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00.000.1870 Deutsche Bank Harriman Thyssen Bush e.a.html -1870.00.000

00.000.1882 Lovett,Robert S.„Baker & Botts“ partner from 1882 on,later chairman : Harriman, E.H.“Union Pacific Railroad“ & chief counsel to Harriman,E.H.

00.Aug.1898 00.000.1882 Lovett, Robert S. Baker & Botts“ partner from 1882 on, later chairman : Harriman, E.H.“Union Pacific Railroad“ & chief counsel to Harriman,E.H.

10.Jan.1901 First discovery of large oil deposits in Texas offered great promise for the future economic development of the state, but also attracted the Anglo-American oil cartel. The Baker's (were prominent in supporting eugenics & utopian.. )family law firm in Texas, like the Bush and Dulles families in New York, was aligned with the Harriman-Rockefeller cartel.

00.000.1900 Rockefeller,Percy A., [Yg900]

22.Jan.1901 Queen Victoria died 00.000.1901

00.000.1913 Fed was set up (Senate Bill 1059, Sections 1067 and 1084 + US Code Title 50 Chapter 32 Section 1520A.) ....Federal Reserve is the fourth

central bank the United States has had, the previous three having crashed in inevitable raging inflation & widespread economic disaster...

00.000.1913 Harriman, Averell, [Yg913]

WWI.00.000.1914-00.000.1917 US neutral, Led by the J.P. Morgan concern, Britain's overall purchasing agent in America,interlocking Wall Street financiers

subservient to British strategy lobbied heavily, twisted US government & domestic police functions. These financiers wanted a world war and S

WWI.00.000.1914 Rockefeller, Percy A. National City Bank start reorganizing U.S. arms industry, „Remington Arms“, Pryor, Samuel F. appointed new chief

executive,Rockefeller, Percy A. National City Bank own man, takes direct control of „Remington Arms company“

".. Kriegslieferanten. Stinnes, Hugo-Firmen Haupt-Ausbeuter der Rohstoffe in den besetzten Gebieten-

WWI.00.000.1914-00.000.1918 did make an immense amount of money for the clan of stock speculators & British bankers who had just taken over U.S. industry.

The Harrimans were stars of this new Anglo-British-Alliance

WWI.spring 1916 Bush, Prescott [s&b917] Harriman, Roland "Bunny"[s&b917] chosen for membership in elite Yale senior-year secret society „Skull and


WWI.00.000.1916 Francis, David R. became US ambassador to Russia. As the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, we find Walker, Bert busy appointing people to

Francis, David R.'s staff in Petrograd.@s1@s2 WalkerBert's earliest activities in relation to the Soviet state are of significant interest to historians, given the activist role he was to play there together with Harriman

WWI.00.000.1917 Lovett, Robert, transferred to US Navy after USA joined Britain in WWI. Lovett's unit proved to be daring & imaginative warriors. Yale Flying Unit was the glory of Skull and Bones. „.when they were dispatched for active duty with Britain's Royal Naval Air Service (Despite the snide comments of those who dismissed them as frivolous rich boys) Harriman, Roland, Bush, Prescott & 1917 Bonesmates selected for 1918 membership in the secret order. Yale Flying Unit leaders: Lovett, Robert, F. Trubee Davison, Artemus Lamb Gates & John Martin Vorys. Unit flyers.." Bush book: Chapter -7-

WWI.00.000.1917 Bush,Prescott [YG917] close friend of Harriman, E. Roland "Bunny" & sev. oth. Bonesmen from their class of 1917

00.000.1919 Harriman, Averell [s&b913]"W.A. Harriman & Company"[]"G.H.Walker and Company"Walker, George Herbert 'Bert organize[]"Brown Brothers"(brit)[00.000.1931]

00.000.1919 Walker, George Herbert [s&b]organized W.A. Harriman & Co.

00.000.1924 Harriman, Averell [s&b]1913) & Thyssen, Fritz, the German industrialist who began funding Hitler,Adolf in 00.Oct.1923, set up his Union Banking Corporation[UBC] in Walker, George Herbert,his father-in-law's bank at 39 Broadway, Manhattan, New York to handle funds supplied to it through Thyssen's Hollandische-Amerikanische Investment Corporation ["all of the shares of the Union Banking Corp., were held for the benefit of members of the Thyssen family."According to US government documents]since

WWI.00.000.1916 Thyssen, August Sr. „Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart,N.V.“,Rotterdam,[fnd]

".. Sr. „Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart,N.V.“,Rotterdam,[fnd]

WWI.00.000.1917 USA enter

WWI.00.000.1917 Bush,Prescott [YG917] close friend of Harriman, E. Roland "Bunny" & sev. oth. Bonesmen from their class of 1917

WWI.15.Oct.1917 Francis, Perry,Letter to father,Francis,David .."
".. - "G.H.Walker and Company" address of "1 Wall Street New York"[banking & investment firm shifted to prestigious)

00.000.1919 Harriman, Averell [s&b913]"W.A. Harriman & Company"[]"G.H.Walker and Company"Walker, George Herbert 'Bert organize[]"Brown

Brothers"(brit)[00.000.1931] .."

".. 1919 Mussolini, Benito, Bei der ersten Wahl erreichte nicht einmal den Einzug ins Parlament.

00.000.1919 Walker, George Herbert [s&b]organized W.A. Harriman & Co.

00.000.1920 Stinnes, Hugo wird Mitglied der Deutschen Volkspartei (DVP) und zieht in den Reichstag ein. Juli: Auf ..Den Verlust von .."
".. Herbert 'Bert',native St.Louis:"G.H.Walker and Company" bank & investm, Hitler, Adolf's one of most powerful financ. suppts.,USA

01.01.1924-31.12.1924 Steigerung Liquidität der westlichen Kapitalmärkte nicht ohne Bedeutung (zB:Ungarn)[wk25-443]

0.000.1924 Harriman, Averell [s&b913]"Union Banking Corporation"(NY)[]Thyssen,Fritz (Thyssen,Fritz, Industr. (ger) strt. financ. Hitler's infant Nazi party,

funding Hitler,Adolf 00.000.1923 USAmerican contributors financing Hitler's infant Nazi party,funding Hitler,Adolf [lst] (ger)Thyssen,Fritz,Indstr. 00.000.1923]

00.000.1923] 00.000.1926 Bush, Prescott, Bush, George Herbert Walker-Father an officer of the W.A. Harriman bank,

00.000.1926 Walker, George Herbert 'Bert' did sort of favor for his new son-in-law,Bush, Prescott[s&b917][families do help their children make a start in life,but] Bush, Prescott[s&b917]came to regret favor bitterly."In [00.000.1931] Walker, George Herbert 'Bert made Bush, Prescott[s&b917]vice president of "W. A. Harriman & Company".[Problem was.. speciality:companies trading in the 1930s with Germany] Walker, George Herbert 'Bert'' & Thyssen, Fritz & the other German industrialists consolidated Hitler's [economical/political) power, an American financial connection is needed.According to our sources, "Union Banking Corporation" became an out-and-out Nazi money-laundering machine.."W. A. Harriman & Company" [merge] "Brown Brothers"(brit)," (British-American investment company)[]"Brown Brothers, Harriman" Bush,Prescott[s&b917]vice president "W. A. Harriman & Company" became one of "Brown Brothers, Harriman"59Broadway,the new company, senior partners while "Union Banking Corporation"39Broadway(remained at)

01.01.1930-31.12.1939 Through the Dulles brothers Dulles, Allen & Dulles, John Foster {Dulles, Allen's firm "Sullivan & Cromwell" not the only firm engaged in funding Germany) USAmericans ("Some USAmericans were just bigots & made their connections to Nazi-Germany : supported Fascism,...other...USAmericans [supported Fashism] ensuring[PROPAGANDA] their [clients] well-come out of the German "economic recovery"[PROPAGANDA].(Dulles, Allen's firm "Sullivan & Cromwell" were in it for profit more than ideology[PROPAGANDA]}..arranged investments in/for Nazi-dominated Germany.

00.000.1931 "W.A. Harriman & Company"(NY) Harriman,Averil[s&b913]president,Bush,Prescott[s&917]vice president[]"Brown Brothers"(brit)[]"Union Banking Corporation" [Harriman,Averil[s&b913]presidentUSAmerican establishment dominating figure,..was the key figure. "The firm originally was known as "W.A. Harriman & Company" 00.000.1924 USAmerican investors through "Union Banking Corporation" & Thyssen, Fritz, Nazi, industrialist (ger) start link start trade (between,among).]

00.000.1931 W.A. Harriman & Co. merged with the British Brown Brothers into Brown Brothers-Harriman and its various fronts

00.000.1931 while Bush, Prescott as a director ran the New York office of Brown Brothers Harriman, Bush, Prescott 's partner was Montagu Norman's intimate friend Thatcher Brown. The Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman always stayed at the home of Bush, Prescott 's partner Harriman on his hush-hush trips to New York. Bush, Prescott concentrated on the firm's German activities & Brown, Thatcher saw to their business in old England,

under the guidance of Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman, his mentor

00.000.1931-00.000.1934 "W. A. Harriman & Company" sold more than $50 million of German bonds to USAmerican investors (in just one three-year period)

Walker,G.H.(Bert )was),"Union Banking Corporation"(NY)'s direktor-president, & the firm was located in the offices of [00.000.1919 Walker, George Herbert 'Bert',"G.H.Walker and Company" & Harriman,Averil[S&B1913]organize] "W.A. Harriman & Company"39 Broadway NY [another bank':"G.H.Walker and Company", "W.A. Harriman & Company", "Brown Brothers"(brit),"Union Banking Corporation"(NY),"Sullivan & Cromwell"(NY), that specialized in investments in Germany.("'The Splendid Blond Beast,'Christopher Simpson's seminal history of the politics of genocide & profit.")]

00.000.1934 Walker,G. H.(Bert),Bush, Prescott father-in-law, is "Union Banking Corporation"s president, firm located in the offices of Harriman,Averill 's company"W. A. Harriman & Company"39 Broadway NY. arranged a seat on the board of directors of "Union Banking Corporation",

also Walker,G. H.(Bert),Bush, Prescott father-in-law, is "Union Banking Corporation"s president, set up a deal to take over "Hamburg-Amerika Linie" North American operations, a cover for "I.G.Farben" Nazi espionage unit in USA. "Hamburg-Amerika Linie" shipping line smuggled in/OUT Nazi agents, propaganda & money to bribe USAmerican s:politicians,...,..., to see[PROPAGANDA](things,the other) Hitler,Adolf's way. The holding company for was Walker,G.H.(Bert)'s "American Shipping & Commerce"39 Broadway (shared the offices at 39 Broadway with )"Union Banking Corporation"39 Broadway. In an elaborate corporate paper trail, Harriman's stock in American Shipping & Commerce was controlled by yet another holding company, directors Harriman, Averill, Walker,G. H. (Bert ) & Bush, Prescot run out of Walker, G.H.(Bert)'s office the "Harriman Fifteen Corporation"

00.000.1934 US Congressional Investigation,Walker,G. H. (Bert)'s "Hamburg-Amerika Linie" allegedly subsidized a wide range of pro-Nazi propaganda efforts both in Germany & USA "Walker,G.H.(Bert) did not know it,but Harkins, Dan one of Walker,G.H.(Bert) USAmerican employees, blew the whistle on the spy apparatus to Congress. Harkins, Dan, one of our best sources,became Roosevelt's first double agent...[and] kept up the pretense of being an ardent Nazi sympathizer, while reporting to Naval Intelligence on the Hamburg-Amerika Linie shipping company's deals with Nazi intelligence."Instead of divesting the Nazi money," continue the authors,"Bush, Prescott hired a lawyer to hide the assets. The lawyer he hired had considerable expertise in such underhanded schemes.It was Dulles, Allen