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22.Mar.2007 pain judge says Bush and Iraq war allies should face war crimes charges :

Garzon called the war in Iraq "one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history." Garzon also criticized those who joined the US president in the war against Iraq as having equally responsible for joining the war effort despite their doubts.

The Architects Of War: Where Are They Now?:

President Bush has not fired any of the architects of the Iraq war.

In fact, a review of the key planners of the conflict reveals that they have been rewarded — not blamed — for their incompetence.
"Impeachment: I'm Asking You. Do You Think It's Time?" -By Dennis Kucinich
This past week in the Congress of the United States, I noted that the administration has threatened aggressive war against Iran. This is a violation of the UN charter. Charters are treaties. Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States says that treaties are the law of our land, the supreme law of our land. It's illegal to threaten aggressive war against another nation.
Video and transcript

22.Mar.2007 Victory Is Not an Option - 7 Minute Audio Interview with Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Ret.)
"The war was not in our interest. It was in the interest of Iran and Al Qaeda. How can you win a war that's accomplishing the goals of your enemy?"

22.Mar.2007 The Problem With Building an Embassy Fit For An Empire: -By Adil E. Shamoo
Congress has appropriated nearly $1 billion to build the largest embassy in the world.

A significant portion of that money is for security infrastructure. This future "fortress" is housed in Saddam Hussein's former palace - providing more bad symbolism to the Iraqis. Continue
.Jun.1991 Curt Weldon's Nephew and the CIA | TPMCafe Caribe Air Transport, a company headed by Dietrich Reinhardt, family members ... that crashed

10.Jun.199- was in Angola illegally + that the CIA was aware the ...
mrs panstreppon's blog | TPMCafe

... in the US Air Force,was a flight engineer with an airline owned by Dietrich Reinhardt . Reinhardt, a West German, has ties to Iran Contra + the CIA .

The MadCow Morning News

Operating out of Charlotte County Airport, Dietrich Reinhardt ’s Caribe Air, was called a CIA proprietary airline in a Senate Intelligence Committee report
FTR#484—Another Interview with Daniel Hopsicker (#3)—(Two 30 ...

“The Houston Post’s Peter Brewton, who broke the CIA -Mob connection to the ... Dietrich Reinhardt ’s name, which could have been lifted straight out of ...

Verlags-Geschäftsführer Dietrich Reinhardt bezeichnete es am Montag als "nicht ...

Im Vergleich zu anderen vom US-Geheimdienst CIA Festgehaltenen seien die ...

Jan.2007 Germans issue arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents : The unidentified agents are being sought on suspicion of the wrongful imprisonment of ...
And Dietrich Reinhardt, whose Caribe Air appears about to play an increasingly large ...

Daniel Hopsicker is the author of “Barry & ‘the boys;’ The CIA,
Taipei Times - archives ...

Turkish Cypriots rally for UN plan · * CIA boss: Flaws need five years to ... it was too unimportant," said Dietrich Reinhardt, the book's publisher.
The effect of hydrolyzed cow’s milk formula for allergy prevention ...
Dietrich Reinhardt, MD,. b. + Dietrich Berdel, MD, ... cia, Uppsala, Sweden) or a positive provocation response with the ...
Joe R.-Articles outside of PEHI-9/11 big picture

Shubin then went to work for the CIA, flying U2 spy planes. ...

One of Dekkers' associates, Hopsicker found out, was Dietrich Reinhardt, formerly a close ...
PEHI-Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions-Le Cercle ...

Co-founder of the CIA -sponsored Congress for Cultural Freedom + met on

24/25 ... it turns out that Dietrich Reinhardt, a shady Iran-Contra operative now ...
BioMed Central | BMC Immunology

Patr cia CF Neves-Souza, Elzinandes L Azeredo, Sonia MO Zagne, ... Thomas Nicolai, Gernot Zissel, Christine Prell, Dietrich Reinhardt, Dolores J Schendel, ...
Daily Kos: Why Curt Weldon is Batshit Crazy One C-130 obtained by Reagan

00.000.1986 was sold to Dietrich Reinhardt + Peter Turkelson, both of whom have been identified as CIA operatives by Congressman ...

Daily Kos:

Part Trois-

Why Sibel Edmonds Will Never Talk

He was CIA station chief in Berlin when the embassy issed visas to Atta and ...

Dietrich Reinhardt St. Lucia Airlines Airline Consulting, Port Charlotte, FL ...
Mohammed Atta kept Terrorist e-list And Dietrich Reinhardt, whose Caribe Air appears about to play an increasingly large ...

I think that Florida should be swarming with FBI + CIA still. ...
mrs panstreppon's blog | TPMCafe

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years + is on the Steering Group of ...

Air Force,was a flight engineer with an airline owned by Dietrich Reinhardt .
mrs panstreppon's blog

Reinhardt, a West German, has ties to Iran Contra + the CIA. ... a company headed by Dietrich Reinhardt family members of the three
mrs panstreppon's blog

... en ... - Forum für Information, Diskussion und ...

Die CIA hatte Attas Kollegen Mamoun Darkazanli, Haydar Zammar, Mahmud Salim, ...

Täter Jamie Hill und Dietrich Reinhardt hätten belangt werden können. ...

The operator of the aircraft was identified as Dietrich Reinhardt, former owner ... CIA pilot who has also flown for Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., ...
Democratic Underground Forums - Mohammad Atta's email list ... like Frank Moss + Dietrich Reinhardt, two notorious covert operatives linked over a ...

Daniel Hopsicker is the author of Barry & 'the boys: The CIA, ...

911/FLORIDA/FLIGHT SCHOOLS/AGENTS: ANOTHER PSYOPS?.... *PIC* ... of the lately announced CIA boss Porter Goss with Punta Gorda.

... man calling Charlotte County Airport his operation base was Dietrich Reinhardt, ...;read=54108

... that might show a connection of the lately announced CIA : boss Porter Goss with Punta Gorda. ... operation base was Dietrich Reinhardt, linked with Mena ...
22.Mar.2007 - La communauté des e-lecteurs

Mais son directeur Dietrich Reinhardt a assuré qu'elle observerait la décision ... pas à t'espionner comme n'importe quel planton de la CIA et à filer ton ...
Google Groups: Weldon said the plane's German owner, Dietrich Reinhardt, had done work for the CIA in the past. Former Rep. Charlie Rose, DN.C., who held hearings on the ...
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Der Mossad warnte CIA und FBI angeblich Anfang September über die Gefahr von 200 ... Täter Jamie Hill und Dietrich Reinhardt hätten belangt werden können. ...
Booman Tribune ~ Comments ~ Why Curt Weldon is Batshit Crazy

Dietrich Reinhardt ? Ruel Gerecht? What is it with CIA agents having names that make them sound as if they're third-generation Nazis?
Madcow links Goss resignation to 5.5 ton coke siezure The twin to the DC9 bursting with 5.5 tons of cocaine is a CIA plane.

One of Dekkers' associates, Hopsicker found out, was Dietrich Reinhardt, ...
Democratic Underground Forums - Printer friendly page, topic ID ... - HTML-Version
Operating out of Charlotte County Airport, Dietrich Reinhardt ’s Caribe Air, was called a CIA proprietary. airline in a Senate Intelligence Committee report ...
00.Jan.2004-00.Jun 2004 Chronology of Censorship + Anti-Censorship: Turkmenistan is 89% muslim according to the CIA World Factbook, ...

The chief executive of publisher Betzel, Dietrich Reinhardt, denounced the ruling as ...
visitar página web
Dietrich Reinhardt . 1., Dolores Schendel. 2., Susanne. Krauss-Etschmann ... Prevention of CIA though Antigen Independent Matured + ...
9/11 - My own review

Unnamed exercise carried out by the CIA + NRO: At

09 AM on the morning ... Arne Kruithof (Dutch), David Rockefeller, Dietrich Reinhardt, Shafiq Bin Laden ...
20030501-20030601 So habe es Kommunikationsprobleme unter Vorgesetzten gegeben,

nur wenige der Betroffenen hätten sich über Blairs Artikel beschwert + BLAIR, der Reporter ...
Judenverfolgung: Juden zwischen Kirche, Hitler- und Stalin ...

So lebten Juden und deutsche Nazi -Täter in Südamerika

nach 1945 in ... v.a. nach Nord- und Süd-"Amerika",

ab 1945 z.T. via Auswandererlager in Bayern, ...
20051104 A friend from Argentina sent me the following picture today. ...

Wie Pabst dann dennoch unter den Nazis

00.Jun.1934 auf die Proskriptionsliste geriet ...
Under the Cloak of Patriotism Louis Cohen, Democratic Party, " PR Unmasked," 1940 ... "

PR [PROPAGANDA] is based on the sound American principles of majority rule with minority ...

2004081214 Boris Petrov + first results, ed . by Ruediger Stein + Oleg ...

The CIA = Narco Terr'ists - Marijuana Growing... A Lebanese arms dealer, ...
Akademik Boris Petrov, which was temporarily docked in the harbor of St. John's ... possession and use of marijuana .

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Der Verfall der introspektiven Psychologie - Anmerkungen

00.Jun.2005 unter dem Titel: Trainierter Geist. Meditierende Mönche erleuchten Forscher. Dort war zu lesen, daß sich Wahrnehmungsforscher ...
22.Mar.2007, News, News, News T

rainierter Geist : Meditierende Mönche erleuchten Forscher . mehr ...

09.Jun.2005 12:52:05. Jobangebote im Internet: Steter Aufwärtstrend. mehr .

Jun.2005 Trainierter Geist : Meditierende Mönche erleuchten Forscher .

09.Jun.2005 Vogelgrippe: Wieder infizierte Gänse in China entdeckt ...
BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian billionaire numbers grow

Roman Abramovich (right) with fellow tycoon Arkady Gaidamak ... a group of five Russian businessmen are placed from 35th to 40th on the Forbes list.
BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian billionaire numbers grow

Roman Abramovich (right) with fellow tycoon Arkady Gaidamak Russia now boasts 53 billionaires, mainly in oil, steel, mining and metals, Forbes magazine ...
Attacks 2005: EUROPE and CENTRAL ASIA

00.Oct.---- Moscow-born businessman Arkady Gaidamak purchased the independent Moscow weekly Moskovskiye Novosti. Gaidamak said that media should not ...
Jewish Russian Telegraph: Russian Jewish Hero- Victoria Zilberstein ... honored Soviet-born businessman Arkady Gaidamak in what appeared to be a public ...

Russian Oligarchs: Please Don't Put Me on the Forbes List!
00.Nov.2005 Jewish Russian Telegraph: Russian-born billionaire Arkadi Gaidamak on Sunday evening announced his intention to ...

386 on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s 500 richest people, ... Israel's parallel to Forbes, TheMarker list of the 500 richest people in Israel, ... It also sports some surprising names, such as Arkady Gaidamak, ...
Jewish and Israel News from New York - The Jewish Week 386 on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s 500 richest people, ...

Vladimir Gusinski + Arkadi Gaidamak, has been reported in the Israeli + ...
Recent Posts Arkady Gaidamak, a Moscow-born businessman with four passports and a controversial past - especially the arms-for-oil scandal in Angola -, confirmed to Ekho ...
Keyword ... the paper only mentioned Arkady Gaidamak, who currently lives in France. ... editor of Forbes Russian edition, on

10.Jun.---- in Moscow proves this claim.
Arkadi Gaydamak - Billionaire, Sports Fan, Newspaper Owner, Arms ...

Arkady Gaidamak in Israeli News I can’t keep up. ... Forbes had an interesting article about Gaydamak, shedding a little more light about the Angola . | stiri | "Mai rau nu se putea"

... miliardarul evreu de origine rusa Arkadi Gaidamak a cumparat clubul de la Meir Fenijel si Meir Levi. Conform estimarilor revistei Forbes, Gaidamak are o ...
EJP | News | Western Europe | Betar Jerusalem’s Dutch import

Betar have been unable to find consistency this season since Gaidamak took over, winning all three away games ...

European Jews amongst Forbes billionaires
EJP | News | Germany | New Maccabi Netanya owner has the 'Kaiser ...

First there was Russian billionaire Arkady Gaidamak who bought the Betar Jerusalem football team as well as ... European Jews amongst Forbes billionaires ... q. Regional + ethnic newspapers Archives

Arkady Gaidamak, a Moscow-born businessman with four passports and a ... Forbes .com ran similar ads for five months last year, but stopped after the staff. j. Staff changes Archives

Arkady Gaidamak, a Moscow-born businessman with four passports and a controversial past ...

He dropped a libel suit after Forbes withdrew some allegations. ...

The Yorkshire Ranter

As I first heard from the statistics log, the wanted arms dealer Arkadi Gaidamak's son Alexandre is trying to buy Portsmouth FC. Gaidamak was one of the ...
Cotidianul - Sport - Rusificarea fotbalului sub tir german Roman Abramovici, proprietar Chelsea: Conform „ Forbes “, 00.000.2006 avea o avere ...

Arkadi Gaidamak, proprietar Beitar: Are o avere estimata la 2,1 miliarde de ,,,
Blätter für deutsche + internationale Politik-Von Manfred

... Vermögen von 3,1 Mrd. US-Dollar auf Platz 25 der Forbes -Liste der reichsten Russen. ... fand sich mit Arkadi Gaidamak ein hilfswilliger Geschäftsmann,
Russlands Medien: gleichgeschaltet demokratisch - View as HTML
Forbes -Liste der reichsten Russen. Dieser „in staatlichen Kategorien denken- ... fand sich mit Arkadi Gaidamak ein hilfswilliger Geschäftsmann, der die ...
A - Print Journalism

Arkady Gaidamak, a Moscow-born businessman with four passports and a controversial past ...

Gunmen have shot dead the Russian editor of Forbes magazine, ...
Verkaç » Futbol Kulüplerinin Degisen Sahipleri Dünyaca ünlü ekonomi dergisi “ Forbes ”un yaptigi listede Rusya’nin en zengin elli ... Oleg Deripaska’nin FC Kuban hareketi ve Arkady Gaidamak ’in Beitar
MaTA-dor: Aganzo, al Beitar Jerusalén de Israel ... a José Antonio Abellán ·

Abramovich, el 11 más rico del mundo ( Forbes ) ... propiedad del multimillonario

Arkady Gaidamak, oligarca israelí con ...
ujic207934 258..316

endemically corrupt post-Soviet Russia.

In Forbes magazine’s early 2006 ...

For instance, whether the Russian–Israeli billionaire Arkady Gaidamak, ...
19.Mar.2007 Russia-Business Defects plague popular Glenmark drug ...

Russian entrepreneur Arkady Gaidamak has purchased the Parisian France Soir, ...

Russia ’s 32 billionaires got into Forbes magazine´s 2006 rankings of the ...
Oil 12.03.04
Forbes .com.

23.Apr.2003 . ExxonMobil’s Kazakhstan quagmire. ... suggests the Russian émigré, Arkadi Gaidamak, joined Falcone’s umbrella company, ...
Forbes a identificat 44 de miliardari in Rusia | International ...

In total, valoarea cumulata a averilor identificate de revista Forbes se ridica la 248 miliarde dolari, ... Miliardarul Arkadi Gaidamak isi face partid » ...
13 As owner, Khalili (new this year to the Forbes billionaire list) enjoys unique ...

One suspect, billionaire Arkadi Gaidamak, is also wanted in France on ...

Zoot Stiri: Dumnezeu ar putea fi român! UEFA le-a scos in cale ...

Beitar Ierusalim, de patru ori campioana a Israelului, este patronata de un evreu de origine rusa, Arkadi Gaidamak . Revista Forbes a estimat averea lui ...,144963.html
Rusificarea fotbalului sub tir german -

Roman Abramovici, proprietar Chelsea: Conform " Forbes ",

00.000.2006 avea o avere ... Arkadi Gaidamak, proprietar Beitar: Are o avere estimata la 2,1 miliarde de ...

RANDY FORBES, Virginia ... sick + shipwrecked, prisoners of war + enemy civilians ...

O Pierre Falcone eo Arkadi Gaidamak são amigos do José Eduardo dos .
NETZEITUNG MEDIEN: «France Soir» bekommt einen neuen Besitzer

« Forbes »- Liste Neun Deutsche unter den 100 Reichsten ... hat ein Übernahmeangebot des russisch-israelische Medienunternehmers Arkadi Gaidamak akzeptiert.
Dinamo - Cupa UEFA 2006/2007 [Arhiva] - Forum Sport365

Patronul lui Beitar Ierusalim este evreul de origine rusa Arkadi Gaidamak . În vîrsta de 54 de ani, magnatul are o avere estimata de revista Forbes la 2,1 ...
793 de miliardari in lume, 00.000.2006 | International | Gandul ... nivelul din luna martie a anului trecut, potrivit unui clasament intocmit de revista americana Forbes .

Miliardarul Arkadi Gaidamak isi face partid » ...
Revista internacional de estrategia, negocio y tecnología para ...

Medienunternehmer kündigt Kaufinteresse an - Arkadi Gaidamak will die Pariser ... by forbes .com Escrito por Ifra Executive News Service. 10:50 CET ...
Fidel Castro nu se considera bogat-InfoNews-Revista Presei ...

Jurnalistii de la Forbes i-au atribuit o avere de 900 de milioane. Fidel Castro, insa, spune ca ...

In Israel - Arkadi Gaidamak - politica, afaceri, fotbal ... file=article&sid=36674
Yeshiva World: April 2006 ... over to the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to Forbes magazine. ... 14 to 30 -- came to Russia thanks to diplomatic efforts by Arkady Gaidamak, ...
News Archive - Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel

Speaking yesterday at the " Forbes " Israel conference on... 160 Israeli entities to participate in EU 6th ...

Betar owner Arkadi Gaidamak instigated the. ...


14.Oct.2005 ...
22.Mar.2007 Erste Ueberlegungen zum amerik . Pendant der Gruppe werden vorgenommen ...

I regret authorizing this war:

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) 2/5 ...
Kommentare fuer revision

Henrik Ibsen

"Unsichtbar wird der Wahnsinn, wenn er genügend große Ausmaße angenommen hat."

Bertolt Brecht wake up volks !
Plurabelle - Germany Hay, Julius : Born 1900 Memoirs.

Translated from the Original German and ... map of Iceland (Doppelcharte von Island von I C M Reinecke) (sl foxed), 20050317

Mär.2005 Kapitalflucht: Deutsche Konzerne investieren mehr denn je im Ausland ...

Die Industriekapitäne schlugen Hitler trotz seiner immensen ...
defines “occurrence” + would limit the WTC claim to $3.5 billion,

while Silverstein ’s position was that the Travelers’ form applied, ...

Aon Corporation-Maritime Industries-Spain-San Sebastian ...

Through active participation in the session, you will gain extremely valuable ... Businesses Solutions - Consumers WTC Information Global > About Aon Aon ...
The Worldwide Commercial Real Estate Information Portal

AIC Ventures Acquires the Detroit Facilities of FormTech Industries (REIT Cafe) ...

Larry Silverstein, Steve Ross, Carl Weisbrod, Steve Roth & Mary Ann ...

In Claims ( AIC ) designation

00.000.1983 from the Insurance. Institute of America; the Chartered Property ...

On the other hand, the Silverstein WTC Properties ...
Politics & Government - USA - 2007.0317 -

Depict the Flag Raising at Ground Zero of the WTC Attack as it Actually Occurred! by Jeff Head ... to Larry Silverstein, Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg ...
00.Dec.2005 The Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center:

E.g., the telltale fact that

Larry Silverstein leased the World Trade Center ’s Twin Towers

00.Aug.2001 -only six weeks before the event- + set himself up for large ...


... participation in five meetings a year, they attend countless events on campus ... a plane into the World Trade Center .

Thinking that it was a small plane of ...
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Insurance -

2005 ... to the World Trade Center disaster.

The coalition + the Insurance ... Investigator Silverstein ’s jurisdiction encompasses the downstate region + ...
20050317 BLANK PAGE Page 3. ... ...

Sep.2002 Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a PBS ...
PEHI - Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions - Pilgrims ...

Many believe Silverstein literally meant "demolish."

Director of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, together with four former U.S. Presidents,
20050317 Security in Distributed Sistems.

Electronic Voting.

Secure Execution of Applications.

... Perry R. Bass, Sr. Fort Worth, Texas, Kenneth L. Lay ...

Feb.2007 Misslungenes Marketing: Guerilla- Werbung stürzt Boston ins Chaos ...

But the damage need not be permanent . Not if people and politicians of good ...

Feb.2007 Dubiose Deals: Siemens zahlte 36 Millionen Euro an Monaco - Franze 06.Feb.2007 Erde als Eisball: Uralte Steine bergen Hinweise auf CO2- Thermostat ...
FEDMA : FEDMA Members ...

Baron Phillippe de Rothschild, Cyrillus, Damart, David Nieper, Daxon, Editions Dupuis, ... Germany - 70178 Stuttgart Phone: +49 (0)711 67 41 16-11 ...
Digitale Bibliothek - Deutsche Autobiographien L

ebensgeschichte des Baron Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué ... Ferneres Leben meines Bruders Georg bis zu seinem Tode; Beim Erblicken von Stuttgart am 1. ...
22.Mar.2007 New book says Portuguese discovered Australia 

16th century maritime map in a Los Angeles library vault proves that Portuguese adventurers, not British or Dutch, were the first Europeans to discover Australia,

says a new book which details the secret discovery of Australia. posted by Prof. Hex
22.Mar.2007 In Search of the Mad Gasser 

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon is often held up as a classic example of mass hysteria +

has led to even more extraordinary claims of Nazi or alien involvement. But

is the case really as mysterious as it seems? Jonathan Downes ventures to the American Midwest to investigate. posted by Prof. Hex
22.Mar.2007 Colossal squid is largest ever caught New Zealand's biggest aquatic celebrity, a colossal squid, has officially weighed-in at 495 kilograms, making it the largest ever caught. With great pic. posted by Prof. Hex
Here is a list of
domains that share mailservers and nameservers with gwb43.

On the mailserver list, we find domains connected to Bush, Newt Gingrich + (Blackwell was the party chief in Ohio.) Most of the sites are either Republican or far-right Christian.
22.Mar.2007 Shulamit Aloni is the the former Education Minister of Israel, so I presume that she knows the territory quite well.

Here's what she has to say in a piece titled "This Road is for Jews Only: Yes, There is Apartheid in Israel":

The US Jewish Establishment's onslaught on former President Jimmy Carter is based on him daring to tell the truth which is known to all:

through its army, the government of Israel practises a brutal form of Apartheid in the territory it occupies.

Its army has turned every Palestinian village and town into a fenced-in, or blocked-in, detention camp.

And: On one occasion I witnessed such an encounter between a driver and a soldier who was taking down the details before confiscating the vehicle and sending its owner away.

"Why?" I asked the soldier. "It's an order--this is a Jews-only road", he replied.

I inquired as to where was the sign indicating this fact and instructing [other] drivers not to use it.

His answer was nothing short of amazing.

"It is his responsibility to know it + besides, what do you want us to do, put up a sign here and let some antisemitic reporter or journalist take a photo so he that can show the world that Apartheid exists here?"

And: Did man of peace President Carter truly err in concluding that Israel is creating Apartheid?

Did he exaggerate?

Don't the US Jewish community leaders recognise the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination of

07.Mar.1966 to which Israel is a signatory?

Are the US Jews

who launched the loud + abusive campaign against Carter for supposedly maligning Israel's character + its democratic + humanist nature

unfamiliar with the International Convention on the Suppression + Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid of

30.Nov.1973 ?

Apartheid is defined therein as an international crime that among other things includes using different legal instruments to rule over different racial groups, thus depriving people of their human rights.

Isn't freedom of travel one of these rights?
In the past, the US Jewish community leaders were quite familiar with the meaning of those conventions.

For some reason, however, they are convinced that Israel is allowed to contravene them.

It's OK to kill civilians, women and children, old people and parents with their children, deliberately or otherwise without accepting any responsibility.

It's permissible to rob people of their lands, destroy their crops + cage them up like animals in the zoo.

From now on, Israelis and International humanitarian organisations' volunteers are prohibited from assisting a woman in labour by taking her to the hospital. [Israeli human rights group] Yesh Din volunteers cannot take a robbed and beaten-up Palestinian to the police station to lodge a complaint. (Police stations are located at the heart of the settlements.) Is there anyone who believes that this is not Apartheid?
22.Mar.2007 As Ronald Reagan once said at a Republican National Convention (and yes, he really did say it): "Facts are stupid things." Permalink
22.Mar.2007 Another Example of How Bush Has Degraded Our Military Peparedness And Left Our National Security Vulnerable: "The U.S. military could take days rather than hours to respond to a surprise international crisis because all four of the Fort Bragg-based 82nd Airborne Division's combat brigades will be in Iraq and Afghanistan later this year."

22.Mar.2007 Latest Revelation of White House Obstruction of Justice: The leader of the Justice Department team that prosecuted a landmark lawsuit against tobacco companies said yesterday that Bush administration political appointees repeatedly ordered her to take steps that weakened the government's racketeering case.

22.Mar.2007 MSNBC is reporting that John Edwards is suspending his campaign for the presidency and may drop out completely because his wife has suffered a recurrence of cancer 3/22
Senate panel has authorized subpoenas for Karl Rove and other top aides involved in the firing of federal prosecutors 3/22
Linda Milazzo: Why I Love Elizabeth Edwards -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Looks Like GOP New Hampshire Election Phone Jamming Case That Appears to Have Been Directed by the RNC -- And Possibly With Rove Involvement -- Will End Up With No One Going to Jail. Disgusting.
How About the "Success" of Bush's "Surge"?: Rocket hits near U.N. chief in Baghdad 3/23
Karl to the Consigliere: "Fredo, if we don't fire this Gang of Eight, it's only a matter of time before they put us behind bars." (Satire All Too Close to the Truth.)
Five Poems on Bush Incompetence -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
Episode 56: Not the son he bargained for -- Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

22.Mar.2007 What is GWB43 and who does it serve?
The answer takes us into the dark mysteries of the 2004 election in Ohio...
(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
Here (with a hat tip to Jackstraw45 of DU) is the WHOIS info on GWB43: Domain Name: GWB43.COM
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Republican National Committee dns@RNCHQ.ORG
310 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
US 999 999 9999 fax: 999 999 9999
Record expires on 16-Jan-2008.
Record created on 16-Jan-2004.
Database last updated on 21-Mar-2007 17:45:46 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order:
A.NS.TRESPASSERS-W.NET ""? Odd name, that.
We learn that this same Tennessee-based hosting service -- Smartech -- played a mysterious role in the

2004 election in Ohio. From a

07.Nov.2006 story by luaptifer at Daily Kos: Ohio's election results are hosted on the same servers by the partisan companies that run websites like and many of the familiar Republican group sites.

More (also see here):

SOS Blackwell also neglected to inform that he outsourced Election Night hosting services to the provider of Internet operations for the Republican National Committee, SMARTech Corp.

It's clear that most of the IP address space allocated to Smartechcorp, if it has a domain name, is operated by the RNC or its functionaries and allies.

SMARTECH lists the following corporate address: SMARTECH CORPORATION PO BOX 11181 Chattanooga TN US 37401 Their web page is here.

They offer internet hosting, streaming media and so forth. This firm handles everything Republican:
22.Aug.2004 SMARTech Corp (
announced that it would be "hosting" the Republican National Convention in New York City, providing "convention speeches, video-on-demand 'streams' + live shots of events through powerful Web servers, most of which are at Smartech’s headquarters in downtown Chattanooga."

The announcement stated that the "company also hosts the Bush-Cheney campaign Web site, at + the national committee’s site,"
Smartech shows up in
this interesting information technology story

from 2004, which outlines a still-unsolved mystery....
During election season, web surfers from outside the USA were not able to access Bush's Web site,, even though surfers within U.S. borders had no problem doing so.

Why this oddity + who was responsible?

The site used network management technology from Akamai Technologies Inc. to restrict access.

An Akamai spokesman referred all questions to the hosting company, Smartech.

Yet Smartech's president said "All we do is host the site. I have no control over what's being done outside our servers."
That strange business probably has no link to the decision made by Ohio's notorious Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, to route election night results through RNC servers.

... ,,, ...
Defense pseudo-contractor
Brent Wilkes named several of his fake companies Akamai.

However, there is a real -- and quite legitimate -- company called Akamai, based in Mountain View, California.)
So, what does it mean that Ken Blackwell used Smartech for Ohio's election night hosting services?

One might, after all, expect a Republican to give state business to a Republican-friendly company.

As one observer remarked, this decision seems, at first glance, akin to an Irish drinker going to an Irish pub.
However, one does not need to exercise much imagination to see how anyone using the net for nefarious purposes would want a "friendly" hosting company handling ultra-sensitive duties.

Hosting companies keep records of who does what.

If you are using computers to do something you don't want the world to know about, you don't want those records available to just anyone .
As the controversy over the

2004 elections gathered steam, Karl Rove made a joke about fixing the election returns from a computer in the White House basement.

,, ,,, ,, The point is that

the Diebold tabulators - the "mother machines" as Teresa Kerry once put it - were online.

A D.U. commenter offers what I consider interesting speculation (paragraph breaks added for readability):

,, ...
If the SMARTECH host server was used in this way, it's illegal because political parties aren't allowed to access raw election data.

Only checking the server log would tell whether the election server was used to look at raw tabulator data.

Of course, if it was actually used to manipulate data, that would be election fraud.

Manipulation of election data could easily have been done at the tabulator level or via access to the voting machines.

Both are criminal acts.

Because the servers were used in an election, they would be auditable material.
It would have needed one man or woman to steal Ohio, together with fudged recounts.

That much appears clear.

One man or woman.

Here is a list of
domains that share mailservers and nameservers with gwb43.

On the mailserver list, we find domains connected to Bush, Newt Gingrich + (Blackwell was the party chief in Ohio.) Most of the sites are either Republican or far-right Christian. Permalink
22.Mar.2007 This story by Joseph Hughes and Melissa McEwan compiles statements by George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff and Alberto Gonzales, all of whom have claimed that they do not use email for business. Oddly, Rice made this claim at the same time let slip that she had used email to communicate with Richard Clarke.
Dubya's stated reasoning for not entering the computer age is both disconcerting and hilariously inarticulate: "I tend not to e-mail - not only tend not to e-mail, I don't e-mail, uh, because of, uh, the different record requests that could happen to a president. I don't want to receive e-mails, 'cause, you know, there's no telling what somebody would e-mail me and it would show up as, uh, you know, part of some kind of a story that - and I wouldn't be able to say, 'Well, I didn't read the e-mail' - 'But I sent it your address; how can you say you didn't?' So, in other words, I'm very cautious about e-mailing."

22.Mar.2007 GwB43: The White House, vote theft + the email trail

GWB43 is the name of an internet server owned by the Republican National Committee.
Oddly enough, communications revealed in the course of the Great U.S. Attorney Purge document dump reveal that key figures within the administration used such email addresses as
The White House has its own internal email system, ending in the .gov suffix, as mandated by the Presidential Records Act. As
Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW) notes:
CREW has learned that to fulfill its statutory obligations under the PRA,

the White House email system automatically copies all messages created by staff + sends them to the White House Office of Records Management for archiving.

It appears that the White House deliberately bypassed the automatic archiving function of its own email system that was designed to ensure compliance with the PRA.

So why are White House personnel using private email addresses to bypass this system?
A not-unrelated question: Did Patrick Fitzgerald know about this bypass when he subpoenaed White House emails pursuant to the Plamegate investigation? I doubt that he did.

If he had, Scooter might not have been the only one brought to trial.
kollegball Stunde gewartet.

Personalausweis kostet 8 Euro. Toll. Aber geht ja noch. Doch dann hat es mich umgehaun. Für den Reisepass soll ich 59 ...

22.Mar.2007 Anzeigen 200505190602...


01.Jun.2005 ePass: Biometrischer Reisepass kostet 59 Euro ...
LEO Archive: Heiraten in Deutschland - Ehefähigkeitszeugnis
Das schönste Beispiel ist wohl der Personalausweis + der Reisepass . Letzterer kostet ein Vielfaches des ersteren an Gebühren, warum?

"Unsere Arbeit zeigt erstmals, welche kausale Rolle Emotionen bei moralischen Entscheidungen spielen", sagte Hauser.

Um den Zusammenhang von Moral und Emotionen zu untersuchen, konfrontierten US-Wissenschaftler 30 Probanden mit 50 derartig kritischen Situationen.

Gut die Hälfte der Testteilnehmer litt unter Hirnschäden, bei denen auch für Gefühle zuständige Areale in Mitleidenschaft gezogen waren.

Die Probanden ohne Hirnschäden hatten in den Zwickmühlen-Szenarien, bei denen es etwa um das Töten eines Kindes ging, große moralische Probleme:

Einerseits hielten sie es rational für korrekt, einen Menschen umzubringen, um mehrere andere zu retten. Andererseits konnten sie aber auch das Mitgefühl für das Kind nicht ablegen.

Bei den Probanden, bei denen der für die Steuerung von Gefühlen zuständige präfrontale Cortex geschädigt war, lösten viele dieser Situationen hingegen keine derartig starken inneren moralischen Konflikte aus,

beobachteten die Forscher.

Die Teilnehmer betrachteten eher rational den Gesamtnutzen jeder der möglichen Entscheidungen.

Waren bei den Probanden jedoch andere Hirnregionen geschädigt, verhielten sie sich durchweg ähnlich wie die Versuchsteilnehmer ohne Hirnschäden.

22.Mar.2007 Postman Patel: the mills of the law grind exceeding fine

VAT scams used Bermuda based Transworld Payment Solutions to move money

... 60, a former director of BCB who is on the board of FCIB, was arrested in ...
Postman Patel: the mills of God grind slow VAT scams used Bermuda based Transworld Payment Solutions to move money ...

FCIB also featured as the bankers at the collapse last year of Oz fraudster ...
Scoop: Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks

They would sell to Deuss' Transworld Oil Saudi crude, which TWO would sell on the ... The bulk of the 2500 FCIB accounts in question are said to be Russian .
20061203 the oil embargo on South Africa through his companies Transworld Oil + JOC Oil. ...
Search results for "deuss"

While Mr Deuss earned millions of dollars in fees from FCIB 's customers, ... including Transworld Oil, have always complied with all applicable laws, ...

Credit Agencies-Credit Bureau-Collection Agencies-Global ...

Transworld Services S.A. - Commercial Credit Reports ... Russia . Dun & Bradstreet Russia ... FCIB - International Commercial Reports ...
Presidency South Africa:

00.Oct.2006 Deuss was quoted then as saying that FCIB + its affiliates, including Transworld, “have at all times conducted their business in full compliance with all ...

'Carousel' bank's founder due in court UK Customs accuse FCIB of being the favoured bank of carousel fraudsters. ... than two decades ago when the Observer reported that Transworld Oil had been ...
Postman Patel VAT scams used Bermuda based Transworld Payment Solutions to move money ... V( FCIB ) (now in a form of administration from

13.Sep.2006 and not to be ...
A printer friendly article from the Royal Gazette

I still remember the first Transworld Oil cargo of #2 oil sold. ... The bulk of the 2500 FCIB accounts in question are said to be Russian .

WB Report - View as HTML

example in the U.S. was the Foreign Credit Interchange Bureau ( FCIB, now known as ... Transworld Services S.A..

1993. China. ChinaProDiligence Inc.
FCIB -NACM Corp. Koll Corporate Plaza, 485-A Route One South, Suite 100 ...

Transworld Services, S.A. (TWS SA) Jean Mermoz 12 of B. Las Condes, Santiago
The Great Abbreviations Hunt FBFU - Marine Transworld Equip. Corporation [railway pool code] FBFV - fuzzy basis function vector-based [ ... FCIB - first caribbean international bank [?]
22.Mar.2007 Northrop Grumman IT Overview - View as HTML
00.Nov.1994-00.Mar.2005 Project Title: NAFIS ; IDENT1 – Awarded

30.Nov.2004 ... SAGEM S. A.; Phoenix IT Services Ltd.; Energis Communications Limited; ...

Information is a key resource - View as HTML
The IDENT1 project team is currently evaluating proposals from prospective ... but was suffering from performance problems making the application

Dec.2005 Pentagon's use of media firm, company's performance, scrutinized: When The Rendon ... Wie NG mitteilte, sei es mit IDENT1 zum ersten Mal möglich, ...
Identity Cards Programme Company Profiles Directory
The PITO Technology road map provides greater detail on how IDENT1 is the suggested ... Energis Communications Ltd. Enterprise Architecture Solutions ...
Page 1 Identity and Passport Service Company Profiles Directory ...
Under the IDENT1 programme Northrop Grumman will continue to provide the ... Energis Communications Ltd. Enterprise Architecture Solutions ...
Truth Diamond: 12/19/2004 - 12/25/2004

The contract, known as IDENT1, spans eight years with three additional option years.

"The SSS Performance Plan for 2004"will: "Ensure a mobilization ...
Standards Developments: Q Update II - View as HTML
The standard focuses on performance testing of access control biometric devices;

The new system, called IDENT1, is aimed at linking over 50 law ...
Das gewünschte Ziel: "eine wahre Lüge".
Fest steht, dass Kummer für einen der größten Medienskandale der Bundesrepublik sorgte, als am

15.Mai 2000 bekannt wurde, dass seine Aufsehen erregenden Interviews teilweise gefälscht waren.

Jerusalem - Singer habe sich über lange Zeit aus der Kasse des Jüdischen Weltkongresses (WJC) bedient, "meines Geldes",

schrieb Bronfman in einem heute in israelischen Medien veröffentlichten Schreiben an eine europäische Mitgliedsorganisation. Die Entlassung sei ihm sehr schwer gefallen, erklärte Bronfman.

Er bezeichnete das Finanzgebaren seines engsten Mitarbeiters als "Krankheit".
Wirkungslose Antibiotika: Forscher fürchten resistente Pest- Erreger
22.Mar.2007 Länderspiel in Prag: Behörden bereiten sich auf Hooligan- Ansturm vor
22.Mar.2007 Besuch in Bagdad: Uno- Generalsekretär entkommt nur knapp Raketenangriff
22.Mar.2007 Jüdischer Weltkongress: Bronfman erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen Ex- Chef Singer
22.Mar.2007 Missbrauch: US- Familie hielt junge Frau wie Sklavin
22.Mar.2007 Heftige Gefechte: Über hundert Tote bei Kämpfen in Afghanistan und Pakistan

22.Mar.2007 Luftverkehrsabkommen: EU und USA einigen sich auf freien Wettbewerb
22.Mar.2007 Neuseeland: Kolosskalmar soll in die Mikrowelle

22.Mar.2007 Cohn- Bendit: "Wir werfen uns in der EU ständig unsere Fehler vor"
22.Mar.2007 Geheimdienst- Affäre: Kurnaz soll noch im Februar überwacht worden sein
22.Mar.2007 Pharmaindustrie: US- Behörde will sich aus Griff der Lobbyisten lösen
22.Mar.2007 Ölriese Total: Konzernchef verbringt Nacht im Gefängnis

22.Mar.2007 Uno- Generalsekretär: Ban Ki Moon überraschend zu Besuch in Bagdad
22.Mar.2007 Umwelt- Aktion: Greenpeace bietet Fluggästen kostenlose Zugtickets an

22.Mar.2007 Alice Schwarzer: "Unser Rechtssystem wird von islamistischen Kräften unterwandert"

22.Mar.2007 Justizskandal: Bush- Regierung soll Verfahren gegen Tabakindustrie torpediert haben
22.Mar.2007 Psychologie: Moral kommt nicht ohne Gefühl aus

22.Mar.2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Ungeschützter Verkehr mit der Intelligenz"
22.Mar.2007 Streit um Nuklearprogramm: Atomgespräche mit Nordkorea gescheitert
22.Mar.2007 Großbritannien: Brown eröffnet Wahlkampf mit radikaler Steuersenkung

22.Mar.2007 Kampf gegen al- Qaida: Irakische Regierung verhandelt mit Aufständischen

22.Mar.2007 Saudi- Arabien: Frau foltert indonesisches Dienstmädchen zu Tode

22.Mar.2007 Navigationssoftware: Weg frei für Rollstuhlfahrer

22.Mar.2007 Entschädigungszahlungen: Israels Sommer- Offensive als "Zweiter Libanonkrieg"
22.Mar.2007 Justizskandal: Deutschland schockiert über Koran- Richterin

22.Mar.2007 Steuerreform: Wirtschaftsminister sieht 250.000 Firmen als Verlierer

22.Mar.2007 BenQ: Taiwaner sollen halbe Milliarde Euro aus Deutschland abgezogen haben

22.Mar.2007 Massenentlassung von Anwälten: Bushs Berater Rove muss unter Eid aussagen
22.Mar.2007 Die Schweiz und die EU: Kröten fressen für die Freiheit

22.Mar.2007 Lhasa in Tibet: Betonklötze auf dem Dach der Welt

Washington - Die US-Küstenwache hat bei einem Schlag gegen Drogenschmuggler 19,5 Tonnen Kokain beschlagnahmt.

Das Rauschgift sei bei einer Razzia auf einem Schiff vor der Küste Panamas sichergestellt worden, teilte die Küstenwache mit.

Es handele sich um die größte Menge Kokain, die jemals von US-Fahndern auf einem Schiff gefunden worden sei.
Drogenrazzia: US- Behörden beschlagnahmen Rekordmenge an Kokain

22.Mar.2007 Brandanschlag: Baufahrzeug auf Moschee- Baustelle angezündet
22.Mar.2007 Entlassung von Bundesanwälten: US- Kongress sucht Machtprobe mit Bush
22.Mar.2007 Landowsky- Urteil: "Manager müssen in Deutschland nicht hinter Gitter"
20.Mar.2007 The AIPAC Girl -By Pat Buchanan
If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.

22.Mar.2007 "U.S. Funding Armed Groups to Overthrow Iranian Govt"-Interview with Reese Erlich
Secretly, U.S. intelligence services are also sponsoring armed attacks within Iran. I discovered the U.S. and Israeli support for PJAK in Kurdistan and from so-called former MEK members.

22.Mar.2007 The History of Israel Reconsidered: -A Talk by Ilan Pappe
We found out that the Zionist leadership, the Israeli leadership, regardless of the peace plans of the United Nations,

l00.000.1948 -long before- contemplated the dispossession of the Palestinians, the expulsion of the Palestinians.

So it was not that as a result of the war that the Palestinians lost their homes. It was as a result of a Jewish, Zionist, Israeli ? call it what you want ?

00.000.1948 plan that Palestine was ethnically cleansed of its original indigenous population. Continue

22.Mar.2007 Understanding Empire: Hierarchy, Networks and Clients -By Prof. James Petras
The US Empire, with its vast network of financial investments, military bases, multi-national corporations and client states, is the single most important component of the global imperial system..

Nevertheless, it is overly simplistic to overlook the complex hierarchies, networks, follower states and clients that define the contemporary imperial system. Continue

21.Mar.2007 Four Years And The Suspects Are Still At Large? -By Bob Cesca
If there can exist a civil authority which is charged with the duty of tapping our phones, reading our mail, tracking the content of our internet activity and then disappearing us based on "evidence" found in these illegal searches and seizures -- AND a large percentage of Americans support this -- then why can't their be an American legal penalty against war crimes?

21.Mar.2007 Impeachment and Patriotism-By Richard W. Behan
We are not a devious, savage + warlike people. With considerable merit we think of Americans as honest, decent + law-abiding, generous, tolerant + humane.

And we are patriotic, devoted to our country and to its ideals of freedom, democracy, peace, justice + honesty in government. Continue

21.Mar.2007 The struggle for oil is not the struggle we are losing -By Nathan Allonby
There is no substantial difference between the morality of the US government and the morality of a drug dealer, violently carving out his turf in Queens or Watts.

This is why violence abounds in US society and why its people live in fear and paranoia. The question is, are we so steeped in evil that there is no way back? Continue
21.Mar.2007House Panel Okays Karl Rove, Harriet Miers Subpoenas: A House panel on Wednesday approved subpoenas for President Bush's political adviser, Karl Rove + other top White House aides,

setting up a constitutional showdown over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

21.Mar.2007 Bush shields aides in lawyer furore : George Bush, the US president, has said he will block any attempts to get his aides to testify under oath over accusations senior government lawyers were fired for political reasons.

21.Mar.2007 Bush rejects Senate 'show trials' : US President George W Bush says he will not allow his advisers to take part in "show trials" in the escalating row over the firing of federal prosecutors.

21.Mar.2007 Inquiry revisits accusations that Justice Dept. protected lawmaker: Four years ago in Asheville, N.C., a lawyer filed a document that contained a scandalous accusation: The U.S. attorney general had intervened in a local bank-fraud case and prevented investigators from questioning one of Congress' most powerful members, Rep. Charles Taylor.

21.Mar.2007 From the Mind That Brought You Torture:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales suddenly finds himself in hot water over the U.S. attorneys scandal, but the truth is, the Senate should never have confirmed him in the first place.

21.Mar.2007 Lawmakers warn FBI on surveillance powers : Agency told it could lose broad spying authority after revelations of abuses

21.Mar.2007 Gore urges US action to avert global warming catastrophe: Former Vice President Al Gore today told the US Congress that climate change posed ``a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilisation and the habitability of the Earth''.

21.Mar.2007 Scientist accuses White House of 'Nazi' tactics:

A government scientist, under sharp questioning by a federal panel for his outspoken views on global warming, stood by his view today that the Bush administration's information policies smacked of Nazi Germany.
US signals support for palace coup to remove Mugabe:

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell has effectively signalled US support for a palace coup to remove Robert Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe.
Formation of new Palestinian government opens diplomatic floodgates: A top EU envoy met with a senior member of the new Palestinian government Wednesday, joining the U.S. in ending a year of ostracism and leaving Israel increasingly isolated in its demand for a total boycott of the Hamas-Fatah coalition.

21.Mar.2007 U.S. ends Palestinian boycott: The USA made its first contact with the new Hamas-Fatah coalition Tuesday, ending a yearlong diplomatic boycott of the Palestinian government.

Israel to snub foreign politicians who meet Hamas ministers: The Israeli government put into force an earlier decision to snub foreign statesmen who meet with Hamas ministers, serving in the cabinet of the Palestinian unity government, local daily Haaretz reported Wednesday.

21.Mar.2007 Obituary : Tanya Reinhart: A versatile Israeli academic, she spoke out against the conflict with Palestine
21.Mar.2007Shimon Peres persuaded France to backdate 1957 nuclear deal with Israel: - A French prime minister who had just lost power backdated his signature on a 1957 document that committed his country to aiding Israel's construction of a nuclear reactor, a new book about Shimon Peres says. Some experts say the move helped Israel acquire atomic weapons

21.Mar.2007 War pimp alert: John Bolton: Military Force Needed to Stop Iran: "I believe that ultimately the only real prospect of getting Iran to give up nuclear weapons is to change the regime," Bolton told reporters.

21.Mar.2007 Leader says Iran will retaliate if attacked: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned on Wednesday Iran would hit back with everything it has if attacked over its nuclear program

21.Mar.2007 Russia denies threats over Iran nuclear plant : Russia has denied a report that it threatened to withhold promised nuclear fuel for Iran's first atomic power plant.

21.Mar.2007 Russia Will Not Support Excessive UN Measures Against Iran: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the lower house of Russia's parliament on Wednesday that Moscow will not support excessive UN measures against Iran over its nuclear "defiance."

21.Mar.2007 Iran 'willing to act illegally' : Iran's supreme leader has warned his country could pursue nuclear activities outside international law if illegal action is taken against it

21.Mar.2007 U.S. concerned by Russian arms sales to Iran,: The USA expressed concern on Wednesday about Russia's arms sales to Iran, Syria and Venezuela and accused Moscow of bullying its neighbors.

21.Mar.2007 US looks to sell arms in Gulf to try to contain Iran: The State Department and the Pentagon are quietly seeking congressional approval for significant new military sales to US allies in the Persian Gulf region.

21.Mar.2007 Iran says to sell oil in 'every currency' : Iran's Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh has said that the Islamic Republic will sell its oil in all currencies.
21.Mar.2007Shaky Musharraf holds only the military card: As Pakistan's judiciary crisis deepens and a political storm escalates as daily developments spin the situation into new dimensions, maintenance of public order is uppermost in the minds of those in the corridors of power at military headquarters in Rawalpindi.
21.Mar.2007Spain judge says Bush and Iraq war allies should face war crimes charges : Garzon called the war in Iraq "one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history." Garzon also criticized those who joined the US president in the war against Iraq as having equally responsible for joining the war effort despite their doubts.

21.Mar.2007 The Architects Of War: Where Are They Now?: President Bush has not fired any of the architects of the Iraq war. In fact, a review of the key planners of the conflict reveals that they have been rewarded — not blamed — for their incompetence.

21.Mar.2007 Saddam Has the Last Laugh : : That's the judgment of a man who spent nine years in Hussein's jails, and, unfortunately, it is one shared by a majority of his countrymen, according to an authoritative poll sponsored jointly by ABC, BBC and USA Today: - Nearly four out of five oppose the presence of coalition forces in Iraq.

21.Mar.2007 The Bring the Troops Home Amendment : Anti-war Democrats Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters will today ask the House Rules Committee to allow consideration of an amendment by Lee to the Iraq War supplemental appropriations bill that would use the power of the purse to force the withdrawal of U.S. troops and contractors from Iraq by the end of this year.

21.Mar.2007 Anti-War Dems Near Defeat on Spending Bill: California Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Lynn Woolsey said that many of their liberal colleagues were caving under pressure from Democratic leaders who, according to at least one congressman, have threatened to block requests for new funds for his district.

21.Mar.2007 Pak tribesmen, al-Qaeda forces clash: 100 killed: Tribesmen loyal to the Pakistani government exchanged mortar and rocket fire with foreign al-Qaeda militants for a third day yesterday, leaving at least 106 people dead, officials said. Pakistani troops also shelled the Uzbek militants sheltering in the mountainous tribal area of South Waziristan,
21.Mar.2007The Problem With Building an Embassy Fit For An Empire: -By Adil E. Shamoo
Congress has appropriated nearly $1 billion to build the largest embassy in the world. A significant portion of that money is for security infrastructure. This future "fortress" is housed in Saddam Hussein's former palace - providing more bad symbolism to the Iraqis.

21.Mar.2007 Riverbend - Baghdad Burning -Audio - Everyone, Americans and British especially, should hear this account of Baghdad under occupation.
A dramatised, searing, first-hand account of life in occupied Baghdad following the invasion of Iraq 00.000.2003 + drawn from the real life internet blog of a young Iraqi woman, known only for security reasons as Riverbend.
Click to listen

21.Mar.2007"Impeachment: I'm Asking You. Do You Think It's Time?" -By Dennis Kucinich
This past week in the Congress of the United States, I noted that the administration has threatened aggressive war against Iran. This is a violation of the UN charter. Charters are treaties. Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States says that treaties are the law of our land, the supreme law of our land. It's illegal to threaten aggressive war against another nation.
Video and transcript

21.Mar.2007 When he does not cooperate (and he will not): IMPEACH. Permalink
21.Mar.2007 Battlefield They intend to lie. There is no other way to interpret Bush's challenge. After employing the usual tactic of burying investigators beneath a mountain of paperwork -- with the choice nuggets floating in a sea of irrelevancies -- Bush has announced that his staffers will not testify; they will be "interviewed" without being under oath. There is but one reason for this refusal to be sworn: They intend to lie. More than that. They would not intend to lie about the prosecutor firings unless they had something dire to hide.
21.Mar.2007 Permalink
21.Mar.2007 For real racism, the institutionalized kind, the kind backed by power, go to Israel.

Here's a snippet from an earlier posting, which I beg my critics to double-check:

As I've noted before, former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky's book By way of Deception reveals that Palestinian captives were subjected to human experimentation at Israel's Nes Ziyyona facility, which is devoted to studying chemical, bacteriological and radiological warfare.

00.000.1950 -In the s- the Israelis conducted massive radiological experiments on Sephardic Jews.

00.000.2000 -In the year- an Israeli medical journal published an article bearing the ominous title "Human experimentation in the Israel Defence Forces--between the hammer of necessity + the anvil of ethics"; it remains untranslated. Experimentation on unwilling human subjects, chosen because they did not conform to the Azhkenazi model. Can't get much more racist than that, can you?
21.Mar.2007 Permalink
21.Mar.2007 Spying ON Cheney? Or bribing BY Cheney?

This piece expands upon an idea I suggested more than a year ago. Why did MZM -- the defense contractor (now called Athena) which, under Mitchell Wade's leadership, gained so much notoriety for its role in the Randy "Duke" Cunningham bribery scandal -- get a White House contract 00.000.2002 to provide office furniture and computer equipment?
21.Mar.2007 Ökologismus » Chemtrails oder “Wer glaubt muss nicht wissen.”

Wenn du etwas behauptest, dann muß man erwarten, daß du auf kritisce Nachfragen antworten kannst. Das erwartet jeder von dir.
21.Mar.2007 Verhaltenskontrolle - HTML-Version
... die die ‚Internationale Verschwörung ‘ in den Medien verbreitet, ...

Douglas Lenz, „Twenty-two Months As a Moonie“, Lutheran Church of Amerika Partners ...

Sep.2005 Schwimmende Häuser: Arche mit Gasanschluss .

28.Sep.2005 Saudi-Arabien: Drogenrazzien an Mädchenschulen.

28.Sep.2005 Tiefseemonster: Erstmals ...
"Die Menschen stoßen pro Jahr etwa 25 Milliarden Tonnen Kohlendioxid aus", so Buchwitz.

"Aus natürlichen Quellen kommen dagegen fast 400 Milliarden Tonnen pro Jahr."

Beides messtechnisch voneinander zu trennen und so den CO2-Ausstoß einzelner Länder zu erfassen, sei kaum möglich.

"Es ist offen, ob eine solche Genauigkeit jemals erreicht wird", sagt der Bremer Forscher

Verdacht über Methan-Quellen erhärtet

Die Daten über Methan sind möglicherweise noch wichtiger als das Kohlendioxid, erklärte Buchwitz.

"Wenn die Dauerfrostböden in kalten Weltregionen auftauen und große Mengen Methan freisetzen, könnte es zum dominanten Treibhausgas werden."

Deshalb sei es wichtig, möglichst genau festzustellen, aus welchen Quellen sich der globale Methan-Haushalt speist.

Nov.2005 Katastrophenhilfe: Indische Kinder drehten Tsunami -Film ...

Nov.2005 Anschwellende Nordsee : Gepanzerte Deiche sollen Flut bremsen ...
00.000.2001 -UNICA News-Summer- Articles in German

He has been twice received the Diploma of Honor granted by the Minister of ... Mohammed Reza Rahmani (IRN); Nr. 717 TWO SISTERS - Bizhan Mir Bagheri (IRN) ...
20060821 What He Wouldn’t Say Before War : Iraq Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With 9/11 - Faiz ...
The Blog | Robert Weissman:

The Boeing Scandal After the Boeing ...

In the elaborate Darleen Druyun affair, Air Force contracting officer Druyun admitted doing a variety of "favors" for Boeing .

In the Pentagon's misguided ...
Wall Street Breakfast-Seeking Alpha

Boeing lost the original tanker contract after it was revealed that former defense department official Darleen Druyun + former Boeing CFO Mike Sears had ...
American Polygraph Association

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - A former official at Boeing has pleaded guilty to ... after he was found to have hired Air Force official Darleen Druyun illegally.
NewsFollowUp, TransparencyPlanet, promote govt/biz transparency ... ... for Research on Globalization, transcript of O'neill's CBS 60 Minutes interview. ...

Pogo Project on Government Oversight, Darleen Druyun, Boeing, ...

Feb.2007 Boeing biography .ms After Darleen Druyun, an ex-Pentagon ...

00.Apr.2006 Drumheller first broke his silence CBS ' 60 minutes.

Aug.2004 IEC Journal ... delay of sentencing of ex- Boeing employee, Darlene Druyun, until

01.Oct.200-..+ ex-Air Force acquisition official, Darleen Druyun ...
Browse Presentations New Users Browser Presentation Login Help ...

Michael Sears, Darleen Druyun ; favoritism/employment scandal ...

Reaches - Justice Department Reaches $650 Million Settlement With the Boeing Company Based ...
The world's top Employment websites After Darleen Druyun, an ex-Pentagon procurement staffer came into the employ of Boeing, it was discovered that there may have been a conflict of interest ...

21.Mar.2007 Introduction ...

Roots of the CIA in collaboration with actual NAZIS, prior to and during WWII.;

Pentagon plans for partial militarization of civilian sector, ...
20041021 Bringing it Home to the USA: The Gestapo Roots of the CIA

Like many of the big capitalists, the Dulles brothers were anti-Jewish Nazi sympathizers.
2004081517 Bringing it Home to the USA : The Gestapo Roots of the CIA ...8 VII. Oodles of poodles...9 VIII. The Perpetuum Mobile of Poli Sci. 11 IX.

21.Mar.2007 United Kingdom Environmental Law Association Insurance and ... - HTML-Version
Joanna Enwright, Ashurst Morris Crisp/Alan Fieldsend, Clarks Solicitors ... Mike Balmer, Willis/Adrian Blomfield, Ashurst Morris Crisp/Cristin K ...
Helen Loose, Ashurst Morris Crisp . Elizabeth Lowe, The Wellcome Trust. Liz Loughran, Bristows ... Michelle Turner, Ashurst Morris Crisp (for Helen Loose) ...

21.Mar.2007 The WTC-Conspiracy

Der Bush-Putsch.

Mit seitenweiser Faktenhuberei über das Drama des WTC-Einsturzes versucht der "Spiegel" zu erklären, "Was wirklich geschah" - als ob die ...
Captain America and the Crusade against Evil: The Dilemma of ... In

00.Feb.2002 the cover of Der Spiegel depicted “the Bush Warriors” ( die Bush Krieger ).

Dick Cheney was portrayed as the Terminator,

Colin Powell as ...
Dr. Rath Health Foundation The article also highlights the fact that George Bush senior, Vice president under.
Reagan and president during the first Iraq war, had been on the board of ...


Sep.2005 New twist on aid for Iraq : U.S. seeks donations: Contributors have no
... Vater George Bush senior + der beiden Ex-Präsidenten Carter + Nixon. ...
220403antiwarblogg We demand a criminal prosecution of the U.S. government and of the governments
that assist them in the war against Iraq . We, the signing state that the war, ...

21.Mar.2007 Junto a ese hombre nacido en Durango, operaron un par de traficantes que con el tiempo se volvieron legendarios: Pedro Avilés Pérez, de Sonora, ...

Articles: Reconceptualizing the Illegal Narcotics Trade and Its ...

Plaza Overstretch:

00.000.1960 -in the late s- Pedro Aviles Pérez + Pablo Acosta. Pedro Aviles Pérez emerged from Sinaloa as a major transporter of more ... Profile For Enrique Caro Jr.: Reviews

This movie CODE 7 is the story of the effort by the Mexican Army to bring down real life drug kingpin Pedro Aviles Perez, played by Jorge Reynoso.
Brookings Institution Press, Coming Together?, Mexico-U.S. Relations

Although Operation Condor pushed some prominent traffickers out of the business such as Pedro Aviles Perez of Sinaloa it also tended to strengthen the ...
mQh Pobre o no, Guzmán era sobrino del difunto Pedro Avilés Pérez, el padre fundador del cartel de drogas de Sinaloa. Finalmente entró a su planilla de pago ...

Sinaloa ... Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman; Amado Carrillo “El Señor de Los Cielos”; Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo; Ismael “El Mayo “Zambada; pedro aviles perez ...

Drug lords and narco-corruption: The players change but the game ...
by Pedro Aviles Perez in Culiacan, Manuel Carrasco in the Big Bend country ...

Pedro Aviles Perez + Pablo Acosta who rose in the old-time bandido la plaza ...
PEDRO AVILES PEREZ . TAXI. 316. 947. 3077. 5009. VICENTE HERNANDEZ REYES. TAXI. 316. 948. 2091. 7011. ARTURO MEZA LOY. TAXI. 316. 949. 2963. 4465 ... - Master of Elusion

Poor or not, Guzman was a nephew of the late Pedro Aviles Perez, a founding father of the Sinaloa drug cartel. He eventually joined its payroll as an ...
20050116 La metamorfosis del ‘narco’... en Durango, operaron un par de traficantes que con el tiempo se volvieron legendarios: Pedro Avilés Pérez, de Sonora, ...
MAFIOSOS LUJAN Se trataba de Pedro Avilés Pérez 21.Mar.2007 Alberto Sicilia Falcón, respectivamente, para quienes trabajaba Juan Ramón Matta Ballesteros, más tarde socio de Miguel ...


Oct.2006 Verhütungsmittel: Forscher testen Pille für den Ratten- Mann .

30.Oct.2006 Bagdad: Bombenanschlag auf Tagelöhner - viele Tote ...

The USA.

Is in fact a. Cult leader in the Presidential Office.

View a sign of the Resident in Office Secret Skulls&Bones Cult ...
21.Mar.2007 :: Thema anzeigen - Unerklärliche Erhöhung der ...

Fehler machen immer die Anderen, ihr ( Geheimbund ) seid wohl die Heiligen. ... aber auch Mitglied in dem Geheimclub, was ja auch berechtigt ist- er hat- ...
20041026 So gehörte Präsident Bush senior dem Geheimclub ebenso an wie der ...

So soll der Geheimbund über die sterblichen Überreste des Indianerhäuptlings Geronimo ...
FORUM SCHLACHTSCHIFF.COM | Die Schiffe der deutschen Kriegsmarine

Weder führen die Freimauerer als Geheimbund die Welt,

noch haben die Juden sozusagen als Geheimclub den Kommunismus als Vehikel der politischen Steuerung
Politik-Forum Politik FOCUS Online

John Kerry war dagegen eine Art Traumkandidat für den Geheimclub :aktiv in drei ...

... der Großloge der "Alten Freien und Angenommenen Maurer von Deutschland ".
Blog archive In der Öffentlichkeit tritt der Geheimbund als "Russel Trust Association" auf.

Die "Bohemian Grove" gilt vielen als der ungewöhnlichste Geheimclub des ...

Eine verschworene Gesellschaft? Skull & ...

Die "Bohemian Grove" gilt vielen als der ungewöhnlichste Geheimclub des ...

Dabei wurde auch seiner Aufnahme in den Yale- Geheimbund "Skull&Bones" gedacht, ...!72ACA3C1F757BCE4!1491.entry

Hexen-Brett ::-Engelwerk Handbuch gesucht!

Es ist halt ein Geheimclub . Die Riten sind ziemlich abenteuerlich bishin zu ...

Russell lebte auch ein Jahr in Deutschland . Dort kam er sicher auch mit ...

ALIEN.DE - Forum | Geheime Dinge dieser Welt | Illuminati ...

Es gab tatsächlich mal einen Geheimbund mit diesem Namen,

... dass diese, nachdem sie in Deutschland verboten wurden nach Amerika ausgewandert sein sollen.
Magus: Die Erleuchtung - Spielerverein der Freunde des Gepflegten ...

Dabei wurde auch seiner Aufnahme in den Yale- Geheimbund "Skull&Bones" gedacht, ... dass "Skull & Bones"-Leute sowohl die Nazis in Deutschland als auch die ...
21.Mar.2007 FORUM SCHLACHTSCHIFF.COM | Die Schiffe der deutschen Kriegsmarine

Weder führen die Freimauerer als Geheimbund die Welt, noch haben die Juden sozusagen als Geheimclub den Kommunismus als Vehikel der politischen Steuerung ...

“Ich habe diesen Krieg nicht gewollt."

Seinen Kanzler Bethmann Hollweg fragte ...

Wenn Wilhelm II . ganz offiziell war, dann beschimpfte er den Reichstag als ...
NRW 2000 - Wilhelm II.

Die Novemberrevolution

00.Nov.1918 beendete den Krieg + die Amtszeit Wilhelms II.

Das Frontheer stand nicht mehr hinter ihm, seine Kommandos wurden nicht mehr beachtet ...

Okt.2004 Timeline on Missing Explosives in Iraq: AP's timeline on the explosives ...

Sep.2001 intercepts included (terrorist) money laundering, detailed + ...
21.Mar.2007 | Je mehr Eingesperrte - desto mehr Gewinn ...

war 1996 jeder dritte US- amerikanische Schwarze (Mann) zwischen 20 und 29 ...

Deutsche Bank, Baukonzerne, NRW & Hessen. Handelsblatt 09.04.2003 - 11:37 ...

Dec.2005 Fonds in Not: Deutsche Bank verspricht Anlegerentschädigung ...

Dec.2005 GOP Seeks Quick Passage of Anti-Constitution, Imperial Presidency, ...
Vault Crowe Chizek and Company. Deloitte & Touche USA LLP. Dixon Hughes PLLC ... Consolidated Edison . Dynegy Inc. Edison International. Entergy Corporation. Exelon ...
Search the Opinions of the New York Court of Appeals RESPONDENTS + SILVERSTEIN PROPERTIES, INC., ET AL., INTERVENORS- RESPONDENTS. ...

World Trade Center Site Litigation ... Verizon Communications, Consolidated Edison, the Silverstein Entities + the ...

the ES&H Plan, the DDC + FDNY, as co-incident commanders at the site, together ...
deferredreport ... New York Central case (New York Central & Hudson RR Co . v United States ...

00.Nov.1994 Consolidated Edison was convicted of environmental crimes + ...
21.Mar.2007 Jungle World 18/2002

1997 lud Quintero einen Journalisten der Washington Post ein. ... Rafael Caro Quintero kümmerte sich damals um den Einkauf von Waffen. Das Tijuana-Kartell
CARO QUINTERO RAFAEL . Mexico 1984-1990 ... Washington Post 1990-07-05 (A9); Washington Post 1990-07-07 (A11); Washington Post 1990-07-16 (A16) ..
The Narco-State

Both The New York Times + The Washington Post have assigned special ...

Caro Quintero had made a fortune running marijuana and cocaine into the United ... 20050209

Feb.2005 Washington, auf dessen Beistand Ankara hoffen mag, ...

Just one CIA drug ring, that of Rafael Caro Quintero + Miguel Angel Felix ..of CIA),Felix ... - 545
Central Intelligence Agency-The New York Times- Narrowed by ...

The Washington Report: Video: C.I.A. Closes bin Laden Unit ... Your search for QUINTERO, RAFAEL CARO in Central Intelligence Agency returned 1 articles ...
Illegal Narcotics and their Impact on Society

Today's Washington Post gives us a story under the crime + justice heading of ...

Certainly one of our major wanted individuals is Rafael Caro - Quintero .
Reno Contradicts U.S. Drug Report Insight on the News - Find Articles

... later to the Washington Post -- the allegations it contained against Mexico's ... Amexcua-Contreras, Rafael Caro - Quintero and Vicente Archivio terrorismo

Rafael Caro Quintero. Secondo l'agente della CIA Laurence Victor Harrison, Matta e due membri ... Secondo un articolo del Washington Post del

05.Jul.1990 ...
News from DEA, Congressional Testimony,


00.000.1985 -after the imprisonment of his brother, Rafael Caro-Quintero- Miguel Angel Caro-Quintero became the head of the Caro - Quintero organization ...
The World Trade Center Attack(s) - An Update

... Company, St Paul F&M Insurance Co and Royal Indemnity, sought partial summary ... Consolidated Edison (energy supplier) + five of its insurers have sued the NY ...

Terrorism Coverage Lawsuits ... Case : Business Insurance reported that Silverstein Properties ...

Insurance + the New York Times reported that Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc. ...

Chambers and Partners : Chambers USA Guide Editorial

... leaseholder of the WTC, Silverstein Properties, in insurance litigation + ... dollar conclusion for Con Edison to a case arising from a terminated merger ... chambers and ?cid=392%0D%0A&pid=395 - 203



... of a Lloyds' insuree, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

... arrangement with Larry Silverstein + Silverstein Properties, including a claim ... alfatomega.com20060609.html

Judge Hunter's Opinions*

... failure to prove a prima facie case + failure to prosecute.

JURY TRIAL: DAMAGES ONLY ... Arana v. Enterprise Leasing Co . and Peguero Rigoberto. Index No. ... ... NAS-GW - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS25 UCB - University ... AS1931 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS1932 CONED - Consolidated Edison Co . of New York, Inc.

as1 lvlt-1 - level 3 communications, inc. as3 mit-gateways ... NAS-GW-National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS25 UCB - University ... AS1931 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS1932 CONED -

Consolidated Edison Co . of New York, Inc. ...


CRP 1996 Profile: John D. Rockefeller IV JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV (D-WV) Detailed Contributor Breakdown.

00.000.1996 ELECTION CYCLE ... Energy/Nat Resource: $157,800. Finance/Insur/RealEst: $514,636. Health: ...
21.Mar.2007 Glock Talk - Abramoff the gift that keeps giving ... the Florida gang-style murder of SunCruz Casinos owner Konstantinos Boulis ...

The Saturday Night Special Forum, ---- Walther Forum, ---- Beretta Club ...

00.Jan.2006 49164 The Uncooperative Blogger> Walther, who has close ties to Senate Minority Leader Harry M. ... Indian tribes he represented and people connected to his SunCruz casino boat company.
rbc online banking 9 9

suncruz taxes game · friday ads uk · attorney death manhattan wrongful ... business walther accounting machines · student financial help ...
00.Jan.2006 -100 monkeys typing-Archives Steven T. Walther, of Nevada, to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission.

... in connection with his purchase of the SunCruz casino boat line, ...
21.Mar.2007 Capital Eye - PRESS CLIPS ... connection to his

00.000.2000 purchase of SunCruz Casinos, a gambling boat company. ... The third nominee, Steven Walther is a Nevada lawyer with close ties to ...
Reform Reporter As part of their purchase agreement with SunCruz owner Konstantinos Boulis, ... nominated Steven Walther, a lawyer with close ties to Senator Harry Reid.

Buchempfehlungen Faschismus: Der Nationalsozialismus - Buchladen ...

Ernst Fraenkel: Der Doppelstaat . Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Alexander ... Ernst Fraenkels " Doppelstaat " ist ein Klassiker, ein Standardwerk über die ...
21.Mar.2007 Für die Selbsterneuerung der Menschheit : zum einhundertsten ...

Sein ehemaliger Kriegskamerad Reichwein erfuhr an seiner eigenen Person, was dieser „ Doppelstaat " in der Realität bedeuten sollte. ...
21.Mar.2007 Ernst Fraenkel - Nationalsozialismus und Widerstand ...

Im Mittelpunkt steht eines seiner Hauptwerke, der 1941 auf englisch, 1974 auf deutsch erschienene " Doppelstaat ". Erstmals wird in diesem Band der von ...
21.Mar.2007 Die Justiz im Dritten Reich Der Doppelstaat setzte sich nach der Definition Fraenkels aus dem ...

So wandelte sich, nach Fraenkels Definition, der Doppelstaat zum Polizeistaat.

21.Mar.2007 akj Behemoth/Doppelstaat : Gegenkonzepte oder historische Fortsetzung?

... 2Ernst Fraenkel, Der Doppelstaat . Recht und Justiz im „Dritten Reich“, Frankfurt/M. ...
freischler 1/2004 - index „Der Doppelstaat “ kann jedoch als sein Hauptwerk bezeichnet werden.

00.000.1938 -Bis zu seiner Emigration- entstand die Urform dieses Werks.
21.Mar.2007 Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung Ernst Fraenkels ' Doppelstaat ' Reconsidered. 3. -

04.Apr.2003 Tagungsprogramm ... Fraenkels ' Doppelstaat ' als Analyse des NS-Regimes ...'435'

Dass einige Dinosaurier Nester ausgruben, um ihre Eier darin zu verstecken, ist seit längerem bekannt. Auch fleischfressende Reptilien mit der Sammelbezeichung Cynodontier, Vorfahren der Säugetiere, sollen zum Teil unterirdisch gehaust haben. Sie kamen erstmals in der Trias vor. Das Thrinaxodon ist eines der Reptilien, das sich Erdhöhlen gebuddelt haben soll.

Erstmals haben Wissenschaftler nun jedoch Fossilien von Sauriern gefunden, die über zwei Meter tiefe Löcher ausgruben, um darin ihre Jungen zu schützen, wie die Forscher vermuten.

Die Bauten hätten den Wirbeltieren auch das Überleben in extremer Kälte oder Hitze ermöglicht.
Sorge um Konjunktur: US- Notenbank belässt Zinsen bei 5,25 Prozent

21.Mar.2007 Chrysler: Kaufinteressenten stehen Schlange
21.Mar.2007 Sozialstudie: Kein Entkommen aus der Armutsfalle

21.Mar.2007 Fatale Übungsfahrt: Zwei Matrosen bei Unfall auf Atom- U-Boot getötet
21.Mar.2007 Präsidentschaftswahlen: Chirac gibt Sarkozy Rückendeckung

21.Mar.2007 Geiselbefreiung in Afghanistan: Deutsche verärgert über Deal mit Taliban
21.Mar.2007 Haushaltspläne: Britischer Finanzminister überrascht mit Steuergeschenken
21.Mar.2007 Rechtsextremismus: Friedman- Leibwächter schon früher unter Nazi- Verdacht
21.Mar.2007 Medizin: Gewebegesetz wird überarbeitet
21.Mar.2007 Atomkraftwerk Forsmark: Entwarnung nach Bombendrohung
21.Mar.2007 Autobahn im Urwald: EU- Kommission verklagt Polen wegen Bauprojekt
21.Mar.2007 Computermodell: Forscher simulieren Atomangriff auf US- Städte
21.Mar.2007 Islamisten- Jagd an Unis: "Einen IM Hochschul- Schnüffler wollen wir nicht"

21.Mar.2007 EU- Verschwendung: Viel Geld, viel Unsinn
21.Mar.2007 Klage der Linksfraktion: Verfassungsgericht prüft Eilantrag gegen Tornado- Einsatz

21.Mar.2007 Gasplanet: Faszinierende Videos vom Saturn
21.Mar.2007 EU- Milliarden: Bauern wehren sich gegen Betrugsvorwurf

21.Mar.2007 Justiz- Skandal: Sturm der Entrüstung über Koran- Richterin
21.Mar.2007 Manager- Umfrage: Junge Führungskräfte schwärmen für Standort Deutschland
21.Mar.2007 UN- Bildungsbericht für Deutschland: Die Ergebnisse des Muñoz- Berichts
21.Mar.2007 Milliardensegen: Kommunen schaffen erstes Etatplus seit 2000
21.Mar.2007 Überraschender Fund: Dinosaurier grub sich eigene Höhle

21.Mar.2007 Personenschützer: Friedman- Bewacher soll Holocaust geleugnet haben
21.Mar.2007 Justiz- Skandal: Gewalt- Rechtfertigung mit Koran - Richterin abgezogen
21.Mar.2007 Konjunktur: Trichet erwartet robustes Wachstum für die Eurozone
21.Mar.2007 Gasproms umstrittener Wolkenkratzer: Der Mega- Maiskolben wackelt

21.Mar.2007 Saufgelage im Ferienjet: Passagier setzt Randalierer außer Gefecht
21.Mar.2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Verbraucherschutz gegen Anglizismen"
21.Mar.2007 Die Linke: Kader der Arbeitsgesellschaft
21.Mar.2007 US- Justizminister Gonzales: Bushs Erfüllungsgehilfe unter Druck

21.Mar.2007 Rüge vom Uno- Vertreter: Deutsche Schule benachteiligt Migranten und Behinderte

21.Mar.2007 Zwiebelfischchen: Gleich geht die Wahnanlage los!
21.Mar.2007 Treibhausgase: Satellit zeigt Quellen der Klimakiller
21.Mar.2007 0,54 Prozent mehr: Weniger Geld für Rentner - trotz Rentenerhöhung
21.Mar.2007 Massenentlassung von Anwälten: Bush will Anhörung seiner Mitarbeiter unter Eid verhindern
21.Mar.2007 Missbrauchte Subventionen: Bauern linken die EU im großen Stil

21.Mar.2007 Raketenschirm: Merkel mahnt Europa zur Einigkeit gegenüber US- Plänen

21.Mar.2007 Klimasünder: Porsche ist Spitze beim CO2- Ausstoß
20.Mar.2007 Irak: Aufständische setzten angeblich Kinder für Anschlag ein
20.Mar.2007 Royal Gazette Oil tycoon John Deuss arrives for a court appearance this week ...

1988, from the Brent field of the North Sea – some 25 million barrels worth $425 million.
A printer friendly article from the Royal Gazette Deuss paid off the mortgage on the party's headquarters a few years ago, ...

1988, from the Brent field of the North Sea – some 25 million barrels worth ...

The New York Times: Search > Topic: SUN CO


John Deuss, the Dutch oil trader whose attempt to corner the January market for North Sea Brent crude cost him $200 million, will more than make up ...
20060913 But then Chevron got hit by a nasty surprise in the guise of John Deuss . ...

Brent Budowsky: My Letter to the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company ...
PEHI - Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions - Le Cercle ...

Shackley was hired by oil baron John Deuss to organise shipments of oil to ... that all nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea – including those in North ...

Typically, North Sea oil fetches more than Arabian crude . ...

00.000.1988 a secretive Dutch oil trader, John Deuss, sought to “ corner ” the market.
00.Mar.2007 -Climate Crisis Coalition-Daily News> Charlie Crist became the first Florida governor to talk extensively about ...

... needed to rebuild depleted stocks + prevent the collapse of other stocks, ...

21.Mar.2007 OpEdNews.Com Progressive, Tough Liberal News and Opinion Home Page

Charlie Crist is making Voting Rights history by moving ahead on restoring ... leak and the role of Joe Wilson in discrediting the Niger/Uranium connection?

Nov.2006 Depleted uranium risk 'ignored' UK and US forces continue to use ... and honesty of the Republican front runner for governor, Charlie Crist ? ... - 452

Feb.2007 By Cathy Garger - Depleted Uranium Poison Targets US Citizens ... Charlie Crist wants every county to switch to paper ballots by ... -
Kommentare zu: Bucks for Iraq

Kein Wunder, daß die USA pleite sind, erst so ca. 700.000.000,- Dollar in den Sand setzen, ohne Personalkosten + dann die Sache mit einem einfachen ...
Wann sind die USA offiziell finanziell pleite? Internationale Einsätze gegen den "Terrorismus" hier und da und fast um den ganzen Globus. ...
21.Mar.2007 Klaus J. Stöhlker AG » Blog Archive » Wann gehen die USA pleite?

Grossbritannien ging am 2. Weltkrieg pleite.

Es wurde zwar von den USA finanziert, diese trieben aber ihre Darlehen nach dem Krieg gnadenlos wieder ein.–pleite/
Microlearning: an emerging field in science
An event is an occurrence or happening at a given place and time.

Computer games represent a much deeper innovation than even the gamer communi- ...
21.Mar.2007 - Delta Air Lines vor Pleite - 70'000 Arbeitsplätze in Gefahr

Die amerikanische ... und die Unwetter in den USA die Ertragslage massiv
Fenster ins Netz - Pleite wegen Kindersex

01.Mär.2007 12:04:15. Kreuz Dem Bistum San Diego ( USA ) stehen rund 150 Klagen wegen Kindsmissbrauch ins Haus, ...
Context XXI › Zwischen High Society und Naziszene ...

Weil die USA pleite waren.

Sie brauchten einen Vorwand für ein paar Kriege und jetzt geht’s ihnen wieder gut.

Kaum zu glauben, dass solche kruden Theorien ...
Boden für Crash an Wall St. im vierten Quartal bereitet, USA also ...

Die USA sind also faktisch pleite.

Ein Unternehmen müsste jedenfalls Insolvenz beantragen, wenn seine Schulden so hoch sind wie der Jahresumsatz.
Der USA Bären-Thread - ARIVA.DE

Die Angst vor einem Immobiliencrash in den USA verstärkt sich:

Der Hypothekenanbieter New Century steht nach Einschätzung von Analysten kurz vor der Pleite.
Forex Daytrading Aktien CFD Futures Realtime DAX AktienKurse ...

In den vergangenen Monaten sind daher bereits über zwei Dutzend Hypothekenbanken in den USA pleite gegangen.

Sollte der Trend anhalten, könnte das auch die ...
Texte 2004

17.Jun.2004 Sozialdemokraten, USA : Pleite droht. Boß zu blöd? Pressekommentar von Thomas Immanuel Steinberg.

11.Jun.2004 Neue Irakfahne ...
Die Toten Hosen//Songtexte

Der Mord an Vicky Morgan wurde niemals aufgeklärt.

Der Mord an Vicky Morgan war dem Weissen Haus viel wert. Und als ihr teuerster Freier an Herpes starb, ...
Biography of Benjamin Harrison

00.000.1889-00.000.1893 Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States ).
20.Mar.2007 U.S. Attorney's firing may be linked to CIA probe 

Fired San Diego U.S. attorney Carol Lam notified the Justice Department that she intended to execute search warrants on a high-ranking CIA official as part of a corruption probe

the day before a Justice Department official sent an e-mail that said Lam needed to be fired, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Sunday. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Mar.2007 Jury awards Procter & Gamble $19.25 million in lawsuit over Satanism rumors Procter & Gamble Co. has won a jury award of $19.25 million in a civil lawsuit filed against four former Amway distributors accused of spreading false rumors linking the company to Satanism to advance their own business.posted by Prof. Hex
20.Mar.2007 Rewriting History: America and the Vikings 

The Vinland Mappa Mundi + the Kensington Runestone are just two pieces of a puzzle that point to Viking explorers having prospered in North America

long before Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered the New World. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Mar.2007 It's the Real Thing  Rigorous Intuition is thirsty for knowledge. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Mar.2007 Meanwhile... During recent military operations in the Old City of Nablus, Israeli soldiers forced at least three Palestinians at gun point, two of them children, to assist in searching apartments for suspects. International humanitarian law prohibits a party to a conflict from using the civilian population or individual civilians in order to attempt to shield military operations. Obviously, those Israeli soldiers did not view those Palestinian civilians as human beings, worthy of the standard protections offered by international law.
20.Mar.2007 In the Palestinian city of Hebron, Israeli settlers whose behavior is indistinguishable from that of Hitler's goons, assailed a 57 year-old Danish human rights activist named Anna Maria, calling her a "Nazi" simply because she was trying to protect Palestinian children from being brutalized. Israeli police arrested not the assailants, but Maria.
20.Mar.2007 Why was U.S. Attorney Carol Lam Fired? Here are a Few Political Possibilities. Tell Us What You Think the Reason Was. -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Leahy to White House: Tell the Truth Under Oath or We Will Subpoena the Truth out of Rove and the Rest of You

20.Mar.2007 The Last Throes Of The Republican Insurgency -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Bush Fascism Deco Magnet-Poster Set. Check it out!

20.Mar.2007 The White House will allow Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to be interviewed by committees probing the firings of U.S. attorneys, but not under oath. In short, as usual, they are telling Congress that Busheviks can only speak if they have a license to lie. 3/21

20.Mar.2007 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Bush Pledges to Send More GIs to Their Death By Vetoing Any Timeline to End His Disastrous War
The House Judiciary Committee said John Conyers Jr. and Linda Sanchez would seek the authority to subpoena White House adviser Karl Rove and former White House counsel Harriet Miers 3/21
Only 10% in U.S. See Iran as Immediate Threat

20.Mar.2007 Get These Military Guns Out of Your Commmunity
20.Mar.2007 Permalink
20.Mar.2007 Soros on AIPAC Well-worth reading.
Owner Grupo Mexico
Regional Mexicana Ringtones - Ringtones For Motorola - Lg 8300 .. ... To Traducción, Brent Kovar (owner Skyways ... a Mexican arrest warrant for Environmental ...


Arrest Warrant Issued for Suspect in ... has appointed Brent C Kovar to serve as ...
LP: DC 9 CARRYING 5.5 TONS OF COCAINE WAS CIA PLANE [Goss, Negroponte, 9/11 Plot]
Liberty Post: DC 9 CARRYING 5.5 TONS OF COCAINE WAS CIA PLANE [ ... DEVELOPING!... Arrest Warrant Issued for ... Kovar + told us us Kovar and his son Brent ...
Wayne Madsen Report - News Archives - April 8-26, 2006
Political news and views and intelligence from deep inside the Washington Beltway. ... police did arrest the co-pilot ...

00.000.2000 by Mr. Brent Kovar ...
Discussion: The 9/11 Faith Movement -- In These Times
{body} ... The arrest of Zacharias Moussaoui ... a FISA Warrant to examine ... terrorist attacks warrant the release ...
Mystery Surrounds Plane Filled With 5.5 Tons Of Cocaine | The Agonist
User login. Username: Password: Navigation. Team Agonist. ... and the arrest of the ... appointed Brent C, Kovar, to ...
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane arriving from Venezuela?
location: B14492/Wed, 12 Apr 2006 08:30:32/"War on ... managed to arrest the plane's co ... question is Brent Kovar, owner of ... Brent Kovar really did it ...
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane arriving from Venezuela?
GNN's first feature film now out on DVD. B14492. rank: ... managed to arrest the plane's co ... question is Brent Kovar, owner of ... Brent Kovar really did it ...
Campeche 4.10.06
¢A $ H øµt. & links. [ Edwin Wilson's heirs smuggle cocaine w/co. ... owned by Brent Kovar called Skyway ... an international arrest warrant, raided the ...
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane from arriving from Venezuela?
Forum : Miscellaneous. Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine ... by Messieurs Kovar and Hansen ... brief to arrest Marc Rich ... without a warrant, on instructions ...
Pirate News TV
Unpirated and uncensored Community Access TV in Knoxville, ... subject of an arrest warrant for smuggling computer ... has appointed Brent C Kovar to serve as ...

Entschädigung abgeschlossen: Versicherungen zahlen Millionen an Holocaust- Opfer
20.Mar.2007 Galileo am Start: Vertrag für Satellitenprojekt perfekt
20.Mar.2007 Italien: Tränen bei Schlag gegen Neapels Mafiaclans

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".. mpfen sich so verbissen wie lange nicht mehr.

27.Apr.2005 USA: Kalter Krieg im amerikanischen Senat

27.Apr.2005 Jungfernflug des A380: Der Super-Airbus fliegt

27.Apr.2005 Angstsparen: Deutsche konsumieren weniger

27.Apr.2005 Intelligente Maschinen: Roboter pflegen Etikette

27.Apr.2005 Another View Of Nuclear Israel + The Middle East Arms Race ...

The executive director of the group was Dr. Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre who has maintained close ties ...

27.Apr.2005 Bartrcops JFK ... headed by a Karol Sitko + (ibid.): ...

2002. 8 pazdziernika 2003 r. nr 41. Szubinianie protestuja. Po raz kolejny do nakielskiego starostwa wplynal protest mieszkanców gminy Szubin ... religia), Iwona Witkowska (jezyk polski) i Karol Sitko (wychowanie fizyczne). Szkola w Kosowie przygotowuje sie ...

27.Apr.2005 William Herbert Hunt - dKosopedia William Herbert Hunt. From dKosopedia, the free political encyclopedia. VERY ROUGHED IN ITITAL ENTRY. William Herbert Hunt - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Multimillionaire + brother to Nelson Bunker Hunt ... National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ... Sitko was also the organizer for the West German ...

Peeling back the discrepancy between what is said, + what is true.

About Me. Name:George A. Wojtowycz. Location:Syracuse, New York, USA. Ukrainian born in Phillie. Previous Posts. Thursday,

February 17, 2005. Oh Really? ... National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ... Sitko was also the organizer for the West German ...

National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ... Sitko was also the organizer for the West German ...

The Council for National Policy. Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles. Part II ~ H - M ...

National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ... Sitko was also the organizer for the West German ... National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ... Sitko was also the organizer for the West German ...

WWII.00.000.1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren:Kriegsende "Hungernd den Stümpern zugesehen"

27.Apr.2005 Konjunkturschwäche: Bundesagentur für Arbeit rechnet mit Milliardenloch

27.Apr.2005 Kapitalismusdebatte: Müntefering .."

20041108 And could that indoctrination have had any bearing on her later investment in ES&S?

The Hunt family tends to assoicate with people who are even less fond of democracy. William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt provided start-up money for the Council on National Policy, a far-right power group devoted to such lovely causes as eugenics. Their associates included prominent post-WWII fascist Karol Sitko as well as various associates of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has made no secret of his theocratic ambitions. I have no knowledge that Carolyn ever had any link to this unsavory wonders...

URL: 08.Nov.2004 Perfect numbers From the Daily Kos: The votes are still being counted in Ohio. If the provisional ballots narrow the gap to a .."

20.Mar.20007 Cory C. Sitko "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein. My Places. Imagine Casting. TV Places. TWoP · TV Tattle. Geek Places ...
Abandoned When Sitko catches Kerric off guard, it is explained that he has been hired ... Sitko uses his reporter's resources to learn that the sister was killed by ...
2005041827 The executive director of the group was Dr. Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre ... National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko .
20061203 ... Manufacturers Hanover Bank, Transworld Oil, Quantlabs + a number of large ... Dec.2006 Terrorist case against Denver family ended -By Bruce Finley ...
WIRED Blogs: 27B Stroke 6 VaporStream will also be available for mobile gadgets such as BlackBerrys.

Anyone who has ever filed a FOIA with a government agency for any sort of ...
20.Mar.2007 "339 US 382" OR "COMMUNICATIONS ASSN v DOUDS" - Justia Blawg Search

Freedom of Information & Open Government Blog Blog Post ... advice professional+services)Homepage - VaporStream Send "recordless" electronic messages.
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20050331 20050331 20050331 Straussianism offers more questions than answers
20.Mar.2007 Submission to the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Inquiry Ari Ben ... - View as HTML
transfer of arms to Iran, Richard Babayan, a contract operative for the CIA, received a ... Yours sincerely. Marshall Wilson .
Paul? Hey Paul,stick your head out Paul. Hadron Inc's Earl Brian gives $6 million cheque to Richard Babayan, ... Yours sincerely Marshall Wilson . Mr Wolfowitz's career blossomed during the Reagan ...

20041210. Simple Entropy Search in all of hit tracker ...

... falls der Regisseur »durch Krankheit, Tod oder ähnlichen Grund nicht zur ... 150 Der Doppelstaat .

Um die Theorie von der begrenzten Kompetenz der ...
Die politische Ordnung der Volksgemeinschaft. Ernst Fraenkels ... - HTML-Version
ist zum ersten Mal der Ur- Doppelstaat veröffentlicht worden, ... nicht um eine bloß temporäre Außerkraftsetzung der staatsbürgerlichen Grund - ...
148_151_Doppelstaat, Fraenkel, Ernst, USA 1940

150 Der Doppelstaat .

Um die Theorie von der begrenzten Kompetenz der politischen Instanzen zu ...

Der innere Grund hierfür ist aber sicher darin zu suchen, ...
akj „Der Doppelstaat “ kann jedoch als sein Hauptwerk bezeichnet werden. ... dass der Regisseur „durch Krankheit, Tod oder einen ähnlichen Grund nicht zur ...
Wissenschaft als Therapie - HTML-Version
„Der Doppelstaat “ kann jedoch als sein Hauptwerk bezeich-. net werden. ... nen weiteren Grund jener Ablehnung,. der tiefer in die Funktionslogik des ...
Die Justiz im “Dritten Reich”

Der Doppelstaat setzte sich nach der Definition Fraenkels aus dem Maßnahmenstaat und ...

Der erste Grund sei in der Theorielosigkeit der Juristen zu suchen.
Es gibt also Grund genug für. uns, die Demonstrationen und das ... etwas vom „ Doppelstaat “ gehört.

Dass nämlich das führererklärte Aus-nahme-Als-Ob-Recht, ...
Willkommen beim grundrechtekomitee

Und wie es sich darum grundgesetzgemäß auf dem Fundament der Grund - und Menschenrechte verhalten ... Als hätten sie nie etwas vom „ Doppelstaat “ gehört. W. Gruner: Zwangsarbeit und Verfolgung Gruner, Wolf: Zwangsarbeit ... - HTML-Version
des Konzept Heydrichs wurde zur Grund- ...

Diese Interpretation folgt dem „ Doppelstaat “-Modell ... Fraenkel, Der Doppelstaat (Studien zur Gesellschafts- ...
Die Nazi-Vergangenheit wird aus gegenwaertigen Interessen vertuscht

Und wie es sich darum grundgesetzgemäß auf dem Fundament der Grund - und ... " Doppelstaat " gehört. Dass nämlich das führererklärte Ausnahme-Als-Ob- ...
20.Mar.2007 Justiz- Skandal: Deutsche Richterin rechtfertigt eheliche Gewalt mit Koran
US- Justizaffäre: Bush nimmt Minister Gonzales in Schutz
Raketenschirm: Beck schrödert sich ins Herz der Partei
Professoren: "Das Hochschulsystem steht vor dem Absaufen"

20.Mar.2007 Baden- Württemberg: "Schüler besuchen den Islam- Unterricht mit Begeisterung"
20.Mar.2007 Malaria- Bekämpfung: Forscher setzen auf Designer- Mücken
20.Mar.2007 Rohstoffe: "Es ist genug für alle da"

20.Mar.2007 Irakische Flüchtlinge: Highway aus der Hölle
20.Mar.2007 Uno- Bericht: Lage der irakischen Flüchtlinge wird immer schlechter
20.Mar.2007 Messungen in Pubs: Rauchverbot macht Iren gesünder
20.Mar.2007 Steigende Preise: Merkel kündigt neue Rohstoffstrategie an
20.Mar.2007 Umwelt: Merkel wirbt bei chinesischer Regierung für Klimaschutz
20.Mar.2007 Terrorabwehr: Israel probt die Mega- Attacke
20.Mar.2007 Bundeswehr: Schäbige Kasernen frusten deutsche Soldaten

20.Mar.2007 Teure Panne: Techniker löscht 38 Milliarden Dollar

20.Mar.2007 Entlassungswelle: US- Justizministerium gibt Akten im Bundesanwälte- Skandal frei

20.Mar.2007 Neue Strategie: Google baut Lobby- Armada in Europa auf (
here is the direct information ... the Bank of England, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb Bank, Barclays + S.G. Warburg .

I.G. Farben patents includes Standard Oil of New Jersey.
Colui Che Dubita Robert Scheer is the co-author of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq ...

The neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky has described how dominant baboons in ...
00.May 2003 01:40
George Bush und Tony Blair wegen Kriegsverbrechen angeklagt ... Kriegsverbrechen ...

Angeklagt sind George Bush + Dick Cheney + Colin Powell + Norman Schwarzkopf . ...
Examining 9/11- Who did it? What did we know? Why was it allowed ...

And where are the black boxes from American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight ... Porter Goss and Skull and Bones/CFR member Senator Bob Graham. ...
Warnrufe: Kleiber verstehen Meisensprache
20.Mar.2007 Uno- Bericht: Klimaforscher warnen vor Auto- Flut

20.Mar.2007 Raketenschild: Ex- Nato- General wirft deutschen Politikern Ahnungslosigkeit vor
20.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Russland stellt Iran Ultimatum
20.Mar.2007 Bundeswehr: Beckstein für Einsatz im Innern
20.Mar.2007 Umstrittene Gentechnik: Manipulierte Moskitos sollen Malaria ausrotten
20.Mar.2007 Bericht des Wehrbeauftragten: Marode Kasernen, ausgelaugte Truppe
20.Mar.2007 Timeline: Iraq after Saddam A look back at how events in Iraq have unfolded since the fall of Saddam Hussein.
20.Mar.2007 Ecuador set for Congress showdown The row between Ecuador's president and Congress is set to deepen as sacked MPs vow to reclaim their seats.
20.Mar.2007 US high court mulls free speech The US Supreme Court is considering its first major test of free speech for students in a generation.
20.Mar.2007 China to publish anti-graft book
The school where the Chinese Communist Party trains officials is publishing an anti-corruption textbook.

20.Mar.2007 The War with Iraq and the War on Terror are SETUPS [Archive ...

The Book the Grand Chess board was written here is a review of that book by ... The world wasn't ready to turn against us at that point, so they waited 10 ...
30.Jul.2001 -Released- The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202
Website: — Press Contact: Enver Masud

Deadly Deception, Pretexts for War U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved plans for 'launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country' by Enver Masud

WASHINGTON, DC—Scott Ritter, former UN Special Commission inspector, claims that Richard Butler, former chief UN weapons inspector, "deliberately planned UN inspections

00.000.1998 to orchestrate a confrontation between Iraq and the UN so the USA could carry out its threats to bomb Iraq."

Ritter makes the allegations in a documentary film, "In Shifting Sands: The Truth About UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq," shown to journalists at the UN reported Ronni Berke ( 19.Jul. ).

17.Apr.1961 -Following- the failed, Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba on by 1,300 members of a CIA-supported counter-revolutionary Cuban exile force, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) drew up and approved plans for "launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba." Mr. Bamford writes: "Codenamed Operation Northwoods, the plan . . . called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami + elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer [Chairman JCS] and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war." Accidents, writes Mr. Bamford, were to be used to advance U.S. interests. Had the February 20, 1962 launch of John Glenn—the first American to orbit the earth, later a U.S. presidential candidate—not been successful, the JCS were prepared to use John Glenn's possible death as a pretext for war. "The flight was to carry the banner of America's virtues of truth, freedom + democracy into orbit high over the planet. But Lemnitzer and his Chiefs had a different idea. They proposed to Lansdale [U.S. general in charge of Operation Mongoose—covert operations against Cuba] that, should the rocket explode and kill Glenn, 'the objective is to provide irrevocable proof that . . . the fault lies with the Communists et al Cuba [sic].' This would be accomplished, Lemnitzer continued, 'by manufacturing various pieces of evidence which would prove electronic interference on the part of the Cubans.'"
20.Mar.20007 Prevent a Military Attack on Iran : The Iran-US standoff at the present time has a shocking resemblance to the run-up to the US led invasion of Iraq.

20.Mar.2007 US Air Force Col.: Bulgaria - Option for Military Base aganst Iran: The forces are in place to conduct a strike right now. The US has moved an additional carrier group, has deployed additional missile defense assets, has deployed an additional mine sweeping ship to the gulf. The US is in the process of adding oil to a strategic petroleum reserve.

All of these are the steps that would be taken if one were going to conduct a strike in Iran.

20.Mar.2007 5,000 U.S. Troops To Be Deployed In Bulgaria, Romania : U.S. military plans to deploy some 5,000 troops in Bulgaria + Romania next year as part of a plan to create new, more flexible bases in Eastern Europe.

20.Mar.2007 In case you missed it: US mulling missile base in Bulgaria, Romania to deter Iran: report: US plans to station the defensive missiles in the Black Sea coast + the Rodopi mountains, South Bulgaria, the daily quoted a high-ranking US diplomat as saying.

20.Mar.2007 Russia warns against using nuclear issue for interference in Iran :

Russian Security Council chief Igor Ivanov on Sunday warned against using the dispute over Iran's nuclear program as a pretext for interfering in Iran's internal affairs.

20.Mar.2007 Who is to blame for the Russian-Iranian nuclear dispute? :

The heart of the conflict is financial disagreements between contractor and client. Moscow has not received $12.7 million that Tehran claims to have transferred.

20.Mar.2007 Only 10% in U.S. See Iran as Immediate Threat: Very few Americans believe Iran represents a danger for their country, according to a poll by New York Times + CBS News. Only 10 % of respondents think Iran is a threat to the USA that requires military action now, down 11 points since mid-February.

20.Mar.2007 Oil and Gas: China's state owned oil company close to signing $3.6 billion Iranian deal : Dow Jones Newswires reports that a second Chinese oil company is close to signing a memorandum of understanding to invest $3.6 billion in an Iranian gas field. This is despite U.S. pressure for China to cancel a similar deal.

20.Mar.2007 Venezuela, Algeria, Qatar, Iran and Russia are launching "gas OPEC": Five of the world's largest oil producing countries -Venezuela, Algeria, Qatar, Iran and Russia- are launching an "OPEC of gas" during an energy conference to be held next April 9 in Doha, Monday said Russian Kommersant newspaper quoting Arab diplomatic sources.

20.Mar.2007 Jim Lobe: Bush's Book List Gets More Islamophobic : Accounts of a Feb. 28 "literary luncheon" at the White House suggest that President George W. Bush's reading tastes -- until now a remarkably good predictor of his policy views -- are moving ever rightward, even apocalyptic, despite his administration's recent suggestions that it is more disposed to engage Washington's foes, even in the Middle East.

20.Mar.2007 Democrats in '08 race battle over anti-war vote: The front-runners are adjusting their positions + escalating their rhetoric in an all-out battle for support among anti-war Democratic voters in

00.Jan2006 s early caucus and primary states.

20.Mar.2007 Pentagon says Cole bombing chief confessed: He also said he helped plan the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 00.000.1998 that killed 213, the transcript said

20.Mar.2007 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses: “I Killed Jesus!” : The confessed “mastermind” of the 9/11 attacks—“from A to Zed”—Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) has now confessed to scores of other crimes committed over the past two millennia.

20.Mar.2007 Hicks Federal Court case set for May 17: The Federal Court will hear a case mounted by lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks against the Australian Government for five days.

20.Mar.2007 Too Guilty to Fly, Too Innocent to Charge? : The proliferation of government watch lists is a troubling development in the "war on terrorism." The challenges of such lists include differences of opinion on who's actually a security threat, consolidating information across agencies by making the computer systems communicate the with one another.

20.Mar.2007 Senator says attorney firing may be tied to probe of CIA: Fired San Diego U.S. attorney Carol Lam notified the Justice Department that she intended to execute search warrants on a high-ranking CIA official as part of a corruption probe the day before a Justice Department official sent an e-mail that said Lam needed to be fired
20.Mar.2007 US Ready to Kick Out Musharraf: The spate of news items and articles in the influential sections of the American media in recent days would clearly suggest that the prolonged honeymoon between the Bush administration and Gen Pervez Musharraf has finally ended.

20.Mar.2007 Bhutto waits in wings as axe hangs over Pakistan's PM: Pakistan's polished Prime Minister, former top Wall Street banker Shaukat Aziz, was in the crosshairs last night with reports that Pervez Musharraf will make him the fall guy, as the President tries to find a way out of the Chief Justice crisis.

20.Mar.2007 Don't shun new Palestinian gov't, Italy says : Italy's foreign minister said on Monday ahead of talks with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it would be a 'serious mistake to shut the door in the face' of the new Palestinian unity government.

20.Mar.2007 U.S. and Israel Disagree on Palestinian Contacts: The first fractures surfaced Sunday in the Israeli and American approaches to the new Palestinian unity government, with Israel’s cabinet voting overwhelmingly to boycott it, while the United States Consulate here refused to rule out contacts with some moderate Palestinians who are now serving as ministers.

20.Mar.2007 Greg Palast: It’s STILL The Oil:Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion: In other words, the war has caused a hell of a supply squeeze — and Big Oil just loves it. Oil today is $57 a barrel versus the $18 a barrel price under Bill “Love-Not-War” Clinton.
20.Mar.2007 Crime Blotter: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -By Paul Craig Roberts
This criminal regime must now be brought to an end. Impeachments of Bush, Cheney + Gonzales, followed by felony indictments and trials are imperative if the rule of law in the USA is to be preserved.

20.Mar.2007 Rove in the Docket - By Mike Whitney
The purge of the US Attorneys has Rove’s bloody fingerprints all over it. Justice doesn’t matter. Law enforcement doesn’t matter. All that matters is destroying one’s enemies, rewarding one’s friends + strengthening the one party system. That’s it. .

20.Mar.2007 Republican Political Mafia and Federal Law -By Stephen Crockett
There is nothing as corrupt as using the governmental powers of law enforcement, to selectively prosecute your political enemies and to cover-up criminal behavior by your political organization and allies, while in a position of political power. This situation is the essence of the current scandal concerning the firing of US Attorneys by the Bush White House.

20.Mar.2007 Blaming The Victims: Covering Up Terrorism In Iraq - By Ghali Hassan
 A recent cover story in the Time magazine (

00.Mar.2007 Europe and Asia) by Bobby Ghosh, “Why They Hate Each Other”, aimed at removing the Occupation as the generator of violence against the Iraqi people + portrays the violence as “Iraqis killing Iraqis”.

This media distortion obfuscates the U.S. monopoly on terrorism and allows the U.S. to use Iraq as a laboratory for terror at the expense of the Iraqi people. Continue

20.Mar.2007 Muslims Mute on Terrorism? Excuse Me?-By Dr. Khaled Batarfi
Yes, we have our hate speakers and fear merchants, but they are mostly in caves and prisons, hunted and doomed. Yours, however, are members of legislative bodies.

20.Mar.2007 US Power Games in the Middle East - By Robert Fisk
As the West looks anxiously at Iraq and Afghanistan, dangerous cracks are opening up in Lebanon ­ and the White House is determined to prop up Fouad Siniora's government.

20.Mar.2007 New e-mails released this evening by the Justice Department reveal the depth of White House involvement in the discussions to fire eight U.S. attorneys last year. The thousands of pages of e-mails suggest the White House was involved in the plan from the beginning.

20.Mar.2007 Shocker: Patrick Fitzgerald Was "Ranked" Low by the Bushevik DOJ Because of His Pursuit of Justice in the PlameGate Outing of a CIA Operative by the White House
Was Carol Lam Targeting The White House Prior To Her Firing? Follow the Cunningham $140,000 Yacht Bribe Money to Cheney's Office. We are Not Kidding. 3/20

20.Mar.2007 Carol Korreck: A Soldier's Mother Asks: Are We as Stupid as They Think We Are? -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution
"Republican officials operating at the behest of the White House have begun seeking a possible successor to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. 3/20
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Tony Snow's Evasive Comments About Gonzales Indicate that the Bush Organized Crime Family is Getting Ready to Throw Their Consigliere Overboard. Another Day, Another Fall Guy.
Bush Recycles Iraq Anniversary Talking Points 3/20

20.Mar.2007 Pelosi calls for new attorney general: "I don't think Alberto Gonzales fundamentally understood the difference between being the president's lawyer and the attorney general of the United States and the premier defender of the Constitution." 3/20
Surge of Violence Continues in Iraq: Bombs rock Baghdad, Kirkuk, killing 26

20.Mar.2007 Raketenabwehr: Steinmeier warnt vor unerwünschten Konsequenzen
20.Mar.2007 Banken: Barclays und ABN Amro wollen Bankenriesen schmieden
20.Mar.2007 Bizarrer Gleiter: Eidechse flog mit überlangen Rippen

20.Mar.2007 Irak: Saddams Stellvertreter hingerichtet