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10.Mar.2002 How Freud got under our skin“-“BBC“, London

25.Mar.2002 „Slaves of Our Desires“,“the Guardian of London“-Bernays, Freud

06.Mar.2002 "Washington Post", "The Urban Legend"-website:“When Stevie Wonder sat down at the keyboard center stage, President Bush in the front row got very excited. He smiled and started waving at Wonder, who understandably did not respond. After a moment Bush realized his mistake and slowly dropped the errant hand back to his lap. ‘I know I shouldn't have,’ a witness told us yesterday, ‘but I started laughing.’” [Emphasis added.] Snopes, claims that the above blurb is not true.

06.Mar.2002 Speaking to 200 Hispanic business leaders at the White House on Wednesday, Bush made light of last year's California energy crisis, despite fact that his buddies at Enron helped caused the shortage + used their substantial influence with the administration, purchased by massive campaign contributions and massive expenditures on lobbying, to keep the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from approving price caps. (Click here to listen.)In addition, Bush said that on his upcoming visit to Peru, he will work with Andean nations on the cultivation of cocoa leaves. (Click here to listen. He does not say that he is the president of Mexico, although it sounds like it at first.) These clips were recorded via the Internet, from the 3/7/02 Mike Malloy Show.

20.Mar.2002 Washington Post, Karl Rove inadvertently reveals George Bush's mean streak: “‘We're not going to have a pleasant day today [in the Senate],’ Rove told the Family Research Council at the Willard Hotel, according to a tape recording given to The Washington Post by an attendee. ‘...This is not about a good man, Charles Pickering. This is about the future. This is about the U.S. Supreme Court. And this is about sending George W. Bush a message that “You send us somebody that is a strong conservative, you're not going to get him.” “‘Guess what?’ Rove added. ‘They sent the wrong message to the wrong guy.’” [Emphasis added.]

23.Mar.2002 "The New York Times":“ 11.Sep.2001 confirmed for [Bush, George W.] that God had chosen him for a purpose & showed him what that purpose is [fighting terrorism].” [Emphasis added]

28.Mar.2002 CBS News, Bush thinks he's at war with Democrats. Thanks to Democrats.com for this tip.“President Bush collected $2.6 million for Republican Senate candidates in two states Wednesday, hours after signing a campaign finance bill that will restrict political fund-raising. ‘I'm not going to lay down my arms,’ Bush said.” [Emphasis added.]

31.Mar.2002 Associated Press, Bush thinks his subversion of democracy in November and December of 2000 is funny:“Bush … chuckled in church as the minister, Michael Taylor, invoked hand-counted ballots and contested elections in his Easter sermon.” [Emphasis added.]

05.May.2002 Reuters, Honor and Dignity in the White House, according to BuzzFlash.com: “President Bush treated journalists to never-before-seen pictures of the White House on Saturday, including one in which Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be urinating on the door of his Oval Office. [Emphasis added.] “‘Dick, I hope you're not doing what it looks like you're doing,’ Bush quipped as he narrated a slide show at the 88th annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association

19.May.2002 Der Spiegel, “Do you have blacks too?” - Bush asks of Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso as reported in Der Spiegel.

Approximate translation of the last paragraph of the article, by a MakeThemAccountable reader: “[National Security Adviser Condoleezza] Rice, 47, who noticed how the Brazilian was stunned by the question, saved the situation by explaining to Bush, ‘Mr. President, Brazil probably has more blacks than the US; they say it's the country with the most blacks outside Africa.’ Afterwards Brazil's President Cardoso judged that, as far as Latin America is concerned, Bush is ‘still an apprentice.’” -

21.May.2002 -Tuesday,“[T]he president spent socializing with this year's NCAA champions.He met with the University of Maryland men's basketball team (the Terrapins), the Connecticut women's basketball squad (the Huskies), and the Minnesota men and women hockey skaters (the Bulldogs).

21.May.2002 Toronto Globe and Mail , White House officials told reporters that the blunt warnings issued yesterday and Sunday [about possible terrorist attacks in the United States] do not reflect a dramatic increase in threatening information but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats. [Emphasis added.] -

22.May.2002 Los Angeles Times.“President Bush spoke publicly for the first time Tuesday about his fears for himself and his family in the hours after the 11.Sep.2001 terrorist attacks, telling a German television reporter he was ‘trying to get out of harm's way’ before returning to the White House.”[Emphasis added]

24.May.2002 A man reads a copy of the left-leaning German newspaper "Tageszeitung" in Berlin one day after USA President George W. Bush gave a key note speech

in the German lower house of parliament Bundestag. The front page of the Friday edition is almost completely blank and shows a cartoon of Bush with an empty speech bubble under the headline "Bush's historic speech". - Reuters, 24.May2002

24.May2002 "The New York Times":“[D]uring the news conference, Mr. Bush used a line about Saddam Hussein that he frequently employs at home, calling him "a dictator who gassed his own people." But it was striking in the context of Berlin: Mr. Bush spoke just a mile from the gathering point where, 60 years ago, Berlin's Jews were collected for transport to the concentration camps where many of them were gassed as well.”

24.May.2002 https://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/020524/170/1lhfr.html

25.May.2002 Ridgeway, James"Village Voice":“Through all this, the Homeland Security office never changed its alert from yellow,insisting the tips were too vague. They couldn't have been much vaguer than Bush."The FBI director, yesterday, I talked to him. He comes in every morning, by the way," Bush explained before taking off for Europe."So this subject, he came up this morning. He was talking about, he was speculating based upon a lot of intelligence that indicates that the Al Qaeda is active, plotting, planning, you know, trying to hit us. So he was speculating. He basically said, Look, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another attack + it's going to be difficult to stop them, is what he said." “With that,the commander left his now jittery homeland on Wednesday, 22.May2003 for ice cream in Berlin and another groundbreaking effort: condemning Hitler.”

25.May2002 The Guardian:“The US has admitted that it deliberately sprayed nerve gas on its sailors in the 1960s as part of a series of tests,and the government has begun contacting those involved to discover what damage may have been done to their health.”

27.May2002 Sammon, Bill,"Washington Times","Agence France-Presse": "So you go to a protest and I drive through the streets of Berlin, seeing hundreds of people lining the road, waving," Mr. Bush muttered to NBC News White House correspondent David Gregory during a joint press conference with Mr. Chirac. "I don't view hostility here," Mr. Bush said in the ornate Palais de l'Elysee. "I view the fact that we've got a lot of friends here." He added: "And the fact that protesters show up - that's good. I mean, I'm in a democracy." Mr. Bush was responding to Mr. Gregory's question about anti-American demonstrations in Germany, Russia & France during the president's visits to these nations since Wednesday. "I wonder why it is you think there are such strong sentiments in Europe against you and against this administration?" the reporter said. "Why, particularly, there's a view that you and your administration are trying to impose America's will on the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to the Middle East and where the war on terrorism goes next?" Turning to Mr. Chirac, he added in French: "And, Mr. President, would you maybe comment on that?" "Very good," Mr. Bush said sardonically. "The guy memorizes four words + he plays like he's intercontinental." [Emphasis added.] I can go on," Mr. Gregory offered. "I'm impressed - que bueno," said Mr. Bush, using the Spanish phrase for "how wonderful." He deadpanned: "Now I'm literate in two languages." Roars of laughter filled both the press conference room and a press filing center elsewhere in the city, where many members of the White House press corps were watching the exchange on live television.[I do sincerely hope that the laughter consisted of titters of embarrassment for this man, who was supposed to be representing me and my country in a foreign land. Bush, of course, knows about four words of whorehouse Spanish + considers himself bilingual. The truth is that he’s not even literate in ONE language.-Caro] Go to MediaResearch.org to view a video of part of the exchange..As his advisers scared the nation stiff with talk of doomsday,Shrub immersed himself in a hectic, heavyweight schedule…

28.May2002 Milbank, Dana,"The Washington Post" -Country come to town-:“While traveling in Europe this past week, President Bush proposed a novel plan for dealing with Russia's old nuclear weapons. He said industrialized countries would pay $20 billion ‘to help Russia securitize the dismantled nuclear warheads.’ [Emphasis added.] Many people assumed Bush misspoke and intended to ‘secure’ the nuclear material. Presumably he did not mean the literal definition of ‘securitize,’ which is to turn a commodity into a stock that can be traded -- Russian nukes on the Chicago Board of Trade.“The phrase was one of several artful ones Bush employed in his European tour. At the U.S. ambassador's home in Moscow, he weighed in on an issue involving the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote about ‘inalienable’ rights. Linguists have suggested that ‘unalienable’ is the proper word. Bush offered a third possibility: ‘uninalienable rights.’ [Emphasis added.] “At other points, Bush brought his Texas folksiness to the capitals of Europe. Arriving for a caviar dinner at Russian President Vladimir Putin's country residence, Bush viewed the immaculate grounds and told his host: ‘Nice of you to mow the grass for us.’ At the French president's palace, he noted that Jacques Chirac is ‘always saying that the food here is fantastic.’” [Emphasis added.]

29.May.2002 Baker, Gerard Financial Times:“For a moment it looked as if Jacques Chirac had swallowed something unpleasant. The French president gazed uncomprehendingly at George W. Bush, his lips pursing and then opening in what looked like a Gallic gasp for air. “It was halfway into a press conference in the Elysée Palace on Sunday afternoon and Mr Bush had just stumbled his way through another answer, forgetting part of the question and joking at his own lack of focus.‘That's what happens when you get past 55,’he cracked. “Not only is Mr Chirac about to turn 70 but his advanced age was, for a while, a sensitive issue in the presidential election campaign just finished. “It was as though Mr Chirac had gone to Washington a few weeks after Mr Bush's inauguration and made flippant remarks about the unreliability of recounts and the role of patrimony in American presidential politics.” -

04.Jun.2002 “President Bush dismissed today a report put out by his administration warning that human activities are behind climate change that is having significant effects on the environment.“The report to the United Nations, written by the Environmental Protection Agency, puts most of the blame for recent global warming on the burning of fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the environment.“But it suggests nothing beyond voluntary action by industry for dealing with the so-called ‘greenhouse’ gases…“‘I read the report put out by the bureaucracy,’ Bush said dismissively today when asked about the EPA report, adding that he still opposes the Kyoto treaty.”[Emphasis added.] - ABC News -

07.Jun.2002 “Bush is spun so he appears rather plain and simpleminded and not really mentally agile enough to be openly complicit in the coverup-related decisions he's being accused of, a feeling that, aww shucks, he's still just a good ol' daddy's boy from the oilier parts of Texas who don't know no better and how dare you accuse this Very Nice Man of leveraging the horror of 11.Sep.2001 for political gain. Besides, that's Cheney's job.” - Morford, Mark

14.Jun.2002 A senior administration official tells reporters that Bush, George W. ‘derived’ his speech in part from the teachings of a wide range of philosophers,from Aristotle and Adam Smith to de Tocqueville & John Paul II., Pope, “Asked if Bush had ever read any of their works, the official said: ‘We've fully discussed all these ... issues.’ [Emphasis added.] - Reuters,

10.Jul.2002 "Washington Post":“According to "Times" -man Malvern, Jack, Williams, Shirley["Baroness Williams of Crosby"] (lib.polit) recently recounted to an audience in Brighton that:‘my good friend Blair, Tony’ told her the following anecdote: ‘Blair, Bush & Chirac, Jacques, President [F] were discussing economics & in particular,the decline of the French economy. “The problem with the French,” Bush confided to Blair, “is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur.”’”[Emphasis added]

27.Jul.2002 REAL BUSH Anecdotes-Psychologie-1

13.Aug.2002 Börsianer -ein : " Die Situation ist desolat "

25.Apr.2003 Bush :"Wir wissen, daß (Hussein, Saddam) sie besaß. Ob er sie zerstört,verlegt oder versteckt hat - wir werden die Wahrheit herausfinden".[Irk]-Krieg. -Eingeräumt, Suche nach Massenvernichtungswaffen Irak erfolglos -bisher.keine gefunden.Suche danach hatte die Regierung lange Zeit als Hauptgrund für den Krieg genannt. "Eines ist klar: Saddam Hussein wird die USA nicht mehr mit Massenvernichtungswaffen bedrohen!" rief Bush vor einer begeisterten Menge in einer Panzerfabrik in Lima im Bundesstaat Ohio.

25.Apr.2003 Rumsfeld, Donald:"Sie können sich vorstellen, wie wir über eine Regierung nach iranischem Muster denken, in der ein paar Geistliche das Land beherrschen. Die Antwort ist: Das wird nicht geschehen." USA, im Irak keine theokratische Regierung zulassen. Ansonsten seien die Iraker jedoch frei, ihre eigene Regierung zu bilden. USA haben dem Iran bereits vorgeworfen, sich in die Angelegenheiten Irak s einzumischen.

24.May 2002 „Army wargame“, Journal of Aerospace and Defense Industry“ News,“Army transformation wargame „illuminates decisive objective force capability“

26.Jun.2002 „At the 4.meeting of:„America First National Committee“-held by teleconference-the following resolution was authorized unanimously by its members:

12.Sep.2002 Bush [sayngs]:„Was unsere Feinde begonnen haben, werden wir zu Ende führen“

07.Okt.2002 Bertelsmann profitierte vom Nazi-Regime -“Firmenlegende widerlegt“-

08.Okt.2002 Kirche, Katholische, lässt neues Goldhagen-Buch verbieten - Holocaust-Forschung - Kultur - SPIEGEL ONLINE.htm

07.Nov.2002 Krugman, Paul, Wiss.Die Zeit“[orig]“New York Times“,anal. im Wirtschaftsteil die zunehmenden Einkommensunterschiede: USA (Durchschnitt),„Top“.

Durchschnitt hat im Boom nicht profitiert, Krise verschärft Problem:"Selbst wenn man die große Ungleichheit in den USA als den Preis ansieht, den wir für unsere große Wirtschaftskraft bezahlen, ist nicht klar, dass das Ergebnis diesen Preis wert ist. Denn die Ungleichheit in den USA hat ein Niveau erreicht, das kontraproduktiv ist."

29.Nov.2002 World Bank Confesses Its Sins, acknowledges, its activity in Russia was useless for the last decade.html ---2001129

10.Dec.2002 Depsecdef Wolfowitz on Stryker Combat Brigades THE DEPUTY SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WASHINGTON,D.C. 20301-1000 10 December 2002

The Honor.Daniel K. Inouye Chairman,Subcommittee on Defense Committee on Appropriations USA Senate Washingt SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WASHING

27.Dec.2002 America 'Pearl Harbored'.htm