun zu der Überzeugung, dass dies nicht der Fall ist:

Der Senat sieht "in Übereinstimmung mit dem Vertreter der Generalbundesanwältin und mit der Beurteilung des psychiatrischen Sachverständigen keine Anhaltspunkte für eine fortdauernde Gefährlichkeit der Verurteilten".
Chinesische Mauer (bei Badaling): Wird jetzt genau vermessen Nun wird die Mauer präzise vermessen. Die Fleißarbeit soll ganze vier Jahre in Anspruch nehmen, teilte die staatliche Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua mit.

Die Länge der Mauer, deren Bau vor mehr als 2000 Jahren begonnen wurde, wird auf mehr als 5000 Kilometer geschätzt. Ihre genauen Ausmaße sind aber unbekannt.

Die geografische Untersuchung der nationalen Kulturerbe-Behörde sowie des staatlichen Vermessungsamts soll dabei nicht bloß Aufschluss über den genauen Verlauf der Mauer bringen,

sondern auch über ihren baulichen Zustand.
Frühere RAF- Regisseurin: Mohnhaupt kommt nach 24 Jahren frei

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Gerichtsentscheid: Frühere RAF- Terroristin Mohnhaupt kommt frei
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12.Feb.2007 Sicherheitskonferenz: Putins Polter- Auftritt konsterniert deutsche Politiker

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Elend in Jakarta: 200.000 Menschen erkrankt, Behörden warnen vor Seuchen
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