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23.Apr.2006 MIHOP II Watch: BIZARRE story of the week... Apparent nuclear terrorism/coverup Excellent thread at DU - somehow the moderators missed this one!

23.Apr.2006 Forget the Middle East : North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists
JASON MILLER After years of living under the perpetual risk of the ultimate terrorist attack, most people have become acclimated to the distinct possibility of imminent extinction of life on Earth.

Fortunately, humans tend to be highly adaptable beings + most are able to go on with their daily tasks without dwelling on potential doomsday scenarios.

In fact, people have become so desensitized to the threat of nuclear holocaust that those who still believe American propaganda are more terrified of religious fanatics wielding box cutters than they are of an ICBM capable of annihilating millions...

23.Apr.2006 Stand up for Humanity
Dr. Gideon Polya ...Dr Dhafir + Dr Kendall-Smith are both medical doctors who have been imprisoned in Western democracies (the US + the UK, respectively) for standing up against horrendous abuse of humanity by the Anglo-American Coalition in Iraq.

The Nazi analogy adduced by Dr Kendall-Smith in his defence is germane.

The Nazis killed 1.5 million Jewish children during WWII.

So far, the post-1990 Iraqi infant mortality totals 1.6 million +

the post-2003 infant mortality totals 0! .4 million - 90% of these deaths have been AVOIDABLE + have occurred through the non-provision by the Occupying Coalition of the life-preserving requisites demanded by the Geneva Conventions.

The under-5 infant mortality in Iraq (post-1990) + Afghanistan (post-2001) have been 1.6 million + 1.4 million, respectively + now total 3.0 million.

How many infants have to be murdered before the world cries "enough is enough"...

23.Apr.2006 Bush: the Decider Dictator
Kurt Nimmo I recall months ago, when folks began first murmuring about booting Donald Rumsfeld, arriving at the obvious conclusion?

Donald Rumsfeld is not going anywhere, not anymore than Cheney is (short of a heart attack). Rumsfeld + Cheney are integral to the Straussian neocon hold on both the Pentagon and the Oval Office (...)

It s said Rumsfeld has to go because Iraq is a disaster. I beg to differ?things are going swimmingly for the Straussian neocons in Iraq.

Bush never intended! to bestow democracy on the Iraqi people, as claimed + we all know about the weapons of mass destruction that never were (and a few of us said this in late 2002, as the Office of Special Plans began to circulate its propaganda and lies to the likes of Judith Miller at the New York Times).

All of it was and is a smokescreen for the real deal fomenting "civil war" + eventually breaking Iraq up into three pieces based along ethnic + religious lines (all the better to rule + divide + steal oil + water + other natural resources, not to mention turning millions of people into a pool of cheap labor, as the Israelis have done over the years to the Palestinians)...

.Apr.2006 GI Special 4D19: "Sir! No Sir!" Free DVD For Troops - Thomas F. Barton

In the 1960s, thousands of American GIs rebelled against the Vietnam War, changing the course of U.S. history + society.

No film has ever told their story... until now.

Are you or do you know someone serving in or in support of Iraq or Afghanistan?

For a limited time only IVAW and Displaced Films is proud to offer 500 free copies of Sir! No Sir! to members of the military who are serving overseas.

This award winning document! ary uncovers the untold story of the antiwar movement within the military during the Vietnam era. To learn more about the film and watch the trailer, go to www.sirnosir.com ...

23.Apr.2006 Also ignored by the media was last week's report that, "The mortality of children in Basra has increased by nearly 30 % compared to the Saddam Hussein era," according to Dr Haydar Salah, a paediatrician at the Basra Children's Hospital...

23.Apr.2006 The Really Real "Long War"
Chris Floyd ...Control of these resources and strategic areas in order to box in China (and eventually India) and prevent the rise of any potential rival to American domination of global affairs ? or rather, the domination of global affairs by a small American elite quite willing to see their own country sink into corruption, ruin, tyranny and fear ? is now and has been since the end of the Cold War the driving force of the political faction led by Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfow! itz and others brought into power by the rigged election of runner-up George W. Bush in 2000. It is for this and no other reason that thousands of Americans have been killed + tens of thousands maimed in Iraq; it is for this that up to 300,000 innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered; it is for this that the war plans for Iran are going forward. The only way that the pathetic, stunted intellects of this political faction know how to interpret reality is through the paranoid prism of the Cold War, with its hidebound abstractions, its cartoonish exaggerations, its perverted morality (willing to destroy a village, a region, a nation ? even the whole world ? to "save" it from the enemy) and, more than anything else, the vast power and privilege it accorded to the national security elite...

23.Apr.2006 But why does Bush speak of Iran's objective to destroy Israel? To raze Israel to the ground, to batter down, to destroy, to annihilate, to liquidate, to erase Israel, to wipe it off the map - this is what Iran's President demanded - at least this is what we read about or heard of at the end of October 2005. Spreading the news was very effective. This is a declaration of war they said. Obviously government and media were at one with their indignation. It goes around the world. But let's take a closer look at what Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said...

23.Apr.2006 Death warrants ? Saddam 148, Bush 152
Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY, Pravda.ru ...Saddam Hussein, we now hear, signed the death warrants of 148 Shiite villagers who had risen up against him in Dujail in 1982, for which Saddam Hussein sits in the dock and could face the death penalty. George Bush, in his six-year tenure as Governor of Texas, signed 152 death warrants, a record for any governor of any state in the history of the USA. An example of what George Bush is capable of is provided by the signing of the death wa! rrant of Terry Washington, a mentally retarded man of 33 with the brain of a seven-year-old. Pleas of clemency were denied after a hearing which lasted barely half an hour. Saddam Hussein was derided because he invaded a sovereign nation ? in the event, Kuwait, which was stealing Iraq?s oil by cross-drilling + which had been warned against this practice. George Bush invaded a sovereign nation ? Iraq, based on lies and deception...

23.Apr.2006 The Billion-Dollar Baghdad Embassy
Leigh Saavedra, POAC That's the estimate, though only half of it has been appropriated so far, a billion dollars to build a new embassy in Iraq . It will be the largest on the globe, the largest the world has ever seen, the size of Vatican City in Italy. U.S. embassies typically cover ten acres. This one, a 104-acre complex, will be comprised of 21 buildings, its own water wells, an electricity plant and wastewaster-treatment facility that makes the huge compound completely i! ndependent of Iraq , whose "interim government" sold the land to the U.S. in October 2004. Terms of the agreement do not appear to be readily accessible...
Malcom Lagauche ...During the Ba?athist years, Iraqi women dressed in styles as diverse as those in the west. If a woman wanted to "take the veil," she was allowed. But no woman was ordered to perform such a ritual (...) Today?s Iraq is totally different. I don?t have to repeat some of the horror stories of women now not being able to leave their houses without two male family members, or women being beaten because of their style of dress. There have been many reported incidents. In add! ition to the regression of women in Iraqi society at the hands of a few fundamentalist U.S.-appointed stooge politicians, many Iraqi women have been humiliated and even raped by U.S. troops. Again, there are many published articles concerning these abhorrent actions. So, Iraqi women are doubly-damned: with the fall of a government that held them in high esteem, they must put up with social mores that are against their own beliefs; and add to that the presence of the military personnel who forced the old government out...

23.Apr.2006 The Democrats are getting their marching orders from the neoliberal DLC (Democratic Leadership Council). They are following the same script as the neoconservatives in the Republican Party. And the mainstream media are covering up the entire rigged operation.

Whiskey Bar
Free Thinking in a Dirty Glass
Profiles in Chicken Shit

The congressional Dems show us what they're made of. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go scrape the rest of it off my shoes. As rhetoric builds, Democrats in Congress lie low on Iran

Most aides refused to speculate whether Democrats might support a military operation in Iran. Several aides acknowledged, however, that some Democrats in Congress could support a military strike . . .

Any military action Democrats supported, one aide said, would not include the use of nuclear weapons.

Unless, of course, it tests well with the focus groups. (From Raw Story, via Cursor.)
911info The place to find all the real cutting edge information, news + analysis on the terror attacks of 11.Sep.2001 .
2001 TIME Exclusive: 9/11 An Inside Job? By valis

22.Sep.2001 -Posted- “Sources tell TIME that US officials are investigating whether the hijackers had accomplices deep inside the airports’ “secure” areas ”

Investigators are not yet certain how these weapons came to be on board the aircraft.

But they increasingly believe that the weapons may have been prepositioned by accomplices for use by others. As one US official told ... Link
The Israel Lobby Attacks Juan Cole Again
[It would interesting to start tallying up all the incidents in which the Israel lobby has engaged in nasty personal attacks on Americans. 

The number of such incidents is enormous + they seem to be growing in frequency.  How this activity will result at the end of the day in a positive outcome for the lobby or for Israel is difficult to imagine.]   https://www.juancole.com/2006/04/golden-oldie-character-assassination.html   Informed Comment Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Golden Oldie: Character Assassination You really only have to write the reply once; the smears don't change over time.
00.Dec.2004 Yes, I'm aware that Daniel Pipes of the so-called
Middle East Forum sent some puppy out to slime me over at David Horowitz (right-wing propaganda machine -> https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2007/12/war-and-sex-princeton-fraud-and.html )'s Frontpagerag. So this is the way it goes with the Likudniks. First they harass you and try to have you spied on. Then they threaten, bully and try to intimidate you. And if that fails and you show some spine, then they simply lie about you. (In this case the lies are produced by quoting half a passage, or denuding it of its context, or adopting a tone of pained indignation when quoting a perfectly obvious observation).
The thing that most pains me in all this is the use of the word "antisemite."
Pipes already had to settle one lawsuit, by Douglas Card, for throwing the word around about him irresponsibly.
Israel is not being helped by extremists like Pipes and his associates (see below). It is being harmed + its very survival is being placed in doubt by aggressive annexationist policies + by brutal murders and repression, which Pipes and his associates support to the hilt.

23.Apr.2006 Another Day in the Empire -Just another WordPress weblog- Email to Cinnamon Stillwell By Administrator on Uncategorized
23.Apr.2006 “French left-wing activist and author Thierry Meyssan has made a career out of such claims. In his books ‘L’Effroyable Imposture’ (The Big Lie) and ‘Le Pentegate,’ Meyssan takes great pains to present an alternative scenario for American Airlines Flight 77 and the attack on the Pentagon. Pointing to the seeming disappearance of the airplane after it plowed into the building and the small amount of resulting debris, Meyssan posits that the U.S. government used some variation on a truck bomb, a smaller airplane or a missile to hit the Pentagon. In other words, the government attacked itself.”

Never mind what the “left-wing activist” Thierry Meyssan claims—how do you, Ms. Stillwell, explain a huge jet airliner disappearing inside a sixteen foot hole, strewing no debris, luggage, seats, or bodies + leaving the front lawn of the Pentagon as pristine as a putting green? Instead of explaining this, you seem more interested in making Meyssan out as a deluded “conspiracist.” But then that seems to be the purpose of your entire article—to make all of us who have questions out to be wild-eyed conspiracy nuts. Facts do not seem to interest you because you are going for the throat.

I’ll leave alone your mention of antisemitism. It is simply too absurd to cover in any detail. All I will say is you can really tell somebody is desperate to defame and belittle when they drag out the old antisemitism canard.

Of course, there are other fallacies you mention + cite as if gospel truth (in particular about flight 93 and Pennsylvania) but this email is already far too long.

Suffice it to say, as a “conservative” (or neocon), you have managed to create yet another flaccid hit piece, excoriating honest people as kooks and anti-Semites. I am not really surprised the San Francisco Chronicle has deemed it appropriate to publish your half-baked screed—but then that is how the corporate media earns its livelihood, selling government propaganda and unfairly characterizing Americans with questions about what really happened on nine eleven as nut cases essentially doing little more than falling “back on familiar demons,” sort of like a schizophrenic sans medication.

It may work in the short run, Ms. Stillwell. But in the long run the truth about nine eleven will come out.

Dare I speculate you will be writing about gardening for the San Francisco Chronicle when that time finally arrives? Comments
20.Apr.2006 W/Spy-Sex & money bought Iraq contracts By T. Christian Miller in Washington

A CONTRACTOR in Iraq has pleaded guilty to providing money, sex and designer watches to US officials in exchange for more than $US8 million ($10.8 million) in reconstruction contracts.

Philip Bloom faces up to 40 years in prison after admitting paying more than $US2 million in bribes to US officials with the Coalition Provisional Authority, which ruled Iraq after the US-led invasion in 2003.

Bloom's guilty plea on bribery + money-laundering charges is the latest development in a widening corruption scandal centred on a network of US civilians + military officials who worked out of a coalition outpost in the south-central Iraqi town of Hillah.
23.Apr.2006 The billion dollar Baghdad embassy A glimpse of the reality behind the rhetoric - excellent article:
22.Apr.2006 God Bless Neil Young by Paul Joseph Watson - But why does it take a 60 year old Canadian musician to generate political activism in America? Steve Watson / Prisonplanet
23.Apr.2006 Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack by Paul Joseph Watson 
Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack Guide the planes in, then destroy the crime scene

23.Apr.2006 Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison - Part One by Paul Joseph Watson - The gathering and holding of information has permeated into every facet of life in Great Britain + no ...
20.Apr.2006 Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece by Paul Joseph Watson -Encounters massive backlash from alternative media Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com |
23.Apr.2006 Chef fordert bedingunsloses Grundeinkommen by laser 
Spiegel-Online berichtet vom Chef einer Drogeriemarktkette, der mit recht drastischen Worten für ein "Grundeinkommen" wirbt.

Er tituliert Hartz IV als "offenen Vollzug" und meint, dass die Zeiten der Vollbeschäftigung endgültig vorbei seien.

Allerdings war bislang nicht davon zu hören, dass die Beschäftigten der dm-Märkte in einem Arbeiterparadis schaffen.
Edit War über Gesamtmetall- Initiative by mensch 
Bei Wikipedia tobt zur Zeit ein Editwar um den Artikel zu umsrittenen "Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft".

23.Apr.2006 Financial Times: Moslems sollen USA helfen! by Moslembruder 
In einem Beitrag für die Financial Times zeigt sich der ehemalige Sicherheitsberater des US-Präsidenten Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, besorgt um die Allmacht der USA und fordert ausgerechnet die Moslems der Welt zur Hilfe für die Weltmacht USA auf!

23.Apr.2006 Is Brazil smarter when it comes to energy? by Smartalix The start of production at the P-50 rig off Brazil's south Atlantic coast puts Brazil on track to produce as much oil as it consumes.
23.Apr.2006 Patent Office needs a &apos;Slashdot for prior art&apos; Patent Office must improve the way it searches for prior art, according to public-policy group CED.
23.Apr.2006 Libel and blogs by Jeff Jarvis Glenn Reynolds writes a good paper on libel and bloggers from both a legal and a cultural perspective.

Wish it were in HTML but the PDF is here. Also, see the list of legal actions against bloggers maintained most helpfully by Eric Robinson of the Media Law Research Center. And while we’re ...
When a godfather becomes expendable by Webhelp Bernardo Provenzano's arrest in Italy does not spell the end of the Sicilian Mafia or even its decapitation.
23.Apr.2006 In Hu's Visit to the U.S., Small Gaffes May Overshadow Small Gains Some analysts said two protocol blunders might end up heightening the distrust between the nations that the visit had been intended to dispel 23.Apr.2006 Okay, so let me see if I got this right? It's okay to operate GULAGS on foreign soil ,

no doubt to make it easier to torture people +

make Real Life Snuff Movies + Porn Videos,


it is NOT okay to leak the information out?

It's okay for Bush to Leak classified info to destroy the credibility of a detractor, but anyone else who ...
Body Movement Generates Electricity in Miniature Device A new class of nanogenerator aims to produce electricity while being smaller and less toxic than traditional batteries.
23.Apr.2006 Church Lady Tries Today To Have Harry Potter Removed from Public Schools by KB One supposes she'd have them burned if she could.
23.Apr.2006 No Wonder Bush's Job Approval is at 36%

No wonder President Bush's approval rating is at a dismal 36%.  Here are some recent Bush quotes on his job analysis of his fellow Republicans:

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."  President Bush to then-FEMA Director Michael Brown, 02.Sep.2005 .

  "(Rumsfeld's) done a heck of a good job." President Bush on Rumsfeld. Fox News Interview with Brit Hume, 14.Dec.2005 .
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Richard_Clarke_Hoax_03_2004.html
The 911 Truth Movement can only stand on the sidelines while what used to constitute the Left in the US prefers their audience be fooled by the Bush Regime’s very obvious wheelbarrow. Scott Loughrey
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Richard_Clarke_Hoax_03_2004.html
Since the 911 Truth Movement is now very
publicly challenging the Official Story, the White House surely enlisted Richard Clarke’s “defection” in order to help the media define the level of permissible dissent from the 911 Commission.
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Richard_Clarke_Hoax_03_2004.html
So, why should anyone think that Clarke isn’t representing the acceptable opposition to the Bush Regime as its top officials receive the old frat-boy-network treatment from the
already-compromised 911 Commission? Clarke is telling the 911 Families and the 911 Commission that the Bush Regime failed to act on the ‘al Qaeda’ threat. That’s food for the Left Gatekeepers and other sources of disinformation.
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Richard_Clarke_Hoax_03_2004.html
Richard Clarke was designated “crisis manager” by Condoleezza Rice within minutes after the “ second jetliner hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001” (Washington Post, 03/23/04, Eggen and Pincus) . Although the mainstream media won’t inquire to know all that he was responsible for, presumably the decision to quickly sell the WTC rubble for scrap was on his to-do list.
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Beware_Left_Heroes_06_2004.html
Then there is Michael Moore. Moore has endorsed the Presidential campaign of war criminal General Wesley Clark. In addition, Moore’s new film, “Fareinheit 911”, reiterates the propaganda that there were
19 hijackers on 9/11/01 and 15 of them were Saudis. However, what is really revealing about Moore is his amazing claim to have met and videotaped recent decapitation-victim Nick Berg. One would think there are a few degrees of separation between them. Moore is one of this country’s most famous filmmakers. At the same time the Berg video has been declared a fraud around the world. It seems incredible that Moore managed to videotape the one guy in this country who would later be seen being killed in a clearly fraudulent video that many suspect was a botched PsyOps campaign by the Regime. Personally, I don’t believe Moore for a minute.
23.Apr.2006 https://www.media-criticism.com/Beware_Left_Heroes_06_2004.html
Richard Clarke is another figure with a
questionable identity. Clarke is described as a “defector” from the White House. Like everyone else mentioned so far Clarke’s view is the Bush Regime is only negligent over 911. Clarke’s book about his experiences in the White House was curiously timed for publication only a few months before the 911 Commission was reaching a climax. When the latter hearings were underway Amy Goodman hosted Clarke twice for easy, extended interviews. While members of the 911 Truth Movement were begging her to invite a 911 skeptic on her show Amy icily maintained Clarke as the outer limit of permissible dialogue during the height of the 911 Commission hearings.
22.Apr.2006 Protests over A&E closure plans Defence Secretary John Reid joins a protest against hospital cutbacks in his own constituency.
22.Apr.2006 G7 warning over rising oil prices Finance ministers from the G7 warn of the dangers to the world's economy from higher oil prices.
22.Apr.2006 Climate change fight 'moral duty' Chancellor Gordon Brown talks of the "moral need" to tackle climate change, but resists fuel tax rises.
22.Apr.2006 Missile exports to Iran alarm US Washington asks Russia to reconsider selling Iran anti-aircraft missiles as the nuclear row goes on.
22.Apr.2006 Brazil meets oil needs with rig Brazil's president opens a vast new oil rig which will enable the country to be self-sufficient in oil production.
22.Apr.2006 CIA worker dismissed over leaks The CIA has sacked an employee for leaking secret information to the media, an agency official says.
22.Apr.2006 Canada tribes fight off eviction Indigenous Canadians resist police attempts to evict them from a construction site they say is their land.
22.Apr.2006 No Moussaoui 'shoe bomber' link The FBI found no 9/11 link between Zacarias Moussaoui and "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, a US court hears.
22.Apr.2006 Car makers 'failing' on climate Car makers are defaulting on a key target to tackle climate change, according to an environmental group.
22.Apr.2006 Queen visits BBC on birthday tour The Queen will visit the BBC and the Royal Institute of International Affairs on the day before her birthday.
22.Apr.2006 US releases Guantanamo names The US releases the most comprehensive list yet of terror suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay.
22.Apr.2006 Berlusconi unbowed by poll ruling Italy's prime minister refuses to concede in the general election despite a Supreme Court ruling against his bloc.
22.Apr.2006 Venezuela quits Andean trade bloc Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country is leaving the Andean Community of Nations.
22.Apr.2006 Russia warns of big Aids increase Russian medical officials say there is a dangerous increase in the country's Aids figures.
22.Apr.2006 China reports 12th bird flu death A migrant worker in central China becomes the 12th person to die from bird flu in the country.
22.Apr.2006 Call to test poisoned water users People in north Cornwall that had their water supply poisoned should have health checks after an ex-resident was found to have Alzheimer's, a report says.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.voltairenet.org/article30116.html

How have the Spanish press and the public opinion welcomed your book about September 11 and especially your assertion on the crashing of no plane in the Pentagon?

 Very well, neither the public nor the press believe the official version. Three of the four big national journals have written about it. I have received many e-mails supporting and congratulating me.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.voltairenet.org/article30116.html
And if no plane crashed into the Pentagon and it was a missile what destroyed this governmental institution,

11.Sep.2001 -three years after- the question everybody has been asking is: where is the plane and the passengers?

Cardeñosa also interviewed Mohamed Atta’s last flying instructor several times.

He was Ivan Chirivella, a Spanish who immigrated to the USA to be a professional tennis player but ended up as a flying instructor.

When Cardeñosa asked Chirivella his opinion about Atta’s piloting feat (crashing the Boeing into the Tower)

Chirivella said that was impossible for Atta did not have the capacity to do such a maneuver, that when he quit school he almost didn’t know anything.

According to Chirivella, Atta could have only done that if he had started to fly the plane one or two seconds before the crash.

Currently, Chrivella is a pilot of Iberia Company + after many years living in Miami without committing any crime, the American authorities have forbidden his entrance in the USA.

Obviously, Chirivella is a witness who has troubled the «official version».
New Investigative Evidences

00.Sep.2003 The second book was published.

It was titled: “Historia de una infamia, las mentiras de la versión official” (9/11: The History of a Sacrilege, The Lies of the Official Version) (Corona Boralis).

Its author was Madrilenian independent journalist Bruno Cardeñosa. Cardeñosa’s work was an outstanding investigation that helped to understand a little bit more the events of 11.Sep.2001 .

For instance, Mohamed Atta, who’s been presented as a fervent fundamentalist Muslim, lived in Miami + had a relationship with Amanda Keller, an American woman who was involved in prostitution + strip-tease shows. Witnesses or people who knew her have affirmed they had seen Mohamed Atta + Keller drinking alcohol + taking drugs + even eating pork, something that is completely impossible for a Muslim.

Other witnesses confirmed Atta + Keller lived together + had an affair.

An Independent American journalist who work for local newspapers in Miami wrote about this but the information was never made known.

Nowadays, nobody knows where Amanda Keller is.
The Spanish Books

00.000.2003 -two books written by Hispanic journalists were published in Spain.

Both titles affirmed no aircraft, but a missile, crashed into the Pentagon.

The first book published was “Jefe Atta, el secreto de la casa Blanca Blanca” (Chief Atta, the Secret of the White House)(Janet & Plaza publishing house), written by journalist Pilar Urbano.

Despite the fact that the book was not a rigorous investigation + was full of misleading information, what has made it interesting + revealing, is that

it was Pilar Urbano, a member of the Opus Dei, politically closed to the Spanish Right + the former government of José María Aznar, the person who wrote it + defended such thesis.

Pilar Urbano is the official biographer of the Kings of Spain + a friend of Mr. Trillo, former Minister of Defense of the Aznar administration, who supported the American invasion of Iraq.
Today, we have much more information on the tragic attacks for investigative reports have provided new evidences

-the amount of intellectuals, journalists + thinkers who say the “official version” did not reveal the whole truth or that the public opinion has been deceived or manipulated, have increased.

In a certain way, all this is true, especially in the USA, because, as filmmaker Michael Moore, author of Fahrenheit 9/11, has put it:

«I wouldn’t be so famous today if the American press would have done its job» .
Air Force One Graffiti Hoax
It looks so real the Air Force checks the presidential plane - a video shows hooded graffiti artists jumping a wire fence + sneaking past guard dogs to spray paint Air Force One.

Turns out it's a pricey web prank with mocked up action.
Whose Rights Are More Important?
Does a company's right to protect its trade secrets outweigh a journalist's right to shield the identity of a news source?

A case moving through the appellate courts, pitting Apple against three online journalists, may provide the answer.
The Jasons Exposes Secret Science A new book digs into the furtive work of a cabal of brainiacs who advise the U.S. government on hot topics, from global warming to nukes. By Randy Dotinga.
22.Apr.2006 The Anti-ID-Theft Bill That Isn't
Congress is debating a bill that would follow state laws in forcing companies to come clean on security breaches.

But Washington's version would help criminals more than victims. Commentary by Bruce Schneier.
Google's China Problem by Zonk 113 Wraithfighter writes

"The New York Times has a rather lengthy, but informative, piece on the origins of Google's current Chinese search engine, as well as a very informative look at how censoring is actually done in China.

From the article: 'Are there gradations of censorship, better and worse ways to limit information?

In America, that seems like an intolerable question -- the end of the conversation. But in China, as Google has discovered, it is just the beginning.'"
Almost 9 years ago: "Anger is a very powerful force. If it's allowed to release naturally, it can be a thing of beauty. It can be safe. A source of movement. It makes things happen."

We so misunderstand the emotion, it's considered negative, but it doesn't have to be aimed at anything, it can just be. And when it's expressed, things change.

"When a friend changes you can find the bond that's connecting you at a deeper level."

The great 20th century writer W Somerset Maugham had something to say about this.

"We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person."
Machtkampf in Palästina: Straßenkämpfe zwischen Hamas und Fatah-Anhängern

00.000.0863-00.000.0889 LIUTBERT, Erzbischof von Mainz Geburtsdatum unbekannt. ... Festschrift für W. Schröder, Berlin 1974, 213-240; - K. Schmid, Liutbert von Mainz und ... https://www.bautz.de/bbkl/l/liutbert.shtml Cod. Pal. lat. 52: Otfrid von Weißenburg, Evangelienbuch Weißenburg. Um 00.000.0870 .

Weitere Informationen: Projektseite. Kapitel:, 2r Lat. Widmungsbrief an Erzbischof Liutbert von Mainz ("Liutbertbrief") ... https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/sammlung2/werk/cpl52.xml?docname=cpl5
thePeerage.com - Person Page 10168 Hereinafter cited as Queen Victoria's Descendants. Liutbert Alexander George Lionel Alphonse Baron von Pawel-Rammingen1 (M) b. 27.Jul.1843 d. https://www.thepeerage.com/p10168.htm
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Überlieferung Übersetzungen der Expositio in Regulam Sancti Augustini des Liutbert von Saint-Ruf (Pseudo-Hugo von Sankt Viktor). Die unter dem Namen Hugos von Sankt ... https://www.sankt-georgen.de/hugo/ueberlieferung.htm
CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Otfried of Weissenburg In the letter to Liutbert , Otfried tells us that he undertook to write the poem at the request of some of the brethren and of a venerable lady, ...
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Detlef Roth Seminar 1a – Einführung in ältere deutsche Literatur ... In seinem Liutbert -Brief sagt er, dass es schwierig sei, die Sprache in Schrift. umzusetzen, einerseits wegen der Häufung von Lauten (litterarum congeries) ... https://www.sign-lang.uni-hamburg.de/FB07/GermS/Personal/Roth/Seminarma...
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Die Berichte über geheime CIA-Gefängnisse im Ausland in der "Washington Post" und über den Lauschangriff des Geheimdienstes NSA auf US-Bürger in der "New York Times" hatten weltweit für Aufsehen gesorgt.

Die Regierung von US-Präsident Bush geriet in arge Erklärungsnöte. In Europa führte der Artikel über die CIA-Gefängnisse zu Ermittlungen über geheime Gefangenentransporte und Foltermethoden.

CIA-Direktor Porter Goss hatte im Februar vor dem Geheimdienstausschuss des Senats angekündigt, dass er mit aller Macht nach den undichten Stellen in seiner Organisation suchen werde.

Goss drohte auch Journalisten, sie vor Gericht zur Preisgabe ihrer vertraulichen Quellen zu zwingen.

McCarthy hat ihre Karriere im Auslandsgeheimdienst 1984 als Analystin begonnen und einen steilen Aufstieg absolviert.

00.000.1996-00.000.2001 -während der Regierungszeit von Bill Clinton + in den ersten Monaten nach der Amtsübernahme durch George W. Bush, war McCarthy als Sonderassistentin des Präsidenten im Weißen Haus tätig. Anschließend ist sie zur CIA zurückgekehrt.

Die CIA hat eine hochrangige Mitarbeiterin gefeuert, weil sie den Medien geheime Informationen verraten haben soll.

Die Beamtin hatte als Sonderassistentin der US-Präsidenten Bill Clinton und George W. Bush jahrelang im Weißen Haus gearbeitet.

Washington - Die US-Regierung führt ihre Kampagne gegen Beamte, die Informationen an Journalisten weitergeben, mit unverminderter Härte fort.

Jetzt wurde eine langjährige Mitarbeiterin des US-Auslandsgeheimdienstes CIA wegen unerlaubten Kontakten zu Medienvertretern entlassen. 

Die Frau soll unter anderem Gespräche mit der Journalistin Dana Priest von der "Washington Post" geführt haben, berichtete das Blatt.

Priest wurde in dieser Woche für ihre Beiträge über geheime CIA-Gefängnisse im Ausland mit dem Pulitzer-Preis ausgezeichnet, der höchsten Würdigung für journalistische Arbeit in den USA.
Regierungsbildung: Stillstand im Irak beendet
Gespräche mit Journalisten: CIA feuert Mitarbeiterin wegen Geheimnisverrat
22.Apr.2006 Bulgarien: Bericht über gefährlichen AKW-Störfall
22.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-412359,00.html

Unterwasser-Sandsturm durch Hurrikan

Ivan verursachte also einen regelrechten Unterwasser-Sandsturm, berichtet das Team im Fachmagazin "Geophysical Research Letters".

Trotz der Metallgehäuse zum Schutz der Instrumente, drang Sand in die Messgeräte ein und verstopfte eine Station sogar vollkommen.

Ausgehend von der Menge des fehlenden Sandes an den beiden Messorten rechneten die Forscher hoch, dass Ivan mehr als 100 Millionen Kubikmeter Material aufgewühlt und an anderer Stelle wieder abgeladen hat.

Das Meiste davon, so Teague, sei wahrscheinlich auf dem Kontinentalschelf nahe des Mississippi-Deltas gelandet.

An diesem Punkt gesellt sich zu Messung und Schätzung bei den Forschern eine gehörige Portion Phantasie hinzu:

22.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-412359,00.html

00.000.2004 -Als Ivan seine Bahn zog, hatten Teague + seine Kollegen sechs Messstationen am Meeresgrund eingerichtet, um Veränderungen in Wassertiefe, Druck und Strömung zu messen.

Nach dem Sturm stellten die Forscher fest, dass an zwei Messstationen 30 Zentimeter Meeresboden abgetragen wurde. "Die Geräte zeigten sofort nach dem Passieren des Wirbelsturms die neue Tiefe an", sagt Teague.

In einem weiteren Video erklärte Ecko die Gründe für die spektakuläre Aktion:

Die Gründerväter der USA hätten Traditionen und Konventionen abgelehnt und das Land so zum freiesten Ort der Welt gemacht.

"Die wahrscheinlich größte Verantwortung des Präsidenten ist es, unsere Freiheit zu schützen", lautet Eckos bissiger Kommentar. Und das höchste Gut sei das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung.

Wie viel die Aktion gekostet hat, wollte Ecko nicht verraten. "Billig war es nicht", sagte er. "Man muss schon reich sein."

"Ich wollte etwas kulturell Bedeutendes machen und einen echten Moment der Popkultur schaffen", sagte Marc Ecko, Inhaber einer New Yorker Modefirma und Urheber des Videos.

Die Aktion sei "völlig respektlos" und eigentlich leicht als Spaß zu erkennen: Dass eine "eine Fünf-Dollar-Spraydose diesem Riesen einen Pickel verpasst", sei in Wirklichkeit niemals denkbar.

"Marc Ecko Enterprises befürwortet keine illegalen Handlungen, Vandalismus oder die Zerstörung fremden Eigentums", heißt es auf der Webseite des Unternehmens.

"Wir befürworten jedoch die freie Meinungsäußerung und Graffiti als eine anerkannte Kunstform."
Der Film verbreitete sich in Windeseile durchs Internet - + wirkte so authentisch, dass selbst die US Air Force nachschauen musste, ob die "Air Force One" tatsächlich zum Ziel von Sprayern geworden war.

"Wir sehen uns das an", sagte Bruce Alexander, Sprecher der US-Luftwaffeneinheit, die für den Betrieb der Präsidenten-Maschine verantwortlich ist. "Es sieht sehr real aus."

Kein Wunder, denn die vermeintlichen Vandalen hatten weder Kosten noch Arbeit gescheut.

Sie hatten nicht etwa ein digitales Abbild der "Air Force One" in ein Allerweltsvideo eingebaut, sondern in Kalifornien eine echte Boeing 747 gemietet.

Unter strengster Geheimhaltung wurde die Maschine umgespritzt - so dass sie am Ende dem Dienstflugzeug des US-Präsidenten täuschend ähnlich sah.

Die Arbeiter, die den Jet auf dem Flughafen in San Bernardino bemalt haben, mussten Medienberichten zufolge sogar schriftlich ihr Stillschweigen zusichern.

Air-Force-Sprecher Alexander musste später einräumen, dass man einer Täuschung aufgesessen sei.

Es war das zweite Mal innerhalb weniger Tage, dass die "Air Force One" für Schlagzeilen sorgte.

Erst vergangene Woche wurde bekannt, dass die US-Luftwaffe versehentlich als geheim eingestufte Sicherheitsdaten über das Präsidenten-Flugzeug im Internet veröffentlicht hatte.
22.Apr.2006 Graffiti-Video: "Air Force One"-Kopie narrt US-Militär

22.Apr.2006 9/11-Film: Irakischer Schauspieler bangt um US-Visum

22.Apr.2006 Tschernobyl: Besuch in der Sperrzone

22.Apr.2006 Proteste in Nepal: Polizei feuert auf Demonstranten
22.Apr.2006 Zerstörerisches Duo: Hurrikan könnte Tsunami verursachen

22.Apr.2006 Eigenkomposition: Berlusconi singt von seinem Abschied
22.Apr.2006 BarlowFriendz: Is Spalding ... I pray that he is somewhere on this earth taking real good care of himself and will return to us eventually. ... typepad.com
22.Apr.2006 Terressentials Organic Hair ... And yet, some companies will tell you that natural means anything that originated somewhere on earth - no matter what they did to ... terressentials.com
22.Apr.2006 Earth Education... A New Be ... The critical thing now is to get started. Get out there and set up an earth education program somewhere yourself. ... eartheducation.org
22.Apr.2006 Wheaton College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wheaton College is the name of two colleges in the USA:. Wheaton College , Illinois · Wheaton College , Massachusetts ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheaton_College
22.Apr.2006 Wheaton College prof fired for converting A former Wheaton College professor who was fired because he converted to Catholicism ...

Wheaton College President Duane Litfin described the school as "a ... www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-prof10.html
Wheaton College Genomics Group A collection of search and visualization tools for regulatory sites in intergenic regions of the organism C.elegans, including a motif lexicon. genomics.wheatoncollege.edu
22.Apr.2006 psychobiology home page at Wheaton College . Wheaton Psychobiology Research Team Goes to Washington! Page Table of Contents:. What is Psychobiology? ... www.wheatonma.edu/Academic/AcademicDept/Psychobiology/Home.html
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22.Apr.2006 Talking Leaves: Fall 2002 ... Or maybe it's more than what we have experienced on Earth . Maybe we long for that somewhere out there in the cosmos from which we ... talkingleaves.org
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22.Apr.2006 American Petroleum Institut ... As long as it is available somewhere amid the earth's extensive assortment of reliable producing areas, much of the global ... api.org
22.Apr.2006 Steve Fisk's Discography ... KRS223; 1995 The Geraldine Fibbers "Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home" Virgin 7243 8 49692 2 0; 1995 ... subpop.com
22.Apr.2006 Philadelphia My Home Town Somewhere on Planet Earth in the northern hemisphere Is located the USA. On the East Coast is ... elliottsamazing.com
22.Apr.2006 Doctoral Candidate Edens Ke ... It was, I think, during a period of volcanic activity somewhere around the Earth + the ash and other aerosols added to the ... nmt.edu
22.Apr.2006 The Body: Katrina: This Is ... If you were going to be homeless and penniless somewhere , why on earth would you do that far away instead of back home on ... thebody.com
22.Apr.2006 art.blogging.la: Rebecca We ... I'd like to think that somewhere beyond this earth her and Margaret Killgallen are painting the walls of heaven together. ... blogging.la
22.Apr.2006 ET 04/00: Earth Day: A 30-Year ... farmers to buy terminator seed. The Climatic Wake-Up Call: Somewhere on Earth , soon. An extreme weather event ... sdearthtimes.com
22.Apr.2006 National Geographic magazin ... that alien beings could very well be out there somewhere . Therefore the scenario in which they come to Earth requires only some ... nationalgeographic.com
22.Apr.2006 Science News for Kids: Snap ... answer, the new discovery gives researchers confidence that they will one day find even closer cousins to Earth somewhere in the ... sciencenewsforkids.org
22.Apr.2006 What You Should Know About ... beginning of time. In fact, at this very moment, lightning is striking somewhere on the earth . In the lower ... astronwireless.com
22.Apr.2006 Future Energy eNews Februar ... transmission of power, source dissipation will only be experienced when a load is engaged in a tuned receiver somewhere on the ... erols.com
22.Apr.2006 Listen to Earth's 'songs,' ... Lightning strikes somewhere on Earth nearly all the time (about 100 times per second), so strange-sounding VLF signals are ... nasa.gov
22.Apr.2006 Lorraine Jean Hopping - Wil ... Earthquakes are happening right now, as you read this, somewhere in the world. The Earth's broken crust is constantly shifting ... hoppingfun.com
22.Apr.2006 Tuesday, December 21, 2004 ... of the myriad of lights we see can be thought of as a symbol of a living, breathing human being somewhere on this earth who has ... knechts.net
22.Apr.2006 The Left Coaster: Comment on How the Lessons of California Can ... Social Democrats, USA 815 15th Street , NW Suite 511 Washington , DC 2005 Copyright: 1996, SD, USA. Splitting the Republican Coalition.

22.Apr.2006 Remarkable results in California ... Posted by: Lawrence Auster on 09.Oct.2003 www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/001799.html  
22.Apr.2006 The Left Coaster: Comment on How the Lessons of California Can ... Splitting the Republican Coalition. ... www.theleftcoaster.com/cgi-bin/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=627
22.Apr.2006 Matthew Yglesias: The Hawk of Libertarianism Flies At Dusk ... say, Russell Kirk. Social Democrats, USA.

Calpundit: Texas Republicans Redux October 10, 2003 TEXAS REPUBLICANS REDUX....Based on a few emails I've gotten, I want to make one additional comment about my Texas ...

22.Apr.2006 Buchanan writer regrets Iraq's liberation ... Comments. Social Democrats, USA - Splitting the Republican Coalition. ... www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/001824.html
22.Apr.2006 https://www.freedomactivist.net/partisan.html www.freedomactivist.net/partisan.html
22.Apr.2006 Left2Right: Is Terrorism Important ... I bet there are modern day Harry Trumans out there somewhere . ...

And we can do an excellent job of preventing asteroids hitting the earth if we dump enough money . left2right.typepad.com/main/2004/12/is_terrorism_im.html  
The Washington Monthly ... me, but i'm sure it makes sense somewhere in your ... USA 815 15th Street , NW Suite 511 Washington , DC 2005 Copyright ... If he is here on Earth to become his own man ...
The Washington Monthly
Backseat Strategists. Do the Democratic Party's harshest internal critics finally have a plan for building a political majority? ... www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2003_10/002388.php

22.Apr.2006 Ploughshares, the literary ... listen. He imagined that somewhere else on earth people were conversing in the language he had created. ... pshares.org
22.Apr.2006 uwnews.org | University of ... as possible about the earliest life on Earth is probably the best starting point for trying to find life somewhere else, said ... uwnews.org
22.Apr.2006 NWS JKL ... Of Nature. At any given moment, there are 1,800 thunderstorms in progress somewhere on the earth . This amounts ... noaa.gov
22.Apr.2006 Berkeley Daily Planet ... While a newborn baby gives a first cry somewhere on the earth , someone somewhere passes away, in a birth of new life and a ... berkeleydailyplanet.com
22.Apr.2006 DMR - OIL AND GAS IN VIRGIN ... TRAPS Unless hydrocarbons are trapped somewhere within the earth , they will migrate to the surface and escape into the natural ... mme.state.va.us
22.Apr.2006 HeraldNet: Microbes run lif ... Besides missing the enormous and profound implications of finding microbes or microorganisms somewhere other than Earth , The ... heraldnet.com
22.Apr.2006 Young Social Democrats 815 15th St NW, Washington, DC (202) 638-1515 Malcolm X and Bayard Rustin ...

If the powers that be don't want it here, then they should make it possible for us to do it somewhere else. ... socialdemocrats.org
What On Earth ... localized destruction. Such events occur somewhere on Earth between once per 50 years and once per 1000 years. ... whatonearth.com
22.Apr.2006 Another Smoking Gun: The CIA had evidence Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction six months before the 2003 US-led invasion but was ignored by a White House intent on ousting Saddam Hussein, a former senior CIA official said, according to CBS.
Lawyer for former AIPAC lobbyist says Condi Rice leaked national defense information in the same manner that landed a lower-level Pentagon official a 12-year prison sentence
MSNBC's Shuster: Signs point to Rove indictment. 4/22
Your Dollars Count. BuzzFlash is Run With Your Support -- And Your Support Only. We Have Our April 28th Visa Bill to Pay. BuzzFlash Has Been Changing the Way America Thinks Since May of 2000, Because of You.
CIA Fires Employee For Leaking Information About Bush's Gulag. Shouldn't Bush be fired for Leaking Like a Sieve? 4/22

22.Apr.2006 Rising Oil Prices Worry Finance Ministers 4/22
The Subversion of the German Legal System by a "Unitary Authority" During the Third Reich. Can it Happen Here? Read "In the Name of the Volk: Political Justice in Hitler's Germany."
Bush has federal charges filed against woman exercising her freedom to protest in the USA against a leader of a country that Bush told needs to allow more freedom 4/22

22.Apr.2006 Founded in 1970, It's Earth Day -- And We're Still Here. That's Always an Uncertainty, With Bush in the White House. 4/22
Education Key to Expanding Earth Day Celebration 4/22

22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ ... when there are oh so many more annoying details to explore. It's just really hard to keep up and keep 'em all straight.Permalink
22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Just like Bush saying, if he leaks, it's ok; he was just informing his subjects.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Seems none other than Condi - our Secretary of State - has been "accused" of leaking secrets to AIPAC in a manner no different than how a Pentagon official shared secrets with an Isreali lobbyist. That official is now serving 12 years.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ But now, folks, we have yet another example of selective leaking from our sinking ship of state with the newly arranged deck chairs.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Karl Rove commits a crime by exposing a CIA agent for revenge against a dissenter (who just happens to be the agent's husband) + he was promoted. Remember? Deputy Chief of Staff after stealing another election? Even after being heavily implicated in the scandal. This week's demotion was, well, damage control, on so many dimensions.
22.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Sinking ships leak dr. elsewhere here
Where to begin.
Of course, there is the
ongoing irony of Bush insisting he will not tolerate leaks, while leaking the identity of a CIA agent. At least.
Then today we hear that a CIA agent has been
fired for leaking information about our secret overseas prisons. You know; the embarrassing expose that won Dana Priest the Pulitzer.

22.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/reise/fernweh/0,1518,druck-412289,00.html
"Weil man sich nicht darauf verlassen kann, dass bereits erteilte Baugenehmigungen nicht wenig später wieder entzogen werden, ist es schwierig, einen geeigneten Investor für das Projekt zu finden", bedauert Winter. "Doch das Thema bleibt aktuell."
22.Apr.2006 Quartalsbilanz: Bundesagentur überrascht mit fettem Gewinn
22.Apr.2006 Extremismus: Koalition streitet über Kampf gegen Rechts

22.Apr.2006 Hypnose im OP: In Trance unterm Messer
22.Apr.2006 How to take notes in a digital world Blog: In our increasingly paperless society has made one basic function of life a bit more difficult: note-taking. That's why programmer...
22.Apr.2006 Gonzales calls for mandatory Web labeling law Bush administration says that sexually explicit Web sites must be labeled as such, or their operators could go to prison.
22.Apr.2006 Man charged with hacking USC database Prosecutors allege the San Diego man nabbed sensitive info on more than 275,000 people from a university system.
22.Apr.2006 Paris mayor defends France's wariness of U.S. tech During summit with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Bertrand Delanoe speaks up about Apple, Google.
22.Apr.2006 U.S. Government Developed the iPod by Zonk 26 ezavada writes

"Engadget reports that in a speech at Tuskegee University, President Bush claims that government research developed the iPod."

From the article: "While we have to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of government agencies such as DARPA in some of the fields mentioned by the President, we also feel obligated to point out the accomplishments of private companies in the US and abroad, including IBM, Hitachi and Toshiba -- not to mention the Fraunhofer Institute, which developed the original MP3 codec ..."
2006 Robot Hall of Fame Inductees Announced by Zonk 48 qeorqe writes

"The Robot Hall of Fame 2006 inductees have been announced! The induction ceremony will be at the RoboBusiness Conference in Pittsburgh on 21.Jun.2006

Anthony Daniels portrayer of C3PO, will be master of ceremonies.

The selected robots are: AIBO, SCARA, David (A.I.), Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still) + Maria (Metropolis).

The announcement was made in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration of the computer science department at CMU (formerly CIT)."
How The THX Noise Was Created by Zonk 162 devilsbrigade writes

"The blog MusicThing is running an interesting interview with Andy Moorer. Mr. Moorer is the man who created the sound called Deep Note, now heard in every THX-enabled movie theatre.

The interview is originally from last year, but the tech-heavy discussion is still a timeless analysis of a great sound." From the article: "The score consists of a C program of about 20,000 lines of code.

The output of this program is not the sound itself, but is the sequence of parameters that drives the oscillators on the ASP.

That 20,000 lines of code produce about 250,000 lines of statements of the form "set frequency of oscillator X to Y Hertz. The oscillators were not simple - they had 1-pole smoothers on both amplitude and frequency.

At the beginning, they form a cluster from 200 to 400 Hz. I randomly assigned and poked the frequencies so they drifted up and down in that range."
Apple Trade Secret Suit Final Arguments Today by Zonk 100 An anonymous reader writes

"The final day of arguments takes place today in Santa Clara, CA, in the suit between Apple and the bloggers who outed their secrets."

From the article: "Apple often dispatched cease and desist letters to the editors or these sites or initiated internal investigations to smoke out which of its employees were leaking information.

But the lawsuit against the Power Page marked the first time that Apple attempted to use California law protecting corporate trade secrets to suppress the early disclosure of its product development plans by a Web media outlet. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing the Does, or the unnamed sources of the alleged information leak, contends that a ruling in this case could set a precedent that determines whether online sites can qualify as journalists who can work under First Amendment protections"
Tilting At Windmills by Zonk 505 GreedyCapitalist writes

"Anne Applebaum writes in the Washington Post about environmentalists who are opposing renewable energy sources."

From the article:

"Already, activists and real estate developers have stalled projects across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York.

In Western Maryland, a proposal to build wind turbines alongside a coal mine, on a heavily logged mountaintop next to a transmission line, has just been nixed by state officials who called it too environmentally damaging.

Along the coast of Nantucket, Mass. -- the only sufficiently shallow spot on the New England coast -- a coalition of anti-wind groups + summer homeowners, among them the Kennedy family, also seems set to block Cape Wind, a planned offshore wind farm.

Their well-funded lobbying last month won them the attentions of Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who, though normally an advocate of a state's right to its own resources, has made an exception for Massachusetts + helped pass an amendment designed to kill the project altogether."
eBay Looking for Allies Against Google by Zonk 192 Vitaly Friedman writes

"A report in the Wall Street Journal today talks about how eBay is looking for partners to defend against the growing threat of Google.

Specifically, Google Base + the payment system in the works in Mountain View are seen as possible dangers to eBay's auctions + PayPal payment operations, says the report.

Google Talk just throws some salt in the wounds by looking for a toehold in Skype's turf."
Patent Firm Woos Inventors by Zonk 39+ An anonymous reader writes

"C|Net has an article up discussing a new way to win the patent race; hook up with the inventors." From the article: "'They are more concept type of patents. It is a very blue sky kind of thing,' Langer said of the patents that Intellectual Ventures is trying to develop. By contrast, the type of patents that Langer continues to file on his own are typically based on several years of lab research and targeted at very specific ideas, he said. Other researchers working with the firm include Eric Leuthardt, a neurosurgeon with St. Louis' Washington University + Muriel Ishikawa, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "
Fundamental Constant Possibly Inconsistent by Zonk 255+ dylanduck writes

"Cosmologists have begun thinking that yet another fundamental constant of nature is, er, not constant. The constant in question is the ratio of a proton's mass to that of an electron. It governs the strong nuclear force but there's no explanation for why that ratio should be constant. If true it would provide support for string theory, which predicts extra spatial dimensions." From the article: "Researchers at the Free University in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the European Southern Observatory in Chile discovered the variation in mu. They did it by comparing the spectrum of molecular hydrogen gas in the laboratory to what it was in quasars 12 billion light years away. The spectrum depends on the relative masses of protons and electrons in the molecule."
TSA Software Bug Creates Airport Bomb Scare by Zonk 139+ 192939495969798999 writes

"An article at CNN's website reports on a serious software bug at the Atlanta airport."

From the article: "TSA screeners are given tests around the clock to check their alertness.

Images of bombs + other suspicious devices that are hard to detect are put up on the X-ray machine, followed after a brief delay by an alert that reads, 'This is a test.'

After reviewing a tape of the images, Hawley said the software failed to alert the screener of the test."
The Future of Innovation At Stake? by Zonk 121+ Neuropol writes

"Next week, Microsoft will launch a challenge against the European Union's highest court.

The European Commission will need to decide if they are to overturn the EU Court's 2004 Anti-Trust case ruling.

Amid arguments over the usual suspects like Windows Media Player,

one of the key points of the CNN article that caught my attention was this quote from a EU Commission lawyer stating that

Microsoft aims 'to eliminate the openness of the Internet, to proprietize the Internet, the lawyer said, adding the groundwork will be laid in Microsoft's forthcoming new operating system, Vista.'"
New Internet Regulation Proposed by Zonk 295+ bumgutts writes

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has suggested a mandatory website self-rating system. The system, very similar to one suggested under Clinton's administration, would require by law all commercial websites to place 'marks and notices' on each page containing 'sexually explicit' content, with penalty up to 5 years imprisonment." From the article: "A second new crime would threaten with imprisonment Web site operators who mislead visitors about sex with deceptive 'words or digital images' in their source code--for instance, a site that might pop up in searches for Barbie dolls or Teletubbies but actually features sexually explicit photographs. A third new crime appears to require that commercial Web sites not post sexually explicit material on their home page if it can be seen 'absent any further actions by the viewer.'"
New Patent on TV Forces You to Watch Ads by CowboyNeal 384+ WebHostingGuy writes

"A patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says researchers of the Netherland-based electronics company have created a technology that could let broadcasters freeze a channel during a commercial, so viewers wouldn't be able to avoid it. Philips acknowledged that this technology might not sit well with s and suggested in its patent filing that s be allowed to avoid the feature if they paid broadcasters a fee."
https://www.sploid.com/news/2006/04/more_missing_ju.php Permalink
The latest Gospel of Judas fragments - which have yet to be authenticated - aren't even the first new bits to turn up this month.

Another half page of Coptic papyrus surfaced in New York City just as National Geographic was promoting its restoration.

Much like the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi codices, the Gospel of Judas has suffered intrigue and idiocy since it was rediscovered in an Egyptian cave some 25 years ago.

The leather-bound papyrus book was in fairly good shape when it was found in Egypt, possibly in a sealed tomb. But as it made its long journey from one shady black-market antiquities dealer to another, pieces were lost and the book suffered incredible abuse, such as being stuck in a freezer for years and left to mildew in a bank vault.
Bittlestone, a management consultant by profession, believes he has solved a mystery that has bedeviled scholars for more than 2,000 years.

In Odysseus Unbound, published this past October by Cambridge University Press, he argues that a peninsula on the island of Cephalonia was once a separate island—Ithaca, the kingdom of Homer’s Odysseus

some 3,000 years ago.

He believes that the sea channel dividing the two islands was filled in by successive earthquakes and landslides, creating the peninsula of Paliki, as it is known today.

Like Heinrich Schliemann, the businessman who discovered the site of ancient Troy in the 1870s + Michael Ventris, the architect who deciphered the written language of Minoan Crete in the 1950s, the 54-year-old Bittlestone is part of an honorable tradition of inspired amateurs who have made extraordinary discoveries outside the confines of conventional scholarship. “Bittlestone’s insight is brilliant,” says Gregory Nagy, director of the Center for Hellenic Studies, in Washington, D.C. “He has done something very important.

This is a real breakthrough convergence of oral poetry and geology + the most plausible explanation I’ve seen of what Ithaca was in the second millennium B.C. We’ll never read the Odyssey in the same way again.”
Berryman says the information that can be gleaned from Kennewick came close to being lost forever.
"Since 1990, we've lost most of the skeletal remains from groups," Berryman says. "It's a shame that a lot of these groups are already gone. We have no way of knowing what kind of movements there were in prehistoric times, where these people came from, who they were related to, what other tribal groups they might be related to."

22.Apr.2006 https://www.yubanet.com/artman/publish/printer_34696.shtml
"Bone is great at recording its own history," he says."Throughout your life, there are different things that you do + they may leave little signs in the bone. If you can read those signs, it's almost like interviewing a person."'
22.Apr.2006 F.D.A. Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana  The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that "no sound scientific studies" supported the medical use of marijuana, contradicting a 1999 review by a panel of highly regarded scientists.
22.Apr.2006 Kennewick Man Skeletal Find May Revolutionalize Continent's History  "It's one of the oldest skeletons, one of the earliest individuals that populated this continent," Berryman says. "And we have a chance to look at those remains and learn from them what they tell us about the past and who these people were."
22.Apr.2006 More missing Judas gospel!  Just two weeks after the Gospel of Judas shocked Christians around the world, more fragments of the weird old document have reportedly turned up in Ohio.
22.Apr.2006 Book lifts veil on state's witch trial past  New Mexicans didn't burn witches at the stake or hang them, that just wasn't their style.
In New Mexico's largely unknown witch trials - from 1756 to 1766 - the accused were mostly thrown in jail, although some punishments were a bit harsher, said Rick Hendricks, co-author of a new book "The Witches of Abiquiu" from University of New Mexico Press.

22.Apr.2006 A Spy Speaks Out  A CIA official who had a top role during the run-up to the Iraqi war charges the White House with ignoring intelligence that said there were no weapons of mass destruction or an active nuclear program in Iraq.
22.Apr.2006 Wildlife Defies Chernobyl Radiation by CowboyNeal 303+ An anonymous reader writes

"The BBC reports that wildlife has reappeared in the Chernobyl region even with high levels of radiation. Populations of animals both common and rare have increased substantially and there are tantalizing reports of bear footprints and confirmed reports of large colonies of wild boars and wolves. These animals are radioactive but otherwise healthy. A large number of animals died initially due to problems like destroyed thyroid glands but their offspring seem to be physically healthy. Experiments have shown the DNA strands have undergone considerable mutation but such mutations have not impacted crucial functions like reproduction. It is remarkable that such a phenomenon has occurred contrary to common assumptions about nuclear waste. The article includes some controversial statements recommending disposal of nuclear waste in tropical forests to keep forest land away from greedy developers and farmers"
Software Tracks Blogosphere Mood Swings by CowboyNeal 106+ holy_calamity writes

"Dutch researchers have figured out a way to measure the mood swings of the blogosphere. It can pick up peaks of flirtiness from bloggers around Valentine's Day and drunkenness at weekends, the plan is to create a search engine that returns the prevailing mood in the blogosphere about a topic. Companies are already interested in using it to track confidence. What's the mood of Slashdot on this one?"
Typo Found in Kryptos CIA Sculpture by Zonk 118+ SimuAndy writes

"Elonka Dunin, game developer at Simutronics and author/editor of the new book, 'The Mammoth Book of Secret Codes and Cryptograms', reports that what everyone had thought was the answer to part 2 of the CIA's encrypted Kryptos sculpture, wasn't. Sculptor Sanborn announced this week that everyone had gotten it wrong, because of a mistake on the art piece. For more info, check out the Wired story, or the Kryptos Group announcement."
Growing Censorship Concerns at Digg by CmdrTaco 398+
I find site rivalries boring, but growing concerns over Digg "censorship" have been submitted steadily for the last few months. Today two such stories were submitted so numerous that I had little choice but to post. The first claims that Digg is the editor's playground- it explains how a few users control Digg + that it's not really the 'Democracy' that they claim it to be. Personally I think this is all totally within the rights of their editors to choose content however they like. But it's less pleasant when combined with accounts getting banned for posting content critical of digg + watching other content getting removed for being critical of sponsors (also, here is Kevin Rose's reply).

22.Apr.2006 Poor Planning, Need for New Equipment Could Push Iraq War Costs to $1 Trillion
Bush and the reverse halo -- The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

22.Apr.2006 Rumsfeld, With no Combat Experience, Dismisses Scathing Criticism of Generals Who Led Iraq War Effort. Is That Egomanical, Demented? Oh, It's Enough to Make Rumsfeld, Once Again, "The BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week"
The Subversion of the German Legal System by a "Unitary Authority" During the Third Reich. Can it Happen Here? Read "In the Name of the Volk: Political Justice in Hitler's Germany."
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

22.Apr.2006 The Chernobyl horror story - 20 years out: and more in the April 21st World Media Watch by Gloria Lalumia
Robert Koehler: A Sense of Urgency 4/22

22.Apr.2006 Protester Yells at Chinese President During White House Visit with Bush-- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
Forty % of New Jersey?s Crime Guns Come From Pennsylvania 4/22

22.Apr.2006 Eddie Eagle and Jason Priestley Tell You Not to Shoot Yourself 4/22
22.Apr.2006 Salon: "If the U.S. attacked Iran, the consequences would be catastrophic."
22.Apr.2006 The Sinister Meaning Olmert's "Hitkansut": The grand land theft will be sold to the world as a painful withdrawal of Jewish settlers, even if the great majority (probably 80 %) are left in place + only the most remote settlements are dismantled.

22.Apr.2006 More muscle, with eye on China: The Pentagon is engaged in an extensive buildup of military forces in Asia as part of a covert strategy to strengthen + position U.S. + allied forces to deter - or defeat - China.

22.Apr.2006 A monarch willing to kill his own people to save his skin : Hidden away in his palace in the midst of a city in chaos, King Gyanendra of Nepal appeared desperate to cling to power - and prepared to shoot down his own unarmed subjects in the streets to do it.

22.Apr.2006 Chavez issues warning to U.S.: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez yesterday warned his government would blow up its own oilfields if the USA ever were to attack -- the latest in a series of warnings to Washington.

22.Apr.2006 Chavez says U.S. won't give Morales a honeymoon: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused his arch-enemy Washington on Thursday of trying to destabilize Bolivia's leftist government, which took office three months ago.

22.Apr.2006 Venezuelan president blames U.S. for high oil prices : “It could reach $100 ... It is up to the USA,” Chavez told reporters as he arrived in southern Brazil on a trade mission. He attributed the already-high price to American “bellicose statements and the American president's threats against Iran.”

22.Apr.2006 Energy drives higher Halliburton profit: Halliburton Co. reported first-quarter net earnings rose nearly 34% to $488 million, or 91 cents a share, from $365 million or 72 cents a share a year earlier.

22.Apr.2006 New Gasoline Study Shows Profits, Are Driving Pump Price Spike: A new study of rising gasoline prices in California found that corporate markups and profiteering are responsible for spring price spikes, not rising crude costs or the national switchover to higher-cost ethanol, as the oil industry claims

22.Apr.2006 Peak Oil And The Political Economy Of Terrorism: A Straits of Hormuz blocked by sunken tankers either way will immediately reduce global oil supplies by 20-25 % per day. Perhaps more, depending on which estimates you have been reading.

22.Apr.2006 In Terror War, Not All Names Are Equal: A major government watchdog group is charging that Muslim charities are being shut down for supposedly backing terrorist causes, while giant firms like Halliburton are receiving the full protection of U.S. law for allegedly breaking government sanctions against doing business with Iran -- a country designated as a sponsor of terrorism.

22.Apr.2006 Sidney Blumenthal: Revolt of the generals : The denunciation of the administration's handling of Iraq by former US army chiefs is unprecedented

22.Apr.2006 Humor : I'm The Decider: I am the Egg Head: (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)

22.Apr.2006 John W. Dean: If Past Is Prologue , George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President

22.Apr.2006 The Worst President in History? : One of America's leading historians assesses George W. Bush

22.Apr.2006 Grand Jury Hears Evidence Against Rove : Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald met with the grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case and introduced additional evidence against Rove, attorneys and other US officials close to the investigation said.

22.Apr.2006 Apartheid, Bush style : The Republican rape of New Orleans

22.Apr.2006 Woman who acted as 'human shield' in Iraq is fighting U.S. government fine: After she returned to the USA, Karpova was fined $6,700 by the Treasury Department for violating U.S. economic sanctions. Fines ranging from $6,700 to $8,000 were levied against three other human shields.
22.Apr.2006 Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq: "The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was not an isolated episode. It was the culmination of a 110-year period during which Americans overthrew fourteen governments that displeased them for various ideological, political + economic reasons."

22.Apr.2006 Israel Preparing To Kill Palestinian Cabinet and Reoccupy Gaza?: In a growing barrage of Israeli pressure against Hamas, a senior military commander said Israel is actively preparing to reoccupy the Gaza Strip and a powerful lawmaker said the entire Palestinian Cabinet could be targeted for assassination .

22.Apr.2006 Hamas preparing for independent Palestinian economy: The Hamas-led Palestinian government is preparing a long-term plan aimed at achieving separation from the Israeli economy.
22.Apr.2006 Turkish Army Sends 40,000 Troops to Southeast: Turkey has sent nearly 40,000 troops to the southeast to prepare for an expected rise in Kurdish rebel incursions from northern Iraq, a senior military official said on April 20.

22.Apr.2006 Iran shells Iranian Kurdish positions in Iraq-PUK: Iranian forces shelled Iranian Kurdish rebel positions inside mountainous northern Iraq on Friday to repel an attack, an Iraqi Kurdish official said.

22.Apr.2006 Cheney has tapped Iranian expatriate, arms dealer to surveil discussions with Iran: Speaking on condition of anonymity, three intelligence sources identified the Iran-Contra middleman as having been put back on the payroll, acting as a human intelligence asset and monitoring any movement in discussions about Iran’s alleged burgeoning nuclear weapons program.

22.Apr.2006 Iran years away from having nukes’: US intelligence chief John Negroponte has said Iran's resumption of uranium enrichment is "troublesome" but the country is still years away from having enough fissile material to make a nuclear weapon.

22.Apr.2006 Russia toughens opposition to Iran sanctions : Hardening its opposition to sanctions against Iran, Russia said on Friday the U.N. Security Council should only consider such measures if it had proof the Islamic Republic was trying to build nuclear weapons.

22.Apr.2006 Russia backs Iran's nuclear programme: Russia today offered its most outspoken support yet of the controversial nuclear programme in Iran, its neighbour and trading partner.

22.Apr.2006 Russia Will Not Agree to Iran Sanctions Without Proof : Russia says again it will not agree to sanctions against Iran until Moscow sees hard evidence that Tehran's nuclear program is not for peaceful purposes

22.Apr.2006 Taking matters in hand: Ali Larijani, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator and head of the Supreme National Security Council, tells Amira Howeidy that Iran does not need nuclear weapons to promote its influence in the region and that punishing Iran for pursuing a nuclear programme will damage everyone
22.Apr.2006 Rumsfeld jokes as generals get angry over GI body count : “I am driven to action now by the missteps and misjudgments of the White House and the Pentagon + by my many painful visits to our military hospitals,” Newbold wrote “The cost of flawed leadership continues to be paid in blood.

22.Apr.2006 Poor planning, equipment to push Iraq war costs to 1 trillion dollars: : "When the administration submitted its original budget for the Iraq war, it didn't provide money for continuing the war this year or any other. We could end up spending up to one trillion (dollars) in supplemental budgets for this war," he said.
22.Apr.2006 A Path to Peace with Iran -By Scott Ritter
The problems that plague Washington DC on the issue of Iran are the same problems that haunt America overall regarding Iraq -- no clear understanding of why we as a nation are doing what we are doing where we are doing it + absolutely no system of accountability for those who are implicated, directly through their actions or indirectly through abrogation of duties and responsibilities, in embroiling America in such senseless conflict.

22.Apr.2006 1Million Dead Iranians -by Chris Floyd
When this attack comes -- either as a stand-alone "knock-out blow" or as the precursor to a full-scale, regime-changing invasion, like the earlier aggression in Iraq -- there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no congressional hearings, no public debate. The already-issued orders governing the operation put the decision solely in the hands of the president. He picks up the phone, he says, "Go," and in 12 hours' time, up to 1 million Iranians will be dead.

22.Apr.2006 Don't Impeach Bush. Commit Him - A Maniacal Messianic Prepares to Fulfill His Destiny -By Ted Rall
Until I read Seymour Hersh's expose in The New Yorker and subsequent follow-up coverage by other journalists about the Bush Administration's plans to start a war against Iran, I had dismissed talk of George W. Bush's messianism as so much Beltway chatter. True, he hears voices, even claiming that God and Jesus Christ talk to him. "I believe God wants me to run for president," he told a friend in Texas. Eschewing mainstream religion, he routinely parrots the apocalyptic ravings of fringe Christianist cults:

22.Apr.2006 White House knew there were no WMD: CIA -By AAP
The CIA had evidence Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction six months before the 2003 US-led invasion but was ignored by a White House intent on ousting Saddam Hussein, a former senior CIA official said, according to CBS.

22.Apr.2006 America’s Terror-war in Iraq -By Mike Whitney
What’s really taking place is that American armed and trained death squads are attacking Sunnis and Shiite alike to facilitate a break-up of Iraq which Pentagon planners and right wing ideologues have sought from the very beginning.

22.Apr.2006 The Great Revulsion - By Paul Krugman
"I have a vision — maybe just a hope — of a great revulsion: a moment in which the American people look at what is happening, realize how their good will and patriotism have been abused + put a stop to this drive to destroy much of what is best in our country."

22.Apr.2006 Raging Grannies and Raging Americans -By Cindy Sheehan
Every American who has ears to hear the "decider" lie and everyone who has eyes to watch him figuratively defecate on our Bill of Rights should use their voices to scream against the cruelty of BushCo, use their feet to march in solidarity with other Americans who repudiate the cruelty + use their butts to sit down in front of places of power to demand that our leaders quit using our names to imprison people indefinitely without trials and torture them as they hypocritically accuse other governments of violating human rights.

22.Apr.2006 Blair Fannin: "I found blogging, RSS and podcasting to bring out mental strength and creativity I never knew I had."
22.Apr.2006 Italien: Koalitionskrach beigelegt

22.Apr.2006 Streit um Gasprom-Drohung: Europaabgeordneter Brok spricht von "Kaltem Krieg"

22.Apr.2006 Unaufhaltsamer Anstieg: Ölpreis klettert auf 75 Dollar
Geschäft mit Atomreaktoren: Iran stellt Russland Großauftrag in Aussicht
Irak: Regierung in Sicht

22.Apr.2006 Prodi: Jetzt gratuliert auch Bush
The BuzzFlash Interview With Kevin Phillips: Will We Heed His Warnings About "An American Theocracy"?
Rumsfeld, With no Combat Experience, Dismisses Scathing Criticism of Generals Who Led Iraq War Effort. Is That Egomanical, Demented? Oh, It's Enough to Make Rumsfeld, Once Again, "The BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week"

21.Apr.2006 The Subversion of the German Legal System by a "Unitary Authority" During the Third Reich. Can it Happen Here? Read "In the Name of the Volk: Political Justice in Hitler's Germany."
A Campaign Al Gore Can't Lose 4/21
Paul Krugman: The Great Revulsion 4/21
E.J. Dionne: Here's the real meaning of the White House shake-up and the redefinition of Karl Rove's role in the Bush presidency: The administration's one and only domestic priority in 2006 is hanging on to control of Congress. 4/21
Help Save the Internet From Turning Into Another Cable Television Fiasco 4/22
Poor Harriet Miers. Almost a Supreme Court Justice, Now She May be Out of a Job. Weep, Weep, Sob, Sob. 4/21
Robert "The Traitor" Novak: Fitzgerald Knows Who Outed Valerie Plame as a CIA Operative to Novak
A defense contractor seeking help from Rep. Katherine Harris for $10 million in federal money last year took her to one of Washington's most exclusive restaurants, where he paid for a meal that may have cost as much as $2,800 and offered to sponsor a campaign fundraiser for her. 4/22

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Of course, the fact that gas prices are now hovering above the three-buck-a-gallon mark also has something to do with Bush's unpopularity. Permalink
21.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ According to a new poll, Bush's approval rating is down to 33%.

And here's the beauty part: The poll was conducted by Fox . Which means that other polls may soon go below the 30% mark.Permalink
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ "Does it strike anyone else as odd that the White House tossed McClellan out the window without having a replacement ready to announce?"
21.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-412408,00.html

Es würde mich nicht wundern, wenn wir in der Industrie noch einmal 1,2 Millionen Arbeitsplätze verlieren würden." Bereits von 1995 bis heute seien wegen der Verlagerung in Billiglohnländer rund 1,2 Millionen Arbeitsplätze in Deutschland verloren gegangen.

Sinn zitierte eine Umfrage, wonach Osteuropa die Hauptzielregion deutscher Direktinvestitionen im Ausland ist.

Er kritisierte, dass sich Deutschland zwei Jahre nach dem EU-Beitritt osteuropäischer Länder noch nicht auf die volle Arbeitnehmerfreizügigkeit in der EU eingestellt habe. Ab 2011, wenn Arbeitnehmer aus dem EU-Ausland in Deutschland ungehindert arbeiten können, werde der Druck auf die Beschäftigten weiter steigen.

Mittelfristig rechnet Sinn mit dem Zuzug von mindestens 2,5 Millionen Menschen. "Die Ausländer werden die Einheimischen in den Sessel drängen, den der deutsche Sozialstaat für sie bereit hält."

Blogometer: Wann weint das Web?

21.Apr.2006 Billiglohn-Konkurrenz: Wirtschaftsforscher rechnet mit millionenfachem Jobabbau
Die Physiker glauben nun, dass sich der Massequotient dieser fundamentalen Atombausteine im Lauf der Entwicklung des Universums verändert hat.

Die Ergebnisse ihrer Labormessungen verglichen die Forscher mit Werten von zwölf Milliarden Lichtjahren entfernen Galaxien.

Da das Licht von dort zwölf Milliarden Jahre bis zur Erde unterwegs war, spiegeln diese Messwerte das Massenverhältnis in der Frühzeit des Universums wider.

Demnach hat sich das Verhältnis seither um 0,002 % verändert - der Quotient müsste sich verkleinert haben. Dieses Resultat sei allerdings nur zu 99,7 % sicher und damit noch kein Beweis, betonen die Physiker im Fachblatt "Physical Review Letters".

Ein Wasserstoffmolekül besteht aus zwei Protonen und zwei Elektronen. Wird es mit Licht bestrahlt, hängt die absorbierte Wellenlänge vom Massenverhältnis der beiden Elementarteilchen ab.

Diesen Zusammenhang machte sich das Team von Ubachs für seine Messungen zu Nutze.

Ursache bislang unklar

Der Umweltsatellit Envisat zeigt jetzt die gewaltigen Ausmaße der Sand- und Staubwolke, die sich über weite Teile Nordchinas erstreckt hat.

Solche Sandstürme peitschen jedes Jahr zwischen Anfang März bis Ende Mai aus der mongolischen Wüste nach Nordchina heran. Seit einigen Jahren hat sich das Problem allerdings verschlimmert, da große Teile des Landes verwüsten.

Eine Studie des United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) stellte 2004 fest, dass der Nordosten Asiens im Vergleich zu 1950 fünf Mal häufiger von Sandstürmen geplagt wird.

Mit zunehmender Verwüstung werde sich das Problem noch verschärfen, erklären Experten. Um die Ausbreitung der Wüsten langfristig zu stoppen, laufen in Peking nun Programme zur Aufforstung gefährdeter Gebiete.
Naturkonstanten: Sind Protonen- und Elektronenmasse variabel?
Unruhen am Himalaya: Nepals König gibt nach

22.Apr.2006 Autokonzern: Ford fährt Milliardenverlust ein
Nepal: König Gyanendra gibt Macht ab
21.Apr.2006 Wilde Streiks in Vietnam: Ausgebeutet wie im 19. Jahrhundert

21.Apr.2006 Tschernobyl-GAU: In der Atomkraft gilt Murphys Gesetz
Energieversorgung: Bundesregierung über Gasprom-Drohung verärgert
Konzerngiganten-Ranking: Wer die US-Wirtschaft beherrscht
WM-Sicherheit: Mehrheit der Bundesländer lehnt DNA-Test für Hooligans ab
Umfrage: Union und Merkel sinken in der Wählergunst

21.Apr.2006 Neue Studie: Mars-Oberfläche seit Jahrmilliarden lebensfeindlich

21.Apr.2006 Nepal: Blutige Proteste gegen König Gyanendra
Hu-Besuch in den USA: Missverständnisse beim Großmacht-Gipfel
Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Rückkehr des Verbissenen"

21.Apr.2006 11.000 Euro für den Friseur: Cherie Blair erzürnt Labour
Satellitenbild der Woche: Peking unter Sand begraben
Geldautomaten-Ausfall: Millionen Chinesen bekommen kein Bargeld
21.Apr.2006 Grand Jury Hears Evidence Against Rove 
Rove indictments coming soon?
21.Apr.2006 Mysterious gigantic etchings discovered in Peru 
Japanese researchers said on Thursday that they had found 100 more drawings on Peru's Nazca plateau, whose giant etchings dating up to 2,500 years ago are one of archaeology's greatest mysteries.
21.Apr.2006 Heyerdahl's grandson aims to repeat voyage 
Nearly 60 years after Thor Heyerdahl's Pacific Ocean crossing aboard the balsa raft Kon-Tiki, a Norwegian team in Peru is putting final touches on a new vessel to repeat the journey.
It is Getting Bad for the "Great Decider" When FOX News Runs a Story on Polling and Reports That "Bush?s approval hits a record low of 33 % [among registered voters] this week, clearly damaged by sinking support among Republicans."
Robert "The Traitor" Novak: Fitzgerald Knows Who Outed Valerie Plame as a CIA Operative to Novak
Buy a Premium. Help Save the World. We Have Our April 28th Visa Bill to Pay.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

21.Apr.2006 Woman arrested for speaking freely right after Bush call for "freedom...to speak freely" -- and CNN calls it "a blemish" on Hu visit. Bush Trades Free Speech for Trade. Follow the Money and Arrest Anybody Who Tries to Speak Freely at the White House. A Surreal Moment of Bushevik Hypocrisy. 4/21
The Largely Unreported Revolt at the CIA Against the Busheviks. Fears that CIA Staff Could be Prosecuted for Bushevik Initiated Illegal Actions. 4/21
China recently surpassed Japan to become the largest holder of $833 billion of dollar reserves, most of which is thought to be invested in US Treasuries.
The Worst President in History?
A new FBI analysis of evidence in a bungled Detroit terrorism trial undercuts the recent indictment of the former prosecutor in the case, creating fresh conflict in a legal drama that has embarrassed the Bush administration. 4/21

21.Apr.2006 Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute
Gwynne Dyer: Oil: the party is over: Welcome to the world of US$70-per-barrel oil. That's if there is no crisis in the Gulf over Iran's nuclear ambitions. If there is, then get ready for US$140 a barrel.

21.Apr.2006 Biden Urges Bush to Back Bill to Eliminate Gas Price Gouging: Biden and 15 fellow Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, have sent a letter to the President calling on him to support the bill.

It would give states new powers to prosecute anyone who takes advantage of short supplies of gas to overcharge for it.

21.Apr.2006 North Korea says it has "shocking evidence" of US plot: "The CIA secretly enlist(s) experts on counterfeiting notes claimed to be the 'most sophisticated in the world' + invite(s) them to issue lots of fake currencies at 'counterfeit notes printing houses of North Korean-style' operating in U.S. military bases in different parts of the world," the spokesman said.

21.Apr.2006 Scientists condemn US as emissions of greenhouse gases hit record level : The USA emitted more greenhouse gases in 2004 than at any time in history, confirming its status as the world's biggest polluter.

Latest figures on the US contribution to global warming show that its carbon emissions have risen sharply despite international concerns over climate change.
Most Guantanamo detainees are small fry, experts say: The names released on Thursday by the US Defence Department did not include a single senior figure from Al-Qaeda or other Islamic extremist groups, nor from Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime, experts stressed.

21.Apr.2006 Canadian claims mistreatment by U.S agents: Akhil Sachdeva, an accountant from India who emigrated to Canada, still wonders why he was seized at gunpoint by U.S. agents + held for months with hundreds of foreigners following the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

21.Apr.2006 Intelligence Director's Budget May Near $1 Billion, Report Finds: The budget next year for National Intelligence Director John D. Negroponte's office and the several agencies attached to it may be near $1 billion or more, according to language buried in the report of the House intelligence committee on the fiscal 2007 intelligence authorization bill.

21.Apr.2006 U.S. Has 100,000 Spy's: The nation's spy chief disclosed for the first time Thursday that the number of U.S. intelligence personnel worldwide totals nearly 100,000.

21.Apr.2006 The CIA “Wehrmacht” : An ex-senior agency officer who keeps in contact with his former peers told me that there is a “a big swing” in anti-Bush sentiment at Langley. “I've been stunned by what I'm hearing,” he said. “There are people who fear that indictments and subpoenas could be coming down + they don't want to get caught up in it.”

21.Apr.2006 Chavez Begins Training Civilian Militia : President Hugo Chavez constantly warns Venezuelans a U.S. invasion is imminent. Now he's begun training a civilian militia as well as the Venezuelan army to resist in the only way possible against a much better-equipped force: by taking to the hills and fighting a guerrilla war.

21.Apr.2006 Venezuela quits Andean trade bloc : He told a summit in Paraguay that Venezuela was leaving because recent trade deals between Peru, Colombia and the US had killed off the community

21.Apr.2006 Business Wrong Model for Journalism: Four professional journalists appeared at Columbia University in New York in a panel on "Reporting War".(1) Charles Glass, an American journalist, Seymour Hersh, British journalist Robert Fisk + John Pilger, an Australian filmmaker and journalist writing for British and other publications.
Pushing Palestinians to the edge: Suicide bombing returns to the Israeli-Palestinian scene as the Palestinians continue to be deprived by Israel of the basic necessities of life

21.Apr.2006 Containing China: Slowly but surely, the grand strategy of the Bush administration is being revealed. It is not aimed primarily at the defeat of global terrorism, the incapacitation of rogue states, or the spread of democracy in the Middle East.

21.Apr.2006 Carlyle Group to be biggest-ever foreign investor in China SOE: American private equity firm Carlyle Group has just received permission to acquire 85% of Xugong Construction Machinery Group Inc., China's largest construction machinery company by revenue.

21.Apr.2006 Millions of refugees are hidden victims of the West's war on terror, : Refugees fleeing persecution or civil war are becoming the hidden victims of the West's obsession with combating terrorism, the United Nations will warn in a report published today.
Sex and money bought Iraq contracts : A CONTRACTOR in Iraq has pleaded guilty to providing money, sex and designer watches to US officials in exchange for more than $US8 million ($10.8 million) in reconstruction contracts.

21.Apr.2006 Unforeseen Spending on Materiel Pumps Up Iraq War Bill : With the expected passage this spring of the largest emergency spending bill in history, annual war expenditures in Iraq will have nearly doubled since the U.S. invasion, as the military confronts the rapidly escalating cost of repairing, rebuilding and replacing equipment chewed up by three years of combat.

21.Apr.2006 Rocketing US war spending under fire: A second study released on Wednesday was critical of rebuilding efforts, saying the US had failed to make the health of ordinary Iraqi and Afghan citizens a top priority.

21.Apr.2006 Bush raises UN action against Iran: US President George W. Bush said he has discussed with Chinese President Hu Jintao the possibility of the United Nations passing a motion against Iran that could order sanctions or action going up to military action.

21.Apr.2006 US prepared to go it alone over Iran : US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has invoked self-defence as a potential justification for military intervention in Iran

21.Apr.2006 Russians withhold judgment on Iran : Russia will decide its stance on the Iranian nuclear crisis based on a report next week by the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the deputy foreign minister said today.

21.Apr.2006 Brazil follows Iran's nuclear path, but without the fuss : As Iran faces international pressure over developing the raw material for nuclear weapons, Brazil is quietly preparing to open its own uranium-enrichment center, capable of producing exactly the same fuel.

21.Apr.2006 Sen. Joseph Lieberman: I'd Support Iran Attack: Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Tuesday that he would back a U.S. airstrike on Iran's nuclear facilities if diplomatic options fail, becoming the first Democrat to announce his support for such a move.

21.Apr.2006 Tony Judt: A Lobby, Not a Conspiracy :Does the Israel Lobby affect our foreign policy choices? Of course — that is one of its goals. And it has been rather successful: Israel is the largest recipient of American foreign aid and American responses to Israeli behavior have been overwhelmingly uncritical or supportive.

21.Apr.2006 Israeli Spy Affair: Judge grants second hearing in AIPAC case: In an unusual move, a US judge scheduled a second oral hearing on the request of former American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyists to dismiss the case against them.

21.Apr.2006 Israeli spy affair: FBI wants to search papers of late columnist: The agents expressed interest in documents that would aid the government's case against two former lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC
21.Apr.2006 A Plan To End The War - Dump The Democrats -By Joshua Frank
Antiwar allegiance to the pro-war Democrats may well be our biggest problem. Despite the mounting opposition across the US to the war in Iraq, not one major Democrat has endorsed an immediate unconditional withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

21.Apr.2006 Movements: From Antiwar, to Peace, to Democracy -By Mike Ferner
If we want to do more than postpone the next war or end the suffering of the current war a few weeks sooner; if we want to actually build peace. We need the discipline to understand that reacting against injustice is fighting fires; that fire prevention requires relearning our histories to find out how and where power is vested; how peoples’ movements dealt with these same problems generations ago; why we have to strip corporations of rights they’ve usurped so we can exercise democracy’s power to make fundamental change; how to change our organizing to focus on fundamental goals .

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ So. Joe Wilson, along with the rest of us, just might be granted a real live viewing of that delicious fantasy of Karl Rove being frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs!
21.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Jason Leopold of Truthout spoke with attorneys and US officials close to the case + to Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, who recently admitted that Rove remains a "subject" in the ongoing investigation. According to Leopold's sources, Fitz explained to the Grand Jury that Karl had lied eight out of the nine times he had been questioned about the details of this case + previous testimony was reread in the courtroom yesterday that implicated Rove in both lying and in the campaign to smear Joe Wilson.
21.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ We sure had good reason to wonder what might be up. Will it turn out that tossing Scottie away from the WH press corps wolves was just a smokescreen (Josh astutely wonders why Scottie would leave without a ready replacement) to distract media attention from Karl's shift away from policy and possibly toward police?
21.Apr.2006 Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital, Near U.S. Embassy. Will Bush Blame This Failure of Security on Saddam (Who is Deposed) or the Iran Nut Job? If Someone Doesn't Impeach This Lifelong Failure (Bush) Soon, the World's Going to Blow.
Mark Morford: "When all else fails and you're becoming Nixon 2.0, why not just nuke someone + smirk?"
Donate to BuzzFlash and Help Stop the Nuclear Barbarians in the White House. Click Here and Make It Happen. Because our Big Visa Bill is Coming up Again on April 28th. We Have no Big Oil Slush Fund. Those People Don't Like Us Very Much, To Say the Least.

21.Apr.2006 A Crisis Almost Without Equal: Republicans and Democrats alike are starting to face the prospect of what it means to have George W. Bush as their commander in chief for another 33 months -- in a time of war, terrorism + nuclear intrigue. How can the press contribute to confronting the crisis? First: recognize it exists. Thomas Friedman started to do that today. 4/20

21.Apr.2006 "The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever" -- Thom Hartmann: Independent Thinker of the Month Book by Steven C. Day
Sidney Blumenthal: "Karl Rove is a subject of Fitzgerald's investigation - this is the headline buried in Libby's filing." No Wonder, Karl Got An Official Redesignation in Title This Morning. But You Can't Separate Bush from His Brain, Can You?

21.Apr.2006 Nearly 20,000 people have been kidnapped in Iraq since the beginning of this year alone, according to a report released on Wednesday. 4/20
Has Rove?s Security Clearance Been Revoked? If He is Just Going to be a Political Operative Now, Wouldn't It Endanger National Security to Have An Election Strategist Mixed Up with Classified Information? Hasn't That Been the Problem All Along?

21.Apr.2006 Rolling Stone: Bush's may be the worst presidency in history. 4/20
The boyfriend of a Kentucky college student expelled for declaring his homosexuality on the Internet called Wednesday for a halt to $10 million in state funding for the private Baptist school. 4/20

01.Apr.2002 USA: The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business -by Tim Carvell, Adam Horowitz, Thomas Mucha ,  Business 2.0
In a perfect world, a list like this would not exist. In a perfect world, businesses would be run with the utmost integrity and competence.

But ours is, alas, an imperfect world + if we must live in one where Enron, Geraldo Rivera + Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes exist, the least we can do is catalog the absurdities.

Excerpted from article:

#87. Apparently unaware of the group's enmity for the corporate world, GM pays the British pop band Chumbawamba $100,000 for the rights to use the song "Pass It Along" in a Pontiac ad campaign.

The band promptly passes along the money to a pair of advocacy groups, including one, CorpWatch, that intends to spend some of the money looking into GM's social and environmental track record.

Bush habe im anschließenden Gespräch sein persönliches Bedauern zum Ausdruck gebracht + Hu habe die Entschuldigung angenommen, satte Dennis Wilder vom Nationalen Sicherheitsrat.

In China selbst haben die Fernsehzuschauer nach Einschätzung des Nachrichtensenders CNN bewusst nichts davon mitbekommen. Das Signal des Senders nach China sei zweimal unterbrochen worden, teilte CNN-International mit: Einmal als die Frau dazwischengerufen habe und ein weiteres Mal, als der Sender kurz darüber berichtete. Auch die Sendesignale der BBC und von Phoenix Satellite Television nach China seien unterbrochen worden. Bestätigt wurde dies bisher noch nicht.

China erlaubt rund drei Dutzend ausländischen Fernsehkanälen die Übertragung nach China, unter anderem BBC und CNN. Die Signale müssen vorher ein staatseigenes Kontrollzentrum passieren, das es den Behörden erlaubt, unbequeme Nachrichten zu schwärzen. Von dieser Möglichkeit wird rege Gebrauch gemacht.

Die Internet-Seiten des staatlichen Fernsehens und die offizielle Nachrichtenagentur Chinas erwähnten den Vorfall ebenfalls nicht. In beiden war zu lesen: "Bush hielt eine feierliche Willkommenszeremonie ab".
Ein 65 Meter langes Bild in der Wüste Perus haben japanische Forscher entdeckt. Es besteht aus Linien, die sich über die Oberfläche der Nazca-Ebene ziehen.

Diese ist berühmt für ihre Linienzeichnungen, sogenannte Geoglyphen.
Bereits vor einem Jahr hatten Archäologen Linienzeichnungen in der Nähe der Stadt Palpa in Peru entdeckt, die noch älter als die Darstellungen von Nazca sein sollen:

Die Vögel, Affen, Katzen und menschliche Gestalten sollen vor 2100 Jahren in den Fels geritzt worden sein. Sie bedecken 145 Quadratkilometer und könnten als astronomischer Kalender gedient haben.
Trotz der hohen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen konnte sich eine Anhängerin der in China verbotenen Falun-Gong-Sekte unter die anwesenden Journalisten mischen.
21.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412244,00.html
Bush sagte nach dem Ende der Gespräche, er habe sich mehr von dem Besucher im Oval Office versprochen.
21.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412244,00.html

Keine Reaktion erhielt Bush auf seine Aufforderung, Peking solle die Menschenrechte in China stärker achten.

"China ist reich geworden, weil die Menschen die Freiheit haben, Produkte zu verkaufen und zu kaufen", sagte Bush.

"China kann seinen Erfolg vergrößern, wenn es dem Volk auch Rede-, Versammlungs- und Religionsfreiheit zugesteht." Hu ging auf die Äußerungen Bushs nicht ein.
Berlusconi ließ heute, am Tag nach der gerichtlichen Bestätigung seiner Wahlniederlage, kein Einlenken erkennen. 

Er werde weiter gegen das Ergebnis kämpfen, kündigte der konservative Regierungschef an + prophezeite bereits für den Herbst ein Auseinanderbrechen des siegreichen Mitte-links-Bündnisses.

Dessen Chef Romano Prodi zeigte sich davon unbeirrt. Er wies aber Berichte zurück, er habe bereits mit der Besetzung zentraler Posten seines künftigen Kabinetts begonnen.
Zwischenfall bei Hu-Besuch: Bush entschuldigt sich, China schwärzt TV-Bilder
21.Apr.2006 20. APRIL 2006
Italien: Unabhängiger Senator gefährdet Prodis Vorsprung

20.Apr.2006 Hu im Weißen Haus: Bush vom chinesischen Besucher enttäuscht

20.Apr.2006 Rekordhochwaser: Evakuierung wider Willen
Bulgarisches AKW: Deutsche Firmen wollen an Risiko-Reaktor verdienen
Kolumbien: Ratten erschnüffeln Minen
Hausverbot für Schwule: Vatikan untersagt Homo-Gottesdienst

20.Apr.2006 Lieferstreit: Gasproms Drohgebärde alarmiert die EU
Britischer Botschafter: Bundesregierung soll von Foltergeständnissen profitiert haben
20.Apr.2006 Satelliten-Archäologie: Riesiges Linienbild in Peru entdeckt
20.Apr.2006 SPD-Kritik: "Europa muss Berlusconis Staatsstreich verurteilen"
Und auch Rumsfeld musste jetzt zugeben: "Kein Mann ist unersetzlich."
20.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412099,00.html

+ die in der Vergangenheit oft Bush-freundliche Washington Post überschreibt ihre Analyse der Vorgänge heute mit der Zeile:

"White House Signals a Shift Into Survival Mode" (Das Weiße Haus schaltet um auf Überlebens-Modus).

In Worthülsen verkrochen

Die Bewegung solcher gewaltigen Wassermengen weise auf die Existenz von Flüssen in der Größenordnung der Themse hin, so Siegert.

Die Ergebnisse der Studie ließen zudem den Schluss zu, dass die Seen aufgrund des stetig ansteigenden Wasserdrucks durch den darüberliegenden Eispanzer schlagartig anschwellen + so "wie ein Korken aus einer Champagnerflasche" aufbrechen könnten. Ob das Flusssystem und somit die Seen mit dem Meer verbunden sind, ist bislang noch unklar.

Gary K.C. Clarke von der University of British Columbia in Kanada warnte in Anbetracht dieser Erkenntnisse:

Es bestehe die Gefahr, dass durch eine Anbohrung eines einzigen Sees, das gesamte unterirdische System verunreinigt werden könnte.

"Es gibt bereits Pläne, aus dem Vostok-See Proben zu entnehmen, um die Vermutung eines mikrobiellen Ökosystems zu überprüfen", schrieb Clarke in einem anderen "Nature"-Beitrag. 

Subglaziale Seen in der Antarktis wurden erstmals in den 1960er Jahren entdeckt.

Seit damals hat man über 150 solcher Seen gefunden - mehrere Tausend dürften insgesamt existieren.

Moussaoui war einen Monat vor den Anschlägen festgenommen worden, weil er an einer Pilotenschule im US-Bundesstaat Minnesota als verdächtig aufgefallen war.

Er gestand, von der Terrororganisation al-Qaida als Attentäter für den 11.Sep.2001 eingeplant gewesen zu sein.

Wegen dieses Geständnisses hat die Jury nur zu entscheiden, ob Moussaoui zur Todesstrafe oder zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt wird.
In Argentinien hatten Forscher die versteinerten Überreste der Schlange entdeckt, die zwei Beine hatte. Das Tier stamme aus der Kreidezeit vor rund 65 bis 100 Millionen Jahren + habe in der Region Patagonien gelebt.

Nie wurde eine ältere Landschlange gefunden. Sie trägt den Namen Najash rionegrina.

Wie groß das Tier gewesen ist, lässt sich aus dem Fossil nicht ablesen.

Es ist aber das erste Mal, dass Wissenschaftler eine Schlange mit einem Kreuzbein gefunden hätten, welches das Becken stütze, sagte Hussam Zaher von der Universität Sao Paulo in Brasilien.

Er berichtet in dem Wissenschaftsmagazin "Nature", das Tier habe auch über kräftige und funktionstüchtige Beine außerhalb des Brustkorbs verfügt.

Die Urschlange habe eindeutig an Land gelebt, da zum einen ihre Anatomie darauf schließen lasse, dass sie in Erdlöchern gehaust habe.

Ein weiterer Hinweis sei, dass die Ablagerungen, in denen das Fossil gefunden wurde, aus einer Bodensubstanz bestünden und nicht aus einer Sedimentablagerung, die sich unter Wasser gebildet hat.

Wenn also diese Ur-Schlange an Land lebte, lässt sich Zaher zufolge vermuten, dass Schlangen sich auch an Land entwickelten.

Wissenschaftler gehen davon aus, dass Schlangen aus vierbeinigen Eidechsen entstanden, deren Beine sich im Lauf der Zeit zurückbildeten.

Strittig ist aber bislang, ob diese Ur-Eidechsen an Land oder im Wasser lebten. Lücke in der Entwicklung von Echse zu Schlange
Antarktische Seen: Reger Austausch unter dem Eispanzer
20.Apr.2006 Terrorismus in Syrien: Islamisten setzen Assad-Regime zu

20.Apr.2006 Urtiere: Schlangen verloren ihre Beine an Land

20.Apr.2006 Pentagon: Namen von 558 Guantanamo-Gefangenen veröffentlicht
Energieversorgung: Gasprom droht Europa
Terrorprozess: 9/11-Hinterbliebene sagen aus - für Moussaoui
Geschwindigkeitskontrolle: Anti-Raser-Gerät analysiert Motorengeräusch
Ozeanien: Australien unterstreicht Anspruch auf Ordnungsmacht

20.Apr.2006 Personalkarussell im Weißen Haus: Bush im Survival Mode

20.Apr.2006 Digital-Forensik: Kameras hinterlassen Fingerabdrücke
Exoskelett: Darmgas macht Krabben hart
20.Apr.2006 Börse am Morgen: Dax springt über 6000 Punkte
20.Apr.2006 The billion dollar Baghdad embassy - A glimpse of the reality behind the rhetoric - excellent article: https://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_718.shtml
More involved in Oklahoma City bombing?
More involved in Oklahoma City bombing? In COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS "I couldn't put a number on it, you know? It could be five, it could be 10, it could be more, but there has to be others involved."
Re: Bloglines - "Bush Prepares A Hail Mary Bet"

At least global catastrophes can produce some great writing. "Bush Prepares A Hail Mary Bet" By georgia10 on George W. Bush

I want the number of Mark Morford's muse. Whoever he/she is, today's Morford column is truly an inspired piece of wordsmithing.  

In today's piece, he paints the picture of a failed presidency in a way that perfectly captures the essence of George W. Bush (you really should read the whole thing):

Now, here he is, sitting right next to all the other countries at the Big Table, representing America, it's little Dubya Bush, stewing in his own juices, his poll numbers hovering right near Nixon levels, mumbling to himself, smelling vaguely of sawdust and horse manure and dead Social Security overhaul plans.

He is pockmarked by scandal, buffeted by storms of disapproval and infighting and nascent impeachment.

He authorized the leak of classified security information merely to smear an Iraq war critic, he lied about WMD + lied about Saddam and lied about making the USA safer and lied about, well, just about everything, on top of launching the worst and most violent and most expensive, unwinnable war since Vietnam.

His pile of betting capital is down to a tiny lump, nothing like back when he had the table rigged and all the pit bosses worked for him and the pile was as big as a roomful of Texas cow pies. But now, fortune is frowning. In fact, fortune is white-hot furious at being so viciously molested, spit upon, raped lo these many years. The truth is coming out: Bush has now lost far, far more bets than he ever won.

What's to be done? Why, do what any grumbling, furious, confused, underqualified alcoholic gambler does: reach down deep and say, "To hell with the nation and to hell with the odds and to hell with the rest of the planet," and pull out one more desperate, crumpled war from deep in your pants, slap it on the table and hear the world moan.
Israel Just Gave Iran Advanced Electronics, What For? By Cyte - Huge Israeli-Iranian Hi-Tech Deal Source
According to an Iraqi
source, Israel has just sold very advanced electronic equipment to Iran. The US is talking about attacking Iran + Israel is calling for this attack.
What is going on?
Why would Israel hand over sophisticated electronics to Iran at this time?

Apr.2006 CNN's Miles O'Brien's Insight -around 8:35 a.m. Miles O'Briend suggested that Moussaoui is "crazy like a fox" when presented with the fact that Moussaoui waits until the jury has left the Courtroom before making his outbursts.
20.Apr.2006 Israel > Dick Cheney > Iran War (Eric Margolis)

[Eric Margolis is systematically blacked out in the American mainstream media, even though he is one of the sharpest pundits in the West, because he has committed the unforgivable sin of pointing out the obvious. 

There is no mention of oil industry pressure on Cheney in this article, because there is not a shred of evidence that such pressure exists. 

There has been no persuasive effort by those promoting the oil industry thesis, like Michael Ruppert, to deal with the facts in the following paragraphs.]  

[Dick Cheney is closely associated with the PNAC, JINSA and AIPAC.  The neocons are following exactly the same script with Iran that they used with Iraq. 

The mainstream media aren't being fooled once, twice and thrice -- they are witting partners in this campaign. 

They helped design the scam.]   [Why has Cheney become a cog in this political machine? 

That is a great mystery.  I don't have a clue.  Perhaps someone else has figured it out.  Surely Cheney must understand that these policies will probably be incredibly damaging to the USA.]   https://www.ericmargolis.com/archives/2006/04/countdown_over.php   [Excerpt]  

Much of the administration?s anti-Iranian jihad has been orchestrated, like the attack on Iraq, by Vice President Dick Cheney, who increasingly emerges as the Rasputin of the Bush presidency.

Cheney is very close to Israel s political far right.

He is carrying out former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon s command to the US that once it invaded Iraq, `march immediately on Tehran.?  

Cheney + the pro-Israel neoconservatives around him, have long worked closely with Israel?s rightists, Mossad intelligence service + Israel?s strategic planners.

All agree that Iran, not Iraq, was the greater enemy of Israel + one that had at all costs to be crushed before it could develop nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them.  

Much of the current anti-Iranian hysteria campaign that is currently being trumpeted by the compliant US media and members of Congress is being orchestrated from Cheney?s office.

It is clear that in spite of the debacle in Iraq, the vice president intends to pursue his personal jihad against all Muslim regimes that are uncooperative and hostile to Israel.  

Cheney has persistently frustrated efforts by the US State Department and CIA to improve relations with Tehran. America s mighty Israel lobby has become Cheney?s personal army in this struggle + is mounting a high-powered campaign to generate war fever against Iran. Jewish Americans have been panicked by false claims that Israel is in the direst nuclear peril.
CIA mines 'rich' content from blogs by https://www.washtimes.com/functions/print.php?StoryID=20060418-110124-3694r  

www.washingtontimes.com CIA mines 'rich' content from blogs By Bill Gertz THE WASHINGTON TIMES
President Bush and U.S. policy-makers are receiving more intelligence from open sources such as Internet blogs and foreign newspapers than they previously did, senior intelligence officials said.
The new Open Source Center (OSC) at CIA headquarters recently stepped up data collection + analysis based on bloggers worldwide + is developing new methods to gauge the reliability of the content, said OSC Director Douglas J. Naquin.
"A lot of blogs now have become very big on the Internet + we're getting a lot of rich information on blogs that are telling us a lot about social perspectives + everything from what the general feeling is to ... people putting information on there that doesn't exist anywhere else," Mr. Naquin told The Washington Times.

Inside Bay Area Currently a device known as the E-Nose, or electronic nose, is being developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley using technology provided by Emeryville-based company Nanomix Inc. "Instead of sending a sample to a laboratory where they do some kind of elaborate analysis and ...
20.Apr.2006 The Worst President in History?
George W. Bush's presidency appears headed for colossal historical disgrace. Barring a cataclysmic event on the order of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, after which the public might rally around the White House once again, there seems to be little the administration can do to avoid being ...

20.Apr.2006 Editorial: How Dare They Use Our Oil!
The USA needs to both help China find alternative energy sources and show that America is doing the same thing itself.

20.Apr.2006 Dirty Politics and Clean Air Congress likes to talk about cleaning up their act in the wake of the Abramoff scandal, but if you look behind the closed-door attack on America’s first offshore wind farm, it’s business as usual.
20.Apr.2006 EU 'must co-operate on bird flu' European countries need to work more closely together in their plans for a future flu pandemic, a study says.
20.Apr.2006 Teeny Reactor Pumps Out Biodiesel A device the size of a credit card could enable farmers to quickly and easily convert vegetable oil into alternative fuel.
20.Apr.2006 Video: QuakeFinder's QF-1005 Ground Instrument predicts future quakes ... CEO Tom Bleier explains the functionality of the QF-1005 Ground Instrument, a machine that can telegraph future earthquakes.
20.Apr.2006 Tiny Biodiesel Reactors by samzenpus 115 Lee_in_KC writes

"A professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University developed a small reactor to directly convert vegetable oil to biodiesel. Goran Jovanovic reports his invention is approximately the size of a credit card.

It pumps vegetable oil and alcohol through parallel channels to convert the oil into biodiesel almost instantly.

Current mainstream methods to produce biodiesel take more than a day and also produces other byproducts which must be neutralized before disposal or use in other manufacturing processes."
Closet Slashdotters: The 'Intellectually Curious' by samzenpus 221 An anonymous reader writes

"Slashdotters are certified geeks, but apparently there's a bunch of other people out there who are very interested in science, technology, politics + culture but they don't want to be known as geeks.

A media consulting firm called OMD did a study for the company that owns Space.com and LiveScience. They conclude that 60 million Americans can be called "intellectually curious."

Intellectually, I'm curious what that makes the rest of them."
Die Wirtschaft ist im ersten Quartal um 10,2 % gewachsen. Die nun offiziell bekannt gegebene Zahl lag über zwei %punkte über dem von der Regierung angestrebten Wert von 8 %.
20.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-412075,00.html
Die Weltbank und andere Experten erwarten für dieses Jahr einen Anstieg der chinesischen Wirtschaftsleistung von bis zu 9,5 %.
20.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-412075,00.html
Er verwies darauf, dass die schnell wachsenden Wirtschaftsbeziehungen China wie den USA große Vorteile gebracht hätten. Er zitierte eine Studie der US-Investmentbank Morgan Stanley, laut der US-Konsumenten allein im Jahr 2004 dank importierter Billigwaren aus dem Reich der Mitte 100 Milliarden Dollar (rund 81 Milliarden Euro) gespart hätten. Gleichzeitig habe der Warenaustausch mit China in den USA vier Millionen Jobs geschaffen. Der chinesische Staatschef betonte, dass etwa 90 % der US-Importe aus China Güter beträfen, die in den Vereinigten Staaten nicht mehr produziert würden.

Die USA werfen Peking vor, den Kurs des Yuan künstlich niedrig zu halten, damit die chinesischen Ausfuhren billig bleiben. China exportiert weit mehr in die USA, als es von dort einführt. Das US-Defizit im Handel mit der Volksrepublik betrug im vergangenen Jahr 202 Milliarden Dollar. Viele US-Politiker und -Gewerkschafter fürchten deshalb um Arbeitsplätze im eigenen Land.

Harbulot: Sowohl auf Staats- als auch auf Unternehmensebene geht es darum, nicht unterlegen zu sein. Man muss dem Gegenüber zu verstehen geben, dass man ihn und seine möglichen Angriffsstrategien kennt. So erreicht man ein Kräftegleichgewicht. Allain Juillet, der Verantwortliche für Wirtschaftsstrategien von Frankreich, hat das einmal mit Judo verglichen. Man kann dabei Angriffs- und Verteidigungsstrategien nicht trennen.
Wenn Politiker in Wirtschaftsvorgänge eingreifen, müssen sie sich mit Hinweis auf die öffentliche Sicherheit entschuldigen. So können wir nicht auf Augenhöhe mit den USA oder China agieren.
20.Apr.2006 Bechtel Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechtel_Corporation

... the manner in which it received Iraqi rebuilding ... of all Bechtel's performance audits related to ... (U.S.A.) Bechtel SAIC LLC. Bechtel... en.wikipedia.org

00.000.1988-00.000.1992 Timeline https://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/timeline15.htm Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein orders an invasion ...

SRI's remote viewing project moved to SAIC ... Related research is conducted at the Moscow... www.cassiopaea.org
Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital, Near U.S. Embassy. Will Bush Blame This Failure of Security on Saddam (Who is Deposed) or the Iran Nut Job? If Someone Doesn't Impeach This Lifelong Failure (Bush) Soon, the World's Going to Blow.

20.Apr.2006 Mark Morford: "When all else fails and you're becoming Nixon 2.0, why not just nuke someone + smirk?"
Donate to BuzzFlash and Help Stop the Nuclear Barbarians in the White House. Click Here and Make It Happen. Because our Big Visa Bill is Coming up Again on April 28th. We Have no Big Oil Slush Fund. Those People Don't Like Us Very Much, To Say the Least.

20.Apr.2006 A Crisis Almost Without Equal: Republicans and Democrats alike are starting to face the prospect of what it means to have George W. Bush as their commander in chief for another 33 months -- in a time of war, terrorism + nuclear intrigue. How can the press contribute to confronting the crisis? First: recognize it exists. Thomas Friedman started to do that today. 4/20

20.Apr.2006 "The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever" -- Thom Hartmann: Independent Thinker of the Month Book by Steven C. Day
Sidney Blumenthal: "Karl Rove is a subject of Fitzgerald's investigation - this is the headline buried in Libby's filing." No Wonder, Karl Got An Official Redesignation in Title This Morning. But You Can't Separate Bush from His Brain, Can You?

20.Apr.2006 Nearly 20,000 people have been kidnapped in Iraq since the beginning of this year alone, according to a report released on Wednesday. 4/20
Has Rove?s Security Clearance Been Revoked? If He is Just Going to be a Political Operative Now, Wouldn't It Endanger National Security to Have An Election Strategist Mixed Up with Classified Information? Hasn't That Been the Problem All Along?

20.Apr.2006 Rolling Stone: Bush's may be the worst presidency in history. 4/20
The boyfriend of a Kentucky college student expelled for declaring his homosexuality on the Internet called Wednesday for a halt to $10 million in state funding for the private Baptist school. 4/20

20.Apr.2006 Forget the Middle East:
North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists -By Jason Miller
A Messiah complex, severely stunted emotional intelligence and profound ignorance are the defining characteristics of the man capable of making nuclear holocaust a reality within minutes.

20.Apr.2006 Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map - Does He Deny The Holocaust?
This is a must read
By Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann  Translation to English: Erik Appleby

How Media Have Distorted the Facts in Support of an Attack on Iran. Continue

20.Apr.2006 When "Diplomacy" Means War -By Norman Solomon
One of the nation's leading pollsters, Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center, wrote a few weeks ago that among Americans "there is little potential support for the use of force against Iran."

This month the White House has continued to emphasize that it is committed to seeking a diplomatic solution.

Yet the U.S. government is very likely to launch a military attack on Iran within the next year.

How can that be? Continued

20.Apr.2006 Lock him away to stop the next war -By Phillip Adams
WE cannot wait any longer for the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Far more efficient to have Bush certified.

There is no need for further debate on his mental state.

The US President is bonkers. Continued
20.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-411161,00.html


Wenn man Ihre Artikel oder Interviews, liest bekommt man den Eindruck, wir lebten in einer Welt, in der sich nicht nur Unternehmen, sondern auch Länder mit ökonomischen Mitteln haltlos bekriegen.

Harbulot: Es gibt heute zumindest zwei unterschiedliche Formen von Wirtschaftspolitik.

Einerseits geht es den Ländern um den Abbau von Handelsbarrieren, damit Unternehmen möglichst viele Waren verkaufen können.

Doch Wirtschaftspolitik ist auch Machtpolitik. Etwa wenn der russische Präsident Putin die Gaspreise des Staatskonzerns Gasprom für die Ukraine hochsetzt.

Oder wenn China von Airbus verlangt, im Austausch für Flugzeugbestellungen müsse eine Fertigungsfabrik vor Ort gebaut werden.

China übt regelmäßig mit ökonomischen Mitteln Druck auf die USA oder Europa aus - und es funktioniert.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: China ist die aggressive neue Supermacht in diesem Spiel?

Harbulot: Ein chinesischer Minister hat einmal gesagt, China werde nicht wie die UDSSR zu Zeiten des Kalten Krieges einen weltweiten Rüstungswettlauf starten.

China werde seine Macht über seine Wirtschaftskraft ausüben.

Aber auch in den USA folgt man dieser Logik. Das Pentagon hat ein waches Auge auf den Transfer von Technologien ins Ausland. 

Es gibt unzählige Möglichkeiten zum Schutz der heimischen Industrie.

Zum Beispiel kann man ausländische Investoren zwingen, mit einem lokalen Unternehmen zusammenzuarbeiten. Eine solche Regelung wäre allerdings für die EU undenkbar.
Tod nach der Messe: Priester zerstückelt schwangere Geliebte
20.Apr.2006 Bei US-Angriff: Chavez droht mit Sprengung von Ölfeldern
"Bündnis für Erziehung": Kritik an Rolle der Kirchen

20.Apr.2006 Ölpreis-Rekord: "Der Markt brodelt"

20.Apr.2006 Amnesty International: Weltweit 20.000 Menschen in der Todeszelle
Handelsstreit: Hu belehrt Amerika über Globalisierung

20.Apr.2006 Pentagon: Namen von 558 Guantanamo-Gefangenen veröffentlicht
Interview mit Wirtschaftskrieger Harbulot: "Die EU agiert wie ein kopfloses Huhn"

20.Apr.2006 Iran-Konflikt: Rice droht mit Alleingang der USA
Prodi-Sieg in Italien: Berlusconi bleibt stur
Chronicle Hit Piece Says "Whole Country" Saw Plane Hit Pentagon! by Paul Joseph Watson 
Chronicle Hit Piece Says "Whole Country" Saw Plane Hit Pentagon! Erm, no it didn't! Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 19 2006 A San Francisco

Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him
He National Geographic Society has been part of an international effort, in collaboration with the Maecenas Foundation for Ancient Art and the Waitt Institute for Historical Discovery, to authenticate, conserve + translate a 66-page codex, which contains a text called James (also known as First ...

Philips Attempts to Patent Advertisement Enforcing by Tim Davis 
If Philips has their way you may not be skipping through TV commercials much longer. In fact, you might not even be able to change the channel on your TV during a commercial. Philips has filed a patent application to stop people from changing channels during commercials or fast forward ...

Body Movement Generates Electricity in Miniature Device A new class of nanogenerator aims to produce electricity while being smaller and less toxic than traditional batteries.
Italy confirms Prodi poll victory An Italian court confirms Romano Prodi's election win, but Silvio Berlusconi's coalition refuses to admit defeat.
Brown urges global green solution Protecting the environment can boost rather than hinder economic growth, says Chancellor Gordon Brown.
'Shoot-to-kill' curfew in Nepal A strict, all-day curfew comes into force in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, ahead of a major opposition rally.
Moussaoui 'lonely and vulnerable' Zacarias Moussaoui's isolation made him vulnerable to recruitment by al-Qaeda, the jury in his US trial hears.
White House spokesman resigns President Bush's press secretary Scott McClellan resigns, amid a shake-up of White House staff.
Secret rivers found in Antarctic Antarctica's buried lakes are connected by a network of rivers that move water far beneath the icy surface.
Drug trial victims offered £5,000 Six men who took part in clinical tests that went wrong are offered £5,000 if they agree not to sue.
Downloadable 999 iPods advice Potentially lifesaving podcasts are offered for download by Sussex Ambulance Service.
Group: Yahoo Helped China, Again A human rights organization claims the search titan gave a draft e-mail to Chinese authorities, who used it to send the writer to prison on subversion charges. It's the third time the company has been accused of helping to jail a dissident.
We Love the Net + Need It An increasing number of Americans -- 60 million according to a new survey -- rely on the internet to help them make some of the big decisions in life, like finding a job, or a house, or an investment.
Paint-on Laser Brings Optical Computing Closer by ScuttleMonkey 87 holy_calamity writes

"New Scientist has a story about a laser made by painting a solution of semiconductor crystals onto glass. It could be used to break the interconnect barrier by having optical interconnects, the interconnect barrier threatens Moore's law unless a faster way of connecting chips is found."
Code for Unbreakable Quantum Encryption by ScuttleMonkey 135 An anonymous reader writes

"ITO is running a story on NIST's latest quantum encryption key generation. From the article: 'Raw code for "unbreakable" quantum encryption has been generated at record speed over optical fiber at NIST. The work is a step toward using conventional high-speed networks such as broadband Internet and local-area networks to transmit ultra-secure video for applications such as surveillance.'"
Privacy Threat in New RFID Travel Cards? by ScuttleMonkey 208 DemolitionX9 writes to tell us

ZDNet has an interesting article rehashing the problems with privacy in future RFID-equipped travel documents and ID. The piece focuses on a recent speech given by Jim Williams, director of the Department of Homeland Security's US-VISIT program. From the article: "Many of the privacy worries center on whether RFID tags--typically minuscule chips with an antenna a few inches long that can transmit a unique ID number--can be read from afar. If the range is a few inches, the privacy concerns are reduced. But at ranges of 30 feet, the tags could theoretically be read by hidden sensors alongside the road, in the mall or in the hands of criminals hoping to identify someone on the street by his or her ID number."
U.S. Governments Advised to Use Open Source by ScuttleMonkey 161 An anonymous reader writes

"LinuxDevices is reporting that non-profit public policy research group, Committee for Economic Development, has released a 72-page report that takes a look at open standards, open source software + 'open innovation.' From the article: 'The report concludes that openness should be promoted as a matter of public policy, in order to foster innovation and economic growth in the U.S. and world economies.' The full text [PDF] of the report is also available for download from the CED site."
Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital, Near U.S. Embassy. Will Bush Blame This Failure of Security on Saddam (Who is Deposed) or the Iran Nut Job? If Someone Doesn't Impeach This Lifelong Failure (Bush) Soon, the World's Going to Blow.
Mark Morford: "When all else fails and you're becoming Nixon 2.0, why not just nuke someone + smirk?"
Donate to BuzzFlash and Help Stop the Nuclear Barbarians in the White House. Click Here and Make It Happen. Because our Big Visa Bill is Coming up Again on April 28th. We Have no Big Oil Slush Fund. Those People Don't Like Us Very Much, To Say the Least.

20.Apr.2006 Oil prices leapt above $72 a barrel Wednesday, settling at a record high for the third straight day after a government report showed shrinking U.S. gasoline supplies and traders focused on nuclear tensions between Iran and the international community. Maybe the oil companies put the Iranian nut job in power to increase their profits. 4/20
Sidney Blumenthal: "Karl Rove is a subject of Fitzgerald's investigation - this is the headline buried in Libby's filing." No Wonder, Karl Got An Official Redesignation in Title This Morning. But You Can't Separate Bush from His Brain, Can You?

20.Apr.2006 Has Rove?s Security Clearance Been Revoked? If He is Just Going to be a Political Operative Now, Wouldn't It Endanger National Security to Have An Election Strategist Mixed Up with Classified Information? Hasn't That Been the Problem All Along?
Gene Lyons: "Persia would be difficult to invade, impossible to occupy. Meanwhile, here?s what a ?pre-emptive? tactical nuclear attack against a purely hypothetical threat would do: According to the National Academy of Sciences, it would incinerate over a million Iranian men, women and children + spread cancer-causing fallout across the region. And on the day it happened, America, as we have known it, would cease to exist." 4/20
Poll: Most Americans Do Not Trust Bush on Iran 4/20

20.Apr.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Seymour "Sy" Hersh May Have Prevented WWW III. He Is This Week's BuzzFlash "Wing's of Justice Award" Winner

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Haunting the Blogosphere Gary Buell's fine Covert History site brings up an intriguing little mystery: For several months now I have used Sitemeter to keep track of how many people look at this blog. I don't look at the results every day but often enough to notice some regular visitors. One daily visitor is shown as being from a site in Stone Mountain, Georgia and is listed as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Yesterday I had 8 visits from this domain, the first at 5:05 am; the last at 7:19 pm. Seven of these visits were of zero seconds duration. One was of one second duration. Not long enough to read anything.This seems a bit odd to me. The only explanation I can figure out is that this is some sort of software "bot", presumably working for the government, but not necessarily for the CDC. Nothing of that sort has shown up on my own stats. However, Buell's tale does parallel a new story in the Moonie Times about the CIA's increased interest in blogs: The new Open Source Center (OSC) at CIA headquarters recently stepped up data collection and analysis based on bloggers worldwide and is developing new methods to gauge the reliability of the content, said OSC Director Douglas J. Naquin.
"A lot of blogs now have become very big on the Internet + we're getting a lot of rich information on blogs that are telling us a lot about social perspectives and everything from what the general feeling is to ... people putting information on there that doesn't exist anywhere else," Mr. Naquin told The Washington Times.
I've nothing against scooping up unclassified information. But why do I get the nagging feeling that they may be spying on us rather than for us?

19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Fuck you, Michelle Malkin Ultra-right pundit Michelle Malkin posted the phone numbers of students at U.C. Santa Cruz who had protested military recruitment on campus.

Although she acquired these numbers from the students' own organizational materials, she surely knew that her audience - Freepers + their vicious ilk - would take her post as a "suggestion" to call + make death threats . Which is precisely what has happened. According to internet-accessible information, Michelle Malkin lives at 19930 Wild Cherry Lane in Germantown, Maryland, 20874.

Her telephone number is (301) 515-7601. Be polite. Permalink
Permalink 19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Noted... Bush lost his Scotty! Rove gave up his post in policy development!

Curt Weldon has been tied to Abramof + the mysterious Russian firm Naftasib! Oil prices are stratospheric! Things are happening ! Permalink
19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Take note of all the "loyalty" to Rummy + to the fact that Snow has no replacement at Treasury, despite noise of his departure weeks ago.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Not only are there precious few out there who want to board their sinking ship (barrell bottom scraping for the guy who named himself a part of the "Brooks Brothers riot"), but they undoubtedly trust even fewer to keep all their very incriminating and dangerously dirty little secrets.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Josh Marshall has an interesting angle on the whole pseudo-shakeup in the WH. He observes that "things are so bad at the White House, the level of denial and secrets to be kept, the self-bamboozlement and bad-faith so profound, that they just can’t manage to bring in any new blood."
19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Yup, the “decider” is keeping Karl on because he has been bery bery good to him, winning all those elections.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Easter is way over + so are some of the upcoming 00.000.2006 House + Senate elections out there, at least in essence.

Bush’s numbers continue to dive, even after all those speechy tours, replete with all those candid questions and less-than-candid answers. Or maybe because of them.

Not many candidates care to be anywhere near Chimpy + various Republicans – military and notare coming out publicly to trash his dirty little war and his disastrous economic decisions.
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ So why do I feel skeptical about what is being promoted as a demotion?

The man still wields enough power to keep his post – and, one presumes, his security clearance and his salary and his facetime with the prez and a heard voice – just not his policy portfolio.

All this despite the fact that he has been the “architect” of much of the dead duck catastrophe that is this lame duck presidency.

Despite the fact that he remains under investigation for federal crimes (do check this out, as it points to new evidence that Rove is still a subject in this investigation).

Despite the speculation that he was “turned” in that investigation and has been singing verse and chorus to Fitz all about the role of Cheney’s entire office.

Despite the clear indication that Republican prospects for holding onto either house of Congress are facing the royal flush, as in toilets and not poker.
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Is it really such a seismic shift in the WH for Karl to lose his policy pets, seriously abused and mangled, this morning? Does this really represent a significant change?
19.Apr.2006 Atomstreit mit Iran: IWF warnt vor Krise für die Weltwirtschaft
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA. Teil 15 (00.Okt.2001 bis heute)

UN torture panel presses US: THE United Nations committee against torture has demanded that the USA provide more information about its treatment of prisoners at home + foreign terrorism suspects held in Iraq + Afghanistan + Guantanamo Bay + + + ...

19.Apr.2006 The four deficits confronting USA -What we have going are the elements of a perfect storm — a potent mix of ignorance + apathy + inaction in all sectors of American society.

If we continue on our present course, a fiscal crisis is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’
Most Americans Do Not Trust Bush on Iran: . 54 % of respondents say they do not trust George W. Bush to make the right decision about whether the country should go to war with Iran or not.

19.Apr.2006 Iranian official's presence in U.S. queried: The Bush administration yesterday was at a loss to explain the rare presence in Washington of an Iranian government official who slipped into the USA under mysterious circumstances, apparently to attend a scholarly conference.

19.Apr.2006 U.S. envoy: Iran sanctions discussed: A U.S. diplomat said Tuesday that envoys from the five permanent Security Council members plus Germany discussed sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, but failed to reach agreement on how to proceed further.

19.Apr.2006 "New urgency" to curb Iran - U.S. official: Russia said on Wednesday it wanted to refrain from taking action before a U.N. deadline set for Tehran to halt uranium enrichment expired, but a top U.S. official believed other countries were inching towards action.

19.Apr.2006 Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran - top general : At the end of 2005, Russia concluded a $700-million contract on the delivery of 29 Tor M1 air defense systems to Iran.

19.Apr.2006 . . . as the US and China face off over oil supplies: China's oil industry has wooed countries that the US has tried to isolate for political reasons - such as Sudan, Iran and Burma - potentially undermining the isolation efforts. Three major China oil companies have been pursuing long-term supply arrangements in such places as Venezuela, Nigeria, Gabon and Angola.

19.Apr.2006 America meets the new superpower : The visit of President Hu to Washington underlines the inevitable loss of America's economic supremacy to China

19.Apr.2006 Russia says seminar in U.S. "urged new terrorist attacks" : The Foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. ambassador in Moscow Tuesday to hand him a note of protest against a seminar in Washington which it said called for new terrorist attacks in Russia.

19.Apr.2006 Venezuela blasts U.S. decision not to extradite bombing suspects : Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ali Rodriguez issued a statement on Tuesday criticizing the USA for not deporting two Venezuelans linked to 2003 bomb attacks on the Colombian and Spanish embassies in Caracas.

19.Apr.2006 Chavez says US warships threaten Venezuela, Cuba : - President Hugo Chavez, who accuses Washington of planning to invade Venezuela, said on Tuesday recent deployment of U.S. warships in the Caribbean Sea threatened his country and its ally Cuba.

19.Apr.2006 Rumsfeld Linked to Guantanamo Torture: A leading international human rights group is calling for the Bush administration to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged involvement of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other senior Pentagon officials in the torture of a prisoner at Guanatanamo Bay some three years ago.
France rules out cutting off Palestinian relief aid:

Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy told French radio that while the European Union had cut funding to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority it had no plans to end relief aid.
When "Diplomacy" Means War -By Norman Solomon
One of the nation's leading pollsters, Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center, wrote a few weeks ago that among Americans "there is little potential support for the use of force against Iran." This month the White House has continued to emphasize that it is committed to seeking a diplomatic solution. Yet the U.S. government is very likely to launch a military attack on Iran within the next year. How can that be?

19.Apr.2006 Stop Us Before We Kill Again! -By Bernard Weiner
So, if you're wondering whether the U.S. will back off from attacking Iran, or whether corporations will no longer be given the ability to dictate Administration environmental policy, or whether domestic spying on U.S. citizens will cease, or whether Scalia might recuse himself on cases he's already pre-judged -- if you still harbor any or all of those illusions, forget about it.

19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,druck-411923,00.html

Lange galt der menschliche Gang unter Evolutionsbiologen als Kompromisslösung. Sie dachten, unsere Vorfahren hätten sich in die Vertikale erhoben, um eine bessere Aussicht oder die Hände frei zu haben. Aber womöglich entsprang die Gattung Homo dem evolutionären Druck zu sparsamer Fortbewegung: "Der aufrechte Gang war für sich Grund genug", sagt Wilfried Alt. "Werfen und Werkzeuggebrauch hat der Mensch erst viel später gelernt."
McClellan sagte, das Weiße Haus befinde sich "in einer Periode des Übergangs". Er wolle seinen Beitrag zu den derzeitigen Veränderungen leisten: "Wechsel können hilfreich sein."
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412017,00.html
Für die Entwicklung der Leitlinien soll nun den Angaben zufolge Joel Kaplan verantwortlich sein, der derzeit im Präsidialamt Vize-Chef der Haushaltsabteilung ist.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412017,00.html
Rove gilt als wichtigster Berater von George W. Bush, in Washington wird er als das "Hirn" der US-Administration bezeichnet.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412057,00.html
Die Republikaner befürchten, durch den schlechten Ruf des Präsidenten in Mitleidenschaft gezogen zu werden und bei der Wahl ihre Mehrheiten im Senat und Repräsentantenhaus zu verlieren. Nach einer am Mittwoch im "Wall Street Journal" veröffentlichten Umfrage sind nur noch 35 % der US-Bürger mit der Arbeit des Präsidenten einverstanden; das sind acht Punkte weniger als im Januar. 65 % meinen, das Land bewege sich in die falsche Richtung. Neben dem Irak-Krieg drücken nicht zuletzt die hohen Benzinpreise auf die Stimmung.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412057,00.html
Bush betonte, McClellan trete aus eigener Entscheidung zurück. Es werde schwer werden, ihn zu ersetzen. Der 38-Jährige habe die Pressearbeit mit "Klasse" und "Integrität" erledigt. Mit seinen täglichen Pressekonferenzen fiel McClellan eine zentrale Rolle bei der Vermittlung der Regierungspolitik zu. Die Presseabteilung leitete er seit Juli 2003. Zuvor war er Stellvertreter des damaligen Sprechers Ari Fleischer.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-412057,00.html

Rove ist bislang der oberste politische Berater des Präsidenten und hat mit dem Schwerpunkt politische Leitlinien einen Vizeposten beim Stabschef des Präsidialamtes inne. Entgegen vorheriger Pressemeldungen soll er seinen Stellvertreterposten behalten. Rove gehört zu den Mitarbeitern Bushs, gegen die im Zusammenhang mit dem Verrat einer Geheimdienstmitarbeiterin im Jahr 2003 Ermittlungen laufen - was ihn zu einer zunehmenden Belastung für Bush werden ließ.

Die Animation, die am Ende herauskam, zeigt die komplizierten dreidimensionalen Wellenmuster einer solchen Fusion. Die Ergebnisse gelten für den Spezialfall eines Duos von Schwarzen Löchern mit gleicher Masse. Ganz schlicht fasst die Nasa-Pressestelle die Ergebnisse zusammen: "Wenn zwei Schwarze Löcher verschmelzen, wackelt das gesamte All wie eine Schale mit Götterspeise."
Erst kürzlich haben Forscher der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn mit dem Röntgensatelliten "Chandra" in einem fernen Galaxiehaufen
zwei schwarze Löcher entdeckt, die sich immer enger umkreisen und zu einem einzigen Schwarzen Loch verschmelzen werden.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-411945,00.html

Hongkong - Als Gastgeschenk für den wegen des Irak-Kriegs in die Kritik geratenen Bush habe Hu eine Schmuckausgabe des chinesischen Klassikers "Die Kunst des Krieges" von General Sun Tzu im Gepäck, berichtet heute die in Hongkong erscheinende "South China Morning Post". Das aus dem 6. vorchristlichen Jahrhundert stammende Werk enthält Kriegsweisheiten wie: "Ein Sieg ohne Kampf ist die beste Strategie."
Italien: Berlusconi-Partei will Wahl weiter anfechten

20.Apr.2006 Rumänien: Die Flucht vor den Fluten

19.Apr.2006 Umbau im Führungsstab: Bush stutzt Aufgaben seines Chefstrategen
Energie: Ahmadineschad will "wahren" Ölpreis erzielen
Leistungssport: Mit der Körpermaschine an die Grenzen

19.Apr.2006 Entscheidung in Italien: Berlusconi bleibt Prodi im Nacken
Immobilien-Fonds: Image-Verlust kostet Deutsche Bank Milliarden
Trouble im Weißen Haus: Stabschef mischt Bushs Führungsriege auf
USA: Bush-Sprecher McClellan tritt zurück
Atom-Streit: Russland fordert Stopp iranischer Nuklear-Aktivitäten
Hubble-Fotos: Scharfblick in die Sternenwolke

19.Apr.2006 Italien: Oberster Gerichtshof erklärt Prodi zum Wahlsieger
Schwarze Löcher: Supercomputer zeigt erstmals Gravitationswellen

19.Apr.2006 Kritik von Umweltschützern: Deutsche Autobauer werben für Spritfresser
Strafe für Gotteslästerei: Bayern will Gesetz verschärfen
19.Apr.2006 Fernsehzukunft: Umschalten in Werbepausen verboten
Heimkinder-Schicksale: 20 Euro für 15 Jahre Leid
18.Apr.2006 The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic https://sf.indymedia.org/print.php?id=1727000 San Francisco Indymedia Original article is at https://sf.indymedia.org/news/2006/04/1727000.php Print comments.

The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic by repost

Jeffrey Blankfort is a US journalist and producer of radio programs on KPOO in San Francisco and KZYX in Mendocino, in Northern California + was formerly at KPFT/Pacifica in Houston, until they purged the political programming to better lull their listeners to sleep with music.
"I'm the Decider" - Oh, Boy, "W", the fun never ends..... News 14 Charlotte Bush: 'I'm the decider' on Rumsfeld
CNN - 57 minutes ago WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Bush on Tuesday emphasized once again his support for his defense secretary, saying Donald Rumsfeld "is doing a fine job.".

At a Rose Garden ceremony announcing his nominees for ... Rumsfeld Says Calls for Ouster 'Will Pass' New York Times
Four-Star Story Washington Post Monsters and Critics.com - BBC News - NorthJersey.com - Grand Island Independent - all 925 related »

SFGate: Secret CIA deal on documents
The original article can be found on SFGate.com here: https://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2006/04/18/MNGR0IAOKI1.DTL
(SF Chronicle) Secret CIA deal on documents New York Times Washington -

The National Archives signed a secret agreement in 2001 with the CIA permitting the spy agency to withdraw from public access records it considered to have been improperly declassified, the head of the archives disclosed Monday.
Allen Weinstein, who began work as archivist of the USA last year, said he learned of the agreement with the CIA on Thursday and was putting a stop to such secret reclassification arrangements, which he described as incompatible with the mission of the archives.

Like a similar 2002 agreement with the Air Force that was made public last week, the CIA arrangement required that archives employees not reveal to researchers why documents they requested were being withheld.
The disclosure of the secret agreements provides at least a partial explanation for the removal since 1999 of more than 55,000 pages of historical documents from access to researchers at the archives. Copyright 2006 SF Chronicle

The Future of the Internet

In 10 years' time the barriers between our bodies and the Internet will blur as will those between the real world and virtual reality.
Today's devices will disappear. Electronics will instead be embedded in our environment, woven into our clothing...... Source:
19.Apr.2006 The second bag

In order to believe the Official Story of 11.Sep.2001 you have to believe that a man about to embark on a suicide mission would carry a bag with him containing information on the entire terrorist plot

(why?), a bag he had to believe would be destroyed along with him + a bag which miraculously never made it onto the hijacked plane and conveniently fell into the hands of the FBI, who used the information in it to solve the crime in a suspiciously short time period.

This miracle bag is the second miracle bag; the first miracle bag was Atta's other bag found at Logan, the one containing his unlikely Muslim will and some bizarre terrorist instructions.

It's funny we're just hearing about the Rosetta stone bag now, from a former FBI agent who was retired at the time of 9–11, who heard about it at John... Source: https://xymphora.blogspot.com/2006/04/second-bag.html 19.Apr.2006-11.Sep.2001 9/11 Site of the Day: Catherine Fitts' fascinating story of Dillon Read -

18.Apr.2006 Cheney Gets Booed, Sheen Gets Applauded by Paul Joseph Watson 

Cheney Gets Booed, Sheen Gets Applauded But the media reports it the opposite way around Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com An interesting ...
Ignore bloggers at your peril, say researchers
Bloggers + internet pundits are exerting a "disproportionately large influence" on society, according to a report by a technology research company.

Its study suggests that although "active" web users make up only a small proportion of Europe's online population, they are increasingly dominating ...
Scripps Howard News Service
The process would allow the company to convert gas _ squeezed out of Colorado's abundant coal _ into ultra-clean diesel, naphtha and jet fuel. That has never been done in the USA + Rentech wants to be the first company to try. With the nation sitting on more than 250 years' worth of ...

Google charges a small fee for every click on an advertiser's link.
The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has paid for a "sponsored link" on web search engine Google to find budding spies. Sponsored links enable organisations and companies to have their names and brief messages pop up when a web surfer keys in the name or associated words.

U.S. judge rules against Microsoft in European case
A U.S. judge has quashed Microsoft's attempts to obtain documents in its antitrust battle against the European Commission, ruling the software giant was trying to undermine European Union law. District Court Judge Mark Wolf in Boston rejected Microsoft's attempts to subpoena sensitive information ...

The Doc Searls Weblog
A binary black hole. That is, two supermassive black holes, consuming the the merging galaxies surrounding them, powering a giant radio source called 3C 75. Here's an explanation, with movies and animations. The two black holes are currently 25,000 light years apart, or not quite as far as we are ...

Holder Hammers N.Y. Times
A big shareholder is taking aim at struggling publisher New York Times Co. (NYT:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take). Morgan Stanley Investment Management said Tuesday it withheld votes for the Times' director nominees because it believes the company's board and management have become ...

Graffiti on Air Force One Here s a video of a bunch of graffiti artists breaching security at Andrew s Air Force Base + tagging an Air Force One plane.

I know there are multiple planes -- four, I think -- and that they are in different...
Crime appeal pay-outs to be cut Compensation paid to those wrongly convicted of crimes will be reduced the Home Office is to announce.
UN report 'finds fewer refugees' A new UN report is expected to show that the number of refugees has dropped over the past five years.
Germany opens Holocaust archive Germany agrees to open up a huge archive of Nazi records on concentration camp inmates and slave labourers.
Australia troops head to Solomons Australia is sending extra troops to quell rioting in the Solomon Islands, Prime Minister John Howard says.
Indian envoy set for Nepal talks An Indian special envoy heads to Kathmandu amid increasing concern in Delhi over Nepal's political crisis.
Fed hints at end to US rate rises The US Federal Reserve hints that its policy of raising interest rates could be approaching an end.
Bush keeps Iran military option President George W Bush says all options are "on the table" to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons.
'Officials held' in Nepal protest Police in Nepal arrest officials for demonstrating against King Gyanendra inside the Home Ministry, officials say.
Energy costs 'crippling industry' Rising energy costs are crippling British industry and threatening thousands of jobs, a union leader warns.
'Anglophile' can stay in UK A Ukrainian-born Oxford graduate who considers herself English wins her appeal to stay in Britain.
Pupils 'might get Pepsi uniforms' The government's education plans are ridiculed by the leader of Britain's biggest classroom union.
China 'selling prisoners' organs' British surgeons accuse China of harvesting organs from executed prisoners to sell for transplants.
Silver fillings 'carry no risk' Silver fillings carry no risk of mercury poisoning, according to a study of more than 1,000 children.
Who Killed the Lindbergh Baby? New handwriting analysis technology could reveal who wrote the ransom notes sent after the infamous kidnapping.

It could also turn the fuzzy art of studying scribble into a science. By Randy Dotinga.
Tech Firms: Don't Fence Us In A proposed broadcasting law by the European Commission that would regulate emerging media formats in the same way as traditional broadcasting companies

draws fire from the companies who say they will be hurt by a one-size-fits-all mentality.
Hotmail users report connection issues Several users of Microsoft's Hotmail service report having problems with the free e-mail service.
Images: When black holes collide NASA creates a 3D simulation of two black holes merging.
Court rules for Microsoft in antitrust case People who bought Microsoft products indirectly can't sue the software maker under federal law.
Philips Patents Technology to Force Ad Viewing by ScuttleMonkey 489
An anonymous reader writes "According to New Scientist, Philips has filed a patent for technology to force viewers to watch the ads in a program.

Basically they plan to add extra flags to the Multimedia Home Platform that would stop controls from working until the ads are finished."

From the article: "Philips' patent acknowledges that this may be 'greatly resented by viewers' who could initially think their equipment has gone wrong.

So it suggests the new system could throw up a warning on screen when it is enforcing advert viewing.

The patent also suggests that the system could offer viewers the chance to pay a fee interactively to go back to skipping adverts."
19.Apr.2006 4PM Pacific, arrived safely back in Berkeley, in a manner of speaking. On the flight back I read Seymour Hersh's
article in the New Yorker about the US plan to attack Iran.

I was only peripherally aware of this. Is it possible that we're really going to bomb Iran + even crazier, that we're going to use nuclear weapons.

How many Americans are aware of this? Why did Andrew Card resign as Chief of Staff? Why are they reorganizing the White House now?

Perhaps people are resigning because they don't support this absolutely insane idea.

"We want to stay true to his principles of First Amendment rights and journalistic freedoms," he said.

As a journalist, Jack Anderson was a legend. He reported on the Central Intelligence Agency's scheme to assassinate Fidel Castro, the Mafia's crime network + corruption among congressmen.

00.000.1972 He won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on American involvement in the Indo-Pakistan War.

Young reporters who worked for Anderson included Brit Hume, now an anchor with Fox News + Howard Kurtz, now a Washington Post columnist. Anderson was a Mormon + many of his archives sat at Brigham Young University before George Washington University acquired them.

"They made it very clear on the front end that if they are looking through his papers and they come across documents that are stamped confidential or top secret, they would be duty bound to take those out of the collection," Mr. Anderson said.

Mr. Anderson says his family has reached an "impasse" with the FBI. The family plans to send a letter to the FBI today saying that it will not cooperate with the agency.

In the meantime, the FBI might have provided an opportunity for a windfall for the university. The university has hired a librarian to index the archive -- a process that will initially cost the library about $100,000 + perhaps much more in years to come. Mr. Siggins hopes that the FBI's interest in the papers will help the library raise that money.

"We think that there are a lot of people in the country who realize that the issue of government censorship and hiding what's really going on is such a hot topic that people will want to help us," he said.

The Andersons are the not the only ones who are incensed. Observers of academic freedom and libraries say that the FBI's request is part of a renewed emphasis on secrecy in government, which has focused on libraries and archives in particular. Recently, librarians have been concerned about scores of documents that have been reclassified at the National Archives + librarians have long been concerned about freedom of information since the passage of the USA Patriot Act in the wake of the 11.Sep.2001, terrorist attacks.

The FBI's interest in the Anderson archive is "deeply disturbing and deeply in conflict with the academy's interests in freedom of inquiry, research + scholarship," said Duane E. Webster, the executive director of the Association of Research Libraries.

Tracy B. Mitrano, an adjunct assistant professor of information science at Cornell University, called the case "utterly alarming."

"Once you begin taking records out of library archives that researchers rely on for free inquiry and research purposes," she said, "it would be very difficult not to see it as a slippery slope toward government controlling research in higher education and our collective understanding of American history."
George Washington U. to Receive Jack Anderson's Papers - but FBI Wants to See Them First

During his life + career as a muckraking journalist in Washington, Jack Anderson cultivated secret sources throughout the halls of government - sources who passed on information that allowed Anderson to investigate + write about Watergate, CIA assassination schemes + countless scandals.

His syndicated column, Washington Merry-Go-Round, earned him the enmity of the corrupt + powerful - so much so that during the Watergate years, associates of Nixon had discussed assassinating the columnist.

They never went through with the plot. Anderson died last 00.Dec.2005 at the age of 83.

His archive, some 200 boxes now being held by George Washington University's library,

could be a trove of information about state secrets, dirty dealings, political maneuverings + old-fashioned investigative journalism, open for historians and up-and-coming reporters to see.

But the government wants to see the documents before anyone else.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have told university officials + members of the Anderson family that

they want to go through the archive + that agents will remove any item they deem confidential or top secret.

The Andersons, who have not yet transferred ownership of the archive to George Washington University, are outraged.

They plan to fight the FBI's request.

Were he alive today, Jack Anderson "would probably come out of his skin at the thought of the FBI going through his papers," said Kevin N. Anderson, the journalist's son.

If papers were taken -- even if some were stamped "declassified" + returned - that would "destroy any academic, scholarly + historic value" of the archive, Kevin Anderson adds.

The FBI would not comment for this article.
AngloGold gears up Ux position
11.Apr.2006 -Posted- The bull run in uranium is so well established that AngloGold Ashanti is now flexing its muscles producing more of the fuel.
sxr Uranium One hoping for $10m fillip

19.Apr.2006 Investment opportunities in uranium scarce
28.Mar.2006 -Posted- The price of uranium has increased from US$10/lb to the current $38/lb over the past three years. We take a look at the underlying fundamentals.

19.Apr.2006 George Washington U. to Receive Jack Anderson's Papers -- but FBI Wants to See Them First  More Bullshit from the Bush administration.
19.Apr.2006 https://www.miningmx.com/gold_silver/
Gold surplus seen for 2006
03.Apr.2006 -Posted- Physical demand for gold is falling + recycling of scrap is increasing because of high prices, leading to a forecast that the gold market might have a 422 tonnes surplus this year,

the highest in at least seven years, Virtual Metals' Yellow Book shows.
Gold to stabilise above $600/oz
12.Apr.2006 -Posted- The gold price was forecast to stabilise above $600/oz this year + might even test all time records amid growing investment demand.

“Some of these structures turned out to be legitimate but unwise while others were fronts for the misappropriation of shareholders’ assets.

In almost all cases the value of the underlying assets had been overstated,” Gray said.

Included in the forensic investigation is the disclosure that RG&E sold its entire 48.2% stake in Randgold Resources, worth about R1.8bn, from about 2002.

This was not always with shareholder approval and most of the proceeds were misappropriated,” said Gray.

Of the R1.8bn in Randgold Resources shares that were sold, R419m was booked by RG&E. The balance when to JCI (R606m), Societe Generale (R412m) in a share lending agreement with JCI + R367m to another grouping termed 'Other' by the forensic auditor, Umbono Financial Advisory Services.

Commenting on the forensic report, Neal Froneman, CEO of sxr Uranium One told Bloomberg News: "The sheer scale must make it one of the biggest frauds in South Africa's corporate history''.

Uranium One owns 12% of RG&E's stock. "It's time to recover the money."

RG&E has started liquidation proceedings against five entities:

Tuscan Mood, BNC Investments Investage, Equitant, Itsuseng Strategic Investments and Viking Pony Properties, specially created shelf companies that benefited from the misappropriation of RG&E’s assets.

Bush gab heute zugleich die Ernennung des bisherigen Handelsbeauftragten Rob Portman zu seinem neuen Haushaltsdirektor bekannt. Für den neuen Haushaltsdirektor Portman sei die wichtigste Aufgabe, das Haushaltsdefizit bis 2009 zu halbieren, sagte Bush. Portman hatte seit fast einem Jahr mit der Welthandelsorganisation (WTO) wichtige Verhandlungen über die Liberalisierung des Weltmarktes geführt.

Er folgt Josh Bolten, der am Freitag seinen Amtseid als US-Stabschef leistete. Portmans bisheriges Amt wird seine Stellvertreterin Susan Schwab probehalber übernehmen. Sie soll auch die Verhandlungen mit der WTO zu Ende führen.

Washington - "Ich entscheide, was das Beste ist.

Und das Beste ist, dass Donald Rumsfeld Verteidigungsminister bleibt", sagte Bush heute vor Journalisten im Weißen Haus in Washington. Seine Entscheidung stehe endgültig fest.
Crude Oil Falls on Speculation Stockpiles Gained a Fourth Week Bloomberg - 4 hours ago
Crude oil fell from a record in New York on speculation US stockpiles rose for a fourth week, cushioning the world's biggest energy user against potential supply cuts caused by the nuclear dispute with Iran.

19.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-411829,00.html

Wie den Fledermäusen die sprichwörtlichen Flügel gewachsen sind, erklärt jetzt eine neue Studie eines Forscherteams um Karen Sears und Lee Niswander von der University of Colorado in Aurora.

Den beiden Biologinnen nach, sei die luftige Errungenschaft der Tiere auf ein besonderes Knochenwachstums-Gen zurückzuführen.

Und nach dem Firmenbesuch ging es bei dem Drei-Gänge-Dinner in Gates 100-Millionen-Dollar-Villa am Lake Washington ...

vor allem um das schwierige Thema Produktpiraterie in China, dass nicht nur US-Amerikaner immer wieder zur Weißglut treibt.

Er wolle sich um dieses Problem verstärkt kümmern, erklärte Hu. "Wir nehmen unsere Versprechen sehr ernst."

Erst kürzlich hatte die Regierung in Peking erklärt, dass künftig alle Computer in dem asiatischen Land mit einem speziellen und lizenzierten Betriebssystem ausgestattet sein müssen.

Dafür soll auch Windows-Software von Microsoft gekauft werden.

Nun wird es ernst: US-Präsident Bush will mit Hu über den globalen Konkurrenzkampf um Energie und über Chinas Verbindung zu Iran reden. 

Washington - Chinas Öl-Hunger ist für die Regierung in Washington seit Monaten eines der Top-Themen. 

Der rasant ansteigende Bedarf der neuen Wirtschaftsmacht sei ein wichtiger Grund für die steigenden Weltmarkt-Preise, erklärte US-Präsident George Bush bereits offiziell + warnte China davor, Energiequellen zu blockieren Letzten Monat wurde die nationale Sicherheitsstrategie um einen entsprechenden Absatz zur Volksrepublik erweitert.
Teures Öl: Konjunkturproheten streiten über Folgen der Preisrekorde
Evolution: Das Flug-Gen der Fledermäuse
Hochwasser in Osteuropa: Donau auf Rekordstand

19.Apr.2006 Nuklearkonflikt mit Iran: USA scheitern mit harter Linie
19.Apr.2006 https://www.vanityfair.com/features/general/articles/060417fege08

Raising the worse-than-Watergate question + demanding unequivocally that Congress seek to answer it is, in fact, overdue + more than justified by ample evidence stacked up from Baghdad back to New Orleans +, of increasing relevance, inside a special prosecutor's office in downtown Washington.

In terms of imminent, meaningful action by the Congress, however, the question of whether the president should be impeached (or, less severely, censured) remains premature.

More important, it is essential that the Senate vote—hopefully before the November elections + with overwhelming support from both parties—to undertake a full investigation of the conduct of the presidency of George W. Bush, along the lines of the Senate Watergate Committee's investigation during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon.

How much evidence is there to justify such action?
Jim Barry, a deep-sea biologist with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, California, is impressed by the volcano find.
"This is a new habitat," he said.
And it's potentially important for future study, he added, because by trapping carbon dioxide in the moat, this habitat provides scientists with a way to study what the oceans of the not-so-distant future may be like.
As levels of carbon dioxide continue to rise, due to the combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation + other causes, much of the gas will inevitably wind up in the sea, he explained.
"We're going to see big changes in the chemistry of the ocean in the next 200 years," Barry said.
"Systems like this will give us a great deal of information about what we might expect in the future."

19.Apr.2006 Amazing find of the Nile's source  An adventurous group of explorers recently completed an 80-day voyage along the world's longest river to what is now said to be the true source of the Nile.
19.Apr.2006 Tom Delay appointee involved in drug running?  Cannonfire's got it.
19.Apr.2006 Senate Hearings on Bush, Now  The system has thus far failed during the presidency of George W. Bush - at incalculable cost in human lives, to the American political system, to undertaking an intelligent and effective war against terror + to the standing of the USA in parts of the world where it previously had been held in the highest regard. A must-read by Carl Bernstein.
19.Apr.2006 US colonel offers Iraq an apology of sorts for devastation of Babylon Colonel John Coleman, former chief of staff for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in Iraq, said yesterday that if the head of the Iraqi antiquities board wanted an apology, "if it makes him feel good, we can certainly give him one".
18.Apr.2006 Pack-Hunting Dinosaurs Found As Large As T-Rex by Zonk 121 1369IC writes

"The Washington Post is reporting that the recently unearthed Mapusaurus roseae was as large as a T-Rex + may have hunted in packs.

The fossils were found in Patagonia, in Argentina, though not enough were found to reconstruct an entire specimen.

The meat-eaters probably lived in the same time + place as the 125-foot-long Argentinosaurus, the largest known dinosaur." From the article:

"T. rex was equipped to attack and destroy animals its own size, Currie said, but Mapusaurs perhaps could 'go in, strike, pull + see what to do next,' a strategy that could work against larger animals, especially if the predators attacked together -- the prehistoric equivalent of a pack of wolves cornering a bison."
Bush’s Destabilizing Nuclear Deal with India ~An Idiotic Tango Begets Irradiated Mangos

18.Apr.2006 US plans to open three military bases in Turkey: Two locations have been already set apart in the seaports of Iskenderun at the Mediterranean + Urla at the Aegean Sea.

The third base will probably be situated in the seaport of Mordogan, near Izmir.

18.Apr.2006 Must watch: 3 Minute Video Fom Ben Cohen: On the Military Budget or Why we don't have free health insurance

18.Apr.2006 Katrina Vanden Heuvel: $13,700 an Hour: - The New York Times recently reported that--for the first time--

a full-time worker earning minimum wage cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in America at market rates

18.Apr.2006 Harris injects $3 million into Senate campaign : U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris raised slightly more than $1 million for the first quarter of this year + pumped another $3 million of her own money into her campaign for the U.S. Senate, according to reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

18.Apr.2006 Paul Craig Roberts: Another Grim Jobs Report: How Safe is Your Job?: Is your job safe? Not if it can be done abroad.

The only safe jobs are in domestic services that require a “hands-on” presence, such as barbers, hospital orderlies + waitresses.

18.Apr.2006 OPEC believes oil prices are too high: delegate: OPEC believes oil prices are too steep, after setting a fresh record high above $70 a barrel + the rise is not justified by market fundamentals, a senior OPEC delegate said on Tuesday.

18.Apr.2006 If We’re at War, President Bush Should Limit Oil Profits”: Maybe we are engaged in a global war. If that’s the case, then there is ample precedent for Mr. Bush to limit oil profits. Americans expect the president to do something that will lower the cost of gasoline.

18.Apr.2006 Diagnosing the U.S. ‘national character’: Narcissistic Personality Disorder: We are 5 % of the world’s population and consume about a quarter of the world’s energy. This state of affairs is clearly unjust, made possible by coercion and violence, not some natural superiority of Americans.

18.Apr.2006 We are globalised, but have no real intimacy with the rest of the world: We live in a world that we are much more intimate with and yet, at the same time, also much more intolerant of - unless, that is, it conforms to our way of thinking.

18.Apr.2006 Chernobyl death toll grossly underestimated: — A new Greenpeace report has revealed that the full consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could top a quarter of a million cancers cases and nearly 100,000 fatal cancers.

18.Apr.2006 11.Sep.2001 -survivor's toxic clothing sparks cancer fear : THIS deadly 9/11 shirt contains so much asbestos it is feared thousands of the disaster's survivors could be hit with cancer.

In case you missed it: "Loose Change 2nd Edition" : This film purports to show direct connection between the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 + the USA government

18.Apr.2006 Karzai calls for restraint as Afghans killed by coalition fire : Hamid Karzai, Afghan president, yesterday demanded restraint from coalition forces after more than a dozen Afghan civilians and police were killed in two possible friendly fire incidents.
Least we forget: In the last two and a half weeks (since the previous suicide bombing) Israeli forces have killed at least 26 Palestinians -- at least 5 of them children -- and injured 161 Palestinian men, women and children. A college student lost her right eye today after being shot by an Israeli sniper last week.

18.Apr.2006 Dispatch from Gaza: The Earth is Closing in on Us : The shells keep falling. They’ve gotten inside my head, so that it’s not just my house shaking but but my brain throbbing.

18.Apr.2006 Israel's Policy: Starve the Palestinian s: Israel exists as a major military force in the world and a silent member of the nuclear club. Yet it cries wolf that Hamas threatens its existence.

18.Apr.2006 Muslims, Arabs Raise Funds for Palestinians:With millions of Palestinians hardly able to make ends meet, several Arab and Muslim countries offered aid to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority while local fund-raising campaigns have been launched across the Muslim world to counter international aid freeze.

18.Apr.2006 Israel refuses to give the government a chance to achieve a state of calm: In a Tuesday declaration, Hamad said that Israel will not cease its attacks long enough for Palestinian parties and resistance factions to have a chance to even speak about another ‘period of calm.’

18.Apr.2006 Israel, real threat to world - Zarif : Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Javad Zarif Tuesday called for respect and support of the international community for the rights of the Palestinian people.

18.Apr.2006 Gwynne Dyer: US support for moving borders is just a charade : ”WE have a very tight timetable for drawing Israel’s final borders, because we seek the support of the US administration and President Bush. It has to be done by November, 2008,” Yoram Turbowicz said last week.

18.Apr.2006 'Iran' calls on every Muslim to donate one euro to Palestine : "All Islamic nations should know that their prestige and dignity lies in their strong objection to the bullying of big powers.
Hamas blames Israel for bombing: Hamas member in Jerusalem tells Ynet Israel, occupation are to blame for bombing; Says decision to revoke his citizenship is arrogant decision because Israel stole his land and is seeking to evict him
18.Apr.2006 Congressman Ron Paul: Sanctions against Iran : We cannot underestimate the irrational, almost manic desire of some neoconservatives to attack Iran one way or another, even if it means crippling a major source of oil and destabilizing the worldwide economy.

18.Apr.2006 Jason Leopold : State Department Memo: '16 Words' Were False : The revelation of the warning from the closely guarded State Department memo is the first piece of hard evidence and the strongest to date that the Bush administration manipulated and ignored intelligence information in their zeal to win public support for invading Iraq.

18.Apr.2006 Rumsfeld's Fall Drags Hawks in Its Wake : While the unprecedented calls by six retired generals for his resignation have focused primarily on his competence, management style and strategy for invading and occupying Iraq, Rumsfeld's departure would almost certainly cripple the coalition of neo-conservative and aggressive nationalist war hawks in and around the administration for the remainder of Bush's term.

18.Apr.2006 Charley Reese : Another War For Israel: The Israeli lobby pushing America to fight yet another war for Israel reminds me of what the French ambassador to Great Britain said at a party: "Why does the world allow this (expletive deleted) little country to cause so much trouble?"

18.Apr.2006 Israeli Bomb Kills 16 Year Old Palestinian : The youths were standing in an open field in the northern part of Beit Lahiya when they were hit by the shell. Ovayed was critically wounded and died of his wounds two hours later.
Israel may have to go it alone on Iran: report : The head of the ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party, poised to enter the next cabinet, said Monday that Israel may have to take its own pre-emptive action to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons

18.Apr.2006 Eric Margolis : Countdown Over Iran: It’s both fascinating and dismaying watching the manufactured `crisis’ over Iran reach new intensity each week. Iran poses no real military threat to anyone, but listening to the Bush Administration or the US media one would think that that Tehran was about to unleash a nuclear holocaust on the world.
Lieberman: US could attack Iran's nukes: The US is probably incapable of completely destroying the Iranian nuclear program, but as a last resort it could attempt to knock out "some of the components" in order to "delay and deter it," Senator Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic vice presidential candidate and a serving member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has told The Jerusalem Post.
18.Apr.2006 Ministry copes with rising numbers of orphaned children: "Although there are seven orphanages in the capital, Baghdad + another 16 in other provinces, "they aren't enough to provide assistance to all the orphans in the country",

18.Apr.2006 Gallup: 57% Say U.S. Won't Win in Iraq : In a surprise, the new poll found that 44% of Republicans now back withdrawing some or all troops from Iraq

18.Apr.2006 U.S. refuses to denie report of Iran strike plans: The Pentagon declined to comment Monday on a report that US military planning for Iran began in 2002 + has been continually updated since.

18.Apr.2006 Gordon Prather: Busting empty bunkers : military planners told the White House that if they wanted to be sure to destroy the underground uranium-enrichment bunker at Natanz – which is to eventually hold those 50,000 gas-centrifuges, but is now empty – they'd have to nuke it.

18.Apr.2006 Prominent U.S. Physicists Send Warning Letter to President Bush: Thirteen of the nation’s most prominent physicists have written a letter to President Bush, calling U.S. plans to reportedly use nuclear weapons against Iran “gravely irresponsible” and warning that such action would have “disastrous consequences for the security of the USA + the world.”

18.Apr.2006 Fallout: The human cost of nuclear catastrophe: Flash presentation
US Bases in Iraq : The deliberate obfuscation of permanent bases in Iraq by the US and UK governments illustrates the myth of "freedom of information." Many of the US bases in Iraq already have, or are now building, facilities which will keep the US government happy for the foreseeable future.
18.Apr.2006 Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq -By Derrick Z. Jackson
The great liberator of Iraq was actually the hyena that cleaned out the nation.

18.Apr.2006 Theocons and Theocrats -By Kevin Phillips
As a great power, a large heterogeneous nation like the USA goes about as far in a theocratic direction as it can when it meets the unfortunate criteria on display in George W. Bush's Washington:

an elected leader who believes himself in some way to be speaking for God. Continued
President Bush Now Caught In The Tangled Web He Spun -By Bill Gallagher
President George W. Bush's character is diseased.

Serial lies spew from his forked tongue as the result of a damaged mind and personality that will not permit him to face the truth.

He lies about leaks and leaks about lies. Continued
Senate Hearings on Bush, Now Should Republicans on the Hill take the high road and save themselves come November? By Carl Bernstein
There was understandable reluctance in the Congress to begin a serious investigation of the Nixon presidency. Then there came a time when it was unavoidable. That time in the Bush presidency has arrived.

18.Apr.2006 Would Someone Explain to Rumsfeld the Difference Between a Bowel Movement and Utter Failure? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

18.Apr.2006 Did You Know That You Can Get BuzzFlash Alerts Completely Free? Sign Up Here. Just Click.
Without Your Support, BuzzFlash Doesn't Exist. It's That Simple. Click Here and Make It Happen. Because our Big Visa Bill is Coming up Again on April 28th. Tuesday is a Good Spring Day to Invest in Democracy.
Alfred E. Neuman-in-Chief Declares, "I'm the Decider" About Whether Rumsfeld Has Done a Superior Job at Failing and I Have Concluded, "You've Done a Heck of a Job, Don." (BuzzFlash Interpretation of Bushspeak.) 4/19 18.Apr.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

18.Apr.2006 On his national radio program today, William Bennett, the former Reagan and George H.W. Bush administration official and now a CNN commentator, said that three reporters who won Pulitzer Prizes yesterday were not "worthy of an award" but rather "worthy of jail." 4/19
Nebraska GOP Senator Chuck Hagel said Monday he shares the lack of confidence in Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld separately voiced by six retired generals. 4/19
U.S. knew Shiite militias were a threat but took no action largely because they were focused on Sunni insurgency 3/19

18.Apr.2006 Michael Winship: Rummy's Big Transformation Goes Bust 4/18
The National Archives signed a secret agreement in 2001 with the Central Intelligence Agency permitting the spy agency to withdraw from public access records it considered to have been improperly declassified, the head of the archives, Allen Weinstein, disclosed on Monday. 4/19

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Tom Delay appointee involved in drug running? Daniel Hopsicker has dug up a remarkable story -- one which I have been trying to take a small step or two further: One of the two owners of the DC9 (tail number N900SA) busted at an airport in the Yucatan last week after lumbering in from Caracas, Venezuela carrying an astonishing 5.5 TONS of cocaine was appointed in 1993 to the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee by then-Congressional Majority Leader Tom Delay, The MadCowMorningNews can exclusively report.
The plane's registered owner, “Royal Sons LLC,” a Florida air charter company, was at one time housed in a hanger at the Venice Fl. Airport owned by infamous flight school Huffman Aviation.

18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Interestingly enough, the DC9 was painted to resemble an official government aircraft.
The Delay appointee in question is Brent Kovar, owner of a firm called
Skyway Communications Holding Corp. The firm ran into a few problems between 2002 and 2005 -- in fact, it lost $40 million and had to file for bankruptcy. (Note: On his site, Hopsicker mistakenly refers to Kovar as "Kovac." I am sure he will correct the typo soon.)
Despite this less-than-impressive performance, Delay decided to promote Kovak as a businessman par excellence : "Congressman Tom Delay, Majority Leader, has appointed Brent C Kovar to serve as the Honorary Chairman, Business Advisory Council,” read the headline of an August 7, 2003 release from PrimeZone Media newswire and press release service.
The Business Advisory Council, explained the release, was part of the National Republican Congressional Committee, “dedicated to making sure that small business has a voice in Washington.”
Kovar was appointed “in recognition of his valuable contributions and dedication to the Republican Party,” and was "expected to play a crucial role in the party's efforts to involve top businesspeople in the process of government reform both at the state and federal levels."

18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ This story appears to focus on the very same DC9 that hauled in the drugs. The name of the craft was -- prepare to chuckle -- Stars and Stripes . Skyway purchased the airplane pursuant to its stated goal of ...developing a unique ground to air in-flight aircraft communication network that it anticipates will facilitate homeland security and in-flight entertainment. SkyWay is focused on bringing to the market a network supporting aircraft-related service including anti-terrorism support, real time in-flight surveillance and monitoring, WIFI access to the Internet, telephone service and enhanced entertainment service for commercial and private aircraft throughout the USA.
18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/+ in this very revealing article from the Tampa Bay Business Journal, we learn that Skyway planned to get out of its hole by relaying on certain "white knights." And who were these worthies...? "A venture capital group is ready to do this," he said citing talks with some of the original Arab investors + "the end result is it's going well," Kovar said.
18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Postscript: This story pictures the National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council as something of a scam, in which "honorary chairmanships" are handed out in exchange for donations. However, this press release from Kovar indicates that the matter goes rather deeper, at least in his case. Mr. Kovar was quoted as saying, "This appointment by Congressman Tom Delay will give SkyWay opportunities and direct contact to top decision makers within the executive and legislative branches enabling SkyWay to customize its homeland security and public safety products to the needs of the federal and state governments."
18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Permalink # posted by Joseph : 5:38 AM

9 comments Comments: What no mention of Mena, Barry Seal, Air America etc etc etc
# posted by Anonymous : 8:04 AM   https://web.archive.org/web/20050323055323/https://www.our-street.com/swyc.htm
(A lot of info on this page--and links to other pages.This company seems to be a total scam.)

https://web.archive.org/web/20050305224229/www.skywayaircraftsecurity.com /
18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ check this out by david lazarus of the sfc (via smirkingchimp):
18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Plame-gate document (UPDATE) By way of the New York Sun, we now have a once-hidden Plame-gate document from 07.Jul.2003 that the righties are spinning to their advantage.

The Sun headline: "No Hint Seen in Memo that Plame's Role Was Secret."
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ For a much more detailed analysis, consult emptywheel here.UPDATE:

The first reader comment below is, potentially, of great interest.

Perhaps our anonymous commentator would care to add a few details? Permalink # posted by Joseph : 10:18 PM

2 comments Comments: having known a CIA field guy during the time the leak occurred , Plame was undercover and an entire network of people was blown on purpose.

BushCo exposed many many undercover people by association. Many CIA guys were scared for their lives and many networks were blown contrary to what Repubs want you to believe.
# posted by Anonymous : 3:16 AM   I'm not the one who made the above comment, but you can confirm parts of it via public sources.

In particular, leaking Valerie's name and occupation had the effect of blowing her cover firm, "Brewster Jennings" + thereby blowing the cover of all other operatives who were using the same bogus firm as their cover.
# posted by silence : 7:45 AM

18.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Christian victims of American Christian fundamentalism

Over on Firedoglake, a reader who calls himsefl Edward Teller left a comment which deserves wider circulation: Since the unholy alliance between the Zionists and the Christian Zionists:
Almost a hundred thousand Christians have lost their homes, businesses, farms and dignity in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
An ages-old coalition between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon has collapsed, forcing tens of thousands of Christians out of their homes, businesses, farms and dignity in Lebanon.
The secular government in Iraq has been destroyed by the USA, leading to a shocking erosion of rights for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians.

Rex Hammock on the Pulitzer for the Times-Picayune. It's the first time a blog has been so-honored. (In the weeks following Katrina the T-P operated as a weblog.)
Umfrage: Deutschlands Bosse mehrheitlich zufrieden mit Merkel
Im vergangenen Jahr zeigte eine Studie des Epica-Projektes, dass die Kohlendioxid- + Methangasmengen in der Atmosphäre heutzutage wesentlich höher sind als in den vergangenen 650.000 Jahren.
Bei einer Bohrung in Grönland hatten US-Forscher vor einiger Zeit eine lebende Bakterienkultur entdeckt.

In etwa drei Kilometern Tiefe hatten die Kleinstlebewesen 100.000 Jahre lang überlebt.

Mehr als zwei Jahre hat das Team von Hideaki Motoyama gebohrt, um an den etwa eine Million Jahre alten Eisbrocken heranzukommen.

Drei Kilometer unter die Oberfläche der Antarktis trieben sie ihren Spezialbohrer - noch tiefer als die Kollegen vom deutschen Alfred-Wegener-Institut, die im Rahmen des internationalen EPICA-Projektes ebenfalls in die Tiefen des antarktischen Eises gebohrt hatten.

Die zylinderförmigen Eisstücke seien die bislang ältesten, die Experten je an die Erdoberfläche gebracht hätten, hieß es bei der Vorstellung in Tokio.

Eisschichten enthielten im Kern uralten Schnee, sagte Motoyama.

Der nun geborgene Eisblock wiederum gebe im Vergleich mit anderen Stichproben Aufschluss über Veränderungen von Temperatur, Kohlendioxidmengen + Methananreicherungen.

Alexandria - Im Prozess um die Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 hat ein Psychologe den angeklagten Franzosen Zacarias Moussaoui gestern als "Schizophrenen mit paranoiden Tendenzen" bezeichnet.

Der von der Verteidigung geladene Experte Xavier Amador diagnostizierte bei dem 37-Jährigen entsprechende Symptome wie Wahnvorstellungen und geistige Verwirrtheit.
Mit seinen rasiermesserscharfen Zähnen sei Mapusaurus roseae vermutlich gar in der Lage gewesen,

den größten bekannten Dinosaurier aller Zeiten, den 40 Meter langen und bis zu 100 Tonnen schweren Pflanzenfresser Argentinosaurus, zu jagen.

Beide Arten lebten vor etwa 100 Millionen Jahren.

Mapusaurus roseae habe die längsten Schienbeine gehabt, die bisher bei fleischfressenden Dinosauriern gefunden worden seien,

sagte Coria, der die Entdeckung gemeinsam mit Philip Currie von der University of Alberta im Fachblatt "Geodiversitas" vorstellte.

Der Kopf habe tiefer gesessen und sei etwas leichter gewesen als bei seinem älteren "Cousin" Giganotosaurus.

Ein ausgewachsenes Exemplar des Zweibeiners mit Stummelarmen habe etwa sechs Tonnen gewogen und eine Höhe von vier Metern erreicht.

Schneller als 20 Kilometer in der Stunde hätten diese enormen Tiere aber nicht laufen können.
Atomstreit mit Iran: Ölpreis durchschlägt in New York 71-Dollar-Marke
18.Apr.2006 US-Regierung: Bush schließt Entlassung Rumsfelds kategorisch aus
18.Apr.2006 Deutscher Krankenstand: Der psychische Druck nimmt zu
18.Apr.2006 Image-Politur: Lidl macht auf Bioladen
18.Apr.2006 Meinungsvielfalt: Reuters holt Blogger auf seine Webseite
Rekordbohrung: Japaner zeigen eine Million Jahre altes Eis
Krisengewinner: Ölpreis-Schub nutzt deutschen Exporteuren
Abhöraktion der NSA: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen AT&T
18.Apr.2006 Hochwasserdrama: Tausende Rumänen auf der Flucht
18.Apr.2006 Gerichtsprozess: Boeing soll fehlerhafte Teile in Flugzeuge eingebaut haben
Israel: Israel verzichtet vorerst auf Angriff gegen Hamas-Regierung

18.Apr.2006 Kindliche Entwicklung: Jüngere Menschen lesen besser in Affengesichtern
Ausdauer: Japaner demonstriert seit 25 Jahren gegen seine Entlassung
Fleischfresser: Forscher entdecken riesigen Raubsaurier
Rekordstand: Ölpreis peilt 72-Dollar-Marke an