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00.Jun.2000 -starting- FAA's plan to deactivate primary radar

This is a statement from the National Association of Air Traffic Controllers

Note this point in particular:

In the rush to modernize enroute centers, we must retain current system
safeguards, such as primary radar?which FAA plans to deactivate beginning June 2000.
Primary radar is the least sophisticated type of surveillance, but it is the only tool currently available to detect aircraft or objects without an operating transponder.

If a plane is equipped with a transponder, it can fail for many reasons, including electrical + mechanical failure;

however, pilots can also choose not to turn them on.

You can imagine that people involved in illegal activities would certainly like to keep themselves invisible

?and that?s what will happen if primary radar is turned off.

If you want to make things a lot easier for "suicide hijackers" this would appear to be a great idea !
Oberlandesgericht Hamburg: Terrorhelfer Motassadeq zu 15 Jahren Haft verurteilt
Öl- Lieferstopp: Deutschland will Abhängigkeit von Russland reduzieren

08.Jan.2007 Abschied von der Steinkohle: Bergbau- Unternehmen schließt letzten deutschen Standort
Netz- Zensur: Spanien sperrt Magersucht- Seiten

08.Jan.2007 Netzwelt- Ticker: Brasilien schaltet YouTube ab
Ölversorgung: Lieferstopp alarmiert Europa
Pipeline- Streit: Szenarien für den Notfall

08.Jan.2007 Druschba- Pipeline: Von Sibirien bis nach Deutschland
Kinderpornografie im Internet: Fahnder überprüfen erstmals alle deutschen Kreditkarten
Crimes Against Humanity From Ford to Saddam:

If we do not limit our analysis of Ford to his role as a U.S. "statesman," + instead examine his behavior through an internationalist lens similar to that employed to judge Saddam Hussein +

concerned with crimes against humanity, we find that Ford, too, was responsible for mass murder-in East Timor.
They have made a killing-By Terry Jones-The US has spent a million dollars for every dead Iraqi - is that what they mean by value for money? Continue
08.Jan.2007 FBI to store arrivals' full fingerprints: AUSTRALIANS face having the fingerprints of both hands scanned on arrival in the United States and the details stored on an FBI database, under a reported security crackdown in the country's airports. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Britain + other European nations would be subject to the new requirement, the report suggests.
Russian anger over new US sanctions: Russia has accused the US of illegally imposing sanctions on some Russian military firms which Washington says were co-operating with Iran and Syria.
08.Jan.2007 Hurricane Carter : Leaders of the Democratic Party went into near panic and fell over one another disassociating themselves from Carter's book and his criticisms of certain Israeli policies.
08.Jan.2007 Israeli Foreign Ministry rejects newspaper claim it plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran:

A British newspaper reported Sunday that Israel has drafted plans to strike as many as three targets in Iran with low-yield nuclear weapons, aiming to halt Tehran's uranium enrichment program.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry denied the report.

08.Jan.2007 Iran promises quick response to any attack: "Anyone who attacks will regret their actions very quickly," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad Ali Husseini said.

08.Jan.2007 2007: Decisive Year for the Israeli-Neocon Attack Iran Plan : As if to kick off the New Year + usher in the required political mindset, the Israelis are switching the attack Iran mantra into hyperdrive.

08.Jan.2007 Rattling the Cage: A bigot called Bibi:

Binyamin Netanyahu, who every poll says is by far the most popular politician in Israel, should be ranked with Jean Le Pen, Jorge Haider + the rest of the Western world's racist demagogues.
Starving Afghans sell girls of eight as brides: Villagers whose crops have failed after a second devastating drought are giving their young daughters in marriage to raise money for food
08.Jan.2007 More troops for Iraq 'too little, too late': former NATO commander:

The former commander of NATO forces in Kosovo, General Wesley Clark, has said that sending more US troops to Iraq would be "too little, too late" + could worsen the situation for coalition forces.

08.Jan.2007 A drop into the abyss: Saddam jailed me but his hanging was a crime. Iraq's misery is now far worse than under his rule

Fact or propaganda?: U.S. and Iraqis clashed over Saddam's execution : Even before a smuggled cellphone camera recording revealed the derision Saddam faced on the gallows, the hanging had become a metaphor, among Maliki's critics, for how the "new Iraq" is starting to resemble, albeit in paler shade, the repressive, vengeful place it was under Saddam.

08.Jan.2007 Half of Americans Link Hussein and al-Qaeda: Many adults in the United States believe Saddam Hussein collaborated with a terrorist network, according to a poll by Knowledge Networks for the Program on International Policy Attitudes. 32 per cent of respondents think Iraq gave substantial support to al-Qaeda + 18 per cent think the Iraqi government was directly involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
08.Jan.2007 Israel plans a tactical nuclear strike on Iran. -By Uzi Mahnaimi in New York and Sarah Baxter in Washington report
Israel will not tolerate Iran going nuclear and military sources say it will use tactical strikes unless Iran abandons its programme. Is Israel bluffing or might it really push the button? -

Two fast assault squadrons based in the Negev desert and in Tel Nof, south of Tel Aviv, are already training for the attack. Continue

08.Jan.2007 Blood And Oil: -How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity - By The Independent
A new law that would give Western oil companies a massive share in the third largest reserves in the world. To the victors, the oil?

That is how some experts view this unprecedented arrangement with a major Middle East oil producer that guarantees investors huge profits for the next 30 years. Continue

08.Jan.2007 Who benefits from escalating chaos in Iraq? -By Rep. Ron Paul
We have performed a tremendous service for both bin Laden and Ahmadinejad + it will cost us plenty. The violent reaction to our complicity in the execution of Saddam Hussein is yet to come.

08.Jan.2007 The Timely Death of Gerald Ford -By Frank Rich
Two months after Americans spoke decisively on Election Day, the president is determined to overrule them. Our long national nightmare in Iraq, far from being over, is about to get a second wind.

08.Jan.2007 The Unmentionable Hypocrisy: Hussein Hanged, Bush and Blair Remain in Power -By Sean M. Madden
Saddam Hussein was hanged a week ago, today, for executing 148 people. Yet, even by conservative estimates, George W. Bush and Tony Blair are responsible for hundreds, or thousands, of times more deaths due to their war of aggression — the supreme international crime — in Iraq.

08.Jan.2007 Bush in the Bunker
-- A BuzzFlash Editorial

08.Jan.2007 Blistering NYT Editorial: "This is a false choice. Dealing with these issues is not about the past.

The administration?s assault on some of the nation?s founding principles continues unabated. If the Democrats were to shirk their responsibility to stop it, that would make them no better than the Republicans who formed and enabled these policies in the first place."

08.Jan.2007 Congress Must Preemptively Vote to Redeploy from Iraq BEFORE Bush Orders "Surge" -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Terry Jones: The US has spent a million dollars for every dead Iraqi - is that what they mean by value for money?
Calling Iraq a nation in "complete chaos," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other Democrats cast the anticipated Bush plan as an escalation of the Iraq war that goes against the advice of senior U.S. commanders...
Robert Weitzel: The Cure for Yellow Ribbon Patriotism -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

08.Jan.2007 If you don't receive BuzzFlash E-mail alerts, you should. A day without Buzz is a day in darkness. Click here to sign up.
Iraq agency tally shows death spike. More than 17,000 police, civilians slain in last six months: You Can Assume This is an Undercount. 1/8
West will make a fortune in Iraqi oil profits after ruling Shiite goons approve of new law. Now, we're getting to the heart of the Iraq War: U.S. and British Oil Contracts.
The Military Times released its annual poll of active-duty service members + the results showed something virtually unprecedented: a one-year decline of 10 percentage points in the number of military personnel identifying themselves as Republicans. In the 2004 poll, the percentage of military respondents who characterized themselves as Republicans stood at 60%. By the end of 2005, that had dropped to 56%. And by the end of 2006, the percentage of military Republicans plummeted to 46%. 1/8

08.Jan.2007 Terry Jones is my favorite former member of the troop. His superb new piece notes that the United States has spent one million dollars for every Iraqi killed:

Then the White House ensured there would be no overseeing of what was spent.

In the original Iraq spending bill, which earmarked the first $87bn to go down the drain, there was a provision for the general accounting office to keep a check on things, but that provision was stripped from the bill - even though the Senate had originally voted for it 97 to 0.
But what I want to know is: how do they actually spend all that money? Well the answer is: they don't.

According to the website Halliburtonwatch, the Halliburton subsidiary KBR bills the US taxpayer for $50-$80 per day for labourers working for it in Iraq, but pays them only $5-$16 per day.

And: Perhaps it's just as well that in 2003 the White House removed from the Iraq spending bill any provision to penalise war profiteers who defrauded US taxpayers.

Das Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) dürfte nach seiner Eröffnung, die für das Jahr

00.000.2013 geplant ist, zu einem der Stars unter den Großinstrumenten der Himmelsforschung werden.

Mit seinem 8,40 Meter großen dreiteiligen Spiegel soll das Teleskop den gesamten sichtbaren Himmel erfassen und 3-D-Bilder der Massenverteilung im All anfertigen. Außerdem soll es dabei helfen, die Geheimnisse von dunkler Energie und dunkler Materie zu knacken, die zusammen rund 95 Prozent des Universums ausmachen.

Daten-Management: Google expandiert ins All

Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (10 Bilder) Google hat sich bei der himmlischen Fotoschau jetzt einen Platz in der ersten Reihe gesichert: Der Internet-Suchmaschinenbetreiber ist der Gruppe von 19 Universitäten, US-Nationallaboratorien und privaten Stiftungen beigetreten, die gemeinsam das Teleskop finanzieren, teilte die LSST Corporation mit.
08.Jan.2007 Planeten- Degradierung: "Plutoed" ist in USA Wort des Jahres

08.Jan.2007 Streit um Exekution: Wie die Iraker die USA bei Saddams Hinrichtung überrumpelten
Pipeline- Streit: Weißrussland kündigt Wiederaufnahme der Öllieferungen an

08.Jan.2007 Datenflut: Google will das All erfassen
Stammzellen: Alleskönner aus dem Fruchtwasser
Wende in Somalia: Präsident kommt nach Mogadischu zurück
Geheimdienst- Skandal: Vatikan erhebt Vorwürfe gegen Wielgus
Bruderstreit mit Weißrussland: Russland klemmt wichtigste Öl- Ader nach Deutschland ab
Congressman slandered teen sex slave for Abramoff | Clipmarks tags: jack abramoff, ralph hall, texas, northern mariana islands ...

b) Not at fault for failing to prosecute when Katrina came forward with her .. /
mparent7777: US Republican Rep. gets nailed on child labor abuses Both deal with a Filipino girl referred to as “ Katrina ” who began working ... and forced abortions on the Mariana Islands, Congressman Ralph Hall was paid ...
08.Jan.2007 Google Groups: alt.gossip.celebrities

"When investigators >> discovered child prostitution + forced abortions on the Mariana >> Islands, Congressman Ralph Hall was paid for covering it up + ...
News for New Orleans, Louisiana | | Elections 2006 Ralph Hall supported the energy bill + we have higher energy costs. ...

Hall took nearly 10 years ago to the Northern Mariana Islands – funded, Dr. ...
UK College Democrats :: Political Feed

... conduct in TX-4: Republican Ralph Hall smears child rape victim. (msobel) ... over decisions affecting the Northern Mariana Islands, an Abramoff client. ...
From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald: Rep. Hall - Hard On ...

I was wondering when all this twisted Mariana Island info was going to come out ... Ralph Hall said... I regret my actions, but at the time I had a drinking ...
Rantburg: Raw meat for the mind...

The war against terror in a nutshell: Afghanistan, Middle East, South Asia, Chechnya, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Somalia and wherever else it ...
Right Thoughts - “No One Asked Us” by Stan Coerr I know the tension between the White House, the UN, Langley + Foggy Bottom. ... Stan Coerr is a Super-Cobra attack helicopter pilot and Forward Air ...


May 2006 British helicopter crashes in Iraq A UK helicopter is ...

Of Course, the Question is Why Was Bush's Enforcer at Langley Dumped So Quickly? ...
20041009 Die Folie wird schichtweise von außen beschrieben. ...

In Europa spürt der Wiener Neurobiologe Peter Walla den Hirnaktivitäten von Shopping-Kunden nach. ...
João Pedro Stédile - Wikipédia

O Wikiquote tem uma coleção de citações de ou sobre: João Pedro Stédile. Retirado de "ão_Pedro_Stédile
1. Appell des Vorsitzenden Joao Pedro Stédile gegen den Irakkrieg

Joao Pedro Stédile, Landlosenbewegung Brasilien, Appell zur weltweiten Mobilisierung ... Joao Pedro Stédile
08.Jan.2007 Joao Pedro Stedile

27.Aug.2003 Die Armen organisieren sich selbst Joao Pedro Stedile

15.Aug.2003 Die Landlosenbewegung (MST) trifft Lula Joao Pedro Stedile ... ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change
20050308 Mar.2005 Volkskongress: Chinas Führung legt Kriegsgesetz gegen Taiwan vor.

08.Mar.2005 Kongo: Zehntausende Frauen wurden Opfer von Vergewaltigern ...
Wissenschaft als Therapie - HTML-Version
00.000.1898-00.000.1975 Ernst Fraenkel () + seine Frau Hanna, geb. Pickel (1904- ... Bedeutung erlangen. Selbst bei dem. nüchternen Soziologen Tönnies er- ...
www.extremismus.com_Andreas Klump: Streitbare Demokratie

Besondere Bedeutung im Zusammenhang des Rechtsextremismus hat der Tatbestand der ... (6)

00.000.1991 Ernst Fraenkel, : Deutschland und die westlichen Demokratien, ...

www.extremismus.com_Andreas Klump: Die fundamentalistische ...

In enger Anlehnung an den Demokratietheoretiker Ernst Fraenkel gilt unter ...

Wie sieht die künftige gesellschaftliche Bedeutung des Fundamentalismus aus? ...

Die repräsentative und die plebiszitäre Komponente im ...
A. v. Brünneck (Hrsg.): Ernst Fraenkel . Deutschland und die westlichen ... Von besonderer Bedeutung sei auch, dass in England die Vorstellung herrscht, die ...

Die Anfänge der Zeitgeschichtsforschung in Tübingen. Zum Gedenken ... - HTML-Version
Vertretung durch Gerhard Schulz mit der Begründung: „Bei der Bedeutung dieses Faches für ... stand in engem Kontakt zu Ernst Fraenkel, Franz L. Neumann, ...

08.Jan.2007 Unabhängigkeitserklärung in Deutschland, politische Kultur und ... Ernst Freund, Hermann von Mangoldt, Ernst Fraenkel, Carl Joachim Friedrich,

... die grundlegende Bedeutung der Unabhängigkeitserklärung + ihrer ...

25.Sep.2006 Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte Die Analysen, die Ernst Fraenkel + Franz Neumann im amerikanischen Exil zum ... besitzt der Massenterror keine konstitutive Bedeutung, da er lediglich als

Rede von Bundestagspräsident Dr. Norbert Lammert zum Thema "Weder ... Schon Mitte der 60er Jahre hat Ernst Fraenkel in einem vielzitierten Aufsatz ...

Die Vorstellung, dass alles und jedes, was von politischer Bedeutung sei, ...

08.Jan.2007 Reichstagsbrandforum Auf die Bedeutung der "Reichstagsbrandverordnung"1 (künftig: RtBVO) für die ... 2 Die erstgenannte Formel stammt von Ernst Fraenkel, The dual state. ...

Reichstagsbrandforum Jahrestag des Reichstagsbrandprozesses + dessen Bedeutung für die Internationale ... Festschrift für Ernst Fraenkel zum 75. Geburtstag am 26.

08.Jan.2007 Michael Wildt Polizei der Volksgemeinschaft. NS-Regime und Polizei ... - HTML-Version
Als einer der ersten hat Ernst Fraenkel diesen Transformationsprozeß untersucht. ... Aufsichtsfunktion und wurden in ihrer Bedeutung sehr bald von der ...

08.Jan.2007 Die politische Ordnung der Volksgemeinschaft. Ernst Fraenkels ... - HTML-Version
entlasten, keine übermäßige Bedeutung mehr zukomme. ... "Der politische Sektor des Dritten Reiches", so Ernst Fraenkel, "bildet ein. rechtliches Vakuum. ...

08.Jan.2007 148_151_Doppelstaat, Fraenkel, Ernst, USA 1940

Überall dort, wo...besondere Pflichtverhältnisse begründet worden sind, hat die Polizei ihre ursprüngliche Bedeutung verloren«.92 ...
respect Forum :: Musik &#38; Style :: button sprüche button sprüche geschrieben von das freak am

25.Dez.2006 22:32 ... Kampf dem Krieg in jedem Land- organisiert den Widerstand Kein Gott, kein Staat, ...,25416,25422,quote=1
Krieg, Meinungsumfragen, Afghanistan, Irak, Information, Medien ... Anhaltender Krieg und bleibende Skepsis. Spärliche Informationen, markige Sprüche und geteilte Meinungen in der Öffentlichkeit. Von Dietmar Wittich ...

(Gar nicht) Dumme Sprüche - Seite 1 [] Aphorismen, Zitate, Weisheiten, Sprüche [Logo von] ...

Wenn der Krieg ausbricht, war der Frieden offenbar ein Gefängnis. Gott lebt! ...

Sprueche und Zitate Sprüche und Zitate ... Töten im Krieg ist nach meiner Auffassung um nichts besser, als gewöhnlicher Mord." "Wem bewusst ist, dass er im Atomzeitalter lebt, ...

Lustige/Fiese/Nachdenkliche Sprüche alphabetisch geordnet

Waffen gegen den Krieg ist wie Whisky gegen Alkoholismus.

Sprüche gegen die Reichen.

Der Krieg ist ein Terrorismus der Reichen gegen die Armen.”Sir Peter Ustinov. Hier gibt´s noch mehr Sprüche ...

08.Jan.2007 SPRÜCHE-SAYINGS-DITADOS-"Die Bevölkerung weiß am besten, was ein Krieg bedeutet."-'Aufwachen, Mr. Rumsfeld, es ist Krieg !'" ...
08.Jan.2007 Seminarbericht Terrorismus und Terrorismusbekämpfung
Kämpfer eine islamische Streitmacht aufzubauen, die Saddam Husseins ... thorities as punishment for terrorist acts” (Post, Sprinzak & Denny 2003: 177).

08.Dec.2003 PEACE NEGOTIATIONS WATCH (VolII, Nr 48) Contents:

Afghanistan Karzai to stand only if Afghanistan adopts presidential system.

Weapons also found in Kandahar prison. ... to terrorism because it brought rebels into government. " Our enemy is not France; the French troops deployed here are ...

4.2.1 – TÍTULO VII - DAS CAUSAS DA QUEDA DA AERONAVE CESSNA YV 314-P :. O piloto Jorge Albuquerque e o co-piloto Alfredo de Sousa chegaram ao aeroporto da ...
Reino das Bananas: 12/01/2004 - 12/31/2004 "Este conjunto de evidências parece-me suficientemente coerente para alicerçar os indícios de que a aeronave Cessna 421A YV - 314-P se despenhou em Camarate ...

Reino das Bananas: Camarate: sabotagem confirmada! ... os indícios de que a aeronave Cessna 421A YV -314-P se despenhou em Camarate

... MODELO 421 A, N° DE SÉRIE 421 A - 0040 MATRÍCULA VENEZUELANA YV - 314P, ...

YV - Venezuela YV - 314P . 041280. Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. Portuguese Government. Lisbon, Portugal. 7. YV -385CP. 190999. Beech Super King Air 200 ... %20-%20Venezuela.htm - 106
Photos d'accidents 1980 Cessna 421 ( YV - 314P ) Portuguese Government Lisbon, Portugal, 04/12/1980 (©). Lockheed Hercules C-130 (130312) Chapais, Quebec, CDN; 15/10/1980 ...'accidents%201980.htm - 9
20041212 a aeronave Cessna 421A YV -314-P se despenhou em Camarate na noite de

04.Dez.1980 em consequência de um acto de sabotagem", refere o documento. ...
Eurico João Leal Marques Taxa, o avião CESSNA . 421A, de matrícula venezuelana YV – 314 P, para utilização nas. deslocações necessárias para o efeito. ... - Resultado suplementar
Blogalização.... Um diário de Júlio César Só 7 dos 12 peritos subscreveram o relatório que aponta para sabotagem do Cessna 421A YV -314-P sendo que, Gerrard Murray - perito em investigação de ... - 12
Portugal sigue sin esclarecer la muerte de Sá Carneiro en 1980 ... El 4 de diciembre de 1980, una avioneta Cessna YV -314-P se desplomaba en el barrio de Camarate, cerca de Lisboa. A bordo viajaban el primer ministro ...,01.html

08.Jan.2007 La Lettre de la Fondation .. Studie "Confronting the " Enemy Within" - Security Intelligence, the ... internationale Konferenz zur "Europäischen Zukunft Montenegros".

An der ... Ministertreffen Europäische Union/Japan ...
00.Sep.1998 Tagesnachrichten. von ALBANEWS und anderen - daily report No on

00.Sep.1998 from Kosova ... bei, daß die Rechtsextremen mitbestimmen + Montenegros westlich gesponserter Präsident versagt auch als Hoffnungs ...


BND: Energiesicherheit wird 2007 großes Thema

Die Unterbrechung der Pipeline belegt aus Sicht von Ernst Uhrlau, Präsident des Bundesnachrichtendienstes (BND), die große Bedeutung der Energiesicherheit für Deutschland und die Sicherheitsbehörden.

Ein zentrales Thema in diesem Jahr sei es daher, zuverlässige Informationen über Konflikte in den betroffenen Staaten zu sammeln und zur Verfügung zu stellen, sagte Uhrlau.

Für eine konkrete Bewertung des Falles durch die deutschen Geheimdienste sei es noch zu früh.

Die Pipeline ist eine der längsten der Welt. Durch die Leitung fließen unter anderem rund ein Fünftel des deutschen Ölbedarfs. Die Pipeline verläuft in zwei Strängen, der größere versorgt Deutschland und Polen.

Unklar ist, ob Hawkings Überreste - sollte er 2009 nicht mehr leben - trotzdem ins All geschossen werden, etwa als Asche in einer Miniatur-Urne. So wie bei der Weltpremiere einer Weltraumbestattung am 21. April 1997 mit einige illustren Toten mit ihrer ganz eigenen Beziehung zum All: der US-amerikanische Psychologe Timothy Leary, der "Star Trek"-Erfinder Gene Roddenberry, der Weltraumpionier und Mitgestalter des Apollo-Programms Krafft Ehricke sowie der Teilchenphysiker Gerard O'Neill, der zu Lebzeiten über die Besiedlung des Weltraums nachgedacht hatte. Von ihnen wurden je sieben Gramm Asche ins All geschickt.
"Hätte die Industrie all das Geld und all die Zeit in den letzten Jahren nicht in die Brennstoffzelle, sondern gleich in die Batterietechnik investiert, wäre das Elektroauto heute längst auf der Straße."
Außerdem lässt die Firma im Namen von BMW Großbritannien ausrichten, dass der deutsche Mutterkonzern in keinerlei Zusammenhang mit dem Elektroprojekt stehe und die Garantie für den Mini aufgrund der technischen Veränderungen erloschen sei.

"Und was ist das Brennstoffzellen-Auto anderes als ein Elektrofahrzeug mit eigenem Kraftwerk?", fragt Steiger fast schon provozierend.

Elektroauto: Ein Mini unter Strom

Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (6 Bilder) Doch er schiebt gleich eine zweite rhetorische Frage hinterher: "Warum soll man den Strom teuer an Bord gewinnen, wenn man ihn auch einfach an der Steckdose tanken kann." Zwar seien die heutigen Akkus noch weit davon entfernt, genügend Fahrenergie bereitstellen zu können. Doch immer wieder hört man von Prototpyen, bei denen das Problem der zu geringen Reichweite aufgrund zu ineffizienter Stromspeicher offenbar gelöst wurde. Die Batterietechnik ist also der Schlüssel zur künftigen E-Mobilität + hinter vorgehaltener Hand bestätigt inzwischen fast jeder Pkw-Entwickler, dass alle anderen Konzepte tot seien, sobald geeignete Akkus bereit stünden.
Zensur im Iran: Handy- Kontrollen auf der Straße

08.Jan.2007 Energiestreit mit Russland: Weißrussland dreht Öl- Pipeline nach Deutschland zu
Renaissance der Elektroautos: Neu aufgeladen

08.Jan.2007 Wielgus- Affäre: Kritiker nehmen Papst Benedikt ins Visier

08.Jan.2007 Nach Saddam- Hinrichtung: Erneut erhängt sich Kind versehentlich
Skurrile Auktion: Kleinster "Staat" der Welt steht zum Verkauf
Terror- Prozess: Motassadeq droht Höchststrafe
Kampftruppen- Einsatz: US- Kommandeur sieht jahrelange Präsenz im Irak
Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran | Jerusalem Post - BG -Report: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran -

EYEING IRAN — WHY W'S TAPPING ADMIRAL TO HEAD CENTRAL COMMAND — WORD that Adm. William Fallon will move laterally from our Pacific Command to take charge of Central Command - responsible for the Middle East - while two ground wars rage in the region baffled the media. Source: New York Post - Ralph Peters Link:… memeorandum permalink...

07.Jan.2007 Watch "Charlie Rose - Brian Ross/Major General Douglas Lute/John McLaughlin" on Google Video - BG -Charlie Rose - Brian Ross/Major General Douglas Lute/John McLaughlin -56 min 40 sec -

20.Jan.2006 Average rating: (5 ratings)

Segment 1: Brian Ross of ABC News discusses the latest news regarding al Qaeda and the US efforts to combat terrorism.

Segment 2: Major General Douglas Lute, Director of Operations, Centcom Segment 3: John McLaughlin, former acting director of the CIA
U.S. readies new nukes. - Nico -

“The Bush administration is expected to announce next week a major step forward in the building of the country’s first new nuclear warhead in nearly two decades,” the New York Times reports. “It will propose combining elements of competing designs from two weapons laboratories in an approach that some experts argue is untested and risky.” The overall bill is “estimated at more than $100 billion.”
07.Jan.2007 Report: Israel planning nuke strike on Iran. - Nico - Israel is reportedly “planning and training” for a low-level nuclear strike against Iran, Fox News reports.

UPDATE: The UK Sunday Times has more details on this report.
07.Jan.2007 Colosseum lit over death penalty Rome lights up the Colosseum as Italy urges a global ban on the death penalty in the wake of Saddam Hussein's hanging.
07.Jan.2007 EU tightens animal transport rules New regulations come into force to limit the stress suffered by live animals transported across Europe.
07.Jan.2007 Saddam hanging deplorable - Brown Chancellor Gordon Brown says the way in which former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was executed was "deplorable".
Smoking-Gun Wiki to Post Leaks WikiLeaks wants to be the Wikipedia of leaked documents, claiming to have 1.1 million docs from governments and corporations worldwide for launch. A site with a political agenda that publishes leaks and is editable by users -- is that a good thing? In 27B Stroke 6.
07.Jan.2007 Nato-Geheimarmeen und ihr Terror - HTML-Version
nach mehr Polizei, weniger Freiheitsrechten + mehr Überwachung ... dem Feind verdächtige . Die Polizei sicherte darauf die «Proskription ...

05.Jan.2007 GROUP 4 SECURICOR PLC ( Nachrichten ) Divestments of Cognisa Transportation, Inc . and G4S Geld und Wertdienste GmbH Group 4 Securicor (G4S), ... :: Thema anzeigen - Was wird nun aus G4S ???
The business and assets of Cognisa Transportation, Inc . have been acquired by First Transit, Inc ., a subsidiary of FirstGroup PLC, for an initial cash ...

07.Jan.2007 Skandal in der US Navy: Offizier verkauft Drogen + Stricher auf ...

Lieutenant Commander Robert Loeh steht derzeit vor einen Militärgericht: Ihm wird vorgeworfen, auf dem US Flugzeugträger USS Constellation Crack verkauft zu ...

Schon wieder die Briten: Diesmal Drogen bei der Armee gefunden

Unter den Konsumenten waren sowohl Mitglieder des Heeres, der ( Navy ) Marine als auch ... schon auf den Toiletten des britischen Parlaments Drogen gefunden.
the sunshine project Ohne ein eindeutiges Votum würde mit dem Einsatz der Anti- Drogen -Pilze ein Präzedenzfall ... da die Bekämpfung innerer Unruhen nicht Sache der Navy ist. ...

07.Jan.2007 "Calmatives" und "Convulsants": USA entwickeln verbotene ... Der Schwerpunkt der JNLWD Aktivitäten liegt auf Drogen und ... Im Mai 1999 sagte die Forschungsdirektorin des JNLWD dem Fachblatt Navy News and Undersea ...
07.Jan.2007 Hamburg fördert Albaner Clan - Seite 2 - So wurde ja den Drogen Bossen geholfen, auch die Sex Sklaven Halter mit KFOR ... Geändert von navy (12.11.2006 um 21:35 Uhr). navy ist offline, Nach oben ...
Der Kosovo wird unabhängige Top - Mafia Republik -

Dieser user " Navy " ist slobodaner ( serbe ) dass habe ich mir gedacht, schoen labbern ... Köpfe abschneiden, durch die UCK Terroristen und Drogen Bosse, ...
Klimawandel | Schutz für die Weltmeere

Während der letzten fünf Jahre sind die zurückgewichenen Gletscher pro Jahr um etwa 50 Meter (164 Fuß) geschmolzen. Das Schmelzen der westantarktischen ...
20050121 00.Jan.2005 US Nuclear Weapons Complex: Security At Risk... tape or disk and walk out the door as ... CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER US NUCLEAR PROGRAM. No kidding,

As many of you here already know there are empty prison camps all over america waiting for the next stage of the "war of terror" when they round up the ...

07.Jan.2007 Infoshop News - Iowa: Feds Subpoena War Protesters' Records

Mark Smith, a lobbyist for the Washington-based American Association of University Professors, said he had not heard of any similar case of a US university

2006 april txt Mark Smith, the director of government relations for the professor's union, ... JPG On Saturday,

22.May 2006 we will be putting on the 3rd annual Earth First !
Spitzelaffäre: Tumulte nach Rücktritt des Warschauer Erzbischofs
Energieversorgung: NRW will gegen überhöhte Gaspreise vorgehen
Dianas Unfalltod: Königshaus fürchtet neue Enthüllungen

08.Jan.2007 Atomprogramm: Bei israelischem Nuklearangriff will Teheran massiv zurückschlagen
Saddam Husseins Hinrichtungsvideo: Vor aller Augen
Wetterkapriolen weltweit: Bikini- Temperaturen im Central Park, Schneechaos am Fujiyama
The lost "terror drills ? Pt.11a

This final chapter includes the real reason of "wargames" as a planted distraction to "anti terror drills",

two government "agents" on Delta1989 and Colgan5930?, Amalgam Virgo "1.5", Rosetta Stone, the significance of 1951, Tinker AFB, White Sands, STARS, Club Cabana, Coalminers with Tomahawks, Flight91,

the story of Dave Friedman, Scrap Yards and the WTC, a mysterious yellow cord, American Airlines in Shanksville, more from Buffalo, Dayton and the Westmore County drills,

the soldier disguised as a firefighter, a passenger who died "twice",

Codeshares, more BTS, the lost motel manager, Operation Provide Comfort, Honolulu and more...

The Johnstown-Cambria Airport "Terror" Team The final procedures: Johnstown, Pennsylvannia and DC
Many 9/11 researchers pray it all over again: "There were lots of warnings."
It was more than this. The United States lied to us. During 2001, especially in the summer, they
mentally prepared, drilled, trained and brainwashed local U.S. communities about a pending
(bio-)terror attack, including in the areas of Westmoreland County/Johnstown/Shanksville, Florida,
DC and New York. In these 2 parts we will once again focus on the Johnstown Area, which was 30
miles away from the official crash of "flight93".On

10.Sep.2001 -the day before 9/11- the Cambria County Local Emergency Planning Committee, had their final "terror meeting" of many, which took place in the area around Shanksville....

Question 1: How did the "hijackers" know exactly where these huge breaches in air defence were located?

Question 2: Why go to all that trouble when you can take off from nearby airports (Dulles/Newark), hijack the plane and crash it straight away?
Rolling Stone National Affairs Daily » Blog Archive » The Hopeless ... Why do all the people who make critics on the so-called “ 9/11 conspiracy ... but it still lacks the consistency, common sense + factuality that are ...

spiked-essays | Essay | Bin Laden's script: ghost-written in the West Likewise, bin Laden's justifications for 9/11 are continually moulded and shaped ... too many on the left read meaning and consistency into his statements, ...
07.Jan.2007 Pentagon, 9-11: The Seven Minute Fire So there is a problem with consistency . It's hard enough to believe the ... NORAD had the means + provided the opportunity, for making 9-11 happen. ...

07.Jan.2007 AN ALTERNATIVE 9/11 REPORT by Sam Smith In short, with psychotic consistency, our leaders have made matter worse, ... to 9/11, already lost much of what we are or strove to be as Americans. ...

07.Jan.2007 F.A.Q's A: Coastal waters and inland waterways are defined in New York State Executive Law, Article 42, Section 911 . Q: What is consistency ? ...

07.Jan.2007 [DOC] Project Description Dateiformat: Microsoft Word - HTML-Version
Accuracy/consistency of reporting is contingent upon counselors' interpretations of definitions ... final state agency allocation tables and RSA- 911 report. ...

07.Jan.2007 eSkeptic: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Of course, this question assumes a standard of logical consistency that the 9/11 Truth Movement seems to lack. Another alleged flight anomaly concerns the ...

07.Jan.2007 U.S. DOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Dateiformat: Microsoft Powerpoint - HTML-Version
Recent legislation created E- 911 JPO (NHTSA) and Grant Program. Architecture Consistency . Final rule/policy fully effective April 2005. ...

07.Jan.2007 Roger L. Simon: The Smoking Gun of Smoking Guns Look - it's the third anniversary of 9/11, the Presidential race is going ballistic, ... My 911 tribute will be doing what I can to stick it to the arrogant ...

07.Jan.2007 Distributed shared object memory - Workstation Operating Systems ...
consistency . [Bershad. 911 . memory model to ensure coherence. This model. guarantees memory consistency, as long as an access to a data item is enclosed ...

07.Jan.2007 The Relationship between Correlational and Internal Consistency ... 4, 911 -915 (1987) DOI: 10.1177/0013164487474006 © 1987 SAGE Publications ... The Relationship between Correlational and Internal Consistency Notions of Test ...
07.Jan.2007 Journal of 9/11 Studies 1 August 2006/Volume 2 What is 9/11 Truth ... - HTML-Version
6. For more on the consistency of personnel involved in the various official investigations, see. my presentation from the Chicago 9/11 Truth Conference, ...

07.Jan.2007 Commission Minutes--December 15, 2003 2677 REGULAR MEETING OF CASS ... - HTML-Version
change and maintain 911 property addresses within their extraterritorial area to ensure. consistency in 911 addressing. At some point in the future, ...

07.Jan.2007 Nortel: Programs - Developer Program Compatible Product page for ... Through an intelligent approach to information display and management, Power 911 enhances emergency call handling efficiency and consistency .Power 911 is ...
07.Jan.2007 Microsoft Word - LIMITED TERMS E911.doc - HTML-Version
guarantees about the consistency of the E911/911 services, with regard to PSAP operators being able to automatically retrieve and view caller information; ...

07.Jan.2007 Shark Tank: Consistency - Computerworld Blogs Shark Tank: Consistency . By Sharky on Wed,

26.Jul.2006 One of the challenges: 911 . "The 1600 employees on the new system have been accidentally ...
Intelligence, information and propaganda three years after 911 ...

Intelligence since 911 + Iraq overload in an open source world ... Consistency takes us a long way in a predictable world but this method does not work ...
"What's more important in business, consistency or personality ... Business blogging, Strategic business thinking,and management consulting by entrepreneur, business and technical guru and popular writer and speaker Dave ...

FOR ... For more information on the Federal Consistency Certifications please contact: ...
Publication: Consistency in Discipline

Although no parent can expect to be perfectly consistent, some level of consistency is needed for children to learn the lessons of social life + feel ...
Dorland - MOMENTS OF CONSISTENCY. Eine Geschichte der Werbung ... Buchhandlung Walther Koenig:
00.Jun.1998 Seeking Moral Consistency,Sojourners Magazine/May- Moral consistency seems to be quickly eclipsed by politics.

The president, who at first said the American public deserved to hear more answers from him, ...
[cs/0006045] Security Policy Consistency. Authors: Carlos Ribeiro, Andre Zuquete, Paulo Ferreira, Paulo Guedes Comments: To appear in the first CL2000 workshop on ...
07.Jan.2007 SSRN-Goedel, Kaplow, Shavell: Consistency + Completeness in ... SSRN-Goedel, Kaplow, Shavell: Consistency and Completeness in Social Decisionmaking by Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci.

Conn Hallinan: The Consistency of Sharon -Deception as Strategy. By CONN HALLINAN. One thing to keep in mind about the current push for peace between Israelis + ...

07.Jan.2007 Consistency Management and Cooperative Discipline Program combines instructional effectiveness through consistency in classroom organization by the ...

07.Jan.2007 ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability ... Die ACID-Paradigmen bilden die Voraussetzungen für Transaktionen. ACID steht für Atomarität, Konsistenz, Isolation und Dauerhaftigkeit.
07.Jan.2007 PBS-Parent Tales from Dragon Tales: Consistency & Routines Consistency & Routines. picture of father and child.

Parenting is a process + every parent needs to find what works best for her family.

07.Jan.2007 The Planning Inspectorate-Definitive Map Orders: Consistency ... Annex 2 Documentary Evidence paper by Christine Willmore. (April 2003). Download the Definitive Map Orders: Consistency Guidelines in PDF "" 810KB ...

07.Jan.2007 Consistency Modeling Consistency modeling seeks to incorporate such fundamental aspects of human communication in algorithms and move significantly beyond accuracy levels ...

07.Jan.2007 AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design Levels of consistency : The importance of maintaining strict consistency varies. ... Mimic the safety, smoothness + consistency of the natural landscape. ...

07.Jan.2007 20th WCP: Consistency and Epistemic Probability ABSTRACT: Is consistency always epistemically virtuous?

To accept the epistemic probability argument against consistency is thus to be forced to grant ...

07.Jan.2007 What is ACID? - a definition from - see also: atomicity ... ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation + durability) is an acronym + ... Consistency . A transaction either creates a new and valid state of data, or, ...,289893,sid9_gci213756,00.html

07.Jan.2007 Division of Labour: Time-consistency problems 473-92) famously provided three examples of “time- consistency ” problems. ... So why does US public policy avoid the time- consistency problem better in ...
How to disable the Knowledge Consistency Checker from ... The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is a Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 component that automatically generates and maintains ...
07.Jan.2007 Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the ... Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the life of the intellect - simply a confession of failure.
The Hindu : Sport : Consistency should be India's mantra
From here on, consistency should be the mantra.

There have been occasions in the past where India, following a brilliant one-off display, had allowed the ...

07.Jan.2007 Consistency needed to reach top - ATLANTA - Consistency remains elusive for the Virginia Tech football team.

If the key to consistency is knowing what to do and then doing it, ...

07.Jan.2007 Consistency and Semantics 9.6. Up: I/O Next: File Consistency Previous: Matching Data Representations. Up: I/O Next: File Consistency Previous: Matching ...
The architectural consistency review does not cover the ... Architectural consistency, completeness + conformance of the WAP specifications. 4. DURATION
Consistency A critical aspect in sound recording for motion pictures and video is the consistency of all of the repetitively appearing elements of the soundtrack from ...
Consistency principle We have a desperate need for our thoughts and actions to be consistent. If they are not, we will change one or the other. This is a significant lever for ...
AnonymousLefty: Consistency Consistency . Conservative farmers' protest causes TRAFFIC CHAOS IN MELBOURNE. The Herald Sun is expected to write angry editorials about the inconvenience ...
07.Jan.2007 - Donovan looking for consistency Donovan looking for consistency . Chris Chmielenski Staff Writer. Now that the Florida Gators have a full compliment of players again, ...
Philosophy, et cetera: Consistency and Utilitarianism In other words, consistency leads to utilitarianism. ... We thus find that the requirement of consistency can have a great impact on our moral reasoning, ...
Manufacturing Consistency Manufacturing Consistency ... About Us Manufacturing Consistency . The company’s manufacturing resources are uniquely suited to the challenges of producing ...
6279. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1803-1882. John Bartlett, comp. 1919 ... QUOTATION:, A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen + philosophers + divines. ATTRIBUTION:, Essays.
Webster's 1828 Dictionary CONSISTENCE, CONSISTENCY, n. 1. A standing together; a being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; that state of a body, in which its component parts ...
odge Wörterbuch - consistency check Übersetzung Deutsch-Englisch Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort " consistency check": ...

07.Jan.2007 consistency definition-Dictionary-MSN Encarta Consistency is important in performing this job.

2. coherence: reasonable or logical ... Blend the mixture until it reaches the consistency of thick cream.
07.Jan.2007 Political Notebook: Consistency.... It is generally a good thing for politicians to say the same thing in English as they do in French. But did Prime Minister Stephen Harper ...
07.Jan.2007 Wörterbuch :: for the sake of consistency :: Englisch ... Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für for the sake of consistency im Online-Wörterbuch
fs consistency + coherency. author. Author, Version. Qu Fuping ( ) Zhang Nan ( ), 1.1.1. target ...
CAMA Permits - Federal Consistency This "Federal consistency " authority exists under the Federal Coastal ...

Please see DCM's handout on consistency submissions for help with this process.
07.Jan.2007 Learning with Local and Global ConsistencyHTML-Version
To illustrate the prior assumption of consistency underlying ... consistency, however, the two moons should be classified as shown in Figure 1(d). ...
Consistency Slide 26 of 50.
Consistency (formerly Fairness) People strong in the Consistency theme are keenly aware of the need to treat people the same. They try to treat everyone in the world 07.Jan.2007 candidate consistency testing Definition of candidate consistency testing, possibly with links to more information + implementations.
ETH e-collection Individual behavioural consistency + personality of dairy cows. by Roger Müller. Diss., Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich, Nr. 15646, 2004 ...
Hollywoodtuna » Blog Archive » Jessica Simpson Lacks Hotness ... Your problem is consistency, or lack thereof. When your looks flip flop from ... You see, us guys want consistency . We want to know that when we wake up in ...
Memory Consistency Errors (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes ... Memory consistency errors occur when different threads have inconsistent ...

The causes of memory consistency errors are complex + beyond the scope of ...
07.Jan.2007 Getting Real: Context over consistency - Signal vs. Noise (by ...

Choose context over consistency when designing the details of a UI. Consistency ’s one size fits all approach satisfies theory, but not practicality.
07.Jan.2007 Consistency-from Wolfram MathWorld

The absence of contradiction (i.e., the ability to prove that a statement + its negative are both true) in an Axiomatic system is known as consistency
07.Jan.2007 Getting Real: Context Over Consistency (by 37signals) That's why context is more important than consistency ... Consistency is not necessary.

For years, students of ui and ux have been taught that consistency ..
07.Jan.2007 omega-consistency from FOLDOC omega- consistency . <logic> A system is omega-consistent iff there is no wff W with one free variable such that (1)

Wn is a theorem for every natural number ...
consistency from FOLDOC The customary proof of consistency is to show that there is at least one interpretation of the system upon which all of its axioms are true.
Consistency We have a need for consistency in our lives so we can understand and hence predict and control our world.
Telegraph | Sport | Consistency takes wickets, not 'leaked plans' Consistency takes wickets, not 'leaked plans'. By Ricky Ponting. Last Updated: 9:38am GMT

29.Dec.2006 Comment on this story Read comments ...
07.Jan.2007 digg - Brain Is Not Wired for Consistency

Emerson once said "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," but not ... does that mean that the brains which are "wired" for consistency, ...

07.Jan.2007 UIE Brain Sparks » Blog Archive » Consistency in Design is the ... Consistency in design is about making elements uniform — having them look + behave the ...

6 Responses to “ Consistency in Design is the Wrong Approach” ...
07.Jan.2007 Cognitive Consistency Theory Overview Purpose of the theory: The Theory of Cognitive Consistency state that ...

This modern theory of motivation--Festinger's Cognitive Consistency Theory ...
07.Jan.2007 Beats Biblionetz - Begriffe: Consistency/Konsistenz Informationen zum Begriff ' Consistency/Konsistenz' in Beats Biblionetz.
Etherington & Roberts. Dictionary--consistency consistency . 1. That property of a liquid adhesive that enables it to resist deformation.

The property is not considered to be fundamental to adhesives; ...
07.Jan.2007 User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 5

But it's the same idea: consistency causes ease of use which in turn causes good feelings ... Consistency is a fundamental principle of good UI design, ...
07.Jan.2007 A Categorical Characterization of Consistency. In: Proceedings of AMAST '96. Band 1101 (1996) ...
Past Issues - UI Design Newsletter

The value of consistency isn't hard to see: Sites that are consistent are easier ... To ensure this, interface design guidelines tend to preach consistency ...
07.Jan.2007 cognitive consistency Cultsock: CCMS Infobase - psychology of communication: cognitive consistency .
How to avoid foolish consistency - "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" - Emerson ...

A foolish consistency is one that serves no benefit for the end user.
07.Jan.2007 In the Race With Google, It’s Consistency vs. ‘Wow’ - New York Times

Do Internet users prefer predictable services like Yahoo, or are they more interested in Google’s wow factor?
07.Jan.2007 Pesticide Labeling Consistency | Office of Pesticide Programs | US EPA

The label on a pesticide package or container + the accompanying instructions are a key part of pesticide regulation. The label provides critical ...
07.Jan.2007 Consistency + Ethics Ethics requires consistency among our moral standards + in how we apply these standards;between our ethical standards + our actions; + between how we ..
odge Wörterbuch - consistency Übersetzung Deutsch-Englisch für das Wort "consistency": ...
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. The New ... A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002.
Consistency Theory Consistency theory has been proposed to explain what happens when things happen ...

The Main Point of Consistency Theory is this: People need consistency in ...
Consistency I'm not much for dictionary definitions, but the one for consistency is a good starting point: agreement or logical coherence among things or parts.
Verb Tense Consistency Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. Exercises on verb tense consistency are available.
Tense Consistency: Exercise #1 Tense Consistency Exercises. Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. ... You can also return to our handout on Tense Consistency ...
Consistency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Consistency means: "the property of holding together + retaining shape." This is the most commonly-used definition of the word.

Team8 + Article - 9-11 Something smells in the air


10.Sep.2001 N591UA and N594UA were reported at 2 places at one time.
10.Sep.2001, Flight 0078 (N591UA) arrived in Newark from SFO (San Fransisco)

at 6:54 wheel on time.

However, Flight 0507, with the same tail number, 591UA departed Boston Logan for ORD (Chicago)

at 7:39 wheel off time.
Also, Boston does not have records of N591UA arriving at Logan that day and Newark only has it departing once

at 19:40 PM EST.
There seems to be a problem here.

It had 45 mins from touchdown in San Francisco before it left from Chicago.

B acktracking N594UA, i come up with a similar scenario. Were these planes swapped on September 10th?

The Naudet video
In looking at several different TV versions of this video, i found
at least 3 different audio tracks.
One has no explosion sound, one has 1 explosion sound + one has 2 explosion sounds.
In the original, you can hear the guy in the background say HOLY SH**
so, the audio was NOT just taken out alltogether, it was MODIFIED . at least twice.
One has to wonder who and why they would change the audio track?
What did they not want us to hear?


"When they told me there was a hijack, my first reaction was
'Somebody started the exercise early,'
" Nasypany later told me. The day's exercise was designed to run a range of scenarios,
including a "traditional" simulated hijack in which politically motivated perpetrators commandeer an aircraft,
land on a Cuba-like island + seek asylum. "I actually said out loud,
'The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour,'" Nasypany recalled.
from the iar traffic controllers...
—Is this explosion part of that that we're lookin' at now on TV?
—Jesus …
—And there's a possible second hijack also
—a United Airlines …
—Two planes?…
—Get the f*ck out …
—I think this is a damn input, to be honest.
The last line—"I think this is a damn input"—is a
reference to the exercise, meaning a simulations input.

New sites...
Seas of David Cult ("Muslim Terrorists") Attended Christian Churches


New !
This site is dedicated to dispelling the corporate media
myth that only "wing nut conspiracy theorists" are
challenging the official story of the events of
9/11/2001, which have turned our world upside down,
launched us into endless wars with oil rich nations,
and curtailed civil liberty at home and abroad
Ending EFF Sues AT&T to Stop Illegal Surveillance
Telecom Collaborated with NSA to Spy on Customers

The U.S. is officially committed to what is called
"low–intensity warfare".
If you read the definition of low–intensity conflict in army manuals
and compare it with official definitions of "terrorism" in army manuals,
or the U.S. Code, you find they’re almost the same (see

Manhattan Judge Rules On Pre-Trial Motions In “Kazakhgate” Case By
Marlena Telvick
09.Jul.2004 NEW YORK (July 9) - With the trial in U.S. vs. James Giffen only several months away, the trial judge handed down several significant decisions favoring the defense last Friday, including a surprise decision to allow the defense access to classified CIA and State Department documents that could provide the basis for a new defense.

Dealing directly with the government quickly became a thing of the past.

Once Giffen entered the picture, former Chevron + others oil company executives interviewed for this series say they found they had no choice but to deal with him in order to deal with President Nazarbayev.
“Under no circumstances do foreign companies prefer to work through middlemen of the James Giffen/John Deuss variety,” says Laurent Ruseckas Director, Europe & Eurasia Practice at the Eurasia Group, a research and consulting firm in New York. “These middlemen emerge at the behest of the host governments + companies can find that they have no choice but to deal with them. That was certainly the case with Mr. Giffen in Kazakhstan + some companies -- pre-merger Exxon is the best example -- decided not to do business in the country rather than work with Giffen.”
Just how much influence did Giffen have beyond vetting prospective deals for the country? The extent of his clout with President Nazarbayev was made clear back in 1992 during the initial negotiations for the massive Tengiz field. Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin had brought in Dutch oil trader Johannes “John” Deuss to play a mediating role in the Tengiz and the $2.4b Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) deal that Chevron was negotiating at the same time to get oil out of the landlocked country.
“Russia had cut down Chevron’s quotas for utilizing its pipelines for transporting, so we needed a new pipeline or risked losing momentum on the enormous investment in the Tengiz field. Deuss (as President of the state run oil company Oman Oil Company (OOC)) made demands on Chevron that would have required us to put up nearly all the money for the pipeline, a scenario the company rejected.”
Deuss resigned from OOC in 1996 after critical negotiations with Chevron fell apart. Sources from oil companies involved in both deals say that James Giffen, because of his close advisory role to President Nazarbayev was responsible for Deuss’ ouster from the lucrative Tengiz and CPC deals. Deuss did not respond to fax and e-mail requests for comment.
It wasn’t small change. Giffen reportedly received a “success fee” of 7 to 7 ½ cents per barrel of Chevron’s share of the Tengiz oil that the company reportedly put a cap of $26 million on.
Looking back, an oil executive close to both deals says he wasn’t surprised to hear about the allegations of corruption involving middlemen in these deals. “It’s like Casablanca when they were surprised there was gambling in the casino,” he said.
An additional pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for July 29th. The trial, set for October 4th in Manhattan is expected to last 4-6 weeks.
Marlena Telvick is an independent journalist based in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and in reports by PBS FRONTLINE and the Center for Investigative Reporting. This story is one in a series of reports on the ongoing “Kazakhgate” case.

In a 2001 New Yorker magazine article, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh describes Friedhelm Eronat as “a businessman who often acted on behalf of Mobil overseas.” Hersh says, “The business dealings and friendships among these three men (J. Bryan Williams, James Giffen and Friedhelm Eronat) date back many years + they have done billions of dollars worth of deals worldwide.”
According to the Giffen indictment, “CC-2” is an employee of Hovelon Trading S.A. and the signatory on an account for Denlay Associates, Ltd., a British Virgin Islands Company secretly owned by Giffen that funneled money to Nazarbayev and Balgimbayev. His identity is unknown.
Swiss legal documents confirm “CC-3” is Swiss banker Jean-Jacques Bovay who was employed at Banque Indosuez and its successor Credit Agricole Indosuez (CAI) from 1995-1999. He is alleged to have set up more than five bank accounts for a series of shell companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas controlled variously by Giffen, other co-conspirators + senior Kazakh officials, including Nazarbayev and Balgimbayev. Bovay’s attorney Maurice Harari did not reply to a request for comment.
No charges have been filed against these individuals to date.

Rulings on the Act of State Doctrine and “honest services”
In his written motion, Judge Pauley ruled against the defense’s Act of State motion which argued that because Giffen became in effect a Kazakh national due to his intimate role as advisor to President Nazarbayev, he should be immune from prosecution.
Giffen’s attorneys had argued in legal documents, “Although Giffen is an American citizen, his actions were all undertaken in his capacity as an official of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the direction and with the knowledge of the Republic’s highest officials acting under color of Kazakh law.”
Judge Pauley rejected this argument saying that “because these transactions were outside the geographic boundaries of Kazakhstan and involved transactions among foreign corporations, the Act of State Doctrine does not prohibit this court from ruling on their legality.” The judge also stated that Giffen’s letter of appointment by the Kazakh government “fails to show that his secret payments constituted official acts of Kazakhstan.”
In another victory for the defense, the judge ruled in favor of a motion to dismiss eight counts of wire fraud based on conspiracy to defraud Kazakhstan of tens of millions of dollars and depriving the Kazakh citizens of the “honest services of their government.” Stating that prosecutors had offered “the slenderest of reeds to support its expansive interpretation” of the law, the judge ruled that when Congress passed Section 1346 of Title 18 of the United States Code in 1988, it did not intend that the intangible right to honest services should encompass bribery of foreign officials in foreign countries. “Until Congress authorizes an expansion of Section 1346, this court may not consider such an extraterritorial enlargement,” he ruled.
Co-Conspirators 1-3

Perlo - Imperialism spell it OIL ... have a share +

Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin made a deal with John Deuss,

president of the Oman government-owned oil company, whereby Deuss -+ his ...
A Meta-Group Managing Drugs, Violence + the State - sfux The U.S. Contribution to the Afghan-Kosovo Drug Traffic./Part XI
Peter Dale Scott - Reportedly Far West was founded 00.000.1998; and Surikov and Saidov were already directors when they attended the...

“Missile Dealer 'Killed'. By LINCOLN WRIGHT, Herald-Sun (Oz),

07.Jan.2007 20060909 Peter Dale Scott - Reportedly Far West was founded 00.000.1998; and Surikov and Saidov were already directors when they attended the ... - 250

... Onbe of their front companies is Far West Ltd, linked to Diligence LLC, linked to Ignite! ...

07.Jan.2007 Download International Studies For Counterterroris at Studies Far West Outlying Areas : Select a Degree Program Career ...

Welcome to Umesh_Dawson's World Economic Resources ... enterprise, the International Business
20051029 Meet the Carlyle Group - getting rich on Bush's Invasion ...

29.Oct.2005 It was during Marcos's ...
20051104 Meet The Carlyle Group Inside a "Think Tank" · Our New Big Brother The Enron Photo Album ·

11.Sep.2001 -before attacks- Insider Trading -Who Killed John O'Neill? ...
Stiftungen, Teil III: Teil III: Think Tanks, Organisationen ... Meet the Carlyle Group -

(19) über einige der mächtigen Unterzeichner des PNAC-Briefes, vom 23.

07.Jan.2007 Gegenstimme » Blog Archive » Europa droht ein neuer Rechtsruck… In Deutschland haben fast 1 Mio. Deutsche die Nazi-Partei NPD gewählt, ... machen jetzt schon Stimmung, Göbbels wäre stolz auf seine Nachahmer .

07.Jan.2007 Geheimdienst- Vergangenheit: Warschauer Bischof verzichtet auf Amt

07.Jan.2007 Energieversorgung: Steinmeier besorgt über Abhängigkeit von russischem Gas
Handy- Infektion: Die Viren rücken näher

07.Jan.2007 Gefährliche Investments: Hedgefonds- Guru warnt Privatanleger

07.Jan.2007 Rätselhafte Neutrinos: Detektor für die Geisterfahrer des Kosmos

07.Jan.2007 US- Strategie im Irak: Gates empfiehlt bis zu 20.000 Soldaten zusätzlich

07.Jan.2007 Zeitungsbericht: Israel soll Nuklearschlag gegen Iran planen
Climate change brings malaria back to Italy 2007-01-06T00:00+00:00 Sandwiched between temperate Europe + African heat, Italy is on the front line of climate change.
06.Jan.2007 Democrats in party mood as speaker flexes her muscles 2007-01-06T00:00+00:00 · Pelosi fires warning shots from helm of Congress · Challenge to Bush over plan for more Iraq troops.
06.Jan.2007 FBI: top US judge had delusions 2007-01-06T00:00+00:00 Late supreme court chief was addicted to sedatives.
In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of ‘Jihad’ Case -By DEBORAH SONTAG
Tens of thousands of conversations were recorded. Some 230 phone calls form the core of the government’s case, including 21 that make reference to Mr. Padilla, prosecutors said. But Mr. Padilla’s voice is heard on only seven calls. And on those seven, which The Times obtained from a participant in the case, Mr. Padilla does not discuss violent plots.

06.Jan.2007 Chavez fires justice minister : Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, has fired his justice minister, citing a spate of prison violence + has replaced the vice-president, Jose Vicente Rangel, without explanation.

06.Jan.2007 Mexican police surrender weapons : Local police in the violent Mexican border city of Tijuana have suspended patrols after being ordered to hand in their weapons by federal officials and government soldiers.

06.Jan.2007 Bush nominates Negroponte, McConnell : President George W. Bush on Friday nominated John Negroponte to be deputy secretary of state and retired Navy Adm. John McConnell as director of national intelligence.

06.Jan.2007 FBI Documents Reveal Nixon, Reagan Intimidated Rehnquist Witnesses + Detail the Late Chief Justice’s Addiction to Painkillers:

The documents also reveal Rehnquist’s dependency on pain medication once lead him to try to escape a hospital stay in his pajamas after convincing himself of a CIA plot against his life.

We speak with the reporter who broke the story.

06.Jan.2007 Rehnquist Files Reveal Bolton Shenanigan: Here's a piece of muck history unearthed yesterday from deceased Supreme Court justice William Rehnquist's FBI files.

06.Jan.2007 Army Eyes Advanced Hypersonic Weapon: The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, supporters hope it might win hearts and minds in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill as a future "prompt global strike" weapon that could attack so-called "high value" targets anywhere around the globe within one hour of an order to attack.

06.Jan.2007 France plans legal right to housing : The law, if passed, would make France the second European country to guarantee the right to housing, after Scotland which adopted similar measures with its 2003 Homeless Act.
06.Jan.2007 US says its pursuit of Somali "al-Qaeda terrorists" a right : "Counterterrorism is one of the US' goals in Somalia. We feel we have a right to pursue al-Qaeda terrorists wherever they are," said Robert Kerr, a counsellor for public affairs at the US embassy in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
06.Jan.2007 Australia to sell uranium to China : The pact ratified on Friday stipulates non-military use of all nuclear-related exports to China and bans unauthorised processing or any transfer of Australian uranium to a third country.

06.Jan.2007 Nuclear plant target for stolen rocket launchers, police allege: STOLEN Australian Army rocket launchers are in the hands of a home-grown terrorist group which planned to use them to attack Sydney's Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, police allege.
06.Jan.2007 'My crime was to protest at Israeli assassinations': They said they wanted to teach her to be a "good Jew" as she sat with her arms handcuffed to the legs of her chair for 16 hours a day.

06.Jan.2007 Moscow rejects US sanctions on firms selling weapons to Iran and Venezuela: "The United States has once again behaved hastily and unwisely," Konstantin Kosachov, head of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Russian Duma, told Moscow radio station Eco.

06.Jan.2007 Bush: No peace with Iran developing nuclear arms: President Bush on Thursday applauded German Chancellor Angela Merkel's support for U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran, saying he did not see peace with Tehran developing nuclear weapons.

06.Jan.2007 US had better end acting based on double standards : "If the Americans are truly after the establishment of global peace, the first thing they would have to do is to end observing double standards."
06.Jan.2007 Iraq war bred terrorism, says Chirac : FRENCH President Jacques Chirac, one of the fiercest opponents of the US-led war in Iraq, warned today that the conflict had provided a dangerous new breeding ground for terrorism.

06.Jan.2007 Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq : Although few tears were shed in Israel over Saddam Hussein’s death last week, a small but growing chorus — including government officials, academics and Iraqi émigrés — is warning that Israel could find itself in more danger with him gone + that it might even regret having welcomed his toppling.

06.Jan.2007 El Salvador to send more troops to Iraq: The new soldiers will replace those scheduled to return to the Central American country in February, said President Tony Saca, who is one of the strongest U.S. allies in the region.

06.Jan.2007 The Law Catches Up To Private Militaries, Embeds: They're now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the same set of laws that governs soldiers. But here's the catch: embedded reporters are now under those regulations, too.

06.Jan.2007 Two former UN humanitarian coordinators for IRAQ appeal for the release Tariq Aziz: The continued confinement of a sick POW is at the individual level one example of the tragic mishandling of a nation. We are asking the US government to show statesmanship and release Tariq Aziz on humanitarian, if not legal, grounds.

06.Jan.2007 U.S. Army war resister's lawyer says Army is attempting to silence his defense: The lawyer for an Army officer from Honolulu who refused to deploy to Iraq said military prosecutors do not want the lieutenant to have the chance to defend himself by arguing that the war in Iraq is illegal
06.Jan.2007 Bush To Replace Top Generals In Iraq : Gen. John Abizaid, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East + Gen. George Casey, the chief general in Iraq, are both expected to leave their jobs in coming weeks.
Don't Let Them Trick Us into Another War 2 Minute Video
"Lacking direct evidence, Bush administration officials argue that Iran's nuclear program must be a cover for bomb-making. Vice President Cheney recently said, "They're already sitting on an awful lot of oil and gas. Nobody can figure why they need nuclear as well to generate energy."
Click to view

06.Jan.2007 White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says -By Glenn Kessler
Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said yesterday that he believes top officials in the Bush administration have privately concluded they have lost Iraq and are simply trying to postpone disaster so the next president will "be the guy landing helicopters inside the Green Zone, taking people off the roof," in a chaotic withdrawal reminiscent of Vietnam.

Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush - By Patrick J. Buchanan
For as he prepares to "surge" 20,000 more U.S. troops into a war even he concedes we "are not winning," his erstwhile acolytes have begun to abandon him to salvage their own tattered reputations.

06.Jan.2007 For The First Time, A Real Blueprint For Peace In Iraq -By Ali Allawi, former Iraqi Defence Minister
Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, linchpins of the American security order in the Arab world, cannot accept the principle of a Shia-dominated Iraq, each for its own reasons. They will do their utmost to thwart such a possibility + failing that, will probably try to isolate such an entity from regional counsels.

06.Jan.2007 Kiss Of Death -By Uri Avnery
SINCE JUDAS ISCARIOT embraced Jesus, Jerusalem has not seen such a kiss. After being boycotted by Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert for years, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) was invited to the official residence of the Prime Minister of Israel two weeks ago. There, in front of the cameras, Olmert embraced him and kissed him warmly on both cheeks. Abbas looked stunned + froze.

06.Jan.2007 Indeed there is Apartheid in Israel -By Shulamit Aloni
The US Jewish Establishment’s onslaught on former President Jimmy Carter is based on him daring to tell the truth which is known to all: through its army, the government of Israel practises a brutal form of Apartheid in the territory it occupies. Its army has turned every Palestinian village and town into a fenced-in, or blocked-in, detention camp.

06.Jan.2007 Can We Let Intelligence Officials Lie With Impunity?” - By Ray McGovern and W. Patrick Lang
Lies have consequences . All those who helped President George W. Bush launch a war of aggression—termed by Nuremberg “the supreme international crime”—have blood on their hands and must be held accountable. This includes corrupt intelligence officials. Otherwise, look for them to perform the same service in facilitating war on Iran.

06.Jan.2007 Bush surrounds himself with war supporters: The moves are part of a broad mission to surround himself, both in Washington and on the ground in Iraq, with officials who support increasing troop numbers, a move largely opposed on Capitol Hill and among the American public.
The Army said Friday it would apologize to the families of about 275 officers killed or wounded in action who were mistakenly sent letters urging them to return to active duty.
GOP Congresswoman Says Busheviks catching, releasing top terror targets. What better way to ensure an endless war?

06.Jan.2007 The federal government (Busheviks) wants your Internet provider to keep track of every Web site you visit. For more than a year, the U.S. Justice Department has been in discussions with Internet companies and privacy rights advocates, trying to come up with a plan that would make it easier for investigators to check records of web traffic.
Be the first to know. Does Your Inbox Buzz? Click here for free daily updates.

06.Jan.2007 Democrats warn Bush against Iraq buildup: "The Democratic congressional leaders emphatically urged the president on Friday to reject the surge of additional U.S. military forces that the White House is considering."
Dems prepare slew of oversight hearings. Let's Cross Our Fingers. 1/7

06.Jan.2007 Democrats warn Bush against Iraq buildup: "The Democratic congressional leaders emphatically urged the president on Friday to reject the surge of additional U.S. military forces that the White House is considering."
Manipulating Oil Prices for Political Gain 1/7
E&P Survey Finds That, At Critical Point, Editorials Offer Little Commentary on Troop Escalation in Iraq 1/7

06.Jan.2007 Florida, ES&S and another questionable race

This DU post raises some damn good questions (lightly edited for clarity and style here) regarding the Attorney General's race:
Sumter County in Florida had undervotes of over 15% reported in 95% of their precincts. The undervote rate was over 25% in 31 percent of precincts in early voting. One precinct had over 50%.
Yet for absentee voting on paper the undervote rate was 2.8% No precinct had under 10% undervotes on election day.
Six other counties had undervotes in the Attorney General's Race of similar magnitudes.
Who would trust the results on these ES&S touch screens in this race or any race? A gross disparity between paper results and electronic results is one key sign of electoral hugger-mugger. We will have more to say about ES&S in the near future.
Permalink # posted by Joseph


Berlin - "Allein 30 fremde Tier- und Pflanzenarten haben sich im Rhein angesiedelt", sagte der Diplom-Biologe Stefan Nehring aus Koblenz der "Welt am Sonntag". Seinen Untersuchungen zufolge finden sich 46 fremde Arten an der Nordseeküste, 27 an der Ostseeküste und sogar 76 in den Flüssen. Darunter seien einige Arten so widerstandsfähig, dass sie sowohl in Süß- als auch in Salzwasser überleben können.
Milde Temperaturen: Händler werden Winterreifen nicht los
New Spy Chief's "Total Information" Ties - BG 
Here is a piece from Defense Tech:

"John Michael McConnell, the retired vice admiral slated to become America's new top spy, [has some] longtime associations [which] may cause him headaches during Senate confirmation hearings," notes.

"One such tie is with another former Navy admiral, John Poindexter, the Iran-contra figure who started the controversial 'Total Information Awareness' program at the Pentagon in 2002."

The international consultancy that McConnell has worked at for a decade as a senior vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton, won contracts worth $63 million on the TIA "data-mining" program, which was later cancelled [kinda sorta -- ed.] after congressional Democrats raised questions about invasion of privacy...

While his role in the TIA program is unlikely to derail McConnell's nominat... Source:
06.Jan.2007 Hastert’s here to stay. - Nico -

“In an exclusive interview with CBS 2 Dennis Hastert said he can deal with the demotion + that, contrary to many rumors, he will not quit Congress.

‘I just think that was wishful thinking on the part of some people,’ Hastert said.”
06.Jan.2007 Waxman creates new transparency committee. - Nico -

“Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has created a new subcommittee that will tackle decisions made by the Bush administration regarding which government records should be made available to the public,” The Hill reports. Waxman’s plan “to create a subcommittee devoted to government transparency foreshadows what is expected to be a contentious debate with the administration over executive branch documents.”
06.Jan.2007 Sen. John Warner’s (R-VA) three months - Nico - are up.
06.Jan.2007 US Army urges dead to re-enlist The US Army is to apologise to families of officers killed or wounded in action who were asked to return to active duty.
06.Jan.2007 Criticism over prison absconders Opposition parties criticise the Prison Service after its head admits not knowing how many are missing from open jails.
06.Jan.2007 People Can Cause Earthquakes
A National Geographic article says a powerful Australian earthquake was triggered by too much coal mining. The 1989 quake, whose epicenter was Newcastle, New South Wales, killed 13 people and caused $3.5 billion damage (talk about coals to Newcastle). The piece details more than 200 human-caused quakes. In Wired Science.

06.Jan.2007 The Impact of Immigrant Innovators - Zonk 179- Ramakrishnan writes

"The Wall Street Journal is carrying a report on immigrant innovators and entrepreneurs. According to the piece, nearly a quarter of all California startups which went into business between 1995 and 2005 had an immigrant as a founding member. These businesses, together, employ almost half a million workers and generated about $50 billion in sales in the year 2005. The study seems quite topical, given recent discussions in the U.S. capital. From the article: 'Supporters of an immigration bill are likely to use the study to argue the importance of foreign-born workers to the U.S. economy. An immigration bill passed by the last Congress and heavily lobbied by business groups would have greatly increased the number of green cards available to skilled workers. Business has long argued that the U.S. schools aren't turning out enough scientists, mathematicians and engineers + that the economy will lose its competitive edge without more skilled foreign workers.'"
Black Hole Found Inside Globular Cluster - CowboyNeal 39- acidrain writes

"Contrary to the prediction of some computer models, scientists have found a black hole resting peacefully in a dense nest of stars called a globular cluster. Previously discovered black holes are either similar in size to a large star, or super massive holes which are millions of times bigger than a star is able to remain stable. This finding indicates there may be an intermediate size range of holes residing within these star clusters."

After 15 days, cancer growth had resumed in dishes treated with four of the compounds, but in samples treated with the butyrate-ManNAc hybrid, all of the cancer cells had died.
06.Jan.2007 Wonder warriors of China 

Yang Pei Yan is one lucky farmer. He was digging a well in 1974 near Xi'an, in eastern central China, when he found some broken pottery and old bronze weapons. He showed them to his friends, someone told the government and it changed his life. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Jan.2007 Easter Islanders wonder how many statues are enough 

What should be done about the hundreds of other stone icons, many of them damaged or still embedded in the ground, that are scattered around the island? posted by Prof. Hex
06.Jan.2007 Cancer cure patented  A group of researchers claim that they are patenting a possible cure for cancer involving nothing more than sugar and short-chain fatty acid combination. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Jan.2007 White House visitor records closed 

The White House and the Secret Service quietly signed an agreement last spring in the midst of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal declaring that records identifying visitors to the White House are not open to the public.
Sure it's only January, but Bush is still the front runner for Douchebag of the Year.
posted by Prof. Hex
04.Jun.1979 Emerging from the Dark Ages - Page 1 Says Foreign Minister Qais Zawawi : "We do so out of the conviction that this treaty is the first step toward solving the problem of the Middle East + ...,9171,946260,00.html
Auf den Fernhandelsrouten (Bernstein -Gold des Nordens-, Seide, usw.) + Metallen (Zinn, Kupfer) wurden Luxusgüter transportiert.

Am Anfang gab es keine Brücken (Cäsar soll die erste Brücke über einen großen Fluß geschlagen haben) und Flußübergänge sowie Wasserstrassen wurden gemieden.

In England sind die (7) Highroads auf Hügelrücken gut dokumentiert und auch auf dem Kontinent sind die Highroads im Altertum wohl "erste" Wahl gewesen.
Ich denke, man kann auch ohne Zurhilfenahme der Brennernamen das Netz der Handelsstrassen auf den Highroads rekonstruieren.

Es sollen dabei die Wege quer durch Europa gesucht werden, die keine Flüsse kreuzen und Gebirgsketten nutzen. Das will ich an einigen Beispielen demonstrieren.
In Frankreich ist eine solche, relativ kurze Route zwischen Bordeaux am Atlantik und dem Mittelmeer (südlich oder nördlich entlang der Garonne) möglich. Siehe auch die Route des Pytheas von Massilia.
Eine zweite Route durch Frankreich vom Ärmelkanal zu den Alpen ohne Flußüberquerungen

müsste zwischen den benachbarten Quellen der Maas, Mosel + Saone den Ardennenweg folgen und führt dann nach Bern am Fuße der Alpen.

Dieser Weg führt an LaTene vorbei.
Auch in Deutschland gibt es solche Routen. Beispiel: Wer von der Ostseeküste (z.B. von Hamburg oder Rügen) zwischen Elbe + Oder nach Süden reist, und dabei die Havel auch noch aus dem Weg geht, muß zwangsläufig (vorbei an Berlin bzw. Frankfurt/Oder) den Weg zwischen Spree und Neisze folgen und erreicht dann trockenen Fußes das Erzgebirge bei Dresden.

Instytut im. Herdera - Spis tresci Wichtige Quellen zur Geschichte unserer schlesischen Vorfahren ... Haslo rzeczowe, stosunki gospodarcze ; bursztyn ; archeologia, badania ...
06.Jan.2007 GardaCecinaProm Ambra, succino, electrum, jantar, bursztyn – è certo che l’ambra e tutte le sue ... dass es sich um den Saft eines Baumes handle, den unsere Vorfahren ...

06.Jan.2007 .com - The Iraq War Exposed
03.Sep.1939 Eschringen Saar England + Frankreich erklären Deutschland den Krieg; ... alle Häuser und auch die Kirche werden durch eine deutsche Baufirma ("Wilhelm Grote") ...
06.Jan.2007 This article provides a general overview of the nature, history ...- View as HTML
domestic surveillance in the US itself, going so far as to bring along dart ... CIA surveillance programmes routinely. supplied the security agencies with ...

06.Jan.2007 RVComputing Discussion Group The Lund report showed that surveillance and bugging of the left (many of whom ... Leigh Tracey, revealed that Neave had approached him to join a small, ...
06.Jan.2007 Bush book: Chapter -17- Chapter -XVII-

30.Mar.1991 -The Attempted Coup D'Etat of- . "Bizarre happenstance, a weird coincidence". -Bush spokeswoman Shirley M. Green, March 31, 1981 ...
...And The Truth Shall Set You Free - Ch.14 chapter 14 psychological fascism. “The sophisticated exercise of control utilises the ability to keep people oppressed yet contented.
Secret Warfare:
Gladio Secret Warfare: Gladio by Daniele Ganser. from the book: Secret Warfare: Operation Gladio + NATO's Stay-Behind Armies. Introduction ...

06.Jan.2007 The CIA and Nazi War Criminals Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Director of Central Intelligence, " Operation RUSTY - Use of the Eastern ... Deane to the German Chief of Operation RUSTY, "Assignment of ...

06.Jan.2007 United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ... - HTML-versie
Operation Rusty ; and nine of 264 pages of records regarding Gehlen. ... denied access to an entire 483-page Operation Rusty file, also on the basis of FOIA ...

06.Jan.2007 US-Nazi collaboration - 01 - Operation Rusty encompassed gathering positive and counterintelligence information concerning the activities and organizations of an Intelligence Service ...
06.Jan.2007 - Diskussion : neue Erkenntnisse von der Gentechnikfront This year's seed expansion started in March when Monsanto paid $1.4 billion ... aufgeschreckt durch den Begriff Whistleblower in den Blog-Block geguckt und ... - Diskussion: neue Erkenntnisse von der Gentechnikfront

Monsanto sei Dank - und was ihre Anwälte nicht erledigen, schafft die EU- ... Lesenswert auch die Stellungnahme vom Whistleblower Pusztai gegenüber dem ...
14.Jun.2005 Omega-News: Pentagon whistleblower Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski and Daniel Ellsberg on the deceptions of the Bush administration. Real Video - 4 minutes ...

Für die 2067er ist die Ich-Technologie die größte Umwälzung des 21. Jahrhunderts. Internet, Raumfahrt, Cyberspace, Nanorobots, Gentechnik - alles altbackenes Zeug.

Nach Wunsch manisch, ekstatisch, melancholisch, depressiv

2067 ist der Mensch endlich Herrscher über sein eigenes Hirn. Gedanken, Phobien, Marotten - alles nur eine Frage der richtigen Pille. Die stilsichere Möblierung des eigenen Kopfes wird zum Zeitvertreib. Eine Vision.

Wenn alle Hochrechnungen, Delphi-Umfragen und Szenariokonstruktionen versagen - dann greifen meine amerikanischen Kollegen zu dem, was sie "Channeling" nennen. Sie nehmen direkten Kontakt zu einem verwandten Geist in der Zukunft auf. Nun habe ich es auch probiert, einen Eisenkraut-Tee geschlürft, mich auf der Couch ausgestreckt, die Augen geschlossen und versucht, mit jemandem aus dem Jahr 2067 in Verbindung zu treten.
Irakische Verteidigung: Maliki verbittet sich Kritik an Saddam- Hinrichtung
Psychopharmaka 2067: Der Kopf wird neu möbliert
Fehler in der Datenbank: US- Armee lud getötete Soldaten zur Rückkehr in Militärdienst ein
Flugzeugabsturz in Indonesien: Notsignal vermisster Boeing erloschen

06.Jan.2007 US- Armee im Irak: Neue Vorwürfe im Haditha- Massaker
Pat Robertson's Doomsday Conversation With God - Paul Joseph Watson -Pat's busy once again doing the bidding of his new...
06.Jan.2007 Leading Academic: Neo-Nazis Have Signed Us Onto WWIII - Paul Joseph Watson -Destroying World Order: Analysing the war In Iraq and the middle east with Dr Franics A Boyle Steve
06.Jan.2007 Bush, Merkel push Mid-East talks German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Bush agree to back a new Middle East peace meeting.
EU distances itself from U.S. push to curtail lending to Iran - BG -Bloomberg: The European Union is cool to a U.S. push for stricter financial sanctions on Iran that the Bush administration is prodding European countries and banks to impose, a senior EU official said ... Source:
06.Jan.2007 Bush Picks New Spy Chief To Read Your Mail
Bush announced that he had chosen vice admiral Michael McConnell, a former head of the National Security Agency, to replace Negroponte at the head of all 16 US spy agencies, officials said. "Mike will report directly to me. And I am confident he will give me the best information and analysis that America's intelligence community can provide," the US president said.

Representation And A US Constitutional Congress
The book "Article the first of the Bill of Rights" tells the forgotten story of constitutional representation and We the People. Concerning Congress, it is a false premise, constitutionally speaking, to suggest a party can control the legislature. The only group that controls Congress, according to our Constitution, is the group called We the People. Our constitutional crisis: Congress has taken our right of representation.

06.Jan.2007 US Spies Jolted By Negroponte Swap
Veteran diplomat John Negroponte's shift from spy czar to State Department number two sent a new jolt of uncertainty through the battle-scarred US intelligence community. Negroponte, 67, will swap his job as the first-ever director of national intelligence (DNI) for a spot as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's deputy, as the administration launches its last-chance new strategy on Iraq.

06.Jan.2007 Bush Warned About Mail-Opening Authority
"The administration is playing games about warrants," Martin said. "If they are not claiming new powers, then why did they need to issue a signing statement?" Administration critics said they were particularly confused because the relevant portion of the postal reform legislation -- which prohibits opening mail without warrants in most circumstances -- remains unchanged.

06.Jan.2007 By By Andi McDaniel
A World Without Waste
Advocates of zero waste believe in life after trashcans.

By Bryan W. Brickner
Will The 110th Congress Obey The Constitutional Wish Of George Washington?
On 4 January 2007, the new members of Congress will take the oath of office for the first time. In doing so, the new Representatives and Senators will swear to defend these twelve words from Article 1: "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand." The question is, will the new members, in the name of such founders as George Washington, work to enforce the twelve words from Article 1?

06.Jan.2007 By Jim McCluskey
Trident The Deterrent - A Terrifying Myth
The article describes Trident and argues that it is not, as presented, a deterrent, but is, in fact, a Armageddon machine. It is contended that the proposal to replace Trident is not rational.

By Allen L Roland
There is only one reason for Bush's soon to be announced Surge in troops for the illegal Iraq Occupation ( not War ) ~ and that is to save face and imminent failure before Bush leaves office in two years. Bush has never taken reponsibility for his failures and if the Democrats grant him this costly reprieve ~ they alone will be left to take responsibility for this tragic ongoing crime against humanity .

06.Jan.2007 By J.M. Berger
New Lead Could Link Al Qaeda To Khobar Bombing
A Gitmo detainee was identified by Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti officials as a suspect in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing. The detainee was living in Buffalo, NY, on 9/11 and left the U.S. three weeks later, despite having been identified by the two Middle Eastern intelligence services as being a possible al Qaeda associate.

06.Jan.2007 By Daniel Hoffay
Global War On Terror
Terrorism is a lie which tells us that some acts are so grievous that human reason, ethics + civil institutions are insufficient + that we must trust our leaders with totalitarian powers. Do you believe it?

06.Jan.2007 By Clifford Hoeft
A Partial History Of Our Controllers
The inheritors of that initial corporate take over is the force that put George W. Bush in the oval office + Bill Clinton before him. They are in apparent with John Majors becoming a director of the Carlyle group and Tony Blair laying over for Bush's illegal war.

06.Jan.2007 By Timgatto
Congress's First Real Test
Bush is still writing signing statements. This time its about opening mail - By Cynthia McKinney
The Case For Impeachment
Cynthia McKinney lays out the legal arguments behind her motion to impeach Bush.

By Lawrence Fiarman
Proposed Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States Of America
"Among other high crimes and misdemeanors, the Congress shall in all cases impeach the President for the crimes of failing to protect and preserve this Constitution of The United States of America + for the crimes of failing to protect and observe the rights of the citizens of the various States."

By Bruce Morris
WAR IS NOT A GAME, So Quit Talking Like It Is
Progressive media and leaders must cease discussing the Iraq war in terms of "winning" or "losing"; "doubling down" or "gambling." Using this language wrongly links wars to games + makes it harder to convey the true horror of the Iraq War. War is hell; not a game. We need to stop using the language of games and start using the language of the serious failure of humanity the Iraq War really is.

By Mary Geddry
Seconds Count
The American public has been tacitly complicity and criminally complacent about our troops in Iraq - It is time to support our troops by fighting for them as they hope they are fighting for us


By Kevin Zeese
Americans Voted For Peace
The failure of the Bush Administration and the Democratic Congress to represent the wishes of Americans to end the Iraq War as shown at the ballot box on November 7 makes the peace issue a democracy issue. And, it is a call to action for anti-war voters to get more organized. Begin by signing the voters pledge at VotersForPeace.US


By John Pagoda
The National Nightmare Of Gerald Ford's Obituary
Gerald Ford granted Richard M Nixon a full pardon of any crimes with which he was charged before he was even tried.

By Winston Winston
Prior To 2000 W Proved He Was A Stone-cold Killer.
W has always been a stone-cold killer. Before he became commander-in-chief he could only execute Texas criminals, but he took every advantage of that option to prove to the GOP that when given a chance he could be as vile as the worst "war-time president". Attempting another "Crusade" gets them a few extra GOP votes. Scores of US military boys' and girls' deaths as well as those of innocent Iraqis are a fair trade for W!

By Nancy Babcock
A Tense Change
Jimmy Carter said it best when eulogizing Gerald R. Ford + made his points all the more poignant with a simple tense change.

By Martin Zehr
Water Planning In The South West
In the Middle Rio Grande region of New Mexico water planning is taking on a significant character that is open and inclusive. Proposals dealing with issues ranging from water quality to conjunctive management of surface and ground waters + from establishing funding sources for water programs to increasing water supply and decreasing water demand have all been incorporated into the recommendations.

By Dr Les Sachs
Saddam Hussein Snuff Videos The Darkest US Propaganda Game Of All
The Saddam Hussein hanging snuff videos are no accident. The videos of the hanging of Saddam Hussein, are unique in the history of propaganda + in their psychological harm to the mass of humanity. Our civilisation has been quite sharply moved along toward the precipice of darkness.

06.Jan.2007 By Aataai Gazi Mahbub (atagam) U.S. Tactics Fuel For Islamists
U.S. policies also provoked others to turn religious. Hussein's execution on Eid day, one of Islam's major religious festivals, upset Muslims all over the world. Muslim leaders have been quick to condemn the trial as unfair, arguing that he was arrested and tried by a foreign country that has taken control of Iraq. (The Iraqi government is but a representative of the U.S.)

06.Jan.2007 By Steven Leser Iraq War ? The President Has Failed & The New Democratic Congress Cannot Acquiesce To Escalation
What Democrats cannot do is agree to an escalation or surge or whatever other nom du jour the President attaches to sending additional troops to Iraq.

By Kathy Dopp The Debate Amongst Election Integrity Groups Over Federal Legislation Provisions
What are the best ideas for election integrity legislation in the new Congress? Election Integrity groups are debating over what measures are best. "REQUEST BY VOTERS: To amend the bill formerly known as H.R. 550 ..." which is supported by numerous well-known election integrity activists, falls short of a workable solution.

By David Swanson Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Makes The Case For Impeachment
Congresswoman McKinney on December 27, 2006, entered into the Congressional Record (pages E2253 - 2255) extended remarks on impeachment that merit our close attention.

06.Jan.2007 By Don Williams Saddam And The Great White Whale--Bush's Un-magnificent Obsession
Like that edgy, storm-tossed storyteller, Ishmael, in "Moby-Dick," we've borne witness to our own national tale of obsession, destiny and ruin. For years we've watched George W. Bush threaten, mislead and browbeat others into following him through uncharted waters, like some latter day Captain Ahab. In the end, Bush handled the killing of Saddam Hussein about like Ahab handled killing that whale. He bungled it.

By John De Herrera Open Letter To Bill Moyers And Howard Zinn
A letter reasoning why America needs its intellectual leaders to advocate for and Article V Convention.

06.Jan.2007 By James Brett Branches Of Republicanism
Democrats should understand that Republicans are a house divided, a coalition perhaps more diverse than the Democratic coalition, a party of seething discontent.

By Robert Raitz Things Found On The Way To Other Things.
An exploration of a quote from James Madison, the fourth president of the US, referring to the effect of christianity on our society.

06.Jan.2007 By Gustav Wynn Deconstructing The Media Manipulation That Infects America's Core
Are we wasting our time bickering on blogs? We may need to take a deeper look at ourselves, not our enemies across the ideological aisle. We badly need a fresh perspective on many of our ingrained American indulgences to recognize what the last 100 years of media manipulation has wrought + what it means to our children.

06.Jan.2007 By Larry Au Death To The Death Penalty
Why the world would be better off without capital punishment.

06.Jan.2007 By Alex Gabor THE REAL ESTATE DEPRESSION OF 2007
Despite reports from mainstream media, public relations spinners for the real estate industry and those whose livlihood depends on perpetuating false hopes in an industry that is sinking in status to that below of used car salesman, the real estate depression of 2007 is officially under way according to Alex S. Gabor a veteran of the industry who pulls no punches in this revelatory article.

By John Loyd How To "Defund" The War And Truly Support The Troops
Private Security Companies are paying, (at least), ten times the salary to their employees that our soldiers are receiving for the exact same duties in Iraq. No matter how you look at it - it is still our tax dollars paying the bills. Let us TRULY support our troops and tax the private firms profits for increased benefits for our soldiers. If corporations have to sacrifice profit maybe the human sacrifices will end.

By Rob Kall Miers Departure A Good Sign
The good news is that Miers is leaving because Bush knows that he is in for a lot of battles, that frat boy dubya is out of the frat house (Republican led congress) and into the street and he's going to get his ass kicked-- a sweet, sweet image to consider.

By Liza Persson The USA Inc.-the Fall Of A Giant
The USA is bleeding, but is the giant really just a puppet to be tossed away when used up + who are the puppet masters?

06.Jan.2007 Can Fox News Journalism be any more insipid? - BG 
Today on the show we talked about New Year's predictions, specifically from evangelist Pat Robertson. His big prediction is that a major terrorist attack will happen somewhere in the U.S. after September of this year and it will affect millions of people. He says he received word from God about this event. He's put out predictions before — some right and some wrong. Hopefully he will not be right about this one.,2933,241003,00.html
06.Jan.2007 parroted Republican contention about "onslaught of subpoenas" - BG 
On the January 4 editions of 's The Situation Room and Anderson Cooper 360, correspondent Brian Todd warned that "[n]ewly empowered Democrats ... are poised to launch an onslaught of subpoenas that might drive an already embattled White House to distraction." Todd suggested that the investigations may be seen negatively by voters as "payback," a prediction similar to one made by National Public Radio political editor Ken Rudin. However, polling indicates that a majority of the public favors oversight of certain aspects of the Bush administration, which would be Congress' job. In a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted December 7-11, 53 percent of respondents said they thought Congress should "hold hearings on how the Bush administration handled pre-war intelligence, war planning + relat... Source:

06.Jan.2007 The Protocols of 'the New York Money People'
In another dispatch from the Democratic coronation, Arianna Puffington describes a conversation with retired general and erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark:

Clark was really angry about what he'd read in this column by UPI Editor at Large Arnaud de Borchgrave. In the piece, which Clark quickly forwarded to my BlackBerry from his Trio, de Borchgrave details Bibi Netanyahu leading the charge to lobby the Bush administration to take out Iran's nuclear facilities + paints U.S. air strikes against Iran in 2007/08 as all-but-a-done deal.

"How can you talk about bombing a country when you won't even talk to them?" said Clark. "It's outrageous. We're the United States of America; we don't do that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the military option is off the table--but diplomacy is not what Jim Baker says it is. It's not, What will it take for you boys to support us on Iraq? It's sitting down for a couple of days and talking about our families and our hopes + building relationships."

When we asked him what made him so sure the Bush administration was headed in this direction, he replied: "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers."

Even Clark acknowledges that "the military option" for preventing Iranian nuclear proliferation should not be "off the table," but if the Bush administration does not share his faith that the fundamentalists who run Iran can be brought around by "sitting down for a couple of days and talking about our families and our hopes"--a concept of diplomacy that strikes us as even more naive than Jim Baker's--it must be because the White House is under the influence of "the New York money people"--i.e., rich Jews.

Here are some of the comments from Puffington Host readers (quoting verbatim): "God, that entire article is about the Jews. Hey, news flash! OTHER PEOPLE died in the Holocaust, NOT just the Jews. I'm no anti-semite or "holocaust denier" but is EVERYTHING about Israel? The only one in that room with a modicum of sense and patriotic duty was Wes Clark."
"Wes Clark for President! He's the only man I've heard who will stand up to Israel and its neocon agents(Harman, Lieberman, Emmanuel, Schumer)who support the Iraqi war because it is reshaping the middle east in Israel's favor. Let Israel attack Iran. Let Jewish mothers, instead of American mothers, mourn the loss of their sons for a while. Go Wes! I hope its contagious."
"How many hours before AIPAC and the Israel-Firsters label General Clark "anti-semtic" for his honest, accurate and informative remarks? He is violating a taboo of Washington pols, isnt he? Look what happened to President Jimmy Carter with his new book. When will we wake up?"

But another reader sounds
NBC: Negroponte to be deputy secretary of state - U.S. Security - - BG
06.Jan.2007 Mind the Gap - BG "Mind the Gap" is a documentary about the London Bombs. It features MI5 whistleblower David Shayler. Mind the Gap 1/4 Mind the Gap 2/4 Mind the Gap 3/4 Mind the Gap 4/4 ~...

06.Jan.2007 For anyone who doubts the power of the Israeli lobby - BG 
CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations - is as moderate and mainstream an organization as you can imagine. Their homepage features such things as "National and Worldwide Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism," "CAIR backs Fatwa against Terror," a public service announcement and a petition entitled "Not in the Name of Islam," and similar things. A testimonial page features dozens of tributes to their work from a variety of Senators, Congresspeople + other politicians, not to mention several key FBI people. But one of the very people who pays tribute to them (she now claims she never saw the letter she "wrote"), California's liberal Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, has rescinded an award given to an Islamic activist not for anything he did, but because he's associated with ...

06.Jan.2007 Democracy Now! | The Hanging of Saddam Hussein: A Roundtable Discussion on International Law, the U.S. Role, the Kurdish Response and the Media's Glos - BG
06.Jan.2007 Nashville sheriff approved to help enforce U.S. immigration laws - Nashville, Tennessee - Wednesday, 01/03/07 - - BG

06.Jan.2007 Saddam hanged!!! or is it his double? - BG
Informed, deep word on the street in Iraq is that he died in late 1999.
That's consistent with the prominence of the Saddam Doubles story
during the period 2000 to 2003.

Quote: 'CIA's bastard army ran riot in Balkans' backed extremists'
Peter Beaumont, Ed Vulliamy and Paul Beaver
Sunday March 11, 2001 The Observer
The CIA encouraged former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters to launch a rebellion in southern Serbia in an effort to undermine the then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, according to senior European officers
who served with the international peace-keeping force in Kosovo (K-For), as well as leading Macedonian and US sources...,,449923,00.html
06.Jan.2007 House Subcommittee report: FBI did NOT follow all links to Arab conspiracy in OKC bombing
06.Jan.2007 The Private Arm of the Law - - BG Some Question the Granting of Police Power to Security Firms

06.Jan.2007 Polar Bear Politics
Using an 'endangered' species to change energy policy.
Jan 03 2007
More Gas Blackmail
First Ukraine, now Belarus. Is Europe next on Russia's list?
Jan 03 2007 Commentary
What the Congress Can Do for America
"Let them say of these next two years: We used our time well." By GEORGE W. BUSH
Jan 03 2007

06.Jan.2007 Crooks and Liars » Ben Smith talks about Giuliani’s lost playbook - BG
06.Jan.2007 Media Matters - Appearing on Beck, Time 's Allen called McCain "authentic, " said Romney "looks like a president" - BG
06.Jan.2007 Nurse Assaulted for Passing out 9/11 DVDs at Library After Letter to the Editor Brought Attention to Her Activism - BG
06.Jan.2007 White House Blocks Access To Visitor Logs - BG 
While a lobbying scandal was boiling over last year, the Bush administration quietly signed an agreement with the Secret Service to keep logs of visitors to the White House secret " and off-limits from a federal judge....

06.Jan.2007 American Passports Found on Bodies of Al Qaeda Fighters in Somalia (Alexis Debat Reports/The Blotter) - BG 
American Passports Found on Bodies of Al Qaeda Fighters in Somalia — Alexis Debat Reports: — A senior official in the Somali government's new Ministry of the Interior told ABC News government forces had recovered "dozens of foreign passports," including several American passports … Source: The Blotter - Alexis Debat Reports Link:… memeorandum permalink...

06.Jan.2007 Cavuto Battles Frank: ‘Congressman, Is It Always Incumbent Upon You To Be So Condescending?’ - Nico -

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto had a fiery exchange with House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) this week. Early on in the interview, Frank criticized Cavuto for repeatedly cutting him off. “If you’re going to interrupt every five words, we don’t have a show.”

Frank also took exception to Cavuto’s suggestion that Frank was in favor of arbitrary caps on CEO pay. “I’ve never said that. I can’t deal with all of your distortions here,” Frank said. Cavuto hit back: “Congressman, is it always incumbent upon you to be so condescending or do you just want to answer my question?”

Watch it:

This isn’t the first time Frank has taken a Fox News anchor to task.
06.Jan.2007 Execution turns Saddam into martyr. - Nico -

“In the week since Saddam Hussein was hanged in an execution steeped in sectarian overtones, his public image in the Arab world, formerly that of a convicted dictator, has undergone a resurgence of admiration and awe,” the New York Times reports. “On the streets, in newspapers and over the Internet, Mr. Hussein has emerged as a Sunni Arab hero who stood calm and composed as his Shiite executioners tormented and abused him.”
06.Jan.2007 ‘Warm winter wreaks havoc.’ - Nico -

This winter’s “curiously warm weather across the Northeast and much of the Midwest has played havoc with more than seasonal businesses. In Washington, D.C., springlike temperatures have faked out flora, causing dogwoods and daffodils to bloom.” New York City is expecting 70 degree weather tomorrow (an all-time high) + a college professor drowned last Sunday “after falling through thin ice on usually frozen Rangeley Lake.”
06.Jan.2007 White House visitor records closed to the public. - Amanda -

“The White House and the Secret Service quietly signed an agreement last spring in the midst of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal declaring that records identifying visitors to the White House are not open to the public.” The agreement came one day after Judicial Watch “asked a federal judge to impose sanctions on the Secret Service in a dispute over White House visitor logs for Abramoff.”
06.Jan.2007 State of the minimum wage. - Amanda - See a breakdown by state, year, or minimum wage amount in a new interactive map by American Progress here.
06.Jan.2007 William J. Fallon: Wrong Man For The Job - Guest -

At a time when the United States is engaged in protracted ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one of the worst moves the Bush administration could make is to appoint someone with no background in land warfare to oversee these operations. In another baffling move, President Bush has decided to do just that, by replacing retiring Army General John Abizaid, the current head of Central Command, with Navy Admiral William J. Fallon.

Since its inception, Central Command, which oversees the Middle East and South Central Asia, has been led only by a Army or Marine Corps General. The Navy has been largely on the sidelines while the Army and the Marine Corps have borne the brunt of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; both are starting to crack under the strain. Admiral Fallon is a fine officer and by all accounts has done a good job as head of the Pacific Command, the Navy’s traditional area of responsibility. But with little background in the Middle East or land warfare, his appointment appears to be based more on diffusing opposition to the military escalation in Iraq than on what is best for the soldiers and Marines on the ground and the country.

Set to make the disastrous decision to escalate our presence in Iraq, the President is in need of a military commander to support his decision. While General Abizaid publicly opposed the surge in troop levels in Iraq, it would be surprising if Admiral Fallon is not more agreeable.
06.Jan.2007 General George Casey to be named head of the Army. - Amanda - Casey, a critic of President Bush’s plan to increase troops in Iraq, will be stepping down as the chief general in Iraq.
06.Jan.2007 O’Reilly Criticizes Pre-Judging Pelosi, Then Attacks Her As ‘The Most Liberal Woman In The World’ - Nico -

Last night, Bill O’Reilly opened a discussion about new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) by pointing out that “a lot of conservatives are already hammering Ms. Pelosi.” O’Reilly said, “I don’t think that’s fair. … I don’t think it’s fair just to go in with a hammer on Nancy Pelosi. Let’s see what she’s got, what they’ll do.”

Moments later, during the same segment, O’Reilly attacked Pelosi as “the most liberal woman in the world.” Watch both comments back-to-back:

O’Reilly has previously (and falsely) bragged about coining the term “San Francisco Values,” which he apparently first used “during the October 2 broadcast of Westwood One’s The Radio Factor, when he called Pelosi a ‘far-left secular-progressive bomb thrower‘ and warned that ‘[i]f you vote for the Democrats and if they get a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate,’ then ‘you bring to America San Francisco values.’”

Full transcript:

O’REILLY: Alright, you know, a lot of conservatives are already hammering Ms. Pelosi. I don’t think that’s fair. I obviously don’t — you know, she and I don’t get along real well. If you read Culture Warrior, you’ll get a good laugh out of a —

MORRIS: Oh, thanks for the Culture Warrior mug you sent me, Bill.

O’REILLY: It’s okay. But I don’t think it’s fair just to go in with a hammer on Nancy Pelosi. Let’s see what she’s got, what they’ll do.


MORRIS: You’re going to see the Howard Dean element of the Democratic Party increasingly breaking away from the Pelosi mainstream of the Party.

O’REILLY: Well, Pelosi is about the most liberal woman in the world. You would think that she would embrace the Howard Dean tactics, but she doesn’t seem to be doing that.
CBS: Military Tells Bush It Has Only 9,000 Troops Available For ‘Surge’ - Nico -

A State Department official leaked word this week that President Bush is considering sending “no more than 15,000 to 20,000 U.S. troops” to Iraq. “Instead of a surge, it is a bump,” the official said.

This claim was bolstered last night by CBS’s David Martin, who reported that military commanders have told Bush they are prepared to execute a troop escalation of just 9,000 soldiers and Marines into Iraq, “with another 10,000 on alert in Kuwait and the U.S.” Watch it:

The Washington Post reports today that “deep divisions remain between the White House on one side and the Joint Chiefs and congressional leaders on the other about whether a surge of up to 20,000 troops will turn around the deteriorating situation.” The Post also provides more context about an administration official’s recent claim that the escalation is “more of a political decision than a military one.“:

The U.S. military is increasingly resigned to the probability that Bush will deploy a relatively small number of additional troops — between one and five brigades — in part because he has few other dramatic options available to signal U.S. determination in Iraq, officials said. But the Joint Chiefs have not given up making the case that the potential dangers outweigh the benefits for several reasons, officials said.

Escalation backers have already begun distancing themselves from this plan. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said yesterday that not sending enough troops would be “worse than doing nothing.”

Bush_It_Has_Only_9_000_Troops_For_Surge_VIDEO">Digg It! Full transcript:

REPORTER: The president is expected to give his speech on a new way forward in Iraq next week. CBS’s David Martin has learned military commanders told the President they could execute a ‘troop surge’ of 9,000 soldiers and Marines into Iraq, with another 10,000 on alert in Kuwait and the U.S. Two army brigades — about 7,500 troops — would go into Baghdad in an effort to control the violence, clearing neighborhoods and staying long enough for reconstruction projects to take effect. 1,500 Marines would go to the western province of al-Anbar, heartland of the Sunni insurgency. This, even though the Commandant of the Marine Corps was quoted as saying he did not see a need for more battalions. But aides say the President still hasn’t decided for sure on a plan.

TONY SNOW (CLIP): The President understands this is important and needs to be done right.

ANCHOR: And details for the President’s proposal on Iraq are still being hammered out, but Pentagon officials are sure the President will order more troops to Iraq.
Pelosi and Reid write Bush on escalation. - Nico -

“Surging forces is a strategy that you have already tried and that has already failed. Like many current and former military leaders, we believe that trying again would be a serious mistake. … Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain. And it would undermine our efforts to get the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future.” Read the full letter HERE.
06.Jan.2007 ABC News Survey: 33 Senators Say They Were Wrong To Vote For War In Iraq - Amanda -

00.Oct.2003 77 senators voted to give President Bush authorization to go to war in Iraq. Just 23 senators voted against it.

But according to a new ABC News survey, 33 out of the original 77 senators “indicated they would vote differently knowing then what they know now.” Five senators — including three Republicans — said that in retrospect, the intelligence was so wrong that the matter should never have even been brought to a vote. These results would mean that a vote to authorize war in Iraq today would be 43-57 + the resolution would fail. (Full list of senators here.)

ABC News senior political correspondent Jake Tapper presented the survey results today on Good Morning America, noting that the survey of the senators was “a stunning repudiation of their own votes, the prewar intelligence + the war itself.” Watch it:

According to a December CBS News poll, just 39 percent of the American public now believes that the “United States did the right thing in taking military action against Iraq.”

ABC_News_Survey_33_Senators_Say_They_Were_Wrong_To_Vote_For_War_In_Iraq">Digg It!


DIANE SAWYER: An ABC News survey of the senators who voted to go to war suggests the President may have a tough time selling his plan on Capitol Hill. ABC News senior political correspondent Jake Tapper in Washington has the results for us this morning. Jake?

JAKE TAPPER: Good morning, Diane. ABC News surveyed all 77 senators who voted to authorize foce in Iraq and asked them a simple question — knowing what you know now, would you vote the same way? The shocking results. The Senate that so overwhelmly voted to give the President more powers, Democrats and Republicans, would not do so today.


VOICE: Mr. Harkin — aye.

TAPPER: In October 2002, the vote to go to war in Iraq was overwhelming. 77 for, 23 against.

VOICE: The joint resolution is passed.


TAPPER: But an ABC News survey of those senators shows that knowing then what they know now, only 43 would vote the same way + 57 would likely vote against the war. The resolution would not pass. Thirty-three U.S. senators who voted to go to war indicated to ABC News that they would vote differently knowing then what they knew now. Or that pre-war intelligence alleging Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction was so wrong, the Senate would have never even voted on the war. While overwhelmingly the regrets came from Democrats, a significant number came from Republicans.


TAPPER: Overall our survey, Diane, indicates — a survey of the senators who voted to go to war — a stunning repudiation of their own votes, the prewar intelligence + the war itself.

SAWYER: Well Jake, that’s it. More than 40 senators saying they would take back a vote. I have never heard of this.
Consumer groups are preparing - Amanda - “to assail rumored Bush candidate to head Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Association of Manufacturers lobbyist Michael Baroody.” Rachel Weintraub of the Consumer Federation of America notes, “It’s sort of astonishing that the administration would pick someone from a regulated industry.”
06.Jan.2007 FACT CHECK: Congress Does Not Have To Fund Escalation In Iraq - Judd -

Last night on ABC News, newly elected Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-KS) said she would support funding for 20,000-40,000 more troops in Iraq because President Bush “is the commander in chief. …We don’t get that choice. Congress doesn’t make that decision.” Watch it:

Boyda is wrong on the facts. A recent Center for American Progress memo explains how Congress could — and should — prevent Bush from sending more troops into a civil war in Iraq without a clear mission. An excerpt:

Although the new Congress should not refuse to provide the funds that the troops already in Iraq and Afghanistan need, it can place an amendment on the supplemental funding bill that states that if the administration wants to increase the number of troops in Iraq above 150,000, it must provide a plan for their purpose and require an up or down vote on exceeding that number.

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), an Iraq war veteran, came out strongly in opposition to escalation, saying, “We need to listen to the military experts, people like Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. Abizaid, that say, ‘Listen, the surge isn’t going to work.’” Another newly elected member, Rep. Health Shuler (D-NC) was more circumspect. Shuler said he didn’t think escalation was “the solution” but would consider it if “that’s what our military leaders said.”


Gibson: Would you vote in favor of money to support another 20,000 to 40,000 troops in Iraq?

Boyda: I think we’re going to vote to support what the commander in chief and head of military asks to do. At least, I am certainly going to vote to support it.

Gibson: If he wants the surge, he’ll get it.

Boyda: Yes…. He is the commander in chief, Charlie. We don’t get that choice. Congress doesn’t make that decision.

Gibson: But the polls would indicate + indeed, so many voters when they came out of the ballot box, said, “We’re voting because we want something done about the war and we want the troops home.”

Boyda: They should have thought about that before they voted for President Bush not once, but twice.
Lott: I May Oppose Troop Escalation - Judd - Yesterday on MSNBC, Trent Lott (R-MS), the second ranking Republican in the Senate, said that he may oppose troop escalation in Iraq. Watch it:

Lott’s comments are particularly significant because, as the Minority Whip, he’s responsible for bringing his caucus in line with the Senate leadership’s position. If he’s not for escalation in Iraq, it’s unlikely there will be any serious effort in the Senate to get other members of his caucus to support it. Digg It! Transcript:

Matthews: Is there a chance you’ll say no to the surge?

Lott: There is.

Matthews: Thanks for making news here.
January 5, 2007 - Think Progress -

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Joe Biden (D-DE) said yesterday that he believes top officials in the Bush administration — “maybe even including the vice president” — have “ privately concluded they have lost Iraq and are simply trying to postpone disaster so the next president will ‘be the guy landing helicopters inside the Green Zone, taking people off the roof,’ in a chaotic withdrawal reminiscent of Vietnam.”

The expected replacement of Gen. John Abizaid with Navy Admiral William Fallon to oversee the Iraq war “reflects a greater emphasis on countering Iranian power, a mission that relies heavily on naval forces and combat airpower to project American influence in the Persian Gulf,” the New York Times report.

In its first legislative act, the 110th Congress voted 430-1 yesterday to approve “the broadest ethics and lobbying revision since the Watergate era.” Today, the House will vote on a package to end anonymous sponsorship of earmarks.

Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman “ fired the head of the department’s nuclear weapons program on Thursday, citing a series of security failures at national laboratories, including the discovery of a computer device containing thousands of classified documents in the home of a former worker during a drug raid by the police.”

Yesterday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) not only introduced himself to Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA), but also asked him out for coffee. “By reaching out to Congressman Goode I’m not trying to be accepted, I’m trying to build bridges. In this world there are too many misunderstandings. I want to put a human face on things,” explained Ellison.

With Zalmay Khalilzad headed to the United Nations, President Bush plans to appoint career diplomat Ryan Crocker to be U.S. Ambassador to Iraq . Crocker is currently U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan + is “among the State Department’s most respected voices in the Middle East,” the New York Times reports.

“ New Orleans repeats mistakes as it rebuilds . … [W]hile new federal guidelines call for raising houses to reduce the damage of future floods, most returning homeowners do not have to comply or are finding ways around the costly requirement, according to city officials.”
06.Jan.2007 Ich schwöre bei Gott, dass ich nicht wusste, was sie machen wollten - sfux Stephan Fuchs & Cooperativeresearch...
06.Jan.2007 Iraq PM warns over Saddam hanging Iraq PM Nouri Maliki says his government may review ties with any country criticising Saddam Hussein's hanging.
06.Jan.2007 Drill ban sought for Alaskan park Legislation is introduced in the US to try to make a ban on drilling in an oil-rich Alaskan wildlife refuge permanent.
06.Jan.2007 Nine bodies found in Mexico grave Mexican police uncover the bodies of nine people in a mass grave in the western state of Michoacan.
06.Jan.2007 Democrats step up Iraq pressure US Democrats warn President Bush against sending more troops to Iraq, as he prepares to unveil a new strategy.
06.Jan.2007 China seeks Iran nuclear response China calls on Iran to respond to UN sanctions over its nuclear activities, after talks with Iran's top nuclear negotiator.
06.Jan.2007 Oil prices climb after sharp dip Oil prices rise to around $56 a barrel, one day after recording their sharpest drop in two years.
06.Jan.2007 Jan. 6, 1930: Wo Ist Herr Diesel? If Rudolf Diesel hadn't taken a sudden swim -- planned or otherwise -- would oil have become the geopolitical issue that it has? Compiled by Tony Long.
06.Jan.2007 Data center in a truck American Power Conversion has built a prototype data center in a truck called the InfraStruXure Express On-demand Mobile Data Center.
06.Jan.2007 Bill seeks to curb cell phone taxes Blog: Troubled by what they deemed a "hefty" load of state and local taxes on cell phone bills, four Republican senators have once again...
06.Jan.2007 The Birth of vi - Zonk 124- lanc writes

"Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun, tells the story of how he wrote the vi editor. The article at The Register delves into his motives, who instigated the project + some of the quirks of leaving a 'gift to mankind'. From the piece: '9600 baud is faster than you can read. 1200 baud is way slower. So the editor was optimized so that you could edit and feel productive when it was painting slower than you could think. Now that computers are so much faster than you can think, nobody understands this anymore. The people doing Emacs were sitting in labs at MIT with what were essentially fibre-channel links to the host, in contemporary terms. They were working on a PDP-10, which was a huge machine by comparison, with infinitely fast screens. So they could have funny commands with the screen shimmering and all that + meanwhile, I'm sitting at home in sort of World War II surplus housing at Berkeley with a modem and a terminal that can just barely get the cursor off the bottom line.'"
New Molecules for a Faster Internet - Zonk 73- Roland Piquepaille writes

"An international team of researchers has discovered a new generation of optical molecules which interact 50% more strongly with light than any molecules ever tested. These organic molecules, known as chromophores, have been theorized by physicists at Washington State University, synthesized by chemists in China and tested for their actual optical properties by chemists in Belgium. But if they're excellent candidates for being used in optical technologies such as optical switches and Internet connections, these new materials should not be used before several years — if ever. Read more for additional details and a picture of the physicist who broke a law he established in 1999."
How a Pulsar gets Its Spin - Zonk 56- brian0918 writes

"Until now, the assumption has been that the rapid spin of a pulsar comes from the spin of the original star. The problem was that this only explained the fastest observed pulsars. Now, researchers at Oak Ridge have shown that the spin of a pulsar is determined by the shock wave created when the star's massive iron core collapses. From the article: 'That shock wave is inherently unstable + eventually becomes cigar-shaped instead of spherical. The instability creates two rotating flows — one in one direction directly below the shock wave and another, inner flow, that travels in the opposite direction and spins up the core. The asymmetrical flows establish a 'sloshing' motion that accounts for the pulsars' observed spin velocities from once every 15 to 300 milliseconds.'"
A Case for Non-Net-Neutrality - Zonk 264- writes

"Network Performance Daily has an in-depth interview with Professor Christopher Yoo from Vanderbilt University Law School on his opposition to Net-Neutrality policies. While some might disagree with his opinions, he lays out the case for non-neutrality in an informed and informative manner. From the interview: 'Akamai is able to provide service with lower latency and higher quality service, because they distribute the content. This provides greater protection against DoS attacks. It's a local storage solution instead of creating additional bandwidth + it's a really interesting solution. Here's the rub ... Akamai is a commercial service and is only available to people who are willing to pay for it. If .com pays for it + does not, .com will get better service.'"
How to get a Refund on Your Unwanted Windows - Zonk 354-lisah writes

"Serge Wroclawski recently contacted Dell to request a refund on the unwanted copy of Windows XP that came pre-installed on his computer. Somewhat surprisingly, Dell complied. Wroclawski admits that the $52.50 refund was more of a victory in principle than anything else, but it was a success nonetheless. Using his tips and techniques readers can try their hand at getting a refund of their own. Wroclawski cautions that you should be prepared for a long haul: the process could take hours." and Slashdot are both owned by OSTG.
Why Software Sucks + Can Something Be Done About It? - Zonk 449-CPNABEND tipped us to a story carried on the Fox News site, pointing out that

a lot of programmers don't understand their users. David Platt, author of the new book 'Why Software Sucks ... And What You Can Do About It', looks at the end user experience with end user eyes. While technically inclined individuals tend to want control, Platt argues, most people just want something that works. On the other hand, the article also cites David Thomas, executive director of the Software & Information Industry Association. His opinion: Users don't know what they want. From the article: "'You don't want your customers to design your product,' he said. 'They're really bad at it.' As more and more software becomes Internet-based, he said, companies can more easily monitor their users' experiences and improve their programs with frequent updates. They have a financial incentive to do so, since more consumer traffic results in higher subscription or advertising revenues." Where does your opinion lay? Should software 'just work', or are users too lazy?
How ExxonMobil Funded Global Warming Skeptics - Zonk 531- Erik Moeller writes

"According to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, oil company ExxonMobil 'has funneled nearly $16 million between 1998 and 2005 to a network of 43 advocacy organizations that seek to confuse the public on global warming science.' The report compares the tactics employed by the oil giant to those used by the tobacco industry in previous decades + identifies key individuals who have worked on both campaigns. Would a 'global warming controversy' exist without the millions of dollars spent by fossil fuel companies to discredit scientific conclusions?"
Geheimdienste: BKA lieferte CIA Informationen für Verschleppung Zammars
Politikwende: Demokraten nehmen US- Ölmultis ins Visier

06.Jan.2007 Geheimdienst- Vergangenheit: Vatikan ärgert sich über neuen Warschauer Erzbischof
20051218 As Burns Weston, a professor of law, has said, we now have "a disparity between ...

00.Dec.2005 David Ray Griffin : The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales: ...
United States Presidents and the Masonic Power Structure

00.000.1776 The Illuminati formed a committee entitled the Biblical Destruction Group. ... the doctrine of the Illuminati - the principles of ...

Bryan Waterman | The Bavarian Illuminati, the Early American Novel, ... The ties between the New York circle and the anti- Illuminati enthusiasts also included another Friendly Club ...

06.Jan.2007 There are no feminists on a sinking ship: Uncle Muhammad and the ...

When asked if they felt guilty borrowing a Jewish idea, Whabbist leaders responded, "Uncle Muhammad and the Mujahaden Men" were actually created before ...

06.Jan.2007 Proof that Democrats are more decent than Republicans - Page 4 ... Senate majority leader Bill Frist will join Christian conservatives in telecast ... it is the Democrats who also want the Ethics Committee to stay quiet.

A Harry Reid Skeleton... - ADVrider Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even ... Still to be determined by the Ethics Committee ...

Greenberg Traurig, LLP, law firm in New York, New York Co., New ... Practice Areas: Real Estate; Land Use. Email: Margo S. Flug ... Secretary, N.J. Supreme Court Ethics Committee, District VC. (Also at Florham Park, ...,-LLP-472715-f.html?&co=

06.Jan.2007 Majority Leader Boehner’s Confidential Strategy Memo For Thursday ... Last year, Republicans intentionally incapacitated the Ethics Committee ... Thank God Kerry's in the Senate, so won't be able to speak on this. ...

06.Jan.2007 Alles zum Psychologiestudium 2005-06-05 18:36:08: Forscher finden das Balz-Gen . Lesen:,1518,358885,00.html Hinzugefügt von: Muad-Dib ...

06.Jan.2007 MSNBC Hardball Chris Mathews a British MI-6 Agent Hensel Phelps was the sub-contractor under General Contractor Becktel Corp who built the secret under ground facility under The Denver International Airport ...

Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. Testimonials Becktel Nevada Beckton Dickenson BFI Waste Systems Black & Decker ... Sumitomoo Electric/Lightwave Corp . The Coca-Cola Company Townsend Foods ...

TSJ Regiones - Decisión En fecha 3-2-97 mediante diligencia la abogada Nathaly Cubillan de Ollarves solicita se nombre defensor de oficio de la empresa Pacific Becktel Corporation, ... - 18
FindLaw - US Supreme Court Order - 08/26/2002 01-9922 PRICE, WILLIE J. V. CRESTAR SECURITIES CORP . 01-9949 CARPENTER, KAM R. V. NORTH CAROLINA 01-10060 BECKTEL, WALTER C. vs. CT OF APP, 2ND APPELL. ...

FindLaw - US Supreme Court Order - 06/28/2002 01-657 ) ARCTIC SLOPE CORP ., ET AL. V. NextWAVE COM., INC., ET AL. ... 01-10060 BECKTEL, WALTER C. vs. CT OF APP, 2ND APPELL. DIST. ...

06.Jan.2007 Becktar's Travels: 09/01/2006 - 10/01/2006 Although protests against Becktel started in the southern areas, ... As the water situation began worsening Becktel continued to refuse to show any actual ...

06.Jan.2007 You then noted: "The Times added this remarkable thought: ‘Even assuming that Iraq was hellbent to divert enriched uranium for the manufacture of nuclear ...

20.Jun.2004 IRAQ/USA: Israels Massenvernichtungswaffen I/Iraqi Resistance -Nachricht aus der Newsgroup cl.regionen.palaestina von Gerhard Lange c/o GIV vom-

IRAQ/USA: Folter hat Konjunktur//Iraqi Resistance Report - 26 ... Nachricht aus der Newsgroup cl.politik.frieden von Gerhard Lange c/o GIV vom

29.Mai 2004

06.Jan.2007 SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO The names below are mentioned on the listed pages with the name SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO . Click on a name for a new proximity search: ...

Alberto Barruetta SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO · Mills,J. Underground Empire. 1986 (77-84 95-113). TARLOW BARRY · Mills,J. Underground Empire. 1986 (104) ...

Articles: Reconceptualizing the Illegal Narcotics Trade and Its ... Alberto Sicilia Falcon was the third major trafficker to emerge during this period + is notable for being the object of a central tactical unit formed by ...

A Tangled Web: A History of CIA Complicity in Drug International ...

Mexican police, assisted by U.S. drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based operation was reportedly generating $3.6 million a week

frontline: murder money & mexico: readings

Honduran, Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros connected Alberto Sicilia Falcon to Colombian, Benjamin Herrera Zuelta known in Colombia as 'the Black Pope of ...

20050116 Jan.2005 SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO ... Se evaden a través de un largo túnel: Alberto Sicilia Falcón, Luis Antonio Zúccoli Bravo, ...
The Underground Empire, Excerpt 2 Everyone had heard of Mafia superstars like Joseph Bonanno + Sam Giancana, but who were Lu Hsu-shui, Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, Donald Steinberg?

The Underground Empire, Excerpt 6 Assassin Michael Decker, suspected of CIA connections, describes a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, ...
PMag v04n4p14 -- The Secret Team, Part V: Cha Cha Cha ...

One of Shackley's colleagues was an old contact, Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, a Cuban exile trained by the CIA as part of the Bay of Pigs invasion. ...



20041221 1 SHAW CLAY L 1 SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO 1 SINDONA MICHELE 1 SINGLAUB JOHN K ... 00.Dez.2004 Navy says tactics seen in latest torture photos OK : Preliminary ... - 250
Red de Cátedras Unesco-México En 1975 fue capturado por la policía judicial federal mexicana Alberto Sicilia Falcón, un traficante de origen cubano que operaba en el país, pionero en el ... - 120
Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics of Alberto Sicilia Falcon, a Cuban exile. When arrested by Mexican police in 1975, as the chief of Mexico's largest heroin ring, Sicilia told police that he ... query=cuba&zoom_page=4&zoom_per_page=10&zoom... - 22
Anti-Fascist Archives: RFA 24-28: The CIA, the Military & Drugs Next, the program highlights the operations of Alberto Sicilia Falcon, a Cuban-American deeply involved in cross-border guns and drugs operations between ...

FLASH: Why Is the US Letting Afghan Drug Production Resume? This mirrors the speculation offered years ago by a major German magazine about a right-wing Cuban-American drug kingpin, Alberto Sicilia Falcon, ...

User:MadMax/Encyclopedia9 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Arkady Shvartsman · Alberto Sicilia-Falcon · Georgiy Sidropulo · Sanjay Singh · Skinheads · Slave Trade (see Human Trafficking); Alexander Slepinin ...

User:MadMax/Organized crime/Wanted articles - Wikipedia, the free ... ... Chhota Shakkeel · Shan United Army · Arkady Shvartsman · Alberto Sicilia-Falcon · Georgiy Sidropulo · Sanjay Singh · Slave Trade (see Human Trafficking)

Milenio Semanal ... protegido por los militares, Juan Ramón Matta Ballesteros, quien había estado relacionado con el narcotraficante Alberto Sicilia Falcón, que se fugó de ... - 46
BOOKS OF THE TIMES - New York Times ... Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, a homicidal homosexual who operated out of Mexico and dreamed of buying his own country with his drug profits; and Lu Hsu-shui, ... html?res=9A0DE7DB1E3DF935A25755C0A960948260 - 23
The Death of Former CIA Chief William Colby Mexican heroin magnate Alberto Sicilia-Falcon not only claimed to have been a CIA agent operating on orders from Washington but also had access to ...

Permalink # posted by Joseph : 9:24 AM 2 comments Comments: Yes + the official story is still that Rehnquist was "cured" of his 9-10 year addiction in February 1982 after week of more careful titration. This is highly unlikely, to say the very least.
We also know that the FBI withheld 200 pages of the file + that one entire section cannot be retrieved. Or so it is reported.
Would these pages have included documentation of relapse prevention interventions consistent even with early 1980's treatment protocol? These might have included outpatient therapy, family involvement, periodic screening, etc., especially for an individual with virtually unlimited resources in such an influential position. Research shows that such addictions are exceedingly difficult to overcome + are almost never successful without such interventions after detoxification. Were there no such efforts precisely because of his position?
Either way ... were there episodes of relapses typical of so many cases like these? If so, when? During November - December of 2004, perhaps? If so, how long did they last? Were there any earlier addictions that influenced critical decision-making, say in the earley 1960's? How much did SC Justice Roberts know about this condition as a law clerk in 1980? Was there at any point a conscious decision to resume painkiller dependency, particularly after the cancer diagnosis?
I don't know and am not postulating one way or another. I am saying that these are reasonable questions to ask in the context of historical interpretation.
We, the public, may never be given these answers. I'm not sure what we would do with them even if we were. Still, I cannot seem to avert my gaze.
Kim in PA
# posted by Anonymous : 1:36 PM   Sorry, I meant to say "weeks of more careful titration," not week.
According to the NYT in January, 1982, "Rehnquist sought help with the drug in December 1981 because it no longer relieved his pain. He entered George Washington University Hospital on Dec. 27...
By mid-January, Rehnquist returned to the bench."
There is notable discrepancy between some accounts that give Rehnquist credit for knowing he had a "problem," and those that say he entered the hospital because a 1400mg a day Placidyl habit no longer helped his back problem. Obviously, there are those who sought to protect his man and those who did not. So, the circumstances of his hospital admission still remain unclear.
Oh + what did Rehnquist ever do about that nagging back pain without Placidyl, without surgery + without any other mind-altering substances? Somehow, he didn't strike me as someone dedicated to holistic alternatives.
Kim in PA
# posted by Anonymous

06.Jan.2007 Pelosi and Reid Send Letter to Bush Officially Opposing Escalation in Number of Troops, Known for GOP PR Purposes as "The Surge"
The Republican sponsor of a postal reform bill called on President Bush to explain why he used it to claim he can open domestic mail without a search warrant. In short, why is Bush acting like Stalin?
New Bush Iraq Plan Presented by Neocon Think-Tank Today. Troop Boost will be "Long and Lasting," not a "Surge" -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

06.Jan.2007 Danny Schechter: Marching on Memphis: Revitalizing the Media Movement -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
The Corporate Media Earn This Week's BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite Award By Their Steadfast Commitment to Not Being Journalists: "Never mind that only 11% of Americans -- that's right, just 11% -- support an escalation of troop levels in Iraq, the mainstream media has adopted the concept of a PR word -- 'surge' -- as if it were a wad of gum stuck to their butts."

06.Jan.2007 Bush Who Became President Through a Supreme Court Coup Now Conducts a Soviet-Style Pentagon Coup, Purging Dissenters from His Sociopathological War from the Ranks of Generals. Here is a Loser Who Spent the Vietnam War Snorting Coke, Womanizing + Being AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard Second Guessing the Military. Madness.

06.Jan.2007 Dazed, Confused + Out of Ideas. Can Republicans Regroup by 2008? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
More Troops for Iraq: Bush's Next 'Flight from Reality.' The commanders and the public are against it. This isn't a new way forward, nor is it a recipe for victory, this famed war correspondent, Joe Galloway, declares. What on earth is this president thinking? 1/6

06.Jan.2007 Power Plays -- Gloria R. Lalumia's World Energy Watch
How Rumsfeld made a fortune off of North Korea's nuclear energy project before coming to the Bush administration 1/6

06.Jan.2007 Gaze not into the abyss...

Turns out late Chief Justice of he Supreme Court William Rehnquist had a painkiller addiction and went completely "James Forrestal" during a hospitalization in 1981.

He became convinced that the CIA was out to "get" him and tried to escape while wearing his pajamas.
Recently released FBI documents suggest that Rehnquist also may have discouraged minority voting as an Arizona poll watcher in the 1960s.

John Dean has already written about the episode + has argued that Rehnquist lied under oath about his activities in Arizona.
The FBI under Nixon and Reagan was apparently used to intimidate any witnesses against Rehnquist during his hearings when nominated to the Court and to the Chief Justice position. See
here and here.
Rehnquist's CIA delusion is of particular interest.

Obviously, the episode owes its origins to the medication -- still, one wonders what pushed the man's delusions into that direction. This snippet from a Buzzflash interview with John Dean might provide an interesting area for further research: DEAN: The so-called Huston plan refers to the plan that Nixon tasked White House aide Tom Huston to come up with that removed virtually all restraints on domestic intelligence gathering. I don't think Rehnquist was ever involved in the Huston plan per se. I have no memory or knowledge of him being involved. I've often thought that had Nixon gone to Rehnquist -- but Rehnquist was, of course, on the Court by the time he might have wanted to do so -- to get a justification for the break-in into Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, Bill Rehnquist might have been able to give an opinion that would justify that under some sort of national security theory. He always could find some precedent or sophistry to support whatever the government under Nixon thought it needed. (Emphasis added.) Although Dean does not recall any involvement by Rehnquist in the once-notorious, now-forgotten Huston plan, Rehnquist -- then the Chief Counsel to Attorney General John Mitchell -- would have been the logical choice to come up with legal justification. (Rehnquist even wrote a brief defending the Cambodian invasion.)
The intelligence wars of that era were boggling: Hoover hated the CIA, yet his underling Sullivan was tight with the Angleton faction at the Agency. Nixon fought with CIA Director Richard Helms. "Ex"-spooks McCord and Hunt went to work for CREEP, although many feel they engineered the Watergate scandal which brought Nixon down. In the midst of all this infighting, the FBI had instituted COINTELPRO against American dissidents, the CIA (legally forbidden from operating domestically) had instituted a similar program called MH CHAOS + the military had instigated Operation GARDEN PLOT, which allowed "deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder."
Hm...maybe Rehnquist's drug-addled delusions weren't so delusional as all that...!

06.Jan.2007 feed Atta led the team of 19 suicide attackers + flew American Airlines flight 11 ... Ankündigungen zur ...
06.Jan.2007 Anschlagsserie in Nordindien: Rebellen erschießen Dutzende Menschen
Blutiges Chaos im Irak: Bushs Verbündete verlieren den Glauben an den Erfolg

06.Jan.2007 Vancouver: Wintersturm reißt Dach der Olympia- Arena 2010 auf

06.Jan.2007 Neustart: Amerikanische Privatuni im Irak geplant
Patagonien: Sardellenfischerei bedroht Pinguin- Paradies
Denkmal für Saddam: Gaddafis Krokodilstränen
08.Nov.2002 Extinction fears stalk the big wild cats of EUROPE, ... Extinction fears stalk the big wild cats of Spain ... It is the biggest wild cat left in western Europe, ...
06.Jan.2007 Atlantik-Brücke - Wikipedia

Die Atlantik-Brücke e.V. ist laut Satzung ein Verein zur Förderung der ... Es dürfte Ideengeber für die Gründung der Atlantik-Brücke gewesen sein.ücke

Klaeden Eckart Atlantik-Brücke e.V., Berlin, (Mitglied des Vorstandes, ehrenamtlich) Atlantische Initiative e.V., Berlin, (Mitglied des Beirates, ehrenamtlich) ...

Essay 13 Die aufwendigste Freundschaftspflege mit den USA betreibt demnach die Atlantik-Brücke e.V. In geheimen Spitzentreffen mit der NATO, auf offenen Konferenzen ...

BOL | Bücher: Brücken meines Lebens von Walter Leisler Kiep Der erfolgreiche Unternehmer + langjährige Vorsitzende der "Atlantik-Brücke" traf als Unterhändler in schwierigen außenpolitischen Missionen mit großen ...

00.Mai 2003 "Dass von den Aktivitäten der Atlantik-Brücke wenig in der Öffentlichkeit bekannt wird, ist Absicht. Es ist kein Verein, der nach außen wirken will ...
Neue Solidaritaet 41/97: Was steckt hinter der "Schweizer Nazigold ...

Im Kern hat die "Schweizer Nazigold -Affäre" nur sehr wenig mit dem Schicksal der ... Ausschlaggebend für Hitlers Entscheidung, das Land nicht zu besetzen, ...

20061214 Bank of England's Nazi gold 'was from Holocaust victims' -By Philip Johnston, ... + smelting of looted Nazi gold, including teeth ripped from ...
Anthony Feasey (A Representative Lloyd’s Underwriter Suing On His ...

00.000.1980 -since the mid-s- Mr Cackett had been the active underwriter of Syndicate 957 ...

00.Jun.1996 Mr Cackett left Syndicate 957 to establish Centaur and was ...

06.Jan.2007 Walsh Iran/Contra Report - Chapter 11 United States v. Thomas G ...

At trial, Clines acknowledged that he had the C. Tea funds transferred to a Defex Portugal account so it could be handled for Clines' by Defex head Jose ...

Walsh Iran/Contra Report - Chapter 8 The Enterprise and Its Finances

Clines' acquaintance with the owner of Defex ( Portugal ) enabled Secord to work ... Between

27.Feb.1986-23.May 1986 the Enterprise paid Defex Portugal ...

ftr23532's Journal - Here's some more on that... Between

27.Feb.1986-23.May 1986 the Enterprise paid Defex Portugal about $860.000 for contra weapons. Weapons were delivered to Central America in ...

Thunderstone: - Reliable Security Information He worked primarily with the arms company Defex Portugal, maintaining a small office at the company in Lisbon.

When the Enterprise became involved in secret ...
Defex DEFEX . Portugal 1984-1986. Bainerman,J. The Crimes of a President. 1992 (137); Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit. 1988-03-25 (185, 191); Evans-Pritchard ...


00.May 1986 the Enterprise paid Defex Portugal about $860000 for contra weapons. ... He worked primarily with the arms company Defex Portugal, maintaining a ...


00.000.1984-00.000.1987 DEFEX, SA Defex General Representative in Washington DC for the ... O Portal da História - Portugal na Primeira Guerra Mundial. - Medlem : DefeX NC 8v8: Vinst mot Portugal Tävla och vinn på Dreamh.. Notiser: ... Användare > DefeX Skicka ett PM till denna användare : Rapportera medlem till ... - 30
eBay: THE DEFEX beyond machine gun love lp KBD/RARE PUNK DIY (item ... Find THE DEFEX beyond machine gun love lp KBD/RARE PUNK DIY in the Music, Records ... Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico ... DEFEX -beyond-machine-gun-love-lp-KBD-RARE-PUNK-DIY_W0QQitemZ180071182939QQihZ008QQcatego... - 62k - 4 Jan 2007 DEFEX (2004) #3 Near Mint Comics Book (Artikel ... Finden Sie DEFEX
(2004) #3 Near Mint Comics Book in Collectibles, Comics, Other ... Portugal, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Ruanda, Rumänien, Russische Föderation ...
06.Jan.2007 IRAQ/USA: Kriegskosten//Iraqi Resistance Report -

10.Jun.2004-11.Jun.2004-15.Jun.2004 - Gerhard Lange c/o GIV in cl.... Nachricht aus der Newsgroup cl.regionen.nordamerika von Gerhard Lange c/o GIV vom

Professor Siegfried Tischler reflects ... eine in der ökonomischen Entwicklung der Menschheit unersetzbare Funktion hat ... der erneuten Vergewaltigung des Irak der Ölpreis ein Drittel dessen war was er ...
euro - ARIVA.DE Selbst dann, wenn der Ölpreis noch weiter auf dem zurzeit hohen Niveau bleibt.

... haben noch eine stabile Entwicklung ", sagt Bundesbankvorstand Franz-Christoph ...
Zinsen | Zinsen Kredite und Darlehen im Vergleich, Kredit | Zinsen | 31.12.2006 ... aktuell schweiz, hypothekenzinsen verlauf 2000, Entwicklung der bauzinsen in den ... Dax & Stoxx am Vormittag: Hoher Ölpreis drückt die Kurse ...
Goldpreise - Finanzen, Aktien, Geld - Goldpreise |

16.Nov.2006 |2000 Frankfurt ( AG) - Der Ölpreis gibt im Verlauf des heutigen Handels nach. ...

nach Wochen wurde es um die Entwicklung des Goldpreises etwas ruhiger ...

13.Jul.2002 Diskussionsforum der stw-boerse Diskussionsforum der stw-boerse: Strategiediskussionen: US-Tendenz: Archivierte ... prof - Samstag,

20050202 Der Ölpreis an den Weltmärkten ist mittlerweile wieder deutlich unter seine ...

Der weitgehend erfolgreiche Verlauf der Wahl im Irak trug nach Angaben von ...

Waehrend US-General ueber den Verlauf des Irakkriegs weiterhin ... Begriff dabei: Die Entwicklung sei abhängig vom "politischen. Prozeß" ...
» Neuer Thread Brunoblog Welche Qualifikation bringt der offizielle “Bärenbeauftragte” des Freistaat ... wo Millionen hungern + wo Soldaten die Zivilbevölkerung masakrieren.
00.000.1945 Auswirkungen von Atomwaffentests -seit dem Beginn im Jahre- Sicher ist aber, daß immense Belastungen für Soldaten, Techniker + Arbeiter ...

... der Irak, von dem nach dem Golfkrieg bekannt wurde, daß dieser südlich der ...
Illinois Military Schools ... + also that she was cheating on him before their divorce was final.

... on board the Lear Jet owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of Atta?s flight school, ...
Try To Live Better by Self Education

... regarding Rudi Dekkers + Wally Hilliard, partners in the Venice, Florida ... the lawyer charged two thousand for the divorce + the contact got the rest + ...
Hillary Clinton Forum- Everybody Welcome to debate the issues, leave messages, cartoons and articles. ... in his act of munificence with Wally Hilliard, owner of two flight schools which ... with terror flight school owner Wally Hilliard come under scrutiny in the 9 ...

Hillary will energize Kerry's campaign by drawing most of the fire away from Kerry and most of the funds in the ... ... in his act of munificence with Wally Hilliard, owner of two flight schools which ... suspicion would have been—not Wally Hilliard, the man using the plane ...

cia-drugs : Messages : 37106-37159 of 37715 Rudi Dekkers, Wally Hilliard, Makram Chams How much is finding the truth about 911 ... Fwd: [ctrl] Divorce America, Marry Russia.


cia-drugs : Messages : 37130-37159 of 37847 Rudi Dekkers, Wally Hilliard, Makram Chams How much is finding the truth about 911 ... like a bored housewife digs into the brittney kfed divorce ... was ...

Rigorous Intuition: The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 ... board the Lear Jet owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of Atta's flight school, ...

That Hilliard was not charged shows how specious the claims for ...

Scoop Features: World News Headlines ... accusing flight school owners Wally Hilliard + Rudi Dekkers of flying numerous " ...

1001 Club Agha Abedi, Salem Bin Laden, Gyanendra Dev with Prince Philip, Sadruddin Khan, ... "Buttonboss celebrated its 20th Jubileum and, once again, Prince Bernhard ... ... board the Lear Jet owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of Atta's flight school, ... That Hilliard was not charged shows how specious the claims for ...


Same-sex divorce raises new questions for states ... who'll listen, Huffman Aviation's owner Wally Hilliard had his own Lear jet ...

1001 Club - Incomplete Membership List Founder (1972) + president of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International BCCI..

The bank's early growth was concentrated in the Gulf region, where Abedi could ...

06.Jan.2007 The pizza pope's utopia from Guardian Unlimited: News blog ... 380,000. Actually, Malta goes one better....even divorce is illegal.

Florida who was an insider to Wally Hilliard's Saudi terrorist flight school in .
Scoop Features: World News Headlines ... accusing flight school owners Wally Hilliard + Rudi Dekkers of flying numerous " ...
07.May 2007
criminal records search: 2006-05-07 ... and Katherine Harris pal, Wally Hilliard ,putting our 'establishment' media to ... Phone Number Trace | Asset Search | Criminal Records | Divorce Search. ...
20060324 Who is Wally Hilliard ?

Why were the hijackers visiting those SunCruz boats?

... of like saying that my wedding was the beginning of my divorce ." Oh my god! ...

20061206 Dec.2006 Quit smoking drug available in UK - A non-nicotine drug specifically designed to help smokers quit is now available in the UK. ...
06.Jan.2007 SPRÜCHE - SAYINGS - DITADOS - "Die Unwissenheit ist ein Dämon, wir fürchten sie wird noch manche Trauerspiele aufführen...",

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty ...
20060423 The Nazis killed 1.5 million Jewish children during WWII.

So far, the post-1990 Iraqi infant mortality totals 1.6 million +

the post-2003 infant mortality ...
The Elites have Developed their Evacuation Sanctuaries.

They are now planning for their, "The Day ...
Neue US- Strategie: Bush wechselt komplette US- Führung im Irak aus
Irakstreit: Demokraten stellen sich gegen Bushs Truppen- Aufstockung
Mildes Wetter: Ölpreis sinkt auf 18- Monatstief
Guilianis Geheimpapier- Panne: Ein Schlachtplan, den schon jeder kennt
Verbraucherschützer empfehlen: Kunden sollen Gasrechnung kürzen

06.Jan.2007 US- Regierung: Negroponte hilft Rice aus der Klemme

06.Jan.2007 Straßburg: Rechtsextremisten gründen Fraktion im EU- Parlament
Motassadeq- Prozess: Hamburger Richter machen kurzen Prozess

06.Jan.2007 Konjunktur: US- Wirtschaft verblüfft mit guten Zahlen
Politiker in "Second Life": Der US- Kongress wird virtuell
Schweizer Studie: Was Straßenverkehr wirklich kostet
Traurige Statistik: Rechtsextreme Straftaten auf Höchststand
Hochfrequente Klingeltöne: Kinderschreck wird Werbegag

06.Jan.2007 Terror- Prozess: Motassadeq beteuert erneut seine Unschuld
Besuch bei Bush: Business as Merkel

06.Jan.2007 Evakuierung in Hannover: Bombe im Kamelgehege des Zoos entdeckt