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13.Aug.2007 Subprime: The Ugly American Hits Europe: French bank BNP suspends subprime-linked funds. Europe's central bank responds; stocks tumble

13.Aug.2007 The “Plunge Protection Team” (PPT) Working Overtime to Save US Stock Market : The PPT cannot afford to sit back and watch both the US housing market + the stock market sinking at the same time.

That might spell the dreaded “R” word, - Recession.
Prevent torture equipment sales at arms fairs, say MPs: Arms fairs should be patrolled by customs officers to stop the sale of instruments of torture and other equipment banned in Britain, a cross-party committee of MPs say in a report today

13.Aug.2007 The inside story of British death squads in Northern Ireland : Simon Basketter reveals how a campaign to terrorise Catholics was orchestrated by military intelligence
13.Aug.2007 Cheney urging strikes on Iran: At a news conference Thursday, Bush said Iran had been warned of unspecified consequences if it continued its alleged support for anti-American forces in Iraq. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker had conveyed the warning in meetings with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad, the president said.
Unknown terror: What is DU?: Video The president of the USA, the prime minister of the United Kingdom + the prime minister of Israel must acknowledge and accept responsibility for the willfu: l use of uranium munitions—their own "dirty bombs"—resulting in adverse health and environmental effects. It also leaves behind a fine radioactive dust with a half-life of 4.5 billion years
13.Aug.2007 Polls find increased support for Iraq war : The results from a poll conducted last month by the New York Times so surprised top editors that they ordered a new survey, but the results were the same the second time around: More Americans now think that President Bush was right to send troops into Iraq.

13.Aug.2007 Need help with a down payment? Ask the Army: Need a down payment for your home? Seed money to start a business? The Army wants to help — if you’re willing to join up. Despite spending nearly $1 billion last year on recruiting bonuses and ads, Army leaders say an even bolder approach is needed to fill wartime ranks.
13.Aug.2007 How the Democrats Blew It in Only 8 Months - By - Alexander Cockburn
The voters put the Democrats in to end the war + it's escalating.

The Democrats voted the money for the surge + the money for the next $459.6 billion military budget.

Their latest achievement was to provide enough votes in support of Bush to legalize warrantless wiretapping for "foreign suspects whose communications pass through the USA."

Enough Democrats joined Republicans to make this a 227-183 victory for Bush. Continue

13.Aug.2007 Fighting the Democrats’ Complicity with Bush - By - Francis A. Boyle
The Democrats in Congress have taken no effective steps to stop, impede, or thwart the Bush Jr. administration’s wars of aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or anywhere else, including their long-standing threatened war against Iran. To the contrary, the new Democrat-controlled Congress decisively facilitated these serial Nuremberg crimes against peace on

24.May 2007 by enacting a $95 billion supplemental appropriation to fund war operations through 30.Sep.2007. Continue

13.Aug.2007 China’s “nuclear option” is real - By - Paul Craig Roberts
Twenty-four hours after I reported China’s announcement that China, not the Federal Reserve, controls US interest rates by its decision to purchase, hold, or dump US Treasury bonds, the news of the announcement appeared in sanitized and unthreatening form in a few US news sources.

13.Aug.2007 The Grim Reaper Pays a Visit to Wall Street- By - Mike Whitney
Alan Greenspan’s low-interest, subprime, snake-oil Caravan took another spin down Wall Street today---ripping up pavement, knocking down power-poles and sending traders scampering for safety.

When the dust finally settled, “Maestro’s” wrecking ball had lopped another 387 points off the Dow Jones leaving markets reeling and investors cringing in fear. Continue

13.Aug.2007 Fighting for the Right to Learn in New Orleans - By - Bill Quigley
There is a massive experiment being performed on thousands of primarily African American children in New Orleans. No one asked the permission of the children. No one asked permission of their parents.

This experiment involves a fight for the education of children. Continue
US sparks worldwide panic: THE market's biggest one-day fall in almost six years knocked almost $53 billion off the value of Australia's top 200 companies.

13.Aug.2007 Fed Injects $19 Billion More in Liquidity, Fed Funds Rate Falls : The U.S. Federal Reserve Friday provided the largest amount of liquidity for a single market operation in four years, adding ample funds for the second day running as markets fretted over credit conditions.

13.Aug.2007 Bank of Japan injects one trillion yen into money markets: The injection followed the European Central Bank's move Thursday to pump a record 94.8 billion euros (130.2 billion dollars) into the eurozone banking market as lenders struggled for funds in a flight to safety from the growing defaults in the US home loans market.

13.Aug.2007 William Blum: Separation of oil and state: Read this or George W. Bush will be president the rest of your life

13.Aug.2007 Court Says Travelers Can't Avoid Airport Searches: U.S. airline passengers near the security checkpoint can be searched any time and no longer can refuse consent by leaving the airport, the nation's largest federal appeals court ruled Friday.

13.Aug.2007 UK: Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters: Armed police will use anti-terrorism powers to "deal robustly" with climate change protesters at Heathrow next week, as confrontations threaten to bring major delays to the already overstretched airport.
13.Aug.2007 Partitioning India over lunch : "The viceroy, Mountbatten, must take the blame - though not the sole blame - for the massacres in the Punjab in which between 500,000 to a million men, women and children perished," he writes.
13.Aug.2007 US worried about nukes post-Musharraf: Key questions include the identity of those who would gain control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal in post-Musharraf Pakistan.

13.Aug.2007 Bhutto, Sharif must not return: Musharraf : Opposition leaders Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif should not return to Pakistan before the general elections or else the country would witness political turmoil that it could ill-afford at this time, President Pervez Musharraf told Pakistan newspaper owners on Saturday.

13.Aug.2007 Pak govt opens cases against Sharif: report: The Pakistan government has decided to reopen corruption cases against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif close on the heels of the Supreme Court taking up his petition seeking an end to his exile.
13.Aug.2007 Bush, Sarkozy promote ties over burgers, hot dogs: Sarkozy, wearing blue jeans in keeping with the casual nature of the meeting, also stressed good relations. "Do we agree on everything? No," he said. "Even within families there are disagreements, but we are still the same family."

13.Aug.2007 Chevron joins French firm to pursue oil field in Iraq: The San Ramon oil giant and France's Total SA have agreed to jointly develop one of the war-torn nation's largest oil fields, if the Iraqi government allows them, according to a report published Wednesday.

13.Aug.2007 BAE profits soar on Iraq conflict : The UK's largest defence firm, BAE made a pre-tax profit of £657m ($1.4bn), compared with £378m a year earlier
13.Aug.2007 Bush-War-Adviser.php">Bush's war adviser says military draft is worth considering: Frequent tours for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the all-volunteer force and made it worth considering a return to a military draft, President George W. Bush's new war adviser said Friday.
Myths of Mideast Arms Sales - By - William D. Hartung
The Bush administration’s proposal to send $20 billion worth of arms and $43 billion in military aid to U.S. allies in the Middle East has been promoted by repeating a series of time-worn myths that should have long since been abandoned. With a shooting war in Iraq and a war of words with Iran well under way, the last thing the region needs is a new influx of high tech weaponry.

13.Aug.2007 No End in Sight - By - Roger Ebert
Remember the scene in "A Clockwork Orange" where Alex has his eyes clamped open and is forced to watch a movie? I imagine a similar experience for the architects of our catastrophe in Iraq. I would like them to see "No End in Sight," the story of how we were led into that war + more than 3,000 American lives and hundreds of thousands of other lives were destroyed.

13.Aug.2007 Stock Market Brushfire; Will There Be a Run On The Banks? - By - Mike Whitney
The contamination from the massive real estate bubble has now infected nearly every area of the broader market.

The swindle which began at the Federal Reserve--with cheap, low interest credit---has spread through the entire system and is threatening to wreak financial havoc across the planet.

The Fed’s multi-billion dollar bailout will do nothing to contain the brushfire they started or avert the catastrophe that lies just ahead. Continue
13.Aug.2007 Is Mitt Romney "Brainwashing" Us? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Vanity Fair: Giuliani's Princess Bride

13.Aug.2007 Less Safe, Less Free: Why America Is Losing the War on Terror (Hardcover)
Wear it Proudly: I am "Proud to be an American Against the War"

13.Aug.2007 Video Surfaces of Cheney,

00.000.1994, Warning That An Invasion of Iraq Would Lead to 'Quagmire'
Make News Happen at

13.Aug.2007 "Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, made a rare admission today that support for militants emanating from Pakistan has caused problems for Afghanistan + that his country should work to secure peace on its side of their mutual border." 8/13
"Military opens door to more dropouts."

Opportunity knocks, we guess. But what about the five Romney boys + the Bush twins. Shouldn't they get their chance to fight for a war their parents support with such ardor? 8/13

13.Aug.2007 Bush Thinks He is Creating Armageddon for His Christo-Rapture Followers: How firearms intended for Iraqi security forces are winding up in the hands of extremists across the region.

The national security of America is increasingly threatened everyday Bush is in office. 8/13
So Many GOP Hypocrites, So Little Time. But Each Week BuzzFlash Selects Just One for Special Republican Hypocrite of the Week Honors!

13.Aug.2007 Siemens- Affäre: Ermittler entdecken dubiose Zahlungen von über einer Milliarde Euro
Ob die Krise am US-Hypotheken + Immobilienmarkt allerdings nur eine notwendige Korrektur oder aber der Auftakt für eine viel tiefergehende Finanzmarkt + -Wirtschaftskrise ist -

darüber streiten sich die Finanzmarktexperten.

Die einen verweisen darauf, dass in den USA noch fast zehn Billionen Dollar Hypothekenkredite ausstehen, davon rund ein Drittel mit schlechter oder zumindest nicht primärer Bonität.

Die "Wirtschaftswoche" zitiert den Aachener Private-Equity-Experten Ralf Fix mit den Worten, für viele Anleger habe sich "ein Tor zur Hölle" geöffnet.

Was dahinter hervorkomme, wisse niemand wirklich.

Auch auf China richten sich die Blicke inzwischen:

Dort leistet sich sei die rapide wachsende Mittelklasse in großem Stil neue Wohnungen - und die Kreditvergabe sei noch laxer als in den USA.

Die chinesischen Banken, die Hypothekenkredite über umgerechnet 289 Milliarden Euro gewährt hätten, nähmen keine Bonitätsprüfungen vor,

zitierte die Zeitung "South China Morning Post" den Wissenschaftler Yi Xianrong von der chinesischen Akademie der Sozialwissenschaften.

Die Behörden befürchten vor allem in großen Städten wie Shanghai ungezügelte Spekulationen und eine starke Übertreibung bei den Preisen und versuchen daher, den Markt zu zügeln.
US- Kreditkrise: Angst vor dem schwarzen Montag (Wirtschaft)
NEXT: But no high-level officials question the official story, right?
12.Aug.2007 Michael S. Kreidler Krisann Kleibacker C Lee., ... Catholic Media Connections - Homepage News March 2nd, 2007 by Michael Kreidler. ...

220403antiwarblogg And we should forever forget that old phrase -- 'My country, right or wrong, ...

Serial Killers [1] on the Loose by John Leonard I. Putschist Bush, ...
12.Aug.2007 Während die Mehrheit der Menschen lieber Frieden kaufen würde, kauft Bush gerade Krieg.

Es mag vielleicht utopisch klingen, aber nach kurzem Nachdenken wird ...
12.Aug.2007 3 seconds of a facial expression

George Bush besucht gerade eine Grundschule in Florida, als ihm plötzlich sein Büroleiter zuflüstert:

"Ein zweites Flugzeug ist ins World Trade Center ...

12.Aug.2007 Time Magazine hat George W. Bush gerade zur "Persönlichkeit des Jahres 2004" gekürt;

der Präsident habe es geschafft, "die Realität so zu deuten, ...

Rede von US-Präsident Bush vor den Wahlen im Irak,...

"Und das mache ich gerade", erklärte Bush . "Historischer Moment"

15.Dez.2005 -Die Parlamentswahlen am- bezeichnete Bush als einen historischen Moment. ...
Todesschwadrone im Irak: Sunnitenführer fleht um Hilfe arabischer Staaten
Kriminalität: Berliner Koalition will Befugnisse der Polizei ausweiten

Dec.2005 Bush Silent On Spy Allegations : WASHINGTON President Bush refused to say ...

Dec.2005 The Last Legitimately Elected President, Bill Clinton, ... 1218.html
20050803 I was in agony' :

00.Jul.2001 Benyam Mohammed travelled from London to Afghanistan.

Aug.2005 Tod von König Fahd: Ölpreis erreicht neues Rekordhoch ... 0803.html



00.Nov.1995 London -A Report on the International Trade in Surveillance Technology and its Links to the Arms Industry.


Dies ist eine gekürzte Fassung des Originalartikels, den Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe von "National Geographic" lesen können.
Massen sind nur klug, wenn ihre einzelnen Mitglieder verantwortungsbewusst handeln und eigene Entscheidungen treffen.

Eine Gruppe ist nicht schlau, wenn die Einzelnen einander nachahmen oder warten, bis ihnen jemand sagt, was sie zu tun haben.

Eine intelligente Gruppe - ob aus Ameisen oder Anwälten - ist darauf angewiesen, dass jedes Mitglied seine eigene Rolle spielt.
"Heute denkt eine große Zahl von Menschen gemeinsam nach + das auf eine Weise, die wir noch vor wenigen Jahrzehnten für unmöglich gehalten hätten",

sagt Thomas Malone vom kürzlich gegründeten Zentrum für Kollektive Intelligenz in Massachussetts.

"Kein Einzelner kann alles wissen, was wir brauchen, um die Probleme unserer Gesellschaft zu lösen - vom Gesundheitswesen bis zum Klimawandel. Gemeinsam wissen wir viel mehr."
Dazu müssen alle unabhängig denken und mit einem neutralen Mechanismus - Abstimmung, Versteigerung oder Durchschnittsbildung - zu einer Entscheidung gelangen.

Tatsächlich profitiert fast jede Gruppe davon, wenn sie solche Regeln befolgt. Das jedenfalls meint James Surowiecki, Autor des Buchs "Die Weisheit der Vielen - warum Gruppen klüger sind als Einzelne".

Ein Thema, das große Firmen zunehmend für Managementseminare entdecken.

Schon vor zwei Jahren waren etwa die "Hamburger Trendtage" dem Thema Schwarmintelligenz gewidmet.

Dabei wurden die Teilnehmer mit Aufgaben konfrontiert, die der Einzelne nicht überblickte, die die Gruppe als Gesamtheit aber löste.
Keines der Tiere begreift das Ganze + doch tragen alle zum Erfolg der Gruppe bei.

Wie das funktioniert, darüber hat die Wissenschaft faszinierende Erkenntnisse gewonnen - und beginnt nun, mit ähnlichen Strategien Problemlösungen für die menschliche Gesellschaft zu entwickeln.
Als Individuen sind Ameisen hilflos, aber als Kolonie reagieren sie schnell und effizient auf ihre Umwelt.

Die Fähigkeit dazu nennt man kollektive Intelligenz oder Schwarmintelligenz.

Über die weitere Entwicklung sind sich Marktbeobachter uneins.

Die einen verweisen darauf, dass in den USA noch fast zehn Billionen Dollar Hypothekenkredite ausstehen, davon rund ein Drittel mit schlechter oder zumindest nicht primärer Bonität.

Die "Wirtschaftswoche" zitiert unter anderen den Aachener Private-Equity-Experten Ralf Fix mit den Worten, für viele Anleger habe sich "ein Tor zur Hölle" geöffnet.

Was dahinter hervorkomme, wisse niemand wirklich.

Mehrere Experten in Deutschland äußerten sich dagegen optimistisch.

So sagte der Wirtschaftsweise Bert Rürup, er sehe noch keine gravierenden Auswirkungen auf die robuste Konjunktur in Deutschland.

"Die Krise wird auf die Finanzmärkte beschränkt bleiben, zumal sich die EZB außerordentlich klug verhält und den Markt ausreichend mit Liquidität versorgt", sagte Rürup der "Berliner Zeitung".
Sweatshops in Asien: Kate- Moss- Kollektion von ausgebeuteten Arbeitern produziert (Panorama)
12.Aug.2007 US- Wahlkampf: Fänger im Mais
12.Aug.2007 Afghanistan- Einsatz: Trittin fordert Ende des Tornado- Einsatzes

12.Aug.2007 Trinidad: In der Karibik wächst ein Matschvulkan
12.Aug.2007 Farbenlehre: Wohin rückt die Republik?

12.Aug.2007 US- Kreditkrise: Weitere Hypothekenbank pleite - Deutsche Bank ist Gläubiger
12.Aug.2007 Schwarm- Intelligenz: Weisheit der Winzlinge
12.Aug.2007 Pakistan: Musharraf will Oppositionsführer nicht ins Land lassen

12.Aug.2007 Computerpanne am Flughafen: Tausende Reisende saßen in Los Angeles fest
12.Aug.2007 Während Weltraum- Spaziergang: Computercrash an Bord der ISS
12.Aug.2007 Stasi- Spezialeinheit: Historiker fordert Ermittlungen wegen DDR- Schießbefehl

Dec.2005 Jury Indicts Siegelman, Scrushy : A federal grand jury on Monday indicted ...

Dec.2005 MI6 + CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured' ... 1218.html

0 3.Mai 1967 schloss der Berliner SDS die "Kommune 1" wegen "falscher Unmittelbarkeit", "Realitätsflucht" und chronischer Selbstüberschätzung aus seinem Landesverband aus.
01.Jan.1967 -pünktlich am- Die Urmutter aller neuen Lebenskollektive war die "Kommune 1", die in Berlin das Licht der Welt erblickte.

Fritz Teufel, Dieter Kunzelmann und Rainer Langhans waren ihre prominentesten Protagonisten, die schöne Uschi Obermaier ihr bis heute unvergessenes Maskottchen.
"Unser Ziel ist das Setzen der Kommune. Setzen der Kommune ist die Voraussetzung von Praxis", hatte der SDS-Theoretiker Bernd Rabehl in zeittypischer Diktion formuliert.

00.Feb.1967 Bei der amerikanischen Nachrichtenagentur UPI klang es zur Gründung der "Kommune 2" verständlicher:

"Der Berliner Landesverband des linksgerichteten Sozialistischen Deutschen Studentenbundes (SDS) will demnächst

auf freiwilliger Grundlage versuchen, das alte Ideal menschlichen Zusammenlebens, die Kommunen, zu neuem Leben zu erwecken."
When Will America Awaken from "The Bush Ultimatum"? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

12.Aug.2007 U.S. Pays Millions In Cost Overruns For Security in Iraq. Those are Our Tax Dollars That You are Wasting, Bush!
Frank Rich: Shuffling Off to Crawford, 2007 Edition
There are now nearly as many private contractors in Iraq as there are U.S. soldiers ? and a large percentage of them are private security guards equipped with automatic weapons, body armor, helicopters and bullet-proof trucks. And as the country has plummeted toward anarchy and civil war, this private army has been accused of indiscriminately firing at American and Iraqi troops + of shooting to death an unknown number of Iraqi citizens who got too close to their heavily armed convoys.

12.Aug.2007 How a ?Good War? in Afghanistan Went Bad 8/12
"Exhaustion and combat stress are besieging US troops in Iraq as they battle with a new type of warfare. Some even rely on Red Bull to get through the day. As desertions and absences increase, the military is struggling to cope with the crisis." 8/12
How the Democratic Leadership in Congress got Suckered by a Bushevik "Reichstag Fire" Argument to Pass an Overbearing Executive Branch Spying Bill 8/12
Pygmy GOP Candidates Grasp for a Straw in Iowa: It's Romney, Huckabee as One and Two in the Iowa "only a fool would be a Republican" Straw Poll 8/12

12.Aug.2007 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pledged on Saturday to meet Caribbean nations' oil needs for years to come + urged the region to unite and seek greater independence from the USA. 8/12
American soldier marries Iraqi woman. She comes to U.S. He is deployed again to Iraq and is killed. 8/12

12.Aug.2007 USA/Europa/Spanien/Gladio: Al-Qaida, ETA - Gladio?

... der P2-Loge Licio Gelli und seine rechte Hand, der CIA-Agent Francesco Pazienza.

... enge Kontakte zur katholischen Kirche, insbesondere zum Malteser - ...,-ETA-Gladio%3F-12137.html
20050202 With help from Lucio Gelli, who founded the P2 P-2 Italian Freemason Lodge, ... der Welt ermittelt:

Es sind die Dänen, die Malteser und die Schweizer.
papst Die US-amerikanische Sektion der Malteser -Ritter war

seit 1944 die ... P2 unter Lucio Gelli, deren Angehörige entscheidende Posten im Vatikan beherrschten.

Eine Frage muss vorerst ungeklärt bleiben: Wer profitiert eigentlich von dieser Anschmiegsamkeit an die Argumente des Gegners?

Wer wird als Sieger vom Platz gehen, wenn sich die Grundpositionen derart ähneln?

Newt Gingrich meint die Antwort schon zu kennen: Die Republikaner. Zumindest, sagt er, hätten sie bei veränderter Grundstimmung wieder eine faire Chance, das Rennen ums Weiße Haus zu gewinnen.

Er glaube fest daran, das der Grundsatz von Magaret Thatcher noch immer richtig sei: "Erst gewinnst du das Argument und dann die Wahl."

Mit dieser politisch klugen Einlassung stand der Noch-Feldherr nahezu allein da.

Das tut man, aber das kündigt man nicht an, sagte Senator Joe Biden, der Altmeister der demokratischen Außenpolitik.

Hillary Clinton erwiderte auf einer Wahlversammlung in Chicago: "Es war ein großer Fehler, das heraus zu posaunen.
Präsident George W. Bush, der in früheren Tagen selbst gern derartige Präventivangriffe auf dem Gebiet souveräner Staaten empfahl, brauchte mehrere Tage um den Vorstoß abzulehnen.

Das Aufspüren von Terroristen in Pakistan sei eine Angelegenheit der Geheimdienste und nicht des Militärs, sagt er.

Die Mehrzahl der Amerikaner, daran besteht auch im fünften Jahr nach dem Anschlug auf das World Trade Center kein Zweifel, ist eben keineswegs kriegsmüde.

Sie will nicht den Krieg, nur die Erfolglosigkeit beenden.

Viele hassen mittlerweile Bush, der erst den Kriegsgrund ("Massenvernichtungswaffen") und dann das Kriegsende ("Mission accomplished") frei erfunden hat.

Aber die militärische Auseinandersetzung selbst will man deshalb noch lange nicht verloren geben.
Der Feldzug gegen al- Qaida und Co gilt den meisten Amerikanern als die einzig denkbare, geradezu natürliche Reaktion auf den Anschlag vom 11.Sep.2001.

Dem Präsidenten wird nicht die Kampfansage an die Terroristen verübelt, sondern seine Erfolglosigkeit im Irak.
Einer wie Gingrich, der für sich selbst das verstorbene Feindbild des Sowjetkommunisten beizeiten durch einen islamischen Fanatiker ersetzt hat, darf sich bestätigt fühlen.

Völlig korrekt sei das, was der junge Senator da über Pakistan gesagt habe, lobt er gönnerhaft.

Es gefällt ihm, dass da ausgerechnet vom politischen Rivalen ein neues Kampffeld eröffnet wurde, wo doch andere in diesen Tagen schon von Rückzug reden.

Pakistan, sagt Gingrich, sei "enorm gefährlich, wir brauchen eine Strategie". Wobei einer wie Gingrich mit "Strategie" in aller Regel den Einsatz von Raketen, Mörsern und Flammenwerfern meint.

Der Wind hat gedreht in Washington. Amerika befindet sich im Krieg, nicht nur der Präsident.

Die Demokraten greifen zwar weiter den fehlgeschlagenen Irakfeldzug an, aber nicht mehr den gesamten "Krieg gegen den Terror".

Der hat sich durchgesetzt - nicht nur als Metapher.

Vorwurf: Verfolgung Bin Ladens nicht "aggressiv"
Präsidentschaftswahlkampf: Demokraten auf Kriegspfad
Russland: Putin kündigt eigene Raketenabwehr an
11.Aug.2007 Unterschätzte Milliarden- Risiken: US- Kreditkrise erfasst immer mehr deutsche Banken
11.Aug.2007 When Will America Awaken from "The Bush Ultimatum"? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Get a Dose of Progressive Attitude Every Morning: Sign Up for BuzzFlash Alerts -- And Get Buzzed in the Afternoon Too.
Democrats on Saturday touted legislation to guarantee troops time at home between deployments to Iraq. In the party's weekly radio address, Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., criticized President Bush for threatening to veto the bill, contending his administration's policies on troop deployments have weakened the military. 8/12

12.Aug.2007 Federal Judge Appointed by George Herbert Walker Bush in Colorado Was Too Drunk to Remember His $3,000 in Strip Club Charges While He Was Married
Ken Silverstein: The Cost of Caving 8/12

12.Aug.2007 Gen. David Petraeus told a congressional delegation visiting the Middle East that success in Iraq will require a U.S. military presence there for about a decade, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said Friday. 8/11
Helen Thomas: "Bush has the Democrats' number on Capitol Hill. All he has to do is play the fear card and invoke the war on terror and they will cave. What's more, the president has found out that he can break the law and the rubber stamp Democratic Congress will give him a pass every time."
"Backwards Bush" Countdown Clock Keychain

12.Aug.2007 Bush in the Land of Denial: "Iraq strategy sees good results" 8/12
Paul Krugman: Very Scary Things 8/11


In a television documentary, America Rebuilds, Mr. Larry Silverstein made a statement which has been the source of great fascination for 9/11 researchers:

I remember getting a call from the Fire Department commander, telling me they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. 

I said, you know, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it.' 

And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse. Download the video from here:

Why is it of such interest? The answer is because of it's ambiguity, which allows it to be interpreted in two completely different ways:

1) I told them to demolish the building.

2) I told them to withdraw from the building.

(U.S. State Department)

Notice how Silverstein's PR spokesman protects Silverstein by paraphrasing rather than quoting him:

Mr. Silverstein expressed his view that the most important thing was to protect the safety of those firefighters, including, if necessary, to have them withdraw from the building.

This, I suggest, is also carefully crafted. None of these statements could ever be interpreted as clear evidence of either denial or complicity.
Darfur: Wieczorek- Zeul befürwortet stärkeres Engagement der Bundeswehr

11.Aug.2007 Grünes Profil: Hamburg will Klimaschutzhauptstadt werden

11.Aug.2007 Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Wirtschaftsministerium: Hofberichterstattung gegen Anzeigen?
11.Aug.2007 Wackel- Anleihen für 7,8 Milliarden: Mittelstandsbank IKB noch tiefer im Hypotheken- Sumpf

11.Aug.2007 Schmiergeldaffäre: Hinweise auf schwarze Kassen in Liechtenstein über 190 Millionen Euro
So wie das Muster eines Teppichs nicht auf Nahdistanz, sondern erst bei einigem Abstand erkennbar ist, zeigen sich den Archäologen bestimmte Bodenmerkmale nur aus der Vogelperspektive.
"Gier hat Vernunft geschlagen - und zwar auch bei den Profis", schlussfolgert Gerke.

Dabei habe es vor der Krise an Warnungen nicht gemangelt: "Etliche Warnungen wurden in den Wind geschlagen.

Es ist falsch, jetzt zu behaupten, die Risiken und Probleme seien nicht absehbar gewesen."

Derweil kommen immer neue Details der Kreditkrise ans Licht:

So hat der "Financial Times" zufolge auch die weltgrößte Bank Citigroup in den vergangenen Wochen mehr als 500 Millionen Dollar im "Kreditgeschäft" verloren.

Ein Firmensprecher war zunächst nicht für einen Kommentar erreichbar.

In Deutschland sind nach der Mittelstandsbank IKB auch die WestLB und die SachsenLB in den Verdacht geraten, dass sie an den risikoreichen Investments am US-Immobilienmarkt beteiligt waren.

Vorwürfe gegen Ratingagenturen und die Fed
Shuttle "Endeavour": Mit Klebstoff und Flickset im Orbit
11.Aug.2007 Internationales Börsenbeben: Ökonomen warnen vor Panik (Wirtschaft)
11.Aug.2007 Denkmal- Flieger: Altertumsforscher setzen auf Luftbildarchäologie
11.Aug.2007 NEWS VALUES
The thought that news reports should be true dawned on journalists only recently.

Journalists have just as much ...
11.Aug.2007 Former Enron Executive Reveals Truths Government Refused to Hear
... hilarious look at the company that has become the gold standard for ethical misconduct and blinding greed. ·
11.Aug.2007 How Bats' Super Hearing Could Help Blind See  Cool. posted by Prof. Hex
11.Aug.2007 Scientists discover largest-known planet 

Scientists have discovered the universe's largest known planet, a giant ball made of mostly hydrogen that is 20 times larger than Earth and circling a star 1,400 light-years away. posted by Prof. Hex
11.Aug.2007 Russia sparks Cold War scramble : Russian bombers have flown to the US island of Guam in the Pacific in a surprise manoeuvre reminiscent of the Cold War era.

11.Aug.2007 Russian Fleet Worries Israel: Russia’s plans to restore its permanent naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea are causing serious concern in Israel.

The Israelis think that the Syrian ports the Russians are most likely to use will turn into major centers of electronic surveillance and air defense centers and, as such, threats to Israel’s national security.

11.Aug.2007 Facts and Lies /Pat Tillman Case: The Pat Tillman case could bring down the Cheney/Bush Administration for every key top level official, both Pentagon and white House, is involved and they are all apparently lying.

11.Aug.2007 Same Agencies to Run, Oversee Surveillance Program: The Bush administration plans to leave oversight of its expanded foreign eavesdropping program to the same government officials who supervise the surveillance activities and to the intelligence personnel who carry them out, senior government officials said yesterday.

11.Aug.2007 Civil rights group seeks court's spying rulings: A U.S. civil liberties group said on Wednesday it is asking a federal court to disclose its recent legal opinions on the Bush administration's authority to engage in secret wiretapping of Americans.

11.Aug.2007 U.S. Stocks Tumble on Credit Concerns; Banks, Brokers Retreat : ``The fear is feeding on itself,'' said Jeffrey Kleintop, who helps oversee more than $173 billion as chief market strategist at LPL Financial Services in Boston. ``It's what you don't know that seems to be taking over the market.''

11.Aug.2007 Dow Plunges 387 on Subprime Concerns: Wall Street plunged again Thursday after a French bank said it was freezing three funds that invested in U.S. subprime mortgages because it was unable to properly value their assets. The Dow Jones industrials extended its series of triple-digit swings, this time falling more than 380 points.

11.Aug.2007 Welcome to America: When writer Elena Lappin flew to LA, she dreamed of a sunkissed, laid-back city. But that was before airport officials decided to detain her as a threat to security ...
11.Aug.2007 Up to 80 congressmen visit israel in August: They should just hold their next session in Tel Aviv and do away with the useless formality of meeting on Capitol Hill.
11.Aug.2007 UK asked to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: The British Pukhtuns Association on Wednesday appealed to the United Kingdom to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and stop spending huge amount on military activities in the embattled country to bring a durable peace to the region.

11.Aug.2007 War with the Taliban to last some time, says Canadian colonel in Afghanistan: Col. Christian Juneau distanced himself from predictions made a few days ago by Kandahar Gov. Asadullah Khalid that NATO forces would defeat the Taliban in the not too distant future.
11.Aug.2007 UK worried over Taliban’s advance’: UK ministers believe that if Afghanistan falls into the hands of the Taliban, Pakistan may also fall, with dire consequences for British security. According to a report in the Guardian, Britain has been pressing for greater cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but recognises that the border means little to local tribes.
11.Aug.2007 US 'loses track' of Iraq weapons : The US military cannot account for 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols given to the Iraqi security forces, an official US report says.

11.Aug.2007 Republican Commission: Iraq War is Over: It doesn't say that America "lost." According to the conservative NY Sun, "A commission formed to assess the Iraq war and recommend a new course has ruled out the prospect of victory for America."
11.Aug.2007 Iraq's middle class escapes, only to find poverty in Jordan: Rents are high, schools cost money + under-the-table jobs pay little. A survey of 100 Iraqi families this spring found that 64 percent were surviving by selling off their assets.
11.Aug.2007 Iraq imposes 'Saddam style' ban on oil union: Iraq's energy ministry is using a Saddam-era decree to crack down on trade unions and stifle dissent against foreign exploitation of the country's vast oil reserves, the Basra-based oil workers' union claims.
11.Aug.2007 British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region - By - Carlotta Gall
A senior British commander in southern Afghanistan said in recent weeks that he had asked that American Special Forces leave his area of operations because the high level of civilian casualties they had caused was making it difficult to win over local people.

11.Aug.2007 The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story - By - Gary G. Kohls
62 years ago, on August 9th, 1945, the second of the only two atomic bombs (a plutonium bomb) ever used as instruments of aggressive war (against essentially defenseless civilian populations) was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, by an all-Christian bomb crew. The well-trained American soldiers were only "doing their job," and they did it efficiently.

11.Aug.2007 US Hegemony Spawns Russian-Chinese Military Alliance - By - Paul Craig Roberts
This new potent military alliance is a real world response to neoconservative delusions about US hegemony. Neocons believe that the US is supreme in the world and can dictate its course. The neoconservative idiots have actually written papers, read by Russians and Chinese, about why the US must use its military superiority to assert hegemony over Russia and China.

11.Aug.2007 Good Ol' Bill, The Liberal Hero - By - John Pilger
The Clinton scam is symptomatic of the death of liberalism – not its narcissistic, war-loving wing ("humanitarian intervention"), which is ascendant, but the liberalism that speaks against crimes committed in its name, while extending rungs of the economic ladder to those below.

10.Aug.2007 Probleme mit US- Hypotheken: Staatsanwalt ermittelt gegen IK (Wirtschaft)
10.Aug.2007 Brustkrebs- Früherkennung: Kernspin viel treffsicherer als Röntgen
Das hatte der Elder Statesman der US-Forschungsszene mit einem seiner Beispiele, dem DNA-Entdecker Francis Crick, gemeinsam. Der versuchte im hohen Alter, das Wesen des menschlichen Geistes zu entschlüsseln.
Eines Tages werde man vielleicht verstehen, wie in den Neuronen Einzigartigkeit entstehe. Vielleicht seien Forschergeister ja eher imstande, "Fakten aus weit entfernten Hirnregionen miteinander zu verbinden". Wenn sich das eines Tages beobachten lasse, dann könne die Theorie von Charge, Challenge und Chance womöglich bei der Analyse von Experimenten mit bildgebenden Verfahren helfen.

Doch die Frage nach den Gemeinsamkeiten ließ Koshland nicht mehr los. "Wenn wir auf Jahrhunderte wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis zurückschauen, so tritt ein Muster hervor", schrieb er. Alle Forscherentdeckungen, so Koshland, könne man in eine von drei Kategorien einteilen. Und die fangen - ebenso dekorativ wie leicht zu merken - alle mit "Cha" an: Charge, Challenge und Chance:

Charge bedeutet soviel wie Ladung. Und Charge-Entdeckungen lösen Koshlands Typologie entsprechend offensichtliche Probleme, deren Lösungen nicht ganz so offensichtlich sind. Kennzeichnend ist hier, dass die zeitgenössische Debatte geradezu mit einem bestimmten Problem aufgeladen ist. Newtons Gravitationsgesetz oder die Suche nach einem Heilmittel für Herz- und Gefäßkrankheiten seien solche allgegenwärtigen Probleme. Challenge bedeutet Herausforderung. Und diese besteht laut Koshland darin, eine wachsende Zahl von Puzzlestücken zusammenzufügen, die für sich alle unerklärt, rätselhaft oder gar widersprüchlich sind. Einsteins spezielle Relativitätstheorie gehöre ebenso zu diesen Fällen wie die Entdeckung der DNA-Struktur durch Watson und Crick. Diese Kategorie zeigt auch, welche mühselige Kollektivarbeit Forschung ist. Es gebe viele "Aufdecker" in solchen Fällen, oft komme dann aber nur ein Einziger mit der Erklärung daher und gelte fortan als "Entdecker", so Koshland. Chance, also einfach Glück, ist für die dritte Kategorie nötig, den Zufallsfund. Man brauche zwar ein waches Gemüt, um den Fund zu erkennen, doch der Rest klingt reichlich simpel: Pasteur, Röntgen oder Plunkett - "diese Forscher sahen, was niemand zuvor gesehen hatte, und erkannten dessen Bedeutung".
"Jede wissenschaftliche Entdeckung wird durch das Arrangement von Neuronen im Gehirn ermöglicht und ist als solche einzigartig", schrieb Koshland.
10.Aug.2007 Berühmte Entdeckungen: Cha- Cha- Cha- Theorie sortiert Geistesblitze
10.Aug.2007 BND- Ausschuss: Münchner Ermittler stellen Verfahren gegen Journalisten ein
Die Dämmerung hat eingesetzt + der von der Sommersonne ausgetrocknete, staubige Platz vor dem Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt löst das Motto des Camps über den Feen-Staub ein, der laut "Peter Pan" vor dem Erwachsenwerden schützen und Flügel verleihen soll: "In fairy dust we trust."
10.Aug.2007 Does your jewelry fund terror? Original Editorial--- Posted by josephcannon 51 days ago View profile
Malalai Joya, a heroic woman who was forced out of Afghanistan's parliament when she spoke out against the corruption of the warlords installed by the USA, had this to say in a recent PBS interview:
It seems that the U.S. government and its allies want to rely on them [the warlords] and install them to the most important posts in  
read more

10.Aug.2007 Cell phone spying: Pranksters, or a government experiment? Original Editorial--- Posted by josephcannon 46 days ago View profile
Long time readers may have noticed a recurrent theme in our various explorations of Spook World: Telecommunications.

This piece from Washington's News Tribune delivers a particularly odd and frightening variation on that motif. Three families in a town called Fircr   read more
10.Aug.2007 Race for Second Place in Iowa Straw Poll to Test "Strength" of GOP Pygmies
Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he misspoke when he said he spent as much time, if not more, at ground zero exposed to the same health risks as workers combing the site after the Sept. 11 attacks. Straight from the mouth of the horse's a*s.

10.Aug.2007 Daniel Ellsberg: A Personal Vision for Cindy Sheehan's Campaign -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Marjorie Cohn: FISA Revised: A Blank Check for Domestic Spying -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

10.Aug.2007 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Truth-Squadding David Shuster; No good having a 'truth squad' if it's wrong and biased toward the right-wing. 8/11
"Proud to be an American Against the War" Button. Wear It Proudly.

10.Aug.2007 David Sirota: How to End the War? Make GOPers Decide Between Bush and Their Base 8/11
Iowa Governor says state caucus will happen 00.000.2008. If we are all going to do all 50 states at once, let's pick a lovely spring day. 8/11
Dow Jones falls 31 points for the day, a small comeback following a huge tumble to start the day. But the worst does not look like it's over. 8/11

10.Aug.2007 Permalink
Daniel Ellsberg needs an intervention Calling Dr. Fielding! Daniel Ellsberg, whom I admire -- or used to admire -- needs help.

In his Cindy Sheehan endorsement speech, Ellsberg indicates that a head gasket may have burst in the machineries of his mind.
In the first place, he is supporting the candidacy of a fool who has no business in Congress. I am sorry for Ms. Sheehan's loss, but she's a big girl with a big audience + she must take responsibility the far-right crapola she has been peddling lately. She has given mouth service to false claims that the income tax is unconstitutional and that the Democrats started World Wars I and II. Not long ago, only John Birchers and neo-Nazis mouthed such ludicrous sentiments.
Speaking of ludicrous sentiments, let's take a closer look at what Ellsberg has to say:

10.Aug.2007 In Downtown Columbia SC, we have been under aerial surveillance for several years now. Lately, things have slowed down, but prior to the past three months, we have had low flying unidentified aircraft cruising our skies day and night. There have been all sizes of these aircraft. There are helicopters, airplanes and even blimps. Columbia is home to Fort Jackson, largest continental army training base in the US and also is the capital city. # posted by Anonymous : 8:39 AM  
10.Aug.2007 Seems to me that Congress cannot regulate NSA activities until they have some idea as to what they are doing. # posted by Joseph : 7:48 AM  
10.Aug.2007 So if you really really really want to hate the Dems, then you should at least admit that they let you down 00.000.1978 ,not 2007.
And there were people back then who said just that.


Finanztitel zählten vor dem Hintergrund der Kreditkrise auch außerhalb Deutschlands zu den größten Verlierern. Im Mittelpunkt standen erneut Aktien von ABN Amro Holding, die um 5,9 % auf 33 Euro nachgaben. Zwischenzeitlich waren die Titel um mehr als elf % auf 31,20 Euro eingebrochen. Händler begründeten die Kursverluste mit Befürchtungen, wonach die geplante Übernahme der niederländischen Bank an Problemen bei der Finanzierung von Krediten scheitern könnte. So könnte Fortis die zur Finanzierung geplante Ausgabe von Anleihen im Wert von zwei Milliarden Euro "etwas verschieben", sagte Finanzvorstand Gilbert Mittler der Wirtschaftszeitung "Financieele Dagblad". Die belgische Bank plant zusammen mit der schottischen Royal Bank of Scotland (RBoS) und der spanischen Banco Santander (BSCH) die Übernahme von ABN Amro. Ein anderer Börsianer verwies auf vage Spekulationen, wonach auch Barclays sein Übernahmeangebot für ABN Amro wegen Finanzierungsschwierigkeiten zurückzieht. Die britische Bank hat aber derartige Gerüchte derweil dementiert.

"FAZ": Landesbank Sachsen hat Probleme mit US-Krediten

Die Auswirkungen der Krise am US-Hypothekenmarkt sind inzwischen in ganz Europa zu spüren. Die britische Man Group verschiebt nach Informationen der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters ihre Pläne, erstmals einen Hedge-Fonds an die New Yorker Börse zu bringen, auf unbestimmte Zeit. In Deutschland nimmt die Finanzaufsicht Bafin im Zuge der US-Hypothekenkrise eine Fondsgesellschaft der SachsenLB unter die Lupe, wie die "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" berichtet. In Finanzkreisen heiße es, die Bafin führe mit der Landesbank derzeit Gespräche wegen deren Zweckgesellschaft Ormand Quay, für deren Liquidität die Landesbank laut Analyse der Kreditbewertungsagentur Standard & Poor's mit 17,5 Milliarden Dollar geradestehe. Ormand Quay investiert nach Angaben der Zeitung in langfristige Kreditanlagen und refinanziert sich durch kurzfristige Anleihen. Im Juni hätten 82 % der Kredite aus Hypotheken bestanden. Nach Angaben der Landesbank investiere Ormand Quay allerdings nicht in die besonders risikoreichen Ausleihungen an Kunden mit geringer Kreditwürdigkeit - die eigentlichen Auslöser für die Krise. Ormand Quay sei vielmehr eine der größten Zweckgesellschaften der Welt. Dabei handelt es sich um Tochterfirmen, die eigens für bestimmte Geldgeschäfte gegründet werden.
Im Vergleich zu ihren Jahreshöchstkursen haben die Finanzwerte damit zwölf bis 25 % abgegeben.
Michael Fraikin, Anlagevordenker bei der Fondsgesellschaft Invesco.
Wenn es der deutschen Wirtschaft schlecht geht, geht es den deutschen Anlegern doppelt schlecht: Sie verlieren Einkommen + ihr in heimische Aktien angelegtes Vermögen schmilzt dahin, weil die Kurse sinken.
"Beispielsweise zeigen Studien, dass Anleger Aktien, die sie besser kennen, ein größeres Renditepotential und ein geringeres Risiko beimessen. Das ist logisch nicht haltbar", erklärt Markus Glaser von der Universität Mannheim.

Das weckt Erinnerungen an die Jahrtausendwende. Der New-Economy-Boom lief schon eine ganze Weile, doch die meisten Privatanleger kauften erst dann Aktien, als deren Wert schon zu bröckeln begann. Zu lange hatten sie den verführerischen Geschichten gelauscht und gezaudert - jeder kannte einen Nachbarn oder Freund, der von enormen Gewinnen zu berichten wusste. Das DAI verzeichnete 2001 mit 12,85 Millionen die bisher größte Zahl an Aktionären in Deutschland - doch es war zu spät, die Aktien fielen weltweit fast drei Jahre lang.

Dabei habe es vor der Krise an Warnungen nicht gemangelt: "Etliche Warnungen wurden in den Wind geschlagen. Es ist falsch, jetzt zu behaupten, die Risiken und Probleme seien nicht absehbar gewesen."

Eines allerdings ist klar: Dass sich mittelständische Banken wie die IKB überhaupt an solchen Investitionen beteiligt haben und die unsicheren Werte in ihr Portfolio aufgenommen haben, ist nach Ansicht von Investment-Experte Leber schlicht "fahrlässig und außerhalb ihrer Kompetenz". Er hätte die IKB deshalb auch nicht gerettet: "Verantwortungslose Spieler müssen pleite gehen."

Finanzmarktkrise gefährdet Aufschwung

"Wenn durch Liquiditätssignale und Zinssenkung das fehlende Vertrauen wieder hergestellt werden kann, dann sind wir aus dem Gröbsten raus", sagt Ehrhardt. Denn auch wenn nicht nur die amerikanischen, sondern auch die europäischen und asiatischen Finanzmärkte wackelten, sei die Krise letzten Endes eine amerikanische Krise. Denn die Liquidität an den europäischen und asiatischen Aktienmärkten sei eigentlich gut, für die Krise gebe es aus dem Blickwinkel der Bewertung keinen Grund.

"Die Ratten verlassen das sinkende Schiff"

Aber auch die amerikanische Notenbank hat nach Einschätzung von Analysten nicht richtig reagiert. "Sie hätte eindeutige Signale geben müssen, dass sie die Sache im Griff hat", sagt Finanzexperte Ehrhardt. Stattdessen habe man bestimmte Fonds einfach pleite gehen lassen und dabei zugesehen, wie Investoren ihre Gelder abgezogen hätten. "Da ist der Eindruck entstanden: Die Ratten verlassen das sinkende Schiff."
"Das Problem ist seit Herbst letzten Jahres bekannt und wird seit Monaten intensiv diskutiert. Trotzdem haben die Ratingagenturen nicht reagiert", sagt Leber. Er gehe deshalb davon aus, dass es massive Schadensersatzklagen gegen die Ratingagenturen geben wird.
Immer lauter werden die Stimmen, die jetzt die Kontrolleure selbst kritisieren.

Weitaus stärker hält sich dagegen Fondsmanager Leber in seinen Schätzungen zurück. "Nach dem, was bisher bekannt ist, gehe ich davon aus, dass es Ausfälle von 50 bis 100 Milliarden Dollar geben wird - ohne allerdings mögliche Schadensersatzforderungen gegenüber den Ratingagenturen miteinzurechnen." Denn die großen Ratingagenturen wie Standards&Poor's, Moddy's oder FitchRatings sind in seinen Augen mitverantwortlich für das Ausmaß der Krise. Sie beurteilen die Kreditwürdigkeit eines Schuldners, durch einen Code, der von "AAA" (höchste Qualität) bis "D" (zahlungsunfähig") reicht. Investoren verlassen sich gerade bei so komplexen Anlageformen wie es die Hypothekenkredite waren, in der Regel stark auf das Urteil der Ratingagenturen.

Auch das Vorgehen der Banken in Amerika und in Deutschland löst inzwischen Kopfschütteln aus. "Das Neue daran ist, dass der Kreditgeber seine Kreditnehmer nicht mehr kennt", sagt Finanzanalyst Ehrhardt. So seien quasi Immobilien-Darlehen gegeben worden, ohne irgendeine Sicherheit zu haben. Ein Prinzip, nach dem keine der betroffenen Banken normalerweise arbeiten würde. Ehrhardt schätzt, dass etwa ein Drittel der in den USA vergebenen Hypothekenkredite schlechter Bonität nicht zurückgezahlt werden können - was insgesamt zu einem Schaden von etwa 300 Milliarden Dollar führen könnte.
Momentan weiß keiner, wo die unsicheren Kredite sind", bestätigt auch Hendrik Leber, Fondsmanager und Geschäftsführer der Investmentberatung Acatis. Er vermutet, dass es noch eine große Bank erwischen wird, die ebenfalls zu viel in den sogenannten Subprime-Markt investiert hat. "Momentan verleihen die Kreditinstitute deshalb auch untereinander kein Geld mehr, was einen Liquiditätsengpass zur Folge hat, den die EZB mit ihren Finanzspritzen bekämpft."
"Mir war nicht bekannt, dass die IKB und einige Landesbanken so tief in die Hypothekenkrise verstrickt sind und tatsächlich dreistellige Summen in den sogenannten Subprime-Markt investiert haben", sagt Jens Ehrhardt, Vermögensverwalter und Fondmanager der gleichnamigen Fondsgesellschaft. Die Beinahe-Pleite des Staatsfinanzierers IKB in der vergangenen Woche habe zu einem großen Vertrauensverlust der Banken untereinander geführt. "Plötzlich wollte keiner mehr Geld verleihen, weil niemand weiß, welche Bank noch Probleme mit den faulen Krediten aus den USA bekommen wird."
"Alle sind unglaublich nervös. Und es ist die Unsicherheit, die die Märkte tötet", sagte ein Analyst der britischen Großbank Barclays der BBC.

Hektik und riesige Handelsumsätze an den Börsen in Frankfurt, New York, London - die Hypothekenkrise versetzt die Märkte in Alarmstimmung. Die Europäische Zentralbank und die US-Notenbank pumpen massiv Geld in den Markt, um die Lage zu stabilisieren. Analysten warnen: "Es ist Feuer unterm Dach."

Hamburg - Zwei riesige Geldspritzen binnen 24 Stunden - die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) sieht offenbar großen Handlungsbedarf, um der Panik an den Finanzmärkten entgegenzuwirken. 94,8 Milliarden Euro stellten die Währungshüter den Banken schon gestern zur Verfügung. Heute kamen noch einmal 61,05 Milliarden Euro dazu. So viel wie seit den Terroranschlägen vom 11. September 2001 nicht mehr. Die japanische Zentralbank versorgte zuvor den Markt mit rund sechs Milliarden Euro. Am Nachmittag zog auch die US-Notenbank Fed nach und stellte den Kreditinstituten in zwei Schritten insgesamt 19 Milliarden Dollar bereit.

Foto: DPA Video: Reuters
Zuvor hatten die US-Börsen ihre Talfahrt zu Handelsbeginn fortgesetzt - erst nach den Finanzspritzen der Fed beruhigte sich die Lage, zeitweise waren die Indizes sogar im Plus. Am Abend schlossen der Dow Jones mit 0,23 %, der Index der Technologiebörse Nasdaq mit 0,45 % im Minus.

Analysten zeigten sich besorgt: "Wenn sich Notenbanken rund um den Globus zu so etwas veranlasst sehen, dann ist Feuer unter dem Dach", kommentierte Händler Dirk Müller von IFC-Kursmakler. "Es ist schwer abzuschätzen, was da noch hochkommt", so der Experte über das internationale Börsenbeben, das die Krise am US-Immobilien und -Hypothekenmarkt hervorgerufen hat. Über Derivate seien alle Marktteilnehmer weltweit miteinander so verquickt, dass keiner mehr durchblicke. "Wenn es an einem Ende zwickt, kann das das ganze Finanzsystem zum Einsturz bringen", warnte auch ein anderer Börsianer. Die Analysten von ABN Amro schrieben: "Das Kartenhaus beginnt zu wackeln."
Massive Einbrüche: Alarm an den Börsen - Finanzhüter stemmen sich gegen Kreditkrise
Sternschnuppen: Himmelsspektakel am Wochenende
10.Aug.2007 Afghanistan: US- Truppen sprechen von "großer Schlacht" (Politik)
10.Aug.2007 Aktienanlagen: Der Goldrausch an den Börsen ist vorbei
10.Aug.2007 Filmstadt Cinecittà: Ganz Rom niedergebrannt (Kultur
10.Aug.2007 Börsenkrise: Dax sackt ab - EZB pumpt erneut Milliarden in den Markt (Wirtschaft)

20040707 REPORT ON THE USA. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY'S PREWAR INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENTS ON IRAQ ".. circumventing the CIA + briefing their own analysis ...
The Roanoke Slant Saddam’s leader of intelligence lost his head when he hit the end of his rope! ... ...
10.Aug.2007 Leon Trotsky: First 5 Years of the Comintern: Vol.1 (Manifesto of ...

The real masters of the situation + the rulers of state destiny are –

Lord Rothschild +

Lord Weir [14],

Morgan +


Schneider +

Loucheur ...

Minutes of Second Congress of the Communist International

... destiny are – Lord Rothschild and Lord Weir, Morgan and Rockefeller,

... the Kapp-Lüttwitz putsch into a strong counter-revolutionary nucleus which the ...
220403antiwarblogg Allen Dulles brothers, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, George Bush -- all .

Yet if the Morgan putsch had succeeded, America would have been part ...
Banker - News /Nachrichten

Eines der bekanntesten Mitglieder der Rothschild -Dynastie ist tot.

Der Chef von Morgan Stanley, John Mack, engagiert sich für die amerikanische ...
10.Aug.2007 shtml
RatherNotBlog » Blog Archive » Films for Lent

With that caveat, however, Longford tells the story of Francis Pakenham, Lord Longford (played by the wonderful Jim Broadbent) + in particular his ...
20070414 The wonderful Lord Longford said that he was cowardly and had failed to serve his country properly in the war. Robert Maxwell claimed the fall of communism ... 0414.html

10.Aug.2007 Full text of Inslaw's Rebuttal to the Bua Report Michael Riconosciuto served as Director of Research during the early 1980's for ...

According to Michael Riconosciuto, Peter Videnieks was also a close ...
20041210 former Chief of Staff of the US Army the very same General Meyer who had set up the Department of Defense conference in which Michael Riconosciuto had been ...
10.Aug.2007 Rubicon26-32sept08 pm.qxd
< >. 2 Michael C. Ruppert, “Bin Laden’s ... Riconosciuto, Michael, 157, 158, 163,. 165. Ridgeway, James, 10, 149 ...

10.Aug.2007 Bank of Credit and Commerce International. ... also about the apparent frame-up of computer wizard Michael Riconosciuto . ... New York Hatch was BCCI's mouthpiece ...

20041202 Michael Riconosciuto and Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) - for the San Francisco Chronicle would relate: "Cabazons + Wackenhut appeared to be ...
Crossing the Rubicon --- tist named Michael Riconosciuto . Familiar names like Ted Gunderson ... I think they may have also mentioned the name PIRS, ...
+++ Lost Arts Media Online • The PROMIS Software Scandal +++ A ...

Michael Riconosciuto served as Director of Research during the early 1980's for ...

PROMIS is apparently known within the RCMP by the name of P.I.R.S. ...
10.Aug.2007 Sir Rodric BRAITHWAITE Chairman Moscow School of Political Studies ... Sir Michael PAKENHAM Senior Advisor, Access Industries ...
10.Aug.2007 She was a girl from birmingham.

She just had an abortion.

She was a case ... his two younger brothers, Sir Michael Pakenham, a diplomat, was the Ambassador
10.Aug.2007 Ex-ministers cleared to work for lobbying firm | The Guardian ...

Two former ministers, Alan Milburn and Lewis Moonie, were fast-tracked by a ...

IT company Hitachi and on Sir Michael Pakenham, former ambassador to Poland, not ...,,1490823,00.html

Press Releases Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Comprehensive archive of Foreign & Commonwealth Office press releases.

... in succession to The Honourable Sir Michael Pakenham KBE, CMG, who will be ...

Ex-ministers cleared to work for lobbying firm | Special Reports ...

Two former ministers, Alan Milburn and Lewis Moonie, were fast-tracked by a ...

IT company Hitachi and on Sir Michael Pakenham, former ambassador to Poland, not ...,9061,1490856,00.html

20070315 "What was God doing before He made the world?

The Hon Sir Michael Pakenham . Other witnesses. Dr John Chipman. Michael Herman. Dr Brian Jones. ...

Ex-ministers cleared to work for lobbying firm | Special Reports ...

Two former ministers, Alan Milburn and Lewis Moonie, were fast-tracked by a ...

IT company Hitachi and on Sir Michael Pakenham, former ambassador to Poland, not ...,11893,1490857,00.html

Guardian | Ex-ministers cleared to work for lobbying firm

Two former ministers, Alan Milburn and Lewis Moonie, were fast-tracked by a ...

IT company Hitachi and on Sir Michael Pakenham, former ambassador to Poland, not ...,,5200455-103685,00.html

01.Sep.2003 (pt 28) House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for

You are here: Publications and Records > Commons Publications > Commons Hansard > ...

Sir Michael Pakenham (January 2001) John Macgregor (September 1998) Portugal ... /pa/.../cmhansrd/vo030901/text/30901w28.htm

14.Mar.2007 Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction
Dame Pauline Neville Jones .

The Hon Sir Michael Pakenham.

Other witnesses.

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Bernard Connolly is Chief Economist of AIG International + the author of The ...

Both Kennedy + Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, a former Foreign Office ...
ANNEX A Sir Paul Lever.

Dame Pauline Neville Jones .

The Hon Sir Michael Pakenham.

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Dr John Chipman.

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John Kampfner ...
Digg - BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell ... the time of 9/11 ) being run by a woman called Dame Pauline Neville - Jones ? ...

11.Sep.2001 Throw in the AIG insurance debacle along with ENRON files in the SEC + ... _Reported_Building_7_Had_Collapsed_20_Minutes_Before_It_Fell
Digg - BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell

So hey, has no one else here realized that BBC World was (at the time of 9/11 ) being run by a woman called Dame Pauline Neville - Jones ? _Reported_Building_7_Had_Collapsed_20_Minutes_Before_It_Fell?cshow=5434248
Rick Porrello' May, Organized Crime ...

The newspapers claimed that the trio of Gordon + Greenberg + Hassell had ...

Gordon’ s brother, Nathan Wexler, called Theodore + urged him to return to ...
00.May 2005 Houston's Clear Thinkers: Archives + it was precisely what Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill's ...

AIG 's former CEO Maurice " Hank " Greenberg allegedly contacted Mr. Ferguson 00.000.20 00 to ...
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20060311 Those who jump ship tend to dive into the dark seas of conspiracy theory. And we're talkin' 'bout some really weird conspiracy theories.

10.Aug.2007 Calfat - moteur de recherche et annuaire de sites pour les ... des Etats-Unis à l’aide au Liban annoncée par Condoleezza Rice à la Conférence […] ... le site de la stratégie dans l'histoire accueil ...
20050919 le site de la stratégie dans l'histoire. Point de vue de SE Général Vernon Walters ...
Les États-Unis et les Nations Unies · CV - site de STRATISC ... le général Colin Powell, et le nouveau conseiller pour la sécurité nationale, Mme Condoleeza Rice, en font partie.
H? So Bán Nu?c B?-tru?ng Ngo?i-Giao Condoleeza Rice dã ch?t-v?n vi?c này và cho r?ng Trung-Qu?c không có lý-do nào d? ...
jcdurbant » politique He regarded [then National-Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice ] as part of the family.”
Références bibliographiques ( Rice Condoleezza & Zelikow Philip, Germany unified and Europe transformed, ... 1997,
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nationale à la Sécurité, Condoleeza Rice, vise la définition au sein de ...

Le site de l’Institut de Stratégie Comparée : ; ...
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Alban: La bise !
10.Aug.2007 Dialog International: German Politics German-American Discourse on Politics and Culture

... the welfare state + participation in wars that violate human rights laws.
2004071516_Report ... unsparing new history of the Afghanistan/Iraq wars, Imperial Crusades.
20061017 Kadaver düngen Laichgründe - und nähren Junge ... levels of hunger are also gripped by conflicts or civil wars, a report shows. ...
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RWE Dea - Pressemitteilungen 1999

Die CONDEA Vista Company, Houston, Texas/USA, eine Tochtergesellschaft der RWE-DEA Aktiengesellschaft für Mineraloel und Chemie, Hamburg, verkauft ihr ...
RWE Dea - Pressemitteilungen 2000 Hamburg,

21.Aug.2000 , RWE-DEA AG für Mineraloel und Chemie ... Hamburg,

30.Jun.2000 , RWE-DEA AG für Mineraloel und Chemie ...
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AG, Berlin u.v.a.

00.000.1948 verlagert nach Hamburg .

00.000.1970 umfirmiert in Deutsche Texaco AG,

00.000.1989 in RWE-DEA AG für Mineralöl und Chemie .

00.000.2002 wurde von Shell und ...
Stromverschwender RWE-DEA Aktiengesellschaft für Mineralöl und Chemie, Hamburg 99% MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgungs GmbH, Halle 60% Rhenag Rheinische Energie AG 56% ...
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00.000.1988 übernahm die RWE AG die Deutsche Texaco, dies war die Geburtsstunde der RWE-DEA Aktiengesellschaft für Mineralöl und Chemie .
Presseportal: Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH Hamburg (ots) -

Die Deutsche Shell GmbH und die RWE-DEA Aktiengesellschaft für Mineraloel und Chemie, beide Hamburg, haben sich darüber verständigt, ...
Presseportal: RWE Dea AG - RWE Dea erzielt sehr gutes Ergebnis in ...

Euro hat die RWE Dea AG, Hamburg, in den ersten neun Monaten 2003 ein sehr gutes ... sehr hoch waren, geht RWE Dea für das verbleibende Quartal davon aus, ...
0325 Sex macht fröhlicher als Geld Laut der Studie 'Money, Sex and Happiness: An ... Laut der Studie 'Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empirical ...
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13.Dec.2006 - bush insider said collapse was controlled demolishion.
Zogby Poll: Half of New Yorkers Believe Government Complicity in 9/11

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Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies

The world's best webapge on the Pearl Harbor conspiracy and how Roosevelt committed treason to get America into World War II by encouraging a Japanese ...
Harkat informant called 'insane'
Chris Floyd: Bush, bin Laden, BCCI and the 9/11 Commission

Kean Insight. Bush, bin Laden + BCCI + the 9/11 Commission. by CHRIS FLOYD.

When George W. Bush's first choice to head an "independent" probe into the 11.Sep.2001 ...
village voice > news > The 9-11 Truth movement tells a story-and ...

The 9-11 Truth movement tells a story-and is a story-about what happens when the government lies.: The ABC's of 9-11: What Really Happened.,murphy,72254,6.html
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For the second attack on the World Trade Center 00.000.2001, see 11.Sep.2001 attacks.
Who Bombed The World Trade Center? Fbi Bomb Builders Exposed!! Who Bombed The World Trade Center? Fbi Bomb Builders Exposed!! - from the 'Lectric Law Library's stacks.
THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It ...

THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters. by Laurie Mylroie.

ACCORDING TO THE presiding judge in last year's trial, ...
Who Bombed The World Trade Center Who Bombed The World Trade Center?

FBI Bomb Builders Exposed. The_Shadow. Paul DeRienzo, Frank Morales and Chris Flash.

00.Oct.1994-00.Jan.1995 Issue ...
WTC 7 'Pulled' By Silverstein, FDNY - Were Towers 'Pulled' Too?

Does this suggest pre-positioned explosives in the Towers? Hi Jeff - While surfing the net, I came across this information as shown below.
0720 Procter and Gamble versus Bankers Trust : Caveat Emptor If it was to settle its $200 million lawsuit against Bankers Trust Company ... ·
10.Aug.2007 You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not ... Cela signifie que le site web que vous êtes ... ·
10.Aug.2007 » Warum sich unsere Kinder begeistert mit ...

Persönliche Chips werden ferngesteuert überwacht werden, ... Wie hätten sich die Vorurteile eines Joe McCarthy, eines J. Edgar Hoovers oder eines ...
Joe McCarthy - Wikipedia Joe McCarthy wuchs in Germantown, Pennsylvania auf. ...

00.000.1957 wurde Joe McCarthy in die Baseball Hall of Fame gewählt. McCarthy
Komitee für unamerikanische Aktivitäten - Wikipedia

00.000.1951 wurde im Senat eine ähnliche Kommission eingerichtet, die hauptsächlich unter dem Einfluss des Senators Joseph McCarthy stand.ür_unamerikanische_Aktivitäten
2004061924_Report Wissenschaftler haben bereits öffentlich erklärt, sich an die Zeit des berüchtigten Senators Joseph McCarthy erinnert zu fühlen, der in den fünfziger Jahren ... 10.Aug.2007
Geldvermögen der Deutschen wächst weiter
10.Aug.2007 Historia de la Teoría de las Relaciones Internacionales-Facultad ...

Dictionary of the history of ideas, disponible en .

Hale, Guerra y Sociedad en la Europa del Renacimiento 1450-1620, ed . ...
10.Aug.2007 If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down? - 95.10

In a long article in The Washington Post last November, Edward Luttwak, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a conservative think tank in ...
2000 Codes from the National Crime and Information Center (NCIC)

Codes from the National Crime and Information Center (NCIC) 2000 standard.

The appinfo for the schemas Boat Color AME BEIGE BLACK BLUE BROWN BRONZE CAM ...
Captives for Rent

Companies are flocking to rent-a-captives for risk transfer.
Russ Banham, CFO Magazine

00.000.1994 Directory Distributing Associates Inc. (DDA) stopped paying through the nose for workers' compensation insurance.

Fed up with expensive state assigned-risk pools, DDA rented a captive facility instead--and slashed its expenses by half.

"The strategy has driven down our costs and provided more claims control," says Michael Shelton, CFO of the St. Louis­based order-fulfillment company, which currently has 60,000 employees.

"I can finally budget the expense. In the past, I never knew what the next year would bring."

Renting risk transfer may seem off the wall, but it's a proven concept that has kicked around for more than three decades.

With commercial property-and-casualty insurance prices up 5 to 10 percent this year and headed for further increases, many alternative risk- transfer strategies are being dusted off and reconsidered.

Among them is the rent-a-captive.

In Bermuda, the seedbed of the captive movement, segregating cells had been legal but difficult, requiring a private act of Parliament.

New legislation enacted 00.000.2000 (The Segregated Accounts Companies Act) makes this a walk in the park today, requiring only a simple application process.

This has dramatically increased interest in rent-a- captives.
For example, for policy issuing and tax reasons, Atlas buys insurance from a so-called fronting insurance company.

The fronting carrier (Milwaukee-based Legion Insurance Co.) is theoretically liable for the policy losses, although it cedes this risk entirely to IPC Cos., a Mutual subsidiary.

ATLAS IN THE VANGUARD Atlas Van Lines Inc., a national moving company based in Evansville, Indiana, was an early adherent to rent-a-captives.

00.000.1988 -in-"We joined Mutual back simply because we had to get affordable workers' compensation insurance for our truckers, which at the time wasn't available," says Howard E. Parker, CFO of Atlas, which has annual revenues of $550 million.
"If you structure the rent-a-captive program correctly, you can have a real transfer of risk so you have both off- balance-sheet financing and tax deductions," says Kathryn Westover, director of Strategic Risk Solutions Ltd., a Colchester, Vermont-based captive manager and part of the Credit Suisse group of companies.

Captivating Vermont

Spreading from offshore domiciles, rent-a-captive structures have worked their way into the regulatory framework of several U.S. states, including Vermont, Hawaii + South Carolina.

00.000.1999 Vermont was the first, passing legislation that permits the establishment of "sponsored captives"--rent-a-captives that are sponsored by an insurance company, reinsurance company, or captive insurance company. (In offshore domiciles, rent-a-captives can be owned by any type of organization.)
Five of the eight are mortgage insurance captives, including Triad Re, which is owned by Triad Guaranty, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina­ based mortgage insurer. Triad rents cells in its sponsored captives to mortgage originators seeking to transfer their mortgage risks.

Meanwhile, Hallmark Cards Inc. is the first cell occupant of an employee benefits captive sponsored by John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co.

"We're using our cell for the health insurance benefits we provide retirees," explains Richard Heydinger, former director of risk management services at the Kansas City, Missouri-based greeting card manufacturer. (Heydinger retired in January.)
Staff While at Anistics, Mr. Rau was responsible for all of the underwriting decisions for A&A’s rent-a-captive . Much of the business placed in the rent-a-captive ...
10.Aug.2007 The Future Trends in Risk Management and Insurance Worldwide ... - HTML-Version
Rent-a-captive is defined as an existing insurer to insure or reinsure the ... There are five elements that distinguish the rent-a-captive from a ...
The Insurance Crisis for Long Term Care Facilities Sometimes a rent-a-captive will offer a return of underwriting and investment ...

The use of a rent-a-captive is unlikely to address the need for excess ...
Island Adventures With AIG In effect, a company buying coverage from a rent-a-captive acts as its own ...

But it appears AIG may have turned the rent-a-captive world on its head by ...
10.Aug.2007 The Columbia Energy Exception The rent-a-captive represents an evolution of the captive concept and has been in use ... Bermuda is also the leading domicile of rent-a-captive facilities. ...

10.Aug.2007 USRE Risk Alternatives U.S. RE Risk Alternatives’, LLC senior management has formed over 25 rent-a-captive insurance companies worldwide More than 25 years facilitating ...
10.Aug.2007 Captive Insurance 101 Rent-a-Captive – is an insurance company providing access to corporations without the need to capitalize their own captive.

The corporation usually has a ...
Der Risikobegriff im Wandel: Der Mensch und der Umgang mit Risiko ...

Finite Risk Solutions + Captive/Rent-a-Captive Lösung stellen auszugsweise Mechanismen dar, die diese Probleme lösen sollen.
10.Aug.2007 An Introduction to Segregated Portfolio Companies A rent-a-captive structure which does not offer legal segregation of accounts, ...

The segregated portfolio rent-a-captive, offers “fire walls” between ...
Bermuda Captive Magazine - Issue Archive Stand-alone vs. rent-a-captive : The Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000, ...

Accordingly, for smaller hospitals, participation in a rent-a-captive may ...
J & H Marsh & McLennan Management (Guernsey) Ltd - Guernsey - New ...

Unlike the association and group captives, the rent-a-captive programme is designed to transfer no or minimal risk to the rent-a-captive vehicle itself.
Captive Insurance Consulting and Management In some cases, groups of accounts may pool their risk in a rent-a-captive .

Members of the group share risk with one another, but not with other programs or ...
:: RiskNET - The Risk Management Network - Risikomanagement ... Eigenversicherungslösungen wie Rent-a-Captive, Captive oder strukturierte ...

Detaillierte Informationen finden Sie in dem Fact Sheet Rent-a-Captive . Europe_Corporate_Center_of_Exce.53.0.html
1999 Conference Highlights:Rent-a-Captives and Segregated Cell ... The best time to set up or join a rent-a-captive may be in a soft market, ...

A rent-a-captive, or segregated cell facility, is a captive that is shared by ...
Meet the Flockers - HTML-Version
moved its existing rent-a-captive . from Bermuda to Vermont. Why a. rent-a-captive ? “There’s been. demand over the last couple of years ...

10.Aug.2007 Rent-A-Captives For corporate customers who do not have their own captive, a rent-a-captive arrangement is an option. The Rent-a-Captive concept is a risk financing tool ...

ASL Now Manages 2 of the World’s Top 10 Rent-A-Captive . Facilities ... ASL’s Magna Carta Life Rent-A-Captive facility has now been ...

10.Aug.2007 Intercorp Inc. Insurance Program Managers - A Brief Primer of ... The Rent-A-Captive is authorized to write reinsurance and may be able to write ... We suggest that you consider a “segregated cell” type Rent-A-Captive that ...
10.Aug.2007 LABUAN - HTML-Version
Rent-a-captive - must have a person. based in Labuan who is responsible to ... d. rent-a-captive - to furnish list of. clients to LOFSA as at 31 ...
Summit gives brokers insights into consultative services Rough ... Stevens ran through some numbers as to how the rent-a-captive revenues are divided among the loss fund and the expenses for fronting, taxes, commissions,
Captives for Rent - renting risk transfer CFO: Magazine for Senior ... As far as tax deductibility is concerned, " rent-a-captive is a safer bet than ... Not all rent-a-captive strategies would pass muster taxwise if challenged. ...

10.Aug.2007 Captive and Group Captive Insurance Programs by Garnet Captive A rent-a-captive (or rental captive) is a captive formed by an independent, third party.

The third party then allows employers to use a portion of the ...
10.Aug.2007 Insurance News ReleasesThere is a heightened concern among companies to protect the assets in their rent-a-captive account,” said Scott R. Goodby, chief operating officer and ...
10.Aug.2007 Captives: Why Own When You Can Rent? - HTML-Version
establishing a captive or rent-a-captive, there ... and the rent-a-captive issues a policy directly ... small for their own rent-a-captive to realize ...

Last but not least bieten PCC-Lösungen auch ausgezeichnete Möglichkeiten, unterschiedliche Beteiligungen beispielsweise an Geschäftsflugzeugen und/oder Yachten/Schiffen optimal zu gestalten - im Hinblick auf die anspruchsvollen behördlichen Voraussetzungen zur Eintragung entsprechender Besitzverhältnisse eine valable Alternative zu kostspieligen und schwerfälligen "normalen" Firmenlösungen mit unterschiedlichen Aktienwerten/-klassen
Auch im Falle von Uebernahmen (Mergers and Acquisitions) kann die Einrichtung einer PCC/Series LLC-Lösung Vorteile hinsichtlich der teilweise erheblichen Kosten bieten - Zusammenschlüsse von Gesellschaften unterschiedlicher Grösse können via separate "Zellen" optimal gestaltet und den jeweiligen Inhabern (= Einbringern der entsprechenden Werte) die ihnen zustehenden Stimmrechte übertragen werden
1 + 1 + 1 = 3+
Durch die professionelle Gestaltung des einen notwendigen Operating Agreements können Verantwortlichkeiten von den Members (= Aktionären) auf Manager übertragen und so Verantwortlichkeitsansprüche erfolgreich abgewehrt werden
Für Inhaber verschiedener geschäftlicher Interessen kann die Verlagerung von Vermögenswerten in Firmen nicht primär von steuerlichem Interesse sein, sondern im Hinblick auf die zunehmende Gefahr der Haftung für Aktivitäten von Gesellschaften, an denen Beteiligungsverhältnisse offensichtlich sind, von existentieller Bedeutung sein/werden - man denke an den Besitzer einer Tankstelle (Explosionsgefahr/Umweltschäden), der gleichzeitig als Ergebnis seiner erfolgreichen Aktivitäten einige Miethäuser besitzt... ein willkommenes "Ziel von Attacken"
Ogier finance partner, Michael Lombardi commented that:
“The new Incorporated Cell Company provides transaction sponsors and arrangers with a wider range of cost effective structuring options than is currently available elsewhere. It is anticipated that Incorporated Cell Companies will be used for a variety of applications in medium term note programmes, multi-series asset backed securities issues, umbrella investment funds and structured equity products.”

die neue ICC-gesetzgebung auf jersey - sie entspricht im wesentlichen den pcc-regulatorien (protected cell structures) in common law jurisdictions wie beispielsweise anguilla - hat nun offensichtlich bei der französischen bankengruppe société générale anklang gefunden:
Intense competition among traditionally known "offshore" jurisdictions and "onshore" players, such as various States of the United States of America, have caused a visible trend on increasing innovation in the creation and evolution of legal structures, all with the aim of providing better and cost-effective financial services to the international markets. The Protected Cell Company, a multi-use corporate structure, constitutes a clear reflection of this legal-financial engineering dynamic phenomenon, whose success in the marketplace remains on challenge. Geändert von ffbkdavid (03.11.2006 um 14:07 Uhr).
Obviously, the transaction documentation must clearly set forth the rights and obligations of the parties, including the ones of each protected-segregated cellxxxiii
Other jurisdictions, such as Brazilxxiv, Paraguayxxv, Peruxxvi, and Ecuadorxxvii have followed the trend and adopted -either by law or regulation- similar versions of securitization companies, all of which have brought remarkable progress and innovations to the Latin American asset-backed securities markets. Lastly, with the aim of bringing securitization "onshore" the United States, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Insurance Securitization Working Group focused in the adoption of a model law on "special-purpose vehicles"xxviii and on February 6, 2001 agreed -in principle- to such model actxxix, which would facilitate setting up securitization special purpose entities within the USA. This trend shows the increasing and strong competition among jurisdictions to provide the best vehicles to generate structured finance businessxxx.
the Italian securitization company has as precedent the "sociedad securitizadora" (securitization corporation), which originated in Chile by means of Law 19,301 of 1994 (which amended the Securities Markets Laws)xxii. The PCC concept resembles the Chilean sociedad securitizadora in the sense that it also provides for the segregation of assets, which back the different issued securities. Under Chilean law, the sociedad securitizadora is deemed a special corporation ("anónima especial") whose sole purpose is the acquisition of credits (as defined by law) and rights over cash flows + the issuance of debt securities (short or long term instruments);
It has been reported the introduction of single cell/class fund concepts into Italian company law, "which are at odds with the pari passu principle which treats debtors equally on insolvency"xxi. Law No. 130 of April 30, 1999, approved by the Italian Parliament, provides for the creation of "securitization companies", pursuant to which the receivables assigned to such entities are segregated from other assets of the securitization company and may only be attached by holders of the securitization securities pertaining to those receivables.
Securitization of catastrophe risk have taken several forms, which include among the principal ones "contingent surplus notes", catastrophe or "Act of God" bonds (CAT Bonds), CatEPuts + exchange-traded catastrophe optionsxv. In terms of regulatory developments for these purposes, various States in the United States of America have adopted the PCC concept, looking for ways to generate insurance risks securitization business "onshore". In this regard, for example, sponsored by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) -which approved a model law-, Illinois adopted the Protected Cell Company Law (amending its Insurance Code)xvi, which purpose is the creation of "more efficiency in conducting insurance securitization, to allow domestic companies easier access to alternative sources of capital + to promote the benefits of insurance securitization generally"xvii. Rhode Island copied the strategy by means of The Protected Cell Companies Act (Chapters 27-64 of Title 27 Insurance of its Code)xviii + Vermont followed the trend with the concept of the "Sponsored Captive Insurance Company", which is defined in such law as any captive insurance company that segregates each participant's liability through one or more protected cellsxix. Lastly, South Carolina joined also the clubxx.
Protected Cell Companies and Securitization Corporations: Twin Conduits

10.Aug.2007 -00.000.1997 -Since its inceptiont-his entity have evolved from being an alternative to the rent-a-captive scheme and an investment fund vehicle to become a suitable conduit for insurance risk management.
Based on the aforementioned, a PCC may be defined thus as:
A corporation whose patrimony is composed of assets contained in structurally separate parts named "cells" [cellular assets], which are legally and functionally separate, distinct and independent among each other + of assets not constituting "cells" [non-cellular assets], also structurally and legally independent, that has as main legal characteristic the fact that the portion of capital designated to a specific cell is neither liable for the general obligations, commitments or liabilities of the corporation nor for the specific liabilities of the other cells.
It is possible to extract the main characteristics of these entities from the above, as follows:
a) Legal Entity: the PCC has its own juridical personality, thus is capable of owning rights and assuming obligations on its own. The "cells", although being separate individual patrimonies, do not constitute separate entities themselves;
b) "Cellular" Patrimonies: the patrimony of the entity is divided in different "protected cells", which allows segregation of funds, thus enabling ring-fencing among the distinct cells and the core patrimony;
c) "Core" Patrimony: a portion of the PCC's patrimony is composed of general assets ("non-cellular" assets), which are separate and distinct from each of the assets composing the protected cells, creating what is commonly known as the "core cell";
d) Segregation of Assets and Liabilities: the assets allocated to each specific cell may only be liable for liabilities incurred by such cell and thus should not be attached by creditors of the other company's cells. The liabilities unrelated to a specific cell are covered by the non-cellular assets or the core cell. The core assets respond -on subsidiary grounds- once the specific cellular assets are depleted.
In summary, a PCC -structurally speaking- involves a core capital, cellular capital, cellular assets and liabilities + core assets and liabilities. The ring-fencing rules are also applicable to any liquidator or receiver of the entity. Thus the insolvency of a cell should not affect the business of the whole entity or the performance of the other cells.
For each business, activity or agreement contracted, the PCC must disclose which cell is contracting or if the entity is committing its core assets or both, core and specific cell assets. The PCC must have a name and each and every cell must also be clearly identified in the formation documents of the entity. Once formed, these entities may issue shares ("cellular" or "non-cellular" shares, depending on whether they represent an equity interest in a specific cell or in the core assets) or other types of securities. The entity must keep accounting books showing the corresponding patrimonial divisions among the segregated cells and the core cell within the entity.
The Protected Cell Company: a new form of investment fund

No asset protection is provided for the participants of a rent-a-captive program on an individual basis. In order to circumvent such patrimonial risk-fencing deficiency the insurance industry developed the concept of the PCC.
In cases in which a company is not financially capable to self-insure itself it may still obtain self-coverage through the use of a "rent-a-captive" scheme. In this case, such company would share the services of a captive with other companies of relatively similar size, by "renting" part of the capital of the rented captive. Unrelated companies would use then the same captive to insure their risks. The patrimony of the captive would thus cover the underwritten risks of the sponsoring entities in the case a triggering event occurs, as described in the respective policy.
Protected Cell Companies: Grundlagen, Aufbau, Nutzen und Vorteile Einführung
Entscheidend mit zu den Faktoren, die einen wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung ausmachen, gehört die Vereinfachung bei der Realisierung von Projekten Among the different factors that contribute to economic growth are the roles played by "offshore" jurisdictionsi, which in many ways assist or ease different business activities (of commercial, financial or patrimonial nature) around the globe, an aspect often forgotten by many. The operational and business flexibility offered by these jurisdictions is achieved by means of the use of their various legal vehicles or instruments, which in many circumstances facilitate trade, capital flows, legitimately help reduce high/prohibitive tax burdens on business or even assist in fulfilling people's natural and legitimate desires for asset planning and protection. The spectrum of instruments may include -inter alia- the well-known International Business Corporationsii, the traditional common law trusts and captive insurance companiesiii. Authoritative and specialized publications on the subjectiv report a rapid improvement and innovation exemplified by the adoption of laws and regulations giving rise to -among others- private interests foundationsv, the British Nominee Companies, International Headquarters Company, Dual Resident Company and the Open-ended Investment Companies (OEIC)vi, the international corporations from Manx and Jersey, the Irish Non-Resident Company, the American limited liability companies (LLCs) and the Cayman Islands STAR Trustsvii. One of the relatively recent tools available for corporate, tax planning and financial services law practitioners in the comparative legal context is the Protected Cell Company (hereinafter "PCC"), an innovative corporate instrument whose concept, characteristics and uses in the international financial arena are briefly explained in the following paragraphs.
DieThe Protected Cell Company in a Nutshell
These entities originated in Guernsey, specifically by means of The Protected Cell Companies Ordinance 1997 (as amended by "The Protected Cell Companies (Amendment) Ordinance, 1998")viii. Other offshore jurisdictions have followed the path of Guernsey, including the Cayman Islands with its Segregated Portfolio Companies; Bermuda (which passed the New Providence Mutual Ltd. Private Act allowing a PCC structure for this entity); Mauritius (which approved The Protected Cell Companies Act of 1999 [amended 00.000.2000]); and St. Vincent and The Grenadines with their International Insurance (Amendments and Consolidation) Act of 1998 which allows "protected premium accounts" introducing elements of the PCCix. These regulatory schemes constitute a response to claims and heavy lobby from the captive insurance industry and come to resolve structural inefficiencies of the "rent-a-captive" concept. Before describing the intricacies of the PCC it is necessary to briefly express the background which gave rise to this new corporate structure.
The Captive Insurance Companies and the "Rent-a-Captive" Schemes: a background

10.Aug.2007 Offshore - Banklizenz - Banken, Stiftungen & Trusts - Gomopa ...
John Deuss forms Bermuda rent-a-captive. One of the better kept secrets in Bermuda over the last few years has been the entry into the insurance market of ...
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Bermuda Stock Exchange
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John Deuss, Tineke Deuss And Timothy Ulrich Resign From The Bermuda Commercial

10.Aug.2007 Scoop: The Rescue Of Deuss' Visionary Canterbury Tales
John Deuss, multi-millionaire Dutch oil man and, until recently, chairman of ... John Deuss had a vision that, thanks to his hard-earned wealth, almost ...

10.Aug.2007 Protected Cell Companies: Grundlagen, Aufbau, Nutzen und Vorteile ... The Captive Insurance Companies and the " Rent-a-Captive " Schemes: a background ...

Although the rent-a-captive structure represents advantages for the ...
The Protected Cell Companies in a Nutshell 2.1 The Captive Insurance Companies and the " Rent-a-Captive " Schemes: a background ...

Although the rent-a-captive structure represents advantages for the ...
Publicado en internet por Legalinfo-Panama https://www.legalinfo ... Although the rent-a-captive structure represents advantages for the insurance ...

No asset protection is provided for the participants of a rent-a-captive ...
10.Aug.2007 UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED The concept is known in the insurance business as a “ rent-a-captive .”

It is growing rapidly; an estimated 37 percent of the insurance market today is ...
10.Aug.2007 Bermuda Market Solutions A non-controlled foreign corporation Rent-a-Captive facility.

Aria (SAC) Ltd. Segregated Account and Traditional Rent a Captive Programs ...
Bermuda Market Solutions Captive/Rent a Captive Manager. Allegro Insurance Management, Ltd. Company Contact: Andy McComb ( Company Address: Burnaby Building, ...

10.Aug.2007 AMC RE: What is a Rent-A-Captive

A Rent-A-Captive (or Protected Cell captive facility) is basically a captive that is broken down into unlimited mini-captives or what the industry refers to ...
AMC RE: How a Rent-A-Captive works What is a Rent-A-Captive ?

How a Rent-A-Captive works ...

Who can participate ...

Why AMC RE makes sense ...

Complete a profile .
Sep.2003 Dear Policyholder-Owned Alternative Risk ... - HTML-Version
Dear Policyholder-Owned Alternative Risk Financing Facility and Rent-a-Captive Manager,. Business Insurance will publish its annual Bermuda Market Report ...

3) ihre curacao-vermutung ist absolut richtig (die beiden webseiten sind denn auch absolut "kompatibel" bezüglich aufmachung etc.) - ich habe "eigentlich" konkret auch nix gegen herrn deuss einzuwenden (wenn er seine millionen in der eigenen bank verwalten will, ist dies sein gutes recht und hilft sicherlich, die eigenkapitalquote hochzuhalten)... was etwas komisch wirkt, ist die tatsache, dass das "einlagentotal" der bank von jahr zu jahr um einige hundert millionen schwankt und laufend grössere konzeptionelle "umorientierungen" vorgenommen werden... man kann einwenden, das sei eben gerade der vorteil einer eigentümergeführten kleinen bank, dass man auf marktveränderungen rasch reagieren kann... ich habe einfach ein flaues gefühl
_____ also über die bcm ist schon verschiedentlich in einschlägigen foren berictet worden - ich teile ihre vorurteilsfreie beurteilen von herrn deuss nicht - die bank ist extrem abhängig von herrn deuss und die über 90& "cash" in der bilanz machen mich eher stutzig... hat jemand je gecheckt, um was für eine art von "deposits" es sich dabei handelt
_____ deuss hat sein vermögen mit nicht ganz koscheren öldeals gemacht (unter anderem hat er regelmässig das südafrika-embargo verletzt)... der bombenanschlag auf seine villa in den niederlanden ist ja nicht gerade das, was man hinlänglich mit den "lebensumständen" eines seriösen bankers gleichsetzt... oder?
_____ wir unterhalten für verschiedene kunden konten bei der bcm ohne irgendwelche probleme... service ist rasch und kompetent... aber grössere anlagen würde ich bei der bank trotzdem nicht unterhalten
_____ einige hinweise auf "reports" über deuss:
anacott ---
John Deuss forms Bermuda rent-a-captive - Transglobal Insurance

17.Feb.1998 Abstract: Bermuda,. John Deuss forms Bermuda rent-a-captive.
One of the better kept secrets in Bermuda over the last few years has been the entry into the insurance market of Bermuda-based Dutch oil billionaire John Deuss.

Not one for publicizing his business interests, Deuss quietly formed Transg
size 6052 bytes -

12/5/2002 7:14:43 AM GMT
18.Feb.1994 Oil, money and power - the watch-words of businessman John Deuss -Abstract: Bermuda, .

Bermuda-based oil magnate John Deuss, 51, has lived a life that is remarkable even among the rich and famous.

Since his first car dealership went bust in the 1960 s, he has outwitted the Soviets, broken an oil embargo in South Africa, had his home fire-bombed by anti-apartheid ...
im übrigen gibt es einige seriöse offshore-banken, die völlig unabhängig von großen bankgruppen sind.

i. d. z. verweise ich auf die eigentümerstruktur der bermuda commercial bank in hamilton. der ceo, john christian deuss, ein holländer, dem auch einige andere unternehmen gehören und ein geschätzes vermögen von 700 mio usd besitzt, kommt auch ohne große bankengruppen aus.
wir hatten vor jahren 'mal eine bank in palau gegründet... absolutes nightmare... oder verstehen sie unter "seriöses offshoreinstitut" das jährliche zittern, ob ihre lizenz ohne lieferung eines kleinwagens an den zuständigen beamten/minister erneuert wird?
also ICH kenne keine einzige seriöse offshorebank, die nicht an eine reputierte internationale bankengruppe angeschlossen ist.

.. und das kürzliche desaster um die so hochgerühmte BANK CROZIER lässt mich raten: HÄNDE WEG! trotzdem viel glück ffbkdavid
Bermuda Stock Exchange
Bermuda Stock Exchange - the world's first off-shore electronic ... BSX News. John Deuss, Tineke Deuss And Timothy Ulrich Resign From The Bermuda Commercial ...
10.Aug.2007 Offshore - Banklizenz - Banken, Stiftungen & Trusts - Gomopa ...
John Deuss forms Bermuda rent-a-captive.

One of the better kept secrets in Bermuda over the last few years has been the entry into the insurance market of ...
Phelps Media Group International -- Equestrian Public Relations ...

John Deuss, our sponsor for the Team Spectacular for the past 10 years, ...

WHERE: Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club, 14440 Pierson Rd., Wellington, ...
Phelps Media Group International -- Equestrian Public Relations ...

John Deuss and Windsome Farm have sponsored Wellington Dressage and the $25000 ...

WHERE: Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club, 14440 Pierson Rd., Wellington, ...
00.000.2006 HorseWeb: Press Releases: Winter Equestrian Festival Dressage ...

USET Foundation Awards Equestrian Bowl National Dressage Championship Trophy to Steffen ... at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida.
HorseWeb: Press Releases: Wrap-up for Zada Enterprises, LLC ... USET Foundation Awards Eque

strian Bowl National Dressage Championship Trophy ... at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club following four days of competition. ...
2006 Winter Equestrian Festival Dressage Competition Kicks Off ...

Front Page Articles & Features Equestrian Events Equestrian Shopping Directory ... at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida.

00.000.2006 Florida Horse.Com-WEF - Wellington Dressage

00.000.2006 Winter Equestrian Festival Dressage Competition Kicks Off ...

02.Feb.-----05.Feb.---- -at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida.

Florida Horse.Com - 2006 WEF -Zada Enterprises, LLC Florida ... at Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida,

16.Feb.2006-19.Feb.2006 ... at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club following four days of competition. ...
Canada Equine ...On-Line News: Wrap-up for Zada Enterprises, LLC ... at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club following four days of competition.

Equestrian Festival for 10 years with the sponsorship of John Deuss and ...
Equus Directory ...

19.Feb.2006 at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club.

"John Deuss, our sponsor for the Team Spectacular for the past 10 years, is extremely pleased ...
10.Aug.2007 Tommy Bahama Palm Beach Open, CSI ***/W Palm Beach Polo Equestrian ...

10.Aug.2007 swissinfo - Dutch businessman Deuss arrested in Bermuda
... British mid-Atlantic territory took John Deuss, 64, once considered one of the ...

Deuss recently stepped down from the board of Bermuda Commercial Bank and ...
Blog Archive - ALERT: John Deuss Reported to have been Arrested and ...
The Sanity Check ... ALERT: John Deuss Reported to have been Arrested and Extradited to Holland for Trial.

10.Aug.2007 Internationale Aktion gegen Umsatzsteuer-Betrüger - Betrug - Sonstiges - Gomopa: Finanzen, Vorsorge & Geldanlage
Betrug - Sonstiges - Internationale Aktion gegen Umsatzsteuer-Betrüger. ... auch der vielen Forenleser bekannte John Deuss, CEO und u. a. Eigentümer der ...

10.Aug.2007 Markenzeichen: US- Pharma- Riese verklagt das amerikanische Rote Kreuz

10.Aug.2007 Hochwasser: Tausende Helfer kämpfen gegen das Flutchaos
10.Aug.2007 Philippinen: Dutzende Tote bei Gefechten auf Jolo - Tausende auf der Flucht

10.Aug.2007 Darfur: "Die Menschen brauchen Hilfe - sofort!"
10.Aug.2007 Zwangsehen: Mütter drohen heiratsunwilligen Töchtern mit Selbstmord (Politik)
10.Aug.2007 Zwischenfall beim Shuttle- Start: Isolierschaum könnte "Endeavour" beschädigt haben

10.Aug.2007 Globale Erwärmung: Sonne ist unschuldig am Klimawandel
10.Aug.2007 Knochenarbeit: Skelett greift aktiv in Stoffwechsel ein

10.Aug.2007 Steuerprozess: Staatsanwaltschaft verzichtet auf Revision gegen Strauß- Freispruch
10.Aug.2007 Börsenminus: Dax verliert auf breiter Front

10.Aug.2007 Dritter MKS- Verdachtsfall: Britische Behörden richten neue Sperrzone ein

10.Aug.2007 Tipps für Urlauber: Hochwasser behindert Auto- und Zugverkehr

10.Aug.2007 Flüchtlingskommissariat: Uno wirft Deutschland Bruch des Völkerrechts vor
10.Aug.2007 Terrorabwehr: USA wollen Fluggastdaten schon vor dem Start
10.Aug.2007 US- Friedensaktivistin Sheehan: Peace Mom tritt gegen Pelosi an
10.Aug.2007 Flugzeugunglück in São Paulo: Laut Airbus gab es keine Panne an Bord

10.Aug.2007 Kursabsturz: US- Immobilienkrise lässt Asiens Börsen absacken
10.Aug.2007 Raketenstreit mit Russland: Sicherheitsrat lässt Georgien abblitzen
10.Aug.2007 Alarm am Rhein: Hochwasserwelle rollt - Politik warnt vor neuen Jahrhundertfluten

10.Aug.2007 Alarm am Rhein: Hochwasserwelle rollt - Politik warnt vor neuen Jahrhundertfluten
09.Aug.2007 Irak: Bush droht Maliki mit ernsthaftem Gespräch

10.Aug.2007 Panikartige Verkäufe: Hypothekenkrise reißt Börsen ins Minus

10.Aug.2007 Haditha- Massaker: Anklagen gegen US- Soldaten fallengelassen

No one really knows how big the current credit problems are and who does or does not have significant risk exposure.

This is undermining confidence in the system as a whole," said Charles Diebel, head of European rates strategy at Nomura International.

"The problem here is that if funding costs spike, it will create a lot of issues for leveraged accounts and may force loss crystallisation."

Fed gives few clues for edgy investors

The Fed threw the markets a bone, commenting on recent market volatility and tighter credit conditions”

The Federal Reserve kept its key interest rate unchanged on Tuesday and signaled that it still expects to avoid cutting short-term rates despite the recent tumult in credit markets + on Wall Street. via News Observer

Red Cross sued for use of cross emblem

For a multibillion-dollar drug company to claim that the Red Cross violated a criminal statute ... simply so that J&J can make more money, is obscene”

Johnson & Johnson, the health-products giant that uses a red cross as its trademark,

sued the American Red Cross on Wednesday, demanding that the charity halt the use of the red cross symbol on products it. via Myrtle Beach Online

Mortgage defaults growing, AIG says

Residential mortgage delinquencies and defaults are becoming more common among borrowers in the category just above subprime,

American International Group said Thursday. via Free Republic Posted by roboblogger 6 hrs ago | Permalink |

Mortgage defaults grow: AIG

Another rough day on the subprime front. AIG, the world's largest insurer + one of the biggest mortgage lenders, said

residential mortgage delinquencies + defaults are becoming more common among borrowers ... via

Global Alpha has long been a top performer, fueling growth in Goldman Sachs Asset Management and making the bank one of the world's largest hedge fund managers.

Over the years, the fund fattened the wallets of Goldman insiders who invest in it.

Goldman joins other investment banks managing hedge funds that have struggled amid recent market turbulence.

Swiss bank UBS (UBSN.VX: Quote, Profile, Research) was forced to shut down Dillon Read Capital Management less than two years after its launch following losses on mortgage markets.

Bear Stearns Cos. (BSC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) shares + its reputation, were slammed as two of its mortgage funds suffered losses, outflows and then filed for bankruptcy.

Earlier Thursday, French bank BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA: Quote, Profile, Research) froze 1.6 billion euros ($2.21 billion) worth of funds, citing problems over U.S. subprime mortgages.
Goldman on Thursday insisted it was "business as usual" at Global Alpha, its flagship $9 billion macro hedge fund, amid a third day of speculation the investment bank was selling off parts of its portfolio.
09.Aug.2007 Godlike Productions - BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup ...

00.000.1936 William Dodd, the US Ambassador to Germany, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in which he stated, "A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent ... Plot to Overthrow FDR includes references to Prescott Bush banks ... ...this letter, dated

00.000.1936 from William Dodd, the US Ambassador to Germany, to President Roosevelt makes clear: "A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent ...
Giltner Review: A7News: Freedom for Jewish Prisoners Demanded Billionaire oleh [immigrant to Israel] Arcady Gaydamak has won the ...

... the Israel Prison Service, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Israel, and Dance. ...

2003-10-03 ARMING ... Falcone and Gaydamak have extensive investments in Angola in oil and diamonds.

Koichiro Matsuura, the Unesco director-general, has expressed his ...
20050418 ... that has ...

Arcadi Gaydamak, associé de Falcone, est une figure emblématique de ces connexions ...
Eclético Foi nomeado diplomata na UNESCO para ter imunidade e fugir à Justiça ... de armas qual foi o seu papel e do seu sócio na empresa Brenco, Arcadi Gaydamak ?
Accountability International ... Falcone - Angolan Ambassador to UNESCO (The United Nations Educational,

... Russian émigré businessman Arcadi Gaydamak, are alleged to have arranged up ...
PSITACÍDEO No caso da Terra Verde, entre os seus parceiros estará o russo Gaydamak . Em

00.000.2004 em declarações à BBC, Gaydamak, acusado de traficar armas para Angola, ...
Comparing flashbulb memories of September 11 and the death of ...
LIA KVAVILASHVILI*, JENNIFER MIRANI, SIMONE SCHLAGMAN. and DIANA E. KORNBROT. University of Hertfordshire, UK. ABSTRACT. This study examines flashbulb ...


11/23/06 Brazil, Ghana, Honduras, Malaysia, Senegal, Spain, UK, Zambia ... towards the residents of people at the refuge camp, wounding many - including children.
09.Aug.2007 Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA
Bush + Farish schmieren SS-Chef Heinrich Himmler über Emil Helfferich, Kurt von Schroeder + ... ein Mitglied der ultrakonservativen Knights of Malta, ...

FLEDERMAUS Die Kleine Hufeisennase (lat. Rhinolophus hipposideros) ist in Deutschland vom Aussterben bedroht.

In Sachsen gibt es nach Angaben des sächsischen Landesamtes für Umwelt und Geologie noch etwa 650 Tiere.

Mit einer Größe von vier Zentimetern, einer Flügelspannweite von 25 Zentimetern und einem Gewicht von vier bis neun Gramm gehört sie zu den kleinsten Fledermausarten in Europa.

Ihren Namen bekam sie wegen eines Hautaufsatzes an der Nase in Form eines Hufeisens.
"Caral war eine geplante Stadt", sagte Ruth Shady. Die peruanische Archäologin von der San-Marcos-Universität in Lima entdeckte die Ruinen 1994 und war erstaunt über die Größe und Komplexität.

Als in Ägypten die ersten Pyramiden entstanden, war Caral schon eine lebendige Stadt: Die Archäologen datierten ihre Entstehung auf 2627 vor Christi.
Die 4600 Jahre alte Ruinenstadt Caral ist die älteste Amerikas - und Zeugnis genialer Bauherren.

Eltern empfehlen die Forscher jedenfalls, den Fernsehkonsum ihrer Kinder so klein wie möglich zu halten.

Eltern, die ihre Kinder besonders gut fördern wollen, sollten stattdessen lieber zu Büchern greifen und diese vorlesen.

Denn auch das hatte die Befragung ergeben:

In Familien, wo viel erzählt und vorgelesen wird, waren die Kinder dem Durchschnitt in Sachen Sprachkenntnisse ein Stück voraus.

Lernen von Menschen funktioniert am besten

"Die Ergebnisse haben uns überrascht, erscheinen aber logisch", sagte Andrew Meltzoff von der University of Washington.

Es gebe nur eine begrenzte Zeitspanne, in der junge Babys wach und aufnahmefähig seien.

Wenn diese Zeit vor dem Fernseher verbracht werde statt mit den Eltern, dann machten die Kinder nicht dieselben sprachlichen Erfahrungen.
Die neue Studie ist Teil eines größeren Forschungsprojekts, das die Auswirkungen von Medienkonsum auf Kleinkinder untersucht.

Nach früheren Untersuchungen des Wissenschaftlerteams schauen bereits 40 % aller Säuglinge im Alter von drei Monaten fern, im Alter von zwei Jahren steigt diese Quote auf 90 %.

Viel gucken - weniger verstehen

Denn statt zu fördern könne eine übermäßige Nutzung der Videos gar den Erwerb von Vokabular im Alter bis zu 16 Monaten verlangsamen, sagte Frederick Zimmermann von der University of Washington.

Jede Stunde, die ein Baby pro Tag mit einer DVD verbringe, verringere die Zahl der Vokabeln, die es verstehe, um sechs bis acht.

Dies gelte im Vergleich zu anderen Kindern im Alter bis zu 16 Monaten, die keine Lernvideos schauten, schreiben die Wissenschaftler im Fachblatt "Pediatrics".

Bei Kindern im Alter zwischen 17 und 24 Monaten fanden Zimmermanns Team weder positive noch negative Effekte des Videokonsums.

"Das wichtigste Ergebnis unserer Studie ist, dass es keine eindeutigen Beweise für einen positiven Effekt der Baby-DVDs gibt", sagte Zimmermann, es gebe vielmehr Hinweise auf schädliche Wirkungen.

Je mehr ein Kind solche Videos anschaue, umso größer sei dieser negative Effekt.
Groopman: Die Gefahr, Symptome überflink auf eine naheliegende Ursache zurückzuführen, ist groß.

SPIEGEL: Sie behaupten, rund 15 % aller Diagnosen seien falsch ...

Groopman: ... ja + zwar in den USA wie in Europa. Eine der Studien kommt zum Beispiel aus München.

SPIEGEL: Und worin sehen Sie die Ursache dieser hohen Fehlerquote?

Groopman: Vor allem im Ausbildungssystem. Ganz gleich in welchen Land, überall gibt es einen älteren Doktor als eine Art Meister.

Die angehenden Ärzte beobachten, was der tut + dürfen manchmal mit ihm reden. Doch wie es zu Irrtümern und Trugschlüssen kommt, das ist nicht Teil der Ausbildung.

Dabei gibt es einen eigenen neuen Zweig der Kognitionsforschung, der sich ganz speziell mit Denkfehlern beschäftigt.

SPIEGEL: Was ist ein typischer Denkfehler?
Tatsächlich haben die bisherigen Rechenmodelle meist nur Faktoren berücksichtigt, die außerhalb des Klimasystems liegen - wie etwa Treibhausgase, Sonnenstrahlung oder
Aerosole in der Atmosphäre. Die inneren Schwankungen blieben dagegen weitgehend unberücksichtigt - vor allem wenn es um die Vorhersage des kommenden Jahrzehnts ging. Denn hier fallen die natürlichen Temperaturschwankungen stärker ins Gewicht als bei Szenarien, die sich etwa auf die kommenden hundert Jahre beziehen.

Jetzt aber haben britische Wissenschaftler im Fachblatt "Science" (Bd. 317, S. 796) erstmals ein Rechenmodell vorgestellt, das aktuelle Messdaten aus der Umwelt in die Vorhersagen integriert und die natürlichen Schwankungen berücksichtigt. Den Klimaskeptikern dürfte das Ergebnis jedoch kaum gefallen. Im Gegenteil.

Frankfurt am Main - Der Dax ist heute wegen der Krise am US-Hypothekenmarkt tief in die Verlustzone gerutscht. Zuletzt schloss der deutsche Leitindex mit 7454 Punkten rund zwei % unter dem Vortagesniveau.

Der MDax verlor zeitweise sogar 3,6 % an Wert. Dow Jones und Nasdaq dreht nach zunächst freundlichem Start ebenfalls ins Minus.

Gegen 20 Uhr hatte der wichtigste US-Aktienindex gut 1,4 % verloren, der Nasdaq lag etwas mehr als 1,2 unter Vortagesniveau - und das, obwohl dort in erster Linie Tech-Werte notiert sind und keine Finanztitel.
Neues Rechensystem: Klimaforscher prophezeien Hitzerekorde in Serie
09.Aug.2007 Südengland: Legionärskrankheit im MKS- Gebiet
09.Aug.2007 Arktis- Ansprüche: Auch Kanada nimmt den hohen Norden ins Visier
09.Aug.2007 Hypotheken- Krise: Finanzwerte reißen Dax ins Minus
09.Aug.2007 WestLB- Krise: Gerüchte drücken Dax nach unten
09.Aug.2007 Tabuthema Ärztefehler: "15 % aller medizinischen Diagnosen sind falsch"
09.Aug.2007 Schädliche Lernvideos: Baby- DVDs können Sprachentwicklung bremsen
09.Aug.2007 Hypotheken: Kreditkrise erreicht Geldmarkt
Süddeutschland: Meteorologen erwarten Rekordhochwasser
G- 8-Gipfel: Ermittlungen gegen Zivilpolizisten eingestellt
09.Aug.2007 Vorwärts- Verteidigung: Nasa findet keine Belege für betrunkene Astronauten
09.Aug.2007 Musharraf unter Druck: Notstands- Gerüchte sorgen für Unruhe in Pakistan

09.Aug.2007 Volkszählung: Weiße US- Amerikaner werden Minderheit

Homo erectus tauchte wohl erstmals vor 1,9 Millionen Jahren in Afrika auf und hielt sich extrem lang: Erst vor etwa 40.000 Jahren ereilte ihn das Ende.

Wenn aber laut der Spoor-Datierung vor 1,44 Millionen Jahren auch der Homo habilis im Gebiet des heutigen Kenia lebte, dann müssen die beiden Arten eine halbe Million Jahre nebeneinander existiert haben.

Ins Bild einer einzigen Entwicklungslinie hin zum modernen Menschen passt das nicht.

Die Autoren formulieren es in "Nature" (Bd. 448, S. 688) höflich: Der neue Fund mache die bisherige Annahme "unwahrscheinlich".

Vermutlich seien beide Urmenschen-Arten vor zwei bis drei Millionen Jahren aus einem gemeinsamen Vorfahren entstanden, hätten unterschiedliche ökologische Nischen besetzt und dadurch direkte Konkurrenz vermieden.

So gebe es Hinweise darauf, dass Homo habilis mehr pflanzliche Nahrung zu sich genommen habe, Homo erectus hingegen mehr Fleisch.
Vorfahren: Fossilien lassen menschlichen Stammbaum wackeln
Fettleibigkeit: Partnerwahl verschlimmert Epidemie
09.Aug.2007 USA: Priester joggte nackt (Panorama)
Carl Friedrich von Siemens, CEO of the. eponymous industrial giant, became president of the RKW and his right hand, Carl . Köttgen, its main executive ...

09.Aug.2007 Internationale Kapitalflüsse - HTML-Version
00.000.1979 – Geiselnahme in US- Botschaft in Teheran . Präsident Carter ...

13.Apr.1920-17.Jun.1982 Roberto Calvi was an Italian banker known to ...üsse.pdf
20041028 ... government issues a terror warning, the president's approval rating increases an average of nearly three points, a Cornell University sociologist says.

May 2006 The Yorkshire Ranter At the time, Viktor Bout had a lucrative operation flying fuel to ...
5. Move on. There is nothing to see here. Sources:
5. (Source document)
7. (Source document)

4. They are allies. During Iran-Contra, Israel and Iran were allies as well even though they pretended to be arch-enemies to the outside world.
N911UN in Greece
Willy Hilliard used to own the Falcon N911UN as well. Hopsicker called it very peculiar because of the UN ( United Nations ) extension (7), however I liked the 911 part as well.
The Falcon was bought from Sky Bus Inc. and is currently owned by Freedom Flotilla aviation . I love that name as well, since on

28.Mar.1980 Fidel Castro unleashed spies and thugs against America and that event was called Freedom Flotilla. (11)
9/11 Commission Ben-Veniste
Ben-Veniste who defended Barry Seal during the Mena drug running (Iran/Contra) was part of the 9/11 Commission. (9)

It is equally cool that

11.Sep.2001 -in the middle of the night following the attacks of-

Jeb Bush even though he is the Governor of Florida

still can find the time

to help the federal agents

seize the records from Huffman Aviation + load them onto a C-130 (10)
Iran-Contra: A Cast of Characters

00.000.1983 -beginning- Secord's partner.

Translated and negotiated Iran arms deals.

First round middleman;

Involved in Hawk missile shipment.
This was formed by Leo Cherne, business partner of CIA Director William Casey.

Singlaub was a commander of MAG-SOG;

Oliver North and Richard Secord were ...
09.Aug.2007 Democratic Underground - Abramoff/Iran-Contra connections

Jack was also involved with the General Council of Islamic Banks ... military personnel Major General John Singlaub and Brigadier General Albion Knight. ...
Democratic Underground - Roger Fontaine is a related person of ...

00.Jan.1981 Sherwood was involved in yet another strange saga, starroute ...

Sherwood's partner has been used as an Iraq war consultant on Fox .
Albert Hakim The two men told Sheehan about a group of former CIA agents + assets were involved in illegal arms deals with the Contras in Nicaragua + the Mujahideen ...
09.Aug.2007 Mitterrand's son faces arms deal trial Independent, The (London ... PARIS

00.000.1990-00.000.1999 -arms deals with Angola- The son of the former French president Francois Mitterrand is one of 42 people accused of being involved in ...
Accuracy In Media - AIM Report

00.000.1986 Brenneke first surfaced in the press with stories that he had been involved in an arms deal with Iran . He said then that he had called Col. ...
09.Aug.2007 DC Indymedia: MI5 MI6 SAS Body Count.

It has been long rumoured that Mark Thatcher the son of the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was involved in secret arms deals with Chile .
09.Aug.2007 S Security Council - HTML-Version
Believed to be a Ukrainian national involved in arms deals with UNITA ; no. further information has been recorded by the Mechanism. Victor Anatolyevich/Bout ...

09.Aug.2007 Of Scorpene, Scorpions and the coming ‘sting’

... found to be a ‘‘secret shareholder’’ in Nkobi, a company owned by high-profile businessman Schabir Shaik, who was involved in the arms deal with Thales .
1 Aufarbeitung der Beziehungen Schweiz - Südafrika während der ... - HTML-Version
Swiss companies involved in arms deals with South Africa remain masked .

Before the Ministers’ intervention, repeated attempts at clarification failed to ...
1 Umkämpfte Klagen: Chronologie. KURZVERSION 16. Juni 2002 - 31 ...
The names of Swiss companies involved in arms deals with South Africa remain masked, but Groenink said the documents revealed the „wholeheartedness„ with ...

09.Aug.2007 Radio Islam: Israeli businessmen suspected of ties to Peruvian ...

Ugaz mentioned the names of several Israeli businessmen allegedly involved in arms deals with Montesinos .

"An Israeli lawyer named Mordechai Mincher is the ...
APFN The Iran-contra affair itself involved arms deals with terrorists .

After the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, Bob Woodward reported in ...;article=112617;title=APFN
09.Aug.2007 - iran contra inderlying facts.txt

Ghorbanifar iran contra in wmd probe.txt.

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bolton involved in reagan drug running contras.txt ...
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GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub + Singlaub partner, Studley, Barbara, procured $5.3 ...

So numerous were the organisations involved + so many were their ...
Search results for "Contra" Rafael Quintero, Felipe de Diego, Virgilio Gonzales (also involved ... GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub + Singlaub partner, Studley, Barbara, ...

09.Aug.2007 Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Part I Iran/contra: The Underlying Facts

McFarlane enjoined North from getting involved in direct fund-raising for the contras, ... an Israeli arms merchant + business partner of Schwimmer .
Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Chapter 2 United States v. Oliver L ...

Singlaub within the previous 20 months; (4) raised funds in support of the ...

Secord's business partner Albert Hakim set up for North in Switzerland, ...
Bush book: Chapter -18- We cannot provide here a complete overview of the Iran-Contra affair.

... that other government officials involved in them had kept him in the dark; ...
Christic Institute RICO Iran Contra CIA

As a partner in the Brock Group, a lobbying firm that according to Justice ... defendants named were retired Generals Richard Secord and John Singlaub, ...
00.Oct.1995 AMTRAK ... The Lone Gunmen´s Current Affairs -BEHIND THE -

What Roberts and his sheriff partner also discovered was that 90 minutes away by ... reportedly involved in drug smuggling during the Iran-Contra period.
Iran/Contra Connections to

00.000.1985 Gary Best became a partner in his toy company, which he and other ... -

Bob Fletcher, another figure on the periphery of Iran-Contra, claims that- _911.html
The Dark Allience - Gary Webb /SJMN Series

That FBI report, part of the files of former Iran-contra special ...

Lister was involved in transporting drug money to Miami and was Blandon's partner in ...
SC Nominee has an Iran-Contra connection?

Others involved with the dinner said the largest consultant payment - $50000 - went to Miner and ...

2. The Bush administration is an Iran-Contra mafia.
Democratic Underground - Iran-Contra for dummies

31. Iran-Contra for dummies ... recently Hani Hanfour's former partner (? ... Database Technologies owner involved drugs smuggling, DrDebug, Jul-12-06 08:12 ...
The origins of Iran-Contra: Lessons from the Durrani Affair
00.000.1986 to investigate the Iran-Contra scandal.

00.Jan.1994 -In his Final Report released in- Walsh held the origins of “The Iran operation involved efforts ...
Stuff To Read » Blog Archive » Iran/contra: 20 Years Later and ...

Only Thomas Cline, a former CIA officer + partner of Secord + Hakim, who was found guilty of tax charges,

ended up going to jail due to the Iran/contra ...
Felix Rodriguez: Coca Contra Airport Manager

01.000.1984 the FBI arrested Rodriguez's partner, Gerard Latchinian + ... involved in drug trafficking. For the first time, I had come face to face with the ...
Hostages - News - Times Topics - The New York Times - Narrowed by ...

US Seeks Money From Iran-Contra Affair.

The Justice Department today filed a civil lawsuit against a retired Air Force general and his business partner to ...
John M. Poindexter News - The New York Times - Narrowed by 'IRAN ...

THE IRAN-CONTRA REPORT: The Overview; WALSH CRITICIZES REAGAN AND BUSH OVER ... to prosecute those involved, people who have read the report said today. - iran contra inderlying facts.txt

Ghorbanifar iran contra in wmd probe.txt.

ayatollah khomeini arrives from air france.txt.

bolton involved in reagan drug running contras.txt ...
Iran-Contra Affair -- Britannica Concise Encyclopedia -

Iran-Contra Affair US political scandal in which the National Security Council (NSC) became involved in secret weapons transactions and other activities
Iran-Contra Affair; North, Oliver -- Britannica Student Encyclopedia

Iran-Contra Affair (Encyclopædia Britannica). US political scandal in which the National Security Council (NSC) became involved in secret weapons ...
The Lantern Brigade: Iran/Contra

A business partner says that Mr. Cheney told him that Watergate was merely “a ...


... the elder Bush also denied being involved in Iran contra ; ... - From Partner to General Counsel to Defendant

"He has been involved in our dealings with the White House, the Department ...

Iran-Contra inquiry and

00.000.1993 had then signed on as a Paul Weiss partner , ...
Iran-Contra Affair - RecipeFacts It involved several members of the Reagan Administration who

00.000.1986 helped sell arms to Iran, an avowed enemy, ...
Iran Contra Connections to the Oklahoma Bombing

The Iran-contra affair itself involved arms deals with terrorists.

After the ...

A senior partner of the firm was Brendon Sullivan, the high-strung legal ...

DEC. 6-12: Iran-Contra Conviction; The Cautionary Tale Of the CIA ...

Those who end up worst-off are often not involved in the underlying ... is so far the biggest catch for the special counsel in the Iran-contra affair, ... partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

Iran-Contra Hearings Leave Fundamental Issues Unexamined; Who Is ...

Since the issue being considered in the Iran-contra hearings is lying to the public ... personnel involved consider the American public to be their enemies. partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
A-list message, [A-List] US state: Iraq & the Iran-contra connection

That involved a network of aides outsourcing US foreign policy to circumvent the separation of ... a frequent squash playing partner of the Saudi prince.
Part XIX(B): AN IRAN-CONTRA/AL QAEDA READER, cont'd was involved in them.

Linda Tripp at the time was a personal secretary to Richard Secord of the Army's secret Delta Force team + a partner in ...

00.000.1985 Gary Best became a partner in his toy company, which he and other -Fletcher, another figure on the periphery of Iran-Contra, claims that- ...
MMM. The Nation. Iran/contra/cocaine. 20 Years Later, What It ...

Only Thomas Cline, a former CIA officer + partner of Secord + Hakim, ... Perhaps more important for this crowd, no one involved in the shady activity ...
[CTRL] Fwd: An Iran-Contra Nazi Connection An Iran-Contra Nazi Connection Texas ... + Adnan Khashoggi, his partner, deeply involved in such trafficking.
20.Jun.1999 Reagan Deposition ... the minutes for this meeting since your partner started with July 4th giving us the minutes, ... Democrats Cite Politics in Probe Reimbursement

After the Iran-contra independent counsel investigation of the Ronald Reagan + ...

Carvin, senior partner at Jones Day and a Reagan administration Justice ... | Shades of Iran-Contra

Iran-Contra involved a network of aides outsourcing US foreign policy like a separate government to circumvent the separation of powers, by selling missiles News | How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal

The parameters for a "responsible" Iran-Contra investigation were being set.

... denials were wrong and that Contra units were involved in the drug trade.
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We know who the people were who were involved in Iran-Contra . ... up ... ...
Whitewater Issue Recalls Dole's Involvement In Iran-Contra Pardons

"In fact, I have said if it proves there are politics involved, it ought to be ... was a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom -- the firm that ...
Islam Online- News Section It also involved funding the military thugocracy of El Salvador and supervising ... investigations that followed disclosure of the Iran-contra conspiracies, ...
Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Chapter 17 United States v. Clair

The charges against him involved statements he made in the wake of the

05.Oct.198- ... Secord's business partner .58 George knew that these passports were ...
Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Part II History of the Investigation Secord and his business partner Albert Hakim. Others would follow this ...

But McFarlane was not involved in implementing the Iran/contra diversion or many ...
Walsh Iran/Contra Report; Chapter 9: US v Richard V. Secord Final Report of the Independent Counsel For Iran/Contra Matters;

Volume I: Investigations ... who would later become his business partner in the Enterprise. ...
Walsh Iran/Contra Report; Chapter 17: United States v. Clair E. George Final Report of the Independent Counsel For Iran/Contra Matters;

... Secord's business partner .58 George knew that these passports were needed in order to ...
Iran-Contra: A Cast of Characters Secord's partner beginning 1983.

Translated and negotiated Iran arms deals. ... First round middleman; Involved in Hawk missile shipment. ...
This was formed by Leo Cherne, business partner of CIA Director William Casey.

... or any other agency or entity of the United States involved in ...
Growth of Reagan's Contra Commitment excerpted from the book The ... Although Reagan did not spell this out, such a step would have involved a ...

Central Intelligence Agency, the other chief partner in setting up APACL ...
mojahedin We cannot provide here a complete overview of the Iran-Contra affair. This was formed by Leo Cherne, business partner of CIA Director William Casey.
JREGrassroots > `Iran-Contra` and Afghanistan

EATSCO's board of directors included unindicted ` Iran-contra ` figure ... Bush's grandfather) became involved with the Middle East in the years after World ...
Dick Cheney, Iran-Contra, and the minority report - The Something ...

A business partner says that Mr. Cheney told him that Watergate was ... call "last generation's" screw-ups, even down to getting the same people involved .
Political Friendster - Rate Connection - Celerino "Cele" Castillo ... Rate the Celerino "Cele" Castillo III - Iran Contra scandal connection ...

01, 1984, the FBI arrested Rodriguez's partner, Gerard Latchinian and convicted ...
Political Friendster Connection - Iran Contra scandal connected to ...

01, 1984, the FBI arrested Rodriguez's partner, Gerard Latchinian + convicted him ... that the Contras out of Salvador, were involved in drug trafficking. Iran/Contra Hearings (ABC) from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive-

Secord business partner Albert HAKIM - responds. ... into Iran arms scandal said expected to cost more than total amount involved in operation.
Iran/Contra Hearings (NBC) from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive in Iran/Contra hearings featured; details given, scenes shown. ...

by Secord's partner Albert Hakim in his Paris deposition about amount involved detailed. ...
The Iran-Contra Scandal These circumventions also involved many foreign governments which aided the United ...

Israel—later the USA’ partner through much of the Iran ...
News - Contra Affair was a partner with George Bush Sr. in a drug smuggling operation that was exposed in the Iran Contra Affair + later proved by former DEA Cele Castillo.
Iran-contra men return to power [Archive] - -

The Mercury News investigation has established that the CIA was involved in ...

Blandon's partner, Norwin Meneses, was known in Nicaragua as "Rey de la ... For Patriot, Iran Contra - Debate Both Sides

The deal involved surface to air missiles to be used in the Iraq/Iranian war.

His partner Richard Secord testified that they also ran drugs.
Iran-Contra and the Israeli Lobby [Archive] - Debate Both Sides

00.000.1983 North was involved in the Grenada invasion l The media were excluded ... role in US domestic politics in order to guarantee an unwavering partner .
Common Ground Common Sense > Gates not so independ. Iran/Contra ...

A major client- partner of Parker is Halliburton. 00.000.2004, for example, Halliburton landed the ...

But it's good that he was involved in Iran-Contra .

Digg - Did You Know Robert Gates Is An Old Iran-Contra Boy?

... Iran/Contra to Bush Sr, though he was no doubt (IMO) involved -- unless you ... buy advertising on Digg through our advertising partner Federated Media. Walsh Iran/Contra Report; Chapter 2 - United States v. Oliver L. North

Final Report of the Independent Counsel For Iran/Contra Matters; ... account that Secord's business partner Albert Hakim set up for North in Switzerland, ...
Was Iran/Contra a conspiracy? [Archive] - JREF Forum I believe there were others involved and believe the present US government explanation ...

William Baker, PE, SE Partner Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP ...
Search results for "Iran-Contra" GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub + his partner, Studley, Barbara procured $5.3 ...

So numerous were the organisations involved + so many were their ... Iran-Contra_.html
Iran-contra: a pardon now? National Review - Find Articles Iran-contra : a pardon now? from National Review in News provided free by LookSmart Find Articles.

Vast political and constitutional issues are involved .

[MAPC-discuss] Pentagon, Iran-Contra figure talked; Secret Talks ...

IN THIS MESSAGE * Pentagon, Iran-Contra figure talked * Secret Talks With Iranian Arms Dealer * Wolfowitz admits, Iraq Was Not Involved in 9/11;
BEHIND THE BUSHES: Chronology of a family KEY WORDS: George W. Bush In e-mail exchanges between the two men, it is the junior partner who often ...

The booklets are designed to encourage parents to get involved in their ...
Final Report on Iran/Contra: Chapter 9 Secord brought important operational skills to the Iran/contra ...

Four of the criminal charges facing Secord involved illegal gratuities for North.
Cigarettes, the CIA and Iran-contra Robert Castorr to become a partner in Impex Aalamin.

Moallem and Sensi also were involved in attempts to broker the release of hostages. ...
INTEL DUMP - Robert Gates and Iran-Contra

It also appears he was, at best, only remotely involved in Iran-Contra, if at all. I am still concerned about the Independent Prosecutor's conclusion that ...
Why wasn't Reagan impeached for Iran/Contra? [Archive I] - IIDB Because the Democrats, playing the dutiful role of junior partner of the ...

So, it was pretty tough to show anyone else was involved other than the guy on ...
Daily Kos: Roberts & Iran/Contra...?

The prospect of having a SCOUTS member who may have been involved in exploring the legalities/illegalities of what became the Iran/Contra operations is a ...
My old DJ partner is a MIHOP moonbat! - Page 5 - Neutral Underground Iran/Contra had to be many times larger than anything necessary to produce 9/11.

Questioning who might be involved in the crime of the century is to be ...
Yahoo! Message Boards - Halliburton Company (HAL) - CLINTON GANG ...

Poindexter of being involved in cocaine trafficking to raise further funds for ... How is your partner Whine N Whail? s7rep, Rate it, 10.Oct.2005 10:12 am ... - 116
LP: Indications OKC Bombing Tied to BCCI, Iran Contra Roger Moore was involved with the CIA, FBI + the Bushes in the BCCI backed Iran Contra operation.

Moore also built nitromethane-powered boats for HW Bush ...
LP: Moe Indications OKC Bombing Provocateurs Tied to Bushes, BCCI ... Roger Moore was involved with CIA, FBI + the Bushes in the BCCI backed Iran Contra operation.

Moore also built nitromethane-powered boats for HW and CIA ... cgi?ArtNum=183149&Disp=3&Trace=on
4um: Flashback: Bob Gates, Iran Contra But it still involved many people in the CIA, even when they were denying ...

Sometimes this shadow govt coalition partner is a minor partner like the ... cgi?ArtNum=39451&Disp=All
4um: Flashback: Bob Gates, Iran Contra But it still involved many people in the CIA, even when they were denying they ...

Sometimes this shadow govt coalition partner is a minor partner like the ...
Celerino Castillo, the DEA Man Who Worked Too Well [Free Republic] [Castillo] and his Latin American partner orchestrated one of the largest heroin ...

Similarly, Castillo says that none of the Iran/Contra committee ...
Sarasota Vote Snafu Figure Involved in Bribe Scandal - Forums ... Singlaub + other Iran-Contra scandal notables, as well as former Klan members like ...

One was that Carlyle was "heavily involved in supplying arms" to US :: View topic - Robert "Iran Contra" Gates Amazingly, it seems most of the same names are ones that have been involved in Iran/contra, or other corruption. Let's begin. Sorry, I'm going by memory ... view=next&sid=10bb696e425f53a243438f241e2d2ec2
Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Part V The Flow of Funds: The ...

Other money-related crimes stemmed from the Iran/contra affair, resulting in the convictions of those most centrally involved . These included filing false.. George W. Bush - Biography of George W. Bush According to "Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra ...

00.000.1985 +

00.000.1986 The Iran operation involved efforts to obtain the release of ...
Radar Contact: Iran/Reagan/Bush/Bush

00.000.1987 During the congressional hearings on Iran-Contra, ... “Were you ever involved in a plan to delay the release of the hostages in Iran until after the ...
Today in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news Iran-Contra, which involved trading arms to Iran, was misguided policy.
Contra Campaign He led the effort to squelch various Iran-contra investigations, especially when ...

00.000.1984 Rodriguez's business partner, international arms dealer Gerald ...
Miami - News - Contra Campaign

00.000.1984 Rodriguez's business partner, international arms dealer Gerald Latchinian, ... was deeply involved in both drug smuggling and the contra effort, ...
David Corn Only Thomas Cline, a former CIA officer and partner of Secord + Hakim, who was found guilty of tax charges, ended up going to jail due to the Iran-contra ...
WHDH-TV - New England News - Coakley tabs law firm partner to lead ...

Ware Jr., 63, a partner at the Boston law firm Goodwin Procter, ... trial counsel in the Iran-Contra prosecution of the CIA's chief of European operations.
where While Weinberger was never directly linked to the covert operations phase of the Iran-Contra affair, he is believed to have been involved in the cover-up of ...
06.May 1987 -From- The San Jose Mercury News Wednesday, More than half of the money, he said, was kept by his business partner, ...

Secord provided new and explicit details about the Iran- Contra affair to a ...
08.Nov.2002 Holomisa's Shady Partner .txt: 2002-11-08 Holomisa's ... The entry on Tokoph was blunt: "Has been involved in arms smuggling to [Angolan ...

That was part of what later came to be known as the Iran-Contra scandal, ... Solari Action Network :: View topic - The Kemp Tapes, I-XII- Now ...

Much of what I learned about Iran Contra fraud came after I recorded the tapes. ... pie during Iran Contra benefited the Iran Contra networks + involved ...

The Iran These circumventions also involved many foreign governments which aided the United ... Congressional hearings into the Iran-Contra Affair and the criminal ...
The Progressive Response


More recently, as a corporate lobbyist, Reich has been involved with the Bacardi ...
Liberal Forum - America's Political Chat Room > Clinton's Pardons Susan McDougal, a former real estate business partner of the Clintons. ...

Do you have any idea what the Sandinistas were involved in?
THE BUSH FAMILY CIA & NAZI PAST Robert Lovett, the business partner of Bush's father Prescott,

... that Scaife was likely involved in the Heritage Foundation's funding of Iran-Contra, ...
Pentagon scheme for a futures market in terror

Poindexter’s partner in crime is Elliot Abrams, appointed by Bush to direct the ... The Iran-Contra conspiracy involved a secret + illegal operation ...
Dennis Bernstein - Articles Shackley was named as a silent partner along with Secord in the business of Edwin ... to hostage negotiations with Iran, in which SAT was also involved .
Oliver North - RecipeFacts He rose to national prominence because of the Iran-Contra Affair, during which he was a key Reagan administration official involved in the clandestine ...
Purple States....: 04/18/2004 - 04/25/2004Iran-Contra involved a network of aides outsourcing US foreign policy like a separate government ... a frequent squash-playing partner of the Saudi prince.
Annals of National Security: The Redirection: Reporting & Essays ... Lebanese Hezbollah sees itself as Tehran’s partner .”

Saudi money was involved in what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal + a few of the players ...
Möglicher CIA Agent Mohammed Atta war auch noch französischer ...

00.000.1980 -during the s- The Iran-Contra Affair was a large political scandal that involved people associated with the Reagan Administration including Negroponte, ...
The BCCI Affair - 11 BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence The BCCI is involved in helping people avoid Tax, illegal transfers of money, ...

Irvani was at the time the principal partner of former CIA director ...
Walsh Iran /Contra Report - Part I Iran/contra: The Underlying Facts

McFarlane enjoined North from getting involved in direct fund-raising for the contras, ... an Israeli arms merchant and business partner of Schwimmer . ...
Bush book: Chapter -18- We cannot provide here a complete overview of the Iran-Contra affair. ... that other government officials involved in them had kept him in the dark; ...
Christic Institute RICO Iran Contra CIA As a partner in the Brock Group, a lobbying firm that according to Justice ...

00.000.1991 -in the summer of- A final private discussion originally involved the ...
09.Aug.2007 Iran/Contra Connections to 9/11 Bob Fletcher, another figure on the periphery of Iran-Contra, claims that

00.000.1985 Gary Best became a partner in his toy company, which he and other ... _911.html
Mockingbirds Cannistraro and McGovern - CIA - iran contra Iran Contra 9-11 Iran-Contra - 9/11 Encyclopedia Truth Lies Flashback ADNAN KHASHOGGI: RICHARD PERLE'S "NARCO-TERRORIST" BUSINESS PARTNER ...
The continuous saga of Khashoggi
Hopsicker says that N900SA a.k.a. Cocaine One was once owned by Genesis Aviation .

Can't find a verification, however it was owned by Ramy El-Batrawi (4), who was running Genesis Intermedia for Khashoggi as well.
The Khashoggi links:
1. Fact: Khashoggi was connected to Huffman Aviation.
2. Fact: Khashoggi was connected to Genesis Intermedia.
3. Fact: Genesis Intermedia was making lots of money on 9/11.
4. Fact: Khashoggi was involved in BCCI.
5. Fact: Khashoggi was involved in Iran/Contra and a partner of Oliver North.
6. Indirect: Khashoggi is a possible client of Red Sea Management.
7. Indirect: Khashoggi is connected to Pastrana's scams.
8. Unknown: Genesis Aviation owned N900SA.
9. Unknown: Genesis Aviation was a proxy of Khashoggi.
Open question: Did Genesis Aviation own N900SA before it was transfered to Skyway via the non-existing DuPont Investment?
Skyway - Royal Sons
The sister plane did get transfered from Skyway to Royal Sons on January 13, 2005 (5):

Friedenskreis Castrop-Rauxel Zunächst als Finanzier der Iran-Contra-Machenschaften bekannt geworden trat er später noch als Grossbetrüger in Erscheinung ( Genesis Intermedia Skandal in ...
Fw: Gletscher, Safari und Zyanid: Barricks weltweite Jagd nach dem ... - HTML-Version
Erscheinung trat ( Genesis-Intermedia -Skandal in den USA,Bangkok-Bank-of-Commerce-Skandal in Thailand,. General-Commerce-Bank-Skandal in Wien), ...,-Safari-und-Zyanid:-Barricks-weltweite-Jagd-nach-dem-Gold-6443.pdf
Pacific Views: When Good Friends Fall Out Learn more about :

Net Command Tech, SkyWay, Triton Network Systems + Genesis Intermedia . ccokzblog. Posted by: ccoaler at 12.May 2007 04:21 PM ...
Law Blog - : 2006 : April : 14 The suit alleges that when Genesis Intermedia ’s stock collapsed they failed to repay the loans to intermediary brokers.

This caused some of those brokers to ...
Rage against the machine | The San Diego Union-Tribune

A few pages later, explaining that a stock called Genesis Intermedia, once hyped as the most “undervalued stock in America,” wound up trading at ...
09.Aug.2007 Zweitausendeins. Viel billiger: Bücher, CDs, DVDs, Software ...

Jetzt hat ein Gericht in Los Angeles einen TV-Kommentator angeklagt, die Aktien der Kashoggi/Gray Firma " Genesis Intermedia " gegen Bezahlung hochgeredet zu ...
Field of Membership - Information Desk - Western Federal Credit Union Genesis Intermedia .com, Van Nuys, CA. Gleim The Jeweler, Palo Alto, CA. Global Human Resources, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. Goffman, McCormick & Urban, Inc Rancho ...
09.Aug.2007 911 Gray is being sued with Khashoggi in a financial scam they allegedly participated in involving Genesis Intermedia, a company incorporated by Michael Roy ...
09.Aug.2007 Political Friendster - Adnan Khashoggi - Connections

Gray is accused of helping Khashoggi loot $100mil from Genesis Intermedia before it went bankrupt. (4 ratings) · More about this connection. ...
09.Aug.2007 The Webfairy -- [CIA-DRUGS] [Fwd: [crimgov] Elgindy Tries to Tie ... With 180 employees, Genesis Intermedia .com Inc., or Genesis Media Group, is one of the larger employers in the St. George area. Recently, the ...
09.Aug.2007 Adnan Khashoggi: ZoomInfo Business People Information

Adnan Khashoggi has been charged finally by the SEC for his involvement with the massive penny stock fraud upon America called Genesis Intermedia . ...
Financial News Discussion :: View topic - Intac International Inc

Yet his emerging role in Intac presents exactly the sorts of opportunities for abuse that Khashoggi found irresistible at Genesis Intermedia .
Genesis Communications Network (Loose Change Forum)

That all may be a possibility, but I would think that John Gray can be considered the link that would join Genesis Communications & Genesis Intermedia .
18.Jan.2007 Tom Heneghan Intelligence Briefing:

Fact: A Bahama corporation called Ultimate Holdings has a direct tie in to the bogus stock deal Genesis Intermedia Inc. linked directly to the noted ...
indymedia beirut | The SEC,Adnan Khashoggi, GenesisIntermedia + ...

In this instance it is Adnan Khashoggi of Iran-Contra fame himself and his Genesis Intermedia pump + dump scam that defrauded over one hundred million ...
UK Indymedia | Parties, Penny Stocks, Khashoggi and Finacial Giant ... Just half a year, before the Genesis Intermedia fraud started ...

Breedon allegedly managed to offload Khashoggi’s shares of Genesis Intermedia with massive ...
31.Mar.2000 SEC Info - Genesisintermedia Inc - 10QSB –For- Most of the expenses incurred by Genesis Intermedia to develop its ... On

05.Feb.1999 the former chief executive officer of our Genesis Intermedia,
30.Jun.1999 SEC Info - Genesisintermedia Inc - 10QSB – For-

The plaintiff is Sam Hassabo + the principal defendants are Genesis, our Genesis Intermedia, Inc. subsidiary + our chief executive officer, ...
09.Aug.2007 Democratic Underground - Genesis Intermedia. Adnan, fraudster ... In

00.Sep.2001 the Saudi billionaire’s company, Genesis Intermedia went belly up. This led to the demise of Native Nations Securities firm and of the ...

Democratic Underground - Miscellaneous and weird stuff Fact: Khashoggi was connected to Genesis Intermedia . 3. Fact: Genesis Intermedia was making lots of money on 9/11. 4. Fact: Khashoggi was involved in BCCI.
09.Aug.2007 Ab-energizer The parent company Genesis Intermedia stock was DE-LISTED on January 29, 2002. ... Further, Genesis Intermedia was in trouble with wall street long before ...

09.Aug.2007 Nachrichten : Hessen : September die Aktien von Genesis Intermedia ihren Wert verloren und die ... Er und seine Geschäftspartner sollen mit Genesis Intermedia Millionen kassiert ... news.main&newsid=83&rgn_id=7
20070605 Genesis Media Group/Genesis Properties/Genesis Intermedia /Genesis Delaware; ... With 180 employees, Genesis Intermedia .com Inc., or Genesis Media Group, ...
20070705 Genesis Intermedia, once a highflying stock with ties to Saudi crook Adnan Khashoggi, is under investigation ... Its president Ramy el-Batrawi has resigned. ...
30.Dez.2005 Neue Wörter -vom- Im Mittelpunkt stand Genesis Intermedia .

Das kalifornische Internetwerbeunternehmen wurde von Rami al-Batrawi, einem engen Vertrauten des Waffenhändlers ...

29.Dez.2005 Neue Wörter vom... saudischen Waffenhändler Adnan Khashoggi bei einem komplexen Betrugssystem mit Aktien eines Internetunternehmens namens Genesis Intermedia geholfen . ...
Fw: Gletscher, Safari und Zyanid: Barricks weltweite Jagd nach dem ... ( Genesis-Intermedia -Skandal in den USA, Bangkok-Bank-of-Commerce-Skandal in Thailand, General-Commerce-Bank-Skandal in Wien), die Firma Barrick-Gold. ...
Agua Vale Mas Que Oro - Gletscher, Safari und Zyanid - Barricks-Gold Im Jahre

00.000.1983 gruendete er dann mit Herrn Khashoggi, der erst als Waffenhaendler + später als Grossbetrueger in Erscheinung trat ( Genesis Intermedia ...
GENESISINTERMEDIA INC | Aktienkurs News Diskussionen ...

Genesis Intermedia = very strong buy, 27, Seitenweise Ganzer Thread Seitenweise rückwärts, 12.06.01 10:17:35. ***NICE-Letter: GenesisIntermedia:
GENESISINTERMEDIA INC | Diskussionen | US37184Y1055 | Informer bei ... Genesis Intermedia = very strong buy Autor: SoWhat · Forum: Internet, 27, Seitenweise Ganzer Thread Seitenweise rückwärts, 12.06.01 10:17:35 ...
=> Nachrichten | Presse: Deutsche Bank vor Vergleich in USA <=

00.Sep.---- die Aktien von Genesis Intermedia ihren Wert verloren + die beteiligten Brokerhäuser ihre Sicherheiten einforderten, gab es eine Kettenreaktion.
Haider und die Haider-Skandalpe Bank | ...

Jahr 350 Millionen US Dollar für einen Aktienbetrug bezahlt, in den nicht nur sie sondern auch Khashoggi verwickelt war, der Genesis Intermedia Skandal. ...
09.Aug.2007 | Soeldner, Gauner, Waffen und Rohstoffe Im Jahre

00.000.2001 trieb Khashoggi durch betruegerische Manoever den Kurs der Aktien von Genesis Intermedia hoch, die zu 70% seiner auf den Bahamas ...
The MadCow Morning News Also on the board of the failed (and apparently fraudulent) Genesis Intermedia was the ubiquitous atty for Barry Seal, who is today the director of ...
The MadCow Morning News The boys at Genesis Intermedia made out like bandits. The C’mon Back Scandal Revisited. And then there's the Genesis Communications Network.
Verschwiegene Händler | ZEIT online Leserkommentare Dass die Deutsche Bank es ueberhaupt zuliess, dass Geschafte mit der Firma Genesis Intermedia, die ueber die Firma Ultimate Holdings mehrheitlich Herrn ...
Genesis Intermedia akkumulieren - AktienCheck Eine interessante Kurskonstellation glauben die Analysten des Nice*Letters bei der Aktie von Genesis Intermedia gefunden zu haben (WKN 913730). ...
DAX am Morgen: Neues Vier-Jahres-Hoch, Versicherer im Fokus ... dem saudischen Waffenhändler Adnan Khashoggi bei einem komplexen Betrugssystem mit Aktien eines Internetunternehmens namens Genesis Intermedia geholfen. ...
journalismus - nachrichten von heute

Wesentliches Geschäft von Genesis Intermedia waren Internetkioske und die Vermarktung von Rechten des Buchs von John Gray "Männer kommen vom Mars und Frauen ...
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allegedly pumped up the stock of a Nasdaq bubble company by the name of Genesis Intermedia, in which Ultimate Holdings was the majority shareholder. ...
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James L. Bevel, John E. Blumer, Dr . Joseph Churba, L. Brent Bozell III, Wendy Flint, Education Task Force dir. ; Lt. Gen. Daniel Graham, Mildred Jefferson, ...
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The Uses of History in the Nuclear Age. Herman S. Wolk. Diplomacy and the Possible. Dr . Joseph Churba . Reflections from Harriman. Dr . Joseph W. Annunziata ...

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Dr. Joseph Churba . Books and Ideas. The Promise of Space. Colonel Paul E. Worthman, USAF. Crisis Management Made Modern. Dr . Richard T. Loomis ...

09.Aug.2007 Comments on: Did the US orchestrate the Hamas coup as a prec...

I organized a press conference in Jerusalem for Dr, Joseph Churba some time after the

March 26, 1979 Israel-Egyptian treaty. Churba, who served in the ...


NARRATOR: The president of the International Security Council is Dr . Joseph Churba, a former special advisor to US Air Force Intelligence.

International Foundation for World Peace (Div. of Causa; Dr . Joseph Churba, Pres). Uri Avnery Two Souls One has to pity this man, Bush.

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" Joseph Coors," wrote Al Weinrub in the Labor Report on Central America,"has ... chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council; Dr . Joseph Churba, ...

Exposed: Dirty Money Schemes To Steal Election for Sharon

00.000.1981 when the Reverend Moon-bankrolled Dr . Joseph Churba and Rabbi David Ben-Ami arranged for private meetings between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem
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Led by the late Dr . Joseph Churba who had served as a member of the National Security Council (NSC) under President Reagan, the ISC gathered top scholars on ...

Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU) was founded i...

00.000.1977 Dr . Sheila Scoville became head of the program, ...

They invited speakers such as Joseph Churba into town and conducted their own media campaign.

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(Partially under pseudonym Michael King; with Joseph Churba ) The Jewish Stake in Vietnam, Crossroads, 1967; Never Again! A Program for Survival, ...

20050317 The international network can be identified in Dr Joseph Churba 's International ...

Dr . Joseph Churba, who is responsible for the International Security ...

... nannte er am Samstag die Kriegserklärung Saddam Husseins gegen Iran im Jahre

00.000.1980 eine "verrückte Tat".
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