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This is a surreal story about a guy who accidentally drops his iPod into an airplane toilet, prompting a full-scale terror alert. Overreaction at its worst....
Airline Insanity Merely A Beta Test For Police State Caste System - Paul Joseph Watson
Airline Insanity Merely A Beta Test For Police State Caste System Draconian surveillance, identification, behavior modification measures being implemented

25.Aug.2006 Jones And Marrs To Expose 'Terror Conspiracy' At Dallas Conference - Paul Joseph Watson
Jones And Marrs To Expose 'Terror Conspiracy' At Dallas Conference First major truth convergence since C-Span success

25.Aug.2006 As August 22nd Ends, Doomsday Neo-Cons Shamed Again - Paul Joseph Watson
As August 22nd Ends, Doomsday Neo-Cons Shamed Again War lobbyist Neo-Fascist cheerleader's 'end times' prophecy unsurprisingly turns out to be total

25.Aug.2006 Spring is arriving sooner and autumn is starting later - Amanda - because of climate change, according to a study of more than 500 plants and animals across Europe.”
25.Aug.2006 Bush to war widow: - Judd - There’s no point “discussing the pros and cons of the war.” Greg Sargent has more.
25.Aug.2006 Affordable housing remains sparse in New Orleans. - Dan -

Nearly a year after Hurricane Katrina, a new report from demographer Greg Rigamer finds that “average rents have risen about 40 % + the average selling price of homes in areas not affected by flooding rose about 25 %.” 25.Aug.2006 To mark the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the White House is planning a “public relations blitzto counteract criticism that it bears some responsibility for “the government’s tardy response and the region’s slow recovery.” It started when the President met with a Katrina victim (later exposed as a right-wing political activist) who said, “I just wish the President could have another term in office.”

ThinkProgress is counteracting the spin with hard facts. We’ve created a Katrina timeline that documents all the key events over the last year — from the hurricane’s landing to today. Check it out HERE.
25.Aug.2006 Rep. Shays (R-CT): To Succeed In Iraq, We Need A Timetable For Withdrawal - Judd -

Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) is the latest member of Congress to advocate a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq. Shays has visited Iraq 14 times.

This morning on Fox, he said that the way for the USA to succeed in Iraq is to “incentivize the Iraqis” to take control of their own country.

The way to do that, according to Shays, is to let them know “there is a limit to our presence there.”

Shays noted that previous timelines — to hold elections and create a constitution — are what has spurred the greatest progress in Iraq. Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

BRIAN KILMEADE: Our next guest was once an intense supporter of the war in Iraq. Now he says we should set a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. How about next year?

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Congressman Chris Shays is in London with us, He’s wrapping up a Congressional delegation trip that including trips to Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Darfur and Rome. Good to see you Congressman.

You’re calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq right now which is against what you used to say, which is that you were in full support of the war. Reelection coming up for you.

REP. CHRIS SHAYS: I am in full support.

CARLSON: Is this because it’s become increasingly more apparent according to some that it may be difficult to win elections now with current status on Iraq?

SHAYS: First off, i’m getting an echo, if you could turn off the echo. The bottom line to this is I want us to succeed in iraq.

I’m a strong supporter of the war and the question is how do we do that? I’ve been there 14 times + what i’m seeing since January of this year is I’m not seeing the political will on the part of the Iraqis.

They spent four to five months to get a government.

You have a new government that’s been in office about three months + yet they haven’t set time lines on when they’re going to have provisional elections;

they haven’t set time lines on when they’re going to have reconciliation; they haven’t set time lines on constitution.

My judgment based on my last two visits is they’re happy to stretch this out forever + in my judgment, we need to incentives the Iraqis.

They need to know, there is a limit to our presence there.

KILMEADE: You think that they would want us there one day longer than we have to be?

SHAYS: Oh, absolutely. I think this new government is very happy to have their office. I think they feel it’s difficult for Sunnis + Shias to negotiate.

They want it done in the Middle East way, which is taking a long time.

They were very critical of the deadlines we set for them, but think of what was accomplished, from

00.Jun.2004 a new government set up, then they elected — had a constitutional election for people to create a constitution

00.Jan.2005 they created a constitution, ratified that constitution by

00.Oct.2005 then they created a new elected government by the end of that year — in 11 months and they don’t want to go on that kind of timetable, but they he need to.

The bottom line from what I’m seeing is we’ve seen really no progress since January because they’re willing to just keep stretching it out.
August 25, 2006 - Think Progress -

After three years of excuses-delays,” the Food and Drug Administration has approved over-the-counter access to the Plan B emergency contraception, but has limited access to women ages 18 + older.

France has announced plans to commit 2,000 troops to a new international peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.

France helped initiate the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire and initially faced criticism when President Jacques Chirac said he would send just 200 troops.

The government awarded 70 % of its contracts for Hurricane Katrina work without full competition, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process,” according to a new report from the House Committee on Government Reform’s minority office.

Approximately 60 % of New Orleans businesses have still not reopened since Hurricane Katrina hit, according to a recent study by Louisiana State University.

California continues to lead on global warming. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) announced she will introduce legislation to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 70 % below those of 1990,

with the goal of keeping global temperature increases to only 1 or 2 degrees.

Colorado is joining a growing number of states and cities that have taken it upon themselves to fight global warming locally ,” kicking off efforts to develop a statewide plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Arab and Muslim men saw their wages and weekly earnings drop by 10 % after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

The largest decreases “occurred in locations that reported higher rates of ethnic and religious-based hate crimes.”

Federal investigators are looking into changes BP made to a 2002 report on its pipeline management after complaining the report was “unduly negative.”

In one instance, a critical remark about BP’s corrosion-monitoring program was altered to “BP has demonstrated a clear commitment to corrosion control.”

And finally: Public corruption – blame it on the rain?

A new study from economists at the West Virginia University finds “indirectly at least, the answer may be yes.”

States that experience more frequent + severe natural disasters attract larger quantities of FEMA disaster relief,” the authors concluded. “This relief creates a resource windfall that increases public corruption.”
25.Aug.2006 A Colorado geography teacher - Amanda - was placed on paid administrative leave on the second day of school for hanging several flags from other countries [China and Mexico] in his classroom.”

The teacher said he hung the flags “as reference tools for world geography,” but under Colorado law it is illegal to permanently display foreign flags in public schools.
25.Aug.2006 White House Falsely Claims New Stem Cell Study ‘Has Not Been Reviewed By Scientists and Bio-Ethicists Yet’ - Judd -

Today, a new study was published that shows embryonic stem cells lines can be created without the destruction of human embryos.

Previously, the White House has said they oppose the creation of new stem cell lines because it involved the destruction of embryos.

In today’s New York Times, White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore said “Any use of human embryos for research purposes raises serious ethical questions. This technique does not resolve those concerns.”

This afternoon, the White House changed their story. Here’s Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino:

QUESTION: Any decision to perhaps revisit the President’s position on federal funding for stem cell research, in light of this new development that was published yesterday in the journal Nature?

PERINO: … This study today reported in Nature Magazine has not been reviewed by scientists and bio-ethicists yet, but it is one that the President believes deserves a good look.

He is encouraged that there are scientists who are continuing to look for innovative ways to do stem cell research that would not involve the destruction of embryos.

And so he is going to listen to folks after they have a chance to review the study, but it does hold some promise that they would be able to do that type of research without destruction of a human embryo.

This is false. ThinkProgress spoke with bioethicist Ronald Green, who is an ethics advisor to Robert Lanza, an author of the study.

Green said that in order to be published in Nature, the paper went through a rigourous peer review process, which lasted nearly three months.

The study was also reviewed by bioethicts. It was reviewed and approved by the Ethics Advisory Board of Advanced Cell Technology.

Also an independent review board was constituted to scrutinize the study, as required by Massachusetts law. Digg It!
25.Aug.2006 Nine African-American students - Dan - in Louisiana were ordered to move “to the back of the school bus by a white driver who designated the front seats for white children.”

The NAACP is considering filing charges.
Yes To India, No To Iran: Bush Administration Sends Contradictory Message On Nuclear Programs - Faiz -

Iran and India are making nearly identical arguments to justify pushing ahead with their respective nuclear programs. Reuters, 8/19/06:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists that nuclear power is Iran’s right and “no one will stop us” developing the country. … “ They are trying to deny our right to develop nuclear power.

But no one can impose anything on the Iranian people. ” … “Our main task is to develop and build the Iranian nation. No one will stop us.”

Iran has insisted it is enriching uranium to generate electricity from nuclear power.

AP, 8/23/06:

India’s prime minister said Wednesday the country would retain its right to carry out future nuclear tests despite a civilian nuclear deal with the USA, a news report said.

There is no scope for capping of our strategic (nuclear) program.

It will be decided by the people, government + Parliament of the country + not by any outside power ,” Press Trust of India quoted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as saying in a statement in Parliament.

While Iran’s refusal to guarantee that it will not proceed with a nuclear weapons program has elicited calls from Bush for tough sanctions against that country, India’s refusal to make a similar guarantee has not elicited a response from the administration.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for the destruction of Israel, is undoubtedly a greater immediate security threat to the world than the Indian government.

But the U.S.’s contradictory message undermines the argument against the Iranian threat.

00.000.1995, President Bill Clinton heralded the extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, stating:

The nuclear danger has not ended. The capability to build nuclear weapons cannot be unlearned, nor will evil ambition disappear.

But the overwhelming consensus in favor of the treaty and its future attests to a deep and abiding international commitment to confront the nuclear danger by rejecting nuclear proliferation.

This decision says to our children and all who follow:

The community of nations will remain steadfast in opposing the dangerous spread of nuclear weapons.

Clinton had a policy based on a clear principle: preventing the dangerous spread of nuclear weapons. The Bush administration’s principle has been to dismantle the NPT + pick + choose states to provide nuclear arms.

That policy only makes dangerous states — Iran and North Korea — more determined to get the bomb.

UPDATE: Several commentators wrote in to say that Ahmadinejad’s quote does not actually translate into wiping Israel off the map.

Juan Cole wrote, “This idiom does not exist in Persian + that what Ahmadinejad actually said was, ‘This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.’”
25.Aug.2006 Evolutionary biology - Amanda - has vanished from the list of acceptable fields of study for recipients of a federal education grant for low-income college students.”
Schwere Drohungen gegen San José de Apartadó -von kanalB - 11:07

San José de Apartadó ist eine Friedensgemeinde im Norwesten Kolumbiens, in der Region Urabá.

Sie hat sich 1997 als im Krieg neutral erklärt und verlangt von allen bewaffneten Akteuren als Zivilbevölkerung respektiert zu werden.
Seit ihrer Gründung sind 165 Mitglider der Friedensgemeinde ermordet worden.

Die Mörder sind und waren zumeist vom Militärs und Paramilitärs, die gemeinsam auftreten.

Sie ermorden und vertreiben die Bauern unter dem Vorwand, die Guerilla zu bekämpfen.

Tatsächtlich geht es darum, sich das Land anzueignen, um möglichst viel Gewinn daraus zu schlagen.

In der Region sollen große ökonomische Projekte durchgeführt werden (panamerikanische Eisenbahn, Wasserkraftwerde, Kohle- und Goldabbau, Bananenplantagen).
In ganz Kolumbien gibt es derzeit bereits 3 Millionen Inlandsflüchtlinge, mindestens 4 Millionen Hektar Land sind ihren Besitzern gewaltsam weggenommen worden.

Die Paramilitärs werden derzeit in großem Stil amnestiert.
Gestern verschickte die Friedensgemeinde einen Hilferuf, in dem sie von neuen Drohungen berichtet. Der Wortlaut: Eine neue Massaker-Drohung
Die Friedensgemeinde San José de Apartadó gibt eine neue Todesdrohung bekannt. Die Vorfälle sind die folgenden:


Coca-Cola-Hasser In 19:11 -Einer der Konzerne, die von faschistischen Paramilitärs profitieren, ist Coca Cola.
So wird dieser Konzern bereits mit der Ermordung von mittlerweile 9 Gewerkschaftern in Zusammenhang gebracht - u.A. direkt auf dem Werksgelände des lokalen Abfüllers Coca Colas


Barrikaden, Blockaden.. support them 24.08.2006 19:58 schützen die besetzten Regierungsgebäude. Angespannte Stimmung in der Altstad, das Warten auf die nächste NAcht.- die APPO besitzt seit kuzem eine Internetseite:
25.Aug.2006 First impressions decided in one-tenth of a second
(NewsTarget) A new study by researchers at Princeton University has found that people take just a tenth of a second to make character judgments about the people they meet. The researchers showed 200 study participants photographs of people's faces + asked them to rate the photos on attractiveness...

Vuelca un automóvil en el camino real Mechita Alberti Según informó la Policía Distrital de Bragado, ingresaron al Hospital Municipal de este ciudad tres personas lesionadas por un vuelco de un remis. El hecho sucedió en las primeras horas de esta mañana, en el ...

25.Aug.2006 Atomkraftwerke: Minister mahnt Risiko in Brunsbüttel an
25.Aug.2006 Intercity gestoppt: Bombenattrappe auf der Zugtoilette

25.Aug.2006 Libanon: EU stellt das Rückgrat der Friedenstruppe

25.Aug.2006 Terror- Verdacht: US- Flugzeug wurde umgeleitet
25.Aug.2006 Oaxaca: Kampf ums Radio - Soli - Anlagen des besetzten Radio- und TV-Senders "Canal 9" zerstört – neue Übergriffe bewaffneter Banden auf die soziale Bewegung in Oaxaca
25.Aug.2006 Israeli ?Spy? Firm Trusted With Eavesdropping In Malta - sfux Matthew Vella -

A major Israeli telecommunications company is to provide the Malta Security Services (MSS) the technology for its lawful interception system, in a controversial contract award which has landed the Malta Communications Authority in court. New York-based Verint Systems, a subsidiary...
Geheimdienstsprecher wehrt sich - sfux Stefan von Bergen / Berner Zeitung -

Nein, er sei nicht das Leck der CIA-Fax-Affäre, dementiert Geheimdienstsprecher Roman Weissen gegenüber dieser Zeitung einen Medienbericht. Wer hat ein Interesse, Weissen blosszustellen? Gar die Militärjustiz selber? 25.Aug.2006 Independent Journalist Jailed for Resisting Grand Jury Subpoena - sfux San Francisco - Independent journalist Josh Wolf

was jailed today for refusing to provide video footage to a federal grand jury convened in January. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup denied Wolf's First, Fourth, Fifth + Sixth Amendment arguments, found him in civil contempt + ordered him immediately...
Terrorverdacht - US-Flugzeug wurde umgeleitet
Und nochmaaaals: Die Angst vor Terror sorgt an den Flughäfen für Alarmstimmung: Auf einem Flug von Großbritannien in die USA wurde eine Passagiermaschine aus Sicherheitsgründen umgeleitet. In Texas entdeckten Spürhunde an einem Mann Sprengstoffspuren.

25.Aug.2006 The Truth about the ?Terror Plot??. and the new ?pseudo-terrorism? Terrorbekämpfung Muslime gegen Terror: «Nicht in unserem Namen!» Muslimische Verbände in Deutschland haben sich mit Nachdruck von Terror und Gewalt distanziert. «Mit Entsetzen und tiefer Abscheu» verurteile man die versuchten Bombenattentate, hieß es in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung mehrerer Verbände, die am Freitag in Köln veröffentlicht wurde.

25.Aug.2006 Von der Menschenwürde und deren Mißachtung
Würde - Theorien, Formeln, Deutungen (IX) Serie des “Saar-Echo” beschäftigt sich mit der ausufernden Rechtsunsicherheit wegen richterlicher Gesetzesmissachtung und Gesetzesauslegung /Ohne Gesetzesbestimmte Menschenwürde kann es keine Demokratie geben

25.Aug.2006 Britain faces a war with Islamic terrorists for at least a generation, says Government Official Kommentar: Natürlich fragt man das Volk nicht, ob es damit einverstanden ist, mit islamischen “Terroristen” einen endlosen Krieg zu führen. Eigentlich hätte man ja besseres zu tun… Die Politisierung des Pseudo-Terrors. Auch wenn die Bahnbomben” keine Explosion sondern allenfalls eine Stichflamme hätten auslösen können, hat der Alarm um den Pseudo-Terror seine Schuldigkeit ...

25.Aug.2006 Lettland führt Junkfood-Verbot an Schulen ein
Heftiger Widerstand der Genussmittel-Hersteller gegen Maßnahme des Gesundheitsministeriums - Andere EU-Staaten könnten nachziehen

25.Aug.2006 Die Dollar-Schutzpolizei
Es ist wirklich interessant zu beobachten, dass nahezu jedes Mal, wenn der Dollar in die Gefahr gerät, wichtige Marken nach unten zu durchbrechen, irgendein Fed- Gouverneur plötzlich meint, Andeutungen zu weiteren Zinserhöhungen oder Inflationsgefahren o.ä. zu machen.

25.Aug.2006 USA: Der 4. Verfassungszusatz wird offen missachtet
Diese Vorverurteilung von Bargeld könnte einen positiven Nebeneffekt für Kreditkartenfirmen und die Werbeindustrie haben. Bis jetzt kann man all den Datenschutzproblemen wie den Payback-Bonuspunktekarten entkommen in dem man in bar zahlt. Sollte irgendwann eine Barzahlung nicht mehr möglich sein, weil Scheine suspekt sind, wissen Firmen wie Payback sowie die Regierung ...

25.Aug.2006 Kofferbomber: Auffälliger geht`s wohl nicht mehr
Haben das Bundeskriminalamt und gewisse Nachrichtendienste an dieser Geschichte mitgedreht? Wussten Fahnder vom Komplott vor dem Bombenfund? Die Fahndung nach dem zweiten Haupttäter des versuchten Terroranschlags auf den Nahverkehr der Bahn dauert unvermindert an. BKA-Präsident Jörg Ziercke dem Fernsehsender N24, es sei unklar, wo sich der inzwischen identifizierte Verdächtige aufhalte. Experte: Mutmaßliche Kofferbomber ...

25.Aug.2006 USA: Araber unter Terrorverdacht weil sie Handys kauften
Innerhalb weniger Tage kam es in den US-amerikanischen Bundesstaaten Michigan und Ohio zu zwei sich ähnelnden Vorfällen. Fünf junge Männer arabischer Herkunft im Alter von 18 bis 23 Jahren wurden von der Polizei unter Terrorverdacht festgenommen, nachdem sie in großen Mengen Handys gekauft hatten.

25.Aug.2006 Vogelgrippe oder Mycoplasma-Epidemie
Mit anderen Worten: Die Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten verabreichte einer Million US-Bürger ein krebserregendes Affenvirus.

25.Aug.2006 Eine Milliarde Euro mehr für die Bundeswehr
Die Union will den Verteidigungsetat im nächsten Jahr um eine Milliarde Euro aufstocken. Davon soll nach Informationen von besonders das Heer profitieren, das mit neuen Fahrzeugen für Auslandseinsätze ausgerüstet werden soll.


The Iconoclast attempted to establish a dialogue with Colonel Green and Major Escobar, but calls were not returned as of press time. SFC Buswell declined to comment on the investigation, but noted that he spoke with his parents about the matter for a period of two days before he was ordered to not disclose any further information.

"My son spoke with me about [the investigation]," said Winthrop Buswell, SFC Buswell’s father. "There was an unsolicited email. My son, without divulging anything, without usurping anything, without doing anything to discredit anyone in any way, simply responded to that saying ‘Yes, there are what if’s. And maybe there is something that is being covered up.’ That’s all that I know. He responded to it, but it was unsolicited. I think – of course, I’m dad, being very much in love with his son and wanting to praise him – because he is a low man on the totem pole, of course he’s of pretty high rank but not quite an officer, that maybe … Maybe an investigation might be the scapegoat for whomever."

"That is so ridiculous," said Winthrop Buswell. "[To say he is disloyal to the USA] is totally ridiculous. And the discourtesy was, ah, very apparent at that particular time. … I’ve always thought the American way is this: to disagree is important. To dissent is important. And my son simply said, without any fanfare, ‘Look, let’s take a look at the whole picture. If you want to take a look at that, maybe there are a few paragraphs that a Michael Moore might want to emphasize.’ That is all that my son has said. Never, however, to at all disparage the country and the patriotism that is so necessary for all of us. But, patriotism, as suggested by FOX News’ [Bill O’Reilly], is following the line of George W. Bush and cohorts completely! All my son is saying is, ‘Hey, maybe there’s a what if.’ Never, though, did he get sidetracked from the fact that [he loves his] country."

"What disturbed him more than anything else, I think, was the fact that the Iraqi citizens suffered so much and are suffering so much now," said Winthrop Buswell. "The time that he was injured, there were several Iraqis burning to death in front of him. He tried to put out the fire. It was a traumatic experience for him. … He spoke about that a number of times + how terrible that was to see the citizenry being killed and suffering so much."

"One of his heroes is Abraham Lincoln," Winthrop Buswell continued. "And Abraham Lincoln said many things, but one of the things he said - and I’m paraphrasing - was, ‘I may disagree with the fellow who’s speaking, but I will stand and defend his right to speak.’ That’s my son’s position. He does look at the what if’s. But that doesn’t take away from his dedication and his patriotism. I don’t know a fellow who gets more chills running up and down his spine when he sees the flag flying."

"As a boy, [Donald was] always a very curious fellow," he added. "Very daring, but never risking anything or stepping over the line. He loved motorcycles, but was always very cautious about it, always wearing proper clothing, always wearing a helmet. Also, he was very active in little model racing cars. He was in Cub Scouts. I remember walking to the gymnasium with him and having wonderful conversations with him years ago. His mother and I went through a divorce + that is never easy for anyone. My son was also very close to his grandfather on his mother’s side + also his grandfather and grandmother on my side. Donald loves railroading + my father has the best job that anyone could ever have. He’s a locomotive engineer + my son related to that. My son also has a strong belief in a power greater than ourselves."

"But one of the things that stands out … is his love and his caring," said Winthrop, choking back tears. "He loves children. He’s just the greatest guy, as far as I am concerned. He walks into a room with a big smile on his face. … He’s like my dad – he makes you feel like, you know … I … I care for you. Ah, he’s … He’s my son …"

The Iconoclast will continue reporting on this story as new details become available.
25.Aug.2006 The Murder of Martin Barreto
CrimeBlog weighs in on the murder of Rudolph Giuliani's one-time deputy press secretary. posted by Prof. Hex at 5:25 PM

Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 9/11 Investigation No questions allowed.
25.Aug.2006 Rebel group funded congressman's trip to Sri Lanka, sources say: Illinois congressman Danny Davis and an aide took a trip to Sri Lanka last year that was paid for by the Tamil Tigers, a group that the U.S. government has designated as a terrorist organization for its use of suicide bombers and child soldiers, law enforcement sources said.

25.Aug.2006 Eight years ago it was meltdown. Now pride has been restored: IF ANYTHING underlines the popularity of President Putin with ordinary Russians, it is the sense that their country can hold its head up after years of tugging the forelock to foreign creditors.

25.Aug.2006 Recession will be nasty and deep, economist says: Housing is in free fall, pulling the economy down with it, Roubini argues

25.Aug.2006 Dutch Gov't: Incident Not Terror-Related: Prosecutors on Thursday interrogated 12 men who were handcuffed and taken off a U.S. airliner in Amsterdam because U.S. air marshals and the crew believed they were acting suspiciously, a spokesman said.

25.Aug.2006 JFK illegally targeting Muslims, groups say: Muslim, Arab and South Asian passengers are being profiled by Homeland Security officers at Kennedy Airport, civil liberties groups said Wednesday, citing a New Jersey family that was detained and interrogated after a flight from Dubai last week.

25.Aug.2006 Russ Baker: The Top 10 Corporate Democrats-For-Hire : They claim to be 'centrists,' but these D.C. Dems -- whose corporate agendas aren't too different from Bush administration policies -- are living proof that the system needs fixing.

25.Aug.2006 Americans Concerned About Election Transparency and Security: A majority of Americans—61%—are aware of news reports of flaws in electronic voting machines and want members of the general public to be able to watch votes be counted following an election, a new Zogby International poll shows.
25.Aug.2006 George Monbiot: Promoting peace is for wimps - real governments sell weapons : How on earth did BAE Systems manage to sell 72 Eurofighters to Saudi Arabia on Friday?

25.Aug.2006 Video: Why We Fight : Is American foreign policy dominated by the idea of military supremacy? Has the military become too important in American life?

25.Aug.2006 Shashi has the vision : One man is capable of strengthening the UN's ability to be a genuinely effective global player

25.Aug.2006 American Gulag: Downgrading Padilla: The case against accused ''dirty bomber'' Jose Padilla was problematic from the start. First, the government labeled him an ''enemy combatant,'' holding him in the military brig without charges for three years. Then, before the Supreme Court could put a stop to this dubious process, he was suddenly indicted on criminal charges -- but they failed to mention the ''dirty bomber'' allegations.

25.Aug.2006 Ted Rall: "The Plot": Attention, citizens of the national community: stay tuned for a HomeSec alert! A fiendish plot has been uncovered! Terrorists loyal to the sinister forces of Eastasia have been apprehended! It is another glorious victory for the homeland! All hail Oceania!
25.Aug.2006 UK 'assisted in acts of terror': Britain was accused in court on Tuesday of knowingly assisting in "acts of terrorism" by Israel during its month-long conflict with the Shi'ite militia Hezbollah in Lebanon.

25.Aug.2006 Exclusive: Israel buys 2 German subs: The navy already has three Dolphin-class submarines. They are the most expensive weapon platforms in the IDF's arsenal. Germany donated the first two submarines after the first Gulf War and split the cost of the third with Israel.
25.Aug.2006 Shin Bet chief slams 'system collapse'; Yuval Diskin blasts government over its conduct during Lebanon war, says government systems completely collapsed, northern Israel abandoned by officials

25.Aug.2006 Rationality and Israeli violence: As we witness the unfolding spectacle of ferocious, indiscriminate violence, destruction + brutality in Gaza and Lebanon, it's difficult to resist the conclusion that there is something terribly wrong with the Israeli state and societ
25.Aug.2006 War pimp alert: Graham gloomy on state of world : The S.C. Republican, a former military lawyer, bitterly criticized what he described as the world community's tepid response to Iran's bid to build nuclear weapons. And he accused France of reneging on its pledge to send troops to Lebanon to enforce an international buffer zone between Israel and Hezbollah fighters observing a fragile ceasefire.

25.Aug.2006 US interventions have boosted Iran, says report : The US-led "war on terror" has bolstered Iran's power and influence in the Middle East, especially over its neighbour and former enemy Iraq, a thinktank said today.

25.Aug.2006 Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran: Israel is carefully watching the world's reaction to Iran's continued refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, with some high-level officials arguing it is now clear that when it comes to stopping Iran, Israel "may have to go it alone," The Jerusalem Post has learned.

25.Aug.2006 Bush Ensured Iran Offer Would Be Rejected : Even before Iran gave its formal counter-offer to ambassadors of the P5+1 countries (the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) Tuesday, the George W. Bush administration had already begun the process of organising sanctions against Iran.

25.Aug.2006 Russia committed to Iran nuclear dialogue, new talks possibility ; New consultations might be needed to discuss Iran's response to international proposals to resolve the dispute over Tehran's controversial nuclear program, but Russia remains committed to dialogue, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

25.Aug.2006 U.S. Cold War gift: Iran nuclear plant : Now cited as evidence of weapons activity, facility was provided to Shah's government

25.Aug.2006 War pimp alert: Prepare for Iranian strike, Israelis told : Israel yesterday said it should prepare for a missile attack from Iran as a likely leader of peacekeeping in Lebanon called for Israeli troops to stop their shooting.

25.Aug.2006 Syria threatens to close Lebanon border: "They will close their borders for all traffic in case U.N. troops will be deployed along the Lebanon-Syria border," Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja said after meeting his Syrian counterpart Walid Moallem in Helsinki

25.Aug.2006 UN permits wide use of force in Lebanon; New rules of engagement for U.N. troops in Lebanon permit soldiers to shoot in self-defense, use force to protect civilians and resist armed attempts to interfere with their duties, a U.N. document says.

25.Aug.2006 Robert Fisk: Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun : A 16-year old Christian girl screaming "I want my Daddy" as her father's mutilated body lay a few metres away from her; the town mukhtar discovering that his wife, Collette, had been decapitated by one of the Israeli missiles; the Lebanese Red Cross volunteer who went into the darkness of wartime Lebanon to give water and sandwiches to the refugees and was cut down by another missile + whose friends could not reach him to save his life.

25.Aug.2006 Amnesty: Israel deliberately hit civilian targets Human rights group accuses Israel of indiscriminate attacks against civilians, civilian infrastructure in Lebanon during war, says Jewish state may be guilty of war crimes. Third of war casualties were children, Amnesty reports.

25.Aug.2006 Amnesty Report: Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure : The briefing that follows summarizes Amnesty International’s initial assessment and concerns on the massive destruction of civilian infrastructure in Lebanon that has taken place during the conflict. It is based on first-hand information from a field mission which has visited Lebanon

25.Aug.2006 Deir Yassin Remembered : Video: Early in the morning of

09.Apr.1948 commandos of the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) + the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents. In all over 100 men, women + children were systematically murdered.
2,500 Marines Face Involuntary Recall : The number of troops in Iraq has climbed back to 138,000 — the prevailing number for much of last year.

25.Aug.2006 UK troops to stay in Iraq 'to protect investment' : - A force of around 4,000 British troops will stay behind in Iraq for an indefinite period, even after all provinces controlled by the UK are handed over to the Baghdad government in nine months' time, senior defence sources said yesterday.

25.Aug.2006 McCain Faults Admin. For Painting Iraq As ‘Some Kind of Day At the Beach, ’ Ignores Own Rosy Rhetoric

25.Aug.2006 The Kurds' fight for oil rights: In Iraq, striking oil workers have shut the main pipeline supppling Baghdad with refined oil prodcuts.
25.Aug.2006 Iraq PM bans TV from showing attacks : Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has banned television channels from broadcasting gory images of daily bloodshed in the country, the interior ministry said in a statement.
25.Aug.2006 Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia -By Robert Fisk
Hizbollah has made it clear that it has no intention of disarming under the UN Security Council's 1701 ceasefire resolution and yesterday afternoon, Major-General Alain Pellegrini, the commander of the UN Interim Force in southern Lebanon - which the Americans and British are relying upon to seize the guerrilla army's weapons - personally confirmed to me at his headquarters in Naqoura that "the Israelis can't ask us to disarm Hizbollah". Describing the ceasefire as "very fragile" and "very dangerous", he stated that disarming Hizbollah "is not written in the mandate".

25.Aug.2006 The 'New Middle East' Bush Is Resisting - By Saad Eddin Ibrahim
President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may be quite right about a new Middle East being born. In fact, their policies in support of the actions of their closest regional ally, Israel, have helped midwife the newborn. But it will not be exactly the baby they have longed for. For one thing, it will be neither secular nor friendly to the USA. For another, it is going to be a rough birth.

25.Aug.2006 On the US-Israeli Invasion of Lebanon -By Noam Chomsky
The standard Western version is that the July 2006 invasion was justified by legitimate outrage over capture of two Israeli soldiers at the border. The posture is cynical fraud.

25.Aug.2006 You Call Me “Terrorist”, I Call You Coward - By Manuel Valenzuela
The lunacy that is the so-called “war on terror” has taken us into a bizarre and alternate world, one that is as dangerous to the human race as any time in our brief history. We are on the verge of disaster, of immersing ourselves into the self-fulfilling prophesy of our most archaic myths. If we do not put a stop to this madness, then surely it will put a stop to us.

25.Aug.2006 Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us -By Jim Hightower
An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights + a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency.

25.Aug.2006 A Little Poverty Never Hurt Anybody- By Jason Miller
Wage slaves and sweat shop laborers have supplanted serfs and chattel slaves. Five major corporations comprise 90% of the mass media in the USA. What are their specialties? Shaping public opinion to maintain the illusion that one of the world’s most rapacious and bellicose nations is a “benevolent superpower”

25.Aug.2006 Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”? -By Mike Whitney
The journalists who participate in the Murdoch-system are mere functionaries in a corporate news-militia. They deserve the same treatment as any other POW, nothing more.

25.Aug.2006 Witness: Taliban dead may be civilians: Nato's claims to have killed 11 Taliban who were preparing an ambush in Afghanistan have been disputed by local people

who have said that the dead were civilian grape-pickers.

25.Aug.2006 Afghan president orders inquiry into U.S. raid: Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered an investigation Friday into the deaths of eight people in eastern Afghanistan during a raid that U.S. forces claimed targeted al Qaeda members, according to a government statement.

25.Aug.2006 Venezuela’s Chavez woos China with oil ambitions : Venezuela, seeking to diversify its crude exports and ease reliance on the US market, hopes to increase oil sales to China by six times to 1 million barrels a day in the next decade, President Hugo Chavez said on Thursday.

25.Aug.2006 Israel becomes fodder in US congressional war: When is asking "is it good for Israel" not so good for Israel? Democrats and Republicans, politicking hard ahead of midterm elections that could end Republican control of the US Congress, are battling over which party was more supportive of Israel in its war with Hizbullah in Lebanon.

25.Aug.2006 Democrat cowers before Israeli lobby: U.S. lawmaker drops links to Arab sites: The links were removed following recent inquiries by the Jewish weekly. Dingell’s spokesman told the Jewish News the sites also had information on immigration issues, but he removed the links “because they are voicing sentiments about the conflict” that Dingell “strongly disagrees with and that are offensive to Mr. Dingell” and some of his constituents.

25.Aug.2006 Wake up, America! Israel is no friend of yours: The fact is that while Americans benefit hugely from the Arab world, little do they know they are on the losing end when it comes to Israel.

25.Aug.2006 Who Are the Real Fascists? : The racist and extremist ideas and beliefs that are stuffed in the minds of the president and his band of merry men are leading the world from one crisis to another.

25.Aug.2006 Blair's foreign policy is now a threat to national security : A new prime minister who wants to defuse domestic extremism will need to rethink the relationship with Washington

25.Aug.2006 Most Americans don't feel safer from terror: Most Americans do not believe the USA is safer now from terrorism than before the 11.Sep.2001 terror strikes, a new poll found.

25.Aug.2006 It was mid-air paranoia, not terror : What provoked the panicky reaction and detention? Apparently, an exchange of mobile phones among the 12 passengers.

25.Aug.2006 In case you missed it: Daniel Ellsberg Interview: The day after the next 9/11 our freedoms are gone.

25.Aug.2006 Chris Floyd : Karl Rove's Blood Libel : The warrantless surveillance program is being used for something other than monitoring the communications of terrorist suspects and those connected to them.

25.Aug.2006 Detainee report 'too damning' to release? : Nearly 60 % of the estimated 21,000 federal immigration detainees are currently held at county jails and privately run detention facilities

25.Aug.2006 E.P.A. Whistle-Blower Says U.S. Hid 9/11 Dust Danger-

A senior scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency has accused the agency of relying on misleading data about the health hazards of World Trade Center dust.

25.Aug.2006 What would a housing recession mean?: July sales were down 21.6 % from the year before + the nationwide number of new homes with "For Sale" signs in the front yard hit a record 568,000 - up 104,000 from the same time last year.

25.Aug.2006 Of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links : Tapestry artist reveals ancestors of US president as murderous bunch
25.Aug.2006 Israel’s Foes as Beasts and Insects:But They’re Not Human Beings, They are Not People, They are Arabs!”

25.Aug.2006 Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes: Israel committed war crimes by targeting Lebanese civilian infrastructure during the conflict with the Shiite Hezbollah militia, Amnesty International claimed Wednesday.

25.Aug.2006 Dr. César Chelala : Amnesty International's Severe Critism Of Israel's Tactics: Many of the actions described are war crimes + those responsible are subject to criminal accountability anywhere in the world through the doctrine of universal jurisdiction.

25.Aug.2006 French U-turn on Lebanon force: Jaques Chirac, the French president, said in a televised address on Thursday: "Two thousand French troops will thus be placed under the United Nations in Lebanon. France is ready, if the United Nations wishes, to continue commanding this force."

25.Aug.2006 The importance of place: If Hizbullah's 12 July capture of Israeli soldiers took place on the Lebanese side of the Blue Line, as some say, everything changes

25.Aug.2006 Israeli bombs keep on killing: Figures from the Lebanese military show that eight people, including several children, have been killed and a further 38 wounded by cluster bomb explosions since the start of a

ceasefire on 14.Aug.2004 to end a month-long conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Report: US probing Israel use of cluster bombs: "We have heard the allegations that these munitions were used + we are seeking more information," said Gonzalo Gallegos, a State Department spokesperson.

25.Aug.2006 US rabbis urge change in IDF war code: "All types of Christian morality weaken the spirit of our army and our nation and cost us the lives of our soldiers and citizens."

25.Aug.2006 I guess the Rabbinical Council of America missed these reports: Video Report From Qana Massacre: Elderly, women and children were among those killed in the raid, which wrought destruction over a wide area.
25.Aug.2006 Poll: Iraqi's Want U.S. Occupation Forces Out Of Iraq : 91.7% of Iraqis oppose the presence of coalition troops in the country, up from 74.4% 00.000.2004.

25.Aug.2006 'I can't go to Iraq. I can't kill those children' - Suicide soldier's dying words to his mother

25.Aug.2006 Shays Urges Iraq Withdrawal: Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), once an ardent supporter of the war in Iraq, said yesterday that the Bush administration should set a time frame for withdrawing U.S. troops. He added that most of the withdrawal could take place next year.

25.Aug.2006 Hillary Still Hiding on War; Time Warner Provides Cover : The cover story in the new issue of TIME, the flagship publication of the Time Warner media empire, informs readers that Hillary Clinton has “virtually nonexistent opposition for her senate seat.”

25.Aug.2006 Is Iran Running Militias in Iraq?: Iraqi politicians say the growing U.S. claims of a clear link between Shi'ite militias and Tehran is pure scapegoating. And renewed Tehran-bashing in Washington could further complicate its efforts to end the civil war

25.Aug.2006 Priming us for war with Iran : After their failure in Iraq + a brief exile in the wilderness, the neocons are riding high again – and that means endless troubles for us all ….

25.Aug.2006 Israel feels US will not attack Iran: The (Israeli) defense official blasted the US for "not doing enough" to stop Teheran's race to the bomb. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, he said, was leading the State Department in the direction of "appeasement."

25.Aug.2006 New York Times Propaganda : Wanted: Scarier Intelligence : It’s obvious that Iran wants nuclear weapons, has lied about its program and views America as an enemy. We enthusiastically agree that the USA needs every scrap of intelligence it can get on Iran.

25.Aug.2006 War with Iran?: Interview with Former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk : Zbigniew Brzezinski said this, "I think of war with Iran as the ending of America's present role in the world, that they will be dragged into a war that could last 20 to 30 years and that no-one could do it without destroying America's position on the planet." Windows media and transcript
25.Aug.2006 Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran-By Ray Close -This is why I reluctantly believe today that Bush will indeed launch an attack on Iran before the expiration of his term of office: Continue

25.Aug.2006 The terrorism theory Bush refuses to hear -By Mark Coultan Herald

Invading Iraq was not the way to combat terrorism? "The invasion of Iraq created far more enemies than it could ever have stopped. And so the invasion of Iraq was exactly the way to cause suicide terrorism to surge. Continue
25.Aug.2006 Unbalanced, Over the Top + Farting for Laughs -- Leader of the Free World? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
The GOP Congressman From Illinois and the Dictator's Daughter: Republican Corruption and Dictatorship Goes International
Families Expecting Loved Ones From Iraq Get Rumsfeld Instead, as Troops Redeployed to Baghdad. Dems Plan No-Confidence Vote -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The Price of Truth

25.Aug.2006 "A magnificent film...unforgettably touching the heart." --Salman Rushdie. Deepa Mehta's "Water" on DVD is Available from
Right on the heels of GOP Senator George Allen finding his inner racist, we discover another Republican Senator, Conrad Burns of Montana, has stepped right into the GOP trough of bigotry. Burns is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
Director Deepa Mehta on the Filming of "Water"
Help Fight the NRA. Donate an Auction Item to Fund State Gun Control Groups.
Jimmy Lohman: If You Hate America, You Have to Love Bush - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Who should play Bush and Cheney in the movie? - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

25.Aug.2006 http: Is someone murdering people who know too much about NSA wiretapping?
Two whistleblowers -- one in Italy, one in Greece -- uncovered a secret bugging system installed in cell phones around the world. Both met with untimely ends. The resultant scandals have received little press in the USA, despite the profound implications for American critics of the Bush administration.
Last month, Italian telecommunications security expert Adamo Bove either lept or was pushed from a freeway overpass; he left no note and had no history of depression.

00.Mar.2005 -Last year- Greek telecommunications expert Costas Tsalikidis met with a similarly enigmatic end.

Both had uncovered American attempts to eavesdrop on government officials, anti-war activists + private businessmen.
The Bove case relates to the long-standing controversy over the CIA's kidnapping of cleric Abu Omar, who was flown to Egypt and tortured.

The post-Berlusconi government of Italy is attempting to arrest + try all of CIA personnel involved. Bove used mobile phone records to trace more than two dozen American agents.
Bove had also revealed that his employer, Telecom Italia, had allowed illegal "spyware" -- undetectable wiretaps -- to infest Italy's largest communications system.

His testimony helped to uncover the unsettling relationship between SISMI chief Marco Mancini and Telecom Italia head Giuliano Tavaroli. (Mancini, recently arrested by Italian investigators, has also come under some suspicion for his possible role in the strange affair of Major General Nicola Calipari, killed by American troops in Itaq.) In the 1990s, Bove had received wide praise for helping to secure convictions of two bosses in the Camorra, Naples' answer to the Sicilian Mafia.
The case of Costas Tsalikidis -- an engineer for Vodaphone, Greece's top telecommunications firm -- offers a similar picture. Tsalikidis discovered an extraordinarily spohisticated piece of spyware within his company's network. The Prime Minister and other top officials were
targeted, along with Greek military officers, anti-war activists, various business figures -- and a cell phone within the American embassy itself. This page gives a full list of the targets, very few of whom could be considered as having even a remote connection to terrorism.
As investigative journalists Paolo Pontoniere and Jeffrey Klein report:

The Vodaphone eavesdropping was transmitted in real time via four antennae located near the U.S. embassy in Athens, according to an 11-month Greek government investigation. Some of these transmissions were sent to a phone in Laurel, Md., near America's National Security Agency.
According to Ta Nea, a Greek newspaper, Vodafone's CEO privately told the Greek government that the bugging culprits were "U.S. agents." Because Greece's prime minister feared domestic protests and a diplomatic war with the USA, he ordered the Vodafone CEO to withhold this conclusion from his own authorities investigating the case.

The CEO of Vodaphone in Greece, George Koronias, has -- like Giuliano Tavaroli, his Italian counterpart -- come under the suspicion of having a hidden relationship with American and British intelligence. At least three Vodafone comunications hubs (one expert says the number could be as high as 22) were compromised by the eavesdropping technology. Koronias had reported only two of these bugs + had failed to alert a watchdog agency of the discovery of further listening devices.
Vodafone is a British company, comparable to Sprint in the USA. Testifying before a Greek parliamentary committee, Koronias insisted that no-one in the U.K. could have had any connection to the ultra-sophisticated spyware. 'Only Ericsson's staff could have set up such a device,' he said. Ericsson furiously countered that Vodafone not only knew about the illegal software but had activated it at the request of British intelligence agents. More on Ericsson's official response: Ericsson, the company that produces the software used by Vodafone, issued an announcement clarifying that two types of software were employed for tapping the phone conversations.
The first one employed legally had been developed by Ericsson and had been installed in Vodafone, yet it was not activated.

The second software, which was of unknown origins, namely it had not been developed by Ericsson, had been illegally installed in Vodafone’s system to activate the legal software and erase the traces of the phone-tapping. This is, by any measure, a troubling admission -- especially since Ericsson manufactures many mobile phones used in the USA.

Vodaphone insists they were never informed of this "feature" in Ericsson phones, although Ericsson executive Bill Zikou has testified that the company disclosed the truth via its sales force and instruction manuals.
American security expert John Brady Kiesling reveals some surprising details about the eavesdropping malware embedded in Ericsson equipment:
(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
Built into the Ericsson (Sweden) software that runs the Vodafone (UK-owned) mobile telephony network switching system in Greece + similar GSM service providers around the world, is a little-known "Legal Interception" software package designed to be used by law enforcement authorities.

This software allows incoming and outgoing conversations from allegedly up to 5000-6000 mobile phone numbers to be recorded, on presentation of a valid judicial warrant.

[A friend in telecoms claims governments require that telephone companies give law enforcement authorities the capability to monitor up to 5% of active calls as one precondition for an operating license]. However, to unlock and use the eavesdropping package, the company must pay Ericsson a hefty fee (allegedly four million euros).

The Greek government allegedly refused to pay this fee, despite its desire for wiretapping capability during the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.

One reason was that a clear legal basis for such eavesdropping was not yet in place..
Apparently someone persuaded a Vodafone or Ericsson employee with access to the switching network to install a software parasite in at least four and possibly more of the 22 call management centers that Vodafone operates in Greece. The family of Costas Tsalikidis, the whistleblower who was found hanged in his apartment, does not accept the verdict of suicide. Neither does his fiancée. The Greek press has hinted at
further skullduggery:
The prosecutor also visited the lawyer of Tsalikidis’ family, Themistoklis Sofos, who announced that his clients will be filing a lawsuit against unknown parties for embezzlement and falsification of documents pertaining to the deceased’s emails. In addition, they will subpoena all those who participated in the much-publicised meeting just before the revelation of the wiretappings;

a meeting Vodafone denies ever having taken place.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, Vodaphone had eliminated the spyware from its system before Greek intelligence could conduct an examination.

Greek spy chief Ioannis Korantis testified that this move amounted to destruction of evidence.
00.000.1999, the Village Voice published a piece alleging
a connection between American intelligence and Ericsson -- which, it seems, supplied telecom technology to Iraq.

According to the Voice, the American agency in question was not NSA or CIA or DIA, as you might surmise, but a little-known group called SCS -- Special Collection Services. According to two sources familiar with intelligence activity in Iraq, the U.S. may have been aided by information delivered either to UNSCOM or SCS from Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications firm...

More: Regarding any possible collaboration in Iraq with SCS or UNSCOM, Kathy Egan, Ericsson spokesperson, said she had no information on such an operation, but if there was one, "It would be classified and we would not be able to talk about it." Are Ericsson cell phones the only ones with the built-in spy technology? We can't be sure. But one thing is certain: When the fellow on TV asks "Can you hear me now?", the person he's addressing may not be the only one who can say yes . Permalink
25.Aug.2006 Is your cell phone spying on you? Are the whistleblowers being killed?

Note: A version of this piece appears today on BradBlog. This version has additional information.
Planspiele: Israel ernennt Oberkommandierenden für möglichen Iran- Krieg
25.Aug.2006 Why do Americans sponsort Tyranical Regimes and what can we do about it? - Ummah ... with torture equiptment and in the case of the House of Saud, Americans of ...

The Anglo - Iranian oil company, a predecessor of today's British petroleum, held ...
25.Aug.2006 - HARRIMAN MISSION ...

Persian nationalization of the Anglo - Iranian Oil Company .

American fears of the ... Case Study, Pittsburgh, 1988. Laurence Paul Elwell-Sutton, Persian Oil :

Offiziellen Angaben zufolge mussten die Bewohner der nahe gelegenen Stadt Doyline ihre Häuser sowie Kinder die Schulen verlassen. Außerdem wurde ein Gefängnis auf dem US-Militärstützpunkt evakuiert.

Den Angaben zufolge gab es durch die Explosionen lediglich Leichtverletzte.

Ein Vertreter der US-Basis sagte, die Rettungskräfte hätten sich von dem Stützpunkt zurückgezogen und warteten nun darauf, dass das Feuer von selbst ausbrenne.
Kein Urlaub für Hartz- IV- Empfänger: "Söder will Arbeitslose zu Leibeigenen machen"
25.Aug.2006 Libanon: Kofferbomber gesteht Anschläge
25.Aug.2006 Kosten des Bush- Besuchs: Getrennte Rechnung
25.Aug.2006 Planetenstreit eskaliert: Pluto- Fans schlagen zurück
25.Aug.2006 Kofferbomben: Terrorverdächtiger in Konstanz festgenommen

25.Aug.2006 Gemeinsame Erklärung: Deutsche Muslime distanzieren sich von islamistischem Terror
25.Aug.2006 Kofferbomber: Kiels Nährboden für Islamisten

25.Aug.2006 Salmonellen: Überlebensstrategie mit Schutz vor Sexkrankheiten
25.Aug.2006 Bedrohung: Südkorea glaubt an Existenz nordkoreanischer Atombombe

25.Aug.2006 "Atlantis"- Start: ISS wird endlich weitergebaut
25.Aug.2006 Wal- Mart in China: Ein US- Handelsriese wird kommunistisch
25.Aug.2006 Terrorkontrollen: Ryanair verklagt britische Regierung
Libanon- Schutztruppe: Chirac hält 15.000 Uno- Soldaten für übertrieben
25.Aug.2006 Selbstmord vor Irak- Einsatz: "Ich kann da nicht hingehen und auf kleine Kinder schießen"
25.Aug.2006 Ölleitungen: Experte hält Pipelines in aller Welt für marode
Israel in der Krise: Katerstimmung statt Siegesrausch

25.Aug.2006 Kanaren: Reedereien lehnen Transport von Flüchtlingen ab
25.Aug.2006 Sparvorschlag: CSU- General will Hartz- IV- Empfängern Urlaub streichen

25.Aug.2006 Marodes Pipelinesystem: Wenn Russlands Adern platzen
25.Aug.2006 Umfrage in Israel: Olmert soll gehen

25.Aug.2006 "Bremer Taliban": Kurnaz wieder zu Hause
25.Aug.2006 Anti- Terror- Datei: "Mittelweg" aus Index und Volltext

25.Aug.2006 Nahost: Israelische Angriffe im Gaza- Streifen

25.Aug.2006 Terrorgefahr: Deutsche fürchten keine Anschläge

25.Aug.2006 Libanon- Krieg: USA untersuchen Israels Einsatz von Streubomben

25.Aug.2006 Explosionen in US- Bombenfabrik: Tausend Menschen auf der Flucht
25.Aug.2006 Bundeswehr: Minister Jungs milliardenschwere Rüstungspläne

25.Aug.2006 Reformprojekte: Private Versicherer warnen vor Gesundheitssozialismus
25.Aug.2006 Kofferbomber: Terrorverdächtige trafen sich angeblich erst in Deutschland
24.Aug.2006 The government awarded 70 % of its contracts for Hurricane Katrina work without full competition, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process, says a House study released Thursday by Democrats.

25.Aug.2006 FDA eases limits on morning-after pill. The Busheviks must really be on the defensive.

25.Aug.2006 The Price of Truth
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

25.Aug.2006 Will the Democrats Be Ready for Rove's 2006 October Fright Fest? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Murtha Says Signs Point That Iraq War Getting Worse, Not Better 8/24

25.Aug.2006 A BuzzFlash Interview: U.S. Senator Byron L. Dorgan Sounds the Alarm on Corporate Greed and the Selling Out of the American Worker
"Truth Squad" Introduced by House Democrats to Identify Government Waste -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

25.Aug.2006 Comment on BuzzFlash Original Articles at BuzzFlash.Org. Just register and then comment away. As always, it's free.
How I keep from hating George W. Bush. Cold showers help. Wild sex probably also helps

10.Mär.2003 Imperialismus sans Phrase Als der Gott der biblischen Legende-zufolge im Zorn den Turm zu Babylon zerstörte, die Menschen einander entfremdete + in alle Welt zerstreute, weil ihm der ...

24.Aug.2006 Vater des mutmaßlichen Kofferbombers: "Keine Freunde, die politisch aktiv waren"

25.Aug.2006 Libanon- Schutztruppe: Frankreich schickt 2000 Soldaten
24.Aug.2006 Amsterdam: Justizministerium gibt Terror- Entwarnung
24.Aug.2006 Guantanamo- Häftling: Kurnaz in Ramstein gelandet
24.Aug.2006 Bahn- Anschläge: Schaffner nahm Bombenkoffer wieder mit in den Zug
24.Aug.2006 Terrorgefahr: Schäuble will Überwachung ausweiten
24.Aug.2006 Libanon- Experte: "Nur Muslime können Extremisten bekämpfen"
2004070709_Report Enron ex-chairman Ken Lay charged: Mr Lay's lawyer confirmed the charges include bank fraud + share trading fraud + making false statements.
2004092425 ... in der Öl- + Erdgasbranche + unter den Top 5 der Rüstungsunternehmen in UK, ... Battelle Exposed in Anthrax Biochemical Conspiracy by BOB FITRAKIS, ...

Der Begriff „Globale Informationsgesellschaft“: Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Durch Angebotsdiversifizierung werden Rüstungsunternehmen zudem normale ...

München: Oldenbourg (Sozialwissenschaftliche Reihe des Battelle -Instituts ... » Monatsübersicht

26.Aug.2006 Grönland deckt sich mit Eis ein

26 Aug.2006 US- Rüstungsunternehmen Lockheed steigert Gewinne ...

25.Aug.2006 Aerosol Operations 2005- Battelle Labs Style (0) ...

Germany plans surveillance boost

Forum für Terroristen? Innenminister Schäuble fordert eine stärkere Kontrolle des Internet

Eine intensivere Kontrolle des Internets soll Terroristen daran hindern, Anschläge zu planen und zu verüben.

Die EU hat bereits die Archivierung aller Internet-Spuren von Bürgern beschlossen.

Politiker fordern auch ein Verbot von Verschlüsselung. Profis ist so aber kaum beizukommen .

Kommentar: Wenn man offensichtlich Profis so nicht beikommen kann - Warum dann der ganze Aufwand?

Die fast 2500 Jahre alte Mumie eines 30 bis 40 Jahre alten Mannes mit blondem Haarschopf sei zwar insgesamt in einem sehr guten Zustand, sagte Parzinger, aber voraussichtlich nicht ausstellungsfähig.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen seien jedoch möglich, da sich die Methoden in den vergangenen Jahren durch Ötzi, die Gletschermumie aus Südtirol, verbessert hätten.

Archäologen hatten die Entdeckung der Altai-Mumie bereits mit der des legendären Ötzi (1991) sowie mit der tätowierten sibirischen Eisprinzessin von 1993 verglichen.

Der Fundort liegt in einer unzugänglichen Gebirgsregion des Altai in 2600 Metern Höhe im Dreiländereck Mongolei, China und Russland. Wissenschaftler aus Deutschland, der Mongolei und Russland waren

00.Jul.2006 -Ende- im Permafrostboden auf das intakte Grab mit der Mumie des skythischen Kriegers gestoßen.

Die Skythen waren ein Nomadenvolk, das ab dem 7. Jahrhundert vor Christus in Südrussland und der Ukraine bis zum Dnjepr lebte.

Für Archäologen ist der Fund der Eismumie in der Mongolei eine Sensation - sie vergleichen sie bereits mit der Gletscherleiche Ötzi.

Der Leichnam könnte enthüllen, wie Menschen vor 2500 Jahren lebten und unter welchen Krankheiten sie litten.

"Die Mumie ist für die Wissenschaft ungeheuer wertvoll", sagte der Präsident des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts (DAI), Hermann Parzinger, am heutigen Donnerstag in Berlin.

Die kürzlich in der Mongolei entdeckte Mumie sei ein "einzigartiger Fund" und könne der Forschung neue Erkenntnisse über Ernährung und Krankheiten der Vergangenheit liefern.
Aufschwung: IWF zeigt endlich Vertrauen in Deutschland

24.Aug.2006 Die Ruhr- Connection: Der Bomber, sein Onkel und der Busfahrer

24.Aug.2006 Atomstreit: Merkel nennt iranisches Angebot nicht ausreichend
24.Aug.2006 AKW Forsmark: Schweden stufen Störfall als schwersten der Geschichte ein

24.Aug.2006 Bahn- Anschläge: Ermittler vermuten Terrororganisation hinter Kofferbombern
24.Aug.2006 Sensationsfund: Skythen- Mumie begeistert Forscher

24.Aug.2006 Atomare Aufrüstung: Streit um deutsche U- Bootlieferung nach Israel
24.Aug.2006 Amsterdam: Justizministerium gibt Terror- Entwarnung

24.Aug.2006 "Teuerste Grillparty der Welt": Bund will nicht für Bush- Besuch zahlen
24.Aug.2006 Beleidigung: Obdachloser verflucht polnischen Präsidenten - Großfahndung

24.Aug.2006 Stockholm- Syndrom: Wenn das Gute zum Bösen wird
24.Aug.2006 Judicial Watch Smears Judge Who Ruled Warrantless Wiretapping Is Illegal, Media Takes The Bait - Think Progress -

Last week,

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruled that President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program was unconstitutional. Subsquently, Taylor was attacked by the conservative group Judicial Watch which claimed that she had a “conflict of interest” because she “serves as a Secretary and Trustee for a foundation that donated funds to the ACLU of Michigan, a plaintiff in the case.”

Judicial Watch’s allegation has garnered extensive media coverage. It’s a bogus charge. Here are the facts:

Over the last two years the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan has donated about $50 million to charitable causes. Its $45,000 in grants to the ACLU represents just .09% of their total giving.

The money to the ACLU had nothing to do with their activities relating to this litigation or government surveillance. The grant funded “a gay rights project.”

Judge Gibbs is one of 50 community members on the foundation’s board. It wasn’t a personal decision by Judge Gibbs.

None of this information was disclosed by Judicial Watch.

Once you know the facts, there is not a “reasonable question about [her] impartialitybased on the foundation’s activities. That hasn’t stopped the media (or the blogosphere) from breathlessly reporting the “story.”
24.Aug.2006 August 24, 2006 - Think Progress -

A House Intelligence Committee report warned that

the U.S. is facing “significant gaps” in its intelligence on Iran that could be as serious as the shortcomings in its prewar knowledge about Iraq, leaving Washington ill-prepared to assess Tehran’s military capabilities.

American intelligence agencies do not know nearly enough about Iran’s nuclear weapons program” to help policymakers at a critical time, the report said.

There is “little doubt that Iran has been the chief beneficiary of the war on terror in the Middle East,” according to a new report from a British think tank.

Three disgruntled state affiliates have severed ties with the Christian Coalition of America ,” leaving it with just “a half-dozen strong state chapters and a weak presence in Washington.”

The organization was formed 00.000.1989 by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and was formerly run by Ralph Reed.

$50 million: the cost accrued by a recent Medicare error. “About 230,000 Medicare recipients were mistakenly sent refunds last week averaging about $215 for monthly premiums they paid this year for drug coverage.”

In Concord, NH, the House Judiciary Committee will hold its 18th in a series of 21 immigration field hearings today, attempting to convince the public of an enforcement-only approach. “It’s a taxpayer-funded road show,” said Rep. Marty Meehan (D-MA) of the hearings. So far, the road show appears to have been successful.

The Washington Times reports Bush has failed to win his base’s support for his plan.

Grave sexual violence against girls and women in Darfur continues to worsen,” warned U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

A new U.N. report concludes that

00.May 2006-00.Jul.2006 “thousands of children were still actively involved in conflict despite the signing of the 5 May Darfur Peace Agreement + earlier ceasefire deals.”

Things could be worse. “For three years, the president tried to reassure Americans that more progress was being made in Iraq than they realized.

But with Iraq either in civil war or on the brink of it, Bush dropped the unseen-progress argument in favor of the contention that things could be even worse.”

Thousands of unexploded cluster bombs from Israeli artillery guns are turning up all over Lebanon, injuring innocent children. “They look like fat torch batteries.

So they seem innocuous especially to the curious mind of a child,” said the U.N. Mine Action Service’s Chris Clark. “We find that children unwittingly pick them up and then sadly suffer injuries from them.”

And finally: Not all U.S. lawmakers are able to maintain two households with their $165,200 annual salary. Instead of renting an apartment in Wasington, Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) sleeps on an air mattress in his office.

I see three or four of my colleagues bunking together in a two-bedroom apartment,” said Marshall. “I’ll go for my office any day over that.”
24.Aug.2006 Discussion about 09/11/2001 Title: - The Cover-Up of Pre-9/11 Intelligence: What's Going On?
24.Aug.2006 Safety first for carry-on Dells
Qantas is issuing an advisory to all passengers on its flights on the safe use of Dell notebooks following the recall of 4.1 million batteries announced by the PC manufacturer last week.

The airline said that although passengers would be allowed to carry their Dells either as checked or cabin ...
Australia to Sharia Preaching Muslims: Adapt to Our Way or Get Lost! - John C Dvorak - A unique and gutsy interview.
24.Aug.2006 Pluto loses status as a planet Astronomers meeting in the Czech capital have voted to strip Pluto of its status as a planet.
24.Aug.2006 Man held in anti-terrorism probe A man has been arrested under the Terrorism Act after a police raid on a house in Greater Manchester.
24.Aug.2006 People 'not informed' over leak Residents near the site of a chemical leak say they should have been better informed about the incident.
24.Aug.2006 Psychologists voice Brother worry The British Psychological Society says it "shares public concerns" over the recent Big Brother series.
24.Aug.2006 Hand luggage rules set to remain Restrictions on hand luggage for air passengers may have to stay in place because of the threat from liquid explosives.
24.Aug.2006 Sterilisation 'may not kill CJD' A survey has found that surgical instruments still have the potential to harbour CJD even after sterilisation.
24.Aug.2006 Images: It's official--Pluto's out The International Astronomical Union has decided to remove Pluto from the solar system--as a planet.
24.Aug.2006 Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed Documents in National Archives Prove George W. Bush's Grandfather Traded with Nazis -.. of Congress reveal that

Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush took aggressive action against Bush + his "enemy national" partners. ...
24.Aug.2006 Search Results 1 - 10 of about 3,660,000 for bush grandfather - 0.10 sec.

WEB RESULTS Bush">Prescott Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...

Nazi 'ties' of the late Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush.

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power", The Guardian, ...

Bush%26w=bush%2bgrandfather%26d=ZFcsbGP9NSvY%26icp=1%26.intl=us">Cached - More from this site - Bush%2B-%2BWikipedia%252C%2Bthe%2Bfree%2Bencyclopedia&','popup','width=520px,height=420px,status=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,left=100,top=50',0); return false" href="*

Bush_Nazi_2">Gazette I National News I "Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951" - Federal The New Hampshire Gazette – the Nation's Oldest Newspaper. Established 1756.

The NH ... Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. ... ... &catalogno=NN_ Bush _Nazi_2 Bush_Nazi_2%26w=bush%2bgrandfather%26d=WZCyzmP9NT1X%26icp=1%26.intl=us">Cached - More from this site -

Bush%2B-%2BNazi%2BDealings%2BContinued%2BUntil%2B1951%2522%2B-%2BFederal&','popup','width=520px,height=420px,status=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,left=100,top=50',0); return false" href="*">

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power ...

George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and ... Bush (The President's Grandfather .) tied to Hitler's funding + Banking. Bush%2527s%2Bgrandfather%2Bhelped%2BHitler%2527s%2Brise%2Bto%2Bpower&','popup','width=520px,height=420px,status=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,left=100,top=50',0); return false" href="*"> - Documents: Bush's Grandfather Directed Bank Tied to Man Who Funded

Documents: Bush's Grandfather Directed Bank Tied to Man Who Funded Hitler, ...

The documents do not show any evidence Bush directly aided that effort. ...,2933,100474,00.html
24.Aug.2006 Straight Dope: Was President Bush's Great-Grandfather A Nazi? Cecil Adams explains it all. Category:

Bush_Family/Bush__Prescott_Sheldon__1895_1972_/">20th Century U.S. History > Prescott S. Bush (1895-1972)
24.Aug.2006 President Bush Library - President George W. Bush - Links to Nazi Past

A history of the Bush Family Evil Empire + it's links to funding Hitler + ... of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. ... president bush
GlasNet (CIS) A new computer network called " GlasNet (TM)" has been installed in Moscow by The ... GlasNet (TM) is a member of the Association for Progressive ...

Devel-L: Association for Progressive Communications (APC) A Global Computer Network for Change.

The Association for Progressive ... Antenna Nordic Regions: NordNet Russia: GlasNet Slovenija: Histria Czech Republic:

StrawberryNet projects They were also related to the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) which is the most extensive global alliance of computer networks in the world ...

PEACENET AND GLASNET Version 3.1 10 March 1994 " GlasNet (R)" - A Computer Network for Pro Bono ... at the user's convenience, then quickly sent by the GlasNet computer to its ...

Under the Cloak of Patriotism Louis Cohen, Democratic Party, " PR Unmasked," 1940 ... " PR is based on the sound American principles of majority rule with ...
Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html An interview with Stuart Ewen author of - PR - ... dramatically impact the development of PR ?
24.Aug.2006 Bush History ... Bush was president of Buckeye Steel Castings in Columbus, Ohio. ... Bush + grandfather of George W. Bush.

Bush's grandfather . ...

BushHist/BushHist01.htm%26w=bush%2bgrandfather%26d=fxpycmP9NENW%26icp=1%26.intl=us">Cached - More from this site - Bush%2BHistory&','popup','width=520px,height=420px,status=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,left=100,top=50',0); return false" href="*">

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power : SF Indymedia ...

George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and ... "You can't blame Bush for what his grandfather did any more than you ...
BUSH FAMILY QUIZ - QUESTIONS BUSH FAMILY QUIZ - QUESTIONS NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA ... Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather's companies had property seized by the ... - 6k - Cached - More from this site - walker, bush & the nazis ...

Grandfather Bush, Prescott, certainly did this during WWII. when his ... research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the ...

Prosecutor links Bush to Nazis ... Bush's grandfather derived a portion of his personal fortune through his ... research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the ...

Bush%2Bto%2BNazis&','popup','width=520px,height=420px,status=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,left=100,top=50',0); return false" href="*">

Conspiracy Planet - CIA-Bush-Nazis - How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler Rise to Power ... George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and ... brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave ...
Bush-Nazi-Connection01 Then there's the Bush family alliance with the greatest evil in history: ... from them for over 50 years about Bush [BPS917], the president's grandfather.
24.Aug.2006 BushNazi.html">'Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed' ... of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. ... +

Duncan Campbell, "How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power, ...
Documents: Bush's Grandfather Directed Bank Tied to Man Who Funded Hitler
Links von Religio Freikirchen. Freie evangelische Gemeinden. The Navigators . The Navigators ; One to One Mission, Jerry White, evangelikale Freikirche,

2004061924_Report Jerry White. a specialist in military mobilization, military police + electronic ... is the longtime chairman of a military ministry group, "The
24.Aug.2006 - Wirtschaft & Politik (reg.) - Guten Morgen -

Political operatives have become experts at manufacturing the appearance of outrage. In the last few weeks the usual suspects have been trying to paint
Nahost/USA: Spielkarten des Todes // Gegen Krieg und Besatzung ... Der prominenteste von ihnen ist David Wurmser, Nah-Ost- Berater von Vize-President Dick Cheney.

Wurmser spielte eine führende Rolle bei der Errichtung einer ...
Rough draft of: Andreas Schneider “The Ideal Type of Authority in ... - HTML-Version
bureaucratic rules, but political operatives are villains or even terrorists ... advisor .99 1.28 -.71 1.35 1.31 -.57 Berater .96 .68 .06 1.38 .82 -.30 1.7
Die Ziele von STOP1984

Was wir mit dieser Web-Seite zu allererst erreichen wollen, lässt sich mit einem Begriff klären:

Wir möchten bei den Menschen Bewusstsein wecken für den Wert ihrer eigenen Privatsphäre den Wert ihrer eigenen Daten die Gefahren des Missbrauches von Daten die Folgen des Verlustes der Privatsphäre die politischen, sozialen und persönlichen Folgen einer zunehmenden Überwachung die Gefahren des politischen Desinteresses

Während unsere politischen Ziele darin bestehen, dass die TKÜV in ihrer jetzigen Form zurückgenommen wird auch bisher nicht veröffentlichte Zahlen über die Erfolge und Misserfolge von Überwachung publiziert werden Datenschutz und das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung ihren Weg in das Grundgesetz und das EU-Recht finden ist uns bewusst, dass diese politischen Ziele nur durch interessierte und engagierte Menschen zu erreichen sind - ohne dass ein Bewusstsein für diese Dinge geweckt wird, ohne dass nicht gegen die Politikverdrossenheit und Lethargie vieler Menschen mit Aufklärung und Engagement entgegen getreten wird, ist die Erreichbarkeit dieser politischen Ziele eine pure Vision ohne jegliche Möglichkeit der Verwirklichung.

Daher ist das Ziel dieser Seite, mit Aufklärung und Engagement Interesse und Bewusstsein zu fördern, durch Diskussionen im Forum zum Nachdenken anzuregen und somit die Basis für den "letzten Ausweg vor der Totalüberwachung" zu schaffen.
UK population breaks 60m mark The UK's population breaks through 60m for the first time, according to the Office for National Statistics.
24.Aug.2006 First-time buyers 'need £29,000' The average couple needs to save at least £29,000 to pay for the deposit on their first home, a survey suggests.
24.Aug.2006 Lebanon holds train bomb suspect A second suspect in an alleged plot to blow up German trains is held in Lebanon, officials say.
24.Aug.2006 US 'lacks Iran arms intelligence' There are major gaps in US knowledge of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons capability, a congressional report warns.
24.Aug.2006 Scientists find sourness detector Scientists have discovered what exactly leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
24.Aug.2006 Diebold Flops in Alaska - samzenpus 47 - lukej writes

"From the Anchorage Daily News, During yesterday's preliminary and ballot measure election across Alaska, Diebold built voting machines failed to 'phone home' causing a hand recount. As a party spokesperson said: "I can say there are many systematic problems with Diebold machines that have been identified in many contexts." Additionally, the State itself has mandated some hand counts of all electronic results + the Demcratic Party is simply suggesting voters request paper voting."

Vulkanausbrüche transportierten Gase wie Kohlendioxid an die Erdoberfläche und ließen eine erste Gashülle entstehen, die überwiegend aus Wasserdampf und Kohlendioxid bestand. Sauerstoffgas kam erst mit dem Beginn des Lebens in die Atmosphäre: Bakterienähnliche Lebensformen begannen mit der Fotosynthese und verwandelten Kohlendioxid in Kohlenstoff und Sauerstoff, der sich daraufhin in der Atmosphäre anreicherte.

Dieser Wandel begann nach der bisher gängigen Ansicht vor etwa 2,4 Milliarden Jahren. Zwar hatte es nach den Ergebnissen früherer Studien bereits vor mehr als 3,5 Milliarden Jahren Leben auf der Erde gegeben, doch verband sich der von Mikroben erzeugte Sauerstoff zunächst mit Stoffen, die im Ozean gelöst vorkamen. So gelangte kein Sauerstoff aus dem Wasser heraus.

Die Theorie von der über Jahrmilliarden sauerstofflosen Atmosphäre stellen die neuen Messungen von Ohmoto und ihren Kollegen nun in Frage. Womöglich müsse die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Erdatmosphäre umgeschrieben werden, denn die Daten hätten ergeben, dass bereits vor etwa drei Milliarden Jahren in der Atmosphäre Sauerstoff existierte.

Schwefelatome als Indikator für Sauerstoff
Neue Messungen haben jedoch ergeben, dass Sauerstoff bereits vor über drei Milliarden Jahren in höheren Konzentrationen vorgekommen ist. Das zumindest mutmaßen Wissenschaftler um Hiroshi Ohmoto von der Penn State University in der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Nature". Bisher gingen Experten davon aus, dass der Sauerstoffgehalt erst vor 2,4 Milliarden Jahren nennenswert anzusteigen begann und somit nachweisbar war.

Am Anfang ihrer Entwicklung hatte die Erde nur eine sehr dünne Atmosphäre, denn sie war noch zu heiß, als dass sie größere Mengen Gase hätte halten können. Vor etwa vier Milliarden Jahren war die Erde jedoch weit genug abgekühlt, um eine Atmosphäre an sich binden zu können.

Entwicklung der Erdatmosphäre in Frage gestellt
Implanted Chips in Our Troops?
VeriChip Corp, based in Delray Beach, Fla. + described by the D.C. Examiner as "one of the most aggressive marketers of radio frequency identification chips," is hoping to convince the Pentagon to allow them to insert the chips, known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips under the ...

24.Aug.2006 It's not always good to share
Ministers are preparing to overturn a fundamental principle of data protection in government, the Guardian has learned. They will announce next month that public bodies can assume they are free to share citizens' personal data with other arms of the state, so long as it is in the public interest. ...


Wie schlimm es schlimmstenfalls läuft, wenn staatliche und private Partner sich zu einer obskuren Allianz verbünden, dokumentierte im Januar der Bundesgerichtshof. Er hatte sich mit Podelwitz bei Leipzig zu befassen, einer "Kleinstgemeinde", wie die Richter schrieben - mit einem riesengroßen Neubau.

Für rund 600 Einwohner und genau vier Bedienstete hat sich Podelwitz von einem privaten Investor ein neues Gemeinde- und Verwaltungszentrum bauen lassen. Die Gemeinde verpflichtete sich, 22 Jahre lang über 14 000 Euro monatlich an den Investor zu zahlen, plus Umsatzsteuer und Nebenkosten. Jeder einzelne der über tausend Quadratmeter kostete damit zweieinhalb mal so viel wie in der Umgebung.

Dabei war unklar, ob die Gemeinde überhaupt noch ein Verwaltungsgebäude brauchte. Denn eine kommunale Gebietsreform stand kurz bevor.

"Nachweisbar unwirtschaftlich" - zu diesem Ergebnis kam etwa der bremische Rechnungshof, als er den Deal um das sogenannte Siemens-Hochhaus untersuchte. Bremen hatte das Gebäude, in dem die Baubehörde untergebracht ist, im Jahr 2000 an einen Investor verkauft und anschließend für 30 Jahre zurückgemietet. Das Land hätte die Immobilie besser selbst behalten, meinen die Rechnungsprüfer und schätzen den Schaden auf rund 20 Millionen Euro. "Mit einer vorab erstellten ernsthaften Wirtschaftlichkeitsuntersuchung hätte anders entschieden werden müssen", tadelt der Rechnungshof-Präsident Lothar Spielhoff.

Als die Präsidenten aller deutschen Rechnungshöfe zu ihrer letzten Jahrestagung zusammenkamen, zeigten sie sich ausgesprochen skeptisch gegenüber den Partnerschaften. Deutschlands oberste Rechnungsprüfer hielten es für nötig, "eine sorgfältige und realistische Bewertung von Chancen und Risiken" zu fordern - eigentlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Doch gingen sie offenbar nicht davon aus, dass die Verwaltungen solche Mindestanforderungen immer einhalten.
Trotzdem ist das Prinzip PPP deshalb nicht gleich ein "großangelegtes Komplott der deutschen und europäischen Bau- und Immobilienindustrie sowie großer Banken und Kapitalgesellschaften", wie die Frankfurter Attac-Gruppe behauptet. Und East Riding ist noch kein "Protektorat" Bertelsmanns, wie die linke Zeitung "Junge Welt" schreibt.

Aber selbst ein Bundesverfassungsrichter hat Bedenken. "Ich würde mir bei Politikern mehr Skepsis wünschen", sagt Siegfried Broß. Der Staat stelle sich selbst in Frage, wenn immer mehr Aufgaben an Private vergeben würden.

Schon sind Firmen in Bereiche vorgestoßen, die lange allein dem Staat zugerechnet wurden. Im hessischen Hünfeld wurde vor wenigen Monaten das erste PPP-Gefängnis Deutschlands eröffnet. Eine Expertengruppe des hessischen Justizministeriums hatte eine vollständige Privatisierung für unzulässig gehalten, "da der Strafvollzug zum Kernbereich staatlicher Aufgabenwahrnehmung gehört". Doch einzelne Tätigkeiten "ohne Eingriffsbefugnisse gegenüber Gefangenen" dürften übertragen werden. Weitere Bundesländer planen bereits ebenfalls PPP-Knäste.
Bundeswirtschaftsminister Michael Glos (CSU) geht davon aus, dass "wir erst am Anfang der Entwicklung stehen". Auch der EU-Kommissar für Binnenmarkt und Dienstleistungen, Charlie McCreevy, setzt auf die Partnerschaften: "Bei Investitionen in die Infrastruktur und die öffentlichen Dienstleistungen sind wir dringend auf PPP angewiesen."

In der Wirtschaft herrscht Goldgräberstimmung. "Ein Erfolgsmodell vor dem Durchbruch" nannte der Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) jüngst eine Tagung zum Thema.

Schon jetzt stecken in Deutschland mehrere Milliarden Euro in solchen Kooperationen. Allein die Projekte der Kommunen sind drei Milliarden Euro schwer, schätzt das Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik. Zu den vielen hundert Partnerschaften in Deutschland zählen

der Wiederaufbau des Berliner Stadtschlosses, dessen Kosten auf mindestens 670 Millionen Euro geschätzt werden;

der milliardenteure Ausbau der A 8 zwischen Augsburg und München sowie weiterer Autobahnabschnitte;

die 90 Schulen des Landkreises Offenbach, deren Betrieb zwei Firmen übernommen haben;

das neue Krebszentrum an der Uni-Klinik Essen, dessen Kosten von rund 120 Millionen Euro zwei Banken aufbringen.

Auch wenn die Bürger bald schon PPP-Rathäuser aufsuchen (etwa in Gladbeck) oder bereits jetzt durch PPP-Tunnel fahren (etwa in Lübeck) - die meisten kennen das Kürzel nicht. Das Ergebnis einer Forsa-Umfrage für ein jüngst erschienenes Buch zum Thema: Nur jeder vierte Deutsche kann mit dem Begriff etwas anfangen*.

Denn im vergangenen Jahr hat Pearsons Rat einen Beschluss gefällt, der für deutsche Maßstäbe revolutionär ist: Zentrale Teile der öffentlichen Verwaltung hat inzwischen die Bertelsmann-Tochterfirma Arvato übernommen. Das Unternehmen betreibt nun beispielsweise die Bürgerbüros in East Riding, kassiert die Steuern ein, zahlt das Wohngeld an Bedürftige aus.

Offen verkündet das Unternehmen, East Riding mit seinen rund 320.000 Einwohnern solle nur der Anfang sein - man habe mit dem Pilotprojekt "Zentraleuropa und vor allem Deutschland im Visier". Denn die Manager wollen auch hierzulande von einem Geschäft profitieren, in dem schon jetzt Milliarden stecken. Das Prinzip nennen Fachleute Public Private Partnership (PPP): Öffentliche Institutionen gehen Bündnisse mit privaten Firmen ein, die dann bislang staatliche Aufgaben übernehmen. Bund, Länder und Gemeinden nutzen diese Partnerschaften etwa, um Schulen oder Straßen zu bauen.

Von der Zusammenarbeit versprechen sich die Verwaltungen frisches Kapital und Know-how. Doch die bisherigen Erfahrungen sind teilweise ernüchternd. Etliche Projekte stellten sich bereits als Flops heraus - PPP wie Pleiten, Pech und Pannen. Die Präsidenten der Rechnungshöfe warnen zudem davor, dass solche Partnerschaften "mittel- und langfristig ein gefährlicher Weg" in die Überschuldung sein können. Andere Kritiker fürchten gar einen Ausverkauf des Staats: Schleichend übernähmen Konzerne die Macht.

Die Bundesregierung freilich treibt die Entwicklung voran. Im schwarz-roten Koalitionsvertrag wird "die Beseitigung der Diskriminierung von Public Private Partnerships" versprochen, im Juni 2005 verabschiedete noch Rot-Grün das PPP-"Beschleunigungsgesetz", voraussichtlich noch in diesem Jahr kommt das PPP-"Vereinfachungsgesetz" in den Bundestag.
Dabei ist Nigel Pearson, Verwaltungschef des Bezirks East Riding in Yorkshire, kein Nostalgiker, der sich an Traditionen klammert. "Die Dinge ändern sich", sagt er. Und darum habe sich auch sein Bezirk ändern müssen.

Der private Staat
Von Markus Verbeet

Immer häufiger erledigen Unternehmen öffentliche Aufgaben, in England hat der Bertelsmann-Konzern erstmals die Verwaltung eines ganzen Bezirks übernommen. Die Bundesregierung forciert ähnliche Modelle auch in Deutschland - in der Wirtschaft herrscht Goldgräberstimmung.

Der Sitzungssaal wirkt wie ein Hort der Tradition: weinrot die Lederbänke, grün der Teppichboden + der Mann im holzgetäfelten Ambiente trägt bei festlichen Anlässen gern mal Perücke, wie das hier so Sitte ist.
Mecklenburg- Vorpommern: Bush- Besuch kostete fast 15 Millionen Euro

24.Aug.2006 Genforschung: Zweifel an Stammzellen- Sensation

24.Aug.2006 US- Geheimdienste: Abgeordnete kritisieren mangelhafte Iran- Spionage
Sogenanntes Stockholm-Syndrom : Der unterbewusste psychologische Schutzmechanismus führe dazu, dass sich die Opfer mit ihren Geiselnehmern solidarisierten.
Der unterbewusste psychologische Schutzmechanismus führe dazu, dass sich die Opfer mit ihren Geiselnehmern solidarisierten.
24.Aug.2006 DaimlerChrysler: Ex- Controller soll 50 Millionen veruntreut haben
24.Aug.2006 Terrorismus: Zweiter Kofferbomber festgenommen
24.Aug.2006 Sicherheit auf Bahnhöfen: Polizei testet biometrische Überwachung

24.Aug.2006 Libanon- Krieg: Israels Generalstabschef gibt Fehler zu

24.Aug.2006 Arbeitslosenversicherung: BA für starke Beitragssenkung

24.Aug.2006 Sprachtalent: Schwertwal bellt wie ein Seelöwe
24.Aug.2006 Konjunktur: Ifo- Index fällt kaum, Börsianer erleichtert
24.Aug.2006 Thunfisch- Streit: Greenpeace beugt sich
24.Aug.2006 Atmosphäre: Rätselhafte Sauerstoffspuren im Gestein
"Bremer Taliban": Kurnaz wird in Deutschland erwartet

24.Aug.2006 Libanon: Uno drängt auf Ende der Seeblockade
24.Aug.2006 Massaker in Rio: 543 Jahre Haft für Militärpolizisten

24.Aug.2006 Sparkurs: Staatsdefizit sinkt unter kritische Schwelle

24.Aug.2006 Kostensenkung: Hartz- IV- Empfänger sollen weniger dazuverdienen

24.Aug.2006 Alarm auf US- Flug: Verdächtige hantierten mit Handys und Plastiktüten
24.Aug.2006 Haftbefehl gegen Dschihad H.: Weltweite Suche nach zweitem Kofferbomber

24.Aug.2006 Konzerne: Griff nach der Staatsmacht
24.Aug.2006 23. AUGUST

23.Aug.2006 Atomstreit: USA geht Irans Antwort nicht weit genug

23.Aug.2006 Bundesagentur für Arbeit: Überschuss von über acht Milliarden Euro
24.Aug.2006 Uno- Truppe im Libanon: Syrien droht mit Schließung der Grenze
24.Aug.2006 Amsterdam: Zwölf Flugpassagiere nach Terroralarm festgenommen
24.Aug.2006 Haftbefehl gegen zweiten Kofferbomber: Fahnder setzen auf Hilfe der Öffentlichkeit

23.Aug.2006 Terrorangst: Köhler warnt vor Hysterie
24.Aug.2006 Terror: NPD- Kontakte zu Islamisten
24.Aug.2006 Saddam- Prozess: Kurdin schildert grausame Details
24.Aug.2006 Internet- Überwachung zur Terrorabwehr: Dummenfang im Netz

23.Aug.2006 Flugzeuge und Blitze: Tödliche Gefahr im Gewitter
24.Aug.2006 Radikalisierung: Mutmaßlicher Kofferbomber sah Terror als legitimes Mittel
24.Aug.2006 Gefährliche Turbulenzen: Experten messen A380- Luftwirbel
24.Aug.2006 Stasi- Akte von Grass: Mielkes Katz- und- Maus- Spiel

23.Aug.2006 Teure Markenrechte: Imperial Tobacco zahlt halbe Milliarde Euro für Davidoff

23.Aug.2006 Bankrotterklärung: Moskauer Gericht verwirft Jukos- Berufung
24.Aug.2006 Anti- Terror- Kampf: Schäuble ruft deutsche Muslime zur Hilfe auf
24.Aug.2006 Eu Trying To Push Again Biometrics On National Id Cards - sfux
European Digital Rights - According to a EU document presented by Statewatch in July 2006, The Visa Working Party on 13-14 June 2006 proposed another approach on the issue of the biometrics to be introduced on national ID cards.
The issue had met resistance back in February when several members of the European Council have expressed doubts especially as Belgium and the Czech Republic opposed to the...

24.Aug.2006 .die ich rief, die Geister, werd? ich nicht mehr los!? - sfux Karl Weiss - ?

Hat der alte Hexenmeister sich doch einmal wegbegeben + nun sollen seine Geister auch nach meinem Willen leben?? So beginnt eines der bekanntesten Gedichte Goethes, der ?Zauberlehrling?. In dieser Situation des Zauberlehrlings befinden sich nun wohl die Regierungen der USA und Israels.
Fast jeder kennt die Geschichte vom Zauberlehrling, der die hilfreichen Geister wie...

U.S. intelligence poor on Iran - sfux UPI -

There are "major gaps" in U.S. intelligence about Iran's development of weapons of mass destruction, according to a congressional panel.
"The USA lacks critical information needed for (intelligence) analysts to make many of their judgments with...

Bill Kristol: ?Wir könnten mit Iran viel früher in einer militärischen Konfrontation... - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Gestern trommelte auf Fox News der Weekly Standard Redaktor und Mitbegründer des Thinktank Project for the New American Century, William ?Bill? Kristol, wieder für einen militärischen Schlag gegen Iran.
Laut Wikipedia war Kristol Vorsitzender des Project for the Republican Future von 1993 bis 1994, 1993 war er zudem bei der Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee tätig,...

Refuse to be Terrorized Arresting would-be attackers becomes a pyrrhic victory if politicians and the media spread fear on the terrorists' behalf. Commentary by Bruce Schneier.
Attempt to impeach Arroyo fails Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:45:24 GMT Philippine President Gloria Arroyo survives an attempt to impeach her over claims of corruption and fraud. 'Ethical' stem cell lines created Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:30:45 GMT A way of growing embryonic stem cells that could overcome ethical concerns is developed in the US.
German train bomb suspect held Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:16:03 GMT A second suspect in an alleged plot to blow up German trains is arrested in Lebanon, German officials say.
Policeman jailed for Rio massacre Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:08:54 GMT A Brazilian policeman gets a 543-year jail sentence for a 2005 shooting spree that killed 29 people in Rio.
Europe intensifies Lebanon talks Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:30:18 GMT Diplomatic efforts are being stepped up in Europe as countries try to agree on a UN peace force in Lebanon.
24.Aug.2006 Did Insiders Milk Terror Plot For Criminal Trading? - Paul Joseph Watson
Did Insiders Milk Terror Plot For Criminal Trading? Indian newspaper highlights suspicious patterns, 9/11 and 7/7 were also preceded by insider trading

24.Aug.2006 Now the Music Industry Wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing
Lauren Keiser, president of the Music Publishers’ Association, says guitar tablature Web sites reduce the earnings of songwriters. In the last few months, trade groups representing music publishers have used the threat of copyright lawsuits to shut down guitar tablature sites, where users ...

24.Aug.2006 UPDATE: The RFIDing Of Our Troops - Uncle Dave -We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.
24.Aug.2006 Gallup: Many Americans Harbor Strong Bias Against U.S. Muslims
NEW YORK A new Gallup poll finds that many Americans -- what it calls "substantial minorities" -- harbor "negative feelings or prejudices against people of the Muslim faith" in this country. Nearly one in four Americans, 22%, say they would not like to have a Muslim as a neighbor. While Americans ...

24.Aug.2006 Researchers Yearn to Use AOL Logs, but They Hesitate

When AOL researchers released users’ search logs last month, many academic researchers balanced a thirst for useful data against concerns over individual privacy.
HOW TO - Make a super-easy supermagnet compass Windell writes -

"When I was a kid, I read in a science book about how to make a directional compass. You magnetize a sewing needle and balance it on a cork floating in a bowl of water. Even today, this is the standard story. For example, How Stuff Works still says that this is how to make a ...
Syria warns over UN peacekeepers Syria reportedly threatens to close its border with Lebanon if UN peacekeepers are deployed there.
24.Aug.2006 UK 'must tackle extremism threat' British society is facing challenges that threaten its record on uniting ethnic groups, a minister is to warn.
24.Aug.2006 Police sorry for inquiry 'hurt' Police apologise to the family of a young father shot dead after confronting a gang of youths near his London home.
24.Aug.2006 Attempt to impeach Arroyo fails Philippine President Gloria Arroyo survives an attempt to impeach her over claims of corruption and fraud.
24.Aug.2006 US renews offer on Cuba embargo The US renews an offer to lift the four-decade trade embargo on Cuba in exchange for democratic reforms.
24.Aug.2006 Probe launched into chemical leak An investigation is under way into how a chemical which causes skin irritation leaked out of a tank at Grangemouth port.
24.Aug.2006 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Electronic Toilet - samzenpus 88 - BlueCup writes

"The bathroom has been one of the few places people frequent where digital technology hasn't taken over. Most people use toilets more often than iPods, yet the humble American commode has remained as low tech as things get, essentially a combination of pipes, levers and flaps. Computers are now invading the bathroom. For several years, manufacturers have been quietly pushing toilets and toilet seats costing $1,000 or more that use small, built-in computers and remote controls to add new features that warm, wash and dry you. As bathrooms become more upscale and luxurious, a digital toilet fits right in."
Massive Chasm In Asia's Public Sector IT Spending - samzenpus 47 -
IT_Sleep_Bag writes "A recent study by Springboard Research shows a massive chasm between countries in the APAC region, with countries like New Zealand and Australia investing up to USD 200 per capita on IT, while India and China spend a dismal USD 1. SDA Asia speaks to Dane Anderson of Springboard Research to explore the reasons for the wide gulf and why he believes India and China will grow the fastest in this regard."

Video Projector on a Chip? - ScuttleMonkey 80 - Stile 65 writes

"Cornell researchers have made a 0.2mm-squared mirror mounted on carbon fibers that can oscillate at 2.5KHz, 'caus[ing] a laser beam to scan across a range of up to 180 degrees.' These can be mounted on a chip + in combination with lasers, arrays of such mirrors on a chip can be made into a video projector. From the article: ''"It would be an incredibly cheap display," [Cornell grad student Shahyaan] Desai said. And the entire device would be small enough to build into a cell phone to project an image on a wall."' This display is made possible because of the innovative use of carbon fiber instead of silicon in MEMS. Unlike a standard DMD, this type of device would have one mirror per scanline, not one mirror per pixel, allowing the chip to be much smaller."
24.Aug.2006 yanks articles over marrying-career-women flap Blog: Bowing to blogospheric criticism, Forbes deleted two articles from its Web site on Wednesday, one of which was titled "Don't marry...
24.Aug.2006 Neoconservatives are setting America up for a wider war in the Middle East
The old adage, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" does not apply to Americans, who have shown that they can be endlessly fooled. Neoconservatives deceived Americans into an illegal attack and debilitating war in Iraq. American neoconservatives are closely allied with Israel's...

24.Aug.2006 Political correctness is running rampant in science, scholarship and even statues
There have always been liars, but until recent years liars were rare among scientists and scholars. The only agenda scientists and scholars had was truth. They didn't always succeed in finding truth, but it was their goal. In recent years we have seen the advent of a new breed of scientist and scholar...

24.Aug.2006 Tollwut? - sfux Leserbrief zum Artikel "In der eigenen Falle gefangen" von Karl Weiß
G. Nagel, Berlin - In einer Deutlichkeit wie man sie in diesen Tagen leider nur allzu selten antrifft, beschreibt Karl Weiss anhand der Begleitumstände, Hintergründe und weitergehenden Ankündigungen der *einzig verbliebenen Weltmacht* in welch tödlicher Gefahr die Welt sich...

24.Aug.2006 Matthews: Neocons ‘May Be Right’ When They Say Bush ‘Has To Hit’ Iran - Think Progress -

Today on MSNBC, Chris Matthews hosted a segment entitled “Is Iran Next?” Matthews said that Bill Kristol and other neoconservatives “may be right” when they argue that Bush “has to hit” Iran militarily. Watch it: <script type="text/javascript"> var so3159 = new SWFObject('//08/hardball.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-so3159', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); so3159.addParam('quality', 'high'); so3159.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); so3159.write('so3159');

Matthews didn’t mention that a bi-partisan group of national security experts believe there are no good military options in Iran.


MATTHEWS: Maybe this is moot. But you know I keep hearing from people on the right — Robert Kagen and Bill Kristol, the guys who are the most hawkish and the most articulate in making their case and they may be right — that at the end of this administration, this hawkish administration — that was willing to go into Iraq and Afghanistan — if this president is not willing to knock out those facilities no future president is likely to do it. We’ll be stuck with a nuclear armed Iran which can rant and rave around that region, threatening Israel, Saudi and everybody else. And we’ll be stuck with it. So their argument is try the diplomatic route, try everything but in the end we have to hit ‘em.
White House planning Katrina “public relations blitz” - Judd - for next week.
24.Aug.2006 Iraq War Debilitating U.S. Marine Corps - Guest -

The President has called up 2,500 inactive Marine reservists for involuntary duty to make up for manpower shortages. Even though many Marines have already served three tours in Iraq, the Marine Corps came up 1,200 volunteers short of its requirements. Defense commentator Fred Kagan from the conservative American Enterprise Institute put it bluntly:

It is one of an avalanche of symptoms that the ground forces are overstretched by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan . … This administration needs to understand this is not a short-term problem + it really needs a systemic fix in the size of the ground forces.

But the Marines are not just short manpower. A report released today by the Center for American Progress shows that the war in Iraq is increasingly taking its toll on the equipment of the Marine Corps. Vehicles like the Humvee and M1A1 tanks built to last for 15 years or more are wearing out in less than five. The cost to replace and repair the equipment damaged and destroyed is enormous – more than $5 billion a year.

To make up for the equipment shortfalls, the Marines have been taking equipment from units outside of Iraq and from their strategic reserves. Unable to train with the equipment that they will be using in combat, the readiness of Marine Corps units outside of Iraq are suffering.
36 %: - Dan - Bush’s current approval ratingunchanged from July — according to a new American Research Group poll. Just 32 % of Americans approve of his handling of the economy.
24.Aug.2006 Pat Buchanan’s Anti-Hispanic Rhetoric Echoes Earlier Anti-Immigrant Hysteria - Amanda -

In his new book and in numerous media appearances, Pat Buchanan has been trying to make the case that Mexican immigrants are fundamentally unlike past immigrant groups. Buchanan, who is of Irish ancestry, argues that Germans, Irish, Italians, etc were different because they were willing and able to assimilate. Last night on Hannity and Colmes he stated, “[T]he guys I went to school with in the ’50s and ’60s and the ’40s, they were the sons of immigrants. They’d all been completely assimilated, Americanized. We were marinated in the same culture.”

But Buchanan’s statements against Hispanic immigrants mirror the charges that German, Irish, Italian, Jews + other immigrant groups also faced. Some examples:

Immigrants will not be able to assimilate :

Where the Italians wanted to be part of our family, millions of Mexicans are determined to retain their language and loyalty to Mexico . They prefer to remain outsiders. They do not wish to assimilate and the nation no longer demands that they do so. [Buchanan, p. 28, 2006]


Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them + will never adopt our Languages or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion. [Benjamin Franklin, 1751]

Immigrants are responsible for crime :

Many Hispanics, as a matter of fact, you know what culture they are assimilating to? — the rap culture, the crime culture, anti-cops, all the rest of it. [Buchanan, 8/22/06]


The Irish fill our prisons, our poor houses. … Scratch a convict or a pauper + the chances are that you tickle the skin of an Irish Catholic. Putting them on a boat and sending them home would end crime in this country .” [Chicago Post, 1868]

Immigrants plan to commit treason against America :

Mexican-Americans can now become citizens of Mexico again. The whole idea is to create this giant fifth column in the USA which can leverage the American government in elections and pressure them to do what is in the interest of the nation of Mexico . [Buchanan, 8/22/06]


[A] set of citizens, German and Irish, wanted to get the Constitution of the U. S. into their own hands and sell it to a foreign power . [Theme of an American Nativist Party rally, 1844]

Immigrants come from inferior cultures :

[A]lmost all immigrants today, legal and illegal, come from countries and cultures whose peoples have never before been assimilated into a First World nation . [Buchanan, p. 221, 2006]


Today, instead of a nation descended from generations of freemen bred to a knowledge of principles and practice of self government, of liberty under the law, we have a heterogeneous population, no small proportion of which is sprung from races that throughout the centuries have known no liberty at all… In other words our capacity to maintain our cherished institutions stands diluted by a stream of alien blood, with all of its misconceptions respecting the relationships of the governing power to the governed. [Rep. Albert Johnson, 1927, justifying the 1924 National Origins Act]

Immigrants will dilute the white race :

If we do not get control of our borders, by 2050 Americans of European descent will be a minority in the nation their ancestors created and built. No nation has ever undergone so radical a demographic transformation and survived. [Buchanan, p. 11, 2006]


The number of purely white People in the World is proportionally very small …in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are Germans also, the Saxons only accepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. [Benjamin Franklin, 1751]
24.Aug.2006 IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) unveils renewable energy plan. - Dan -

The $1.2 billion proposal would invest $225 million over the next five to ten years to build up to 20 ethanol plants, “five soy biodiesel plants and four facilities that would make ethanol from plant waste like corn husks.” In addition, biofuels would be used to met half the state’s demand for gasoline by 2017.
24.Aug.2006 Bush Meets With Katrina Activist Who Wishes ‘The President Could Have Another Term In Office’ - Faiz -

For the last several days, Katrina victim Rockey Vaccarella has been on television repeatedly requesting a meeting with President Bush so he could “thank him for what he has done.” This morning, Bush met with him. Standing with Bush, Vaccarella said, “I just wish the President could have another term in office.” Watch and learn what it takes to score a meeting with President Bush: <script type="text/javascript"> var so26299 = new SWFObject('//08/rockey1.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-so26299', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); so26299.addParam('quality', 'high'); so26299.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); so26299.write('so26299');

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan — whose son died in Iraq — camped outside Bush’s ranch last summer, seeking to arrange a meeting with the President. But Bush disagreed with Sheehan’s message of bringing the troops home from Iraq and declined to meet with her.

Transcript of the video segments:

ROCKEY: When we have dinner with President Bush, all I want to do is first of all thank him. I want to thank him for what he’s done. [CNN, 8/19/06]

ROCKEY: You know, I want to thank the president. I am not going over there to throw any jabs or anything like that. President Bush did a lot for us. [CNN, 8/20/06]

ROCKEY: We are going to let the president know hey, thanks for everything you done, we know you are a busy man + we feel safe with him as chief of our military. [CNN, 8/20/06]

ROCKEY: And when I talk to President Bush, I want to let him say, hey, you know what? There’s been enough mudslinging. And I just want to let him know that, you know, thank you for the FEMA trailer, thank you for what you have done. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And, you know — you know, there’s been, you know, a lot of — a lot of negative publicity towards President Bush. And that’s not what we are about. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And I just wish the President could have another term in office. You know, I wish you had another four years, man. If we had this President for another four years, I think it’d be great. But we’re gonna move on. Mr. President, it’s been my pleasure.
BUSH: You’re a good man, Rockey. Thank you all.
ROCKEY: You are too.
CNN: Well, if every meeting went like that, President Bush would meet everybody to come in and see him. [CNN, 8/23/06]

Bush Meets With Katrina Activist Who Wishes ‘The President Could Have Another Term In Office’ - Faiz -

For the last several days, Katrina victim Rockey Vaccarella has been on television repeatedly requesting a meeting with President Bush so he could “thank him for what he has done.” This morning, Bush met with him. Standing with Bush, Vaccarella said, “I just wish the President could have another term in office.” Watch and learn what it takes to score a meeting with President Bush: <script type="text/javascript"> var so26299 = new SWFObject('//08/rockey1.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-so26299', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); so26299.addParam('quality', 'high'); so26299.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); so26299.write('so26299');

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan — whose son died in Iraq — camped outside Bush’s ranch last summer, seeking to arrange a meeting with the President. But Bush disagreed with Sheehan’s message of bringing the troops home from Iraq and declined to meet with her.

Transcript of the video segments:

ROCKEY: When we have dinner with President Bush, all I want to do is first of all thank him. I want to thank him for what he’s done. [CNN, 8/19/06]

ROCKEY: You know, I want to thank the president. I am not going over there to throw any jabs or anything like that. President Bush did a lot for us. [CNN, 8/20/06]

ROCKEY: We are going to let the president know hey, thanks for everything you done, we know you are a busy man + we feel safe with him as chief of our military. [CNN, 8/20/06]

ROCKEY: And when I talk to President Bush, I want to let him say, hey, you know what? There’s been enough mudslinging. And I just want to let him know that, you know, thank you for the FEMA trailer, thank you for what you have done. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And, you know — you know, there’s been, you know, a lot of — a lot of negative publicity towards President Bush. And that’s not what we are about. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And I just wish the President could have another term in office. You know, I wish you had another four years, man. If we had this President for another four years, I think it’d be great. But we’re gonna move on. Mr. President, it’s been my pleasure.
BUSH: You’re a good man, Rockey. Thank you all.
ROCKEY: You are too.
CNN: Well, if every meeting went like that, President Bush would meet everybody to come in and see him. [CNN, 8/23/06]

FACT CHECK: Ned Lamont Does Not Support ‘Immediate Withdrawal’ From Iraq - Think Progress - People have the right to disagree about what should be done in Iraq. This is part of a healthy political debate. What isn’t healthy is distorting someone’s position to score political points.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) + others are appearing on national TV and claiming — explcitly and implicitly — that Ned Lamont supports “immediate withdrawal” from Iraq. Watch some examples: <script type="text/javascript"> var so56371 = new SWFObject('//08/lamont.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-so56371', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); so56371.addParam('quality', 'high'); so56371.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); so56371.write('so56371');

These claims are false. Ned Lamont does not support immediate withdrawal. He has explicitly said that he would have supported the amendment proposed by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and Russ Feingold (D-WI), which called for a phased withdrawal over the course of the next year.

A majority of Americans do not support immediate withdrawal of all troops. But Lamont’s actual position — setting a timetable for withdrawal — is supported by nearly 60 % of the American public.

Digg It!
24.Aug.2006 Rep. Peter King (R-NY) pays lip service to diversity. - Amanda -

Race and ethnicity aren’t currently factors in his hiring decisions, but the congressman said that diversifying his staff “would probably make me look good to show that I have someone on staff that doesn’t fit the stereotype.”
24.Aug.2006 Buchanan: Hispanic Immigrants Not Assimilating Into America Because They Embrace ‘Rap Culture’ - Judd -

The media is lavishing attention on Pat Buchanan and his new book that argues that whites are the only race with the “genetic endowments” to prevent America from collapsing.

Yesterday on Hannity and Colmes, Pat Buchanan asserted that Hispanic immigrants were “not assimilated into America” because they were adopting “rap culture.” Watch it: <script type="text/javascript"> var so62231 = new SWFObject('//08/buchananrap.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-so62231', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); so62231.addParam('quality', 'high'); so62231.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); so62231.write('so62231');

Rap music, according to the U.S. State Department, is “an original American art form.”

It has its roots, however, in African-American culture, not white culture. For Buchanan, apparently, that means it’s un-American. Digg It! Transcript:

BECKEL: Pat, you say in the Hispanic culture in the Southwest — it is a culture that will take over the Southwest and essentially make the Southwest of the USA part of America but not really part of America. Let me ask you this — the Irish and Italian came to New York and brought their culture here. Eastern Europeans went to the north-northwest part of the Midwest, the Germans and Scottish went to the Appalachians and brought their culture with them. What’s different?

BUCHANAN: One thing that’s different in the year 2050 there will be 102 million people of Hispanic descent, primarily Mexican, wholly concentrated in the American Southwest. That’s one thing. The second thing is Mexicans, unlike Irish or German folks, never claimed America as their country. They owned it. 58% of Mexicans believe the southwest belongs to them. The third thing is, they were assimilated. There powerful assimilation movement in this country that does not exist right now and in so the point of the thing is, they are not assimilated into America. Many Hispanics, as a matter of fact, you know what culture they are assimilating to? — the rap culture, the crime culture, anti-cops, all the rest of it.
24.Aug.2006 Comentarios de Policías • El Capitán Gustavo Rubbo –que antes prestó funciones en Bragado- se hizo cargo de la Policía Comunal de Carmen de Areco. Esta estación fue intervenida y varios policías se encuentran con causa penal en tramite e investigación en Asuntos...
24.Aug.2006 911 Stealth Rejecting Terrorism & The Terrorizers By A Restrainer -Update:
16.Aug.2006 :
NYC to release 911 calls from September 11
The fact of multiple explosions can also be found at The Memory Hole, rescuing knowledge... freeing information:
9/11 Transcripts and Police Reports
TMH Exclusive: Withheld by the authorities, released because of a lawsuit + insanely expensive to purchase, these are the 9/11 documents that the Port Authority fought to keep under wraps.
All Available NY Fire Department Dispatch Tapes From 9/11
TMH Exclusive: The Fire Department of New York's radio dispatches from the morning and early afternoon of 9/11. For over three years, they fought in court to keep these recordings secret but were finally forced to release them in August 2005. It took a bitterly fought lawsuit brought by the New York Times to get the Fire Department of New York to release some of its dispatch tapes from 9/11. The NYT requested the tapes in early 2002, got denied + went to court. When the FDNY lost the fight three and a half years later, on 12 August 2005 it made available 23 CDs, almost all containing audio of radio dispatches, plus transcripts of oral histories and some other text. The contents of all 21 audio CDs are available online for free. Disc 23 contains PDF files of 503 oral histories. The New York Times has posted all of them
here. Disc 21 contains a Port Authority Radio Repeater Transcript ( pdf transcript of the audio file on disc 22) and an EMS CAD Logbook.
Zest magazine from August 6 2006 presents the cover story of the new movie World Trade Center, directed by Oliver Stone and with actors Nicolas Cage (representing Josh McLoughlin), Michael Peña (representing
William Jimeno), Maria Bello (Donna McLoughlin, Josh's wife), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Allison Jimeno, Will's wife). Zest declares that the movie had " a large (thought undisclosed budget ", p. 11) and that " the studio reportedly met with members of Congress and White House staff members to assure them that their tale of heroism pushes no political agenda " (p. 12). However, the 911 event was a completely political event. The extreme use of 911 by Bush and collaborators to support things like the middle east wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) and the implementing of the antipatriotic act called ironically " Patriot Act " one and two ("trading freedom for security "), together with " Homeland Security " plus an increasing vigilance and distrust everywhere...
Contradicting the fiction, you can see for example the next figure:
From the WTC Ground Zero Location Peak Temperatures given in Fahrenheit and Celsius, respectively): A 1341 or 727, F 1377 or 747. Fires continued to burn far down in the rubble piles for over 100 days after the attack, despite the spraying of water on the rubble for extended periods . One source of data is a thermal map of Ground Zero created from infrared data collected by a NASA plane that overflew the site on September 16. FEMA 's Report contained an appendix disclosing evidence of mysterious high temperature corrosion of steel due to a combination of oxidation and sulfidation (Dr. Jones found
Thermate on iron samples from the 9/11 WTC crime scene. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? by Steven E. Jones. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Brigham Young University, Utah. Steven E. Jones in the news and in a Conference).
Now that Bush and collaborators are pushing an emotional " propaganda " movie, it is vital for the Truth to preserve every bit of original footage uploadable and downloadable from the Internet (like original Neswcasts and Documentary DVDs). We deeply reject the muslim terrorists as well as those leaders that keep terrorizing their populations for their own political gain (war business and collaterals (oil, opium, contracts...) & the road to tyranny in a police state), with the continuous menace of a self-inflicted damage & an increasing fear.
We are Christians and believe that The Restrainer (Christ in Us, the holy spirit of God within us) in A Restrainer is going to reduce to a minimun the expansion of The Lie and will be blocking the full attempts of antichrists and of the Final Antichrist until the very same moment in which we are taken out by Christ Jesus himself in the first part of his Second Coming. So we offer ourselves to the service of our Lord, Savior and Master Jesus Christ.
The next evidence is only the tip of the iceberg of what seems to be a wide mass-control strategy that seems to have produced, to date: great fear, hatred, media lies, basic information suppressed, the wrongful planning of wars and other nightmares, thousands of deaths at home and abroad (officially sponsored); and worst of all, the gradual loss of the God given freedom of the U.S.A. citizens (through the PNAC + its Anti - Patriot Act plus the CIA 's et al sponsored home-spying).
To see that 911 was a Military Black Operation against America planned, organized and shepherded by the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rove some images speak more than thowsand words:
See the
911 Timeline, then Black Operation 911:

24.Aug.2006 Coke on a Plane ....Mad Cow sniffs it out. - I think it Daniel H., not Gary Hopsicker. Postman Patel
Coke on a Plane ....Mad Cow sniffs it out. By Postman

Gary Hopsicker from Mad Cow has the EXCLUSIVE goods on a 5.5 ton shipment of cocaine on a drug laden milk run through Mexico in a DEA lookalike DC9 ..
How can you hide the daily workings of an industry shipping 5.5 tons of cocaine at a crack from a government that can read the make of your golf ball from outer space?
The answer is: you can’t. The police chief of every good-sized American city knows the name of the wholesale distributor selling product to street-level dealers to retail in his town.
And—this is a mini-editorial—that’s why voters should take every opportunity to defeat hypocrites like Asa Hutchinson, now running for Governor in Arkansas
Read more here

24.Aug.2006 CNN's love song to Osama By The American Thinker

When even the New York Times reviewer can be this critical, CNN must have been seized by the spirit of Leni Riefestahl in its paean to Osama bin Laden....
Did Insiders Milk Terror Plot For Criminal Trading? By Paul Joseph Watson

Did Insiders Milk Terror Plot For Criminal Trading? Indian newspaper highlights suspicious patterns, 9/11 and 7/7 were also preceded by insider trading
Dick Morris: What a piece of hooey. - Media Matters - In TV, radio + print commentary, Morris repeated wiretapping falsehoods, praised false and misleading attack ad on Sen. Clinton as a "clean blow"
24.Aug.2006 Debunking the Debunkers of the Debunkers of the Official Collapse Story By Spooked Regarding this page:
About the "hanging floor slab" shown in the picture at the top--
1) what is the evidence that this is actually a floor slab as opposed to some pipes that fell from the ceiling?
2) how exactly does a stiff concrete floor slab bow and bend and sag in the middle from heat?
I don't think concrete can BEND, so that explanation of the floor sagging is simply crap.
Then they write about NIST:
They look at the evidence and create a hypothesis, test the hypothesis against the evidence and if new information comes out they change the hypothesis accordingly.

You would think if the NIST was going to lie they would just build the lie around the first hypothesis. That they changed it only shows independence.

Um, couldn't the explanation also be that their first hypothesis was a total joke and was laughed at by so-called conspiracy theorists?

Does any one think that people who bought and steadfastly supported the official story worried about the NIST model?

It was the conspiracy theorists and real scientists who made them change their model.
Ironically, Professor Jones has changed his paper yet the conspiracy theorist [sic] don't cast doubt on whether his paper is correct.

That is simply not true, plenty of conspiracy theorists have problems with Jones' theories, particularly the thermite theory.
Proof of the pancaking effect is the core columns which can be seen collapsing seconds after the perimeter columns hit the ground.

The few core columns that survive then miraculously turn to dust at the end of the WTC1 collapse is hardly proof of pancaking + actually suggests some strange unofficial event occurred.
If the building didn't pancake what happened to the trusses? Assuming they didn't just fly away it's obvious they fell straight down.

This is a total non-sequitor that proves nothing.
More evidence of pancaking is on ground zero. [a picture of a debris pile is shown] A pile of debris is NOT proof of pancaking.

A huge pile of debris could also occur from demolition, obviously.
Jeez. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.
2. Fire insulation was stripped during aircraft impact by flying debris (without that, the towers would likely have survived).

What is the hard evidence that insulation was stripped off by plane debris?

There is none! It's a completely ad hoc argument. Yet their whole collapse theory rests on it!

In all honesty, what is a more unsupported theory: that the towers were brought down by demolition or that fires brought down the buildings because the insulation was "stripped" off the columns?
For a detailed account of the collapse, do yourself a favor and READ ALL the NIST FINAL reports.

Any conspiracy site which gives you the old preliminary reports are being dishonest.

There is incredible detailed which support each of the reports below. I've looked over those reports.

There are LOTS + LOTS of pretty pictures + models-- but VERY LITTLE hard data or calculations or analysis.

I guess it makes people who want to believe the official story feel good, like NIST did some work.

But in temrs of science, the NIST reports are sorely lacking.
The worse part is NIST does not even bother to model how the buildings completely collapsed! Nor do they explain the near free-fall collapse times.
Now it is possible that the towers had a very severe flaw in their construction (that is still unknown) that made them completely disintegrate at near free-fall speed.

But why isn't there more urgency to figure out the flaw?
Of course the most likely explanation is that the towers were demolished by pre-planted explosives.

Demolition is the only theory that easily explains the features of the collapses.
Terror is the Oxygen That Fuels GOP Campaigns | BuzzFlash
24.Aug.2006 Tarnishing Rudy Guiliani’s aura on 9/11 - Blogger Thoughts: This is only the tip of the iceberg, of course. Crooks and Liars John Amato's Virtual Online Magazine
Tarnishing Rudy Guiliani’s aura on 9/11 By John Amato on Rudy Giuliani

Rudy, who has been anointed the other Saint by our media hopefully will take a look at this new book:

But what if Rudy’s take-charge image was mostly a load of bravado and PR? What if the actual decisions he made - before, during and after the terror attacks - were directly responsible for the city’s inability to deal effectively with crucial aspects of the crisis? Well, it’s about time someone opened that impolite inquiry.

Hold on tight, now! One of the most carefully guarded myths of 9/11 is about to be shattered for good."Grand Illusion," the book is called.

"The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11." It is written by Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice and Dan Collins of, two of New York’s shrewdest investigative reporters…read on"
24.Aug.2006 News from (WTC) - New WTC Complex Photos Highlight Bizarre Building 7 Collapse - Buildings 5 and 6, closer to towers burned throughout but did not collapse
24.Aug.2006 9/11 Was an Inside Job - 911 Mainstream Media
24.Aug.2006 New public opinion poll on global warming - Gavin
There is a new Zogby poll on public attitudes in the US towards global warming and the potential connection between severe weather events and climate change.

Unsurprisingly to us (but maybe not to others), most of the US public feel that global warming is happening (around 70%) + roughly the ...
Housing Slump Proves Painful Economists have been predicting a slowdown in the housing market for years, but many homeowners + builders are surprised by how fast the market has changed.
24.Aug.2006 How We Got To This Point in the Housing Market - Ritholtz
Every time we've gone into a downturn in the home-building industry, they've always been longer and deeper than we've all imagined.

So we're preparing for the worst + we think this one will be longer and deeper than just the last six months. -Donald Tomnitz, chief executive, D.R.
Jews Still Already Over
We thought it was made clear yesterday, but apparently the matter needs some reiteration: Jews are over . And still we just won't be quiet, not for a single moment! Yesterday in Penn Plaza, a group of Jews held a die-in

- yes, a die-in, like a sit-in but with fake dying -- to protest Israel's "...
Great, Now They’ll Never Give Us Data - Ed Felten
Today’s New York Times has an interesting article by Katie Hafner on AOL’s now-infamous release of customers’ search data. AOL’s goal in releasing the data was to help researchers by giving them realistic data to study. Today’s technologies, such as search engines, ...

24.Aug.2006 Iran nuclear offer 'falls short' Iran's offer of talks on its nuclear programme falls short of UN demands, Washington says.
24.Aug.2006 War of the Worlds A proposal to expand our solar system to include three new planets runs into trouble with a renegade group of astronomers,

who not only oppose the idea but still want Pluto stricken from the list.
Let's All Play Cowboys and Arabs Terror arrests spur a misguided call for Israeli-style racial profiling.
24.Aug.2006 Net Neutrality Being Examined by FTC - ScuttleMonkey 47 - elrendermeister Computerworld Security is reporting that

the Federal Trade Commission has formed an Internet Access Task Force to evaluate the validity of claims that large broadband providers should be able to limit or block web content from competitors. From the article: "Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras on Monday also called on lawmakers to be cautious about passing a Net neutrality law, which could prohibit broadband providers such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from giving their own Internet content top priority, or from charging Web sites additional fees for faster service. [...] 'While I am sounding cautionary notes about new legislation, let me make clear that if broadband providers engage in anticompetitive conduct, we will not hesitate to act using our existing authority,' she said. 'But I have to say, thus far, proponents of Net neutrality regulation have not come to us to explain where the market is failing or what anticompetitive conduct we should challenge.'"
New Hope for Stem Cell Research - ScuttleMonkey 285 - ExE122 writes

"A new scientific breakthrough allows scientists to harvest stem cells without harming the embryo. From the article: ''We have shown that we can not only generate stem cells without destroying the embryo, but that the remaining embryo also has the potential to go to on create a healthy blastocyst' said Dr Lanza, whose team's research is published in Nature. Asked if he expected the advance to satisfy President Bush, Dr Lanza said: 'Well, as you know, the President objects to the fact that you would be sacrificing one life to save another + in this instance there is no harm to the embryo.''"
Company to Pay for Election Problems - ScuttleMonkey 107 - technoid_ the Indiana Star reports that

Election Systems & Software has agreed to pay the Indiana State Government $245,000 in addition to extra hand-on and technical support in response to problems during the May primary. From the article:

"The company, which has faced similar complaints in other states, reached a settlement with Arkansas officials Monday. In that deal, ES&S pledged services, training materials + technical support but offered no payment.

Jackson, the Johnson County clerk, said the company "has done a 360" since the primary. ES&S officials have been more assertive in preparing for the fall elections. The instructional materials, she said, also will help."
Google Brazil Pressured to Give Up Names - ScuttleMonkey 209 - Kordau writes

"Google Brazil is under pressure to release user info from Orkut, relating to a child porn investigation by the Brazilian government.

Google Brazil maintains that the info officials want is held on US servers and if they want the info, they should talk to Google USA."
Unlock Internet or Risk Losing Staff? - ScuttleMonkey 436 - Dan Warne writes

"People don't want to work for employers who heavily restrict internet access, a senior Microsoft executive said in a keynote speech at the opening of Tech.Ed 2006 Sydney today. From the article:

'These kids are saying: forget it! I don't want to work with you. I don't want to work at a place where I can't be freely online during the day," said Microsoft Senior Design Anthropologist Ann Kiera.

She dubbed internet-wary employers "digital immigrants" and said the new wave of younger workers were "digital natives".'"
Qwest on data retention laws: Oops Colorado-based broadband provider says its chief privacy officer misspoke when endorsing federal laws mandating data retention.
01.Aug.2006 Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel + 9-11 By Jerry Mazza Online Journal Associate Editor.

search terms,

Russia, Ukraine, Systems Planning Corporation, SPS International, Flight 77 Pentagon, remote-controlled aircraft, another Pearl Harbor, dual Israeli/American citizenship, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Karl Marx, mideast oil, Zionists, Dov Zakheim
Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota: Study Addresses Critical Potential Public Health Risks to Pesticide Exposure.

During the first year of research, laboratory testing on rats demonstrated that the areas of the brain showing change following pesticide exposure are the same areas involved in multiple sclerosis.

Results also show pesticide exposure damages the same brain areas linked to epilepsy, Parkinson's disease + Alzheimer's.

Pesticides can also cause severe damage to the gastrointestinal system + cause neurological dysfunction.
.Aug.2006 ABA,
American Bar Association "The American Bar Association's House of Delegates voted yesterday to call on President Bush + future presidents not to issue ``signing statements" that claim the power to bypass laws + it urged Congress to pass legislation to help courts put a stop to the growing practice."
16.Aug.2006 Hot dogs and cancer, sodium nitrite, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry + search terms:

"extracts from hot dogs bought from the supermarket, when mixed with nitrites, resulted in what appeared to be DNA-mutating compounds.

When added to Salmonella bacteria, hot dog extracts treated with nitrites doubled to quadrupled their normal DNA mutation levels.

Triggering DNA mutations in the gut might boost the risk of colon cancer ..." original story LiveScience
24.Aug.2006 Bush_knew.htm#Pipelines to 9/11">Pipelines to 9/11 by Rudo de Ruijter, Independent Researcher Netherlands
24.Aug.2006 Free Market News "KNIGHTS OF THE STATE ROUND TABLE ...

The geopolitical stage has morphed into a chess game, overloaded with strategic requirements, where brute force seems an unsuccessful alternative to cunning + compromise.

The USA is finding itself awkwardly outside looking in, as its monolithic power has been diminished ...

If the USA is to secure a steady reliable source of energy supply, our nation must change the culture of its multi-national corporations.

They must work toward a “win-win contract” rather than the increasingly exploitative direction of the last several years.
Truthout "Indictment Still Sealed, Fitzgerald Still Busy By Jason Leopold + Marc Ash"

.. that indictment remains under seal more than three months after it was filed - an unusually lengthy period of time, according to experts in the field of federal law.

The indictment could be dismissed down the road, meaning the public may never get the opportunity to learn the identity of the defendant or the substance of the criminal case.
New York Sun, "Judge Orders Justice Department Investigation of Leak to CBS Report ...

A federal judge has ordered a Justice Department probe into how CBS News obtained a story two years ago disclosing an FBI investigation into a pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ...

27.Aug.2004 CBS reported that the FBI was about to arrest "a mole working at the highest levels of the Pentagon."

The report by Lesley Stahl on the "CBS Evening News" said

the FBI had used "wiretaps, undercover surveillance + photography, to document the passing of classified information from the mole, to the men at Aipac + on to the Israelis."

Ms. Stahl's report did not cite any sources by name or organization, but CBS made several references to the thinking of "federal agents" and "investigators."

According to court records, Messrs. Rosen and Weissman were confronted at their homes that same day + FBI agents carried out search warrants at Aipac's offices in Washington.

The timing raises the possibility that CBS learned of the probe from someone outside the government.

However, it is also possible that the FBI acted after discovering that the network was about to make the investigation public. ...

It is a defense motion that prompted Judge Ellis to order the CBS probe.

+ CBS story + Leslie Stahl's report 00.Aug.2004
24.Aug.2006 CBS "Calendar May Offer Key CIA Leak Clue

The calendar released to the AP is the first confirmation that Woodward and Armitage met during the key time (13.Jun.2003 ) in the CIA leak case that was the focus of Fitzgerald's probe ..."