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06.Dec.2007 Hier ist Greg Palast zum Chavez, und dem ist aus meinen Augen nichts hinzuzufügen.
06.Dec.2007 Bei der Klimakonferenz der UNO gibt es nicht genug Stellplätze für die ganzen Privatjets, mit denen die Teilnehmer anreisen wollen.
06.Dec.2007 Rare ancient wooden throne found in Herculaneum  posted by Prof. Hex

An ancient Roman wood and ivory throne has been unearthed at a dig in Herculaneum, Italian archaeologists said on Tuesday, hailing it as the most significant piece of wooden furniture ever discovered there.
06.Dec.2007 Scientists Fight Senate Bill Protecting Ancient Remains 

Scientists hoping to study the ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man are protesting efforts that they say could block them from examining one of the oldest and most complete set of bones ever found in North America.
For the third time in four years, the scientists oppose a Senate bill that would allow federally recognized tribes to claim ancient remains even if they can't prove a link to a current tribe.
posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2007 Ahmadinejad: Report a victory for Iran:

A new U.S. intelligence review concluding

00.000.2003 -Iran stopped developing an atomic weapons program-

is a "declaration of victory" for Iran's nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday.

06.Dec.2007 Lavrov: 'No proof Iran had nuke program':

Russia's foreign minister said Wednesday there was no proof that Iran has ever run a nuclear weapons program, and praised Teheran for its readiness to cooperate with the United Nations nuclear watchdog.

06.Dec.2007 Bush calls on Iran to 'come clean' : President Bush, trying to keep pressure on Iran, called on Tehran Wednesday to "come clean" about the scope of its nuclear activities or else face diplomatic isolation.

06.Dec.2007 Bush/articleshow/2595985.cms">Iran still dangerous, insists Bush: "Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge to make a nuclear weapon. What’s to say they couldn’t start another covert nuclear weapons program?" Bush asked another time, underscoring his deep suspicion of Iranian intent.

Lies and propaganda alert: 'Great discovery' led to Iran nuke change - Bush: Bush + Vice President Dick Cheney were not formally briefed until last Wednesday on the intelligence community's new finding that Iran had had a covert nuclear weapons program but halted it 00.000.2003 - a bombshell with major implications for US policy.

06.Dec.2007 Bush Drops Standard on Iran as Credibility Questioned: President George W. Bush, his credibility under fire because of intelligence that Iran halted its nuclear weapons drive

00.000.2003 , adopted a new argument yesterday to justify tougher sanctions: Just knowing how to produce a bomb is dangerous.

06.Dec.2007 Justin Raimondo : No Iran Attack?Don't Be So Sure... : Never underestimate the neocons

06.Dec.2007 Israeli officials and experts stunned by US estimate on Iranian nukes : Israeli officials put on a brave face of continued determination, even as the prospect of potential US action against Iran's nuclear programs receded. The threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons must not be underestimated, was the message government officials sent out on Tuesday.

06.Dec.2007 Peres: Iran invests billions in ballistic missles for nuclear warheads: President Shimon Peres on Wednesday told former US foreign minister Madeleine Albright that Iran is investing billions of dollars in the development of long range ballistic missiles in order to load them with nuclear warheads, Israel Radio reported.

06.Dec.2007 Iran report won't slow Giuliani: Giuliani has made getting tough on Iran central to his platform.

At campaign stops in Florida and across the country, Giuliani trumpets his willingness to "take whatever action is necessary" to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions.

06.Dec.2007 Gulf states urge peace with Iran :

00.000.2008 members would form a common market and remained committed to a

00.000.2010 -target date of- for the achievement of monetary union - The final GCC communique also said

06.Dec.2007 Gilad Atzmon - Some People Never Learn the Lesson : For Blair it was No 1 Labour fundraiser, the Zionist Lord Levy who got him into serious trouble, for Brown it is Mr David Abrahams, just another ‘Friend of Israel’ and a provincial chairman of Jewish Labour, who may be the one to finish off his political career.

06.Dec.2007 UN Spotlights "Massive and Systematic" Abuse of Women: Millions of women across the world are beaten, killed, bought and sold by men, yet the gruesome violence and cruel treatment they face every day rarely makes headlines in the global media.

06.Dec.2007 Evidence Of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo: The Supreme Court intends to weigh the legitimacy of the military tribunals at a hearing this morning.

06.Dec.2007 Padilla cites torture as reason for short prison sentence: Padilla's attorneys are arguing that he's been so mistreated by the government that he deserves far less than the life prison sentence prosecutors are seeking.

06.Dec.2007 Court Finds Unlimited Police Power to Plant GPS on Vehicles : A person traveling in an automobile on public thoroughfares has no reasonable expectation of privacy in his movements from one place to another

06.Dec.2007 Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail : Congress and the White House appear to be headed for a constitutional showdown. - Washington lawyers are dusting off an old but apparently sturdy doctrine called “inherent contempt” that gives Congress the power to bring the recalcitrant witnesses in — by force, if necessary.

06.Dec.2007 Bay Area counties toughest on black drug offenders:

San Francisco imprisons African Americans for drug offenses at a much higher rate than whites, according to a report to be released today by a nonprofit research institute.

06.Dec.2007 U.S. Lobbyists Assault E.U. Regs:

00.000.2005 The European Union surpassed America to become the world’s largest, richest economy. America’s former dominance had made it the global arbiter of health and safety standards,
06.Dec.2007 Iran Intelligence Report:
Another Psychological Warfare? By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
Under the current administration, it is increasingly difficult to know who the enemy is, but what is certain is that the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is a brilliantly executed psychological warfare by way of misinformation. This dastardly plan is so devious that even the anti-war groups are jubilant at its release, and they are naively sharing its contents.

Perhaps non are as enthusiastic about the report as the most powerful lobby group in America hostile to Iran. Continue

06.Dec.2007 Putin's Landslide - By Eric Margolis
Putin believes Russia’s vast energy and mineral resources will eventually make it the world’s leading power. Only 55 years old, Putin might even live to see this triumphant day for Mother Russia.

06.Dec.2007 U.S. In No-Win Situations -By- Sam Hamod
No doubt about it, the U.S. is in a no-win situation in Afghanistan, much like the Russians of a few decades back.

It's too bad America didn't learn its lesson from the Russians in Afghanistan and the French in Viet Nam, but we didn't;

we went ahead as if we were the "good guys" who wore the white hats and could not lose because God was on our side. Continue

06.Dec.2007 Venezuelan Referendum - A Post-Mortem and its Aftermath  -By- James Petras
Venezuela’s constitutional reforms supporting President Chavez’s socialist project were defeated by the narrowest of margins: 1.4% of 9 million voters. 

The result however was severely compromised by the fact that 45% of the electorate abstained, meaning that only 28% of the electorate voted against the progressive changes proposed by President Chavez. Continue

06.Dec.2007 The Red Devil -By- Pepe Escobar
Venezuela’s political class, be they self-styled “social democrats” or demo-christians, has traditionally been among the most savage, vile, crass and corrupt in the whole of Latin America.

06.Dec.2007 We the Paranoid -By- Eugene Robinson
We Americans like to think of ourselves as strong, rugged and supremely confident -- a nation of Marlboro Men and Marlboro Women, minus the cigarettes and the lung cancer. So why do we increasingly find ourselves hunkered behind walls, popping pills by the handful to stave off diseases we might never contract and eyeing the rest of the world with an us-or-them suspicion that borders on the pathological?

06.Dec.2007 White House Still Won't Answer When Bush First Learned Iran Halted Its Nuclear Weapons Program
Police say at least 9 dead in Omaha mall shooting 12/6

06.Dec.2007 Black is White. And (for Bush at Least) No Nukes is Bad News -- Dave Lindorff
'Woe is the American Worker: Workers are paying the price for our productivity-focused, growth-at-any-cost business world. Why aren't the candidates talking about it?' 12/6
Americans Are Uniting Against S 1959, But The Battle Isn't Over Yet 12/6

06.Dec.2007 Why the Pentagon Is Happy about the NIE 12/6

06.Dec.2007 Waxman, Mukasey and 10 Million Missing E-mails 12/6

06.Dec.2007 Long-Delayed Spy Report on Iran's Nuke Program a Humiliating Defeat for Cheney 12/6

They SPECIFICALLY and repeatedly advised employees of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley that it was going to be a BIG TRADING DAY + they were going to miss out on hefty commissions if they didn’t come in to work. This was extremely peculiar. An obvious question would be why did the NYSE even sound the opening bell that day? Anyone see a pattern yet?

What these people were doing on conspiracy forums, I have not a clue [/sarcasm].

What it all boils down to is this:

The incriminating footage of FOX/ was not entered into news archives on the internet, niether in video form nor text dialogue. I used every search tool and key word I could think of to no avail…for years.

There still isn’t even an essay or editorial on the subject that I can find. There are video archives available now that are being represented as recordings of the live reports.

These are fake reproductions that do not vaguely resemble what was shown on TV.

Here is my description of what my wife and I saw on FOX/ during the opening act of 9/11:

When the biggest story of the century initially broke, the reports were sketchy at best.

Original Content at
Former Chief of NIST’s Fire Science Division Calls for Independent Review of World Trade Center Investigation 15 09 2007

In my opinion, the WTC investigation by NIST falls short of expectations by not definitively finding cause,

by not sufficiently linking recommendations of specificity to cause,

by not fully invoking all of their authority to seek facts in the investigation, and

by the guidance of government lawyers to deter rather than develop fact finding.

I have over 35 years of fire research in my experience. I worked in the fire program at NIST for 19 years, leaving as a division chief.

I have been at the University of Maryland since. I am a founding member and past-Chair of the International Association for Fire Safety Science—the principal world forum for fire research. …

All of these have been submitted to NIST, but never acknowledged or answered. I will list some of these.

1. Why is not the design process of assigning fire protection to the WTC towers fully called out for fault? …

2. Why were not alternative collapse hypotheses investigated and discussed as NIST had stated repeatedly that they would do? …

3. Spoliation of a fire scene is a basis for destroying a legal case in an investigation. Most of the steel was discarded, although the key elements of the core steel were demographically labeled.

A careful reading of the NIST report shows that they have no evidence that the temperatures they predict as necessary for failure are corroborated by findings of the little steel debris they have.

Why hasn’t NIST declared that this spoliation of the steel was a gross error?
Defense Bill Proves Lucrative for Biggest Firms
05.Dec.2007 Defense Has New Acquisition, Tech Chief
John J. Young Jr. started work as the under secretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, last week, following

16.Nov.2007 confirmation by the Senate .

Young replaces Kenneth Krieg, who announced his resignation in June.

Young previously served as the director of Defense research and engineering and the department’s chief technology officer.
The plot had been mounted by the Amman -based Iraqi National. Accord. The INA, a creation of the British. MI6., had been working with the CIA since at ...

en Amman . El mercader de armas tiene facturas para demostrar la legalidad ...

... los cuales, el ahora famoso y fraudulento banquero Ghaith Pharaon, actuaba ...
Prophet of Doom - Al-Qaeda

00.000.1970 -During the s- Azzam taught Islamic Law at the University of Jordan in Amman.

But when he used his position to recruit for the Muslim Brotherhood he was ...
00.Oct.2004 Archives Liberation News Service: Morgenthau named Ghaith Pharaon as a front man for BCCI who had gotten a secret loan from the bank to invest in three U.S. banks.
05.Dec.2007 robertpaulsen's Journal - Archives According to credible Iraqi sources in London and Amman, a secret story of America's ....

... owned by Abedi's associate and US front man Ghaith Pharaon .
You all do know that DU's robertpaulsen nailed AMERICAN JUDAS Dick

... to investments - patently noncharitable - in a company called Attock Cement, owned by Abedi's associate and US front man Ghaith Pharaon .
00.Nov.2004 Archives SIVACRACY.NET: ... + Kamal Adham, as well as Lebanese businessman Ghaith Pharaon (who was ... the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Amman, Jordan.


Case in point:

05.Dec.2007 -00.000.1991 -since the- collapse of the Bank of Credit-65-year-old multi-millionaire, Ghaith Rashad Pharaon has been on the run from US authorities ...
00.000.1984 Prophet of Doom - Islamic Clubs - Al-Qaeda -First published- by the Modern Mission Library in Amman, Jordan, ...

Also buying in at this time was Ghaith Pharaon, a lead player in the BCCI, ...
19.Dec.2004 IntelliBriefs: Arab Emirates, billionaires like Ghaith Pharaon, Khalid bin Mahfouz and ...

The defendant is headquartered in Amman, Jordan and is one of the largest ...
World War 3 Report #43

Algerian rai music star Cheb Khaled performed in Amman to a sold-out crowd of 3000,

... Bakhsh was also a prominent co-investor with Ghaith Pharaon, ...
Ghaith Pharaon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

07.Sep.1940 Ghaith Rashad Pharaon, (b. in Riyadh (or by varying .... an hour south of Amman ); recently given a gushing review by the New York Times. Ghaith _ Pharaon
United Commercial Agencies - Saudi Arabia Ghaith R Pharaon Chairman. Machaal A Karam Chief Executive Officer ...

Ghaith Pharaon, Private, Saudi Arabia, 63.00%. Heirs of Salem Binladen, Private ...
United Commercial Agencies - Saudi Arabia Directors Markets Main; Abu Dhabi SM; Amman SE; Bahrain SE; Cairo SE; Casablanca SE; DIFX; Doha SM ...

Ghaith R Pharaon, Chairman. Ghaleb Binladin. Abou Baker Hamed ...
20061123 According to credible Iraqi sources in London and Amman, a secret story of ...

The following year Mahfouz + Saudi businessman Ghaith Pharaon invested in ...

Der Direktor der Internationalen Atomenergiebehörde (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei sagte während eines Besuchs in Brasilien, Iran sei von dem Bericht in seiner bisherigen Haltung "etwas gerechtfertigt" worden.

Was er durch das US-Dossier erfahren habe, decke sich mit den Erkenntnissen seiner Behörde.
Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow sagte, Moskau werde bei den Beratungen im Uno-Sicherheitsrat den jüngsten Informationen aus den USA Rechnung tragen.
Chinas Uno-Botschafter Wang Guangya sagte, die Dinge hätten sich mit dem Bericht "geändert".

Er wiederholte seine Forderung, Teheran müsse seine Urananreicherung aussetzen und forderte Iran auf, an den Verhandlungstisch zu kommen.

Bereits am Vorabend hatte Bush die Option eines militärischen Eingreifens bekräftigt: "Ich habe meine Meinung nicht geändert", so Bush.

Der Präsident machte deutlich, dass er auch nach den entwarnenden Befunden auf die weitere Unterstützung Deutschlands und anderer Länder zählt, um hart gegen Teheran vorzugehen.

Die ausländischen Partner "verstehen, dass die iranische Nuklearfrage ein Problem ist und ein Problem bleibt, dem sich die internationale Gemeinschaft widmen muss", sagte Bush.

"Dies ist eine Siegeserklärung des iranischen Volkes gegen die Weltmächte in der Atomfrage", sagte er vor Tausenden Anhängern.

Alle Drohungen und Lügen der vergangenen Jahre hätten sich als ungerechtfertigt erwiesen. All denen, die Iran Böses wünschten, sei damit ein "tödlicher Schuss" versetzt worden.
Er bekräftigte das Recht Irans auf die Entwicklung einer Atomtechnologie und betonte, der Geheimdienstbericht habe den "Feinden Irans" klargemacht, dass sie "unsere Nation nicht mit Drohungen einschüchtern" können.
Der Preis für das Barrel Öl wird nach Meinung der Deutschen Bank im nächsten Jahr sinken, aber auf keinen Fall unter 60 Dollar fallen. Als Grund nannte die Bank die Entspannung im Mittleren Osten.
00.000.2008 -Erst gegen Ende- sei mit einem spürbaren Anstieg an den Börsen zu rechnen, sagte der Banker.

00.000.2008 -noch mindestens bis ins erste Quartal hinein dauern- Frankfurt am Main - Nach Einschätzung der Deutschen Bank wird die weltweite Kreditkrise.

"Im Großen und Ganzen erwarten wir im nächsten Jahr nicht den großen Börsen-Run", sagte der Chefanlagestratege der Bank für Privatkunden, Klaus Martini, in Frankfurt.

"Es steht zu befürchten, dass es immer wieder enttäuschende Mitteilungen gibt, die kleine Rallyes an den Börsen kaputt machen."
Michael Coogan so, der Generaldirektor von CLM: "Wenn die Geldmärkte im Koma bleiben, werden nicht alle Menschen, die ein Darlehen wollen, auch eines bekommen."

London - Es ist eine der stärksten Warnungen, die je von offizieller Seite abgegeben wurden.

Für fast 1,5 Millionen Briten werde es im nächsten Jahr "schwierig, wenn nicht unmöglich", eine bezahlbare Anschlussfinanzierung für ihr Eigenheim zu finden, sagte Clive Briault von der Regulierungsbehörde FSA dem "Telegraph". Die steigenden Kreditkosten seien für viele Hausbesitzer "einfach zu viel".
US- Geheimdienstdossier: Ahmadinedschad erklärt sich zum Sieger im Atomstreit (Politikt)
05.Dec.2007 Kulturkampf: Frankreich empört über Schmähschrift im "Time"- Magazin

05.Dec.2007 US- Flughäfen: Kollisionsgefahr auf dem Rollfeld steigt (Reise)
05.Dec.2007 Protokolländerung: Kein Strafverfahren gegen Deutsch- Bank- Notar
05.Dec.2007 Kreditkrise: US- Justiz nimmt Deutsche Bank unter die Lupe (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Saurier- Sensation: Lang wie ein Bus, Zähne groß wie Gurken
05.Dec.2007 Extremismus im Stadtrat: Italienischer Politiker fordert Nazi- Methoden (Politikt)
05.Dec.2007 Pisa- Schock: Japans Schüler finden Technik zum Gähnen
Hypothekenriese in Finanznöten: Fannie Mae braucht Kapital in Milliardenhöhe (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Anschlag in Bagdad: Autobombe explodiert während Gates- Besuch - viele Tote

05.Dec.2007 Weltklimakongress: US- Abgeordnete brüskieren Bush- Regierung

05.Dec.2007 Geheimdienstbericht zu Iran: Putins stille Schadenfreude (Politikt)
05.Dec.2007 Pläne für Mittelmeerunion: Merkel warnt vor Spaltung Europas
05.Dec.2007 Deutsche- Bank- Prognose: Aktienmarkt trübt sich 2008 merklich ein (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Sinkende Benzinpreise: Autofahrer stürmen Tankstellen - Experten warnen vor Panikkäufen
Neapel: Antiker Thron unter Villa von Cäsars Schwiegervater entdeckt (Wissenschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Gefangen in Mekka: Frau flieht in Ketten aus Elternhaus (Panorama)
05.Dec.2007 Iran- Dossier: US- Geheimdienst lernt aus Irak- Fiasko (Politikt)
05.Dec.2007 Großbritanniens Premier Brown: Die PR- Niete von Downing Street 10

05.Dec.2007 Kunstprovokateur Banksy: Kugelsichere Friedenstauben in Bethlehem (Kultur)
05.Dec.2007 Horrende Managerbezüge: Wiedeking verteidigt sein Millionengehalt (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Durchsuchung: Bundesweite Großrazzia gegen türkische Linksterroristen (Politikt)
05.Dec.2007 Guter Geruchssinn: Elefanten erschnüffeln, wo sich die Familie aufhält

05.Dec.2007 Weltraumlabor "Columbus": Pannen- Marathon ins All
05.Dec.2007 Experten- Warnung: Millionen britischen Hausbesitzern droht Ruin (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Europäische Zentralbank: Trichet warnt vor Mindestlohn in Deutschland

05.Dec.2007 Bundesregierung: Kabinett beschließt Klimaschutz- Paket

05.Dec.2007 US- Autor E.L. Doctorow: Die Armee als letzte Zuflucht (Kultur)
05.Dec.2007 Search results for "Iran-Contra"

.. Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner ... -... Studley, Barbara had gathered archconservative military + political ... Titan.URL:  

Seit, Washington Sex-Heftchen Shadowing, Ernst Werner Glatt Ken Silverstein Sharon, Ariel SHARON ARIEL 187 Shaw, George Bernard ... 192

Weltkrieg, Zweiten Weltkrieges, Zweiten Werner, Reporterin Erica West Bank Jewish Wettervorhersage, Mittelfristige Whitehurst, Teresa ...
20050202 [... Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt Ken Silverstein Shadowing our government's favorite arms dealer "Vote! Bah!  
... THEODORE GEORGE 393 Shadowing, Ernst Werner Glatt Ken Silverstein Shaw, George Bernard SHAW GEORGE BERNARD 10 Shelton, ... 13 Weltkrieg, Zweite Wende, Letzte Werner, Ernst West-Nil-Fieber Whitaker, Brian WHITAKER BRIAN 1 White, Theocratric ...

... von 1 für durrani affair "werner glatt" .


20070523 Falwell ' s acceptance of Moon' s mysterious money ...  
05.Dec.2007 Singlaub
... Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt Ken Silverstein Shadowing our government's favorite arms dealer "Vote! Bah!,John_.html  

"Spiegel-Storys sind heute glatter und ...

Reaktionen auf Bushs Rede : Politikforum - ...


We encounter Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who was for many years ...
05.Dec.2007  Web  Ergebnisse 1 - 37 von 37 für "Ernst Werner Glatt" . ( 0,33 Sekunden) 
News & Opinion: Warriors, Guns, and Money (The Boston Phoenix . 09 ...

The story of Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who worked for the Pentagon and CIA for 40 years, and who was a key participant in the most amazing ...
The Thomas G. Corcoran Page

Re clandestine arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt, an ex-Nazi described as "one of the most important and enigmatic arms dealers of all time," who is said to ...
LICENSED TO KILL.(arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt) Harper's ...

LICENSED TO KILL.(arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt ) from Harpers Magazine in Array provided by LookSmart Find
Privatizing War How affairs of state are outsourced to ...

According to a retired government official who brokers military equipment deals, Zagreb was buying weapons from a German arms dealer, Ernst Werner Glatt, ...
Corporate Mercenaries - Alfred Mendes

... while head of the DIA, General Soyster had dealt out a number of contracts to the well-known German arms dealer, Ernst Werner Glatt, for the procurement ...
phorum - JTQ - I Like ernst werner glatt ernst werner glatt Private Warriors: Books: Ken Silverstein,Daniel Burton ...

Silverstein wisely populates his book with real-life characters such as German arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt, Nixon- and Reagan-administration veteran ...
Fachschaftszelle Philosophie: Streitblatt Mai 99: Über den Wolken...

Die Waffen wurden über einen bekannten BND/CIA-Zulieferer namens Ernst Werner Glatt im süddeutschen Raum abgewickelt. 200 000 vertriebene Krajinaserben ...
Radio National - Late Night Live - About

It is a profile of one of the world's most important and enigmatic arms dealers of all time, Ernst Werner Glatt, who was the Pentagon's preferred gunrunner, ...
I signori della guerra a pagamento

... agli acquisti di apparecchiature militari per conto dei croati, Zagabria ha comprato armamenti da un commerciante di armi tedesco, Ernst Werner Glatt . ...
The Merchant of Death - HTML-Version
connections” with Ernst Werner Glatt, reputedly. one of Washington’s favorite gunrunners during. the Cold War. Glatt also had ties to Washington’s ...
LICENSED TO KILL.(arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt) - Harper's ... Harper's Magazine - LICENSED TO KILL.(arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt ) - From the HighBeam Research Archive.
Village Voice - Busting the Merchant of War - Small Wars Council

This article is about our own "merchant of death" during the cold war: Ernst Werner Glatt . Pretty incredible story. Glatt, a German national, ...
Welcome to Octopus Books | Octopus Books

It introduces little known figures such as Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who for many years was the Pentagon's preferred gunrunner, ...
Silverstein, La privatizzazione della guerra

... di apparecchiature militari, Zagabria ha comprato armamenti da un commerciante di armi tedesco, Ernst Werner Glatt, fino ad almeno l'anno scorso. ...
park ernie miller park kansas ernie miller pontiac ernie miller ...

merck ernst wagner ernst wahliss ernst walter ernst walter mayr ernst weber ernst webers law ernst weil ernst werner ernst werner glatt ernst werner von ...
Loftur Jóhannesson - Wikipedia, frjálsa alfræðiritið

Pálmi Jónasson: Íslenskir milljarðamæringar, Reykjavík 2001), ISBN 9979-2-1581-X. „Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt “, Harper's, maí 2000. ...óhannesson
The EastAfrican on the Web

Several sources involved in the weapons trade, interviewed by ICIJ, noted Bout’s "deep connections" with Ernst Werner Glatt, reputedly one of Washington’s ...
[Le Scarabée] Des mercenaires au service des Etats-Unis : le MPRI

Divers témoignages indiquent que Zagreb se serait fourni en armes auprès du négociant allemand Ernst Werner Glatt,

que sa fortune a amené à s'installer dans ...
Books - Private Warriors - 9781859843253 - Details In these pages we encounter Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who was for man.

It introduces little known figures such as Ernst Werner Glatt, ... Private Warriors: Books: Ken Silverstein

We encounter Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who was for many years the Pentagon's preferred gun-runner; ex Secretary of State Alexander Haig who ...
La - Temas del domingo

También había sido, junto con Ernst Werner Glatt, proveedor de armas en el escándalo de Irán-Contra, parcialmente financiado por el saudita Adnan Khashoggi.

GOVERNMENT PATRONAGE also has brought big business to German-born Ernst Werner Glatt, a man who used to buy weapons for Cummings in East Germany.
01258 2200193 ... 52-66. a"For more than a quarter century, [ Ernst Werner] Glatt has had a hand in some of the most sensational U.S. covert operations.
Barnes & - Books: Private Warriors, by Ken Silverstein ...

In these pages we encounter Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who was for many years the Pentagon's preferred gun-runner; ex-Secretary of State ...
Left - avvenimenti - settimanale dell'altritalia - Inchiesta. I

... e dispone anche di relazioni utili, anche se a volte scomode in termini di immagine, come quelle con il mercante di armi tedesco, Ernst Werner Glatt .
How 'Operation Storm' Destabilized the Balkans

It should be noted that Croatia's procurement of military hardware was also assisted by Ernst Werner Glatt, who was once the CIA's point man for military ...
The Merchant of Death from the 11-part series Making a Killing The ...

Several sources involved in the weapons trade, interviewed by ICIJ, noted Bout's "deep connections" with Ernst Werner Glatt, reputedly one of Washington's ...
The Official Joseph Castanon Web Site : Message Board ernst werner glatt ernst werner glatt
MERCENARIES WITHOUT BORDERS, the “dogs of war” of financial ...

Press reports also suspect the Zagreb regime from having bought weaponry from Ernst Werner Glatt, a German arms dealer who in the eighties bought cheap ...
Junto con Ernst Werner Glatt, fue el principal proveedor de armas en el ... Pentágono, facilitando el enlace con el alemán Ernst Werner Glatt, que era ...
Skiing & Snowboarding - Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst ...

Markham Farm has changed hands many times, most recently

00.000.1980 when it was bought by a German named Ernst Werner Glatt . He subsequently purchased ...
Skiing & Snowboarding - Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst ...

01.May 2000 Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt Harper's Magazine - Continued from page 5. Ryan's point is logical, ... ernst werner glatt ernst werner glatt Divers témoignages indiquent que Zagreb se serait fourni en armes auprès du négociant allemand Ernst Werner Glatt, que sa fortune a amené à s’installer dans ...

411Sync - Zagreb Crisis Press reports also suspect the Zagreb regime from having bought weaponry from Ernst Werner Glatt, a German arms dealer who in ...

Mailgate: FINOVA IS SPOOKED UP ...+ proprietaries to thrive + keep John K. Singlaub fat, slick ...


<A HREF="'America had it coming' - The Times of India.htm "> 61584 ...

A HREF="Nine Eleven Singlaub Mind Control.htm "> 16861 Nine Eleven Singlaub Mind Control . 310536 S11.nri
Beastie Boys Message Board - The Central Intelligence Agency ... involved: Ed Wilson, Al Hakim, Richard Secord, William Casey + John Singlaub .

.. also once George Bush 's business partner + the Wackenhut Securitie's legal

Marihemp: Politics: Thread #35879

00.000.1995 Wackenhut was investigated for diverting $700,000 intended for drug treatment programs at a Texas prison. ... Gen. John K. Singlaub, Brig. ...

02.Feb.2005 Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt Ken Silverstein Shadowing our government's favorite arms dealer "Vote! Bah! When you vote, you only change the names of the cabinet.

When you shoot, you pull down governments, inaugurate new epochs, abolish old orders and set up new." -Andrew Undershaft, the munitions magnate of George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara

"Arms dealers provide the grease that makes foreign policy work. If you're going to have a covert war somewhere, somebody has to provide the bullets." -John Miley, former weapons dealer for the CIA

02.Feb.2005 Related Terms Arms merchants / Investigations
02.Feb.2005 Web Results Related to " geomilitech "
About Eastern Europe's Arsenal on the Loos -

Polish weapons worth $5 million were shipped to Contra forces in Nicaragua by GeoMilitech, an arms company implicated in the Iran- Contra affair. 9

All told, during this period, Central + Eastern...

Council for National Policy (CNP) - N-Pa - Member Biographies

... a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras...

GeoMiliTech wanted to become a central clearinghouse for all ...

IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: United States Council for World Freedom

This one was brought by the stockholders of the Miami Bayshore Bank naming Singlaub as a participant with Studley, Barbara, a TV personality + head of GeoMiliTech -in a scheme to loot the bank to ...

02.Feb.2005 Das pure Glück liegt in Dänemark
Eine Studie hat die glücklichsten Menschen der Welt ermittelt: Es sind die Dänen, die Malteser und die Schweizer.

Die Deutschen landeten auf der Happiness-Skala im oberen Mittelfeld

Jan.2005 Öl für Lebensmittel ": Prüfer stellen enorme Schlampereien bei der Uno fest.

10.Jan.2005 USA: Schwerer Wintersturm fordert mehrere Tote ...
Trotz der forschen Töne aus Pristina rechnet zurzeit niemand mit einer Unabhängigkeitserklärung am 10.Dez.2007 .

Denn zuerst muss die neue Regierung gebildet werden. Weiterhin muss die Troika ihren Bericht über die Verhandlungen an den Uno-Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon übergeben. Und der muss dann dieses Papier mit seinen Anmerkungen und Empfehlungen an den Weltsicherheitsrat, der am 19. Dezember tagen soll, vorlegen. Erst danach werden sich die Dinge zuspitzen.

Und zu ihrer Zustimmung zur Senats-Resolution sagt sie, man brauche im Umgang mit Iran nun einmal Zuckerbrot und Peitsche. "Man hat ja durch die harte Haltung eine Veränderung des Verhaltens bei der Revolutionären Garde gesehen."

Das glaubt aber selbst der ihr wohl gesonnene Joe Biden, der gerne Clintons Außenminister würde, keinen Moment.

"Dafür gibt es null Anzeichen", urteilt er vernichtend. Dann legt John Edwards scharf nach.

"Unter den demokratischen Bewerbern hat sie als Einzige für die Iran-Resolution im Senat gestimmt.

Genau das wollten Bush und Cheney." Es sei doch klar gewesen, dass man damit einen möglichen Krieg legitimiere.

"Das geht wirklich zu weit", protestiert Clinton entrüstet.

Die Herren haben die Jacken abgelegt, Clinton sitzt aufrecht mit durchgedrücktem Rücken.

Das erste Thema ist Iran, natürlich. Die Bombe. Oder genauer: eben keine Bombe.

Gestern hat das Eingeständnis der US-Geheimdienste, Iran habe wohl schon 2003 sein Atomprogramm beendet, Washington aufgewühlt.

Und auch die demokratischen Kandidaten, vor allem Clinton.

Die war in ihren Reden zu Teheran nämlich fast so kriegerisch wie Präsident Bush und die republikanischen Bewerber für das Weiße Haus.

Im Senat hat sie für eine Resolution gestimmt, die Revolutionäre Garde in Iran zur Terror-Organisation zu erklären.

Sie wollte gegen die Republikaner nicht schwach erscheinen. Viele ihrer demokratischen Mitbewerber sahen das als verfrühtes Wahlkampf-Taktieren und als einen Blankoscheck für Bush.

Und heute muss sie dafür bezahlen.

Senator Chris Dodd fragt sich laut, wie Clinton nach ihrer Unterstützung für das Irak-Debakel auch noch Bushs Kampf-Rhetorik zu Iran so offen billigen konnte.
US- Vorwahlen: Iran- Dossier schmälert Clintons Chancen
05.Dec.2007 Vergleichstest: Wikipedia schlägt die Profis
05.Dec.2007 Umfrage: Aufschwung geht an 83 % der Bürger vorbei (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Kinderstatistik: Älterer Vater und jüngere Mutter sind am erfolgreichsten
Benzinpreise: Hamsterkäufe - den Tankstellen geht der Sprit aus

05.Dec.2007 Renditetipps für Jackpot- Knacker: Wie man aus 43 Millionen 70.000 Euro monatlich macht (Wirtschaft)
05.Dec.2007 Nach Mordserie: 4250 Leichen aus Massengrab exhumiert (Panorama)
05.Dec.2007 Nach US- Geheimdienstbericht: CDU will Druck auf Iran aufrechterhalten
Unabhängigkeitsplan: Vom Kosovo aus droht ein Flächenbrand
Eine kleine Revolution in Sachen Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW) leitet der Hersteller Sunmachine mit seinem neuen Produkt, dem Holzpellets Mini-BHKW namens Sunmachine ein.
05.Dec.2007 Geheimdienstreport über Iran: Ein grundlegender Widerspruch
05.Dec.2007 China’s Endangered Turtles, Emblems of a Worsening Biodiversity Crisis
Die Irrtümer der Geheimdienste

05.Dec.2007 Europa droht Versorgungslücke
05.Dec.2007 Bundesregierung: VoIP-Überwachung kein Eingriff in die Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung
Klimaschutz ist Menschenrecht
05.Dec.2007 Studie prognostiziert 150 Millionen Flutopfer
Weltkrieg abgesagt
05.Dec.2007 Bush betrachtet Iran weiterhin als Bedrohung
Rüstungslobbyist Schreiber gegen Kaution auf freiem Fuss
Flu season strikes early, spreads throughout nation
05.Dec.2007 Bush: No change in Iran policy
Atomstreit: US-Geheimdienst entschärft Iran-Krise
05.Dec.2007 Iran-Konflikt: Gehen den Hardlinern die Argumente aus?
No country has allowed as many inspection hours as Iran.   

The NIE claims that ‘Iran halted its nuclear weapons program 00.000.2003’.   This report now in circulation, in print, on every media outlet, and more importantly, by way of word of mouth, is giving credibility to the warmongers that Iran actually had a nuclear weapons program.   This is the justification the White House needs to justify further sanctions, a prelude, if not a warfare within itself.
Watch Rudy Giuliani's Schizoid Rantings to Nuke Iran Now
Rudy Giuliani is a hair trigger away from the Presidency of the United States of America.

05.Dec.2007 US Asserts Right to Kidnap Anyone in the World
Over the weekend US legal authorities forwarded an argument in a British case that the United States can legally abduct anyone in the world.

05.Dec.2007 The Planned Collapse of America
Alternative to "war for oil," or "war for Israel" scenarios.

05.Dec.2007 The Mayor of Salt Lake City Stands Up For America! We Won't Take it Anymore!
The people of this nation may have been far too quiet for five years, but let us pledge that we won't let it go on one more day that we will do all we can to put an end to the illegalities, the moral degradation, and the disintegration of our nation's reputation in the world.

05.Dec.2007 The Hidden Holocaust-Our Civilizational Crisis Part 2: EXPORTING DEMOCRACY
In part 1, we showed how the modern world system was built on 500 years of genocidal violence against indigenous peoples. In this follow-up, we reveal how this "hidden holocaust" has intensified since 1945, with the birth of a new imperial order. The new "holocaust" is occurring across the "Third World" as you read. One of its latest victims is Iraq, where an Anglo-American "holocaust" has raged for over 90 years.

05.Dec.2007 The Facts be Damned! Psychologists' President Defends Psychologist Participation in Detainee Interrogations
American Psychological Association President Brehm recently defended her association's policies allowing psychologists to aid the Bush administrations interrogations of enemy detainees from criticism by concerned students and faculty at her campus. Some of her statements i defense of APA policy were at variance with the facts while others were in conflict with fundamental propositions of Brehm's social psychology/

05.Dec.2007 The Busting Down of America
A diatribe to articulate the "general malaise" and anger felt by many Americans regarding the government targeting US as the enemy.

04.Dec.2007 Pentagon Appears Poised To Resume Open-Air Testing of Biological Weapons
The Pentagon has denied President Bush has given it a directive to resume open-air testing of biological weapons but the Pentagon's report to Congress indicates it is about ready to do just that, if it hasn't started to do so already. This would breech a 28-year moratorium begun by President Nixon.

04.Dec.2007 Oh Frabjous Day! Nuke Iran? World War III? Ooops! Nevermind....
Is that the Earth moving under our feet? The basis for war on Iran is undermined. Could Bush be ready for some peace?

04.Dec.2007 Is Osama bin Laden Dead? Part 4: Deeper into the Confession Tape
The linch-pin of the War on Terror has been 9/11, and the pin itself has always been Osama bin Laden. However, this pin is not made of stainless steel, but smoke and mirrors. In Part 3 we looked further into the video tapes right after 9/11 up to our first glimpse of the pivotal bin Laden Confession Tape. Now we will explore that tape further. Was it a legitimate revelation or a fraud, or even some of both?

04.Dec.2007 I can't believe he wrote this with a straight face
The rejection of Hugo Chavez' proposals are a good thing for freedom and democracy

04.Dec.2007 Fact-Based Intelligence Prevails on Nukes and Iran
For those who have doubts about miracles, a double one occurred today. An honest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program has been issued and its Key Judgments were made public. With redraft after redraft, it was what the Germans call "eine schwere Geburt"
""a difficult birth, ten months in gestation.
04.Dec.2007 Bush Will Take Everything Congress Will Allow Him in Iraq
Bush has openly signaled his intention to stage a quiet coup of sorts - within the liberating bounds of his assumed presidency - over the most controlling lever of constitutional authority those we elect to Congress have over the Executive's ability to wage war; their ability to provide or withhold money.

04.Dec.2007 An Internet Party can be created without endless political donations!
Civilization is at a tipping point. The old social forms which expressed the will of the people are deader than dead. Establishment/traditional politics is a no win gave invented by the elites to keep the "masses" busy while the Earth's elites (1% of the human race or less) live like Greek Gods. Moral: WE NEED NEW SOCIAL FORMS for Democracy and freedom, and national/international boycotts would be a realpolitik place to begin!

04.Dec.2007 America Speeding Into 21st Century Without A Roadmap
Why would the United States, already up to its ears in overpopulation dilemmas, continue immigrating over two million people annually? Does no one see Lake Lanier's water crisis? How about political, environmental and Balkanization issues facing American citizens as they displace themselves out of their own country?

04.Dec.2007 Yesterday, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said, “when the President was told that we had some additional information, he was basically told: stand down; needs to be evaluated; we’ll come to you and tell you what we think it means.” Later in the briefing, Hadley reversed course and said, “In terms of stand down, they did not tell the President to stand down and stop talking about Iran’s nuclear program.”

White House officials are obfuscating on what they knew and when they knew it because the answer has the potential of further damaging the credibility of what they have asserted about Iran in the past few months. As ThinkProgress has noted, while the intelligence community was processing new information that Iran was “less determined to develop nuclear weapons,” President Bush was specifically warning that Iran was trying to “build a nuclear weapon.”

To recap: At the same time Bush was ratcheting up the rhetoric on Iran, he was told by his National Intelligence Director that that have “some new information.” Yet Bush wants the public to believe he never learned what the information was, nor was he interested.

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports this morning that “intelligence officials began briefing senior members of the Bush administration” about the new information “beginning in July.” But apparently, Bush was left completely in the dark until last Tuesday. Transcript: (more…)
04.Dec.2007 Cheney’s office advocated for Iran attacks ‘on a daily basis.’ - Amanda -

The BBC reports:

[T]he new NIE will make it harder for proponents of military action against Iran to argue their case.

One source, who has close links to US intelligence, said that members of Vice President Dick Cheney’s staff continued to call for military strikes against Iran “on a daily basis” .

Atrios adds: “It must be understood that since our intelligence agencies don’t believe Iran has a nuclear weapons program, it also means that they don’t know where such a program would be physically located if it did exist. This means that any desires of Dick Cheney and his people to bomb Iran simply involve… bombing the shit out of Iran.”
04.Dec.2007 Podhoretz’s ‘Dark Suspicion’: Intel Community Trying To Sabotage Bush With NIE - Ali -

Norman Podhoretz, widely reputed to be the “godfatherof neoconservatism, has been one of the most aggressive hawks clamoring for war with Iran. Podhoretz laid out the “The Case For Bombing Iranin a June cover story in the right-wing Commentary Magazine. He insisted that the Iranians were very close to developing a nuclear weapon:

[Iran’s] effort to build a nuclear arsenal makes it the potentially most dangerous one of all. […]

[A]ll this negotiating has had the same result as Munich had with Hitler. That is, it has bought the Iranians more time in which they have moved closer and closer to developing nuclear weapons .”

Yesterday’s NIE proved Podhoretz’s claims were false. Rather than modify his views on Iran, Podhoretz — who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom 00.000.2004 — aired a nasty conspiracy theory yesterday, attacking the authors of the NIE and accusing the intelligence community of deliberately “leaking material calculated to undermine George W. Bush:”

I must confess to suspecting that the intelligence community, having been excoriated for supporting the then universal belief that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, is now bending over backward to counter what has up to now been a similarly universal view (including as is evident from the 2005 NIE, within the intelligence community itself) that Iran is hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons. […]

But I entertain an even darker suspicion. It is that the intelligence community, which has for some years now been leaking material calculated to undermine George W. Bush, is doing it again. This time the purpose is to head off the possibility that the President may order air strikes on the Iranian nuclear installations .

After insisting that Iran was “only a small step away from producing nuclear weapons,” and after pushing for military strikes against Iran for months, Podhoretz is apparently determined not to let facts get in the way of his prayers for an Iran war.

UPDATE : Podhoretz isn’t the only conservative desperately spinning the NIE to buttress his hawkish positions. Some other examples from conservative blogs: (more…)
04.Dec.2007 Rove draws protests, threatens GOP candidates. - Matt -

With an appearance on Fox News Sunday this weekend and an op-ed in the Financial Times on Sunday, former Bush political adviser (and new Newsweek contributor) Karl Rove has been busy injecting himself into the public discourse this week. Rove drew “a range of protesters” to a speech at Duke University last night, where he claimed “the United States has nothing to apologize in its conduct in the world:

The United States has nothing to apologize in its conduct in the world,” he said to the audience.

Rove’s presence attracted a range of protesters and civil rights activists who yelled phrases like “You are a murderer” and held up signs that read phrases such as “LIAR” and “Arrest Him.” An activist dressed as a prisoner also came protesting Rove and the United States government’s stance on torture.

In an interview with the Washington Times yesterday, Rove also threatened that “nobody can risk looking disrespectful to the president without paying a price, and [Republican presidential candidates] need to understand that.”
04.Dec.2007 Bush: DNI Told Me ‘We Have Some New Information, He Didn’t Tell Me What The Information Was’ - Faiz -

At a press briefing this morning, President Bush said he was told by his Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell “in August” that “we have some new information” regarding Iran’s nuclear program. But Bush asserted “he didn’t tell me what the information was”:

BUSH: I was made aware of the NIE last week. In August, I think it was John — Mike McConnell came in and said, We have some new information. He didn’t tell me what the information was.

He did tell me it was going to take a while to analyze.

Later, when a reporter followed-up on this statement, Bush asserted no one ever told him to stop ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran:

REPORTER: Are you saying at no point while the rhetoric was escalating, as WWIII. was making it into conversation — at no point, nobody from your intelligence team or your administration was saying,

Maybe you want to back it down a little bit?

BUSH: No — I’ve never — nobody ever told me that.
Despite Knowledge That Iran Halted Nuke Program, White House Continued To Warn Of False Threat - Amanda -

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released today concludes that “in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.” It adds that “Tehran had not restarted its nuclear weapons program as of mid-2007,” and the country is “less determined to develop nuclear weapons than we have been judging since 2005.”

The assessment, which relies on data collected through

31.Oct.2007 , was reportedly completed 00.000.2006, but was blocked by administration officials who wanted it to be more in line with Vice President Cheney’s hardline views.

As The Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drum notes, the NIE’s “basic parameters were almost certainly common knowledge in the White Houseat least by last year, when the document was finished. Yet even in the past two months, the administration has continued to push its faulty, inflammatory rhetoric and claim that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Some examples:

So I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon. I take the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon very seriously.” [Bush, 17.Oct.2007 ]

Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions . … The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course the international community is prepared to impose serious consequences.” [Cheney, 21.Oct.2007 ]

The problem is Iran, and Iran has not stepped back from trying to pursue a nuclear weapon, and — or reprocessing and enriching uranium, which would lead to a nuclear weapon.” [White House spokeswoman Dana Perino, 26.Oct.2007 ]

We talked about Iran and the desire to work jointly to convince the Iranian regime to give up their nuclear weapons ambitions, for the sake of peace.” [Bush, 07.Nov.2007 ]

We’re in a position now, clearly, especially when we look at Iran, where it’s very, very important we succeed in our efforts, our national security efforts, to discourage the Iranians from enriching uranium and producing nuclear weapons .” [Cheney, 09.Nov.2007 ]

We are convinced that they are developing nuclear weapons .” [Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, 13.Nov.2007 ]

The White House isn’t yet ready to give up its spin. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley will be speaking to the press at 3:15 PM EST today, and has already claimed that the NIE “confirms that we were right to be worried about Iran seeking to develop nuclear weapons.”

UPDATE: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently said, “It would be a strategic calamity to attack Iran at this time.”
04.Dec.2007 AT&T To Decommission Pay Phones - Zonk 335 Comments 
oahazmatt writes "According to MarketWatch, AT&T said that its pay phones will be phased out over the next year.

A company spokeswoman declined to say how much revenue its pay-phone business generated, but the number is small and declining.

00.000.1878 'The first public pay-telephone station was set up, just two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the talking device.

00.000.1889 The first coin-operated pay phone was installed in Hartford, Conn., .

For decades after the pay phone's invention, many Americans relied on them because of the expense + difficulty in obtaining reliable home service.

WWII. -Only after- did the telephone become a household necessity.'" Read more of this story
04.Dec.2007 Diffing Guantanamo Bay SOP Manuals - Zonk 365 Comments 
James Hardine writes "The Washington Post is reporting that Wikileaks has released another manual for Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay together with the US military's rendition operations manual.

This release follows from the Wikileaks release of the 2003 SOP Manual as discussed on Slashdot last month.

Wikileaks compares the two manuals (2003, 2004) and reveals damning changes in official US detainee policy in exquisite detail.

Who knew that diff could be such a powerful political weapon?" Read more of this story
04.Dec.2007 Young Pakistanis: Bin Laden Is A CIA Creation - Paul Joseph Watson 
Young Pakistanis: Bin Laden Is A CIA Creation Good Morning America gets more than it bargained for in a feature on young people in Pakistan

04.Dec.2007 Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job - Paul Joseph Watson 
Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job Man who blew the whistle on Gladio tells Italy's largest newspaper attacks were run by CIA, Mossad

04.Dec.2007 They Live Taser Saucer To Become A Reality - Paul Joseph Watson 
They Live Taser Saucer To Become A Reality UN declares stun guns to be instruments of torture while Taser rep says "it's not real pain" and puts drone craft

04.Dec.2007 Bush says Iran remains a threat Iran remains a threat despite intelligence saying it may not be building nuclear weapons, the US president says.
04.Dec.2007 Oil prices slide on Iran report Oil prices fall as US intelligence downplaying Iran's nuclear ambitions eases geopolitical concerns.
04.Dec.2007 'Kill switch' dropped from Vista Microsoft withdraws an anti-piracy tool which disables Vista when invoked, following customer complaints.
04.Dec.2007 UN to join attack on Congo rebels UN troops in DR Congo says they will provide artillery and air support to the army offensive against rebels.
04.Dec.2007 Bush urges Colombia trade deal President Bush urges the US Congress to pass a trade deal with Colombia to help curb Venezuela's influence.
04.Dec.2007 Bush tells Putin of poll concern US President George W Bush expresses concern over Russian elections during a phone call to President Vladimir Putin.
04.Dec.2007 US envoy holds rare N Korea talks A top US envoy holds a key meeting on nuclear issues with North Korea's foreign minister in Pyongyang.
04.Dec.2007 Israel 'lax on demolition orders' Israel has carried out only 3% of demolition orders in West Bank Jewish settlements, campaigners say.
04.Dec.2007 Gulf states urge peace with Iran Gulf leaders end their summit calling for peaceful resolution of the conflict over Iran's nuclear ambitions.
04.Dec.2007 Lenders 'must prepare for worst' UK mortgage lenders should prepare for the global credit crunch to get much worse, the City watchdog says.
04.Dec.2007 Games content 'concerns parents' Parents are concerned about the content of video games played by their children, according to a survey.
04.Dec.2007 'Dramatic' fall in measles deaths

00.000.2000-00.000.2006 Measles deaths in Africa fell by 91%, figures from the World Health Organization show.
Kein Ausweg - Scotland Yards Terror-Abwehr-Chef trat zurück - hha 
Harald Haack - Wie leicht Unschuldige als Terroristen durch die hysterische Jagd auf Verdächtige zu Tode kommen können und zu welch kriminellen Handlungen mittels psychischen und politischen Druck auf Polizisten jene im Kollektiv fähig sind, beweist in London die Tötung eines Brasilianers durch die britische Polizei. Der Chef der für Terror-Abwehr bei Scotland Yard, Andy Hayman (48), sah nun keinen Ausweg und trat mehr als zwei Jahre nach der Tötung dieses unschuldigen Brasilianers...

04.Dec.2007 Neuer Vorstoß - Scientology soll in Deutschland verboten werden - onlineredaktion 
onlineredaktion - Wie das Hamburger Abendblatt heute schreibt, wolle Hamburgs Innensenator Udo Nagel (parteilos) mit einem Vorstoß auf der Innenministerkonferenz ein Verbot der Scientology-Organisation erreichen. Scientology verstoße gegen die Menschenwürde und vertreibe eine Psycho-Ideologie, die die totale Unterdrückung des Individuums zum Ziel habe, sagte Nagel. Gemäß seiner Intention soll die Innenministerkonferenz das Bundesinnenministerium zu einem Ermittlungsverfahren auffordern....

04.Dec.2007 Iran bedroht die Welt (noch nicht) ? USA rudern zurück - onlineredaktion 
onlineredaktion - Der Iran habe schon 2003 sein Atomprogramm gestoppt, heißt es in einem US-Geheimdienstbericht, der jetzt zur ?Iran-Krise? veröffentlicht wurde. Präsident Bushs Behauptungen zerplatzten offenbar wie Seifenblasen. Alles falsch und gelogen ? wie einst in Sachen Irak? In dem Bericht heißt es, die Bedrohung sei ?geringer als erwartet?. Frühestens könne der Iran im Jahr 2009 ?bombenfähiges Material? herstellen, aber das sei unwahrscheinlich.

04.Dec.2007 Willkür und US-Terror - USA stellen ihr Recht über das Recht europäischer Staaten - onlineredaktion 
onlineredaktion ? Holger Dambeck schreibt für SPIEGEL-Online, die US-Justiz bekräftige ihr Recht auf die Entführung europäischer Manager, was kürzlich von Alan Jones vor dem Court of Appeal in London vorgetragen wurde. Jones ist britischer Kronanwalt. Ausdrücklich der oberste Gerichtshof der USA, der Supreme Court, habe, so erklärte Jones, das Kidnapping ?Gesuchter? aus anderen Ländern ausdrücklich erlaubt. Auch deutsche Manager könnten das Ziel von amtlichen US-Kidnappern werden.

04.Dec.2007 Haven't Read - BG 
Tangible Information: USA uses Napalm in Iraq War Heavy reproaches against US Pentagon: Napalm bombs in the Iraq war Translation of the original PDF-file from MONITOR-TV, ARD, Germany Click here to view the program. Report : Heavy accusations against US-Pentagon : Napalm-Bombs in Iraq-War Reported by : John Goetz, Georg Restle / MONITOR 507 Date : 07.08.2003 Volker Happe (MONITOR-Moderator)

04.Dec.2007 Anti-Terror Police Chief Andy Hayman Resigns - BG 
Anti-Terror Police Chief Andy Hayman Resigns via Sky News | Home | First For Breaking News on 12/4/07 Britain's senior anti-terror policeman Andy Hayman has quit, blaming the pressures of the job and "a series of leaks and unfounded accusations".

04.Dec.2007 Eye To Eye: Richard Haass (CBS) - BG 
Haass admits that Bush was "catapulting the proproganda", and slyly implies that Bush's hard line may have helped make Iran put the breaks on. What an incredible climb down by no one other that the head of the CFR.

04.Dec.2007 Hannity Can't Handle Question About Giuliani's Shag Fund - BG 
Hannity Can't Handle Question About Giuliani's Shag Fund via News Hounds by Ellen on 12/2/07 Sean Hannity was obviously thrown when Alan Colmes brought up the brewing scandal over Rudolph Giuliani's "Shag Fund" on a recent Hannity & Colmes. Predictably, it has not been a topic on the "fair and balanced" network's prime time debate show. But Friday night (Nov.30/07), Colmes inserted the issue

04.Dec.2007 NYPD Chauffeured Giuliani's Mistress On Long Trips, Walked Her Dog - BG 
NYPD Chauffeured Giuliani's Mistress On Long Trips, Walked Her Dog via Personalized Feed for by The Huffington Post News Editors on 12/1/07 via: The Full Feed from

04.Dec.2007 First Majestic Silver Corp.: Update der Grundstücksgruppe Chalchihuites
First Majestic Silver Corp.: Update der Grundstücksgruppe Chalchihuites FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. (FR-V) (das ?Unternehmen? oder ?First Majestic? kann die vorläufigen Ergebnisse des laufenden Oberflächen- und Untertageexplorations- und Diamantbohrkernprogramms für die Grundstücksgruppe Chalchihuites im mexikanischen Bundesstaat Zacatecas melden. Die Grundstücksgruppe Chalchihuites liegt in strategisch günstiger Lage 60 km südöstlich der Referenzmine La Parilla des Unternehmens und...

04.Dec.2007 Depression is over-diagnosed and over-treated, says top psychiatrist
04.Dec.2007 "There is no question," said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, "that the current trend of diagnosing nearly every human emotion, condition and experience as a disease requiring chemical treatment is little more than a marketing scheme intended to sell more drugs."
World's most powerful MRI ready to scan human brain
The world's most powerful medical magnetic resonance imaging machine, the 9.4 Tesla at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has successfully completed safety trials and may soon offer physicians a real-time view of biological processes in the human brain.

04.Dec.2007 Americans believe in God -- and hell, UFOs, witches, astrology: poll
An overwhelming majority of Americans believe in God and signicant numbers also think that UFOs, the devil and ghosts exist, a poll showed Tuesday.

04.Dec.2007 As food prices rise, the costs of lower-calorie foods are rising the fastest, according to a University of Washington study appearing in the December issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. As the prices of fresh fruit and vegetables and other low-calorie foods have jumped nearly 20 % in the past two years, the UW researchers say, a nutritious diet may be moving out of the reach of some American consumers.
Daimler expects huge US demand for tiny Smart car
German car maker Daimler said Tuesday that next month's launch of its tiny Smart car in the United States will unleash such stiff demand the company will have trouble meeting it.

04.Dec.2007 AWEA Launches Media Campaign
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has launched a major media campaign with national television advertising, print and Metro ads encouraging Congressional support for a national renewable electricity standard (RES). The television ads began airing on Monday, December 3.

04.Dec.2007 DOE Selects SkyFuel to Develop CSP
The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program (DOE/SETP), announced that it is awarding SkyFuel, Inc. a $435,000 grant to develop its advanced Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) system known as the Linear Power Tower (LTP) for utility-scale solar thermal power plants.

04.Dec.2007 DOE to Invest $12.4 Million in Renewable Energy Development
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it plans to invest $5.2 million in funding to support the development of low-cost Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). DOE will also make available a Technology Commercialization Development Fund (TCDF) of up to $7.2 million to three of DOE`s National Laboratories to support commercialization of renewable energy technologies.

04.Dec.2007 Helium Leads to Geothermal Energy Resources
Roland Piquepaille writes "When we think about alternative sources of energy, we often forget the potential of geothermal energy resources. In fact, it has been estimated that accessible geothermal energy in the U.S. represents 90 quadrillion kilowatt-hours or 3,000 times the country`s total annual energy consumption. So far, it has been difficult and expensive to locate good sources of geothermal energy. But now, two U.S. researchers have found a new method which doesn`t require drilling. They are using the ratio of helium isotopes in surface waters to point to the best sources of geothermal energy."Read more of this story at Slashdot.

04.Dec.2007 Oil from lowly algae fuels boom in renewable energy research
"If you can get algae oils down below $2 a gallon, then you`ll be where you need to be. And there`s a lot of people who think you can" ST. PAUL, Minn. - The 16 big flasks of bubbling bright green liquids in Roger Ruan`s lab at the University of Minnesota are part of a new boom in renewable energy research. via Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Were the first stars too dark to twinkle?
First stars to form in the universe may have been invisible "dark stars" powered by the annihilation of dark matter, a new study finds.

DOE to Invest $12.4 Million in Renewable Energy Development
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it plans to invest $5.2 million in funding to support the development of low-cost Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). DOE will also make available a Technology Commercialization Development Fund (TCDF) of up to $7.2 million to three of DOE`s National Laboratories to support commercialization of renewable energy technologies.

04.Dec.2007 Links to this post
04.Dec.2007 Drug Deletes Bad Memories

Do you have a really bad memory, or past heartache, that you would prefer to forget?
Researchers at Harvard and McGill University (in Montreal) are working on an
amnesia drug that blocks or deletes bad memories. The technique seems to allow psychiatrists to disrupt the biochemical pathways that allow a memory to be recalled. ...

02.Dec.2007 Bush Invokes Secrecy Defense to Avoid Abramoff Files Release Eric Firkel
04.Dec.2007 Missile "defense" is highly profitable: "The nation’s Big Three weapons contractors, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon, are looking to missile
defense as a medium-to-long term source of revenues and profits to help them recover from recent management and technical problems that have slashed their stock prices in half and reduced their profit margins.

00.000.1998-00.000.1999 In FY the four largest missile defense contractors (the Big Three plus TRW) have shared over $2.2 billion in Pentagon research and development funding for research projects.

These four firms completely dominate the missile defense program at this point, accounting for 60% of total missile defense contracts issued by the Pentagon in FY1998-99."3
The rise of globalism, to the detriment of Rumsfeld's "have-nots," would be impossible without the “hidden iron fist,” Thomas Freidman's repetitious admonition, of the Pentagon.

Naples Swims in Cocaine, Severed Heads, Corpses in Mafia Expose
04.Dec.2007 "Economic victory is more precious than life itself.''
These same financial forces are at work the world over, he argues, helping to explain "how everything works today everywhere, not merely here.''
Mafia Thugs

04.Dec.2007 Rare ancient wooden throne found in Herculaneum 

An ancient Roman wood + ivory throne has been unearthed at a dig in Herculaneum, Italian archaeologists said on Tuesday, hailing it as the most significant piece of wooden furniture ever discovered there. posted by Prof. Hex
04.Dec.2007 ACH. Endlich mal wieder eine tolle Verschwörungstheorie. Die AKW-Betreiber zögern die Reparaturen absichtlich hinaus, weil sich die Restlaufzeit nach dem abgenommenen Strom, nicht nach Zeit berechnet, d.h. die Kraftwerke dann bis nach der Wahl am Leben bleiben, und wenn da -- Gott bewahre -- die CDU gewinnen sollte, können sie gleich ganz am Netz bleiben.
04.Dec.2007 Whoa, krass. Kanadischer Bundesgerichtshof verweigert Herausgabe von Flüchtlingen an die USA. Begründung: the U.S. does not meet international refugee protection requirements, nor does it respect international conventions against torture. Kanada hatte da eine ähnliche Konstruktion wie wir, dass man keinen Flüchtlingsstatus begründen kann, wenn man aus einem "sicheren Drittland" einreist.

Das hat natürlich nichts mit den Drittländern zu tun, sondern ist ein völlig transparenter Rassismus, ein Methode, um Ausländer draußen zu halten.
04.Dec.2007 BOAH gehen mir diese Betonköpfe aus der CSU auf den Sack. Das geht ja GAR nicht.

Können diese Möchtegern-Chernenkos nicht dann auch wenigstens kurz nach Machtantritt abtreten, wie das Original?

Man dürfe der Absage der Sozialdemokraten an eine rot-rot-grüne Koalition nach der nächsten Bundestagswahl nicht trauen, sagte Huber in Hannover.

Der CSU-Chef fügte hinzu: "Die Sozialisten scheuen keinen Wortbruch, wenn es darum geht, an die Macht zu kommen." Well, DUH. Ist euch das auch schon aufgefallen, dass die SPD der Turboumfaller vom Dienst ist?

Die CSU ist ja von der GANZ schnellen Sorte! Wer wie SPD-Chef Kurt Beck den Sozialismus ins Parteiprogramm schreibe, "der paktiert auch mit der Linken".

Huber warnte: "Ein Bundeskabinett aus Beck und Nahles, Roth und Trittin, Lafontaine und Gysi darf doch Deutschland nicht regieren. Das wäre eine Katastrophe für unser Land."

Also schlimmer als ein Huber, ein Beckstein, und eine Merkel kann es ja wohl nicht werden.

Er warnte vor einer "Revitalisierung des Sozialismus". "Wir dürfen auch nicht einen Sozialismus auf Samtpfoten hereinschleichen lassen", sagte der CSU-Chef.

Huber betonte mit Hinweis auf den Unions-Wahlslogan von 1976 "Freiheit statt Sozialismus", er habe keine Scheu, auch bei der Wahl 2009 vor dieser Alternative zu warnen.
04.Dec.2007 Na war ja klar, Israel hält weiter daran fest, dass der Iran Atombomben bauen will.
04.Dec.2007 Die deutschen Meldeämter haben nicht EU-konforme Epass-Lesegeräte, und daher können die Bürger jetzt nicht die Fingerabdrücke in ihren Pässen kontrollieren. Tolle Wurst. (Danke, Oliver)
Thoughts on the economic nosedive into fascism... dr. elsewhere
To thoroughly corrupt an old Chinese curse in speaking to the current one: It appears we live in way too interesting times.
# posted by Joseph :
04.Dec.2007 Texas Education Board Fires Someone for Forwarding an E-mail About An Evolution Lecture as It Retreats Into the Dark Ages. But Wait, It Entered the Prehistoric Times Under Bush's Governorship, Right?
A Timely BuzzFlash Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg About Shadow Governments in America, Posted the Day After the U.S. Officially Learns that the Busheviks Have Lied to the American People About Iraq AND now Iran -- A BuzzFlash Interview

04.Dec.2007 Bush claims he only received the NIE on Iran last week, yet he knew the contents of it in August, well before his "interested in avoiding World War III" rant. The MSM is afraid of you, Mr. Bush, and won't call what you said a lie (yet again). But then again, we're not afraid to call you a liar because it's true. 12/5

04.Dec.2007 Question of the day: why did Bush allow the NIE to be released? After all, his administration had sworn not to release it.

What changed? Weigh in With Your Thoughts at BuzzFlash's Last Chance Democracy Cafe.
Two Right-Wing Magazines Admit Publishing Lies 12/5

04.Dec.2007 Michael Winship: Rudy's Numbers Don't Add Up -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Bob Herbert: Now and Forever 12/5

04.Dec.2007 Not So Almighty Dollar -- Will Durst
How Will Mitt Romney?s Mormon Speech Go? 12/5

04.Dec.2007 Draft resolution of a dispute between BT and Telewest about ... - HTML-Version
Telewest Communications (Wigan) Limited, 2451112, Genesis Business Park, Albert Drive, ... Telewest Communications Plc, 2983307, Genesis Business Park, ...
ITC Licensees: Local delivery Operators (15 years)

Unit 1 Genesis Business Park Albert Drive Woking GU21 5RW Telephone No: 01483 750900 Contact: Sara-Jane Amey. Stockwhiz Ltd (LDS053) ...
Property - Press releases - SLI acquires Genesis Business Park

Standard Life Investments has paid £23.4m to purchase the freehold of Genesis Business Park in Woking, Surrey from Merrill Lynch Property Fund.
1- George I. Gurdjieff . 2- Albert Hofmann. 3- Fritz Kraemer . 4- Reinhard Gehlen. 5- James Jesus Angleton ...

04.Dec.2007 Weblog - Don´t trust mainstream media

Iran has been the next target for the Globalists for a long time now.

... Revision erwägen würden, wenn denn Ergebnisse der bisherigen Politik vorliegen. 2005041827

Apr.2005 Web Ergebnisse 1 - 5 von 5 für Klose atlantikbrücke .

Apr.2005 Nach der Kapitalismus-Kritik: Union schießt sich auf Müntefering ein ... 041827.html
... appears to have formed a partnership with Arkadi Gaidamak, ...

Essante Ltd;

Invest Time Ltd;

Clearhall Ltd; +

Brenco Aviation Consulting Ltd....

21.May 2007 Edward L. Often called "the Father of PROPAGANDA ...

Arkadi Gaidamak, ...

Brenco Aviation Consulting Ltd.

Topical briefs Yediot Aharonot, in its third editorial, ...
00.000.1993-00.000.1994 Arrests over Arms-for-Oil Deals- The Oil Diagnostic ...

According to U.S. Federal Election Commission filings, Ms. Falcone, through her Essante Corporation, gave U.S. $20000 and U.S. $80000 to the Republican ...

Some very high profile names, such as Pierre Falcone, Marc Rich, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand ... Essante Corp, controlled by Falcone ’s wife Sonia Montero, ...
The Influence Peddlers from the 11-part series Making a Killing ...

Through her Utah-based company Essante Corp .,

Sonia Falcone donated $100000 in two installments to the Republican Party 00.000.2000. When the party discovered, ...
Limited, Inc.: in the american grain

And one would show an arms dealer named Pierre Falcone (whose wife Sonia, ... presidential campaign through his wife's beauty products corporation, Essante . 09/thugs-of-matewan-thugs-of-baghdad.html
Beyond Viagra: Entisse, The First Gender Specific, Non ...

Essante, an international health and nutrition entity headed by entrepreneur Sonia Falcone, today introduced Entisse, a cutting-edge, non-prescriptive ...
Florencio De Dios — Cara De Faye : ZoomInfo Business People ... De Dios, Richard, Catanzarite Law Corporation, Richard Vergel de Dios ..

.. De Falcone, Sonia, ESSANTE, Sonia M. de Falcone, Essanté Founder and President ...
04.Dec.2007 (AUF)

19.May 2000 Falcone, through her Essante Corporation, gave US $20000 and US $80000 to the Republican National Committee (RNC) +

16.Nov.2000 , ...
[tacticalmedialist]ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, No. 328

Who is Pierre Falcone ? * * * WORLD SOCIALIST WEB SITE Published by the ...

These "think tanks" include Rand Corporation and Analytical Services ...
Global Witness presents... The devastating story of oil and ...

Henry Guderley is also the company secretary of the London-based Essante Ltd, which is located at 40 Queen Anne Street, London W1. Sonia Falcone ...
liberia 009
Essante Ltd’s. Companies House. filing shows Sonia. Falcone as Director, ...

... loan for Sonangol, provided by the Arab Banking Corporation .
View as HTML
00.000.1975 That changed, when Virginia-based military construction company Vinnell Corp . won a $77 million contract to train the Saudi Arabian National Guard ...
Global Witness presents... The devastating story of oil and ... - View as HTML
In These Times reports that in

00.Jun.2000 a meeting took place between Falcone and three un-named high-level Phillips Petroleum Corporation executives, ...
The Oil Diagnostic in Angola: An Update A Backgrounder by Human ... - View as HTML
According to US Federal Election Commission filings, Ms. Falcone, through her Essante . Corporation, gave US $20000 and US $80000 to the Republican National ...
General Line Grocery Wholesale Companies List

Essante Corp : Pharmaceutical Preparations; Essington Food Service Inc ...

Falcon Food Distributors Inc: Falcon Food Distributors Inc. wholesales a general ...
Albuquerque, NM - a2zCity : Page-21 Allied Mortgage Capital Corp 133 Eubank Blvd Ne Ste 15 Albuquerque, NM 87101 .....

Cibola Energy Corporation 1429 Central Ave Nw Albuquerque, NM 87104 ...

World News Journal:

Falcone is accused of selling Russian arms to the war-torn African country in ... her Essante Corporation, which was later linked to the arms trafficking.
liberia 009
Corporation jouit même de l’expertise en RP de la Lee ... du commerce indique. que Sonia Falcone est la. directrice d’ Essante Ltd,. Brenco Trading Ltd en ...

20070523 Falcone appears to have formed a partnership with Arkadi Gaidamak, ... Essante Ltd; Invest Time Ltd; Clearhall Ltd; and Brenco Aviation Consulting Ltd. ...

... the light of day.

20070201 The Point of Origin: The Collapse of the WTC

01.Feb.2007 ... the Towers Fell," in ...


11.Sep.2001 -Crystal Morning:- Evan Coyne Maloney ... compilation of ...
20070201 Straussianism offers more questions than answers

LEARN about GOOGLE + CENSEARCHIP - go here ! -May be, that's why, from US You can't find ...
Außenminister Yang Jiechi betonte nach Angaben eines Sprechers in einem Telefonat mit US-Außenministerin Condoleezza Rice, dass

die "Lösung der iranischen Atomfrage auf dem diplomatischen Weg den grundlegenden Interessen der internationalen Gemeinschaft diene".
"Es ist normalerweise unüblich, sich zu Geheimdienstberichten zu äußern", sagte Mark Regev.

Nach den Worten von Infrastrukturminister Benjamin Ben-Elieser muss Israel weiterhin auf jede Art und Weise gegen eine "iranische Atomgefahr" vorgehen.

Das sei eines jener Probleme, bei denen Israel keinerlei Risiko eingehen dürfe, sagte Ben-Elieser dem Armeeradio.

Iran habe mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit sein Atomwaffenprogramm nach kurzer Unterbrechung wieder aufgenommen, sagte Barak heute dem israelischen Armeeradio.

"Es sieht so aus, als ob Iran 2003 für eine gewisse Zeit sein Atomprogramm gestoppt hat. Aber soweit wir wissen, ist es seitdem fortgesetzt worden."
Israels Verteidigungsminister Ehud Barak zweifelte offen das Urteil der US-Geheimdienste an, wonach die Gefahr der atomaren Bewaffnung des Landes inzwischen geringer sei.
Borudscheri erklärte weiter: "Der Bericht bestätigt de facto den Bericht der Internationalen Atomenergiebehörde (IAEA) und damit einmal mehr die iranische Haltung, dass alle iranischen Atomprogramme friedlich sind und ausschließlich für der zivilen Nutzung dienen." Washington sollte jetzt den Fall Iran vom Weltsicherheitsrat wieder an die IAEA zurückgeben und nicht weiter politisieren.

Die US-Geheimdiensteinschätzung neutralisiere die "Verschwörung zionistischer Kreise" in den USA, sagte er dem Nachrichtensender Chabar. Diese hätten sich beim Weißen Haus "mit unwahren Vorwürfen, die selbst der US-Geheimdienst zurückweist", dafür eingesetzt, Druck auf Iran auszuüben.
Regierungssprecher Gholamhossein Elham forderte von den USA sogar eine Entschädigung für die in der Vergangenheit geäußerten Vorwürfe ein:

"Die Amerikaner haben großen Druck auf uns ausgeübt und durch ihre unbegründeten Anschuldigungen die Weltmeinung gegen Iran manipuliert", sagte er der amtlichen Nachrichtenagentur Irna, "dafür sollten sie bezahlen."
"Der Welt wird nun deutlich, dass die atomaren Aktivitäten Irans friedlichen Zielen dienen", betonte Mottaki, der wie alle iranischen Regierungsvertreter stets erklärt hatte, dass die Islamische Republik nicht nach Kernwaffen strebe.
Es sei begrüßenswert, dass die USA nun eine realistische Haltung einnähmen, sagte Außenminister Manutscher Mottaki heute im iranischen Rundfunk. Er freue sich über die "Korrektur", ergänzte er.
US- Geheimdienstdossier: Iran triumphiert - Israel zweifelt

04.Dec.2007 Russische Presseschau: "Die Wahlen als Ausnahmezustand"

04.Dec.2007 Teure Leerstellen: Fachkräftemangel kostet jährlich 18 Milliarden Euro

04.Dec.2007 CDU- Parteitag: Huber beschwört die rot- rote Gefahr (Politikt)
Bei den Affen habe sich eine Art fotografisches Gedächtnis gezeigt, erläutert Matsuzawa die Ergebnisse.
Ayumus Trefferquote aber blieb konstant, egal wie kurz die Zahlen nur aufleuchteten.
Die drei Schimpansenjungen waren dabei schneller als die Studenten. Nicht aber die Schimpansenmütter.
Ihrer Meinung nach zeigten die Ergebnisse, dass Menschen mit ihren kognitiven Fähigkeiten den Tieren nicht generell überlegen seien, schreiben Inoue und Matsuzawa im Fachmagazin "Current Biology".
Vor allem waren sie eindeutig schneller als ihre menschlichen Verwandten.
Menschenaffe schlägt Mensch

Menschenaffen erkennen Zahlenreihen schneller und präziser als Menschen. Japanische Verhaltensforscher haben in Gedächtnistests Schimpansen gegen Studenten antreten lassen. Das Ergebnis war eindeutig.

Die Wissenschaft hat ihre Arbeit getan. Jetzt sind die Politiker an der Reihe. In Bali wird ihre Führungsstärke auf den Prüfstand gestellt. Worauf warten wir noch?

Unsere Aufgabe in Bali und danach wird es sein, den im Entstehen begriffenen globalen Transformationsprozess zu gestalten und dem Zeitalter der grünen Wirtschaft und der grünen Entwicklung die Tore zu öffnen. Was noch fehlt, ist ein globaler Rahmen, innerhalb dessen wir, die Völker der Welt, unsere Anstrengungen zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels koordinieren können.
Das Umweltprogramm der Vereinten Nationen schätzt, dass die weltweiten Investitionen in emissionsfreie Energien im Jahr 2020 1,9 Billionen Dollar erreichen werden - das Startkapital für eine umfassende Neukonfiguration der globalen Industrie.
Ein führendes Münchener Beratungsunternehmen prognostiziert, dass bis Ende des nächsten Jahrzehnts in Deutschland mehr Menschen in der Umwelttechnologie als in der Automobilindustrie beschäftigt sein werden
Forscher an der University of California in Berkeley kamen zu dem Ergebnis, dass in den Vereinigten Staaten 300.000 Arbeitsplätze geschaffen werden könnten, wenn 20 % des Strombedarfs aus erneuerbaren Energieträgern gedeckt würden.
Nach in dem Bericht enthaltenen Schätzungen könnten die Auswirkungen der Klimaänderung mit einem Aufwand von jährlich lediglich 0,1 % des globalen BIP während der nächsten drei Jahrzehnte überwunden werden.
Das ist der Weg, der in die Zukunft führt.
Bei einem kürzlich in Singapur abgehaltenen Gipfeltreffen der führenden Politiker Ostasiens sagte der chinesische Ministerpräsident, Wen Jiabao, eine Senkung des Energieverbrauchs (pro Einheit des BIP) um 20 % über die kommenden fünf Jahre zu - was von der europäischen Selbstverpflichtung, die Treibhausgasemissionen bis 2020 um 20 % zu senken, nicht so weit entfernt ist.
China hat sich zu einer der führenden Nationen auf dem Gebiet der Sonnen- und Windenergie entwickelt.
China wird in diesem Jahr 10 Milliarden US-Dollar in erneuerbare Energien investieren und liegt damit nur hinter Deutschland zurück.
mit eigenen Augen sehen, dass sich Brasilien zu einem der Hauptakteure der grünen Wirtschaft entwickelt hat und inzwischen etwa 44 % seines Energiebedarfs aus erneuerbaren Quellen deckt. Weltweit liegt der Durchschnitt bei 13 %, in Europa bei 6,1 %.

Im vergangenen Jahrhundert fanden drei große wirtschaftliche Transformationsprozesse statt. Auf die industrielle Revolution folgte die technologische Revolution und schließlich das moderne Zeitalter der Globalisierung, in dem wir uns gegenwärtig befinden. Jetzt stehen wir an der Schwelle eines weiteren Umbruchs: des Zeitalters der grünen Wirtschaft.
Wenn sich allerdings die Verhandlungen in der schieren Breite und Komplexität dieser Fragen festfahren, verlieren wir das, was am wertvollsten ist, nämlich Zeit.

Die Welt kann jetzt den Sprung in die Ära der ökologischen Wirtschaft schaffen - und damit sogar den Wohlstand fördern, analysiert Uno-Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon auf SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Wir haben gelesen, was die Wissenschaft uns sagt: Die globale Erwärmung findet tatsächlich statt, und die Menschen gehören zu ihren Hauptverursachern.

Sicherheit und Fortschritt seien zwei Seiten derselben Medaille, philosophierte Katars Emir Hamad Ibn Chalifa al-Thani, bevor er am Montag dem iranischen Präsidenten das Wort gab. Das war ein höflicher Gemeinplatz, doch er stimmt am Golf nicht ganz: Erst kommt die Sicherheit, der den Golf-Monarchen Prunk und Petrodollars garantiert, und dann der Fortschritt. Und Sicherheit, so sehen es die Ölscheichs, bietet bis auf weiteres nur Amerika.
Niemand aber denke daran, diese Bindung völlig aufzugeben, versichert in Doha Saudi-Arabiens Finanzminister Ibrahim al-Assaf: "Dabei bleibt es." Es ist am Ende ein politisches Bekenntnis.
Eine gemeinsame Währung der größten Ölproduzenten, die irgendwann den Petrodollar ablösen könnte - Venezuelas Staatschef Hugo Chávez und sein Gesinnungsgenosse Ahmadinedschad hätten ihre Freude.
Nicht nur die Millionäre klagen; Zehntausende Gastarbeiter, die in Dubai und Abu Dhabi Wolkenkratzer bauen, rechnen schon seit langem: Ihre mickrigen Gehälter, die bislang ihre Familien in Indien oder Pakistan über Wasser hielten, schmelzen mit dem sinkenden Dollar und der steigenden Inflation dahin. Immer dringender verlangen sie nach mehr Geld.
Was ihre Rials und Dirhams wert sind, wird also weitgehend in Washington entschieden, nicht von den Zentralbanken in Riad, Manama oder Doha.
rechnete der Chefökonom der US-Investmentbank Lehman Brothers unlängst in der "New York Times" vor: "Diese Staaten müssen zusammen jede Woche fünf Milliarden Dollar unterbringen. Leicht ist das nicht."

Höflich hören die Araber dem Iraner zu, doch sein Vorschlag hat in diesem erlauchten Kreis keine Chance: Amerika ist die unangefochtene Schutzmacht der Golfstaaten, seit die Mullahs den Schah gestürzt haben - und erst recht, seit sie ein Nuklearprogramm betreiben, an dessen friedliche Absicht hier keiner glaubt. Ahmadinedschad ist ein Störfall für die Petro-Milliardäre. Er vergällt ihnen die Freude am Geldverdienen, denn was hilft ihr sagenhafter Reichtum, wenn über Nacht ein Krieg ausbrechen und alles zunichte machen kann?
Geradezu schmucklos im Vergleich dazu schreitet der Stargast der Gipfelkonferenz in die Halle: Mahmud Ahmadinedschad. Er trägt einen blauen Nadelstreifenanzug und wird von seinem Außenminister Manutschehr Mottaki begleitet. Der Emir von Katar hat ihn in seine Hauptstadt Doha eingeladen - eine Premiere - und gleich in seinem Grußwort ein heikles Thema angeschnitten.

In "extremer Gefahr" befinde sich der Golf, die Region, aus der die Welt den Großteil ihres Öls bezieht und über der sich erneut die Kriegswolken zusammenziehen. Seit 1980, seit der Revolution in Iran, treffen sich die Ölscheichs jährlich. Selten schwammen sie so im Geld wie diesmal und selten stand so viel auf dem Spiel.
Weaver: "Wir dehnen nicht die tropischen Dschungelgebiete aus. Was wir ausdehnen ist die Fläche der Wüsten."
Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass die Computermodelle die negativen Folgen der globalen Erwärmung nach immer wieder unterschätzt hätten.
Klimaforscher haben schon seit langem eine Ausdehnung der Tropen bis Ende des 21. Jahrhunderts vorhergesagt.
Seidel und ihre Kollegen kamen anhand unterschiedlicher meteorologischer Kenndaten unabhängig voneinander zu dem Ergebnis, dass sich die tropische Klimazone seit 1979 um 2 bis 4,8 Breitengrade ausgedehnt hat. Das entspricht einer Verbreiterung um 225 bis 530 Kilometer sowohl in nördlicher als auch in südlicher Richtung. Dazu maßen die Wissenschaftler unter anderem anhand von Satellitendaten den Ozongehalt in der Atmosphäre, die Atmosphärentemperatur, die ausgehende langwellige Strahlung und das Ausmaß der Luftzirkulation innerhalb der untersten Schicht der Atmosphäre.
Dian Seidel, Meteorologin am National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Lab im US-Bundesstaat Maryland, hat zusammen mit mehreren Wissenschaftler-Teams belegt, dass sich der Tropengürtel in den letzten 25 Jahren in Richtung der Erdpole ausgedehnt hat - und zwar stärker, als Klimamodelle bislang vorhersagten. Ihre Ergebnisse haben sie in dem Fachmagazin "Nature Geoscience" veröffentlicht.

Karl Rove, 56, hatte im August dieses Jahres erklärt, sein Büro im Weißen Haus zu räumen. Er trat als innenpolitischer Chefberater und stellvertretender Stabschef des Präsidenten zurück - offiziell aus persönlichen Gründen. Er wolle mehr Zeit für seine Familie haben, verkündete Bushs "Boy genius". Zuvor war sein Name jedoch auch im Zusammenhang mit der Plamegate-Affäre gefallen, der Enttarnung der CIA-Agentin Valerie Plame, die die US-Regierung in eine Krise gestürzt hatte.

Bushs einstiger Wahlkamfguru macht Obama Mut. Nicht nur habe er dank einiger guter Auftritte in den Wählerbefragungen Boden gut gemacht, auch mache Hillary Clinton mittlerweile Fehler. Um diese besser auszunutzen, müsse Obama aber noch einiges ändern, findet Rove. Ungefragt hat er deshalb eine sechs Punkte umfassende Siegesanleitung für den 46-jährigen zusammengestellt.

Jon Alterman vom "Center for Strategic and International Studies" fasste es gegenüber der "New York Times" so zusammen: "Dieser Bericht wird vor allem als ein weiterer Irrtum der Geheimdienste wahrgenommen werden. Und warum sollten wir ihnen jetzt noch glauben?"
Immerhin sind solche Beschränkungen für Länder wie Deutschland sehr kostspielig und entsprechend unpopulär bei Banken und Wirtschaft. Und die Amerikaner werden bald ihre alten Glaubwürdigkeitsprobleme einholen.

"Wenn man einmal genau hinschaut, verbinden Iran und die USA ja unheimlich viele Interessen", sagt Karim Sadjadpour vom "Carnegie Endowment for International Peace" SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Dann könnte man erkennen, dass auch Iran wie ein ganz normaler Staat nationale Interessen vertritt, auf die man rational eingehen könnte - so wie es im Umgang mit Nordkorea, Libyen oder anderen Regionen gelungen ist."
Gestern nun kommentierte Harry Reid, der demokratische Mehrheitsführer im US-Senat, umgehend: "Dieser Bericht stellt die alarmierende Rhetorik der Bush-Regierung zur Bedrohung durch Iran direkt in Frage."

Die US-Geheimdienste scheinen sich nun in diesem Ringen neu positioniert zu haben. "Sie wollten sichergehen, nicht noch einmal für die Rechtfertigung eines Militärschlages fehlerhafte Informationen geliefert zu haben. Man muss annehmen, dass sie wiedergutmachen wollen, was sie vor Irak versäumt haben", sagt ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter des Nationalen Sicherheitsrates im Weißen Haus im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Noch am 17. Oktober hatte Bush aber vor dem Dritten Weltkrieg gewarnt, sollte Iran eine Atomwaffe erhalten.

Hadleys Problem: So wird wohl niemand auf der ganzen Welt den 100 Seiten starken NIE-Bericht deuten. Denn die zentralen Sätze der Top-Analysten - destilliert aus den Erkenntnissen aller 16 US-Geheimdienstorganisationen - tönen lauter als jeder "Spin" des Weißen Hauses. Sie lauten: "Teheran hat wohl bereits 2003 sein Atomprogramm auf internationalen Druck hin eingestellt." Und: "Das Land wird bis 2015 technisch nicht in der Lage sein, genug Plutonium für den Bau herzustellen und aufzubereiten." Schließlich, beinahe ein Armutszeugnis für Geheimdienstexperten: "Wir wissen nicht, ob Iran die Absicht hat, Nuklearwaffen zu entwickeln."

In einem ähnlichen Papier vor zwei Jahren hatte sich das noch ganz anders angehört. Damals war Iran nach Einschätzung der US-Geheimdienste "entschlossen", die Bombe zu bauen.
Das soeben veröffentlichte "National Intelligence Estimate" (NIE) der US-Geheimdienste zertrümmert Bushs Iran-Strategie.
Nun stellen die amerikanischen Geheimdienste fest: Das Atomprogramm der Mullahs liegt seit Jahren auf Eis. Fragt sich nur, seit wann Bush schon von der Neueinschätzung wusste.
Schwellenländer: Die unbekannten Wirtschaftsriesen
04.Dec.2007 Verhaltensforschung: Schimpansen übertrumpfen Menschen in Gedächtnistests
04.Dec.2007 US- Geheimdienste: Iran- Dossier rückt Bushs Kriegsrhetorik ins Zwielicht
04.Dec.2007 Kreditkrise: Merrill Lynch wechselt Finanzchef aus
04.Dec.2007 Unwetter in Nordamerika: Schneesturm im Osten, Hurrikan im Westen
04.Dec.2007 Klimawandel: Die Tropen breiten sich aus
Iran- Dossier: US- Geheimdienste bringen Bush in Erklärungsnot
04.Dec.2007 Golfstaaten- Konferenz: Störfall für die Petro- Milliardäre
04.Dec.2007 Solartaxi in Bali: Im Dienste der Weltklimakonferenz

04.Dec.2007 Rettung des Weltklimas: Das Zeitalter der grünen Wirtschaft bricht an
03.Dec.2007 Studie: Top- Manager unterschätzen Bedrohung aus Schwellenländern

Common Ground Common Sense

It was against this backdrop that Shackley served as a "consultant" to players such as Bush, Secord, North + Casey in their illegal bloody ...


CLINE RAY STEINER (40 63-6 126 210 213 247 250) ... SECORD RICHARD V (III1 9-14 16 18 20-4) SHACKLEY THEODORE G (III5 B3 4 11) SHAHEEN JOHN J (B13) ... poindexter .html | Oliver North's Enterprise Stages a ...

Ray Cline, another Iran - contra veteran, made a substantial contribution to the ... Linda Tripp at the time was a personal secretary to Richard Secord of the ... 2005 /04/51004.html

Saudi Entrepeneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 911 Terrorists (Part 1 ... - View as HTML
former CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline [yet another Iran - contra conspirator], who ...

This is exactly what Shackley, Cline s + Secord did in Laos ó ...
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Shackley reorganisiert sein altes Netz mit Thomas Cline s, Ed Wilson, Richard Secord + Albert Hakim .

Auch in seiner neuen Funktion als CIA -Chef führt Bush ...
[NYTr] Drugs: The Infinite Campaign ... bands of the Meo minority, directed by the officials, Shackley + Cline .

00.000.1992 -Towards the end of- Richard Secord wrote, in his autobiography, ...
25.Mar.2007 Latin America News Review: . .. sets in context the Iran-Contra players, including Richard Secord, Oliver North ,... Shackley, Frank Carluchi, Rafael "Chi Chi" Quintero, Thomas Cline,
Jeb's real value to Recarey was not in real estate but in his help in facilitating the largest HMO Medicare fraud in U.S. history.

IMC was run by Cuban-American Miguel Recarey, a character with a host of idiosyncrasies. He carried a 9-mm Heckler & Koch semiautomatic pistol under his suit coat and kept a small arsenal of AR-15 and Uzi assault rifles at his Miami estate, where his bedroom was protected by bullet-proof windows and a steel door. It apparently wasn't his enemies Recarey feared so much as his friends. He had a long-standing relationship with Miami Mafia godfather Santo Trafficante, Jr., and had participated in the illfated, CIA-inspired mob assassination plot against Fidel Castro in the early 1960s. (Associates of Recarey add that Trafficante was the money behind Recarey's business ventures.)
... of the prominent Cuban exile Recarey, Miguel who had earlier assisted USA CIA in attempts to assassinate CUBAN President Castro.

Recarey, who ran International Medical Centers (IMC), employed Bush Jeb as ...


18.Jul.2007 Saudi Entrepeneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 911 Terrorists (Part 1 ... former CIA Deputy Director ...  

Slade Gorton, 911 Commissioner (revisited):
"Former Senator Slade Gorton served on the notorious Senate Intelligence Committee for over a decade.

Throughout his career, over scores of “hearings”, the hawkish Gorton consistently ran interference for Iran-Contra -smeared Republicans, such as Robert Gates ..."
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense:
"911, CIA Drug Traffic, Iran-contra, ISI, Daniel Pearl?" - Online Journal "...

Then there is Baron Rumsfeld over at DoD, who seemed to dart around like a bee pollinating CBW (chemical and biological weapons) to Saddam under the Reagan administration, being part of Iran-Contra, planning + practicing the invasion of Afghanistan

00.000. 2001 -in early- well in advance of 9-11, attacking on

07.Oct. 2001, to get rid of those silly Taliban folks + immediately after 9-11 wanted to start planning to go kick Saddam really good."
Charles M. McKee and Matthew Gannon
"Charles M. McKee, ostensibly a military attach? for the DIA in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut + three others were on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland.

They were part of a counterterrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon.

The McKee team uncovered evidence that a rogue CIA unit called COREA, based in Wiesbaden, was doing business with a man called Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian arms dealer + drug trafficker.
" Al-Kassar was part of the covert network run by U.S. Lieut. Colonel Oliver North .

Outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden was doing business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections + might endanger their chances of rescuing the hostages,

the McKee team decided to fly back to Virginia unannounced and expose the COREA unit's secret deal with al-Kassar .

They never got there.

?For three years, I've had a feeling that if Chuck hadn't been on that plane, it wouldn't have been bombed,? said Beulah McKee, 75, Charles McKee's mother, to Time Magazine.

Four months after her son was killed for his efforts to expose the CIA, Mrs. McKee received a sympathy letter from George H. W. Bush .

Mrs. McKee has never been satisfied with the government's version of events."
Senator Henry John Heinz III
"He chaired the three-man presidential review board that probed the Iran-contra affair.

00.Apr.1991 He died in a plane crash ..."
Israel, Jonas Savimbi, Unita, Saudis:
"Israel, which

00.000.19 82 began training a 5,000-man Zairian unit in Shaba proince that was to be stationed along the border with Angola,

is well-positioned to take over adising Unita should the U.S. public eer force Congress to halt aid, as it did 00.000.19 75 + more recently with the contras.

As one of the major right-wing guerilla armies still in the field,

Unita is almost certain to attract the covert action funds Saudi Arabia continues to wish to bestow upon Washington.

In addition to wateer Saudi funds he may be receiving, Jonas Savimbi gets $75 million in South African aid.

And though ?the Enterprise? has been put out of business, the fronts run by retired military + intelligence officers that competed to sell arms to the contras are still open for business to supply Unita ." - Jane Hunter, "Honduras All Over Again," Report on the Americas, September-October 1988, p. 24.
Jeb Bush, governor of Florida + Khashoggi :
Bush "spent most of his time in the early and mid-1980s hobnobbing with ex-Cuban intelligence officers, Nicaragua n Contras + others plugged into the lucrative orbit of Miami-area front groups for the CIA .

But he, too, had some Middle East connections.

Two of his business associates, Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya + Camilo Padreda, both indicted for financial dealings,

were longtime associates of Middle Eastern arms dealer, BCCI investor + Iran-Contra figure Adnan Khashoggi .
Prosecutors dropped the case against the two + a federal judge ordered Padreda's name expunged from the record.

But a few years later Padreda, a former Miami-Dade County GOP treasurer, was convicted of fraud over a federally insured housing development that Jeb Bush had helped to facilitate.

Jeb Bush also socialized with Adbur Sakhia, the Miami BCCI branch chief + later its top U.S. Official.
Michael Ledeen, advisor to Carl Rove :"

01.Sep.2004 - Ledeen has been branded an 'ultra neo-conservative' and is seen by his critics as the most sinister and radical of them all.

He is a scholar at the neo-conservative think tank The American Enterprise Institute, which also counts the former chair of Pentagon Defence Policy Board Richard Perle among its members.
"He also writes regularly for American Spectator magazine.

A former Rome Correspondent for the New Republic newspaper, Ledeen first rose to political prominence as a member of the National Security Council during Ronald Reagan 's reign.
00.000.1985 "But it was- that he became a well-known figure in the US when his Israeli intelligence contacts were used to help broker the illegal Iran/contra rebel affair - a move was aimed at destablising the left-wing government in Nicaragua .
"However, he does say that he didn't approve of the final deal in that affair.

Prof Ledeen is also a student of Machiavelli and has written a book about the Renaissance philosopher whose name has become synonymous with strong and brutal governments.

He is also the author of The War Against the Terror Masters, which claims that America must topple the regimes of the terror masters such as Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia to eliminate the threat of terrorism.
"Prof Ledeen is also believed to have the ear of the White House's current Chief of Staff Karl Rove + has regular conversations with him.

His view on the war on terror is clear, he said: "Iraq is just one battle in a larger war, bringing down the regime in Iran is the central act, because Iran is the world's most dangerous terrorist country."
02.Dec.2002 - by Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles- Published by Guardian/UK

The Bush Dynasty + the Cuban Criminals -New book reveals links of two presidents + the governor of Florida Bush, Jeb with exiled hardliners
The brother of President George Bush, the Florida governor, Jeb Bush, has been instrumental in securing the release from prison of militant Cuban exiles convicted of terrorist offences, according to a new book.

The Bush family has also accommodated the demands of Cuban exile hardliners in exchange for electoral + financial support, the book suggests.


11.Sep.2001 -Last year, after- while USA justice department announced a sweep of terrorist suspects,

Cubans convicted of terrorist offences were being released from USA jails with the cons ent of the Bush administration, according to the book, Cuba Confidential: Love + Vengeance in Miami + Havana, by Ann Louise Bardach, the award-winning investigative journalist who has covered Cuban + Miami politics for the New York Times + Vanity Fair.

00.000.1984 -go back to- The Bush family connections- when Bush, Jeb began a close association with Padreda, Camilo a former intelligence officer with the Batista dictatorship overthrown by Fidel Castro.

00.000.1984 -then- Bush, Jeb was the chairman of the Dade county Republican party Padreda its finance chairman.

00.000.1984 -earlier- Padreda had been indicted on a $500,000 (£320,000) embezzlement charge along with a fellow exile,

Cartaya, Hernandez but the charges were dropped, reportedly after USA CIA stated that Cartaya had worked for them USA CIA .

Padreda later pleaded guilty to defrauding the housing + urban development department of millions of $$ 1980 -during the s.-

President Bush 's younger brother Bush, Jeb was also on the payroll in the 1980 - of the prominent Cuban exile Recarey, Miguel who had earlier assisted USA CIA in attempts to assassinate CUBAN President Castro .

Recarey, who ran International Medical Centers (IMC ), employed Bush Jeb as a real estate cons ultant + paid him a $75,000 fee for finding the company a new location, although the move never took place, which raised questions at the time .

Bush Jeb did, however, lobby the Reagan / Bush administration vigorously + successfully on behalf of Recarey + IMC .

"I want to be very wealthy," Bush Jeb told the Miami News when questioned during that period.

00.000.1985 Bush Jeb acted as a conduit on behalf of supporters of the Nicaraguan contras with father Bush [BGHW948] Bush Jeb,

00.000.1985 - then- Bush [BGHW948] USA vice-president + helped Bush Jeb arrange for IMC to provide free medical treatment for the contras.

later Recarey was charged with massive medicare fraud but fled the USA before his trial + is now a fugitive .

Bush Jeb sealed his popularity with USA Cuban exile community by acting as campaign manager for another prominent USA Cuban, Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana when she ran successfully for USA Congress.

Bush [BGHW948] famously appeared with USA Cuban, Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana her during her campaign in Miami declaring:

"I am certain in my heart I will be the first USA president to step foot on the soil of a free + independent Cuba."

-since- USA Cuban, Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana has lobbied successfully for the release of several exiles convicted of terrorist offences held in USA jails but who now live freely in Miami.

Most controversially, at the request of Bush Jeb, Mr Bush [BGHW948] intervened to release the convicted Cuban terrorist Bosch, Orlando from prison and then granted him US residency.

According to the justice department in George Bush Sr's administration, Bosch had participated in more than 30 terrorist acts. He was convicted of firing a rocket into a Polish ship which was on passage to Cuba. He was also implicated in the 1976 blowing-up of a Cubana plane flying to Havana from Venezuela in which all 73 civilians on board were killed.

CIA memorandums strongly suggest, according to Bardach's book, that Bosch was one of the cons pirators, and quotes the then secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, as writing that the "US government had been planning to suggest Bosch 's deportation before Cubana airlines crash took place for his suspected involvement in other terrorist acts and violation of his parole".

Bosch 's release, often referred to in the US media as a pardon, was the result of pressure brought by hardline Cubans in Miami, with Jeb Bush serving as their point man. Bosch now lives in Miami and remains unrepentant about his militant activities, according to Bardach.

In July this year, Jeb Bush nominated Raoul Cantero, the grandson of Batista, as a Florida supreme court judge despite his lack of experience. Mr Cantero had previously represented Bosch and acted as his spokesman, once describing Bosch on Miami radio as a "great Cuban patriot".

Other Cuban exiles involved in terrorist acts, Jose Dionisio Suarez and Virgilio Paz Romero, who carried out the

00.000.1976 assassination of the Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier in Washington, have also been released by the current Bush administration.

The current administration also maintains a hard line on the continuing Cuban embargo despite the urgings of many in Mr Bush 's own party to end it.

The president's adviser, Karl Rove, "has urged him to fully accommodate hardliners in return for electoral victories for both his brother and himself", Bardach's book says.

For their help, many hardline Cuban-Americans have received plum jobs in the current administration: Mel Martinez, the Orlando Republican who arranged for the shipwrecked Cuban boy, Elian Gonzalez, to visit Disney World, was made housing secretary, while Otto Reich was awarded a one year recess appointment for the western hemisphere in the state department.
... began a close association with Padreda, Camilo a former intelligence officer with the Batista dictatorship overthrown ...

the Dade county Republican party Padreda its finance chairman.

00.000.1984 -earlier- Padreda had been indicted on ...
... Peter PACE PETER (GEN) 4 Padreda, Camilo PADREDA CAMILO A 6 Pak-Afghan Pakistan Air Pakistan International Airlines Pal, ...

Ethanol Palazzi, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palestinian-American Parenti, Michael PARENTI MICHAEL JOHN 53 Park, Musgrove ...
... associates, Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya + Camilo Padreda, both indicted for financial dealings, were longtime associates of Middle ... +

a federal judge ordered Padreda's name expunged from the record.

But a few years later ...  
(Cartaya was also charged with drug smuggling, money laundering, and gun running.) But the Jefferson Savings case would never go to trial.

Like so many of those who would attach themselves to the Bush sons over the years, Padreda brought some hefty luggage with him. 00.000.1982, four years before teaming up with Jeb, Padreda, along with another right-wing Cuban exile, Hernandez Cartaya, was indicted and accused of looting Jefferson Savings and Loan Association in McAllen, Texas. The federal indictment charged that the pair had embezzled over $500,000 from the thrift. (Cartaya was also charged with drug smuggling, money laundering, and gun running.) But the Jefferson Savings case would never go to trial.

Florida froze withdrawals from a state investment fund earlier this week when local governments withdrew billions of dollars out of concern for the fund's financial stability.

In the past few days, municipalities have withdrawn roughly $9 billion, nearly a third of the $28 billion fund (which is similar to a money market fund) controlled by the Florida's State Board of Administration (SBA). The run on the fund was triggered by worries that a %age of the portfolio contained debt that had defaulted.

A majority of this paper was sold to SBA by Lehman Brothers . Bush, as the state's top elected official, served on a three-member board that oversaw the SBA until he retired as governor in January. In August, Bush was hired as a consultant to the bank. Lehman spokesperson Kerrie Cohen, speaking on behalf of Bush, said they had no comment and would not say when the bank had sold Florida the paper. SBA did not return calls.

While SBA wouldn't confirm, Bloomberg reported the amount of debt in default is around $900 million.
03.Dec.2007 Nachdem Wolfowitz auch in der Weltbank auf ganzer Linie verkackt hat, hat ihm die Bush-Junta eine Position angeboten.
03.Dec.2007 Firefighters asked to report people who express discontent with the government: It was revealed last week that firefighters are being trained to not only keep an eye out for illegal materials in the course of their duties, but even to report back any expression of discontent with the government.

03.Dec.2007 Is There an ID Chip in Your Future?: There's a growing movement to forcibly tag or chip your animals with radio frequency identification devices. Many privacy advocates believe this could lead to a scarier level: implanting you and me. Now, there is an effort to stem the tide
03.Dec.2007 Australia: Ministers sent report on Habib torture: SENIOR members of the Howard government, including the former prime minister and the foreign minister, were given a detailed briefing on Mamdouh Habib's allegations of torture in Egypt as early as mid-2002. But they never told the Australian public of the serious allegations, did little to investigate them — and three years later were still protesting they had no knowledge Mr Habib had even been in Egypt

03.Dec.2007 U.S. prosecutors seek life sentence for Jose Padilla : While Padilla's lawyers have not requested a specific sentence, they argue Padilla played a minor role in the conspiracy and an appropriate punishment should not exceed 10 years.

03.Dec.2007 US says it has right to kidnap British citizens: The US has told Britain that it can “kidnap” British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States.

03.Dec.2007 Senate Bill 1959 to Criminalize Thoughts, Blogs, Books and Free Speech Across America: The end of Free Speech in America has arrived at our doorstep. It's a new law called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and it is worded in a clever way that could allow the U.S. government to arrest and incarcerate any individual who speaks out against the Bush Administration
03.Dec.2007 Chavez renews wrath over for caption allegedly inciting assassination : The 's move was to incite his assassination, Chavez said, also criticizing the United States for trying to develop "a world media tyranny" to impose its ideology everywhere.
03.Dec.2007 Proposed changes to the Venezuelan constitution explained : Q&A: Venezuela's referendum
03.Dec.2007 Turkish General Staff Says It Hit Terrorist Group : Turkish General Staff said Saturday that it detected a group of 50-60 terrorists inside Iraqi territory and inflicted significant losses on terrorists.

03.Dec.2007 Turkey reaffirms army's right to act in Iraq: Kurdish officials in Iraq insisted on Sunday that there had been no Turkish military incursion, describing as baseless Ankara's claims that significant losses had been inflicted on Kurdish rebels.

03.Dec.2007 Israeli Occupation Force troops killed 32 Palestinians including two children in November: The IOF troops killed last November 32 Palestinians including two children during air raids, incursions or assassinations, thus increasing the number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of this year to 348 victims.

03.Dec.2007 Bhutto warns of foreign intervention if Pakistan fails to curb militancy : Bhutto also raised the specter of militants moving on Islamabad and gaining control of a key nuclear installation - widely seen as an unlikely scenario.

03.Dec.2007 No good way to secure Pakistan's nukes, U.S. finds: Results of secret exercise reveal 'nightmare scenario'

03.Dec.2007 Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran:: Study: U.S., Israel should begin planning strike on Iran nuclear sites : Israel and the United States should begin an intense dialogue on ways to deal with Iran's nuclear plans and should examine ways to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, according to a new study published by an influential Washington think tank.

03.Dec.2007 Gun-shy America is losing the best chance to stop Iran: John Bolton, the hawkish former US ambassador to the UN, says Tehran’s nuclear threat is growing and it will have to be halted by force

03.Dec.2007 Iran top nuclear official confirms he will visit Moscow next week :

Iran's top nuclear negotiator has confirmed earlier reports that he will visit Moscow next week to discuss the situation around the Iranian nuclear program.

03.Dec.2007 Landslide election result for Putin's party: Early official results from Russia's parliamentary election suggest a landslide victory for the party headed by President Vladimir Putin.

03.Dec.2007 Putin's party United Russia wins 63.1% of vote with 38.2% of votes counted : MOSCOW.

03.Dec.2007 (Interfax) - United Russia has polled 63.1% of votes with 38.2% of votes counted in Sunday's State Duma elections at 1 a.m. Moscow time on Monday.
Venezuelans Reject Chavez's Plans for Socialist Constitution : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suffered his first electoral defeat in nine years as voters turned down his plan to overhaul the constitution.
03.Dec.2007 Bush Handed Blueprint to Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal -By Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark- Architect of Iraq surge draws up takeover options: US fears army's Islamists might grab weapons. Continue 03.Dec.2007 Venezuela: Not What You Think -By- Robin Hahnel
In the case of Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution, the mainstream media and politicians in the United States have elevated their game of demonizing all who oppose US foreign policy and business interests to a higher level of absurdity than usual.

03.Dec.2007 Chavez's Speech "Go ahead, make my day." -By- Joaquin Bustelo
Chavez has ordered the military to protect the oilfields and other installations and warned that if there is any sabotage, any US-inspired disturbances Sunday night, oil shipments to the U.S. will be cut off immediately. - He warned international broadcasters --and by name, and repeatedly-- that this or any other sort of shenanigans will be met with the expulsion of their staff from the country.

03.Dec.2007 Reflections on Venezuela: A People Under Fire -By- Fidel Castro
Venezuela, whose people are heirs to Bolivar's ideas which transcend his era, is today facing a world tyranny a thousand times more powerful than that of Spain's colonial strength added to that of the recently born United States which, through Monroe, proclaimed their right to the natural wealth of the continent and to the sweat of its people.

03.Dec.2007 US 'Declaration' a Setback for Maliki -By- Sami Moubayed
When President George W Bush comes out to praise political prisoners in Damascus, he completely ruins their credibility in the Syrian Street, projecting them as stooges for the United States.

03.Dec.2007 Bush’s Twenty-Billion Dollar Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia: -By- James Petras
The Zionist Power Configuration Defeats Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex, the White House and the Pentagon.

03.Dec.2007 Public Sentiment for Bush / Cheney Impeachment Expands -By- John Kaminski and Gary Higginbottom
64 % of Americans believe that President Bush has abused his powers, and 70 % believe that Cheney has done so.

11.Sep.2001 -After- Khaled Saffuri, Islamic Institute: discussion on Muslim communities. ... Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation. files/36_Religion_in_American_Society__2002_.pdf

03.Dec.2007 History Commons

Norquist cofounds the Islamic Institute, sometimes called the Islamic Free Market Institute, with Khaled Saffuri . Saffuri is executive director + Norquist ...
Biologie Referate und charakterisierung

00.000.1959 Erster Kongress in den USA wegen Meeresverschmutzung . Noch vor wenigen Jahren betrachtete man das Meer als Mülldeponie Gehen Sie zu referat ...
03.Dec.2007 This comes to us by way of Larisa.)
Seems to me that the Powers That Be, or a faction thereof, have had quite enough of the Bush family, thank you very much.

03.Dec.2007 White House Obstructs Justice on Outing of CIA Operative Plame By Not Allowing Fitzgerald to Provide Evidence to Congress -- A BuzzFlash Alert

03.Dec.2007 Texas Republicans Launch New Vote Suppression Scheme
White House Lie Bombshell, So to Speak: "A new assessment by American intelligence agencies concludes that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program 00.000.2003 and that the program remains on hold, contradicting an assessment two years ago that Tehran was working inexorably toward building a bomb." From New York Times. 12/4
The Exclusive Monday BuzzFlash Weekly Column from George Lakoff's Rockridge "Framing" Institute. Ask Rockridge:

When Values Go Beyond Self-Interest (You can receive the column in advance by signing up for a weekly alert.)

03.Dec.2007 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Larry Craig Gets Caught With His Pants Down, As Recalled by Four Men. Actually, He Often Had Gay Sex With His Pants On. The BuzzFlash Editor's Blog.

03.Dec.2007 Bill Quigley: HUD Sends New Orleans Bulldozers and $400,000 Apartments for the Holidays -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Bush Whines That Congress Won't Let Him Avoid Due Process By Keeping Him From Making Recess Appointments of Dreadful Nominees 12/4
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for

03.Dec.2007 # posted by dr. elsewhere
03.Dec.2007 Another source for these comparisons comes from two Naomi’s, Klein and Wolfe. These two gorgeous and brave women are coming at the same issues from only slightly different angles, angles that are parallel but importantly complimentary. Klein’s recognition of the historical evolution of the Shock Doctrine, a la Milton Friedman himself, exposes how the greedy and powerful have actively worked to keep economies (that would serve their plundering and looting agenda) under control, economies that now include our own. Wolfe’s contribution looks directly at those comparisons with the thirties, but more blatantly at Germany’s devolution to fascism. Though we’ve made many of those comparisons before, if only in passing, she’s drawn out the parallels in disturbingly geometric precision, and it’s frightening. That someone out there we’re hoping to have the leadership and courage to take up this banner with bold conviction needs to stop shying away from that F word; fascism is upon us, and it’s gaining ground at frightening speed.
Rarely has the ECB been as powerless as it is today. It can do nothing against the weak dollar, nor can it perform its real task of protecting the intrinsic value of the euro.

But opinions are divided over what happens next. There are three possible scenarios. Which of them becomes reality will depend on whether the participants behave more or less rationally -- or whether panic breaks out.
But all other industries will also feel the effects of a worldwide economic slowdown in the wake of the dollar crisis.

According to recent figures, 20 % of US mortgages were issued to borrowers with extremely poor credit.

00.000.2001 that number was only 5 %. The industry's motto today might as well read: "My home is my house of cards."
The world economy is booming and the profits of US corporations are exploding, but American workers have been left out in the cold.

Rarely has the world economy been so out of whack or have global imbalances been greater.

The Americans were the world's financiers for years. Today they are its biggest borrowers, while the Asians serve as America's bank.

The dollar's dominance holds great appeal for Americans. They can continuously print green bills and sell them abroad without driving up inflation in their own country.

They can go into debt to pay for things like the Iraq war or enjoy the benefits of tax cuts. This attitude has led to a record US national debt of $5 trillion.
The problem is the transitional period, in which one power is weakening and the other is not yet capable of slipping into its shoes.
"If the crisis continues well into the coming year," says Burda, "it may very well assume proportions like the worldwide depression in the 1930s."

Not too long ago, the Fed predicted 4 % growth for the US economy 00.000.2008.

On Tuesday of last week, it scaled back its US economic growth forecast for the coming year to between 1.8 and 2.5 %.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has made himself even clearer.

He suspects that American politicians are deliberately using the weak dollar to improve the export prospects of American industry and weaken European competitiveness.

It wouldn't be the first time.

00.000.1970 -In the early s- the then-Treasury Secretary John Connally openly confessed: "The dollar is our currency, but your problem."
Consumer spending and investment, the two main pillars of the US economy, are faltering.

And yet every dollar increase in the price of oil and, especially, every cent the dollar loses in value heightens fears of the seemingly inevitable consequences, and fears that global growth could slow and, in an extreme scenario, even come to a grinding halt.
Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the European Central Bank, says that he already recognizes "brutal movements" in the international monetary structure.
Like so many in politics and business, Enders hasn't a clue what to do about the decline of the dollar, still the world's reserve currency.
03.Dec.2007 The economic origins of fascism You've been reading a great many worrisome articles about the decline of the dollar. One of the best may be this piece in Der Speigel.
03.Dec.2007 The mortgage crisis really comes down to just that. Sub-prime borrowers would not be sub-prime borrowers if labor received a fair wage.
These events should be read in conjunction with this Kos entry:
"Could the 2008 Election be Like the 1932 Election?"

Whereas some experts might look at the historical record and expect a swing back against the Democrats or at least no major gains 00.000.2008, I think the historical record suggests it’s more likely that

2006 was simply the first stage of at least a two-stage major Congressional realignment, especially since

00.000.2006 the Republicans were protecting few open seats, but retirements are leaving competitive GOP-held seats without an incumbent.
03.Dec.2007 The underlying cause is income inequality, which has increased at a frightening rate since Reagan's election.
20060815 The Invention of Ancient Israel, ... paganpedia. ...
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Meeresverschmutzung gibt es leider überall, auch auf den Kanarischen Inseln.

Noch in diesem Jahr sollen Schwertwale aus den USA nach Teneriffa ...
down with murder inc

"Links between Gladio, Italian secret service bosses and the notorious P2 masonic lodge are manifold. The chiefs of all three secret ...
CIA Druglords aangirfan |

March 29 2006. The Guardian, 28 March 2006, has an excellent story about heroin.,,1741038,00.html
07.Jul.2006 P2OG Terrorism aangirfan | . So, Khan and Tanweer have links to alCIAda? And MI5? A noted terror expert has told the BBC that Mohammed Siddique Khan, ...
19.Feb.2007 What did 9 11: The Conspiracy Files leave out? What did 9 11: The Conspiracy Files leave out?

18.Feb.2007 aangirfan 9 11 : The Conspiracy Files, BBC2,.

Um alle Zweifel am chinesischen Bildmaterial auszuräumen, kündigte Ziyuan ein für Pekings Verhältnisse ungewöhnliches Transparenzprogramm an.

Jeder interessierte Chinese könne sich anmelden, um Zugriff auf die Daten der Sonde zu erhalten - egal ob Wissenschaftler oder Hobby-Astronom.

Schließlich sei die Sonde aus Steuergeldern bezahlt worden. Deswegen hätten die Bürger auch ein Anrecht auf die Bilder.

Die EZB sitzt mit 600 Tonnen Gold auf einem vergleichsweise kleinen Reservenberg. Über die mit Abstand größten Goldreserven - etwa 8100 Tonnen - verfügt nach offiziellen Angaben die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve.

Auf Platz zwei liegt die Bundesbank, die rund 3400 Tonnen Gold ihr Eigen nennt. Drittgrößter Goldbesitzer ist mit etwa 3200 Tonnen der Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF).

Frankfurt - Nach Schätzungen von Analysten sind die Goldreserven der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) durch den Mega-Verkauf um sieben % gesunken.

Eugen Weinberg, Rohstoffexperte bei der Commerzbank, errechnete, dass mittels des Verkaufs etwa 1,2 % der jährlichen weltweiten Goldnachfrage gestillt werden. DDP

Goldreserven der Bundesbank: Vom Markt gut absorbiert Da der jüngste Rückgang des Goldpreises am schwachen Dollar liege, habe der Markt das Gold der Zentralbank offenbar gut absorbiert, sagte Weinberg.

"Wir glauben den Daten der Zentralen Wahlkommission nicht", hatte KP-Chef Gennadi Sjuganow gestern im Nadelstreifenanzug und mit ernster Miene verkündet.

Elf % der Stimmen habe man den Kommunisten insgesamt weggenommen, und den Kreml-treuen Parteien LDPR und Gerechtes Russland zugesteckt, behauptet er.

In Baschkortostan oder Mordowien habe man die Stimmen erst gar nicht ausgezählt. Seine Beschwerdeliste ist lang und wird noch wachsen.

Sjuganow nennt das Parlament heute eine "Stempelfabrik": "Ich möchte der Macht sagen: Hört auf, ihr unterdrückt das Land." Inzwischen ruft der KP-Chef die Bürger auf der Homepage der Partei zum öffentlichen Protest auf. Auch in der Vergangenheit hatte die Kommunistische Partei immer wieder über Wahlfälschungen geklagt, doch ohne Erfolg. Nun stehen die Kommunisten vor einem Scheideweg: Bleiben Sie ein zahnloser Tiger oder werden sie ein ernstzunehmender Kreml-Gegner?
Iran habe aller Wahrscheinlichkeit im Herbst 2003 sein Atomwaffenprogramm eingestellt, heißt es in dem sogenannten National Intelligence Estimate.

Es sei anzunehmen, dass Iran das Programm bis Mitte 2007 nicht wieder aufgenommen habe.

Die Entwicklung von Technologie, die auch für den Bau von Atombomben benutzt werden könnte, sei aber fortgesetzt worden, heißt es weiter.

Aus Geheimdienstkreisen verlautete, das Atomwaffenprogramm sei auf internationalen Druck gestoppt worden. "Wir urteilen mit hoher Gewissheit, dass der Stopp in erster Linie eine Reaktion auf wachsende internationale Aufmerksamkeit und Druck war." Dies lasse vermuten, dass Iran "verwundbarer auf Einfluss ist als wir bislang vermuteten".

Dies lege nahe, "dass Teherans Entscheidungen eher auf einer Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse beruhen als auf einem Streben nach der Waffe ohne Berücksichtigung der politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Kosten".

Angesichts solcher Versäumnisse lässt sich nur schwer abschätzen, wie viele Menschen unschuldig in amerikanischen Gefängnissen ausharren. Einen Versuch hat Samuel Gross unternommen:

Der Rechtsexperte von der University of Michigan hat 3293 zwischen

00.000.1973-00.000.1989 gefällte Todesurteile analysiert, bei denen es fast ausschließlich um Mord und Vergewaltigung ging.

Demnach sind 2,3 % der Verurteilten - aus unterschiedlichsten Gründen - wieder freigekommen.

Hochgerechnet auf sämtliche Gefängnisinsassen der Vereinigten Staaten entspräche dies der Einwohnerzahl einer ganzen Kleinstadt: 50 000 Bürger, die unschuldig eingekerkert sind.

Gefängnis in Texas: Im Zweifel gegen den Angeklagten GREG SMITH / CORBIS --> Unschuldiger Häftling bei seiner Freilassung*, DNA-Forensik-Labor: Augenzeugen irren erstaunlich häufig ROBERT SPENCER / AP --> MIKE GROLL / AP --> Staatsanwalt Watkins: Wandel des Rechtssystems JENSEN WALKER / GETTY IMAGES --> * Hector Gonzales mit seiner Mutter; Gonzales saß sechs Jahre in einem New Yorker Gefängnis, weil er zu Unrecht eines Bandenmords bezichtigt worden war. -->

Im Houston Police Department Crime Laboratory ging es derart drunter und drüber, dass es 2002 aufgrund zunehmender Proteste geschlossen werden musste. Als Mitglieder einer Untersuchung sich hier umsahen, waren sie geschockt: In den Räumen fanden sich Proben aus 19 500 Vergewaltigungsfällen, die niemals bearbeitet worden waren. Regenwasser war durchs Dach getropft. In einer Asservatenkammer fraßen sich Ratten durch 280 Kisten mit Beweismaterial, das dort in Vergessenheit geraten war.
Von den Menschen, die zu Unrecht als Vergewaltiger abgeurteilt wurden, waren 73 % Schwarze oder Hispanics. Bei rechtmäßig verurteilten Vergewaltigern liegt die Vergleichszahl bei nur 37 %.

Als James Giles abgeurteilt wurde, kursierte im Criminal District Court noch eine Aktennotiz, wie man die Geschworenen auszuwählen habe: "Nehmen Sie keine Juden, Neger, Mexikaner oder Angehörige anderer Minderheiten."
Die Parole auf den Fluren des Strafgerichts habe geheißen: "Einen Schuldigen kann jeder überführen - aber es braucht Begabung, einen Unschuldigen zu überführen."
Ähnlich urteilt der Psychologe Gary Wells von der Iowa State University, der seit 30 Jahren darauf hinweist, dass Augenzeugen erstaunlich häufig irren.
Einst haben Geschworene jedes Jahr etwa 300 Verurteilten das Recht auf Leben abgesprochen; 2006 widerfuhr das nur 114 Verurteilten.
Erstmals, so zeigt eine Gallup-Umfrage aus dem Vorjahr, sind die Amerikaner mehrheitlich nicht mehr dafür, Kapitalverbrechern den Garaus zu machen.

Die Aufräumarbeit der DNA-Detektive führt im Gefängnisland USA - gegenwärtig leben dort 2,3 Millionen Menschen hinter Gittern - zu merklichen Veränderungen im Justizwesen.

Mittlerweile haben 42 der insgesamt 50 Bundesstaaten den nachträglichen DNA-Test zugelassen. Und mehr als 500 Behörden zur Strafverfolgung haben ihre Gepflogenheiten geändert:

Inzwischen müssen die Ermittler ihre Verhöre aufzeichnen, damit sich später objektiv nachvollziehen lässt, unter welchen Umständen Geständnisse abgelegt worden sind.
Beinahe jede Woche kommt gegenwärtig irgendwo in den Vereinigten Staaten ein Mensch aus dem Gefängnis frei, weil ein DNA-Test seine Unschuld bewiesen hat.

Nach 16 Jahren Zuchthaus tastet sich etwa Brandon Moon, der seine alte Gefängniskarte am Sakko trägt, in das Leben hier draußen zurück.

"Ich muss mich noch eingliedern", sagt der 46-Jährige, der als Entschädigung eine Pension in Höhe von jährlich 25.000 Dollar erhält.

Nach Angaben des "Innocent Project", einer Hilfsorganisation für unschuldige US-Häftlinge, sind bis vergangenen Freitag 208 Frauen und Männer aus den Kerkern befreit worden.

Mehr als 90 % von ihnen hatte man Vergewaltigung vorgeworfen - ein Verbrechen, das sich wegen der Spermaspuren besonders leicht mit Hilfe von DNA-Tests aufklären lässt.

Im Durchschnitt hatten die zu Unrecht Verurteilten zwölf Jahre hinter Gittern verbracht. 15 von ihnen waren sogar zum Tode verurteilt und sind den Henkern nur knapp entronnen.
Normalerweise verrottet weiches Körpergewebe, bevor der Versteinerungsprozess einsetzen kann.

In diesem Fall jedoch seien die chemischen Reaktionen der Fossilisation schneller als die Zersetzung durch Mikroben gewesen, sagte Manning.

Besonders begeistert sind die Wissenschaftler von der gut erhaltenen Haut des Hadrosaurus. Manning: "Dies ist kein Hautabdruck, sondern versteinerte Haut - das ist ein großer Unterschied."

Mit der Hand über die Schuppen zu streichen, so der Forscher, komme dem Berühren eines echten Dinosauriers so nahe wie nichts zuvor.
Atomkonflikt: US- Geheimdienste sehen in Iran keine akute Gefahr
03.Dec.2007 Polizeipannen in Sachsen- Anhalt: Weggucken statt Hingucken (Politikt)
03.Dec.2007 Traunstein: Berghang an See rutscht ab - Siedlung evakuiert
03.Dec.2007 Mega- Verkauf: EZB stößt 42 Tonnen Gold ab
03.Dec.2007 Fossilfund: Dinosaurier so gut erhalten wie Mumie
03.Dec.2007 Justizpannen: Gentests entlarven Hunderte Fehlurteile der US- Gerichte (Wissenschaft)
Die Präsidentschaftsbewerberin zeigte sich auch besorgt über ausländische Staatsfonds wie etwa dem chinesischen, die in anderen Ländern investieren.

Solche Fonds könnten eine mögliche Bedrohung für Amerikas "wirtschaftliche Souveränität" sein. "Mein Hauptanliegen ist es, die Transparenz zu erhöhen, damit klar sichtbar ist, woher diese Fonds kommen."

So könnten eventuelle Nachteile schnell erkannt werden, wenn bestimmte Regierungen bestimmte Aktiva in den USA hielten.
Venezuela: Schluss mit Chávez' Siegesserie

03.Dec.2007 Wiro- Affäre: Sparkasse dreht Wohnungsgesellschaft den Geldhahn ab (Wirtschaft)
03.Dec.2007 Hypotheken- Nepp: Kreditkrise erfasst mehr Menschen als gedacht

03.Dec.2007 November- Preise: Benzin und Diesel so teuer wie nie
03.Dec.2007 Handelspolitik: Clinton stellt Freihandel in Frage (Wirtschaft)
03.Dec.2007 CDU- Parteitag: Merkel wirft SPD Rückfall in Sozialismus vor
03.Dec.2007 Russland: Bundesregierung kritisiert Duma- Wahl als undemokratisch
03.Dec.2007 Mexiko: "El Popo" spuckt Gas und Asche


The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists ...

GeoMiliTech (GMT) Consultants Corporation is established by conservative talk show host ...

Entity Tags: GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation, Israeli Military Industries, ...

20050121 GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION : Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (375) ...
03.Dec.2007 Council for National Policy (CNP) - Sh - Member Biographies ... vice president of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and President of CBS-TV ... intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms ...
03.Dec.2007 Council for National Policy (CNP) - N-Pa - Member Biographies ... Paul Hill of the RAND Corporation / University of Washington, and Connie ...
0202 ... 09 (34 39 46) GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION Brewton,P. The Mafia ... with Singlaub in a Washington consulting firm called GeoMiliTech Corporation ...
Die USA sind nunmehr der einzige westliche Industriestaat, der das Kyoto-Protokoll noch nicht ratifiziert hat.
"Dies ist die erste Amtshandlung der neuen australischen Regierung", erklärte der sozialdemokratische Politiker in einer Mitteilung.

Die Unterzeichnung solle zeigen, dass sich die Regierung voll gegen den Klimawandel einsetze.

Kurz zuvor waren Rudd und seine Minister in der Hauptstadt Canberra vereidigt worden.

"Wir sind hier, um sicherzustellen, dass die Regierungen einen klaren Aktionsplan beschließen, um mit dem Klimawandel fertig zu werden", sagte der Greenpeace-Klimaexperte Gavin Edwards.

Das Kyoto-Protokoll läuft 2012 aus. Der Anschlussvertrag soll spätestens 2009 unterzeichnet werden, um allen Ländern genügend Zeit für die Ratifizierung zu geben.
"Diese Konferenz wird mitbestimmen, ob Bali wie andere gefährdete Orte dieser Welt eines Tages ein verlorenes Paradies wird oder nicht", warnte Yvo de Boer, Chef des Uno-Klimasekretariats, bei der Eröffnung.
Der indonesische Umweltminister und Konferenzpräsident Rachmet Witoelar sagte bei der Eröffnung der Konferenz, von wissenschaftlicher Seite aus seien die verheerenden Folgen des Klimawandels drastisch aufgezeigt worden. Jetzt müsse gehandelt werden. "Wir müssen den politischen Willen aufbringen", mahnte er seine Kollegen.
Unterdessen hat Australiens neue Regierung das Kyoto-Protokoll ratifiziert.

Die Ergebnisse der Studie stehen im "Journal of Gerontology": Drei farbige Aufnahmen von Gehirnen sind da zu sehen, mit Pfeilen, die auf verschiedene Stellen weisen:

Hier ist jeweils Gehirngewebe größer geworden.

Vor allem Gewebe in den präfrontalen und temporalen Hirnrinden hatten ein vergrößertes Volumen - es sind gerade diese Regionen, die im Alter verstärkt verloren gehen.

In der Kontrollgruppe fanden sich solche Verbesserungen nicht.
Die beteiligte Neurologin Miia Kivipelto sagt:

"Wenn eine Person in jungen und in mittleren Jahren einen aktiven Lebensstil ergreift, dann vermag das die Wahrscheinlichkeit zu erhöhen, später im Leben Jahre voller körperlicher und geistiger Vitalität zu genießen."

Die VGF-Proteine, die sich auch in Menschen finden, könnten sich als das seit langem gesuchte Scharnier erweisen, das körperliche Bewegung in Hirngesundheit übersetzt.

Wie eng beide Faktoren miteinander zusammenhängen, ist Epidemiologen bereits in vielen Studien aufgefallen:

Ausdauertraining hebt demnach die Stimmung, nimmt Ängste, stärkt das Selbstbewusstsein und erhöht das Vermögen, Stress zu bewältigen.

Als man Gruppen von aktiven und von inaktiven Menschen für eine Studie acht Jahre lang beobachtete, zeigte sich:

Die sesshaften Zeitgenossen hatten im Lauf der Jahre eine doppelt so hohe Depressionsrate entwickelt.
Auf Yeti- Suche: US- Filmcrew entdeckt mysteriöse Spuren im Himalaja

03.Dec.2007 Nahost: Israel lässt mehr als 400 inhaftierte Palästinenser frei

03.Dec.2007 Sizilien: Mafia- Boss stirbt bei Schießerei mit der Polizei (Panorama)
03.Dec.2007 Putins fragwürdiger Triumph: OSZE nennt Russland- Wahl unfair, Opposition plant Proteste (Politikt)
03.Dec.2007 Milliarden- Deal: Swiss Life will Finanzdienstleister AWD übernehmen

03.Dec.2007 Russland: OSZE wertet Duma- Wahl als "nicht fair"

03.Dec.2007 Konferenz auf Bali: USA wollen mit China und Indien Klimaschutz blockieren (Wissenschaft)
03.Dec.2007 JU- Chef Mißfelder: "Die Große Koalition darf nicht zur Dauereinrichtung werden" (Politikt)
03.Dec.2007 Teddy- Affäre im Sudan: Britische Lehrerin wird begnadigt

03.Dec.2007 Parlamentsbericht: Briten hinterlassen in Basra ein Erbe von Gewalt und Anarchie

03.Dec.2007 Magdeburg: Fremdenhasser verprügeln Afrikaner, schlagen schwangere Irakerin (Panorama)
03.Dec.2007 Wettbewerb für Jungmanager: Aufstieg mit Solarkraft
03.Dec.2007 Pressestimmen: "Der Westen muss sich von Putins Schwindel distanzieren" (Politikt)
03.Dec.2007 Heilung durch Aktivität: Glücklicher Geist in bewegtem Körper

03.Dec.2007 Teurer Euro: Airbus erwägt Endmontage im US- Staat Alabama (Wirtschaft)
03.Dec.2007 Orkantief: Schwerer Sturm fegt über Deutschland hinweg (Panorama)
03.Dec.2007 Weltklimakonferenz Bali: EU verlangt Reduzierung der Emissionen um 50 % (Wissenschaft)
03.Dec.2007 Linksnationalist Chávez gab seine Stimme im Armenviertel 23 de Enero in der Hauptstadt ab.

Dabei sagte er, schon der Urnengang sei "ein Sieg hinsichtlich des Aufbaus einer wirklichen Demokratie".

Auch Oppositionsführer Manuel Rosales sprach angesichts der friedlichen Wahl von einem "Sieg aller Venezolaner".
03.Dec.2007 Caracas - Es ist das erste Mal seit 1999, dass Hugo Chávez eine Abstimmung verliert.
03.Dec.2007 Vor Bekanntgabe des Auszählungsergebnisses hatte Chávez erklärt, er wolle das Wahlergebnis anerkennen, unabhängig davon wie es ausgehe.