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20.Nov.2006 Italienischer Geheimdienstchef entlassen - sfux 

Der Chef des italienischen Militärgeheimdienstes Sismi, General Nicolo Pollari, ist heute von der Regierung Prodi entlassen worden.

Er steht im Verdacht,

an der Entführung eines Imams in Mailand im

00.Feb.2003 beteiligt gewesen zu sein.
Seit Monaten ermitteln die Behörden wegen möglicher Verstrickungen von Sismi + dem US-Geheimdienst CIA in die Entführung.

Gegen Pollari +seinen Mitarbeiter

Marco Mancini

läuft deswegen ein Verfahren.

Abgelöst wurde heute auch der Chef...
Blair vows to stand by Afghanistan

UK PM Tony Blair says British troops fighting the Taleban will stay in Afghanistan until the job is done.
Gazans gather to foil air strike Palestinians in Gaza gather at a Hamas leader's home, following reports Israeli forces were about to attack it.
20.Nov.2006 Germany foils 'air terror plot' German officials say they have uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up a passenger plane in Germany.
20.Nov.2006 Protests as Bush visits Indonesia US President George W Bush makes a brief, controversial visit to Indonesia, amid protests over Iraq.
20.Nov.2006 Fears for flooded Kenya refugees Aid workers are seriously concerned for 80,000 Somali refugees in eastern Kenya, which has been hit by floods.
20.Nov.2006 Nepal king blamed for crackdown A Nepalese panel finds King Gyanendra responsible for suppressing large-scale pro-democracy protests in April.
20.Nov.2006 Egypt arrests another blog critic Police in Cairo detain a blogger known as Ayyoub whose posts are critical of the Egyptian government.
20.Nov.2006 Nigeria scams 'cost UK billions' Not enough is being done to stop internet scams and other financial crimes stemming from Nigeria, a report says.
20.Nov.2006 Stay in Iraq, says Pentagon panel A US military review on Iraq is likely to back a limited troop boost, officials tell the Washington Post.
20.Nov.2006 Drugs 'sub' seized off Costa Rica A makeshift submarine carrying three tonnes of cocaine is found off Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
20.Nov.2006 China official admits to torture A senior Chinese court official makes a rare admission about the extent of the use of torture in getting convictions.
20.Nov.2006 Chinese president to visit India President Hu Jintao is due in the Indian capital, Delhi, for the first visit by a Chinese leader in 10 years.
20.Nov.2006 EU pushes for joint energy stance Top EU officials meet energy industry chiefs amid difficulties over key negotiations with Russia.
20.Nov.2006 Saddam trial 'flawed and unsound' Saddam Hussein's trial was so flawed its verdict was unsound, says campaign group Human Rights Watch.
20.Nov.2006 Italy 'sacks' spy over CIA kidnap Italy replaces the head of military intelligence amid an inquiry into his role in an alleged CIA abduction.
20.Nov.2006 Woman loses fight to wear cross A British Airways worker loses her appeal against a decision to stop her openly wearing a cross at work at Heathrow.
20.Nov.2006 Copper miners in $25.9bn merger Mining giant Freeport-McMoran is to buy larger rival Phelps Dodge, creating the world's largest listed copper firm.
20.Nov.2006 Nasdaq makes £2.7bn bid for LSE The US Nasdaq market tables an offer worth £2.7bn to take over the London Stock Exchange.
20.Nov.2006 Call for post-charge questioning Lord Goldsmith backs a law change to allow terror suspects to be questioned after they are charged.
20.Nov.2006 Passport to Insecurity Britain's high-tech passport is designed to frustrate terrorists and fraudsters. Now in the hands of 3 million citizens, it may not be so secure. In Beyond the Beyond.
20.Nov.2006 BBC NEWS | Middle East | Saddam trial 'flawed and ... - BG
20.Nov.2006 Corruption in Australia - BG 
“Once the existence of corruption + its permanence whilst ever there exists humanity and greed, is recognised,

a society has only two choices.

It can accept corruption or it can fight it.

There is

no middle course.
20.Nov.2006 UK pressures US on Iraq inque... - BG 

Britain urges the US to explain why their soldiers do not attend inquests into UK troops killed by friendly fire in Iraq.... Source:
20.Nov.2006 Bomb Iran - Los Angeles Times... - BG 
Diplomacy is doing nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear threat; a show of force is the only answer.By Joshua Muravchik, JOSHUA MURAVCHIK is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.November 19, 2006WE MUST bomb Iran.It has been fo... Source:,0,5419188.story?coll=la-home-commentary

20.Nov.2006 Glenn Beck - BG Jonathan Schwartz makes an important point about the bigot Glenn Beck's meretricious "documentary,"

which aired twice last week on Headline News.

Theodore N. Kaufman was a 31-year old owner of a theatrical ticket agency in Newark, New Jersey who published at his own expense a 100-page book titled

Germany Must Perish! in

00.Mar.1941 . It called for the sterilization of the German population ad the dismemberment of Germany, with its land being turned over to neighboring states.

The book received no serious attention in the U.S., but the Nazis discovered it

00.Jul.1941 . They played it up big... Late in

00.Sep.1941, this pamphlet by Wolfgang Diewerge appeared in an edition, according to Goebbels, of five million...

A month after publication, the Nazis released a four-page flyer to remind Germans of Kaufman's plan...

Kaufman remained a mainstay of German propaganda for ... Source:
20.Nov.2006 Victory Poem - BG -Henry Kissinger,

permanent member of living liars club, tells us military victory is no longer possible in Iraq.

Or at least that's ABC/AP's interpretation of a recent Kissinger interview. (Foto Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg)"

A dramatic collapse of Iraq whatever we think about how the situation was created would have disastrous consequences

for which we would pay for many years + which would bring us back, one way or another, into the region," he said.

Kissinger, whose views have been sought by the Iraqi Study Group, led by former Secretary of State James Baker III (one of Poppy's errand boys),

called for an international conference bringing together the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council,

Iraq's neighbors including Iran + regional powers

like India + Pakistan

to work out a way forward for the region.

Basically - nevermind how we got into Iraq, it... Source:
20.Nov.2006 Hoyer - BG Should've done this earlier, but now that Hoyer's been voted into the Majority Leader spot, it's worth knowing who he is.

Zach Roth's prescient profile of Hoyer -- titled "The Establishmentarian -- is the place to go.

A taste:

When I asked friends and former staffers which issues Hoyer seemed to feel most passionately about, most spoke instead about his political skills.

"He cares more about process than issues, per se," says John Moag, who worked for him in both the Maryland state Senate and the U.S. Congress.

"Good process ultimately produces good policy.

This is a guy who's been compromising his whole life because he knows that's how it gets done."[...]

the flip side of Hoyer's obsession with process and old-fashioned relationship building is a reluctance to think strategically about changing the ways that Washington... Source:
20.Nov.2006 Today's Papers: The Dems' Agenda (Plus TomKat) - BG 
today's papers
The Dems' Agenda (Plus TomKat)
By Conor Clarke
Posted Sunday,

19.Nov.2006, at 6:33 AM ET

The Washington Post + the New York Times both lead with updates on the Democratic Party's post-election agenda.

The Post takes a look at the party's plans to address the economic needs of middle- and working-class Americans,

while the Times focuses on internal differences of opinion about ethics reform.

The Los Angeles Times leads with the obstacles facing California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's stated mission to halve the number of Golden State residents lacking health insurance.

In an attempt to "distinguish themselves from the outgoing Republican majority, heed voters' messages from the midterm elections and lay groundwork for the

00.Nov.2008 presidential campaign," Democrats want to "shift the dialogue" to bread and butter economic issues, reports the Post .

That dialogue will include raising the minimum wage, reducing the reach of the alternative minimum tax + changing the Medicare prescription drug benefit so that the government can negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies. But with slim legislative majorities and the ever-present threat of a presidential veto, Democratic success is anything but assured. To continue reading, click here.
20.Nov.2006 CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons driv... - BG CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report - Yahoo! News
20.Nov.2006 september_eleven_vreeland : Message: White House l... - BG
Senator grilled red on 9/11 - BG
VIDEO: Infowars' Kevin Smith On Fox News "Mancow" ... - BG
20.Nov.2006 Al-Qaeda's 'best assets' prim... - BG Al-Qaeda's 'best assets' prime UK timebomb —

British Muslims volunteering to fight against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are being sent back to Britain to become al-Qaeda "sleeper" agents, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

— MI5 agents believe that young Asian men … Source: Telegraph Link:… memeorandum permalink...Source:
20.Nov.2006 Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases - Conflict... - BG
20.Nov.2006 Bolton in extraordinary outbu... - BG The U.S. Ambassador to the UN,

John Bolton, launched a scathing attack on the United Nations Friday.

Bolton was furious over the adoption by the General Assembly of a resolution which said the assembly regretted the deaths of 19 civilians in an attack by the Israeli military in the town of Beit Hanoun last week.... Source: Tags: John Bolton
20.Nov.2006 - 9/11 Autopsy Guidelines Plan Abandon... - BG,4670,Sept11Autopsies,00.html
20.Nov.2006 Larry Silverstein: Connections to Israel - BG Tags: Larry Silverstein
20.Nov.2006 At least 112. - Judd  Number of people killed across Iraq today.
20.Nov.2006 Rove is here to stay. - Nico  Contrary to recent rumors,

“White House officials say President Bush has every intention of keeping Mr. Rove on through the rest of his term,” the New York Times reports.

But the White House “seems aware of the apparently limited influence in Congress of Mr. Rove.

… Joshua B. Bolten, the White House chief of staff, was dispatched to the Hill this week to hold meetings with members, suggesting that he is likely to play a more prominent role.”
McCain: Sending More Troops Would ‘Absolutely…Be Terrible’ For Military, Risks ‘Broken Army’ - Nico 

Today on ABC’s This Week,

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) acknowledged that

his plan to escalate the Iraq war by sending at least 20,000 more troops

“would it put a terrible strain on the Army + Marine Corps.”

“Absolutely, it would be terrible,” he said,

“we’re going to be asking people to go back again and again, maybe even extend their tours.”

00.000.1973 he “saw a broken Army McCain said +

didn’t want to see another. Watch it:

As ThinkProgress has noted, McCain’s call for escalation would exacerbate the deteriorating situation in Iraq and would only further damage U.S. national security. Here’s at least two reasons why:

1) No troops to send. “Sending more troops to Iraq would, at the moment, threaten to break our nation’s all-volunteer Army and undermine our national security.” McCain suggests enlarging the force to send them to Iraq, an idea that is implausible to carry out over the short-term and would damage the military’s ability to recruit over the long-term.

2) The insurgency would grow more inflamed. “A more visible presence of U.S. troops risks further stoking the flames of the insurgency by feeding perceptions of long-term U.S. occupation among many Iraqis.” The recent effort to increase troop numbers in Baghdad has only increased violence. A recent poll of Iraqis indicated that support for attacks on US-led forces has grown to a majority position — now six in ten — a number sure to increase if more U.S. troops are put on the ground. Digg It! Full transcript:

MCCAIN: I notice that several retired generals, Gen. Zinni recently, Gen. Batiste, many others have said the same thing I said. Many other observers are in agreement with me. Would it put a terrible strain on the Army and Marine Corps? Absolutely, it would be terrible. We’re going to be asking people to go back again and again, maybe even extend their tours. But there’s only one thing worse + that is defeat. I saw a broken Army 00.000.1973 + I don’t want to see this Army and military — [Stephanopoulos interrupts.]
Hersh: Bush, Cheney Stovepiping Intelligence On Iran, Hiding Information From CIA - Faiz  On CNN,

New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh reported that a new CIA assessment concludes that “there’s no evidence Iran is doing anything that puts them close to a bomb.” Despite the intelligence agency’s conclusion, Hersh reports that the White House is still aggressively moving ahead with preparations for a military conflict with Iran.

As part of the White House’s preparations for Iran, Hersh says President Bush and Vice President Cheney are “stovepiping” intelligence and keeping information provided by the Israelis hidden from the CIA.

The Israelis are telling the White House, according to Hersh’s new article “The Next Act,” that they have a reliable agent inside Iran who reports that the nation is working on a trigger for a bomb. “Of course the people in the CIA want to know who [the agent] is, obviously,” Hersh said. “They certainly want to know what other evidence he has of actual making of a warhead. This is the internecine fight that’s going on — the same fight, by the way, that we had before Iraq.” Watch it:

Prior to the Iraq war, the White House set up intelligence stovepipes to “get information they wanted directly to the top leadership.” Cheney and company relied on information provided by the Iraqi National Congress, an exile group headed by Ahmad Chalabi. “Chalabi’s defector reports were…flowing from the Pentagon directly to the Vice-President’s office + then on to the President, with little prior evaluation by intelligence professionals.”

State Dept. intelligence expert Greg Thielmann said that prior to the Iraq war that “garbage was being shoved straight to the President.” A U.S. official confirmed that defectors from Chalabi’s organization “had provided suspect information to numerous Western intelligence agencies. ‘It’s safe to say he tried to game the system,’ the official said.”

Hersh’s article suggests a similar breakdown in the intelligence process is happening with regards to Iran and may open to door to possible intelligence manipulation.

Full transcript:

HERSH: We can’t find, the new assessment says, we cannot find — the CIA says there’s no evidence that Iran is doing anything that puts them close to a bomb. There’s no secret program of significant bomb making.

BLITZER: The Israelis have a different assessment.

HERSH: Absolutely.

BLITZER: They think the Iranians may be within a year of getting to the threshold of having a point of no return, if you will, from having a bomb. When I was there in July, I had briefings. That’s what they suggested.

HERSH: They’ve been saying for, as you know, for five or ten years. The fact is Israelis have coming up with new human intelligence, sort of the counter CIA assessment, they’ve come up with an agent inside Iran. They have more than one. And this agent is — who’s been reliable so the Israelis claim in the past — who now says the Iranians are secretly working on making an actual trigger for a bomb. Even though they may not — we don’t have any specific evidence of a facility where they’re doing this work, the Israelis say yes they are, they’re getting ready to start detonating a weapon. Once they get the fissile material, the enriched material. Now, that information is being handled pretty much by the white house and various offices in the pentagon. And the CIA isn’t getting a good look at the Israeli intelligence. It’s the old word stovepiping. It’s the President and the Vice President, it’s pretty much being kept in the White House.

BLITZER: They’d like to get more access to this Israeli agent, is that what you’re saying?

HERSH: Of course, the people in the CIA want to know who he is, obviously. They certainly want to know what other evidence he has of actual making a warhead. This is the internecine fight that’s going on — the same fight, by the way, that we had before Iraq.
Kristol: I Fear Political Support For Iraq ‘Will Crumble…Among Republicans’ In Next 3 Months - Nico 

This morning on Fox New Sunday, Bill Kristol said that that the current Iraq strategy of “Iraqification” is “failing” and has been “discredited.” Noting that CentCom commander Gen. John Abizaid said he finds “despair” about Iraq when he comes to Washington, Kristol said he was “very worried” that if conditions in Iraq did not improve within 2 to 3 months, “political support will crumble not among Democrats, but among Republicans. Gone.” Watch it: Full transcript:

KRISTOL: On the first point, this has been Abizaid and Casey’s theory, Iraqification comes ahead of victory. The only way to win, to be fair to put it, is Iraqification. I think that’s false. We’re failing at Iraqification because there’s no confidence that we’ll be there to help the Iraqis who are with us. I think that theory is not crazy, but it’s been discredited.

It’s time for more troops. Are there more troops? There are. It would be a strain on the army. You could do 20,000 in the short-term. You could do up to 50,000 over 4 to 6 months. It will require a lot of strain and extending deployments and taking people out of Okinawa and bringing them into Iraq and stressing our commitments elsewhere. We need to rebuild the military at the same time. But look, Abizaid’s job, he’s not chief of staff of the army. He is a combatant commander. He is commander of CentCom. Casey is the field commander. Their responsibility is to win the war + in my view, they’ve talked themselves into the notion that their responsibility is to Iraqify the war. We can afford to win this war.

When Abizaid said he comes to Washington and feels despair, that’s a big problem. If by the State of the Union, I agree with Brit, things aren’t getting better on the ground or there’s not a really plausible change of tactics here at home, I am very worried that political support will crumble not among Democrats, but among Republicans. Gone.
Zakaria: McCain’s Plan For More Troops ‘Just Willing More American Deaths’ - Judd 

This Morning on ABC, commentator and foreign policy scholar Fareed Zarkaria slammed John McCain’s plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq, saying it “will not work.” Zakaria explained that “we have enough troops” but the Iraqi government won’t let them “go after the militias.”

According to Zakaria, sending more U.S. troops to Iraq in this context is “just willing more American deaths.” Watch it: Transcript:

ZAKARIA: Senator McCain who I have a lot of respect and like him has been saying for three years we needed more troops. His policy today will not work. We have enough troops to go after Muqtada al-Sadr, the key Shiite religious leader whose militia is causing us this trouble. We can’t do it because the Iraqi government won’t let us. It is causing enormous political pressure. So right now we have an Iraqi government that does not allow us to search for our own soldier. We had to abandon a search, is in cahoots with a shiite militia that has captured americans. The point is not here that you need a military or political solution. Obviously you need both. The point is we have an iraqi government that cannot, will not make any of the decisions that will supplement this military.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Even if we had more troops it wouldn’t work?

ZAKARIA: There is no question that if you had more troops and still can’t go after the militias, can’t offer amnesty to the Sunni insurgents, the core political decisions we have to make do not depend on more troops but political compromises that this government, this ruling coalition can’t make. Sending in more troops in that context is just willing more american deaths.
McCain Flip-Flops, Supports Immediate Reversal of Roe v. Wade - Judd 

00.000.1999, the “moderate” version of John McCain said that overturning Roe v. Wade would be dangerous for women and he would not support it, even in “the long term.” Here’s McCain in the San Francisco Chronicle:

I’d love to see a point where it is irrelevant + could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations.

This morning on ABC, McCain — now aggressively courting the likes of Jerry Falwell — expressed his unequivocal support for overturning Roe v. Wade. Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me ask one question about abortion. Then I want to turn to Iraq. You’re for a constitutional amendment banning abortion, with some exceptions for life and rape and incest.

MCCAIN: Rape, incest and the life of the mother. Yes.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So is President Bush, yet that hasn’t advanced in the six years he’s been in office. What are you going to do to advance a constitutional amendment that President Bush hasn’t done?

MCCAIN: I don’t think a constitutional amendment is probably going to take place, but I do believe that it’s very likely or possible that the Supreme Court should — could overturn Roe v. Wade, which would then return these decisions to the states, which I support.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you’d be for that?

MCCAIN: Yes, because I’m a federalist. Just as I believe that the issue of gay marriage should be decided by the states, so do I believe that we would be better off by having Roe v. Wade return to the states. And I don’t believe the Supreme Court should be legislating in the way that they did on Roe v. Wade.
McCain Hires Key Falwell Staffer For Presidential Campaign - Judd 

00.000.2000, John McCain called Jerry Falwell an “agent of intolerance.” Now, he has hired the debate coach from Falwell’s Liberty University, Brett O’Donnell, to advise him on his communications strategy. O’Donnell has been executing Falwell’s strategy to train scores of debaters to confront “the culture on moral default.”

Falwell said the hiring should not be considered an endorsement:

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, chancellor of the Lynchburg university, said he has not endorsed a candidate + O’Donnell’s appointment should not be interpreted as a signal that he is backing McCain …”Senator McCain is getting a real winner + I’m sure Brett will be a great help to him,” Falwell said. “He’s getting Brett at the peak of his production.”

McCain also delivered the commencement address at Liberty University this summer.
20.Nov.2006 Powerful 9/11 Info Hits Prime-Time TV for First Time - Paul Joseph Watson -Low-Brow FOX Hit-Piece Fails to Counter Evidence of an Inside Job Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones Jones
20.Nov.2006 Milk allergy in babies 'missed' Cow's milk allergy in babies is being missed by doctors, survey findings suggest.
20.Nov.2006 British 'reserve' costing lives Lives are being lost because "reserved" Britons ignore the early signs of heart attacks, a charity says.
20.Nov.2006 Experts call for better flu plans The UK Government is accused of failing to do all it can to prevent a flu pandemic.
20.Nov.2006 Web censorship law may come out of hibernation Blog:

00.000.1998, the U.S. Congress enacted a sweeping Web censorship law that nearly everyone promptly forgot about.Why? The explanation...
Scott Adams Suggests Bill Gates For President - kdawson 214 gerrysteele writes to point out a recent post to the Dilbert blog,

in which Scott Adams discusses the atheist ascendancy in America and rationalizes the need for an atheist leader. From the article: "Ask a deeply religious Christian if he'd rather live next to a bearded Muslim that may or may not be plotting a terror attack, or an atheist that may or may not show him how to set up a wireless network in his house. On the scale of prejudice, atheists don't seem so bad lately. I think that in an election cycle or two you will see an atheist business leader emerge as a legitimate candidate for president. And his name will be Bill Gates."
Draconian Anti-Piracy Law Looms Over Australia - kdawson 341 ccozan of a law being rushed through the Australian legislature that would criminalize great swaths of the citizenry.

The Internet Industry Association of Australia is posting warning scenarios spelling out how far-reaching this law would be.

From the release:

"A family who holds a birthday picnic in a place of public entertainment (for example, the grounds of a zoo) and sings 'Happy Birthday' in a manner that can be heard by others,

risks an infringement notice carrying a fine of up to $1,320.

If they make a video recording of the event, they risk a further fine for the possession of a device for the purpose of making an infringing copy of a song...

The US Free Trade Agreement does not require Australia to go down this path + neither US nor European law contain such far-reaching measures.

We are at a total loss to understand how this policy has developed,

who is behind it and

why there is such haste in enacting it into law

— with little if any public debate."
Stop Global Warming With Smog? - kdawson 277 lkypnk writes,

"The AP is reporting that Nobel Prize winning scientist Paul Crutzen has suggested deliberately spreading a layer of particulate matter in the upper atmosphere to help reflect some of the sun's energy in an effort to combat global warming.

He reminds us that the

00.000.1991 eruption of the volcano Pinatubo cooled the planet by as much as 0.9 degrees;

he believes his computer simulations show a similar effect from deliberate injection of sulfur into the atmosphere by humans.

Whatever the feasibility of the idea, as the president of the National Environmental Trust has said, '

We are already engaged in an uncontrolled experiment by injecting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.'"

From the article:

"'It was meant to startle the policy makers,' said [Crutzen].

'If they don't take action much more strongly than they have in the past,

then in the end we have to do experiments like this.' ... Serious people are taking Crutzen's idea seriously."
Does the RIAA Fear Counterclaims? - kdawson 163 NewYorkCountryLawyer writes,

"The RIAA seems to have a fear of counterclaims. In Elektra v. Schwartz, a case against a woman with Multiple Sclerosis, the RIAA is protesting on technical grounds Ms. Schwartz's inclusion of a counterclaim against them for attorneys fees. This counterclaim includes as an exhibit the ACLU, EFF, Public Citizen brief in Capitol v. Foster, which decried the RIAA's tactics as a 'driftnet.' In prior email correspondence between the lawyers Ms. Schwartz's attorney had offered to withdraw the counterclaim if the RIAA's lawyer could show him legal authority that its assertion was impermissible, saying 'I wouldn't want to get into motion practice over a mere formality.' The RIAA lawyer's response was 'I will let you know.'"
Life Without Traffic Signs - kdawson 478 zuikaku writes,

"Der Spiegel has an article titled European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs reporting that seven cities and regions in Europe are doing away with traffic signs, signals, painted lines + even sidewalks. With the motto 'Unsafe is Safe,' the idea is that, when faced with an uncertain, unregulated situation, drivers will be naturally cautious and courteous. Then again, they may end up with streets jammed with pedestrians, bicyclists + cars like some places in India and China." I can't see this idea getting traction in the U.S.
The World's Most-High Tech Urinal - CmdrTaco 208

Mudzy writes "In an effort to handle its nighttime public urination problem,

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is considering installing high-tech urinals that disappear below street level during the day.

Then at night, an operator comes by with a remote and the Urilift hydraulically lifts to sidewalk level in about two minutes.

Then the unit is ready to serve all the nighttime party animals who don't mind peeing in a very exposed public urinal.

The $75,000 system has been installed across the Netherlands + have spread to London and Belfast, but Victoria will be the first North American city to try them out."
Intel Patents the "Digital Browser Phone" - kdawson 153 tibbar66 writes,

"This sounds like an invention that has been invented many times before (e.g. Skype). Yet on

10.Oct.2006 Intel was granted a patent for a 'digital browser phone.'

25.Feb.2000 The patent was filed.

Here's the abstract:

'A telephone system wherein all the functions of a digital telephone can be accessed and implemented on a personal computer alone, thereby eliminating the need for a telephone set.

By means of the computer display and mouse, keyboard or other input/output command devices, a user accesses + implement all digital telephone functions without the physical telephone set, the personal computer also providing the audio function.

A graphical representation of a telephone set or other telephone-related form is provided on the computer display + accessed by the mouse, keyboard or other command device, this being accomplished by a computer program providing graphical interface implementation.

A significant advantage of the system is computer access to and utilization of digital telephone functions from a remote location with communication via Internet, LAN, WAN, RAS or other mediums.'"
Pille oder Couch – Auf der Suche nach geeigneten TherapienHTML-Version

Jahrhundert“ ( ). zeigen, erschiene allerdings eine Reduktion psychischer Prozesse auf Hirnvorgänge unter ...
Deutschlandfunk - Lange Nacht - Expedition in die Schaltzentrale ...

Elf führende Neurowissenschaftler über Gegenwart und Zukunft der Hirnforschung Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer ... /
Interview mit Peter Wippermann: "Umweltschutz interessiert kaum noch"
20.Nov.2006 Geheimdienste: Russland bestreitet Verwicklung in Giftanschlag auf Ex- Agenten

20.Nov.2006 US- Spendenrekorde: 66,5 Milliarden Dollar für Wohltaten

20.Nov.2006 Konkurrenzkampf: Wespen rächen sich mit Pfefferspray

20.Nov.2006 Frankfurter Flughafen: Bundesanwaltschaft vereitelt Anschlag auf Flugzeug
20.Nov.2006 Terrorbekämpfung: Mathematischer Spürhund gegen Bombenbauer

20.Nov.2006 Berlin: SPD und Linkspartei unterzeichnen Koalitionsvertrag

20.Nov.2006 Blair in Afghanistan: "Hier wird die Zukunft der Weltsicherheit entschieden"
20.Nov.2006 Alexandre Gaydamak Wikipedia, Flickr, Delicious Bash at Alexandre Gaydamak Bio, Pics + Tags.

Alexandre Gaydamak Wikipedia Source Alexandre Gaydamak last updated : Mon, 30.Jan.2006 05 :44 :09 -0500 ...
Arcadi Gaydamak Wikipedia, Flickr, Delicious Bash at

Arcadi Gaydamak Bio, Pics + Tags. Arcadi Gaydamak Wikipedia Source Arcadi Gaydamak last updated : Mon,

20.Feb.2006 18 :43 :50 -0500 ...
World | Aliyah and the Oligarchs

Arkady Gaydamak (his Hebrew name Ari Barlev) has been linked to arms dealing and para military ...

Bio -technology Culture Ecology Education Free Spaces ...
UK Indymedia - Angolagate

Falcone + Gaydamak, relying on the special access that Mitterand had to the ... Animal Liberation;

Anti - militarism; Anti - racism; Bio - technology ...

Indymedia UK - Aliyah and the Oligarchs

Arkady Gaydamak (his Hebrew name Ari Barlev) has been linked to arms dealing + ...

Animal Liberation; Anti - militarism; Anti - racism; Bio - technology ...

Frothing at the mouth about politics, ideas and culture

According to the Center for Public Integrity

00.000.1990 -in the mid s- Gaydamak ( wanted in France for illegal ... Read the bio below - impressive . ( more … ) ...
Frothing at the mouth about politics, ideas and culture ... to see some additional great pieces and check out his impressive bio.

According to the Center for Public Integrity ,

00.000.1990 -in the mid s- Gaydamak ... Gaydamak Arkady Gaydamak ... micro. bio - Crise à France-Soir : pourquoi?

Ou plus exactement cela ne compte que dans la mesure où Gaydamak, qui se défend en affirmant que ces ventes d ’ armes ... Bio - ss - 18.04 . 2006 - 18h06 ...


00.000.1993 Pierre Falcone + Arcadi Gaydamak had allegedly helped arrange the sale of small ...

Falcone, Pierre + Arcadi Gaydamak formed close links with Angolan ...
20060311 Ze komen deels uit de Bijlmer en deels uit Nieuw - Vennep, . . . www.artquake ...

Die CIA und das Heroin . Welt politik durch Drogenhandel . von Alfred W ...
MagWeb Europa:

WWII. North Africa: British vs. Italians: 57 ... Maletti Group got lost.

Radio Rome announced the impending offensive to the world ...

Wavell's relations with Prime Minister Winston Churchill were cool, ... :: Invia una risposta

Al generale Pietro Maletti venne infatti affidato l ' incarico di punire i ... Tra il

18.Mai 1937 + il

27.May 1937 Maletti portò a termine la sua missione ...
20.Nov.2006 :: View topic - Inspirational Unit for Italian ...

The Maletti group was a bunch of Libyan troops, infantry, cavalry and artillery ... No M13s, only M11s and L3s, but they had some really cool paint ...

00.000.1975 GENERAL GIANADELIO MALETTI, head of Italian counter - intelligence ... the advice was to stay cool but determined + to organise mass displays of ...

00.Jan.1501-31.Dec.1600 -LOS SS. XVI- XVIII1*-2 /Elena Postigo Castellanos /Universidad Autónoma de Madrid /© Seminario Internacional para el estudio de las Órdenes Militares.

2002 /1. Desencuentros familiares /2. 'Reglas de vivir 20.Nov.2006 gobernar' /3. Monarca versus Maestre ... [01.07.2002]
Der Spindoktor:

00.Mai 2006 Der Spindoktor deckt in seinem Weblog den Spin in den Nachrichten auf und schaut Politikern, PR- Agenturen und sonstigen "Öffentlichkeitsarbeitern" auf die Finger .

Schnüffeln als Karrieresprungbrett in der Bush- Administratioini: Hayden Confirmed to Head CIA . [01.11.2006]
Vor 45 Jahren: Patrice Lumumba wird ermordet
... Vor 45 Jahren wurde Patrice E. Lumumba ( ), Mitbegründer der Kongolesischen Unabhängigkeitsbewegung und erster Premier der Demokratischen Republik Kongo, mit Hilfe des CIA und belgischer Polizisten an seine politischen Feinde ausgeliefert, gefoltert, erschossen und anschließend wurde sein Leichnam in Batteriesäure aufgelöst - gestiftet von einer belgische ... [04.11.2006]
https://miklas. bad- hosting. com/article. php? story= Vor- 45- Jahren- Patrice- Lumumba- ermordet

20.Nov.2006 H-Soz-u-Kult /Rezensionen /Rez. ZG: B. Lorentz: Industrieelite ...

Heinrich Dräger und das Drägerwerk . Paderborn

2001 .

zu verteidigen -

Rüstungsaufträge machten nach

00.000.1933 etwa 60 % des Umsatzes aus, ... - 27
HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG Los 0365, Drägerwerk AG, 15,00 €, 22,00 €. Los 0366, Drägerwerk AG [2] ... Los 1647,

00.000.1810-00.000.1935 125 Jahre Geschichte der Gutehoffnungshütte ...
HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG

00.000.1933 -Bis- war der Sitz Berlin,

00.000.1933 - danach- war der Sitz Polkwitz/Heerwegen.

Die Geschichte der Südzucker AG beginnt mit der Gründung der ersten Zuckergesellschaft in ...
SEHEPUNKTE - Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften

Duchhardt ist Direktor des Instituts für Europäische Geschichte (Abt. Universalgeschichte) ...

Heinrich Dräger und das Drägerwerk, Paderborn: Schöningh 2001 ...
SEHEPUNKTE - Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften ...

00.0001891 -ursprünglich- Das Drägerwerk, nach der Erfindung eines neuartigen Ventils ...

... ein "Netzwerk" geschaffen, durch das er

00.000.1933 seitin der Lage gewesen sei, ...
Bestellung von Publikationen

00.000.1933-00.000.1945 Konzentrationslager + Gestapogefängnis Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. Hg.: Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte . Hamburg 1983 (Hamburg Porträt, ...
gtg - Bücherliste II/

20. Jahrhunderts (Cottbuser Studien zur Geschichte von Technik, ... Heinrich Dräger und das Drägerwerk . Schöningh, Paderborn 2001, 404 S., zahlr. Abb. U .
Einleitung - HTML-Version
AG (Brabag), der

Reichswerke Hermann Göring + der

Kontinentale Öl mit der ... der Auseinandersetzung mit ihrer Geschichte zwischen

00.000.1933-00.000.1945 lange ...

00.000.1858-00.000.1933 Zur Geschichte von Bergbau-Verein und Zechenverband, Bochum 2002, ... Heinrich Dräger und das Drägerwerk, Paderborn 2001, in: Archiv für ...

INHALTSVERZEICHNISHTML-Version rich Dräger und das Drägerwerk, Pa-. derborn 2001, 54/2-4, 171-172 (Chri- ...

00.000.1926-00.000.1933 Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. und ihre Unternehmensentwicklung

Folgende Tabelle stellt die Offenbacher Ortsgeschichte im Vergleich zur Geschichte im Allgemeinen dar
Folgende Tabelle stellt die Offenbacher Ortsgeschichte im Vergleich zur Geschichte im Allgemeinen dar. (wird lfd. vervollständigt) Stand: Dienstag,

21.Okt.2003 /Zeit

14.Mar.1602 ... „daß dieses alles nun ex Authentico von worth zu worth abgeschrieben Collationirt und Aufcultirt den 14ten Marty Anno 1602 . [21.10.2003]
Frankfurt - Eine Zentrale der CIA-Entführer? Mittwoch,

15.Nov.2006 Frankfurt - Eine Zentrale der CIA - Entführer?

Er dient dazu, die Wirbelsäule der Häftlinge bis zum Äußersten zu dehnen.

Aber nicht nur Zammar, auch andere von der CIA verschleppte Personen mußten dort jahrelang Torturen erleiden . https://oraclesyndicate. twoday. net/stories/2935941/
Hauptstadtblog: Wir bloggen Berlin: bewertet
Hauptstadtblog/Kategorien/Archiv/About ...

„Deeskalation – hin zur Harmonie“ ist das für Cia.

Vertrautes im Neuen entdeckend wird der so virtuos auf der Klaviatur von Schamanentum + Mythen spielende Cia

00.000.2008 mit seinen materialisierten Ideen die Eröffnungszeremonie der Olympischen Spiele in Peking gestalten . [ 18.Nov.2006 ]
Tiefensee: "Lavieren" und "Hilflosigkeit"
Die Kommandoeinheit besteht aus etwa 200 Agenten des US- Geheimdienstes CIA +

war an der Entführung deutscher Staatsbürger beteiligt

- mit Wissen der Berliner Behörden.

Dies ist einer Buchveröffentlichung über die deutsche Auslandsspionage (BND) zu entnehmen, die heute auf den Markt kommt.
Die Bush-Cheney-Gang funktioniert FINGER .

Und er stellte fest, was bestimmt viele von uns schon geahnt hatten.

Die CIA hat keinerlei Beweise dafür, dass der Iran geheime Atomwaffenprogramme entwickelt hat oder sogar daran arbeiten würde. /
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The most notable is the strategic alliance between the Frente Authentico del Trabajo (FAT),

which has been organising independent unions in Mexico for more than thirty years + the

United Electrical Workers (UE) in the USA .

Le tavolette di cera sono state il supporto più utilizzato per la scrittura sin dall’antichità.

Si scriveva su di esse in minuscolo .

Da quel momento in poi tali lavori furono accompagnati dalla frase scritta EX AUTHENTICO LIBRO (copiato da libro autentico) . [ 09.05.2006 ] https://www. miliziasangiovanni. it/pages/scrittura.htm
AKENS Informationen 27, Kugler-Weiemann, Kalsow, Harnisch ...

In diesem Buch, gefördert von der Hansestadt Hamburg und den Drägerwerken AG in Lübeck,

berichtet Stefan Romey über das Außenlager Drägerwerk des KZ ...
AKENS: Informationen zur Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitgeschichte ...

Geschichte der Konzentrationslager

00.000.1933-00.000.1945, Band 1 und 2; Bettina Goldberg: ... Zwangsarbeit im Hamburger Drägerwerk, Hamburg 1994 ...
Lübeck - Wikipedia

00.000.1933 fanden in Lübeck Kirchenwahlen statt, die eine Mehrheit für die ...

Größter Arbeitgeber in diesem Segment ist die Dräger [ Drägerwerk ]] AG, ...übeck
Geschichte der Luftfahrt - Wikipedia Die Geschichte der Luftfahrt beginnt mit der Beobachtung der Natur und dem Traum vom Fliegen, ...

00.000.1933 -Bereits- wurde das ZZ-Verfahren, ein bodengestütztes ...
Bunsentagung 2003 Kiel - HTML-Version
BASF AG Ludwigshafen. Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart. Drägerwerk AG Lübeck ... das L. Wolf (1930 - 1936) berufen wurde, der 1933 auch in ein ...
Die Bedeutung der Universitätsstandorte Schleswig-Holsteins für ... Als Beginn der Geschichte der modernen Anästhesiologie wird der so genannte „Äthertag von Boston“ ... 2 Drägerwerk - AG, Lübeck - Präsidium des Aufsichtsrates ...
Betriebe Geschichte :

1933 gegründet, damals nach eigenen Aussagen bekannt als ... "Die Drägerwerk AG, Lübeck, entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt seit 1889 Geräte ...
Peter Hayes, Die „Arisierungen“ der Degussa AG . Geschichte und Bilanz. in: Imtrud ...

00.000.1933-00.000.1946 Die knapp abgewendete Industrialisierung der Lufthansa. In: ...
Rezensionen von H-Soz-u-Kult und Kooperationspartnern - Jahrgang 2001

Heinrich Dräger und das Drägerwerk, Paderborn Schöningh 2001 ... Zur Geschichte von Vielfalt und Differenz 1800- 1933 (= Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher ...
elsanto Says:

19.Nov.2006 at 6:07 pm Let’s not forget that the earliest WRITTEN stories of wildmen date back to UR —

_2000 BC — if you’re familiar with Enkidu from the epic of Gilgamesh.

Art with such depictions dating from various periods of time aren’t exactly rare in different parts of Europe and the Middle East.

I’m surprised that no one’s raised the hypertrichosis angle — remember Jojo the Dog-Faced Boy?
A history of tanning
Think of the Baroque paintings that graced the pages of your art history book at school. You'll probably remember seeing plump, white ladies posing naked on comfy armchairs.

Those were the days when a lighter shade of pale was the thing. Today, most women would die of embarrassment should anyone see them in their birthday suits after a bleak winter season.

But as recently as 100 years ago, the word "tanning" wasn't part of the vocabulary.

So, what happened?

- By the 1990s, more and more warnings were issued as skin cancer rates grew dramatically. Greater awareness was created in terms of the depletion of the ozone layer and its negative effects.

But while the use of sunscreen lotions became more popular, many people still chose to spend their days in the sun.

- At this moment in time, we know that Australia and South Africa have the highest incidence of melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. We also know that sunbeds are just as unsafe as the midday sun and that the best way to protect yourself is to minimise your exposure to all forms of UVA and UVB rays.

- (Carine van Rooyen, Health24)

References: Hawk, J.L.M. McGregor, J. (2000-2005) Understanding your skin: sunlight & skin cancer. Family Doctor Publications. Author unknown. (2006) Sun tanning.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
32'(5 (;(&87,92 - HTML-Version
interessados que a empresa AMERICAN BANKNOTE Ltda., ... 26.03.1973 à 31.08.1973 (período prestado junto a empresa. privada).

Tempo Líquido: 11 (onze) anos, ...
20060316 Die höchste jemals von der US - Notenbank ausgegebene Banknote hatte jedoch in Wirklichkeit einen Nennwert von 100.000 Dollar und war niemals im Umlauf .

20.Nov.2006 Jack the Ripper's face revealed 120 years on  The face of Jack the Ripper has been pieced together by Scotland Yard experts from evidence left by the Victorian killer.
With an illustration of the presumed face of Saucy Jack. posted by Prof. Hex

20.Nov.2006 Scientists regenerate a wing in chick embryo 

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have successfully regenerated a wing in a chick embryo, a species not known to be able to regrow limbs. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Nov.2006 From the archives: Inside the lunatic cult of Lyndon LaRouche, who says the Beatles are a CIA plot and whose glassy-eyed followers are now trying to hack 11/20
The west's leading Muslim ally urged Nato to change course in Afghanistan yesterday, as it was revealed that Tony Blair is to visit the war-torn country today. Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan president, said Nato could not rely solely on military might but also had to make political settlements and pump billions into the Afghans' neglected economy. 11/20
EU: Brüssel stellt Türkei Ultimatum im Zypern- Streit
20.Nov.2006 Bundesanwaltschaft: Terroristen planten Bombenanschlag auf Flugzeug in Deutschland
20.Nov.2006 Generalmajor Almog: "Israels Armee ist in einer Führungskrise"

20.Nov.2006 William Cohens Polit- Thriller: Mit Militär, Macht und Moral gegen Atom- Terroristen
20.Nov.2006 US- Strategie im Irak: Go home, go big, go longer
20.Nov.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Lang leben die Ketten!"
Zeitungsbericht: Bush äußert Verständnis für möglichen Iran- Angriff Israels
20.Nov.2006 Finanzamt: Wer fragt, muss Gebühren zahlen
20.Nov.2006 Rekord- Übernahme: Blackstone kauft Immobilienfirma für 36 Milliarden Dollar

20.Nov.2006 Indonesien: Polizei warnt vor Anschlag bei Bush- Besuch

20.Nov.2006 Libanon- Krieg: Israelische Armee setzte Streubomben entgegen Befehl ein
19.Nov.2006 Autism - A Terrible Mystery  New clues and new questions in the hunt for a cause. posted by Prof. Hex
19.Nov.2006 Once taboo, the world of illusion still astonishes 

For Simon During, an English professor at Johns Hopkins University, the relationship that a civilization has to magic says something profound about its culture. He made his case in the 2002 book Modern Enchantments: The Cultural Power of Secular Magic. posted by Prof. Hex
19.Nov.2006 Scientists experiment with mushrooms  Banned hallucinogens may have medical benefits, but results are unpredictable. posted by Prof. Hex at 9:51 AM

Fossils of sea reptile found in Montana 

A retired pastor and his son unearthed the skull and lower jaw of a sea reptile believed to be about 70 million years old, Montana State University said. posted by Prof. Hex
19.Nov.2006 Church publisher now critical of 9-11 conspiracy book it printed 

The board that runs the Presbyterian Church's publishing wing is criticizing a book it printed that alleges the Bush Administration was behind the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. posted by Prof. Hex
19.Nov.2006 Blair hit by Saudi 'bribery' threat: SAUDI ARABIA is threatening to suspend diplomatic ties with Britain unless Downing Street intervenes to block an investigation into a £60m “slush fund” allegedly set up for some members of its royal family.

20.Nov.2006 Cuba blasts Swiss banks for cutting off business : "The actions of these two banks have nothing to do with respect of the law or looking after their banking transactions. It is simply an act of submission to the US, which they don't dare confess," the Cuban bank said.

20.Nov.2006 Chertoff says U.S. threatened by international law: "International law is being used as a rhetorical weapon against us," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, a former federal appellate judge, said in a speech to the Federalist Society, a conservative policy group.

20.Nov.2006 Gonzales Blasts Surveillance Critics: Gonzales was the second administration official in two days to attack a federal judge's ruling last August that the program was unconstitutional. Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday called the ruling "an indefensible act of judicial overreaching."

20.Nov.2006 Case against Padilla 'light on facts': That was the assessment of a federal judge who dropped the most serious conspiracy count. Prosecutors are appealing.

20.Nov.2006 "Al-Qaida Member" Key Padilla Case Source: Padilla's lawyers argue the evidence should be suppressed because, among other things, Zubaydah and Muhammad may have been tortured and Zubaydah was being treated with medication for gunshot wounds that raises questions about his reliability.

20.Nov.2006 Senate Dems plan overhaul of military tribunals bill : Several key Senate Democrats are planning to overhaul the newly minted legislation governing military tribunals of detainees.

20.Nov.2006 The Albatross: Why the Democrats Should Cut Loose Lieberman: : If the Democratic Party were a real opposition party--a party of principle filled with fighters--I'd say maintaining control of the Senate, even with by a margin of a single, fragile vote, would be important and valuable.

20.Nov.2006 Republicans plot to bring down Pelosi ... and Clinton with her: New Speaker's embarrassing week has made it easier for her opponents to attack

20.Nov.2006 Rubin, Volcker Say Investors May Avoid Buying Dollars : Robert E. Rubin, Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton + former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said foreign investors probably won't keep increasing dollar holdings, raising the risk of a slump in the currency.

20.Nov.2006 Cracked it!: Three million Britons have been issued with the new hi-tech passport, designed to frustrate terrorists and fraudsters. So why did Steve Boggan and a friendly computer expert find it so easy to break the security codes?

19.Nov.2006 Prescription for high costs: Let U.S. negotiate drug prices : American seniors pay far more for brand-name prescription drugs than their peers in Denmark, Canada or France. Why?
19.Nov.2006 Amira Hass : 25-year-old Palestinian shot for protesting IDF's treatment of women : A critically wounded Palestinian youth is hospitalized at Beilinson, allegedly after Israeli soldiers shot at him for protesting their treatment of women.

19.Nov.2006 Palestinians block Israeli air raid : The Israeli military abandoned a planned air strike on the home of a Palestinian fighter in Gaza after hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield around the building.

19.Nov.2006 Report: Olmert Orders Murder of Hamas Leaders Here & Abroad : According to a report in the Sunday Times published in Britain, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has ordered the security establishment to target Hamas leaders in PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous areas and abroad.

19.Nov.2006 UN asks Israel to vacate Gaza: US opposes, EU backs resolution : The UN General Assembly on Friday voted overwhelmingly to condemn Israel for "indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force" in its military offensive in Gaza which, according to the Palestinian ambassador, threatens to "destroy the entire people."

19.Nov.2006 Gillerman: UN hijacked by evil forces : The UN General Assembly on Friday evening discussed a proposal to establish a "committee to look into the facts" of the Beit Hanoun incident, in which 19 Palestinians were killed.

19.Nov.2006 Bolton in extraordinary outburst against United Nations: Bolton was furious over the adoption by the General Assembly of a resolution which said the assembly regretted the deaths of 19 civilians in an attack by the Israeli military in the town of Beit Hanoun last week.

19.Nov.2006 Bolton is Israel's secret weapon, says Gillerman : After a staunch defence of Israel on Friday night in the UN General Assembly, John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, has been described by his Israeli counterpart as, "Israel's secret weapon."

19.Nov.2006 World must take decisive step to stop Israel: Ahmed bin Abdullah described the Israeli massacre at Beit Hanoun and the continued Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, as war crimes and crimes against humanity adding these crimes would be a mark of disgrace on the face of the world community if it did not take a decisive step.
19.Nov.2006 War pimp alert: Islamic militancy could yield world war-US general:

The top U.S. general in the Middle East said on Friday that if the world does not find a way to stem the rise of Islamic militancy, it will face a third world war.
Intervention in Iraq 'pretty much of a disaster' admits Blair ,: Tony Blair conceded last night that western intervention in Iraq had been a disaster. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, the Arabic TV station, the prime minister agreed with the veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost when he suggested that intervention had "so far been pretty much of a disaster".

19.Nov.2006 In case you missed it: Blair planned Iraq war from start: INSIDE Downing Street Tony Blair had gathered some of his senior ministers and advisers for a pivotal meeting in the build-up to the Iraq war.

23.Jul.2002 .It was 9am on- eight months before the invasion began and long before the public was told war was inevitable.

19.Nov.2006 Congress to probe UK's claims on Iraq uranium : British intelligence reports on Saddam Hussein's alleged efforts to buy uranium ore from Niger will be at the centre of new American investigations into the Iraq war by the newly elected Democrat-run Congress.

19.Nov.2006 Rep. Nancy Pelosi : Bringing the War to an End is my Highest Priority as Speaker: I told my colleagues yesterday that the biggest ethical issue facing our country for the past three and a half years is the war in Iraq.
19.Nov.2006 Kissinger: Iraq Military Win Impossible : Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday.
A terrible legacy of hatred and death -By Robert Fisk-This is the hell we have bequeathed to the Arab peoples of Iraq. Continue

19.Nov.2006 Israel Orders Murder of Elected Hamas Politicians-By Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv
According to Israeli security sources, a decision to assassinate leading Hamas politicians was taken by Olmert and his defence minister, Amir Peretz. Early yesterday Israeli missiles struck Hamas targets in Gaza, including a charity run by the group.

19.Nov.2006 CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive-By Agence France-Presse
A classified draft CIA assessment has found no firm evidence of a secret drive by Iran to develop nuclear weapons, as alleged by the White House, a top US investigative reporter said on Saturday.

19.Nov.2006 The Next Act
Is a damaged Administration less likely to attack Iran, or more? -By Seymour M. Hersh -The USA does not want to go into Iran, but, if Israel feels more and more cornered, there may be no other choice.”

19.Nov.2006 Glenn Beck Interviews Benjamin Netanyahu-War Pimp Alert: 5 Minute Video -U.S. & Israeli Propaganda Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran. Continue

19.Nov.2006 Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft-By JOHN HEILPRIN-Americans would have to sign up for a new military draft after turning 18 if the incoming chairman of the House Ways + Means Committee has his way. Continue

19.Nov.2006 Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases Experts surprised that military has agreed to lighter sentences -By The Associated Press
“They killed a 52-year-old crippled man in cold blood,” Lt. Col. John Baker, a prosecutor, said during a recent hearing. “They killed a retired police officer with 11 children and four grandchildren.

19.Nov.2006 USA Rides Weapons Bonanza Wave -By Frida Berrigan

War, instability + high oil prices have created a perfect storm of profit for the world's weapons manufacturers. This year, military analysts predict the biggest arms bonanza since 1993. Continue

19.Nov.2006 Why We Fight -A Must Watch Film By Eugene Jarecki- What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism? This award-winning film provides an inside look at the anatomy of the American war machine. Click to view.

19.Nov.2006 Hersh:
With Bush Administration a wounded animal, is it less likely to attack Iran -- or more?

Help Fight the NRA. Bid on These E-Bay Auction Items. All Proceeds Benefit the Freedom States Alliance, An Organization Working to Change America's Gun Worship Culture.
Kissinger: We can't win in Iraq

19.Nov.2006 Chertoff, Our Director of Homeland Security, Denounced "Lawless World: America and the Making and Breaking of Global Rules" (Hardcover) at a November 17 Federalist Society meeting. You can get it a special price on
Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush
BuzzFlash Pre-Holiday Funding Campaign: Our Goal was $10,000. $10,082 Reached as of 4:30 AM EST on November 18. Thank You So Much for Surpassing Our Goal for This Pre-Holiday Campaign! You are the Greatest!
Brent Budowsky: The Man We Miss and The Dream That Lives: Robert F. Kennedy - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

19.Nov.2006 Message to John Kerry. It's Time to Move On. Forget About a Bid for President 00.000.2008. You Won't Make It past Two or Three States Before You Pull Out. 11/20
McCain suddenly reinvents himself as anti-Roe vs. Wade fanatic 11/20

19.Nov.2006 A blood-coagulating drug designed to treat rare forms of hemophilia is being used on critically wounded U.S. troops in Iraq despite evidence it can cause clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and death 11/20

00.000.1972 - many months before the - burglary [ Watergate ] about the deliberate, . . Providian, Williams Companies, Xerox, CMS Energy, Dynegy, Duke ...
Nixon’s Watergate, JFK’s Murder: Connecting the Dots! : Miami IMC

They, along with Federal Judge John Sirica who presided over the burglary case, broke the Watergate story.

The reporters agree Felt was their source
Good Americans, by John Judge, 1983 87] IG Farben, which also employed Fritz Kraemer, has 750 subsidiaries ...

Sven Kraemer, the son of the notorious Fritz Kraemer, links closely with Rev. ... Adventures of a Bystander: Books: Peter Drucker

Drucker introduces us to Fritz Kraemer, a brilliant, monocle-wearing eccentric who became an influential mentor to the young Henry Kissinger .
http Fritz Kraemer Licio Gelli Vernon Walters Maxwell Taylor ...

Here is where Fritz Kraemer, Henry Kissinger bond with Nazis, Rhine. Who else was at the Rhine, ...,21,83.htm
The Arctic Beacon 45] Kissinger, who came from Germany to join U.S. Army Intelligence during World War II, had as his "mentor" the mysterious Fritz Kraemer.
Page 75 CHAPTER V The Sixth Panzer Army Attack On the night of 15 ...

Walter E. Lauer), [2] MS # A-924, Operations of Sixth Panzer Army, 1944-45 (SS Generalmajor Fritz Kraemer ). Kraemer was chief of staff of Sixth Panzer Army. - ESSAYS ON OUR TIMES

Fritz Kraemer that German refugee in America understood what Bush and Blair were about. He had a reputation as a moral absolutist. Which means he refused to ...
Kinostart: US- Filmfans finden Pinguine cooler als Bond
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  1. 20050209
    ".. Rice bittet die "alten Europäer" um einen Neuanfang

  2. 08.Feb.2005 Job-Abbau: SPD-Politiker unterstützen Deutsche-Bank-Boykott

  3. 08.Feb.2005 Reflections on resource expropriation and capital flight in the ...pipeline development.

  4. In particular I will analyze the machinations of John Deuss + Roger Tamraz in this volatile arena. The final ...

  5. Top 10 nouveaux riches 7.(19) John Chr.MAM Deuss (59) 0,75 miljard/oliehandel Deuss, die afwisselend in Berg en Dal, op Bermuda en de Antillen verblijft, heeft twee vliegtuigen nodig ...


  7. 08.Feb.2005 Business History Review: Archives Deuss, Jean (ed.), Banking and Finance Collections Reviewed by Harju Steinberg ...

  8. Hill, John, From Subservience to Strike: Industrial Relations in the Banking

  9. 08.Feb.2005 Profundo -

  10. The Great Game, deel 2 En natuurlijk ook de notoire sjacheraars, zoals de voormalige autohandelaar John Deuss uit Nijmegen, miljardair geworden met illegale olieleveranties aan Zuid.

  11. 00.000.1996 Neue Solidarität 40/ -Profile der wichtigsten Iran-Contra ...

  12. Nach seiner "Pensionierung" wechselte er ins "Ölgeschäft" über + beriet den holländischen Ölhändler

  13. John Deuss, der ironischerweise der größte ...

  14. 08.Feb.2005 National Petroleum News

  15. 01.Dec.1985 Articles @ HighBeam ... this link:

  16. Research.

  17. Mystery man Deuss invades East with his new Atlantic Petroleum. ( John Deuss ) (includes two related articles)

  18. 08.Feb.2005 "Die zusätzliche Energie, die bei dem Slow Slip entlang der 1200 Kilometer langen Grabenzone frei .." /URL:,1518,druck-340769,00.html - 8 matches

  1. 20050325 ".. instaluje debiana na servie au siebie w domu juz mam od tygodnie :P ...

  2. "Sztuczna Inteligencja nie ma szans z Naturalna Glupota" - John Henders ... 1738 8163375 Aa C. van der M 1255 37- 1749 7545582 Aa M. v/d M ... 43- 1751 8072328 Deursen P. van M 2083 43- 0843 7221192 Deuss LJ M 1837 ... M 1490 39- 0634 6689155 Jongerius MAM M 1647 44- 0937

  3. 23.Mar.2005 Banking and Financial Institution ...

  4. Senior management: John Chr MAM Deuss – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;

  5. Timothy Ulrich – President;

  6. Dominique Smith – Senior Vice President; ...

  7. Top 10 nouveaux riches ...

  8. 19) John Chr . MAM Deuss (59) 0,75 miljard/oliehandel Deuss, die afwisselend in Berg en Dal, op Bermuda en de Antillen verblijft, heeft twee vliegtuigen ... https://www.elite-research Kort door de bocht Uittreksels ... 19) John Chr . MAM Deuss (59) 0,75 miljard Oliehandel Deuss, die afwisselend in Berg en Dal, op Bermuda en de Antillen verblijft, heeft twee vliegtuigen ... https://www.elite-research His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani R ... J .." - 6 matches

  1. 20050221
    ".. Reagan's October Surprise ?

  2. 00.000.1996 Neue Solidarität 40 Profile der wichtigsten Iran-Contra ...

  3. 1978 mußte er aus der CIA ausscheiden, nachdem er in den.. er ins "Ölgeschäft" über + beriet den holländischen Ölhändler John Deuss, der ironischerweise ... 20.Feb.2005 Scoop Archive:

  4. Suzan Mazur: John Deuss - The Manhattan projects

  5. And through Shackley, Deuss is linked with some of the most controversial names in recent history: Rogue CIA agent Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines, John Singlaub ...

  6. Military and Defence Issues

  7. The Lines, Between The Lines

  8. Interview with Daniel Ellsberg

  9. Former CIA, State Department +

  10. Article, Suzan Mazur: John Deuss -

  11. The Manhattan

  12. URL:,1518,druck-342774,00.html

  13. 20.Feb.2005 Zum Umgang der Medien mit seiner Vergangenheit befragt, bekennt Bush offenbar, Marihuana genommen zu haben. Er müsse aus seiner .." - 4 matches

  1. 20060913
    ".. revolution .

  2. The leader of the Hesbiz, Gubiddin Hekmaktyar, in fact, ...

  3. 13.Sep.2006 Big Oil's Pipe Dream

  4. CHEVRON THOUGHT it could turn a windswept corner of Kazakhstan, site of the largest oil strike ...

  5. But then Chevron got hit by a nasty surprise in the guise of John Deuss .

  6. More Company News .

  7. Airlines still in upheaval, 5 years after 9/11

  8. ...

  9. Council news -

  10. News from the society -

  11. New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society

  12. President - John Morrissey.

  13. Vice President - Gabrielle Deuss .

  14. Registration- Gabrielle Deuss

  15. ... relating to "ballot papers not received".

  16. There are ...

  17. 13.Sep.2006 Libanon- Einsatz: "Wir sind nicht mehr nur Zuschauer"

  18. 13.Sep.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: eDonkey gibt auf

  19. 13.Sep.2006 GEZ- Gebühren für .." - 3 matches

  1. 20050121
    ".. 00.000.2005 China: Bus in Unruheprovinz von Explosion zerrissen

  2. URL:;hl=nl&ie=UTF-8&q=%22deuss%20john%22

  3. 19.Jan.2005 Vernon Gillespie

  4. Click on a name for a new proximity search:

  5. COMMODITY CREDIT CORPORATION: Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (35). DEUSS JOHN : Corn,D. Blond Ghost . URL:

  6. 19.Jan.2005 20041210 Vernon Gillespie -... 1995 (35).

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  8. Date/Time: 01/20/2005 Yahoo .." - 2 matches

  1. 20041210 ".. 97). GRAHAM ...

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  4. Vernon Gillespie -... 1995 (35). DEUSS JOHN: Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (373). GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION: Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (375). HASHEMI MANUCHER: Corn,D. Blond Ghost ...

  5. AFGHAN MEDIA RESOURCE CENTER -... 1995 (208-209 216).


  7. 7. 2005041827


  9. 27.Apr.2005 Banking and Financial Institutions ...

  10. Senior management: John Chr MAM Deuss – Chairman + Chief Executive Officer; Timothy Ulrich – President; Dominique ... URL:

  11. 27.Apr.2005 Re:Google is evil « Reply #2 on: 02.Oct.2004 08:51:32 AM » For .."


Afghanistan- Einsatz: Union verwahrt sich gegen US- Vorwürfe
19.Nov.2006 Gazastreifen: Israelis sollen Kinder beschossen haben

19.Nov.2006 Volkstrauertag: Gedenken an Bundeswehr- Soldaten
19.Nov.2006 Britischer Zeitungsbericht: Verwundete Taliban erholen sich in Pakistan
19.Nov.2006 Markenartikel: Immer mehr Produktfälschungen
Prekäre Angestelltenverhältnisse: Soziale Unterschiede am Arbeitsmarkt verschärfen sich
US- Presse: CIA soll keine Beweise für Irans Atomwaffenprogramm haben

19.Nov.2006 Kosovo- Abspaltung: Serben- Präsident will keinen Krieg
19.Nov.2006 Ladridos Ladrar no sólo es un signo de ofuscación. Estas vocalizaciones son utilizadas por nuestras mascotas para expresarse: están saludando, quieren jugar, ...
An 92 Familien mit berufstätigen Männern und Frauen haben Lynne Vernon-Feagans und ihre Kollegen untersucht, wie oft ein Elternteil mit zwei- bis dreijährigen Kindern sprach und welche Satzmuster dabei benutzt wurden.

Ergebnis: Obwohl die Mütter weit mehr mit den Sprösslingen redeten und wesentlich häufiger Fragen an sie richteten, orientierte sich der Nachwuchs an den Männern, etwa indem er deren Satzbau imitierte.

Und je größer der Wortschatz des Vaters, desto schneller schritt die Sprachentwicklung des Kindes voran.

Die Forscherin vermutet, dass Frauen die Kleinstkinder mit zu vielen Worten überfordern. Erst wenn der Nachwuchs schon älter als drei Jahre ist, übernimmt die Mutter die Leitung: Das Sprachvermögen von Schülern zum Beispiel hängt hauptsächlich von dem ihrer Mütter ab.
Sudan: Armee startet Großoffensive in Darfur
19.Nov.2006 "Cicero"- Durchsuchung: Karlsruhe vor Grundsatzurteil zur Pressefreiheit

19.Nov.2006 Staatliche Schnüffelei: Verband fordert besseren Schutz von Journalisten
19.Nov.2006 Auf offener Straße: Polizisten töten tschetschenischen Regimegegner

19.Nov.2006 Untersuchung: Papa prägt die Muttersprache

19.Nov.2006 Souffleure der Macht: Schnoddrig und lässig an Brandts Seite
19.Nov.2006 Entwicklungshilfe: Schuldenerlass für Nicaragua

19.Nov.2006 Wie im Kalten Krieg: Giftanschlag auf ehemaligen KGB- Agenten

19.Nov.2006 Handelsabkommen: USA ermöglichen WTO- Beitritt Russlands
19.Nov.2006 Bagdad: Dänen wollen US- Truppen unterstützen, schwerer Anschlag in Hilla

19.Nov.2006 Richtungsstreit: Wulff warnt vor Linksruck der Union
19.Nov.2006 Nahost: Menschliche Schutzschilde stoppen israelischen Luftangriff

19.Nov.2006 Terror- Propaganda: Mit Spaß fängt man Sympathisanten
19.Nov.2006 Wachstum des Alls: Dunkle Energie gibt Einstein Recht
19.Nov.2006 Home Based & Internet Business Information Services

Suzan Mazur: John Deuss -

The Manhattan projects ...

Source: . Woods bogey hands Quigley lead at Buick Open ... /
Customs cracks £5billion VAT fraud - Message Board - - Ashley Seager and Ian Cobain -

21.Sep.200- John Deuss – the man, the business and Bermuda · The Money Board,

24.Oct.2006 5:37 ...
Customs cracks £5billion VAT fraud | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

Last night prosecutors in the Netherlands were hoping to question the bank's founder + owner, John Deuss, a Dutch oil trader.

A colourful figure he has ...,,1877248,00.html
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Tycoon held in carousel ...

The closure last month of the First Curaçao International Bank, owned by John Deuss,

dented carousel fraud severely since 2500 UK-based carousel fraudsters ...,,1923187,00.html
First Curacao investigated for money laundering - Talkgold HYIP ...

As a result,

BCB Chairman + CEO John Deuss,

Chief Operating Officer Timothy Ulrich + Director ... /frontpage/...877248,00.html ...
MoneyScience Finance News

*Controversial Dutch mult-imillionaire businessman John Deuss, ...

US rival Biomet to create [ /usa/story/0,,1938624,00.html |a $20bn ...
11 15 2002 07 08pm terrorism central newsletter,,1931693,00.html

Dutch police arrested John Deuss on his arrival from Bermuda.

He faces money laundering + other ...

Last night prosecutors in the Netherlands were hoping to question the bank's founder + owner, John Deuss, a Dutch oil trader.
Nuah Search: Jib Head IT'S been a while since I ' ve had a conversation with Bermuda - based oil maverick John Deuss . 0 Points for http : // ...
Caroussel fraude [Archief] -

John Deuss uit Berg en Dal (bij Nijmegen) lijkt met zijn "bank" op Curacao voor honderden miljoenen mee te hebben gespeeld aan een BTW caroussel .
20060913 But then Chevron got hit by a nasty surprise in the guise of John Deuss.

More Company News. Airlines still in upheaval, 5 years after 9/11 . . . money ...
Intergroup on Law Enforcement, Organised Crime and Terrorism

John Deuss, a 64-year-old Dutch oil trader + banker, was detained by police on Bermuda after his disappearance from his luxury home on the island ...
Untersuchungshaft: Motassadeq verzichtet auf Beschwerde
19.Nov.2006 Pat said...

BG, simple question. What does the $100,000 wire transfer to Mohammed Atta mean if you think he didn't fly Flight 11 into WTC 1? I confess to being baffled on this point. Did they send him the money so he wouldn't pull of the hijackings that day?
I cannot see how this story fits with any of the conspiracy theories advanced by the 9-11 Deniers. Indeed, it seems to be an unconnectable dot from either side's theory, which says either it's not connected or it's nonsense. I think the latter.

12:15 AM apathoid said...

I agree. Even if this story is true, I don't understand why the CTers have embraced it. As you quite rightly point out, it's pretty much incompatable with MIHOP...
I always love it when CTers get caught supporting elements of the conspiracy that are mutually exclusive with their core beliefs.
In my experience, when called on it, they pretty much do what BG has done + the explanation makes even less sense.
No one is saying that ISI wired any hijackers any money. What that are saying is the ISI sent instruction to a UAE middleman (you remember UAE,the Bush Admin wanted to turn over management of several domestic port to a Corp HQ'ed there until Congress went Ape-Shit) who wired the 100,000 to Atta.
BG, what's the friggin difference? 100,000 still made its way into Atta's hands. If there were no hijackers, there was no Atta involved in 9/11. Why did he recieve the money? No CTer on Earth has answered this question..will you be the first? I am dying to see how all this fits into the masterplan.

4:34 AM apathoid said...

OK, further up you stated that the 100 large could have been compensation for being a "patsie". Lame.
If all these hijackers were patsies, this would mean that they are likely still alive. Well, where have they been for the last 5 years? Why have no journalists interviewed these poor, innocent gentlemen? Is the Arab media involved in the conspiracy too?
Has Al-Jazeera and Al-Aribya picked up on this story? Why not?
I'm just asking questions and demanding answers..

4:44 AM BG said...

Thanks for the question about what was going on with the "hijackers" on 9/11.
This really is an easy one. I'm not saying I can prove it. I'm not saying you are a fool or an enemy of you don't go along with it.
9/11, whoever planned it, was a sophisticated false-flag operation. In any false-flag operation one of the crucial components is to have the patsies. The patsies job is to be conspicuous and to be noticed prior to the events. The idea is that all traces to the real power behind the attack will be masked by the patsies.
The patsies may be intent on committing a crime. However, they almost always aren't aware of the particular way that they are being set up to take the fall, or the real dimensions of the event.
All of the "true" flight school stories, including the Moussouri non-sense falls in line with this setup.
So, the fact that ISI was involved in wiring 100,000 to Atta is evidence to a the "support system" to the "patsy" network.
Pat, I am stating the above because I believe it is a reasonable speculation based on the evidence. What I am saying is meticulously documented in Webster Tarpley book: 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made in the USA. 6:18 AM
Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gu... - BG
19.Nov.2006 Foul state of affairs found in feedlots - Los Ange... - BG 
Growing so large that they are now called factory farms, livestock feedlots are poorly regulated, pose health and ecological dangers and are responsible for deteriorating quality of life in America's and Europe's farm regions, according to a series of scientific studies published this week.,1,4917883.story?coll=la-headlines-nation&amp;ctrack=1&cset=true
19.Nov.2006 Iraq war 'pretty much a disaster', Blair concedes ... - BG,,2-2459168,00.html
19.Nov.2006 MSNBC and CNN gaining on Fox News. - Judd A fair and balanced look at the ratings.
19.Nov.2006 “A black Rush Limbaugh.” - Judd Robert Novak reports that Bush political strategists are recommending that former Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele pursue a career in radio instead of seeking a high-level cabinet post.
19.Nov.2006 O’Reilly: ‘Far Left Loons’ Are Linking Fox News With O.J. Interview On Orders From ‘Their Internet Masters’ - Judd 

On Thursday, ThinkProgress noted that Bill O’Reilly — trying to distance himself from Fox’s upcoming interview with O.J. Simpson — falsely claimed “Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel.” In fact, the two entites have the same chairman (Roger Ailes), the same owner (Rupert Murdoch) and Fox Broadcasting regularly airs Fox News content.

Last night, Bill O’Reilly attacked the “far left loons” who are linking Fox News with the O.J. Simpson interview. According to O’Reilly, these people are “kool-aid zombies” who are “doing the bidding of far left fanatics who will do anything to disparage me and FNC.” Watch it:

Oddly, O’Reilly attacked the New York Times and CBS for not covering the story. Apparently, the appropriate response to an interview O’Reilly calls “a low point in American culture” is to lavish media attention on it. At least that is what Fox News is doing. Digg It! Transcript:

Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight. The media reacts to the O.J. Simpson debacle. That is the subject of this evening’s “Talking Points Memo.”

The so-called elite media is tiptoeing around the fact that Simpson’s being paid millions to exploit the murders of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, murders he probably committed.

The New York Times covered the story in its business section. “CBS Evening News” didn’t even mention it for the first two days. But the tabloid press and cable news are fully engaged.

The far left loons are also out in force as their Internet masters urge them to tie the FOX News channel in with the Simpson situation. I’ve received scores of letters like this one from Fred in Indianapolis.

“Mr. O’Reilly, you are a man of principle. Since Fox News is sponsoring the Simpson program, will you sever your ties with Fox News?”

Obviously Fred is a bit slow. FOX News has nothing to do with the Simpson situation. And Fred doesn’t believe I am a man of principle either. He’s a Kool-Aid zombie doing the bidding of far left fanatics who will do anything to disparage me and FNC.
Tony Blair agrees that Iraq has - Judd  so far been pretty much of a disaster.”
19.Nov.2006 Man Used MP3 Player To Hack Cash Machines - CowboyNeal 122 Juha-Matti Laurio writes

"A man in Manchester, England has been convicted of using an MP3 player to hack cash machines.

The MP3 player was plugged into the back of free standing cash machines in bars.

Tones being recorded from the phone line were decoded with special software to a readable format. Later this information was used to clone credit cards."
UK Bank Laptop Stolen With 11M Customer Records - CowboyNeal 152 daveewart writes

"BBC News reports that the UK Building Society Nationwide has admitted that a laptop containing account records of more than 11 million customers has been stolen from an employee's home. This story raises a number of worrying questions: The theft happened three months ago, why has the news only just been made public? Why was it possible (indeed, why was it necessary at all) to put data relating to their entire customer base on an employee's laptop stored at an employee's home? Why was the information on the laptop not encrypted?"
9 Billion-Year-Old "Dark Energy" Reported - Zonk 84 loid_void writes to mention a

New York Times article about the discovery that dark energy, or antigravity, was present at the formation of the universe. A team of 'dark energy prospectors' at the Space Telescope Science Institute theorizes that this may have directed the evolution of the cosmos. By observing supernova activity almost 8 billion years in the past, the team was able to study whether or not dark energy has changed over the millennia. From the article: "The data suggest that, in fact, dark energy has changed little, if at all, over the course of cosmic history.

Though hardly conclusive, that finding lends more support to what has become the conventional theory, that the source of cosmic antigravity is the cosmological constant,

a sort of fudge factor that Einstein inserted into his cosmological equations

00.000.1917 to represent a cosmic repulsion embedded in space.

Although Einstein later abandoned the cosmological constant, calling it a blunder, it would not go away. It is the one theorized form of dark energy that does not change with time.

Sean Carroll, a cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology who was not on the team, said: 'Had they found the evolution was not constant, that would have been an incredibly earthshaking discovery. They looked where no one had been able to look before.'"
Palestinians shield targeted home Hundreds of Palestinians surround the home of a Gaza militant after a reported warning of an Israeli strike.
19.Nov.2006 Madagascar general in coup move A Madagascar army general calls on the military to overthrow the president two weeks before the election.
19.Nov.2006 UK investigates 'KGB poisoning' Police investigate an alleged poisoning amid claims of an attempt to murder a critic of the Russian president.
19.Nov.2006 Nicaragua brings in abortion ban A ban on all abortions even when the woman's life is at risk is made law by Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos.
19.Nov.2006 British PM in Pakistan for talks UK Prime Minister Tony Blair arrives in Pakistan for talks expected to include security in Afghanistan.
19.Nov.2006 Many dead in Afghan flash floods At least 56 people are killed and dozens missing in flash floods in western Afghanistan, officials say.
19.Nov.2006 Call centre staff 'hearing risk' Two thirds of UK call centres fail to protect their workers against hearing damage from noise, a report warns.
19.Nov.2006 Probe to predict wound infection A hand-held probe could cut the number of patients who develop infections following operations.
Toxic Sludge is Good for You - (4/5)
09:12 The Public Relations Industry Unspun
While advertising is the visible component of the corporate system, perhaps even more important and pervasive is its invisible partner, the public relations industry.

This video illuminates this hidde The Public Relations Industry Unspun
While advertising is the visible component of the corporate system, perhaps even more important and pervasive is its invisible partner, the public relations industry.

This video illuminates this hidden sphere of our culture and examines the way in which the management of "the public mind" has become central to how our democracy is controlled by political and economic elites.

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You illustrates how much of what we think of as independent, unbiased news and information has its origins in the boardrooms of the public relations companies. (more) (less)
Livro Propaganda, de Edward Bernays
00:33 Apresentação do livro por Luís Paixão Martins Tags:

How to Brainwash a Nation
07:27 From Episode Two of the film series "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis.

The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays started his business life as a publicist.

While still in his twenties, he was part of the propaganda effort that drove From Episode Two of the film series "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis.

The nephew of Sigmund Freud,

Edward Bernays started his business life as a publicist.

While still in his twenties, he was part of the propaganda effort that drove the USA into in WWI (WWI.)
He personally advised several US presidents starting with Woodrow Wilson +

counseled numerous corporations + business associations.

Hitler's propaganda chief +

Nazi henchman Joseph Goebbels was a reader + fan of Bernays' writing

in particular Bernays' book "Crystalizing Public Opinion."
In this short excerpt from Curtis's film we see one example of Bernays at work.
Bernays was one of the engineers of the Cold War.

He perfected the technique of manufacturing a distant but ever-threatening enemy + then creating a constant state of fear by generating false news reports that endlessly re-stated + exagerated the threat.
The stated purpose of Bernays methods was to give those in power greater control over what he called "the mass mind."

00.000.1950 -in the s- It worked well + sadly, it appears to be working quite well


... but maybe not forever.
For more free films visit:

Anti- Terror- Kampf: Hochsicherheits- Gericht für Guantanamo

19.Nov.2006 Tricks, Vorwürfe, Appelle: Bundeswehr wird nach Südafghanistan gedrängt
18.Nov.2006 Verdammte Terroristen entstehungstheorie mit adam und eva und ner rippe und dem ganzen schwachsinn ...

Schon mal Gedanken gemacht warum so viel über den Islam verbreitet wird was ...

Zugleich bekräftigte der Premierminister, dass es keinen baldigen Abzug der britischen Truppen geben werde.

"Wir gehen aus dem Irak nicht weg.

Wir werden so lange bleiben, wie uns die Regierung braucht."
Auf die Frage, ob die Invasion des Irak bislang nicht ein ziemliches Desaster gewesen sei, antwortete er: "Ja".

Die Schwierigkeiten ergäben sich jedoch nicht aus einer fehlerhaften Planung, sondern aus einer " klaren Strategie" von sunnitischen + schiitischen Aufständischen,

die von der Terrororganisation al-Qaida beziehungsweise dem Iran unterstützt würden.
Baker leitet eine Kommission, die eine neue US-Strategie zur Lösung der Irak-Krise aufzeigen soll.

Mehrere Politiker haben bereits darauf gedrungen, Syrien + auch den Iran - dem die USA die Entwicklung von Atomwaffen unterstellen - mit an Bord zu holen,

doch sind die Beziehungen zwischen den USA und den beiden Staaten angespannt, weshalb diplomatische Kontakte schwierig sind.

Auf höherer Ebene hat die Bush-Regierung diese zu Syrien sogar untersagt, da sie das Land verdächtigt, Extremisten und irakische Aufständische zu unterstützen.

Der syrische Botschafter Mustapha sagte, er habe der Baker-Kommission erläutert, was Syrien in der Irak-Frage unternehmen könne, und was nicht.

"Wir sind sehr ehrlich miteinander umgegangen. Wir haben ihnen erklärt, warum es in unserem eigenen nationalen Interesse ist, an einer Stabilisierung der Lage im Irak mitzuhelfen."

Blair verteidigt Irak-Einsatz
Abizaid zeichnete ein Schreckenszenario: Sollten die Extremisten nicht aufgehalten werden, würden diese die Möglichkeit bekommen, ungehindert Massenvernichtungswaffen zu entwickeln.

"Und ich denke, die Gefahren, die damit zusammenhängen, sind einfach zu groß, als dass man sie sich vorstellen könnte", sagte der General am Freitag.

Es war eine Rede, die offenbar auch dazu diente, den andauernde US-Präsenz im Irak zu verteidigen.

Denn Abizaid machte drei Hürden auf dem Weg zur Stabilisierung des Nahen Ostens aus:

Das arabisch-israelische Verhältnis müsse entspannt und der Ausbreitung des Extremismus Einhalt geboten werden, ferner dürfe der Iran nicht außer Acht gelassen werden.

Diese drei Probleme träfen im Irak zusammen, so der US-General.

Daher sei es wichtig, dort weiterhin auf eine Stabilisierung des Landes hinzuarbeiten.

US-Geheimgespräche mit Syrien
Machtkampf gegen Regierung: Hisbollah legt den Libanon lahm
18.Nov.2006 Brandenburg: Tausende gehen gegen Rechts auf die Straße

18.Nov.2006 Terrorismusbekämpfung: US- Verhörpapiere für BND?

18.Nov.2006 Untersuchungsbericht: Schwedisches Atomkraftwerk stand kurz vor dem GAU
18.Nov.2006 Rot- rot: Berliner SPD nickt Koalitionsvertrag ab

18.Nov.2006 Terrorangst an britischen Unis: Profs sollen Studenten überwachen
18.Nov.2006 Vulkanausbruch: Feuerfontänen und heißes Gestein

18.Nov.2006 Islamismus: US- General warnt vor Drittem Weltkrieg

18.Nov.2006 Kongo: Verlierer Bemba klagt gegen Wahlergebnis
18.Nov.2006 Großbritannien: Kein Drachenfleisch in Drachenwurst - Wurst muss umbenannt werden
18.Nov.2006 Emissionshandel: EU plant Einspruch gegen Gabriels Klimapolitik
Were 4% of Votes "Misplaced"?... - BG 
Major Miscount of the Vote

00.000.2006 Election: Reported Results Skewed 4 % Toward GOP Election Defense Alliance Calls for Investigation BOSTON, MA - November 17, 2006 CONTACT: Jonathan Simon 617.538.6012 Election Defense Alliance, a national election integrity organization, issued an urgent call today for an investigation into the 2006 election results and a moratorium on deployment of all electronic voting equipment after analysis of national exit polling data indicated a major undercount of Democratic votes and an overcount of Republican votes in congressional races across the country. These findings are an alarming indictment of the American election system in which 80% of voters used electronic voting equipment. As 00.000.2004, the Exit Poll and the reported election results do not add up. But this time there is ...
18.Nov.2006 UN panel censures Israel for ... - BG 

The UN Human Rights Council yesterday condemned Israel -- the only country the body has censured during its six-month existence -- for an artillery barrage that killed 19 civilians in a northern Gaza town....

18.Nov.2006 Recycling al-Libi’s Cock and ... - BG 
It doesn't matter who is in Congress,

be they Republican neocon or Democrat neolib,

because the USA is in Iraq for the long haul, period.

More troops will be sent, a few more billion squandered, contractors will come and go, as will flag-draped coffins out of Dover AFB, to say nothing of the horribly wounded at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda and hospitals around the country. In the recent past, we were told all of this was necessary because Saddam was a bad man and, besides, the Iraqis deserve democracy, even if they can't get regular electricity or clean drinking water. This was the story we were told after it was discovered Saddam didn't have any weapons of mass destruction, even though the odd neocon or two still insists there are WMD in Iraq. It w... Source:
18.Nov.2006 JPost Article From Friend - BG 
Students angry at stunning of Iranian-American

Click here to view the entire article:
18.Nov.2006 Blitzer ignored McCain's inco... - BG On the

16.Nov.2006 edition of CNN's The Situation Room,

host Wolf Blitzer purported to explain where Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) "stand[s] on the issues that matter to you," but

Blitzer ignored McCain's inconsistencies on taxes + abortion + essentially contradicted himself about McCain's position on Iraq.

Blitzer did not describe the positions of other political figures with presidential exploratory committees, simply noting their names + government experience.

Indeed, Blitzer did not note the positions of Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D), who has created, as noted on

11.Nov.2006 a full-fledged "presidential campaign committee" + not merely an exploratory committee.

Blitzer's exposition of McCain's positions came

after a 3-minute, 45-second segment on McCain's exploratory ... Source:
18.Nov.2006 Pakistan frets about war spilling over - Yahoo! Ne... - BG
18.Nov.2006 9/11, Lou Dobbs Knows - BG
18.Nov.2006 FBI Dragnet after 9/11 - BG NEW YORK (AP)

A foreign student who was swept up in an FBI dragnet after the 11.Sep.2001 theorist attacks was acquitted Friday of lying to a grand jury to obscure his connections to two of the hijackers.

Osama Awadallah, 26, broke out in a broad smile as the verdict was read, then turned and beamed at his father crying in the audience.

"I knew that justice would prevail,"



18.Nov.2006 H1B Visas - BG -H1B visas

allow corporations to bring in alien workers at half the salaries as their american counterparts.

Oh yeah + usually on a contractual basis which includes no benefits.

Speaking of which, who benefits?

Does this translate into reduced prices to consumers or just loss of good jobs to americans.

I'll give you 2 guesses.

What is government's answer to all of this.

They plan to double the number of these visas!!! 00:02:41 ... Source:
18.Nov.2006 Olbermann on FOX -BG-Video Description-Internal memo from FOX news executive to employees ordering them to slant news coverage in a favorable manner to reich wing Republican conservatives Fox News, keith olbermann 18.Nov.2006 Afghan 'threat to wider region'
President Hamid Karzai says instability in Afghanistan poses a serious threat to peace in the region.

18.Nov.2006 US presses for full NK sanctions
President Bush tries to persuade leaders to give full support to UN sanctions against North Korea.

18.Nov.2006 Muslims condemn burqa ban
Dutch Muslims criticise government plans to ban burqas and face-covering veils in public places.

18.Nov.2006 Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq
Tony Blair publicly agrees with the opinion that the violence in Iraq since the 2003 invasion has been a disaster.

18.Nov.2006 Muslim women debate rights
Muslim women hold a conference in New York on forming the first international Islamic advisory council for women.

18.Nov.2006 Overseas troops arrive in Tonga
Police and soldiers from Australia and New Zealand arrive in Tonga to help restore order after riots.

18.Nov.2006 UN urges end to Mid-East violence
The UN General Assembly passes a resolution calling for an end to violence by Israelis and Palestinians.

18.Nov.2006 Aboriginal remains to go home
The Natural History Museum is to return the remains of 18 aboriginal people to the Australian government.

18.Nov.2006 Better Alzheimer's test developed
US researchers have developed a test to measure the turnover of a key protein involved in Alzheimer's disease, which could lead to better treatments and faster diagnosis.

18.Nov.2006 MySpace sued by Universal Music
Universal Music Group sues MySpace - claiming the site is encouraging users to illegally share copyrighted material.

18.Nov.2006 Mafia 'strangle Italy prospects'
The mafia are the biggest threat to south Italy's economic prospects, PM Romano Prodi tells Rome forum.

18.Nov.2006 Dutch inquiry into Iraq 'abuses' The Dutch government orders an inquiry into reports that its troops tortured prisoners in Iraq 00.000.2003.
18.Nov.2006 Two former Enron executives receive lighter prison sentences after helping convict the architects of the scandal.
Mysterious force's long presence The "dark energy" speeding up cosmic expansion has been with us for at least nine billion years, astronomers say.
18.Nov.2006 US house building at six-year low The number of new US homes being built fell to a six-year low last month as housing activity slowed significantly.
18.Nov.2006 Bush reflects on 'Vietnam lesson' President Bush says a lesson from the Vietnam War for the US is that it must be patient in Iraq.
NSA Case Becomes Lawyer Junket Attorneys for telecommunications companies from around the nation converge to answer 48 separate lawsuits charging collusion with illegal government surveillance. Ryan Singel reports from San Francisco.
18.Nov.2006 Journalist Josh Wolf will stay in jail Blog: Josh Wolf, a freelance video journalist in jail for not cooperating with the Feds, lost another round in court this week.On Wednesday,...
18.Nov.2006 Larry King shuns the Net Blog: Larry King is celebrating his 49th year in broadcasting this year, but he shuns the Net and has never used an Internet search...
18.Nov.2006 Judge won't halt AT&T wiretapping lawsuit San Francisco court says lawsuit alleging the carrier illegally allowed the U.S. government to spy on its customers can continue.
18.Nov.2006 9 Billion-Year-Old 'Dark Energy' Reported - Zonk 15 loid_void writes to mention a New York Times

article about the discovery that dark energy, or antigravity, was present at the formation of the universe. A team of 'dark energy prospectors' at the Space Telescope Science Institute theorizes that this may have directed the evolution of the cosmos. By observing SuperNova activity almost 8 Billion years in the past, the team was able to study whether or not dark energy has changed over the millennia. From the article: "The data suggest that, in fact, dark energy has changed little, if at all, over the course of cosmic history. Though hardly conclusive, that finding lends more support to what has become the conventional theory, that the source of cosmic antigravity is the cosmological constant, a sort of fudge factor that Einstein inserted into his cosmological equations 00.000.1917 to represent a cosmic repulsion embedded in space. Although Einstein later abandoned the cosmological constant, calling it a blunder, it would not go away. It is the one theorized form of dark energy that does not change with time. Sean Carroll, a cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology who was not on the team, said: 'Had they found the evolution was not constant, that would have been an incredibly earthshaking discovery. They looked where no one had been able to look before.'"
Should Google Go Nuclear? - Zonk 125 Baldrson writes

"One of the founders of the US Tokamak fusion program, Dr. Robert W. Bussard, gave a lecture at Google recently now appearing as a Google video titled 'Should Google Go Nuclear?'. In it, he presents his recent breakthrough electrostatic confinement fusion device which, he claims, produced several orders of magnitude higher fusion power than earlier electrostatic confinement devices. According to Bussard, it did so repeatably during several runs until it blew up due to mechanical stress degradation. He's looking for $200M funding, the first million or so of which goes to rebuilding a more robust demonstrator within the first year. He claims the scaling laws are so favorable that the initial full scale reactor would burn boron-11 — the cleanest fusion reaction otherwise unattainable. He has some fairly disturbing things to say in this video, as well as elsewhere, about the US fusion program which he co-founded."
Scientists Regrow Chicken Wing - Zonk 72
"Unlike salamanders and lizards, most animals have lost the ability to replace missing limbs. But a research team in San Diego has been able to regenerate a wing in a chick embryo — a species not known to be able to regrow limbs — suggesting the potential for such regeneration exists innately in all vertebrates, including humans." From the article: "Manipulating Wnt signaling in humans is, of course, not possible at this point, Belmonte says, but hopes that these findings may eventually offer insights into current research examining the ability of stem cells to build new human body tissues and parts. For example, he said Wnt signaling may push mature cells go back in time and 'dedifferentiate' into stem-like cells, in order to be able to then differentiate once more, producing all of the different tissues needed to build a limb."

RIAA Defendant Says Kazaa Settlement Bars Case - Zonk 146 NewYorkCountryLawyer writes

"The defendant in Arista v. Greubel has filed an answering statement. The statement says that the RIAA's case against him, since it's based upon his use of Kazaa, is barred by the RIAA's receipt of $115 million from Kazaa. Mr. Greubel also challenged the constitutionality of the RIAA's $750-per-song damages theory, saying damages should be limited to $2.80 per song. See the previous Slashdot discussion of that issue and Judge Trager's decision in UMG v. Lindor."
When Blog Networks Make News, Silence Abounds - Zonk 92 1sockchuck writes

"It's been a bad week for transparency and disclosure in the blogosphere, demonstrating that once blogging starts making money, the rules change. Nick Douglas was dismissed from ValleyWag, Jason Calacanis bolts from AOL + co-founder Duncan Riley abruptly departs from b5media. Where do we get the real story? From The New York Times, or not at all. If we've come to expect honesty and straight talk from blogging icons, it's because so many blogospheric leaders have told us we should. And now suddenly we're getting the snarky insider accounts of blogospheric dirt from The New York Times?"
The Web Fueling A Crisis In Politics? - Zonk 271+ - "The BBC is reporting that Tony Blair's outgoing chief strategy adviser fears the internet could be fueling a crisis in the relationship between politicians and voters. 'Mr Taylor said Mr Blair's online grilling from voters — and other initiatives such as environment secretary David Miliband's blog and Downing Street's new online petition service — showed the government was making good progress in using the Internet to become more open and accountable. But he said more needed to be done by the web community in general to encourage people to use the internet to "solve problems" rather than simply abuse politicians or make "incommensurate" demands on them.' 'But rather than work out these dilemmas in partnership with their elected leaders, they were encouraged to regard all politicians as corrupt or mendacious by the media, which he described as "a conspiracy to maintain the population in a perpetual state of self-righteous rage." Whether media was left wing or right wing, the message was always that 'leaders are out there to shaft you.'" Some credit was given to the Internet for high voter turnout in this month's elections ... how is that a bad thing?
Mars Rovers Celebrate their 1000th Sol on Mars - Zonk 41+ Cherita Chen writes

"Yesterday, NASA, Cornell University + the USGS, celebrated the Mars Exploration Rovers' 1000th Sol on the Red Planet .

The first rover to land, Spirit, reached the 1000 Sol mark a few weeks ago while the planet was in Solar conjunction. 'Opportunity', Spirit' twin + the second lander to make the bounce to Mars, celebrated the milestone yesterday while sitting atop Victoria Crater on the other side of Mars. Both Rovers are still operational (though Spirit is limping) + are sending back valuable data. Not bad for what was slated to be a "90 Sol" mission."
Alex Jones At The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin - Paul Joseph Watson -After an introduction by Pastor Davidson Loehr placing modern day events in the framework of
18.Nov.2006 One year ago today, - Nico  Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA) changed the Iraq debate.
18.Nov.2006 Bridge to Nowhere ‘08. - Nico 

Veteran Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), the man behind the infamous $230 million “bridge to nowhere” earmark, has announced “that he will be running for re-election

00.000.2008 at the age of 84, ending speculation about a possible retirement.”
18.Nov.2006 Sen. John Warner (R-VA) announced - Faiz -that he will seek the top Republican spot on the Environment and Public Works Committee, aiming to push aside outgoing Chairman James Inhofe (R-OK).

Warner said, “As the senior Republican on the Senate EPW Committee, I intend to submit my name for election as the ranking minority member of that panel.”

Incoming Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) “has said that addressing global warming will be the committee’s top issue to address in the next Congress.”

UPDATE: Warner had a 14 % rating from the League of Conservation Voters in the 109th Congress.

UPDATE II: On MSNBC, Sen. Inhofe threatened to filibuster any bills addressing global warming.
18.Nov.2006 Kondracke Dubs Nancy Pelosi The ‘Wicked Witch Of The West’ - Nico  Fox News host Mort Kondracke,

the “left-leaning” counterpart to Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes on Fox News’ The Beltway Boys, said last night that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should be nicknamed the “Wicked Witch of the West.”

According to Kondracke, Pelosi has already been pressuring fellow Democrats, “twisting arms and making — you know, having her aides making threats + stuff like that.” Asked by Brit Hume if that was really happening, Kondracke said, “Supposedly.” Watch it: (HT: NewsHounds) Full transcript:

KONDRACKE: So the history on House leadership is, we had “The Hammer, Tom DeLay + now we have the “Wicked Witch of the West,” you know, Nancy Pelosi, who is twisting arms and making — you know, having her aides making threats + stuff like that.

HUME: But was that really happening?

KONDRACKE: Supposedly. That’s, that’s — it got heavily reported + I have heard no contradictions of that.
Bush admin breaking the law on global warming data. - Admin  So says Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who

is angry that the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is not complying with a congressional requirement to produce a report on climate change.

“They’re simply not complying with the law. It’s incredible,” McCain said.