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23.May 2007 Jack Abramoff linked with ATTA (The Unhived Mind) ... exact same way as Don Aronow, Bush’s other partner,” he stated. Bush’s ...

Don Aronow . Gus. Jim Shore…All tied in to Bush.”
1129 Poppy" Bush's friend Don Aronow - the "speedboat king" who was heavily involved with ... In the Aronow case, the shooter was on foot + the ... ·

Business of Crime: A Documentary Study of Organized Crime in the American Economy. ... Tallberg, Martin. Don Bolles: An Investigation into ...
22.May 2007 Deuss,John_BREK ENERGY CORP - BREK Annual Report (Small Business Issuers ... M. ... Terry Dornbush. Maurits E. Edersheim . Lane C. Grijns. Calvin H. Haber.,John_.html
20050325 Annual report ? The Investment Company of America-... but Watergate ... Terry Dornbush. Maurits E. Edersheim . Lane C. Grijns. Calvin H. Haber.
22.May 2007

Though this plot may sound implausible, Willan backs it up with trial evidence and interviews conducted over three years.

He infuses the text with his knowledge of Italy during the Cold War, a subject he explored in his 1991 book, ``Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy.''

Masonic Lodge

Willan describes Calvi's ties to Propaganda 2, an Italian Masonic lodge whose members included top-ranking members of Italy's spy networks, police and even former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

He devotes ample space as well to the late Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the former head of Vatican bank Istituto per le Opere di Religione, which faces no charges in the trial.

Willan also repeats reports that members of Opus Dei lured Calvi to London, an assertion the Catholic movement denies.
22.May 2007 Mystery surrounds treasure trove 

The Spanish government says it is investigating whether one of the world's biggest-ever finds of sunken treasure was plundered from its waters or from a shipwrecked Spanish galleon. posted by Prof. Hex
22.May 2007 MI5 'raided bank for sex pictures of Margaret' 

Her acknowledged love affairs were some of the great sex scandals of their day and the rumours were even more lurid.
But few of the stories about Princess Margaret are as murky as claims to be made in a new film - that MI5 staged a London bank robbery as a ruse to eliminate sexually compromising photographs of her on the Caribbean island of Mustique.
posted by Prof. Hex
22.May 2007 Calvi, 'God's Banker,' Got Caught in Real-Life 'Da Vinci Code'  The Cold War spawned an unholy alliance in Italy, uniting the Vatican, the Mafia, U.S. and U.K. spy networks, freemasons and the country's most powerful politicians. Banker Roberto Calvi pulled financial strings for elements in each of these forces + it would cost him his life. posted by Prof. Hex
22.May 2007 China kills to harvest organs: MDs  Foreign patients who travel to China for transplants are likely receiving organs culled from political prisoners who are alive when their corneas, kidneys and livers are harvested, then left to die, an international group of doctors armed with a chilling Canadian report is warning. Thanks Scott! posted by Prof. Hex
22.May 2007 Kyrgyzstan will close U.S. base if used against Iran: Kyrgyzstan will close a U.S. military base on its territory if the USA uses it for purposes other than to support an antiterrorism campaign in Afghanistan, the parliamentary speaker said in an interview with RIA Novosti Monday.

22.May 2007 India to go slow on Iran gas pipeline: The government has put on hold the signing of the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline deal, pending the conclusion of the 123 nuclear agreement with the USA.

22.May 2007 The Globalization of Military Power: NATO Expansion : Ultimately NATO is slated to become a global military force. Moreover, part of the objectives of NATO as a global military alliance is to ensure the “energy security” of its member states. What this signifies is the militarization of the world’s arteries, strategic pipeline routes, maritime traffic corridors used by oil tankers + international waters.

22.May 2007 Kuwait drops dollar peg in blow to Gulf currency union: Kuwait unshackled its dinar from the tumbling US dollar on Sunday and switched the exchange rate mechanism to a basket of currencies, throwing plans for currency union with other Gulf Arab oil producers into disarray.

22.May 2007 David Hicks' trial was a political fix by two governments: NOW that David Hicks is back in Australia to serve out the rest of his sentence at Yatala, it is opportune to reflect on the implications of his "trial" for the future of the US military commission process. It is not a pretty picture.

At Padilla terror trial, a witness's surprise effect: A witness for the US government has painted a less-than-menacing picture of a terrorist training camp.
22.May 2007 Patrick Cockburn Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr : The US Army tried to kill or capture Muqtada al-Sadr, the widely revered Shia cleric, after luring him to peace negotiations at a house in the holy city of Najaf, which it then attacked, according to a senior Iraqi government official.

22.May 2007 Iraq draws up plans if U.S. forces leave: Iraq's military is drawing up plans on how to cope if U.S.-led forces leave the country quickly, the defense minister said Monday.

22.May 2007 U.S. Imperial Ambitions Thwart Iraqis' Peace Plans: Last week, a majority of Iraqi lawmakers demanded a timetable for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave their country. The very next day, the Al Fadhila party, a Shi'ite party considered moderate by the (often arbitrary) standards of the commercial media, held a press conference, in which they offered a 23-point plan for stabilizing Iraq.

22.May 2007 UK: 'Brown to cool relations with Bush': Mr Bush is said to have been briefed by White House officials to expect an announcement on troop withdrawals by Britain during the first 100 days of Mr Brown's premiership, according to the Sunday Telegraph.
22.May 2007 Scores dead as Lebanese army battles Islamists in bloodiest day since civil war -By Robert Fisk
Here are a few facts. A group of armed men tried to rob a Tripoli bank on Saturday and got cornered in an apartment block. Others holed up in the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp north of the city. When I arrived yesterday, army tank fire was bursting in the camp and black-hooded policemen were preparing to storm, Iraqi-style, into the city-centre building. But the robbers were said to have stolen only $1,500. Was that worth this massacre?

22.May 2007 And Now, a Fetus -By Gideon Levy
Memorial posters decorate the walls of the Rafidiya government hospital in Nablus, covering earlier posters of countless young people who have been killed. But this poster is like nothing we have seen before: a fetus covered in its own blood, its tiny head blown up by the bullet that struck its mother + the caption - "Who gave you the right to steal his life?"

22.May 2007 America -- The World's Arms Pusher -By Frida Berrigan -Consider some of the areas in which the USA is still No. 1: Continue

Overthrow, America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq -By Stephen Kinzer
The recent of Saddam Hussein may have turned "regime change" into a contemporary buzzword, but it's been a tactic of American foreign policy for more than 110 years.

00.000.1893 -Beginning- with the ouster of Hawaii's monarchy, Kinzer runs through the foreign governments the U.S. has had a hand in toppling. Click to view
22.May 2007 In Case You Missed This Bushevik Incompetence Bombshell: "In one of the most troubling trends, U.S. officials said that Al Qaeda's command base in Pakistan is increasingly being funded by cash coming out of Iraq, where the terrorist network's operatives are raising substantial sums from donations to the anti-American insurgency." Nice Job of STRENGTHENING Al-Qaeda, George.
The BuzzFlash Seventh Anniversary Fund Drive Began May 19. We're at $6228 of $25,000 goal for May 31st.
Pull the Fire Alarm. It ought to be a crime! It is: Bush administration quietly boosting troop levels in second 'surge.' When additional support troops are included in this second troop "surge," the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase from 162,000 now to more than 200,000 ? a record high number ? by the end of the year.
Richardson enters Democratic presidential race: Richardson pledged to "leave no troop behind in Iraq." He also pledged to leave: "No air bases, no security patrols, no embedded soldiers training Iraqi forces." 5/22
Dave Lindorff: A Widening Chasm Between House Democrats and the Voters on Impeachment -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for May 22, 2007
The So-Called Immigration Bill (AKA The "Keep Mexicans from Crossing the Boarder for Low-Paid Jobs Offered by Employers Who Want to Exploit Their Situtation for Profit Bill") Gets Attacked from the Right and Left. 5/22
E.J. Dionne Jr.: "Free to be Al Gore" 5/22
Bush Suggests Democrats Show Some 'Sober' Behavior Regarding Alberto Gonzales -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
Car bomb kills 25 at Baghdad market. When will Congress Pull Closed the Doors of Hell Opened by King George and His Court of Neo-Cons?
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484151,00.html
"Wir beobachten die Entstehung einer Branche, die sich in der klaren Absicht, Zeugen einzuschüchtern und Rache zu üben mit der Wiederveröffentlichung von Gerichtsdokumenten über Menschen, die mit den Gerichten kooperieren, auf Webseiten wie Whosarat beschäftigt."
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484151,00.html

Wörtlich heißt es in dem "SIS Bulletin #137 Whosarat Website Advisory" vom 16. September 2004: "Diese veröffentlichten Informationen könnten von Kriminellen und/oder Terroristen genutzt werden, Polizeiarbeit zu behindern + könnten Beamte und Informanten gefährden. Besuchen Sie diese und ähnliche Seiten nicht von Computern aus, die eine Regierungs-IP-Adresse benutzen + suchen Sie dort oder auf ähnlichen Seiten nicht nach den Namen von Polizeibeamten oder Informanten."

Das US-Heimatschutzministerium und mehrere Justizministerien der Staaten schlossen sich der Warnung an.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484151,00.html

Seit die Seite im August 2004 online ging, versuchen US-Behörden vergeblich, sie wieder schließen zu lassen. Ihr naheliegender Verdacht: Whosarat könnte genutzt werden, Hatz auf Informanten zu machen.

Indizien, dass dies geschieht oder die Seite genutzt wird, Zeugen einzuschüchtern, gibt es genug.

Dass sie das Potential dazu hat, wurde umgehend erkannt: Wenige Wochen, nachdem Whosarat online ging, wurde die Seite zur "Unethischsten Webseite des Monats" gekürt.

Bereits Mitte September 2004 warnte auch der Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council des Justizministeriums von Florida alle Mitarbeiter von Polizei- und Sicherheitsbehörden davor, die Webseite auch nur zu besuchen: Die Möglichkeit, dass eine Namens-Suche nach V-Leuten, Undercover-Agenten und Polizeibeamten dort von den Betreibern dazu genutzt werden könne, die IP-Adresse des Recherchierenden mit dem gesuchten Datensatz zu verknüpfen und die Daten zu veröffentlichen, stelle ein akutes Risiko dar.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484268,00.html
Zu den am stärksten bedrohten Arten gehören der Iberische Luchs, die Saiga-Antilope, die Mittelmeer-Mönchsrobbe, der nordatlantische Glattwal und der Blauwal.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484268,00.html

Ursache für die Gefährdung der Tiere seien vor allem menschliche Einflüsse auf die Natur wie Abholzung, Trockenlegung von Sumpfgebieten oder Umweltverschmutzung.

Allerdings wissen die Experten bei einem Drittel nicht, wie sich Zahl und Bestände der Tiere entwickeln.

Nur bei 8 % aller Säugetierarten nehme der Bestand indes zu, teilte die EU-Kommission mit. Das gelte für den Wisent.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484268,00.html

Jede sechste Art vom Aussterben bedroht, schrumpfende Populationen bei einem Drittel - Europas Säugetiere sind in Gefahr.

Eine EU-Studie zeigt: Abholzung, Trockenlegung und Umweltverschmutzung rauben ihnen die Heimat.

Brüssel/Genf - Bei fast einem Drittel aller Säugetierarten in Europa geht der Bestand zurück, fast jede sechste ist gar vom Aussterben bedroht. Das teilte die EU-Kommission in Brüssel mit.

Im Rahmen des European Mammal Assessment (EMA, Europäische Säugetier-Untersuchung) haben Zoologen die biologische Vielfalt in den Mitgliedsstaaten und ihren Meeren untersucht.
22.May 2007
BSI- Sicherheitskongress: Computer immer stärker bedroht

22.May 2007 Rekord- Rüstungsausgaben: Waffen für eine Billion Dollar
22.May 2007 Schwindende Vielfalt: Europas Säugetiere sind bedroht
22.May 2007 Russland- Nato- Krise: Moskau droht mit völliger Aufkündigung des KSE- Abrüstungsvertrages

22.May 2007 Besuch in Afghanistan: Steinmeier verspricht Karzai Fortsetzung der Kunduz- Mission
22.May 2007 Flug ohne Wiederkehr: Länger leben im Schwarzen Loch

22.May 2007 Tankstellen: Benzinpreis auf Rekordkurs
22.May 2007 Biologie- Revoluzzer Linné: Der Namensgeber der Natur
22.May 2007 Kämpfe im Libanon: Uno warnt vor humanitärer Katastrophe

Apr.2003 23:28:09 Die Armee der Underdogs Von Helmut Sorge, Los Angeles Die US-Army ist ein Auffangbecken für die Armen und Unterpriviliegierten Amerikas: ...
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483849,00.html

Sie stehen in der sengenden Mittagssonne vor der Halle, Staub bedeckt ihre Füße, einige tragen Sandalen, dazu T-Shirts, abgetragene Hosen.

Der Arbeiter Mohammed hat seine Papiermaske in die Stirn geschoben. "Seit vier Monaten sprühe ich Tag für Tag Gift. Immer nur mit dieser Maske aus Papier. Manchmal arbeite ich 16 Stunden am Tag und bekomme dafür 36 Euro." Mit verschränkten Armen stehen sie ihrem Patrón gegenüber. "Mehr kann ich nicht zahlen", wettert Juan Andrés, er schwitzt, sein Bauch quillt über den Hosenbund. Mehr Geld, dafür weniger Leute, das ist sein Angebot. "Sehen sie, was die mit mir machen. Die Produktion muss heute noch raus!" Vor der Halle steht ein BMW-Luxusmodell.

Ohne Umwege auf deutsche Tische
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483849,00.html
"Die Immigranten, die unter dem Plastik arbeiten, sind die Sklaven von heute!" Abdelkaders Blick schweift über die schmutzigweißen Plastikplanen, die um die Mittagszeit träge im heißen Wind flattern. "Die Bauern verdienen gutes Geld an uns, aber sie behandeln uns wie Dreck."
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483849,00.html

Täglich warten im Intensivanbaugebiet von Almería Tausende Tagelöhner auf ihre Anwerbung durch die Patrones, um in einem der Gewächshäuser einen Tagesjob als Erntehelfer zu ergattern.

Die meisten von ihnen sind papierlose Immigranten aus dem Maghreb oder Ländern südlich der Sahara, die in Booten vor den Kanarischen Inseln aufgegriffen werden.

Nur selten protestieren sie nach den durchstandenen Strapazen noch gegen die Lebensbedingungen, die sie erwarten, wenn sie spanisches Festland erreichen.

Doch was für die Produzenten ein gutes Geschäft mit billigen Arbeitskräften ist, bezahlen die Immigranten teuer.

Und dem Endverbraucher ist selten klar, unter welchen Bedingungen die günstigen Obst- und Gemüseangebote in seinem Supermarkt zustande kommen.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484144,00.html
"Keine Region reduziert den Kohlenstoffausstoß ihrer Energieversorgung", stellen die Wissenschaftler fest.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484144,00.html

In den ersten fünf Jahren des neuen Jahrtausends ist der jährliche Kohlendioxid-Ausstoß der Menschheit mehr als drei Mal so stark gestiegen wie in den neunziger Jahren.

00.000.1990-00.000.1999 -zwischen- Waren es noch durchschnittlich 1,1 % Zuwachs pro Jahr,

00.000.2000-00.000.2004 nahmen die CO2-Emissionenum jährlich mehr als 3 % zu.

Diese beängstigende Zahl veröffentlicht ein internationales Forscherteam in der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences" (PNAS). DPA

Braunkohlekraftwerk (bei Bergheim): "Keine Region reduziert den Kohlenstoffausstoß ihrer Energieversorgung"

00.000.2000 -seit- Die Zuwachsrate der Emissionen war damit sogar größer als im Treibstoff-intensivsten Zukunftsszenario, das der Klimarat der Vereinten Nationen in den neunziger Jahren entwickelt hat,

schreiben die Forscher um Mike Raupach von der australischen Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) und Chris Field von der Carnegie Institution im kalifornischen Stanford.

22.May 2007 Die Realität hat die düsterste Vorhersage zum Treibhausgas-Ausstoß also noch übertroffen.

"Trotz des wissenschaftlichen Konsens, dass Kohlendioxid-Emissionen das Weltklima beeinflussen,

sehen wir keinen Fortschritt beim Management dieser Ausstöße - weder in der industrialisierten Welt, noch in den Entwicklungsländern", sagte Field.

Größter Zuwachs in China
22.May 2007,1518,druck-484144,00.html
Neuen Messungen zufolge hat sich der jährliche Zuwachs des CO2-Ausstoßes gegenüber den neunziger Jahren verdreifacht.

Die Schuld tragen nicht nur die boomenden Schwellenländer.
22.May 2007
Klimawandel- Ausstellung: US- Museum soll sich selbst zensiert haben (Wissenschaft)
22.May 2007 New York: Komplette Taxiflotte wird auf Hybrid- Antrieb umgestellt
22.May 2007 Rommel- Film: Wüstenfuchs als Wegbereiter des Holocaust (Panorama)
22.May 2007 Fall Litwinenko: Mordanklage gegen Ex- Agent Lugowoi
22.May 2007 Treibhausgas: Globaler CO2- Ausstoß steigt dramatisch
22.May 2007 Wachstumserfolg: Zahl der Erwerbstätigen auf Sieben- Jahres- Hoch
22.May 2007 Klimaschutz- Geschacher: Bush torpediert Merkels G- 8-Ziele (Wissenschaft)
22.May 2007 Migranten in Spanien: Wie Sklaven unter Plastik (Wirtschaft)
22.May 2007 Wolfowitz- Nachfolge: Bush besteht auf amerikanischer Führung der Weltbank
22.May 2007 Truppenbesuch: Steinmeier spricht deutschen Soldaten Mut zu
22.May 2007 High- Tech- Prothesen: Besser als echte Beine
22.May 2007
Pentagon Renovation Program Electronic Data Standards - View as HTML
Subsequently, at the request of the PENTAGON RENOVATION ...

The PenRen Office Information Resource Center department is responsible for assisting the EDS ...
Shalom 03-17-03.doc - View as HTML
This standard was originally derived from the Tri- Service CADD Standards ... T

he PenRen Office Information Resource Center department is responsible for ...

Feb.2005 The World Trade Center disaster demands the most comprehensive detailed investigation possible. No event in our entire fire service history has ...
22.May 2007
Gil-Radionov Unit of the SD.

... RSHA) firmly believing that RSHA's VI (SD Foreign Intelligence) Department (SD was ...

SD created a special sub-organization called Operation Zeppelin . ...
IWG - Records of the Central Intelligence Agency (RG 263

00.000.1942-00.000.1943 as chief of the Georgian desk for the RSHA's Operation Zeppelin, he recruited POWs from the Caucasus and others in his Georgian organization for ...
Walther Schellenberg ... in charge of the intellegence of the third reich (the RSHA's Amt VI Ausland).

... to capture Hitler + he was also responsible for Operation Zeppelin . ...
Axis History Forum :: Officers of the 1st SS Russian National Brigade

Following the invasion of Soviet Union, SD created a special sub-organization called Operation Zeppelin . Its aim was to infiltrate German agents into ...

00.000.1942-00.000.1943 as chief of the Georgian desk for the RSHA's Operation Zeppelin, ...
22.May 2007
Imperium Americanum Imperium Americanum. welcome to ALFATOMEGA --> use CTR + F for FIND !!!///... Imperium A mericanum. D I E. „)NEUE “WELT“ORDNUNG“ ...
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483974,00.html
Wie der "Sydney Morning Herald" berichtet, soll es sich dabei um einen Spezialhelikopter vom Typ Blackhawk handeln.

Der Hightech-Drehflügler soll in der Lage sein, mithilfe seiner Störelektronik die Handynetze in einem Umkreis von etwa 100 Metern zu deaktivieren.

Die Dauer des so erzwungenen Netzausfalls soll rund zwei Minuten betragen.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483931,00.html
Es sollen Unklarheiten wegen angeblicher Verbindungen des Milliardärs zum organisierten Verbrechen bestanden haben.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483931,00.html

Die großen russischen Rohstoff-Konzerne haben in den vergangenen Jahren wegen der hohen Weltmarktpreise für Öl, Gas und Metalle riesige Vermögen angehäuft.

Diese versuchen sie inzwischen vielfach, in westlichen Firmen anzulegen, auch in Deutschland.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483931,00.html

Deripaska ist nach neueren Daten der reichste Mann Russlands - noch vor Roman Abramowitsch - und gilt als Vertrauter des Präsidenten Wladimir Putin.

Deripaska erwarb einen Großteil seines Vermögens in den russischen "Aluminium-Kriegen" der neunziger Jahre und ist heute Eigentümer des russischen Aluminiumkonzerns Rusal.

Der verschmolz Ende März mit dem russischen Konkurrenten Sual und der Schweizer Gruppe Glencore zum größten Aluminiumkonzern der Welt.
22.May 2007,1518,druck-483931,00.html

Nach aktuellem Stand besitzt Deripaskas Unternehmen Basic Element 9,99 % an der Hochtief AG aus Essen.

Damit ist der russische Superreiche (geschätztes Vermögen: 14 Milliarden Dollar) binnen weniger Wochen zum zweitwichtigsten Aktionär des Baukonzerns aufgestiegen. AP

Milliardär Deripaska: Nie angeklagt, aber eine Reizfigur Nur der spanische ACS-Konzern besitzt mit gut 25 % der Aktien noch mehr Anteile.
22.May 2007 21. MAI 2007
22.May 2007
Afghanistan: Bush verlangt von Nato mehr Einsatz - Streit in Deutschland
22.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Polizei fürchtet Krawall- Brennpunkt in Hamburg
22.May 2007 Reformationswirren: Mittelalterliche Knochengrube in Zürich entdeckt
22.May 2007 Bundeswehr: SPD will Grundsatzdebatte über Auslandseinsätze
22.May 2007 Körpergröße: Europäer überholen US- Amerikaner
22.May 2007 Rationierung: Iraner hamstern Benzin
22.May 2007 Greenpeace- Aktion: Tote Wale am Brandenburger Tor
22.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Globalisierungskritiker wehren sich gegen Demo- Verbot

22.May 2007 Umstrittene G- 8-Fahndung: Duft des Terrors

22.May 2007 Präsidentenbesuch: Bushs Helikopter legt Handys lahm
22.May 2007 Streit um Aufsichtsratsposten: Hillary und die Wal- Mart- Connection
21.May 2007 Vogelgrippe: H5N1- Bekämpfung zeigt Wirkung
21.May 2007 Milliarden- Risiko: Daimler gab Garantie für Chrysler- Pensionen
21.May 2007 Russischer Magnat: Neuer Hochtief- Aktionär hat umstrittene Vergangenheit
21.May 2007
Handy- Mitschnitt: Rassistische Äußerungen setzen Rumäniens Präsident unter Druck
21.May 2007
Poll: American satisfaction at new low: Only 25 % of those surveyed say things in the U.S. are going in the right direction, according to an AP-Ipsos poll this month. That is about the lowest level of satisfaction detected since the survey started in December 2003.

21.May 2007 US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer: Sicko, a documentary tackling the state of American healthcare, focuses on the pharmaceutical giants + particularly on health insurers.

21.May 2007 Big Bucks Big Pharma : Video: Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated + in some instances created, for capital gain

21.May 2007 UK: Police chief's 'Orwellian' fears : Deputy chief constable of Hampshire Ian Readhead said Britain could become a surveillance society with cameras on every street corner
21.May 2007 George Galloway on Gordon Brown becoming Labour leader unopposed : This is a moment for the left as a whole to come together to drive out the stale, blood-soaked doctrines of Blairism, re-establish core progressive principles and win sorely needed representation for working people.”

21.May 2007 Ask Pope Benedict: When Does Genocide Purify?: Pope Benedict XVI's recent trip to Brazil seems to have done little to shore up the Catholic Church's declining power in its Latin American heartland. It went a long way, however, towards confirming Benedict's reputation as a reactionary bigot.

21.May 2007 Depleted Uranium Hawaii?: 2 Minute Video: Is the US Army using DU on practice ranges and contaminating Hawaii? A report from KITV (ABC affiliate) in Honolulu.

21.May 2007 Detainee alleges Guantanamo 'mental torture: A terror suspect who once lived in Maryland told a military tribunal that "mental torture" at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, drove him to twice attempt suicide by chewing through his own arteries, according to a hearing transcript released yesterday by the Pentagon.

21.May 2007 Australian repatriated from Guantanamo Bay: "Mr. Hicks is now in the custody of the South Australian correctional services," Attorney General Philip Ruddock said in a brief statement confirming Hicks' return to Australia.

21.May 2007 Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz: An American Hero: The idea that Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz will do six months in the brig for committing the brave and even noble deed of leaking the names of all Guantanamo detainees to human rights lawyers is profoundly distressing:
21.May 2007 The Imposition Of Great Power On Powerless People: MP3: Internationally-renowned investigative reporter and filmmaker John Pilger talks about the limitless occupation in Palestine, the war in Iraq, the current pathetic state of mainstream journalism.

21.May 2007 War pimp alert: 2 US Republican senators allege they have 'evidence' Iran sent weapons, trained militants in Iraq: Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, told a World Economic Forum panel discussion on Iraq's future that during a trip last week to Iraq, he saw "evidence that Iran was supplying weapons and bomb-making components to Iraqi terrorists."

21.May 2007 Obama, Brownback want U.S. companies to end Iran oil investments : Democratic Senator Barack Obama and Republican Senator Sam Brownback are pressuring US companies to stop investing in Iran's oil and gas industries.

In case you missed it: Iran offered 'to make peace with Israel': - Iran offered 00.000.2003 to accept peace with Israel and cut off material assistance to Palestinian armed groups and to pressure them to halt terrorist attacks within Israel's 1967 borders, according to a secret Iranian proposal to the USA.
21.May 2007 Patrick Seale: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan and Iraq: The governments of Afghanistan and Iraq have indicated quite clearly that they want the USA to leave their countries. In Afghanistan, NATO cannot defeat the Taliban + only makes matters worse by the indiscriminate killing of civilians,

21.May 2007 37 killed as Lebanese troops battle militants: At least 37 people were killed on Sunday in heavy gunbattles between Lebanese troops and Islamist extremists in the north of the country, according to the latest army toll.
21.May 2007 Three German Soldiers Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack : Three German soldiers were killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan today, German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said.

21.May 2007 Afghan soldiers mass on border, ready and willing to take on old foe: Afghan security forces have found themselves pitted against an older and bigger enemy: Pakistan
21.May 2007 US surge is failing, says UK's Iraq envoy: In a pessimistic assessment of the strategy designed to pull Iraq back from all-out civil war, Alastair Campbell, the outgoing defence attaché at the British Embassy in Baghdad, claimed that extra US forces were not achieving the desired drop in violence.

21.May 2007 No regrets, Blair tells Iraq in final visit: Tony Blair, on his last visit to Iraq as prime minister, said he had no regrets about his part in the US-led invasion that removed Saddam Hussein.

21.May 2007 Bush 'anxious over Brown's Iraq policy' : George Bush has reportedly been warned by White House advisers that prime minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown is likely to reverse Tony Blair's policy of supporting the US in Iraq.

21.May 2007 US ex-president Carter blasts Bush, Blair on Iraq: "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,"
21.May 2007 UK to Pull Troops Out of Iraq - BRIAN BRADY
GORDON Brown will remove all British forces from Iraq before the next election under a plan to rebuild support among disillusioned Labour voters.

21.May 2007 Assessments Made 00.000.2003 Foretold Situation in Iraq - By Walter Pincus
Two intelligence assessments from January 2003 predicted that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and subsequent U.S. occupation of Iraq could lead to internal violence and provide a boost to Islamic extremists and terrorists in the region, according to congressional sources and former intelligence officials familiar with the prewar studies.

21.May 2007 Blair’s Lies and Linguistic Manipulations - By Robert Fisk
My Dad used to call people like Blair a ‘twerp’. But I fear he is a vicious little man.
21.May 2007
The Weasel and the Damage Done dr. elsewhere here
21.May 2007
And the consequences are beyond chilling: It is not just public corruption cases that are negatively impacted by the Bush administration's promotion of loyalty to the president and to individual US attorneys as the highest values in the Department of Justice at the expense of integrity and the prudent exercise of independent judgment on the part of its lawyers. This distorted ethos affects all of the cases, because what happens to career prosecutors under such circumstances? They leave.
Indeed, that is precisely what happened in the Northern District of California.
There, the US attorney, Kevin Ryan, was decidedly a "company man" who, like those in the inner circle of the Bush administration's Department of Justice, equated dissent with disloyalty. During Ryan's four-year tenure, 50 of the office's 100 lawyers - including myself - left, taking with them a total of approximately 500 years of experience. In the end, because of the intervention of the district's chief judge, Ryan himself was asked to resign, but the office will take a very long time to recover. This, folks, is just how serious it is. This is how much damage has already been done.

21.May 2007 NYT Editorial: The Bush Administration "has offered up implausible excuses, hidden the most damaging evidence and feigned memory lapses, while hoping that the public?s attention moves on. But this scandal is too important for the public or Congress to move on. This story should not end until Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is gone + the serious damage that has been done to the Justice Department is repaired." It will only be repaired when Bush and Cheney are removed from power. Throw the crooks out.
The BuzzFlash Seventh Anniversary Fund Drive Began May 19. We're at $4556 of $25,000 goal for May 31st.
Who's Afraid of Jimmy Carter? George Bush. Bush is a Sociopathic Narcissist. Carter Calls Him the Worst President in U.S. History. George Can't Handle the Truth.
"A senior Chinese official has accused the Dalai Lama of conspiring with a host of perceived enemies, from Islamic separatists to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, to weaken Beijing's hold over his homeland in Tibet, state media reported Monday." Uh, Maybe that's Because China is an Occupying Power in Tibet. And Maybe the "Senior Chinese Official" Should Stop the Practice of Taking Organs from Live Sedated Faluh Gong Followers and Selling Them for Profit, Killing the Political Prisoners in the Process.
Wash. Post columnist reports on disastrous possible Plan B: Evict Iraqi leader and use country as base for attack on Iran 5/21
Win, Place and Show in Latest Iowa Poll: Edwards, Obama, Clinton, with Richardson Coming Up Fast. 5/21
Danny Schechter: Searching For The New 'Propaganda Model' -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
P.M. Carpenter: How do I apply? 'Damn it's good to be on George's payroll. The work is easy, the hours are good, excellent performance evaluations are guaranteed + the pay is fantastic.' 5/21
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Haircut That Won't Die -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Taliban turn their focus on cities -- and more in Gloria R. Lalumia's World Media Watch for May 21, 2007
21.May 2007 Pragmatism demands impeachment. Permalink
21.May 2007 Gingrich: He says that our big problem is not Iraq, not health care, not jobs going overseas, not global warming.

No, our big problem is the growing culture of radical secularism.

The War on Christmas was just a symptom, 21.May 2007'see... Permalink # posted by Joseph
21.May 2007 Brits-krieg: The Brits are talking to the Iraqi insurgents and making plans to leave once and for all.
21.May 2007 The Birth of Spin Deciding What You'll Swallow excerpted from the ... [ Edward ] Bernays developed his "science" of public relations

in the 1920 s-a decade that also saw the beginnings of mass production, mass communications, ...
20070201 Die bedeutendste dieser Figuren, Edward Bernays, stützte sich in seiner ...

Edward Bernays erklärte in seinem Leitfaden Propaganda von 1925, ...
20051017 He is well aware of the back story to contemporary political fixtures like the focus group—a technique innovated by Edward Bernays . Consequently, it doesn’t ...
Theorien der Public Relations [PROPAGANDA]
Thema: Der erste PR [PROPAGANDA]-Theoretiker Edward L. Bernays und seine Basis in der Mas-. senpsychologie. Lit.: Bernays (1923 bzw. 1929), Bernays (1952), Bernays ... - Edward L. Bernays: Crystallizing Public Opinion Edward L. Bernays : Crystallizing Public Opinion - Sprache: Englisch.
Anna Freud-Bernays: Eine Wienerin in New York. von Anna Freud- Bernays.

... angefügten Dokumenten - Ausschnitte aus den Erinnerungen Edward Bernays ', des berühmten Sohnes, ...
Manipulation » 02 Literatur ... Edward BernaysCrystallizing Public Opinion”; Edward BernaysPropaganda” ...

Edward Tufte The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”(1996) ...
Microsoft PowerPoint - Vorlesung7 ... - HTML-Version

PR [PROPAGANDA]-Berater sind Schöpfer von Ereignissen mit Nachrichtenwert + Manipulateure öffentlicher Meinung. Edward Bernays . Sigmund Freud ...
Yahoo! Video - Ergebnisse mit entertainment getaggt

In the first part of this British TV documentary about Sigmund Freud's ideas, you'll learn how his nephew, Edward Bernays, used his uncle's ideas about ...
Nachrichten als organisierte Propaganda - STANDARD:

.... obwohl Goebbels ja seinen Edward Bernays („Vater der PR“ + Autor des Klassikers Propaganda, 1928) gelesen haben soll. Stauber: In der Tat. ...
21.May 2007
covertsupply operations conducted by the CIA during the Reagan era. Under ... 1986;

Transworld Arms, Inc., a Montreal -based company that arranged for ...
20041219 Edgar Hoover + USA FBI + Richard Helms + USA CIA + USA military + USA local ...

00.000.1984+00.000.1985 Transworld Arms, Inc., a Montreal -based company that ...
21.May 2007
Caucasian diamond traffic - View as HTML
The losses of Russian aviation in the Chechen campaigns. ... Arkady Gaidamak (for some time he was a business partner of one of the biggest ...
The Yorkshire Ranter

As I first heard from the statistics log, the wanted arms dealer Arkadi Gaidamak's son Alexandre is trying to buy Portsmouth FC. Gaidamak was one of the ...
Russia Lebanon News - Media Monitoring Service by Russia Today

TEL-AVIV, May 17 (RIA Novosti) - Russian billionaire Arkady Gaidamak has provided finances for ... who also ... Russia Aviation News · Russia Banking News ...
Jewish Russian Telegraph: We the People Against Flying Imams The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] instructs people to report suspicious ...

Sue on Arkady Gaidamak : Russian Jewish money is the most honest, ...
MIFTAH--The Lebanon Precedent Mitigates Caution It all began with Arkadi Gaidamak .

Last November the Russian Jewish oligarch succeeded, apparently unintentionally, to impose a ceasefire between Israel and ...
House of Lords Hansard Index for Volume 625 (pt 25) Gaidamak, Arkady :. Question, [622] (1.3.01) WA154.

Gale, Baroness: ... General Aviation :. Question, [622] (27.2.01) 1158-74. General Commissioners of Income ...
House of Lords Hansard Index for Volume 623 (pt 19) Gaidamak, Arkady :. Question, [622] (1.3.01) WA154.

Gale, Baroness: ... General Aviation, [622] (27.2.01) 1160-3. Lower Airspace Radar Service, ...
20070322 CIA pilot who has also flown for Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., ... Vladimir Gusinski + Arkadi Gaidamak, has been reported in the Israeli + ...
Topical briefs Yediot Aharonot, in its third editorial, comments on Betar Jerusalem owner Arkady Gaidamak ’s lavish New Year's Eve party. The Jerusalem Post suggests Israel ...

Falcone appears to have formed a partnership with Arkadi Gaidamak, ... Essante Ltd; Invest Time Ltd; Clearhall Ltd; and Brenco Aviation Consulting Ltd....
21.May 2007 Edward L.

Often called "the Father of public relations", Bernays is widely believed to ... Joseph Goebbels "was using my book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis ...
21.May 2007
The Engineering of Consent: An Organized Approach To PR [PROPAGANDA] Efforts ... Right arrow, Download to citation manager ... Among the writer's many credits is Crystallizing Public Opinion, which-although written 00.000.1923—is still used ...
21.May 2007
1 Globalization - Afisare ca HTML
Bernays, E. L., Crystallizing public opinion, New York 1923.

Boulding, K. E., The image, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1956. –, The learning and reality-testing ...
21.May 2007 PII: 0149-2063(95)90006-3
“ crystallizing ” consensus before taking action. Others have suggested indirectly ... Processes of opinion change. Public Opinion Quarterly, 25: 57-78. ...

00.000.1923 „ Crystallizing Public Opinion “ 1923; Bernays: PR [PROPAGANDA]-Berater als ...

20051017 In Crystallizing Public Opinion, Bernays related how governments + ...
21.May 2007
La Coctelera: investigar en comunicación - web/bibliografía ...

1923 Bernays, Edward L. Crystallizing Public Opinion RR. PP conductismo-psicoanálisis funcional 1925 Park, Robert E Collected Papers, vol. ...
21.May 2007 "Cutty Sark": Historisches Segelschiff geht in Flammen auf

21.May 2007 Das Handy als Werbeträger: Die Kunden sollen es wollen
21.May 2007 Preisträger "Jugend forscht": Nützliche Wespen, geruchsfreie Gülle, rhythmische Regentropfen

21.May 2007 US- Telekom- Konzern: Finanzinvestoren fädeln Rekord- Übernahme ein
21.May 2007 Anwälte- Entlassungen: Republikaner erwarten Rücktritt von Minister Gonzales
21.May 2007 Wachstumsprognose: US- Volkswirte pessimistisch wie lange nicht

21.May 2007 Genossen in der Krise: SPD- Linke drängt Beck zum Kurswechsel
21.May 2007 Nahost- Konflikt: Viele Tote bei schweren Gefechten im Libanon

21.May 2007 Kunduz- Anschlag: Bundeswehr- Verband fordert neue Strategie in Afghanistan

21.May 2007 US- Militärhistoriker Biddle: Wie der Krieg im Irak zu beenden wäre
21.May 2007
The Architecture of Modern Political Power Compiled and edited, with introductory and interstitial essays and commentary, by Daniel Pouzzner <>.

All non-blockquoted text is authored by ...
21.May 2007
State Department Noon Briefing State Department Noon Briefing. DEPARTMENT OF STATE DAILY PRESS BRIEFING FRIDAY,


20041202 "But it's beyond belief that you can have the University of Bridgeport ...

Florida newspaper finds no evidence of election fraud -By Meg Laughlin and David ...
Elian's Story for Dummies, a Brief History of the Miami Cult of Elian

Altogether there are now 11 known hospital visits, according to Meg Laughlin of the Miami Herald". Kendall Coffey, an attorney for the Miami relatives, ...
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483739,00.html

Emnid-Chef Klaus-Peter Schöppner sagte der Zeitung: "Die Bürger fürchten, dass der Wirtschaftsaufschwung nicht in ihren Taschen ankommt, sondern vor allem den Konzernen nutzt.

Das führt zu Frustration und verstärkt die Neigung, den etablierten Parteien den Rücken zu kehren und Parteien mit Protestpotential zu wählen. Linke Argumente hätten erheblichen Zuspruch.

Davon profitiere vor allem die Linkspartei.

Vom 30. April bis 16. Mai befragte Emnid in Thüringen 516, im Saarland 504 und in Hessen 599 Wahlberechtigte.

Die Erhebung für den Bund fand von 9. bis 15. Mai mit 2599 Befragten statt.
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483739,00.html

Bundesweit ermittelte Emnid eine rechnerische Mehrheit für ein rot-rot-grünes Regierungsbündnis.

Danach erreichen SPD (30 %), Grüne und Linkspartei (jeweils 11 %) derzeit zusammen 52 % - einen Punkt mehr als bei der letzten Bundestagswahl. Die Union liegt bei 34 %, die FDP bei 11 %.
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483739,00.html

In Thüringen stürzt die ebenfalls allein regierende CDU von Ministerpräsident Dieter Althaus laut der Zeitung um rund 11 %punkte auf 32 % ab.

Die Linkspartei mit 27 % und die SPD mit 23 % könnten ein Regierungsbündnis bilden. Bei den Wahlen 2004 hatte die PDS 26,1 %, die SPD 14,5 % erreicht. Grüne und FDP, die 2004 an der Fünf-%-Hürde gescheitert waren, liegen laut Emnid derzeit bei jeweils sechs %.
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483739,00.html

Der Erfolg der Linkspartei in Bremen war nur der Anfang: Einer Umfrage zufolge wird es bei den Wahlen in Thüringen, Hessen und dem Saarland zu einer großen Wählerwanderung nach links kommen.

Die CDU hat dort dramatische Verluste zu fürchten.

Hamburg - Die Zeitung "Bild am Sonntag" berichtet unter Berufung auf eine Emnid-Umfrage, die CDU verzeichne in Thüringen, Hessen und dem Saarland dramatische Verluste.

Zugleich gewinne die Linkspartei erheblich an Zuspruch.
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483586,00.html

"Kinderpornografie ist inzwischen zu einem gesellschaftlichen Phänomen geworden", sagt der Jurist und verweist darauf, dass dem Täterkreis "alle gesellschaftlichen Schichten zuzuordnen" seien.

Die Reihe reiche vom Arbeitslosen und Angestellten über den Pfarrer, Polizeibeamten, Lehrer und Juristen bis zum Politiker. 99 % der Täter seien Männer, die Jüngsten darunter selbst noch Jugendliche oder Heranwachsende.

"Bilder machen nicht satt"
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483305,00.html
"Unsere Resultate beweisen, dass die Geometrie der versteckten Dimensionen durch die Muster der kosmischen Energie entschlüsselt werden kann", so Shiu.

"Dadurch bietet sich die seltene Gelegenheit, die String-Theorie zu testen."
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483305,00.html
"So wie der Schatten einen Anhaltspunkt auf die Form eines Objektes gibt, kann das Muster der kosmischen Strahlung auf die Gestalt der anderen sechs Dimensionen hinweisen", sagt Shiu.
20.May 2007,1518,druck-483305,00.html

Gary Shiu von der University of Wisconsin in Madison, der sich tief in die String-Theorie hineindenkt.

Er will als erster Physiker mit harten Fakten aufzeigen, was diese ebenso bekannte wie unverständliche Theorie taugt.

Schwarze Löcher, Stephen Hawking, Stringtheorie - das sind die drei Begriffe, die auch jeder Astro-Laie im Wortschatz trägt, freilich ohne intime Kenntnisse der Materie.

Unvorstellbar: Zehn Dimensionen aus winzigen Fäden
20.May 2007
Kunduz- Anschlag: Soldatengewerkschaft stellt Afghanistan- Einsatz in Frage
20.May 2007 Palästinenser- Ziel Sderot: "Wir werden hier noch alle verrückt" (Politik
20.May 2007 Verborgene Dimensionen: Forscher zupfen am Zipfel der String- Theorie
20.May 2007 Anti- amerikanische Agenten: Russland soll engmaschiges Spionagenetz spinnen
20.May 2007
Schufa- Studie: Kreditvermittler legen Kunden im großen Stil rein
20.May 2007
Warnung der Arbeitsagentur: In Deutschland fehlen 210.000 Lehrstellen
20.May 2007 Alarmierende Hinweise: Al- Qaida finanziert sich aus dem Irak
20.May 2007 CDU- Absage: Bremer SPD will rot- grüne Koalition
20.May 2007 Ostsee: Mysteriöses Wachs an Stränden ungefährlich
20.May 2007 Saudi- Arabien: Enthauptung in letzter Minute gestoppt
20.May 2007 Künftiger Premier Brown: Bush fürchtet Irak- Kehrtwende der Briten
20.May 2007
Umfrage: Die Republik rückt nach links
20.May 2007 Kita- Programm der Regierung: "Die Zuschüsse reichen nicht aus"
20.May 2007
Anschlag in Kunduz: Regierung lehnt Änderung der Bundeswehr- Strategie ab
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483684,00.html

US-Tiefseetaucher haben im Atlantik den bisher größten Schatz geborgen, der jemals in einem Schiffswrack entdeckt wurde. Geschätzter Wert: 500 Millionen Dollar. Der Fundort wird geheim gehalten.

Tampa - Vor 400 Jahren lief das Schiff, das den enormen Goldschatz an Bord hatte, auf Grund.

Jetzt holten Taucher des Schatzsucher-Unternehmens Odyssee Marine Exploration die reiche Beute ans Tageslicht:

eine halbe Million Silbermünzen, hunderte Goldmünzen und Artefakte, deren Gesamtwert sich auf 500 Millionen Dollar beläuft.

Damit würde der Fund den bisherigen Schatzsucher-Rekord von 400 Millionen Dollar aus dem Jahr 1985 übertreffen.
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483619,00.html

Immer klarer kristallisiert sich heraus, dass die obersten Kilometer der Erdkruste voller Leben sind. Mittlerweile glauben viele Forscher sogar, dass die Mehrheit aller bakterienartigen Mikroorganismen im Inneren der Erde, einer "tiefen Biosphäre", lebt. Zwischen 10 und 30 % der gesamten Biomasse macht nach Schätzungen allein der von ihnen gespeicherte Kohlenstoff aus.

Unterirdische Wasserstoff-Wirtschaft
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483619,00.html
Doch was für die meisten Lebewesen über kurz oder lang den Tod bedeuten würde, reicht einer ungewöhnlichen Lebensgemeinschaft von Mikroorganismen problemlos zum Leben:

Seit 20 Millionen Jahren existiert das Kollektiv völlig abgeschnitten von Sonnenlicht und Luft der Außenwelt im 60 Grad Celsius heißen salzigen Wasser in den Hohlräumen der Felsen.
19.May 2007
G- 8-Finanzminister: Hedgefonds sollen sich selbst regulieren 19.May 2007 18:23)
Angriff auf Bundeswehr in Kunduz: Tödlicher Anschlag entfacht Debatte über deutschen Afghanistan- Einsatz
19.May 2007 Deutschlandbild der Franzosen: Nackt, grob, scharf
19.May 2007 Leben unter Tage: Minen- Mikroben verblüffen Forscher
19.May 2007
US- Justizminister Gonzales: Fredo, der Fiesling auf Intensivstation
19.May 2007 Kommentar: Tod in Kunduz
19.May 2007
Urabstimmung: Linkspartei und WASG stimmen für Fusion
19.May 2007 Subventionen: Transrapid kostet Steuerzahler mehr als halbe Milliarde Euro
19.May 2007 Kunduz: Merkel nennt Anschlag perfiden Mord
19.May 2007 Sensationeller Fund im Atlantik: 17 Tonnen Silbermünzen - größter Schatz aller Zeiten
19.May 2007 Energie: Mehr als 100 Stromanbieter erhöhen ihre Preise
19.May 2007 Nuke official's comments stir security concerns 

Federal nuclear watchdogs and members of Congress are seeking answers after a former security director at a western Michigan nuclear plant

gave a bizarre series of interviews to Esquire magazine in which he claimed to be a hired assassin. Via Fark. posted by Prof. Hex at
19.May 2007 Drifters could explain sweet-potato travel 

How did the South American sweet potato wind up in Polynesia? New research suggests that the crop could have simply floated there on a ship. posted by Prof. Hex
19.May 2007 The Secret History of Jerry Falwell 

At the same time the Rev. Jerry Falwell was accusing pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU and People For the American Way of sharing responsibility for the

9/11 attack the televangelist owed over one million dollars in unpaid loans to the owner of the terror flight school in Florida which trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the MadCowMorningNews has learned. posted by Prof. Hex
19.May 2007 Chinese writing '8,000 years old'  Chinese archaeologists studying ancient rock carvings say they have evidence that modern Chinese script is thousands of years older than previously thought. posted by Prof. Hex 19.May 2007 Food Stamps: The $21 Question:

This week, you may have heard about the four members of Congress who have decided to try living on the amount of food they could buy with $21, the average weekly Food Stamp program allotment.

19.May 2007 Senators Question Whether Gonzales Lied Under Oath:

A group of senators led by Russ Feingold (D-WI) sent Alberto Gonzales a letter today highlighting an apparent lie Gonzales told while testifying under oath last year about the NSA warrantless spying program.

19.May 2007 Study Shows Southern Ocean Saturated with Carbon Dioxide: "We thought we would be able to detect these only the second half of this century, say 2050 or so," she said. But

data from 1981 through 2004 show the sink is already full of carbon dioxide. "So I find this really quite alarming."
19.May 2007
Race is on to replace Wolfowitz: Tony Blair may have emerged as a surprise contender to replace Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank,

19.May 2007 Juan Cole: Paul Wolfowitz's Fatal Weakness: The cronyism that may cost him his World Bank job is also what caused the Iraq debacle.

19.May 2007 Lawrence Wilkerson: The architect of his own collapse: Paul Wolfowitz's ineptness was on display long before the World Bank debacle.
19.May 2007 U.S. and Israel stoke civil war: Fatah Troops Enter Gaza With Israeli Assent: Hundreds Were Trained in Egypt Under U.S.-Backed Program to Counter Hamas

19.May 2007 Netanyahu: Shut off Gaza's water, electricity: Israel should shut off the Gaza Strip's electricity and water and impose a blockage of the territory until the Palestinians cease the regular firing of rockets into the Jewish state, former prime minister and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday.

19.May 2007 Israeli Poll: U.S. Should Strike Iran: The survey commissioned by Bar-Ilan University’s BESA Center + the Anti-Defamation League, also found that

59 % of Israelis still believe the war in Iraq was justified, while 36 % think it was not.

19.May 2007 John Bolton Urges U.S. action Against Iran: MP3: BBC audio interview with John Bolton

19.May 2007 Forum Links Jewish Republicans : Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams delivered one of his Middle East briefings last week during a breakfast meeting of Jewish Republicans.

19.May 2007 US firms 'paid Colombia militias' : A paramilitary commander has accused US companies which buy Colombia's bananas of financing illegal right-wing militias that have killed thousands of people in more than a decade.
19.May 2007 Mullah Dadullah's replacement named : Mansour was freed in March as part of a prisoner swap for the release of Daniele Mastrogiacomo, an Italian journalist kidnapped while working in Afghanistsan.
19.May 2007 House Passes $646 Billion Defense Bill : The House passed a $646 billion defense bill Thursday that supports the Pentagon's ambitious weapons acquisition program but would place new restrictions on foreign-made technology the military could buy.

19.May 2007 Dems drop Iraq timetable, but White House rejects deal : They pledged to give Bush authority to waive compliance with a timetable to pull combat troops out of Iraq. But no agreement emerged.

19.May 2007 The Exodus: An Account of the Iraq Refugee Crisis : New America Foundation Fellow Nir Rosen, will present his piece titled "The Flight from Iraq" The figures are startling, ”nearly 2 million Iraqis have fled Iraq for neighboring countries and another 1.9 million Iraqis have been internally displaced amounting to roughly 15% of the Iraqi population abandoning their homes. Meanwhile,

since 2003, the USA has only allowed in 466 Iraqis.

19.May 2007 The Imposition Of Great Power On Powerless People Must Listen Audio Interview With John Pilger

Internationally-renowned investigative reporter and filmmaker John Pilger talks about the limitless occupation in Palestine, the war in Iraq, the current pathetic state of mainstream journalism. Continue

19.May 2007 King George's Loyalty Oaths -By Sidney Blumenthal
Loyalty to Bush is the ultimate royal principle of the imperial presidency. The ruler must be unquestioned and those around him unquestioning. Allegiance to Bush's idea of himself as the "war president", "the decider" and "the commander guy" is paramount. But the notion that the ruler is loyal to those loyal to him is no longer necessarily true.

19.May 2007 Condoleezza Rice-Cooked in Oil? - By Barry Lando
Now that Paul Wolfowitz has been more or less sidelined, how about some questions for Condoleezza Rice? What’s to ask Condi? Well, for starters about her role in the Oil-for-Food scandal–a role she might have played first in private industry + then, as President Bush’s National Security Advisor.
19.May 2007 But who was right – Rudy or Ron? -By Patrick J. Buchanan:
It was the decisive moment of the South Carolina debate. Hearing Rep. Ron Paul recite the reasons for Arab and Islamic resentment of the USA, including 10 years of bombing and sanctions that brought death to thousands of Iraqis after the Gulf War, Rudy Giuliani broke format and exploded:
19.May 2007 Kidnap and Torture: New Claims of Army War Crimes in Iraq - By Robert Verkaik
The British Army is facing new allegations that it was involved in "forced disappearances", hostage-taking and torture of Iraqi civilians after the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

19.May 2007 "It Was Torture": Soldiers 'Not Brought To Justice ': - BBC Panorama Video
"He had 93 separate injuries on his body when he was left for dead on a toilet floor."
19.May 2007 Blasts hit Green Zone during Blair visit
NRA Breaks Out Anti-Semitism to Combat Bloomberg
Eugene Robinson: "The image I can't get out of my head is of Alberto Gonzales carrying a document for Ashcroft's signature into the man's hospital room, attempting a sneaky end-run around the deputy whom Ashcroft left in charge of the department, knowing full well that Ashcroft was seriously ill and almost certainly medicated. What did he intend to do, guide the man's hand?" Yes, or Forge His Signature Without Witnesses. Remember, from a Legal Standpoint, Ashcfroft Had Relinquished his Powers to Comey While He Was Incapacitated. So, Gonzales and Card Knew That They Were Trying to Get Ashcroft to Force Ashcroft to Sanction an Illegal Activity When John "God is King of America" Was Not Even the Legal Attorney General at that Moment.

19.May 2007 Whitewash and $400,000 Payoff for Wolfowitz to Leave Post that He Betrayed 5/19
"Well, well, well. Via Romenesko, we learn that one of our favorite fact-free Righty screechers has gotten herself permanently locked out in the yard over at The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. The clip in question is posted above + frankly, for Morgan (whose rancor and biliousness are all the way off the charts on a good day), I think it's pretty mild. All she did was serially interrupt and talk over Iraq War veteran John Soltz to accuse him undermining the troops and call him a cheerleader for Al Qaeda. Is that such a crime?" 5/19

19.May 2007 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
"War fund bill talks collapse." The Dems Keep Trying to Cut Deals with the White House Mob Operation. You Don't Cut Deals with the Mob, You Put Them in Prison. 5/19
Casualties among private contractors in Iraq have soared to record levels this year, setting a pace that seems certain to turn 2007 into the bloodiest year yet for the civilians who work alongside the American military in the war zone, according to new government numbers. 5/19

19.May 2007 Bush's Little Shop of Horrors: Gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers kill 15 5/20
19.May 2007 The Schumer-Comey exchange is densely packed with material that will appall just about everyone from average citizens to legal experts.
19.May 2007 Permalink
19.May 2007 Tuesday was a remarkable day at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. The exchange between Sen. Charles Schumer, R, NY and former Deputy Attorney General James Comey provides clear evidence pointing to criminal activity by the president, U.S Attorney General Alberto Gonzales + former presidential advisor, Andrew Card. If Comey’s testimony is supported by other reliable witnesses, the Bush, Gonzales + Card crew have some serious questions to answer
19.May 2007 This important piece reveals the role played by Jack Goldsmith, a lawyer who led the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel. Goldsmith's refusal to certify the extra-legal program brought matters to a head.
19.May 2007 ACVR, a group founded four days before it gave testimony before Congress on the pseudo-scandal of voter registration fraud, was designed to give credibility to Rove's ploy to disenfranchise poor people and minority voters in the battleground states. Third + perhaps most importantly, the idea of massive polling-place fraud (through the use of inflated voter rolls) is inherently incredible. Suppose I want to swing the Missouri election for my preferred presidential candidate. I would have to figure out who the fake, dead, or missing people on the registration rolls are + then pay a lot of other individuals to go to the polling place and claim to be Mary Poppins or Old Dead Bob, without any return guarantee—thanks to the secret ballot—that any of them will cast a vote for my preferred candidate. Those who do show up at the polls run the risk of being detected ("You're not my neighbor Bob who passed away last year!") and charged with a felony. And for what—$10? As someone who's thought about this a lot, if I really wanted to buy votes in an enforceable and safe way, I'd find eligible voters who would allow me to watch as they cast their absentee ballots for the candidate of my choice. Then, I would pay them. (Notably, ACVR and supporters of voter-ID laws have generally supported exemptions from ID requirements for voters who use absentee ballots.) Or, I might find an election official to change the votes. Polling-place fraud, in short, makes no sense.
19.May 2007
The Register » Science » Biology »

Original URL: fingered in US honeybee wipeout By Lester Haines Published Friday

27.Apr.2007 14:52 GMT

Scientists may have fingered a possible major contributory cause to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) - the hitherto unexplained disappearance of millions of honeybees in Europe ( ), the US and seemingly Taiwan ( ).

According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers have identified the single-celled fungus Nosema ceranae in dead bees from hives in Merced County, California. Other teams have similarly spotted the fungus in affected hives across the US, as well as two further fungi and 12 viral infections.
19.May 2007

Taiwan mislays millions of honeybees (26.Apr.2007)
Mobile phone threat to honeybees (16.Apr.2007)
Honeybees dropping like flies ( 02.Mar.2007)
19.May 2007 Le Web de l’Humanité: Zoom sur les trafics d’armes - Article paru ... Le film d’Andrew Nicoll relate la vie d’un marchand d’armes, inspirée de faits ... l’Égyptien Monzer Al Kassar, le Libanais Sarkis Soghanalian et, surtout, ... - 45
Getting a closer look at gun-running - a film review - L'Humanité ...

Lord of War - a new film explores the real world of arms-peddling. ... the Lebanon Sarkis Soghanalian and especially, the Russian of Tadjik origin, ...
BFI | Film & TV Database | The FIRST THATCHERITE (1992)

Film & TV Database. Global navigation ... Sarkis Soghanalian, former arms procurer for Iraq and now in jail, agreed to tell the programme about a deal with ...
19.May 2007
Eine weitere Konstantinische Fälschung der Christensekte

Ein homosexueller Jesuitenzögling wird von der christlichen Verbrecher- und ... Nur, wo der christliche Terrorismus, der übrigens Hitler und Stalin zusammen ...
19.May 2007 My Event Horizon - Neuer Thelema-Text online!

Andererseits gibt es eine andere wesentliche Parallele, die die ordensartige Struktur sowohl der SS als auch des NKWD erklärt - Stalin war Jesuitenzögling ...
19.May 2007 Zitate und Merkwürdigkeiten
2) Wussten Sie schon, dass Joseph Gobbels (der klumpfüßige Jesuitenzögling ) am ... Dichtung und Wahrheit über Hitler und Stalin ') bislang auch der Fachwelt ...
19.May 2007 Neue Linke: WASG- Mitglieder stimmen für Fusion mit Linkspartei

19.May 2007 Auslandseinsätze der Bundeswehr: Von Afghanistan bis Afrika

19.May 2007 Blackstone: China legt drei Milliarden Dollar bei Heuschrecke an

19.May 2007 Afghanistan: Schutztruppe Isaf und Operation "Enduring Freedom"
19.May 2007 Chronologie: 21 Bundeswehrsoldaten ließen bisher ihr Leben in Afghanistan

19.May 2007 Anschlag in Afghanistan: Jung bestürzt über Tod deutscher Soldaten

19.May 2007 Deutschlandbild der Briten: Hunnen, Miele, Hitler
19.May 2007 Carter über Blair: "Widerwärtig, ergeben, blind, offensichtlich unterwürfig"

19.May 2007 Interview mit Wladimir Ryschkow: "Russland ist kein demokratisches Land"
19.May 2007 Abschiedsbesuch: Blair im Irak eingetroffen - Detonationen in der Grünen Zone

19.May 2007 Kinderbetreuung: Stoiber droht, die Krippen zu kippen
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483653,00.html

Derzeit sind mehr als 3150 deutsche Soldaten vor allem im Norden Afghanistans stationiert, der bisher als vergleichsweise ruhig galt.

Zudem sind sechs Tornado-Aufklärungsflugzeuge der Bundeswehr im hart umkämpften Süden im Einsatz.
19.May 2007
Afghanistan: Drei deutsche Soldaten bei Anschlag getötet
19.May 2007 EMM News Explorer: Morgan Stanley

Rekorddeal: Finanzinvestor kauft Kreditkartenfirma für 29 Milliarden Dollar ... Wall Street: Insider -Netzwerk fliegt auf. spiegel 02-MAR-07 ...
20070315 Kerik is facing allegations of “mortgage fraud + tax fraud + conspiracy to eavesdrop + making false statements on his application to become US Homeland ...
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483488,00.html
Und Masri hat viel aufzuarbeiten. Ende 2003 wurde er in Mazedonien festgenommen, wochenlang in einem Hotel in Skopje festgehalten, dann von der CIA nach Afghanistan geflogen - wo er vier Monate lang verhört und misshandelt wurde.
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483488,00.html

Das Ulmer Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer habe "im Rahmen dessen, was sie machen können, alles getan. Denen werfe ich gar nichts vor." Die Mittel reichten einfach nicht aus. Gnidjic bemühte sich nach eigener Auskunft seit Monaten intensiv um eine bessere Betreuung: "Er ist allein gelassen. Man kann sich zurücklehnen und warten, bis das Fass explodiert."

"Dieses Kreuz muss er tragen"
19.May 2007,1518,druck-483488,00.html

Anwalt Gnjidic sagt, er mache der bayerischen Staatsregierung "überhaupt keinen Vorwurf", dass seit Freitag noch nicht viel unternommen worden sei. "Aber was ist mit den vergangenen drei Jahren?"

Es habe seit Masris Rückkehr aus Afghanistan keine Unterstützung von Seiten der Regierung in München gegeben, sagt Gnidjic. Psychologin Dötsch berichtet, dass Masri schon 2004, also kurz nach seiner Heimkehr, "bei uns im Zentrum angerufen und um einen Termin gebeten hat". Sie habe daraufhin eine schnellstmögliche Behandlung empfohlen. Es habe aber keine Finanzierungszusage gegeben. Behandlungszentren wie jenes in Ulm haben in Deutschland keine Kassenzulassung.
19.May 2007
Polizeieinsatz gegen Gipfel- Demo: Krawatten statt Knüppel

18.May 2007 Freitagsendspurt: Europas Börsen in Topform - Dax gewinnt 100 Punkte
18.May 2007 Lebensmittelimport: Amerikaner fürchten Vergiftung durch Chinesen
18.May 2007 Drama um CIA- Opfer: Wie Khaled el- Masri zum Brandstifter wurde
18.May 2007 Wolfowitz- Nachfolge: Wilde Spekulationen um neuen Weltbank- Chef

18.May 2007 EU- Russland- Gipfel: Offener Streit zwischen Merkel und Putin

18.May 2007 Ausnahmezustand vor dem G- 8-Gipfel: Zwischen Zäunen und Zelten 
18.May 2007 Kennedy- Mord: Kugelsplitter könnten Mordkomplott gegen JFK beweisen
18.May 2007 Nahost: Jordaniens König warnt vor Scheitern des Palästinenser- Staats
18.May 2007
Wolfowitz- Rücktritt: Tony Blair für Weltbank- Spitze im Gespräch
18.May 2007
Gesprächige Tiere: Clownfische reden mit den Zähnen (
18.May 2007 Klimakrise: Vom Big Apple zum Green Apple
18.May 2007 Milliardengeschäft: Emirat Dubai verkauft DaimlerChrysler- Aktien
18.May 2007 Brandanschlag: Masri- Anwalt greift Schily an
18.May 2007 Frankreichs Kabinett: Sozialist Kouchner wird Außenminister
18.May 2007
Laura Hackett — Sandra Hackett : ZoomInfo Business People Information

View the professional backgrounds of Hackett, Laura through Hackett, ... Samantha Hackett of Bradford, Pa., is shown with Iraqi children .
Tony Distin — Julie Ditchik : ZoomInfo Business People Information Distler, Stephen, Warburg Pincus LLC, Steve Distler - previous - Steve Distler - ...

Our senior Partners, Lawrence N. Berwitz and Maureen Rothschild DiTata, ...
Sir Norman Angell Collection Correspondence Box 15 Bradford Branch ... - View as HTML
Martin Secker & Warburg, Ltd. 1940. Martins Bank, Ltd. 1949. Martyr, Weston. 1952. ... Richard Johnson & Nephew Limited ( Bradford Ironworks). 1943. ... Secrets of the Federal Reserve--the House of Rothschild They are J.P. Morgan Company, Brown Brothers Harriman, Warburg, Kuhn Loeb and J. Henry ...

Duke of Devonshire, Earl of Pembroke + the Earl of Bradford . ...
for Bush.html Dec.2001 Bush,G.W.-Fabulous year for Laura and me.htm ... 1934 Bradford [BAH934] Warburg - Rothschild, Carol [wfe]„New York Times“ [general manager] ...
2004081517 1934 Bradford [BAH934] Warburg - Rothschild, Carol [wfe]„New York Times“ [general manager] ... Dec.2001 Bush ,G.W.-Fabulous year for Laura + me.htm 12. ...


Dec.2005 Galileo: Deutsche Unternehmen haben Start fast verpennt ...

Dec.2005 Deutsche Welle : Russland stoppt Ausstrahlung ...
18.May 2007,1518,druck-483315,00.html
Aktuelle Klimamodelle sagen eine weitere Verstärkung dieser Winde im Verlauf des 21. Jahrhunderts voraus. Die Forscher nehmen deshalb an, dass der Südliche Ozean in den kommenden 25 Jahren immer weniger Kohlendioxid aufnehmen wird. Dies werde die CO2-Konzentration in der Atmosphäre auf Jahrhunderte hinaus beeinflussen, schreiben sie.
18.May 2007,1518,druck-483315,00.html

"Seit 1981 hat der Südliche Ozean weniger Kohlendioxid aufgenommen - fünf bis dreißig % weniger pro Jahrzehnt - als Forscher vorhergesagt hatten", schreiben die Wissenschaftler um Corinne Le Quéré und Martin Heimann vom Max-Planck-Institut für Biogeochemie in Jena im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Science".

Die Abschwächung sei auf zunehmende Winde in der Region zurückzuführen, die seit 1958 beobachtet werden. Durch die Winde würden tiefere, kohlendioxidreiche Wasserschichten an die Oberfläche gewirbelt, die dann Kohlendioxid in bestimmten Fällen sogar abgäben, erläuterte Heimann. Verursacht würden die immer stärkeren Winde durch den Menschen. "Man sieht, dass die Rückkopplung des Klimawandels in der Tat existiert", sagte Heimann.
18.May 2007,1518,druck-483465,00.html

Moskau - Die Bank of New York habe die Russische Föderation geschädigt, teilte die Behörde in einer E-Mail an Nachrichtenagenturen mit. Mitarbeiter der Bank hätten von 1996 bis 1999 bei der Etablierung eines Systems mitgeholfen, mit dem sich Konzerne und Banken um erforderliche Zahlungen gedrückt hätten, sagte der Anwalt Maxim Smal, der für die Zollbehörde tätig ist, in einem Telefoninterview.
18.May 2007
Namen und Gesichter: Warum Bob nicht wie ein Tim aussieht
18.May 2007 Frankreichs Kabinett: Sarkozy ernennt parteiübergreifende Regierung
18.May 2007 Vergewaltigungsvorwurf: Fünf Elite- Polizisten festgenommen
18.May 2007
Geldwäsche- Vorwurf: Russischer Zoll verklagt Bank of New York auf 22 Milliarden Dollar
18.May 2007 Co2- Speicher Meer: Klimawandel verstärkt sich selbst
18.May 2007 Gewebeklau- Skandal: Sieben weitere Leichenplünderer angeklagt
18.May 2007 Luxus- Pension: EADS- Chef gibt Fehler bei Abgang von Forgeard zu
18.May 2007
US deal over illegal immigrants ; The White House and the US Senate have reached a deal on an immigration bill that could give legal status to many of the 12m illegal immigrants in the US.

18.May 2007 Democrats seek "no confidence" vote on Gonzales: The White House brushed off the Democrats' latest move in a long-running battle with Gonzales as "nothing more than a meaningless political act" and said the attorney general had "the full confidence of the president."
18.May 2007 Blair's legacy on Middle East a dark stain : Blair's partnership with the Bush Administration and his strong backing of Israel have supported a very narrow, radical neoconservative agenda in the Middle East, exacerbating conditions for wider instability in the region.

18.May 2007 War pimp alert: 'Iran could be year from nuke'Ambassador Dore Gold: Tehran not far from obtaining enough fissionable material to produce nuclear bomb

18.May 2007 Legislators reject bills about Iran : The House rejected two measures yesterday that would have required President George W. Bush to seek congressional approval before attacking Iran.

18.May 2007 Islamic Foreign Ministers Conference backs Iran's nuclear program: The 3-day Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM) on Thursday adopted "Islamabad Declaration", backing Iran's peaceful nuclear program and opposing any use of force against the Islamic Republic.

18.May 2007 Nerve Gas May Have Harmed 100,000 U.S. Troops, Scientists Say : Scientists working with the Defense Department have found evidence that a low-level exposure to sarin nerve gas — the kind experienced by more than 100,000 American troops in the Persian Gulf war of 1991 — could have caused lasting brain deficits in former service members.

18.May 2007 Governors say war has gutted Guard: The National Guard, is so depleted by deployments to foreign wars and equipment shortfalls that Congress is considering moves to curtail the president's powers over the Guard and require the Defense Department to analyze how prepared the country is for domestic emergencies

18.May 2007 War criminal gets honorary degree: Protesting Honorary Degree for Andy Card: Video: On May 15, 2007, students, faculty and staff protested the decision by the University of Massachusetts to give an honorary degree to Andy Card + former head of the Bush Administration’s Iraq Study Group

18.May 2007 Wolfowitz crisis challenges U.S. leadership: The likely ouster of Paul Wolfowitz as World Bank president, in another rift between the USA and its European allies, poses an unprecedented challenge to U.S leadership of the global financial system

18.May 2007 Immunity request has some in GOP worried: On the day presidential senior adviser Karl Rove administered a tongue-lashing to an Illinois Republican congressman, disturbing news about his former executive assistant was spread on Capitol Hill.

18.May 2007 Customs Breaks Privacy Laws in Data Collection, GAO Says: The Department of Homeland Security is breaking privacy laws by failing to tell the public all the ways it uses personal information to target passengers boarding flights entering or leaving the United States, according to a draft government report.

18.May 2007 No Dissent on Spying, Says Justice Dept.: Gonzales, testifying for the first time in February 2006 about the Terrorist Surveillance Program, which involved eavesdropping on phone calls between the United States + places overseas, told two congressional committees that the program had not provoked serious disagreement involving Comey or others.

18.May 2007 A Trove of N.18.May 2007.P.D. Surveillance Files: Undercover officers attended meetings of political groups, posing as sympathizers or fellow activists + infiltrated chat rooms. Although they identified a few people who talked about disrupting the convention, they also monitored many more people who showed no intention of breaking the law.

18.May 2007 Ted Rall's Site Among Targets of Pre-GOP Convention Surveillance : According to the Times, police documents included a Nov. 13, 2003, digest indicating that posts on Rall's site were being watched. And the police documents described Rall as "a nationally known activist figure."

18.May 2007 In case you missed it: The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis: Host Bill Moyers exposes the inner workings of the secret government. Though

00.000.1987 -originally broadcast-, it is even more relevant today. Interviews with respected, top military, intelligence + government insiders reveal both the history and secret objectives.

18.May 2007 Stephen Lendman: End Times - The Death of the Fourth Estate: A Review of Alexander Cockburn's and Jeffrey St. Clair's End Times
18.May 2007 War criminals praise each other: Bush-Blair summit yields no regrets over Iraq tie: Shoulder to shoulder at the White House for the last time before Blair steps down on June 27, the two leaders heaped praise on each other and defended themselves against critics of a war that is increasingly unpopular in both countries
18.May 2007 Islamic nations urge Iraq withdrawal: Foreign ministers from Muslim nations called Thursday on international forces to pull out of Iraq as soon as possible.

18.May 2007 Senate advances Iraq war funds as talks continue : By voice vote, the Senate approved vague language expressing the need to support U.S. troops. The measure reflected the Senate's inability to bridge differences between Democrats and Republicans on war funding legislation that Bush would sign.

18.May 2007 Clinton Won't Commit on Iraq Deadline: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton voted Wednesday to advance legislation cutting off money for the Iraq war, then refused to pledge to support the measure if it came to a vote, then said she would.

18.May 2007 Iraq is on the verge of collapse - report: Iraq's government has lost control of vast areas to powerful local factions and the country is on the verge of collapse and fragmentation, a leading British think-tank said on Thursday.

18.May 2007 Iraq Facing `Many' Civil Wars, Country `Fractured,' Report Says : Iraq is facing several civil wars between a number of rival communities struggling for power and has ``fractured'' into regional power bases, a report by an adviser to the U.K. government said.
18.May 2007 Ron Paul on Blowback -By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Now, I know this is a lot for the tender ears of Americans to take, who like to think that their government reflects their own values of faith, freedom + friendliness. But here is the point that libertarians have been trying to hammer home for many years: the US government is the enemy of the American people and their values. It is not peaceful, it is not friendly, it is not motivated by the Christian faith but rather power and imperial lust.

18.May 2007 Palestinian Pinochet Making His Move?-By Tony Karon
The confrontation under way has assumed a momentum of its own + it may now be beyond the capability of the Palestinian leadership as a whole to contain it. If that proves true, the petulance that has substituted for policy in the Bush Administration’s response to the 2006 Palestinian election will have succeeded in turning Gaza into Mogadishu..

18.May 2007 The Pro-Israel Lobby and US Middle East Policy: - The Score Card for 2007 - By James Petras
Today the ‘Israel Firsters’ do not have to ‘mobilize the Democratic Congress’ – they are automatically programmed to work for Israel, as is the US President. 

18.May 2007 Starving The Poor -By Noam Chomsky
Increasingly, bio fuels are likely to “starve the poor” around the world, according to Runge and Senauer, as staples are converted to ethanol production for the privileged — cassava in sub-Saharan Africa, to take one ominous example. Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, tropical forests are cleared and burned for oil palms destined for bio fuel + there are threatening environmental effects from input-rich production of corn-based ethanol in the USA as well.

18.May 2007 Operation Iraq Forever-By Manuel Valenzuela
We are thus stuck in Iraq for the long term, for her resources and land is needed to sustain and maintain the America we live in.  To believe the empire will ever leave voluntarily is to live in delusion and fall prey to the myths of our conditioning. We have made a deal with the devil + now we must pay its consequences.
18.May 2007 Four Alarmer from Reuters: "Iraq is on the verge of collapse: report. Iraq's government has lost control of vast areas to powerful local factions and the country is on the verge of collapse and fragmentation, a leading British think-tank said on Thursday."
Wolfman Announces He Acted Ethically, But It's Time to Scram with His Honey Bunch (The One Who is Not His Wife). No Doubt Bush Will Appoint Wolfy Secretary of the Treasury Because He's Done Such a Heck of a Job!
"Senate Dems seek no-confidence vote on Gonzales." On a related note, asked twice during a news conference Thursday if he personally ordered Gonzales and then-White House chief of staff Andrew Card to Ashcroft's hospital room, Bush refused to answer. "There's a lot of speculation about what happened and what didn't happen. I'm not going to talk about it," Bush said. Bush is even actually alleged to have called the hospital to grease the way for the nighttime visit of his enforcers, since Ashcroft's sick room had been sealed by the FBI. It's past the time for no-confidence votes in Alberto G. It is necessary to remove the cancer upon our government by impeaching Bush and Cheney.
The Wolfman World Bank Watch: Bush Expresses Regret that One of His Crooks Got Caught with His Hand in the Cookie Jar. "Hey, Wolfie, You've Got a Good Heart and are Doin' a Heck Of a Job for Your Gal Pal! Screw the Poor. Enrich Your Love Nest. Best Wishes, George."
Nominate the Next BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award Winner
Married to the Mob, the Story of Alberto G. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Excerpt from Al Gore's New Book: This Section is on the Decline of an Informed Public Due to Television and the Promise of the Internet
Jon Stewart Analyzes the FOX News GOP Debate 5/18
Become a MySpace Friend to Stop Gun Violence!
One of the true horrors of the Iraqi War is the death toll of the civilian population caught up in that conflict.

00.Oct.2006 ?

The Lancet,?

a prestigious British Medical Journal, published a study entitled: ?The Human Cost of the War in Iraq.? One of its co-authors was Dr. Gilbert Burnham of the Johns Hopkins U. Its stunning conclusion: 659,965 Iraqis have died in the war as of July, 2006! On May 8, 2007, Dr. Burnham discussed that report. 5/18
18.May 2007
The Secret History of Jerry Falwell Daniel Hopsicker has uncovered
new stuff.
18.May 2007 Affäre um Lebensgefährtin: Wolfowitz tritt ab - Erleichterung bei der Weltbank
18.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: BKA- Chef warnt vor Gewalt
18.May 2007 Verhaftungswelle vor EU- Gipfel: Russlands Behörden ziehen Putin- Kritiker aus dem Verkehr

18.May 2007 Wolfowitz- Abgang: Das Ende des härtesten Neocon

18.May 2007 Affäre um Lebensgefährtin: Weltbank- Präsident Wolfowitz tritt zurück

18.May 2007 Reform der US- Einwanderungsgesetze: Illegale Zuwanderer sollen legalisiert werden
17.May 2007 Is Operation Iraqi Freedom the mother of all money laundering ... [Archive]

Is Operation Iraqi Freedom the mother of all money laundering operations for the ... Nosing around turns up the name of Christian Bailey as a high ...
US firm paid $20M for Iraq propaganda(Lincoln Group)

The common denominator to the firm's history is Christian Bailey, ...

So Lincoln Group had to be set up by the neo cons as a money laundering + propaganda ...
Daily Kos: The NYT has never mentioned the White House Iraq Group ...

So was this a money- laundering outfit that in turn contracted folks who worked ... there might be a tie between Iraqex's Christian Bailey and David Kelly.
Scoop: Mahablog: We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now Nosing around turns up the name of Christian Bailey as a high muckety-muck at

... all along that the Iraq War is the mother of all money- laundering schemes, ... - Weblog Salah currently faces federal charges in Chicago of laundering millions of ... Indeed, Christian Bailey may not be his real name: a number of student ...
Christian Grantham Tom Delay is in court defending himself against money laundering charges in a fundraising scheme to gain a Republican majority. :: View topic - Why Saddam is important

Salah currently faces federal charges in Chicago of laundering millions of dollars ... Lincoln Group executive vice president Christian Bailey, a British ...
Summation: Books

I’m so glad I was turned onto Feynman by friends like Christian Bailey this year ... both the money laundering and also the personalities behind the crimes.
I'm Taking My Country Back! I'm For Holding the Hatriot's Feet In ...

The common denominator to the firm's history is Christian Bailey, listed on its Web site as executive vice president, capital markets.
Scandals, Military, Iraq War, Graft and Fraud - Bwtm ... conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and transporting stolen property.

That night I rang Christian Bailey and Paige Craig at the company's D.C. ...

17.May 2007 Connecting the Dots » Connecting Dots The Lincoln Group is headed by Christian Bailey, a Briton with no experience ... +

fronts allegedly connected to money laundering and terrorist financing, ...
17.May 2007
Still Fighting The money was used for "bribery, money laundering, stock manipulation, ... Christian Bailey, who has not only had a sketchy couple of years heading various ...
Information Clearing House News Links 16-20/12/05

So, just who is Christian Bailey ? :. A 30-year-old Oxford graduate with no public relations experience has been handed a $100m contract by the Pentagon – to ...
20051218 ... obstruction of justice, money laundering + wire fraud – in addition to eight counts of fraud filed ...

Dec.2005 So, just who is Christian Bailey ?
Kissinger Kucinich Iraq HSDataMining IranEnrichment? IMPEACH ...

He and they were reputed experts in money laundering huge amounts of illicit ... the fact that the "two men who ran the small business [ Christian Bailey, ...
17.May 2007

00.Dec.2005 Guambat Stew: And that dark side can be one where crime, fraud and money laundering can be ...

It's run by one Christian Bailey, a 30-year-old Oxford-educated fop who ...
nucnews net nucnews 2006nn 0603nn 060324nn txt ... essentially, by a young British guy called Christian Bailey . ... tax-exempt status and accused the group of money laundering + other crimes.
00.Jun.2006 the new citizenship project: ... by agreeing to launder $200000 through a Karachi bank, prosecutors said.

... is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under ...
00.Dec.2005 -CephasWorld- ... one Christian Bailey, fled from Andrea Mitchell of NBC News when she pursued ... on charges of money laundering in connection with the Texas election in ...
Hullabaloo The Abramoff scandal is about corrupt lobbying and money laundering, ... is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under ...
Hullabaloo It's a money laundering operation. The lobbyists give money to the GOP as ... is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under ...
00.Jun.2005 Singularity- Interesting how Christian Bailey's funds are capped at $300 million- precisely the number the ...

Dot 1: Precious metals are good for money laundering .
Hard To Do Any Worse The role of anti-money laundering measures was to fight such dysfunctions. ...

00.000.2003 -in- that it was co-founded by Christian Bailey + unknown partners, ...
Dec.2005 -Prairie Weather-

00.000.2004 -Before coming to Washington + setting up Lincoln- Christian Bailey, ...

A Texas judge declined to dismiss money- laundering charges against ...
PressThink: Transparency at the Post: Q & A with Jim Brady of ...

14.Jan.2006 11:19 AM From: Christian Bailey Sent: Sat ... This scandal is about money laundering through bogus charities to specific political causes; ...
NOSE CONE: 12/01/2005 - 01/01/2006

... is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company the Lincoln Group is under ... Judge Upholds Money Laundering Charge Against Tom Delay ...
00.Dec.2005 Archives ... is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under ...

Israel Discount Bank of New York settles in money laundering case ...
00.Dec.2005 Nasty Letters To Crooked Politicians: ... one Christian Bailey, fled from Andrea Mitchell of NBC News when she pursued him on ... Money- laundering charge stands.

By Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY ...
Intelligence: CIA Archives Before coming to Washington + setting up Lincoln 00.000.2004 , Christian Bailey, ...

The fledgling agency set up by Ottawa to crack down on money laundering ...
War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity ... is accused of laundering wealth allegedly stolen during the war and of ...

Andrew Buncombe - The Independent: SO, JUST WHO IS CHRISTIAN BAILEY ?
Today in Iraq The principal of Lincoln Group, Christian Bailey, is a 30-year-old Oxford graduate with no ...

Harrison was also accused of laundering funds from the CPA.
Today in Iraq The executive vice president of the group is Christian Bailey, who, ... who pled guilty in February to conspiracy, bribery + money laundering charges.
17.May 2007
Tennessee Guerilla Women: December 2005 "President Says DeLay Is Not Guilty of Money Laundering ," reads the ...

one Christian Bailey, fled from Andrea Mitchell of NBC News when she pursued him on ...

00.Feb.2006 element115: Israeli President Moshe Katzav aids massive penny stock fraud,possible money laundering.

Two years ago, Christian Bailey and Paige Craig were living in a ...

A Twist on Money Laundering : Rob Bank. Rinse, Repeat. ... in D.C. I think Jenny’s like the 21st-century version,” says Christian Bailey, 28, ...
New Page 1 (Independent) So, just who is Christian Bailey ? ... Medical marijuana dispensaries used as front for money laundering, authorities say.,8,05.htm
17.May 2007 Eccentric Star: A Public Diplomacy Weblog: US Public Diplomacy

... for laundering material support for those who would harm us and our allies.

One of Lincoln Group's founders, a native Briton named Christian Bailey, ...
No Simple Matter: April 2006 Abramoff-DeLay money laundering machine.

Its money paid for attack ads ... The Lincoln Group is headed by Christian Bailey, a Briton with no ...
Nov.2006: This Far and No Further

... corrupt activity, money laundering, forgery and tampering with records. ... Paige Craig and English businessman Christian Bailey, had no background in ...
Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal

... one Christian Bailey, fled from Andrea Mitchell... facts are proving not at all ... of stolen property and conspiracy to commit money laundering
Majority Report Radio: hour three - Monday

The laundering of drug money and the secret financing of covert operations have ...

Since early last year the Lincoln Group - set up by Christian Bailey, ...
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483438,00.html

Im Prinzip wolle er die bisherige Außenpolitik und die engen Beziehungen zu den USA fortführen, sagte Brown.

Er sei sich bewusst, dass es in der Irak-Politik "sehr großen Verwerfungen in der öffentlichen Meinung" gebe.

Er denke aber, "dass wir nun in einer neuen Phase sind, in der die Menschen in diesem Land unsere Verpflichtung gegenüber einer neu gewählten irakischen Regierung anerkennen".
17.May 2007
Neue Enthüllungen: US- Demokraten wollen Gonzales feuern
17.May 2007
Blairs letzter Bush- Besuch: Abschied vom Waffenbruder
17.May 2007
Reiche Kandidaten: Mindestens zehn Millionäre wollen US- Präsident werden
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483425,00.html

"Studien haben gezeigt, dass Satellitenmessungen des CO2 entscheidende Wissenslücken schließen können", sagte Buchwitz.

Künftig können damit Daten aus dem Orbit mit Messungen von Schiffen, Bojen, Messballons + von Messstationen an Land kombiniert werden,

damit Wissenschaftler die Zusammensetzung der Erdatmosphäre genauer nachvollziehen.
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483428,00.html
Bundesentwicklungshilfeministerin Wieczorek-Zeul sagte, Wolfowitz sei beim Weltbankforum
in Berlin nicht willkommen.
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483428,00.html
Inoffiziell sickerte aber aus den Verhandlungskreisen durch: Der Bush-Vertraute Wolfowitz sei unter bestimmten Bedingungen zum Rückzug bereit.

Insider sagten mehreren Nachrichtenagenturen und US-Medien, Wolfowitz fordere, dass ihm nicht alleine die Schuld für die umstrittene Beförderung seiner Lebensgefährtin Shaha Riza aufgebürdet werden dürfe.

Die Weltbank solle einen Teil der Verantwortung übernehmen und außerdem Wolfowitz' Verdienste um die Institution würdigen.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Weltbank sagte, es gehe nur noch um die Bedingungen des Rücktritts:

"Wir versuchen eine Vereinbarung zu treffen, durch die eine Abstimmung (im Exekutivrat) vermieden werden kann und die es ihm von der Formulierung her erlaubt, zurückzutreten."
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483415,00.html

Als Humphrys ihn abschließend zu einem möglichen Rücktritt von Weltbank-Chef Paul Wolfowitz befragte, warf Bolton dem Interviewer vor, "auch ein Totengräber" zu sein.
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483415,00.html

Bolton warf Kritikern des Irak-Einsatzes vor, "auf jeden Fall größtenteils anti-amerikanisch" zu sein.

Als Humphrys den Ex-Diplomaten darauf hinwies, dass auch der US-Milliardär George Soros der Ansicht sei, dass der Irak-Krieg verloren sei, entgegnete Bolton empört: "Machen Sie sich über mich lustig? Dieser Mann ist extrem links. Ich bin mir sicher, dass Sie viel mit ihm gemeinsam haben, wie viele auf dem Kontinent."
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483415,00.html

Washington - Der frühere Uno-Botschafter der USA, John Bolton, ist in einem Radiointerview mit dem britischen Sender BBC ausfällig geworden. Bei Fragen zur US-Politik im Irak warf er seinem Interviewer am Donnerstag vor, "linksradikal" zu sein und "ein leeres Hirn" zu haben.
17.May 2007
Weltbank- Affäre: Bush rückt von Wolfowitz ab
17.May 2007
Ressourcen- Kampf: Wie der Irak ein gerechtes Ölparadies werden könnte

18.May 2007 Klimawandel: Satellit beobachtet CO2- Anstieg über Nordhalbkugel
17.May 2007 Interview- Eklat: Bush- Freund Bolton wirft BBC- Reporter "leeres Hirn" vor
17.May 2007 Geheimnisvoller Despot: Rufmord- Opfer Herodes
17.May 2007
Experten- Alarm: Irak droht kompletter Kollaps
17.May 2007 Treasure trove deep in Antarctic ocean 

The lightless depths of the Antarctic's Southern Ocean harbour an unexpectedly diverse "treasure trove" of marine life,

including more than 700 previously unknown species, according to a new international study. posted by Prof. Hex
17.May 2007 Scientists ramp up for pyramid theory 
From the ancient Greeks to today's techno-geeks, many have asked this question: How was something this huge built with such precision? posted by Prof. Hex
17.May 2007 Does Necropolis hold the key to Freemasonry's secret history?  Research has suggested Glasgow Necropolis is a giant masonic symbol, fully 37 acres of landscaped metaphor.
Historian Ronnie Scott has unearthed previously unseen patterns in the design of the early 19th-century cemetery.
posted by Prof. Hex
17.May 2007 Builders dig up lost pleasure garden of the ancient Romans  Mosaics from the fabled Gardens of Lucullus, one of the pioneering influences on gardening, have been brought to light after 2,000 years by archaeologists in Rome. posted by Prof. Hex
17.May 2007 Roman towns aligned with Sun  Ancient Romans built their towns using astronomically aligned grids, an Italian study concludes. Via Daily Grail. posted by Prof. Hex
17.May 2007 The terrorist Bush isn't after: Venezuela, with which the USA has an extradition treaty, has been seeking his return for years. American officials have steadfastly refused to extradite him.

18.May 2007 Devout Muslim Woman Has Thrown Denmark into Turmoil: “Some Muslims don’t think it’s right for a female to act like this. They go to my father and tell him, get her married, get her married,” she laughs. “Others think you can’t be Muslim and Danish at the same time. Some of the Muslims and the extreme right are just the same.

18.May 2007 No Tears For Falwell: He was a hateful person who did not serve to inspire the better nature of America. Instead, he used religion to propagate hate and discrimination for as long we anyone can remember. Forgive me if I don’t cry.

18.May 2007 Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library: My husband is a Gulf War Veteran. He can tell you the TRUTH.” “To the military, you are cannon fodder.”

18.May 2007 War criminal: Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade: An angry and bitter Paul Wolfowitz poured abuse and threatened retaliations on senior World Bank staff if his orders for pay rises and promotions for his partner

were revealed, according to new details published last night.

18.May 2007 Wolfowitz Negotiating Terms Of Resignation: His departure would include an acknowledgment from the bank that he doesn't bear sole responsibility for the controversy surrounding a generous pay package for his girlfriend, the official said.

18.May 2007 Chomsky Takes on the World (Bank): Michael Shank interviewed Chomsky about the conflict between Congress and the U.S. president over Iraq and Syria, the scandal enveloping World Bank head Paul Wolfowitz + the nature of foreign debt.

17.May 2007 Which Country Holds The Largest Current Account Balance?: Is the USA number one?
17.May 2007 U.S. oil financier pardoned by Clinton receives honorary degree in Israel : An Israeli university awarded an honorary doctorate Tuesday to billionaire Marc Rich, who was pardoned of tax evasion charges by President Clinton 00.000.2001 and founded of an oil trading firm under investigation for dealings with Saddam Hussein.
17.May 2007 In case you missed it: Elliott Abrams' Uncivil war: Is the Bush administration violating the law in an effort to provoke a Palestinian civil war?

Israel Claims it will Expand Borders: "The last 40 years were only the beginning," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a special parliamentary session marking the anniversary according to the Hebrew calendar.
17.May 2007
Iran to remind U.S. of duties in Iraq - Khamenei: In his first public comments on the proposed Iranian-U.S. talks in Baghdad, he said Iran would not hold talks on broader issues until Washington changed its policies, state television quoted him as saying.

War pimp alert: We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb: John Bolton: : A nuclear Iran would be as dangerous as

00.000.1936 “Hitler marching into the Rhineland” +

should be prevented by Western military strikes if necessary, according to a leading hawk who recently left the Bush administration.

'Bush may strike Iran near end of term': While arguing that economic sanctions against Teheran still have a chance of bearing fruit, a top strategic expert predicted on Tuesday that the Bush administration could conduct a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities toward the end of its term in office.

Cheney Sabotages Talks with Tehran: Remember, it was Cheney who did everything in his power to hype the Iraq War and scuttle any possibility of a diplomatic solution prior to that conflict. Now he’s doing the same with Iran.

17.May 2007 Commander's Veto Sank Threatening Gulf Buildup : Admiral William Fallon, then President George W. Bush's nominee to head the Central Command (CENTCOM), expressed strong opposition in February to an administration plan to increase the number of carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM
17.May 2007 Senate rejects legislation to cut off funds for Iraq war : The Senate on Wednesday rejected legislation that would cut off money for combat operations in Iraq after March 31, 2008.

17.May 2007 The arrogance of power: Senate GOP Drafts Proposal for Iraq Bill : ``The United States strategy in Iraq, hereafter, shall be conditioned on the Iraqi government meeting benchmarks,'' a draft of the proposal says.

17.May 2007 19,000 Iraqis Disappear Into U.S.-Run Prisons: No trials occur, but the detainees languish often for many months – in some cases for more than a year.
17.May 2007 Operation Iraq Forever-By Manuel Valenzuela
We are thus stuck in Iraq for the long term, for her resources and land is needed to sustain and maintain the America we live in.  To believe the empire will ever leave voluntarily is to live in delusion and fall prey to the myths of our conditioning. We have made a deal with the devil + now we must pay its consequences.

17.May 2007 Four-letter Word for Tenet: Liar -By Ray McGovern
Here in Washington we are pretty much inured to effrontery, but Tenet’s book and tiresome interviews have earned him the degree for chutzpah summa cum laude. We are supposed to feel sorry for this pathetic soul, who could not muster the integrity simply to tell the truth and stave off unspeakable carnage in Iraq.

17.May 2007 Harvard’s Kangaroo Law School - The School for Torturers - By Francis A. Boyle
I am not going to bother to recite here all the grievous deficiencies of the Gitmo Kangaroo Courts under International Law and U.S. Constitutional Law. But suffice it to say that the Gitmo Kangaroo Courts constitute war crimes under the Laws of War.

17.May 2007 Darfur: The Hourglass of Blood -By Ramzy Baroud
When regional control, political interests and economic booty are all at stake, human lives, especially those of these least importance - peasants, nomads and defenceless innocents with little clout - become a pawn in the hands of those who wish for conflict to perpetuate.

17.May 2007 Kent State 37 Years Later -By Cindy Sheehan
Before we can purge our country of the hatred that is fed by greed, we must purge our own hearts of the hatred that is fueled by bitterness.

Let’s stand peacefully, yet firmly and fearlessly in the face of the war machine that devours our children with their blood soaked hatred. Continue

17.May 2007 US Health System Ranks Last Compared To Other Countries: Studies - By Jocelyne Zablit
The US ranked last in most areas, including access to health care, patient safety, timeliness of care, efficiency and equity. Americans were also last in terms of whether they had a regular physician.
17.May 2007
Conflicts between Titan/ACFD and ASCE Reports
17.May 2007
Comparing Titan Systems and AFCE attack reports 
17.May 2007 What business did Titan Corp. have with SkyWay Aircraft?

... Services Committee, resulted in massive mark-ups on a product the Pentagon never asked for.
17.May 2007
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane from arriving from ...

What business did Titan Corp. have with SkyWay Aircraft?

Skyway and Titan . Skyway has had a strange relationship with yet another defense contractor, ...
17.May 2007 Smoking gun- Ist George Bush auch Gangsterboss der US Drogenmafia ...

Und dann hatte er wohl nach Angabe von Hopsicker in Saudi Arabien für eine US Sicherheitsfirma namens Titan Corp gearbeitet, die mit Geheimdiensten, ...
The Blog | Jane Smiley: Where Is Your Detention Facility? | The ...

Question two: If, indeed, Blackwater, Titan and other military outsourcing ...

They installed a figurehead and infested the White House + Pentagon like a ...
17.May 2007
Issue Number 41
9/11: The Evangelical Christian Connection

VENICE, FL—April 8 by Daniel Hopsicker world exclusive copyright 2003 MadCowMorningNews may not be printed without permission
17.May 2007
Desperation drives stepped-up efforts to stifle criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic"
17.May 2007
Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History
17.May 2007
Guiliani got an enthusiastic reaction when he snarled at Ron Paul:

"As someone who lived through the attack of 11.Sep.2001 -- that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq -

- I don't think I've ever heard that before + I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for 11.Sep.2001 " he said.

Never heard it before?

Osama Bin Laden, despite his antipathy for Saddam, mentioned the embargo of Iraq in plenty of speeches, both before and after 9/11.

00.000.2004 -from- Here's one : "Who are those who have erroneous ideas and who are a corrupt gang?

Are they the mujahideen, or are they those who cooperated with America in murdering more than one million children within a few years, during their wicked embargo on Iraq, in what was the biggest massacre of children known to humanity? "Know thy enemy" has been considered sound strategy throughout history. So why hasn't Guliani bothered to learn what bin Laden had to say? Permalink
17.May 2007 A great Texan Texas Senator Carlos Uresti, Democrat of San Antonio, got up out of sickbed -- he had a nasty flu -

- to cast a deciding vote against a "voter ID" bill designed to keep minorities and poor people away from the ballot box in his state.
Remember that next time some creep tells you that both parties are the same.

Remember that when someone like David Lindorff tells you to stop supporting Democrats because they have not yet accomplished the politically impossible in DC. Permalink
17.May 2007
00.000.2006 -When Dr. Keroack took stewardship of Population Affairs- Massachusetts’ medical licensing board had already spent roughly a year reviewing a complaint that he had violated ethical norms by prescribing medications for people who weren’t his patients, had practiced outside of his area of specialty and had attempted to defraud the insurance system.
17.May 2007
Married to the Mob, the Story of Alberto G. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Lawyers Representing Bush 00.000.2000 Election Case Signed Off On Wolfowitz?s Compensation Package. "That team included President Bush?s former Solicitor General Ted Olson and Eugene Scalia, son of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. reports."

17.May 2007 Bushevik Department of Injustice Weighed Firing 26 Attorneys
Blair makes farewell visit to White House. Tony, Please do a Rendition for Your Former Colonists -- And Take George Back with You to London. 5/17
Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse," Now in an Expanded Paperback Edition. Now Shipping from BuzzFlash.

17.May 2007 Sidney Blumenthal: All Hail the King

17.May 2007 In "What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running America," Melissa Rossi does us a great service by connecting the dots of the powers behind the throne of America. Her book is eminently engaging, accessible and readable. It must have taken a strong stomach to weave together this cast of nefarious knaves and fools without upchucking at least a few times. Available from BuzzFlash.
D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty must make a risky choice about the District's gun ban: defend it before the Supreme Court or write new, looser laws governing how city residents can keep guns in their homes. 5/17

17.May 2007 From of a Washington Post Editorial. When They Come Down on the Busheviks, You Know We're Way Beyond the Rubicon of Law Breaking by the WH: "JAMES B. COMEY, the straight-as-an-arrow former No. 2 official at the Justice Department, yesterday offered the Senate Judiciary Committee an account of Bush administration lawlessness so shocking it would have been unbelievable coming from a less reputable source."
"Senate Democrats, spurred by revelations that

00.000.2004 -then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales pressured hospitalized Attorney General John Ashcroft to approve a secret spying program, are stepping up a probe of the Justice Department."

Time to Stop Investigating and Start Prosecuting the Consigliere. Why Not Just Put the Lawyer for the Gambino Family in Charge of the Department of Justice?
17.May 2007 three separate pieces about Jerry Falwell and the company he kept.
Moon. This comes from Moonwatcher
Robert Parry: Falwell sought to conceal his relationship with Moon, sometimes denying (falsely) that he had benefited from Moon's financial help or that he had been photographed with the cult leader. Other times, Falwell sought to justify his acceptance of Moon’s largesse.
“If the American Atheists Society or Saddam Hussein himself ever sent an unrestricted gift to any of my ministries,” Falwell said in response to a question about Moon’s financial assistance, “be assured I will operate on Billy Sunday’s philosophy. The Devil’s had it long enough + quickly cash the check.” [See “Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals,” Christianity Today, Feb. 9, 1998]
Falwell’s acceptance of Moon’s mysterious money was first disclosed at in fall 1997. In a pattern common to Moon’s financial operations, the Korean cult leader stepped in when a leading American conservative, in this case Falwell, was facing potential financial ruin.

17.May 2007 Israel: By way of Xymphora, we come to this history of Christian Zionism: [Israeli Prime Minister Menachem] Begin developed a close relationship with leading fundamentalists, such as Falwell, who later received a Learjet from the Israeli government for his personal travel and

00.000.1981 was honored with the Jabotinsky Award in an elaborate ceremony in New York.

00.000.1981 -When Israel bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor- Begin made his first telephone call to Falwell, asking him to “explain to the Christian public the reasons for the bombing.”

Only later did he call Reagan. Falwell also converted former Senator Jesse Helms from a critic of Israel into one of its staunchest allies in the US Senate, where he chaired the influential Foreign Relations Committee. And:

After a series of visits to Israel

00.000.1979 +

00.000.1980 Jerry Falwell became a leading proponent of the political alliance between the Israeli radical right + the American Christian fundies.

In gratitude for his pledge to work for permanent Israeli annexation of ‘Judea, Samaria + Galilee’ (i.e., the West Bank) +

the rebuilding of the Third Temple of Solomon on Jerusalem's Temple Mount where two of the holiest sites in Islam now stand –

Falwell received a ‘gift’ of a Lear jet from the Begin government.

The most important figure here, in my view, would be former riverboat captain Hal Lindsey.
17.May 2007 The 9/11 connection: This last bit is very mysterious and very haunting.

For quite some time now, Daniel Hopsicker has been doing his damnedest to draw attention to this connection. (See here.)
Hopsicker has written many stories about Huffman aviation -- the spooked-up "flight school" tied to both Mohammed Atta + drug running, run by a mystery man named Wally Hilliard.

First, let's have a reminder of just who Hilliard is:

Besides playing host to Mohamed Atta,

Hilliard’s most notable recent aviation involvement was as owner of a Learjet surrounded by machinegun-toting DEA agents on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport in

00.Jul.2000 --the same month Atta + Marwan Al-Shehhi began training at his flight school--and discovered to be carrying 43 pounds of heroin aboard.

Officials later described the haul as the largest seizure of heroin in Central Florida history.
17.May 2007 And now the Falwell connection: But Hilliard's Huffman Aviation,

the Venice flight school which trained both pilots who crashed airplanes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, has recently been embroiled in controversy in Falwell’s Lynchburg, VA. hometown.
As the MadcowMorningNews last

00.Feb.2007 reported- a previously-unknown company housed inside Huffman was awarded a large government contract at the airport in Lynchburg under circumstances that had left aviation observers there uneasy...
We met a former Hilliard executive who told us that at one time he been assigned the task of dunning the founder of Liberty University and Pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church to repay the note...
“I talked to Falwell’s accountant, who was very apologetic,” the former Hilliard executive stated.

He said there was plenty of money to pay off the loan, except any time there was money left in the account at the end of the month Jerry stripped it out.”
Falwell’s accountant told me 'if I can pay you in chunks off the books so Jerry doesn’t see it, I can get it handled.'...
Asked how much he had lent the Baptist minister, Hilliard's reply was, “More than I want to tell you about.”
17.May 2007 Comments: When it comes to the tangle of Christian Zionism, Israel + Reverend Moon, Tim LaHaye has to figure in somewhere very important.

See, for example, from Rolling Stone:
Mostly preferring to stay out of the limelight, LaHaye has been the moving force behind several key organizations on the Christian right that have redrawn the boundaries of American politics.

00.000.1979 -at a time when- ministers confined themselves to their churches, he prodded the Rev. Jerry Falwell to found the

Moral Majority, a group that launched today's cultural wars against feminism, homosexuality, abortion, drugs + pornography.

00.000.1981 he helped found the little-known but vastly powerful Council for National Policy, a secretive group of wealthy donors that has funneled billions of dollars to right-wing Christian activists. "No one individual has played a more central organizing role in the religious right than Tim LaHaye," says Larry Eskridge of the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals, calling him "the most influential American evangelical of the last twenty-five years." . . .
00.000.1970 -in the early s- alarmed by laws + court decisions on abortion + school prayer, LaHaye began organizing the churches of Southern California for political action.

00.000.1979 he established Californians for Biblical Morality, a church-based political group that lobbied in Sacramento. In many ways, it was the genesis of the Christian right.

"I met Tim and Beverly about thirty years ago, while I was on a preaching tour of Southern California," says Falwell.

"I found out that he'd done something no conservative minister had ever done before: He'd organized hundreds of churches into a political bloc.

At the time, I'd never heard of mixing religion and politics." LaHaye persuaded Falwell to consider doing the same.

"More than any other person, Tim LaHaye challenged me to begin thinking through my involvement [in politics]," recalls Falwell.

Paul Weyrich confirms Falwell's account.

"He encouraged Falwell to get involved in the political process," says Weyrich, who heads the conservative Free Congress Foundation.

"But Falwell was reluctant to do so, because he thought it would ruin his ministry." . . .
Lahaye's free-fall began in the mid-1980s + by the end he'd almost been expelled from the political Garden of Eden.

What set it into motion was his connection with the weird would-be messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon, whose Unification Church cult of "Moonies" was viewed by most Christians as laughably heretical.

When Moon got entangled in legal controversy, LaHaye sprang to his defense, amid reports that he'd received substantial funding from the wealthy Moon.

By the time LaHaye backed away, it was too late. His credibility was shot + the American Coalition for Traditional Values soon folded. . . .
In Left Behind, the "bad guys" just happen to be the same ones whom LaHaye, the Christian right + their allies usually demonize:

the United Nations, the Europeans, Russia, Iraq, Muslims, the media, liberals, freethinkers + "international bankers," all of whom team up with the Antichrist, who ends up heading the U.N. + moving its headquarters to Babylon, Iraq. The "good guys," of course, are Christian believers, Israel + a phalanx of 144,000 Jews who accept Jesus.# posted by starroute

17.May 2007 Freiheit Zitate und Sprüche Zitate und Sprüche über Freiheit.

Willkommen bei Wir haben die besten Zitate und Sprüche . Zitate · Nach Zufall · Nach Themen ...
Sevillana's Universum :: Weisheiten :: Sprüche :: Zitate

Die erste Freiheit der Presse besteht darin, kein Gewerbe zu sein.

Zu sagen: »Hier herrscht Freiheit « ist immer ein Irrtum oder eine Lüge, denn Freiheit ...
::weise Sprüche - über Freiheit:: weise Sprüche . über Freiheit .

Es gibt 17 Zitate in dieser Kategorie. A man is happiest when there is a balance between his needs and his possessions.überFreiheit.html
Sprüche Sie sind hier: Persönliches | Sprüche Ich will mehr: weitere Sprüche ... Wer sagt: hier herrscht Freiheit, der lügt, denn Freiheit herrscht nicht.
Schrattentals Sprüche über Freiheit und Gleichheit Schrattentals Sprüche über Freiheit und Gleichheit.
Zitate - Sprüche - Aphorismen - Weisheiten: Freiheit Sprüche von nimone am So,

08.Mai 2005 18:14 - Zitate-Kategorie: Freiheit · Friedrich von Schiller (1723-1796). Die schönsten Träume von Freiheit werden im ...
17.May 2007
Human Rights Watch fordert Ermittlungen gegen Rumsfeld und Tenet ...

Die CIA hält verschollene Gefangene an geheimen Orten versteckt und hat ...

Anklagen haben bis jetzt nur gegen Soldaten niedrigen Ranges sowie gegen ...
Human Rights Watch fordert Ermittlungen gegen Rumsfeld und Tenet ...

Soldaten untersten Ranges halten für Abu Ghraib und Folterungen weltweit ihren ...

Die CIA hält verschollene Gefangene an geheimen Orten versteckt und hat ...
17.May 2007
Iran-Iraq War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Germany [30] along with other Western countries (among them United Kingdom, France, Spain ( Explosivos Alaveses ), Canada, Italy + the United States) ...
00.Jun.2005 Kulturblog - Archiv für- The prison population in the USA has risen from 1.86 million to over 2 million ...

Foundation for Management an der Nottingham Business School erklärte, ...
17.May 2007 Duncanson & Holt - OneLimeStreet More joy for those on syndicate 957 ( Cackett, as was).

Monument was a major player in the later years of the PA spiral (1996 - onwards). ...
OneLimeStreet - Reply to Topic 957 Cackett ) + this is generally frowned upon.

When I read my syndicate accounts for the worst years, the losses are further increased by reinsurance ...
Feasey v Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada [10]

Mr Cackett, the underwriter for Syndicate 957, wanted to preserve the substantial

00.000.1994 premium income received by the syndicate from Steamship if he ...
Feasey v Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

00.Jun.1996 Mr Cackett left Syndicate 957 to establish Centaur + was succeeded by his deputy, Anthony Feasey. Mr Feasey was himself succeeded by Gareth ...
Deep Vein Thrombosis: - View as HTML Syndicate 957 (whose underwriter ...

In order for Syndicate 957 to be able to ... classification, Mr Cackett, the Syndicate ’s. underwriter at the time, ...
no longer at Duncanson & Holt and Cackett was no longer at Syndicate 957 . Consequently,. the defendants required new reinsurers in order to perpetuate the ...
20070201 More joy for those on syndicate 957 ( Cackett, as was). ... no longer at Duncanson & Holt and Cackett was no longer at Syndicate 957 .

00.000.1995 Mr Cackett had been the active underwriter of Syndicate ... the Syndicate . 00.Jun.1996 Mr Cackett left Syndicate 957 ...
England and Wales High Court (Commercial Court) Decisions - View as HTML
(d) The information provided to the Names on Syndicate 103......396. (e) Mr Billyard and Duncanson & Holt . ...
17.May 2007 Untitled Sami Baarma, a top executive of the Saudi National Commercial Bank. (NCB), sits on the board of Mahfouz’s Middle East Capital Group (MECG), ...
17.May 2007 NEWS2U Worldwide News</I>: November 2004 Nugan Hand's chief counsel, William Colby, a former CIA Director, ...

Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey may be the most unlikely of the soldiers who have come out ...
17.May 2007 +++ Lost Arts Media Online • The PROMIS Software Scandal +++ A ...

He had interviewed Robert Chasen, former Executive Vice President, Systems and Services Group, of Wackenhut Corporation in Coral Gables. ...
20041202 Former BCCI executive + Carlyle Group investor Khalid bin Mahfouz is the banker .

Wackenhut Security Corporation, the Carlyle Group, Nugan Hand ...
17.May 2007
The Great Texas (American) Bank Job.idex.htm

00.000.1980 -Closed- Nugan Hand was not only tied to drug-money laundering + ...

He was also a Director and Executive Officer of United Financial Group, +, ...

20061214 Bohringer previously had played the role of personal pilot to the notorious Eastern European financial wheeler-dealer Victor Kozeny . ...
Untitled lic national, Victor Kozeny, who was made an Irish citizen 00.000.1995 after ...

Amanda Greenwood, Edna O’Brien (Horndon, Tavistock, Devon: Northcote ...
17.May 2007 Gästebuch: Krieg im Irak - - Irak Anstelle von einer Woche Krieg im Irak hätte man ganz Afrika mit fließendem und sauberen Wasser versorgen ...

Michael Dell, 38 Jahre = 13 Billionen $$ ...
2004072223_Report Michael Dell und eBay-Chefin Meg Whitman sponsern die Republikaner, ...

Jul.2004 Geschäfte mit dem Irak - Krieg : Neue Vorwürfe gegen Halliburton, ...
17.May 2007
Search MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK Company Name Product Description Promote ...

Type of Activity: Manufacturers Workforce: 11-50 Turnover : 0 - 1 (million euros). Buses and coaches ... Containers. OWR AG, map. Oberschefflenzer Str. ...
20051104 It is the biggest private employer in America with a turnover equivalent to that of ...

2004 United Defense Industries and OWR, AG of Germany, have signed a ...
0310 Gladio Affair, Bibliography GLADIO AFFAIR aka OPERATION " STAY BEHIND " [Home] ... podría tener vínculos con Ismael "el Mayo" Zambada, del cártel de Juárez. ...
00.000.1999-00.000.2002 Recent media reports indicate that one of these regional barons, Ismael Zambada García, ...

Zambada organization, led by Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada García, ...
17.May 2007 A Witness List for House Hearings on Vol II of the CIA's Inspector

Rafael " Chi-Chi " Quintero-Cuban born assassin + long time CIA operative known to have worked for Ted Shackley, Tom Clines + Ed Wilson. ...
Opening Remarks of Michael C. Ruppert for the Senate Select

... figures as Oliver North, Richard Secord, Elliot Abrams, George Bush, John Poindexter, Felix Rodriguez + Chi Chi Quintero but about murder + torture.
17.May 2007 Chris Holt : Bar/AFDQ/Iran-Contra card 23 (CIA Veteran RAFAEL " CHI CHI " QUINTERO ): Poking hatpins through a doll of Fidel Castro.

Behind him is a stereo and record collection. ...
Chris Holt : AFDQ/Contra cards ... CIA Veteran RAFAEL " CHI CHI " QUINTERO · Former CIA Agent THEODORE SHACKLEY · CIA Station Chief WILLIAM BUCKLEY · Arms Merchant MANUCHER GHORBANIFAR ...
17.May 2007 father and grandfather bush Members of his team included Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker + Rafael “ Chi Chi ” Quintero,

all of whom were involved in the Watergate ...
Theodore Shackley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This included Thomas Clines, Raphael Quintero, Ricardo Chavez and Edwin Wilson ...

This resulted in journalists being able to identify Raphael Quintero and ... User:MadMax/website/2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...

Manuel Orcarberrio · Alton Ochsner · William Pawley · David Atlee Phillips · Luis Posada · Anthony A. Poshepny · Carlos Prio · Rafael " Chi Chi " Quintero ...
17.May 2007
Scoop: Mazur: John Deuss' Editors On Record On The Man .

Thomas Clines, John Singlaub, Philip Agee, Manucher Hashemi, Rafael ( Chi Chi ) Quintero and even Australia's CIA-linked/arms-dealing/narco-trafficking ...
17.May 2007 Article 6208 of alt.conspiracy Subject Nugan Hand Bank-More Grist ...

00.Jan.1980 -About the time of Frank Nugan's death- Thomas Clines + Chi Chi Quintero dropped by Wilson's Geneva office. There they found a travel bag ...
+quot; Please distribute as widely as possible to all people. + ...

"The people you want," he said, "are Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines, Richard Secord, Albert Hakim, Rafael Chi Chi Quintero + a man by the name of Eric ...
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483219,00.html
Messungen des Nasa-Satelliten "Quikscat" zeigen nun, dass es im Jahr 2005 zu einer großflächigen Schmelze in der Westantarktis gekommen ist.
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483296,00.html

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Wie kamen Sie auf die Idee, Attac beizutreten?

Geißler: Schon anlässlich des brutalen Vorgehens der italienischen Polizei beim G-8-Gipfel in Genua habe ich erwogen, beizutreten.

Jetzt hat mich der Attac-Sprecher in einer Fernsehrunde gefragt, ob ich nicht Mitglied werden will. Da habe ich ja gesagt.

Attac hat sich die friedliche Entwicklung der Menschheit zum Ziel gesetzt. Das halte ich für außerordentlich wichtig.
17.May 2007,1518,druck-483296,00.html

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Konnte Attac Sie für einen Auftritt bei den Protesten zum G-8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm gewinnen?

Geißler: Nein, ich habe einen vollen Terminkalender. Aber ich trete sehr dafür ein, vor der Weltöffentlichkeit klarzumachen, dass man in Deutschland demonstrieren kann.

Das ist ein Grundrecht. Es darf nicht beeinträchtigt werden.
17.May 2007
Steuerplus: Wohin mit all dem Geld?

16.May 2007 Korea: Erster Zug seit 56 Jahren quert den Todesstreifen
17.May 2007 Saturnmond Enceladus: Rätsel um spektakuläre Geysire gelöst
17.May 2007 Ex- SPD- Chef Platzeck: "Die Linkspartei ist eine Volkspartei"
17.May 2007 Gehaltsaffäre: Wolfowitz kämpft gegen Abgang in Schimpf und Schande

16.May 2007 Koalitionsprognose: Lohnnebenkosten sollen spürbar sinken
17.May 2007 Gehaltsaffäre: Wolfowitz lehnt freiwilligen Rücktritt ab
16.May 2007 Keine Gegenkandidaten: Labour nominiert Gordon Brown als Blair- Nachfolger
16.May 2007 Weltbank in der Krise: Countdown für Wolfowitz- Rücktritt läuft
16.May 2007 Irak: Niederländer sollen irakische Gefangene misshandelt haben
16.May 2007 Satelliten- Aufnahme: Großflächige Schneeschmelze in der Antarktis beobachtet

16.May 2007 Attac- Neumitglied Heiner Geißler: "Die Globalisierung läuft aus dem Ruder"
16.May 2007 Vernon Gillespie . Vietnam 1964 Zimbabwe 1978. Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (373, 375, 395) ... GILLESPIE VERNON .

Click on a name for a new proximity search: ...
Story about Montagnard rebellion in National Geographic. [Archive ...

U.S. Special Forces Captain Vernon Gillespie Jr., leader of a twelve-man team of advisers to a highly trained battalion of Montagnard troops. ...
American Experience | Vietnam Online | Transcript | PBS

VERNON GILLESPIE : I can recall one time when the 22nd NVA Regiment was located down on the coast in an open area. They were trying to move from one point to
Breaker Patrol and Hill 665, Vietnam

US Army Special Forces Captain Vernon Gillespie of Lawton, Oklahoma, discusses strategy with a Montagnard Battalion Commander at Buon Bieng, RVN. ...
Russell Cook, The Vietnam War Contents Abstract - HTML-Version
led by U.S. Special Forces Captain Vernon Gillespie, Junior. Their report became. the cover story for the magazine's November 27 issue and featured this ...
Tom Gillespie — Charly Gillett : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Vernon W. Gillespie agreed to ... Gillespie, Vicki, LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. Vicki Gillespie ... Phone: 503-968-1082 Fax:
16.May 2007,1518,druck-482842,00.html
"Wenn wir jetzt nicht damit beginnen, die Grundlagen für eine revolutionäre Änderung des Energiesystems zu legen", warnt Hoffert, "werden wir den Zug verpassen."

Doch welche Option hat die größten Aussichten auf Realisierung?
16.May 2007,1518,druck-482842,00.html

16.May 2007 00.000.2056 -bis-um- die Treibhausgasemissionen zu stabilisieren. GEFUNDEN IN... Spektrum der Wissenschaft Spezial 1/2007
Inhaltsverzeichnis Aktuelles Heft bestellen Denn Socolows und Pacalas Standardmodell beruht unter anderem auf der Annahme, dass selbst bei einem "Weiter wie bisher" der Anteil erneuerbarer Energien deutlich steigen, der Energieverbrauch dank wachsender Effizienz der Systeme sinken würde. Der zusätzliche Aufwand, um den absoluten Ausstoß an Kohlendioxid auf dem heutigen Wert zu stabilisieren, betrüge daher "nur" sieben Reduktionskeile. Doch das ist falsch, argumentiert Martin I. Hoffert, Physiker an der Universität New York. Denn mit steigenden Öl- und Gaspreisen greift die Energiewirtschaft in vielen Ländern wieder auf Kohle zurück. "Etwa 850 Kohlekraftwerke sind in den USA, China und Indien in Planung.

Diese neuen Anlagen dürften die in Kioto für

2012 vereinbarte Treibhausgas-Reduktion um den Faktor fünf überkompensieren.
16.May 2007
Schweres Erdbeben: In Bangkok schwankten die Wolkenkratzer
16.May 2007
G- 8-Gipfel: Heiner Geißler tritt Attac bei
16.May 2007 Neuer Job für Ex- US- Notenbankchef: Greenspan geht mit 81 zu Allianz
16.May 2007 Appell an G- 8-Gipfel: Bono mahnt Regierungschefs 
16.May 2007
Filmfestival Cannes: Porno, Pop und Propaganda (Kultur)
16.May 2007 Glückssache Gesundheit: Jedes fünfte Kind ist psychisch auffällig
16.May 2007 Präsidentenwechsel in Frankreich: Der Manager der Macht hat übernommen
16.May 2007 Energien der Zukunft: Plan B für die Rettung der Welt
16.May 2007 Sexualstraftäter: MySpace sperrt Tausende Seiten - behält Daten aber für sich
16.May 2007 Russland- EU: Moskau dementiert Krise mit Europa
16.May 2007 Machtwechsel in Frankreich: Sarkozy verspricht Aufbruch aus der Krise
16.May 2007 Luftverschmutzung: Taj Mahal wird gelb
20060913 They could not make billions from oil investments in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan + Uzbekistan + not have a way to get the landlocked oil + gas out. ... - 575

RSFSR (1991), No.29, item 1008; the Law on Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan, Art.3,. Vedomosti Turkmenistana (1992), No.5 item 38; the Law on Foreign ...
00.000.2002-2010 Planned Investments in Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Complex , (USD billion) Own funds Borrowed funds Foreign loans Direct investments Total ...
20041216 Dec.2004 Apparently without the least fear of laying itself open to ridicule, USA Defense Department {CHENEY+ WOLFOWITZ+ ,+,+,de-claired that the jet engines, ...
16.May 2007
Comparing Titan Systems and AFCE attack reports 
Titan Systems Corporation attack description Titan Systems Corporation column damage map  

ASCE attack description ASCE column damage map Titan Systems lawsuit in Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse. see SourceWatch and Guardian,  search internet: Titan Systems, lawsuit Abu Ghraib, racketeering, CACI, see Guardian
Titan Systems description of attack inconsistent with ASCE report.  
more building information, page 7

Below is a screen print from the Arlington County After Action Report introduction showing that Titan Systems Corporation created the report. 

And....theTitan Systems quotation of the description of the attack.  That description is completely inconsistent with the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) report of the attack.
Titan Systems: description of attack   and
Titan Corporation
May 2007
antennas on the C Ring of the Pentagon that don't appear in overhead views prior to 9/11

The antennas are directly in the flight path of the attack jet.  and page 15, ASCE report.

The outer wall of the Pentagon is not extraordinarily thick or impenetrable.   

There is evidence that portions of the facade  was faced with aluminum siding.  

The impact point was the first and only place that had been recently renovated with blast resistant windows and reinforcements. 

Only two second story windows were broken by the initial attack.  (ASCE Report)

In studying the damage to the generator struck by the attack aircraft, no structure on the 757 could have created the damage seen. 

And if the aircraft was tilted, as many sources have reported, the right landing gear would not have caused the fence pole damage
16.May 2007
Recent Press coverage
Dissident Voice "Stop Belittling the Theories About 11.Sep.2001 

... An airliner almost certainly did not hit the Pentagon

Whole Life Times Citizens for Legitimate Government  

9/11 Chronology  

Huffington Post, Al Queda and flight 77, but Peter Lance confirms that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon????

Although the official 9/11 Commission Report (CR) said Vice President Richard Cheney did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under the White House until "shortly before 10 a.m." that tragic day, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified when he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there. (CR published no testimony from Mineta.)  The timeline is important because if Cheney arrived at 10 a.m. it would have been about 20 minutes after the Pentagon was allegedly struck by a hijacked airplane at 9:38 a.m., too late for him to authorize the Air Force to shoot it down. Some 125 Pentagon employees perished in the attack.  go to page 22
May 2007
See graphic of
nose cone damage by a bird strike and then consider the numerous publications that claim the nose cone of the 757 penetrated three rings of the Pentagon.  
16.May 2007
Where's the airliner? There's no passenger jet  in the/Pentagon  surveillance tape + only a few shiny, clean, isolated aircraft parts in Navy photos of the attack..  The notion and eyewitness reports that the jet  'vaporized' is inconsistent with Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) victim identification reports.  64 passengers,  According to AFIP, all but 5 of the 189 victims were identified . 

But, this point is arguable considering Titan Systems report  ( a steep dive...disappearing behind a tree line...going 400 mph ....fully loaded with fuel...) .see conflicts between Titan Systems/After-Action Report and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) report. ( the plane did not vaporize ).
16.May 2007
Also inconsistent with the
Titan Systems report are 'full body scans' of the victims.  Not credible? 
16.May 2007
Rumsfeld  quote: "and I saw people on the grass + we just, we tried to put them in stretchers and then move them out across the grass towards the road and lifted them over a jersey wall so the people on that side could stick them into the ambulances.   (no mention of this in the 9/11 Commission report.) and see page 2
16.May 2007 Politically Correct Apostate: The Anti-Fascism Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

People are diferent ,have diferent cultures, languages and views on life thats why countries and borders ...

FASCISM is alive + well in AMERIKA TODAY.

No se tiene conocimiento que se fabrique Morteros de ese tipo y calibre de percusión mandada en España y los morteros ECIA de Expal S.A. no tienen percusión ...

NO CUMPLE. NO SE ASIGNA. PUNTAJE. 0. Atentamente, ...
Worldwide Production and Export of Cluster Munitions: Appendix ...

Dezamet SA (Poland). Diehl Munitions Systeme (Germany). European Aeronautic Defence and Space NV (Netherlands). Expal Explosivos SA (Spain) ...
Survey of Cluster Munition Policy and Practice: IV. Cluster ...

South Africa also possesses one type of cluster bomb, called TIEKIE, which has been ... Expal Explosivos SA, Instalaza SA, International Technology SA, ...

World Support Base: Spain,

... SA ), Grupo Inisel (Empresa Nacional de Electronica y Sistemas, SA ), ... SA ),

Llama (Llama Gabilondo y Cia., SA ), EXPAL (Explosivos Alaveses, SA ), ...
New laser guided penetrator bomb for Spanish Hornets

Raytheon Company and Explosivos Alaveses ( EXPAL ), SA, of Spain have introduced the BPG-2000 Laser Guided Penetrator Weapon following completion of a ...
Big gun list - BeyondUnreal Forums

ENOSA Empresa Nacional de Optica SA ENOSA VNP-004 night sight Esperanza y Cia SA (ECIA) EXPAL 120 mm Model L mortar EXPAL 120 mm Model M-86 mortar ...
NISAT - Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers ENOSA-Empresa Nacional de Optica SA . sights.

2001. Esperanza y Cia SA (ECIA). 1999. Expal (Explosivos Alaveses SA ). 2001. Grulla Armas Sl ...
NISAT - Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers

ENOSA-Empresa Nacional de Optica SA . Spain. sights. SEC1.

2001. Esperanza y Cia SA (ECIA). Spain. 1. SEC1. 1999. Expal (Explosivos Alaveses SA ) ...
Overview Defense Industry Environment - View as HTML
Empresa Nacional Santa Barbara De Industrias Militares, S.A. (Santa Barbara). C. EDB. C. Explosivos Alaveses, S.A. ( EXPAL ) ...
Manufacture of basic metals 95, Ruget SA in Chaponost. 96, Hydro Aluminium Expal in Lucé. 97, SIFA SA in Orléans. 98, Conimast International in St. Florentin ...
International Air & Space Fair 2008


EUREKA | A Europe-wide Network for Market-Oriented Industrial R&D ...

Gtd S.A. Ingenieria De Sistemas Y Software Industrial, Spain, SME, Main. Explosivos Alaveses S.A. ( Expal ), Spain, SME, Partner ...
Centre d'Estudis per la Pau J.M.Delàs

Finalmente el proyecto se abandonó por la resistencia de algunos sindicatos, y sobre todo por la oposición de la dirección de Expal, S.A. ...

Jan.2005 BOE - martes, 23 de marzo de 2004 85), fabricada por la Empresa Explosivos Alaveses, SA ( EXPAL ). ... y gestión del tráfico en la autovía M -50 ...
16.May 2007
Fall Masri: Verfassungsrichter verurteilen Abhör- Aktion der Sicherheitsbehörden

16.May 2007 Deutsche Bank: Dubai kauft großes Aktienpaket
16.May 2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Innenministerium verteidigt Versammlungsverbot
16.May 2007 Inflation: Verbraucherpreise steigen im April um 1,9 %
16.May 2007 Ermahnung: Führende Forscher fordern von G- 8-Gipfel Klimaschutz- Beschlüsse

16.May 2007 Todesstrafe: Schwarzenegger will effektiver exekutieren

16.May 2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Mentale Geiseln des Kalten Krieges"
16.May 2007 Weltbank: Direktorium hofft auf freiwilligen Rücktritt von Wolfowitz

16.May 2007 Buenos Aires: Genervte Pendler verwüsten Bahnhof
16.May 2007 Kriegs- Zar: Drei- Sterne- General soll Bush im Irak und in Afghanistan retten
16.May 2007,1518,druck-483089,00.html

"Unsere Berechnungen könnten auch bedeuten, dass andere bereits bekannte Planeten mit ähnlicher Masse ebenfalls Wasser besitzen", meint Gillon.

Da einige von ihnen kühler seien als GJ 436 b, könnte auf ihrer Oberfläche sogar flüssiges Wasser und damit Leben vorhanden sein.
16.May 2007
Vor Sarkozys Amtsübernahme: Chirac ruft Franzosen zu Einheit auf

16.May 2007 Bizarre Welt: Planet aus Wasser und heißem Eis
16.May 2007,1518,druck-483089,00.html
Zudem wurden die Messungen mit dem OFXB-Observatorium im schweizerischen St. Luc angestellt.

"Damit haben wir bewiesen, dass die Transit-Beobachtung kleiner Planeten schon mit kleinen Teleskopen möglich ist", sagte Gillon.