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26.Oct.2004 Eberhart,. 1. authentico-historia-index-25.Jul.2004 UPDATED URL:
The Web of Evil - Das innere Band der Geschichte - O Padrao do Présente - Das Verbrechen hat Name & Anschrift
".. property damage, according to the plan.

17.Jun.2003 The newly organized U.S. Northern Command, 11.Sep.2001 currently headed by Air Force Gen. Ralph Eberhart, would be in charge of coordinating military support for a domestic biological attack.

17.Jun.2003 Because the disease was .."

11.Sep.2001 Eberhart, Ralph E. Responsavel da seguranca aeria.

Falhou no impedimento dos atentados.

Promovido a comandante chefe de todas as forcas estacionadas no territorio dos USA e a commandante chefe do futuro exercito do espaco.

22.Apr.2004 Permanent Vacation If you've been paying attention to 11.Sep.2001 Commission -the hearings + subsequent findings of USA 11.Sep.2001 Commission,

it is obvious that someone dropped the ball when it came to intelligence + subsequent preventative action prior to the terrorist attacks of 11.Sep.2001.  

11.Sep.2001 -a little over a month before- the attacks, while vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, USA President Bush [BGW968] received the 22.Apr.2004 now infamous PDB -We know that- 

Sometimes the obvious is so obvious, it obscures it self.

With all the talk about "who knew what" + "when did they know it" in regards to 11.Sep.2001 -the events of-

there has been a glaring question that has been largely ignored:--

Why was USA President Bush [BGW968] on vacation?

Far short of a year after Bush [BGW968] inauguration,

USA President Bush [BGW968] was on vacation at the "Western Whitehouse" in Crawford.

Bush [BGW968] claims to be a "wartime" president. URL:

22.Apr.2004-12.Sep.2001 -since- USA We've been at war  

01.Jan.2001-22.Apr.2004 -for a considerable amount of time,

11.Sep.2001 both before +

11.Sep.2001- 22.Apr.2004 -during our USA time of war USA President Bush [BGW968] has been on vacation.  

One war - Afghanistan - was necessary.  

Then there's Dubya's Wild Goose Chase war a.k.a. Operation: Iraqi Freedom .  

22.Apr.2004 -as I began formulating this piece-Ironically, USA President Bush [BGW968] was winding up yet another vacation

While USA 's Finest were laying down their lives for his WGC for WMD, the "wartime" USA President Bush [BGW968] was hunting + fishing (for game, not WMD this time) with campaign contributors rather than leading USA country - as a "wartime" president should.  

Doesn't that bother anybody? by Doug Griffin URL:
22.Apr.2004 -recent-According to an article by Fred Kaplan,

01.Jan.2001-31.Dec.2001 40% of his first year as president away from the Whitehouse:USA President Bush [BGW968] spent about

11.Sep.2001 -before the terrorists struck-"Then again, it's easy to forget that Bush [BGW968] was widely regarded as an unusually aloof USA president.

Conason, Joe has calculated that up until 11.Sep.2001 Bush [BGW968]

had spent 54 days at the ranch, 38 days at Camp David, + four

days at the Bush [BGW968] compound in Kennebunkporta total of 96 days, or

about 40 percent of his presidency, outside of Washington."

This president Bush [BGW968] has a lifelong pattern of being AWOL +

11.Sep.2001 -this time- it may have cost 3,000 people their lives.  

During the Vietnam War, Dubya's birthstation provided him the opportunity to protect the skies of Texas from the wily Viet Cong.   Mission Accomplished!   Not one slipped through.   Texans were able to sleep because we knew we were under the protective eye of the future president.   The problem is that there was no real threat then .  

There was a real threat on

06.Aug.2001 when USA President Bush [BGW968] received the PDB entitled Bin Laden Determined to strike inside the U.S .  

And just like the would-be pilot couldn't be bothered to fulfill his patriotic duty as an Air National Guardsman, the man who became the president couldn't be bothered to do his sworn duty as Commander-in-Chief.

He didn't cut his vacation short (remember he hadn't even been in office a year yet) + spring into action like... like... dare I say... Captain America + maybe try to prevent the impending disaster.   

What we're being sold is: " I wasn't on point. "  

No kidding.   You weren't on point , you were on vacation , Mr. President.  

Is it too much to ask that when a known terrorist organization who has openly declared war on the USA, the president and his cabinet take it seriously?  

When so much information indicates a major violent occurrence against the country you've sworn to protect, continuing a vacation isn't the most prudent course of action.  

Just like when soldiers + marines are dying by the handful fighting a war of their president's choosing, it might be a good idea to cut the vacation short.  

You wouldn't want people to think you're out of touch, would you?

23.Aug.2004 Bill Summary + Status for USA 107. Congress URL:
Title : A bill to impose sanctions against the PLO or the Palestinian Authority if the President determines that those entities have failed to substantially comply with commitments made to the State of Israel.
Sen McConnell, Mitch [KY] (introduced 06.Sep.2001)      Cosponsors (40)
Related Bills:
Latest Major Action:

06.Sep.2001 Referred to Senate committee. Status:

Read twice + referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. COSPONSORS(40), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]:     (Sort: by date)

Sen Allard, A. Wayne [CO] - 9/25/2001
Sen Allen, George [VA] - 9/25/2001
Sen Bayh, Evan [IN] - 9/13/2001
Sen Bond, Christopher S. [MO] - 9/25/2001
Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA] - 9/6/2001
Sen Breaux, John B. [LA] - 2/14/2002
Sen Bunning, Jim [KY] - 2/14/2002
Sen Carnahan, Jean [MO] - 9/6/2001
Sen Cleland, Max [GA] - 9/6/2001
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] - 9/6/2001
Sen Corzine, Jon [NJ] - 11/28/2001
Sen Craig, Larry E. [ID] - 10/9/2001
Sen Crapo, Michael D. [ID] - 9/6/2001
Sen Daschle, Thomas A. [SD] - 9/6/2001
Sen Durbin, Richard J. [IL] - 9/14/2001
Sen Edwards, John [NC] - 9/6/2001
Sen Ensign, John E. [NV] - 9/6/2001
Sen Feinstein, Dianne [CA] - 9/6/2001
Sen Grassley, Charles E. [IA] - 9/25/2001
Sen Helms, Jesse [NC] - 9/25/2001
Sen Hutchinson, Tim [AR] - 2/12/2002
Sen Inouye, Daniel K. [HI] - 9/6/2001
Sen Johnson, Tim [SD] - 9/6/2001
Sen Kyl, Jon [AZ] - 9/25/2001
Sen Landrieu, Mary [LA] - 9/12/2001
Sen Levin, Carl [MI] - 4/8/2002
Sen Lincoln, Blanche [AR] - 9/19/2001
Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. [MD] - 9/6/2001
Sen Miller, Zell [GA] - 9/21/2001
Sen Nickles, Don [OK] - 9/25/2001
Sen Santorum, Rick [PA] - 11/7/2001
Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] - 9/6/2001
Sen Sessions, Jeff [AL] - 9/19/2001
Sen Shelby, Richard C. [AL] - 9/25/2001
Sen Smith, Bob [NH] - 3/22/2002
Sen Smith, Gordon [OR] - 11/13/2001
Sen Snowe, Olympia J. [ME] - 10/9/2001
Sen Specter, Arlen [PA] - 2/12/2002
Sen Torricelli, Robert G. [NJ] - 9/6/2001
Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] - 9/12/

25.Aug.2004 Die 300 Reichsten Schweizer -Liste ist mittlerweile nur noch für Abonnenten einsehbar
Bilanz Magazin
25.Aug.2004 Die Listen der Reichen -Wo sind sie im Internet zu finden...


Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare
2 vols. Color. 220 min. Tetrahedron, dist. by Healthy World Distributing, P. O. Box 2033, Sandpoint, ID 83864; 1-888-508-4787; 208-265-2575. 2002. ISBN 0-923550-33-X. $39.95

25.Aug.2004 authentico-historia-index-25.Jul.2004 UPDATED
The Web of Evil - Das innere Band der Geschichte - O Padrao do Presente - Das Verbrechen hat Name & Anschrift
".. a "New World Order" is certainly evolving from militarily managed chaos.

17.Jun.2003 Within days of the anthrax hoax at the B'nai B'rith , FBI director Louis Freeh suddenly offered a very different view from that which had been previously expressed by leading military and intelligence officials regarding the risk of .."
".. media reported four more incidents.(9)

24.Apr.1997 a package containing a Petri dish labeled "anthrachs" was received by the B'nai B'rith in Washington, D.C. According to researchers reporting in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists this triggered a new era in mailed anthrax hoaxes and threats .."


You searched for Haiti.

".. Parade' Snags Gen. Franks for Interview on Iraq : Franks, according to Parade, "believes that five years is a realistic timeline for the U.S. to be involved in Iraq."

Human Rights Horrors in Haiti : “Morgue employees from the General Hospital in Port au Prince have revealed that 800 bodies on

07.Mar.2004 Sunday + another 200 bodies on,

28.Mar.2004 Sunday were dumped + buried in a mass .."
".. leaders. In recent years mass street protests have also often been able to force leaders from office in a coup-like fashion.

In situations of this sort, such as in Argentina 00.00.( 2001 + Bolivia 00.000.2003 + Haiti

00.000.2004 popular uprisings simply forced the sitting president to resign his office, causing someone new to assume the presidency. This often results in a period of stability and calm, in which an .."
".. Military coup in Central African Republic

00.000.2003 Attempted coup in Mauritania

00.000.2003 Military coup in São Tomé and Príncipe

00.000.2003 Military coup in Guinea-Bissau

00.000.2004 Military coup in Haiti

00.000.2004 Attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo

00.000.2004 Second attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo (June) Currently-serving leaders who came to power in coups .."

2. 2004081011_Report
".. the coastal highway near Pi Glilot, said Palestinian terrorism emanates from a genetic flaw.

11.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968]'s choice for new CIA head Porter, Coss ran spy rings in Central America, Europe:

He worked in Haiti , Santo Domingo and Mexico - all tumultuous countries during that decade of the Cold War.

11.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] Rips Kerry [KFJ 966]'s New Pro-War Stance: "After months of questioning my .."

23.Aug.2004 Festival "Haiti: Freedom and Creativity from the Mountains to the Sea"
 Washington D.C, (USA)
23.Jun.2004-04.Jul.2004 Organized by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in association with UNESCO to commemorate the bicentennial of Haitian independence. 

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
23 Aug 2004 - The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, took part on Monday 23 August in the celebrations at the Organization’s Headquarters marking International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade + its Abolition.

The occasion, in Mr Matsuura’s words, had particular symbolic value because the year 2004 had been proclaimed International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against Slavery + its Abolition by the UN General Assembly.

23.Aug.2004 Slavery Abolition Year  International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against Slavery + its Abolition  URL:
23.Aug.2004 The proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly of the year 2004 as International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against Slavery + its Abolition marks, on the one hand, the bicentenary of the proclamation of the first black state, Haiti, symbol of the struggle and resistance of slaves + triumph of the principles of liberty, equality, dignity and the rights of the individual, and, on the other, the fraternal reunion of the peoples of Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe.

For more information, please visit our websites: the Slave Route Iron Roads in Africa the General History of Africa the Slave Trade Archives

25.May.2002 Ridgeway, James "Village Voice" :“Through all this, USA Homeland Security office never changed its alert from yellow, insisting the tips were too vague.

They couldn't have been much vaguer than Bush [BGW968]: "The FBI director, yesterday, I talked to him.

He comes in every morning, by the way," Bush [BGW968] explained before taking off for Europe.

"So this subject, he came up this morning.

He the FBI director was talking about, he was speculating based upon a lot of intelligence that indicates that the Al Qaeda is active, plotting, planning, you know, trying to hit us.

So he was speculating. He basically said : Look, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another attack + it's going to be difficult to stop them,is what he said."

22.May 2003 -on Wednesday,“With that,the commander left his now jittery homeland for ice cream in Berlin + another groundbreaking effort: condemning Hitler.”

25.May 2002 “The USA has admitted that it deliberately sprayed nerve gas on its sailors in the 1960 s as part of a series of tests,+ the USA government has begun contacting those involved to discover what damage may have been done to their health.”-The Guardian-

25.Oct.2004 You searched for : FBI Director. 1. authentico-historia-index-25.Jul.2004 UPDATED ".. World Order" is certainly evolving from militarily managed chaos.

17.Jun.2003 Within days of the anthrax hoax at the B'nai B'rith, FBI director Louis Freeh suddenly offered a very different view from that which had been previously expressed by leading USA military + USA intelligence officials regarding the risk of bioterrorism. The .."
20020301-20021231-datesbase URL:
".. Village Voice":“Through all this, the Homeland Security office never changed its alert from yellow,insisting the tips were too vague.

They couldn't have been much vaguer than Bush [BGW968].

"The FBI director , yesterday, I talked to him. He comes in every morning, by the way," Bush [BGW968] explained before taking off for Europe."So this subject, he came up this morning. He was talking about, .."
2004080709_und_Report URL:
".. evidence 00.000.2001 at the time Atta was supposed to be in Prague „-in the spring of- there was no evidence Atta left or returned to the USA." 00.Apr.2002 -in- at a San Francisco meeting FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III went on the record saying the evidence wasn't there: "We ran down literally hundreds of thousands of leads + checked every record we could get our hands on, .."

authentico-historia-index-25.Jul.2004 UPDATED
The Web of Evil - Das innere Band der Geschichte - O Padrao do Pre ésente - Das Verbrechen hat Name & Anschrift
".. World Order" is certainly evolving from militarily managed chaos.

17.Jun.2003 Within days of the anthrax hoax at the B'nai B'rith, FBI director Louis Freeh suddenly offered a very different view from that which had been previously expressed by leading military and intelligence officials regarding the risk of bioterrorism. The .."
You searched for Freeh. 1.
authentico-historia-index-25.Jul.2004 UPDATED
The Web of Evil - Das innere Band der Geschichte - O Padrao do Pre ésente - Das Verbrechen hat Name & Anschrift
".. certainly evolving from militarily managed chaos.

17.Jun.2003 Within days of the anthrax hoax at the B'nai B'rith, FBI director Louis Freeh suddenly offered a very different view from that which had been previously expressed by leading military + intelligence officials regarding the risk of bioterrorism. The acquisition or use of .."
00.000.1993 FBI-DirektorLouis Freeh URL:
USA Kardinal Cooke Th. Murphy (bis 1981 Chmn General Motors)

Will. Simon (Finanzminister unter Nixon)

Russell Shaw (Sprecher der Nationalen Konferenz d. kath. Bischöfe/USA)

00.000.1993 Louis Freeh (FBI-Direktor)
- Freeh ist ein ehemaliges Mitglied und sein Bruder war einer der führenden Numerarier des Ordens Tom Monaghan (Unternehmer: Pizza-Kette; 500 Mio $ Verm.)
- er unterstützt zahlreiche fundamentalistische Organisationen, die enge mit Opus Dei zusammenarbeiten

BELGIEN Robert- Schuman- Institut (Journalistenschule)
- von dem Unternehmer Piet Derksen gegr., der der extremen katholischen Rechten nahesteht (Opus nahe)

00.000.1997 stufte eine Parlamentskommission den Opus Dei Orden als gefährliche Sekte ein

Antoine Pinay
00.000.19---00.000.1952 Ministerpräsident, Bilderberger
- Malteser - Unterstützung für das rechtsextreme Institut für Konfliktforschung/London
- Mitgl. Des Cercle Violet (illegale Aktivitäten von Parallel-Geheimdiensten zur Zusammenarbeit mit Konservativen + rechtsradikalen Kräften)
- Opus Dei
Bernadette Chodron de Courcel - Ehefrau von Staatspräsident Chirac - sie gilt als große Sympathisantin des Opus Dei


Internationale Akademie für Philosophie Limmat- Stiftung (1972 gegr.)
* Arthur Wiederkehr (1910- ; Gründer)
- Präs. Zürcher Nordfinanzbank (Schweizer Hausbank des Rumasakonzerns)
- AR : Banco Atlantico; enge Geschäftskontakte zu Calvi und Mateos)
* H.G. Rhonheimer (Mitgr. und Präs.)
AR : * Jose Ferrer Bonsoms (Vorst. Banco Atlantico; Bankunion)
* Pablo Bofill (Vorst. Banco Atlantico; Bankunion)
* Hans Thomas (Mitgl. d. Stiftungsrates; Geschäftsführer der Rhein-Donau-Stiftung/Köln)
00.000.1990 waren 4 der 5 Stiftungsräte sowie der Geschäftsführer OPUS DEI-Mitglieder

GROßBRITANNIEN Netherhall Educational Assoc. (1964 gegr.) Netherhall House Trust 1970 gegr.
- 8 Stiftungsgründer: u.a.
* Sir George Balton (bis 1970 Chmn Bank of London and Southamerica)
* Sir Philipp de Zulueta (1925- )
- Privatsekretär von mehreren Premierministern (Lord Avon, Macmillan, Douglas Home)
00.000.1964 -ab- bei der Ph. Hill Higginson-Erlanger-Bank
00.000.1973 Chief exec. Gibbs- Bank
- Malteser
* Lord Forte stiftete 150 000 DM an Netherhall House
- Der Hotelkönig (Trusthouse Forte-Konzern aufgebaut) gehört zu den reichsten Briten
Scepter- Verlag/Dublin (1959 gegr.)
* John Roche
- ehemaliger Opus Dei Leiter, heute Prof./Oxford
00.000.1982 brach er mit dem Opus Dei (seine Enthüllungen versetzten dem Opus Dei einen schweren Schlag in GB)
DEUTSCHLAND Sympathisanten oder Mitglieder des Opus Dei

Kardinal Hengstbach (Förderer; gestorben) Kardinal Höffner (Förderer; gestorben) Filbinger (eh. Ministerpräsident/Baden-Württemberg)

O.v. Habsburg (MdEP/CSU, Enkel des letzen Habsburger-Kaisers)

N. Lobkowicz (eh. Rektor der Uni/München, aus österriechischem Hochadel)

Prof. Berglar (Geschichte/Köln) B. Servatius (Manager/Springer; er steht dem Opus Dei nahe)

Konrad Repgen (Gesch.-Prof. Köln) Kurt Malangre (Ex-Oberbürgermeister/Aachen, Opus Dei- Mitglied)

Prof. Heinz Kiefer (Dir. Ruhrinstitut/Essen) Graf Alois von Waldburg-Zeil (Sympathisant)

INSTITUTIONEN/VEREINE "Fördergemeinschaft für Schulen in freier Trägerschaft e.V. Würzburg Deutsche Tagespost
Diese streng rechtskatholische Zeitung fällt durch eine sehr Opus-Dei freundliche Berichterstattung auf. Bonn Studentische Kulturgemeinschaft
- Gründer (1953) ist der Mdb/CSU und eh. Staatsminister Alois Mertes
- Dachorganisation der korporierten Werke in DTL Althaus (Bildungszentrum)
Deutscher Internationaler Kulturverein
- Dachorganisation für die Fraueneinrichtungen in DTL) Köln Lindenthal-Institut (Opus-nahestehend)
Studentenheim Schweidt
Studentinnenheim Müngersdorf
Maarhof (Bildungszentrum)
Deutsches Opus Dei Infobüro - Köln- Stadtwaldgürtel 71- 73) - Leiter: Ruthart v. Frankenberg
Opus Dei
Elitetruppen des Vatikan
Opus Dei START
Opus Dei  
Weitere Projekte von Bornpower
Hintergrund zur Geschichte der Bankdynastie
italienische Mafia in Politik + Wirtschft + Kultur
Israels Nahostpolitik - Magisterarbeit über die
israelische Siedlungspolitik
Vermögens-Listen - Alle
Listen der Reichen

im Internet
Geschichte der
BCCI-Skandal - Background zu einem der
größten Bankenskandale im kriminellen Umfeld
Opus Dei in den Ländern

Lateinamerika Opus Dei-Mitglieder haben in zahlreichen Staaten Lateinamerikas großen wirtschaftlichen Einfluß gewonnen.

Die Absolventen der Opus-Uni in Pamplona stiegen besonders in Chile und Peru mit ihrem neoliberalen Wirtschaftsprogramm in höchste Positionen der Wirtschaftspolitik auf.

00.000.1973 In Chile sorgten sie nach dem Pinochet-Putsch gemeinsam mit den Chicago-Boys um Milton Friedman für die Deregulierung der Wirtschaft.

Einige der engsten Berater von Pinochet, wie der damalige Außenminister Cubillos, waren Mitglieder von Opus Dei.

Prominentes Opus-Mitglied ist auch Manuel Cruzat, der in den 70er Jahren zu einem der reichsten Chilenen aufstieg.

Um die Banco de Santiago, eine der größten Finanzgruppen des Landes, gruppierte der Spekulant Cruzat mit seinem Schwager Larrain ein Imperium, das zu besten Zeiten 250 Firmen kontrollierte.

00.000.1983 stand die Gruppe in der Wirtschaftskrise vor dem Zusammenbruch, vor dem ihn der Staat bewahrte.

Sicherlich waren ihm seine Opus Dei-Kontakte nicht gerade hinderlich, da er doch in den

00.000.1970 er Jahren bis zu 4 Mio DM monatlich an den Opus Dei gezahlt haben soll.

Mittlerweile besitzt Opus Dei eigene Wirtschaftsschulen in Mexiko, Argentinien und Peru sowie die Universitäten Piura/Peru und La Sabana/Kolumbien.

Ähnlich wie in Spanien soll über die Elitenausbildung Einfluß auf die Gesellschaft genommen werden.

In Peru war für den Opus die große Sympathie des Staatspräsidenten Fujimori sehr bedeutend.
So ist es nicht verwunderlich, daß die Stellung des Opus Dei in Peru außerhalb Europas am stärksten ist.

00.000.1996-00.000.1997 * Rosalia Arteaga - Bildungsministerin- Vize-Präsidentin/Ecuador
Chicago Premiere of Uncovered: The War on Iraq
Landmark Century Theatre
27.Aug.2004 URL:
link // print )

Earlier today we noted that in an NPR story on the Swift Boat wars, Senior Correspondent John McChesney reported that the Bush [BGW968] campaign had "denounced" the claims of William Rood, the Chicago Tribune editor who has supported Kerry's account of one of the Swift Boat episodes, saying his comments were "politically motivated".

McChesney told me via email this afternoon that he misspoke. It was the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, not the Bush [BGW968] campaign, that denounced Rood's story. -- Josh Marshall

2004 Okay, I think we've got the winner for the most inane Bush [BGW968]-Swift Boat headline.

From the Bloomington, Indiana Herald Times : "Bush [BGW968] calls anti-Kerry ad 'false and libelous."

Great work, guys.

Tomorrow in the Winfield Crier : "Bush [BGW968]: I Hate the Swift Boat Guys. End Ads Now!"

Thursday in the Podunk S

24.Aug.2004 In a very close race, the Muslim Americans and Arab Americans in the above states could be a decisive constituency.

There are about 300,000 Arab Americans in southeast Michigan, a state with a population of 11 million. All the signs are that they are migrating toward Kerry and Nader in large numbers.

00.000.2000, many of those who voted Republican were afraid that with Joe Lieberman on the ticket, a Gore administration would be very hard on the Palestinians.

But what I'm hearing from the community is that they are so upset with Bush [BGW968] that they will vote Democrat this year.

24.Aug.2004 In general, swing voters in the battleground states are closer to Kerry on Iraq than Bush [BGW968]. Robin Wright argues that they think Bush [BGW968] has been too quick to use military force + a majority feels that the Iraq misadventure hasn't helped the US in the war on terror.
Most Americans are admittedly not transfixed by the Najaf issue (even if they ought to be). But they are transfixed by their gasoline and energy bills. The fighting in Najaf has also inflamed the Iraqi South, which exports a majority of Iraq's oil + has interfered with exports and also caused the price to rise just out of jitters. $49 a barrel petroleum has a negative effect on the economy + the effect is delayed. Any organization that uses a lot of gasoline (school districts e.g.) and has a fixed income suddenly has found its costs going up + will have to cut back someplace, probably in employment.

Airline and trucking executives must be apoplectic and thinking of all they people they could fire and still run their businesses. URL:
24.Aug.2004 His place has been taken by Ridwan al-Rufay'i al-Kalidar, a 23 year old engineer from the U.K.

For most of the period after the fall of Saddam until

01.Apr.2004 the shrine of Ali came under the control of the Badr Corps, the paramilitary of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, now headed by Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, an ally of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani.
Up until April 1, the treasures of the shrine were intact and accounted for.

But when the ragtag Mahdi Army militiamen took over the shrine as part of their first anti-American insurgency, which responded to sudden American threats to kill or capture Muqtada al-Sadr.
Sistani appears to fear that in the past five months, the Sadrists may have looted the treasures of the shrine.

(If they did, it would have made them enormously wealthy and helped to bankroll the further expansion of the movement.)

He fears for his good name if he takes the keys to the shrine from the Sadrists and then later an inventory is done + treasures are missing.

It would be impossible to know at that point whether Sistani's men had stolen them, or Sadr's.
So apparently an inventory would have to be done first, before Sistani will take possession.

One of Muqtada's spokesmen suggested that the Shiite Board of Pious Endowments be charged with carrying out a quick inventory, so that the transfer can go forward.
Another Sadr spokesman said that the surrender of the shrine by armed militiamen has been exaggerated.

He said there are still Mahdi Army volunteers in the shrine, but that they are armed only with their personal (light) weapons.

23.Aug.2004 URL:
24.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] in these remarks continued to try to exploit the presence of Afghanistan and Iraq at the Olympics for his presidential campaign. The problem is, he has a different definition of "freedom" than do the people of whom he is speaking.
The Bush [BGW968] campaign is defining freedom as the absence of indigenous tyranny. Thus, they claim to have liberated 50 million persons (25 each in Afghanistan and Iraq) since September 11, insofar as they overthrew the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. URL:
24.Aug.2004 Informed Comment-Thoughts on the Middle East + History + Religion- Juan Cole is Professor of History at the University of Michigan

24.Aug.2004 The Fighting in Iraq Tuesday Reuters is reporting that guerrillas detonated a car bomb early on Tuesday, killing 2 persons + wounding 3 others.

They were trying to assassinate Education Minister Sami al-Mudhaffar, but he escaped unscathed.
Knight Ridder's Hannah Allam was trapped in the Imam Ali Shrine on Monday when fighting suddenly intensified + she filed via her satellite phone. She reports numerous strikes against the Mahdi Army in the sacred cemetery of the Valley of Peace, + elsewhere in the city. The US military "squeeze" of the militia continued, with what look like increasing success (from a purely military point of view). She writes:
At nightfall, U.S. attacks increased. The buzz of an AC130 gunship could be heard. Nine or 10 times by midnight, aircraft could be heard circling overhead, then a whistling sound and the explosion of a bomb. Shrapnel flew into the shrine's courtyard.
Members of the Madhi's Army -- as al-Sadr's militia is known -- kept their spirits up with chants of "We're with you, Muqtada. We'll die for you, Muqtada." They staged an impromptu rally at midnight, marching through the courtyard.
Wounded militia members were brought in throughout the evening to a makeshift trauma center in the shrine. A little girl hit by shrapnel was carried in.
Outside the shrine, militiamen and U.S. troops continued their mutual hunt for the enemy throughout the day. '
Meanwhile, the violence in Najaf provoked a demonstrationof about 200 persons in Multan, Pakistan (where the Shiites have some demographic weight. The Malaysian government condemned the fighting in Najaf.
Al-Hayat reports that PM Iyad Allawi has forbidden Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan and Interior Minister Falah al-Naquib from speaking publicly about the Sadr movement.

Bush [BGW968] and Iraqi Soccer
Bush [BGW968] press conference on Tuesday
QUESTION: You’re not going to Athens this week, are you?
Bush [BGW968]: Athens, Texas? (LAUGHTER)
QUESTION: The Olympics in Greece.
Bush [BGW968]: Oh, the Olympics. No, I’m not.
QUESTION: Have you been watching?
Bush [BGW968]: Yes. It’s been exciting.
QUESTION: Did a particular moment stand out?
Bush [BGW968]: A particular moment?
I liked the -- let’s see -- Iraqi soccer. I liked seeing the Afghan woman carrying the flag coming in.
I loved our gymnasts. I have been watching the swimming. I have seen a lot. '
He had earlier said,
Bush [BGW968]: . . . You know, we’ve got a great record when you think about it. Led the world in the war on terror. The world is safer as a result of the actions we’ve taken. Afghanistan is no longer run by the Taliban. Saddam Hussein sits in a prison cell. Moammar Gadhafi has gotten rid of his weapons. Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror.
There’s more work to be done in fighting off these terrorists. I clearly see that. I understand that we’ve got to use all resources at our disposal to find and bring these people to justice.

URL: „Kissinger,Henry“
24.Aug.2004 Bisherige Preisträger:
Louis R. Hughes (General Motors)
Eberhard von Kuenheim (BMW AG)
Jürgen Dormann (Aventis Hoechst AG)
Jürgen E. Schrempp (DaimlerChrysler AG)
Dr. Rolf-E. Breuer (Deutsche Bank AG)
Dr. Thomas Middelhoff (Bertelsmann AG)
Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle (Allianz AG)
Dr. Manfred Schneider (Bayer AG)
Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder (Volkswagen AG)
Wolfgang Mayrhuber (Lufthansa AG)

24.Aug.2004 Eric-M.-Warburg-Preis
„Eric Warburg ist in seiner Person die Brücke über den Atlantik.“
So würdigte Bundespräsident Richard von Weizsäcker anlässlich der Verleihung des ersten Eric-M.-Warburg-Preises im Jahre 1988 die historische Leistung dieses großen Deutsch-Amerikaners.
Eric M. Warburg wuchs in einer großen, weltweit verzweigten Familie auf. Sein Vater Max gab ihm folgende Maxime mit auf den Lebensweg: „Wir wohnen auf dieser Welt zur Miete, können Dinge fördern, Schmerzen lindern, helfen, aber nicht herrschen. Unsere Mission ist, bescheiden und ehrfurchtsvoll zu dienen. Wir sind Männer des Dienstes.“
Die Atlantik-Brücke erinnert mit dem alle zwei Jahre verliehenen Eric-M.-Warburg-Preis nicht nur an einen ihrer Begründer, sondern auch an einen der Gründerväter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und deren feste Einbindung in die Gemeinschaft der westlichen Welt. Sie will damit zugleich Persönlichkeiten in Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten ehren, die im Geist Eric Warburgs dazu beigetragen haben, Deutschlands Platz in der atlantischen Gemeinschaft zu sichern und zu festigen. Eric Warburg selbst war 1988 der erste Empfänger des nach ihm benannten Preises.
Weitere Preisträger sind Paul H. Nitze (1990), der in verschiedenen amerikanischen Regierungen hohe Ämter inne hatte; Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (1992), ehemaliger amerikanischer Außenminister; Dr. Manfred Wörner (1994), ehemaliger Generalsekretär der NATO; Bundeskanzler a.D. Dr. Helmut Kohl (1996); und Otto Graf Lambsdorff und General a.D. Klaus Naumann, ehemaliger Vorsitzender des NATO-Militärausschusses (beide 2000). Am 26. Juni 1998 nahmen anlässlich des 50. Jahrestages der Berliner Luftbrücke Veteranen der Alliierten Luftstreitkräfte, stellvertretend für alle Soldaten, die ihr Leben für die Freiheit Berlins eingesetzt haben, den Eric-M.-Warburg-Preis der Atlantik-Brücke, im Schauspielhaus in Berlin, entgegen. Anlässlich des 50-jährigen Jubiläums der Atlantik-Brücke wurde der Preis im Jahr 2002 an den früheren amerikanischen Präsidenten George Bush [BGW968] verliehen.
24.Aug.2004 c) Seminarprogramm für amerikanische Offiziere
Seit den sechziger Jahren arbeitet die Atlantik-Brücke weniger auffällig, dafür aber umso nachhaltiger mit den amerikanischen Streitkräften in Deutschland. Zusammen mit dem Haus Rissen, Institut für Politik und Wirtschaft, in Hamburg, werden amerikanische Offiziere zu Beginn ihres Deutschlandaufenthaltes eine Woche lang mit den Verhältnissen in unserem Land vertraut gemacht. Rund 10.000 amerikanische Offiziere erhielten auf diese Weise bleibende Eindrücke von Deutschland.
Expertengespräch mit dem U.S.-European Command
Seit dreizehn Jahren lädt einmal jährlich der NATO-Oberbefehlshaber zusammen mit der Atlantik-Brücke zu vertraulichen Expertengesprächen über aktuelle sicherheitspolitische Fragen ein. Teilnehmer sind die Befehlshaber aller in Europa stationierten amerikanischen Teilstreitkräfte – Armee, Luftwaffe, Flotte und Marineinfanterie – sowie deutsche Experten der Sicherheitspolitik.
24.Aug.2004 De acordo com a associação “A Nossa Terra”, o líquido em questão provém da Estação de Tratamento de Águas Residuais da Nave
A Associação Ambiental “A Nossa Terra” denunciou, no passado dia 20 de Agosto, “um atentado ambiental em Monchique” à Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Algarve.
Explica esta associação, sedeada em Monchique com o estatuto de equiparada a Organização Não Governamental (OHG) de Ambiente, que no dia 16 de Agosto foi feita uma descarga de material poluente para a ribeira da Nave. Informada desta situação pela população da zona do Brejão (Monchique) que utiliza a água daquela ribeira para rega, a associação deslocou-se ao local e verificou “uma situação preocupante: um cheiro insuportável, a ribeira completamente coberta de uma película branca espumosa e as populações dos sítios da Brejeira e Gil Bordalo desoladas com a destruição das suas culturas e plantações, e com os tanques de rega cheios deste líquido”.
Segundo “A Nossa Terra”, o líquido em questão provém da Estação de Tratamento de Águas Residuais da Nave, que “descarregou directamente para a ribeira material poluente, com partículas suspensas e um cheiro e aspecto horrendo”.

Os prejuízos ambientais que este tipo de acções acarreta, alertam os ambientalistas, “são por demais evidentes e estão a pôr em risco, para além da saúde pública da população residente e dos consumidores dos produtos hortícolas, a existência de espécies aquáticas”.

BerlinOnline: ATLANTIK-BRÜCKE / Ein Whos who der Politik und Wirtschaft

24.Aug.2004 Eine Wespenplage verleidet vielen Deutschen den zu kurzen Sommer. Vor allem in den Städten finden die Tiere immer bessere Lebensbedingungen. Werden sie auch immer aggressiver?
"Sei rüde, sei ehrlich, mach es schnell"  [kostenfrei] Viele Industriestaaten haben ihr Sozialsystem bereits grundlegend umgebaut.
Marode Staatsairline: "Altalia kann nur noch 20 Tage überleben"

24.Aug.2004 Amerikanischer Wahlkampf: Reime gegen Bush [BGW968]

24.Aug.2004 Auslieferung aufgeschoben: Bobby Fischer spielt auf Zeit

24.Aug.2004 US-Armee: Pentagon lässt neuen Phantomflieger bauen

24.Aug.2004 Reformdebatte: Lafontaine will in SPD bleiben

24.Aug.2004 Mannheimer Anhörung zu Abu Ghureib: Falschaussage und Geständnis in Folterskandal

24.Aug.2004 Abu-Ghureib-Affäre: Vorgesetzte gaben Freibrief für Folter
Ex-Innenminister vor Gericht: Kanther gibt sich unwissend

24.Aug.2004 Moderne Monarchie: Prinz William soll nicht dienen

24.Aug.2004 Runde Rechnungen: Heftige Diskussion um Ein-Cent-Münzen

24.Aug.2004 Tödlicher Beutezug: Grabräuber in Gruft verschüttet

24.Aug.2004 Brandenburg: Demonstranten bewerfen Schröder mit Eiern

24.Aug.2004 Wissenschaftlicher Kollateralschaden: Warum ein Nazi-Massenmörder rehabilitiert wurde

00.Aug.2004 Opinion: The Vietnam Passion

24.Aug.2004 Montagsdemonstrationen: Protestwelle ebbt ab

24.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968]-Messer: Ein Heiligenschein für Kerry

24.Aug.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Getötet wird für alles und jedes"

24.Aug.2004 Staatshaushalt: Defizit steigt auf 4,0 Prozent

24.Aug.2004 Rabattschlacht: US-Autobauer ruinieren eigenes Image

24.Aug.2004 Nahost: Uno-Beauftragter wirft Israel Apartheid-Politik vor

24.Aug.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Hollywood-Promis machen gegen Bush [BGW968] mobil

24.Aug.2004 Ölpreis: Putin sagt Bush [BGW968] Erhöhung der Ölproduktion zu

24.Aug.2004 Börse am Mittag: Dem Dax fehlt die Kraft

August 2004, Umfrageergebnis: Freizeit-Reserven der Deutschen schwinden dahin

24.Aug.2004 Absprachen zu Kabel und DSL: Kartellamt nimmt Telekom ins Visier

20040718_Report 18.Jul.2004 URL:
18.Jul.2004 Iraq’s PM Allawi shot six blindfolded prisoners ‘as example’, say witnesses: Some 30 witnesses are said to have been present in the compound when Allawi paid a surprise visit to .."
".. compound when Allawi paid a surprise visit to the security facility to reassure police officers that they would be protected from reprisals if they killed insurgents in the course of their duty.

17.Jul.2004 USA Govt should explain Allawi claims: Brown : "Allawi is a blood curdling individual," USA Senator Brown said. "He helped Saddam Hussein get into power, then turned on him. Hard .."
".. McGeough examines the dark background of Iraq's new Prime Minister. Allawi's rocky road to the top: According to the memoirs of a former Iraqi ambassador, Talib Shabib, Allawi was an assassin

18.Jul.2004 Australia: PM 'should be tried for war crimes': A FORMER federal Liberal Party president says Prime Minister John Howard should be tried and punished for war crimes over the Iraq conflict. .."
".. Jewish suffering in the Holy Land + worldwide. A Marriage Made For Heaven: Israel receives steadfast support from right-wing Christians who pray for her ultimate destruction.... More on this topic

18.Jul.2004 An appeal for peacemakers : USA present government uses the cross + the flag as a cover-up + a justification for military action. With approximately 5 % of the Earth's population, why .."
".. strut arrogantly + act unilaterally for the financial benefit of those tremendously wealthy individuals + corporations that control USA policy from behind the scenes for their own special benefit?

18.Jul.2004 Al-Qaida Issues 11.Sep.2001 like attacks threat to Italy: An Al Qaeda statement posted on a website has threatened Italy with 11.Sep.2001-style attacks if it kept Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in .."
".. Muslim were to write an Islamic version of "Glorious Appearing" + publish it in Saudi Arabia, jubilantly describing a massacre of millions of non-Muslims by God, we would have a fit.

18.Jul.2004 Now USA accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack: Some Bush [BGW968] officials are privately contemplating a possible military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities before .."
"..00.000.2005 -next year-. nuclear facilities before Russian fuel rods are delivered

Regime change in Iran now in Bush [BGW968]’s sights: RESIDENT Bush [BGW968] has promised that if re-elected 02.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968] will make regime change in Iran

Bush [BGW968] new target. Europe or the USA ? UK must choose : If Bush [BGW968] is given a new mandate, international affairs will continue to be .."

19.Sep.2002 Transcript from USA"Senate 'Armed Services Committee'"Hearing ". laying the groundwork for a brutal civil war in Iraq? Could this .."
10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Remarks to the 2nd edition – Sep. URL: ".. intrigues instigated our own Civil War . At that time, .."

24.Jan.2003 Die Kriegsszenarien der Investoren URL:
24.Jan.2003 Ein Militärschlag gegen den Irak wird immer wahrscheinlicher.

Experten rechnen mit einem US-Angriff im 2003 Februar.

Börsianer spielen Krieg ss zenarien + ihre Folgen durch :
24.Aug.2004 Above + beyond all policy + strategic issues, Bush [BGHW948] is attracted by the psychological Gestalt of Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt,Teddy suffered from a very limited attention span.

He was vain, self-centered, unstable and tended towards exhibitionism.

The most concise summary of Teddy's pathology can be found in a letter by Sir Cecil Spring-Rice of the British Foreign Office, certainly one of the most important influences on Roosevelt's life;

some would call him Teddy's British controller.

When another British diplomat, Valentine Chirol, complained about Teddy's wandering focus + intermittent attention span, Spring-Rice replied:

If you took an impetuous small boy on to a beach strewn with a great many exciting pebbles, you would not expect him to remain interested for long in one pebble.

You must always remember that the President is about six. [fn 3]

This restless and distracted inability to concentrate, this incapacity for the prolonged contemplation + examination of issues and problems, is one of the factors that made Roosevelt,Teddy the psychological wreck that he was. Teddy could not think; the psychological background noise was far too loud.

Instead, he was driven to undertake his legendary hunting exploits of killing vast quantities of birds + animals, his prodigious feats of physical exercise +, later, his hollow martial posturing as a "Rough Rider."

The polar opposite to Theodore Roosevelt on all of these points of world outlook + literary expression is Abraham Lincoln. Bush [BGHW948] was often paid lip service to Lincoln as a great president + even organized a lecture in the White House about the contributions of the Civil War president.

But there have also been a few unguarded moments in which Bush [BGHW948] has revealed his instinctive hatred for Lincoln.

00.000.1990 -In mid- Bush [BGHW948] attended a performance at Ford's Theatre, which is still used for dramatic productions + other events in downtown Washington.

At the end of the evening Bush [BGHW948] was asked by a correspondent if he had enjoyed his evening.

Bush [BGHW948] remarked that whereas Lincoln had only been able to enjoy the first act of the play he had seen at Ford's he, Bush [BGHW948], had been able to enjoy the entire evening.

This quip was reported in the British press.

Bush [BGHW948]'s endorsement for Roosevelt,Teddy is an endorsement for a world outlook + for a policy orientation.

Inseparably from that, it is also a statement of affinity for a certain form of psychopathology that is associated with Teddy.

As one of the authors has shown [fn 2], Roosevelt's maternal uncle was Captain James D. Bulloch, the head of the Confederate intelligence services in Europe + the outfitter of the infamous Confederate raiders Alabama, Shenandoah + others. Theodore Roosevelt's elevation to the presidency represented a personal union between the New York-Boston patrician financiers with the secessionist slaveholders.

First + foremost, Roosevelt,Teddy was a political steward of the Morgan interests which dominated Wall Street.

We see that Roosevelt,Teddy's networks shared some essential features with those of Bush [BGHW948].

In many ways, these are the same networks.

In outlook + policy, Theodore Roosevelt was the president who elevated the solidarity of the white race,

especially of its alleged "Anglo-Saxon" component, above the ideas of the American Revolution.

The argument was that shared "blood," language, culture + the other bonds among the "English- speaking peoples" were far more important than the American System of Franklin, Washington, Hamilton, Henry Clay, + Lincoln.

Roosevelt marked the end of the sharp animosity towards the British crown which had been left in American public life in the wake of British support for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Roosevelt directed a wave of race hatred against Chinese + other yellow- skinned orientals;

against Latin Americans + peoples of Mediterranean origin;

against Germans;

+ against black and brown skinned people in general.

Roosevelt,Teddy was of course a militant imperialist and empire- builder. The "Roosevelt corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine is no corollary, but rather a total reversal of the original anti- colonialist intent of Monroe + his Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams. Roosevelt,Teddy's claim to exercise international police powers over debtor nations launched a new imperialism, this time based in the USA.

Roosevelt,Teddy was a dedicated Malthusian who did everything he could to abort the economic development of the USA west of the Mississippi. This Malthusian environmentalism lives on in the administration of the "environmental president." In order to enforce his alien policies, Roosevelt,Teddy was in the vanguard of the creation of a US domestic police state. He got his start by leading police-state attacks on the New York Tammany Democratic machine as New York City Police Commissioner + later carried his assault to other constituency groupings, the kind Bush [BGHW948] reviles today as special interests.

Roosevelt founded the centerpiece of the USA domestic police state apparatus, the USA „Federal Bureau of Investigation“ +

Roosevelt founded USA FBI + made USA 1. FBI director : Bonaparte, Charles a relation of the French imperial house,.

Roosevelt's program of "trust-busting," (which wiped out industrial forces opposed to the Morgan interests) and his conservationism led to the creation of a whole series of regulatory agencies, which are busily strangling US economic activity today.

On a deeper level: if London had not been able to count on the USA as a future ally, it is doubtful that the British government would have encouraged Russia and France to go to war with Austria-Hungary and Germany in 1914. Without the short-term certainty of US intervention on the British side, the Bolshevik revolution would have been far less likely. Theodore Roosevelt's role as the first overtly and extravagantly Anglophile US president after the Civil War thus helped to pave the way for some of the greatest disasters of the twentieth century.

01.Mar.2001 "A sure way to make sure this economy gets drug down is to overspend". - URL:
13.Aug.2001 "My administration has been calling upon all the leaders in the—in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen." -

24.Aug.2004 Iran warns of preemptive strike to prevent attack on nuclear sites :

Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani warned that Iran might launch a preemptive strike against US forces in the region to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities.

24.Aug.2004 Is Israel planning to attack Iran? : More than once, defense officials in Jerusalem have said that Israel might attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

In response, Iran's defense minister, Ali Shamkhani, warned that should Israel do so, his country would wipe out Israel.

24.Aug.2004 John Pilger: The warlords of America:

06.May 2004 US House of Representatives passed a resolution which, in effect, authorised a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran. The vote was 376-3.

24.Aug.2004 Report: 77 Killed in Najaf Since Thursday

24.Aug.2004 Five Killed in U.S. Bombing of Iraq's Falluja

24.Aug.2004 Two U.S. Marines killed in action

24.Aug.2004 Militiamen Remove Weapons, Leave Najaf Shrine

24.Aug.2004 Iraqi Police in Control of Najaf Shrine-Ministry

24.Aug.2004 City of death : From Sadr City, Ahmed Mukhtar reports on a battleground that has failed to appear on Western TV screens

24.Aug.2004 Najaf: "A Terrible Beauty Is Born": The Shi'a people, after having suffered oppression + betrayal at the hands of Saddam Hussein + the US, are about to rise above all others to take the reins of sovereignty in their tortured and holy land.

24.Aug.2004 Abu Ghraib doctors knew of torture: Army doctors at the Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad falsified medical records to cover up torture + human rights abuses perpetrated on Iraqi detainees, the British medical journal the Lancet reported today.

24.Aug.2004 Senators Ask Where $8.8 Bln in Iraq Funds Went: At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon.

24.Aug.2004 Halliburton: Designer of the real Manchurian candidate?: The Times quoted one former accounting department worker’s claim that her bosses ordered her to do “whatever it took” to create the façade of profitability so as to meet Wall Street expectations for Halliburton earnings. Much of the gauging was at the taxpayers’ expense.

24.Aug.2004 US general 'censured' for remarks: A US general who provoked outcry by describing the "war on terror" as a Christian campaign against Satan broke Pentagon rules, an inquiry has found.

24.Aug.2004 ''The Rising Evangelical Foreign Policy of the USA'': Within Washington's current administration there exists a confluence of often opposing interests: evangelical Christian ideology + neo-liberal „economic“„theory“

24.Aug.2004 We could have stopped him :

24.Aug.2004-11.Sep.2001 -Nearly three years after the attacks- the US intelligence team dedicated to tracking down Bin Laden is still less than 30 strong - the size it was in 1999.

24.Aug.2004 Intel expert: those who failed must pay: The man who led the fruitless hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq told a Senate panel Wednesday that reforming the nation's intelligence agencies would not fix their flaws unless those individuals responsible for failure were made personally accountable.

24.Aug.2004 Weapons of Minimum Destruction: 'Believe it or not, what we refer to as "weapons of mass destruction" are actually not very destructive.'

24.Aug.2004 An Ordinary View of Extra-Ordinary Times: We use legal and illegal drugs to blank out the reality of a world without a future.

Our politicians respond to the growing crisis by passing laws that further control our lives, take away our personal choice, remove our freedoms, erode our privacy + imprison people for making mistakes or for being poor.

24.Aug.2004 Peres demands early Israeli elections -Israel's opposition leader, Shimon Peres, called for early elections that would effectively rule his party out of joining a coalition to prop up the prime minister, Ariel Sharon.

Who's pulling strings behind anti-Kerry ads?: Texas GOP, Bush friends tied to swift boat attacks

24.Aug.2004 The Return of COINTELPRO: FBI Launches Nationwide Surveillance Of Activists Ahead of GOP Convention

24.Aug.2004 Ted Kennedy finds it hard to be taken off federal 'no-fly' list: Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy said yesterday that he was stopped and questioned at East Coast airports five times in March because his name appeared on the government's secret "no-fly" list.

24.Aug.2004 Exclusive: Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Risks Jail To Speak to Democracy Now! in First Nat'l U.S. Interview

24.Aug.2004 America’s Workers Set to Protest Bush Overtime Pay Take-Away: Across the nation, America’s workers are set to protest President Bush [BGW968]’s overtime pay take-away, in which some 6 million workers could lose their right to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

24.Aug.2004 Fierce fighting erupts in Najaf : Fierce fighting has erupted in the city of Najaf after a rebel Shi'ite cleric defied an Iraqi government threat to attack his stronghold in a holy shrine and rejected demands that he end his uprising.

24.Aug.2004 Iraq Warns Al-Sadr to Surrender, or Else : The cleric also must sign a statement saying he will refrain from future violence.

In addition, al-Sadr must hold a news conference to announce he is disbanding the Mahdi Army.

24.Aug.2004 Al-Sadr 'rejects ultimatum' to surrender : Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has rejected an Iraqi government ultimatum to renounce violence and disband his militia, says a senior aide.

24.Aug.2004 Juan Cole: What does Muqtada al-Sadr Want?: Muqtada has given many sermons and interviews in the past 16 months outlining his goals exactly.

24.Aug.2004 Blast hits police station in Najaf killing seven : A mortar barrage slammed into a police station in the holy city of Najaf on Thursday, killing at least seven policemen

24.Aug.2004 Fifty killed in Sadr City: The US military says its forces have killed more than 50 Shiite militiamen in a significant advance into a Baghdad suburb that is a powerbase for radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

24.Aug.2004 US soldier killed in Sadr City : A US soldier was killed in the Baghdad stronghold of Shiite militiamen loyal to rebel cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the US military said Thursday.

24.Aug.2004 Kidnappers threaten to kill western journalist : The kidnappers of an American-French journalist in Iraq have threatened to execute him within 48 hours unless US forces withdraw from the holy city of Najaf.

24.Aug.2004 2 detainees killed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison: U.S. military police shot and killed two detainees and wounded five others in an effort to put down a massive brawl that broke out today at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison facility west of the Iraqi capital.

24.Aug.2004 Abu Ghraib : The Conscience of Joe Darby: Handing over those photos didn't make Joe Darby a hero. It made him a traitor.

24.Aug.2004 Helen Thomas: Kerry deals away his ace in the hole: It appears American voters have little choice between the presidential candidates in the

04.Nov.2004 election when it comes to the disastrous war against Iraq.

24.Aug.2004 How Cheney Cooked The Books And Got Away With $35 Million

24.Aug.2004 Only true believers need apply : Neurotic control lies at the heart of the Republican campaign

24.Aug.2004 Why I won't Apologize for Calling Bush a Fascist

24.Aug.2004 In case you missed it: Video: Despotism & Democracy : Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted. Where does your community, state and nation stand on these scales?

24.Aug.2004 UK: Increase in state databases 'a threat to civil liberties' : THE government has lost control of the growing network of state databases monitoring every aspect of modern life, presenting dangers for basic liberties, a senior Labour MP warned yesterday.

24.Aug.2004 Report: Europe faces extreme climate change : Rising sea levels, disappearing glaciers in the Alps + more deadly heat waves are coming for Europeans because of global warming, Europe's environmental agency warned Wednesday.

18.Aug.2004 Fighting rages in Najaf : The director of Najaf's main hospital, Falah al-Muhana, said 29 people had been brought in killed or wounded from the clashes.

24.Aug.2004 Marines picked Najaf fight without Pentagon's OK: Officers turned a firefight with cleric's forces into bloody eight-day battle, political stalemate.

24.Aug.2004 Iraqi gives militiamen a deadline : Iraq Iraq's defense minister gave Shiite militiamen in the holy city of Najaf hours to surrender on Wednesday, warning that troops were preparing for a major assault to "teach them a lesson they will never forget."

24.Aug.2004 Sadr surprised by threats, had agreed to mediators’ demands: aide

24.Aug.2004 Iraqi Delegates Say Sadr Agrees to End Najaf Crisis : Iraqi delegates to a conference choosing a national assembly said Wednesday that radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr had agreed to government demands to end an uprising in the holy city of Najaf.

24.Aug.2004 Shia showdown: There are to be no witnesses this time: the few journalists in Najaf have been ordered to leave on pain of arrest. But if this ends in a last stand and a massacre of the al-Mahdi militia in the most sacred site in the Shia world, the long-term cost to the USA will far outweigh any possible gains.

24.Aug.2004 US troops arrest journalist in Iraq: US occupation troops have arrested an Agence-France Presse journalist in the Iraqi town of Tikrit

24.Aug.2004 Protestors accuse political bigwigs of hijacking Iraq's interim legislature: Some 450 delegates at a key national conference accused the main political parties of hijacking a scheduled vote for a new interim legislature for Iraq, saying most members were chosen long ago in secret.

24.Aug.2004 At least nine Iraqis killed in Mosul violence: The afternoon attack came after at least four Iraqis were killed + another four wounded when a minibus was caught up in a shoot-out between US forces + insurgents near the southern city of Kut.

24.Aug.2004 U.S. forces, insurgents clash near Baghdad: At least five civilians were killed and eight were injured during the fighting

24.Aug.2004 2 U.S. troops die in separate Iraq clashes

24.Aug.2004 Journalist who had filmed a house destroyed by US warplanes, killed "in unexplained circumstances"

24.Aug.2004 Manuel Valenzuela : Gods of War, Gods of Greed and Profiteers of Misery: Our 11.Sep.2001 became their Pearl Harbor, a moment in time needed to unleash already predetermined plans to expand power and control on a now easily manipulated and mobilized citizenry.

24.Aug.2004 Reinventing democracy: Elections are due soon in the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia. Democracy, the creation of the Greeks, remains the least bad political system.

But it has to work properly: it must remain accountable to ordinary people and not suborn power.

24.Aug.2004 Norway: “anti-terror” investigation exposes US-backed torture in northern Iraq: Norwegian authorities have dropped terrorist charges against exiled Iraqi cleric Mullah Krekar after investigators discovered that the main evidence against him, provided by the US, was obtained through torture.

24.Aug.2004 IDF teaches US soldiers guerilla response: US Army units are undergoing training in the special anti-terror school located in the Adam base near Modi'in.

24.Aug.2004 Key Evidence in Doubt in U.S. Mosque Case U.S. prosecutors acknowledged on Tuesday possible flaws in a key piece of evidence in their case against two leaders of an Albany, New York, mosque accused of supporting terrorism

24.Aug.2004 Crying Wolf in the War Against Terror: When you think about what the Constitution is supposed to protect us against, Hamdi's story is a scary one even during this time of terror.

24.Aug.2004 Israel kills five Palestinians in attempt to assassinate Hamas leader

24.Aug.2004 Hundreds More Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike : A total of 2,264 of the 3,800 prisoners who are being held in prison service-run detention centers were now refusing their meals

24.Aug.2004 Soldier killed in Afghanistan: An army soldier was killed and five others suffered injuries when suspected militants attacked a military outpost in the Shakai valley of South Waziristan

24.Aug.2004 Karzai's 17 rivals threaten to boycott Afghan elections unless he resigns "Karzai misuses government facilities for his electoral campaign - all (17) presidential candidates have unanimously agreed to ask for his resignation"

24.Aug.2004 Annan calls for urgent increase in international forces in Afghanistan: Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for an urgent increase in international forces in Afghanistan to address the deteriorating security situation in the country.

24.Aug.2004 Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children : Internal memos and a secret government report about the negative effects of antidepressants in children—suppressed by the US Food and Drug Administration—have surfaced publicly.

24.Aug.2004 Israeli Soldiers Kill 9-Year-Old Boy : Israeli soldiers on Tuesday shot and killed a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in Nablus as he sat on the front steps of his home eating a sandwich

24.Aug.2004 British soldier killed in Basra: A BRITISH soldier was killed today and others wounded in clashes with militia fighters in the southern Iraqi city of Basra

24.Aug.2004 US soldier killed in Baghdad: A US soldier was killed and a number of other soldiers wounded in a series of attacks in Shiite militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr's Baghdad stronghold,

24.Aug.2004 Security concerns delay Najaf talks: A Muqtada al-Sadr spokesperson has denied reports that the Shia leader snubbed the Baghdad delegation, citing security concerns as Najaf comes under renewed US shelling

24.Aug.2004 Sadr welcomes Vatican offer to mediate in Najaf: Muqtada al-Sadr welcomed an offer from the Vatican

to mediate an end to clashes between his forces + US troops in this holy Shiite city, a top al-Sadr aide said on Tuesday.

24.Aug.2004 Najaf police chief faces chilling dilemma : Militants had just kidnapped and dragged his ailing 80-year-old father through the streets.

They also beat his brothers until they collapsed. Forty of his men were killed + several were beheaded.

24.Aug.2004 How many wars can America fight in the name of terrorism? : The last thing the USA needs in this part of the world is one more enemy.

Yet last week, all indications were that the Bush administration was marching straight into a confrontation with Iran

24.Aug.2004 Neo-con ideology, not Big Oil, pushed for war: " Israel's fate has been the central passion of all those who identify themselves as "neo-conservative".

24.Aug.2004 The Tiny Victims Of Desert Storm: When our soldiers risked their lives in the Gulf, they never imagined that their children might suffer the consequences--or that their country would turn its back on them.

24.Aug.2004 Soldier Sues U.S. Military Over Extended Service: A decorated U.S. combat veteran filed a lawsuit on Tuesday asserting that the government can not prevent reservists from leaving the military when their enlistment periods end.

24.Aug.2004 Changing the Army's Overseas Basing Would Cost $7 billion

24.Aug.2004 In case you missed it: Patrick J. Buchanan: Whose War?: A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest.

24.Aug.2004 U.S. logic hard to follow: There's little to gain and much to lose for Washington if massacre takes place in Iraqi holy city

24.Aug.2004 Now Iraqis Know What It's To Live Under Democracy: Tucked safely within Iraq's fortress-like so-called green zone + flanked by his American minders, Iraq's imposed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi waxed lyrical on the joys of democracy last Sunday in front of an assembly of religious and political elites.

24.Aug.2004 Tariq Ali : The Importance of Hugo Chávez: Why He Crushed the Oligarchs

24.Aug.2004 URL:
06.Mar.2002 Speaking to 200 Hispanic business leaders at the White House on Wednesday, Bush made light of last year's California energy crisis,

despite fact that his buddies at Enron helped caused the shortage + used their substantial influence with the administration,

purchased by massive campaign contributions + massive expenditures on lobbying, to keep the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from approving price caps. (Click here to listen.)

In addition, Bush said that on his upcoming visit to Peru, he will work with Andean nations on the cultivation of cocoa leaves. (Click here to listen. He does not say that he is the president of Mexico, although it sounds like it at first.) These clips were recorded via the Internet, from the 07.Mar.2002 Mike Malloy Show.

20.Mar.2002 Washington Post, Karl Rove inadvertently reveals George Bush's mean streak: “‘We're not going to have a pleasant day today [in the Senate],’ Rove told the Family Research Council at the Willard Hotel, according to a tape recording given to The Washington Post by an attendee. ‘...This is not about a good man, Charles Pickering. This is about the future.

This is about the U.S. Supreme Court. And this is about sending Bush [BGW968] a message that “You send us somebody that is a strong conservative, you're not going to get him.” “‘Guess what?’ Rove added. ‘They sent the wrong message to the wrong guy.’” [Emphasis added.]

23.Mar.2002 "The New York Times":“ 11.Sep.2001 confirmed for [Bush, George W.] that God had chosen him for a purpose & showed him what that purpose is [fighting terrorism].” [Emphasis added]

28.Mar.2002 CBS News, Bush thinks he's at war with Democrats. Thanks to for this tip.“USA President Bush [BGW968] collected $2.6 million for Republican Senate candidates in two states Wednesday, hours after signing a campaign finance bill that will restrict political fund-raising. ‘I'm not going to lay down my arms,’ Bush said.” [Emphasis added.]

31.Mar.2002 AP, Bush thinks his subversion of democracy 00.Nov.2000 + 00.Dec.2000 is funny:

Bush … chuckled in church as the minister, Michael Taylor, invoked hand-counted ballots + contested elections in his Easter sermon.” [Emphasis added.]

05.May.2002 Reuters, Honor + Dignity in the White House, according to

USA President Bush [BGW968] treated journalists to never-before-seen pictures of the White House on Saturday, including one in which Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be urinating on the door of his Oval Office. [Emphasis added.] “‘Dick, I hope you're not doing what it looks like you're doing,’ Bush quipped as he narrated a slide show at the 88th annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association

19.May.2002 Der Spiegel, “Do you have blacks too?” - Bush asks of Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso as reported in Der Spiegel.

25.May2002 The Guardian:“The US has admitted that

00.000.1960 -in the s- US deliberately sprayed nerve gas on its sailors as part of a series of tests + US government has begun contacting those involved to discover what damage may have been done to their health.”

13.Aug.2002 Börsianer - ein : " Die Situation ist desolat "

25.Apr.2003 Bush :" Wir wissen, daß (Hussein, Saddam) sie besaß. Ob er sie zerstört,verlegt oder versteckt hat - wir werden die Wahrheit herausfinden".[Irk]-Krieg.

-Eingeräumt, Suche nach Massenvernichtungswaffen Irak erfolglos -bisher.keine gefunden.Suche danach hatte die Regierung lange Zeit als Hauptgrund für den Krieg genannt.

"Eines ist klar: Saddam Hussein wird die USA nicht mehr mit Massenvernichtungswaffen bedrohen!" rief Bush vor einer begeisterten Menge in einer Panzerfabrik in Lima im Bundesstaat Ohio.

25.Apr.2003 Rumsfeld, Donald :"Sie können sich vorstellen, wie wir über eine Regierung nach iranischem Muster denken, in der ein paar Geistliche das Land beherrschen.

Die Antwort ist: Das wird nicht geschehen." USA, im Irak keine theokratische Regierung zulassen. Ansonsten seien die Iraker jedoch frei, ihre eigene Regierung zu bilden.

USA haben dem Iran bereits vorgeworfen, sich in die Angelegenheiten Irak s einzumischen.

24.May 2002 „Army wargame“, „ Journal of Aerospace and Defense Industry“ News, “Army transformation wargame „illuminates decisive objective force capability

23.Aug.2004 Terror: Quelle der Al-Kaida Finanzen weiter unklar

23.Aug.2004 Abrüstungsgespräche: Nordkorea vergleicht Bush mit Hitler

23.Aug.2004 Wall Street: Am Golde hängt...

23.Aug.2004 Bulgarien: 2400 Jahre alte Goldmaske gefunden

23.Aug.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Geister ruhen nicht"

23.Aug.2004 Abu-Ghureib-Anhörung in Mannheim: Mutmaßlicher Rädelsführer der Folterer vor Gericht

23.Aug.2004 Konjunktur: Angst macht Beine

23.Aug.2004 Gestohlene Meisterwerke: Schlechter gesichert als ein Schnapsladen

23.Aug.2004 Montagsdemos: Protestbewegung wegen Lafontaine vor der Spaltung

23.Aug.2004 Abu Ghraib: Chronologie eines Folter-Skandals

23.Aug.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Charley trübt Wall-Mart-Prognose

23.Aug.2004 Google: More Is Not Necessarily Better

23.Aug.2004 Grenzüberschreitend: Sambia und Malawi errichten riesigen Naturpark

23.Aug.2004 Tokelau: Der Untergang eines Südseeparadieses
Zwischen dem Äquator und Samoa liegt einsam im Pazifik Tokelau. Die letzte Kolonie Neuseelands ist schwerer erreichbar als die Antarktis.

Die 1500 Bewohner des Südseereichs, in dem Tradition + Frömmigkeit das Leben bestimmen, leben mit der Gewissheit, dass ihre Inseln irgendwann im Meer versinken werden.

23.Aug.2004 Unfallstatistik: Zahl der Verkehrstoten deutlich zurückgegangen

23.Aug.2004 Mail-Betrug: Passwort-Fischer attackieren Postbank und Deutsche Bank

23.Aug.2004 Niedersachsen: Spuren deuten auf Dinosaurier-Kampf
In einem Steinbruch in Niedersachsen haben Forscher möglicherweise die Spuren eines Dinosaurier-Kampfes entdeckt.

Sollte sich die Annahme als richtig erweisen, handelt es sich bei dem Fund nach Ansicht der Wissenschaftler um eine "weltweite Sensation". mehr...
Massen-Gentest: Krankenkasse untersucht 6000 Mitglieder auf Erbkrankheit
Wolken-Forschung: Das Geheimnis der schwebenden Ozeane
Dementi: Peking erklärt Schweine für vogelgrippefrei

23.Aug.2004 Gehaltsreport Informatiker: In der IT-Branche wird wieder gut verdient
In den letzten Jahren wurde die IT-Branche gewaltig geschüttelt und verzeichnete Berg- und Talfahrten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt wie bei den Gehältern.

Allmählich erreichen die Bezüge wieder das hohe Niveau von Anfang 2001. Was genau Programmierer, Administratoren und Webdesigner verdienen, zeigt eine aktuelle Gehaltsanalyse.

23.Aug.2004 Gesetzentwurf: Vorstände sollen für falsche Angaben haften
Vorstandsmitglieder von Aktiengesellschaften sollen künftig persönlich für falsche Angaben über ihr Unternehmen haften.

Nach einem neuen Gesetzentwurf aus dem Bundesfinanzministerium können die Vorstände bald auch für mündliche Aussagen zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden.

23.Aug.2004 Berlin: Freispruch für Top-Terrorist Weinrich

23.Aug.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Bush distanziert sich von Anti-Kerry-Spot
US-Präsident Bush [BGW968] ist der Aufforderung seines Herausforderers John Kerry nachgekommen und hat sich von einem umstrittenen Fernsehspot distanziert.

Kriegsveteranen hatten darin die Vietnam-Vergangenheit des demokratischen Herausforderers angezweifelt. mehr...
Islam-Konferenz: Gelehrte rufen Muslime zu politischer Betätigung auf
Parteitagsprotest in New York: Frustfressen gegen

23.Aug.2004 Eisige Zuflucht: Bergsteiger überleben sechs Tage in Gletscherspalte
Antisemitismus: Islamisten bekennen sich zu Anschlag auf jüdisches Zentrum
Frankreich: Kampfjet rammt Ultraleichtflieger
Defekter Fallschirm: Frau überlebt Sturz aus 3700 Metern

23.Aug.2004 Kunstraub: Gestohlene Meisterwerke waren nicht versichert
Die beiden geraubten Munch-Gemälde hatten nach Angaben des Museums keinen Versicherungsschutz für den Fall des Diebstahls.

Obwohl es nach Expertenansicht keine Käufer für die weltberühmten Bilder gibt, sind bislang noch keine Lösegeldforderungen eingegangen.

23.Aug.2004 Beherrschen, erniedrigen, Seele erobern
Das Leben von Bobby Fischer zeigt den dramatischen Abstieg eines Idols. Der Schachguru hat einen Intelligenzquotienten von 184, doch im Alltag scheitert er.

Nun sitzt das widerborstige Genie in der Nähe von Tokio in Abschiebehaft. Eine treue Fangemeinde will Fischers Auslieferung an die USA mit allen Mitteln verhindern.

23.Aug.2004 Mit scharfen Vorwürfen an die US-Militärführung hat in Mannheim das Verfahren gegen vier Soldaten begonnen, die irakische Gefangene gefoltert haben sollen.

Richter Pohl war sichtlich verärgert darüber, dass der militärische Ermittlungsdienst viel zu wenig Personal eingesetzt hatte. Er droht damit, das Verfahren einzustellen.

23.Aug.2004 Studie: Lebensbedingungen verschlechtern sich

23.Aug.2004 -Nach tagelangen Querelen- nun klar:
Lafontaine wird bei Montagsdemo auftreten

Der frühere SPD-Chef + Schröder-Widersacher Lafontaine wird kommende Woche zu den Leipziger Montagsdemonstranten sprechen.

Auch heute ziehen wieder zahlreiche Demonstrationen durch viele Städte.

Tausende Menschen protestieren wieder gegen Hartz IV.

1970-23.Aug.2004 The world changed and we changed with it. Of course, much of what we think of as the '60s was still waiting to happen. URL:

in the Spring of You had only to look around to see. The year before, our presence in Vietnam hit its highest mark. Over a half million American soldiers.

00.000.1970 -By- some troops had begun coming home.

But that didn't mean the war was ended.

00.000.1970 -After a year of secret bombing raids, ground troops raided Cambodia, an ostensibly neutral neighbor of Vietnam, triggering the violent protest of the war. URL:

At Kent State in Ohio, National Guardsmen fired on student demonstrators, killing four. Immediately student strikes hit campuses all over the country.

At Stanford, at Berkeley + in downtown San Francisco, thousands marched to end the war.

00.000.1970 -By- it had become a familiar site but the crowd was bigger than any we'd seen yet. URL:

00.000.1970 -now- The protesters were from every neighborhood + every profession.

But it would be five years before the war in Vietnam was finally over.

And in the meantime, the movement had discovered lots of other causes.

23.Aug.2004 Kleinvieh -Kubaner züchtet Mini-Kuh - Einem kubanischen Bauer ist es gelungen, besonders kleine Kühe zu züchten.

Ausgewachsene Tiere erreichen gerade mal eine Schulterhöhe von 90 cm.

In Zukunft sollen die Rinder sogar unter einen Tisch passen können. panorama/0,1518,druck-314422,00.html
23.Aug.2004 Havanna - Ziel sei es, eine 60 Zentimeter-Kuh zu züchten, sagte Züchter Raúl Hernández der mexikanischen Zeitung "Reforma".

Dann könne jeder Kubaner eine Kuh im eigenen Hof halten + hätte jeden Tag frische Milch.
Dem Bericht zufolge begann Hernández' Karriere als Kleinformat-Züchter in dem Dorf San Juan y Martinez 300 Kilometer westlich von Havanna mit dem Stier Nanino.

Hernández habe das kleingewachsene Tier an sich genommen,weil es kein anderer Viehzüchter hätte haben wollen.

Durch geschickte Kreuzungen habe er immer kleinere Rinder hervorgebracht.

"Es sind handliche Kühe, fast schon im Taschenformat", sagte der stolze 74-Jährige,

der sein restliches Leben jetzt völlig der Kleinzucht der Rasse gewidmet hat.


"Es wäre mein ganzer Stolz, Kuba etwas so Nützliches zu hinterlassen", sagte Hernández.