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Greg Palast is an award-winning investigative reporter for BBC Television?s Newsnight and The Observer of London.

Greg Palast most recent book is: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:

An Investigative Reporter Exposes The Truth About Globalization, Corporate Cons + High-Finance Fraudsters , published by Plume, an imprint of The Penguin Group.

This article is excerpted from the updated USA edition of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy + is reprinted with permission.

Did Our USA President Bush [BGW968] Spike The Investigation Of Bin Laden ?

On my BBC television show, Newsnight , an USA journalist confessed that,

11.Sep.2001 -since the attacks, USA reporters are simply too afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions that could kill careers:

"It's an obscene comparison, but there was a time in South Africa when people would put flaming tires around people's necks if they dissented.

In some ways, the fear is that you will be neck-laced here USA, you will have a flaming tire of lack of patriotism put around your neck," Dan Rather said.

Without his makeup, Rather looked drawn, old + defeated in confessing that he too had given in.

"It's that fear that keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions + to continue to bore in on the tough questions so often."
Investigators were ordered to "back off" from any inquiries into Saudi Arabian financing of terror networks.
Silence as patriotism?

My producers at Newsnight + editors at The Guardian were not so constrained.

So I was assigned to fly home to Ground Zero and ask the necessary question that could not, in the early days after the attack, leave the lips of USA reporters:

How did it happen that USA CIA +USA FBI +USA DIA Defense Intelligence Agency + our USA other extravagantly funded USA spooks could neither prevent nor learn in advance about

the most deadly attack on USA America since Pearl Harbor?

The answer was as unpleasant as the question.

If USA intelligence agencies did not see the attack coming it was because they were told not to look. Why?

From inside the USA agencies were obtained statements + documents indicating that the Bush administration blocked key investigations into allegations that

top Saudi Arabian royals + some members of the bin Laden family, not just Osama, funded + supported Al Qaeda + other terrorist organizations.
16.Aug.2004 FROM:New York Times Best-seller: See No Evil What Bush Didn't (Want To) Know About 11.Sep.2001 URL:

15.Aug.2004 Right click on this link, then select "save target as" to save this movie to your hard drive video is available for sale. -->>.  Information Clearing House does not receive any material or financial benefit for the sale of this item.

15.Aug.2004 Uncovered:  The Whole Truth About The Iraq War Robert Greenwald -  87 minutes:  Windows Media

An impressive roster of experts is assembled to provide a generally withering commentary on the quality of evidence +

possible motivations of the Neo-FASCISTS who provided the momentum + muscle behind USA s venture into preemptive war.

Among them are veteran CIA analysts+operatives+military+officers+diplomat+s+politicians+arms inspectors+USA+UK+government+official s.

The fig leaf of the possibility of an honest mistake on the matter of WMDs is stripped away;

what is left is the stark + disturbing anatomy of deliberate deceit. URL:

15.Aug.2004 You left out an important piece of information indicating the duplicity of USA Bush administration prior to the Iraq war: URL:

I still find it incredible that no one in Congress or the 11.Sep.2001 Commssion (apparently) or in the news media is interested in finding out when USA Intelligence...+ therefore the Bush [BGW968] administration...discovered that in 00.000.2000-00.000.2001 the year prior to the 11.Sep.2001 attacks over half the 11.Sep.2001 hijackers got free passage though IRAN (note: not Iraq).

Furthermore, the passports of the transitting hijackers weren’t stamped by the Iranian officials. Were these officials trying to hide something? Possibly guilt through association?
Why is this important?
If I were in the USA Congress and faced with a decision about sending USA troops into a war, I sure as hell would want to have all the facts necessary to making an informed decision. Wouldn’t you?
a) Bush [BGW968]+USA Vice-President Cheney wanted to go to war with Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein.
b) Bush [BGW968]+USA Vice-President Cheney wanted the USA Congress to rubber-stamp their push for war with Iraq as quickly as possible.
c) Any contradictory evidence that might weaken their call to war had to be downplayed or even hidden.
Therefore, two items of interest that might have caused Congress to reconsider their rubber-stamping of

00.000.2002 prior to the vote Bush [BGW968]’s Iraq War Resolution were withheld from USA Congress, I believe.
1) North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

This is a certainty.

00.000.2002 prior to the Iraqi war vote- being withheld from Congress by the Bush [BGW968] White House before -Remember this little tidbit of information-.
2) 11.Sep.2001 hijackers transitting IRAN (note: not Iraq) before the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

It is my contention that before the Iraqi war vote, the Bush [BGW968] administration was aware of this little tidbit of information about Iran’s complicity (i.e. accessories-before-the-fact) in their aiding + abetting of some 11.Sep.2001 hijackers.

Since our USA HUMINT wasn’t so hot, USA we must have received this information through SIGINT...+

we USA had broken the Iranian’s secret communication code...(when?)

It was just that we USA couldn’t put any faces to the names of the al Qaeda operatives transitting IRAN (note: not Iraq) before 11.Sep.2001 until shortly after 11.Sep.2001 when USA our intelligence agencies identified all the 11.Sep.2001 hijackers.

My guess would be that USA intelligence made this connection between over half the 11.Sep.2001 hijackers + IRAN (note: not Iraq) late in 2001 or in early 2002.

00.000.2002 -Therefore, long before the Iraq war resolution was voted on by USA Congress in- the Bush [BGW968] administration knew that the Iranian authorities were up their necks in contacts with al Qaeda.

00.000.2002 -before USA Congress voted- Do you remember reading or hearing anything about these Iran-al Qaeda connections?

00.000.200- -almost two years after the Iraq war resolution vote-In fact, it took- digging by the 11.Sep.2001 Commssion (which Bush [BGW968] + Cheney didn’t want snooping around in the first place) to reveal the Iran-al Qaeda connection. +

00.000.2004 -a week or so before the actual 11.Sep.2001 Commssion Report was released someone leaked this little tidbit of information to the press.

00.000.2004 -a week or so before the actual 11.Sep.2001 Commssion Report was released Someone in USA Bush [BGW968] White House didn’t want this Iran-al Qaeda revelation to be first discovered by people reading the report...

00.000.2004 -a week or so before the actual 11.Sep.2001 Commssion Report was released there probably would have been an even greater furor over what was definitive proof of Iranian contacts with al Qaeda pre-11.Sep.2001 versus the

15.Aug.2004 -stil-l tenuous connections al Qaeda may have had with Iraq.

By leaking this information prior to the 11.Sep.2001 Commssion report’s release, the Bush [BGW968] White House was able to have Bush [BGW968] answer with a non-answer that the

11.Sep.2001 -before- Iran-al Qaeda connection was worth studying.

Whenever this might happen is anyone’s guess.

I don’t get the feeling that the Bush [BGW968] White House is really that excited about anyone (especially in Congress) delving very deeply into this you?
Hopefully, some so-called journalists, and some so-called congresspeople, will finely find the spine to ask some hard questions of the Bush [BGW968] White House. Because if Bush [BGW968] and his cohorts in the White House did know, prior to the 2002 Iraqi war vote in Congress, about some of the 11.Sep.2001 hijackers going through IRAN (note: not Iraq) in the year before 11.Sep.2001, then I want to hear them explain why they kept this information from the full Congress, as well as we the citizens. And I want to know before November!!!!!!!! Posted by
Paul Sorrells on 14.Aug.2004 at 6-:14 AM

15.Aug.2004 Stand down Sadr urges Iraq regime : "I advise the dictatorial, agent government to resign ....

...the whole Iraqi people demands the resignation of the government ... they replaced Saddam (Hussein) with a government worse than him.

15.Aug.2004 Angry protests across Mideast : Mass protests against the USA assault on the sacred Shi'ite Muslim city of Najaf broke out in five Iraqi cities yesterday, with some demonstrators calling for interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to step down.

15.Aug.2004 15,000 rap USA attacks in Iraq : MORE than 15,000 people took part in a rally in Bahrain yesterday to condemn the USA attack on Najaf on Thursday in which at least 165 people were feared killed.

15.Aug.2004 Those they can't co-opt, they destroy : Najaf proves that the USA will never allow democracy to flourish in Iraq

15.Aug.2004 Iraq Halts Oil Exports from Main Pipeline: Authorities have halted oil export flows from the main pipeline in southern Iraq after intelligence showed a rebel militia could strike infrastructure, an oil official said Saturday.

15.Aug.2004 Oil prices headed for $50 a barrel

15.Aug.2004 In case you missed it: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War: An impressive roster of experts is assembled to provide a generally withering commentary on the quality of evidence and possible motivations of the Neo-conservatives who provided the momentum and muscle behind America's venture into preemptive war. This is a must watch

15.Aug.2004 Ten Killed as factional fighting erupts in west Afghanistan

15.Aug.2004 Demonstrators descend on Najaf : Governor expresses hope for truce agreement in two days

15.Aug.2004 Two USA soldiers killed in Iraq

15.Aug.2004 Who cares? : The number of humanitarian crises in the world is greater than ever before but most go unreported in Western media.

15.Aug.2004 IDF draws diplomatic fire after shooting at Spanish car: Alberto Ucelay, the Spanish consul general in Jerusalem, was traveling with 15 Palestinian children

15.Aug.2004 Held at gunpoint in Nablus: Soldiers seized our phones, confiscated our camera tape and when we tried to leave forced us back, at the barrel of a gun.

15.Aug.2004 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike: More than 1500 Palestinian prisoners in four Israeli jails have begun a hunger strike to highlight their treatment.

15.Aug.2004 Aides say former McGreevey official sought up to $50 million from N.J. governor : Sources say the man accusing New Jersey Governor James McGreevey of sexual harassment had pressured the politician for up to 50 (m) million dollars to settle things.

15.Aug.2004 An Israeli / Rove Connection?: Here we go again. Another political bombshell hits the USA people and there is yet another connection to the subterranean labyrinth of possible Israeli intelligence activities.

15.Aug.2004 Israeli Espionage: When a Honey Trap Goes Bad A Governor Resigns : It is a glimpse into the world of Israeli espionage targeted against the United States, its politicians + its people.

15.Aug.2004 Harkin calls Cheney a 'coward' and criticizes 'backdoor draft'

14.Aug.2004 in an overnight attack at a Tutsi refugee camp in Burundi 160 killed in UN refugee camp : Nearly 160 people were shot, hacked + burnt to death the country's president blamed on elements from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

15.Aug.2004 USA soldiers fear Afghan drug war as opium profits find their way to al-Qa'ida: Patrolling USA troops routinely turn a blind eye to opium farming and trading, ignoring poppy fields + have recruited warlords suspected of being drug dealers to fight al-Qa'ida.

15.Aug.2004 Bush shifting USA troops out of Europe, Asia :Major redeployment of up to 100,000 GIs due to "war on terror"

15.Aug.2004 Killers get a free ride with old pals act at UN: Splitting hairs over the definition of genocide or quibbling over how many thousands have been killed doesn't alter the fact that serious crimes against humanity are being committed every day.

15.Aug.2004 Tread softly in Sudan: Caution is strongly advised. The Darfur disaster is not -- as oversimplified by western media -- a case of murderous government-backed Arab militias, called "Janjaweed," slaughtering helpless blacks.

15.Aug.2004 USA shamefully delayed request to ship vests to Iraq: : It's shameful that Washington officials failed to include armored Humvees in their $87 billion war-spending request. It's downright immoral that officials threw political resistance at helpful civilians in Florida.

15.Aug.2004 An Open Letter To Peace-Loving Americans: Why does the death of one single non-Arab or non-Muslim in the raging battles in the Middle East make the news, while the destruction of thousand Arab and Muslim lives, livelihood and homes are “nothing to write home about”?

URL: ".. named for his grandfather Rev. John USA financial kingpin . 15.Aug.2004

00.000.1795 Dwight, Timothy, President of Yale, 13) Secessionist.-

00.000.1817 00.000. 1795 Bush book: Chapter -7-". up with its open pirate emblem-Skull & Bones"..Russell, William Huntington 's Organization will show why the .."
".. also attracted the Anglo-USA oil cartel .

The Baker's (were prominent in supporting eugenics & utopian.. )family law firm in Texas, was aligned with the Harriman-Rockefeller cartel like the Bush familY + Dulles families in New York,.

00.000.1900 Rockefeller, Percy A. , Yale graduate [s& .."
WWII.".. Stinnes, Hugo-Firmen ## einer ## der Haupt-WWII Kriegslieferanten.

WWII.".. Stinnes, Hugo-Firmen ## einer ## der Haupt-WWII -Ausbeuter der Rohstoffe in den besetzten Gebieten-


WWI.00.000.1916 -spring- Bush [BPS917] + Harriman [HER'B'917]Roland "Bunny" chosen for membership in [s&b322] elite Yale senior-year secret society &bdquo .."
".. active duty with UK's Royal Naval Air Service (Despite the snide comments of those who dismissed them as frivolous rich boys) Harriman [HER'B'917]Roland "Bunny" + Bush [BPS917] Bonesmates selected for 1918 membership in the secret order.

Yale Flying Unit leaders: Lovett, Robert, F. Trubee Davison, Artemus Lamb Gates & John Martin Vorys.

Unit flyers.." Bush book: Chapter -7-

WWI.00.000.1917 Bush [BPS917] close friend of Harriman [HER'B'917]Roland "Bunny" & sev. oth. Bonesmen from their class of 1917

WWI. 15.Oct.1917 .."
".. „New York Trust Company“[Prsd]“Union Pacific“[Prsd]“TIME“[Prsd]“Boeing Company“[Prsd]

WWI.00.Jun.1918 Bush [BPS917] goes to Europe with the USA Army. Bush [BPS917] unit not come near any fire until 00.Sep.1918

WWI.00.Jun.1918 Bush , Samuel P., Bush [BPS917] 's father, took over responsibility for relations of USA government with the private arms producers,

WWI.00.000.1918 Bush , Samuel P. became USA chief of USA Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board.@s2 in the spring

WWI.00.000.1918 Bush , Samuel P. took USA national responsibility for USA government assistance to + relations with Remington Arms company & other weapons companies. .."
".. the "Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart",Rotterdam,the Dutch financial institution that served as the pivot-point for the Thyssen-Bornemisza- Bush family dealings at the center of the discussion. “Their suspicions focused on one Dutch Bank in particular, the„Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V,“,Rotterdam.

00.000.1916-00.000.2004 -over the years-Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V,“,Rotterdam did a lot of business with the Thyssen s .“

12.Jun.1924 Bush [BGHW48]George Herbert Walker,b. Milton, Mass. USA President -future

01.Jan.1920 -Thyssen (s)establish 3 banks:“Thyssen Bank&ldquo .." ".. [ger][industrl],who began funding Hitler, Adolf

00.Oct.1923 ,[fnd]" Union Banking Corporation "[UBC],NY Walker, George Herbert 'Bert' & Bush [BPS917]-father-in-law's bank at 39 Broadway, Manhattan, New York to handle funds supplied to it through Thyssen, Fritz s &ldquo .."
00.1923 USA contributors financing Hitler's infant Nazi party[fndng] Hitler, Adolf [lst][ger]Thyssen, Fritz[industr]-

00.000.1923-00.000.1926 Bush [BPS917] Bush [BGHW948] -Father an officer of W.A. Harriman bank,

00.000.1926 Walker, George Herbert 'Bert' did sort of favor for his new son-in-law, Bush [BPS917] [families do help their children make a start in life, [but] Bush [BPS917] [s&b917]came to regret favor bitterly ..."In[-

00.000.1931] Walker, George Herbert 'Bert' made Bush [BPS917] vice president of "W.A.Harriman& Company" .[Problem was.. speciality:companies trading in the 1930s with .."
".. Harriman & Company" [merge] " Brown Brothers "UK" (British-American investment company)[] " Brown Brothers , Harriman" Bush [BPS917] vice president "W.A.Harriman& Company" became one of " Brown Brothers , Harriman" 59 Brdway, the .."
".. arranged investments in/for Nazi-dominated Germany.

00.000.1931 " W.A. Harriman & Company "(NY) Harriman [HA913] president, Bush [BPS917] vice president[]" Brown Brothers "(brit)[]" Union Banking Corporation " Harriman [lHA913] .." " W.A. Harriman & Company " merged with the UK Brown Brothers into Brown Brothers Harriman and its various fronts

00.000.1931 while Bush [BPS917] as a director ran the New York office of " Brown Brothers Harriman", Bush [BPS917] 's partner was Montagu Norman's intimate friend Thatcher Brown.

The UK Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman always stayed at the home of Bush [BPS917] 's partner Harriman [HA913] on his hush-hush trips to New York.

Bush [BPS917] concentrated on the firm's German activities & Brown, Thatcher saw to their business in UK old England, under the guidance of UK Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman .."
"...... 1934 Bradford [BAH934] Warburg-Rothschild, Carol [wfe]„New York Times“ [general manager]

00000.1934 Walker,G. H.(Bert), Bush [BPS917] father-in-law, is "Union Banking Corporation"s president, firm located in the offices of Harriman [HA913] 's company"W .."
".. Harriman & Company"39 Broadway NY. arranged a seat on the board of directors of " Union Banking Corporation ", also Walker,G. H.(Bert), Bush [BPS917] father-in-law, is " Union Banking Corporation "s president, set up a deal to take over "Hamburg-Amerika Linie" .."
".. s stock in American Shipping & Commerce was controlled by yet another holding company, directors Harriman, Averill, Walker,G. H. (Bert ) & Bush [BPS917] run out of Walker, George Herbert 'Bert''s office the "Harriman Fifteen Corporation"

00000.1934 USA Congressional Investigation,Walker .."
".. the Hamburg-Amerika Linie shipping company's deals with Nazi intelligence."Instead of divesting the Nazi money," continue the authors," Bush [BPS917] hired a lawyer to hide the assets.

The lawyer he hired had considerable expertise in such underhanded schemes.It was Dulles, Allen
".. done to help the Jews in Europe.

00.000.1934 plot by Morgan, DuPont & other capitalists to install a dictator in the USA

00.000.1934-00000.1943 Bush [BPS917] was a director of the „ Union Banking Corporation “-1 share''[UBC, was co-founded + sponsored by Bush [BPS917] father-in-law : Walker, George Herbert 'Bert';

Walker, George Herbert 'Bert' ,senior managing partner for Harriman [HA913] + Harriman, Averell [s&b322]``

00.Nov.1935 Butler, Smedley D.,retired marine general blamed Brown Brothers , Harriman" Bush [BPS917] vice president for having the USA marines act like 'racketeers' & 'gangsters' in order to exploit financially the .."
".. peasants of Nicaragua..."(article in 'Common Sense').

00.000.1936 Stewart, Potter [s&b936] Supreme Court Justice,...

15.Aug.2004 searched: Bush . 1.

01.Mar.2003 See No Evil - What Bush Didn't (Want To) Know About 11.Sep.2001










BUSH SAYINGS -Truth- Jeder hat das Recht, sich selbst zu verteidigen.htm


08.Jan.2003 Ex-Bush speechwriter: I was to provide a justification for war


Neue Bush-Doktrin im strengen,objektiven Sinn des Wortes imperialistisch.htm


00.Jun.1999 Bush [BGW968]- Militärmacht wiederherstellen.htm


17.May 2002 Bush Is Lying A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS.htm


21.Dec.2001 Bush [BGW968],G.W.-Fabulous year for Laura and me.htm


24.May 2002 Bush [BGW968],GW.on S.Hussein, 25.05.2002 Guardian on USA spraying nerve gas on USA-sailors.htm


28.Jul. 2002 the bush nazi coke moonie connection


29.Jan.2002 Bush asked Sen.Maj.Lead.T.DaschleD personally to limit 11.Sep.2001 probes ! ! !


22.Apr. 2003 Bush [BGW968]- Nazi -Connection01 .. office employed many of Bush classmates fr. Bush s Yale class of 00.000. 1917
[brit]propaganda coup, Germans cutting off the hands of babes .."


22.Mar. 2003 220403antiwarblogg.html


15.Aug.2004 URL:

22.Jul.2004 -You searched for- * 1. 2004072021_B_Report

15.Aug.2004 Shia backlash wrecks USA strategy : Iraq’s Shia population appears to be becoming increasingly radicalised by the current rebellion, making it very difficult for the USA and its allies to portray it as the actions of a small, embittered minority.

15.Aug.2004 ‘Iraqi exiles see this as another occupation’: Somewhere in the smoke around the Imam Ali mosque in the holy city of Najaf, two young UK men will this morning be kneeling in prayer, eating a sandwich or counting their bullets.

15.Aug.2004 Destruction of the Imam Ali Shrine : Part of the Bushcon Plan for Total War

15.Aug.2004 Iran TV journalist arrested in Najaf : A journalist for the Arabic service of Iran's state broadcaster was detained live on television Sunday as USA troops led a renewed offensive against Shiite Muslim militiamen in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.

15.Aug.2004 Iraqi police threaten to arrest reporters in Najaf: Iraqi police brandishing rifles threatened to arrest journalists unless they left Najaf on Sunday, raising fears among local reporters they were attempting to impose a news blackout on the holy city.

15.Aug.2004 Iraqi government evicts reporters from Najaf as fighting continues : As fighting resumes between U-S forces and Shiite militants, Iraqi police have ordered all journalists to leave the holy city of Najaf. 15.Aug.2004 Thoughts on Najaf: How Could the USA Ever Be Considered a "Terrorist" State?

15.Aug.2004 URL:
11. Ver?ffentlichungen(9) Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – HTML-Version ... Boris Petrov‘ and first results“, ed. by Ruediger Stein and Oleg Stepanets Heft ...
4(4): 15-21 Dethleff, D., Rachold, V., Tintelnot, M., Antonow , M. (2000). ... -
Ähnliche Seiten

3. Völkermord in Tschetschenien. Eine Dokumentation der ... 7.10.1999 Der Angehörige der Menschenrechtsorganisation Memorial, Oleg Mironow besuchte ...
7. Oktober durch das Bombardement aus einem Antonow -Flieger vollkommen ... - 101k -
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Katastrophale Mißstände im russischen Luftverkehr... ein Passagierflugzeug 15 Minuten nach dem Start in der südrussischen Stadt Stawropol buchstäblich auseinander - die Antonow An-24 ... Oleg Nikishin, Fotos: AP. ... - 7k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis -
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Confidential Connections: Unsere Aufgabe
... Dennis Pantschenko System administrator. Oleg Savich Programmierer. ... Jurij
Antonow Büroleiter. Filippova Natalya Dolmetscherin-Betreuerin. ... german/welcome_mission.html - 69k -
Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten - Special Maks 2003
... SCHUKOWSKI Ein Flugzeug des Typs Antonow 70 (russisch-ukrainisches Gemeinschaftsprojekt ... Das
erklärte der Generaldirektor der Firma, Oleg Demtschenko, am Montag ... - 58k -
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Progress Filmverleih GmbH - Burgstraße 27 - 10178 Berlin
... für zwei SU 1982 137’ R: Eldar Rjasanow D: Ludmila Gurtschenko, Oleg Bassilaschwili,
Nikita ... 1925 s/w 74’ OF R: Sergej Eisenstein D: A. Antonow , W. Barski ... - 28k -
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15.Aug.2004 10:58:12


Antonow, Oleg - Wikipedia
Antonow, Oleg [bearbeiten]. Weblinks. .
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14.Aug.2004 Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von 241 für Antonow, Oleg

Antonow, Oleg - Net-Lexikon
Suche: Antonow, Oleg . Definition, Bedeutung, Erklärung im Lexikon. Oleg, Konstantinowitsch Antonow (* 07.Feb.1906 in Moskau, † 4 ... - 9k - 12.Aug.2004 - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten

Antonow, Oleg - Biografie rasscass
Antonow, Oleg -Biografie Nachname: Antonow Vorname: Oleg gilt als bedeutendster sowjetischer Konstrukteur von Segelflugzeugen + Lastenseglern <
->66k-Im Cache
14.Aug.2004 Genau da liegt die Chance der Weblogs: Mit ihnen erlebt im immer kommerzieller geprägten Internet die informelle, freie Kommunikations-+ Nachrichten platt form ihr Revival.

Ob immer alles echt + wahr ist, lässt sich von den Blogs so wenig sagen wie von Fernseh nachrichten....ODER SPIEGEL-ONLINE..

14.Aug.2004 Ergebnisse 1 - 11 von ungefähr 15 für Awijakonwersija 

Tidskriften Analys & Kritik - Ryssland... stormakterna.

Ryssland och det tillverkande elektronikföretaget Awijakonwersija förnekar att sådan utrustning sålts direkt till Irak. Im Cache

00.000.2003 IOFF - Störsender ... ?!? ... Laut "Post" vom Montag + anderen USA-Medienberichten soll die russische Elektronikfirma Awijakonwersija erst jüngst Störsender an den Irak geliefert haben. ... - 72k - - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten .. [...] Die USA Militärs hätten festgestellt, dass die Präzisionswaffen durch die Störsender von " Awijakonwersija " ihre Effektivität ... - 19k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis - Im Cache -
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TVmatrix :: Thema anzeigen - Russische Militär-Lieferungen angestellt haben.

Die russische Elektronikfirma Awijakonwersija " dementierte den Berichte über die Lieferung von Störsendern.

Die - 29k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten


24.Mär.2003 "Die USA Amerikaner waren entsetzt".

Auch die Firma Awijakonwersija selbst. ... jugoslawische Militärs auf der Basis der Awijakonwersija -Technologie einen. ... - 90k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten - Elektr. Störsender: ???GPS-Jammer“ lenken Cruise ... den Irak geliefert hat. "Niemals!", so der Firmenchef der russischen Elektronik-Firma Awijakonwersija ". "Vielmehr haben die USA / - 34k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten Newswire
24.Mär.2003 by blue. Die russische Elektronikfirma Awijakonwersija " soll laut USA Angaben Störsender an den Irak geliefert haben. Artikel-> - 29k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis -
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USA-Vorwurf: Russland lieferte Waffen an den Irak
... haben. Die – neben 2i anderen russischen Unternehmen - beschuldigteElektronikfirma Awijakonwersija widersprach dem Bericht. .. /.../ USA-Vorwurf-Russland-lieferte-Waffen-an-den-Irak.html - 37k - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten

You searched for Amerikaner

24.Mär.2003. "Die USA Amerikaner waren entsetzt".

Auch die Firma Awijakonwersija selbst hatte die Berichte kategorisch dementiert. Man ... - 101k - Zusätzliches Ergebnis -
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Date/Time: 13.Aug.2004 20040813 08/13/2004 23-27-45