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10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updArmed and Dangerous - Serial Killers [1] on the Loose


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I. Putschist Bush Fakes Facts to Attack Iraq.............................. 1

Their Tracks all over the Anthrax Attacks.................................. 3

III. Waking up to Orwell's Nightmare......................................... 4

IV. The $ign of the $wa$tika................................................... 5

V. Guten Morgan, Mein Fuehrer................................................. 7

VI. Bringing it Home to the USA: The Gestapo Roots of the CIA......... 8

VII. Oodles of poodles............................................................ 9

VIII. The Perpetuum Mobile of Poli Sci......................................... 11

IX. New England Gothic: behind the Pale of Yale.............................. 12

X. Perfidious Albion................................................................ 15

Courage is the Desire

to Seek the Truth,

Whatever It May Be;

Patriotism is the Courage

to Speak the Truth,

In the Face of Tyranny

"War is not an answer to human conflict any more than cannibalism is to human hunger."

- Bruce Kent

To the deaf, a shout is as good as a whisper.

- Saying

I. Putschist Bush Fakes Facts to Attack Iraq

In the shadow and thunder of the evil empire's gathering war cloud over Iraq,

I shout to show how the lying pair of Bush and Blair sow the illusion of a threat from there...

Lies father, lies son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree + the shrub is a twig off the old bush. Twelve years ago, the first family foisted two lies on gullible us, to engulf us in war: massed infantry and mass infanticide.

They boasted of satellite photos - ever so secret, not to be shown, but showing a quarter-million man Iraqi army, poised to pounce on our oil pump of Saudia Arabia. Yet other eyes in the sky saw no platoons in the dunes, no Iraqi tanks, just swarms of Yank warplanes massed for attack? Trust us, they said.

"This administration is capable of any lie ... in order to advance its war goal in Iraq," says a US government source... it doesn't want to have UN weapons inspectors go back in, because they might actually show that the probability of Iraq having [threatening illicit weapons] is much lower than they want us to believe...." [2]

The babycide was for us amnesiacs, who always forget Britain's 1914 propaganda coup, Germans cutting off the hands of babes in Belgium. This time a top PR firm coached the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter in theatrics for a Congressional caucus. Story board: Iraqi troops leave 312 incubator babies on a hospital floor to die. The grisly tear-jerker carried the motion for war.

Who ever heard of a hospital with 312 incubators? [3] Why not 322? When was common sense banished from the republic? Perhaps only mothers should be allowed to run for Congress.

During the slaughter, Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf, the Desert Sturmtruppenführer and propaganda genius, claimed a kill of seven Iraqi mobile missile launchers - but the CIA said they were just oil tankers.[4] And now it's the CIA that points out that an attack on Iraq increases the threat of terror. Which is just what the boss wants.

The motives of the US-UK bandits today are clear - to destroy Iraq, its people and potential. Not Saddam Hussein, who started as CIA asset and stayed on as bogeyman for target practice. As a bush chickenhawk recently gave his raison de guerre: "Just think, if only Iraq were like Egypt." Quite, without industry and dependent on handouts.

The visionary French canal-builder De Lesseps recounted his meeting with PM Palmerston: "He spoke with me, with regard to the Suez Canal, in the most contradictory, the most incoherent, and, I will even add, the most senseless fashion imaginable.... I could not help asking myself now and again whether I was in the presence of a maniac or a statesman... We now know the true motives of Lord Palmerston's opposition. It is that he is afraid of favoring the development of Egypt's power and prosperity."[5] He could hardly have been more incoherent than the Bush regime's war pretexts. The motives of the US-UK axis vis-a-vis the Middle East and all Eurasia are the same, too.

"British foreign policy, for the last 200 years, has been based on one central idea, the break-up of other empires."[6]

In "Last Sunny Days," Israel Shamir relates how "a suspected Israeli mole, calls for seizure of the Arabian oil fields, transfer of Mecca and Medina unto Hashemite rule and confiscation of Saudi assets," and finds Prof. David D. Perlmutter in the LA Times (April 7, 2002) is even more explicit: "I daydream - if only! If 00.000.1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel had acted just a bit like the Third Reich, then today Jews, not sheiks, would have that Gulf oil.' " Don't fret, David. A British MP recently detailed the current US-UK plan to take out all the major Middle East governments, take over the oilfields + install their puppets in power.[7]

II. Their Tracks all over the Anthrax Attacks

Who knew about the anthrax attacks first? The White House started taking the anthrax antidote Cipro on September 11.[8] No militant demands accompanied the new nastiness to the lost-and-found of terror, but the Bush administration had just the ticket for it: the next easy installment of totalitarian rule, the so-called Patriot Act, grabbing more surveillance powers over citizens + suspending the right of habeas corpus.

Senate leaders Daschle and Leahy were dallying on his pat new riot act, Head Hatchet Asscrotch angrily noted. No problem, anthrax to their offices concentrated their minds. Five people died + the Senate and Reichstag - oops, House of Representatives, were shut down.

The Observer wrote, "Iraq 'behind US anthrax outbreaks' - · Pentagon hardliners press for strikes on Saddam. ... Iraq as prime suspect as the source of the deadly spores. the pressure now building among senior Pentagon and White House officials in Washington for an attack may become irresistible." [9] A tabloid sported a photomontage of an airmail envelope from Iraq on the cover with the headline, "It's from Iraq."

Once back in session, Congress was quickly tricked and bullied into passing the rotten new riot act. The very next day, job done, the Washington Post said top officials found no evidence linking Al-Qaeda or Iraq to the anthrax attacks.[10]

Meanwhile, an anonymous tip-off to the Army's anthrax labs fingered a Muslim ex-employee as a terrorist, in a transparent frame-up - the Egyptian had left four years before, but the spores were a fresh batch. And just coincidentally, the original batch of the Ames, Iowa strain of anthrax was destroyed at this time, with FBI permission, making it more difficult to trace the breed in the letters - but it was confirmed as the Ames stuff anyway.

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a biological arms control expert, is "convinced the FBI knows who sent out the anthrax letters, but isn't arresting him, because he has been involved in secret biological weapons research that the US does not want revealed. 'This guy knows too much + knows things the U.S. isn't very anxious to publicize,' she said." [11]

It could hardly be more obvious that it was our own government. Just as on 9/11, America was terrorized + Muslims were blamed, to create a pretext for war.

Recently, as the "lone mad scientist" hypothesis wore thin + the muttering about "state terror" began, the regime's media whoremouths began spinning the yarn back to Iraq again, unblushing, in the same breath as they noted the stuff was milled 50 times finer than US bioweapons grade, produced at the outer edge of the state of the art of aerosol technology, with a diabolically clever new silica dispersal technique. Now who always comes up with the latest twist in deviltry on this planet?[12]

Certainly not poor Iraq. Now we have the testimony of weapons inspector Scott Ritter, that Iraq is already disarmed, that the U.S. intentionally sabotaged the U.N. weapons inspections in order to resume bombing.[13] And Blair's "dossier" consists of lists of machine tools and dual-purpose equipment that Iraq has committed the crime of trying to buy.

This brings us to the real question: Who has the right to decide which countries may have A-weapons, anyway? Surely the last country to deserve the honor is the US, the only one to ever wreak mass destruction with the A-bomb + on purely civilian targets, too. The US, always first to the punch with the latest sci-fi horror weapon, which crushes Iraq to shelter the growth of the tumor Israel into a world nuclear power.

Some say, yes, but Saddam is a vile dictator? Well, who set him up, along with throngs of other strongmen + equipped him with bio-weapons? The USA. And now p.resident Bush suddenly yearns to bring democracy to Iraq - after a decade of mass murder of Iraqi civilians?

It would be better for America to look to herself + see if she still has a democracy.

Bush and son of a Bush have not given up their attack on Iraq. Next they will try to blame the OK City bombing on Iraqis. The hitherto alleged culprit, Timothy McVeigh, won't be around to testify, of course, he was executed. So was Lee Harvey Oswald.

A major newspaper finds, "It isn't President Hussein that has changed. It is us." The Thief in Chief admits it: "On Sept. 11, 2001, America felt its vulnerability.... we are resolved today to confront every threat from any source... "[14]

9/11 and the subsequent acts of probable self-terror are the only prop of the preemptive attack doctrine. But few notice. A decade of demonization has bleached the gray matter from American brains.

III. Waking up to Orwell's Nightmare

The parallels between the America of today and the Germany of the 30's are starkly terrifying.

I looked up Mussolini's essay, "What is Fascism." The main elements are glorification of war + a corporatist state. The nazis underlined racial supremacy and race war.

Corporate militaristic supremacism - welcome home, boy. Remember how our goose-stepping corporate media played the first Bush Gulf War for the greatest show on earth, a monster 4th of July, with bombs bursting in air 24/7, America on the warpath again, drunk with destruction. Get your gun, see them run, look how fun, killed every one.

Supremacy is no contest, God blessed US the best. The Mideast conflicts are only the latest white-out war on peoples of color, robbing them of lands, wealth, resources and culture.

History on replay has as many parallels as a railroad track. Hitler and Bush were both elected by a minority of voters. Hitler's Reichstag burned down, Bush's WTC was incinerated. Hitler invaded the Rumanian oil fields, Bush invaded Afghanistan + gives his ultimatum to invade Iraq. Hitler had protectorates, Bush has regime changes. Hitler had his 1000-Year Reich, Bush has hiss New American Century and endless War on Terror. Hitler had martial law, Bush has his Patriot Act. Hitler had the Gestapo and IBM, Bush has 26 spy agencies and Echelon. Hitler had his death camps, Bush has his genotype weapon. Hitler scoffed at the League of Nations, Bush scorns the United Nations. [15]

What to make of this astonishing sentence in the Republican plan for "Rebuilding America's Defenses? "Advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." For a new weapon, a new word: racide. The Cabinet should be indicted for conspiracy to commit genocide, before they get a chance to use it. And these people are here to defend us from lraq's anthrax? [16]

IV. The $ign of the $wa$tika

John Loftus, Irish Catholic curator of Florida's Holocaust Museum, tells how the Bush family and their Yale clubmates, the Bonesmen, made a fortune by helping finance Hitler's rise to power, then extracting genocide profits from Auschwitz slave labor.[17]

His the story begins 00.000.1916 with the Thyssen family, Germany's steelmakers, their forebodings of defeat should the US enter the war + how their humiliation in the aftermath led them to seek the shelter of an American banking affiliate. Fritz Thyssen blamed the Jews for Germany's calamities - the crushing defeat after the US mobilized on the side of England, and the postwar rise of socialism and Bolshevism. [18]


young Bonesman Harriman, Averell

went to Berlin

to set up a branch of the family bank.

Harriman met Thyssen


agreed to help him set up Union Banking Corporation, UBC.

USA President Bush [BGHW948]'s grandfather Bush,George Herbert Walker ran it,


used the Thyssen bank

to sponsor Hitler's career.

Walker hired his son-in-law Prescott, grandfather of Bush Jr.,

to run the Thyssen/Flick steel and coal combine,

Germany's largest company.

The Bush partner$ were Hitler'$ kingmaker$,

and they profited immensely from his arms build-up.

After the invasion of Poland,

they fired their coal and steel workers

and took slaves from the Auschwitz death camp,

which Hitler had had built nearby to supply them industrial labor.

"A portion of the slave labor force in Poland was directly 'managed by Bush [BPS917] ' according to a Dutch intelligence agent. "




du Pont




worked for a new world order, with a fascist takeover in the United States.

The Bush group used the giant,


Deutsche Lloyd Hamburg-Amerika Steamship Line,

bought at distress prices

after WWI,

to give free passage to Nazi missionaries and subsidize pro-Nazi newspapers in the US.

WWI. -After- Bush [BPS917] got $1.5 million for his share of the blood money, which

launched his senatorial career,

+ started son George Herbert Walker Bush in business.

The Bush family still holds the tainted funds in a blind trust.

For three generations,

neither the media,

the Democratic Party

nor the Holocaust Industry

have cared to publicize the story

- and the collaboration continued.

Ex-Nazis were brought to the U.S. to form the kernel of the new CIA,

which funded their build-up of a far-right wing power base. [20]

Fighting a rear guard battle for orthodoxy,

conventional commentators admit these facts,

but demur that it can all be explained by healthy, short-term profit-seeking:

"Support for a compliant, pliable, big business friendly government

capable of strong-arming labor

and other anti-capitalist troublemakers

was a matter of short-term expedience - "

of profit, not ideology.[21]

This comforter has more holes than cloth in it.

For one,

Hitler had proclaimed in "Mein Kampf" exactly what he was going to do.


such commentatary glosses over conclusive, damning evidence which is available on-line,

in works like

"The Unauthorized Biography of George H.Bush,"[22]

or the late Antony Sutton's

"Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler."[23]


the corporate media

have always covered up

the 1934 plot

by Morgan,



other capitalists

to install a dictator in the White House

in a fascist putsch.

The unmistakable details and significance of the plot are exposed in another on-line book project,

The Nazi Hydra In Fascist America.[24]


in bankrupt Germany,

every business was glad to accept investment capital.

To make money,

there was no need to nurse an upstart little lunatic fringe politician into a monster

- who also got some of his ideas on eugenics and Jews from America.


at the top of the capitalist heap,

the ultimate thrill,


and status symbol

is not profit,

but power.

The sorry fact remains that corporate America's big guns liked Hitler's policies,

were instrumental in setting him up,

dreamed of a fascist world takeover -

and they are still working on it.

00.000.1937 William Dodd, US Ambassador to Germany, said "A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state

to supplant our democratic government + is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy.

I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness

how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime....

Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being

in both Germany and Italy.

They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power,

and they are helping to keep it there."[25]

True, Sutton has also written "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution,"[26]

detailing how timely, covert American aid was a key in the Red victory of 1917.

He uses this case to point to the flaw in our standard leftwing-rightwing classification,

noting that both fascism and communism "require monopoly control of society."

Instead, he suggests typing systems by

"the degree of individual freedom versus the degree of centralized political control...

Given the weaknesses of socialist central planning,

the totalitarian socialist state is a perfect captive market for monopoly capitalists...

Where the United States could have exerted its dominant influence to bring about a free Russia,

it truckled to the ambitions of a few Wall Street financiers who,

for their own purposes, could accept a centralized tsarist Russia

or a centralized Marxist Russia but not a decentralized free Russia."

He notes further,

"00.000.1919 the Senate Overman Committee also established that

Guaranty Trust had an active role in financing German WWI. efforts in an 'unneutral' manner."

Germany sired the Red Revolution by spiriting Lenin and entourage into Petrograd,

as a tool to destabilize Russia,

the ally of Britain and France.

It's less well-known that

Woodrow Wilson likewise

had a fake American passport issued for Trotsky to return to Russia.

By this time, America already had long practice supporting coups and revolutions abroad.

It would seem more natural

for the Germans,

and the Wall Street capitalists

on their strange 1917 pseudo-Red Cross mission to Russia,

to foment the foundation of corporatist structures,

the model they believed in.

The logical conclusion is that

the Americans shared the German aims:

to weaken Russia by introducing the Bolshevik virus,

and to gain an entrée in the Russian market.

A century ago,

there were three great powers:

America, Britain, Germany.

None of them were interested in seeing a fourth Eurasian competitor arise.

In this triangle,

America had a perfect chance to play divide and conquer.

During WWII. ,

there was a lot of talk of letting Germany and Russia wipe each other out,

but others, like

00.000.1940, Nelson Rockefeller also proposed to let England + Hitler fight to the death. "In

WWII.00.Sep.1939 with the invasion of Poland, beginning ., the Nazi army had been equipped by

Flick +

Harriman +

Walker +


with materials essentially stolen from Poland...


also attacked + invaded Poland from the East,

their vehicles were fueled by oil pumped from Baku wells

revived by the

Harriman/Walker/Bush/THYSSEN enterprise."

Bush,Prescott was also partner in the Brown Brothers Bank with Harriman +

a close associate of Montagu Norman, the Bank of England governor with old Brown ties, if not brown shirts.

His protégé

Schacht, Hjalmar, President of the Reichsbank

made the final arrangements for Hitler to enter the government.

"Germany was looted by the London-New York banking system,

and Hitler's propaganda exploited this German debt burden.


immediately after Germany came under Hitler's dictatorship,

the Anglo-American financiers granted debt relief,

which freed funds to be used for arming the Nazi state." [27]

V. Guten Morgan, Mein Fuehrer

It looks as if the Butler might have done it after all - save the world from Nazism, that is.

In the 1930's, Gen. Smedley Butler was a highly popular figure among America's war veterans.

FDR was an even more unpopular one with America's super-rich,

especially the Morgans,

whom he had targeted with laws on banking,

collective bargaining,

farm foreclosures,

and an end to gunboat diplomacy

as a racket to protect plutocratic interests in Latin America.

The Morgans already had close links to Mussolini.

Now they sent agents to Europe to meet fascist organizations and pick a model for America.

They decided on a military putsch against the president,

using the American Legion veterans to install a fascist regime,

and they picked Gen. Butler to rally the troops.[28]

Home-grown right-wing groups like the KKK were very influential in the American Legion.

The general pretended to go along,

but blew the whistle when he got hard evidence of the plot:

an $18,000 bribe.

A congressional investigative committee was appointed,

which met a few perfunctory times.

The newspapers,

Henry Luce's Time in particular,

whitewashed the story by ridiculing Butler's "conspiracy" allegations.

How familiar to our 9/11 "investigations!"

The storm blew over before it started,

scarcely a footnote to history.

Yet if the Morgan putsch had succeeded,

America would have been part part of the fascist Axis,

which would have swept the globe -

a New World Order,

as Hitler called it.

Perhaps it was arrogant folly for the Morgans

to think they could buy Butler.

In his retirement speech to the Legionnaires,

his candor won the thunderous applause of the soldiers:

"I spent 33 years...being a high-class muscle man for Big Business,

for Wall Street and the bankers.

In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism....

00.000.1909-1912 "I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers .

00.000.1916 I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests .

00.000.1916 I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests .

I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City [Bank] boys to collect revenue in.

I helped in the rape of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street....

"In China

00.000.1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested....I had...a swell racket.

I was rewarded with honors, medals, promotions....I might have given Al Capone a few hints.

The best he could do was to operate a racket in three cities.

The Marines operated on three continents..."[29]

But the track record of the "elite" in buying out "leftist" mouthpieces has been pretty good,

so perhaps we may forgive the House of Morgan its indiscretion.

VI. Bringing it Home to the USA:
The Gestapo Roots of the CIA

Like many of the big capitalists,

the Dulles brothers

were anti-Jewish Nazi sympathizers.

Dulles, Allen

behaved a lot like a German double agent at times.

He did everything he could to bring war criminals into the U.S. after the war,

while Rockefeller,

who got himself appointed U.S. spymaster for Latin America,

kept the escape routes or "ratlines" for Gestapo "assets" open to Argentina.

Prescott Bush hired the spook Dulles to keep his own Nazi holdings quiet;

and indeed,

the Nuremburg hearings were cut short, sparing the patriarch of two presidents.

The crown of Dulles, Allen's busy career was the 1944 founding of the CIA along fascist lines,

with a corporatist military-industrial complex of permanent arms spending,

and the revolving door between Wall Street and CIA, State Dept. and oil industry.

"The role of Congress is limited to voting the needed funds...

By 1950

the Department of Defense

had 1,800 persons assigned to public relations [PROPAGANDA]

with a budget of over $12 million.

Looking at those figures does anyone still remember the words of Hamilton

expressing fears of a large military determining policy?" [30]

In June 1950,

John Foster Dulles

met with Syngman Rhee

and told the South Korean president

“if he was ready to attack the communist North,

the U.S. would lend help, through the UN….

He advised Rhee…to persuade the world that the ROK was attacked first."

A few days later,

ROK troops launched an attack into North Korea;

when the North counterattacked.

This was called an invasion and

"the first step in Soviet plans for world domination."

Public opinion had been primed by McCarthyite hysteria.[31]

Resulting civilian death toll: three million.

The Commie threat certainly had a long run on Broadway.

It had to close eventually,

but was soon enough replaced on the programme by the Terrorist threat.

Attacking Iraq and Iran could provoke a reaction that will keep the war machine on the boards

for another few decades -

and who knows how many more millions of innocent civilians killed.

VII. Oodles of poodles

"The de facto censorship which leaves so many Americans functionally illiterate about the history of US foreign affairs may be all the more effective because it is not official, heavy-handed or conspiratorial, but woven artlessly into the fabric of education and media. No conspiracy is needed. The editors of Reader's Digest and U.S. News and World Report do not need to meet covertly with the man from NBC in an FBI safe-house to plan next month's stories and programs; for the simple truth is that these men would not have reached the positions they occupy if they themselves had not all been guided through the same tunnel of camouflaged history and emerged with the same selective memory and conventional wisdom." - from Killing Hope, Ù.S. Military and CIA Interventions since WWII, by William Blum, p. 19, Common Courage Press, 1995.

Now when I first got the manuscript of The War on Freedom, I sent it around to every publisher with a door open, talking it up as the story of the century - indeed, a

11.Sep.2001 exposé was setting an all-time sales record in France. Were they enthused? You bet. Not one nibble. Except from Common Courage. They were interested in it - as "a book that focuses on structural forces/interests of the elite" - but the word "complicity" was a no-no. What story had we to tell other than complicity?

So I published it on my own, this case study in American quasi-censorship. I sent review copies to 300 newspapers. Normally, this should have netted 30 book reviews - I got just one. Almost half the papers were in the "Association of Alternative Newspapers" - nothing there. Alternative, or just the alter ego of the same cryptocratic establishment?

OK, corporate media don't review books from small publishers + if it's anti-establishment, too, forget it. But celebrity Gore Vidal has been trying for months to get his review of The War on Freedom past the censors in the U.S.[32] This very book is selling 6 times faster in Italy - a country with 6 times fewer people + it's about our history at stake. The invisible self-censorship is far more effective than official control - nothing is so well hidden as what everyone believes can not exist.

Our "corporatist" model for stifling dissent: toe the party line, or no big publisher, no reviews, no best-seller, no impact. And don't bother telling your famously individualistic fellow citizens the fault is not with you, but in the system. There are hundreds of sites reviewing this book on the Internet.

Now where did the courage in Common Courage go? Paradoxical behavior is often explainable by a hidden agenda. Did William Blum have to write with such convincing irony that "no conspiracy is needed" in the American media, in a book detailing a dozen examples of media conspiracies as part of military intervention abroad?

Only a few independent researchers have written about the CIA conspiracy to control newspapers and television, starting in the late 1940's +

called Project Mockingbird, in which the CIA found that "journalists were cheaper than call girls," although the plot was officially exposed by the Church Committee Senate hearings

00.000.1975 .

They are fewer by one since "Web warrior" Steve Kangas, who has some of the best research on the CIA's anti-democratic conspiracies and atrocities on the Internet, was found dead from a bullet to the head, 2200 miles from his home and 60 feet from the office of Richard Mellon Scaife, right-wing patron of the attacks on Bill Clinton, a week after posting an article against the vindictive billionaire publisher.[33] Kangas' quote from former CIA Director William Colby says it all: "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

The establishment left is full of brilliant critiques, but when it comes to "conspiracy," dogma is inflexible - No Way. But what action can you or I take that can, say, abolish the class system? The analyses coming out of the establishment left are ultimately useless. Instead, if you could catch our neo-fascist oppressors in a conspiracy to murder, bribe, censor, or what have you, then you might start to shake the pillars of power.

It is said that for a source of disinformation to be trusted, it has to be 90% accurate. The establishment left provides 90% of reliable materials, in the form of chewable but inert ingredients. Where they pooh-pooh conspiracy, the achilles heel of the monster, that's the 10% active poison.

Many earnest "radical thinkers" may be thinking, politics is the art of the possible-bla-bla - I can't afford to risk my credibility with conspiracy theories, or I will not be in the field to fight another battle another day.

Don't they see that they are not fighting anything, just treading water while they sink? There will always be a left-wing press + a power "elite" to own that too, with co-opted poodles to bark on cue. Our luck they don't own the booksellers - yet.

John MacArthur, publisher of Harper's, one of the few courageous periodicals left, puts it this way: "One of our big problems is that reporters themselves are helping amplify the lies... it is not an ideological conspiracy by the media or by reporters to keep you in the dark, it is a passive reaction, a sort of folding inward in the face of political power.... it is the government that sets the news agenda. It is a reward system."

It would be an odd theory that people have become less courageous. More likely the cartelization of media ownership + the de facto one-party farce system, have changed the incentives, from digging up stories to covering them up. As one author says, "they follow the Washington agenda."[34]

The truth is out about the alternative media, too: dollar details on how alternative media like Pacifica, FAIR, The Nation, Zmag, South End Press, Mother Jones, Progressive, all chirp in cages gilded by Ford and Rockefeller Foundation grants, conduits for CIA funding. These organs cater to a leftist agenda, while tip-toeing around the charmed subject of CIA plotting.[35]

The conspiracy word is equally heretical in the abstract world of academe.

VIII. The Perpetuum Mobile of Poli Sci

the cult of irresponsibility - the alibi of anonymity -

Determinism is a dull blade. Trying to use it to explain the intricacies of political intrigue will work as well as repairing a watch with a shovel. My old Poli Sci professor once confided that political science is the last thing to study if you want to be a politician. Politics doesn't work like that at all + the politicos won't have anything to do with you, he admitted ruefully - it is all much more cunning and corrupt, well below the radar of academic theory. Doubtless the power elite have established university chairs to pursue innocuous lines of thought + apostatize threatening ones.

The determinists, neo-marxists, rationalizers and pollyannish pundits, seem to preen their sterile intellects as the pinnacle of human intelligence + never fancy that the ambitious and power-hungry men whom they study could actually make self-directed, even cunning or secret decisions which they, the cognoscenti in their white coats, are not privy to, instead of behaving and sticking in their petri dishes + following dialectical laws like proper subject matters. Yet to say this is itself deterministic. Of course, our boffins can not all be so clueless - though all will have noted which lever in their cage brings the dollars out.

They bandy a lot of of bandwidth about to debunk so-called conspiracy theories. The phrase doesn't mean much, since theory is any means of organizing facts + a conspiracy occurs any time two people leave a third in the dark - we all got into this strange world as a result of intimately small conspiracies. Alex Constantine[36] calls the doubters coincidence theorists, who cling desperately to a belief in sheer chance in the face of the clearest and most intricately purposeful designs. We might call our contrarian argument the instrumental hypothesis. [also see nafeez' rejoinder to Albert on defactualization.]

This is just a variation on the empty "free will vs. determinism debate." Obviously, both those factors are always in play - like nature and nurture, that other inexhaustible rhetorical chestnut. Actors may not create their stage, but they do act. We always need to select the explanation that best fits the facts + not opt for one or the other school of "thought."

Determinism is the cloak of anonymity that gives carte blanche to the cliques of the cryptocracy - who would have us believe that not they, but blind forces are propelling the state of the world. We don't explain the behavior of our neighbors by abstractions. Joe acts the way he does because that's Joe. But the clique are not our neighbors + we lose sight of this. I say the cliques are carrying on like this because they want absolute power + not because of oil, class struggle, or anything like that. As the Persian poet said, The mould is from us, we are not from it.

Deep political conspiracies, as distinguished from the banal variety like price-fixing, are like an open secret. It's well known that victims of paranoia see imaginary conspiracies. This works in reverse, too - being confronted with evidence of a conspiracy tends to makes you paranoid. The healthy human mind has a strong built-in tendency to reject conspiracy suggestions, to keep its equilibrium, because the sensation of paranoia, where you conspiracies crop up behind everything, is distinctly unpleasant and dysfunctional. It takes a strong mind and a good dose of common sense to maintain one's equilibrium, while remaining objectively open to plain and rational evidence of conspiracy.

An old joke sums it up: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you! Of course, we are all targets for the world. From the day we are born, we are stuck on junk mail lists.

An ambience has been created to give you just two choices: stick your head in the sand, or lose your equilibrium. Either way you go, you are helpless, like the doomed occupants of the Trade Towers! Meanwhile the power clique keeps strengthening the dose of evidence, upping the ante. That's terrorism.

The Skull and Bones clique now in power has taken a radical twist to terror tactics. What if their intimate links to the 3rd Reich gave them a unique knowledge base to develop an extremely sophisticated and radical brand of mass manipulation? It looks like we're under advanced testing and implementation of a new Orwellian scheme of mass mental degradation to make utter putty of the mind and body politic.

The decade of high-profile assassinations followed on the heels of Ike's warning against the war machine.

One wildly haunting underground theory is that the JFK assassination was "a public occult ritual called The Killing of the King, designed as a mass-trauma, mind-control assault against our U.S. national body politic... Even the blatancy of their conspiracy was designed to show 'their superiority' and 'our futility.'

Kennedy, remember, was the first non-WASP president.

USA President Bush [BGHW948] is allegedly linked to his murder, which is seen as the stepping stone for the presidency of Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. The assassins of the three "Kings," JFK, RFK and MLK, could have been couriers produced by MKUltra or Project Monarch, the CIA research in torture and trauma-induced schizophrenia multiple personality disorder, based on the nazi doctor Mengele's Marionette Programming. [37]

The nazis claimed they were doing scientific work in the death camps. Were they destructively testing the limits of endurance and solidarity of a large group of victims, measuring the point of breakdown of each stage of social cohesion, human dignity and personality? Wouldn't such findings be useful in subjugating their conquests? And what if that knowledge were recouped by the Americans and Russians + is now being used to calibrate mass terror on us? Or maybe I should be in the movie business instead of book publishing? Well, since election day 2000, we are living through the atmosphere of a horror movie!

Fascism hijacked America's love of freedom + its symbols. The right wing is fed a series of phony threats - UN, USSR, UFO's and what have U - that continually distract from the real danger, the US government, and isolated from the left by pseudo-issues.

The artificiality of our 1.2-party system of Replicats and Copycrats has long been obvious. "The real left has left, there is no left left." Right and left wing patriots and activists will find they have a lot in common, in spite of being kept in separate cages with contradictory ideological fodder for decades. Is the right-left dichotomy another divide and conquer tactic?

IX. New England Gothic: behind the Pale of Yale

The Secret Scourge of the Skull & Bones Society

All three political generations of the Bush family have been members of a fraternity at Yale called Skull & Bones. This secret fraternity or cabal, a degeneration of freemasonry, seems to be a key element in the "secret government."

By definition, reliable information on a secret society is not readily available + inevitably, some of what has been written on the subject is wild speculation. Some writers make much of the genealogical links of the Bonesmen and other American presidents to the English royals. However, the law of large numbers dictates that if you go back not very many generations, all English people have this descent.

The death symbols of Skull and Bones are also taken as a sign of a satanic cult. To interpret freemasonry, one needs to know that it is descended from hispano-arabic mysticism, whose teachings were embedded in symbols to survive the totalitarian thought monopoly of the Church.

The skull is at least a quadruple pun. First, the head is the seat of perception that mystics work for - thus the second play on "Skill." Third, an early spelling was Scull - a boat, what carries a group of seekers on a pilgrimage. Fourth, there could be a link to Scala, the idea of scaling stairs, like the ladder of the degrees in a masonic order.

Fifth, the skull itself. Many medieval scholars kept one as a "memento mori." One of the basic mystical exercises is the remembrance of death, as an aid to concentration on the purpose of life + the development of humility needed for learning. This theme is highly salient in the motto inside the Skull and Bones meeting hall, called the Tomb: "Who was the fool, who the wiser, the beggar or the Kaiser? Rich or poor, all are equal in death."[38]

The verse could hardly be more blatantly mystical. Fool and wise man are synonyms for the enlightened man or woman. The beggar, like the fakir or dervish, symbolizes the seeker and the object of the search, the real self, while the King stands for the tyranny of the lower self and of the world. Even the Persian pun between "poor" and "door" in the original word "dervish" is retained in the German word "Tor," meaning both Fool and Gate - the door to self-realization. The door to mystical mysteries is said to be always open ("knock + it shall be opened unto you"), because those secrets are hidden only by lack of perception. The secrets that concern us here are the mundane kind that can be concealed behind the closed doors of money and power, or by a criminal oath of silence of a clan like the Mafia.

The original purpose of the Masons was entirely constructive. They took the name from an Arabic brotherhood called the Builders, much as Jesus took the title of Carpenter (Nazzar is the Arabic word for carpenter, a play on Nazareth.)

To what extent the German precursor of Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, were illuminated about their symbolic heritage is doubtful. It appears they took "overcoming the tyrant within" primarily in the literal sense of revolutionary overthrow, "killing the king." By the natural process of imperfect imitation, the American branch likely had even less insight into the inner meanings, as is shown by their lack of their own motto in English.

One of mankind's greatest stumbling blocks is the tenacious inertia of sects that blunder on after they lose their leading light, as the blind continue to lead the blind. This happens in all religions. Even the Sicilian Mafia descends from a charitable and chivalrous fraternity. Our word "assassin" is the Arabic name of the "Founders," a learned society that went off the rails into programming the suicide couriers who struck down many of the crowned heads of Islam. Mark well that Skull and Bones is capable of no less, if its members, or at least the core initiates, owe absolute allegiance to the cult, above God, country, morality or their own judgment.

"The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history - espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies, intertwine into one."[39] And empire, one might add. Elihu Yale endowed the college from a fortune made with the East India Company at the end of the 17th century. In 1776, the first American spy hero, Nathan Hale, was from an intelligence ring at Yale.

The drug connection goes back almost as far. "In 1823, Samuel Russell established Russell and Company for the purpose of acquiring opium in Turkey and smuggling it to China... One of Russell and Company's Chief of Operations in Canton was Warren Delano, Jr., grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt; other Russell partners included John Cleve Green (financed Princeton), Abiel Low (financed construction of Columbia), Joseph Coolidge (his son organized United Fruit and grandson, Archibald C. Coolidge, was a co-founder of the Council on Foreign Relations) and the Perkins, Sturgis and Forbes families."

Samuel Russell's cousin William went to Germany in 1831-32 for to study and brought back the plan for a secret society. Their "lodge number" 322 is said to stem from the 1832 date.

"The family names of Skull & Bones roll off the tongue like an elite party list - Lord, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhaeuser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Sloane, Stimson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush, Lovett and on..."

The Bones philosophy was Hegelian and anti-democratic. New World Order critics believe that under the Bonesmen administrations of Taft and Wilson, the new robber barons were able to dismantle states' rights and key constitutional checks and balances by bringing in the Federal income tax, the Federal Reserve System + direct election of Senators, who previously were elected by state legislatures.[40] It is said the Federal Reserve effectively took the state's power of coinage sovereignty and gave it to private bankers - the power to print money and charge interest on it - creating the cash cow of the Federal debt. Today, one reason for a war on Iraq was Saddam's decision to take payment in Euros instead of dollars, threatening the sovereignage of the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. Until now, other countries had to buy dollars from the U.S. to get oil.

Henry Stimson, initiated 1888, was Secretary of War under Taft, Roosevelt and Truman. He ran the Manhattan Project + is said to have made the decision to drop A-bombs on Japanese cities.[41] Stimson groomed a generation of protegés, like Bonesmen William Bundy (1939) and McGeorge Bundy (1940), who held important positions in the CIA, Defense Department and State Department during the 60's and 70's.

"William went on to be editor of Foreign Affairs, the influential quarterly of the Council on Foreign Affairs(CFR). McGeorge became president of the Ford Foundation..."

Stimson's "kindergarten" or "Wise Men" included high-powered policymakers like Secretary of State Dean Acheson and General George Marshall, who founded the U.S. policy of postwar containment of communism, while fraternity brother Averell Harriman continued building up the Soviet Union.

"Another interesting group of "Bonesmen", is the Harriman/Bush crowd... The two investment bank firms, Guaranty Trust and Brown Brothers, Harriman were both dominated by members of Skull and Bones, since the turn of the century. The two firms were involved in the financing of Communism and Hitler, showing the Skull & Bones affinity for using the Hegellian ideas of the historical dialectic. Using controlled conflict, thesis versus anti-thesis to create synthesis. A synthesis of their making and design, where the state is absolute and individuals are granted their freedoms by obedience to the state - A New World Order...

"Yale Professor of History Gaddis Smith said, 'Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.'" Even our slang term for spies, "spooks," originated as Yale argot for secret society members.

00.000.1945 , Bonesman Robert Lovett chaired a committee on intelligence and pushed for carrying on with the wartime OSS, Office of Strategic Services.

Dozens of Bonesmen are listed as holding high posts in the CIA, including, of course, USA President Bush [BGHW948].

"Some, other, prominent Bonesmen are Henry Luce (1920), Time-Life... Harold Stanley (1908), founder Morgan Stanley, investment banker... Pierre Jay (1892), first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York ... Artemus Gates (1918), President of New York Trust Company, Union Pacific, TIME, Boeing Company; William Draper III (1950), the Defense Department, UN and Import-Export Bank; Dean Witter, Jr. (1944), investment banker... Potter Stewart (1936), Supreme Court Justice... Russell W. Davenport (1923), editor Fortune Magazine, created Fortune 500 list... Amory Howe Bradford (1934), married Carol Warburg Rothschild and was general manager for the New York Times; C. E. Lord (1949), Comptroller of the Currency; Winston Lord (1959), Chairman of CFR, Ambassador to China and a Clinton assistant Secretary of State"

In September 2002, journalist and Yale graduate Alexandra Robbins published the first significant new work on Skull & Bones in years in her book, "Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League + the Hidden Paths of Power,"[42] based on interviews with 100 Bonesmen. She links the secrecy of the cult to Bush's anti-democratic "fetish for secrecy" in government.

"Skull and Bones, in fact, has been running the United States for years... At any one time the Order can call on members in any area of American society to do what has to be done.... Plans for both Time and Newsweek magazines were hatched in the Skull and Bones tomb... In the 1880s, Skull and Bones created the American Historical Association, the American Psychological Association + the American Economic Association so that the society could ensure that history would be written under its terms and promote its objectives. The society then installed its own members as the presidents of these associations.

"Under the society’s direction, Bonesmen developed and dropped the nuclear bomb and choreographed the Bay of Pigs invasion. Skull and Bones members had ties to Watergate and the Kennedy assassination. They control the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission so that they can push their own political agenda.... The society discriminates against minorities and fought for slavery; indeed eight out of twelve of Yale’s residential colleges are named for slave owners while none are named for abolitionists."[43]

The Bonesmen in Truman's cabinet opposed his plan to support Israel. Robert Lovett thought "Israel was one ally too many," while Henry Stimson is credited with rebuilding of Germany after WWII.

X. Perfidious Albion

The view from the first Bush administration:

"In the Far East, Japan's continuing growth in manufacturing also posed a threat to Washington's desire to retain superpower status. If President Bush and his Bonesmen coterie were unaware of a stunning historical analogy, their British "cousins" were quick to pick up on the parallels between the global strategic situation in July 1990 and the identical international situation that existed 100 years earlier.

"In the 1890s, France, under the brilliant political leadership of Foreign Minister Gabriel Hanotaux, was attempting to forge a Eurasian alliance with Germany, Russia and Meiji Japan. The idea was to link continental Europe with Japan and China through a series of large overland infrastructure projects, beginning with the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Through treaties covering key areas of economic and security matters, Hanotaux hoped to create a zone of prosperity, built on a foundation of rapid economic growth and extensive trade.

"Such a political-economic common interest alliance threatened the imperial hegemony of Great Britain. At the turn of the 20th century, Britain looked to the United States (as its English-speaking ally) to join in sabotaging the Hanotaux plan. Through the Spanish-American War of 1898 and the Russo-Japanese War[44] of 1905, Britain and her American junior partner (by then led by Henry Stimson's old mentor Teddy Roosevelt) managed to disrupt the French-German-Russian- Japanese economic axis. Two world wars and the Great Depression were the consequences of that interference."[45]

Yes, England's success in setting Eurasia on fire is what we now know as the 20th century, the bloodiest epoch the world has known. Zbig Brzezinski in his 1997 "the Great Chessboard" only rehashed the British strategy + the Bushes are there to carry it out. Who rubber stamped America's phony bin Laden evidence, who doctored the dossier on Saddam, who overthrew Mossadegh? Who fiddled Palestine and Kashmir? The sun never sets on Britain's intrigues.

I trust none of my readers will be so shallow as to presume I brought an axe to grind against the English as a people. The onus is on the ruling clique. According to Webster Tarpley,[46] the British crown came close to controlling the entire globe around 1860. Englands divide-and-conquer intrigues instigated our own Civil War. At that time, Britain also tried to partition Germany, Austria, Russia + China. This backfired with the successes of Lincoln and Tsar Alexander II, who actually sent a fleet to assist our Union, and the unification of Germany under Bismarck. "Edward responded to the isolation of the British Empire by launching World War One."

Tarpley is a savage critic of the intrigues of King Edward VII, whom he calls "The Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and World War I....the alliance among Great Britain, France + Russia ... which led to the outbreak of the First World War...Edward had a geopolitical vision ... of brutal simplicity: the encirclement of Germany with a hostile coalition, followed by a war of annihilation in which many of Britain's erstwhile 'allies' - notably France and Russia - would also be decimated and crippled.... The world war was caused by Edward VII, his geopolitics, his diplomacy, his agents + his alliance system... The center of war guilt must be fixed in London."

What we have is an open totalitarian society, with an "elite" (i write elite in quotes, because as men and moral beings they seem to be the dregs) that engineers consent and ignorance by far more sophisticated means than the bogeymen Hitler and Stalin had. today, in our world, no open society can survive and maintain a policy opposed to or in opposition to the US, no matter how neutral or peaceful it tries to be. It will be sabotaged. This has been documented ad nauseam by writers such as Wm. Blum. A sobering thought - the only reason the US has been unable to plant any terrorist evidence on Iraq - like they get every week from the Palestinians - is that he has a secret police - Iraq is a closed society. Palestine is riddled like a sponge with Israel's collaborators and provocateurs.

There you have it. the US-UK are are not for democracy, but they are for open societies, open for to them to manipulate and turn into subsidiary mafiocracies. I've seen it happen with my own eyes in Eastern Europe.

Is there a solution? In my opinion the US federal government is just too powerful, too unaccountable. It has a monopoly on world power. The solution to monopoly is to break it up + the hope for democracy anywhere in the world is to break up the United States - to return to a decentralized confederation. The Founding Fathers were concerned about excessive central power, but chose a strong government to build a powerful nation. It is time for a correction to allow a multipolar new world to come into being.

The other key thing is that by being alert, each of us as individuals can take advantage of the downpouring manipulative mass media messages. Instead of being swept away by them, we can learn a lot as sceptics seeking out the twist and spin, observing the pressure points that the propagandists are pushing. An excellent place to start is with the Army’s Psyop Techniques Manual, [47] which summarizes a myriad tactics of deceptive reasoning, obfuscation and brainwashing.

That way, if we do end up in the Gulag, without TV sets or newspapers, we will be equipped with a versatile mental toolbox to keep us going and learning, even in there.

Joshua Tree, November 2002


XI. Jeremiad to the UN

A summary of the foregoing, in an e-mail to the Security Council.

Date: 10.Feb.2003


Subject: Stopping the "Burning Bushes:" Last Chance for Our Planet!?

Only Europe and the UN can halt the US-UK war party, bent on destroying Iraq and risking humanity's survival


110 years ago, there was a French Foreign Minister named Gabriel Hanotaux. He strove to build a Eurasian alliance of peace and prosperity, linked by railroads from Paris to Shanghai, Berlin to Baghdad.

Tragically, he was no match for the British crown, with its centuries of skill in "balance-of-power" politics and psychological warfare. The Spanish-American War, the Russo-Japanese War, WWI and WWII were fomented to demolish all other empires, turn Eurasia against itself, and make America into the foolish tool of an "elite" cabal in their grab for world hegemony.

The Bush dynasty is firmly rooted in this clique. USA resident Bush [BGW968]'s great-grandfather, George Herbert Walker, was a member of the cabal that prepared the events around 1917: WWI, the Versailles treaty, the Balfour declaration and the Russian Revolution. These laid the bases for the tragedies we call the 20th century, the bloodiest in history. Walker's company, Remington, was thus able to supply two thirds of all Allied light weaponry, thanks to his crony Bernard Baruch, chief of the American war procurement office and a Wilson adviser.

Walker's son-in-law, Prescott Bush, was point man in the efforts of American corporatist ("fascist") war profiteers to install Adolf Hitler. After they got him in, Bush's banking friends cancelled reparations and financed German re-armament. Prescott became general manager of the Third Reich's largest steelworks. The death camp at nearby Auschwitz was built to supply him with slave labor. Germany's war prowess was meant to spearhead a fascist New World Order. However, the plan faltered with the failure of the Morgan family's 1934 fascist putsch against FDR, which was quickly hushed up.

After the war, U.S. corporatists imported Gestapo elements to build the CIA and NSA. It is their task to suppress information like the truth about the Bushes + to manipulate the American mass media and popular opinion. The American people today are literally hostages to a terrorist clique. Not only our freedom of the press, but our alleged two-party system is demonstrably a farce: three generations of Bushes have run for office without Democrat contenders challenging their Auschwitz blood money, which they still hold in a blind trust. This is the invisible control in our Open Totalitarian Society, that makes it more sinister than the heavy-handed Hitlerian or Stalinist police states - although under USA resident Bush [BGW968], the distinction is eroding rapidly.

Prescott's son, Geo. As USA President Bush [BGHW948], faked the evidence for the Gulf War - phony satellite photos and a hysterical hoax, which claimed Iraqi soldiers killed 300 Kuwaiti babies in their incubators, swayed Congress to grant him war powers.

In the last 12 years, the freedom of thinking of the American people has deteriorated so badly that they are now ready to unleash a holocaust of "Shock and Awe" on the innocent citizens of Baghdad (800 cruise missiles, many times more than

00.000.1991) on the basis of mere rumors, without allies or even a hint of hostile action by Iraq. Why? For one thing, the Bush dynasty is heavily invested in the arms business through the Carlyle group, along with their cronies, the bin Laden family. Carlyle has mushroomed over the last decade by political influence, with Bush [BGHW948] still on board as director and consultant.

Bush [BGHW948] is widely suspected of a role in the JFK murder and the attempt on Reagan's life (as vice-president, Bush would have replaced Reagan) + of being the power behind the throne in the Reagan and USA resident Bush [BGW968] regimes. His cronies make up the new Cabinet.

USA resident Bush [BGW968] and the British psycho-war clique around Blair have now clearly faked the dossier on Iraq again.

If their army is allowed to invade, they will not hesitate to plant biochem weapons to "justify" the attack retroactively - or perhaps radioactively.

I am co-author of a book (The War on Freedom) that shows beyond reasonable doubt that Al-Qaeda + the

11.Sep.2001 atrocity were covertly engineered by U.S. elements. Not surprising, once you know the research that shows all foreign wars in U.S. history have been instigated by America's war party, by deceit or provocation. Today, they stimulate and sponsor real and counterfeit Islamic fanaticism, as the only fuel to put the world on a war footing, with a trumped-up War on Terror.

Like their Nazi protégés, the Bushes are fascinated by "genetics." Their "New World Order" clique has a declared desire to reduce the world's population by 95%. No doubt, of course, the world is overpopulated. But if these bumbling cryptocrats cannot even balance the US budget, how are they going to save 5% of mankind (anybody's guess which 5%) without wiping us all out?

Worse still. "Christian" America is in the grips of a dangerous mania called "The Rapture." 70 million Americans believe that the Last Days will come when the Jews regain the Holy Land. Then Jesus will come again and carry them, the Christian fanatics, bodily to heaven; Jews who do not convert will be destroyed. To gain immortality, these illiterate lunatics are literally lusting for the end of the world - and they have the arms to bring it to pass. A convulsion with the Muslim world over Palestine is the shortest route. But a defiant Israel, with the world's 2nd or 3rd largest stocks of WMD, will not succumb passively to Armageddon. Israeli sources declare that if they go down, they will take the whole world with them. They have the nukes to make good the threat - and means of delivery to all of Europe and the Middle East, at least. This alone is ample reason to bring a UN peace force into the region.

Gentlemen, do NOT depend on America. Our nation is too thoroughly brainwashed to reason with; it can only be opposed. These are the last days of an old order. You are our last chance to stop the fascist war party, the mad Baptists and hysterical Zionists.

Worse than a sequel to their holocaustal 20th century, there will not even be a 21st century - if America, Israel + the war clique are allowed to have their way in Iraq, the inevitable conclusion may be the destruction of all life on this planet.

Thus, a hearty welcome to your plan for a U.N. peace force in Iraq!

"Stick to your guns" against the US-UK war party.

France, Germany, Russia + the Security Council must not fail this time!

Thank you - John Leonard

Footnotes to some of the little-known facts in this message are shown in my petition to the the UN at . Further analysis and references will be posted at . Meanwhile I recommend Glenn Yeadon's The Nazi Hydra in Fascist America,

John Leonard, .

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[4] The use of the term "CIA" as shorthand for a covert, corrupt criminal clique working within it, should not detract from the fact that most of the men and women of the CIA may do valuable + occasionally even courageously conscientious work. They also serve to mask the "skunk works," which is banned under the CIA's charter.

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