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16.May 2007,1518,druck-483089,00.html
Zudem wurden die Messungen mit dem OFXB-Observatorium im schweizerischen St. Luc angestellt.

"Damit haben wir bewiesen, dass die Transit-Beobachtung kleiner Planeten schon mit kleinen Teleskopen möglich ist", sagte Gillon.
16.May 2007
Vor Sarkozys Amtsübernahme: Chirac ruft Franzosen zu Einheit auf

16.May 2007 Bizarre Welt: Planet aus Wasser und heißem Eis

Jan.2006 In case you missed it: Controversial lobbyist had close contact with Bush team: ... Caterpillar biz.
00.000.1955-00.000.1970 Haiti: Dauphin Plantation: The Clark Brothers Years

Otto Schutt, Cap Haitien business man, knew the Clarks well and considered them good ...

He had served in Germany post war with an intelligence agency, ...
15.May 2007
JSTOR: Embargo: Apartheid's Oil Secrets Revealed

Certain foreign-based individuals like Marc Rich, John Deuss + Marino Chiavelli profiteered as procurers of oil for South Africa.
15.May 2007
The deputy and the Dutch tycoon : Mail & Guardian Online

The arrest of controversial Dutch oil tycoon John Deuss has exposed a trail ... + highlighting the role of Deuss + fellow sanctions breaker Marc Rich .
15.May 2007

Two oil traders feature prominently inn thee Advocate-General's Report: John Deuss of the Netherlands + the American tax evader Marc Rich now living in ...
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483138,00.html

Einen Aufschrei der Empörung löste Falwell aus, als er die Terroranschläge vom 11.Sep.2001 als Reaktion Gottes auf die Fehlentwicklung in den USA bezeichnete.

Schuld seien "die Heiden und Abtreibungsbefürworter, die Feministen, die Schwulen und Lesben, die versucht haben, Amerika zu säkularisieren", sagte Falwell damals.

Zuletzt hatte er als Rektor seiner Liberty-Universität gewirkt.

Sein Stellvertreter Ronald Goodwin würdigte ihn als "großartigen Führer in dieser Nation".
15.May 2007
ABC News: Bush Taps New 'War Czar' -

Douglas Lute is being considered for President Bush's newly created position to oversee the wars in Iraq + Afghanistan. ( By MARTHA RADDATZ ...

Interview: Brigadier General Douglas Lute discusses the fighting ... Morning Edition (NPR) -

Interview: Brigadier General Douglas Lute discusses the fighting in Fallujah - From the HighBeam Research
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483139,00.html
Andere werfen der Regierung vor, durch die Berufung von Bushs Verantwortung für die Probleme ablenken zu wollen.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483139,00.html
Der 54-jährige Lute soll Stellvertreter des Nationalen Sicherheitsberaters Stephen Hadley werden.

Er wird offiziell diesen Titel tragen; den gebräuchlichen Begriff "Kriegs-Zar" will die US-Regierung vermeiden.

Lute soll sich um Grundlinien und Umsetzung der US-Politik in Afghanistan und im Irak kümmern.
15.May 2007
Neue Position: Bush ernennt Kriegs- Zar für den Irak

15.May 2007 Herzleiden: Umstrittener TV- Prediger Falwell tot

15.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Polizei erlässt Bannmeile rund um Heiligendamm

15.May 2007 Russland- Krise: Steinmeier blitzt bei Putin ab
15.May 2007 What does $456 billion buy? 

Including the $124.2 billion bill, the total cost of the Iraq war may reach $456 billion in September, according to the National Priorities Project, an organization that tracks public spending.
The amount got us wondering: What would $456 billion buy?
posted by Prof. Hex
15.May 2007 Plasma Laser: UFO Maker? 

Military researchers are today working on a way to defend soldiers with ultra-quick laser pulses and mid-air plasma bursts. But similar technology may have been floating around the Defense Department for years -- and could even be the source of a few UFO scares. posted by Prof. Hex
15.May 2007 CIA contract pilots in Vietnam War have pension hopes

In 14 years working for Air America, Jordan never formally was told who was footing the bill for his often-harrowing flights. But he and the other pilots knew. They called their mystery client "the customer," Jordan said. "And the CIA was always the customer."
posted by Prof. Hex
15.May 2007 Bobby Kennedy: America's first assassination conspiracy theorist 

One of the most intriguing mysteries about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that darkest of American labyrinths, is why his brother Robert F. Kennedy apparently did nothing to investigate the crime. Via Cannonfire.
posted by Prof. Hex
15.May 2007 An illustrated guide to Republican scandals  Worst. Administration. Ever. posted by Prof. Hex
15.May 2007 Medical Apartheid: The Dark History Of Medical Experimentation On Black Americans:

Video: Journalist and medical ethicist Harriet Washington details medical research on African Americans from colonial times to the 20th century.
15.May 2007
US blocks soldiers from websites : The US military is to block troops from using YouTube and MySpace and 11 other popular websites for sharing photos, video clips and messages.

15.May 2007 Habeas Corpus Evaporating: Habeas must be restored. By its inaction over the last six months, Congress has shown it has yet to grasp that security policy that undermines accountability does not make us more safe, even as it harms innocents. It is a problem that needs to be grasped—and needs to be grasped today.
15.May 2007 Climate change to force mass migration: A billion people - one in seven people on Earth today - could be forced to leave their homes over the next 50 years as the effects of climate change worsen an already serious migration crisis, a new report from Christian Aid predicts.
15.May 2007 Venezuela nationalizes foreign oil rigs: The Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez said it was taking control of oil rigs from multinational firms, in the latest of a wave of nationalizations.
15.May 2007 Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights : The company also worked with MI6 to help bring about changes in foreign governments, according to an astonishing account of life inside the oil giant.

15.May 2007 Switzerland investigating BAE over money laundering: report : Swiss authorities are investigating Britain's biggest defence manufacturer, BAE Systems, for alleged money laundering, a report said Monday.
15.May 2007 France condemns planned Israeli expansion around Jerusalem : The French authorities called here Monday on Israel to refrain from taking any unilateral action that would have an impact on Jerusalems final status and noted that France and the European Union have condemned violations of international law through "any development of settlement activity in Jerusalem or the (Occupied) Territories".
15.May 2007 Countdown to War on Iran: George Bush has shown no evidence he has given up the idea of attacking Iran. Such an attack would be a disaster for European relations with the Middle East warns Alain Gresh.
15.May 2007 It is not only God that will be Blair's judge over Iraq: His cravenly pro-US policy on the Middle East misunderstood Bush's real agenda and resulted in catastrophic failure
15.May 2007 White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
Hidden History – Video - For almost 100 years evidence has lain dormant, of one of the greatest mass murders in history. How Millions of African people died in one mans quest for wealth and glory.

15.May 2007 Collateral Genocide -By Mike Ferner
This summer will be one year since researchers from Johns Hopkins University collected data for a study which concluded 655,000 additional deaths were caused by the military war + things have only gotten worse since then.  Then consider that the economic war killed an additional 500,000 Iraqi kids under the age of five during only the first seven years of sanctions which were in force for a dozen years, according to a

00.000.1999 U.N. report. Continue

15.May 2007 They Hate Us For Our Hypocrisy - By Eugene Robinson
The Bush administration says that its zero-tolerance policy against terrorism applies to all suspected evildoers, not just Muslims + that its zero-tolerance policy against Cuba is a principled position, not just an exercise in pandering to the implacable anti-Castro exiles in Miami. On both counts, evidence suggests otherwise.

15.May 2007 The CIA -- a Terrorist Organization - By Claudia Nelson
The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) can be considered a terrorist organization according to both international and American definitions of terrorism.

15.May 2007 Notes on Cultural Renaissance in a Time of Barbarism - By James Petras
We live in a time of imperial-driven destructive wars in the name of ‘democracy’, savage exploitation in the name of ‘emerging world powers’, massive forced population displacement in the name of ‘immigration’ and large-scale pillage of natural resources in the name of ‘free markets’.  We live in a time of barbarism and the barbarian elites employ an army of linguistic and cultural manipulators to justify their conquests. 

15.May 2007 Document details 'US' plan to sink Hamas: On

30.Apr.2007 the Jordanian weekly newspaper Al-Majd published a story about a 16-page secret document, an "Action Plan for the Palestinian Presidency" that called for undermining and replacing the Palestinian national-unity government.

15.May 2007 Red Cross Report Says Israel Disregards Humanitarian Law : The International Committee of the Red Cross, in a confidential report about East Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, accuses Israel of a “general disregard” for “its obligations under international humanitarian law — and the law of occupation in particular.”

15.May 2007 Israel developed anthrax vaccine : Israel developed its own version of a U.S. anthrax vaccine using soldiers for top-secret experiments that, in several cases, caused permanent side effects, an official involved in the project said on Tuesday.

15.May 2007 Illnesses after Israel anthrax test : Some Israeli soldiers have reportedly developed tumours and suffered infections after being used in tests by the Israeli military to develop an anthrax vaccine.

15.May 2007 Tribal Indians condemn pope : Indian leaders in Brazil have reacted angrily to comments by Pope Benedict that they had been purified by the Roman Catholic church since Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492.

15.May 2007 Think Guatemala 1954, for Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela: The parallels between

00.000.1954 Guatemala + present day Venezuela are uncomfortably close, which is cause enough for concern that the U.S. government and its compliant media have predictably taken sides.

In case you missed it; Imperial Democracy: Buy One Get One Free: Lecture given by author Arundhati Roy about Empire, Iraq, War, Role of Money, USS Vincenz, Manufactured Consent, Disenfranchisement, Production Democracy, Affirmative Action and the Patriot Act

15.May 2007 Will A Single Document Sink Padilla?: Prosecutors plan to call a covert CIA operative to testify in disguise about the document.

15.May 2007 America’s Child Soldier Problem: Thousands of America’s children, however, are not so lucky. Almost 600,000 of America’s 1 million active and reserve soldiers enlisted as teens. The military lures these physiologically immature kids with a PR machine that would make Joe Camel proud.

15.May 2007 US trying to weaken G-8 climate change declaration: Negotiators from the United States are trying to weaken the language of a climate change declaration set to be unveiled at next month's G-8 summit of the world's leading industrial powers, according to documents.

15.May 2007 War criminal untrustworthy: World Bank panel finds Wolfowitz violated rules : The World Bank's embattled President Paul Wolfowitz violated bank rules and ethics codes and put his own interest above those of the bank, according to a report from a special panel released Monday.

15.May 2007 U.S. fights for Wolfowitz to stay at World Bank: The United States fought for World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to keep his job on Tuesday, saying he had made mistakes but should not be fired despite a bank finding that he broke rules in promoting his companion.

15.May 2007 US deputy attorney-general quits : The US deputy attorney-general has announced his resignation, becoming the highest-ranking Bush administration casualty in the furore over the firing of several prosecutors.

15.May 2007 Former CIA official pleads not guilty: A former top CIA official pleaded not guilty Monday to new charges that he pushed a proposed government contract worth at least $100 million for his best friend in return for lavish vacations, private jet flights and a lucrative job offer.

15.May 2007 Senators Who Weakened Drug Bill Got Millions from Industry: Senators who raised millions of dollars in campaign donations from pharmaceutical interests secured industry-friendly changes to a landmark drug-safety bill, according to public records and interviews.

15.May 2007 Big Pharma Commits the Crime, Doesn’t Do the Time: “Hundreds of thousands of people are languishing in jail for relatively minor drug possession or distribution crimes involving illegal drugs or, in a smaller number of cases, prescription drugs such as OxyContin. Why have the three wealthy Purdue executives, who have pleaded guilty to orchestrating this dangerous promotional campaign, escaped jail time."

15.May 2007 Big Oil buys Sacramento: WHO'S AFRAID of Big Oil? Apparently, California's elected officials. Gasoline prices are stuck well above last year's record highs and about 50 cents above the national average.

Yet state politicians are not saying or doing a thing, except for raking in political cash from the oil companies and flying around the world on their dime.

15.May 2007 The Poverty Business : Inside U.S. companies' audacious drive to extract more profits from the nation's working poor
15.May 2007 Bush met with Christian leaders to rally support for Iran policy:

“I was invited to go to Washington DC to meet with President Bush in the White House along with 12 or 13 other leaders of the pro-family movement," Dobson disclosed on his radio program Monday.

“And the topic of the discussion that day was Iraq + Iran + international terrorism. +

we were together for 90 minutes + it was very enlightening + in some ways disturbing too."

15.May 2007 Israeli top guns train, eyes on Iran: Israel's three F-16I fighter-bomber squadrons have been training for what officials call "possible strategic scenarios" -- code for a confrontation with arch-foe Iran.
15.May 2007 EU complains about civilian deaths in occupied Afghanistan: German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said Monday that he had complained to NATO about the increased number of civilian casualties during US-led military operations in Afghanistan.
15.May 2007 Democrats playing politics: U.S. Senate Democrats want Iraq war deadline-Reid: - U.S. Senate Democrats want to spell out a time frame to withdraw combat troops from Iraq, but might offer President George W. Bush power to waive the deadlines, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Monday.
15.May 2007 Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis: There's no accurate count of the missing since the war began.

Iraqi human rights groups put the figure at 15,000 or more, while government officials say 40 to 60 people disappeared each day throughout the country for much of last year, a rate equal to at least 14,600 in one year.

15.May 2007 British 'hold talks with Sunni rebel leaders': Iraqi President :

"There are resistance movements that are now meeting with the prime minister, with me, with British military officers + the ambassador for reconciliation talks."
15.May 2007
Setting the Stage for Turmoil in Caracas-Washington’s New Imperial Strategy In Venezuela - By Chris Carlson
Washington has now perfected a new imperial strategy to maintain their supremacy around the globe. Whereas military invasions + installing dictatorships have traditionally been the way to control foreign populations and keep them out of the way of business, the U.S. government has now developed a new strategy that is not so messy or brutal + much more sleek; so sleek, in fact, that it’s almost invisible.

15.May 2007 Bush Doesn't Want Detente. He Wants To Attack Iran - By Alain Gresh
The US has swept aside repeated overtures from Tehran. Is it any wonder if the Islamic Republic now wants the bomb?

15.May 2007 In case you missed it Imperial Democracy: Buy One Get One Free - By Arundhati Roy

Lecture given by author Arundhati Roy about Empire, Iraq, War, Role of Money, USS Vincenz, Manufactured Consent, Disenfranchisement, Production Democracy, Affirmative Action + the Patriot Act. Continue

15.May 2007 A Political Marriage of Necessity: A Single State of Palestine-Israel - By Ali Abunimah
The case of South Africa shows that a unity government can succeed.

15.May.2007Das Beste aus dem Web zum Thema George Washington

Schlimmer als in Vietnam · US -Kongress bewilligt Kriegsetat nur häppchenweise · US -Repräsentantenhaus ... John C. Fitzpatrick, 39 Bde., Washington 1931- 1944 ...
15.May 2007
We have bought into the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). If you would like to read how this happens please see:
Through a combination of public apathy and threats by the MIC we have let the SYSTEM get too large. It is now a SYSTEMIC problem and the SYSTEM is out of control. Government and industry are merging and that is very dangerous.
There is no conspiracy. The SYSTEM has gotten so big that those who make it up and run it day to day in industry and government simply are perpetuating their existance.
The politicians rely on them for details and recommendations because they cannot possibly grasp the nuances of the environment and the BIG SYSTEM.
So, the system has to go bust and then be re-scaled, fixed and re-designed to run efficiently and prudently, just like any other big machine that runs poorly or becomes obsolete or dangerous.
This situation will right itself through trauma. I see a government ENRON on the horizon, with an associated house cleaning.
The next president will come and go along with his appointees and politicos. The event to watch is the collapse of the MIC.
For more details see:
# posted by RoseCovered Glasses
15.May 2007 "Blackwater, USA" currently running on BuzzFlash. Ratbang Diary at:
15.May 2007 Third + this by no means ends his concerns, Scahill notes that these contractors are accountable to no one, not the military, not Iraq, not American laws. Senator Lindsay Graham of SC has recently inserted language to the military spending bill that would make PMCs accountable to the military, but we are now looking at over four years of unfettered abuses out there, replete with the hatred and hostility these have inevitably – and likely irrevocably – instilled in the Iraqi people.
Scahill was particularly appalled at the extent of these operations + referred to it as a Praetorian guard, not just for Iraq, presumably, but for “American interests,” overseas and stateside.
This week, Scahill joined Robert
Greenwald to testify before the House Appropriations Subcomittee on Defense about the abuses of defense contracting + during their testimony, Scahill emphasized a point that had come to mind after watching his DN! interview in March.
15.May 2007 Angry Wolfman in four-letter tirade: "An angry and bitter Paul Wolfowitz poured abuse and threatened retaliations on senior World Bank staff if his orders for pay rises and promotions for his partner were revealed, according to new details published last night." Bush and Cheney Say, "Right On! You're a Heck of a Guy, Wolfie." "In testimony by one key witness Mr Wolfowitz declares: "If they f**k with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to f**k them too." Wolfie, You are a Bushevik Organized Crime Made Man!
What Can You Do to Reduce Gun Deaths?

15.May 2007 Falwell Leaves His Mortal Body, Dead at 73 5/16
The Conservative Chicago Tribune Pens An Editorial on ProsecutorGate: "The purge of prosecutors looks increasingly like an effort to turn U.S. attorneys into arms of the Republican National Committee. Some of the eight prosecutors known to have been fired last year had antagonized White House political adviser Karl Rove and GOP politicians by failing to pursue cases that could have affected last year's election outcome."

15.May 2007 Even Ashcroft Was Wary of the Bush/Cheney Invasion of Our Privacy, but the Busheviks Used Thuggery to Force It Through: Bush's warrantless wiretapping program was so questionable that a top Justice Department official refused for a time to reauthorize it, sparking a battle with top White House officials at the bedside of an ailing attorney general, a Senate panel was told Tuesday. Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that he refused to recertify the program because Attorney General John Ashcroft had reservations about its legality just before falling ill with pancreatitis in March 2004. 5/16
Cindy Sheehan: Street Heat -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

15.May 2007 The latest CBS-New York Times poll said the president has dropped to 24 % in his approval ratings on his handling of the war. President Nixon's Watergate scandal-plagued polls fell to 23 % when he was forced to resign from office.

15.May 2007 In Typical Bushevik Passing the Buck and "I am a Victim" Fashion, Wolfowitz Blames World Bank Ethics Committee for His Predicament -- And, Get This, He Blames His Lover for Putting Him In This Position! What a Contemptuous Cad. Oh, Yeah + Several Thousand GIs Have Died or Been Wounded Because of the Wolfman's Delusions of Grandeur.

15.May 2007 The White House dismisses soaring Iraqi death squad activity
Attention: Democratic Congressional Leadership; The new Gallup poll cites lower approval ratings for Congress than Bush; Make an impact: End the war, impeachment,

15.May 2007 Tell your Member of Congress to stand up to President Bush and not write another blank check for an endless war in Iraq! Permalink
15.May 2007 Regarding RFK's own assassination: I hope some of you will read (or re-read) my earlier piece here. Permalink
15.May 2007 direct your attention to Dave Talbot's terrific new piece on RFK's secret investigations into the death of his brother.
You can't really understand Talbot's work, however, without comprehending the machinations of Walter Sheridan, the FBI/NSA man in whom RFK placed a deep and misguided trust.

See here and here and here. The last link goes to an important interview with Garrison's witness Perry Russo: Walter Sheridan comes to me and says listen we gonna take Garrison out of this.

He said we can't allow this to go on any further. He says now you're going down with him.

And he plays this hot cold relationship...but I'll give you an out. He says, I want you to go over to Biloxy Mississippi, we already have it arranged.

You are to go and do a hotel-motel room and he says in that room Clay Shaw is going to be there.

He says I don't care what you talk about when you go in there but when you finish one hour later, half and hour later, he says you come outside.

He says we're gonna have the cameras rolling and you're gonna state the following: One, that you do not know Clay Shaw and you never did..

Two: that you never knew anybody named Oswald and three, you never heard of anything about any shooting of the President back in '63 before the President was shot.

And he says you do that, he says, we won't go after you. You might be able to save yourself.

But he says you gonna go with him, we're getting Garrison. He's done with. We'll finish him off.
15.May 2007 Jeremy Scahill interviewed on Democracy Now! about his latest book on the privatization of our military,

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army .

In that hour, he explained how this event was not isolated + goes on to describe the sprawl and nature of the company and its founders.
The interview is well worth the watch, but briefly, Scahill recounts how Blackwater has garnered over three-quarters of a billion dollars in US government contracts that focus on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also include a security contract in post-Katrina NOLA.
(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
Scahill’s concerns are numerous and weighty.

First of all, he voices alarm at the extent of privatization; whereas the public + the press are generally aware that we have 126,000 troops in Iraq,

what no one is reporting is the fact that there are currently over 100,000 members of private military companies (PMCs) there.

Given that this figure is almost half the total number of US ‘representatives’ in Iraq, it becomes clear that (a) the mission in Iraq – whatever the hell it might be – is heavily dependent on the PMC presence there and (b) the ‘surge’ number of 21,000 extra troops (which of course has since almost doubled + counting) becomes even more paltry by comparison.
Second,Scahill shares the fact that these contractors often earn ten times what the soldiers earn, sometimes as much in a month as the soldiers take home in a year.

This has built up an enormous level of resentment among the soldiers, especially when added to the fact that the contractors are virtually always better equipped and more rested.
Third + this by no means ends his concerns, Scahill notes that these contractors are accountable to no one, not the military, not Iraq, not American laws.

Senator Lindsay Graham of SC has recently inserted language to the military spending bill that would make PMCs accountable to the military, but we are now looking at over four years of unfettered abuses out there, replete with the hatred and hostility these have inevitably – and likely irrevocably – instilled in the Iraqi people.
Scahill was particularly appalled at the extent of these operations + referred to it as a Praetorian guard, not just for Iraq, presumably, but for “American interests,” overseas and stateside.
This week, Scahill joined Robert
Greenwald to testify before the House Appropriations Subcomittee on Defense about the abuses of defense contracting + during their testimony, Scahill emphasized a point that had come to mind after watching his DN! interview in March.
Follows my take on Scahill’s point. .

15.May 2007 dr. elsewhere's important story on Blackwater (see also what Joy Tomme has to say here)
15.May 2007 Also worthy of your attention: The plot to link John Kerry to Al Qaeda back in 2004. (You'll have to scroll down quite a ways to get the meat of the story.)
15.May 2007 And then there's the outrageous attempt (involving W himself) to coax an ill and barely-conscious John Ashcroft to sign off on the wireless wiretapping program.

As we all know, the real targets of those wiretaps were Bush's political opponents.
Impeachable stuff? You bet.

15.May 2007,1518,druck-482976,00.html
Astronomen wissen bereits seit Jahrzehnten, dass die Milchstraße einst dieses Schicksal ereilen wird.

Unbekannt war bisher allerdings, was dann mit unserem Sonnensystem geschieht.

Forscher vom Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge (US-Bundesstaat Massachusetts) haben das nun im Computer simuliert.

Das Ergebnis: Die Sonne, die das kosmische Spektakel noch vor ihrem Ausbrennen zum Weißen Zwerg erleben wird + die Erde werden in die Außenbezirke der neuen Galaxie geschleudert.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483037,00.html
Mit dem Weltraumteleskop "Hubble" hat das internationale Team in einem fünf Milliarden Lichtjahre entfernten Galaxienhaufen einen Ring Dunkler Materie entdeckt.

Diese außergewöhnliche Materieform lässt sich nur indirekt beobachten, denn sie sendet kein sichtbares Licht oder sonstige elektromagnetische Strahlung aus.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483064,00.html
Die Abteilung 3 "Deutscher Linksextremismus/-terrorismus" wurde aufgelöst und in die Abteilung 2 "Deutscher Rechtsextremismus/-terrorismus" eingegliedert.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-483064,00.html

Heute war verbaler Deeskalationstag.

Zwar betonte Schäuble, dass er "bestimmte Aktivitäten der linksextremistischen Szene sowie gewaltbereiter Globalisierungsgegner im Vorfeld des Gipfels mit Sorge" beobachte,

der Tonfall war aber im Vergleich zur Vorwoche deutlich moderater.

Geradezu abgekühlt.

Linksextremistische Gewalttaten seien gegen Sachen gerichtet, würden aber auch das Risiko von Personenschäden in Kauf nehmen, stellten Schäuble und Fromm fest.

Aber beide vermieden weitere Ausführungen zu kursierenden Berichten, militante Gruppierungen würden "Exekutionen von Entscheidungsträgern" aus Politik und Wirtschaft erörtern.

Diskussionen darüber, ob eine Rückkehr zu Anschlägen auf Menschen politisch zweckmäßig sei, gebe es in der linken Szene seit Jahren, sagte Fromm.

Eine Veränderung der Lage sei aber nicht feststellbar. Mit anderen Worten: Alles nicht so schlimm.

Ein bisschen wirkte es wie ein Rückzieher, um die Aufgeregtheiten der vergangenen Woche zu dämpfen.

Die Opposition hatte die Großrazzia scharf kritisiert. Grünen-Chefin Claudia Roth warf der Bundesanwaltschaft vor, "globalisierungskritische Menschen in die Terrorismusecke" zu stellen.

Auch Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) dürften die martialischen Bilder der Großrazzia mit anschließenden und zum Teil gewaltsamen Protesten nicht in ihr Konzept gepasst haben.

06.Jun.2007-08.Jun.2007 Wenn sie -vom-bis- die sieben anderen wichtigsten Staats- und Regierungschefs empfängt,

geht es für die amtierende EU-Ratspräsidentin auch um das Ansehen der Bundesrepublik in der ganzen Welt.

Fernsehbilder von vermummten Polizisten und randalierenden Demonstranten wirken da eher kontraproduktiv.
15.May 2007
Weltbank: Europäer erhöhen den Druck auf Wolfowitz
15.May 2007 Geheimnisse des Alls: Forscher finden Ring aus Dunkler Materie
15.May 2007 Angst vor Anschlag: Israel testete Anthrax- Impfstoff an Hunderten Soldaten
15.May 2007 Linkspartei: Sozialdemokraten nähern sich Lafontaine & Co. an
15.May 2007 Verfassungsschutzbericht: Schäuble dampft Warnung vor neuem Links- Terror ein

15.May 2007 Wirtschaftsspionage: Verfassungsschutz warnt vor Spitzeln aus China
15.May 2007 US- Militär: Youtube- und MySpace- Verbot für Soldaten verhängt
15.May 2007
USA- Russland- Treffen: Rice und Putin reden Krise klein
15.May 2007 Gehälter: Deutsche Manager verdienen am meisten
15.May 2007 Sachsen- Anhalt: Mann wegen 40 Euro Schulden totgeschlagen

15.May 2007 RWE: Milder Winter bremst Gewinnanstieg - ein wenig
15.May 2007 Konjunktur: Wirtschaft wächst in Deutschland und der EU
15.May 2007
Galaxien- Kollision: Crash mit Andromeda- Nebel wird Erde wegschleudern

11.Sep.2001 three steel framed skyscrapers, World Trade Center One, World Trade Center Two and World Trade Center Seven, collapsed

Oct.1950 One of the final seizures, concerned the US assets of a Nazi baroness named Theresia Maria Ida Beneditka Huberta Stanislava Martina von ...

Jan.2001 USA Schweiz Leuk VS Verestar Satelliten -Bodenstation Firma Antennen an die USA Amerikanische Firma Verestar verkauft worden - eine Spezialistin für ...
You searched for Amerikaner

Amerika plant einen Präventivschlag, weil der Präsident das Problem Saddam erledigen ...

Die Satelliten -Bodenstation der USA Firma Verestar in Leuk VS ... Satelliten -Station in Leuk verkauft. Leuk/Luxemburg/

Die ehemaligen ... „Das Mutterhaus Verestar Inc. in Amerika kam in Nachlassstundung, das ist wahr. ...
15.May 2007
06.025 Botschaft zur Bundesbeteiligung am Unternehmen Swisscom AG - HTML-Version
Beim Verkauf der Satelliten -Bodenstation Leuk durch Swisscom an eine amerikanische Firma wurde bereits eine grössere Entflechtung vollzogen.

15.May 2007 ((i)) | Artikel zu Onyx: Was sagen Sie jetzt ...

Pro Satellit, der überwacht wird, ist eine Antenne notwendig.

Gefälligkeiten fürs US-Militär Mittlerweile hat die Swisscom das Areal in Leuk an die Verestar ...

Apr.2005 Another View Of Nuclear Israel + The Middle East Arms Race .

Apr.2005 Trump-Tower-Projekt: Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen Marseille ...

Sep.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: " Brecht war jenseits des Erlaubten" ...

Sep. 2005 Harvards Abschlussklasse : Generation 9/11 11.Sep.2001 ...
15.May 2007
Lincoln Walks At Midnight

Former US Attorney Karl K . " Kasey" Warner told The Associated Press last week that he sees political fingerprints on his 2005 ouster as southern West ...
15.May 2007
John Warner — Keiko Warner : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Warner, Karl, Southern District of West Virginia, Karl K . Warner II ...

Warner, Kasey, Department of Justice, Michael L. Keller and Kasey Warner of the U.S. ...
15.May 2007
Corruption News - Inbox Robot

Karl K . " Kasey" Warner said he ... Police chief "made a mistake"

13.May 2007 20:41 GMT ... has the support of the police executive and the prime minister. -
West Virginia - Fired WV USA Karl K . " Kasey" Warner jumps out from behind larger scandal.

We've talked about the potential West Virginia connections to the United States ...
15.May 2007
Tuscaloosa News latest RSS headlines - Big News

... the White House fired him in 2005 in the middle of a corruption and vote-buying investigation but never told him why. Karl K . " Kasey" Warner said . ...
HinesSight | The Anti - Drudge Report | Political headlines, news ...

Karl K . " Kasey" Warner said he has "concerns" and sees parallels between ... worked together to conceal the role of Karl Rove in installing Timothy Griffin, ...
15.May 2007
A Pointed View The former US Attorney for West Virginia, Karl K . " Kasey" Warner, now says that he, too, was asked by the Department of Justice to resign. ...
160403antiwarblogg ... zweitens ist Syrien was die angebliche Aufnahme von flüchtigen irakischen ... da sie einen 11-Milliarden-Gerichtsfall gegen die Firma TEXACO gewonnen haben.
150403antiwarblogg Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Monday accused Syria of carrying out tests involving ...

In the past, Texaco got a lof of their crude oil from Iraq. ...
ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change

Condoleezza Rice half Chevron Texaco Bohrrechte in den Tengiz-Ölfeldern von ...

Mai 2005 hat die Bush-Regierung wirtschaftliche Sanktionen gegen Syrien ...
Alte Feinde, neue Feinde Der Angriff auf Syrien und den Iran aber würde die bisher disparaten Brandherde ...

Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Gulf + Shell), auch Seven Sisters Petroleum.
Project Syndicate

Um den syrischen Widerstand zu brechen, drohen die USA nun auch Syrien . ... den Nationalen Sicherheitsrat leitende Angestellte beim Ölmulti Chevron- Texaco .
Linksruck - 10 Gründe gegen Bush

Ein Einsatz sei gegen Russland, China, Nordkorea, Libyen, Syrien, ... Ölmulti Chevron/Texaco, bevor Bush sie im

00.Jan.2001 in die Regierung holte. ...
Oil - Texaco continued to supply oil to Nazi Germany even after the outbreak of the ...

00.000.1949 -It was not until- that Syria + Lebanon agreed to let the pipeline be ...
Die Geschichte der US-Erdölindustrie - HTML-Version
00.000.1936 hatte sie die Texaco als 50% Partner aufgenommen für eine ...

... Syrien griff die besetzten Golan Höhlen an.

Zur selben Zeit fand in Wien eine Konferenz ...
31.Mai 2003 - Irak: Die USA ohne Kriegsgrund 7067 vom, Seite 1, 70 Zeilen (Kommentar), BERND PICKERT ,_ Leitartikel ... Michael Moore lässt grüßen.

_All das müsste eigentlich Anlass genug sein ...

Nov.2004 Trost von Michael Moore : 17 Gründe, sich nicht die Pulsadern aufzuschlitzen ... im Interview mit Bernd Pickert auf die Frage "Was erwarten Sie?": ...
15.May 2007
People - As a Co-Founder of the California Healthy Marriages Coalition, Dennis utilized his expertise ...

Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C.. Vice President of Operations, ...
March April Guts - HTML-Version
Patty Howell is Vice President of Operations for the California Healthy Marriages Coalition ... Community Healthy Marriage Initiative/Best Practices: 1) ...
www. california

15.May 2007 Tying George HW Bush to JFK's assassination:

Louis Mortiner Bloomfield (a Jewish person part of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem [the Protestant version of the Catholic Knight of Malta] and one of ...
20051220 ... of the most wealthy families on Earth] involved in the Kennedy assassination + who is Louis Mortiner Bloomfield's leader was Sir William Stephenson.
The assassination of JFK,MLK, Malcolm X + RFK Louis Mortiner Bloomfield (Order of the St. John of Jerusalem, British Intelligence, Illuminati, one of heads of Permindex) The "Black Pope" ...

15.May 2007 A Hazardous Inquiry: The Rashomon Effect at Love Canal - Computer Store

Japanese film Rashomon, Mazur's book reveals that there are many ... Trust Us We're Experts : How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future ...
01.Jun.2000 news Trust Us, We're Experts ! Sheldon Rampton, Author ... book has been receiving national acclaim, because it unmasks the disturbing ...
04.Apr.2001 PAW : Books ... the continuing relevance of Nazi book burnings to the present day.

Trust Us, We're Experts : How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your ...
15.May 2007
Adolf Ernst Heusinger - Reese,M. General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection. 1990 (14). DIETRICH SEPP · Lee,M. The Beast Reawakens. 1997 (69) ...
Konrad Adenauer - 1966 (904, 1308); Reese,M. General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection. ... 1997 (48-49 81).

GENSCHER HANS- DIETRICH · Wolf,M. Man Without a Face. 1997 (115)
FTR#484—Another Interview with Daniel Hopsicker (#3)—(Two 30 ...

“The Houston Post’s Peter Brewton, who broke the CIA -Mob connection to the ...

Dietrich Reinhardt ’s name, which could have been lifted straight out of ...
Deckname Artischocke. Die geheimen Menschenversuche der CIA/Koch ...

Unerhörte Rettung/Kaiser, Reinhard . (+) bewegende + gut geschriebene zeitgeschichtliche ... Erinnerungen (Siedler)/Genscher, Hans- Dietrich ...
Curia Vista - Geschäftsdatenbank Geheime CIA -Flüge. Eingereicht von, Teuscher Franziska ...

Morniroli Giorgio, Moser René, Mugny Patrice, Mühlemann Ernst, Müller Reinhard, Müller Erich ...
Medienmitteilung Der Zugriff des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes CIA auf Daten der ...

Moser René, Mugny Patrice, Mühlemann Ernst, Müller Reinhard, Müller Erich, Müller Geri ...
Curia Vista - Geschäftsdatenbank CIA -Fax-Affäre. Eingereicht von, Lang Josef ...

Morniroli Giorgio, Moser René, Mugny Patrice, Mühlemann Ernst, Müller Reinhard, Müller Erich, Müller Geri ...
15.May 2007
Adolf Ernst Heusinger - Reese,M. General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection. 1990 (14). DIETRICH SEPP · Lee,M. The Beast Reawakens. 1997 (69) ...
Konrad Adenauer - 1966 (904, 1308); Reese,M. General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection. ... 1997 (48-49 81).

GENSCHER HANS- DIETRICH · Wolf,M. Man Without a Face. 1997 (115) ...

15.May 2007 The MadCow Morning News -

Operating out of Charlotte County Airport, Dietrich Reinhardt ’s Caribe Air, was called a CIA proprietary airline in a Senate Intelligence Committee report ...
15.May 2007
Nachrichten und Analysen auf ZEIT online - Suche "Geldverdienen ist eine Gottesgabe " (DIE ZEIT 14/2003).

John D. Rockefeller erbaute ein Ölimperium. Konkurrenten trieb er in den Ruin, und am Sonntag fegte ...
20060205 Die Zeit - Wirtschaft : "Geldverdienen ist eine Gottesgabe " Sein Name ist John Davison Rockefeller .

Seine Welt ist der wilde amerikanische Osten, ...
15.May 2007
Nachrichten und Analysen auf ZEIT online - Suche

Rockefeller erbaute ein Ölimperium. Konkurrenten trieb er in den Ruin, und am Sonntag fegte er die Kirche

... eine Gottesgabe "momente der entscheidung (5) ...
15.May 2007
Cult of Dan Brown: A Third Temple in Jerusalem is not necessary

After encouragement by Sol + Arras to start another thread out of ... + I'm aware of efforts to limit H1B visas, holders of which usually come to the US ...

The executive director of the group was Dr. Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre who has maintained close ties ...
Council for National Policy Database H-M A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko ...

Sitko was also the organizer for the West ...
Council for National Policy (CNP) - Ho - Member Biographies ...

Groups Council for Citizenship Education : "A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko .

KOSOWO Opiekunem uczniów byl Karol Sitko . Z Bydgoszczy przywiezli trzy medale w kategorii klas IV - VI. Miejsca medalowe zawodników z Kosowa dziewczeta: ...
KOSOWO Karol Sitko - licencjat z wychowania fizycznego - nauczyciel mianowany. 8. Lukasz Fac - mgr sztuki w zakresie sztuki muzycznej ...
Another View Of Nuclear Israel And The Middle East Arms Race

The executive director of the group was Dr. Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre who has maintained close ties with the Republican Party as an ...
15.May 2007
Rolando C Gapud ROLANDO C. Click on a name for a new proximity search: ... GAPUD ROLANDO C. pages searched: 4.

These names share the indicated number of pages with ...

13.Oct.1995 Former Security Bank president Rolando Gapud testified at Imelda's New York trial that he helped Marcos transfer money.

"Twice a month, we would count ...
Jovito R. Salonga, Some highlights Later he was asked whether he knew Rolando Gapud ;

on the admonition of his counsel, he merely claimed the right against self-incrimination and the right to ...
20.Jan.2006 : Yuchengo vs Sandiganbayan : 149802 : J. Carpio ... It is for this reason that Rolando C. Gapud + my business associates, ...

Mr. Rolando C. Gapud used to be a consultant of United Laboratories, sir. ...
30.May 2001 Rep of the Phil vs Sandiganbayan: 112710 : J. Puno ... In a Resolution dated

23.Aug.1993 , respondent Sandiganbayan denied petitioner’s “Motion for Leave to Take Deposition of Rolando C. Gapud Upon Oral ...
G.R. No. 112710 0005 denying petitioner's "Motion for Leave To Take the Deposition of Rolando C. Gapud Upon Oral Examination In the Crown Colony of Hongkong."
Into the Light

00.000.1987 -In-As Marcos’s financial adviser, Rolando Gapud, revealed in an affidavit issued to the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG): “I know that ...
Paul Gapp — Maritza Garabento : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Mr Rolando C Gapud ... Gapultos, Darren, The Family School, Darren Gapultos, Community Outreach Specialist/Job Developer ..
Rolando Gapud: ZoomInfo Business People Information View Rolando Gapud's professional background on ZoomInfo, the largest index of people in business in the world.
Foreign Aid - News - Times Topics - The New York Times - Narrowed ...

The Asian and Pacific affairs subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has issued a subpoena for Rolando C. Gapud, a Manila banker, who, ...
15.May 2007
News Updates: The Case of the Construction and Development ...

Campos, in a testimony, further alleged that Universal Holdings was organized by Rolando Gapud, Marcos’s financial adviser, to benefit Marcos + Cuenca on ...

According to an affidavit filed by Angelo V. Manahan, president for finance of the Herdis + protégé of presidential financial adviser Rolando Gapud, ...
(iii) the appointment of Mr Rolando C Gapud as Chairman of the Board;

... Mr Rolando C Gapud . Mr Edgardo M Cruz, Jr. Nominating Committee. Mr Godfrey E. ...
Del Monte Pacific Limited

Mr. Rolando C Gapud . Non-Executive Director. Biodata. Senior Management. Mr. Joselito D Campos, Jr MD and CEO of DMPL Biodata. Mr. Fabio Matarazzo di Licosa ...
15.May 2007
Del Monte layering

According to the pro-Campos grapevine, Campos himself tapped former Security Bank president + Marcos financial adviser, Rolando Gapud, now based in Hong ...
20050209 Besides this, Pimeco also belied the claims of the PCGG regarding the executed affidavits of Rolando Gapud, the financial advisor of Marcos, in Hong Kong in ...
20060714 The Ethical Gourmet: "An excellent roadmap to socially conscious eating . ... House votes to renew the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Amanda landmark civil rights ...
20061203 First Curacao investigated for money laundering - Talkgold HYIP . ... COM transworld oil · transworld properties · transworld · tranxene ttab · tranxene ...
15.May 2007 Environmental Background Information Center

Where organized criminals are involved in waste storage or landfill operations, fee skimming and money laundering are commonly applied schemes. ...
15.May 2007
Intelligence Online: l'information stratégique globale - Vous devez posséder un compte pour lire cet article. Vous ne possédez pas de compte. 3 façons de lire nos articles : ...
15.May 2007 Navy News April Issue - Full details from Neville Jones, 36 Quantock, 0233. cises in the USA. ... ministers + journalists that the D-Notice Norman ‘Andy’ Andrews.
22.Jan.2006 Postman Patel: ... Ministers not to forget MI6\s mouthpiece Dame Neville Jones ... about to spearhead the Conservative ...

" D" Notice for Diplomatic Baggage. I am puzzled.
RandomPottins: January 2006 - Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, who last week became a policy adviser to David ...

Star has so far obeyed the government's D-notice against naming their names.
21.May 2006 Obsolete:

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, former diplomat + chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, argues that an event that seemingly ushered the world into a new ...
ujic117695 653..681 ... to know + because of the operation of the D-Notice system, all they ...

Pauline Neville-Jones warned that: ‘‘It is dangerous to start making this ...
11.Nov.2005 Ministry of Truth »- Or Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, formerly both chair of Qinetiq + a member of the Joint Intelligence Committee: … there is a very real danger of ...

Ministry of Truth » Expert Advice - Or Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, formerly both chair of Qinetiq + a member of the ...

Brighton Regency Labour; Cabalamat Journal; Consider Phlebas; D-Notice ...
Political manipulation of the BBC - Alasdair Milne - Zircon ...

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, a BBC governor, emerged as one of the main figures in ... Reports of this press conference alerted the Secretary of the D-Notice ...
Political manipulation of the BBC - Alasdair Milne - Zircon ... -

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones . Supported by Conservative lobby, she chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee and was managing director of NatWest Markets. ...
Index "Intelligence", n - Great Britain D Notice Committee n.405 18. Great Britain Deepcut n.406 4 ... Neville-Jones (P) n.410 8.

15.May 2007
raben.horst Das D-Notice (Defense Advisory Notice) System ist eine Einrichtung der britischen Regierung + besteht aus Vertetern aller wichtigen Medien in ...
15.May 2007 Sammelstrang: Deutsche Geiseln im Irak - Seite 2 - ...

Aus einer D-notice wird so eine A-notice.

Zumindest für die Verschleppten und deren Angehörige. Und natürlich gibts auf den einschlägigen Foren wieder ...
usa1 Die weitere Verbreitung dieser Information wurde sogleich durch eine " D-Notice " von höchster Stelle unterbunden. Sollte dennoch irgend etwas rausdringen, ...
10.Okt.1998 -taz-Vollelektronische Bespitzelung

Zwar wurde GCHQ nicht erwähnt, die Folge war jedoch ein politischer Entrüstungssturm bezüglich der Effektivität der " D-Notice ", mit dem die Regierung die ...
150403antiwarblogg Wenn jemand die gesetzlich verankerte " D-Notice " in England verletzt, darf eine Sonderabteilung der Polizei in der schuldigen Redaktion die Computer + ...
15.May 2007 National Security and the D-Notice System: English ... National Security and the D-Notice System: English Books: Pauline Sadler by Pauline Sadler.

150403antiwarblogg In their internet website version, the London Telegraph, under a headline " Bush-Blair transcript ' seized by IRA spies ' ", by Thomas Harding, ...
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Das Global Canopy Programme formuliert es in seinem aktuellen Bericht noch schlichter:

"Wenn wir die Wälder verlieren, verlieren wir den Kampf gegen den Klimawandel."
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Der Wald schrumpft - und was davon noch übrig ist, wird als CO2-Fresser schwächer.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html "Feedback" nennen die Wissenschaftler so etwas. Man könnte auch von einem Teufelskreis sprechen:

Je trockener und wärmer es auf der Erde wird, desto weniger Kohlendioxid binden Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Die Industrienationen hätten versucht, "toten Kohlenstoff zu sparen statt den lebenden zu retten", sagt Mitchell.

Die Wälder müssten schleunigst auf die Agenda.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html "Wenn wir es schaffen, bis 2050 die Entwaldung um fünfzig % abzubremsen, würde das die Freisetzung von fünfzig Milliarden Tonnen Kohlendioxid in der Atmosphäre einsparen", sagte Pep Canadell vom Global Carbon Project. Andrew Mitchell, Chef des Global Canopy Programme, wird noch deutlicher: Man konzentriere sich auf die Emissionen reicher Länder und auf technologische Lösungen. "Wir müssen den Armen dieser Welt Anreize bieten, mit dem Abbrennen der Wälder aufzuhören",sagt Mitchell. "Wir zäumen das Pferd von hinten auf."
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html "Emissions-Reduktionen durch reduzierte Entwaldung könnten zu den kostengünstigsten Möglichkeiten zur Abschwächung des Klimawandels gehören." Mit anderen Worten: Sollte es die Menschheit schaffen, die mit zerstörerischen Riesenschritten voranschreitende Entwaldung des Planeten aufzuhalten, könnte dies das Weltklima vor dem Kollaps retten.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Torfböden gelten generell als unterschätztes Klimarisiko.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Jeden Tag verursacht die globale Entwaldung soviel CO2-Emissionen, als würden zwei bis drei Millionen Menschen in Düsenflugzeugen von London nach New York reisen - je nachdem, welche Zahlen man zugrundelegt. Tatsächlich starten in Heathrow täglich weit unter 200.000 Passagiere.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Global gesehen sind so in den neunziger Jahren 1,5 Milliarden Tonnen Kohlenstoff per annum in die Luft entwichen - aus Waldstücken, die in Südamerika, Indonesien und Zentralafrika abgeholzt, meist brandgerodet wurden. Jahr für Jahr anderthalb Milliarden Tonnen, das seien etwa 20 % der vom Menschen verursachten Treibhausgas-Emissionen, rekapitulierte eine internationale Forschergruppe vergangene Woche im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Science".
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Das Ausmaß der schleichenden Katastrophe lässt sich mit Zahlen verdeutlichen: zum Beispiel der, dass

00.000.1990-00.000.2006 hat Indonesien ein Viertel seiner gesamten Waldfläche verloren.

Indonesien hat bei der Entwaldung im Vergleich zu den Staaten Südamerikas gewaltig aufgeholt -

00.000.2000-00.000.2005 wurde in Indonesien schneller abgeholzt als sonst irgendwo auf dem Planeten.

15.May 2007 Das Äquivalent von 300 Fußballfeldern voll Wald verschwindet laut Greenpeace stündlich auf Nimmerwiedersehen.

Die anderen großen Waldvernichter auf dem Planeten sind Brasilien und mehrere zentralafrikanische Staaten.

Als flögen täglich Millionen von London nach New York
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482818,00.html Fußballfeldweise wird täglich tropischer Regenwald verbrannt.

Das setzt so viel CO2 frei, wie Millionen von Langstreckenflügen.

Forscher appellieren: Nur wer den Wald rettet, kann das Klima retten.

Und nun fängt die grüne Lunge an, ihre Reinigungsfunktion zu verlieren.

Der Regenwald ist fast zur Lachnummer geworden: "Rettet den Regenwald!" ist ein Satz, den Sketch-Schreiber klischeehaft Ökobewegten auf deren imaginäre Strickpullis schreiben.

Wenigstens in der öffentlichen Debatte in den reichen Industriestaaten fehlt der Sorge um die grünen Lungen des Planeten jener ernste Eifer, den es in den neunziger Jahren einmal gab:

Von Stings Rainforest Foundation (1989) zu Günther Jauch + seinem Brauereiwerbespot (2003) -

spätestens als man beim Bierkauf den Urwald quadratmeterweise beschützen konnte, wurde das Thema von kaum noch jemandem ernst genommen. Für einige Zeit jedenfalls.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482957,00.html
Den klassischen Quellen über das Gemetzel zufolge kreuzigten die Griechen 2000 tyrenische Krieger, 30.000 Einwohner wurden als Sklaven abgeführt.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482957,00.html

Erosion machte Insel vermeintlich uneinnehmbar

Der französische Geoarchäologe Nick Marriner von der Université Aix-Marseille in Aix-en-Provence berichtet nun

in der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" von Probebohrungen in Tyrus und Umgebung.
15.May 2007,1518,druck-482957,00.html

In einer Computersimulation zeigen Marriner und seine Kollegen: Zwischen Insel und Festland entstand unter dem Wasserspiegel eine natürliche Landbrücke.

Der antike Historiker Arrian berichtete zwar, dass die maximale Wassertiefe nahe der Insel drei Faden (entspricht fünf bis sechs Metern) betrug,

"doch wir haben keine Hinweise auf die Existenz einer solchen Rinne gefunden", betont Nick Marriner.

Seinen Messungen zufolge dürfte die Meerenge schon zu Zeiten Alexanders nur noch ein bis zwei Meter tief gewesen sein.

Das Meer bereitete den Griechen also den Weg zum Sieg über Tyrus - und zur Weltherrschaft.
15.May 2007
Verfassungsschutzbericht: Schäuble warnt vor neuer Qualität des Terrorismus
15.May 2007 Legendäres Bauwerk: Forscher enträtseln Alexanders Tyrus- Trick
15.May 2007 Umfrage: SPD- Basis fühlt sich in Großer Koalition verraten
15.May 2007
Telekom- Streik: Deutsche unterstützen Arbeitskampf
15.May 2007 Brutale Affen: Schimpansen- Weibchen töten fremden Nachwuchs
15.May 2007 Nachrichtenagenturen: Reuters stimmt Übernahme durch Thomson zu
15.May 2007 Atomprogramm: Iran kommt mit Uran- Anreicherung schneller voran als vermutet
15.May 2007 Weltbank: Zweiter Schuldspruch für Wolfowitz

15.May 2007 Militär: Der Bundeswehr gehen die Rekruten aus

15.May 2007 Terror- Abwehr: USA beharren auf gläsernem Fluggast

15.May 2007 Grüne Lungen: Wälder werden als CO2- Fresser schwächer
14.May 2007 14. MAI 2007
14.May 2007
G8- Gipfel: Statements für eine bessere Welt
14.May 2007 Klimaschutz: Bush will Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen regulieren
14.May 2007 Friendly Fire: Deutsche Fregatte beschießt sich selbst

14.May 2007 Benedikts XVI. Sprecher: "Es gibt Bilder, die bleiben"
14.May 2007 SPD und Linkspartei: Ignorieren und Durchregieren
14.May 2007 Afghanistan- Mission: Jung ruft Nato- Truppen zur Mäßigung auf
14.May 2007 Milliardendeal: John de Mol kauft Endemol zurück - mit Hilfe von Berlusconi
14.May 2007 Temperaturunterschiede: Tornados wirbeln durch Nordrhein- Westfalen

14.May 2007 Australien: Militär will Känguru- Jäger anheuern
14.May 2007 Briefmonopol: Post austragen für 2,50 Euro die Stunde
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482717,00.html

Konservative vor allem diesseits der Parteipolitik hatten überwiegend ein feines Gespür für die totalitären Züge fundamentaler Umwälzungen.
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482717,00.html
Der Konservatismus ist im altbürgerlichen Lager zur Leerstelle geworden.
14.May 2007 Angst vor G8- Gegnern: Polizei informiert Rostocker 
14.May 2007
Mächtige Senioren: Die neue alte Linke (Politik)
14.May 2007 Kolumbien: Illegaler Koka- Anbau bedroht neu entdeckten Kolibri

14.May 2007 Linksextremisten im Verdacht: Farbanschlag auf Hamburger Luxushotel
14.May 2007 Neue Linke: Volksparteien, hört die Signale!
14.May 2007 "The day that this president steps down, the entire world will breath a sigh of relief." -- Barack Obama
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Republican senator says Bush may find himself "standing alone sometime this fall" if he doesn't heed rising discontent

14.May 2007 British reporter: "Yet to visit the US at present, as I have done, is to experience an overwhelming sensation of drastic impending change...the perfect storm that will destroy the neocons" 5/14
Jon Stewart's "Naked Pictures of Famous People" (Paperback)
Not such a well-regulated militia: National Guard is so broken, it will receive record amounts of cash for repairs and replacements, yet remain unready for domestic duties. 5/14
TomDispatch: How much is an Iraqi life worth? Two million dollars less than an American one, by his calculations. 5/14

14.May 2007 'I Don't Believe the NRA Should Get Their Way and Allow Terrorists to Buy Military Guns in the United States.'
Death squads are at it again in Iraq, with 234 bodies dumped in Baghdad to make mockery of "surge" security 5/14

14.May 2007,1518,druck-482712,00.html

Tausende Kilometer weiter östlich wird am Fuß des Nanga Parbat ebenfalls an einem riesigem Staudamm gebaut, der ein archäologisches Erbe bedroht: 35.000 Felsbilder, viele davon prähistorisch, werden dort dem Energiehunger Pakistans zum Opfer fallen.
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482740,00.html

Steinmeier bezeichnete angesichts der wachsenden Spannungen die Situation vor dem EU-Russland-Gipfel am 18. Mai als "kompliziert".

Er forderte ein Ende der Diskussion um die Frage, ob das Gipfeltreffen, auf dem die EU-Regierungen durch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel repräsentiert werden, überhaupt stattfinden werde.

Er plädierte für "eine Rückkehr der Vernunft".
14.May 2007
Krisengespräch: Steinmeier fliegt überraschend nach Moskau

14.May 2007 Ende der Welt AG: Daimler trennt sich von Chrysler
14.May 2007 Benedikt auf Mission: Wie man Brasilianer verführt
14.May 2007
Iran: Stausee soll Kulturerbe bedrohen
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482728,00.html
" Sarkozy will nämlich das Kulturministerium mit dem Erziehungsministerium vereinigen. Symbolisch ist das ein wichtiger Schritt.

Es würde nämlich nicht nur ein Megaministerium entstehen, sondern auch die Sonderrolle der Kultur in Frankreich radikal in Frage gestellt werden.
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482728,00.html
Kurz, die Universitäten werden mehr Geld für naturwissenschaftliche Fächer und neue Technologie bekommen, aber es wird auf Kosten der Geisteswissenschaften gehen.

Kein Zweifel: Es ist die Logik des Marktes, die hier zukünftig regiert."
14.May 2007,1518,druck-482690,00.html

Benedikt rief die Bischöfe zur Verteidigung der führenden Rolle der katholischen Kirche in der Region auf.

Angesichts des wachsenden Einflusses von protestantisch-evangelikalen Religionsgemeinschaften in Lateinamerika, wo rund die Hälfte der Katholiken auf der Welt lebt,

forderte er von den Priestern "wahrhaft missionarischen Eifer, um Glaube und Hoffnung zu verbreiten".

Den protestantisch-evangelikalen Freikirchen warf der Papst eine aggressive Missionstätigkeit vor.

00.000.1980 Bezeichneten sich noch 89 % der Brasilianer als Katholiken,

00.000.2000 waren es nur noch 74 %.

00.000.1980-00.000.2000 wuchs der Anteil der Anhänger evangelikaler Gruppen von 7 % auf 15 %.
14.May 2007
E- Paper- Entwicklung: Erster biegbarer Farbbildschirm
14.May 2007 Sicherheitskatalog: Juristen werfen Schäuble Abkehr vom Rechtsstaat vor
14.May 2007 Lateinamerika- Besuch: Papst geißelt Marxismus und ungezügelten Kapitalismus
14.May 2007 Contingencies for nuclear terrorist attack: Government and military officials has been quietly preparing an emergency survival program that would include the building of bomb shelters, steps to prevent panicked evacuations and the possible suspension of some civil liberties.

14.May 2007 Man in the mask returns to change world with new coalition: In a rare interview, Zapatista rebel chief Marcos warns US efforts to secure its southern border are pushing his poor compatriots over the edge

14.May 2007 Thousands of Nuclear Arms Workers See Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed: "They couldn't scrub the radiation off my skin -- even after four showers," McKenzie, 52, recalled of his most terrifying day at the Savannah River nuclear weapons plant near Aiken, S.C. "They took my clothes, my watch and even my ring + sent me home in rubber slippers and a jumpsuit."
14.May 2007 UN watchdog denies Iran blocked nuke visit: The United Nations' nuclear watchdog has denied a report that Iran blocked its inspectors from visiting a nuclear facility where it is enriching uranium.

14.May 2007 Moscow eliminates Iran''s ability of attaining nuclear war heads : General Baluyevski repeated Russia's opposition to American plans to install anti-missile defenses in Europe and dismissed US assertions that the defense lines were needed to defend against potential threats from Iran.

14.May 2007 Thirty killed ahead of Pakistan rallies : Fierce gunbattles between rival political activists left 30 people dead and 100 wounded Saturday in the worst violence since President Pervez Musharraf suspended Pakistan's top judge two months ago.

14.May 2007 Judge: Government pressured AIPAC in Israeli spy case: The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers determined that the government pressured the lobby to fire the staffers + affirmed AIPAC's contractual obligation to fund their defense.
14.May 2007 Delhi, 1857: a bloody warning to today's imperial occupiers: A century and a half after the Indian mutiny, echoes of the arrogance and lies that sparked insurgency could not be clearer
14.May 2007 The Madness of the War Profiteering in Iraq: The following is Robert Greenwald's testimony to the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense about war profiteering.

14.May 2007 Who Are the 59 Democrats Who Voted Against the McGovern Bill?: It would have mandated the beginning of withdrawal (”redeployment”) of U.S. forces from Iraq within 90 days.

59 Democrats joined almost all Republicans in voting no. The roll call is here.
14.May 2007
US study finds billions of Iraqi oil missing -NYT: Between 100,000 and 300,000 barrels of Iraq's daily output of roughly 2 million barrels is missing, it said, citing a draft report prepared by the U.S. Government Accountability Office and government energy analysts which is expected to be released next week.
14.May 2007 Majority of Iraq Lawmakers Seek Timetable for U.S. Exit -By KIRK SEMPLE
Officials with Mr. Sadr’s bloc said 144 of Parliament’s 275 members — including Sunnis, Shiites and at least one Kurd — had signed.

The document is being developed into a draft bill by Parliament’s legal and foreign relations committees, said Bahaa al-Araji, a member of the Sadr bloc and head of the legal committee. Continue

14.May 2007 The Moral Obligation to Lose The War -By Robert Shetterly
The War on Iraq should now be described as a war that must be lost in order to save America. That is our moral obligation.

14.May 2007 The Kissinger Connection -By Patrick Foy
It was Kissinger’s protégé + partner, Ambassador L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer III, the Managing Director of Kissinger Associates, Inc. for more than a decade,

whom Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush placed in charge of the occupation of Iraq when Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush inexplicably cashiered the honest + fair-minded Lt. General Jay Garner, after scarcely a few weeks on the job. Continue

14.May 2007 The Hidden War for Oil :-By Carl Bloice
The role of the major US media in the lead up to the invasion and the suffering now taking place in the Horn of Africa.

14.May 2007 GOP senator lashes out at Iraqi government: "a huge disappointment...So far, they've not been able do anything they promised on the political side...I want to assure you, if they vote to ask us to leave, we'll be glad to comply with their request"
Iraqi leaders balk at U.S. oil law + bode poorly for Bush's benchmarks
Report: Active-Duty Generals Will ?Revolt? Against Bush If He Maintains Escalation Into 2008
California Paper Asks on Mother's Day: How Many More Young Americans Will Be Killed in Iraq?
Jon Stewart's "Naked Pictures of Famous People" (Paperback)
'I Don't Believe the NRA Should Get Their Way and Allow Terrorists to Buy Military Guns in the United States.'
What's wrong with Bush's head? He conducts "Star Spangled Banner," then kisses a woman on the forehead, increasingly resembling some mad Kurt Vonnegut character 5/14
Bush's relationship with Congress has become chilly -- and that includes Republicans 5/14

14.May 2007 Frank Rich: Message to the Republican Little Men Running for President, The Gipper is Dead
14.May 2007 G- 8-Protest: Bündnis kündigt Massenblockaden an

14.May 2007 Unruhen in Pakistan: Dutzende Todesopfer bei Protesten in Karachi
13.May 2007,315.html
This has never struck us as an idea that made much sense, especially if you believe the US Government were behind 9/11.

If you were constructing a fake terrorist attack because you wanted to attack Afghanistan, or Iraq, then wouldn?t you involve a few Afghans or Iraqis?

But no, we´re supposed to believe that they made them inconvenient Saudis, instead.
Worse still, the planners picked live Saudis almost at random, despite the fact that they?d be sure to come forward and spoil the whole thing.

Why would anyone do that?
13.May 2007,315.html
Whatever doesn't fit is made to fit. And whatever fits is included without scrutiny.

"The uncritical acceptance of any argument that suggests a conspiracy" is one of the cornerstones of all conspiracy theories, writes conservative US historian Daniel Pipes.

"The conspiracy theorist starts with the conclusion and then looks for reasons to rule everything out that doesn't fit."
13.May 2007,315.html
Zu Mohammed Atta gibt es noch folgende interessante LINKS:
Denn Atta war nicht nur am

07.Sep.2001 in dieser Bar in Florida - auch am

09.Sep.2001 als er laut Untersuchungskommission auf den Weg von Baltimore nach Boston gewesen sein soll, hielt er sich noch an der Goldküste Floridas auf.

Dieses Mal in Pompano Beach, wo er bei "Warrick Rent a Car" mit Marwan Al Shehhi einen Mietwagen zurückgab, wie eine Kopie des Mietvertrags beweist.
Der offizielle 9/11 Report jedoch behauptet:
07.Sep.2001 -"Am- flog er von Fort Lauderdale nach Baltimore, … Am

09.Sep.2001 flog er von Baltimore nach Boston.

Dort trafen zu diesem Zeitpunkt Marwan al Shehhi und sein Team für Flug 175 ein.

Atta wurde mit Al Shehhi in seinem Hotel gesehen." ausführlich:
“Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta .”

13.May 2007 Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the ... John Foster Dulles, who had worked with the Bush family in the Harriman Company in ...

According to Wilson + to Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Al Martin ...
13.May 2007

00.000.1976+00.000.1977 -in den Jahren- »Hinweise«, dass Mercedes-Benz, wie das Unternehmen sich damals noch nannte,

»aktiv an der Verschleppung von Personen beteiligt war, lassen sich nicht halten«, gab Tomuschat bekannt.

Es habe zwar eine »gewisse Zusammenarbeit« mit der Militärdiktatur gegeben, weshalb das »Bild nicht frei von Flecken« sei.

Dennoch kam der Professor der Humboldt-Universität Berlin, dem es nicht darum ging, den Konzern »weiß zu waschen«, zu dem Schluss, er habe »nichts finden können, was ein schlechtes Bild auf Daimler-Chrysler wirft«.

Dieses Resümee bringt die Betroffenen in Rage.

»Der Bericht ist eine parteiliche Auftragsarbeit«, sagt Ramón Segovia, der Sprecher der damals entführten Mercedes-Arbeiter.

Auch der Berliner Rechtsanwalt und Sprecher der »Koalition gegen die Straflosigkeit«, Wolfgang Kaleck, ist empört:

»Der Bericht ist oberflächlicher recherchiert und voreingenommener, als ich befürchtet hatte.«

Für Kaleck, der

00.000.1999 -bereits- Strafanzeige gegen Juan Tasselkraut und das Unternehmen stellte, war die Studie der zweite Rückschlag in einer Woche.

Wenige Tage zuvor hatte die zuständige Staatsanwaltschaft in Nürnberg bekannt gegeben, dass das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Tasselkraut eingestellt worden sei.

Auch die »Kritischen Aktionäre« von Daimler-Chrysler sind von der Untersuchung nicht überzeugt.

Ihr Sprecher Holger Rothbauer kritisiert zudem, dass selbst der Gesamtbetriebsrat des Unternehmens »die Sache« nun für erledigt hält.

Dies sei enttäuschend, da »es immerhin um Kollegen von damals geht«.

Tatsächlich sind die Ergebnisse der Studie zweifelhaft
17.Dez.2003 Jungle World 52 - URL:

Benz mit Flecken

Mercedes-Benz soll mit der Ermordung von Betriebsräten unter der argentinischen Militärdiktatur zu tun haben.

Eine von Daimler-Chrysler einberufene Kommission kommt zu anderen Ergebnissen. von thorsten fuchshuber
13.May 2007 - "terrorgefahr"

... (die übrigens durch jede Anti-Terror-Datei gerutscht wären, genau wie ein Mohammed Atta, der hat sogar GEZ bezahlt....als Student!).
13.May 2007
00.000.1979-00.000.1983 Deuss supplied 25% of South Africa’s oil imports -according to one estimate- + profited massively from the premiums the regime paid to buck oil embargos.

00.000.1985 the ANC publicised a secret report by the auditor general probing oil premiums being paid + highlighting the role of Deuss + fellow sanctions breaker Marc Rich.

The ANC urged governments to take action against “these two criminals”.
13.May 2007
It is PetroWorld

RSA — effectively Deuss — that has seconded Nkuhlu to Mlambo-Ngcuka’s office as a part-time adviser. Nhkulu is particularly trusted and influential in her office.
Nkuhlu on Thursday argued that there was nothing untoward about his overlapping roles in the deputy presidency, PetroSA and PetroWorld, saying:

“It will not only be unfair but factually incorrect to say that John Deuss’s ‘questionable influence’ has reached the Deputy President’s Office.

I do not represent PetroWorld RSA … when I act in my capacity as part-time adviser to the deputy president.”
John Deuss in a nutshell

Oct.2004 ARCHIVES PART 2 Greg Palast: Abused and conned in Florida

An Observer investigation in the United States has uncovered widespread allegations of electoral abuse,
13.May 2007
Die Atomambitionen des Iran als Vorwand für einen vierten Golfkrieg? [5] Seymour M. Hersh, The Coming Wars – What the Pentagon can now do in secret, The New Yorker, 17.Jan.2005 , ...
20051017 Bernays relates the impact of this war propaganda bureau in Biography of an . ... who trafficked in drugs; the drug trade funded the secret war in Laos. ...
00.Apr.1955 Bis zu seinem Tod im beobachtete das Federal Bureau of Investigation ...Die FBI-Akten über Albert Einstein

Fred Jerome: The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against the ... propaganda+bureau&hl=de&ct=clnk&cd=3&gl=de&lr=lang_de">Im Cache
Bernd Stöver Befreiung des Ostens? Die CIA, der Westen und die ... - propaganda+bureau&hl=de&ct=clnk&cd=4&gl=de&lr=lang_de">HTML-Version
auch in dem Maße, wie die Propaganda der halboffiziellen und privaten ...

Vgl. Prados, Presidents Secret Wars, S. 124. 74. Vgl. Stöver, Befreiung, S. 517f.; ...
William Joseph Donovan - propaganda+bureau&hl=de&ct=clnk&cd=5&gl=de&lr=lang_de">HTML-Version
Now that we are at war, foreign propaganda must be employed as a weapons of. war .

The Secret War Report of the OSS. New York: Berkley ...
Bibliografie - propaganda+bureau&hl=de&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=de&lr=lang_de">HTML-Version
The UK’s » secret « Arabic. radio station and Suez War propaganda dis-. aster.

In: Gazette 65 (2003) 6, ... Bureau of Effenciency! In: Public relations ...
01.Dec.1999 The WTO met in Seattle for global trade talks to be known as the Seattle Round. A massive "mobilization against globalization" was also planned by activists.

The 134-nation WTO began meeting in Seattle for a round of global trade talks under the proposed names "Millennium Round" or "Clinton Round."

The purpose of the talks was to reduce tariffs and subsidies and to open markets.

The last Uruguay Round lasted for nearly 8 years. Pres.

Clinton spoke and urged the WTO to listen to the demands of protestors. Clinton defended his administration’s policies in the face of sometimes violent street demonstrations.

Thousands demonstrated on labor and environmental issues and hundreds were arrested.  

(WSJ, 16.Jul.1999, p.A1)

(WSJ, 29.Nov.1999, p.A1)

(SFC, 02.Dec.1999, p.A1)

(AP, 01.Jan.2000)    
A civil trial jury in Memphis ruled that the

00.000.1968 killing of Rev. Martin Luther King was a conspiracy.

The jury concluded that Loyd Jowers, a former café owner, had conspired with elements of the Memphis Police Dept., the federal government and organized crime to kill King.
10.Dec.1999 Wen Ho Lee, nuclear physicist, was charged with 59 counts of mishandling classified information at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

After three years under suspicion as a spy for China, computer scientist Wen Ho Lee was arrested + charged with removing secrets from secure computers at the Los Alamos weapons lab.

Lee was later freed after pleading guilty to one count of downloading restricted data to tape;

58 other counts were dropped.
22.Dec.1999 President Clinton urged Americans not to panic despite enhanced security measures prompted by fears of terrorism. 

00.000.1999 David Wurmser published "Tyranny's Ally: America's Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein."

(WSJ, 08.Apr.1999, p.A16)
20.Apr.1999 In China a report was published on ways to defeat the US. It stated:

"American are slaves to technology in their thinking… a single man-made market crash, a single computer virus invasion, or a single rumor or scandal that results in a fluctuation in the enemy country’s exchange rates…

all can be included in the ranks of new-concept weapons."

(SFC, 20.Apr.2001 , p.A16)
02.May 1999 England introduced antisocial social behaviour orders (ASBO) to counter “loutish and unruly conduct.”

00.Oct.2004 the government launched an Antisocial Behaviour Action Plan, vowing to tackle everyday incivilities from “nuisance neighbors” to begging to graffiti.    ( )

(Econ, 05.Feb.2005 , p.53)
13.May 2007,1518,druck-482650,00.html
Mit lautem Jubel quittierten die Zuhörer der Parteiveranstaltung in Columbus die Frage der New Yorker Senatorin: "Seid ihr bereit, den Krieg im Irak zu beenden und Amerikas Achtung in der Welt wiederherzustellen?"

Clinton versprach für den Fall ihrer Wahl außerdem eine Gesundheitsversorgung für alle, einen besseren Hochschulzugang für sozial schwache Familie und die Förderung alternativer Energiequellen
13.May 2007,1518,druck-482650,00.html

Columbus - Bush führe "eine Regierung von wenigen, für wenige und durch wenige", sagte Clinton in Ohio, das traditionell als entscheidender Schlüsselstaat für den Einzug ins Weiße Haus gilt.

"Sechs Jahre lang hat dieser Präsident keinen Blick gehabt für die hart arbeitenden Familien unserer Mittelschicht", sagte die Frau des früheren US-Präsidenten Bill Clinton.
13.May 2007
Bremen- Wahl: Linkspartei zieht erstmals in westdeutsches Parlament ein

13.May 2007 Landtagswahl: Bremer SPD gewinnt - aber deutliche Verluste
13.May 2007 Medientycoon: Murdoch und der Moschusduft der Macht
13.May 2007 USA: Clinton nennt Bush- Administration oligarchische Regierung
13.May 2007 Türkei: Massendemonstration gegen Islamisierung
13.May 2007 Materie im vierten Zustand: Plasma im Hightech- Ofen
13.May 2007
Deutsche Telekom: Obermann warnt vor ausländischer Übernahme
13.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Gewerkschaft der Polizei warnt vor Überforderung
13.May 2007 Massenproteste in Rom: Die italienische Familie in der Krise
12.May 2007 Brauner Sumpf: Rassismus- Vorwürfe gegen CSU- Funktionäre
12.May 2007 Unwetterkatastrophe: Viele Tote nach Sturm in Nordindien
12.May 2007 Administration Withheld E-Mails About Rove 

The Bush administration has withheld a series of e-mails from Congress showing that senior White House and Justice Department officials worked together to conceal the role of Karl Rove in installing Timothy Griffin, a protege of Rove's, as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 A "heavy" thought about the Dix Six  Does the Fort Dix plot smell a little funny to you? Cannonfire takes a look at the funk.posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 Repairs start at ancient British site Archeologists planned to reopen a tunnel Friday into Silbury Hill, Europe's largest prehistoric artificial mound,

in a bid to carry out urgent repair work amid fears that the 30-metre high structure is in danger of collapse. posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 Spaniards search for legendary Tartessos in a marsh  Where was the capital of Tartessos, the legendary pre-Roman civilization which once existed on the Iberian Peninsula? posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 Digital tricks preserve dinosaur tracks Digital technology has "frozen in time" thousands of fossilized dinosaur tracks, bringing to life a caravan of paleo-beasts, from towering sauropods to Tyrannosaurus rexes, that stampeded over a rocky Earth millions of years ago. posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 The plague tracked in Denver  Denver officials warned people to stay away from squirrels as they monitored what could be an outbreak of the plague.
From the same article: Denver has not had an outbreak of the plague since 1968.
posted by Prof. Hex
12.May 2007 Verizon says phone record disclosure is protected free speech: Verizon is one of the phone companies currently being sued over its alleged disclosure of customer phone records to the NSA. In a response to the court last week, the company asked for the entire consolidated case against it to be thrown out—on free speech grounds

12.May 2007 Spying on the Home Front: The program shows how the FBI vacuumed up records on 250,000 ordinary Americans who chose Las Vegas as the destination for their Christmas-New Year's holiday + the subsequent revelation that the FBI has misused National Security Letters to gather information.

12.May 2007 Armored vehicles' rising use by police:

After six people were shot in the city's Homewood neighborhood in less than 24 hours, Pittsburgh police rolled in with a 20-ton armored truck with a blast-resistant body, armored rotating roof hatch and gunports.

12.May 2007 Apocalypse Of The Honeybees: How poetically appropriate that the End of Humanity should come from such a tiny, sweet source
12.May 2007 Gonzales testimony contradicts White House: Revealing Bush 'conversation' over US attorney firings

12.May 2007 Wary of Security Hassles, European Tourists Steer Clear of US : Many European tourists see traveling to the US as more of a hassle than it's worth these days. They worry about visa and paperwork issues, fingerprinting, long lines at airport and unfriendly immigration officials, experts say.

12.May 2007 Muslim American Grilled at Border Over Religion: Zakariya Muhammad Reed spent 20 years serving in the National Guard.

For the last eleven years, he’s been a firefighter in Toledo. But this hasn’t kept him from being viewed with suspicion by his own government.
12.May 2007
Venezuela Condemns Terrorist Release: Venezuela joins with a strong voice cries against the US release of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who walks free the streets of Miami

12.May 2007 Luis Posada Highlighted Targets For Terrorism: Posada faced charges in Venezuela for the airplane bombing, but escaped from prison there

00.000.1985, participated in the White House- and CIA-sponsored Iran-contra covert operations in Central America in the 1980s + illegally entered the U.S. 00.Mar.2005 .

12.May 2007 Adios, World Bank!: In Latin America, countries are paying off their World Bank loans early, cutting off ties with the Bank + creating their own financing instruments to replace the world’s oldest multilateral lending agency. 12.May 2007 Gates Contradicts Bush, Says ‘I Don’t Know’ If 2002 War Authorization Is Still Valid: During his questioning of Gates, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) noted that the authorization listed two purposes for the use of force: 1) to defend the United States against Saddam Hussein and 2) enforce U.N. resolutions against Hussein’s government. Byrd asked Gates, since Hussein’s government no longer exists,

12.May 2007 'Pentagon Moved to Fix Iraqi Media Before Invasion': In the run-up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon planned to create a 'Rapid Reaction Media Team' (RRMT) designed to ensure control over major Iraqi media while providing an Iraqi 'face' for its efforts, according to a ‘White Paper' obtained by the independent National Security Archive (NSA) which released it Tuesday.

12.May 2007 We're All Responsible for Iraq-By James Reston
the hypocrisy toward our troops is another instance of moral and political guilt. When a person flaunts his patriotism and then tolerates the exploitation of soldiers, then that citizen is morally culpable for that outrage and a participant in it.

12.May 2007 Afghan Parliment Warns U.S. Calls For Troops Withdrawl-By JASON STRAZIUSO
The proposal from the upper house of parliament, which also calls for a date to be set for the withdrawal of foreign troops, suggests that Afghan support for the five-and-a-half-year-old international military mission is crumbling amid a spate of civilian deaths.

12.May 2007 Bush's Zombie Shuffles Off -Adieu, Blair, Adieu -By TARIQ ALI
Blair makes his unwilling exit against a backdrop of car-bombs and mass carnage in Iraq, with hundreds of thousands left dead or maimed from his policies + London a prime target for terrorist attack.

12.May 2007 Mandela Was Once a Terrorist-By Lamis Andoni
Leaders of Israel, responsible for the occupation of lands, destruction of people's lives and violations of the Geneva Conventions, are welcomed and even celebrated as international dignitaries. Neither Israeli-perpetrated violence nor its dispossession of indigenous people from their own land is cause for questioning Israel’s leadership. But for South Africa to receive a leading member of Hamas, a violent resistance movement, is a cause for shock if not condemnation.

12.May 2007 The War on Free Expression -By Stephen Lendeman
A play on Thomas Jefferson's words might be that "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience" to be denied their First Amendment rights to speak, write and otherwise communicate freely and openly without fear of recrimination in a state they want to remain democratic but won't without that right. Today our freedoms are jeopardized in an atmosphere of heightened fear with too few people aware how threatened their most important one of all is at a time there's risk they all may be lost without a concerted effort to save them.

12.May 2007 Stifling summers forecast by Nasa for US east coast : Researchers at Nasa have warned that unless growth in greenhouse gas emissions can be successfully curbed, large areas of the eastern United States, from Washington DC to Florida, can expect to suffer through catastrophically hotter summers within just a couple of generations
12.May 2007 Tariq Ali on the Resignation of Tony Blair: “The Fact That He’s Leaving is Because He’s So Hated”

12.May 2007 Desperate days at Guantanamo as force feeding continues: : Force-feeding is actually done by “strapping prisoners into restraining chairs while they are fed by plastic tubes inserted through their nostrils.”

12.May 2007 Congress Not Told of Covert Action, Committee Complains: U.S. intelligence recently undertook a "significant" covert action without notifying Congress, as required by law, the House Intelligence Committee disclosed in a new report on the 2008 intelligence authorization bill.

12.May 2007 U.S., Germans Fear Imminent Terror Attack: U.S. air marshals have been diverted to provide expanded protection of flights between Germany and the United States.

12.May 2007 Informants scrutinized in Fort Dix case: He railed against the United States, helped scout out military installations for attack, offered to introduce his comrades to an arms dealer + gave them a list of weapons he could procure, including machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. These were not the actions of a terrorist, but of a paid FBI informant who helped bring down an alleged plot by six Muslim men to massacre U.S. soldiers at New Jersey's Fort Dix.
12.May 2007 Israeli policy 'worse' than apartheid: South African Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils on Thursday accused Israel of conducting a policy against the Palestinians that was "worse" than apartheid.

12.May 2007 Carter Challenging Baptists On Conversions, Says Rabbi : Wading into the delicate fray over the alliance between Jews and pro-Israel Evangelicals, former President Jimmy Carter last week reportedly said it was a mistake for Jews to accept such ties + that he was working to convince Southern Baptists to change the way they look at Judaism and the Middle East.
12.May 2007 Neo-Cons Driving Iran Divestment Campaign: Neo-conservative hawks who championed the invasion of Iraq are leading a new campaign to persuade state and local governments, as well as other institutional investors, to "divest" their holdings in foreign companies and U.S. overseas subsidiaries doing business in Iran.

12.May 2007 Cheney warns Iran U.S. will keep sea lanes open : - From an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, Vice President Dick Cheney warned Iran on Friday the U.S. and its allies will keep it from restricting sea traffic as well as from developing nuclear weapons.

12.May 2007 Bush_Cheney_0510.html">Former Powell aide says Bush, Cheney guilty of 'high crimes' : Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, said on the public radio program On Point Thursday that "Bill Clinton's peccadilloes ... pale in significance" when compared to the "high crimes and misdemeanors" of Bush and Cheney.

Putin likens U.S. foreign policy to that of Third Reich :

President Vladimir Putin obliquely compared the foreign policy of the United States to the “Third Reich” in a speech Wednesday commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany
12.May 2007
Jeremy Scahill Testifies in Landmark House Hearing on "Defense" Contracting:

There are over 120,000 private contractors currently deployed in Iraq and yesterday, a House panel put some of the harshest criticisms of this privatization of war into the congressional record for the first time.
12.May 2007
Iraqi Lawmakers Back Bill on U.S. Withdrawal: A majority of members of Iraq's parliament have signed a draft bill that would require a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Iraq and freeze current troop levels.

12.May 2007 U.S. House defeats Iraq war withdrawal bill : The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday easily defeated a bill pushed by anti-war Democrats to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by early next year.

12.May 2007 Pepe Escobar : 'The cultivation of life': - Popular wisdom in Iraq rules that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, with a simple fatwa, or even a single word, could bring the US occupation to an abrupt end. So why doesn't he?
12.May 2007 The Good American -By Scott Ritter - That we have collectively failed to halt and repudiate the war in Iraq makes us even worse than the Germans. Continue

12.May 2007 Impeach Bush or Get Rid of the Impeachment Clause-By Dave Lindorff
What is it about impeachment that has the Democratic Party leadership so frightened?

12.May 2007 The Kennedy Myth Rises Again -By John Pilger
John Pilger recalls the night Robert Kennedy was shot in his presence and the myths that followed his untimely death. Having elevated Kennedy to be one of his heroes, Prime Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown describes him as the pinnacle of "morality" - when this myth really tells us about Brown himself and his political twin, Tony Blair.

12.May 2007 One War Criminal Down, A Fistful to Go - Paul Craig Roberts
Many wonder why Blair destroyed his reputation and that of his country, put himself at risk of being hauled before the International Criminal Court + squandered his time as prime minister providing cover for George Bush’s war of aggression. The answer must be money. We will see which US corporate boards take Blair as a director and which groups pay him six-figure honorariums for speeches.

12.May 2007 This Perfect Storm Will Finally Destroy the Neocon Project - By Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Americans are sick of the unrepentant arrogance of this elite. But the realisation has come at a very heavy cost

12.May 2007 Giuliani Would Make a Worst President than Bush - By Paul Craig Roberts
Giuliana’s career never served justice; it served his personal ambition, his ego. That a person so short on integrity could become a candidate for president is a damning indictment of the US political system.

Hidden History

12.May 2007 The Other Side Of Suez - Documentary Film
Fear of dwindling oil supplies, a strategy of regime change, by-passing the U.N + war based on suspect intelligence. Iraq 2003? No, Egypt 1956. Britain invades an Arab nation to overthrow a dangerous dictator. The Prime Minister predicts that a grateful population will welcome British troops with open arms. But he is wrong.
Click to view

12.May 2007
There are lots of other strange Lebanese connections available. For example, a few minutes googling on Ziad Abdelnour turns up a number of interesting links -- like
here or here.
Or, of course, it could also be part of an attempt to gin up a war with Iran...
# posted by starroute

12.May 2007
Another powerful Lebanese is Richard Rainwater...
...a billionaire financier who profits from calamity.

Perhaps the greatest calamity he helped to inflict on the world is the presidency of his good friend + financial partner, George W. Bush.

Daniel Hopsicker has linked a Rainwater enterprise with the "drug jet" owned by the scam company Skyway. Am I speculating? Am I reaching? Frankly -- yes.
12.May 2007
Again I ask: What does this Foundation DO?
If they are in the business of "pro-democracy" projects, then why the secrecy?
If this Foundation is private, then why did it originate in the State Department? If it is a State Department deal, then why is O'Connor the only American on its board? Do
the non-American board members have access to the classified information apparently made available to Riza?
12.May 2007
From the
Washington Post:
The Foundation for the Future, as the effort is called, has made no grants and held only two board meetings since its creation 1 1/2 years ago. Riza is the only person who works in the Washington "branch" office in the Henry L. Stimson Center. Another office is scheduled to open in Beirut, of all places.
"It is basically just her running this thing," said Tamara Cofman Wittes, research fellow at the Brookings Institution Saban Center for Middle East Policy, who closely tracks democracy programs in the region. She said the board members had no experience in grant-making and thus had "started from zero," with no bylaws or grant-making guidelines. She said the board has had a goal of trying to make its first grant by summer, nearly two years after the organization was formed.

12.May 2007 The State Department project she runs with Elizabeth Cheney is called The Foundation for the Future + Uncle Sam funds it to the tune of $56 million. (Here's a fun fact: "The Foundation" translates into Arabic as "Al Qaeda.") So what does this "Foundation" do, exactly?
12.May 2007 Wolfowitz first forced defense contractor SAIC to hire her + then made sure that she received a strange sinecure at the State Department.
Village Voice had the gist of the story more than a year ago:
Insiders tell me that Riza got a $50,000 raise, to an annual salary of $170,000, before (as I reported earlier) Wolfie arranged to ship her to the State Department to work with Dick Cheney's daughter Elizabeth Cheney, where the two women are operating what amounts to a slush fund at State's Middle East bureau. Riza, a foreign national, could not hold these jobs without very high-level security clearances -- yet the State Department has no record of issuing her any such clearance.

12.May 2007 Bush's Legacy of Death, Deception, Arrogance and Selfishness: Five US-led soldiers were killed Saturday and three reported missing after an attack south of Baghdad, the US military said, amid reports that the three troops had been captured.
The World Bank Knows the Wolfman's Number: Corruption, Arrogance + Nooky in His Office. 5/12
P.M. Carpenter: That's All Folks! Never has one man contributed such thoughtlessness to "policy," such a lack of foresight, such a massive barrel over which to place us, as Mr. Cheney. Watching him drone on and on about muscular efforts we can neither afford to undertake or sustain -- muscular efforts of knock-out force, to us -- was more than the final insult. To those who comprehend just how sticky the wicket is that he and his boss have fashioned, it was a national embarrassment. The co-emperor could not have been more clotheless. 5/13

12.May 2007 Fed Up in Louisiana
Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. Study Says. We'd check Halliburon, first.
Bush is So Loathed That He Can Only Deliver Graduation Speeches at Small, Out of the Way, Collegee -- And He's Even Met With Protests There 5/13
Republicans fear defeat over Iraq. Bush could care less. He just wants to throw the ball down the field and leave the charnel house of death to his successor.
Big windfall for Jeb Bush -- $450,000 from Tenet Healthcare for 13 days of work. Last year this firm paid a $900 million setttlement in a lawsuit alleging they overbilled for Medicare patients. 5/12
'I Don't Believe the NRA Should Get Their Way and Allow Terrorists to Buy Military Guns in the United States.' 5/1

12.May 2007,1518,druck-482541,00.html

Unterdessen hat ein Bündnis regionaler linker Gruppen für den 19. Mai zu einer Demonstration vor dem Gebäude der Bundesanwaltschaft in Karlsruhe aufgerufen. Wie die Sprecherin der sogenannten Vorbereitungsgruppe, Martina Groß, heute erklärte, richtet sich der Protest gegen die am vergangenen Mittwoch von den Behörden vorgenommenen Durchsuchungen von Wohnungen und Büros linker Gruppierungen. Groß warf der Bundesanwaltschaft vor, willkürlich gehandelt zu haben. Die Razzien hätten zum Ziel gehabt, kritische Gruppen und Einzelpersonen zu durchleuchten und einzuschüchtern.
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482541,00.html

Den zwölf Kilometer langen Zaun, der die Teilnehmer des vom 6. bis 8. Juni stattfindenden Gipfels schützen soll, bezeichnete der Attac-Organisator als illegal. So habe das Bundesverfassungsgericht im Rahmen der Auseinandersetzungen um das Atomkraftwerk Brokdorf entschieden, den Adressaten des Protests sei zuzumuten, die Demonstranten zu hören und zu sehen.
12.May 2007
Unruhen in Pakistan: Mindestens 27 Tote bei Demonstration in Karachi
12.May 2007 Umweltgipfel in New York: EU- Kommissar lästert über unfähige Konferenz
12.May 2007
"Even though Building 7 didn't get much attention in the media immediately, within the structural engineering community, it's considered to be much more important to understand," said William F. Baker, a partner in charge of structural engineering at the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. "They say, `We know what happened at 1 and 2, but why did 7 come down?' "
12.May 2007 Conspiracy Rawlings Rees, Olaf Palme, Ronald Reagan, Sir Peter Vickers Hall, Prince Phillip, ... Cardinal Villot, Lucio Gelli, Archbishop Benelli, Msgr. Giovanni Abbo, ...
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482535,00.html

An einer möglichen Wiederaufnahme seines Verfahrens, über die in den vergangenen Monaten immer wieder spekuliert worden war, habe er allerdings kein Interesse, sagte Folkerts, da die Justiz "denkbar ungeeignet sei, etwas Positives zur Aufarbeitung der Geschichte der RAF beizutragen".
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482535,00.html
Die Diskussion über die Frage, wer damals wirklich im Beifahrersitz des Motorrads gesessen hatte und damit der eigentliche Mörder war, war erst vor wenigen Wochen erneut aufgekocht.
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482535,00.html
Der Ex-RAF-Mann war seinerzeit wegen der Ermordung des Generalbundesanwalts Siegfried Buback zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt worden. Erstmals äußerte er sich in dem SPIEGEL-Gespräch zu der Anklage der Bundesanwaltschaft, in der er beschuldigt worden war, vom Soziussitz des zur Tat verwendeten Motorrads aus die tödlichen Schüsse abgegeben zu haben. "Mein Prozess war eine Farce", so Folkerts.
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482505,00.html
gestern endete das Treffen in New York mit einem Eklat: Weil die Abschlussresolution ein "falsches Signal" enthalte, hat der deutsche Umweltminister Gabriel im Namen der EU die Unterzeichnung verweigert. Die Welt erwarte "konkrete Schritte" von der Uno.
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482505,00.html

Die Europäer waren unter anderem mit der Initiative gescheitert, alle Länder zur Abgabe eines langfristigen Energieplanes bis 2010 zu verpflichten. Die gut 130 Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländer in der Gruppe der 77 (G77) und China lehnten den Vorschlag ab, weil er ihre Energiepolitik der Kontrolle durch Industriestaaten unterstellt hätte.

Deutschland legte auch bei der Wahl des nächsten CSD-Vorsitzenden im Namen der Europäer Einspruch ein. Dessen ungeachtet gewann der Vertreter der umstrittenen Regierung von Simbabwe, Francis Nhema, den Vorsitz der neuen zweijährigen Sitzungsperiode hauchdünn mit 26 von 50 Stimmen.
12.May 2007
Attentat auf Buback: Ex- RAF- Mann Folkerts bestreitet direkte Tatbeteiligung

12.May 2007 Neue Solarzellen: Strom aus der Folie
12.May 2007 Weltbank: Vorstand hält Wolfowitz für untragbar
12.May 2007 Uno- Sicherheitsrat: Westmächte wollen Unabhängigkeit des Kosovo
12.May 2007 Republicans fear defeat over Iraq. Bush could care less. He just wants to throw the ball down the field and leave the charnel house of death to his successor.
The Inside Story of Bobby and Jack -- And What Forces May Have Led to JFK's Assassination (Paperback)

12.May 2007 'I Don't Believe the NRA Should Get Their Way and Allow Terrorists to Buy Military Guns in the United States.' 5/11

12.May 2007 World Bank Board to the Wolfman: Quit or be Fired. We Wish our Congress Had the Same Attitude Toward Gonzales, Bush and Cheney. 5/11
Police say an armed Uzbek man has taken eight hostages, including the ambassador, at the Russian Embassy in Costa Rica. 5/12
Anti-War Campus Catholics Rip Bush Speech: Protesters Call War Unjust; Both students and faculty at St. Vincent College are protesting the speech. 5/12
Vet: Chaplains tried to convert me; The Orthodox Jew says he was repeatedly hassled during stays at the VA center in Iowa City; No more religious persecution of our vets!! 5/12
The Attorney corruption scandal in a nutshell: "I don?t know how you would put that genie back in the bottle, if people started to believe we were hiring our Assistant United States Attorneys for political reasons. I don?t know that there?s any window you can go to to get the department?s reputation back if that kind of stuff is going on." 5/12

12.May 2007 Michael Moore's open letter to Treasury Secretary Michael Paulson. 5/12
You have a Monica problem," a Justice Dept. employee was told. Referring to Monica M. Goodling, a 31-year-old, relatively inexperienced lawyer who had only recently arrived in the office, the boss added, "She believes you?re a Democrat and doesn?t feel you can be trusted." 5/12

12.May 2007 A "heavy" thought about the Dix six Back in the Vietnam protest days, informers routinely spurred activists into illegalities.

Anyone conversant with that history could have predicted this.
The six-against-Dix scenario always carried a funky smell: Any such attack would last maybe twenty seconds + that's an insanely generous estimate. Why would six mayhem-minded maniacs (
Albanians, as it turns out) give their lives to accomplish so little mayhem?
An informer had entered the group, offered to lead it into battle + "seemed to be pushing the idea of buying the deadliest items, startling at least one of the suspects."
And when efforts to finally get the more potent weapons seemed close to producing results, the informer presented a list of possible arms that could now be bought. The list included fully automatic machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. But it was the men who scaled back their ambitions.

12.May 2007 actually, the post you refer to doesn't contain everything that Sibel knows re 911. There's more here:
12.May 2007 Follow this trail + you will see why the right has secretly funded what I call the "tranny" movement -- which was designed to place all non-official views of 9/11 behind what we may call a "laughter curtain." There are a lot of Joe Sixpacks and Mary Sixpacks out there who have never heard of Sibel Edmonds -- but they have heard nonsense about controlled demolitions and missiles striking the Pentagon. That situation did not occur by accident. Not for the first time in American history, the conspiracy theorists are the conspirators. Permalink
12.May 2007 A commenter on lukery's site asks some darn good questions regarding terrorists al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar, whose presence within the U.S. was known + even after they had attended the Malaysian terror summit: Why didn't the CIA put them on no fly lists? Why didn't the FBI put them on no fly lists? The INS? Remember, these officials (like Scheuer and Clarke and Tenet) have told us that al Qaeda were the most dangerous terrorists on planet Earth and in the summer of '01 the system was blinking red.
12.May 2007 Both the American media + the 911 Commission have stubbornly refused to look into this story:
14.Apr.2007 in the Village Voice, James Ridgeway wrote:
"Despite the best efforts of the Jersey Girls, leaders of the 9-11 Family Steering Committee, no member of the 9-11 commission this afternoon asked FBI chief Robert Mueller embarrassing questions about two former FBI translators who claim to have knowledge bearing on the attacks. One of them says she is being suppressed and can't talk because Attorney general John Ashcroft has placed a gag order on her." Did the CIA get the info in a timely fashion? No. [Michael] Scheuer was the head of the Bin Laden unit, Alec Station, at the CIA. Scott asked Scheuer about the pre-911 warning that Sibel speaks of - and Scheuer said that he'd never heard of it...
12.May 2007 Sibel on 9/11: Here's what we know lukery (here and here) has compiled in one place what we know about what Sibel Edmonds knows about 9/11.

I will here give a few oversized chunks; you are encouraged to read the original.
00.Apr.2001 a respected, long-term informant gave an interview to two FBI agents. The details of the interview are documented internally within the FBI (on so-called "302 forms") + have been confirmed and reported in various respectable media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune.
Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who has apparently seen the transcript of the interview, testified to the 911 Commission for more than 3 hours.

When the 911 Commission report was released, Sibel was furious that significant, relevant information that she had provided had been excluded from the report + she decided to share some of the details in an open letter to the Commission.
In the letter, among other things, she outlined some of the information that was provided by the informant in the April 2001 interview:
Through his contacts in Afghanistan, he received information that:
1) Osama bin Laden was planning a major terrorist attack in the United States targeting four or five major cities;
2) the attack was going to involve airplanes;
3) some of the individuals in charge of carrying out this attack were already in place in the United States;
4) the attack was going to be carried out soon, in a few months.

12.May 2007 Murdering journalists As Larisa Alexandrovna reports, two British civil servants -- David Keogh and Leo O’Connor -- were convicted of breaking the U.K.'s Official Secrets Act because they had tried to leak a classified memo about Bush. Some erroneous reports have held that the memo described W as a "madman." The reality was grimmer: Bush had proposed bombing Al Jazeera. Permalink
12.May 2007 We have a pretty good idea how Soros made his money. Does anyone really know how Moon got so wealthy?

The reports we hear -- Yakuza connections, Japanese fascists, money laundering and so forth -- are pretty hair-raising. Permalink
12.May 2007 The mark of Soros: The demonization of George Soros proceeds apace.

The most amusing forum: The Washington Times. Reverend Moon's Washington Times . Yes, folks being paid by the Reverend Effing Moon think that the real problem is Media Matters, MoveOn + George Soros.
12.May 2007 The Brent Wilkes prosecution: Is the Justice Department deliberately trying to taint the prosecution's case? Read what emptywheel has to say...
12.May 2007 Perle of unwisdom: Richard Perle is out to blame Iraq on the CIA.

The neocon antipathy for the Agency places progressives in a strange position, since we have generally opposed many CIA covert actions in the past. Joy Tomme has a remarkably good summary of Perle's sorry history...
20050103 According to Wackenhut’s financial reports, nuclear power plants and sensitive ... Nuclear Weapons Facilities TodayCONTRACTORS: Becktel Nevada Corporation, ...
12.May 2007 Bermuda's International Non-Insurance Businesses Bermuda is also a popular location for registering hedge funds as its legislation ...

Owned by John Deuss . Tremont (Bermuda), 4 Park Street, Hamilton. ...
12.May 2007
Illinois Congressman Jerry Weller,Refco and the collapse of ...

Also the recent arrest of oil and arms trafficker John Deuss ( of Iran Contra ... that opened the door to drug trafficking and organized crime in Guatemala.
12.May 2007
Caspian Sea Library In this way, the participant oil companies and countries hoped to hedge their ...

Dutch financier and Omani Oil Company Chairman, John Deuss - who had been ...
20050209 steigen vor allem Hedge -Fonds immer öfter in das Geschäft mit faulen ... In particular I will analyze the machinations of John Deuss + Roger Tamraz in this ...

12.May 2007 trofiexamplebase txt wsj30:8066 U `` Newsletters are one way direct-marketed funds can attack this . ...

Mr. Deuss, who flew him to Oman to introduce him to Mr. Al-Shanfari .
Helen Tindel bought a home but would not recommend using Tim for your home purchase.
Comments: "T.A. Russell and Co is the worst managment company I have ever dealt with. In the winter months, days after all the snow had melted off steets our stairs were a disaster- ice packed and dangerous.

It took 4 days of constant nagging after falling, to have them salt our stairs. The roof leaked and flooded my apt. Again, it took way too long for them to have the lake vacumed up.

Also, once I paid my rent by dropping payment in the drop box which was later broken into that night and my check was stolen.

They never called to inform me that my identity and credit were at rick, but they did call me 2 weeks later to complain that my payment was late.

Thier staff is unprofessional, rude + neglegent- quintessential slum lords." Read full review


29.Jan.2003 Überblick-Overview -Resumo ...
authentico index Web Ergebnisse 1-9 von ungefähr 10 für Simons 1999. la ola welle ...


29.Jan.2003 Überblick-Overview-Resumo
12.May 2007
Querdenker Sie werden oftmals als neurotische Spinner oder egozentrische Sonderlinge angesehen + bezeichnet.

Sie stören traditionelle Abläufe in ...
Generation - LT » Der Mensch Es gibt auf einen tollen Artikel über den Querdenker - also vielleicht über DICH, wenn DU DICH dazu zählst ;-) ...
Was ist ein Querdenker? - Erfinder, Erfindungen - Treff für ... Den Link habe ich gefunden, und dachte, es ist doch nicht schlecht, ihn hier einzustellen. Grüße Heinrich ...
YouTube - Querdenker - Informationen zum "Querdenker".. also ich hätts anders beschrieben. Für mich ist ein Querdenker jemand der aus ...
20051121 - So wurde Nikola Tesla zeit seines Lebens nur von wenigen ernst genommen ...

18.Nov.2005 AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: Meet the ...
Themen 4281 bis 4290 [b:f178b63878]Querdenker[/b:f178b63878] Ein lesenswerter Beitrag zum Thema Querdenker findet sich unter:
Peak Oil- das Ende des billigen Öls: Der Querdenker :, M_B_S am ...

Sie outen, was besser unter der Decke bleiben sollte + vor ihrem "ruchlosen" Treiben scheint nichts sicher zu sein....
Nord-Amerika-Suche [NAS] - Die deutsche Suchmaschine für Amerika

... der Identifikation typischer Merkmale, dem inneren und äußeren Wert eines Querdenkers werden gegeben. [D81677 München] url:

Nov.2005 Autumn of Discontent: The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows serious political trouble for President Bush.

14.Nov.2005 John Cusack: On Bush: How depressing ...
"Es war dieses Bild, das die Welt in Alarmbereitschaft versetzte" -

Ich habe gehört, dass mehrere Tausend Muslime getötet wurden. ...

00.Aug.1992 veröffentlichte Newsweek das Bild eines zum Skelett abgemagerten Mannes, ...
12.May 2007
Founder of Jehovah's witnesses: CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL- CHILD MOLESTER!

The truth about Charles Taze Russell : caught by his wife fonding a child in his office at night. From actual court transcripts of Russell's divorce- ...
12.May 2007 DAPA Research Materials

Druyun, Darlene . A Blueprint for Action: Final report. Darlene Druyun, Execitive ... IRT Meeting Agenda, Bio of Mr. Jeff Way + DAPA Issues Abstract. ...

Ana cargo boeing! Department of justice boeing and airplane health

... boeing control mechanisms boeing + darlene druyun boeing 787+seat boeing 747 ... efficiency 40.7% boeing spectrolab dish panic at the disco biography,


Have you seen, by any chance, the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush? ... delay of sentencing of ex-Boeing employee, Darlene Druyun, until 01.Oct.200-.

Defense Tech: Air Force Starts Tanker Fleet Refill

Former Air Force acquisition official Darlene Druyun, in fact, ended up in federal prision, convicted on conspiracy charges. It seems Ms. Druyun had ...

Agents or Stewards: Using Theory to Understand the Government ...

... the stories involving the Air Force, Darlene Druyun + the Boeing Corporation. ...

American National Biography, Booksellers' Information Service ...

Swing State Ohio Lie #4: Stretched her bio to include two college degrees even though she only earned one. ... ~23 Billion Darlene Druyun (see Google) ...

12.May 2007 Aerospace Acquisition 2002: The Air Force Acquisition Reform ...

By Darleen Druyun Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary ...

We must get to it! Related Links Darleen Druyun Biography · Acquisition Center of Excellence ...

David Drutz — Douglas Dryburgh : ZoomInfo Business People Informati...

Druyun, Darlene, The Boeing Company, Of note, is a recent endorsement letter ... Druyun, Heather, The Boeing Company, According to Ms. Druyun 's biography, ...

Limited, Inc.

"The documents also illustrate the integral role that Darlene Druyun, ... According to Druyun's official biography, she started out in D.C. as the ...
12.May 2007 LP: Little Known Facts About 911

Mexico police seize 'cartel head'. Shots fired inside building. ...

11.Sep.2001 08-30 am: FBI/CIA Anti-Terrorist Task Force Away From Washington on Training Exercise ...
12.May 2007
I'm the Idiot? - Early Warning

9-11Eyewitness video by Rick Siegel shows explosions going off in towers! ... Within hours of the arrests, FBI agents seized documents and tapes from the ...


11.Sep.2001 09-30 am -it was-"I looked at my watch before I looked at the computer...

Sep.2001 Scholars (08/08) Update: Rick Siegel signed as 11th 9/11 Scholar the ...
12.May 2007
Giltner Review: SimplyHeadlines Daily Digest

FBI Analyzes 1000 People Each Day For Terror Watch List ... "the immediate and safe return" of 15 naval personnel seized Friday near disputed waters. 12.May 2007 LP: Rick Siegel Speak Out About 911truth

Having already confiscated his computers, his companies + his finances they now must create + then destroy a myth of “ Rick Siegel .” ...
LP: Little Known Facts About 911 Mexico police seize 'cartel head'. Shots fired inside building.

... 8:30 am: FBI/CIA Anti-Terrorist Task Force Away From Washington on Training Exercise ...
Grassroots InfoMedia, NetCast News Radio, Of, by + for the People

My monitor is flickering + my computer is nearly 10 years old, ... FBI shut down server + seized hardware. So now who is sending this ...
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482487,00.html
Am 20. April hatte die US-Botschaft in Berlin einen Warnhinweis an Bürger ihres Landes in Deutschland veröffentlicht.

Innenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) bestätigte noch am selben Tag, die Terrorgefahr für US- Einrichtungen in Deutschland sei gewachsen. Es gebe Hinweise auf ein gestiegenes Anschlagsrisiko.
12.May 2007,1518,druck-482487,00.html

Seit den Informationen damals hat es allerdings keinerlei neue Entwicklung gegeben - das teilten heute binnen Minuten nach dem ABC-Bericht sowohl die US-Regierung als auch das deutsche Innenministerium mit.

Die Hinweise seien "mehrere Wochen alt", man habe seither an den Vorkehrungen nichts verändert.

"Es gibt nichts Neues", sagte eine Sprecherin des Innenministeriums. "Wir blicken auf eine Lage, die schon lange bekannt ist."

Auch die deutsche Botschaft in Washington teilte mit, es lägen keinerlei frischen Erkenntnisse über Anschlagspläne vor.
12.May 2007
Libanon- Einsatz: Israelische Kampfjets nahmen Kurs auf Bundeswehr- Schiff
12.May 2007
US- Fernsehbericht: Aufregung um Anschlagswarnung für Deutschland
12.May 2007 Jugendgewalt- Interview: Senatorin prüft Strafmaßnahmen gegen Oberstaatsanwalt
12.May 2007 Auftrieb für Gipfel- Proteste: Linke Szene jubelt über Razzia der Bundesanwaltschaft
11.May 2007 US Interventionen von

00.000.1945-11.Mai 2007 -bis zur Gegenwart Forum- Es gab keine Revolution in Nicaragua . Grenada 1979 -84:

... An eine halbe Million ermordeter indonesischer Kommunisten beim CIA-inszenierten Putsch von ...
11.May 2007
Krieg eine Folge sinnlosen Wirtschaftens?

Deren jetzt ermordeter Führer Massud finanzierte seinen Kampf gegen die Mullahs mit den Lapislazuli + Smaragden, die er aus den Minen an der Grenze zu ...
20061120 Drucker introduces us to Fritz Kraemer, a brilliant, monocle-wearing eccentric who became an influential mentor to the young Henry Kissinger ... -
14.Jan.2005 Atlantic Storm Scenario: Exercise Participants- Jacques Drucker Counselor for Health Affairs, Embassy of France, Washington, DC ... Brad Kramer ; Research Analyst. Gigi Kwik Grönvall, PhD; Fellow ...

11.May 2007
cia - 45. project+paperclip+ nazis+ cia 46. cia history 47. cia agents training ... 107. cia mexico 108. cia tajikistan 109. cia techniques 110. cia vietnam ...
11.May 2007
DALL’EUGENETICA AL TRASUMANESIMO Nel 1926 Averell accolse nella sua ditta un socio dal nome famoso Prescott Bush, ...

La famiglia Harriman e Prescot Bush (che abbiamo vista erano soci) si ...
11.May 2007
Democratic Underground - A month after the assassination of ...

Names like Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Rheinhard Gehlen. Of course, Prescott Bush + Averel Harriman never left the building.
11.May 2007
The Holocaust and the Catholic Church's Search for Forgiveness: An ... - 4)

00.Aug.1942 -At the end of- Andrew Szepticky, the Ukranian Catholic Metropolitan of Lviv (Lwow) wrote the Pope, in great detail, of the atrocities ...
The Toby Press: The Shoes of the Fisherman by Morris West -

When the war with the Germans was over, he had been named, in spite of his youth, Metropolitan of Lvov, successor to the great and saintly Andrew Szepticky, ...
20041206 - they were blessed by Archbishop Szepticky at the Vatican + recruited by UK intelligence after WWII. as part of the fascist Stay Behind network across Europe ...
Nazis/Recruiting - They include an introduction by H.R. Trevor-Roper and a preface by Andrew Tully, who quotes Allen Dulles on Gehlen: "I don't know if he's a rascal; ...

11.May 2007,1518,druck-482252,00.html

"250 % höheres Risiko"

Das britische Magazin "New Scientist" warf prompt mit beeindruckenden %werten um sich: "Wer während seines Lebens mehr als fünf Oralsex-Partner hatte, trägt ein um 250 % höheres Risiko für Rachenkrebs als Menschen, die keinen Oralsex haben", steht auf der Website des Magazins, das deutsche Nachrichtenagenturen aus rätselhaften Gründen stets wie ein echtes Fachblatt unter Angabe von Ausgabe und Seitenzahl zitieren.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

SPIEGEL: Vor ein paar Wochen musste Chiquita auch noch zugeben, bis 2004 Geld an paramilitärische Kräfte in Kolumbien gezahlt zu haben.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html
Stauber: Trotz gegenteiliger Behauptungen von Leuten wie Edelman liegt das Wesen von PR gerade darin, nicht sichtbar zu sein.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html
Eine andere Frontgruppe, die "Greening Earth Society", sagte sogar sinngemäß, der Klimawandel sei gut, weil ja alles grüner werde. Die Gesellschaft war von der Kohleindustrie auf Schiene gebracht worden.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html
-bereits- gründete -mit Hilfe von PR-Agenturen die amerikanische Öl- + Automobilindustrie die Global Climate Coalition.

Ein sauberer Name - für einen dreckigen Zweck: Über 63 Millionen Dollar hat diese Koalition dafür ausgegeben, alle Anstrengungen, die CO-2-Emmissionen zu reduzieren, zu torpedieren.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

SPIEGEL: Das wirkliche Schlachtfeld sei die öffentliche Meinung im eigenen Land, sagte der ehemalige US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld.

Stauber: Und diese Meinung hat man sich einiges kosten lassen.

00.000.2003-00.000.2005 -Von Anfang bis Mitte- zahlte die amerikanische Regierung 1,6 Milliarden Dollar an PR-Agenturen + Journalisten.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html
Stauber: Amerika ist sicher das am meisten von Propaganda beherrschte Land der Welt.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

SPIEGEL: Der Mythos der Presse als vierte Gewalt, als Bollwerk gegen Propaganda ist für Sie eine Mär.

Das Gegenteil sei der Fall: Die amerikanischen Medien, schreiben Sie, seien vielfach nur noch Stenograf der Mächtigen. Anstatt Propaganda aufzudecken, seien die Medien der Kanal dafür.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

Stauber: Der Arm von Monsanto reichte offenbar bis in die Medien. Der TV-Sender Fox verlangte von zwei Journalisten, die über rbGH recherchiert hatten, soviel weichspülende Änderungen in ihrem Beitrag, dass diese den Sender verklagten.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

Stauber: Genau - und vielleicht hätte ich PRWatch damals schon starten sollen - ich tat es aber erst 1993, nachdem ich von Burson-Marsteller ausspioniert worden bin.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-481658,00.html

PR-Profis sind Meister im Verdrehen von Fakten: Ob Klimawandel, Arbeiterrechte oder Irak-Krieg - in den USA werden jährlich zig Milliarden Dollar für Meinungsmanipulation ausgegeben, sagt PR-Kritiker Stauber im SPIEGEL-Interview - und erklärt die gängigsten Propaganda-Methoden.

SPIEGEL: Herr Stauber, wann kamen Sie das erste Mal mit Public Relations in Berührung?

John Stauber: Das war

1978. Damals sprühte die staatliche National Force das Herbizid Agent Orange, um der amerikanischen Holzindustrie die Rodungen zu erleichtern.

Ich koordinierte Proteste gegen den Einsatz des Mittels, das von Monsanto und Dow Chemical vertrieben wurde.

Auf einer Konferenz der Forstwirtschaft in Washington kam ein Mann auf mich zu und sagte: "Ich weiß wer sie sind, John Stauber, der in Wisconsin den Protest organisiert."

Ich sagte, ich wisse nicht, wer er ist.

Er sagte, er arbeite für Dow: "Ich achte auf Leute wie sie."

Ich fragte, wie viele Leute Dow für so was beschäftige.

"Wir sind genügend", sagte er und bohrte mir seinen Finger in die Brust.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482104,00.html
In der Genderforschung wird heute an vielen Phänomenen untersucht, wie Körper und Gesellschaft zusammenwirken.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482104,00.html
00.000.2001 beispielsweise- konnte die Arbeitsgruppe um Cordula Nitsch an der Universität Basel zeigen, dass sich Sprachareale im Gehirn überlappen, wenn eine Person sehr früh zwei Sprachen gleichzeitig erlernt.

Wird die zweite Sprache dagegen erst später erworben, bilden sich getrennte Sprachareale aus.

Nach unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen ist das Gehirn also auch etwas anders strukturiert und funktioniert anders
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482104,00.html
Und so können wir zumindest für unseren Kulturkreis sagen, dass die angeblich so getrennten Geschlechterrollen zunehmend durchbrochen werden.

Auf der Genderebene verschwimmen die Unterschiede zwischen Frauen und Männern immer mehr.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482418,00.html

Es wird einer der größten Bundeswehreinsätze im Inland sein, die nicht zur Bewältigung von Katastrophenfolgen stattfinden.

Zum Vergleich: Bei der einmonatigen Fußball-WM im vergangenen Jahr waren 2000 Soldaten im Einsatz.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482418,00.html

In Berlin wurde bekannt, dass die Bundeswehr sich mit rund 1100 Soldaten an der Sicherung des G-8-Gipfels vom

06.Jun.2007-08.Jun.2007 in Heiligendamm beteiligen wird.

Der Einsatz werde etwa zehn Millionen Euro kosten, sagte ein Sprecher von Verteidigungsminister Franz Josef Jung.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482418,00.html

Schwerin - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will die gesetzlichen Möglichkeiten zur vorbeugenden Haft für mutmaßliche Gewalttäter laut einer Sprecherin "vollinhaltlich ausschöpfen" - +

bereitet im großen Stil Haftplätze für Gefangene am Rande des Gipfels vor.

Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble hatte heute gewaltbereiten Demonstranten mit vorbeugender Haft gedroht.

Die Einzelheiten seien im Sicherheits- und Ordnungsgesetz des Landes geregelt, hieß es in Schwerin.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482446,00.html
"Wenn Randalierer nicht vorher zur Einsicht gelangen, dann müssen sie in Hamburg auch mit Unterbindungsgewahrsam rechnen."

Auf sie wartet eine Gefangenensammelstelle. Spezielle Beamte sollen Randalierer direkt dem Haftrichter vorführen, der dann über Präventivhaft während des G-8-Gipfels entscheiden soll.

Das Hamburger Polizeigesetz erlaubt bis zu 14 Tage Gewahrsam, wenn es Anhaltspunkte für geplante Straftaten gibt.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482446,00.html

Das Anti-Globalisierungsnetzwerk Dissent, das sich selbst der radikalen Linken zurechnet, lehnt in seinem Aufruf zur Teilnahme an der Demo die bestehende Ordnung in Gänze ab.

"Asem und G8 sind beide nur ein Stein in der Mauer von Ausbeutung und Aufgrenzung, von Zerstörung und Unterdrückung. Beginnen wir, die Mauern einzureißen!"
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482446,00.html
Am 25. Mai erreichen Fahrradkarawanen aus ganz Europa die Stadt. Linke Gruppen haben für Pfingstmontag eine Demonstration mit Zehntausend Teilnehmern angemeldet.

Startpunkt des Protestzuges: Die Reeperbahn auf St. Pauli. Motto: "Gate to Global Resistance". Ziel des Marsches ist der Rathausmarkt.
11.May 2007,1518,druck-482446,00.html

Hamburg - 46 Minister, 1400 Fachbeamte, 600 ausländische Journalisten: Der Asem-Gipfel in Hamburg wird die größte außenpolitische Veranstaltung während der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft.

Sämtliche Luxus-Hotels der Stadt: längst ausgebucht. Es gilt die höchste Sicherheitsstufe, das Areal rund um den Tagungsort wird Sperrgebiet. DPA

Krawalle vor der "Roten Flora": Hamburg gilt als eines der Zentren der Globalisierungsgegner Am

28.Mai 2007+29.Mai 2007 beraten sich die 27 EU-Außenminister mit asiatischen Kollegen - darunter die Vertreter Chinas, Japans, Indiens, Indonesiens.

Bundesaußenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier und Bürgermeister Ole von Beust empfangen die Delegationen im Rathaus.

Ein hochkarätig besetztes Treffen. Auf der Agenda: Energie- und Klimapolitik, Sicherheits- und Sozialthemen. Alles in Vorbereitung auf den Weltwirtschaftsgipfel Anfang Juni in Heiligendamm.
11.May 2007
Sachsen- Anhalt: Polizeidirektor schützte Rechtsextreme
11.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Militante planen Krawall- Pfingsten in Hamburg
11.May 2007 Durst weltweit: Wasserflaschen- Wahn belastet die Umwelt
11.May 2007 G8- Mobilmachung: Hans- Christian Ströbele über Razzien, Randale, RAF 
11.May 2007
Strategiewechsel: Brown plant Bruch mit Blairs Irak- Politik

11.May 2007 Steuerplus: Deutsches Defizitproblem hat sich für EU erledigt
11.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm: Schwerins Regierung richtet Massengefängnisse ein
11.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Massengefängnisse für Randalierer geplant
11.May 2007 Public Relations: "Saubere Namen für dreckige Zwecke"

11.May 2007 Ansatz für Krebsbehandlung: Transport direkt zur Tumorzelle
11.May 2007 Steinbrück- Plan: Steuerwunder soll Deutschlands Finanzen sanieren
11.May 2007 Billige Gebäudereinigung: Bundestag speist Putzkräfte mit Dumpinglöhnen ab
11.May 2007 Hamburger Terror- Verfahren: Motassadeq scheitert mit Revision
11.May 2007 iPod: Gefahrenquelle für Herzschrittmacher- Patienten?
11.May 2007
Volksabstimmung geplant: Schweizer Politiker wollen Minarette verbieten
11.May 2007 Schlaues Saatgut: Weizenkörner buddeln sich selbst ein
11.May 2007 orschungs- Missionen: Wettervorhersage für die Sonne gesucht
11.May 2007
Geigerzähler im Telefon: Der Handy- Kunde als Frühwarnsystem
11.May 2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Das Blut unserer Mutter, der Erde"

11.May 2007 Heizen mit Ökoenergie: Klima schonen - und Geld sparen
11.May 2007 "Hubble"- Nachfolger: Superteleskop soll zum Urknall zurückblicken

11.May 2007 Nazi- Vergleich: Australiens Premier erkennt in Simbabwe Gestapo- Methoden
11.May 2007 Russland- USA: Außenministerin Rice rügt Moskau
11.May 2007 Insel vor Los Angeles: Bewohner fliehen vor Buschbrand
11.May 2007
Erbschaftsteuer: Auf dem Sprung ins Ausland

11.May 2007 Kriegs- Debatte: US- Demokraten stellen neue Bedingungen für Irak- Budget
11.May 2007 10. MAI 2007
11.May 2007
Guantanamo: Leibwächter von Osama bin Laden angeklagt
11.May 2007 Iran: Wissenschaftlerin aus den USA festgenommen
11.May 2007 Yacht- Affäre: Sarkozys Urlaubs- Sponsor erhielt doch Regierungsaufträge
11.May 2007 Passgesetz: Union und SPD einig - Fingerabdrücke werden nicht gespeichert

11.May 2007 Lobbying: Wie Genmais- Gigant Monsanto Politik macht
11.May 2007 Vietnam: Behörden verschärfen Kampf gegen Meinungsfreiheit
11.May 2007 Waffenlobbyist: Schreibers Auslieferung rückt näher
11.May 2007 Auftrieb für Gipfel- Proteste: Linke Szene jubelt über Razzia der Bundesanwaltschaft
11.May 2007 Opossum- Genom: Durchleuchtete Leichendarsteller
10.May 2007
Home - Costas Tsalikidis - ? Costas died The authorities and the media strongly feel that Costas ‘ death was associated with his position in the company. ©2006
Costas's Life

23.Jul.1966 Costas Tsalikidis was born + died on the

09.Mar.2005 at the age of 39. He worked for Vodafone Greece for almost 11 years, ...
BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Death muddies Greek spy probe

In a serene but cramped graveyard in the western suburbs of Athens, lies the body of Costas Tsalikidis, a network manager for Vodafone Greece.
The Waterglass: Tapped: Espionage and the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

09.Mar.2005 -on the morning of- Costas Tsalikidis, a network manager for Vodafone Greece, was found hanged in his apartment ... he was just 38 years old.

Spy Blog: Vodafone Greece "hacked" - is Vodafone UK safe ?

As part of the government’s investigation into the scandal, the suicide of Kostas Tsalikidis, 39, Vodafone Greece’s head of network design, ...
Kostas Tsalikidis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kostas Tsalikidis (d. March 9, 2005) was head of Network Design of Vodafone Greece + believed to be involved in the Greek telephone tapping case ...
The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found ...

The case of Costas Tsalikidis — an engineer for Vodaphone, Greece's top ...

The family of Costas Tsalikidis, the whistleblower who was found hanged in his ...
The BRAD BLOG : The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping ...

Last year (March, 2005), Greek telecommunications expert Costas Tsalikidis met with a similarly enigmatic end.

Both had uncovered American attempts to ...
Rixstep Two days after the disclosure on 9 March Vofafone software engineer Costas Tsalikidis was found dead.

The official version was he killed himself, ...,00.shtml
Athens News Agency: Daily News Bulletin in English, 06-02-10

Conversely, no mention is made of the suicide of Vodafone computer executive Costas Tsalikidis, who was found hanging in his apartment a day before the ...
10.May 2007
JINSA Links - Campus Watch -

I believe that Mr. Scham is either a bit disingenuous or perhaps poorly informed in describing JINSA only as representing an extremist element in Jewish and ...
Die Uno - ein Auslaufmodell? Ein Kritiker des JINSA, Professor Edward Herman, ist sogar so weit gegangen, ...

Alexander H. Joffe, Autor des JINSA -Strategiepapiers, ist ein glühender ...
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs: Information from ..

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs ( JINSA ) is a Washington, D. C.

10.May 2007 War Without End :: View topic - JINSA ISRAEL FIRSTER JOHN BOLTON ... -

JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) Israel first operative John Bolton named as US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN): ...

War Without End :: View topic - JINSA Israel firsters: 'IRAQ DOWN ... -

00.000.1997 published by JINSA ,In a monograph of that title, Dr. Ahmed Chalabi offered the JINSA Board of Directors a cogent description of the difficulties ... - Le JINSA n’était à l’origine qu’un petit réseau informel dont les membres, ...

La ligne dure du JINSA/CSP n’est jamais aussi manifeste que dans leur ...
JINSA Proposes Iraq War on 9/13 -

11.Sep.2001 -In response to the attack on- JINSA calls on the ...

We in JINSA trust that our government and our people will make them regret that day.
10.May 2007
Right Web | Profile | Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs -

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs describes itself as "the most influential group on the issue of U.S.-Israel military relations. ...
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482154,00.html

Sophie Dieckmann, Mitglied im erweiterten Bundesvorstand der WASG, warf den Behörden eine "Kriminalisierung" der geplanten Anti-Gipfel-Proteste vor.

Sie kritisierte die Polizeiaktion als "gezielten Versuch der Demobilisierung der G-8-Proteste". Die Rechtfertigung der Polizei für ihr Vorgehen "gegen linksalternative Projekte" überzeuge nicht. "Eine Spaltung in 'gute' Gipfelgegner und 'Terroristen' machen wir nicht mit", fügte Dieckmann hinzu.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482154,00.html

Der SPD-Innenexperte Dieter Wiefelspütz betonte im Deutschlandfunk, die Gewaltbereitschaft müsse eingedämmt werden. Er habe "überhaupt keine Kritik an der Bundesanwaltschaft zu üben".

Dies sei "eine sehr nüchterne, sehr seriöse Behörde, die das tut, was sie tun muss".

Wiefelspütz fügte hinzu: "Friedliche Demonstrationen müssen selbstverständlich zulässig sein in Deutschland und werden auch zulässig sein."

Es komme jetzt darauf an, "das Nötige zu tun, um die Sicherheit zu gewährleisten".

Der SPD-Innenexperte betonte: "Gleichzeitig sollten wir aber auch alles unterlassen, was dazu beitragen könnte, auch durch eine unangemessene Sprache, sozusagen Benzin ins Feuer zu gießen."

Grünen-Chefin Claudia Roth dagegen erneuerte ihre Kritik an der Razzia. Die Aktion sei "kein guter Auftakt" im Vorfeld des G-8-Gipfels Anfang Juni in Heiligendamm gewesen, sagte sie ebenfalls auf N24.

Durch die Polizeiaktion solle "der gesamte Protest ein Stück weit kriminalisiert werden".

Es sei "schon ein richtiger Hammer, Gegner des G-8-Gipfels oder globalisierungskritische Menschen in die Terrorismusecke zu stellen".

An den geplanten Protesten "beteiligen sich kirchliche Gruppen, Umweltverbände, auch die Grünen".

Die Grünen-Chefin fügte hinzu: "Und wir wollen gewaltfrei unserem Protest Ausdruck verleihen und wollen nicht in eine Ecke geschoben werden, wo wir nicht hin gehören."
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482015,00.html

In ferner Zukunft werden sich die heutigen Kontinente vermutlich im Norden vereinen, sagt der Geologe Wolfgang Frisch von der Universität Tübingen zu SPIEGEL ONLINE. Er ist der Autor des Standardwerks "Plattentektonik". Möglicherweise würde dann der nächste Kontinent-Zyklus beginnen, wenn sich nahe des Nordpols ein gigantischer Lava-Ring auftäte.

McCarthys Geometrie-Regel folgend spekuliert Frisch: Die Erdplatten könnten dann wieder nach Süden driften - und im Norden entstünde ein riesiger neuer Ozean.

Sep.2005 Bush says he may need more power in disasters : He wants Congress to ...

Sep.2005 Pentagon draft plan calls for preemptive use of nukes: Critics say ...
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482212,00.html

Die Opisthobranchia -Expertin Heike Wägele von der Universität Bonn sagte im vergangenen Herbst dem SPIEGEL:

"Diese Eigenschaft, Fremdes aufzunehmen und für eigene Zwecke zu nutzen", sagt Heike Wägele, "ist absolut einmalig in der Tierwelt."

Die US-Forscherin Mary Rumpho hat herausgefunden, dass einige Opisthobranchia-Arten gar Pflanzengene in ihr Erbgut eingebaut haben.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482148,00.html
Los Angeles - Das US-Finanzministerium prüft, ob der erfolgreichen Regisseur bei den Dreharbeiten seines neuen Films "Sicko" ein Embargo der USA gegen Kuba missachtet hat.

Es lägen keine Hinweise vor, dass er die erforderliche Genehmigung für eine Reise nach Kuba gehabt habe, heißt in einem Schreiben der Behörde an Michael Moore, wie die Nachrichtenagentur AP heute berichtete.
10.May 2007
Flughafen Manila: Passagier drohen drei Jahre Haft für Bombenwitz
10.May 2007
Flexible Schnecken: Wasserwesen mit fremden Waffen
10.May 2007
Späte Erkenntnis: Kohl gesteht Schwächen und Fehler ein

10.May 2007 Bioenergie: Erdgas vom Maisfeld
10.May 2007 Euro: EZB lässt Leitzinsen unverändert
10.May 2007 G- 8-Proteste: Koalitionspolitiker verteidigen Anti- Terror- Razzia
10.May 2007 Antike Urne: Homer- Verehrung reichte bis ins Grab
10.May 2007 Verteilung der Kontinente: Forscher enthüllt Geheimnis der Norddrift
10.May 2007 Terrorgefahr: Australien rät zu Vorsicht bei Deutschlandreisen
10.May 2007 Blairs Rücktritt: Aus für die Tony- Show
10.May 2007 Weltbank: Direktorium verlängert Galgenfrist für Wolfowitz
10.May 2007,1518,482089,00.html
Nur ganz trocken wird gemeldet, dass der Springer-Verlag bei der Klage gegen den Plan, die Robert-Koch-Straße ausgerechnet an seinem Firmensitz in Rudi-Dutschke-Straße umzubenennen, gescheitert ist.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-482054,00.html

Rund einen Monat vor dem Weltwirtschaftsgipfel waren die Sicherheitsbehörden massiv gegen die linksautonome Szene vorgegangen.

In sechs Bundesländern gab es Razzien wegen Terrorismus-Verdachts.

Davon waren Objekte in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein und Niedersachsen betroffen.
10.May 2007
Dokumentiert: Der Hamburger "Maulkorb- Erlass"

10.May 2007 Hamburger Maulkorb- Affäre: "Bestrafe einen, erziehe hundert"
10.May 2007 Irak- Politik: Republikaner setzen Bush unter Druck

10.May 2007 China- Debatte: Botschaft rügt Bundestagsbeschluss zu Arbeitslagern
10.May 2007 Abfuhr: E.on scheitert mit Grundstückskauf für Atomkraftwerk
10.May 2007 Vor dem G- 8-Gipfel: Tausende protestieren gegen Razzien

10.May 2007 Klimakiller- Ranking: Deutschland hat die meisten Dreckschleudern in Europa

10.May 2007 Temperaturrekord im All: Ein Planet - heiß wie die Hölle
10.May 2007
The conclusion that no such records exist is reinforced, Morgan and Henshall have pointed out,
by the fact that, according to The 9/11 Commission Report, the FBI’s report on the issue, “American Airlines Airphone [sic] Usage,” makes no mention of DOJ records. It merely refers to four “connected calls to unknown numbers.” The 9/11 Commission commented: “The records available for the phone calls from American 77 do not allow for a determination of which of [these four calls] represent the two between Barbara and Ted Olson, although the FBI and DOJ believe that all four represent communications between Barbara Olson and her husband’s office.”[11] However, if the DOJ had received any of these calls, the FBI, which is part of the DOJ, could have easily produced the records. The fact that it did not strongly suggests that these calls were not received.

Another problem with Ted Olson’s story is that he has repeatedly changed his claim about the means his wife used to make the calls. Three days after 9/11, Olson suggested on one TV show that the call was made on a seat-back phone. Then, on another show that same day, he suggested that his wife had used her cell phone. Six months later, he returned to his first story, saying: “She wasn't using her cellphone, she was using the phone in the passengers' seats. . . . [S]he was calling collect.”[7] One would think that the details of this call---his final conversation with his wife before she died---would have been burned so indelibly into his memory that he would not have said different things at different times.

There is, however, an even more serious problem, which was stated in an essay by Rowland Morgan in 2004: “Ted Olson could give his adherents closure + shut his critics up,” Morgan pointed out, “by simply producing the Department of Justice’s telephone accounts, showing a couple of hefty reverse-charges entries charged from Flight 77’s Airfone number

at around about 09-20 AM on 11.Sep.2001 .”[8]
10.May 2007 Egyptians, not Greeks were true fathers of medicine 

Scientists examining documents dating back 3,500 years say they have found proof that the origins of modern medicine lie in ancient Egypt and not with Hippocrates and the Greeks. posted by Prof. Hex
10.May 2007 Charges may result from firings, say two former U.S. attorneys 

Two former U.S. attorneys said today they believe ongoing investigations into the dismissals last year of eight federal prosecutors could result in criminal charges against senior Justice Department officials. posted by Prof. Hex 10.May 2007 Officer Profile| - Mr. Farkas is President of Farkas Group, Inc ., a company that provides management services to various business interests. He is the sole owner and managing ...

10.May 2007 Synthetech -

00.000.1981 -Since-he has been the President of Farkas Group, Inc ., a business management group + since

00.000.1992 -since- he has been President of Windsor Gardens Realty, ...
SEC Info - Farkas Group Inc - SC 13D - I Incubator Com Inc - On 12 ...

- S.S. or I.R.S. Identification Nos. of Above Persons (entities only): <P> The Farkas Group, Inc . <P> (2) Check the Appropriate Box if a Member of a Group ...
SEC Info - Farkas Group Inc - 3 - I Incubator Com Inc - For 10/4/99

- Name and Address of Reporting Person <P> The Farkas Group, Inc . 7221 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900 Miami, Florida 33131 <P> 2. ...

10.May 2007 SEC Info - Farkas Michael D - 5 - Skyway Communications Holding ... -

1. Name and Address of Reporting Person*, 2. Issuer Name and Ticker or Trading Symbol. Michael D . Farkas 294 South Coconut Lane ... Vuzb.21c.htm
10.May 2007 Hopsicker has much, much, MUCH more.

Who is protecting the Kovars, who are still running dirty businesses?

Why is defense contractor Titan involved with this affair?
A word of warning: Following the trail of the many shell companies can be dizzying.

The consters make things complex intentionally. SkyWay’s journey to infamy began that same year, when a Brooklyn attorney named Michael Farkas began setting up dozens of shell companies.
Farkas even incorporated a company called Shell, Inc.

10.May 2007
Australia hands over man to US courts: Griffiths' case — involving one of the first extraditions for intellectual property crime — has been a triumph for US authorities, demonstrating their ability to enforce US laws protecting US companies against Australians in Australia, with the co-operation of the Australian Government.

10.May 2007 World Bank Panel Finds Wolfowitz at Fault; Aide Resigns:

A committee of World Bank directors has formally notified Paul D. Wolfowitz that they found him to be guilty of a conflict of interest in arranging for a pay raise and promotion for Shaha Ali Riza, his companion, in 2005. The findings stepped up the pressure on Mr. Wolfowitz to resign.

10.May 2007 Shell registers 14pc profit rise to record $7 billion :

Royal Dutch Shell added to the woes of its arch-rival BP yesterday by shrugging off lower oil prices and a fall in production delivered record profits of $6.9 billion for the first quarter of the year.

10.May 2007 U.S. refiners set for big profits as pump prices soar:

U.S. refiners' glittering profits are expected to jump this year as robust demand growth from motorists and recurring snags at aging plants push fuel prices near record territory, analysts said.

10.May 2007 Weak Dollar? Currency, at 10-Year Low, May Fall More : The currency may decline at least another 10 %

by the end of 2008, say Jay Bryson, an economist at Wachovia Corp. + Kenneth Rogoff, the former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund.

10.May 2007 As U.S. richest get richer, family income share drops: Since 1980, a period of prolonged stagnation in inflation-adjusted median incomes, the income share of the bottom 90 % of families has fallen by about 17

10.May 2007 %. The Dreaded Pink Slip: A mass layoff binge recently hit U.S. corporations, according to a recent U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics news release.

A total of 1,280 companies laid-off 143,977 employees during the month of February 2007.
10.May 2007
Retired Marine preaches, killing is an ‘act of love : ’Ryberg said he wants Americans to understand that it’s an act of love to kill evil people who seek to kill Americans.
10.May 2007 Row over Iraq oil law : A draft law being considered by the Iraqi parliament would enable US companies to take control of Iraq's oil industry, oil experts in the country say.

10.May 2007 UK: WMD document 'must be released' : The government must release a draft of a 2002 dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the Information Commissioner has ruled.
10.May 2007 Barbara Olson’s Alleged Call from AA 77 -A Correction About Onboard Phones -By David Ray Griffin 
Barbara Olson was the only person on the plane who allegedly used a seat-back phone to call someone.

There were, in fact, only two people altogether from this flight who allegedly made any calls, the other one being flight attendant Renee May, who supposedly used a cell phone to call her parents. Continue
10.May 2007 The Lethal Media Silence On Kent State’s Smoking Guns: The

00.000.1970 killings by National Guardsmen of four students during a peaceful anti-war demonstration at Kent State University have

10.May 2007 -now- been shown to be cold-blooded, premeditated official murder.

10.May 2007 UN scientists warn time is running out to tackle global warming: Scientists say eight years left to avoid worst effects

10.May 2007 Channel 4 accused of falsifying data in documentary on climate change :

The makers of a Channel 4 documentary which claimed that global warming is a swindle have been accused of fabricating data by one of the scientists who participated in the film.
10.May 2007
World Publics Reject US Role as the World Leader:

Most publics say the United States plays the role of world policeman more than it should, fails to take their country’s interests into account and cannot be trusted to act responsibly
10.May 2007
Iran's FM: We oppose nuclear weapons:

"We are against nuclear weapons + we do believe that the time for nuclear weapons is over," said Manouchehr Mottaki, appearing at a news conference with his Norwegian counterpart Jonas Gahr Stoere.
10.May 2007
Damascus moves to center stage: Fifty years ago, alarmed that Syria was becoming dangerously close to the Soviet Union,

US president Dwight Eisenhower authorized a series of operations aimed at isolating, weakening and eventually overthrowing the regime of president Shukri al-Quwatli.

10.May 2007 U.S. Blocks Israel-Syria Talks: Even as American officials reluctantly agreed last month to include Syrian representatives in multiparty talks on Iraqi security issues, the Bush administration continues to block Israel from resuming negotiations with Syria over its security concerns.
10.May 2007 Iraq child mortality rate soars : One in eight Iraqi children died of disease or violence before reaching their fifth birthday in 2005, according to the report by Save the Children, which said Iraq ranked last because it had made the least progress toward improving child survival rates.

10.May 2007 Pentagon identifies 35,000 more troops for Iraq: Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the decision was not related to the military's so-called "surge." But the replacement forces offer generals the flexibility to maintain heightened troop levels through 2007.

10.May 2007 Kucinich Reveals Dem Funding Bill Includes Privatization of Iraq Oil & Carte Blanche to Invade Iran: Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Democrats in Congress had made some secret concessions to the Republicans in the initial Bill to continue funding the Iraq War that was vetoed + in a subsequent version that is currently being negotiated. They include:

10.May 2007 Chevron seen settling case on Iraq oil: Chevron, the second-largest American oil company, is preparing to acknowledge that it should have known kickbacks were being paid to Saddam Hussein on oil it bought from Iraq as part of a defunct United Nations program, according to investigators.

10.May 2007 Condi Snoozed While Chevron Paid Off Saddam: Because she's a Russia scholar, Secretary Rice will be quite familiar with Lenin's term, "useful idiot."

10.May 2007 Cheney to seek help on Iraq, Iran: The US vice president, will be the senior-most official from Washington to visit Riyadh since King Abdullah railed against the "illegitimate foreign occupation" of Iraq.

10.May 2007 Saudis, US sponsoring covert action against Iran : The governments of Saudi Arabia and the United States are working with other states in the Middle East to sponsor covert action against Iran, according to a report in this month's edition of The Atlantic. The report also suggests that covert attacks may occur against Iran's oil sector.
10.May 2007 War Criminal - George Tenet Cashes In On Iraq -By Tim Shorrock
The former CIA chief is earning big money from corporations profiting off the war -- a fact not mentioned in his combative new book or heard on his publicity blitz.

10.May 2007 When We Forget To Remember : - By Sheila Samples
Surely Americans must know that a crisis without precedent is underway in this country. The first target in the Straussian neocon's war of terror was the Constitution and, by extension, the American people.

We are hurtling headlong into tyranny. Continue

10.May 2007 AIPAC on Trial - By Justin Raimondo - The lobby argues that good Americans spy for Israel. Continue
08.May 2007 Torture -The Guantanamo Guidebook -Video
The Guantanamo Guidebook reconstructs the regime at the US's Cuban base.

For 48 hours, seven volunteers are subjected to interrogation techniques known to be used in the camp, ranging from harassment + abuse to sensory deprivation – with shocking results. Continue

10.May 2007 A Few Reminders - By Charley Reese
A few reminders: Iraq is not our country. Our invasion and occupation are illegal, being in violation of both international law and our own traditions. We were lied into war. We are still being lied to.

Both the Bush administration and the Democrats intend to maintain American troops in Iraq indefinitely. Continue
10.May 2007 After Gates' Talks Fail, White House Sending Rice To Sell U.S. Defense Shield:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to fly to Russia next week in an effort to pitch Washington's plan to deploy a missile defense shield system in central Europe, which has sparked a bitter debate between the former Cold War enemies.

10.May 2007 Internet Calls Subject To Phone Tapping: Companies that provide Internet phone service have just six days to meet a deadline from the Justice Department.

By next Monday, they'll have to make their systems easier to tap. That's right -- make it easier to secretly listen in on your phone calls, or face daily fines of $10,000 dollars.

10.May 2007 Mayday Immigration Reform Demonstration: Video: The police are brutal. It's only a matter of time.
10.May 2007 US drops charges against suspected terrorist: A U.S. judge threw out all charges against suspected terrorist and former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles on Tuesday, allowing him to go free days before he was set to be tried for immigration fraud.
10.May 2007 World Bank criticises Israel: In a harsh report (pdf), the bank criticised Israel for extending legitimate security measures to expand and protect settlement activity and the relatively unhindered movement of settlers and other Israelis in and out of the West Bank.
10.May 2007 CIA-backed raid 'killed 50 Afghan villagers': Military specialists with the CIA were among a US force accused of killing more than 50 civilians during the hunt for a Taliban commander in Afghanistan
10.May 2007
Officer 'shocked' to find civilian bodies: THE only Marine Corps officer who was in Haditha, Iraq, when US troops killed 19 civilians in their homes

00.000.2005 testified at a military hearing on Tuesday that he was "shocked" to find only unarmed people, including women and children, among the dead.

10.May 2007 Saddam forces get recall in secret: Authorities with the US-led occupation have begun a covert campaign to recruit + train agents with the once-dreaded Iraqi intelligence service to help identify resistance to American forces

10.May 2007 Pepe Escobar : Inside Sadr City : This is the 24-square-kilometer theater where a great part of Iraq's future is already being played out; a vital element in US President George W Bush's surge; the place Pentagon generals dream of smashing into submission; one of the largest and arguably most notorious slums in the world: Sadr (formerly Saddam) City.

10.May 2007 Iraq: U-S Embassy workers in Baghdad to wear flak jackets, helmets :

The mandate for workers to wear flak jackets and helmets while outdoors or in unprotected buildings follows an increase in mortar + rocket attacks against the heavily protected Green Zone.

10.May 2007 Feingold Rejects Compromise, Pushes Exit Strategy: Fifty-seven % of Americans say that Congress should not compromise with President Bush in the Iraq War funding fight.

That's the number that, according to a new poll, wants Congress to give Bush another bill with a withdrawal timetable.

10.May 2007 Bush to veto new Iraq Bill: THE White House has warned Democrats that President George W. Bush would veto an Iraq funding Bill that would bankroll the war in Iraq for just three months.

10.May 2007 Most US.adults back Iraq pullout timetable -poll:

Six out of 10 U.S. adults support setting a timetable for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, even though a clear majority predict civil war there if U.S. forces withdraw next year, according to a poll published

10.May 2007 Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill :

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is threatening to take President Bush to court if he issues a signing statement as a way of sidestepping a carefully crafted compromise Iraq war spending bill.
10.May 2007
We Soldiers Once Assumed Our political Bosses Would Not Lie To Us. That Is Over - By Leo Docherty:
We realised the issue was not replacing tyranny with democracy, but gaining long-term access to oil. Blair, in bowing to American oil-mad energy hunger, had deployed the British Army on a lie, a much bigger lie than the one about WMDs. Today, the appalling sectarian violence killing hundreds of Iraqi civilians every week is the direct result of our invasion and botched occupation.

10.May 2007 A Nation in Silent Anger - By Manuel Valenzuela
Can you feel the betrayal of millions who for decades have been made to believe in the American myth of a nation benign and altruistic, only to become aware that only wickedness, greed and criminality define the Empire, that beyond the smoke and mirrors America’s government is ruthless, corporatist and concerned only for the interests of the elite? 

10.May 2007 "Are We Headed For Another Great Depression?". - My talks with Elaine Meinel Supkis -By Mike Whitney
Our empire won't retreat from its distant borders but these same borders are bankrupting us for we never recovered from the Vietnam War, we literally papered over the mess which remained and continues to poison our nation. The military/industrial complex is not making us rich, it is making us poorer.

And the paper being laid over all this is the same paper the Germans used

00.000.1924 to paper over their own bankruptcy: printed money. Continue

10.May 2007 The War on Democracy - Audio Q & A - With John Pilger
John Pilger, talked about his new film: The War on Democracy which comes out on

15.Jun.2007 + takes a look at Latin America. The man himself says:

"I’ve long regarded Latin America as the source of hopes of freedom from poverty for the very poor + the current, extraordinary rising of millions against the old order is defying all the stereotypes." Continue
10.May 2007 Report: Bush Gets ?Blunt Talk? from GOP House Delegation. Republicans Tell Bush to Let a General do the Lying About Iraq for Him.
U.S. Embassy Workers in Iraq Ordered to Put on Flak Vests, Helmets if Outdoors in Green Zone. Bush Only is Successful at Causing Death and Chaos.
Thank you for Supporting Our Efforts to Bring Truth to Politics
Bush will veto any bill drafted by House Democratic leaders that would fund the Iraq war only into summer, according to his spokesman; At least the Democrats have a plan. 5/10
Strong Explosion In Baghdad Thought To Be Near Green Zone 5/10

10.May 2007 Busheviks Give Aid and Comfort to an Anti-Castro Terrorist Who Blew Up a Plane Full of Innocent People. For the Busheviks, There are Good Terrorists, We Guess.
Internet Calls Subject To Phone Tapping; Starting May 14 VoIP Calls Will Be Easier To Tap; Be very careful what you say; the Busheviks are listening. 5/10
Tell the Pentagon what YOU Think about Official Iraq Propaganda Videos on YouTube -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

10.May 2007 Newsweek Interviews Democratic Governor of Kansas on How Bush Has Depleted the National Guard: NEWSWEEK: You and other governors have been warning for the past couple of years that your National Guard troops are stretched too thin. Was this tragedy in Greensburg your nightmare come true? 5/10
Another Day, Another Scandal in the Bush Administration: The College Loan Fiasco -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

10.May 2007 Of spooks and stock fraud Daniel Hopsicker, I am pleased to relate, won something called the Internet Liberty Award.
10.May 2007 take a look at his latest, which ties the Skyway coke jet story to the Wilkes Cunningham scandal, to Atta's strange associates in Florida -- and to stock fraud.

Between 2003 and 2005 Titan Corp and a group of allied firms combined to issue a steady drumbeat of phony press releases, announcing multi-million contracts to purchase products which didn't exist + major deals which never took place, as part of a concerted effort to "pump up" the price of stock in SkyWay Aircraft of St Petersburg, FL.
The goal was to inflate SkyWay’s stock price--the pump--in advance of a massive sell-off--the dump-- by company insiders.
The coup de grace was delivered by company principals, who stripped the company’s remaining assets before filing bankruptcy through sweetheart deals with officers from other companies in the network.
The network of companies looted over one billion dollars through financial fraud; the sum easily eclipses the drug trafficking payout generated by moving 5.5 tons of cocaine.
10.May 2007 Mr. Tenet, about that PDB: More people are paying attention to George Tenet's confirmation that, yes, he really did go to Crawford to warn W about Bin Laden's attack plans. But perhaps the former DCI can tell us whether the PDB available to the public was originally ten pages longer? Permalink
10.May 2007

Hands Off Venezuela:
Jorge Martin Speaking Tour Date in San Francisco
When: Wednesday, May 9, 2007, 7:00 PM
Where: Center for Political Education,
Visit our websites at:
Holld the date and Spread the word:
Thursday, May 17th, 4 - 6 p.m. U.S. Court of Appeal Building at 7th and Mission Streets San Francisco
Mumia is Innocent--Free Mumia!
For Labor Action to Free Mumia!
End the Racist Death Penalty!
17.May 2007,
oral arguments will be heard in federal court in Philadelphia on what could be the last appeal of death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, known as the "Voice of the Voiceless."
The evidence shows--Mumia Abu-Jamal is an innocent man.

He has been on death row in Pennsylvania for 25 years, victim of a police and prosecutorial frame-up and a racist judge.

He continues to serve the movement for human rights as a journalist writing and broadcasting from prison.
Come out on May 17th in SF to support Mumia at this critical time!
Demonstrate with the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal PO Box 16222 Oakland CA 94610. 510 763-2347, Sponsored by: The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (Northern California);
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC); Chicago Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal; Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bay Area United Against War +

many others!
10.May 2007
[Basically, these students were told that if they protested they would be punished and the punishment was carried out by their own school.
According to Bobby Young, the school Administrative Assistant I spoke to, the Principal of The Emiliano Zapata Street Academy, Patricia Williams-Myrick, warned students that if they walked out of school in support of
the October 5th action against the war, they would suffer the consequences. A state test was scheduled that day and the students were also warned that they would not be able to make-up that test which in some circumstances could interfere with graduation.Then, the day after the students walked out, when they came to school the next day, they were not allowed in.
I tried calling all the people on the list below (not Larry Felson, of course) and none of them had the guts to come to the phone. And none have called back after I left them all a detailed message.
We can't underestimate the seriousness of this incident—children are being taught by their schools that if they protest they will be punished.
I asked Mr. Young how the decision was made to suspend the kids and not allow them to make up their State test. He said that was the Principals decision.
I then asked if the school was a dictatorship of the Principal? Are our schools dictatorships or do they represent the sentiments of the communities they serve? He claimed that their school participated
in antiwar marches before. Then, I asked, how can you allow such a lesson to be taught to our children—that if you protest you will be punished?
How can we teach our children how to live in a democratic society and at the same time punish them for practicing their right to free speech?
Unfortunately, there is no way to give back the day of school these children were denied for their exhibition of such strength of character. They certainly can be allowed to re-take the test they missed and the school owes them a tremendous apology for putting them through this exhibition of fascist tactics used by them to squelch dissent. It is unforgivable and must be rescinded or that principal should be fired along with the
whole school administration for allowing this kind of atmosphere to exist in what is supposed to be a free and democratic society.
Sincerely, Bonnie Weinstein]

10.May 2007 GNN Profile: Continuity Like his OSS boss and friend, Wild Bill Donovan, Allen was a chief proponent ... involved in Dewey’s decision to release Luciano the druglord from prison .
10.May 2007 Ratlines ... in the OSS and the later CIA were Donovan, Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner all ...

00.000.1951 John McCloy released Ambros from prison along with many others. ...

Nov.2004 Ottawa, Halifax on lockdown in preparation for Bush [BGW968] visit: ...

Nov.2004 Abu Ghaib abuse complaint names Rumsfeld: An international legal ...
10.May 2007,1518,druck-481976,00.html

Ein Sprecher der "Antifaschistische Linken Berlin" erklärte am Nachmittag, die Durchsuchungen würden "eher motivierend wirken".

Diese Befürchtung äußerte auch die Berliner Grünen-Chefin Barbara Oesterheld. Sie warf den Behörden vor, durch ihr Vorgehen zu einer "Aufheizung der Stimmung" beizutragen.

Die Innenexpertin der Linksfraktion im Bundestag, Ulla Jelpke, sprach sogar von "willkürlicher Schikane gegen Linke, mit denen die Protestbewegung gegen den G-8-Gipfel eingeschüchtert werden soll."
10.May 2007,1518,druck-481976,00.html
Um jeden Preis wollen die Sicherheitschefs jegliche Störung vermeiden.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-481976,00.html

Die Großrazzia war nur eine von 40 Aktionen, mit denen die Bundesanwaltschaft heute massiv gegen militante Gegner des G- 8-Gipfels vorging.

In Berlin, Bremen, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein und Brandenburg begannen die Fahnder, insgesamt rund 880 Beamte, zeitgleich mit den Razzien.

Ziele waren stets Wohnungen, Büros und Vereinsräume von G-8-Gegnern, welche die Sicherheitsbehörden mittlerweile als sehr gefährlich einschätzen.

Nach monatelangen Vorrecherchen suchten sie Beweise für befürchtete Anschläge im Vorfeld oder während des Gipfels und Gruppenstrukturen.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-474490,00.html
Die Welt braucht dringend eine Strategie, um den aufkommenden Konkurrenzkampf zwischen Brot und Sprit beizulegen.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-474490,00.html
Die weltweiten Investitionen in Bio-Treibstoffe drohen außer Kontrolle zu geraten. Sie drohen das Getreide, das für die Vieh- und Geflügelzucht benötigt wird, dramatisch zu verknappen.

Und, noch schlimmer, die gewaltige Zahl von Biodiesel- und Ethanolfabriken, die im Bau oder in Planung sind, könnte dazu führen, dass schon in naher Zukunft nicht mehr genügend Getreide für den menschlichen Verzehr zur Verfügung steht.

Kein Zweifel: Die Bühne ist frei für den Konflikt zwischen den 800 Millionen Autobesitzern und den weltweit 2 Milliarden Allerärmsten, die nur überleben wollen.
10.May 2007,1518,druck-474490,00.html
Wenn der Ölpreis steigt, wird es immer profitabler, aus Agrarprodukten Biogas, Ethanol oder Biodiesel herzustellen.

Im Ergebnis bedeutet das, es hängt vom Ölpreis ab, ob die nachwachsenden Rohstoffe zu Nahrungsmitteln oder zu Treibstoff verarbeitet werden.

Fällt der Preis für die Verwertung als Nahrungsmittel unter den Preis für Benzin, verkaufen die Hersteller ihr Getreide an die Sprit- statt an die Brotfabriken.
10.May 2007
Globalisierungsgegner: Razzia vor G- 8-Gipfel - Linke empört
10.May 2007 Federal Reserve: US- Notenbank lässt Zinssatz unverändert
10.May 2007 Präsidenten- Schelte: CSU- Fraktion schont den Servus- Söder
10.May 2007 Bremen: Eltern votieren für Ex- Terroristin Albrecht
10.May 2007 Bio- Treibstoff: Wie der Westen die Nahrung der Armen verfeuert
09.May 2007 NETZEITUNG DEUTSCHLAND: Bundeswehr ermittelt wegen illegaler Tätigkeit ...

Rüstungsfirma OWR AG und Naumann für den französischen Rüstungskonzern Thales. ... Ehlert -News ...
09.May 2007
PRO-4-PRO - Products for Professionals OWR AG . PELTOR AB (Peltor Communication). SICK Vertriebs-GmbH.

Nov.2005 Folter: Powell- Mitarbeiter erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen Cheney ...

2004 United Defense Industries and OWR, AG of Germany, have signed a joint ...
200306140_00000000 ... Terrorist Threat Shuts Down Emergency Shuttle Landing Site in Morocco"/SPIEGEL+ NASA+ ...

Dec.1939 conspiracy succeeded. It is now obvious that (this) lack of ...
09.May 2007
Bush won't give up military option on Iran: Rice. A case of a tin horn cowboy with arrested development.
Thank you for Supporting Our Efforts to Bring Truth to Politics
For her courage and tenacity in starting a Washington organization to uncover government corruption -- and hold the perpetrators accountable -- Melanie Sloan wins this week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award.
21 civilians killed in Afghan by U.S. airstrike
Blair to say words Brits have longed to hear since 2003: "I'm leaving"
Bush's "Short-Term Surge" is Just Another Way of Saying a War Without Mission or End: Commanders in Iraq See 'Surge' Into '08. Pentagon to Deploy 35,000 Replacement Troops. 5/9
'Wake Me Up When September Ends' -- Congressional leaders from both political parties are amazingly giving the Busheviks until September for Iraq to get better. It's like giving a sociopath the summer to ride around the country with a machine gun and a trailer full of dyamite. Uh, remember, dear Capitol Hill scaredy cats, more GIs will come home in boxes because of your timidity. 5/9
Get in on the Action on!
Dick "Rent a Hooker to Suck Her Toes" Morris: Keep GIs in Iraq as Live Bait 5/9
The Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection (CD): Maria Callas Meets Carmen Miranda. From Volcanoes to Bird Songs in a 4-Octave Range. The Ultimate in an Exotic, Campy Diva.

09.May 2007,1518,druck-481927,00.html

"Die Encyclopedia of Life soll einen Eintrag für jede benannte Spezies enthalten", sagte Edwards jetzt bei der Vorstellung des Projekts.

Davon könnten zahlreiche Menschen profitieren - von Schulkindern bis hin zu staatlichen Artenschützern.

Die gratis zugängliche Enzyklopädie werde sich laut Edwards zunächst auf Tiere, Pflanzen und Pilze konzentrieren.

Danach werde man Mikroben aufnehmen und sie genauso wie auch die anderen Arten mit Texten, Bildern, Landkarten und Videos vorstellen.

Auf der Internetseite des Projekts sind derzeit einige Demonstrationsseiten etwa über Eisbären, Reis, den Knollenblätterpilz und die vergangenes Jahr im Südpazifik entdeckte haarige "Yeti-Krabbe" zu sehen.

Blick aufs große Ganze
09.May 2007
Vereitelter Anschlag: US- Terrorverdächtige galten als nette Nachbarn
09.May 2007 Luftangriff in Afghanistan: Gouverneur macht Nato für tote Zivilisten verantwortlich
09.May 2007 Psychologie: Warum manche Menschen Sex mit Gebäuden und Maschinen haben wollen

09.May 2007 Großbritannien: Blair will auch nach Rücktrittserklärung konzentriert arbeiten
09.May 2007 Digitale Arche Noah: Online- Lexikon soll alles Leben erfassen
09.May 2007 Terror- Webseiten: Europol sucht Terroristen im Netz
09.May 2007 Sommerfrische: Sarkozy verteidigt Milliardärsferien auf Industriellen- Yacht
09.May 2007

14.Mär.2007 Die kommende Finanzkrise - Financial Times Deutschland
09.May 2007


1. Mit den gesellschaftlichen Verhältnissen ist auch festgelegt, welches Verhalten die Regel +

was ein krimineller Regelverstoß ist

Gesetze bestrafen nicht nur Verbrecher, sie machen sie auch.

Es sind „nicht so sehr die besonderen politischen Einrichtungen eines Landes ... als vielmehr die grundlegenden Bedingungen der modernen bürgerlichen Gesellschaft im Ganzen,

die eine durchschnittliche Anzahl Verbrechen in einem gegebenen nationalen Teil der Gesellschaft hervorbringen....“. K. Marx, Die Todesstrafe, MEW 8, 508.

Es hängt „in gewissem Grade von der offiziellen Gesellschaft (= der herrschenden Klasse) ab, bestimmte Verletzungen ihrer Regeln als Verbrechen oder nur als Vergehen zu stempeln.

Diese Differenz in der Beurteilung, ... entscheidet über das Schicksal von Tausenden von Menschen und über den moralischen Ton der Gesellschaft. Das Gesetz selbst kann nicht nur das Verbrechen bestrafen, sondern es auch hervorrufen ....“ K. Marx, Bevölkerung, MEW 13, 492f.

2. Todesstrafen sind ein Terrormittel,

kein Akt der Gerechtigkeit

„Es ist ... schwer, wenn nicht gar unmöglich, ein Prinzip aufzustellen, womit man die Berechtigung und Zweckmäßigkeit der Todesstrafe in einer auf ihre Zivilisation stolzen Gesellschaft zu begründen vermöchte.

Man hat die Strafe gewöhnlich verteidigt als ein Mittel zur Besserung oder zur Einschüchterung. Aber welches Recht hat man, mich zu strafen, um andere zu bessern oder einzuschüchtern? Außerdem gibt es so etwas wie die Statistik + es gibt die Geschichte + beide beweisen voll und ganz, dass die Welt seit Kain durch Strafen weder gebessert noch eingeschüchtert worden ist. Ganz im Gegenteil. ...

Wenn wir die Dinge offen aussprechen und auf alle Umschreibungen verzichten, so ist die Strafe nichts anderes als ein Verteidigungsmittel der Gesellschaft gegen die Verletzung ihrer Lebensbedingungen, was auch immer deren Inhalt sein mag. –

Was für eine Gesellschaft ist das aber, die kein besseres Instrument ihrer Verteidigung kennt als den Henker ...?

Wenn ... Verbrechen, sobald man sie in großer Zahl beobachtet, in ihrer Häufigkeit und Art die Regelmäßigkeit von Naturerscheinungen zeigen, ... besteht da nicht die Notwendigkeit – statt den Henker zu verherrlichen, der eine Reihe Verbrecher beseitigt, nur um wieder Platz für neue zu schaffen –, ernstlich über die Änderung des Systems nachzudenken, das solche Verbrechen züchtet?“ K. Marx, Die Todesstrafe, MEW 8, 507ff.

Siehe auch den Artikel :

Juristerei und Justiz
09.May 2007
18.Apr.2007 Wirtschaftskriminalität keine Polizeisache - Financial Times Deutschland

17.Apr.2007 Korruption ist kapitalistischer Alltag - Financial Times Deutschland
09.May 2007

* Überarbeitete Fassung eines im aktuellen Antifaschistischen Infoblatt erschienenen Artikels ( Bezug über AIB, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin, Einzelheft 3,10 Euro)

Weiterführende Literatur:

– Friedrich Paul Heller: Paul Schäfers »Colonia Dignidad«: Landgut – Festung – Folterlager; Daten – Stichwörter – Personalien, Frankfurt/M. 1997

– Gero Gemballa, Colonia Dignidad: ein deutsches Lager in Chile, Reinbek bei Hamburg 1988

Aus: Junge Welt
09.May 2007
Am 26. August verkündete Clara Szczaranski, Präsidentin des Staatsverteidigungsrates, das Ende der 44jährigen deutschen Schreckensherrschaft im Süden Chiles: »Es wird keinen Staat im Staate mehr geben.«
09.May 2007

Die Festnahme Schäfers im März 2005 ermöglichte es der chilenischen Justiz endlich, einen Prozeß gegen den Langzeitflüchtigen wegen Kindesmißbrauchs und Verwicklungen in den Folter- und Tötungsapparat der Pinochet-Diktatur einzuleiten. Die Ermittlungen haben Anfang August zu einem spektakulären Waffenfund auf dem Gelände der »Colonia Dignidad« geführt. In einem unterirdischen Versteck wurden dreieinhalb Tonnen Gewehre, Raketenwerfer, Sprengstoff, Handgranaten und Munition gefunden.

Das Gelände, auf dem heute noch ungefähr 300 deutsche Sektenmitglieder und ihre Familienangehörigen leben, wurde nun zwangsweise unter Konkursverwaltung gestellt, um zu verhindern, daß »Straftäter weitere Taten begehen können«, so eine Justizsprecherin. Auch nach dem Ende des Pinochet-Regimes setzten die sieben auf der Kolonie ansässigen Firmen ihre Geschäfte ungehindert fort – trotz laufender Ermittlungen wegen Geldwäsche in großem Stil, Zwangsarbeit und anderer illegaler Geschäfte.
09.May 2007
»Jahrelang hat die deutsche Botschaft dem Treiben auf dem Gut untätig zugesehen oder es sogar begünstigt.

Einmal in der Woche kam ein Sektenmitglied zur Kontaktpflege in die Botschaft;

Paßverlängerungen oder Lebensbescheinigungen für die Rente wurden im Sammelverfahren und ohne Anwesenheit der betreffenden Person erledigt.« (LN, a.a.O., S. 42)

Enge persönliche und wirtschaftliche Kontakte zwischen Botschaftsvertretern und Schäfer lassen dessen häufig gegenüber Sektenmitgliedern wiederholte Aussage, er habe die Botschaft in der Hand, plausibel erscheinen.

00.000.1977 Die -bereit-s durch Amnesty International publik gemachten Verbindungen zum chilenischen Unterdrückungsapparat hatten keinerlei negative Konsequenzen für die guten Beziehungen zu den Repräsentanten der BRD in Chile.

00.000.1987 -Erst- sah sich die Bundesrepublik gezwungen, auf die immer drängenderen Fragen von Angehörigen, die sich in der »Not- und Interessengemeinschaft für die Geschädigten der Colonia Dignidad« organisiert hatten, sowie auf die sich häufenden Beschwerden von Menschenrechtsorganisationen und Presseberichte zu reagieren.

Außenminister Hans-Dietrich Genscher veranlaßte eine Untersuchung der Zustände, die zum Ergebnis hatte, daß die Komplizenschaft der Botschaft mit Schäfers Terrorregime beendet wurde + der Einsatz für widerrechtlich festgehaltene deutsche Staatsbürger verstärkt wurde.

Wider besseren Wissens wurde jedoch jegliche Kenntnis über Verbindungen zum chilenischen Geheimdienst abgestritten.

Die standardisierte Antwort auf Anfragen von Journalisten und Abgeordnete der Grünen lautete:

»Zum Komplex ›DINA‹ verfügt die Bundesregierung über keine eigenen Informationen.«

00.000.2001 Auch -nachdem- der Bundestag beschlossen hatte, dem Fall erhöhte Priorität einzuräumen und die Opfer zu unterstützen, gibt es bis heute keinen Hilfsfonds,

geschweige denn, daß sich die offizielle Politik für die gefolterten Chileninnen und Chilenen engagieren würde.
09.May 2007

Auch in Deutschland lebende Nazis waren gern gesehene Gäste in Südchile: Gerhard Mertins, Waffenhändler und Vorsitzender des »Freundeskreises Colonia Dignidad«,

00.000.1945 -nach- aktiv in der Sozialistischen Reichspartei (SRP) und der westdeutschen Neonaziszene, weilte

00.000.1989 -noch- zu einem Arbeitsbesuch in der »Colonia«; der Rechtsanwalt Manfred Roeder, der das Vorwort zu Fred A. Leuchters Buch »Die Auschwitzlüge« schrieb, w

ar mit Schäfer befreundet und besuchte ihn mehrfach auf seinem Anwesen. Im Jahr

00.000.2000 fand in Chile ein großes Treffen internationaler Nazigrößen statt.

Dieser Kongreß wurde maßgeblich mit Hilfe der konspirativen Strukturen der »Colonia Dignidad« vorbereitet, deren Vertreter auch an der Veranstaltung teilnahmen.

Gute Verbindungen bestanden auch zum Freistaat Bayern, insbesondere zu CSU-Politikern, die intensive Lobbyarbeit leisteten, um das schlechte Image der »Colonia Dignidad« in der BRD aufzupolieren.

00.000.1988 -Nach dem Tod von Franz Josef Strauß- wurde bekannt, daß er mehrere Male mit seinen Söhnen zum Urlaub bei Schäfer weilte.

Die Sympathie des CSU-Patriarchen zum faschistoiden Landgut beruhte auf Gegenseitigkeit.

00.000.1987 äußerte Hartmut Wilhelm Hopp, der Arzt der Kolonie, in einem Interview mit der chilenischen Zeitung Mercurio. »Strauß ist ein Mann der Wahrheit und der Tapferkeit. Er ist wie Pinochet ...«,

Späte Konsequenzen

00.000.1966 -Spätestens seit- war die westdeutsche Botschaft in Chile über die Vorgänge auf dem Anwesen informiert
09.May 2007
00.000.1961 Die »Colonia Dignidad« entstand, nachdem Schäfer wegen Kindesmißbrauchs aus Deutschland fliehen mußte und in Chile einen sicheren Unterschlupf fand.

Mit ihm kamen fast alle Mitglieder der religiösen Sekte, die er nach einer Abspaltung von den evangelisch-freikirchlichen Gemeinden in Hamburg, Hamm und Gronau im Jahr

00.000.1956 mit psychologischen Zwangsmaßnahmen zu seinen treu ergebenen Dienern gemacht hatte.

Schon in Deutschland hatte die Sektengemeinschaft ein hohes Maß an wirtschaftlichen Aktivitäten entfaltet,

die unter anderem Lebensmittel- + Drogeriegeschäfte umfaßten + auf der entgeltlosen Arbeit ihrer Anhänger basierte.
09.May 2007

Aus ihrer Heimat brachten die Deutschen ab den zwanziger Jahren neben den bei antisemitischen und rassistischen Bevölkerungspolitikern Chiles sehr beliebten »deutschen Tugenden« auch verstärkt nationalsozialistisches Gedankengut in die Gesellschaft des Landes ein.

Die NSDAP/AO (»Auslandsorganisation«) hatte hier eines ihrer wichtigsten Zentren in Lateinamerika +

00.000.1933 -ab- sympathisierte ein großer Teil des chilenischen Bürgertums mit Nazideutschland.

00.000.1945 -Nach- war Chile eines der Hauptziele für Nazigrößen, deren Flucht von der ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen) organisiert wurde.

In den Nachkriegsjahrzehnten entstand in Lateinamerika ein Netzwerk,

in dem geflohene Nazis wie

Klaus Barbie (der »Schlächter von Lyon«),

Josef Mengele,

Adolf Eichmann und viele andere die Kontinuität der NS-faschistischen Bewegung sicherstellten,

wirtschaftliche Macht aufbauten und in den sechziger und siebziger Jahren enge Kontakte zu den ihnen ideologisch nahestehenden Militärdiktaturen der Region knüpfen konnten.

Chile war Dreh- und Angelpunkt dieser Aktivitäten + es ist wohl kein Zufall, daß die zentralen Feierlichkeiten anläßlich des 100. Geburtstags von Adolf Hitler am

20.Apr.1989 ebendort stattfanden.

In enger Verbindung zum lateinamerikanischem Nazinetzwerk stand auch die sogenannte Colonia Dignidad (»Kolonie Würde«), ein »Mustergut« etwa 400 Kilometer südlich von Santiago de Chile, auf dem eine christlich-fundamentalistische Sektengemeinschaft aus Deutschland

00.000.1961 -ab- ein brutales Lagerregime etablierte, in dem totale Überwachung, Kindesmißbrauch, Folterungen, psychische Abhängigkeit, Sklavenarbeit und Mord zum Alltag gehörten.

00.000.1921 der im rheinländischen Troisdorf geborene Paul Schäfer, war Führer dieser Sekte, der, nachdem er sich aufgrund eines deutschen Haftbefehls

00.000.1997 -seit- auf der Flucht befand, am

10.Mär.---- -dieses Jahres- in Buenos Aires gefaßt + zügig nach Chile ausgeliefert wurde.

Dort wird ihm nun wegen Kindesmißbrauchs und Mitwirken an den Verbrechen der Militärdiktatur der Prozeß gemacht.
09.May 2007
RAF- Opfer: "Wie kann man einen Menschen zum Schwein machen?"
09.May 2007 Karl Marx-Forum: Deutsche in Chile, Matti Steinitz (Junge Welt) am ...

Auch in Deutschland lebende Nazis waren gern gesehene Gäste in Südchile: Gerhard Mertins, Waffenhändler + Vorsitzender des »Freundeskreises Colonia ...
09.May 2007
Take: - HTML-Version
Der Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins erteilt Schützenhilfe und gründet einen „Freundeskreis Colonia Dignidad”. Er selbst ist dort gern gesehener Gast.
09.May 2007 Geheimdienste in Demokratien - HTML-Version
... illegalen Rüstungsexporte des Waffenhändlers Gerhard Mertins, der

00.000.1969 -bis- im Auftrag des BND Waffen in zahlreiche Krisen- und Kriegsregionen verschob. ...

09.May 2007
Jungle World ··· 50/2005 Thema ··· Deutschunterricht ... enge Kontakte zur Bonner Niederlassung der Waffenfirma Merex hatte, die von Gerhard Mertins, einem ehemaligen Wehrmachtsoffizier, gegründet worden war. ...
<kml xmlns=""> <Document> <name

... zu Anhängern der Thule-Mythologie wie dem esoterischen Nazi Juan Maler (alias Reinhard Kopps), dem Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins, während des 2. ...
09.May 2007
Colonia Dignidad: Eine deutsches Sekten-Lager in Chile

Der damals bekannteste deutsche Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins (Firma: Merex) organisierte einen deutschen "Freundeskreis" für die Kolonie, dem auch etliche ...
09.May 2007
Odious Debts - Der deutsche Exportweltmeister als Todeshändler

Klarer formuliert noch wurde die gängige Praxis in einer Äußerung von Gerhard Mertins, einem der Erfahrendsten der Waffenexportbranche: "Der größte ...
09.May 2007
ai-Journal 10/1997 CHILE Colonia Dignidad: Geheimnisumwittert und ...

Der Königswinterer Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins verteidigt die Kolonie besonders heftig.

Wie er gehört auch der frühere deutsche Botschafter in Chile, ...
TP: Partei der Schwarzen Kassen

Als das Kabinett von Helmut Schmidt zunächst ablehnte, schloß der Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins mit der Karry- Vertrauten Johanna Getrud Rech einen ...
WWI #840 side 1 -


Lateinamerika Nachrichten Online - Sachbuch: Lederhosen, Dutt und ...

Eine Schlüsselrolle bei den Schmuggelgeschäften spielte der deutsche Waffenhändler Gerhard Mertins, der zeitweise der Sprecher des deutschen Freundeskreises ...
09.May 2007
El traficante de
Colonia Dignidad

Gerhard Mertins fue uno de los miles de oficiales de las SS -los cuerpos de elite de Hitler- que logró salir indemne de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
12.Mär.2005 Bitte hilf uns hier raus ()

... der Königswinterer Kriegswaffen Händler Gerhard Mertins, der damalige Siegburger Bürgermeister + CDU-Bundestagsabgeordnete Adolf Herkenrath ("Herr ...
01.Apr.1944 Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon 5 Major Gerhard Mertins -. Führungsbesetzung des Bataillons: ...

Btl. Kdr. Major Gerhard Mertins RK. Btl. Adj. Leutnant Günther Laurisch ...
09.May 2007
Durchsuchungen: Groß- Razzia gegen militante G- 8-Gegner
09.May 2007 Japanischer Getränkeautomat: Kaffee für 30 Sekunden Werbung
09.May 2007 Langzeit- Allflüge: Nasa sucht nach Regeln für Sex und Tod
09.May 2007 Afghanistan: Viele Zivilisten bei Luftangriff getötet
09.May 2007 Venus: Sonde durchleuchtet mysteriöse Sturm- Zwillinge
09.May 2007 Streit über Abzug: Bush schickt frische Soldaten in den Irak
09.May 2007
Irak- Abzug: Iran will den Amerikanern helfen
09.May 2007
Kalifornien: Buschfeuer wütet nahe Los Angeles
09.May 2007
Protest gegen Wahlsieg: Sarkozy- Gegner randalieren in Frankreichs Städten
09.May 2007
Republican quotes KKK founder on House floor
Robert Parry, Qaeda's Reverse-Reverse Psychology -- and Why the Bushevik Determination to Send Our GIs to Their Deaths Plays Into the Hands of the Terrorists
Federal Authorities Arrest 6 Men in New Jersey for Allegedly Planning to Storm Fort Dix 5/9
'Wake Me Up When September Ends' -- Congressional leaders from both political parties are amazingly giving the Busheviks until September for Iraq to get better; Isn't that an artificial timetable?
The Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection (CD): Maria Callas Meets Carmen Miranda. From Volcanoes to Bird Songs in a 4-Octave Range. The Ultimate in an Exotic, Campy Diva.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Bush Whines to Texas Friends: Nobody Understands Me 5/9
What would Bush do if a disaster hit a state with a Republican governor (of course, there are fewer of them after the last election)? Once again, the Busheviks falsely attack a Democratic governor (this time Kansas) in response to legitimate concerns over a lack of National Guard troops, who have their own problems in Iraq.
Police arrested college student in Fresno, Calif., suspected of opening fire at an apartment during a dispute over a video game console, killing one man and wounding two others. 5/9
Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to deploy; Unfortunately that destination is Iraq in the fall; The troops need to start coming back this way, not going the other way.

00.000.1993 while ex- President George Bush was visiting the ever-democratic Kingdom of Kuwait to ...

Hence Bush Jr's cry: " That man tried to kill my Daddy .

--US Armed Forces Oath of Enlistment and Office. "Persons shall be evaluated on individual merit, fitness + capability, regardless of race, sex, color, ...
0113 ...

10.Jan.2005 Former Iranian Shah Official Warns US of Terrorist Attack. ... alfatomega.com20050113.html
09.May 2007
Ruben Sassano, perfume de obrero

El líder de la derecha fundamentalista norteamericana Timothy La Haye es el brazo religioso de Bush y

00.Nov.2000 fue decisivo en la victoria del y se mantiene ...
Absurdo escritos por Tim LaHaye es también otro toncho propagandístico fundamentalista que terminó convertido en una serie de películas para la televisión ...
Una Carta Sobre Pensamiento Mítico: América e Irak, Ray Harris Tim LaHaye es un carácter interesante.

Es la autoridad religiosa detrás de la serie ... y ni una sola vez cuestionó la doctrina fundamentalista de Graham. ...
El Regreso del "Cucuy" - Destino Manifiesto y el Nuevo Imperio ...

En la serie más vendida “Dejado Atrás” de Jenny Jenmkins y Tim La Haye (piense en ella como ... mientras tanto, han sido un sueño fundamentalista cristiano.
Libertad creativa » Rafael Pérez

Más de un fundamentalista puede ver en ellas un dejo de ocultismo o hasta de plano ... Lo siento,no me queria referir a Tim La haye ,queria decir C.S. Lewis .. - LaHaye pone el arrebato... por las nubes! Criado en un hogar fundamentalista, anticatólico y creyente en el arrebato, ...

Además de eso, ya leía libros de Tim LaHaye muchos años antes de que elNew ...
Reagan - Bush Cercano a los predicadores fundamentalistas Tim La Haye y Jerry Falwell, la cruzada de Bush contra los herejes de Medio Oriente ha estado signada por un ...
No hay mañana La teología sostiene proposiciones que no pueden demostrarse; ... escrita por Timothy LaHaye, fundamentalista cristiano y guerrero de la derecha religiosa. ...
- El arrebato, el dispensacionalismo y otras ...

Además de eso, ya leía libros de Tim LaHaye muchos años antes de que el New York ... La lección fundamentalista de historia continúa con una descripción del ...
Qwika - Tim LaHaye Timothy F. LaHaye (b. 1926) es a fundamentalista cristiano conservador ministro, autor, 09.May 2007 altavoz. Él es el más conocido para Izquierda Detrás serie de ...

09.May 2007 Treibhausgas- Reduzierung: Deutschland geht in Europa voran
09.May 2007 Steuereinnahmen- Boom: Milliarden- Geldsegen spaltet Regierung

09.May 2007 Fernsehen: EU- Parlament erlaubt Schleichwerbung
09.May 2007,1518,druck-481769,00.html

Der Fund des Herodes-Grabs zeigt auch, wie stark die Antike in die Gegenwart des Nahen Ostens wirkt: Kaum ist die Entdeckung bekannt, droht sie zum Politikum zu werden. Denn das Herodium liegt im von Israel besetzten Westjordanland. Nach der Pressekonferenz der Archäologen meldete sich ein Sprecher der nahe Herodion gelegenen jüdischen Siedlung Gusch Ezion im Armeerundfunk zu Wort. Der Fund sei ein "neuer Beweis" für die Bindung zwischen Gusch Ezion, dem jüdischen Volk und Jerusalem.
09.May 2007,1518,druck-481816,00.html
"Zunächst muss geklärt werden, wer hat entsprechende Dokumente ausgestellt - und warum?", sagt Marc Dierikx, ein auf Luftfahrtgeschichte spezialisierter Historiker des Instituts für Niederländische Geschichte in Den Haag.
09.May 2007,1518,druck-481816,00.html
anhand amerikanischer Quellen werde deutlich, dass die Amerikaner 1946 und 1947 sowohl die KLM als auch die niederländische Regierung vergeblich aufgefordert hatten, die Fluchthilfe zu unterbinden. Ein Dokument aus der Schweiz von 1948 besage, dass die KLM direkt die Schweizer Fremdenpolizei gebeten habe, Deutsche ohne alliierte Genehmigung ausreisen zu lassen.
09.May 2007,1518,druck-481816,00.html

Recherchen des Magazins "netwerk" des TV-Senders EO hatten vergangene Woche in einer Dokumentation im niederländischen Fernsehen ergeben, man habe Archivdokumente gefunden, die zeigten, dass die Fluggesellschaft mutmaßlichen Kriegsverbrechern zur Flucht aus Deutschland verholfen habe. Die Dokumente würden belegen, dass Nazis mit falschen oder fehlenden Papieren mit Hilfe der KLM via Zürich erst nach Uruguay und später direkt nach Argentinien geflogen sind. Historiker und Politiker forderten KLM daraufhin auf, betreffendes Archivmaterial offen zu legen.
09.May 2007
Rebellische Rektoren: 100 Schulleiter fordern Gemeinschaftsschulen

09.May 2007 Innere Sicherheit: Regierung feilt an neuem Terror- Paragraphen

09.May 2007 TV- Beitrag: KLM will Beförderung von fliehenden Nazis untersuchen
09.May 2007 Tropenkrankheit: Afghanistan kämpft gegen das Einjahres- Geschwür
09.May 2007 Studie: 90 % aller US- Kleinkinder sitzen vor der Glotze (Netzwelt)
09.May 2007 Allparteienregierung Nordirland: Versöhnung voller Misstrauen
09.May 2007 Drogenhandel: Polizei verhaftet 70- jährigen Heroin- Dealer

09.May 2007 CDU- Grundsatzprogramm: Weniger Staat, mehr Leitkultur

09.May 2007 Der Koran für die PSP: Gelehrte Verse statt dumpfer Ballerei
08.May 2007 "Wake Me Up When September Ends" -- Congressional leaders from both political parties are amazingly giving the Busheviks until September for Iraq to get better; Isn't that an artificial timetable?
Thank you for Supporting Our Efforts to Bring Truth to Politics
Deal or No Deal: Wolfie, pick Deal; Deal Is Offered for Chief?s Exit at World Bank; Situation is so bad European officials will let Bush pick the new president only if Mr. Wolfowitz stepped down soon. 5/9
Are You Ready for Freeway Blogging? -- A BuzzFlash Interview
Federal Authorities Arrest 6 Men in New Jersey for Allegedly Planning to Storm Fort Dix 5/9
Bush in the Bunker, Leaving America Vulnerable: "Top Security Chiefs Leaving in Droves"
Bush Never Backs Down From Backing Corrupt Loyalists, Because Loyalty Comes Before Country and Honor. "White House: World Bank can be effective with Wolfowitz."
Can Prison-Bound Paris Hilton and George Bush be Cellmates? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Don't Let the NRA Support Possible Terrorists Buying Guns! Stop Gun Deaths.
Congress stepped up its inquiry into the politics of Justice Department decision-making Monday as it sought cooperation from one department official and prepared to put its former White House liaison under oath.

20060712 Erica M. Dornburg Ethics Advisor $100547 ... the military commissions as constituted by the Department of Defense are not consistent with Common Article 3. ...
08.May 2007 The Top 10 Conservative Idiots - The Top 10 Conservative Idiots ...

Erica M. Dornburg Ethics Advisor Salary: $100547 Stuart Baker ...

Now we have a separate Department of Defense internet now, did you know that?
08.May 2007
Liste der Unternehmen, die im Nationalsozialismus von der ...
Aarhus . Gefaengnis. 391. AB. Altenburg. Kdo. Buchenwald. 233. Abeking & Rassmussen ... Dachau, Gefaengnis, Straflager, Durchgangslager, Konzentrationslager ...

08.May 2007 - Shadow Of The Swastika Part III

Many of the brighter staff people close to Nixon came to him from the ...

00.000.1931 -"In []- Harriman & Company merged with a British-American investment company ...
08.May 2007
Harriman Francis, David R.'s staff in Petrograd.@s1@s2 WalkerBert's earliest activities ... Brothers"(brit)," ( British-American investment company)[]"Brown Brothers, ...
Family of Shame

00.000.1931 -In- [], Harriman & Company merged with a British-American investment company ... on Bush's campaign staff including Laszlo Pastor + Yaroslav Stetsko.
08.May 2007,1518,druck-481654,00.html
Dass Herodes im Jahr 4 vor Christus starb, aber Jesu Geburt dennoch erlebte, erklärt sich durch die Tatsache, dass die Festlegung des Jahres Null in der christlichen Zeitrechnung auf einem Rechenfehler beruht.
08.May 2007,1518,druck-481690,00.html
SN2006gy. "Hier haben wir also die hellste je beobachtete Supernova, und wir kennen ihren Explosionsmechanismus nicht", sagte Mario Livio, theoretischer Astrophysiker am Hubble Space Telescope Institute der Pacific University in Oregon, der "New York Times".
08.May 2007 Kriminalstatistik: Alltags- Brutalität alarmiert Politik und Polizei
08.May 2007 Aktionsplan der Bundesregierung: Ungesunde Ernährung soll 70 Milliarden Euro im Jahr kosten
08.May 2007 Druck auf Präsidenten: Republikaner setzen Bush Irak- Frist bis Herbst
08.May 2007 Globale Erwärmung: Sintflut- Prognose bringt Forscher ins Schwimmen

08.May 2007 Kosten- Studie: Autofahren und Fliegen sind zu billig
08.May 2007 Chat zur Jugendgewalt: "Das Strafrecht kann die Probleme nicht lösen"

08.May 2007 Übernahmepläne: Thomson bietet 13 Milliarden Euro für Reuters
08.May 2007 Brutale Cops in L.A.: Top- Polizisten nach Ausschreitungen degradiert
08.May 2007 Präsidialer Urlaub: Sarkozy relaxt auf Yacht im Mittelmeer

08.May 2007 Ökonom Muhammad Yunus: "Menschen sind keine Geldmaschinen"

08.May 2007 Marketing in Geschäften: US- Jugend verfällt den Zigaretten
08.May 2007 Polizeistatistik: Kriminalität sinkt, Gewalt nimmt zu
08.May 2007 Sternen- Explosion: Supernova bricht alle Rekorde
08.May 2007 Umweltschutz: Citigroup investiert 50 Milliarden Dollar in Klimaschutz
08.May 2007 Köhlers Klar- Entscheidung in der Presse: "Traurige politische Verkommenheit der CSU"
08.May 2007 Archäologie: Forscher melden Fund des Herodes- Grabs

08.May 2007 Streitgespräch zur Jugendgewalt: "Das Problem explodiert"
08.May 2007 Energie: Russischer Milliardär will Ökofirmen in Deutschland kaufen
08.May 2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: Köhlers "RAF- Calypso" (Kultur)
08.May 2007 Biotechnologie: Hefezellen mit Rattengen erschnüffeln Sprengstoff

08.May 2007 US- Staatsbankett für die Queen: Glitzerborte, weiße Fliegen und ein Käse- Trio
08.May 2007 Rekordzahlen: Deutsche Bank erzielt bestes Quartal ihrer Geschichte

08.May 2007 Weltbank- Affäre: Ausschuss bestätigt Vorwürfe gegen Wolfowitz

08.May 2007 EU- Beschluss: Höchstens 20 Hühner pro Quadratmeter
08.May 2007 Warmer Winter: Verbraucher sparen massiv Heizkosten

08.May 2007 Frankreich: Gewaltsame Proteste gegen Wahlsieger Sarkozy

08.May 2007 Köhlers Klar- Entscheidung: SPD, FDP und Grüne attackieren Union in RAF- Debatte
08.May 2007 Web 0.0: US- Schulen schwören Computern ab