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17.Mar.2007 Politics: SCOTUS-gate - BG - low concept SCOTUS-gate What if Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers had been confirmed to the Supreme Court?
17.Mar.2007 Muddled, Deceptive, Sad - BG - This commentary from Haaretz is almost devoid of fair treatment. The self-serving nature of the tone should ring hollow for any engaged observer.
17.Mar.2007 Suspicious? - BG -
Update from Google News Tear gas against Pakistan lawyers BBC News - 30 minutes ago Pakistani police have used tear gas near the Supreme Court in Islamabad to disperse protesters angered at the suspension of the court's top judge. ANALYSIS-Pakistan's Musharraf courts trouble over Ides of March Reuters AlertNet Govt in talks with CJ as way out of crisis Pakistan Dawn

17.Mar.2007 propaganda.html">Politics: Confession as Propaganda - BG - war stories Confession as Propaganda Khalid Sheikh Mohammed displays his PR skills. By Daniel Byman Posted Thursday 15.Mar.2007 .
RIAA Has to Disclose Attorneys Fees In Foster Case - Zonk 95+ - NewYorkCountryLawyer writes

"The RIAA has been ordered to

26.Mar.2007 -by-turn over its attorneys' billing records in Capito l v. Foster in Oklahoma.

The 4- page decision + order, issued in connection with the determination of the reasonableness of Ms. Foster's attorneys fees, requires the RIAA to produce the attorneys' time sheets, billing statements, billing records + costs and expense records.

The Court reviewed authorities holding that an opponent's attorneys fees are a relevant factor in determining the reasonableness of attorneys fees, quoting a United States Supreme Court case which held that 'a party cannot litigate tenaciously + then be heard to complain about the time necessarily spent by his opponent in response' (footnote 11 to City of Riverside v. Rivera)."
Rheinmetall kaufen Rating-Update: Frankfurt ( AG) -

Die Analysten der DZ BANK raten die Aktie von Rheinmetall (ISIN DE0007030009/WKN 703000) zu kaufen. (ac/a/u)
Suntech Power Holdings "outperform"
Rating-Update: St. Petersburg ( AG) -

Die Analysten von Raymond James stufen die Aktie von Suntech Power Holdings (ISIN US86800C1045/WKN A0HL4L) in einer Ersteinschätzung mit "outperform" ein. Das Kursziel werde bei 48 USD gesehen. (ac/a/u)
Procter & Gamble "sector outperform"
Rating-Update: Toronto ( AG) -

Die Analysten von CIBC World Markets stufen die Aktie von Procter & Gamble (ISIN US7427181091/WKN 852062) von "sector perform" auf "sector outperform" hoch. Das Kursziel werde bei 76 USD gesehen. (ac/a/u)
KSM "Confessed" To Attacking Bank Founded After His Arrest - Paul Joseph Watson -Founded After His Arrest Fallacy of testimony exposed as story blows up in Pentagon's face
Second Republican calls for Gonzales resignation. - Nico -

USA Today: “For the Justice Department to be effective before the U.S. Senate, it would be helpful” if Gonzales resigned, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) said.

“Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota said he is ‘deeply concerned about how this whole process has been handled.’”

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said he was ‘withholding judgment’ on Gonzales’ tenure, but characterized the attorney general’s explanations for the firings as ‘unacceptable’ + ‘mystifying.’”
Officials: Mohammed ‘confessions’ exaggerated. - Nico -

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s claims that he was responsible for dozens of successful, foiled + imagined attacks in the past 15 years relies on a loose definition of the word ‘responsible.’

Officials say the 9/11 mastermind was key to some plots but a bit player in others.”

UPDATE: Earlier today, ThinkProgress noted that the Pentagon had redacted Mohammed’s statements on torture in his confession statement. Human Rights Watch has called on the deleted transcript to be made public.
17.Mar.2007 Schumer: White House Holding ‘Active And Avid Discussion’ Over Gonzales Resignation - Nico -

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) held a press conference moments ago to react to new emails showing that Karl Rove + Alberto Gonzales had a deeper role in the U.S. Attorney scandal than they originally acknowledged.

Schumer told reporters,

“I know, from other sources, that there is an active + avid discussion in the White House whether [Gonzales] should stay or not,”

adding that

“the odds are very high that he will no longer be the attorney general.”

Schumer also revealed that the emails leaked today came from a disgruntled Bush administration official.

“One of the reasons everything is getting out here is that there are people, particularly in the Justice Department, who have been so disgusted with what’s happening that information is getting out,”

Schumer said. “And I think the White House + the Justice Department know it’s gonna get out whether they release it or not.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
17.Mar.2007 Study shows fruit juice benefits New research shows that fruit juices can combat ageing and help reduce the risk of diseases.
17.Mar.1987-17.Mar.2007 -DURING- 20 years-in the UK- has risen dramatically-The number of very young children with Type 1 diabetes-
Diabetes soars in the under fives, a study suggests.
17.Mar.2007 Home access to NHS records plan Patients are to be able to look at their medical records on their home computer, it is announced.
17.Mar.2007 Castro 'to be fit to hold power' Officials say Fidel Castro will be well enough to stand for parliament, the first step towards re-election as leader.
17.Mar.2007 Call for Spain strawberry boycott Campaign group WWF urges a boycott of Spanish winter strawberries which "damage the environment".
17.Mar.2007 Democrats push Iraq pull-out plan A Democratic plan for all US troops to leave Iraq by next year is approved by a key House panel but fails in the Senate.
17.Mar.2007 Airbus protests due across Europe New protests against job cuts planned at planemaker Airbus are due to take place across Europe on Friday.
Hitler's early history has proved, it is a big mistake to underestimate the rationality of leaders who profess the craziest of ends.

A crazy leader can be both wise and wily.

Moreover, not being bounded by traditional moral or ethical restraints,

he has a distinct advantage over his rational counterparts when he decides to choose his means.
The Soviet military + especially the Soviet air defense, has rigid standards and operating procedures.

Its military doctrine and practice reflects a do-it-by-the-book attitude.

No Soviet officer would give such order unless he is out of his mind or forced to do it.

Other explanations, therefore, seem to better fit the picture.

00.Dec.1962 the Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle + News Call Bulletin published a UPI report informing how Ernesto "Ch‚" Guevara told a reporter in Havana that "to defend against aggression" Fidel Castro had planned a nuclear attack on key U.S. cities, including New York.

Though the Chronicle buried the story on page 16, the News Call Bulletin ran a dramatic front-page headline in big, bold letters:

"How Castro Plotted Atomic Attack on U.S.!"

The Chronicle added that "Secretary of State Dean Rusk called Guevara's remark about a nuclear attack 'just talk'."

shop in Manhattan.

FBI estimates of how many others were involved in the plot range from twenty-five to fifty people.

The mission of the terrorist team was to accomplish Castro's orders to blow up a big portion of Manhattan, including

the Statue of Liberty,

Macy's department store,

several subway stations,

the 42nd street bus terminal and

Grand Central station,

as well as several refineries along the New Jersey shore, including the Humble Oil and Refining Company in Linden.

To this effect they stored a huge cache of explosives at Garcia's shop.

But the saboteur's plan was too ambitious + included too many people +

soon the FBI got word of it + detained the main conspirators.

Had their plan worked out the way it had been conceived,

it would undoubtedly have cristallized American public opinion + asked for retaliation against Cuba.

Had it occurred during the tense days of the crisis

it may have been taken for a Russian preemptive attack on the United States +

may have triggered a spasm-like retaliatory strike on the Soviet Union,

with unpredictable consequences.


the plan failed, but Fidel Castro is a very resourceful man.

After his failed attempt to create a provocation which may have brought a nuclear confrontation between the superpowers,
Planning for Continuity - 11/15/2001 - Library Journal

11-Sep.2001 -For survivors-

quick thinking,

good advanced planning + teamwork

made it

... research analyst in Prime's shop, authored the library's plan for 2001 . ...
SBCCOM-Natick Press Release Date: No: 01-13. Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI). NATICK, Mass. -- The U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command ...
Environmental Damage and Policy Issues in the Uranium and Gold ...

The briefing by scientists at INR + technicians at Krasnokamensk, ...

Second, the mining company has invested in extensive advanced planning as shown in
Dale Klein participated in the following events as an active participant:

... the “Stockpile Stewardship Conference Planning Meeting” called by Dale Klein, ...
'Nuclear Renaissance': 29 New US Nuclear Power Plant License ...

22.Oct.2006 -this last Sunday-Dale Klein, Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), was interviewed on C-SPAN's Newsmakers
News and Information

MOUNT VERNON, INNuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman Dale Klein visited BWXT’s Mount Vernon manufacturing facility in Mount Vernon, Indiana, ...
Dale E. Klein - SourceWatch Dr. Dale E. Klein is Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, ...

Dr. Dale Klein, Vice Chancellor for Special Engineering Programs; Professor, ...
16.Mar.2007 POGO

Letter to NRC Chairman Dale Klein regarding security ...

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

is an independent nonprofit that investigates + exposes corruption + other misconduct in order to achieve a ...
16.Mar.2007 NEI Nuclear Notes: NRC's Dale Klein on C-Span

Sunday's edition of Newsmakers on C-SPAN featured an interview with NRC Chairman Dale Klein .

Though video of the interview is not yet available online, ...
TESTIMONY OF THE HONORABLE DALE KLEIN ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY ... is the leading source for reliable WMD news + WMD information, directed by John Pike.
I am Dr. Dale Klein, the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical. and Biological Defense Programs. As I previously testified, ...

16.Mar.2007 Weißes Haus: Obdachloser löst Großalarm aus
16.Mar.2007 Hintergrd: Geschäftsverbindung Bush-Bin Laden Bei der Rüstungsholding

Carlyle Group kreuzen sich die Geschäftsinteressen der

Familie Bush + der

Familie Bin Laden und von

Scheich Bin Mahfouz . ...
Geschäftspartner BBCI-Banker Scheich Mahfouz ...

Heute gehört auch Scheich Bin Mahfouz zu den Investoren der Carlyle Group (das ist die Rüstungsfirma der Bush-bin-Laden-Clan s).

Darüber hinaus unterhält Scheich Bin Mahfouz ...
Dick Cheney Kunstfond limited

Der liebe Scheich Khalid Bin Mahfouz ·

Disziplinkraft des Geldes ... da nur so der bin Laden Clan, dessen "Freunde" + deren Rüstungsfirmen ( Carlyle usw. ...
00.Okt.2002 Netzwerke des Terrors - Veranstaltungsdokumentation ()

Auch bei dem amerikanischen InvestmentunternehmenCarlyle Group“, ... 8]

Der Sohn von Khalid bin Mahfouz wiederum, Abdul Rahman Mahfouz, so meldete der ...,5,0,Netzwerke_des_Terrors.html
CeiberWeiber * Politik * 9/11 * Big Money Trail

Auch über die Carlyle Group, die Bush senior mit der Bin Laden Group verbindet, gibt es einen Konnex. Mahfouz investierte dort + Bush junior hatte ...
Terrorismus, Krieg, Kriminalität, Guerilla, Al-Qaida, Finanzierung ...

Auch der Scheich Khalid bin Mahfouz, frührerer Anteilseigner der BCCI-Bank, gehört zu den Investoren bei der Carlyle Group.

Außerdem unterhält er enge ...
WochenZeitung WoZ Online-Artikel

Die Carlyle -Männer Baker + Carlucci waren schon bei Bin Ladens in Dschiddah in ...

Banker Chaled Bin Mahfouz übernommen, einer weiteren Figur der BCCI.
Bush Money

"The Carlyle Group.

The elder George Bush reportedly has an equity stake in this ...

"Worst of all, bin Mahfouz allegedly has been financing the bin Laden Group ...
The Bushes And The Bin Ladens

11.Sep.2001 ... the bin Laden family severed its financial connections with Carlyle, thus cutting ...

According to USA Today, bin Mahfouz + other Saudis attempted to ... ladens.htm
Homepage von Gudrun Eussner Khalid bin Mahfouz ist ein großer Investor in die Carlyle Group, mit der die Familie Bush + GOP die Republikanische Partei ebenfalls geschäftlich verbunden sind.
ila - Informationsstelle Lateinamerika e.V. James Bath hatte Geschäfte für Bin Mahfouz in Houston übernommen und trat dann in eine ... Bush sen. ist Teilhaber an der Carlyle Group in Washington, ... - Schurkenstreiche - Helmut Reinicke

James Bath hatte Geschäfte für Bin Mahfouz in Houston übernommen +

James Bath rat dann in ...

Die Carlyle Group arbeitet für die Bin Laden Familie in Saudi Arabien.
Bush's Former Oil Company Linked To bin Laden Family

George W. Bush also held shares in Caterair, a Carlyle subsidiary. ...

Khalid bin Mahfouz, financier of both George W. Bush + Osama bin Laden, ...
New Chairman Of 911 Commission Had Business Ties With Osama's ... +

Carlyle today ranks as a leading contributor to Bush's electoral campaign. ...

Both Al-Amoudi + Bin Mahfouz have been left untouched by the US ...
Political Friendster Connection - Carlyle Group connected to ... Salon: "

Carlyle declined to disclose who its investors were, but other sources say that the bin Mahfouz family were prominent investors + that it was an ...
Khalid bin MahfouzConnections
Political Friendster-

Khalid bin Mahfouz's Friends ...

James Bath was an American representative of Khalid bin Mahfouz.

1 vote to keep. ... Carlyle Group. Investor (allegedly) ...
11.Sep.2001 -das Cover-Up des-in Florida-TP: Mohamed Atta +

... einer der Schlüsselfiguren des BCCI-Netzwerks, Khalid Bin Mahfouz,

... den Saudis + der "Familienfirma" Carlyle Group - aus der sich nach den Bin Laden ...
Khalid bin Mahfouz - Demopedia

Khalid Bin Mahfouz doesn't want people to say that he is connected to Osama bin Laden ...

Bush + Mahfouz can be found through investments in the Carlyle Group, ...
Carlyle Group - Demopedia The

00.Oct.2001 -until- bin Laden family were also minor investors in Carlyle, when the ... Bank of Credit and Commerce International · Khalid bin Mahfouz ...
CBC News: the fifth estate: Conspiracy Theories - The Saudi Connection

Money from the bin Laden + bin Mahfouz families is invested in Bath's real estate ...

Among his duties, Bush helps strengthen Carlyle's ties to the Saudi royal ...
CBC News: the fifth estate: Conspiracy Theories

Bath also becomes the business representative of Khalid bin Mahfouz, ...

Eventually Bush-the former-president becomes an adviser to the Carlyle Group, ...
Jihad Unspun - Inside Bin Laden's Network

Bath ran a business for bin Mahfouz in Houston + joined a partnership with Bin Laden ...

"Ex-President Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group + is ...
Did the Saudis buy a president? - Salon Likewise,

Khalid bin Mahfouz was a partner in developing the Texas Commerce ...

Finally, the Carlyle Group has owned a number of other major defense firms ...
Mystery man - Salon And

both the bin Mahfouz family + the bin Ladens participated in the Carlyle Group, the giant Washington private equity firm in which Bush Sr. and Baker ...
PARANOIA - Follow the Money: The Bush-bin Laden Connection

In connection with BCCI, bin Mahfouz was fined $212 million + was barred ...

... the Carlyle Group + Bush Sr. has met with the bin Laden family on at least --- occasions ...

Bath also became the business representative of Khalid Bin Mahfouz, ...

00.000.1990 Carlyle placed George W. Bush on the board of directors of one of its ...

9/11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother In Law +

Carlyle today ranks as a leading contributor to Bush’s electoral campaign. ...

11.Sep.2001 In the wake of, Khalid bin Mahfouz () was ...
FTR#347—Axis of Evil (Carlyle’s Way)—(Two 30-minute segments ... The

Bin Mahfouz + Bin Laden families have a number of business operations together, including the Carlyle group. (Idem.) Mr. Emory notes that the ...
FTR#342—Al Taqwa—(Two 30-minute segments) (Sources are noted in ...

Like the Bin Laden family, the Bin Mahfouz family was represented in North America by James R. Bath ... (For more about Carlyle, see also: FTR#’s 329, 334, 337.
Oct.2002 :BOOK REVIEW:

Washington's Secret Dealings with ... Sami Mubarak Baarma, an executive of a bin Mahfouz financial subsidiary, is on the advisory committee of the Carlyle Group + Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, ...
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)

Au conseil d'administration de Carlyle se trouvait jusqu'à l'an dernier Sami Baarma, directeur de la Prime Commercial Bank du Pakistan, dont Bin Mahfouz est ...

Le principal actionnaire était Khalid Bin Mahfouz, directeur exécutif et ... groupe Bin Laden se fédéreraient au sein d'un même groupe, le groupe Carlyle.

He is a key figure as he was involved in Harken + Carlyle + these Islamic charities.

Here's the kicker.

Bin Mahfouz's family is close to the Al-Amoudi ...
From the publisher USA Today (Society for the Advancement of ...

We at USA TODAY deeply regret any damage that may have resulted to the reputation of Mr. Bin Mahfouz or that of his family--and to The Carlyle Group ...
USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education): The ...

The latter two are sons of the notorious Khalid bin Mahfouz .

They reportedly put $30.000.000 into Carlyle's coffers.

Abdul rahman bin Mahfouz subsequently was ...
A Wolf in Sheikhs Clothing: Bush Business Deals with 9 Partners of ...

00.000.1995 Abdul Rahman + his brother, Sultan bin Mahfouz, ... to both Bush + Mahfouz are Sami Baarma of the Carlyle Group and James Bath of Arbusto.
Kean II - Major Conflict of Interest

Bin Mahfouz is suspected to have funnelled millions of dollars to the Al Qaeda network. ...

On Carlyle ’s advisory board is found the name of Sami Baarma, ...
9/11 Commission +

Carlyle today ranks as a leading contributor to Bush's electoral campaign. ...

11.Sep.2001 -In the wake of- Khalid bin Mahfouz () was ...
Carlyle: Ligações dos Bush com os Bin Laden

No Conselho de Administração do Carlyle encontrava-se até ao ano passado Sami Baarma, director da Prime Commercial Bank do Paquistão, do qual Bin Mahfouz é ...
As ligações do novo Presidente da Comissão do Investigação do 11.Sep.2001 ...

No conselho de administração do Carlyle encontra-se o nome de Sami ...

Nem Al-Amoudi nem Bin Mahfouz foram incomodados pelo Departamento do Tesouro dos EUA.
Chris Floyd: Bush, Bin Laden, Bechtel and Baghdad

Today, Mahfouz is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia for allegedly financing the ...

The Bin Laden Group was also heavily invested in the Carlyle Group, ...
Hustler Articles

Another billionaire was Khalid bin Mahfouz, who was to become the most ...

After leaving office, Poppy Bush became a consultant for the Carlyle Group, ...
Aktien - Finanzen - Börse aktuell - Stockworld

Heute gehört auch Scheich Bin Mahfouz zu den Investoren der Carlyle Group.

Darüber hinaus unterhält er enge wirtschaftliche Beziehungen zur Familie Bush.
Vanity Fair

00.000.1995 Abdulrahman + Sultan bin Mahfouz invested “in the neighborhood of $30 million” in the Carlyle Group, according to family attorney Cherif Sedky.
the Bush + bin Laden families-business partners for 2 decades

The bin Ladens were among Carlyle's select backers

11.Sep.2001 -until just after the ...- Kalid bin ] Mahfouz + another BCCI-connected Saudi, Sheikh bin Laden," ... Khalid bin Mahfouz, whose younger sister married Osama bin Laden, ... called CARLYLE GROUP, whose members include 3 Bin Laden brothers, your father, ...
Feral House | Press | Press Clippings

00.000.198000.000.1981 bin Mahfouz developed a 75-story skyscraper in Houston for ... is that a multimillion-dollar investor in Carlyle was the bin Laden family.
The Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush + the Bin Laden ... [8]

00.000.1996 -Up to- the Bin Mahfouz + the Bin Laden benefited from the services ...

The Carlyle Group manages the most important part of the Saudi Bin Laden ...
Sex, Drugs & Unix Take, for instance all the time devoted to the Carlyle Group blender of Bushes ...

Its been widely reported (and debunked) that bin Mahfouz has a sister who ...
Claudio Caprara

Khalid Bin Mahfouz è il cognato di Bin Laden ed è accusato di aver finanziato per ... “partecipa” anche al consiglio di amministrazione del Carlyle Group, ...
Carlyle Group CARLYLE GROUP. Click on a name for a new proximity search: ... Unger,C. House of Bush, House of Saud. 2004 (168). BIN MAHFOUZ KHALID ...
BIN MAHFOUZ KHALID BIN MAHFOUZ KHALID. Click on a name for a new proximity search: ... Palast,G. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. 2003 (104). CARLYLE GROUP.
Tracking bin Laden's money, Tracking bin Laden's money

Bath ran a business for bin Mahfouz in Houston + joined a partnership with ... Carlyle Bush Osama Bin Laden Nazi ... South. But Bush still didn ... the ...
Bush + bin Laden + BCCI + the 9/11 Commission

Mahfouz was also a front for the bin Laden family, funneling their vast wealth ... he owns--sits on the advisory board of our old friend the Carlyle Group, ... anzeigen-Da sage einer "Sachsen hat ...

Der Direktor + einer der Schlüsselfiguren des BCCI-Netzwerks, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, Banker des saudischen Königshauses

(aber nicht Schwiegervater Bin Ladens ...

[uZine 3] Un goût amer dans la Bush Au conseil d’administration de Carlyle se trouvait jusqu’à l’an dernier Sami Baarma, directeur de la Prime Commercial Bank du Pakistan, dont Bin Mahfouz est
New Page 1 Among the figures G.W.Bush dealt with indirectly when he ran oil companies was Saudi banker Khaled bin Mahfouz . U.S. authorities are looking into ... : Archive But most of it went to a Carlyle Group company before [former president George H.W.] Bush even ...

Bin Mahfouz shared financial interests with James Baker.
The Dubya Report-Family Affair:the Bushes + the Bin Ladens

We've reported elsewhere on the Bush connection to the Carlyle Group, ...

Akin, Gump represented Khalid bin Mahfouz himself during the BCCI investigations. ...
19.Oct.2006 -True Conspiracy-

00.000.1977 bin Mahfouz joined up with Saudi front man for BCCI,

... with the bin Laden family via an international consulting firm: the Carlyle Group.

He was a big investor in the Carlyle Group, a defense-industry investment ...

... Khalid bin Mahfouz, financier of both George W. Bush + Osama bin Laden, ...
Bush, the Saudi billionaire and the Islamists: the story a British ...

00.000.1995 -came-The final link asserted by Unger-, when, he says,

Mr Bin Mahfouz's two sons invested $30m (£16m) in the Carlyle Group, a firm linked to the Bush ...,6000,1182578,00.html
Did the Saudis buy a president? - Salon Even bin Mahfouz's subsequent financing of the Houston skyscraper for James Bath ...

At the Carlyle Group, investors from the House of Saud and their allies put ...
The Barreling Bushes

00.000.1979 Bath put $50000 into Bush's Arbusto oil partnership, probably using Bin Laden- Bin Mahfouz funds.

00.000.1980 -In the late s-, after several failed oil ventures, ...
So Who

00.000.1999 the Saudi's placed bin Mahfouz under house arrest after ...

James Baker III is also Chief Counselor for the Carlyle Group while George H.W. Bush was an ...
t r u t h o u t - ISSUES - The White House Connection : Saudi ...

00.000.1999 the Saudi's placed bin Mahfouz under house arrest after reportedly ...

The Carlyle Group has also served as a paid adviser to the Saudi monarchy on ...
00.Oct.2001 week 3 (#11)POLAND-L Archives-

Wg Carlyle, rodzina bin Ladenow wlozyla w Carlyle Group > 2 mln $ i do tej pory ... ktorego wlascicielem jest Khaled Bin > Mahfouz, oskarzany o wspieranie ...
Taipei Times - archives

00.000.1995 -The final link asserted by Unger came- when, he says, Bin Mahfouz's two sons invested US$30m in the Carlyle Group, a firm linked to the Bush
19.Sep.2001 -

02.Mar.2000 [Salon,Intelligence Newsletter] Khaled bin Mahfouz is a Saudi ...

Bush Sr. meets with the bin Laden family on the behalf of the Carlyle Group.

Argus Leader :: View topic - Osama bin Laden's Birthday

Bath also becomes the business representative of Khalid bin Mahfouz,

... attack George Bush Sr. is meets with members of the Carlyle Group in Washington.

nthposition online magazine:

Did the President spike the ... money came from representing Sheikhs Salim bin Laden and Khalid bin Mahfouz . ... In my opinion, much too much has been made of the bin Ladens's Carlyle ... Books |

Did the Saudis buy a president?

Even bin Mahfouz's subsequent financing of the Houston skyscraper for James Bath ...

They could invest in the Carlyle Group's funds or contract with one of the ...
Het familiegeheimpje van George Bush:

Hij was een van de grote investeerders in de Carlyle Group, een consortium ... Khalid Bin Mahfouz die zowel George W. Bush als Osama Bin Laden financieel ...

War on Iraq:

From Afghanistan to Iraq:

Connecting the


(It was Mr. bin Mahfouz who had been Mr. James Baker III s business associate in Houston.)

Carlyle retained James Baker's Houston law firm, Baker-Botts, ...

Khalid Bin Mahfouz Banquier saoudien. Homme d'affaires d'Arabie Saoudite ... Livres d'occasion concernant Khalid Bin Mahfouz ...
Denver to D.C. » Blog Archive » 911: Pretext for Tyranny (PART 3 of 6)

Bush Sr. delivers speeches for Carlyle + is paid with stakes in the firm’s ...

00.000.1987 Saudi banker Khaled Bin Mahfouz + his representative in the U.S. ...

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan

Former President Bush is a former member of Carlyle ’s board of directors.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, financier of both George W. Bush + Osama bin Laden, ...
UK Indymedia -

Naming Names:

The Bin Laden Galaxy

Mohammed Salim Bin Mahfouz is the founder, with Mohammed Saleh Affara (born 00.Jul.---- .. has an undetermined participation in the funds of the Carlyle Group + ...
Latest News [10/10] New snapshots. [09/23] New stable and unstable ...

Khaled bin Mahfouz is a big investor in the Carlyle Group (GOP pals + military hardware manufacturers who've done rather nicely out of this latest 'war') ...

Bin Laden Bush El Carlyle Group, que también administra las inversiones de los Bin Laden, ... El juez condenó a Khalid Bin Mahfouz por el colosal fraude del BCCI, ...
he Bush-Saudi Connection -Big Three wheeler-dealer Khalid bin Mahfouz, one of the largest stockholders ... in the Carlyle Group, where Bush Senior served on the board of directors.

00.Oct.2001 , week 3 (#9)POLAND-L Archives-

Wg Carlyle, rodzina bin Ladenow wlozyla w Carlyle Group 2 mln $ i do tej pory ... ktorego wlascicielem jest Khaled Bin Mahfouz, oskarzany o wspieranie ...
2. Esporre i collegamenti tra al Qaeda e l'amministrazione Bush

Bin Mahfouz è sospettato di avere finanziato con milioni di dollari la rete al Qaeda.

Intelligence ...
Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves

Khaled bin Mahfouz is a Saudi banker with a 20% stake in BCCI, ... George Bush Sr. meets with the bin Laden family on the behalf of the Carlyle Group.
Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves Khaled bin Mahfouz is a Saudi banker with a 20% stake in BCCI, ...

27.Oct.2001 -around this time-The bin Laden family divests from the Carlyle Group, ...
Complete 911 Timeline:

Bin Laden Family

The bank will be shut down a few years later + bin Mahfouz will have to pay a ... (9:00 a.m.)

11.Sep.2001 : Bin Laden Brother Attends Carlyle Group ...
Network Games Indeed,

00.000.1970 -since the- seventies, the relationship between the two dynasties had come a long way when Saudi banking billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz + Salem bin Laden ...
It's a Baker Botts World

00.000.---- -After that- Baker + the senior Bush both joined the Carlyle Group, ... who invested included two sons of the wealthy Saudi banker Khaled bin Mahfouz.

Saddam Hussein ?-Public Enemy Number 1 ?? Because

Bin Mahfouz + al Amoudi, along with their Saudi potentate patrons, ... between Bush pere + The Carlyle Group + the Bin Laden business cartel. ...

The royal families

As principals at the Carlyle Group, a powerful investment firm here, both the former ... was in bed with the billionaire bin Mahfouz family of Saudi Arabia, ... |

Bush's war on terrorism

00.000.1990 -In the early s-The business relations grew: bin Mahfouz + the bin Laden ...

George Bush s father worked for the Carlyle Group after his presidency and had ...
Libertythink-Encouraging Cognitive Liberty in an Age of ...

"The bin Mahfouz - Al-Amoudi clans, who control three private Saudi ...

of the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, the leading Saudi banker later implicated in the collapse of the BCCI Bank of ... Mahfouzes + bin Ladens bought into the Carlyle Group, ...
Empire Burlesque: Silent Partners: Bush + bin Laden + the 9/11 ...

Mahfouz was also a front for the bin Laden family, funneling their vast wealth ... he owns – sits on the advisory board of our old friend the Carlyle Group, ...
VITA non profit online [ARTICOLO: "La vera storia di Bin Laden"]

A mezzo secolo dall'apertura della Nbc, la famiglia Bin Mahfouz conta una delle ... “partecipa” anche al consiglio di amministrazione del Carlyle Group, ...
Saving the Saudis - Craig Unger

Sedky added that the bin Mahfouz family condemns terrorism + denies that funds it has given to charities have been used to finance terror. Carlyle ...
New Hampshire Gazette I National News I

The Barreling Bushes

Bath put $50000 into Bush’s 1979 Arbusto oil partnership, probably using Bin Laden- Bin Mahfouz funds.

00.000.1980 -In the late s-after several failed oil ventures- ...
Counter News

This is not the only financial connection that Carlyle has with the Bin Laden organization.

Bin Mahfouz also has some financial connections which extend ...
La Fogata - Medio Oriente - Asia - Africa Porque Bin Mahfouz y al Amoudi, junto con sus patrocinadores, los potentados saudíes, ...

The Carlyle Group, y el cartel empresarial de Bin Laden. ...


A302 Brisard continues:

"Carlyle has connections to the bin Laden family.

Then sometime later he began working for Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, ...
Eindringling: Mann klettert über den Zaun des Weißen Hauses
16.Mar.2007 Tu chiamale se vuoi collusioni

Benché la BBC ha di recente sottolineato che il fatto che la Neville-Jones fosse uno dei direttori della Qinetic fosse risaputo, in molti ritengono che alla ...
Tu chiamale se vuoi collusioni

La Neville-Jones è infatti uno dei direttori della Qinetic, ... gestito attraverso il gruppo statunitense Carlyle, e di cui posseggono azioni anche l’ex ...
22.Jan.2006 -Postman Patel- Meanwhile Qinetic await flotation to enrich the Carlyle shareholders (Prop G ... Ministers not to forget MI6\s mouthpiece Dame Neville Jones ... about to ...
00.Dec.2002 -
down with murder inc-
In another coup- Carlyle bought a third of Qinetic ,

the private subsidiary of the British military's Research and Development Center..
alarm:clock euro: Venture Capital Archives

Two partners hailing from European venture capital firms have started up new ... along with early investors Atlas Venture and Carlyle European Partners.
Untitled Document Huit groupes financiers, dont Citigroup Venture Capital, ... développé par la société Qinetic, capable de repérer sur la piste à 2.000 mètres, de jour comme ...

16.Mar.2007 Postman Patel:

2006-01-22 Meanwhile Qinetic await flotation to enrich the Carlyle shareholders (Prop ... a 75 % stake in Georgia’s AES-Telasi joint venture from AES Silk Road, ...
European Venture Capital Journal Carlyle will invest through the Carlyle Europe Venture Partners fund and leads the syndicate.

Following the completion of the transaction the Sonera ... venture
Stop the Carlyle Group ! Liquidation d'Opto Speed (OptoSpeed)

Stop the Carlyle group !

Liquidation d' Opto Speed (OptoSpeed) stop carlyle
Timeline Saudi Arabia

The Binladin Group later invested with the Washington-based Carlyle ...

02.Mar.1997 Saudi Arab billionaire Prince al-Waleed bin Talal acquired 5% of Apple.

Fired US Atty: On the "Lam" For ...,

00.000.2001 -Strangely- Wagner and Brown became the last known registered owner of ...

00.000.1990 -In the early s- Carlyle advised Al-Waleed bin Talal --the Saudi prince ...
Did Our President Spike The Investigation Of Bin Laden

Prince Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz employed Carlyle as his advisor in ...

00.Nov.2001 -Following our- BBC broadcast + Guardian report- McKinney ...
for two decades-the Bush - bin Laden families-business partners average Carlyle partner has gained about $25 million in equity. Notably,

Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz employed Carlyle as his advisor ... laden.html
Carlyle Group-SourceWatch

Hoover's Online describes the Carlyle Group as a military-industrial complex. ... 'access capitalists' such as James Baker III + Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal ...
Le Carlyle Group, une affaire d'initiés [Voltaire] Le

00.000.1980 -au milieu des années,- Carlyle Group est CRIÉ à la faveur d’une affaire d’esquimaux. ... Carlyle rentre en contact avec le prince Alwaleed bin Talal, ...
'Ex-presidents club' gets fat on conflict

| Special reports |

The ... Carlyle Group -whose high-profile investors include

George Soros + Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal -

refutes suggestions Carlyle Group profits from war.,,919897,00.html
16.Mar.2007 Did the Saudis buy a president? - Salon Finally, the

Carlyle Group has owned a number of other major defense firms such as ...

00.000.2002 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal gave $500.000 to Andover to fund a George ...
16.Mar.2007 : Archive

00.000.1991 “Carlyle ’s first major transaction with the Saudis took place, when Fred Malek steered Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a flamboyant 35-year-old Saudi ...
Fahrenheit 9/11 | Library + Resources Book

Prince Alwaleed bin TalalSaudi Arabian prince.

A billionaire international investor, the Prince played a central role in raising Carlyle ’s name recognition ...
An even whackier conspiracy theory: Moore + bin Laden

Carlyle numbers"Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, ... HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal + trusts for his benefit hold major ...

Key Context Missing in Globe article about Saudi donor to ... Oh, ..

13.Dec.---- the Boston Globe reported that Saudi Arabian prince Alwaleed bin Talal is giving $20 million to Harvard University to establish a ...
Cliff Kincaid : World Defense Review of military affairs + ... In fact,

00.000.---- -30 years after it was released- the Network movie is more accurate than not, because billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the fifth richest ...

Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Kingdom Holding Co $ 20 Mrd. Walton, Jim C. Wal-Mart Handelskette $ 18.8 Mrd. Walton, John T. Wal-Mart Handelskette ...
Khaleej Times Online - Prince Alwaleed discusses Saudi-US economic ...



Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud,

Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company,

received at his office Edward Burton the President of the US ...
Prince Al-waleed, Schema-Root news

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud is the founder, ... Saudi Arabia's Prince Al-waleed bin Talal is acquiring Malaysian Airline System ...
Stockpickr! Prince Al-Waleed Portfolio


Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal is a member of the Saudi Royal Family known for his international investments + multi-billion dollar business ...
Saudi prince to build Tel Aviv hotel.

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal plans to invest into Israel as he is in negotiations to build a hotel on Tel Aviv ...
Kass: Ten Things That Could Move Stocks

I am hearing that, at the urging of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Citigroup's (C - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) largest individual shareholder), former BCCI Bank of Credit and Comerce
Rotana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is owned by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

He personally signs artists to his labels + is known for running a huge media empire that includes a ...
l'imam el mahdi

Lettre ouverte au Prince Al-Waleed Ibn Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud President of ... HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abulaziz Alsaud, Chairman of Kingdom ...
Mécénat - donation du Prince Alwaleed -

26.Jul.2005 Les Arts de l’Islam au musée du Louvre-dossier de presse·Signature de la donation du prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud -dossier de presse
08.Jan.2007 -filed on-
SEC Info-Saud H R H Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al ... 1

(the “Schedule 13D”), by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud (“HRH”) + Kingdom Investments, Inc., a corporation ...
Riehl World View: Fox News - Who's The Hypocrite Here? Well,

00.000.200- -now- Harvard + Georgetown universities are accepting $20 million each from Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal for their Islamic studies programs.
Statistik in den W-Akten 3. Karl Albrecht - ja, genau, der Besitzer von Aldi-Süd.

Sein Bruder Theo ist auf Platz 14. 4. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, ein saudiarabischer Scheich ...
The art of Noblesse Oblige - Saudi Barbarian Style - OneJerusalem ...

Sure, he’s ahead of Jack Benny + Ebenezer Scrooge but he’s light years behind Islamo-fascist Royal Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal .

Now there’s a man who knows ...
00.Oct.2001 A Friend of America. | Newsweek International ()

Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, whose ego matches his enormous fortune, should have known better. Before the billionaire investor (Citicorp, ...
Die beiden US-Senatoren zeigten sich beeindruckt von der "Professionalität", mit der die Militärkomission die Anhörung geleitet habe.

Washington - In einer Erklärung gaben der Demokrat Carl Levin + der Republikaner Lindsay Graham bekannt, dass sie

16.Mar.2007 -am vergangenen Samstag- im US-Gefangenenlager Guantanamo auf Kuba die Anhörung mit verfolgten, in der

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed die Organisation der Anschläge vom

11.Sep.2001 in den USA sowie 30 weitere Attentate ü Anschlagsversuche gestand.
Tabakindustrie: Richterin verfügt weltweites Aus für "Light"- Zigaretten

16.Mar.2007 Terrorismus: US- Senatoren fordern Prüfung der Foltervorwürfe von Al- Qaida- Chefplaner Mohammed
16.Mar.2007 Handygebühren: Mobilfunkkonzerne gewinnen Prozess gegen Netzagentur

16.Mar.2007 Joschka Fischer: EU soll sich in Streit um Raketenschild einmischen

Baden-Württembergs Justizminister Ulrich Goll (FDP) hat die Lockerungen aber verhindert, nachdem Klar in einem Grußwort an die Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz Mitte Januar klassenkämpferische Töne angeschlagen hatte.

Goll will die Hafterleichterungen erst genehmigen, wenn auch ein zweites Gutachten die Ungefährlichkeit Klars bescheinigt. Ein erstes Gutachten war laut Justizministerium "einigermaßen positiv" ausgefallen.

Die zweite Begutachtung lehnt Klar jetzt ab.
"Aber das Problem sind diese Exzesse", sagt er.
Sollten die Aufträge einbrechen oder die Zinsen stark steigen, dann könne es für die Unternehmen ohne ausreichendes Polster finanziell zu eng werden.

"Wenn die Volumina der Recaps erst einmal auf dem Tisch liegen sollten, dann wird sich mit Recht der Volkszorn an ihnen entladen", prognostiziert er.

Ungesunde Auswüchse sieht er auch bei den Gebühren, die viele Private-Equity-Gesellschaften den Unternehmen auferlegen.

Frankfurt am Main - Man hat sich eine dickes Fell zugelegt:

Für die "Heuschrecken"-Vorwürfe aus der Politik interessieren sich die meisten Mitarbeiter von Private-Equity Beteiligungsfirmen kaum noch.

Viel schwerer wiegt, dass mit Hans Albrecht nun einer aus den eigenen Reihen Vorwürfe erhebt.

Der 51-jährige Finanzinvestor ist nicht irgendwer - er hat die Beteiligungsgesellschaft Nordwind gegründet.

Zuvor war er Deutschland-Chef eines internationalen Schwergewichts im Geschäft, der Carlyle Group.

Albrechts Sorge: Wenn die Branche nicht selber für mehr Transparenz sorgt - dann wird es der Staat tun.

Die Exzesse einiger weniger würden das Öffentlichkeitsbild der Mehrheit belasten, klagt er.

Albrecht kann den Ruf nach Regulierung durchaus nachvollziehen.

"Die Liquidität eines Unternehmens gehört nicht allein den Investoren, sondern allen Stakeholdern, also auch den Mitarbeitern", betont er.
und soll über den US-Fliegerhorst Ramstein in Deutschland nach Ägypten gebracht worden sein

Nun will die italienische Regierung den Prozess in letzter Minute per Verfassungsgericht stoppen.

Der zuständige Mailänder Richter habe sich bei der Anklage auf Geheimdokumente gestützt und Staatsgeheimnisse verletzt, erklärte der Anwalt Luigi Panella.

Der Jurist vertritt im Auftrag der Regierung in Rom den Geheimdienstmann Marco Mancini, der neben mehreren anderen Italienern an der Verschleppung durch die CIA beteiligt gewesen sein soll.

18.Apr.2007 -vermutlich am- Das oberste Gericht Italiens wird die Frage verhandeln.

Berlin - Mit einem Einspruch beim Verfassungsgericht wollen Anwälte der Regierung in Rom die Anklage gegen 26 amerikanische CIA- Mitarbeiter + mehrere Agenten des italienischen Geheimdienstes stoppen,

die sich wegen der Verschleppung eines Predigers in Mailand vor Gericht verantworten müssen. Der spektakuläre Prozess in Mailand sollte

00.Jun.2007 -Anfang- beginnen.

Auch wenn die angeklagten CIA-Agenten nicht zu dem Verfahren erscheinen werden, gilt der Prozess als Symbol gegen die Verschleppung von Terror-Verdächtigen im Auftrag der USA nach dem 11.Sep.2001 .
RAF- Debatte: Ex- Terrorist Klar klagt Hafterleichterungen ein
16.Mar.2007 Afghanistan: Erster deutscher Soldat verweigert erfolgreich Tornado- Einsatz
16.Mar.2007 Private- Equity- Branche: Ein Insider rechnet ab

16.Mar.2007 G8- Konferenz: Umweltminister planen Studie über Verlust der Artenvielfalt

16.Mar.2007 CIA- Entführung: Italiens Regierung will Prozess gegen Agenten stoppen
Datenaustausch zur Terror- Abwehr: EU plant Mega- Datei für Fingerabdrücke
16.Mar.2007 Dokumentation: Merkels Grundsatzrede in Warschau
16.Mar.2007 U.S. pays kin in deaths of Afghan boys: The American colonel bowed his head at the fresh dirt graves of three young boys marked by brightly colored martyrs' flags Wednesday. Then he sat down next to the boys' fathers, expressed his condolences and handed them an envelope full of cash.

16.Mar.2007 Top Taleban leader sounds warning : Top Taleban commander Mullah Dadullah told the BBC that 1,800 suicide bombers were ready to go into action.

16.Mar.2007 'Self-immolation by oppressed Afghan women is rising': One woman committed suicide by setting herself ablaze after her father-in-law tried to rape her. Another set herself on fire because her brothers would not let her marry, preferring that she remain their servant at home. Yet another told her mother before she died that her husband beat her daily.

16.Mar.2007 Alleged Architect Of 9/11 Confesses To Many Attacks: [Admits he met Elvis in a nightclub in Afghanistan (Humor) ]: Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 11.Sep.2001 attacks, confessed at a Guantanamo Bay military hearing that he planned and funded that al-Qaeda operation and said he was involved in more than two dozen other terrorist acts around the world

How to extract a false confession : CIA holds young sons of captured al-Qa'eda chief : Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the 11.Sep.2001 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk.

16.Mar.2007 In case you missed it: Harsh C.I.A. Methods Cited in Top Qaeda Interrogations:

The CIA has used coercive interrogation methods against a select group of [SUPPOSED?]high-level leaders + operatives of Al Qaeda

that have produced growing concerns inside the agency about abuses, according to current + former counterterrorism officials.

16.Mar.2007 Judge rules Khartoum behind attack on USS Cole:

16.Mar.2007 -for the first time-yesterday- A US federal judge blamed Sudan for the

00.000.2000 al-Qaida attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 seamen.

The judge, Robert Doumar, said there was "substantial evidence" to support the claim.

16.Mar.2007 Panel OKs subpoenas in attorney probe: The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday

cleared the way for subpoenas compelling five Justice Department officials + six of the U.S. attorneys they fired

to tell the story of the purge that has prompted demands for the ouster of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

16.Mar.2007 Aborted DOJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales : Bush personally intervened to sideline the Justice Department probe

00.Apr.2006 by taking the unusual step of denying investigators the security clearances necessary for their work.

16.Mar.2007 Whose Mortgage Crisis?: It is high time to block predatory lending of all kinds by reinstating usury laws, limiting interest rates, penalties and fees that creditors can charge.

16.Mar.2007 Mortgage lenders can't claim that no one told them so: As the market for risky mortgages collapses,

dragging home values + stock prices down with it, one of the most telling features is how utterly avoidable the meltdown was.

16.Mar.2007 Children's medicine contains banned additives : Many over-the-counter medicines for babies and children contain a cocktail of additives that are banned in food aimed at under threes, a report reveals today.
16.Mar.2007 Gen. Petraeus + a High-Profile Suicide in Iraq : Col. Ted Westhusing, a West Point scholar, put a bullet in his head in Iraq after reporting widespread corruption. His suicide note -- complaining about human rights abuses and other crimes -- was addressed to his two commanders, including Gen. David Petraeus, now leader of the U.S. "surge" effort in Iraq.

It urged them to "Reevaluate yourselves....You are not what you think you are and I know it."

16.Mar.2007 Biden To Bush: "You're leading us off a cliff. Stop!" : Clearly having had enough of Republican colleagues putting their blind loyalty to George W. Bush ahead of American opinion and the lives of our troops, Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) gave a powerful speech on the Senate floor Wednesday in which he ripped the GOP for their failure to lead and fulfill their duties to our country.

16.Mar.2007 A desperate Army is scraping the bottom: An Army already stretched painfully thin is now being asked to find the additional 25,000-plus troops to man President Bush's escalation in Iraq and, it's now obvious, prepare for additional combat rotations next year.

16.Mar.2007 House panel sets 2008 Iraq pullout: A Democratic plan to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by September 1, 2008, was approved by a key committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday.

16.Mar.2007 Robert Baer : Iraq's Mercenary King: As a former C.I.A. agent, the author knows how mercenaries work: in the shadows. But how did a notorious former British officer, Tim Spicer, come to coordinate the second-largest army in Iraq—the tens of thousands of private security contractors?

16.Mar.2007 Clinton foresees residual force in Iraq if she is elected: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton says that, if elected president, she foresees a "remaining military as well as political mission" in Iraq and would keep a reduced but significant military force there to fight Al Qaeda, deter Iranian aggression, protect the Kurds and possibly support the Iraqi military.

16.Mar.2007 Israel warns US against quick Iraq exit: Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has warned the United States against a quick departure from Iraq, saying it would lead to instability in the region.

16.Mar.2007 AIPAC backed removal of Iran war provision : AIPAC lobbying helped remove a provision from a bill that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval for war against Iran.

16.Mar.2007 'Big six' clinch Iran nuclear deal : Six major powers announced an agreement on Thursday to impose new UN sanctions on Iran for its nuclear programme, but Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed the initiative would not sway his country

16.Mar.2007 U.S.: Iran must comply with "U.N." demands: As a United Nations member, Iran must comply with U.N. resolutions demanding the end of its nuclear enrichment program, says U.S. Ambassador Alejandro Wolff.

16.Mar.2007 Anti-Iran draft resolution submitted to UNSC: The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany (5+1 Group) submitted the anti-Iran draft resolution to the UNSC non-permanent members, which once more underlines suspension of enrichment process.

16.Mar.2007 Bullying states use science to suppress nations; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday referred to the US and Britain as bullying countries using science and power to suppress and plunder the world nations and constantly seeking to sow seed of discord among nations.

16.Mar.2007 Support for Regime Change Falls to 15% in U.S.: Only 15 per cent of respondents believe the United States should try to change a dictatorship to a democracy where it can, down 12 points since April 2004.

16.Mar.2007 Palestinians agree unity government : Ismail Haniya, the Palestinian prime minister, has said Mahmoud Abbas, the president, has accepted the coalition government he presented to him in Gaza City on Thursday.
16.Mar.2007 Spinned Surge: Don't buy the claims that the military escalation in Iraq is working: : The job of neoconservative writers analyzing the Iraq war has largely been to obscure objective analysis and provide talking points for war supporters. Hakim insists on Iraqi say in U.S. operations:

One of Iraq's most powerful Shia leaders, Abdel Aziz Hakim, demanded the government to have a say in security operations being conducted by U.S. forces
Patrick Cockburn: Baghdad Under Surge: Baghdad has broken up into a dozen different cities at war with each other. Walls are covered with slogans in black paint saying "Death to Spies". Any Shia caught in a Sunni district will be killed as a spy or because of his religion and vice versa.
16.Mar.2007 War Without Win - A White Paper On Iran -By William John Cox
The soil of Iran is soaked with the blood shed by its people who have defended their homes and culture for thousands of years. The threats of the American neocons, who believe that Iran and its oil is theirs for the taking, are expressions of hypocrisy in the extreme. Iran has repeatedly demonstrated its desire to obtain and maintain friendly relations with the United States.

16.Mar.2007 United State of Minds -By Daniel M Pourkesali
America 's methods of mind control or better put, manufacturing consent through efficient and careful use of media, must be the envy of every tyrannical dictator ruling the most oppressive regimes in the world.

16.Mar.2007 The Bush Regime Needs To Be Stopped -By Ted Bohne
I find it hard to believe that there hasn’t been mutiny en masse in all the armed forces, but especially those on the ground. They’re being massacred by an inept officer corps + general officers of which some have their lips glued squarely on Bush’s ass .

16.Mar.2007 ‘We Must Resist!' -By Cynthia McKinney -"Voting is necessary, but it isn't enough to get the kind of change we must now demand" Continue

16.Mar.2007 Was I a Good American in the Time of George Bush?-By Rebecca Solnit -Too many of us have done too little to stop the crimes of this White House. We are waking up but what took us so long? Continue

16.Mar.2007 Cheney's Baffling Clout -Comedy Central 5 Minute Video-The only think that I would trust Cheney for advice on -- if I had a dead hooker in my hotel room." Continue

16.Mar.2007 Indentured Servants in America -By BOB HERBERT NY Times Op-Ed
A must-read for anyone who favors an expansion of guest worker programs in the U.S. is a stunning new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center that details the widespread abuse of highly vulnerable, poverty-stricken workers in programs that already exist.


"Wir werden in Europa nicht in eine Eiszeit rutschen"

Der nördliche Nordatlantik mit dem Golfstrom-System als große Meeresströmung sei für das Weltklima eine Schlüsselregion. Er bestimme nicht nur das nordeuropäische Klima, sondern habe globale Fernwirkungen. "Selbst wenn sich die Vorhersagen der Klimamodelle bestätigen sollten, werden wir hier in Europa nicht über kurz oder lang in eine Eiszeit rutschen", erklärte der Ozeanograf Jürgen Willebrand. "Bestenfalls wird die zu erwartende Klimaerwärmung in Nordeuropa etwas moderater ausfallen".

Bei einer Fläche von 25.700 Quadratkilometer und einer Wassertiefe von 19-64 Meter, hat er ein Wasservolumen von 1.645 Kubikkilometern und ist damit der flachste + wasserärmste der fünf sogenannten Großen Seen: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario und Lake Erie.

Sie trennen Kanada und die USA. Als kleinster unter diesen Fünfen ist der Eriesee am anfälligsten für plötzliche Veränderungen des Wasserstands und der Temperatur.
Rettet den Regenwald e.V. und Regenwald Report

Stellungnahme von Rettet den Regenwald e. V. zur Antwort von Hans-Josef Fell, MdB ... Abholzung und Umweltzerstörung“, urteilt Rudy Ready Lumuru. ...
ROBIN WOOD Pressemitteilungen Diese sind akut von der Abholzung bedroht, wenn UFS seine ...

Dezember wandte sich ROBIN WOOD gemeinsam mit Rettet den Regenwald, urgewald und Global 2000, ...
Sperk - DP50 Bestätigt sich für Köthen die These der DDR-Historiographie, wonach die westlichen Besatzungsmächte die Hauptschuld an der Verzögerung der Entnazifizierung ...

16.Mar.2007 Idea Bank Idea Bank, Jay Godsall, Idea Bank is an intangible asset bank: intelligence and ideas.
16.Mar.2007 EVE :: Evironmental Vision Exchange Environmental Vision Exchange, Jay Godsall, The Canadian Charity helping young people create change within their communities.
16.Mar.2007 20050317 Background in microbiology, biotech research, IT research ... www.

11.Mar.2005 Burlington Votes to Bring the Troops Home Now!
Bundeskriminalamt: Zahl der rechtsextremen Straftaten deutlich gestiegen
16.Mar.2007 Alleingang ins All: Deutsche Industrie rüstet zum Solo- Flug auf den Mond

16.Mar.2007 Stabile Strömung: Golfstrom trotzt globaler Erwärmung

16.Mar.2007 Düsseldorf: Fluggast schmuggelte zehn Kilo Kokain in Hundebox
16.Mar.2007 US- Immobilienkrise: Kredit- Karussell außer Kontrolle

16.Mar.2007 Klimaschonend: Zahl der Erdgasautos stieg um 40 Prozent

16.Mar.2007 US- Raketenschild: Merkel warnt Polen vor Spaltung Europas
16.Mar.2007 Rauschgift: Mehr als 22 Kilogramm Kokain an Sylter Strand gefunden
16.Mar.2007 US- Abwehrschild: Laser gegen Raketen 

16.Mar.2007 Neokonservatives Projekt: Autor Ulfkotte plant anti- islamische Partei

16.Mar.2007 Klimaschutz: Belgien knipst das Licht auf Autobahnen aus
16.Mar.2007 Manager- Gehälter: 5,3 Millionen Euro für Allianz- Chef Diekmann

16.Mar.2007 Flughafen Frankfurt: Polizei nimmt serbischen Mafiaboss fest
16.Mar.2007 Klima- Debatte: Luftfahrtindustrie will bis 2020 Emissionen halbieren
16.Mar.2007 Kuba: Castro will wieder zum Staatsoberhaupt gewählt werden
16.Mar.2007 Antarktis und Grönland: Jedes Jahr verschwinden 125 Gigatonnen Eis
16.Mar.2007 Islamistisches Drohvideo: BKA warnt vor Panik in Deutschland
16.Mar.2007 Newly revealed emails implicate Rove in US attorney firings 

16.Mar.2007 "New unreleased e-mails from top administration officials show

00.Jan.2005 -early-" the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove - reports ABC News.
Also worth reading:
This editorial from USA Today outlines some of the important questions

16.Mar.2007 Talking Points Memo has a

Canned US Attorney Scandal Timeline that's quite informative. posted by Prof. Hex
16.Mar.2007 Schumer told reporters, ?I know, from other sources, that there is an active + avid discussion in the White House whether [Gonzales] should stay or not,? adding that ?the odds are very high that he will no longer be the attorney general.? Schumer Says Disgusted DOJ Professionals are Getting the Truth Out.

16.Mar.2007 Imagine our surprise when The New York Times, in a recent editorial, used the word that BuzzFlash has been calling Alberto Gonzales for years: the Consiglieri of the Bush Administration. This crime family consiglieri is about to find himself walking the plank to protect Fredo, the Godfather and Rove. Ask Libby. He Knows Where Loyalty to the Mob Leads You. Alberto "Consiglieri" Gonzales is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

16.Mar.2007 A second Republican, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.), called for Gonzales's ouster yesterday. Sen. John E. Sununu (R-N.H.) said Wednesday that Gonzales should resign. Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), one of six Democrats to support Gonzales's confirmation, also demanded his resignation after learning of e-mails that showed Justice officials actively planning to circumvent Pryor on the replacement for a fired Little Rock U.S. attorney 00.000.2006. Rove Heavily Involved. What Else is New?
The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday cleared the way for subpoenas compelling five Justice Department officials and six of the U.S. attorneys they fired to tell the story of the purge that has prompted demands for the ouster of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
The Dixie Chick CD that the Country + Western Stations Banned

00.000.2003, Because Natalie Maines Dissed Bush: "Home" -- the CD.

Who is the Patriot Now? We'll Go With Natalie. Bush is a Man Who Betrayed Our GIs and America. Natalie Spoke Truth to Power. By the Way, It's a Fine Musical Album.
TIME: "Why KSM's Confession Rings False." The Busheviks Want us to Forget About Bush's Failure to Catch Osama, After Taunting Him About Who Had More Manhood. 3/16
Illinois .50 Caliber Ban Advances in State Senate 3/16

16.Mar.2007 Democrats to open hearings on CIA leak on Friday. The Star Witness Will be Valerie Plame. 3/16
Repost: Aborted DOJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales 3/16

16.Mar.2007 Episode 55: A letter to the consigliere. -- Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
16.Mar.2007 Klima- Streit: Tanktouristen frisieren Deutschlands CO2- Bilanz
Australien: Betrüger verschafft sich Zugang zu den höchsten Sicherheitskreisen
16.Mar.2007 Offiziere: Verteidigungsminister verschleiert wahren Grund des Tornadoeinsatzes
16.Mar.2007 Ungarn: Erneut Krawalle durch Rechtsextremisten
16.Mar.2007 EU: Rülpsende Kühe sind auch schuld am Klimawandel
Kuba: Vertraute gehen von Kandidatur Castros bei Wahlen 2008 aus

16.Mar.2007 Winter 2006/2007: Temperatur 0,7 Grad über langjährigem Durchschnitt
16.Mar.2007 John Deuss - Wikipedia

John Christiaan Martinus Augustinus Maria Deuss (1942) is een Nederlands zakenman ... actief in de olie industrie onder andere in Nigeria, Gabon, Indonesië, ...
Nigeria Energy

Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks ... Contra Costa Times | YENAGOA, Nigeria - Armed men attacked a Royal Dutch Shell PLC oil complex ...
Global Oil Companies Washington Examiner YENAGOA, Nigeria - Armed men have seized control of an oil complex in southern ...

Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks ...
News Archives - Ultimate News Database 05:54:56p Judge rules infamous Nevada brothel Mustang Ranch can operate with famous name ...

09:00:07p Mazur John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks ...
- Actueel nieuws Op de airstrips van Hull's ranch werd het tot eind

00.000.1986 een va-et-vient van ...

Dat was de voormalige authandelaar John Deuss die samen met de leiding van ...
The Royal Gazette Deuss puts up $50m Florida ranch

Extradited businessman John Deuss has put his Florida ranch on the market at a cost of just under $50 million — ...
Riesiger Kaltwasserwirbel: Delle im Ozean vor Sydney

"The Salvadoran phone records of the Grasheim safe house revealed regular daily and weekly calls to Oliver North's + George Bush's offices in the White ...
The Bush Hard Drug Empire II -

Lee Grasheim - CIA contract operative, part-time spook associate - military hardware salesman, alleged drug + weapons trafficker in El Salvador.
lien 6 Grasheim was also known to carry DEA, FBI + CIA credentials so that he ...

Castillo stated that Grasheim worked "hand-in-hand with Colonel Oliver North.
FOIA Post (2001): Compiled FOIA Decisions,

00.Jul.2000-00.Dec.2000 Grasheim v. FBI, No. 98-6768 (S.D. Fla.

28.Sep.2000 ) (attorney fees: finds that the filing of this lawsuit caused the defendant to produce the requested ...
Webb, Gary Walter “WallyGrasheim, an arms broker working for the Litton Corp. as the representative to El Salvador, was a drug trafficker intimately involved in the ...
16.Mar.2007 Fotos, Videos, Noticias, Enlaces 16.Mar.2007 Blogs sobre colombia san salvador

... a indagar las actividades misteriosas de un antiguo militar de USA, llamado Walter Grasheim, quien operaba a las afueras de San
CIA-Drug Symposium: Cele Castillio III

The residence belonged to a US Contra pilot by the name of Wally Grasheim .

He was mentioned in DEA, FBI + US Customs files.

The raid was executed after ...

CIA Report on Contras and Cocaine Grasheim, Wally (1030) Gregory, Hayden (995) Gries, David D. (796 957 1106-7) Guerra, Manuel Enrique (Pillique) (302) Haas, Joseph (859 987-95)
00.000.1957 -SHS Class of- 50th Reunion Web Site-

Stuyvesant H.S. Class of ... Walter Grasheim

Henry Grausz

Allen Green

Irwin Greenbaum

Martin Greenbaum

Barry Greenhouse

Allen Grodsky

Stuart Gross

Robert A. Grunburg

Steve Grunsfeld ...
Celerino Castillo, the DEA Man Who Worked Too Well [Free Republic]

Castillo had been told by Martinez that Grasheim was flying drugs + weapons ...

While Grasheim was away in New York City,

Castillo + his men raided the ...
Guerra preventiva

01.Sep.1986 -il-Nonostante gli avvertimenti- Castillo portò a termine un controllo con unità antidroga nella casa del pilota Wally Grasheim, ...
Interview: Celerino Castillo All North's pilots ran drugs, says ...

[In Castillo's book, Walter Grasheim is referred to as William Brasher.

He was the one that raided Mr. Grasheim's residence.

To put pressure on me, ...
16.Mar.2007 - New Post Example:

Walter Grasheim, US citizen, was running a covert operation at ...

Jack could had warned everyone at the embassy about the Grasheim allegation.
Jose Basulto - Brothers to the Rescue

Grasheim is also known to carry DEA + FBI + CIA credentials to smuggle cocaine. ...

When the DEA raided Grasheim ’s house in El Salvador, agents found ...

The El Salvador home of Walter Grasheim, known in Powderburns as William Brasher, ... Grasheim is a con-victed cocaine dealer + is documented in seven DEA ...
The CIA and Cocaine in El Salvador - "Powerdburns": Cocaine ...

00.000.1986 DEA El Salvador, initiated a file on Walter L. Grasheim (TG-87-0003). ...

Steel admitted that he had given an M-16 to Grasheim ) and CIA ...

El informante STG6 había identificado a Grasheim como «jefe de las ... « Grasheim posee 16.Mar.2007 opera el hangar #4,» alegó el informante que trabajaba en el ...
cellerino castillo's

28.000.1986 I had a meeting with El Salvador US Ambassador, Edwin Corr, in regards to Wally Grasheim, Pete's Place + Carlos Amador (3:00 p.m.) ...
Political Friendster - Rate Connection - Cocaine connected to ...

00.000.1986 DEA El Salvador, initiated a file on Walter L. Grasheim (TG-87-0003). ... Steel Re: Mr. Grasheim (Col. Steel admitted that he had given an M-16 to ...
Contra-Intelligence on Oliver North-by Celerino Castillo 3rd ...

"Grasheim came up with the idea to prepare a military raid on an airport in ...

Grasheim told General Gorman this and then right after, Rodriguez came to ...
Gang Member Called City's Most Violent Gets Death Sentence

DEA Reports on Grasheim . OIG Interviews related to the Grasheim case. Felix Rodriguez ... Closing of the Grasheim case. Investigation of Carlos Amador ...
Celerino Castillo 1986, DEA El Salvador, initiated a file on Walter L. Grasheim (TG-87-0003). ...

29.Oct.1986 Talked to DEA HQS (John Martch) re Contras & Grasheim .
C.I.A. IG Report - Vol II - Oliver North is Toast!

The CIA report also, referring to him as an unnamed "American citizen", utterly trashes + disavows the spook Wally Grasheim who Castillo arrested on drug ...

GRASHEIM told General Gorman this +

00.000.---- -then right after- RODRIGUEZ came to see GRASHEIM without warning + asked to talk about the idea RODRIGUEZ told ...
Powderburns Congressional Testimony

00.000.1986 DEA El Salvador, initiated a file on Walter L. Grasheim (TG-87-0003) ...

He advised that the U.S Embassy had approved for Grasheim to work at Ilopango ...
Ollie & Drugs

Grasheim is also known to carry DEA+ FBI + CIA credentials to smuggle cocaine.

Grasheim lost his life while accompanying CIA contract arms smuggler ...
Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 53

Walter 'Wally' Grasheim was another smuggler tagged by Castillo. ... Grasheim is also known to carry DEA + FBI + CIA credentials to smuggle cocaine. ...
The Reagan-Bush Drug Legacy in Central America

Informant STG6 had identified Grasheim as "head of smuggling operations" at Ilopango.

27.Oct.1986 Castillo opened a file on Grasheim, as part of a ...
The Reagan-Bush Drug Legacy in Central America - The Smirking Chimp

"Grasheim owns + operates Hangar #4," alleged the informant who worked at the airport.

"Said hangar is utilized by international cocaine and arms ...
CIA-Contra-Crack Cocaine Controversy

The only one who knew Grasheim was the Commander of U.S. Milgroup in El Salvador, ...

According to Castillo, Grasheim also told Corr that "If I go down, ...
CIA-Contra-Crack Cocaine Controversy

Reina recalled hearing from Castillo that the Salvadoran government had been enthusiastic about Castillo's investigation of Grasheim, but Castillo later ...
07.Dec.2000 99-6259 - Grasheim v. Corr –In his complaint Grasheim, who apparently was a USA citizen, alleged that

00.000.-----00.000.---- -from-... Based thereon, Grasheim asserted a Bivens claim under Bivens v. ...
download wordperfect version 18737 bytes - HTML-Version
In his complaint Grasheim, who apparently was a United States citizen, ...

In that search, in which no drugs were apparently found, Grasheim alleged that ...
Wally Grasheim GRASHEIM WALLY. pages searched: 25. These names share the indicated number of pages with the ...

16.Mar.2007 The Consortium ... by another contra arms broker, Barbara Studley, who worked closely with retired Gen. ...

As North's pilots were carrying those bags of cash from Miami, ...
Unit 128 Masterpoint Change of Rank

Barbara Studley, Boynton Beach, FL, Junior Master ...

Zibi Palowski, Miami, FL, Bronze Life Master.

Abha Patel, Port St Lucie, FL, Bronze Life Master ...
The origins of Iran-Contra: Lessons from the Durrani Affair

15.Mar.1984 “Letter” Ron Harel, Maced Marketing Consultancy & Development to Barbara Studley, Geo-MiliTech Consultants Corp., Miami Lakes, Florida,
Right Web | Profile |

United States Council for World Freedom

This one was brought by the stockholders of the Miami Bayshore Bank naming Singlaub as a participant with Barbara Studley --a TV personality+head off...
Conspiracy Planet-Al Martin-

Bush Family Crime Story: Iran ...

Anyway Wendy St. Charles was a friend of Barbara Studley's . ...

00.000.1983 Miami field office FBI Memorandum 12B-151 -It was also that flight that generated the- ...

With Barbara Studley, Singlaub s partner in the arms firm GeoMiliTech, ... Stephen J. Hedges, "Talk show host traded callers for cause," Miami Herald, 11.Jun---- ... Post

In another circuit of flights, Tolliver + his crew flew between Miami + ... Grasheim also claims that he met with Barbara Studley + John Singlaub + ...

Second Interview with Robert Parry—(Two 30-minute segments

Barcella represented Barbara Studley, the president of GMT, the Washington-based ... submitted a sworn affidavit in an arms-to-Iraq case in Miami .

MAFIA, S&L FRAUD ... Singlaub + Barbara Studley, the head of GeoMiliTech, ...

16.Mar.2007 -now-a Miami lawyer- Valerie Shea was Shelly's best friend in junior high school + high school: "We ...
NACLA Digital Archive-

Beyond the Secret Team With Barbara Studley, Singlaub s partner in the arms firm GeoMiliTech, ... Miami arms dealer David Duncan said that South Africa sent 15 to 20 trainers to the ...
SBN Vol 3 No 2 - View as HTML
(Just West of University Drive, behind Miami Subs) ... Barbara Studley Boynton Beach FL.

Richard Poinsett. Estero FL.

Rosemary Di Carlo. Boca Raton FL ...
20050113 Studley, the former beauty queen from Miami who became a conservative ... represented Barbara Studley, the president of GMT, ...
Castillo Addresses the House Select Committee on Intelligence ...

Louis + Miami, the ride through the criminal justice funhouse is just getting started.

A former St. Paul cop has just copped a plea + now former cops ...
NETZEITUNG WIRTSCHAFT: Papst billigt Kampf gegen den Terror Bei der Abwehr müssten jedoch moralische und rechtliche Regeln eingehalten ... Die strafrechtliche Verantwortung sei immer an Personen gebunden. ...
Beck stellte den Wahrheitsgehalt der Aussage von Scheich Mohammed in Frage: "In unserem Rechtssystem wäre ein solches Geständnis, bei dem Folter nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann, die Aussage unter Ausschluss der Anwesenheit eines Rechtsbeistands zustande gekommen und im übrigen zensiert ist, in keinem Verfahren verwertbar", sagte der Grünen-Rechtsexperte.
Der Leiter der Organisation, Kenneth Roth, warf der US-Regierung vor, sie missbrauche ihre Zensurrecht, wenn sie damit Informationen zurückhalte, "nur weil diese ungelegen oder ungesetzlich sein könnten". Die Foltervorwürfe müssten untersucht "statt unterdrückt" werden.

Terrorismusexperte Rolf Tophoven hat ebenfalls Bedenken am Geständnis des Scheichs. Es sei schwer zu bewerten, welche Aussagen von Scheich Mohammed auf Folter zurückzuführen seien, äußerte er sich in der "Berliner Zeitung". "Aber auch die Amerikaner wissen, dass unter Folter erpresste Geständnisse nur wenig Informationsgehalt haben und nicht zur Aufklärung oder neuen Fahndungserfolgen beitragen", sagte der Experte vom Institut für Terrorismusforschung in Essen.
Al- Qaida: Pearls Eltern haben Zweifel am Geständnis von Scheich Mohammed
16.Mar.2007 Bolivien: Koka- Bauern wollen Coca Cola den Namen verbieten
16.Mar.2007 Proteste: Polizei in Pakistan nimmt 100 Oppositionelle fest
16.Mar.2007 Wirtschafts- Optimismus: Ifo- Chef Sinn prophezeit Aufschwung bis 2010
16.Mar.2007 Flieger für Britische Armee: EADS- Konsortium winkt Auftrag über 18,5- Milliarden- Euro

16.Mar.2007 MP3- Lizenzen: Zoll durchsucht Cebit- Messestände
1880-16.Mar.2007 US- Forscher: Winter war der weltweit wärmste -seit-

16.Mar.2007 Umwelt: Gabriel kündigt Klimaschutz- Fahrplan an

16.Mar.2007 Volkskongress: China schützt Privateigentum
16.Mar.2007 15. MÄRZ 2007 Guatemala: Spirituelles Großreinemachen nach Bush- Besuch
16.Mar.2007 Niederlage für Demokraten: Republikaner wehren Irak- Abzugsfrist ab

16.Mar.2007 Ungarn: Krawalle in Budapest - Massenprotest gegen Regierung
16.Mar.2007 Dicker Brocken: Finnwal verirrt sich nach Flensburg
16.Mar.2007 Inder gegen Franzosen: Milliarden- Wettstreit um Hamburger Windanlagen- Firma

16.Mar.2007 Irak- Abzug: Demokraten drängen Bush in die Enge
15.Mar.2007 Kuiper Belt Collision Found; Possible Comet Source - Zonk 32 - siglercm writes

"Astronomers have detected the remnants of an ancient collision in the Kuiper Belt, the region of bodies found outside of our solar system. The massive impact between a nearly Pluto-sized body and one half as large created a 'collisional family' of objects; this is the first such family identified in the Kuiper Belt. The largest body produced may cross Neptune's orbit in the distant future, but it's possible that smaller objects created by the smash-up have already fallen into the inner solar system as comets."
Web Censorship on the Increase - Zonk 76 - mid-devonian writes

"Close on the heels of the temporary blocking of YouTube by a Turkish judge, a group of academics has published research showing that Web censorship is on the increase worldwide. As many as two dozen countries are blocking content using a variety of techniques. Distressingly, the most censor-heavy countries (which includes China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Burma and Uzbekistan) seem to be passing on their technologically sophisticated techniques to other areas of the world. 'New censorship techniques include the periodic barring of complete applications, such as China's block on Wikipedia or Pakistan's ban on Google's blogging service + the use of more advanced technologies such as 'keyword filtering', which is used to track down material by identifying sensitive words.'"
Yellowstone Supervolcano Making Strange Rumblings - Zonk 231 - Frosty Piss writes

"Supervolcanoes can sleep for centuries or millennia before producing incredibly massive eruptions that can drop ash across an entire continent. One of the largest supervolcanoes in the world lies beneath Yellowstone National Park. Significant activity continues beneath the surface. And the activity has been increasing lately, scientists have discovered. In addition, the nearby Teton Range of mountains is somehow getting shorter. The findings, reported this month in the Journal of Journal of Geophysical Research, suggest that a slow and gradual movement of a volcano over time can shape a landscape more than a violent eruption."
Genetically Modified Maize Is Toxic — Greenpeace - kdawson 560 - gandracu writes

"It appears that a variety of genetically modified maize produced by Monsanto is toxic for the liver and kidneys. What's worse, Monsanto knew about it and tried to conceal the facts in its own publications. Greenpeace fought in court to obtain the data and had it analyzed by a team of experts. MON863, the variety of GM maze in question, has been authorized for markets in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico + the Philippines. Here are Greenpeace's brief on the study and their account of how the story was unearthed (both PDFs)."
Assignment Zero Tests Pro-Am Journalism - kdawson 49 - Jay Rosen writes

"Assignment Zero is a pro-am, open-platform reporting project. The investigation: crowd sourcing and peer production are a social trend growing well beyond tech. Why is this happening? Partners: NewAssignment.Net and, with Newsvine. From the Wired essay: 'We're trying to figure something out here. Can large groups of widely scattered people, working together voluntarily on the net, report on something happening in their world right now + by dividing the work wisely tell the story more completely, while hitting high standards in truth, accuracy and free expression?' 'We want out readers and our sources to be one and the same. We think it will make for better journalism.'"
KSM: The Ultimate Patsy "Confesses" - Paul Joseph Watson -Go back to sleep, you can trust a press release from a heavily redacted secret military tribunal of a tortured detainee
Martinez: ‘I’m Not Sure Rove Had Much To Do With’ Attorney Purge - Faiz -

On ’s The Situation Room, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) claimed that Karl Rove did not have much to do with the Bush administration’s partisan purge of eight U.S. attorneys.

Martinez — who also serves as the Republican National Committee Chairman — rejected demands by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) that Rove appear before the Senate to discuss his role in the attorney purge. “Well, I can see how Harriet Miers would be an appropriate witness. I’m not so sure if Karl Rove has much to do with this,” he said. Watch it:

Just last month, a top Justice Department official told Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a letter that the “Department is not aware of Karl Rove playing any role in the decision to appoint [Rove ally Tim] Griffin” as U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. But recent reports have provided evidence that “all roads lead to Rove“:

00.Jan.2005 -in early-“[T]he idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove,

indicating Rove was more involved in the plan than previously acknowledged by the White House.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Rove relayed complaints from Republican officials + others to the Justice Department and the White House counsel’s office.”

In recently-released emails, former Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson writes, “I know that getting [Griffen] appointed was important to Harriet, Karl, et cetera.”

When a GOP chairman in New Mexico complained about a U.S. Attorney, Rove reportedly told him, “He’s gone.”

News reports indicate that Rove’s office may have been involved in problems involving the U.S. Attorney from Washington state, John McKay. Transcript: (more…)
15.Mar.2007 Breaking: New E-Mails Show Rove, Gonzales Had Deeper Role In U.S. Attorney Firings - Think Progress -

ABC News reports that new emails reveal that the plan for firing U.S. Attorneys originated in the White House.

Both Karl Rove + Alberto Gonzales discussed the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys in early January 2005. From the article:

New unreleased e-mails from top administration officials show the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove

00.Jan.2005 -in early- indicating Rove was more involved in the plan than previously acknowledged by the White House.

The e-mails also show Attorney General Alberto Gonzales discussed the idea of firing the attorneys en masse while he was still White House counsel — weeks before he was confirmed as attorney general.

The e-mails directly contradict White House assertions that the notion originated with recently departed White House counsel Harriet Miers and was her idea alone.

UPDATE: ABC notes notes that the “latest e-mails show that Gonzales and Rove were both involved in the discussion + neither rejected it out of hand.”

That contradicts what Gonzales said during his press conference on Friday:

QUESTION: Can you explain what the White House role is specifically in your successor, Harriet Miers, suggested that perhaps all U.S. attorneys should be changed over?

Is that the seed that started all of this?

How does that connect to the actual terminations?

GONZALES: As we can all imagine, in an organization of 110,000 people, I am not aware of every bit of information that passes through the halls of the Department of Justice, nor am I aware of all decisions.

As a general matter, some two years ago, I was made aware that there was a request from the White House as to the possibility of replacing all the United States attorneys. That was immediately rejected by me.

I felt that that was a bad idea and it was disruptive.

UPDATE II: On March 6, the White House denied Rove was involved at all:

Q How about Karl Rove’s office? Do you know if he was involved?

DANA PERINO: I don’t believe so.

UPDATE III: On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said that Miers had suggested firing all 93 attorneys + that it was “her idea only.” He added that it “was quickly rejected by the Department of Justice.” But e-mails show that Miers suggested it

00.Feb.2005 ; it was raised by Rove and Gonzales

00.Jan.2005 -“in early-”

UPDATE IV: Earlier in the week, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said

“deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, the president’s top political adviser, vaguely recalls telling Miers that he also thought firing all 93 was ill–advised.”
15.Mar.2007 Boehner says Rove should not testify. - Nico -

The conservative establishment is circling the wagons around Karl Rove. From a press conference today with House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH):

QUESTION: Should the White House allow Karl Rove (inaudible) to testify?

BOEHNER: No, I think you’re violating a precedent there that should not be violated. U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president. The question here is what did happen and why were these seven asked to step down? Now, let’s get the facts and then we can make a judgment.

QUESTION: Does it prove (inaudible)

BOEHNER: They may, but I believe that under the separation of powers, there are limits to the extent to which Congress can subpoena or demand testimony from those who were closest to the president.

Earlier, Senate Judiciary Committee conservatives delayed a vote to subpoena Rove and Miers until next week.
15.Mar.2007 Senate rejects Iraq withdrawal bill, - Nico - MSNBC reports.
15.Mar.2007 Rove: Attorney Scandal ‘A Lot Of Politics’ - Nico -

Karl Rove was asked about the U.S. Attorney purge during an event today in Troy, AL. There was no talk of “mistakes” made or actions not “handle[d] properly,” a phrase White House Press Secretary Tony Snow used today.

Instead, Rove repeated the false ‘Clinton did it too’ line several times + concluded: “This to my mind is a lot of politics + I understand that’s what Congress has the right to play around with + they’re gonna do it.” Watch it: UPDATE: Paul Kiel has more.
15.Mar.2007 House committee approves Iraq withdrawal plan. - Amanda -

“A Democratic plan to require the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq passed its first test

on Thursday as the House Appropriations Committee voted to endorse the proposal, overcoming Republican opposition.

Members voted 37-27 along party lines to uphold a provision in a $124 billion war spending legislation that calls for troops to leave Iraq before September 2008 + possibly sooner if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks.”

UPDATE: Via The Gavel, Ranking Member Jerry Lewis (R-CA) offered an amendment that would have stripped language restricting the use of troops who are not properly equipped or trained.

“The effort was defeated shortly after Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Chairman John Murtha spoke against it.” Watch Murtha’s speech, it’s powerful:
15.Mar.2007 TIMELINE: Four Years Of War In Iraq - Faiz -

Next Monday marks four years since the invasion of Iraq. ThinkProgress has created a detailed timeline that captures the story of the Iraq war over the past 48 months.

As the war has intensified and escalated, some of the critical details have faded from our memories. Some notable events from the timeline:

28.APR.2004 Images of torture at Abu Ghraib are revealed

23.SEP.2004 Bush: “I saw a poll that said the right track/wrong track in Iraq was better than here in America.”

18.NOV.2005 Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) calls for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq

30.NOV.2005 National Strategy for Victory In Iraq unveiled by White House

17.DEC.2005 Lieberman: Bush has turned corner on Iraq

21.AUG.2006 Bush: “We’re not leaving [Iraq] so long as I’m the president.”

19.MAR.2006 Time Magazine reveals that U.S. Marines killed at least 15 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha the previous November

01.NOV.2006 Classified military briefing reports Iraq “edging toward chaos.”

03.JAN.2007 Death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq reaches 3,000

The timeline catalogues the key events, quotes + pictures of the war. Check it out and spread the word. And make sure to tell us what we missed in the comments section.
15.Mar.2007 Pentagon Redacted Statements of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Discussing Torture - Satyam -

According to a Pentagon transcript released yesterday, Khalid Sheik Mohammed confessed to masterminding 9/11 and “more than 30 other terror attacks or plots” at a military hearing held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Known among CIA officers as “Al-Qaeda’s toughest prisoner” in Guantanamo Bay, Mohammed has long been the subject of extreme interrogation techniques, including water boarding. “CIA officers who subjected themselves to the water boarding technique lasted an average of 14 seconds before caving in…KSM won the admiration of interrogators when he was able to last between two and two-and-a-half-minutes before begging to confess.” The CIA also reportedly abducted his seven- and nine-year-old sons and flew them to the United States for interrogation.

In his remarks to a military tribunal, Mohammed raised objections to the treatment he received, but his statements on torture were redacted by the Pentagon in their publicly released transcript:

I know American people are torturing us from seventies. [REDACTED]. I know they are talking human rights. And I know it is against American constitution, against American laws.

Mohammed claimed that CIA interrogators warned him he would be subjected to illegal treatment, calling it “bad luck”:

They said every law, they have exceptions, this is your bad luck you have been part of the exception of our laws.

Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch questioned the legality of the closed-door sessions and whether Mohammed’s confession was actually the result of torture.

“We won’t know that unless there is an independent hearing,” he said.

“We need to know if this purported confession would be enough to convict him at a fair trial or would it have to be suppressed as the fruit of torture?”

See the full Pentagon transcript HERE.

UPDATE: Danger Room and Talk Left have more. Digg It!
15.Mar.2007 Senators delay subpoenas of Rove, Miers. - Amanda -

The Senate Judiciary Committee today “authorized the use of subpoenas to five Justice Department officials in the investigation into the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys. It postponed a vote on the authorization to use subpoenas to compel White House officials to testify, including President Bush’s top political adviser, Karl Rove + former White House counsel Harriet Miers,” at the request of conservative committee members.
15.Mar.2007 Gonzales blocked warrantless spying probe. - Nico -

Murray Waas reports: “Shortly before Attorney General Alberto Gonzales advised President Bush last year on whether to shut down a Justice Department inquiry regarding the administration’s warrantless domestic eavesdropping program, Gonzales learned that his own conduct would likely be a focus of the investigation, according to government records and interviews.”
15.Mar.2007 Congress Probes Report That Soldiers ‘Medically Unfit For Battle’ Are Being Sent To Iraq - Nico -’s Mark Benjamin, who first revealed the squalor at Walter Reed hospital two years ago, this week reported that injured U.S. soldiers are being dispatched back to Iraq:

As the military scrambles to pour more soldiers into Iraq, a unit of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Benning, Ga., is deploying troops with serious injuries and other medical problems, including GIs who doctors have said are medically unfit for battle. Some are too injured to wear their body armor, according to medical records.

Yesterday, House Armed Services Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO) and Military Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Vic Snyder (D-AR) requested an immediate review of this report in a letter to the Government Accountability Office.

Also yesterday, Benjamin appeared on Hardball, one of the few major media outlets to cover the scoop. Benjamin noted that the Army does not dispute the central claim of his report. “When I interviewed the brigade commander here, he is not disputing that he is sending people back to Iraq with some of these problems. What he’s saying is that I’ll put them behind a desk and they’ll be safe,” Benjamin said. “The soldiers frankly just don’t buy it. I mean, they’ve been to Iraq before and there’s just not that many safe places.” Watch it:

Benjamin appeared with Army Sgr. Ronald Jenkins, who was ordered to Iraq despite having spinal fusion surgery that made it extremely difficult for him to wear body armor. Jenkins admitted he was “concerned about reprisal” for speaking out, but said, “this is about taking care of soldiers. And, you know, this is what I’ve done my whole career…and a lot of soldiers, like I said, they can’t speak out.” Jenkins said that since the story was published, he was informed he was no longer being sent to Iraq. Transcript: (more…)
15.Mar.2007 ‘Immorality’ overlooked in time of war. - Nico -

00.000.2006 “The number of homosexuals discharged from the U.S. military under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy dropped significantly according to Pentagon figures released Tuesday

— continuing a sharp decline since the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts began and leading critics to charge that the military is retaining gay men and lesbians because it needs them in a time of war.”
15.Mar.2007 March 15, 2007 - Think Progress -

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has turned down requests from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to testify on the Valerie Plame leak case. Fitzgerald said he did “not believe it would be appropriate for me to offer opinions…about the ultimate responsibility of senior White House officials for the disclosure of Ms. Wilson’s identity.”

Al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed “ responsibility for the 9/11 operation from A to Z,” according to 26 pages of transcripts released from Gitmo by the Pentagon yesterday. Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said, “We need to know if this purported confession would be enough to convict him at a fair trial or would it have to be suppressed as the fruit of torture?”

New York Times editorial board today condemns Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace’s homophobic comments : “General Pace should still apologize for his remarks, forthrightly. Then perhaps some good could come out of his bigoted remarks if they added to the growing movement on Capitol Hill to finally allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military.”

A new poll finds widespread agreement in 17 countries that climate change is a pressing problem . Eighty-five percent of Americans believe global warming is an important or critical threat.

With bipartisan support, the House passed three bills that would “ roll back administration efforts to shield its workings from public view.” The measures would “streamline access to records in presidential libraries, expand safeguards for government whistle-blowers + strengthen the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).” (more…)
15.Mar.2007 Ukraine's 'oldest man' turns 116 A man thought to be the oldest living person in the world celebrates his 116th birthday.
15.Mar.2007 Key 9/11 figure 'beheaded Pearl' Key al-Qaeda suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says he killed US journalist Daniel Pearl, the Pentagon says.
15.Mar.2007 Iran sanctions go to UN council UN diplomats say they have agreed a package of new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.
15.Mar.2007 Corruption judge 'to quiz Chirac' The French president is reportedly to be questioned by a judge probing a corruption case once he leaves office.
15.Mar.2007 Icy map probes satellite's secrets A global geological map of the Jovian moon Europa is helping scientists understand the history of the icy moon.
15.Mar.2007 Exxon mulls future in Venezuela US oil giant Exxon Mobil mulls its future in Venezuela as the country's president drives through nationalisation plans.
15.Mar.2007 Shock jump in US producer prices February US producer prices jump by more than forecast, boosted by food, toy and energy costs, data shows.
15.Mar.2007 Sinking the Royal Navy British lawmakers approve Tony Blair's plan to begin R&D on a new class of ballistic missile submarines to replace the current Vanguard class. In Danger Room.
10.May 2001 NucNews-

00.000.1975 The UI began as an association of uranium producers but over time ...

The Timocka Krimi Revija said the 50 bodies were found near the eastern ...
Neue Solidarität Kernthemen: Südwestasienkrise

Wenn man die Lage in Washington mit zwei Stichworten charakterisieren sollte, dann wären diese einerseits " October Surprise " + andererseits "Impeachment".
Fussnoten: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (B 9/2004) 20, Vgl. ders.,

October Surprise : American Hostages and the Election of Ronald Reagan, New York 1991;

R. Parry, Trick or Treason: The October Surprise ...

Was das "Marsis"-Instrument an Bord der europäischen Raumsonde "Mars Express" nun aber entdeckte, übertraf die Erwartungen: eine bis zu 3700 Meter dicke Schicht aus fast reinem Eis.

Radar-Messungen: Eis am Mars-Südpol

Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (3 Bilder)

Das gefrorene Wasser hat ein Gesamtvolumen von 1,6 Millionen Kubikkilometern, schreiben die Forscher um Jeffrey Plaut vom Jet Propulsion Laboratory der Nasa im Fachblatt "Science" (Online-Vorabveröffentlichung). Das entspricht in etwa zwei Dritteln des Grönland-Eises. Diese Menge würde reichen, den Mars unter einer elf Metern dicken Wasserschicht verschwinden zu lassen, würde das Eis schmelzen.

Downer erklärte, er habe keinerlei Bedenken wegen der Umstände, unter denen die Geständnisse des Scheichs zustande gekommen seien. Auch dass Mohammed in Guantanamo festgehalten werde, berührt den Minister nicht. "Welche Klagen es auch immer über Guantanamo gibt, mein Herz blutet nicht wegen eines Mannes, der zugibt, für eine ganze Reihe absolut abscheulicher Grausamkeiten ganz oder teilweise verantwortlich zu sein."

Der Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) sind die Verhörmethoden dagegen nicht gleichgültig - auch im Falle des Terroristen Mohammed. HRW-Direktor Kenneth Roth stellte heute die Legalität des Verhörs und des Geständnisses in Frage. Letzteres könnte durch Folter erpresst worden sein. Dass die Ermittler mit Mohammed nicht zimperlich umgegangen sind, war wiederholt vermutet worden.

So soll er unter anderem durch das so genannte "waterboarding" zum Reden gebracht worden sein. Dabei wird das Gesicht mit einem Tuch bedeckt und dieses immer wieder mit Wasser begossen.

Der Gefolterte kann so kaum mehr atmen und hat das Gefühl zu ertrinken. Das US-Justizministerium soll diese Methode in der Vergangenheit im Falle Mohammeds ausdrücklich erlaubt haben.
11.Sep.2001 -der fast 3000 Menschen den Tod brachte, wäre ohne KSM gar nicht möglich gewesen.
15.Mar.2007 Radar- Messungen: Riesige Eismassen am Mars- Südpol entdeckt
15.Mar.2007 Weltall- Desaster: Tiefensee wirft Industrie Versagen bei Milliarden- Satellitenprojekt vor
15.Mar.2007 Überraschende Nebenwirkungen: Spritztour auf Schlaftablette
15.Mar.2007 Münchner Islamisten- Jagd: Studenten erwägen Klage gegen "Spitzel- Aufruf"
15.Mar.2007 Mohammed- Aussage: "Ich habe Daniel Pearl enthauptet"
Kohle: Energie der Zukunft - Gefahr für die Menschheit
15.Mar.2007 Chalid Scheich Mohammed: Das Testament des Chef- Terroristen

15.Mar.2007 Kirchen: Bischöfe fordern Gottesbezug in EU- Verfassung
15.Mar.2007 Australien: Hochstapler nimmt monatelang an Sicherheitstreffen teil
15.Mar.2007 Netzwelt- Ticker: Google sorgt sich um die Privatsphäre

15.Mar.2007 Blutgerinnsel bei der Arbeit: Touristenklasse- Syndrom lauert auch im Büro

15.Mar.2007 Umfrage: Deutsche sehen Aufschwung nicht als Verdienst der Regierung

15.Mar.2007 Scheich Mohammed: Streit über Geständnis des Terror- Planers
15.Mar.2007 Deutsch- amerikanisches Verhältnis: US- General wirbt für Raketenschild
15.Mar.2007 Afghanistan: Bundeswehrsoldat verweigert "Tornado"- Einsatz
15.Mar.2007 Scheich Mohammed: Das Hirn des 11.Sep.2001

15.Mar.2007 Erneuerbare Energien: Öko ja - nur nicht bei mir
15.Mar.2007 CO2- Quiz: Sind Sie ein Klimaexperte?
15.Mar.2007 Bundesgerichtshof: Anti- Nazi- Symbole sind nicht strafbar
15.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Ahmadinedschad spottet über neue Iran- Sanktionen

15.Mar.2007 Ehrgeiziges Vorhaben: Russen wollen Menschen zum Mars schicken
15.Mar.2007 Terror- Planer Scheich Mohammed: "Ich war verantwortlich von A bis Z"

Sur le site de The Guardian
Washington hawks get power boost
Rumsfeld is winning the debate
Julian Borger in Washington
17.Dec.2001 America's top sabre-rattlers
Donald Rumsfeld

-A veteran of the cold war chosen by the vice-president, Dick Cheney, in the face of opposition from Colin Powell, now secretary of state.

His radical policies + abrasive manner initially provoked resistance from the Pentagon generals.

But the war on terrorism has made him the most powerful member of the cabinet + he is expanding his influence into foreign policy fields normally managed by the secretary of state.
Paul Wolfowitz

-Mr Rumsfeld's deputy + the foremost exponent of a new war against Saddam Hussein.

He is a former academic with a wide-ranging network of travellers and sympathisers, commonly referred to in Washington as the "Wolfowitz cabal".
Doug Feith

The Pentagon's policy supremo + a former director of the Centre for Security Policy (CSP), who has led the charge for a more pro-Israel Middle East policy.
Frank Gaffney

-a former defence policy official + Rumsfeld acolyte who now runs the CSP - a thinktank and ideological seminary for young hawks.

He advocates the scrapping of the Oslo peace process, the forceful promotion of the national missile defence system + a settling of scores with Baghdad.
Richard Perle

-Known as Ronald Reagan's "prince of darkness" for his distaste for disarmament treaties + his hawkish attitude towards the Soviet Union.

Mr Perle retains an important role in the defence policy board, a Pentagon thinktank which he chairs.
John Bolton

-The hawks' man inside the state department.

Despite the objections of Colin Powell,

he was appointed undersecretary of state for arms control, non-proliferation and international security, even though he is a committed unilateralist who opposes global arms treaties on principle.
Zalmay Khalilzad

-the top Afghan-American in the administration.

Three years ago, he signed a joint letter with Donald Rumsfeld + other hawks, calling on the Clinton administration to topple Saddam.
He is seeking to take over the Middle East portfolio when Bruce Reidel steps down later this month.

The gathering for a recent dinner at an expensive Washington hotel was officially to honour the "Keepers of the Flame"

- US security officials deemed by their more conservative colleagues to have fought the good fight for bigger defence budgets and tougher policies.
It was also a celebration.
The mostly casualty-free military successes in Afghanistan have significantly boosted the power of

Washington's "super-hawks"

-a tight-knit group of former cold warriors who have returned from more than a decade in policy exile to grasp the levers of power once more.
"It's taken us 13 years to get here, but we've arrived," the evening's host,

Frank Gaffney, the head of a hawkish Washington thinktank, declared to applause + murmurs of agreement.
The new defence establishment clustered around the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld + his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, is clearly winning the policy debate against the state department.

US to Abandon Arms Control Treaty

A panel appointed by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has recommended ... missile defenses with arms control + a working relationship with Moscow.
US to Abandon Arms Control Treaty

A panel appointed by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has recommended vastly increased ... + which has drawn sharp objections from Moscow + Beijing. ...
US presses for quick shield deal | Special reports | Guardian ...

Mr Bolton insisted, as did the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, in Moscow

last week,

that there would be no American violation of the ABM treaty, ...,7369,541163,00.html
Kremlin resists charms of Star Wars | Special reports | Guardian ... Ian Traynor in Moscow Monday

13.Aug.2001 The Guardian-yesterday the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, signalled that - contrary to speculation ...,7369,535913,00.html
Nuclear Arms Key to New Russia-US Talks

A top US arms official flies into Moscow this week for talks with Russian ... US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld last week failed to persuade his Russian ...
US, Russia to Resume Talks on Missile Defense, Nuclear Arms Rumsfeld then will go to Moscow for talks

13.Aug.2001-14.Aug.2001 with Russian Defense ... missile defense + nuclear arms in Washington this week as senior defense ...
AEI - Short Publications The

00.000.2006 Quadrennial Defense Review ...

It continues, “The terrorist attacks on 11.Sep.2001 imposed a powerful sense of urgency to transforming the ...,pubID.24047/pub_detail.asp
2001 Joint Operations Symposium

QDR 2001 -After- 11.Sep.2001 : Implications for Strategy, Transformation, ... of the 11.Sep.2001 incident on the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) as ...
Österreichs Bundesheer-ÖMZ-Ausgabe 1/

00.000.2003 -Kontinuität + ...

11.Sep.2001 markiert das Ende der Übergangszeit nach dem Ende des Kalten ...

00.000.1997 -von-Bereits die Quadrennial Defense Review warnte vor einer solchen ...

15.Mar.2007 Quadrennial Defense Review Report - Homeland Stupidity

11.Sep.2001 -“Since the attacks of- our Nation has fought a global war ... This

00.000.2006 Quadrennial Defense Review is submitted in the fifth year of this ...
Disarmament Diplomacy: - Documents & Sources

11.Sep.2001 -Even before the attack of- , ..."The Quadrennial Defense Review was undertaken during a crucial time of transition to a new era.
Eurozine - Articles

11.Sep.2001 entwickelt.

"Auch ohne diese Angriffe", schreibt der Politologe ... [13] Quadrennial Defence Review Report (QDR), Department of Defence, ...
Untitled Document 11.Sep.2001 gegen die USA führten nicht nur zu grundlegenden ... Der U.S. Quadrennial Defense Review Report des Jahres 2001 listete China als einen der ...

15.Mar.2007 Le Monde diplomatique 11.Sep.2001 entwickelt. "Auch ohne diese Angriffe", schreibt der Politologe ... (13) Quadrennial Defence Review Report (QDR), Department of Defense, ...,a0056.idx,19

11.Sep.2001-15.Mar.2007 China + die USA: Washingtons Fernostpolitik

11.Sep.2001 -nach dem- veröffentlichte das Pentagon die

11.Sep.2001 -im Anschluss an den- umfassend revidierte Quadrennial Defence Review . [31] Was China anging,

11.Sep.2001 Die USA + China -nach dem- HTML-Version
amerikanischen Dokumenten zum Ausdruck:

30.Sep.2001 -Der Quadrennial Defense Review Report vom- . 7. ,. die neue Nationale Sicherheitsstrategie ...
Essay von Michael T. Klare zur Bush-Politik

So kann man in einem Beitrag des US-Verteidigungsministeriums in der Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) vom 11.Sep.2001 nachlesen: «Die Vereinigten Staaten ...
The 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review, the FY 2003 Defense Budget ...

30.Sep.2001 the Department of Defense (DoD) released its 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) report.

A major theme of the new defense strategy ...

SAS - hegemonialer Militärplanung

00.Sep.2001 veröffentlichte die Bush-Administration die Quadrennial Defense Review 2001 ( QDR01 ): ein Dokument zur Sicherheitspolitik + ...
Hypermacht USA: Von der Abschreckung zur Präventiven Kriegsführung ? - HTML-Version Im

30.Sep.2001 Quadrennial Defense Review“(QDR), der im wesentlichen vom

11.Sep.2001 noch unbeeinflusst ist, wurde von dem Plan der US Streitkräfte, ...
00.000.2001 QDR-Defense Strategy Review Page, a compendium of online ... The Quadrennial Defense Review 2001 Office of the Secretary of Defense,

30.Sep.2001 -pdf-Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.
Quadrennial Defense Review Report - HTML-Version
11.Sep.2001 -before the terror attacks on-the USA-The Quadrennial Defense Review + the accompanying report were largely completed. www.defense
Report cmyk.indd - HTML-Version
Quadrennial Defense Review Report. v.


The United


is a


engaged. in what. will be. a long. war.

11.Sep.2001 -Since the attacks of-, ...
16.Aug.2001 -Online NewsHour:Newsmaker: Donald Rumsfeld-Secretary of Defense returns from Moscow to discuss the ...

... for us the tone of your meetings with the Russians in Moscow earlier this week .
04.Feb.2002 Online NewsHour: Sec. Donald Rumsfeld: Part Two- Defense Secretary Rumsfeld returns from Moscow to talk about the ...

And we're still finding documents as recently as this week that demonstrate that fact.

The suspicious rapidity of the instant press release aside, why did the World Trade Center's website carry such a blatantly fallacious explanation for the collapse of the first tower?

Even the layman knows that any modern building is anchored by core columns, not "outside cladding," + the twin towers were no different.

To rest a building's integrity on its "outside cladding" is a reversal of all commonly accepted architectural knowledge.

Why was the World Trade Center website peddling this nonsense in contradiction with the words of the twin tower's own designers?

Included in over a dozen examples compiled here, Frank A. Demartini, on-site construction manager for the World Trade Center, said that the towers could sustain "multiple impacts of jetliners" without collapsing.

In addition, Leslie Robertson, one of the two original structural engineers for the World Trade Center, stated that,

“The twin towers were in fact the first structures outside the military + nuclear industries designed to resist the impact of a jet airplane.”
15.Mar.2007 Satellites track monster whirlpool off the NSW coast 

A massive, mysterious whirlpool of cold water has developed off the coast of Sydney, forcing the sea surface to fall almost 1m and ocean currents to change course. posted by Prof. Hex
15.Mar.2007 Mexican Wrestler Campaigns to Stop the Enemies of the Sea 

Mexico's famous professional wrestler "Hijo del Santo," or "Son of the Saint" broadened his battle arena

08.Mar.2007 to encompass the Pacific Ocean's eastern coastline, where overfishing, turtle egg hunting + pollution are threatening marine resources. posted by Prof. Hex
15.Mar.2007 Olmert's Testimony Reveals the Real Goal of the War in Lebanon -By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
Israel's supposedly "defensive" assault on Hizbullah last summer, in which more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed in a massive aerial bombardment that ended with Israel littering the country's south with cluster bombs, was cast in a definitively different light last week by Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert.

15.Mar.2007 The Goy Who Cried Wolf -By Sarah Posner - The Israel lobby gives America's leading "Christian" right warmonger a warm welcome. Continue
15.Mar.2007 The Arab Peace Initiative: This Time, Israeli is Missing an Historic Opportunity

15.Mar.2007 In case you missed it: The Arab Peace Initiative, 2002 : Official translation of the full text of a Saudi-inspired peace plan adopted by the Arab summit in Beirut, 2002.

15.Mar.2007 U.S. allies in Africa may have engaged in secret prisoner renditions: A network of U.S. allies in East Africa secretly have transferred to prisons in Somalia and Ethiopia at least 80 people who were captured in Kenya while fleeing the recent war in Somalia, according to human rights advocates here.

15.Mar.2007 VA system reaches limit, study says: Investigators say Bush effort to relieve backlog likely will be unsuccessful

15.Mar.2007 Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust : Hold on to your assets. The deepest housing decline in 16 years is about to get worse.

15.Mar.2007 Is America Headed for a Depression?: The elements are now in place for the first time in 80 years for America to sink into a depression
15.Mar.2007 US warned against attacking Iran: A group of nuclear physicists, military experts and diplomats has warned the United States + its military allies against launching an Iraq-style pre-emptive war on Iran to cripple its purported nuclear arms programme, saying such an attack would escalate the global risk of a nuclear holocaust.

15.Mar.2007 No military bases for US if it attacks Iran: Kasuri : Pakistan will not provide military bases to the United States if it launches attacks on Iran, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri said. He said an attack on Iran will leave a negative impact on the politics and economics of not only Pakistan but the entire region.

15.Mar.2007 U.S. Puppet fears strings may be cut: US looks at plan to oust Musharraf : Reports yesterday quoting highly placed US diplomatic and intelligence officials - previously rusted on to the view that General Musharraf was an indispensable Western ally in the battle against terrorism - outlined a succession plan to replace him.

15.Mar.2007 No chance of extremist government in Pakistan, says ex-CIA official: There is no chance of an extremist government coming to power in Pakistan any time soon + if something happens to General Pervez Musharraf tomorrow, another general would step in," says former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official Robert Richer.

15.Mar.2007 In case you missed it: US pressurizing Pak to get its support for attack on Iran: Gul: Former ISI Chief, Gen (retd) Hameed Gul has said that the Untied States is paving the way to use Pakistan's territory for its expected attack on Iran in order to shift the blame of its failure in Afghanistan to Pakistan.

15.Mar.2007 Will the peace process survive Musharraf?: . Under pressure by the Americans (Vice President Cheney's recent visit) to do more against the Taliban and a nation that has seemingly placed the US as the prime hate object, dethroning India, Musharraf is indeed caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

15.Mar.2007 Pig at the trough: Pelosi stand on war in Iraq bothers Israel lobby: But House speaker insists U.S. commitment to security of Jewish state is unshakable

Pigs at the trough: Hillary, Obama woo Jewish vote: Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are going head to head for the money and backing of Jewish voters, trying to woo them by asserting their support for Israel and concern about Iran.

15.Mar.2007 Israel and US walk out during Iran's speech : Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki accused Israel + the United States yesterday of posing the main threats to the security of the Middle East, the US and Israeli delegations walked out during the speech.

15.Mar.2007 Iran will respond if UN adopts sanctions: Foreign Minister : Ljubljana. Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that Iran would respond "in equal measure" if the UN Security Council passes a resolution approving tougher sanctions against Tehran, AFP reported.

15.Mar.2007 The Seymour Hersh Mystery: A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder… And No One Notices
15.Mar.2007 What's It All About, Nancy? -By Linda O'Brien-Once Again, the Dems have Betrayed the Safety of the U.S. to Protect their Political Careers. Continue

15.Mar.2007 Bloggers vs. the Lobby
Israel’s propaganda fortress faces a surprising new challenge. -By Scott McConnell
On New Year’s Day, Israeli superhawk Benjamin Netanyahu called for an “intense international public relations front” to persuade Americans of the need for military confrontation with Iran. The sight of John Edwards addressing a conference in Israel by satellite feed, along with John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich + Mitt Romney—the latter two actually flew in to speak in person—indicated that the front already exists.
Continue 15.Mar.2007 After the Event -By Scott Ritter
Hans Blix has decided that the Iraq war was 'clearly illegal'. Fine, but discovering a bit of backbone now is four years too late.

15.Mar.2007 Just and Unjust War -By Howard Zinn
Some people have believed that war is not just inevitable but desirable. It is adventure and excitement, it brings out the best qualities in men--courage, comradeship + sacrifice. It gives respect and glory to a country.

00.000.1897 Theodore Roosevelt wrote to a friend, "In strict confidence...I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one." Continue

15.Mar.2007 Suckered Again - Abandonment of Vets is a Military Tradition -By Ted Rall
Americans were dismayed to learn that soldiers wounded in Afghanistan andIraq--"fallen heroes," as network news calls them--were being warehoused in Building 18, a rat- and roach-infested satellite of the Army's Walter Reed Medical Center.

15.Mar.2007 Closing the Gap Between Torturer and Victim - By John Pilger
John Pilger reports on new revelations that torturers in America's 'war on terror' were directed personally by the US secretary of defence. He argues that the historical antedote to such barbarity is the new exuberant democracy movement in Latin America.

15.Mar.2007 Damn Right, We're Angry yBy Paul Waldman
We’re angry because of what has happened to our country, because of how we’ve been treated + because of the innumerable crimes the conservatives have committed. We’re angry at the president, we’re angry at the Congress, we’re angry at the news media. And we have every right to be.

15.Mar.2007 An Interview with Sibel Edmonds: -What if the FBI Hired Someone Honest to Look into 9-11? -By David Swanson
Edmonds discusses what she knows, whom it implicates + what she's been through and what hope there is in the new Congress to start an investigation.
Audio And Transcript

15.Mar.2007 Leahy Says He?ll Subpoena Rove, Discusses Potential Crimes Involved In Attorney Purge
Feinstein: Lam Fired Over Cunningham Prosecution

15.Mar.2007 Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water (Hardcover)
Sidney Blumenthal: All Roads Lead to Rove 3/15

15.Mar.2007 Joe Galloway: A desperate Army is scraping the bottom 3/15
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Calls for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' ouster escalated late Wednesday when the first Republican lawmaker joined in. 3/15
"Attention to those 6,000,000+ folks who live within 40 miles of Washington - huge march planned this Saturday at Pentagon. If not now, when?"
Sampson Hasn't Left the Justice Department After All: "We found out this afternoon after the attorney general's press conference that Mr. Sampson is still there while he, quote, 'goes job hunting.' Come on; if you did something wrong and you're out, you should be out." According to Senator Pat Leahy.
Like the Musicians on the Titanic, Republicans Going Down with the U.S. Bushevik on ProsecutorGate 3/15

15.Mar.2007 The Iraq war casualty figures are worse than you think.

Depleted uranium is killing returned soldiers -- slowly. Children born to veterans show the same birth defects suffered by Iraqi children.

Gulf War II is, in a sense, a nuclear war.
An important new film called Poison DUst -- note the intentionally capitalized DU -- documents this tragedy.
Go here to watch it.

15.Mar.2007 BushCo does not want you to see this film.

If everyone in the country knew the truth, recruitment would drop to zero.

And keep in mind: This administration is doing everything it can to rob returning veterans of their benefits. Permalink # posted by Joseph
15.Mar.2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: Totale Solidarität, totale Freiheit

15.Mar.2007 Börse: Dax springt um 100 Punkte
15.Mar.2007 Pensionszusagen: Bedrohliche Milliardenlücke bei Dax- Konzernen
15.Mar.2007 Zeitungsbericht: BKA warnt nach Video- Drohung vor hoher Terrorgefahr
15.Mar.2007 Ekelige Verteidigung: Raupen würgen um ihr Leben

15.Mar.2007 Drohung mit Jobabbau: US- Autobosse warnen Kongress vor strengeren Klima- Regeln

15.Mar.2007 Palästinensischer Machtkampf: Hamas und Fatah einigen sich auf Einheitsregierung

15.Mar.2007 Schmiergeldzahlungen: Chiquita bekennt sich in US- Terrorverfahren schuldig
15.Mar.2007 Koalitionen: Grünen- Chef Bütikofer ist bereit für die Union

15.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Sechser- Gruppe einigt sich auf neue Sanktionen gegen Iran

15.Mar.2007 Russlands neue Ölpipeline: Bypass für den Bosporus
15.Mar.2007 Guantanamo- Tribunal: Früherer Qaida- Chefplaner bekennt sich zu Anschlägen am 11.Sep.2001
Protecting the sanctity of search requests should be a search engine's top priority, said Kurt Opsahl, staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online civil liberties group.

"You are talking about a potential treasure trove of information," he said. "A person's searches reflect their dreams, hopes and fears."
Under its new standards, Google will wipe out eight bits of the Internet protocol, or IP, address that identifies the origin of specific search requests.

After the IP addresses are altered, the information will be linked to clusters consisting of 256 computers instead of just one.
Google also will depersonalize computer "cookies" - hidden files that enable Web sites to track the online preferences and travels of their visitors.
As the owner of the Internet's largest search engine, Google has been under growing pressure to adopt greater privacy controls. Regulators in Europe have been particularly vocal about their concerns.

With the Incorrect Details of 9/11 Provided by the Military, - BG - Isn't the KSM confession subject to judicial review?
15.Mar.2007 Is There A Secret To The 9/11 Insurance Battle? - Paul Joseph Watson Why is Allianz really holding out on paying Larry Silverstein?
15.Mar.2007 Dresses Made from Wine - samzenpus 68 -
Horar writes "Australian researchers have combined art and science to make dresses from fermented fabric, using bacteria to 'grow' slimy dresses from wine and beer."

15.Mar.2007 Using Google Earth to See Destruction - samzenpus 105 -
"On Monday, an environmental advocacy group [Appalachian Voices] joined with Google to deliver a special interactive layer for Google Earth. This new layer will tell "the stories of over 470 mountains that have been destroyed from coal mining + its impact on nearby ecosystems. Separately, the World Wildlife Fund has added the ability to visit its 150 project sites using Google Earth."

15.Mar.2007 EFF Forces DMCA Abuser to Apologize - samzenpus 148 - destinyland writes

"The EFF just announced victory over a serial abuser of DMCA copyright notices. To set an example, their settlement required Michael Crook to record a video apology to the entire internet for interfering with free speech. He's also required to withdraw every bogus DMCA notice + refrain from future bogus notices, never contest the original image again + take a remedial class on copyright law. He'd attempted to use flaws in the DMCA to censor an embarrassing picture of himself that he just didn't want appearing online — but instead the whole thing backfired."
An ‘immoral’ hero. - Nico -

In an op-ed today, former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY) declared his opposition to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (

00.000.1993 -after voting for it in- ) and wrote this:


WWI. -World War II, a British mathematician named Alan Turing led the effort to crack the Nazis’ communication code.

He mastered the complex German enciphering machine, helping to save the world + his work laid the basis for modern computer science.

Does it matter that Turing was gay? This week, Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said that homosexuality is “immoral” and that the ban on open service should therefore not be changed. Would Pace call Turing “immoral”?

Towleroad points out: “Incidentally, plenty of people did call Turing ‘immoral’ at the time + he killed himself with a cyanide apple a year after being convicted of ‘gross indecency’ after it was discovered he was in a homosexual relationship. Following that conviction he was ordered to undergo hormone therapy or go to prison.”
15.Mar.2007 Subpoena vote set for tomorrow. - Nico -

“The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote Thursday on whether to authorize subpoenas to 14 current and former administration officials,” including Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, former Gonzales aide Kyle Sampson. “Since Rove, Miers + Kelley were just added to the schedule for Thursday’s committee meeting, panel rules allow any member to postpone consideration of the subpoenas for one week.” Will any senator give cover to Rove + Miers?
15.Mar.2007 White House officials using RNC email accounts? - Nico - From Dan Froomkin:

One curious aspect of yesterday’s document dump is that it shows e-mails from J. Scott Jennings, who is Karl Rove’s deputy at the White House, coming from an e-mail address at — a domain owned by the Republican National Committee .

It makes some sense that White House officials might have and use such accounts when they conduct party business, rather than White House business. But the distinction between party and government business seems to have been forgotten here — which I guess is exactly the point.

Eggen and Kane write in The Post: “ Democratic congressional aides said they will investigate whether using the private address for government business violated laws against using taxpayer resources for political work or signaled that White House officials considered the firing of U.S. attorneys to be primarily a political issue. Jennings did not return a call to his office seeking a comment.

“‘As a matter of course, the RNC provides server space and equipment to certain White House personnel in order to assist them with their political efforts,’ RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt said.” (HT: First Draft)
15.Mar.2007 Der neue Terror ? Ratten (1) - onlineredaktion Harald Haack ?

Eigentlich sind die neuen Terroristen die alten, älter aber als Al Qaida und irgendwelche karibischen Seeräuber + sie sind intelligent und lernen schnell. Für sie braucht die deutsche Regierung kein Integrationsprogramm, denn sie sind Kulturfolger, folgen den Menschen seit Tausenden von Jahren. Sie sind einfach da und sie bleiben so beharrlich unter uns, dass Experten raten sie ?in Grenzen zu halten?.
Es heißt, in Deutschland sei der biologische...

Explosive Schweizer Seen - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

4800 Tonnen Munition liegen auf dem Grund der Schweizer Seen.

Und da wird es auch bleiben.

Zu teuer sei das herausfischen des Kriegsmaterials.

Davon betroffen sind die schönsten Seen der Schweiz:

Der Thuner- und Brienzersee im Kanton Bern, sowie das Gersauerbecken und der Urnersee in der Innerschweiz, am Vierwaldstättersee.
Bush?s liebster Bürgermeister im Bett mit dem Feind? - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

New Yorks ehemaliger Krisen- und Bürgermeister Rudi Giuliani lobbiert mit seiner Anwaltsfirma für die von Hugo Chavez kontrollierte Citgo Petroleum Corporation in Texas.

Ein seltsamer Pakt eines republikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten und einem der Lieblingsfeinde Amerikas.
15.Mar.2007 Key 9/11 suspect 'admits guilt' The alleged 9/11 mastermind admits to 30 other terror plots in a closed-door hearing at Guantanamo, the US says.
15.Mar.2007 Security tight in China riot town Police and soldiers are on patrol in a central China town after violent protests involving up to 20,000 people.
15.Mar.2007 Hungary braced for big protests Security is tight in Budapest as Hungary fears more political violence on its National Day.
15.Mar.2007 Iran sanctions agreement UN diplomats say they have agreed in principle a package of new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.
15.Mar.2007 China 'regrets' US ruling on bank China says it "deeply regrets" the US Treasury's decision to censure a Macau-based bank linked to North Korea.
15.Mar.2007 Russia clinches Balkan oil deal Russia's President Putin signs a deal in Athens to build a Balkan oil pipeline with Bulgaria and Greece.
15.Mar.2007 Stock markets recover after slide Global markets show some recovery signs, after a global sell-off sparked by concerns about the US economy.
15.Mar.2007 Island leopard deemed new species Clouded leopards found in Borneo and Sumatra are a new species, according to conservation group WWF.
15.Mar.2007 Privacy bodies back Google step Privacy bodies welcome Google's decision to anonymise personal data it receives from web searches.
15.Mar.2007 PM's power questioned after vote Tony Blair's authority is questioned after his plans to renew Trident spark a backbench rebellion.
15.Mar.2007 The World? Your Oyster? Why Not? Never have so many people had so much information and done so little with it. Commentary by Tony Long.
15.Mar.2007 March 15, 1854: Diphtheria's Foe Emil von Behring's work helps subdue this highly infectious disease and wins him a Nobel Prize. Compiled by Tony Long.
15.Mar.2007 The Political Scientist Wind-farm tech developer and environmentalist Jerry McNerney beat California Rep. Richard Pombo in the last election. Nerds do rule. By Jeff Howe from Wired magazine.
15.Mar.2007 HP's boardroom drama Internal investigation into media leaks leads to full-fledged scandal, executive resignations and legal action.
15.Mar.2007 Yahoo wins ruling in China censorship case Blog: Yahoo Hong Kong has been cleared of any liability for sharing a journalist's e-mail account with the Chinese government in an...