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20.Apr.2007 Kirchen: Vatikan schafft das Fegefeuer ab
20.Apr.2007 Irak: Scheichs gründen Partei gegen Al Kaida
20.Apr.2007 Schuss in Raumfahrtzentrum: Bewaffneter Mann versetzt Nasa in Ausnahmezustand

20.Apr.2007 Starke Gewinn- Zahlen: US- Börsen gehen wieder auf Rekordkurs
20.Apr.2007 Anschlagswarnung: Schäuble bestätigt erhöhte Terrorgefahr für US- Einrichtungen in Deutschland
20.Apr.2007 Amok- Opfer: Amerikanerin überlebte Littleton und Blacksburg

20.Apr.2007 Österreich: Dubioser Rüstungsdeal entzweit die Große Koalition
20.Apr.2007 Dramatische Dürre: Australiens Premier stimmt Farmer auf staubiges Desaster ein
20.Apr.2007 Vorstoß: Norwegen soll als erstes Land CO2- neutral werden
20.Apr.2007 Kurnaz- Buch: Memoiren aus dem Lager des Leidens
Blacksburg- Analyse: "Amokläufer versuchen, andere Täter zu überbieten"
20.Apr.2007 Administration pursued aggressive legal effort to restrict voter turnout:

For six years,

the Bush administration, aided by Justice Department political appointees, has pursued an aggressive legal effort to restrict voter turnout in key battleground states in ways that favor Republican political candidates.

20.Apr.2007 Bush administration is prying into your medical records in violation of the law : The Bush administration has created a massive database of your private medical records and they're now abusing it.
20.Apr.2007 Criticism at Gonzales Showdown : His job in jeopardy, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales went before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday to explain his murky role in the dismissal of eight federal prosecutors last winter.

20.Apr.2007 DOJ Fails to Comply with House Judiciary Subpoena: U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) issued the following statement in response to the Justice Department’s failure to comply with the Committee’s subpoena response deadline of 2 p.m. today. The subpoena seeks information the Department has continued to refuse to provide or has provided only in redacted form.

20.Apr.2007 Doolittle steps down from Appropriations Committee: Doolittle announced today that he was giving up -- at least for now -- his seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, just days after the FBI raided his Virginia home in connection with an ongoing corruption probe.

20.Apr.2007 Flight from U.S. dollar gathers strength: The assault against the U.S. dollar intensifed yesterday as the greenback slumped to historic lows against currencies as diverse as the U.K. pound and the Polish zloty amid growing conviction among investors higher returns lie beyond U.S. borders.
20.Apr.2007 Is this the start of World War III?: Several top US political figures, including Sen. John McCain (R) Arizona + former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Rep.) called the current Middle East crisis the beginning of "World War III" and said they were "gravely concerned"
20.Apr.2007 Former Mossad chief not against killing Ahmadinejad: "I'm not against the world coming together and working to take out Ahmadinejad, even though such an action would make him a Shahid (martyr)," he told the Kfar Chabad weekly.
20.Apr.2007 We can sell, but you can't: Israel wants both to limit the supply of American armaments to countries that endanger it and to have the freedom to sell Israeli weapons to countries that directly endanger the United States - and indirectly, Israel too.
20.Apr.2007 Richard Perle Makes His Case for War: In Defense of Freedom : Video: Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle travels the globe articulating, defending and debating the neoconservative case for an assertive American foreign policy. Perle finds no shortage of candidates willing to challenge him on these issues.

20.Apr.2007 The Third Stage : Video: A collection of short mainstream media and independent film clips on the evolution of 9/11 skepticism

20.Apr.2007 Ethnic spat heats up Pakistan-Iran border: While Tehran stares down Washington and deflects Arab concerns over its nuclear ambitions, it is now also fighting a skirmish with militants across its Western border with Pakistan, fanning concerns that an area already mired in Taliban violence and an ethnic insurgency could be further destabilized.
20.Apr.2007 Iraq: Thousands missing since war began: "During Saddam's time, people were being arrested and sometimes families couldn't get any information about their loved ones. But the proposed democracy hasn't changed this reality. My two sons have disappeared and I can't get any information. I don't even know if they are dead,"

20.Apr.2007 The arrogance of power: Surge 'last chance' for Iraqi leadership: US commander : The surge in US forces in Iraq is likely the last chance for Iraqi leaders to establish a functioning state, a top US commander said Wednesday, warning they needed to take faster action on key political decisions.

20.Apr.2007 Trouble is brewing for the US in Iraqi Kurdistan: While the Bush administration struggles to stabilize Baghdad, a major new threat is emerging in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq. If it isn't defused, this crisis could further erode US goals in Iraq - drawing foreign military intervention

20.Apr.2007 'War in Iraq lost,' says US Democrat leader : The war in Iraq "is lost" and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Congress, Harry Reid, said on Thursday.

20.Apr.2007 Pentagon Can Pay for War Through June : The Pentagon says it has enough money to pay for the Iraq war through June, despite warnings from the White House that troops are being harmed by Congress' failure to quickly deliver more funds.

20.Apr.2007 Military Experts: Iraq War Is Damaging Forces: In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this morning on Army and Marine Corps preparedness, retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales testified that two thirds of regular brigades and "virtually all of our reserve brigades are not combat-ready."

20.Apr.2007 Experts: Force increases may not be enough: The Senate Armed Services Committee heard testimony Tuesday that increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps may not resolve severe and growing personnel problems. There was even talk of returning to the draft to fill the ranks.

20.Apr.2007 Iraq is not part of war on terror, says top UK diplomat: Former cabinet minister Helen Liddell sparked a diplomatic row today, as she rejected the idea that the Iraq invasion was part of the "war on terror" - despite being high commissioner to Australia, whose prime minister believes Iraq is the frontline of the war on terror.
20.Apr.2007 Back Bush's War Strategy? Then Bring Back The Draft-By Joseph L. Galloway
Here's a question for those who still support President Bush's strategy to stretch out the Iraq War until after he's left office + for those who think we should be prepared to continue our bloody occupation of Iraq for five or 10 more years:

20.Apr.2007 Hail and Farewell: the End of the American Empire -By Gore Vidal-Obviously, our weird little emperor is incapable of moral reflection, thus inviting us to reflect morally upon him as he has gone about his systematic wrecking of our common empire. Continue

20.Apr.2007 A U.S. Military Dictatorship? -Audio-A fascinating interview with Chalmers Johnson.

From the democracy that it celebrates to the military might that it wields, some argue that the U.S. is less of a Republic these days and more of an empire. And that, says Charlmers Johnson, means Americans have some decisions to make if they don't want their country to go the route of fallen empires. Click to listen.

20.Apr.2007 Bringing Down the House of Lies -By Steve Bhaerman
It's a bit of a mixed feeling to realize that millions and millions of people who didn't get this distinction two, four or six years ago now understand that the "political' issues we now face aren't about right and left, they're about right and wrong.

20.Apr.2007 Demonstrating Our Commitment To Democracy -By Shahid Buttar
If democracy is an appealing principle, we should act like it. Rather than support military dictators in client states whose regimes abuse American human rights activists, U.S. Presidents could instead support their secular opposition.

20.Apr.2007 Declassified Documents Confirms U.S. Killed Civilians During 'Korean War -By The Associated Press
A declassified U.S. Navy document confirms that on Sept. 1, 1950, the destroyer USS DeHaven, at the Army's request, opened fire on a refugee encampment on a beach near the southern South Korean port of Pohang. Survivors say 100 to 200 refugees — mostly women and children — were killed.

20.Apr.2007 Is The CIA Trying to Kill Hugo Chávez? -By Chris Carlson
In recent weeks, Hugo Chávez has increasingly warned that the United States has plans to kill him and is stepping up its activity against him and his government.  Chávez has also claimed that the CIA is working with associates of the famous Cuban terrorist and CIA agent Posada Carriles, designing plans for his assassination. But could there be any truth to all of this? 

20.Apr.2007 The State or the People -By Paul Craig Roberts
Whether one stands with the left or the right, it is apparent that both political factions are failing the country. The right responded to 9/11 by asserting American hegemony over international law and by permitting the executive branch to waive aside civil liberties.The political left went along with these developments, perhaps thinking to use the enhanced power of government for its own purposes later.

20.Apr.2007Karl Rove May Have Sent Up to 95% of His E-Mails Through RNC Servers and On An RNC E-mail Account to Avoid Having Them Be Part of Executive Branch Records. Now the White House is Claiming That These RNC E-mails (No Doubt Implicating Offenses and Possibly Crimes) are Covered by Executive Branch Privilege. Now That's Hypocrisy, Alright!

20.Apr.2007 $4,106.00 of May 1st $25,000 Goal Raised. HELP WANTED:
Read why we have pledge drives + then make a difference with a purchase, donation or monthly subscription.

Republican Senators Abandon Gonzales. Something Tells Us That They Got the Green Light from the White House to Give "Fredo" the Made Man's Hint to Fall on His Sword. 4/20
U.S. lawmakers on Thursday railed against senior U.S. Army officials and defense contractor KBR Inc. over persistent allegations of fraud and contract abuse on a multibillion-dollar deal to provide food and shelter to American troops in Iraq. 4/20
McCain "Jokes" About Bombing Iran. Hey, Don't Let Him Buy a Gun Under the Mental Illness Prohibition. 4/20

20.Apr.2007 Gonzales/Attorneys Hearing: A Direct, As Yet Unreported Connection Straight Into the White House 4/20
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Larry Beinhart: War Dispatches from the War On Stupidity -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

20.Apr.2007 "Gonzales had weeks to prepare for yesterday's hearing. But the man who sat at the witness table sounded like the sort of person who forgets where he parked his car." 4/20
Episode 58: Rest well, Kilgore Trout -- Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

20.Apr.2007 well as

00.000.2000 Hearne being the font of voter-fraud accusations in Missouri +

00.000.2000 Hearne involved in the Florida recount,

00.000.2004 Hearne was also very active in Ohio.

-Hearne- Busy fellow.
One side of this story is phony claims of voter fraud -- but the other side is genuine election fraud.

And Hearne may be very close to the nexus of both.# posted by starroute
20.Apr.2007 There's also this fascinating revelation, which was formerly (but apparently no longer) part of Hearne's profile at the Lathrop & Gage website:
00.000.2003 -in the fall of- I was asked by President Bush’s uncle, Bucky Bush, to be the general counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign in Missouri .

00.000.2000 (I had worked with the Bush campaign + successfully represented the campaign in the City of St. Louis poll closing litigation and in Florida 00.000.2000 in Broward County.)

00.Aug.2004 -During the Republican National Convention- I was asked to be national counsel to the campaign and advise the campaign on not just Missouri legal issues but national legal strategy and election litigation.
(Bucky Bush, for those who have forgotten, is the Bush who was a member of
the same secret society at Yale as Porter Goss and John Negroponte.)

20.Apr.2007's a bit from a piece I wrote for another site: A

09.Jan.2006 email from Kyle Sampson (chief of staff for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales) indicates that Graves was "axed" to leave.

His name was on a list of ten U.S. Attorneys who were to be purged. Unlike eight of the ten, Graves left voluntarily and segued into a job at a Republican law firm.

More: Basically, two multi-million dollar state contracts -- generally regarded as patronage plums -- went to Graves' wife and brother-in-law. This situation meant that Graves would have little motive to investigate any wrongdoing on the part of Missouri's Governor, Matt Blunt. Blunt made sure that lucrative fee office contracts went to Grave's wife. In the eyes of a cynic, this might be viewed as a pay-off.
As we shall see, quite a few people in the "Show Me" state consider Governor Blunt to be -- how to put this? -- "ethically challenged." He thus had every reason to stay on a friendly basis with federal prosecutors. As a general rule (not naming any names), we can say that stuffing state cash into wifey's purse might be considered one way to keep a prosecutor smiling.
When Cummins started looking into this morass, the DOJ had a problem. If Graves had gone down in the midst of a scandal, he might well have taken the Governor with him. Powerful interests may have decided that it was best all around for Graves to resign suddenly and to take a cozy sinecure in the private realm.
Thus, Graves was "axed" to leave. His replacement: A Voter ID zealot named Bradley Schlozman. Thanks to the Patriot Act, Schlozman did not need Senate approval. If he had been forced to undergo the approval process, his inexperience might have prevented him from scoring the gig.
So how does Thor Hearne and his law firm, Lathrop & Gage, figure into this Graves/Blunt business? According to
this Missouri blog, Lathrop & Gage is the firm that (man, where do I start), represents the Governor's campaign, hired another lawyer to directly contact Cummins, set up the fee offices in the first place, loaned the administration one of its lawyers, Kurt Shaeffer, for a while to defend Feelya Ferrell + hired the Governor's sister. (Emphasis added.) This Kansas City blog refers to Amy Blunt, the Governor's sister, as one of the best-connected Republicans in the state. The Fired-Up Missouri blog has much in-depth reporting of Blunt and the ongoing fee office (and related) controversies.
Blunt has hired a private attorney -- from Lathrop & Gage, natch -- and his campaign's financial report indicates that Blunt may have paid for these services with campaign funds, a violation of state law. (A candidate may not make personal use of monies raised for campaign purposes.)
And that's not Blunt's only problem: Sources tell FiredUp that auditors with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General’s Office are at this very moment digging through files at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Federal officials have subpoenaed records concerning federal homeland security funds knowingly misspent by top brass at the Department of Health.
The scandal may have already led to the middle of the night resignation of Department Director Julie Eckstein, as well as a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a whistleblower who refused to go along with plans to cover up the illegally spent funds. Last week State Auditor Susan Montee released an audit that details some of the wrongdoing within the department.
It appears that this may be the second time this month that Gov. Blunt has attempted to cover up wrongdoing in his administration. Having learned his lesson from the Ferrell scandal, Blunt should fess up and tell Missourians how long he’s known about this wrongdoing, whether his office directed records to be destroyed, why he didn’t say anything about it + whether or not this is the reason his department director resigned. Is this just a state-level controversy? No.
Always keep in mind: Missouri is a "purple" state.

00.000.2008 This state -Missouri- may well make all the difference.
Blunt, Rove and his buddy Thor surely understand this -- that's why the Republicans tried so desperately to get a photo ID voting law passed in that state.

00.Oct.2006 -Fortunately-the State Supreme Court struck that law down in + the Graves/Schlozman lawsuit against Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan failed.

(The Republicans did not have Carnahan in their pocket, so they wanted to get rid of her.

As you will recall, something similar happened in California.)
It's up to you now, folks. The firings of Lam and Iglesias are well-known + properly so. But the Bud Cummins story deserves much more scrutiny.

After all -- he is the guy who seems to have "inconvenienced" Thor Hearne, Karl Rove's good buddy. So please do what you can to get progressives and others talking about this matter... Permalink
20.Apr.2007 Friedman has some dug up some interesting facts which link the Cummins affair to Karl Rove's good friend, Thor Hearne -- head honcho of a fake group called the American Center for Voting Rights.

90 % der Tiere kleiner als ein Fingernagel

Kleine Tiere wie Insekten seien alles andere als eine Randerscheinung in der Natur, sagte Gunnar Brehm, Zoologe aus Jena.

Mehr als 90 % aller bekannten Tierarten seien kleiner als ein Fingernagel.

Auf jedes Säugetier kommen etwa 65 Käferarten - jene Arten nicht mitgerechnet, die bisher noch gar nicht wissenschaftlich beschrieben sind.

"Tatsächlich sind sie unersetzlich, denn ohne kleine Organismen ist kein Ökosystem der Erde vorstellbar", betonte Brehm.
Angst vor Anschlägen: USA warnen Amerikaner vor erhöhter Terrorgefahr in Deutschland
20.Apr.2007 Lob von der Kanzlerin: Pierer bleibt Merkels Wirtschaftsberater
20.Apr.2007 Hedge- Fonds: Gutachten fordert Transparenz für Heuschrecken
20.Apr.2007 Magnet- Schirm: "Enterprise"- Technik soll Raumschiffe schützen
20.Apr.2007 Verkauf: Mitarbeiter wollen Chrysler übernehmen
20.Apr.2007 Journalisten in Afghanistan: "Die Islamisten unterwandern die Medien"

20.Apr.2007 RAF- Morde: Generalstaatsanwalt bestreitet Informanten- Rolle von Boock
20.Apr.2007 M 2.188 Sicherheitsrichtlinien und Regelungen für die Mobiltelefon ...

In Deutschland darf er sie nur bis zur Rechnungsstellung speichern, ...

Fehlende Gebühren für bestimmte Verbindungen können auf Abhören hindeuten. ...
20.Apr.2007 TELE COM - Versiunea HTML
Die Vorschriften zum Abhören in Telekommunikationsnetzen sind nationales Recht. ...

Für Anrufe an nicht-geographische Rufnummern wird spezifisch für diese ...
20.Apr.2007 George W. Bush - Connections Osama's family and their Saudi Binladin Group make cash with W's Papa through the ... Baker & Hostetler LLP. Baker Hosteller Attorney, Elliot J. Feldman ...
20.Apr.2007 Pierer- Brief: "Die pauschalen Vorverurteilungen machen mich betroffen"
20.Apr.2007 Asteroid Itokawa: Vibrationen ordnen Steine nach Größe
US- Wahlkampf: McCain singt "Bombardiert Iran"
20.Apr.2007 Massenentlassung von Anwälten: Republikaner- Senatoren fordern Rücktritt von Bushs Minister Gonzales
20.Apr.2007 Präsidentschaftswahlen in Frankreich: Front gegen Rechts
20.Apr.2007 Kalifornien: US- Schulen aus Angst vor neuem Amoklauf geschlossen
19.Apr.2007 69 % Gewinn- Plus: Google übertrifft alle Erwartungen
19.Apr.2007 Colleges face surge of troubled students
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 1 hour ago- By DAVID CRARY. AP

NATIONAL WRITER. NEW YORK -- Across America, college counseling centers are strained by rising numbers of mentally ill students and surging demand for mental health services - a challenging trend as campus officials try to identify ...
Posada Carriles é libertado nos Estados Unidos
EL PASO, Estados Unidos - O anticastrista Luis Posada Carriles, acusado por Cuba e Venezuela de atos terroristas, foi libertado nesta quinta-feira, 19, após pagar fiança e cumprir os requisitos impostos por uma juíza dos Estados Unidos.
Chávez exige extradição Posada Carriles para Venezuela A Tarde On Line
Exilado anticastrista é libertado de prisão nos EUA O Globo Online (Assinatura)
O POVO Online - Digital Granma International 

Vor drei Tagen habe er sich noch nicht vorstellen können, dass jemand in Deutschland verhungert, „und hier in Speyer zweimal nicht“, betont Bürgermeister Hanspeter Brohm. Das Netz an Hilfsangeboten sei besonders engmaschig, „aber so hart es klingen mag“, sagt der CDU-Mann, „die Passivität der beiden hat den Tod des jungen Mannes verursacht“. Hätte es nur den „kleinsten Fingerdeut“ gegeben, dass da etwas nicht stimmt, versichert er, hätte man „das ganze Instrumentarium an Unterstützung“ in Gang gesetzt.
19.Apr.2007 Doolittle Resigns Appropriations Panel Seat  Probably a good idea as his home just got raided by the FBI.
19.Apr.2007 Va. Tech Killer Ruled Mentally Ill by Court; Let Go After Hospital Visit  A court found that Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho was "mentally ill" and potentially dangerous. Then it let him go. posted by Prof. Hex
19.Apr.2007 The End of a 1,400-Year-Old Business  Japanese temple builder Kongo Gumi, in operation under the founders' descendants since 578, succumbed to excess debt and an unfavorable business climate 00.000.2006.posted by Prof. Hex

Der demokratische Senator Patrick Leahy erklärte, die Führung des Justizministeriums befinde sich in einer möglicherweise noch nie da gewesenen Krise. Specter sagte, Ziel der Anhörung sei eine Entscheidung des Ausschusses darüber, ob Gonzales im Amt bleiben solle. Einige Zuhörer hatten auf den Rücken ihrer Kleidung "Nehmt Gonzales fest" geschrieben.

Der Minister hat wiederholt erklärt, er sei nicht direkt in die Entlassung der Bundesanwälte involviert gewesen. Dagegen sagte sein zwischenzeitlich zurückgetretener Stabschef Kyle Sampson, Gonzales sowie Präsident George W. Bush hätten in der Sache das letzte Wort gehabt.
US- Senat: Justizminister Gonzales wenig überzeugend
19.Apr.2007 Artenvielfalt: Gates finanziert Pflanzen- Arche- Noah
Swiss journalists acquitted in case of leaked secret CIA prisons fax: Three journalists were acquitted Tuesday of breaking Swiss military secrecy laws by publishing classified intelligence material about alleged secret CIA prisons in Europe.

00.000.2001 France warned CIA of hijack plot -

11.Sep.2001-Nine months before- al-Qaida slammed airliners into the World Trade Center, French intelligence suspected the terror network was plotting a hijacking — possibly involving a U.S. airline — + warned the CIA, former French intelligence officials said Monday.
19.Apr.2007 $400 Billion for war:
US announces USD 100 million : US Under-Secretary of State Paaula Dobriansky announced today that her government expects 00.000.2007 to provide USD 100 million in humanitarian assistance for Iraqis, both inside and outside Iraq. The US will also contribute USD 18 million to the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) emergency appeal for Iraqi displacement.

War is a racket: Contractor says was told to hire Wolfowitz friend: The Pentagon ordered a U.S. contractor to hire a World Bank employee and girlfriend of then-Pentagon No. 2 Paul Wolfowitz 00.000.2003 for work related to Iraq, the contractor said on Tuesday.
19.Apr.2007 The Inexplicable Enrichment of Bush Cronies -The Iraq Money Trail -By Evelyn Pringle
It's time for Americans to face the cold hard truth that nothing will be accomplished by allowing the daily carnage in Iraq to continue + if Bush has his way, our young people will be dying in this war profiteering scheme until hell freezes over. Congress needs to authorize funding to pull our troops out of that deathtrap and not one dime more.

19.Apr.2007 France Warned CIA of Hijack Plot 00.000.2001 -By Angela Donald- Associated Press Writer
Nine months before al-Qaida slammed airliners into the World Trade Center, French intelligence suspected the terror network was plotting a hijacking — possibly involving a U.S. airline — and warned the CIA, former French intelligence officials said Monday.

11.Sep.2001 : The French Knew Much About It -By Guillaume Dasquié - Le Monde -Monday

16.Apr.2007 It's an impressive mass of documents. From a distance, one would imagine a doctoral thesis. On closer inspection: nothing of the kind. Red stamps "Confidential-Defense" and "Strictly National Usage" on every page. At the top on the left, a royal blue logo: that of the DGSE, Direction générale des services extérieurs [General Directorate for Foreign Services], the French secret services. In total, 328 classified pages. Continue

19.Apr.2007 Dare To Look Back -By Sheila Samples
09.Dec.2000 - three days before the Florida deadline- the US Republic shuddered on its axis when Bolton crashed through the doors of a Tallahassee library where Miami-Dade ballots were being recounted and shouted triumphantly - "I'm with the Bush-Cheney team + I'm here to stop the count!"

19.Apr.2007 Kangaroo tribunals give a Kafkaesque edge to Guantanamo: It seems almost natural that fact and fantasy collide in Guantanamo, the prison camp dreamed up by the Bush administration lawyers. Checks and balances, constitutional protections and long-standing legal traditions all dissolve before their fanciful "unitary executive theory." 19.Apr.2007 Amnesty exec: U.S. is abuser of rights : "00.000.2007 the idea of human rights has come under the most serious attack from the United States of America," Cox said in a talk before about 150 people at the UW-Madison Pyle Center.

19.Apr.2007 Britons on trial over US Al-Jazeera bombing memo: Two men accused of leaking details of a memo in which US President George W. Bush reportedly referred to bombing Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera face trial Wednesday.

19.Apr.2007 Rice Resists Testimony to House Panel on Niger Claim : Condoleezza Rice is resisting a U.S. House panel's demand that she testify tomorrow on why President George W. Bush said in a 2003 speech that Iraq sought uranium from Africa

19.Apr.2007 EXCLUSIVE: Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony : Recently Released E-Mails Show Attorney General's Involvement in Attorney Firing Talks

19.Apr.2007 'Nothing Compares to the Past Two Years': Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has “shattered” the department’s tradition of independence and politicized its operation more than any other attorney general in more than 30 years. So says Daniel Metcalfe, a senior attorney at the department who retired in January, before the current controversy over the firing of U.S. attorneys erupted.

19.Apr.2007 California Mortgage Defaults Hit 10-Year High: Default notices were sent to 46,760 homeowners in the first three months of 2007, according to DataQuick Information Systems. The figure is more than double the 18,856 sent during the same period a year ago + a 23% increase from the fourth quarter of 20
19.Apr.2007 They Wouldn’t Really Attack Iran, Would They? : Expressing concerns that the administration will manufacture false pretexts for attacking Iran, former National Security Advisor Zgbniew Bzrezinski recently told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Bush’s “imperial hubris” is “undermining America’s global legitimacy,” “intensifying regional instability” and putting the U.S on track for a “quagmire lasting 20 years

19.Apr.2007 US cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world: global poll : The Philippines and Israel proved the staunchest supporters with 85 % and 81 % of respondents, respectively, saying they trusted the US either a "great deal" or "somewhat," followed by Australia at 59 % and Poland at 51 %.

19.Apr.2007 Iran making nuclear fuel in underground plant: Iran has begun making nuclear fuel in its underground uranium enrichment plant, a confidential U.N. atomic watchdog document said on Wednesday, in an apparent heightening of its defiance of the United Nations

19.Apr.2007 Why is the Peace Movement Silent About AIPAC?: "AIPAC!" was the forceful one-word answer of Congressman Michael Capuano when we asked him, "Why was the Iran clause forbidding war on Iran without Congressional approval taken out of the recent supplemental for the Iraq war funding?" I nearly fell out of my chair at his reply - not because this was news but because of who had just said it.

19.Apr.2007 Clinton old guard lines up with main rival Obama: Senior Democratic figures are defecting from Hillary Clinton's camp to her main rival, Barack Obama, in the 2008 race for the White House, according to detailed financial disclosures released yesterday.

19.Apr.2007 The De-Zionization of Israel; An Interview with Ilan Pappe : Of all the Israeli historians, academics + activists that I have read, Ilan Pappe stands out as the one who has made the strongest impact on my understanding of Israel and Palestine.
19.Apr.2007 McCaffrey: 600 U.S. Mercenaries Have Been Killed in occupied Iraq : : There are roughly 130,000 Mercenaries in Iraq, said McCaffrey; about 4,000 of them have been wounded and 600 have been killed, he said.

19.Apr.2007 Qaeda group says Iraq a "university of terror": The head of an al Qaeda-linked group in Iraq said the country had become a "university of terrorism", producing highly qualified warriors, since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

19.Apr.2007 War on Terror looks like a fraud: Four years after the invasion, it's becoming pretty clear that Iraq has been "pacified" solely for the purpose of economic aggression. Humanitarian considerations are moot. The awful plight of Iraq's one million Christians, who have no place in the new Iraq, underscores this ugly truth.
19.Apr.2007 Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney -By Mary Ann Akers -Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter sent to his Democratic House colleagues this morning that he plans to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. Continue

19.Apr.2007 Escalating Military Spending - Income Redistribution in Disguise  -By Ismael Hossein-zadeh  -How escalation of war and military spending are used as disguised or roundabout ways to reverse the new deal and redistribute national resources in favor of the wealthy. Continue

19.Apr.2007 Letter to My Children’s Children’s Children On the End of Republican Government -By Marvin Chachere
I found it unbelievable that our republic would spill out into the entire globe and, repeating the life-cycle of empires like Rome and Great Britain, our unmatched strength, confidence and conceit would lead to a sense of invincibility from which we stumbled, matured, grew old and collapsed.

19.Apr.2007 long have I been saying that the Abramoff thing and the Wilkes thing might one day merge into One Big Bad Thing?
The French had penetrated Al Qaeda before 9/11! That was just one of the revelations in a blockbuster Le Monde piece that our American media almost willfully mistranslated. HamdenRice at D.U. blows the whole matter wide open
here -- and in my view, we all owe this guy a lot.
I hope to delve into the implications of this piece at greater length soon; right now, here's Hamden's precis: The revelation here is the level of penetration into al Qaeda. The French have Uzbeks posing as jihadists in the command structure of al Qaeda ; they have European born or based Muslims posing as jihadists in the al Qaeda camps; they are listening to their satellite conversations.
They have such sweeping and deep penetration of al Qaeda, that al Qaeda had become “transparent” to French intelligence. They even listen in to the jihadists debates about which airlines to strike and which airline routes to hijack. Their eyes and ears are there when it is decided months before 9/11 to hit American Airlines and United Airlines.

19.Apr.2007 Gun Industry Caught Lying for Profit in an Illinois Mailer. They are Addicted to Their Blood Money. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Gonzales/Attorneys Hearing: A Direct, As Yet Unreported Connection Straight Into the White House 4/20

19.Apr.2007 MUST READ! For six years, the Bush administration, aided by Justice Department political appointees, has pursued an aggressive legal effort to restrict voter turnout in key battleground states in ways that favor Republican political candidates, according to former department lawyers and a review of written records. 4/19
233 Killed in Iraq on Wednesday; 183 in Single Incident in Baghdad; More Than 430 Dead Citizens Since Sunday; Time to Leave, Time to Leave, Time to Leave 4/19
Nearly 200 Dead in Baghdad bombings 4/19
White House Response to Gun Violence -- Editorial Cartoonist Mike Peters
From Gonzales' testimony Thursday: Gonzales told the committee there was no impropriety in last winter's firings and said the decision was "justified and should stand."; Gonzales conceded "reasonable people might disagree." There's nothing reasonable about what they did to those U.S. attorneys who were only trying to do their job without political interference 4/19

19.Apr.2007 Live coverage of Alberto Gonzales testifying on Capitol Hill
Live Translation Of The Attorney General's Testimony Under Oath -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

19.Apr.2007 Greenwald makes a remarkably good catch. First, he quotes an ABC report on the Virginia Tech shooter (emphasis added by me): Some news accounts have suggested that Cho had a history of antidepressant use, but senior federal officials tell ABC News that they can find no record of such medication in the government's files . This does not completely rule out prescription drug use, including samples from a physician, drugs obtained through illegal Internet sources, or a gap in the federal database, but the sources say theirs is a reasonably complete search. Greenwald then asks what you and I should have asked when we first scanned this paragraph: Files? Federal database?
This intrusion was foisted upon us without our permission, at a time when all three branches of government were controlled by alleged "small government" conservatives.

19.Apr.2007 Juden in den USA_Skript.doc
00.000.1919 Suche nach Bolschewiken in den USA durch Bureau of Investigation FBI

00.000.1919 USA Änderung der Einwanderungsregeln : Einwanderer mussten ...
19.Apr.2007 Crime, Punishment + Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment Prema Polit, AlterNet

Rights and Liberties: In the U.S., over 2.13 million people are incarcerated. Sasha Abramsky's new book, American Furies, explores the bloated prison system and its tremendous financial and moral cost to our society.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Dangerous Database Jake Bernstein, Texas Observer

Rights and Liberties: Texas is amassing an unprecedented amount of information on its citizens.
19.Apr.2007 Thousands Protest Climate Change Across the Country AlterNet

EnviroHealth: Today, 1,400 actions are taking place in all 50 states in the country's largest protest against global warming. What does this new movement for change look like? See for yourself.
19.Apr.2007 U.S. Attorneys and Voting Rights: The New Watergate Marjorie Cohn, AlterNet

Rights and Liberties: The attorney scandal is a cover-up revolving around efforts by the Bush administration to disenfranchise African-American voters in communities where the vote is close.
19.Apr.2007 How a PR Firm Helped Establish America's Cigarette Century Allan M. Brandt, AlterNet

MediaCulture: How the tobacco industry-hired Hill & Knowlton to develop many of the propaganda techniques against science used today to attack climate change and evolution.
19.Apr.2007 Revenge of the World Bank Secretaries Susie Bright,

MediaCulture: Want to know what really goes on at the World Bank? Read a copy of Bank Swirled, an underground satirical newspaper published by World Bank employees.
19.Apr.2007 Global Warming Hits Southwest Mike Davis,

EnviroHealth: The Arctic is not the only theater of unequivocal climate change and polar bears aren't the only heralds of a new age of chaos. Global warming is already affecting the U.S.
19.Apr.2007 In Aftermath of Va. Shooting, Ethnic Groups Prayed, "Let It Be Some Other Asian" Andrew Lam, New America Media

As the country waited to learn the identity of the killer at Virginia Tech, Asian Americans held their breath, waiting to see if they would shoulder the spillover of blame for the acts of an individual.
Why Are Americans Afraid of Being Naked? Dara Colwell, AlterNet

In the Netherlands people can be naked in their gardens, the beach and recently the gym. But in America, even chocolate sculptures can't be without clothes. What gives?
The Feminine Face of Poverty Riane Eisler, AlterNet

Rights and Liberties: Seventy % of those living in absolute poverty in our world -- that is starving or on the edge of starvation -- are female. Not only that, in our wealthy United States, women and children are the mass of the poor and the poorest of the poor.

EU member countries will begin implementing the first pan-national experiment in total communications logging over the next couple of years. Soon it will be impossible to go online or make a cell phone call anywhere in Europe without leaving a very detailed trail behind you.

What's amusing and sad about all this is that citizens of the United States willingly gave up their right to online privacy long ago, without any fight at all. Everyone who stores email on Google or Yahoo! or Hotmail is creating the same kind of data reserve that the European Parliament created with the Directive on Data Retention. Maybe the EU should learn something from all those Americans happily building a surveillance gold mine without any inducement other than free email. Why pass laws when you can just work with Google?

Annalee Newitz is a surly media nerd who can't wait to watch the market for non-European ISPs go crazy. © 2007 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
View this story online at:

01.Jan.2006 7:58 AM People who are in the system - who browse, send emails, leave a trail - are only part of the issue.

Records exist also for those people who do NOT browse, send emails, etc.

There will be a point (if not already here) that failing to leave an electronic trail is in itself suspicious behavior.
28.Dec.2005 6:05 PM The EU spy technology sounds like the Total Intelligence Awareness program implemented by John Poindexter at the Pentagon's Intelligence Awareness Office (IAO).

The program was developed by Syntek, a security technology government contractor with whom Poindexter was employed following his convictions for conspiracy, lying + destruction of evidence while acting as Reagan's National Security advisor during the Iran-contra scandal.,5673,651975,00.html 19.Apr.2007 Haushalte: Euro- Länder wollen ihre Staatsdefizite bis 2010 auf Null bringen
19.Apr.2007 Ostdeutschland: Neonazis schüchtern Politiker ein
Superheiße Sterne: Forscher vermessen Planeten- Todeszone
19.Apr.2007 Senkung der Lohnsteuer: "Grober ökonomischer Unfug"

19.Apr.2007 Dänemark: Abgeordneter vergleicht Kopftuch mit Hakenkreuz

19.Apr.2007 Urteil: EBay muss Angebote gefälschter Produkte verhindern
19.Apr.2007 Brummende Wirtschaft: Chinas Boom stürzt Börsen in Turbulenzen

19.Apr.2007 Amoklauf- Debatte: "Amerikanischer Realitätsverlust"
19.Apr.2007 Fahndung in Hamburg: Sterbender Mann in U- Bahn bestohlen
Amoklauf- Debatte: "Amerikanischer Realitätsverlust"
WWI. 31.Jul.1915 Der 1. Weltkrieg- Vor Gott und der Geschichte ist Mein Gewissen rein: Ich habe den Krieg nicht gewollt .

Nach Vorbereitungen eines ganzen Jahrzehnts glaubte der Verband der ...
2004072021_B_Report ...

00.Aug.1914 rief er "Auf zu den Waffen",

00.000.1915 tönte er: " Vor Gott und Geschichte ist mein Gewissen rein. Ich habe diesen Krieg nicht gewollt.”
theologie.geschichte - Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kulturgeschichte [95]

„Die Ordnung, unter die das Evangelium ein Volk und seinen Staat vor Gott stellt, ist die Ordnung der Freiheit, die Wagnis ist; nicht aber der ...
Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics

00.000.1986 Sikh separatists also joined the mojahedin in attending the WACL 11th annual conference in Luxembourg, during which General Singlaub announced that ...
Summary of three cases

28.Feb.1986 Palme was gunned down on a Stockholm street (Seavägen)...

World anti-Communist League ( WACL ) had also an office in that same building.
Ruber Roseus: Lännen Paratiisit - kirjoituksia vallasta

00.000.1986 ASSASSINS PRESS/COPENHAGEN . Tryk: Kotoeds Skoles Verkstedskursus ...

Nykyinen Maailman Kommunisminvastainen Neuvosto ( WACL ) perustettiin Söulissa ...
Democratic Underground Forums - Printer friendly page, topic ID ...

00.000.1970 -In the's- the WACL opened chapters throughout the world, attracting former Nazi supporters in ...

Singlaub was indicted for this

00.000.1986 +

00.000.1988 ...
FTR#367—What’s Going on Here

The former World Anti-Communist League or WACL was among the organizations that ...

At the center is a clearinghouse in Luxembourg called Clearstream, ...
FTR#529—Nazi Roots and Fascist Flowers—(Two 30-minute segments ...

American branch of WACL ) has a great affinity for the ABN and its members, ... or to discreet groups of Europeans through Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.
VIIe congrès de l’Association française de science politique Lille ... Version HTML
( WACL ) et aussi, semble-t-il, avec le colonel Pak, bras-droit du ... de voyages aux Etats-Unis en ju00.000.1986, quelques semaines après que six sénateurs ...
[CTRL] Fwd: JFK: The Manchurian Candidate and The Final Solution The former World Anti-Communist League or WACL was among the ... Under Quasha, Harken suddenly absorbed Junior’s struggling Spectrum 7 00.000.1986 .
For The Record Summary Posts ... American branch of WACL ) has a great affinity for the ABN + its members, ...

00.000.1986 -commending the ‘independence’ of the Ukraine under Stetsko 00.000.1941.
Eschaton In Monday's edition of the New York Times, Luxembourg's Ambassador to the United States ... (1,6) Moon claimed that he raised $1.4 million for the 1970 WACL ...

19.Apr.2007 Assassinats de Coopérants - South African Links in the Murder of ...

28.Feb.1986 He was gunned down on a Stockholm street (Seavägen) on, ...

It was almost certain that the World anti-Communist League ( WACL ) had also an ...
JSTOR: State Practices, International Norms + the Decline of ...

For the best treatment of WACL see Anderson and Anderson ( 1986 ). ...

States Unified Liberia Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands Nicaragua Norway Panama Paraguay ...
JSTOR: Africa and International Corruption: The Strange Case of ...

11.Oct.1986 -Affidavit dated- submitted by G. Mario Ricci to the High Court ...

On the WACL, Scott Anderson and Jon Lee Anderson, Inside the League (Dodd ...;2-P
Summary Of The Three Cases Version HTML
He was gunned down on a Stockholm street (Seavägen) on February 28, 1986 . ... representative of the ANC in France (and also of Switzerland and Luxembourg ).
On the WACL, Scott Anderson and Jon Lee Anderson, Inside the League (Dodd, Mead. & Co., New York, 1986 ). 115.

Kenneth Timmerman, The Death Lobby: how the ... 20041206

... of Operation Stay Behind has been officially admitted in Luxembourg + ... board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the WACL .
United States and NATO inspired 'psychological warfare operations ...

Refer also to Herman, E. and Brodhead, F. ( 1986 ) The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian ...

Germany + Holland + Luxembourg + Norway + Portugal + Spain + the UK.

Variant 12 (Page 10) Version HTML
the World Anti-Communist League ( WACL ), "an umbrella group that functioned as a cat's paw for ... Herman, E. and Brodhead, F. ( 1986 ) The Rise +...

S.O.S. Traansilvania Noi apartinem la WACL cu numele de "Frontul Roman al Libertatii".

17.Oct.1986 Comandantul imi scrie:. Am primit pachetul cu cartile in limba engleza ... The Dirty History of Ronald Reagan BCCI also had major centres in the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg, ...

00.000.1986 Acting CIA Director Richard Kerr told Congress that the Agency was well aware ...
19.Apr.2007 Hints Of Conspiracy | TIME
It is a uniquely American ritual.

... contras on a worldwide basis;

Barbara Studley, a rather mysterious friend of ...,9171,964308-3,00.html
19.Apr.2007 The Consortium
Molina and his companion, Enrique Delvalle, had been clearing up business that ... by another contra arms broker, Barbara Studley, who worked closely with retired ...
19.Apr.2007 Alpha Phi Fraternity - Alumnae Information
Join the Alumnae Advantage Program. Register Your Alumnae Benefits Card ...

1936 Jean Fuerbringer Nixon

1937 Barbara Studley Chase

1937 Louisa A. Zwicker ...
19.Apr.2007 ... Congressmen who strongly opposed contra ... Singlaub + his associate Barbara Studley had arranged to get Polish weapons to the contras.
19.Apr.2007 Supreme Law Library : Court Cases : Col. James "Bo" Gritz : gritz
Now, there's a lady that I know named Barbara Studley . ... Barbara Studley was the go-between + some of those profits dropped off there, ...
NACLA Digital Archive - Beyond the Secret Team
00.Feb.1987 THE INVESTIGATION into the ... With Barbara Studley, his partner in the arms firm GeoMiliTech, Singlaub also ... Barbara Studley, Gen...
19.Apr.2007 MIHRA.ORG/Music Industry Human Rights Association
CIA works of art - Manuals. Written Statement of Celerino Castillo ... also claims that he met with Barbara Studley and John Singlaub + they wanted ...
19.Apr.2007 Dollar: Schwarze Zeiten für den Greenback - Wirtschaft - SPIEGEL ...

Schwarze Zeiten für den Greenback. Von Arne Gottschalck ...

Bundeswehr- Video: Rassistische Sprüche bei Schießübung - Ausbilder versetzt ...,1518,455592,00.html
19.Apr.2007 Stop Press! Us Plans To Use Nuclear In 7 Countries In Case Of War ...

I have not, however, been to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. but have interacted (in ... a very powerful tool for which seems to be a prime channel ), ...
10.Mar.2002 05:23. Stop Press! Us Plans To Use Nuclear In 7 Countries In Case Of War ... msc3. Originally posted by KnightRider ...

Saudi Arabia + it's neighbors need to help us put an end to Islamic terrorists + stop ...
South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Also led efforts to develop the ... Dr. Neil Livingstone . Chairman and CEO, GlobalOptions, Inc., United States.
Ethics, Espionage + Covert Action ... effects of Soviet power in Eastern Europe, the Ukraine + the Baltic States.

Neil Livingstone, an expert on terrorism and low-intensity conflict, ...

Award in the Arbitration Proceedings with the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs ...
19.Apr.2007 Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The Booming Business of War ... Neil Livingstone, a former Senate aide who has served as a Pentagon and State Department ... headed by former US Ambassador to Ukraine Carlos Pascual.
Aum Shinri-kyo Updates (CESNUR)-According to terrorism expert Neil Livingstone, his plan was to manipulate ... who served with the 9th Division at the Simferopol military base in Ukraine, ...
19.Apr.2007 Veterans for Peace - Maine ... of armoured cars from Brazil + Ukraine, along with AK-47 assault rifles,

... Neil Livingstone, a former Senate aide who has served as a Pentagon and ...
C-Span 2 is doing Y2K and Terrorism NOW

TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread Moderator: ed<at>
See above. I don't know how long this lasts.
-- Rebecca Waldock (RWaldock<at>,

30.Aug.1999 Answers Now I see it was originally taped on

08.Jul.1999 , but I still hadn't seen it before.
-- Rebecca Waldock (RWaldock<at>,

30.Aug.1999 . Wow, just caught the end of some Navy Seal spokesman(?), suggesting 60 days of cash, prepare for loss of power and water.

Gotta go.........
-- Will continue (farming<at>, August 30, 1999. Thanks Rebecca...I only have C-SPAN

"60 days of cash, prepare for loss of power and water. "

Will, seriously? And, from the Navy? they post transripts?

Mike ====================================================================
-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3<at>, August 30, 1999. Commentary: Neil Livingstone: "fact is, we think something will happen somewhere." Don't travel if you don't have to, or travel early. Concerns about violent crimes, worse if there is a breakdown in services. (duh!) Questions asked about bank runs + stockmarket drops.
-- claire (listeningtocspan<at>, August 30, 1999. That was the best I've seen so far! Admiral Crowe is a GI! That navy seal dude was excellent! "60 days of cash don't get 100's get 10's and 5' and singles. Top off your tanks daily end of December. Water purifacation hand warmers for heat don't forget this will occur in the middle of winter."

I couldn't beleive it.

Then this bomb expert got up there and said "state dept numbers are always too low! When I was at the FBI we would pour over their numbers and they were always too low.
-- Johnny (JLJTM<at>BELLSOUTH.NET), August 30, 1999. Y2K rep. from Wyoming (I just loooooooove their mind set, lol), asks Livingstone about scenerios he's been made aware of (rumor) that citizens groups are concerned about marauders traveling up and down highways, hitting communities to steal preps. He's been made aware of plans to band together in order to prevent this possibility, to the extent of blockades and distruction of highways and bridges.

Livingstone responds by sharing his story of hearing about women buying wood stoves to be placed in apartments and suggests this level of "over-reaction" is not prudent or necessary. He goes on to announce current law enforcement's "fear" of citizens deputizing themselves and taking the law into their own hands.
-- Will continue (farming<at>, August 30, 1999. They basically tell us we're on our own, but keep your hooves tied and your mouths full of grass. LOL
-- Will continue (farming<at>, August 30, 1999. This was a presentation by a group named "Global Options" to the National Press Club on July 8, 1999. They have some charge or authority to mitigate Y2K disruptions. They are comprised of many "ex" upper level government leaders including an ex Joint Chief of Staff. I do not think the tape has aired before today or we would have caught and talked about what they were recommending. IT IS MORE EVIDENCE THAT THE PRESS IS NOT DISSEMINATING THE INFORMATION THAT IS BEING HANDED TO THEM, LET ALONE NOT INVESTIGATING Y2K. No reports on this press club meeting came out, to my knowledge, in the nearing two months since it occured. Gary Stubblefield (of the GlobalOps group reccommended to the newsmen that they secure SIXTY DAYS CASH IN SMALL BILLS, NINETY DAYS MEDICATIONS + AT LEAST30 DAYS FOOD AND WATER. He reccommended that if they had no way to safely store extra gasoline to keep their tanks full, purchase water filtration equipment + alternate communications equipment, as well as the standard emergency flashlights, first aid and blankets etc.. All the speakers discouraged travel and gathering in large crowds. They advised if you travel GET PAPER TICKETS - NOT E-TICKSETS, OR YOU MAY BE STRANDED. They revealed plans to commence spaceing aircraft flights at greater intervals for safety and the backlog that would create. They reccommended not flying a few days before or after the rollover. They have a web site it is
-- Ann Fisher (zyax55b<at>, August 30, 1999. Well, WAIT A MINUTE, HOLD ON. If this was produced on JULY 8, then those Navy guys were probably relying on the JUNE report that Jim Lord released. As we all know, that report is now "old data" + the new one says things are going to be just peachy.
(Thought I would get that in before Hoffmeister could. I'm after your job, Hoffy! Look out, dude!!)
-- King of Spain (madrid<at>, August 30, 1999. Ann

Thanks for the link.

Here is a link to their site and a "white paper" they posted.

Most of it is common info.

A Report Prepared by GlobalOptions LLC

 The Other Y2K Problem, White Paper

This is an interesting bit;

While the scope and seriousness of the problem can + will, be debated up to the advent of the new millennium, no one is predicting that January 1, 2000, will come and go without problems.

According to a January 1999 statement by a World Bank official, "While wealthy countries and large companies have the money and skilled technicians needed to immunize computers and their operating software from the Millennium Bug, many of our developing country clients cannot muster the resources to tackle a problem that most see as a vague and
distant threat."(12) Even the most optimistic prognosticators note that Russia and most developing countries are seriously unprepared for Y2K and that billions of lines of code have yet to be changed in computer software in those countries. The Russian government has said it will cost $1 billion to $3 billion to make the necessary computer fixes in that country. "That is up to one-seventh of a federal budget that already cannot pay some pensions and debts," writes one observer.(13) In the Ukraine and other parts of the former Soviet Union, power and other systems are at serious risk. An official of China's National Petroleum Office predicts "disasters" when the millennium bug strikes.

As of May 28, 1999, Nigeria, the second largest economy in Africa, had yet to even begin planning for the Y2K transition.

Although it ranks among the world's 10 most computerized nations, the government of Brazil intends to spend only $300 million on Y2K compliance, far short of the amount actually required. In a recent update, Felix Murillo, Peru's national Y2K coordinator, indicated that only 16 % of the computers have been fixed in government agencies + only 9 % of those agencies even have contingency plans for computer failures. Iran says it will need international assistance to address its Y2K computer problems.(14)

As of March of this year, Ecuador and Guatemala reported that they hadn't even begun planning for Y2K. According to presidential chief-of-staff Alfredo Pena in Venezuela, the previous government,
which left office in February, "made absolutely no preparations to get computers ready to handle Year 2000 dates." This left the country "with 10 months to do what the much larger United States did in ten
years."(15) Fearing that its traffic management systems will not be ready, the Panama Canal will not admit ships on December 31.

Virtually no country in Africa (with the possible exception of South Africa), the Middle East, or Latin America is expected to be fully Y2K compliant + most will require months, if not years, to bring their
systems into compliance. Similarly, few Asian nations are expected to be ready for the Y2K changeover. Only in far less developed nations like Vietnam is the Y2K bug unlikely to have a major impact.

It is possible that Y2K will lead to political and economic instability in many parts of the world + perhaps even to the collapse of governments.

While the problems will be most acute in the developing world, there clearly will be serious disruptions in many other industrialized nations. Powercor, the largest electrical distributor in the Australian state of Victoria, has asserted that it cannot guarantee uninterrupted electrical supplies in the year 2000. Japanese officials indicate that Japan still lags behind the United States in Y2K compliance, although the gap has been narrowed from six months to three months. A recent survey of 7,301 Italian companies found that 56.9 % were unsure whether or not they would be Y2K compliant by the end of the year. The Italian government didn't even set up a Y2K coordinating committee until January of this year. "I'm afraid we're starting a little late," said Cabinet Undersecretary Franco Bassanini.(16) "Italy is going to crash + we are going to be crucified," says Romano
Oneda, a member of the country's Y2K compliance committee.(17)
-- Brian (imager<at>, August 30, 1999. The program you are talking about aired live on cspan in June. I and most of my family watched it. By the way, most of my family and friends have been GI's for over two years.
-- henrietta neville (bneville<at>, August 30, 1999. Navy Seal was former commander of Navy Seal Goup 3 - best of the bunch and yes he said at least 30 days. Someone also said that the numbers on the grids and the nuc plants were "probably not very accurate". Adm. Crowe was very short with some ditsy woman reporter who said, "You really don't mean to recommend that people don't go to New Year celebrations do you?" and he replied something to the effect that you would be placing yourself in a "target rich environment" if you go to any of the really large gatherings (Time's Square and the Mall" were two he mentioned.) They also sounded rather sure that there would be a run on the banks.

Actually, I sat there with my mouth open to hear such doomy prognostications coming from my TV set. Was definitely not an "all is honky-dory" presentation. Wonder what is on tomorrow - this is supposed to run every day this week.
-- Valkyrie (anon<at>, August 30, 1999. Will continue: Keep your hooves up! drop the grass; now back away. Sloowly.

If anyone knows where we can get a transcript please post it.
-- Shelia (Shelia<at>, August 30, 1999.

20070201 More joy for those on syndicate 957 ( Cackett, as was). ... View as HTML no longer at Duncanson & Holt and Cackett was no longer at Syndicate 957 .
House of Lords - Minute Feasey (a representative Lloyd’s underwriter suing on his own behalf and on behalf of all the members of Syndicate 957 ) (Respondent) v. ...


The Court of Appeal agreed with Syndicate 957 (and the trial Judge). They found that: The deposit premium is part of the overall premium and the final adjusted premium has to take into account the deposit premium already paid. It would be surprising if the brokers were to be remunerated by being paid 15% of the deposit premium twice, once on payment of the deposit premium and again on the deposit part of the (minimum) premium received as a whole. The natural and ordinary meaning of the brokerage clause is not cumulative but takes into account brokerage already paid.

TCRU's appeal was dismissed.
Deutsche Kapitalisten als Förderer Hitlers - ...

Besagter Keppler -Kreis ging übrigens zurück auf den mittelständischen Unternehmer Wilhelm Keppler (1882-1960) + bestand vornehmlich aus Bankiers + ...

Hat das „Großkapital“ Hitler zur Macht verholfen? - Seite 2 ...

Wilhelm Keppler von den Chemischen Werken Odin GmbH wird ebenso ...

im Hotel Adlon waren beteiligt:

Bankier Warburg als Treuhänder des New Yorker Bankhauses Kuhn, ...
Big Business and the Persecution of the Jews: The Flick Concern ... fice or HWA) + Wilhelm Keppler, an economic advisor to Hitler, approached the ...

Hahn'sche Werke, Rawack & Griinfeld, Warburg ) oder unter auslandischem ...
IEsprajpirfaitncDim anndl Ex]puiill§n©im TDn© ImpsKcfl: ©IF (tlh ...
tries of finance + the interior; by Reich Plenipotentiary Wilhelm Keppler + the. Austrian Nazi trade minister, Fischbock.

Topic five of the meetings ...
Suchergebnisse anzeigen [SW: Waffen-SS/Allgemeine SS/Verfügungstruppe/Wilhelm Keppler/Reinhard Heydrich ...

d. verschollene Dokument von Sidney Warburg über d. internat.
Recovery Program Could Have Blocked Hitler's "Legal Coup"

19.000.1932 , Hitler received another letter, this time from another ``liaison'' to business circles, Wilhelm Keppler, who wrote: ...
The Nazi Dictatorship and the Deutsche Bank - Cambridge University ...

Keppler, Wilhelm, 23, 101, 120.

Kesselstadt, Elsa Gräfin, 73.

Keynes, John Maynard, 187–8 ...

Warburg, Max, 19.

Wassermann, Oscar, 8–9, 39, 41–3, 46, 52 ...
CCF: Making the Postwar World Safe for Fascist 'Kulturkampf'

Warburg was the publisher of George Orwell, who was also quite active in CCF.

Warburg was the treasurer of the British Society for Cultural Freedom (BSCF),
Unser falsches Wissen ist das Kapital der Manipulierer :: vonkraft

... mit Bush’s + Bin Laden’s, Skull & Bones + das Mr.President-Business. ... am Rande einer Demonstration oder vor einer Kirche nach dem Gottesdienst.

09.Sep.2004 at 2000hrs BST-last night-The first ever audio broadcast of a Skull and Bones initiation ceremony was made on BBC Radio 4 .
00.000.1981Newsweek,Washington Post owners acknowledge cooperation ...

00.000.1981Newsweek, Washington Post owners acknowledge cooperation with CIA.
authentico index

00.000.1981 USA Newsweek+ Washington Post Owners ack Knowledge Cop p+Opp + Erration +U SA+CIA ·

Saul Landau: The Mass Media, Symbols and Ownership

The change occurred after the Watergate era, when Washington Post owners, who also own Newsweek, kvelled over the role Post reporters played in forcing ...
Fourth Estate or Fourth Branch of Government? excerpted from the ...

For instance, Washington Post owners Philip and Katharine Graham were best friends with Frank Wisner, a pivotal figure in the Agency's worldwide propaganda ...

Die Nerven liegen blank in Blacksburg: Zwei Tage nach dem Amoklauf eines Studenten mit 33 Toten umstellten bewaffnete Polizisten heute ein Gebäude auf dem Campus.

Zunächst war von einer Bombendrohung die Rede - später sprach die Polizei nur noch von einem mysteriösen Anruf.

Das Blackberry-System werde jetzt genau kontrolliert, um den normalen Service aufrechtzuerhalten, teilte das Unternehmen mit. Die Ursache werde untersucht.
Ein Systemausfall am Dienstagabend hat die Nutzung der Blackberry-Taschencomputer beeinträchtigt. Der E-Mail-Verkehr habe nur unregelmäßig funktioniert, sagte ein RIM-Sprecher.

Für die meisten Nutzer sei das System noch in der Nacht wiederhergestellt worden. RIM-Aktien reagierten zunächst mit Kursverlusten, erholten sich dann aber wieder.

Die Tat von Cho Seung-Hui geht als bisher blutigster Amoklauf in die Geschichte der USA ein. Schon vor seiner Tat war Cho Seung- Hui der Polizei bekannt.

00.Nov.2005+00.Dez.2005 -Im-Zwei Studentinnen hätten sich an die Behörden gewandt, weil sie sich von Cho Seung-Hui verfolgt gefühlt hätten, sagte der Polizeichef der Technischen Hochschule von Blacksburg Wendell Flinchum am Mittwoch. Aus Sorge vor einer Selbstmordgefährdung des Studenten hätten Beamte Cho Seung Hui damals in eine psychiatrische Klinik gebracht.

Anhand der genauen Analyse der gut erhaltenen Fossilien konnten die Forscher die komplette Architektur des Baums rekonstruieren und damit auch das Rätsel um das Aussehen der Eospermatopteris genannten Gilboa-Bäume lösen. So muss es sich um einen etwa acht Meter hohen, farnähnlichen Baum gehandelt haben, vermuten die Botaniker. Außerdem verlor dieser wohl häufig Äste.

Die Gestalt dieses fossilen Grüns zeige starke Ähnlichkeiten mit heutigen Palmen sowie Palm- und Baumfarnen. Der Fund aus der Urzeit sei das bisher älteste Beispiel für eine in der Evolution wiederkehrende und bis heute erhaltene Baumform.
Energie- Land Irak: Studie vermutet gigantische unentdeckte Ölreserven
Extremes Wetter: Robbenfänger sitzen im Eis fest - Schiffe drohen zu sinken
19.Apr.2007 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Wir werden also untergehen"
19.Apr.2007 Präsidentenwahl in Frankreich: Wahlaufsicht droht Bloggern
19.Apr.2007 Ältester Baum: Fächergewächs aus der Urzeit
19.Apr.2007 Präsident unter Druck: Weltbank- Vize drängt Wolfowitz zum Rücktritt
19.Apr.2007 18. APRIL 2007
Börsenrekord: US- Aktienindex erreicht Allzeit- Hoch
19.Apr.2007 Atomkonflikt: Iran beginnt mit Urananreicherung
Anklage: Kaufmann schmuggelte sieben Milliarden Zigaretten
19.Apr.2007 Kairo: Zoll ertappt Reisenden mit 400 lebenden Schildkröten
19.Apr.2007 Regierungsstudie: Große Teile Norddeutschlands als Atommüll- Endlager geeignet

19.Apr.2007 Großauftrag: Frankreichs Post will 10.000 Elektroautos anschaffen
19.Apr.2007 Wirbelsturm- Simulation: Klimawandel als Hurrikan- Bremse
19.Apr.2007 Konzernumbau: Telekom will Streik juristisch unterbinden
Umstrittener Gesetzentwurf: Kabinett beschließt Vorratsdatenspeicherung
19.Apr.2007 Terrorabwehr: Empörung über Schäubles Abkehr von Unschuldsvermutung
The Truth About Afghanistan: A Member of the Afghani Parliament Says, "the U.S. government "pushed us from the frying pan into the fire and selected its friends from among the most dirty and infamous criminals of the Northern Alliance, sworn enemies of democracy and human rights, as evil and cruel as the Taliban." 4/18
Bush on gun control: 'Crack down on people who commit crimes.' One Problem, Mr. Shill for the Gun Lobby: The Shooter at Virginia Tech Killed Himself. He was Your Usual "Law Abiding" Loner, Enabled by a Gun Lobby and the White House.

19.Apr.2007 Retired general: Dire state of army puts U.S. in strategic harm's way 4/18
It will take a generation to restore so much of this great nation from the wreckage of this presidency. But the people shall endure. 4/18
The Bush administration fed Republican senators misleading talking points that hailed the prosecutorial experience of interim Little Rock U.S. Attorney J. Timothy Griffin, although the protégé of White House political adviser Karl Rove appears never to have actually tried a criminal case. 4/18

19.Apr.2007 The Iraq war was supposed to spread democracy throughout the Middle East, but to date its most palpable result has been to spread Iraqis throughout the world -- 4 million of them 4/18

Die demokratischen Waffenfreunde

Dass die neuerlichen Rufe nach Gesetzen erfolgreich sein werden, ist ziemlich fraglich. Eher dagegen sprechen nicht nur die US-Geschichte und die Macht der Waffenlobby, deren Parteispenden im Wahljahr nach dem Columbine-Massaker 1999 auf vier Millionen Dollar hochschossen.

Anfang Mai 2006 hatten chinesische Wissenschaftler berichtet, dass Tibets Gletscher rapide schmelzen.

Unter Berufung auf die Auswertung der Daten von 681 Wetterstationen berichtete Xinhua im vergangenen Jahr, dass die Eisschilde um sieben % pro Jahr schrumpfen.

Die Durchschnittstemperaturen in Tibet seien seit den achtziger Jahren um 0,9 Grad gestiegen. Umwelt, Wirtschaft und Wintersportlern fehlt der Schnee

Online-Durchsuchungen ohne Wissen der Betroffenen seien ein unverhältnismäßiger Eingriff in die Grundrechte der Menschen. "Das wird auf keinen Fall so kommen, wie Herr Schäuble sich das wünscht."

Dies gelte auch für den vom Minister erneut ins Gespräch gebrachten Einsatz der Bundeswehr im Innern.

Am Montag hatten sich die Koalitionsspitzen darauf verständigt, zu Schäubles umstrittenen Plänen zur Speicherung von Fingerabdrücken + Passfotos sowie zur Regelung von Online-Durchsuchungen ein informelles Gremium einzusetzen, um den Streit zu entschärfen.

Die Innnenpolitikerin Ulla Jepke von der Linksfraktion sagte zu SPIEGEL ONLINE: "Schäuble hat die Katze aus dem Sack gelassen."

Es sei "unverfroren", wie der Innenminister die Unschuldsvermutung auszuhebeln versuche. "Schäuble strebt den totalen Sicherheitsstaat an", sagte Jelpke weiter.

Wolfgang Wieland, innenpolitischer Specher der Grünenfraktion, erklärte in einer Pressemitteilung: "Schäuble verliert endgültig seine politische Unschuld."

Wenn der Minister seine Pläne durchsetze, werde "der Rechtsstaat auf dem Altar der Sicherheit geopfert."
Wetterkontrolle: Chinesen lassen Schnee auf Tibet fallen
Verfassungsgericht: Gysi sieht durch Tornado- Einsatz Grundgesetz verletzt
18.Apr.2007 Innere Sicherheit: Schäuble will Unschuldsvermutung im Anti- Terror- Kampf nicht gelten lassen
Ultraschall: Moskitos pfeifen auf hohe Töne
Nach Amoklauf von Blacksburg: Kriminologe fordert Spielverbote
18.Apr.2007 Nach Amoklauf: Koreanische Studenten fürchten Vergeltung
18.Apr.2007 Terrorbekämpfung: EU- Abgeordnete kritisieren CIA- Gefangenentransporte
Massaker in Blacksburg: Amokläufer schrieb blutrünstige Theaterstücke
Ferne Sternenquelle: Fruchtbarer Nebel des Einhorns
17.Apr.2007 Arbeitsloser in Speyer verhungert
MDR - vor 6 Stunden gefunden
In der pfälzischen Stadt ist ein Arbeitsloser verhungert. Nach Angaben der Polizei wurde die Leiche des 20-Jährigen in der Wohnung seiner Mutter gefunden. Die Obduktion habe ergeben, dass der Mann seit Monaten nicht mehr genug zu essen hatte. ...
Tragödie in Speyer: Arbeitsloser in Wohnung verhungert Die Zeit
Zu Hause verhungert, einfach so Stern

17.Apr.2007 Ende der Irak- Verärgerung: US- Bürger haben Deutschland wieder lieb
17.Apr.2007 Us 1986 U.S. president Reagan confesses weapon sales to Iran ... 1950 Joseph A Schumpeter, Aus/US economist/Minister of Finance, dies at 66 ...
17.Apr.2007 TrackBack-URL für diesen Eintrag:

Währenddessen in Hamburg: der Hersteller der Fingerprint-Scanner für die deutschen Reisepässe, Dermalog, steckt bis zum Hals in Korruptionsskandalen.

Mit mindestens einer halben Million Euro wurden Offiziere der indonesischen Polizei geschmiert, damit dort ebenfalls Dermalog-Produkte zum Einsatz kommen.

Mittlerweile ist der Initiator der erwähnten deutschen biometrischen Pässe,

Ex-Bundes-Innenminister Otto Schily im Aufsichtsrat von Byometric Systems AG (Mitterfelden) und SAFE ID Solutions AG (Unterhaching).

Sein Nachfolger, Wolfgang Schäuble, sucht jetzt nach Möglichkeiten zur Verschärfung der Gesetzeslage.
[CTRL] [9] The Marcos Dynasty

The Washington branch was headed by retired Rear Admiral Earl P. Yates, ... with Singlaub in a Washington consulting firm called GeoMiliTech Corporation .
Un Informe de la ONU sobre los Tecos: El Documento Larry Pratt ... Hanging on the wall of Pearson's Washington, D.C. office is a letter from then ... GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub and his partner, Barbara Studley, ...
Un Informe de la ONU sobre los Tecos GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub and his partner, Barbara Studley, ... Colgando en la pared de su oficina en Washington D.C. esta la siguiente carta del ...
Eastern Europe's Arsenal on the Loose 22, ( Washington, DC: British American Security Information Council, ... This paper was written by Abdel Fatau Musah and Robert Castle, Consultants ...
Eastern Europe's Arsenal on the Loos By Abdel Fatau Musah and Robert Castle, Consultants ... 22, ( Washington, DC: British American Security Information Council, July 1997). ...
D.C. BANK SWEPT UP IN INTRIGUE ... [CIA, MAFIA, S&L FRAUD ... Documents at the Washington, D.C.-based National Security Archive show that ... the fee paid for his advice to GeoMiliTech went to his company, SIFT Inc.,

17.Apr.2007 The origins of Iran-Contra: Lessons from the Durrani Affair
that GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation (GMT) of 1919 Pennsylvania. Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. USA, has been granted the authority to ...
Council for National Policy (CNP) - N-Pa - Member Biographies "...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras.
Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit. 1988-03-25 (Formerly located in Washington DC.) Affidavit of Daniel P. Sheehan, March 25, ... JOHN (212, 235); GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION (187-8, 237-9) ...
Joseph Churba Washington Times 1987-09-11 (5) ... Washington Times 1986-04-14 (7) ... 1993 (102). GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION · Christic Institute. ...
Jeff Studer — John Studley : ZoomInfo Business People Information Studley, Barbara, GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ... Holland & Knight 2099 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 100 Washington, DC 20006 (202) 457-5936 fax . ... – 296
20070206 GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION : Corn,D. - 250 ... Feb.2007 Washington D.C., USA : Der Sicherheitsprofi ...
20050103 Carlyle Group, an investment firm based in Washington, DC + the Canadian ... LOTHAR 1 GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION 1
The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists ... An FBI wiretap at the Israeli Embassy in Washington picks up Richard Perle ... GeoMiliTech (GMT) Consultants Corporation is established by conservative talk ... jsp?timeline=western_support_for_islamic_militancy
Center for Cooperative Research Research fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) ... Executive vice president of GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation ...
John K. Singlaub Soon afterwards Singlaub helped establish a company called GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation (GMT) a Washington -based arms trading company.

17.Apr.2007 Euskal Herria Journal | A Basque Journal | News The SB 33 mine was sold to Expal, the final destination being Iraq, 00.000.1982. ... aircraft carrying with napalm and mustard gas produced by EXPAL for Iraq.
20050116 ... the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. ... Number ... also I upload one model of EXPAL Mortar and the web

17.Apr.2007 Japan: Bürgermeister von Nagasaki im Wahlkampf erschossen
17.Apr.2007 Irak: Uno bittet um Hilfe für vier Millionen Flüchtlinge
17.Apr.2007 Monk details sex, drugs, weeping icon at Texas monestary 

One of five monks facing charges of sexually abusing children told authorities that an inner circle of monks at the monastery there had sex with one another, smoked marijuana and used an eyedropper to produce fake tears on a Virgin Mary icon. posted by Prof. Hex
Die Suche nach einem möglichen Sinn im Text geht weiter.
Doch die Krone der Evolution steht nicht dem Menschen zu, sondern nach gegenwärtigem Wissensstand dem Schimpansen.

Wissenschaftler der University of Michigan in Ann Arbor hatten insgesamt 14.000 bei Menschen und Schimpansen vorkommende Gene miteinander verglichen.

Dabei stellten sie zu ihrem eigenen Erstaunen fest, dass sich beim Schimpansen immerhin 233 Gene durch positive Selektion geändert haben dürften, beim Menschen hingegen nur 154.
Gen- Vergleich: Schimpanse schlägt Menschen evolutionär
17.Apr.2007 Evolution des Kiefers: Auch im Urzeit- Meer wurde schon kraftvoll zugebissen
La Réunion: Feuerberg bringt Fischen den Hitzetod
17.Apr.2007 Voynich- Manuskript: Physiker hält mysteriöse Mittelalter- Schrift für Schabernack
17.Apr.2007 Report: USA faces huge changes as climate warms : Chicago and Los Angeles will likely to face increasing heat waves. Severe storm surges could hit New York and Boston.

And cities that rely on melting snow for water may run into serious shortages.

Bush asks Congress to alter 1978 eavesdropping law: The Bush administration asked Congress on Friday to expand the number of people it can subject to electronic surveillance in the United States
The Apostles of Deception -By Charles Sullivan
What passes for Christianity among the people, like so many things American, is not the genuine article. The sermons that rise from many of the pulpits of the churches of America are, I suspect, as counterfeit as a six dollar bill; as phony as the people running the country. But those whose faith is blind are incapable of seeing truth.

17.Apr.2007 Chavez defies US with energy summit : Venezuela will seek to use oil wealth to consolidate regional support for anti-US politics as it hosts an energy summit of South American leaders.

17.Apr.2007 Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn on Iraq, Vietnam, Activism and History: In a Democracy Now! special from Boston, two of the city's leading dissidents, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, sit down for a rare joint interview. 19.Apr.2007 Soros criticises Israel lobby in US: The billionaire investor George Soros has added his voice to a heated but little-noticed debate over the role of Israel's powerful lobby in shaping Washington policy in a way critics say hurts US national interests and stifles debate.

17.Apr.2007 Pentagon: Al-Qaeda suspect alleges torture: Zubaydah, captured 00.000.2002, also told the hearing at Guantanamo Bay that he had been tortured in U.S. custody and confessed to things he did not do just to stop the abuse, according to a Pentagon transcript released Monday.

17.Apr.2007 Impeach Bush, or get out of the way: There will be a time when future generations will look at us and wonder why President Bush and Vice President Cheney were not removed from office. They will look at us and question why, when confronted by the most corrupt and incompetent administration ever witnessed in the United States, nothing was done to stop Bush and Cheney.

17.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: Two Months Before 9/11, an Urgent Warning to Rice: Tenet called Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser, from the car and said he needed to see her right away. There was no practical way she could refuse such a request from the CIA director.

17.Apr.2007 Gunman Kills 30 on Virginia Tech Campus : A gunman opened fire in a Virginia Tech dorm and then, two hours later, in a classroom across campus Monday, killing at least 30 people in the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, government officials told The Associated Press. The gunman was killed, bringing the death toll to 31.

17.Apr.2007 Conyers, Sanchez Seek Rove's RNC Emails: The burgeoning congressional focus on the supposedly "missing" emails of White House political czar Karl Rove and almost two dozen other presidential aides who were doing political work on the taxpayers' dime is not limited to questions about the eight U.S. Attorneys who were fired

17.Apr.2007 Padilla in jail peril, experts say: Accused al-Qaida agent Jose Padilla could be thrown back in a military brig even if he's acquitted or gets a light sentence in his civilian criminal trial beginning this week, experts say.

17.Apr.2007 Jose Padilla: The Bad Guy : Gangbanger, fifth columnist, radical Muslim, poor fatherless Puerto Rican—is it mere coincidence that in Jose Padilla the government has the perfect fall guy?

17.Apr.2007 ACLU Congressional Scorecard : The ACLU Congressional Scorecard provides you with a quick summary of important civil liberties measures and how your elected officials have voted. By looking at their actual voting record, you can go beyond the soundbites that characterize much of today's campaigns to better understand your elected officials' positions.

17.Apr.2007 Dollar at Near Record Low Vs. Euro: The dollar gave up more ground to the euro, which climbed to within one cent of its all-time high + the pound neared $2 Monday.

17.Apr.2007 The Economics of Climate Change: Video; A talk by Sir Nicholas Stern, head of the United Kingdom Government Economic Service and author of the highly regarded report, the "Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change." Stern explains how inaction on climate change could lead to the kind of economic downturn that has not been seen since the Great Depression and the two world wars.

17.Apr.2007 Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? ; Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious 'colony collapse' of bees
17.Apr.2007 India firm on gas pipe from Iran: A DISPUTE between Washington and its two major South Asian allies is intensifying as India and Pakistan dig in their heels over building a highly strategic, $10 billion gas pipeline stretching 2600km from Iran.
17.Apr.2007 UK abandons 'war on terror' phrase : "We do not use the phrase 'war on terror' because we can't win by military means alone... this isn't us against one organised enemy with a clear identity and a coherent set of objectives," said an extract from Benn's planned speech
17.Apr.2007 Photos of 'tortured' Iraqi's corpse released: Photographs showing the severe beating suffered by an Iraqi civilian who died in British custody were released today as the House of Lords begins a hearing into whether human rights law should apply to British forces abroad.
17.Apr.2007 The Party of Brownshirts -By Paul Craig Roberts
Neoconservatives have turned the Republican Party into a Brownshirt Party. 

17.Apr.2007 Cheney's Nemesis -Matt Taibbi Interviews Seymour Hersh
"We know from the Pentagon Papers -- and to me they were the most important documents ever written -- that from 1963 on, Kennedy and Johnson and Nixon lied to us systematically about the war. I remember how shocked I was when I read them. So . . . duh! Nothing's changed. They've just gotten better at dealing with the press. Nothing's changed at all."

17.Apr.2007 Torture, Secrecy + the Bush Administration -By Scott Horton
We have a duty to posterity + that is to bear witness to these events. We must document them carefully. We must act to avoid the destruction of valuable evidence—and recognize, as we have already seen, that it is in the character of those who commit crimes to destroy the evidence of their misdeeds. In this way we lay the path for the justice which will in good time be meted out to those who betrayed a nation's trust.

17.Apr.2007 Trouble in Squanderville -By Mike Whitney
Two years ago, anyone who wrote about the housing bubble was dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Now hardly a day goes by that the headlines aren’t splattered with the grim details of the massive meltdown in the real estate market.

17.Apr.2007 Comments: this is a terrible tragedy for all those died today and their families and friends.
However, a big story like pushes off other growing stories like the 5 million missing WH emails, or that the US Postal service is on the verge of putting out of business small print magazines/newspapers who depend upon being able to send via media rate.
There are several other big WH stories that are getting pushed off such as Gonzales having played a far bigger role with the firings of the US Attorneys. Or how the new HOLT election reform bill if approved provides the WhiteHouse with more control over our elections by giving a much bigger role to Bush's Election Assistance Committee (EAC).
all of these stories get pushed to the side and may not resurface as the media and the nation gets obsessed with the who dunit and why did they do this sort of questions.
There are probably even more stories about to break that now won't see the light of day.
# posted by Anonymous
17.Apr.2007 I am sorry for what I am about to write. This in no way is to belittle the tragedy that is the deaths of these victims.
The timing is tooooo freekin perfect on this. What is in the news today. Sadr has pulled his block from the Iraq gov. The demonstrations he just commanded where a show of unity Shia and Sunni. This is by most accounts the beginning of the end for US presence.
Tomorrow we will see Alberto give testimony, by which will most likely bring about his departure from the justice department.
There are fresh accounts of the CIA being warned about 9/11 by the French in the news today.
Bush on Friday had to admit he was completely clueless about the 15 month deployments.
And along comes a school shooting. Over the last 6 years we have seen that timing is everything. Something about this just seems to 'perfect' to me. Call me cynical and call me callous.
My thoughts go out to all of the victims, families and friends.
# posted by Anonymous

17.Apr.2007 mobile phones wiping out bee populations?
17.Apr.2007 research has long shown that bees' behaviour changes near power lines.
Now a limited study at Landau University has found that bees refuse to return to their hives when mobile phones are placed nearby. Dr Jochen Kuhn, who carried it out, said this could provide a "hint" to a possible cause.
Dr George Carlo, who headed a massive study by the US government and mobile phone industry of hazards from mobiles in the Nineties, said: "I am convinced the possibility is real." Here is an earlier paper by Dr. Kuhn:
"How Electromagnetic Exposure can influence Learning Processes -- Modelling Effects of Electromagnetic Exposure on Learning Processes." Yes, there are bees in it. Kuhn addresses the sticky issue of non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation, which always leads to pooh-poohing and over-confident harrumphing. But for 40-or-so years, a number of researchers have sounded the we-don't-know-what-we're-messing-with note.
From Kuhn's paper: In addition to the well known theory of Karl von Frisch that honey bees communicate through waggle dances on the honeycomb, Nieh and Tautz discovered that dancing makes the honeycombs vibrate... The frequencies of these vibrations are set in between 200 Hz and 300 Hz. As the honeycombs vibrate the information can be transported to honey bees which are located far away from the vibrating source. With the GSM-mobile-phones sending their information with a pulsed signal, we must consider the pure sending frequencies of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz as well as the pulsing frequency of 217 Hz. The frequency of the pulse corresponds to that of the waggle dance of the honey bee and so the dancing area could be resonantly stimulated by this pulsed frequency...

17.Apr.2007 Bush Embraces the Culture of Death -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Why Would a Midwest Local Union Leader Go All Out for Republican Candidates for Governor and the NRA? Good Question: Part Two of a BuzzFlash News Analysis, "Why Would a Midwest Union Local Support Two Generally Anti-Union Republicans in Governors' Races?" A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The gunman in Monday's Virginia Tech campus shootings has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a student and native of South Korea, according to campus police chief Wendell Flinchum. 4/17
Students Capture Horror of Domestic Terrorism at Virginia Tech, Armed and Loaded by America's Gun Industry 4/17
5 more American soldiers killed in Iraq, including three in Baghdad. There have been around 60 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq so far in April. 4/17
GOP Lawyers Say Bush can Eject Dissenters from Events, Even if They Don't do Anything -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon (CD)
Busheviks were Warned About 9/11: "France's foreign intelligence service learned as early as January 2001 that al-Qaida was preparing a hijacking plot likely to involve a U.S. airplane, former intelligence officials said Monday, confirming a report that also said the CIA received the warning."
Why Would a Midwest Union Local Support Two Generally Anti-Union Republicans in Governors' Races? -- Part I of A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Power Plays: Oil isn't all they have in the desert -- UAE cozies up to solar -- and more in Gloria R. Lalumia's World Energy Watch for April 17, 2007

17.Apr.2007 Geld für Energie: Der Star der Risikokapitalgeber hat grüne Phantasien 17.Apr.2007 12:07)
Islam- Holdings: Betrug an Deutschlands Türken
Studie. "Der Klimawandel könnte Bedingungen schaffen, die den Krieg gegen den Terrorismus verlängern", warnte der Admiral im Ruhestand, Joseph Lopez, ehemaliger Oberkommandierender der US-Seestreitkräfte in Europa. Die Verringerung des CO2-Ausstoßes sei daher eine "Notwendigkeit", um diesen Herausforderungen zu begegnen. "Wir werden kurzfristig wirtschaftlich auf die eine oder andere Art dafür bezahlen, um dieses Gas zu reduzieren (...), andernfalls werden wir später militärisch mit dem Verlust von Menschenleben bezahlen", schrieb der ehemalige Kommandeur der US-Armee im Nahen Osten, Marineinfanterie-General Anthony Zinni.

"The National Security Implications of Global Climate Change".

Viele Entwicklungsländer würden nicht über die nötige Infrastruktur und geeignete Regierungen verfügen, um angemessen auf die vom Klimawandel ausgelösten Stressfaktoren zu reagieren. Wenn nationale Regierungen keine Sicherheit mehr garantieren und Landesgrenzen nicht vor Massen-Migrationsbewegungen schützen könnten, bestünde die Gefahr, "dass Aufruhr, Extremismus und Terrorismus das Vakuum füllen", heißt es in dem Bericht.

Der Klimawandel sei nicht vergleichbar mit herkömmlichen militärischen Bedrohungen, sagte Richard H. Truly, einer der Autoren der Studie - "weil er nicht irgendein Krisenherd ist, den wir zu beherrschen versuchen". Vielmehr sei der Klimawandel ein globales Problem, er betreffe "jedes Land und jeden Menschen dieser Erde zum selben Zeitpunkt", sagte Truly.

Die gestern vorgestellte Studie stützt sich auf Prognosen des Weltklimaberichts, wonach die globale Erwärmung zu häufigeren schweren Stürmen, Trockenheiten und Überschwemmungen sowie einem Ansteigen der Meeresspiegel infolge des Abschmelzens der polaren Eismassen und von Gletschern führen werde. Eine Folge könnten Massen-Migrationsbewegungen sein, die zu Spannungen an Landesgrenzen führen könnten. Das wiederum könnte zur Folge habe, dass häufiger Hilfe bei Evakuierungen und Unterstützung bei internationalen Rettungseinsätze geleistet werden müsse. Auch Konflikte um Ressourcen wie Trinkwasser würden zunehmen.

auf Anweisung des US-Bildungsministeriums in den Klassenzimmern: Gesucht wird der "Typus Amokläufer", obwohl eine Studie des "Secret Service" bereits vor zwei Jahren zu dem Ergebnis kam, dass ein Profil überhaupt nicht auszumachen ist.

So gilt stattdessen "Null-Toleranz" + die Justiz langt kräftig hin: Einem Zwölfjährigen aus Massachusetts brachte ein gemaltes Bild, auf dem er seine Lehrerin erschießt, eine Anklage ein.

Waffenlobbyisten forderten, nicht weniger, mehr Waffen brauche das Land. Ein einzelner bewaffneter Student hätte das Blutbad stoppen können - indem er den Täter erschossen hätte.

Wenn solche Logik sich auch dieses mal wieder durchsetzt, wird ein anderer Trend noch zunehmen: Schon heute gleichen viele Bildungseinrichtungen in Amerika Festungen - verrammelte Türen, Wachpersonal und Metalldetektoren sind weit verbreitet. Ebenso wie ausgefeilte Evakuierungspläne.

Das Geschäft für Sicherheitsberater an Schulen und Universitäten hat seit Jahren Hochkonjunktur. Bush selbst appellierte vergangenes Jahr an die Beteiligten, die Anstrengungen gegen Attentäter im Klassenraum noch einmal zu verstärken.

"Die Folgen werden in jedem amerikanischen Klassenzimmer zu spüren sein", erklärte gestern Nachmittag ein sichtlich erschütterter Präsident George W. Bush, und der gerade aus der Osterpause zurückgekehrte Kongress gedachte der Opfer mit einer Schweigeminute.

Es sind übrigens jene Parlamentarier, die es versäumt haben auch nur minimale Verschärfungen der noch immer so großzügigen amerikanischen Waffengesetze durchzusetzen: Weil ein Bann halbautomatischer Waffen nicht verlängert wurde, sind Magazine für bis zu 40 Schuss handelsüblich - geliefert wird per UPS über Nacht.

Die hohe Zahl der Opfer in Blacksburg könnte darauf hindeuten, dass der Täter genau solche Magazine benutzte.
Eine 9-Millimeter-Pistole, wie sie der Täter benutzte, schießt so schnell wie sich der Finger krümmt. Auf privaten Waffenbörsen ist sie so leicht zu haben wie ein Six-Pack Bier.
Es waren die Studenten, die sich untereinander per E-Mail und Mobiltelefon warnten.

Wissenschaftler hatten kritisiert, mit solchen Auktionen werde künstlich ein Markt für Fossilien geschaffen. Durch steigende Preise könnten sich viele Museen die Stücke nicht mehr leisten.

Der Forscher Martin Pickford vom Collège de France warnte davor, durch die steigende Nachfrage von Privatleuten könne die Wissenschaft auf der Strecke bleiben. Sie ermutige Laien, überall nach Fossilien zu suchen.

"Der Köder des Gewinns treibt sie dazu, Fossilien zu entnehmen, ohne sich im Mindesten um ihren geologischen Kontext zu kümmern. Sie zerstören damit wertvolle Zusatzinformationen."
wegen seiner Tätigkeit für die Kommunistische Partei während des Nationalsozialismus
in KZ-Haft geriet.

Honecker wurde 1927 in Halle an der Saale als Tochter eines Schuhmachers geboren, der wegen seiner Tätigkeit für die Kommunistische Partei während des Nationalsozialismus in KZ-Haft geriet.
Sicherheitsstudie: US- Generäle warnen vor Klimawandel
17.Apr.2007 Auktion: Mammut- Skelett bringt 260.000 Euro 17.Apr.2007
17.Apr.2007 Massaker an US- Universität: Amokschütze tötet Dutzende - dann sich selbst

16.Apr.2007 Trauer im Internet: "Das kann auf jedem Campus passieren"
16.Apr.2007 Diario Transición arrow Colaboraciones y Columnas arrow Ariel Ruiz Mondragón,

09-04-2007 ... 12 ene, La mirada del ángel, Ariel Ruiz Mondragón, 379 ...
La Crisis 12 ene, La mirada del ángel, Ariel Ruiz Mondragón, 388. 12 abr, Entrevista con Jaime Sánchez Susarrey, Ariel Ruiz Mondragón, 435 ...

Ariel Ruiz Mondragón: Revolución electrónica y lectura Ariel Ruiz Mondragón . Chartier, Roger Las revoluciones de la cultura escrita.

Diálogo e intervenciones Traducción de Alberto Luis Bixio ...
Para o presente trabalho foi escolhido um dos filmes . ... Gorillas in our midst : sustained inattencional blindness for dynamic events.
Unaufmerksamkeitsblindheit - Wikipedia Herausgekommen sind vier Filme : Transparent/Umbrella Woman, ... C.F. (1999): Gorillas in our midst : Sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events.
Inattentional Blindness | Kneipen in Deutschland | Kneipen, Bars ...

Herausgekommen sind vier Filme :

Transparent/Umbrella Woman, ...

Gorillas in our midst : sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events?, in: Perception ...
16.Apr.2007 Die intrinsische Dimension in der visuellen ... - Ver em HTML
verwiesen, welche die für das Verständnis sehr hilfreichen Filme enthält. ... Gorillas in our midst : sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events.


Feb.2005 Kino in der Westentasche: Neue Video -Quetsche von Fraunhofer ...

Gorillas Uranium Weapons Cover-ups in Our Midst Piotr Bein, ...
Weltbank- Skandal: Wolfowitz bekommt Druck aus Brüssel

"Erst die Biene, dann der Mensch", warnte DBIB-Vorstand Haefeker Ende

März im Interview des Bayerischen Rundfunks.

Der Imkerverband sieht schwarz + auch sein Motto klingt im Kontext des massenhaften Bienchentods wenig optimistisch.

"Apes debemus imitari" wird der römische Philosoph Seneca auf der DBIB-Website zitiert: "Die Bienen müssen wir nachahmen."

Mobilfunk- Studie: Handys sorgen nicht für Krebs, aber für Schlagzeilen (31.01.2007),1518,463441,00.html

Handy- Studie: Angst essen Daten auf (01.02.2007),1518,463702,00.html

Protest- Aktion: Greenpeace veröffentlicht Genmais- Karte von Deutschland (08.02.2007),1518,465241,00.html

Pilotstudie:Bienen und Mobilfunk https://agbi.uni-

2. Pilotstudie:Bienen und Mobilfunk https://agbi.uni-

16.Apr.2007 Mysteriöses Massensterben: Werden Bienen tot telefoniert?
16.Apr.2007 Wetter: Hoch "Peggy" bricht Rekorde
16.Apr.2007 Schwacher Dollar: Euro steuert Allzeithoch an
Why Would a Midwest Union Local Support Two Generally Anti-Union Republicans in Governors' Races? -- Part I of A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Ex-D.O.J. official's statements on firings contradict Gonzales. Alberto is just another Bushevik crook. We thought he would have resigned by now, but we have come to realize that he is a man who knows too much. What he knows is that, as with the Plame Case, Bush and Rove play key roles in ProsecutorGate.
Caroline Kennedy's "A Patriot's Handbook" (3-CDs)
Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr will withdraw his political bloc from the Iraqi government, according to officials in his party. 4/16
Article suggests Bush at heart of U.S. Prosecutor firing 4/16
Amnesty International today warned that the Middle East is on the verge of a massive humanitarian crisis, with 3 million Iraqis displaced 4/16
Why Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition leader who has been detained by Burma's military regime for nearly 20 years, is a hero for our times 4/16
Jose Padilla, the man once accused of planning a US radioactive bomb attack, is going on trial in Florida 4/16
Fear for BBC reporter after Gaza group claims he has been killed 4/16
The chairman of the Senate education committee, Ted Kennedy, urged the Bush administration yesterday to block student loan companies from accessing a national database that holds confidential information on tens of millions of students. 4/16

16.Apr.2007 AFRICA ENERGY INTELLIGENCE n° 377 - 22/09/2004 UNITED STATES/gulf ...

Chairman of Tamoil for a number of years, Omar Massoud has been succeeded by Mahmoud Naas at the Monaco headquarters of the Libyan trading company. (...).
16.Apr.2007 LIBYA - Profile - Abdullah Salem Al-Badri. | Agriculture, Forestry ...

He removed Omar Massoud from the post of chairman at Tamoil, the main operating unit of Oilinvest + put in this place Mahmoud Naas.
Archives Chairman de Tamoil pendant quinze ans, avant d'être remplacé par l'ancien directeur de la NOC, Hamouda al-Aswad, Omar Massoud multiplie les apparition dans ...
Archives A la tête de Tamoil depuis plusieurs années, Omar Massoud a été remplacé par Mahmoud Naas au siège du trader libyen, à Monaco.
XIV - Monaco World Summit Omar . Director for the Division of Relations with International Organisations. UNESCO.

UNESCO. Massoud . Omar . Vice Chairman. Tamoil ...
20050301 Feb.2005 Auf Druck der Kurdenführer Dschalal Talabani und Massoud Barsani ...

Tamoil was formed by Roger Tamraz, an Egyptian/Lebanese turned US citizen ...
Prince Bernhard - personal background and his part in the founding ...

Once a high flier (who 00.000.1954 helped launch a secretive gathering of the global elite called the Bilderberg Group), Bernhard's reputation took a sharp blow ...
16.Apr.2007 journalism - Center for Media and Democracy ...

Alex Jones of Harvard University's Shorenstein Center at a recent gathering of the PR Seminar, a rather secretive annual gathering of top PR executives .
16.Apr.2007 Deadline Hollywood Daily » 2006 » June For so many years Camp Allen was a secretive gathering of the privileged white men who sat atop America's entertainment conglomerates and their families, ...
16.Apr.2007 Senator John Edwards SINCE its first meeting 50 years ago, the Bilderberg conference, a secretive gathering of global power brokers, has inspired layer upon layer of conspiracy ...
16.Apr.2007 Unwetter: Frühlingsstürme verwüsten US- Ostküste

16.Apr.2007 Großbank: ABN Amro droht die Zerschlagung
NASA: Arctic Meltdown Threatens Ice Cap's Stability
Lack of Sleep Causes Old Men's Testosterone to Drop

You don't pull off the most spectacular "terrorist" attack in history, especially against largely symbolic targets + then hide.

You don't put yourself through the expense, trouble, risk, etc., of carrying out the most daring "terrorist" attack in world history, only to let a panel of fatuous government apologists tell the world what your ostensible motive was; e.g., "they hate us because of our 'freedom'", or some such puerile nonsense.
Companies want scrutiny of Google-DoubleClick deal
Several companies are encouraging regulators to take a close look at Google's planned purchase of online ad company DoubleClick.

16.Apr.2007 Norway Liberal Party Wants Legal File Sharing - kdawson 2 - dot-magnon writes

"The Liberal Party of Norway (Venstre) passed a unanimous resolution that advocates legal file sharing. The party wants to legalise sharing of any copyrighted material for non-commercial use. It also proposes a ban on DRM technology, free sampling of other artists' material + shortening the life span of copyright.

The Liberal Party is the first Norwegian political party + the first European mainstream political party, to advocate file sharing. The Liberal Party's youth wing proposed the resolution."
Scarcity of Water Now: Next Added 100 Million Americans
The Colorado River no longer reaches the Pacific because its sucked dry by Los Angeles and farming communities. By adding 100 milllion people to the USA, our water dilemma grows toward what China faces today.

16.Apr.2007 IACOCCA: Bushies are "gang of clueless bozos"
'YOU CAN'T CALL YOURSELF A PATRIOT IF YOU'RE NOT OUTRAGED" Iacocca pulls no punches in this excerpt from his latest book "Where Have All the Leaders Gone." Pity he isn't running for office. This quote will resonate with the majority of Americans who favor impeachment for George Bush + Dick Cheney

16.Apr.2007 The Final Act of Submission
Is congress allowing AIPAC to dictate policy that puts Israel before the US?

16.Apr.2007 Aid and Comfort for Torturers: Psychology and Coercive Interrogations in Historical Perspective
Psychologists have a long history of aiding the development of abusive interrogation techniques.

Understanding this history helps put psychologists' participation in torture at Guantanamo in context. It also helps to explain the American Psychological Association abetting of this torture.
The Apostles of Deception
The phony evangelicals have stolen the pulpit and the ignorant and foolish have fallen under their spell.

Now we have fools and con men, pretenders + flim-flam artists: hucksters, jilters, jokers + clowns fleecing the hapless flock.

We have Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, George Bush, Hillary Clinton + those masquerading as the Christian right marching us into war after war.
Uneasy Alliance: Nuclear Power and Capitalism With corporate malfeasance on display almost daily, can we trust publicly traded companies to provide the U.S. with nuclear energy?
16.Apr.2007 No Religious Tests Allowed
Manatee County Schools have suspended a teacher accusing her of helping a student cheat on the FCAT. The teacher claims these are bogus charges leveled against her because she complained about a hostile religious atmosphere perpetrated by the school's principal who is leading prayer groups on campus.

The Humanists of Florida Association Responds.
Massive Honey Bee Wane Threatens World Crops Albert Einstein once forecasted, "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left."

A dire comment that is prognosticating in our present day.
Countries Urge The United Nations to Fight Genocide "There seems to be a world-wide consensus that the United Nation Security Council has a responsibility to act to protect populations against genocide," said Steven Kull, editor of
16.Apr.2007 Third largest newspaper in Vermont joins chorus calling Bush worst president in U.S. history and for impeachment Vermont paper joins chorus calling for impeachment
16.Apr.2007 Puerto Rico, United State's largest island colony, was taken by force; 1st in a 21st Century American Colonies series First in a series on America's modern-day colonies explores the conquest of Puerto Rico
16.Apr.2007 Far North Feels Worst Effects of Warming (AP)Inuit hunters are falling through thinning ice and dying. Dolphins are being spotted for the first time. There's not enough snow to build igloos for shelter during hunts.
16.Apr.2007 Drugs seeping into Lake Michigan Drugs are seeping into the Grand River and Lake Michigan from the Grand Rapids, Mich., sewage treatment plant, a study found.
16.Apr.2007 Returning Troops Face Obstacles to Care (AP)Injured soldiers returning home for medical treatment face an unacceptable maze of paperwork and bureaucracy, leaders of a presidential commission on veterans' health care said Saturday.
16.Apr.2007 Documents: Millions to Shuttle Survivors (Update) (AP)NASA paid $26.6 million to family members of the astronauts who died on the space shuttle Columbia 00.000.2003, a newspaper reported Sunday, citing recently released documents.
16.Apr.2007 Pope Car Auction Ends Without Sale (AP)A 1999 metallic gray Volkswagen Golf believed to once belong to the pope went up for sale on eBay, but the auction ended Saturday without a winner.
16.Apr.2007 Recovering White House E-Mail Not Easy (AP)Although a top Senate Democrat believes even a teenager could recover missing White House e-mails, experts said Friday that doing so could be tough - but not impossible.
16.Apr.2007 Powerful winds wreak havoc across Los Angeles Powerful winds wreaked havoc across Los Angeles on Thursday, fanning brush fires near one of the city's most exclusive neighborhoods and knocking out power to thousands of homes, officials said.
16.Apr.2007 Drug-resistant gonorrhea spreading in U.S. U.S. health officials say doctors are running out of options for treating the rapid spread of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.
16.Apr.2007 Shanghai to shut down 29 coal power plants by 2010 China's financial hub Shanghai plans to shut 29 coal-fired power plants by 2010 in a renewed bid to reduce environmentally damaging carbon emissions, state press reported Friday.
16.Apr.2007 TJX Thieves Had Time to Steal, Trip Up (AP)For at least 17 months, someone had free rein inside TJX Cos.' computers. Without anyone noticing, one or more intruders installed code on the discount retailer's systems to methodically unearth, collect and transmit account data from at least 45.7 million credit and debit cards.
16.Apr.2007 Report: Army Corps Needs Major Overhaul (AP)The Army Corps of Engineers needs to acknowledge that the world is heating up and seas are rising to better protect the nation from flooding and hurricanes, according to a report by two environmental groups.
16.Apr.2007 CO2 storage in coal can be predicted better CO2 storage in the ground is being considered increasingly more often in order to realise the climate and energy objectives. Dutch researcher Saikat Mazumder made it possible to better predict routes of the 'underground highways' along which gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and methane (CH4 ) will move. Moreover, coal was found to be highly suitable for filtering carbon dioxide out of waste gasses and storing it.
16.Apr.2007 Uncle Sam Gets a C-Minus for Information Security A report by a House committee on FISMA compliance gives the federal government a C-minus in its efforts to protect data on its computer systems.
16.Apr.2007 A Symmetrical Cosmic Red Square - kdawson 58 -
Remember the hexagon surrounding Saturn's north pole? Now for our delectation Ano_Nimass Coward sends us to for a look at a nebula with near perfect bilateral symmetry surrounding a dying star. The so-called Red Square ranks among the most symmetrical objects ever observed by scientists. "If you fold things across the principle diagonal axis, you get an almost perfect reflection symmetry," said the leader of a study of the object, recently published in Science. A possible explanation for the structure's glow, if not its shape, was advanced in a paper appearing in PNAS, which attributes the glow of a similar object — dubbed, confusingly, the Red Rectangle — to exotic space-hardened organic molecules called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. PAHs are normally unstable but may occur in places like the nebula in question, in nanostructured clusters that are extremely stable and radiation hardened.

16.Apr.2007 Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Bees? - Zonk 294 -
Mz6 wrote with a link to an article on The Independent site about a most unusual scientific theory. "Some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world's harvests fail. They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world — the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops."

16.Apr.2007 US, Asia, Europe Ceding Web Dominance - Zonk 117 -
An anonymous reader writes "A new study shows that presence of the US, Asia + Western European countries on the web is strongly declining. Newly internet-empowered countries are booming; many geographical regions are showing exponential growth, including Eastern Europe and South America. Chris Harrison explains: 'Countries that have never been able to place a website in the top 500 are now pushing dozens of established websites out of this prestigious list. This trend is both recent (within the last two years) and accelerating. Interestingly, Asia is seeing it's presence eroded the fastest, especially China.'"

16.Apr.2007 New Laws of Robotics Proposed for US Kill-Bots - Zonk 335+ -
jakosc writes "The Register has a short commentary about a proposed new set of laws of robotics for war robots by John S Canning of the Naval Surface Warfare Centre. Unlike Asimov's three laws of robotics Canning proposes (pdf) that we should 'Let machines target other machines and let men target men.' Although this sounds OK in principle, 'a robot could decide under Mr Canning's rules, to target a weapon system such as an AK47 for destruction on its own initiative, requiring no permission from a human. If the person holding it was thereby killed, that would be collateral damage and the killer droid would be in the clear.'"

16.Apr.2007 Did Bush personally decide to fire Iglesias? - Amanda -

David Iglesias’s name did not appear on the Bush administration’s prosecutor hit list until Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) talked to President Bush in a call presumably arranged by Karl Rove.
16.Apr.2007 US generals urge climate action Former US military leaders call on the Bush administration to make major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.
16.Apr.2007 US 'will keep Iranian detainees' The US will continue holding five Iranians captured in Iraq despite protests from Tehran, US media report.
16.Apr.2007 Blood pressure 'is in the brain' The cause of high blood pressure may lie within the brain and not the heart or blood vessels, say scientists.
16.Apr.2007 Brown and Bush in first meeting Gordon Brown and President Bush meet for private talks during the chancellor's trip to the US.
16.Apr.2007 Cisco in space Blog: The U.S. military plans to send Cisco Systems into space, or at least its routing software.Networking giant Cisco has been selected...
16.Apr.2007 Did Karl Rove 'delete' four years of e-mails? Blog: Missing e-mails have Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington in a swirl. This is one topic you can track through the world...
15.Apr.2007 New York Post; Exposing the Lies - BG (The title of this post is tongue-in-cheek, of course.) clipped from MOORE'S 'SICKO' STUNT TAKES 9/11 WORKERS TO CUBA

15.Apr.2007 Filmmaker Michael Moore's production company took ailing Ground Zero responders to Cuba in a stunt aimed at showing that the U.S. health-care system is inferior to Fidel Castro's socialized medicine, according to several sources with knowledge of the trip.
Nico Gets It Wrong - BG 
Whether or not proof is forthcoming related to "exotic" weapons used at Ground Zero, Steven Jones will soon be publishing "iron clad" research that proves thermite related accelerants/explosives were used. This proof is based on the particles recovered from the WTC dust samples.
(Related Independent Supporting Research Found Here:
clipped from An Initial Microstructural Analysis of A36 Steel from WTC Building 7 Rapid deterioration of the steel was a result of heating with oxidation in combination with intergranular melting due to the presence of sulfur.
The formation of the eutectic mixture of iron oxide and iron sulfide lowers the temperature at which liquid can form in this steel.

This strongly suggests that the temperatures in this region of the steel beam approached ~1,000ºC, forming the eutectic liquid by a process similar to making a “blacksmith’s weld” in a hand forge. )
This new development puts Nico Haupt and Judy Wood on the spot to justify their high energy criticism of Jones and his work.
Disclaimer: This post in no way supports that idea that Jones' research addresses all the effects that happened on 9/11. clipped from

The credibility of the Jones-Jones Tandem (Alex "Scientology" Jones, Steven "Los Alamos" Jones) finally turned into toast.
AG Scandal - BG clipped from
You Call This Freedom?
The Nation writer and Capital Times associate editor John Nichols brings up a damned good question -- if the Bush administration fired federal prosecutors for not abusing their offices for political purposes, shouldn't we be more concerned about the attorneys they didn't fire than the ones they did? What did these people do to keep their jobs?
The Capital Times: The question of whether any of the 85 U.S. attorneys who were not fired by the Bush administration may have engaged in political prosecutions blew open Tuesday, when Wisconsin Russ Feingold and Russ Kohl joined other key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in demanding files pertaining to the botched prosecution of Georgia Thompson.

15.Apr.2007 Ryan McGreal Miles Away from Whole Truth - BG clipped from A New Pearl Harbor

00.Jul.2001 a lightweight legacy playboy from Texas was President after an ugly legal battle +

he was just smart enough to surround himself with some very smart people who really, really knew what they wanted to accomplish.
Really? - BG clipped from
Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?
It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world's harvests fail.

They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world - the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon - which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe - was beginning to hit Britain as well.

The theory is that radiation from mobile phones interferes with bees' navigation systems, preventing the famously homeloving species from finding their way back to their hives. Improbable as it may seem, there is now evidence to back this up.
Background - BG clipped from 9/11 Television Viewing Linked To Dreams And Stress

Science Daily — Dream journals being kept by students in a college psychology class have provided researchers with a unique look at how people experienced the events of 9/11, including the influence that television coverage of the World Trade Center attacks had on people's levels of stress.
15.Apr.2007 Privacy Concerns - BG clipped from -By Jake Bernstein, Texas Observer. Posted April 14, 2007.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Dangerous Database
Texas is amassing an unprecedented amount of information on its citizens.

Piece by piece, Gov. Rick Perry's homeland security office is gathering massive amounts of information about Texas residents and merging it to create the most exhaustive centralized database in state history. Warehoused far from Texas on servers housed at a private company in Louisville, Kentucky, the Texas Data Exchange -- TDEx to those in the loop -- is designed to be an all-encompassing intelligence database. It is supposed to help catch criminals, ferret out terrorist cells + allow disparate law enforcement agencies to share information. More than $3.6 million has been spent on the project so far + it already has tens of millions of records. At least 7,000 users are presently allowed access to this information + tens of thousands more are anticipated.
AG Scandal - BG clipped from Making Sense of the Georgia Thompson Ruling Thursday’s ruling by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, which immediately freed former state worker Georgia Thompson, was a stunner. Not only did the three federal judges immediately give Thompson her freedom, but they also delivered a smack-down to the Milwaukee office of U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic, calling the evidence in the case “beyond thin.”
15.Apr.2007 AG Scandal - BG clipped from
White House lost FIVE MILLION e-mails, CREW reveals

FIVE MILLION e-mails were lost by the White House according to a just
released report from CREW called "WITHOUT A TRACE: The Missing White House Emails and the Violations of the Presidential Records Act." FIVE MILLION...that's insane. As I explained in the post below, Bush staffers have been already been using separate RNC e-mail accounts to conduct official business in order to avoid the law and hide evidence. How? Because White House officials are supposed to use White House email accounts and White House Blackberrys to conduct official business (this is required under federal law and under the White House's own explicit rules). That's because under federal law every single electronic communication of a White House official must be recorded and kept in the federal archives

15.Apr.2007 Homeland Insecurity - BG clipped from Brandon Mayfield stands up for U.S. Fourth Amendment FBI victim delivers calm plea to Jewish lawyers

Soon, it will be three years since the U.S. government deemed Oregon attorney Brandon Mayfield a material witness connected to the terrorist bombings that killed 191 in Madrid, Spain.

Speaking rarely in public since his wrongful incarceration and subsequent $2 million settlement with the federal government, Mayfield, aided by one of his attorneys, Elden Rosenthal, told his story March 8 to a Solomon's Legacy luncheon at the Benson Hotel where he made the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable search) a key issue.

The Mayfield case is known across the country for many unprecedented reasons, none more unique than the partial settlement from November of 2006, which, in addition to the payout, allows for further challenges of the USA Patriot Act.
From 2004 - BG clipped from 50 years on, Lavon Affair still hot potato in Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israeli military historians call it Operation Shoshana. Scholars of political intrigue know it as the Lavon Affair.

But to veterans of Israel's first--and perhaps worst--intelligence bungle, the 50-year-old episode whose unseemly details are only now being discussed openly has another name: the Raw Deal.

It was 1954 + the fledgling Jewish state watched with worry as Egyptian dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser made clear his goal of nationalizing the Suez Canal after decades of British control. Knowing that Nasser planned to turn Egypt's frequent blockade of Israeli shipping into a permanent policy, Israeli spy masters set about finding a way to keep British forces in charge.

Within weeks, an Israeli military intelligence unit known by its code-number, 131, recruited nine young Egyptian Jews to stage terrorist attacks that, they thought, would be blamed on local insurgents and would discredit Nasser's rule.
Noteworthy - BG clipped from
World Bank Chief Apologizes for Arranging Job

WASHINGTON, April 12 — Paul D. Wolfowitz, the president of the World Bank, apologized today for his role in arranging a highly paid job at the State Department for a woman with whom he has a personal relationship.
15.Apr.2007 Fascism - BG clipped from The Bush administration's terrible luck with finding documents

I feel -- in this vaguely intuitive sort of way -- as though there is some kind of a pattern buried within this set of facts, but as much as I search, I just can't quite figure out what it might be:
Due Process of Law Needed - BG clipped from Guantanamo prisoner No. 940

President Bush’s top advisors are divided over whether to close Guantanamo prison forever.

Adel Hamad grew up in a small village in Sudan. Through hard work, he became a schoolteacher. To support his family, he took a job as an assistant at a community hospital in Afghanistan. Then, late one night, he was torn from his bed and sent to hell - Guantanamo Detainee #940.

Like most of the nearly 400 detainees trapped at Guantanamo, Adel Hamad has had no trial. He has seen no family members for four years. Experts overwhelmingly believe he was not a terrorist.

 Even US military officers reviewing his situation have called his detention “unconscionable”

Every detainee should be charged with a crime and tried in a legitimate court or released.

 The President’s own Secretary of Defense is publicly calling for closing Guantanamo.

Share your views. I am sure you have something to say.
wtc 7 Posted by ro on March 15th at 4:38pm in in the news

at 5 30 pm
9 11 2001
wtc7 collapsed

for the third time in history fire brought down a steel building reducing it to rubble

hold on folks
here we go

• The fires in WTC 7 were not evenly distributed, so a perfect collapse was impossible.
• Silverstein said to the fire department commander “the smartest thing to do is pull it.”
• Firefighters withdrawing from the area stated the building was going to “blow up”.
• The roof of WTC 7 visibly crumbled and the building collapsed perfectly into its footprint.
• Molten steel and partially evaporated steel members were found in the debris.

[WTC 7] contained offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud, including Enron’s), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records) + Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions. [Online Journal]

The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed [by the collapse of WTC 7]. Reuters news service and the Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000. They include the agency’s major inquiry into the manner in which investment banks divvied up hot shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom. …”Ongoing investigations at the New York SEC will be dramatically affected because so much of their work is paper-intensive,” said Max Berger of New York’s Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann. “This is a disaster for these cases.” [New York Lawyer]

Citigroup says some information that the committee is seeking [about WorldCom] was destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Salomon had offices in 7 World Trade Center, one of the buildings that collapsed in the aftermath of the attack. The bank says that back-up tapes of corporate emails from September 1998 through December 2000 were stored at the building and destroyed in the attack. [TheStreet]

Inside [WTC 7 was] the US Secret Service’s largest field office with more than 200 employees. …”All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building,” according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran. [TechTV]

lets start here
ok…go slow
remember 2 breathe use google

15.Apr.2007 Psychology - Economics - BG clipped from Level-headed: Economics Experiment Finds Taste For Equality

Science Daily — The rich don't get richer -- at least not in laboratory games. According to a new study of behavioral economics, published in the April 12, 2007 issue of Nature, people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor. They do so without any hope of personal gain, acting, it seems, out of a taste for equality and sense of fair play.
15.Apr.2007 AG Scandal and Dusty Foggo - BG clipped from Several
little-noticed recent developments point towards major fireworks still to come in the current series of Republican scandals... 
Fired San Diego U.S. Attorney Carol Lam has disclosed the existence of a still-secret and presumably-sealed indictment of an as-yet unknown individual in the Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham “Hookergate” Scandal, issued by her office at the same time as indictments were made public last month of defense contractor Brent Wilkes and former CIA No 3. man Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, the
MadCowMorningNews has learned. 

15.Apr.2007 Former Bush Speechwriter Hints at 9/11 Inside Job - Paul Joseph Watson Neo-Cons would have created a false flag to justify war had it not been for WTC attack, questions
15.Apr.2007 Presidential Candidate: U.S. In Danger of Dictatorship - Paul Joseph Watson  Congressman Ron Paul warns elite believe they own us and are "always prepared" to take our liberties
15.Apr.2007 Wolfowitz To Attend 2007 Istanbul Bilderberg Meeting - Paul Joseph Watson Turkish journalist refers to ultra-elitist confab as "covert world government" Paul Joseph Watson Prison
Ecological Apocalypse: Why Are All The Bees Dying? - Paul Joseph Watson  GM, toxic chemicals, chemtrails destroying eco-system, threatening very survival of humanity
15.Apr.2007 Government Report: Bio-Weapons Could Be Used To Combat Overpopulatio - Paul Joseph Watson  MoD dossier outlines nightmare vision of new world order, ethnic cleansing, class
15.Apr.2007 US Aiding Al Qaeda Affiliated Group In Iran? - Paul Joseph Watson  Pakistani Intel sources and Iranian parliament claims CIA aiding anti-Iranian militants
15.Apr.2007 O'Reilly's America: Who Is The Real "Hater"? - Paul Joseph Watson  A place where the right to disagree = the right to be locked up
15.Apr.2007 O'Donnell Pledges Allegiance To 9/11 Truth - Paul Joseph Watson Says America is great because of "freedom to speak and think freely"
15.Apr.2007 Will Iran War Start On Friday? - Paul Joseph Watson  Russian Intelligence claims widely reported by media Steve Watson Monday, April 2, 2007 Last weekend saw widespread
15.Apr.2007 U.S. generals call for action on climate change. - Amanda -

In a report, 11 former military leaders “say global warming poses a serious threat to national security, as the US could be drawn into wars over water and other conflicts. … They appear to criticise President George W Bush’s refusal to join an international treaty to cut emissions.”
15.Apr.2007 67. - Nico - %age of Americans who believe that Congress should allow funding only with a time limit (58 %) or block all funding for the war in Iraq (9 %), according to a new CBS poll. Fully 69 % believe the escalation in Iraq has either made conditions worse (26 %) or made no impact (43 %), compared to 25 % who believe it’s made conditions better.
15.Apr.2007 “The White House said Saturday - Nico -

it is agreeing to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request for how to choose someone to help recover some lost e-mails involving official presidential business.” But as David Kurtz notes, “The Senate gets to help pick who will find the emails but the White House still hasn’t agreed to let the Senate see the emails once they are found. Ah, compromise.”
15.Apr.2007 Cheney overrules Rice on Iran prisoners. - Nico - Via TPM, the Washington Post reports:

After intense internal debate, the Bush administration has decided to hold on to five Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence agents captured in Iraq, overruling a State Department recommendation to release them, according to U.S. officials.

At a meeting of the president’s foreign policy team Tuesday, the administration decided the five Iranians will remain in custody and go through a periodic six-month review used for the 250 other foreign detainees held in Iraq, U.S. officials said. The next review is not expected until July, officials say. . . .

Differences over the five Iranians reflect an emerging divide on how to deal with Iran. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went into the meeting Tuesday advising that the men be freed because they are no longer useful, but after a review of options she went along with the consensus, U.S. officials say. Vice President Cheney’s office made the firmest case for keeping them.
Evidence Emerging Of Cheney-Led Smear Campaign Against Pelosi Over Syria Trip - Faiz -

Before Nancy Pelosi left Israel to travel to Syria earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s spokeswoman Miri Eisin said “Pelosi is conveying that Israel is willing to talk if they (Syria) would openly take steps to stop supporting terrorism.” Pelosi delivered as requested + this week received a thank you call from Olmert. So why then did the Israeli Prime Minister originally issue a statement of “clarification” about Pelosi’s message which became the basis for right-wing attacks against her?

The evidence of White House involvement behind the Israeli Prime Minister’s statement has been growing this past week. Middle East analysts have suggested Bush deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams — a close ally of Dick Cheney — may have been coordinating the attempts to undermine Pelosi’s trip. “‘It’s obvious the White House is desperate to find some phony criticism of the speaker’s trip, even though it was a bipartisan trip,’ said Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA), a Holocaust survivor who is considered the Democrat closest to the pro-Israel lobby. ‘I have nothing but contempt and disdain for the attempt to undermine this trip.’”

Rep. Henry Waxman suggested that the White House’s coordinated attempts to smear Pelosi were part of an effort to undermine her on Iraq:

Waxman said the administration is focused on building a case against the Democrats in preparation for a showdown over the Iraq War funding bill. The more they can paint Democrats as weak and irresponsible, the more likely the Democrats will knuckle under and let the president continue the war unchecked. It’s been known to happen.

So Cheney trashes the reputation of men like Lantos and Waxman (who, by the way, has doggedly pursued waste and mismanagement in Iraq by Halliburton, the company that made Cheney rich) + it’s politics as usual.

This is not unchartered territory for Cheney. He has become famous for kneecapping people with whom he disagrees, even individuals within the administration. Middle East experts recalled Cheney’s involvement in a similar situation last year:

Last year, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talked Olmert into a 48-hour cease-fire during the war with Hezbollah to allow humanitarian relief, but within hours Israeli planes were bombing again, to Rice’s surprise and anger. Olmert had received a call, apparently from Cheney’s office, telling him to ignore Rice.

The Cheney campaign against Pelosi hasn’t let up. This week, the Washington Post editorial board — which has helped drive the Pelosi smear campaign from the beginning — published an attack piece from Liz Cheney, the daughter of the Vice President.
15.Apr.2007 More Rove fingerprints. - Nico - NPR reports, “According to someone who’s had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical.”
15.Apr.2007 Did Justice ‘take any action’ to influence corruption cases? - Satyam -

On March 5, 2007, then-Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson forwarded the opening statement of Associate Deputy Attorney General William Moschella to key White House and Justice Department officials for their review. The White House recommended that this line:

Second, the Department has not taken any action to influence any public corruption case + would never do so. be replaced with:

Second, the Department has not asked anyone to resign to influence any public corruption case + would never do so. Image below:
Sampson Lied Under Oath: ‘Had In Mind’ Plan To Replace U.S. Attorneys With Loyal Bushies - Amanda -

On March 29, former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Kyle Sampson told the Senate Judiciary Committee, under oath, that he had no replacements in mind before the Justice Department fired the U.S. attorneys in Dec. 2006:

SCHUMER: Did you or did you not have in mind specific replacements for the dismissed U.S. Attorneys before they were asked to resign on December 7th, 2006.

SAMPSON: I personally did not. On December 7th, I did not have in mind any replacements for any of the seven who were asked to resign .

But a new e-mail released to the House Judiciary Committee shows that on Jan. 9, 2006 — a year before the prosecutors were fired — Sampson recommended replacements for almost every one of the U.S. attorneys on the administration’s hit list, suggesting that these prosecutors were fired to make way for partisan loyalists.

One of the suggested replacements who has received relatively little attention is Rachel Brand, whom Sampson recommended to take the place of Margaret Chiara as U.S. attorney for the Western District of Michigan. Brand has been the Justice Department’s Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy (OLP) since June 2005. She helped push through the Bush administration’s controversial Supreme Court nominees + ran the “murder boards” for Alito, Miers + Roberts. Brand was also a member of the right-wing Federalist Society, which appears to be a consideration for all U.S. attorney candidates.

At Brand’s May 2005 nomination hearing, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) raised concerns that Brand was too inexperienced and unqualified to be Assistant Attorney General for OLP:

Unfortunately, it appears she brings very little depth of experience to a position that is instrumental in setting out DOJ priorities and recommending new judges. By way of comparison, Eleanor Acheson, President Clinton’s nominee for the same position, had practiced law for 19 years prior to her appointment + Viet Dinh, President Bush’s first nominee to head OLP was a professor at Georgetown University Law Center who had published several scholarly articles and op-eds and had held several congressional positions by the time of his appointments.

It is unlikely that less than a year working at the Justice Department had suddenly made Brand qualified to be a U.S. attorney. (TPMmuckraker has more.)
15.Apr.2007 Rove’s Lawyer Acknowledges Rove Emails From 2003 Missing From White House Archives - Faiz -

In its report documenting the White House’s destruction of five million emails, CREW also reminded us that in January 2006, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald informed the Scooter Libby defense team that some of Rove’s emails from his White House account 00.000.2003 were not saved as required by federal law. The key portion of Fitzgerald’s letter:

’s Ed Henry talked to Rove lawyer Robert Luskin today about the missing emails. Luskin admitted, “There was a gap there. … I have no reason to doubt Patrick Fitzgerald.” Watch it:

The controversy surrounding Rove this week has involved his RNC email account. The RNC acknowledged that, while they instituted a new policy 00.000.2004 to preserve emails, there appear to be no records from White House senior political adviser Karl Rove until 2005, leaving open “the possibility that Rove had personally deleted the missing e-mails.” According to the RNC, the Committee took action specifically and singularly against Rove 00.000.2005 to keep him “from deleting his e-mails from the RNC server.”

With respect to Rove’s White House account, federal law requires the preservation of all such messages. Missing emails could be a violation of the Presidential Records Act. The revelations first reported by Patrick Fitzgerald, now given new life because of the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, raise questions about whether the public is getting the full story on these or other White House scandals.

UPDATE: Christy Hardin Smith has a statement from Patrick Fitzgerald’s spokesman: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 ‘We are trying to muddy the coverage.’ - Nico -

From today’s document dump, an email from Justice Department spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos to Bush counselor Dan Bartlett and Cheney aide Cathie Martin on 3/6/07, one day before several purged U.S. Attorneys testified before Congress:

Right now the coverage will be dominated by how qualified these folks were and their theories for their dismissals. We are trying to muddy the coverage up a bit by trying to put the focus on the process in which they were told — I suspect we are going to get to the point where DOJ has to say this anyway. First, it is true. Second, we are having morale problems with our other U.S. attorneys who understand the decision but think that these folks were not treated well in the process.
White House Claims Bush Was In The Dark About Iraq Troop Extensions, Fueling Speculation - Nico -

On Tuesday, President Bush addressed the American Legion and accused Congress of forcing U.S. troops to extend their deployments in Iraq:

The bottom line is this: Congress’s failure to fund our troops will mean that some of our military families could wait longer for their loved ones to return from the front lines.

The very next day, his own Pentagon announced that all U.S. Army soldiers in Iraq would have their 12-month tours in Iraq extended by 3 additional months.

What explains the strange timing? As Atrios noted, when the Pentagon announced its new policy on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Gates said he was angry that the news had been leaked to the press. That has sparked suspicion that the deployment extension was actually supposed to be announced after Bush had vetoed Congress’ Iraq legislation “so that he could try to claim it was their fault.” In that scenario, Bush’s remarks on Tuesday were just meant to prime the pump.

This speculation was fueled by Wednesday’s White House press conference, where Dana Perino explained the strange timing by claiming that President Bush had been in the dark about this major policy shift until the morning it was announced:

Q So why did he tell the American Legion that people would be staying in Iraq longer because of the Democrats, when his own Pentagon, 24 hours later, was going to keep people there longer?

MS. PERINO: Well, one, I don’t know if the President knew about the — the meeting — remember, yesterday morning is when Secretary Gates came and talked to the President. […]

Q And so the President didn’t know about his own policy until Wednesday?

MS. PERINO: I’m not aware that the President knew that there was going to be — that Secretary Gates had come to any decisions. Watch it:

Could it really be that President Bush was completely unaware of the Pentagon’s new policy until hours before it was made public?

Or is the White House now trying to cover up a botched plan to blame Congress for its own decision to further strain the U.S. military, a move that has hurt Bush politically and angered troops on the ground.

Transcript: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 FLASHBACK: Cheney ‘Has The Same Sense Of Humor’ As Imus - Matt -

In the debate over Don Imus’ offensive comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, many bloggers and pundits have focused on the fact that despite Imus’ history of inflammatory remarks, politicians and media celebrities have continued to appear on his show over the years.

One big time politician, who has said that he likes to “listen to Don Imus in the morning,” has thus far escaped scrutiny for his relationship to fallen shock jock: Vice President Dick Cheney.

In January 2005, on the day of Bush’s second inaugaration, Cheney and his wife, Lynne, granted Imus a lengthy, exclusive interview, in which Mrs. Cheney affectionately referred to Imus as “the I-man.”

Asked to explain why Cheney chose Imus’ show for the big inaugaration day interview, long-time Cheney adviser Mary Matalin, who negotiated the appearance for the vice president, told the New York Times:

The vice president, she said, “has a wry sense of humor.”

“ He has the same sense of humor that Imus has. He thinks Imus is funny. He gets good guests on. And he asks good questions. It’s not really strategic or complicated. Not everything we do has to work on 50 different levels.”

Vice President Cheney has not yet been asked to comment on the Imus controversy, but given his past relationship with Imus, it might be worth some reporter asking if he still shares Imus’ sense of humor. Digg It! Transcript of a portion of the interview: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 Rove’s lawyer says he didn’t delete emails. - Nico -

“Karl Rove’s lawyer on Friday dismissed the notion that President Bush’s chief political adviser intentionally deleted his own e-mails from a Republican-sponsored server, saying Rove believed the communications were being preserved in accordance with the law. … Any e-mails Rove deleted were the type of routine deletions people make to keep their inboxes orderly, Luskin said. He said Rove had no idea the e-mails were being deleted from the server, a central computer that managed the e-mail.”
15.Apr.2007 Justice Department Tracked Federalist Society Influence On U.S. Attorneys - Faiz -

Today, the House Judiciary Committee released a new set of documents from the Department of Justice relating to the firings of eight U.S. Attorneys.

The last page of document set 3 contains an email from Monica Goodling with an attached Excel spreadsheet on “USA data (GWB).”

The spreadsheet appears to assess a list of U.S. Attorneys based on a variety of different qualifications, including prosecution experience and political experience. But there is one column dedicated solely to an assessment of whether the attorneys are members of the Federalist Society. See below. The far right column contains a data column for “FedSoc”:

The Federalist Society has served as a kind of gateway for judges and legal aides who strive to work inside the Bush administration, in effect promoting individuals who have dedicated themselves to enforcing a right-wing ideology rather than the law. University of Illinois Professor Jerry Landay described the group in the Washington Monthly as a “conservative cabal that’s transforming American Law.”

During his Supreme Court nomination hearing, Chief Justice John Roberts repeatedly sought to distance himself from a connection to the conservative legal group, unwilling to be tarred by its association. Digg It!
15.Apr.2007 Wolfowitz’s Apology: Don’t Hate Me Because I Helped Launch The Iraq War - Faiz -

When Paul Wolfowitz, a primary architect of the Iraq war, assumed his post as World Bank President, he claimed the the new boss was going to be tough on corruption. Yesterday, he acknowledged that he “made a mistake” when he became personally involved in securing a promotion and a pay raise far in excess of the normal maximum for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza.

Riza’s promotion came with a pay increase that was more than double the amount allowed by staff rules. “According to the Government Accountability Project, a watchdog group, she has received two raises totaling $61,000 since Wolfowitz took over as president. The group said bank payroll documents put her current annual salary at $193,590.”

Wolfowitz’s admission of wrongdoing came only as the 24-member World Bank board met in a marathon emergency session to discuss his fate. The Board issued a statement saying it would “move expeditiously to reach a conclusion on possible actions to take.”

Wolfowitz tried to explain away his behavior, claiming his mistakes were made because “he had to deal with it when he was new to this institution and trying to navigate in uncharted waters.” He added that criticism of him should not focus on his role in the Iraq war. “For people who disagree with things they associate with me in my previous job, I am not in my previous job.” Watch it:

Alison Cave, chairwoman of the staff association, told staff: “He must act honorably and resign.” Wolfowitz appeared as Cave was addressing employees. Bloomberg described the scene this way:

Calls of “resign, resign” resounded through the World Bank’s atrium yesterday when Wolfowitz, 63, addressed employee representatives.

Despite the emerging evidence of Wolfowitz’s corruption and increasing clamor for calls to resign, Bush is standing firmly with him. “Of course President Wolfowitz has our full confidence,” Deputy White House Press Secretary Tony Fratto said yesterday. Digg It!
15.Apr.2007 April 13, 2007 - Think Progress -

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca lambastes the Bush administration in his new book. “Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening?” Iacocca writes. “Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. … But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, ‘Stay the course.’”

Gov. John Corzine (D-NJ) was seriously injured yesterday in a hit-and-run car accident, hospitalizing him “with fractured ribs, a broken leg + chest injuries.” Corzine did not “appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries.”

Rudy Giuliani’s (R) current foreign policy advisers include retired Gen. Jack Keane, the architect of President Bush’s Iraq escalation policy + former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

“Four years after Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was deposed by U.S.-led troops, an international panel charged with recommending invitations for an exclusive meeting of the world’s democracies ” has ruled that Iraq is “not invited,” the same status the country had under Hussein’s rule. Last year, Iraq had observer status at the Community of Democracies meeting.

“President Bush is threatening to veto a Senate intelligence bill that’s laced with provisions that would force the White House and spy agencies to be more responsive to Congress.” (more…)
15.Apr.2007 Troops React To Forced Extensions With ‘Anger,’ ‘Frustration,’ ‘Collective Groan’ - Nico -

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced yesterday that all U.S. Army soldiers in Iraq would have their 12-month tours in Iraq extended by 3 additional months. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO) called the policy “an additional burden to an already overstretched Army,” and warned not to “underestimate the enormous negative impact this will have on Army families.”

Now, newspapers are returning harrowing accounts from the ground, where U.S. soldiers reacted to the news with “muffled outbursts of anger and frustration laced with dark humor.” The Washington Post reports:

They found out by reading exasperated e-mails from their spouses, hearing somber announcements from their platoon commanders, seeing snippets of the secretary of defense at a televised news conference: The American soldiers who thought they were staying in Iraq one year would now stay 15 months. All of them.

From Texas to Baghdad and Baqubah to the Beltway, the reaction Thursday among U.S. soldiers and their families to the news of the mass extension was akin to a collective groan.

“It flat-out sucks, that’s the only way I can think to describe it,” said Pvt. Jeremy Perkins, 25… “I found this out today from my squad leader. I still haven’t told my wife yet. I’m just trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to break it to her that ‘Honey, uh, yeah, might be home before our next anniversary. Sorry I missed the last one.’”

Similar scenes of soldiers worried about their families and relationships were documented by the New York Times:

The soldiers wondered if their relationships back home could weather an extension and predicted that divorce rates in the military would spike. They muttered about three additional months of forced celibacy and fretted half jokingly about impatient wives and girlfriends. “Now a lot of cheating be going on,” said Sgt. Jonathan Wilson, 29. “I’m serious.”

Specialist Lawson had planned to take a vacation with his former wife, with whom he has two daughters, after he got back to the division’s home base in Schweinfurt, Germany. They were going to give the relationship another try.

“This has totally wrecked everything I had planned,” he said as he slumped on an empty explosives crate.

“Now I’m never going to get together with my ex-wife,” he said. “I’m scared that the longer it takes, more things could happen.”

The price that’s paid for a war without end.
Missing emails may be related to prosecutors. - Nico -

“The White House said Thursday that missing e-mail messages sent on Republican Party accounts may include some relating to the firing of eight United States attorneys.”
15.Apr.2007 Gingrich suggested creating war ‘czar.’ - Amanda -

A few weeks ago, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sent a memo to the White House advocating the creation of a high-powered “czar” to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as part of an 18-point plan. At least five retired generals have turned down the job.
15.Apr.2007 White House says it will not turn over RNC emails. - Nico -

The Politico reports:

White House Counsel Fred Fielding, in a letter today, told Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees, that the White House has not budged in its refusal to allow the panels to question several White House aides, including Karl Rove, about what they know regarding the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys, moving the two sides closer to a constitutional battle over the scandal.

Fielding also appears to be trying to head off an attempt by Conyers to obtain e-mails and documents from the Republican National Committee regarding the firings. … Fielding also said that “it was and remains our intention to collect e-mails and documents from those [RNC-controlled] accounts as well as the official White House e-mail and document retention systems” as part of a broader deal with the two committees on staffer testimony.

In a response statement, Conyers was unmoved: “the Judiciary Committee intends to obtain the relevant emails directly from the RNC. The White House position seems to be that executive privilege not only applies in the Oval Office, but to the RNC as well. There is absolutely no basis in law or fact for such a claim.”
15.Apr.2007 Goodling may be offered immunity. - Nico -

“The House Judiciary Committee is ’strongly considering’ offering former DoJ official Monica Goodling immunity in exchange for her testimony in the U.S. Attorney matter, according to one very solid congressional source. Goodling had preemptively asserted her Fifth Amendment rights and has declined to be interviewed or to testify before Congress. … Per Pete Williams, Goodling’s attorney, John Dowd, has no comment on the immunity question.”

UPDATE: Time magazine has a similar report.
15.Apr.2007 McCain Panders To Bloggers After Previously Calling Them ‘Infatuated With Self-Expression’ - Amanda -

Yesterday in a conference call with conservative bloggers, McCain attempted to pander to the blogosphere by ensuring them that they would be tapped in to his administration, if he becomes president. From the call:

DAVID ALL: If you become America’s next president, what role would bloggers, left and right, play in your communications strategy?

McCAIN: I feel strongly that bloggers now are a vital part of the information technology in America and the world + it’s an unusual and incredible development. …

And, the second: [As President, I would] be on with the bloggers every two weeks. … Maybe there’s too many bloggers and maybe we wouldn’t get all the questions in + maybe my answers would be too long as they are now…But maybe by lottery. Anyone who wants to ask a question, we’ll throw your name in a hat and pick the top 15, so eventually all the bloggers get a chance.

But as a senator, McCain has hardly been a friend to bloggers. In May 2006, he said bloggers are “infatuated with self-expression” who believe themselves to be “so much more eloquent, well-informed + wiser than anyone else.” In December, he introduced legislation that would treat blogs like Internet service providers and hold them responsible for all activity in the comments sections and user profiles, subjecting them to “even stiffer penalties” than ISPs.

Despite his friendly rhetoric yesterday, McCain’s true colors began to show through. “Bloggers have a lot of maturing to do in a lot of areas,” he said.
15.Apr.2007 NBC’s Brian Williams on bloggers: - Amanda -

“You’re going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem + a bathrobe. All of my life, developing credentials to cover my field of work + now I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn’t left the efficiency apartment in two years.”

UPDATE: More Williams: “If we’re all watching cats flushing toilets, what aren’t we reading? What great writer are we missing? What great story are we ignoring? This is societal, it’s cultural, I can’t change it. We should maybe pause to think about it. Because like everybody else, I can burn an hour on YouTube or Perez Hilton without breaking a sweat. And what have I just not paid attention to that 10 years ago I would’ve just consumed?”
15.Apr.2007 RNC has no Rove emails pre-2005. - Nico -

TPM Muckraker highlights a portion from this letter today from Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) to Alberto Gonzales:

Mr. Kelner’s briefing raised particular concems about Karl Rove, who according to press reports used his RNC accountfor 95% of his communications. According to Mr. Kelner, although the hold started in August 2004, the RNC does not have any e-mails prior to 2005 for Mr. Rove. Mr. Kelner did not give any explanation for the e-mails missing from Mr. Rove’s account, but he did acknowledge that one possible explanation is that Mr. Rove personally deleted his e-mails from the RNC server.
White House Stonewalls Waxman’s Inquiry Into Cheney-Linked MZM Contracts - Faiz -

On March 26, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) wrote a letter to White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten demanding “all contracts, subcontracts + task orders between MZM, Inc. … and the Executive Office of the President.”

As ThinkProgress has reported, there is good reason to believe fired U.S. attorney Carol Lam was targeting the White House’s connections to MZM contractor Mitchell Wade, who pled guilty to paying more than $1 million in bribes to former Rep. Duke Cunningham. Despite no record of having ever received a federal contract, Wade’s firm received a $140,000 contract 00.000.2002 to provide a system to screen the President’s mail.

In his letter, Waxman requested that the White House provide documents relating to the White House-MZM contracts as soon as possible, but in no case later than Friday, April 6. But the North County Times reports Waxman has yet to receive the information he requested.

“The White House response is clearly not adequate at this point,” Waxman said in a written response to questions from the North County Times.

On Friday, the White House gave its initial response to Waxman’s March request, with President Bush’s special counsel Emmet T. Flood saying there would be a delay.

“Once we are able to fully evaluate the scope and implications of the letter’s requests, we will soon provide your committee with an appropriate response,” Flood wrote.

Asked about the committee request Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Jeanie Mamo would only say, “We have advised members of Congress that we are looking into this matter.” […]

On Tuesday, Waxman wrote the White House, saying in no uncertain terms that he expects some answers.
“Mr. Flood did not provide any of the information or documents the Committee requested,” he wrote in the letter.

Waxman said he is willing to grant an extension, but that “any extension should be accompanied by a firm and expeditious schedule for production.” He noted that on Jan. 23, his committee asked DHS to provide it with documents on the Department’s $30 billion contract with Boeing to design and build a comprehensive border security plan. Fifteen days later, he received 1,800 pages in documents in response to the request. By contrast, Waxman noted, “The [MZM] contract is small and complying with the request should not be complicated.”
15.Apr.2007 At least five retired generals - Amanda -

have turned down the position of war “czar,” according to CBS’s David Martin. He adds that the search for a war coordinator “is a confession that in the fifth year of the war in Iraq, the Bush administration still has not figured out how to harness all the agencies of the U.S. government into a unified war effort.”
15.Apr.2007 Perino ‘Defends’ Email Statements: I Didn’t Lie, I Just Had No Idea What I Was Talking About - Faiz -

In this afternoon’s press briefing, the White House press corps confronted spokeswoman Dana Perino about her previous misstatements regarding the White House’s use of RNC email accounts. On March 27, Perino claimed that there were only a “handful” of staffers with such accounts. Today, Perino claimed that her earlier statement was made despite her ignorance of what was actually going on. “Well, I didn’t know how many there were,” Perino said. “I grant you, it’s a very large handful.”

’s White House correspondent Ed Henry then pressed her on why she had earlier stated that RNC emails had been archived for a very long time when the White House now claims that those emails have been lost. On March 27, Perino said RNC archiving was “something that was in place” for years. Today, she backed off that statement and said, “We have developed a better understanding of how the RNC archived or did not archive certain e-mails.” She refused to further elaborate. Watch it:

Perino defended herself, arguing, “When I said a ‘handful,’ I was asked based on something that I didn’t know.” Apparently, Perino believes if you don’t know the truth, you’re allowed to make up whatever you want. Transcript: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 Major document dump expected today. - Nico -

From a press conference with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) earlier this afternoon:

QUESTION: (OFF-MIC) expecting more documents.


QUESTION: Do you know how many (OFF-MIC)

SCHUMER: There’s supposed to be about a thousand pages of documents. It’s supposed to come about 4 or 5 o’clock. We know nothing about what’s in them.

QUESTION: Do you know whether they cover any of your redacted…

SCHUMER: We do not. We do not. We know nothing about what’s in them. We just know it’s a lot + it’s coming in the late afternoon.

UPDATE: “A very senior source who has seen the latest batch of documents to be delivered to the Senate says Sen. Chuck Schumer is wrong in estimating that the Department of Justice will dump about 1,000 pages related to the U.S. attorney firings sometime between 4 and 5 p.m. EDT.

As the afternoon drags on, it is looking more likely that the dump will slip to either very late Thursday or Friday.”
15.Apr.2007 White House lost 5 million emails. - Nico -

“CREW learned that the Executive Office of the President (EOP) has lost over FIVE MILLION emails generated between March 2003 and October 2005. The White House counsel’s office was advised of these problems 00.000.2005 and CREW has been told that the White House was given a plan of action to recover these emails, but to date nothing has been done to rectify this significant loss of records.” Read the full report HERE.
15.Apr.2007 U.S. more focused on Sanjaya than depleted National Guard. - Amanda -

In testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday, head of the National Guard Lt. Gen. Steven Blum said, “It bothers me that the Army and Air Force and Marine Corps and the Navy are at war and the nation’s watching ‘American Idol‘ and ‘Dancing with the Stars.’” Watch it:

Blum also noted that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are have left the National Guard “woefully underequipped” to meet the challenges here at home. He “said 88 % of the Army National Guard in the United States is not ready due to lack of equipment and training + that $40 billion was urgently needed to provide guard troops at home with ‘meat and potatoes stuff,’ such as radios, trucks, humvees, night vision gears and medical supplies.”
15.Apr.2007 Senators want Justice docs uncensored. - Nico -

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is demanding “clean copies of all documents relating to the U.S. attorneys investigation, including previously produced copies that had portions blacked out and others that may have been withheld.” In a letter to Alberto Gonzales, Leahy and others wrote, “To date, you have not provided any valid legal basis for your redactions, for your limitations on production or for the restrictions you have unilaterally imposed on their public disclosure.”
15.Apr.2007 Gonzales’s Former Assistant Causes Turmoil As U.S. Attorney - Amanda -

The Justice Department has faced criticism not only for firing well-respected U.S. attorneys, but also for replacing them with loyal Bushies.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Minnesota demonstrates the havoc that ensues when the Bush administration places politics over justice. Four top staffers to Rachel Paulose, the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, have voluntarily demoted themselves in protest of Paulose’s “highly dictatorial style” of managing. Paulose has also “earned a reputation for quoting Bible verses and dressing down underlings.”

According to news reports, the staffers’ dramatic moves were “intended to send a message to Washington — that 33-year-old Paulose is in over her head.” The Bush administration tried to prevent the resignations by sending a “top justice official to Minneapolis Thursday to mediate the situation. The mediation failed.”

A look at Paulose’s background indicates that she was handpicked by the Justice Department because of her personal connections, rather than her professional qualifications:

She was a special assistant to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, worked as a senior counsel for deputy attorney general Paul McNulty and is best buds with Monica Goodling — the assistant U.S. Attorney who recently took the Fifth rather than testify before Congress.

Add to the suspicions the fact that Minnesota’s former U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger stepped down just as the White House was developing its hit list.

Paulose had been in her position for a year as an interim U.S. attorney before she was sworn-in officially last month. She created controversy when her lavish swearing-in ceremony included a professional photographer, a color guard + a choir.

The Bush administration justified several of its firings of the eight U.S. attorneys by baselessly criticizing their management styles. We await the Justice Department’s response to Paulose.

(TPM and Sepia Mutiny have more.)

UPDATE: In a statement Friday, Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse described Paulose as “dedicated to leading an effective U.S. attorneys office in Minnesota and enforcing the laws to ensure public safety. … We are confident during this transition period that the U.S. Attorneys office will remain focused on its law enforcement priorities.”
15.Apr.2007 Bill O’Reilly: JFK Conspiracy Theorist - Think Progress -

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been criticizing Rosie O’Donnell over her blog post repeating a 9/11 conspiracy theory.

O’Reilly declared that “you can’t allow” someone to “make anti-American remarks…accusing your own government of murder.” He called claims that the U.S. government acted in a criminal way “irresponsible and dangerous.”

Too bad for O’Reilly, tapes from his days on the Peabody Award-winning Inside Edition are still floating around.

Watch below as O’Reilly spreads the JFK conspiracy theory that the CIA secretly supported assassin Lee Harvey Oswald: Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 Lauer On Pelosi Syria Visit: ‘Let’s Face It, A Lot Of People Think She Messed Up On This One’ - Faiz -

This morning, NBC’s Today Show ran a biased segment casting doubt on Pelosi’s Syria trip. Every single question asked by anchor Matt Lauer was framed around conservative talking points. In his first question, Lauer claimed Pelosi has gotten off to a rough start because of criticisms from a baseless Washington Post editorial, Vice President Cheney + the conservative editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal:

LAUER: Vice President Cheney called Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria “bad behavior,” a Washington Post editorial on Thursday called it “counter-productive and foolish,” and an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning goes a step further and suggests her trip may actually have been a felony, that it may have violated something called the Logan Act.

Tim, is this the way the Democrats wanted to get off the mark in terms of foreign affairs?

With his second question, Lauer asserted that “a lot of people think [Pelosi] messed up on this one,” and then asked “what’s the impact for the Democrats overall?” Lauer never mentioned the fact that five Republicans — Reps. Frank Wolf, Robert Aderholt, Joseph Pitts, David Hobson + Darrell Issa — visited Syria this week.

To wrap up the segment, Lauer suggested that Pelosi may be “seen as usurping presidential power in designing and implementing foreign policy,” disregarding Rep. David Hobson’s (R-OH) comments that the Pelosi-led delegation “reinforced the administration’s positions.”

Watch the segment:

What the right-wing and the feckless media haven’t reported is that the American public supports giving diplomacy with Syria a chance. A December World Public Opinion poll found that 75 % of Americans — including 72 % of Republicans and 81 % of Democrats — support the Iraq Study Group’s recommendation for direct engagement with Iran and Syria. Polls for the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg and the Washington Post found similarly high levels of support for engagement. Transcript: (more…)
15.Apr.2007 Special counsel needed for U.S. Attorney probe? - Matt -

Sens. Patrick Leahy and Sheldon Whitehouse sent a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today asking “whether a special counsel is necessary” to handle discussions between Capitol Hill and the Justice Department about White House liason Monica Goodling’s role in the firing of eight U.S Attorneys.

Leahy + Whitehouse write that “the office of the Attorney General appears to be hopelessly conflicted” regarding Goodling. TPMmuckraker has more.
15.Apr.2007 ‘The secret war against Iran.’ - Nico -

ABC News reports, “A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005

The group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran. It has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials.”
Bush: Success In Iraq ‘Is More Than A Military Mission, Precisely Why I Sent More Troops’ - Nico -

President Bush during his Rose Garden press conference today:

The solution to Iraq — an Iraq that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself — is more than a military mission. Precisely the reason why I sent more troops into Baghdad. Watch it:

Now it makes complete sense.

Bush later argued that sending more U.S. troops provides “some breathing space for this democratically elected government to succeed.” This from the man who said 00.000.2005:

Sending more Americans would undermine our strategy of encouraging Iraqis to take the lead in this fight. And sending more Americans would suggest that we intend to stay forever, when we are, in fact, working for the day when Iraq can defend itself and we can leave.
FBI gathered ‘purely political intel’ on war critics. - Matt -

“A secret FBI intelligence unit helped detain a group of war protesters in a downtown Washington parking garage in April 2002 and interrogated some of them on videotape about their political and religious beliefs, newly uncovered documents and interviews show…

The revelations, combined with protester accounts, provide the first public evidence that Washington-based FBI personnel used their intelligence-gathering powers in the District to collect purely political intelligence.”
15.Apr.2007 Americans least concerned about global warming. - Amanda -

“More than two-thirds of the world’s people are worried by global warming with Americans (57 %) among the least anxious even though their nation is the top source of greenhouse gases, an opinion poll showed on Tuesday.” Brazilians topped the list, with 87 % concerned about climate change.
Die "Times"-Aktie hat in den vergangenen zwei Jahren um rund 35 % nachgegeben.

Schon voriges Jahr enthielten sich 28 % der Aktionäre aus Protest der Stimme, darunter auch das Wall-Street-Haus Morgan Stanley, dessen Portfolio-Manager Hassan Elmasry, einer der schärfsten "Times"-Kritiker, rund sieben 5 aller Verlagsaktien hält.
Untersuchungsbericht: US- Soldaten erschossen unbeteiligte Zivilisten in Afghanistan
15.Apr.2007 Radikaler Vorschlag: Wirtschaftsweiser will Stundenlöhne unter drei Euro
15.Apr.2007 Erzbischof aus Simbabwe: "Wir haben Mugabes Nonsens satt"
Robert Massey von der Royal Astronomical Society sagte der britischen Zeitung "The Guardian", dass die Mission "legitime Wissenschaft" sei. Schließlich gehe es darum, eine Theorie zu überprüfen - auch wenn die Ergebnisse keinen besonderen Fortschritt bedeuteten.

Ähnlich äußerte sich der königlich-britische Hofastronom Sir Martin Rees: Die Ergebnisse seien nicht gerade sensationell.

Winzige Abweichung bestätigt Relativitätstheorie

"Gravity Probe B" hat die Raumzeit-Krümmung jetzt bestätigt, wie die Stanford University mitteilt: Die Drehachsen der Gyroskope hätten sich in der Tat um winzige 0,0018 Grad gegenüber der Ebene der Satelliten-Umlaufbahn verschoben - wie von der Relativitätstheorie vorhergesagt.
Im April 2004 hat die US-Raumfahrtbehörde Nasa nach Jahrzehnten der Vorbereitung den Plan in die Tat umgesetzt und den Satelliten "Gravity Probe B" ins All geschossen. Jetzt haben Wissenschaftler der Stanford University die ersten Ergebnisse veröffentlicht: Einstein lag mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 99 % richtig.
Die Schwerkraft ist nichts weiter als die Krümmung von Raum und Zeit: Mit dieser Theorie hat Albert Einstein vor fast 100 Jahren die Physik revolutioniert. Jetzt hat ein sündhaft teurer Nasa-Satellit die letzten Zweifel ausgeräumt: Krümmung und Verwirbelung der Raumzeit sind real
15.Apr.2007 Verbogene Raumzeit: Satelliten- Messung gibt Einstein Recht
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JSTOR: English Research and the National Council ... always provided he is still a de- vout believer in the purposes, the procedures + the products of the artists, the intuitionalists, the creativists .
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Untitled ... the part with most originals in the smaller houses, the import of intellectuals, the activists, the new creativists, the profesionals.

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Those scientists that are proposing intelligent design are not biblical creativists but are proposing an alternate and/or complement to evolution because ...
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All creativists arguments fall down when one sees that organisms are not specific purpose tailored at all. It is very short sighted view of creationism that ...
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15.Apr.2007 Innocence lost. - Review - book reviews Public Interest - Find ...

Pinpointing the problem with accuracy, she explains that those she calls " creativists " are confusing "novelty, i rregular ways of seeing or naming things, ...
REPORTS We learned of the world’s 3% population of cultural creativists, who believe everything, is an aspect necessitating constant watchfulness to be able to ...
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A gigantic troop of phantastic creativists gets together from everywhere here to enchant the place in a colored other world.
15.Apr.2007 Tudog's Newsletter “scientists” and making a strong case of the “ creativists ”. Mistakes that should be. avoided include:. Mistake: Under Appreciating Marketing – marketing is ...
15.Apr.2007 Development of action-planning systems on the basis of ... creativists (individuals who, in addition to employing search-reducing techniques, also generate efficient solving strategies for whole classes of ...
15.Apr.2007 NG BBS - The use of drugs in spurring genius

I think many artists, who are excellent technicians, but lousy creativists, DO use substances to give them that creative catalyst that can spawn a great ...
15.Apr.2007 Scoop: UQ Wire: Porter Goss Resignation Solved Daily Voting News For April 6, 2007 7 Apr | John Gideon ... “The creative dealings of defendant El - Batrawi partly explains how this money disappeared so ...
White Collar Crime Prof Blog: April 9, 2006 - April 15, 2006 .com reports (here) that the grand jury began hearing testimony about one month ... Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi and Ramy El - Batrawi, former CEO of ...
White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Civil Enforcement Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi and Ramy El - Batrawi, former CEO of ... Whether the court would delay the hearing to afford Johns his rights under the Rules, ...
Bob O'Brien's Sanity Check - NCANS Comment Letter Submitted to SEC ... 8/PRNewswire-FirstCall/--

From mid 2000 till the end of 2001, GenesisIntermedia (OTC: GENI - News ) and Ramy El - Batrawi attracted the attention of a group ...
Bob O'Brien's Sanity Check - Rocker Announces Retirement, Hedge ... DID IT OCCUR TO YOU TO THINK THAT MAYBE LAST NIGHT'S NEWS THAT HEDGE FUNDS FILED A ... Ramy El - Batrawi, et al., United States District Court for the Central ...
For The Record Summary Posts When the helpful Khashoggi worked with Oliver North to sell arms to Iran, Ramy El - Batrawi was there, as president of a Khashoggi company, ...
FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State ... A. Facts

In the spring of 1995, Ramy El - Batrawi of Genesis/Positive Response ...

Bernstein and MBH denied the allegations and requested a hearing before an ...
C L A S S A C T I O N R E P O R T E R Thursday, November 15, 2001 ... ALABAMA: U.S. Supreme Court Declines Hearing Jefferson County Tax Case ...

Ramy El - Batrawi and others of engaging in an elaborate two-year scheme ...
29.Oct.2001 C L A S S A C T I O N R E P O R T E R

The complaint accuses the Company, Khashoggi, former CEO Ramy El - Batrawi and others of engaging in an elaborate two-year scheme to ...
Digg - Extraordinary move to legalize poppy crops in Afghanistan

Adnan Khashoggi lieutenant Ramy El - Batrawi, who supplied one of the two DC9’s ...

Leahy said the FBI corroborated much of the story in closed door hearings .
Digg - Extraordinary move to legalize poppy crops in Afghanistan

“Sibel also recalled hearing wiretaps indicating that Turkish Embassy targets ...

Adnan Khashoggi lieutenant Ramy El - Batrawi, who supplied one of the two ...
20070327 Adnan Khashoggi lieutenant Ramy El - Batrawi, who supplied one of the two DC9’s ...

Mar. 2007 Third Circuit Appeals Court Sets Date for Oral Arguments in Mumia ...
Alabama Against Fraud :: View topic - Stephen Taub, Rakesh Saxena ...

00.Dec.1999 -in-The scheme began, when Khashoggi + El - Batrawi made a secret ...

05/24/2002 17 MINUTES: setting hearing on motion for court's guidance ...
15.Apr.2007 antifa_archive4.html

And Khashoggi's henchman Ramy El-Batrawi,

currently under indictment with Big K for looting ...

WIRED NEWS [San Francisco]: Court Filing Confirms Spy Docs.
Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0): Just a Drive By

Enter Adnan Khashoggi + lieutenant Ramy El Batrawi, who, we learned, ... of a brief on behalf of respondent in the Supreme Court case of United States v. ...
15.Apr.2007 PrairiePundit: 04/01/2006 - 05/01/2006 The suit was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi financier + Ramy El - Batrawi, who was chief executive of ...
Alert ISRAEL 4/10/2007 Egyptian Troops Arrest Palestinian in ...

El Al Israel Airlines, Israel’s national carrier, said it and other airlines ... the start of the World Court hearings in The Hague on whether the structure ...
Demonstration: Putin- Gegner versammeln sich in St. Petersburg
15.Apr.2007 Dax- Geflüster: Hauptsache, es knallt

15.Apr.2007 Gescheiterter Lafontaine: Auf verlorenem Posten gegen den Einheitskanzler
15.Apr.2007 Afghanistan: Tornados starten zu ersten Aufklärungsflügen
15.Apr.2007 The Goans get tough and mystery remains  Did the Portuguese discover Australia? posted by Prof. Hex
Waxman said the RNC indicated that it had destroyed all e-mail records from White House officials 00.000.2001, 2002 and 2003.

Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, accused the White House of lying about the matter.

He was joined by the ranking Republican on the committee, Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), in calling on the White House to join Congress in setting up a "fair and objective process for investigating this matter."

"You can't erase e-mails, not today," Leahy said in an angry speech on the Senate floor. "They've gone through too many servers.

Those e-mails are there -- they just don't want to produce them. It's like the infamous 18-minute gap in the Nixon White House tapes."
Rove E-Mail Sought by Congress May Be Missing

00.000.2005 RNC Took Away His Access to Delete Files

By Michael Abramowitz Washington Post Staff Writer



"You can't erase e-mails, not today," Leahy said in an angry speech on the Senate floor. "They've gone through too many servers.

Those e-mails are there -- they just don't want to produce them. It's like the infamous 18-minute gap in the Nixon White House tapes."

White House officials rejected that explanation. "What we have done has been forthcoming, honest," spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

"We are trying to understand to the best of our ability the universe of the e-mails that were potentially lost +

we are taking steps to make sure that we use the forensics that are available to retrieve any of those that are lost.

"Democrats are suspicious that Rove and other senior officials were using the political accounts, set up by the RNC, to avoid scrutiny from Congress," the Washington Post article continues.

"E-mails already in the public record suggest that at least some White House officials were mindful of a need not to discuss certain matters within the official White House e-mail system."
Nature has had about 2.7 billion years to perfect photosynthesis, so there are huge lessons that remain for us to learn,” Engel said. “The results we’re reporting in this latest paper, however, at least give us a new way to think about the design of future artificial photosynthesis systems."
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The photosynthetic technique for transferring energy from one molecular system to another should make any short-list of Mother Nature’s spectacular accomplishments. If we can learn enough to emulate this process, we might be able to create artificial versions of photosynthesis that would help us effectively tap into the sun as a clean, efficient, sustainable and carbon-neutral source of energy.
15.Apr.2007 Quantum secrets of photosynthesis revealed 

Through photosynthesis, green plants and cyanobacteria are able to transfer sunlight energy to molecular reaction centers for conversion into chemical energy with nearly 100-% efficiency. posted by Prof. Hex
15.Apr.2007 The roots of some common superstitions  So, exactly what are superstitions? Merriam-Webster provides a handful of definitions, including "... fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance" and "a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary." posted by Prof. Hex
15.Apr.2007 Four years of Rove emails missing  "It was an honest mistake I tells ya! posted by Prof. Hex
15.Apr.2007 ElBaradei: Iran nuclear plant still in early stages: Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohammed ElBaradei said here Thursday night that Iran has no necessary facilities to produce nuclear weapons.

15.Apr.2007 Russia rules out military scenario for Iran : A military scenario for Iran should be ruled out, a senior Russian lawmaker said after a closed-doors meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak.

15.Apr.2007 Iran leads attack against U.S. dollar : While the world press has focused on Iran's plans to move ahead with enriching uranium, Tehran continues to wage economic war against the U.S. dollar behind the scenes.

15.Apr.2007 Missing American feared a victim of ‘dirty war’: Mr Levinson disappeared on March 8 after a six-hour meeting on the Iranian island of Kish with Dawud Salahuddin, an American who converted to Islam and was recruited by revolutionaries to assassinate an Iranian opposition activist near Washington 00.000.1980.

15.Apr.2007 U.S. hopes to ease Israeli fears over arms sales to Saudi Arabia : U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will visit Israel next week for a series of meetings with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. During his visit, Gates may attempt to persuade Israel to ease its objections to the sale of advanced weapons systems to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

15.Apr.2007 Israel: What price friendship?: The transcripts feature an amazing discussion about the sensitive issue of the political pressure that U.S. Jewry was exerting on the administration and Congress.

15.Apr.2007 Novak: War in Iraq "the Sharon war"? : Robert Novak: "I am convinced that Israel made a large contribution to the decision to embark on this war. I know that on the eve of the war, Sharon said, in a closed conversation with senators, that if they could succeed in getting rid of Saddam Hussein, it would solve Israel's security problems.

15.Apr.2007 Israel will not be transferring Palestinian funds : Israel preceded the Olmert-Abbas meeting by announcing Friday it will not transfer any funds to Israel.

15.Apr.2007 Swedish teen: U.S. troops led operation : A Swedish teenager who was imprisoned for weeks with alleged terror suspects in Ethiopia said in an interview published Thursday that Americans in military uniform directed the Kenyan soldiers who took her into custody on the Somali-Kenyan border.

15.Apr.2007 'I am plotting a new Russian revolution': London exile Berezovsky says force necessary to bring down President Putin

15.Apr.2007 Berezovsky denounces violence despite coup claims: Russia said today it was opening a criminal investigation into Boris Berezovsky after the exiled tycoon told the Guardian he is plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin from his base in Britain.

15.Apr.2007 Bali group, Indonesian army had 'curious link': An international panel of experts says it has identified a "curious link" between associates of the outlawed regional terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah and the Indonesian military (TNI).

15.Apr.2007 Chavez: Troops to Escort Oil Takeovers : President Hugo Chavez said Thursday that soldiers will accompany government officials when they take over oil projects in the Orinoco River basin next month.

15.Apr.2007 Uranium dust : Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories has applied for a permit to blow up as much as 450 pounds of depleted uranium in explosives tests west of Tracy this year.

In case you missed it: Poison DUst : Video: Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

15.Apr.2007 Australia censors terrorism books : The new law would be targeted at removing the material from publication, rather than punishing its authors + customs officers would be given much broader powers to confiscate books and films being imported into the country.

15.Apr.2007 1984 ?: Homeland Security Developing ‘Hostile Intent’ Technology : The United States Department of Homeland Security announced in April that it is developing human factors technology able to screen people at borders for hostile intent. The tool will help screeners identify people who should not be allowed to enter the country

15.Apr.2007 Wolfowitz pay scandal laid bare : The World Bank early Friday released more than 100 pages of documents that exposed the pivotal role played by its president, Paul Wolfowitz, in awarding startling pay hikes to his girlfriend.
U.N. nuclear chief says Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges: The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog says Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, despite its claims to have activated 3,000.
15.Apr.2007 Chevron confirmed as key sponsor of Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit : The summit has been organised to bring together key Iraq Government decision makers in the energy sector and international operators seeking partnership opportunities in both the upstream and downstream industry.
15.Apr.2007 Banned in USA -Canada Offers Forum for Lecturer Barred From U.S. -By Jonathan Woodward
Unable to travel to the University of Washington, Riyadh Lafta -- best known for a controversial study that estimated Iraq's body count in the U.S.-led war in Iraq at more than half a million -- will arrive at Simon Fraser University in B.C. this month to give a lecture and meet with research associates.

15.Apr.2007 The Baghdad Gulag -By Pepe Escobar
There were hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million Iraqi nationalists, waving Iraqi flags - with no room for a religious divide - responding to Muqtada's call for "Occupation out!" The Shi'ite million-man march proved once again Sadrists rule the Shi'ite street - and are the most powerful political force among Iraqi Shi'ites.  

15.Apr.2007 A Paradigm Shift: America as Proxy -By Ramzy Baroud
While the US was the major power that often orchestrated proxy wars through clandestine tactics, as it did in Central America and various parts of Asia, Israel is now adopting a similar scheme. In most instances in the past, Israel managed to sway US administrations to behave according to the misleading mantra: "What's good for Israel is good for America." But a clash of interests here is unavoidable.

15.Apr.2007 The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo
The Power of the Israel Lobby in the United States
This is a must watch video

A documentary program by the Dutch public broadcast organization VPRO, allows several interesting opinion makers to speak on the future of the American and Israel relationship and the reception of John Mearsheimers and Steve Walts article "The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy." Continue

15.Apr.2007 Dark of Heartness - A Journey Into The (Reputed) Soul of Conservatism-By David Michael Green 
I have been haunted this last quarter-century + especially this last decade, by the darkness that has descended over the American political landscape, a long shadow unlike any I remember from the first half of my life.

15.Apr.2007 that is why CREW is asking Fitz to re-open the case against Karl Rove . Melanie Sloan, CREW's executive director, said today,

"It looks like Karl Rove may well have destroyed evidence that implicated him in the White House's orchestrated efforts to leak Valerie Plame Wilson's covert identity to the press in retaliation against her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson."

Sloan continued, "Special Counsel Fitzgerald should immediately reopen his investigation into whether Rove took part in the leak as well as whether he obstructed justice in the ensuing leak investigation." Permalink
15.Apr.2007's L.A. Times (subscription required) emphasizes that Rove, upon assuming his duties, was officially cautioned not to misplace any emails, which is sort of like cautioning Charles Ng not to kill people.

So where did the missing missives go? How do the White House email systems (official and non-official) actually work?
In response to the latest document dump, a Democratic Underground poster with the euphonious nick "Tandalayo_Scheisskopf," who seems to have a technical background, offered a reaction deserving of repetition here: 1. The documents offered up do not have full email headers included. For those who understand such things, email headers are a rich source of information. I do not think that a lack of full email headers in these documents is a mistake.
2. From their format, as supplied, especially as regards how file attachments are shown on them, I would expect that their email server infrastructure is based upon Microsoft Exchange (version unknown). Now, this possibility, taken with the recent CREW information that 5 million emails are missing, tells me something:
5 million emails are missing, out of how many emails? That is hard to divine, but I can say this: this is a very high volume email infrastructure, one that surely has a ton of security. In an Exchange environment like that, you are going to have Exchange bridgehead servers, connectors, routing servers, active directory servers, firewalls, clustering, a number of email stores, IIS servers, service-dedicated servers, ISA servers, SAN storage and a lot more. Plus Blackberry servers. And, most importantly, a dedicated sub-infrastructure of servers for just backups and archiving.
For all these emails to be scrubbed completely is No Small Taters. Either this was the single worst configured and administered Exchange infrastructure in the history of mankind, or one or more people with a very detailed knowledge of Exchange came in, mapped the topology and proceeded to sanitize the system.
There is a third possibility: That the White House and the RNC have decided to stonewall and ignore subpoenas.
Any way you slice and dice it, this is big and it points to organized criminal effort. I also cannot think of any geek who would willingly sign onto duty like this and place themselves in a position of such jeopardy. Especially one with the high level of technical expertise needed to do all of this.
Which leads to a fourth possibility: Could this system have been intentionally set to wipe out, lose, obfuscate and obscure. That is not unlikely.
Were I advising Leahy or Waxman, I would find out where those servers are and put seals on them post haste.

Washington Post Headline: "E-Mail Uproar Gives Dems Ammo Vs. Rove." Message to WP Headline Writer: We Have All the Evidence we Need. All That is Needed Now is a Pair of Handcuffs For Rove.
The Book Versions of "Slaughter-House Five" and Obama's "Dreams of My Father," Both for $30.00

14.Apr.2007 Nancy Pelosi: 'The president is not king, the president is the president of the United States. America is a democracy. We have to make decisions based on our judgment. Thus far, the president's judgment hasn't been good, in terms of say for example the war on Iraq.' Pelosi Stands Up to a Television Report Who Parrots White House Talking Points. Well Worth Watching. 4/14
And last Thursday, Katie Couric and CBS joined the fro of journalists and corporate owned media outlets competing for the Pulitzer Prize in Terrible, Apathetic and Horribly Deceptive Journalism. As Media Matters reported Couric repeated ?thoroughly debunked? rumors that Obama had gone to a madrassa as a child. 4/15

14.Apr.2007 The Dalai Lama in America: Cultivating Compassion (3-Cassette Audiobook)
Bush's "Surge" of Death, Lies and Failed Leaership: Dozens slain in Baghdad, Karbala attacks
"NPR now has new information about that plan. According to someone who's had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical."
"However, Levine recalled seeing White House staff members moving fluidly between their official computers and the laptops provided by the Republican National Committee." "However, Levine recalled seeing White House staff members moving fluidly between their official computers and the laptops provided by the Republican National Committee.
Pressure builds for Wolfowitz to step down. The Neo-Con Architect of the Iraq War is Just Another Crook.

14.Apr.2007 Maureen Dowd: More Con Than Neo. The Entire Bush Team is a Bunch of Crooks. They Have No Ethics or Morality, by Any Conventional Standard. 4/14
14.Apr.2007 can't resist repeating what I suggested in a comment to the previous post:

that I believe the House and Senate investigators to this scandal need to be more aggressive and treat the GOP as the criminals and liars we all know them to be. I believe Congress has within its powers to act as prosecutors. I presume that that could include going to court and requesting a judge approve search warrants to seek out and sieze the documents and computer equipment they need to their investigation. I don't know of any precedent for this kind of action, but we all don't know of any precedent for the blatant criminality we find in the White House either. It goes far beyond even the criminality of Richard Nixon and Company. Many of the current crop of criminals, like Karl Rove, were tricksters and criminals-in- training in the Nixon administration and/or political campaign.# posted by ewastud