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24.Mar.2005 Robert P. Barone Office Phone (216) 494-2736 ... systems company) + a Director of ANT Software( Diebold owns 20% of the equity).... 00.Jul.1994 -since- + a Director of Diebold Inc. Board since 1988 ... URL :

24.Mar.2005 EXPRESSO Online ... E já ouviram falar na Diebold e no seu CEO Walden O'Dell que escreveu no ano ... A Diebold é uma companhia que fornece as máquinas electrónicas para as ... URL :

24.Mar.2005 20041120 ... animação, alegria, e em Porto Montilla, os visitantes poderão realizar a fantasia de se sentir em uma ilha pirata", salienta Douglas Tsukimoto ,..
Breaking News ... A top executive of HSBC says the global bank expects to 'offshore' more ... Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's death eliminated the one man potentially able ...

24.Mar.2005 A 13-year-old USA boy fights "FAMILY TERRORISM" with a flute ... At the HSBC bank, workers cleared glass shards and blinds, throwing them ... There are about 142000 US troops in Iraq; the USA death toll stands at ...

24.Mar.2005 Episode 5 Any Time Any Place – A Call To Glory Short Stories From ... General Aderholt and General Secord are but two examples of the rare type of ... came to rest was a large government or military headquarters building ...
Christian Science Monitor Blog | Liblog ... the Israeli intelligence chief, Major General Yitzhak Hoffi, known as Haka ... 2 military officers on the project.” Oliver North + Richard
24.Mar.2005 [
THE NATIONAL - View as HTML Guatemalan military kept detailed records of ... indictments of Oliver North, Richard Secord ,.. Aftermath; Intelligence; and a General subset ...
INSIDE THE SHADOW CIA by John Connolly SPY Magazine - Sept 1992 ... used to call "that pinko") as well as framed photos of Presidents Reagan,.. business associate of Richard Secord, the right-wing US Army general ...

Index compiled by NewsMakingNews ... + A NUMBER OF TEMPLE OF SET SATANISTS WERE IN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE" ... to SF home a "RITUAL DAGGER" once owned by a WWII. Waffen SS general ...
SPY MAGAZINE: WACKENHUT ... a business associate of Richard Secord, the right-wing US Army general turned war ... in Miami for the illegal sale of 103 military helicopters to Iraq

24.Mar.2005 The Observer | Comment | For a paper's view on Iraq, just ask the ... The Turkish missile issue 'was a flagrant way of trying to force the hand of the allies, dictating decisions which arise from a war plan drawn up in ...,6903,896440,00.html

1 UNFICYP and a Cyprus Solution: A Strategic Assessment Dan ... - HTML olarak goruntule This information on Turkish missile capabilities is from Ken Petrie of the International Institute for Strategic. Studies, London ...

00.Aug.1998 No. 7 ... It is possible that Khrushchev was decisively influenced on the Turkish missile issue by a GRU report that reached Moscow on 25.Oct.---- (Fursenko and ...

24.Mar.2005 Averting the "Final Failure": John F. Kennedy + the Secret Cuban ... a missile withdrawal in exchange for a US non-invasion pledge, while ignoring the 27.Oct.196- public call for the Cuban- Turkish missile exchange ...

24.Mar.2005 Flugzeugforum - Der Krieg gegen den Irak beginnt... Die Navy SEAL's + die Spezialeinheiten der indische Armee wollen ... 18.Mar.2003 09:36.

Ich glaube kaum das nach dem Irak schluß ist - es ist ja das ...

Flugzeugforum - Krieg im IRAK... üben dies nur Spezialeinheiten wie Ranger, Special Forces und SEAL's, teilweise noch ... 20.Mar.2003 18:27 ...1393,94683 ...

24.Mar.2005 A Política dos Estados Unidos... sem serem intimidados pelos esforços dos Estados Unidos para limitar as vendas ... Unidos recusaram-se a vender aeronaves e carros de combate ao Peru ...

24.Mar.1829 Papa Pio VIII condena a Maçonaria

24.Mar.2005 RICE UNIVERSITY The Impact of Instruction-Level Parallelism on ... - View as Text Brooks et al. describe the Cerberus Multiprocessor Simulator, a parallelized ... [HSH96] Chris Holt, Jaswinder Pal Singh + John Hennessy ...

08.Feb.2001 Robert Hanssen (agente do FBI) é preso por espionagem
2001 Representantes da Coréia do Sul e Coréia do Norte concordam em reconectar a ligação ferroviária

02.Sep.2001 Estados Unidos ratifica a Safety and Health in Mines Convention - International Labour Organization
2001 O submarino Grenneville colide com um navio escola japonês
24.Mar.2005 University of Michigan: OmniTread-Video
· Technologie-Informationsseite
OmniTread, zu Deutsch etwa "Allesgänger", nennen Johann Borenstein und seine Kollegen den der Roboter, weil er praktisch nicht aufzuhalten ist.

Der OmniTread ist in fünf kastenförmige Segmente unterteilt, die in der Mitte von einer künstlichen "Wirbelsäule" verbunden werden, die auch für die Kraftübertragung sorgt. Bälge in den Gelenken zwischen den Segmenten können aufgepumpt oder geleert werden, um seitliches Einknicken zu ermöglichen.

Die zwei vorderen oder hinteren Segmente können so bei Bedarf hochgehoben werden, um Steilwände zu erklimmen oder über Hindernisse zu klettern.

24.Mar.2005 Analyse: Umsturz in Kirgisien - keine antirussische Revolution

24.Mar.2005 Umsturz in Zentralasien: Opposition stürmt Regierungsgebäude, Präsident geflohen

24.Mar.2005 Sieg der Experimentierfreude: Außenseiter gewinnt wichtigsten Architekturpreis (

24.Mar.2005 Umsturz in Kirgisien: Wahl annulliert - Präsident geflohen

24.Mar.2005 Augenblick: Ostern im Jurassic Park

24.Mar.2005 Robotik: Raupen-Maschine ist nicht zu stoppen

24.Mar.2005 Hintergrund: Die Bruderschaft der Zeugen Jehovas

24.Mar.2005 Staatskrise in Kirgisien: "Kirgisien steht kurz vor einem Bürgerkrieg"

24.Mar.2005 Mathaba.Net... tactics won the 22-year-old Rove a walk-on role in the Watergate saga that was ... Western Mining Corporation Whole Foods Market S'ces Williams Companies, Inc ...
HTML kopija Page 1. ICA at 70: A look back at seven decades The right choice for the long term ® ICA The Investment Company of America Annual ...

ccdodeaths1999-2000 ... (78) . founded OK-based Williams Companies . Betty Macdonald Batcheller (92) . ... 36yr AP veteran covered Watergate trial. Jim Pansullo (74) . . . ...

SEC Info - Bond Fund of America Inc - N-30D - For 12/31/99 ... an assault on the US $; + the trauma of Watergate, which culminated ... 17 Edison Mission Energy 7.73% 2009(2) 10,000 9,893 .10 The Williams Companies, Inc ...

An old Kerry foe, Houston lawyer back in spotlight ... went to prison for his role in the Watergate scandal, referred ... Company, Eastman Kodak Company, EOG Resources, Inc, The Williams Companies, Transcontinental Gas..

Stock Trader’s Almanac - HTML kopija P 1. By Jeffrey A. Hirsch You know something has merit when everyone in the industry tries to debunk it or find fault. Yes, the ...

Usenet Archive ... The Wing Group, Inc. (Consulting Contracts) The Williams Companies (Major Contract Matters) From: Hayduke ... It will be worse for USA than Watergate ...

Usenet Archive ... (Consulting Contracts) The Williams Companies (Major Contract ... counsel Charles Colson, who later went to >prison for his role in the Watergate scandal that ...

00.Sep.2004 In an Alternate Universe: The corporations are Bacardi, Westar Energy, Williams Companies, Sears,.. as when Richard Nixon said on TV during Watergate, "I am not a crook! ...

3490,4,"006922419","NSP","O/SE","Northern States Power Company 658714,"007908163","WEMT","TC/PSE","The Williams Companies ","One ... Power Marketing Cooperative","10125 West Watergate Road","","Cadillac", "MI", "49601" ...

00.Sep.2004 Politics Coming Out Your Ears: I’ve investigated the abuse of power in the Watergate + Iran-Contra scandals + ... Sears, Roebuck + Co., Oklahoma energy firm Williams Companies

WRI Media Advisory: Drinking from the Same Well: What Water ... WHEN: 17.Mar.2004 from 1:15-2:30pm WHERE: Watergate Hotel 2650 Virginia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20037 (800) 289-1555 WHO: George Carpenter ...

WRI Media Advisory: Sustainable Practices Create New Markets for ... WHEN: 17.Mar.2004 from 10:45am - Noon WHERE: Watergate Hotel 2650 Virginia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20037 (800) 289-1555 WHO: Madeleine Jacobs ...
The Smirking Chimp Featured Book Worse Than Watergate : The Secret Presidency of ... recorded telephone conversation between an employee at Williams Companies, the Tulsa ...

The Smirking Chimp Featured Book Worse Than Watergate : The Secret Presidency of George W ... by Bush a year earlier, Tulsa, Okla., based- Williams Companies agreed to ...

WorkingForChange-A World of hurt ... but Qwest, Microsoft, Duke Energy, Dynegy, the Williams Companies, Mirant, Calpine ... counsel, John W. Dean III, tells congressional Watergate committee about ...

The Power Marketing Association Directory of Power Marketers p. 3 ... Generation Company-Hazelton Mr. Lonny Townsend c/o The Williams Companies One Williams ... Mr. Richard L. Lang General Counsel 10125 West Watergate Road Cadillac ...

Bookmarks W, Scott's Internet Hotlist ... Waterfront Properties - Intracoastal, Ocean, River, Lake, Beach Watergate - The 25th ... Real Estate William Raveis Real Estate Williams ' Companies Wilson Internet ...

Date/Time: 03/24/2005 20:08: Houston's Clear Thinkers: Politics - General Archives ... On behalf of the Williams Companies Inc., I am pleased to forward our ... as the special prosecutor who investigated the Watergate scandal during the ...

On Lisa Rein's Radar: Bye-Bye Cheney Archives ... that followed in Watergate in the 00.000.1970 -s- + Iran-contra in the 00.000.1980 -s-.. Tulsa, Okla., based- Williams Companies agreed to refund California $8 million in ...

BatesLine: September 2004 Archives ... Pointing us back to the "third-rate burglary" at the Watergate back in 1972,.. A Williams Companies reception for the Oklahoma delegation on the Upper ...

Man Without Qualities ... Williams Companies TXU Corporation Arthur Andersen ... Post - the rattle of pebbles on the shore under the receding wave of Watergate -era nostalgia ...

101 Hearings: Senate Committee Meetings by Date (1989) ... and former Watergate Special Prosecutor; Harold Tyler, former Deputy ... Vernon Jones, The Williams Companies, Inc., on behalf of the Interstate Natural ...

MERCADO Digital ... El holding Williams Companies (energ?a y poliductos) proyecta obtener hasta US$ 1.500 ... El caso puede llegar a ser un “ Watergate corporativo” ...

Pundit In Residence Archives ... Williams Companies $25000. Philip Morris Corp and its subsidiaries $25000 ... Yes + Nixon had Watergate . Yet, through all of that, things never ...

Capella Lust - Unofficial fan page of my favorite online model! ... shopping network pussy "George W. Bush" internet Watergate inocent + naked ... LC-R127R2P williams companies Maxim Indian Watch Industry roland dealers ..

The Alternate Brain: January 2005 ... There will be blood orgies at the Watergate the likes of which that town hasn't seen ... The six companies are the Williams Companies Inc., Bacardi USA,..

Volume 6 Number 3 Fall 2003 American Experiment Quarterly 3 To the ... public affairs assignments and the fallout from the Watergate scandal led to my ... Ronald J. Schutz Gerald & Sue Schwalbach Schwarz Williams Companies ,..

24.Mar.2005 OKLAHOMA BUSINESS BULLETIN - HTML kopija ... Woodward of Watergate fame, is waning. Greenspan recently saw fit to issue a non-mea culpa ... Williams Companies . State revenues have been ...

Baker Botts LLP | Raymond G. Larroca ... in proceedings initiated by the Watergate special prosecutor,.. The Williams Companies ' federal investigation by USA Department of Justice ...

On Lisa Rein's Radar: Aftermath Election 2002 Archives ... who is on the board of directors for The Williams Companies — yes, that Williams ... "This is a big story, bigger than Watergate ever was," said Hagel's ...

24.Mar.2005 Bookmarks W, Scott's Internet Hotlist ... Watergate ; Watergate ... William Raveis Real Estate; Williams ' Companies ; Willy Wonka Lyrics; Wilmington North ...

Daily Kos :: John O'Neill is a GOP hack... Watergate felon Chuck Colson discovered him + Nixon trotted him out ... The Williams Companies . 21.Apr.2004 ...

Skidmore's Journal Subscriptions - Complete List ... Watergate cover-up trial transcript, Microfilm Collection (Ground floor), v. 1-3 ... Williams Companies, Inc. SWOT Analysis, Business Source Premier ...

Annual report ? The Investment Company of America - HTML kopija ... but Watergate was about to force Richard. Nixon from the presidency ... Williams Companies, Inc. 9.00% FELINE PACS convertible preferred 2005 ...

Vanguard? 500 Index Fund: Overview - HTML kopija ... Resulting from Watergate scandal. Of 00.000.1973–00.000.1974 .

Ongoing Concerns Over Fiscal and ... Williams Companies (–62.2%) both succumbed to selling pressure ...

Investigation Companies - american society for clinical federal ... Department Commences Investigation into Williams Companies ... Watergate Investigation, Martha Stewart Investigation, Montauk Project Investigation ...

24.Mar.2005 NARA | Research Room | Records of the Watergate Special ... Go to the background on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force records ... 393 Williams Companies . Central file; Federal Bureau of Investigation ... /campaign_contributions.html

VAMPIRES ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: Sightings from The Catbird Seat ... friends appeared in the Miami bank account of a Watergate plumber ... that time of Transco Pipeline (now the Williams Companies ); General Signal Corp ...

FindLaw Legal News: Special Coverage: WorldCom ... 1994); Employment Agreement - The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Telecommunications Group, Inc. and Roy A. Wilkens (Jan 4, 1994). Web Sites ...

skimble ... 00.Jun.1972 -many months before the-- burglary [ Watergate ] about the deliberate,.. Providian, Williams Companies, Xerox, CMS Energy, Dynegy, Duke Energy,..

WorkingForChange-A World of hurt ... Microsoft, Duke Energy, Dynegy, the Williams Companies, Mirant, Calpine,.. John W. Dean III, tells congressional Watergate committee about Nixon's ...

Arianna Online Forums - Three men with close ties to US House Oklahoma energy firm Williams Companies, restaurant chain Cracker Barrel Old ... Watergate tapes would be turned over to Cox + the Senate committee ...

Safe Haven | Ideologues and Quagmires... Mueller Group $415 million, Williams Companies $400 million, Severstal $375 million,.. We sat on the porch at the Watergate, high above the Potomac,..

Presidential Profile: George W. Bush ... Keith Bailey, Williams Companies, Education. $2500. $0. $2500 ... Barbara H Franklin, Watergate West, Labor. $31650. $1000. $30650. $2000 ...

Joseph Palmer 2002 History ... that's only a footnote, a preface, like the break in at the Watergate ... an employee at Williams Companies, the Tulsa, Okla. based energy company,..

Common Sense for Uncommon Times - Fair and Balanced ... Sacrifice Is for Losers Frank Rich rakes the plutocrats of Watergate II over the ... Duke Energy + the Williams Companies may have been scheming ...


24.Mar.2005 Die von der Stadt Dresden eingesetzte Historikerkommission kommt nun zu einem anderen Ergebnis. Das Gremium unter Vorsitz von Rolf-Dieter Müller, Leiter des militärhistorischen Museums Potsdam, hat alle schon bekannten Unterlagen und auch bisher noch nicht analysierte Archivdokumente durchforstet. Wie Stadtsprecher Kai Schulz heute mitteilte, gehen die Experten nunmehr von 25.000 Menschen aus, die bei den britisch-amerikanischen Luftangriffen am 13. und 14. Februar 1945 getötet wurden.
THE BRAIN - FOR WHEN YOU HAVE BECOME A PARODY OF YOURSELF ... a psychotic episode that clutches tightly until it shakes itself apart ... the shortest track falling just short of the four-minute mark.

24.Mar.2005 History of Texas, Oklahoma- Pilot Grove ... with members who belonged to the lodge of Free Mason's ... from Union Association by H. Bradley and J. Booz ... Association by Elder Samuel McKelvy + WVS Allen ...

24.Mar.2005 :: Big Dick Cheney Swears His Ass Off - The Real Life ... KindGuy Warnings : 666 33rd Degree Freemason Gender: Joined: 04 Oct 2003 Posts: 3937 ... James Woolsey, who works for the consulting firm of Booz, Allen, Hamilton ...

24.Mar.2005 Torture CIA Fascism Indonesia El Salvador Guatemala, Nicaragua ... Christian /Freemason narco-terrorist collaborators ... Commissioned booz, allen, hamilton, to devise a computer model of haitian Society ...

24.Mar.2005 T. (Spike) Zywicki – biography ... but in those days Booz - Allen, the efficiency experts from Chicago, were measuring our ... One widow recounted her travail as the wife of a Freemason ... allen

24.Mar.2005 Evolution Große Auswahl hochwertiger Websites für Evolution . URL:,1518,druck-347992,00.html
Früchte des Zorns Seine Ursachen reichen bis ins Jahr 1985 zurück, als im Diamond-Werk eine Lohnsenkung von 30 Prozent durchgesetzt wurde. Die Begründung damals: ein Kampf um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit.

00.000.1991 hatten die Teamsters dann verlangt, die wieder gebesserte Lage der Firma müsse sich in einer Lohnsteigerung und einer Gewinnbeteiligung niederschlagen.
Der Führer der Teamsters, James Hoffa, hatte die Streikenden noch im Jahr 2000 für ihren Durchhaltewillen gelobt: "Die Arbeiter in Diamond-Werk in Stockton, das sind diejenigen, die wirklich aufgestanden sind", hatte er gesagt + sie so mit den Helden des John-Steinbeck-Romanes "Früchte des Zorns" verglichen.
Charmeoffensive: Wolfowitz besänftigt Entwicklungsländer

24.Mar.2005 Dax-Konzerne: 35 Milliarden Gewinn - aber 35.000 Jobs weg

24.Mar.2005 Aktionskünstler Jakob Boeskov: Wie ein Däne die Waffenlobby foppte

23.Mar.2005 Spionage: Stasi-Akten über Kohl werden herausgegeben

23.Mar.2005 EU-Gipfel: Staatschefs übernehmen Verantwortung für Arbeitslosigkeit

23.Mar.2005 Zeitgeschichte: Mengele quälte für deutsche Elitelabors

23.Mar.2005 SMS-Rekord: Brite simst 200 Zeichen pro Minute

23.Mar.2005 Massaker von Minnesota: "Bis eure Stiefel sich mit Blut füllen"

23.Mar.2005 Bionik-Wettbewerb: Was Muscheln hart macht

23.Mar.2005 Hintergrund: Die Bruderschaft der Zeugen Jehova


Das Land Berlin hatte den Zeugen Jehovas unter anderem vorgeworfen, Bluttransfusionen bei Kindern zu verhindern, mit rigiden Erziehungspraktiken das Kindeswohl zu gefährden und durch psychische Sanktionen für Aussteiger den Bestand von Ehe und Familie zu gefährden.

Diese Vorwürfe habe das Land aber nicht mit Fakten wie etwa Entscheidungen von Familiengerichten, Jugendämtern oder anderen Institutionen belegen können, hieß es in der Entscheidung.

Das Land habe sich vor allem auf Berichte von Aussteigern aus der Religionsgemeinschaft gestützt.

Bei der Bewertung solcher Berichte aber sei Zurückhaltung geboten, weil erst ihr psychischer Hintergrund geprüft werden müsse.
Berlin - Der Ratsvorsitzende der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD), Wolfgang Huber, sagte, die Anerkennung sei nicht der richtige Schritt.

Im RBB-Inforadio erklärte er, er bewerte das Urteil genauso wie die Sekten- und Weltanschauungsexperten seiner Kirche.

Diese hätten drauf hingeweisen, dass die Aussagen der Austrittswilligen und Ausgetretenen über Repressalien sehr glaubwürdig seien.
Huber fügte hinzu: "Man muss ja auch fragen, wer sonst Auskunft geben soll, wenn nicht diejenigen Menschen, die tatsächlich unter Druck geraten.

" Insofern gebe es sehr ernsthafte Bedenken dagegen, die Zeugen Jehovas als Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts anzusehen.
Das Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin hatte die Religionsgemeinschaft heute als Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts anerkannt.

Sie erfülle die Voraussetzungen für die Verleihung dieses Status, urteilten die Richter heute.

Damit setzten sich die Zeugen Jehovas in dem seit über zehn Jahren andauernden Rechtsstreit gegen das Land Berlin durch, das der Religionsgemeinschaft die Anerkennung der Körperschaftsrechte versagt hatte.

Es gebe keine objektiven Anhaltspunkte, dass die Religionsgemeinschaft nicht rechtstreu sei, hieß es in der Begründung.

Eine Revision ließ das Gericht nicht zu. Das Land Berlin werde eine Beschwerde dagegen beim Bundesverwaltungsgericht prüfen, sagte ein Sprecher.
Mit dem Status sind zahlreiche Vergünstigungen verbunden.

Eine öffentliche Körperschaft darf Kirchensteuern erheben, kirchliche Beamte beschäftigen oder Stiftungen gründen.

Zudem stehen Körperschaften steuerliche Vergünstigungen zu.

Sie sind von der Pflicht zur Entrichtung von Körperschaft-, Vermögen- und Grundsteuer entbunden.

Die Zeugen Jehovas hatten im Verfahren erklärt, dass sie kein Interesse an der Kirchensteuer + am Beamtenverhältnis hätten.

Ihnen gehe es vor allem um die Steuervorteile + die mit dem Status verbundene Anerkennung.

23.Mar.2005 Grundsatzurteil: Bischof Huber verurteilt Aufwertung der Zeugen Jehovas

23.Mar.2005 Bankgeheimnis: Verfassungsgericht weist Eilantrag gegen Online-Kontenabfrage zurück

23.Mar.2005 Atomstreit: USA stellen Nordkorea Ultimatum

23.Mar.2005 Todesserie: Marburg-Virus bricht in Angola aus (23.Mar.2005 Rekordarbeitslosigkeit: Bischof Huber wirft Managern Kaltschnäuzigkeit vor

23.Mar.2005 Digitalfotografie: Vorsicht, Fälschung!

23.Mar.2005 Indirekte Preisabsprachen: Kartellamt verhängt Millionenstrafe gegen Versicherer

Berlusconi strebt 'Diktatur der Mehrheit' an Die von Italiens Ministerpräsidenten Silvio Berlusconi heute im Senat vorgelegte Verfassungsreform hat Oppositionsführer und ehemaliger EU-Kommissionspräsident Romano Prodi als 'Diktatur der Mehrheit' gegeißelt.  ...weiter

Deutsche Bank: Rendite ist wichtiger als der Erhalt von Arbeitsplätzen Rainer Neske vom erweiterten Vorstand der Deutschen Bank hat erklärt, dass ein hoher Gewinn zur Förderung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit sehr wichtig sei. Damit unterstrich er die Richtigkeit der Streichung von 5.200 Arbeitsplätzen bei der Deutschen Bank weltweit.  ...weiter

Moskau sollte mit Überschwemmungen rechnen Experten des Ministeriums für Katastrophenschutz meldeten, dass man mit Überschwemmungen in Moskau rechnen müsse. Wenn die Schneemassen schnell schmelzen, könne es passieren, dass die Moskauer Kanalisation überläuft.  

Neuseeland: Mann gräbt in seinem Garten und findet Panzer

Sex macht fröhlicher als Geld Laut der Studie 'Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empirical Study' von David Blanchflower und Andrew Oswald macht mehr Sex fröhlicher als mehr Geld zu verdienen. An der Studie nahmen mehr als 16.000 Amerikaner teil.  ...weiter

South Korea has the shameful record of having had the longest serving political prisoners in the world, including Kim Sun Myoung, who was imprisoned for 44 years in solitary confinement. It is now time for people of conscience to rise up and add our voices to the movement to end the NSL. Repeal of the NSL is the first step toward greater democracy, economic and social justice + unification of Korea. Abolish the NSL now!

ABOLISH THE NATIONAL SECURITY LAW! Promote Democracy, Peace + Human Rights in Korea!

We, the undersigned, urge the government of South Korea to immediately abolish the National Security Law (NSL). We submit this statement in solidarity with the millions of Koreans who have been waging a determined campaign to eliminate this draconian tool of authoritarian control. For far too long, the NSL has been a barrier to peaceful unification and resulted in an authoritarian culture of fear and suspicion - dividing families and marginalizing communities. Already, the right-wing is red-baiting civic leaders and public officials who support the repeal. We can no longer stand by and allow the NSL to be used to silence people whose only crime has been to exercise their basic rights to freedom of expression and association.

23.Mar.2005 ABOLISH THE NATIONAL SECURITY LAW! Petition ... Charlotte, NC Action Center for Justice, Charlotte, NC ... Smith, New York, New York Jason Jones, Fishers, Indiana ... CA Hosung Yi, Hillsboro, Oregon George McCollough ...

23.Mar.2005 Foreign Policy In Focus: Justice Not War US Statement – religious ... Jason Jones, First Christian Church Rev ... Richard Killmer, Director, Environmental Justice, National Council ... Leslie, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Elizabeth A ... /Usstatements/religious_body.html

23.Mar.2005 GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIPS WITH FAITH-BASED SERVICE PROVIDERS: THE ... - View as HTML ... Joann Corey, Jason Jones, Brian Miklos, Michael Patrick, Karen Weiss, and Mara Zonderman contributed to the research in this report + we thank them for ...

Catarina - climate change signal? The development of the first ever hurricane in the South Atlantic is another part of the climate change jigsaw... More about Tropical cyclones
Psychologie, Religion & Glauben ... dass in den USA die Fördermittel für Minderbegabte gestrichen wurden) ... Damit macht sich der Fundamentalist zum Gefangenen seiner eigenen ...

23.Mar.2005 Das Wartburg Gästebuch /Guestbook ... has always been the focus for Jews, unlike Christians ) -- not only do they have ... Protest the Militarist-Nationalist- Fundamentalist Barbarian thieves: ...

Das Wartburg Gästebuch /Guestbook ... Christians against the Jewish Manipulations Empire; Alfred OLSEN's channel Holy ... Protest the Militarist-Nationalist- Fundamentalist Barbarian thieves: ...

23.Mar.2005 On the go: February 2005 Archives ... by the Christian fundamentalist and religious-right warrior Timothy LaHaye ... Christians know that God has made the earth sufficiently large with ...

68/14... dass die Bibel im öffentlichen Diskurs der letzten Jahre in den USA dazu ... 49 SF Harding, The Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and ...

23.Mar.2005 Seite 4-8, BERLINER DIALOG 18-19, 3/4-1999... 1985 gründet Miller seine eigene Organisation "Concerned Christians " ... hatte ein militanter australischer christlicher Fundamentalist in der Al

23.Mar.2005 - Die USA auf dem Weg in eine Diktatur? ... Regimes der USA und Großbritanniens verhängten Sanktionen zu überleben ... uprising shook the foundations of Iran’s ruling fundamentalist regime ...

23.Mar.2005 Fundamentalismus und christlicher Glaube... welcher Mensch dann zusätzlich noch ein ??? Fundamentalist “ sein könnte. ...In den USA wird 1919 die Worlds Christians Fundamentals Association gegründet. ..

23.Mar.2005 USA catholic social teaching - course unit 3 The understanding of female Christians has to break up the part of the woman .. the influence of those fundamentalist sects, which come from the USA ...

[FIGU- SONDER-BULLETIN ... those fanatical and fundamentalist Christians who err to think that alone ... his way unscrupulously and irresponsibly by some of the people of the USA ...

23.Mar.2005 Contagious Pestilence Seizes upon the Nation... evangelical/fundamentalist Christians becomes ever more difficult ... With the delight of the psychically disturbed, the leadership of the USA has

23.Mar.2005 20050116 web stats Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind ... nicolas tesla ". " nicole tesla ". /. 20050113 ...patents based on the work of Nicolas > Tesla + E-Systems,..

23.Mar.2005 Navy Captain, Other Officials Call for Probe of Israel’s Attack on ... President Lyndon B . Johnson “had ordered us to put the lid on it,” Boston ... Finally, Walsh notes, former NSA and CIA director Adm. Bobby Ray Inman ,..
Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover: 5 Admirals, UC Regents, Carlyle ... Director of the NSA, Deputy Director of the CIA under William Casey, Vice Director ... In two years Admiral Bobby Ray Inman took over the space program,..

21.Mär.2005 Matthew Yglesias: At My Own Expense ... former NSA director and former CIA deputy director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman + former NSA directors William Studeman and William Odom ...
Untitled Document ... my investigation of Admiral Bobby Ray Inman revealed that he was THE Admiral at ... Director of the NSA, Deputy Director of the CIA under William Casey,.. www.deep b
Ist kreativität erlernbar? ... auch noch die psychologische Kreativitätsforschung der 50er und 60er Jahre ... Diese Begabung sollte in der Frühphase der Kreativitätsforschung durch ...

21. Mär.2005 Kreative Felder: Das Erfolgsgeheimnis kreativer Persönlichkeiten - HTML-Version... Die klassische Kreativitätsforschung hat sich auf der Suche nach den Quellen ... Während man sich in der neueren Kreativitätsforschung (Gardner 1998,..
[03:03] Pieta (pieta[MALPA] left irc: leaving ... RH jutro instaluje debiana na servie au siebie w domu juz mam od tygodnie :P ... "Sztuczna Inteligencja nie ma szans z Naturalna Glupota" - John Henders ...

1738 8163375 Aa C. van der M 1255 37- 1749 7545582 Aa M. v/d M ... 43- 1751 8072328 Deursen P. van M 2083 43- 0843 7221192 Deuss LJ M 1837 ... M 1490 39- 0634 6689155 Jongerius MAM M 1647 44- 0937
Banking and Financial Institution ... Senior management: John Chr MAM Deuss – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Timothy Ulrich – President; Dominique Smith – Senior Vice President; ...

Top 10 nouveaux riches ... 19) John Chr . MAM Deuss (59) 0,75 miljard/oliehandel Deuss, die afwisselend in Berg en Dal, op Bermuda en de Antillen verblijft, heeft twee vliegtuigen ... https://www.elite-research

Kort door de bocht Uittreksels ... 19) John Chr . MAM Deuss (59) 0,75 miljard Oliehandel Deuss, die afwisselend in Berg en Dal, op Bermuda en de Antillen verblijft, heeft twee vliegtuigen ... https://www.elite-research

His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani R ... John Chr . MAM Deuss, Chairman, Transworld Oil Limited. Henry O. Dormann, Chairman + Editor-in-Chief, LEADERS Magazine. Irene Farber, Director, Piaget ... .

16.Feb.1967 gaat de dan 24 jarige Jan J. Chr . MAM (zeg maar John ) Deuss failliet. Hij is dan direkteur van een bedrijf dat japanse Hino auto's en... JOC-oil ... ...

2003 Annual Review ... John Chr . MAM Deuss . K. Terry Dornbush. Maurits E. Edersheim. Lane C. Grijns. Calvin H. Haber. Ottho Heldring. Neil D. Karbank. Charles L. Laurey ...

23.Mar.2005 Rumsfeld Cautions Iraqis on New Government: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld warned Iraqi politicians today to be "darned careful" in forming a new government that they not weaken Iraqi security forces. He also indirectly blamed Turkey for the persistent strength of the Iraqi insurgency.

23.Mar.2005 US Ambassador to Turkey quits: The US Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman resigned yesterday from his post in Ankara and also from the U.S. foreign service.

23.Mar.2005 U.S. Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves — Soviet Intelligence Chief : Referring to his meeting with an unnamed al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., Shebarshin said: “We have agreed that [al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion.”

23.Mar.2005 U.S. Broadcast Exclusive: Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil Spark Political Fight Between Neocons + Big Oil

23.Mar.2005 Two years later, military is depleted : Two years after the USA launched a war in Iraq with a crushing display of power, a guerrilla conflict is grinding away at the resources of the U.S. military + casting uncertainty over the fitness of the all-volunteer force, according to senior military leaders

23.Mar.2005 Army's top civilian leader says service to pull out all stops to boost force : The Army is offering more incentives and boosting the number of recruiters by one-third to entice men and women to join the active-duty Army, National Guard and Reserve, Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey said on Saturday.

23.Mar.2005 An Indecent Administration Rolls On : Once again, Bush scorns international humanitarian standards. This time he's fighting to save capital punishment.

23.Mar.2005 Rep.Ron Paul: Where is Your Money Going?: $150 million for Pakistan, which is run by an unelected dictator.

23.Mar.2005 The U.S. Dollar's Days as the World's Reserve Currency are Numbered

23.Mar.2005 DiLorenzo Is Right About Lincoln : Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was little more than a political gimmick + he admitted so in a letter to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase

23.Mar.2005 The end for GM crops: Final British trial confirms threat to wildlife Yet another nail was hammered into the coffin of the GM food industry in UK yesterday when the final trial of a four-year series of experiments found, once more, that genetically modified crops can be harmful to wildlife.

21.Mar.2005 Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve: He left a Marine recruiter + returned a peacenik.

23.Mar.2005 Resurgent Russia challenges US: International terrorism has been strengthened after three years of war as evidenced by the upsurge in terrorist strikes worldwide.

23.Mar.2005 In a warped reality Two years on, the occupiers justify the war by embracing the irrelevant + ignoring the inconvenient

23.Mar.2005 Interview with "Unembedded" Journalist Dahr Jamail : "Without a doubt the pentagon is lying everyday"

23.Mar.2005 Iran to restart nuclear programme A senior Iranian official has confirmed that the Islamic republic is to end its self-imposed moratorium on the national nuclear programme + continue to work for its completion.

23.Mar.2005 Rice suggests more forceful N. Korea plan Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday that she had raised with Asian allies the prospect of using "other options in the international system" against North Korea if it persists in refusing to return to six-nation talks

23.Mar.2005 North Korea says not opposed to nuke talks: North Korea had also said on Monday it was prepared to mobilise its military to thwart any "provocative moves".

23.Mar.2005 U.S. Embassy denies allies were misled: The USA Embassy in Seoul yesterday disputed an article published by The Washington Post, which indicated the USA had misled Asian allies about nuclear exports by North Korea.

23.Mar.2005 China Appeals to EU to Lifting Weapons Ban European diplomats say the EU is reconsidering a plan to lift the embargo following China's passage of the law 14.Mar.2005 authorizing an attack if Taiwan pursues independence.

23.Mar.2005 Wolfowitz and the Coming Wars : The inserting of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank is actually part of a global war strategy. The idea is to put Bush loyalists and ideologues wherever they can advance the neocon agenda + undermine international organizations.

23.Mar.2005 Annan Seeks Approval for Sweeping Changes : He urged the leaders to ``act boldly'' and adopt ``the most far-reaching reforms in the history of the United Nations,'' which was founded in 1945.

23.Mar.2005 Supreme Court blocks al-Qa'ida witnesses: The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in connection with the 11 September 2001 attacks, to be allowed to have three captured al-Qa'ida suspects testify in his defence.

23.Mar.2005 CIA uses jet, Red Sox partner confirms: Phillip H. Morse, a minority partner of the Boston Red Sox, confirmed yesterday that his private jet has been chartered to the CIA and said he was aware that it had been flown to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where more than 500 terrorism suspects are held, as well as other overseas destinations.

23.Mar.2005 Robert Fisk: Grass always covers the graves : We journalists are students of human folly. Palestine, Iraq, the Gulf, Persia; for more than a hundred years, our Western meddling in the Middle East falls under that label "folly". A "foolish ... and expensive undertaking that ends in disaster" is how one dictionary defines this. I suspect it also contains an unhealthy mix of vanity and hubris.

23.Mar.2005 Greek Orthodox church mired in Jerusalem land row : The Greek Orthodox church in the holy land, already mired in financial and political scandal, has been accused of secretly selling off a prime Arab area of Jerusalem's old city to Jewish settlers.

23.Mar.2005 John Pilger: They are afraid of you All over the world, people like you expressed their defiance + anger at the unprovoked attack on Iraq, a defenseless country + the killing of more than 100,000 people + the theft of their resources + the poisoning of their land: all of it justified by demonstrable lies.

23.Mar.2005 Media Downplay Historic Day of Protests: The second anniversary of the war was the impetus for major demonstrations throughout the world.

In the USA, over 800 communities held events calling for an end to the occupation.

23.Mar.2005 The Loyal Opposition: The antiwar movement sits back as if in a state of paralysis.

Occasionally, for a single day, it reacts. Its function in US society is to serve the master by arguing with him in a great show of objection while tacitly accepting the premise behind his brutality - that he is right.

23.Mar.2005 The road home: To end the war, voices of military personnel and their families will be essential

23.Mar.2005 Further West Bank Illegal Expansion Confirmed by Israel : Israel has publicly confirmed plans to build 3,500 new housing units in the largest Jewish settlement in the West Bank, Maale Adumim + Palestinians angrily responded that such an action would violate the Middle East peace plan

23.Mar.2005 Arab leaders urged not to compromise: ThoUSAds of Egyptian university students have urged Arab leaders, meeting at a summit in Algeria, not to compromise with Israel with regard to the Middle East peace process.

23.Mar.2005 In Algiers, Arabs reject big shift on Israel : Only 13 of the 22 leaders turned up for the gathering. Others were staying away for health reasons or because of personal disputes.

23.Mar.2005 Putin vows to cooperate with Arab League on Mideast issues : The president said Moscow is closely watching the dynamic development of the events in this region.

23.Mar.2005 France warns Israel against new settlements : "The pursuit of settlement building is contrary to the Road Map, which calls for a freezing (of settlements). It prejudges the result of the final negotiations," which aim to determine the boundaries between Israel and the Palestinian state.

23.Mar.2005 House Sets Limits on Palestinian Aid : Congress approved a foreign-aid package this week forbidding any direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority and, in a rare snub, denying the president the authority to waive restrictions in the interest of national security.

23.Mar.2005 Ukraine Orders Iraq Pullout : President Viktor Yushchenko has signed an order for the withdrawal of Ukraine's troops from Iraq, the head of the country's security council said Tuesday

23.Mar.2005 Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39 : The U.S. Army, stung by recruiting shortfalls caused by the Iraq war, has raised the maximum age for new recruits for the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard by five years to 39, officials said on Monday.

23.Mar.2005 In Mexico, burying soldiers killed in a U.S. war : Fernando Suárez del Solar, a U.S. citizen who began a family in Mexico with a Tijuana woman, said a Marine Corps recruiter started working on his son, Jesús, when the boy was only 14 and still living in Tijuana.

23.Mar.2005 'I'll hold Blair to account' : Reg Keys wasn't interested in politics until his son Tom was killed in Iraq in a war he insists was 'illegal and immoral'. Which makes him the ideal candidate to stand against the prime minister in his Sedgefield constituency, he tells Stuart Jeffries

23.Mar.2005 May I have the envelope, please
So why is the Bushgang so intent on encouraging democracy all over the world? William Blum
I magine if during the Cold War, Hungary had held an "election" under Soviet occupation, in which the voters did not know the names of the candidates or what they stood for + no candidate or party called for the withdrawal of Soviet troops. The USA media would have had a field day poking fun at this farce.

23.Mar.2005 Arbeiterliteratur in Deutschland URL:
Literaturlenkung im Dritten Reich Bd2 Eine annotierte Bibliographie von Bibliographien URL:
Literaturlenkung im Dritten Reich Bd1 Eine Bibliographie URL:
23.Mar.2005 URL: On the other hand, the Republicans have used this controversy disingenuously, turning a state matter into a federal matter (despite their constant bleatings about state's rights) and constructing law around a single instance, always a recipe for bad legislation.
And they've gone to these lengths for to placate the religious right, not out of concern for the patient. In short, this is
all about politics:
ABC News obtained talking points circulated among Senate Republicans explaining why they should vote to intervene in the Schiavo case. Among them, that it is an important moral issue and the "pro-life base will be excited," and that it is a "great political issue — this is a tough issue for Democrats." If you read Daily Kos, you've already seen the most astounding revelation to come out of this controversy. In 1999, the governor of Texas -- a fella named Bush -- signed legislation containing this language:
If the patient or the person responsible for the health care decisions of the patient is requesting life-sustaining treatment that the attending physician has decided and the review process has affirmed is inappropriate treatment, the patient shall be given available life-sustaining treatment pending transfer under Subsection (d). The patient is responsible for any costs incurred in transferring the patient to another facility. The physician and the health care facility are not obligated to provide life-sustaining treatment after the 10th day after the written decision required under Subsection (b) is provided to the patient or the person responsible for the health care decisions of the patient... (My emphasis added.)
Asked about this embarrassment from the past, Scott McClellan said that the 1999 legislation was signed to make sure that "actions were being taken that were in accordance with the wishes of the patient or the patient's family." In fact, the wording makes clear that the law was intended to have precisely the opposite effect.
The six-month-old baby of a woman named Wanda Hudson was killed by doctors, against the wishes of the mother, as a direct result of the law Bush signed.
FOX News guarding the henhouse: A "non-partisan" voting rights group just sprang up out of nowhere. Needless to say, they are well-funded and boast among their leaders one Jim Dyke, "the RNC Communications Director during the 2004 election and...currently a 'Republican Strategist' for FOX News." (Those last five words seem odder and odder the more I re-read them.)
From what I can tell, they are trying to switch the subject away from the all-too-hackable compu-vote machines inflicted on us by Howard Ahmanson and his fellow theocrats. Instead, they hope to convince the country that the real problem is fraudulent registration. This has been the RNC spin for months now. URL:
23.Mar.2005 Maryland's miserable machines: Do state elections boards lie to the public? You bet. Maryland's officials tried to convince the good citizens of that state that computerized voting equipment performed admirably in the 2004 vote. In fact, these machines compiled a horrendous record, with an astounding number of
misfires and lost votes:
"Election Day was anything but smooth. Votes were lost, computer cards storing votes were unreadable, thoUSAds of error messages were reported, machines froze in mid-voting and machines refused to boot up. The problems with the machines were so widespread and serious that efforts to hide the problems have failed," said Linda Schade, director of "It is not sufficient for Diebold and the SBE to investigate themselves. They have misled the public about this problem and an independent investigation is needed. Further, these problems indicate that the Diebold machines should be decertified as required by Maryland law and as provided for in the Diebold contract..." See also
here. A big problem was screen lock-up, occurring just as a vote was cast. Would a vote cast under such a circumstance be counted or not? Even the experts don't know. (It's a hit-or-miss affair -- sort of like trying to get a post onto Blogger in recent days.)
"Malfunctions" in key districts can, of course, grant a win to the wrong candidate. URL:
23.Mar.2005 Our revolting vote I still haven't quite recovered from feeling burnt-out on the vote fraud issue. But there are a few links you should know about. In brief:
Rigged aggregators : This is one of the most promising areas of investigation. From
Democratic Underground:
In auditing the tabulators, it is absolutely crucial we expose the rigged aggregator code. Spread the message to every blog you can find....
This happened in every single precinct it seems there is which had record turnout registration, leaving only two explanations that could EVER account for this result
A) In every single PRECINCT, of every state in the USA, specifically the swing states, at every local level race, the exit poll takers polled the WRONG VOTER AREAS across the entire board. The result of this happening whether it be 50, 100, or 200 precincts across the U.S.A and regardless of denomination, is in the odds of less than .000000001 percent, it has the possibility of happening if lightning strikes the same place TWICE in the same exact minute.
B) The exit poll results have been cooked + voters purged. The probability of this is more than 45%, over 1000 times higher than the previous explanation. Also see
here -- an important new blog on this very subject.
Blackwell wants to depose Kerry and Edwards! Remember how Ohio's flagrantly corrupt elections chieftain Ken Blackwell refused to be deposed by the Conyers committee? Well, now Blackwell says that -- pursuant to the ongoing Ohio recount case -- he will need to
depose John Kerry and John Edwards!
"Mr. Blackwell's contention that he needs to depose Senators Kerry and Edwards is a laughable and blatantly political move. Mr. Blackwell has refused to be deposed himself about the Ohio election, has refused to appear before Congress and has refused to answer questions from members of the House Judiciary Committee who have been investigating allegations of election fraud. To suggest that Kerry and Edwards should be deposed to address a legal technicality while Mr. Blackwell continues to avoid any public scrutiny of his own misconduct in the Ohio election is the height of hypocrisy," said Blair Bobier, Media Director for the 2004 Cobb-LaMarche campaign. URL:
23.Mar.2005 Last word from Moby Singer Moby is no dick. Here's an excerpt from a recent interview (translated from the German):
"The corruption with electronic voting machines is terrible. I don´t want to exaggerate - but since the year 2000 the USA are not a democratic country anymore. In the year 2000 Al Gore won with 800´000 votes ahead. Bush took place in the office. It was a coup. And we all watched. Europe ought to march into the States to bring back democracy." In that light, you may want to check out the commentary
here. URL:
. Worse than ludicrous: Intentionally deceptive. URL:
23.Mar.2005 They're lying to you about the exit polls. Here's the proof. ( Note: I consider this post the most important one I've written on vote fraud in quite a while -- you'll see why by the end. I'll be grateful to readers and fellow bloggers who help spread this news around.)
I may owe you folks an apology.
Yesterday, I directed your attention to
this report, by an entity called the Social Science Research Council, on the exit poll discrepancies -- a report I had not actually read at the time I linked to it. Turns out the damn thing is a politely-worded whitewash based on the presumption that the exits, not the "actuals," must have been flawed.
Indeed, the biggest "flaws," according to the SSRC, were the leaks of early exit poll results -- even though no-one has presented one particle of evidence indicating that information published on various blogs on election day affected anyone's vote. (Are that many Iowa farmers really die-hard fans of Daily Kos?)
However, we do know from other sources that, as the night progressed, the exit polls were conformed to match incoming "actual" data. Thus, only the early exit polls offer any sort of objective indication as to whether the vote was honest.
In the Ukraine, only the exit polls -- and nothing else -- indicated the problems with that nation's election. If, in the future, the unconformed polling data remains hidden, as the SSRC insists it must, then we will never learn whether an exit/actual discrepancy exits.
So why, in the eyes of the SSRC, did the exit polls show a Kerry win?
The SSRC researchers believe that there was a demonstrable Democratic bias in the data + they repeat the National Election Poll line that "differential response" is to blame. This amounts to an endorsement of what I call the "chatty Dem" theory: "Kerry voters were more likely to agree to be interviewed while Bush voters were less likely."
Both the NEP and the SSRC place this explantion in the "subjective" file -- which means they have no proof. One could, with as much evidence, decree that the exit poll numbers were changed by a wave of Professor Dumbledore's wand.
Fortunately, we now have concrete evidence that the "chatty Dem" explanation is wrong, wrong, wrong .
The evidence can be found in
this Democratic Underground forum, which derives from an analysis by "Truth Is All," who has done a great deal of fine work in this area. (Even so, I do wish progressives would choose less embarrassing pseudonyms!)
The exit pollsters, as we all should know, did not merely ask folks whether they pulled the lever for Bush or Kerry in 2004. The polls included a number of other questions. Specifically, respondents were asked to divulge the recipient of their vote in the year 2000.
In a preliminary exit poll released on CNN at 12:22 a.m., the results for the query about 2000 were 41% Bush, 38% Gore.
Two hours later, the final exit poll was released. At that time, the respondents said that they had voted in 2000 in a ratio of 43% Bush, 37% Gore.
Have you found the oddity yet? Feel free to re-read the last two paragraphs. And when you do, ponder this little factoid:
Al Gore WON the popular vote in 2000!!!
How, prithee, can the NEP and the SSRC (not to mention Dick Morris and innumerable other GOP propagandists) ask us to believe that the exit polls were skewed in favor of John Kerry? If such weighting existed, then the question about the 2000 race would have resulted in a demonstrable preference for Al Gore.
If you scroll further down in the DU forum, you will note that one reader suggested that 2004 respondents may have lied about who they voted for in the year 2000. But this "explanation" explains exactly nothing. If, as alleged, the exit polls were weighted in favor of the Democrats, why would Kerry supporters make false claims about having voted for George W. Bush in the previous cycle? Logic and experience tell us that people are usually reticent to mention that they once voted for a candidate who has since left them feeling disenchanted and ill-used.
But once we allow ourselves to consider the possibility that the exit polling was actually weighted in favor of Bush -- well . Much is explained.
Obviously, any party attempting to rig the election would also have to think seriously about ways to shade the exit polls.
"Truth Is All" further points out that if the 43% "I voted for W in 2000" figure is correct, then we can extrapolate that number into a figure of some 52.5 million voters. In fact, Bush received 50.5 ballots in the year 2000 -- and a number of those voters must have died or switched parties. Here we have a further indicator that that the NEP results were indeed manipulated -- against Kerry, not for him.
So: According to Warren Mitofsky and those wacky folks at the SSRC, the exit polls were marred by an over-abundant supply of "chatty Dems" who -- for God knows what reason -- bragged about voting for Dubya. And this, we are told, is why we must weight the 2008 exit polls more heavily favor of the G.O.P.
These people are not only rationalizing the 2004 vote theft, they are laying the groundwork for an even grander heist in the future. URL:
Das politische Jahr 97/98: Das Jahr der Hyperkorruption ... DM 66,7 Mrd.) die Korruptionsquote von 30 Prozent mit einrechnen ... Mit der durchschnittlichen Korruptionsquote von 30 Prozent, verschwinden also 100 ...

Suchbegriff im Artikel markieren - Seite verschicken - Ähnliche Seiten anzeigen
Arbeitnehmerkoalitionen, Mitbestimmung und Soldidaritätsgruppen ... liegt die Korruptionsquote bei Gewerkschaften bei ungefähr 1%, während die Korruptionsrate von Managern von Topunternehmern auf 11% geschätzt wird ...  
Geschäftszahlen: TUI verdoppelt Gewinn

23.Mar.2005 Bestechungsvorwürfe: Neue Ermittlungen gegen Berlusconi

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Search Results .. So write John Stanton and Wayne Madsen in a chilling analysis ... has worked with the world's premier dirty banks, including BCCI, Nugan Hand and BNL ...

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@forums - The Savings & Loan Scandal ... Wayne Madsen The BCCI-Bush connection is, it could be argued an ‘accidental’ one,.. the Vatican and its right-wing connections through BNL ...

Liberation News Service: October 2004 Archives ... Wayne Madsen, According to White House ... BNL was a client of Kissinger Associates + Henry Kissinger was on the ...

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Dienstleistungsrichtlinie: EU-Staaten einigen sich auf Änderung

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23.Mar.2005 Weltbank-Nachfolge: EU hat Bedenken gegen Wolfowitz

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GDDC | Direitos Humanos | Portugal e os Direitos Humanos ... Asbestos - With reference to the general question concerning the ... taken to protect the health of persons exposed to asbestos (Conclusions XIII-4 p.
23.Mar.2005 [
A luta contra as doenças provocadas pelo amianto em Portugal face aos - Ver em HTML ... e com contornos desonestos, a que uma organização denominada Asbestos ... Workshop to Discuss a Proposed Protocol to Assess Asbestos -Related Risk.
Minnesota school shooter on neo-Nazi Web sites-rpt - Reuters AlertNet - 10 hours ago [ANTIBOLSCHEWISTISCHE FRONT WORLD ANTICUMMUNIST LEAGUE .]. [S&B322]

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23.Mar.2005 Iftikhar Arif Dr. Saeed Akhtar Durrani - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed. Dr. Durrani earned his MSc degree from Government College Lahore and Ph.D. physics in Radiation ...

23.Mar.2005 News Bytes - August 04, 2003 ... Arif Durrani, a Pakistani-born man convicted of selling anti-aircraft missile parts to Iran during the Iran-Contra scandal recently asked a Connecticut ...

[Siskind's Immigration Bulletin August 04, 2003 - View as HTML ... Arif Durrani, a Pakistani-born man convicted of selling anti-aircraft missile parts to. Iran during the Iran-Contra scandal recently asked a Connecticut ...

23.Mar.2005 or the web powered by FreeFind Site search Web search 00.000.19 ... A senior Pentagon official told CNN that Gilbert's remarks were "technically true ... while ignoring his command to feed the poor and cloth the naked ...

23.Mar.2005 United States of USA ... and William Dudley Pelley, the leader of the Silver Shirts ... That same month, a black inmate at an Ohio prison ... a crime against humanity" and that "[V]isiting the ...

23.Mar.2005 H1910 ... Z1 p.4) 1975 The US Supreme Court in the Goss vs ... 1975 California governor Jerry Brown signed the Inmate Bill of ... of the world's copper, 10% of its silver and 21 ...

23.Mar.2005 Disconnected Ramblings ... Jenna Bush April 19, 2004 5:46:29 PM BST. Great post. Who'd have thought I could get turned on thinking about Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfeld + John Ashcroft ? ...

23.Mar.2005 Truth, Lies + The Legend of 9/11, by Chaim Kupferberg, 10/21/03 - View as HTML ... Page 13. face, it was in the image of either Dick Cheney or Richard Perle. But then again, who marketed them as the latest powers behind the throne? ...

23.Mar.2005 Ace of Spades HQ ... I still remember when John Ashcroft warned — presciently — that al Qaeda might try to ... to the rest of their argument, because it's disconnected from reality ...

23.Mar.2005 Unscrewing The Inscrutable: April 2004 Archives ... is a religion, or that Dick Trickle is God ... Scody from Disconnected Ramblings asks an excellent question in ... Rushdoony, like Attorney General John Ashcroft, was a ...

McCord... mike twiddy, 1, 0.3 %. self centered disconnected, 1, 0.3 % ... All of this is nothing more than the ramblings of a foolish man ... Ashcroft : Bad, or Crazy? 0 || 0 >> 2310 ...

01.Seo.2004 –30-Sep.2004 .The River ... just described not only Killer Joe, but Killer George, Dick, Donnie, Colin ... charging Bush, Cheney, Rice, Mueller, Tenet, Rumsfeld + Ashcroft with complicity ...

31.Aug.2003The River ... A ruined economy-- that works too, to keep people fearful. Look at George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, John Ashcroft . Totalitarians ...

23.Mar.2005 Dirty Little Dots... fundraising kingpin + now (fully disconnected and cashed out ... man by the name of Ashcroft happened to be ... and flirtatiously porning her trite ramblings to the ...

23.Mar.2005 Membranophonist’s Ramblings » 2004 » October Membranophonist’s Ramblings ... George W. Bush is disconnected from reality ... the mendacious Dick Cheney + the Constitutionally challenged John Ashcroft ... /

23.Mar.2005 Angular Momentum Anomalies > > News > > Transfer of 13 Guantanamo ... Judge Rosemary Collyer of the US District Court for the District of ...seeking to transfer hundreds of Guantanamo detainees to prisons in Saudi Arabia, ..

23.Mar.2005 Al-Muhajabah's Islamic Blogs: How Bush's grandfather helped ... but the case was thrown out by Judge Rosemary Collier on the grounds that the ... Freedoms in Spain have been protected - Mar 11, 2005; Guantanamo jail

23.Mar.2005 PURITAN NEWS WEEKLY... financial history" by former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau." Wayne Madsen ... the Vatican and its right-wing connections through BNL .
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA - HTML versie ... zu stärken. Die Gründungsversammlung findet bezeichnenderweise in den Räumen der United States Steel Corporation statt. Hoover ...

23.Mar.2005 Iran News Links, the guide to Iran News sites ... Biography ,.. The community leader even repeated something said by Malaysia's former Prime Minister Dr. Mahatir Mohammad, about Israel controlling the US ...

29.Nov.1947 Armies of Liberation » The beleaguered UN aid agency, UNRWA, offers basic ... + by moving through history to pragmatism, beyond knee ... terrorism is abandoned, if a new broader sympathy ...

22.Mar.2005 Simulierte Epidemien: Hingerafft von Seuchen

22.Mar.2005 Suchmaschinen: Google will AFP-Meldungen aus dem Angebot nehmen

22.Mar.2005 Glimmende Halden: Die glühenden Berge der Kohlereviere

22.Mar.2005 Atomkonflikt: Nordkorea lehnt Japan als Gesprächspartner ab

22.Mar.2005 Netz-Schnüffler: Neue Suchmaschine erstellt Personenprofile

22.Mar.2005 Frühe Leistung: Babys erkennen auch Affengesichter

21.Mar.2005 Prominente Einbürgerung: Schachgenie Fischer wird aus Not Isländer

21.Mar.2005 Atomkonflikt: Rice droht Nordkorea mit "anderen Optionen"

George Hunter White a high-ranking US narcotics official who tested LSD on unwitting USA citizens at the behest of the CIA. "It was fun, fun, fun," said White. "Where else could a red-blooded USA lie, kill, cheat + rape with the sanction of the all-highest?"

Ronald Stark CIA informant and counterculture con man, produced 50 million doses of LSD before he was busted in Italy in the mid-1970s.

R. Gordon Wasson banker for J.P. Morgan, traveled to the Mexican highlands in the mid-1950s and participated in a magic mushroom ritual under the guidance of a local shaman. "For the first time," he wrote in Life magazine, "the word ecstasy took on real meaning. For the first time it did not mean someone else's state of mind."

Dr. Van Sim chief of the Clinical Research Division at Edgewood Arsenal (headquarters of the Army Chemical Corps), received the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service because he tried all new drugs, including LSD, on himself, before administering them to USA soldiers.

Lt. General William Creasy chief officer of the US Army Chemical Corps during the 1950s, preached a new, LSD-influenced military gospel of "war without death." During Congressional testimony, Creasy called for the testing of hallucinogenic gases on subways in major USA cities.

21.Mar.2005 William Burroughs mentor of the beat generation and author of Naked Lunch, was looking for the "final fix" when he participated in a yage ritual in South America in the early 1950s. He warned that hallucinogenic drugs could be used to control rather than liberate the vision-starved masses. "Remember," said Burroughs, "anything that can be done chemically can be done in other ways."
Links to further Burroughs & Beat-related sources.

Richard Alpert fired from Harvard along with Tim Leary for giving LSD to an undergraduate student, later visited India, met a guru + changed his name to Baba Ram Dass. -A Who's Who of Acid Dreams-

Harry Anslinger long-time head of USA Federal Narcotics Bureau, campaigned publicly against marijuana as a killer weed, but privately participated in a secret US foreign intelligence project that selected marijuana as a truth serum + described it in playful, sexual terms.

00.000.1960 -s- Julian Beck + the Living Theater experimental performing troupe that traveled extensively in Europe. "We were willing to experiment with anything that would set the mind free," said Beck.

21.Mar.2005 Helms: Defense RICHARD HELMS + A DEFENSE OF LYING. Helms was indicted for perjury in his testimony before USA Senate Foreign Relations Committee ...

04.Jan.1975 - Gerald Ford, Richard Helms (Topic: CIA Domestic Activities) p. 2/ 2. Citation: Box 8, National Security Adviser ...

21.Mar.2005 | Former CIA chief Richard Helms: a case of ... Richard Helms ' biographies list no single verifiable source for Helms ' early life .. The Richard Helms identity is inconsistent and vague in all of his ...

21.Mar.2005 Foreign Affairs - Two Agents, Two Paths: How the CIA Became a ...New portraits of Richard Helms and William Colby show how the Central Intelligence Agency evolved into the major player it is today. A Who's Who of Acid Dreams Richard Helms CIA director from 1967 to 1973, was a strong advocate of secret behavior control experiments; he described LSD as "dynamite."

21.Mar.2005 Richard Helms' Afghan Niece Leads Corps of Taliban Reps: ...For the people gathered here, the name brings back memories of Richard Helms, director of the CIA during the tumultuous 1960s, the era of Cuba and ... helms .shtm

21.Mar.2005 wais:topics: richard helms Former CIA officer Miles Seeley writes: Dick Helms went from entry-level OSS ... Could he tell us something about Helms, who like Robert Gates went from helms.htm

21.Mar.2005 Political Friendster - Richard Helms – Connections Richard Helms . Type, Individual. Position, Ex-CIA director. Political Party, Republican. Created by, mlwadd01. Richard Helms's Friends

Political Friendster - Rate Connection - Richard Helms connected ... Rate the Richard Helms - Bank of Credit and Commerce International connection ... and Director Richard Helms in particular, actually started the bank.

21.Mar.2005 Richard Helms Richard Helms : CIA Assassination, Regime Change, Mass Murder and Saddam ...With the death of former CIA director Richard Helms, the corporate media is

21.Mar.2005 The Gentlemanly Planner of Assassinations - The nasty career of ... Richard Helms, who died last week at age 89, was described by his biographer Thomas Powers as a "gentlemanly planner of assassinations.

21.Mar.2005 mhp: Helms, Richard M. Timeline, relationships, references.

21.Mar.2005 Richard Helms and BCCI... and the incorporation of Richard Helms ' Safeer Company was initially a ... Carlson and Irvani had moved on, leaving Richard Helms as the sole owner.

21.Mar.2005 - 'A Look over My Shoulder' by Richard Helms - who served as CIA director from 1966 to 1973,.. In 1967 Lyndon Johnson appointed Helms CIA director, a position he held until Richard ...

07.Aug.1964 Affidavit Of Richard Helms The following affidavit was executed by Richard Helms PRESIDENT'S COMMISSION ON THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY ...

Richard Helms -"Rick" to his friends is a forensic psychologist, working in the courts of North Carolina. Unlike Gallegher, he has been uncommonly ... helms

21.Mar.2005 Richard Helms ... DCI Allen Dulles commences MKULTRA at the instigation of Richard Helms . ...

02.Feb.1973 Richard M. Nixon fires Richard Helms, after Helms is loyal to ...

21.Mar.2005 Biography: Richard Helms b. St Davids, Philadelphia,

30.Mar.1913-22.Oct.2002 d. Richard Helms - As one commentator pointed out at

CIA Photographs: Richard Helms Central Intelligence Agency. Open Debate on the Kennedy Assassination. Assassination of John F. Kennedy. James Richards ... helms.htm

21.Mar.2005 In answer to the question "Can we learn from history?", the IWG's consulting historians noted "The real question is not whether we will make use of our past to deal with the present, but rather how well we will do so. To do it well, we need these documents."
(Note 5)

"This secret CIA history is full of documents we never would have seen under the Freedom of Information Act, because Congress in 1984 gave the CIA an exemption for its 'operational' files, on the grounds that such files were too sensitive ever to be released," commented Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive. "The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act has proven this assumption false. Release of these files has done no damage to national security, has provided information of enormous public interest and historical importance + however belatedly, has brought a measure of accountability to government operations at variance with mainstream USA values."

21.Mar.2005 The IWG enlisted the help of key academic scholars to consult during the declassification process + these historians released their own interpretation of the declassified material last May (2004) in a publication called
US Intelligence and the Nazis.

The introduction to this book emphasizes the dilemma of using former Nazis as assets:

"The notion that they [CIA, Army Counterintelligence Corp, Gehlen organization] employed only a few bad apples will not stand up to the new documentation. Some USA intelligence officials could not or did not want to see how many German intelligence officials, SS officers, police, or non-German collaborators with the Nazis were compromised or incriminated by their past service… Hindsight allows us to see that USA use of actual or alleged war criminals was a blunder in several respects…there was no compelling reason to begin the postwar era with the assistance of some of those associated with the worst crimes of the war. Lack of sufficient attention to history-and, on a personal level, to character and morality-established a bad precedent, especially for new intelligence agencies. It also brought into intelligence organizations men and women previously incapable of distinguishing between their political/ideological beliefs and reality. As a result, such individuals could not and did not deliver good intelligence. Finally, because their new, professed 'democratic convictions' were at best insecure and their pasts could be used against them (some could be blackmailed), these recruits represented a potential security problem." (Note 3)

The Gehlen organization profiled in the newly posted CIA history represents one of the most telling examples of these pitfalls. Timothy Naftali, a University of Virginia professor and consulting historian to the IWG who focused heavily on the declassified CIA material, highlighted the problems posed by our relationship with Gehlen: "Reinhard Gehlen was able to use U.S. funds to create a large intelligence bureaucracy that not only undermined the Western critique of the Soviet Union by protecting and promoting war criminals but also was arguably the least effective and secure in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As many in U.S. intelligence in the late 1940s had feared would happen, the Gehlen Organization proved to be the back door by which the Soviets penetrated the Western alliance." (Note 4)

The documents annexed in the CIA history posted today by the Archive echo the observations of Professor Naftali. While placing much of the blame on the Army Counterintelligence Corps' initial approach to Gehlen, this history emphasizes the CIA's own reluctance to adopt responsibility for Gehlen's organization, yet the documents show the CIA ultimately embracing Gehlen.

Some of the highlights from this secret CIA documentary history include: A May 1, 1952 report detailing how Gehlen and his network were initially approached by U.S. army intelligence. (Document 6)

21.Mar.2005 An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control... f) the availability of public information on the scheme and the ... the first World War, where the police began chemical crowd control using bombs

21.Mar.2005 Government agenda behind pedophiles... used by the media as the champion of the cause of no war against Iraq . ...rarity: a public official/law enforcement officer who actually appeared to be

21.Mar.2005 Texte zur Aufarbeitung... In diesem Sinne können viele Ostdeutsche ihre reale Biographie erzählen. ...August Rostberg, Wintershall AG; Emil Helfferich, HAPAG Hamburg; ...


00.000.1872-00.000.1924 Helfferich, Karl, Großbankier, konservativer Politiker,.. Kaufmanns- + Bankiersfamilie Nachmann,

00.000.1866 00.000.1872-00.000.1924 Helfferich, Karl, mit Emil Rathenau verheiratet ...

21.Mar.2005 Indymedia Barcelona: neofascismo detras de los atentados en atocha Participaciones: 8% DEFEX . Grupo EXPAL: Explosivos de Burgos (EDB), ...importancia de la red "Fuerza Nueva" del dirigente fascista espanol, Blas Pinar.

21.Mar.2005 CIA, White House Defend Transfers of Terror Suspects: It is illegal under U.S. and international law to send someone to a country where torture is likely.

21.Mar.2005 We Have Become What We Claim To Loathe.: "Extraordinary Rendition"? Let us call it what it is: the outsourcing of torture. Having other countries do our dirty work for us. And it stinks to high heaven.

21.Mar.2005 Responsibility for prisoner mistreatment has gone AWOL : ''To suggest that senior officials were blameless in fostering the command climate that led to the behavior of those junior guards at the prison is simply not credible,'' retired Army general officer John Johns told Knight Ridder.

21.Mar.2005 Independent Media: Enemy Target  : Although, there is no “evidence” of a systematic policy to kill journalists, it seem that a policy of preventing independent media reporting from the war is the US administration top priority.

21.Mar.2005 US suspends Nicaragua military aid: THE USA has decided to suspend military aid to Nicaragua until it destroys all Soviet-made SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles

21.Mar.2005 Divided Bolivia likely close to a showdown : The real showdown in South America's poorest nation -- driven by ethnic, class and ideological differences -- has only begun, many analysts say.

21.Mar.2005 Construction of gas pipeline between Bolivia, Argentina suspended: Bolivia boasts 53 trillion cubic feet in natural gas reserves, the second largest in Latin America after Venezuela.

21.Mar.2005 The CIA and Nazi War Criminals: National Security Archive Posts Secret CIA History Released Under Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act

21.Mar.2005 USA's Agenda for Global Military Domination : The Pentagon has released the summary of a top secret Pentagon document, which sketches USA's agenda for global military domination.

21.Mar.2005 China has right to restore territorial integrity - Putin: "The Soviet Union and Russia have always been in favor of China's territorial integrity. We have not changed our position and think that China has a right to fully restore its territorial integrity.

21.Mar.2005 Could China's Quest for Oil Calm Central Asia's Militants?: Giant China's need for energy resources is driving it to make deals where USA refuses or fears to tread.

21.Mar.2005 Paul Wolfowitz: A sheep in wolf's clothing?: In a now notorious Vanity Fair interview, he even seemed to admit that the entire public rationale for war was a deliberate lie:

21.Mar.2005 The poodle and the Wolf : If he's serious about Africa, Blair must oppose Bush's World Banker

21.Mar.2005 Deceit and dollars: U.S. foreign policy secrets: Confessons of an Economic Hit Man is a numbing unveiling of the Ugly American, an awakening of why people in the Middle East + South America hate U.S. policies + corporations.

21.Mar.2005 US warns its citizens in Venezuela USA has warned of a possible imminent threat to USA interests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas + advised Americans there to boost their security precautions through to 20.Jan.2005 Jailed Without Charges: Yvon Nept

21.Mar.2005 Ukrainian prosecutor: Weapons dealers sold nuclear-capable missiles to Iran, China : Ukrainian weapons dealers smuggled 18 nuclear-capable cruise missiles to Iran + China during former President Leonid Kuchma's administration, prosecutors said Friday.

21.Mar.2005 'One huge US jail' : Afghanistan is the hub of a global network of detention centres, the frontline in USA's 'war on terror', where arrest can be random and allegations of torture commonplace. Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark investigate on the ground and talk to former prisoners

21.Mar.2005 Media Self-Censored Some Iraq Coverage : Many media outlets self-censored their reporting on the Iraq (news - web sites) invasion because of concerns about public reaction to graphic images and content

21.Mar.2005 Department of Defense Releases the National Defense and the National Military Strategies : These strategies seek to create conditions conducive to respect for the sovereignty of nations and a secure international order favorable to freedom, democracy + economic opportunity.

21.Mar.2005 Israeli forces invade West Bank towns: The Israeli occupation forces stormed West Bank town of Tobas early Saturday and blocked its northern entrance

21.Mar.2005 Army vice chief of staff Cody worried about future of all-volunteer military : “The all-volunteer force is close to breaking right now,” said retired Maj. Gen. Edward Atkeson, now a prolific author on military affairs and a senior fellow at the Institute of Land Warfare. “When it does break, that’s when you’ll see the draft come back.”

21.Mar.2005 Scott Ritter Says Get Ready For The Draft: “A breakdown of our military’s ability to handle these adventures. Congress will be confronted with that and congress will have to take action. So, the blame will be thrust on the shoulders of congress + the Bush administration will say ‘Well, we didn’t want this’. But, it had to happen.”

21.Mar.2005 UK: Bring Troops Home Say Iraq Soldier Families : “It’s hard to believe that two years on the troops are still there. He’s just lied to us all the way through and we’d also like to know now whether he’s going to send our troops to help USA in Iran.”

21.Mar.2005 War Pimp Alert- Syria, Iran aiding Iraq resistance CIA Director Porter J. Goss told Congress yesterday that the governments of Syria + Iran are helping the resistance in Iraq, despite USA efforts to end the cooperation.

21.Mar.2005 Australia: Anti war protest in Canberra : The protest came on the second day of rallies and marches across Australia and the world to mark the second anniversary of the USA' invasion of the middle-eastern nation in 2003.

21.Mar.2005 ThoUSAds March Through London in Iraq War Protest : The Stop the War Coalition, said they hoped that eventually 250,000 people would join the march, one of many being held around the country and across the world to mark the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

21.Mar.2005 Anti-War Demonstrators Place Coffin Outside Embassy : The black cardboard coffin had “100,000 dead” plastered across its lid and was strewn with daffodils.

21.Mar.2005 Militarism and the war on drugs: The number of drug offenders imprisoned in the USA has increased 800% since 1980, helping the US achieve the highest imprisonment rate in the industrialized world: 550 per 100,000. Under the banner of the war on drugs, a kind of creeping totalitarianism tramples more human rights + civil liberties each

21.Mar.2005 Arab leaders to condemn US sanctions against Syria : Arab leaders, to meet here on March 22-23, would reject US sanctions against Syria and tackle Arab League financial crisis.

21.Mar.2005 Syria, US: Honeymoon and heartbreak : In December 1990, US secretary of state James Baker described Syria as "a major Arab country who happens to share the same goals as we do". In December 2004, USA President George W Bush said, "Syria is a very weak country + therefore it cannot be trusted."

21.Mar.2005 US protesters hold anti-Iraq war demonstrations : The American crowds ranged from 350 in Times Square in New Yorkto several thousands USA s in San Francisco.

21.Mar.2005 In pictures: Iraq protests

21.Mar.2005 Ex-MI5 officer Shayler seeks anti-war vote to oust Blair in Sedgefield : David Shayler, the former MI5 officer, announced yesterday that he intends to stand against Tony Blair in Sedgefield in the general election.

21.Mar.2005 Treason on Downing Street: About this time last year, Britain's Channel 4 News broadcast the results of an opinion survey which indicated that nine in ten Britons recognised Prime Minister Blair as a liar and a fraud. Given the revelations since then it would be mighty surprising if the public's opinion of his character has improved. He is probably the most universally despised PM in living memory.

21.Mar.2005 Juan Cole : The Democracy Lie: President Bush and his supporters are taking credit for spreading freedom across the Middle East. Middle East expert Cole disputes the domino theory in the region and labels Iraq—at best—a failed state. Where changes are genuinely occurring they have nothing to do with the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

21.Mar.2005 03/20/05: Blair was told US 'fixed' case for war : The head of Britain's foreign intelligence agency told the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that the case for war in Iraq was being "fixed" by Washington to suit US policy, a BBC documentary will claim today.

21.Mar.2005 U.S. misled allies about nuclear export: N. Korean material landed in Pakistan, instead of Libya

21.Mar.2005 The Power of Nightmares: In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares. This is a must watch documentary

21.Mar.2005 Negroponte's Time In Honduras at Issue : The selection of Negroponte for the new post of national intelligence director has focused renewed attention on the question of how much he knew about the Honduran military's involvement in nearly 200 unsolved kidnappings during the 1980s + what he did about it.

21.Mar.2005 Global Bully Goes to Guatemala: The USA, has just coerced Guatemala, its latest victim, into repealing an important law to lower the price of pharmaceuticals and promote generic competition. The U.S. ambassador to Guatemala said - U.S. commercial interests in the form of Big Pharma demanded that the law go.

21.Mar.2005 Blockade to Cuba is Genocide, UN Rapporteur Asserts: The pugnacious blockade the US government has kept over Cuba for over four decades is a genocide, the UN for Food rapporteur Jean Ziegler has asserted here Sunday.

21.Mar.2005 Economists: Federal deficit a bigger risk than terrorism: The budget deficit has overtaken terrorism as the greatest short-term risk to the U.S. economy + concern about the current gap is rising, a survey of U.S. businesses shows.

21.Mar.2005 America Smells the Coffee : history is replete with examples of leadership tests that pit a nation’s military prowess against its economic base. Yale historian Paul Kennedy has long argued that great powers typically fail when military reach outstrips a nation’s economic strength. In that vein, there’s little doubt that USA is extending its reach in this post-9/11 world.

21.Mar.2005 Who will prevent the pogrom? : Last week, Palestinian laborers were attacked by settlers in what the Israel Defense Forces described as an "attempted lynching." At various locations throughout the West Bank, Jewish hooligans have used guns, iron bars and hammers in an attempt to ignite the territories.

21.Mar.2005 MI5 warns of heightened risk of mainland attacks by IRA : MI5 has increased the level of its warning of attacks by the Provisional IRA and by dissident republican paramilitary groups on mainland Britain

21.Mar.2005 North Korea rejects US nuclear offer: "It is a daydream for the US to contemplate forcing the DPRK to lay down arms first under the situation where both are in a state of armistice and at war technically,"

21.Mar.2005 N.Korea says boosted nuclear weapons: North Korea says it has increased its nuclear arsenal to help prevent a U.S. attack on the reclusive communist state, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports.

21.Mar.2005 Did Washington Lie to Seoul?: Washington fabricated the story of a direct sale from Pyongyang to Tripoli to step up pressure on North Korea, the report said.

21.Mar.2005 U.S. shielded Pakistan in report on N. Korean sale of nuclear material

21.Mar.2005 Taiwan defies safety warnings and installs reactor at nuclear power plant: The Japanese-built 1,000-tonne reactor has been on site since June 2002, the first of two planned.

21.Mar.2005 CIA probed for spying in U.S., failing to share intelligence with FBI : The presidentially appointed WMD Commission was created to investigate the CIA's failures on assessing Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, but surprised many by also probing the agency's post-Sept. 11 intelligence gathering on USA soil.

Negroponte's Time In Honduras at ...

DC BANK SWEPT UP IN INTRIGUE ... [CIA, MAFIA, S&L FRAUD ... Singlaub + Barbara Studley, the head of GeoMiliTech,.. "I said, 'George, you can have the VCR; George, you can have the TV, the stereo or whatever ...

TIME Magazine Archive Preview -- Hints Of Conspiracy -- May. 11 ... claim that he thought the money was used only to buy TV ads to ... who solicited money openly for the contras on a worldwide basis; Barbara Studley, a rather ...,9171,1101870511-146568,00.html

21.Mar.2005 Entrepreneur: Soldiers of fortune: "business is a battlefield" is ... APPROACH ADVANCED Internet Technologies Inc .'s headquarters + you'll wonder if you've got the right address. The two concrete buildings that house ...

21.Mar.2005 Iranian Leader Says He's Ready to Battle to Death Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday he was ready to don combat fatigues and give his life in battle if his country were attacked, accusing Washington of seeking any excuse to start a war.

ElBaradei: Iran Needs US Security Guarantees : The head of the U.N. nuclear agency says Iran will eventually need security assurances from the USA in exchange for guarantees not to develop nuclear weapons.

Stiglitz warns of violence if Wolfowitz goes to World Bank: Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank and one of the world's most influential economic thinkers, has launched a savage attack on US plans to appoint Paul Wolfowitz as the World Bank's new president.

21.Mar.2005 Guantanamo abuse 'videotaped': The full story of abuse at Guantanamo Bay would not be told until the tapes were released, but they could be as damaging as the images of Iraqi prisoners being abused by US soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison

21.Mar.2005 Dying in Iraq is Not a Job Opportunity : Last Wednesday at City's job fair about twenty students stood in front of the National Guard table and began chanting anti-war slogans when, within moments, they were outnumbered by security, said Tiffany Paul, a City College student who participated in the protest.

21.Mar.2005 Rumsfeld Cautions Iraqis on New Government: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld warned Iraqi politicians today to be "darned careful" in forming a new government that they not weaken Iraqi security forces. He also indirectly blamed Turkey for the persistent strength of the Iraqi insurgency.

US Ambassador to Turkey quits: The US Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman resigned yesterday from his post in Ankara and also from the U.S. foreign service.

U.S. Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves — Soviet Intelligence Chief : Referring to his meeting with an unnamed al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., Shebarshin said: “We have agreed that [al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion.” 

21.Mar.2005 Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve He left a Marine recruiter and returned a peacenik. By Rick Hampson This is the story of a veteran and the town to which he returned — a town that no longer recognizes the man who once preached the leatherneck gospel and now has a whole different sermon. Continued

21.Mar.2005 Resurgent Russia challenges US International terrorism has been strengthened after three years of war as evidenced by the upsurge in terrorist strikes worldwide. By Jephraim P Gundzik
Washington's "war on terrorism" is designed to militarily establish USA economic + geopolitical hegemony on a global scale.

Rather than subduing Russia, the "war on terrorism" is encouraging Moscow to strengthen its relations with Washington's prominent foes.

The war is also supercharging Russia's economy.

Over the next four years, Russia will increasingly challenge the foreign policy goals of the Bush administration. Continued .

21.Mar.2005 In a warped reality Two years on, the occupiers justify the war by embracing the irrelevant + ignoring the inconvenient Gary Younge
This is a tale of one war, two anniversaries, three different demonstrations - + inconsistencies, contradictions and civilian deaths that are too numerous to count.

21.Mar.2005 Palladismo ed erotomania dell’Alta Massoneria statunitense : Italy imc ... denuncia che i serial killer potrebbero essere il risultato di incredibili esperimenti e ... the Illegal Bombs Pipeline + the Contra Drug Connection"

21.Mar.2005 big death 1 ... habitat loss due to the killer ape Homo Sapiens.

H.Sapiens violated the ...are a mass of hungry people + tho USA of nuclear bombs .

21.Mar.2005 The Revolution gains momentum: Brad Friedman's Velvet Revolution has gained the support of some 23 members of Congress. URL: . Check it out!

21.Mar.2005 Vor einem Bezirksgericht der US-Hauptstadt Washington hat die französische Nachrichtenagentur AFP den Suchmaschinenbetreiber Google auf 17,5 Millionen $ Schadenersatz verklagt.

Der Vorwurf: Google habe Autorenrechte verletzt, weil auf seiner Nachrichtenseite Google News kostenlos Überschriften und Einführungsabsätze von Agenturmeldungen sowie AFP-Fotos zu sehen seien.
Google sammelt die Meldungen per Software im Web und veröffentlicht Teile davon auf Sites wie oder

Nachrichtenagenturen wie AFP können mit einfachen technischen Mitteln Google + andere Internet-Suchmaschinen vom Indizieren ihrer eigenen Websites ausschließen.

Schwierig wird das Herausfiltern aber, wenn die Nachrichten auf Seiten der Kunden ohne Agenturkennung veröffentlicht werden.URL:,1518,druck-347602,00.html

21.Mar.2005 Milliardenübernahme: Web-Mogul Diller greift Google an

21.Mar.2005 Weltsicherheitsrat: Annan beflügelt deutsche Hoffnungen

21.Mar.2005 Schock in Großbritannien: BBC will 4000 Stellen kappen

21.Mar.2005 Frankreich: Nachrichtenagentur verklagt Google

21.Mar.2005 Drohgebärde: Nordkorea will Atombomben-Produktion beschleunigen

21.Mar.2005 Moussaoui-Prozess: Al-Qaida-Zeugen bleiben tabu

21.Mar.2005 Furcht vor Verschuldung: EZB äußert sich bestürzt über Stabilitätspakt-Reform

21.Mar.2005 Weltbank-Nachfolge: Schröder schwärmt von Wolfowitz

21.Mar.2005 Kabel in der Gabel: Essbesteck misst Stress

21.Mar.2005 Game Bytes: Entwickler rebellieren gegen neue Konsolen

21.Mär.2005 Envisat: Die Esa-Homepage zur Mission

21.Mär.2005 Derzeit sehe es so aus, als würde B-15A haarscharf an der Drygalski-Eiszunge vorbeischrammen: Die aktuellen Envisat-Bilder zeigen, das nur wenige Kilometer die beiden riesigen Eismassen trennen. Falls es doch noch zu einem Kontakt komme, werde das dickere hintere Ende des Eisbergs die Drygalski-Zunge wahrscheinlich nur streifen, erklärte Esa-Mitarbeiter Mark Drinkwater:

"Wie der Anhänger eines Lkw oder das Heck eines Schiffes."
B-15A ist das größte noch existierende Stück des größeren Eisbergs B-15, der sich im 00.Mär.2000 vom Ross-Eisschelf gelöst hat + ursprünglich eine Fläche von 11.655 Quadratkilometern besaß.

Im McMurdo-Sund hat B-15A eine Blockade von Ozeanströmungen und einen Stau von Meereis verursacht.
ESA Bedrohliche Annäherung: Nur wenige Kilometer trennen B-15A + die Drygalski-Eiszunge auf diesem Bild vom 08.Mär.2005

ESA Panorama: Mosaik mehrerer Envisat-Bilder, die 01.Jan.2005-10.Jan.2005 entstanden sind.

Das Ross-Eisschelf + der McMurdo-Sund sind an der unteren Seite zu sehen EADS Envisat (Zeichnung): Mit zehn Instrumenten seit drei Jahren im All -->

21.Mär.2005 Treibhauseffekt: Der Trend geht zum Atomstrom

21.Mär.2005 Hannover: Frau hielt über 100 Ratten in Kinderzimmer

21.Mär.2005 Chronik: Wie die Wachkoma-Patientin zum Politikum wurde

21.Mär.2005 Gestürzte US-Bosse: Das Ende der Potentaten

21.Mär.2005 Nahost: Israel will im Westjordanland Tausende Häuser bauen

21.Mär.2005 Kollisionsgefahr: Weltgrößter Eisberg hat sich befreit

21.Mär.2005 SPD: Scharping für große Koalition der Vernunft

21.Mär.2005 Vereinte Nationen: Annan packt größte Uno-Reform aller Zeiten an

21.Mär.2005 Uno-Sicherheitsrat: Mehrheit für einen ständigen Sitz Deutschlands

21.Mär.2005 Eil-Gesetz für Koma-Patientin: "Sie ist immer noch unter uns"

21.Mär.2005 Online-Buchladen: Europäische Union eröffnet Internet-Bibliothek

21.Mär.2005 Ex-Soldatin: Jessica Lynch will Kindergärtnerin werden

21.Mär.2005 Nordkorea-Konflikt: USA wollen Optionen gegen Pjöngjang erweitern

21.Mär.2005 Bionik-Wettbewerb: Regenwürmer helfen bei der Krebsvorsorge

21.Mär.2005 Gläserner Bankkunde: Datenschützer warnen vor Generalverdacht

21.Mär.2005 Rüstung: "Meads"-Kosten klettern auf eine Milliarde Euro

21.Mär.2005 Neuer Weltbankchef: Wolfowitz geht auf Kritiker zu

21.Mär.2005 Neuer Weltbankchef: Wolfowitz geht auf Kritiker zu

21.Mär.2005 Neuer Weltbankchef: Wolfowitz geht auf Kritiker zu

21.Mär.2005 Streit um Sterbehilfe: Bush unterzeichnet Gesetz für Koma-Patientin