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07.Okt.2004 Wim Wenders' "Land of Plenty": Der Kopfstand der Dinge

07.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Sprachlos vor dem Fax"

07.Okt.2004 Amerikanische Verhältnisse: Ifo-Chef fordert radikale Kürzung der Sozialhilfe

07.Okt.2004 USA Wahlkampf: Michael Moore will weiter Unterwäsche verteilen

07.Okt.2004 Neuer Rekord: Öl kostet mehr als 52 Dollar

07.Okt.2004 US-Geheimdienste: Senat stimmt Reform zu

07.Okt.2004 UMTS vs. WLAN: Das Verdrängungsduell fällt aus

07.Okt.2004 Umfrage zur US-Präsidentenwahl: Kerry holt auf

07.Okt.2004 Terrorismus: Viele Tote bei Bombenanschlag in Pakistan

11.Jan.1997 DCI,
Central Intelligence Agency.
00.000.1998 the CIA-Under Tenet, George , fails to foresee nuclearization of
Pakistan + India.
11.Sep.2001 the CIA-Under Tenet, George , fails to foresee the attack on the
World Trade Center.
20.Jan.2003 President
George W Bush in the State of the Union speech utters sixteen poorly vetted (or perhaps deliberately fallacious) words:

20.Jan.2003 "The British UK government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."
Tenet, George accepts responsibility for the "sixteen words" in
George W Bush's State of the Union speech, wherein Saddam Hussein is accused of attempting to acquire yellowcake from Nigeria.

This despite the fact that the CIA was not actually responsible for the line's appearance in the speech.
07.Okt.2004 The last thing any president wants is a disgruntled former CIA chief out on the streets, which no doubt accounts for the long, secure tenure of
Casey, William.

But Tenet, George 's current address is the corner of Rock St. + Hard Place Ave.

Sneakier, meaner, tougher S.O.B.s than him have been sacrificed to the Gods of Public Deniability in the past + it's an election year.

It might just be time to start updating that resume.

I hear there's an opening for a special executive assistant to a senior coordinator for something or other...

Bonus color commentary from Slate Magazine: "As deputy director of the CIA, [Tenet, George ] shaved his beard at his boss's request." URL:

05.Oct.2004 Rumsfeld: Iraq/al-Qaida remarks 'misunderstood' -The Guardian-

05.Oct.2004 -today- USA defence secretary, Rumsfeld, Donald, attempted to distance himself from his earlier comments that there were no links between Saddam Hussein + al-Qaida.

In a statement issued several hours after he had told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York that "to my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two", Mr Rumsfeld claimed he had been "misunderstood".

00.Sep.2002 -"I have acknowledged since- that there were ties between al-Qaida + Iraq," the statement said.

"This assessment was based upon points provided to me by [the] then CIA director Tenet, George to describe the CIA's understanding of the al-Qaida Iraq relationship."

Mr Rumsfeld's comments in New York, however, were a reversal of the position adopted by many senior Bush administration figures.

Links between the war in Iraq and the fight against Osama bin Laden's terror network following the 11.Sep.2001 attacks on New York + Washington have become one of the key battlegrounds of the US presidential race.

The Democratic challenger, John Kerry, has accused Mr Bush of allowing himself to be diverted from the "war on terror" by his pre-emptive war in the Middle East.

Cheney, Dick, the US vice president, has been the main proponent of the idea of a relationship, last month telling a meeting in the swing state of Ohio that Saddam had "provided safe harbour + sanctuary ... for al-Qaida".

-last week-05.Oct.2004 during their televised debate-when he accused the president of being vague about which "enemy" had been responsible for 11.Sep.2001,

Mr Kerry forced Mr Bush to say: "Of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us"

The alleged link between Saddam + al-Qaida was one of the justifications used by Mr Bush for the US-led invasion of Iraq, but there has been little to substantiate it.

The bipartisan 11.Sep.2001 commission report acknowledged contacts between the two, but found no evidence of a "collaborative" relationship.

Mr Rumsfeld, Donald told his audience in New York that he had seen intelligence on the Saddam-al-Qaida question "migrate in amazing ways" during the past year, adding that there were "many differences of opinion in the intelligence community".

Rumsfeld, Donald on Saddam and al-Qaida

00.Aug.2002 :Mr Rumsfeld, Donald claims "there are al-Qaida in Iraq", + accuses Saddam of "harbouring al-Qaida operatives who fled the US military dragnet in Afghanistan".

00.Sep.2002 :"We do have solid evidence of the presence in Iraq of al-Qaida members, including some that have been in Baghdad," Mr Rumsfeld, Donald says.

"We have what we consider to be very reliable reporting of senior-level contacts going back a decade + of possible chemical + biological agent training."

00.Oct.2002 : Mr Rumsfeld, Donald tells a Pentagon briefing he had already been informed there is "solid evidence of the presence in Iraq of al-Qaida members".

00.Mar.2003 : Mr Rumsfeld, Donald says the US-led coalition has solid evidence that senior al-Qaida operatives had visited Baghdad in the past + that Saddam had an "evolving" relationship with the terror network.

00.Sep.2004 : Mr Rumsfeld, Donald, USA defence secretary confuses the jailed Saddam + the fugitive Bin Laden in a speech to the USA National Press Club:

"Saddam Hussein, if he's alive, is spending a whale of a lot of time trying to not get caught. And we've not seen him on a video since 2001."

00.Sep.2004 : Mr Rumsfeld, Donald corrects himself when asked for clarification.URL:,3858,5031958-103550,00.html

28.Sep.2002 13:48:14 GMT Posted by ( on Saturday, September 28 th, 2002 at-

28.Sep.2002 13:44:35 GMT In Reply to: U.S. Plan Requires Inspection Access to All Iraqi Sites posted by on Saturday, September 28th, 2002 at-: From the New York Times article linked to below:

28.Sep.2002 Rumsfeld, Donald Says USA Has ‘Bulletproof‘ Evidence of Iraq‘s Links to Al Qaeda -By ERIC SCHMITT-

27.Sep.2002 -ATLANTA— Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Donald H. said today that USA intelligence had "bulletproof" evidence of links between Al Qaeda + the government of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

Mr. Rumsfeld, Donald said that recently declassified intelligence reports about suspected ties between Al Qaeda and the Iraqi government,

including the presence of senior members of Al Qaeda in Baghdad in "recent periods," were "factual" and "exactly accurate."

His comments today were the latest in a string of statements this week by senior administration officials — including Condoleezza Rice, President Bush‘s national security adviser + Ari Fleischer, the White House spokesman — that seemed to raise the prospects of new proof linking Al Qaeda + Iraq.

But in each case, the officials have offered no details to back up the assertions. Mr. Rumsfeld, Donald said today that doing so would jeopardize the lives of spies + dry up sources of other information.

He also acknowledged that the information he described was probably not strong enough to hold up in an American court.

"If our quest is for proof positive, we probably will be left somewhat unfulfilled," Mr. Rumsfeld, Donald said at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon here.

"We‘re not going to have everything beyond a reasonable doubt."

The statements this week by senior administration officials have reopened a debate over the extent to which Iraq has ties to Al Qaeda.

The administration had set aside serious efforts to prove this link in favor of a strategy that focused on what it contends is the threat from Iraq posed by weapons of mass destruction.

Administration officials say there is still no evidence to link Mr. Hussein directly to the attacks on 11.Sep.2001 in the USA.

27.Sep.2002 -today- Some intelligence + law enforcement officials said, in addition, that there was little new in what Mr. Rumsfeld, Donald + others were describing.

But the new statements of suspected links between Al Qaeda + Iraq happen to come at a time when the administration is trying to muster support both on Capitol Hill + at the UN for a resolution backing military action against Iraq, should Mr. Bush chose that path. URL:

27.Sep.2002 Mr. Bush on Wednesday talked about the danger "that Al Qaeda becomes an extension of Saddam‘s madness."

07.Okt.2004 Asked to describe the connection between the Iraqi leader + the al-Qaida terror network at an appearance Monday at the Council on Foreign Relations,

Mr Rumsfeld, Donald, the Pentagon chief first refused to answer, then said: "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two."

Several hours after his appearance, Rumsfeld, Donald issued a statement from the Pentagon saying his comment "regrettably was misunderstood" by some. He said he has said since September 2002 that there were ties between Osama bin Laden's terror group and Iraq.

"This assessment was based upon points provided to me by then-CIA Director Tenet, George to describe the CIA's understanding of the al-Qaida relationship," he said.

This included "solid evidence of the presence in Iraq of al-Qaida members, including some that have been in Baghdad," he said.

In his New York remarks, Rumsfeld, Donald said he had seen intelligence on the Saddam-al-Qaida question "migrate in amazing ways" in the past year, adding that there were "many differences of opinion in the intelligence community." He did not elaborate on that but said relationships among terrorists "evolve and change over time."

On whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the war, Rumsfeld, Donald told the New York audience flatly that intelligence about such weapons before the invasion was faulty - a markedly different statement than what he told a television interviewer just a day earlier.

"It turns out that we have not found weapons of mass destruction," Rumsfeld, Donald said Monday in the speech. "Why the intelligence proved wrong I'm not in a position to say, but the world is a lot better off with Saddam Hussein in jail." URL:

07.Okt.2004 I saw more than a few dead children littering the streets in Nasiriyah, along with countless other civilians. And through all this, I held on to the belief that it had to be for some greater good. 
Months have passed since I've been back home and the unfortunate conclusion I've come to is that Bush is a lying, manipulative motherfucker who cares nothing for the lives of those of us who serve in uniform. Hell, other than playing dress-up on aircraft carriers, what would he know about serving this nation in uniform? 
His silence and refusal to speak under oath to the 11.Sep.2001 Commission further mocks our country. The Patriot Act violates every principle we fight and die for. And all of this has been during his first term. Can you imagine his policies when he doesn't have to worry about re-election? We can't allow that to happen + there are so many like me in the military who feel this way. We were lied to and used. And there aren't words to describe the sense of betrayal I feel as a result. 

07.Okt.2004 Mr Moore, I am an ex-military intelligence officer who served 10 months in Baghdad; I was the senior intelligence officer for the area of Baghdad that included the UN HQ and Sadr City. 
Since Bush exposed my person and my friends, peers + subordinates to unnecessary danger in a war apparently designed to generate income for a select few in the upper echelon of America, I have become wholeheartedly anti-Bush, to the chagrin of much of my pro-Republican family. 
As a "foot soldier" in the "war on terror" I can personally testify that Bush's administration has failed to effectively fight terrorists or the root causes of terror. The White House and the DoD failed to plan for reconstruction of Iraq. Contracts weren't tendered until Feb-Mar of 2003 + the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (the original CPA) didn't even come into existence until January 2003. This failure to plan for the "peace" is a direct cause for the insecurity of Iraq today. 

07.Okt.2004 [ Willy sent an update in early August ]
People's perceptions of this war have done a complete 180 since we got here. We had someone die in a mortar attack the first week + ever since then, things have changed completely. Soldiers are calling their families urging them to support John Kerry. If this is happening elsewhere, it looks as if the overseas military vote that Bush is used to won't be there this time around. 
07.Okt.2004 It's just so ridiculous, which leads me to my next point. A Blackwater contractor makes $15,000 [£8,400] a month for doing the same job as my pals and me. I make about $4,000 [£2,240] a month over here. What's up with that? 
Beyond that, the government is calling up more and more troops from the reserves. For what? Man, there is a huge fucking scam going on here! There are civilian contractors crawling all over this country. Blackwater, Kellogg Brown & Root, Halliburton, on and on. These contractors are doing everything you can think of from security to catering lunch! 

07.Okt.2004 Dear Mike, Iraq sucks -

Civilian contractors are fleecing taxpayers; US troops don't have proper equipment; and supposedly liberated Iraqis hate them. After the release of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore received a flood of letters + emails from disillusioned + angry American soldiers serving in Iraq.

Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book, we print a selection 10.May 2004 "The Guardian" 

30.Sep.2004 As a Bonesman is reported to have said about Bush vs. Kerry, "It's a win-win situation." Maybe it is for the order. But what about the rest of us? URL:
The Washington Post assigned Bonesman Dana Milbank to cover the election + he hasn't brought the question up. Even Ralph Nader has been quiet. Is this because Nader's sometimes lawyer and long-standing associate, Donald Etra, is Skull & Bones 1968 + a good friend of George W. Bush? URL:
George W. Bush has appointed 11 fellow Bonesmen to government jobs: Evan Griffith Galbraith, adviser to the U.S. mission to NATO; William Henry Donaldson, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; George Herbert Walker III, U.S. ambassador to Hungary; Jack Edwin McGregor, member of the advisory board of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.; Victor Henderson Ashe, member of the board of directors of the Federal National Mortgage Association; Roy Leslie Austin, U.S. ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago; Robert Davis McCallum Jr., associate attorney general; Rex Cowdry, associate director of the White House's National Economic Council; Edward McNally Sr., associate counsel to the president and general counsel to the Office of Homeland Security; David Batshaw Wiseman, an attorney in the Justice Department's Civil Division; and James Emanuel Boasberg, an associate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Taft and George H. W. Bush were both one-term presidents. George W's secret name in the order is reported to be "Temporary." Will he be the first member of the Order of Skull & Bones to serve two terms, in spite of his secret name, or will he hand the reins of government to his rival Bonesman, John Kerry? URL:
30.Sep.2004 Election a 'win-win situation' for secretive Bonesmen B oth major presidential candidates are members of a small secret society at Yale University - the Order of Skull & Bones. On different Sunday mornings, "Meet the Press" anchor Tim Russert asked George Walker Bush and John Forbes Kerry if they could talk about their memberships in this 172-year-old clandestine club.

Tossed off with nervous laughter, their answers were, "It's so secret that I can't talk about it," and, "Not much, because it's a secret."

06.Okt.2004 Das Grab von Dschingis Khan gehört zu den meistgesuchten archäologischen Schätzen der Welt. Ein Forscherteam aus Japan und der Mongolei hofft, die letzte Ruhestätte des Eroberers nun endlich zu finden - in den Ruinen seines Palastes, die jetzt in der mongolischen Steppe entdeckt wurden, 250 Kilometer westlich der mongolischen Hauptstadt Ulan Bator.

06.Okt.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Metallpreise verhelfen Alcoa ins Plus

06.Okt.2004 Irak: Uno-Belegschaft bittet Annan um Abzug

06.Okt.2004 Neuer Rekord: Öl kostet mehr als 52 Dollar

06.Okt.2004 Dampf und Asche: Mount St. Helens brodelt immer heftiger


06.Okt.2004 Mongolei: Dschingis Khans Palast entdeckt

06.Okt.2004 Türkei vor Beitrittsverhandlungen: Deutsche Türken jubeln über EU-Einladung

06.Okt.2004 Münchner Terror-Prozess: Neonazis wollten "Demokratie aus den Angeln heben"

06.Okt.2004 EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen: Türkei erhält offizielle Einladung aus Brüssel

06.Okt.2004 Griechenland: Athen begrüßt die Empfehlung

06.Okt.2004 Schrumplige Früchte: "Diese Tomaten sind der reine Sex"

06.Okt.2004 Bundesnachrichtendienst: Kriminelle Banden gehen Allianz mit Terroristen ein

06.Okt.2004 Kinderlähmung: Polioviren aus indischen Labors entwichen

06.Okt.2004 Heikler Nebenverdienst: Ärzte profitieren von eigenen Produkten

06.Okt.2004 Irak ohne ABC-Waffen: US-Waffeninspektoren widerlegen Kriegsgrund

06.Okt.2004 Afghanistan-Wahl: Karzais Kandidat überlebt Anschlag

06.Okt.2004 Frankreich: Frachter mit waffenfähigem Plutonium eingetroffen

06.Okt.2004 Cheney kontra Edwards: Unentschieden im Duell der Stellvertreter URL:,1518,druck-321729,00.html,1518,321661,00.html ·   Waffeninspektionen Irak: Fahnder finden nichts 06.Okt.2004,1518,321737,00.html ·   TV-Duell Cheney/Edwards: Schlagabtausch über den Irak-Krieg 06.Okt.2004,1518,321650,00.html ·   Ölverträge: Rumsfeld, Donald droht Vorladung 06.Okt.2004,1518,321657,00.html ·   Wählerbestechung: Republikaner wollen Moore anklagen 06.Okt.2004,1518,321659,00.html
Zum Thema im Internet:    ·   US-Wahl: Wer von Bush und wer von Kerry profitiert (,2828,321530,00.html
06.Okt.2004 Die nun behauptete Spionageaktion dürfte das Klima zwischen beiden Staaten erneut belasten.

Gegenüber "BBC Online" sagte Vernet, die Überwachung Chiracs sei möglich gewesen, weil der französische Staatspräsident nur selten sichere Telefonleitungen nutze.

Dies tue er nur, wenn er geplante fernmündliche Gespräche mit Regierungschefs führe.
Mithören konnten die Amerikaner den Angaben zufolge bei internen Gesprächen innerhalb des Elysee-Palastes.

Besonders interessant dürften die Unterhaltungen zwischen den Mitgliedern eines kleinen Teams gewesen sein, das sich mit der französischen Strategie zum Irak befasste.

Diese Arbeitsgruppe wurde zunächst von Chirac angeführt, dann vom französischen Außenminister Dominique de Villepin.URL:,1518,druck-321729,00.html

06.Okt.2004 Anfang des Jahres hatte die inzwischen zurückgetretene UK Ministerin Claire Short mitgeteilt, die Regierung in London habe im Vorfeld des Irak-Kriegs Uno-Generalsekretär Kofi Annan in New York ausspioniert.URL:,1518,druck-321729,00.html

06.Okt.2004 Süddeutsche Zeitung- Katajun Amirpur antwortet auf die als Vorwurf gemeinte Frage mancher deutschen Politiker,

warum sich die in Deutschland lebenden Muslime nicht in eindeutigen Worten vom fundamentalistischen Terror distanzieren:

"Von den rund 3,2 Millionen Muslimen in Deutschland stammt der überwiegende Teil aus einfachen, ländlichen Verhältnissen - vor allem aus Anatolien.

Nicht wenige von ihnen können nicht einmal lesen und schreiben .

Kann man also unterstellen, dass diese ein ausgeprägtes politisches Bewusstsein haben, ein Bewusstsein, das Grundlage der Überlegung wäre, man müsse etwas tun, um das Image der Muslime + des Islams zu verbessern?

Das Bewusstsein davon, was es heißt, ein politisches Zeichen zu setzen? (...) Hinzu kommt, dass gerade diesen Bürgern mit einem einfachen Bildungshintergrund

die Idee, der heutige Islam könnte kriegerisch sein, gar terroristisch + das Töten anderer Menschen gutheißen, mehr als absurd erscheint." URL:,1518,321684,00.html

Manfred Lindinger stellt die
drei amerikanischen Nobelpreisträger für Physik vor: H . David Politzer , Frank Wilczek und David J. Gross , Begründer (oder sagt man Erfinder?) der Quantenchromodynamik.

06.Okt.2004 Der Eröffnungsvortrag des 32. Deutschen Soziologentages machte, wie Michael Ott berichtet, den Vorschlag, "den historisch verabschiedeten Klassen-Begriff neu zu diskutieren".

06.Okt.2004 Geheimdienste: USA sollen Chiracs Telefon abgehört haben

06.Okt.2004 Chemie: Nobelpreis für den zellulären Todeskuss

06.Okt.2004 Türkei-Beitritt: "Die Entscheidung in Brüssel verändert die Welt"

06.Okt.2004 Opinion: The Afghan Miracle

06.Okt.2004 After all, Mr. Cheney didn't just promise Americans that "we will, in fact, be welcomed as liberators" by the grateful Iraqis. He also played a central role in leading us to war on false pretenses.

No, that's not an overstatement. In August 2002, when Mr. Cheney declared "we now know Saddam has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons," he was being dishonest: the administration knew no such thing. He was also being irresponsible: his speech pre-empted an intelligence review that might have given dissenting experts a chance to make their case.

06.Okt.2004 It's also not clear whether voters have noticed the collapse of Mr. Bush's cover story for the disastrous decision to invade Iraq. In Coral Gables, Mr. Bush asserted that when Mr. Kerry voted to authorize the use of force against Saddam, he "looked at the same intelligence I looked at." But as The Times confirmed last weekend, the Bush administration suppressed intelligence that might have raised doubts in Congress.

The case for war rested crucially on one piece of evidence: Saddam's purchase of aluminum tubes that, according to Condoleezza Rice, were "only really suited for nuclear weapons programs." But the truth, never revealed to Congress, was that most of the government's experts considered the tubes unsuited for a nuclear program and identical to the tubes used by Iraq for other purposes. Yes, Virginia, we were misled into war.

06.Okt.2004 Still, something important happened on Thursday. Style probably mattered most: viewers were shocked by the contrast between Mr. Bush's manufactured image as a strong, resolute leader and his whiny, petulant behavior in the debate. But Mr. Bush would have lost even more badly if post-debate coverage had focused on substance.

Here's one underreported example: So far, Mr. Bush has paid no political price for his shameful penny-pinching on domestic security and his refusal to provide effective protection for America's ports and chemical plants. As Jonathan Chait wrote in The New Republic: "Bush's record on homeland security ought to be considered a scandal. Yet, not only is it not a scandal, it's not even a story."

06.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Hallo, Herr Schimmerlos"

06.Okt.2004 Kirchen-Krach: Regensburger Bischof entlässt kritischen Professor

06.Okt.2004 Streit über Panzer: Grünen-Bosse rechtfertigen "Fuchs"-Export

06.Okt.2004 The Archive obtained 3200 Kissinger telcons last week through a Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department.

Some 1900 additional telcons are still under review by agencies other than State.

During Mr. Kissinger's tenure first as national security adviser to Presidents Nixon + Ford starting in 1969 + then as Secretary of State from 1973 through 1976, his secretaries listened in on his phone calls - unbeknownst to most of the other callers - + typed these almost verbatim transcripts.

Mr. Kissinger took the telcons with him when he left office in January 1977, + the State Department only recovered copies in August 2001 after the National Security Archive initiated legal action.

Earlier this year, the National Archives + Records Administration released the telcons from Kissinger's White House years , a set which NARA acquired in February 2002 also as a result of the National Security Archive's initiative. URL:

01.Oct.2004 -Posted-The Kissinger State Department Telcons



National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 135 Edited by Tom Blanton, William Burr and Peter Kornbluh 202/994-7000 URL:

06.Okt.2004 As for what may lie ahead, the shape and fate of any intelligence overhaul still remains far from certain. The terms of possible legislation are still being debated by the House and Senate.But all of the changes under consideration threaten to strip the CIA from its position of pre-eminence among American intelligence agencies that it has enjoyed for more than 50 years.
"I think this has much more to do with intelligence reform than with Iraq," said the former senior CIA official. "People are just very angry and worried and on the defensive about what they think might happen to the agency." (Like most others interviewed for this story, the former official spoke on condition that his name not be used, saying that publication of his name would jeopardize his professional and business relationships.)
The steps taken by people sympathetic to the CIA to call attention to intelligence successes on Iraq have been notable. They included the disclosure to The New York Times of details included in a classified National Intelligence Estimate prepared for Bush in July 2004 and distributed in late August, whose gloomy assessment of the challenges facing Iraq said that an environment of tenuous stability was the best-case outcome the country could expect through the end of 2005.URL:

Fortunately for Republicans, the party leadership cleverly disabused the nation about the worth of special prosecutors and impeachment proceedings a few years ago, when they hounded
Bill Clinton into a constitutional crisis over blow jobs.

Considering the mounting list of actual scandals the Bushies are racking up, that strategy is proving to be prescient. Most Americans are about as thrilled at the prospect of a special prosecutor as they are at the prospect of a root canal.

06.Okt.2004 Until late 2003, anyway, when an ugly little incident revealed just how dark the dark side of Karl Rove could be, in a burgeoning scandal that could have serious consequences for the Bush White House.

A former U.S. ambassador by the name of Joseph Wilson was one of the biggest political liabilities the White House faced in 2003. Wilson had been dispatched to Niger early in 2002 to investigate whether Iraq was trying to buy uranium there. Turns out, they weren't.

He reported this information back to the White House, which promptly ignored it. Bush cited the uranium story in his 2003 State of the Union address, Cheney cited it repeatedly + the State Department cited it in several of its endless justifications for why the U.S. just had to invade Iraq.

When the war was "over" and still no Weapons of Mass Destruction had been found, Wilson pointed out to the media that he had TOLD the White House that there was no uranium purchase. He wrote about his fact-finding trip in the New York Times as well.

This did not please the White House. It was bad for politics, bad for poll numbers. And when the poll numbers are threatened, Karl Rove gets cranky. Homicidally cranky, apparently. Did I say apparently? I meant allegedly.

In July 2003, arch-conservative Robert Novak reported that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent, blowing her cover and endangering her life, not to mention national security. (Inexplicably, no one has gone after Novak over this issue.)

Wilson and his wife didn't take this lying down. They came out swinging. Wilson accused Rove of being the source for the leak that endangered his wife's life and destroyed her career.

"Rove is someone who at a minimum would have condoned it and certainly did nothing to knock it down for over a week after the article appeared. The outing of my wife was obviously a political or communications move. The head of the political operation is Karl Rove," Wilson told reporters.

Bear in mind, it wasn't that Rove wasn't being consulted . He was consulted about every single thing that happened in the White House and every decision that emerged from the Oval Office. He just wasn't being allowed to sit at the meetings himself. He had to get his updates after the fact from Bush, Cheney and
Condoleezza Rice.

06.Okt.2004 Privately, of course, the Bush team was far from certain that they had, in fact, won. Jeb Bush promised to stay out of the recount debate + instead entrusted it to his political appointees, who lived for no other reason than to curry favor. Rove didn't like the looks of this, so he stacked the deck in every conceivable way.

Among the tactics he employed: Loading Republican operatives from Washington, D.C., onto a bus and sending them to Florida, where they played the part of "angry mob" shouting and intimidating the hapless bureaucrats who had been lumped with the unenviable job of evaluating the ballots. Ah, those youthful pranks!

In the end, Bush came out on top, of course, catapulting Rove into a position of power that few Mr. Hooper-lookalikes have ever achieved. Although the White House repeatedly insisted that Rove had no policy-making role, the advice of his "White House Office of Strategic Initiatives" was sought on virtually every major decision that Bush administration faced.

Halliburton's construction and engineering subsidiary has been paid nearly $1 billion through government contracts containing profit-guarantees + various other contracts initiated since the company's former CEO arrived in the White House. Halliburton has built military bases in the former Soviet Union and Turkey + it made $33 million building jail cells for terrorists at
Camp X-Ray. (In all fairness, even these contracts don't make up for Cheney's major accomplishment as CEO, an acquisition which is expected to cost Halliburton upwards of $4 billion in asbestos liabilities.)

Cheney was pissed, however. His old hawkish ways rapidly reasserted themselves as the hunt for
Osama bin Laden began. Almost immediately after the attacks, Cheney and his old crony Rumsfeld, Donald (now Secretary of Defense) began beating the war drums for a new invasion of Iraq, despite a complete absence of any evidence that Saddam Hussein had anything at all to do with September 11 or al Qaeda in general.

Cheney got his way, eventually. After a staged confrontation at the United Nations, where Secretary of State Colin Powell was roped into making the improbable case for an invasion, the Bush administration discarded all hopes of attracting allies (other than faithful lapdog Britain), despite Cheney's last-minute "can't we be friends" tour of Europe. The U.S. went ahead with the invasion in spring 2003.

During the 2000 elections, Cheney's history of heart troubles raised serious concerns among the electorate. Voters worried that if Cheney died while in office, his running mate
George W Bush might be left in charge of the country. In a concession to these worries, Cheney had a super high-tech pacemaker installed in 2001. Nevertheless, the heart issue would continue to haunt Cheney.

When al Qaeda attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, the official version had the vice president shuttled to an emergency bunker in the basement of the White House. According to his own account, he was grabbed by a couple Secret Service agents and carried to the basement, despite being fully conscious and not at all having a heart attack.

When Bush Sr. was drubbed by
Bill Clinton in 1992, Cheney decided it was high time he became a titan of industry. With nothing but insider Washington credentials on his resume, he became chairman and CEO of Halliburton Corp. in 1995.

Cheney made millions leading the massive oil industry construction company, while carefully "tweaking" its accounting practices. A 1998 accounting change improved the company's revenues by $234 million over the course of four years.

Prior to the change, Halliburton had booked sales when a client agreed to pay for cost overruns and contract disputes. After the change, the company took a guess at what they'd collect and booked the sales as a done deal. Despite the fact that the practice looks and sounds a bit sleazy, it's fairly commonplace in the industry. Of course, before Enron, off-balance sheet financing was pretty commonplace too.

George Bush Sr. took office after the 1988 election, Bush settled on Cheney as Secretary of Defense, after his first choice, John Tower, self-destructed in a haze of alcoholic booty calls. Cheney helped lead the Gulf War, personally twisting the arm of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia until the monarch allowed a massive contingent of U.S. troops to set up shop in the kingdom. The resulting Arab outrage was personified by Osama bin Laden, who used the presence of U.S. troops on Saudi soil as the pretext for a declaration of jihad against the West.

After washing out of the White House, Cheney adopted the same tactic as when he washed out of Yale — he fled back to Wyoming. In 1978, he ran for Congress and won handily. In Congress, Cheney rose through the party ranks, endearing himself to
Ronald Reagan with his hawkish views on foreign policy and his fevered support for the "Star Wars" missile defense system.

06.Okt.2004 This article comes from Intervention Magazine URL:
06.Okt.2004 George W. Bush’s United States, sitting next to a friend who expresses an opposing political viewpoint can get you into big trouble.
Totalitarianism: “ ... opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed.” <strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong>___
31.Jul.1932 -Footnote-: Hitler’s Nazi party won 230 out of 608 seats in the Reichstag, making it the majority party, but he was not yet in power.

It was several years before Hitler became the cosmically evil war criminal.

30.Jan.1933 Hitler was finally sworn in as Chancellor. Historian Alan Bullock describes it:

1933 “Hitler came to office -in. as the result, not of any irresistible revolutionary or national movement sweeping him into power, nor even of a popular victory at the polls, but as part of a shoddy political deal with the ‘Old Gang’ whom he had been attacking for months....

Hitler did not seize power; he was jobbed into office by a backstairs intrigue.”

At the time, most Germans couldn’t imagine that Hitler would last long because his bombastic and swaggering manner and his overly simplistic speeches about Germany’s social, economic + political problems were a “joke.” Politically sophisticated Germans dismissed Hitler as an inept caricature, but he + his accomplices consolidated their power by passing national security legislation supported by a stacked court.

During these critical times of concentrating power, der Schutzstaffein (SS) made sure that Hitler’s critics + opponents were kept far away + silenced so that it would appear as though he had complete national support + indeed, a mandate.

Thus peacefully began Nazi totalitarianism.
Frederick Sweet is Professor of Reproductive Biology in Obstetrics + Gynecology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. URL:
06.Oct.2004 6:11
Bush Years Three and Four
As the November presidential election approaches, Bush’s police state tactics for silencing dissent and eliminating opposition has been accelerated.

Of the hundreds of examples--thousands if the suppression of dissent in New York City during last month’s Republican National Convention is counted--here are a few recent examples of “opposing political + cultural expression being suppressed”:
(A short list of recent Secret Service actions against peaceful dissenters is posted at URL:
Totalitarianism: “ ... imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed
emphasis added.” - The American Heritage Dictionary URL:
These unfortunate initials recall Nazi Germany’s defensive security organization, der Schutzstaffein , abbreviated SS. Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS units became the backbone of the ruling Nazi party’s private military force. Hitler put them in charge of suppressing his regime’s opponents within Germany (and eventually abroad). Now the American SS is running Bush’s police state.
“Police state?” Think I’m exaggerating? Is it too harsh ... too off the wall ... to suggest that America is becoming a police state like Nazi Germany? Think again.

The Bush process had its beginnings long before the 2004 election campaigns began.

Moreover, creation of a police state is a gradual process see footnote. URL:
26.Sep.2004 - 06:09 PM Bush’s Police State Commentary / Commentary
Just sitting next to a friend who expresses an anti-Bush opinion can get you into big Secret Service trouble in George W. Bush’s United States.
Recently on Michael Feldman’s National Public Radio show “Whaddya Know?” a high school junior told the audience how he and his friend had recently been stopped on a city bus by the Secret Service.
The two high school students had obtained tickets from an insurance company to attend a pro-Bush campaign rally.

Evidently, before the students could get off the bus, the Secret Service already knew who they were + that they had worked for John Kerry’s campaign.

That was enough for the students to be labeled “national security risks.” Unless they turned around + went home, they would be arrested, warned the Secret Service agents.
Carrying out President George W. Bush’s violation of American citizens’ civil rights is something of a cottage industry for the Secret Service, abbreviated SS. URL:
Jan.1941 Cheney was born in Casper, so his brain crystallized into its current form just before the 1960 s introduced the idea of fun into American life.

Cheney's picture appears next to the definition of "dour" in the dictionary.

He dropped out of Yale in favor of attending the prestigious University of Wyoming, where he majored in political science, + he went on to earn his doctorate from the prestigious University of Wisconsin.

In your face, Yale!

His life in politics began during the Nixon administration.

When he arrived in Washington, D.C., then-Sen. Rumsfeld, Donald took Cheney under his wing.

Rumsfeld was buddies with Gerald Ford, +

when Ford ascended to greatness, he took Rumsfeld along as chief of staff.

Rumsfeld took Cheney along, as deputy chief of staff.

00.000.1975 -When Rumsfeld took a stroll down the road for his first stint as Secretary of Defense, Cheney rose to glory, serving as Ford's chief of staff for more than a year, before the accidental president was obliterated by Jimmy Carter in the 1976 election.

06.Okt.2004 Haft-Kraft: Feuchte Füße lassen Fliegen kleben

06.Okt.2004 Neue Business-Handys: "Was ich nutze, das bin ich"

06.Okt.2004 Cheney kontra Edwards: Unentschieden im Duell der Stellvertreter

06.Okt.2004 New Yorker Rekord: Ölpreis springt erstmals über 51 Dollar

06.Okt.2004 Nach Aktion gegen Wahlmuffel: Republikaner wollen Moore anklagen

06.Okt.2004 Ölverträge: Repräsentantenhaus droht Rumsfeld mit Vorladung

06.Okt.2004 IT-Branche: "Wir spüren den Aufwärtstrend"

06.Okt.2004 Weltsicherheitsrat: US-Veto verhindert Ächtung Israels

06.Okt.2004 Antrag abgelehnt: Lennons Mörder muss im Gefängnis bleiben

06.Okt.2004 TV-Duell Cheney/Edwards: Schlagabtausch über den Irak-Krieg

06.Okt.2004 Nahost-Konflikt: Israel hält Uno-Mitarbeiter in Haft

06.Okt.2004 Spanien: Polizistinnen gefoltert und getötet

05.Okt.2004 Niederlande:

06.Okt.2004 Pakistan agrees on a 10-day ceasefire with Al-Qaeda : Pakistani military + Al Qaeda-linked fighters have agreed to a 10-day truce to give chance to their tribal allies to negotiate a peaceful solution,

a local administrator said.

06.Okt.2004 Iran says can launch missile with range of 2,000km : Iran is able to launch a missile with a range of 2,000 km, the official IRNA news agency

Tuesday quoted influential former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as saying.

06.Okt.2004 UN signs pact with International Criminal Court opposed by US : The Bush administration is bitterly opposed to the new court + rescinded former President Bill Clinton's signature to the tribunal's statutes, arguing that it would expose US soldiers and officials to frivolous law suits.

06.Okt.2004 Palestinian prime minister accuses world leaders of indifference to Palestinian suffering : Nine Palestinians died Monday in northern Gaza, including four militants and a 14-year-old girl who residents said was shot

as she baked bread with her mother in their garden.

06.Okt.2004 Arab Nations at UN Demand Israel Stop Gaza Attacks: Arab nations want the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding Israel stop a major offensive in the Gaza Strip, but the USA

raised objections at an emergency meeting on Monday

06.Okt.2004 Israel: Army backtracks on U.N. claim : The Israeli army removed videos from its Web sites that it had said showed a U.N. ambulance being used to transport a Palestinian rocket.

06.Okt.2004 Robertson: If Bush 'touches' Jerusalem, we'll form 3rd party : If Bush shifted his position toward support for Jerusalem as a capital for both Israel + a Palestinian state, his Evangelical backing would disappear,

Robertson indicated. More on Christian Zionism

06.Okt.2004 US Defends Israeli Invasion, May Veto UN Resolution: Security Council to Vote Tuesday on Israel’s Gaza Onslaught

06.Okt.2004 CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists: A new CIA assessment undercuts the White House's claim that Saddam Hussein maintained ties to al-Qaida,

saying there's no conclusive evidence that the regime harbored Osama bin Laden associate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

06.Okt.2004 Doubts raised on Saddam theory in 2001 : The Bush administration knew as early as mid-2001 that a central plank of its argument about Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction

was regarded by its own nuclear experts as probably untrue.

06.Okt.2004 The Bush Doctrine is Israel's Doctrine: Iraq and Palestine are two centres of identical atrocities committed by two close allies against defenceless populations.

These atrocities are only allowed to continue because of the silence and passivity of Western citizens + media pundits.

06.Okt.2004 U.S. Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq: The U.S. military is fighting the most complex guerrilla war in its history, with 140,000 USA soldiers trained for conventional warfare

flailing against a thicket of insurgent groups with competing aims and no supreme leader.

06.Okt.2004 US 'war on terror' is unwinnable : The so-called "war on terror" has become not only unwinnable but counter-productive, greatly exacerbating the threat of global terrorism.

06.Okt.2004 Donald Rumsfeld Says No Hard Evidence Links Saddam To al-Qaida

06.Okt.2004 In case you missed it: Rumsfeld Says U.S. Has 'Bulletproof' Evidence of Iraq's Links to Al Qaeda

06.Okt.2004 Rumsfeld: Iraq/al-Qaida remarks 'misunderstood' : The US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, today attempted to distance himself from his earlier comments that

there were no links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.

06.Okt.2004 The eyes that cannot see beyond Jabaliya and Samarra : "Mr" Sharon and the US president, George Bush, have a credibility gap.

To fill it, it seems ongoing civilian carnage is not too high a price to pay.

06.Okt.2004 Bremer: U.S. had too few troops in Iraq: Bremer has generally defended the USA approach in Iraq but in recent weeks has begun to criticize the administration for tactical and policy shortfalls.

06.Okt.2004 David H. Hackworth: Uncle Sam Will Soon Want Your Kids: Although Pentagon puff artists insist they’re making quota, recruiters are already saying it would be easier to find $100 bills

on the sidewalk outside a homeless shelter than fill their enlistment quotas, even with the huge bonuses now being paid.

06.Okt.2004 Dear Mike, Iraq sucks : Michael Moore received a flood of letters and emails from disillusioned + angry American soldiers serving in Iraq.

Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book, we print a selection

06.Okt.2004 The Grief of Baghdad: "You can see my fingers is messed up." Cpl. Tyson Johnson is 100 percent disabled, cannot support his family – + the National Guard wants its bonus back.

05.Okt.2004 Human Rights Watch: "Afghanistans Frauen werden nach wie vor diskrimiert"

05.Okt.2004 Bild des Tages: Ein Loch ist im Schädel

05.Okt.2004 Naher Osten: "Iran besitzt Langstrecken-Raketen"

05.Okt.2004 Irak und al-Qaida: Rumsfeld stiftet Verwirrung

05.Okt.2004 Anti-Terror-Kampf: Schilys schöne neue Welt des Datenflusses

05.Okt.2004 Rechtsextreme: NPD holt militante Neonazis an die Parteispitze

05.Okt.2004 Guter Riecher: Spermien erschnüffeln Eizellen

05.Okt.2004 EC-Kartenklau: BGH sieht Banken nicht in der Pflicht

05.Okt.2004 Auszeichnung: Drei US-Forscher teilen sich Physik-Nobelpreis

05.Okt.2004 Ausstellung "InkaGold" in der Völklinger Hütte

05.Okt.2004 Michel Foucaults Vorlesungen über "Gouvernementalität" (mehr in unserer Bücherschau heute ab 14 Uhr).
05.Oct.2004 Die Tageszeitung, In der Kolumne Theorie und Technik
denkt Isolde Charim über die "Kollateralschäden der Terrorpraktiken" nach.

"Schockieren war früher eine Strategie, um die Grenzen des Zulässigen auszuloten + zu erweitern.

Diese Strategie setzte also so etwas wie Öffentlichkeit voraus. Öffentlichkeit, das ist der Raum, in dem Menschen miteinander umgehen.

Dort wird das Gemeinsame, das uns zugleich 'verbindet und trennt', sicht- + hörbar. Hannah Arendt nannte deshalb Öffentlichkeit einen 'Erscheinungsraum'.

Was aber wird aus dieser Öffentlichkeit, wenn sie täglich von Bildern des Grauens okkupiert wird?"
05.Okt.2004 Zusammen mit 100 anderen Politikern und Intellektuellen forderte der USA Politikwissenschaftler Francis Fukuyama (mehr)

in der vergangenen Woche in einem offenen Brief an westliche Staatschefs eine kritischere Haltung gegenüber Russland .

Im Interview kritisiert Fukuyama die westlichen Länder, die wegschauen, wenn Putin gegen demokratische Gepflogenheiten verstößt:

"Der amerikanische Präsident George W. Bush braucht einen Alliierten im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus .

Deshalb ist er so unkritisch gegenüber Putin", aber "die anderen Regierungschefs verhalten sich ganz ähnlich, wenn auch vielleicht aus anderen Motiven.

Für den italienischen Präsidenten Berlusconi , für Bundeskanzler Schröder + andere hat Russland momentan keine Priorität.

Und sie haben jeweils gute Gründe, um ihr Verhältnis mit Putin nicht zu belasten.

Aber dieses Verhalten ist nicht im Interesse eines demokratischen Russlands. Putin vertraut momentan darauf,

dass die internationale Öffentlichkeit abgelenkt ist + dass er mehr oder weniger unbeobachtet seine Macht konsolidieren kann."

05.Okt.2004 Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der chinesische Dichter Yang Lian (mehr), der kürzlich die in China verbotene "Untersuchung zur Lage der chinesischen Bauern"

des Reporter-Ehepaars Wu Chuntao+Chen Guidi für den am Wochenende verliehenen Lettre Ulysses Award vorgeschlagen hatte, übt in seiner Laudatio heftige Kritik an den westlichen Demokratien .

Des Profites + der Verlockung des künftigen Marktes wegen schüttelten ihre Vertreter "Hände, an denen Blut" klebe.

"So weit ist es gekommen: Dass sich die westlichen Investoren heute mehr sorgen, China könne 'instabil 'werden als die KP.

Sie brauchen die Diktatur der KP! Deshalb schauen sie etwas verlegen bei allen Schandtaten der Partei in die andere Richtung."
05.Okt.2004 CIA kontra Bush: Krieg mit dem Weißen Haus

05.Okt.2004 Düstere Prognose: Arbeitsagentur rechnet im Winter mit fünf Millionen Arbeitslosen

05.Okt.2004 Anklage: US-Offiziere quälten irakischen General zu Tode

05.Okt.2004 Vera Cooper Rubin 76-jährige US-Astronomin gilt als Entdeckerin der Dunklen Materie - jener geheimnisvollen Masse, die noch nie direkt nachgewiesen werden konnte,

aber offenbar verhindert, dass etwa die Galaxien von ihren eigenen Fliehkräften auseinander gerissen werden.URL:,1518,druck-321488,00.html
05.Okt.2004 Physik-Nobelpreis: Dunkelmaterie und Nanoröhren lassen Gerüchte kochen

05.Okt.2004 Gaza-Offensive: Israel verhandelt mit Palästinensern

05.Okt.2004 Umfrage: Jeder vierte Amerikaner hat Vorurteile gegen Muslime

05.Okt.2004 Streit über Panzer: Grüne finden sich mit "Fuchs"-Lieferung ab

05.Okt.2004 Bremer: "Wir hatten im Irak nie genügend Truppen"

05.Okt.2004 Artenschutzkonferenz: Regierungen geben Rhinos zum Abschuss frei

05.Okt.2004 Zoff bei CDU/CSU: Union droht Umfrage-Absturz

05.Okt.2004 Spanien: Eta vor dem Zerfall

05.Okt.2004 Saddam/Bin-Laden-Connection: Rumsfeld räumt Irrtum ein