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11.Sep.2001 09:20 a.m. (or earlier, according to some accounts), the FAA set up a hijacking teleconference with several agencies (see (9:20 a.m.) September 11, 2001).

FAA records indicate that the National Military Command Center within the Pentagon

11.Sep.2001 “no later than 9:20 a.m.” was included in the communication network [9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004  ]

11.Sep.2001 -Yet at some point later in the morning, Acting FAA Deputy Administrator Monte Belger becomes aware that the military is not involved in the teleconference in any meaningful way.

Presumably referring to tape recordings of the FAA headquarters,

9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick will later say to Belger,

“We heard some rather colorful language came from your mouth at that point.”

The absence of the NMCC from the teleconference is unusual.

Belger says, “I’ve lived through dozens of hijackings in my 30-year FAA career… and [the NMCC] were always there.

They were always on the net + were always listening in with everybody else.” He adds,

“The most frustrating after-the-fact scenario for me to understand is to explain…

the communication link on that morning between the FAA operations center + the NMCC.…

I know how it’s supposed to work, but… it’s still a little frustrating for me to understand how it actually did work on that day.” [9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004; 9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 36]

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Der Fall Zammar

Der gefährliche Häftling aus Damaskus ist eine politische Zeitbombe für das Establishment - von Daniel Neun

Durch einen Zufall tauchte eine gefühlte Schlüsselfigur der Attentate vom 11.Sep.2001 wieder aus der Versenkung auf:

der deutsche Staatsbürger Mohammed Haydar Zammar nannte vor einem syrischen Staatssicherheitsgericht seinen Namen und gab an, er stamme aus Deutschland, so Medienberichte.

Dies habe zufällig ein anwesender EU-Beamter mitgehört, der routinemäßig derartige Prozesse mitverfolge.

Zammar drohe wegen Mitgliedschaft in der verbotenen Muslimbruderschaft die Todesstrafe(1).
Nicht nur die Tatsache, daß ein Deutscher still und heimlich,

irgendwo in Gefängnissen des syrischen MAD-Partnerdienstes,

also des Militärgeheimdienstes, gefangen + gefoltert + nun zum Tode verurteilt werden soll, macht die Sache so brisant -

Zammar ist der lebende Beweis +

Zeuge der Fakten

um die "El Kaida"-Zelle in der Hamburger Marienstraße +

der ganzen "Islamisten-Terroristen-Teppichmesser-Boeing-Boing-ins-World-Trade-Center"- Entführungs-Nummer überhaupt.
11.Sep.200- -in Washington-in a speech- Stephen Hadley, introduced as “an advisor to Governor George W. Bush,” told the Air Force Association Convention .

“Space is going to be important.

It has a great feature in the military ,”

00.000.---- -in the past- Hadley worked for a law firm that represented Lockheed .

Jackson + Hadley have worked closely together on the Committee to Expand NATO.

Jackson was president of this entity, based in the Washington offices of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute;

Hadley was its secretary. Hadley was also a member of the National Security Council staff during the earlier Bush administration.
lead story in today's Los Angeles Times,

"Alarming 9/11 claim is found baseless,"

claims that a number of items from military + congressional analysts that indicate prior knowledge of Atta's involvement in 911 plotting is not factual.

This story caught my eye because it has a troublesome aspect--for conspiracy believers it smacks of a cover up by the government.

For an objective observer,

at least it carries the wonder of why it's so important to quash further investigation into inconsistencies rather than to keep the files open.
In particular,

Weldon + other officials have repeatedly claimed that the military analysts' effort, known as Able Danger, produced a chart that included a picture of Atta +

identified him as being tied to an Al Qaeda cell in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Weldon has also said that the chart was shared with White House officials, including Stephen J. Hadley,

then deputy national security advisor.

But after a 16-month investigation, the Intelligence Committee has concluded that those assertions are unfounded.

11.Sep.2001 -at any time prior to- "Able Danger did not identify Mohammed Atta or any other 9/11 hijacker " the Intelligence Committee determined,

according to an eight-page letter sent last week to panel members by the top Republican + Democrat on the committee.
Niederlage für Post: Bundesregierung schafft Briefmonopol ab
00.000.1901-00.000.2006 Der Wetterdienst fand in den Aufzeichnungen einen "deutlich ansteigenden Trend".

00.000.2001 wurde bislang der Hitzerekord erreicht, aber

00.000.2006 war immerhin das fünftwärmste Jahr seit Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts, sagte DWD-Präsident Wolfgang Kusch.

Hier betrug die Jahresmitteltemperatur 9,9 Grad.

Zum Vergleich:

Das langjährige Mittel liegt bei 8 Grad.

00.000.1901-00.000.2006 -seit Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnung- Insgesamt, so Kusch, sei die Mitteltemperatur um knapp 0,9 Grad gestiegen.
Jahrhundert- Fieberkurve: Deutschlands heißer Thermometer- Trend
24.Apr.2007 Zahlungsverkehr: EU- Parlament beseitigt Grenzen für Zahlungsverkehr
24.Apr.2007 Borneo: Vom Aussterben bedrohtes Nashorn erstmals vor der Kamera
24.Apr.2007 Koalitionskrach: SPD- Spitze wettert gegen Schäubles Sicherheitspläne
Schleswig- Holstein: Erster Wolf im Norden wird überfahren
Fingerabdruck- Speicherung: SPD setzt sich im Pass- Streit gegen Schäuble durch
24.Apr.2007 Gift- Hinrichtung: Henker verstehen ihr Handwerk nicht
24.Apr.2007 Innere Sicherheit: Datenschützer geißelt Schäubles Terror- Abwehrpläne
24.Apr.2007 Gerichtsentscheid: Freigänge, Sonderurlaub und offener Vollzug für Klar
24.Apr.2007 Studies back Parkinson's, pesticides link -

Evidence that pesticides can cause Parkinson's disease is stronger than it has ever been after a meeting of experts who have put together links in animals and people, scientists say. Via Raw Story. posted by Prof. Hex
24.Apr.2007 .S. dollar drops against euro as ECB rate hike likely : The

United States currency also tumbled to its weakest level against the British pound in 26 years

as investors bet the Federal Reserve will cut borrowing costs later this year while the European Central Bank + Bank of England raise rates.

24.Apr.2007 Oregon Gov. Will Live On Food Stamp Diet: They'll spend just $3 a day apiece on their meals, $42 in all, to match the amount spent by the average food stamp recipient in Oregon.
24.Apr.2007 Israel: Little Support for Holocaust Survivors :

Nearly a third of the estimated 260,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel are living in poverty + struggling to get state medical services or sufficient pensions, according to a report by the Holocaust Survivors’ Welfare Fund.

24.Apr.2007 AIPAC judge throws outmotion to keep Israeli spy trial secret:

Alleged secrets are the "heart of the case" against two former American Israel Public Affairs Committee staffers, said a federal judge + that's why the government must not keep them from public review.

24.Apr.2007 Chávez arms community groups as he anticipates US invasion : Tensions with Washington + the West are likely to escalate further

24.Apr.2007 -next month-, when the Chávez government plans to begin taking control of the main European + American-owned oil fields in Venezuela - a move ordered by presidential decree in February.

24.Apr.2007 Posada Carriles Released From New Mexico Jail : A new phase has opened in a case that highlights a major gap in how the U.S. + many others view international terrorism.

Luis Posada Carriles walked out of a New Mexico jail last week, free on bail.

24.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: The Bush dynasty and the Cuban criminals: New book reveals links of two presidents + the governor of Florida with exiled hardliners

24.Apr.2007 Germany 'wants Wolfowitz to go' : Germany believes Paul Wolfowitz's position as head of the World Bank has become unsustainable, a German minister has told the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) newspaper.

24.Apr.2007 New Labour New Britain: How they changed our nation :

A decade ago, Labour swept to power pledging to rebuild the trust between the state and its citizens. So why are our basic freedoms under assault as never before?
Uri Avnery : Abolish the Jewish National Fund : What would we say if an American institution, holding a seventh of all the land in the United States, adopted statutes that allowed it to sell or rent land only to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants?
24.Apr.2007 Chris Floyd : Where the Dead Rot in the Streets: Bush's Terror War in Somalia Rages On : As sure as night follows day, when George W. Bush backs a "regime change" invasion of a country, you will see headlines like this: "Corpses Rotting in the Streets."

24.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: U.S. support key to Ethiopia's invasion : The United States has quietly poured weapons and military advisers into Ethiopia, whose recent invasion of Somalia opened a new front in the Bush administration's war on terrorism.
24.Apr.2007 From Canadian custody into cruel hands : Savage beatings, electrocution, whipping and extreme cold: Detainees detail a litany of abuses by Afghan authorities

24.Apr.2007 "Handcuffed and blind-folded, I was told to keep my mouth shut": I saw armed men in military uniforms running towards us.

There were more than 30 men, who spoke English in American accents and Pashto [a language spoken in Afghanistan]. I think two of them were Americans and the rest were Afghans.
EU Ministers Formally Agree Sanctions Against Iran :

EU foreign ministers have formally agreed to introduce sanctions against Iran over its nuclear ambitions, in line with a UN Security Council resolution.

24.Apr.2007 Iran holds on to top-secret British naval computers :

IRAN is to keep secret global positioning and communications equipment captured when its Revolutionary Guard took 15 British sailors and marines hostage last month.

24.Apr.2007 Iran signs USD 30 billion deal with Austrian gas company :

An Austrian gas company signed a USD 30 billion agreement with Iran, one of the most major contracts ever worked out between Tehran + a foreign company in this field.
Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel :

"We must consider, as well, just what a precipitous withdrawal would mean to our other efforts in the war on terror, to our interests in the broader Middle East + to Israel,"

the U.S. vice president said over the weekend to a Republican Jewish Coalition leadership gathering in Latana, Fla.

24.Apr.2007 John Nichols : Impeaching Cheney: Step One : Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, will introduce articles of impeachment against Cheney. Kucinich's decision to go after Cheney is not just Constitutionally appropriate, it is politically smart.

24.Apr.2007 Manufacturing Consent for War: Al-Qaeda plans 'Hiroshima': AL-QAEDA leaders in Iraq are planning the first "large-scale" terrorist attacks on Britain + other western targets with the help of supporters in Iran, according to a leaked intelligence report.

24.Apr.2007 Manufacturing Consent for War: Senior IDF officer confirms Iran training militants in Gaza :

Major General Yoav Galant has confirmed that Iranian "terror and guerrilla experts" are in the Gaza Strip training Palestinian "terror" organizations.
Reid: Congress Will Endorse Iraq Pullout : Defying a fresh veto threat, the Democratic - controlled Congress will pass legislation within days requiring the start of a troop withdrawal from Iraq by Oct. 1, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday.

24.Apr.2007 The Courage to Withdraw: Axis of Cowards: Bush, Congress and the Media
24.Apr.2007 Iraq Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac -By Frank Rich
As the cover-up unravels and Congress steps up its confrontation over the war's endgame, our desperate president is reverting to his old fear-mongering habit of invoking 9/11 incessantly in every speech.

The more we learn, the more it's clear that he's the one with reason to be afraid . Continue

24.Apr.2007 Who Grieves For Them? -By Mary Pitt
They fly home under cover of night and then are treated as baggage on commercial flights until they are taken to their home town.

Their family, friends + neighbors turn out for their funeral with none taking notice. Continue

24.Apr.2007 War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People -By Donna J. Thorne
In this era of perpetual warfare, escalating domestic tyranny, government-sanctioned torture + a Nazi-like pursuit of Middle-East domination, one would expect, at the very least, an audible outcry from the People who proclaim resolute devotion to the ideals of liberty + justice for all.

Yet for the most part, Mainstream America continues to

assume a posture of apathy, bitterness, or eery silence. Continue

24.Apr.2007 USA: Cornering the Market on Morality -William Blum interviewed by Jason Miller
Would Christ not have approved of chattel slavery, the Native American genocide + the millions of "savages" we have slaughtered to expand our borders and to maintain "Pax Americana?"

Those who have died to sustain our peace and prosperity were but martyrs for a cause greater than themselves. In a sense, each one of them was a little Jesus. Continue

24.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: Constant Conflict -US Army War College Quarterly
There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive.

The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing. Continue
24.Apr.2007 A historic veto showdown assured, Democratic leaders agreed Monday on legislation that requires the first U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn from Iraq by Oct. 1 with a goal of a complete pullout six months later. Bush kicked out the generals who wouldn't listen to his Armageddon madness + then claims that it is inappropriate to disagree with the generals he replaced the dissenters with. Bushomania! 4/24

24.Apr.2007 White House Admits Bush Never Watched Gonzales Testimony he claimed "Increased my Confidence" -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Watch the First New Bill Moyers Program: "Buying the War." We've screened it + it is superb! Check your local television time for April 25. It is a remarkable reconfirmation of how the American media enabled -- through passivity, indifference and neglect -- the Iraq War, without challenging the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld manufactured lies.
"Stardust" by Willie Nelson
Revenge for Daschle? Top Senate Republican and Bush Loyalist Mitch McConnell Braces for Tough '08 Reelection Battle -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

24.Apr.2007 Wolfowitz Hires Bill Clinton's Paula Jones Case Attorney. Hmmm....
Frameshop: Something There is That Doesn't Love a Wall: "Before President Bush goes any further with his secret plan to wall off a dozen Baghdad neighborhoods in concrete fences, he should first read a poem by Robert Frost + a speech or two by Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy." 4/24

Der Kessel, so die dünne Auskunft des Ministeriums, stamme weder aus der Keltenzeit, noch könne er einem NS-Vermögen zugeordnet werden.
Letztere Aussage wirkt jedoch etwas verwunderlich, besonders vor dem Hintergrund, dass die bis dato konkreteste Spur sehr wohl zu einem hohen Nazi-Funktionär hätte führen können.

So erklärte der Seniorchef der alteingesessenen Münchner Juwelierfirma Theodor Heiden, dass er sich noch genau an die detailreichen Erzählungen eines früheren Mitarbeiters erinnern könne.

Der Goldschmied Alfred Notz, so der Zeuge, habe ihm vor dessen Tod in den sechziger Jahren von einem "figural verzierten, in Treibtechnik gearbeiteten Goldkessel von mehr als zehn Kilo" berichtet, der

00.0000.1925-00.000.1939 -zwischen- in der Werkstatt Heidens gefertigt worden sei - im Auftrag der Elektrochemischen Werke München.

Deren Chef Albert Pietzsch sei der Goldschmiede als Kunde wohl bekannt gewesen.
00.000.1920 -Seit- pflegte Ingenieur Pietzsch persönliche Kontakte zu Adolf Hitler und bedachte ihn mit großzügigen Spenden. Pietzschs Investition zahlte sich aus:

00.000.1927 -Der Industrielle, der- in die NSDAP eingetreten war, avancierte später zum "Wehrwirtschaftsführer" + wurde sogar Präsident der Reichswirtschaftskammer.

Nach Kriegsende wurde Pietzsch von den Alliierten verhaftet. Und sollte er tatsächlich etwas über den Kessel oder seinen Verbleib gewusst haben, so hat er es mit ins Grab genommen - er starb 1957.
In Menlo Park, südlich von San Francisco wurde der Wagen mit Halberstam auf dem Beifahrersitz von einem anderem Auto abgedrängt + stieß dann mit einem anderen Fahrzeug zusammen.

Halberstam verstarb noch an der Unfallstelle an schweren inneren Blutungen, wie die Polizei mitteilte.

Die anderen Insassen der beiden Unfallwagen wurden leicht verletzt.

00.000.1962 -ab- hatte Halberstam für die "New York Times" als Kriegsberichterstatter aus Vietnam berichtet.

00.000.1964 gewann Halberstam im Alter von 30 Jahren den Pulitzer-Preis für seine Berichte aus dem kriegsgebeutelten Land.

00.000.1972 -In seinem Bestseller "The Best and the Brightest" ("Die Besten und die Begabtesten") rechnete Halberstam mit der Kriegspolitik Amerikas ab +

analysierte die Unfähigkeit der damaligen Regierung, dem Drama ein Ende zu setzen.

00.000.1967 Vom aktuellen Nachrichtenjournalismus verabschiedete sich Halberstam.

00.000.1967 -Seitdem- schrieb er über den Vietnamkrieg, Bürgerrechte, die Auto-Industrie + Baseball.

Insgesamt veröffentlichte Halberstam 21 Bücher.

00.000.2002 Halberstam Bestseller "War in a Time of Peace" gewann den zweiten Platz in der Kategorie Sachbücher des Pulitzer-Preises.

Im Herbst sollte sein jüngstes Werk "The Coldest Winner" erscheinen, in dem er sich mit dem Korea-Krieg auseinandersetzte.

"Das besondere an David Halberstam war, dass er nie aufgab + daran glaubte,

dass die Menschen eine Recht darauf haben, alles zu wissen", sagte George Esper, der zehn Jahren lang Büroleiter in Saigon für die Nachrichtenagentur AP war + dort auch Halberstam kennenlernte.

"Am Ende können wir alle sehr stolz darauf sein, dass er Recht hatte.

David war ehrlicher zu den Amerikanern als ihre eigene Regierung."
Großbritannien: Scotland Yard nimmt sechs mutmaßliche Terroristen fest
24.Apr.2007 Schatzfunde: Der Gral aus dem Chiemsee
Neues Mineral: Forscher findet Kryptonit

24.Apr.2007 Innere Sicherheit: Grenzer können den E- Pass nicht lesen

Taliban leaders & al-Qaeda fighters were flown to safety with secret US ...

A federal judge ruled Thursday that two Chinese Uighur detainees held by the US ...
Abbinnett, R - View as HTML
Taliban Movement and Ultraorthodox Jews;

Psychology of so-called true ... attempt to link Uighur separatists to international Islamic terror networks; ...
Edward Bernays - Wikipedia

Larry Tyes Buch „The Father of Spin - Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relation” (1998, bisher nur in englischer Sprache erschienen) beschreibt im ...
Warum_Amerikaner_beinahe_alles_glauben Aber

Bernays war der goldene Standard.

Josef Goebbels, der Propagandaminister unter Hitler war, studierte die METHODEN von Edward Bernays, Historischer Überblick über theoretische PR ...

22.Nov.1891 Edward Bernays wurde in Wien geboren +

ist ein Neffe des Siegmund Freud 9 Bernays, Edward (1965): Biography of an idea: Memoirs of Public Relations [Propaganda]
24.Apr.2007 Theorien der Public Relations Thema:

Der erste PR-Theoretiker Edward L. Bernays + seine Basis in der Massenpsychologie. Lit.: Bernays (1923 bzw. 1929), Bernays (1952), Bernays ...

Die bedeutendste dieser Figuren, Edward Bernays, stützte sich in seiner ...

00.000.1925 Edward Bernays erklärte in seinem Leitfaden Propaganda, ...
Microsoft PowerPoint - Vorlesung7 ... - HTML-Version

PR-Berater sind Schöpfer von Ereignissen mit Nachrichtenwert. und Manipulateure öffentlicher Meinung. Edward Bernays . Sigmund Freud ...
The Birth of Spin Deciding What You'll Swallow excerpted from the ... [ Edward ] Bernays developed his "science" of public relations

00.000.1920 -in the s-a decade that also saw the beginnings of mass production, mass communications, ...
FTR#’s 493 & 494—Two Interviews with Daniel Hopsicker about ...

00.000.1983 -That’s just about the same time- that TRIAD Governmental Systems was ...

Like a ‘bandit cab’ in the air, Hilliard’s Lear jet was flying without any ...

20041229 The revelation that Triad used a modem to hack into the tabulators before the recount is ...

Data Systems Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. ...
31.Dec.1996 SEC Info-Huron Investment Fund Inc- N-30D - For - ARS The cost of securities sold is determined using the identified cost method. ...

3067350 100 TRIAD GUARANTY INC 2875 18400 TWENTIETH CENTURY INDS 310500 8900 ...
30.Jun.1996 -SEC Info- Huron Investment Fund Inc-N-30D-For ARS 422787 17200 ELECTRONIC ARTS INC 460100 190100 ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS ... CORP

796050 16600 TOTAL SYSTEMS SERVICE 379725 4700 TRIAD SYSTEMS CORP 29962 4000 ...
24.Apr.2007 USA: Die Todesstrafe - Illusion demokratischer Grundrechte

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika seien Hüter der Menschenrechte, ...

Rassendiskriminierung + Todesstrafe;

Hinrichtung geistig behinderter Menschen ...
24.Apr.2007 AbeBooks: Résultats de la recherche - Maritza


10, Silvercruys, Robert. 1948-1954.

11, Simons, John F. 1917-1919.

12, Simpson, James A. 1950.

13, Simpson, John L
Met Gutt, minister van Economische Zaken en met A. Delfosse, minister van ... Met Canada, vooral met Belgische ambassadeur baron Silvercruys .

30.Apr.1943- ...
J.-CH. SNOY ET D'OPPUERS. 1907-1991 - HTML-versie
06.Dec.1940 Belgische consulaire agenten (), kopieën brief C. Gutt ...

Lezing Handmarks on the Road to Peace door baron Silvercruys, Belgisch ...
00.000.1937 B Bagarres de Clichy à Paris : . - 4 photos Image 45167 : A ... Baron Silvercruys, Belgian Minister to Canada + his sister Suzanne ...

Sir Archibald Sinclair + M. Camille Gutt inspecting the Belgian airmen.

00.000.-----00.000.1939 F Fabre-museum te Sérignan : [...]. - 6 foto's Beeld 49895 ...

Left to right : His Excellency, Mr. Camille Gutt, Belgian minister of Finance; Baron Robert Silvercruys, Belgian minister to Canada + Lieutenant Charles ...
Anunsere - HTML-versie
Baroness Silvercruys als Vorlage.

Die mexikanische Regierung hatte Reprä- ... gut wie unbekannt ist, gaben den Ausschlag. einen Kinofilm zu drehen. ...
L'accessibilite des archives historiques concernant la seconde ...

papiers de Robert Silvercruys, Chargé d’affaires a` Ottawa avant de devenir en

00.000.1946 ... Les papiers du ministre des Finances C. Gutt, ont été ouverts en ... Truman Library - Dean Acheson, Memos of Conversation Index Schacht, Mr.* (German official who worked with Camille Gutt on the Anglo-Iranian oil controversy) (*no ... Silvercruys, Baron Robert (Ambassador of Belgium) ...
Dean Gooderham Acheson Papers - HTML-versie
Belgian banker Camille Gutt discusses the situation in the Congo + ...

Silvercruys, Baron Robert, 1948-1966.

Sizer, Theodore, 1939-1964 ...
Verfassungsschutzbehörden seien dazu da, den Bestand der Demokratie und des Rechtsstaates in der Bundesrepublik zu schützen.

"Und wenn diese Behörde sehenden Auges hingenommen hätte, dass ein Verdächtiger verurteilt wird, der gar nicht dabei war,

dann liefe das auf das Gegenteil von Schutz des Rechtsstaates hinaus", sagte der ehemalige hessische Justizminister.

Der ehemalige RAF-Verteidiger Rupert von Plottnitz forderte in der "Frankfurter Rundschau" eine Überprüfung der jüngsten Enthüllungen.

Wenn der Verfassungsschutz prozessrelevante Erkenntnisse zur RAF unterdrückt hätte, wäre das politisch höchst bedenklich.
Auch der CSU-Rechtsexperte Norbert Geis stellte die Relevanz der neuen Aussagen in Frage.
Hamburg -

"Wenn ein ehemaliger Terrorist eine Aussage macht, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass sie auch wahr ist",

sagte der CSU-Innenexperte Hans-Peter Uhl der "Passauer Neuen Presse" zu Hinweisen des früheren RAF-Mannes Peter-Jürgen Boock.

"Die Wahrheitsliebe von Terroristen ist nicht besonders hoch ausgeprägt."
Schrift ohne Schnörkel: 50 Jahre Helvetica
24.Apr.2007 Freundinnen- Affäre: Wolfowitz heuert Clinton- Anwalt an
24.Apr.2007 RAF- Debatte: Klar bekommt Hafterleichterung
24.Apr.2007 Iran- Engagement: US- Regierung verwarnt österreichischen Konzern
24.Apr.2007 Großbritannien: Blairs Labour im Rekord- Tief
Sensationelle Bilder: Nasa fotografiert Sonne erstmals in 3D

24.Apr.2007 Alpen: Explosiver Militärmüll in Schweizer See- Idyll versenkt

24.Apr.2007 RAF- Debatte: CSU- Politiker bezweifeln Glaubwürdigkeit von Ex- Terroristen

24.Apr.2007 Fingerabdruck- Speicherung: SPD soll sich im Pass- Streit gegen Schäuble durchgesetzt haben
24.Apr.2007 US- Kongress: Demokraten setzen Bush Termin für Irak- Abzug

Die nächste Generation der Filter-Technologie soll nicht nur Schlüsselworte, sondern auch deren Kontext analysieren können - Zensur würde damit noch effizienter.

Ob sich westliche Firmen und Investoren, die meist selbst das Internet gerne und ausgiebig nutzen, von solchen dunklen Aussichten abhalten lassen werden, an dieser Vision mitzuarbeiten?

Analysten prognostizieren dem Überwachungsmarkt in China eine goldene Zukunft - die euphorischste Schätzung geht sogar davon aus, dass das Marktvolumen

bis 2009 von sieben auf bis zu 33 Milliarden Dollar wachsen wird. Papiere von Firmen wie der "China Security & Surveillance Technology" werden in Aktienforen bereits als Geheimtipp gehandelt.
Internet- Filter: Die neue Architektur der Zensur

24.Apr.2007 Buback- Mord: Früherer RAF- Ankläger soll Prozess- Neuauflage prüfen

24.Apr.2007 Prognose: Forscher bescheinigen Deutschland dauerhaftes Boom- Potential
23.Apr.2007 Noble Resolve 07 : From April,

23.Apr.2007-27.Apr.2007 the elite echelon of the military are running Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the US and Europe.

This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon Virginia harbor, smuggled in by a “foreign nation.”

24.Apr.2007 JFCOM brings virtual world closer to home:

23.Apr.2007 -beginning- in Suffolk, Va., Noble Resolve, a series of experiments is a follow-on to the

00.000.2006 Urban Resolve experiments JFCOM ran.

The effort will bring together JFCOM, Northern Command, the Homeland Security Department + the commonwealth of Virginia to model responses to a terrorist attack. Scenarios involve a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb headed to Virginia from a foreign country.

23.Apr.2007 USJFCOM gears up for Noble Resolve:

Navy Capt. John M. Kersh, Jr., who heads J9's Joint Context and Homeland Defense Department, said the command established Noble Resolve to answer questions raised during the USJFCOM/U.S. Army Unified Quest 2006 wargame, which explored a DHS scenario for an unaccounted-for, "loose," ten kiloton nuclear weapon.

23.Apr.2007 Bank investigates contracts linked to Wolfowitz : Paul Wolfowitz's grip on his job as president of the World Bank was shaken yesterday after the bank's governing council declared it had "great concern" and ordered an investigation into the contracts of staff connected to him.

23.Apr.2007 Dubya vs Seung-Hui Cho. Who’s the Greater Menace?: How can you compare the august President of the United States with a dangerously deranged 23 year old South Korean?

23.Apr.2007 A Killer Cocktail: Prozac Madness: The lard-assed cops at Virginia Tech spent two hours interrogating the wrong suspect and failed to prevent the massacre. Now they're "investigating." What is there to investigate - which brand or brands of anti-depressant Seung Hui Cho was taking?

23.Apr.2007 Glenn Greenwald: Our benevolent surveillance state: Is there any good reason whatsoever why the federal government should be maintaining "files" which contain information about the pharmaceutical products which all Americans are consuming?
23.Apr.2007 Chaplain James Yee on Guantanamo and Human Rights : Chaplain James Yee, former US Army Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo, discusses how he became a Muslim + then goes into detail about Guantanamo + his arrest and threatened court martial while serving as chaplain.
23.Apr.2007 Petrodollar & Iran & Iraq:

The PetroDollar is a term used to describe the close relationship between the US Dollar + the crude oil export business dominated by Saudi Arabia, manifested in the superstructure of the global banking system.

So one could say the oil world provides the pool from which the US$ exchange rate valuation is applied and enforced.
Iran-Oil-Discovery : More than 3.6 billion barrels of crude oil discovered in south: Deputy Oil Minister and Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Gholam-Hossein Nowzari said here Saturday that 3.6 billion barrels of crude oil has been discovered in southern Iran over the past 3-4 months.
23.Apr.2007 Robert Fisk: Caught in the deadly web of the internet : Could it possibly be that the security men who guard the frontiers of North America are supporting Holocaust denial? Alas, it's true. Here's the story.
23.Apr.2007 Washington awaits a CIA chief’s revenge:

WASHINGTON is braced for a showdown between the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House + the Pentagon when George Tenet, the former CIA chief, publishes his memoirs next week.
23.Apr.2007 In case you missed it:
The Power of Nightmares Video : In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

23.Apr.2007 Meacher: 'Blair's Britain makes me sick': Tony Blair has created a "staggering degree of inequality" in Britain, perpetuated a culture of greed and undermined democracy, according to one of those vying to succeed him.

23.Apr.2007 Police poised to charge Blair's top adviser: THE corruption scandal involving the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has intensified, with police poised to charge some of his advisers. And an embarrassing document has surfaced that reveals Mr Blair's strategy for wooing and "flattering" wealthy donors.

23.Apr.2007 Labour Party planned to reward donors with Blair meetings:: Strategists in the Labour Party planned to give major donors access to Prime Minister Tony Blair, a document published Sunday showed in the latest twist in the "cash-for-honours" row.

23.Apr.2007 Video Lecture: The U.S. National Campaign to Impeach President George W. Bush Jr: By International Legal Expert Francis A. Boyle at the the Center for Peace Studies, McMaster University

23.Apr.2007 Humans in secret radioactive tests: Tests exposing humans to radioactive caesium, iodine, strontium and uranium were conducted despite doubts about their legal and ethical implications. One proposal even envisaged injecting plutonium into elderly people to help assess contamination risks.

23.Apr.2007 Depleted Uranium Update: Soldier health scare back in news:

Lori Brim has joined other parents, hundreds of other sick soldiers, legislators, research scientists + environmental activists who say the cause of their problems results from exposure to depleted uranium, a radioactive metal used in the manufacture of U.S. tank armor + weapon casings.

23.Apr.2007 Humans in secret radioactive tests: DOZENS OF people drank, inhaled or were injected with radioactivity as part of a series of secret experiments carried out by the nuclear industry in the 1960s, according to official documents passed to the Sunday Herald
23.Apr.2007 Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Bush -By Robert Parry
Violence which Bush favors – no matter how wanton the slaughter of innocents – is justifiable, while violence that goes against Bush’s interests – even an insurgency against a foreign military occupation – must be punished without remorse as “terrorism.”

23.Apr.2007 McCain & Iran - Running on Inferno’s Platform -By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
While some candidates may be sincere in their aspirations, others simply want a chance to kill in our name.  Twitching fingers ready to commit genocide, one presidential candidate had even been practicing how to commit mass murder to a tune. 

War Pimp Alert

23.Apr.2007 We Need to Kill Him -By Uri Orbach-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to be killed. Really be killed, I mean, physically. He should be eliminated, put to death, assassinated + all those words that serve to say the same thing. Continue

23.Apr.2007 "The Lobby": AIPAC and US Foreign Policy -A debate James Petras and Norman Finkelstein:
The U.S. allowed Israel to develop nuclear weapons + not to sign the nuclear anti-proliferation treaty + most recently

00.Jul.2006 The U.S. strongly supported Israel’s attack on Lebanon in.

Support for Israel cuts across party lines and is extremely strong in Congress where criticism of Israel is rarely, if ever, heard. It also characterizes almost all

American administrations from Johnson onwards, with George W. Bush being possibly the most pro-Israel ever. Continue

23.Apr.2007 Bill Maher’s “Towel Headed Hos” -By Remi Kanazi -Bias against Arabs and Islam—and bashing them as a monolithic entity—is accepted across the news media, whether it is in reporting or punditry. Continue

23.Apr.2007 Plan B : Budget For Saving Civilization-By Lester R. Brown
“The tragic irony of this moment is that the rich countries are so rich and the poor so poor that a few added tenths of one % of GNP from the rich ones ramped up over the coming decades could do what was never before possible in human history:

ensure that the basic needs of health and education are met for all impoverished children in this world. Continue

General Michael Moseley, der Stabschef der US-Luftwaffe, verglich den chinesischen Test sogar mit dem russischen "Sputnik"-Coup von 1957, der für die USA ein psychologisches Desaster war:

"Es war ein Schock, als die Russen als Erste einen Satelliten in den Orbit gebracht haben", sagte Moseley der "New York Times". "Und es ist nun ein ähnlicher Schock, dass die Chinesen diesen Satelliten abgeschossen haben." Die Gefahr im Weltraum sei "astronomisch" gestiegen. mbe
Ranghohe Mitglieder der Bush-Administration hätten daraufhin über eine Reaktion debattiert und seien zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, öffentlich nichts zu unternehmen und den Waffentest erst im Nachhinein zu verurteilen.

Die Gründe:

Die Amerikaner wollten den Chinesen nicht die Qualität ihrer Geheimdienst-Informationen offenbaren und sich selbst alle Optionen offen halten, Waffen im Weltraum zu stationieren.

Weltraumbehörden waren jedoch bei weitem nicht die Einzigen, die scharfe Kritik am chinesischen Waffentest übten. Insbesondere die US-Regierung ging mit Peking hart ins Gericht:

Die Entwicklung und das Testen solcher Anti-Satelliten-Waffen seien "nicht vereinbar mit dem Geist der Zusammenarbeit", sagte etwa Gordon Johndroe, Sprecher des Nationalen Sicherheitsrats der USA.

Auch Tony Snow, Sprecher von US-Präsident George W. Bush, äußerte sich "besorgt".

Waffen im All: Der Orbit wird zur Kampfzone

Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf ein Bild (18 Bilder)

Vertreter der US-Regierung beklagten vor allem, dass China den Test nicht angekündigt habe, trotz entsprechender Bitten nach mehr Offenheit bei solchen Aktivitäten.

Doch wie die "New York Times" jetzt berichtet, war Washington schon Wochen im Vorhinein über Pekings Pläne im Bilde.

Die US-Regierung habe sogar zuvor von zwei ähnlichen, jedoch fehlgeschlagenen Anti-Satelliten-Tests gewusst.

In allen drei Fällen habe sie jedoch bewusst geschwiegen, schreibt das Blatt.

00.Dez.2006 -seit-US-Regierung kannte Pläne
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin Dead at 76.

23.Apr.2007 Watch the First New Bill Moyers Program: "Buying the War." We've screened it + it is superb! Check your local television time for April 25.
Former World Bank Execs to Wolfowitz: Scram

23.Apr.2007 Is Gore Ready to Assume the Office He Was Elected to 00.000.2000? Will He be the Wild Card in the Primaries? New Reports Might Indicate, Yes Indeed. "The question is: where have all the Kerry people gone? The answer for most of them is nowhere. Now ask yourself why." 4/23

23.Apr.2007 Suicide bombings around Iraq kill 27 4/23

23.Apr.2007 U.S. to spend $14 billion, or $350,000 per head, to recruit an Iraqi army of 40,000 -- which we guess includes cost of replacing prospects blown up in the waiting line 4/23
The Adventures of Doolittle, Renzi + Abramoff and Dinner with Rich Little -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser
Danny Schechter: Reading Between The Lines To Find The Bottom Line -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

23.Apr.2007 Bush in denial over war in Iraq
23.Apr.2007 Bush Commit Election Fraud? Gonzales Story - Smoking Gun #1 - By Michael Collins Part 1 of a 2 part series
23.Apr.2007 is enough testimony, from a U.S. Attorney no less, to make a prima facie case that Bush committed election fraud.

Ironically, the probable election fraud took place while the White House was promoting the Republican myth of voter fraud.
Let the impeachment process begin.

23.Apr.2007 Bush commit election fraud? I haven't covered electoral problems much recently, if only because Brad Friedman is doing work that cannot be matched.
23.Apr.2007 prosecutor purge and vote suppression

The scandal over the prosecutor purge has just begun.

Brad Friedman has just published the best overview of the Mess in Missouri, in which he adds much clarity + detail to previous work on this scandal.

(Here and here.)

McClatchy Newspapers has a must-read piece on the same issue.

Digby adds details, especially regarding the actual structure of the "fee office" scam. And

Josh Marshall has warned us to remember one name: Bradley J. Schlozman. He's the fellow who replaced MO USA Todd Graves ( love that name) +

then did his damnedest to make sure that the peons stayed out of the voting booths.

The Alaska angle is just starting to heat up. (So to speak.)
23.Apr.2007 Sozialforscher: Jedes sechste Kind in Deutschland von Armut betroffen
23.Apr.2007 Banken- Fusionen: Gigantische Summen, gigantische Fehler
Waffentest: US- Empörung über Chinas Satellitenabschuss war nur gespielt
23.Apr.2007 Stromsparfunktionen: Pseudo- Klimaschützer Vista

23.Apr.2007 Moskau: Russlands Ex- Präsident Jelzin ist tot
23.Apr.2007 Wolfowitz und Gonzales: Aufstand gegen die Bush- Buddys
Unfälle weltweit: Täglich tausend Verkehrstote unter 25 Jahre
23.Apr.2007 Blacksburg- Massaker: Schulen und Unis als Festungen
23.Apr.2007 US- Abwehrpläne: Gates wirbt für Raketenschild, Russland bleibt stur
23.Apr.2007 Elektronischer Fingerabdruck: Experten warnen vor Biometrie- Pass
23.Apr.2007 Mehr Stürme: Singapur will sich mit Deichen aus Holland schützen
23.Apr.2007 Buback- Mord: Schäuble verdonnert Verfassungsschutz zu Aufklärung

23.Apr.2007 Eingeschlossen im Packeis: Robbenfängern gehen die Vorräte aus

23.Apr.2007 Bangladesch: In der Todeszone des Klimawandels

23.Apr.2007 Deutsche Telekom: Gewerkschaften drohen Blackstone mit Desinvestment

23.Apr.2007 70- Milliarden- Übernahme: Hedgefonds- Attacke bringt Großbank ABN Amro zu Fall
Geoforschung Magnetischer Nordpol wandert nach Sibirien
Wer Orientierung im Gelände sucht, sollte seinen Kompass bald gegen einen GPS-Empfänger eintauschen.

Denn der magnetische Nordpol bewegt sich so schnell wie seit 500 Jahren nicht mehr. Das berichtet das Magazin "National Geographic".
The University of Sydney HISTORY DEPARTMENT HSTY 3001/6039/6939 ... - View as HTML
Prescott, H.F.M., Jerusalem Journey: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the Fifteenth ...

How did the work of Thomas Cook, American Express, Murray, ...
Letter from Here: Conspiracy theories that let the real guilty ...

Read the history of the rising of Hitler .

Read how he + his right hand man ... of the Skull and Bones which W, H.W. + Grandfather Bush were memebers.
Bozell on 'Hannity & Colmes' About Behar Comparing Rumsfeld to ...

18.Dec.---- Video of Behar'scomparison of Rumsfeld to Hitler (1:10): Real (1.94MB) or Windows Media (2.22MB), plus MP3 audio (350 KB) ...
Grand Lake Theater BEST EVER! Marquee

"Prescott Bush Financed ...

Prescott Bush, Bush Seniors father, extended credit to Adolph Hitler + supplied ... but grandfather Bush found other ways to replenish the family coffers.
Information is Power!

Without the large-scale support of Bush + other bankers, Hitler would have been unable to create his war machine.

Grandfather Bush was an executive with ...
for Bush.html

000.1923 -USAmerican contributors financing Hitler's infant Nazi Party...

Dulles, Allen's crooked corporate network.... which his grandfather Bush, Samuel P. & father, ...
Erderwärmung: Klimawandel schneller als gedacht - Klima ...

Dunkle Wolken hängen über der Klimazukunft der Erde.

Früher ist man wegen des maritimen Klimas nach Italien + Spanien gegangen jetzt müssen die alle ...
Klimawandel + Konsequenzen -Bedeutung von Wirtschaft ... aus der autonomen Region Aragon in Spanien als Vorsitzender der Umweltkonferenz ...

... dass wir ein globales Bündnis für eine gute Klimazukunft brauchen,
CBC News: Sunday - Viewer Feedback

00.000.1897 Yogoslavian born, US naturalized inventor Nikola Tesla's dream was to provide the US with unlimited FREE electrial energy.
23.Apr.2007 Leven.Lu emweltportal & hesper info,

Selbst Spanien, welches in der gemässigten Zone liegt, ist davon betroffen. ...

Klimazukunft für Luxemburg ·

Wieviel Klimaschwein steckt in Ihnen?
khd-research -- Infos zur Veränderung des Klimas 4

Damit gäben die 2003 gewonnenen Erkenntnisse einen Blick in die " Klimazukunft ".

Zum Beispiel Spanien : Zwar darf Madrid seine Treibhausgasemissionen bis ...
23.Apr.2007 Starkniederschlagsereignis August 2005 - HTML-Version
England bis nach Portugal/Spanien reichte. Über den Pyrenäen ... Frei C,

2005: Die Klimazukunft der Schweiz - Eine probabilistische Projektion.

23.Apr.2007 Klimaänderung und die Schweiz 2050
Die Klimazukunft der Schweiz – Eine probabilistische Projektion.

2004. ( deutschland, Schweiz, Norditalien und Spanien ) ...

Die müssen sich jetzt zusammenreißen und ihre Hausaufgaben machen: Warum ...

Oct.2004 Verwirbelte Raumzeit: Laser-Messung bestätigt Einsteins Theorie ...
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power | Special ...

Thyssen owned the largest steel + coal company in Germany + grew rich from Hitler's efforts to re-arm WWI.-WWII. -between two world wars. ...,12271,1312540,00.html
Walker, Bush & the Nazis

00.000.1920 ... beginning in the mid-s,- personally funded Adolf Hitler's rise to ...

Grandfather Bush, Prescott, certainly did this during WWII. when his ...
t r u t h o u t - Bush Ancestor's Bank Seized by Gov't

Fritz Thyssen was an early financial supporter of Hitler, whose Nazi party Thyssen believed was preferable to communism.

The documents do not show any ...
father and grandfather bush

Standard Oil continued to do business with the Hitler regime right up to the end of ...

Carlos Lehder, a follower of Adolph Hitler + convicted of running ...

Bush -

After hearing Adolf Hitler speak, Thyssen became mesmerised by the young firebrand.

00.Dec.1931 Thyssen joined the Nazi party + admits backing Hitler in ...

Think Progress » Leading Climate Skeptic Compares Gore to Hitler

Who did grandfather Bush Fund? Comment by Blah! ...
the Bush family Grandfather Bush supports the Nazi war machine. ... of world history concerning how the Bush family helped create the Nazis by way of the Hitler project, ...
CONTEXT - This Week in Arts and Ideas from The Moscow Times +

who kept helping Hitler while he was killing Yanks?

Bush-Walker! Bush-Walker! ...

18, 2004 Father and Grandfather Bush

The Art of Deception, 2004 ...
e.thePeople : Article : Absolute Ignorance

The biggest comparision is that both Hitler + Bush shifted their public's ...

Grandfather Bush + Grandfather Kennedy were both Nazi sympathizers. ...

22.Nov.2002 Das Web wurde durchsucht nach Dulles##+Bush ... Reinhold Nazi German General Gehlen, Reinhard, Hitler's most senior eastern ...

GW Bush's grandfather Bush [BPS917] ... III, brothers John Foster and Dulles ...

Dec.2005 Dubiose Terror-Abwehr: Auch Guantanamo-Gefangener aus Bremen von Deutschen verhört? ...


Jan.2005 Als die Riesenwelle die Welt vereinte ...

20050209 Ricardo "El Mono" Morales Navarette "The Monkey ": Index to . ...

"Well," says David Icke, The Illuminati want a world government + army .
00.000.1990 -Doch schon seit- hat nach SPIEGEL-Informationen das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) ernstzunehmende Hinweise darauf, dass der

00.000.1980 wegen des Buback-Mordes trotz spärlicher Beweise zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilte Folkerts sich am Tattag nicht in Deutschland aufgehalten hat.

Die Debatte ausgelöst hat ein Bericht des SPIEGEL, wonach Verfassungsschutz + Bundeskriminalamt

seit Jahren glaubhafte Hinweise von RAF-Mitgliedern darauf haben, dass das Attentat

00.000.1977 auf Generalbundesanwalt Buback anders ablief als später von den Gerichten festgestellt.

Die Sicherheitsbehörden hätten die Erkenntnisse aber zum Schutz ihrer Informanten nicht zur juristischen Auswertung freigegeben.

Berlin - Die Bundesanwaltschaft in Karlsruhe hat sich nach ARD-Informationen am Sonntag mit den neu bekannt gewordenen Hinweisen zum Mord an Siegfried Buback im

00.Apr.1977 befasst.

Dabei habe man sich auch mit den Vorwürfen und Spekulationen um möglicherweise von Sicherheitsbehörden zurückgehaltene Aussagen damaliger RAF-Terroristen beschäftigt.

Die Bundesanwaltschaft hat sich nach ARD-Informationen mit der Wendung im Mordfall Buback beschäftigt, die ein SPIEGEL-Bericht am Wochenende ausgelöst hatte.

Jetzt will sie eventuell die Ex-RAF-Terroristen Boock und Becker hören - und dann die Öffentlichkeit informieren.
Drohender Kriegsschauplatz Iran Can one [ George W . Bush ] be a follower of Jesus Christ, ... no doubt that telling lies is reprehensible in any culture + you do not like to be lied to. ...
"El Mundo" (Spanien):
Die natürlichste Lösung wäre ein Mitte-Rechts-Bündnis."

Auch FDP-Politiker zeigten sich erneut irritiert darüber, dass anscheinend Informationen von Behörden nicht weitergegeben wurden.

"Hier müssen jetzt alle Fakten auf den Tisch", verlangte die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, in der "Passauer Neuen Presse".
Verfassungsschutz und Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) haben nach SPIEGEL-Informationen die neuen Hinweise nicht an die Justiz weitergegeben.

"Die Behauptung, dass der Verfassungsschutz solche Erkenntnisse gehabt haben soll, das muss schon noch einmal näher dargelegt werden", sagte Pflieger dazu.
Klimafolgen: China fürchtet dramatischen Rückgang der Reisproduktion

23.Apr.2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Mafia schießt weniger"

23.Apr.2007 G- 8-Gipfel: Wie Rechtsradikale in Heiligendamm punkten wollen
23.Apr.2007 Pressestimmen: "Frankreich hat die Linke gerettet"
23.Apr.2007 RAF: Justiz nimmt Wisniewski wegen Buback- Mord ins Visier
Filmemacher Danny Boyle: "Regisseure kehren nie ins Weltall zurück"
23.Apr.2007 70- Milliarden- Deal: Historische Bankenfusion - Barclays schluckt ABN Amro
23.Apr.2007 Konkurrenz: Europas Bahnen planen Allianz gegen Billigflieger

23.Apr.2007 Geier- Fonds: Geschäft wider jede Moral

23.Apr.2007 Armut in Deutschland: Immer mehr Kinder leben von Sozialhilfe

23.Apr.2007 Bagdad: Regierungschef will USA vom Mauerbau abbringen
23.Apr.2007 RAF- Terror: Bundesanwaltschaft wird in Mordfall Buback wieder aktiv
23.Apr.2007 Weltbank: Deutschland fordert Rücktritt von Wolfowitz
23.Apr.2007 Säuberung: Arbeiter übermalen Banksy- Kunstwerk
Jack Nicholson: 70 Jahre und noch immer Haifisch

23.Apr.2007 Großbritannien: Haftbefehle im Fall Litwinenko erwartet
23.Apr.2007 Fall Christian Klar: RAF- Opfer rufen Köhler zu Gnaden- Verweigerung auf
23.Apr.2007 Lange Schlangen in Frankreich: Bürger mit Wahlmaschinen überfordert
22.Apr.2007,1518,druck-477917,00.html In den Bergen Neuguineas geschieht heute womöglich genau dasselbe wie am Monte Viso vor über sechstausend Jahren.
_5500-_4500 -v. Chr.- Am ligurischen Monte Beigua dagegen gewann man bereits den Rohstoff für bis zu einem halben Meter lange, zigarrenförmige Prunkbeile.

Sie tauchen besonders häufig in Norditalien und Südfrankreich auf, aber auch in Schottland und Dänemark.
_4500-_3800 -v. Chr.- etwa wurden aus dem Jadeit vom Monte Viso flache, dreieckige Beile angefertigt.

Diese finden sich heute vor allem nördlich und westlich des italienischen Gipfels: in Frankreich, Großbritannien, Deutschland - und in Dänemark, wo mit einer Länge von 36 Zentimetern eines der größten überhaupt geborgen wurde.
Lutz Klassen vom Moesgård Museum bei Århus in Dänemark, der die Forschungen für den deutschen und dänischen Raum organisiert, ist überzeugt:

"Bald werden wir den Weg der Beile aus einzelnen Steinbrüchen durch ganz Europa verfolgen können." Schon jetzt ist klar, dass die Ware vom Monte Viso Abnehmer in der Bretagne, in Belgien und in Dänemark fand.
So war der tiefgrüne, oft fast schwarz schimmernde Eklogit ähnlich wie Jadeit bei der Kundschaft in der Ferne sehr begehrt.

Ein vor über siebentausend Jahren bedeutsames Vorkommen entdeckten die französischen Forscher auf dem gut hundert Kilometer vom Monte Viso entfernten Monte Beigua bei Genua
Überraschenderweise zeigte sich dabei, dass der Jadeitabbau am Monte Viso schon in der frühen Jungsteinzeit begann. Seinen Höhepunkt erreichte er

gegen Ende des 6. und zu Beginn des 5. vorchristlichen Jahrtausends. In welch großem Stil der Rohstoff damals dort abgebaut wurde, beweisen Abertausende von größeren und kleineren Steinsplittern im Umfeld der Lagerstätte.

Die Forscher gehen davon aus, dass sich die Arbeiter seinerzeit für jeweils ein bis zwei Wochen oberhalb von zweitausend Metern Höhe aufhielten.
Ein besonders intensiv genutztes Vorkommen entdeckten die Archäologen am Monte Viso in den Alpen des Piemont.

Es liegt auf 2000 bis 2400 Meter Höhe und ist im Jahr nur wenige Monate schneefrei. Dauerhaft konnte dort oben niemand leben, vielmehr mussten die Bergleute von ihrem Dorf im Tal mindestens zwei Tage lang beschwerlich aufsteigen.

Kulturtransfer quer durch Europa
00.000.1992 -Seit- war Pétrequin jedes Jahr zusammen mit seiner Frau Anne-Marie wochenlang durch die Täler der Westalpen gewandert. Im Jahr

00.000.2003 fand das Ehepaar dann endlich das, wonach Geologen + Archäologen über hundert Jahre lang vergeblich gesucht hatten: mehrere Jadeitlagerstätten - und Hinweise darauf, dass die neolithischen Menschen dort systematisch Bergbau betrieben hatten.
Über sechstausend Jahre ist es her, dass die steinzeitlichen Bergleute mit dem äußerst seltenen Jadeit heimkehrten.

Hoch oben, jenseits der Schneegrenze des Monte Viso in den italienischen Alpen, betrieben sie einen regelrechten Steinbruch für das grüne Mineral.

Unten im Tal wurden die groben Brocken behauen, geschliffen und poliert - bis daraus lange Beilklingen entstanden, die so beliebt waren, dass sie Abnehmer in Norddeutschland, Dänemark, Nordfrankreich und auf den britischen Inseln fanden.

Ihre weite Verbreitung ist eines der erstaunlichsten Phänomene des vorgeschichtlichen Fernhandels.
Rundfunkgebühr: EU- Kommission warnt vor Abgabe für Computer
22.Apr.2007 Spielekonsolen: Wii zieht davon
22.Apr.2007 Taliban: Kind muss Gefangenen köpfen
Fette Beute: Fischer fangen 482- Kilogramm- Hai
22.Apr.2007 Geistiges Eigentum: Westliche Hightech- Firmen schmieden Bündnisse gegen China

22.Apr.2007 Geheimnisvolle Kult- Beile: Statussymbole der Steinzeit

22.Apr.2007 Tod im Freizeitpark: Ein Dutzend Krokodile fraßen Jungen

22.Apr.2007 RAF- Terror: Alle Parteien fordern Klarheit über Buback- Mord
21.Apr.2007 Siemens- Schmiergeldaffäre: Merkel hält an Regierungs- Berater von Pierer fest
21.Apr.2007 Finanzministertreffen: EU unterstützt deutsche Initiative zu Kontrolle von Hedgefonds
Schlechte Beurteilung: Nasa- Schütze tötete Kollegen aus Jobangst
11.Apr.2007 -Aktuell- zählt die Statistik der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (Stand:) 291 Vogelgrippe-Fälle beim Menschen, 172 davon mit Todesfolge, allerdings nur 26 davon außerhalb Asiens.

Global gesehen sind das wenige Fälle, die Vogelgrippe ist nach wie vor eine Tierseuche.

"Wir fanden heraus, dass der Ema-Stamm sich bereits in drei unabhängige Stämme aufgespalten hat", sagte Salzberg.

"Einer dieser drei Stämme ist für mehrere Todesfälle bei Menschen im Irak und in Ägypten verantwortlich."

In der Fachzeitschrift "Emerging Infectious Diseases" veröffentlichten die Forscher zusätzlich zu ihrer Studie auch genetische Stammbäume der untersuchten Proben.

Diese zeigen, wie eng die an unterschiedlichen Orten gefundenen Viren miteinander verwandt sind:

Der H5N1-Stammbaum besteht demnach aus drei Hauptästen, zwei davon kommen in Asien vor, der dritte ist der Ema-Stamm.

Dieser wiederum unterteilt sich in jene drei Unteräste, die untereinander stärker verwandt sind als mit den Erregern der anderen beiden Stämme in Asien.

Mutation, Rekombination: Viren zeigen Express-Evolution
Furcht vor Wissensmacht: Datenschützer torpedieren Google- Ehe mit DoubleClick
21.Apr.2007 RAF- Terror: Politiker wollen Mordfall Buback neu aufrollen
21.Apr.2007 Schach: "Die Kunst, sich ohne Worte zu verstehen"
H5N1- Stammbaum: Vogelgrippe- Erreger entwickelt West- Variante
21.Apr.2007 Terrordrohung: CIA warnt deutsche Behörden vor Islamisten
RAF- Opfer: Ex- Terroristen entlasten Klar und Folkerts als Buback- Mörder
Neues Wirtschaftsabkommen: EU und USA vertiefen ihre Partnerschaft

21.Apr.2007 Raketenschild: US- Regierung plant Angebot an Moskau

21.Apr.2007 Schmiergeldaffäre: E- Mails bringen früheren Siemens- Topmanager in Erklärungsnot
21.Apr.2007 Alltag in Bagdad: Müllmänner mit Bodyguards
21.Apr.2007 - Wissen - News - Archiv
Feb 2005. Die Abspeck- Lügen zur Fastenzeit

16.Feb.2005 -Eintrag vom-

11.Sep.2001 -Eintrag vom - Die große Kunst des Nein-Sagens

10.Sep 2001 - Eintrag vom-
Deutscher Imperialismus
00.Mär.1996 Die „Hamburger Morgenpost“ verbreitet die Lüge, das israelische ...
11.Sep.2001 Angriff der internationalen klerikalfaschistischen ...

21.Apr.2007 Chronologie Irak, 2. Akt [Archiv] - Seite 3 -
... extended to include the victims of the 11 Sep 2001 and any other victims of the ...
Auch Briten lügen

29.Sep.2004 Wie der britische Guardian am Sonntag ...
„Es ergibt eine hochexplosive Mischung, wenn ein System ohne Werte ...
ständlich aus, was er von der neurobiologischen Lüge . hält: „… die moderne Psychiatrie ...

The Columbia TeenScreenSM State-One Health Survey, 11.Sep.2001 .
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«Sie werden immer lügen und werden es immer vorziehen, sich hinter den Körpern von ...

Klar, nach dem 11.Sep.2001 musste man etwas tun, sonst wären alle ...
Abi 2004 am SGH
"Politiker müssen, um Stimmen zu bekommen, lügen und das Blaue vom Himmel ...
"Abi 2547" (buddhistisch), oder mit "Abi 02" (vom 11.Sep.2001 an gerechnet.
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11.Sep.2001 01:11:27 +0200 X-Mailer: KMail [version 1.1.99] Content-Type: ... halte ich fuer ein Luege ...das bringt Millionen, vor allem fuer den ...

21.Apr.2007 Kann das denn wirklich wahr sein? - Hintergründe zum 11.Sep.2001 ...
Dies ist eine historisch erwiesene Lüge der US-Mächte (oder wer auch immer hinter ihnen steht), um einen für sie wichtigen Krieg zu schüren, unterstützt von ...
11.Sep.2001 -TP: Die Wargames des-
Teil 2: Mehr über die Lügen um die "Hijacker", die Prognosen kommender Anschläge + weitere Eindrücke von der Toronto-Konferenz.
11.Sep.2001 Drahtzieher der Anschläge vom - Forum – ARIVA.DE -Diskussion zum Thema:

11.Sep.2001 - Forum.
Die Lügen dieser Regierung innerhalb der letzten Jahre reichen inzwischen doch ...
detebe-Hochlichtarchiv September 2001 - Teil I
... gleichzeitig lügen, die Wahrheit sagen und den Schierlingsbecher leeren, ...
11.Sep.2001 08:31:02 +0200: Robert Kraenzlein schrieb am Tue, .. - Inhalt
11.Sep.2001 -Die wesentliche Aussage von " Lügen und Wahrheiten zum-" stellt sich für mich vielmehr so dar: Es gibt viele Zeugenaussagen, Fakten und offene ...
Selbst die absurdesten Lügen können offensichtlich problemlos verbreitet werden, ohne dass es zu ernsthaften Nachfragen kommt.
"Dass die Bush-Regierung nach dem 11.Sep.2001 den Irak ins Visier nahm, ...

Sie starben wegen Massenvernichtungswaffen.

Sie starben für eine Lüge "
Mehrere Minister sprechen von " Lüge " und fordern einen Widerruf. ... dass "die Schuldigen vom 11.Sep.2001 immer noch nicht gefunden" sind.
der 11.Sep.200 ist nichts weiter als eine lüge ... einen link zu einer deutschen webseite bekommen, die beweist, dass der 11.Sep.2001 eine lüge war.
... von den abenteuerlichen Verschwörungen um dem 11.Sep.2001 distanzieren.
Liveperformance, die Lüge der Krieg war gerechtfertigt, Irak gleich ...
THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT,   Source: 196.

21.Jul.2003 On difficulties in including the FAA, see NMCC and NMJIC briefing ();

17.May 2004 John Brunderman interview ( ).

11.Sep.2001 On NORAD and the time of the FAA's joining, see DOD transcript,Air Threat Conference Call, .

15.Apr.2004 For the FAA representative, see Rayford Brooks interview (.). 197.

17.Feb.2004 Richard Myers interview (.);

29.Apr.2004 Charles Leidig interview (.). 198.

11.Sep.2001 DOD transcript, Air Threat Conference Call,.. 199.

On the briefing, see ibid.

17.Feb.2004 Richard Myers interview ().

11.Sep.2001 The Vice Chairman was on Capitol Hill when the Pentagon was struck +

11.Sep.2001The Vice Chairman saw smoke as his car made its way back to the building.

For the Chairman being out of the country, see DOD record, Deputy Director for Operations Passdown Log,

11.Sep.2001. 200. DOD transcript, Air Threat Conference Call,.

11.Sep.2001 .

201. Ibid. 202. Ibid. 203.

11.Sep.2001 -at 09-05 For the President being informed, see White House record,President's Daily Diary, .

For Card's statement, see White House transcript,

07.Aug.2002 Card interview with Ron Fournier, .

For the President's reaction, see President Bush + Vice President Cheney meeting ( 29.Apr.2004 ). << Back  Home  
11.Sep.2001 08:30 am: Rookie in Command of the NMCC Captain Charles Leidig . [Source: US Navy] Captain Charles Leidig .

Captain Charles Leidig, the deputy for Command Center operations at the NMCC, ...
11.Sep.2001 09:39 am -Context of- Rumsfeld Is Wanted at NMCC ... [Source: National Military Command Center] Captain Charles Leidig is in command of the ...

Bush, Charles Leidig, North American Aerospace Defense Command ...

29.Apr.2004 Page 481 Charles Leidig interview ( ).

21.Jul.2003 For the job of the NMCC in an emergency, see NMCC briefing ().

193. For the Secretary's activities, ...
21.Apr.2007 The Final Fraud Richard B. Myers, Admiral Charles Leidig, General Ralph E Eberhart, ...

Also under oath beside the three Generals sat Admiral Charles Leidig .
The Final Fraud The Final Fraud - View as HTML
Richard B. Myers,

Admiral Charles Leidig,

General Ralph E Eberhart, ... Charles Leidig .

Leidig was the stand-in Deputy Director for Operations ...
Complete 911 Timeline: Donald Rumsfeld's Actions on 9/11 [Source: National Military Command Center]

Captain Charles Leidig is in command of the ... [Source: US Army]

Captain Charles Leidig, a low ranking officer ...
Complete 911 Timeline [Source: US Navy]

Captain Charles Leidig, the deputy for Command Center operations at the NMCC, ... Entity Tags: Charles Leidig, Montague Winfield ...
Evidence of Pentagon and military officials complicity in 9/11 ...

00.000.2003 Journalist Tom Flocco reported that Laura Brown of FAA said that

11.Sep.2001 08:25 -about- a phone bridge between the FAA + Charles Leidig of NMCC had begun ...
Flight 11 American Airlines out of Boston Logan Airport

00.000.2003 Journalist Tom Flocco reported that Laura Brown of FAA said that

11.Sep.2001 08:20 a phone bridge between the FAA + Charles Leidig of NMCC had begun.
21.Apr.2007 Environmentalists Against War i)

11.Sep.2001 -just two months before- Captain Charles Leidig, Jr. had assumed duties as the deputy for command center operations in the J3 Directorate of the Joint Staff ...
11.Sep.2001 -They Let it Happen: FIRST DAY JITTERS

11.Sep.2001 ---- ----- ... had decided to take some time off, asking a recently qualified but inexperienced rookie, Navy Captain Charles Leidig, to stand in as DDO in the morning.
They Let it Happen:

11.Sep.2001 -that morning- Leidig The acting NMCC Director had been Captain Charles Leidig, asked to stand-in the day before for 90 of the 111 minutes of the 9/11 attack.
NMCC ops director asked substitute on 9-10 to stand his watch on 9-11

00.May 2003 Bush nominated Brigadier General Matague Winfield for promotion to the two-star rank of Major General + Captain Charles Leidig has recently ...
Leidig statement - View as HTML

Charles Leidig Captain Charles Leidig . Captain Charles Leidig . [Source: US Navy]Captain Charles Leidig, the deputy for Command Center operations at the NMCC,...
Winfield [Source: US Navy]Captain Charles Leidig, the deputy for Command Center operations ... [Source: National Military Command Center]Captain Charles Leidig is in ...

21.Apr.2007 : Q&A on the News | ®

02.Jun.200- Charles Leidig Jr. in a ceremony- Leidig was promoted to rear admiral (lower half) + transferred to his new job as commander of US Naval Forces ...
Pacific Magazine: Minimum Wage Increase Looming Says Cohen

Rear Admiral Charles Leidig, Commander, Naval Forces Marianas, briefed the local leaders about the impact of the military buildup on Guam during the next 10 ...
Caerdroia: 9:29

Captain Charles Leidig is in command of the National Military Command Center (NMCC), “the military’s worldwide nerve center.” [, 04.Sep.2002 ] Telephone ...
Press Release


10.Sep.2001 -on-, Brigadier General Winfield, US Army, asked that I stand a portion ... [Charles Leidig, the inexperienced substitute who replaced Winfield: ...)
21.Apr.2007 9/11 communication failures still baffle FAA, Defense officials (6 ... Select Charles Leidig, who served as the NMCC's deputy director of operations on 9/11.

"If FAA had been in the same conference that was being directed by ...
Charming Quark · Kultur

Auch die Stämme des Balkans haben ihre Totems.

Für die Albaner steht der Adler, für die Awaren der Hase, für die Serben der Wolf, für die Kroaten die Eule, ...
21.Apr.2007 tom doch, köln

In Tschechien wird die " Lichtverschmutzung " des Himmels verboten ... from an "Issue Brief" from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices ...
11.May ---- .

Buenos Aires, Argentina, four Israeli Mossad agents capture fugitive Nazi Adolf ...

00.000.1967 - Andreas Papandreou is imprisoned in Athens by the Greek military junta . ...


The Greek junta allowed the U.S. to install dozens of military installations, ... in interviews by ex-CIA + Israeli Mossad agents, can be a powerful tracking ... alfatomega.com20041206.html
21.Apr.2007 Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics

Watergate Spook BOSS Mossad assassinate conspiracy coup ...

00.Apr.1967-00.Jul.1974 ... ambitiously fascist junta of the Greek colonels.
21.Apr.2007 Rätselhafte Steinkreise

Wie es aussieht, stammten die " Boscombe Bowmen " von dort + waren tatsächlich am Bau des Steinkreises beteiligt. Bis heute ist nicht geklärt, worum es sich ...
Stonehenge-Rätsel gelöst?

Aufgrund des hohen Alters wurde von Anfang an spekuliert, dass die nach ihrem Fundort benannten " Boscombe Bowmen " an der Konstruktion der Anlage beteiligt ...
20061203 M. Deuss President First Curacao International Bank, N.V. Kaya WFG (Jombi) ... He told the Guardian that he was aware of the investigation, but added that ...
Federation of Technological Industries - Represents Traders of ... FIRST CURACAO INTERNATIONAL BANK N.V.

SUBJECT TO THE EMERGENCY MEASURE. As a result of several criminal investigations in relation to alleged VAT fraud ...
Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen ...

24.Oct.2005 Bill Condie, Evening Standard AUSTRIAN bank Bawag, already under investigation for its role ...
Australia's epic drought:

The situation is grim:

Australia has warned that it will have to switch off the water supply to the continent's food bowl

unless heavy rains break an epic drought - heralding what could be the first climate change-driven disaster to strike a developed nation.

American Dream Now a Nightmare for Millions : U.S. Census: One in Five Lives on Less than $7 per day

Federally Funded Boffins Want To Scrap The Internet:

Researchers funded by the federal government want to shut down the internet + start over,

citing the fact that at the moment there are loopholes in the system whereby users cannot be tracked + traced all the time

21.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: Bolivia For Sale: Video: Actor Damian Lewis travels to Bolivia with Christian Aid to investigate the effects of privatisation in three key markets: water, gas and milk.

21.Apr.2007 FM: Peru worried about Chile's warplane purchase from U.S. : -- Peru's Foreign Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde said that Peru is concerned about Chile buying eight U.S. F-16 warplanes.

21.Apr.2007 Venezuela To Ask UN To Probe US Extradition Failure : -Venezuela plans to ask the U.N. to investigate why the U.S. has failed to prosecute or extradite Luis Posada Carriles on charges he masterminded the

00.000.1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, a lawyer for the Venezuelan government said Friday.

21.Apr.2007 Revolucion del Mundo: Classic Interview with Hugo Chavez
21.Apr.2007 Soldiers intercept rigged ballots in Nigeria :

Troops have intercepted a truck-load of already completed ballots the day before Nigeria's presidential election, the opposition said, heightening fears the vote will be rigged.

21.Apr.2007 Bolivia police freed from gas plant : The police officers were captured by demonstrators on Wednesday, a day after clashes left one person dead and 20 more injured as residents stormed a gas pumping facility operated by Transredes, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell.
21.Apr.2007 Ivanov: Russia won't give Uranium enrichment technology to Iran : Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said his country does not intend to give technologies related to uranium enrichment to Iran.

21.Apr.2007 US under fire for anti-Iran tactics:

The US Treasury + State Department have sent officials across Europe, stepping up pressure on international oil + gas companies in particular not to go ahead with investment plans in Iran.

21.Apr.2007 US warns Russia in line of fire of 'Iranian missile threat' : . US officials on Wednesday warned Moscow that it was in the line of fire of "the missile threat from Iran" and urged it to cooperate with plans to base a US missile defence system on Russia's doorstep.

21.Apr.2007 No Reason for Russian-U.S. Missile Defense Cooperation — Top Russian Official: “We believe this strategic anti-missile defense system is somewhat chimerical, to put it mildly,” he said.
21.Apr.2007 Iran's latest nuclear work seen as only test-scale: Iran's launch of uranium enrichment, is a test-scale operation not producing nuclear fuel in meaningful amounts, diplomats said on Thursday.
21.Apr.2007 Rep. Jack Murtha on Who Is Fighting the War : 1 Minute Video:

"It is interesting to hear the gentleman say 'we,' we fight, we aren't going to give up," he said. "Let me tell you something, we aren't fighting this war.

It's the troops overseas + when I talk to the families, when I go to the hospitals, I see the results of this war."
A Hierarchy of Death -By Roy Greenslade - Why do 32 deaths in Virginia receive blanket coverage while nearly 200 fatalities in Iraq are barely reported? Continue

21.Apr.2007 Compassionless Conservatives  -By David Michael Green 
Imagine our shock at Paul Wolfowitz’s shock.  He not only masterminded humanity’s greatest current catastrophe, the US invasion of Iraq, but he did so by fabricating and marketing a complete mythological cosmology of Good versus Evil (Bush good!  Saddam bad!), the likes of which might have left even Jim Jones envious and amazed. 

And he did so in a fashion that no doubt brought a posthumous smile to the face of his graduate school mentor, Leo Strauss. Continue

21.Apr.2007 Hired Gun at the Helm: Justice Unhinged -By William A. Cohn 
As US attorney general (AG) Alberto Gonzales testifies before Congress this week, let’s understand the reasons why the dismissal of 8 well-respected US attorneys is a matter of grave public concern.

21.Apr.2007 The Doha Debates on the Right of Return for Palestinians -Video- "This House believes the Palestinians should give up their full right of return" Click to view

21.Apr.2007 In case you missed it -Wealth Creates Poverty? -Video: Dr. Michael Parenti: "Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy" -Globalization is an attempt to extend corporate monopoly control over the whole globe.

Over every national economy. Over every local economy Over every life. Click to view
One theory holds that Crisman and Dahl were ordered to spread the "saucer slag" story in order to cover up the illegal dumping of hazardous waste on Maury Island.
21.Apr.2007 House Republican spokesman says that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should step down.

21.Apr.2007 $7169.00 of May 1st $25,000 Goal in Premiums and Donations Reached. HELP WANTED:
Read why we have pledge drives + then make a difference with a purchase, donation or monthly subscription.

U.S. Government Frees Anti-Castro Terrorist in Hypocritical Double Standard -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

21.Apr.2007 The Democratic National Committee sued the Justice Department, demanding it turn over any e-mail traffic with the Republican Party on the U.S. attorneys controversy and criminal investigations. Real leadership can be so exciting 4/21
Speaker Pelosi calls for Gonzales' resignation: "By his actions and with his testimony yesterday, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has lost the trust of the American people." Let's draw up the paperwork 4/21
The Historic "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" Bad Boy CD

21.Apr.2007 In another sign of Republican unease with the president's Iraq policies, a third GOP senator expressed support Thursday for pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq under certain conditions. 4/21
Cho Bought Second Gun From Internet, Should Never Have Had Either 4/21

21.Apr.2007 "Does the President ever get tired of having to express his 'Full Confidence' in the people around him these days?" -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers


Während der Tatverlauf inzwischen weitgehend geklärt ist und auch Chos Krankengeschichte inzwischen offen gelegt ist, geht die Untersuchung weiter.

Cho war vor rund einem Jahr in ein psychiatrisches Krankenhaus eingewiesen worden, weil er zu diesem Zeitpunkt eine Bedrohung für sich selbst dargestellt habe.

Unklar bleibt, was genau seinen Amoklauf ausgelöst hatte, warum er sich unbedingt das Norris-Gebäude, in dem Ingenieure ausgebildet wurden, zum Ziel genommen hatte (er selbst studierte Englisch), wie genau seine Motive ausgesehen hatten.

"Wir tun, was immer wir können, um den Behörden bei der Aufklärung dieser sinnlosen taten zu helfen", heißt es dazu in dem Statement der Schwester. "Wir haben selbst viele unbeantwortete Fragen." pat/AP
.Unsere Familie bedauert zutiefst meines Bruders entsetzliche Taten", schrieb nun Sung-Kyung Cho, die in einem Unternehmen arbeitet, das im Auftrag des US-Außenministeriums US-Hilfe für den Irak beaufsichtigt.

"Er hat die Welt zum Weinen gebracht. Wir durchleben einen Alptraum", ließ sie "im Namen der Familie" ausrichten. "Es ist eine schreckliche Tragödie für uns alle."

It would be naïve and foolish for us to expect the truth from a government that has been shown to have repeatedly lied to the media and international community in order to accomplish its dubious goals.

The truth of 9-11 will certainly not be given to us on a silver platter. It is something we will have to fight for.

Note of Netanyahu quote in New York Times
12.Sep.2001 Article: "Spilled Blood is Seen as Bond That Draws 2 Nations Closer" By James Bennet,
To read this article in german click here!

For more news about 9/11 click here!

Thomas A. Cahill, an expert on airborne particles.

Cahill had conducted a study of the particles in the thin bluish smoke that rose from the rubble for nearly 4 months after 9-11.
02.Oct.2001 Cahill's air sampling began on- + continued until late

00.Dec.2001 after the last fires were finally extinguished.
Asked why it took so long to begin a scientific evaluation of the air contamination that accompanied the destruction of the WTC,

Cahill said he had assumed that there were scores of agencies + scientists monitoring the air quality in New York City after 9-11.
"I assumed it was happening. I could not believe it was not," Cahill said. "It [his Davis drum] was all by itself. The EPA did nothing."
Cahill's work revealed the presence of extremely small metallic aerosols in unprecedented amounts in the plumes coming from the burning WTC rubble.

Most of the particles in these plumes were in the category of the smallest ultra-fine and nano-particles: from 0.26 to 0.09 microns.

The extraordinarily high level of ultra-fine aerosols was one of the most unusual aspects of the data, Cahill said.

"Ultra-fine particles require extremely high temperatures," he said, "namely the boiling point of the metal."
21.Apr.2007 years ago, Congress would have provided action, not whining or pleading. Congress would have temporarily banned food imports from China + officials in that country would have quickly acceded to our reasonable requests for access.
But now...China is Sean Hannity + we play the role of alan colmes. China has become the Drill Instructor and the U.S. is the pimply young recruit sputtering "Sir, yes Sir."

Congress can, in short, do very little -- for reasons having nothing to do with party or political ideology.
China prints money to service our debt. Our economy survives or dies at their caprice. They call the shots.
21.Apr.2007 refuses to allow American inspectors into the country. Congress has responded with the kind of bellicosity normally associated with Ned Flanders and Wally Cox:
Members of Congress, pointing to $2.1 billion in agricultural products American companies imported last year from Chinese suppliers, are pressuring the Chinese government to cooperate with the FDA.
"We strongly urge the Chinese government to quickly issue visas to US inspectors," wrote Rosa L. DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut + Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois. "Clearly, this is an important trading relationship." Think about it.

21.Apr.2007 suspect that the melamine was placed in the products intentionally.
The current theory is that Chinese suppliers intentionally added melamine to ingredients that were low in protein to ensure they would test high enough to allow them to be labeled as protein supplements and command the prices of wheat gluten, rice-protein concentrate, or corn gluten.

21.Apr.2007 you don't own a pet, don't think that you can escape this sorry business.

After all, pigs gotta eat too:

Hogs fed pet food rejected as unsuitable for sale ended up eating a product laced with an industrial chemical, federal authorities said

yesterday, expanding a food safety investigation that had been primarily focused on cats and dogs.
It remains unclear, however, whether products made from the hogs will be considered safe for human consumption.

21.Apr.2007 South Africa, many brands (the cheaper ones, I imagine) were affected by corn gluten tainted with melamine, imported from China.

Someone should tell the South Africans that the U.S. has plenty of corn for sale.
The Zionist vision for the Middle East rests on two essential premises, Nakhleh noted.

“To survive, Israel must become an imperial regional power, and, secondly, it must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.
“The Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states will become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimization,” Nakhleh wrote.
“The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down . . . into small units occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking,” Shahak wrote.
“For example, Ze’ev Schiff, the military correspondent for Ha’aretz, wrote on June 2, 1982, about the ‘best’ that can happen for Israeli interests in Iraq: ‘The dissolution of Iraq into a Shiite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part.’ ”
“Ideally, we’d like to see Iraq disintegrate into a Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni community, each making war on the others,” said an unnamed Israeli official who was quoted in the July 26, 1982, issue of Newsweek.

Laut Director Joe Persichini, Leiter des Washingtoner Büros des FBI, stehe die Bundesbehörde in "häufigen Kontakt" mit der Familie, habe diese aber nicht in Schutzhaft genommen.
21.Apr.2007 Covert History:
In a question-and-answer period after his speech, Rove was asked whose idea it was to start a pre-emptive war."
"I think it was Osama bin Laden's," Rove replied.

21.Apr.2007 Konzernkrise: Dramatischer Kundenschwund bei der Telekom

Dem SPIEGEL liegen Vernehmungsprotokolle der früheren RAF-Angehörigen Silke Maier-Witt vor, die

00.000.1980 in der DDR untergetaucht war und nach dem Zusammenbruch der DDR enttarnt wurde.

Die heutige Friedensaktivistin hat den Protokollen zufolge

00.000.1990 ausgesagt, Folkerts habe am,

07.Apr.1977 -dem Tattag- an der deutsch-holländischen Grenze in einem Auto auf sie gewartet + sei dann nach Amsterdam gefahren.

Folkerts hat bisher zu seiner Tatbeteiligung geschwiegen.

00.000.1990 -Schon seit- hat das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) ernstzunehmende Hinweise darauf, dass der

00.000.1980 wegen des Buback-Mordes, trotz kaum vorhandener Beweise, zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilte Knut Folkerts sich am

00.000.1977 -Tattag- nicht in Deutschland aufgehalten hat.
FSME- Risikokarte: Gefahr durch Zeckenbisse steigt
21.Apr.2007 Tödliche Schüsse bei der Nasa: Geiselnehmer schmuggelte Waffe an Sicherheitsdienst vorbei
21.Apr.2007 La science au service de la guerre et la responsabilité des ...

Jean-Claude Ameisen Ethics and Responsibility of Scientists in Life Sciences : from ... Peter Hall Torture : the antithesis of ethical medical practice ...
La science au service de la guerre et la responsabilité des ... Torture "scientifique" ou "médicalisée"; les expériences sur les etres humains.

Jean-Claude AMEISEN, docteur en medecine, professeur d'immunologie ...
20.Feb.2005 -Omega-News- O2 community relations manager James Stevenson said: "There's no danger from the mobile phone ...

Die heimliche + tendenziöse Forschung der Tabakindustrie ...
22.Feb.2006 -NucNews- NUCLEAR Is the

00.Feb.2006 ) The Battle for Oil The Anglo-American oil companies are ...

4 million tons of cargo carried on 371 vessels passed through last year, ...
10.Jan.2002 -NucNews- So far, about three dozen multinationals, factories + oil companies have undertaken ...

A total of 371 are in U.S. custody, with 19 remaining in Bagram, ...


Apr.2005 Wolfie's War on Poverty: Just wait till our oil companies '

... Il’amo d’Explosivos Alaveses ...
20050317 Drug War Chronicle, Issue # 371 -..including the notorious Rafael Caro Quintero, ...

Mär.2005 Major Oil Companies Operating in the Gulf Region

Here's why ...

... 15% interest held by Arcadi Gaydamak in Africa Israel for US $75 million .
200409261002 "Things are definitely not improving," said one U.S. government official who reads the ...

Okt.2004 Klimaschutz Moskau stimmt Kyoto - Protokoll zu-

Feb.2005 Kyoto-Protokoll in Kraft: BMU bekräftigt Ziele der Bundesregierung ...

Unnamed officials from two different US government agencies have told that ...
LookSmart's Furl - The wflamme Archive

Australien bekräftigt Nein zum Kyoto - Protokoll

Insgesamt stieß der ... said the Government needed to encourage people to contribute to a "universal effort". ...
21.Apr.2007 David Ross- Quips

Bush Brushes Aside Criticism of War on Terror. Sat Nov 16, 2:26 PM ET, Yahoo/Reuters.

Despite evidence Osama bin Laden is alive + plotting new attacks,
21.Apr.2007 Europe's rising unease over 'terror war' |

New criticism of 'war on terror'.

That atmosphere in an open-ended terror war has prompted a closer look in Europe at the mechanics of cooperation with US ...
21.Apr.2007 Criticism of war on terror dominates interfaith meeting: at SantEgidios annual summit of world religious leaders, usual politeness gives way to passions ...
21.Apr.2007 Metropol Verlag .:. Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft ...

Steckbrief, Ausweis + Kontrolle im Europa des Mittelalters.

Ian Kershaw:

Making Friends with Hitler.

Lord Londonderry + Britain’s road to War.

Nov.2005 Bala Govindasamy vom Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, ...

Die deutsche Regierung hatte Pabsts Steckbrief nur fürs Volk herausgehängt.
Terrorgefahr: Al-Qaida droht US-Finanzbranche mit Hacker-Angriff ...

Eine mit der Warnung vertraute Person sagte, al-Qaida wolle ...

Die Finanzwelt hielt sich nach der Warnung bedeckt.

Geschäftsklima: Der ifo-Index,1518,451811,00.html
21.Apr.2007 - Basler Zeitung Online

USA sehen Terrorgefahr - Sicherheit in Deutschland erhöht ...

Die Warnung bezieht sich demnach nur auf Deutschland + nicht auf andere Länder Europas.
sh:z Politik

US-Bürger in Deutschland in konkreter Terrorgefahr (20.04. ... in der am Freitag veröffentlichten Warnung zu erhöhter Wachsamkeit auf + verschärften die ...

21.Apr.2007 Totenschändungen als Motiv - Terrorgefahr wächst - Politik -

Einfach den Index kaufen.

db x-trackers ETFs: Die attraktive Alternative zu Aktien und Fonds ...

Warnung vor Rot-Grün

Bei 120 ist Schluss EU will Tempolimit ...
BKA empfiehlt höhere Einschätzung der Terrorgefahr in Deutschland ...

01:55, BKA empfiehlt höhere Einschätzung der Terrorgefahr in Deutschland ... konkrete Warnung des Terrornetzwerks El Kaida an Deutschland aufgefasst werden.
Terrorgefahr: RMV erwägt "Sicherheitszuschlag" | Fernsehen | hr

Terrorgefahr . RMV erwägt "Sicherheitszuschlag" ...

Warnung vor Energiekrise wegen Iran-Streits. hr-Ihre Gebühren, Ihr Programm ...

21.Apr.2007 Bush Sought ‘Way’ To Invade Iraq?, O'Neill Tells '60 Minutes' Iraq ...

"From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a ...

00.Jan.2001+00.Feb.2001 -IN_- ... that they discussed an occupation of Iraq in .
Saddam has germ warfare arsenal, says defecting physicist | Iraq ... Saddam has germ warfare arsenal, says defecting physicist. By Jessica Berry in Beirut. Last Updated: 8:33pm BST 29/09/2001 ...
21.Apr.2007 Now we must try and free the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein ... Now we must try and free the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein. Independent, The (London), Nov 23, 2001 by David Aaronovitch. RIGHT. WHO'S next? 1123/ai_n14439006
21.Dec.2001 Welcome to CounterPunch.

John Chuckman The First Victim in the War on Terror ...

Saddam is like Osama in that he came into his own in militaristic terrorism in a ...
21.Apr.2007 Does Saddam Think He's a Modern-Day Saladin? In

00.Feb.2001 -one day after Ariel Sharon was first elected prime minister of Israel- Saddam Hussein announced the formation of a "Jerusalem Army,"
21.Apr.2007 » The Lies of the Press

Jessica Berry, Philip Sherwell and David Wastell,

23.Sep.2001 .Army alert by Saddam points to Iraqi role. The Sunday Telegraph.
Lie By Lie: Search Results

24.Feb.2001 Colin Powell, on a visit to Egypt, says that Saddam Hussein "has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass ...
Bush's First Strike - The New York Review of Books [3]

29.Jan.2001 "Defector: Iraq Has Nuclear Bombs,"Jerusalem Post"

Saddam Has Made Two Atomic Bombs, Says Iraqi Defector," Sunday Telegraph (London) ...
21.Apr.2007 Bush admits he targeted Saddam from the start

00.Jan.2001 the first National Security Council meeting of the Bush administration discussed ousting Saddam, ... -Asked about O'Neill's contention that-
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

00.Mar.2001 -however-

European security officials claimed, that Saddam personally decided against allowing Usama bin Ladin + al-Qaida to use Iraq as a ...
00.Jan.2001 TWATCH-L archives (#126) Saddam was the same brutal dictator when he was the western pet as he is now that ...

06.Jan.2001 18.27 > A: [log in to unmask] > Oggetto: [TW] Saddam's ...
Terror Watch: Memo Tying Atta and Saddam a Fake - Newsweek ... But

01.Jul.2001 -the memo is dated- + Coughlin himself places the trip as the ...

Al Qaeda + Saddam's regime, was dismissive of the new Telegraph story.
21.Apr.2007 Global Misinformation Campaign was Used to Build Case for War,

03.Dec.2001 -USA TODAY- Targeting Saddam : Was there an Iraqi 9/11 link? by ...

09.Nov.2001 The Times (London), Saddam's terror training camp ...
21.Apr.2007 Glenn Greenwald - Salon

The unresolved story of ABC News' false Saddam -anthrax reports ...

00.000.2001 that "there is also tremendous evidence that subsequent anthrax attacks are ...
19.Oct.2001 Don't blame Saddam for this one | Guardian daily comment ... There is no evidence to suggest Iraq is behind the anthrax attack Scott Ritter Friday The Guardian ...,,576755,00.html
Bush: Saddam was not responsible for 9/11 | Special reports ...

George Bush last night admitted that Saddam Hussein had no hand in the 9/11 terror ... that Saddam had played a role in the attacks on 11.Sep.2001 .,,1870427,00.html
17.Jan.2001 Saddam speech : Information from Saddam speech January 17, 2001

Saddam Hussein In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate Great people, Exalted.
Saddam Hussein: Biography and Much More from

11.Sep.2001 -When the terrorist attacks of- occurred in New York + Washington D.C., Saddam's regime was one of the very few to declare its public ...
24.Feb.2001 Powell Admits Saddam, "has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction". PRESS PLAY TO VIEW ...
Both Colin Powell, US Secretary of State + Condoleezza Rice ...

24.Feb.2001 -In Cairo, on Powell said: "He ( Saddam Hussein) has not ... On

15.May 2001 Powell went further + said that Saddam Hussein had not been ...
Iraq WMD Lies: The Words of Mass Deception

00.Dec.1983 - details, Colin Powell,

00.Feb.2001 :"[ Saddam ] has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. ...
01.Feb.2001 -Context of- Rumsfeld Envisions Post-Saddam Iraq'

It contains events related to the event of

01.Feb.2001 : Rumsfeld Envisions Post- Saddam Iraq.

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20.Jan.2001 -Context of-Before-: Pre-Inaugural Discussions ...

It contains events related to the event Before January 20, 2001 : Pre-Inaugural Discussions about Removing Saddam Hussein.

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20.Feb.2001 Blair: Saddam most dangerous leader - British Prime Minister Tony Blair is preparing to head to Washington for his first meeting with President George W. Bush.
21.Apr.2007 State Department experts warned CENTCOM before Iraq war about lack ... post-war Iraq security.

00.Oct.2001 -as early as- Planning for post- Saddam regime change began .

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 163 ...
21.Apr.2007 Iraq and weapons of mass destruction - Wikipedia, the free ...

00.000.2001 Saddam stated that "we are not at all seeking to build up weapons or look for the most harmful weapons ... however, we will never hesitate to ...
Saddam Hussein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

00.Feb.2001 -After two years of intermittent activity- U.S. + British warplanes struck harder at sites near Baghdad.

Saddam's support base of Tikriti ...
08.Feb.2001 Saddam + der Hühnerdieb - Vom Wert des Beweises vor Gericht + UN Sicherheitsrat.

02.Dec.2001Secret US plan for Iraq war | International | The Observer

Bush orders backing for rebels to topple Saddam War on Terrorism: Observer special Peter Beaumont, Ed Vulliamy and Paul Beaver Sunday ...,,610461,00.html
21.Apr.2007 Nahost-Konflikt: Syrien wappnet sich ...

Munition verfügt, diese vielleicht auch selbst herstellt (Sarin und VX ) ... Erstschlages mit mehreren Hundert Nervengas raketen binnen weniger Stunden dient ...
21.Apr.2007 Christlich-fundamentalistische Organisationen und Pressure Groups [Quelle:

... the president of Amway Corp, Richard DeVos;

Neal Blair, president of Free the Eagle;
21.Apr.2007 Deep Throat · Waco, The Rules Of Engagemant · Sisters In Law · How The west Was Won ...

Aus Dem Leben Der Marionetten ... Das Mädchen aus der Fremde ...