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“If one believed that the universe had a beginning, the obvious question was, what happened before the beginning,” Hawking said.

“What was God doing before He made the world?

Was He preparing hell for people who asked such questions?”

According to Hawking, the origin of the universe can be depicted as bubbles in a steam in boiling water.
Artificial photosynthesis moves a step closer Blog: Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces have devised a catalyst that makes it easier to break apart...
15.Mar.2007 A look at good vs. destructive bacteria
Video: A look at good vs. destructive bacteria. CNET's Michael Kanellos explores a rapidly expanding sector in the world of green tech.

It's biopesticides, which refers to the use of helpful microorganisms to fight those that damage farm or garden products.

Kanellos spoke with the president of AgraQuest, one of a rising number of companies promoting biopesticides.
Researchers Building Computers That Run on Light - samzenpus 107 - Anonymous Coward writes

"Researchers in England are attempting to build a desktop computer that runs on light rather than electronics.

00.Jun.2007 -starting- A $1.6 million research project at the University of Bath is focused on developing attosecond technology, which refers to continuously emitting light pulses that last just a billion-billionth of a second."
File Sharing — Harmful to Children and a Threat to National Security - ScuttleMonkey 266 -
jkrobin writes to mention that a recent report from the US Patent office calls peer-to-peer file sharing harmful to children and a threat to national security.

"Interestingly, the report makes numerous references to RIAA and MPAA legal actions against file actions, as well as cites a 2005 Department of Homeland Security report that government workers had installed file-sharing programs that accessed classified information without their knowledge."
The Birth of Semiconductor 2.0 - ScuttleMonkey 79 -
Roland Piquepaille writes "According to several articles in the press, an Austrian company has opened a new chip printing factory. But there is a twist.

The chips produced by this factory, dubbed Semiconductor 2.0 by the company, will be organic semiconductors + will be produced by inkjet printers.

According to the company, the new factory will be able to produce 40,000 square meters of semiconductors per year, mainly for the biotech, clean tech + defense industries."
H-P's Dunn Enters No Plea, Charges Dismissed - ScuttleMonkey 130 - GogglesPisano writes

"earlier reported that former HP chairwoman Patricia Dunn would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent wire communications stemming from her involvement in last year's corporate eavesdropping scandal.

The story was later amended after charges again st Dunn were dropped.

The original charges, four felony counts, were reduced to misdemeanors in exchange for a plea bargain.

Her three co-defendants are expected to receive 96 hours of community service; in Dunn's case this sentence is likely to be waived due to illness." Update:

15.Mar.2007 03/15 02:21 GMT by KD : The prosecutor in the case issued a correction to the eariler pronouncement that Dunn would plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

"At court today, Patricia Dunn did not enter any plea in response to the misdemeanor count + the court exercised its discretion by dismissing the case against her," the revised statement said.
Stephen Hawking Says Universe Created from Nothing - ScuttleMonkey 871 - mr_3ntropy writes

"Speaking to a sold out crowd at the Berkeley Physics Oppenheimer Lecture, Hawking said yesterday that he now believes the universe spontaneously popped into existence from nothing.

He said more work is needed to prove this but we have time because 'Eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end.' There is also a Webcast available (Realplayer or Real Alternative required)."
Standing Post (Top of Blog) - BG -
BBC ANNOUNCED COLLAPSE OF WTC 7 BEFORE IT TOOK PLACE Why hasn't the Press Followed Up!! Top Story Update: 11/2/06 George Bush Admits Demolitions?

Bush's Odd Remark about Explosives at the WTC Blog Post Here: Very Interesting (from Blondesense) Did Bush Just Admit Bombs in WTC?
15.Mar.2007 Alex Jones Watch #14: The Joke is on Prison Planet - BG - Web Site Posts Hoax as Fact. Posting shows lack of minimun level of application of common sense.
15.Mar.2007 Alex Jones Watch: #13 Posting Non-Sense from Other Sources - BG -
Troofer Mathfrom Screw Loose Change by James B. I am constantly amused with the truther misuse of statistics, which Pat has commented on before.

I took stats in grad school last year + I don't remember it being done this way.

In this example James Redford on looks at the 6 cases of people with Arab names similar to those of the 19 hijiackers having connections to US military bases
Pentagon cites Iraq ‘civil war’ for first time. - Nico  -

“The U.S. military for the first time Wednesday said in a new report that some of the violence in Iraq can be described as a civil war.

In its bleakest assessment of the war to date, a quarterly Pentagon report said that last

October through December was the most violent three-month period since 2003 . …

‘Some elements of the situation in Iraq are properly descriptive of a ‘civil war,’

including the hardening of ethno-sectarian identities + mobilization, the changing character of the violence + population displacements,’” the report says.
Leahy Says He’ll Subpoena Rove, Discusses Potential Crimes Involved In Attorney Purge - Nico  -

Today on ’s Situation Room,

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) blew off White House signals that Karl Rove + other senior Bush officials may resist testifying before Congress on the U.S. Attorney purge.

“Frankly, I don’t care whether [White House Counsel Fred Fielding] says he’s going to allow people or not.

We’ll subpoena the people we want,” Leahy said. “If they want to defy the subpoena, then you get into a stonewall situation I suspect they don’t want to have.”

Asked whether he’ll subpoena Rove, Leahy answered, “Yes. He can appear voluntarily if he wants. If he doesn’t, I will subpoena him.”

Leahy also addressed the right-wing talking point that the U.S. Attorney firings are meaningless because there “was no crime.”

Leahy said that while President Bush has the authority to fire attorneys at will, “if it is done to stop an ongoing investigation, then you do get into the criminal area.”

Regardless, he said, the administration’s politicization of attorneys “hurts law enforcement.

That hurts fighting against crime.” Asked if he thinks any Bush officials may have committed perjury, Leahy said, “We’ll find that out.”

Watch it:Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
15.Mar.2007 BREAKING: First Republican calls for Gonzales to resign. - Payson  -

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) has become the first Republican member of Congress to call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign. UPDATE: AP:

“I think the president should replace him,” Sununu said in an interview with The Associated Press. …

“We need to have a strong, credible attorney general that has the confidence of Congress and the American people,” said Sununu, who faces a tough re-election campaign next year.

Alberto Gonzales can’t fill that role.”

“I think the attorney general should be fired,” Sununu said.
Bernie Kerik ‘appears headed for indictment.’ - Nico  -

Bernard Kerik, former police commissioner and confidante of Rudy Giuliani, “appears headed for an indictmentKerik has turned down a guilty plea that would have included federal jail time, Dienst says.

The next step is up to federal prosecutors;

Kerik has already pleaded guilty to state charges.”

Kerik is facing allegations of “mortgage fraud + tax fraud + conspiracy to eavesdrop + making false statements on his application to become U.S. Homeland Security Secretary.”
Bush Falsely Claims His Prosecutor Purge Is ‘A Customary Practice By Presidents’ - Amanda  -

Today during a press briefing in Mexico, President Bush attempted to defend his prosecutor purge, stating that firing prosecutors “has been a customary practice by presidents.

U.S. attorneys + others serve at the pleasure of the President.

Past administrations have removed U.S. attorneys. It is their right to do so.” Watch it:

Mass firings are common when a president takes office. But as current and former administration officials have confirmed, Bush’s purge of well-qualified prosecutors is unprecendented.

Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson (resigned two days ago), 1/9/07:

In recent memory, during the Reagan + Clinton Administrations, Presidents Reagan + Clinton did not seek to remove + replace U.S. Attorneys to serve indefinitely under the holdover provision.

Former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, 3/8/07:

Mr. Rove’s claims [last week] that the Bush administration’s purge of qualified and capable U.S. attorneys is “normal and ordinary” is pure fiction .

Replacing most U.S. attorneys when a new administration comes in — as we did 00.000.1993 +

the Bush administration did 00.000.2001 — is not unusual. But the Clinton administration never fired federal prosecutors as pure political retribution.

Former U.S. attorney Mary Jo White, 3/5/07:

However, throughout modern history, my understanding is, you did not change the U.S. attorney during an administration, unless there was some evidence of misconduct or other really quite significant cause to do so.

Bush_Falsely_Claims_His_Prosecutor_Purge_Is_A_Customary_Practice_By_a_Pres" Transcript: (more…)
15.Mar.2007 Irish EU's 'worst binge-drinkers' An EU survey on attitudes towards alcohol finds the highest rates of binge-drinking in Ireland.
15.Mar.2007 SA launches five-year Aids plan South Africa launches a five-year plan to combat Aids, as research shows new infection rates are 1,500 per day.
15.Mar.2007 Chiquita admits paying fighters US banana firm Chiquita says it will plead guilty to doing business with a paramilitary group in Colombia.
15.Mar.2007 Awards for free speech defenders Five "defenders of free speech", including a Chinese lawyer and Egyptian blogger, are honoured in London.
15.Mar.2007 Google to Anonymize Data Hoping to strike a balance between government investigators + privacy advocates, the search giant says it will strip info from its logs after two years. In 27B Stroke 6.
15.Mar.2007 Google Tightens Privacy Measures (AP) Google Inc. is adopting new privacy measures to make it more difficult to connect online search requests with the people making them - a move it believes could prevent showdowns with the government over the often sensitive data.
15.Mar.2007 Global warming impacting European seas European scientists say global warming is having a significant impact on European marine + coastal environments.
15.Mar.2007 U.S. court rules against medical marijuana The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that an individual's right to medical marijuana does not supersede the Controlled Substances Act.
15.Mar.2007 Study: Weekend Heart Attacks Riskier (AP) Heart attack patients have a slightly higher risk of death if they go to the hospital on the weekend,

when they are more likely to miss or wait longer for crucial treatments, one of the largest studies of the issue finds.
Paleontologists Discover New Mammal from Mesozoic Era An international team of American + Chinese paleontologists has discovered a new species of mammal that lived

125 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era, in what is now the Hebei Province in China.
Mars Rover Churns Up Questions With Sulfur-Rich Soil Some bright Martian soil containing lots of sulfur + a trace of water intrigues researchers who are studying information provided by NASA's Spirit rover. 15.Mar.2007 Australian discovery solves mystery of the Andes

A research team led by an ANU scientist has solved the mystery behind the formation of the Andes by discovering how the jostling of tectonic plate boundaries affects geological formations.
MIT provides blueprint for future use of coal Leading academics from an interdisciplinary MIT panel issued a report today that examines how the world can continue to use coal, an abundant + inexpensive fuel, in a way that mitigates, instead of worsens, the global warming crisis.

The study, "The Future of Coal--Options for a Carbon Constrained World," advocates that the USA assume global leadership on this issue through adoption of significant policy actions.
Patrick Fitzgerald Chosen As U.S. Attorney Over Rove Pressure - Nico  -

15.Mar.2007 -yesterday- Former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL) revealed that

00.000.2001 Karl Rove pressured him to choose a U.S. Attorney who he believed would be lenient in probing state corruption, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Peter Fitzgerald ended up choosing Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation), who was later named Special Prosecutor in the CIA leak case.

From the Tribune:

[Rove told Sen. Fitzgerald] in the spring of 2001 that he should limit his choice for U.S. attorney in Chicago to someone from Illinois.

According to Fitzgerald, who was determined to bring in a prosecutor from outside the state, Rove “just said we don’t want you going outside the state. We don’t want to be moving U.S. attorneys around.”

Fitzgerald said he believes Rove was trying to influence the selection in reaction to pressure from Rep. Dennis Hastert, then speaker of the House + allies of then-Gov. George Ryan, who knew Fitzgerald was seeking someone from outside Illinois to attack political corruption.

Fitzgerald said he announced his choice, Patrick Fitzgerald, a New Yorker, on May 13, a Mother’s Day Sunday, to pre-empt any opposition.

According to Peter Fitzgerald, a year or so later, Karl Rove “said to me that Fitzgerald appointment got great headlines for you, but it ticked off the base.”

Peter Fitzgerald said he believes the “base” was Illinois Republican insiders “upset at the prosecutor’s assault on corruption.”

Little did Rove know that Fitzgerald would be ticking him and the White House off two years later. Digg It! (HT: TP reader Linda)
15.Mar.2007 Bush vows migration reform drive US President George W Bush says a reform of immigration laws is essential to improving ties with Mexico.
Irish EU's 'worst binge-drinkers' An EU survey on attitudes towards alcohol finds the highest rates of binge-drinking in Ireland.
15.Mar.2007 To keep coal, carbon needs to go underground Coal will remain king for power generation for decades, but new carbon storage technologies are needed, MIT says.
15.Mar.2007 Boardroom coup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A

boardroom coup is the sudden overthrow of the management or governing body of a corporation

by an individual or small group of individuals, usually from

Mar.2007 Iran Threatens U.S. with Military Action

Iran has threatened to respond with military action if the USA attacks the country to destroy Tehran's nuclear program. ...

Chinese Cloud Russian-Indian Relations
China has delivered the first two JF-17 Thunder fighter jets with Russian engines to Pakistan. Formally, China does not have the right to re-export the engines. India reacts painfully ...

17.Oct.2006 All the Article in Russian as of-
British police think that most of the £12-billion loss suffered by British customs since 2001 has been organized by Deuss.
The 64-year-old Deuss has been the head of two banks, FCIB in Curacao (a Dutch territory) + BCB in Bermuda.

Analysts claim that the main missing trader schemes in Great Britain + The Netherlands siphon their proceeds through those banks.

Deuss has been charged with money laundering, participation in a criminal organization + financing unnamed terrorist organizations.
OMAN - Moving Into Chemicals Ventures. | Agriculture, Forestry ...

OOC is not to be the "integrated empire" which John Deuss once said he would build up with ever expanding assets overseas.

Owned 100% by the powerful ...
North End home with lakefront under contract

However, Windsome Farms is best known around the Winter Equestrian Festival as the property owned by Dutch-born oil tycoon John Deuss, whose First Curacao ...
Apple Computers - Worldnews Network This page was originally published.

Intrigue stretching from Europe to the Caribbean: The John Deuss Cash Carousel.
The deputy and the Dutch tycoon : Mail & Guardian Online

The arrest of controversial Dutch oil tycoon John Deuss has exposed a trail of ...

... in Curaçao + Deuss -linked properties in Holland + the United Kingdom. ...
John Deuss is in trouble 06:01:57 AM. 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, Forever ... I see that John Deuss was caught thanks to assistance from the public.
15.Mar.2007 EU Imposes Tax on Unadded Value - Kommersant Moscow

Last week, banker John Deuss, who is well known to the Central Bank of Russia, ...

1991-2007 ZAO "Kommersant. Publishing House". All rights reserved.
15.Mar.2007 :: John Deuss and his Banks Caught up In EU Tax ...

John Deuss + others have resigned from the board of BCB whilst the investigations proceed.

These were Barclays Bank in the UK and Rabobank in Holland, ...

Jongerenbestemmingen: what's hot & not 00.000.2007 .

10.Feb.2007 12:52: Ronald Izendooren ... John Deuss wil ook landgoed in Palm Beach verkopen ...
00.May 2006 FPF-HENK RUYSSENAARS: by Henk Ruyssenaars FPF –

29.May 2006 - The European Journalism Center, ... Memri just happens to be owned by two right-wing neo-con Israelis: ...
UK Indymedia - About Palast: 'Was the Invasion of Iraq A Jewish ...

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars |

27.Jun.2006 13:15 ... Wurmser's wife, Meyrav Wurmser, is a co-founder of the media-watch website MEMRI (Middle ...

Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Selective Memri : Brian Whitaker investigates ...

Pentagon Junta has taken over the CIA — Henk Ruyssenaars - FPF, Fri

26.May ----

Washington - Auf 13 verschreibungspflichtigen Schlafmitteln muss in den USA künftig ein deutlicherer Warnhinweis prangen:

Die Produkte könnten sowohl zu allergischen Reaktionen führen als auch zu einer ganz besonderen Form von Schlafwandeln - dem "sleep driving".

Die neue Beobachtung passt zu Entdeckungen der vergangenen Wochen und Monate. Erst im

00.Jan.2007 hatten Forscher im Fachblatt "Nature" die Entdeckung von mehr als 75 Methan- Seen auf der Nordhalbkugel des Titan bekanntgegeben.

Die Existenz von Seen auf dem Saturnmond sei damit "definitiv" bewiesen, hieß es schon damals. Kurz zuvor hatte "Cassini" sogar Bilder von schneebedeckten Berggipfeln zur Erde gefunkt.
15.Mar.2007 Kurseinbrüche: Viele Börsen im Minus - nur US- Märkte leicht im Plus
15.Mar.2007 Umkämpfter Beschluss: Großbritannien rüstet seine Atomwaffen auf
15.Mar.2007 Prügelstatistik: Gewalt gegen Polizisten stark gestiegen
15.Mar.2007 Friedmans Bodyguards: Wenn Neonazis vor Neonazis schützen sollen
15.Mar.2007 Kosten- Prognose bis 2100: Euro zahlen Deutsche für die Klima- Katastrophe

15.Mar.2007 Einsame Multimilliardäre: Ruhm, Charme und ein großer Geldbeutel
15.Mar.2007 Massenentlassung von Anwälten: Demokraten fordern Rücktritt von Minister Gonzales
15.Mar.2007 Open- Sky- Abkommen: EU- Parlament fordert Zulassung von Flüssigkeiten im Handgepäck

15.Mar.2007 Wachstum in Deutschland: Der Osten überholt den Westen
15.Mar.2007 Nazi- Leibwächter: Friedman wirft Polizei und Justiz schwere Fehler vor
15.Mar.2007 Feuchter Saturnmond: Riesige Seen auf Titan entdeckt

15.Mar.2007 Konflikte: Nordkorea will mit Atomenergiebehörde kooperieren

15.Mar.2007 Anti- Terror- Pakt: Bayern lässt Hochschulen nach Islamisten suchen
15.Mar.2007 Journalismus- Trends: Nische statt Massenmarkt
15.Mar.2007 Verfassungsgericht: Linksfraktion klagt gegen Tornado- Einsatz
15.Mar.2007 AMB Generali: Versicherungskonzern streicht 1000 Stellen
15.Mar.2007 Tempelberg: Unesco fordert Ausgrabungs- Stopp von Israel

15.Mar.2007 Umsatzprognose: IT- Branche wächst, neue Jobs bleiben aus
14.Mar.2007 Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction
Dame Pauline Neville Jones .

The Hon Sir Michael Pakenham.

Other witnesses.

Dr John Chipman. Michael Herman. Dr Brian Jones . John Kampfner. Dr David Kay ...
European Journal Vol. 8 No. 6 - HTML-Version
Bernard Connolly is Chief Economist of AIG International + the author of The ...

Both Kennedy + Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, a former Foreign Office ...
14.Mar.2007 ANNEX A Sir Paul Lever.

Dame Pauline Neville Jones .

The Hon Sir Michael Pakenham.

Other witnesses.

Dr John Chipman.

Michael Herman.

Dr Brian Jones .

John Kampfner ...
Digg - BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell ... the time of 9/11) being run by a woman called Dame Pauline Neville - Jones ? ...

11.Sep.2001 Throw in the AIG insurance debacle along with ENRON files in the SEC + ...
Digg - BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell

So hey, has no one else here realized that BBC World was (at the time of 9/11) being run by a woman called Dame Pauline Neville - Jones ? ...

Rick Porrello' May, Organized Crime ...

The newspapers claimed that the trio of Gordon + Greenberg + Hassell had ...

Gordon’ s brother, Nathan Wexler, called Theodore + urged him to return to ...
00.May 2005 Houston's Clear Thinkers: Archives + it was precisely what Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill's ...

AIG's former CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg allegedly contacted Mr. Ferguson 00.000.2000 to ...
14.Mar.2007 About the Contributors

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones is vice chairman of Hawkpoint Partners, the corporate ...

Mr. Jeremy D. Rosner is Vice President of Greenberg Quinlan Research, ...
The EU and counter-terrorismHTML-Version DAME PAULINE NEVILLE - JONES ... Chairman, QinetiQ p.l.c. + former Political ...

Many thanks also to Karen Greenberg, Stephen ...
Study: Iron minerals in birds' bills may serve as a magnetometer
It has long been recognized that birds possess the ability to use the Earth`s magnetic field for their navigation, although just how this is done has not yet been clarified.

However, the discovery of iron-containing structures in the beaks of homing pigeons in a new study by Gerta Fleissner and her colleagues at the University of Frankfurt offers a promising insight into this complex topic.

The article will be published online mid-March in Springer`s journal Naturwissenschaften.
Solar Plane to Fly Continuously Around Mars
Sky-Sailor, the working dream of a solar-powered, autonomously-controlled microairplane, has exciting implications in two areas: one on the technological advances of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs); and another on exploring the lower atmosphere of Mars. Scientists André Noth, Walter Engel and Roland Siegwart of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Switzerland believe that Sky-Sailor will reach the inner orbit of Mars within a decade or two, depending on advancements in technology.

14.Mar.2007 500,000 years of climate history stored year by year
The bottom of Turkey`s Lake Van is covered by a layer of mud several hundreds of metres deep. For climatologists this unprepossessing slime is worth its weight in gold: summer by summer pollen has been deposited from times long past. From it they can detect right down to a specific year what climatic conditions prevailed at the time of the Neanderthals, for example.

14.Mar.2007 Indonesia Won't Share Bird Flu Samples (AP) -- Indonesia will not share bird flu samples with the World Health Organization without a legally binding agreement promising the virus won't be used to develop an expensive commercial vaccine, the health minister said Wednesday.
14.Mar.2007 Nanotechnology oversight requires thinking outside the box
With hundreds of nanotechnology-enabled products already on the market and many more in the commercial pipeline, a new report by a former senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official urges policymakers to give greater attention to the challenges of crafting an oversight system that can effectively address health and safety issues particular to nanoscale materials and devices.

14.Mar.2007 Alien predators are more dangerous than native predators
Introduced predators such as foxes and cats are twice as deadly as native predators to Australia`s unique native animals, a new study has found.

14.Mar.2007 Research project could help create computers that run on light
A new research project begins soon which could be an important step in bringing the dream of photonic computers - devices run using light rather than electronics - onto the desktop. Physicists at the University of Bath will be looking at developing attosecond technology - the ability to send out light in a continuous series of pulses that last only an attosecond, one billion-billionth of a second.

14.Mar.2007 Indonesia to tighten Internet surveillance Indonesia plans to tackle Internet crime by tightening the supervision of web surfers, an official said Tuesday.
14.Mar.2007 Canadian tundra is rapidly disappearing Canadian scientists say much of their nation's northern tundra is rapidly disappearing, being replaced by trees + shrubs, forcing wildlife from the region.
14.Mar.2007 Stress and nerve cells survival in rats; finding may open widow for depression treatment A single, socially stressful situation can kill off new nerve cells in the brain region that processes learning, memory + emotion + possibly contribute to depression, new animal research shows.
14.Mar.2007 New Hydrogen Storage Technique - ScuttleMonkey 42 - pwp writes to mention that

researchers at the University of New Brunswick are reporting they have found a new method of storing hydrogen gas. The new method is able to condense hydrogen gas into a usable solid under mild conditions.

"Hydrogen gas is typically stored under pressure in large metal cylinders, approximately four feet high. These cylinders are heavy and expensive to transport.

Since they are under pressure, they also pose a safety hazard. 'We've reached a milestone with our ability to condense hydrogen into a usable solid,' said Dr. McGrady.

'The next step is to produce a safe, compact storage system for the compound that is both lightweight and affordable.'

The research is expected to produce reversible hydrogen storage materials that can be processed into a powder for use in limitless commercial applications."
New US Computer Forensic Institute - kdawson 119+ - Quincy writes

"The DHS and Secret Service are setting up a new computer forensic institute in Alabama.

Set to open in mid-2008, the new National Computer Forensic Institute will be able to train over 900 law enforcement officers per year.

'It will initially be staffed by 18 Secret Service agents and will feature classrooms, a forensic laboratory, an evidence vault + server rooms.

Courses will be offered in the investigation of electronic crimes, network intrusion investigation + computer forensics... [T]he Secret Service says that it will help to bring judges + prosecutors up to speed as well.'"

Maybe over time we'll see fewer botches of justice like those in the news recently.
Why Exercise Boosts Brainpower - kdawson 300+ - aditi sends us a report from Reuters on

research indicating that exercise boosts brainpower by building new brain cells in a brain region linked with memory + memory loss.

Quoting: "Tests on mice showed they grew new brain cells in a brain region called the dentate gyrus, a part of the hippocampus that is known to be affected in the age-related memory decline that begins around age 30 for most humans. Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging scans to help document the process in mice — and then used MRIs to look at the brains of people before and after exercise.

They found the same patterns, which suggests that people also grow new brain cells when they exercise."
ID Refusniks To Be Prisoners In Their Own Country - Paul Joseph Watson  "Voluntary" system means UK citizens can refuse ID cards, as long as they don't plan on taking a vacation
14.Mar.2007 Senate conservatives end opposition to Iraq debate. - Nico  -

Breaking a series of roadblocks imposed by conservatives, the Senate voted 89-9 just now “to begin its first formal debate on the Iraq war since Democrats took control of Congress in January.”

Bob Geiger explains what comes next.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the House is voting now on the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007, which overturns a Reagan-era executive order giving “current and former presidents and vice presidents broad authority to withhold presidential records or delay their release indefinitely.” Much more HERE.
14.Mar.2007 White House Signals It Will Fight To Block Rove Testimony - Nico  -

During a press briefing yesterday, presidential counselor Dan Bartlett signaled that the White House will fight congressional efforts to have Karl Rove testify about his role in the U.S. Attorney purge.

I find it highly unlikely that a member of the White House staff would testify publicly to these matters, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find other ways to try to share that information.

Press Secretary Tony Snow was also resistant:

Well, as you know, Ed, it has been traditional in all White Houses not to have staffers testify on Capitol Hill.

So I think what we have been trying to do is to work in a way to be as forthcoming with members of Congress

you saw all the emails coming out today — give them all the information so that they can make a fair judgment about it.

Of course the White House doesn’t want Karl Rove to testify.

Just last month, a top Justice Department official told Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a letter that the “Department is not aware of Karl Rove playing any role in the decision to appoint [Rove ally Tim] Griffin” as U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. Now the White House acknowledges that Rove “served as a conduit for complaints about federal prosecutors.”

In emails released yesterday, former Gonzales aide Kyle Sampson writes, “I know that getting [Griffen] appointed was important to Harriet, Karl, et cetera.”

When a GOP chairman in New Mexico complained about a U.S. Attorney, Rove reportedly told him, “He’s gone.

And news reports indicate that Rove’s office may have been involved in problems involving the U.S. Attorney from Washington state, John McKay.

Thankfully, Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VA) isn’t backing down.

Last night on PBS, Leahy referred to Tim Griffen as Rove’s “acolyte,” + said he will “insist” that senior White House officials testify “in public, in sworn testimony, under oath“:

I intend to bring the attorney general up here. I am requesting several other people to come up here, certainly Mr. Sampson, Ms. Miers, I assume eventually Karl Rove.

If they don’t come, then I’ll seek to subpoena them up here, because the story changes almost every time we pick up the newspaper. […]

What I want to find out is what happened, why we’ve been given different stories. And I want those answers, not in an informal briefing;

I want those answers in public, in sworn testimony, under oath before my committee. As chairman, that’s what I insist. Digg It!
14.Mar.2007 NYT: Congress should broaden attorney probe. - Nico  - From its editorial today:

Congress should broaden the investigation to determine whether any other prosecutors were forced out for not caving in to political pressure — or kept on because they did.

There was, for example, the decision by United States Attorney Chris Christie of New Jersey to open an investigation of Senator Bob Menendez just before his hotly contested re-election last November.

Republicans, who would have held the Senate if Mr. Menendez had lost, used the news for attack ads.

Then there was the career United States attorney in Guam who was

00.000.2002 the career United States attorney in Guam removed by Mr. Bush after he started investigating the superlobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The prosecutor was replaced. The investigation was dropped.
14.Mar.2007 March 14, 2007 - Think Progress  -

The Senate voted 60-38 to approve legislation “to implement many of the remaining reforms suggested by the Sept. 11 commission .” Ten Republicans crossed party lines to approve the measure; Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) skipped the vote to fundraise in California. Bush has threatened to veto the bill “over a provision to expand the labor rights of 45,000 airport screeners.”

78: %age of Americans who “do not think the Bush administration has done enough to care for [Iraq war] veterans,” a new CBS/NYT poll shows. “A majority of Republicans agree with all Americans overall on this issue.”

The New York Times reveals more “shameful details…on the neglectful care extended to soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan .” The Army’s inspector general reports that “more than nine out of 10 disabled veterans have been kept waiting for benefit evaluations beyond the 40-day limit set by the Pentagon. Some have waited up to a year and a half for benefits.”

“A national survey showing a soaring number of homeowners failed to make their mortgage payments in the last quarter of 2006 rattled lawmakers in Washington and the markets in New York yesterday, as the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 2 %, or nearly 243 points.”

“The federal government is sanctioning agreements that cost whistle-blowers their jobs after they expose safety and security lapses at nuclear facilities and toxic waste sites, Labor Department records show.” (more…)
14.Mar.2007 White House turning on Gonzales? - Nico  - From the NYT:

[Gonzales’] appearance underscored what two Republicans close to the Bush administration described as a growing rift between the White House and the attorney general . Mr. Gonzales has long been a confidant of the president but has aroused the ire of lawmakers of both parties on several issues, including the administration’s domestic eavesdropping program.

The two Republicans, who spoke anonymously so they could share private conversations with senior White House officials, said top aides to Mr. Bush, including Fred F. Fielding, the new White House counsel, were concerned that the controversy had so damaged Mr. Gonzales’s credibility that he would be unable to advance the White House agenda on national security matters, including terrorism prosecutions.

“I really think there’s a serious estrangement between the White House and Alberto now,” one of the Republicans said.
State GOP Chairman With Close Rove Ties Admits Pressuring Attorney - Nico  -

The Seattle Times reports tonight that a chairman of the Washington state Republican Party with ties to Karl Rove pressured U.S. Attorney John McKay to launch a criminal probe during the hotly contested 2004 governor’s race, which had been certified in favor of the Democratic candidate. The ex-chairman, Chris Vance, “said that he was in contact with the White House’s political office at the time.”

Vance said then-U.S. Attorney John McKay made it clear he would not discuss whether his office was investigating allegations of voter fraud in the election. He said McKay cut off the conversation.

“ I thought it was part of my job, to be a conduit ,” Vance, who now operates a consulting business, said in a telephone interview. “ We had a Republican secretary of state, a Republican prosecutor in King County and a Republican U.S. attorney + no one was doing anything. “

Vance’s revelation may be new evidence of a wider level of involvement by Karl Rove in the U.S. Attorney purge. Vance and Rove reportedly worked closely on state politics. The Republican gubernatorial candidate 00.000.2004, Dino Rossi, was the candidate “Vance and Rove wanted,” the Seattle Times noted 00.000.2005. Rove and Vance also reportedly worked to get Rep. Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) to launch a Senate bid.

McKay is a Republican and was appointed by President Bush. The alleged voter fraud he was being pressured to probe had already been investigated by prosecutors in his office and the FBI, who “never found any evidence of criminal conduct.” Nevertheless, he was pressured both by a GOP official and Rep. Doc Hastings’s (R-WA) office to convene a federal grand jury.

In emails released today, we learned that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ chief of staff Kyle Sampson wrote then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers in Sept. 2006 and identified McKay as one of five U.S. attorneys “we should now consider pushing out.” That same month, Miers called McKay directly interviewed McKay for a federal judgeship position and asked him to explain why he had “mishandled” the governor’s race. By December, McKay had been fired and denied the federal judgeship. Shortly afterwards, a Gonzales aide called McKay to offer him a deal: “you stay silent and the attorney general won’t say anything bad about you.”
14.Mar.2007 Edwards, Clinton call on Gonzales to resign. - Nico  - Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has joined former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) in calling for Alberto Gonzales to step down. UPDATE: Dan Froomkin weighs in:

No one would deny that one of the duties of the president of the USA is to place people of his choosing in key positions throughout the executive branch, including in key law-enforcement positions. […]

But in law-enforcement jobs — such as the attorney general, the director of the FBI + the country’s 93 U.S. attorneys — overtly partisan behavior is a more troubling problem. While the men and women in those positions serve at the pleasure of the president, it is also a critically important part of their job to remain independent.

That’s because it’s flatly un-American for the law to be used as a political weapon. It erodes public confidence in the justice system + offends the American commitment to fairness. It’s the sort of thing that, quite properly, can lead to impeachment.
NYT omits inconvenient truths in Gore attack. - Faiz  -

Media Matters reports that — of the sources cited in today’s NYT article on An Inconvenient Truth — at least four have records of misinformation on the issue. “Though three of these were identified as skeptics or as having expressed skepticism, in all four cases, their past statements or studies questioning global warming theory have been debunked or discredited by the scientific community — which [the author] did not report.” RealClimate and Grist offer thorough debunkings.
14.Mar.2007 Rove’s deputy involved in attorney purge. - Nico  -

Emails released today show that Karl Rove’s deputy Scott Jennings was involved in the effort to purge Arkansas U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins in favor of Rove “protege” Tim Griffen, despite claims from the Justice Department to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) last month that Rove had “no role” in Griffin’s appointment.

“Tim said he got a call from Bud offering this idea,” Jennings wrote to Alberto Gonzales’ chief of staff Kyle Sampson in late August, “that Tim come on board as a special [assistant U.S. attorney] while Bud finalizes his private sector plans. That would alleviate pressure/implication that Tim forced Bud out. Any thoughts on that?”

“I think it’s a great idea,” Sampson responded.

The Justice Department made Griffin a special assistant USA in Arkansas the next month. Finally, in December, Griffin was made the U.S. attorney.
Conservative support for Gonzales ‘tepid.’ - Nico  -

“Even among some Senate Judiciary Republicans, backing for Gonzales was tepid,” CQ reports:

“Appearances are troubling. This has not been handled well,” said John Cornyn, R-Texas. “But in Texas we believe in having a fair trial and then the hanging.”

Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions said he has had “a great relationship with the attorney general. But he’ll have to answer for this just like he does on other matters before us.”

Even more cryptic was Tom Coburn, R-Okla., when asked if he supports the attorney general. “I think we’ve got to have one.” This one? he was asked. “I didn’t answer that.”
29 %: - Faiz  -

An all-time low number of Americans who believe things are going well in Iraq. : “For the first time since the Iraq war began, less than half of Americans believe the USA can win in Iraq, a poll said Tuesday. Just 46 % think the USA will win.”
Lawmakers Urge Investigation Into Administration’s Prosecutor Purge In Abramoff Case - Amanda  -

In recent weeks, Congress has investigated the Bush administration’s recent purge of qualified, well-respected U.S. attorneys. But one former prosecutor — Frederick A. Black — has received little attention. The administration fired Black shortly after he began investigating Jack Abramoff’s dealings in Guam.

Today in a letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, Reps. George Miller (D-CA) and Nick Rahall (D-WV) urge Congress to investigate “the potential political manipulation by Jack Abramoff and his allies in Congress and the Administration” in the Black case:

At the time, we viewed the replacement of the Acting U.S. Attorney as an example of the overly zealous and improper, if not illegal, conduct by the now disgraced and convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.

In light of more recent revelations about political interference with the work of other U.S. Attorneys, however, it is necessary now to re-examine the case as it may represent the beginning of a pattern of behavior by some members of Congress and officials in the Bush Administration to politicize the work of U.S. Attorneys and to quash their independence .

00.000.2002, Black launched an investigation into Jack Abramoff’s “secret arrangement with Superior Court officials to lobby against a court reform bill then pending in Congress.”

18.Nov.2002 Black issued a grand jury subpoena to the Guam Superior Court to turn over all records involving the lobbying contract with Abramoff. The administration swiftly punished Black:

A day later, the chief prosecutor, US Attorney Frederick A. Black, who had launched the investigation, was demoted. A White House news release announced that Bush was replacing Black.

The timing caught some by surprise. Despite his officially temporary status as the acting US attorney, Black had held the assignment for more than a decade.

An internal Justice Department investigation concluded that the White House did not improperly retaliate against Black for raising allegations against Abramoff. But the probe into Abramoff’s activities in Guam died shortly after Black stepped down.

(Full letter from Miller and Rahall HERE.)
14.Mar.2007 ‘Curveball’ revealed. - Faiz  -

The Blotter updates us on the whereabouts of the Iraqi defector who served as the source for Iraq’s supposed mobile bioweapons program.

Even though he was considered an “unstable, immature + unreliable” source by some senior officials at the CIA,

former Sec. of State Colin Powell said he was never told the CIA had doubts about the reliability of the source.

“I spent four days at CIA headquarters + they told me they had this nailed,” Powell said.
14.Mar.2007 Gonzales: Sampson still on payroll. - Nico  -

At his press conference today, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales acknowledged that his former chief of staff Kyle Sampson, who resigned over the scandal yesterday, remains on the Justice Department payroll.

“His transition — as a technical matter, he is at the Department as he transitions out and looks for another employment.”

More Gonzales: “I acknowledge that mistakes were made here. I accept that responsibility + my pledge to the American people is to find out what went wrong here, to assess accountability + to make improvements so that the mistakes that occurred in this instance do not occur again in the future.”

UPDATE: CREW calls for a special prosecutor to investigate potential criminal violations.

UPDATE II: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) responded to Gonzales: “Did the attorney general not know that 8 U.S. attorneys were to be fired? He didn’t know, he shouldn’t be attorney general, plain and simple.

That is not a minor personnel decision. That is a major act that has shaken the integrity of the U.S. attorney offices — not only those in question — but all of them, to the core.” Watch it:
Gonzales Chief Of Staff Rebuts Rove Claim That Clinton Purged Prosecutors Too - Amanda  -

At a speech last week in Little Rock, Karl Rove described the Bush administration’s purge of federal prosecutors as “normal and ordinary,” claiming that Clinton did the same thing.

Clinton, when he came in, replaced all 93 U.S. attorneys,” Rove said.

“When we came in, we ultimately replace most all 93 U.S. attorneys — there are some still left from the Clinton era in place.

… What happened in this instance, was there were seven done all at once + people wanted to play politics with it.” Watch it:

But in an e-mail to Harriet Miers on

09.Jan.2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s chief of staff Kyle Sampson (who resigned yesterday) admitted that the Clinton administration never purged its U.S. attorneys in the middle of their terms,

explicitly stating,

“In recent memory, during the Reagan + Clinton Administrations, Presidents Reagan + Clinton did not seek to remove + replace U.S. Attorneys to serve indefinitely under the holdover provision”:

Former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta previously told ThinkProgress that Rove’s claims that the Clinton administration also purged attorneys is “pure fiction.”

He added, “Replacing most U.S. attorneys when a new administration comes in — as we did 00.000.1993 + the Bush administration did 00.000.2001 — is not unusual.

But the Clinton administration never fired federal prosecutors as pure political retribution.” (The Gavel has more.)
14.Mar.2007 Ensign ‘Flabbergasted’ Over Attorney Firing: It Was ‘Completely Mishandled By The Attorney General’ - Faiz  -

In a press conference this afternoon, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) blasted the Bush administration’s decision to fire Nevada-based U.S. attorney Daniel Bogden.

00.000.2003 -in his last job performance evaluation- Bogden “was described as being a ‘capable’ leader who was highly regarded by the federal judiciary and investigators.

‘He didn’t get any dings,’ said a Justice Department official with knowledge of the review. ‘The overall evaluation was very positive.’”

Ensign said he was “flabbergasted when [he] first heard….that not a single conversation had been had between” Bogden and the Department of Justice prior to the firing. Ensign said the firing had been “completely mishandled by the U.S. Attorney General.” He added, “A good leader does not just fire someone for no good reason.” Via Pipeline:

Transcript: (more…)
14.Mar.2007 Justice Dept. releases U.S. Attorney documents. - Nico  -

Bowing to a request from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), the Justice Department has released a set of internal communications about the U.S. Attorney purge. Read them HERE. Below, a photo of Sanchez and Conyers holding the documents up today:
14.Mar.2007 Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions - sfux Larisa Alexandrovna & David Dastych -

US, Britain asked Poland to join clandestine program. The CIA operated an interrogation and short-term detention facility for suspected terrorists within a Polish intelligence...
Genmais ? todsicher? - onlineredaktion Harald Haack ?

New York hat eine Rattenplage apokalyptischen Ausmaßes. Bisherige Mittel, die Population der Nager einzudämmen, versagten. Doch nun scheint es eine Lösung zu geben. Sie kommt vom Genmais-Hersteller Monsanto, der gegenwärtig gegen Greenpeace kämpft, weil die Umweltschützer die Sorte MON863 für den Markt verbieten lassen wollen. Aber davon will Monsanto offenbar nichts wissen.
Der Sprecher von Monsanto Deutschland, Andreas Thierfelder, sagt,...

Afghanistan: Zensur ist wieder eingeführt - sfux Karl Weiss -

Das ist also die Früjahrsoffensive unter deutscher Beteiligung. War es eine der wesentlichen Errungenschaften des modernen bürgerlichen Staates, dass er keine Zenzur mehr ausübte, so ist dies nun gefährdet oder sogar schon völlig aufgehoben. In Afghanistan haben US-Truppen eine Filmkamera zerstört, mit der das Abschlachten von Zivilpersonen gefilmt worden war. Die US-Armee hat nun dazu offen Stellung genommen...
Study reveals veterans' trauma Many US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer mental health problems, a study shows.
14.Mar.2007 Office workers 'risk blood clots' Workers who spend excessive amounts of time at their desk could be putting their lives at risk, research suggests.
14.Mar.2007 World stocks tumble Fears of a US slowdown prompt a share slump in Europe and Asia + jitters on Wall Street.
14.Mar.2007 N Korea 'committed' to disarming UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei says North Korea is still "fully committed" to giving up its nuclear programme.
14.Mar.2007 EU reopens dialogue with Syrians The European Union's foreign policy chief holds talks with Syrian leaders, ending a two-year boycott.
14.Mar.2007 Nuclear weapons 'essential to UK' Tony Blair says renewing the UK's Trident weapons system is "essential for our security" as MPs debate the issue.
14.Mar.2007 Probe reveals Titan seas The Cassini probe finds evidence for seas on Saturn's moon Titan - probably filled with liquid hydrocarbons.
14.Mar.2007 Anti-Bush protests in Mexico City Protesters riot outside the US embassy in Mexico, in the latest protest against President Bush's regional tour.
14.Mar.2007 Lord Black fraud trial to begin The trial of media tycoon Lord Conrad Black is due to begin at a US federal court in Chicago.
14.Mar.2007 Fresh criticism over BAE inquiry The OECD is to mount a fresh probe into UK anti-bribery laws following the scrapping of an inquiry into BAE.
14.Mar.2007 Artificial vein to boost surgery Scientists are developing an artificial vein for use in patients with circulation problems.
14.Mar.2007 World stocks tumble on US fears. Fears of a US slowdown and mortgage market woes prompt a share slump in Europe, Asia and Wall Street.
14.Mar.2007 Stressful event kills brain cells A single episode of severe stress can be enough to kill off new nerve cells in the brain, research suggests.
14.Mar.2007 Movies provide new view of Mars Two animations allow viewers to "hang-glide" over terrain currently being explored by Nasa's Mars rovers.
14.Mar.2007 Viacom will sue YouTube for $1bn Entertainment giant Viacom Media says it will sue Google and video-sharing website YouTube for $1bn.
14.Mar.2007 Israel 'must halt' Jerusalem dig A UN report will call for an immediate halt to work by the Israeli authorities at a Jerusalem site, the BBC learns.
14.Mar.2007 Russia and Italy to sign gas pact Italy's Romano Prodi is expected to finalise a major gas deal with Russia at a meeting with President Putin.
14.Mar.2007 Radar 'saves bats at wind farms' Bats at risk of being killed by wind farms could be saved with radars, Aberdeen experts reveal.
14.Mar.2007 FBI Slips Demand Patriot Act Cuts A probe finds the bureau abused its expanded powers to obtain Americans' private records. Time to put the G-men on a shorter leash. Commentary by Jennifer Granick.
14.Mar.2007 U.K. Mandates CO2 Cuts Britain becomes the first country to set binding carbon dioxide emissions targets: 60 % cuts by 2050. In Autopia.
14.Mar.2007 Anesthesia: A Real Knockout More than a hundred million people have surgery yearly, inhaling anesthetics to put them under. Some scientists think the drugs could hasten the brain's decline. In Bodyhack.
14.Mar.2007 Gallery: Stardust Memories Roughly 28,000 tons of Las Vegas history collapses in a spectacle of fireworks and explosives. By Steve Friess.
14.Mar.2007 Possible Seas Seen on Saturn Moon Cassini spots what look like giant bodies of unidentified liquid on Titan, the ringed planet's largest moon. By the Associated Press.
14.Mar.2007 Sunshine Week's Secret Shame Here's the sad tale of requesting open records about the government's Total Information Awareness project. After 44 months, still no word. In 27B Stroke 6.
14.Mar.2007 Images: Lakes on Titan, water on Mars? New images from NASA's planetary explorers show evidence of gigantic lakes on Saturn's moon, Titan + water erosion on Mars. Plus, updates on the Mars rovers.

Intergraph ist mit knapp 3.700 Mitarbeitern einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter von Software im Segment Spatial Information Management (SIM – raumbezogenes Informationsmanagement), Geoinformationssysteme (GIS) sowie Anlagenbau/Verfahrenstechnik mit Hauptsitz in Huntsville/USA.

Intergraph ermöglicht nach eigenen Angaben seinen Kunden, komplexe Daten in verständlicher und praktikabler Weise zu verwalten und zu visualisieren – zumeist mittels Visualisierungskomponenten wie digitale Karten –, um operative Entscheidungen besser und schneller fällen zu können. Unternehmen und Behörden in mehr als 60 Ländern vertrauen auf Intergraph-Technologie und Dienstleistung, um intelligente Karten zu erzeugen, aufgabenbezogene Betriebseinrichtungen und Infrastrukturen zu verwalten, Anlagen und Schiffe zu bauen und zu betreiben sowie Einsatzleitsysteme zu betreiben und öffentliche Sicherheit zu gewährleisten.

Intergraph existiert seit 1969 in den USA, seit 1978 in Deutschland und ist an der NASDAQ unter dem Börsen-Symbol INGR gelistet.
14.Mar.2007 Texas Gov. Perry Announces Emerging Technology Fund Advisory ... Grant Billingsley of Midland is manager of public affairs for Wagner & Brown, Ltd . Prior to joining Wagner and Brown, he was executive director of the ... php?id=96333&L=TXreport9-21

14.Mar.2007 Fundrace Neighbor Search WAGNER, BROWN, LTD . George W. Bush $2000, 5 DEERFIELD DRIVE MIDLAND, TX 79705. Wendy Wagner . Attorney Corbetta & O'Leary, P.C.. John Kerry ... Wagner
Fundrace Neighbor Search WAGNER & BROWN LTD . George W. Bush $2000, 1207 COMMUNITY LN MIDLAND, TX 79701. MR. RICHARD DONNELLY. PRESIDENT EASTLAND EXPLORATION, INC. George W. Bush ... type=loc&addr=P+O+BOX+61780&zip=79711

The Titan/Skyway deal appears to have been put together by Titan executive David Stinson -- at least, he was the fellow who announced it to the press. As noted on
an earlier occasion:

This individual, Hopsicker found, was the executive vice president of another defense firm, called Intergraph. Intergraph is a genuine firm; they have provided software to some renown companies, including Mobil + Bechtel.

Although Hopsicker says that Intergraph is based in Annopolis, Maryland, the company claims that their main office is in Huntsville, Alabama.
According to Hopsicker, this same Intergraph -- under the direction of Stinson -- helped Wilkes' ADCS get its start.

Time to Go Mr. Consigliere Gonzales. Time for the Whole Bush/Cheney Crime Family to Go and Restore the Good Name of Our Nation.
Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water (Hardcover)
Linda Milazzo: Senator Graham, Double Standard, Noble Standard, Or NO Standards -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Laugh Headline of the Day: "Gonzales says his future depends on Bush." Hey, Alberto, Cheney May Throw Fredo Overboard -- and You Too. 3/14
For Organizing the Town Hall Impeachment Drive in Vermont, In Which 37 Communities Backed the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney, Dan DeWalt is Honored With This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award 3/14
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for March 14, 2007
Martha Rosenberg: Kennedy Antibiotic Bill Meets 'Resistance' from Big Pharma -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Human Rights Campaign President Responds to General Peter Pace's Statement -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Norman Solomon: The Pragmatism of Prolonged War -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Top General Expresses Regret For Claiming Homosexuality Is Immoral -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

The Titan/Skyway deal appears to have been put together by Titan executive David Stinson -- at least, he was the fellow who announced it to the press.

As noted on an earlier occasion: This individual, Hopsicker found, was the executive vice president of another defense firm, called Intergraph.

Intergraph is a genuine firm; they have provided software to some renown companies, including Mobil + Bechtel.

Although Hopsicker says that Intergraph is based in Annopolis, Maryland, the company claims that their main office is in Huntsville, Alabama.
According to Hopsicker, this same Intergraph -- under the direction of Stinson -- helped Wilkes' ADCS get its start.

Everything that conspires must converge The Cunningham/Wilkes scandal links up with Wally Hilliard (the owner of the flight school frequented by Mohammed Atta) and a notorious seized drug jet.

The linkage is roundabout but, according to Daniel Hopsicker's latest piece, highly intriguing.
Brent Wilkes' charitable foundation was managed by his brother, Gregory Wilkes. Greg Wilkes had another position as well:
...he was the Controller for an unfortunate "Bush Pioneer" named R.D. Hubbard, busted flying almost a dozen hookers by private jet

00.Jun.2001 to a casino he owned to service men government documents have only identified as “48 wealthy guests.”
Back in the '80's Hubbard was involved in a number of Michael Milken-financed "greenmail" takeover attempts, partnered with Midland, Texas oilmen Wagner and Brown Ltd.
Strangely, 00.000.2001 Wagner and Brown became the last known registered owner of the Lear jet which belonged to terror flight school owner Wally Hilliard until it was seized by DEA agents in Orlando who found 43 lbs. of heroin onboard.
Small world. Long-time readers may recall that this is not the first time the Wilkes circle was connected with a seized drug jet.

... ISPRA (Israel), DEFEX (Spain), Federal Laboratories & Mace Security International ...

It is well known within police circles that SAP members ...
SEC Info - Telefonica Del Peru Saa - SC 13E3 - Telefonica Del Peru ... (b), Software and SAP includes the acquisition of SAP R/3 financial +

... including Vice-President of Marketing for DEFEX (Official Export Agency for ...

Netzeitung: Herr Kohlschütter, der Bundesgerichtshof hat die so genannten «deep links» auf Nachrichtenseiten in einem Grundsatzurteil erlaubt.

Ärgern Sie sich, dass Sie «Ihren» Link-Prozess nicht zu Ende durchfechten konnten?

Kohlschütter: Das Urteil war längst überfällig, schließlich hat sich der BGH damit über zwei Jahre Zeit gelassen. Die Sache ist ärgerlich.

Ich hätte die Prozesskosten im Münchner Rechtsstreit in Höhe von 20.000 Euro gespart. Ich fühle mich durch die Münchner Justiz geschädigt, weil ich veranlasst wurde, die Rechtsverfolgung aufzugeben.
Die Wissenschaftler fanden heraus, dass in den vergangenen 100 Mio. Jahren etwa 25 der rund 900 metabolischen Gene von E.coli in das interagierende Proteinen-Netzwerk der Bakterienart neu eingefügt wurden.

Das Interessante dabei ist, dass dieser Vorgang in erster Linie durch horizontalen Gentransfer und nicht durch weiterentwickelte Genduplikationen, die gelegentlich auch bei Tieren vorkommen können, ausgelöst wurde.

Außerdem fanden die Wissenschaftler heraus, dass die meisten der übernommenen Gene dem Bakterium nicht zur Verbesserung der Leistungsfähigkeit in seiner bekannten Umgebung dienten, sondern ausschließlich dafür bestimmt waren, ihm die Anpassung an veränderte Lebensbedingungen zu ermöglichen.
genua - hervorragende dokumentation in der ard - Community ...

Der Hinrichtung durch italienische PartisanInnen entkam der Nazi-Kollaborateur durch Flucht zur US-Army.

Dort wurde der Nazi-Kollaborateur vom "Counter Intelligence Corps" ...

14.Mar.2007 NIEHS Press Release - New Research Outlines Public Health ...

New Research Outlines Public Health Consequences of World Trade Center Disaster . Longitudinal studies of firefighters, rescue workers and other personnel ...

Feb.2005 The World Trade Center disaster demands the most comprehensive detailed ... energy that can be directed at targets at a range of 1 kilometer . ...
World Trade Center Firefighters Still Coughing, Wheezing

"Our results indicate that the environmental exposures following the World Trade Center disaster were associated with profound adverse effects on ...
14.Mar.2007 Public Health Consequences of World Trade Center Disaster

Public Health Consequences of World Trade Center Disaster ... clinical evaluation of residents living within a 1.6- kilometer radius of the WTC site indicate ...
20050209 MONOPOLY p1 Among the depositions the commission took were those of self-confessed Marcos cronies Jose Yao Campos + Rolando Gapud, who attested to Marcos ...
Jovito R. Salonga, Some highlights Cojuangco + his son, Antonio Tonyboy Cojuangco,

Imelda Cojuangco, Herminio Disini, Rolando Gapud, Jose Yao Campos, Roberto Benedicto + many others.
adrian ...

00.000.1977 with Jose Campos Jr. (son of Jose Yao Campos ), Rolando Gapud, Renato Lirio, ...

00.000.1977 -in- It said the corporation elected Gapud as president.
The Manila Times Internet Edition | OPINION > BIG DEAL

The second layer was Prime Holdings Inc., which was formed

00.000.1977 by Rolando Gapud and Jose Campos Jr., the son of Jose Yao Campos of the pharmaceutical ...
Yuchengco vs Sandiganbayan : 149802 :

20.Jan.2006 : J ... Jose Y. Campos, Rolando Gapud and Francisco de Guzman. ...

“Q: Was it the standard operating procedure in Jose Yao Campos holdings companies that the stock ...
Supreme Court of the Philippines

... said that the Sandiganbayan failed to appreciate the testimonies of Jose Yao Campos, Jr., PHI incorporator + former PHI President Rolando C. Gapud, ...
News Updates: The Case of the Construction and Development ...

That Jose Yao Campos was a front for Marcos in Universal Holdings was revealed ... further alleged that Universal Holdings was organized by Rolando Gapud, ...
Chapter 10HTML-Version assigned Jose Campos Yao to look into Yao then organized Oesco Timber for Marcos

00.000.1977 working closely with Rolando Gapud as financial consultant.
Postnational family/postfamilial nation: family, small town and ...
is of great cultural significance; as national hero Jose Rizal noted, ... Luico Tan, Hans Menzi, Campos Yao, Rolando Gapud, Roman Cruz, the Enriquez + ...
05.Oct.1977 PHI was registered on with the following five (5) incorporators:

Jose D. Campos, Jr. (son of Jose Yao Campos ), Rolando Gapud ( Gapud ), ... Supreme Court E-library, Jurisprudence
Republic of the Philippines PROFESSIONAL REGULATION COMMISSION Manila - HTML-Version
Manila Bulletin Online 5,

1977 with Jose Campos Jr. (son of Jose Yao Campos ), Rolando Gapud, Renato Lirio, Ernesto Abalos + Gervacio Gaviola as incorporators.
The Bohol Chronicle Official Website

The Inquirer reports Mrs Marcos "directed her tirade against the likes" of Lucio Tan, Antonio Cojuangco, Roberto Benedicto, Rolando Gapud, Jose Yao Campos, ...
Ilocos Times - Online

Marcos “directed her tirade against the likes” of Lucio Tan, Antonio Cojuangco, Roberto Benedicto, Rolando Gapud, Jose Yao Campos, Herminio Disni, ...
Fort stirrings

... thanks to the damning testimonies of Unilab patriarch Jose Yao Campos, his son Jose Jr., investment adviser Rolando Gapud + other Unilab executives.
20050209 He further went on to say that he was in a board meeting in Houston, ... took were those of self-confessed Marcos cronies Jose Yao Campos + Rolando Gapud, ...
Campos - Research the news about Campos - from HighBeam Research

Houston Chronicle Politics column: Campos' clout declines as Latino power grows. ... Jose Yao Campos, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of United Laboratories, ...
Campos News Houston Chronicle, Perera quickest as Barca test ends. Mar 30, 2006 ... According to the grapevine, Unilab patriarch Jose Yao Campos Sr. and his . ...
Yahoo! Answers - best singer ever? Male Elvis no doubt, Female Whitney Houston fo' sure.

... what is jose yao campos biography? know the website about celebrity couples? guy celebrities?

2/11/07 - 2/12/07 9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions --Muckraker Report
Kosovo Albanian Criminal Enterprise;

CIA Linked to KLA, Mafia, Al-Qaeda - (This article provides more details on reported Saudi-CIA front man Yassin al-Qadi + the underground network of which he was a part

2/16/07 - 2/19/07 Washington's $8 Billion Shadow --Vanity Fair
Making Martial Law Easier--The New York Times
Huge Gulf spending at arms fair--Al-Jazeera

Clint Curtis Documents Evidence of Widespread 2006 Florida Election Fraud--Brad Blog
Millions Wasted On Anthrax Vaccine Search?--CBS
US economy suddenly appears vulnerable--Agence France Presse

Taking the fat out of the fat bin Laden confession video--Muckraker Report
Holt wants probe of 2001 anthrax mystery--The Times of Trenton
Pentagon closes door on terror hearings - AP
Juror: Libby is guilty, but he was fall guy--
A Judgment on Cheney Is Still to Come--The New York Times
Fitzgerald: No further investigation planned--Raw Story

$5 Billion Wasted on Bioterror Defenses - AP
Demand for corn driving up meat prices - AP
US Gov warned on messed up e-voting systems--The Register

3/9/07 Video: Whistleblower Exposes Top Secret Gov't Spying Room--ABC News via AlterNet
FBI snooping on citizens uncovered - AP
Inquiry sought on voting errors--Dayton Daily News
U.S. hires DynCorp to back Somalis--The Associcated Press
Black budget deal between SOCom and eTreppid raises questions, but is hard to track--St. Petersburg Times
Videotape of officials interrogating terror suspect Jose Padilla is missing - AP
NYC Firefighters union assails Giuliani - AP
Video: Oil, War and Geopolitics: The Global Struggle Over Disappearing Petroleum --Michael Klare speaking at Dickinson College, video via Information Clearing House
Lawsuit: CIA censored whistleblower--United Press International
Counterpunch's Hangout on the 9/11 Israeli Spy Story --Crimes of the State
Brazil's ethanol slaves: 200,000 migrant sugar cutters who prop up renewable energy boom--The Guardian

3/7/07 - 3/8/07 Afghan official a convicted heroin trafficker - AP
The Myth of Biofuels--Dissident Voice
Former Iraq minister shrugs off theft of millions --The Sunday Times
Rove was asked to fire U.S. Attorney -McClatchy Newspapers

Secret hearing for 9/11 suspect--Agence France Presse
Senate Moves to Declassify CIA Report on 9/11--Salem News
Iraq Intensifies Efforts to Expel Iranian Group--The Washington Post (Recall that the MKO has already been expelled from Iraq, twice. But because of their allies in Washington, they remain in Iraq under the protection of U.S. forces.)
Fears of US mortgage crisis as homeowners face 12% interest - AP
Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust--Bloomberg
Stocks Plummet on Subprime Lending Woes - AP
Audio: Sibel Edmonds Interview--After Downing Street


Assets of reported CIA front-man frozen in Turkey A court in Turkey has ruled to freeze the assets of Yasin al-Qadi, a reported CIA asset and “chief money launderer” of Osama bin Laden.

Unacceptable solution
Ethanol energy proposal would starve people to fuel cars

The following article, republished from the
Daily Gazette and the Troy Record, explains why ethanol is no cure to America's energy addiction.

9/11 Press For Truth Accused of Spreading Disinformation
A full rebuttal to recent accusations that the documentary
9/11 Press For Truth contains disinformation.

Ptech owner's assets confiscated in Albania
The Albanian government has seized the assets of a wealthy Saudi that, for several years, reportedly maintained simultaneous connections to both al-Qaeda and the U.S. government while serving the interests of the CIA.

Illegal 'terror ops' may explain White House censorship
A former National Security Council official who

recently accused the White House of censoring his op-ed piece for the New York Times may be threatening to expose the Bush Administration’s protection + utilization of an anti-Iranian terrorist organization.

9/11 'paymaster' back in court, may be cleared of Pearl's death
Omar Sheikh, a reported CIA asset + primary financer of the 9/11 attacks, is back in court to appeal his conviction in the Daniel Pearl murder case.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's recently released book has provided Omar's lawyers with new evidence that may overturn the 2002 verdict.

Drug mafia, CIA blamed for sacking of Afghan governor
In a country flooded with narcotics traffickers + corrupt government officials, one of Afghanistan’s few remaining ‘clean’ governors, Mohammed Daud, has been removed from his position + many are blaming the drug mafia + the CIA for his abrupt dismissal. Updated.

Response to Chris Hedges article defending Sami al-Arian
Respected writer Chris Hedges has written a misguided article defending admitted terrorist financer and one-time associate of President Bush Sami al-Arian.

Terror suspect to speak in Northern Virginia
Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza, a suspected money launderer + terrorist financer, will
speak tomorrow at Shenandoah University in Northern Virginia.

Mirza headed the 'SAAR' network, which was raided during

00.000.2002 "Operation Greenquest".

He also was a cofounder of the U.S. defense contractor Ptech. Updated: open letter to The Winchester Star.

US-terror links kept in the dark as former Bush associate refuses to testify
Fearing for his life, Sami al-Arian, an admitted terrorist financer and one-time acquaintance of President George W. Bush, has
refused to provide information to a federal grand jury regarding a Northern Virginia-based criminal network with connections to the U.S. government.

Another 'double agent'
Omar Nasiri worked for al-Qaeda and Western intelligence simultaneously...and apparently so did his friends Abu Zubayda and Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Al-Qaeda leader now 'key informant'
Abu Zubaydah, the one-time al-Qaeda leader turned secret CIA detainee, has been identified as a “key informant” in the Jose Padilla trial. Zubaydah, who fought for the CIA in Afghanistan during the 1980s, went on to train militants during the 1990s for operations in Bosnia + Chechnya.

Scratching the Surface
Writing for Spero News, Adrian Morgan scratches the surface of the CIA-supported al-Qaeda network, mentioning Yassin al-Qadi's alleged support for Bosnia's war-time president Alija Izetbegovic. Al-Qadi, a 'friend' of Dick Cheney and alleged "chief money launderer" of Osama bin Laden, owned a US-government contracted company and reported CIA-front known as Ptech.

Musharraf names 9/11 suspect as possible British asset
Fails to mention links to 9/11, ISI,

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's new book identifies Omar Sheikh, the alleged 9/11 'paymaster', as a possible asset of the British intelligence agency MI6. Omar reportedly financed the 9/11 attacks under orders from General Mahmud, the head of Pakistan's ISI who was in Washington on 9/11, a fact omitted from Musharraf's book.

Warming Report to Warn of Coming Drought
- AP

Afghanistan's Poppy Conundrum --IWPR

Workers Sentenced For Rigging Recount - AP

Bush removed prosecutor, prevented Abramoff investigation -The Los Angeles Times

Fears of US mortgage crisis - AP
14.Mar.2007 Wissenschaft — extremnews

06.Nov.2006 . Schlafen "unter Strom" verbessert das Gedächtnis Lernen im Schlaf ... Karl Gegenfurtner von der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen in der ...
270303antiwarblogg "glühende Anhänger" des deutsch-jüdischen Philosophen Leo Strauss, der vor siebzig ... "Weil der Mensch von Natur böse ist, darum braucht er Herrschaft. ...
14.Mar.2007 TP: Die Machtergreifung der Neocons in Washington Leo Strauss, der politische Philosoph, wurde 1899 im hessischen Kirchhain geboren ... "Weil die Menschheit von Natur aus böse ist, muss sie regiert werden.
14.Mar.2007 Ibykus Nr. 84: Editorial Leo Strauss, der in den 30er Jahren in die USA emigrierte und dort in den 50er ... grundlegend annimmt, daß die Natur des Menschen von Natur aus böse ist.
14.Mar.2007 CIA. Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 This is the most authoritative account available of the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, ... Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 ...
Edward Gunn Hougan,J. Secret Agenda. 1984 (92-95). BISSELL RICHARD MERVIN JR · CIA. Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 (27 34 38) ...
OPERATION MONGOOSE Background | USNEWSLINK | © 2003 Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 (7); Furiati,C. ZR Rifle. 1994 (40 47); Hersh,S. The Dark Side of Camelot.
Ted Shackley - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 (49-50, 55); Chasey,W. Pan Am 103: The Lockerbie Cover Up. 1995 (141-2); Christic Institute.

20041230 OPERATION MONGOOSE Background | USNEWSLINK Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 (3-4, 7); Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit .

20050317 Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 03
20041129 DeLay Trent Lott Lock Faircloth Ed Meese Howard Ahmanson Richard Devose, ...
Non Profit Organizations /Listing Id: W1745425 - Added On: 11/25/2006 ...
Listing for Ahmanson Foundation Ahmanson Foundation -10.87 K ( Ahmanson ...


Forscher Harrison bezeichnet in seinem Fachaufsatz den Krieg sarkastisch als "Fortsetzung des Tourismus mit anderen Mitteln" - wenngleich nur für eine Minderheit der Soldaten. Diese Trophäenjäger hätten aber ausgereicht, um kirchliche und humanistische US-Gruppen in den vierziger Jahren zu vehementen Protesten zu bewegen.

eine zweite kulturelle Komponente: Mit "uneingeschränkten Lizenzen für die Jagd auf Japaner" hatten US-Rekrutierungsbüros in den vierziger Jahren geworben. In der Parallele zur Pirsch bei traditionellen Jagdausflügen sieht Harrison den Schlüssel für die Kopfjagd in Uniform.

Der Forscher argumentiert: Auf Europas Kriegsschauplätzen gab es keine vergleichbare Trophäenjagd, selbst während des barbarischen Wütens der Hitlertruppen an der Ostfront nicht. Und während deutsche und alliierte Soldaten zuweilen Ausrüstungsstücke oder Uhren gefallener Gegner eingesteckt hätten, seien deren Körper nicht als Beute betrachtet worden.

Ohne einen gewissen von Kriegspropaganda angeheizten Rassismus kann sich Harrison die Trophäenjagd nicht erklären. Die japanischen Gegner seien häufig als "gelbes Ungeziefer" bezeichnet worden.

"An der Front betrachtete man Japaner als unmenschlich und abstoßend, so wie manche Menschen auf Kakerlaken oder Mäuse reagieren", schrieb ein US-Kriegskorrespondent. Affen, Ratten, Läuse, Ungeziefer, Reptilien und so fort - solche Formulierungen fand Harrison aus der Zeit nach dem Überfalls auf Pearl Harbor zuhauf.

Im Mai 1944 hatte ein Foto im "Time"-Magazine in den USA für Aufsehen gesorgt. Es zeigte die 20-jährige Natalie Nickerson aus Phoenix (US-Bundesstaat) Arizona, der ein Marine-Leutnant einen japanischen Schädel geschickt hatte. Natalie selbst verfasste auf dem Foto in beinahe hamletscher Pose eine Dankesnotiz an ihren Leutnant. "Time" bemerkte jedoch: "Die Streitkräfte missbilligen dergleichen scharf" - offenbar jedoch nur mit mäßigem Erfolg.

Präsidenten-Geschenk aus Japaner-Knochen
Die Angst vor einem Zusammenbruch des amerikanischen Immobilienmarkts verunsichere die Anleger, hieß es von Marktseite. Händler machten für die Kursverluste die Vorgaben aus New York verantwortlich.

US-Finanzminister Henry Paulson gab sich trotzdem optimistisch. Die Abkühlung am US-Häusermarkt beeinträchtige die Konjunktur in den Vereinigten Staaten nicht. "Ich denke weiterhin, dass die US-Konjunktur robust ist", sagte Paulson dem Sender CNBC-Television.

Amerikanische Hypothekenanbieter für Kunden mit schlechter Bonität waren in den vergangenen Tagen in die Krise geraten, auch die Insolvenz einzelner Unternehmen wird von Beobachtern nicht ausgeschlossen. Mehrere Kreditgeber erwägen einer Mitteilung an die US-Börsenaufsicht SEC zufolge, ihre Finanzierung einzustellen. Paulson interpretierte dies jedoch lediglich als Marktkorrektur am Häusermarkt, die nicht überraschen dürfe. Dieser Effekt sei nunmehr weitgehend eingedämmt.
Klimawandel in Deutschland: Experten erwarten Kosten von 800 Milliarden Euro
14.Mar.2007 Manager- Gehälter: BASF- Chef kassiert 3,4 Millionen Euro

14.Mar.2007 Polizeiskandal: Empörung über Friedmans mutmaßliche Nazi- Leibwächter
14.Mar.2007 Fettleibigkeit: XXL- Männer bringen sich seltener um

14.Mar.2007 Schwergewichte im All: Astronomen rätseln über 1300 Schwarze Löcher
14.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Nordkorea lässt ElBaradei abblitzen
14.Mar.2007 Dax im Minus: Hypothekenkrise in USA reißt deutsche Aktien nach unten
14.Mar.2007 Klimaschutz: Merkel und Dimas stützen britische Pläne

14.Mar.2007 Dürre in Australien: Wilde Kamele stürmen Aborigines- Siedlung
14.Mar.2007 Anti- Terror- Maßnahme: USA wollen jedes Gepäckstück wie Handgepäck durchsuchen

14.Mar.2007 Manipulationsvorwürfe: Bundeskartellamt nimmt Strommarkt unter die Lupe

14.Mar.2007 Polizeiskandal: Michel Friedmans Leibwächter unter Nazi- Verdacht

14.Mar.2007 Mexiko: Gewalttätige Proteste gegen Bush- Besuch

14.Mar.2007 Schlechte Vorgabe für Dax: Börse in Tokio rutscht schon wieder tief ins Minus
14.Mar.2007 Iraker in Syrien: Flucht in den Frieden

14.Mar.2007 Flüchtlingsdrama: "Wir haben Syrien allein gelassen"
14.Mar.2007 Virtual Reality for Virtual Eternity
Imagine having a discussion with Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein on the nature of the universe, where their 3-D, life-sized representations looked you in the eye, examined your body language, considered voice nuances and phraseology of your questions, then answered you in a way that is so real you would swear the images were alive.

14.Mar.2007 Physicists Modify Double-Slit Experiment to Confirm Einstein's Belief Work completed by physics professors at Rowan University shows that light is made of particles and waves, a finding that refutes a common belief held for about 80 years.
14.Mar.2007 LBT Captures Extremely Faint Light With Its First Mirror and Camera It was a small, barely visible glow among a myriad brighter stars and galaxies in the night sky.
14.Mar.2007 Beta Carotene Pills May Not Save Vision (AP) -- Carrots, rich in beta carotene, long have been thought to sharpen eyesight, but a new study suggests that beta carotene pills are powerless against a common type of vision loss among older people. Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people 65 and older. The condition blurs the center of the field of vision, making it difficult to read, drive, thread a needle and even recognize faces. It affects more than 10 million Americans and there is no cure.
14.Mar.2007 A Hot Start Might Explain Geysers on Enceladus A hot start billions of years ago might have set into motion the forces that power geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus.
14.Mar.2007 Engineers are first to measure lightning-caused polluting gas A flash of light, a boom of thunder, a puff of smog? Researchers have long known that lightning produces lots of nitrogen oxide. Power plants and cars also give off the gas, which is a big ingredient in smog.
14.Mar.2007 Intel Intros 50-Watt, High-Performing Quad-Core Server Processors Intel Corp. today announced two energy-efficient 50-watt server processors that represent a 35- to nearly 60-% decrease in power from Intel's existing 80- and 120-watt quad-core server products.
14.Mar.2007 Company Develops a New Approach to Nerve Repair A new company, Neurotex Ltd, has been established to develop novel silk-based materials that have the potential to provide a new generation of nerve repair materials and treatments.
14.Mar.2007 rmy Surgeon General Forced to Retire (AP) -- The Army forced its surgeon general, Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, to retire, officials said Monday, the third high-level official to lose his job over poor outpatient treatment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
14.Mar.2007 Groups: Development Threatens Waterbirds (AP) -- Worldwide efforts to protect endangered waterbirds are falling short as industrial and urban development eat away at their habitats + hunting and pollution take their toll, according to a book released Monday.
14.Mar.2007 New Horizons Probe's Images of Jupiter - kdawson 19 - SeaDour writes

"The Pluto-bound New Horizons space probe, launched a little over a year ago, recently succeeded in passing through a narrow navigational keyhole by Jupiter.

Using the gas giant's tremendous gravity, the craft now has a significant boost toward its final destination, shaving three years off the time it would otherwise spend en-route.

As it passed through the Jovian system, the probe took some fantastic images of the neighborhood, including detailed observations of erupting volcanoes on Io, time-lapse photography of Jupiter's tumultuous atmosphere + the faint ring system that was first discovered in Voyager photography. These new images prove the capabilities of the small probe, which is set to reach Pluto 00.000.2015."
Halliburton Moving HQ To Dubai - kdawson 155 -theodp writes

"Much-maligned defense contractor Halliburton is moving its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai's friendly tax laws will add to Halliburton's bottom line. Last year the company earned $2.3B in profits. Sen. Patrick Leahy called the company's move 'corporate greed at its worst.'

Halliburton, once headed by VP Dick Cheney, has been awarded contracts valued at an estimated $25.7B for its work in Iraq."
The Search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy - ScuttleMonkey 115 - mlimber writes

"The New York Times Magazine has a lengthy article on dark matter and dark energy, discussing the past, present + future.

'Astronomers now realize that dark matter probably involves matter that is nonbaryonic ["meaning that it doesn't consist of the protons and neutrons of 'normal' matter"].

And whatever it is that dark energy involves, we know it's not 'normal,' either. In that case, maybe this next round of evidence will have to be not only beyond anything we know but also beyond anything we know how to know.'"
Patent Filed for Underwater GPS - ScuttleMonkey 198 - Matthew Sparkes writes

"GPS doesn't work underwater, as the signal cannot reach the satellite from a submersible, but researchers have now patented an add-on to the system that could provide GPS navigation for submarines. A base station is tethered to the sea bed at a known depth and GPS location. A submersible anywhere in the area sends out a sonar pulse to which the base station replies with a signal, giving a GPS position and depth as well as the bearing angle from which the submersible's request arrived. The submersible then uses its own depth, which is easily measured, plus the round trip pulse time and the bearing angle sent by the base, to calculate its own position."
Solar Powered UAV to Set Aviation Endurance Record? - ScuttleMonkey 51 -Iddo Genuth writes to mention that

a group of Israeli students is hoping their latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will soon break the world aviation record for endurance that has stood for over 17 years. The piece features a short history of solar power aviation and an interview with the students.
We Shall See - BG - That didn't take long. clipped from Dems strip Iran provision from Iraq bill WASHINGTON - Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit President Bush's authority for taking military action against Iran as the leadership concentrated on a looming confrontation with the White House over the Iraq war. 3/11/2007
14.Mar.2007 James Woolsey, "Distinguished Climate Scientist" - BG -
The joke is on you, the gullible. clipped from money.cnn.comEx-CIA chief spooked by fossil fuelsR. James Woolsey says the switch to renewables must be made to head off global warming and terrorism.By Steve Hargreaves, staff writerMarch 8 2007: 11:38 AM EST LAS VEGAS ( -- So maybe it was part of his job to be paranoid, but former CIA head R. James Woolsey takes no

14.Mar.2007 Firefighters Urge "Peeling Of Giuliani's 9/11 Onion" - Paul Joseph Watson Spokesman for largest Firefighters' union speaks out
14.Mar.2007 Newly Unearthed Footage Betrays 9/11 Media Scripting - Paul Joseph Watson Bizarre foreknowledge and explanation of towers' collapse more cryptic clairvoyance
14.Mar.2007 AUDIO: Top U.S. General Calls Homosexuality ‘Immoral,’ Compares To Adultery - Nico  -

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Peter Pace said today that homosexuality is “immoral” + that he supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell because “we should not condone immoral acts.”

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Pace also compared homosexuality to adultery, claiming that the military should “not tolerate” homosexuality just as it rejects “military members who sleep with other military members’ wives.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Pace’s bigoted remarks expose the flawed foundation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell + show Pace to be in the minority. A Dec. 2006 Zogby poll of U.S. soldiers found that nearly three in four troops (73 %) say “they are personally comfortable in the presence of gays and lesbians,” and a Harris poll last month showed that 55 % of Americans “think gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military.” At least 24 nations including Israel, Britain and other U.S. allies “let gays serve openly, with none reporting morale or recruitment problems.”

Earlier this year, Pace’s predecessor Gen. John Shalikashvilii announced his support for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: “I now believe that if gay men and lesbians served openly in the USA military, they would not undermine the efficacy of the armed forces.” UPDATE: AmericaBlog has more. Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
14.Mar.2007 North Dakota considers hardline abortion ban. - Nico  - Legislators in North Dakota are set to take up legislation that would ban all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. The bill passed the House 61-26 in January + will be debated in the Senate this week. Feministing has details.
14.Mar.2007 1/3 of vets seeking care have mental health disorders. - Amanda  -

A new study finds that almost one-third (31 %) “of U.S. soldiers seeking government health care after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are diagnosed with a mental problem.” The study also notes that “25 % of U.S. veterans returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan sought government-sponsored care, compared to 10 % of Vietnam war veterans.”
14.Mar.2007 POLL: Americans Overwhelmingly Believe President Bush Should Not Pardon Libby - Nico  -

As Atrios first noted, a new poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly believe that President Bush should not pardon Scooter Libby, who was convicted last week on felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Should President Bush Pardon Libby?

Yes: 18 %
No: 69 %
Don’t Know: 13 %

Was Vice President Cheney Part Of A Cover-Up?

Yes: 52 %
No: 29 %
Don’t Know: 19 %

’s Wolf Blitzer called the poll results more evidence of “a cloud hanging over Vice President Cheney and President Bush.”

UPDATE: Atrios also noted that NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said tonight on MSNBC:

They’re going to try to really tamp this down and appeal to the polling which indicates that most people think, in fact, that he should be pardoned . Scooter Libby should be pardoned.

Crooks and Liars has the video.
14.Mar.2007 Do We Really Need An Emperor Bush? - Nico  -

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial today titled “Do we really need a Gen. Pelosi?” attacking the House plan to redeploy U.S. forces out of Iraq.

Much of the editorial is spent arguing why Congress should voluntarily neuter itself. It says that Congress “must not limit the president’s ability to maneuver at this critical juncture,” and that “lawmakers have a duty to let the president try” his escalation strategy. The Times chides “congressional meddling in military strategy,” and states (without evidence) that Pelosi is “interfering with the discretion of the commander in chief” in order to “fulfill domestic political needs.”

The editorial then echoes the false Lieberman/McConnell line suggesting that Congress’ role in influencing the war is limited mostly to cutting funds. Iraq war critics “should have the courage of their convictions and vote to stop funding U.S. involvement,” the Times says.

But as ThinkProgress has detailed, over the last 35 years, Congress has enacted numerous diverse bills that capped the size of military deployments, prohibited funding for existing or prospective deployment + placed limits and conditions on the timing and nature of deployments. These actions were enacted by majority Republican and Democratic Congresses and imposed on presidents of both parties. Here are three examples:

December 1974. P.L. 93-559 — Foreign Assistance Act of 1974. The Congress established a personnel ceiling of 4000 Americans in Vietnam within six months of enactment and 3000 Americans within one year.

June 1983. P.L. 98-43 — The Lebanon Emergency Assistance Act of 1983. The Congress required the president to return to seek statutory authorization if he sought to expand the size of the U.S. contingent of the Multinational Force in Lebanon.

November 1993. P.L. 103-139. The Congress limited the use of funding in Somalia for operations of U.S. military personnel only until March 31, 1994, permitting expenditure of funds for the mission thereafter only if the president sought and Congress provided specific authorization.

Passing bills like these today won’t turn Speaker Pelosi into a military general. But if Congress listens to the L.A. Times and abandons its constitutional responsibilities, they will be ordaining Emperor Bush. Bush">Digg It!
FLASHBACK: Cheney Once Warned Of ‘Quagmire’ From An Open-Ended Commitment In Iraq - Faiz  -

Today in a speech delivered at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Vice President Cheney assailed Iraq war critics for pursuing “an anti-war strategy that’s been called slow bleed.” Cheney added, “They’re not supporting the troops, they are undermining them.” Watch it:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked Cheney’s remarks, saying, “It is a disservice to our military personnel for President Bush + Vice President Cheney to continue to advocate for an open-ended commitment in Iraq, while brushing aside the advice of military leaders and the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, all of whom argue that the war in Iraq cannot be resolved militarily but only through diplomatic, economic and political means.”

The true “slow bleed” strategy is leaving U.S. troops mired in the middle of an Iraqi civil war. There was a time when Cheney recognized that. On April 7, 1991, appearing on ABC’s This Week, Cheney said:

Well, just as it’s important, I think, for a president to know when to commit U.S. forces to combat, it’s also important to know when not to commit U.S. forces to combat. I think for us to get American military personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally be a quagmire.

Once we got to Baghdad, what would we do? Who would we put in power? What kind of government would we have? Would it be a Sunni government, a Shi’a government, a Kurdish government? Would it be secular, along the lines of the Ba’ath Party? Would be fundamentalist Islamic?

I do not think the USA wants to have U.S. military forces accept casualties and accept the responsibility of trying to govern Iraq. I think it makes no sense at all. Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
14.Mar.2007 If it’s Sunday, it’s still conservative. - Nico  -

A new Media Matters report documents how the 2006 midterm results have “had almost no effect on the guest lists of the Sunday chat shows: with the exception of ABC’s This Week, they’ve all continued to invite considerably more conservative guests than liberal guests.” Read the full report (and take action) HERE.

A chart via Kevin Drum:
14.Mar.2007 Kyl to block U.S. attorney legislation. - Amanda  -

The Bush administration has dropped its objections to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) legislation that would subject all U.S. attorney appointments to Senate confirmation.

But Roll Call is reporting that Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is still “expected to object to the measure in one form or another,” after already blocking it once before in the past. (MoJo Blog and TPMmuckraker have more.)
14.Mar.2007 White House Pressures OMB To Withhold Earmark Data From The Public - Amanda  -

In his 2007 State of the Union address, President Bush promised to reform the congressional earmarking process:

The time has come to end this practice [of congressional earmarking]. So let us work together to reform the budget process … expose every earmark to the light of day and to a vote in Congress.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced plans last week to “step up the administration’s effort to cut earmarks by posting on its website next week all earmarks identified by federal agencies in fiscal year 2005 appropriations bills.”

But according to Mark Tapscott at the D.C. Examiner, the White House is reneging on this pledge and is pressuring the OMB to Bush-Has-Caved-on-Earmarks">release only a partial list of congressional earmarks:

[Last week I heard from Hill sources] that the White House congressional liason staff was pressuring OMB Director Rob Portman to not release all of the earmarks requested by Members of Congress to executive agencies under the FY2005 budget . …

Now this morning, word is circulating on the Hill that the Bush administration is going to release only a limited database of earmarks later today or maybe no database at all, but just aggregate or summary data.

Seems the White House legislative staff fears releasing the database would offend members of the appropriation committees in Congress. So, the public gets the shaft, again, on a topic on which there is no doubt where the American people stand.

00.000.2005, Congress inserted 15,877 pork projects into spending bills. 00.000.2006, Congress allocated a record $71.77 billion “to 15,832 special projects, more than double the $29.11 billion spent on 4,155 pork-barrel projects 00.000.1994.”

The White House’s decision to protect pork comes during Sunshine Week, which highlights the public’s right to know what the government is doing. Not only is the Bush administration not following through on its promise to reform earmarking, but a new study has “found that 26 federal agencies were processing fewer FOIA requests, making petitioners wait much longer for responses and releasing less information than they were nine years ago.”

UPDATE: OMB spokesman Sean Kevelighan told ThinkProgress that OMB will be launching its earmarks website today with “aggregate data on the number and cost of earmarks down to the agency and account level.” He promised that OMB will be providing “even greater detail” in the future.

UPDATE II: Sunlight Foundation spoke with Rob Lehman, the OMB chief of staff, who said that contrary to the Tapscott report, “there is no ‘caving’ on their announced intention to publish a comprehensive list of earmarks online.”
14.Mar.2007 Poll: Americans are worried about global warming. - Amanda  -

A new Gallup poll finds that a majority of Americans are worried about the effects of global warming, including more powerful hurricanes (69 %), more common flooding/droughts (67 %) + rising ocean levels (63 %). A recent Fox News poll found that 82 % of Americans believe global warming exists.
14.Mar.2007 Sen. Schumer Calls On Karl Rove To Testify - Nico  -

In a new statement, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to call on top White House aide Karl Rove to testify over the U.S. Attorney purge. The White House acknowledged yesterday that Roveserved as a conduit for complaints about federal prosecutors. From Schumer’s statement:

“ The more we learn, the more it seems that people at high levels in the White House have been involved in the U.S. Attorney purge ,” Schumer said. … “ There’s an emerging pattern that is extremely disturbing and everyday the sanctity of U.S. Attorneys as neutral enforcers of law without fear or favor is diminished ,” Schumer said. “We will get to bottom of this.”

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman went through the record on Rove’s involvement in his column today:

Sources told Newsweek that the list of prosecutors to be fired was drawn up by Mr. Gonzales’s chief of staff, “with input from the White House.” And Allen Weh, the chairman of the New Mexico Republican Party, told McClatchy News that he twice sought Karl Rove’s help — the first time via a liaison, the second time in person — in getting David Iglesias, the state’s U.S. attorney, fired for failing to indict Democrats. “He’s gone,” he claims Mr. Rove said.

After that story hit the wires, Mr. Weh claimed that his conversation with Mr. Rove took place after the decision to fire Mr. Iglesias had already been taken. Even if that’s true, Mr. Rove should have told Mr. Weh that political interference in matters of justice is out of bounds; Mr. Weh’s account of what he said sounds instead like the swaggering of a two-bit thug.

Also yesterday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) declared their intention to question Rove “about any role he may have played in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.” Digg It! Full statement: (more…)
14.Mar.2007 BREAKING: Kiley Resigns - Think Progress  -

Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley — the former commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center — has submitted a letter of retirement effective immediately.


Kiley has decided to submit his resignation, saying it should not be about one doctor + he wants to clear the way for the Army to get a grip on this scandal.

He said before that he thought he had the skills to help fix the problem, but again, Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley now submitting his resignation, submitting to the pressure to clear the way for a whole new leadership.

And now a new surgeon general will have to be appointed, confirmed by the Senate + approved by President Bush.

UPDATE: NBC News Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski reports that Kiley may be demoted in retirement:

Well, today the Army announced that he has announced his decision to retire, and… it’s very likely that he would be reduced in retirement, at least one rank .

Many in the Army speculated as early as last week that Lt. Gen. Kiley would be forced to step down — he’s doing it voluntarily, of course, but under considerable pressure, not only from Capitol Hill, but from within the military itself — and it’s likely now that he could be forced to retire at that two-star level .

UPDATE II: Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre says that acting Army Secretary Pete Garem “actually asked Kiley to step down, a move that was approved by Secretary of Defense Gates. However, it may have been Kiley’s decision to ask for an immediate retirement instead of remaining in the Army at his post.”

Some highlights of his tenure uncovered over the past few weeks:

– Kiley allowed a wounded soldier to sleep in his own urine even though he was begged to do something about it by a congressman’s wife.

– Kiley blamed the Walter Reed conditions on “a failure of leadership at the junior level in that building.”

– Kiley ripped the Washington Post’s revelation of the squalor at Walter Reed as “yellow journalism.”
14.Mar.2007 Bush Slashes Economic Aid For Latin America, Belying ‘We Care’ Message - Payson  -

During his trip to Latin America, one of President Bush’s goals is to “challenge a widespread perception in Latin America of U.S. neglect,” +

he has been telling the region’s chronic poor, “We care about your plight.” (In his speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Bush used the phrase “social justice” five times.)

“It’s an attempt to try to show a softer, gentler Bush,” Armand Peschard-Sverdrup of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said.

While in Brazil, Bush brought this message to a Sao Paulo, Brazil community center that houses poor children:

President Bush has brought an unaccustomed message for Latin Americans on his weeklong swing through the region: I feel your pain. And he is taking it to some unaccustomed places — hotbeds of poverty and disaffection that he generally has missed on earlier trips.

“There are a lot of hurting people in the world, a lot of hurting people in Brazil,” Mr. Bush said as he toured a ramshackle community center in São Paulo Friday, a facility that cares for 3,000 children a week from the city’s vast slums. “And the people in the USA care.”

But as the Latin America Working Group (LAWG) points out, the Bush administration’s latest budget outline slashes economic aid to Brazil:

The budget also cuts total aid for Latin America from $1.6 billion this year to $1.45 billion for 2008. “The smaller, poorer countries that could use some aid are unlikely to get much relief,” Business Week recently reported, “since U.S. assistance to the region, currently around $1.6 billion annually, is set to drop next year. And the biggest chunk of that aid is aimed not at poverty relief but at helping Colombia battle drug trafficking and a 40-year-old leftist insurgency.”

“In the short term, [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez has more to offer because our aid is peanuts,” said Johns Hopkins’ Riordan Roett. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars + he’s tossing around a billion here and a billion there.” As the New York Times writes, “A lot more will be needed if promoting social justice is to be more than a sound bite.”
14.Mar.2007 Wal-Mart CEO receives $22 million bonus. - Amanda  -

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has awarded CEO H. Lee Scott a stock bonus worth $22 million for reaching revenue targets in fiscal year 2007. Wake-Up Wal-Mart notes, “

00.000.2006 Wal-Mart tallied its worst same-store sales growth in 27 years.

The company’s stock price has remained stagnant for years.

And, public opinion has taken a serious turn for the worse. …

Given all that, the company’s board rewards Scott with a $22 million bonus?”
Leahy On Halliburton Move: ‘This Is An Insult To The U.S. Soldiers And Taxpayers’ - Faiz  -

Yesterday, Halliburton announced that it would be moving its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai. Reincorporating in Dubai would mean that Halliburton — which earned $2.3 billion in profits last year — “will be paying less taxes to the U.S. Treasury, even as it collects billions from government contracts.”

House Government Oversight Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) said he will soon hold a hearing on the matter to “understand the ramifications for the U.S. taxpayer + national security.”

One lobbyist said, “If there’s a huge tax shift, then it’s taking money from U.S. taxpayers while they’re taking no-bid contracts.”

Reacting to Halliburton’s announcement, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) told ABC News it was “an insult to the U.S. soldiers and taxpayers.” Watch ABC’s segment: Transcript: (more…)
14.Mar.2007 Irak: Wenn die regulären Truppen gehen, kommen die Söldner - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Mit grossem Trara hat der englische Premierminister Tony Blair einen schrittweisen Truppenabzug aus dem Irak verkündet. Was er geflissentlich verschweigt ist das Nachrücken von Söldnern.
Deren Zahl liegt mittlerweile im Irak bei über 40.000, also fast Divisionsstärke. Divisionskommandeur ist ein gewisser Tim Spicer, ehemaliger Oberst der...

Merck loses key US Vioxx lawsuit US drugs giant Merck is to be fined an initial $20m in after losing a case brought by a user of its Vioxx painkiller.
14.Mar.2007 Supplement 'boost' to brain power A supplement containing fatty acids may help children do better at school, suggests a UK researcher.
14.Mar.2007 Teenage mood hormone found Scientists say they have identified the specific hormone that makes teenagers so volatile.
14.Mar.2007 Smokers 'waste 30 mins a day' Smokers take on average half an hour from their working day to enjoy a cigarette, a survey suggests.
14.Mar.2007 Couples seek separate bedrooms An increasing number of US couples are ordering separate master bedrooms in new homes to get a good night's sleep.
14.Mar.2007 Top US Army doctor out in scandal The US Army's surgeon general quits in the wake of a scandal over the treatment of wounded veterans.
14.Mar.2007 Bush stops in Guatemala for talks Immigration, drugs and security dominate talks as George W Bush visits Guatemala on his Latin America tour.
Australia in Japan security deal Japan and Australia are to sign a security pact - the first Japan has made with a nation other than the US.
14.Mar.2007 Deal gives rice diversity a boost Crop research groups agree to ensure long-term funding of the world's largest repository of rice samples.
14.Mar.2007 Memory loss fear over obesity op Obesity surgery could lead to a vitamin deficiency condition which can result in memory loss, researchers say.
14.Mar.2007 Nobel laureate in Colombia talks Colombian Nobel-winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is to join government peace talks with ELN rebels.
Change Blindness in Information Visualization : A Case Study
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Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2001 (INFOVIS'01)
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Page: 15   Year of Publication: 2001 ISBN:0-7695-1342-5
Lucy Nowell
Elizabeth Hetzler
Ted Tanasse
Publisher IEEE Computer Society   Washington, DC, USA
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Change blindness occurs when people do not notice changes in visible elements of a scene. If people use an information visualization system to compare document collection subsets partitioned by their time-stamps, change blindness makes it impossible for them to recognize even very major changes, let alone minor ones. We describe theories from cognitive science that account for the change blindness phenomenon, as well as solutions developed for two visual analysis tools, a dot plot (SPIRE Galaxies) and landscape (ThemeView(tm)) visualizations.

Note: OCR errors may be found in this Reference List extracted from the full text article. ACM has opted to expose the complete List rather than only correct and linked references.

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Unternehmensteuer- Reform: SPD attackiert Merkel als wirtschaftshörig
14.Mar.2007 Arcadi Gaydamak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arcadi Gaydamak during a press conference. Arcadi Gaydamak during a press conference.

Arcadi Alexandrovich Gaydamak (also spelled Arkadi Gaydamak, ...
Jewish Russian Telegraph: Arkady Gaydamak, Selling Arms, Buying ... Though under investigation for money laundering, billionaire and Betar owner Arkady Gaydamak nonetheless sees the Knesset as a viable goal ... .html
Jewish Russian Telegraph: Russian Jewish Businessman Arkady ... Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Russian Jewish Businessman Arkady Gaydamak in the forefront of helping refugees: ...
Arrests over Arms-for-Oil Deals 00.000.1993-1994 - The Oil Diagnostic ... issued an international warrant for the arrest of Arkady Gaydamak, ... 2000, Agence France-Presse reported that Gaydamak was then in Israel, ...
Arkady Gaydamak | Russian Spy A controversial Russian billionaire Arkady Gaydamak, who since immigrating has won popularity in Israel with major philanthropic projects, ... – gaydamak
Paris Pages Newsgroups: soc.culture.french: (3A55030B.625362E6 ... Subject: Who Is Billionaire Arkady Gaydamak - Brenco - Falcone - Mitterrand - NP ... Arkady Gaydamak, a billionaire industrialist who was born in Russia but ...
Gaydamak calls Olmert 'egoist' who 'misunderstands his job ... Billionaire Arkady Gaydamak on Monday slammed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for speaking out against his financing of a weekend getaway to Eilat for 800 Sderot ...
Arkady Gaydamak album | Mozgovaya | Mozgovaya photos: Arkady Gaydamak - ... Public Home > Arkady Gaydamak . Arkady Gaydamak RSS · Thumbnails · Slideshow | Invite · IMG 0002. 1. IMG 0002 ...
#11 Arkady Gaydamak - Arkady Gaydamak ranks 11 on Israel's Richest 2006 .
Son of Russian Billionaire Buys Stake in English Premier League ... Alexandre Gaydamak, the son of Arkady Gaydamak, Russian billionaire owner ... Arkady Gaydamak grabbed the attention of Israeli soccer fans last August when ... son.shtml

13.Mar.2007 Cheney says Congress' anti-war efforts undermine troops in Iraq: Lashing out at lawmakers who profess to back the troops but oppose Bush's plans in Iraq, Cheney said proof of their commitment would come as they consider legislation to provide nearly $100 billion for the rest of this yearÕs costs of the wars.
13.Mar.2007 J
ustice aide resigns over prosecutor firing: A top aide to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned over the firing of U.S. prosecutors and Gonzales pledged on Tuesday to get to the bottom of a growing flap that has embarrassed the White House and prompted calls for him to step down

13.Mar.2007 Anthrax attack on US Congress made by scientists and covered up by FBI, expert says: The terrorists who perpetrated the 2001 anthrax attack on Congress likely were US government scientists at the army's Ft. Detrick, MD., bioterrorism lab having access to "moonsuits" that enabled them to safely process and manufacture super-weapons-grade anthrax, an eminent authority on the subject says.

13.Mar.2007 Dow, Nasdaq fall on subprime lender woes: Stocks plunged Tuesday, driving the Dow Jones industrials down more than 240 points in their second-biggest drop of the year as troubles piled up for subprime lenders.

13.Mar.2007 Late mortgage payments reach high: Late mortgage payments shot up to a 3 1/2-year high in the final quarter of last year and new foreclosures surged to a record high as borrowers with tarnished credit histories had trouble keeping up with their monthly payments.

13.Mar.2007 03/12/07 Iraq Talks Could Pave Road Home for America -By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent
The Iranian-Syrian-US-Iraqi talks in Baghdad at the weekend might - and it's a very flimsy "might" - be the beginning of America's road home from its disastrous invasion and occupation of Mesopotamia.

13.Mar.2007 Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out -By Robert Dreyfuss
Few Americans pay attention to Iraqi politics, but over the past few days something has occurred that could change the course of the war. For the first time since the Iraqi election of 2005, a coalition of Sunni and Shiite Arab parties and leaders is starting to take shape, across the sectarian divide that has fueled the civil war. '

13.Mar.2007 Total Withdrawal? Who are you kidding?-By Barry Lando
Though U.S. legislators voted against appropriating funds for permanent bases in Iraq, the White House and Pentagon have ignored that prohibition by portraying the huge construction projects to be for temporary facilities tied to the on-going conflict.

13.Mar.2007 The Future Has Caught Up With Us -By Paul Craig Roberts
For the past five years, the Bush Regime has held people in secret prisons without warrants, charges, or access to an attorney. Most detainees have been tortured and abused. Bush’s real world victims suffer from more disorientation and hopelessness than Kafka’s character, Josef K.

13.Mar.2007 Killing the Constitution -By Irene Rheinwald
Impeachment is not enough. Our society is in need of a political and economic overhaul. We need to align civic duty with genuine compassion, the desire to make a better world. - Our entire society needs to shift from a materialistic, elitist theocracy living by outdated norms of colonialism to a truly progressive one, where the dignity of all, regardless of nationality, is honoured.

13.Mar.2007 UN committee: Israel should let Palestinians return to their land -By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent
A United Nations committee has called on Israel to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their property and land in Israel and to ensure that the bodies responsible for distributing property, such as the Jewish National Fund, not discriminate against the Arab population.

13.Mar.2007 Netanyahu and Meshal Forever -By Gideon Levy
Enough empty talk about "a Jewish state." There is no such thing. The fact that the Palestinians live under unequal conditions does not make them subjects of another entity. On the contrary, the state's control of their lives is immeasurably greater than its control over its Jewish citizens.

13.Mar.2007 Hugo Chavez: "Bush Should Get The Gold Medal For Hypocrisy" -By Mike Whitney
Bush’s trip to Latin America has turned into another public relations disaster. Every time Airforce 1 touches down in a southern capital, the streets turn into battlegrounds between incensed protestors and fully-armored, truncheon-wielding Robo-cops. At the same time, Bush has to be whisked away in an armored-plated limousine to an undisclosed spider-hole in the Andean outback.

13.Mar.2007 Hugo Chavez to George W. Bush: Gringo Go Home - Audio and Transcript
As President Bush tours Latin America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke before tens of thousands at an anti-imperialist rally in Argentina of Friday. We broadcast excerpts of Chavez's stinging attack on Bush who was in Uruguay, just thirty miles away across the River Plate.

13.Mar.2007 Chavez underlines support for Haiti : Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, has visited Haiti as part of a wider Latin American tour, highlighting Venezuelan aid to the country.
13.Mar.2007 Blix: Britain Embellished Iraq Dossiers :

The British government embellished intelligence used to justify the decision to invade Iraq 00.000.2003, the former U.N. chief weapons inspector said in an interview broadcast Monday.
Study: Thousands Of Veterans Return With Mental Illness:

Nearly a third of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who received care from Veterans Affairs between 2001 and 2005 were diagnosed with mental health or psychosocial ills, a new study concludes.
White House trades new weapons to support Iraq/Afghan occupation:

The White House plans to shift $3.2 billion in defense spending -- partly from new weapons like the Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter -- to occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan

13.Mar.2007 War pimp alert: Petraeus says Iran Arming Militants:

The top U.S. commander in Iraq said in an interview released Monday that it's "indisputable" Iran is training and arming militants to fight against U.S.-led troops in Iraq.

13.Mar.2007 US and Israel in UN walk-out : Israeli and US delegations walked out of the United Nations' disarmament forum today after Iran said Israel was the "real source of nuclear danger in the Middle East" and had a "dark record of crimes".

13.Mar.2007 Dems sell out: Dems won't attempt to limit Bush's authority to attack Iran : Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy.

13.Mar.2007 Have they no shame? The AIPAC Caucus The night before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) annual conference, House Democrats removed language from an Iraq supplemental bill that would have prevented President Bush from attacking Iran without Congressional approval.

13.Mar.2007 Pelosi hears boos at AIPAC : Members of the main pro-Israel lobbying group offered scattered boos to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that the Iraq war has been a failure on several scores.

13.Mar.2007 War Protestors Camp Out At Pelosi's S.F. Home: They are calling it Camp Pelosi. Members of Code Pink are sleeping just steps away from the speaker's front door, all of them hoping she will wake-up this morning and meet their demands.

13.Mar.2007 Iran 'euro-based' oil bourse underway: President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has directed Iran's ministers of oil, economic affairs and finance to appoint the board of directors of the oil exchange . He also said the building which will house Iran's first oil exchange has been constructed on the Persian Gulf island of Kish and that the required technical equipment has been installed.

13.Mar.2007 It is impossible to deprive Iran of nuclear energy: Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said on Tokyo on Tuesday said that no country can deprive Iran of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

13.Mar.2007 Putin acts to help Bush: Russia: Moscow Halts Fuel Shipments To Tehran : Russian officials have said that nuclear fuel will not be delivered to Iran this month as planned because of Tehran's alleged failure to make payments on the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant.

13.Mar.2007 Iran to Russia: No further nuclear plant delays acceptable : Iran warned Russia in an official statement Tuesday that no further delays in completing the nuclear power plant in southern Iran would be accepted.

13.Mar.2007 Iran: No Reason To Suspend Uranium Enrichment Programme: Iran said Tuesday it was ready to negotiate over its uranium enrichment programme but it still saw no reason to suspend it, in the face of the renewed threat of tougher sanctions by the UN Security Council

13.Mar.2007 Missing Iranian general’s family suspects Israel: Family of, Iran’s former deputy defense minister who disappeared from Turkey last month, visits Turkish embassy in Tehran demanding information on his whereabouts. Asgari’s wife rejects reports he defected to West, smuggled family out of Iran: ‘We are here, those are our enemies lies’

13.Mar.2007 Egypt: Killing of 1967 POWs a war crime: Suleiman Awwad, a spokesman for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Tuesday that Israel committed a war crime during the Six Day War following allegations that an Israeli unit killed Egyptian POWs.
13.Mar.2007 US to pull out of Iraq if surge fails: THE Pentagon is preparing a plan for a phased pullout of US troops from Iraq in case the "surge" fails or is undercut by congress.

Rep. Pelosi and the democratic leadership removed language from the Supplemental Appropriations bill which stated that no funds may be authorized for military operations in or related to Iran unless specifically authorized by the Congress.

We DO have a chance to reverse this in committee, but we urgently need you to send action alerts to your constituents + make phone calls TODAY AND TOMORROW (TUESDAY, MARCH 13 + WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14) . Continue

13.Mar.2007 The Democrats' Fraudulent Iraq Exit Plan -By Kevin Zeese
04.Jan.2007 The Democrats took the majority of both the House and Senate

04.Jan.2007 -since then- 192 members of the Armed Services have died as have countless Iraqi civilians.

With power comes responsibility, so voters should know that this is now the Democrats War and every death and casualty is their responsibility. Continue

13.Mar.2007 Confessions of a Torturer The story of U.S. Army interrogator Tony Lagouranis-By John Conroy
He tortured detainees for information he admits they rarely had.

Since leaving Iraq he’s taken this story public, doing battle on national television against the war’s architects for giving him the orders he regrets he obeyed. Continue

13.Mar.2007 60 Years of Faulty Logic - By James Carroll
Sixty years ago Monday, Harry Truman went before a joint session of Congress to announce what became known as the Truman Doctrine. "At the present moment in world history, nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life." With that, an era of bipolarity was inaugurated, dividing the world between forces of good and evil.

13.Mar.2007 Olmert's Testimony Reveals the Real Goal of the War in Lebanon -By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
Israel's supposedly "defensive" assault on Hizbullah last summer, in which more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed in a massive aerial bombardment that ended with Israel littering the country's south with cluster bombs, was cast in a definitively different light last week by Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert.

13.Mar.2007 The Goy Who Cried Wolf -By Sarah Posner-The Israel lobby gives America's leading "Christian" right warmonger a warm welcome. Continue
13.Mar.2007 Al Martin Raw: Political, Economic & Financial Intelligence What if a criminal cabal took over the US Government + used its operations for its own profit?

Before they stole the White House, the Bush Cabal was the ...
13.Mar.2007 The Village Voice: The Bush Beat But

insiders at the World Bank, outraged at the GOP cabal Wolfie is setting up ... are operating what amounts to a slush fund at State's Middle East bureau.
13.Mar.2007 Operation Falcon and the Looming Police State « Is it over yet? Treason Abounds ~

Gov’t Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU) » ... Operation Falcon: Blueprint for removing dissidents and political rivals ...
13.Mar.2007 » 4 years before 9/11, plan was set After being rebuffed after the marathon Defense Policy Board meetings, the Wolfowitz cabal set various operations in motion to plant propaganda stories,
13.Mar.2007 CREW wants the immediate appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate potential criminal violations related to the recent dismissals of eight U.S. Attorneys.

13.Mar.2007 Latest Bushevik Fall Guy is Gonzales's Chief of Staff After It Was Revealed WH Was Intimately Involved and Signed Off on Crass Political Firings of U.S. Attorneys. Gonzales tries to save his neck. But he's just going to end up deeper in the big muddy. He's already committed perjury.
Attorney General Gonzales Should Resign or Be Removed from Office -- and take the Godfather, Cheney + Fredo, Bush, with you on the way out!

13.Mar.2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said "mistakes were made" regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, but he didn't really take responsibility; That's a Start, but We Do Need One Attorney To be Fired, or Would You Rather Resign, Alberto 3/14
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
People For the American Way Response to Attorney General Gonzales Press Conference 3/14

13.Mar.2007 Martha Rosenberg: Kennedy Antibiotic Bill Meets 'Resistance' from Big Pharma -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Rules, Regulations, Responsibility + Regurgitation -- Ms. Smith Goes To Washington

13.Mar.2007 Iraq Refugee Crisis Means More American Troops Staying and Dying because of Bush Stubbornness -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Right Wing Partisan Judge Laurence Silberman -- Who Helped Strategize the Impeachment of Bill Clinton Behind the Scenes While Ruling on Cases Related to Clinton -- Brings Home the Bacon for the NRA + Endangers Us All. Sign Up and Protest.

13.Mar.2007 posted by Anonymous : 6:44 AM
13.Mar.2007 was already on his way to 30% approval ratings by the summer of 2001. If not for 9/11....
The Neocon Warhawk Cabal - Freemasonry in the Community Week...

The cabal bears a dangerous resemblance to the "secret parallel government" of North + Gen. Richard Secord's "Project Democracy" operation that ran ...
Operation Rockingham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

08.Jun.2003 -Sunday Herald- Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair Neil Mackay's original Sunday Herald article about Operation Rockingham ...
Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-01-22 Republika Srpska ...

1 Request for cabal mediation. 1.1 Request Information; 1.2 Comments by others ...

One must understand that the war campaign during Operation Storm (see the ...
Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair by Neil Mackay

Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair Investigation: By Neil Mackay

BRITAIN ran a covert 'dirty tricks' operation designed specifically to produce ...
The Criminal "High Cabal" The American "High Cabal " adopted criminality as their primary strategy when ...

With the Nixon presidency, criminality became standard operating procedure.
'Wolfowitz Cabal' Is An Enemy Within U.S. Richard Secord's "Project Democracy" operation that ran Iran-Contra.

In fact, some of the cabal members now in the Bush Administration are convicted ...
Revealed: The Secret Cabal Which Spun for Blair

Revealed: The Secret Cabal Which Spun for Blair. by Neil Mackay.

BRITAIN ran a covert 'dirty tricks' operation designed specifically to produce misleading ...
13.Mai 2003 The Cabal - Selektive Geheimdienstinformationen

... nennen sich selbst-ironisch "the Cabal"[Intrige, Hinterlist, Clique]-vom. stellvertretenden Verteidigungsminister Wolfowitz, Paul. erdachte Operation, ...
Annals of National Security: Selective Intelligence: The New Yorker They call themselves, self-mockingly, the Cabal —a small cluster of policy advisers and ... The director of the Special Plans operation is Abram Shulsky, ...

13.Mar.2007 CHAPTER 4 CHARGES OF MISMANAGEMENT JEFFREY SKILLING AND ENRON’S ... there became concerned about one of Palestine Electric’s key investors, Sheik Mohammed Imran Bamieh, a prominent investor in the Saudi Binladin Group.
13.Mar.2007 20050929 Arabia construction company founded by the father of the international terrorist, Osama bin Laden. ... key investors, Sheik Mohammed Imran Bamieh ...
Enron gambled + lost on Gaza power plant/Firm halted ... s key investors, Sheikh Mohammed Imran Bamieh, a prominent investor in the Saudi Binladin Group.

Bamieh is a major shareholder in the Arab Palestinian ...
BIN MAHFOUZ KHALID Unger,C. House of Bush, House of Saud. 2004 (53). BAMIEH SAM ...

13.Mar.2007 Stalled Venture In Gaza Shows Enron's Daring ... about one of Palestine Electric's key investors, Sheik Mohammed Imran Bamieh, ...

Bamieh is a major shareholder in the Arab Palestinian Investment Co., ...
13.Mar.2007 Bush Absorbing Enron's Afghanistan ...

02.Mar.2002 The Washington Post said on that a "key investor" in Enron's Gaza Strip power plant project was Sheik Mohammed Imran Bamieh, "a prominent investor in ...

11.Sep.2001 -Und nach- Zeugenberichten waren sie vor den Attentaten gut gelaunt, feierten und kauften Sexvideos .

Also typisch fundamentalistisch-wahabbitisches Verhalten, ...
13.Mar.2007 The Carlyle White House »

Osama used that Road extensively to equip the Mujahaden in their war against th Russians + has a long term agreement well lubricated by CIA bucks to look ...
The Blog | Sheldon Drobny: The Worst POTUS | The Huffington Post We especially honor Ronald Reagan, the man who armed Saddam Hussein + the Afghanistan Mujahaden .

The truth be told, the U.S. has been responsible for a ...
New Sayings of Jesus -- Page 1 -- TIME Some of the sayings are word-for-word versions of material in the four canonical ...

What the CIA Lost in the Libby Case. The agency was vindicated by his ...,9171,892431,00.html
20060101 "Wir haben das falsche Schwein geschlachtet", Churchill ... Teheran "Zionismus ist in der Tat Neofaschismus", sagte der Präsident in einem Interview ...
13.Mar.2007 Murder by Injection, Chapter 10, The Rockefeller Syndicate After Hitler came to power, John D. Rockefeller assigned his personal press agent, Ivy Lee, to Hitler to serve as a full-time adviser on the rearmament of ...
13.Mar.2007 CHAPTER TWO: The Empire of I.G. Farben Ivy Lee had previously undertaken a public relations campaign for the Rockefellers, to spruce up the Rockefeller name among the American public.
28.Nov.1999 The Rockefeller Syndicate this is the firm which supplies the paper for our dollar bills . ... Rockefeller, John D. assigned his personal press agent,. Ivy Lee, ...
Bush-Nazi-links-Bush Family Connection to the Nazis - Rockefeller . Farish was close friends with Hermann Schmitz, chairman of IG Farben.

Farish hired Ivy Lee, to write pro-IG Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and ...
Mit dem Verfahren können Zähne dreidimensional erfasst werden, ohne sie zu zerstören.

Die Synchrotronbilder sind so präzise, dass sie auch die mikroskopisch kleinen Wachstumslinien im Zahngewebe enthüllen.
Die fossilen Zähne aus Marokko haben den gleichen Entwicklungsstand der Zähne eines ebenso alten heute lebenden Kindes.
Schon vor 160.000 Jahren dauerte die Kindheit der Menschen genauso lang wie heute.

Das folgern Tanya Smith und ihre Kollegen aus der Untersuchung eines Zahnes von einem achtjährigen Kind aus Marokko, das vor etwa 160.000 Jahren lebte.

Smith glaubt, dass die lange Kindheit ein entscheidender Vorteil in der Evolution war:

"Je schneller man aufwächst, umso weniger Zeit steht für das Lernen und für die Entwicklung des Gehirns zur Verfügung", sagte sie im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Arten mit längerer Kindheit hätten die Möglichkeit, ein komplexeres Verhalten zu erlernen.
Homosexualität im Militär: US- Generalstabschef provoziert Schwulen- Streit
13.Mar.2007 Welt- Waldbericht: Erde verlor Wälder von dreifacher Größe Deutschlands
13.Mar.2007 RAF- Debatte: "Christian Klar ist eine tragische Figur"
Vatikan: Papst will Messe auf Latein zurück
13.Mar.2007 Uno- Prognose für 2050: Weltbevölkerung wächst und altert im Eiltempo
13.Mar.2007 Interview zum Koma- Trinken: "Eine Art Wohlstandsverwahrlosung"

13.Mar.2007 Jugendliche Kampftrinker: Flatrate für den Vollsuff
13.Mar.2007 Algerien: USA warnen vor Anschlag auf Passagiermaschine

13.Mar.2007 Hinrichtungen: China will öfter von Todesstrafe absehen
13.Mar.2007 Brennerstudie: Jeder Zweite ist ein Raubkopierer
13.Mar.2007 Copyright- Prozess: Viacom verklagt YouTube auf eine Milliarde Dollar
Vergiftungssymptome bei Ratten: Genmais angeblich nicht unbedenklich
13.Mar.2007 Zoll schlägt Alarm: Mehr Drogen, mehr Plagiate, mehr Schwarzarbeit
13.Mar.2007 Russland: Putin entlässt unbequemen Wahlleiter
Geständnisse im Siemens- Prozess: Schmiergeld- Zahlungen waren gängige Praxis
13.Mar.2007 Insektenalarm: Terrorameisen piesacken friedliebende Mönche

13.Mar.2007 Boom 2007: Deutsche Wirtschaft wird Europas Wachstums- Lokomotive

13.Mar.2007 Teilverkauf der HHLA: Hamburg bringt seinen Hafen an die Börse

13.Mar.2007 Speichertechnik: Flash schlägt Festplatte
13.Mar.2007 Evolution des Menschen: Lange Kindheit existiert seit 160.000 Jahren
13.Mar.2007 Bundeswehr: Struck rechnet mit Einsatz in Darfur

13.Mar.2007 Afghanistan und Irak: Zehntausende US- Heimkehrer psychisch erkrankt

13.Mar.2007 Kalifornische Hitze: Bush senior erlitt Schwächeanfall beim Golfen
13.Mar.2007 Dickes Ertragsplus: Bundesbank überweist Milliardengewinn an Steinbrück
13.Mar.2007 Korruptions- Prozess: Siemens- Mitarbeiter legt Geständnis ab
13.Mar.2007 In Highly Unusual Move, White House Actually Admits To Something: "White House says Rove relayed complaints about prosecutors." Will ProsecutorGate Finally -- At Last -- be Rove's Undoing?

13.Mar.2007 Now Bush is Directly Implicated in ProsecutorGate, According to a White House Spokesman: "Perino also acknowledged Monday that complaints about the job performance of prosecutors occasionally came to the White House and were passed on to the Justice Department,perhaps including some informally from President Bush to Gonzales."
Busheviks Want to Starve Iraqis: Staffers in the embassy's economic section called Commerce's plan to end the rations a "zombie idea." "It was one of those bad ideas that you think is dead, but it keeps coming up every nine to 12 months," the embassy official said. "And each time it comes up, the plan gets worse."
Gonzales and Others Committed Perjury: Firings Had Genesis in White House 3/13

13.Mar.2007 "We now know that Gonzales, McNulty and Moschella each lied to Congress. We know that the purge was a plan that began at the White House -- and it was overseen by two of President Bush's closest lieutenants in Washington -- Miers and Gonzales. Sampson is the second resignation. There will certainly be more." -- and GOP Senator Pete Domenici is in deep, deep trouble over ProsecutorGate. 3/13

13.Mar.2007 A veto would be the the kind of brazen move that could even put Republicans over the edge. As Republican Senator Chuck Hagel says in the forthcoming issue of Esquire, Bush may think "[h]e's not accountable anymore, which isn't totally true. You can impeach him + before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment. I don't know. It depends how this goes." 3/13
Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, said he would seek a subpoena for Mr. Rove?s testimony if he did not appear voluntarily. 3/13

13.Mar.2007 Robert Parry: "Over the next few weeks, the congressional Democratic majorities must decide how scared they still are of George W. Bush and his right-wing attack machine. Or put differently, can a weakened President still intimidate Democrats by questioning their patriotism or doubting their support for the troops?" 3/13
Rep. Waxman Demands Condi Rice Finally Answer Questions over Iraq Lies: 11 Ignored Letters over 4 Years -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

13.Mar.2007 Red Alert: Waxman may hold hearings on shock Halliburton relocation to Dubai -- TIME asks if company is dodging subpoenas. What are the odds Dick Cheney had a hand in this in order to keep Halliburton far away from Congressional investigations? The odds are pretty good. 3/13
13.Mar.2007 Wahrnehmung von Menschen: Der Hüftschwung macht attraktiv

13.Mar.2007 13.Mar.2007
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Hamburger Nationalklub

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Weitere Mitglieder des Herrenklubs waren:

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Fritz Thyssen

Max Brauweiler (Geschäftsführer der Vereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände)

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Der “Deutsche Herrenklub” (DHK) war eine Interessenvereinigung von Großgrundbesitzern, Großindustriellen, Bankiers und hohen Ministerialbeamten.

00.000.1923 Der “Deutsche Herrenklub” wurde in Berlin gegründet +

ging aus dem am

18.Okt.1918 in den Räumlichkeiten der "Deutschen Gesellschaft 1914" gegründeten Verein "Solidarier" hervor.

00.000.1919 beschlossen die Solidarier sich fortan "Juniklub", zu nennen, um so zum Ausdruck zu bringen ihre Ablehnung gegen die von ihnen als nationale Schmach gewertete

00.Jun.1919 Unterzeichnung des Vertrages von Versailles durch die deutsche Reichsregierung

Die Mitglieder des “Deutsche Herrenklub” verstanden sich als "Repräsentanz einer konservativen politischen Oberschicht".

Dieser Kreis gilt als die bedeutendste antidemokratische Ideenzentrale der frühen Weimarer Republik.

Ihr erklärtes Ziel war es, das Vordringen des Marxismus in der deutschen Politik zu verhindern.

Gründungsmitglieder waren:

Heinrich von Gleichen

Eduard Stadtler

Karl Helfferich (Bankier)

Simon Marx (Bankier)

Adam Stegerwald

Franz Röhr

Otto Strasser

Bodo Graf von Alvensleben-Neugattersleben
WWI.18.Okt.1918 Der 1. Weltkrieg - Der Weltkrieg am

18.Okt.1918 ... Großes Hauptquartier,

18.Oktober. Westlicher Kriegsschauplatz: ... Wien,

18.Oktober. Amtlich wird verlautbart:
Der 1. Weltkrieg im Oktober 1918 Der

1. Weltkrieg im Oktober 1918 ... Kaiser Karl an die Völker Österreichs.

18 . Oktober Räumung von Ostende, Lille und Douai Neue Durchbruchsversuche bei Le ...
Chronologie der deutschen Gewerkschaftsbewegung

14.Okt.1918-18.Okt.1918 Der Verbandstag der Steinarbeiter in Leipzig diskutiert die Politik der Gewerkschaften seit Kriegsanfang, ohne einen Beschluß dazu zu ...
Der erste Weltkrieg Doch am

18.Okt.1918 verkündete Masaryk in Philadelphia die tschechoslowakische Unabhängigkeit.

In der Erklärung hieß es u.a.: "Die Rechte der ...
28.Okt.1918-26-Okt.2002 - Radio Prag Wie erlebten die Bewohner der Böhmischen Länder diesen

28.Okt.1918 Gegen 18 Uhr wurde das erste Gesetz des neuen Staates sowie ein Aufruf an das ...
WWI.Lexikon Erster Weltkrieg Im

00.Okt.1918 ergänzen und erweitern die Amerikaner Wilsons 14 Punkte. ... Am

18.Okt.1919 teilt Wilson dem Habsburgerstaat mit, die Nationalitäten müssten ...
Der Versailler Vertrag - Der französische Staatspräsident Raymond Poincare eröffnet am 18 . ...

Okt.1918 ersuchte Reichskanzler Max von Baden die USA um Vermittlung eines ...
Der Erste Weltkrieg: Kriegswende 1918 Am 18./

19.Sep.1918 durchbrachen die von Arabern unterstützten Briten die bis dahin von Türken ...

00.Okt.1918 legten die Türken die Waffen nieder ...
Friedrich Ebert (Biografie)

00.Okt.1918 vom Reichstag verabschiedet (»Oktoberreformen«). Friedrich Ebert trat zwar für den Erhalt der Monarchie ein, aber die Abdankung Kaiser Wilhelms ...
1918-10-18-DE-001 10/19/1918 p.m.. Berlin, den

18.Okt.1918 . Anliegend überreiche ich im Einverständnis mit Herrn Botschaftsprediger Grafen von Lüttichau Abschrift seines ...
Fraktion Sozialdemokratischer GewerkschafterInnen Sie erscheint zuerst zweiwöchentlich, ab 18.Oktober wöchentlich. ...

Oktober 1918 Die "Provisorische Nationalversammlung" nimmt die vom Sozialdemokraten ...
Weltkrieg (1914-19-18) Publikation des erfolgreichen Buches: "Von kommenden Dingen".

07.Okt.1918 Aufruf zum Volkswiderstand in der Vossischen Zeitung ...
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18.Okt.1918 Gründung der ersten Tschechoslowakischen Republik ( 1918-1938). auf der Grundlage der Abkommen von Pittsburgh und Cleveland ...
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18.Okt.1918 Der Exil-Politiker T.G. Masaryk unterzeichnet die tschechoslowakische Unabhängigskeitserklärung in Philadelphia. Lexikon 21.07.2003 18 :07 ...
Republik unter Druck - Informationen zur politischen Bildung (Heft ... Am

18.Okt.1918 wurde die Erste Tschechoslowakische Republik (bestehend aus Böhmen, Mähren und der Slowakei) in Washington ausgerufen am

28. ...,0,0,Republik_unter_Druck.html
» Die Verfassung des Deutschen Reichs 1871 - 1918

18.Jan.1871 -am-Nach der Kaiserproklamation und der ersten ...

00.Okt.1918 dem Reichstag weitreichendere Kompetenzen ein und entsprach damit den ...
M A S S E N S T R E I K R L 1 9 0 5/1 9 0 6 Schon seit Jahren ... - HTML-Version

18.Okt.1918 -am-... lieber auf das Wiedersehn in Berlin.« R.L. an Sophie Liebknecht.

08.Nov.1918 -Erst am- wurde Rosa Luxemburg. aus dem Gefängnis in ...
Deutscher Herrenklub - Wikipedia

Heinrich von Gleichen ·

Eduard Stadtler ·

Karl Helfferich ( Bankier );

Simon Marx ( Bankier );

Adam Stegerwald ·

Franz Röhr ·

Otto Strasser ...

20041012 ... Karl dem deutschkonservativen Bankier Konsul a.D. Simon Marx, Adam Stegerwald, Chef des deutschnationalen Handlungsgehilfenverbands, seinem Mitarbeiter ...
Karl Helfferich - ndungsmitglieder waren: Heinrich von Gleichen Eduard Stadtler Karl Helfferich ( Bankier ) Simon Marx ( Bankier ) Adam... ? zum Enyklopädie-Eintrag ...

13.Mar.2007 Treibhausgase: Großbritannien prescht beim Klimaschutz vor
13.Mar.2007 Lateinamerika- Reise: Reinigungsritual nach Bush- Besuch
13.Mar.2007 Studentenkrawalle: Straßenschlachten an der Akropolis
13.Mar.2007 "Koma- Saufen": Politiker fordern Alkoholverbot für Jugendliche

13.Mar.2007 Bleiberecht: Große Koalition einigt sich auf "Aufenthalt auf Probe"
13.Mar.2007 12. MÄRZ 2007 Neues Vioxx- Urteil: Merck muss rund 48 Millionen Dollar zahlen
13.Mar.2007 Nuclear chief warns over N Korea The UN's nuclear chief says the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear programme will be a "complex process".
13.Mar.2007 'Thousands riot' in China protest As many as 20,000 rural workers in central China reportedly clash with police in a large-scale protest.
13.Mar.2007 Syria urges broader US dialogue Syria calls for a "serious dialogue" with the US as the most senior US official in two years visits Damascus.
13.Mar.2007 New Century shares suspended Shares in US mortgage lender New Century are suspended amid fears the group may be close to bankruptcy.
13.Mar.2007 Merck loses key US Vioxx lawsuit US drugs giant Merck is to be fined an initial $20m in after losing a case brought by a user of its Vioxx painkiller.
13.Mar.2007 Brown to target climate change Gordon Brown will try to seize back the green agenda from the Tories by urging action to tackle climate change.
13.Mar.2007 Government Sites Fail FOIA Rules A study shows 79 % of federal agencies are violating a Freedom of Information Act amendment requiring they post records online and help citizens request info over the internet. In 27B Stroke 6. Plus: States' secrecy penalties.
13.Mar.2007 No Reprieve for Jailed Blogger An appeals court upholds an Egyptian man's four-year prison sentence for insulting Islam and the country's president. By the Associated Press.
13.Mar.2007 Legal expert: President Bush may have ordered torture: "The administration has been almost pathological in trying to find ways to keep these people from ever seeing a real judge or a real lawyer," John Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, told the Associated Press, "and the reasons are obvious."

13.Mar.2007 A Psychiatrist's Analysis of George W. Bush: I have adistinct clinical impression that I think explains much of Mr. Bush's visible pathology. First and foremost, George W. Bush has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

13.Mar.2007 George McGovern to Cheney: Resign : "What we have learned about how he has conducted himself leaves no doubt that he should be out of office," McGovern says of Cheney. "If he had any respect for the Constitution or the country, he would resign."

13.Mar.2007 Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages : Hanging in the balance is the nation’s housing market, which has been a big driver of the economy. Fewer lenders means many potential homebuyers will find it more difficult to get credit, while hundreds of thousands of homes will go up for sale as borrowers default, further swamping a stalled market.

13.Mar.2007 Loan turmoil closes doors for buyers: Sharon Lewis is facing a 50% hike in the payment on her adjustable-rate mortgage next month.

13.Mar.2007 China may sell U.S. bonds: In a move that speaks to China's growing significance in the global economy, its government said Friday it will look for more aggressive ways to invest

13.Mar.2007 Feds tried to cut aid: Federal officials secretly schemed to limit payouts for sick + dying nuclear weapons workers, including thousands from the Rocky Flats plant outside Denver, newly released documents show.
13.Mar.2007 Salim Lone: The last thing we need: The new US command for Africa will militarise the continent and inflame a string of regional conflicts

13.Mar.2007 A network of the US secret prisons in Africa: According Le Monde newspaper that the US started a regional network of US secret prisons in East-Africa violating international law.

13.Mar.2007 Democrats call for resignation of Gonzales : .S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should resign following disclosures of mass firings of federal prosecutors and a report the FBI improperly obtained information on private citizens, top Democratic senators said Sunday.

13.Mar.2007 Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust: Hold on to your assets. The deepest housing decline in 16 years is about to get worse.

13.Mar.2007 US mortgage lender loses credit, sparking fallout fears : A major player in the high-risk segment of the US mortgage market said Monday its credit was being cut off, prompting renewed concerns about fallout into the overall financial system.

13.Mar.2007 Climate Report Warns of Drought, Disease: The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up + within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.

13.Mar.2007 The Drugging of our Children : Video documentary: Many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.

13.Mar.2007 03/11/07 Belafonte's Fires Undimmed at 80 -A must listen audio interview with Harry Belafonte -

He dismisses the appointment of Condoleezza Rice and before her, Colin Powell, to positions of genuine power in George W Bush's administration. He has described them as "house slaves" + doesn't feel their presence has helped his cause in any way. Continue

13.Mar.2007 Why Libby’s Pardon Is a Slam Dunk -By FRANK RICH- EVEN by Washington’s standards, few debates have been more fatuous or wasted more energy than the frenzied speculation over whether President Bush will or will not pardon Scooter Libby. Of course he will. Continue
13.Mar.2007 Blair aides ‘plotted’ to foil police: THE Sunday Times can reveal details of the alleged plot that Tony Blair’s inner circle hatched to subvert the police inquiry into the cash for honours scandal.
13.Mar.2007 Cheney: Iraq withdrawal may harm Israel: Cheney said that a possible withdrawal of US forces from Iraq before goals for a stable Iraqi government were completed could damage Israel.

13.Mar.2007 Cheney says U.S. 'unflinching' on Israel : The U.S. vice president said support for Israel is unflinching and steadfast in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference

13.Mar.2007 US dismisses Iranian leader's UN overture, presses on with sanctions: The USA dismissed on Monday a bid by Iran's hardline president to defend Tehran's nuclear program at the United Nations, instead pressing ahead with efforts to impose more sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

13.Mar.2007 Decoding Bush: 'Iran, you're next? : A noted neocon and unabashed war hawk, Richard Perle told a journalist that a short message could be delivered to other hostile regimes in the Middle East, 'You're next.'

13.Mar.2007 Sam Gardiner: Game of Strategic Chicken: What’s behind the surge on Iran? We are repeatedly told the Administration has no plans for a strike on Iran. The forces, the message and the justification are being put in place. These moves point to an attack, but it is more like a game of strategic chicken.

13.Mar.2007 New Iran military strike warning: Israeli support for military action against Iran's nuclear ambitions is dangerously misguided, a new report argues today.

13.Mar.2007 Missing Iranian official was kidnapped: relatives: The relatives of an Iranian ex-deputy defense minister who went missing in Turkey accused Iran's arch enemies the USA and Israel of kidnapping him, state radio reported on Monday.

13.Mar.2007 Iran nuclear plant launch postponed : Russia will also not deliver nuclear fuel as planned this month to Iran's Bushehr power station due to delays in payment, Irina Yesipova, a spokeswoman for Atomstroiexport, said on Monday.
13.Mar.2007 Cheney says Congress' anti-war efforts undermine troops in Iraq: Lashing out at lawmakers who profess to back the troops but oppose Bush's plans in Iraq, Cheney said proof of their commitment would come as they consider legislation to provide nearly $100 billion for the rest of this yearÕs costs of the wars.

13.Mar.2007 Pepe Escobar : The fall guy in Iraq : As Lewis "Scooter" Libby was the fall guy in Washington, Premier Nuri al-Maliki will be the fall guy in Baghdad.

13.Mar.2007 UK: Foreign Office helped set up Iraqi oil deals : The British Government intervened to help UK and US energy giants in their attempts to secure lucrative contracts to exploit Iraq's ruined oilfields.

13.Mar.2007 Halliburton plans move to Dubai : Halliburton, the oil services company formerly headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney, is moving its headquarters from Texas to Dubai.

13.Mar.2007 Leahy On Halliburton Move: ‘This Is An Insult To The U.S. Soldiers And Taxpayers’: House Government Oversight Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) said he will soon hold a hearing on the matter to “understand the ramifications for the U.S. taxpayer and national security.”
Iraq Talks Could Pave Road Home for America - By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent
The Iranian-Syrian-US-Iraqi talks in Baghdad at the weekend might - and it's a very flimsy "might" - be the beginning of America's road home from its disastrous invasion and occupation of Mesopotamia.

13.Mar.2007 Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out -By Robert Dreyfuss
Few Americans pay attention to Iraqi politics, but over the past few days something has occurred that could change the course of the war. For the first time since the Iraqi election of 2005, a coalition of Sunni and Shiite Arab parties and leaders is starting to take shape, across the sectarian divide that has fueled the civil war. '

13.Mar.2007 Total Withdrawal? Who are you kidding?-By Barry Lando
Though U.S. legislators voted against appropriating funds for permanent bases in Iraq, the White House and Pentagon have ignored that prohibition by portraying the huge construction projects to be for temporary facilities tied to the on-going conflict.

13.Mar.2007 The Future Has Caught Up With Us -By Paul Craig Roberts
For the past five years, the Bush Regime has held people in secret prisons without warrants, charges, or access to an attorney. Most detainees have been tortured and abused. Bush’s real world victims suffer from more disorientation and hopelessness than Kafka’s character, Josef K.

13.Mar.2007 Killing the Constitution -By Irene Rheinwald
Impeachment is not enough. Our society is in need of a political and economic overhaul. We need to align civic duty with genuine compassion, the desire to make a better world. - Our entire society needs to shift from a materialistic, elitist theocracy living by outdated norms of colonialism to a truly progressive one, where the dignity of all, regardless of nationality, is honoured.

13.Mar.2007 UN committee: Israel should let Palestinians return to their land -By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent
A United Nations committee has called on Israel to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their property + land in Israel and to ensure that the bodies responsible for distributing property, such as the Jewish National Fund, not discriminate against the Arab population.

13.Mar.2007 Netanyahu and Meshal Forever -By Gideon Levy
Enough empty talk about "a Jewish state." There is no such thing. The fact that the Palestinians live under unequal conditions does not make them subjects of another entity. On the contrary, the state's control of their lives is immeasurably greater than its control over its Jewish citizens.

13.Mar.2007 Hugo Chavez: "Bush Should Get The Gold Medal For Hypocrisy" -By Mike Whitney
Bush’s trip to Latin America has turned into another public relations disaster. Every time Airforce 1 touches down in a southern capital, the streets turn into battlegrounds between incensed protestors and fully-armored, truncheon-wielding Robo-cops. At the same time, Bush has to be whisked away in an armored-plated limousine to an undisclosed spider-hole in the Andean outback.

13.Mar.2007 Hugo Chavez to George W. Bush: Gringo Go Home- Audio and Transcript
As President Bush tours Latin America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke before tens of thousands at an anti-imperialist rally in Argentina of Friday. We broadcast excerpts of Chavez's stinging attack on Bush who was in Uruguay, just thirty miles away across the River Plate.

13.Mar.2007 Robert Parry: "Over the next few weeks, the congressional Democratic majorities must decide how scared they still are of George W. Bush and his right-wing attack machine. Or put differently, can a weakened President still intimidate Democrats by questioning their patriotism or doubting their support for the troops?"
Busheviks Want to Starve Iraqis: Staffers in the embassy's economic section called Commerce's plan to end the rations a "zombie idea." "It was one of those bad ideas that you think is dead, but it keeps coming up every nine to 12 months," the embassy official said. "And each time it comes up, the plan gets worse."
Red Alert: Waxman may hold hearings on shock Halliburton relocation to Dubai -- TIME asks if company is dodging subpoenas. What are the odds Dick Cheney had a hand in this in order to keep Halliburton far away from Congressional investigations? The odds are pretty good. 3/12

13.Mar.2007 STOP! BuzzFlash Needs Your Financial Support. It's That Simple. Build the Alternative to the Corporate Press With Your Dollars.
Rep. Waxman Demands Condi Rice Finally Answer Questions over Iraq Lies: 11 Ignored Letters over 4 Years -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Entrant #247 into the 2008 Presidential Race -- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), best known for saying "No" to a lot of things
"When members of Congress pursue an anti-war strategy that's been called 'slow bleeding,' they are not supporting the troops, they are undermining them," Cheney said in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee; No, Cheney, Congress Cares More about Them Than You Do 3/13
Another One Bites the Dust: Army surgeon general forced to retire. How come everyone is responsible except for Cheney and Bush?

13.Mar.2007 Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) Has Made a Decision ? He Decided That He Isn't Going to Decide Right Now Whether He Is Running for President + He May Still Decide to Decide to Run Later This Year 3/13
Bushevism Fails Us Yet Again: A new federal rule intended to keep illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid has instead shut out tens of thousands of USA citizens who have had difficulty complying with requirements to show birth certificates and other documents proving their citizenship

13.Mar.2007 fraud, "voter registration fraud," and the purge Odd, isn't it, how the current scandal over purged U.S. Attorneys has merged with the election fraud controversy?
The best blog coverage comes, of course, from
Brad Friedman and Josh Marshall. Senator Pete Domenici and Representative Heather Wilson. both Republicans of New Mexico, appear to have had a hand in the firing of U.S. Attorney David Iglesias. Now we learn that this thing goes up to state Republican party director Allen Weh + from there to -- you guessed it! -- Karl Rove:
12.Mar.2007 Search results for "deuss" |

Customs cracks £5billion VAT fraud A colourful figure who ... Postman Patel : VAT scams used Bermuda based Transworld Payment SA was then ...
20061203 Postman Patel :. VAT scams used Bermuda based Transworld Payment SA was then under a ...

Customs cracks £5billion VAT fraud | Special reports | Guardian.
Blogger: Postman Patel - Post a Comment

Deuss' bank was apparently popular with British VAT fraudsters + also Russian + Dutch companies involved with EU based VAT fraud .
... sagt der Forscher.

"Man kann im Schwarm viel mehr Informationen nutzen, als man als einzelner sammeln könnte." Genau das mache Schwarmintelligenz aus.

Wie viele Anführer brauchen wir?

Ergebnis: Wenn fünf der 200 Probanden eine solche Führungsrolle zugewiesen bekommen hatten, gelang es ihnen nicht, die Menge zu steuern.

Gab es dagegen zehn Führer, dann klappte es.

Über ähnliche Experimente hatten Krause und seine Kollegen vor zwei Jahren im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Nature" berichtet.

Diese Versuche fanden jedoch ausschließlich am Computer statt.

Ihre Erkenntnis damals: Zum Führen eines Schwarms genügt eine Elite von fünf %, die weiß, wo es langgeht.

Dies deckt sich erstaunlich genau mit dem Experiment jetzt in Köln: Fünf % von 200 sind genau zehn.

Treffen Organismen in der Masse wirklich die besseren Entscheidungen? Macht eine Gruppe klüger?

Die Frage der angeblichen Schwarmintelligenz wird kontrovers diskutiert - und Verhaltensbiologen sind sich inzwischen ziemlich sicher, dass das Leben im Schwarm für viele Fisch- + Vogelarten eine überaus clevere Sache ist. Aber gilt das auch für den Menschen?

Die Ausstellung "Merowingerzeit - Europa ohne Grenzen" thematisiert erstmals umfassend die

05.-08. Jahrhundert Zeit der Völkerwanderung aus dem Gebiet zwischen Atlantik + Ural.

Sie wurde gemeinsam konzipiert vom Puschkin-Museum, der Staatlichen Eremitage St. Petersburg, dem Staatlichen Historischen Museum Moskau + dem Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.
In der Ausstellung wird auf die Herkunft der Exponate hingewiesen.

Lehmann sagte, nach der Barbarei des 20. Jahrhunderts sei ein geradezu lebhaftes Interesse vorhanden, sich wieder auf gemeinsame Vorstellungen zu verständigen.

Die Moskauer Ausstellung sei ein "gelungener Anfang, die Seele wieder zum Klingen zu bringen."
Neues Vioxx- Urteil: Merck muss 20 Millionen Dollar Schmerzensgeld zahlen
12.Mar.2007 Wirtschaftsboom 2007: Auch Prognose des DIW wird noch rosiger

12.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Russland verliert die Geduld mit Iran

12.Mar.2007 16 Monate Haft: Iran lässt Deutschen Donald Klein frei
12.Mar.2007 Klima- Kongress in Hamburg: Drohungen für den guten Zweck

12.Mar.2007 Afghanistan: Verfassungsrichter erlauben Tornado- Einsatz
12.Mar.2007 Klima: Abgeordnete stellen Gruppenantrag für Tempo 130

12.Mar.2007 Forscher- Protest: Tiefensee argumentiert in Tempolimit- Streit mit Zahlen von 1996
12.Mar.2007 Deutsche Reaktionen auf Terrorvideos: "Wir müssen ganz, ganz wachsam sein"
12.Mar.2007 Schwarm- Experiment: Menschen sind auch nur Fische
12.Mar.2007 Ägypten: Blogger muss vier Jahre in den Knast
12.Mar.2007 Rom: Bannstrahl des Vatikans trifft Befreiungstheologen Sobrino

12.Mar.2007 Energiekonzerne an der Strombörse: Staatsanwaltschaft prüft mögliche Preistreiberei
12.Mar.2007 Evolution: Streithälse kommen auf kurzen Beinen
12.Mar.2007 Beutekunst in Moskau: Merowinger- Gold, zum Greifen nah

12.Mar.2007 Russland: "Die Angst wird wieder stärker"

12.Mar.2007 Bundesumweltamt: Gigaliner bringen mehr Staus und Umweltbelastung
12.Mar.2007 ZEIT online - Feuilleton - Propaganda : Fälscher an der Front Propaganda - Fälscher an der Front: Im Irak sind Tausende von ...

03.Apr.2003 DIE ZEIT Nr.15 ... Für die Medien, die heute über den Irak -Krieg berichten, ...
DIENSTRAUM | Mediamondo Archiv

00.Mär.2003 Verwirrender Krieg: Willkommen in der Koalition der Zweifler (Spiegel) Propaganda (;

Die Propaganda + Medien im Irak -Konflikt 2003 ...
Attac - "Propaganda verdeckt die wahren Kriegsziele" Frankfurt/Berlin

10.Apr.2003 Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac setzt die Proteste gegen Krieg + Besatzung im Irak auch nach dem Sturz des Regimes ...
propaganda/beitraege/geheimdienste_und_propaganda.htm">AUSTRIAN CENTER for INTELLIGENCE, PROPAGANDA and SECURITY STUDIES ... Vom

00.Sep.2002-00.Mär.2003 findet eine groß angelegte Propagandakampagne gegen den Irak + Saddam Hussein statt, die von der US-Regierung ausgeht ...
Mohrs Deutschlandgefühl: Mein Leben mit der Klimakatastrophe

12.Mar.2007 Kurswechsel: Pentagon arbeitet an Notfallplan für Irak
12.Mar.2007 Raketenabwehr: De Hoop Scheffer warnt vor Spaltung der Nato

12.Mar.2007 Rechenzentrum in Hamburg: Bund finanziert neuen Klimarechner
12.Mar.2007 El Salvador: Israelischer Botschafter gefesselt in Sado- Maso- Montur gefunden
12.Mar.2007 Pubertät: Hormonstöße machen Teenager unberechenbar

12.Mar.2007 Neue Konjunkturprognose: 2007 soll Deutschlands Boom- Jahr werden
12.Mar.2007 Klimaschutz: Verbraucherschützer fordern Öko- Label für Computer
12.Mar.2007 Lateinamerika: Proteste gegen Bush- Besuch in Guatemala
12.Mar.2007 Immobilienmarkt: Finanzinvestor reicht riesiges Wohnungspaket weiter
12.Mar.2007 Studie: Handy- Verbot in Kliniken überflüssig
12.Mar.2007 Waldbrände in Kalifornien: Feuersbrunst bedroht mehr als 500 Häuser
12.Mar.2007 Aus Texas zu den Scheichs: Halliburton zieht nach Dubai

12.Mar.2007 Russland: Putin- treue Parteien gewinnen Regionalwahlen
12.Mar.2007 Umwelt: Brüssel verlangt mehr Klimaschutz von EU- Bürgern

12.Mar.2007 Anti- Lärm: Forscher bauen verkehrsberuhigtes Kopfkissen