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Dr Rosas and colleagues found a north-south variation in Neanderthal jaw bones, suggesting that populations from southern parts of Europe had wider, flatter faces.

The findings may help shed light on the life and death of the Neanderthals, which became extinct about 10,000 years after the arrival of modern humans in Europe around 40,000 years ago.

Many experts believe they were not able to compete with the moderns for food and shelter.

Eight Neanderthal skeletons have been found at El Sidron since 2000.
And On Second Thought, Feds Say New E-Voting Machines Need Backup... But Old Ones Can Stay - BG 

Remember yesterday how the Technical Guidelines Development Committee for the National Institute of Standards and Technology rejected the proposal to require "software independent" e-voting machines (such as ones that had a paper audit trail), claiming that it was just too much work to, you know, have integrity in our elections. However, today, the group got back together and came up with something of a compromise proposal that was accepted. The new proposal says that e-voting machines with a paper trail should be used, but will not decertify existing machines. Of course, while some may see this as a compromise solution, others may suggest that it's a compromise that compromises the integrity of the vote. If current e-voting machines are insecure and probl... Source:
06.Dec.2006 Is Glen Beck a facist? Recent remarks would say yes. - BG 

Glen Beck, that batshit-crazy ratings whore on CNN has been going after the Muslims..all of them. He now suggests that if the "good ones" don't sign up for our military, we should just go ahead and put them all "behind razor wire". Its all about ratings folks + with Glen and that windbag bitch Nancy Grace, CNN is aiming for Fox New's audience in a big way.

Sample some of his tirade from a recent show: "Hey, you know what? There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. We need [them] to be the first ones in the recruitment office lining up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head.' I'm telling you, with God as my witness… human beings are not strong enough, unf... Source:
06.Dec.2006 Whence White House Leaks - BG Why Is The Leak-Proof White House Leaking?
06.Dec.2006 Ann Althouse Unhinged - BG -Law Blogger Tries To Explain Terror Detainee Treatment:

"Perhaps There Is A Fear That He Will Communicate In Code By Blinking"...
06.Dec.2006 From Eric Alterman - BG -Eric Alterman: People Say Believe Half of What You See...
06.Dec.2006 The Conservative Civil War On Iraq Policy - Guest 

Retreating to the friendly confines of the Weekly Standard magazine neoconservatives have reignited a conservative civil war over foreign policy.

While the Iraq Study Group led by James Baker + Lee Hamilton appears to have backed key elements of a progressive strategic redeployment plan put forth by the Center for American Progress more than a year ago, neoconservatives — reflecting their growing irrelevance and detachment from reality — are still insisting that the U.S. send more troops to Iraq and continue to oppose dialogue with Iraq’s neighbors.

The writers at the Weekly Standard have focused their attacks on the reemergence of Bush 41 “realist” foreign policy conservatives.

In a clear effort to knee-cap the Baker-Hamilton report before it comes out, the Weekly Standard has a slew of articles attacking the Iraq Study Group, James Baker + conservative “realists” like Robert Gates.

Here is a sampling of some of the articles currently on the magazine’s website:

– “A Perfect Failure” by Robert Kagan + William Kristol,

“At home and abroad, people have been led to believe that Jim Baker and not the president was going to call the shots in Iraq form now on. Happily, that is not the case.”

– “Surge and Run” by Thomas Donnelly, “The ‘adults’ of the Bush 41 administration were supposed to talk Bush 43 off the ledge…but the main recommendation of the Baker-Hamilton…has little value outside Washington + none in Baghdad or the region…the insurgents have nearly won the war inside the Beltway.”

– “Surrender as ‘Realism’” by Robert Kagan and William Kristol, “realism has come to be a kind of code word for surrendering”

– “From Metternich to Jim Baker” by Ralph Peters, “Baker is the dean emeritus of a reactionary school of diplomats…

It was the “realist” elevation of stability above all other strategic factors…gave us not only the radical regime in Iran, but, ultimately, al Qaeda + 9/11.” – Max Bergmann
Mobiles 'cleared' of cancer risk Long or short-term mobile phone use is not associated with increased risk of cancer, a major study finds.
06.Dec.2006 Taste test 'may show depression' Scientists say it may be possible to develop a taste test to diagnose depression and to decide on drugs.
06.Dec.2006 Report 'urges Iraq policy shift' A major report on US policy in Iraq urges talks with Iran and Syria over the country's future, leaks suggest.
06.Dec.2006 DR Congo's president sworn in Joseph Kabila is inaugurated in DR Congo, following one of Africa's most significant elections in recent years.
06.Dec.2006 Flights halted at Brazil airports Brazil's air traffic communications system breaks down, causing chaos at three major airports.
06.Dec.2006 Pinochet illness 'not overplayed' Doctors reject claims that Chile's ex-leader Augusto Pinochet has exaggerated his illness to avoid prosecution.
06.Dec.2006 First flight for future fighter The world's most expensive military project, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, is due to take to the skies next week.
06.Dec.2006 Thailand buries last tsunami dead Thailand lays to rest the final bodies of those killed in one of the regions hardest-hit by the 2004 tsunami.
06.Dec.2006 Ex-spy contact 'meets UK police' A contact of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is to meet UK investigators, an associate has told the BBC.
06.Dec.2006 Dalits stage mass rally in Mumbai Thousands of low-caste Hindus, or Dalits have gathered in the Indian city of Mumbai for a rally.
06.Dec.2006 Planet-detector nears its launch The hunt for Earth-like planets is to be stepped-up as a new mission, Corot, prepares for launch.
06.Dec.2006 Bush's privacy watchdogs make public debut At its first public meeting, a White House panel hears from civil liberties advocates, but sheds little light on its supposed watchdog role.
Would You Trust RFID-Enabled ATM Cards? - Cliff 23 race_k2 asks:

"As a regular Slashdot reader I've followed the development and implementation of RFID devices in many ubiquitous areas such as clothing, passports and even people. Given that our environment is becoming increasingly tagged, often without our knowledge or consent + can be monitored or hacked by anyone with the proper hardware, skills and motivation, I viewed the recent arrival of two new ATM cards containing RFID chips with skepticism. While this feature may bring the increased convenience of speedy checkouts, it is not something I am completely comfortable using and decided that the safety of my personal data was more important than the ability to buy things quickly. The vulnerable nature of RFID security coupled with recent, though unrelated, reports of a Possible Security Flaw In ATMs make me seriously question whether the marriage of wireless data transfer with personal finance is a wise application of technology." So race's question basically boils down to: How safe and secure are the RFID chips that are being embedded in debit and credit cards? To add another issue on to the fire: Would you trust RFID technology on your cards?
Is Google Too Smart For Its Own Good? - kdawson 43 -

Fortune speculating on what's next for Google.

The writer believes that a supersaturated solution of very smart people, plus stock that may have run out of upside, will yield what he calls Son of Google — a large wave of innovative companies created by Google graduates. And a Google less intent on hiring + less able to hire, the very smartest people around. Could happen.
Solar Cell Achieves 40% Efficiency - kdawson 234
Fysiks Wurks found on the U.S. Department of Energy website news of a breakthrough in solar energy efficiency. From the article:

"...with DOE funding, a concentrator solar cell produced by Boeing-Spectrolab has recently achieved a world-record conversion efficiency of 40.7 % , establishing a new milestone in sunlight-to-electricity performance."

This page, linked from Wikipedia's article on solar energy, calculates the land area that would need to be covered by solar collectors at 8% efficiency to meet the world's energy needs (using 2003 figures).

At 40% efficiency, it looks like a square 265 miles on a side in the American southwest would do it.
Robert Gates: Bin Laden More Symbol Than Threat - BG
06.Dec.2006 The Cat's Blog: Much worse (Iraq) - BG
06.Dec.2006 Arresting Cop in Gibson Case Attacked By Sheriff - BG 
Filed under: Celebrity Justice, Mel

The Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for D.U.I. is under attack -- by his own department.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee "was forced into an Internal Affairs investigation within 72 hours of the arrest of Mr. Gibson," according to a letter sent... Read more...

06.Dec.2006 William Rodriguez Featured in Devon Newspaper and Interviewed on BBC Bristol - BG 
Hero of 9/11 Won't Stop Speaking Out Against Bush -

One minute he was going about his business, the next he was looking at a vision from the depths of hell.

Still reeling from a blast which rocked the World Trade Center, William Rodriguez could hardly believe what he was seeing."

A man came running into the office shouting 'explosion, explosion!'" Mr Rodriguez soon saw a third of his body had been badly burnt by the blast.

"When I realised, I started screaming. I looked at his face and it was missing parts."

It was the start of a day that transformed Mr Rodriguez from a maintenance man to the hero of 9/11.

He ran back into the crumbling tower three times + helped save hundreds of people. .. For Mr Rodriguez... Source:
06.Dec.2006 Common Dreams Article Connects the Dots - BG 
This is a fantastic article -- and I know that much of the gate-keeping left keeps up with the Common Dreams site. Hope it shames them to hell. Published on Sunday, December 3, 2006 by The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War by R.W. Behan Here is an excerpt: The story of George Bush's premeditated wars now enters its final chapter. The catastrophic event takes place. A hijacked airliner probably en route to the White House crashes in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon is afire + the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are rubble. In the first hours of frenetic response, fully aware of al Qaeda's culpability, both President Bush + Secretary Rumsfeld seek frantically to link Saddam Hussein to the attacks, we know fr... Source:

06.Dec.2006 Politics: While We Weren't Looking - BG -

While We Weren't Looking
We shouldn't be surprised by Alexander Litvinenko's murder.
By Anne Applebaum
Posted Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006, at 6:11 AM ET

In the 12 days that have passed since Alexander Litvinenko, an ex-KGB agent, died of radiation poisoning in London, we have learned a lot about his death. Haven't we?

Well, we have learned that Litvinenko died after somehow ingesting polonium-210, a relatively rare radioactive substance.

We have learned that a mysterious Italian, Mario Scaramella--a self-employed "security expert" who last year claimed he'd found ex-KGB men selling nuclear material in the postage-stamp republic of San Marino-

-has been poisoned, too.

We have learned that various other ex-KGB agents floating around London have also tested positive for polonium-210, as have a Piccadilly sushi restaurant, a London hotel room + a couple of airplanes.

We have seen a photograph of Litvinenko flaunting KGB gauntlets, a Chechen sword + a Union Jack.

We have also seen a photograph of Litvinenko with tubes in his body on his death bed. To continue reading, click here.
06.Dec.2006 Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Howard Kurtz speaks on Jose Padilla: just some leg shackles for the Dirty Bomber - BG
06.Dec.2006 ScienceDaily: Toward Tracing The Source Of Anthrax In The 2001 Terrorism Attacks - BG
06.Dec.2006 Scene & Heard BY KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL
The seamy underside of asbestos litigation. 12:01 a.m. EST

06.Dec.2006 Panel rejects mandatory audit trails in elections (Stephen Manning / ASSOCIATED PRESS) - BG 
A federal panel yesterday rejected a recommendation that states use only voting machines whose results could be verified independently.... Source:

06.Dec.2006 WP: Order reveals FEMA aid shortcomings - Highlights - - BG
06.Dec.2006 US drops plan to open up airlines The US halts plan to give foreign investors more control over its airlines, probably delaying an open skies treaty.
06.Dec.2006 Cavuto to Krugman: ‘You Are Lying To People’ - Judd 

Princeton economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman went on Fox News this afternoon to talk about his new article in Rolling Stone Magazine, “How the Super-Rich Are Screwing America.”

Krugman’s article is about how income inequality is getting worse and, as a result, even though some aggregate economic indicators are positive, most people aren’t benefiting. Cavuto told Krugman, “Here’s what I’m saying that you’re doing: You are lying to people.” Cavuto claims that income inequality isn’t “dramatically worse now than 10 years ago, 20 years ago.” Watch it:

Actually, Krugman is completely right: things are dramatically worse now than 10 or 20 years ago.

Here’s a chart from the Economic Policy Institute that tracks the ratio of the wealthiest 1 % of Americans to median income in the USA, a standard measure of income inequality: Full transcript:

CAVUTO: Here’s what I’m saying that you’re doing: You are lying to people. That’s what I think that you’re doing.

KRUGMAN: I haven’t heard a lie yet. But, look, if that’s the way you want to do it, I mean, fair and balanced, go all the way. Look, c’mon, the fact of the matter is–

CAVUTO: No, no, you don’t have to be snide. You have to be factual.

KRUGMAN: You’re being snide.

CAVUTO: No, no, you’re mentioning good data. You’re saying there’s a growing divide between the haves and have nots. Others have argued that very effectively and very eloquently, just like you.

All I’m saying is that the math that applied now, can’t you apply it in other periods, when there have been Democratic presidents who’ve had the same dislocations?

You’re saying that it’s somehow dramatically worse now than it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago?

KRUGMAN: Yeah, actually, it is dramatically worse now than it was 10 years, 20 years ago. All of the measures of inequalities have just gone off the charts.

It didn’t start with Bush — and I actually say that if anybody, you know, buy Rolling Stone, read the article — it actually starts even before Reagan, so this is not just Bush.

The point of the matter is that, when, in these last five years, as it’s becomes clear that this is a really growing problem, that most people are not sharing in the economy’s growth,

the policies of Bush have been at every point to push that inequality further.
The Senate Armed Services Committee - Nico voted unanimously to approve Robert Gates’ nomination as defense secretary, 21-0. A full Senate is expected tomorrow.
06.Dec.2006 Pundit Attacking Muslim Congressman Is Bush Appointee to Holocaust Memorial Board - Nico 

Right-wing talk show host Dennis Prager has raised a firestorm charging that Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress, must swear in using a Bible.

He said that if Ellison swears in with a Quran, it would “undermin[e] American civilization” and be akin to swearing in with a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Prager is not a typical talk radio host. In September, he was appointed by President Bush to a five-year term on the taxpayer-funded USA Holocaust Memorial Council.

A statement announcing Prager’s appointment praised his “unique moral voice.”

Yesterday, the Council on American Islamic Relations called on Prager to be removed from this position:

No one who holds such bigoted, intolerant and divisive views should be in a policymaking position at a taxpayer-funded institution that seeks to educate Americans about the destructive impact hatred has had + continues to have, on every society. As a presidential appointee, Prager’s continued presence on the council would send a negative message to Muslims worldwide about America’s commitment to religious tolerance.

Likewise, the Anti-Defamation League, a group battling anti-Semitism and other bigotry, issued a statement calling Prager’s views “intolerant,” “misinformed on the facts,” and “downright un-American.”

Bush_Appointee_to_Holocaust_Memorial">Digg It!
U.S. soldiers punished for having PTSD. - Nico “A new investigation by National Public Radio looked at troops diagnosed with mental health disorders and concluded that ‘officers at Ft. Carson punish soldiers who need help + even kick them out of the Army.’” Paul Rieckhoff, head of the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, has details.
06.Dec.2006 Cheney reemerges. - Nico 

“Remember Dick Cheney? The Vice President, rarely seen at public events these days, will preside over the Senate on Thursday during Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s farewell speech on the Senate floor.”
06.Dec.2006 Gates: Attacking Iran Would ‘Worsen The Violence In Iraq And Lead To Greater American Casualties’ - Think Progress 

The Pentagon is actively planning + the administration is reportedly considering, a preemptive strike on Iran. Today, Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates was asked about his views on attacking Iran. Gates said “the consequences of a military conflict with Iran could be quite dramatic” and agreed it would “worsen the violence in Iraq and lead to greater American casualties.” Watch it:

Gates joins many other respected national security experts who believe there are no good military options in Iran. Transcript:

BYRD: Mr. Chairman, I thank you.

And, Dr. Gates, our relationship goes back over a number of years.

Do you support — now, we hear all these rumors about the potential for an attack on Iran due to its nuclear weapons program, or on Syria due to its support of terrorism.

Do you support an attack on Iran?

GATES: Senator Byrd, I think that military action against Iran would be an absolute last resort, that any problems that we have with Iran, our first option should be diplomacy and working with our allies to try and deal with the problems that Iran is posing to us.

I think that we have seen, in Iraq, that once war is unleashed, it becomes unpredictable. And I think that the consequences of a military conflict with Iran could be quite dramatic.

And therefore, I would counsel against military action except as a last resort and if we felt our vital interests were threatened.


BYRD: Would you say that an attack on either Iran or Syria would worsen the violence in Iraq and lead to greater American casualties?

GATES: Yes, sir, I think that’s very likely.

BYRD: Your answer is yes on both questions?

GATES: Yes, sir, very likely.
Bush still hasn’t seen An Inconvenient Truth. - Judd -  But Al Gore has a plan:

Q: Do you know if President Bush has seen the movie yet?

GORE: Well, he claimed that would not see it. That’s why I wrote the book. He’s a reader. (Via Gristmill)
06.Dec.2006 ‘Smokey’ Joe Barton Calls Global Warming Science ‘Absolute Nonsense,’ Vows To Fight CO2 Caps - Judd 

For six years, Congress has done nothing to address the climate crisis, thanks in no small part to the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, “Smokey” Joe Barton (R-TX). The 110th Congress will have new leadership, but Barton has pledged to continue fighting against legislation intended to address the problem. Energy and Environment Daily (sub. only) has the story:

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) said yesterday he intends to block Democrats from passing a mandatory federal cap on heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

“ I will be an active part of any leadership effort to prevent it passing in the House ,” the outgoing chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee told reporters after speaking at an event hosted by the American Petroleum Institute and the Energy Department.

Barton says his action is justified because global warming science is “pretty weak stuff.” Barton added, “But for us to try to step in and say we have got to do all these global things to prevent the Earth from getting any warmer in my opinion is absolute nonsense. It’s not going to happen.”
Gender pay gap narrows, - Nico not “because women are making great strides but because men’s wages are eroding, data show.”
06.Dec.2006 Gates Says U.S. Is Not Winning Iraq War - Nico 

Incoming Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin’s (D-MI) first question to Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates: “Mr. Gates, do you believe that we are currently winning in Iraq?”

Gates’ answer: “No, sir.” Watch it:

Just weeks ago, President Bush expressed the opposite position. From 10/25/06:

REPORTER: Are we winning?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Absolutely, we’re winning. Digg It! | Reddit!
06.Dec.2006 Milbank: Rumsfeld Memo ‘Headed for the Hall of Fame of Cover-Your-Ass Memo Writing’ - Payson 

Last night on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank discussed the recently leaked Donald Rumsfeld memo that called for a “major adjustment” to our Iraq policy.

Milbank called the memo a “classic” example of “cover-your-ass memo writing in Washington.”

Rumsfeld “listed every conceivable option” in his memo, Milbank says, to allow himself to claim, “Well, I recommended we go in that direction.” “This was something of an authorized leak by Rumsfeld’s people in order to protect his legacy here,” Milbank added. Watch it: Transcript:

OLBERMANN: Time to call in our own Dana Milbank, national political reporter for the “Washington Post.” Dana, good evening.

MILBANK: Good evening, Keith.

OLBERMANN: I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with the Dickens analogy. Forgive me for going to it again. This reads like Jacob Marley’s ghost warning Scrooge. How do you explain the discrepancy between what the Defense Secretary wrote in the memo + what the President himself was saying on the eve of the midterms?

MILBANK: Oh, I don’t think we’re giving Don Rumsfeld enough credit for this. This is a classic. This is headed for the hall of fame of cover-your-ass memo writing in Washington, when we’ve already had a lot of those. Of course there’s a discrepancy between what the Secretary of Defense was saying and what the President was saying. But look at what he’s done here, is he’s listed every conceivable option so that he can now + for future historians, say whatever the outcome in iraq, ‘Well I recommended we go in that direction.’ Because he has recommended increasing troops, decreasing troops, staying the same, adding trainers, just about every possible permutation.

OLBERMANN: Would that have been written with an expectation that he was not going to be retained? What would have happened if the Republicans had retained both the House and the Senate and there’d been no need to show Rumsfeld the door? Would this memo have not been a noose in which Mr. Rumsfeld would have found his neck?

MILBANK: Well, then his loyalists wouldn’t have leaked the memo. It seems pretty clear that this was something of an authorized leak by Rumsfeld’s people in order to protect his legacy here.
Rep. Jim Moran: Bush Was Warned To Be ‘Extra Sensitive’ About Webb’s Son - Amanda 

At a recent White House reception, President Bush asked Sen.-elect Jim Webb (D-VA), “How’s your boy?” referring to Webb’s son Jimmy, who is serving in Iraq. Webb answered, “I’d like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President,” to which Bush responded, “That’s not what I asked you.” Webb then replied, “That’s between me and my boy, Mr. President.”

The right wing has been attacking Webb for his reaction to Bush’s question. Last night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Webb was “rude,” “inappropriate,” and “disrespectful,” because Bush was merely trying to extend a “nice gesture.” The National Review’s Corner called him “classless” and conservative columnist George Will labeled him “a boor.”

But according to Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), Bush was told that Webb’s son had a recent brush with death in Iraq and was warned to be “extra sensitive” when talking to the Sen.-elect. ThinkProgress yesterday spoke with Moran’s office and confirmed the congressman’s statement, first reported by hcc in VA:

Not only did Bush know about it, he was specifically briefed on the incident before meeting with Webb + was cautioned to be extra sensitive in speaking with Webb about his son.

After such a briefing, Bush perhaps shouldn’t have been so surprised about Webb’s unwillingness to chit-chat about his son.

Bush_Was_Warned_To_Be_Extra_Sensitive_About_Webb_s_Son">Digg It!
December 5, 2006 - Think Progress 

“A swath of Amazon rain forest the size of Alabama was placed under government protection Monday,” the AP reports. The area “contains more than 25 % of the world’s remaining humid tropical forests and the largest remaining unpolluted fresh water reserves in the American tropics.”

Hearings for Defense nominee Robert Gates are today. Gates has said “that he supported Bush’s decision to invade 00.000.2003 and that leaving Iraq ‘in chaos’ would harm U.S. interests for many years. Beyond that he has not said how the U.S. might get Iraq moving in the right direction.”

Hours after his meeting yesterday with President Bush , powerful Shiite polititian Abdul Aziz al-Hakim gave a speech denying that “Shiite militias are fueling the sectarian strife” and issuing “one of the starkest criticisms of U.S. military strategy by an Iraqi leader.”

A semiannual report filed by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general “highlights a litany of staff misconduct : immigration officials demanding sex in exchange for visas, airport screeners stealing money from tourists’ luggage, federal air marshals smuggling drugs + employees from various DHS agencies committing sex crimes.”

The Supreme Court is set to rule against “what is left, if anything, of Brown v. Board of Education.” After hearings yesterday on two schools’ racial integration programs, “the only question was how far the court would go in ruling such plans unconstitutional .”

Although companies are supposed to pay royalties every time they drill for oil or gas on federal property, the Interior Department has audited just 20 % of companies. “The rest of the time, the payments are made on the honor system. But the government agency ‘could not accurately count‘ its own oil and gas audits.”

100,000: The number of government contractors operating in Iraq, “a total that is approaching the size of the U.S. military force there.” Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky (D-IL) said the estimate “further demonstrates the need for Congress to finally engage in responsible, serious and aggressive oversight” over private military contracting.

“The Army and Marine Corps have sunk more than 40 % of their ground combat equipment into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Replacing, repairing + upgrading combat equipment will cost at least $17 billion annually for several more years; before the war, “the Army spent $2.5 billion to $3 billion a year on wear and tear.”

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “wants to fast-track efforts to boost the federal minimum wage ,” and she is pushing for a “stand alone” bill that “will go straight to the floor for consideration.”

And finally: Conservative seeking conservative for a radical night out
“[T]he Christian Right - Nico has largely retreated from the culture wars,” according to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Kevin Drum asks, “What planet was this written from?”
06.Dec.2006 “Stop complaining about health care. - Nico 

There is no solution.” — Sen. John Sununu (R-NH), speaking to state business leaders about their concerns over health care costs.
06.Dec.2006 Justiz eröffnet Prozess gegen 26 CIA-Agenten - sfux 
Die Mailänder Staatsanwaltschaft hat die Eröffnung eines Verfahrens gegen 35 Personen - darunter der Ex-Chef des italienischen Militärgeheimdienstes Sismi, Nicolo Pollari - im Zusammenhang mit der Entführung eines ägyptischen Imams beantragt. Unter den Angeklagten sind auch 26-CIA-Agenten.
Der moslemische Geistliche Osama Mustafa Hassan alias Abu Omar wurde nach eigener Darstellung

00.000.2003 -am helllichten Tag- in Mailand auf der Straße überfallen, in ein Auto gebracht und auf...
Impressionen eines Deutschland-Flüchtlings (1) - sfux Johann U. Bahr ?

00.Aug.2006 : Planmäßig kamen wir in Texas an. Viel Terrorangst und Chaos und die Zeitumstellung müssen erst verkraftet werden. Hier herrschen 38 Grad.
Der Flug war ohne Parfümverkauf und die Leute konnten auch nichts an Bord bringen.

Wir sind 4 bis 8 Mal gefilzt worden.

Aber bei einigen Kontrollstellen konnten wir uns vorbeimogeln.

Zigaretten und Zeitschriften - alles landete im Müll.

Nur Erfrischungstücher wurden an Bord verteilt. Die...
Gates advocated Nicaragua airstrikes - sfux Washington - In

00.000.1984 Robert Gates,

then the No. 2 CIA official,

advocated U.S. airstrikes against Nicaragua's pro-Cuban government to reverse what he described as an ineffective U.S. strategy to deal with communist advances in Central America, previously classified documents say.
Militär putscht Regierung auf den Fischi Inseln - sfux Fidschi -

Auf den Fidschi-Inseln hat nach monatelangem Machtkampf die Armee die Regierung von Ministerpräsident Laisenia Qarase gestürzt.

Das Militär habe die Regierung übernommen und Qarase entlassen, sagte Armeechef Voreqe Bainimarama.
Er begründete den Schritt mit der Weigerung von Qarase zurückzutreten.

Zuvor waren in der Hauptstadt Suva schwerbewaffnete Soldaten vor dem Haus des Regierungschefs aufmarschiert und hatten ihn sowie mehrere seiner Minister...
Ein strahlender Mord - sfux Malte Olschewski -

Es war ein strahlender Mord mit gekonnter PR-Begleitung. Nach dem Tod des ehemaligen russischen Geheimdienstmannes Alexander Litwinenko durch eine Dosis radioaktiven Poloniums am 23.11. sucht Scotland Yard in London falsche und echte Spuren in Richtung eines Motives zu ordnen. An zwölf Lokalen und Personen sind bisher Spuren von Polonium festgestellt worden, was einen einzigartigen...
Quit smoking drug available in UK - A non-nicotine drug specifically designed to help smokers quit is now available in the UK.
06.Dec.2006 Cell Phones Freed! Poor Suffer?
Your legal columnist wins an exemption to the DMCA for consumers who digitally unlock their cell phones to use with other carriers. But now a wireless giant says the new rule will damage the prepaid cell phone industry + hurt those who can't afford monthly service.

06.Dec.2006 Say Hello to the Goodbye Weapon
A new radiation weapon that produces the "Goodbye effect" -- making victims run like crazy - has been certified for use in Iraq. It feels like the skin is being ripped from your face, but the military says it's perfectly safe. A special "Freedom of Information" report by David Hambling.

06.Dec.2006 New Weapon, Human Tests
Here are several documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act detailing the U.S. military's extensive human tests of its Active Denial System -- a nonlethal weapon that uses millimeter wave radiation to induce instant, searing pain that forces people to flee instantly.

06.Dec.2006 Mum's the Word on NSA Spying
Under questioning, the White House's new privacy oversight board admits its knows how many Americans were targeted by a controversial surveillance program. But it won't share the data and won't say if it recommends the data be shared. In 27B Stroke 6.

06.Dec.2006 Iran blocks video sharing site YouTube Blog: Iran is preventing its citizens from accessing video-sharing site YouTube, according to a report by the Associated Press.
06.Dec.2006 Hi-res cam spots space junk on Mars The new hi-res camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has located the remains of space probes sent to investigate the Red Planet.
06.Dec.2006 Panel changes course, approves e-voting checks Reworded proposal would call for new systems to be "software independent," but emphasizes current machines would be unaffected.
06.Dec.2006 U.S. to create 'risk assessments' of air passengers Department of Homeland Security implements data-mining system for passengers traveling to the U.S.
06.Dec.2006 Can statistics predict who'll attempt murder? Blog: In an echo of the science fiction movie Minority Report, a University of Pennsylvania criminologist has devised a statistical...
06.Dec.2006 Turning cell phones into lifelines Cell phones constantly update of their position with cell towers, making them an important tool in finding lost persons.
06.Dec.2006 An Early Warning System For Earthquakes - kdawson 117 Iphtashu Fitz writes

"Would 15 seconds be enough warning time to prepare for an earthquake? It certainly wouldn't be long enough to evacuate from where you live, but it may be just long enough to get out of a building or brace yourself in a doorframe or under a solid desk. Italian scientists may have discovered a way to measure the initial shockwave of an earthquake two seconds after it starts + from it predict the extent of the destructive secondary wave that will follow. It typically takes twenty seconds for the secondary wave to spread 40 miles, so sensors that can transmit warnings at the speed of light may provide just enough warning before a major quake for people to brace themselves. Even more importantly, such a warning could allow for utilities like gas companies to close safety valves, preventing potential fires or explosions in the aftermath of the quake."
Indian College Students Face Bleak Prospects - kdawson 405
The New York Times has a piece on the lackluster prospects facing the great majority of Indian college graduates. Most of the 11 million students in India's 18,000 colleges and universities receive starkly inferior training, according to the article, heavy on obedience and rote memorization and light on useful job skills. From the article: "In the 2001 census, [Indian] college graduates had higher unemployment — 17 % — than middle or high school graduates... [At a middle-tier college] dozens of students swarmed around a reporter to complain about their education. 'What the market wants and what the school provides are totally different,' a commerce student said.... [A] final-year student who expects next year to make $2 to $4 a day hawking credit cards, was dejected. 'The opportunities we get at this stage are sad,' she said. 'We might as well not have studied.'"

Millimeter-Wave Weapon Certified For Use In Iraq - jdray (posted by kdawson) 720 jdray writes

"Wired has a story on the certification of the Active Denial System for use in Iraq. The ADS is a millimeter-wave weapon that uses a reportedly non-lethal energy beam to inflict short-term pain on its targets, encouraging them to leave an area. Experimenters call this the 'Goodbye effect.' I can see using this in a wartime situation, but how long before we see these things mounted to the top of S.W.A.T. vans for domestic crowd control? And, is that a bad idea?" From the article: The ADS shoots a beam of millimeters waves, which are longer in wavelength than x-rays but shorter than microwaves — 94 GHz (= 3 mm wavelength) compared to 2.45 GHz (= 12 cm wavelength) in a standard microwave oven... while subjects may feel like they have sustained serious burns, the documents claim effects are not long-lasting. At most, 'some volunteers who tolerate the heat may experience prolonged redness or even small blisters'...

There has been no independent checking of the military's claims." Wired used Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain documents on the military's testing program.
Australia Backs Down on Draconian Copyright Laws - Zonk 68+ AcidAUS writes

"The widely-publicized reforms to Australian copyright — which would turn iPod, camera phone and DVD recorder owners into criminals — have been significantly amended. The amendment bill was passed this past Friday, after the changes were put into place. The Labor and Green parties still have problems with the bill as it exists, but the Labor party (at least) wants to let it go based on the fact that it is 'a million times' better than the original proposed legislation." From the article: "Following an outcry by industry bodies and the public, [Attorney-General Philip] Ruddock amended the bill. 'The Government has listened to the Senate Committee and stakeholders and has improved the effectiveness of the reforms,' Mr Ruddock said in a statement. 'The amended reforms make it clear consumers can transfer the music they own onto devices such as iPods and enable the next wave of technology by allowing people to record a TV or radio program on mobile devices to watch it at a more convenient time.' The amendments also removed on-the-spot fines for some copyright offenses, to ensure they didn't 'unintentionally capture harmless activities of ordinary Australians'."
Universal and MySpace Square Off Over DMCA - Zonk 107+ moore.dustin writes

"Universal and MySpace look to be on a collision course that could shape the future of media companies and the internet. The article discusses the DMCA's impact on their case + talks ways in which the law lags behind the realities of technology." From the article: "Yet, as lawyers prepare for battle, they do so on uncertain legal ground. The legislation at the heart of the debate, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, was written years before social networking sites such as MySpace even existed.

That fact has injected considerable uncertainty into the matter, according to copyright experts + helps explain why lawyers from both sides are proclaiming that the DMCA, as it is known, is on their side."
Open Source Spying - ScuttleMonkey 89+ eldavojohn writes

"The New York Times is running a very lengthy but amazingly interesting article on the short history of open source software and information on the inside of the intelligence community. The article discusses the transformation of the intelligence community from fighting the Cold War with traditional information exchange to fighting terrorism today utilizing things like wikis & blogs. From the end of the article, 'Today's spies exist in an age of constant information exchange, in which everyday citizens swap news, dial up satellite pictures of their houses and collaborate on distant Web sites with strangers. As John Arquilla told me, if the spies do not join the rest of the world, they risk growing to resemble the rigid, unchanging bureaucracy that they once confronted during the cold war. "Fifteen years ago we were fighting the Soviet Union," he said. "Who knew it would be replicated today in the intelligence community?"' You may recall that the CIA now has their own classified Wiki. I think it's interesting that the 9/11 Report recommended that USA agencies such as the DoD, CIA & FBI learn to share information more freely to overcome terrorism and now they're turning to internet community applications to accomplish that."
NASA Unveils Strategy for Return to the Moon - ScuttleMonkey 296+ mknewman writes to tell us that

NASA recently announced plans to build a permanent base on the moon by 2024. The (still tentative) plans call for building the base on one of the moon's poles, which constantly receive light from the sun and have less temperature fluctuation. This base will start small 00.000.2020 and grow over time with the hopes of eventually supporting 180-day stays and providing a jumping-off point to Mars."
9/11 WTC and Hooey-mania - BG 
Update: 9-11: FEMA's hired gun: "Towers columns 'sunk'''==== Structural engineer describes collapse of the World Trade Center towers
06.Dec.2006 UK policies driving wedge between Muslims, wider society: study - Irna - BG
06.Dec.2006 Video Is a Window Into a Terror Suspect’s Isolation - New York Times - BG 

Jose Padilla, fitted with blacked-out goggles, was videotaped by the government when he was allowed outside solitary confinement to see a dentist.
06.Dec.2006 UN chief tells of Iraq war sorrow
The killing in Iraq is now worse than a civil war, outgoing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says in a BBC interview.
06.Dec.2006 - Chavez wins Venezuela election
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela declares a "defeat for the devil" as he wins a fresh term in office.
06.Dec.2006 Nation Of Flimflam
Ever hear of a country called the dominion of Melchizedek? It's said to include much of Antarctica, most of the western Pacific and all of the Middle East.
Nonetheless, we're not talking about an emerging superpower.
06.Dec.2006 Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution'

TOPEKA, KSIn response to a

07.Nov.2006 referendum, Kansas lawmakers passed emergency legislation outlawing evolution,

the highly controversial process responsible for the development + diversity of species + the continued survival of all life.

- Breathing While Black
'There is nothing like being made to feel like a nigger. Just having to verbalize it or commit such a thought to text is gut-wrenching.

- Every Old Meme Is New Again
'It's the idea that just won't die: A scientific experiment to track the viral spread of a "meme" -- a contagious quantum of thought -- has become so popular that its creator has had trouble tracking it.'

The experiment being conducted by comparative literature graduate student Scott Eric Kaufman was intended to measure how quickly a simple idea would jump between blogs covering different academic disciplines.
06.Dec.2006 Troops Start Disarming Police in Fiji - SUVA, Fiji (AP)

Soldiers moved against at least two police compounds in Fiji on Monday,

seizing weapons in the apparent first step toward taking over the South Pacific island nation.
06.Dec.2006 Chavez Wins Easily in Venezuela, Showing Wide Support
President Hugo Chavez was re-elected in a landslide, giving him a stronger mandate for his socialist-inspired policies.

- Philippines Buries Dead; Typhoon?s Toll at 406
Officials warned that the death toll would certainly climb and that there was little hope of finding more survivors.

- Repair Work To New Orleans Levees Dragging...
For months, the Army Corps of Engineers raced through the city, frantically patching broken levees and building floodgates to prepare for a hurricane season, now ended, that produced no hurricanes here.
That repair work is essentially complete and the corps has moved on to the task of strengthening flood protection in New Orleans beyond its pre-Hurricane Katrina level, hoping to entice residents back.

- Conditions Of Detention...Unprecedented In The Military Justice System...
One spring day during his 3 + a half years as an enemy combatant, Jose Padilla experienced a break from the monotony of his solitary confinement in a bare cell in the brig at the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, S.C

- Wal-Mart Launches Thank You Program To Calm Employee Discontent...
Faced with public demonstrations of discontent by its employees, Wal-Mart Stores has developed a wide-ranging new program intended to show that it appreciates its 1.3 million workers in the USA + to encourage them to air their grievances.

- Report: US-Trained Afghan Police "Largely Incapable' Of Routine Work...
Five years after the fall of the Taliban, a joint report by the Pentagon and the State Department has found that the American-trained police force in Afghanistan is largely incapable of carrying out routine law enforcement work + that managers of the $1.1 billion training program cannot say how many officers are actually on duty or where thousands of trucks and other equipment issued to police units have gone.
06.Dec.2006 Lou Dobbs Turns on the CEOs - BG .News: To understand the shifting tectonics of American politics, look no further than cable's high priest of populism.
06.Dec.2006 US tells banks to shut down Iran operations - BG 
The Independent on Sunday: Several of the UK's largest banks fear they could face the full legislative wrath of the US government unless they bow to Washington's pressure to shut their operations in Iran....

06.Dec.2006 Federal case may redefine child porn | CNET - BG
06.Dec.2006 Bill O'Reilly's Question - BG 
Stan Goff is somebody worth reading and listening to.

He's a veteran of the US Army Rangers, Airborne, Delta Force + Special Forces, who served in Vietnam, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Somalia + Haiti.

Which is to say, he's seen imperialism up close in a way few of us ever will. Now he's a very determined, very smart + very thoughtful activist, working against war, patriarchy + empire.

Here's a post of his on a question of Bill O'Reilly's: There is nothing more tragically amusing than watching the right-wing catch liberals off guard.

Bill O'Reilly has caught the whole crew flat-footed with one of those trick questions:

Do you want the USA to win in Iraq? Set aside for the moment that this ignores the fact that the US government has already ... Source:
06.Dec.2006 New York Post Online Edition: News - BG
06.Dec.2006 Across the Borderline - BG 
The House of Death (The Observer, via Avedon Carol at The Sideshow) This is a dirty story, about as dirty as it gets. It's a story of top government officials knowingly, deliberately, willingly countenancing a string of horrific murders – then punishing decent, law-abiding colleagues who tried to work through the proper channels in order to rectify the government's egregious complicity and ensure such barbarity wouldn't happen again. Those who sought to do right were beaten down. Those who covered up the truth + the crimes – and even dismissed the multiple murder charges when they finally came to light – were hardwired into the very center of the country's political power grid, with close, long-time ties to the national leader himself. And no, this story did not take place in the vasty de...

06.Dec.2006 Hume After Interview With Bush: ‘Spirits Are Good,’ ‘Attitude Is Confident,’ ‘Seems To Enjoy The Work’ - Think Progress 

Iraq is in a civil war, the administration’s domestic agenda has stalled and Bush’s approval ratings are mired in the the thirties. But Brit Hume interviewed the president and he wants you to know that none of it has affected his mood.

Previewing the interview, Hume reported that “His spirits are good, his atmosphere is — you know, his attitude is confident. He seems confortable, he seems to enjoy the work.” Watch it: Full transcript:

His spirits are good, his atmosphere is — you know, his attitude is confident. He seems confortable, he seems to enjoy the work. He said the burden of this office is not heavy, it’s light. +++

He’s fine, he’s in good spirits. Now, look, Neil, you and I have been around a long time + you can smell this embattled, troubled quality on a politician at 100 yards. It’s not there. +++

This interview, Shep, I was not in the presence of a man who gave off that sense + you can always smell it, of being an embattled politician.
Inhofe’s last stand. - Nico 

Senate environment committee chairman James Inhofe (R-OK) “will hold his last hearing as chairman Wednesday to highlight media coverage of global warming,” National Journal reports.

“Inhofe has criticized news outlets for their coverage of global warming, which he believes is a hoax.” The last time Inhofe challenged the media, it didn’t go so well.
06.Dec.2006 Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist, - Judd 

has successfully withdrawn “all funding for Mississippi’s highly successful anti-smoking program.”

Barbour’s lobbying firm, “Barbour, Griffin, & Rogers, was paid a total of $3.8 million by the tobacco companies, according to reports obtained by the United States Senate Office of Public Records.”
Climate Change Will Empty America’s Breadbasket - Payson 

Last summer, National Review editor James Robbins touted the “benefits” of climate change:

Consider the large landmasses in the northern hemisphere, say north of 55 degrees. These are very extreme climates for human habitation.

A population distribution map of Canada shows most people live in a belt running along the southern border with the USA. But add global warming and vast regions would become comfortably habitable.

As well, there would be more land available for cultivation .

Yesterday, the BBC published a graphic showing the impact that climate change will have on crop production.

The graphic shows the areas in which wheat grows now (yellow) compared to where it will grow 00.000.2050 (blue). It demonstrates the devastating effect climate change would have on America’s wheat crop:

“True, there might be some dislocations as crops shifted northward, but so what?” Robbins asked.

“Economies change all the time.” Tell that to every wheat farmer in the USA.
Bush avoiding legacy talk? - Faiz 
U.S. News writes,

“The Bushies aren’t eager to start talking legacy about their prez yet. ‘Really,’ says one, ‘he’s not obsessed with his legacy.’ …

‘His legacy won’t be written for 50 years,’ shrugs an ally, ‘and, anyway, there’s nothing we can do about it now.’”
Bush Opposes School Desegregation Plans That Close Educational Achievement Gap - Judd 

Today, the Supreme Court considered a constitutional challenge to school desegregation plans in Seattle, WA and Louisville, KY. The stakes are high. From the Christian Science Monitor:

“ This is about what is left, if anything, of Brown v. Board of Education ,” Theodore Shaw, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said in a recent debate hosted by the Century Foundation.

If the high court strikes down the Seattle and Louisville programs, “it will be a reversal of historic proportions,” he said.

Data collected pursuant to No Child Left Behind, Bush’s signature education initiative, shows that desegregating schools improves the educational achievement of minority students.

A study examining the data by American Progress Affiliated Scholar Douglas Harris found:

– African Americans and Hispanics learn more in integrated schools. Minorities attending integrated schools also perform better in college attendance and employment.

– Controlled choice and other forms of desegregation benefit minority students .

– Racial integration is a rare case where an educational policy appears to improve educational equity at little financial cost.

President Bush has long claimed that reducing the educational achievement gap between white students and minority students is a priority.

Here’s Bush on

18.Oct.2006 “We have an achievement gap in America that is — that I don’t like and you shouldn’t like.

It’s the difference between reading of African American students and Latino students and white students.

The gap is closing + that’s incredibly important for the United States of America to see that achievement gap close.

How do we know?

Because we’re measuring.

And yet, “the Bush administration has taken the side of the parents who are suing the school districts” who are trying to desegregate schools.

Bush_Opposes_School_Desegrations_Plans_That_Close_Education_Achievement_Gap">Digg It!
MSNBC Airs Multiple Segments On C-SPAN Caller Smearing President Carter - Nico 

During an interview yesterday, an anonymous C-SPAN viewer called former President Jimmy Carter “a bigot + a racist + an anti-Semite” + accused him of “cozying up with every dictator, thug, Islamic terrorist there is.”

Video of the exchange is being promoted by several popular right-wing websites, including the Drudge Report and Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air.

Apparently, the rantings of this random C-SPAN viewer are considered “news.”

MSNBC has already run two segments today on this irrelevant non-story, one titled “Carter Controversy” and another called, “Pres. Carter: Anti-Semetic?”
Bolton’s future plans? - Nico 

BoltonWatch’s Scott T. Paul says “two independent sources in the U.S. Mission” tell him that John Bolton is planning to “write a book + hit the speaking circuit

to blast the Bush Administration for abandoning ultra-conservative foreign policy principles.”
06.Dec.2006 14. - Nico 
The number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq in the first three days of December. 2,904 U.S. military personnel have now died in the Iraq war.
06.Dec.2006 Klein: Saying We Need A Timetable For Iraq ‘May Well Be True, But It’s Wrong To Say It’ - Faiz 

On the Chris Matthews Show yesterday, Time magazine senior writer Joe Klein said of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) support for setting a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq: “That may well be true, but it’s wrong to say it.” Watch it:

Obama has argued that the Bush administration should begin redeploying U.S. troops out of Iraq in the next four to six months.

That is the same position articulated by incoming Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI). Last June, the Levin amendment proposed the withdrawal of U.S. forces, earning strong support.

Levin’s new amendment is expected to also gain strong support from the new majority.

Voters favor setting a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq by a 54-39 % margin.

Klein himself, after first arguing that it was not “responsible,” has embraced the call for withdrawal from Iraq.

And yet he wants us to believe that a position that is right, supported by a majority of Americans + favored by the new majority in Congress should not be uttered in public.
The federal minimum wage set a new record - Amanda 
on Saturday “for the longest period without a raise since its establishment 00.000.1938.

02.Dec.2006 -As of- the $5.15-per-hour wage rate has remained unchanged for nine years and three months.”
06.Dec.2006 BREAKING: John Bolton To Resign - Think Progress 

“President Bush has accepted the resignation of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton when his recess appointment expires,” CBS News reports.

UPDATE V: Copy of Bolton’s resignation letter here.

UPDATE IV: President Bush releases a statement:

I am deeply disappointed that a handful of United States Senators prevented Ambassador Bolton from receiving the up or down vote he deserved in the Senate.

They chose to obstruct his confirmation, even though he enjoys majority support in the Senate + even though their tactics will disrupt our diplomatic work at a sensitive and important time.

UPDATE III: ABC reports, “Alex Wolff — currently Bolton’s deputy — will serve as acting Ambassador until a successor is named.”

UPDATE II: Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Jim Walsh (R-NY) have led a push to promote Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) — the top Republican on the House International Relations Committee who lost his House seat in November’s election — as the new U.N. Ambassador.

“He is the most diplomatic politician I have ever met,” [Blumenauer] said of Mr. Leach, a moderate from Iowa known for his professorial sweaters,

his low-key, nonpolitical approach to issues + his opposition to the war in Iraq.

“I can’t think of any American better qualified to represent our interests before the United Nations,” Rep. Jim Walsh, a Republican of New York said.

Mr. Walsh yesterday joined Mr. Blumenauer in circulating a letter in the House seeking support for Mr. Leach if the acting U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, is forced to resign.

UPDATE I: Citing White House sources, MSNBC reports that Bolton is expected to leave his position “within a matter of days.”
December 4, 2006 - Think Progress 

The pace of the $6 billion second phase of levee work in New Orleans has slowed significantly . To “save money,” the Army Corps plans to focus on longer-term plans that critics say “will leave the city at risk until 2010 at least.” The corps “has also scaled back plans to armor the levees against being scoured away when water flows over the top.”

“The Pentagon is invoking emergency authority to fast-track funding of a comprehensive war-crimes court compound at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba ,” the Miami Herald reports. Pentagon spokesmen “would not say when — if ever — the Pentagon had last invoked similar authority.”

Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, “yesterday rejected suggestions that an international conference be held to address the violence wracking his country, echoing sentiments expressed” by other leading Iraqi politicians.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the incoming Senate Rules and Administration Chairwoman, will push for “legislation to require that there be an independent paper record of every ballot .” See a summary of the Ballot Integrity Act here.

Every schoolchild in Scotland will be offered the chance to see An Inconvenient Truth under a plan presented by energy company ScottishPower. “ScottishPower, which has also given copies of Mr. Gore’s book…to hundreds of its staff, plans to pay for cinema screenings for older children in primary schools and all secondary pupils.”

At least 70 trade unionists were assassinated in Colombia last year, the highest number of any country in the world, a new report finds. The Bush administration signed a trade deal with Colombia in November that “ignores fundamental workers’ rights.”

The Iraq situation is ‘much worse’ than civil war , according to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. “We had the strife in Lebanon and other places, we called that a civil war,” Annan said, “this is much worse.”

“At least 21 people were killed at school during the 2004-2005 academic year, a slight increase from the year before,” according to the Justice Department.
06.Dec.2006 Two of the country’s largest Episcopal congregations - Nico 
will “vote next week on whether to leave the U.S. church on ideological grounds and affiliate instead with a controversial Nigerian archbishop” who has advocated the imprisonment of gays.
06.Dec.2006 Gingrich Lies To Assault Free Speech Again - Paul Joseph Watson -Unrepentant, arch Neo-Con crafts deceptive Ahmadinejad boogeyman argument to con Americans into First Amendment
06.Dec.2006 Why The Quiet Release Of The Doubletree 9/11 Video? - Paul Joseph Watson -Where was the FOX news fanfare? Total media blackout suggests new strategy may be to ignore 9/11 questions
06.Dec.2006 Annan: Lage im Irak schlimmer als im Bürgerkrieg - sfux Bagdad -

Der scheidende UNO-Generalsekretär Kofi Annan hat die Lage im Irak als "viel schlimmer" als in einem Bürgerkrieg bezeichnet. Das Leben für den normalen Iraker sei heute schlechter als unter dem Regime des Diktators Saddam Hussein.
Die Situation sei "extrem gefährlich", erklärte Annan in einem Interview der britischen BBC. Zugleich äusserte er Zweifel, dass die Regierung in Bagdad die eskalierende Gewalt allein unter Kontrolle...

Intelligence archives chief found dead on job in Bulgaria - sfux Sofia News Agency -

The chief of the "Archives and Secret Files" division in the National Intelligence Service was found dead in his office, but the news on his death emerged a day later.
The body of Bozhidar Doychev was discovered Wednesday evening in his office after his family...

Minarette sind Bajonette!? - sfux 
Kemalismus versus Islamismus im Balanceakt der Türkei
Malte Olschewski -

Von oben dekretiert der Kemalismus und von unten drängt der Islam heran, sodass es einmal zur Kollision kommen muss. Hatte bis in die Achtzigerjahre der von Staatsgründer Kemal Atatürk verordnete Laizismus und die Trennung von Staat und Religion gegolten, so ist seitdem ein...
Welt AIDS Tag in Südafrika ? 1400 Neuinfektionen und 950 Tote täglich - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske - Am Welt-AIDS-Tag, dem

01.Dez.2006 wurden neue Statistiken für Südafrika bekannt, die eigentlich nur Schrecken verbreiten können. 1400 Neuinfektionen jeden Tag;
Garagentore geschlossen ? Guantánamo nicht - sfux Harald Haack ?

Versprechen kann sich jeder einmal. Doch bei US-Präsident George W. Bush sind Versprecher legendär und füllen die Witzecken im Internet. So versprach er im Juni 2006 dem dänischen Ministerpräsidenten Anders Fogh Rasmussen, bei dessen Besuch in Washington, die Schließung des umstrittenen Gefangenenlagers Guantánamo.
?Wir wollen Guantánamo schließen?,...

Revamp of brain 'could slow CJD' Scientists say they might be able to slow progress of "mad cow disease" by genetically revamping the brain.
06.Dec.2006 Psychopaths' brains 'different' There are biological brain differences that mark out psychopaths from other people, scientists say.
06.Dec.2006 Pfizer shares hit by drug failure Shares in US drugmaker Pfizer tumble after it halts development of its most important experimental drug.
06.Dec.2006 Fridge magnets 'can be a killer' Fridge magnets and decorative jewellery could be a killer if you have a weak heart, experts warn.
06.Dec.2006 Richest 2% own 'half the wealth' The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of all household wealth, a new study by the UN finds.
06.Dec.2006 US 'not winning conflict in Iraq' US Defence Secretary nominee Robert Gates tells his confirmation hearing the US is not winning the war in Iraq.
06.Dec.2006 Row erupts over Israeli textbooks Israel's education minister says schoolbooks should show the pre-1967 borders, sparking fierce right-wing criticism.
06.Dec.2006 US plans base on Moon Nasa says it will start building a permanent base on the Moon after astronauts return there 00.000.2020.
06.Dec.2006 Vietnam lashed by tropical storm Tropical Storm Durian kills at least 47 people in Vietnam, after causing havoc in the Philippines.
06.Dec.2006 Vatican Holocaust claim disputed New papers cast doubt on Vatican claims about when it learned of the atrocities at Auschwitz.
06.Dec.2006 Musharraf pushes Kashmir proposal President Musharraf suggests Pakistan would give up its claim to Kashmir if India accepts his peace plan.
06.Dec.2006 US drops plan to open up airlines The US halts plan to give foreign investors more control over its airlines, probably delaying an open skies treaty.
06.Dec.2006 Foetal cells 'to treat strokes' A UK company is applying for permission to transplant stem cells made from human foetal tissue into the brains of stroke patients.
06.Dec.2006 China Aids patients win damages China is to compensate 19 people who caught HIV from a hospital blood transfusion, in a landmark case.
06.Dec.2006 India's Sensex hits record high India's main stock index, the Sensex, hits another record high and breaks the 14,000 points barrier.
06.Dec.2006 Pollution 'reducing rice harvest' Pollution-laden clouds may be partly to blame for India's dwindling rice harvests, according to research.
06.Dec.2006 Finland ratifies EU constitution Finland becomes the latest country to ratify the European constitution, as its EU presidency draws to a close.
06.Dec.2006 'Malaria atlas' project launched UK and Kenyan researchers say they are creating a global map to pinpoint areas where malaria is most likely to strike.
06.Dec.2006 Fiji military chief stages coup Fiji's military chief says he has taken over government and dismissed elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.
06.Dec.2006 Hungry ancients 'turned cannibal' Starvation and cannibalism were part of life for a population of Neanderthals living 43,000 years ago.
06.Dec.2006 Chavez victory to be proclaimed Hugo Chavez is due to be declared the winner of Venezuela's presidential poll in a ceremony.
06.Dec.2006 US firms call for Chinese reforms US manufacturers want a US trade delegation to call on China to open its markets and reform its currency.
06.Dec.2006 YouTube 'should check copyright' Video website YouTube should proactively check if videos infringe copyright, a rights group says.
06.Dec.2006 So. Many. Letters The volume of responses to the Wired magazine story on the New Atheism movement is totally overwhelming. So we're posting every single one online.
06.Dec.2006 Blueprints for a Revolution A cadre of unknown designers shapes everyday human-machine interactions.
06.Dec.2006 My Hybrid Saved Me Cash A Honda Civic Hybrid cost $3,000 less to operate for 3.5 years than a Mazda6 when considering trade-in value and the cost of gasoline. In Autopia.
06.Dec.2006 Novell "Forking" - ScuttleMonkey 339+
l2718 writes to mention that

In the wake of their recent deal with Microsoft, Novell has announced a new version of which will support Microsoft's planned Office formal, Open XML. From the article: "The translators will be made available as plug-ins to Novell's product. Novell will release the code to integrate the Open XML format into its product as open source and submit it for inclusion in the project. As a result, end users will be able to more easily share files between Microsoft Office and, as documents will better maintain consistent formats, formulas and style templates across the two office productivity suites."
Reuters and Yahoo! Enlist Camera Phones - kdawson 86+
eldavojohn writes

"In a huge advancement of citizen journalism, Reuters and Yahoo! are asking average people to be journalists with their cell phones. I hope participants don't run the risks others have for photographing the police. You can expect to see these new photos being used at Yahoo! and starting tomorrow." From the article: "'People don't say, "I want to see user-generated content,"' said Lloyd Braun, who runs Yahoo's media group. 'They want to see Michael Richards in the club. If that happens to be from a cellphone, they are happy with a cellphone. If it's from a professional photographer, they are happy for that, too.' Users will not be paid for images displayed on the Yahoo and Reuters sites. But people whose photos or videos are selected for distribution to Reuters clients will receive a payment."
Detecting Tailgaters With Lasers - stoolpigeon (posted by kdawson) 922+ -  stoolpigeon writes

"Police in Arizona are using laser range finders to detect and ticket tailgaters. An officer can now measure not only the speed of passing vehicles but also how close they are to one another. The detectors described in the article are built by Laser Technology Inc., a company that provides lasers for traffic control, engineering + even tactical/military solutions.

The article mentions how tailgating is connected to many accidents and incidents of road rage."
Computer Simulation of Cancer Growth - kdawson 66+ - Roland Piquepaille writes

"For a long time now, researchers and scientists have used computer simulations in the physical sciences: physics, chemistry + engineering. But what about biology? An international team of U.S. and Scottish mathematicians and biologists has built a math model to predict tumor behavior. The researchers say their approach is similar to the one used by weather forecasters. So far, this approach is entirely theoretical. But the scientists see their effort as the beginning of a new era in cancer research — 'a sea change in how biology is being done,' as the lead researcher described it. Read more for additional references and illustrations about this use of computer simulation to predict a cancer evolution."
Verisign Retains .com Control Until 2012 - kdawson 83+ -  Several readers wrote to note that

the U.S. Department of Commerce, in a controversial deal, has extended Verisign's control of the .com domain. Verisign got the right to raise prices in four of the six years of the contract, by up to 7% each time. From the article: "Verisign has control of .com and .net locked up for the next several years, but there will still be a modicum of oversight. [Commerce] retains final approval over any price hikes + has said that any subsequent renewal of the contract will occur 'only if it concludes that the approval will serve the public interest in the continued security and stability of the Internet domain name system... and the provision of registry services at reasonable prices, terms and conditions.'"
Bank of New York "overweight"
Rating-Update: New York ( AG) - Die Analysten von Prudential Financial stufen die Aktie der Bank of New York (ISIN US0640571024/ WKN 858206) von "neutral" auf "overweight" hoch. Das Kursziel werde von 35 auf 46 US-$ angehoben. (05.12.2006/ac/a/u)

06.Dec.2006 Vodafone Upgrade
Rating-Update: Zürich ( AG) - Die Analysten der Credit Suisse stufen die Vodafone-Aktie (ISIN GB0007192106/ WKN 875999) von "neutral" auf "outperform" herauf. (04.12.2006/ac/a/u)

06.Dec.2006 Pfizer Upgrade
Rating-Update: New York ( AG) - Die Analysten von Cowen & Co stufen die Aktie von Pfizer (ISIN US7170811035/ WKN 852009) von "underperform" auf "neutral" hoch. (04.12.2006/ac/a/u)

06.Dec.2006 Kofi Annan Regrets Cooperating With Bush War Crimes - BG 
All the criminals responsible for the Iraq fiasco are fumbling about, spreading blame, wishful thinking and in general, avoiding responsibility for destroying not just Iraq but the United Nations and a lot of other important things supposedly set up to stop wars just like this stupid war. Bin Laden, on 'The Family Guy', nearly laughs to death. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE... Source:


If they really wanted to 'practice' then they wouldn't have deployed early.
Somehow I don't think our government at any level is sharp enough to execute this so well.

In fact, I fully expect that Norad and the national guard fighters were simply doing a keystone cops performance that day + proved to the world how incompetent they are.
It really would not take all that big a team to hijack the planes and to fly them by remote control, especially if you have moles in the FAA or with the manufacturer of flight systems. It would not be that difficult to convince a few ignorant or fanatic arabs to take out the pilots and follow instructions. It is not hard to imagine an opportunistic property owner demolishing his own structures for cost/insurance reasons (doing so before the upper floors evacuated makes it murder) independently of the hijacking operation. This entire operation could be done with less than fifty operatives.
The U.S. government has covered up every single phase of the investigation + left we the people with no information. This, more than any of it, is what is wrong with the picture. We know much more about the Scott and Lacy Peterson case than about the biggest terrorist act on American soil. What's with that?   No longer
Candidate for Colorado HD13

06.Dec.2006 Aldo Moro ( 1916 – 1978) was five times Prime Minister of Italy - BG LINKS -(Christian Democrat).

00.000.1978 he was kidnapped and killed. Moro's widow recounted his meeting with Henry Kissinger + an American intelligence official, who warned him to end the strategy of bringing the Communist Party into his cabinet, telling him "You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration... or you will pay dearly for it."

"Mario Moretti, the man who organized and led the kidnapping and assassination of Aldo Moro, was part of a group, headed by one Corrado Simioni, which was under control of the Sogno-NATO organization."

The Sphinx and the Gladiators: How Neo-Fascists Steered the Red ... aangirfan:... Source:
06.Dec.2006 Nails In The Coffin of Trade Seven - WTC-7 Collapse Footage Shows Unmistakable Demolition Charges - Forums powered by Reason and Principle - BG
06.Dec.2006 Loving the Terrorists - BG 
Now you can find out just how unpatriotic you are, by taking a scientifically vapid survey.

Here's my score. Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 100% You are a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, "blame America first"-crowd traitor.

You are in league with evil-doers who hate our freedoms.

By all counts you are a liberal + as such clearly desire the terrorists to succeed and impose their harsh theocratic restrictions on us all.

You are fit to be hung for treason! Luckily George Bush is tapping your internet connection and is now aware of your thought-crime. Have a nice day.... in Guantánamo!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win? Quiz Created on GoToQuiz I'm glad to report that I'm rated even more likely to be sent to Guantánamo than Matt Yglesias, probably because I cannot bring...

06.Dec.2006 Lieberman - BG As a coda on the previous post, Lieberman is such a buffoon. It'd be funny if people weren't, you know, getting killed + stuff.... Source:
06.Dec.2006 The 911-Pound Gorilla in Cato's Room - BG 
This article is dedicated to the reality-based community, members of which often rightly state, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

"I should not believe such a story were it told me by Cato, was a proverbial saying in Rome, even during the lifetime of that philosophical patriot.

The incredibility of a fact, it was allowed, might invalidate so great an authority."

David Hume, Of Miracles.

"When anyone tells me, that he saw a dead man restored to life,

I immediately consider with myself, whether it be more probable, that this person should either deceive or be deceived, or that the fact, which he relates, should really have happened."

David Hume, Of Miracles. "The American people know what they saw with their own eyes on

11.Sep.2001. To suggest... Source:
06.Dec.2006 All this from the alleged opposition party. - BG,041W/641.html
06.Dec.2006 New York Times Reaches To Remove Mote In Blogger's Eye - BG 
NYT: It is so troubling that liberal Peter Daou works for Hillary Clinton and operates a blog. But it is not troubling that the New York Times held a story on extra-judicial surveillance until after the election, at the behest of the President. ... Source:

06.Dec.2006 Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor by Garrett Hardin -

The Garrett Hardin Society - Articles - BG Tags: lifeboat ethics
06.Dec.2006 9/11 WTC and Hooey-mania - BG Update: 9-11: FEMA's hired gun: "Towers columns 'sunk'''=== Structural engineer describes collapse of the World Trade Center towers 06.Dec.2006
Transworld Tries Again
Africa Energy Intelligence has learned that Transworld, a company owned by renowned trader John Deuss, is talking with Summit Oil on buying into its acreage in Nigeria. (...). [Total : 178 Words]. (3,25USD)

James Dunlap
A trusted adviser to Walter Kansteiner

during his mandate as head of the State Department's bureau of African affairs,

James Dunlap has followed his former boss in taking up a job with the Scowcroft Group named after Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to George Bush Sr. (...). [Total : 205 Words].(3,25USD)
"Gates says U.S. is not winning Iraq war" -- Duh!
House Republicans abruptly pulled from floor action Tuesday a bill to open a large area of the eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling after it became clear the legislation lacked the two-thirds vote needed for passage.
Robert Gates Hearing for Defense Secretary is Much Ado about Nothing: Policy Change Still in Bush's Hands -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Ex-Prez Bush Sheds Tears of Pride Praising son Jeb in Speech. If he Talks for Dubya, Tears will be for Much Different Reason -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Here Come the Defense Contractors: "U.S. Army Battling To Save Equipment: Gear Piles Up at Depots, Awaiting Repair"
Tony Snow: President Disagrees With Gates, Says We Are 'Winning' in Iraq. But, of course, Bush plays "fantasy Iraq" while our troops and everyone else have to deal with "reality Iraq." 12/6
Tomgram: Fiddling While Baghdad Burns; How to Stay in Iraq 12/6
Only 9% in U.S. Say Iraq Situation is Getting Better 12/9
Vote the News Up or Down at!
Nearly as Many Contractors as Soliders in Iraq

05.Dec.2006 The RFK assassination Some of the best writing about the RFK assassination is available for free. Lisa Pease did a massive two-part piece on this conundrum; go here and here. Permalink
05.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Polonium- Spuren am Stadion von Arsenal London gefunden
Gesunde Ernährung: New York streicht schädliche Fette von der Speisekarte
05.Dec.2006 "Open Skies"- Abkommen: USA machen Rückzieher
05.Dec.2006 Groteske Ungleichheit: Halbe Menschheit besitzt nur ein % des Global- Vermögens

05.Dec.2006 Ende einer Ära: Deep Fritz besiegt Schachweltmeister Kramnik

05.Dec.2006 Afghanistan: Taliban schlagen britische Armee zurück
05.Dec.2006 Fall Masri: Ermittler sollen Journalisten belauscht haben
05.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Britische Ermittler dürfen in Moskau keine Fragen stellen

05.Dec.2006 Erwärmung: Arktis könnte 2080 frei von Meereis sein
05.Dec.2006 Gates' Senatsanhörung: Gewinnen die USA im Irak? - "Nein, Sir"
Wintereinbruch in den USA: Etliche Tote, Zehntausende ohne Strom

05.Dec.2006 Heros- Prozess: Prokurist zweigte zehn Millionen ab
05.Dec.2006 Urteil: Gericht korrigiert Stammzell- Patent
05.Dec.2006 Umfrage: Deutsche fühlen sich vom Klimawandel bedroht

05.Dec.2006 Pentagon: Rumsfeld- Nachfolger warnt vor Flächenbrand im Mittleren Osten
05.Dec.2006 Emissionshandel im Luftverkehr: "Fliegen muss teurer werden"
Tödliches Gift: Was kostet eine Portion Polonium?

05.Dec.2006 Beirut: Schiiten drohen Siniora mit dem Tod
05.Dec.2006 "Weimarer Dreieck": Gefechtsverband mit Polen und Frankreich

05.Dec.2006 Statistisches Bundesamt: Über zehn Millionen leben an oder unter der Armutsgrenze

05.Dec.2006 Kramnik gegen Deep Fritz: Das Finale Mensch gegen Maschine
05.Dec.2006 Verschleppter Terrorverdächtiger: Mailänder Staatsanwälte wollen CIA- Agenten anklagen
Streit über Atomprogramm: Russland lehnt Sanktionen gegen Iran ab
Brainwashing ... polarizing issues which separate the camps of cult sympathizers and cult critics .
05.Dec.2006 Recent Portuguese Publications Bulletin 52

Camarate : relatórios finais das comissões parlamentares de inquérito. ...

The event has given rise to conspiracy theories. 123. CARVALHO, Miguel.
Northern Lion Gold Corp.: Airborne Geophysical Survey Completed on Cercal Project, Portugal
05.Dec.2006 Leader of Oaxaca Protests Arrested
05.Dec.2006 Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov Warns Against 'Politicizing' Litvinenko Affair
05.Dec.2006 - Gregarius »

06.Nov.2006 Controversial Dutch mult-imillionaire businessman John Deuss , who was arrested ...

The official denial + the ridicule began

00.000.1942 with the Battle of Los ...

Catalogue of the archive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement,

00.000.1956-00.000.1998 John Deuss + oil exports to South Africa,

00.000.1985-00.000.1990 ... Nelson Mandela International Reception Committee,

00.000.1989-00.000.1990 Shelfmark: MSS AAM

00.000.1942 ...

- Actueel nieuws Dat was de voormalige authandelaar John Deuss die samen met de leiding van de ... Maart/april 1942 rapporteerde een in Londen gearriveerd lid van de als ...
Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions -

Le Cercle He did this with controversial partners as John Deuss + Ted Shackley, ... (SOE) by Colonel Sir Charles Hambro, who would become head of the SOE 00.000.1942 . ...

PEHI - Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions -

Le Cercle ... Shackley was hired by oil baron John Deuss to organise shipments of oil to South Africa ...

Appointed to the board of directors of Italcementi

00.000.1940- 1942 . ...
". . . the whole of political life is an endless chain consisting of an infinite number of links.

The whole art of politics lies in finding and gripping as strong as we can the link that is least likely to be torn out of our hands,

the one that is most important at the given moment, the one that guarantees the possessor of a link the possession of the whole chain." What Is To Be Done? (1902)   

" . . . You must be able at each particular moment to find the particular link in the chain which you must grasp with all your might in order to hold the whole chain and to prepare firmly for the transition to the next link; the order of the links, their form, the manner in which they are linked together, the way they differ from each other in the historical chain of events, are not as simple and not as meaningless as those in an ordinary chain made by a smith."

The Immediate Tasks of the Soviet Government (1918)   

All texts, unless otherwise noted, are from V. I. Lenin, Collected Works , 4th English Edition, Moscow, 1960-1972.
1345 - What happened in 1345 ?

1345 - What happened in 1345 ? What happened in

1344. What happened in

1346. November 29th. December 1st. Search by Date: ...
Francisco Sá Carneiro - Biography of Francisco Sá Carneiro

04.Dec.1980 - Oporto - Camarate - Lisbon - Conspiracy theories. ~.

Dependent to a considerable extent on Sá Carneiro's personal ...
Francisco Sá Carneiro - QuickSeek Encyclopedia

19.Jul.1934 Oporto -

04.Dec.1980 Camarate ... Rumours have continued to fuel conspiracy theories that the crash was in fact an ...á_Carneiro
Camarate (2001) Camarate - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, -, Discussion, Taglines, ...

Intriguing conspiracy theory , but feeble drama , 7 November 2001 ...
Conspiracy in the Gulf: Assassination and the October Surprise

Conspiracy in the Gulf.

International plot killed in Camarate.

The tragedy in Camarate * was provoked by arms deal during the Iran-Iraq war.
20050405 2005 afixe : Camarate : comissão de peritos conclui que existiu sabotagem . ... Conspiracy related discusion about MITRE Corporation in the Above Top Secret ...

20041212 2004 Camarate : comissão de peritos conclui que houve sabotagem ... Quem conhece um pouco da história do " acidente " de Camarate sabe perfeitamente que ...
para mim tanto faz Camarate

Divulgação Integral dos Pareceres Periciais e de Peças Elucidativas ... Firewall - Iran - Contra Conspiracy and Cover - up , The ” , Lawrence E . Portugal: inquiry concludes bomb killed Prime Minister Carneiro in ... In his book,

The Crime of Camarate , Sa Fernandez claims the intended victim of the ... “a conspiracy theory run wild” + “the conspiracy that wasn’t”.
John Deuss - Wikipedia

John Christiaan Martinus Augustinus Maria Deuss ( 1942 ) is een Nederlands zakenman. ... John Deuss is betrokken (geweest) bij de volgende bedrijven: ...

Wikipedia:Nieuwe artikelen - Wikipedia ...

Primaire emissie · Bankleitzahl · Verolme Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij · John Deuss ... burgemeester!!partij of stroming |- | - 30 januari [[ 1942 ].

123.Dec.2006 - Weekblad - Hoe er miljarden worden verdiend aan ...

Het leven van de Nederlandse oliemiljardair Jan ( John) Deuss ( 1942 ) zit vol turbulente episodes.

De tegenwoordig in Bermuda woonachtige Deuss begint zijn

AMSTERDAM - Het leven is een mysterie en dat van John Deuss wel in het bijzonder. ... van de

00.000.1942 geboren Jan Christiaan Martinus Augustinus Maria Deuss, ...
Scoop: Norma Sherry: Genocide When British Malaya fell to the Japanese Imperial Forces in February 1942 , ... Media & Finance: John Deuss The Publisher - THE HUSH HUSH nature of the John ...

00.Dec.2006 Charles Mozley (1914-1991): artist, illustrator + graphic designer 4 : Army (Oxford University Press, 1942 ). ...

It came from John Deuss , a Dutch-born entrepreneur, at that time very active in the retail oil business in the ...

Sascha Prive © Thung Mò: Top 10, 2004 feitjes 1 Casablanca ( 1942 ) 2 Gone With the Wind (1939) 3 West Side Story (1961) ... 7

John Deuss , oliehandelaar, vermogen: 0,75 miljard 8 Teunis van Wettum, ...
BIBLIOGRAFIA- A Guerra de Ordenamento Mundial (Robert Kurz)
Hoyng, Hans (2001); Richter und Henker [Juiz e carrasco]; in: Der Spiegel 52/2001. Huntington, Samuel P. (1996): Kampf der Kulturen (The Clash of ...

05.Dec.2006 British Empire - Reference ...

strengthen its military might + as a result ,

extend its territories ,

conquering most parts of India with the massive Indian army it has acquired .
USA Patriotism! ... President Ronald Reagan’s Address On Lebanon ... The physical presence of the marines lends support to both the Lebanese Government and its army. It allows the hard work of diplomacy to go forward.

USA Patriotism! ...

President George Washington's Famous Quotes

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak + esteem to all.

As Mankind becomes more liberal, ...

in der englischen Stadt Leicester ausgegraben wurde.

Fluchtafel: "Dem Gott Magulus übergebe ich den Übeltäter"

Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (3 Bilder) -->

"Dem Gott Magulus übergebe ich den Übeltäter, der den Mantel von Servandus gestohlen hat. Silvester, Riomandus [...] dass er ihn vor dem neunten Tag zerstöre, die Person, die den Mantel von Servandus gestohlen hat."

So lautet die bruchstückhafte Übersetzung der in Latein verfassten Inschrift einem Experten der University of Oxford zufolge. Unter der Fluchformel sind die Namen von 18 oder 19 Verdächtigen aufgelistet.

Aus der Inschrift der gut erhaltenen Fluchtafel lesen Wissenschaftler nicht nur den Fluch, aus der Namensliste nicht nur die beschuldigten Stadtbewohner:

Das handgeschriebene Latein spiegele die Umgangssprache wider, sagte der an der Ausgrabung beteiligte Archäologe Richard Buckley.

Die Namensliste zeige außerdem die kulturellen Verhältnisse in der Stadt, die die Römer im Jahr 50 vor Christus als Militärsiedlung gegründet hatten: Zu Lebzeiten des fluchenden Servandus, im zweiten oder dritten Jahrhundert nach Christus, gab es in Leicester Bewohner mit rein römischen Namen (etwa Silvester und Germanus), aber auch mit keltischen Namen (Riomandus und Cunovendus) sowie römischen Namen, die in keltisch sprechenden Regionen vorkamen (Regalis).
Magulus, der Titel des angeflehten Gotts, ist nach Angaben der Forscher eine keltische Bezeichnung für Prinz.
05.Dec.2006 Volkswagen: Brüsseler Monteure sollen länger arbeiten

05.Dec.2006 Antike Verwünschung: 1700 Jahre alter Fluch ausgegraben
05.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Britische Ermittler beißen in Moskau auf Granit
05.Dec.2006 Rekordtemperaturen: Wärmster Herbst seit 500 Jahren
Türkei- Verhandlungen: Erdogan warnt Merkel vor falschen Entscheidungen
05.Dec.2006 Sizilien: Aschefontänen des Ätna stören Flugverkehr

05.Dec.2006 Bilanz des Rütli- Rektors: "Eine Berliner Hauptschule kann nicht gesund werden - das System ist krank"
05.Dec.2006 Emissionshandel: Tiefensee will Klima- Auflagen für Fluglinien

05.Dec.2006 Mobilfunk: Vodafone rechnet mit einer Halbierung der Preise

05.Dec.2006 Nasa- Plan: Mondbasis soll im Jahr 2024 stehen
05.Dec.2006 Mögliche Vergiftung: Ärzte rätseln über Erkrankung Gaidars
Fall Litwinenko: Britische Ermittler bezichtigen russischen Geheimdienst des Giftmords

05.Dec.2006 Nikotin- Opfer: SPD- Politiker fordert Schock- Bilder auch in Deutschland
05.Dec.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Du Opfer!"
Niederlande: Orden für Uno- Soldaten von Srebrenica
05.Dec.2006 Moskau: Mysteriös erkrankter Gaidar aus Klinik entlassen
05.Dec.2006 Aufschwung: Lohn- Streit entzweit Wirtschaftsweise
05.Dec.2006 Fidschi- Inseln: Putsch im Inselparadies

05.Dec.2006 Vatikan- Besuch: Der Historiker Gottes
05.Dec.2006 Auftragsmorde: Chef von russischer Gasfirma erschossen
Profiling aufgebohrt: Kriminologen wollen Morde vorhersagen
05.Dec.2006 9/11 Pentagon Video – BG -Video Description

This video was just released today.

Shot from "the hotel". As usual, you cannot see an airplane. For full in depth factual analysis on American 77, its Flight Data Recorder (black box) as provided by the NTSB, please visit .
Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/27/2006 | Subject of FBI probe tells of Weldon ties - BG
05.Dec.2006 - Report: N.Korea Offers Uranium to Russia
TOKYO (AP) -- North Korea has offered Russia exclusive rights to its natural uranium deposits in exchange for support at the stalled talks on Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, a newspaper reported Sunday..
05.Dec.2006 Times Of London : Putin Wanted Blair To Gag Poisoned Spy...Death May Ignite Diplomatic Rift...
THE Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has expressed his anger at Britain's failure to gag Alexander Litvinenko in the final hours of his life, the cabinet has been told.
Margaret Beckett, the foreign secretary, told ministers that the Russian government had "taken exception" to the poisoned former spy's deathbed letter accusing the Putin regime of murdering him.

- Tom Daschle Will Not Run For President...
He served as a senator representing South Dakotans in Washington for more than 25 years and has invested more than a year laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign.
Tom Daschle was expected to make a decision about running for president by the end of the year + Saturday, he told KELOLAND News he has decided not to seek the USA' highest office 00.000.2008.
03.Dec.2006 Today's Papers: Rummy's Parting Shot - BG today's papers
Rummy's Parting Shot
By Jesse Stanchak
Posted Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006, at 6:51 AM ET

Everyone's top non-local story is a classified memo from outgoing Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, written just two days before his resignation, in which he admits that U.S. strategy in Iraq is in need of a "major adjustment." Rumsfeld lays out a number of possible plans to turn things around, including decreasing troop levels, setting benchmarks for progress with the Iraqi government, limiting aid to violent parts of the country and putting Iraqi political and religious leaders on the U.S. government payroll to win their loyalty.

The New York Times originally obtained the memo, posting the text on its site. The NYT points out that Rumsfeld is not endorsing any particular alternative + he stresses that some of his suggestions are less desirable or "below the line." The NYT also notes that Rumsfeld's ideas are not particularly new + many of them have been floated by White House critics for some time. The Los Angeles Times calls the memo "rambling" and characterizes the memo as "an admission of failure." The Washington Post questions the timing and significance of the memo's leak, given that it's just a list of options, devoid of real analysis-- and given that Rumsfeld is now on his way out and his opinions are of greatly diminished importance. Which asks a bigger question: why is this front page news? Is it a window into how the White House is thinking now? Is it just a sign of how much the political tide has shifted? Is it a victory dance of sorts-- the satisfaction of seeing a man known for his inflexibility admitting there may be better courses of action? Or maybe it's just the irony of Rumsfeld admitting that something had to change, just two days before that something turned out to be him. To continue reading, click here.
05.Dec.2006 The Progressive Review: Where we are headed in the next 10 years.... (from 1997) - BG
05.Dec.2006 Pajamas Media: STAR WARS REDUX: Democrats to Gut Missile Defense / Bush to Announce "Orbital Battle Station" - BG 
Pajamas Media has learned that the Bush administration is going to ask Congress for funding to begin development of an "orbital battle station" that will be able to attack enemy missiles in their vulnerable boost phase.

05.Dec.2006 Peter Lance's Flawed Triple Cross - BG 
Blogger Thoughts: Larry Johnson fails to touch on the true nature of 9/11 and the true errors of Peter Lance
by Larry C Johnson I believe that Peter Lance's new book, TRIPLE CROSS, is a flawed and inaccurate piece of investigative reporting. Not the kind of work one would expect from a five time Emmy award winning reporter. I write this not out of animus towards Peter Lance. I reached this conclusion based on evidence I have that flatly contradicts several of Lance's claims. Let's start with a minor issue. Peter Lance presents inaccurate and misleading information about me on page 384 of his book. Lance writes: He [Johnson] then compounded that mistaken assessment five weeks later with a Times Op-Ed piece entitled "The Declining Terrorist Threat," describing al Qaeda as a "a loose amalgam of people with a shared ideology, but a very limited direction."[vi] ... Source:

05.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld's Shocking Memo; Over 100 Dead in Sectar... - BG 
Over 100 Dead in Sectarian Violence The NYT has gotten hold of a memo by Donald Rumsfeld detailing options on Iraq. Several things struck me about it: 1. Rumsfeld doesn't understand the magnitude of the crisis or the tightrope the US is walking in the Gulf. His attitude is almost lackadaisical. Doing an all right job, but it isn't working fast enough or well enough. So maybe make some changes-- apparently any old changes will do because there are infinite lives to play with and infinite monies to spend. 2. Rumsfeld spends more time plotting out how to manipulate the American public than how to win the war. Everything is about spin, about giving the image of progress even in the face of a rapid downward spiral into the abyss. Consider these p... Source:

05.Dec.2006 Corporate Media Uses Fuzzy Math to Minimize Size of Lebanese Demonstrations - BG 
As usual, here in America, the corporate media has a problem counting. "A siege on Lebanon's American-backed government continued Saturday with tens of thousands of demonstrators sympathetic to the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah militia and its allies packing downtown Beirut and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and his cabinet," reports the Mercury News. Meanwhile, closer to the "siege," actually a widespread call for the neolib sponsored government of free trader (or free plundering by international financiers) Siniora to step aside, the counting is a bit more realistic. "Hundreds of thousands of opposition protesters crammed into the heart of Beirut Friday and besieged the headquarters of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's government... Source:

05.Dec.2006 CNN - Earth's radiation belts a hazard to satellites, astronauts - December 8, 1998 - BG
05.Dec.2006 WTC 7 - BG Tags: 911, WTC 7, 9/11
05.Dec.2006 Freedom (to rape) may no longer be "on the March" in Pakistan - BG Update: (

02.Dec.2006 uh-oh -------------- Pakistan makes changes to rape law
05.Dec.2006 ABOUT THOSE IMAMS By RICHARD MINITER - New York Post Online Edition: Seven - BG "It was almost as if they were intentionally trying to get kicked off the flight," Pauline said.

05.Dec.2006 The Cost of Complacency, America's Favorite Pastime - BG Source:
05.Dec.2006 Edward Said: The Myth of the "Clash of Civilizations" - BG 
(Remember, it's pronounced "Sayeed" not the past tense of the verb "to say.") ... Source:

05.Dec.2006 Twists and Turns: Who Owns Sequoia? - BG Contributed by

Robert A. Wilson, Chairperson, Suburban Cook County Chapter, Illinois Ballot Integrity Project Chicago and Cook County recently signed a $50.2 Million contract with Sequoia Voting Systems. This sum is more than double the amount Venezuelan interests paid to acquire British-based De La Rue Cash Systems' 85% interest in Sequoia Voting Systems. Why buy the product when for less money you could buy the whole company? De La Rue, PLC, the world 's largest commercial security printer and papermaker, as well as a significant gambling enterprise, sold their interest in Sequoia at a loss, having acquired the company fom Ireland-based Jefferson Smurfit Group PLC, a paper and packaging company, for more than $23 million 00.000.2002, in a deal that could have been worth as much ... Source:
05.Dec.2006 Another billionaire Saudi middleman - BG 
Another billionaire Saudi middleman was named last night in the Serious Fraud Office's controversial Saudi arms deal inquiry, according to potential witnesses. The SFO is seeking information about any Swiss bank accounts belonging to Mohammad Safadi, a Lebanese politician who has acted for relatives of Prince Sultan, crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Mr Safadi would not comment last night at his office in Beirut, where he holds the office of public works minister and also controls the Safadi Group. His property firms have received contracts from the British arms company BAE and have interests in office blocks in London worth £120m. ...

01.Dec.2006 Tikun Olam-???? ????: Make the World a Better Place Aipac Favors Gutting Proposed Democratic Congressional Ethics Reforms 1:36 am · Filed under Mideast Peace, Politics & Society

Say what, you say. Why would Aipac have anything to say about Congressional ethics legislation?

First, let's explain that the Democrats took control of Congress on the strength of (among other things) a promise to overhaul Congressional ethics and limit the power of lobbyists. Among the proposed reforms are ones that would disallow Congressional junkets.

Let The Forward explain it all to you:

All-expense-paid tours to Israel are among the most common overseas trips made by members of Congress and their aides. Watchdog groups, using data from congressional filings, have reported that Israel is the leading destination for privately sponsored congressional trips.

00.000.2000-00.000.2005 -In the years- 164 of the 1,922 overseas congressional visits were to Israel.

In the past year, 62 Congress members and staffers visited Israel on trips funded by pro-Israel and Jewish groups.

Most of the junkets are sponsored by the main pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee , through its sister organization, the American Israel Education Foundation. The foundation is the second-largest sponsor of overseas trips.

Other Jewish groups sending lawmakers and their aides to Israel include United Jewish Communities, the national association of federated Jewish philanthropies.

American Radioworks has compiled data on 215 trips sponsored by AIEF at a total cost of $1.3-million. This was the third largest-expenditure among all sponsors of such junkets. At this site, you can see who Aipac feted in Israel and how much it cost us.

Aipac is protesting against the reforms under the guise that their junkets are "educational" trips that inform legislators in a supposedly balanced way about the Israeli-Arab conflict:

Jewish groups are now lobbying Congress to make sure that educational trips, such as those to Israel, be allowed to continue even under the new restrictions being considered. " Trips to Israel sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) have long been considered among the most substantive, educational and valuable trips available for members of Congress ," Aipac spokesman Josh Block said. " While in Israel, members have the opportunity to meet with both Israeli and Palestinian officials, academics, journalists, elected officials, hearing from speakers representing diverse views across the political spectrum + get a personal, firsthand view of issues of great importance to American policy in the Middle East."

I have reviewed the itinerary of a Democratic junket hosted by the National Jewish Democratic Coalition and the AJC.

What tour participants wrote about their experiences there indicate that they went through their visit wearing rose colored glasses. Here's Howard Dean:
05.Dec.2006 House Democrats will be under enormous pressure not only from Aipac, but from every other lobbying interest, not to do away with Congressional junkets. Even House members in their heart of hearts probably want to retain them. We'll see how much spine the newly majority Democrats have and just how much residual power Aipac has retained, when we find out what the reform legislation will look like.

My bet is on a reversion to form–Aipac wins, the taxpayer loses.

I asked a former Aipac staffer (who shall remain nameless since he still works in this milieu) who knows their junket trips inside and out about his "take" on them. Clearly this individual no longer holds Aipac in high regard.

But this is what he had to say after reading this post:

You have it exactly right. These AIPAC trips are the grownup version of Birthright. All propaganda, all the time. Hat tip to TPM.
05.Dec.2006 Sister_Toldjah, Promises_made, promises_broken_a retrospective on Pelosi’s 9-11 Commission promises - BG
05.Dec.2006 Hadley Ducks Question Over Whether Rumsfeld Suggestion Is ‘Cutting And Running’ - Nico 

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, host Tim Russert pointed out that Donald Rumsfeld’s recent memo on Iraq suggested a strategy of partial withdrawal. Russert asked National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley why, when others had raised this idea in the past, “they were accused by your White House of cutting and running.”

Hadley told Russert “maybe you misunderstand what the memo was about,” and downplayed Rumsfeld’s suggestion. Hadley claimed the memo was simply an effort by Rumsfeld to “broaden the debate,” and was “not a game plan or an effort to set out the way forward in Iraq.” Watch it:

Hadley is spinning. Rumsfeld’s memo is entitled, “Iraq — Illustrative New Courses of Action.” In it,

Rumsfeld says “it is time for a major adjustment” and suggests a number of options that “could” or “should be done,” and partial withdraw is one of them. Hadley and the White House just don’t want to acknowledge that things have gotten so bad in Iraq that even Donald Rumsfeld is considering withdrawal.

Full transcript:

RUSSERT: One of the things that Donald Rumsfeld suggested was redeployment, taking U.S. troops out of Iraq, put them into Kuwait, surrounding areas. When the Democrats suggested that, they were accused by your White House of cutting and running.

HADLEY: I think that maybe you misunderstand what the memo was about. The President, as you know, before that day had called for a review of where we were heading in our approach forward in Iraq. It drew on work that had been started in a number of agencies in the government + one of the things that the President said is. I want to look at new ideas. I want to have an open door to ideas and one thing that the Rumsfeld memo list represented was a laundry list of ideas that he considered, some he put above the line and some were below the line and it was to broaden the debate. It was a useful memo. This was not a game plan or an effort to set out the way forward in Iraq.
Louisiana’s largest commercial insurance provider - Nico 

“plans to cancel all its commercial property policies in the New Orleans area next year,” citing the slow reconstruction of the levee system. A leading economic development official said the decision has sent a “shock wave through the business community,” which “cannot exist” without insurance. First-Draft called it “disastrous to the recovery of New Orleans.” More at FireDogLake.
05.Dec.2006 Lieberman: Talking To Iran And Syria Is Like The ‘Local Fire Dept Asking Arsonists To Help’ - Amanda 

Today on CBS Face the Nation, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) argued that direct talks with Syria and Iran won’t work and compared it to “your local fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire. These people are flaming the fire.

They are the extremists.” Watch it:

As Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) pointed out moments later, Lieberman is missing the point. Iran and Syria will “respond in their own self-interest,” Hagel noted, pointing to Iran’s efforts to aid U.S. goals in Afghanistan 00.000.2002. U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Secretaries of State Colin Powell and James Baker have all criticized the Bush administration’s unwillingness to talk with Iran and Syria + the Iraq Study Group’s proposal next week will likely recommend direct talks with Iran and Syria. Digg It! Transcript:

LIEBERMAN: I believe that America is a mighty enough nation that we should never fear to talk to anyone. But anyone who believes that Iran and Syria really want to help us to succeed in Iraq, I just is missing the reality. Asking Iran and Syria to help us succeed in Iraq is like your local fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire. These people are flaming the fire. They are the extremists. They are supporting terrorists in Iraq, in Lebanon and of course in the Palestinian areas.

SCHIEFFER: Senator Hagel is shaking his head.

HAGEL: That’s not the point. Of course the Iranians and Syrians are not going to come to our assistance. Of course not. But they are going to respond in their own self-interest. All nations respond in their own self-interests. Tallyrand once said that nations don’t have friends. They have interests. He was right.

It’s not in the interest of Syria or Jordan or Iran to have a failed state that would be a complete mess for the middle east.

Why did the Iranians help us in Afghanistan? Why did they cooperate with us in Afghanistan on intelligence matters and other issues? Because they didn’t want a failed state next to them which comes with all the problems. They didn’t want heroin moving into their borders. What we’re not getting here, is we’re not getting a full and comprehensive wide-lens appreciation of interests.
WSJ Editor on Bush’s Iraq Strategy: ‘I Don’t Think He Has To Adjust’ - Judd 

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot brushed aside notions that the deteriorating situation in Iraq warranted a change in strategy from President Bush. Gigot said, “I don’t think he has to adjust” or “announce some new grand strategy.”

The key to success in Iraq, according to Gigot, is for the President to show “resolve” and wrap “his arms around [Iraqi Prime Minister] Maliki.” Watch it:

Gigot, one of the primary media cheerleaders for the war in Iraq, finds himself increasingly isolated.

Even outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged in a recent memo that “it is time for a major adjustment” of U.S. policy in Iraq. Transcript:

WALLACE: I mean, let me ask you about that, Paul, because I mean, the fact is even Rumsfeld, who we thought of as being one of the stronger advocates of stay the course, is now on record as saying we’ve got to do something, we need a major adjustment.

You’ve got the Iraq study group. You’ve got the election, which certainly sent a message.

The public — and we saw this from Lindsey Graham, Republican, as well as Joe Biden, Democrat — is losing patience with the way forward in Iraq.

At least by the State of the Union next month, doesn’t the president have to announce some major change — I’m not sure what direction, but doesn’t he have to announce a major change in policy?

GIGOT: I don’t think he has to adjust — announce a major change. He has to announce that we need to work with Maliki, we need to keep working hard to get the American commitment, not pulling out.

I think the big problem with the Baker report is that it sent a message that we are going to consider precipitous withdrawal + I think that’s undermined Maliki.

It’s undermined the confidence that he has in our staying power.

I think the president’s — unlike Juan, I think the president’s commitment of resolve this week in saying — wrapping his arms around Maliki + saying we’re going to be there with you is very important,

because that’s the only way that we can, I think, get him to make the very difficult decisions that he has to make, whether it be taking on the insurgency or disarming the Shiite militias.

So I don’t think he has to announce some new grand strategy. The details in the Baker report suggest that there is no new grand strategy to be had. If there were some Hail Mary pass, some great ideas to be had, somebody would have thought of them before. Those ideas just don’t exist + that’s why this is incremental.
Lieberman Endorses Escalation In Iraq, Surprised Rumsfeld Didn’t Suggest It In Memo - Nico 

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said it was “surprising” that “the one thing [Donald Rumsfeld’s memo] doesn’t raise as a possibility is to increase the number of our troops.” Lieberman claimed the failure to send more Americans “may well be a critical part of the problems that we’ve been having lately.” He also endorsed embedding more Americans in the Iraqi security forces and sending more troops to the borders of Iran and Syria, both of which he claimed “require more personnel on the ground in Iraq.” Watch it:

Less than a month ago, Lieberman was significantly less committed to escalation in Iraq, saying only that “I think we have to be open to that as a way to succeed.”

In October, while campaigning for his Senate seat, Lieberman said, “No one wants to end the war in Iraq more than I do.Digg It! Full transcript:

LIEBERMAN: The Rumsfeld memo itself is in many ways surprising. He raises possibilities of doing things such as redeploying our troops which he has always said that he was against. I must say, Bob, that the one thing he doesn’t raise as a possibility is to increase the number of our troops there even though there’s very broad criticism of Rumsfeld for having had too few American troops in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was overthrown. That may well be a critical part of the problems that we’ve been having lately. Incidentally, finally he makes a few suggestions such as embedding more Americans in Iraqi security forces which most people now think is a good idea and having more Americans on the border with Iran and Syria to stop the terrorists from coming in. You know, our military has been asking for that for years. They didn’t get it. Both of those require more personnel on the ground in Iraq.
‘Lamest of lame-duck sessions.’ - Amanda 

“Contrary to popular belief, members of Congress are human beings. … We’re tired,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), trying to excuse the 109th Congress’s lameness. As the Washington Post noted today, “Rather than a final surge of legislative activity, Congress will probably wrap up things after a single, short week of work.”
05.Dec.2006 Worst. President. Ever. - Nico 

Eric Foner, professor of history at Columbia University, in the Washington Post: “Historians are loath to predict the future. It is impossible to say with certainty how Bush will be ranked in, say, 2050.

But somehow, in his first six years in office he has managed to combine the lapses of leadership, misguided policies and abuse of power of his failed predecessors.

I think there is no alternative but to rank him as the worst president in U.S. history.”
05.Dec.2006 “Not working well.” - Judd -- Donald Rumsfeld, describing his Iraq strategy in a classified memo written two days before he resigned. Rumsfeld added, “In my view it is time for a major adjustment.”

Read the full text of the memo HERE.
05.Dec.2006 Rice Admits Mistakes Were Made In Iraq, Won’t Say What They Were Until Bush Leaves Office - Judd 

In an interview yesterday on Al Arabiya TV, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked if the Bush administration has made any mistakes in Iraq. Here was Rice’s response:

SECRETARY RICE: …As to whether the USA has made mistakes, of course, I’m sure, we have. You can’t be involved in something as big as the liberation of a country like Iraq and all that has happened since + I’m sure there are things that we could have done differently; but frankly, we are looking ahead. And when I’m back at Stanford University, I can look back and write books about what we might have done differently.

In other words, Rice realizes that — as bad as things are in Iraq — the Bush administration must have made mistakes. But she refuses to think about them until she leaves office.

The problem with this approach is the there are 140,000 troops in Iraq right now.

There is an imperative to identify and correct mistakes in our strategy. Instead, Condoleezza Rice + President Bush are staying the course.
05.Dec.2006 “There are two kinds of terrorism in the US: - Amanda 
the external kind; and, internally, the IGs have terrorized the Regional Administrators,” said Lurita Alexis Doan, head of the General Services Administration, who is trying to “limit the ability of the agency’s inspector general to audit contracts for fraud or waste.”
02.Dec.2006 December 2, 2006 - Think Progress 

“ Opium production in Afghanistan , which provides more than 90 % of the world’s heroin, broke all records 00.000.2006.” A new World Bank report estimates that eradication will take decades.

“State Department and National Security Council officials said they do not expect any major policy shifts to emerge from either a White House review or the bipartisan panel” and the White House “has notified allies that it will not budge on certain aspects of Iraq policy .”

Stephen Cambone , the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, will resign at the end of the year. Cambone was part of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s original team, with few qualifications other than a “fierce loyalty to Donald Rumsfeld and an unshakeable right wing ideology.”

In an attempt to “get a few things done on the way out the door and show people that…we really can govern,” the lame-duck House next week will vote on a bill to open up the Gulf Coast to offshore drilling .

44 % : Increase in Iraqi civilian deaths in November.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry has taken a lesson from the Bush administration and “is forming a special unit to monitor news coverage .” It also plans to “take legal action against journalists who don’t correct stories the ministry feels are incorrect.”

“The Supreme Court confronts whether race can be used in deciding where students to go to school on Monday, testing the willingness of President George W. Bush’s two newest court appointees to overturn programs to foster racial diversity .”

And finally: Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D), “a total Seinfeld fan,” was so “deflated” by Michael Richards’s (”Kramer”) recent racial tirade that he is boycotting everything Seinfeld. “I’m not going to watch a show with a guy who’s so openly racist. I’m not celebrating Festivus this year , I’m afraid, because of Michael Richards.”
05.Dec.2006 Madagascar elects new president -Madagascar counts votes from its first presidential poll since a 2001 election that brought the island to the brink of civil war.
05.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld urged Iraq tactics shift -Donald Rumsfeld urged major changes to US Iraq strategy two days before quitting as defence chief, a memo shows.
Virgin Atlantic move to save fuel Virgin Atlantic is to tow planes to take-off areas in a move designed to cut carbon dioxide output.
05.Dec.2006 Dead spy's contact doing 'well' A contact of Alexander Litvinenko who tested positive for a radioactive substance is doing well, doctors say.
05.Dec.2006 Winter storm strikes central US Driving snow leaves half a million people without power as a winter storm hit the central USA.
05.Dec.2006 Hitler Ad Deemed Inoffensive An anti-ID-card advertisement that compares British Prime Minister Tony Blair to the leader of the Third Reich gets a free pass from the Advertising Standards Authority.
05.Dec.2006 Greenhouse Ruling Won't Matter
The auto industry waits for the Supreme Court to decide whether the EPA should limit greenhouse gases. While the ruling is critical in the long run, it won't affect vehicle development for years to come. In Autopia.

05.Dec.2006 IRS taxation of online game virtual assets inevitable A series of tax law experts weigh in on whether the transfer of virtual goods in online games is taxable.
05.Dec.2006 Robot doubles as PC White Box Robotics uses off-the-shelf PC parts to build mobile robots that look a bit like R2D2.
05.Dec.2006 Organic Matter Found In Canadian Meteorite - kdawson 90
eldavojohn writes,

"From what sounds like the opening of an X-Files episode, Canadian scientists have reportedly found in a meteorite organic matter older than the sun at Tagish Lake in Canada. From the article: '"We mean that the material in the meteorite has been processed the least since it was formed. The material we see today is arguably the most representative of the material that first went into making up the solar system." The meteorite likely formed in the outer reaches of the asteroid belt, but the organic material it contains probably had a far more distant origin. The globules could have originated in the Kuiper Belt group of icy planetary remnants orbiting beyond Neptune. Or they could have been created even farther afield. The globules appear to be similar to the kinds of icy grains found in molecular clouds — the vast, low-density regions where stars collapse and form and new solar systems are born.'

The article implies that life could potentially survive in these meteorites and maybe even travel through space — supporting the theory that life may have arrived on earth + evolved from that point on."
Clinton Prosecutor Now Targeting Free Speech - kdawson 419 - Virchull tells us about

a case the Supreme Court has agreed to hear, in which former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr will take the side of an Alaska school board against a student who displayed a rude banner off school property. The banner read "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" and it got the student suspended. He and his parents sued the school board for violating his First Amendment rights. The case is nuanced: while the student did not display the banner on school property, he did do so during a school function. Starr is said to be arguing the case for free.
Air Force Jams Garage Doors - kdawson 275 - SonicSpike points us to a Chicago Tribune article reporting that

in Colorado the Air Force is jamming garage doors. In a joint U.S.-Canadian operation, they were testing communications on a frequency that would be used by first responders in the event of a threat to homeland security. From the article: "But the frequency also controls an estimated 50 million garage door openers + hundreds of residents in the area found that theirs had suddenly stopped working... Technically, the Air Force has the right to the frequency, which it began using nearly three years ago at some bases. Signals have previously interfered with garage doors near bases in Florida, Maryland + Pennsylvania."
Citigroup Plans Thumbprint ATMs For India's Poor - kdawson 111+ - Brad Lucier points out a Financial Times report (carried by MSN Money) that

Citigroup is rolling out a network of biometric ATMs aimed at illiterate Indian slum dwellers. From the article: "The machines will recognize account holders' thumbprints, eliminating the need for a personal identification number + will have color-coded screen instructions and voiceovers to help guide them through transactions... Though India's population exceeds 1 billion, Citigroup estimates that there are only about 300 million bank accounts in the country... 'It's not a philanthropic exercise,' [PS Jayakumar, a Citigroup business manager in India] said. 'For it to be sustainable, we should break even and make a little bit of money.'"
UK Lab Traces Polonium To Russian Nuclear Plant - kdawson -reporter writes

"British authorities had identified polonium 210 to be the radioactive poison that killed Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy who defected to Great Britain. Now, according to a disturbing report, the authorities have identified the source of the poison to be Russia. Bloomberg ominously reports, 'Scientists at the U.K.'s Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, west of London, have traced the polonium 210 found in London to a nuclear power plant in Russia, the capital's Evening Standard newspaper reported today. Officials at the establishment didn't return calls.' A cold chill just fell on relations between Russia and the West." In another twist to this developing story, the shadowy Italian security consultant who dined with Litvinenko has also fallen ill with radiation poisoning.
Ten Best, Worst + Craziest Uses of RFID - CowboyNeal 64+ - 

"This top 10 rounds up what it calls 'the best, worst and craziest' uses of RFID out there — including chipped kids at Legoland, smart pub tables that let you order drinks, smartcards for sports fans + chipped airline passengers. The craziest use of the tech surely has to be RFID chips for Marks & Spencer suits — you couldn't pay most people to wear one of them."
FBI Taps Cell Phone Microphones in Mafia Case - Zonk 167+ - cnet-declan writes

"We already knew the FBI can secretly listen in to car conversations by activating microphones of systems like OnStar. A new Mafia court case suggests that the FBI can do the same thing to cell phones. The judge's opinion and some background information [pdf] are available for reading online. The most disturbing thing? According to the judge, the bug worked even if the phone appeared to be 'powered off.' Anyone up for an open-source handset already?" From the article: "This week, Judge Kaplan in the southern district of New York concluded that the 'roving bugs' were legally permitted to capture hundreds of hours of conversations because the FBI had obtained a court order and alternatives probably wouldn't work. The FBI's 'applications made a sufficient case for electronic surveillance,' Kaplan wrote. 'They indicated that alternative methods of investigation either had failed or were unlikely to produce results, in part because the subjects deliberately avoided government surveillance.'"
Nike+ iPod Used For Surveillance - Zonk 59+ - Thib writes

"Researchers at the University of Washington have published a report detailing many easy and cheap ways the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit previously discussed on Slashdot can be used to track individuals, even when they are not carrying their iPod. They have even implemented a Google Maps application to display surveillance data in real time." From the article: "'Our research also shows that there exist simple cryptographic techniques that the Nike+iPod Sport Kit designers could have used to improve the privacy-preserving properties of the Nike+iPod kit,' the group reports. 'Our work underscores the need for a broad public discussion about and further research on the privacy-preserving properties of new wireless personal gadgets,' the group reports. 'We stress, however, that there is no evidence that Apple or Nike intended for these devices to be used in any malicious manner. Additionally, neither Apple nor Nike endorsed this study.'"
Opening Statements Begin in Microsoft - Iowa Case - Zonk 203+ - cc writes

"The Des Moines Register is reporting that opening statements have begun in the Microsoft-Iowa antitrust case. The Register reports that the Plaintiffs have shaped their case around nine stories involving competitors from IBM to Linux. Microsoft attorneys say Gates is expected to testify in January + company CEO Steve Ballmer will likely appear in February. Both men are expected to be on the stand for about four days. Unlike previous antitrust cases against the software giant, the Iowa case is seeking additional damages for security vulnerabilities. Plaintiffs allege that Microsoft's bundling of IE with Windows caused harm to consumers by increasing the consumer's susceptibility to security breaches and bugs. The case is one of the largest antitrust cases in history, encompassing millions of documents and Microsoft's business practices during the last 20 years."
Exposed: The House of Death -By David Rose
When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top.
Continue .

04.Dec.2006 Plunging $ will set world markets reeling -By Heather Stewart, economics correspondent
Wall Street is now betting that Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke will slash interest rates to stave off a recession. The $ ended the week at $1.98 against the pound + $1.32 to the euro, but analysts say there is further weakness to come. 'I think the $'s going to hell in a handbag,' said David Bloom, currency strategist at HSBC. '

04.Dec.2006 Democrats Who Opposed War Move Into Key Positions
BuzzFlash's First X-Rated Bush Fridge Magnet: "With All Due Respect, Mr. President"
Bush Taking his Sweet Time to Change Iraq Plan, Totally Oblivious that People are Dying While he Waits -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Is George W. Bush the Worst President Ever?

04.Dec.2006 Faced With Senate Defeat, John Bolton Bolts the U.N. and Resigns 12/4
Krugman: How do you ask a man or woman to be the last to die for a bully's ego? 11/4
Dave Lindorff: Fighting the Iraq War at Home - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

04.Dec.2006 This holiday season, put only the finest Fair Trade chocolates and candy in your stockings. Improve the wages of workers and help BuzzFlash grow in the process.
Dr. Steven Jonas: The BushGuide to Defining Victory in Iraq, II

04.Dec.2006 Peter Rost: Clueless Pfizer Executives - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
04.Dec.2006 My mind keeps returning to Rummy's parting words to Bush:

"And I know, with certainty, that over time the contributions you've made will be recorded by history."
That must be the wittiest comment ever uttered by any member of Team Bush.

It reminds me of the scene when Scarlet donates her wedding ring to The Cause and Rhett quips: "I know just how much that meant to you." Permalink
04.Dec.2006 The Iraq debacle has offered few words more haunting than these:

This is not coming from this building.

That came from somewhere else.

Let those two sentences resound in your noggin.

Plumb their deepest possible meaning.

And then ask yourself whether administration scapegoat Rumsfeld is the party responsible for those damaging leaks. Permalink
04.Dec.2006 Rummy: Revenge of the goat...? Bare hours after I offered the suggestion that Rumsfeld might try to bring down Bush, Steve Young of the Huffington Post heads in the same direction. That's the great drawback of an administration held together by the principle of universal blackmail: Everyone has something on somebody else. When one player is "axed" to leave, watch out .
04.Dec.2006 Recall that Lt. General Jay Garner had originally envisioned a brief occupation, lasting just long enough for an orderly return of sovereignty to the Iraqis. After about a month, the administration fired him for his competence. Radical de-Baathification became policy as Garner handed his job over to Paul Bremer.
The question of "Who lost Iraq?" thus comes down to the question of "Who made that stupid decision?" True, one can argue that the war was lost the moment Bush said "Go" -- but the occupation became a lost cause with de-Baathification.
So who dunnit?
According to Bob Woodward's State of Denial, Bremer had received the command directly from Douglas Feith, Rumsfeld's policy chief. Garner got on the phone and spoke to Feith's boss, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. "This is not coming from this building," he replied. "That came from somewhere else."
Garner presumed that meant the White House, NSC or Cheney. According to other participants, however, the de-Baathification order was purely a Pentagon creation. Telling Garner it came from somewhere else, though, had the advantage for Rumsfeld of ending the argument. By "this building," Rumsfeld meant, of course, the Pentagon. Was he lying? Did he simply want a quick end to the argument? Did he try to shift blame for reasons of bureaucratic jui-jitsu? Or did the order really come from outside?
Perhaps someone worked in the Pentagon but not for the Pentagon.

Litwinenko- Affäre: Russische Agentenveteranen weisen Verdacht zurück
04.Dec.2006 Mitarbeiterbeteiligung: Arbeitgeber plädieren für Investivlohn
04.Dec.2006 Britische Nuklear- Streitmacht: Blair überrascht mit Plänen für neues Atomwaffenarsenal
04.Dec.2006 Here Are Your Heroic Search Results 911 Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy Theory Movie, Tax Conspiracy, Illuminati All Conspiracy No Theory, CIA Conspiracy, Expose Illuminati Conspiracy, ...
Re: Don't just stand there - attack dammit. Re:

Don't just stand there - attack dammit Tuesday,

19.Dec.2000 20:36:19. writes:. Dear Sir: I mean you no disrespect, but, you are either ...
[IMC-Editorial] Are George Bush Jr. and Sr. Pedophiles?

Are George Bush Jr. + Sr. Pedophiles? L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander alexanderlaw at Tue Dec 5 21:37:44 PST 2000 ...
[IMC-Editorial] Why isn't the media reporting this to the public. [IMC-Editorial] Why isn't the media reporting this to the public.

Larry McAlexander vocnas at Sun Nov 12 22:42:20 PST 2000 ...
CBG - Propaganda

A Social History of Spin" recherchierte + nach den Anfängen der Massenmanipulation suchte, vertiefte er sich in Bernays ' Bücher. Sie hießen " Propaganda " ...
Forum - Dance Out WEF :: View topic - zu "Propaganda" von Edward L ... aus " Propaganda " von Edward Bernays ...

Erschienen ist es bereits 1928 und der Einfluss auf unsere heutige wirtschaftliches Handeln ist sehr ... viewtopic.php?t=9&sid=785f8f3f5eb01e00b71fb41cace428b6
Forum - Dance Out WEF :: View topic - zu "Propaganda" von Edward L ... aus " Propaganda " von Edward Bernays .

"Wasser wird weltweit immer knapper, ... Erschienen ist es bereits

00000.1928 und der Einfluss auf unsere heutige
1 Dateiformat: Microsoft Word - HTML-Version
Jh. S. 132: Edward L. Bernays : Massenpsychologie und Public Relations ... S. 357:

Löffelholz: 50% der Journalisten schreiben Pr sehr geringen Einfluss zu ...
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit - Wikipedia

00.000.1933-00.000.1945 -In der NS-Zeit- steht Pressearbeit unter großem Einfluss bzw. Vorbehalt der politischen Propaganda .

00.000.1945-00000l1958 -In der BRD setzt nach der ...Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Propaganda - Wikipedia Ein Standardwerk ist „ Propaganda ” des Amerikaners Edward Bernays , der auch Mitglied ... Berichterstattung auf das politische Geschehen Einfluss zu nehmen, ...
Gruene Ortsverband Lauffen - Meister der verdrehten Worte: die PR ...

Statt Propaganda aufzudecken , sind Medien der Kanal für Propaganda geworden " , sagt John ... PR Watch und Autor mehrerer Bücher über den Einfluss von PR.
ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change

Und unser Botschafter fügte noch hinzu, durch unseren Einfluß seien "so revolutionäre ... So hebt Bernays an, um dann fortzufahren, zur Erfüllung dieser ...
ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change Aber davor bedeutete " Propaganda " nichts weiter als so etwas wie "Information".

00.000.1925 kam also Bernays ' Buch Propaganda heraus + gleich zu Anfang heißt es ...
Meister der Verdrehung - HTML-Version
Sie Propaganda dehnen.

Oft ist das dann. nicht mehr PR.

Propaganda macht jemand, der die Leute irreführen will. SPIEGEL:. Edward Bernays , der als „Vater ...$file/Verdrehung.pdf
Dnevna Mladina - Stevan Stefanovic obtožen mucenja iraških zapornikov Že nekaj dni po napadu Al Kaide 11.septembra na New York se je preselil nazaj v ZDA . Zaposlil se je v firmi CACI , ki je imela sporazum za delo z ameriško ...
The Peace Table: 02/13/2005 - 02/19/2005 Both Titan and CACI have repeatedly denied allegations that their ... is " another piece of the puzzle , " and could strengthen the legal team ’ s case . ...

Consul-At-Arms: 2005-11-20 A PARIS criminal court agreed yesterday to hear a case involving two Americans in connection with the theft of an original copy of the 1814 treaty in which ...

20060802 Bernays war 98 Jahre alt + hatte sein Haus voller Erinnerungsbilder , die ihn mit ... Statt Propaganda aufzudecken , sind Medien der Kanal für Propaganda ...
20060111 Wie der " Independent " berichtet , versucht Medien - Mogul Rupert Murdoch , massiv darauf Einfluss zu nehmen , worüber sich seine Kunden austauschen .
Hintergrund: CERN Wissenschaft. ..., Hirnforschung und Willensfreihei . Zu . . . Christian Geyer., Tausend und eine Macht . Marketing und... Werner T.
Spin Doctor Google Toolbar Button Edward Bernays , ein Neffe Sigmund Freuds , gilt als erster ... Ab 1980 - Der Einfluss der Spin - Doktoren vergrößert sich ernorm : Jean - Luc Aubert ...
Public Relations Google Toolbar Button 1933 - 1945 : In der NS - Zeit steht Pressearbeit unter großem Einfluß bzw . Vorbehalt der politischen Propaganda . * 1945 - 1958 : In der BRD setzt nach ...
Die Medienanalyse von Edward S. Herman und Noam Chomsky und ihre ... - HTML-Version
entdeckten Werkzeug der Propaganda eine „Revolution” in der „praktischen ... Edward Bernays , einer der Väter der modernen Public Relations Industrie, ...
Einführung in die PR-Arbeit: Begriffsgeschichte Public Relations ... Bernays bringt Ansätze der angewandten Psychoanalyse in die PR ein . ... Nach 1945 : Einfluss der ( amerikanischen ) Besatzungsmächte nach der ... - SAUL OF TARSUS

As a matter of fact , only the Jewish propaganda work along the Mediterranean ...

"Das Antike Mysterienwesen in Seinem Einfluss auf das Christenthum ," 1894 ...


Eine Karl Ludwig Bernays -Biographie. Mit einer Genealogie der Familie Bernays vM ...

Die Propaganda der Mittelmachte und ihrer Gegner in Italien wahrend des ...
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit - Bedeutung, Definition, Erklärung

1933-1945: In der NS-Zeit steht Pressearbeit unter großem Einfluß bzw. Vorbehalt der politischen Propaganda .

1945-1958: In der BRD setzt nach der
Willkommen im Raubtierland Amerika.

Nirgendwo sonst auf der Welt leben so viele Tiger wie in den USA.

Schätzungen reichen von 10.000 bis 15.000 Exemplaren - in freier Wildbahn gibt es weltweit, nach Meinung der Experten, maximal noch 7000 Tiere.
Bolton- Rücktritt: Bye- bye, Betonköpfe
Britische Militärpläne: Blair will neue Atom- U-Boote für 30 Milliarden Euro
04.Dec.2006 Holocaust- Forschung: FU Berlin bekommt riesiges Video- Archiv
04.Dec.2006 Pfizer- Aktien: 28 Milliarden $ an Börse vernichtet
04.Dec.2006 Venezuela: Warum Chávez kein neuer Castro ist
Islamismus: Fahnder durchsuchen ab Januar das Internet

04.Dec.2006 Maritime Konferenz: Merkel verspricht Milliarden für Hafenausbau
04.Dec.2006 München: Schüler sollen 14- Jährige missbraucht haben
04.Dec.2006 Terrorabwehr: Fromm verteidigt Nutzung von Folter- Informationen

04.Dec.2006 Gefährliche Nebenwirkungen: Warnung vor Schlankmachern aus China
04.Dec.2006 Uno- Botschafter: Bush- Vertrauter Bolton gibt auf
04.Dec.2006 Tiger als Haustiere: "Eindringlinge werden gefressen"
04.Dec.2006 Muslimisches Begräbnis: Litwinenko konvertierte auf Sterbebett zum Islam

04.Dec.2006 Öl- und Gasförderung: Bush will an Alaskas Westküste bohren lassen
04.Dec.2006 Milliarden- Deal: Bank of New York formt Finanzgiganten
Ausnahmezustand am Gericht: Ansturm auf Ackermann- Millionen legt E- Mail- Server lahm
04.Dec.2006 Fliegen mit Fingerabdruck: Erste Airline führt biometrische Kontrollen ein
Christie's- Auktion: Rekordsumme für asiatisches Ölgemälde
04.Dec.2006 Nordlichter über Deutschland: Jäger des seltenen Himmelsfeuers
04.Dec.2006 Massenproteste: Libanesische Armee in Alarmbereitschaft

04.Dec.2006 Litwinenko- Affäre: Scotland Yard schickt neun Kommissare nach Moskau

04.Dec.2006 3G- Vermarktung: Überwachen statt Telefonieren

04.Dec.2006 Versteigerung: Dinosaurier- Nest erzielt enormen Preis
04.Dec.2006 Fit dank Gottesdienst: Kirchgänger atmen länger
Chinesischer Flussdelfin: Forscher finden keine Baijis mehr

04.Dec.2006 Investivlohn: Müntefering fordert höhere Löhne

04.Dec.2006 Annan über den Irak: "Viel schlimmer als Bürgerkrieg"
04.Dec.2006 Alternative Antriebe: Worauf die deutschen Hersteller setzen
04.Dec.2006 The Venice Project: Mr. Skype kündigt TV- Revolution an

04.Dec.2006 Telekom- Aufsichtsratschef: Blackstone will Zumwinkel loswerden

04.Dec.2006 Erste Amtshandlung: Mexikos Präsident Calderón kürzt sein Gehalt
04.Dec.2006 Vietnam: Zehntausende werden wegen Taifun "Durian" evakuiert

04.Dec.2006 Wahl in Venezuela: US- Feind Chávez triumphiert

04.Dec.2006 Aufschwung: Wirtschaftsforscher fordern Lohnerhöhungen mit Maß

04.Dec.2006 Polonium- Vergiftung: Litwinenkos Kontaktmann Scaramella will auspacken
Search results for "masri"
20051208 Merkel yesterday said that the US had "accepted" it had "erroneously taken" Mr masri , who spent five months in a freezing Afghan jail after the CIA grabbed him in Macedonia.

The affair .."".. yesterday announced that it was suing the CIA + its director at the time George Tenet over his case.

Mr masri had been due to address a press conference - but was apparently unable to attend after US officials .."

07.Dec.2005 Fall el- masri : Nichts hören, nichts sehen, nichts sagen


00.000.2003 .Ende- El- masri war in Mazedonien festgenommen worden.

Nach seinen Aussagen wurde er für fünf .."

".. Gefangenhaltung gerechtfertigt hätten, lehnte ein US-Regierungsvertreter eine Stellungnahme ab.

El- masri sei von den US-Behörden ursprünglich wegen des Verdachts festgenommen worden, einen .."

".. hatte die US-Bürgerrechtsorganisation ACLU in Washington angekündigt, die CIA im Fall el- masri zu verklagen.

Möglicherweise stehen die Irritationen, die Merkels Bemerkung in der Umgebung .."

".. bei ihrem Vorgehen an nationales und internationales Recht.Steinmeier räumt Kenntnis des Falls masri ein

07.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: Kontrollgremium wusste frühzeitig von masri -Entführung

07.Dec.2005 Al-Qaida: Zawahiri befiehlt Angriffe auf Ölanlagen

07.Dec.2005 CIA .." - 8 matches2.


".. Berichte anderer Entführungsopfer, die bestimmte Details genau so beschrieben hätten, wie masri es tat:

wie ihnen die Kleider vom Leib geschnitten wurden,

was sie anziehen mussten, wie die .."".. behandelt", sagt Gnjidic.

"Man muss sich das so vorstellen:

Aus dem Leben gerissen saß masri plötzlich in Afghanistan."

Das sei nicht nur gegen seinen Mandanten ein brutaler Akt .."

".. Schließlich, es waren etwa sechs Monate vergangen, hätten die Kidnapper wohl doch eingesehen, dass masri kein Qaida-Anhänger sei.

Erneut bekam der zweifache Familienvater Fesseln und Augenbinde .."

".. Transportflugzeug gebracht, das ihn schließlich in Albanien absetzte.

Seine Bewacher fuhren stundenlang mit masri durch die Berge, schließlich sollte der Mann aussteigen, beschreibt der Anwalt das Geschehen. .."

".. er ein Grenzhäuschen vorfinden, hätten die Männer gesagt.

Tatsächlich gelangte masri an einen Grenzposten, wo er mit einem "breiten, wissenden Lächeln" erwartet worden .."

".. Entführungsfall belastet deutsch-amerikanisches Verhältnis

Das Kidnapping des Deutschen Khaled al- masri droht die deutsch-amerikanischen Beziehungen erneut zu trüben.

Der Mann wurde in Mazedonien .."

".. Sicherheitsbehörden sind auch Kanzleramt und Auswärtiges Amt mit der Aufklärung befasst.

masri , 41, beschuldigt die US-Administration, ihn

Ende 2003 in Mazedonien gekidnappt und fünf Monate .."


2005 Manchmal gingen sie zusammen zum Einkaufen - alles unter den Augen deutscher Geheimdienstleute.

masri will das nicht geahnt haben.

"Reda hatte mir von sich erzählt, es gab ja auch Artikel .."".. schließlich in Freiheit, also kann es nicht so schlimm sein."

Es dauerte nicht lange, bis masri in Afghanistan durch die Haftumstände gebrochen war, wie er mit leiser Stimme weitererzählt .."".. zu sein. URL:

08.Feb.2005 Über Monate sollte masri aus diesem Kerker nicht mehr herauskommen, wie er berichtet.

Freunde machten sich Sorgen, doch .."".. zurück in ihre Heimat.

"Sie hat geglaubt, ich hätte eine andere Frau", erklärt masri der taz.

"Sie hatte Angst, in Deutschland würden ihr die Kinder weggenommen werden, wenn .."

".. seit einiger Zeit auch nicht mehr.

Vor gut anderthalb Jahren, Ende Dezember

2003, beschloss Khaled el- masri , er brauche Abstand zu seinem Alltag in Neu-Ulm.

Er setzte sich in einen Reisebus der Deutschen .."".. sowie Kanzleramt und Auswärtiges Amt beschäftigt.

An der Grenze zu Mazedonien, schildert masri der taz, endete die geplante Urlaubsfahrt.

Er habe den Bus verlassen müssen, sein deutscher .."".. geschleppt und verlangt haben, er möge unterschreiben, Mitglied der Terrororganisation zu sein.

masri will sich standhaft geweigert haben.

Nach 23 Tagen wurde der widerspenstige Gefangene, wie er .." - 7 matches4. 2004081011_Report"..

Jordaniers Abu Mussab al-Sarkawi im Irak oder die saudische al-Qaida-Filiale wollen auch die Abu Hafs al- masri -Brigaden offenbar mit einer ganz bestimmten Weltregion identifiziert werden.

URL: https://www ..""..,1518,312712,00.html

11.Aug.2004 "Die Mudschahidin der Abu Hafs al- masri -Brigaden haben (heute) die erste Operation in einer Serie von Anschlägen durchgeführt, .."".. anzunehmen.

"Wer mit dem "Scheich" gemeint ist, darüber lassen die Abu Hafs al- masri -Brigaden im weiteren Verlauf des Schreibens keinen Zweifel: Es handelt sich um Osama Bin Laden, den .."

".. Aug.2004 Wann es immer es einen größeren Anschlag gibt, übernehmen die Abu Hafs al- masri -Brigaden die Verantwortung - heute etwa für die Bomben in Istanbul. Trotz etlicher .." - 4 matches5. 20060609"

.. fest, daß der BND bereits früh von der Verschleppung des deutschen Staatsbürgers Al masri wußte, aber bewußt nichts unternommen hat.

Aus US-Quellen war die Entführung als ?Irrtum" bezeichnet worden.

Als aber Al masri gegen die Verantwortlichen des ?Irrtum" in den USA klagen wollte, wurde seine Klage nicht .." - 2 matches6. 20060128".. ausbeuten

27.Jan.2006 Mexiko: Riesiger Drogentunnel in die USA entdeckt

27.Jan.2006 Terrorismus: El- masri soll Tawhid-Mitglied gewesen sein

27.Jan.2006 Kursrallye: Gute Vorgaben treiben Dax über 5600 .." - 1 match7. 20060603".. Kongo- Einsatz


Massaker von My Lai: Ein amerikanisches Trauma

02.Jun.2006 BND- Affäre: masri - Anwalt erwägt Klage gegen Bundesregierung

02.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: USA erwarten bis Juli .." - 1 match8. 20060618".. Perp Walk" by Jim Hinde — helicopter detonated,

16.Jun.2006 Is Zarqawi's Replacement Al- masri a Pentagon Invention? — Cheryl Seal, 16.Jun.2006 Media Blacks out the Murtha Resolution .." - 1 match9.

20060718".. Rechtshilfeersuchen im Fall des von US-Stellen verschleppten und gefolterten deutschen Staatsbürgers Al masri abgelehnt.

Dabei wurde auf das in den USA angestrengte Zivilverfahrens Al Masris gegen den Staat .." - 1 match10.


25.Jul.2006 Kryokonservierung: Fisch- Frostschutz für tiefgekühlte Organe

25.Jul.2006 Fall masri : Wusste Schily mehr?

25.Jul.2006 Grenzkontrollen: Reisefreiheit in Europa lässt auf sich .." - 1 match11. 20061012"..

12.Oct.2006 Europäischer Wettbewerb: EU geht gegen Notar- Standesregeln vor

12.Oct.2006 Fall el- masri : Staatsanwaltschaft meldet BKA Namen der Kidnapper

12.Oct.2006 Terror- PR im Internet: Osamas .." - 1 match12.

20061026".. große Experiment, Das Aushungern der Palästinenser

Provokationen, Fernsehbericht zum Fall al- masri

Das geheime Wissen des Islam

Katzav droht Klage wegen sexueller Nötigung

Besatzer-Probleme, .." - 1 match13.

20061123".. randalieren

23.Nov.2006 BND- Untersuchungsausschuss: Schily bestreitet frühzeitige Kenntnis im Fall masri

23.Nov.2006 Agrar- Esoterik: Kuschelbauern auf dem Astralacker

23.Nov.2006 Wut über .." - 1 match14.

260403antiwarblogg.html".. Sharif, doesn't actually exist, but is probably a composite of Mustafa Ahmed Al-Hisawi, Shaikh Saiid al- masri + Saad al-Sharif. [AP, 12/26/02] Newsweek, in describing yet another name variation, Mustafa .." - 1 match37 matches in 14 of 455 pages searched. Search Again .." Masri.html

".. Intelligence Committee, 9/26/02] + so on. Most recently, the FBI said the most well-known candidate, Shaikh Saiid al-Sharif, doesn't actually exist, but is probably a composite of Mustafa Ahmed Al-Hisawi, Shaikh Saiid al- Masri + Saad al-Sharif. [AP, 12/26/02] Newsweek, in describing yet another name variation, Mustafa Ahmad Adin Al-Husawi, says the person "remains almost a total mystery," and no one is sure of his name or even .." 23.Nov.2006 Knast in Deutschland: Foltern, raufen, randalieren 23.Nov.2006 BND- Untersuchungsausschuss: Schily bestreitet frühzeitige Kenntnis im Fall Masri

Fernsehbericht zum Fall al- Masri
vor 12.Oct.2006 Fall el- Masri : Staatsanwaltschaft meldet BKA Namen der Kidnapper12.Oct.2006 Terror- PR im Internet: Osamas deutscher Bote muss offline bleiben
25.Jul.2006 Fall Masri : Wusste Schily mehr?
".. Affront gegen Deutschland sfux Karl Weiss - Die USA haben, so wurde am 16 Juli berichtet, ein deutsches Rechtshilfeersuchen im Fall des von US-Stellen verschleppten und gefolterten deutschen Staatsbürgers Al Masri abgelehnt. Dabei wurde auf das in den USA angestrengte Zivilverfahrens Al Masris gegen den Staat verwiesen. Dies ist einer der schwersten Affronte, die ein Staat im internationalen Rechtsverkehr begehen kann. Es ist .." 16.Jun.2006 Is Zarqawi's Replacement Al- Masri a Pentagon Invention? — Cheryl Seal, 16.Jun.2006
02.Jun.2006 BND- Affäre: Masri - Anwalt erwägt Klage gegen Bundesregierung
27.Jan.2006 Mexiko: Riesiger Drogentunnel in die USA entdeckt 27.Jan.2006 Terrorismus: El- Masri soll Tawhid-Mitglied gewesen sein

08.Feb.2005 Manchmal gingen sie zusammen zum Einkaufen - alles unter den Augen deutscher Geheimdienstleute.

Masri will das nicht geahnt haben. "Reda hatte mir von sich erzählt, es gab ja auch Artikel über ihn in Spiegel und Focus.

Aber ich dachte: Er ist schließlich in Freiheit, also kann es nicht so schlimm sein."

Es dauerte nicht lange, bis Masri in Afghanistan durch die Haftumstände gebrochen war, wie er mit leiser Stimme weitererzählt.

"Ich habe denen gesagt: Ich gebe alles zu, was ihr wollt.

Aber sie sagten: Nein, denn dann ist es gelogen .."
".. aufgebaut hatte, habe an Schrecken verloren, so legt es Masris Erzählung nahe.

Dieser Tod schien die bessere Wahl zu sein. URL:

08.Feb.2005 Über Monate sollte Masri aus diesem Kerker nicht mehr herauskommen, wie er berichtet. Freunde machten sich Sorgen, doch niemand schaltete die Polizei in Deutschland ein.

Masris Ehefrau, eine Libanesin, nahm im

00.Jan.2004 die gemeinsamen vier Kinder und reiste von Neu-Ulm zurück in ihre Heimat.

"Sie hat geglaubt, ich hätte eine andere Frau", erklärt Masri der taz.

"Sie hatte Angst, in Deutschland würden ihr die Kinder weggenommen werden, wenn sie allein dabliebe." URL:

08.Feb.2005 Sein Autohandel lief nicht gut, seine Ehe seit einiger Zeit auch nicht mehr. Vor gut anderthalb Jahren, Ende Dezember 2003, beschloss Khaled el- Masri , er brauche Abstand zu seinem Alltag in Neu-Ulm.

Er setzte sich in einen Reisebus der Deutschen Touring und fuhr mit dem Ziel Skopje Richtung Mazedonien.

Als er fünf Monate später nach Deutschland zurückkehrte, abgemagert und verstört, brachte er eine Geschichte mit, die seither die Justiz sowie Kanzleramt und Auswärtiges Amt beschäftigt.

An der Grenze zu Mazedonien, schildert Masri der taz, endete die geplante Urlaubsfahrt.

Er habe den Bus verlassen müssen, sein deutscher Pass sei ihm abgenommen worden. Ein Mitreisender, der an der mazedonischen Grenze Übersetzungsdienste geleistet hat, .."
".. angeblich, den Neu-Ulmer zu verhören, ihn nach Verbindungen zu al-Qaida zu befragen. Sie sollen ihn in ein Hotelzimmer geschleppt und verlangt haben, er möge unterschreiben, Mitglied der Terrororganisation zu sein. Masri will sich standhaft geweigert haben.

Nach 23 Tagen wurde der widerspenstige Gefangene, wie er weiter erzählt, mit verbundenen Augen zu einem Flughafen gefahren und in einen Flieger gesetzt. Seine Kleidung, .."
".. dten des Landes stünden Zellen bereit.

Ähnlich wie die Gruppe "Al-Tawhid wa al-Dschihad" des Jordaniers Abu Mussab al-Sarkawi im Irak oder die saudische al-Qaida-Filiale wollen auch die Abu Hafs al- Masri -Brigaden offenbar mit einer ganz bestimmten Weltregion identifiziert werden. URL:,1518,312712,00.html

11.Aug.2004 "Die Mudschahidin der Abu Hafs al- Masri -Brigaden haben (heute) die erste Operation in einer Serie von Anschlägen durchgeführt, die den europäischen Staaten bevorsteht", heißt es in einem Bekennerschreiben, dass die dubiose Truppe .."
".. Brigaden die Weigerung dieser Länder, "das Waffenstillstandsangebot, welches unser Scheich ihnen unterbreitet hat, anzunehmen.

"Wer mit dem "Scheich" gemeint ist, darüber lassen die Abu Hafs al- Masri -Brigaden im weiteren Verlauf des Schreibens keinen Zweifel:

Es handelt sich um Osama Bin Laden, den Chef des Terror Netzwerks al-Qaida. Ihr Bekennerbrief ist unterzeichnet mit: "Al-Qaida-Organisation - Distrikt .."
".. Europa - Militärischer Flügel". URL:,1518,312712,00.html

11.Aug.2004 Wann es immer es einen größeren Anschlag gibt, übernehmen die Abu Hafs al- Masri -Brigaden die Verantwortung - heute etwa für die Bomben in Istanbul.

Trotz etlicher Falschbekundungen halten es Experten für möglich, dass die Truppe zur al-Qaida gehört. Die Brigaden selbst .."
".. secretaries 'robots' 'spouting nonsense'

09.Jun.2006 Pleiten, Pech und Pannen? sfux Karl Weiss -

Nun steht endgültig fest, daß der BND bereits früh von der Verschleppung des deutschen Staatsbürgers Al Masri wußte, aber bewußt nichts unternommen hat.

Aus US-Quellen war die Entführung als ?Irrtum" bezeichnet worden. Als aber Al Masri gegen die Verantwortlichen des ?Irrtum" in den USA klagen wollte, wurde seine Klage nicht angenommen, denn es seien ?Sicherheitsinteressen des Staates" betroffen.
07.Dec.2005 Private Sicherheitsdienste im Irak: Sö .."
".. Gefangene in Länder bringen lässt, wo sie ohne Achtung der Menschenrechtskonventionen befragt werden."

Es gebe Berichte anderer Entführungsopfer, die bestimmte Details genau so beschrieben hätten, wie Masri es tat:

wie ihnen die Kleider vom Leib geschnitten wurden, was sie anziehen mussten, wie die Entführer gekleidet waren.

"Es handelt sich um eine sehr detaillierte, schlüssige Schilderung, die Details .."
".. verhört, geschlagen und gedemütigt worden, "er wurde sehr übel und in nacktem Zustand unmenschlich behandelt", sagt Gnjidic.

"Man muss sich das so vorstellen: Aus dem Leben gerissen saß Masri plötzlich in Afghanistan."

Das sei nicht nur gegen seinen Mandanten ein brutaler Akt gewesen, "sondern auch gegen die Souveränität der Bundesrepublik Deutschland".

Gnjidic: "Muss jetzt jeder Deutsche fürchten, einfach an einer Grenze mitten in Europa entführt zu werden?"

Schließlich, es waren etwa sechs Monate vergangen, hätten die Kidnapper wohl doch eingesehen, dass Masri kein Qaida-Anhänger sei.

Erneut bekam der zweifache Familienvater Fesseln und Augenbinde angelegt, dann wurde er in ein Transportflugzeug gebracht, das ihn schließlich in Albanien absetzte.

Seine Bewacher fuhren stundenlang mit Masri durch die Berge, schließlich sollte der Mann aussteigen, beschreibt der Anwalt das Geschehen.

In 400 Meter Entfernung werde er ein Grenzhäuschen vorfinden, hätten die Männer gesagt.

Tatsächlich gelangte Masri an einen Grenzposten, wo er mit einem "breiten, wissenden Lächeln" erwartet worden sei.

Er halte sich illegal in dem Land auf, hätten ihm die Beamten mitgeteilt, er müsse Albanien sofort .."
".. Mai 2004. URL:,1518,druck-336869,00.html

15.Jan.2005 Geheimdienste -Entführungsfall belastet deutsch-amerikanisches Verhältnis

Das Kidnapping des Deutschen Khaled al- Masri droht die deutsch-amerikanischen Beziehungen erneut zu trüben.

Der Mann wurde in Mazedonien von vermutlich amerikanischen Ermittlern entführt, nach Afghanistan verschleppt und dort fünf Monate verhö .."
".. re Vorgang" habe "hohe Brisanz", heißt es bei deutschen Regierungsstellen in Berlin.

Neben den Sicherheitsbehörden sind auch Kanzleramt und Auswärtiges Amt mit der Aufklärung befasst.

Masri , 41, beschuldigt die US-Administration, ihn Ende

2003 in Mazedonien gekidnappt und fünf Monate lang in Afghanistan verhört und gefoltert zu haben. Grund sei eine angebliche Mitgliedschaft bei al-Qaida gewesen .."
07.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: US-Regierung erbost über Merkels Wortwahl
07.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: Kontrollgremium wusste frühzeitig von Masri -Entführung

El- Masri war Ende 2003 in Mazedonien festgenommen worden.

Nach seinen Aussagen wurde er für fünf Monate in ein geheimes Gefängnis in Afghanistan gebracht.

Er war freigelassen worden, nachdem die USA zu dem .."
".. für seine weitere Inhaftierung.

Auf die Frage, ob die USA je konkrete Erkenntnisse gehabt hätten, die dessen Gefangenhaltung gerechtfertigt hätten, lehnte ein US-Regierungsvertreter eine Stellungnahme ab.

El- Masri sei von den US-Behörden ursprünglich wegen des Verdachts festgenommen worden, einen falschen Pass zu benutzen.

Außerdem sei sein Name mit dem eines Terroristenführers verwechselt worden sei. Der .."
".. Regierungsvertreter laut Reuters.

Von der Bundesregierung gibt es bislang keine Reaktion auf den Streit.

Am Nachmittag hatte die US-Bürgerrechtsorganisation ACLU in Washington angekündigt, die CIA im Fall el- Masri zu verklagen.

Möglicherweise stehen die Irritationen, die Merkels Bemerkung in der Umgebung von Rice auslöste, im Zusammenhang mit Gerichtsverfahren in den USA.

Einen "Fehler" zuzugeben, könnte .."
".. Rechtsstaatlichkeit, die auch im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus gelten müssten.

Rice versicherte, die USA hielten sich bei ihrem Vorgehen an nationales und internationales Recht.Steinmeier räumt Kenntnis des Falls Masri ein
07.Dec.2005 Fall el- Masri : Nichts hören, nichts sehen, nichts sagen
20051208".. CIA "overflights" following revelations that the CIA had flown to Germany 437 times.


Standing next to Ms Rice, Ms Merkel yesterday said that the US had "accepted" it had "erroneously taken" Mr masri , who spent five months in a freezing Afghan jail after the CIA grabbed him in Macedonia.

The affair is also bad news for Germany's former government under Gerhard Schröder.

It apparently knew about the CIA blunder .."
".. Germany parliamentary commission would now investigate, Ms Merkel said.

The American Civil Liberties Union, meanwhile, yesterday announced that it was suing the CIA + its director at the time George Tenet over his case.

Mr Masri had been due to address a press conference - but was apparently unable to attend after US officials refused him permission to enter the country.[0f the free]

Ms Rice declined to comment directly.

But asked if she could .."