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14.Dec.2006 Ban Ki Moon: Neuer Uno- Generalsekretär vereidigt
14.Dec.2006 Reicher Stromkonzern: Eon investiert 25 Milliarden Euro
Sieben Millionen Erfindungen: Google startet Patentsuche
14.Dec.2006 Fall el- Masri: Ex- Außenminister Fischer will von Verschleppung nichts gewusst haben

14.Dec.2006 Nato: Serbien, Bosnien und Montenegro werden Partner
14.Dec.2006 Protest gegen Privatisierung: Arbeiter legen Hamburger Hafen lahm
Labour- Spendenaffäre: Polizei verhört Premier Blair
14.Dec.2006 Irak- Experte: "Eine schiitische Diktatur ist noch das positivste Szenario"

14.Dec.2006 Preisausschreiben: Forscher sollen potentiellem Killer- Asteroiden Peilsender verpassen
14.Dec.2006 Untersuchungsbericht: Scotland Yard hält Dianas Tod für einen Unfall
14.Dec.2006 Irak- Strategie: US- Militärchefs lehnen Truppenaufstockung ab
14.Dec.2006 Radarmessung: Mars- Wüste verbirgt alte, raue Kruste
14.Dec.2006 Oxford University Press: Public Policy-Politics>Public ... shocking disparities in America between health + ... Elections, Public Opinion, & Voting Behavior. Federalism & Intergovernmental Relations ...
Top 10 nouveaux riches 20) Teunis van Wettum (71) 0,75 miljard/vastgoed Van Wettum uit Naarden, die er vooral trots op is dat hij geen belasting betaalt, houdt het bescheiden met ...

14.Dec.2006 Boek De nieuwe elite van Nederland

8 (20*) Teunis van Wettum (€750 miljoen/nouveau riche) 9 (22*) John de Mol (€640 miljoen/nieuwe elite) 10 (26*) Evert Louwman (€500 miljoen/nouveau riche) ...
14.Dec.2006 Court overturns Israel's intifada law: Israel's Supreme Court has overturned a controversial Israeli law banning Palestinians from claiming compensation for harm suffered at the hands of soldiers.

14.Dec.2006 War Crimes: How Israeli Soldiers Kill and Civilians Grow Numb:

One Israeli officer says the world doesn't seem to notice killing in small numbers. And those closest to the violence become too scared to empathize for those who die

14.Dec.2006 Carter and the truth about Israel : 2 Minute Video:

14.Dec.2006 Israeli PM: Military Strike on Iran a Possibility : Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, visiting Berlin on Tuesday, said he did not rule out a military strike against Iran's nuclear program

14.Dec.2006 Iran Calls for Action Against Israel's Nuclear Capability : Iran says comments made by Israel's prime minister earlier this week are a confession that the Jewish state has nuclear weapons.

Clinton, Barak and Lieberman talk Iran : A former US president,

two leading US presidential candidates,

two former Israeli prime ministers +

numerous other senior ranking American + Israeli officials will convene this coming Friday at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy in the Brookings Institution in Washington DC for a three-day forum entitled 'America and Israel: Confronting a Middle East in Turmoil.'

14.Dec.2006 The cost: An army and a leg: Expensive as nation-building efforts in Iraq have been for US forces, some observers fear that a preemptive strike to disrupt Iran's alleged nuclear-weapons program could backfire and cost the United States an army.

14.Dec.2006 Italy, Israel agree on Iran sanctions, disagree on Syria: - Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi on Wednesday backed Israeli demands for sanctions to be imposed on Iran, but said Italy and Israel remained divided over the need to engage in negotiations with Syria.

14.Dec.2006 UPI Poll: Israeli lobby's U.S. influence: Nearly half of those asked on a UPI-Zogby International poll said pro-Israel interest groups have a significant level of influence on U.S. foreign policy.

14.Dec.2006 Bush__Visits_Syria - Fla. Senator Defies Bush, Visits Syria: In a direct affront to the Bush administration, a Democratic senator spent an hour Wednesday with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus, asking him to do more to stabilize Iraq.

14.Dec.2006 Bush criticizes Syria on human rights, Lebanon:

President George W. Bush, who is facing calls to try to engage Syria over Iraq, on Wednesday criticized Damascus for its handling of human rights + actions in Lebanon.

14.Dec.2006 Pinochet is gone, but his methods are still with us: A new report collating first-hand accounts gives us the clearest view yet of the torture going on in the US's secret prisons

14.Dec.2006 Stephen Soldz : Abusive Interrogations: Unlike the American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association considers it acceptable for its members to participate in coercive interrogations at Guantanamo and the various other American detention centers around the world.

14.Dec.2006 Venezuela to sell USD 225 million of dollar-denominated bonds: The National Assembly has authorized the Ministry of Finance to sell up to USD 3 billion in TICC bonds at the official exchange rate.

14.Dec.2006 Nicaragua eyes Venezuelan energy : Nicaragua, choked by high energy prices, is to expand a deal with Venezuela under which it will receive subsidised oil and badly needed power plants.

14.Dec.2006 Pinochet: : A Declassified Documentary Obit: : As Chile prepared to bury General Augusto Pinochet, the National Security Archive today posted a selection of declassified U.S. documents that illuminate the former dictator's record of repression. The documents include CIA records on Pinochet's role in the Washington D.C. car bombing that killed former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and his American colleague Ronni Moffitt.

14.Dec.2006 Gore Vidal Breaks US Blockade on Cuba: I came to Cuba with my broken knee to help break 40 years of embargo, said US writer Gore Vidal, who will be visiting Havana until December 14, after referring to the distortion of information about the Island by his country s media.

14.Dec.2006 $20bn gas project seized by Russia: Shell is being forced by the Russian government to hand over its controlling stake in the world's biggest liquefied gas project, provoking fresh fears about the Kremlin's willingness to use the country's growing strength in natural resources as a political weapon.

14.Dec.2006 UK 'plot' terror charge dropped : A Pakistani judge has ruled there is not enough evidence to try a key suspect in an alleged airline bomb plot on terrorism charges.

14.Dec.2006 Newly Released FBI Documents Disclose Grave Deficiencies in the War on Terrorism: The National Whistleblower Center, a nationally recognized FBI Watchdog group, has released to the public extensive sworn and documentary evidence concerning the FBI’s actual response to the attacks of 11.Sep.2001.

14.Dec.2006 $500,000 a year for Kenya's president: More than half of Kenya's population living on less than a dollar a day and analysts have said that it is difficult to justify a huge pay increase.

14.Dec.2006 60 million Americans living on less than $7 a day : US income figures show staggering rise in social inequality

14.Dec.2006 Rogers: Sell U.S. dollar, buy real and yuan: - It's only a matter of time before the beleaguered U.S. dollar loses its status as the world's reserve currency and medium of exchange, U.S. fund manager and author Jim Rogers told Reuters in an interview.

14.Dec.2006 Computers 'could store entire life by 2026' : A device the size of a sugar cube will be able to record and store high resolution video footage of every second of a human life within two decades, experts said yesterday.

14.Dec.2006 Corporations Control Your Dinner: Competition and economic fairplay are almost defunct in the U.S. food system. Consumers will pay more for fewer choices; farmers will get paid less --- don't pass go + don't collect $200 --- that will go to the commodity trader living down on Park Place.

14.Dec.2006 U.S. eases its tactics on suspect firms : The new policy limits prosecutors' demands in corporate fraud cases. It revises methods put in place since Enron + other scandals.
14.Dec.2006 Pakistan 'equipping the Taliban' : A governnment-controlled newspaper in Afghanistan has accused Pakistan's government of equipping the Taliban and sending them into the country.

14.Dec.2006 President Karzai says Pakistan is trying to make 'slaves' of the Afghan people: President Hamid Karzai on today lashed out at Pakistan for the third time this week, accusing the neighboring country of trying to make "slaves" of the Afghan people.

14.Dec.2006 Afghanistan Must Prosecute War Crimes, Human Rights Watch Says : Afghan President Hamid Karzai must set up a court to prosecute war crimes and human rights abuses carried out during almost 30 years of conflict in the south Asian nation, Human Rights Watch said.

14.Dec.2006 General foresees 'generational war' against terrorism : The American people need to prepare for a long-duration war against radical Muslims who are set to fight for 50 to 100 years to create an Islamist state in the region, a top Pentagon strategist in the war on terror says.
14.Dec.2006 Buildup in Iraq gaining support : Strong support has coalesced in the Pentagon behind a military plan to "double down" in the country with a substantial buildup in U.S. troops, an increase in industrial aid and a major combat offensive against Muqtada al-Sadr, the radical Shiite leader impeding development of the Iraqi government.

14.Dec.2006 Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops: The Army and Marine Corps are planning to ask incoming Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Congress to approve permanent increases in personnel, as senior officials in both services assert that the nation's global military strategy has outstripped their resources.

14.Dec.2006 U.S. Commander Says Withdrawal Won't Be Soon: The outgoing top U.S. operational commander in Iraq said on Tuesday that military might alone would not win the war and that the withdrawal of U.S. troops would not happen quickly.

14.Dec.2006 Australia: Downer warns against 'disastrous' Iraq withdrawal : Mr Downer and Defence Minister Brendan Nelson have spent a day talking to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as part of annual Australia-US ministerial talks.
14.Dec.2006 US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq -By Pepe Escobar
Washington at large and President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in particular may apply every contortionist trick in the geopolitical book to save their skins in Iraq - and the reasons are not entirely political.

14.Dec.2006 Operation Hollywood
" You must glorify war in order to get the public to accept the fact that your going to send their sons and daughters to die." -Video-Never let the absurdities of history get in the way of a box-office blockbuster. The inside story of the cozy relationship between big box office American war movies and the Pentagon .

14.Dec.2006 Jefferson Davis -By Charley Reese
What, you might well ask, is a Jeffersonian Democrat? - He believes the Constitution is a binding contract, not a rubbery document that can mean anything a judge or a politician says it means. He believes in a system of checks and balances. In short, he believes in the Declaration of Independence.

14.Dec.2006 For God And Country? -Inquiry Sought Over Evangelical Video -Video
In this video, much of which was filmed inside the Pentagon, four generals and three colonels praise the Christian Embassy, a group that evangelizes among military leaders, politicians and diplomats in Washington. Some of the officers describe their efforts to spread their faith within the military.
Click to view. Windows media

14.Dec.2006 Aboriginal language had ice age origins  Aboriginal languages may be much older than people think, argues a linguistic anthropologist who says they originated as far back as the end of the last ice age around 13,000 years ago. posted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 New Research Shows That Tea Can Help You to Focus  Press release.posted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 Probe into smuggling of rare dinosaur eggs  Chinese authorities are investigating the smuggling of a rare fossilized dinosaur egg nest, which was auctioned for US$420,000 in Los Angeles on December 3, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said yesterday.posted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 Top Ten Stories of 2006 From National Geographic News  A look back.posted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 It's still about oil in Iraq  In case you'd forgotten.posted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 Crunks '06: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections 

An editorial in Friday's paper incorrectly stated that Florida Cresswell, a candidate for state representative in the 28th District, was convicted in 1999 of battery and stealing Tupperware. In fact he was convicted of stealing a battery from a van as well as Tupperware that was inside the vanposted by Prof. Hex
14.Dec.2006 Anklage: Polizist mit kinderpornografischen Bildern erwischt
14.Dec.2006 Aufschwung 2007: "Die Aussichten sind günstig"

This new program provides students with a rigorous training in environmental and natural resource economics reflecting the Department’s specialisation in this field. In particular the course deals with:

The underlying causes of environmental degradation
The way in which economic regulations such as pollution taxes and tradable permits impact on environmental emissions
The valuation of environmental goods in monetary terms and how these values might be used in cost-benefit analysis
The economics of renewable and non-renewable resources
The conduct of independent quantitative research and contemporaneous policy issues

A small number of fees only scholarships are available for exceptional candidates.
The course is also available to those who wish to study part time.
For more information on the course please click

14.Dec.2006 Environmental Economics MSc in Environmental Economics at the University of Birmingham
14.Dec.2006 out the FBI finally caught up with Wolfgang -- who, after a brief interrogation, was allowed to go on his way.

Why did the terror alert end so abruptly? According to Hopsicker's source, Bohringer told authorities that he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. The revelation brought his immediate release.
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A previously undisclosed Pentagon report concluded that the three terrorism suspects held at a brig in South Carolina were subjected to months of isolation + it warned that their "unique" solitary confinement could be viewed as violating U.S. detention standards.
Robert Parry: Pinochet's Death Spares Bush Family
George Lakoff: Building on the Progressive Victory -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Update: Democratic Senator Tim Johnson underwent surgergy. 12/14
Did Bush Admin. Order the Saudi Threat to Intervene in Iraq if We Leave? An Excuse to Stay would Sure be Convenient for Them -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The nation's top uniformed leaders are recommending that the United States change its main military mission in Iraq from combating insurgents to supporting Iraqi troops + hunting terrorists, said sources familiar with the White House's ongoing Iraq policy review.

Bush stands alone in his spoiled child ignorance that is costing so many lives. 12/14
At least 55 die in more Iraqi violence 12/14
A man convicted of murdering the manager of a topless bar nearly three decades ago was executed by injection Wednesday, appearing to grimace before dying 34 minutes after receiving the first of two doses of chemicals. 12/14
Bush Vows to Continue Being a Spoiled Brat and Let Other People Die for His Arrested Development: He Won't be "Rushed" Into Changes in Iraq Policy. He Should be Rushed Out of the White House and Prosecuted for War Crimes and Crimes Against the Nation. 12/14

14.Dec.2006, Wolfgang, "The Family" and...the CIA? Daniel Hopsicker has a stunner waiting for you -- yet his news is not entirely unexpected.
Earlier, we discussed
Wolfgang Bohringer, the shadowy German pilot connected to lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta. Bohringer previously had played the role of personal pilot to the notorious Eastern European financial wheeler-dealer Victor Kozeny.

14.Dec.2006 Spionage im Kinderzimmer: Teddys, die Sehen können, sind verboten
Regierungserklärung: Merkel warnt vor Spaltung Europas
14.Dec.2006 USA: 10.000 Forscher protestieren gegen Gängelung durch Bush- Regierung
14.Dec.2006 Online- Durchsuchungen: Bundesdatenschützer gegen Staats- Hacker
14.Dec.2006 Wissenschaft populär: Training für ängstliche Geheimniskrämer
14.Dec.2006 Klage: DaimlerChrysler verlangt 200 Millionen Euro von Versicherungen

14.Dec.2006 Russischer Bürgerrechtler Kasparow: "Wir werden marschieren!"

14.Dec.2006 Sexvorwurf gegen Vierjährigen: "Für den Rest seines Lebens abgestempelt"
14.Dec.2006 Chile: Pinochet- Enkel aus Armee geworfen
14.Dec.2006 Nahost- Konflikt: Oberstes Gericht Israels erlaubt gezielte Tötungen

14.Dec.2006 Guantanamo: Häftling darf nicht klagen
14.Dec.2006 Politiker operiert: Mehrheit der Demokraten im Senat gefährdet

14.Dec.2006 Absatzprobleme: Chrysler verlängert die Weihnachtsferien
14.Dec.2006 Geheimdienst- Affäre: Steinmeier soll Informationen über Masri zurückgehalten haben

In der Inneren Mongolei haben chinesische Forscher mindestens 125 Millionen Jahre alte Fossilien eines kleinen Säugers gefunden, den sie Volaticotherium antiquus getauft haben. Das Tier hat die Fortbewegung in der Luft mehr als 70 Millionen Jahre vor den Fledermäusen gelernt, berichten Jin Meng von der Chinese Academy of Sciences in Peking und seine Kollegen im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Nature" (Bd. 444, S. 889).

Die "fliegende Bestie aus dem Altertum", wie der Name des kleinen Säugers wörtlich übersetzt heißt, lebte in der Kreidezeit und war damit ein Zeitgenosse der Dinosaurier. In der Daohugou-Formation, einer fossilen Lagerstätte im Nordosten Chinas, stießen die Forscher auf seine fossilen Überreste. Das Tier unterscheidet sich in mehreren Merkmalen von bereits beschriebenen Säugetieren aus derselben Zeit, schreiben die Paläontologen. So hatte das etwa eichhörnchengroße Tier unter anderem verlängerte Gliedmaßen, einen langen Schwanz mit abgeflachten Schwanzwirbeln und besonders geformte, scharfe Zähne. Mit dieser Statur muss es ein behänder Kletterer gewesen sein, der wohl von Baum zu Baum sprang, wie es heute die Eichhörnchen tun.
Das bisher älteste beschriebene fliegende Säugetier ist eine Fledermaus, die vor ungefähr 51 Millionen Jahren lebte. Die bislang bekannten gleitenden Säugetiere tauchten erst 20 Millionen Jahre später auf.
14.Dec.2006 Urzeit- Fossil: Hörnchen flog früher als jedes bekannte Säugetier
Bank of England's Nazi gold 'was from Holocaust victims' -By Philip Johnston, ...

Trust, that it was impossible to ascertain what went into the gold pool. ... 22.html

9 Holocaust-Era Assets - Nazi Gold Bibliography ... indicating that they, too, had trust in Emil Puhl [POHL ?) who led ...

The Swiss + the gold + the dead : - how Swiss bankers helped finance the Nazi war machine" ...

newform ... Greville Janner, who is also chair of the Holocaust Education Trust + vice ... The

23-page report, called " Nazi Gold : Information From The British Archives" ...

English News Archive:

09.Feb.19999-03.Feb.1999 ... whose desire to buy Bankers Trust has put its Nazi-era past under fresh scrutiny, ... + smelting of looted Nazi gold, including teeth ripped from ...

Hitler Project Information about Prescott Bush having his assests seized under the Trading With the Enemy Act during

WWII. Category: Bush_Family/Bush__Prescott_Sheldon__1895_1972_ 20th Century U.S. History > Prescott S. Bush (1895-1972)
14.Dec.2006 appropriation of assets + labour by the third reich

... of Swiss bankers to help keep the Nazi war machine ...

Nazi Gold : The Merkers Mine Treasure. Greg Bradsher.

The Holocaust Education Trust -

Nazi Gold.

Gold: Is It Just Another Commodity? by Gary North

Central bankers don't trust each other.

They know how easy it is to ...

“>WESTERN< + Nazi bankers

met with each other

because each side



with out ...

20050720 ... Nazi Collaboration in Morgan + National City + Guaranty + Bankers Trust + American Express ... The Holocaust Education Trust - Nazi Gold . . www.ess.uwe. ... alfatomega/20050720.html

Hitler's Ladder to Power ... for the German Steel Trust had made them bankers for Flick + his vast ... "SCHROEDER" family of bankers was a linchpin for the Nazi activities of Harriman ... Nazi _Invasion_10.html -

Court TV Library: Miscellaneous Cases - Survivors of Nazi Regime Sue Swiss Banks for Seized Assets ... of gold sent to Germany by the Vermögensamt, a Nazi agency ...

Swiss bankers were repeatedly warned about the looted origins of the gold they purchased. ...
14.Dec.2006 Central Intelligence Agency: Information from Central Intelligence Agency Contact Information Central Intelligence ...

00.Jun.1966 Raborn's DDCI, Richard McGarrah Helms, took the leadership position. ...

00.000.1970 -in the early s- Tim LaHaye promoted the popular myth that a secret society called the Illuminati controls the world.

He thus "mainstreamed" a fantasy previously circulated only by such racists as Myron C. Fagan + Gerald Winrod,

whose literature must have been known to LaHaye.

He also has a history of wallowing in the worst forms of anti-Catholic bigotry. Tim LaHaye is pure evil. Religion is his racket. His faith is as fake as his hair color. Permalink
Außerdem birgt der Dollarverfall längst nicht nur Risiken, sondern auch Vorteile.

Der größte: Deutschlands Ölrechnung fällt günstiger aus. Der Ölpreis wird weltweit hauptsächlich in Dollar festgelegt. Sinkt der Kurs, muss Europa für die gleiche Menge Öl weniger Euro überweisen. Das gesparte Geld kann für andere Güter ausgegeben werden.
Dass der Dollar irgendwann in den Sinkflug übergehen würde, orakelten Experten schon lange. Jetzt scheint es so weit zu sein. Seit Ende Oktober verlor die amerikanische Währung 5 % ihres Werts gegenüber dem Euro. Seit Anfang des Jahres waren es 13 %. Derzeit pendelt der Euro um den Wert von 1,33 Dollar, nur noch 3 Cent von seinem Allzeithoch aus dem Jahr 2004 entfernt. Und Trichets Kollege Ben Bernanke, Chef der US-Notenbank Fed, schaut einfach zu.
Der Donnerstag vergangener Woche hielt wieder eine neue Lektion in quarkigem Trichet-Sprech bereit. Die günstigen Wirtschaftsaussichten in der Euro-Zone seien von einigen Risiken bedroht, sagte der EZB-Präsident. Unter anderem zählten dazu "Bedenken hinsichtlich möglicher unkontrollierter Entwicklungen aufgrund weltwirtschaftlicher Ungleichgewichte".
Was Europas mächtigster Währungshüter eigentlich sagte: Der schleichende Verfall des Dollar, der sich seit einigen Wochen an den Devisenmärkten abspielt, könnte eine Gefahr für die Konjunktur werden. Was Trichet außerdem deutlich machen wollte: Die EZB hat die Gefahr erkannt und im Blick.
Dennoch setzten Frankfurter Notenbanker am Donnerstag die Leitzinsen erneut um einen Viertel%punkt auf 3,5 % herauf, was den Euro für internationale Anleger attraktiver macht. Den Währungshütern blieb keine Wahl, seit Wochen hatten sie den Schritt angekündigt.

14.Dec.2006 Beratungen: Bush verteidigt Aufschub von Irak- Beschluss

14.Dec.2006 Putins Machtsystem: Russland - regiert von Geheimdienstlern
14.Dec.2006 Geldregen: Axel- Springer- Verlag führt Erfolgsbeteiligung ein
Neue Vorwürfe gegen Siemens: Konzernspitze soll schwarze Kassen toleriert haben
14.Dec.2006 Alarmierende Studie: Klimawandel bedroht fast alle deutschen Skiorte
14.Dec.2006 Mängel im Rechtssystem: US- Gerichte benachteiligen ausländische Firmen
14.Dec.2006 Schleichwerbung im TV: ARD und ZDF lehnen EU- Richtlinie ab
14.Dec.2006 Kurt Becks Arbeitslosen- Schelte: "Waschen und rasieren, dann kriegen Sie auch einen Job"

14.Dec.2006 Fünf- Jahres- Hoch: Dax knackt die 6500- Punkte- Marke
14.Dec.2006 Senatsbericht: Gewaltwelle an Berliner Schulen
14.Dec.2006 Istanbuler Flughafen: Airline- Mitarbeiter opfern Kamel auf Rollfeld
14.Dec.2006 Flussdelfin Baiji: Heißer Kandidat für die erste ausgestorbene Walart
14.Dec.2006 Vertragsverletzungen: EU- Kommission eröffnet drei Verfahren gegen Deutschland

14.Dec.2006 Israel und die Bombe: Zauber der Zweideutigkeit

14.Dec.2006 Radikal- christliches Killerspiel: Glaub oder stirb!
14.Dec.2006 Polonium- Affäre: Litwinenko- Kontaktmänner wollen aus der Schusslinie
14.Dec.2006 Fernsehrichtlinie: EU- Parlament stimmt für bezahlte Schleichwerbung
14.Dec.2006 Niederlande: Der Regierungschef kann nicht mehr regieren

14.Dec.2006 Weltwirtschaft: Der Dollar- Fall
14.Dec.2006 Bundeswehr- Modernisierung: Milliardenauftrag für Siemens und IBM
14.Dec.2006 Umfrage: Kleinfeld verliert Anlegervertrauen
14.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Ackermann- Anwalt soll Kleinfeld schützen
14.Dec.2006 US- Strategiestreit: Pentagon will bis zu 40.000 Soldaten mehr in den Irak schicken

14.Dec.2006 Urlaubsbudget: Deutsche verdoppeln Ausgaben für Pauschalreisen

14.Dec.2006 TV- Doku über die Koffer- Bomber: Das Leben hinter den Fahndungsfotos

14.Dec.2006 SPD in den Ländern: Linke Frauen an die Macht
14.Dec.2006 Personalien: Grünen- Politiker Berninger wird Manager bei Mars
14.Dec.2006 Sterbende Branche: Vom Niedergang der deutschen Christbaum- Kugel
Die gute Ernährung ließ das Gehirn noch mehr wachsen. Das führte zu neuen Erfindungen + die zogen wiederum ein größeres Gehirn nach sich.

Die Fähigkeit der Füße, einen Körper aufrecht zu tragen und zu bewegen, bezahlten die frühen Menschen mit dem Verlust ihres daumenähnlichen großen Greifzehs. Das hatte für die Hominidenmütter und ihre Säuglinge weitreichende Folgen: Während sich Schimpansenbabys mit Händen und Zehen am Fell der Mutter festklammerten, musste ein kleiner Hominide wahrscheinlich getragen werden. Die Mutter war also auf ihren Partner und die Gruppe angewiesen, die sie schützen und versorgen mussten. Das stärkte die sozialen Bindungen. Dean Falk, ein Experte für die Evolution des Gehirns, vermutet sogar die Wurzeln der Sprache in der Hilflosigkeit der Hominidenbabys: Sie könnte sich aus dem "Mutterisch" entwickelt haben, jenen Lautäußerungen, mit denen eine Mutter ihr Baby tröstete, wenn sie es irgendwo absetzen musste.
A. afarensiskonnte aufrecht gehen, nach Ansicht mancher Fachleute lebte diese Art aber noch einen großen Teil ihrer Zeit auf Bäumen.
Zeresenay stand vor der umgekehrten Aufgabe: Er musste die miteinander verbackenen Knochen voneinander trennen. Mit einem Zahnarztbohrer entfernte er den harten Sandstein. Penibel arbeitete er sich zwischen winzigen Wirbeln und Rippen voran, um die anatomischen Einzelheiten herauszuarbeiten, "Körnchen für Körnchen" wie er sagt. Die Arbeit hat bisher fünf Jahre gedauert.

Hier sind wir richtig. Die Tiere belegten, dass einst Auwälder den Awash gesäumt hatten. Die gleichen schattigen Wälder waren auch der Lebensraum der Menschenahnen.

Die Wälder von Dikika existieren schon lange nicht mehr + am 10. Dezember, als die Wissenschaftler sich unter der sengenden Sonne erneut auf die Suche machten, gab es nicht ein schattiges Plätzchen.

Bis dahin passten alle fossilen Funde kleiner Kinder aus jener Ära in ein Babykörbchen. Der neue Fund ist nicht nur das vollständigste bisher entdeckte Kleinkind, sondern sogar das vollständigste Fossil der Spezies Australopithecus afarensis überhaupt. Es gehört zur gleichen Art wie "Lucy", jenes weltberühmte, rund 3,2 Millionen Jahre alte weibliche Skelett, das 1974 in der gleichen Region Afrikas ausgegraben wurde. Im Gegensatz zu "Lucy" hat das Kind auch Finger, einen Fuß und einen vollständigen Rumpf. Und vor allem: Es hat ein Gesicht.

Das kleine Knochenbündel gibt Zeugnis von einer entscheidenden Phase in der Evolution der Hominiden, wie man die Menschen und ihre Vorfahren nennt. Es belegt, wie sich damals in die individuelle Entwicklung allmählich eine ausgedehnte Jugendzeit einschob, eine lang anhaltende Wachstumsperiode, in der unser Gehirn seine enorme Größe erreichen konnte. "Der Fund wird uns viel darüber verraten, wie diese Art lebte und heranwuchs", sagt Bill Kimble, ein Mitglied des Wissenschaftlerteams. "Jetzt können wir zum ersten Mal in der Biografie des Australopithecus afarensis lesen.
Saturnmond Titan: Weiße Gipfel in den Alpen des Alls

14.Dec.2006 Vormenschen: Dikika- Kind als Kronzeuge der Menschwerdung
14.Dec.2006 Sparverhalten: Deutsche verschenken 17 Milliarden pro Jahr

14.Dec.2006 Hitler und die Deutschen: Passive Mitläufer mit schlechtem Gewissen

14.Dec.2006 Handel mit Aktienoptionen: Google will mehr Mitarbeiter reich machen
14.Dec.2006 Alkoholkontrolle: Diplomat schließt sich achteinhalb Stunden in Auto ein
14.Dec.2006 Wertedebatte: Feindbild '68 14.Dec.2006
14.Dec.2006 Weißrussland- Streit: Russland fühlt sich durch USA brüskiert
Sächsische Räuberpistole: Ex- NPD- Abgeordneter lässt Revolver in Landtag schmuggeln
5.1.10: Zionist Dominance of the American Economy. Estee Lauder. "QUIT! is targeting cosmetics giant Estee Lauder with its boycott Israel message, because heir Ron Lauder is president of the Jewish National Fund, which maintains and implements Israel's discriminatory land policies. Two weeks ago, Israel's attorney general determined that all land managed by the Israel Lands Administration, including land owned by the Jewish National Fund, must be marketed without discrimination or limits including to non-Jews. According to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, "The state prosecutor's office believes it will not be able to defend before the High Court the policy of allocating Jewish National Fund land to Jews only." Days later, news agencies reported, " The Jewish National Fund and the Finance Ministry are discussing ways to separate the JNF from the state, to allow it to continue selling land to Jews only." Lauder has publicly declared his support for maintaining Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which are illegal under international law + for Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, whose policies have killed over 3,300 Palestinians in the last four years, including over 600 children." ('QUIT! premieres latest line of "Estee Slaughter" products on Valentine's Day' February 21st 2005).
13.Dec.2006 Saudi ambassador to U.S. resigns: Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki al-Faisal, has resigned after only 15 months on the job, the embassy said on Tuesday, fueling speculation he may succeed his ailing brother as foreign minister.

13.Dec.2006 Bolivia: Morales Willing To Use Armed Forces: The statement comes the day after authorities in Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Pando departments declared they would start seeking movements toward more autonomy in rejection to the government's politics.

13.Dec.2006 Litvinenko contact: polonium trail started mid-Oct: A Russian associate of poisoned ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko who is being investigated in the case said on Tuesday he must have picked up traces of polonium from the murdered man when he met him in London in mid-October. That is well before Litvinenko fell ill, on November 1.

13.Dec.2006 Litvinenko Mystery: 'Walking Dirty Bomb' Tells of London Meetings: Russian businessman Andrei Lugovoi, believed to be one of Scotland Yard's main suspects in the killing of Alexander Litvinenko, spoke to DER SPIEGEL about his meetings with the former spy.

13.Dec.2006 Nikola Kavaja: Interview with an assassin : The CIA had staged several assassination attempts on Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslavian President at the time, claims the former CIA associate Nikola Kavaja

13.Dec.2006 Italian Court Moves Closer To Indicting CIA Agents: Over 30 U.S. and Italian intelligence agents may face charges after the extraordinary rendition of Egyptian cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr in Milan

13.Dec.2006 Wolfowitz Clashes With World Bank Staff and Mideast Chief Exits : Half of the bank's 29 highest-level executives have departed since Wolfowitz, the former U.S. deputy Defense secretary and an architect of President George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, took office in June 2005.

13.Dec.2006 Oil producers shun dollar : Oil producing countries have reduced their exposure to the dollar to the lowest level in two years and shifted oil income into euros, yen and sterling, according to new data from the Bank for International Settlements.

13.Dec.2006 Greenspan sees more declines in dollar: Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said the dollar will continue to drift downwards on growing signs that OPEC nations are shifting their assets out of the US dollar towards the euro and yen.

13.Dec.2006 U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse?: Fed in bind as Paulsen, Bernanke head to China

13.Dec.2006 China rejects 'slow reforms' report : China has rejected US complaints that it is failing to live up to market-opening commitments on the eve of a visit to Beijing by Henry Paulson, the US treasury secretary.

13.Dec.2006 DaimlerChrysler Truck May Lay Off 4,000 as Sales Slow : DaimlerChrysler AG, the world's largest truck maker, is preparing to lay off 4,000 workers in North America because it expects sales to slump next year.

13.Dec.2006 Experts warn North Pole will be 'ice free' by 2040: Ice is melting so fast in the Arctic that the North Pole will be in the open sea in 30 years, according to a team of leading climatologists.

13.Dec.2006 A generation is all they need: One day we will all happily be implanted with microchips + our every move will be monitored. The technology exists; the only barrier is society's resistance to the loss of privacy

13.Dec.2006 Government Spying Goes Global: Welcome to the national insecurity state, where our virtual identities are continually assessed for the risk we pose to the state and the normal relationship between the individual and the state in democratic societies is turned on its head. Now, the individual answers to the state and woe betide the person who is branded with a high "risk score."
13.Dec.2006 Rice warns Syria and Iran over Lebanon protests: Rice rejected mounting calls to deal directly with Damascus and Tehran as part of efforts to end the crisis in Iraq and said the two states should have no doubts about Washington's commitment to the embattled government of Lebanon.

13.Dec.2006 Russia to supply atomic power plant fuel to Iran from March - official: Moscow plans on delivering fuel in March for Iran's first atomic power plant amid heightened international debate over Tehran's nuclear program, Russian state monopoly Atomstroiexport told Russian news agencies.

13.Dec.2006 US presidential hopeful McCain calls Iran 'possibly deranged' and 'dangerous': Israel and the world are threatened by a "possibly deranged and surely dangerous regime" in Iran, White House hopeful Sen. John McCain told a Jewish audience.

13.Dec.2006 In case you missed it: IDF must be ready to stop Iran: Sanctions against Iran are unlikely to work, so Israel must be prepared to thwart Teheran's drive for a nuclear capability "at all costs," Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh has told the Post.

13.Dec.2006 US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel: Emergency stockpiles in Israel meant for storing US army equipment in Middle East opened in Israel's favor during last Lebanon war
13.Dec.2006 US Troops Will Be Forced Out of Afghanistan : -In a rare video message, Afghan insurgent leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar claims that American troops will be forced out of Afghanistan like the Soviets before them, AP said.

13.Dec.2006 Afghan President Karzai accuses Pakistan of being the Taliban's boss: Karzai took his accusations a step further on Tuesday, in his harshest criticism yet of Afghanistan's eastern neighbor.

13.Dec.2006 US to supply most advanced F-16s to Pak: The US government has awarded an initial $78 million as part of a $144 million contract to Lockheed Martin for tasks related to the production of 18 new Advanced Block 52 F-16 aircraft for Pakistan

13.Dec.2006 "I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees": Video: Former Guantanamo prisoner talks about his life and treatment by the US forces. Lap dog barks with U.S. accent: Iran a 'major threat', says Blair : Tony Blair has said Iran poses a "major strategic threat" to the Middle East and is "deliberately causing" problems.
13.Dec.2006 Experts Advise Bush Not to Reduce Troops : President Bush heard a blunt and dismal assessment of his handling of Iraq from a group of military experts yesterday, but the advisers shared the White House's skeptical view of the recommendations made last week by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, sources said.

13.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld's Iraq regret: Calling the war a "war on terror": Donald Rumsfeld allowed just one U.S. journalist to accompany him on his taxpayer-funded farewell tour to Iraq: Fox News' Sean Hannity. And when Rumsfeld sat down for an interview with Hannity, it seems that he didn't have much to say.

13.Dec.2006 Poll: Iraq Going Badly And Getting Worse: Only 4 percent say the U.S. should keep fighting as it is doing now.

13.Dec.2006 Bush to announce new Iraq strategy next year: President George W. Bush will delay announcing a new strategy for Iraq until the new year, the White House said on Tuesday amid polls showing Americans are more pessimistic about the war and want a change.

13.Dec.2006 Dahr Jamail : Abduction of Women on the Rise: Women face increased risk of abduction by militias and criminal gangs as lawlessness takes over the country.

13.Dec.2006 Saddam to be Secretly Buried: Saddam Hussein and his two top aides, Barzan al-Tikriti and Awad Ahmed al-Bandar, will be executed immediately after an appeal court confirms their sentences.
13.Dec.2006 650,000 Iraqi Deaths Given Voice In U.S. Congress: Video: Congressional briefing on the Lancet Iraqi casualty study: Speaking were Gilbert Burnham, Les Roberts + Juan Cole. The briefing was organized by Rep, Kucinich, with the support of rep. Ron Paul

13.Dec.2006 655,000 Excess Deaths In Iraq Since U.S. Invasion?

Francesco Checchi, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, looks at the lambasting a new report on Iraq deaths has got from hostile governments.

He has worked on mortality surveys in Angola, Darfur, Thailand and Uganda + written a publication "Interpreting and using mortality data in humanitarian emergencies" for the Humanitarian Practice Network.

13.Dec.2006 Full Report: A publication "Interpreting and using mortality data in humanitarian emergencies"
13.Dec.2006 Jesus Camp-Disturbing+Thought Provoking Documentary -Jesus camp is a rare document.

It is one of the few honest portrayals of the right wing evangelist's movement.

The documentary follows Pastor Becky Fisher + her congregation.

Ms. Fischer, an evangelical Christian, helps run Kids on Fire, a summer camp in Devils Lake, N.D., that grooms children to be soldiers in “God’s army.”

The result is a very disturbing film. Continue
13.Dec.2006 The "Iraq Memorial" should go on the White House Lawn -By Mike Whitney
Should we build a little park with Sycamore trees and disabled access so the thousands of amputees, paraplegics + trauma victims can huddle together while they try to cope with the surge of emotion; or amble about in stunned silence trying to make some sense of what they’ve done, or what they’ve seen, or what they’ve lost?

13.Dec.2006 Economic Apartheid Kills -Joel S. Hirschhorn - The Bush administration successfully talked up the global threat from terrorism while it pursued domestic and foreign policies promoting economic apartheid, a far greater and more pervasive threat to national and global stability. Continue

Iraqi Quagmire Haunts NATO Riga Summit - By K Gajendra Singh -It was the Iraqi resistance in Iraq which exposed the limits of US military power sending a resounding warning to aggressors and occupiers of other people's lands. Continue

13.Dec.2006 It Was True Then and Its True Now - Blair Is A Coward-By John Pilger
The current American elite is the Third Reich of our times, although this distinction ought not to let us forget that they have merely accelerated more than half a century of unrelenting American state terrorism: from the atomic bombs dropped cynically on Japan as a signal of their new power to the dozens of countries invaded, directly or by proxy, to destroy democracy wherever it collided with American "interests", such as a voracious appetite for the world's resources, like oil.

13.Dec.2006 Routine and systematic torture is at the heart of America's "war on terror " -By George Monbiot - In the fight against cruelty, barbarism and extremism, America has embraced the very evils it claims to confront. Continue
13.Dec.2006 key indicator of the Prince's thinking -

of his standing in his homeland -

occurred on

29.Nov.2006 -when- his advisor Nawaf Obaid published an important opinion piece in the Washington Post. In

00.Feb.2003 -1 month before- the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq,

the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, warned President Bush that he would be "solving one problem + creating five more" if he removed Saddam Hussein by force.

Had Bush heeded his advice, Iraq would not now be on the brink of full-blown civil war + disintegration.
One hopes he won't make the same mistake again by ignoring the counsel of Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki al-Faisal, who said in a speech last month that "since America came into Iraq uninvited, it should not leave Iraq uninvited."

If it does, one of the first consequences will be massive Saudi intervention to stop Iranian-backed Shiite militias from butchering Iraqi Sunnis.
Over the past year, a chorus of voices has called for Saudi Arabia to protect the Sunni community in Iraq + thwart Iranian influence there.

The implication is clear. If American soldiers vacate, Iraq turns into the staging area for a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. And what would happen then?
13.Dec.2006 thoughts on Prince Turki al-Faisal and the Iraq war After a day of reading and listening and pondering, I've come up with a few more observations on the Great Turki Scoot.

First, three points:

13.Dec.2006 Option 2 is even worse . Watch oil prices. That indicator will tell you how this narrative will play out. So far, signs look bad. Permalink
13.Dec.2006 LaHaye is sick, sick, SICK Tim LaHaye has engineered a video game version of "Left Behind" in which players must either convert non-Christians or gun them down . I'm not kidding. The game is not intended as "edgy" humor; the makers mean business.
Let's publicize this abomination. Even the most doltish conservatives should now see their Fundamentalist leaders as creepy, intolerant, kill-crazy nutcases who give Christianity a bad name.

13.Dec.2006 Saudi Arabia has warned it could decide to provide financial support to Iraqi Sunnis if the U.S. pulls its troops out of Iraq. Only Bush could create such a massive debacle. Armageddon? Bring It On!
U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,939 -- Within 34 of 9/11 Toll
Americans Say U.S. Is Losing War. But Washington Continues to Plod on Into the Quagmire as Deaths Mount. 12/13
Elizabeth de la Vega Indicted Bush and His Administration. For That She Deserves This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award.
The NRA Wants the World to Continue Being a Bazaar for Guns. Sign a Statement Opposing Them.
Building a Progressive Movement - If Each Of Us Gave $100 12/13
Democrat Wins Hotly Contested Congressional Run-off Race in Texas, Adding Another Seat to the Democratic Majority in the New Congress. Seven-term Republican incumbent Henry Bonilla bites the dust. 12/13
Somehow, They Haven't Gotten the Election Message: Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops 12/13
"Will Someone Please Give Bush a BJ So We Can Start the Impeachment" Fridge Magnet

13.Dec.2006 Facts -

20.Aug.1923 - Page 1 The strike of

00.000.1902 in which President Roosevelt intervened, was followed by the award of the " Anthracite Coal Strike Commission" which has been used as a ...,9171,716352,00.html


03.Oct.1902 President Theodore Roosevelt had to meet with miners + coal field BARONS

in an attempt to settle the anthracite coal strike,

then in its fifth ...
Labor History Web Sites

Strikes, Unrest & Tragedies. Anthracite Coal Strike Collection of transcribed primary sources and digitized cartoons dealing with the

00.000.1902 strike.
13.Dec.2006 Northrop optimistic on Navy ships after DD-X move

Navy acquisitions chief John Young said the decision would keep ... to let teams led by Northrop + Falls Church, Virginia-based General Dynamics Corp. ...

NCMA 2003 East Coast Conference

... is an NCMA Fellow + has taught contract administration at UVA- Falls Church.

John Young is the Vice President of Corporate Contracts and Pricing for Northrop ...

Lockheed General Dynamics to build high-tech ships

... is worth $46.5 million;

Falls Church, Va.-based General Dynamics' deal ... + the acquisition team," said John Young, assistant secretary of the Navy for ...
13.Dec.2006 Demolition Online Guide to Demolition
Different types of Demolition

13.Dec.2006 - bush insider said collapse was controlled ... bush insider said collapse was controlled demolishion .txt · comparing twin towers.txt ... madridskyscraperburns24hourswithoutcollapse.txt ... - madrid skyscraper burns 24 hours without collapse.txt bush insider said collapse was controlled demolishion .txt ... MADRID, Spain -- The area surrounding a burned-out Madrid skyscraper remained cordoned off ...

13.Dec.2006 Pentagon 9/11 Attack Simulation - UUU2 Conspiracy theory ... It takes months to properly install demolishion charges + they must be set to ... a popular skyscraper construction technique to maximize interior space ...
13.Dec.2006 digg - Scientific America Debunking of 9/11 Conspiracies That's never happened to any skyscraper before, including various skyscrapers ... I would consider structural engineers, mechanical engineers, demolishion ...
20060128 Larry Silverstein, the controller of Building 7, the third skyscraper to ... like that don't just drop to the ground EXACTLY like a preplanned demolishion. alfatomega/20060128.html
WTC structural design - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum ... convinced it was a rigged demolishion because to them it "looks just like one. ... Some smaller steel buildings have collapsed from fire, but skyscraper ...

13.Dec.2006 Kicked Out of CCU for 9/11/Anti-War Stance | ... I stood in the cold evening displaying a sign on a public sidewalk which stated " ... religious symbols oppenly used by the ruling elite, see the below ...
13.Dec.2006 20041129

27.Nov.2004 Supreme Court To Rule On Religious Displays! ... units of government should refrain from displaying religious symbols because ... alfatomega/20041129.html
13.Dec.2006 A conservative blog for peace Again, as Naipaul has pointed out, there is a tension everywhere in the non-Arab ... theological and timeless as the best Orthodox prayers, with a different ...
13.Dec.2006 20060802 The monks filled the recycled pages with Greek Orthodox prayers . 02.Aug.2006 X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets Texts written by the Greek mathematician ...


Die "15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group" der britischen Armee setzt nach Presseberichten jetzt sogar in Afghanistan auf Propaganda-SMS, um die Moral der Glaubenskrieger zu untergraben und die Koordination der Taliban-Einheiten per Mobiltelefon zu stören.

Dazu werden zunächst die Handy-Nummern der Taliban ausfindig gemacht, anschließend der Situation angepasste SMS versendet: Vom einfachen "Wir wissen, wer du bist, gib auf!" bis hin zu gezielten Fehlinfomationen, die vermeintlich von Handys anderer Taliban stammen. Entgegen des gängigen Klischees sind die Taliban übrigens durchaus in weiten Teilen des Landes per Handy zu erreichen: Die zwei Mobilfunknetze decken derzeit etwa 70 % des Landes ab.

Taliban werden "geblitzt
"Discovery"- Außeneinsatz: Raumstation neu verkabelt

13.Dec.2006 Weltwirtschaft: Die globale Party geht zu Ende

13.Dec.2006 US- Abzugspläne: Saudi- Arabien droht im Irak einzugreifen
13.Dec.2006 Neurologie des Kicherns: Schon der Klang von Gelächter steckt an
13.Dec.2006 US- Rechtsstreit: Großbank verkaufte ungeeignetes Produkt - Klage in New York
13.Dec.2006 Pinochet- Beerdigung: Enkel eines Regime- Opfers spuckt auf Sarg
13.Dec.2006 Neue Irak- Strategie: Bush verschiebt Entscheidung ins neue Jahr
13.Dec.2006 Atom- Andeutung: EU fordert von Olmert Erklärung zu Nuklearwaffen
13.Dec.2006 Calls for Olmert to resign after nuclear gaffe - BG -Israel's prime minister, Ehud Olmert, was today trying to fend off accusations of ineptitude and calls for his resignation after he accidentally acknowledged for the first time that Israel had nuclear weapons....S ource:
13.Dec.2006 Russert and panel failed to challenge claim that "no one knew" intel on Iraq WMDs was flawed - BG -On the

10Dec.2006 broadcast of NBC's Meet the Press, host Tim Russert failed to challenge former Reagan adviser and Defense Policy Board member Ken Adelman's claim that "no one knew" that intelligence indicating Iraq had weapons of mass destruction "wasn't true" prior to the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. As Media Matters for America has repeatedly shown here, here + here, members of the intelligence community, including former high-ranking CIA official Tyler Drumheller, challenged the accuracy of the intelligence indicating Iraq had such weapons. Adelman, who asserted in February 2002 that "demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk," and that "President Bush does not need to amass rinky-dink nations as 'coaliti... Source:
13.Dec.2006 VIDEO: Senior Officers Accused Of Coercing Soldiers To Adopt Evangelical Christianity... - BG -
13.Dec.2006 Litvinenko: " ... the radioactive element used to poison the former spy could not have come from Russia ... " - BG -
" Litvinenko's death mystery deepens as his associate lapses into coma [Q: Where were ARMITAGE and GROSSMAN?] Pravda 08.12.2006 Five weeks after Alexander Litvinenko suddenly fell ill at the hands of an unknown poisoner, the riddle of his murder and the uneasy diplomatic stand-off that surrounds it grew ever more knotted in intrigue and tragedy. As the former Russian spy's radioactive body was laid to rest in a north London cemetery, the authorities in Moscow announced they were investigating the attempted murder of one of his business associates. Dmitry Kovtun, one of two Russian businessmen who met Mr Litvinenko on several occasions in London prior to his ... Source:

13.Dec.2006 The Strange Language of Capitalism
When George Bush and other capitalists speak about freedom you must understand that they do not mean freedom in the sense that most of us understand it. They mean the freedom for corporations to gain access to markets and cheap labor through the use of coercive force.

13.Dec.2006 Why Michigan Voters Can?t Trust Dick DeVos Michigan voters can?t trust Dick DeVos. He says one thing ? about jobs, Michigan schools + ethics ? but his record says another.
13.Dec.2006 Live and Let Live, Nature's Message Live and let live is what evolution is all about - not the law of the jungle.
13.Dec.2006 A Plea for Net Neutrality The Internet remains one of the final refuges for free speech and political dissent. If Telecommunication giants such as AT and T, Verizon and Comcast have their way that will change. Fox News will provide the official version of history.
13.Dec.2006 Exceptional Americans Manifest Their Destiny: Bush and his fellow war criminals are not anomalies. America has been ruled by cruel, exploitative people from its inception...
13.Dec.2006 Do-It-Yourself Impeachment. Seriously. Impeach for Peace, a Minnesota-based impeachment group, has researched a method for impeaching the president using a little known and rarely used part of the Rules of the House of Representatives that empowers individual citizens to initiate the impeachment process.
13.Dec.2006 When the Right Is Right Conservatives Virtually Impeach Bush + No One is Paying Attention
13.Dec.2006 Open Letter to Lou Dobbs Then look into Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell who is running for Ohio Governor in 2006 and will count the votes in his own election... after forcing the state to vote on electronic machines... while owning Diebold stock.
13.Dec.2006 Republicans, War and Plutocracy Republicans pretend to be pious, patriotic and freedom-loving. In reality they are none of these things, they are plutocrats and the only freedom they're interested in is the freedom to exploit anything or anyone who can enhance their superior material status
13.Dec.2006 Enjoying the Afterglow of a Great Take Back America Conference still recovering, still working on following up on the successful networking and contacts made at the best progressive conference I know of.
13.Dec.2006 Case of Eminent Domain Resonates Year After Supreme Decision Although the takings of private land belonging to homeowners and small businesses under the guise of eminent domain have been argued repeatedly and primarily over the past half century, the U.S. Supreme Court?s 2005 decision came closest to heightening the blurring of legitimate use of such takings for public use.

13.Dec.2006 Subverting the Constitution by Supporting the Flag The Senate will vote within the next two weeks on a constitutional amendment to ban desecrating the flag. If approved, the Senate will erode our Constitutional right to free speech and expression in the name of the flag.
13.Dec.2006 The Republican War Party The republican Iraq War Party is stepping out of their citizen's clothing and into their militarist garb; the war hawks, the war hounds, the warmongers, the tyrants.
13.Dec.2006 Review: Armed Madhouse, by Greg Palast Book Review: Armed Madhouse, by Greg Palast
13.Dec.2006 How America lost its moral authority throughout the world The Bush administration had planned to perpetrate torture even before it ordered the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; and it sought to exempt U.S. troops from international prosecutions. In the process, the United States has lost whatever moral authority it might have exerted throughout the world.
13.Dec.2006 South Dakota: Corruption from the top down or how the establishment in South Dakota worked in concert to defeat We the People.
13.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld: My Worst Day Was Abu Ghraib (Which He Was Responsible For). What About The Rest Of The War? (That Was His Faul
In the waning hours of his term as Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld still doesn't get it. Disgraced in failure and fired by George W. Bush, Rumsfeld spoke about his experiences during a farewell talk today at the Pentagon. (seriously, how bad do you have to be for Bush to boot you for incompetence?)

13.Dec.2006 Iranian Professor: US and Israel have Been Trying To Divide Iran For - Paul Joseph Watson Iranian Professor: US and Israel have Been Trying To Divide Iran For Years Professor of geopolitics points the finger at US Neoconservatives and Israeli
13.Dec.2006 False Flag Terror Of The New World Order - Paul Joseph Watson False Flag Terror Of The New World Order Methods used to facilitate staged attacks
13.Dec.2006 7/7 Witness: Bus Was Diverted To Tavistock Sq. By Two Unmarked Cars - Paul Joseph Watson 7/7 Witness: Bus Was Diverted To Tavistock Sq. By Two Unmarked Cars Soon to be published account will detail the plot and cover up of the number 30 bus bombing
13.Dec.2006 Nigeria to ban ‘any form of association among gays.’ - Nico -

“Lawmakers in Nigeria are debating a bill that would ban same-sex marriage and any form of association among gays, even sharing a meal at a restaurant,” the AP reports. “Few in Nigeria’s deeply closeted gay community have publicly opposed the legislation, which proposes penalties of up to five years in prison and is widely expected to pass.”
13.Dec.2006 : Bush Is ‘Very Seriously’ Considering Sending More Troops To Iraq - Nico -

’s John King reported this afternoon that President Bush is planning a “substantial policy shift” on Iraq and is “very seriously considering…agreeing with Sen. John McCain and increasing U.S. troop levels in the short-term.”

King said the White House has postponed the announcement of the policy shift to January because Bush “has asked for more advice about” how he could send 20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq + administration officials “need more time to put all that on the table.”

King said the White House sees a political benefit to delaying the announcement. “If you are going to disagree with the Iraq Study Group and not accept its major recommendations, then let some time go by, let the American people forget about that a little bit” and “buy some time for critics” to attack the ISG.

Watch it: Full transcript:

KING: I talked to a number of senior administration officials today + also some of the outsiders who have been consulted by the administration as part of this review, including one retired general + they say they think the president wants more time for the reason Ed Henry just noted: because it’s not just one thing, you know, the whole litany — it’s not because of this or because of that. These officials all believe the president is planning to do something big. He is planning to do a substantial policy shift + one of the sources I spoke to says he believes the president is very seriously considering, in the short term, agreeing with Sen. John McCain and increasing U.S. troop levels in the short-term and also resisting the recommendations from the Iraq Study Group that he put on the table the idea that the United States would begin to withdraw troops. The retired generals have said they believe, like the active duty generals, that any talk of withdrawing troops is a bad idea + the president, we are told, has asked for more advice about, how could he do it? If he wanted to send in 20,000, 15,000 more troops for a few months to try to improve the situation, primarily in Baghdad, how would could that happen? So they need more time to put all that on the table. They need more time for the new defense secretary to study it. Another issue is this regional diplomacy. The president will not meet directly with Iran or Syria at a high level, but if they could pull off some sort of regional conference and essentially call the bluff of Iran and Syria, saying, “Can you come to the table with a serious proposal to help?” They think if the Iraqi government can do that, that might help as well. They’re also worried, Wolf, you’ve seen all these reports. Is the Iraqi government in trouble? Is there stirring up within Iraq against the Maliki government? So,the main reasons are policy questions what the president will do, but they’re also watching warily what is happening in Baghdad.

BLITZER: What about domestic politics, because as you know, some Democrats already suspicious that the president is going to delay the speech, not necessarily for strictly policy reasons, but maybe politics might be at play.

KING: What senior administration officials say is it is policy, policy, policy. The president is looking at big changes and he needs to get this right, so he is going to take the time necessary. But they also do believe there is a political benefit. You might get criticism now, as you just heard Dana say, from the Democrats. Why not before Christmas? But they believe there is a political benefit. If you are going to disagree with the Iraq Study Group and not accept its major recommendations, then let some time go by, let the American people forget about that a little bit, buy some time for critics. And you can the Wall Street Journal editorial page, other conservatives attacking, attacking, attacking the findings of the Iraq Study Group. Let that criticism take hold, especially if you are going to say, thank you for your report but I don’t agree with that much of it.
We’re just happy to be nominated. - Amanda - But we’d love to win. Vote for ThinkProgress as Best Liberal Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards here.
13.Dec.2006 Tony Snow: There Is A ‘Sense Of Crisis Of Confidence In Government’ - Faiz -

This morning, a USA Today/Gallup poll reported that fewer than 20 percent of Americans have “a great deal” of trust in President Bush to “recommend the right thing” for the United States to do in Iraq. The poll found that confidence in congressional leaders to chart the proper course is even lower, at 14 percent. A separate CBS News poll reported a record-low 21 percent approve of Bush’s handling of the war.

At the White House press conference this afternoon, Press Secretary Tony Snow was forced to acknowledge that the administration’s handling of Iraq has caused a “crisis of confidence” in government:

Whatever the discontent may be with the president, the level of confidence in Congress is even lower. And what you have is the sense of crisis of confidence in government.

Full transcript below:

QUESTION: Does the president believe there is within the American public — that they would accept sending more troops to Iraq?

SNOW: Again, what you’re trying to do under the guise of an opinion question is to ask me a policy option.

Let me put it this way: The president believes that in putting together a way forward he will be able to address a lot of the concerns that the American public has, the most important of which is, What is your plan for winning?

The other thing is that there’s an opportunity here also for Democrats and Republicans to work together. Whatever the discontent may be with the president, the level of confidence in Congress is even lower. And what you have is the sense of crisis of confidence in government.
‘A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals.’ - Nico - WorldNetDaily columnist Jim Rutz targets soy food. “Soy is feminizing + commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality,” Rutz writes.
13.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld: ‘It Is Not A War on Terror’ - Payson -

In a new interview posted on, conservative columnist Cal Thomas asks outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, “With what you know now, what might you have done differently in Iraq?” Rumsfeld offers a remarkable response:

I don’t think I would have called it the war on terror. I don’t mean to be critical of those who have. Certainly, I have used the phrase frequently. Why do I say that? Because the word ‘war’ conjures up World War II more than it does the Cold War. It creates a level of expectation of victory and an ending within 30 or 60 minutes of a soap opera. It isn’t going to happen that way. Furthermore, it is not a ‘war on terror.’ Terror is a weapon of choice for extremists who are trying to destabilize regimes and (through) a small group of clerics, impose their dark vision on all the people they can control. So ‘war on terror’ is a problem for me.

Rumsfeld not only used the phrase ‘war on the terror’; he repeatedly criticized anyone who questioned the validity of it.

– “[T]here has been comment in the press of late about whether or not we’re even engaged in a war on terror, or whether our purpose might be better explained in a different manner. Let there be no mistake, we are a nation at war, against terrorist enemies who are seeking our surrender or our retreat. It is a war.” [8/2/05]

– “I would like to say that Iraq is really one of the battle grounds in the global war on terror.” [4/24/06]

– “Iraq is the central front of the global war on terror.” [12/16/05]

– Q: My argument is that we are fighting the war on terror in Iraq. Back me up a little bit on that, Mr. Secretary.
RUMSFELD: Well, you’re absolutely right. [

– “[Iraq is] part of the global war on terror; let there be no doubt.” [9/10/03]

– Q: Do you feel that the Administration by turning its attention onto Iraq would be leaving the job undone a bit too soon?
RUMSFELD: Oh, no. Indeed that’s part of the global war on terrorism, Iraq. [

Rumsfeld’s outgoing memo on Iraq - which calls for a “major adjustment” in strategy - makes no mention of the one thing he would have “done differently” on Iraq.

Salon’s War Room has more.
13.Dec.2006 Tom DeLay: I Don’t Write My Own Blog - Think Progress -

Criminally indicted ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) launched a personal blog yesterday.

The new site seemed to mark a shift for DeLay: last year, he said he found the fact that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy “does his own research on the Internet” to be “just incredibly outrageous.” Now, DeLay says he wants to “be a role model that leaders ought to have their own blog.”

During an appearance last night on MSNBC, DeLay was asked about the mechanics of writing for his new blog. “Well, I’m not a very good writer,” DeLay acknowledged. “I have the ideas + I have somebody else put the words together.” Apparently he still isn’t interested in doing research on the Internet.

Watch it: Digg It! Full transcript:

BARNICLE:, right? Is that — is that the blog?

DELAY: That’s new today. Yes. That’s my blog that we came out with today. And we’re very pleased with it. We’re getting a lot of comments and a lot of hits on it.

BARNICLE: So, like, do you get up first thing in the morning and start blogging away? Or what do you do?

DELAY: Well, I’m not a very good writer. I have the ideas + I have somebody else put the words together. But yes, we’re going to post a lot during the day. And we’re going to respond to questions and comments.

And it’s — the conservatives need to push back on communications + we need to compete, instead of…

BARNICLE: You’ve got to be kidding me.


BARNICLE: I mean, look at — you’ve got Rush Limbaugh out there.

DELAY: Oh, yes. Radio talk shows are great.

BARNICLE: You mean conservative bloggers?

DELAY: In any media. If there’s a blogosphere, we are sorely lacking in enough conservative bloggers to offset the liberal bloggers that are there. And I want to set — be a role model that the leaders ought to have their own blog + they ought to talk to people around the country on these blogs.
Bush Turns To Expert Advisers Who Slam Phased Withdrawal, Advocate Escalation In Iraq - Think Progress -

Yesterday, President Bush solicited the advice of five outside advisers on how to change course in Iraq. The group included Johns Hopkins Professor Eliot Cohen; Jack Keane, a retired army chief of staff; Stephen Biddle, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey; and Ret. Gen. Wayne Downing.

The Washington Post reported the advisers “shared the White House’s skeptical view of the recommendations made last week by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group” and “disagreed in particular with the study group’s plans to reduce the number of U.S. combat troops in Iraq.” Below is a more detailed analysis of their positions: ELIOT COHEN

– Critical of ISG Report: “I thought both the process was flawed + the substance was flawed.” [MTP, 12/10/06]
– In Favor of Escalation: “I would [tell President Bush] in terms of broad strategy, we are clearly at a crossroads…and, honestly, I’d rather win than control the narrative at the moment. …[To ‘win’], I suspect we’re probably talking about 20,000 or 30,000, something along those lines, a much more substantial kind of increase.” [MTP,
12/10/06] JACK KEANE

– Critical of ISG Report: Gave the ISG report an “F” and said of the report, “I think it is wholly inadequate. It’s a cover story to accept defeat.” [ABC, 12/11/06]
– In Favor of Escalation: “Keane is one of more than 150 experts the study group has interviewed + he recommends that 40,000 additional U.S. troops be sent to secure Baghdad.” [ABC News,

– Critical of ISG report: “Another outside adviser, Stephen Biddle of the Council on Foreign Relations, said the study group seemed to put a higher priority on getting out of Iraq than on stabilizing it.” [McClatchy, 12/12/06]
– Open to Escalation: “If you could get a political deal by saturating Iraq with American troops, then it might make sense to do it even if you do fall to much lower levels afterward. But I haven’t heard anybody put forth an argument about what these troops are going to do while they’re there that will bring that about.” [SF Chron,

– Critical of ISG Report: “They came up with a political thought but then got to tinkering with tactical ideas that in my view don’t make any sense. … This is a recipe for national humiliation.” [NYT, 12/7/06]
– Opposed to Escalation: “[S]hould we reinforce with more US combat units? I think my answer clearly is no.” [NBC Nightly News, 12/11/06] WAYNE DOWNING

– No Public Position On ISG Report: “Retired Gen. Wayne Downing…doesn’t appear to have taken a public position on the report.” [McClatchy, 12/12/06]
– Opposed To Escalation: “There is not a military victory. That is not in the cards. … More Americans are not going to solve this problem. In fact, they’re going to make it worse.” [MTP,

13.Dec.2006 “I don’t have any advice for him.” - Nico - – Donald Rumsfeld, on his advice for incoming Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “I wish him well. It’s a tough job,” Rumsfeld said.
13.Dec.2006 Phase II intel report to see the light of day. - Payson -

Incoming Senate Intelligence Committee chair Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) plans to complete the three unreleased sections of their “Phase Two” report on the Bush administration’s use of prewar intelligence. Rockefeller told The Hill the report is “headed for circulation next year.” “One does not want to spend all one’s time looking back,” Rockefeller said, “but the history of all this evolution of the war has to be brought to full accountability.”
13.Dec.2006 O’Reilly: Annan Should Have Thanked U.S. For Spending ‘Billions To Keep Him In Fancy Suits’ - Amanda -

Last night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly attacked U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan’s farewell speech at the Truman Library in Missouri. O’Reilly said that instead of offering any criticism of the Bush administration, Annan should have talked about “why the United States is a really noble country,” how “it tried to do some good in Iraq,” and thanked the United States for spending billions of dollars to keep him “in fancy suits and expense account dinners and lunches.”

Watch it:

Annan’s speech wasn’t without praise for the United States. He thanked the United States for offering the “world an example of a democracy in which everyone, including the most powerful, is subject to legal restraint,” and noted that it has “historically been in the vanguard of the global human rights movement.” But he also called on the country to offer “far-sighted American leadership.”

Intolerance for any criticism is what caused many of the problems in Iraq.


BILL O’REILLY: Why doesn’t he get up and say let me tell you why the United States is a really noble country and it tried to do some good in Iraq and it’s decimated al Qaeda and they can’t kill nearly as many people as they used to be able to kill? Why don’t we say something good about the USA that spent billions of dollars to keep Annan in fancy suits and expense account dinners and lunches?

KIRSTEN POWERS: Well, because he doesn’t think that and a lot of people don’t think that, so I think that his criticism —

O’REILLY: He doesn’t think that? Despite the overwhelming evidence it’s true.
Contradicting Bush, Rumsfeld Claims He Was Replaced Because Of ‘The Outcome Of The Election’ - Judd -

Yesterday on Hannity and Colmes, outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that he was removed as a direct result of the “outcome of the election.” Watch it:

08.Nov.2006 Bush said explicitly that, regardless of the outcome of the election, Rumsfeld was out:

BUSH: And so he and I both agreed in our meeting yesterday that it was appropriate that I accept his resignation. And so the decision was made — actually, I thought we were going to do fine yesterday. Shows what I know. But I thought we were going to be fine in the election. My point to you is, is that, win or lose, Bob Gates was going to become the nominee.

Someone isn’t telling the truth.


HANNITY: What happened this time, though?

RUMSFELD: I think that this time the outcome of the election, just to put it right up on the table, created a situation where I personally believe + the president agrees, it is better for someone else to be leading this department with that new Congress. And it’s better for the military; it’s better for the department; and it’s better for the administration. And I feel comfortable with that.
December 12, 2006 - Think Progress -

Democratic congressional leaders announced yesterday they plan to “ place a moratorium on all earmarks until lobbying changes are enacted.”

President Bush met yesterday with three retired generals and two academics who disagreed with the Iraq Study Group’s plan “to reduce the number of U.S. combat troops in Iraq and to reach out for help to Iran and Syria.”

It is another sign “ the president is gathering support for a new plan that ignores several of the bipartisan committee’s recommendations.”

The group of experts “also recommended the president make some changes in his national security team,” which is “‘likely to fuel Pentagon rumors‘ that Marine Gen. Peter Pace will be removed as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

“The founding pastor of a second Colorado church has resigned over gay sex allegations ,” the AP reports, “just weeks after the evangelical community was shaken by the scandal surrounding megachurch leader Ted Haggard,” a long-time opponent of gay marriage.

Bienvenido a Miami, Rep. Tancredo. “After drawing criticism from Florida lawmakers for calling Miami a third-world country, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) will visit the city Thursday to speak on ‘The Need for Assimilation,’” The Hill reports. Tancredo agreed to visit Miami only if the trip included “a stay at a five-star beachfront resort.”

In the wake of a House ethics committee report that found the Foley scandal represented a “present danger to House pages and to the integrity of the institution of the House,” incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said yesterday that she will introduce legislation to increase oversight of the page program .

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged another $83.5 million to fight malaria . “All totaled,” the Gates Foundation “the Microsoft Corp. chairman and world’s richest man + his wife, Melinda, has donated $765 million to fight malaria, which kills one person every 30 seconds.”

In a recent interview, Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), the incoming House intelligence committee chairman, could not identify the Muslim roots of Hezbollah and al Qaeda . Asked by a reporter whether al Qaeda was Sunni or Shiite, Reyes replied incorrectly, “Predominantly — probably Shiite.” Other members on the committee and several top counterterrorism officials also failed the quiz.

“Ice is melting so fast in the Arctic that the North Pole will be in the open sea in 30 years ,” a team of NASA-funded scientists found. “Researchers assessing the impact of carbon emissions on the world’s climate have calculated that late summer in the Arctic will be ice-free by 2040 or earlier - well within a lifetime.”

USA Today reports on a Gallup poll that finds a “record high 62 percent of Americans say the war in Iraq isn’t ‘worth it,’ and a record low 16 percent say the United States is winning.”
13.Dec.2006 21%. - Judd - Percentage of Americans who approve of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war, an all-time low and an 8-point drop from just a month ago, according to a new CBS poll.
13.Dec.2006 Organized Crime, The CIA and the Savings and Loan Scandal - sfux Gary W. Potter -

The savings and loan scandal of the 1980s has been depicted in a myriad of ways. To some, it is "the greatest ... scandal in American history" (Thomas, 1991: 30) . To others it is the single greatest case of fraud in the history of crime (Seattle Times, June 11,...
Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons - sfux  Deborah Davies -

They are just some of the victims of wholesale torture taking place inside the U.S. prison system that we uncovered during a four-month investigation for BBC Channel 4 . It?s terrible to watch some of the videos and realise that you?re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases,...
Entsetzen in Israel - sfux - Ergebnisse der Baker-Kommission bedeuten Eingeständnis der Niederlage - Karl Weiss -

Israels Zionisten sind entsetzt über die Ergebnisse der Irak-Baker-Kommission. Kein Wunder, denn sie bedeuten praktisch das Eingestehen der Niederlage, versuchen nur noch einen ?ehrenhaften Abzug? zu ermöglichen. Damit sind die Pläne, den ganzen Nahen und Mittleren Osten zu erobern, bis auf...
Jerusalem bereitet sich auf Kampfbereitschaft vor - sfux Novosti -

Die israelische Verteidigungsarmee hat offiziell bekannt gegeben, dass sie über keine Aufklärungsangaben verfüge, die von der Absicht Syriens zeugen würden, im kommenden Jahr einen Krieg gegen Israel zu beginnen.
Der Armeepressedienst verbreitete eine entsprechende Erklärung als Erläuterung der Äußerungen des Chefs der analytischen Abteilung für militärische Aufklärung, Yossi Beyditz, der am Sonntag in einer Regierungssitzung mitteilte, daß sich Syrien auf einen...

Folic acid 'should be in flour' Folic acid should be added to flour to cut the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida, experts have recommended.
13.Dec.2006Polonium smoke ads pulled Two ads warning cigarette smoke contains the radioactive substance that killed a Russian spy have been withdrawn.
13.Dec.2006 Bush delays fresh Iraq strategy The US president postpones his announcement of a new American strategy for Iraq until early next year.
US trade deficit narrows sharply The gap between how much the US exports and imports has narrowed to its lowest level in more than a year.
13.Dec.2006 EU unfreezes Iran group's funds An EU court reverses a four-year-old decision to freeze the funds of an Iranian opposition group.
13.Dec.2006 PM dismisses Israel nuclear row Israel's PM reiterates his country's position of nuclear weapons ambiguity amid a row over an apparent slip-up.
13.Dec.2006 Iran a 'major threat', says Blair Prime Minister Tony Blair says Iran's "deeply extreme" regime poses a "major strategic threat" to the Middle East.
13.Dec.2006 Israeli PM in nuclear arms hint Israel's PM appears to come close to admitting it has nuclear arms, but officials deny a change of policy.
13.Dec.2006 Mexico troops sent to fight drugs Mexico sends thousands of troops to deal with a wave of drug-related crime in the western state of Michoacan.
13.Dec.2006 Bruins Security in Ruins Hackers got into a database containing the Social Security numbers of 800,000 UCLA alumni, current students and employees. Congressman asks is it time for a federal data breach yet? In 27B Stroke 6.
13.Dec.2006 Arctic Ice May Melt By 2040 - kdawson 279- Dekortage - in with a

00.000.2040 -as soon as-decades earlier than previously thought-. new study by the National Center for Atmospheric Research suggesting that the North Pole may be clear of ice in summer

From the article: "'As the ice retreats, the ocean transports more heat to the Arctic and the open water absorbs more sunlight, further accelerating the rate of warming and leading to the loss of more ice,' Holland said in the statement. 'This is a positive feedback loop with dramatic implications for the entire Arctic.'"
Many New Species Found Under Antarctica - ScuttleMonkey 74+- gt_mattex The Globe and Mail is reporting that

quite a few new species have been found in the ocean beneath the Antarctic ice. From the article: "It is too early to say exactly how many new species were discovered in the Antarctic, many in the Weddell Sea, where ice crushed the ship of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton in 1915. The scientists saw more strange creatures than familiar ones, says Ron O'Dor, an expert in octopuses and squid from Halifax's Dalhousie University and the chief scientist in charge of producing the first marine life census of the planet by 2010."
Ausfuhr von belasteten Abfällen

In Bangladesh gibt es weder ein Wissen über chemische Rückstände noch gibt es die Möglichkeit, gegeeignete Laboranalysen ...
12.Dec.2006 LicioGelli The courtroom drawings of David Wasserman for world-wide television and press. ... loge P2, patron de la "Banco. Ambrosiano", escroc. Licio Gelli ...
12.Dec.2006 Ordre du Temple Solaire. Enquête sur les extrémistes de l'Occulte II ... extrémistes en rapport avec le SAC en France ou la Loge P2 en Italie. ... Et ceux de la Loge P2 - Julien Origas et l'Ordre Rénové du Temple - Au coeur de ...
12.Dec.2006 (((i))) nice.indymedia -INDYMEDIA NICE ... essentiel de la stratégie de la tension, et connue sous le nom de loge P2.

20050317 Dans cette enquête, le nomù de Lucio Gelli (patron de la loge P2 ) sera souvent cité. ... le nom de Lucio Gelli (patron de la loge P2 ) sera souvent cité. ...

Les commémorations de 1944 : 50 ans de mensonges impérialistes (1e partie) | Courant Communiste International Courant Communiste International. Prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez ... en Italie (c'est l'origine de la loge P2 en totale complicité avec la Mafia) ...
12.Dec.2006 US edition: Moon wants to revive the Indian joint family " Reverend Moon teaches us to live together, not to divorce, ... In a recent message, read out at a New Delhi meeting by David, Moon said: "The time has come ...
12.Dec.2006 [This message contained attachments] _

Message: 2 Date: Tue,

28.Mar.2006 02:26:41 -0500 From: "Total Information" <>
Subject: MSNBC VIDEO: Moussaoui wore 'stun belt' for new testimony < >

If you're looking for a reason why Zacarias Moussaoui suddenly testified today to a version of the 9/11 plotline that sounds more like the Official story than even the official Whitewash Commission report, this video may have the answer < >.

In it, NBC news reporter Pete Williams lets slip that Moussaoui is wearing a "Stun belt" underneath his clothing controlled by US Marshals. MSNBC host Dan Abrams gets some more details on the stun belt.

A taste of the exchange:

WILLIAMS: The old outbursts were gone... He was very docile today...

We believe that he's wearing one of those stun belts + it may be that he was very worried about doing anything that would cause those Marshals to press the button....


A stun belt?

They literally have sOmething around his waist?

That they can push a button and?

WILLIAMS: [Pause] Well...

Only in 21st-century Amerika!

See also : Demented Moussaoui changes story in open
court< > --
12.Dec.2006 Radioaktive Spuren: Kowtun bedauert Polonium- Aufregung in Deutschland

12.Dec.2006 Prozess um VW- Gesetz: Betriebsrat prophezeit Zerschlagung des Konzerns

12.Dec.2006 US- Notenbank- Sitzung: Fed verzichtet auf Zinserhöhung
12.Dec.2006 Schmiergeldaffäre: Ex- Siemens- Konzernvorstand Ganswindt verhaftet

12.Dec.2006 Trauerfeier für Ex- Diktator: Pinochets Familie brüskiert Chiles Regierung

12.Dec.2006 Großer Prüfbericht: Hartz- Reformen teils wirkungslos

12.Dec.2006 Genitalverstümmelung: 19.000 beschnittene Frauen in Deutschland
12.Dec.2006 100-million-year-old discovery pushes bees' evolutionary history back 35 million years  A bee in amber changes everything. posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Pinochet's Death Spares Bush Family  Gen. Augusto Pinochet's death on Dec. 10 means the Bush Family can breathe a little bit easier, knowing that criminal proceedings against Chile's notorious dictator can no longer implicate his longtime friend and protector, former President George H.W. Bush. posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Olive oil may be the best cancer preventive  The authors drew this conclusion based on the outcomes of volunteers from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy + Spain, who consumed 25 milliliters (a little less than a quarter cup) of olive oil every day for three weeks.
12.Dec.2006 The mysterious Prince Turki al-Faisal  This is not the first time he has suddenly resigned an important post. As some of you will recall, he quit his job as Saudi intelligence chief just before the attack on the World Trade Center.posted by Prof. Hex

The banking environment is a communication-based environment, where rumors about companies spread quickly + die quickly.

Banking people are up to their necks in rumors.

Given the environment, they have to take rumors with a grain of salt until they have hopped on the phone + spoken with six colleagues who can help them evaluate the purported facts.
12.Dec.2006 This is not the first time he has suddenly resigned an important post. As some of you will recall, he quit his job as Saudi intelligence chief just before the attack on the World Trade Center.
The Prince was a controversial choice as ambassador, to say the least. According to a number of sources (including Craig Unger's House of Bush, House of Saud ), Osama Bin Laden was once Prince Turki's protege.
(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
Prince Turki belonged to a mysterious power group called The Safari Club, founded -- according to one account -- by then-DCI George H.W. Bush and Sheikh Kamal Adham, Turki's uncle and predecessor as Saudi intelligence chief. We have looked at this group
before. In a public speech, the Prince admitted that this "club" was an off-the-reservation covert action ring, unaccountable to any democratic government: In 1976, after the Watergate matters took place here, your intelligence community was literally tied up by Congress. It could not do anything... In order to compensate for that, a group of countries got together in the hope of fighting Communism and established what was called the Safari Club. The Safari Club included France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iran. This quote appears in Joseph Trento's Prelude to Terror . Trento adds that the Safari Club, through Pakistan, ran the anti-Soviet effort in Afghanistan -- which is to say, it created Osama Bin Laden's network. The Club also funded A.Q. Kahn's nuclear hijinks in Pakistan.
Note that Prince Turki made reference to France.
This page has an interesting squib connecting the Safari Club with a group called the Pinay Circle, also called Le Cercle Violet, first exposed in the pages of Robin Ramsey's periodical Lobster . (At least, that's where I first learned about Pinay.)
A secret intelligence group that is often named in one breath with the Pinay Circle is the Safari Club. Some people claim this group was the precursor to the Pinay Circle, but this cannot be true. As far as we know, the Safari Club was created in 1976 in Paris by Pinay Circle members Alexandre de Marenches and Kermit Roosevelt. Marenches was head of the French foreign intelligence service SDECE from 1970 to 1981. The Safari Club seemed to have had largely the same role as the Pinay Circle (keeping the communists at bay at all costs) and among its members were the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hoessein of Iraq, Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Ashraf Marwan of the Egyptian intelligence + Kamal Adham of the BCCI scandal). After the Shah was kicked out of Iran documents surfaced revealing the existence of the Club. We thus have two creation myths for this group. Incidentally, the Kermit Roosevelt mentioned here is Teddy's grandson, Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt, Jr. (Perhaps this connection explains Karl Rove's T.R. fixation?)
Some observers believe that, back in the 1970s and '80s, the secretive Pinay Circle engineered successful covert actions against such liberal Western leaders as Harold Wilson in the U.K. and Jimmy Carter in the United States. De Marenches, the late head of French intelligence, confessed his participation in the "October Surprise" which unseated Jimmy Carter.
Yikes. I've wandered, haven't I? Back to Prince Turki.
Not long after the 9/11 attacks, a few published reports accused him of materially aiding Osama Bin Laden's terror network. The Prince has always vehemently insisted that he had cut Osama loose some years before. However,
this long and fascinating essay by Paul W. Rasche argues that Turki still maintained a relationship with Bin Laden and the Taliban: The Faisal Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia is the head bank of a number of affiliated Islamic banks under the name across the Islamic world from Egypt to Pakistan to the Emirates and Malaysia. The head of Faisal Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia is former Saudi intelligence chief, Turki al-Faisal. Faisal Islamic Bank is directly involved in running accounts for bin Laden and his associates + has been named by Luxembourg banking authorities in this regard. And: Turki al-Faisal himself maintained ongoing ties with bin Laden even after the latter fled Saudi Arabia in the mid-1990's after imprisonment by order of the King. It was Turki al-Faisal also who persuaded King Fahd to grant diplomatic recognition to the Taliban. Incidentally, the Rasche piece goes on to describe cooperation between Israel and Al Qaeda (!) in the "blood diamond" trade. You might want to read this section as preparation for the new film Blood Diamond, which, I am told, is quite good.
Yes, I know. I've wandered again.
Alas, a post of this sort is necessarily more of a brain dump than a structured essay. Still, if you root and snort through the debris, you might find a few data shards which will help you formulate your own thoughts regarding the Prince's strange decision.
One possibility: The Prince fears that a Democratic Congress will investigate some of the connections mentioned here. This theory presumes that the clueless House intel committee head Silvestre Reyes can extract his cranium from his anus long enough to learn how the world actually operates.
Another possibility: Big Wedding II is a-comin' + the Prince is getting out while the getting's good.
I prefer the first scenario.


Bilderberg 2006 Meeting

UPDATED: Bilderberg 2006 was hosted by Brook Street Resort a few miles from Ottawa, Canada, between the 8th - 11th of June.

Quote of the Week

"The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order." - Mikhail Gorbachev
Forscher von vier US-Universitäten haben mit modernen Klimamodellen errechnet, welchen Schaden der Rauch aus brennenden Städten, die Verschmutzung der Atmosphäre und der radioaktive Fallout eines solchen begrenzten Atomkriegs hätten.

Die Wissenschaftler haben einen Schlagabtausch vorausgesetzt, bei dem insgesamt 100 Atomwaffen mit einer Sprengkraft von 15 Kilotonnen TNT - was in etwa der Hiroshima-Bombe entspricht - zum Einsatz kommen.

Das Team um Owen Toon von der University of Colorado in Boulder hat zunächst den Schaden der nuklearen Detonationen in den Städten und die anschließende Freisetzung von Schmutzpartikeln in die Atmosphäre berechnet.

Demnach würden fünf Millionen Tonnen Dreck in die Luft gelangen, schreiben Toon und seine Kollegen im Fachblatt "Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions".

Verheerende Klima-Anomalien

Wissenschaftler um Alan Robock von der Rutgers University in New Jersey haben anschließend mit diesen Daten ihre Klimarechner gefüttert. "In großen Teilen Nordamerikas und Eurasiens würde die Temperatur um mehrere Grad fallen", sagt Robock.

In den betroffenen Regionen liege auch der größte Teil der Getreideanbauflächen. Das Ergebnis erinnere an die Berechnungen zum nuklearen Winter aus den achtziger und neunziger Jahren. Robock:

"Selbst in Weltgegenden, die weitab vom Ort des Atomkriegs liegen, gäbe es große klimatische Folgen."
Tatsächlich scheint Resveratrol auf einen wichtigen Regelkreis zu wirken.

Diese Substanz sei "das erste Beispiel für einen Wirkstoff, der offenbar den gesamten Alterungsprozess beeinflussen kann", sagt Felipe Sierra vom National Institute on Aging im amerikanischen Bethesda.

Die Grundlage dafür wurde Anfang der neunziger Jahre in Guarentes Labor am MIT geschaffen.

Dort studierten die Forscher Hefezellen, die besonders lange lebten: aufgrund einer genetischen Veränderung, wie sich herausstellte.

Der Australier Sinclair stieß 1995 zu Guarentes Forschungsgruppe und entdeckte alsbald, was dieses ominöse Gen macht:

Es stellt ein Enzym her, welches das Erbgut schützt und auf diese Weise die Hefezellen länger leben lässt.

Guarente wiederum erkannte, dass dieses Enzym direkt an den Stoffwechsel gekoppelt ist:

In Zeiten von Nahrungsmangel schaltet der Organismus das Schutz-Enzym an - und lebt dadurch länger.

Fasten verlängert das Leben - das haben Forscher zuvor schon an Hefezellen, Spinnen, Fliegen, Fischen, Mäusen und Ratten gesehen.

Sie nennen diese Diät "kalorische Restriktion" und haben es auf eine grobe Formel gebracht:

Wer 30 bis 50 % weniger frisst, der lebt 30 bis 50 % länger. Und wichtiger noch: Krankheiten wie Diabetes Typ 2, Krebs, Schlaganfall und Demenz treten unter fastenden Tieren viel seltener oder später auf - das Altwerden geschieht häufig bei bester Gesundheit.

Die kalorische Restriktion schaltet offenbar einen uralten Überlebensmechanismus an; betroffene Organismen lassen es ruhiger angehen. Die Körpertemperatur von Rhesusaffen etwa sinkt um 0,5 Grad Celsius; die verbleibenden Kräfte werden darauf verwendet, Schäden in den Zellen zu reparieren
Pelosi declared -- as she had throughout her party's successful November election campaign -- that "my highest priority, immediately, is to stop the war in Iraq.''
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Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Veteran's Tears - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"
Why Isn't There An Outcry for Bush's Resignation. Not Only is He a Liar, Failure and a Breaker of Laws, He is an Embarrassment to the United States: Dual bombing in central Baghdad kills 57
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Peter Michaelson: Al Gore at the Gate - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Dave Zirin: Soccer on Chile's killing field 12/12
12.Dec.2006 -Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for-

12.Dec.2006 Holocaust- Leugner- Konferenz: Ahmadinedschad fordert "Abschaffung" Israels

12.Dec.2006 Atomwaffen- Andeutung: Olmert versucht politischen Sprengsatz zu entschärfen
12.Dec.2006 Schmiergeldaffäre: Ex- Siemens- Konzernvorstand Ganswindt verhaftet

12.Dec.2006 Fernsehrichtlinie: EU definiert das Fernsehen neu
12.Dec.2006 Verbotsdebatte: Niedersachsen will bis zu zwei Jahre Haft für Killerspiel- Verkäufer

12.Dec.2006 Webcam- Alarm: Mann in Deutschland stoppt Einbrecher in Brasilien

12.Dec.2006 Energieprojekt Sachalin II: Russland erwägt 30- Milliarden- Dollar- Klage gegen Shell

12.Dec.2006 Deutsch- iranischer Handel: Gute Geschäfte mit den Mullahs
12.Dec.2006 Russland: Polizei durchsucht Büros von Putin- Gegner Kasparow
12.Dec.2006 Israel und die Bombe: Atomspion Vanunu begrüßt Ende der Heuchelei
12.Dec.2006 Computer- Simulation: Atomkrieg in Asien würde globale Klimakatastrophe auslösen

12.Dec.2006 Länger leben: Forscher entwickeln Jungbrunnen- Pille
12.Dec.2006 Phantom von Dimona: Wie sich Israel die Bombe verschaffte
12.Dec.2006 Seltene Transplantation: Kolumbianerin ist erste Frau mit zwei fremden Händen
12.Dec.2006 EU- Kampf um Wettbewerb: Razzia bei deutschen Stromkonzernen
12.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Dubiose Zahlungen über 420 Millionen Euro gefunden

12.Dec.2006 Verdacht auf Insiderhandel: Razzia im EADS- Hauptquartier
12.Dec.2006 Olmerts Atom- Andeutung: Der Mann, der die Bombe verriet
12.Dec.2006 Sexuelle Belästigung: Weltweite Empörung über Vorwürfe gegen Vierjährigen
12.Dec.2006 Erfolgreiche Klage: EU muss iranische Volksmudschahidin von Terrorliste streichen

12.Dec.2006 Vermeintlicher Gigant: Riesenstern als Duo enttarnt

12.Dec.2006 Einstiegsangebot: Scheichs wollen Hamburger Hafen kaufen
12.Dec.2006 Konjunktur 2007: Boom, Boom, Deutschland

12.Dec.2006 Warmer Nordpol: Totalverlust des arktischen Meereises lässt sich noch vermeiden
12.Dec.2006 Versteigerung der Wimax- Lizenzen: Hoffnung für die Surflücke
12.Dec.2006 "Freedom of the Seas": Virus wütet erneut auf größtem Kreuzfahrtschiff der Welt
12.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Der Todesbote in der Haseldorfer Marsch

12.Dec.2006 US- Gehälter: 2,7 Millionen Dollar für die Uni- Präsidentin

12.Dec.2006 Konflikt mit Gasprom: Russische Regierung entmachtet Shell

12.Dec.2006 Gähn- Molekül: Spucke soll Müdigkeit verraten
12.Dec.2006 Automatischer Aktienhandel: Deep Fritz für die Börse?

12.Dec.2006 Nahost- Konflikt: Olmerts Atomwaffen- Anspielungen sorgen für Empörung in Israel

12.Dec.2006 Olmert- Besuch: Merkel soll auf Schmusekurs verzichten

12.Dec.2006 Stromkosten: Klimaschutz lässt Preise klettern
12.Dec.2006 Schmiergeldfall: Siemens muss Bilanz revidieren
Polonium- Verdacht: Entwarnung in Hamburg
12.Dec.2006 Medienwelt in Russland: "Manchmal tödlich"
12.Dec.2006 Social Security Communes
In a more rural and small town America, people often retired upon a paid-off family homestead. This meant a home without mortgage debt, room to grow a garden of healthy food + a place where many could look forward to support from a community. In effect, this healthy societal setup provided an almost cash-less, wage-less existence and secure retirement. For the wage-slave majority of today this is a bygone world

12.Dec.2006 Economic Apartheid Kills To be successful in overturning our elitist plutocratic system we should add economic apartheid to our semantic arsenal. Every day, according to UNICEF, 30,000 children die due to poverty ? that's over 10 million children killed by poverty every year! Global economic apartheid is killing people. As compulsive consumers, Americans are spending their way deeper into economic apartheid.
12.Dec.2006 CIA is undermining British war effort, say military chiefs - BG -
12.Dec.2006 Personal carbon loyalty cards could be introduced 'within five years' | the Daily Mail - BG -
12.Dec.2006 Explosive stuff - BG -BBC NEWS

In Pictures London explosions: Your photos ~~~ LINKS UPDATED "I was aboard the lower deck of the bus that was blown up on July 7th. I rang the emergency hotline to report the 2 dark cars I saw holding the bus up and diverting it towards Tavistock Square." 7/7, 21/7 The 4th Bomb - Amazing new pics !! 9 11 9/11 Demolition ? debris tracking - joining the do... David Kelly"> Doubts Regarding Dr. David Kelly's 'Suicide' Renowned cancer scientist was paid by Monsanto for 20 years If Americans Knew . Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land How a celebrity pollster created Cameron... Source:
Annan to blast U.S. in farewell - - BG -
12.Dec.2006 A realistic America is the silver lining of this great Iraqi darkness - Opinion Simon Jenkins - Times Online - BG -The proposal that America withdraw its troops over the next 18 months and confine them largely to self-defence describes what is already happening.,,1-160-2496277-1501,00.html
12.Dec.2006 France deploys UAVs to stop IAF flights | Jerusalem Post - BG -
12.Dec.2006 Why the hell did you do it, George and Tony? - BG -Channel 4 journalist + presenter, Jon Snow, blogs from Iraq:

An excerpt: The Americans still run the country in its fundamentals but are losing the security war and have lost the hearts and minds. I can't speak for the situation down south with the Brits - haven't been there. But where once this was just plain dangerous for foreigners in general and hacks in particular, it's now desperately dangerous for all. And it feels desperately on the edge of something enormous and truly ghastly. ... Source:
FAS: The Public Interest Declassification Board was established by Congress in 2000 "to promote the fullest possible public access to a thorough, accurate + reliable documentary record of significant United States national security decisions." (FY 2001 Intelligence Authorization Act, Section 703). Six years later, it has still done no such thing. In its first practical test, members of Congress asked the Board to review the classification of two recent reports on pre-war Iraq intelligence to determine if more of the text could be disclosed. But the Board concluded that it could not proceed without White House approval, which was not forthcoming... [*] Congress after all was a thing created before 9-11, back when democracy was thought to be a good idea. Now everyone knows better.... Source:

12.Dec.2006 (old news) New York picks SAIC to secure WTC site | - BG -
12.Dec.2006 Apocalypto: The Most Powerful Film Of All Time - Paul Joseph Watson Apocalypto: The Most Powerful Film Of All Time Gibson's masterpiece an allegorical warning against unrestrained tyranny of government, human sacrifice and
12.Dec.2006 Britain stops “war on terror” talk. - Faiz - The Guardian reports, “Cabinet ministers have been told by the Foreign Office to drop the phrase ‘war on terror’ and other terms seen as liable to anger British Muslims and increase tensions more broadly in the Islamic world.”
12.Dec.2006 House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) - Nico - is “expected to stand by her decision to permanently remove” Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) from the powerful Ways and Means Committee, National Journal reports. Jefferson is currently under FBI investigation for bribery.
12.Dec.2006 Snow Dismisses Gordon Smith’s Criticisms Of Iraq Policy, Says Senator Is Just Being ‘Emotional’ - Amanda -

Last week, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) — who originally supported the war in Iraq — delivered a scathing indictment of President Bush’s policy in Iraq, stating it “may even be criminal.” Yesterday on ABC This Week he called it a “dereliction” and “deeply immoral.”

The administration isn’t taking him very seriously. Today, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow dismissed the comments, stating that “politics are emotional.” When the reporter questioned whether Snow was “saying Republican Senator Smith is not in favor of democracy,” Snow replied, “I don’t know.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

QUESTION: You’re just going to blow it off. A Republican senator is saying that president’s policy may be criminal and it’s immoral and you’re just saying…

SNOW: What would you like me to say? Should I…

QUESTION: Don’t you think you should answer for that? You’re saying — you said from this podium over and over that the strategy is victory, right?

SNOW: And it continues to be.

QUESTION: And you have a Republican senator saying there is no clear strategy, that you don’t have a strategy.

SNOW: Well, let’s let Senator Smith hear what the president has to say. We understand that this is a time where politics are emotional in the wake of an election. And you know what? Senator Smith is entitled to his opinion.

But I’m not sure exactly what you would like…

QUESTION: How about answering the central thrust about the strategy, not about…

SNOW: OK, the strategy’s pretty simple. If you take a look, for instance — if you take a look at the Baker-Hamilton commission report, what do they talk about?

They talk about building greater capability on the part of the Iraqis, so that you can have an Iraqi government that governs itself, sustains itself, defends itself, is an ally in the war on terror, is a democracy.

I don’t think it’s immoral to be a democracy. I don’t think it’s immoral to have state that is able to stand up and defend itself against acts of terror. I don’t think it’s immoral to defend the Iraqi people against acts of terrorism aimed at Muslims.

QUESTION: And the senator’s not saying that’s immoral. He’s saying that the U.S. — he’s saying, of course…

SNOW: That’s the U.S. policy. You know what? I’ll tell you what. You’re engaging in an argument + you’re trying to fill in the gaps…

QUESTION: It’s a Republican senator saying it, not me. And he’s not — of course he’s in favor of democracy.

SNOW: I understand that. Then tell me exactly…

QUESTION: Are you saying Republican Senator Smith is not in favor of democracy?

SNOW: Well, I don’t know.
“I’ll be dead when they get it right.” - Nico - President Bush, on how his legacy will be viewed, according to a “recent visitor” to the White House who says Bush is “still resolutely defiant, convinced history will ultimately vindicate him.”
12.Dec.2006 Frist Ducks Responsibility For Unfinished Spending Bills, Blames ‘Systemic Flaws In America’s Processes’ - Payson -

The USA Today blasted the 109th Congress in an editorial today, accusing lawmakers of “lowering the achievement bar.” The paper complained, “Congress even punted its most basic job: approving all 11 annual spending bills that keep the government’s lights on.”

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) responded by blaming the Senate’s inaction on the appropriations process:

Some problems Congress faces stem from systemic flaws in America’s processes. No matter who has been in charge, all appropriations bills have passed on time on only three occasions in the past 30 years. Improving things will require a strong mutual commitment on the part of the White House and the leadership in both houses of Congress to reform the spending process, fix entitlements, tackle earmarks and eliminate the deficit.

While it’s true that it is a difficult task to pass all 11 appropriations bills exactly on time, the 109th Congress’ lowered the bar and set a record for its dismal performance. The fiscal year started months ago and the Senate only approved two spending bills this year, leaving “almost a half-trillion dollars of spending bills” for incoming lawmakers.

Conservative members of the House are not buying Frist’s excuses:

- Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA): “The Senate, quite honestly, has not done its work. This is not an anomaly. It has become the norm in Congress + I’m appalled by that.”

- Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO): “There’s so much to do and we’re punting. It’s irresponsible. There’s no excuse for it.”

- Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA): “I think it’s shameful. … The Senate got into a trap of inactivity.”

Congress did not always operate this way. “In 1994, when Republicans swept back to power in the House after four decades,” reported, “there was no spending mess to clean up - all appropriations bills had been enacted by the Democrats before the end of the fiscal year.”
12.Dec.2006 Denying Iraqi refugees. - Nico -

“Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have fled their homeland are likely to seek refugee status in the United States, humanitarian groups said, putting intense pressure on the Bush administration to reexamine a policy that authorizes only 500 Iraqis to be resettled here next year.” Bush’s former refugee affairs official said that “for political reasons the administration will discourage” the resettlement of Iraqi refugees in the United States “because of the psychological message it would send, that it is a losing cause.”
12.Dec.2006 Inhofe Distorts New UN Report On Climate Change: ‘We Are All Skeptics Now’ - Judd -

On Sunday, the London Telegraph previewed a new report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is viewed as an authoritative source of global warming science.

According to the Telegraph, the report concludes “there can be little doubt that humans are responsible for warming the planet.” Moreover, carbon dioxide emissions are accelerating and the IPCC predicts “that temperatures will rise by up to 4.5 C during the next 100 years, bringing more frequent heat waves and storms.”

The IPCC also “lowered predictions of how much sea levels will rise in comparison with its last report in 2001.” The new estimate was “a refinement due to better data on how climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.”

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), outgoing chairman of the Environment & Public Works Committee, said the report is evidence that global warming was all hype:

We are all skeptics now. It appears that the UN is now acknowledging what an increasing number of scientists who study the climate have come to realize: Predictions of manmade catastrophic global warming are simply unsustainable.

Inhofe’s core claim is that global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” and humans are not responsible for climate change. The new IPCC report does not support Inhofe’s position, it undermines it.

It’s ironic that Inhofe is now citing the IPCC as an authority. In speech on the Senate floor in 2003, Inhofe claimed that “the IPCC process resembled a Soviet-style trial, in which the facts are predetermined + ideological purity trumps technical and scientific rigor.” Digg It!
12.Dec.2006 Kofi Was Right - Faiz -

Outgoing U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will deliver an address in Independence, MO, today that offers “a blistering criticism of the Bush administration’s foreign policy.” The speech is previewed by Annan in a Washington Post op-ed. Conservative bloggers have already begun their attacks in response:

Captain’s Quarters:

There’s plenty more laughs in Annan’s goodbye screed. … We wanted to hold Saddam accountable for twelve years of intransigence in relation to 16 UN Security Council resolutions — and Annan opposed the effort.

Michelle Malkin:

Good riddance to you and your wagging finger, Kofi Annan. You will not be missed.

The right wing’s hatred of Annan has been fueled in part by the fact that he was a loud and public dissenter in the lead-up to the Iraq war and has never embraced the U.S. involvement in Iraq. Here’s a sampling of what Annan said before the Bush administration launched the war:

Has that moment [for war] arrived? That is the decision that the members of the Security Council now face. It is a grave decision indeed. If they fail to agree on a common position + some of them then take action without the council’s authority, the legitimacy of that action will be widely questioned + it will not gain the political support needed to ensure its long-term success, after its military phase . [WSJ, 3/11/03]

“Anything seen as a flimsy, hasty excuse to go to war will create difficulties in the council,” he said. … “ The U.S. does seem to have a lower threshold than the others may have ” for what constitutes a breach, he said. “The key is that whatever we do must have broad support from allies and the public.” If there is a decision to go to war against Iraq, he said, “the reasons must be seen as reasonable, credible and not contrived.” [Washington Post, 11/14/02]

In an accountable world, President Bush would be hanging a medal around the neck of Kofi Annan, not George Tenet.

UPDATE: A few more examples of rage from the right.
12.Dec.2006 Congresswoman: ‘I Welcome The Opportunity Of Having Anyone Assassinate Fidel Castro’ - Think Progress -

In a new documentary, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) — who was “recently tapped to become the top Republican on the House International Relations Committee” — talks casually on video “about how proud she is to represent Cuban ‘freedom fighters’ living in exile in Miami and on the island.” She then says, “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro and any leader who is oppressing the people.” Watch it: <object width="425" height="350"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

Last year, right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson was widely criticized for calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The White House called Robertson’s remarks “inappropriate,” and former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS) labeled them “stupid” and “ludicrous.” Robertson later apologized. “Is it right to call for assassination? No,” he said.

Ros-Lehtinen, “who has never hid her loathing for Castro, says the clip was spliced together,” the Miami Herald reports. “A spokesman for Ros-Lehtinen said she’s never called for anyone’s assassination, but Ros-Lehtinen said she can’t rule out that she ever mentioned Castro and a potential assassination. ‘If someone were to do it, I wouldn’t be crying,’ she said.” Digg It!
12.Dec.2006 Rick Santorum’s Plan For Iran: With Our Help, Bus Drivers Could Topple The Government - Judd -

This morning on MSNBC, outgoing Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) unveiled his plan to “confront” Iran. Santorum said that the United States should have supported a bus driver strike that occurred a few weeks ago. According to Santorum, “We should have quietly gone in there and given them a whole boat-load of money so they could sustain the strike and continue to cause unrest within Iran to try to topple the government.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

IMUS: What do we do, then, when you say confront them — Iran?

SANTORUM: Well, I’ve (inaudible) forward a whole bunch of different thing. For example, there was a bus driver strike a few weeks ago in Iran. We did nothing to support it; we should have. We should have quietly gone in there and given them a whole boat-load of money so they could sustain the strike and continue to cause unrest within Iran to try to topple the government. And we did nothing to support that strike.

And as a result, they crushed the strike and another labor movement, which of course, as you know, like in Poland and other countries, was the key to the overthrow of the government because it’s an organization that is based in democracy to try to topple these types of regimes that we see in Iran and we didn’t do anything. That’s one example.

But there are a host of examples of what we could be doing to be much more engaged and involved in Iran, but the State Department — a lot of folks don’t want us to do it because we don’t want to antagonize Iran. While Iran is killing our people in Iraq right now, I just think it’s foolish.

IMUS: We’re talking with Senator Rick Santorum.

By the way, I was just thinking as you were talking — because I wasn’t listening…
December 11, 2006 - Think Progress -

In a farewell speech on U.S. soil today, retiring U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan “plans to deliver a tough critique of President Bush’s policies ,” accusing the administration of “dominating other nations through force, committing what he termed human rights abuses and taking military action without broad international support.”

Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise trip to Iraq yesterday “to thank US troops for their service.” On “all of his 14 previous trips to Iraq…Rumsfeld has taken reporters who cover him regularly at the Pentagon.” But on this trip, Fox News host Sean Hannity was the only member of the media allowed to accompany Rumsfeld.

Administration officials say their preliminary review of the Iraq Study Group report “has concluded that many of its key proposals are impractical or unrealistic + a small group inside the National Security Council is now racing to come up with alternatives to the panel’s ideas.”

Outgoing U.N. ambassador John Bolton will return to the conservative American Enterprise Institute to speak, consult and “replenish the coffers after six years of public service.”

“Major partners in Iraq’s governing coalition are in behind-the-scenes talks to oust Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki amid discontent over his failure to quell raging violence, according to lawmakers involved.”

“ Poverty, violence and discrimination assault women worldwide and undermine their children’s futures,” concludes a new report by UNICEF. More than one out of every four births to an adolescent mother occurs in the least developed countries and between 15 and 71 percent of women have “experienced physical or sexual assault from an intimate partner.”

“Iraq is failing to spend billions of dollars of oil revenues that have been set aside to rebuild its damaged roads, schools and power stations and to repair refineries and pipelines.” Iraq’s ministries “are spending as little as 15 percent of the 2006 capital budgets they received for the rebuilding.”

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), “a Republican whose once-steady rise in politics ended with a resounding defeat” in November to Bob Casey, “refused to be photographed with Mr. Casey [after their meeting Friday] + brushed past reporters in his closing days in the Capitol.”
12.Dec.2006 The Highjacking of a Nation - sfux Part 2: The Auctioning of Former Statesmen & Dime a Dozen Generals
Sibel Edmonds - It used to be the three branches - congress, the executive + the courts - that we considered the...

12.Dec.2006 Tests for dissolving heart stent A new type of heart "stent" has been developed to unblock diseased arteries and then dissolve without a trace.
12.Dec.2006 Annan chides US in final speech UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urges the US to work with other nations rather than acting unilaterally.
12.Dec.2006 Iran defends Holocaust talks Iran says a conference being held to question whether the Holocaust took place is an example of free speech.
12.Dec.2006 Baghdad robbers grab $1m Gunmen disguised as army soldiers ambush a security vehicle and seize $1m in cash, as violence continues in Iraq.

12.Dec.2006 Height loss link to heart disese Men who lose 3cm or more of height as they age have an increased risk of heart attack and death, a study finds.
Dubai firm sells US ports to AIG Dubai Ports World agrees to sell its six US ports to an American firm after politicians voiced fears over security.
12.Dec.2006 Ohio Democrat seeks presidency US anti-war congressman Dennis Kucinich announces a bid to run for the White House in 2008.
12.Dec.2006 Shell deal over Russian oil field Shell and Russia's Gazprom reach a deal over the multi-billion dollar Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project, reports say.
12.Dec.2006 E-Gold Gets Tough on Crime Weary of being called a haven for money launderers and crooks, the PayPal competitor gets cozy with law enforcement and locks down suspicious accounts. If you've sent $17,000 to the Ukraine "for beer," you may be banned. By Kim Zetter.
12.Dec.2006 New Google VP Busted Mitnick One-time federal prosecutor Kent Walker will head Google's legal team, about a decade after he oversaw the search for hacker Kevin Mitnick. In 27B Stroke 6.
12.Dec.2006 Magic Mushrooms Might Cure OCD Scientists think psilocybin might give relief to obsessive Bree Van de Kamp types. In Bodyhack.
12.Dec.2006 Sense of Smell Tied To Quantum Physics? - kdawson 88 - SpaceAdmiral -

"A controversial theory that proposes that our sense of smell is based not on the shape of the molecules that enter our nose but on their vibrations was given a boost recently when University College London researchers determined that the quantum physics involved makes sense. The theory, proposed in the mid-1990s by biophysicist Luca Turin, suggests that electron tunneling initiates the smell signal being sent to the brain. It could explain why similarly shaped molecules can have very different smells + molecules with very different structures can smell similar." Turin has now formed a company to design odorants using his theory + claims an advantage over the competition of two orders of magnitude in rate of discovery. The article concludes, "At the very least, he is putting his money where his nose is."
Predicting Space Weather - Hemos 70 -eldavojohn -

"Recently, a new discovery has been made explaining how & predicting when space weather occurs. Hopefully this will allow us to predict when and where these extreme forces of magnetic flux occur so that we can prepare to repair satellites or shut them down for safety reasons. Recent activities on the sun have surprised scientists including the explosive "solar tsunami" that happened last week. From the article, "The new study shows that the Northern Lights, also called aurora + other space weather near Earth are driven by the rate at which the Earth's and Sun's magnetic fields connect, or merge + not just by the solar wind's electric field. The merging occurs way out in space, at a spot between the Earth and Sun, roughly 40,000 miles above our planet's surface. Researchers have now developed a formula that describes the merging rate of the magnetic field lines and accurately predicts 10 different types of near-Earth space weather activity, such as the aurora and magnetic disturbances.""
Disk Drives Face Challenge From Chips - Hemos 194 -WSJdpatton -

"Researchers are reporting significant progress in perfecting a different way to store data in semiconductors, which could replace one widely used type of memory chip and possibly become a credible competitor to disk drives. The researchers, in a paper being delivered at a technical conference in San Francisco, say they used a novel combination of materials to create prototype phase-change components that are more than 500 times as fast as flash chips, while requiring less than half of the electrical power to record data."
Kofi Annan: Scharfer Abschiedsgruß an George W. Bush

12.Dec.2006 Ambassadors to Honor Female WWII. Spy 

00.000.1942 the Gestapo circulated posters offering a reward for the capture of "the woman with a limp. She is the most dangerous of all Allied spies and we must find and destroy her."
The dangerous woman was Virginia Hall, a Baltimore native working in France for British intelligence.
posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Egyptian archaeologists unearth ancient doctor  Named Qar, the physician lived under the sixth dynasty in ancient Egypt, between

_00.000.2350-00.000._2180 BC.posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Neanderthal cannibalism a mystery  Was it ritual, or were they just starving? posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 3rd Millennium BC Artificial Eyeball Discovered in Burnt City 

Archeologists in Burnt City announced unprecedented discovery of an artificial eyeball, dated to 4800 years ago, in this historic site. Via Daily Grail.posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Diana was bugged by secret service in U.S.  American intelligence agencies were bugging Princess Diana's telephone over her relationship with a US billionaire.posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Computer Provides More Questions Than Answers  The Antikythera Mechanism - still a puzzler. Via the Anomalist.posted by Prof. Hex at 5:05 PM

Top 10 Scams of 2006  From ConsumerAffairs.Com. posted by Prof. Hex at 3:06 PM

US denies CIA bugged Princess Diana's phone calls  That's a shock.posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Married to the Octopus  Rigorous Intuition on Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Adnan Khashoggi, mysterious deaths, the Secret Service - whew, just go read it.posted by Prof. Hex
12.Dec.2006 Enough with the Iraq Report. When do we Get Recommendations from a "Bush Study Group" on How to Survive the Next Two Years? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
BuzzFlash is Winner of First Place in the Project Censored Awards Two Out of the Last Three Years! Won't Make the World a Better Place; BuzzFlash Will. Spend $100.00 or More on Holiday Gifts From December 8 Through December 13th and Receive a FREE BuzzFlash Floppy Hat! -- And, Remember, Free Shipping in the U.S. on ANY Order. Get Your Gifts Here. Spend Your Dollars at and Make Them Count. (FREE Shipping in the U.S.) And Remember, By Buying From BuzzFlash, You are Contributing to Democracy.
Defending the Indefensible: Torture and the American Empire -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from Dennis Loo and Peter Phillips, editors of "Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney"
Out With "Freedom," In With "Stability" - Frameshop by Jeffrey Feldman

12.Dec.2006 How Long Will The Right Let Us Love Obama?
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Peace mom Cindy Sheehan convicted of trespassing in New York, sentence to "conditional discharge," which means they could face some form of penalty if they are arrested in the next six months + ordered them to pay $95 12/12
Run, Kucinich, Run! -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

12.Dec.2006 Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Book (Hardcover) -- At a Special Holiday Price!
Greg Palast: Tinker Bell, Pinochet and The Fairy Tale Miracle of Chile 12/12

12.Dec.2006 Full Text: Draft of speech in which U.N. secretary-general criticizes Bush administration :

China, Russia Express Support for European Draft on Iran Curbs : China and Russia expressed support for new European proposals to impose sanctions on Iran, clearing the way for United Nations action aimed at forcing a halt to the Islamic republic's uranium enrichment activities.

12.Dec.2006 CIA won’t play, but Google will: Search engine delivers suspicious Iranians

12.Dec.2006 Kremlin wants to quiz exiles: RUSSIAN prosecutors investigating the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, the former spy, want to travel to London to question a billionaire Russian exile and a Chechen associate.

12.Dec.2006 UK Christmas terror attack likely says Reid : The terrorist threat facing the UK is "very high indeed", UK Home Secretary John Reid said today.

12.Dec.2006 Video: Pinochet to receive military funeral: Police in Santiago have used water cannon and tear gas to stop protesters and those celebrating Pinochet's death from getting too close to the presidential palace.

12.Dec.2006 Inquiry Sought Over Evangelical Video: A military watchdog group is asking the Defense Department to investigate whether seven Army and Air Force officers violated regulations by appearing in uniform in a promotional video for an evangelical Christian organization.
12.Dec.2006 U.S. made Hezbollah stronger, analysts say: America’s failure to stop Israeli attacks weakened the Lebanese government, critics argue
12.Dec.2006 Tutu: Israel Refused Visas to Fact-finding Mission to Gaza Strip : "We find the lack of co-operation by the Israeli government very distressing," Tutu told reporters after UN officials said Israel had blocked his UN fact-finding mission from entering the Palestine Authority-controlled Gaza Strip

12.Dec.2006 Uri Avnery's: Baker's Cake : Baker says simply: In order to stop the war in Iraq and start a reconciliation with the Arab world, the US must bring about the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He does not say explicitly that peace must be imposed on Israel, but that is the obvious implication.

12.Dec.2006 A rogue 51st state: Israel already looks to be intent on scuppering the Iraq Study Group plan for Middle East peace

12.Dec.2006 Tough times in birthplace of Jesus as Christmas nears: Israel's separation barrier ruins joy of Christmas for West Bank town of Bethlehem, reduces tourists
12.Dec.2006 Iraqi President Calls U.S. Security Training a Failure : President Jalal Talabani said Sunday that the American program to train Iraq’s security forces had been a repeated failure and he denounced a plan to increase the number of American advisers working with the Iraqi Army, saying it would subvert the country’s sovereignty.

12.Dec.2006 'Iraq "insurgent" attacks to rise: A British military commander has warned that "insurgent" attacks on multi-national troops in Iraq would rise ahead of the planned security handover to local forces in the Basra area next year.

12.Dec.2006 Britain stops talk of 'war on terror': A Foreign Office spokesman said the government wanted to 'avoid reinforcing and giving succour to the terrorists' narrative by using language that, taken out of context, could be counter-productive'. The same message has been sent to British diplomats and official spokespeople around the world.
12.Dec.2006 650,000 Iraqi dead given voice in Congress: The briefing was to discuss the October 2006 study Mortality after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: a cross-sectional cluster sample survey, which appeared in the British medical journal The Lancet. This study estimated that 655,000 more Iraqis had died (”excess deaths”) since the invasion than would have died if the prewar rate of death (mortality) had continued. It further estimated that about 600,000 of these had died from violence.

12.Dec.2006 Prominent Saudi Muslim clerics urge Muslims to support Iraqi Sunnis against Shiites: Over 30 prominent Islamic clerics from Saudi Arabia on Monday called on Sunni Muslims around the Middle East to support their brethren in Iraq against Shiites and praised the insurgency.
12.Dec.2006 Revolution in the air as Lebanon's rift widens -  By Robert Fisk
W ith Fouad Siniora's cabinet hiding in the Grand Serail behind acres of razor wire and thousands of troops

- a veritable "green zone" in the heart of Beirut - the largely Shia Muslim opposition, assisted by their Christian allies, brought up to two million supporters into the centre of the city yesterday to declare the forthcoming creation of a second Lebanese administration. Continue

12.Dec.2006 Neither forgiveness nor oblivion -Chile: The Death of a Murderer -By Tito Tricot
The dictator dictated. That’s why businessmen worshiped him, because they rejoiced themselves buying Chile at a cheap price. That’s why he was loved by large state owners who recovered their land handed over to poor peasants through the agrarian reform. That’s why he was venerated by bankers that sold out the country with the dictatorship’s support.

12.Dec.2006 Tinker Bell, Pinochet And The Fairy Tale Miracle Of Chile-By Greg Palast
00.000.1973 -the year General Pinochet brutally seized the government-

Chile’s unemployment rate was 4.3%.

00.000.1983 -after ten years of free-market modernization,

unemployment reached 22%.

Real wages declined by 40% under military rule. Continue

12.Dec.2006 Against Torture 
The militarily organized practice of torture, the sexual abuse + all other abuses of men and women, clandestine incarcerations and forced disappearances, are not new in the history of the Third World + of Latin America in particular.  It has been instead an historical constant of colonial, neocolonial and neoliberal domination.

12.Dec.2006 History will not treat us kindly -By Tim Andersen - We will be remembered as the Americans who insulated themselves from reality and remained self-absorbed, concerned with their own personal comfort and privilege while our government wrecked havoc on the world and destroyed our own culture. Continue
12.Dec.2006 The Americans don't see how unwelcome they are, or that Iraq is now beyond repair -By Patrick Cockburn:
Manipulation of facts was often very crude.

As an example of the systematic distortion, the Iraq Study Group revealed

last week that

on one day last

00.Jul.2006 US officials reported 93 attacks or significant acts of violence. In reality, it added, "a careful review of the reports ... brought to light 1,100 acts of violence". Continue
12.Dec.2006 Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community

No, his enemies are ' opinion leaders ' here in the United States. ... concluded that public opinion shifted after opinion leaders signaled ...
12.Dec.2006 The Moderate Voice -

Former GOP White House Press Secretaries + PROPAGANDA ...

White House Press Secretaries + PR Experts

Blast Cheney Shooting Handling ...

PR experts elsewhere are also shaking their heads in dismay, ...

Corporate PR experts see people as "a herd waiting to be laid"

THE BUSINESS PROPAGANDISTS-Corporate PR experts see people as-a herd waiting to be ... as in the books written by former PR whiz ...

Scotland on Sunday - Opinion - Leaders - The wrong target

... the new context of PR + conalition government, the electoral tactics have not ...

Experts call for new Holyrood vote system (

24.Jul.2003 ...

News & Events - News Releases UNIVERSITY PRESENTS THEATRE OPINION LEADERS + LUMINARIES IN LIVELY NEW PANEL ... students with I.D. Tickets go on sale

29.Aug.---- + can be ...
12.Dec.2006 Updates on the aggression against lebanon Stop the War Coalition (UK) · Urgence Liban (Belgium) · Tadamon (Montreal, Canada) · Paz Ahora (Spain) · Plataforma Aturem la Guerra (Catalonia) ...
12.Dec.2006 Newswire - Local News August 27 1998 The five-nation cease-fire monitoring group is expected to meet next Monday at the UNIFIL's headquarters in Naqoura . The meeting will discuss five ...
12.Dec.2006 Mind is Moving » Google Search: Union Bank, Thyssen, Prescott Bush

another stupid blog. ...

19.Oct.2003 Google Search: Union Bank, Thyssen, Prescott Bush. ...
Topica Email List Directory The order seizing the Bush-Thyssen bank was curiously quiet and modest about the identity of the perpetrators who had been nailed. ...
12.Dec.2006 [CTRL] Harriman Bush stock bank paid hitler [CTRL] Harriman Bush stock bank paid hitler. ThePiedPiper Wed,

06.Dec.2000 15-10-43 -0800. -Caveat Lector- Harriman Bush stock bank paid hitler There are ...
12.Dec.2006How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power | Special ... The most tantalising part of the story remains shrouded in mystery: the connection, if any, between Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Consolidated Silesian Steel ...,12271,1312540,00.html
Pinochet's Daughter Claims Standard Life Connection - Page 6 - The ... Pinochet's Daughter Claims Standard Life Connection Standard Life Assurance Company.

11.Dec.2006 Boston IMC: newswire/32972 FBI Document 199I What we did discover was serious enough.

To begin with, from less-than-happy FBI agents we obtained an interesting ...

Alex Jones/ Transcript - Alex Jones Interviews Greg ... because this was from the FBI document 199I which is a national security secret document which the agents basically dropped off for us ...

Media Bypass - Feature Story -

00.Mar.2003 FBI Document 199I What we did discover was serious enough. To begin with, from less-than-happy FBI agents we obtained an interesting ...

Rant and Rave - QuickTopic free message board hosting ... claimed was based on a secret FBI document, numbered 199I WF213589 + emanating out of the FBI’s Washington field office, alleged that ...

History News Network ... where is the actual document 199I WF213589? I have searched high and low to view the document .

LONDON: America was itself to blame for the events of

11.Sep.2001 ... claimed was based on a secret fbi document, numbered 199i wf213589 + emanating out of the fbi’s washington field office, alleged that ... ·

Peace Archive - Greg Palast "FBI Document 199I What we did discover was serious enough. To begin with, from less-than-happy FBI agents we obtained an interesting ...

Gaping Holes in the 'Washington Hates bin Laden' Story ... claimed was based on a secret FBI document, numbered 199I WF213589 and emanating out of the FBI’s Washington field office, alleged that ...

The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks ... attacks, as disclosed in the official FBI document numbered 199I WF213589 and which came from the FBI's Washington field office, President ...

Bin Laden Ties ... claimed was based on a secret FBI document, numbered 199I WF213589 and emanating out of the FBI’s Washington field office, alleged that ...
11.Dec.2006 Chaimite (veículo blindado) - Wikipédia O Chaimite é uma família de veiculos blindados de rodas, desenvolvida nos anos 60, pela Bravia - Sociedade Luso - Brasileira de Veículos e Equipamentos, ...ículo_blindado)
11.Dec.2006 George Bush signed top secret document W-199I,

making him a ... 9/11,

George Bush signed W- 199I threatening DIA + FBI agents with arrest if they kept investigating or ...

Re: George Bush signed top secret document W-199I, making him a ...

"Jack Anderson" <jandersongizmo04@[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote ...

Re: George Bush signed top secret document W- 199I, making him ...
Direct evidence of U.S. Government protection of Al-Qaeda is the document 199I WF213589

leaked to the BBC by FBI agents.

Documents - the DOSSIER ... the Northwoods Document -

In the early

00.000.1960 -s,- America's top military leaders drafted ... an extract of document ‘ 199I –WF-213589 ...

Support The Truth - So Those Who Dare, May Know!

Those Who Do Not Know History Are Condemned To Repeat It.">Propaganda - Exposing the New World Order and Government ...

A leaked FBI document, 199I WF213589, outlined disgust at a Bush administration directive that succeeded in blocking anti-terrorism ...

245fpre.qxd $ C H A P T E R 2 $ THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: The Bushes and the Billionaires Who Love Them

Who owns America?

Marihemp: Politics: Thread #69143 ... reliable source for this story.(10) Direct evidence of U.S. government protection of Al-Qaeda is the document 199I WF213589 leaked to the ...

01.Mar.2003 See No Evil - What Bush Didn't (Want To) Know About ..., nor, heaven forbid, any involvement in the attack.

FBI Document 199I What we did discover was serious enough.

The 'Fear Of Muslims' Conspiracy Theory Islamic terrorism answer why a leaked FBI document, 199I WF213589, outlined disgust at a Bush administration directive that succeeded in ...
Political Friendster - CitiGroup - Connections

Citigroup Lifts Mexico Growth Forecast, Lowers Colombia Outlook ( ...

Nora Slatkin . Senior Manager of Government Relations ...
John M. Deutch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Deutch's MIT Biography · "

Nora Slatkin's Mission Impossible: The CIA," ... FY 2005) | Employees: 299000 | Stock Symbol: NYSE: C | Website: ... - 10 Dec 2006
Forest Service to sell land in Missouri ... reminded that [mega-money conglomerate]" Citigroup has repeatedly been ... of Enron's Ken Lay, but also former CIA Executive Director Nora Slatkin ."
9-11 and US Global Hegemony John Deutch, another former CIA director, is on the board of Citigroup + CIA Executive Director (under Deutch) Nora Slatkin is a highly placed executive ...
02/02/28, Enron: Ultimate agent of the American empire Citigroup's board includes John Deutch, former CIA Director, Robert Rubin, former Treasury ... and retired Executive Director of the CIA Nora Slatkin.
ONLINE JOURNAL File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLnow on the board of Citibanc or Citigroup . And his number three, Nora Slatkin, the Executive. Director at CIA is also at Citigroup.
Business as usual -- 9/11 and the fall of America John Deutch, retired CIA director, was a Citigroup board member (said bank ... Nora Slatkin, retired CIA executive director was a Citibank board member. | CIA Exec. Director Managed Firm That Handled "Put ... This includes Citigroup ’s 2001 purchase of a Mexican bank known to launder drug money, Banamex. Nora Slatkin – This retired CIA Executive Director also sits
Enron, investment espionage and the White House ... and mega-money conglomerate Citigroup has allegedly been repeatedly charged with ... of Enron’s Ken Lay + former CIA Executive Director Nora Slatkin.
The New York Women's Foundation: Celebrating Women Nora Slatkin Citigroup . Steering Committee:. Hali Lee Chair Silda Palerm Vice Chair Carrie R. Barratt Brooke Beardslee Julie Fenster Patricia Geoghegan ...

11.Dec.2006 The Crimes of Citibank May 19, 1995 - The Senate announces that Nora Slatkin is leaving the ... 1997 - On Deutch's recommendation Slatkin also joins the Board at Citigroup.
All Hell Breaks Loose Consider also, that John Deutch, who joined Citigroup in 1996, brought with him the former Executive Director of the CIA, Nora Slatkin as an alleged quid ...
The Crimes of Citibank - More CIA Connections | Almost immediately the CIA General Counsel, Tom O'Neil and Nora Slatkin are ... the CIA liaison at Citigroup to open approved channels for money laundering. ...
Political Friendster - Nora Slatkin - Connections Nora Slatkin . Type, Individual. Position, Former Executive Director CIA. Political Party, Republican ... CitiGroup . Senior Manager of Government Relations ...
ZNet | Economy | Enron: Ultimate agent of the American empire Citigroup over the years has been repeatedly charged with money laundering. ... collapsing Enron) + retired Executive Director of the CIA Nora Slatkin.
Citibank Banks on Banamex's laundromat [Archive] - DiscussAnything ... Deutch, who joined Citigroup

00.000.1996 brought with him the former Executive Director of the CIA, Nora Slatkin as an alleged quid pro quo for her stalling ...
CIA Front Company Research Thread - Above Top Secret Conspiracy ... Alot of Citigroup/Citicorps Board has been, over the years, ex-CIA.

In that time he appointed Nora Slatkin as executive director of cia and also took ...
CIA Front Company Research Thread - Above Top Secret Conspiracy ... Great West Financial Corporation/Washington Mutual/Citigroup ...

In that time he appointed Nora Slatkin as executive director of cia and also took home ...
CRG - Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading lead ...

This includes Citigroup's

00.000.2001 purchase of a Mexican bank known to launder drug money,


Nora Slatkin - This retired CIA Executive Director also sits ...
CRG -- Cover-up or Complicity of the Bush Administration? The Role ... +

his number three, Nora Slatkin, the Executive Director at CIA is also at Citigroup . And Maurice "Hank" Greenburg, who is the chairman of AIG insurance, ...
11.Dec.2006 - I SOLITI AFFARI ... era un membro del consiglio di amministrazione della Citigroup (della ... Nora Slatkin, direttore esecutivo della CIA in pensione era un membro del ...
Nora Slatkin - Money, Political Campaign Contributions by Slatkin ... Nora Slatkin - Money, Political Campaign Contributions by Slatkin, ... POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - FEDERAL/STATE ( CITIGROUP PAC-FEDERAL/STATE) - Unknown ...
9 John Deutch, um outro ex-diretor da CIA, faz parte do Conselho do Citigroup, e Nora Slatkin, diretora executiva da CIA, ocupa um elevado cargo no Citigroup. M. Deutch Deutch's MIT Biography · " Nora Slatkin's Mission Impossible: The CIA," BusinessWeek, Feb. 26, 1996 (About the CIA executive director hired by Deutch to ...
News & Articles This includes Citigroup's 2001 purchase of a Mexican bank known to launder drug money, Banamex." " Nora Slatkin - This retired CIA Executive Director also ...
20060316 Photos of Deutch, Nora slatkin, executive director and David Cohen, do. ... CITIBANK'S SENIOR MANAGER FOR GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, NORA SLATKIN PLAYED KEY ... alfatomega/20060316.html
ndit Ed anche il suo numero tre, Nora Slatkin, allora Direttore Esecutivo della CIA, è al Citigroup . [Il Citigroup si è recentemente fuso con la Banamex, ... - for Truthseekers CITIBANK'S SENIOR MANAGER FOR GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, NORA SLATKIN PLAYED KEY ... by Citigroup, more skeletons come stampeding out of the Citigroup closet.
meyer lansky ... delayed by CIA Deputy Director Nora Slatkin [also Jewish]. ... There is no divergence between the interests of Sandy and Citigroup ,' Lipton said.
9/11???CIA??????????? Director from the Clinton Administration currently sits on the board at Citigroup, ...
Nora Slatkin - This retired CIA Executive Director also sits on ...

Mit der Preisverleihung soll für eine oftmals verkannte Tierart Verständnis geweckt werden, teilte die Arachnologische Gesellschaft mit. Kreuels zitierte eine Hochrechnung, der zufolge beispielsweise England ohne Spinnen schon nach einem Jahr mit einer 30 Zentimeter hohen Schicht von Insekten bedeckt wäre. Vielleicht sollten sich die Spinnen deshalb ein Beispiel an den Gewerkschaften der Menschen nehmen - und einfach mal streiken.

Bis zum Jahr 2010 will der Census of Marine Life die bislang umfangreichste Bestandsaufnahme des Lebens im Meer aufstellen. Die Forscher wollen nach eigenen Angaben "erfassen, was in den Weltmeeren gelebt hat, lebt und leben wird".


"Wir können nirgends einen Ort finden, an dem wir nichts Neues entdecken", sagte Chefwissenschaftler Ron O'Dor. Er warb angesichts der neuen exotischen Arten einmal mehr dafür, die vielfältige Lebenswelt in den Meeren zu erhalten. Das könnte den Menschen auch direkt zugute kommen: Wissenschaftler vermuten in den hoch spezialisierten Tieren der Tiefsee zahlreiche neue Wirkstoffe, etwa für Medikamente.
Vor der Küste Portugals tauchte ein Einzeller mit einem für biologische Verhältnisse gigantischen Durchmesser von einem Zentimeter auf - ebenfalls eine neue Art.
Einige Krabben und Muscheln schaffen es, in sonst nur zwei Grad kühlem Wasser Hitzewellen von 80 Grad zu überstehen. Normalerweise werden die Tiere bei solchen Temperaturen im Kochtopf zubereitet.

"Jurassic Shrimps" werden die Garnelen genannt - weil sie nach Ansicht von Experten bereits vor 50 Millionen Jahren ausgestorben waren, wie die Dinosaurier im verfilmten Roman "Jurassic Parc" von Michael Crichton. Allerdings: Die "Jurassic Shrimps" gibt es wirklich - und sie leben wider Erwarten immer noch. Wissenschaftler fanden sie bei der "Volkszählung im Meer", wie das Projekt Census of Marine Life auch genannt wird. Und sie sind nur eine von zahlreichen neu entdeckten Kuriositäten und Rekordhaltern dieses Jahres.
Hinweis auf Atomwaffen: Verwirrung um Olmert- Interview

11.Dec.2006 Korruptionsaffäre: Siemens muss Bilanz korrigieren

11.Dec.2006 Polonium- Affäre erreicht Hamburg: Unheimlicher Besucher in der Kieler Straße 13
11.Dec.2006 Polonium- Verdacht: Vier Menschen in Hamburger Spezialklinik

11.Dec.2006 Vergewaltigung gefilmt: Schockvideo entfacht Folterdebatte in Ägypten
11.Dec.2006 Schmiergeld- Affäre: Siemens engagiert Watergate- Aufklärer
11.Dec.2006 Kunst- Streit: Getty- Museum gibt Antiquitäten zurück
11.Dec.2006 Litwinenko- Mord: Wurde die Polonium- Spur absichtlich gelegt?
11.Dec.2006 Chile: Pinochets Leichnam in Offiziersuniform aufgebahrt
11.Dec.2006 Prozess wegen Steuerhinterziehung: Max Strauß sagt nicht aus
11.Dec.2006 Flughafen München: Passagier spaziert mit Sprengstoff in Sicherheitskontrolle
11.Dec.2006 Strom und Biokraftstoff: Renault und Nissan fahren öko
11.Dec.2006 Luxus- Geschenke für Superreiche: Cessnas, Millionen- BHs und Agenten- Sets

11.Dec.2006 München: Fluggast mit Sprengstoff gefasst
11.Dec.2006 Europas Spinne des Jahres: Ehrung für geringelten Sonderling
11.Dec.2006 Gaza: Angriff auf Familie von Abbas- Vertrautem - drei Söhne erschossen

11.Dec.2006 Staatsaufbau: Schröder lobt Putin erneut
11.Dec.2006 Heizkosten: Mieter müssen mit kräftigen Nachschlägen rechnen
11.Dec.2006 Abschlussbericht zu Dianas Tod: Die Verschwörungstheorie hat ausgedient
11.Dec.2006 Meeres- Spezies entdeckt: Heiße Shrimps, glibbrige Schönheiten
11.Dec.2006 Litwinenko- Mord: Polonium- Verdacht bei vier Hamburgern

11.Dec.2006 Texas: Vierjähriger der sexuellen Belästigung beschuldigt
11.Dec.2006 Rechtsextremismus: Römische Hooligans sorgen für Eklat
11.Dec.2006 Proteste an Teheraner Uni: Studenten verbrennen Ahmadinedschad- Bilder

11.Dec.2006 Seuchen: Das mysteriöse Verschwinden der Vogelgrippe
11.Dec.2006 Kompromissurteil: Ex- Bundesbankchef Welteke bekommt 20 % mehr
Gewaltdebatte: Gutachter macht Videospiel für Tötung verantwortlich
11.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Busticket weist auf Vergiftung in Hotelbar hin
US- Besitzansprüche: Kampf um Kubas Juwelen
11.Dec.2006 Discovery"- Hitzeschild: Rückweg frei für Astronaut Reiter

11.Dec.2006 Prozess: Max Strauß erneut wegen Steuerhinterziehung vor Gericht
11.Dec.2006 Philippinen: Tote und Vermisste nach Taifun "Utor"

11.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Russlands Botschafter weist Merkels Ermahnung zurück
11.Dec.2006 Chile: Straßenschlachten nach Pinochets Tod