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23.May 2007
Harvard War Criminal update: How to Build a Movement ( : "Search for Halutz reaches new 'heights' ")
11.Jun.2007 Report: CIA ran secret jails: The CIA ran secret jails in Poland and Romania to interrogate key terror suspects, shackling + handcuffing inmates, keeping some naked for weeks + reducing contact with the outer world to masked and silent guards, a European investigator said yesterday.

11.Jun.2007 Pentagon appeals Guantanamo case : The Pentagon is to ask US military judges to reconsider a decision earlier this week to throw out charges against two Guantanamo Bay detainees.

11.Jun.2007 Marjorie Cohn: The Prison is the War Crime: No "Unlawful" Enemy Combatants at Guantanamo

11.Jun.2007 Bureau of Prisons can suspend attorney-client privileges: One month after the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Justice issued an interim rule that gave its Bureau of Prisons the right to scrap traditional notions of attorney-client privilege in order to monitor conversations between inmates suspected of terrorism and their lawyers.
11.Jun.2007 Time for the truth about the USS Liberty: Forty years ago this week, I was asked to investigate the heaviest attack on an American ship since WWII.

As senior legal counsel to the Navy Court of Inquiry, it was my job to help uncover the truth regarding Israel's

08.Jun.1967, bombing of the Navy intelligence ship Liberty.

11.Jun.2007 Loss of Liberty : 'Loss of Liberty' dramatically attempts to prove, beyond any doubt, that the attack by Israel on

08.Jun.1967 against the US naval intelligence gathering ship USS Liberty, in which 34 Americans were killed and 171 wounded, was deliberate.
Israel 'tests' Syria peace aims : Israel's government has sent secret messages to Syria about the possibility of renewing peace negotiations, the deputy prime minister has confirmed.
Israel will pay the price for war in Iraq, former CIA official says:

If al-Qaeda and Iran are the big winners of the war in Iraq, Israel is the strategic loser,” former CIA official Bruce Riedel said in an exclusive interview with Ynet.

11.Jun.2007 Military Option on Table Concerning Iran : Military action is one of the options in dealing with Iran's nuclear program, Israel's deputy prime minister said Saturday,

after discussing the issue with senior U.S. officials.

11.Jun.2007 U.S. to Israel: will assess Iran sanctions at yr-end : "Regarding a timeline,... we decided that the end of 2007 will be the point of assessing the effectiveness of the sanctions and the amount of influence they are having on the Iranians," Mofaz said. He did not say what other options, if any, would be considered at that point.

11.Jun.2007 No proof yet Iran’s nuclear program has military dimension-Lavrov: Nobody has been able to prove to this day Iran’s nuclear program has a military dimension, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday.

11.Jun.2007 US missile shield threatens resolution of Iran stand-off: : Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that US missile defence shield could worsen the Iranian nuclear stand-off and urged Washington to freeze work on the plans with the Czech Republic and Poland.

11.Jun.2007 Moscow's proposal to use Gabala radar being distorted - Lavrov: Moscow is dismayed that its proposal for the joint use of the Gabala radar instead of the deployment by the U.S. of anti-missile defense elements in Europe was perceived in the West as a sign of recognition by Russia of the existence of a real threat from Iran

Bush in "Fantasyland" : "President Bush is rushing to deploy a technology that does not work against a threat that does not exist,"
Iraq protests Turkish bombardment of Kurdish north: "The foreign ministry delivered a letter to the charge d'affaires of Turkey protesting the bombardment of Iraq around Dohuk and Arbil which caused huge damage, fire and spread panic among the people," a ministry statement said.

11.Jun.2007 Soldier morale damaged by Iraq: BBC 7 Minute Video: Mark Urban reports on how the Iraq conflict appears to be eroding the morale of some British soldiers.
11.Jun.2007 U.S. Arming "Insurgents: : For U.S. Unit in Baghdad, An Alliance of Last Resort: The Americans have granted these gunmen the power of arrest, allowed the Iraqi army to supply them with ammunition + fought alongside them in chaotic street battles.

11.Jun.2007 Critics Say U.S. Focus On Al-Qaida In Iraq Is Overblown: Nine out of 10 times, when it names a foe it faces, the U.S. military names al-Qaida in Iraq. - Critics say this is overblown and possibly a diversion.

11.Jun.2007 White House pushes out head of armed forces: The increasing weakness of the Bush adminstration was exposed again today with the forced retirement of General Peter Pace as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff over the Iraq war.
11.Jun.2007 Bush firm on missile shield plan : George Bush, the US president, has thanked Poland for being ready to host the US missile shield and sent a clear signal he would not scrap the plan in the face of an alternative offer from Russia.

11.Jun.2007 Show Russia more respect: Iran won't be a threat to Europe for a long time, so there's no need for antimissile defense on Russia's doorstep.

11.Jun.2007 For U.S. Base, Bush Finds Czech Enthusiasm, Polish Reserve: U.S. President George W. Bush this week discussed a U.S. missile base in Eastern Europe with Polish and Czech officials, but the results were merely words, and the two European countries showed some naivety as international players.

11.Jun.2007 Preacher seized by CIA tells of torture in Egypt: AN EGYPTIAN preacher who was seized by the CIA in daylight on a Milan street has revealed the details of 14 months of torture to which he says he was subjected after his “extraordinary rendition” to Egypt.

11.Jun.2007 The picture that proves 'torture flights' are STILL landing in the UK: The row over CIA 'torture flights' using British airports has deepened following fresh evidence that a plane repeatedly linked to the controversial programme landed in the UK just days ago.

11.Jun.2007 Torture is NEVER justified...and our spineless leaders must find the courage to tell that to Bush: The tycoon who famously donated £5m to the Tories tells why he now feels compelled to give his money to a very different cause

11.Jun.2007 In case you missed it: Kidnap and Torture American Style: Video: Kidnap and Torture American Style follows the stories of terror suspects. Some of them are British residents, who have been snatched from streets and airports throughout the world before being flown to the Middle-East and Africa. In countries such as Syria and Egypt, they undergo agonising ordeals before being incarcerated, without ever facing an open trial.

11.Jun.2007 Cracks show in Pakistani leader Musharraf's regime: Pakistan's military ruler President Pervez Musharraf is battling serious dissent within his own party, weakening a crucial cornerstone of the US-led "war on terror," analysts and party officials say.

11.Jun.2007 Danny Schechter: Is There a ‘Foxification’ Underway at Al Jazeera Television?: Sources inside Al Jazeera who are in a position to know what is going on now confirm to that there is an internal struggle underway that may dilute Al Jazeera’s independence and steer it in a more pro-western, pro-US direction.

11.Jun.2007 George Bush's Power Grap ... . Is martial Law Coming? 10 Minute C-Span Video

11.Jun.2007 Senate cripples US immigration bill : An immigration bill to legalise millions of illegal immigrants has suffered a setback in the US senate where it failed to win a majority in a vote to speed its passage.

11.Jun.2007 Calderón seeks "Plan Colombia" for Mexico: The government of Mexican President Felipe Calderón has issued a formal request to the US Congress for a huge increase in military aid to combat narco-gangs.

11.Jun.2007 The Real Cost Of Offshoring : New evidence suggests that shifting production overseas has inflicted worse damage on the U.S. economy than the numbers show. BusinessWeek has learned of a gaping flaw in the way statistics treat offshoring, with serious economic and political implications. Top government statisticians now acknowledge that the problem exists + say it could prove to be significant.

11.Jun.2007 06/09/07 Don't Trust Government-By Charley Reese
In reading an excellent book, Satanic Purses: Money, Myth and Misinformation, by R.T. Naylor, I suddenly realized why Adolf Hitler was so popular during the first years of his administration.

11.Jun.2007 Lies and outrages... would you believe it? -By Robert Fisk
It was Israel which attacked Egypt after Nasser closed the straits of Tiran.

11.Jun.2007 Iranian parliament warns against Putin's new missile shield project: 'Our diplomatic apparatus should harshly react to this new initiative and not allow Iran to become a tool for settling disputes between world powers,' the spokesman of the parliament's foreign policy and security commission told ISNA news agency.
DePaul denies tenure for controversial professor
09.Jun.2007 |
Chicago Sun-Times

A debate over Finkelstein had raged among students and faculty, including universities nationwide and internationally.
"Over the past several months, there has been considerable outside interest and public debate concerning this decision," DePaul's president, the Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, said Friday.
"This attention was unwelcome and inappropriate and had no impact on either the process or the outcome of this case."
DePaul said the political science department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recommended tenure for Finkelstein, but the college's dean and the University Board on Promotion and Tenure recommended against it and were upheld by Holtschneider.
"I would be disingenuous if I said I were not disappointed," Finkelstein said.
"On the other hand, both of my parents survived the Nazi death camps. Growing up, what I remembered most was my late mother used to say, 'Some people are beasts + there's nothing to be done with them. But what about the silence of everyone else? That I cannot understand.' Those were thoughts that left a deep mark on me."
Finkelstein has a year left at DePaul. "I met the standards of tenure DePaul required, but it wasn't enough to overcome the political opposition to my speaking out on the Israel-Palestine conflict," he said.

11.Jun.2007 'We will isolate them': British academics' desire to boycott Israeli universities this week provoked the threat of legal action and counter-boycotts. Will it produce a fully-fledged international crisis?

11.Jun.2007 DePaul denies tenure for controversial professor: For a man who has just lost his job after a highly public battle, DePaul University assistant political science Professor Norman Finkelstein is calm and accepting.
11.Jun.2007 General who helped redraw the borders of Israel says road map to peace is a lie:

The man who commanded Gaza and the West Bank from the last day of the Six Day War talks to Donald Macintyre in Tel Aviv

11.Jun.2007 Why Israel does not engage with the Saudi initiative: Israeli public discourse and national consciousness have never come to terms with the idea, accepted by historians of all venues today, that

00.000.1947-00.000.1948 Israel actively drove 750,000 Palestinians from their homes + hence has at least partial responsibility for the Palestinian Nakba.

11.Jun.2007 US, Israel launch military exercise : Dozens of aircrafts are taking part in the exercises in the southern Negev desert, the Israeli Army Radio said on Sunday.
11.Jun.2007 Military Envisions Longer Occupation of Iraq : - U.S. military officials here are increasingly envisioning a "post-occupation" troop presence in Iraq that neither maintains current levels nor leads to a complete pullout, but aims for a smaller, longer-term force that would remain in the country for years.

11.Jun.2007 Jim Lobe: A Neo-Conservative International Targets Iran: A familiar clutch of U.S. hawks took part in the proceedings, including an all-star contingent from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) consisting of Richard Perle, Michael Rubin, Michael Novak, Joshua Muravchik + Reuel Marc Gerecht; Herb London, John O’Sullivan + Anne Bayefsky from the Hudson Institute;

Bruce Jackson a former director of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

11.Jun.2007 Iran threatens to retaliate with Gulf blitz if US hits nuclear plants: IRAN has threatened to launch a missile blitz against the Gulf states and plunge the entire Middle East into war if America attacks its nuclear facilities.

11.Jun.2007 Iran to US: We can target your bases: "All the American bases in the region are within the reach of our weapons," said the deputy interior minister, Mohammed Baqer Zolghadr, in charge of security issues. "If the United States attacked Iran, US interests would be in danger everywhere in the world," added Mr Zolghadr
11.Jun.2007 Putin’s Censored Press Conference-The transcript you weren’t supposed to see -By Mike Whitney
The Bush administration has carried out an aggressive strategy to surround Russia with military bases, install missiles on its borders, topple allied regimes in Central Asia + incite political upheaval in Moscow through US-backed “pro-democracy” groups. These openly hostile actions have convinced many Russian hard-liners that the administration is going forward with the neocon plan for “regime change” in Moscow and fragmentation of the Russian Federation. Putin’s testimony suggests that the hardliners are probably right.

11.Jun.2007 War Pimp Alert - U.S. Senator Says Military Action in Iran Possible -By Reuters
Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a long-time supporter of the Iraq war, said on Sunday military force might be necessary to stop Iran from training and equipping extremists who are killing U.S. troops.

11.Jun.2007 Widespread Lies -- An American Woe -By Emily Spence
How could such a sizable portion of US citizens be so easily duped and what agents are responsible for such easy acceptance of erroneous conclusions? In other words, who created these bogus sets of facts and, equally important, were they deliberately crafted?

11.Jun.2007 We Got it Wrong, says Former Torturer -By Tim Shipman
A FORMER US Army torturer has described the traumatic effects of American interrogation techniques in Iraq - on their victims and on the perpetrators themselves.

11.Jun.2007 the remarkable BBC documentary Dead in the Water, available here.
11.Jun.2007 The Liberty attack
11.Jun.2007 Contrary to the Israeli story, the ship flew an American flag that was clearly visible the Israeli reconnaissance pilots who overflew the Liberty hours before the attack. The Liberty's radio team tried to issue a distress call, but discovered the frequencies had been jammed by the Israeli planes with what one communications specialist called "a buzzsaw sound". Finally, an open channel was found and the Liberty got out a message to the USS America, the Sixth Fleet's large aircraft carrier, that it was under attack
11.Jun.2007 However, Ward Boston, senior legal counsel to the Naval Board of Inquiry, admits -- in a piece published today -- that this report was a lie. Israel claimed it was an accident. Yet I know from personal conversations with the late Admiral Isaac C. Kidd -- president of the Court of Inquiry -- that President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of “mistaken identity”.
Admiral Kidd and I were given only one week to gather evidence for the Navy’s official investigation, though we both estimated that a proper Court of Inquiry would take at least six months.
We boarded the crippled ship at sea and interviewed survivors. The evidence was clear. We both believed with certainty that this attack was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew.
I am certain the Israeli pilots and commanders who had ordered the attack knew the ship was American. I saw the bullet-riddled American flag that had been raised by the crew after their first flag had been shot down completely. I heard testimony that made it clear the Israelis intended there be no survivors. Not only did they attack with napalm, gunfire + missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned at close range three life rafts that had been launched in an attempt to save the most seriously wounded. Why didn't the United States tell the truth? Was the U.S. complicit in the attack? Consider the following, from the St. Clair piece: The Liberty had barely reached Africa when it received a flash message from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to sail from the Ivory Coast to the Mediterranean, where it was to re-deploy off the coast of the Sinai to monitor the Israeli attack on Egypt and the allied Arab nations.
As the war intensified, the Liberty sent a request to the fleet headquarters requesting an escort. Request denied, by Admiral William Martin. The Liberty moved alone to a position in international waters about 13 miles from the shore at El Arish, then under furious siege by the IDF. And here is a small detail that links matters to the present day: On June 6, the Joint Chiefs sent Admiral McCain, father of the senator from Arizona, an urgent message instructing him to move the Liberty out of the war zone to a position at least 100 miles off the Gaza Coast. McCain never forwarded the message to the ship. Senator McCain's father is responsible for the deaths of 34 American sailors. McCain later signed off on the deceptive court of inquiry report.
Ennes notes that even testimony by the Liberty's communications officers about the jamming of the ship's radios was classified as "Top Secret". The reason? It proved that Israel knew it was attacking an American ship. "Here was strong evidence that the attack was planned in advance and that our ship's identity was known to the attackers (for it its practically impossible to jam the radio of a stranger), but this information was hushed up and no conclusions were drawn from it," Ennes writes. The most common theory regarding motive is summarized by
this piece: On two separate occasions, the White House recalled aircraft rescue missions for the Liberty. On the last attempt, President Lyndon B. Johnson told Rear-Admiral Lawrence Geis of the Sixth Fleet, “I WILL NOT EMBARRASS OUR ALLY.” The Liberty was then left “dead in the water,” without any assistance for over 16 hours. [3] At pp. 267-268, Hounam said: “Sinking the Liberty and blaming Egypt and the Soviets would have freed Johnson’s hand to do almost anything--even to drop an atomic bomb on Cairo. Trouble only arose when the Israel operation failed and the...ship stayed afloat.” If this scenario seems familiar, you may thinking of the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies . One factor which has received insufficient attention was the concurrent attack on an American spy plane: As the attacks were going on, conversations between Israeli pilots were overheard by US Air Force officers in an EC121 surveillance plane overhead. The spy plane was spotted by Israeli jets, which were given orders to shoot it down. The American plane narrowly avoided the IDF missiles. This unforeseen eavesdropping may have caused the Israelis to call off the assault before all the men were killed.
A new theory holds that the Israelis did it because the Americans had betrayed them.

11.Jun.2007 John Loftus has proposed a "blame the Arabs" theory of the Liberty incident, a theory he derives, in large part, from unnamed sources.

He calls his informants the "old spies":
The U.S. and British governments, while pretending to be on Israel’s side, were giving all of Israel’s secrets to the Arabs. In many ways, it was the Western spies who indirectly started the war.

In this chapter we examine the following allegations:

Western intelligence informed the Arabs that Israel would not have a nuclear defense shield finished

00.000.1967 , thus leaving a window of opportunity for attack; Realizing the danger of a massed Arab attack, the Israelis informed the United States of their intention to launch a preemptive strike, which the CIA promptly betrayed to the Arabs; U.S. intelligence attempted to curry favor with the Arab oil producers by giving the precise details of Israel’s order of battle to the Arabs during the war; Israeli intelligence discovered the American betrayal and attacked the U.S. ship, the Liberty, which was gathering electronic information on Israeli troop movements and sending it to British intelligence, which in turn relayed it to the Arabs; Both the American and Israeli governments agreed to suppress the truth about the Liberty incident from the public. In other words, the Israelis had to attack the ship because "The primary mission of the Liberty was to communicate Israel’s battlefield secrets to the Egyptians."
What laughable poppycock!

11.Jun.2007 Wikipedia assessment mirrors my own:

McCormick's reliance on an informal network of oral informants + his eye for a good story, means that it is often difficult to judge the reliability of his more controversial claims. Melvin Harris, a prickly but honest author, notes:
McCormick used very similar techniques in his other books. For example, his work on Maundy Gregory contains many faked events and conversations. While his "History of the British Secret Service" has too many inventions to list. And Professor Bernard Wasserstein has said this about McCormick's writings on Trebitsch Lincoln "These absurd statements belong to the realm of fiction."

"Conservatives Worry About Court Vacancies." Dems Shouldn't Confirm a Single Bushevik Federal Court Nominee Until Bush and Cheney and Rove are Gone -- And Nominees Who Believe in the Constitution -- Not Ideological Loyalty-- are Nominated.
Those wacky Republican Senators from Oklahoma?

11.Jun.2007 Colin Powell Says Guantanamo Should be Closed Immediately. Is This the Clean Break from Bush?
Sunday is a Good Time to Review the Entire List of Shame: BuzzFlash Presents the "GOP Hypocrites of the Week." Read Them All, Back to September of 2003.
Wrong Way Joe Lieberman is Becoming REALLY Scary: "Joseph Lieberman said Sunday the United States should consider a military strike against Iran because of Tehran's involvement in Iraq." The Bushevik Chaos Excuse. Because We Created Chaos in Iraq, We Need to Bomb Iran. Makes Sense to People Who Have Been Lobotomized.

11.Jun.2007 Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson said Sunday he wanted a total withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq and that American troops are targets in a civil war. 6/11
Colin Powell Advises Obama on Foreign Policy. "I'm going to support the best person that I can find who will lead this country for the eight years beginning in January of 2009," Powell said. 6/11
Powell: Bush Didn't Listen to the Advice of His Military Commanders. He Proceeded with the "Surge" Despite Their Warnings. 6/11
BuzzFlash Presents MediaPutz.Com...Coming Soon to the BuzzFlash Internet News Network

11.Jun.2007 Potential GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has promoted public policy positions that closely track the financial interests of companies that underwrite a think tank he founded. 6/11
0121 Die Fossilien sind rund 4,5 Millionen Jahre alt - und untermauern die These, ...

18.Jan.2005 Super-Aluminium: Superatome sprengen Periodensystem ...

Feb.2007 CO2- Musterknaben: Die sparsamsten Diesel .

06.Feb.2007 CO2- Musterknaben: Die sparsamsten Benziner.

06.Feb.2007 Energie: Koch will Marktmacht der ...
Frankreichs Presse: "Armer Chirac"
11.Jun.2007 US- Gefangenencamp: Powell für Schließung von Guantanamo
Rechtsruck in Belgien: Premier Verhofstadt gesteht Niederlage ein
11.Jun.2007 Finanzinvestoren: "Weniger Steuern als eine Putzfrau"

11.Jun.2007 Die schöne neue Welt der Überwachung
11.Jun.2007 Klimakompromiss: Weizsäcker spricht vom "Erdbeben"

11.Jun.2007 Schamlos: Friedens- Nobelpreisträger Tutu bestohlen

11.Jun.2007 Kommentar: Warum Afrika dank Entwicklungshilfe im Elend verharrt
11.Jun.2007 Zeitungsbericht: Den Haag und London wollen nicht für "Galileo" zahlen
11.Jun.2007 Ost- West- Lohngefälle: Die Schere steht weit offen

11.Jun.2007 Irak- Pläne: US- Armee will Sunniten gegen al- Qaida bewaffnen
11.Jun.2007 Parlamentswahl in Frankreich: Blankoscheck für Sarkozy

Im populären "BoingBoing"-Blog wurde dieser Gedanke im Laufe der Woche weitergesponnen: "Google Street View - wäre es mehr oder weniger böse, wenn es von der CIA oder der National Security Agency (NSA) käme?", fragte die Autorin und Netzaktivistin Xeni Jardin.

John Battelle, Journalismusdozent an der University of California in Berkeley und Autor des Google-Buchs "The Search", fragte in seinem "Searchblog":

Wie lange noch, bis daraus Live- Video wird? "Denkt mal kurz darüber nach, ich bin mir sicher, die NSA und die CIA tun das auch."

Kameras seien nichts neues, Karten auch nicht, nicht einmal das Internet oder Google oder Microsoft seien neu, räsoniert Jardin: "Warum fühlt sich das hier dann trotzdem für viele so gruselig an?"
Beschädigungen am Hitzeschild: Atlantis erfolgreich an ISS angedockt
11.Jun.2007 Parlamentswahl in Frankreich: Triumph für Sarkozy
11.Jun.2007 Machtwechsel: Rechtsruck in Belgien - Konservativer gewinnt

11.Jun.2007 Attraktives Gebrüll: Hirschkühe wählen Partner nach Sound

11.Jun.2007 Organisierte Kriminalität: Milbradt räumt monatelange Kenntnis von Korruptionsaffäre ein

11.Jun.2007 Bis zu 34 Prozent: Stromkonzerne planen drastische Preiserhöhungen
11.Jun.2007 Register für Ausländer: Schäubles Fingerabdruck- Offensive provoziert Protest
11.Jun.2007 Albanien- Besuch: Bush fordert schnelle Unabhängigkeit für das Kosovo
11.Jun.2007 Brunei: Märchenhochzeit in Gold und Diamanten

Mar.2005 Atomstreit: Europa und USA erhöhen Druck auf Iran ...

Feb.2005 ALERTA - 30.000 a 40.000 crianças maltratadas em Portugal por ano. DOS JORNAIS : ... 5 0317.html
US- Diplomat Holbrooke: "Deutschland darf der Welt nicht den Rücken zukehren"
10.Jun.2007 Glaubensfest: Kirchentagspräsident fordert Verhandlungen mit Terroristen und Taliban
10.Jun.2007 Nachkriegs- Szenario: US- Militär plant Dauereinsatz im Irak
10.Jun.2007 "Bush Is Losing Credibility On Democracy, Activists Say." Yeah, Let's Start in the United States.
"Military Envisions Longer Stay in Iraq." Imagine that!

10.Jun.2007 "When did conservatism start to mean never having to say you're sorry?" 6/10
Karl Rove's Fraudulent "Think Tank" on Spurious "Voter Fraud" Vanishes Amidst the Revelations of DOJ Complicity with the White House on Prosecuting Trumped Up or Insignificant Minority "Voter Fraud" Cases 6/10
"Thousands of demonstrators have come out in Rome to protest against globalization and U.S. President George Bush, who was winding up a European tour. The demonstrators filled Rome's streets as the President met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican. Sabina Castelfranco has more for the VOA." 6/10
War Opposition Made Easy 6/10
Change the World With Your Spending. Buy Progressive from

10.Jun.2007 Likely Perjury Alert: "A Justice Department lawyer under fire for bringing criminal voter-fraud charges on the eve of the 2006 election may revise his Senate testimony about the case, which angered other U.S. prosecutors, officials familiar with the matter said."

10.Jun.2007 P.M. Carpenter: "Looking every bit the three-starred, generally confounded kind of dupe who would agree to take Bush's Iraq war reins, the Army's Doug Lute testified before the Senate this week + it wasn't pretty. It wasn't pretty at all." 6/10
Uh, We Can't Guarantee It, But This Report Appears to be for Real: "A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting." This was reportedly back 00.000.1994. 6/10

10.Jun.2007 must never be fearful of stating that Creationists are bad people, enemies of human progress.

In the battle of ideas, they are the Nazis, the soldiers of dark forces which we must forever oppose.
I am not engaging in "name-calling": I am engaging in definition.
There can be no truce, no reconciliation in the war against pseudoscience.

10.Jun.2007 The Friendship Force of Ribeirão Preto São Paulo—BRASIL ...


... tiranos, nunca foi a solução para a fome, a miséria e o desemprego, além de que ela mesma provoca a morte, a destruição e impactos irreversíveis sobre o ...
Revolution_9_11 Eles vão aumentar a tragédia da subnutrição, da morte pela fome, da miséria social, do deslocamento das populações, da desflorestação, da erosão dos solos, ...
20070206 ... fact that Bush is very closely tied to the Christian Reconstructionist movement .
10.Jun.2007 Aus Neue Solidarität 20/2003: Eine Welt souveräner Nationalstaaten Der moderne internationale Faschismus von Anhängern des verstorbenen Professor Leo Strauss und dessen Verbündeten,

... echte Alternative zu dem Chaos aus Finanz - + Währungszusammenbruch + faschistisch-diktatorischen Plänen bieten.
10.Jun.2007 Neue Solidarität 16/2003:Deutsch-französische Intervention zur ... Nicht "Vogel Strauß" ist angesagt, sondern die Auseinandersetzung mit Leo Strauss.

... neuen "Reichstagsbrands" in der Tatsache, daß sich das internationale Finanz - und Wirtschaftssystem in der Endphase seines Zusammenbruchs befände.
10.Jun.2007 .:Phase 2:. ... in der Welt sind Schüler des jüdischen Nazisympathisanten Leo Strauss und Drahtzieher der Anschläge vom

11.Sep.2001 ... »Die im kapitalistischen Finanz - und Wirtschaftssystem florierende schrankenlose Vermehrung des Geldkapitals durch ...
Neue Solidarität 29/2006:Die Vereinigten Staaten: Faschismus einst ... Wir brauchen nur an die engen Geschäftsbeziehungen zwischen der Familie Bush + den nazifreundlichen Finanz - +

... Basic Books, New York, 1976; Shadia Drury, Leo Strauss and the American Right, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1999.
10.Jun.2007 Lehrstuhl für internationale Politik und Außenpolitik der ... - HTML ?
Elisabeth Hellenbroich, Das Denken des Leo Strauss, Die Kriegspartei in der US-Regierung, ...

Technologie-, Finanz - und Mediensektor, sowie in der israelischen und. amerikanischen Politik als Berater tätig.
10.Jun.2007 POPUP-Index - Bund für echte Demokratie e.V. - Arbeitslosen ...

00.000.1990 -ab- unter den 25 neokonservativen Leo Strauss Juden (Bush) + die. Parallelen in der BRD, dem von Juden besetzen ...

daß die Finanz - und Industriezusammenballung die Landwirtschaft ruinierte, daß es 2,4 % sehr gut geht, ...
HEYMANN, Fritz [auch: Friedrich] Nachlaß und Archivalien: Briefe Heymanns an Franz G. Littmann aus den Jahren

00.000.1937-00.000.1940 befinden sich im Leo Back Institute (LBI) Jerusalem. ...

00.000.1928 Ausgabe August-Oktober ; Die Revolutionstragödie der Finanz, in: Vossische Zeitung.
Vorwort - HTML ?

00.000.1899-00.000.1973 Leo Strauss (Das Denken von) ist seit eini-gen Jahren ins Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit politischer ...

... mittlere Unternehmen im Spannungsfeld von Autonomie. und Standardisierungsdruck der neuregulierten Finanzmärkte“ ...
Die neokonservativen Architekten ... einem Krieg ohne Grenzen, angeregt durch die Lehren des verstorbenen Leo Strauss an der Universität von Chicago.

... LF) Services Committee' als auch an das 'Ways and Mean Committee' (= Finanz - und Haushaltsausschuß) überwiesen ...
2004072930_und_Report VIEW OF ( FINANZ ) KAPPUTTAL - 3D-GRAFIK-. Auf den feinsten Nervensaiten Spielt ein Spielmann (3) sein Gedicht, ...

Und die sind, "was hierzulande kaum bekannt ist", "glühende Anhänger" des deutsch-jüdischen Philosophen Leo Strauss, ...
1 Zur Methodologie der politischen Theorie: Philosophische ... - HTML ?
mehr in manch wirkungsträchtiger Lektüre (C.B. Macpherson, Leo Strauss ) bis zur Behauptung des Gegenteils verzerrt.

... ansprechend präsentierter Akribie geht Ashcroft den grösstenteils verdeckten Finanz - ...$FILE/188.pdf
10.Jun.2007 The Spanish aid-for-trade network
FAD loans tied to the purchase of Spanish goods and services. According to ... increase the foreign debt of recipient countries and promote corruption ’ ...
OECD Development Assistance Committee Review of Spain In this context, Spain should continue its review of its FAD loans in a comprehensive manner.

Spanish development co-operation would benefit from more ...,2340,en_2649_34835_2080849_1_1_1_1,00.html
Development Co-operation Review - View as HTML
Judicial and legal reform addresses the problem of corruption and limited ... addressed in all activities of Spanish aid, especially in the FAD loans, ...
Untitled - View as HTML
lending agreements so as to prevent corruption among foreign civil servants. FAD loans are an instrument of foreign policy designed to fulfil the ...

Jun.2005 Judge wants to question U.S. troops on Iraq deaths : A Spanish judge ... so-called FAD loans (Development Aid Funds, which are a type of Spanish ...
Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation's Peter A. Darbee to Speak at ... Who: Peter A. Darbee, Chairman, CEO + President, PG&E Corporation What:

... PG&E Corporation is an energy-based holding company headquartered in San ...
PG&E CORP. Aktie | Aktienkurs | Nachrichten | (851962,PCG ... PG&E Corp . | Aktienkurs | Nachrichten zur Aktie PG&E Corp . | 851962 | PCG | US69331C1080.
=> Nachrichten | Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation's Peter A. Darbee ...

PG&E Corporation is an energy-based holding company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

With assets valued at $34 billion, its operations include ...
=> Nachrichten | Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation to Host Investor ...

Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation to Host Investor Conference with Senior Management?:: SAN FRANCISCO,

Feb.22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/-- Senior Management ... - Kurse Daten Charts

PG&E Corp . Ist einer der führenden Stromversorger in Kalifornien. Das Unternehmen agiert als Holdinggesellschaft der PG&E National Energy Group, ...
Sarbanes-Oxley-Compliance und operatives Risikomanagement von ... Ameren; Duke Energy; Ferrellgas; Great Plains Energy; Nabors Industries; PetroKazakhstan; PG&E Corporation ; PPL Corporation ; Precision Drilling Corporation ...
2004071516_Report The San Francisco-based utility Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation, a unit of PG&E Corp. said the nuclear fuel was from the now

16.Jul.2004 closed Humboldt ...
Verzeichnis der von der Kursliste der Eidg. Steuerverwaltung per ... - HTML-Version
PG&E Corporation . Stammaktien. 17.23. 697727. Placer Dome Inc. Stammaktien. 13.85. 963896. Procter & Gamble Company (The). Stammaktien ...
Verzeichnis der von der Kursliste der Eidg. Steuerverwaltung per ... - HTML-Version
PG&E Corporation Stammaktien. 18.80. 697727. Placer Dome Inc. Stammaktien. 12.85. 167757. Proprietary Industries Inc. -. 0.33. 644116. Rambus Inc.
Hintergrundinformation - HTML-Version
PG&E CORP . 395. Bei einer Bewertung US-amerikanischer EVUs hinsichtlich des potentiellen Risikos aus zukünftiger CO2-. Regulierung hat Trucost eine weitere ...

"Er ist darüber besorgt, dass die sich im Irak entwickelnde Gesellschaft nicht die christliche Religion toleriert", berichtete der amerikanische Präsident von seiner Privataudienz beim Papst.

"Er macht sich Sorgen, dass die Christen im Irak von der muslimischen Minderheit misshandelt werden."

Um das Kolosseum, der Piazza Venezia und anderen zentralen Punkten in der Innenstadt waren für den Besuch von Bush an die 10.000 Polizisten stationiert worden.

Die Demonstrationen fanden statt, als sich Bush in die Residenz des amerikanischen Botschafters zurückgezogen hatte.

"Dieselbe Position in der schwierigen Frage des Iran"

Der US-Präsident war in Rom mit dem italienischen Ministerpräsident Romano Prodi, Oppositionsführer Silvio Berlusconi, Papst Benedikt XVI. und Staatspräsident Giorgio Napolitano zusammen getroffen.

US-Präsident Bush und der italienische Regierungschef Prodi haben bei ihrem Treffen in Rom die Freundschaft beider Staaten und ihre Gemeinsamkeiten in politischen Fragen hervorgehoben.

"Wir haben dieselbe Position hinsichtlich der schwierigen Frage des Iran und bezüglich der Gefahr der Verbreitung von Atomwaffen", sagte Prodi bei einer gemeinsamen Pressekonferenz mit Bush.
Militärroboter: Techno- Teddy rettet die Welt (Netzwelt)
10.Jun.2007 Koalitionskrach: Beck zeigt der Union die Rote Karte
10.Jun.2007 Zukunft der EU: Gipfelstürmerin Merkel muss noch mal ran

10.Jun.2007 Robotik: "Ehrfurcht vor unserer eigenen Leistungsfähigkeit"
09.Jun.2007 Bush in Rom: Proteste schlagen in Gewalt um
St. Petersburg: Polizei duldet Demonstration gegen Putin
09.Jun.2007 Unwetter über Deutschland: Verletzte, Brände, Erdrutsche nach Gewitter

Eine Panne brachte Bushs Sicherheitsleute kurzzeitig ins Schwitzen: Mitten in Rom blieb Bushs Auto mit einem unbekannten Problem stehen.

Bushs Berater Dan Bartlett sagte, es habe zwei Minuten gedauert, die Limousine wieder in Gang zu bringen.

Bushs Rom-Besuch wurde von massiven Sicherheitsvorkehrungen begleitet. Laut italienischer Nachrichtenagentur Ansa wurde anlässlich des Bush-Besuchs eine Gedenktafel für den

00.000.1978 von Mitgliedern der linksextremen Roten Brigaden ermordeten Politiker Aldo Moro beschmiert.

Auf der Marmortafel zu Ehren des früheren italienischen Regierungschefs sei in der Nacht zu heute "Bush = Moro" geschrieben worden.

Bush ließ erklären, er werte die geplanten Proteste als Zeichen einer "lebendigen und starken Demokratie".

Einen Tag vor Bushs Besuch in Bulgarien demonstrierten in der Hauptstadt Sofia rund 200 Menschen gegen die Politik des US-Präsidenten.

Flaschenwürfe und Tränengas in den Straßen von Rom

Zehnntausende Demonstranten haben am Rande des Besuchs gegen den US-Präsidenten und die Globalisierung protestiert.

Die Organisatoren sprachen von 150.000 Teilnehmern. Über mehr als einen Kilometer erstreckte sich ein Protestzug auf dem Weg zur Piazza Navona.

Es kam zu Zusammenstößen mit der Polizei, als aus der Menge Flaschen und andere Gegenstände flogen. Die Polizei setzte Tränengas ein.
Italien- Besuch: Bush, "Sir Benedikt" und Tränengas
09.Jun.2007 Rechtsextremismus: Brutaler Überfall auf Theaterensemble

10.Jun.2007 Religionsfreiheit: Kardinal möchte in Saudi- Arabien Messe lesen
09.Jun.2007 Wiederkehr des "Mobs": Der Autonome, das unbekannte Wesen

10.Jun.2007 Zentralregister: Schäuble will Ausländern Fingerabdrücke abnehmen

10.Jun.2007 "Die Linke": PDS- Vizechefin Kipping will Frau an der Spitze
09.Jun.2007 Klimaschutz: Gabriel wirft Union Doppelzüngigkeit vor
09.Jun.2007 Kirchentag: Merkel feiert G- 8 - und warnt vor Arroganz gegenüber Afrika
09.Jun.2007 Visite im Vatikan: Erster Bush- Besuch bei Benedikt

Den Europäern habe es nicht ausgereicht, dass es im G-8-Abschlusspapier lediglich heißen sollte, die

00.000.2050 -bis- Halbierung des Treibhausgasausstoßes werde man "in Betracht ziehen".

Bush selbst habe laut Protokoll am Ende vorgeschlagen, die Formulierung zu ändern in "ernsthaft in Betracht ziehen". Damit hätten sich die Europäer schließlich zufrieden gegeben.

In Anlehnung an den Begriff WiFi nennen Soljacic und seine Kollegen ihre Technik auch "WiTricity" (Wireless Electricity). Sie haben längst eine klare Vision, wie ihr Verfahren künftig genutzt werden soll:

Laptops könnten drahtlos aufgeladen werden - oder aber ganz ohne Akkus funktionieren, deren Produktion und Entsorgung ohnehin eine Belastung für die Umwelt darstelle.

Stattdessen würden die Rechner ihren Strom aus dem magnetischen Feld im Raum beziehen.

Die Laptops wären somit wirklich drahtlos. Gute Aussichten.

Der Gigant ist rund 20.000 Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt in der südlichen Milchstraße beheimatet - und leuchtet in einem berüchtigten Sternenkindergarten.

Der Nebel NGC 3603 wird wegen der hohen Zahl junger und neu entstehender Sterne auch Emissionsnebel genannt. Bislang erforschten Astrophysiker hier aber vor allem die Geburt kleiner, extrem heller Sterne.

Das Schwergewicht ist nun eine echte Überraschung.


Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (5 Bilder)

A1 - das ist der schlichte Name des Sterns - sei der schwerste Stern, dessen Masse jemals gemessen worden sei, sagte Anthony Moffat, Astronom von der Universität Montréal. Mit 114 Sonnenmassen liegt A1 nicht bloß an Platz eins der schwersten bekannten Sterne. Er ist auch der erste, der die Schwelle von 100 Sonnenmassen überschreitet.
Elektrizität ohne Kabel: Forscher funken Strom

09.Jun.2007 Bislang schwerster Brocken: Astronomen entdecken Rekord- Stern
09.Jun.2007 Sicherheit: US- Heimatschutzminister will strengere Einreiseregeln für Europäer
09.Jun.2007 Manipulationsmöglichkeit: Hacker knacken deutsche Wahlcomputer

09.Jun.2007 Neue Regeln: Merkel macht Hedgefonds zur Chefsache
09.Jun.2007 Konsequenz aus G- 8-Randale: Regierung will Autonome stärker überwachen

09.Jun.2007 Korruption in Sachsen: Kanzleramtsminister unter Druck
09.Jun.2007 Heiligendamm: Der Zaun ist offen
09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Kritik: Festnahmen bei Spontan- Demonstration in Berlin
09.Jun.2007 Krach beim G- 8-Gipfel: Sarkozy drohte Bush mit vorzeitiger Abreise
09.Jun.2007 Raketenabwehrschirm: USA halten an Stationierung in Polen und Tschechien fest
09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Proteste: Anwälte erstatten Anzeige wegen Käfighaft
Iceman bled to death, scientists say 

Archaeologists think they have solved the longstanding mystery of how Otzi, the world's most famous iceman, met his end: an arrow wound to his shoulder caused him to bleed to death. posted by Prof. Hex
Mystery deepens as five are cleared of killing banker 

The death in London of a corrupt Italian financier known as "God's banker" because of his ties to the Vatican remained more of a mystery than ever last night after the acquittal of five people accused of his murder.
posted by Prof. Hex

09.Jun.2007 Terror rendition prisons 'did exist':

Dick Marty, the author of a report for the Council of Europe, told Channel 4's Dispatches programme - 'we can now confirm that there were secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania.'

09.Jun.2007 The CIA's favorite form of torture:

If the Bush administration forces the CIA to drop "tough" interrogation techniques like waterboarding, the agency will probably fall back on a brutal method that leaves no physical marks.

09.Jun.2007 Bush makes mockery of U.S. justice: Now we've bungled our own kangaroo courts. : Two military judges, acting separately in the cases of two alleged terrorists, have dismissed war crimes charges against both.

The legal reasoning is technical. But this breakdown is no technicality -- it is a farce.

09.Jun.2007 Official: Cheney Urged Wiretaps: Vice President Cheney told Justice Department officials that he disagreed with their objections to a secret surveillance program during a high-level White House meeting in

00.Mar.2004, a former senior Justice official told senators yesterday.

09.Jun.2007 Ex-spy thinks whole story about 9/11 hasn’t been told; You wouldn’t guess that he once helped engineer a failed coup against Saddam Hussein, that he speaks Arabic and Farsi, that he once prowled the lawless valleys of Lebanon in service to the Central Intelligence Agency, or that George Clooney played him in the movie “Syriana.”

09.Jun.2007 Morgan Stanley issues triple sell warning on equities:

Morgan Stanley has advised clients to slash exposure to the stock market after its three key warning indicators began flashing a "Full House" sell signal for the first time since the dotcom bust.
Stephen Lendman: Resource Wars: Can We Survive Them? :

The human species teeters on the edge putting excess personal gratification and living for today ahead of the long-term consequences of bad behavior.

09.Jun.2007 BAE ‘secretly paid’ Saudi prince:

BAE Systems paid more than £100m a year to Saudi Arabia’s former ambassador to Washington over more than a decade in connection with Britain’s biggest ever defence contract, according to British media reports

09.Jun.2007 Blair warning on Saudi arms probe: Tony Blair has warned that an investigation into a £40 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia would lead to the "complete wreckage" of vital British national interests
09.Jun.2007 Still playing with fire: Evidence points to US complicity in terror plot: Again and again, the U.S. has used Islamic groups and militants to advance their strategic interests around the globe + on several occasions these same individuals have attacked and killed innocent civilians in America and across the world.

09.Jun.2007 Bush_joint_use_of_radar_station_in_Azerbaijan__Extra_">Putin offers Bush joint use of radar station in Azerbaijan: If the proposal was accepted by Washington, Russia would not need to retarget Europe in response to the US plan to station elements of a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, according to the diplomats.
Perry: U.S. eyed Iran attack after bombing : A former U.S. defense secretary says he now believes al-Qaida rather than Iran was behind a 1996 truck bombing at an American military base.
09.Jun.2007 Vietnam Vets Call for Fort Benning Soldiers to Oppose the War in Iraq: Veterans Charlie Litkey and Roy Bourgeois offered, as members of Veterans for peace, to help active duty soldiers oppose the war.

09.Jun.2007 Ted Rall: Left Turn: Have you noticed? Those pro-war "Support Our Troops" car magnets are disappearing faster than the Clinton budget surplus.
09.Jun.2007 Gold may touch $1000: JP Morgan : Gold may rise to more than $1,000 an ounce as demand from India, China and exchange traded funds increases and production of precious metal falls, according to JP Morgan Chase & Co., the third-largest US bank.

09.Jun.2007 The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt : He was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now he would reveal what he'd always kept hidden: who killed JFK

09.Jun.2007 Slave Passage Found at Washington House: The underground passageway is just steps from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It was designed so Washington's guests would not see slaves as they slipped in and out of the main house.

09.Jun.2007 The end of the plug? Scientists invent wireless device that beams electricity through your home

09.Jun.2007 06/07/07 The British Army Rebels Against Propaganda-By John Pilger
An experienced British officer serving in Iraq has written to the BBC describing the invasion as "illegal, immoral and unwinnable" which, he says, is "the overwhelming feeling of many of my peers". In a letter to the BBC's Newsnight and he accuses the media's "embedded coverage with the US Army" of failing to question "the intentions and continuing effects of the US-led invasion and occupation".

09.Jun.2007 Bush Mantra: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid -By Joseph L. Galloway
The Democrats in Congress wring their hands, gnash their teeth and wail that there was nothing they could do but cave in and vote to continue funding the war in Iraq. After all, that crafty George W. Bush had maneuvered them into a corner and they didn't have the votes to override his veto. Horse manure.

09.Jun.2007 Psychologists responsible for the development and migration of abusive interrogation techniques
Open Letter to the President of the American Psychological Association
We write you as psychologists concerned about the participation of our profession in abusive interrogations of national security detainees at Guantánamo, in Iraq and Afghanistan + at the so-called CIA “black sites.”

09.Jun.2007 Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran? U.S. vs. Iran call for Israel destruction: Iran's call for the destruction of Israel is "troubling," according to the United States.

09.Jun.2007 In case you missed it: Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map ? An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran - Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran's President Ahmadinejad .

09.Jun.2007 Experts Say Iranian Missile Program Poses Little Threat to US and Europe "Iran is believed to be working on missiles of intercontinental range, which I believe is defined as over 3,500 miles [approx. 5600 km] of range," said Ken Katzman. "And [regarding] Iran, I think the latest estimate the intelligence committee made public was that they might be approaching that range by, let's say, 2015 or so,.

09.Jun.2007 Robert Baer Is Iran a Terror Threat in the U.S.?: Evidence of Iranian sleeper cells in the U.S. is as thin as that of an Iranian hand in the JFK plot. In the mid-'80s there was a suspicion that Lebanese Hizballah, on Iranian orders, was trying to establish cells in the U.S., particularly in the Detroit area. But no cell was found.

09.Jun.2007 How would you grapple with Iran's nuclear drive?: US presidential candidates answer: Hillary Clinton: Iran poses a threat to our allies and our interests in the region and beyond, including the United States. The Iranian president has held a conference denying the Holocaust and has issued a series of bellicose statements calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

09.Jun.2007 Blair an 'ex-Prime Minister', says Putin : Russia has dismissed Tony Blair as an "ex-Prime Minister" as it hit back at his warning that British companies would not invest in the country unless it accepted Western values.

09.Jun.2007 Goldsmith faces claim he concealed £1bn 'secret' payment to Saudi prince: Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, faces questions over allegations he ordered British investigators to conceal from an international corruption watchdog the existence of secret payments to a Saudi prince.

09.Jun.2007 Without principle: Allegations about BAE's slush fund show the UK has no right to lecture anyone else on corruption

09.Jun.2007 Trial of CIA agents begins in Italy : Italian intelligence agents and a number of agents from America's CIA have gone on trial in Italy, in the first trial involving the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme

09.Jun.2007 Secret CIA prisons confirmed by Polish and Romanian officials: Despite denials by their governments, senior security officials in Poland and Romania have confirmed to investigators for the Council of Europe that their countries were used to hold some of America's most important prisoners captured after 9/11 in secret.

09.Jun.2007 Moazzam Begg: The disappeared: If there's one thing worse than being sent to Guantánamo, it's not being sent to Guantánamo.

09.Jun.2007 Arrogance or stupidity? US 'world rights champion': THE US views itself as the world human rights champion, a senior US spokesman said today, despite reports this week that it runs secret prisons and flouts civil liberties.

09.Jun.2007 Former Fort Benning Soldier Admits Lying About War Crimes: A former Fort Benning Army recruit who claimed to have participated in war crimes while serving in Iraq pleaded guilty today in Seattle to a federal charge of making false statements about his record.
09.Jun.2007 Fact or propaganda?: Israel sent secret peace offer to Syria: report : Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sent a secret message to Syria suggesting a complete withdrawal from the occupied Golan Heights in exchange for a full peace treaty, the Israeli Yediot Ahronot daily reported Friday, capping a week of speculation on whether Israel and Syria were headed for peace or war.
09.Jun.2007 Concerns on Iraq Force Out Top US Military Officers : Secretary Gates announced his selection of Admiral Mike Mullen as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And then he made this somewhat startling statement about the current Chairman, General Peter Pace.

09.Jun.2007 In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals: British and American collusion in the pillaging of Iraq's heritage is a scandal that will outlive any passing conflict
09.Jun.2007 U.S. Marine Testifies He Was Ordered to Destroy Photos of Civilian Killings: Laughner said he felt the order amounted to obstruction of justice but that he complied and later lied when asked whether any pictures had been taken.
09.Jun.2007 The Real Reason for Bush’s Invasion of Iraq is a National Security Secret-By Paul Craig Roberts -War without cause is murder, not war. Continue

09.Jun.2007 The Threat is Real-By Timothy V. Gatto
All of us in this country are finally starting to realize that George W. Bush and his right wing, corporate controlled, allies with their grandiose view of military dominance but not backed up by any actual military experience has brought this nation to what can only be described as the lowest point in our history.

09.Jun.2007 Lies, Sighs and Politics -By Paul Krugman
Folks, this is serious. If early campaign reporting is any guide, the bad media habits that helped install the worst president ever in the White House haven’t changed a bit.

09.Jun.2007 Währungspolitik: Zentralbanken bauen ihre Dollar-Reserven ab ... Die Dollar-Talfahrt werde es den USA künftig erschweren, ihr Leistungsbilanzdefizit zu finanzieren. Schneller als bisher angenommen scheine die Verlagerung ...

09.Jun.2007 220403antiwarblogg dass sich die Dollar-Talfahrt ungebrochen fortsetzt oder gar ein Absturz des Greenback bevorsteht ...

Dollar-Talfahrt steht bevor
Die Gründung der Deutschen Hochschule für Politik

Heinrich von Gleichen intervenierte kurz vor der Gründung der DHfP noch einmal bei Carl Heinrich Becker, der Ernst Jaeckh und Theodor Heuss zu diesem im ...
09.Jun.2007 Gleichen-Rußwurm über L. Feuerbach

00.Nov.1865 auf Schloss Greifenstein in Unterfranken als Sohn von Ludwig Heinrich von Gleichen -Rußwurm und seiner Frau Elisabeth von Thienen Adlerflycht ...
09.Jun.2007 Heinrich von Gleichen-Rußwurm - Wikipedia

Laut Armin Mohler war Arthur Moeller van den Bruck das Herz, Eduard Stadtler der Trommler und Heinrich von Gleichen der Organisator des sogenannten ...ßwurm
Juniklub - Wikipedia In der ersten Zeit traf man sich in der Wohnung Heinrich von Gleichen in der ...

Heinrich von Gleichen verfolgte eine Umwandlung des Juniklubs in einen ...
Le nazisme : controverses et interprétations Le succès des thèses des néos-conservateurs dans ce milieu est évident :

le baron Heinrich von Gleichen, ami intime de Moeller et d'Hugenberg, fonde en 1925 ...
09.Jun.2007 KÜLLSTEDT Im Jahre

00.000.1294 verkaufte der Landgraf Graf Heinrich von Gleichen seiner Schulden wegen das Eichsfeld an den Kurfürsten Gerhard von Mainz. (8) ...
09.Jun.2007 Kicking Gays Out of the Military Imperils Our National Security, So ALL the Republican Candidates are Committed to Making Our Military Weaker and Our National Security More Vulnerable. As Jon Stewart Quipped the Other Night (paraphrase): "The Worst Nightmare for a GOP Candidate is a Future Terrorist Attack Prevented by a Gay Hero."

09.Jun.2007 The Prisoner or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair (DVD)
Priceless GOP Hypocrisy: Right Wing Jurist and Anti-Personal Injury Lawsuit Crusader Robert Bork Sues New York Yale Club for $1 Million for "Wanton Negligence" 6/9
Three Actions You Can Take, Right Now, To Help Stop .50 Caliber Terror
In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals.

09.Jun.2007 GOP/Media Rewrite Iraq War History; And the MSM wants us to trust them when they can't even call Mitt Romney on an obvious lie? 6/9
Stephen Marshall: The Sham of Celebrity Good Intentions to Eliminate Poverty When the G-8, World Bank + IMF Profit from the Indebtedness of Third World Nations -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Guess Who Appointed "Law and Order" Judge Reggie Walton to the Federal Bench? Why it Was George W. Bush! Walton believes that if you break the law, you deserve the punishment. But Dick Cheney Doesn't Want Any Laws to Apply to Scooter Libby -- or to Dr. Evil Himself. That is Why He is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

09.Jun.2007 Mark your calendars: Gonzales to face 'no confidence' vote Monday; Makes you wish you could skip the weekend. 6/9
With top Democratic lawmakers threatening to pull $700 million a year in aid to Colombia, former President Bill Clinton appeared with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe 6/9

20041029 ... ist die " October Surprise " des Jahres 2004 die Geschichte eines geplünderten ...

Okt.2004 From Guatemala to Iran, from Chile to Nicaragua, ...
Voices - 911: The German Intelligence Report My Predictions for the

October Surprise 2006 is that there is greater than ... will occurring within Israel; coupled with another fraudulent link to Iran . ...
09.Jun.2007 journalismus - nachrichten von heute (journalismus - nachrichten ...

Gemäss einiger Bewohner Szymanys und Arbeiter des Flughafens, landeten in den nachfolgenden Jahren US- Flugzeuge aus Afghanistan auf dem Flughafen, ...
Kicking Gays Out of the Military Imperils Our National Security, So ALL the Republican Candidates are Committed to Making Our Military Weaker and Our National Security More Vulnerable. As Jon Stewart Quipped the Other Night (paraphrase): "The Worst Nightmare for a GOP Candidate is a Future Terrorist Attack Prevented by a Gay Hero."

09.Jun.2007 The Prisoner or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair (DVD)
Priceless GOP Hypocrisy: Right Wing Jurist and Anti-Personal Injury Lawsuit Crusader Robert Bork Sues New York Yale Club for $1 Million for "Wanton Negligence" 6/9
Three Actions You Can Take, Right Now, To Help Stop .50 Caliber Terror
In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals.

09.Jun.2007 GOP/Media Rewrite Iraq War History; And the MSM wants us to trust them when they can't even call Mitt Romney on an obvious lie? 6/9
Stephen Marshall: The Sham of Celebrity Good Intentions to Eliminate Poverty When the G-8, World Bank + IMF Profit from the Indebtedness of Third World Nations -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Guess Who Appointed "Law and Order" Judge Reggie Walton to the Federal Bench? Why it Was George W. Bush! Walton believes that if you break the law, you deserve the punishment. But Dick Cheney Doesn't Want Any Laws to Apply to Scooter Libby -- or to Dr. Evil Himself. That is Why He is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

09.Jun.2007 Mark your calendars: Gonzales to face 'no confidence' vote Monday; Makes you wish you could skip the weekend. 6/9
Dr. James Holsinger, Bush?s Nominee For Surgeon General, Is Virulently Anti-Gay -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

09.Jun.2007 And now, back to Paris Hilton. Hot or not? Discuss... Permalink
09.Jun.2007 When Afghanistan was invaded, the American military offered big rewards to any farmers who would finger "terrorists" -- and as a result, locals desperate for some cash pointed toward whoever happened to be the least-popular guy in town. Real Al Qaeda bad guys were allowed to fly (fly!) into safe refuges in Pakistan -- as the film 911: Press for Truth makes clear.
09.Jun.2007 In this case it appears that we have military officers directly involved in manipulating a civilian organization within the USA. Possibly to provide quasi legal or ethical coverage, for acts that were neither. Commandeering the American Psychological Association -- transforming a private professional group into an instrument of state power -- is, in and of itself, a "psyop," a psychological operation directed against the American people.
So why does the American Psychological Association refuse to pass a resolution barring members from participating in interrogations?

The American Medical Association has done just that. So has the American Psychiatric Association.
I suppose we should mention, once more, that the vast majority of the poor slobs at Gitmo are not members of Al Qaeda.

09.Jun.2007 Save net neutrality
No, this issue is not behind us.
09.Jun.2007 The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks, Part II ... al-Qaeda + the royal House of Saud, as disclosed in FBI document 199I WF213589 ordered by Bush, Jr. (see the front-page of this website)--lost his ...
Chapter 9 Direct evidence of U.S. Government protection of Al-Qaeda is the document 199I WF213589 leaked to the BBC by FBI agents.

Bush signed this national security ...
propaganda ">Propaganda - Exposing the New World Order and ...

2) A leaked FBI document, 199I WF213589, outlined disgust at a Bush administration directive that succeeded in blocking anti-terrorism investigations ...

20070331 Re: Secret Presidential directive ( 199I WF213589 ) Text Newsgroup Archive from ... A secret FBI document, 199I WF213589, released from the Washington Field ...
CeiberWeiber *Damenwahl Die Story der BBC basiert auf einem geheimen FBI-Dokument mit der Nummer 199I WF213589 und stammt aus dem Washingtoner FBI-Büro.
09.Jun.2007 Stealing 11 address to the Joint Session of Congress, particularly the reference to " history's unmarked grave of discarded lies." Bush borrowed from Reagan, ...

200409261002 Die größte Luchsart ist der bei uns vorkommende Eurasische Luchs. ...

Sep.2004 Rechenknechte : Supercomputer gegen Wirbelstürme ... -
09.Jun.2007 Elsas Nacht(b)revier ... ... Propaganda Due, sondern auch bei den übrigen Faschisten, Opus Dei und – nicht ...">Weitere Seiten zu 
Istituto per le Opere di Religione - Wikipedia
... Geschäfte, in die das IOR und der Banco Ambrosiano sowie die Mafia verwickelt waren. ... Propaganda Due . Michele Sindona. Literatur ... The Vatican Bank.

Readers Edition " CIA Geheimflüge enthüllt - nicht vom Staat sondern von Weblogbetreiber
Wobei die Hollywood- Propaganda - und -Desinformtionsmaschinerie natürlich auch dazu ... fungieren dürfende Loge " Propaganda Due ", - wohl auch nicht sagen. Logen ...
09.Jun.2007 Banco Ambrosiano - Wikipedia
... um die Propaganda Due in Italien in den

00.000.1970-00.0001980 -er Jahren- spielte. ... Verbrechen angeklagt, zusammen mit Michele Sindona und Erzbischof Paul Casimir ...

09.Jun.2007 Kevin Kattke KEVIN . Click on a name for a new proximity search: ... KATTKE KEVIN . pages searched: 12. These names share the indicated number of pages with the ...
Macro International Group
HERBERT GEORGE ( KEVIN KATTKE ASSOCIATE) · Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (34 36).
IMBURGIO SAL · Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (34 36). KATTKE KEVIN ...

The Marine's Private Army | TIME
Senate investigators have learned that North used a Macy's department store maintenance engineer named Kevin Kattke in covert operations in Grenada.,9171,964978-2,00.html
Vox Pop
Kevin Kattke . Kattke was a textbook “Soldier of Fortune” ripped from the pages of the magazine. When his handlers at CIA wanted his K-Team to kill some ...
Michael J. Sylvester Biography sylvester.html
His associates included George Hebert, Kevin Kattke and Sal Imburgio. According to Oliver North in his book "Guts and Glory. P. 176: ...
Hustling for the Junta: PR Fights Democracy in Haiti - Center for ... His associates include Kevin Kattke, who

00.000.1983 helped Oliver North prepare the US invasion of Grenada; Norman Bailey, chief economist for the National ...
20070206 Kevin Kattke Kattke was a textbook Soldier of Fortune ripped from the pages of ...

His associates include Kevin Kattke, who

00.000.1983 helped Oliver North ...
Daily Kos: Plame Leak/Fake News, Summary/Process: Part V
Es wurde von einem Mitarbeiter Oliver North's, Kevin Kattke, gegründet. Das NFI organisierte unter anderem eine Reihe von Treffen für die ...

00.Dez.2006 - Luz, meditação e cura

Possui natureza bondosa e é protetora das fiandeiras da fronteira escocesa, a quem ajuda em ... ama ficar fora de casa, freqüentemente se liga em esportes, ...
Ungarn: Möglicherweise Botticelli- Fresko entdeckt
09.Jun.2007 Chile: Perus Ex- Präsident Fujimori unter Hausarrest
09.Jun.2007 Kein Lohn, kaum Essen: Polizei befreit 31 Arbeitssklaven in China
09.Jun.2007 Führungswechsel: Bushs höchster General tritt zurück

09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Bilanz: Merkel strahlt die Männer in den Schatten

09.Jun.2007 Gipfelbilanz: Merkels Charmeoffensive bricht das Eis 

09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Bilanz: Tolle Tage für die Kanzlerin
09.Jun.2007 Heiligendamm: Russischer Oppositioneller schleicht sich bei G- 8-Gipfel ein
09.Jun.2007 Geheimgefängnisse in Europa: Sonderermittler bietet Dutzende Kronzeugen in CIA- Affäre auf
09.Jun.2007 US- Abwehrschild: Putin legt bei Raketen- Vorschlag nach
09.Jun.2007 Umweltbilanz des Gipfels: Merkels dicke Luftnummer (Wissenschaft )
09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Proteste: Demonstrant beschuldigt verdeckten Zivilpolizisten als Aufwiegler
09.Jun.2007 Neues Geschäftsfeld: EADS will in Weltraumtourismus einsteigen
09.Jun.2007 G- 8-Bilanz: Merkel verkauft den Gipfel als Erfolg

09.Jun.2007 "Prinz von Marbella": Fahnder nehmen mutmaßlichen Waffenhändler fest

09.Jun.2007 Hannover: Kioskbesitzerin hypnotisiert und ausgeraubt
09.Jun.2007 Fische erstickt: Eine Million tote Heringe auf Sylt
08.Jun.2007 Guess Who Appointed "Law and Order" Judge Reggie Walton to the Federal Bench? Why it Was George W. Bush! Walton believes that if you break the law, you deserve the punishment. But Dick Cheney Doesn't Want Any Laws to Apply to Scooter Libby -- or to Dr. Evil Himself. That is Why He is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

08.Jun.2007 Three Actions You Can Take, Right Now, To Help Stop .50 Caliber Terror
What are they creating at the 'Creation' Museum?: Guy who plays Adam at the museum also runs a sex site 6/8
NYT Editorial Tells Leahy to Subpoena Rove and Miers or Stop Pretending to Conduct an Endless Investigation That Lacks Any Teeth. When You Get Chastised by the NYT for Wimpiness and Timidity in Fighting the Busheviks, You Need to Check if You've Still Got a Set of Balls. 6/8

08.Jun.2007 Dr. James Holsinger, Bush?s Nominee For Surgeon General, Is Virulently Anti-Gay -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
A broad immigration bill to legalize millions of people in the U.S. unlawfully failed a crucial test vote Thursday, a stunning setback that could spell its defeat for the year. 6/8
Al Gore Moves from Global Warming to the Political/Social Crisis Facing America: "The Assault on Reason." Get it from BuzzFlash, Now.

08.Jun.2007 Simmering tensions in the Alabama Senate boiled over Thursday when a Republican lawmaker punched a Democratic colleague in the head before they were pulled apart. 6/8
Stephen Marshall: Bittersweet Symphony from "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Secret CIA prisons confirmed by Polish and Romanian officials 6/8

08.Jun.2007 11.Sep.2001 : Verschwörungsgerücht um BBC-Bericht - Aus aller ...

Aber: was Hr. Silverstein gehörte stürzte ein. Was anderen gehörte überstand alle ... Ex-Charité-Krankenschwester legt Teilgeständnis ab | 1:32 Min. ...

Natascha Kampusch: Mit Blicken um Hilfe gefleht - Aus aller Welt ...

Silverstein | 1 Kommentar (07.09.2006 08:21). Oh man! Wie bitte? ... Ex-Charité-Krankenschwester legt Teilgeständnis ab | 1:32 Min. ...
20041127 Silverstein ,K. Washington Babylon. 1996 (vii, viii, 39-41, 48-9) Colodny,L. Gettlin,R. Silent Coup. 1992 (455-74) Columbia Journalism Review 1979-12 (63) ...

08.Jun.2007 futur:plom - 23c3 #15: Illuminaten! Und Skull and Bones ist natürlich auch der Bush-Clan.

Und die Neocons: Leo Strauss wird zitiert, was der da sagt, ist doch glasklar identisch mit den ...
270303antiwarblogg One stepping stone into these secret societies is the Skull & Bones Society at Yale ... "glühende Anhänger" des deutsch-jüdischen Philosophen Leo Strauss, ...
1893–00.000.1973 Leo Strauss (Alice Lillie's Opinions:)

Drury describes his following as "cultish" (kind of like the Skull and Bones ? ... Now, Leo Strauss was very intelligent. So, didn't he realize that people ...
Untitled ... und Großvater - dem Elite-Geheimorden Skull and Bones (Totenkopf) bei, ... willen lügen ( Leo Strauss lässt durch seinen Schüler Wolfowitz grüßen).

Digg - GORE THE HIDDEN BILDERBERG CANDIDATE - "GLOBAL WARMING" A ... Rockefellers were also members of Skull and Bones . Skull and Bones has its roots in ...

In her book, Leo Strauss and the American Right, [13] Shadia Drury, ... BILDERBERG_CANDIDATE_GLOBAL_WARMING_A_DISTRACTION
Omega-News: 16 August 2004 The Skull and Bones society of Yale University each year recruits 15 undergraduates who are in ... Saving America: Leo Strauss and the neoconservatives: ...

08.Jun.2007 Schwellenländer bei G8: Club der Weltelite will geschlossene Gesellschaft bleiben

08.Jun.2007 Australien: Kohlefrachter havariert - Umweltkatastrophe droht
08.Jun.2007 Jubel nach den Blockaden: Das Geheimnis der 5- Finger- Taktik 

08.Jun.2007 Gipfelbilanz: Die grüne Kanzlerin
08.Jun.2007 Petersburger Wirtschaftsforum: Wirtschaftsbosse setzen auf Audienz bei Putin

08.Jun.2007 Satellitenprogramm: EU beschließt Galileo- Rettung
08.Jun.2007 CIA- Gefängnisse: Polen und Rumänien weisen Vorwürfe zurück

08.Jun.2007 Waffengeschäft: Schmiergeldaffäre bringt Blairs Regierung in Erklärungsnot

08.Jun.2007 Logbuch al- Qaida: Der Irak als Killerspiel
08.Jun.2007 Vorwürfe in CIA- Affäre: Regierung streitet alles ab - Opposition verlangt restlose Aufklärung
08.Jun.2007 G- 8-Demonstrationen: Polizei bestätigt Einschleusen von Zivilbeamten
08.Jun.2007 CIA- Machenschaften: Prozess um Verschleppung von Prediger Abu Omar begonnen

08.Jun.2007 Web- Zensur: China blockiert alle Flickr- Fotos
08.Jun.2007 Nahost- Konflikt: Israel lotet Friedensgespräche mit Syrien aus
08.Jun.2007 Spanien: Schlag gegen Eta - Baskenführer Otegi festgenommen
08.Jun.2007 Karibischer Klimaschutz: Costa Rica will als Erster CO2- neutral sein

08.Jun.2007 Von Parfum bis Stopfleber: Sicherheitsleute klauten beschlagnahmtes Handgepäck

08.Jun.2007 Anti- G-8- Protest: Polizei stoppt Greenpeace- Ballon mit Hubschraubern
08.Jun.2007 Afghanistan: Mütter rauchen mit Kleinkindern Opium
08.Jun.2007 Putin- Vorstoß: Militärexperte warnt vor Raketenschild in Aserbaidschan

08.Jun.2007 Greenpeace- Protest: Polizei zwingt Ballon zur Landung 
08.Jun.2007 G- 8-Proteste: Anwälte kritisieren Käfighaltung von Gefangenen

08.Jun.2007 Heiligendamm: Merkel verspricht Afrika milliardenschweres Hilfspaket
08.Jun.2007 Afrika- Politik: G8 beschließt Milliardenprogramm für Aids- Hilfe
08.Jun.2007 Internationale Presse: "Enttäuschung in Heiligendamm"
08.Jun.2007 Innere Sicherheit: Bundesrat beschließt verschärftes Passgesetz
08.Jun.2007 G8: Bush fehlt - Magenprobleme

08.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Skepsis und Kritik an Merkels Klima- Kompromiss

08.Jun.2007 Konjunktur: Fachkräfte- Mangel lähmt Firmen
08.Jun.2007 G- 8-Protest: Greenpeace- Ballon zur Landung gezwungen
Affen- Schule: Schimpansen gucken beim Nachbarn ab
Griechenland: Anschläge auf deutsche Ziele
US- Kongress: Senat legt Bushs Einwanderungsreform auf Eis
08.Jun.2007 Europarat- Bericht: Deutschland soll Aufklärung des CIA- Skandals behindert haben
Stammzellenforschung: US- Kongress fordert Bush heraus
G- 8-Klimaschutz- Vereinbarung: Viel Kritik, wenig Lob
07.Jun.2007 Afrikapolitik: G8 einigen sich auf 60- Milliarden- Paket gegen Krankheiten

07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Ticker: Polizei löst verbotene NPD- Demo auf

07.Jun.2007 Europaverfassung: Sarkozy gewinnt Blair für abgespeckten EU- Vertrag

07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Merkel feiert ihren Klimawandel
07.Jun.2007 Raketenstreit: Putin überrascht Bush mit aserbaidschanischer Abwehr- Alternative
Empörung in Halberstadt: Küster nutzte Domsafe als Drogenlager

07.Jun.2007 Großbritannien: Regierung will Anti- Terror- Gesetze verschärfen

07.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Einigung: G8 feiern Klimakompromiss - Umweltschützer enttäuscht
07.Jun.2007 Blockade all inclusive: Ansturm auf die "Suchtstation" 
ACP-EEC Convention of Lome ZZ/AC
Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drug Tafficking . ASZ/XDT ...

Task Force on the Role of the Private Sector in Criminal Justice ...
20060101 Largely because of the determined effort to use criminal laws in the futile attempt ...

The most prominent name recurring in this [CIA drug tafficking ] ...
2004070709_Report Der Präsident kommt nämlich als starker Mann daher, der im Dienste einer höheren Sache zur Not auch über Leichen geht, buchstäblich. Das zieht offenbar.
07.Jun.2007 Metaorganismen
Allein die Speicherung der Verbindungsdaten am deutschen Internet­. knoten DeCIX erfordert täglich die Kapazität von 639 000 CDs[3].

Dec.2005 Verbindungsdaten : EU-Parlament billigt Speicherung ... Das "Goldene Haus" wird täglich von rund tausend Touristen besucht.
Hydro One : About Hydro One : History : Historical Timeline

00.000.1974 : The Power Corporation Act replaces the Power Commission Act and the Hydro -Electric Power Commission is recreated as Ontario Hydro (as it had been ...
07.Jun.2007 The Men Who Stare at Goats - Jon Ronson

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Jon Ronson, including New York Times Book ... where US soldiers are trained to be psychic killers in these top secret projects . Mind Control News Note: Remember that secret projects within the military and other ... hunt that is "The Men Who Stare at Goats ," the journalist Jon Ronson appears to be ...
[book] The Men Who Stare At Goats - RPGnet Forums [book] The Men Who Stare At Goats Other Media. ... This one is Ronson uncovering* the secret projects of the US military in the fields of remote viewing, ...

Cheney's 'Spoon-Benders' Pushing Nuclear Armageddon ... during which time he launched a series of secret projects at Fort Meade, Md., ...

The Men Who Stare at Goats, by Jon Ronson (Simon & Schuster, New York, ...
KultureDrome: September 2005 Archives ... during which time he launched a series of secret projects at Fort Meade, Md., ...

According to a well-researched military, The Men Who Stare at Goats, ...
00.Aug.2005 Nothing Tra La La?: Jon Ronson, The Men Who Stare At Goats, p. 121. ...

A world of secret projects still needs battling, though. Best get on with it.
CBC Radio | The Current | Whole Show Blow-by-Blow

He has just published a book detailing some of the little-known secret projects the military oversaw during that period -- called Men Who Stare at Goats . ...
::::: ?? ?? ??? ?? [?????] :::::The Men Who Stare at Goats ,” by Jon Ronson (Simon & Schuster, New York, 2004): ... from

00..000.1981-00.000.1984 during which he launched secret projects at Fort Meade, ...
Stop Cheney’s Monsters Now! - HTML-Version
launched a series of secret projects . at Fort Meade, Md., involving ... tary, The Men Who Stare at Goats, by Jon Ronson (Simon. & Schuster, New York, 2004), ...
RV-Do :: The Remote Viewer :: RVT ... by the Army intel guys and scientists who worked on the secret projects .

In his latest book, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which accompanies the ...
Cheney’s‘Spoon-Benders’ PushingNuclearArmageddon
series of secret projects at Fort Meade. senior retired military and intelligence officers, who have ... tion of the US military, The Men Who Stare at Goats, by ...
First Earth Battalion-Where It All Began ... during which time he launched a series of secret projects at Fort Meade, Md., ... ?

The men who stare at goats ? reveals extraordinary - and very nutty ... cia-drugs/2005-09/msg00522.html
Audio/Video History He has just published a book detailing some of the little-known secret projects the military oversaw during that period -- called Men Who Stare at Goats.

00.000.1919 As president of the air council Winston Churchill wrote: ... In confirming the existence of a top - secret domestic spying program, ...

Dez. 1943 Konferenz in Teheran mit Churchill, Roosevelt und Stalin: Einigung ...

Sep.2001 AMEC had just completed a project to strengthen + renovate a ...
House Document No. 107-285 Commemorative Joint Meeting of the ...

Under AMEC, our country has been working with the Russians and Norwegians to ... armed services who was entrusted with a top secret security clearance, ...

In the Senate of the United States
tigative program ‘‘ Top Secret ,’’ said he flew to Islamabad, ... for a project . She stopped at the World Trade Center for a ...
Bill Totten's Weblog: May 2005 On

25.Apr.1945 Truman was briefed about the secret Manhattan Project or S-1, ... As for Churchill's partners at the top of the American political and

00.000.1919 As president of the air council Winston Churchill wrote:

..... 9/11 aid spent on debris removal, AMEC got $65.8 million, Bovis $277.2 million, ...

Hedges und seine Kollegen glauben, dass ein Brocken aus dem All mit der Geschichte der Frösche verknüpft ist - und zwar der Asteroid, von dem viele Wissenschaftler annehmen, dass er für die Ausrottung der Dinosaurier verantwortlich ist. Vor etwa 65 Millionen Jahren traf er die Erde und erzeugte dabei, so Hedges, "Riesenwellen, die die Inseln verwüsteten und vermutlich die gesamte zu diesem Zeitpunkt existierende Fauna vernichteten".

Die Frösche, die die Inseln anschließend kolonisierten, seien vermutlich auf schwimmenden Matten aus abgerissener Vegetation übers Meer gekommen. Solche natürlichen Flöße, erklärte Hedges "können mehr als eineinhalb Kilometer breit sein". An Bord befanden sich möglicherweise Pflanzen, die noch Süßwasser enthielten und Insekten, die den Floßreisenden als Nahrung dienen konnten.

Die Initiatoren des Berichts - beteiligt waren Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Cageprisoners, Reprieve, das Zentrum für Verfassungsrechte (CCR) und das Zentrum für Menschenrechte und globale Gerechtigkeit an der Universität New York (CHRGJ) - fordern die US-Regierung auf, das Schicksal aller Betroffenen aufzuklären und ihre Geheimgefängnisse sofort zu schließen. Es gebe Hinweise, dass das System trotz gegenteiliger Aussagen des Präsidenten noch immer fortbestehe, kritisieren die Menschenrechtler.

US-Präsident George W. Bush hatte im September vergangenen Jahres die Existenz von geheimen CIA-Gefängnissen im "Krieg gegen den Terror" eingeräumt. Er verteidigte sie, betonte aber, dass sie inzwischen nicht mehr genutzt würden. Die 14 Terrorverdächtigen, die von den USA an solchen Orten zwischenzeitlich festgehalten worden seien, habe man nach Guantanamo überstellt, sagte Bush damals. Er hatte sich jedoch vorbehalten, auch in Zukunft Terrorverdächtige in Geheim-Gefängnissen zu verbringen.

Für den "umfassendsten Bericht" über Terror-Häftlinge, für deren Verschwinden die USA verantwortlich gemacht werden, werteten die Organisationen Informationen aus Medien und von Regierungsstellen aus sowie Aussagen ehemaliger Gefangener und anderer Zeugen. Einer derer, dessen Erfahrungen in die Dokumentation eingeflossen sind, ist der ehemalige palästinensische Häftling Marwan Jabour.

Er behauptet, im Mai 2004 von pakistanischen Behörden festgenommen und mehr als zwei Jahre lang in einem geheimen Gefängnis festgehalten und schwer misshandelt worden zu sein. Er sei an die Wand gekettet gewesen und habe nicht mehr als wenige Stunden am Stück schlafen dürfen. Auch sei er zuvor gefoltert worden. Laut Jabour befinden sich noch immer Personen in den Hafträumen des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes - an unbekannten Orten.

Die Verfasser des Berichts räumten jedoch ein, dass die Informationen über die vermissten Gefangenen in einigen Fällen lückenhaft seien. Einige Namen seien der Liste hinzugefügt worden, weil Jabour sie auf Fotos erkannt habe. Andere seien nur an ihrem Vor- oder Nachnamen identifiziert worden. So wurde dem Bericht zufolge der Häftling "al-Rabbaia" deshalb aufgenommen, weil sich ein anderer Gefangener daran erinnert hatte, diesen Namen auf einer Zellenwand gesehen zu haben. Die Informationen über 21 Betroffene stammten aber aus zwei oder mehr Quellen, sagte eine Sprecherin von Amnesty International. Die US-Regierung hat eingeräumt, drei der 39 Männer tatsächlich einmal gefangen gehalten zu haben
CIA- Geheimgefängnisse: Die Liste der Geister- Gefangenen
Kampf gegen die PKK: Türkische Militärs brennen auf Einmarsch im Nordirak

07.Jun.2007 Korruption in Sachsen: CDU- Politiker nehmen Kanzleramtschef de Maizière ins Visier

07.Jun.2007 Kompromiss von Heiligendamm: Klimaschutz in der Diplomatie- Falle
07.Jun.2007 Randale in China: Straßenschlacht zwischen Studenten und Polizei

07.Jun.2007 Milliardenpleite: Schweizer staunen über Swissair- Freisprüche
07.Jun.2007 Streit um Raketenschild: Putin schlägt USA gemeinsame Radarstation in Aserbaidschan vor
07.Jun.2007 Merkel zum Klima- Kompromiss: "Ein sehr großer Fortschritt"
07.Jun.2007 Per Floß in die Karibik: 162 Froscharten - ein Urvater
07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Proteste: Gipfel der Gerüchte und Propaganda
Spare the Child 
Amy Bril wants to make sure her kids don't grow up like she did - inside the notorious cult known as the Family.
here for more on the Family (also known as the Children of God. posted by Prof. Hex

07.Jun.2007 BuzzFlash's Series of Interviews with Progressive Talk Show Hosts Continues: Stephanie Miller, the "Mama" of a Humorous Take on the Insanity of the Right Wing -- A BuzzFlash Interview
Paperback Edition of Thom Hartmann's "Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class - And What We Can Do about It"
The Libby Pardon Press is On. It's Not a Question of If; It's a Question of When. Bush Has to Pardon Libby, Because Otherwise Libby Might "Flip" and Provide the Evidence That Cheney Orchestrated the Outing of a Covert CIA Operative and Bush Knew About It. 6/7

07.Jun.2007 More Evidence that Cheney is the Dr. Evil Power Behind the Throne of King George: The Dickster Played Key Role in Illegal Wiretapping Stand-off with John Ashcroft, James Comey and the Department of Justice. 6/7
Episode 61: Ghosts from a world away -- Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
The attack on women who speak their minds about so-called women's issues feels, at the moment, like a menacing tide. 6/7
P.M. Carpenter: Why not go the whole, indecent nine yards? 6/7

07.Jun.2007 Report: 39 secretly imprisoned by the Bush Administration 6/7
Democrats Push Veto Fight on Stem Cells 6/7

07.Jun.2007 Dave Zirin: Black/Brown unity? The immigration debate spills over to Major League Baseball
07.Jun.2007 When I was home-schooling my son in the 90's, as an exercise we pulled out a world history text my mother had used in the 20's, one I had used

00.000.1960 + the one the local high school was using currently. In each generation, the amount of text had declined, the number and size of pictures had increased + the explanatory power had decayed.
In the specific case we looked at closely -- the decay of the Roman Republic -- the 20's text went into a whole array of social and political ills over several pages, while the 90's one gave it about a paragraph of what was essentially pablum.
That's why I ended up teaching him from "The Cartoon History of the Universe." Not only was it much meatier, but he actually still remembers most of it.
# posted by starroute : 10:22
Über "zehn oder mehr Jahre" verteilt soll Bandar mehrere Millionen Pfund erhalten haben, umgerechnet 45 Millionen Euro pro Quartal - auf Konten in die USA. Dabei soll es sich um Konten der saudischen Botschaft in Washington gehandelt haben. Dem BBC-Bericht zufolge war das britische Verteidigungsministerium über die Zahlungen informiert.

Ein Sprecher des Ministeriums teilte mit, der Al-Yamamah-Deal sei streng vertraulich. Weitere Informationen gab er deshalb nicht preis. In den vergangenen 20 Jahren haben Minister aller britischen Regierungen stets betont, es gebe keine geheimen Zahlungen bei Rüstungsgeschäften. Schmiergeldzahlungen stehen in Großbritannien seit 2002 unter Strafe.

Das Büro von Prinz Bandar in der saudischen Hauptstadt Riad lehnte eine Stellungnahme gegenüber BBC ab. Bandar ist derzeit Chef des saudischen Sicherheitsrates.

BAE Systems, größter britischer Rüstungskonzern, teilte mit, das Unternehmen habe zu keinem Zeitpunkt gegen britische Gesetze verstoßen. "Das Al-Yamamah-Programm ist eine Angelegenheit zwischen zwei Regierungen und sämtliche Zahlungen, die damit im Zusammenhang stehen, erfolgten unter der Billigung der saudischen und der britischen Regierung", teilte der Konzern mit.

Millionensummen für private Zwecke

Ein Mitarbeiter der Bank, an die die Millionen flossen, sagte, Bandar habe Geld zu seiner persönlichen Verwendung von den Konten abgehoben. "Es gab keine Unterscheidung zwischen offiziellen Botschaftskonten und Konten der Prinzenfamilie", sagte er der BBC. Diese Praxis habe viele Jahre angedauert.

Freispruch aus Mangeln an Beweisen

Staatsanwalt Luca Tescaroli vertrat die Ansicht, dass Carboni und Vittor den Bankier nach London gelockt hätten, wo er seinen Mördern übergeben werden sollte. Die drei anderen Angeklagten sollen dabei geholfen haben. Das Motiv: Calvi soll Gelder der Cosa Nostra veruntreut haben, zum Beispiel für seine Geschäfte in Polen. Möglicherweise haben seine Mörder aber auch gefürchtet, dass Calvi frühere Weggefährten aus der Geheimloge P2, dem Vatikan oder der italienischen Politik belasten könnte.

Die Richter folgten der Argumentation des Staatsanwalts jedoch nicht: Alle fünf Angeklagten wurden gestern Abend freigesprochen. Allerdings war es nur im Fall der angeklagten Frau ein Freispruch erster Güte. Bei den vier Männern reichte es nach Ansicht des Gerichts nur aus Mangel an Beweisen nicht für eine Verurteilung.

Staatsanwalt Tescaroli hatte für die Männer lebenslänglich gefordert. Möglicherweise will er nun in Berufung gehen. Insgesamt zeigte er sich aber zufrieden. Nach 25 Jahren sei es schon ein Erfolg, sagte er der britischen Zeitung "The Independent", dass "der Prozess überhaupt stattgefunden hat".
Freispruch zweiter Klasse: Mord am Bankier Gottes bleibt ungesühnt
Warnung des Umweltbundesamts: Ausbau der Windkraft geht zu langsam
07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Durchbruch: Merkel verkündet Kompromiss bei Klimaschutz

07.Jun.2007 Schmiergeldaffäre: Britischer Waffenkonzern soll Milliarden an saudischen Prinzen gezahlt haben (Wirtschaft)
07.Jun.2007 Briefmonopol: Paris blockiert Öffnung der Postmärkte
07.Jun.2007 Militärübung: Nordkorea feuert Kurzstreckenraketen ab

07.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Protest: Greenpeace- Boote dringen in G- 8-Sperrzone ein

07.Jun.2007 Durchwachte Nacht: Gipfel- Gegner belagern Verbotszone 
07.Jun.2007 Kein Biotop aus Müll: Reifen- Riff wird abgebaut
07.Jun.2007 US- Kundenzufriedenheitsstudie: Hervorragende Ergebnisse für deutsche Hersteller

07.Jun.2007 Raketen- Streit: Putin poltert - Bush beschwichtigt
07.Jun.2007 Erderwärmung: Merkel arbeitet an Klima- Friedensformel
Feuerberge: Die sieben sonderbarsten Vulkane der Welt
Nach den Turbulenzen: Chinas Börsen erholen sich merklich
07.Jun.2007 bruch der Beziehungen: Taiwan immer isolierter
07.Jun.2007 Nahostkonflikt: "Ohne Amerika wird es keinen Frieden geben"

07.Jun.2007 Galápagos- Inseln: Naturparadies am Scheideweg

07.Jun.2007 Nacht der Blockade: "Dass es so läuft, davon habe ich geträumt"
07.Jun.2007 Neue Blockaden: "Wir machen weiter, solange die Kraft reicht"
07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Ticker: Polizei am Ende ihrer Kräfte - Public Viewing abgesagt
07.Jun.2007 Internationale Presse: "Niemals gab es soviel Streit"

07.Jun.2007 Entwicklungshilfe: "Die Industrieländer müssen ihre Versprechungen wahr machen"
07.Jun.2007 Energie: Europäer gründen gemeinsamen Stromverbund
EU: Sarkozy will Türkei- Beitritt stoppen

07.Jun.2007 G8: SPD- Mann will Steinewerfer wegen versuchten Mordes anklagen lassen
07.Jun.2007 Kollision im All: Mini- Meteorit schlägt Loch in Raumstation ISS
07.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Auftakt: Wut auf Klima- Taktiker Bush

07.Jun.2007 Raketenabwehr: Russlands Drohgebärden belasten G- 8-Gipfel

07.Jun.2007 G- 8-Protest: Gespannte Ruhe in Heiligendamm

07.Jun.2007 DFB- Sieg gegen die Slowakei: Eine urlaubsreife Leistung
07.Jun.2007 Historischer Vergleich: Mehr Hurrikane wären normal

07.Jun.2007 Blockaden um Heiligendamm: Ein enttarnter Zivilpolizist und viel Sitzfleisch 
00.000.1990 -in the late s- The Three Block War is a concept devised by
Gen Charles Krulak to describe the complex spectrum of challenges likely to be faced by soldiers on the modern battlefield.

In three contiguous city blocks soldiers may be required to conduct full scale military action, peacekeeping operations and humanitarian relief.
Strategic Corporal

The Strategic Corporal is the notion that leadership in complex, rapidly evolving mission environments devolves lower and lower down the chain of command to better exploit time-critical information into the decision making process, ultimately landing on the corporal, the lowest ranking non-commissioned officer, typically commanding a squad of 12-15 Marines.

In very rapidly evolving mission situations, obtaining mission instructions from remotely located command may result in mission failure, or in casualties to both force personnel and civilians.

Conversely, misusing this kind of responsibility may result in personal liability for the team leader:

a decision executed to respond to situational needs may result in later prosecution as the team leaders actions are reviewed by higher authorities.
John Naisbitt: Der militärisch-interaktive Komplex Als der Kommandant des Marine Corps, General Charles C . Krulak im

00.Jun.1995 seinen Posten antrat, bekräftigte er erneut die Entscheidung der Marines, ...
06.Jun.2007 SEC Info - Krulak Charles C - 3 - Phelps Dodge Corp - For 12/7/05

07.Dec.2005 General Charles C. Krulak was elected as a Director of Phelps Dodge Corporation.

On this date, General Krulak does not own any Phelps ...
06.Jun.2007 Freedom Alliance - The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

General Charles C . Krulak, is the Chief Executive Officer of MBNA Europe + a senior vice chairman of MBNA America Bank.

General Krulak joined MBNA America ...
06.Jun.2007 General Charles Krulak By General Charles C . Krulak .


Dec.2005 USA : Clinton soll CIA-Entführungen angeordnet haben ... having noted the Shah's instability,. helped to establish Khomeini . as an alternative, ... -

Berlin - "Der Klimawandel ist das größte Sicherheitsrisiko in der Welt", sagte Entwicklungsministerin Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.

Wassermangel und Ernteausfälle würden Konflikte in ohnehin schon instabilen Weltregionen weiter anheizen, sagte die Ministerin bei der Übergabe einer Studie des wissenschaftlichen Beirats der Bundesregierung. REUTERS

Farmer in Australien: Globale Umweltveränderungen als Sicherheitsrisiko Nummer Eins

Die SPD-Politikerin forderte zu Beginn des G-8-Gipfels in Heiligendamm Fortschritte in der Klimadebatte.

Der Klimaberater von Kanzlerin Angela Merkel, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, nannte eine friedliche Weltgemeinschaft unmöglich, wenn der Klimawandel nicht kontrolliert werde: "Er ist gefährlicher als internationaler Terrorismus."

Der wissenschaftliche Beirat "Globale Umweltveränderungen" betonte in seinem Bericht, die Folgen des Klimawandels würden kaum Kriege im herkömmlichen Sinne auslösen.

Es drohe aber eine Destabilisierung von Staaten, die ohnehin Zerfallserscheinungen aufwiesen. Dies würde wiederum Wanderungswellen von Menschen auslösen, auf welche die Weltgemeinschaft nicht vorbereitet sei.
G- 8-Protest: Tausende Demonstranten nächtigen in Zaunnähe
06.Jun.2007 Ethik- Dilemma: Stammzell- Forscher feiern Erfolg - und fürchten politischen Missbrauch
06.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Auftakt: G- 8-Chefs streiten über Afrika und Aids- Hilfe
06.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Merkels Mühen hinterm Zaun

06.Jun.2007 Coup der G- 8-Kritiker: 15 Polizisten gegen 5000 Demonstranten
06.Jun.2007 Regierungs- Studie: Klimawandel als weltgrößtes Sicherheitsrisiko
Libby Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years in CIA Leak Case: Federal Judge Reggie Walton also ordered I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to pay $250,000 in fines.

Additionally, the former aide will be on probation for two years following the completion of his prison term. Libby must report to a probation officer within 72 hours of sentencing,

06.Jun.2007 NSA surveillance program may have skirted 1991 law : The Bush administration may have sidestepped a key

00.000.1991 law regarding congressional notification of intelligence activities when it chose to alert just a handful of lawmakers of its warrantless surveillance program

11.Sep.2001 -following- the attacks, according to Democratic sources

06.Jun.2007 Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot: An alleged plot to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at New York's JFK airport had little chance of success, according to safety experts, who have questioned whether the plot ever posed a real threat.
06.Jun.2007 10 men accused of plotting coup in Laos: U.S. colonel allegedly raised money to buy, export arms: A group of Laotian men and a retired U.S. Army officer who served during the Vietnam War were accused of raising thousands of dollars to mount a coup to overthrow the communist government of Laos.
06.Jun.2007 Palestinians protest occupation on 67 war anniversary: Palestinians and peace activists rallied on Tuesday against four decades of Israeli occupation on the anniversary of the 1967 war that reshaped the Middle East in just six days.

06.Jun.2007 Israel provoked Six-Day War, says former Dutch UN observer : A former Dutch UN observer has said Israel was not under siege by Arab countries preceding the Six-Day War, the 40th anniversary of which falls Tuesday + that the Jewish state provoked most border incidents as part of its strategy to annex more land.

06.Jun.2007 John Pilger: "Palestine is Still the Issue" : Why Has This Documentary, Never Been Broadcast On U.S. Media ?: Palestinians - forced off their land and later subjected to a military occupation by Israel. An occupation condemned by the United Nations and almost every country in the world, including Britain.
06.Jun.2007 Taliban uses weapons made in China, Iran: Sophisticated new weapons, including Chinese anti-aircraft missiles as well as items made in Iran, are reaching Taliban forces in Afghanistan, according to government officials and other sources

06.Jun.2007 Return of the Taliban: No one in Afghanistan wants to be on the losing side when Mullah Omar's men ride back into town on their motorcycles.
06.Jun.2007 U.S. signs security pact with Kurdistan, warns Turkey not to invade : The United States has issued its highest-level warning against a Turkish military invasion of neighboring Iraq.

06.Jun.2007 Turks shell rebels in northern Iraq again, says Kurdish report: Turkish troops shelled a border area in northern Iraq for a second day early yesterday in an attack on Kurdish rebels based there, a pro-Kurdish news agency reported. The report could not be confirmed immediately.

06.Jun.2007 Turkey seeks UN OK for cross-border action; The prospect that Turkish troops will invade northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebels rose yesterday as Turkey reportedly asked to meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to reaffirm its right to self-defence.
06.Jun.2007 British ex-diplomat says Iraq troop presence "makes things worse": A former top British diplomat Tuesday called for a speedy troop withdrawal from Iraq and predicted that the process of leaving Iraq would cause 'strain' in Anglo-American relations.

06.Jun.2007 Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran?: U.S. troops detain four insurgents smuggling Iranian weapons in Baghdad : The detainees are believed to be members of a "secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training," a military statement said.
06.Jun.2007 Five US Reps Support Cheney Impeachment: US Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) has become the fifth total co-sponsor of US Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s (D-OH) bill to impeach Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. In addition to Kucinich, the additional three Members of Congress who have signed on to H. Res 333 are US Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL), William Lacy Clay (D-MO) + Albert Wynn (D-MD).

06.Jun.2007 No Unlawful Enemy Combatants at Guantanamo : Marjorie Cohn of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, says US treatment of those combatants violates the Geneva Conventions...

06.Jun.2007 Congress warns on Guantanamo rulings: THE White House must work with Congress on a new system for trying terror suspects after a military court threw out charges against two Guantanamo Bay inmates, top Democrats said today.

06.Jun.2007 Hicks conviction in doubt after US setback: Australian David Hicks became the military commission system's first scalp when he pleaded guilty on March 30 to a terrorism charge.

06.Jun.2007 Democrats want habeas corpus for detainees: Congressional Democrats are seizing on rulings against the current terror trial system to call for the right of detainees to file habeas corpus suits.

06.Jun.2007 John Conyers and the Bush Dictatorship : Without fanfare, or announcement of any kind, the president recently signed a directive which states that in case of a "catastrophic emergency" the "President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government." What is a catastrophic emergency? Well, it is anything that Bush says it is.

06.Jun.2007 Infowars' Matt Lepacek arrested after GOP debate: Video: Infowars' Matt Lepacek confronts Rudy Giuliani pollster Ed Goeas in the spin room after the 6/5/07 Republican debate in Manchester. He is arrested; later, his colleague Luke Rudowski is led outside by police. Rudowski is let go and explains what just happened.

06.Jun.2007 Syria Dumps US Dollar Peg: Global Confidence In Greenback Falls

06.Jun.2007 Poor-Washing, the Gates Foundation & the "Green Revolution" in Africa: Are corporate foundations really out to feed the hungry, or are they hypocritical Trojan Horses on a mission to hijack the world's food supply - to create the most complete and ultimate state of dependency.

06.Jun.2007 Global warming 'is three times faster than worst predictions' : The issue will be top of the agenda of the G8 summit which opens in the German Baltic resort of Heiligendamm on Wednesday, placing unprecedented pressure on President George Bush finally to agree to international measures.

06.Jun.2007 US rejects German G8 climate goal : Washington says it will not agree to a deal on slashing greenhouse gas emissions at the G8 summit in Germany.

05.May 2007 06/05/07 Severe Indictment Of U.S. Foreign Policy -By César Chelala A

00.000.2005 report by the World Policy Institute states that most of the U.S.’ arms sales to developing countries go to governments that the U.S. State Department qualifies as undemocratic, such as Pakistan, Angola and Saudi Arabia. Continue

06.Jun.2007 "The Secret History of the American Empire"-Economic Hit Men, Jackals + the Truth about Global Corruption -Audio & Transcript - Interview with John Perkins
Today, we spend the hour with a man who claims to have worked deep inside the forces driving corporate globalization. In his first book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, John Perkins told the story of his work as a highly paid consultant hired to strong-arm leaders into creating policy favorable to the U.S. government and corporations -- what he calls the “corporatocracy.”

06.Jun.2007 Defending Israel from Democracy-By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
The second Palestinian intifada has been crushed. The 700km wall is sealing the occupied population of the West Bank into a series of prisons. The “demographic timebomb” -- the fear that Palestinians, through higher birth rates, will soon outnumber Jews in the Holy Land and that Israel’s continuing rule over them risks being compared to apartheid -- has been safely defused through the disengagment from Gaza and its 1.4 million inhabitants.

06.Jun.2007 Turkey denies major incursion into N.Iraq: Turkey denied a report on Wednesday it had launched a major incursion into northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels there, but a military source said troops had conducted a limited raid across the mountainous border
06.Jun.2007 If You Think Bush Is Evil Now, Wait Until He Nukes Iran -Paul Craig Roberts
The war in Iraq is lost. This fact is widely recognized by American military officers and has been recently expressed forcefully by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of US forces in Iraq during the first year of the attempted occupation. Winning is no longer an option.

06.Jun.2007 Could al Qaeda Attack Trigger War With Iran? -Analysis by Gareth Porter
Following revelations of a George W. Bush administration policy to hold Iran responsible for any al Qaeda attack on the U.S. that could be portrayed as planned on Iranian soil, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinksi warned last week that Washington might use such an incident as a pretext to bomb Iran.

06.Jun.2007 Exclusive: Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End to Occupation-By Raed Jarrar and Joshua Holland
The parliament today passed a binding resolution that will guarantee lawmakers an opportunity to block the extension of the U.N. mandate under which coalition troops now remain in Iraq when it comes up for renewal in December. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose cabinet is dominated by Iraqi separatists, may veto the measure.

06.Jun.2007 Not for Freedom -By Charley Reese
The "global war on terror" is just a bad metaphor that doesn't have any connection to reality. How long are the American people going to allow liars to lull them into sacrificing the most precious treasure the country has – its youth – in a futile, lie-ridden, corruption-pocked war?

06.Jun.2007 Why Being “Worst President Ever” Is Not Enough -By James Rothenberg
If a war crime was committed, it is elementary that those that aid and abet this crime are also war criminals. This includes the Congress when it repeatedly funds the operations which are criminal. It also includes the soldiers who carry out the orders of the war criminals. And, yes, to the extent that we don't publicly object to it, you and me.

06.Jun.2007 The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement -Audio interview with Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter, candidly analyzes the weaknesses in progressive movements for peace and justice. Based on Sun Tsu’s The Art of War + other approaches to waging war, Ritter suggests the antiwar movement wage peace with the same ferocity and strategy that pro-war and anti-social forces wage war.

06.Jun.2007 The British and American military presence in Iraq is worsening security across the region and should be withdrawn quickly, the UK's former ambassador to Washington warned yesterday. Not worth the life of one more soldier.
Bruce Springsteen: Live in Dublin (Just Released 2-CDs)
Who Appointed Judge Reggie Walton, Who Sentenced Scooter Libby to Prison for His Proven Criminal Behavior? Why it Was President Bush, the First One. Also, in May 2007, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. appointed Judge Walton to a seat on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. So the Busheviks Get Hit for Violating the Rule of Law by a Republican Judge and Now They Whine About It.

06.Jun.2007 Dramatic Change: Obama Now Tied with Clinton in Latest USA Today/Gallup Poll
David Corn: Fred and Scooter; Thompson is eager to attach himself to the convicted felon. 6/7
Cindy Sheehan Wins This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award

06.Jun.2007 New Hampshire Debate: GOP Candidates Support of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Puts National Security at Risk -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Voter ID Amendment Resoundingly Defeated in the Senate 52?41; As People For the American Way put it, 'Senator McConnell?s voter ID amendment was politics at its worst. It had nothing to do with immigration. Rather, its impact would have been to keep eligible voters away from the polls?especially poor people, senior citizens, students, minorities + people from rural areas. Its resounding bipartisan defeat is a huge victory for voters and voting rights advocates.' 6/7
Food prices are climbing; We're told to blame corn and the weather, but gas prices play a big part, especially when gas has doubled in price since the Iraq War began. 6/7
GOP candidates shy away from Bush. "I never heard such a piling on of a sitting president who's of the same party," said Linda Fowler, a government professor at Dartmouth College. "They were as tough on him as the Democrats were."

06.Jun.2007 According to a recent poll, voters care more about "values" than ever before. When you see the word "values," always translate it as "sex." Americans, particularly red state Americans, are simply too damn dumb to understand that non-sexual ethics even exist .
Cheney can use the Iraq war to fatten his Haliburton holdings: Doesn't matter. The President can start a war on a false pretext: Doesn't matter . Americans can commit torture: Doesn't matter . Jack Abramoff: Doesn't matter . Stolen money earmarked to rebuild Iraq: Doesn't matter .
Americans are intellectually incapable of comprehending such things. As the Subgeniuses say: "You know how dumb the average guy is? By definition, half the guys out there are dumber than that ."

G- 8-Eklat: Bono und Geldof verkrachen sich mit Merkels Mitarbeitern

06.Jun.2007 Verunreinigungen: Roche ruft HIV- Arznei zurück
06.Jun.2007 Kursrutsch: Dax verliert 2,4 Prozent

06.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Merkel schreibt Durchbruch beim Klimaschutz ab

06.Jun.2007 Online gegen G 8: Die Links der Linken
06.Jun.2007 Stahlmangel: U- Bahn- Betrieben gehen die Ersatzteile aus
06.Jun.2007 Demo- Verbot: Polizei verrät Waffenarsenal der G- 8-Gegner an die NPD

06.Jun.2007 Kampf gegen PKK: Gerüchte über türkische Offensive im Nordirak

06.Jun.2007 Indien: Fünfjähriger soll 100 Kilometer weit laufen

06.Jun.2007 WMF- Bericht: Klimawandel bedroht Kulturstätten

06.Jun.2007 Polizeidebakel in Heiligendamm: Gipfel- Blockierer wollen bis Freitag durchhalten

06.Jun.2007 Polizei überfordert: Rangeleien am Sicherheitszaun 
06.Jun.2007 Gipfelkonzert mit Campino: "Ich lasse mir nicht übers Maul fahren" 
Heiligendamm: Polizei drängt Demonstranten vom Zaun zurück
26.May 2006 [[Page D567]] Daily Digest HIGHLIGHTS Senate ...

Dale Klein, of Texas, to be a Member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for ...

Public access to the Congressional Record is available online through GPO ...
12.May 2006 [[Page D479]] Daily Digest Senate Chamber ... to hold hearings to examine the nominations of Dale Klein, of Texas, ...

Public access to the Congressional Record is available online through GPO ...
Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Congressional Record > Search Results ...

Department of Homeland Security; Dale Klein, Assistant to the Secretary, ...
Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Congressional Record > Search Results ...

Sega, Director, Defense Research and Engineering, Dale Klein, Assistant to ...
Mailgate: 2001CRE2003 ... Remarks section of the Congressional Record on Monday and Wednesday of each week. ...

to be Under Secretary of the Army; the nomination of Dale Klein, ... fed.congress.record.extensions/msg18788.html
Mailgate: 2001CRD1037 Thursday ...

00.000.2001 (Digest)] [Page D1037-D1038] From the Congressional Record Online via GPO ...

Senate received the following nominations: Dale Klein, of Texas, ...
GovTrack: Senate Record: AUTHORITY FOR COMMITTEES TO MEET (109 ...

The Congressional Record is the official journal of Congress's daily proceedings.

... Dale Klein to be a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Dr. ...

Oct.2004 Congressional Record Index - 107th Congress -BASIN EMERGENCY ...

Apr.2007 News Release 7/2006: Engineering Professor Dale Klein sworn in as ...

Klein is a professor of mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at ...
Lab celebrates 50 years with style - View as HTML
tions were Dale Klein, assistant to the secretary of Defense + Rep. Ellen Tauscher, who could ... mation to the Lab into the Congressional Record.
NRC news at Dale Klein comes to NRC from DOD, where he was assistant to the Secretary of Defense ...

07.Oct.2005 [Ref: Congressional Record, "CONFIRMATIONS", , p. ...
Green Nuclear Butterfly Blog: NuStart

NRC Chairman Dale Klein said he, too, was concerned about the agency's ability to handle the license requests unless it receives more money from Congress. ...
Sating the news habit | Government from ... the voluminous Congressional Record ; and a deluge of congressional comment on ... ENGSTROM;

Executive Branch: DALE KLEIN ; Congress: MICHELLE MRDEZA ...
2001-00.000.2002 107 Hearings: Senate Hearings by Title () Excerpts from the Congressional Record, July 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 + 25, ...

Sandra L. Pack; R.L. Brownlee; Dr. Dale Klein ; Peter B. Teets; and Gen. ...
2001-00.000.2002 107 Hearings: Senate Hearings by Committee () ... Sandra L. Pack; R.L. Brownlee; Dr. Dale Klein ; Peter B. Teets; and Gen. ...

Excerpts from the Congressional Record, July 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, and 25, ...
Letters From Exile Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair Dale Klein "said he supports the ... and an announcement is subsequently published in the Congressional Record . ...
Nov.2001 r107d08no1 Congressional Record Daily Digest Dale Klein, of Texas, to be Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical ...
Oct.2001 r107d18oc1 Congressional Record Daily Digest Dale Klein, of Texas, to be Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical ...
07.Apr.2003 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD DAILY DIGEST ... States Postal Service printed in the Congressional Record D360of April 1 if ... and Response Department of Homeland Security Dale Klein Assistant to the ...

Testimony was heard from the following officials of the Department of Defense: Dale Klein, Assistant to the Secretary (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological .. 06.Jun.2007 SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Prince

... but Las Vegas has opened its arms to a new member of rock royalty: Prince .

... Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who complained about the disturbances being ...
20070317 Mar.1997 Saudi Arab billionaire Prince al-Waleed bin Talal acquired 5% of Apple. ...

Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz employed Carlyle as his ...
Encyclopedia entries starting with PRI HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Abdulaziz Alsaud is the son of Talal bin Abdul ...

Prince Royalty, Prince Edward Island Prince Royalty is the royalty for ...

06.Jun.2007 The Grill: The Road to Tehran It is not beyond hope that shortly the Ayatollahs will fall and the new government will be solidly pro -american. And it will happen without US military ...
Ein Gespräch unter Freunden oder gar mit einem therapeutisch geschulten Gesprächspartner kann dafür sorgen, dass stressauslösende Situationen nicht mehr so sehr aufs Gemüt schlagen.

Mehr noch: Ausreichende soziale Unterstützung schützt vor Herzkrankheiten, Depressionen und stärkt das Immunsystem.
Heiligendamm: Polizei drängt Demonstranten vom Zaun zurück
06.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Pannen im Paralleluniversum
06.Jun.2007 Randalenacht von Rostock: Verwirrung um Verletztenzahlen
06.Jun.2007 Lage spitzt sich zu: Schwere Hubschrauber im Einsatz 

06.Jun.2007 G8- Dampfzug "Molli": Klimasünder nebelt Heiligendamm ein

06.Jun.2007 Gespräch mit Bush: Merkel sieht Fortschritte beim Klimaschutz

06.Jun.2007 Energiemulti Shell: "Die klassische Solartechnik ist eine Sackgasse"
06.Jun.2007 Krawalle am Sicherheitszaun: Landweg blockiert - Marine bringt Journalisten nach Heiligendamm
06.Jun.2007 Blockaden um Heiligendamm: Polizei überfordert - Demonstranten jubeln 
Angespannte Lage: Demonstranten erreichen Sicherheitszaun 
Konjunktur: EZB erhöht Leitzins auf 4,0 Prozent

06.Jun.2007 Kampf um Kompromisse: Merkel will Bush beim Lunch auf Klimaschutz einschwören

06.Jun.2007 Bundesverfassungsgericht: Sternmarsch nach Heiligendamm bleibt verboten
06.Jun.2007 Nierenleiden: Gasprom- Chef schwer erkrankt

Jan.2006 NS-Vergangenheit: Zentralrat der Juden kritisiert Dresdner Bank

31.Jan.2006 Straßengebühr: Tiefensee stoppt Debatte über Pkw-Maut ...
140403antiwarblogg In den Tagen nach der Preisverleihung hatte nach Recherchen des britischen Guardian keine politische Website der Welt mehr Hits als
06.Jun.2007 Arcadi Gaydamak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arcadi Alexandrovich Gaydamak (also spelled Arkadi Gaydamak, Russian: 1 Biography ; 2 Career; 3 Angolagate; 4 Sport clubs and media ownership ...

00.Feb.2007 -At the end of- Arkadi Gaidamak was officially interrogated by ... I wonder new facts in his biography . Get an insight into what is being said ...
20070322 Vladimir Gusinski + Arkadi Gaidamak, has been reported in the Israeli + ... miliardarul evreu de origine rusa Arkadi Gaidamak a cumparat clubul de la Meir ...
The Tharwa Review: Politics & Governance Untitled It all began with Arkadi Gaidamak .

00.Nov.---- -Last- the Russian Jewish ... "A person with a biography as unblemished as his cannot be involved in a ...
Revista Horizonte 22.p65 Versión en HTML
Arkadi Gaidamak quien sólo con permitir un refrigerio a cientos. de personas lejos de las bombas del ... su biografía del líder palestino, los histo- ...
Untitled Document One suspect, billionaire Arkadi Gaidamak, is also wanted in France on charges of fraud and tax evasion, and Israel and France have therefore been ...
ReaderComments18 - - Comments for sonof101 After taking over the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball club earlier this summer, Russian-Israeli billionaire businessman Arkadi Gaidamak snapped 100% stake in ...
Museum of Tolerance album | Cursor Information Agency gaidamak arkadi ... properties/exclusive/tolerance/
The Socialist Unity Blog: Palestine I note with interest reports that Arkadi Gaidamak, whose son Alexandre owns Portsmouth FC, is to form a new right wing political party in Israel, ...
Jewish Russian Telegraph: December 2006 Arkadi Gaydamak might be a billionaire but he is trying to build an image as ...

00.000.2005 -Since- Gaidamak, once a major donor to the federation and a business ...
06.Jun.2007 InfoNews - Revista Presei, Ziare, Reviste, Gazete Stiri Externe: In Israel - Arkadi Gaidamak - politica, afaceri, fotbal ...

Stiri Externe: Miliardarul Arkadi Gaidamak isi face partid,-02-22.Feb.2007 Soccer Politics Archives gaidamak .jpg. Ehud Olmert's reputation lies in tatters. ...

Arkadi Gaydamak is quietly establishing himself as the most powerful man in Israel and a kingpin ...

SUPERPOWER SILENCE IN CABINDA Falcone appears to have formed a partnership with Arkadi Gaidamak, ...

At the same time, Arkadi Gaidamak was also summoned to appear before the Judges, ...
VENÄLÄISSURMAT SUOMESSA 1914–22 arvoisimpia uhreja olivat kontra-amiraali Arkadi Nebolsin ja laivaston ... aliluutnantti), hävittäjä » Gaidamak ». Meriväen luettelosta löytyy vain ltn ...
Embajada de Israel - CIDIPAL :: Embajada de Israel en Argentina Vieron obras de Vertigo y las compañías del Kolben Dance y Arkadi Zaides. ... Esta visita significó, para Gaidamak, más de un millón de dólares.

06.Jun.2007 FOIA Documents on U.S. in Chile Propper and Branch identified "Daniel" as Albert Spaggiari,

... in an article in "El Mercurio," a Spanish language daily newspaper published in Santiago, ...

DINA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Main article : Letelier case. DINA worked with international agents, ...

French OAS member Albert Spaggiari also acted as intermediary for the DINA in Europe ...
The Mafia, The CIA, And The Vatican's Intelligence Apparatus

Or that crucial ball - bearings were shipped to Nazi-associated customers in Latin ... in Philadelphia, when American forces were desperately short of them?
06.Jun.2007 Little Known Facts Regarding World War 2 - ForumGarden

14.Oct.194- THE BIGGEST LOSS to the US 8th Air Force was when 229 B17s + B24s raided the German ball - bearing factory at Schweinfurt for the second time.
06.Jun.2007 Air Force Memorial Foundation Most raids were against Swinefort ball bearing works in Germany William survived the war ...

Not just for my Dad,but for all the WWII. Army Air Force vets. ...
examining Dennis Lee's claims of a government conspiracy to stop ... I came to his

11/99 Philadelphia show with meters and he had the security ... ball bearings, strategic metals, industrial diamonds + of course oil from ...
06.Jun.2007 The Clifford Shack Blog: Hitler's Balls Were Made in the USA Where did Hitler get his ball bearings ? From two manufacturers.

One in Sweden and one in Philadelphia, Pa. Also, Hitler's Luftwaffe (Air Force) couldn't ... s-were-made-in-usa.html
U.S.-Nazi collaboration - 01 - Or that crucial ball bearings . were shipped. to Nazi-associated customers ... in Philadelphia . when American forces. were desperately. short of them?

06.Jun.2007 Twelve O'Clock High (1949) Factual errors: In the HQ briefing introducing the ball bearing mission, Maj. Gen. ... - whitecargo from Philadelphia PA, USA ...
Dirty Little Secrets of WWII; Neutral Nations Helped the Nazis ... one of Germany's largest WWII. trading partners, supplied iron ore + ball bearings .

05.Jan.1997 published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, ...
06.Jun.2007 Global Divide on Israel Lobby Study - World Opinion Roundup Questionable Islamic terrorism doesn't justify what Israeli lobby does to ...

where I met Nabil Al-Tikriti, a professor from the University of Chicago; ...
2005 Program Discussant: Nabil Al-Tikriti, University of Mary Washington ... Anti- Terrorism Measures and the Implications for Political Liberalization ...
2004070709_Report Mursi heads a number of terrorist rings who have been instructed to infiltrate the USA through ...

Nabil al-Tikriti of the University of Chicago reported ...

06.Jun.2007 The impact on libraries and archives in Iraq of war and looting in ... - View as HTML
However, Nabil Al-Tikriti, then a research student at the University of Chicago ...

So far, Suleimanyah city had largely been spared from any terrorist ...
The impact on libraries and archives in Iraq of war and looting in ...
However, Nabil Al-Tikriti, then a research student at the University of Chicago (now ... nyah city had largely been spared from any terrorist ...
00.000.2006 MESA Program - Comprehensive Listing Nabil Al-Tikriti, University of Mary Washington ...

Shaping the "War on Terrorism ": Women's Movements and the State in Morocco ...
01.Apr.2006-01.May 2006 Informed Comment: Nabil Al-Tikriti University of Mary Washington ...

Middle East as are the Arabs and Palestinians via the Israeli's terrorist -like responses to any incident ...
Untitled Document “I met Nabil Al-Tikriti, a professor from the University of Chicago. ... Victory in Tripoli: Lessons for the War on Terrorism, DC - May 4,
00.Jun.2003 The Aardvark Speaks - Archive On

25.May 2003-31.May 2003 Nabil Al-Tikriti from the University of Chicago visited Baghdad and ... Bob Harris: "Our Attorney General wants to make terrorist attacks ...

Wright Medical Center gets mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

The following is an excerpt from the article titled Patients' Hospital Ratings Rise :
Wright Medical Center, a 25-bed hospital in Clarion, Iowa, circulated patient comments about individual nurses and doctors, good and bad, to all staffers.

Afterward, the facility's patient satisfaction scores rose to more than 90% from between 20% and 50%.

"If a doctor got a bad comment on (patient surveys) every single staff member would be reading about it," said CEO Steve Simonin.

"Nobody wanted bad comments out there about themselves, so they changed their behavior. " To read the entire article, click here.
06.Jun.2007 Elites/General Domhoff, G. William . The Higher Circles: The Governing Class in America.

Abraham Feinberg GILPATRIC ROSWELL L · Domhoff,G.W. Who Rules America?

The Frick Collection 1999 - View as HTML
Mrs. Roswell L. Gilpatric . Mrs. Enid A. Haupt. The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation. Nautilus Foundation, Inc. The Ridgefield Foundation. William G. Sabatier in ...
Frick AR 2000 - View as HTML
Mrs. William Fox, Jr. and Lord Benno Bordiger. Mrs. Roswell L. Gilpatric ... Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Stephenson . Leslie Stevens. Merrell Stout ...

00.000.1915 William K. Harvey, the son of a lawyer, was born in Danville, Indiana. ... Roswell Gilpatric (Defence Department), General Lyman Lemnitzer (Joint ...
06.Jun.2007 Ernst Fraenkel - Der Doppelstaat -, Kultur und ...

Hier entwickelt Fraenkel die These, dass das nationalsozialistische Herrschaftssystem in zwei große Bereiche zerfällt: den Normenstaat und den ...
06.Jun.2007 .:Phase 2:. Vielmehr sei der Normenstaat durch den Maßnahmenstaat situativ außer Kraft gesetzt worden + zwar an genau den Punkten, welche die Polizeiapparate gemäß ...
06.Jun.2007 Broad Area Maritime Surveillance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [2]

The Lockheed/General Atomics Mariner (USD $8m) is a fraction of the cost of the Northrop Grumman Global Hawk (USD $35m). It should be noted that the ...
Untitled ... with General Dynamics’ unmanned G550 and Lockheed/General Atomics ’ Predator-B ... offering support to carrier task forces, Marine Expeditionary Units, ...
Dolph Honicker Online

God is always depicted as an Ancient Mariner sort of figure with a long flowing ... head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, determined that the ...
00.Mar.2007 Dolph Honicker Online: Stocks in Halliburton, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon + other ...

head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, determined that the ...
EIK Track 2007 Open frame dome: Marine Corps airlift. 2008 Experiments at Raleigh, N.C. and Quantico, VA. 2010 Lockheed: General Panel. VTOL: Vertical takeoff ...
U.S. Repositories Listing - Library of Congress

00.000.1951 ... command of Joint Task Force Three during the atomic tests on Eniwetok. ...

Gesellschaft fur Weltraumsforschung, Lockheed, General Dynamics, ...
CDR Salamander: February 2007 you should read in whole about Marine Major Owen West, Goldman Sachs, ...

He has been a regular columnist for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. ...
Globalization and Its Implications for the Defense Industrial Base - HTML-Version
firms such as Northrop, Hughes, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Litton Industries + TRW marked a ... atomic energy defense programs + defense-related ...
NucNews - September 1, 2000 The process will be monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

... the likes of longtime Lockheed General Counsel Gaither Wilson Horde packing ...
04.Mar.2001 -NucNews- Mr. Craft leads a panel of the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee, ...

00.01.1995 Lockheed's general counsel, Steven Brumley, pretended to point a ...
Milfuegos: 2006-10-15 That is why killers like Marine 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano + the perpetrators of Haditha are ...

They include Martin Lockheed, General Electric + Loral.

Dec.2006 Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops: The Army and Marine Corps are planning to ask ... Lockheed General Dynamics to build high-tech ships ...
Going Global? U.S. Government Policy and the Defense Aerospace ...
Lockheed/General Dynamics F-16), it had become clear that with the ... General Atomics Predator used by U.S. forces. IAI further claims that ...
opinion that using atomic tactical weapons against military targets in any limited war "would ...

When Lockheed, General Electric + the Air Force ...
The companies: North American, Lockheed, General Dynamics/Convair, Aerojet General, ... time Union; O. A. Knight, Oil,Chemical and Atomic ...
brothers; and it has dominated decision-making at the Atomic Energy ...

Lockheed General Dynamics Tactical Aircraft and Space Systems ( 00.000.1993–00.000.1994 ) Martin ...
White House Central Subject File (#6.1.) - John F. Kennedy ... Except ambassadors and others to the U.S. (CO), Atomic Energy Exchange (AT), endorsement and ... FG 711 Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission (Executive)

00.Nov.2004 Blogatics: Archives Three or four major companies - Lockheed, General Dynamics,

... its civilian atomic energy program and wants the UN watchdog International Atomic Energy ...

Layoffs by firms such as Northrop, Hughes, Lockheed, General ... International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted over 750 inspections at 550 sites), ...
UNISCI Discussion Papers Nr. 9
Layoffs by firms such as Northrop, Hughes, Lockheed, General ... Key experts of the U.S. intelligence community and experts at the International Atomic ...
2005 Archives Point final Les SDAM (Small Demolition Atomic Munition), d'une puissance de 1 kilotonne, .. d’ailleurs largement éprouvés à la grande époque de la marine à voile.

06.Jun.2007 Mooney Green Baker & Saindon Labor Union Page

District No. 1-P.C.D., Marine Engineers Beneficial Association ... Whether it is defense contractors (with the merger of Lockheed, General Dynamics + ...

Italien hat den G-8-Gipfel von Genua einfach beiseite geschoben. Selbst

00.000.2006 Romano Prodis Wahlsiegbrachte keine Wende.

Zwar hatte die Prodi-Koalition die Einsetzung eines parlamentarischen Untersuchungsausschusses zur Polizeigewalt von Genua im Wahlprogramm versprochen.

Aber sie vergaß das Wahlversprechen schnell, auch wenn Heidi Giuliani, die in den Reihen der Kommunisten in den Senat gewählte Mutter des toten Carlo Giuliani, das Thema wachzuhalten sucht.

Die meisten Koalitionsabgeordneten aber haben erkennbar keine Lust, sich an der heiklen Frage die Finger zu verbrennen.
und kein einziger Journalist berichtet.
In Genua dagegen verhandeln gleich drei Kammern. Der erste Prozess richtet sich gegen 29 Polizisten, die am Sturm auf die Schule beteiligt waren, die einen als Kommandeure, die andren als Schlagstock schwingendes Fußvolk. Schwere Körperverletzung wird ihnen vorgeworfen, dazu noch die Fälschung von Beweismitteln. Die Molotow-Cocktails nämlich - das ist auch dank der Aussagen einiger Polizisten mittlerweile zweifelsfrei erwiesen - hatten die Beamten selbst mitgebracht.

Zweimal die Woche tagt das Gericht in einer ebenso großen wie leeren Aula. Denn niemand mehr in Italien interessiert sich für die Vorfälle von Genua, gerade einmal die Lokalpresse berichtet noch. Derweil haben die angeklagten Polizeioffiziere ungestört Karriere gemacht: Fast alle wurden in den letzten Jahren befördert.

Noch heute ist Italiens Justiz mit der Aufarbeitung der Vorfälle von Genua befasst. Doch ausgerechnet das wichtigste Verfahren - das gegen den Todesschützen Mario Placanica, der Carlo Giuliani aus einem von Demonstranten attackierten Jeep heraus erschossen hatte - wurde schon im Jahr 2003 eingestellt. Sie war zur Überzeugung gekommen, dass Placanica aus Notwehr gehandelt habe.

Ein dubioses ballistisches Gutachten war aufgrund einiger verschwommener Fotos zu der Schlussfolgerung gekommen, der Schuss sei in die Luft abgefeuert worden, dann aber ganz unglücklich an einem fliegenden Stein abgeprallt. Die Sache beschäftigt jetzt den Europäischen Menschenrechtsgerichtshof in Straßburg: Er hat eine Klage der Eltern Giulianis zugelassen.

Polizei brachte Molotow-Cocktails selbst mit
Wieder wurde der Schwarze Block zum Vorwand, um die Polizei-Hundertschaften auf unterschiedslos alle Sektoren der Mega-Demonstration loszulassen. Den makaberen Schlusspunkt setzte schließlich der nächtliche Sturm der Polizei auf jene Schule, die den Globalisierungskritikern als Schlafstätte diente. Blut an den Heizkörpern, Blut auf den Treppenabsätzen, Dutzende Schwerverletzte, die auf Bahren aus dem Gebäude gefahren wurden - angeblich hatte die Polizei nur so "den Widerstand brechen" können. Und angeblich hatte sie zwei Molotow-Cocktails sowie zahlreiche Schlagwerkzeuge gefunden.

Die Erinnerung an Genua 2001 ist noch immer präsent: eine Briefbombe in einer Carabinieri-Station, in Tränengas eingenebelte Nonnen, ein toter Demonstrant. Bis heute sind die Vorgänge nicht aufgeklärt.

Ein schmächtiger Körper in einer Blutlache, bekleidet nur mit einem Unterhemd und einer Jeans, das Gesicht durch eine dunkle "Hasskappe" verdeckt: Das Bild des toten Carlo Giuliani, erst durch den Schuss aus der Waffe eines jungen Polizisten niedergestreckt und dann von einem Jeep überrollt, ging am 20. Juli 2001 um die Welt.
Streik: Italienische Tankstellen drehen den Hahn zu

06.Jun.2007 Satellitenkameras gegen Genozid: Darfur wird aus dem All überwacht

06.Jun.2007 Nie mehr Menstruation: Dauer- Pille schafft die Tage ab

06.Jun.2007 Heiligendamm: G- 8-Gegner werfen Steine - Polizei setzt Tränengas ein
06.Jun.2007 G8 in Genua: Gipfel der Gewalt- Exzesse
06.Jun.2007 Steigende Preise: Opec warnt Westen vor Biosprit- Investitionen
06.Jun.2007 G8 in Genua: Gipfel der Gewalt- Exzesse

06.Jun.2007 Ehrensenf: News vom G- 8-Tiefpunkt

06.Jun.2007 Online- Tierschutz: EBay verbietet Elfenbeinhandel
06.Jun.2007 Blinde Passagiere: Pinguine am falschen Ende der Welt
Heiligendamm: G- 8-Gegner werfen Steine - Polizei setzt Tränengas ein (Politik)
06.Jun.2007 Abrüstung: Russland will KSE- Vertrag nicht kündigen

06.Jun.2007 G8: Klimapoker in Heiligendamm
06.Jun.2007 Russland und der Gipfel: Putin, der Autonome
06.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Ticker: Wasserwerfer gegen G- 8-Demonstranten
Deutscher Investor: US- Bundesstaat ändert für Thyssen seine Verfassung

06.Jun.2007 Hybrid- Entwicklung bei Continental: Es geht auch günstig
06.Jun.2007 Irakkrieg: Republikaner auf Distanz zu Bush
06.Jun.2007 Euro- Notenbank: Wirtschaftsforscher hält Zins- Schritt für gefährlich
06.Jun.2007 G- 8-Countdown: Klima- Rettungsversuch in letzter Minute

06.Jun.2007 G8: Familientreffen der Weltmächtigen
06.Jun.2007 Gefälschte Medikamente: "Den Wettlauf können wir kaum noch gewinnen"
06.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Bush gelandet - riesiges Polizeiaufgebot
06.Jun.2007 Klimaschutz: Industrie will Glühbirnen ganz langsam abschaffen
06.Jun.2007 Korruptionsverdacht: Transparency geht gegen 57 deutsche Firmen vor

06.Jun.2007 Umstrittene Medikamenten- Tests: Nigeria verklagt Pfizer auf Milliardensumme
06.Jun.2007 Dumpfer Dino: Tyrannosaurus rex war langsamer Klotz
06.Jun.2007 ede in Prag: Russland weist Bushs Demokratie- Kritik zurück
05.Jun.2007 Der Gipfel beginnt: Straße frei für die G- 8-Chefs 
Zeitungsbericht: Kosten für Galileo explodiert

05.Jun.2007 Bush- Landung: Polizei nimmt fast 60 Gipfelgegner fest

05.Jun.2007 G- 8-Auftakt: Bush gelandet - Blitztransport in demofreie Zone
05.Jun.2007 Liberation News Service: August 2004 Archives Corporatist lock on the White House and the US Senate + the media monopoly it enables, ...

Another partner, Tex Lezar, ran on the Republican ...
20060913 Perry, Kady Bailey Hutchinson, John O'Neill, Merrie Spaeth, Tex Lezar, ... “we’re going to send two more divisions into the city [Baghdad] and lock it ...
05.Jun.2007 Rick Ifland - $6000 in Political Contributions for 2002

Rick Ifland - $6000 in Political Contributions for 2002, Campaign Finance, Money, ... presidential campaign contributions, george w bush, bill clinton, ...
05.Jun.2007 - As the Bush administration tries to build democracies overseas and support a ...

Rick Ifland, the group's director, said the messages were locally produced ...
05.Jun.2007 U.S. on the attack in information war - Americas - International ...

Hoping to counter anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world, the Bush ... Rick Ifland, the group's director, said the messages were locally produced, ...
NEWSMEAT - MARIAN IFLAND's federal campaign contribution search ... IFLAND, MARIAN ATLANTA, GA 30309, MCKINNEY, CYNTHIA A (D) House (GA 04) ...

Bush Official Linked to Call-Girl Probe Anne Gearan, AP -
05.Jun.2007 Denko Mechanical -

9/11 Encyclopedia Denko Mechanical port authority new york sprinkler system sergei davidenko ...

issued for a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) ...

9/11 - Who Signed Sakher Hammad's WTC Basement Level Pass?

Denko Mechanical Ltd's address and phone is the residential Manhattan ...

issued for a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) ...

Who Signed Sakher Hammad's WTC Basement Level Pass? (PDF) a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) which, on reverse ...

Denko Mechanical Ltd's address and phone is the residential ...

Murdered DMV Lady - Who Signed Sakher Hammad's WTC Basement Level Pass ...

Denko Mechanical Ltd's address and phone is the residential Manhattan ... issued for a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) ... 20070101 ... with a letter from Denko Mechanical, Ltd, signed by a Mr. Sergei Denko, ... Denko Mechanical Ltd's address + phone is the residential Manhattan apartment ...

Team8Plus- a specialized 9/11 research team: Forums/Public forums ...

Denko Mechanical Ltd's address and phone is the residential Manhattan ... issued for a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) ...
Media Coverage of Light Pollution 1st. Qtr. 2004 -

The article in question was inspired by the launch of an investigation by ... to know what your concerns are so we can try and fix 'em," Masilotti said.
05.Jun.2007 US Labor Against the War : US Missteps Leave Iraqis in the Dark The US eventually paid Fluor- AMEC, a US-British joint venture, $93 million to complete the work + ...

Halliburton Fraud Lawsuit Details Super Bowl Party ...
05.Jun.2007 The Enemy Within ~ The DMN News Network

"AMEC Construction Management, a subsidiary of the British engineering firm AMEC ...

Involved as one of the plaintiffs in a trillion dollar 9/11 lawsuit, ...
Wiefelspütz' Sorge richtet sich gegen die Äußerungen seines eigenen Parteikollegen. Der Vorsitzende des SPD-Innenausschusses im Bundestag, Sebastian Edathy, hatte eine neue Dimension in die Debatte in den Umgang mit gewalttätigen Demonstranten gebracht. "Angesichts der exzessiven Gewalt in Rostock muss man darüber nachdenken, ob die Polizei angemessen ausgestattet ist und ob nicht der Einsatz von Gummigeschossen in bestimmten Situationen sinnvoll wäre", sagte Edathy SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Der in der Öffentlichkeit wenig bekannte Stabschef von Vizepräsident Cheney war als Figur im Hintergrund an praktisch allen folgenreichen Entscheidungen des Weißen Hauses der vergangenen Jahre beteiligt - auch an den Weichenstellungen für den Irak-Krieg. Sein Sturz und der Prozess waren eine späte Folge der Kontroverse um den Irak-Krieg. Denn in der Plame-Affäre ging es im Kern um die manipulativen Methoden, derer sich die Regierung von Präsident George W. Bush bediente, um den Feldzug zu rechtfertigen und dessen Kritiker zu diskreditieren.

Die Enttarnung Plames hatte eine der heftigsten Affären in Bushs zweiter Amtszeit ausgelöst. Bis zuletzt standen dessen engste Mitarbeiter in dem Verdacht, die Identität der Agentin gezielt preisgegeben zu haben - um ihren Mann, den ehemaligen US-Botschafter Joseph Wilson, für seine Kritik am Irak-Krieg zu bestrafen.
Schon in den Achtziger Jahren hatte sich Dadullah aufgrund seiner Brutalität einen Namen gemacht. Im Widerstand gegen die Besatzung Afghanistans durch die Sowjetunion verlor Dadullah ein Bein.
"Als Waffen sind nur Schlagstöcke, Pistolen, Revolver, Gewehre und Maschinenpistolen zugelassen."

Ringförmige Druckwellen und ein tödliches Narkosegas

International arbeiten eine ganze Reihe von industriellen und universitären Forschergruppen an weiteren Methoden. Im Gespräch sind etwa pharmakologische Waffen, die Getroffene bewegungsunfähig machen - oder sie sehr plötzlich ganz friedfertig stimmen sollen. Eine angeblich nicht-tödliche chemische Waffe setzten die russischen Sicherheitsbehörden im Jahr 2002 bei einer Geiselnahme in einem Moskauer Musical-Theater ein: Das Narkosegas Fentanyl sollte die unter 800 Theaterbesuchern versteckten 40 Terroristen ausschalten. Die Dosierung war jedoch zu hoch: 129 Geiseln starben.

Wegen mindestens 200 dokumentierten Todesfällen hält Amnesty International den aktuell im Einsatz befindlichen Taser für gefährlich. "Polizisten nutzen die Waffe bei Routineeinsätzen, statt nur im äußersten Notfall", kritisierte William F. Schulz, Chef von Amnesty International USA. In Europa werden die Waffen in der Schweiz, Großbritannien, Schweden und Finnland bereits eingesetzt. In Deutschland wird das System von mehreren Landespolizeibehörden erprobt - in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ist der Einsatz aber durch das dortige Polizeigesetz nicht erlaubt.

Höllenlärm, gebündelt wie der Strahl einer Taschenlampe

Schweizer Ärzte fordern Verbot von Gummigeschossen

Und ausgerechnet die friedliche Schweiz nutzt Gummigeschosse schon sehr lange - weshalb die Gefahren hier gut dokumentiert sind. Schon in den achtziger Jahren, heißt es in einer Stellungnahme der "Vereinigung unabhängiger ÄrztInnen" (VUA) von 2003, "verloren mindestens fünf Menschen durch Gummigeschosse ein Auge". In der Schweiz kommt vor allem Gummischrot zum Einsatz, also Salven kleinerer Geschosse. Bei 20 Meter Schussdistanz müsse man eine Streuung von zwei Metern einrechnen, meint der VUA - und damit nütze es nichts, nur auf die Beine zu zielen. Es seien überdies Todesfälle dokumentiert, heißt es in dem Report - dies komme vor, wenn Hartgummigeschosse den Halsbereich träfen. Der VUA fordert deswegen das Verbot dieser "gefährlichen Waffe". Bei diesjährigen Krawallen zum 1. Mai in Zürich setzte die Polizei diese Geschosse allerdings zuletzt ein.

Standardmäßig werden Gummigeschosse auch von der israelischen Armee eingesetzt, vor allem gegen Palästinenser in den besetzten Gebieten. Hier kommt zumeist Munition zum Einsatz, deren Kern aus Metall besteht, der mit Gummi ummantelt ist. Palästinensische Ärzte behaupten, dass Hunderte Palästinenser durch diese Geschosse zu Behinderten wurden. Ein Problem sei, dass die Projektile sich oftmals wegen ihrer Größe nur schwer entfernen ließen.

Doch Gummigeschosse sind beileibe nicht die einzige Methode, mit der Sicherheitskräfte auf Unruhen, eskalierende Demonstrationen und andere Bedrohungen reagieren und künftig reagieren wollen.

erheben sich nun auch in Deutschland Stimmen, die den Einsatz von Gummigeschossen verlangen. Der Vorsitzende des Bundestagsinnenausschusses, Sebastian Edathy (SPD) + der Vize-Chef der Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft, Rainer Wendt, äußerten sich entsprechend.

Die Gewerkschaft der Polizei (GdP) dagegen lehnte den Einsatz der Munition ab. "Distanzwaffen mit Gummigeschossen sind kein geeignetes Einsatzmittel", die Gefahr für Unbeteiligte sei zu groß, sagte ihr Vorsitzender Konrad Freiberg. Auch die G-8-Polizeieinheit Kavala reagierte verärgert: "Das ist alles Quatsch. Das ist eine absolute Dummheit, so eine Diskussion", sagte ihr Sprecher Axel Falkenberg. "Das sind Wichtigtuer, die jetzt irgendwann ihre Meinung sagen müssen dazu." Das Innenministerium von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern wies darauf hin, gegen Steinewerfer könne man effektiver Wasserwerfer einsetzen. Auch Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) und Dieter Wiefelspütz (SPD) distanzierten sich von dem Vorschlag - der Protest dagegen geht quer durch die politischen Lager.
05.Jun.2007 Afghanistan: Lebenszeichen von Bin Laden
05.Jun.2007 Geheimdienste: 30 Monate Haft für Cheneys Ex- Stabschef
05.Jun.2007 G- 8-Gewalt: Protest gegen Gummigeschoss- Offensive
05.Jun.2007 Rede in Prag: Bush wirft Russland und China Mangel an Demokratie vor
05.Jun.2007 Demo- Waffen: Höllenlärm, Hitzestrahlen, Pflastersteine

Wohlstand und Stabilität der Welt sind in Gefahr. Sie sind in Gefahr, weil 60 Prozent der Menschheit von nur sechs Prozent der Einnahmen leben.

Streit um Elfenbeinhandel

Am Sonntag war in Den Haag die 14. Welt-Artenschutzkonferenz eröffnet worden. Bis Mitte Juni wollen die Teilnehmer erörtern, auf welche Weise bedrohte Tier- und Pflanzenarten langfristig geschützt werden können. Elefanten, große Katzen, Seefische und Tropenhölzer stehen im Mittelpunkt des Interesses. Beteiligt sind Delegationen aus 171 Mitgliedsländern des Washingtoner Artenschutzabkommens sowie Naturschutzorganisationen.
Neue Arten: Leuchtfrosch und Großmaulfisch in Südamerika entdeckt
05.Jun.2007 Neuwagenkauf: Mehr Deutsche wollen Autos mit alternativem Antrieb
05.Jun.2007 Schadenersatz- Urteil: Eltern eines ertrunkenen Soldaten gehen leer aus

05.Jun.2007 Nobelpreisträger Yunus: "Wir können Armut in die Museen verbannen"
05.Jun.2007 Clownsarmee bei G- 8-Protesten: Mit Wasserpistolen gegen die Polizei 

05.Jun.2007 Rostocker Krawalle: Randalierer zu zehn Monaten Haft verurteilt
05.Jun.2007 Festnahmen in Rostock: Nackter Protest gegen Vermummungsverbot 
G- 8-Proteste: Alternativgipfel im Schatten der Krawalle
05.Jun.2007 Gegengipfel: "Die Welt im Würgegriff der Konzerne"  (Politik
05.Jun.2007 Illegaler Kahlschlag: Kambodschas Führung des Holzklaus beschuldigt

05.Jun.2007 Streit über Raketenabwehr: Bush ruft Putin zur Zusammenarbeit auf
05.Jun.2007 Eilanträge abgelehnt: Mahnwache und Demo nur unter Auflagen erlaubt
05.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Proteste: G- 8-Kritiker wollen bei Randale Blockaden selbst auflösen
Markenrechte: Wie Starbucks äthiopische Kaffeebauern abkocht

05.Jun.2007 Boom bei Umwelt- Anlagen: Frankfurter Börse startet ÖkoDax
05.Jun.2007 CO2 'rising three times faster than expected' : Global emissions of carbon dioxide are increasing three times faster than scientists previously thought, with the bulk of the rise coming from developing countries, an authoritative study has found.

05.Jun.2007 Papers Portray Plot as More Talk Than Action : The criminal complaint filed by the federal authorities against the four defendants in the case suggests a less than mature terror plan, a proposed effort longer on evil intent than on operational capability.
05.Jun.2007 Amnesty: Watchdog Needed for Israel : Amnesty International marked 40 years since the outbreak of the 1967 Middle East war with a call for Israel to dismantle West Bank settlements and roadblocks, for the Palestinians to end attacks on Israeli civilians and for the international community to monitor both sides.

05.Jun.2007 'USS Liberty' veterans demand investigation: Conclusions submitted in October 2003 to the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense by the USS Liberty Veterans Association, Inc., in demanding a congressional investigation into the aborted rescue during the attack of the USS Liberty and subsequent alleged cover-up.
05.Jun.2007 Larijani calls US missile plan 'joke of the year' : Ali larijani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran said that "the Iranian missile range cannot even reach Europe + the Americans probably know that."

05.Jun.2007 Putin threatens to target missiles at Europe: Speaking to reporters ahead of this week's G-8 meetings, Mr Putin said Russia would have to respond to the threat of US missiles in Europe.
05.Jun.2007 Turkish forces shell northern Iraq - Iraqi leader: Iraq said Turkish forces shelled a mountain stronghold of Turkish Kurd rebels in the north of the country on Sunday, a day after it urged Turkey to use diplomacy to resolve rising tensions in the region.
05.Jun.2007 Report: Military to urge that Britain should get out of Iraq in 12 months : British military leaders will urge Britain's next prime minister to approve a 12-month timetable for withdrawing forces from Iraq, according to a report in The Sunday Telegraph.
05.Jun.2007 Chávez is no enemy of free speech: Hugo Chávez let Radio Caracas Televisión continue to air for five years after the station supported a coup attempt.

05.Jun.2007 06/03/07 Sanchez: US Can Forget About Winning In Iraq-By Sig Christenson -Top retired US general says absolutely convinced America has crisis in leadership at this time. Continue

05.Jun.2007 Can The Lebanese Army Fight America's War Against Terror? -By Robert Fisk:
On the surface, it all makes sense. A group of radical Islamists fighting the Lebanese army shoot on amid the ruins of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp. Nahr el-Bared means "the cold river", but there is no river. They are shelled by the Lebanese army. In fact, Lebanese Gazelle helicopters machine-gunned them yesterday. Another chapter in the war on terror.

05.Jun.2007 Over Hill, Over Dale: The Militarization of Culture -By Charles Sullivan
The glorification of war is nearly ubiquitous in the culture. You see it in the vehicles we drive, aggressive behavior, excessive national pride, flag waving, military style clothing, movies, video games; and now—television commercials. The American consumer is essentially becoming a piece of computer hardware programmed to download propaganda and to execute its commands without thinking.

05.Jun.2007 Losing the Economy to Mythology -By Paul Craig Roberts
Economists are governed by the illusion that America’s post World War II prosperity is based on free trade. It is not. America’s post-war prosperity was based on the destruction of the economic capability of the rest of the world by World War II and communism/socialism.

05.Jun.2007 The Impending Global Liquidity Crisis -By Mike Whitney - Economic growth is underwater and yet the stock market is still flying-high? What gives? Continue

05.Jun.2007 Sicko? The Truth About The US Healthcare System -By Andrew Gumbel
Michael Moore's new film is a damning indictment of the way the world's richest country looks after those who fall ill.

05.Jun.2007 Rethinking Israel's David-and-Goliath past: Little-noticed details in declassified U.S. documents indicate that Israel's Six-Day War may not have been a war of necessity

05.Jun.2007 Operation 'Targeted Killings': U.S. shows signs of emulating controversial Israeli anti-terrorism policy

05.Jun.2007 An Illusion Of Justice: Today, the military tribunals at Guantánamo Bay reconvene for the arraignments of Omar Khadr, a 20-year-old Canadian citizen who has been in U.S. custody since he was 15 + Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni national who is accused of having served as Osama Bin Laden’s chauffeur and bodyguard.

05.Jun.2007 U.S. case against Khadr collapses: All charges against Canadian Omar Khadr were dismissed Monday by a U.S. military judge, who ruled that his tribunal had no jurisdiction to try the alleged terrorist because the government had failed to designate him an "unlawful enemy combatant.''

05.Jun.2007 Andrew Sullivan: "Verschärfte Vernehmung": The phrase "Verschärfte Vernehmung" is German for "enhanced interrogation". Other translations include "intensified interrogation" or "sharpened interrogation".

It's a phrase that appears

00.000.1937to have been concocted, to describe a form of torture that would leave no marks + hence save the embarrassment pre-war Nazi officials were experiencing as their wounded torture victims ended up in court.

05.Jun.2007 Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' so people appreciate Bush: In his first interview as the chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, Dennis Milligan told a reporter that America needs to be attacked by terrorists so that people will appreciate the work that President Bush has done to protect the country
05.Jun.2007 Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran: Gates: Taliban Fighters Use Iran Weapons : "There have been indications over the past few months of weapons coming in from Iran," Gates told reporters with Karzai at his side. "We do not have any information about whether the government of Iran is supporting this, is behind it, or whether it's smuggling."

05.Jun.2007 No evidence Iran moving weapons to Taliban-Gates : U S Defence Secretary Robert Gates said today the United States has no evidence Iran's government is behind a flow of weapons from Iran to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

05.Jun.2007 Afghanistan's Karzai Downplays Iranian-Taliban Link: Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai said that relations between his country and Iran have never been better and downplayed suggestions that the government in Tehran is aiding the Islamist Taliban movement.

05.Jun.2007 Iran Vows Large-Scale Retaliation if U.S. Attacks : If U.S. forces strike Iranian nuclear facilities, Iranian officials say Tehran will respond by triggering all-out regional war.

05.Jun.2007 propaganda_operation_against_0604.html">CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria and Lebanon, officials say:

The Central Intelligence Agency has received approval at least twice in the last several years to conduct an “information war” against several countries in the Middle East, including Iran, Lebanon and Syria, according to current and former intelligence officials.

05.Jun.2007 Key U.S. base in Central Asia threatened: When Defense Secretary Robert Gates visits next week, he’ll find pressure from Russia and China, as well as some Kyrgyz officials, to close this Central Asian outpost of American military might.

05.Jun.2007 Gorbachev criticises US 'empire' : In a BBC interview, Mr Gorbachev said that the Russians were ready to be constructive, but America was trying to squeeze them out of global diplomacy.

05.Jun.2007 Defense Officials Tried to Reverse China Policy, Says Powell Aide: The same top Bush administration neoconservatives who leap-frogged Washington’s foreign policy establishment to topple Saddam Hussein nearly pulled off a similar coup in U.S.-China relations—creating the potential of a nuclear war over Taiwan, a top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell says.

05.Jun.2007 Press misinformation on China’s military power : US fears over China long-range missiles”, ran The Financial Times’ front page headline last week and an eight column spread rammed the message home, that Washington is becoming worried that China is deploying mobile land and sea-base missiles that have the range to hit the US.

05.Jun.2007 Chinese military build-up purely defensive’ : China’s military build-up is purely defensive, the deputy chief of the world’s biggest standing army said on Saturday, amid US concerns over Beijing’s intentions.
All They Have is Each Other..-By Sheila Samples
To Bush, body bags and deaths are simply an inconvenience and, with the help of the corporate media, he is very adept at hiding them from prying eyes.

05.Jun.2007 “So Who Are we Honoring Here?-By David Michael Green
Maybe this was once the land of the free and the home of brave, perhaps way back in the olden times of the twentieth century. But right now the free are at home with their wide-screen TVs and the brave are retiring from the field, exhausted and disgusted.

05.Jun.2007 Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done? -Video: Gore Vidal
Filmed before a live audience, renowned author Gore Vidal rejects the blind “patriotism” expected by government officials and the mainstream media, and investigates U.S. foreign policy throughout recent history, showing how it has contributed to the terrorist crisis. With his famous wit and insight, Vidal also demonstrates the ways in which the “War on Terrorism” is being used to curtail civil liberties and shred the Bill of Rights.

05.Jun.2007 The Great Exception -By William T. Vollmann
For hundreds of years, the rules didn't seem to apply to America the Perfect.

05.Jun.2007 The Mirage of the Two-State Solution -By George Bisharat
A comforting illusion has been fostered that if Palestinians and Israelis could only be coaxed back into negotiations, the elusive two-state solution would somehow materialize. The interests of leaders on all sides are served by this fiction, although for different reasons.

05.Jun.2007 Got to Love This One: "If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts."
"Mr. Gore takes a blowtorch to the Bush administration in his book. He argues that the free and open democratic processes that have made the United States such a special place have been undermined by the administration?s cynicism and excessive secrecy + by its shameless and relentless exploitation of the public?s fear of terror."

05.Jun.2007 Great Thoughtful and Insightful Book on the Role of Neo-Liberalism in Enabling the War in Iraq and the Suppression of Third World Economies: "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing"
Bush's travesty of justice fails even at Guantanamo, under military judges: " Military judges threw out war-crimes cases Monday against the only detainees here who have been indicted, in rulings that suggest the hastily reassembled military tribunals have no jurisdiction over any of Guantanamo's 380 prisoners." 6/5

05.Jun.2007 Busheviks Take Away GIs First Amendment Rights for Protesting Iraq War by Revoking His Honorable Discharge 6/5
Got to Love This One: "If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts." 6/5

05.Jun.2007 Cheated of Future, Iraqi Graduates Want to Flee 6/5
Bush derails attempts to end illegal wiretapping 6/5

05.Jun.2007 On the other hand: Ben-Menashe was, I believe, the first to expose Robert Maxwell as an Israeli intelligence asset, a claim later proven true. (I recommend Gordon Thomas' book on the Maxwell affair.) So perhaps the Achille Lauro tale deserves greater scrutiny... Permalink
05.Jun.2007 just when the 63 year-old Russell DeFreitas retired from his job.

It would be terribly embarrassing if the administration allowed a man with connections to Jamaat Al Muslimeen to work as a baggage handler after 11.Sep.2001 . Permalink
05.Jun.2007 I think we need to know a lot more about Russell DeFreitas, associate of the dangerous Jamaat al Muslimeen -- and former employee of the CIA.
How can we get the media to ask the right questions?
05.Jun.2007 The official Complaint, dated June 1, is listed as "under seal." I was under the impresion that "under seal" means secret. So why are we reading it on the internet? Permalink
05.Jun.2007 Larisa Alexandrovna's latest on CIA propaganda_operation_against_0604.html">propaganda operations against Iran, Syria and Lebanon:
One former intelligence case officer did explain that the CIA's program is operating largely outside of the Middle East and is aimed at identifying potential allies, as well as using already existing well known groups through whom information can be delivered. The type of “information” and the “groups” and “organizations” involved were not identified. We'll be on the lookout for that. As most of you know, Bushco has been making use of the anti-Iranian terror group MEK:
Sources say that MEK has been used for intelligence collection, an activity which has traditionally fallen under the CIA.

The administration also appears to be looking the other way as groups such as MEK commit acts of violence.
Intelligence sources interviewed for this article all expressed concern over the lack of attention to the Pentagon’s covert activities. Some believe illegal activities like those of the Iran-Contra days are now being hidden under the loophole of “traditional military activities” to avoid Congressional oversight.
05.Jun.2007 Evergreen Eagle does not list American Airlines as one of its "clients."
And that's why I would be very interested to know if Russell DeFreitas, or anyone associated with him, worked for any other firm at JFK airport after May, 2001.

05.Jun.2007 Thinking about Crime Limited - Stop Press

Bank continues to launder in India by masquerading as a software firm - 22 April 2007 ... owned by Dutch national John Deuss, a director of First Curacao. ...
05.Jun.2007 Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen ... John Deuss of Holland and Iran Contra and oil to apartheid South Africa fame was just arrested ... https://www. india ...
20070206 Kevin Kattke Kattke was a textbook Soldier of Fortune ripped from the pages of ... His associates include Kevin Kattke, who 00.000.1983 helped Oliver North ...
Daily Kos: Plame Leak/Fake News, Summary/Process: Part V HERBERT GEORGE ( KEVIN KATTKE ASSOCIATE) (34, 36) HIGGINS MICHAEL R (65) HINSHAW WILLIAM L (140) HIRSCH ALLEN (ATLANTA LAWYER) (120) HOGAN JOHN M (x, 218, ...

05.Jun.2007 Daren J Flitcroft DAREN J. Philippines 1963-1964 Vietnam 1968-1970. Assn. Former Intelligence Officers. ... FLITCROFT DAREN J. pages searched: 13 ... 20070101 License Suspect Had WTC Repair Pass, But Port Authority Did its Own Work ... daren flitcroft, roic region iii, said "half the time we don't have ...

20041210 Daren J Flitcroft -... 1989 (97). FRENCH GEORGE W: Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (193) ... . Jack D Atkinson ...
05.Jun.2007 Harvard-Schnappschuss: Antisemitismus-Verdacht im Elfenbeinturm ... David Gergen hat schon so manche Krise erlebt. Als PR-Berater von vier US-Präsidenten musste der Harvard-Professor die Vergesslichkeiten eines Ronald Reagan ...,1518,408708,00.html Motivation. Was Manager und Mitarbeiter antreibt ... Namhafte Experten, darunter David H. Burnham, David Gergen, Hans-Georg Häusel und David C. McClelland, haben für den Harvard Businessmanager Beiträge zum ... 10 - 15 EUR - Führungspsychologie: Bücher Was Manager und Mitarbeiter antreibt von William P. Ferris, Roger L. Martin + David Gergen von Redline Wirtschaftsverlag (Broschiert - Juni 2006) ...
20050919 COUNSELOR TO THE PRESIDENT DAVID GERGEN Member of the Bohemian Grove Council ...

It is the framework in which David Gergen has made this decision.
Personal Manager - Zeitschrift für Human Resources - news ...

Ein Interview mit David Gergen gibt Einblicke in die Bedeutung von Rhetorik in der amerikanischen Politik. Das Kapitel schließt mit einer Einführung in die ... - Motivation

Namhafte Experten, darunter David H. Burnham, David Gergen, Hans-Georg Häusel und David C. ... William P. Ferris, Roger L. Martin, David Gergen u. a.
Watergate: Geheimnis um "Deep Throat" ist gelüftet |

00.000.1972 -Seit- sei es das Ratespiel in Washington gewesen, erinnert sich David Gergen, damals Berater von Präsident Richard Nixon. Schließlich sei es "um eine ...,1185,OID4391528_REF1,00.html
1 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Geschwister-Scholl ...
Dies wir heute von David Gergen kritisiert. Er meint es wäre ... Berichten von David Gergen hervorgeht, stellte der ursprünglich präsentierte ...

05.Jun.2007 Melbourne terror attack during the Commonwealth Games ...

Then today the FBI release this warning

... from whom emerged the nefarious Illuminati + onward to current standard-bearers like Yale’s Skull and Bones ...
GEGENVERANSTALTUNG Gipfel der Armen in Mali

Kurz vor dem G-8-Gipfel hat im afrikanischen Mali der "Armen-Gipfel". Rund tausend Teilnehmer aus Afrika und Europa beraten dort über Schulden, Ernährung und Einwanderung.

Bamako - Fünf Tage lang beraten tausend Delegierte über mögliche Verbesserungen für die afrikanischen Staaten.

"Man muss nein sagen zu neoliberaler Politik, muss den G-8 sagen, dass die Vorteile der Globalisierung allen Ländern der Welt dienen müssen", erklärte die Präsidentin der Afrikanischen Koalition Schulden und Entwicklung, Barry Aminata Touré, zum Auftakt des Treffens.

Kurz zuvor hatte die Weltbank die Entwicklungshilfepolitik der westlichen Industrienationen für Afrika kritisiert.

Die reichen Länder hätten weder ihre Entwicklungshilfe im versprochenen Umfang aufgestockt, noch öffneten sie ihre Märkte für Waren aus Afrika.

Die Hilfe für viele afrikanische Staaten sei entgegen der Vereinbarungen beim G-8-Gipfel 2005 im schottischen Gleneagles sogar leicht gesunken, bemängelte die Organisation. ler/AFP 05.Jun.2007,1518,druck-486620,00.html

Um die Herkunft der Hühner zu bestimmen, verglichen die Forscher die DNA von Hühnerfossilien aus Chile und Polynesien mit der heutiger Tiere aus der Region.

Das Erbgutanalyse beweise eindeutig, dass die chilenischen Hühner aus Polynesien abstammten, schreiben die Wissenschaftler.

Das Haushuhn kam um 1500 mit den Spaniern und Portugiesen nach Amerika - diese gängige Annahme stellte jetzt ein internationales Forscherteam in Frage.

Untersuchungen von DNA-Hühnerfossilien aus Chile haben nämlich gezeigt, dass das Huhn mindestens hundert Jahre vor den europäischen Einwanderern nach Südamerika gebracht wurde - und zwar von Polynesiern.
Scheinheiliger Ökoritter: Bush kürzt Mittel für Klimaforschung (Wissenschaft)
05.Jun.2007 Offizielle Reinwaschung: Deutschland ist für EU kein Defizitsünder mehr
Raketenschild: Bush auf Werbetour in Tschechien

05.Jun.2007 Gipfel- Ticker: Bei Krawall Abbruch der Blockaden

05.Jun.2007 G- 8-Klimastreit: Kanada für deutliche CO2- Reduktion

05.Jun.2007 8,2- Milliarden- Dollar- Deal: US- Telekom- Ausrüster Avaya verkauft

05.Jun.2007 Army- Blogger: US- Militär zensiert Irak- Blog
05.Jun.2007 Japan: Vorstoß für das Klima
Chaotischer Börsentag: Shanghais Bungee- Börse schockiert die Anleger

05.Jun.2007 Gegenveranstaltung: Gipfel der Armen in Mali
05.Jun.2007 Genanalyse: Polynesier brachten Haushuhn nach Amerika

05.Jun.2007 G- 8-Proteste: Unionspolitiker fordern GSG- 9-Einsatz gegen Randalierer

05.Jun.2007 Crash auf Raten: Shanghaier Börse sackt ab - 14 Prozent in zwei Tagen
05.Jun.2007 Spanien: Eta beendet Waffenruhe
05.Jun.2007 Anti- Terrorkampf: Rückschlag für Bush in Guantanamo
05.Jun.2007 Putins Oligarchen: Wie Russlands Milliardäre Europas Konzerne ins Visier nehmen