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09.Jun.2006 In Goodbye Speech, DeLay Bitterly Attacks Liberals Amanda 
Today Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) gave his parting speech on the floor of the House. DeLay broke with tradition +
bitterly attacked his liberal colleagues, many of whom walked out. Watch an excerpt:

We will miss you too, Tom DeLay.

Full transcript below:

In preparing for today, I found that it is customary in speeches such as these to reminisce about the good old days of political harmony + across-the-aisle camaraderie + to lament the bitter, divisive partisan rancor that supposedly now weakens our democracy.

Well, I can’t do that because partisanship, Mr. Speaker, properly understood, is not a symptom of democracy’s weakness, but of its health and its strength, especially from the perspective of a political conservative.

Liberalism, after all, whatever you may think of its merits, is a political philosophy and a proud one with a great tradition in this country, with a voracious appetite for growth.

In any place or any time on any issue, what does liberalism ever seek, Mr. Speaker? More. More government, more taxation, more control over people’s lives and decisions and wallets.

If conservatives don’t stand up to liberalism, no one will.
A sad day for Paris Hilton. Nico A bill to repeal the estate tax on the ultra-rich was just defeated in the Senate.

“The vote was a big defeat both for President Bush and for Senate Republican leaders, who had framed their opposition to what they called the ‘death tax’ as a popular and even populist crusade.”
09.Jun.2006 33 % : Faiz Approval of Bush’s handling of Iraq, according to a new AP/Ipsos poll. Bush’s overall job approval is at 35 % .
09.Jun.2006 Major defeat for the religious right. Nico 
The FDA has
approved a vaccine to protect against a sexually-transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer. (Cervical cancer affects over 10,000 women in the USA each year, killing more than 3,700 annually.)

The vaccine was opposed by prominent religious right groups because they said it would be seen as a “license to engage in premarital sex.”
09.Jun.2006 Specter angry about getting snubbed by Cheney. Faiz 
In a three-page letter to Cheney, Specter complained about the Vice President’s
unwillingness to cooperate on NSA eavesdropping oversight.

“I was surprised, to say the least, that you sought to influence, really determine, the action of the Committee without calling me first. …

This was especially perplexing since we both attended the Republican Senators caucus lunch yesterday + I walked directly in front of you on at least two occasions en route from the buffet to my table.”
09.Jun.2006 Annan Deputy Criticizes U.S. Policy; Bolton Demands Apology, Says U.N. Will Be ‘the Victim’ Judd 
Yesterday at a
conference co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress + the Century Foundation, Mark Malloch Brown — the #2 official at the U.N. — offered a constructive critique about the way the USA treats the organization:

[T]he prevailing practice of seeking to use the UN almost by stealth as a diplomatic tool while failing to stand up for it against its domestic critics is simply not sustainable. You will lose the UN one way or another.

Brown noted that rampant U.N. bashing in the USA makes even renovating their dilapidated headquarters difficult:

[T]he only government not fully supporting the project is the U.S. Too much unchecked UN-bashing and stereotyping over too many years —manifest in a fear by politicians to be seen to be supporting better premises for what they unjustly regard as overpaid, corrupt UN bureaucrats—makes even refurbishing a building a political hot potato.

In response, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has lashed out at Brown.

He said that if Annan didn’t immediately repudiate the remarks, the United Nations would be the “victim.” From his press release:

Well, on that speech, this is a very, very grave mistake by the Deputy Secretary General…Even though the target of the speech was the USA, the victim, I fear, will be the United Nations.

And even worse was the condescending and patronizing tone about the American people.

That fundamentally + very sadly, this was a criticism of the American people, not the American government, by an international civil servant it’ s just illegitimate.

… But what we think the only way at this point to mitigate the damage to the UN is that the Secretary General Kofi Annan, we think has to personally + publicly repudiate this speech at the earliest possible opportunity.

Looks like Bolton can dish it out, but he can’t take it.
09.Jun.2006 “I don’t believe there’s any issue that’s more important Judd 

than this one.” — Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The measure got 49 votes in the Senate, far short of the 2/3 required.
09.Jun.2006 Mother Jones has launched, which highlights the numerous threats facing our oceans .

“What’s noteworthy about the site is that it doesn’t focus on the work of one organization, but rather highlights the best of the best of what a multitude of nonprofits are doing to conserve our oceans.”

“The Happy Face is Watching You.”

GroupIntel details the massive amount of customer data collected by Wal-Mart ,

whose “data centers are the corporate counterpart to Area 51,” + which has “enough storage capacity to contain twice the amount of all the information available on the Internet.”
09.Jun.2006 CEI Scholar: Gore Thinks Climate Change is Caused by ‘Widespread Sin,’ a Sign of ‘the Antichrist’ Judd 

Ian Murray, senior fellow at the Exxon-backed Competitive Enterprise Institute, writes for the National Review on global warming issues.

Today, he excerpts some promotional material from a horror movie that he says “mirrors Al Gore’s views” on global warming:

[G]lobal warming is caused by the widespread sin, immorality + materialism of our current society. The looting and murders after these disasters struck are further evidence of the Antichrist’s coming .

The Bible’s revelation predicts that it will be under these conditions that the mark of the Beast will come upon us.

Global warming skeptics can’t challenge Al Gore on the substance, so they just smear him personally. This is what is left of the “debate” about climate change.

Stand up against Murray’s smear tactics. Pledge to go see An Inconvenient Truth.
09.Jun.2006 The four stages of global warming denial Judd courtesy of Tree Hugger.
09.Jun.2006 Limbaugh: Liberals Are ‘Ecstatic’ About Haditha, Planning ‘Gang Rape’ of War Supporters Judd 
Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh asserted that “the American left” and “the drive-by media” is happy about allegations of misconduct against civilians by U.S. troops at Haditha.

Moreover, they planned on using Haditha to “gang rape” supporters of the war to undermine U.S. efforts in Iraq:

This Haditha story, this Haditha incident, whatever, this is it folks, this is the final big push on behalf of the Democratic Party, the American left + the Drive-By Media to destroy our effort to win the war in Iraq. That’s what Haditha represents — and they are going about it gleefully. They are ecstatic about it… Folks, let me just put it in graphic terms. It is going to be a gang rape. There is going to be a gang rape by the Democratic Party, the American left and the Drive-By Media, to finally take us out in the war against Iraq. Make no bones about it.

Actually, taking the allegations seriously is essential to our success in creating a secure and democratic Iraq. The Iraqi people need to know the truth, which is that the alleged conduct is not tolerated in the USA military or in American society. It requires a thorough investigation by the USA government, thorough coverage by the USA media + appropriate outrage by the American public, left, right + center.

Anything less does a disservice to all the troops in Iraq who have held themselves to highest ethical standards under extreme pressure.
09.Jun.2006 Au revoir, Tom. Nico 
Rep. Tom Delay’s “fellow Texas GOP House members
chose an expensive contemporary French restaurant in Washington, Le Paradou, to toast the outgoing 22-year congressman Tuesday night in a private dinner.” But DeLay’s spokeswoman “was unhappy with any references to the restaurant as French”: “This is an American restaurant that serves French cuisine.”

09.Jun.2006 Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’ Judd 
In her new book, “Godless,” right-wing pundit Ann Coulter writes of the 9/11 widows:

These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.

She was confronted about the statement this morning by NBC’s Matt Lauer. Coulter accused Lauer of “getting testy.” Watch it:
06.Jun.2006 Think Progress 
The Defense Department’s quarterly report to Congress on Iraq claims the “Iraqis have confidence the new Baghdad government will improve the situation.” But the poll the Pentagon used to prove this point “is described as a ‘nationwide survey’ with
no explanation of who was polled and how.”

The Supreme Court has agreed to rule on two cases that will determine the role of affirmative action in elementary and secondary schools , a move that could ultimately “spell the end of official efforts to maintain racial integration in U.S. public schools.” “It’s bad news for desegregation advocates,” said Goodwin Liu of the University of California at Berkeley. “It looks like the more conservative justices see they have a fifth vote to reverse these cases.”

“A lawyer for terror suspect Jose Padilla has filed a motion to suppress evidence” he claims the FBI obtained illegally from two sources, one of whom was allegedly tortured after U.S. rendition . The informant, a Pakistani, says he was hung by leather straps in his cell and “tortured by means of a razor being used to make incisions on his chest and his genitals.”

Nearly 1,400 Iraqi civilians were killed across Baghdad in May, the largest number of deaths in one month since the U.S.-led invasion three years ago.

The U.S. military has cut the number of Iraqi civilians killed at checkpoints or shot by U.S. convoys to about one a week today from about seven a week in July. The statistics indicate hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed at checkpoints or on Iraqi highways during the first two years of the war, a period when statistics were not recorded. The killings are “are almost always the result of mistakes.”
09.Jun.2006 U.S. officials fear a domestic terror attack is likely before the end of the year , as activity by “homegrown” cells is increasing. “The next attack here, officials predict, will bear no resemblance to Sept. 11. The casualty toll will not be that high, the target probably not that big.”

California State Attorney General Bill Lockyear “has begun hauling the CEOs of major oil companies into his office - demanding, in closed door sessions, that those executives tell him, under oath, why gas prices are higher in California than almost anywhere else in the nation.”

The Security and Peace Initiative (SPI), which is co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress, is hosting a major foreign policy conference today in New York called “Power and Superpower: Global Leadership for the 21st Century.” Democracy Arsenal, the official SPI blog, will be live-blogging the event all day.
09.Jun.2006 When asked by a reporter if he would see Al Gore’s global warming documentary , “An Inconvenient Truth,” Jeb Bush said, “No, I’m not going to be doing that.” (He did see the latest X-Men movie, which he described as “excellent.”)
09.Jun.2006 Entertainment News Tonight
09.Jun.2006 The Bilderbergers Lose Their Cool
Amazing stuff -- the Bilderbergers dropped the facade that they don't exist, took off the kid gloves + engaged in the heavy-handed harassment of Alex Jones, someone whose reports of this incident will reach inquiring minds all around the globe.   They've radically raised their public profile.  Not smart.  

The Internet must really be getting under the skin of the few hundred billionaires who imagine that they will be able to bully over 6 and a half billion human beings into abject submission with police state tactics.  

It sounds like the influence of the neoconservatives among the Bilderbergers is stronger than ever. 

They may have even taken over the operation, in the same way that they have taken over the Bush administration + much of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). 

If this is the case, the whole kit and caboodle is probably going to hoist itself on its own petard.
Israel (and the Israel Lobby) Continue to Agitate for a Global Holy <>
[They keep being caught red-handed at these activities, so it's difficult to understand why they bother to deny what anyone can easily see they are up to.

By the way, DOUGLAS FEITH + DAVID HOROWITZ are members of One Jerusalem. Do they think that everyone is stupid?]
Digest Number 1321
911 Truth Action Messages In This Digest (6 Messages)

1. Re: [Conspiracy-Theory] Question for Joni From: Dick Eastman

2. 9/11 Truth Coalition From: erik larson

3. Please Email Lou Dobbs Immediately About Coulter. From: MarshaMcClelland

4. Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group From: MarshaMcClelland

5. Fw:  Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group From: Dick Eastman

6. Jesse back from Chi Conference.  On radio 8 pm ET From: reggie501
09.Jun.2006 Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11 Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")
09.Jun.2006 Cheney???s Office Declares Exemption from Secrecy Oversight - The NewStandard
Digest Number 1383
september_eleven_vreeland Messages In This Digest (2 Messages) 1. Bank Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION From: norgesen 2. Global Domination Through Fractional Capitalization From: norgesen View All Topics | Create New Topic Messages 1. Bank Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION Posted by: "norgesen"   norgesen Wed Jun 7, 2006 9:06 am (PST) 9/11 - Bank Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION
In an open letter from David Hawkins to the London Market insurance brokers committee the cause for murder and fraud is laid out for the Trade Center destruction.

As the onslaught of information about the destruction of the three towers on 11.Sep.2001 the idea that the government is complicit becomes more apparent.
David Hawkins,
Forensic Economist, Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891
An open e-mail letter to:
David Hough, Executive Director
London Market Insurance Brokers' Committee
Judi McLeod, Founder Editor, Canada Free Press
www.canadafreepress .com/
Steven Jones
Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University
Co-chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Jim Fetzer
Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Philosophy
Co-chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth /
03.Apr.2006 -Date of sending-
Dear Mr. Hough
Re: 9/11 - Bank Buys Broker for Concealed Demolition
In my e-mail to you titled, "Citigroup-AMEC 9/11 insurance fraud on Lloyd's of London?",

I suggested that "Lloyd's convert its civil action in respect of alleged negligence by Citigroup-AMEC [in an alleged diesel-fueled fire leading to the destruction of WTC#7] into a RICO* suit

in respect of apparent racketeering [including solicitation to murder], extortion, arson and insurance frauds .."
(Full text of letter at some excerpts below)
RICO* - Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization
We remind you that Lloyd's et al. have sued Citigroup-AMEC et al. in respect of the destruction of WTC#7 which with WTC#1 + WTC#2,

became the first three steel-framed buildings in history to collapse through fire on 9/11.
One of the directors of Citigroup is the disgraced former director of the CIA., John Deutch.

Mr. Deutch is a director of Raytheon where he helped to destroy 'Able Danger' counter-intelligenc e data-mining evidence pointing at Mohammed Atta's and the other al-Qaeda cells in America a year before 9/11.
Deutch's Citigroup is now arranging credit of $25 billion to help Cerberus Capital Management buy GMAC, the mortgage broker which allowed WTC leasholder, Larry Silverstein, to structure an alleged 'double occurrence' insurance fraud.
Post 9/11, Mr. Silverstein claimed damages for two buildings (WTC# 1 & 2) but the, together with his Citigroup-AMEC and GMAC advisors, must have concealed from the court their prior knowledge that at least three WTC buildings (#1, 2 & 7) had been rigged for demolition with explosives and/or incendiaries.
If Mr. Silverstein did not know that the three WTC buildings were so rigged, he could not meaningfully have agreed with the officers of the New York Fire Department to 'pull' WTC building 7.
'Pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.
To secure the WTC mortage, GMAC appears to have bought leaseholder- owned life insurance policies from Groupe Axa on behalf of mortgage investors,

including, we suggest, Citigroup + various New York City Pension Funds ("NYPF") such as NY's Fire Department Pension Fund ("FDPF") + its Firefighters' Variable Supplements Fund ("FFVSF"),

the latter being responsible for maximizing the retirement benefits of senior officers in the City fire department.
00.Mar.2000 -Around- these New York City Pension Funds were plaintiffs in what we consider was a Mafia-directed racketeering class action suit* against Orbital Sciences of Dulles VA.
* In the USA District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division (Civil Action No. 99-197-A Jury trial demanded)
The NYPF suit appears to have been designed to extort mob control over war-gaming and insured-mortgage decision support technologies of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates ('MDA') of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
Following an out of court settlement, Orbital handed control of MDA to the CAI Private Equity group, custodian of the NYPF and many other labor union pension and insurance funds, thereby allowing 50 "prominent individuals" with CAI, Citigroup, GMAC and insiders to 'stage' hijackings for the 9/11 attack but conceal the subsequent demolitions in support of bogus insurance claims.
11.Sep.2001 -After- CAI + Citigroup + GMAC + their affiliates in Groupe AXA appear to have collected death certificates from families of dead firefighters + paid out "dead-firefighter" life insurance policies to victims' pension fund.
Deutch's Citigroup + GMAC appear to have conspired to use racketeering loans to finance 9/11 hijackings during bogus NORAD war games and divert attention from concealed demolitions and organized securities and insurance frauds.
New York firefighters with other City labor union members who missed, escaped or survived the 9/11 attacks, involuntarily profited from the deaths of their colleagues through AXA payments into their union pension and insurance funds.
City pension fund members are now at risk of being accused of participating in the 9/11 crimes and are therefore targets for racketeering and extortion.
We believe that Citigroup is buying GMAC to protect insider knowledge of the concealed demolitions of WTC buildings #1, 2 and 7 and the RICO activities of the CAI Private Equity Group members, who appear to be engaged directly or indirectly in murder, arson, racketeering and insurance frauds.
Once again, we invite you to forward this to your contacts at Lloyd's for consideration of a RICO suit against CAI's "50 prominent individuals" including the 9/11 insiders at Citigroup the bankers and GMAC the brokers.
Yours sincerely,
David Hawkins
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891
"9/11 - Bank Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION"
Silverstein' s lawyers referred to .. near-simultaneous burnings four different courthouses by deranged man constituted 'multiple events .. Silverstein .. and partners .. borrowed $563 million from GMAC .. agreement to use insurance proceeds to pay off lender in trade center deal, the GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation"
"The World Trade Center leaseholder has won a court victory over his insurers .. A New York jury has decided that the 11 September 2001 attack on the two towers constituted two separate events. The US District Court ruling means Larry Silverstein could now get an extra $1.1bn (?0.56bn) from nine insurers to finance reconstruction. He has been fighting the insurance companies, arguing he was owed $7bn (?3.6bn) - double his $3.5bn policy."
Exceprts from, "9/11 - A Citigroup-AMEC insurance fraud on Lloyd's of London? by David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University, Founder of the
Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE ..
"An open e-mail letter to: David Hough, Executive Director London Market Insurance Brokers' Committee" ...
"Underwriters at Lloyd's have an ongoing action to recover damages in respect of the alleged negligence by Citigroup Construction Defendants?AMEC PLC et al. ("Citigroup- AMEC") which defendants allegedly caused damage to a substation underneath World Trade Center building 7, that substation being the property of a Lloyds' insuree, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (?Con Ed?).
Lloyd's, with others, allege that Citigroup-AMEC was negligent in designing and installing the 7WTC water mains which ruptured and prevented firefighting and the 7WTC diesel generators, fuel lines and tanks which malfunctioned and fed fires causing an 'implosion' of the Con Ed substation. ...
We allege the Citigroup-AMEC partners sabotaged the diesel generators to feed fires lit by arsonists on the 11th, 12th or 13th floors of WTC7 where the Securities & Exchange Commission lost between 3,000 to 4,000 files. The SEC files contained evidence of insider trading by Citigroup-AMEC investment bank partners in the shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom. The House Financial Services Committee was seeking information about the treatment Citigroup's Salmon Smith Barney investing banking division may have given WorldCom executives. Salomon had offices in 7 World Trade Center and Citigroup says back-up tapes of corporate emails from September 1998 through December 2000 were stored at the building and destroyed in 9/11.

Citigroup subsequently paid $2.65 billion to the settlement class which purchased WorldCom securities during the period from April 1999 through June 2002.
At 5:20 p.m. on 9/11, 7 World Trade Center collapsed in its own footprint at a speed slightly slower than free fall under gravity in a manner consistent with a controlled demolition. Molten steel and partially evaporated steel members were found in the debris pile of WTC #1, 2 and 7. The thermal signature of 32 hot spots, 5 days and 10 days after the collapse, is consistent with all the buildings being rigged for demolition with an incendiary such as thermite.
We allege that the Citigroup-AMEC partnership now conspired to remove and destroy evidence of arson before filing bogus property insurance claims in an arrangement with Larry Silverstein and Silverstein Properties, including a claim for a double payment for the destruction of the Twin Towers. "Griffin quotes court documents to the effect that Silverstein had only $14 million invested in the insurance deal for the Twin Towers (compared to 50 times as much by his [off-book] lenders) through limited liability investment vehicles."
End of excerpts from "9/11 Citigroup-AMEC insurance fraud on Lloyds ...."

09.Jun.2006 FBI: "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11" By valis


05.Jun.2006 the Muckraker Report contacted the FBI Headquarters, (202) 324-3000, to learn why Bin Laden’s Most Wanted poster did not indicate that Usama was also wanted in connection with 9/11. The Muckraker Report spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” Link
07.Jun.2006 new articles on APFN

07.Jun.2006 The Truth about George W. Bush — Glenn Welker

07.Jun.2006 The Truth about George W. Bush (Update!) — Glenn Welker,

07.Jun.2006 Important 9/11 information ... — Vinnie S.,

07.Jun.2006 Bill O' Rielly — Rich Sheridan,
07.Jun.2006 Arlen Specter is a Nazi, One of "Them" — Rich Sheridan,

07.Jun.2006 USS Liberty: Missing Piece to the Middle East Peace Puzzle — Stephen M. St. John,

07.Jun.2006 The Draft — maddog,

07.Jun.2006 King of Syria Abdul Halim Khaddam: Made in USA — Stephen M. St. John,


07.Jun.2006 Report from Chicago 9/11 Truth Conference — Les Jamieson,

07.Jun.2006 More on the VA Identity Theft case — Cheryl Seal,
09.Jun.2006 Logic for the insane By Jonathan Shorter Michael Ledeen:
All this diplomacy crap with Iran will make it much less likely that we'll blow up thousands of Iranians. And that would be a damn shame.
And oh, Dear God, did he really end the article this way?
Faster, please. Please.
Here we go again.

09.Jun.2006 Neocons successfully organize to block Juan Cole's appointment at Yale<>
09.Jun.2006 Krugman: Shameless in the Senate tbe Progressive American
09.Jun.2006 LaRouche Updates His Warning on Cheney Plans for Preventive Bombing Against Iran <>
09.Jun.2006 Cafferty: Arlen Specter: a gutless Republican worm Bloglines

09.Jun.2006 House panel clears another $50 billion for Iraq <> Billions and billions down a bottomless rathole.
09.Jun.2006 That awful "taxpaper-supported BBC" The American Thinker Blogger Thoughts:

On the whole, the BBC is more + more a puppet of the State. Don't know how they still broadcast something resembling the truth at times.
Pro-Israel Group Pushes Tough U.S. Policy on Iran
09.Jun.2006 Giuliani Covers His Back. Will Only Blame DC "Incompetents" For NYC Terror Cuts And Not Republican Leaders... | The Huffington Post

Giuliani Covers His Back. Will Only Blame DC "Incompetents" For NYC Terror Cuts And Not Republican Leaders...
System Pulls Answers From Online Conversations By Identifying The Alpha Chatterers (Science Daily)
09.Jun.2006 Retirement Account For DeLay's Wife Traced To Lobbyist Free Internet Press - Retirement Account For DeLay's Wife Traced To Lobbyist
09.Jun.2006 The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed
The Bush administration invaded Iraq claiming Saddam Hussein had tried to buy yellowcake uranium in Niger. As much of Washington knew + the world soon learned, the charge was false.

Worse, it appears to have been the cornerstone of a highly successful "black propaganda" campaign with links to the White House
Making the Case
Like the author of this blog, I regularly review all the evidence about 9/11 in my mind, looking for weaknesses in the case that it was an inside job.

At the end of each exercise I come away with the absolute certainty, stronger each time, that it was in fact an inside job.

The evidence is not only overwhelming in detail but perfect in its consistency. To hear the official story is to laugh.
America Freedom To Fascism
CBS News Says: "FOUR STARS" (Highest Rating).The scariest film you'll see this year. It will leave you staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling.

Makes 'Fahrenheit 9/11' look like 'Bambi.' After watching this movie, your comfy, secure notions about America -- and about what it means to be an American -- will be forever shattered.
Canada Terror Plot Grows More Absurd
Bloglines Another Day in the Empire Canada Terror Plot Grows More AbsurdBy Administrator on Uncategorized Bizarre is the only way to explain it. “One member of an alleged al Qaeda-inspired terror ring arrested in Canada last weekend faces the accusation that he sought to behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper,” reports SwissInfo.

09.Jun.2006 Governor's Press Secretary Quits After Dropping 'F Bomb'
Governor's Press Secretary Quits After Dropping 'F Bomb'

09.Jun.2006 RCMP Changes Fertilizer Story
Bloglines Another Day in the Empire RCMP Changes Fertilizer StoryBy Administrator on Uncategorized Now, instead of securing the purchase of three tons of ammonium nitrate for the alleged Ontario terrorists, the cops in Canada “learned of the alleged purchase and intervened, switching the fertilizer, which can be used to make a bomb… [of the

09.Jun.2006 Sploid: 45% doubt 9/11 story Sploid: 45% doubt 9/11 story
09.Jun.2006 Self Assessment Proves Unreliable Again...(K. Harris in FL)
Katherine Harris Won't 'Kowtow' to GOP Leaders Wires Tuesday, June 6, 2006 WEST PALM BEACH -- Katherine Harris thinks she knows why she's been shunned by her party leadership and shirked by big donors + it has nothing to do with political platforms. "Perhaps in some elite circles, the reason I have not gotten more because they don't believe I can be controlled,"

09.Jun.2006 The Raw Story | In new book, White House reporter Helen Thomas calls Bush press secretaries 'robots' 'spouting nonsense'
The Raw Story | In new book, White House reporter Helen Thomas calls Bush press secretaries 'robots' 'spouting nonsense'

09.Jun.2006 Pleiten, Pech und Pannen? sfux 
Karl Weiss - Nun steht endgültig fest, daß der BND bereits früh von der Verschleppung des deutschen Staatsbürgers Al Masri wußte, aber bewußt nichts unternommen hat. Aus US-Quellen war die Entführung als ?Irrtum" bezeichnet worden. Als aber Al Masri gegen die Verantwortlichen des ?Irrtum" in den USA klagen wollte, wurde seine Klage nicht angenommen, denn es seien ?Sicherheitsinteressen des Staates" betroffen.

09.Jun.2006 Außerirdische fordern Beschneidung sfux Harald Haack ? Glaubt man der Bibel, so sind sie längst unter uns Menschen: Die Außerirdischen.

Seit mehr als zweitausend Jahren treiben sie Menschen in den Wahn. Nun fordern deren Famuli die Beschneidung der freien Meinungsäußerung.
Der LBB-Skandal in Berlin sfux 
Karl Weiss - Der Untersuchungsausschuß des Berliner Abgeordnetenhauses über den Skandal ?Landes-Bank Berlin"(LBB) sollte am Freitag vorgelegt werden.

In einem Vorabbericht hebt die ?Wirtschaftswoche" hervor, daß dort steht, die Politik, so der damalige CDU-Wirtschafts-Senator und andere, wußten sehr wohl, was sie da anstellten.

Der Sonderprüfungsbericht einer Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft von Anfang 1998 war dem Senat bekannt, der die Risiken der folgenschweren Fonds-Geschäfte...
Kommt jetzt der Hedge-Fond-Crash? sfux 
Karl Weiss - Die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB), sonst sehr vorsichtig mit Vorhersagen, hat jetzt in einem Finanz-Bericht ausdrücklich vor einem Finanzcrash gewarnt, der von dem Zusammenbruch eines großen Hedge-Fonds ausgehen könnte. Damit würde sich bereits das zweite wesentliche Ereignis der Vor-Krisen-Entwicklung von 1998 wiederholen.
Die EZB warnt, es drohe durch “ den Kollaps eines großen Hedge-Fonds oder mehrerer kleiner Fonds" zu “ ungeordneten...

09.Jun.2006 Schweizer UMTS-Studie eine Posse sfux 
Harald Haack ? Die Mobilfunkindustrie und Mobilfunkbetreiber finden immer wieder Möglichkeiten, sich aus der Verantwortung zu stehlen.

00.000.2003 Obwohl eine- publizierte- niederländische Studie ergeben hatte, dass es bei Betrieb von UMTS-Sendeantennen aufgrund der Strahlung zu Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen bei in der Nähe solcher Antennen wohnender Menschen gibt, negiert eine Studie der Universitäten...
Kuba und Bolivien helfen sich sfux Von Karl Weiss -

20 Krankenhäuser in Bolivien werden mit kubanischer Hilfe gebaut und ausgestattet.

Dies haben die beiden Regierungen Fidel Castros und der neue bolivianische Präsident Evo Morales vereinbart.

Zur Einweihung des ersten der Krankenhäuser in Escoma, nahe der peruanischen Grenze und des Titicacasees, kam der kubanische Botschafter.

Kuba wird Bolivien helfen, ein soziales Versorgungs- und Bildungssystem aufzubauen. Bolivien will dafür mit Erdgas bezahlen.
National survey shows President Bush may be witnessing the collapse of his presidency
The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center finds that President Bush's support among the American people has fallen to 33%.

Even more devastatingly, the survey finds that people's most frequently used one-word description of President Bush is "incompetent."
Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group Paul Joseph Watson Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group 15 hours of hell at the hands of immigration who knew they were coming
09.Jun.2006 Pentagon Jettisons US Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi Paul Joseph Watson Pentagon Jettisons US Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi Musab dies for the umpteenth time but this time its for real says the US government!
09.Jun.2006 Toronto Terrorist Ringleader Has Military Connections Paul Joseph Watson Toronto Terrorist Ringleader Has Military Connections Media frenzy over terror plot distracts from Bilderberg Group conference
09.Jun.2006 Mixed Media Reaction To Chicago Conference Shows Progress Paul Joseph Watson Mixed Media Reaction To Chicago Conference Shows Progress Reasonably balanced New York Times piece, Neo-Con blogs attack
09.Jun.2006 Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All' Paul Joseph Watson Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All'
09.Jun.2006 Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel Paul Joseph Watson Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel Terrorists set up in sting operation, more on unfounded London raid
09.Jun.2006 VIDEO: Hugo Chavez Rede in Wien Die komplette Rede vom Hugo Chavez Auftritt, welche er vor mehr als 5000 Jugendlichen im Veranstaltungszentrum Arena Wien gehalten hat im Zuge des EU- Lateinamerika Gipfels.
09.Jun.2006 Cafe search after terror arrests Detectives search an internet cafe in Bradford, following two arrests under terrorism laws.
09.Jun.2006 Silicon Valley, Greenpeace co-founder say yes to nuclear Despite its unpopularity, a Valley venture capitalist says nuclear power deserves another look + a Greenpeace co-founder agrees.
09.Jun.2006 Net neutrality showdown Network operators want to charge Net content providers for enhanced services, but critics say regulations are needed to prevent abuse.
09.Jun.2006 New Net neutrality plan may ruffle feathers Google, Yahoo + Microsoft want to regulate broadband providers, but they won't like those rules being applied to them.
09.Jun.2006 House rejects Net neutrality rules House of Representatives sides with broadband providers like Verizon and AT&T over Internet companies.
09.Jun.2006 House panel OKs digital licensing bill Critics say complex copyright proposal could erode fair use rights and set a precedent that threatens devices like TiVo.
09.Jun.2006 No Tolls on The Internet Congress is about to cast a historic vote on the future of the Internet.

It will decide whether the Internet remains a free + open technology fostering innovation, economic growth + democratic communication, or instead becomes the property of cable + phone companies that can put toll booths...
Microsoft Admits WGA Phones Home Microsoft acknowledged reports Wednesday that its latest update to Windows Genuine Advantage, an anti-piracy program implemented to detect counterfeit copies of Windows XP, phones home to the Redmond company on a daily basis.
09.Jun.2006 Republican Assures The Public Bush Can Follow A Discussion Uncle Dave Republican assures public Bush not asleep, brain dead, etc during meeting. Public elated.
09.Jun.2006 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Dead? Was He Ever Alive? John C Dvorak The straw man is dead. Long live the next straw man.
09.Jun.2006 China 'blocks' main Google site Chinese authorities have blocked most domestic users from the main search engine, a media watchdog said. Internet users in major Chinese cities faced difficulties accessing Google's international site in the past week, Reporters Without Borders said.
09.Jun.2006 Microsoft: Oops, We Forgot to Mention, WGA Calls Home Daily Steven Parker Microsoft Corp. acknowledged Wednesday that it needs to better inform users that its tool for determining whether a computer is running a pirated copy of Windows also quietly checks in daily with the software maker. The company said the undisclosed daily check is a safety measure designed to allow ...
09.Jun.2006 Net Neutrality The Internet as we know it is facing a serious threat. There's a debate heating up in Washington, DC on something called "net neutrality" – and it's a debate that's so important Google is asking you to get involved. We're asking you to take action to protect Internet freedom. In ...
09.Jun.2006 A tragic day for America Jeff Jarvis The House has now passed the indecent indecency bill. We are the only nation with a First Amendment. In a time when speech is being attacked in China — with help from American corporations — and across the Middle East and in Russia and in too many places to name, we should be standing ...
09.Jun.2006 WP: Data theft hit active military Social Security numbers and other personal information for as many as 2.2 million U.S. military personnel — including nearly 80 % of the active-duty force — were among the data stolen from the home of a Department of Veterans Affairs analyst last month, federal officials said yesterday ...
09.Jun.2006 Amnesty's Amazing Ads Jason Amnesty International launched a new ad campaign that is incredibly creative and powerful. The tagline is “It’s not happening here but it’s happening now” which is hammered home with these transparent ads . The ads “transport” issues in countries like Iraq, ...
09.Jun.2006 Australian rocks may be fossils of earliest life forms, say scientists
SYDNEY: Scientists are completely foxed about a cluster of odd-shaped rocks found in Australia's Pilbara region. Some are shaped like egg-cartons while some resemble ice-cream cones turned upside down. The shapes have for long intrigued scientists about whether they are fossilized remnants of microbial colonies or were they caused by geological activity. However a group of scientists who recently completed a new analysis said the rocks were caused by colonies of microorganisms capturing and sticking grains of sand and sediment.

09.Jun.2006 Argentina bids to halt pulp mills Argentina asks the top UN court to order Uruguay to stop building two paper mills it says will pollute their border.
09.Jun.2006 White House sees faster US growth White House advisers expect the US to grow more quickly this year, but warn that inflation will also accelerate.
09.Jun.2006 Chinese ban Da Vinci Code movie China orders cinemas to stop showing The Da Vinci Code, weeks after it was released in the country.
09.Jun.2006 BP faces Alaska oil spill probe UK oil giant BP could face criminal charges over an oil spill in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay in March.
09.Jun.2006 Oil prices fall on Zarqawi death The death of Iraqi militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi drives world oil prices below $70 a barrel.
09.Jun.2006 Zarqawi death 'good news' - Blair The death of militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq is "very good news", Tony Blair tells his Cabinet.
UK appoints 'climate ambassador' The UK government appoints an envoy to build international partnerships to tackle climate change.
09.Jun.2006 Secret CIA jail claims rejected The US joins European nations in attacking a report accusing them of colluding over CIA flights.
09.Jun.2006 Senate blocks gay marriage ban The US Senate blocks a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, backed by the president.
09.Jun.2006 Powder thrown outside Commons The House of Commons re-opens after being locked down, after powder was thrown around in the building's central lobby.
09.Jun.2006 Timber trader guilty over Liberia A Dutch court sentences a businessman to eight years in jail for breaking a UN arms embargo on Liberia.
09.Jun.2006 US military victims of data theft Stolen data on 26 million US veterans also included information about millions on active duty, officials say.
Portugal starts huge solar plant Construction work begins in southern Portugal on what is set to be the world's largest solar power station.
09.Jun.2006 Oil falls after Iran nuclear move Oil prices fall after Iran reacts more positively than expected to international proposals for limiting its nuclear growth.
09.Jun.2006 UK 'colluded in terror flights' The UK helped the US fly terror suspects to secret jails, Europe's leading human rights watchdog says.
09.Jun.2006 China 'blocks' main Google site Google's troubles in China continue as authorities reportedly block its English-language site.
09.Jun.2006 Namibia suffers polio 'setback' Namibia announces that it is suffering from its first polio outbreak in over a decade, with seven deaths in recent weeks.
09.Jun.2006 Paper Is the New Silicon Election officials could learn something from the nuclear missile technology of the Cold War,where punch-tape storage + purely mechanical devices were preferred over hackable electronics
09.Jun.2006 Judge Will Review Secret Spy Docs In a blow to the EFF, the judge overseeing the group's surveillance lawsuit against AT&T will review the government's classified evidence that the case must be dismissed to preserve national security.
09.Jun.2006 Lessig On Free Content, Copyright Zonk 73Glyn Moody writes

"In an interview with the Guardian, Lawrence Lessig explains exactly how he'd like copyright reformed + has this to say about free content: 'I think it's going to be a more significant movement than the free software movement because whatever the importance of the freedom of coders, coders will still be just a tiny proportion of the public, but culture is ... much broader.'"
Eric Schmidt on Net Neutrality Zonk 217GillBates0 writes

"Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has written an open letter to the Google user community asking them to speak out on the issue of net neutrality. The official Google Blog has a blurb on this as well. From the letter: 'In the next few days, the House of Representatives is going to vote on a bill that would fundamentally alter the Internet. That bill + one that may come up for a key vote in the Senate in the next few weeks, would give the big phone and cable companies the power to pick and choose what you will be able to see and do on the Internet ... Creativity, innovation and a free and open marketplace are all at stake in this fight.'"
ITMS Faces Complaint From Norwegian Ombudsman timothy 128+Whiney Mac Fanboy writes

"Following the French Bill that threatened Apple's iTunes service in France, the iTunes music store is facing more uncertainty in Scandinavia. According to a report in Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Norway's Consumer Ombudsman has filed a complaint with Apple's music download sales service iTunes, arguing that the transaction terms violate Norwegian law. The Register is also reporting this story:, saying a contract cannot be regulated by English law, rather than Norwegian law, so iTunes must accept responsibility for damage its software may do + said it is unreasonable to alter terms and conditions after a song has been sold. Consumer Council told the Reg: 'The Consumer Council has asked Apple to respond as to whether iTunes should work on other platforms - they have until 21 June to respond. After that the Ombudsman is likely to set another deadline and then start fining the company.' The BPI (Britain's RIAA equivalent) has also called upon Apple to license Fairplay."
Microsoft Talks Daily With Your Computer samzenpus 549+

"Microsoft Corp. acknowledged Wednesday that it needs to better inform users that its tool for determining whether a computer is running a pirated copy of Windows also quietly checks in daily with the software maker. The company said the undisclosed daily check is a safety measure designed to allow the tool, called Windows Genuine Advantage, to quickly shut down in case of a malfunction." The EULA is suppose to disclose this daily call-in feature. Lauren Weinstein, who is co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility, was one of the first people to notice the daily communications to Microsoft. Report from"
3D Human Cells Grown ScuttleMonkey 108+ SR_melb writes that

Melbourn researchers have, for the first time, managed to grow three dimensional human cells. This bypasses previous achievements of only being able to create two-dimensional constructions like skin. From the article: "Professor Wayne Morrison, from Melbourne's Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery has led the breakthrough. He says it's a world first and predicts the discovery will ultimately lead to the creation of human organs, including parts of the heart, by using the patients' own stem cells. Such a scenario, says Professor Morrison, would reduce the problem of immune rejection which is often associated with organ transplants."
DRM and Democracy ScuttleMonkey 166+
jar Bruce Perens has a short editorial on why DRM could have an impact on much more than just our record collections. From the article: "Within the last century, electronic communications have increasingly become the vehicle of democratic discourse. Because radio and television broadcasting are expensive with limited frequencies available, the wealthy have dominated broadcasting. The Internet and World Wide Web place into the common man's hands the capability of global electronic broadcasting. [...] In order to protect democratic discourse in the future, the Internet must remain a fair and level playing field for the distribution of political speech. The full capability of the Internet must remain available to all, without restriction by religious, business, or political interests."

09.Jun.2006 Making Science Machine Readable ScuttleMonkey 109+holy_calamity writes

"New Scientist is reporting on a new open source tool for writing up scientific experiments for computers, not humans. Called EXPO, it avoids the many problems computers have with natural language + can be applied to any experiment, from physics to biology. It could at last let computers do real science - looking at published results and theories for new links and directions."
US Service Personnel Data Stolen samzenpus 287+BStrunk writes

"I was reading the news this morning on Reuters, when I stumbled across this article: US Service Personnel Personal Data Stolen In the article, an official violated policy by taking the detailed personal information of thousands of active and reserve troops to his personal home, storing it on a personal computer, that was later stolen. In an age where domestic phone calls are monitored, a government employee was allowed to walk out of a government installation with the data on thousands of American citizens to store on an insecure personal computer? Doesn't that seem strange to you. This is a real failure, in my opinion, in government protection of its citizens. Layers of encryption and protected access was successfully bypassed to make the theft of this information as simple as stealing a home pc. Now, not only do service personnel currently serving have to worry about IEDs and being fired upon, but they are now subject to possible identity theft. A real failure. After this, how could one have faith enough to serve an inept institution?"
09.Jun.2006 Scientists probe 2,000-year-old Greek computer 
'Antikythera Mechanism' may be planetary calculator.

See also: Antikythera Mechanism: World's Oldest Computer? And Ancient 'computer' starts to yield secrets And X-Tek inspects ancient computer
09.Jun.2006 The Case of the Missing $21 Billion  Who's Following the Iraq Money?
09.Jun.2006 Quarrying threatens Shaolin Temple area  Overzealous quarrying in the Songshan Mountains has endangered the environment in the area that is home to the Shaolin Temple, the spiritual home of kung fu.
09.Jun.2006 Washington fury over UN attack on Bush 'hypocrites' : The deputy secretary-general of the UN was last night accused of making "a very, very grave mistake" after calling the Bush administration hypocrites who were feeding a right-wing anti-UN frenzy in middle America.

09.Jun.2006 US infuriated by UN official's speech : The USA demanded Wednesday that U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan repudiate a speech in which his No. 2 official broke with tradition and accused the USA of undermining the United Nations.

09.Jun.2006 Scepticism expressed over Canadian terrorist plot : The Canadian terrorist conspiracy should be “treated with the utmost caution and a large degree of scepticism”

09.Jun.2006 Daniel Ellsberg Interview: The day after the next 9/11 our freedoms are gone.

09.Jun.2006 From Freedom To Fascism :   The scariest goddamn film you'll see this year. It will leave you staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling. Makes 'Fahrenheit 9/11' look like 'Bambi.' After watching this movie, your comfy, secure notions about America -- and about what it means to be an American -- will be forever shattered.
09.Jun.2006 Amnesty criticises US airstrikes in Pakistan : Amnesty International has expressed grave concerns over the USA’ targeting and killings of civilians inside Pakistan and the arrest, detention and disappearance of Pakistanis by their own government in the name of war on terror.

09.Jun.2006 Europe helped CIA run secret prisons: Probe: “It is now clear — although we are still far from having established the whole truth — that authorities in several European countries actively participated with the CIA in these unlawful activities,” said Marty.

09.Jun.2006 From logistics to turning a blind eye: Europe's role in terror abductions: The full extent of European collusion with the CIA during operations to abduct terrorism suspects and fly them to countries where they may be tortured is laid bare today by the continent's most authoritative human rights body.
09.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Jewish leader in Germany calls Ahmadinejad 'second Hitler' : The newly elected leader of Germany's main Jewish organization said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a "second Hitler" who should not be allowed to attend the World Cup, according to comments published Thursday.

09.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Pro-Israel group pushes tough U.S. policy on Iran: As the Bush administration pursues sensitive diplomacy, the influential U.S. pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC has sent out a fundraising letter seeking support for a tough U.S. line against Iran's nuclear program.

09.Jun.2006 UN finds highly enriched uranium traces in Iran: IAEA : A senior UN official said Thursday the new traces of highly enriched uranium that had been found were not of a high enough quality to make weapons.

09.Jun.2006 Iran ready to discuss nuclear program, but not stop it: - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that Iran was ready to discuss "mutual concerns" over his country's nuclear program, but he refused to first suspend uranium enrichment.

09.Jun.2006 Iran 'continuing enrichment work' : Iran slowed uranium enrichment in May but picked up the pace on the day it got an offer to abandon the work, a report by the UN nuclear agency shows.

09.Jun.2006 Bill Christison: War, War and More War is What Bush Really Wants: We should - strongly reject any U.S.- or Israeli-initiated military actions or coup attempts against Iran. The consequence of such actions would almost certainly be a new world war.
09.Jun.2006 House Panel Approves $50B More for Wars: On a voice vote, the House defense appropriations subcommittee passed a $427 billion measure for the Pentagon budget year that begins Oct. 1, including operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

09.Jun.2006 The Case of the Missing $21 Billion: Who's Following the Iraq Money?

09.Jun.2006 Iraq War: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush : Media Critic Eric Boehlert Takes on the Corporate Media

09.Jun.2006 Army has to turn over Halliburton docs: A U.S. district court judge has ordered the Army to release 14 documents, including six emails, dealing with the Halliburton oil contract in Iraq.
09.Jun.2006 Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq: The poll, found that 59 % of adults say the USA made a mistake in going to war in Iraq - the highest level yet in AP-Ipsos polling.
09.Jun.2006 Iraq Al-Qaeda chief Zarqawi killed in air strike: The US military said Zarqawi was killed in an air strike on a safe house north of Baghdad where he was holding a meeting with fellow militants, ending years of hunting for the country's most wanted -- and elusive -- fugitive.

09.Jun.2006 U.S. shows video of Zarqawi killing : A new video shows U.S. warplanes carrying out an air strike on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al Qaeda leader in Iraq.

09.Jun.2006 Father of beheaded man blames Bush, not Zarqawi: Asked what would give him satisfaction, Berg, an anti-war activist and candidate for U.S. Congress, said, "The end of the war and getting rid of George Bush."

09.Jun.2006 Audio: Will Al-Zarqawi's Death Fuel the Insurgency or Diminish It?: We speak with Robert Fisk, chief Middle East correspondent of the London Independent and Loretta Napoleoni, author of "Insurgent Iraq: Al Zarqawi and the New Generation."

09.Jun.2006 Chris Floyd: Hubub in Hibhib: The Timely Death of al-Zarqawi : Zarqawi, was head of an organization that quite fortuitously dubbed itself "Al Qaeda in Iraq" just around the time that the Bush Administration began changing its pretext for the conquest from "eliminating Iraq's [non-existent] weapons of mass destruction" to "fighting terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them over here."
09.Jun.2006 Other People's Blood By BOB HERBERT
For the smug, comfortable, well-off Americans, it doesn't seem to matter how long the war in Iraq goes on - as long as the agony is endured by others. If the network coverage gets too grim, viewers can always switch to the E! channel (one hand on the remote, the other burrowing into a bag of chips) to follow the hilarious antics of Paris, Britney, Brangelina et al.

09.Jun.2006 Caped Crusaders in a Comic Book War By Jerry Ghinelli

Fresh + well-rested after their year-long vacation, our valiant crusaders—oil executives by day, freedom fighters by night—return to the world stage once again as Batman + Robin: The Caped Crusaders in a Comic Book War. Continue
09.Jun.2006 Faking it - I encourage readers to take a look at Dr. Michael Carmichael's "A New Perle Harbor."

Here's an excerpt: [Former CIA analyst Ray] McGovern predicted dire consequences would result from Bush’s policy of pre-emptive war.

In McGovern’s opinion, Iran would retaliate with a cruise missile attack against the US fleet then launch a military invasion of Iraq + simultaneously activate a world wide ring of terrorists that would make Al-Qaeda look like, “a girls netball team.”
McGovern’s predictions may be unfolding already. The London police raid that coincided with Perle’s visit to Britain netted two men suspected of terrorist plotting to build a massive chemical bomb. But, after four days of excruciating forensic examination of their premises, the police found no evidence of bomb-building activities. Whether this “swoop” was staged or not remains to be seen, but this episode resonates with an official campaign to ratchet up the public concern about terrorism. The non-productive raid has produced a predictable backlash among the local residents who are demanding some form of official confirmation that the raid was based on credible evidence rather than a melange of Islamophobic paranoia. These words deserve consideration in conjunction with
this piece in the Toronto Star on the much-ballyhooed Canadian terror ring: Or it is possible that the only thing that these bits of evidence prove is that a group of young men went somewhere where they tramped around in big boots, cooked on barbecues, played soldier and generally acted like jerks — which young men are occasionally wont to do.
The three tonnes of ammonium nitrate allegedly purchased was, as McDonell said, three times the amount used in the Oklahoma terror bombing of 1995.
But, as he also said, farmers routinely buy three tonnes of ammonium nitrate "every day." They use it for fertilizer, not bombs. More: Another is that this is a reprise of the infamous 2003 Project Thread fiasco, in which RCMP and immigration officials accused 23 Muslims of terrorism only to acknowledge later that at most the men were guilty of minor immigration fraud.
Still another possibility is that this may turn out to be Canada's version of the 2004 Virginia "paintball" trial, in which one man was sentenced to life and another got 85 years.
In that controversial case (even the presiding judge complained the outcome was unfair), nine Muslim men were convicted of participating in terrorist training — the main evidence being that they had played paintball in the woods outside Washington.
Xymphora quotes a National Post story (which is otherwise difficult to access) which states that the CSIS (the Canadian security guys) have been watching these twelve men and five lads for some time. Police investigators have suggested this group posed an imminent threat to national security, but there are questions being raised about how dangerous the group could have been if CSIS had known about it and was watching it so closely for so long.” Mr. X goes on to add: It is becoming obvious that CSIS found a hot-headed leader + took its time to cultivate the leader and his ‘cell’, probably through guidance from an insider informant who carefully developed all most the radical ideas, up to and including the RCMP-supplied fertilizer. The reason CSIS didn’t act more quickly is that it needed to build up the group to the extent where it could use it to form the basis for requests for more money and power. It is completely ridiculous to believe that the group wasn’t aware that it was being watched, since the Muslim community was completely aware. What kind of group carries on its activities knowing it is being watched by the police? The kind of group that knows it is doing nothing wrong. So far, I find this theory less than convincing. But I'm willing to consider the possibility that it may be true + I hope other minds will be open to the notion. Let's see how the evidence develops. Permalink

09.Jun.2006 Anthony Sutton Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler www.Artfond. de ... (von links nach rechts: Winston Churchill, Averell Harriman , "Uncle Joe" Stalin) ...

Draper arbeitet später mit Averell Harriman für die NATO, ...
Präsidentenwahl in USA: Bush oder Kerry? 20.Mai 2004 ...

Während sich Averell Harriman um die “Verbesserung der menschlichen »Rasse«” kümmerte, arbeitete ein anderer »Skull and Bones«-Patriarch an der Beeinflussung ...
Averell Harriman - Wikipedia Averell Harriman war der Sohn des Eisenbahnmoguls Edward Henry Harriman + Mary Williamson Averell , Bruder von E. Roland Harriman. 09.Jun.2006 Umstrittene Rede: Rice kritisiert Uno- Spitze

Börsendebakel: Dax rutscht unter 5400 Punkte
US- Reaktionen auf Sarkawis Tod: "Dies ist Wendepunkt Nr. 697"
Atomstreit: Inspektoren werfen Iran mangelnde Kooperation vor
Sarkawis Tötung: Bush ist stolz auf die US- Soldaten
Geisterschiffe vor Guinea: Wo Piratenfischer ums Überleben kämpfen
Tod eines Terror- Chefs: Der Angriff auf Sarkawi
Zukunft des Terrors: "Wir sind Sarkawi"
Reaktionen auf Sarkawis Tod: "Möge er in der Hölle schmoren"
Irak: Bush erfreut über Sarkawis Tod
Zitate von Sarkawi: "Solange unsere Herzen schlagen, wird Bush keinen Frieden haben"
Somalia: US- Diplomaten kritisieren CIA- Hilfe für Warlords
Bündnisstrategie: Nato will mehrere Kriege gleichzeitig führen können
Wiederentdeckung: Es gibt den Rekord- Tausendfüßler doch

09.Jun.2006 Teurere Kredite: EZB schraubt Leitzins auf Drei- Jahres- Hoch
Tod des Terrorführers: Bin Ladens blutrünstiger Gehilfe
Irak: Al- Qaida bestätigt Tod von Sarkawi
Vulkan Merapi: Tausende fliehen vor gigantischer Glutwolke
Radar- Satellit: "Cloudsat" zeigt Wolken von Innen
Märkte: Ölpreis fällt nach Sarkawi- Tod, Dollar steigt
Iran: Ahmadinedschad will über Atomprogramm verhandeln
Fossilien- Streit: Versteinerungen in Australien als ältestes Leben
Mutmaßliches Massaker: Neue Bilder aus Haditha belasten Marines
Großbritannien: Parlament wegen Anthrax- Alarms geschlossen
Haditha- Massaker: US- Soldaten verweisen wohl auf Gefechts- Chaos
Europe colluded in CIA prisoner "spider's web": More than 20 states colluded in a "global spider's web" of secret CIA prisons + transfers of terrorism suspects stretching from Central Asia to Guantanamo Bay, a European rights watchdog said in a report on Wednesday.

07.Jun.2006 Europe 'aided US in CIA flights' : "...Spain, Turkey, Germany and Cyprus provided "staging posts" for rendition operations, while the UK, Portugal, Ireland and Greece were "stop-off points", the report says.

07.Jun.2006 Rendition 'massively damaging' to counter-terrorism effort : The British government's apparent support of CIA rendition flights is "massively damaging" in the battle against international terrorism, a former Foreign Office minister said today.

07.Jun.2006 Inventing Al-Zarqawi: How a video-store clerk and small-time crook became America’s nemesis in Iraq

07.Jun.2006 U.S. taxpayers financed human trafficking, report says: For the first time since Congress mandated its annual publication, a State Department report cataloging human trafficking across the globe includes allegations that American taxpayers financed such abuses.

07.Jun.2006 Documents Shed Light on CIA's Use of Ex-Nazis : The Central Intelligence Agency took no action after learning the pseudonym and whereabouts of the fugitive Holocaust overseer Adolf Eichmann in 1958, according to CIA documents that shed new light on the spy agency's use of former Nazis as informers after World War II.
07.Jun.2006 New U.S. rules allow force-feeding at Guantanamo : The U.S. military issued medical guidelines Tuesday for the treatment of prisoners, formally directing doctors at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere to force-feed hunger strikers whose lives are in danger and granting doctors a limited role in interrogations.

07.Jun.2006 Physicians for Human Rights Condem New Rules: The guidelines released on Tuesday, which the military said formalise existing rules and policies, drew criticism from a human rights group that said the military should not interfere with detainees who use hunger strikes as a protest and should bar experts in psychology from having any role during interrogations.

07.Jun.2006 Worse Than Iraq?: Nigeria's president and onetime hope for a stable future is leading his country toward implosion—and possible U.S. military intervention
07.Jun.2006 Why the Boycott of Israel is Justified: The recent boycott resolutions of CUPE and NATFHE against Israel’s Apartheid predictably awakened Israel’s willing apologists, initiating a high pitched chorus of condemnation and self pity across the Western media, not to mention the blogosphere
07.Jun.2006 Britain is the fall guy for the US retreat from Afghanistan : The attempt to assert Kabul's control over the country will fail - and our anti-Taliban mission is little short of suicidal

07.Jun.2006 Blair is only as guilty as the party that puts up with him : The question is not why the prime minister has drifted so far to the right, but why Labour MPs have followed him

07.Jun.2006 Respect urges Muslims to end police co-operation : Muslims in east London should withdraw co-operation with the police in the wake of last week's terror raid in which a man was shot, a Respect party activist has said.

07.Jun.2006 Gwynne Dyer: Terrorism: How Canada Reacted to Sikhs in 1985 Is Still Relevant : Any terrorist attack on Canada is bound to be homegrown, because there is no shadowy but powerful network of international terrorists waging a war against the West.

07.Jun.2006 Iran: New Nuclear Offer Needs Clarification: "The proposals contain a number of positive aspects, but some issues need clarification," an Iranian television channel quoted Ali Larijani as saying.

07.Jun.2006 Israel destroys 3 generations of Palestinian family :

The Amen family's joyful trip in a new car came to a devastating end last month when an Israeli missile aimed at a Palestinian militant hit their Mitsubishi by mistake.

07.Jun.2006 IOF kills Palestinian policeman: The men hit by IOF gunfire in northern Gaza, which the army claimed were plotting a terror attack, were Palestinian security forces.

The name of the man killed is Khadar Qasam, 23.
'U.S. Military Hides Many More Hadithas' : In Haditha itself, he said, the U.S. military cut electricity and water to the entire city, attacked the hospital and burned the pharmacy.

07.Jun.2006 Italian forces to leave Iraq by December : The new Italian administration today confirmed all Italian troops would withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year.

07.Jun.2006 Philippine Mercenaries Being Recruited by US Company: A US outfit, Blackwater, has set up shop at the Subic Freeport + is now recruiting active and retired soldiers, preferably combat veterans, to help fight America’s war against Iraq.

07.Jun.2006 Officer at Fort Lewis calls Iraq war illegal, refuses order to go : In January, Watada told his commanders that he believed that the war was unlawful + therefore, so were his deployment orders. He did not, however, consider himself a conscientious objector, since he was willing to fight in wars that were justified, legal and in defense of the nation.

07.Jun.2006 Charley Reese: What Is The Mission? : he Iraqis are a fierce people. No elf is going to sprinkle fairy dust on them and make them fall in love with us. Why should they?

We destroyed their country + caused the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children just with the sanctions, not counting the thousands we've killed since then.

07.Jun.2006 U.S./UK Bases In Iraq: “It is important to remember, at this point, that the UN Security Council "mandate" for the occupation troops in Iraq ended by the end of 2005.

Apart from ex-prime minister Jafari's "invitation", they do not have any "legal" cover to stay.”

07.Jun.2006 Britons begin to turn away from alliance with America: Fewer than half the public believe that America is a force for good in the world + nearly two thirds believe that Britain’s future lies more with Europe than with the US.
07.Jun.2006 Baghdad has bloodiest month as 1,400 targeted killings add to toll : Nearly 1,400 Iraqi civilians were murdered in targeted killings last month in Baghdad alone + many more died in indiscriminate bomb blasts, making May the bloodiest month in the capital since the war began, Iraq's health ministry said yesterday.

07.Jun.2006 US troops accused of new murders in Iraq : In the latest in a string of allegations against US forces, Juburi said 29 Iraqis were killed in May in separate incidents in the towns of Latifiyah and Yusifiyah, south of Baghdad + in the capital itself
The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed By Craig Unger
The Bush administration invaded Iraq claiming Saddam Hussein had tried to buy yellowcake uranium in Niger. As much of Washington knew + the world soon learned, the charge was false. Worse, it appears to have been the cornerstone of a highly successful "black propaganda" campaign with links to the White House.

07.Jun.2006 The Last Taboo By John Pilger
'It's painful to acknowledge, but it really is quite simple,' he said. 'There is no basic moral difference between the soldier at the checkpoint who prevents a woman who is having a baby from going through, causing her to lose the baby + the man who killed my daughter. And just as my daughter was a victim [of the occupation], so was he.'

07.Jun.2006 1927 Again By Greg Palast.
Huey Long was our Hugo Chávez + he laid out a plan: a progressive income tax, real money for education, public works to rebuild Louisiana and America, Social Security old age pensions, veterans' benefits, regulation of the big utility holding companies, an end to what he called, "rich men's wars," and an end to the financial royalism of the One % .

07.Jun.2006,1518,druck-420137,00.html Royal Dutch Shell: Weniger Öl, mehr Gewinn
https://www.manager-,2828,414424,00.html Exxon Mobil: Maßlose Börse


Finanzakrobaten als Ölpreistreiber

Den Vorwurf, dass Ölmultis wie ExxonMobil nicht frühzeitig in neue Förderkapazitäten investiert und damit den Preisanstieg unterstützt hätten, weist Schult Bornemann zurück. Lediglich 15 Prozent der Weltölförderung gehe auf die zehn größten privaten Ölgesellschaften zurück. Die Ölindustrie habe auch keineswegs durch eine Verknappung der Raffineriekapazitäten den Preisanstieg gefördert. Die Kapazitäten seien statt dessen im vergangenen Jahr um 3,1 Prozent auf einen Wert von 4,3 Milliarden Tonnen ausgeweitet worden.

Als gewichtigen Treiber des Ölpreises macht der ExxonMobil Experte stattdessen den Finanzsektor aus. Er erinnert an Schätzungen, dass 20 bis 25 Dollar je Barrel von den derzeitigen Notierungen um 72 Dollar auf spekulatives Kapital zurückzuführen seien. Fest steht für ihn zumindest, dass die Nachfrage allein den Preisanstieg nicht verursacht habe. Vielmehr sei in letzter Zeit eine Reihe von "vagabundierenden Geldmitteln" aus der Finanzindustrie in den Markt geflossen. Das müsse doch gesagt werden, wenn er schon mal in der Finanzmetropole Frankfurt sei.

Zunächst hielt man die Funde für Reste von Jungtieren

Zunächst hielten Wissenschaftler die von mehr als elf Exemplaren stammenden Fossilien für die Überreste einer Gruppe von Jungtieren, die aus unbekannten Gründen zu Tode gekommen waren. Sander und seine Kollegen konnten nun mittels sogenannter Wachstumsmarken jedoch nachweisen, dass die Zwerge ausgewachsen waren.

Diese Marken zeigen ähnlich wie die Jahresringe eines Baumes die Wachstumsphasen des Tieres an. Liegen sie sehr nahe beieinander, ist das Wachstum abgeschlossen. Nach den Ergebnissen der Forscher müssen die Tiere zwischen 1,7 und 6,2 Meter lang gewesen sein - groß genug, um als Reproduktion im Dinopark Münchehagen noch recht eindrucksvoll auszusehen, aber winzig im Vergleich zur Brachio-Verwandschaft.
Streit über Annans Vize: USA und Uno- Führung im Clinch
07.Jun.2006 Afghanistan: "Bundeswehr- Mandat überdenken"
07.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: USA bestehen auf Anreicherungsstopp Irans
07.Jun.2006 Sensationsfund: Die Minisaurier von Niedersachsen
07.Jun.2006 Ölmarkt: "Vagabundierendes Geld"
07.Jun.2006 US- Politik: Bush scheitert mit Verbot der Homo- Ehe

07.Jun.2006 Kriegsverbrecher: Eichmann und die Nazi- Helfer der CIA
07.Jun.2006 CIA- Bericht des Europarats: Opposition nimmt Steinmeier ins Visier

Grandiose Leistung: Die französische Windsurferin Raphaëla Le Gouvello ist als erster Mensch ganz auf sich allein gestellt von Australien nach Afrika gesurft.

Heute wird sie auf einer Insel östlich von Madagaskar erwartet.

Saint-Denis-de-la-Réunion - Die 46-jährige Extremsportlerin soll nach 60 Tagen und etwa 6300 Kilometern heute auf der französischen Überseeinsel Réunion östlich von Madagaskar ankommen.

Bevölkerung und Behörden im Hafenort Le Port bereiten sich bereits aufwendig auf die Willkommensparty vor.

Prähistorische Steinmalerei als Logbuch kosmischer Ereignisse - ein Astronom glaubt eine solche Überlieferung gefunden zu haben. Sie soll von einer Sternen-Explosion vor 1000 Jahren berichten.

Der Computer zeigt: Am Fundort war die Supernova tatsächlich zu sehen.

Sie erschien vor genau 1000 Jahren am Nachthimmel. In den letzten 5000 Jahren war keine Supernova so hell von der Erde aus zu sehen wie diese.

Nur schien in der ganzen westlichen Hemisphäre kein Gelehrter die Sternenexplosion aufgezeichnet zu haben.

Und aus dem mittelalterlichen Europa kennen Wissenschaftler bislang nur ein paar Hinweise aus Klöstern, etwa aus St. Gallen ("Ein neuer Stern von ungewöhnlichem Aussehen erschien."), auf den 01.Mai 1006 .

Pilzkrankheit als Vorderfront des Artensterbens

Einige Wissenschaftler glauben, dass Amphibien die ersten Opfer einer neuen Sterbenwelle sind, die die schlimmste seit dem Verschwinden der Dinosaurier vor 65 Millionen Jahren werden könnte.

Gascon sagte, dass es unklar sei, ob die Frösche Chytridiomycosis widerstanden hätten, oder ob sie aus einer bislang nicht betroffenen Gegend kämen. Die Krankheit hatte noch 40 Kilometer vom jetzigen Fundort entfernt Frösche getötet.

Vom Artsterben beunruhigt wollen Amphibien-Experten nun mehr als 400 Millionen US-Dollar sammeln, um in der Gefangenschaft von Zoos oder Aquarien Zuchtbestände zu halten - so sind bereits 35 der bedrohten Arten gerettet worden. Wegen der grassierenden Pilzinfektion können derzeit aber keine Frösche in die freie Wildbahn zurückgebracht werden.

"Wir können die Krankheit in Gefangenschaft behandeln, aber Auswilderungsprogramme sind zum Scheitern verurteilt", sagte Joe Mendelson, ein Kurator im Zoo von Atlanta.

Er ist der Leiter der Amphibien-Spezialistengruppe der World Conservation Union. "Normalerweise geht es bei Fangprogrammen darum, die Populationen in der Wildnis zu stützen.

Wegen der Krankheit kann dies aber nicht funktionieren", sagte er. Durch Zucht in Gefangenschaft könne aber immerhin "Hunderten oder Tausenden von Arten geholfen werden".
Simuliertes Universum: Dunkle Materie formte Struktur im All
07.Jun.2006 Weltall: Planeten- Kinderstube ohne Sonne
07.Jun.2006 Internet- Zensur in China: Google zeigt ein bisschen Reue
07.Jun.2006 Zuckerbrot: Iran soll Uran anreichern dürfen
07.Jun.2006 Astro- Indianer: Ur- Einwohner malten Supernova in Fels
07.Jun.2006 CIA- Flugaffäre: Europarat- Ermittler beschuldigt Deutschland
Artenschutz: Seltene Frösche trotzen Killerpilz
07.Jun.2006 Arlen Specter Sells Out America Again, Reaches Deal With Cheney. Phone Companies Won't be Forced to Testify About Their Compliance with Illegal NSA Spying.
Block the Vote, Ohio Remix; "If there was ever a sign of a ruling party in trouble, it is a game plan that calls for trying to win by discouraging voting." The obviously corrupt Blackwell must be removed from the election process.

07.Jun.2006 The New Greg Palast Book, "Armed Madhouse," Available from Limited Number of Signed Copies.
Advance Orders for "Clueless George is Watching You," the Sequel to "Clueless George Goes to War."
The Senate voted down a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, but Republicans planned a vote in the House of Representatives to keep a national spotlight on the hot-button issue. 6/8
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

07.Jun.2006 Blockbuster: Vanity Fair writer Craig Unger interviews nine former intelligence and military officials who have served in the C.I.A., the State Department, the Defense Intelligence Agency + the Pentagon, all of whom say, on the record, that they believe the Niger documents were part of a campaign to deliberately mislead the American public.
Greg Palast: "Godless" is Gutless; A review of Ann Coulter's latest hate-filled tome and a debate challenge

07.Jun.2006 Greg Palast: Jim Crow Goes Digital, an excerpt from his new book, "Armed Madhouse" - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
In California, Republicans Cast a Vote for Corruption as Bilbray Appears to Have Defeated Strong Democratic Challenger Francine Busby

07.Jun.2006 The NYT scores the disgusting + corrupt Kenny "the kapo" Blackwell in an editorial this morning...

If there was ever a sign of a ruling party in trouble, it is a game plan that calls for trying to win by discouraging voting.
The latest sign that Republicans have an election-year strategy to shut down voter registration drives comes from Ohio.

As the state gears up for a very competitive election season this fall, its secretary of state, J. Kenneth Blackwell, has put in place "emergency" regulations that could hit voter registration workers with criminal penalties for perfectly legitimate registration practices. The rules are so draconian they could shut down registration drives in Ohio...

More: Mr. Blackwell and other politicians who insist on making it harder to vote never say, of course, that they are worried that get-out-the-vote drives will bring too many poor and minority voters into the system.

They say that they want to reduce fraud. However, there is virtually no evidence that registration drives are leading to fraud at the polls.
But there is one clear way that Ohio's election system is corrupt. Decisions about who can vote are being made by a candidate for governor.

Mr. Blackwell should hand over responsibility for elections to a decision maker whose only loyalty is to the voters and the law. Permalink
07.Jun.2006 Damn right Nancy Pelosi deserves the House Speaker's position. She comes from a productive part of the country.

Tom Delay, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich and the rest cannot make that claim. Permalink


30.Sep.2001 -As of- the top institutional holders were:

#1 - Alliance Capital Mgmt with 42,939,048 shares; followed closely by

#2 - Janus Capital Mgmt with 41,361,200 shares;

#3 - Putnam Investment Mgmt ( Marsh & McLennan ) with 23,122,100 shares;

#4 - Barclays Global Investors (a member of the Committee of 300 ) with 23,047,196 shares; +

#5 - Fidelity Mgmt & Research with 20,790,452 shares.

The remaining of the top 15 investors included:

Smith Barney ;

State St. Global Advisors;

Aim Mgmt;

Vanguard Group;

Morgan Stanley ;

Northern Trust;

Deutsche Bankers Trust;

Massachusetts Financial Service;

Presdner Rcm;

Cs First Boston Investment . . . .

For more on Marsh & McLennan , GO TO > > > The Marsh Birds

For more on Morgan Stanley and the investment game, GO TO > > > Nests Along Wall Street

07.Jun.2006 Northern Trust Co. Entries : Northern Trust Co. ... Unlike many banks, Northern Trust grew during the Great Depression: deposits increased from about $50 million in 1929 to ...

07.Jun.2006 Deepak Chopra: "They" Aren't Going Away By Deepak Chopra on 9/11

For most people the truly frightening thing about Islamic fundamentalism is its implacability. As one observer said right after 9/11, the most shocking thing to Americans about the 19 hijackers is that they spent a year living here, enjoying the fruits of the American way + yet they still hated us. Jihadists are machines of fixed intent, immune to reason. What can tolerant people do in the face of unswerving intolerance? That's the key question facing us versus "them." "They" are fanatical, crazy, suicidal, demonic--pick whatever alienating word you like. Nor do we have to limit ourselves to the jihadists. I remember a right-wing Christian fundamentalist on CNN saying, "As long as you liberals and baby murderers despise us, we aren't going away." Which puts in a nutshell why "they" are so terrifying.
Marjorie Cohn Stop the Beast

"In an annual security conference on Saturday, Donald Rumsfeld assured the audience, 'We don't intend to occupy [Iraq] for any period of time. Our troops would like to go home and they will go home.'" Marjorie Cohn asks, "Why, then, would the USA be building an enormous embassy in Baghdad and a base so large it eclipses Kosovo's Camp Bondsteel, which had been the largest foreign US military base built since Vietnam?"
What Will Americans Do When They Realize That They Were Seduced into Committing a Genocide?

What makes this possibly believable: the neocons and their Christian Zionist allies have repeatedly declared their fervent desire and intention to commit genocide against the enemies of Israel, including all Arabs and Muslims (and often the Russians, Chinese, Europeans and the majority of Americans as well).

Has depleted uranium made it difficult to retrieve oil from Iraq? This claim requires investigation.
07.Jun.2006 “The U.S. Armed Forces disposed of chemical weapons in the ocean from World War I through 1970,” the Congressional Research Service notes in a “valuable new report” made public by Secrecy News. A 2001 U.S. Army report found that “past disposal of chemical weapons in the ocean had been
more common and widespread geographically than previously acknowledged.”
07.Jun.2006 Today, David Safavian admitted he was unqualified to be the General Services Administration’s chief of staff. “Did you think you were qualified for the job?” the federal prosecutor asked him. “Probably not, actually,” Safavian said.
07.Jun.2006 Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may soon be removed from Armed Forces Radio . “In a highly unexpected development,” a radio consulting firm hired by the military has strongly recommended dumping all political talk shows from stations that reach the vast majority of troops and others residing overseas.”
07.Jun.2006 Hastert Sees The Light, Iraqis Still In The Dark Guest 

While in Baghdad over the weekend, House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) asserted that Iraq is making progress on electricity generation:

On a surprise visit at President Bush’s request, House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) flew into Baghdad at 4 a.m. Friday and immediately remarked on how many lights he saw burning in the Iraqi capital .

The speaker and his party saw it as a sign of progress, of how much power had been restored in a city known for frequent blackouts , according to Hastert’s spokesman, Ron Bonjean, who accompanied the speaker.

“It was one of our first impressions, so many lights shining brightly,” Bonjean said.

Hastert must have toured Baghdad at just the right time because Baghdad residents still have an average of just four hours of electricity per day. The pre-war level for Baghdad? 16-24 hours per day.

More at Political Animal. – Geoff Miller
07.Jun.2006 Snow Compares Gay Marriage Ban With ‘Civil Rights’ Legislation Think Progress 

At this afternoon’s press conference, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow compared the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage supported by President Bush to historic “civil rights” legislation. Later Snow was asked if he really meant to equate banning gay marriage with “civil rights.” Snow responded, “How do you define civil rights?” Watch it: Raw Story has the transcript.
07.Jun.2006 POLL: Only 3 % Say Homosexuality is America’s ‘Most Serious Moral Crisis’ Nico 

President Bush and congressional conservatives “are aiming the political spotlight this week on efforts to ban gay marriage,” a move that’s sure to renew debate over so-called “values voters.” But as a poll released today by the Center for American Progress shows, the moral concerns of the American people are nothing like what the right wing claims.

Below, some highlights:

– Asked to name the most serious moral crisis in America today , 28% of Americans cite “kids not raised with the right values”; followed by 22% saying “corruption in government/business”; 17% saying “greed and materialism” or “people too focused on themselves”; and only 3% citing “abortion and homosexuality.”

– On addressing poverty: 68% of voters strongly agree that “government should uphold the basic decency and dignity of all and take greater steps to help the poor and disadvantaged in America” (89% total agree).

– On religious freedom: 67% of voters believe that religious freedom is a “critical” part of their image of America compared to less than three in 10 who believe Judeo-Christian faith specifically is critical to this image.

(Click HERE for more details on the poll + HERE for a slideshow presentation on the findings. For what it’s worth, among voters who participated in the survey, 46% voted in 2004 for President Bush, while 36% voted for John Kerry.)

As Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times wrote this weekend, “the survey demonstrated again that the moral issues people worried about most in their daily lives were very different from the ones dominating political debate.”

UPDATE: Via First Draft, Gallup has released a similar poll:

What issue do you think should be the top priority for the president and Congress to deal with?

The top five responses were:

Situation in Iraq/war: 42%
Fuel/oil prices/lack of energy sources/the energy crisis: 29%
Immigration/illegal aliens: 23%
Economy in general: 14%
Poor healthcare/ hospitals; high cost of healthcare: 12%

I suppose gay marriage could be classed with “Ethics/moral/religious/family decline”, which was the 20th of the 28 issues listed by respondents, important to only 1% of those polled.
Colbert to Graduates: ‘You Are the Most Cuddled Generation In History’ Think Progress 

American Progress CEO John Podesta convinced Stephen Colbert to give the commencement address this weekend at Podesta’s alma mater Knox College. Here’s an excerpt:

There are so many challenges facing this next generation + as they said earlier, you are up for these challenges. And I agree, except that I don’t think you are. I don’t know if you’re tough enough to handle this. You are the most cuddled generation in history. I belong to the last generation that did not have to be in a car seat. You had to be in car seats. I did not have to wear a helmet when I rode my bike. You do. You have to wear helmets when you go swimming, right? In case you bump your head against the side of the pool. Oh, by the way, I should have said, my speech today may contain some peanut products.

You can read the whole transcript at the Knox College website.
07.Jun.2006 June 5, 2006 Think Progress 

“The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that explicitly bans ‘humiliating and degrading treatment,’ … a step that would mark a further, potentially permanent, shift away from strict adherence to international human rights standards .” The State Department “fiercely opposes” the decision “and has been pushing for the Pentagon and White House to reconsider.”

Though President Bush has publicly embraced the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage , “he never seemed to care enough to press the matter,” according to Newsweek. Says one “old friend” of Bush’s: “I think it was purely political. I don’t think he gives a s**t about it. He never talks about this stuff.

$50 million: Amount outside interests have paid since 2000 to shuttle Members of Congress and their staffs around the world . Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) took one of the most expensive trips — more than $20,000 “for a one-day trip from Washington to Hidalgo, Texas, to accept an award as The BorderFest Border Texan of the Year.”

“ The world’s deserts are under threat as never before, with global warming making lack of water an even bigger problem for the parched regions,” according to a new United Nations report. Rainfall could drop by 20 % by the end of the century “due to human-induced climate change.”

New research published in the journal Science is also showing that the “ world’s tropical zones are growing , threatening to drive the world’s great deserts into southern Europe and other heavily populated areas.”

“In the three years since Americans gained federal protection for their private medical information , the Bush administration has received thousands of complaints alleging violations but has not imposed a single civil fine and has prosecuted just two criminal cases.”

Progress in battling HIV/AIDS in the USA has “slowed to a crawl” since the epidemic first began 25 years ago. There have been no major treatment discoveries “for almost 10 years, when the drug cocktails were first introduced,” and the creation of a cure or vaccine, “is not close to becoming a reality.”

The American Bar Association’s board of governors voted unanimously this weekend “to investigate whether President Bush has exceeded his constitutional authority in reserving the right to ignore more than 750 laws that have been enacted since he took office.”

And finally: Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is hosting more than 200 mayors at the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting. “I want everyone going home…saying Oscar Goodman is the coolest mayor who ever lived ,” Goodman said, adding that critics who thought the corporate-funded party was unethical were “haters,” “misanthropes” and “complainers.”
Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger Paul Joseph Watson Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger No evidence of chemical weapons, supposed Canada attack also discredited Paul
07.Jun.2006 Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules Publishers, editors and writers are grappling with the Web's ability to connect readers and writers more quickly and intimately.
07.Jun.2006 Death by DMCA In 1998, U.S. entertainment companies persuaded Congress to make dramatic changes in its copyright code by passing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA gave copyright holders new rights to control the way people use copyrighted material and new protection for technologies designed to ...
07.Jun.2006 Torrent Site The Pirate Bay Returns Popular Swedish BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay came back online Saturday night, after being shut down in a police raid last week and forced to relocate to The Netherlands. The raid prompted a response from Pirate Bay supporters, which attacked the Web sites of the Swedish police and government.

07.Jun.2006 Lying to Government Agents "How to Avoid Going to Jail under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 for Lying to Government Agents" Title 18, USA Code, Section 1001 makes it a crime to: 1) knowingly and willfully; 2) make any materially false, fictitious or fraudulent...
07.Jun.2006 Alarming surge in students resorting to physical self harm There has been an increase in the number of teenagers and young adults who have resorted to physically hurting themselves while in school or college. A study in the July edition of 'Pediatrics' has brought to light the scale of self harm occurring.
07.Jun.2006 House raid police had 'no choice' Police had "no choice" but to raid a house after being told a chemical device might be there, Scotland Yard says.
07.Jun.2006 Swedish piracy row gathers pace The row between supporters of a Swedish website accused of piracy and the nation's authorities is escalating.
07.Jun.2006 Bernanke voices inflation fears The Federal Reserve chief warns US rates may have to rise to check inflation despite slowing growth.
07.Jun.2006 Elderly abuse 'becoming common' Neglect and abuse of elderly people in Britain has become widespread, a survey suggests.
07.Jun.2006 GNU Radio Opens an Unseen World An open-source software-configured transceiver can open garage doors, track cell phone users and locate itself on GPS. And that's just the beginning.
07.Jun.2006 Figs were likely humans' first crop You may not eat figs on a daily basis today, but 11,000 years ago it was the hot new food--and may have been a first step toward modern agriculture.
07.Jun.2006 Why Web 2.0 Will End Your Privacy timothy 186
"This is a pretty good insight into some of the dangers of social networking and website customisation -- marketing and loss of privacy. When marketeers know who your friends are and what you are all into, it makes their advertising a lot more effective. From the article: "Why are the companies worth so much money? Why is MySpace worth over half a billion dollars without a proper revenue model? Why is Digg allegedly pitched at over $20m (at the last count) without any idea of where money is going to be pulled from? The answer is - data. Information. Marketing. Every detail about you and me. That is where the money is."


Der Vorläufer des Bundesnachrichtendienstes (BND), die Organisation Gehlen, hätte den SS-Obersturmbannführer offenbar bereits damals fassen können, sagte der Historiker Timothy Naftali von der Universität von Virginia. "Das neu veröffentlichte CIA-Material deutet darauf hin, dass es auf höchster Ebene der Regierung von Konrad Adenauer Sorgen vor Aussagen über enge Mitarbeiter des Kanzlers gab, falls Eichmann festgenommen würde."

Die CIA habe der Bonner Regierung geholfen, einen Teil von Eichmanns Tagebuch zurückzuhalten, das Adenauers Sicherheitsberater Hans Globke belastete. Globke war wegen seiner Rolle in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus umstritten - da er unter anderem Mitherausgeber des Kommentars zu den Rassegesetzen war. Der israelische Geheimdienst kidnappte Eichmann 1960 in Argentinien und schmuggelte ihn nach Israel. Er wurde in Jerusalem wegen Verbrechen gegen das jüdische Volk verurteilt und 1962 gehängt.
Geheimdienste: CIA soll Eichmann gedeckt haben
Brasilien: Landlose stürmen Parlament
07.Jun.2006 Atomkonflikt: Bush lockt Teheran mit direkten Gesprächen
07.Jun.2006 Blockbuster: Vanity Fair writer Craig Unger interviews nine former intelligence and military officials who have served in the C.I.A., the State Department, the Defense Intelligence Agency + the Pentagon, all of whom say, on the record, that they believe the Niger documents were part of a campaign to deliberately mislead the American public.
The New Greg Palast Book, "Armed Madhouse," Available from Limited Number of Signed Copies.
NYT: GOP thinks Katherine Harris is becoming something of a "pariah." 6/7
Gays Don't Threaten Heterosexual Marriage, Adultery Does ... So Let's Attack the Real Problem - A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Religious right hate groups fail to get gay rights repeal on November ballot in Washington state. 6/7
The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers
Get Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," the large-format paperback on Read the book, THEN see the movie!
Top GOP agenda item for 2007? Privatize Social Security. Could they be any dumber? Uh, no. 6/7
Sidney Blumenthal: The Busheviks and Islamic Fundamentalists Both Support a Ban on Gay Marriage. They Have a Lot in Common.
Gunmen in police uniforms and ski masks in Baghdad take 56 people captive before they vanish. The Post calls it part of an unrelenting kidnapping epidemic in Iraq.

07.Jun.2006 P2, Ledeen and the Niger forgeries I haven't finished reading it. I neverthless feel compelled to direct your attention to Craig Unger's excellent new piece on the Niger forgeries, published in Vanity Fair. Even when Unger goes over familiar ground, he manages to grip the reader's attention. He dares to delve into the P2 links, which most writers on this topic still prefer to avoid. Check it out! Permalink
The next attack here, officials predict, will bear no resemblance to Sept. 11. The casualty toll will not be that high, the target probably not that big.

We may not even recognize it for what it is at first, they say. But it's coming — of that they seem certain.
It is the economy stupid. It is Iraq stupid. It is Iran stupid. It is the NSA and illegal spying stupid. It is Valerie Plame stupid. It is Votergate 2004 stupid. It is Haditha stupid. It is Abu Ghraib stupid. It is healthcare stupid. It is Downing Street stupid. It is 750 broken laws stupid. It is tax cuts for the rich while services to the poor are cut stupid. It is not repealing the inheritance tax stupid. It is Tom Delay stupid. It is Duke Cunningham stupid. It is Jack Abramoff stupid. It is corruption stupid. It is WMD stupid. It is outsourcing stupid. It is about checks and balances stupid. It is about Congressional oversight stupid. It is about democracy stupid
So in the face of all of these issues, what is the focus of our Commander in Chief? In light of a 29% approval rating, the Iraq War, Haditha, Plamegate, Downing Street, NSA, 750 laws broken, Iran + the fact that in 2004 the will of the people was subverted, what is at the top of President Bush’s agenda? Gay marriage. That’s right. The issue that was completely forgotten about twice in the past six years by Bush suddenly is the direst issue on the agenda of our president. Forgive me for being cynical, but that is patently ridiculous. This is what is known as the politics of distraction.
07.Jun.2006 Cave face 'the oldest portrait on record'  A DRAWING discovered by a potholer on the wall of a cave in the west of France appears to be the oldest known portrait of a human face.
07.Jun.2006 Jupiter's Red Spots Are Nearing Each Other  upiter's well known Great Red Spot storm + its newly formed Oval BA (aka Red Jr.) are about to sweep past each other + astronomers aren't quite sure what's going to happen.
07.Jun.2006 Ancient scroll may yield religious secrets  A collection of charred scraps kept in a Greek museum's storerooms are all that remains of what archaeologists say is Europe's oldest surviving book — which may hold a key to understanding early monotheistic beliefs.
07.Jun.2006 45% doubt 9/11 story  I am shocked! Shocked!
07.Jun.2006 FBI releases small part of Vice President's FBI records, withholds 89 % of files  The Raw Story's got it.
07.Jun.2006 Documents show post-war CIA covered up Nazi war crimes  The 27,000 pages released by the National Archives are among the largest post-World War II declassifications by the Central Intelligence Agency. They offer a window into the shadowy world of U.S. intelligence - and the efforts to use former Nazi war criminals as spies, sometimes to detrimental effect.
07.Jun.2006 Researchers find hidden Greek text on 'world's oldest astronomy computer'  A team of Greek and British scientists probing the secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism has managed to decipher ancient Greek inscriptions unseen for over 2,000 years, members of the project say.
07.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Bush lobt Reaktion aus Teheran

06.Jun.2006 Haniya pained by Palestinian fighting : The government is reeling from a financial embargo imposed by the US, Canada, Israel and the EU, rendering it unable to pay the salaries of 165,000 civil servants and public employees, although the government says it will soon pay those wages.

07.Jun.2006 Israeli generals mull massive operation in West Bank : Israeli army generals have been calling for massive raids and operations in the West Bank in a bid to destroy militants infrastructure there before Israel's further pullout from the region, Israel's Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

07.Jun.2006 The World Zionist Congress : Zionism against Jews?: The most disturbing resolution must be number 6/18, from the World labour Zionist movement (which is presumably linked to Israel's Labour party + therefore of considerable significance), which "calls upon the nations of the world to act aggressively and immediately to remove the Iranian threat".

07.Jun.2006 Exiles plot to overthrow Syria's Baathist regime : LEADING Syrian opposition figures, led by the country’s former Vice-President, gathered in London yesterday for a two-day conference to plot the overthrow of the Baathist regime of President Assad

07.Jun.2006 Intelligence behind raid was wrong, officials say : Senior counter-terrorism officials now believe that the intelligence that led to the raid on a family house last Friday in a search for a chemical device about to be used to attack Britain was wrong, the Guardian has learned.

07.Jun.2006 Police put on a `good spectacle': Snipers, leg irons, selected evidence, police brass — all calculated to sway the public, lawyers and security experts say

07.Jun.2006 Gwynne Dyer: The international terrorist conspiracy : There is no shadowy but powerful network waging a terrorist war against the West: the whole thing is a fantasy.

07.Jun.2006 71 Gitmo detainees end hunger strike suddenly: He said four of the 18 hunger strikers were being force-fed.

07.Jun.2006 Padilla lawyer wants key evidence tossed: A lawyer for alleged al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla is asking a judge to throw out key evidence, saying the warrant for his arrest was based on statements from one source who claims he was tortured and another who was heavily medicated.

07.Jun.2006 Chávez in Russia deal to build gun factory: Venezuela is to build Latin America’s first Kalashnikov factory under a deal with Russia that has stoked fears in Washington about the oil-rich country’s arms procurement plans.

07.Jun.2006 Venezuela to refine Ecuador's crude: Ecuadorian Energy and Mines Minister Ivan Rodriguez has annoucned that from July Ecuadorian crude will be refined in Venezuela.

07.Jun.2006 Justice Department's Black Site: The administration censors internal probe of lawbreaking by the Oval Office and the NSA

07.Jun.2006 U.S. Lawmakers Took Nearly $50 Million in Free Trips: Members of Congress and their aides took free trips worth nearly $50 million paid for by corporations, trade associations and other private groups between January 2000 and June 2005, according to a study released by the Center for Public Integrity

07.Jun.2006 The free trips of Congressman Solomon Ortiz:: U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz accepted free trips to China from a Houston-based husband-and-wife business team convicted recently in an illegal immigration scheme involving Chinese nationals.

07.Jun.2006 Firms Donated to Groups That Gave Judges Free Trips: Two organizations that have provided free trips to hundreds of federal judges received large contributions from tobacco, oil and other corporate interests

07.Jun.2006 Blackwell gets brunt of registrants' anger: Democrats and representatives of voter-registration groups accused Secretary of State Ken Blackwell on Monday of trying to rig this November's election by publishing draconian new rules governing the activities of people who register voters.

07.Jun.2006 Britain's Streets of Debt: The Whistleblower : BBC Video Report: For the first time on British television, a senior banking executive reveals how high street banks deliberately target their customers and push borrowing.

07.Jun.2006 Goobers on Parade: Fake Christians and Sham Southerners : The party platform, adopted Saturday, declares "America is a Christian nation" and affirms that "God is undeniable in our history and is vital to our freedom…

07.Jun.2006 Special Video Report: 'Toxic Sky? : A Channel 4 News investigation, Paul Moyer looks into why some say the government is manipulating the weather.
06.Jun.2006 Southern Afghanistan in “state of war": security think-tank: state of war is gripping southern Afghanistan as Taleban fighters win public support and it will spread unless newly deployed British troops regain control, a security think-tank warned on Tuesday.

06.Jun.2006 Afghanistan Can't Prosecute Driver In Riot Incident : "There is a status of forces agreement and U.S. retains criminal jurisdiction for acts committed by military personnel in Afghanistan," he said.

06.Jun.2006 'Ambiguities' in offer to Iran: Iran has said it will consider the proposals, but officials have also said Iran will not give up uranium enrichment, a process that can be used to make fuel for nuclear power stations

06.Jun.2006 Ahmadinejad: Nuclear Weapons Have No Place in Iranian Defense Doctrine

06.Jun.2006 US caught in Iran policy squeeze: The US is increasingly left with fewer options. In fact, the options, within Washington's policy framework, have narrowed down to two: one, get used to the possibility that a nuclear Iran might well emerge, or, second, resort to a military strike that might set Iran's nuclear program back for a while.

06.Jun.2006 Rice's Iran Gambit: Even if Rice is serious about the latest U.S. offer to Iran, even if Iran responds seriously + even if America's strategic position in the region continues to weaken (as is likely), the latest diplomatic initiative will fail. And this failure will bring closer the prospect of a military confrontation with Iran for which the Pentagon is already planning.

06.Jun.2006 Energy secretary says U.S. can weather Iranian oil disruption : Consumers wouldn't suffer undue hardships in the event Iran disrupts Persian Gulf oil supplies because the Bush administration has a plan ''if push were to come to shove,'' a Cabinet officer said Tuesday.

06.Jun.2006 Iranian Oil Bourse nearly ready to open : According to the Fars report, the board of directors of the International Bourse Co., which is charged with establishing the bourse, will review the final draft of the articles of association of the Iranian bourse this week.

06.Jun.2006 How low will the dollar go? : Many analysts suggest that Saddam Hussein’s switch from the dollar to the euro for oil trading was one of the core reasons for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. Now Iran, the 2nd largest OPEC producer, is getting ready to open a new oil bourse that will trade in euros. And Venezuela is said to be actively discussing the same move.
06.Jun.2006 If we knew more about Ireland, we might never have invaded Iraq : Loach's film about the Irish independence war is being rubbished because it tells the other side of the occupation story

06.Jun.2006 The Architects Of War: Where Are They Now?: President Bush has not fired any of the architects of the Iraq war. In fact, a review of the key planners of the conflict reveals that they have been rewarded – not blamed – for their incompetence

06.Jun.2006 A Call to Support U.S. Military Officer to Refuse Illegal Iraq War: Thank you LT for standing up for international,US + military law by refusing to deploy to Iraq in support of the ongoing illegal war+ occupation

06.Jun.2006 Lieberman faces showdown over Iraq: After years of ardent support for the Iraq war, Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman (news, bio, voting record) could become that conflict's first big political casualty in a Democratic primary race fueled by rising anti-war anger.

06.Jun.2006 Antiwar Candidates Challenge Incumbent Democrats in House and Senate Races: The 2006 mid-term elections are just five months away. In the Senate, close to three-dozen seats are up for grabs, while all 435 seats are open in the House. Democrats hope growing public discontent with the Bush administration will help them win control of Congress from the Republicans.
06.Jun.2006 Field commanders tell Pentagon Iraq war 'is lost': Military commanders in the field in Iraq admit in private reports to the Pentagon the war "is lost" and that the U.S. military is unable to stem the mounting violence killing 1,000 Iraqi civilians a month.

06.Jun.2006 Iraqi Girl Blog: Baghdad Burning: According to people working and living in the area, around 15 police cars pulled up to the area and uniformed men began pulling civilians off the streets and from cars, throwing bags over their heads and herding them into the cars. Anyone who tried to object was either beaten or pulled into a car.

06.Jun.2006 "War" outlasting attention spans: The amount of time devoted to Iraq on the three biggest television networks' weeknight newscasts has dropped by nearly 60 % from 2003 to the first four months of 2006, according to the independent Tyndall Report tracking service.

06.Jun.2006 Government Investigates Iraq Contracting Fraud: The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has 78 open investigations into fraud + corruption in the Coalition Provisional Authority
06.Jun.2006 Afghanistan's Second Intifada : By Mike Whitney
The Taliban have reclaimed southern Afghanistan, reconstruction has been miniscule + there’s been no attempt to establish security beyond the capital of Kabul. Afghanistan continues to languish in grinding poverty with less clean water and electricity than before the war. It is a failed narco-state with 99% of the countryside under the iron-grip of the regional warlords and drug-kingpins.

06.Jun.2006 " The USA is Terrified " Noam Chomsky on Latin America's Move Towards "Independence and Integration"

The U.S. in the past has had two fundamental mechanisms for controlling Latin America: one is violence, the other is economic strangulation. They're both weakening. Continue

06.Jun.2006 Sacred Ecology and Capitalism By Charles Sullivan -

Any economic system based upon greed rather than the public good and the ruthless exploitation of nature is not only wrong, it is a prescription for disaster. Continue
06.Jun.2006 Technically Speaking, Market Analysis and Theory: "Bill" of Goods "To do a great right , do a little wrong ." Translation: a small loss is a professional loss.
village voice > news > Bush's Courting of Saddam by Wayne Barrett With Special Reporting by Nathan Deuel ...

Sarkis Soghanalian , the international arms dealer who bought billions in weapons for Saddam Hussein ... the years, the twice-convicted Soghanalian was dubbed the "Merchant of Death ...

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Sierra Leone - Gunrunners . Gallery of International Arms Dealers . Sarkis Soghanalian | PBS SARKIS SOGHANALIAN . FACT SHEET ... producer William Kistner

00.Mar.2001 Sarkis Soghanalian , one of the world's most accomplished arms ... many Cold War arms deals, Soghanalian has seen wars, rebel movements + ...


00.Jan.---- .. revelations + allegations made by Mr. Soghanalian are + must be, extremely disturbing to every ...

They are disturbing to Mr. Soghanalian . He gives a first-hand description ...

Narco News Analyses the Peru Crisis and more ... CIA-Coddled Arms Dealer Sarkis Soghanalian

Does Interview from US Prison with Peru Daily ...

For more background on Soghanalian , his history with US officials + this interview, see ...

Sarkis Soghanalian - Demopedia Sarkis Soghanalian .


00.000.1929 or 00.000.1930 Sarkis Soghanalian BORN in Syria, in a region that is now part of Turkey; raised in Lebanon. PROFILE: ... in aid to help the Colombian government defeat them.)

Soghanalian says the deal was meant for Peru ... Kistner

00.Mar.2001 Sarkis Soghanalian , one of the world's most accomplished ...

A Colombia Arms Deal And the Perils of Blowback ( ... well as military advisers, to defeating?

Soghanalian has said he was duped - that he believed ...

They suggest that Soghanalian took steps to disguise the transaction, including the ... - Arms Dealer Fights Extradition ... arms trafficker Sarkis Garabet Soghanalian told a Miami federal judge that Soghanalian should not be extradited to ...

2000.11.Arms Dealer Implicates Peru Spy Chief In Smuggling Ring.txt:

Montesinos oozed charm, says Sarkis Soghanalian , a rotund arms trafficker + occasional ... wined + dined his guest, Soghanalian said, thanking him for brokering Peru's ...

"THE MAKING OF A DICTATOR" ... Baghdad in Sarkis Soghanalian's private plane.

Soghanalian was the biggest arms broker for the Iraqi ... Security News Service video:

Mr. SOGHANALIAN : "Some people call us arm dealer ...

WorldNetDaily: Who killed Gerald Victor Bull? ...

00.000.1981 by notorious Florida-based arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian , "who suggested a trip to Baghdad."

Adams says that Soghanalian told Bull that "the Iraqis were interested in ...
06.may 2006 Analysts split over Indo-US nuke deal :
Former Defence Secretary William Perry + a ... of the Preventive Defence Project at Harvard ...,001301790001.htm
00.000.2050 -Schon Mitte des Jahrhunderts- könnte ein Zustand erreicht sein, wo sich der Weltraummüll im Zuge ständiger Kollisionen fortlaufend selbst vermehrt, berichteten Jer-Cyi Liou + Nicholas Johnson von der Nasa unlängst im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Science". In tausend Kilometer Höhe habe die Trümmerdichte schon heute die kritische Schwelle überschritten, so Liou und Johnson.

Die Zusammenstöße dort erzeugten ebenso viele neue Partikel wie durch Abwärtsdriften verloren gingen.

"Unserer Einschätzung nach wird die Fed Ende Juni eine weitere Zinsanhebung vornehmen + ich glaube, die Aussagen stützen dieses Szenario ein bisschen", fügte Nick Bennenbroek von Brown Brothers Harriman hinzu.

Der Dollar legte zum Euro angesichts der höheren Erwartung steigender US-Zinsen allerdings zu. Heute Morgen war ein Dollar 0,7755 Euro wert. Gestern hatte der Euro noch mit 1,2979 Dollar den höchsten Stand seit drei Monaten erreicht.

Trichet wollte sich auf der Tagung in Washington nicht dazu äußern, ob die EZB am Donnerstag die Zinsen im Euro-Raum weiter anheben wird, wie dies einige Experten erwarten. Die Fed hat die Zinsen in den vergangen zwei Jahren von ein Prozent auf inzwischen fünf Prozent angehoben, die EZB seit Dezember in zwei Schritten von 2 auf 2,5 %.
Teure Energie: Bundesländer formieren sich gegen Stromfirmen
06.Jun.2006 Streit um Urananreicherung: USA bieten Iran Atomtechnologie an
06.Jun.2006 Judendeportationen in Frankreich: Staat und Bahn müssen Entschädigung zahlen

06.Jun.2006 Buch- Digitalisierung: Verlagsgruppe verklagt Google
06.Jun.2006 Nach Bittorrent- Razzia: Piratenkrieg in Schweden
06.Jun.2006 Osteoporose: Rauchen macht die Knochen brüchig
06.Jun.2006 Geheimdienste: Grüne kündigen Initiative gegen Bespitzelung von Politikern an

06.Jun.2006 Terrorrazzia in London: Der Fehlschlag von Forest Gate
06.Jun.2006 Umweltpolitik: Merkel sieht Deutschland als Vorreiter beim Klimaschutz
06.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: USA bieten Iran Boeing- Teile an
Risiko für den Nachwuchs: Die biologische Uhr des Mannes
06.Jun.2006 Webcams und Chats: Sexuelle Revolution, next Generation

06.Jun.2006 Weltraumschrott: Rasende Geschosse im All
06.Jun.2006 Börsen auf Talfahrt: Fed- Chef Bernanke schürt Zinsängste
06.Jun.2006 Demo gegen Bildungsreform: Krawalle bei Massenprotesten in Chile
06.Jun.2006 British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

00.000.1909-00.000.1913 + subsequent years, Rockefeller transferred blocs of the family-owned Standard Oil Co . worth more than $300 million to the account of the ...

23.Jun.1941-26.Apr.1964 Christopher Castleman, Merchant banker. Born Beaconsfield, England, . Died Bedfordshire.

CHRISTOPHER Castleman was instrumental in setting Macquarie Bank, Australia's leading merchant bank, on course to the dominant position it enjoys today.

00.000.1963 -soon after leaving university, he joined the British family-owned bank M. Samuel & Co, which two years later was acquired by Philip Hill Higginson + became Hill Samuel.

Castleman was among a group of young professionals promoted by chairman and chief executive Kenneth Keith, who was shedding dusty London practices and their practitioners.
Thom Hartmann: Stand Up for Democracy With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has written a brilliant new article about the biggest political story in the history of the USA:

An American politician illegitimately took the office of president by outright theft and fraud.
Experts say US funding Somali warlords: The USA has been funneling more than $100,000 a month to warlords battling Islamist militia in Somalia, according to a Somalia expert who has conferred with the groups in the country.

06.Jun.2006 Bolivia returns land to Indians: Bolivian President Evo Morales has launched a sweeping land reform plan by handing over about 20,000 square kilometres of state-owned land to poor Indians.

06.Jun.2006 Venezuela Adds Troops to Colombian Border : Venezuela is beefing up its troop strength along the Colombian border, negotiating with Russia to set up arms factories + preparing for a possible invasion, the army commander said Friday.

06.Jun.2006 Chavez appreciates mil-tech cooperation with Russia: In view of the embargo that the US administration imposed in May on the supply of armaments to Venezuela, Chavez pointed out that the delivery of the first batch of 30,000 Russian-made AK-103 submachine-guns frustrated US attempts at weakening and disarming the Venezuelan Army.
06.Jun.2006 Detainee rules skip Geneva tenet: The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that bans "humiliating and degrading treatment," according to military officials

06.Jun.2006 Terrorism Quiz: Q: Which country was responsible for a car bomb which killed 80 civilians in Beirut in 1985?

06.Jun.2006 Khamenei calls Bush administration "liar": Supreme Iranian Leader, Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei, verbally attacked the US on Sunday, saying the US government was falsely claiming the world is unanimous against Iran's nuclear program

06.Jun.2006 Wrong move by US would affect oil flows: Iran: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the world’s fourth largest oil exporter, said on Sunday that if the USA makes a “wrong move” towards Iran, energy flows in the region would be endangered.

06.Jun.2006 Khamenei: No Nuclear Weapon Program. Goal is Energy Independence : The US media presented only a snippet from the speech of Supreme Jurisprudent Ali Khamenei of Iran on Sunday, in which he threatened to damage oil supplies to the West if the US militarily attacked Iran

06.Jun.2006 Oil: leading Iran to success or failure? : Iran is also a big refined oil importer with 40 % of its 75 million liter gasoline consumption per day coming from other countries.

06.Jun.2006 U.S. warships protecting Nigerian oil: A report published in the Nigerian newspaper Wednesday said that the U.S. Navy was patrolling the Gulf of Guinea, home to Nigeria's biggest oil field, Bonga Project, to prevent the field from being targeted "by terrorists and other maritime criminals."

06.Jun.2006 When will the House of Saud feel safe?: History shows that no amount of oppression is going to stop the inevitable from happening. It happened in Iran, it is happening in Nepal + if Saudis are not careful, it can happen in Saudi Arabia.  

06.Jun.2006 Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy: For more than thirty years it has been Israel's policy to assassinate or otherwise eliminate popular Palestinian leaders who were independent and had wide trust of the people, while seeking to construct a subservient leadership with whom it could negotiate "peace" on Israel's terms.

06.Jun.2006 Patrick Buchanan The Persecution of the Palestinians: For a textbook example of why we are hated, consider Gaza and the West Bank. There, a brutal Israeli/U.S.-led cutoff in aid has been imposed on the Palestinians for voting the wrong way in a free election.

06.Jun.2006 Israeli secret agent threatened to kill me, says Briton : A British charity worker has revealed how he was threatened with death by the Israeli secret service while he was detained for three weeks without charge.
06.Jun.2006 Rupert Cornwell: Out of America : The fish rots from the head down. The thought comes to mind as this misbegotten conflict in Iraq - embarked upon by President Bush on the basis of at best false information, at worst downright lies - moves well into its fourth year.

06.Jun.2006 UK: Bring our boys home : The organisers of Military Families Against the War, set up by the parents of dead armed forces personnel last year, say their movement is supported by hundreds of service families and that more than 100 families and veterans are actively involved.

06.Jun.2006 German Ex-Minister Attacks US Policy in Iraq : Tehran's Secret Helper: Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer writes about mistakes and shortcomings in Washington's Middle East policies. Gloomy predictions about the Iraq war, he writes, have been surpassed by reality.

06.Jun.2006 Saddam: America's Best Enemy: Video : Historical account of the relationship between America and Saddam Hussein. Reveals the complicity of America in Saddam's atrocities. Forty years of secrets, incomprehension and incompetence led to the occupation of Iraq
06.Jun.2006 Evidence Points To Cover-up By U.S. Military: New evidence may suggest cover-ups in two separate incidents at the center of a simmering scandal over Iraqi civilian deaths at the hands of American forces.

06.Jun.2006 US confronts brutal culture among its finest sons : American veterans of the war in Iraq have described a culture of casual violence, revenge and prejudice against Iraqi civilians that has made the killing of innocent bystanders a common occurrence.
The Media’s Bloody Footprints By Mike Whitney
The persistent slaughter in Iraq is not just the work of right wing fanatics and neocons, but of the information-managers who pumped their lies through the public air-waves and made the war a fati accompli. They’ve played a central role in decimating Iraqi society and putting America on the fast-track to ruin .

06.Jun.2006 Haditha: the worst US atrocity since Vietnam … Iraqi women and children massacred by American marines. How did it happen? SPECIAL REPORT BY NEIL MACKAY
CIVILIANS who spent time at the Haditha Dam base of the Third Battalion of the First Marines describe the place as something out of Apocalypse Now or Lord Of The Flies. It was “feral” one said. Soldiers didn’t wash. They had abandoned regulation billets and had built make-shift, primitive huts bearing skull-and-crossbone signs.

06.Jun.2006 Sheehan: From My Lai to Haditha - The Abominations of War By Cindy Sheehan
This is the most difficult article that I have ever had to write, but I have to write it anyway, unfortunately.

06.Jun.2006 Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear A Must watch BBC Documentary   A US government whistleblower tells Panorama how scientific reports about global warming have been systematically changed and suppressed. Click hear to view. Real Media 
06.Jun.2006 BuzzFlash Shreds to Pieces a Typical New York Times White House "Spin" Piece Disguised as Factual Journalism: Not for the Squeamish -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Stephen Colbert's 2006 Commencement Address at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois (For Real)

06.Jun.2006 Taking The Long Way (CD), by the Dixie Chicks. "Show your support of the Dixie Chicks. Buy "Taking the Long Way" CD (which was officially released on May 23). They are good. You can curl right up to their music or turn them high as you drive around with the top of the convertible down."
What the Heck is Quinoa? Try It Out. As always, when you buy Fair Trade products on BuzzFlash, you are helping to empower lives, ensure fair wages + improve the sustainability of crop production.

06.Jun.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
In Nationally-Watched Duke "Corrupt" Cunningham Congessional Replacement Race in California, McCain Reneges on Appearing with Republican Because the Bigot is Bashing Immigrants. Big Setback for Bilbray. 6/6
Ronald Brownstein: Gay Marriage Vote Serves Only to Divide Nation 6/6

06.Jun.2006 Armed men kidnap 50 in Baghdad; "The attackers - dressed in police uniforms - stormed the [bus] stations, in the centre of the capital, abducting drivers and passengers preparing to travel out of Iraq." 6/5
Time Mag's Matt Cooper?s Credibility in Question in Plame Investigation 6/6

06.Jun.2006 Danny Schechter: Big Media Bids Sayonara to Synergy, Top Exec Call is "Bull...." - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
06.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Solana unterbreitet Iran Angebot
06.Jun.2006 Haditha- Massaker: "In Vietnam war es genauso"
06.Jun.2006 China: Umweltschutz ist chic
06.Jun.2006 Neue Richtlinien für US- Soldaten: Pentagon will Erniedrigungsverbot für Gefangene streichen
06.Jun.2006 25 Jahre Aids: Die Todesspur des Virus
06.Jun.2006 Atomkonflikt: Iranische Drohung treibt Ölpreis auf 73 Dollar
Wechselstimmung in Großbritannien: Zwei Drittel gegen Blair
Suzanne Nossel | New Revelations on Rumsfeld's 9/11 Follow her links - S.; "Go massive . . . Sweep it all up. Things related and not." These lines were not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report
19.Jun.2006 about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies from the State Department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will say goodbye to their families and set off for dozens of classified emergency facilities stretching from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs to the foothills of the Alleghenies. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that my sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

05.Jun.2006 US Propaganda in Iraq: Manure Manufactured by Bush & Co.
Christopher Brauchli, It keeps coming up roses. Now the roses are being fertilized by manure manufactured by Bush & Co. instead of fertilizer purchased from outside sources. In 2005 we learned that the administration paid a group known as the Lincoln group $5 million for manure. The Lincoln Group is an American company that is paid for putting out favorable news about the war in Iraq to the Iraqi people who, seeing their friends and neighbo! rs being blown up daily, might otherwise think things were not going well. Here is how it works. The Pentagon has something called a "storyboard". It is literary fertilizer prepared by the Pentagon and given to the Lincoln Group that then translates the text into Arabic and disseminates it in Iraq under the by-lines of Iraqi writers thus causing it to look like homegrown manure instead of Pentagon offal...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

USA out-flanked in Eurasia Energy Politics?
F. William Engdahl, Curiously and quietly the USA is being out-flanked in its now-obvious strategy of controlling major oil and energy sources of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia Caspian Basin, Africa and beyond. The US?s global energy control strategy, it?s now clear to most, was the actual reason for the highly costly regime change in Iraq, euphemistically dubbed 'democracy? by Washington. George W. Bush restated his democracy mantra as recen! tly as May 28 at the West Point military graduating ceremony where he declared that America's safety depends on an aggressive push for democracy, especially in the Middle East. 'This is only the beginning,? Bush said. 'The message has spread from Damascus to Tehran that the future belongs to freedom + we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people in every nation.? If the trend of recent events continues, it won?t be Bush-style democracy that is spreading, but rather, Russian and Chinese influence over major oil and gas energy supplies...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:
05.Jun.2006 A New Bio Warfare Arms Race Begins in Maryland
KEVIN ZEESE The USA has come along way since our British ancestors used small pox poisoned blankets as a biological weapon against Indians. But, sadly, biological weapons are still with us--indeed they are becoming a major thrust of the U.S. military and a threat to humanity. Ft. Detrick in Frederick, MD, just 45 miles away from the nation's capitol, is going through a massive expansion into the largest bio-weapons facility in the world. The federal governm! ent is installing a 220 acre campus that will bring together numerous federal agencies anchored by a massive U.S. Army building--22 acres in size. The National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC) is likely to ignite a bio-weapons arms race...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:
05.Jun.2006 Haditha and Rumsfeld's Ratio
Mickey Z. In the most recent variation on this theme, the high ranking official was Secretary of Defense (sic) Donald Rumsfeld and his public assurance went as follows: "We know that 99.9 % of our forces conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. We also know that in conflicts things that shouldn't happen do happen." One needn't be a math major to recognize that even a passing knowledge of American military history would produce enough war crimes and atrocities to surpass Rumsel! d's .1% solution. (...) However, for the sake of broadening the scope here, let's assume that Rummy's got it right. Let's take him at face value that 99.9 % of American military personnel "conduct themselves in an exemplary manner." (...) How exactly does one define "exemplary manner"? By Rumsfeld's reckoning (and the standard company line of most every politician, pundit + peon) "exemplary" includes the use of Daisy Cutters, cluster bombs + B-52s dropping payloads from 15,000 feet. One-tenth of one % bad apples slaughter non-combatants without orders...but the other 99.9% are the heroes deploying depleted uranium, napalm + white phosphorus. "Exemplary" warriors with "core American values" launch cruise missiles into crowded cities, blow up dams to deliberately flood rice paddies and starve civilians + destroy villages in order to save them...
Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:
05.Jun.2006 [UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - [newsletter 04 Jun 2006] uruknet. Info :: information from occupied iraq :: informazione dall'iraq occupato
The Media's Bloody Footprints
Mike Whitney We don?t know why the media giants have veered from their traditional cheerleading and focused on the atrocities at Haditha. There have been scores of similar incidents over the last 3 years; what makes Haditha so special? It?s impossible to exterminate 100,000 civilians without producing a lengthy list of war crimes. Haditha just fits into the familiar pattern of serial killing that is casually dismissed as "pacification". The lack of coverage ensures that things will p! robably stay the same. It?s doubtful that the media executives are suddenly bothered by "pangs of remorse" about the suffering they have created. More likely, the unexpected attention to Haditha indicates the growing divisions among American elites about Bush?s mismanagement of the war. In fact, the media still supports the occupation; it?s obvious by the cheery nationalism that accompanies their news programming. Haditha is characterized as an anomaly that diverges from the norm of military conduct. But, that is not what the Iraqis say...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:
05.Jun.2006 While stressing that the MIHOP historical and political analysis of 9/11 is already conclusive, we urge that 9/11 deep throats and whistleblowers come forward, both to testify and to produce additional written or recorded evidence of courtroom quality on the scale of the Watergate tapes that can put the September criminals behind bars.

In the event that Bush-Cheney seek to impose martial law, we will agitate for an open-ended general strike of the civil rights movement, the labor movement, immigrant groups, minorities, students + all persons of good
will to demand the restoration of Constitutional rule. [...]
05.Jun.2006 Digest Number 1317
05.Jun.2006 When the rumbling stopped, we returned to the first-level altar where firefighters would lay to rest the beloved fire chaplain and hero, the Reverend Mychal Judge, who died while delivering last rites to a
firefighter who had been killed in the collapse of Tower One.
St. Peter's Church had become a life-saving refuge for many of us.
As my cameraman and I returned to One World Trade Center, a handful of firefighters and cops were staring at the mass of concrete and twisted burning metal.

Their faces shook with anger and despair. We were standing half a block away when we captured this scene on video.
But our work would never be seen. Suddenly, two plainclothes detectives dressed in NYPD windbreakers started screaming and running toward us.

They grabbed my cameraman and slammed him against the side of a building and took his camera.

One detective smashed it onto the hood of a car, breaking the lens off.

He then tossed the camera into the back of a patrol car -- outrageous police behavior.
It was perhaps the most difficult story I have ever had to report. I suspect it will take years before any of us will fully know how emotionally scarred we might be from what we saw and heard.

And there was the inescapable fact that I would never again care to celebrate my birthday - September 11th - because of the mass murders of innocent people that I witnessed on that day.
04.Jun.2006 NOTE: One must admire Morales' courage in this matter. He seems more interested in justice than in his own life-expectancy.

Let's hope his initiative will topple a long row of dominos eventuating in the various South American indigenous peoples freeing themselves from 500 years of submission to Vatican dominator values.

Please note that pimp/whore BBC here refers to a land hand-back as a land hand-out. This is really all we need to know about the BBC. -- kl, pp

Bolivia Head Starts Land Hand-Out By James Read BBC News
04.Jun.2006 Message: 5 From: "jewish_from_brooklyn"
Subject: Israeli professor: "we could destroy all European capitals"

<<< "An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the Holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans.

Speaking during an interview which was published in Jerusalem Friday, Professor Martin Van Creveld said Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons.

'We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.'" >>>
Bush Slogan: Lying Every Day Keeps the Truth Away
George Washington's Blog: Bombs Heard in the Twin Towers
05.Jun.2006 US military lies about Ishaq Iraq murders (updated)
Truth About Iraqis Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes: "We have heard that half a million [Iraqi] children have died.

I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

US Secretary of State Madeline Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it." US military lies about Ishaq Iraq
NYC Out to Cripple 9/11 Claims
05.Jun.2006 NSA wiretapping case to proceed despite DOJ 'state secrets' dismissal bid
Bloglines JURIST - Paper Chase JURIST's legal news weblog, powered by a team of 20 law student reporters and editors led by Professor Bernard Hibbitts at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. NSA wiretapping case to proceed despite DOJ 'state secrets' dismissal bid By Joshua Pantesco [JURIST] A federal

Hewitt touted Limbaugh's "information dissemination" as a model for mainstream media to get America's "trust back" In Propaganda/Noise Machine

During the May 28 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources , conservative blogger and nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt pointed to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh as a model of the type of media figure that could help the mainstream media get Americans' "trust back." Defending Limbaugh to Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz, Hewitt stated that "people can't argue" with Limbaugh's "re-branding as America's anchorman." "But," Kurtz interjected, "Rush Limbaugh would make no pretense of being an objective journalist. He's a commentator." Hewitt replied, Limbaugh "also does information dissemination, which is what I do and what you do." Neither Hewitt nor Kurtz made any reference to Limbaugh's extensive record of misinformation.

Here are just a few examples documented by Media Matters for America : Limbaugh recently distorted scientific research to downplay the significance of global warming. Limbaugh recently touted a discredited Drudge Report story on the Democratic National Committee, even after Drudge issued an apparent retraction. Limbaugh claimed that Ben Domenech,'s former "Red America" blogger, wasn't a plagiarist, despite Domenech having admitted to past plagiarism. Limbaugh falsely claimed that Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) proposal for a cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence would "[g]et rid of the Department of Defense." Limbaugh falsely suggested that Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer (NY) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) ignored port security before the United Arab Emirates' Dubai Ports World port controversy. Limbaugh falsely accused Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) of opposing National Security Agency "intercepts of the enemy." Additionally, Limbaugh has suggested that former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Clinton were secretly funding the anti-Kerry group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. More recently, Limbaugh has baselessly claimed that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush contained "Democratic talking points" and "even some liberal Hollywood Jewish people talking point." From the 28.May 2006 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources :
05.Jun.2006 ABC News: German spy agency rocked by CIA affair Author
05.Jun.2006 CREA - the Council of Republicans for Environmental Adovacy - the group made infamous by Italia Federici + her connections to Jack Abramoff during the McCain hearings on Abramoff cheating the Indian tribes, was actually co-founded by Gail Norton and Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform (ARM).
05.Jun.2006 The 153-page report also criticised Western firms for selling technology to repressive regimes to help them monitor what people do online.

The report was produced to mark World Press Freedom Day.

Full Reporters Without Borders report (1.3MB)

Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
RSF Annual Report
Full RSF report (PDF) ~~~

Web censorship: Correspondent reports

As human rights group Amnesty International launches a global campaign to try to halt censorship of the internet by governments, BBC correspondents report from some countries where web users face difficulties.

05.Jun.2006 U.K. Group Wants DRM'd Media Labeled Zonk 35 peterfa writes

"The BBC reports that the U.K. 'All Party Parliamentary Internet Group' wants companies to label their DRMed products. Consumers will see a label on the product before they buy. The label will spell out clearly just how easy it is to copy media + what they can and cannot do. This is in response to Sony BMG and their virus-like DRM. The group claims the industry is turning media into a rent system, rather than a purchase system."
Gen. Batiste: ‘Direct Link Between Haditha’ and Rumsfeld’s ‘Bad Judgment’ Judd 

Today on CNN Late Edition, retired Army General John Batiste said there was a “direct link” between allegations of serious misconduct against Iraqi civilians at Haditha and the “bad judgment” of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 and 2004. Batiste explained that Rumsfeld’s war plan left troops “under-resourced [and] overcommitted.” The result was an “unbelievable” strain on U.S. forces. Watch it:
05.Jun.2006 Kristol: He’ll Try Diplomacy For 12 Months, Then Bush Will Invade Iran Judd 

Today on Fox News Sunday, pundit Bill Kristol said a senior administration official told him the timeline to resolve the problem of Iran’s nuclear program is 12 months. By that time “will have diplomatic success, or we’ll have success through pressure and sanctions, or we’ll be forced to use military action…” (Kristol added that the other alternative was to “acquiesce to Iran getting nuclear weapons” but, earlier in the broadcast, said President Bush had taken that option off the table.) Watch it: Transcript:

WALLACE: You know, let’s talk about this, because this all goes against a time frame of how long we’ve got before Iran gets a nuclear weapon or passes the threshold in its nuclear technology. Bill, you and I sat down with a senior Israeli official a couple of weeks ago when they were in town. They seem to think that there’s kind of a point of no return by the end of this year, correct?

KRISTOL: Or at least 12 months from now, they’re using. And senior American officials do, I think, now believe that they cannot kick this to the next administration. I think that’s the biggest development in the last few months, which I think does justify this diplomatic move if it accelerates the time table.

President Bush needs to deal with this threat on his watch. Either we will have diplomatic success, or we’ll have success through pressure and sanctions, or we’ll be forced to use military action, or we will acquiesce to Iran getting nuclear weapons.

But that will be a decision made by the Bush administration.


WALLACE: Before I bring Juan in here, let me ask you to play your scenario out. They say no. The sanctions go nowhere. Where are we headed?

KRISTOL: The president said in the clip you showed Iran will not have nuclear weapons.
Tens of Thousands’ of Somalians Demonstrate Against U.S. Support for Militias Payson 

Last month, the Washington Post reported the Bush administration was “secretly supporting secular warlords” in Somalia “who have been waging fierce battles against Islamic groups for control of the capital, Mogadishu.” Some of these warlords reportedly “fought against the USA in 1993 during street battles that culminated in an attack that downed two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters and left 18 Army Rangers dead.”

U.S. support for these militias upset the Somali prime minister, who said, “We would prefer that the U.S. work with the transitional government and not with criminals. … This is a dangerous game. Somalia is not a stable place and we want the U.S. in Somalia. But in a more constructive way.”

He’s not the only Somalian upset with the policy. Reuters reports today:

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Mogadishu on Friday angrily condemning the USA for supporting warlords involved in clashes with Islamic militias that claimed 16 more lives overnight. […]

Some 350 people have been killed in three bouts of heavy fighting since the start of the year in the fighting that had focused on the capital but has now moved beyond Mogadishu.

The policy of supporting the “enemy of the enemy” is further destabilizing Somalia, but a shift in policy is unlikely. Last week, the State Department transferred Michale Zorick, the former political affairs officer for Somalia, to a different post after he spoke out against supporting the warlords.
02.Jun.2006 ThinkFast Think Progress 

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed California’s San Bernardino County for records connected to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) + a lobbying firm with strong ties to Lewis.

Bush’s nomination of Henry Paulson to be Treasury Secretary has riled some conservatives, who now want to “find a senator who will place a hold on the nomination.”

Paulson chaired the Nature Conservancy and supports the Kyoto Protocol. “He’s a lefty Nature Conservancy nut,” said one “outside-the-White House adviser.”

An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s new movie about global warming, opens today in cities in California, Connecticut, DC, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington. See if it’s playing in your town.

The Justice Department and Alaska have exercised a clause allowing them to receive more funding to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill .

“They announced in a statement that they would seek $92 million from Exxon Mobil to clean up stubborn patches of oil, whose most toxic components, they say, have not dissipated since the spill in 1989.”

86: The % of Americans who believe “the FBI should be allowed to search a Congress member’s office if it has a warrant,” according to a new ABC News poll.

The poll found this view to be “broadly bipartisan.”

Women now earn the majority of diplomas in once male-dominated fields — including business and biology — and “have caught up in pursuit of law, medicine + other advanced degrees.” Despite the gains, women still make just 76 % of what men earn.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on FEMA’s hurricane preparations : “It’s like a football team. You know, the preparation pre-season is what determines how you perform during the season. So we put that work in + I’ve been personally engaged.” (Let’s hope FEMA performs better than the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)

Internet and telephone companies are “girding to fight an unprecedented call by the Bush administration” asking them to keep records of customers’ online activities for two years. “It’s a real break with precedent. … The government is saying, ‘Keep everything about everyone and we’ll sort it out later,’” said Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

The War Tapes, the first movie filmed by soldiers on the front lines in Iraq , opens today at the Sunshine Landmark Theater in New York City. The New York Post notes it is “one of the most important films to come out of Operation Iraqi Freedom.”
05.Jun.2006 500 auf FileSharing Demo in Stockholm init 
Am 31.Mai hatte die schwedische Polizei im Auftrag der Rechte-Maffia etliche Server der Filesharing-Suchmaschine "The Pirate Bay" beschlagnahmt. Gestern äußerten die Betreiber der Seite und viele UnterstützerInnen auf einer Kundgebung in Stockholm ihren Unmut über diese Willküraktion.

05.Jun.2006 Baker & McKenzie tries to protect FIFA World Cup so Boing Boing attacks?
Let me get this straight. Infront Sports & Media , the company that owns the broadcast rights to the most popular sporting event in the world, the 2006 FIFA World Cup , is trying to protect its digital interests by having its law firm, the massive Baker & McKenzie , send out pre-emptive ...

05.Jun.2006 The Pirate Bay Threatens Compensation Claim Tim Brookes 
Sweden's self confessed daddy of BitTorrent has revealed that if the findings of an ongoing legal fiasco deem The Pirate Bay legal, the site's owners can claim compensation from the Swedish state. The popular tracker claims to have not been breaking any of Sweden's laws before it was subject to ...

05.Jun.2006 Taiwan says all new PCs must be Linux-friendly Mike Stanclift 
The Central Trust of China (Taiwan) has mandated for the first time that all desktop computers purchased from now on must be Linux-compatible, demonstrating the government's desire to widen the nation's usage of open source software. Central Trust is in charge of purchasing computers and other ...

05.Jun.2006 Brits Bash American Over Iraq Foul-Ups Uncle Dave 
Two British views on Haditha.

05.Jun.2006 UPDATE: Student Suspended over Caffeinated Chewing Gum GETS SCHOLARSHIP!! KB Zero Tolerance and the War on Drugs all rolled up into one huge ball of Stupidity.
05.Jun.2006 VA: The perps can't possibly know that they have 26.5 million Social Security Numbers!
After a data analyst's home was burgled, the Veteran's Administration announced that the names and Social Security Numbers of over 26 million vets were among those items missing. The naughty employee has been placed on administrative leave while the VA tries to find a way to cover its rather ...

05.Jun.2006 Wechselstimmung im Großbritannien: Zwei Drittel gegen Blair
05.Jun.2006 7 July report 'to criticise response' A report on the 7 July bombs will highlight communication failures in the response by emergency services.
05.Jun.2006 Steep dive in albatross numbers Albatrosses on South Georgia are being pushed to the brink of extinction, according to research.
05.Jun.2006 Bolivia head starts land handout Bolivia's president begins a programme to redistribute land, as owners pledge to defend their estates.
05.Jun.2006 Deserts 'need better management' The world's desert ecosystems are coming under unprecedented pressure, according to a new report.
05.Jun.2006 Tehran warns of fuel disruptions Iran's top leader says energy supplies could be disrupted if the US makes a "wrong move" in their dispute.
05.Jun.2006 'Good' cholesterol drug trialled A major trial is set up to see whether a treatment to raise "good" cholesterol can prevent heart disease.
05.Jun.2006 Data Breach: Customers A laptop containing personal information of thousands of customers is stolen from a car, so thieves have the names and credit-card numbers.
The only problem is that Bush and the neo-cons already have rolled the dice. They say the hell with the trade and budget deficits and instead are proceeding with the plan to control the world's oil supplies.
And the problem with that plan is that the Iraqis (and others) are not going along with the concept. The US is losing two wars and looks feeble, so the investors buying up junk US gov't bonds have even more worries.

Paulson’s job is to turn the dollar’s downfall into a “controlled demolition” rather than a full-system meltdown.

In late March, 2006 the Federal Reserve ceased publishing the M-3, the indicator of how many dollars are currently in circulation. This removes all the reliable data on the dollar’s value. Now, the public has no way of knowing what is going on with its own currency. This lack of transparency will be disastrous for the dollar as the use of money is predicated on confidence. By making their activities as opaque as possible, the Fed has undermined the publics’ trust and added to the anxiety in the markets.

America’s biggest lenders in Europe and Asia are now expected to calculate the value of the dollar without the statistical tools they need to make a reasoned judgment.

That does not inspire confidence.

The greenback is now facing its greatest challenge due to its massive account imbalances, reckless mismanagement + erosion in confidence. The only way the dollar can slow its downward slide is by maintaining its stranglehold on the oil trade. Currently, oil is sold exclusively in dollars which allows the US to float trillions of greenbacks through the system without fear of them being cashed in. Unfortunately, there’s rebellion among the vassals. Iran (5.4% daily world oil output) Venezuela (5.2% daily world oil output) and Russia (15.3% daily world oil output) are all threatening to abandon the dollar in their oil transactions which would send hundreds of billions of dollars back to the US and plunge the country  into a deep recession. If this mutiny succeeds, the dollar will vanish in a poof of black smoke.


“Last month saw the U.K. and Caribbean Banks buy a disproportionately large amount of U.S. Treasury assets. It appears that this is part of an international dollar liquidity management program. If this is correct the two centers will buy even more from now on, as other foreigners reduce their purchases of the U.S.dollar.”

this means that China and Japan have begun to reduce their purchases of US Treasuries but, surprisingly, some mysterious third party has begun to pick up the slack.

Who is crazy enough to increase their dollar-holdings when most analysts are predicting a loss in value?

Apparently, the Bush administration (along with the Federal Reserve) is purchasing its own debt (Treasuries) to control the rate at which the dollar declines. It’s a good strategy, but it can’t last forever.

If the dollar began a sudden nosedive, central banks around the world would quickly ditch their stockpiles and ignite a global-economic firestorm. By purchasing its own debt, the US hopes to engineer a “soft landing” while maintaining its status as the world’s “reserve currency”.

Of course, Bush is not the main scoundrel in this morality play. The Federal Reserve has weakened the dollar enormously by engineering one monetary-coup after another. Greenspan’s “cheap money” policy has created massive equity bubbles that appear whenever interest rates are absurdly low. When the stock market  crashed in the late 90s, millions of working class people lost their retirement and life savings overnight, while wealthy insiders walked away unscathed. Undaunted by the economic carnage he produced, Greenspan again lowered interest rates to a ridiculous 1% in 2001 which created a $9 trillion housing bubble, “the largest equity bubble of all time” (says “The Economist”). Now, as interest rates inch higher, the housing industry is lumbering towards the power-lines and certain death. The effects on the world economy will be catastrophic.

Under Greenspan, the money supply expanded at an unbelievable rate.   “ From 1982 to 1992, it went from a "modest" 8% year-on-year expansion. However, from 1992 to 2002 it moved into overdrive with the deregulation of global markets with a year-on-year expansion of more than 12%. Since the 2002 post 9/11 crash, the money supply has been expanding at greater than 15%”; more than doubling in less than a decade. (“Fiat and Credit” Nigel Maund)

Now there are signs that foreign lenders are tired of the weakening dollar and are reducing their stockpiles of greenbacks and dollar-denominated securities. The Gold Forecaster reports in its recent article “The US Dollar and its Prospects” :
BuzzFlash Shreds to Pieces a Typical New York Times White House "Spin" Piece Disguised as Factual Journalism: Not for the Squeamish -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

05.Jun.2006 President George W. Bush will meet Monday with people who think we need to rewrite the Constitution to take away gay people's rights
Taking The Long Way (CD), by the Dixie Chicks. "Show your support of the Dixie Chicks. Buy "Taking the Long Way" CD (which was officially released on May 23). They are good. You can curl right up to their music or turn them high as you drive around with the top of the convertible down."
The American Bar Association voted unanimously yesterday to investigate whether President Bush has exceeded his constitutional authority in reserving the right to ignore more than 750 laws that have been enacted since he took office 6/5

05.Jun.2006 "History will record that America's flirtation with the Republican right-wing agenda ended in 2006." 6/5
War architect Bill Kristol: "Maybe we should have Supreme Leader Bush. I kind of like the sound of that." But you knew that already. 6/5
Wife of soldier in Haditha batallion: troops had drug and alcohol problems 6/5

05.Jun.2006 Gore: Maybe troops should leave before end of the year 6/5
Joe Biden: Rumsfeld "should be be gone; he shouldn't be in his office tomorrow morning."
Video: Public policy professor explains why Lieberman is in for the fight of his life 6/5

05.Jun.2006 The sleep of reason... In Austintown, Ohio, the Rev. Mark Musser was fired from Emmanuel Lutheran Church after a Church Elder named Dominic Monroe charged him with practicing -- get this -- witchcraft . Worse, the "evidence" against the pastor seems to be so thin, even Cotton Mather would have snickered: Elder Dominic Monroe of Boardman came into a Bible study group and announced that Musser was being fired for practicing witchcraft.
"Apparently, Monroe accused (Musser) of manipulating the congregation, of casting a spell on them," Blair said. What medieval nonsense! Actually, it's sub -medieval -- throughout most of the Middle Ages, the clergy insisted on higher standards for accusations of witchcraft.
Musser is suing to get his job back. My advice? Don't bother, Rev. You're well out of it. That type of Christianity is insanity.
When I was a boy, such a lapse into superstition was considered unthinkable in a civilized nation. Is the Goddess of Reason dead, or does she merely sleep?
05.Jun.2006 US blocking international deal on fighting Aids : Britain distances itself from Bush administration - Negotiators try to salvage package at UN summit

05.Jun.2006 U.S. Wants Companies to Keep Web Usage Records : The Justice Department is asking Internet companies to keep records on the Web-surfing activities of their customers to aid law enforcement + may propose legislation to force them to do so.

05.Jun.2006 Court ruling could jeopardize trans-Atlantic travel to US : The European Union's highest court made the ruling that the Union should not have agreed to give the US details about airline passengers on flights to America.
05.Jun.2006 Charley Reese: No War With Iran: If we allow the Bush administration to drag this country into a war with Iran, we should all burn our voter-registration cards and go ahead and admit that we are no longer worthy of being citizens of a self-governing republic.

05.Jun.2006 Noam Chomsky: Video: Manufacturing Consent: : How government and big media businesses cooperate to produce an effective propaganda machine in order to manipulate the opinions of the USA populous. Windows Media

05.Jun.2006 Truman + Israel: How It All Began : Long before Israel's fundamentalist Christian supporters of today were on the map,the nascent Israel lobby deployed its manifold resources with consummate skill + ruthlessness

05.Jun.2006 Charley Reese : George Washington Had It Right: Have you ever thought how peaceful and prosperous we would be if our national leaders had followed the advice of George Washington in his "Farewell Address"?

05.Jun.2006 British police reportedly searching for "dirty" bomb : British police are refusing to comment on media reports that they are looking for a "dirty" bomb after their raid on a house in east London failed to uncover a device. They have mounted a close guard over a man in hospital whom they shot during the raid.
05.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Rumsfeld brands Iran as leading terrorist nation: Rumsfeld, attending an annual security conference, also took aim Saturday at Russia and China for allowing Iran's involvement in a group that he said has stated opposition to terrorism and extremists.

War pimp and propaganda alert: U.S. Studying Iran's Retaliation Options : If cornered by the West over its nuclear program, Iran could direct Hezbollah to enlist its widespread international support network to aid in terrorist attacks, intelligence officials say.
05.Jun.2006 Probe By U.S. Military Clears U.S. Military: A military investigation into allegations that American troops intentionally killed civilians in Ishaqi, a village north of Baghdad, has cleared them of misconduct, the US said, even though it acknowledged the deaths of up to 13 Iraqis in March raid. 

05.Jun.2006 Iraq Rejects U.S. Probe Clearing Troops Of Ishaqi Massacre: The U.S. military had issued a statement saying allegations that U.S. troops "executed a family and hid the alleged crime and then hid the alleged crimes by directing an air strike, are absolutely false"
05.Jun.2006 Another wave of bombers BY David Hirst
Patients with chronic kidney disease dying for lack of their routine dialysis; 165,000 employees of the Palestine Authority unpaid for two and a half months; women selling jewellery for fuel or food ... the "humanitarian crisis" of the West Bank and Gaza .

05.Jun.2006 Requiem for the Faith-based Greenback   By Mike Whitney
The great dollar sell-off has begun in earnest, although to a large extent, it is being concealed from the public.

05.Jun.2006 Return to Ishaqi: The Pentagon's Shaky Self-Exoneration By Chris Floyd
It seems that the Pentagon, that veritable fount of veracity, has probed itself for the alleged execution-style slaying of civilians in Ishaqi + found that the operation -- which left 11 civilians dead, including five children under the age of five -- was in fact an exemplary feat of arms, strictly by the book.

05.Jun.2006 Normalizing the Unthinkable
John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Charlie Glass + Seymour Hersh on the failure of the world’s press -By Sophie McNeill
To Pilger the most significant way journalists are used by government is in what he calls a “softening up process” before planned military action. “We soften them up by dehumanizing them. Currently journalists are softening up Iran, Syria + Venezuela,” Pilger said

05.Jun.2006 The shocking truth about the American occupation of Iraq -By Robert Fisk
Could Haditha be just the tip of the mass grave? The corpses we have glimpsed, the grainy footage of the cadavers and the dead children; could these be just a few of many? Does the handiwork of America's army of the slums go further?

05.Jun.2006 Another Robotic Vehicle to Help Soldiers Zonk 62Roland Piquepaille writes

"There are many teams of U.S. scientists working on robots able to find improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq before they can kill American soldiers. Today, let's look at an effort going on at Florida State University (FSU) to build unmanned ground vehicles that could save soldiers' lives. The researchers are creating complex algorithms to control these robots who will have to integrate many different factors such as the type of ground surface or obstacles that might block the vehicle's path. Some of these robots, which also could be used for civilian missions, are currently being tested at FSU. Read more for additional references and pictures of these robots which will have to navigate among dense obstacles."
Death By DMCA Zonk 335 Dino writes

"There's a good article in the IEEE Spectrum, titled 'Death by DMCA', which talks about how whole classes of devices were eliminated + how others won't even see the light of day as a result of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. One example is ReplayTV's TiVo-like devices which featured sharing capabilities, along with automatic ad skipping; the company was sued to bankruptcy + the reincarnated device supported neither sharing nor ad skipping."
Back to the Bunker CmdrTaco 333 Oldsmobile writes

"On Monday, June 19, about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies will say goodbye to their families and set off for dozens of classified emergency facilities stretching from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs to the foothills of the Alleghenies. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The vast secret operation has updated the duck-and-cover scenarios of the 1950s with state-of-the-art technology -- alerts and updates delivered by pager and PDA, wireless priority service, video teleconferencing, remote backups -- to ensure that "essential" government functions continue undisrupted in an emergency."
Abuses of Science Political Cartoon Contest CmdrTaco 290AngryNick writes

"The Union of Concerned Scientists has announced a cartoon contest for amateur and professional artists. 'The absurdity of political interference in science is fertile ground for satire,' said Dr. Francesca Grifo, Director of the UCS Scientific Integrity Program. 'We hope these contests encourage amateur and professional cartoonists alike to express concern--through humor and art--about the impact of the abuse of science on our safety, health and environment.' A celebrity judge panel will select twelve finalists and the public will then choose the Grand Prize winner. The winner will receive a host of prizes, including $500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to have lunch with the celebrity judge of his or her choice. You can read Contest details, sample topics and the list of celebrity judges."
Movie Burning Kiosks Coming To Retailers Zonk 125+Vitaly Friedman writes

"The motion picture industry is in talks with some major retailers about installing DVD burning kiosks in stores. It's an interesting idea, but one that almost entirely misses the point. Hollywood's movie distribution system is in dire need of a fix - very few will dispute that. Movie attendance has been suffering, DVD sales are slumping + all the industry has managed to do is come up with a half-baked, unpopular download service and a scant handful of simultaneous releases. In another attempt to sort of give consumers what they want, the motion picture industry is thinking about allowing retailers to set up in-store kiosks for distribution."
Michael Bloomberg Defends Science Zonk 228+blonde rser writes

"This weeks Scientific American Podcast plays excerpts from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's commencement address at John Hopkins University (text and video can be found online). Once he gets past the standard pomp and circumstance he makes a strong, pro-science speech. It is impressive how he very directly demonizes those that would politicize stem cell research, global warming, Terry Schaivo + evolution." From the speech: "Hopkins' motto is 'Veritas vos liberabit' - 'the truth shall set you free' - not that 'you shall be free to set the truth!'" Stirring stuff.
Congress Sets Sights on Videogames Zonk 275+boarder8925 writes

"According to CNET, Congress has set its sights on 'the purported problem of violent and sexually explicit video games.... A U.S. House of Representatives committee on consumer protection says it will hold a hearing on the topic later this month, with a focus on 'informing parents and protecting children' from the alleged dangers of those types of games.' " The article goes on to describe seven bills under consideration that either attach fines to the sales of Mature titles to children, or study "the effect of electronic media on youths." Five of them are sponsored by Democrats.
Dilmun Burial Mounds

The Dilmun Burial Mounds is a necropolis in Bahrain dating back to the Dilmun era.

A Danish group was excavating the capital city of the Bronze Age when they opened some tumuli and discovered items dating to around 4100 - 3700 BP of the same culture. Many others began to excavate more of the graves, providing us with a view of the construction and content on these graves.

Each of the tumuli is composed of a central stone chamber that is enclosed by a low ring-wall and covered by earth and gravel. Size of the mounds varies, but the majority of them measure 15 by 30 ft (4.5 by 9 m) in diameter and are 3-6 ft (1-2 m) high. The smaller mounds usually contain only one chamber. The chambers are usually rectangular with one or two alcoves at the northeast end. Occasionally there are additional pairs of alcoves along the middle of the larger chambers.

Although the chambers usually contained one burial each, some contain several people and the secondary chambers often contain none. The deceased were generally laid with their head in the alcove end of the chamber and laying on their right side. They bodies were accompanied by few items. There were a few pieces of pottery and occasionally shell or stone stamp seals, baskets sealed with asphalt, ivory objects, stone jars + copper weapons. The skeletons are representative of both sexes with a life expectancy of approximately 40 years.

Attempts to protect the burial mounds have run into opposition by religious fundamentalists who consider them unIslamic and have called for them to be concreted over for housing. During a parliamentary debate on 17 July 2005, the leader of the salafist Asalah party, Sheikh Adel Mouwdah , said "Housing for the living is better than the graves for the dead. We must have pride in our Islamic roots and not some ancient civilisation from another place and time, which has only given us a jar here and a bone there."
04.Jun.2006 Nahost: Olmert verspricht Gespräche mit Abbas
04.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Rice nimmt Irans Öl- Drohung gelassen
04.Jun.2006 America's alliance with the new Iraqi government was plunged into major crisis last night as the country's prime minister and its people reacted with fury to the US military clearing its forces of killing civilians during operations against insurgents.
Iran threatens global oil crisis if attacked

04.Jun.2006 Taking The Long Way (CD), by the Dixie Chicks. "Show your support of the Dixie Chicks. Buy "Taking the Long Way" CD (which was officially released on May 23). They are good. You can curl right up to their music or turn them high as you drive around with the top of the convertible down."
Colorado Rockies: Only Christian Players Need Apply

04.Jun.2006 Iraqi news producer Salam Pax describes a new country of fortress communities, where life has the value of an empty bullet casing 6/5
Whistleblower scientist tells BBC of Bush's "climate of fear" 6/5

04.Jun.2006 Haditha makes cover of TIME and Newsweek -- here's TIME's story 6/5
Reza Aslan: The major powers yesterday ruled out military action against Iran, but in truth it has never been an option against the Middle East's most influential force 6/5
Campaign to take back the House starts in California 6/5
Dozens of mothers want British soldiers back from Iraq now, in unprecedented new campaign asserting war was "based on lies" 6/5

04.Jun.2006 Recently, a reader directed our attention to an astounding story on the Citizen Scientist site -- a story which, I am told, achieved much notoriety when Drudge linked to it.

(The Citizen Scientist page is part of the Society for Amateur Scientists.) Writer Forrest M. Mims III attended a meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, roughly a month ago.

At this meeting, a famed evironmental scientist -- Dr. Eric R. Pianka -- decried the current over-populated state of the planet Earth.
After forbidding the use of video cameras and other recording devices, Pianka (supposedly) outlined a rather extreme method for dealing with this problem: Mass extermination.

He then showed solutions for reducing the world's population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved...
AIDS is not an efficient killer, he explained, because it is too slow.

His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 % of the world's population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years...
After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, "We've got airborne 90 % mortality in humans.

Killing humans. Think about that." Pianka's plea for radical depopulation received a standing ovation. Or so it is said.
After reading this report, I could not help wondering: Is it true? Could a leading environmentalist actually have called for the used of germ warfare to destroy most of the human race?

And could this blood-curdling cry have received warm applause from an audience of scientists?
In the dark realms inhabited by the most paranoid conspiracy buffs, stories of mass depopulation schemes have long circulated.

These claims have an appeal which crosses ideological boundaries.

For those on the left, scenarios of this sort seem the natural outcome of a very real history of racist oppression, while those on the right tend to embrace any claims which portray environmentalists as insensitive to human suffering.
Time, I felt, to separate rumor from fact. I decided to do some checking.
Specifically, I wrote to Dr. Pianka. Here (reprinted with his permission) is his reply: Thank you for checking with me before you add more fuel to this fire.

That SAS website and accompanying "Dr. Doom" article is complete bull. Of course, my views were twisted and sensationalized by some very irresponsible fundies.

No video camera was present and certainly no video camera-person was "thrown out" as reported over and over again.

One other obvious thing, they mistook irony, levity and hyperbole for "glee"! Nobody in his right mind could possibly be gleeful about this awful human predicament.
This is a pure figment of some slandering fool's imagination, intended to make me into a scapegoat (actually, I have been "swift boated" in an attempt to make lay persons distrust scientists).

It is scary what a few fools can do in one day on the internet. This was an organized and highly synchronized attempt intended to ruin my reputation.

The Sequin Gazette piece was scheduled to run almost exactly when the "Dr. Doom" site went on-line and the entire thing was shunted off to the Drudge Report as long planned.

This is an ongoing example of the Discovery Institute's conspiricy to defame scientists and to make lay people distrust science.
The blogosphere is truly worldwide -- I have received hate emails from all over the world, including some death threats (one called "Greetings" is attached).

I am truly amazed at how polarized people can be, not to mention how many of them believe what they read on some blog website without checking any alternative sources.
I was somewhat gratified to receive a couple dozen apologies from people who said that a few days ago they had sent me nasty emails only to realize that they had been manipulated by the religious right + they were sorry and would never do it again without cross checking sources.
I do not read my speeches (they are extemporaneous) and thus do not have a written transcript of exactly what I said, but my 50 minute talk was about the Vanishing Book of Life on Earth -- basically about the continuing destruction of natural habitats and other species by humans.

Only the last 5-10 minutes were devoted to human overpopulation and that was been taken totally out of context.

Someone taped the last few minutes of my talk and some of the question and answer session (transcript of this attached).
Signs of the Times - 2003-12-04 Today's conditions brought to you by the Bush Junta - marionettes of their hyperdimensional puppet masters - Produced and Directed by the CIA,
Religiöse Linke in den USA: Die Rückeroberung von Jesus Christus

04.Jun.2006 Neue Taktik: Nato verdoppelt Truppenstärke in Südafghanistan
The 9/11 Report Sponsored Link

The New York Times reports on the history and aftermath of 9/11.

Hidden History of 9-11 Sponsored Link

Scholarly and independent analysis in contrast to 9-11 Commission.

Search Results 12/31/2005) Y2005: Wayward Press Awards

At the same time, the American mainstream press hasn't exactly been acting ... at the end of 2005 that Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks ... accused the program's former chief of taking nearly $150,000 ...

20050615 ... of government complicity in 11.Sep.2001 9/11 attacks ? ...

15.Jun.2005 The mainstream press may be running out of reasons to avoid this story.

Return of the Nephilim - The New World Order and 9/11 attacks Analizing the probable conspiracy and coverup behind the events of 11.Sep.2001 ...

Able Danger, 9-11 Report, Gorelick + so much more... ... a multitude of reasons ... 9/11 Y2K; the 9/11 attack ... to the OKC story than the "mainstream" press has ... first 1-50, 51-100, 101- 150 , ...

00.Mar.2004: This Far and No Further ... administration planned on attacking Iraq almost immediately after the 9/11 attacks .

Hurricane Katrina ... America. Record storm surges that had not occurred in at least the last 150 years , inundated the entire Mississippi coastline, destroying many historic homes.

The storm surge in Mobile, Alabama was the ... attacks of 11.Sep.2001 , Congress passed + the president signed legislation authorizing a 9/11 victims compensation fund, which eventually provided more than $7 billion in compensation for ...

History News Network ... religious zealots. The reasons for their choice ... 24.Aug.2005 A Response to ... see them in the mainstream press shows the ...
04.Jun.2006 Flughafen- Wettbieten: Goldman Sachs will Heathrow kaufen
Daimler- Wunsch: Smart soll 2007 in den USA starten
04.Jun.2006 London: Polizei sucht weiter nach der Bombe

04.Jun.2006 Familienpolitik in China: Zwei Jobs, zwei Autos, ein Kind
Kaffeepreise: Billiger wird's nicht
Atomstreit: Ajatollah Chamenei droht USA mit Öl- Boykotten
Reformstreit: Unionsländer machen Front gegen Hartz IV

04.Jun.2006 Konfrontation: Hessen will Strompreissenkungen notfalls diktieren

04.Jun.2006 China: Computermodell soll verschollenes Grab verraten
Loan company reports loss of data on 1.3 million Texas student-loan provider says IT contractor lost hardware containing customer names and Social Security numbers.
Terror suspects protest innocence The two brothers suspected of being involved in a terrorist chemical plot deny any wrongdoing.
Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing Vs. Privacy Zonk 93 schwit1 writes

"Today a Washington Post story discusses the vast U.S. bank of genetic material it has gathered over the last few years.

Already home to the genetic information of almost 3 Million Americans, the database grows by 80,000 citizens a month." From the article:

"'This is the single best way to catch bad guys + keep them off the street,' said Chris Asplen, a lawyer with the Washington firm Smith Alling Lane + former executive director of the National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence. 'When it's applied to everybody, it is fair + frankly you wouldn't even know it was going on.'"
Londoner Razzien: Familie klagt über Misshandlung
Polizeieinsätze: Terror- Angst in London und Toronto
Iran/Contra Connections to 9/11 By Alex Constantine "the presence of Secord in Best's Azerbaijani oil venture ought to have raised blood red flags around the world..."
02.Feb.1982 "Aid for Terrorists" CounterSpy, vol. 6, no.
In spite of repeated attempts at unification, the Afghan rebel' groups are as divided as ever.
Infighting was pushed to a new peak recently by Sayed Ahmad Gailand, the head of the "National Islamic front of Afghanistan."

Gailani confirmed statements made by the Afghan government, when he told a press conference in London, England in early

00.Nov.1981 that it is incomprehensible and unforgivable' that the West is aiding certain rebel groups who are terrorizing the Afghan population.'
Gailani, who likes to style himself as a moderate and who is asking for Western aid himself, singled out Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Islamic Party which has shot villagers who had refused to pay them taxes + sometimes burnt down villages which supported other resistence groups.'

00.000.1973 -as early as- when Kekmatyar received U.S. + Pakistani support Pakistan clandestinely trained some 5,000 Afghan "rebels" to destabilize the government of Muhammad Daoud.
Cowboy UK Police Shoot Another Unknown 'Terror Suspect' Paul Joseph Watson Cowboy UK Police Shoot Another Unknown 'Terror Suspect' De Menezes lessons not learned, again proves shoot first, ask questions later policy still active
Sen. Edward Kennedy says voting against the Iraq war ... was “the best vote I have cast in the United States Senate since I was elected 00.000.1962 .”
Bush schedules pandering session for Monday. Judd 
AP reports, “President Bush will
promote a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday, the eve of a scheduled Senate vote on the cause that is dear to his conservative backers.”

The amendment “stands little chance of passing the 100-member Senate,” where it needs 2/3 support.
CEI Defends Chewing Tobacco’s Honor Judd 
The Competitive Enterprise Institute – the same group that is trashing Al Gore’s global warming movie with
deceptive advertisements – has risen to the defense of chewing tobacco.

A recent blog post on CEI’s website titled “Smokeless Tobacco: It’s Not Just for Rednecks and Ball Players Anymore” warns those arguing chewing tobacco is not safe “might be costing people their lives.” The post links to two websites, For Smokers Only and that promote chewing tobacco as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Both sites receive funding by the USA Smokeless Tobacco Company which produces Copenhagen, Skoal, Rooster and other popular brands of chewing tobacco.

Here’s what the World Health Organization has to say about chewing tobacco:

Oral tobacco has been recognized since at least the 1980 s to cause addiction, several forms of cancer and various dental diseases.

The adverse health effects of oral tobacco mixtures have been extensively reviewed.

All concur that smokeless tobacco products contain addictive levels of nicotine, many carcinogens, heavy metals + other toxins, though recognizing that the levels of nicotine and toxins vary widely across products.

In general, oral tobacco products are highly addictive + typically contain several carcinogens that cause head, neck and throat cancers with high rates of premature mortality.

Dipping: they say it causes cancer, we call it life.
Schweiz: Mann wegen CIA-Fax in Haft sfux 
Die Schweizer Militärjustiz hat im Zuge der Affäre um die Veröffentlichung eines geheimen Fax' über CIA-Gefängnisse einen Mann verhaftet.

Nach einer Woche Haft kam er am vergangenen Mittwoch wieder frei. Gegen ihn läuft eine Voruntersuchung.
Der Schweizer sei am 24. Mai verhaftet worden, bestätigte Martin Immenhauser, Informationschef der Militärjustiz, auf Anfrage eine Vorabmeldung des «SonntagsBlick».

Nach einer Woche sei der Mann wieder freigelassen worden, da der...
Wird WM Attentat in Deutschland Auftakt zum Irankrieg? sfux 
Stephan Fuchs ? Wie eine Eilmeldung von Christoph R. Hörstel erwähnt, mehren sich Hinweise auf einen grösseren Anschlag auf deutschem Boden während der Fussball WM.

Der Anschlag soll die westliche Welt wieder auf Kriegskurs bringen.
Die Eilmeldung des ehemaligen Journalisten, Sprecher des Friedenskreises und Beirat der Deutsch-Arabischen Gesellschaft stützt sich auf die Aussage eines amerikanischen...

Weird Cells from Space Believed to Be Aliens! Smartalix 
If this is true, it would have ramifications far beyond exobiology. As bizarre as it may seem, the sample jars brimming with cloudy, reddish rainwater in Godfrey Louis’s laboratory in southern India may hold, well, aliens.

00.Apr.2006 Louis, a solid-state physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University, ...
YARR! Swedish police site broadsided after Pirate Bay raid Caesar 
The Swedish national police web site was taken offline by a denial of service attack two days after popular torrent site

The Pirate Bay was raided. Retaliation or coincidence, it may be indicative of growing political fallout from the raid.
Houston & Texas
SAN ANTONIO - Irked by what he called federal "inaction" on border security, Gov. Rick Perry unveiled state plans to install hundreds of video surveillance cameras along the Rio Grande to allow anyone with Internet access to witness and report suspicious activity as it occurs. "I look at this as ...

03.Jun.2006 JetBlue wins air-to-ground wireless license Airline company will pay $7 million to the FCC for a license to transmit in the 800MHz spectrum.
03.Jun.2006 City Has Itself to Blame for Terror Cuts, U.S. Says A federal agency found numerous flaws in New York's application and gave poor grades to many of its proposals.
03.Jun.2006 Mob rule on China's Internet: The keyboard as weapon Webhelp "Internet hunting" is a growing phenomenon in China. Morality lessons are administered by online throngs + anonymous Web users come together to investigate others and mete out punishment for offenses real and imagined.
03.Jun.2006 If the NSA Surveillance Happened in the European Union Fascinating essay about how EU law would treat the NSA&apos;s collection of everyone&apos;s phone records....

The researchers say the carbonised figs pre-date the cultivation of other domesticated staples such as wheat, barley and legumes. They believe the fruit may mark the first known example of agriculture.

But other carbonised finds, such as domesticated rice found in Korea thought to date from about 15,000 years ago, have made defining the exact origins of agriculture complicated.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Ofer Bar-Yosef, an archaeologist from Harvard University and an author on the Science paper, said:

"Once the parthenocarpic mutation occurred, humans must have recognised that the resulting fruits do not produce new trees + fig tree cultivation became a common practice.

"In this intentional act of planting a specific variant of fig tree, we can see the beginnings of agriculture. This edible fig would not have survived if not for human intervention."

Neolithic 'revolution'
Ancient figs found in an archaeological site in the Jordan Valley may represent one of the earliest forms of agriculture, scientists report.

The carbonised fruits date between 11,200 and 11,400 years old.

The US and Israeli researchers say the figs are a variety that could have only been grown with human intervention.

The team, writing in the journal Science, says the find marks the point when humans turned from hunting and gathering to food cultivation.

Random mutations

Nine small figs, measuring just 18mm (0.7in) across, along with 313 smaller fig fragments were discovered in a house in an early Neolithic village, called Gilgal I, in the Jordan Valley.

The researchers from Harvard University in the US and Bar-Ilan University in Israel believe the figs are an early domestic crop rather than a wild breed.
Bush calls for gay marriage ban US President George W Bush calls for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages.
Ancient fig clue to first farming Carbonised figs found in the Jordan Valley may represent one of the earliest forms of agriculture, scientists report.
03.Jun.2006 Troops cleared of Iraq wrongdoing A US military investigation finds there was no misconduct by US troops over Iraqi civilian deaths in Ishaqi.
03.Jun.2006 Iran 'rejects Western pressure' Iran's president says Tehran will not abandon its right to nuclear technology under Western pressure.
03.Jun.2006 E Timor's Horta 'to end unrest' East Timor's Foreign Minister
03.Jun.2006 Hard labour for Abu Ghraib abuser A US army dog handler who abused an Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib prison will not go to jail, a court decides.
03.Jun.2006 Go-ahead for 'pharmed' goat drug The first medicine produced from a genetically modified animal is recommended for use in Europe.
03.Jun.2006 Maoists hold massive Nepal rally At least 200,000 people join the first big Maoist rally in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, for three years.
03.Jun.2006 Hackers hit Swedish police site Cyber vandals have attacked the website of the Swedish police a day after raids against a BitTorrent site.
03.Jun.2006 Troops cleared of Iraq wrongdoing A US military investigation finds there was no misconduct by US troops over Iraqi civilian deaths in Ishaqi.
03.Jun.2006 Man shot in anti-terrorism raid A man has been shot by police and two arrests made in an anti-terrorism raid in east London.
03.Jun.2006 Web users to 'patrol' US border A US state is to stream live webcam pictures of its border with Mexico so the public can spot illegal immigrants.
03.Jun.2006 EU bans Romanian poultry over flu The EU reimposes a ban on all poultry imported from Romania, due to the rapid spread of bird flu.
03.Jun.2006 Iraqi PM angry at 'US violence' Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki criticises US troops for what he describes as habitual attacks against civilians.
03.Jun.2006 Cannabis 'reduces surgery pain' A cannabis plant extract provides pain relief for patients after major surgery, research shows.
03.Jun.2006 Heart attack risk with pain drugs People taking high daily doses of two painkillers are at increased risk of heart attack and stroke, research says.
03.Jun.2006 Feds Press for Data Retention Internet companies are being asked to retain customer records for at least two years, just in case the federal government decides to go looking for a child pornographer or potential terrorist.
03.Jun.2006 Companies Read Employee E-Mail Watch what you send from work -- a new study says about a third of large U.S. and British companies hire people to read and analyze outbound e-mails.
03.Jun.2006 Lies, Damned Lies and Résumés Fudging the truth -- whether it be a fictitious interest in reading or a made-up degree -- could scuttle your job search.

Employers are beginning to ferret out the facts. From
No Bailout for America's Beaches The USA throws billions of dollars -- not to mention tons of sand -- into a futile fight to protect and replenish damaged shoreline.
Japan drafts laws for robots to live by Blog: As the specter of a robotic society looms, it's about time that someone start thinking about some rules to keep things from getting...
Video games in Congress' crosshairs House committee on consumer protection plans a public hearing to highlight violent and sexually explicit games.
Gore film calls for environmental action Experts say former Vice President Al Gore's documentary on global warming is right on, but it has its critics.
DOJ, Net firms fail to agree on data retention No agreement on forcing Internet companies to store data on Americans is reached at meeting, participants say.
Car theft exposes data Laptop inside car of Ernst & Young employee reopens the issue of compromised clients and customers.
When Cellphones Become Webservers CowboyNeal 24
"Nokia is experimenting with turning mobile phones into webservers, according to an interesting article on Linux Devices.

Nokia has ported the Apache webserver and a few other software modules to the Symbian OS that runs its phones, but there shouldn't be any barrier to adapting the technique to Linux mobile phones, since it all appears to be released under Linux-friendly open source licenses. Just think of the possibilities of having a webserver in your pocket!"
03.Jun.2006's Rising Star Zonk 27hdtv writes

"Fortune magazine takes a look at, a site originally designed to respond to queries in human language that grew into a full-blown search engine after the Teoma acquisition.

According to Fortune, has many features not available with rivals -- topic clusters, quick facts from Wikipedia on the search page, and, (what counts most) fewer ads than any of the rivals.

Currently maintains 5.9% share, a share that Fortune is sure will grow."
The Pirate Bay Is Back Online timothy 207
Many readers have submitted news that The Pirate Bay is back online, operating for now as "The Police Bay."

Writes one anonymous submitter: "Pirate Bay got new hardware, moved the servers abroad and used recent backups.

So the only bad side-effect of this police raid is that hundreds of clients of the ISP PRQ still have not got their servers back from the police.

When the police did the raid on Wednesday, they took Pirate Bay from Bankgirot's secure server room. Then they also took all the servers in PRQ colocation facility STH3, effectively disabling a lot of small companies.

The connection between PRQ and TPB? - Same owners, nothing more, this is beginning to become a huge scandal in Sweden with coverage on TV and all newspapers 4 days in a row."
On Orbital Fuel Stations Zonk 48dylanduck writes

"Being able to fill up your spacecraft from a fuel depot in orbit round the Earth or Moon is key to the long-term prospects of astronauts exploring the solar system, according to NASA engineers.

Trouble is NASA doesn't want to build it themselves. So there's $5 million for any enterprising groups who can develop a simple version themselves."
Scientists Couple Nerve Tissues With Computer Chip Zonk 48
patiwat writes "Recalling Ghost in the Shell, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Martinsried have coupled living brain tissue to a semiconductor chip.

This technique involves culturing razor-thin slices of the hippocampus region on the chip, enabling them to record neural communication between thousands of nerve cells in the brain tissue slice.

The hippocampus is associated with temporary storage of memory. Employing the new technique, the scientists working under the direction of Peter Fromherz were able to visualize the influence of pharmaceutical compounds on the neural network, making the 'brainchip' an exciting test bed for neuropharmaceutical research, with potential for further development in neurochip prosthetics and neurocomputation.

The researchers reported this news in the online edition of the Journal of Neurophysiology (May 10, 2006)."
Antarctic Blast Made Australia, Room For Dinosaurs Zonk 66
Agent Provocateur writes "Posted on the Science Daily site is a story from Ohio State University about a massive Antarctic blast that may have contributed to the Permian-Triassic extinction." From the article:

"Its size and location -- in the Wilkes Land region of East Antarctica, south of Australia -- also suggest that it could have begun the breakup of the Gondwana supercontinent by creating the tectonic rift that pushed Australia northward. Scientists believe that the Permian-Triassic extinction paved the way for the dinosaurs to rise to prominence.

The Wilkes Land crater is more than twice the size of the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula, which marks the impact that may have ultimately killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The Chicxulub meteor is thought to have been 6 miles wide, while the Wilkes Land meteor could have been up to 30 miles wide -- four or five times wider."
Canadian Domain Registry Pulls Plug on Free Speech Zonk 139
"The staff of a Canadian political candidate bragged today that he had managed to shut down a website critical of his involvement in a fundraising scandal,

by having the country's registrar of domains pull the DNS records for the site. Criticism from bloggers and free speech advocates has been negative + is coming from across the political spectrum."
Would Vendor Liability for Bugs Kill OSS? Zonk 304+ Glyn Moody writes

"Bruce Schneier has written an interesting column for Wired suggesting that vendors should be made liable for bugs in their software.

But where would this leave open source developers? Would what seems like a great idea actually be the death of free software?"
Government May Help Bells Defend Against Wiretap Suits Zonk 258+
Carl Bialik from WSJ writes "As lawsuits mount against phone companies from plaintiffs who allege their call records were handed over to the National Security Agency illegally, the companies' defense may get help from the U.S. government, the Wall Street Journal reports. From the article:

'The plaintiffs, who accuse Bell phone companies of privacy violations and are seeking billions of dollars in damages, would need to delve into the depths of the NSA's surveillance program to make their cases.

But the government considers such information top secret + legal experts expect the Bush administration to assert the "state secrets" privilege in the 20 or more lawsuits filed by privacy advocates in recent weeks.

If judges accept the claim, as has been the case in nearly every instance in which it has been asserted since the early 1950s, the suits will dissolve.'"
Proposal to Implant RFID Chips in Immigrants Zonk 461+
John3 writes "Some people are OK with voluntarily implanting themselves with RFID chips, but how about making RFID implantation mandatory for immigrant and guest workers?

VeriChip Corporation chairman Scott Silverman has proposed implanting RFID chips to register workers as they cross the border.

According to Silverman, 'We have talked to many people in Washington about using it...'

Privacy advocates see this move by VeriChip as a way to introduce their product to Latin America after a lukewarm reception in North America. Would immigrant workers trade their privacy for the opportunity to work in the U.S.? If this type of tracking is enacted, how long before the government decides to start tracking others for various purposes (for example, pedophiles who are released from prison)?"
The Time Has Come to Ditch Email? Zonk 208+
Krishna Dagli writes to mention an article at The Register claiming that it's time we stop using email to communicate. From the article: "The problem is, email is now integral to the lives of perhaps a billion people, businesses + critical applications around the world. It's a victim of its own success. It's a giant ship on a dangerous collision course. All sorts of brilliant, talented people today put far more work into fixing SMTP in various ways (with anti-virus, anti-phishing technologies, anti-spam, anti-spoofing cumbersome encryption technologies + much more) than could have ever been foreseen in 1981. But it's all for naught."

Texas to Provide Online 'Bordercams' Zonk 449+
Dr_Barnowl writes "The BBC reports that Texas intends to erect a network of online webcams at its border to Mexico. The intention is apparently to use viewers as a kind of distributed processing network, with a free phone number to report border-jumpers." From the article: "'A stronger border is what Americans want and it's what our security demands and that is what Texas is going to deliver,' Mr Perry said. The cameras will cost $5m (£2.7m) to install and will be trained on sections of the 1,000-mile (1,600km) border known to be favoured by illegal immigrants " Hey, it's working for Britain, right?

U.S. Government Demands ISP Data Retention Zonk 234+
dlc3007 writes to mention an article in the New York Times discussing data privacy. The article expands on the U.S. Government's 'request' last Friday at a meeting between Robert S. Mueller III, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales + the executives of several Internet Service Providers. The ISPs were required to retain data on users, for trials if subpoenaed. Right now they're asking companies to do this. The threat is that, if they don't comply, legislation will follow. From the article: "The Justice Department is not asking the Internet companies to give it data about users, but rather to retain information that could be subpoenaed through existing laws and procedures, Mr. Roehrkasse said. While initial proposals were vague, executives from companies that attended the meeting said they gathered that the department was interested in records that would allow them to identify which individuals visited certain Web sites and possibly conducted searches using certain terms." We originally covered this last Sunday, but more details have been released on the meeting since then.

03.Jun.2006 ZIONISM.ISRAEL ... ZIONISM.ISRAEL. ZIONISM-ISRAEL@groups. msn .com ... Posted on

28.Mar.2005 .. Jewish neocons headed by... WolfowitzBush is just an accessory—is ... groups. /ZIONISM-ISRAEL/ general. msn w? ... &mview=1&ID_Message=5369

Memo Reveals Early Push for Broader Presidential Powers - Newsweek National News - A Justice Department lawyer may have been laying the groundwork for the Iraq invasion long before it was discussed publicly by the White House


28.Mar.2005 Issue NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS: Highlights and Exclusives,

In the March 28 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, 21.Mar.2005 ): "How Jesus Became Christ." ...

WORLD VIEW: The Education of Paul Wolfowitz . Paul Wolfowitz , the ... ... &EDATE= The Education of Paul Wolfowitz . Here in the West, poverty means a bad life. But poverty in the Third World means death.

By Fareed Zakaria. Editor, Newsweek International.

Newsweek ... might be the bank that will change Mr. Wolfowitz .

At least that's the hope ...

01.May 2005 Wolfy Screws the Pooch! | -published on- , offered a $1,000 reward ... And Wood's book claiming that Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld (as I recall ... ...
Alterman: More phony negotiations, more war - Altercation - More phony negotiations, more war
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: Zeal Does Not Counter But Amplifies Incompetence Fair, Balanced + Reality-Based.

28.Mar.2005 . Zeal Does Not Counter But Amplifies Incompetence. Kevin Drum on Paul Wolfowitz : The Washington Monthly: DECONSTRUCTING WOLFOWITZ ....

Wolfowitz saw the danger Saddam Hussein posed ... staggering $1.8 billion in unsupported costs." ...
The shocking truth about the American occupation of Iraq -By Robert Fisk
Could Haditha be just the tip of the mass grave? The corpses we have glimpsed, the grainy footage of the cadavers + the dead children; could these be just a few of many? Does the handiwork of America's army of the slums go further?

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it Afghan Massacre : The Convoy of Death Video Documentary

In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops. Click here to view Real video
Navy construction crews have unearthed a rare Spanish ship that was buried for centuries under sand on Pensacola's Naval Air Station, archaeologists confirmed.
03.Jun.2006 An apparent crater as big as Ohio has been found in Antarctica. Scientists think it was carved by a space rock that caused the greatest mass extinction on Earth, 250 million years ago.
03.Jun.2006 Jump on!  Extreme urban craze Parkour is sweeping New York.
Nice article with good links for you traceurs out there. And since we're on the subject, here's a review of the Parkour-inspired film
District 13. I imagine you'll be hearing a lot about Parkour in the near future.

03.Jun.2006 Little-known media psychology firm sees Gore landslide, Clinton flop  A new behavior prediction tool by a media psychology firm is forecasts a landslide victory for former Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the 2008 presidential election should he run for office -- but says if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) wins the Democratic nod, any potential Republican challenger will emerge victorious.
03.Jun.2006 George W. Bush named worst president in 61 years  President George W. Bush has been named the worst president in the last 61 years by American voters -- with nearly twice the negative rating of Richard Nixon -- in a new poll by Quinnipiac University, RAW STORY has learned.
03.Jun.2006 Rolling Stone: Was the 04.Nov.2004 Election Stolen? 

Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House. By Robet F. Kennedy, Jr.

In short, Mary Sidney had the motive, means and opportunity to write the plays. At her home in Wiltshire, she fostered a literary circle whose mission was to elevate English literature—a strong motive.

Gary Waller, a Sidney scholar at Purchase College in New York, has called her salon "a seedbed of literary revolution" + Sidney herself "the first major female literary figure in England."

With her vast library, education and command of foreign languages, Sidney also had the means to create the works.

And with her extensive connections in the literary world, she had opportunity to smuggle the plays to theater companies. Perhaps it's just coincidence, but the first eight Shakespeare plays were published anonymously—

"+ three of them," says Williams, "provocatively note on the title page that they were produced by Pembroke's Men, the acting company that Mary Sidney and her husband sponsored."
“A lot of serial killers have a God complex and so do too many super-devout Christians,” Harris says.

At that, he supposes there’s not much practical difference between launching pious wars and slicing up damsels to be buried in the backyard.

He had been digging around some ancient workmen's huts near the tomb of the pharaoh Ay, the last king of the 18th dynasty and the life's work of Schaden. On the last day of the dig, in the last possible place, he came across what he now calls "an unusual situation."

Reports  also referred to the wreck's figurehead of a  lion.

Lion figureheads were the trademark of the Dutch East India Company (VOC in Dutch) that traded between the Netherlands and Dutch colonies in South-East Asia in the 17th and 18th centuries.
03.Jun.2006 June 01, 2006 'Drops of alien in my hair' 
In the summer of 2001, a blood-colored rain fell across India. If that wasn't spooky enough, now some scientists think that the red ooze may in fact be alien life
03.Jun.2006 Satan Inc.  Capitalism is the only evil guaranteed to rise from the abyss on 6/6/06.
03.Jun.2006 Interview: Bruce Sterling  The author of seminal science-fiction works is taking a very pragmatic approach to the world's environmental challenges.
03.Jun.2006 Valley of the Kings Tomb Unveiled  Hopes of finding a royal mummy in the Valley of the Kings got a boost this week as a small, gilded sarcophagus emerged from the mysterious chamber known as KV63.
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Egyptologists crack open coffins to reveal -- pillows


Wissenschaftler vermuten schon lange, dass die Heliosphäre nicht wie eine Kugel, sondern eher wie ein Ei geformt ist. Die beiden "Voyager"-Sonden könnten die alte Frage nun beantworten. "Voyager 1" hat die Grenze des Schutzschilds vor kurzem erreicht und wird voraussichtlich 20 Milliarden Kilometer von der Sonne entfernt in den interstellaren Raum vorstoßen.

"Voyager 2" aber, die auf einem anderen Kurs unterwegs ist, hat den Grenzbereich an einer anderen Stelle erreicht - + wird schon in knapp 17 Milliarden Kilometern Entfernung von der Sonne den tiefen Weltraum erreichen.

Forscher des California Institute of Technology schließen daraus, dass die Heliosphäre tatsächlich nicht rund ist, sondern eher die langgezogene Form eines Kometen hat, der mit einem Schweif an der Sonne vorbeifliegt.

Fast 30 Jahre sind die beiden "Voyager"-Raumsonden bereits im All unterwegs - und funktionieren noch immer. Jetzt stehen sie kurz vor der Grenze des Sonnensystems - und könnten Forschern nicht nur die Form von dessen Schutzschild, sondern auch seine Flugbahn verraten.

Sie sind die Marathonläufer unter den Raumsonden: Als "Voyager 2" am 20. August 1977 ins All startete und seine baugleiche Schwestersonde "Voyager 1" am 5. September folgte, ahnte niemand, wie lange die Zwillinge sich im All halten würden. In den ersten zwölf Jahren besuchten die Weltraumreisenden vier Planeten und 48 Monde, funkten spektakuläre Bilder vom Großen Roten Fleck des Jupiter, den filigranen Ringen des Saturn sowie vom Gasgiganten Uranus und Neptun zur Erde - und funktionieren noch immer.
03.Jun.2006 dr. elsewhere here
No doubt you all know about Chertoff
cutting DHS funds to NYC, DC + NOLA, slashing their funds for reasons they cannot divulge for reasons of our "national security."
03.Jun.2006 Permalink
03.Jun.2006 Think about it. Then take action, if it makes sense to you. Permalink
03.Jun.2006 The plan will prevail as soon as enough states accumulate the necessary half plus one of the 538 votes. So far, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois + Louisiana all have such bills pending + the bill passed in California. Support and opposition are both bipartisan. When you know about the history of the concept of the college - to ensure that Southern states with nonvoting slaves and therefore fewer votes would still have "equal" representation - this idea quickly makes sense. Especially when you consider that the US is the only democracy that does not elect its national representation by popular vote.
03.Jun.2006 elsewhere here
Cleverness always catches my attention, especially when it solves a number of problems at once.
Check out this
canny plan to rid ourselves of the tyranny of the electoral college, recover the one person/one vote concept (that has never really worked in national elections because of the electoral college), all without a Constitutional amendment.

03.Jun.2006 Debatte: Sind Patrioten Strauchdiebe?

03.Jun.2006 EBay- Leidenschaft: Europa deklassiert die USA

03.Jun.2006 Toronto: Mindestens zehn Festnahmen bei Anti- Terror- Einsatz

03.Jun.2006 Anti- Terror- Einsatz: Londoner Polizei sucht schmutzige Chemie- Bombe

03.Jun.2006 Kaum Produkte für "Best Ager": Finanzfirmen verschlafen den demographischen Wandel

03.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Solana erhöht den Druck auf Teheran

03.Jun.2006 Klinsmann- Interview: "Es kann noch viel passieren"
Heliosphäre: Sonnensystem hat länglichen Schutzschild
Merkel warnt vor Dramatisierung: "Einzelne ausländerfeindliche Übergriffe"

03.Jun.2006 Vertuschungsvorwurf: Kommandeure sollen von Haditha- Massaker gewusst haben
Schlaffe Republik: Deutschland sucht den Charismatiker
03.Jun.2006 Mount Merapi: Beten gegen den Vulkanausbruch Crooks and Liars
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Cafferty: Arlen Specter: a gutless Republican worm

Cafferty: Arlen Specter: a gutless Republican worm Once praising him, Jack sees the error of his ways and sets the record straight on Arlen Specter. I couldn't agree with you more Jack. Video -WMP  Video -QT

CAFFERTY: We better all hope nothing happens to Arlen Specter, the Republican head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, because he might be all that is standing between us and a full-blown dictatorship in this country.

He's vowed to question these phone company executives about volunteering to provide the government with my telephone records and yours and tens of millions of other Americans.

CAFFERTY: What an idiot I am. I actually thought at the time Senator Specter was going to exercise his responsibility to provide some congressional oversight of the executive branch, you know, see if the White House is playing by the rules. Silly me.

In the end, Senator Specter has turned out to be yet another gutless Republican worm cowering in the face of pressure from the administration and fellow Republicans. There are not going to be any hearings.

Americans won't find out if their privacy is being illegally invaded.

You know what the Senate Judiciary Committee settled for instead?

Senator Orrin Hatch said he has won assurances from Vice President Dick Cheney that the White House will review proposed changes to the law that would restrict certain aspects of the NSA program.

Dick Cheney is going to decide if it's OK to spy on American citizens without a warrant.

And this worthless bunch senators has agreed to let him do it. It's a disgrace.

Here's the question: Should the phone companies be forced to testify about cooperating in a secret NSA spying program? (h/t accord)
Email to Congress Critters
Another Day in the Empire
Email to Congress Critters Senator Pete V. Domenici, Senator Jeff Bingaman, Representative Heather Wilson, Representative Steve Pearce, Representative Thomas Udall:

07.Jun.2006 Steven E. Jones, professor of physics at Brigham Young University, appeared on Alex Jones’ nationally syndicated radio program.

Dr. Jones revealed the presence of thermite on steel beams taken from the World Trade Center.

As you may or may not know, thermite is used commercially to cut steel + is also used militarily as an incendiary device.

The presence of this reactant on steel extracted from the World Trade rubble is highly suspicious, indicating the World Trade Towers were brought down through demolition, not as a result of jet fuel weakening the structure of the building, as claimed by the Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the USA.

As an American citizen + resident of New Mexico, I encourage you, as my elected representatives, to urge Congress to re-open the investigation of the events leading up to the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

However, instead of a congressional investigation, the government must demand a truly open and public investigation independent of the White House + Congress + the thermite evidence discovered by Dr. Jones, who conducted his PhD research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and post-doctoral research at Cornell University and the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (thus demonstrating he is not simply a “conspiracy theorist” to be dismissed), must be admitted and seriously considered.