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13.Nov.2004 Im Wahlkampf habe Bush zusätzlich versprochen, dass er die einmalige Steuersenkung festschreiben wolle, wenn er im Kongress eine Mehrheit besitzt.

"Die hat er nun", so Koch-Weser im Vorfeld des am kommenden Wochenende stattfindenden G-20-Gipfels in Berlin + deshalb werde der Staatshaushalt der USA auch weiterhin belastet:

"Wir reden über sehr große Summen, für die es keine Gegenfinanzierung gibt."

13.Nov.2004 We have some positive developments regarding the growing evidence of voter fraud in the 02.Nov.2004 elections.
Recounts are on the way!
Bev Harris has held a press conference with Ralph Nader (whom I still hate) regarding recounts:
They have teamed up with / and have set up a 527 special fund / to buy recounts.

They worked with Bev Harris's lawyer who is an election specialist attorney.

They have found a little used law that allows a recount if it's requested by five citizens who voted in that state and did not vote for the candidate who won.

Yeah, they're asking for money.

Yeah, a lot of us are feeling tapped out.

But look at it this way: A mere ten bucks buys you a whole precinct .
Big media have tried to serenade us to sleep on this issue, but the song ain't working.

My humble responses to the New York Times and Salon have seen some circulation.

Now we have Bob Parry's powerhouse reply to the mainstream press organs, which he places in the context of their historical pattern of protecting the Bush family.
Read that piece as a warm-up to Sam Parry's "
Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis," which may be the single best piece yet on the Florida imbroglio. Excerpts:
In an example of their slipshod reporting, Roig-Franzia and Keating state that we focused our data analysis on rural counties in Florida.

They suggest that Bush [BGW968]’s gains in these rural counties might be explained by the greater appeal of son-of-the-South Al Gore in 2000 than Bostonian Kerry [KFJ966] in 2004.
But we didn’t focus on rural counties in Florida.

Rather we looked at the vote tallies statewide and zeroed in on Bush [BGW968]’s performance in the larger, more metropolitan counties of southern + central Florida, where Bush [BGW968] got the vast majority of his new votes over his state totals in 2000.
It was in these large counties where Bush [BGW968]’s new totals compared most surprisingly with new voter registration because Democrats did a much better job in many of these counties of registering new voters...
...Contrary to assertions in the flawed Post article, the most surprising numbers actually don’t come from small rural counties in the state, but rather from large counties, including Orange county (mentioned above), Hillsborough (Tampa), Brevard (Cape Canaveral), Duval (Jacksonville), Polk (next to Orange county) + heavily Democratic Leon (Tallahassee) + Alachua (Gainesville).

These are not tiny Dixiecrat counties with longtime registered Democrats who haven’t voted Democratic in years.
Rather, these seven counties have large, diverse populations that collectively saw Bush [BGW968] turn out 1,025,493 votes, exceeding the 946,420 registered Republicans.

In these counties, Bush [BGW968] turned out nearly twice as many new votes than the number of newly registered Republicans.

In these same counties, Kerry [KFJ966] got more than 200,000 new votes, meaning that Bush [BGW968]’s tally can’t be attributed to crossover Democrats.

You should also check out this fine response to the ghastly Washington Post and Boston Globe articles.

The writer emphasizes one point I should have made days ago:
Second, the issue with long lines isn't just convenience- it is a suppression issue when people are told (wrongly) that because of heavy turn-out they can come back tomorrow +

a fraud issue when they know that the turn out will be out the door, around the block + down the highway + only put two or three voting booths in minority locations- that is also potentially a Voting Rights Act of 1965 issue. Let's strike out that "potentially." Black people are being taxed without representation.
NPR has been doing an imitation of Fox News in recent months. Even so, you may want to check out
this report.
Give him credit. James Galbraith of
The Nation at least attempts to offer an explanation for the exit poll discrepancies:
If (as is usually the case) the polling places are operating below their capacity, then this technique will pick up two important aspects of the final total.

First, it will accurately capture the relative vote for Bush [BGW968] and Kerry [KFJ966] in each targeted precinct.

Second, if turnout is higher than the past standard for that precinct, the poll will also show a higher count for that precinct, which gives the pollster a fighting chance to identify a turnout surge in one part of the state or another.
But suppose voting is much higher than expected.

And suppose further that (for reasons to be discussed below), precincts are operating at their capacity--or, even worse, that their capacity has been reduced, relative to previous elections, because of a complicated ballot or shortage of machines. In that case, the exit pollster will not see the full increase in turnout during any fixed period of time.

Instead, there will be a queue of voters, many of whom will actually vote only later, after the time window for the exit poll has closed.

That element in the increased turnout will be missed.

Since turnout did surge more in Florida's red than blue counties, this is a sufficient explanation for the failure of the exit polls there, unless something further and heinous comes to light.

And how do we know the turnout surged more in red counties than in blue counties? computer tabulated final results say so.

Once again, we encounter circular reasoning: Galbraith's argument depends upon the assumption that the GEMS system provided reliable data.

He asks us to accept as a given the very numbers we don't trust.
I question Galbraith's whole line of reasoning. I question the presumption that Kerry [KFJ966] supporters were not every bit as motivated as their Republican counterparts, if not moreso.

All the published reports I have seen indicate that the Democratic precincts had far, far more problems with long lines and insufficient voting machines. Things went much more easily in Bush [BGW968] country
And nothing in this fanciful scenario tells us why the exit poll disparities were greater in the swing states of Ohio and Florida than in, say, Illinois.
Ken Blackwell is at it again.

The Ohio Secretary of State is changing the law at the last minute, doing his damnedest to toss out every provisional vote:
The new ruling in Cuyahoga County mandates that provisional ballots in yellow packets must be “Rejected” if there is no “date of birth” on the packet.

The Free Press obtained copies of the original “Provisional Verification Procedure” from Cuyahoga County which stated “Date of birth is not mandatory and should not reject a provisional ballot.”

The original procedure required the voter’s name, address and a signature that matched the signature in the county’s database.

Remember: Ohio will have a recount. Why would Blackwell (a rabid G.O.P. partisan who has made no secret of his ambition to reap the rewards Katherine Harris received) go to such lengths?

Perhaps he knows something we don't. Perhaps he thinks Kerry [KFJ966] still has a chance of scoring an upset victory in Ohio.
Moon men against Bush [BGW968]? The Washington Times has published a story on
massive security holes in Diebold's software.

For readers will be surprised to learn this. The strange thing here is the venue:

The Washington Times is funded by the Reverend Moon to the tune of (some say) a hundred million bucks a year + only a child would believe that the money is clean.

Moon is close to the Bush family + the paper skews so far to the right it sometimes makes the NY Post look like an Emma Goldman production.
For a good discussion of the Diebold situation, visit
this Daily Kos page. For the very best illustration of all that can go wrong with a Diebold voting system, see this classic piece by Bev


Scoop Features In Full Page Washington Post Indy Media Advert -

From The Wilderness today ran a full-page ad in the front section of The Washington Post intended to educate the American people, support heroic leaders + promote a number of independent media outlets (Including which have made important contributions since 11.Sep.2001 . See... Full Page Ad. For Independent Media In Wash. Post

Scoop Is In The UK Guardian! - Since Vietnam, the public has only seen a sanitised version of war.

But the internet, with its unfettered access, has changed all that. Sean Dodson of the Guardian profiles Scoop's coverage of the Iraq War. See... Scoop Link: UK's Guardian On Scoop's War Images

Scoop Gets A Tick: Media Critics Blast Mainstream War Coverage - Two media critics have strongly criticised New Zealand and some global media coverage of the Anglo-American war on Iraq ' especially television ' describing it as biased and "failing spectacularly" to do its job. See... Media Critics Blast Iraq War Coverage
The Two Seminar Papers: - Scoop's Alastair Thompson -
The Role Of Media In The Second Gulf War - AUT's David Robie - The invasion of Iraq - and how the media war was won and lost

American Coup II: C.D. Sludge - In This Edition: Monday Was Stolen Election Action Day : Show Me The Votes or Where Did George Suddenly Get 11 Million New Friends : Thinking The Unthinkable - If We Vote Fraud Theorists Are Correct : & Much More See... Sludge Report #164 - Vote Fraud 2004 - WTF!!!

American Coup II: Complete Exit Polls Confirm Bloggers Suspicions - " In the 12 critical states (CO,FL,MI,MN,NE,NV,NH,NM,OH,PA,WI,IA) the average discrepancy was a 2.5% red shift (= total movement of 5.0%), nearly twice that in the safe states. " - Jonathan Simon See... 47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly

13.Nov.2004 US blocks aid from reaching Fallujah residents: United States troops were preventing a Red Crescent convoy of emergency aid from reaching residents inside the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Saturday after allowing it as far as the main hospital, a spokeswoman said.

13.Nov.2004 'Catastrophic conditions' in Falluja: 'Catastrophic conditions' in Falluja: Fadhil Badran, Aljazeera's correspondent in Falluja, said fighting was fierce and continuous in Falluja's south-eastern neighbourhood al-Shuhadaa and in al-Julan to the north-west.

13.Nov.2004 A Confederacy Of Dunces Dom Stasi -So far we’ve spent $200,000,000.00 in Iraq + done nothing but alienate the world + kill about 35,000 innocent people, mostly women + children.

Attacking Iraq in retribution for 11.Sep.2001 (or whatever the Bush [BGW968] faithful are being offered as this week’s excuse) is the logical equivalent of invading Mexico to get even for Pearl Harbor.

But Bush [BGW968] did just that.

And, thanks to 59 million American fools who believe whatever he + his media stooges tell them, Bush [BGW968] can now continue to do more of just that on our nickel + the blood of our young. Continued

13.Nov.2004 Aufregung um Cheney: "Mir geht's gut"

13.Nov.2004 Leitantrag zum CSU-Parteitag: Die Gewerkschaften sollen ihre Macht verlieren

13.Nov.2004 Debatte zur Nach-Arafat-Ära: Eine einmalige Gelegenheit

13.Nov.2004 Sozialsysteme: Snower fordert den Radikalumbau

13.Nov.2004 Russische Knast-"Superstars": Singen für die Freiheit

13.Nov.2004 Falludscha: Irakische Regierung stoppt Offensive

13.Nov.2004 Nach-Arafat-Ära: Paris fordert unabhängigen Palästinenserstaat

13.Nov.2004 Van Gogh-Mord als Vorbild: Geheimdienste warnen vor Islamisten-Terror in Deutschland

13.Nov.2004 Tod auf dem Gleis: Castor-Gegner war bei Unfall nicht mehr angekettet

13.Nov.2004 Bundeswehr: Struck warnt vor Abschaffung der Wehrpflicht

13.Nov.2004 Jagd auf Wildgänse: Tierschützer kritisieren "Schießtourismus"

13.Nov.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Deutschland hat auch jetzt noch Mauern"

13.Nov.2004 Kritik an US-Finanzpolitik: "Doppeldefizit beunruhigt die Märkte"

13.Nov.2004 Nach Arafats Tod: EU drängt auf Fortschritte in Nahost

13.Nov.2004 Exactly how international relations will play out over the next four years may not be easy to predict.

But it is clear that many nations won’t tolerate what many consider the continued lawlessness of the USA. URL:
13.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968] Victory's Lesson to the World By Nat Parry URL:
11.Nov.2004 On the surface, the world’s reaction to Bush [BGW968]’s victory has been one of disbelief and revulsion.

But underneath, the lesson may be even more troubling, as authoritarian regimes are tempted to cite flaws in the U.S. electoral process to justify their own anti-democratic impulses.

03.Nov.2004 -The day after USA election, the UK Daily Mirror asked plaintively, “How can 59,017,382 people be so dumb?”

Not to be outdone, Russia’s Pravda asserted that “America was betrayed + murdered on 02.Nov.2004.

Also killed during this time of madness were the following virtues: truth, justice, integrity, freedom, compassion, brotherhood, tolerance, faith, hope, charity, peace + respect for other cultures + nations.”

While those two commentaries may be harsher than most, their points of view appear to be widespread.

A couple of weeks before the U.S. election, a newspaper survey of public opinion in 10 countries, including Russia + UK found that respondents, by a 2-to-1 margin, were hoping for a Kerry [KFJ966] victory.

In the days after the election, the television news reports in Denmark spent hours wondering how Kerry [KFJ966] could have lost to Bush [BGW968] in what was such an easy + clear choice for the betterment of the world.

A Danish friend told me in an e-mail that he + his friends watched the U.S. election returns until 5:00 in the morning.

“A lot of people here in Denmark followed the U.S. election very intensively,” he said, “and got very disappointed” at Bush [BGW968]’s victory.

“The future looks pretty bleak,” another Danish friend said. “It’s just hard to keep up the optimism with the perspective of four more years.”

13.Nov.2004 An addendum to the piece below on NYT and MSNBC disinformation: Mainstream writers repeatedly assure us that Democratic bigwigs see no evidence of vote fraud. But this piece from the Moderate Independent argues that Kerry [KFJ966] takes the problem seriously, although he must now operate sub rosa for tactical reasons: "...he is like the DA who says, 'At this time we are not charging President Bush [BGW968] with anything.'"
Two points: 1. Democratic lawyers are crawling all over Ohio as you read these words; they would not do so if they trusted the results. 2. By allowing Nader, the Greens and the Libertarians to mount a challenge on behalf of Kerry [KFJ966], the Democrats demonstrate a strategic wisdom I thought they had lost.
13.Nov.2004 As if the exit poll conundrum (see below) wasn't enough -- we now have
another mystery to solve. UPDATES: a clue and a map and a biased report. We will not get over it!
13.Nov.2004 The whole world is watching.
The Consortium offers a good overview of foreign reactions to our miserable election. This passage has particular impact:
13.Nov.2004 If you haven't seen it yet,
this site is surprisingly moving. Keep clicking through the gallery...

13.Nov.2004 Turmoil at CIA agency Fascinating!

As you know,

Bush [BGW968]'s new DCI is his right-wing crony Porter Goss (allegedly the fellow depicted in that long-ago "spies' night out" nightclub photograph, seated with such covert op luminaries as Frank Sturgis + Barry Seal.)

With Goss in the top spot, many are moving out . From the Washington Post:
John E. McLaughlin, a 32-year CIA veteran who was acting director for two months this summer until Goss took over, resigned after warning Goss that his top aide, former Capitol Hill staff member Patrick Murray, was treating senior officials disrespectfully and risked widespread resignations, the officials said.
Yesterday, the agency official who oversees foreign operations, Deputy Director of Operations Stephen R. Kappes, tendered his resignation after a confrontation with Murray.

Goss and the White House pleaded with Kappes to reconsider + he agreed to delay his decision until Monday, the officials said.
Several other senior clandestine service officers are threatening to leave, current + former agency officials said.

Earlier I speculated that John "magician" McLaughlin (the acting DCI after Tenet left) is part of the faction opposed to Bush [BGW968].

Leaks embarrassing to the administration marked his brief tenure.
(Incidentally, the CIA/Bush [BGW968] administration "war," once discussed only by wild men such as yours truly, has now become an acceptable topic of conversation in polite society.)
Older readers may recall the time Stansfield Turner tried to clean house at CIA in the late 1970s.

Many a spook was let loose. They did (+ may still do) more harm off the reservation than they ever could accomplish while still honestly employed by Uncle Sam.

Perhaps something like that history will now repeat itself?
If I were Bush [BGW968], I would not want an embittered former Deputy Director of Operations scurrying around in the shadows. The DDO runs the covert op/dirty tricks stuff.
13.Nov.2004 PDF]
ALLAS EACE IMES Dateiformat: PDF ... Briody defines in timeline form, the relationships between the Carlyle Group and ...lec- tures: including Sandia Nuclear Weapons Labs, Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons ...


WASHINGTON - President Bush [BGW968] will nominate White House attorney Alberto Gonzales, author of the opinion allowing US troops to torture prisoners in Iraq to replace outgoing religious fanatic and witch-hunter John Ashcroft.

Ashcroft, whose greatest claim to fame was the musical composition and rendition of "When the Eagle Soars" featured in Fahrenheit 9-11 failed to catch a single Al Qaeda terrorist in over four years in office.

Bush [BGW968] press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday that Mr Gonzales' experience in promoting war crimes would prove invaluable over the next four years in the imminent crackdown on civil liberties and dissent.

"As we move inevitably towards a Police State, we need someone with a proven track record in justifying the trampling of human rights. We believe Mr. Gonzales is that man."

Referring to the departing Mr Ashcroft, McClellan said, "John Ashcroft played a major role in hunting down abortion providers, medical marijuana smokers + euthanasia practitioners, all major threats to God-fearing Americans. His failure to prevent or capture terrorists can be seen as all part of God's plan to allow 11.Sep.2001 to happen, thus helping pave the way for President Bush [BGW968] to be re-elected despite one of the most abysmal records in the last century. Who knows, if John Ashcroft had listened to whiners like Richard Clarke, 11.Sep.2001 might have been averted and Kerry [KFJ966] or even Al Gore might be President January 20th." URL: http: DOKUMENTE/_A_O_THESAURUS/">//
13.Nov.2004 This is apparently US policy. I've already seen several instances of it, one on the "Apache Hit" video posted on this site (sorry 'search' function is down right now) last January + then two instances on CNN. In neither case did CNN choose to comment on the illegality of the acts.

It is in violation of the Geneva conventions to kill the wounded, but as we know from our new Attorney-General to be, we don' need no steenkin' Geneva Convention to fight the tairrists.

God Bless the USA. URL:

13.Feb.2003 - Tech Update provides Florida decision makers ... PDF–.. aerospace propulsion group from being bought by US-based Carlyle Group investment ... University of California has been synonymous with the Los Alamos and Lawrence ... PDFs%20Tech/Tech%20Update%2003-02-13.pdf

13.Nov.2004 Sandhill Trek: Irascible Nonsense Archives ... doubts about security began earlier this month, when Los Alamos officials reported ... service and the IRS are both subsidiaries of Carlyle /Bechtel/Halliburton .

13.Nov.2004 Emergency Broadcast News Archives 0203 ... Los Alamos National Laboratory, already under fire for failing to keep track of ... Carlucci, of course, now heads the Carlyle Group and Cheney is Vice President.

13.Nov.2004 my weblog :: :: 2004 ... Michael V. Ziehmn of Los Alamos National Lab wrote a memo about ... https://makeashorterlink. com/?X35325CF8. RELATED Carlyle Group Subsidiary Named “MATRICS” is ...

13.Nov.2004 cplots ... UNOCAL, Halliburton, Carlyle , CDC, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS ... Research Establishment, Suffield (CA)* In addition, CDC, NIH + Los Alamos ? ...

13.Nov.2004 DESIP Bookstore -Books on Politics and Security Issues ... The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody ... My Country Versus Me: The First-Hand Account by the Los Alamos Scientist Who Was ...

13.Nov.2004 Frauds-R-Us’ - The Bush Family Saga ... from just a few of the links to information on Carlyle below, their ... the Dulles International Airport at Washington, DC and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. ...

13.Nov.2004 Mark's Audio Page ... Dupont And Bechtel & 20 Other US Companies As Well As Los Alamos And Lawrence ... The Carlyle Group – A video documentary put out By Dutch TV explaining just how ...

13.Nov.2004 Demonstrations for Peace ... 6, 2004, Los Alamos Labs, NM — Peace Vigil; Pax Christi New Mexico, JohnDearSJ ...Disobedience Against War Profiteers, 8 am, offices of the Carlyle Group, 58th ...

13.Nov.2004 twin peaks ... A Los Alamos -type effort is struck up to determine what the hell these bits are and ... Now that is a Knitwear Goethe translation ( Carlyle certainly has it better ...

13.Nov.2004 LP: The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell ... Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney + Carlyle Group honcho ...from one of the national laboratories like Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos , etc ...

13.Nov.2004 The Secret Administration ... Role: Danny Stillman, a 28 year veteran of the Los Alamos National Laboratory ... Industry (UDI), which is controlled by none other than the Carlyle Group, the ...

13.Nov.2004 -- Talk Radio's Alex Jones v. the New World Order ... CHRONOLOGY: The Bushes + The Carlyle Group Bush Watch. ... Los Alamos Gets Unauthorized Anthrax Shipment Government watchdog group blames lax nuke-lab security. ...


13.Nov.2004 Special `Conspiracy Theory' Edition, 2/23/03 ... Most readers are probably familiar with the Carlyle Group, through which George HW ... US Air Force, the Department of Justice + Los Alamos National Laboratories ... JFK/JohnJudge/linkscopy/Stratesec.html

13.Nov.2004 Alternatives : Canadian Company’s Possible Links to ... ... FakeSpace’s partner in this crime is Los Alamos National Laboratory which, in the kind of irony only the military can dream up (think of the US Air Force’s ...

13.Nov.2004 NASIOC - Political Playground ... The Carlyle Group + war profiteering; State sponsored terrorism, possible. ... Another 'Secret nuclear information missing' - Los Alamos ; The ELECTORAL COLLEGE ... archive/index.php/f-90-p-8.html

13.Nov.2004 PressThink: From Wen Ho Lee to Judy Miller: The Transparency Era ... ... there had been a major intelligence loss in which the Los Alamos scientist was a ...+ other Repugs were present with bin Laden reps at the Carlyle Group meeting ... pressthink/2004/05/28/lee_note.html

13.Nov.2004 SurfWax -- News and Articles On United Defense ... Carlyle Group spokesman Chris Ullman notes that United Defense holds a ... Boeing + Caterpillar + Citigroup + Johnson and Johnson, Los Alamos National Laboratories ...

13.Nov.2004 Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush [BGW968] Election Coup 2000 2K ... ... in BAE's Shipbuilding Unit, Telegraph Says --US buyout firm Carlyle Group, whose senior ... move prompted by a burgeoning scandal at Los Alamos National Laboratory ...

13.Nov.2004 Questions ... In addition, CDC, NIH + Los Alamos ? ... of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor. in the US and what was the purpose of that ...

13.Nov.2004 Why? - An Extraordinary Series Of 911 Questions ... UK)* Defense Research Establishment, Suffield (CA)* In addition, CDC, NIH + Los Alamos ? ... to South Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the ...

13.Nov.2004 The Meria Heller Show Subscriber Archives - July 2004 ... Israel for genocide against Palestinians (gold star); Los Alamos (Lost Alamos ) loses 2 more ... gets her suit dismissed as cover-up continues; Carlyle buys British ...

13.Nov.2004 Press Release: Space Station Task Force 2001 - The Eisenhower ... ... Physical Society Fellow at the Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory ... Partner and Managing Director in Venture Capital, the Carlyle Group and ... presscenter/ISSTaskforce.htm

13.Nov.2004 Le nucléaire tactique : fantasme ou réalité ? [Réseau Voltaire ... ... armed tyrant » (« Parer à la menace d'un tyran bien armé »), deux analystes du laboratoire de Los Alamos , Thomas Dowler ... [12] Voir « Le Carlyle Group, une ...

13.Nov.2004 UNDERNEWS: <em>The list. . .</em><br>FRUITS OF CRIME ... AP - Two former Los Alamos National Laboratory employees accused of being part of a purchasing scandal that rocked the nuclear ... BUSH BOUNCED FROM CARLYLE BOARD. ...

13.Nov.2004 Belfast Demo Attacked by PSNI - National Miscellaneous - Indymedia ... ... (reads the Los Alamos memorandum).. ... They show that Bush [BGHW948] used the Carlyle Group to forward some sixteen Billion Dollars to British Prime ... id=41610&comment_order=asc&save_prefs=true

13.Nov.2004 BuzzFlash - Archived ... Los Alamos Priest Says Archbishop Banned Him From Protest 8/9. ... Carlyle Group Inc., a private equity firm whose senior executives include former US cabinet ...

13.Nov.2004 BuzzFlash - Archived ... Archives: " Bush [BGW968]'s fatherBush [BGHW948] does profit when the Carlyle Group profits, but to make the leap that the president ... Director of Los Alamos Laboratory Quits 1/3. ...

13.Nov.2004 20041023 Stefan Wray: Texas Plan to Grab Los Alamos Takes Hold -Bush [BGHW948] Senior is a top official in one of the biggest private investment funds in the USA, Carlyle , a group

13.Nov.2004 Monday, February 2002 Updates ... According to the DOE, Stagecoach is a Los Alamos National Laboratory-sponsored experiment ... that is most heavily vested in this industry is The Carlyle Group. ...

13.Nov.2004 Meanwhile, Joe Broadhurstof is starting a voter fraud archive. You can see it here: [*] URL:
Ya gotta love our cops. CNN: MIAMI, FL -- Police used a stun gun on a 6-year-old boy in his principal's office because he was wielding a piece of glass and threatening to hurt himself, officials said Thursday. The boy, who was not identified, was shocked with 50,000 volts on October 20 at Kelsey Pharr Elementary School... [
*] Maybe this is what passes for shock therapy in Red states?

13.Nov.2004 Rants Ask not for whom the Iguana stalks, the Iguana stalks for you... Dedicated to the proposition the Saddam Hussein + Bush [BGW968] are figments of our unconscious minds.
According to Amnesty International, Iraq executed "scores" of political prisoners every year, at least 31 confirmed last year. How long would it have taken Saddam to execute the 9000+ Iraqi civilians we've killed this year? Figure it out. URL: http: DOKUMENTE/_A_O_THESAURUS/">//

19.Aug.2003 Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere + Diebold by Lynn Landes Dissident Voice

The voting machine wars are heating up and the implications of vote fraud in America are even more ominous.

Computer scientist Avi Rubin, whose Johns Hopkins University team found serious flaws in Diebold Election Systems software abruptly resigned from VoteHere, another election software company.

In a related story, on August 6th Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) gave a contract to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to review the Diebold Election System's software in preparation for elections in Maryland. The report is due in four weeks.

Avi Rubin announced today his resignation from VoteHere, an elections systems company. His statement reads: "Effective immediately, I am resigning from the Technical Advisory Board of VoteHere, and I am returning all stock options, which have never been exercised + which are not entirely vested." Unexercised stock options may be the least of Rubin's problems.

Rubin's relationship with VoteHere was a surprise to many.

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote

* Suspicion Surrounds Voter News Service 

* Mission Impossible: Federal Observers & Voting Machines

* 2002 Elections: Republican Voting Machines, Election Irregularities, and "Way-Off" Polling Results

* Voting Machines - A High Tech Ambush

* Election Night Projections: Cover For Vote Rigging Since 1964? 

* Elections In America: Assume Crooks Are In Control

13.Nov.2004 It should be remembered that the CIA has a decades-long track record of assisting in the brutal overthrow of democratically elected governments around the world.

Recently, SAIC got the contract to assist other corporations, including Northrop Grumman, in training of the Iraqi Army.

The specter of corporations, littered with ex-CIA types, that both control the voting systems and train the armies of countries around the world, is an emerging and frightening reality.

"Currently on SAIC's board is ex-CIA director Bobby Ray Inman, director of the National Security Agency, deputy director of the CIA, + vice director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

According to the OC (*Orange County) Weekly, "Inman worked at the highest levels of American intelligence during an era (President Ronald Reagan) when it displayed a stunning lack of it.

Inman's achievements include: failing to predict the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union; prolonging violent, useless civil wars in Central America;

and giving arms to terrorists in exchange for hostages (Iran Contra)."

"During the Bush administration, Inman, Perry + Deutch - while directors of Science Applications (SAIC), were also members of the National Foreign Intelligence Board (NFIB), an advisory group reporting to the President + the director of Central Intelligence, which deals with production, review and coordination of foreign intelligence," reports the Crypt.

Both Inman + Deutch were former Directors of the CIA.

William J. Perry was also a former Secretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration.

SAIC proudly lists DARPA in its annual report as one of its prime clients.

DARPA is the controversial Department of Defense (DOD) subsidiary, which until recently employed Admiral John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame.

Poindexter was forced to resign when it was revealed that DARPA was prepared to trade "futures" in terrorist attacks.

DARPA has also developed a program to spy on American citizens, which has civil libertarians in an uproar.

So, what should Maryland's Governor Ehrlich do?

Cancel the contracts with Diebold + SAIC, throw out all of the voting machines + order a new batch of paper ballots. And most importantly, let the people count the votes.

Lynn Landes is a freelance journalist. She publishes her articles at Formerly Lynn was a radio show host, a regular commentator for a BBC radio program + environmental news reporter for DUTV in Philadelphia, PA. She can e contacted at:  

13.Nov.2004 The American Reporter Vol. 10, No. 2,496W - October 18, 2004 ... Even the Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia nuclear weapons laboratories pitched in by ... War on Terror." George HW Bush sits on the board of the Carlyle Group, the ...,496W/883.html

13.Nov.2004 Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC + VoteHere + Diebold ... Carlucci's company is Carlyle Group, while Vice President Dick Cheney's former employer is ... with a couple of consulting contracts, one from Los Alamos and one ... Landes_SAIC-VoteHere-Diebold.htm

13.Nov.2004 Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq - Global Analysis on the ... ... for the US nuclear weapons program at the nuclear weapons labs at Berkeley, Livermore + Los Alamos to the University of Texas where the Carlyle Group (an ...

13.Nov.2004 Fiat Pax :: The University - Industrial - Academic Complex ... design + construction services at the UC administered Los Alamos National Laboratory. ... 6) URS bought EG&G and Siegler Services from the Carlyle group, a ...

13.Nov.2004 BELLACIAO - Of Pynchon, Thanatos and Depleted Uranium - ... for the US nuclear weapons program at the nuclear weapons labs at Berkeley, Livermore + Los Alamos to the University of Texas where the Carlyle Group ( an ...

13.Nov.2004 PRICE Systems - True Program Success ... Grady, Partner + Managing Director in Venture Capital + Carlyle Group + ... Society Fellow at the Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory - Mr ... news.asp?whichFile=20010806

13.Nov.2004 Panasas secures $32 million in new financing - 2002-09-16 ... ... Previous investors participating include Carlyle Venture Partners + Evercore Ventures and Mohr ... incentives to lure investment by top VCs » Los Alamos labs gets ... stories/2002/09/16/daily6.html

13.Nov.2004 SCInc. Clients ... First Republic Bank; Apollo Group; Carlyle Group; CBE Group; ICMA Retired ... American Chemistry Council; LabOne; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Pfizer Global Research ...

13.Nov.2004 [PDF] 6.0 Appendices APPENDIX A: ISS MANAGEMENT AND COST EVALUATION TASK ... Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – HTML-Version ... the scientific advisor of the Physics Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory ... a partner and managing director in venture capital at the Carlyle Group, a ...

13.Nov.2004 ZDNet: Printer Friendly - Upstart storage companies aim for niches ... Panasas said its customers include the Los Alamos National Laboratory and ... $72 million from backers including Mohr, Davidow Ventures; Carlyle Venture Partners ...

13.Nov.2004 Consulting & Engineering (Vol.XIV No.1/2) ... Carlyle Group, · Kaiser Hill, · Stantec. · CH2M Hill, · Law Companies Group Inc. ·STV Group Inc. · Dames & Moore, · Los Alamos Technical Associates Inc. ...

13.Nov.2004 Ruidoso Banks - Bank account online investment region banking ... ... Company Bank of Oklahoma, Mercantile Center First Carolina Federal Savings Bank Bank of Dyer Mercantile Bank of Carlyle . ... Los Alamos . Lovington. Portales. Raton. ...

13.Nov.2004 Panasas Debuts NAS System; CEO Schrock to Step Down (LinuxWorld) ... ... VP Paul Gottsegen boasts that the $2.6 million Los Alamos deal is ... Centennial Ventures,Intel Capital, Novak-Biddle Venture Partners, Carlyle Venture Partners ...

13.Nov.2004 Randy Crow - Democrat For President ... Mr. Lee stealing the tapes and the fire in Los Alamos is interesting also. ... Big George works for the Carlyle Company and the Carlyle Co. ...

13.Nov.2004 THE SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT? ... exometallurgical, exobiological and other exotic technologies research, Los Alamos County, NM ... relationship between Bin Laden, his family, the Carlyle Group +.. .

13.Nov.2004 CV Theis Papers, 1922-1985 ... 14, 312. New Mexico Los Alamos , photos, topographic + miscellaneous. 15, 320. ...26, Data Plots, exponential permeability [AC] - petroleum reserves ( Carlyle Pool ... nmu1%23mss560bc/nmu1%23mss560bc_m10.html

13.Nov.2004 Contracting with the Department of Homeland Security ... & Confirmed Speakers Paladin Capital Group - Los Alamos National Lab ... Sandia National Lab - Lawrence - Livermore National Lab - Carlyle Group - Morgenthaler ...

13.Nov.2004 PDF] Atlantic Pact Day of Meetings Dateiformat: PDF ... Health and Dr. Thomas L. Shipman for the Los Alamos Scienti- fie ... Dr. Edwalrd Katzenbach, director of giants at Brandeis University; Carlyle discussions in ... VOL_078/TECH_V078_S0217_P004.pdf

13.Nov.2004 Government Executive Magazine - 8/1/98 Land of the Giants ... The Health Care Financing Administration hired Los Alamos to improve Medicare fraud ...But even though the company outbid the Carlyle Group, a Washington-based ...

13.Nov.2004! Military Magazine Article Feed ... Asiaweek 09.Jun.2000 Carlyle Thayer, It's Not An Arms Race Yet The security ... 00.Jan.2004 Jim Wilson, Stopping Rogue Nukes Scientists at Los Alamos have devised ... fmt=std&simtitle=Following+Up%3A+Big+Nukes+Out%2C+Tiny+...

13.Nov.2004 American Samizdat ... United Defense has acknowledged Carlyle's connections helped its business. ... from the three main nuclear weapons laboratories, Los Alamos , Sandia and ...

13.Nov.2004 Circolo Anarchico Ponte Della Ghisolfa ... episodio, Ziegler, avvenuto in occasione di un'assemblea dei soci Carlyle in un ... a rifornire di tutto punto il National Laboratory di Los Alamos , nel New Mexico ...

13.Nov.2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Search ... in April.The lead investor was Oak Investment Partners, with Madrona Venture Group, The Carlyle Group, SeaPoi Last ... Company brings data secrets from Los Alamos... PIsearch.asp?UserQuery=Seapoint+Ventures&searchpage=4&rank=&a_type=

13.Nov.2004 Panasas lands $25 million in funding - 2001-10-01 - Pittsburgh ... ... Bob Grady, managing director of Carlyle Venture Partners, has joined Panasas' board of directors. ... Recent Company News. Panasas Inc. » Los Alamos labs gets ... pittsburgh/stories/2001/10/01/daily2.html

13.Nov.2004 Judicial Watch - Because no one is above the law! ... who breached US national security at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratories in ... IN BUSINESS WITH BIN LADEN FAMILY CONGLOMERATE THROUGH CARLYLE GROUP - FAMILY HAD ...

13.Nov.2004 EE Times - Lockheed Martin Agrees to Acquire Sippican ... to acquire Sippican Holdings, Inc, a Massachusetts-based supplier of naval electronics systems, from the global private equity firm The Carlyle Group and ... showPressRelease.jhtml?articleID=X252376&CompanyId=2

13.Nov.2004 THE CHRIST BOMB ... At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb. The CHRISTY BOMB! I stayed home. ... Then listen to these words of Thomas Carlyle concerning the nature of the star: ... -

13.Nov.2004 [PDF] Report by the International Space Station (ISS) Management and ...Dateiformat: PDF ... MD Gregory Canavan, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos , NM Sidney ... The Eisenhower
Institute, Washington, DC Robert Grady, The Carlyle Group, San ...

13.Nov.2004 [PDF] GTS Duratek Announces Name Change to Duratek What’s Inside: From ... Dateiformat: PDF ... Los Alamos Safety Record by Troy Eshleman T Duratek Awarded $8.25M Contract at ... 9%Public 32% Institutional 20% The Carlyle Group 39% 7 uratek is a publicly ... media_files/NSD/DRTK/reports/v27.pdf

13.Nov.2004 [PDF] What’s Inside Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – HTML-Version ... Signs Agreement to Provide Radioactive Waste Services at Los Alamos National Laboratory GTS ... ownership of GTS Duratek’s preferred stock, The Carlyle Group is ... media_files/NSD/DRTK/reports/v22.pdf

17.Mar.2003 Who Profits From War? Terri Gross interview with business journalist Dan Briody, author of The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group (NPR's ...

13.Nov.2004 US Nuclear Weapons Complex: Security At Risk ... tape or disk and walk out the door as it was during the controversy at Los Alamos . ...The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody ...

13.Nov.2004 Panasas - Accelerating Time to Results for Linux Clusters ... claims a significant customer in the form of Los Alamos National Labs ... Centennial Ventures, Intel Capital, Novak-Biddle Venture Partners, Carlyle Venture Partners ...

13.Nov.2004 Capitol Grilling: 11.Sep.2001 | 11.Sep.2001 Goverment Conspiracy ... You get the idea he prefers Carlyle's financial well being over anything ... of our military, they have contracts to provide security with Los Alamos Labs ,Sandia ... ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi/topic/3/533/3.html -

27.Jun.2004 Published LP: Michael Moore Linked to Carlyle Group ... Title: Michael Moore Linked to Carlyle Group Source: newsmax URL Source:

13.Nov.2004 ARE WE SEEING GLIMPSES OF THE WAR BEHIND THE SCENES? ... to a Texas based system allegedly aided by several admirals and the Carlyle Group ... that 'went missing' during UC Berkeley's tenure as head of the Los Alamos labs ...

13.Nov.2004 NOTES 21 ... Also Press Releases Prior to the acquisition, affiliates of The Carlyle Group were the ... PTS (illegally downloaded by Wen Ho Lee, at Los Alamos ) + You can ... -

13.Nov.2004 Anti-War Zone: a compendium of commentary ... update: HERE COME THE NEW NUKES Carlyle Group grabs control of weapons labs in Berkeley, Livermore, Los Alamos by Leuren Moret ... -

10.Aug.2004 Nick Schwellenbach: UC Alone Didn't Ruin Los Alamos ... Print. The Daily Texan UC Alone Didn’t Ruin Los Alamos ‘Musical Chairs’ at a Nuclear Weapons Lab Tuesday by Nick Schwellenbach ... -

13.Nov.2004 Why War? Embattled Lab Unveils New Nukes ... t enough. The country needs more bombs, + the place to make them is the scandal-plagued Los Alamos National Laboratory.". The United ... -

13.Nov.2004 Los Alamos Taxi Rentals Los Alamos Area Guide to help find hotels, yellow pages, real estate, apartments ... Our sponsors, The Carlyle Group and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, are both ...
los alamos html?pid=aboutdocs&doc=press_main&from= - 32k

13.Nov.2004 Comments on 19817 | MetaFilter ... Admittedly the credentials of The Carlyle Group look good, so hopefully that ... Los Alamos national lab is operated by the University of Califronia, this national ... - 16k

13.Nov.2004 [e-laser] Alla Texas University (Carlyle group) la gestione di Los ... ... [e-laser] Alla Texas University ( Carlyle group) la gestione di Los Alamos . ... [e-laser]Alla Texas University ( Carlyle group) la gestione di Los Alamos , pwd9148. ... -

13.Nov.2004 Five Admirals, Carlyle Group And Rand Take Over Part 2 ... Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over. Part 2. Admiral George P. Nanos. As Admiral George P. Nanos, appointed director of the Los Alamos lab in January ... -

13.Nov.2004 Cosmic Iguana - Voice of the Evil Doers: CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER ... ... September 14, 2004. CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER US NUCLEAR PROGRAM. No kidding, Livermore and Los Alamos Labs: ... The [nuclear] program ... -

13.Nov.2004 San Francisco Bay View - National Black Newspaper of the Year ... 7. Stop Carlyle ! website, 8. “Our Opinion: NNSA must share blame for Los Alamos mistakes,” Oakland ... -

13.Nov.2004 Carlyle Group Takes Over US Nuclear Weapons Program ... and Los Alamos . The program remained under a no-bid University of California management contract for 61 years. In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group ... - 42k -


13.Nov.2004 Caterair, a leading U.S. airline caterer." more an anonymous reporter submitted the following toRed Rock Eater News Service (RRE) newsletter...

Key Stories And A Money Chart May Be Found At Bush Watch Here. Back in January when the administration was new, the Washington Monthly noted (2nd last item)the Bush family business: The NYT ran a front-page photo of former President Bush with Saudi King Fahd on a trip to Saudi Arabia as part of his work for the Carlyle Group.

The ice-breaking story by Leslie Wayne quoted Charles Lewis: "In a really peculiar way, Bush [BGW968] could, some day, benefit financially from his own administration's decisions, through his father's investments.

The average American doesn't know that and, to me, that's a jaw-dropper." Judicial Watch commented that the senior Bush's association with the Carlyle Group was a "conflict of interest (which) could cause problems for America's foreign policy in Middle East and Asia". Judicial Watch called on the President's father to resign.

Without saying 'revolving door, it was noted that the former FCC chair was joining the telecom + media section at Carlyle: l

07.May 2001 European Venture Capital Journal identified the Carlyle Group as heavy hitters with "an all-star roster of professionals (that) just got stronger":

13.May 2001 -when another conservative world leader cashed in his chips + traded on his former government insider status + knowledge of the regulatory system, the BBC ran a story headlined: Major to chair private equity house

26.May 2001 The London Times followed, noting that "The employment of Bush Sr has attracted attention, mainly because his son is ultimately responsible for awarding US arms contracts":,,37-2001180089,00.html

00.Sep.2001 In late September The Wall Street Journal touched on salient aspects of the story last month by highlighting the bin Laden family investments in the Carlyle Group, then dropped it like a hot 'tater.

"Bin Laden Family Could Profit From a Jump In Defense Spending Due to Ties to U.S. Bank", by Daniel Golden, James Bandler + Marcus Walker, The Wall Street Journal, 28.Sep.2001

After the WSJ story, Judicial Watch spokesman Larry Klayman posted a release uppping the ante.

He was again ignored by the mainstream when he said, "This conflict of interest has now turned into a scandal.

The idea of the President's father, an ex-president himself, doing business with a company under investigation by the FBI in the terror attacks of 11.Sep.2001 is horrible. President Bush should not ask, but demand, that his father pull out of the Carlyle Group."

A down under paper picked it up: Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

The confluence of Bush and bin Laden family interests was noted briefly in the last item at:

Along with others in the world press, India and Pakistani newspapers have either either reported or copied aspects of the perceived conflicts:

There's been a little but not much editorial comment:
and indignation at the Center for Public Integrity, which was then strangely attacked by a Washington Post columnist.
Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity discusses the revolving door of the Carlyle Group.
(audio, Democracy, Now!, Pacifica Radio, 06.Mar.2001 )

The WSJ story had legs.

00.Oct.2001 -For a few weeks-, the mainstream, including LAT + the Chicago Tribune among others, turned up the heat on Saudi Arabia, so much so that President Bush felt compelled to call the Saudi Prince to thank him for "cooperating" with the investigation to find the perpetrators of the attacks on the Pentagon + Twin Towers.

25.Oct.2001 the NY Times' Elaine Sciolino and Neil MacFarquhar told of the delicate dance: Naming of Hijackers as Saudis May Further Erode Ties to U.S. The story ran with a photograph of Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal with President Bush in the Oval Office, noting that "the Saudis value such personal contacts highly".

The engine at presents and searches tables that sort and order defense contractors.

Among many tables that establish the Carlyle Group as the 11th + sometimes 12th leading defense contractor, depending on which branch of the armed forces is the purchasing agent, there's one table that establishes President Bush's family business as the 12th largest missile defense contractor:
But only 32nd in defense contracting of electronics and communications:

The defense angle was covered by Defense News in 00.Aug.2001 :

11.Sep.2001 -After-, the Carlyle Group pulled the plug on its Web pages, which are still visible in Google's cache but won't be for a lot longer.

Bush AND "Carlyle Group" is one possible search term.

Some U.S. editors are ignoring or downplaying the story while the U.K. + other international press are interested. A topical example from a recent week:

A buried one liner in a U.S. newspaper notes with no elaboration the revolving door relationship between the administration and the Carlyle Group:

Forty-five days after the dive-bombing at the Twin Towers, another buried one liner confides that the bin Laden family will no longer be doing business with the Bush family within the Carlyle Group:

Part of the larger picture is explored at The Ex-President's Club at:,1300,583869,00.html

If this Guardian story is true, then there was not, as was widely reported, a massive U.S. intelligence failure leading to 11.Sep.2001 .,4273,4293682,00.html

Sydney Morning rewrote the above story, crediting the BBC: Before 11.Sep.2001 , Bush told agents to back off bin Ladin family

Again and again, the conservative critics -- not Moore -- are the ones who cannot pass the truth test.
One of the most widely-noted critiques comes from Brendan Nyhan of the allegedly objective
Spinsanity site. Nyhan's "objectivity" is such that he sees fit to quote Michael Isikoff without qualification. (Yeesh. That's almost as bad as taking a statement from Chris Vlasto at face value!) The afore-mentioned Craig Unger has sufficiently countered Isikoff on his site and elsewhere.
Nyhan then hits us with this doozy of a paragraph:
Finally, Moore drops a big number - $1.4 billion - claiming "That's how much the Saudi royals and their associates have given the Bush family, their friends and their related businesses in the past three decades," adding that "$1.4 billion doesn't just buy a lot of flights out of the country.

It buys a lot of love." But Isikoff and Hosenball show that nearly 90% of that total comes from contracts awarded by the Saudi government to BDM, a defense contractor owned by Carlyle.

But when the contracts were awarded and BDM received the Saudi funds, Bush Sr. had no official involvement with the firm, though he made one paid speech and took an overseas trip on its behalf.

He didn't actually join Carlyle's Asian advisory board until after the firm had sold BDM.

And though Bush [BGW968] had previously served on the board of another Carlyle company, he left it before BDM received the first Saudi contract.

As usual, the connections are loose and circumstantial at best. Nyhan deftly steers us away from the important point:

Did the elder Bush benefit financially from investment in Carlyle?
05.Mar.2001 -according the New York Times of- Indeed the elder Bush benefit financially from investment in Carlyle , . Speeches are one thing; parking your money at the firm quite another.

Everything I've read on this subject - + you can find an excellent summary at Bush Watch -- indicates close-n-cozy financial links between Carlyle, the Bush family, + allied Republicans.
"Loose and circumstantial"? My ass!
13.Nov.2004 Ashcroft at it again! Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush

02.Jun.2001 W's Bogus 'Election' The Washington Post has concluded that rules were bent to count the absentee votes of Bush supporters while ballots of African-Americans were suppressed.

17.Jul.2001 The Media Is the Mess A newspaper's belated findings about how the Bush campaign applied disparate standards to the counting of Florida's overseas ballots is interesting history, but also exposes how distorted the press coverage of Election 2000 was.

22.Nov.2001 So Bush Did Steal the White House A  recently uncovered memo shows that the Florida judge in charge of last year's presidential recount was moving toward counting the "overvotes" that heavily favored Al Gore when Bush [BGW968] got five Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene to save the day. .

05.Aug.2002 Bush's Conspiracy to Riot Newly released documents show that Bush's campaign paid for operatives who staged a riot in Miami that disrupted the counting of votes. URL:

29.Feb.1996 Jail Term Over JFK Records A former New Orleans D.A. official is sentenced for not destroying JFK assassination documents ()

14.Feb.1996 CIA Electronic Cash Withdrawals What the CIA does when it targets an enemy's bank account. ()

06.Oct.1996 Info-War: Pentagon Invades Cyber-Space New tactics allow U.S. authorities to hack into computer systems and plant false information. ()

20.Jan.1997 Conspiracism': Who's at Fault for the Distrust? With USA government involved in national security cover-ups from Roswell to contra-cocaine + the media failing to cover these stories accurately, is it any wonder Americans believe conspiracy theories? ()

19.May 1997 Their Terrorists, Our Freedom Fighters An analysis of the double standards that come into play depending on who's rebelling and who's keeping order. ()

00.000.1954 Behind the CIA Guatemala Coup In 1954, the CIA instigated a coup in Guatemala that ousted President Jacobo Arbenz and strangled the country's nascent democracy.

Despite CIA director Allen Dulles's claims to President Eisenhower, the coup was far from bloodless. (7/14/97)

00.000.1954-07.Jul.1997 -Since in- CIA Death Lists & Guatemala's 'Killing Fields' the CIA sponsored coup the CIA pressed to make Guatemala a "killing field" for suspected communists. ()

07.Jul.1997 Indonesia: More Years of Living Dangerously In phoney elections, dictator Suharto keeps power as U.S. policymakers care more about free trade than freedom. (6/30/97)

30.Jun.1997 The New York Times Comes Clean, Sort of... In a limited mea culpa, the nation's paper of record admits that its publisher helped the CIA pull off the Guatemalan coup. ()

16.Jun.1997 Firewall: Inside the Iran-contra Cover-up Iran-contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh tells a stunning tale about how the Reagan administration's deceit and weakness by Congress + the press ensured the Iran-contra cover-up. ()

09.Aug.1997 At 50, CIA's Still Hiding its Nazi 'Original Sin' Celebrating its golden anniversary, the CIA hopes the Cold War win will help everyone forget the dirty operations + some of the spy agency's earliest allies, Nazi war criminals. ()

21.Feb.2000 Who Killed Martin Luther King? Flawed civil trial chips away at official story. By Douglas Valentine.

13.Nov.2004 Dylan Still Subversive? It is a good thing that Bob Dylan has US citizenship, otherwise he might be in the same fix as Cat Stevens (a.k.a. Yusuf Islam).

The mere singing of a 1963 song, "Masters of War," at a Colorado High School brought in the Secret Police.
Now we know why Usamah Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri haven't been caught.

The US security services are busy sifting through old lyrics looking for the real terrorists.

I suggest that they take another look at the Buffalo Springfield.
This is not a new activity. You would be shocked at how many FBI hours were logged trying to find obscenities
in the slurred lyrics of Richard Berry's "Louie, Louie" once upon a time. I kid you not.
The bad news for Dylan? The (un-)"Patriot Act II" allows the government to strip people of their US citizenship.

posted by Juan @ 11/13/2004 06:00:12 AM     URL:

13.Nov.2004 AP also reports, 'in a telephone interview with Al-Jazeera television, Saif al-Deen al-Baghdadi, an official of the insurgents' political office, urged militants to fight U.S. forces outside Fallujah.

"I call upon the scores or hundreds of the brothers from the mujahedeen ... to press the American forces outside . . .

We chose the path of armed jihad and say clearly that ridding Iraq of the occupation will not be done by ballots.

Ayad Allawi's government ... represents the fundamentalist right-wing of the White House and not the Iraqi people.'' '
That the context for the current fighting is in part the upcoming elections in January is clear from al-Baghdadi's statement.

The guerrillas and other forces are rejecting such participation + th question is whether they can win over the generality of Sunni Arabs to their rejectionist point of view.
On a lighter note, it is hard to avoid observing that al-Baghdadi castigated Bush's administration as "fundamentalist" and "right-wing."

When even the Sunni Salafis of Mosul consider you too fundamentalist and right-wing, you have probably gone too far.

posted by Juan @ 11/13/2004 06:21:58 AM     URL:

Read more about the situation at
Juan Cole- would love to say more but the generator is going to be turned off in a couple of minutes.
javascript:SquawkBoxCount(110021121509615852) -->
13.Nov.2004 Murder...People in Falloojeh are being murdered. The stories coming back are horrifying. People being shot in cold blood in the streets and being buried under tons of concrete + iron... where is the world?

Bury Arafat and hurry up and pay attention to what's happening in Iraq.
They say the people have nothing to eat. No produce is going into the city and the water has been cut off for days and days. Do you know what it's like to have no clean water???

People are drinking contaminated water and coming down with diarrhoea and other diseases. There are corpses in the street because no one can risk leaving their home to bury people.

Families are burying children and parents in the gardens of their homes. WHERE IS EVERYONE???
Furthermore, where is Sistani?

Why isn't he saying anything about the situation? When the South was being attacked, Sunni clerics everywhere decried the attacks.

Where is Sistani now, when people are looking to him for some reaction? The silence is deafening.
We're not leaving the house lately.

There was a total of 8 hours of electricity today + we've been using the generator sparingly because there is a mysterious fuel shortage... several explosions were heard in different places.
Things are deteriorating swiftly. More on Falloojeh crisis here:
Aid agencies say Falluja "big disaster"...
Eyewitness: Smoke and Corpses...
Iraqis will never forgive this- never. It's outrageous- it's genocide + USA, with the help + support of Allawi, is responsible.

May whoever contributes to this see the sorrow, terror + misery of the people suffering in Falloojeh.
13.Nov.2004 Erneut Moschee bei Brandanschlag zerstört -heute Morgen- Bei einem Feuer in Helden bei Venlo ist eine Moschee zerstört worden. Die Behörden gehen von Brandstiftung aus.

Bei dem Anschlag unweit der deutschen Grenze sei niemand verletzt worden, teilte die Polizei mit.

In der belgischen Stadt Antwerpen ist derweil das Tragen der Burka in der Öffentlichkeit verboten.

Den Haag - Wie ein Sprecher der islamischen Gemeinde von Helden berichtete, war das Feuer von Muslimen entdeckt worden, die sich auf dem Weg zum Morgengebet befanden.

Das Feuer war gegen sechs Uhr morgens ausgebrochen + bereits nach zehn Minuten unter Kontrolle, berichtete eine Polizeisprecherin.

Dennoch gelang es der örtlichen Feuerwehr lediglich, die Außenmauern des Gotteshauses zu erhalten.

Ein Vertreter der islamischen Gemeinde äußerte den Verdacht, dass in erster Linie Jugendliche als Brandstifter in Frage kämen.

Zwischen einheimischen und ausländischen Jugendlichen in Helden sei es in letzter Zeit häufiger zu Spannungen gekommen, sagte er vor Journalisten.
Seit der Ermordung des Film-Regisseurs + Islamkritikers Theo van Gogh am 02.Nov.2004 durch einen mutmaßlichen islamischen Extremisten

sind in den Niederlanden mehrere Moscheen + Koranschulen sowie einige christliche Kirchen durch Brandanschläge schwer beschädigt worden.

Die Polizei hat nach eigenen Angaben mehrere Dutzend Verdächtige festgenommen. Hauptverdächtiger des Mordes an Van Gogh ist ein mutmaßlicher Moslem-Extremist.
Während die Auseinandersetzung zwischen Muslimen und Andersgläubigen in den Niederlanden eskaliert, ist die Stadt Antwerpen dazu übergegangen, das Tragen der Burka in der Öffentlichkeit zu verbieten.

Wie die flämische Zeitung "Het Laatste Nieuws" heute berichtet,

wird die Polizei in Belgiens zweitgrößter Stadt zukünftig alle Frauen, die sich mit dem afghanischen Traditionsgewand von Kopf bis Fuß verhüllen, auf das Vermummungsverbot in der Öffentlichkeit hinweisen.

Außerdem müssten die Beamten die Identität der Burka-Trägerinnen feststellen, hieß es.

Im Wiederholungsfall drohe eine Geldbuße. Das Tragen eines Kopftuchs ohne Schleier vor dem Gesicht werde "vorläufig" aber noch nicht als Gesetzesbruch verfolgt.
Niederlande: Erneut Moschee bei Brandanschlag zerstört

13.Nov.2004 Terrorismus: Al-Qaida-Insider auf freien Fuß gesetzt