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19.Dec.2006 Cops Caught Stealing Protestors' Cameras - Paul Joseph Watson -NYPD refuses to return stolen property despite video documentation
19.Dec.2006 BERLIN-On the day James Baker's Iraq Study Group report was published, I gritted my teeth and waited for the well-earned, long-awaited Franco-German "Old European" gloat to begin.

I didn't have to wait long.

"America Faces Up to the Iraq Disaster" read a headline in Der Spiegel .

In the patronizing tones of a senior doctor, Le Monde diagnosed the "political feverishness" gripping Washington in Baker's wake.

Süddeutsche Zeitung said the report "stripped Bush of his authority," although

Le Figaro opined that nothing Baker proposed could improve the "catastrophic state" of Iraq anyway.

And then, for two weeks ... silence.

If there are politicians, academics, or journalists anywhere in Germany + France who have better ideas about how to improve the catastrophic state of Iraq, they aren't talking very loudly.

There is no question that America's credibility has been undermined by the Iraq war in "Old Europe" as everywhere else.

There is no question that America's reputation for competence has been destroyed.

But that doesn't mean there are dozens of eager candidates, or even one eager candidate, clamoring to replace us.To continue reading, click here.
19.Dec.2006 Detainee 200343 - BG >From Crooks and Liars:
I meant to post about this story sooner, but there was a power outage in my neighborhood most of the weekend. This story is unbelievable: I know, I say that a lot.

Detainee 200343 was among thousands of people who have been held + released by the American military in Iraq + his account of his ordeal has provided one of the few detailed views of the Pentagon's detention operations since the abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib.

Yet in many respects his case is unusual. The detainee was Donald Vance, a 29-year-old Navy veteran from Chicago who went to Iraq as a security contractor.

He wound up as a whistle-blower, passing information to the FBI. about suspicious activities at the Iraqi security firm where he worked, including what he said was possible illegal weapons trading.

But when American soldiers raided the company at his urging, Mr. Va... Source:
19.Dec.2006 17 year old who received a ten year sentence in Georgia for engaging in oral sex with a 15 year old girl.... - BG -
19.Dec.2006 The Jewish Conspiracy to Call Carter Anti-Semitic
Jimmy Carter, has a book out with the inflammatory title "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," and a self-pitying op-ed in the Los Angeles Times:

Book reviews in the mainstream media have been written mostly by representatives of Jewish organizations who would be unlikely to visit the occupied territories + their primary criticism is that the book is anti-Israel.

Two members of Congress have been publicly critical. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for instance, issued a statement (before the book was published) saying that "he does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel." Some reviews posted on call me "anti-Semitic," and others accuse the book of "lies" and "distortions."

A former Carter Center fellow has taken issue with it + Alan Dershowitz called the book's title "indecent."

Out in the real world, however, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've signed books in five stores, with more than 1,000 buyers at each site.

I've had one negative remark--that I should be tried for treason--and one caller on C-SPAN said that I was an anti-Semite.

My most troubling experience has been the rejection of my offers to speak, for free, about the book on university campuses with high Jewish enrollment and to answer questions from students and professors.

So you see, Carter isn't anti-Semitic, regardless of what the Jews who control the media and the universities want you to believe.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, held a Holocaust-denial conference in Tehran, which drew at least one American, Reuters reports:
18.Dec.2006 Best of the Web Today -By JAMES TARANTO

Our Time Has Come
We guess this is one of those cases in which we'll always remember where we were when we heard the news. It was in Phoenix, at the home of our friend David Burkhart, Saturday night.

David was surfing the Web + he looked up and said to us, "You're Time magazine's person of the year."

At first we assumed he was joking--we thought for sure it would be Barack Obama--but it turned out he was right:

Who are these people? Seriously, who actually sits down after a long day at work and says, I'm not going to watch Lost tonight. I'm going to turn on my computer and make a movie starring my pet iguana?

I'm going to mash up 50 Cent's vocals with Queen's instrumentals? I'm going to blog about my state of mind or the state of the nation or the steak-frites at the new bistro down the street?

Who has that time and that energy and that passion?

The answer is, you do. And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game,

Time's Person of the Year for 2006 is you.

There are some factual inaccuracies here: We don't actually work for nothing + we don't have a pet iguana (presumably that was a reference to the stuffed toy iguana in this column).

But these are quibbles. The important thing is that we are deeply honored and humbled that Time magazine has recognized us in this way.
18.Dec.2006 As the dangerous
situation in the Palestinian territories unravels, one question stands out: Who are the good guys?

The politicians who are now trying to topple a democratically elected government or the people in power who are trying to pursue their ideology--one that they didn't hide from the voters who freely chose to elect them?

+ how come all these world leaders are publicly siding with the revolutionaries?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, visiting the West Bank on Monday, declared, "If the international community really means what it says about supporting people who share the vision of a two-state solution, who are moderate, who are prepared to shoulder their responsibilities, then now is the time for the international community to respond."
To continue reading, click here.

18.Dec.2006 The Los Angeles Times leads with word from military and CIA officials that they are increasing the oversight of spying operations carried out by U.S. Special Forces teams.

Largely due to Donald Rumsfeld's distrust of the CIA to gather intelligence, small groups of Special Forces troops have been sent to a number of countries, including allies,

to carry out operations that sometimes duplicate agency efforts.

The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox + nobody else fronts, the latest from Gaza, where after a day of violence that killed three people, a cease fire was declared that has little hope of surviving.

The New York Times leads with a story on how an American civilian, who was also a whistle-blower, was detained for 97 days in a U.S.-run maximum-security detention site in Baghdad.

The story illustrates how disorganized the detention system is in Iraq and shows how little recourse an American has to challenge his imprisonment.

The Washington Post leads with news that at least seven Virginia Episcopal parishes voted to split from the U.S. church.

This could mark the beginning of a nationwide trend that will likely lead to a legal battle over valuable property.

Two of the Virginia congregations that decided to split have buildings + land worth approximately $25 million.

USA Today leads with state governments struggling to meet the ever-increasing price tag of providing health care benefits to its employees.

A new accounting rule is forcing states to keep track of how much they owe for health care benefits for retirees + in many cases the numbers were higher than most expected.
To continue reading, click here.

19.Dec.2006 - Blair's Leaked Memo: British Voters Think Govt. Is In Shambles...
Labour has no chance of winning the next Election because voters think the Government is a shambles - and there is little Gordon Brown can do to stop David Cameron becoming Prime Minister.
That is the devastating verdict of a secret Downing Street memo drawn up for Tony Blair by his senior advisers and obtained by The Mail on Sunday.
19.Dec.2006 propaganda.html">Crooks and Liars » Ollie’s propaganda - BG -propaganda/"> Oliver North
Journal Of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories - BG 
Journal Of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
There Are No Missile Defenses at the Pentagon James Bennett provides details in convincing article:
There Are No Missile Defenses at the Pentagon

19.Dec.2006 Jamail Hussein, Disputed AP Source, Finally Located?
17.Dec.2006 By The Web
60 Minutes Piece On Long-secret Archive Counterpoint To Iran Holocaust-Denier Convention
on"60 MINUTES"about a long secret German archive that houses a treasure trove of information on 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust.

The archive,located in the German town Bad Arolsen,is massive (there are 16 miles of shelving containing 50 million pages of documents)+ until recently,

was off-limits to the public.But after the German government agreed earlier this year to open...
19.Dec.2006 By Mikael Rudolph
SD Dem Senator Tim Johnson Falls Ill, Cheney Salivates
Shades of Paul Wellstone 00.000.2002.

Wouldn't it be wierd if a Democratic Senator in a State with a Republican Governor were to be incapacitated + have to be replaced by appointment just shy of the opening of the 110th Congress -

thus negating the narrow Democratic majority + handing vote-splitting authority to Vice President Rich, Rich, Richard Halliburton ? By Larry Sakin
The United States Of Egoism
The holiday season is here. It's the time to hear the melodic beeps of computer cash registers in our heads while making up lists of people we're giving useless shit to so we can show how much we love them.

By W. Christopher Epler (Bill)
The Everythng Game
What would you do if you began to realize you were playing a vast social/worldly game whose number one game rule was that the game was not a game?

By Kenneth Anderson
The Old American Century: Twenty Years Of Realist Foreign Policy
With the release of the Iraq Study Group report, which has almost everyone expressing various degrees of chagrin, the "realists" have moved back onto the stage of American foreign policy.

But who are these people and why are they called realists? What is so real about what they advocate, both for the current debacle in Iraq and the larger venture of American-led globalism?

By Jude Acosta
What Exactly Is An Enlightened Panic?
And who are the people who justify viral fear by calling it an "enlightened panic?"

19.Dec.2006 By Jgideon -'Daily Voting News' For

15.Dec.2006+16.Dec.2006 a run-down of the days elections/voting news from across the country + overseas.

By Wcproteus Much Has Been Swept Under The "conspiracy Theory" Rug. The last 6 years is filled with treasonous possibilities which are conveniently discounted as conspiracy theories.

By Andrew Bard Schmookler The Mind Of The Breadbaker * And suddenly I understood:

The minds of those who conceived this process of turning grain into bread had themselves been cultivated by generations of experience turning earth into crops of food to eat.

What I saw was this: the baker of bread is farming + what he is growing is yeast.

By Mac McKinney Return The Lunatics To The Asylum
Let's not mince words.

The lunatics running America are creating disaster after disaster globally + must be returned to the asylum, so to speak, as quickly as we can straight-jacket them.

Iraq is already approaching the holocaust category, if not already within it + will soon be comparable to Cambodia if Bush + company are not stopped.

The horror there has probably already surpassed Guatemala's killing fields.
19.Dec.2006 By Dave Lindorff -
Innocents Abroad: America Cracks Down On Guantanamo Detainees, Despite Overwhelming Evidence Most Are Not Terrorists
Are the detainees at Guantanamo deadly terrorists? If so, why are they being released? If not, why is the government making their detention ever harsher?

By Steven Leser - Bush And Spending � So Now President Bush Wants To Talk Fiscal Responsibility?
This President has presided over the most irresponsible fiscal record in history.

His administration, along with his cronies in the Republican congress, turned several years of surplus federal government budgets delivered by the previous administration into massive deficits.
19.Dec.2006 By Kathy Dopp -
Experts For The U.S. Congress To Consult With On Election Integrity Legislation
The U.S. Congress must consult with independent experts this time when it passes federal legislation to ensure the integrity of our democracy. Here is a list of experts and recommendations for legislation.

By Robert Raitz Culture Clot...- My theory on the appauling lack of culture in America for the past twenty plus years.
19.Dec.2006 ABC's Stephanopoulos Shamelessly Lets Sen. Reid off the Iraq Withdrawal Hook - BG 
Imagine for a moment you were ABC's Chief Washington Correspondent, as well as a former member of the Clinton administration who was currently quite opposed to the Iraq war. Further assume that in the months leading up to the recent midterm elections, the Democrat Senate minority leader had been aggressively advocating immediate troop withdrawals from the region, a position you agreed with. Contrary to his previous view, when you interviewed this Senator after the elections, he stated that he could actually support an increase in troops. Given his expressed positions before the elections + the fact that he was about to be sworn in as the new Senate majority leader, would you aggressively challenge this high-ranking official about his sudden change of heart, or give him a pass? ...Source:

19.Dec.2006 Unemployed German Man Stirs Debate | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited - BG -Unemployed German Man Stirs Debate | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited
19.Dec.2006 Sleeping Houston woman killed by stray bullet | - Houston Chronicle - BG -Sleeping Houston woman killed by stray bullet | - Houston Chronicle
19.Dec.2006 General Reveals Residual Neocon-Likudnik Haunting at Pentagon - BG 
For the neocons, it was not enough last month when Bush compared Iran to al-Qaeda. Forget the rhetoric, say the neocons. Bomb Iran, now. Of course, this is nothing new, as the Israel First neocons, at the behest of Likud-Kadima, the nationalist-religious parties + the fanatical settler wing of the Israeli government, have called for mass murdering untold numbers in Iran for some time now. However, with each passing day, the calls get more strident, more shrill, more desperate, especially with Israel's humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah last summer. Hezbollah over the border in Lebanon and a tarnished invincibility image, however, take a backseat to the cardinal fear of the Israelis—international pressure may force them to seriously negotiate with the Palestinians and, dread to imag... Source:

19.Dec.2006 77 Victims' Remains Found Outside the Pentagon "Exit Hole"? - BG 
The official gov't Pentagon victims remains chart (double click to enlarge): Notice almost half of the flight 77 victims remains were found outside the exit hole, in the A-E drive (the dense cluster of circles at the top of the diagram).I know this will really piss off the folks at "Screw Loose Change"-- to question the sanctity of this diagram-- but here's a picture of the exit hole with apparent plane debris outlined in red: I have to say that I am having trouble understanding:a) how so many remains came out the exit hole when so little of the plane came out of the hole.b) where exactly all these remains are in the small pile of rubble in the picture.Now I suppose the official story is that the crash of the plane caused the passengers' bodie... Source:

19.Dec.2006 Good Science and 9-11 Demolition Theories - BG -This guy's work is hooey.
19.Dec.2006 Citigroup "hold" -Rating-Update: St. Louis ( AG) - Die Analysten von A.G. Edwards & Sons stufen die Aktie der Citigroup (ISIN US1729671016/WKN 871904) von "buy" auf "hold" herunter. (19.12.2006/ac/a/u)
19.Dec.2006 Deutsche Telekom "buy" -Rating-Update: Frankfurt ( AG) - Die Analysten von Deutsche Securities stufen die Deutsche Telekom-Aktie (ISIN DE0005557508/WKN 555750) von "hold" auf "buy" hoch. (19.12.2006/ac/a/u)
19.Dec.2006 Citigroup "buy" -Rating-Update: New York ( AG) - Die Analysten von Punk Ziegel & Co. stufen die Aktie der Citigroup (ISIN US1729671016/WKN 871904) unverändert mit "buy" ein. Das Kursziel werde von 59 USD auf 69 USD angehoben. (19.12.2006/ac/a/u)
19.Dec.2006 Snow On Whether We Are Winning In Iraq: ‘I’m Not Playing The Game Anymore’ - Judd

Less than two months ago, President Bush said explicitly that the USA was “winning” in Iraq. 10/25/06:

REPORTER: Are we winning?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Absolutely, we’re winning.

This weekend, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said that “we’re not winning. We are losing.” Asked about Powell’s comments, Snow replied, “I’m not playing the game any more.” Watch it: Transcript:

Q Can I just come back to Powell one more time? Just to be clear, one of the points of disagreement, we are losing, you disagree with that?

MR. SNOW: Again, the President has said before that we are winning. Look, what Colin Powell is saying, we’re not winning, so therefore we must be losing + then he says, all is not lost. So I’m just — I’m not going to get — what I am saying is that we will win and we have to win + that’s the most important — that’s the most –

Q You’re not disagreeing with him?

MR. SNOW: I’m just — I’m not playing the game anymore. It’s one of these things where you end up — it all ends up trying to — you’re trying to summarize a complex situation with a single word or gerund, or even a participle. And the fact is that what you really need to do is to take a look at the situation and understand that it is vital to win, that there is — by winning, that means to have an independent Iraq that really does stand on its own as a democratic and free state that supports us in the war on terror.

Q Can I ask the gerund another way? The President said in October, “Absolutely, we’re winning.” Is that still his belief today?

MR. SNOW: Again, the President — that’s why I’m just — I think at this point it ceases to be fruitful to jump into this. We think that what is happening is we are going to win and that we need to find better ways of dealing with the sectarian problem.
December 19, 2006 - Think Progress .

The White House is “aggressively promoting” a plan to send “15,000 to 30,000 more troops” to Iraq “over the unanimous disagreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” the Washington Post reports.

$100 million. Amount the Pentagon wants to spend to build a new courthouse at Guantanamo Bay. About 60 cases would be tried in this courthouse, totaling “$1.6 million per defendant just for the building. The trials will cost many millions more.”

According to a new Pentagon report to Congress, “ attacks against American and Iraqi targets had surged this summer and autumn to their highest level.” There was “an increase of 22 % from the level for early May to early August.”

“Over the past six months, Baghdad has been all but isolated electrically, Iraqi officials say, as insurgents have effectively won their battle to bring down critical high-voltage lines and cut off the capital from the major power plants to the north, south and west.”

The Washington Post examines the apparent White House censorship of former Bush National Security Council Middle East Director Flynt Leverett, a story ThinkProgress first reported on Friday.

00.000.2005, 53 members of the House and Senate did not publicly report trips paid for by outside groups within 30 days of the travel,” as is mandated by congressional rules.

Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) has been “conscious at times since his emergency brain surgery last week.” More good news: Johnson “has made it through the crucial first 72 hours since the brain surgery…a benchmark that doctors consider a good sign for recovery.”

CBS News reports, “The Pentagon is planning a major buildup of U.S. naval forces in and around the Gulf as a warning to Iran .”

“Under a court order, the Bush administration will restart a housing program for Hurricane Katrina victims early this week and begin explaining to thousands of evacuees why their aid was cut off this summer.”

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), “who blocked the confirmation of a woman to the federal bench because she attended a same-sex commitment ceremony for the daughter of her long-time neighbors, says he will now allow a vote on the nomination” after legal scholars said his demands may have been unconstitutional.

And finally: Tom Brokaw thinks the web is making you “flabby.” Tom Brokaw told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Americans have gotten flabby ‘by spending all our time riffing through Google and other Web sites.’”
19.Dec.2006 9th ward “remains all but vacant.” - Nico -

Sixteen months after flood waters surged through New Orleans’ 9th Ward following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina and the bursting of levees, the devastated section of the city “remains all but vacant,”

The Times-Picayune reports today. Only 3 % of the ward’s homeowners have applied for electrical permits — “enough to power only 152 houses.
19.Dec.2006 28 %- Nico -% of Americans who support President Bush’s management of the war in Iraq, a record low, down from 34 % in October.

A record 70 % “said they disapproved of his handling of the nearly 4-year-old war.”
Blutige Höchstleistung im Irak - sfux -Bagdad -

Im Irak ist die Zahl der Anschläge auf US-Truppen und irakische Soldaten auf den höchsten Stand seit über zwei Jahren gestiegen.

Wie das US-Verteidigungsministerium am Montag weiter mitteilte, hat sich im Zeitraum von

August bis November die durchschnittliche Zahl der Anschläge pro Woche um knapp ein Viertel im Vergleich zu den Monaten davor erhöht. Eine genaue Zahl wurde in dem Bericht nicht genannt.

Zuletzt hatte das Pentagon von durchschnittlich 959 Anschlägen pro Woche...
Fatah- und Hamas liefern sich Kampf vor Spital - sfux -Gaza - Die Waffenruhe zwischen den Gruppierungen Hamas und Fatah im Gazastreifen wird immer brüchiger.

Bei einer Schiesserei in der Nähe eines Spitals in der Stadt Gaza wurde am Morgen ein Kämpfer der radikal-islamischen Hamas getötet.
Wie die örtlichen Medien weiter berichteten, wurden weitere acht Palästinenser verletzt.

Erst am Vorabend ist bei einem Schusswechsel im Flüchtlingslager Dschabalia ein Mitglied der von Präsident Mahmud Abbas geführten Fatah...
Caught between the Millstones - sfux 
The case of Litvinenko
David Dastych - When you compare a today's BBC report based on Yuri Shvets interview to the explanations of Dmitri Kovtun and the statement of Alex Goldfarb...

19.Dec.2006 Mossad-Chef Dagan warnt vor Irans Bau einer Atombombe - sfux Novosti -

Israel befürchtet die Entwicklung einer Atombombe im Iran.

"Sollte Iran die Arbeit an seinem Nuklearprogramm im gegenwärtigen Tempo fortführen, wird dieses Land in drei bis vier Jahren eine (Atom)Bombe haben",

sagte der Chef des israelischen Aufklärungsdienstes Mossad, Meir Dagan, wie französische Medien am Montag berichten.
Eine diesbezügliche Aussage hat Dagan in einer Rede vor der Kommission für Verteidigung und Internationale Beziehungen...

Was My Son Poisoned in England? - sfux -David Dastych -

In mid-December, at 04:00 a.m., I received a sudden phone call: ?Your son, Olaf, died tonight.? It was a terrible shock. ?Could that be real??, I thought in the first moment, still emerging from a sound sleep. ?Maybe...
Libya sentences medics to death -Six foreign medics are sentenced to death in Libya for deliberately infecting hundreds of children with HIV.
19.Dec.2006 Schools shut amid Gaza 'anarchy' Schools are shut in Gaza amid what officials say is anarchy caused by fighting between Fatah and Hamas factions.
19.Dec.2006 Saddam trial sees graphic footage Graphic footage of dead Kurdish civilians allegedly killed in chemical attacks is shown at Saddam Hussein's trial.
19.Dec.2006 Nigeria leader denies corruption Nigeria's president denies claims by his deputy that he awarded contracts to his favourite aides and ministers.
19.Dec.2006 Compulsory HIV tests for couples Officials in India's Andhra Pradesh state say an HIV test will soon be compulsory before marriage.
19.Dec.2006 Iraq attacks reach record levels Attacks against troops and civilians in Iraq are at their highest level since 2004, a Pentagon report says.
19.Dec.2006 Nigeria opposition pick candidate Nigeria's main opposition party selects a former military ruler as its candidate in April's polls.
19.Dec.2006 Venezuela head seeks party merger Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to merge his coalition partners into a single party.
19.Dec.2006 US and N Korea discuss sanctions US and North Korean officials meet face-to-face to discuss financial sanctions, on the sidelines of nuclear talks.
19.Dec.2006 French bird flu scare evaporates French experts say 4,000 chickens found dead at a farm in north-eastern France did not die of bird flu.
19.Dec.2006 Ministers haggle over fish quotas Politicians and fishing leaders embark on the latest round of annual talks over catch limits.
19.Dec.2006 Afghanistan 'holds Pakistani spy' President Karzai's office in Afghanistan says a Pakistani spy who worked with al-Qaeda has been arrested.
19.Dec.2006 Nepal rebels reject appointments Nepal's Maoist rebels call a general strike in the capital, Kathmandu, in protest at key government appointments.
19.Dec.2006 Pc shooting death jury discharged The Pc Sharon Beshenivsky death trial jury is discharged after failing to reach a verdict on a robbery charge.
19.Dec.2006 US sees surge in producer prices US wholesale inflation surged by its highest amount in three decades in November, figures show.
19.Dec.2006 Stopping malaria before the bite Researchers work on a vaccine that attacks the malaria parasite while it is still inside the mosquito.
19.Dec.2006 Kyrgyzstan Cabinet resigns office Kyrgyz President Bakiyev accepts his government's resignation, paving the way for parliamentary elections.
19.Dec.2006 German business confidence soars German business confidence is at its highest level since 1991, a leading survey finds.
19.Dec.2006 Key Mexican drugs boss arrested Mexican police say they have captured a high-profile drugs lord - Ugly Poncho - in the western state of Michoacan.
19.Dec.2006 Botswana bushmen ruling accepted Botswana's government will not appeal against a court ruling allowing bushmen to return to the Kalahari desert.
19.Dec.2006 Rover fund has £50m untouched Up to £50m of government funds set aside to help MG Rover workers has not been used, official figures show.
19.Dec.2006 .::Walk&Talk::. - Terra Blog Personagens de uma região de conflito, onde a lei do silêncio ainda impera. ... quatro curtas metragens – Manual para Atropelar Cachorro, Fúria, ... 19.Dec.2006 Guantanamo: Pentagon erlaubte unmenschliche Verhörmethoden ...

00.Apr.200- -vergangenen Jahres- Verhörmethoden wie Schlafentzug für Häftlinge ... Berufung auf Pentagonkreise.

Etwa 20 Verhörmethoden seien auf höchster Ebene im Pentagon und im Justiz ...

NETZEITUNG AUSLAND: Pentagon will Verhörmethoden verschärfen
Die Netzeitung ist die erste deutsche Tageszeitung, die es nur im Internet gibt.

Die Netzeitung liefert schnell und zuverlässig aktuelle Nachrichten und Hintergrundinformationen. ...

17.Feb.2006 20 :38. USA stoppen "grausame" Verhörmethoden ...

Berichte über weitere grausame Methoden |
... gehören zu einer Liste mit 20 Verhörtechniken für Gefangene auf ...

Einsatz härterer Verhörmethoden muss nach Angaben des Blattes von hochrangigen Mitarbeitern im Pentagon und in ...,1185,OID3261704_REF1_NAVSPM1,00.html

Pentagon erlaubte brutale Verhörmethoden | Politik | Deutsche Welle | 24.06.2004
Deutsche Welle: Politik - News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages ...

Pentagon erlaubte brutale Verhörmethoden .

Guantanamo: Häftling auf dem Weg zum Verhör ...

Tagen und Befragungen über die Dauer von 20 Stunden, das Ausziehen von Gefangenen oder die ...,,1244281,00.html

Harte Verhörmethoden hatten System - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
Der Einsatz härterer Verhörmethoden muss nach Presseberichten von hochrangigen Mitarbeitern im Pentagon und in einigen Fällen sogar von Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld persönlich genehmigt werden.

Die "Washington Post" berichtete, das Pentagon habe in Guantánamo auf Kuba Verhörmethoden wie Schlaf ...

Etwa 20 Verhörmethoden seien auf höchster Ebene im Pentagon und im Justiz ...

24.Jun.2004 Pentagon erlaubte brutale Verhörmethoden | Politik | Deutsche Welle | ... Politik |

... bis zu 30 Tagen + Befragungen über die Dauer von 20 Stunden, das Ausziehen von Gefangenen oder die Rasur des Haupt ...,2144,1244281,00.html

Harte Verhörmethoden hatten System - RHEIN-BERG-ONLINE.DE
Der Einsatz härterer Verhörmethoden muss nach Presseberichten von hochrangigen Mitarbeitern im Pentagon und in einigen Fällen sogar von Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld persönlich genehmigt werden.

Die "Washington Post" berichtete, das Pentagon habe in Guantánamo auf Kuba Verhörmethoden wie Schlaf ...

Etwa 20 Verhörmethoden seien auf höchster Ebene im Pentagon und im Justiz ...

FBI-Beamte kritisieren Verhörmethoden in Guantanamo |
... außerdem fälschlicherweise dem Pentagon mitgeteilt, die FBI-Beamten ... dass die Verhörmethoden vom Pentagon nicht nur ... + teilweise illegale Verhörmethoden informiert war, belegen ...,1185,OID5272824,00.html

USA: Pentagon verbietet Scheinhinrichtungen - Ausland Politik FOCUS Online
Pentagon verbietet Scheinhinrichtungen -

Das US-Verteidigungsministerium hat am Mittwoch (Ortszeit) ein neues Regelwerk vorgestellt, das Soldaten umstrittene Verhörtechniken untersagt.

1122 Kommentare) (07.09.2006 20 :52 Uhr)

Pentagon verbietet Scheinhinrichtungen ... nicht in Organisationen, die solche Verhörmethoden in den verschiedensten Ländern kritisch ...

Rumsfeld und die Folter-Affäre Rückendeckung vom Präsidenten - Ausland -
... Washington Post berichtete unter Berufung auf Pentagon kreise weiter, das US-Verteidigungsministerium habe ...

Etwa 20 Verhörmethoden seien auf höchster Ebene im Pentagon und im Justiz ..  

Welt Nachrichten Wien - Pentagon verteidigt "kreative Verhörmethoden"
Aktuelle Nachrichten aus aller Welt. News aus den Bereichen Politik, Kultur und Chronik. - Ex-CIA-Agenten kritisieren Verhörmethoden - Ausland, Krieg/Terror, Soziales, Verbrechen
20.Nov.2006 In eigener Sache ... Laut ABC wurden die Verhörmethoden bei rund einem Dutzend Häftlingen ...

08.Nov.2005 22:50h. Neue Pentagon -Richtlinie verbietet Folter ... - Irak: Misshandlungen "trainierte Verhörtechniken"?
... worden seien, berichtete die Zeitung am Samstag auf ihrer Internetseite unter Berufung auf Pentagon kreise ...

Etwa 20 Verhörmethoden seien auf höchster Ebene im Pentagon und im Justiz ...,3672,2125030,00.html - ... amerikanischen Kongresses hat das Pentagon Pläne fallenlassen, bestimmte Verhörmethoden der Streitkräfte geheim ...

Tages-Anzeiger Online | Ausland | Pentagon ändert Strategie
... US-Soldaten in der ganzen Welt für Entsetzen gesorgt hat, will das Pentagon angeblich seine Verhörmethoden ändern ...

Welt Nachrichten Wien - Koreas Atomwaffen: USA nicht überrascht
... Pentagon verteidigt "kreative Verhörmethoden "

Verhörmethoden müssten kreativ sein ... 21:21

swissinfo - ... Pentagon bestätigt Gefangenen-Misshandlungen im Irak.

WASHINGTON - Spezialeinheiten der US-Streitkräfte haben unzulässige Verhörmethoden ...

27.10.2006 - 20 :46. Iraks Regierung stimmt ...  

Dobschats alte Homepage - Weblog ... Foltern light?

20 :52 Uhr. Pentagon entschärft Verhörmethoden ...

16.Apr-2003 stimmte der Pentagon -Chef dann 24 Verhörmethoden zu, die der Erfüllung der Genfer ...

23.Jun.2004 "Wir haben 20 Terrorzellen sprengen,... haben zahlreiche Anschläge ... https://alfatomega/2004061924_Report.html
19.Dec.2006 - Aktuell - US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld im Pentagon

Rumsfeld erlaubte offenbar harte Verhörmethoden ... Sendezeit:

11.Dez.2006 08: 20 . Mediengespräch: Leipziger Volkszeitung ...
Chuck Adams: Worst. Consultant. Ever. Categories: chuck adams legislature majority pac Oregon politics

In some Oregon political circles, GOP consulatant, Chuck Adams, is known as the "Sultan of Slime" read more
Bush Appointee Seeks to Cut Budget For Government Audits" href="">

Bush Appointee Seeks to Cut Budget For Government Audits

Categories: Bush Administration Corruption Government Audits GSA

Why is the party of limited government and personal responsibility so consistently and eggregiously opposed to accountability in government? read more |
Corporate Criminals and America's Race to the Bottom

Categories: Corporate Crime Globalism Nader

It is clear, in the midst of a seven year corporate financial crime wave, that

the business moguls + their academic apologists, who make up the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation (CCMG) have no sense of irony. read more
U.S. Navy Plans for an Ice-Free Artic Categories: Global Warming If global warming is a myth perpetrated by the liberal media, why is the U.S. Navy planning for an ice-free artic? read more |
Barack Obama - America's Voice of Unity and Optimism Categories: 2008 Election Barack Obama Democratic Primary Presidential Politics "Students for Obama" are distributing the following video of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. read more |
How Democrats Should Talk About Democrats Categories: 2008 Election Barack Obama Presidential Politics Washington Times

The Washington Times blog published an important piece that illustrates why it's important for bloggers to understand the power of words, especially their own. read more |
Building on the Progressive Victory Categories: 2006 election democratic politics framing heath shuler Lakoff rahm emanuel

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty + we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew + act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves + then we shall save our country." - Abraham Lincoln

There has been some conversation here about why the Democrats won the 2006 election + what it means for the country. I've had some time to reflect on my own race + on the Democratic landslide in Oregon and America + what I've come up with is this: read more |
Peace Women, Convicted of Trespassing, Teach the US Government a Lesson in Diplomacy Categories: CodePink Iraq Iraq War Medea Benjamin

It must sound absurd, perhaps even unbelievable, that four peace women were arrested and put on trial for attempting to deliver a peace petition to the US Mission to the United Nations. But while our arrests reflect the “shoot first, ask questions later” style of George Bush and outgoing UN Ambassador John Bolton, we ended up teaching the government a lesson in diplomacy. read more |
Unprogressive Democrats Categories: Blue Dogs Democratic Congress Democratic Majority Democratic Party

The members of the new Democratic majority that takes control of Congress next month do not support every progressive ideal and policy.

Dozens of House members, especially from the South and Mountain West, oppose abortion rights, gun control + same-sex marriage.

Other lawmakers still believe the U.S. can emerge victorious in Iraq; they criticize the way the Bush administration has managed the war, not the decision to invade and occupy the country in the first place. read more
19.Dec.2006 Vertrag mit Nasa: Google plant virtuelle Flüge über Mond und Mars
19.Dec.2006 Irak- Strategie: US- Militärs rebellieren gegen Bush- Pläne
19.Dec.2006 Überwältigende Mehrheit: Euronext- Aktionäre wollen mit NYSE fusionieren
19.Dec.2006 Gerichtsentscheid zur Müller- Milch: Greenpeace darf "Gen- Milch" sagen
19.Dec.2006 Reaktion auf Entschädigungsklagen: Warschau stellt deutsch- polnischen Grenzvertrag in Frage

Düsseldorf - Deutschlands größter Textilhändler C&A etwa akzeptiert anstandslos DM-Scheine und -Münzen.

In großen Kaufhof-Filialen kann man vor der Shopping-Tour an der Zentralkasse die Mark in Euro umtauschen.

Und auch in vielen anderen Geschäften lohnt es sich dem Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels (HDE) zufolge, einmal nachzufragen:

"Wenn einer noch einen 100-Mark-Schein gefunden hat, sind die Chancen groß, dass er einen Händler findet, der ihn akzeptiert."
Mäuse- Experiment: Alkohol als Rheuma- Schutz für Menschen nicht ratsam

19.Dec.2006 ISS- Reparatur: Klemmendes Sonnensegel klappt mit sanfter Gewalt ein

19.Dec.2006 Fünf Jahre Euro- Bargeld: Noch immer 14 Milliarden Mark im Umlauf

19.Dec.2006 Zitate und Aphorismen für den Atheisten - ueber Kirche, Religion ...

Wenn die Menschen von Gott reden, so kommen sie mir vor wie Lichtenbergs Kahlenberger ...

Die Geschichte lehrt uns, daß sie ihn, wo sie ihm begegnet sind, ...
19.Dec.2006 - Magazin der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Kurz vor 'm Zeitpunkt des Todes des Menschen "Jesus" ließ ihn Gott ganz los: " Mein Gott, mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen?". ... - Magazin der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Re : Xavier Naidoo Autor: anna1286 Datum: 15.03.06 09:32 ich könnt grad kotzen, wenn ich das hier lese! mein gott ... ich bin auch onkelz fan, aber dass was ...
19.Dec.2006 Warum Amerikaner fast alles glauben -D-.htm Haushaltsreiniger. Chlor. Tabak. Dioxin. Globale Erwärmung. Verbleites Benzin. Krebsforschung +-behandlung. Meeresverschmutzung. Holz + Wälder ...
Wissenschaftliche Artikel zu The Fatty Boom Batty com Network Learning to love the older consumer - Szmigin - Zitiert durch: 6
19.Dec.2006 Australia Rules Linking to Copyright Material Also Illegal - ScuttleMonkey 95--

"A recent ruling in Federal court upheld the ruling that the operator and ISP that hosted the site '' were guilty of copyright infringement violations because they provided access to the copyright material.

From the article: 'Dale Clapperton, vice-chairman of the non-profit organization Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), explained the ruling as follows: "If you give someone permission to do something that infringes copyright, that in itself is infringement as if you'd done it yourself. Even if you don't do the infringing act yourself, if you more or less condone someone else doing it, that's an infringing act."'"
New Zealand DMCA Moves Forward - ScuttleMonkey 99 -nzgeek writes

"The DMCA-like amendments to the New Zealand Copyright Act passed their first hurdle in parliament today, with an overwhelming 113 to 6 vote to pass the Bill to the Commerce Select Committee for further discussion. The detail-oriented can read the full debate (or rather lack of debate) + one enterprising New Zealand legal blogger has an excellent series of posts on the Bill, its background + its implications. New Zealanders interested in fighting this legislation have until the 16th of February 2007 to make submissions to the Select Committee, before the committee makes its recommendations and sends the Bill back for a second reading."
Rotating Solar-Powered Skyscraper - ScuttleMonkey 168 -PieEye writes

"Wired is pointing out a recent Gear Factor blog entry that highlights a new skyscraper in the works which will be solar-powered + what's more will rotate with the sun. From the article:

'The completed tower will offer 200 expensive apartments for people who want to spend lots of money to screw up their circadian rhythm. Singh said they want to build many more such towers, with one for every time zone.'" 19.Dec.2006 ISECOM's Top 10 Real Computer Crimes - ScuttleMonkey 119 -thelordx writes

"ISECOM, the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, has just posted their Top 10 Real Computer Crimes for 2007 and Beyond.

This list runs the gambit from poorly designed patches to chlamydia! It's entertaining, but also scary, as many of us could fall victim to some or all of them."
Blogging in Iran Takes Courage - ScuttleMonkey 97- netbuzz writes

"This morning's Boston Globe has a thought-provoking profile of Iranian bloggers who are risking everything, quite literally, to bring a modicum of openness and truth to a society where the former is not tolerated and the latter strictly defined by government/religious authorities."

19.Dec.2006 GNOSIS - Rivista Italiana di Intelligence (40) Cosa Nostra in Sicilia, nonostante l'energica repressione fascista sotto il ... Rose-Marie Borngässer, Albaner haben die Mafia längst verdrängt, ...
19.Dec.2006 Sicily - Historical Flags (Italy) # - Fahnen ... Giuliano had relationships to the Mafia + the USA thought, ...

00.000.1282-00.000.1392 Catalonia was domined Sicilia between (with the own kings, ...
19.Dec.2006 Executive Summary - View as HTML Inspector Michael O’Neill NYPD. Mr. B. Don Perritt. OJAG Army ... Mr. Raymond Heddings, DTRA Associate General Counsel, opened the Plenary Session by ...
Inside cover Final (Page II) - View as HTML Craig W. Parker General Counsel .

Victor Nakas Executive Director of. Public Affairs ...

J. Michael O’Neill, 1974, Deceased. Donald J. Sheehy, 1963 ...
[CTRL] OEN 2/1/00

00.000.1996 he became the CIA 's general counsel .

After taking over at the CIA, Mr. Deutch decided not to have a classified computer installed in his suburban ...
[CTRL] Ex-CIA Chief, During Inquiry, Helped an Aide (fwd)

Deutch, a former director of central intelligence, recommended a top CIA official for a ... Michael O'Neill, who was then general counsel of the agency, ...
09.Feb.2000 NucNews - Snider's report criticizes Slatkin + former CIA general counsel Michael O'Neill, another Deutch loyalist, concluding that they took actions that "had the ...
02.Jun.2004 NucNews - When Michael O'Neill heard about the two young soldiers from the 10th ... David L. Sobel, general counsel for Electronic Privacy Information Center, ...
The Classified Home Computer Mystery Solved : Quite easily, I ... But Deutch insisted +, with support from then- CIA General Counsel Michael O'Neill, changed the contract proposed by the attorneys. ...
Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) Nomination of Michael O'Neill to the U.S. Sentencing Commission:

Committee on ... Nomination of Neal S. Wolin To Be Dept. of the Treasury General Counsel : ...
The Stakeholder

00.Oct.2005 Archives Karl Rove escaped indictment Friday in the CIA leak case but remained under ... Abramoff reportedly told Flanigan, the company’s general counsel, ...
19.Dec.2006 Eye on the Empire No doubt he was not the only CIA employee to be sometimes lax about the details ...

Nora Slatkin + general counsel, Michael O’Neill, "had the effect of ...
WIA-IU Partial Archive - Vol. 01, No. 05 -

07.Feb.2000 A report from the CIA's Non-Proliferation Center says that that Iraq is ... Nora Slatkin + general counsel, Michael O'Neill, despite instructions from ...
(DV) Hall: Globalizing Homeland Security, Part 1

Illustrating the vague quality of the U.S. perspective, Michael O’Neill, former general counsel to the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, ...
Cybersecurity czar urges more spending to protect IT infrastructure ... of Internet security," said Michael O'Neill, a partner at the Seattle-based law firm Preston Gates & Ellis LLP + former general counsel to the CIA . ...,10801,65468,00.html
Here some interesting tidbits

According to his attorney, former CIA general counsel Michael O'Neil "will decline to answer questions about his role in a security investigation of former ...;read=10814
The United States JAG Corps Judge Advocate General's Corps ...

Advocate JAG Corps Army General Counsel - Staff Judge Advocate JAG Corps ... Michael McGrady Michael Muhney Michael O'Neill Michael Paul Chan Michael ...
The Leading Lawyers in America - View as HTML

Shortlist of Most Coveted General Counsel, The Plaintiffs’ Lawyers ... Michael O’Neill . Senate Judiciary Committee (Washington, D.C.) The chief ...
West Wing Web - Regular Characters

Ron Butterfield, a Secret Service agent, is played by Michael O'Neill . ... to the United Nations; General Counsel, US Delegation to the United Nations, ...
CrimProf Blog:

03.Oct.2005-09.Oct.2005 William Mitchell Associate Professor A. John Radsan, former assistant general counsel at the CIA, to moderate. Registration required.
ABLE DANGER and Intelligence Information Sharing

The FBI + the CIA said, ``What is the Army's Information Dominance Center? ... We were visited by our--the INSCOM's General Counsel + the man was named ...
19.Dec.2006 -

Former CIA General Counsel Declines to Testify in Deutch ...

The committee has been told Michael O'Neill will not appear on the advise of his lawyer.

O'Neill was general counsel at the CIA at the time the classified ...
Investigation into Deutch Security Breach Impeded

The original investigation into Deutch’s actions was overseen by Michael O’Neill, the CIA ’s general counsel at the time + executive director Nora Slatkin ...
Deutch Took Consulting Post To Retain Classified Computers

But Deutch insisted and, with support from then- CIA General Counsel Michael O’Neill, changed the contract proposed by the attorneys. ...
Neohapsis Archives - ISN - #0079 - [ISN] Pentagon probe targets Deutch

The FBI was first told about the security breach by Michael O'Neill, the CIA general counsel + friend of Mr. Deutch, in a telephone call. ...
Eye on the Empire by Alan Bock It’s more by incompetence + inattention than by design, but the CIA – indeed, ... Nora Slatkin + general counsel, Michael O’Neill, "had the effect of ...

00.Apr.2000 SPSE Newsletter #1 Another "Deutch loyalist," CIA general counsel, Michael O'Neill, decided not to file a "crimes report" with the Justice Department. ...
09.Nov.2001 - Cybersecurity czar: Protect IT infrastructure

- of the fragile nature of Internet security," said Michael O'Neill, a partner at law firm Preston Gates & Ellis and former general counsel to the CIA.
Walsh Iran/Contra Report - Chapter 23 Conduct of CIA Officials ...

Erskine repeated the pilot's story to CIA General Counsel Doherty the next ... with Daniel Finn (SSCI) + Michael O'Neill (HPSCI),

19.Nov.1986 ER 46620-21; ...

As the CIA. case unfolded

1996 -in late- +

1997 -early the report says, it was closely watched by Mr. Tenet, Michael O'Neill, the agency's general counsel ...
23.Feb.2000 NEW YORK TIMES-Former CIA. Director Left ... - View as HTML

Former CIA Director Left Secrets Open to Theft, Agency Investigator Says ... Nora Slatkin + the former general counsel, Michael O'Neill - of acting ...
WWIII. - Axis of Evil - Bush, Blair + Sharon, attempt to ...

We must act not only for the good of the Peoples of Southwest Asia, ... Of David Kelly,'

14.Oct.2003 ...
birthofshadowgovernment Taken from ... Called the Titles of Nobility Act (TONA), it reads as follows: ...
Questioning the War on Terrorism On Saturday, we set up the table at the KPFA Crafts fair despite the bad weather ... “…an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in ...

19.Dec.2006 SF events 3.28 Charlie Sheen on 911 -

THURSDAY 3/30 FREE CHCOCLATE TASTING hosted by The Bay Area Fair Trade ...

Culture hackers are planning a major un-coordinated political act to get this ...
Legal Rights for Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen JAG Corps Judge ...

Michael McGrady Michael Muhney Michael O'Neill Michael Paul Chan Michael ... Advocate JAG Corps Army General Counsel - Staff Judge Advocate JAG Corps ...
What will his excuse be to use the Bomb?...[was Re: Sadly, the ... role as general counsel for the ACLU... the organization that supported the ...

And the State, through drug runners like Barry Seal, a CIA covert ...
Wilsongate: CIA Plame leak case (6/17/03-5/23/04)

If I go to Novak and tell him that Toensing's a CIA "operative" (the ... Re:Wilsongate: WH outs fmr ambassador Wilson's CIA wife in revenge for yellowcake ...
Thunderstone: - Reliable Security Information 14

Casey appeared before HPSCI + SSCI with these CIA officers:

George; CIA General Counsel David Doherty; Comptroller Childs; National Intelligence ...

JAG Corps Judge Advocate General's Corps: Legal Branch of the U.S. ...

Judge Advocate JAG Corps Army General Counsel - Staff Judge Advocate JAG ... Michael McGrady Michael Muhney Michael O'Neill Michael Paul Chan Michael ...
Officers' Directory :: International Bar Association

Richard P Bernard, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, U.S.A. ... Michael O'Neill, Howrey LLP, U.S.A.. June O'Neill, Mercury Chambers, Isle of Man ...
Roundtable Hurrican Katrina Roundup

But first, "New York Times" reporter Judith Miller made her second appearance today before a grand jury investigating the leak of CIA officer Valerie ...

Meredith Fuchs is the General Counsel of the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

In that capacity, she has become one of the top FOIA ...
20060316 CIA + the Law: The Evolving Role of the CIA's General Counsel, The : Summer

00.000.1981 ...

16.Mar.2006 The CIA + Nazi ...
PC World - Protect Technology, Says Cybersecurity Czar ... of prominent government Web sites such as NASA, the Pentagon + the CIA .

... at law firm Preston Gates & Ellis and former general counsel to the CIA . ...,aid,70264,00.asp
19.Dec.2006 Archive:

11.Sep.2001 Investigation (See ) Below is the actual Joint Chiefs of ... 9/11 Commission Probes FAA Delay in Reporting Hijackings, ...
NESARA Updates, Dove Reports, II [doveofo] NESARA; NTAT; US Dollar Future; “P-triot Act II” & News Reporting . Full Report.

28.Nov.2004 ...
Compu. chip 4 humans - Heated Debate -

Right to Financial Privacy Act •

Fair Credit Reporting Act .. ...
Your Credit: Personal Information goes public Starting July 1st ...

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies who can obtain a copy of your credit report + ... ...
On the London Bombings (new thread) | Independent World Television

... completely of their choosing + for a citizen to get credit on the quiz you must show ...
20050202 When the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed, Wackenhut gave the ... ...

19.Dec.2006 Taking Back Your Power: Your Re-Declaration of Independence

Your credit, labor, productivity and property have been used + is now being used ... editors + publishers for reporting the truth about the government. ...
Gegenwärtig verfolgt Snow die Idee, weibliche Pythons gleichsam als Lockvögel in die Freiheit zu entlassen.

Vier Weibchen waren vergangene Woche bereits in den Everglades unterwegs, unter der Haut winzige implantierte Funksender.

In der bald anbrechenden Paarungszeit, so die Hoffnung, werden sie die Ranger zu den versteckten Balzplätzen der Pythons führen.

Sie wollten wissen, wie gute Laune, Aufmerksamkeit und Kreativität zusammenhängen.

Sie ist nicht nur äußerst angenehm, die gute Laune. Sie hilft sogar bei der Bearbeitung kreativer Aufgaben. Das fanden Psychologen der University of Toronto in einer Studie heraus, die in der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Proceedings to the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS) erscheint. Gute Laune fördert alle Denkleistungen, die mit Einfallsreichtum und ungewöhnlichen Sichtweisen zu tun haben - schlechte Laune die räumliche Konzentration. So lassen sich die Ergebnisse des Tests schnell zusammenfassen.
die Probanden in trauriger oder neutraler Stimmung. Diese könnten ihre Konzentration in einer Art Tunnelblick so verengen, dass sie sich nicht so sehr ablenken ließen.
Diese gesteigerte Fähigkeit, abseitige Assoziationen für vertraute Worte zu erzeugen, legten die Forscher als Kreativität aus.
19.Dec.2006 Vor Sizilien: 648 Flüchtlinge aus 30- Meter- Boot gerettet

19.Dec.2006 ifo- Geschäftsklimaindex: Wirtschaft im Weihnachtstaumel
19.Dec.2006 Hacker gegen Mafiosi: Handy abgeschaltet, FBI hört mit
19.Dec.2006 Milliarden- Geschäft: Swisscom kauft Vodafone- Anteil zurück
19.Dec.2006 Brasilien: Frau sticht Abgeordneten wegen Diätenerhöhung nieder
Nahost: Blutige Kämpfe zwischen Hamas und Fatah
19.Dec.2006 Pentagon- Bericht: Sicherheitslage im Irak dramatisch verschlechtert

19.Dec.2006 Psychologie: Gute Laune erweitert den Blickwinkel
19.Dec.2006 Nuclear Weapon Nearly Detonated in the USA : A watchdog group charges a nuclear warhead nearly exploded in Texas when it was being dismantled at the government's Pantex facility near Amarillo.

19.Dec.2006 U.N. peacekeepers accused of rape: Reports that peacekeepers raped teenage girls have surfaced in Haiti, where a United Nations mission so far had avoided the sexual abuse scandals that have sullied the international organization's reputation in other parts of the world.

19.Dec.2006 Tucson military recruiters ran cocaine : Two military recruiting stations sit side-by-side there, one run by the Army, the other by the Marines. Between them, a total of seven recruiters were on the take, secretly accepting bribes to transport cocaine, even as most spent their days visiting local high schools.

19.Dec.2006 Jason Miller: Call me Ebenezer, but Christmas as we know it needs to go.....: Bursting forth with renewed intensity, the “War on Christmas” is back 00.000.2006.
19.Dec.2006 Blair to Peretz: Help strengthen Abbas: British Prime Minister Tony Blair requested of Israel's Defense Minister Amir Peretz to help construct Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' abilities in a meeting between the two.

19.Dec.2006 War is a racket: Israel arms sales peak despite Lebanon war fallout:

00.000.2006 Israel's defence exports hit record levels, an official said on Sunday, despite predictions they would be hurt by the Israeli military's tactical setbacks during its war in Lebanon.

19.Dec.2006 Syria willing to attack Israel: Despite Syria's peace overtures it is "more willing now than ever before" to take military action against Israel, Mossad Chief Meir Dagan told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday.

19.Dec.2006 War Pimp Alert:

00.000.2009-00.000.2010 Iran Will Acquire Nuke Weapon-By-: Mossad spy master Meir Dagan told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Monday that the time for stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is growing shorter.

19.Dec.2006 US sees UN sanctions against Iran voted within days: The UN Security Council will adopt sanctions against Iran within days in response to Tehran's refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program, a senior US official said.

19.Dec.2006 Reputation of Security Council at stake: US sees UN sanctions against Iran voted within days:

The UN Security Council will adopt sanctions against Iran within days in response to Tehran's refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program, a senior US official said.

19.Dec.2006 Iran claims to have 1,400 uranium mines: A senior nuclear official in Iran said that the country has 1,400 uranium mines it is using to fuel its growing nuclear power generation.

19.Dec.2006 Dollar dropped in Iran asset move : Iran is to shift its foreign currency reserves from dollars to euros and use the euro for oil deals in response to US-led pressure on its economy.

19.Dec.2006 No Matter What Ahmadinejad Does He'll be Portrayed as the New Hitler: No matter how vigorously Ahmadinejad plays to Western public opinion, he can't win.
19.Dec.2006 Taliban Plans 'Takeover' by 2010 : The Taliban organization has set the year 2010 as its deadline for the complete takeover of Afghanistan, an intelligence source revealed, according to the Pakistani daily The Nation.
19.Dec.2006 Iraqi ex-minister spirited from police custody: Plain-clothes Americans have taken a former Iraqi electricity minister, who is a dual U.S. citizen, from Iraqi police custody where he was awaiting trial on corruption charges, Iraqi officials said on Monday.

19.Dec.2006 Former U.S. Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment : Detainee 200343 was among thousands of people who have been held and released by the American military in Iraq + his account of his ordeal has provided one of the few detailed views of the Pentagon’s detention operations since the abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib.

19.Dec.2006 U.S. seeks to rein in its military spy teams: U.S. Special Forces teams sent overseas on secret spying missions have clashed with the CIA and carried out operations in countries that are staunch U.S. allies

19.Dec.2006 It's Either Occupation or Education: Two in three children in Iraq have simply stopped going to school, according to a government report.
19.Dec.2006 Top Marine Says More Troops For Iraq Possible: Gen. James T. Conway said a meeting with President Bush left him convinced that the president was considering a "strategy change" that could send five more brigades — about 17,500 troops — to Iraq

19.Dec.2006 Democrat backs Iraq troop increase : The senate's top Democrat politician has offered qualified support for a plan to increase US forces in Iraq, saying it would be acceptable as part of a broader strategy to bring combat forces home by 2008.

19.Dec.2006 Clinton Wants "Larger Plan" For Iraq: Clinton again defended her vote to authorize military intervention in Iraq, but criticized President Bush's handling of the war and other issues.

19.Dec.2006 About Face: Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal : For the first time since Vietnam, an organized, robust movement of active-duty US military personnel has publicly surfaced to oppose a war in which they are serving. Those involved plan to petition Congress to withdraw American troops from Iraq.

19.Dec.2006 Bush administration elaborates plans for bloodbath in Iraq: Reports on the Bush administration’s discussions on a change of course in Iraq indicate that Washington is preparing a major new bloodbath as part of a desperate attempt to salvage its nearly four-year-old bid to conquer the oil-rich country.

19.Dec.2006 Gates sworn in as US defense secretary: Former CIA Director Robert Gates was officially sworn in as U.S. secretary of defense on Monday, replacing embattled Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld, who was under fire for his handling of the Iraq war.

19.Dec.2006 Former Iraqi Cabinet minister escapes police custody in Baghdad: A dual U.S.-Iraqi citizen and the country's only postwar Cabinet minister to be convicted of corruption has escaped police custody for a second time, an Iraqi official said Monday.
19.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld has one last lie for the road -By ROBERT SCHEER
I’m not going down that negative road that finished off old Bob McNamara’s legacy. What a disappointment - this is a guy who could sell us the Vietnam War and then blows it by suddenly getting all squishy about the truth when he’s long retired. Jeez Louise, he was once my role model. No secretary of defense ever sold a losing war better.

19.Dec.2006 U.S. Troops Should Leave Country, But How Will America Then Keep Control of Oil Fields? -By Linda McQuaig
Advising the Bush administration on how to deal with the Iraq fiasco, the report of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group urges the president to clarify that Washington does not seek to control Iraq's oil. It then gets down to business and sets out exactly how Washington should take control of Iraq's oil.

19.Dec.2006 Designer Monsters -By William Blum -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a man seemingly custom-made for the White House in its endless quest for enemies with whom to scare Congress, the American people + the world, in order to justify the unseemly behavior of the empire. Continue

19.Dec.2006 Hamas ready for peaceful coexistence with Israel within the borders of 1967. -By Rainer Rupp- A Must Read Interview with Hamas-Leader Khaled Meshaal. Continue

19.Dec.2006 Will The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Ever End?  -By Liam Bailey In the current climate it is unlikely that Israel will go all out for peace. It appears that their every action is aimed at guaranteeing continued U.S support. That includes continuing the conflict and making the Palestinians look like --terrorists-- the bad guys. Continue

19.Dec.2006 US and Latin America: Overview for 2006 -Perspectives for 2007
By James Petras
The weakest link in Washington’s projected strategy in Latin America is the re-emergence of socio-political movements, like those which burst forth in the late 1990’s and first years of the new century: The MST in Brazil, the workers, peasant and Indian movements in Bolivia and Ecuador and the mass uprising in Oaxaca and electoral protests in Mexico are in the process of re-grouping, none having suffered a historic defeat.

19.Dec.2006 The terrorist you've never heard of -By Alex Koppelman -Unlike alleged al-Qaida terrorist Jose Padilla, right-wing "dirty bomber" Demetrius Crocker was investigated and prosecuted the old-fashioned constitutional way. Continue
19.Dec.2006 Poll: Approval for Iraq handling drops to new low. A record 70 % of respondents said they disapproved of Bush's war management, up from 64 % in the October poll. Why is This Pathetic Man Still Occupying the White House?
Pentagon: Iraq Violence in Fall Reaches Record Levels

19.Dec.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Ray Coughenour: Staying in Iraq Until the "Job Is Done"? -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
BuzzFlash Earned the Honor of Being Called "the Shrillest and Most Dimwitted Political Site on the Web" by the Wall Street Journal. What a Compliment, Considering the Source. Spend or Donate $100.00 or More From December 8 Through December 18th and Receive a FREE BuzzFlash Floppy Hat! -- And, Remember, Free Shipping in the U.S. on ANY Order. Spend Your Dollars at and Make Them Count. (FREE Shipping in the U.S.) Give a gift to your conscience. Buy Progressive from
Powell dismisses Sunday "surge" hype: "There really are no additional is about broken" 12/18

19.Dec.2006 The Torment Of Whistleblower Donald Vance, Detainee 200343:
"Unimaginable" treatment of an American in Iraq. It's pretty clear that this brave man got Bushevik payback for informing on the war profiteering that undermined our armed forces.

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms burst into Red Crescent offices on Sunday and kidnapped more than two dozen people at the humanitarian organization in the latest sign of the country's growing lawlessness
FEMA's Renaissance Village: "Hundreds of children in the trailer camp that is run by FEMA; They?re trapped here in a demoralizing, overcrowded environment with adults who are mostly broke, jobless and at the end of their emotional tethers." 12/19
Gingrich's Latest Political Ressurection: Corporate Pointman for Internet Censorship 12/19

19.Dec.2006 Saudis and the surge Why would the new Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, offer tentative backing for a "surge" of additional troops in Iraq, albeit for a limited period? At this point, most Dems want a withdrawal; the only question is how rapid.
The commentary on Reid's remark has ignored the Saudi factor. As noted in a
previous post, the Saudis, who did not favor the invasion, now do not favor an American withdrawal. If America leaves, Saudia Arabia will have to step in to protect Iraq's Sunnis, just as Iran will support Iraq's Shi'ites. Proxy war may give way to regional chaos.
The Saudis hold a commanding position: "We're not asking you; we're telling you." We need their oil and their money. The Saudis have already begun to shift major investments to Europe + they may follow Iran's lead by switching to the Euro.

19.Dec.2006 The Strange Case of Banker John Deuss - Russia Intelligence

The owner of two banks, one in Bermuda ( Bermuda Commercial Bank ) + the other in ...

Deuss was a close friend of Stephen Curtis, a British lawyer who held ...
L’étrange destin du banquier John Deuss - Russia Intelligence ... l’une aux Bermudes ( Bermuda Commercial Bank ) l’autre à Curaçao dans les Antilles ...

Deuss était très lié avec Stephen Curtis, l’avocat britannique qui ...
Bermuda Credit Card Processors

Curtis Ward: 441-239-2012

Gordon Ward: 441-239-2013 ...

Bermuda Commercial Bank Bldg., 2nd Fl., 43 Victoria St., Hamilton HM 12, Email Web Site ...
Commercial Credit News Bermuda Commercial Bank Chairman Resigns ... Curtis Lumber acquires 4 yards.

Dollar lifted as market sees silver lining in weak jobs repo ...
Foreign Direct Investing Bermuda Commercial Bank Chairman Resigns ... Mortgages deserve keen attention.

What's so bad about being rich? Curtis Lumber acquires 4 yards ...
Millionaire maker Says Life Coach Curtis Jasper... for, with + by them with someone who is

... until recently, chairman of Bermuda Commercial Bank, is being questioned in ...
Truth and Beauty... - View as HTML

This was the world of Stephen Curtis until he lost his nerve and, ...

After a day of work in wintry London, Curtis was looking forward to getting home to ...
Institutional Investor | Investing Financial News | Financial ...

Conyers Dill & Pearman Bermuda, Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited, N/A, Leverage is only used for bridging subscriptions + redemptions.
Scoop: Suzan Mazur:

John Deuss - The Manhattan projects

At the time of Curtis' death, he was also a director of Bermuda Commercial Bank, the bank chaired by Deuss.

"It's close," Deuss said, sometime towards the ...
Global Affairs

What is the relationship between Stephen Curtis + the following individuals + institutions? ...

Bermuda Commercial Bank BCB. Thank you ...
currents 00 dev - View as HTML

Curtis + Edith Munson Foundation ...

Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited.

Bermuda Forwarders Ltd.

Bermuda Gas & Utility.

Bermuda Paint Company Limited ...
00.000.2000 BBSR Annual Report - View as HTML

Curtis + Edith Munson Foundation.

Erling D. Naess Fund for Marine. Research ...

Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited.

Bermuda Forwarders Ltd. ...
19.Nov.2006 Postman Patel :

Stephen Curtis, who mysteriously died in an unusual helicopter accident + ... as chairman + chief executive officer of Bermuda Commercial Bank (BCB) in ...
Joseph Deus — Chris Deuters : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Deuss, John, Bermuda Commercial Bank Ltd.

John Deuss, the Bank's Chairman + CEO, ...

Deussen, Curtis, P&C Insurance Systems, Inc.

Curtis R. Deussen . ...
Actueel nieuws: Deuss en de Ruski’s (2)

... miljard dollar heeft laten spoelen en strijken via de Bermuda Commercial Bank.

... te vrezen voor eenzelfde lot als zijn Yukos-associé Stephen Curtis, ...
Actueel nieuws: Deuss en de Ruski’s

Daarmee kwam Stephen Curtis als Dritte im Bunde haast automatisch

00.Nov.2---- ... val was Stephen ook een van de directeuren van de

Bermuda Commercial Bank . ...
KOZMO COM INC Securities Registration Statement (S-1) EXHIBIT 4.1

Bermuda Commercial Bank Building 44 Church Street Hamilton HM 12 Bermuda ...

Attn: James Curtis . Seligman New Technologies Fund, Inc. 100 Park Avenue ...
20.Mar.2000 -on- SEC Info - Kozmo Com Inc - S-1 - EX-4.1

19.Dec.2006 Welcome to KIPF Homepage

Curtis was also a director of the Bermuda Commercial Bank, which, according to its website, performs discreet financial services for wealthy clients,
00.Dec.2005 Pundita: The bank acts as a "correspondent" bank for the Bermuda Commercial Bank Ltd., ... "Pundita, dear, your post on Stephen Curtis shows the instincts of a mud ...
20050221 John Deuss, Bermuda resident,


Bermuda Commercial Bank Ltd,

Transworld Oil ...

00.000.---- -once- Barclay's Bank owned 32 % of The Bermuda Commercial Bank, ...
Inopressa: ?? ...? ? 1 ??

1999 ??? Curtis & Co. ... ? Bermuda Commercial Bank, ??, ...
Scoop Features: Chronologically

00.000.---- -until recently- chairman of Bermuda Commercial Bank, is being questioned in his ...

Knew Identity of Leaker From Start; Mark Curtis - The Myth Of The ? ...
Alacra Store - Keyword Search Results:

BCB Bruce Curtis Bower and Associates Bruce Curtis Bower and Associates, Gale Company Profiles ...


? Valmet, ? ?? Curtis & Co ??? '

Bermuda Commercial Bank, ..
ino???.Ru | ? ? (Stephen Curtis ), ?, .. ?? '

Bermuda Commercial Bank ', ... abc warriors - in Bank - London UK

Justice Curtis in the Civil War era : at the crossroads. ... London

... until recently, chairman of Bermuda Commercial Bank, is being questioned in his . ...,Bank/localsearch.cfm
SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL LLP Attorneys for Quigley Company, Inc., 919 ... - View as HTML

Margolis EdelsteinThe Curtis Center –. 4th Floor, Independence Square West ...

The Bermuda Commercial Bank Building. 43 Victoria Street ...
1st Bush Administration

Formerly involved with JINSA - The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs - which included Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Feith, John Bolton + ...


00.000.1977-00.000.2000 ist die Temperatur nach ICIMOD-Daten um 0,09 Grad angestiegen - pro Jahr. Das klingt für Laien nach wenig, sei aber vier Mal schneller als die globale Erwärmung im gleichen Zeitraum. "Einige kleinere Studien in dieser Region haben gezeigt, dass die Gletscher weiter abschmelzen und die Gletscherseen in Zahl und Größe zunehmen", sagte Shrestha zu SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Denn weil es im Himalaya auch weiterhin wärmer wird, werden Hunderte Gletscher in immer schnellerem Tempo schmelzen und somit zurückweichen, vor allem die kleineren. Zum Beispiel die Zunge des Gletschers Kongma Tikpe in Nepal: Erst ging sie um 60 Zentimeter pro Jahr zurück (1976 bis 1978), dann um zweieinhalb Meter pro Jahr (1978 bis 1989) + bei der jüngsten Messung waren es jährlich schon rund zehn Meter (1989 bis 2004).

Forscher schlagen Alarm: Alle 200 bis 300 Jahre habe es in der Region blitzschnelle Fluten mit Katastrophen-Potenzial gegeben, doch nun würden sie alle zwei bis drei Jahre kommen, sagt Arun Shrestha vom International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Nepal. Der Grund ist der gleiche, der die Polkappen schmelzen und den Meeresspiegel steigen lässt: der Klimawandel und die damit einhergehende Erderwärmung.
"Was dem Euro helfen könnte, ist der sehr unwahrscheinliche Fall eines Beitritts Großbritanniens zum gemeinsamen Währungsraum", meint der Experte. Grundsätzlich gelte, "je größer und stärker eine Volkswirtschaft ist, desto größer ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass ihre Währung zur internationalen Reservewährung wird."

Trotz der Bemühungen seitens des Staates, den Haschisch-Konsum mit Verboten zu unterbinden, umfasse die jährliche Produktion das Zehnfache der Menge von 1981, argumentiert Gettman. Damals betrug die jährliche Produktion offiziellen Zahlen zufolge gerade einmal 1000 Tonnen. "Das Problem ist nicht nur größer geworden, was Umfang und Produktion angeht - die Produktion hat sich auch noch im ganzen Land verbreitet", schreibt er. "Zu sagen, der Geist ist aus der Flasche, ist noch eine herzliche Untertreibung." Man solle deshalb Marihuana und Haschisch gesetzlich wie Alkohol oder Tabak behandeln - schließlich beständen für den Staat ungeahnte Gewinnmöglichkeiten, da auf das Rauschgift ordentlich Steuern erhoben werden könnten.

Die Fotos von Anfang 1947 sind die ältesten auffindbaren Bilder der Erde aus dem Weltraum.

"Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es frühere gibt", sagte Niklas Reinke vom Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) in Bonn.

Wer hätte die auch schießen sollen? Der Aufstieg der Raumfahrtnationen USA und UdSSR begann mit erbeutetem Kriegsgut aus Peenemünde an der Ostsee.

Und zumindest am Anfang hatten dabei die Amerikaner die Nase vorn.
Am 24. Oktober 1946, das sagen die Protokolle, fand jener erste Flug mit einer Filmkamera in der Spitze der V2 statt. Der damals 19-jährige Wehrpflichtige Fred Rulli berichtete im "Air & Space Magazine", dass die Kamera bei der Landung in der Wüste zerstört wurde. Den Film aber habe eine harte Stahlkassette geschützt.

Als die Forscher die Aufnahmen bargen, seien sie außer Rand und Band gewesen. "Sie waren in Ekstase, sprangen auf und ab wie kleine Kinder", so Rulli.

Unter dem Namen A4 (für Aggregat 4) wurde die Rakete erstmals im Jahr 1942 an der damaligen Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemünde getestet. Ihren martialischen Propagandanamen "Vergeltungswaffe 2" (kurz V2) erhielt sie erst im Oktober 1944 von Hitlers oberstem Hetzer Joseph Goebbels. Ab September setzte die Wehrmacht die Waffe vor allem gegen englische und belgische Städte ein, insgesamt flogen mehr als 3000 Raketen.

Der geistige Vater der Technologie, der Ingenieur Wernher von Braun, Mitglied in der NSDAP und der SS, stellte sich wenige Tage vor der Kapitulation des Deutschen Restreichs der US-Armee - die ihn und Angehörige seiner Forschungsgruppe als Teil der Operation "Paperclip" in die USA holten. Im thüringischen Nordhausen konnten die US-Truppen rund 100 V2-Raketen erbeuten, demontieren und in die USA bringen. Dort dienten sie dann in White Sands als Grundlage des US-Raumprogramms. Auch die ersten Raketenstarts im späteren Raumfahrtbahnhof Cape Canaveral in Florida fanden mit modifizierten V2-Raketen namens "Bumper" statt: Auf sie hatte man eine "WAC Corporal"-Rakete als zweite Stufe montiert.
Drohender Bürgerkrieg in Nahost: Abbas fleht internationale Gemeinschaft um Hilfe an
18.Dec.2006 Bilanzkosmetik: Dax schließt auf Sechsjahreshoch
Fangquote erhöht: Grönland will mehr Einhorn- Wale jagen
Bedrohliche Gletscherseen: Killer vom Dach der Welt
18.Dec.2006 Geldanlage 2007: Hochzeitssaison in Indien treibt die Goldpreise
18.Dec.2006 Von Gewalt im Irak überschattet: Gates tritt Rumsfeld- Nachfolge an

18.Dec.2006 Iran: Die Reformer sind zurück
18.Dec.2006 Atomflug: Brisante Fracht in Russland angekommen
18.Dec.2006 Umfrage: Deutsche haben Europa- Blues
18.Dec.2006 Französische Nationalheilige: Zweifel an Jeanne d'Arcs Reliquie (
18.Dec.2006 Saudischer Sicherheitsbericht: Iran baut Schiitenstaat im Irak auf

18.Dec.2006 Weltwährung der Zukunft: China entscheidet über das Schicksal des Dollars
18.Dec.2006 US- Drogen- Lobby: Staat soll mit Cannabis Cash machen
18.Dec.2006 Abbas' letztes Angebot: Hamas darf weiterregieren, wenn sie Israel anerkennt

18.Dec.2006 Deutschland AG international: Ein Däne wird Chef von Henkel
18.Dec.2006 Horoskop- Sprache analysiert: Astro- Opium fürs Volk
18.Dec.2006 Wirtschaftsexperten zu 2007: Bis zu 500.000 weniger Arbeitslose
18.Dec.2006 Auslandsspionage: US- Einheiten behindern sich bei Terroristenjagd
Globaler Riese: Norwegen schmiedet weltgrößten Meer- Öl- Förderer (
18.Dec.2006 Darlehen- Affäre: Blair- Umfeld soll Ermittlungen behindern
18.Dec.2006 Exxon Mobil "market perform" Rating-Update: Arlington ( AG) - Die Analysten von Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co stufen die Aktie von Exxon Mobil (ISIN US30231G1022/WKN 852549) von "outperform" auf "market perform" herab. (18.12.2006/ac/a/u)
18.Dec.2006 McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story - Paul Joseph Watson -Shows McVeigh was in military receiving instruction in "explosives and demolition" over a year after official
18.Dec.2006 House Armed Services Chairman ‘Extremely Concerned’ With Iraq Escalation Plans - Nico -

Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), the incoming chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has released a statement expressing his serious concern over proposals to increase the U.S. presence in Iraq by up to 50,000 troops:

“The recent speculation in the press regarding an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 or even 50,000 troops in Iraq has left me with many concerns. Everything I’ve heard and everything I know to be true lead me to believe that this increase at best won’t change a thing + at worst could exacerbate the situation even further. I am also extremely concerned about the additional burden that would be placed on the Army and Marine Corps.

“The Iraqis need to understand that responsibility for the future of that country is theirs. Beginning the redeployment of some number of American forces would send that message. I urge the President to carefully consider this option to help move the political situation in Iraq forward.

Yesterday, incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said he could support a brief increase in troop levels but only as part of a plan for phased withdrawal. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), a member of the Armed Services Committee, have said they do not favor troop increases.

Read Skelton’s full statement:

Skelton Congratulates Gates and Expresses Reservations on Increased Troop Levels

WASHINGTON, DC - Today Ranking Member Ike Skelton (MO), released the following statement congratulating Secretary Gates and expressing reservation about the proposed increase in troops levels deployed to Iraq.

“I congratulate Secretary Gates on his official assumption of office. I look forward to working with him to meet the needs of our military today and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

“One of those challenges will be Iraq. What we do to solve that situation is one of the most pressing questions facing the new Secretary.

“The recent speculation in the press regarding an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 or even 50,000 troops in Iraq has left me with many concerns. Everything I’ve heard and everything I know to be true lead me to believe that this increase at best won’t change a thing + at worst could exacerbate the situation even further. I am also extremely concerned about the additional burden that would be placed on the Army and Marine Corps.

“The Iraqis need to understand that responsibility for the future of that country is theirs. Beginning
Snow Denies White House Censored Critic, Moments After Admitting He Knew Nothing About It - Payson -

Flynt Leverett, a Middle East analyst who served under President Bush on the National Security Council, revealed

on Friday that the White House has been blocking the publication of an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times.

The column is critical of the administration’s refusal to engage Iran.

Leverett accused the White House of trying to “silence an established critic of the administration’s foreign policy incompetence.” (Steve Clemons, Christy Hardin Smith + Juan Cole have more.)

Today, Tony Snow was asked about Leverett’s allegations at the White House press briefing. At first, Snow admitted, “I don’t know anything about it.” Moments later, however, he issued a definitive denial.

“The White House is not blocking his writings,” Snow said.

Watch it: Transcript:

QUESTION: Flynt Leverett — a former NSC official, Mideast expert;

he also worked for the CIA — has charged that the administration has blocked publication of an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times simply because he’s critical of the administration’s Iran policy.

SNOW: I doubt that. But Flynt has been plenty critical and plenty public in the past. I don’t know…


QUESTION: … now being blocked because he’s become increasing critical at a time when it’s politically important for the White House to have public support for its foreign policy.

SNOW: I sincerely doubt that, but I’ll try to find out. I don’t know anything about it except, come on, it’s not like Flynt has not been out publicly on a number of occasions questioning the administration.

QUESTION: But he says the CIA has cleared this particular piece + the White House has blocked it. So my question is…

SNOW: The White House is not blocking his writings.
Bush’s New Strategy: Copy The ‘Success’ of Vietnam - Judd -

Retired General Jack Keane is an “influential member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board” who met with President Bush last week to push his plan to send 40,000 more U.S. troops to Iraq. According to media reports, President Bush is leaning toward taking Keane’s advice.

In the most recent issue of the Weekly Standard, editor Fred Barnes lauds Keane’s plan. He explains that is an “application” of the “counterinsurgency approach” that was executed “so successfully” in Vietnam:

The Keane-Kagan plan is not revolutionary. Rather, it is an application of a counterinsurgency approach that has proved to be effective elsewhere, notably in Vietnam. There, Gen. Creighton Abrams cleared out the Viet Cong so successfully that the South Vietnamese government took control of the country. Only when Congress cut off funds to South Vietnam 00.000.1974 were the North Vietnamese able to win.

Barnes is parroting the view of Henry Kissinger. Bob Woodward explained in his book, State of Denial:

Kissinger sensed wobbliness everywhere on Iraq + he increasingly saw it through the prism of the Vietnam War. For Kissinger, the overriding lesson of Vietnam is to stick it out.

In his writing, speeches and private comments, Kissinger claimed that the USA had essentially won the war 00.000.1972, only to lose it because of the weakened resolve of the public and Congress.

You know Iraq is going badly when people suggest the way to turn it around is to make it more like Vietnam.

UPDATE: Rick Perlstein explains why Kissinger was wrong:

To begin unraveling the true meaning of Kissinger’s advice to the White House, we have to go back to August 3, 1972. On that date, President Nixon repeated to the good doctor, his national security adviser, what he’d been saying in private since 1966: America’s war aim (standing up a pro-American and anti-Communist South Vietnamese government in Saigon) was a fantasy. “South Vietnam probably can never even survive anyway,” the president sighed. But a presidential election was coming up. He had long before promised he was removing the U.S. presence, more-or-less victoriously (though “victory” was a word Nixon, by then, wisely avoided; instead, he called it “peace with honor”).

It was Kissinger, who had been shuttling back and forth to Paris for peace negotiations with the enemy, who named the dilemma: “We’ve got to find some formula that holds the thing together a year or two, after which–after a year, Mr. President, Vietnam will be a backwater. If we settle it, say, this October, by January ‘74, no one will give a damn.” Thus was confirmed what historians would come to call the “decent interval” strategy. Having pledged to Saigon–and American conservatives–that Communist troops would not be allowed in South Vietnam after a peace deal was signed, Kissinger negotiated the opposite. “Peace is at hand,” he announced on the eve of the 1972 presidential election, in one of his rare appearances before the TV cameras. The USA left the following spring; the Communists moved in; Saigon fell.

That’s not how Nixon and Kissinger told the story, of course. They blamed the defeat on a combination of the liberal congressmen who refused to vote for continued aid to South Vietnam 00.000.1974 and Saigon’s own unfortunate lack of will.
“Saddam Hussein had more legal counsel than I ever had.” - Nico -

Navy veteran Donald Vance, who “went to Iraq as a security contractor, became a whistle-blower about possible illegal weapons trading at the firm for which he was working + ended up being erroneously detained for 97 days at the military’s maximum-security detention facility in Baghdad.”
18.Dec.2006 31,709 Earmarks Later, Bush Decides Pork Is A Problem - Amanda -

00.000.2006, Congress allocated a record $71.77 billion “to 15,832 special projects, more than double the $29.11 billion spent on 4,155 pork-barrel projects 00.000.1994.” 00.000.2005, Congress inserted 15,877 pork projects into spending bills. In his weekend radio address, President Bush called on Congress to reform this earmarking process:

[O]ne of the best ways we can impose more discipline on federal spending is by addressing the problem of earmarks . … My administration will soon lay out a series of reforms that will help make earmarks more transparent, that will hold the members who propose earmarks more accountable + that will help reduce the number of earmarks inserted into large spending bills.

Pork is a problem. But Bush should also address reform in his own administration. Bush’s earmarks are much tougher to find, often appearing “only in closely held supplements separate from the public budget books. … [A]s head of the executive branch, the president often doesn’t need earmarks: Once federal agencies get funding from Congress, his appointees are fairly free to steer sums to places, programs and vendors as the administration decides.” A few examples of Bush’s bacon:

– “While the Education Department’s budget would be cut, Mr. Bush propose[d] a 16% increase to $204 million for teaching sexual abstinence in high schools, a popular cause for social conservatives.”

– Rep. Anne Northup (R-KY), “a target of Democrats in this year’s midterm elections,” secured “ a $3.5 million research grant for a local surgical team . The funds came not from congressional earmarks but from Pentagon accounts, according to the report.”

Bush requested “$10 million for Preserve America grants for communities’ historic preservation efforts and $50 million for the Helping America’s Youth Initiative — also among programs championed by Mrs. Bush .”

Bush may say he’s against pork, but in his six years as President, Bush has never once vetoed any of Congress’s pork-laden spending bills.
18.Dec.2006 Southern Methodist University Staff Fiercely Protest Bush Presidential Library - Nico -

The New York Daily News reported last month that President Bush and “his truest believers” are launching “their final campaign — an eye-popping, half-billion-dollar drive for the Bush presidential library.”

Bush is attempting to raise $500 million to build a library and think tank at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, the alma mater of First Lady Laura Bush. “The more [money] you have, the more influence [on history] you can exert,” one adviser said. Much of the money will be used to build a “legacy-polishing” institute:

The legacy-polishing centerpiece is an institute, which several Bush insiders called the Institute for Democracy. Patterned after Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Bush’s institute will hire conservative scholars and “give them money to write papers and books favorable to the President’s policies,” one Bush insider said.

Now, SMU faculty, administrators + staff are speaking out. In a December 16 letter to R. Gerald Turner, president of the Board of Trustees, members of SMU’s Perkins School of Theology have urged the board to “reconsider and to rescind SMU’s pursuit of the presidential library.”

We count ourselves among those who would regret to see SMU enshrine attitudes and actions widely deemed as ethically egregious: degradation of habeas corpus, outright denial of global warming, flagrant disregard for international treaties, alienation of long-term U.S. allies, environmental predation, shameful disrespect for gay persons and their rights, a pre-emptive war based on false and misleading premises + a host of other erosions of respect for the global human community and for this good Earth on which our flourishing depends.

The letter concludes, “[T]hese violations are antithetical to the teaching, scholarship + ethical thinking that best represents Southern Methodist University.”

Bush_Presidential_Library">Digg It!
January 20, 2001 - December 18, 2006. - Nico -Donald Rumsfeld’s term as Secretary of Defense is officially over.
18.Dec.2006 Brooks: Even If Troop Surge Completely Fails, It Will Help McCain Politically - Judd -

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is advocating sending up to 30,000 additional troops to Iraq. His plan is opposed by the military’s top generals and supported by just 12 % of Americans.

Yesterday on the Chris Matthews Show, New York Times columnist David Brooks said that if President Bush takes McCain’s advice and sends more troops, it will help McCain politically — even if the troop surge fails. In that event, Brooks says, McCain will “say with a lot of justice, it’s too late.” Brooks said people will not focus on the results of McCain’s plan but “his conviction.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

MATTHEWS: Welcome back.

Escalation. New signs suggest that President Bush might actually increase the troops in Iraq, a step John McCain has long called for.

Senator JOHN McCAIN: The situation in my view remains serious. It requires us to have an injection of additional troops on the ground in order to bring the situation under control, in order that the political process may proceed.

MATTHEWS: So let’s say it happens. We get more troops into Iraq early next year, but the violence and the killing continue over there. If the troop surge doesn’t turn things around, what would that do to McCain’s political chances?

I was thinking, by the way, of those old Road Runner cartoons where one guy chases the other guy + then realizes he’s off the cliff. We put it to the Matthews Meter: Would a troop surge actually hurt or help John McCain? By seven to five the Meter says it helps + sets McCain up to lead the country.

David, you think if Bush moves for more troops, following the Army’s advice, McCain’s on board, in fact, his biggest booster, that’s a doubling down for the bet for both those guys. What does it do to McCain’s future?

Mr. BROOKS: Well, I think people look at his conviction. I mean, if you look at every analysis of the war, every book that’s been written about it, it all comes back to three words: not enough troops. And John McCain has been saying that for three years + the White House did not listen to him for three years + people are going to remember that, I think.

MATTHEWS: But if it turns out that more troops don’t do the job, is he disproven.

Mr. BROOKS: Right. Well, not at this late date. I mean, then they’ll just say — and I think he’ll say with a lot of justice, it’s too late. And he said that even this week. One more surge + then we have to look at a new reality.
Philip Zelikow, - Amanda -outgoing counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was reportedly “eased out last month because he wasn’t on the same page with the administration. Some insiders felt there were suspicious leaks of his internal memos — taking issue with administration policy on Iraq and the Middle East — in books and articles.”
18.Dec.2006 December 18, 2006 - Think Progress -

Iraq’s schools, “long touted by American officials as a success story,” increasingly are “caught in the crossfire of the country’s escalating civil war.” Across the country, “campuses are being shuttered” as teachers tell of “students kidnapped on their way to school, mortar rounds landing on or near campuses and educators shot in front of children.”

Robert Gates was sworn in this morning as secretary of defense in a private event at the White House + later will attend a public swearing-in ceremony at the Pentagon. He says he intends to travel to Iraq “very soon.”

Though U.S. employees at Wal-Mart have been blocked from unionizing, “ Wal-Mart’s China headquarters have set up a Communist Party branch” after the state-sanctioned labor body successfully set up a union earlier this year.

$5.4 billion: The amount CEO’s from America’s 500 biggest companies earned last year, a 6 % raise from the previous year. See who the Top 25 earners were here.

Gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms kidnapped an estimated 28 people from the Baghdad offices of the Red Crescent humanitarian group on Sunday. Three U.S. soldiers died over the weekend, bringing December’s toll “to at least 57, on pace to surpass the 69 tallied in November.”

Authorities at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility “have clamped down decisively in recent months,” reversing a plan “to ease the conditions under which more than 400 men are imprisoned here, nearly all of them without having been charged.”

“For 20 million years, the white-fin dolphin, or baiji, swam China’s longest river, the Yangtze. But a few years of breakneck development, overfishing and a massive increase in shipping have reduced sightings of this shy, graceful creature to zero.” Scientists believe it is “the first big aquatic mammal to become extinct due to human activity.”

“The U.S. Forest Service no longer will give close environmental scrutiny to its long-term plans for America’s national forests and grasslands” or “allow the public to appeal on long-term plans for those forests.”

“Among administration officials, Congress, U.S. allies and other interested and fearful parties, there is a rising sense that Somalia is spinning rapidly out of control .” Al Qaeda has “established itself as a presence in the Somali capital,” and a “major war…looms between Somalia and Ethiopia.”

“High-ranking Democrats set to take control of both chambers are mulling ways to curb” President Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping program, as “experts say a new Congress’ efforts to limit the program could trigger a constitutional showdown.”
18.Dec.2006 George Will on Bloggers: Busy ‘Writing Their Diaries As Though Everyone Ought to Care’ - Payson -

Time Magazine named “You” — the consumers of blogs and sites like YouTube and MySpace — as its “Person of the Year.”

Today on ABC’s This Week, conservative columnist George Will mocked Time’s choice and blogging generally. “It’s about narcissism,” Will said. “So much of what is done on the web is people getting on there and writing their diaries as though everyone ought to care about everyone’s inner turmoils. I mean, it’s extraordinary.”

Watch it:

Will didn’t mention whether he believes writing columns for the Washington Post each week and appearing every Sunday on national television is a sign of “narcissism.” Digg It!

Full transcript:

RICHARD STENGEL, TIME MAGAZINE: This is about a change that really has happened this year that I think is truly epical + this is the fact that, the creation of user-generated content, online, on blogging and every which way is kind of changing the information age. It’s changing the way we get and consume news. It’s changing the way we think about things. In fact, it’s changing everything for people like us who are in traditional media because all of us have changed the way we consume news and it’s about people becoming citizens of this great new global digital democracy.

STEPHANOLOPOUS: But I was reading something just the other day that said still, only, what is it, 13 % or even fewer of americans even read a blog every day.

STENGEL: It’s not just about blogging, it’s about YouTube, it’s about MySpace. I mean, look at how, you go back to –

WILL: It’s about narcissism, which is why a mirror is absolutely perfect. So much of what is done on the web is people getting on there and writing their diaries as though everyone ought to care about everyone’s inner turmoils. I mean it’s extraordinary.
Powell Opposes Surging More U.S. Forces Into Iraq, Says There Are ‘No Additional Troops’ To Send - Judd -

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he did not support surging tens of thousands more troops in Iraq, a plan that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) supports and that President Bush is expected to carry out. “I have not seen a case that persuades me that [Iraqi security] would be better” with more forces, he said.

Powell also pointed out that the military has no more troops to send. “There are really no additional troops. All we would be doing is keeping some of the troops who were there there longer and escalating or accelerating the arrival of other troops.”

Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

POWELL: Let’s be clear about something else, Bob, that gets a little confusing. There are really no additional troops. All we would be doing is keeping some of the troops who were there there longer and escalating or accelerating the arrival of other troops.

SCHIEFFER: Let me just ask you about that because… do we have the troops? You seem to be suggesting that we don’t.

POWELL: I’m suggesting that what general Shoemaker said the other day before a committee looking at the reserve and national guard, That the active army is about broken. General Shoemaker is absolutely right. All of my contacts within the army suggest that the army has a serious problem in the active force.


SCHIEFFER: Let’s… you’ve talked about… I take it you think that the 160,000 troops are not going to be any more successful than 140,000.

POWELL: Nobody has made the case to me that 140,000… I have not seen a case that persuades me that it would be better at 150 and 160. Frankly, that would take a surge that you have to pay for later by not having troops that can come in and replace some of the 140,000 there.
“I hope everyone stays safe.” - Nico - Bill O’Reilly to U.S. troops during a trip to Iraq on Friday. O’Reilly’s guest host John Kasich said Friday that O’Reilly would be back on Monday with a “major breaking news story.”
18.Dec.2006 Colin Powell: ‘We Are Losing’ - Nico -

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he agreed with the Iraq Study Group that the situation in Iraq is “grave and deteriorating.” He disagreed with incoming Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ assessment that the U.S. is neither winning nor losing in Iraq. “We are losing,” Powell said. Watch it: Digg It! Full transcript:

POWELL: I agree with the assessment of Mr. Baker and Mr. Hamilton. It’s grave and deteriorating. As Secretary-designate of Defense Bob Gates said at his confirmation hearing, we’re not winning. So it’s grave and deteriorating + we’re not winning. We are losing. We haven’t lost. This is the time now to start to put in place the kinds of strategies that will turn this situation around.
Key Advisor To Bush Recommends Sending 40,000 More Troops To Iraq For At Least A Year - Judd -

Retired General Jack Keane is an “influential member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board” who met with President Bush at the White House last week. According to media reports, President Bush is leaning toward taking Keane’s advice on Iraq.

Today on ABC News, Gen. Keane recommended sending about 40,000 more troops to Iraq for more than one year. Watch it:

Joe Sestak, a former Navy admiral recently elected to Congress, noted “we doubled our forces in Baghdad” over the summer and “there was not only no dent in violence, it increased.”


STEPHANOPOULOS: So how many troops will that take + how long will they have to stay?

KEANE: There’s two pieces to it. One is Baghdad itself, which is the security of the people mission. That’s an additional four or five brigades to the five that are already there.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Which is a significant number of troops. That’s about 15 or 20,000 troops?

KEANE: It’s about 25,000 + then in al-Anbar, the mission would not be the security of the people. It would be to keep the insurgents and the al Qaida base off Baghdad so they’re not going to do a sideshow out there. And we would still focus on the enemy, not on the people. That would take an additional two Marine regiments out there, another 8,000 to 10,000.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So, you’re talking somewhere between 30,000 to 40,000 troops. For how long?

KEANE: Baghdad would probably take, to complete the mission militarily, to secure the people, would take well into the fall of the year. And then we would turn to al-Anbar with a different mission. We’d change the mission in al-Anbar then. So no longer as a supporting mission. It would be the main effort.

That’s the place we really probably wanted to start a couple of years ago, but we were never able to do it. The enemy made Baghdad the center of gravity, so we had no choice. We had to deal with it. And that would take another six to seven months. So that would probably go into ‘08, as well.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So we’re talking about at least a year. Admiral Sestak, what’s the matter with that plan?

SESTAK: In Iraq, we’re on the road to nowhere. Putting more troops on that road is not in the interest of the USA. We have moved troops from Anbar into Baghdad before. There was not only no dent in violence, it’s actually increased.

We doubled our forces in Baghdad. If we double and triple those forces, what we’re doing is merely putting a Band-Aid out there. Number two is we’re doing exactly what we should be doing, letting the Iraqis have more political and military dependency upon us.

And third is, we are hurting here at home. Our army is strained, so if you step back and look at the picture, if the greatest army in the world with the U.S. Marine Corps cannot handle the military situation in Baghdad, who ever thinks we could ever train the Iraqi army to do so?
Kein Dayton für den Irak ! - sfux -Der Bericht der US-Studiengruppe hält am Zentralstaat fest
Malte Olschewski - Die jüngste Weltmacht will am ältesten Schauplatz der Geschichte die unheilvollen Zeichen an der Wand, das Menetekel, nicht erkennen. Eine vom US-Kongress eingesetzte Studiengruppe unter Ex-Aussenminister James Baker hat nun das Land bereist und mit all ihren 79 Empfehlungen...

18.Dec.2006 Imam-Entführung wird Fall für Bundesrat - sfux SDA -

Die Entführung des Mailänder Imams Abu Omar durch den US-Geheimdienst CIA kommt vor den Bundesrat. Wegen des Verdachts, dass der Entführte via Schweizer Luftraum aus Italien ausgeflogen wurde, muss das Gremium weitere Ermittlungen absegnen.
Justizminister Blocher habe ein «Gesuch um eine Ermächtigung zur gerichtlichen Verfolgung eingereicht», bestätigte der Sprecher des Justiz- und Polizeidepartements, Livio Zanolari, einen Bericht der «SonntagsZeitung». Wann der Bundesrat...

USA: Kokain-Exporte via Venezuela verzehnfacht - sfux Caracas -

Kokain-Transporte durch Venezuela haben sich den USA zufolge in den vergangenen fünf Jahren verzehnfacht. Gemäss Schätzungen passierten derzeit jährlich zwischen 200 und 300 Tonnen Venezuela, sagte US-Botschafter William Brownfield am Sonntag im Fernsehen.
Durch das südamerikanische Land führt eine der wichtigsten Exportrouten für Drogen aus Kolumbien in die USA und nach Europa. Einer der Gründe sei, dass Venezuela nicht mehr mit der US-Drogenbekämpfungsbehörde...

Patient veto for e-care records Ministers agree patients can have the right to veto the sharing of their medical details under the new e-records system.
18.Dec.2006 France testing dead birds for flu French authorities say they cannot rule out bird flu as they test samples from 4,000 chickens that died on a farm.
18.Dec.2006 US defence chief warns over Iraq Robert Gates warns that failure in Iraq would be a "calamity" as he is sworn in as the new US defence chief.
18.Dec.2006 Muslim alienation risk in Europe Muslims' sense of belonging could be eroded by EU nations not tackling discrimination, a watchdog warns.
18.Dec.2006 Uruguay 'strangled' by Argentina Uruguay accuses Argentina of turning a blind eye to protests over a planned pulp mill which are "strangling" its economy.
18.Dec.2006 Nagasaki bombing labelled a crime A senior Japanese politician says the US atomic bombing of Nagasaki 00.000.1945 was inexcusable and a crime.
18.Dec.2006 Bush signs US-India nuclear bill President Bush signs into law a historic agreement allowing the US to export civilian nuclear fuel to India.
Jailed ID thieves thwart cops with crypto Criminals took part in a scam worth millions, but U.K. police admit they can't crack the gang's computer records.
18.Dec.2006 Material With Negative Refractive Index Created - kdawson 82holy_calamity writes

"The race to build a material with a negative index of refraction for visible light has been won by researchers in Germany. The advance could lead to super-lenses able to see details finer than the wavelength of visible light, or the previously predicted invisibility cloak for visible light." From the article: "[The researcher] determined the refractive index of the material by measuring the 'phase velocity' of light as it passed through. His measurements show the structure has a negative refractive index of -0.6 for light with a wavelength of 780 nm [the far red end of the visible light spectrum]. This value drops to zero at 760 nm and 800 nm + becomes positive at longer and shorter wavelengths."
New Type of Hot Air Blimp - kdawson 102- to let un know about a story up on the Experimental Aircraft Association site about a new kind of blimp. From the article:

"Alberto, whose name pays homage to Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont, is 102 feet long with a 70-foot diameter and uses hot air rather than helium for lift. Its innovative foldable frame (much like an giant umbrella) creates structural support of its hot-air envelope + it has a fly-by-wire vectored thrust steering system. Alberto is a hybrid; a hot-air balloon with aluminum ribs that looks more like a blimp, but with a tail propeller that gives it directional control." The home site of the blimp's developers has a timeline, photos + a video of the blimp in flight.
World's Largest Wind Farm Gets Green Light - Hemos 292-cliffski writes

"According to the BBC website the UK govt has just given the go ahead to two large offshore wind-farm projects. Between them the schemes would produce enough renewable electricity to power about one million households. The larger London Array project covers 144 sq miles (232 sq km) between Margate in Kent and Clacton, Essex and will be the world's biggest when it is completed. The £1.5bn scheme will have 341 turbines rising from the sea about 12 miles (20km) off the Kent and Essex coasts, as well as five offshore substations and four meteorological masts"
18.Dec.2006 This Modern World 
The year in review, Part I.

18.Dec.2006 Mystery of Joan of Arc relics is solved 

One of the most tantalising studies in forensic science appears to have ended in disappointment. posted by Prof. Hex
18.Dec.2006 It's elementary, illness ran in Doyle's family 

It is a piece of detective work worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the world's most famous fictional sleuth, suffered from a form of schizophrenia, according to new research. posted by Prof. Hex
18.Dec.2006 Diabetes breakthrough 

In a discovery that has stunned even those behind it, scientists at a Toronto hospital say they have proof the body's nervous system helps trigger diabetes, opening the door to a potential near-cure of the disease that affects millions of Canadians. posted by Prof. Hex
18.Dec.2006 James Bond, Ian Fleming and Aleister Crowley 
Cannonfire's got it. posted by Prof. Hex
18.Dec.2006 An Army of Robots!  Thrilling Wonder's got it. posted by Prof. Hex
18.Dec.2006 Litvinenko's killers used polonium worth $10m to give massive overdose 

Experts reckon that as little as 0.1 micrograms of polonium-210 would be enough to kill - the equivalent of a single aspirin tablet divided into 10 million pieces posted by Prof. Hex
The Torment Of Whistleblower Donald Vance, Detainee 200343:
"Unimaginable" treatment of an American in Iraq. It's pretty clear that this brave man got Bushevik payback for informing on the war profiteering that undermined our armed forces.

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms burst into Red Crescent offices on Sunday and kidnapped more than two dozen people at the humanitarian organization in the latest sign of the country's growing lawlessness
Powell dismisses Sunday "surge" hype: "There really are no additional is about broken" 12/18

18.Dec.2006 BuzzFlash Earned the Honor of Being Called "the Shrillest and Most Dimwitted Political Site on the Web" by the Wall Street Journal. What a Compliment, Considering the Source. Spend or Donate $100.00 or More From December 8 Through December 18th and Receive a FREE BuzzFlash Floppy Hat! -- And, Remember, Free Shipping in the U.S. on ANY Order. Spend Your Dollars at and Make Them Count. (FREE Shipping in the U.S.) Give a gift to your conscience. Buy Progressive from
Stewart-Colbert 2008 Campaign Button

18.Dec.2006 Did We Go to War to Achieve Global Economic Dominance and New Corporate Markets? Read: "The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time" (Hardcover), by Antonia Juhasz
Will Nev. set the course for 2008 pick? Nevada has a new prominence in deciding the party's next nominee. It will hold an early caucus Jan. 19, 2008, sandwiched between Iowa and New Hampshire. The prized position is an attempt to bring more diverse voices into determining the Democratic candidate beyond the two overwhelmingly white, rural states that have traditionally dominated the process. 12/18

18.Dec.2006 Fox mogul fired right-wing "O.J." publisher over anti-Semitic remarks: Report
US Envoy Says Nuclear Talks with Pyongyang at Crucial Stage 12/18

18.Dec.2006 Washington Post Buys Right Wing Spin on the Courts: "A growing list of vacancies on the federal appeals court in Richmond is heightening concern among Republicans that one of the nation's most conservative and influential courts could soon come under moderate or even liberal control, Republicans and legal scholars say." Hey, Washington Post, You Mean, We Might Get Judges Who Uphold the Constitution? What a Terrifying Thought, Eh? 12/18 18.Dec.2006 Der vergessene Krieg im Osten,

03.Sep.2006 (Friedensratschlag) Womit die Tendenz bedient wird, den Begriff » imperialistisch « aus dem wissenschaftlichen Verkehr zu ziehen + ihn ins Abseits der politischen Agitation zu ...

Neue Bush-Doktrin im strengen,objektiven Sinn des Wortes ... imperialistisch :.Sie beansprucht für die Vereinigten Staaten einseitig ein Recht, für zahlreiche Länder der restlichen Welt ...
18.Dec.2006 The Great Wealth Transfer -By Paul Krugman -It's the biggest untold economic story of our time: more of the nation's bounty held in fewer + fewer hands.

And Bush's tax cuts are only making the problem worse. Continue

18.Dec.2006 The Real Culprit: Corpocracy -By J.D. Suss
The Democratic tide in the recent elections is, potentially at least, a force to be reckoned with. Now, citizens-who-care can watch to see if these new members of Congress will squander their mandate in hopelessly fruitless witch hunts on the so-called “issues,” while the real culprit continues to bedevil them. That real culprit? – corpocracy[i] (rhymes with “hypocrisy”).

18.Dec.2006 Stop the Funding of the War! View The Video - Sign The Petition Support H.R. 4232: Introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) Click to view

18.Dec.2006 Execution of Florida Inmate Takes 34 Minutes -By Ron Word
Death penalty opponents criticized the execution of a convicted murderer who took more than half an hour to die and needed a rare second dose of lethal chemicals.

18.Dec.2006 More Americans hungry, homeless 00.000.2006- mayors -By Lisa Lambert -More Americans went homeless and hungry 00.000.2006 than the year before and children made up almost a quarter of those in emergency shelters, said a report released on Thursday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Continue
18.Dec.2006 France to pull out special forces from Afghanistan: France has decided to pull its special forces out of Afghanistan after a NATO-led stabilisation force extended operations to the whole country, the French defense ministry said yesterday.

18.Dec.2006 Pentagon eyes $468.9 bln budget for fiscal 2008: The Pentagon is likely to ask for an additional $100 billion to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars early next year.

18.Dec.2006 Woman, Abbas guard killed in escalating Fatah-Hamas clashes : "Hamas gunmen" opened fire at a large political rally by the rival Fatah movement Sunday, wounding three people, Palestinian security officials said. An estimated 100,000 Fatah supporters were participating in the rally.

18.Dec.2006 Rice to seek additional funds to boost Abbas' security forces : United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday she would ask the U.S. Congress for tens of millions of dollars to strengthen the security forces of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

18.Dec.2006 Congress extends Israel loan guarantees: The new aid package comes on top of the annual US aid package for Israel, as well as special packages, such as for the Arrow anti-ballistic missile program.

18.Dec.2006 Palestinian PM: Hamas will not participate in elections : Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh vowed Sunday that his Hamas party will not participate in fresh elections + branded Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' remarks on the matter "inflammatory."

18.Dec.2006 What Are You Going to Do Now, Israel?: Have you thought about what you are you going to do, if Palestinian leadership you despise finally disintegrates?

18.Dec.2006 Ex-soldiers break `silence' on Israeli excesses: A young Israeli was in Canada last week raising ethical questions about the conduct of Israeli soldiers in the Occupied Territories.

18.Dec.2006 We must speak out: Today we are launching an appeal for a world-wide cultural boycott against the Israeli state.

18.Dec.2006 Gideon Levy: The High Court's blessing for IDF assassinations: At the end of this productive judicial week, the Israeli occupation won significant power.

18.Dec.2006 Jimmy Carter: Revisiting 'Apartheid': "You and I both know the powerful influence of AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee], which is not designed to promote peace. I'm not criticizing them, they have a perfect right to lobby, but their purpose in life is to protect and defend the policies of the Israeli government and to make sure those policies are approved in the USA"

18.Dec.2006 US accused of using aid to sway votes in UN security council: The US uses its aid budget to bribe those countries which have a vote in the United Nations security council, giving them 59 per cent more cash in years when they have a seat, according to research by economists.

18.Dec.2006 Iran offers Arab states nuclear technologyFrom correspondents in Tehran: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to provide its experience and valuable achievements in peaceful nuclear technology as a clean source of energy and as oil replacement to all regional countries,” Mr Ahmadinejad told a visiting Kuwaiti envoy, Mohammed Zeyfullah Shirar.

18.Dec.2006 Iran: Elections Test President's Popularity : The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted officials citing turnout of around 60 % of the 46.5 million eligible voters.

18.Dec.2006 Blair defends decision to drop fraud probe into Saudi arms deal: Blair said advising the Serious Fraud Office to drop its long-running investigation was necessary to ensure national security, but lawmakers from all political sides accused him of bowing to Saudi demands.

18.Dec.2006 Arms and the man: For a prime minister who once taunted his predecessor as someone "knee deep in dishonour" over an arms deal and who promised that he would be "purer than pure" in office, yesterday was a shabby, shaming day, among the most inglorious he has spent in office.

18.Dec.2006 Arundhati Roy : India's shame: Mohammad Afzal is due to hang for his part in the 2001 attack on India's parliament building. But was he only a bit player? And is the country trying to bury embarrassing questions about its war on terror?

18.Dec.2006 Litvinenko 'killed over dossier' on senior Putin ally : Alexander Litvinenko was murdered by radioactive poisoning because of a dossier he had compiled on a high-ranking Russian figure close to President Vladimir Putin, another former agent claimed yesterday.

18.Dec.2006 "These people should be court-martialed" : Former Air Force officer Mikey Weinstein says evangelicals are trying to turn his beloved military into a "frickin' faith-based initiative."

18.Dec.2006 12/16/07 Britain never thought Saddam was threat - diplomat -By Richard Norton-Taylor
The British government never believed Saddam Hussein posed a threat to British interests and warned the US that toppling him would lead to "chaos", according to a Foreign Office diplomat closely involved in negotiations in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

18.Dec.2006 Powell: We Are Losing In Iraq: Exclusive: Former Secretary Of State Says More Troops Isn't The Answer

18.Dec.2006 Stephen Lendman : Omissions In the Iraq Study Group Report : How could a nation born as a great democratic experiment rebelling against the divine right of monarchs become instead now one worshipping the divine right of capital and capable of being even more repressive.

18.Dec.2006 U.S. to triple number of military trainers in Iraq: The U.S. military plans to speed up the training of Iraq's army by tripling its number of embedded trainers to about 9,000, while keeping a close eye on units' sectarian loyalties, a U.S. general said on Sunday.

18.Dec.2006 UK troops to stay in Iraq until job done: Blair: Blair defended London's plans for a gradual withdrawal of its 7,200 troops in the south, mostly in and around oil-rich Basra, as Iraq's fledgling security forces take over.
18.Dec.2006 Sham Courts And Instant "Justice" -Legal System in Iraq Staggers Beneath the Weight of War -By MICHAEL MOSS
Soldiers who have little if any training in gathering evidence or sorting the guilty from the innocent are left to decide whom to detain. The military conducts reviews to decide whom to release, yet neither Iraqi detainees nor defense lawyers are allowed to attend, according to military documents and interviews.

18.Dec.2006 nato's secret armies operation gladio & terrorism in
By exposing Operation Gladio + the secret armies of NATO 'the uncle' had ... According to Dutch secret services scholar Frans Kluiters, MI6 ...
Buro Jansen & Janssen artikelen: item ... Buitenland gonsde het tijdens de Gladio -affaire al van de geruchten. ... F.A.C. Kluiters, De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten, ...
Bijlage I - 4. Boeken Graaff, Bob de; Wiebes, Cees, Gladio der vrije jongens: Een particuliere dienst ... Kluiters, F.A.C., De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten: ...
veiligheidsdiensten Kluiters, F.A.C. De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten ... Gladio was echter meer.

In de meeste landen waar Gladio vertakkingen had, ...
List of Foreign Intelligence Books Gladio der vrije jongens: een particuliere geheime dienst in Koude Oorlogstijd. Gravenhage: SDU, 1992. Kluiters, FAC De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en ...
Terrorism in Western Europe: An Approach to NATO’s Secret Stay ... HTML-versie
Gladio in Nederland. De geschiedenis van een halve eeuw komplot. tegen de vijand In Vrij Nederland, January 25, 1992, 13. 83. Frans Kluiters, De Nederlandse ...
Ministerie van defensie - Tekst - Kamerbrieven Sindsdien zijn er bij de MID geen andere archiefbescheiden betreffende een stay behind-organisatie in Nederland ( Gladio -organisatie), het Englandspiel en ...

Ministerie van defensie - Kamerbrieven Gladio en andere bijzondere dossiers ... Kluiters, F.A.C. De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten. Den Haag, 1993. 4.2 Gesprekken ...
Terrorism in Western Europe HTML-versie
British Broadcasting Corporation documentary on Gladio, a strategy of tension was ... of Senator Giovanni Pellegrini, investigated Gladio +

00.000.1995 ...
koot ... Bob de Graaff en Cees Wiebes, Gladio der vrije jongens. ... FAC Kluiters, De Nederlandse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten ('s-Gravenhage 1993), ...
18.Dec.2006 Books, periodicals and articles - Search Short List Kluiters, FAC/Sdu Uitgeverij Koninginnegracht/1993. 8. Gladio der vrije jongens : een particuliere geheime dienst in Koude Oorlogstijd ...
The Secret Side of International Relations: An approach to NATOs ...
00.000.1950 -in the s- secret army had been set up in Spain because “here Gladio was the ... Frans Kluiters : De Nederlandse inlichtingen en veiligheidsdiensten ...
20050715 THE COLD WAR 13.30-14.00 Frans Kluiters (Neth) ‘Abwehr Stay Behind in the Netherlands’.

14.Jul.2005 Telegraph | News ... ultimate anchorman By ...
De papierversnipperaar van de BVD Kluiters brengt de bijna totale lacune aan kennis over het Nederlandse ... door het bekendworden van het bestaan van de geheime organisatie Gladio.
intel weblog - ... Prins bezoekt coördinator terrorismebestrijding Onderhandelen met Al Qaeda 'Persvrijheid gaat niet boven wet' ...
intel weblog: Intelligence algemeen/general ... in de volksmond ten onrechte Gladio genoemd, die zo geheim was dat hij ... 13.30 - 14.00 Frans Kluiters (Neth): 'Abwehr Stay Behind in the Netherlands' ...

18.Dec.2006 The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & The Birth of PR – PROPAGANDA - Center for ...

Today, few people outside the public relations profession recognize the name of Edward L. Bernays .

00.000.1999-01.Jan.2000 -As the year approaches-, however, his ...
18.Dec.---- Landmijnen: 3FM Serious Request
18.Dec.2006 Links for 6e.

The Cold War Continues [Beyond Books - From the Depression to the New Millennium] Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie )

... commercial site advertising a movie, it is highly worthwhile.( Quicktime required) ...
18.Dec.2006 The History Guy:

00.000.1979-00.000.1981 Iran-U.S. Hostage Crisis () ... former ruler of Iran, Shah Reza Pahlavi, to enter the U.S. for ...

Operation Eagle Claw - Including a bibliography, articles + a QuickTime movie . ...
18.Dec.2006 ((i)) | Von der Luftwaffe beim Kiffen erwischt ...

Man hört sie nicht und sieht sie selten:

Unbemannte Flugzeuge der Schweizer Armee machen Tag + Nacht Luftaufnahmen.

Für die eidgenössischen Datenschützer ...
18.Dec.2006 1 00:00:02560 --> 00:00:07102 Am 3. Juli erschuf die CIA den ...

Der damalige US-Staatsanwalt von Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, ...

Es gab verdammte Luftaufnahmen, Überwachung, Satellitenbilder. ...
18.Dec.2006 The Questia Online Library Journal article by John J. Benshoff, Rachael L. Green, Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes ; The Journal of Rehabilitation, Vol. 67, 2001 ...
Spirituality and Theology: Essays in Honor of Diogenes Allen by ... Journal article by Rachael L. Green, John J. Benshoff, Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes ; The Journal of Rehabilitation, Vol. 67, 2001 ...
National Rehabilitation Association: Publications

Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes Southern Illinois University at Carbondale ABSTRACT: A pilot survey of spirituality in rehabilitation counselor education yielded ...
SIUC Recipients of Advanced Degrees, Spring 2003 - Illinois

Jennifer Anita Harris-Forbes RHD Rehabilitation 1902 Elm St. Jose Raul Ruiz PHD Education - Workforce Education and Development 100 Peral Rd ...
LSCI 106: ONLINE RESEARCH 1: INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE RESEARCH Benshoff, John J., Rachael L. Green + Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes . "Spirituality in Rehabilitation Counselor Education: A Pilot Survey. ...
Spirituality in Rehabilitation Counselor Education: A Pilot Survey ...

00.Jul.2001-00.Sep.2001 Journal of Rehabilitation, by Rachael L. Green, John J. Benshoff, Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes . Counseling has traditionally focused on four .
Spirituality in Rehabilitation Counselor Education: A Pilot Survey ... Benshoff Jennifer A. Harris-Forbes Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. John J. Benshoff, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Institute, SIUC, Rehn Hall, ...
Daily Egyptian: Faces without Masks Jennifer Harris-Forbes, campus safety representative for Women's Services, was not sure why the turnout was low but thinks that personal schedules could ...$643?print-friendly=true
'Take Back the Night' takes back hope "For the people who aren't able to express verbally, it's a safe way to express the pain through the designs of the mask," said Jennifer Harris-Forbes, ...

18.Dec.2006 20050720 President Chase Harris Forbes Corp ... Director General Motors, Bankers Trust. ... Unter anderem werfen ihm die Behörden vor, den Frachter " Jennifer " im ...
18.Dec.2006 Karl Schiller - eine wirtschaftspolitische Biografie Nach einer ersten internen Ifas- Wahlanalyse für. den SPD-Parteivorstand hatten beide großen ... Nixon setzte die Konvertibilität des Dollars in Gold am 15. dok_var=d1&dok_ext=pdf&filename=979808960.pdf
18.Dec.2006 La Web   Resultados 1 - 4 de aproximadamente 10 de "carlos kyriakides" . ( 0.18 segundos) 
Carlos Kyriakides KYRIAKIDES CARLOS. Mills,J. Underground Empire. 1986 (80-5). pages cited this search: 6 Order hard copy of these pages ...
Esttica del narco Versión en HTML
y su socio, el mexicano-griego Carlos Kyriakides Villase-. ñor, triunfadores de la incipiente Tijuana de los años setenta, ...
20050116 Est?ica del narco - Versión en HTML El cubano-estaodunidense Alberto Sicilia Falcón y su socio, el mexicano-griego Carlos Kyriakides Villase- ñor, ...
Great Illusions: A Chronicle Of The Drug Wars: September 2005 He became a frequent guest + met Carlos Kyriakides, Roger Fry + Gaston Santos. Egozi was practicing devil worship + on one visit brought with him ...

18.Dec.2006 when you see On Her Majesty's Secret Service, keep in mind that the Union Corse, which most viewers presume to be fictional, is, or was, quite real. (See this 1972 Time story on the organization.) The Corsican mob controlled the docks of Marseille and, thus, most of the European heroin traffic. One of the few books in English on the Union Corse is Henrik Kruger's The Great Heroin Coup, a classic of parapolitics, now rather difficult to find. (Some JFK researchers believe that this work is vital to an understanding of the assassination, although that is a subject for another time.)

Demnach werden bei der Duftwahrnehmung ähnlich wie beim Hören die Informationen aus zwei Richtungen verglichen und auf diese Weise die Position der Quelle bestimmt, erklären die Forscher. Im Februar hatten indische Forscher herausgefunden, dass Ratten ebenfalls in Stereo riechen.

Der menschliche Geruchssinn habe seinen schlechten Ruf also zu Unrecht, resümieren die Autoren. Dieser Sinn werde wohl deswegen unterschätzt, weil die Menschen ihre Geruchsfähigkeiten im Alltag kaum ausschöpfen - und nicht, weil der Sinn so viel schlechter geworden sei.
EU- Ombudsmann: Bürgerbeauftragter hilft bei Beschwerden aus ganz Europa
18.Dec.2006 Alltag in Gaza: "Der Bürgerkrieg wird alles auffressen"
18.Dec.2006 Sozialpolitik: Auf der Suche nach Amerikas Mittelklasse
18.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Ex- Finanzvorstand
Unterschätzte Nase: Mensch erschnüffelt Spuren in Stereo

y Berufsstart: Einstiegsgehälter im Sinkflug
18.Dec.2006 Umstrittener Atomtransport: Heikle Uranfracht auf dem Luftweg nach Russland
18.Dec.2006 Atomstreit: Nordkorea- Gespräche nach 13 Monaten wieder aufgenommen
Technologiegipfel: Milliardenschub für die IT- Branche
17.Dec.2006 Nahost: Waffenruhe zwischen Hamas und Fatah

18.Dec.2006 Strahlende Fracht: Atommüll fliegt am Montag von Dresden nach Russland
17.Dec.2006 Chapter Forty, THE POST-WAR REVOLUTIONARY WAVE A great munition strike prevailed in Germany 00.000.1918, in spite of the efforts of ... As the Bavarian Royalty fled, Kurt Eisner signed the decree as First ...
17.Dec.2006 History of Berlin- First Word War Munition workers in Berlin led a national strike for peace and democracy. 440 delegates arrive in Berlin and set up a strike committee. 3. February 1918 . ...
270303antiwarblogg - Translate this page Denn dieser George Bush jr. war eine eher labile ... George Orwell : "During times. of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes. a revolutionary act. ...

The Jewish proletariat possesses that which the English lacks. Nothing can be so beneficial as the intermingling of the qualities of both – the union of the Angle-Saxon vigour and love of freedom with the speculative and critical power of the Jews. If the Jewish Proletarians in England should develop a strong Socialist movement they will work, not only for themselves, but also for the whole of the proletarian movement in England, for which, indeed, they will become a sort of yeast.
For the Anglo-Saxon proletariat, more than any other, lacks those intellectual qualities which make of the unconscious class warrior a conscious Socialist + make him thus independent of the bourgeoisie in his thinking as well as in his social and political action. And these are the necessary conditions for his social emancipation. The English proletariat lacks, more than any other, the power of abstraction and deep-reaching criticism + he is satisfied with so-called “practical politics” and is proud of the fact that he can see no further than his nose.
17.Dec.2006 The proletariat grows and becomes stronger with the growth of capitalism. ...
The Attitude of the Bourgeoisie Towards the Proletariat Thus is the expulsion of the proletariat from State and society outspoken, ... Even the union of a part of the bourgeoisie with the proletariat, ...
Berner Oberland News, Peter Schmid, Journalist, 3852 Ringgenberg ... dem 48-jährigen Diamantenhändler Moshe Regev alias Moshe Regenstreich . Dem israelischen Staatsbürger ... Gelegentlich tritt Regev auch unter dem Falschnamen Moshe Regenstreich auf ... .htm - 5k - Im Cache - Speichern | Massenvernichtungswaffen fuer den Iran ... Geschaeftspartner und internationalen Kriminellen namens Moshe Regenstreich, alias Regev, einem ehemaligen Hauptmann der ... - 21k - Im Cache - Speichern journalismus - nachrichten von heute ... auf die Spur des Milliardenbetrügers Moshe Regev alias Regenstreich . Dr. Alexander von Paleske - "Die ... letzten 20 Jahre auffiel: Moshe Regev, alias Regenstreich, alias Keller - eng ... - 51k - Im Cache - Speichern 20060802 - Diese Seite übersetzen ... gas und Milliardenbetrug - auf den Spuren des Moshe Regev sfux Für unseren Gastautor Dr. Alexander ... Spur des Milliardenbetrügers Moshe Regev alias Regenstreich . Dr. Alexander von ...

00.000.1878-00.000.1965 Der deutsche Nervenarzt Kurt Goldstein- beschrieb das Phänomen der "Fremden Hand" als Erster.

00.000.1908 berichtete er von einer Patientin, deren Hand nach einem Schlaganfall einen eigenen Willen entwickelt zu haben schien.

Einmal krallte sie sich so fest um den Hals der Frau, dass zwei Männer sie losreißen mussten, um die Patientin vor dem Ersticken zu retten. Die Frau selbst glaubte, ein Dämon sei in sie gefahren.

Der Arm und sie, das seien zwei völlig verschiedene Persönlichkeiten. Nach ihrem Tod untersuchte Goldstein ihr Gehirn und fand eine Läsion der rechten Hemisphäre und des Balkens, des so genannten Corpus callosum.

00.000.1945 schilderte der amerikanische Arzt Andrew J. Akelaitis den Fall eines anderen Patienten, dem bei einem chi-rurgischen Eingriff der Balken durchtrennt worden war, um eine Form der Epilepsie zu behandeln. Seitdem vollführte die linke Hand des Mannes immer wieder Bewegungen, die denen der rechten entgegengesetzt waren.

Akelaitis nannte das Phänomen "diagnostische Dyspraxie", wobei der Name "Dyspraxie" eine Koordinationsstörung beschreibt.
Iran- Wahlen: Schlappe für Ahmadinedschads Hardliner
17.Dec.2006 Schneemangel in den Alpen: Vom Winter keine Spur
17.Dec.2006 Ermittlungen gegen Rüstungsfirma: Beugte Blair sich Druck aus Saudi- Arabien?

17.Dec.2006 Auszeichnung: "Time" kürt Otto- Normalsurfer zur Person des Jahres
17.Dec.2006 Palästinensergebiete: Schüsse auf Abbas' Amtssitz, Überfall auf Außenminister
17.Dec.2006 Raubüberfälle in Südafrika: Welle der Kriminalität erreicht Nationalparks

17.Dec.2006 Hamas- Miliz im Gaza- Streifen: Kalaschnikow- Magazin auf dem Wohnzimmertisch
17.Dec.2006 Nach über 50 Jahren: Erster spanischer Direktflug nach Gibraltar gelandet

17.Dec.2006 Schwere Straßenkrawalle in Kopenhagen: Polizei nahm Hunderte Demonstranten fest
17.Dec.2006 Exotische Krankheit: Gepeinigt von der Geisterhand
7/16/99 (IRAQ/KURDISTAN) Kurds Rebuild Together; Vaccine

British company Greenfield Consultants, which has provided a ... interview with the London -based newspaper "Al-Hayat" on 12
7/8/99 (IRAQ/KURDISTAN) Iran, Russia Condemn Incursion; KDP on London said:

" PUK doesn't take part with any foreign power to fight a Kurdish side. ... British company Greenfield Consultants, which has the ...
General However, PloughShears were offered for sale

00.000.1994 at the Bulawayo International Trade Fair +

00.000.1996 the London -based Centre for Defense Studies ...
17.Dec.2006 UN official accused of planting locust eggs leaves Baghdad Cracks ... ending a controversial diplomatic mission to Washington + London aimed at ...

Nations cut its ties to the British company Greenfield Consultants, ...
17.Dec.2006 2001-2002 Session Stephen Senn (University College, London ).

The identifiability problem: gene ... Tony Greenfield, Greenfield Consultants . DoE by computer for manufacturers ...
17.Dec.2006 A Study of the Role of Survey in Mine Action

00.000.1976, the Lancaster House Agreements signed in London had ended civil war in ... Greenfield Consultants . GICHD. Geneva International Centre for ...
Reward offered to help solve racial bombings in south London ...

The report, released in

00.Feb.200- said the London police force was riddled with racism. ... 32, an employee of British-based Greenfield Consultants . ...
17.Dec.2006 The Royal Statistical Society - December 2001 TONY GREENFIELD ( Greenfield Consultants ) DoE by computer for manufacturers ...

KARL FRISTON (Institute of Neurology, University College London ) ...
30.Jan.1996 ANGOLA, Landmine Monitor Report 1999 6[9]Human Rights Watch telephone interview with David Hewitson of Greenfield Consultants, London, 7[0]CARE

1999 News Stories:

00.Mar.1999 ...

Watch thanks the London -based International Broadcasting Trust for facilitating ...

Care is funding Greenfield Consultants, a new commercial ...
Get E-mail Updates: Existing Member? Login Now! newsroom Print ...

GreenField Consultants United Kingdom, Mine clearance.

Angola (worked with CARE).

The Halo Trust London, UK, Mine clearance and awareness ...
Landmine Who's Who from Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Greenfield Consultants The Lombard Business Park 8 Lombard Road London SW19 3TZ UK Phone: 44 208 540 9125,

Commercial, Demining, n.a. ...
Arms Trade

Human Rights Watch telephone interview with David Hewitson of Greenfield Consultants, London, January 30, 1996. 90. Human Rights Watch interview with ...
17.Dec.2006 RFE/RL iraq Report ... he was working for the British company Greenfield Consultants, which has ... Iraq in an interview with the London -based newspaper "Al-Hayat" on

Rationale as well as comprehensive usage news information - Rationale as well as comprehensive usage news information ... clip produced by the Golf Channel highlighting the University of Toledo.
17.Dec.2006 Encyclopedia: James Forrestal Source:Wikipedia

15.Feb.1892–22.May 1949 James Vincent Forrestal () was a Secretary of the Navy +

17.Sep.1947–28.Mar.1949 the first United States Secretary of Defense ().

He was a tremendous supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers. The newly created ... More »
My d Results SecDef Histories - James Forrestal

17.Sep.1947-28.Mar.1949 James V. Forrestal 1st Secretary of Defense Truman Administration ...

James Vincent Forrestal, Secretary of Defense

James Vincent Forrestal Lieutenant, United States Navy Secretary of the Navy - Secretary of Defense ... ·

James Forrestal: Biography (1) James Forrestal, memorandum sent to Clark Clifford (

06.Mar.1947 ) There is a serious, immediate and extraordinarily grave threat to ...

James Forrestal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cornell Simpson The Death of James Forrestal (Western Islands Publishers, 1966) ...

Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, ...

UFO Area The Death of James Forrestal"

The Life and Times of James Forrestal (Knopf, 1992); the extremely rare Cornell Simpson, The Death of James Forrestal (Western Islands ...

GSB: DCDave's Column ... been written about Forrestal, each of which discusses his death in considerable length. The first was James Forrestal, A Study of ...

Who Killed James Forrestal

“Who Killed James Forrestal ?” should also notice the missing props that played such a key role in convincing the public that Forrestal had ...
More Results from Guest Column - The Magic of "A Few Good Men" -

13.Nov.2006 And most would agree in spirit with Navy Secretary James Forrestal, who, from an offshore ship witnessed the famous flag-raising over Iwo Jima ...

Admiral Wilcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal | Seeley ...

Wilcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal |

Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Infoshare
James Forrestal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The early doubts are detailed in the book The Death of James Forrestal (1966) by Cornell Simpson, which received virtually no publicity. ...
The Death of James Forrestal Notes: Perhaps not surprisingly, there are precious few sources on Forrestal . See Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, ... james f.html
Sinnverlag - SPIRITpedia - James Forrestal - Seite 1 James Forrestal EBE, Das 1986 von George C. Andrews erschienene Buch „Extra-Terrestrials among Us“ (Die Außerirdischen sind unter uns) ... + Forrestal .html
SecDef Histories - James Forrestal Indeed, when James Forrestal became the first secretary of defense on 17 September 1947 his swearing-in took place, at President Truman's order, ... .htm
James Forrestal: Biography James Vincent Forrestal, the son of an Irish immigrant, ... On 22nd May 1949 James Forrestal committed suicide by throwing himself out of a 16th-floor ... forrestal .htm
James V. Forrestal - Wikipedia Nach dem Tod des Marineminsters William F. Knox im

00.Apr.1944, wurde James V. Forrestal am

19.Mai 1944 zu dessen Nachfolger ernannt + führte die Marine durch ...
James Forrestal: Information from

James V. Forrestal Quotes : Courage is the capacity to conduct oneself with restraint in times of prosperity + with courage + tenacity when things.
James Vincent Forrestal

James Forrestal Forrestal naît à Beacon, dans le comté de Dutchess (New York), le 15 Février 1892, d'un père émigrant et d'une mère américaine d'origine ...
James Vincent Forrestal, Secretary of Defense

22.May 1949 -In the early morning hours of- the recently ousted first American Secretary of Defense, James Vincent Forrestal, committed suicide at the ...
Admiral Wilcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal ...

Wilcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal |

Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.
Blackmailed by dictators: Tony Blair's administration is riddled with double standards and hypocrisy in its international dealings. But Lord Goldsmith's announcement that the Serious Fraud Office was calling off its investigation into alleged corruption involving BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia dragged matters to an all-time low.

17.Dec.2006 Tortured Canadian Still on U.S. 'Watch List': Maher Arar, the Canadian Muslim who was whisked by U.S. agents from a New York airport to imprisonment and torture in Syria, remains on the U.S. "watch list" despite an exhaustive Canadian inquiry that found he is an innocent man, the U.S. ambassador to Canada said Friday.

17.Dec.2006 Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror: Muslim Charities and the Case of Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir

17.Dec.2006 66% Think U.S. Spies on Its Citizens: Two-thirds of Americans believe that the FBI and other federal agencies are intruding on privacy rights as part of terrorism investigations, but they remain divided over whether such tactics are justified, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released yesterday.

17.Dec.2006 Aussie Man Wearing Anti-Bush T-Shirt Not Allowed To Board Flight: An Australian man was denied permission to board a connecting flight within Australia unless he removed the T-shirt titled "World's #1 Terrorist" with a picture of U.S. President George W. Bush.

17.Dec.2006 Former Rep. Bob Barr abandons GOP : Bob Barr, who once represented Georgia in Congress, has left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party, the Libertarian National Committee announced.

17.Dec.2006 A Currency In Decline: How Dangerous is the Dollar Drop?

17.Dec.2006 Lights, Cameras, Little Action at Talks: There was bullying, with several reminders from the Americans that the USA is China's No. 1 export customer -- the implication being that the wide-open U.S. market could slam shut if the Chinese aren't careful.

17.Dec.2006 Investment banks post record earnings : Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns sent a not-so-subtle message to Wall Street on Thursday when announcing 2006 results - the word "record" appears a combined 37 times in their earnings reports.
17.Dec.2006 New push for Iraq reconciliation : Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has called on former members of Saddam Hussein's army to return - in a move to win over disaffected Sunnis.

17.Dec.2006 Bush ready to send more troops to Iraq: President George W Bush is poised to increase troop numbers in Iraq as part of a dramatic new strategy designed to regain control of Baghdad and suffocate the Sunni insurgency

17.Dec.2006 U.S. preparing surge of forces into Iraq?: The 2nd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division is expected in Kuwait shortly after the new year, a senior Defense Department official told The Associated Press on Friday. The official requested anonymity because the plans had not yet been announced.

17.Dec.2006 Abbas calls for early Palestinian elections: Abbas said parliamentary and presidential polls should be held at the earliest opportunity, but appeared to leave the door open to the ruling Hamas by saying renewed efforts should be made to form a government that could lift Western sanctions.

17.Dec.2006 Poll call a 'risky political move' : As president, however, Mr Abbas does not have authority to order the new elections and he has referred the matter to the Palestinian election commission to see whether or not they can be held.

17.Dec.2006 Hamas, Fatah gunmen clash in Gaza - witnesses: Gunmen from the governing Hamas movement and the Fatah faction of President Mahmoud Abbas exchanged fire in southern Gaza on Saturday, hours after the president called for early Palestinian elections.

17.Dec.2006 Israel says it supports Abbas on poll: ISRAEL said today it supported moderate Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas after his call to hold early presidential and parliamentary elections.

17.Dec.2006 U.S. welcomes call for early Palestinian elections: The USA on Saturday welcomed a call by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for fresh elections, expressing hopes it would quell violence in the Palestinian territories and pave the way for a unity government that could work toward peace with Israel.

17.Dec.2006 Blair, backs Palestinian president's call for new elections: Blair, on the Egyptian leg of a Middle East peace effort, backed Abbas' announcement of new elections as a way of breaking the political impasse between rival Palestinian groups — a call immediately condemned by his rivals in the militant Hamas

17.Dec.2006 Jewish groups oppose Palestinian act: More than a dozen local Jewish groups signed a petition urging President Bush not to sign legislation that would isolate the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

17.Dec.2006 Putin mad at Bush for funding Israeli war with Lebanon: Less than 3 weeks after making this promise the USA used a little known provision in their security agreements with Israel to fully pay for the war + as we can read as reported by Israel's Ynet News Service in their article titled "US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel" + which says

17.Dec.2006 Robert Fisk: Different narratives in the Middle East: No, Israelis are not Nazis. But it's time we talked of war crimes

17.Dec.2006 Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria: It hasn't been a good year for neocons, that group of conservative American intellectuals pulling some strings of US policy, particularly during the George W. Bush administration.

17.Dec.2006 Israeli Member of Knesset : Believe US will attack Iran: Member of Knesset Yuval Steinitz (Likud) said Saturday that he "believes a hundred % that the USA will attack Iran…in order to eliminate its nuclear threat. This will occur after diplomatic efforts fail."

17.Dec.2006 Ahmadinejad 'faces genocide case' : The former US envoy to the UN, John Bolton, is backing the move, which is led by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

17.Dec.2006 U.S. will send more troops to Afghanistan if needed: McCain : Washington will send more troops to Afghanistan if need be, Senator John McCain said Saturday, while urging European allies to send their troops to the country's restive south.

17.Dec.2006 McCain's Character : As someone who has known McCain for 32 years, I can unequivocally state that he should be nowhere near the Oval Office.
17.Dec.2006 Britain never thought Saddam was threat - diplomat -By Richard Norton-Taylor
The British government never believed Saddam Hussein posed a threat to British interests and warned the US that toppling him would lead to "chaos", according to a Foreign Office diplomat closely involved in negotiations in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

17.Dec.2006 America Loses Another War -By Mark Morford
Maybe you don't agree. Maybe you say wait wait wait, it's not over at all + we haven't lost yet. Isn't the fighting still raging? Can't we still "win" even though we're still losing soldiers by the truckload and thousands of innocent Iraqis are being brutally slaughtered every month

17.Dec.2006 Stop the Funding of the War! View The Video - Sign The Petition - Support H.R. 4232: Introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) Click to view

17.Dec.2006 Execution of Florida Inmate Takes 34 Minutes -By Ron Word -Death penalty opponents criticized the execution of a convicted murderer who took more than half an hour to die and needed a rare second dose of lethal chemicals. Continue

00.000.2006 More Americans hungry, homeless - mayors -By Lisa Lambert -More Americans went homeless + hungry

00.000.2006 than the year before and children made up almost a quarter of those in emergency shelters, said a report released on Thursday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Continue

17.Dec.2006 The Great Wealth Transfer -By Paul Krugman -It's the biggest untold economic story of our time: more of the nation's bounty held in fewer and fewer hands.

And Bush's tax cuts are only making the problem worse. Continue

The Real Culprit: Corpocracy -By J.D. Suss -
The Democratic tide in the recent elections is, potentially at least, a force to be reckoned with. Now, citizens-who-care can watch to see if these new members of Congress will squander their mandate in hopelessly fruitless witch hunts on the so-called “issues,” while the real culprit continues to bedevil them. That real culprit? – corpocracy[i] (rhymes with “hypocrisy”).

December 16, 2006 Voices for peace A reader sent this plea to me. I'm taking the liberty of reprinting it in full, even though I don't fully agree with the authors' stance. As you know, I favor abandoning the whole idea of a Jewish homeland in favor of a single-state solution, one in which minority rights are respected and protected.
Although the writers of this text favor a dual-state recipe for peace, they demonstrate that there are still voices within Israel + within the larger Jewish community, who understand that the Israeli government has undertaken a course both shameful and (ultimately) suicidal.
Yes, I know that this piece is roughly four years old and thus somewhat outdated. The important factors remain relevant.
* * *
From Jew to Jew:
Why We Should Oppose the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza
Written by Jews for fellow Jews.
A Jewish Voice For Peace Publication

17.Dec.2006 Federal agents continue to eavesdrop on Americans' electronic communications without warrants a year after Bush confirmed the practice + experts say a new Congress' efforts to limit the program could trigger a constitutional showdown.
Busheviks to Privatize the Deaths of Our GIs: The Air Force is looking for a private contractor to fly caskets out of Dover Air Force Base, Del.

17.Dec.2006 Stewart-Colbert 2008 Campaign Button
If You're Not Getting Buzzed 24 Hours a Day, You're Missing Something Big! A Little Bit of Buzz in Your E-mail Box. Just Click Here to Sign up.
Re-Elect Gore 2008 Campaign Button (2.25 Inch Diameter)
Talk About a Partisan Hack Bush Appointment: A former Republican political operative and top aide to President Bush was named late Friday as interim U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. 12/17
Barack Obama 2008: First in a Series of Campaign Buttons

17.Dec.2006 Officials: Edwards to Run for President 00.000.2008
The largest group of US legislators to visit communist-ruled Cuba have arrived in Havana for meetings with top Cuban officials, days after Raul Castro extended an olive branch to the USA. 12/17
People living in areas where resistance to U.S.-led occupation is mounting are facing increased levels of collective punishment from the occupation forces, residents say. 12/17

17.Dec.2006 Orang- Utans auf Borneo: Die Gärtner im Paradies auf Erden

17.Dec.2006 Souffleure der Macht: Heinrich Krone - Adenauers Alleskleber

17.Dec.2006 Notstand: Schwerer Sturm wütet im Nordwesten der USA
17.Dec.2006 Hilfe für Mittelständler: Innovation zum Nulltarif

17.Dec.2006 Philippinische Studenten: Splitternackter Protest gegen Studiengebühren
17.Dec.2006 ISS- Reparatur: Klemmendes Sonnensegel verzögert Reiters Rückkehr

17.Dec.2006 Palästinensergebiete: Hamas- Kämpfer stürmen Lager der Präsidentengarde