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26.Dec.2006 Kampf um Stahl- Fusion: ThyssenKrupp klagt auf Übernahme von Dofasco
26.Dec.2006 Todesurteil gegen Saddam: Die Chronik des Prozesses
26.Dec.2006 Spanischer Chirurg: "Castro hat keinen Krebs"

26.Dec.2006 Krieg gegen Rebellen: Äthiopien meldet Tod von bis zu tausend Islamisten in Somalia
26.Dec.2006 Somalia: Äthiopische Truppen marschieren auf Mogadischu zu
26.Dec.2006 Energie- Konflikt mit Weißrussland: Gasprom legt in Deutschland riesige Reserven für Preisschlacht an
26.Dec.2006 The Coca-Cola Company - Wikipedia

00.000.1917 zog sich Candler aus der Firma zurück +

00.000.1917–00.000.1919 wurde Bürgermeister von Atlanta (). Unternehmen im Dow Jones Industrial Average ...
ConocoPhillips Company Profile-Yahoo! Finance

Formed by the merger of Conoco + Phillips Petroleum, ConocoPhillips is the #3 integrated oil + gas company in the US, behind Exxon Mobil + Chevron;
Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island : Rising seas, caused by global warming, have for the first time washed an inhabited island off the face of the Earth.

26.Dec.2006 US and EU visit Fatah training base : US and European officials have visited a base in Jordan where Fatah is training troops to reinforce Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in any showdown with Hamas.

26.Dec.2006 Israeli PM agrees to transfer $100 million in frozen Palestinian taxes to Abbas: Olmert agreed to a series of concessions to help bolster the PA chairman, including the transfer of $100 million in frozen taxes collected on behalf of the PA. The funds will be transferred directly to Abbas + not to the Hamas-led government.

26.Dec.2006 Dr.César Chelala: Innocents pay the price of Gaza war : On a recent visit to Gaza, Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated that "massive" violations against civilians have taken place in the Gaza Strip. The lack of accountability for human rights violations in Gaza leaves the local population with no one to turn to when there is a breach, she told journalists.

26.Dec.2006 U.N. Chief Pressured To Bypass Businessman : The incoming United Nations secretary-general has yet to take office, but a controversy is already engulfing his nascent relationship with the American Jewish community.

26.Dec.2006 Interior, Pentagon Faulted In Audits: Defense auditors said that deal cost taxpayers millions more than necessary + they have referred the matter for possible criminal investigation
26.Dec.2006 U.S. military deaths in Iraq tops number killed in 9/11 attacks: The U.S. military death toll in Iraq has reached at least 2,974, one more than the number of deaths in the 11.Sep.2001 attacks in the United States, according to an Associated Press count on Tuesday.

26.Dec.2006 U.S. Military graduates calls War in Iraq illegal and criminal: America stands shamed in the eyes of the world thanks to the Bush administration’s crime spree.

And, as a partial result, the Democrats scored a resounding triumph in an election where only 40.4% of eligible Americans cast ballots. 40.4%! So much for urgency.

26.Dec.2006 U.S. Detains Two Iranians In Iraq: Two Others Released Who Had Diplomatic Immunity; Iraqi President 'Unhappy' About Incident

26.Dec.2006 Iran summons US representative over detention of diplomats: -This move will have unpleasant consequences,’ the spokesman said without giving further details.

26.Dec.2006 Report says Iran’s oil exports could decline to zero in less than a decade: Iran is suffering a staggering decline in revenue from its oil exports + if the trend continues income could virtually disappear by 2015, according to an analysis released Monday by the National Academy of Sciences.

26.Dec.2006 Ethiopia pushes deeper into Somalia : Thousands of Ethiopian troops, backed by aircraft, artillery and tanks, have escalated a military offensive against fighters from the Islamic Courts Union.
26.Dec.2006 Troop 'surge' in Iraq would be another mistake -BY W. PATRICK LANG and RAY MCGOVERN
Robert Gates' report to the White House on his discussions in Iraq this past week is likely to provide the missing ingredient for the troop ''surge'' into Iraq favored by the ''decider'' team of Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush.

26.Dec.2006 Why did Russia and China vote to sanction Iran? -By Jorge Hirsch
While Russia may prefer for its own reasons that Iran not enrich uranium, it fully recognizes that Iran's pursuit is legal under international law. Furthermore, as Western news media constantly emphasize, Russia and China have extensive commercial ties with Iran, hence it is not in their interest to antagonize Iran. Their support of UNSC1737 doesn't seem to make sense.

26.Dec.2006 Iran backed dangerously into a corner -By Linda S. Heard
Washington and Tel Aviv, aided by London, are taking this region on a collision course. Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa once warned that the invasion of Iraq would open the gates to Hell.

They opened alright but if there is war with Iran they may take a long time to swing shut. Continue

26.Dec.2006 Washington's Game in Turkmenistan -By Mike Whitney
At the very least, Niyazov’s death has turned out to be another “great opportunity” for Uncle Sam and it looks like Bush may have already put the pieces in place to take full advantage of it.

26.Dec.2006 Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important -By James Petras
We American have a necessity to put our fight against Israel and its Lobby at the very top of our political agenda. It is not because Israel has the worst human rights agenda in the world – other states have even worst democratic credentials – but because of its role in promoting its US supporters to degrade our democratic principles, robbing us of our freedom to debate and our sovereignty to decide our own interests.

26.Dec.2006 Already at $1 billion, the tally for Hurricane Katrina waste will balloon next year as investigators shift their attention from fraudulent aid to the lucrative government contracts awarded with little competition. And Still, The Busheviks Continue to Fleece Taxpayers by Awarding Wasteful, No-bid Contracts.

26.Dec.2006 "Get real. Like Jesus Would Ever Own a Gun & Vote Republican." Rectangular Fridge Magnet. Jesus's Christmas of Peace Has Been Hijacked by Psychologically Impaired Cowards Trying to Belatedly Prove Their Manhood by Sending Men and Women to Die for Their Sociopathology.
Bush's Continuing Legacy of Death: 9 Americans Killed in Iraq Over Christmas Weekend 12/26
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26.Dec.2006 "A opinion poll conducted in mid-December showed only 11 percent of respondents supported the plan of boosting the US contingent in Iraq." Americans, by a Super-Landslide Just Say "No" to the Socipathic Bush PR Stunt of Death, AKA Surge. 12/25
Bloody George: In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Determined to banish their old tax-and-spend image, Democrats want to shrink the federal deficit, preserve tax cuts for the middle class and challenge the president to raise money for the Iraq war when they take control of Congress next week. 12/26

26.Dec.2006 The U.S. pays contractors' insurance premiums and war casualty claims. No one regulates or audits the cost. 12/26
Propaganda to Push for Western Oil Company Takeover of Iran's Resources or Reality? Report: "Iran's oil revenue running dry, analysis shows." 12/26
The Bushevik Bureaucracy Can't Keep up with the Bubble Boy's Fast Pace of Lies 12/26


Als sich die Menschheit erstmals mit dem Gedanken konfrontiert sah, dass sie dabei war, den Blauwal endgültig auszurotten, stellte der Ökonom Colin Clark ein Gedankenexperiment an. Was wäre profitabler: Die Wale schützen und nachhaltig bewirtschaften? Oder auch noch die letzten Wale zu jagen und die Profite an der Börse investieren? Clark empfahl - eine entsprechende Verzinsung vorausgesetzt - die finale Gewinnmitnahme und beging damit in den Augen des Harvard-Biologen Edward Wilson einen entscheidenden Denkfehler. "Welchen Wert", fragt Wilson, "hatte der Wal vor 1000 Jahren? Gar keinen. Und im Jahr 3000? Ist er potenziell unschätzbar wertvoll." Denn wer weiß heute schon, welchen Dienst er uns noch erweisen, welchen Rohstoff er uns noch liefern kann?

Das Aussterben ist ein natürlicher Prozess, die durchschnittliche Lebenserwartung einer Spezies liegt zwischen einer und zehn Millionen Jahren; lebende Fossilien wie Quastenflosser oder Pfeilschwanzkrebs, beide an die 400 Millionen Jahre alt, sind die Ausnahme. Statistisch betrachtet, lebt von 1000 Arten, die einmal den Planeten bevölkerten, heute noch eine einzige. Alle anderen haben den Konkurrenzkampf um die Nische im Lebensraum verloren, konnten sich an die Veränderungen ihrer Umgebung nicht anpassen. Der Prozess verläuft mit vorhersehbarer Geschwindigkeit: Bei Säugetieren etwa ist im Schnitt alle 200 Jahre mit dem Exitus einer Spezies zu rechnen. Tatsächlich aber gingen in den vergangenen 400 Jahren gleich 89 Säugetierarten zugrunde - das 45-Fache der bis dahin üblichen Rate. Weitere 169 Säuger stehen in der Kategorie CR der Roten Liste.

Für die Mehrheit der Wissenschaftler lassen diese Zahlen nur einen Schluss zu: Wir erleben gerade ein Massensterben, wie es die Welt seit 65 Millionen Jahren nicht mehr gesehen hat. Damals kollidierte die Erde mit einem Kometen, 17 Prozent aller Familien der biologischen Systematik wurden ausgerottet, einschließlich sämtlicher Saurier. Nun hat es auch ein solches Massenaussterben in der Erdgeschichte schon mehrmals gegeben, fünf Mal genau, in der Folge großer Katastrophen oder abrupter globaler Klimaveränderungen.

Jetzt also das sechste Massensterben + nach Ansicht einiger Experten verläuft es sogar noch schneller als alle vorherigen. Bei einer Umfrage des American Museum of Natural History unter 400 Biologen erklären 70 Prozent der Befragten, sie rechneten in den kommenden 30 Jahren mit dem Untergang von einem Fünftel aller Arten.

Die auslösende Katastrophe? Kein unvermeidbares Desaster wie bei den "großen Fünf", sondern vor

100.000 Jahren der Auftritt einer jungen Spezies namens Homo sapiens, die einen Sonderweg im natürlichen Gefüge einschlug. "Im Unterschied zu allen anderen Arten", sagt der Paläontologe Niles Eldridge, "lebt der Mensch nicht mit der Natur, sondern außerhalb von ihr. Und er hat das Gesicht des Planeten auf eine Weise verändert, die mit dem Aufprall eines Kometen durchaus zu vergleichen ist. ... So könnte man die Landwirtschaft durchaus als Krieg gegen die natürlichen Systeme bezeichnen. Äcker sollen nur eine Spezies produzieren, alle anderen Arten gelten dem Bauern als Unkraut oder Ungeziefer - und werden vernichtet."

Auf dem Meer tobt eine vergleichbare Schlacht. 85 Millionen Tonnen Fisch werden jedes Jahr angelandet, womit 75 Prozent der Fischbestände entweder am Rand ihrer Belastbarkeit sind oder sogar schon überfischt.

Auf das Konto der kommerziellen Fischerei gehen weitere 20 Millionen Tonnen an Beifang, der schon auf See wieder entsorgt wird - alles also, was nicht zur Zielspezies gehört, siehe Unkraut.
00.000.1918 -Bis- war das Schloss noch im Besitz des Duodezfürsten von Reuß.

Doch der ungewöhnlich energische und entschlossene Arbeiter- und Soldatenrat in Thüringen enteignete ihn mit hohem juristischen Geschick während der Turbulenzen der

00.Nov.1918 Novemberrevolution.

Die in Thüringen dominierenden Linkssozialisten richteten sodann im Schloss eine Heimvolkshochschule ein, die sich zwar ganz grundsätzlich zur "sozialistischen Betrachtungsweise" bekannte,

aber parteipolitische Neutralität betonte.

Und so hielt man es zunächst auch, wenngleich allein auf das linke Spektrum beschränkt: Im Lehrerkollegium befanden sich Pädagogen der Mehrheitssozialdemokratie, der USPD + der KPD.

Dank dieser parteiübergreifenden Zusammensetzung gelang es der damals linken thüringischen Landesregierung die im Prinzip marxistisch angelegte Nachwuchsbildung staatlich alimentieren zu lassen.

Partei spendierte Bildungskurse

Als Gastlehrer tauchten in Tinz von Zeit zu Zeit neben anderen immer wieder auch der linkskommunistische Theoretiker Karl Korsch, überdies der seinerzeit ziemlich bekannte Sexualreformer Max Hodann, schließlich der damalige Gewerkschaftssyndikus + später renommierte Politikprofessor Ernst Fraenkel auf.
Lebensraum Meer: Sechstes Massensterben der Erdgeschichte
26.Dec.2006 25. DEZEMBER 2006
Ägypten: Vogelgrippe fordert zwei Opfer in Großfamilie

26.Dec.2006 Drastische Preiserhöhung: Gasprom setzt Weißrussland unter Druck
26.Dec.2006 Eisenbahn der Zukunft: Rohrpost für Europaletten
26.Dec.2006 Terrorverdächtige inhaftiert: USA erzürnen Irak und Iran mit Festnahme- Aktion
26.Dec.2006 Israelische Diplomatie- Offensive: Olmert wünscht sich Friedensgespräche mit Syrien
00.Aug.2002 RCA News | Wood Consumption

In an attempt to educate magazine publishers about their impact on the world's forests, the Magazine PAPER Project has released a web site that calculates ...
Rechte Esoterik in Deutschland. Ideenkonstrukte, Schnittstellen - Version HTML
weltverschwörerischen Erstlingswerk „ Geheimgesellschaften und ihre Macht im 20. Jahrhundert”

... auf die Massengräber der Muslime des Kosovo herab.“
Speculative thoughts on Greece's tapping scandal | discarded lies Tsalikidis 'girlfriend said that her boyfriend was not feeling good at Vodafone (for a ...

Tsalikidis (as his family has stated) was a person who would not ...
25.Dec.2006 :: View topic - FBI agents attempt to murder ... About 16 months earlier,

00.Mar.2005 Costas Tsalikidis , a 38-year-old ...

John Ford , the National Geographic Channel's executive vice president of ...

AlterNet: Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal Glen Ford , In These Times. Powell Stands Up to Bush on Torture ...

About 16 months earlier, in

00.Mar.2005 Costas Tsalikidis , a 38-year-old software ... About 16 months earlier, in March of 2005, Costas Tsalikidis , ... Tsalikidis , according to friends and family, was excited about his work + was looking ...

25.Dec.2006 Topica Email List Directory Greek telecommunications expert Costas Tsalikidis met with a similarly enigmatic end. Both had ... They persuaded a hesitant President Ford to offer ...
20060827 ... Nation 's David Corn + State Department intelligence chief Carl Ford Jr. ...

The most interesting new claims in the Costas Tsalikidis case come to us by ...
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community

+ the strangely similar tale of the death of Costas Tsalikidis as reported by the ... + interception equipment for NSA + Ford Aerospace + Lockheed.
The Underground Empire, Excerpt 6 There is no question that the Underground Empire today has more power, wealth, ...

Assassin Michael Decker , suspected of CIA connections, describes a CIA ...
25.Dec.2006 Swiss conductor Tabachnik again acquitted of sect killings 

An appeals court in France on Wednesday upheld the verdict of a lower court, which

00.000.2001 acquitted Tabachnik over the deaths of members of the Swiss-based Order of the Solar Temple. posted by Prof. Hex
25.Dec.2006 Bolivian groups seek extradition of former president:

In Bolivia, a coalition of social movements has formed a committee, Comité Impulsor, to work towards the extradition of former President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, who is living in the United States

25.Dec.2006 Ros-Lehtinen admits kill-Castro remark: U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen admitted on Friday, through a spokesman, that she did call for the death of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro during an interview with a British documentary-maker whom she had earlier accused of altering the video.

25.Dec.2006 'Che' Guevara CD Case Pulled From Shelves: Target Corp said on Friday it had pulled a CD carrying case bearing Ernesto "Che" Guevara's image after an outcry by critics who label the Marxist revolutionary a murderer and totalitarian symbol.

25.Dec.2006 Radio, TV Martí to be aired locally: Taxpayer-funded TV and Radio Martí are spending $377,500 to air select programs on South Florida broadcast stations over the next six months, using loopholes in a law that prohibits the propaganda channels from distribution within the United States.

25.Dec.2006 Religion does more harm than good - poll: 82% say faith causes tension in country where two thirds are not religious

25.Dec.2006 The Muslim prophet born in Bethlehem: The story of Jesus held a special place within early Islam. There is no need for a clash of civilisations

Anti war song: MP3 : Who Would Jesus Bomb - John Duggleby and Lance Brown. Would he snuff out the kids or just take out dad and mom?

25.Dec.2006 Homeland Security Admits TSA Broke Rules: - Officials at Homeland Security admit they broke the law. Department officials say they didn't follow the Privacy Act two years ago when they obtained more data about airline passengers than they originally said they would.

25.Dec.2006 Incarceration Nation: Two remarkable developments in Washington in the past week highlight the extent to which the United States has become the land of mass incarceration.
25.Dec.2006 U.S. to maintain long presence in Gulf region: Gates: An increased U.S. naval presence in the Gulf is not a response to any action by Iran but a message to all countries that the United States will keep its regional footprint "for a long time", Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

25.Dec.2006 Will Iraq's Oil Blessing Become a Curse?: The Iraqi government is considering a new oil law that could give private oil companies greater control over its vast reserves. In light of rampant violence and shaky democratic institutions, many fear the law is being pushed through hastily by special interests behind closed doors.

25.Dec.2006 UN Imposes Sanctions on Iran's Nuclear Program: The United Nations Security Council voted 15 to 0 to impose sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program for the first time, including a ban on acquisition of materials and technology that might be used to build an atomic bomb.

25.Dec.2006 Iran calls UN Resolution 'invalid' and 'illegal,': The statement read on state-run television said Iran won't heed the "Invalid" Decision by the United Nations Security Council and will continue pursue its enrichment activities.

25.Dec.2006 Iran warns U.N. to expect reaction over sanctions: Haddadadel said if the pressure mounts on Iran, parliament will have to discuss a plan, approved by the parliament's national security committee, that wants a serious reconsideration in Iran's relation with the IAEA.

25.Dec.2006 US wants more sanctions on Iran: The United States wants the international community to take more action against Iran + impose more sanctions than those adopted by the UN Security Council, the State Department's number three diplomat said.

25.Dec.2006 Israel praises U.N. Security Council decision to impose sanctions on Iran: Israel on Saturday praised the U.N. Security Council's decision to impose sanction on Iran, saying it's an important step toward preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

25.Dec.2006 Abbas rejects temporary truce with Israel: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected the idea of a Palestinian state with temporary borders in return for long-term truce with Israel.

25.Dec.2006 Hamas views Abbas-Olmert meeting as insignificant: The Palestinian Islamic group Hamas on Saturday played down significance of a meeting that grouped Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem today.

25.Dec.2006 'What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?' : Johann Hari on the plight of pregnant women in the West Bank, where babies are dying needlessly

25.Dec.2006 Islamic Courts seek to "expand war " : A Somali Islamic Courts defence chief has for the first time called on foreign Muslim fighters to join his movement's war against Ethiopia.

25.Dec.2006 The Horn of Africa teeters on the cusp of all-out war: Neighbours arethreatening to turn Somalia into a battleground for their old scores

25.Dec.2006 U.S. policy in the Horn of Africa may aid al-Qaida, experts warn: As fighting intensified Friday between Somali Islamists and an Ethiopian intervention force, Western diplomats and experts warned that U.S. policy in the Horn of Africa - intended to curb Islamic radicalism - may not only be fueling this newest conflict, but also may be making it easier for al-Qaida to gain a foothold in the strategic region.

25.Dec.2006 FBI Warns Of UK Attack: BRITISH anti-terror agents reckon it will be "a miracle" if "al-Qaeda" do not launch an attack in the UK during the Christmas break, US sources claimed yesterday.

25.Dec.2006 Gazprom of Russia to double natural gas prices for Georgia: Gazprom, the Russian natural gas monopoly, agreed Friday to continue supplying natural gas to Georgia, but at double the price, the latest increase for a pro-Western nation on Russia's border.
25.Dec.2006 Archbishop attacks US, Britain on Iraq: THE spiritual head of the Anglican Church launched an outspoken attack on the British and US governments on Saturday, saying their "ignorant" policy in Iraq has put Christians in the region at risk.
25.Dec.2006 U.S. commanders in Iraq push troop increase: Top U.S. military commanders in Iraq have decided to recommend an increase in the number of U.S. occupation forces there, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday, citing a defense official familiar with the plan.

25.Dec.2006 Troop Levels Unknown: - Despite all the talk about just what kind of troop levels the U.S. should maintain, it's not clear anyone knows the size of the Iraqi force, Rep. Christopher Shays said today in his report to the White House and Pentagon on findings from his trip to Iraq.
25.Dec.2006 Banality and barefaced lies -By Robert Fisk -Here in America, I stare at the land in which I live and see a landscape I do not recognise Continue

25.Dec.2006 Impending Police State in America -Interview with Professor Francis Boyle
Francis A Boyle says 9/11 was allowed to happen, war on terror is facilitating the downfall of The Republic, concentration camps are in place + US citizens are the targets .

25.Dec.2006 Bush's Little Shop of Horrors: "Some 12,000 Iraqi policemen have been killed since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, the country's interior minister said Sunday, as clashes, a suicide bomber and weekend explosions killed more than a dozen Iraqi officers and six American soldiers."

25.Dec.2006 Christmas Premium: Get real. Like Jesus Would Ever Own a Gun & Vote Republican -- Rectangular Fridge Magnet.
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25.Dec.2006 Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is about to return to the Washington political scene as a high-profile operative for the American Conservative Union if his negotiations with group Chairman David Keene are successfully completed 12/25
Eleanor Clift: Bush's worst lies in 2006 12/25
Early, Early, Early Polling: Obama, Clinton running even in N.H. 12/25
How Ron Suskind Revealed Bush's Terrifying Hole In Reality

25.Dec.2006 Web Places Increasingly Important Role in the Planned Campaigns of Candidates for 2008 Presidential Nomination 12/25
"The Iraqi government is considering a new oil law that could give private oil companies greater control over its vast reserves.

In light of rampant violence and shaky democratic institutions, many fear the law is being pushed through hastily by special interests behind closed doors." Like, what a surprise, huh

25.Dec.2006 Bush's Sentence of Death to Our GIs. More of Them Sent to Iraq, More of Them to Die. "3 U.S. soldiers die in Baghdad bombing." It's an Act of Murder, This PR Stunt Called a "Surge" of Troops.
CCC-Sprecher Andy Müller-Maguhn wird über die Illuminaten zwischen

00.000.1787-00.000.2006 philosophieren - genauer gesagt über die Kritik an ihnen

28.Dez.2006 23.00 Uhr). Er wolle die Auseinandersetzung zwischen Ordnungs- und Chaoskräften in einem historischen Überblick beleuchten, kündigte Müller-Maguhn an.

"Who can you trust?" - Wem kann man trauen? - lautet das diesjährige Kongressmotto.

Es drückt aus, dass sich eine gewisse Skepsis breit macht - zumindest unter einigen Hackern.

Vor einem Jahr hatte an gleicher Stelle, im Berliner Congress Centrum am Alex, CCC-Aktivist Frank Rieger eine pessimistische Bilanz des Hackertums gezogen.

"Die Technik war schneller als wir", konstatierte Rieger.

Man habe sich in der eigenen Arbeit zu sehr auf technologische Probleme konzentriert, ohne darüber hinaus zu denken.

"So haben wir verloren."

Düstere Überwachungsszenarien der Vergangenheit seien längst Realität.
Währungssorgen: Starker Euro verärgert die Franzosen
Christmette in Rom: Papst prangert weltweites Kinderelend an

25.Dec.2006 Krieg gegen Somalias Islamisten: Äthiopien bombardiert Flughafen von Mogadischu
25.Dec.2006 Lateinamerika Nachrichten Online - Alternative Medien: „Es gibt im ...

Die Lateinamerika Nachrichten sprachen mit der mexikanischen Wissenschaftlerin + Cyberaktivistin Martha Zapata Galindo über neue Protestformen im Internet
Broadcast Radio Turns 100 - CowboyNeal 21 - GraWil writes "On Christmas eve

24.Dec.1906 a Canadian physicist named Reginald Fessenden presented the world's first wireless radio broadcast from his transmitter at Brant Rock, MA.

The transmission included Christmas music + was heard by radio operators on board US Navy + United Fruit Company ships equipped with Fessenden's wireless receivers

at various distances over the South + North Atlantic, + in the West Indies.

00.000.1900 -s-in the early- Fessenden was a key rival of Marconi, who, using morse-code, succeeded in passing signals across the Atlantic


Fessenden's work was the first real departure from Marconi's damped-wave-coherer system for telegraphy + represent the first pioneering steps toward radio communications + radio broadcasting.

He later became embroiled in a long-running legal dispute over the control of his radio-related patents, which were eventually acquired by RCA."
Luftangriffe auf Somalia: EU verturteilt Äthiopiens Kriegserklärung

24.Dez.2006 Litwinenko- Kontaktmann festgenommen: Scaramella wird wegen Waffenschmuggels und Verleumdung verhört
24.Dec.2006 Post postum: Pinochet würde wieder putschen
24.Dec.2006 Nahost- Annäherung: Olmert startet Diplomatie- Offensive mit Abbas

25.Dec.2006 Polonium- Mordfall: Litwinenkos Kontaktmann Scaramella festgenommen
25.Dec.2006 The use of Islamist militants by ... to Nasser is driven by the commercial community—the oil companies + the banks.

15.Aug.1983 GeoMiliTech formed; Begins Selling Arms to Iran ...
The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists ...

GeoMiliTech (GMT) Consultants Corporation is established by conservative talk ...

an American working under the cover of an apparently phony oil company ...
Council for National Policy (CNP) - Sh - Member Biographies

GeoMiliTech wanted to become a central clearinghouse for all of the CIA's weapons purchases...

Singlaub brought a written proposal from GeoMiliTech to Casey. ...

Die südlich liegenden Provinzen Nord-Sumatra und Riau sind von den schweren Regenfällen ebenfalls betroffen.

Tausende Häuser standen unter Wasser.

Der Distriktvorsteher von Langkat sprach von den schlimmsten Überschwemmungen seit 40 Jahren.

Die Region wird jedes Jahr in der Regenzeit von heftigen Niederschlägen heimgesucht.

Durch Erdrutsche und Überschwemmungen waren zu Jahresbeginn auf Java 120 Menschen ums Leben gekommen.

Vergangene Woche richteten Überschwemmungen schweren Schaden in Malaysia an.

Acht Menschen starben, 90.000 wurden obdachlos.

00.000.2006 -In diesem Jahr- sind die Niederschläge besonders heftig.

Der indonesische Vizepräsident Jusuf Kalla machte die Abholzung von Wäldern für die katastrophalen Folgen der Regenzeit verantwortlich.

Umweltschützer kritisieren, dass riesige Gebiete in allen Teilen Indonesiens kahl geschlagen wurden.

Ohne Baumwurzeln habe der Boden keine Haftung mehr, massive Erdrutsche seien die Folge.
Beduselt: Alkohol schützt das Hirn bei Kopfverletzungen

24.Dec.2006 Britischer Bericht: Terroralarm am Eurotunnel
24.Dec.2006 Hohe Strompreise: Barroso will Energie- Konzernen an den Kragen
24.Dec.2006 Dumping- Arbeitsmarkt: "Wie ein Stück Fleisch"
24.Dec.2006 Krieg in Somalia: Äthiopien bombardiert islamistische Miliz
24.Dec.2006 Atomstreit: Ahmadinedschad nennt Resolution einen Schnipsel Papier
24.Dec.2006 Busheviks Bludgeon Generals Into Accepting the Party Line on the PR "Troop Surge" That Will Only Increase the Carnage in Iraq.

Who Will Close Down the Bush/Cheney House of Horrors?
Newt Gingrich's Bedtime Story for Orphans (Hardcover).

Only 25 copies of this satirical classic (in mint condition) from the Clinton era available at a special price of $7.50, including free shipping. When they are gone, they are gone.
"The Iraqi government is considering a new oil law that could give private oil companies greater control over its vast reserves. In light of rampant violence and shaky democratic institutions, many fear the law is being pushed through hastily by special interests behind closed doors." Like, what a surprise, huh

24.Dec.2006 Important to Read. Bushevik Censorship at Work. "What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran." By FLYNT LEVERETT and HILLARY MANN. 12/24
"Adults in the United States are dissatisfied with the way their president has dealt with environmental issues, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 67 per cent of respondents rate George W. Bush?s handling of this topic as fair or poor." 12/24

24.Dec.2006 Here Come the Bombs. Can't Anyone Stop the Bushevik Insanity? "U.S. Says U.N. Iran Resolution Not Enough." 12/24
U.S. loses 5 more in Iraq. So far this month, 76 U.S. troops have died in Iraq, the same number that were killed in all of April. With nine days remaining in December, the monthly total of U.S. deaths could meet or exceed the death toll of 105 in October. 12/24

24.Dec.2006 The U.N. Security Council unanimously agreed Saturday to impose sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, culminating two months of negotiations to curb a nuclear program the United States claims is aimed at building weapons. 12/24
"We need to focus on whether we would choose to send our own son or daughter, our own wife or our own husband off for a temporary surge in Iraq," said Wu, D-Ore. "If we wouldn't do that, then should we permit this administration to roll out a potential product like that?" 12/23

24.Dec.2006 Vote the News Up or Down at!
Jeder Kultur ist etwas anderes heilig - den Inkas waren es die Lamas.
24.Dec.2006 Südamerika: Die versteckte Inka- Stadt der heiligen Lamas
24.Dec.2006 Widerstand gegen Uno- Resolution: Iran rüstet umstrittene Atomanlage auf
24.Dec.2006 "The Iraqi government is considering a new oil law that could give private oil companies greater control over its vast reserves. In light of rampant violence and shaky democratic institutions, many fear the law is being pushed through hastily by special interests behind closed doors." Like, what a surprise, huh

24.Dec.2006 "The Bush administration is planning a test run of America's emergency military call-up, stoking speculation about a return to a draft at a time when the White House is considering sending more troops to Iraq." Bush, Cheney, The Twins + Rice Go First.
"Adults in the United States are dissatisfied with the way their president has dealt with environmental issues, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 67 per cent of respondents rate George W. Bush?s handling of this topic as fair or poor." 12/24

24.Dec.2006 The U.N. Security Council unanimously agreed Saturday to impose sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, culminating two months of negotiations to curb a nuclear program the United States claims is aimed at building weapons. 12/24
Important to Read. Bushevik Censorship at Work. "What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran." By FLYNT LEVERETT and HILLARY MANN. 12/24
"We need to focus on whether we would choose to send our own son or daughter, our own wife or our own husband off for a temporary surge in Iraq," said Wu, D-Ore. "If we wouldn't do that, then should we permit this administration to roll out a potential product like that?" 12/23

24.Dec.2006 Vote the News Up or Down at!
Saudi Lawyer Takes On Religious Court System. Why isn't Laura Bush concerned about liberating women in Saudi Arabia? Oh, the Saudis are the Bush family's best business buddies. That's why. 12/24
Eight Marines charged with Iraqi murders in Haditha 12/23

24.Dec.2006 Another dispatch from our terrified Republic (The People's ...

We have officially become the Republic of Fear , a place where the mere fact of ... Shahin said today that three members of the group prayed in the terminal ...
20061203 Bert Verwelius , Vastgoed,. Verwelius Bouwmaatschappij, ƒ 250.000.000 ... Nieuw-Zeeland en de Verenigde Staten; ...
Euregiodorf 2008: deutsch-niederländische Siedlung im Richtericher ...
Die Baugesellschaft Verwelius hat zusammen mit der ... bert

1983: 126). Ähnlich wie in Deutschland bedürfen alle neuen Gebäude, Um- und Aus- ...
Uno- Sanktionen im Überblick: Iran bekommt 60 Tage Zeit zum Einlenken

23.Dec.2006 Uno- Resolution zum Atomstreit: USA und Israel verlangen härtere Strafen gegen Iran

23.Dec.2006 Chronik: Beziehungen zwischen Israel und den Palästinensern
23.Dec.2006 Rio de Janeiro: König der Ecstasy- Händler gefasst
23.Dec.2006 Annäherung in Nahost: Erstes Gipfeltreffen von Abbas und Olmert

23.Dec.2006 Atomstreit: Iran will sich Uno- Sanktionen widersetzen

23.Dec.2006 Chronik des Atomstreits: Vier Jahre Eskalation
23.Dec.2006 Atomstreit: Uno- Sicherheitsrat beschließt Sanktionen gegen Iran
23.Dec.2006 Toter Despot: Opposition nimmt Turkmenbaschis Milliarden bei Deutscher Bank ins Visier

23.Dec.2006 Auszeichnung: Bono wird Ritter
Sep.2000 Clashes Information Center - Press Releases

23.Oct.2000 ... while ago, the child Abdel Rahman Salim Shorrab, 13 years, was wounded in the ... after being hit, the home of Samer Nazzal was by with a tank fire (he managed ...

23.Dec.2006 MOONBAT CENTRAL: The Counterpunch Take on the Ten Commandments

Please do not confuse this Carl Estabrook with another one at Dartmouth, the latter being a serious scholar + historian.)
Aborigines Saved Yet Again: Settler Nationalism and Hero ...- View as HTML
which are the forms used in most of my other primary sources + books . Therefore, I ... Bernays, Edward L. Crystallizing Public Opinion .

23.Dec.2006 Our Story Timeline List

00.000.19-- The Jews of Newport, Rhode Island, buy land for a cemetery.

00.000.192- Edward L. Bernays, publishes " Crystallizing Public Opinion ," establishing himself as "the ...
Illinois District 15:

00.000.2002 Race Profile Carl Estabrook (3). % coded for Carl Estabrook (3). Coded, $5325, 87%. Uncoded, $800, 13%. Total, $6125, 100%. Joshua T. Hartke (D) ...

23.Dec.2006 Ronald Reagan to Now The WE News Archives By CARL ESTABROOK .

"...I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages.

Carl Estabrook is a Visiting Scholar University of Illinois at ...
20060101 By CARL ESTABROOK . "...I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true - ...
Manuel Uzeta Salcido - Images and Biography Famous, Rich, Successful and Accomplished People - Images, Videos, Information, ... his underworld career as an enforcer for drug king pin, Alberto Sicilia Falcon . ...
BIGGIES, BUREAUCRATS AND THE WORLD DRUG TRADE - New York Times ... a Chinese living in Bangkok; Alberto Sicilia - Falcon , a Cuban based in Tijuana, ... In the Sicilia - Falcon case, what is most memorable is Mr. Mills's long ... ... &sec=&pagewanted=2

Beim Konzept von Wikiasari setzt Wales nun erneut auf die Community - wie schon bei Wikipedia. So wie die Wikipedianer sollen die Wikiasarianer die Qualität der neuen Suchmaschine sichern. "Wir gucken auf die Seite. Normalerweise dauert es nur eine Sekunde herauszufinden, ob sie gut ist." Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist, eine vertrauenswürdige Gemeinschaft zu bilden.
23.Dec.2006 Moon If you've been following the Reverend Moon + his interactions with the Bush family, you may want to check out this new BBC documentary.

I'll presume that it is up on Google video legally, although I do not know if it will be there for long. Permalink

Dass die ungesättigten Fettsäuren des Olivenöls, etwa die Ölsaure, wirksam gegen Krebs sind, hatten Forscher schon lange vermutet. Doch Tierversuche konnten das bisher nie bestätigen.
Schon eine zweiwöchige Olivenöl-Diät mit täglich 25 Millilitern Olivenöl wirkt demnach zellerhaltend.
23.Dec.2006 Suchmaschine: Wikiasari soll Google herausfordern

23.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Kleinfeld wusste seit Januar von verdächtigem Konto

23.Dec.2006 Zellforschung: Olivenöl reduziert Krebsrisiko

23.Dec.2006 Irak- Politik: Generäle stärken Bush den Rücken
23.Dec.2006 "Corot"- Mission: Teleskop soll zweite Erde finden

23.Dec.2006 Protest zu Weihnachten: Kirchen rufen zum Kampf für soziale Gerechtigkeit
23.Dec.2006 Flugverkehr über Weihnachten: Besserung in Heathrow, Chaos in Denver

23.Dec.2006 Rassistische Tiraden: Irving hetzt weiter

23.Dec.2006 Afghanistan: US- Truppen töten mächtigen Taliban- Führer

23.Dec.2006 Rauchverbot: In New York sterben weniger Leute
23.Dec.2006 Deutsche in Afghanistan: Tornado- Einsatz entzweit die Koalition
23.Dec.2006 Wirtschafts- Schelte: Bischof Huber geißelt Maßlosigkeit von Managern
23.Dec.2006 Weihnachtsansprache: Köhlers Rede im Wortlaut
Russland: Barroso moniert Medienmacht von Gasprom

23.Dec.2006 GalizaCig/Actualidade - Alckmin: o candidato do Opus Dei

As ligações de Geraldo Alckmin com esta seita ultra -secreta já eram motivo ... aos pais que deram o “ apito ”, termo usado para indicar a admissão na seita.
New York City Tunnels Vulnerable to Attack
Iran Owes $254 Million for Khobar Towers
Fewer Christians Living in Bethlehem
Tom DeLay Blogs 'Ideas,' but Can't Type

Poll: U.S. Belief in Santa Claus Still Strong
Media Want Documents in CIA Leak Case

European authorities have disrupted dozens of terrorist attempts since the bombings and have far more suspected radicals under surveillance than at any point since 9/11, The Washington Post reports.

Answers to my last questions are in the Post-Gazette article KIlltown links to.
Hoover wasn't home at the time and wasn't allowed around the crash site.

Shanksville students see 'fighter plane' seconds after explosion The metal scraps at Shanksville and more On tonight McClatchey ‘condensed’ interview up on YouTube Doubletree Hotel video released; shows no plane Cleaned up comments on 9/11 rescuer interview YouTube axes four of my WTC 7 videos New 9/11 site and forum: If the Shanksville dirt was hard FBI delaying Doubletree video release
14.Sep.2001 Pittsburgh Post-GazetteFlight 93 crash shook his house like a tornado
"His windows all are shattered and blown out of their frames, his garage door has disappeared + his ceilings have crumbled and fallen onto floor tiles that have been blasted loose from their moorings...
But the shock waves set off by the impact of that crash heavily damaged Hoover's home, which lies, literally, a stone's throw from the crater gouged into the earth by the doomed plane." - (

Officials say the shock wave came from where Flight 93 allegedly crashing 150yds away , but Barry's cottage is
shielded by part of the forest. The anchorwomen mentions a crater in the ground just as the camera zooms in on the crater looking object in from of Barry's cottage.
Is this a crater in front of Barry's cottage and if so, did it cause the shock wave that damaged his cottage?
Notice that in this rare footage that they never pan in on the alleged Flight 93 crater, but just focus in on the road between the woods where Barry's cottage is + a large white shed across from his cottage.

posted by Killtown @ 12/21/2006
23.Dec.2006 The most outrageous comments of 2006. - Judd - Media Matters has the gory details.
23.Dec.2006 Washington Post Reports SMU Staff And Students Support Bush Library, Ignores Protests - Judd -

This morning, the Washington Post reported, “Southern Methodist University is now the lone candidate in exclusive talks for the George W. Bush Presidential Library.”

According to the story, the entire SMU community is thrilled about the prospect:

SMU officials, students and university supporters said the Bush library negotiations represent great opportunity.

“It doesn’t matter what your politics are,” said Dawn Moore, an SMU graduate and Dallas attorney. “What history we’ve had in his eight years is all of our history. It will be great for SMU.”

The Washington Post makes no mention of protests by SMU faculty, administrators + staff, reported earlier this week by the Texas Monthly. In a Dec. 16 letter to Board of Trustees president R. Gerald Turner, members of SMU’s Perkins School of Theology urged the board to “reconsider and to rescind SMU’s pursuit of the presidential library.” An excerpt:

We count ourselves among those who would regret to see SMU enshrine attitudes and actions widely deemed as ethically egregious : degradation of habeas corpus, outright denial of global warming, flagrant disregard for international treaties, alienation of long-term U.S. allies, environmental predation, shameful disrespect for gay persons and their rights, a pre-emptive war based on false and misleading premises + a host of other erosions of respect for the global human community and for this good Earth on which our flourishing depends. … [T]hese violations are antithetical to the teaching, scholarship + ethical thinking that best represents Southern Methodist University

The Washington Post report is a reprint of a story written for McClatchy Newspapers. The full McClatchy story briefly mentions the protests, but that portion was edited out of the version printed in the Washington Post.
22.Dec.2006 Cheney gets a raise. - Admin -

“President Bush signed an executive order Thursday to raise the pay of federal workers, members of Congress + Vice President Dick Cheney in the new year.”

(The federal minimum wage — $5.15 an hour — hasn’t been raised since 1996.)

UPDATE: “Congress opted to put off its pay increases until Feb. 16, not Jan. 1, on the urging of the incoming Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. They say no pay raise should kick in until Congress approves an increase in the federal minimum wage.”
22.Dec.2006 Former Bush Official: CIA Censored Op-Ed Because It Was Forced To ‘Bow To The White House’ - Amanda -

Middle East analyst Flynt Leverett, who served under President Bush on the National Security Council and is now a fellow at the New America Foundation, revealed last week that the White House has been blocking the publication of an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times. The column is critical of the administration’s refusal to engage Iran.

Leverett’s op-ed had been cleared by the CIA, where he had been a senior analyst. Today in an op-ed for the New York Times, Levrett explains more:

[The] Op-Ed article we wrote for The Times, [was] blacked out by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Publication Review Board after the White House intervened in the normal prepublication review process and demanded substantial deletions. Agency officials told us that they had concluded on their own that the original draft included no classified material, but that they had to bow to the White House.

The redacted version of Leverett’s original op-ed is here (and pictured above). He has provided his original citations “to demonstrate that all of the material the White House objected to is already in the public domain.” All of the citations Leverett provides are available online from newspapers, think tanks + government websites.

Last week at the Center for American Progress, Leverett noted that this incident “just how low people like Elliot Abrams at the NSC [National Security Council] will stoop to try and limit the dissemination of arguments critical of the administration’s policy.” (Hear his remarks here.)
22.Dec.2006 December 22, 2006 - Think Progress -

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson said yesterday that “our society would benefit” from reinstating the draft to make the military more equal. “He later issued a statement saying his comments had been misconstrued and that he does not support bringing back the draft.”

The IRS has “ cut deeply the time that it spends auditing the nation’s largest corporations .” New data shows the IRS “had reduced the time spent on each audit by 21 percent in the last five years, to 958 hours from 1,210 hours. At the same time, the number of actual audits, which had increased in the last two years, has fallen back to the level of 2002.”

“Four days before Christmas, President Bush granted pardons to 16 people , including a man convicted of dealing methamphetamine and another who, along with his family, donated to the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign.”

Three U.S. servicement died in Iraq yesterday, “putting Dec.2006 on track to be among the deadliest months of the year .”

The death toll of 2,959 “is now just 14 shy of the commonly accepted total of deaths in the U.S.” on 9/11.

“At the current rate this month, the 9/11 figure could be eclipsed just before or on Christmas Day.”

“The United States offers some of the most lucrative incentives in the world to companies that drill for oil in publicly owned coastal waters,” but a newly released study — which the Interior Department held back for more than a year — shows the billions in incentives “cause only a tiny increase in production.”

“A federal grand jury has subpoenaed congressional records from Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) as part of an escalating Justice Department corruption probe aimed at determining whether Weldon used his influence to win favors for family members.”

“The Bush administration is increasingly at odds with some Republicans over its efforts to make journalists reveal confidential sources .” The tension will come to a head

in 2007, when Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) “plan to reintroduce legislation limiting the government’s power to force journalists to disclose confidential sources.”

“The United States offers some of the most lucrative incentives in the world to companies that drill for oil in publicly owned coastal waters, but a newly released study” — which the Interior Department held back for more than a year — “suggests that the government is getting very little for its money.”

The Washington Post writes a scathing editorial about Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA): “Bigotry comes in various guises — some coded, some closeted, some colossally stupid. The bigotry displayed recently” by Goode , “a Republican who represents a patch of south-central Virginia, falls squarely in the third category.”

And finally: Has the Senate laid down their arms in the War on Christmas? The Washington Examiner conducted a survey of Senate offices + “found that a measly 30 out of 100 have Christmas trees. And of those, only half are the authentic, organic, needle-shedding variety. Forty-six offices had none + 24 could not be reached or did not answer.”
23.Dec.2006 Holocaust Memorial Passes Resolution Condemning Prager’s Remarks - Nico -

Right-wing talk show host Dennis Prager raised a firestorm charging that Muslim Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-MN) must swear in using a Bible. He said that if Ellison swears in with a Koran, it would “undermin[e] American civilization” and be akin to swearing in with a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

In September, he was appointed by President Bush to a five-year term on the taxpayer-funded United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

Yesterday, the Executive Committee of the Holocaust Memorial Council adopted a resolution condemning Prager’s views as “antithetical to the mission of the Museum as an institution promoting tolerance.”


WHEREAS, the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, the governing body of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, is charged with implementing the mission of the Museum as a living memorial to the victims of the Holocaust devoted to teaching the lessons of the Holocaust for the benefit of all mankind; and

WHEREAS, Dennis Prager, a member of the Council, has recently publicly expressed and disseminated certain statements which have been widely interpreted as being intolerant;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, while recognizing that Dennis Prager has the right to express his personal views freely, disassociates itself from Mr. Prager’s statements as being antithetical to the mission of the Museum as an institution promoting tolerance and respect for all peoples regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations released a statement saying, “Now that the Holocaust Memorial Council has stated that Mr. Prager’s views are in direct opposition to the mission of that institution, we call on him to do the right thing and resign.Digg It!
23.Dec.2006 Mercedes-Kunde ballert wild mit MP um sich - sfux Harald Haack ?

KFZ-Werkstätten sind entweder verdammt gut oder grottenschlecht. Ein Übermaß an Arbeit, der daraus resultierende Leistungsdruck verbunden mit Zeitmangel und schlechtes Betriebsklima sorgen nicht selten dafür, dass Mechaniker fahrlässig Fehler machen. Doch Fehler zu machen, wird gerne als ?menschlich? entschuldigt. Dem Kunden ärgert?s aber trotzdem, vor allem dann, wenn eine...
NASA-Wissenschaftler: Der nächste Sonnenzyklus wird heftig - sfux -Science@NASA/Dr.Tony Phillips/Harald Haack -

Der Erde steht in wenigen Jahren einiges bevor. Neben weiteren Klimaveränderungen drohen Ausfälle von Satelliten, Funkverkehr, Radio und Fernsehen und einiges mehr wie auch GPS-Navigation und Handy-Telefonie. Laut der NASA verdichten sich die Hinweise: Der nächste Sonnenzyklus wird ein sehr starker werden.
Seit Galileos Zeiten zählen Astronomen die Sonnenflecken und sahen die Sonnenaktivität alle 11 Jahre...

Schweiz erneuert Bewilligung für US Regierungsflüge – sfux-Stephan Fuchs -

Obwohl die Bundesanwaltschaft bei Justizminister Christoph Blocher ein Gesuch einreichte um gerichtlich gegen die CIA vorzugehen, erteilte das Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt erneut die Überflug Bewilligung für amerikanische Regierungsflugzeuge. Kritisch: auch in jenen sitzen Kandidaten für die Folterbank.
Auch der amerikanische SPAR 92, ein Learjet der 76th Airlift Squadron, überquerte...

New drugs 'could halve treatment' A new generation of antibiotics could halve the time people need to take medication, scientists say.
23.Dec.2006 Flu 'could wipe out 62 million' A global flu pandemic in 2007 could kill more people than the 1918 outbreak, health experts warn.
23.Dec.2006 Alzheimer's treatment hope A possible treatment for Alzheimer's disease is developed by researchers at Cardiff University.
23.Dec.2006 UK farms superbug 'link' probed A superbug that has killed 60 people in recent years could be linked to meat from British farms, warn experts.
23.Dec.2006 Archbishop attacks Iraq strategy The Archbishop of Canterbury accuses the UK of placing Christians in the Middle East at risk through its Iraq policy.
23.Dec.2006 UN set to vote on Iran sanctions The Security Council is likely to vote on a resolution on sanctions against Iran over its nuclear activities.
23.Dec.2006 Bush to get key briefing on Iraq US Defence Secretary Robert Gates is to brief George Bush about Iraq, as the president ponders a policy shift.
Native Canadians win hunt case Canada's top court rules that a group of native Indians can hunt at night despite it being generally illegal.
23.Dec.2006 Space shuttle returns to Florida The space shuttle Discovery and its seven-member crew land safely at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
23.Dec.2006 Honorary knighthood for Bono U2 frontman Bono is awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen for his humanitarian work.
23.Dec.2006 Spain seeks Guatemala ex-rulers Spain calls for Guatemala to extradite seven former top officials on charges of genocide and torture.
23.Dec.2006 Georgia 'agrees Russia gas bill' Georgia agrees to pay twice as much for gas from Russia, ending a bitter dispute between the two.
23.Dec.2006 Russia and Ukraine forge new ties Russia's President Putin visits Ukraine amid signs of improving ties between the two countries.
23.Dec.2006 Palestinian aid plan is extended The quartet of Middle East mediators agree to continue providing aid to Palestinians, while bypassing Hamas.
23.Dec.2006 UK 'terror plot' suspect in court A British man held in connection with an alleged plot to blow up airliners appears in court in Pakistan.
23.Dec.2006 Hopes for end to fog travel chaos British Airways hopes to operate more flights after three days of fog caused chaos at Heathrow.
23.Dec.2006 Court halves Exxon spill damages A US court cuts the level of damages Exxon Mobil must pay out for a 1989 oil spill off Alaska to $2.5bn.
23.Dec.2006 Olive oil 'can cut cancer risk' Having plenty of olive oil could help protect against cell damage that can lead to cancer, experts say.
23.Dec.2006 US consumer spending posts rise US consumer spending records its biggest increase since July, figures from the Commerce Department show.
23.Dec.2006 Online crime goes 9 to 5 Blog: 2006 was a good year for bad people. The Washington Post is quoting Internet security experts who say this past year saw more...
23.Dec.2006 Judge Rules Shared Files Folder Not Enough - Zonk 25 -NewYorkCountryLawyer writes

"In UMG v. Lindor, Judge David G. Trager rejected Ms. Lindor's objection to a Magistrate's Report, in which Ms. Lindor complained that the Report could be read to imply that 'the mere presence of a shared files folder on an individual's computer would ... satisfy the requirements of 17 USC 106(3)', saying that the Report of Magistrate Robert M. Levy could not be so read, since '[t]he report and recommendation does not comment on whether or not the mere presence of a shared files folder satisfies 17 USC 106(3). Instead, it makes clear that plaintiffs will have the burden of proving actual sharing. [Report and Recommendation, at 5] ('At trial, plaintiffs will have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that defendant did indeed infringe plaintiff's copyrights by convincing the fact-finder, based on the evidence plaintiffs have gathered, that defendant actually shared sound files belonging to plaintiffs.') (emphasis added)'"
Judge Rules Against Deep-Linking of Content - Zonk 353 -
"A Texas judge has ruled that, if a copyright owner objects to the linking of content from another web site, that link must be taken down. This case, which may have some far-reaching implications, centered around a motorcross website. The site, run by a Robert Davis, provided links directly to live feeds of 'Supercross' events streaming from the SFX Motor Sports site. The company filed suit, claiming that the direct links were denying it advertising revenue. The article cites previous cases, where sites were prohibited by judges from linking to files which violated copyright law (such as DVD decryption software). From the article: 'But in those lawsuits, the file that was the target of the hyperlink actually violated copyright law. What's unusual in the SFX case is that a copyright holder is trying to prohibit a direct link to its own Web site. (There is no evidence that SFX tried technical countermeasures, such as referrer logging and blocking anyone coming from Davis' site.)'"

23.Dec.2006 -By Dan DeWalt
New England Towns Mobilize For Impeachment
Calls for impeachment are growing louder across the nation. Vermonters are organized statewide (and in Maine and New Hampshire) and are moving on impeachment from several directions at once. Find out what we're doing and what you might be able to do. It's not that difficult.

By Allen L Roland
00.000.2003 I was one among thousands if not millions of Americans ~ who marched in protest , wrote letters, sent emails in dissent of our illegal preemptive occupation of Iraq.

Little did I realize that a great river was beginning to flow. Now

00.000.2006 ~ I realize along with millions of Americans that I am in that swift river, trusting its destination and celebrating its great power ~ We are the ones we've been waiting for.

By Lora Chamberlain
Today On The American Activist- KSKQ has quite a line-up: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Judy Alter and Harvey Wasserman.

23.Dec.2006 By Todd Huffman, M.D. - Asleep And Dreaming
Our soldiers need to know that while their nation loses sleep worrying for them + wishing for their safe return home from their Mesopotamian nightmare, their commander-in-chief sleeps easily, more easily than they'd ever assume.

By Timothy V. Gatto - Trying To Make Sense Of This War And The Democrats
I don't understand why the Democrats think they can turn their backs on the people that gave them control of Congress and believe they'll get away with it.

By Gustav Wynn - Flip-Flop Versus Flim-Flam? Artillery For Hillary
All about Hillary Clinton's comfortable spot being mainstream while less overtly money-grubbing then the right. Alas, however, she is only responsive to public sentiment when it is carries no risk for her.

By Jodin Morey - Impeachment Good For Republicans And Democrats
A debate is raging as to whether the U.S. should impeach George W. Bush, but it's not a partisan debate. Democrats and Republicans fall on both sides of the issue. Members of both parties opposing impeachment seem to be worried that pursuing impeachment will hurt their chances in the 2008 presidential elections and beyond.

23.Dec.2006 By W. Christopher Epler (Bill) - Preaching To The Democratic Choir Is America's Salvation
Progressives are now internet communicating with each other in the millions + this communication is changing the American political chemistry.

23.Dec.2006 By Andrew Bard Schmookler -Evil And The Oval Office: A Spiritual, But Also Naturalistic, Perspective On The Bushite Regime
I don't believe in Satan, but I can see that evil acts in an opportunistic fashion. And what greater target could evil choose in the entire world than to occupy the highest place of power in the one nation whose might is unmatched on this earth?

By Michael Butler - It Is Time For A National Spotlight On The Media - No, it's long overdue!
23.Dec.2006 By Michael Richardson - Leading RFK Assassination Researcher Died With Unanswered Questions
The RFK assassination researcher who built the world's largest collection of documents on the crime died leaving many unaswered questions about RFK's murder.

23.Dec.2006 By Robert Raitz - Welcome To "The Jungle"
An analysis of the recent outbreaks of food-borne illness with regard to the shoddy work being done by the government to protect the food supply.

By Lydia Howell - Abu Ghraib At Home: Human Rights Day 2006
ALL human beings--whether soldiers, civillians or those accused of terrorism--are protected under international treaties from torture.

By Hilton Obenzinger - Meditations In A Time Of Delusions And Lies � 16: The Iraq Study Group: Shattering The Elite
The Baker-Hamilton report seems to have split the ruling elite, at least the Republicans, into two major camps: what many characterize as "realists" and "idealists." But both camps share the same mindframe: how can American imperial domination continue in the Middle East and the world. Bush's response will probably be for more war -- but there are alternatives.

23.Dec.2006 By Scott Shuster - Once Again Bush Gets It Wrong. Who'd O' Thunk?
After 3 1/2 years of this foreign policy debacle, after the 2006 mid-term elections + after so many credible sources saying we need to be extricating ourselves from Iraq, George W. Bush is actually thinking about sending in MORE troops. What an idiot!

By Faisal Kutty - The Universal Lessons Of Hajj
Millions of pilgrims from all over the world will be converging on Mecca in the coming days in hopes it will bring about a deep spiritual transformation.

By Curt Day - Who Is Winning The War On Terror?
Will we win the War on Terror by forcing Western Authoritarianism over Islamic Jihad Authoritarianism?

By Georgianne Nienaber - International Primate Protection League Provides Emergency Support For Displaced Conservation "Guardian Rangers" An elite conservation ranger force -- a first line of defense for the mountain gorilla -- became caught in the middle of clashes between the Dissident General Laurant Nkunda and the Congolese military near Jomba, DRC. The rangers and their families received immediate relief from the International Primate Protection League

By Lawrence R. Velvel -

00.000.1898 Redux

By Russ Wellen - Surf-veying The Progressive Web
In solidarity with our sister sites. By Erica Rosenberg
Neurofeedback Tunes The Brain For Better Singing And Performing

By John Pagoda - Freedom - By Accident Or Design
If you don't stand up in defense of individual liberty, you become the enemy of individual freedom.

23.Dec.2006 By Heather Wokusch - How Breaches In The US Nuclear-Weapons Program Endanger You
Last week, the watchdog Project on Government Oversight reported that workers at Pantex, a Texan nuclear-weapons plant, had almost accidentally detonated a W56 warhead in the spring of 2005. A W56 has 100 times the Hiroshima bomb's yield. Unfortunately, the sloppiness and lack of oversight demonstrated at Pantex characterize the running of many US nuclear-weapons facilities.

23.Dec.2006 When secrecy gets out of control - BG -
23.Dec.2006 Raytheon Sells Business-Jet Division - New York Times - BG -
23.Dec.2006 CLIPS: Carlson likes "a tiny bit of BS" from the president - BG -On the

20.Dec.2006 edition of MSNBC's Tucker, host Tucker Carlson said "I like a tiny bit of BS" from the president on the Iraq war even though "I know nobody agrees with me."

Carlson also claimed that President Bush has a "kind of Teddy Rooseveltian way" because Bush claims that he is "the guy who knows the deep truth + the deep truth is victory" + suggests that people should not "believe what your eyes tell you."

As Media Matters for America noted, on

23.Oct.2006 in discussing the Pentagon's initial cover-up of the cause of the death of former pro football player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman, Carlson said that "[t]elling the truth actually is difficult.

Look, let me speak on behalf of anyone who has ever told a lie. Telling the truth... Source:
23.Dec.2006 Congress vs. Big Pharma: Let the Games Begin - BG -
23.Dec.2006 Sell-Out Democrats Have Walked into a Bush Trap on Iraq - BG -
20.Dec.2006 Do America + Israel Want ME Engulfed by Civil War? - Signs of the Times - BG -
23.Dec.2006 JFK + 9/11 - BG -
23.Dec.2006 Webb on Bush/Chatham House - BG -
I'm keeping the above-the-fold very short so you won't miss the new "Military Intel: Telling It Like It Is," just below, from a Marine intel officer in Iraq, but I just had to share these two news items today -- Jim Webb on Bush + veterans legislation he's pushing + Sidney Blumenthal's latest, "Behind Bush's "new way forward'," in Salon: Excerpts rom "Webb slams Bush's actions in Iraq war," Daily Press, Hampton Roads, Virginia: Webb slams Bush's actions in Iraq war The senator-elect confirms an icy incident with president but maintains he's willing to work with him.

WASHINGTON -- Virginia Sen.-elect Jim Webb said President Bush is a "failed president" who should use his last two years in office to repair America's image abroad by ending the Iraq war through intensive dipl...
23.Dec.2006 The Highwaymen - BG -Why you could soon be paying Wall Street investors, Australian bankers + Spanish builders for the privilege of driving on American roads.
23.Dec.2006 The other Israel lobby | Salon - BG -A new alliance, including financier George Soros and former Bill Clinton advisor Jeremy Ben-Ami, aims to take on the powerful lobbyist group AIPAC -- and reshape U.S. policy.

23.Dec.2006 Only the Jailers Are Safe - New York Times - BG -
23.Dec.2006 Michael Moore Lawsuit Dropped - BG -
21.Dec.2006 10:54 AM Subject: Latest: How Breaches in the US Nuclear-Weapons Program Endanger You
23.Dec.2006 Most recently, officials at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) admitted in October 2006 that the facility does not meet government security standards. ORNL, which the Project on Government Oversight calls "the most poorly protected site in the U.S. nuclear weapons complex," stores enough highly enriched uranium for 14,000 nuclear warheads, yet the Bush administration has denied funding to upgrade its security. Not much stopping terrorists from entering the place, stealing highly enriched uranium and within minutes, constructing an improvised nuclear device with a yield similar to that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.
The Bush administration's profligate spending on nuclear-weapons is largely to blame for the ongoing scandals, having created a wild-west mentality of companies trying to cash in on Armageddon. Even worse, the outlay is unbalanced. The Department of Energy's budget for FY 2006 requested over $6.6 billion for nuclear "Weapons activities," for example, yet cut funds for "Nuclear waste disposal" by over 12%. The administration's FY 2007 budget request for nuclear "Weapons activities" was $6.4 billion, but only $107 million (a fraction of one percent) was slated to go towards expanded efforts to secure and/or remove "at risk nuclear or radioactive material worldwide."
Let's hope that it doesn't take some tragic accident or terrorist incident to alert the US public to the dangers of its own nuclear-weapons programs. The atomic bomb is ticking...
Action Ideas:
1. Curious where the world's (known) nuclear weapons are located? Check out Greenpeace's "Zoom on Doom: Easy-to-find nuclear weapons map" at
2. Just in time for the 110th Congress, visit the Physicians for Social Responsibility action page on Congressional legislation ( and the Council for a Livable World, ( which provides financial and other support to arms-control-friendly congressional candidates.
A linked version of each article is available at

23.Dec.2006 Police found classified nuclear-weapons data in a drug bust.
00.Jun.2006 the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) revealed its database had been hacked and the personal records of at least 1,500 employees + contractors stolen.

The NNSA amazingly took over seven months to report the theft to the Energy Department.
Classified information leaks are not the only kind of security violation threatening US nuclear-weapons facilities.

The Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Tennessee, for instance, made headlines

00.Mar.2004 when it reported missing 200 keys to protected areas.

This discovery followed reports of missing master keys in both the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico + the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Then

00.000.2004 -in early- news surfaced that security personnel guarding the nation's nuclear stockpiles, including tons of enriched uranium at Y-12, had been cheating on their antiterrorism drills.

An Energy Department investigation discovered that contract security guards at the Y-12 plant had been given access to computer models of antiterrorism drill strikes in advance, thus rendering the tests useless.

Amazingly, a representative from the longtime government contractor charged with securing the facility, Wackenhut, still had the audacity to claim that security at Y-12 was "better than it's ever been."

Few were convinced.
00.Sep.2006 Wackenhut was back in the news, when a Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) study revealed serious security breaches at a nuclear power plant near Houston, Texas.

The UCS report detailed that "vehicles enter protected areas of the reactor unsearched, surveillance cameras don't work + the cleaning staff has easy access to firearms."

Yet guards faced retaliation when they tried to alert their supervisors to the problems.
Scarborough Sees The Light—Barnicle: “Bush is delusional” - BG -
Scarborough has made a definite turn-around on Bush over the past year, but it hasn't been as evident as it was on Wednesday's Scarborough Country. Joe appears to be totally fed up with the non-stop spin and ignorance coming from the White House and Bush's press conference apparently put the final nail in that coffin. While discussing Bush's possible plan of increasing troop levels, regardless of what the generals say, Scarborough even mentioned how there would be impeachment talk if Clinton was President and saying he would ignore our top military commanders. Video - WMV Video - QT Mike Barnicle was also on fire during this segment. He feels that Bush is delusional and going to place more lives in danger. I must say that I also feel the same way. ...   Source:

23.Dec.2006 Europe on High Terror Alert - BG -
23.Dec.2006 Blair Warns Iran of Military Action - BG -
23.Dec.2006 ... blocked the confirmation of a woman to the federal bench because she attended a same-sex commitment ceremony ... - BG -
Senator Removes His Block on Federal Court Nominee - New York Times

23.Dec.2006 Alex Jones Watch #2: John Connor - BG -
20.Dec.2006 -On the broadcast of- Alex discussed John Connor and Danny Bonaduce.
Alex, in this blogger's evaluation, gives credit to John Conner without recognizing the deleterious effects of Conner's work. Furthermore, Jones mischaracterizes Bonaduce as a Bush lover.

23.Dec.2006 Stewart Dismantles Kristol - BG -
Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol stopped by "The Daily Show" for a friendly chat about all of Bush's wonderful achievements in Iraq and the war on terror. Whoops! Stewart took Kristol apart, swatting down one exhausted talking point after another as it flew across the desk. READ THE WHOLE ITEM ... Source:

21.Dec.2006 Who's Tough on Tehran? Iranian voters are, but not the U.N. Security Council.
Welcome, Wal-Mart Comrades Wal-Mart's embrace of union and Communist Party.
Dec 21 2006
Hedge Fund Secrets A new challenge to SEC disclosure efforts.
Dec 21 2006 Commentary
The Pump-and-Dump Economy IPOs go AWOL. -By MICHAEL S. MALONE
Dec 21 2006
Embrace the Deficit The trade deficit and capital inflow reflect growth, not weakness. - By DAVID MALPASS
Dec 21 2006 Cross Country
Mother Mosque "We're Americans with dreams and aspirations." By MICHAEL JUDGE
21.Dec.2006 today's papers
Looking Back - By Daniel Politi -Posted Thursday, at 5:13 AM ET

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times lead, while the Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox, with President Bush's end-of-year news conference, where he called 2006 a "difficult year," gave a harsh assessment of the situation in Iraq + insisted he is still considering several options on how to proceed.

The New York Times leads with another story in its energy series that looks at how a United Nations-backed program to limit global warming is inefficient + enriches a select few.

USA Today leads with the heavy snowstorm that hit Colorado and has delayed thousands in the middle of a record-breaking travel season.

Denver International Airport closed down + more than 1,000 flights were canceled through Thursday.

Some highways and roads were also closed. The airport set up cots as they predict some could be stuck for several days. To continue reading, click here.
23.Dec.2006 Middle East Crude Oil News - Energy Industry Today ... unrest in the Middle East + threats to production in the Niger -Delta.

Deuss had a deal with a Middle East supplier where he could exchange the .
Togo Maritime Niger Inc·Nigeria Energy·Political Africa ... Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks. -, Two Anglican parishes lead anti-gay split from US ...

23.Dec.2006 Archives NIGER. Un troisième bloc pour la Sonatrach

Une enquête éclabousse Deuss.

La First Curacao International Bank (FCIB), basée aux Antilles néerlandaises et ...
Offshore Granada Oil prices slip to about $62 a barrel amid violence in Niger. -

,A tycoon's death reveals insider deals at Lukoil. -, Mazur: John Deuss ' Editors On Record ...
West Africa Energy_old1 Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks ...

00.Nov.2002 Niger's Mining and Energy Minister stated that a consortium consisting of ExxonMobil ...
An online copy can be found here
Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?—Simple Analysis Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE By Zdenek P. Bazant, Fellow ASCE + Yong Zhou
23.Dec.2006 Platts Oilgram News - The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. - Browse Page Oil major sends personnel, equipment to damaged fields in Niger Delta ... New York—With owner John Deuss in a Dutch hoosegow, would-be buyers are said to be ...
23.Dec.2006 Archives Maurel & Prom in Tie with Deuss .

Gradually withdrawing from Africa over the past ... MOROCCO, MOZAMBIQUE, NAMIBIA, NIGER, NIGERIA, NORTH AFRICA, PUNTLAND
Archives NIGER . A Third Block for Sonatrach. [ 66 words ] [ $1,5 ] Read ... Inquiry Targets Deuss . The First Curacao International Bank (FCIB) based in the Dutch ...
23.Dec.2006 Africa Marine Niger Inc. Offshore Namibia. Senegal FM. Somalia Inc. South Africa Ener. Tanzania Today. Tunisia Inc ... Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks.
23.Dec.2006 South Africa Olympics News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News Ted Shackley to John Deuss ?] But the South Africa network was organized long before Deuss knew ... South Africa Niger News · South Africa Nigeria News ...
Platts Oilgram News - The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. - Browse Page New York—With owner John Deuss in a Dutch hoosegow, would-be buyers are said ...

Nupeng, Pengassan convene as Niger Delta insecurity reaches boiling point ...
Inside the Situation Room

22.Dec.2006 4:00 AM PDT

"The presidential decision center under the West Wing had been a low-tech dungeon.

Now it's entering the modern era."; Digg this

The president can't always be in the Situation Room when crises erupt.

11.Sep.2001 -When terrorists struck the U.S.- Bush first gathered information on the attacks from an elementary school in Sarasota, Fla., where he'd been speaking to schoolchildren. Credit: White House photo by Eric Draper
Can you honestly explain this by the "stuctural inequities inherent in capitalism" and "the vagaries of coincidence and mistake"?
Thousands of Americans died on 9/11 + thousands more Americans + hundreds of thousands of human beings have been killed + maimed because of the post-9/11 "War on Terror," which is not over yet.

These crimes are ongoing + the perpetrators are still at large.
I question whether your "disillusionment" theory is applicable at all to questions about 9/11. Sure, it may be true that Iraq, Katrina + scandals like Enron and Abramahof have made the American people more open to consider the criminality and indifference to human life of the current regime. If the American people knew more about the EPA's lies about the safety of New York's air post-9/11 + the emerging damage to rescuers' health that has resulted, they might be even more dis-illusioned.
On the other hand, it could be that rational suspicion about 9/11 is independently contributing to the anger that shows up in Scripps polls. Citizens' belated realization they are being lied to + their growing willingness to question these lies. may be due to the wearing off of the trauma of 9/11 and the lifting of its chilling effect on free speech and free thought. As a doctor of philosophy you must know that correlation is not causation.
You suggest that there is no rational basis for belief in government complicity in 9/11 + that these beliefs are driven only by "disillusionment." I say that removal of illusions has allowed a more rational and objective view of the government's statements and actions.

23.Dec.2006 Middle East Heating Oil News - Energy Industry Today Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks 18 Dec 2006 03:30 GMT ... Deuss had a deal with a Middle East supplier where he could exchange the . ...
23.Dec.2006 Oman Russia News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News ... Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Myanmar, Niger , Oman, Pakistan, ... Deuss had less influence and connections in Russia than Marc Rich. ...
23.Dec.2006 This is not a "collapse" - BG -
I do not care how many structural engineers are to coward to tell the truth. "There comes a time when silence is betrayal." - Martin Luther King, Jr. If you are a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, you are responsible for this.... Source:

23.Dec.2006 My Way News - Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents - BG -
President Clinton's national security adviser removed classified documents from the National Archives, hid them under a construction trailer and later tried to find the trash collector to retrieve them, the agency's internal watchdog said Wednesday.

23.Dec.2006 9/11 Truther Next British Prime Minister? - Paul Joseph Watson -Meacher set to announce he's running in Labour leadership race; could anti-war rebel really stand a chance?
Neocon Lapdogs: "Round Up Traitors And Put Them In Camps" - Paul Joseph Watson -Congress preserves + improves internment camps + neocon critics call for them to be used to ...
23.Dec.2006 32. - Amanda - Number of journalists who died in Iraq in 2006, “the deadliest year for the press in a single country that the Committee to Protect Journalists has ever recorded.”
23.Dec.2006 Goode On Whether There Are ‘Too Many Middle Easterners’ In U.S.: ‘I’m Not Gonna Say Yes Or No’ - Nico -

Anti-Muslim Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) appeared on Fox News this afternoon to talk about his “fear” that “we will have many more Muslims in the United States.” Host David Asman twice asked Goode to say whether he believes “there are too many Middle Easterners here now.”

After trying to dodge the question once, Goode answered, after a long pause, “Uh, I’m not gonna say yes or no on that. I’d like to know the exact number. I don’t have the exact numbers.” Watch it:

Later, Goode said he did not believe Muslim Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-MN) should be prohibited from bringing a Koran to Congress “but I am for restricting immigration so that we don’t have a majority of Muslims elected to the United States House of Representatives.” Full transcript:

ASMAN: What is the Virgil Goode position?

GOODE: David, I believe we need to totally stop illegal immigration, reduce legal immigration + do away with visas.

ASMAN: Describe what diversity visas are.

GOODE: The diversity visa program was one that was instituted about a decade ago to increase the number of visas and immigrants from persons not from the European countries + the diversity visa program lets in about 50,000 persons per year. They are from different countries, a number from the Middle East. There are also some terrorist states that are included in the diversity visa programs, as defined by the Department of State.

ASMAN: But Congressman, you do single out people from the Middle East. You say, President Clinton has allowed too many people from the Middle East to come to this country.” So you do believe there are too many Middle Easterners here now?

GOODE: No — I, I said there — in the diversity visa program needs to be ended. It shouldn’t have been adopted to begin with, in my opinion.

ASMAN: But do you think there are too many Middle Easterners in the United States right now?

GOODE: Uh, I’m not gonna say yes or no on that. I’d like to know the exact number. I don’t have the exact numbers. I know, in the diversity visa program, a number do come from the Middle East, roughly in the neighborhood of 10 to 20 percent + that’s 50,000 per year total in the program.
Only Social Conservatives Featured On Meet the Press Special ‘Faith In America’ - Nico -

This weekend, NBC will air a special edition of Meet the Press addressing “Faith in America.” The only two guests scheduled are evangelist Rick Warren, author of “Purpose Driven Life,” and Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, author of “American Gospel.” NBC says the two will discuss the questions, “Can religion unite the country for the greater good and what role will God and values play in the 2008 presidential election?”

Though Rick Warren recently invited progressive Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to speak to his California megachurch, Warren’s position on cultural issues skews far-right:

Warren is entirely orthodox when it comes to the culture wars: Like other evangelicals, he opposes abortion, gay marriage, stem-cell research, human cloning + euthanasia. What’s more, on the eve of last year’s Presidential election, he wrote that those five moral issues are “nonnegotiable” and “not even debatable.” Leaving no doubt about his political leanings — Bush allied himself with evangelicals on all those issues — Warren urged pastors to “encourage every Christian you know to vote” and “pray for godly leaders to be elected.”

As MediaMatters has documented, Meacham has also espoused conservative views on a wide range of issues. Some notable points:

– During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor earlier this year, Meacham stated he believed in “the secular battle against Christmas, against Easter,” calling it “one field” on which the purported struggle between the secular “left” and “the Christian Right” occurs.

– Meacham did not dispute O’Reilly’s claim about “the ACLU jihad…against Judeo-Christian tradition in this country.” Meacham said the country’s founders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would have opposed the ACLU’s efforts because “what they wanted was religion in the country.” [Link]

Polls have shown the moral concerns of the American people do not mirror those of the religious right. Asked to name the most serious moral crisis in America today, 22 percent said “corruption in government/business” and 17 percent said “greed and materialism” or “people too focused on themselves”; only 3 percent cited “abortion and homosexuality.”

The progressive faith community is not hard to find. Meet the Press should include their views. Digg It!
23.Dec.2006 Lieberman Officially Endores Escalation in Iraq - Payson -

Last month, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said he was “open” to increasing troop levels in Iraq + a few weeks ago he wondered why Donald Rumsfeld had not included the possibility of escalation in his outgoing memo. Today, Lieberman voiced his strong support for pouring tens of thousands more U.S. troops into Iraq:

President Bush may not be certain he wants more troops in Iraq, but Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is.

“After speaking with our military commanders on the ground,” he said Wednesday in an e-mail, “I strongly believe that additional U.S. troops must be deployed to Baghdad.”

In the American Prospect yesterday, Larry Korb and Max Bergmann from the Center for American Progress explained why “sinking U.S. forces deeper into Iraq based on a gamble we are sure to lose” is such a bad idea:

- “Ground forces have already been stretched to the breaking point. … Adding 50,000 troops would only exacerbate the situation.”

- “Our increased presence would result in an even greater level of violence, further fueling the insurgency and strengthening the militias.”

- “Additionally, this operation would severely undercut the Maliki government. Sending additional troops would be the equivalent of a no-confidence vote in that government and the Iraqi security forces + could lead to the government’s collapse.”

The “least bad option” available to Bush is the strategic redeployment of our troops out of Iraq to countries like Afghanistan. “This, combined with regional diplomatic initiatives and an Iraqi peace conference,” they write, “could help stabilize Iraq and the region. More troops will not.”
23.Dec.2006 National Review Pundit: Death of Turkmen Dictator Gives The U.S. More ‘Options’ To Strike Iran - Judd -

Today, Saparmurat Niyazov, the dictator of Turkmenistan, died of heart disease. He was one of the most brutal and quixotic heads of state in the world:

Mr. Niyzazov forbade independent news media and opposition parties, jailed rivals or drove them to exile + imposed his name, words and image on all manner of public discourse and life. His face appears on Turkmen currency. His name, given to streets and buildings, is in such abundant local use that it replaced the word January on the official Turkmen calendar.

His pronouncements, many of them disconnected from the normal affairs of state, were sometimes strange enough to assume an irreverent life on the Internet. He banned video games, gold teeth, opera and ballet + once encouraged his people to chew on bones — good, he said, for their teeth.

For the National Review General blogger Mario Loyola, Niyazov’s death means a military strike on Iran is an even better idea:

It is possible that the incoming leadership (whenever it does finally settle down) will prove eagerly pro-American, going so far as to permit a U.S. base in the country. This would close the ring around Iran + dramatically increase the tactical options (e.g., helicopter missions) for any future U.S. operations in the vicinity of Tehran, which is close to the Turkmeni border + which includes several major nuclear installations.

According to a bi-partisan group of military experts — it doesn’t matter what direction you come from — there are no good military options in Iran.
23.Dec.2006 Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC): - Nico -

“Stability in Iraq ultimately depends on spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men. Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the Savior.” (Via Atrios)
23.Dec.2006 U.S. Military Officials: Bush Trying To Bribe Us To Support Iraq Escalation - Amanda -

Last night on NBC Nightly News, Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski said that many military officials are “suspicious” of President Bush’s announcement that he plans to increase the size of the armed forces.

They believe that “he’s dangling that offer out there in an effort to buy the military support for the option to surge additional American troops into Iraq as if it’s some kind of tradeoff.”

Miklaszewski added that military leaders are also still opposed to an increase in U.S. troops in Iraq, believing it would “be like throwing kerosene on a fire.” Watch it:

In the 2004 campaign, Bush repeatedly attacked Sen. John Kerry’s (D-MA) proposal to expand the Army by 40,000 troops. As recently as six months ago, a “Statement of Administration Policy” stated that the administration “opposes increases in minimum active Army and Marine Corps end strengths.” Bush’s plan to send 15,000 to 30,000 more U.S. troops to Iraq has been unanimously opposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as by Gen. John Abizaid, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East.

Bush_Trying_To_Bribe_Us_To_Support_Iraq_Escalation">Digg It! Transcript:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The President’s decision to push for this expansion of the US military has caught a few people at the Pentagon by surprise. We turn to our Pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski. And Jim, a lot of the generals have been asking for this for a long time, as recently as last week on Capitol Hill.

JIM MIKLASZEWSKI: That’s exactly right, Brian. But some military officials are highly suspicious of the President’s sudden turnaround on the issue. They believe that he’s dangling that offer out there in an effort to buy the military support for the option to surge additional American troops into Iraq as if it’s some kind of tradeoff. You throw in 30,000 more American troops into Baghdad now in exchange for an overall larger force four to five years down the road.

But many military leaders that we’re talking to still oppose a surge. They still believe it won’t work and will put more Americans at risk. As one senior military official put it today, it’ll be like throwing kerosene on a fire.
Woman who posed as liberal commenter - Amanda - on sites like — and then lied about it — has been hired as communications director by John McCain’s presidential campaign.
23.Dec.2006 The Military and the Death Penalty - sfux Marie Tessier -

It?s been 45 years since the U.S. military put one of its own to death. What?s the likely penalty for the defendants in the rape, torture and murder of 14-year-old Abeer Al-Janabi and her family in Iraq?
Marie Tessier, an expert on violence against women,...

Spymasters gather in New Zealand - sfux -Wellington/dpa -

The world's top spy chiefs - including the heads of the CIA and British, Australian and Canadian agencies - have been meeting in secret in New Zealand.
The elite Anglo-Saxon group is known as Echelon. It intercepts and records telephone calls, e-mails and other forms...

Europe's 'biggest dinosaur' found - Scientists issue a detailed description of what appears to have been Europe's biggest dinosaur.
23.Dec.2006 The Green Room The best Christmas present? Serious political action to help those struggling to adapt to climate change.
23.Dec.2006 Iraq tribes 'taking on al-Qaeda' A group of Sunni tribal chiefs in Iraq say they have caught more than 100 al-Qaeda members in recent months.
23.Dec.2006 Christmas travel chaos continues Air passengers endure a third day of misery because of fog, but the weather is forecast to improve on Saturday.
23.Dec.2006 India and China in warming study India and China agree to send an expedition to the Himalayas to study the impact of global warming.
23.Dec.2006 Former Peru president charged A Peruvian judge charges former President Alejandro Toledo with document forgery at the 2000 elections.
23.Dec.2006 US plans broadband safety network US politicians have proposed a wireless communications network for use at times of emergency.
23.Dec.2006 Gaza's residents rally for peace Crowds gather in Gaza, urging political rivals Hamas and Fatah to urge the resumption of talks on a unity cabinet.
23.Dec.2006 Maths solution tops science class A solution to one of the most difficult problems in mathematics was the most important advance of 2006, according to the prestigious journal Science.
23.Dec.2006 Eye in the sky for wildfire risks Satellites could be used to help predict in advance where wildfires are likely to break out, a study reports.
23.Dec.2006 Ethanol Is Central to Farm Bill Congress hands out subsidies like chicken feed and will again debate farm aid. But cuts in ethanol and farm spending should be matched with removing incentives that keep oil prices artficially low. In Autopia.
23.Dec.2006 No Decision in Media, AT&T Clash
AT&T and lawyers for media groups including Wired News spar in a San Francisco courtroom over whether whistle-blower documents in the NSA spy case should be made public. While there is no immediate ruling, observers see the government and AT&T lawyers finishing each other's sentences. In 27B Stroke 6.

23.Dec.2006 DHS: Profiling Stopped Car Bomber
The United States claims a controversial screening program that assigns lifelong terrorism risk scores to international fliers kept a Jordanian man out of the country, 18 months before he exploded a car bomb in Iraq. In 27B Stroke 6.

23.Dec.2006 The World's Largest Wind Farm -A vast array of turbines in the waters near London could power a quarter of the city's homes. In Gear Factor.
23.Dec.2006 Feds: Homeland Security project didn't protect privacy -A now-defunct Transportation Security Agency project to create dossiers on American air travelers misled the public about privacy, report says.
23.Dec.2006 Politics and censorship in America -Blog: The New York Times ran an Op-Ed piece today about U.S. relations via-a-vis Iran. Or rather the gray lady ran most of the article....
23.Dec.2006 Bad news from the bears -Blog: European bears have bad news for us. They don't hibernate any more. Scientists in Spain report bears are now staying awake all...
23.Dec.2006 Virginia is for longer data retention -Task force led by commonwealth's attorney general says ISPs should aid police by keeping e-mails, customer information.
23.Dec.2006 Year in review: Privacy and surveillance
00.000.2006 some politicians wanted to push for more privacy and others wanted more surveillance. Neither side won.

23.Dec.2006 Virtual world may revive outlawed experiments Psychologists consider using virtual environments to run experiments that wouldn't be practical or ethical in real world.
23.Dec.2006 IBM slows down light signals in chips What's the best way for light to travel from point A to point B? The long way, says Big Blue.
Image: Optical signals delayed

23.Dec.2006 Neuroscience, Psychology Eroding Idea of Free Will - Zonk 655 - pragueexpat writes

"Do we have free will? Possibly not, according to an article in the new issue of the Economist. Entitled 'Free to choose?', the piece examines new discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and psychology that may be forcing us to re-examine the concept of free will. The specifically cite a man with paedophilic tendencies who was cured when his brain tumor was removed. 'Who then was the child abuser?', they ask. The predictable conclusion of this train of thought, of course, leads us to efforts by Britain: 'At the moment, the criminal law--in the West, at least--is based on the idea that the criminal exercised a choice: no choice, no criminal. The British government, though, is seeking to change the law in order to lock up people with personality disorders that are thought to make them likely to commit crimes, before any crime is committed.'"
Republican Aide Tries to Hire Hackers - Noryungi (posted by Zonk) 349 - Noryungi writes

"It seems as though a Republican Communications Director contacted, trying to hire hackers to improve his educational records. I don't know what is his dumbest move: (a) contacting Attrition in the first place, (b) using a real name Yahoo email address or (c) speaking at length about what he needed? Kudos to the Attrition crew for posting the whole email dialogue online! A sample from the conversation: 'Jericho: First, let's be clear. You are soliciting me to break the law and hack into a computer across state lines. That is a federal offense and multiple felonies. Obviously I can't trust anyone and everyone that mails such a request, you might be an FBI agent, right? So, I need three things to make this happen: 1. A picture of a squirrel or pigeon on your campus. One close-up, one with background that shows buildings, a sign, or something to indicate you are standing on the campus. 2. The information I mentioned so I can find the records once I get into the database. 3. Some idea of what I get for all my trouble.'"
Science's Breakthrough of the Year - CmdrTaco 76 -johkir writes

"Last year, evolution was the breakthrough of the year; We found it full of new developments in understanding how new species originate. But we did get a complaint or two that perhaps we were just paying extra attention to the lively political/religious debate that was taking place over the issue, particularly in the United States. Perish the thought! Our readers can relax this year: Religion and politics are off the table + n-dimensional geometry is on instead. This year's Breakthrough salutes the work of a lone, publicity-shy Russian mathematician named Grigori Perelman, who was at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences until 2005. The work is very technical but has received unusual public attention because Perelman appears to have proven the Poincaré Conjecture (Our coverage from earlier this year), a problem in topology whose solution will earn a $1 million prize from the Clay Mathematics Institute. That's only if Perelman survives what's left of a 2-year gauntlet of critical attack required by the Clay rules, but most mathematicians think he will. There is also a page of runner-ups. Many of which have been covered here on Slashdot."
First Cellphone Use On Airplane Given OK - Zonk 178+ -s31523 writes

"With over 1 billion cell phone users worldwide + with so many business travelers, using the cell phone on the airplane has been a recent hot topic. Emirate airlines is announcing they will give the OK for cell phone use on their planes, making them the first airline to do so. The FCC and FAA still ban the use, but are working to determine safety implications, if any."
Robots Could Some Day Demand Legal Rights - Zonk 347+ -Karrde712 writes

"According to a study by the British government, as reported by the BBC, robots may some day improve to a level of intelligence where they might be able to demand rights, even 'robo-healthcare'." From the article: "The research was commissioned by the UK Office of Science and Innovation's Horizon Scanning Centre. The 246 summary papers, called the Sigma and Delta scans, were complied by futures researchers, Outsights-Ipsos Mori partnership and the US-based Institute for the Future (IFTF) ... The paper which addresses Robo-rights, titled Utopian dream or rise of the machines? examines the developments in artificial intelligence and how this may impact on law and politics." I'd better get started on my RoboAmerican studies degree.
BLAST Telescope About To Launch From Antarctica - kdawson 48+ -mtruch writes

"BLAST, the Balloon-borne Large Aperture Sub-millimeter Telescope, is about to be launched from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. BLAST is a 2700 kg telescope with a 2 meter primary mirror that hangs from a 1.1 million cubic meter balloon floating at an altitude of 38 km that will study the star formation history of the universe. It will float west at nearly constant latitude for about 14 days until it is (hopefully) located over McMurdo again and will be terminated and recovered. Real time position and flight track is available from the CSBF. Watch the launch live via a crappy webcam link. Three of the graduate students working on the project have photo blogs of much of the prep period + specifically Don's blog should have launch photos soon (bandwidth to/from McMurdo is at a premium). BLAST made it on Slashdot in the past, when it launched from Sweden in June 2005 + indirectly with an interview with Prof. Barth Netterfield and George Staikos. Yes, the flight computers still run Slack + yes, we still use kst for data viewing and analysis. There is a Discovery Science show about BLAST and high-altitude balloons + a future documentary film being made as well."
Taliban own the night and part of the day in Waziristan: Ambassador Mahmud Ali Durrani said in an interview published here on Thursday that it is too early to pass a judgment on the North Waziristan accord between his government and tribal elders.

US urged to take unilateral military action in Waziristan: “Action must be taken against Taliban and Al Qaeda forces in Pakistan before spring, when another major offensive against US and NATO forces can be expected unless the enemy bases and supply lines are disrupted,” the Washington Post wrote
23.Dec.2006 Iraq town has little faith in US trial of Marines: "This is a show trial just to show that the Americans are doing something to be fair with Iraqis but it's nothing more than that," he said.

Did an American fire on Iraqis for sport?: U.S. security contractors allege their supervisor was ‘out of control’
23.Dec.2006 CIA exercise reveals consequences of defeat: The CIA this month conducted a simulation of how the Iraq war affects the global jihadist movement.
Bush, Asleep In The Bunker -By David Corn
Here's the bad news: Bush is in a hole and he will keep on digging.

23.Dec.2006 "I'm Jealous of Cuba": An Interview with Gore Vidal-By Rosa Miriam Elizalde
"We cannot maintain both a Republic + an Empire simultaneously.

00.000.1846 -since the Mexican War- We have been rapacious imperialists " Continue

It's within this new judicial framework that the Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke is conducting his investigations +

the Paris court contemplates an eventual indictment of the present United States Vice President, Richard Cheney , in his capacity as former CEO of Halliburton.

The investigations concern 180 million dollars of commissions paid on the occasion of a gas complex bid in Nigeria.

The hypothesis of an eventual indictment of Dick Cheney is officially contemplated by French justice.

According to projections of the case, he could be charged with eventual complicity in supplying the means or the orders or the reception (of stolen goods), for the misappropriation of public property.

If such a prospect is not on the agenda, it is possible since the

08.Oct.2006 opening of the judicial inquiry for the bribery of foreign public officials + misappropriation of public property

targeting the American company Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) which is the principal subsidiary of Halliburton, over which

00.000.1995-00.000.2000 Richard Cheney presided as CEO - known for having obtained more than 2 billion dollars worth of Iraq reconstruction contracts from the American government +
23.Dec.2006 Nigeria Energy Mazur: John Deuss Oil Trader Max Bernegger Speaks ... Shell company in Nigeria's volatile southern Niger Delta region, industry sources said on Friday. ...

23.Dec.2006 | Shell zet record in Nigeria met nieuwe techniek

Josse Eelman: Toch jammer dat u geen fotootje van Deuss heeft en. ... opbrengst te halen uit olieputten in de Niger delta, de Expandable Hole | Nigeria van oilboom naar oildoom

Josse Eelman: Toch jammer dat u geen fotootje van Deuss heeft en. ... de olie die de rebellen van de Beweging voor de Emancipatie van de Niger Delta stelen, ...
23.Dec.2006 Scoop: Jason Leopold: Now It’s About The Niger Forgeries Jason Leopold: Now It’s About The Niger Forgeries ... Suzan Mazur: Max Bernegger Talks John Deuss - I remember Max Bernegger's disarming smile the day he ...
Scoop: Jason Leopold: Gonzales Withholding Plame Emails

Cheney said he was unaware that Wilson was chosen to travel to Niger to look ... Suzan Mazur: Max Bernegger Talks John Deuss - I remember Max Bernegger's ...

The research team, led by Tsunemi Kubodera, videotaped the giant squid at the surface as they captured it off the Ogasawara Islands south of Tokyo earlier this month. The squid, which measured about 24 feet long, died while it was being caught.

"We believe this is the first time anyone has successfully filmed a giant squid that was alive," said Kubodera, a researcher with Japan's National Science Museum. "Now that we know where to find them, we think we can be more successful at studying them in the future."

What seems to be happening is that the energy wars are heating up -- complete with private armies -- and things are slipping out of the control of mere national authorities. As violence replaces the rule of law as the norm in these areas, we can expect to see a lot of reshuffling, along with new techniques for maximizing profits while minimizing risks.

Posted by: Muriel Kane | December 22, 2006 at 01:06 PM

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23.Dec.2006 Unravel mystery of Star of Bethlehem  Astronomers love a good mystery. At this time of year there's no better one than the Star of Bethlehem. posted by Prof. Hex
23.Dec.2006 Robert Kennedy, also victim of a conspiracy?

New graphic evidence shows that the CIA + Italian-American + Cuban mafia groups that do Washington's dirty work are related not only to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but also to that of his brother Robert. posted by Prof. Hex
23.Dec.2006 # posted by Anonymous : 9:57 AM
00.000.0000 -Later- the Carter-produced Fox show 'The Lone Gunman' had an eerily prescient story line of a remote-controlled jumbo jet being directed straight into the WTC towers by elements in our intelligence community in an attempt to create a false flag synthetic terror event to drive geopolitical actions and create massive war profiteering opportunities.

Despite this new show's premier airing to a decent audience in the millions

00.000.2001 -in the spring of- it has been relegated to a memory hole, with absolutely no mainstream media that I've seen mentioning the bizarre coincidence that should have been fresh in the minds of many in America.
23.Dec.2006 Is Jeffrey Tesler connected to Abramoff's Shana & Mourene Tesler? # posted by mac2151
23.Dec.2006 More trouble for Dick Cheney?

Larisa Alexandrovna is following some high-level machinations in the oil business.

Along the way, she has discovered that Halliburton + French company Technip bribed officials pursuant to a Nigerian enterprise.

From a Truthout piece published three years ago:
It's within this new judicial framework that the Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke is conducting his investigations +

the Paris court contemplates an eventual indictment of the present United States Vice President, Richard Cheney,

in his capacity as former CEO of Halliburton.

The investigations concern 180 million dollars of commissions paid on the occasion of a gas complex bid in Nigeria.
Three years later, we still have no indictment.

Larisa asks:

What keeps coming back to mind when I read this is just what Joe Wilson may have uncovered in Niger that would make Cheney so eager to silence him?

Could these things be related?

Yes, Niger + Nigeria are two different countries, but a relationship between the two tales may nonetheless exist.

Larisa has more + she does not pretend to have tied the loose threads into a cohesive narrative. Permalink
23.Dec.2006 Report Says Patents Prevent New Drugs - samzenpus 318+ - "Current orthodoxy claims patents encourage innovation, by allowing developers to enjoy profitable monopolies on their inventions which in turn inspire them to create new inventions. A new report by the non-partisan General Accounting Office suggests that this orthodoxy is wrong — at least when drug companies are involved. According to the report, existing patent law allows drug companies to patent + make substantial profits off of, "new" drugs which differ little from existing medicines. Given high profit margins on very minor innovations, the report argues that drug companies have little incentive to produce innovative new drugs. In other words, current patent law actually discourages drug companies from producing new medicines. Responding to the report, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) released a strongly worded statement suggesting that a legislative response will be forthcoming. "The findings in this new GAO report," said Senator Durbin, "raise serious questions about the pharmaceutical industry claims that there is a connection between new drug development and the soaring price of drugs already on the market. Most troubling is the notion that pharmaceutical industry profits are coming at the expense of consumers in the form of higher prices and fewer new drugs.""
FCC Kills Build-out Requirements for Telecoms - samzenpus 256+ - Frankencelery writes

"In a 3-2 vote, the FCC has altered cable franchising laws in the U.S. to the advantage of AT&T and Verizon. 'The FCC order imposes a 90-day limit on local communities' franchising decisions, but, more importantly, does away with build-out requirements. Those requirements generally insist that companies offer service to all the residents in the town, rather than cherry-picking the profitable areas.' Good news for the telecoms, but bad for cities who want a say in the fiber deployments."
Two-headed Reptile Fossil Found in China - samzenpus 142+ - [TheBORG] writes

"A tiny skeleton from the Early Cretaceous shows an embryonic or newborn reptile with two heads and two necks, called axial bifurcation ('two-headedness') (a well-known developmental flaw among reptile species today such as turtles and snakes) was found in China by French and Chinese paleontologists recovered from the Yixian Formation, which is nearly 150 million years old."
Siemens Reaches 107 Gbps Data Transfer Record - samzenpus 136+ -prostoalex writes

"Reuters is reporting on Siemens engineers reaching 107 Gbps data transmission record over a fiberoptic cable + expects the technology to be on the market within a few years: "The test, 2.5 times faster than a previous maximum transmission performance per channel, was done in cooperation with Germany's Micram Microelectronic, the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications and Eindhoven Technical University of the Netherlands.""
Military Tech for Daily Life - samzenpus 184+ - PreacherTom writes

"It is nothing new to see technology from military and governmental endeavors change daily life profoundly. One only has to look at the fruits of the space program (from computers to microwave ovens to Tang). New military gear is on the horizon that promises to do the same, including biosensors, bandages that clot blood using soundwaves + the ubiquitous Swiss Army Pen."
"The Joint Chiefs of Staff +

practically every actively serving General strongly opposes George W. Bush's proposed Iraq "Surge" Plan, but you've probably not heard too much about the Generals' general discontent."

23.Dec.2006 Drink a Couple of Margaritas and Dance to "George W. Bush's Greatest Hits" (CD)
"Sorry America, there is no Santa Claus, at least not in the form of Robert Gates.

We may have thought the humble, open-minded outsider was going to blow in to sweep away the old. Instead he is shaping up to be flaccid yes man, one who can't even get his timing right." 12/23

23.Dec.2006 "North's behavior is indicative of the insensitivity and brazen opportunism of the GOP war hawks.

Call it hypocrisy, but make sure you also call it unmanly and revolting."

Oliver North is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
Brent Budowsky: The American People Did Not Vote To Escalate The War In Iraq: Write Congress Now. - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

23.Dec.2006 Bill Moyers: A Parable For Our Times 12/23
Five more soldiers killed in Iraq. Five more families dealing with deaths caused by Bush's war on Iraq. 12/23
The redacted Iran op-ed revealed 12/23

23.Dec.2006 Robert Scheer: Bush Can?t Kick the Habit; "What are they smoking in the Bush White House?" 12/23
23.Dec.2006 Index for Articles by Title

Spring 1960 . Anti-Soviet Operations of Kwantung Army Intelligence, 1940-1941 : Brown, Richard G. ... Operation Portrex : Sibert , Edwin L : Spring 1960 ...

Index for Articles By Author Communication to the Editors: On "The Alamo Scouts" : Spring 1960 . Fishel, Edwin C. ... Sibert , Edwin L. : Operation Portrex : Spring 1960 . Silver, Daniel B. ...

20060316 Index for Articles by Title Operation Portrex : Sibert , Edwin L : Spring 1960 . ... Articles By Author Sibert , Edwin L . : Operation Portrex : Spring 1960 . ... - 528 [INDONESIA-POLICY] Index of Declassified Articles fr Articulation of Babel, The : Ornstein, Jacob : Fall 1960 ... Trees : Sapp, Edwin Greenlaw : Winter ... Operation Portrex : Sibert , Edwin L : Spring 1960 ...
Osama bin Laden gibt sich weniger kriegerisch Auch die üblichen Sprüche zum "Kampf gegen die Ungläubigen" fehlen diesmal.

Auch die saudiarabische Zeitung " Arab News" bemerkt in ihrer Ausgabe vom ...

Vor der britischen Küste, gut elf Kilometer von Newquay im südwestlichen Zipfel Englands entfernt, haben Taucher die drei deutschen U-Boote entdeckt - und zugleich Licht auf eine britische Operation geworfen, die 60 Jahre lang geheim blieb.


Deutsches U-Boot im Zweiten Weltkrieg: Drei Wracks vor der Küste Englands gefunden "Erst kürzlich hat die Regierung die Existenz dieses Tiefsee-Minenfelds offenbart", sagte Marine-Historiker Eric Grove der britischen Zeitung "Daily Mirror". Daraufhin machten sich Taucher auf die Suche. Angst, selbst Opfer des Minenfeldes zu werden, brauchten sie nicht zu haben - es ist längst stillgelegt. Und tatsächlich fanden sie drei stark beschädigten Opfer der geheimen Abwehr: die U-Boote U-325, U-400 und U-1021.
"Discovery"- Landung: Astronaut Reiter zurück aus dem All

23.Dec.2006 Wetterkapriolen: "Discovery" dreht Ehrenrunden
23.Dec.2006 Atomkonflikt mit dem Iran: Uno ringt weiter um Strafmaßnahmen
23.Dec.2006 Geheimes Minenfeld: Drei deutsche U- Boote vor britischer Küste gefunden
23.Dec.2006 Umfrage: Mehrheit der Deutschen für Hinrichtung Saddams
23.Dec.2006 Acht Jahre nach "Monicagate": Lewinsky schließt Studium in London ab

23.Dec.2006 Streit um Werkstattrechnung: Mann schießt mit Maschinenpistole um sich
23.Dec.2006 AKW Neckarwestheim: Gabriel weist Unions- Forderung nach längerer Laufzeit zurück

23.Dec.2006 Hohe Beitragseinnahmen: Sozialversicherungen erzielen Milliardenüberschuss

23.Dec.2006 CIA- Simulation: US- Niederlage im Irak wäre Frischzellenkur für al- Qaida

23.Dec.2006 Einzigartiges Tier- Video: Riesen- Tintenfisch geht an den Haken

23.Dec.2006 Streit um Reparatur: Kunde schießt in Autohaus um sich
22.Dec.2006 War & Revolution: Baghdad 'Liberated', Did the Anti War Movement ...

Please don't tell me that Taiwan is a democracy, just remember who Chang Kai Shek was + the billions of dollars of gold reserves stolen from the "people ...
Netzeitung : Internet - NewsXS, sources

Intelligente Roboter könnten in der Zukunft die gleichen Rechte und Pflichten haben wie Menschen ...

Financial Times Deutschland, DE. Human Rights Watch, US ...

Stromausfall und schlechtes Wetter

Bereits seit Monaten kommt es immer wieder zu schweren Störungen im brasilianischen Luftverkehr. Zuletzt hatte am 6. Dezember eine Panne einen zentralen Kontrollturm lahm gelegt. Außerdem machen die Fluglotsen seit Wochen "Dienst nach Vorschrift", um auf ihre Arbeitssituation aufmerksam zu machen. Nach Angaben der Luftfahrtbehörde waren gestern die Fluggesellschaften und das schlechte Wetter für die Probleme verantwortlich. Außerdem habe es auf dem Flughafen Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro am Morgen einen Stromausfall gegeben.

Allerdings entsteht Nebel nicht nur aufgrund dieser natürlichen Bedingungen, sondern auch durch Umweltverschmutzung: Wenn sich große Konzentrationen von Aerosolen in der Luft befinden, etwa Staub und Abgase, kann das Wasser auf den Oberflächen dieser Partikel leichter kondensieren. Das ist ein Grund dafür, warum London besonders oft von dichtem Nebel verhüllt ist.
Energiestreit: Russland dreht Georgien das Gas ab

22.Dec.2006 Datenschutz in Deutschland: EU- Ultimatum an Berlin
22.Dec.2006 Immobilien- AGs: Briten spotten über deutsches Aktien- Hickhack

22.Dec.2006 Globalisierungsgewinner: Volle Kraft voraus für deutsche Schiffe

22.Dec.2006 US- Kongress: Amtseid auf Koran entfacht Abgeordnetenstreit

22.Dec.2006 Chaos in Brasilien: Flugpassagiere zerstören Schalter und Computer
22.Dec.2006 Somalia: "Ein Krieg ist unvermeidlich"
22.Dec.2006 Egon Bahr zu deutsch- polnischen Beziehungen: "Die Verträge mit Polen sind nicht verhandelbar"
22.Dec.2006 The U.S. Has a History of Using Torture 
The CIA loves them some torture. posted by Prof. Hex
22.Dec.2006 # posted by Joseph : 8:39 PM 1 comments

Comments: This is admittedly speculative, but I have a hunch that certain congressional districts were regarded as crucial to the GOP to win by hook or by crook.

Florida's 13th + Feeney's district and the San Diego district in which Bilbray was declared the "winner" I suspect are several of those crucial districts.

The reason I suspect certain districts are critical to the GOP (especially port cities) is because they are the physical sites of major illegal activities like narcotics and arms trafficking and money laundering which help finance the party and serve key campaign supporters + they need a "friendly" Congressperson in these districts to facilitate such operations and protect the crooked perpetrators if they should get caught.
My reading from various sources about such nefarious activities by writers like Pete Brewton, Gary Webb, Robert Parry, et al, lead me to these supsicions/speculations. We shall see in the months ahead whether those hunches prove to be true or not.
# posted by ewastud


Quite a few have commented on George Bush's apparent instability.

Joy Tomme argues + I agree, that W is crazy to ask for another $170 billion for this war.

However, I posit that the Saudis may have demanded this proposed "surge."

They can enforce their demands by threatening to disinvest in the U.S. -- which means, crazily enough, that spending $170 billion might prove less costly than the alternative.
This theory makes Bush's decision seem a bit more rational.

Nevertheless, I favor the swiftest possible pull-out.

Call me crazy. Permalink # posted by Joseph : 8:53 AM 3 comments Comments: Sounds like the rhythm method to me, Joseph. ;)
I do think we should insist that any "surge" include the twins, though. Especially jenna.
Kim in PA
# posted by Anonymous : 11:21 AM   That's what happens to debtor nations. We get to pay in blood, if nothing else.

A nice deal for those at the top, who could care less about those less fortunate than themselves.
# posted by Anonymous : 4:23 PM   apparently washington Post and other misinformation outlets for this country that are directed by the C***IA have been given the green light to isolate Bush by using words like "irrational" "crazy" and discredit Bush and isolate him in order to save the republican party from being smeared with bush's bad press.
Watch in the days and weeks and months ahead for more of this.
# posted by Anonymous : 10:44 PM
Science Vs. Bull As mentioned in a comment below, my sympathies for conspiracy theories evaporate when the subject switches from investigative reporting to science.

I'm all for tracking Lee Harvey Oswald's spooky pals in Guy Banister's office; I'm all for telling the story of what really went down in Allende's Chile;

I'm all for sorting out the ins and outs of the Litvinenko case;

I'm all for tracking the shadowy world inhabited by guys like Michael Ledeen and groups like the Pinay Circle.
But when the subject turns to science, I advise extreme caution.
And that's when the conspiracy buffs become pluperfectly pissed off with me, because many of them just love, love, love that pseudoscience. From radionics to Roswell, they dig it .
A discursive example:
You must not be a parent. Mommies and daddies know that little kids will always try that one on for size after playground squabbles. But we do expect them to learn to be responsible for their own behavior. Just because the other kids do it, doesn't mean you have to do it.
# posted by Ferry Fey : 10:10 PM   Joseph, what are you doing discussing the towers?
Of course there are scientists, engineers and demo-experts who question the ‘official’ story. Otherwise this wouldn’t be America. Christ, it would be a conspiracy if there weren’t some dissent.
I take issue with your belabored point on the speed of collapse. If it wasn’t free-fall, it was damn close. Either way, the point remains. Scientifically, that’s very difficult to engineer. You know how they do it in demolition, of course. They take out the support. But, Christ, how do they do it from the 70th floor? That’s the puzzle then. The weak argument are/is the tube in a tube design (much like many other buildings still in use today).
I really hope we come up with an understanding of how the buildings fell so quickly; how the concrete was pulverized before it hit the ground and/or was crushed and how it was ejected in a 45 degree arc. I really hope we do. Don’t we owe that much to ourselves?
Just for the record, I’m siding with you but still waiting for the calculations to come in. I won’t accept, as you seem to, some vague assurances that it “could have happened this way, with this affect.” Personally, I think we need a demonstration, experimentally, that these ideas are feasible and probable in the situations presented. Is that asking too much? And why aren’t those other buildings condemned yet? Have you thought of that? Would you work in a building that could collapse on itself if an office fire broke out? Because, short of knocking off the insulation that's what the 'official' story purports. Thanks.
# posted by Anonymous : 10:41 PM

22.Dec.2006 "North's behavior is indicative of the insensitivity and brazen opportunism of the GOP war hawks. Call it hypocrisy, but make sure you also call it unmanly and revolting." Oliver North is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
Drink a Couple of Margaritas and Dance to "George W. Bush's Greatest Hits" (CD)
Brent Budowsky: The American People Did Not Vote To Escalate The War In Iraq: Write Congress Now. - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
From the UPI: " A new report published Monday documents grim confirmation of the most pessimistic assessments we have made in these columns over the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq during the past 10 months." 12/22

22.Dec.2006 George W. Bush Has Only One Priority in Iraq: Himself 12/22
Walter C. Uhler: Put on the Spot, Our Punk President Lies Yet Again
Is it just me or is this seriously spooky? - Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
Christian Games Leave Behind a Pile of Corpses 12/22

22.Dec.2006 "Pelosi is grabbing the moment to present herself as the new face of the Democratic Party and to restore the party's image as one hospitable to ethnic minorities, families, religion, the working class and women." "We've never had a woman speaker before," Daly said. "This is a big deal." 12/22
Greg Palast Investigates: In New Orleans, a Year Later, Nothing Much Has Happened -- A BuzzFlash Interview

22.Dec.2006 political dictatorship Remember the Florida 13 race between Democrat Christine Jennings and Republican Vern Buchanan, which Buchanan won with a handful of votes after the 18,000 votes vanished? Jennings has filed a challenge to the results, as was her right. (Buchanan should have done the same, were the situation reversed.)
A voting expert testifying on behalf of ES&S (manufacturer of the machines) admits that
error cost Jennings the election. However, he says that the error was the result of poor ballot, not wrongdoing by ES&S.
Tom Feeney's reaction to the court challenge? Prepare to guffaw:
"That is total political dictatorship."
No, Tom. You know what's a total political dictatorship? China. Tom's the lobbyist and counsel for a certain company which...
...had harbored at least one illegal alien who pled guilty to charges related to sending Hellfire anti-tank missile chips to Communist China... Tom's not angry about that treason. He's pissed at Jennings, who wants to exercise her constitutional right to have her day in court. Christine, you Stalinesque bitch!


Die größten bislang entdeckten Sauropoden gab es einst auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent. Als Schwerstgewicht gilt der Argentinosaurus, der vor etwa 100 Millionen Jahren im heutigen Argentinien lebte und bei 35 bis 40 Meter Länge geschätzte 80 bis 100 Tonnen auf die Waage brachte. Der Seismosaurus wiederum trottete vor 155 bis 145 Millionen Jahren durch Mexiko und war mit 37 Metern Länge bei 70 Tonnen Lebendgewicht der längste bekannte Dinosaurier. Der höchste ist der Sauroposeidon, von dem Überreste im US-Bundesstaat Oklahoma geborgen worden: Das Tier erreichte vor etwa 110 Millionen Jahren eine Körperhöhe von 18 Metern.

Weitere pflanzenfressende Sauriergattung entdeckt

Sie alle waren behäbige Pflanzenfresser
Ergebnislose Verhandlungen: Nordkorea verweigert Gespräche über Nuklearwaffen
22.Dec.2006 Haditha- Massaker: "Erst schießen, dann Fragen stellen"
22.Dec.2006 Siemens- Korruptionsaffäre: Staatsanwaltschaft sieht Tatverdacht erhärtet
Verstoß gegen Umweltrecht: Mercedes zahlt in den USA Millionenstrafe
Run auf Zwangsversteigerungen: Elend und Profit

22.Dec.2006 Millionen- Transfers per SMS: Handys als Bankkonten

22.Dec.2006 Polyglotte Gotteskrieger: Al- Qaida lernt Englisch

22.Dec.2006 Weihnachtstage in Großbritannien: Auf der Insel stehen die Züge still
22.Dec.2006 Größtes Landtier Europas: Dinosaurier war länger als ein Basketballfeld
22.Dec.2006 Schmiergeldaffäre: Siemens- Manager sollen EU- Beamten Jaguar angeboten haben
22.Dec.2006 Rekordpension für Pfizer- Chef: Zum Abschied 198 Millionen Dollar
22.Dec.2006 Clearstream- Affäre: Premier Villepin 17 Stunden lang vernommen

22.Dec.2006 Nebel legt Flugverkehr lahm: Weihnachten in London- Heathrow?

22.Dec.2006 Afghanistan- Debatte: Grüne drohen mit Verfassungsklage gegen Tornado- Einsatz
21.Dec.2006 Irak: Al- Sadr- Anhänger beenden Regierungs- Boykott
21.Dec.2006 Forschung und Werbung: Die Rucksack- Connection