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08.Dec.2006 Bespitzelungsaffäre: Hewlett- Packard zahlt 14,5 Millionen Dollar

08.Dec.2006 Schutz vor Nikotin: Gesundheitspolitiker kritisieren Rückzug beim Rauchverbot
08.Dec.2006 Aufbauhilfe: Union erwägt stärkeres deutsches Engagement im Irak
08.Dec.2006 Epidemie in Westafrika: Ebola- Virus tötet Tausende Menschenaffen
World -- Six of 1, 000 speak Arabic fluently at U.S. embassy in Iraq - BG
07.Dec.2006 Chunks Crying All the Way to the Bank - BG 
Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) Investment bankers in Europe may lose a chunk of this year's record bonuses because the dollar's drop against European currencies will erode payouts that can account for as much as 90 % of annual compensation. "All big U.S. houses usually pay bonuses in dollars + if you're in the U.K. or Europe it means you'll be hit quite badly at the moment," said James Heath, a London-based headhunter at Greenwich Partners, a financial-recruitment company. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos. plan to pay a record $36 billion in bonuses this year, according to company reports and analyst estimates.

European staff who didn't link their bonuses to this year's average exchange rates have to contend with the dollar's 11 perc... Source:
08.Dec.2006 Duelling False-Flag Terror Operations? - BG 
One reason Russia, our once and future global antagonist who undoubtedly knows the truth about 9/11, may not spill the beans on 9/11 is because Russia has its own dirty secrets that the US knows about. Here is one example. (tip to Rob) Moreover, I don't think Russia was too upset to see us get bogged down in Iraq...... Source:

08.Dec.2006 Humint Events Online: "Inside Job" - BG
08.Dec.2006 Michelle Malkin: San Fransico is a “Hate Filled” City - BG 
And now for the most ridiculous item of the day.On the Factor a few nights ago, the old–San Francisco is bad meme that Bill preaches because they oppose military recruiting was on display.

We have Michelle Malkin using one of her patented vitriolic attacks to defame someone as usual—however—she took it a step further—this time instead of oh…say–Cindy Sheehan, she attacked a whole city.Video (rough transcript)

Malkin: Good job to the Navy, I say Go Navy Go. Don't stop + ahh I think that this should really be the first step in sending a strong message to San Francisco—that if you are going to dishonor the military—the military will not grace your hate filled city... Source:
08.Dec.2006 The Iraq Study Group: A Fatal Flaw - BG 

Unhappily, its most basic premise--that the USA can somehow support the nonexistent Iraqi government and bolster its viciously sectarian armed forces--is fatally flawed.
08.Dec.2006 Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Russert nearly soils himself over the Baker report - BG Video:

Russert nearly soils himself over the Baker report
08.Dec.2006 Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Civil wars or proxy wars? -

13.Sep.2005 -BG I warned on- is running short of oil and soldiers
08.Dec.2006 Interesting if you follow Alex Jones or the Screw Loose Change Blog - BG
08.Dec.2006 Ray McGovern | Taps for the Constitution - BG Senate Armed Services Plays Taps for the Constitution
08.Dec.2006 Knesset Defense Expert: U.S. Stance on Iran is Worrisome 2. Baker Report Demands Israel Give Away Golan Heights
08.Dec.2006 Knesset Defense Expert: U.S. Stance on Iran is Worrisome
"The claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons just for defense purposes" - as the candidate for U.S. Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, told the Senate - "is very worrisome," says MK Shteinitz. Full Story Below

Politics: Bring on the Afghan Study Group - BG foreigners
Bring on the Afghan Study Group
Defeat in Afghanistan could be even more harmful than failure in Iraq.
By Frederick Kempe
Posted Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006, at 6:13 AM ET

RIGA, Latvia--The most poignant moment during the NATO meetings here last week came when Afghanistan's national security adviser spoke of the debt the West owed his country.

"You wouldn't be here if it weren't for us," Zalmai Rassoul told a room full of old and new Europeans.

They knew what he meant. If Afghan freedom fighters hadn't upended their Red Army occupiers, who withdrew in disgrace

in early 1989, the chain of events that led to the Berlin Wall's fall, Baltic liberation + Soviet collapse may not have followed.

His appeal went further. "You abandoned us after we defeated the Soviets," he told me.

"We warned you about the dangers of the Taliban, but you ignored us. You paid for that on 9/11.

If you abandon Afghanistan again, you will pay again." To continue reading, click here.
Frederick Kempe, a long-time Wall Street Journal editor and columnist, is president and CEO of the
Atlantic Council.

P-I: One of the hallmarks of the Bush administration's six-year effort to undercut environmental protection has been its contempt for the free flow of information... ...Most recently, the White House opened a new front in the battle by closing the main library at the Environmental Protection Agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters. The library served both the general public and the agency's own staff, making available detailed scientific information vital to the nitty-gritty work of environmental protection. That decision, ostensibly for budgetary reasons, came on the heels of shuttering the EPA's regional libraries in Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City + reducing hours and public access in the libraries in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. In announcing the closures, the Bush administrati...

08.Dec.2006 Foreword and Links to My Podcast! - BG 1 My plans is to create a brief foreword to the blog here:
Let me start by listing the major "red herrings" that exist in the 9/11 Truth Movement
1. Israel (or Zionist Influcences) are wholly responsible for 9/11.
2. The New World Order (NWO) is wholly responsible for 9/11.
3. Cheney (or the Bush Crime Family) are wholly responsible for 9/11.
4. Drug Running International Gangsters are wholly responsible for 9/11.
5. Wall Street and International Bankers are wholly responsible for 9/11.
While I reject all of the above arguments, I think there can be a fair argument made that all of the above have preferred (and supported in some cases) the cover up of the truth of 9/11 +

will fare poorly if the complete truth is revealed.------------ Summary: Discussion of truth of 9/11 The Legend of 911truth:
08.Dec.2006 American Prospect Online - In Power, Powerless - BG American Prospect Online - In Power, Powerless Why Democrats + the public, are helpless to do anything regarding Iraq or the economy.
08.Dec.2006 Debra Burlingame in the WSJ - BG
08.Dec.2006 Energy Weapon for Crowd Control (The "Goodbye" Effect) - BG
08.Dec.2006 Today's Papers: Reporting Failure - BG  By Daniel Politi Posted Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006, at 5:58 AM ET

All the papers lead with the long-awaited release of the Iraq Study Group's final report, which in 96 pages includes 79 recommendations on how to proceed in Iraq.

Much of the report's main points weren't a surprise as their gist had been leaked to the press, but most didn't expect it to include such harsh criticism of President Bush's strategy in Iraq. "The current approach is not working + the ability of the USA to influence events is diminishing," Lee Hamilton, the commission's co-chair, said at a news conference on Capitol Hill. Members of the ISG were sure to point out there are no guarantees of success, even if all of their recommendations are implemented.

All the papers accompany their lead stories with Page One analysis. The Washington Post says the report "might well be titled 'The Realist Manifesto.'" And goes on to emphasize how "the bipartisan report is nothing less than a repudiation of the Bush administration's diplomatic and military approach to Iraq and to the whole region." The Los Angeles Times says the report was delivered "in two parts and two different tones" in order to make it easier for Bush to accept the recommendations. The first part had tough language and was critical of the administration, but the second was a carefully crafted list "of relatively moderate recommendations for the future" making it easier for Bush to pick and choose. USA Today notes that although Bush was gracious with the commission's members, he did not make any commitments to implement any of their recommendations. The Wall Street Journal talks to a senior administration official that tells the paper the White House is unlikely to implement most of the report's recommendations. In analyzing the report's military aspects, the New York Times is blunt and says the recommendations "are based more on hope than history and run counter to assessments made by some of its own military advisers." The ISG's projection that an increase in military trainers will bring a marked increase in the abilities of the Iraqi forces is quite unrealistic, say experts. To continue reading, click here.
08.Dec.2006 The Israel Lobby Is Having Hysterics over the ISG Report  

My, oh my, what a show -- follow it in Google News. 

The neocons are having a full-fledged nervous breakdown on the public stage over James Baker's and Lee Hamilton's rough slapdown of their big dreams in the Middle East.  

This controversy lays to rest for good the fairy tale promoted by Israeli ops like GREG PALAST that the oil industry was the mastermind behind the Iraq War. 

The oil industry was skeptical all along about neocon schemes to invade the Mideast + now wants absolutely nothing to do with the mess the neocons have created. 

The Israel lobby, on the other hand, wants to plow forward into the maelstrom, full steam ahead + is hurling nasty and vicious invective at anyone -- like oil industry kingpin James Baker -- who is getting in its way. 

When will GREG PALAST and others of their ilk admit they have been wrong all along on this issue? 

Do they have a even a hint of intellectual honesty?  Or will they be shilling for the Israel lobby until the grave?
One Third Of Jailed Journalists Are Bloggers - Paul Joseph Watson -Increasing authoritarian trends as governments target Internet for regulation, censorship, control
08.Dec.2006 Investigative Reporter Breaks Israeli 9/11 Foreknowledge - Paul Joseph Watson -FBI refused to protect source of Ed Haas

00.Jun.2001 when he told them planes would be used to attack
The Alex Jones Report December 7th 2006 - Paul Joseph Watson -Alex charts the history of freedom in the world and how prosperous creative societies are extremely rare before their
08.Dec.2006 Dam Breaks On 9/11 Truth - Paul Joseph Watson -Lynch and Brolin re-focus attention, will more Hollywood personalities follow in their footsteps?
08.Dec.2006 Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11 - Paul Joseph Watson Follows in footsteps of David Lynch on same day
08.Dec.2006 David Lynch Goes Public With 9/11 Questions - Paul Joseph Watson Film director is disturbed by unanswered questions
08.Dec.2006 Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google - Paul Joseph Watson -Steele goes further than before in detailing ties, names Google's CIA liaison Paul Joseph
08.Dec.2006 Teens and media: a full-time job Young Americans spend more than 72 hours a week using the Internet, cell phones, television, music and video games, a study says.
08.Dec.2006 The Senate has confirmed Robert Gates - Nico  -to be the next Secretary of Defense.

UPDATE: Final vote: 95-2.

UPDATE II: Sens. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Jim Bunning (R-KY) cast the only “no” votes.
08.Dec.2006 “Important Bush Administration officials - Amanda -are ready to leave the government rather than undergo two years of hell from Democratic committee chairmen in Congress.

Leading the exodus are officials of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fearing investigation by two chairmen,

Representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) + John Dingell (D-MI),” according to the Evans-Novak Political Report.
Right-Wing Operatives Form ‘Crisis Management Firm’ To Profit Off Scandal-Ridden Conservatives - Faiz  

The Washington Post reports that, “just as the Hill is staffing up…to investigate administration officials,” former Justice Department spokespersons Mark Corallo and Barbara Comstock are forming a law/PR firm — Corallo Comstock — to help defend Bush administration aides.

Roll Call has more details:

Corallo and Comstock are forming the crisis management firm Corallo Comstock, Inc. They aim to open shop on

01.Jan.2007 -just before the new Democratic chairmen will start banging their gavels and demanding information from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Just in time for subpoena season,” Corallo told HOH. …

Together, they’ll be doing crisis management, communications strategy, strategic consulting, government relations and basically helping GOP folk who are up a creek without a paddle.

Corallo and Comstock cut their teeth investigating the Clinton administration on the House Government Reform Committee in the

00.000.1990 -s- under then-Chairman Dan Burton (R-IN).

Each has gone on to represent prominent scandal-stricken conservatives in recent years.

Corallo, who has criticized Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for a “reckless abuse of power,” was Karl Rove’s spokesman during the Valerie Plame investigation.

Comstock worked for Scooter Libby in the Plame affair. She has also represented indicted former Congressman Tom DeLay (R-TX) and Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), who is under federal investigation.

Corallo and Comstock’s new firm may be begging for more work than they can handle.

TPMMuckraker has the growing list of “scandalized administration officials.” See it here.
08.Dec.2006 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Distances Itself From Right-Wing Pundit - Nico  -

Yesterday, ThinkProgress noted that right-wing talk radio host Dennis Prager — who demands that Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslim, swear in using a Christian Bible — was appointed by President Bush to the taxpayer-funded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum has now issued a statement distancing itself from Prager. The museum emphasizes that Prager “speaks solely for himself,” and that his statements “do not reflect the position of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.”

The statement also points out that the museum does not have the authority to remove Prager from its board, since he is a presidential appointee.

Yesterday, the Council on American Islamic Relations said “Prager’s continued presence on the council would send a negative message to Muslims worldwide about America’s commitment to religious tolerance.” The Anti-Defamation League, a group that combats anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, called Prager’s views “intolerant,” “misinformed on the facts,” and “downright un-American.” Digg It!
08.Dec.2006 NYT reporter Anne Kornblut: - Nico -Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “is nothing if not an independent-minded maverick.
08.Dec.2006 NYT reporter Anne Kornblut: - Nico - Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “is nothing if not an independent-minded maverick.
08.Dec.2006 Pentagon staffers already replacing Rumsfeld’s picture - Judd - from the walls of the Pentagon with pictures of Robert Gates, before Gates has even been confirmed, CNN reports.
08.Dec.2006 Labor Dispute: Gambling With Patient Care In Las Vegas - Amanda - 

On Monday, approximately 800 Las Vegas nurses were locked out of their hospitals after trying to negotiate for increased staffing and improved patient care. They had been intimidated by union-busters, suspended for supporting unions + working without a contract since June.

UnHealth Services (UHS),

the association in charge of the two hospitals, yesterday agreed to let the nurses return to work on Saturday + begin negotiations, but the work to ensure quality care is far from over. An

00.Aug.2006 study ranked the Nevada last “among the 50 states in the number of registered nurses per 100,000 residents. The

study found that Nevada had 514 registered nurses per 100,000 residents in 2000, well below the national average of 780 nurses per 100,000.”

Increased staff at hospitals — what the nurses in Nevada are fighting for — has a direct impact on improving patient care:

– “6,700 patient deaths and 4 million days of hospital care could be avoided each year by increasing staff of registered nurses .”

– Lowering a nurse’s workload by one patient decreases the mortality rate by 7 %.

– “85 % of nurses work longer on a daily basis than their scheduled hours . Recent research has documented a substantial increase in the rate of errors associated with nurses working more than twelve consecutive hours + close to half of hospital staff nurses commonly work longer than twelve hours.”

– Nurses who are union members generally make 13 % more than non-union nurses.

Nursing shortages are, in large part, a result of inadequate wages. Nurses who are union members generally make 13 % more than non-union nurses.

Therefore, by discouraging the nurses to join SEIU and refusing to negotiate with the union, UHS has been blocking better care for patients.

Taylor Marsh has more. Sign the petition to improve nursing staffing standards and patient care.
08.Dec.2006 NBC correspondent Tom Aspell: - Nico -“Most Iraqis are unaware of the Iraq Study Group report. …

Their primary concern is survival, particularly those living in the central part of the country where sectarian violence, unemployment and poor infrastructure make daily life a dangerous and difficult struggle.”
08.Dec.2006 Key Recommendations Of The Iraq Study Group - Think Progress -

The Iraq Study Group report is 125 pages long and contains 79 recommendations. Some key points:

RECOMMENDATION 22: The President should state that the USA does not seek permanent military bases in Iraq .

If the Iraqi government were to request a temporary base or bases, then the U.S. government could consider that request as it would in the case of any other government.

RECOMMENDATION 35: The USA must make active efforts to engage all parties in Iraq, with the exception of al Qaeda .

The USA must find a way to talk to Grand Ayatollah Sistani, Moqtada al-Sadr + militia and insur-
gent leaders.

RECOMMENDATION 40: The USA should not make an open-ended commitment to keep large numbers of American troops deployed in Iraq .

RECOMMENDATION 41: The USA must make it clear to the Iraqi government that the USA could carry out its plans, including planned redeployments, even if Iraq does not implement its planned changes . America’s
other security needs and the future of our military cannot be made hostage to the actions or inactions of the Iraqi government.

RECOMMENDATION 64: U.S. economic assistance should be increased to a level of $5 billion per year rather than being permitted to decline. The President needs to ask for the necessary resources and must work hard to win the support of Congress. Capacity building and job creation, including reliance on the Commander’s Emergency Response Program, should be U.S. priorities. Economic assistance should be provided on a nonsectarian basis.

RECOMMENDATION 72: Costs for the war in Iraq should be included in the President’s annual budget request, starting in FY 2008 : the war is in its fourth year + the normal budget process should not be circumvented. Funding requests for the war in Iraq should be presented clearly to Congress and the American people. Congress must carry out its constitutional responsibility to review budget requests for the war in Iraq carefully and to conduct oversight.
UPDATE: Iraq Study Group report released. - Judd - The full report of the Iraq Study Group is now available HERE.
08.Dec.2006 Gore To Bush On Iraq: It’s Not About You - Think Progress -
This morning on NBC, former Vice President Al Gore called Iraq the “worst strategic mistake in the history of the USA.”

He urged President Bush “to try to separate out the personal issues of being blamed in history for this mistake and instead recognize it’s not about him.

It’s about our country and we all have to find a way to get our troops home and to prevent a regional conflagration there.” Watch it:

Bush_On_Iraq_It_s_Not_About_You">Digg It!

Full transcript:

GORE: The fact is, this is a very bad situation. Our country has to find a way to get our troops out as quickly as possible without making the situation even worse in the manner of our leaving.

LAUER: It’s described by some as cut and stay as opposed to cut and run. Does it [the Baker-Hamilton report] do enough to acknowledge the results of the mid-term elections and the message voters sending this administration — if these are listened to, these recommendations?

GORE: Well, the report this morning is actually one of several studies. There is one in the Pentagon. There has been reportedly been one in the White House itself. They are all basically saying the same thing, Matt. This is an utter disaster. This worst strategic mistake in the history of the USA. We as a nation have to find a way, in George Mitchell’s words, to manage a disaster. But I would urge the president not to — to try to separate out the personal issues of being blamed in history for this mistake and instead recognize it’s not about him.

It’s about our country and we all have to find a way to get our troops home and to prevent a regional conflagration there.
December 6, 2006 - Think Progress - 

The Iraq Study Group met with President Bush this morning to present its 79 recommendations, which include moving “most U.S. troops out of combat roles by early 2008.” Read excerpts of the ISG report HERE.

Incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who will set the schedule for the 110th Congress, has told members they “ will have to work five days a week starting in January .” If the current Congress departs on Friday as planned, it will have been in session for just 241 days over two years, 13 days less than the “Do-Nothing Congress” of 1948.

The House yesterday “postponed a showdown vote on opening 8 million more acres in the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling ” after supporters questioned whether they had enough votes.

FEMA “has recouped less than 1 % of an estimated $1 billion in fraudulent or unjustified payments it distributed after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita,” a new report shows, bolstering criticism that the agency is “too stingy with people who have real needs, and…too willing to give taxpayer dollars to scam artists and cheats.”

Congress yesterday passed funds to preserve the notorious internment camps where Japanese-Americans were kept behind barbed wire

WWII.00.000.1944 -during- Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA), was born in the Poston camp in Arizona

said “those who come after us will have a physical reminder of what they will never allow to happen again.”

The conflict in Darfur has spread to two neighboring countries and is now in ‘free fall’ with six million people facing the prospect of going without food or protection,” outgoing U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said.

Fifty-eight % of Americans “say the situation for troops in Iraq is getting worse,” up from 45 % in September, according to a new Harris poll. Seventy-one % think President Bush is doing only a fair or poor job in Iraq.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), the incoming chairwoman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, “will ask Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and two Democratic state lawmakers” from California “to testify about why Congress should pass federal legislation modeled on California’s landmark law to combat global warming .”
08.Dec.2006 Students treat dummies that 'die' - New hi-tech £135,000 dummies that bleed, breathe, speak and even die are used to train medical students.
08.Dec.2006 Iraq panel demands urgent change An urgent overhaul of US policy on Iraq is needed to stop "a slide towards chaos", says a major report.
08.Dec.2006 Oxfam warning on Aceh's homeless Over 25,000 families in Indonesia are still waiting for new homes two years after the tsunami, Oxfam warns.
08.Dec.2006 Water flowed 'recently' on Mars Nasa says it has found "compelling" evidence that water flowed recently on the Martian surface.
08.Dec.2006 Radiation find in British embassy Small traces of a radioactive substance are found at the British embassy in Moscow, the UK Foreign Office says.
08.Dec.2006 Cuba frees well-known dissident Cuba frees Hector Palacios, a dissident charged with conspiracy during a wave of arrests in 2003.
08.Dec.2006 US defence secretary confirmed The US Senate confirms Robert Gates as the next defence secretary, replacing Donald Rumsfeld.
08.Dec.2006 Son of ex-Liberian leader charged The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor is charged in the US over alleged torture in Liberia.
08.Dec.2006 State of emergency in Peru city A state of emergency is declared in a city in southern Peru, after protests against the local government.
08.Dec.2006 Commission calls for cuts in cod The European Commission calls for cuts in quotas of cod, herring and anchovy to conserve stocks.
08.Dec.2006 Asbos breached by 55% of people About 55% of anti-social behaviour orders have been breached, a government spending watchdog says.
08.Dec.2006 Scans 'can predict schizophrenia' Brain scans could help predict whether people will develop schizophrenia, research suggests.
08.Dec.2006 Couples exchange bone rings Samples of human bone can be turned into jewellery by growing them in the laboratory.
08.Dec.2006 Copyright pirates face crackdown A report on copyright and piracy laws says large scale offenders should face longer jail terms.
08.Dec.2006 Italy busts 'migrant kidnap gang' Italian police say they have broken up a gang suspected of kidnapping illegal immigrants and holding them for ransom.
08.Dec.2006 Dutch immigrant amnesty vetoed The Dutch government vetoes the new parliament's move to grant amnesty to thousands of failed asylum seekers.
08.Dec.2006 Iraq report 'is no magic formula' There is no "magic formula" to solve the crisis in Iraq, a major report on US policy in the country says.
08.Dec.2006 Ex-spy contact leaves hospital Mario Scaramella, an Italian contact of ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, is discharged from hospital.
08.Dec.2006 Rwandan genocide pastor released An 81-year-old Rwandan pastor found guilty of genocide is released after serving his sentence.
08.Dec.2006 Venezuela denies 'Eta men' deal Venezuela has said that it will not give citizenship to four Basque separatists living in the country since the 1980s.
08.Dec.2006 Paris talks can't reach Iran deal Diplomats from the five UN Security Council states + Germany, fail to reach an accord on Iran sanctions.
08.Dec.2006 Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag
A White House board empaneled to protect Americans' civil liberties has its first public meeting. Reporters are barred from asking questions + the panel won't tell the public what it's learned about warrantless domestic spying. With friends like these.... Ryan Singel reports from Washington.

Biodiesel Makes Haste With Waste Plant, poultry and pig leftovers could provide a substantial menu of options for renewable energy that doesn't disturb the food supply. In Autopia.
08.Dec.2006 The Black Hole of Los Alamos

Meet Ed Grothus: pacifist, recycler of nuclear waste, author of a post-apocalyptic Rosetta Stone + the man who once sent Bill Clinton a can of "organic plutonium." In Table of Malcontents.
Study: Mobiles Don't Cause Cancer A study of 400,000 Danes debunks cell phone-cancer link. Does evidence for other ailments remain? In Gear Factor.
08.Dec.2006 Medical records mashup would span a lifetime Five major companies have joined forces and invested in what appears to be the ultimate personal medical-records database.
08.Dec.2006 Solar cell breaks efficiency record It converts almost 41 % of light that hits it into electricity, almost double the efficiency of current commercial cells.
08.Dec.2006 Heathrow testing biometric security checks Trial, which is voluntary, aims to enroll 2,000 travelers on selected routes to and from the U.K.
08.Dec.2006 UK Report Suggests Tougher Copyright Laws - samzenpus 1 - danpsmith writes

"The BBC has an article about a government report which proposes new powers against copyright infringement. Interestingly, however, it also: "says private users should be allowed to copy music from a CD to their MP3 player" and further "recommends the 50-year copyright protection for recorded music should not be extended," saying, "The ideal IP system creates incentives for innovation, without unduly limiting access for consumers and follow-on innovators." While satisfied with most of the report, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) says, "it would continue to press for the copyright extension.""
Irak- Empfehlungen: Bush und Blair distanzieren sich von Baker- Kommission
08.Dec.2006 The Math Behind PageRank - anaesthetica (posted by samzenpus) 45 -anaesthetica writes

"The American Mathematical Society is featuring an article with an in-depth explanation of the type of mathematical operations that power PageRank. Because about 95% of the text on the 25 billion pages indexed by Google consist of the same 10,000 words, determining relevance requires an extremely sophisticated set of methods. And because the links constituting the web are constantly changing and updating, the relevance of pages needs to be recalculated on a continuous basis."
Tiny Particle With No Charge Discovered - ScuttleMonkey 145 - ZonkerWilliam writes to mention

PhysOrg is reporting that a tiny particle with no charge, called an 'axion' has been discovered. From the article: "The finding caps nearly three decades of research both by Piyare Jain, Ph.D., UB professor emeritus in the Department of Physics and lead investigator on the research, who works independently -- an anomaly in the field -- and by large groups of well-funded physicists who have, for three decades, unsuccessfully sought the recreation and detection of axions in the laboratory, using high-energy particle accelerators."
NASA Finds Evidence of Recent Flowing Water on Mars - ScuttleMonkey 154 - SonicSpike writes to mention that

Scientists are claiming that they have evidence of water flowing on Mars within the last five years. From the article: "Subsurface aquifers or melting ground ice were floated as possible sources of the water. One of the springs even appears at a fault line, according to Malin, just as they often do on Earth. The shortness of the gulleys, which seem to flow for but a few hundred yards, might be accounted for by a process similar to a volcano's eruption on Earth, with water instead of magma building up underground + ice, instead of fire, characterizing the resulting flow."
Big Blue Designing Chip to Decode the Big Bang - ScuttleMonkey 118 -Jerry Beth writes

"IBM is working with European astronomy organization Astron to design a chip that will be used to help gather billions-of-years-old radio signals from deep space in the hopes of learning more about the origins of the universe. From the article: 'It's part of Astron's Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope project. The SKA will be linked to millions of antennas collecting radio signals from space. The antennas will be spread over a large surface area of the globe but, in the aggregate, they will form a square kilometer's worth of collection area. [...] The microprocessors will essentially help the antennas capture the signals, filter out extraneous data and then convert the signals into data. Astrophysicists will then analyze the data to look for patterns. The weakest signals are the prize in this project, because they will be the oldest.'"
Stem Cell Bill Passes in Australia - ScuttleMonkey 198 - nickd writes

"Having recently being passed in the Senate by only 2 votes, an Australian bill to overturn the ban on 'theraputic cloning' has now been passed in the House of Representatives by 82-62.

The amendment that was seeking to prevent stem cells being extracted from the eggs of aborted late term female fetuses has also been voted down.

The changes will allow scientists to create and use embryos up to 14 days old for research."
Google's Silent Monopoly - CmdrTaco 377 - "Isaac Garcia from Central Desktop Blog writes, 'How much does Google pay *itself* to claim the top ad position for searches relevant to its own products?

Google holds the top advertisement (Adword) slot for the following key words: intranet, spreadsheet, documents, calendar, word processor, email, video, instant messenger, blog, photo sharing, online groups, maps, start page, restaurants, dining + books... ...if you are trying to advertise a product that is competitive to Google, then you'll never be able to receive the Top Ad Position, no matter how much money you bid and spend.

How different is it than MSFT placing its products (Internet Explorer) in a premium marketing position (embedded in the OS)?'"
The DOJ's New Spin on Blocking Software - CmdrTaco 134 - Bennett Haselton has writen

"In recent arguments over the constitutionality of the Child Online Protection Act, both sides have argued over the efficiency of Internet blocking software. While COPA would prohibit commercial U.S. websites from publishing freely available material that is "harmful to minors", the ACLU has argued that blocking software is a far more effective alternative, since among other things it can block porn sites located overseas, non-commercial websites + p2p programs, all of which are beyond the reach of COPA. On the other hand, we had the surreal experience of watching the Department of Justice lawyer arguing in favor of a censorship law by saying that the blocking software alternative was unfair to children -- because it blocked too much legitimate material." The rest of Bennett's essay follows.
Richest 2% Own Half the World's Wealth - kdawson 1120+ - kop writes

"The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of all household wealth, according to a new study by a United Nations research institute.

Most previous studies of economic disparity have looked at income, whereas this one looks at wealth — assets minus debts.

The survey is based on data for the year 2000. Many figures, especially for developing countries, have had to be estimated.

Nonetheless, the authors say it is the most comprehensive study of personal wealth ever undertaken." The study itself is available from the World Institute for Development Economics Research.

BBC NEWS | Business | Cazenove links up with JP Morgan
... last independent investment banks, is to join forces with US financial services giant JP Morgan Chase ... JP Morgan Cazenove will be staffed by Cazenove's 750 existing investment ...

07.Dec.2006 Litwinenko- Mord: Sieben Hotelangestellte in London mit Polonium verstrahlt
07.Dec.2006 Ägypten: Muftis ächten Genitalverstümmelung bei Frauen
Polizeiskandal: Mobbing bei New Yorks Anti- Terror- Kämpfern

07.Dec.2006 Web 3.0: Der böse Traum vom Zwei- Klassen- Internet

07.Dec.2006 Leibniz- Preis 2007: Zehn Forscher ausgezeichnet
07.Dec.2006 Währungspolitik: Wirtschaft und Gewerkschaften kritisieren Zinsanhebung
07.Dec.2006 Porsche: Familien wollen Exklusivrecht auf Stammaktien aufgeben
07.Dec.2006 Analysten über die Antriebe der Zukunft: Bye, bye Benzin?

07.Dec.2006 Antisemitische Welle an Schulen: Jüdische Schüler fliehen vor Nazis und aggressiven Muslimen
07.Dec.2006 Mysteriöse Erkrankung: Gaidars Protokoll seiner Vergiftung
Rekordtemperaturen: Zahlenverwirrung um wärmsten Herbst

07.Dec.2006 London: Tornado verwüstet Straßenzug

07.Dec.2006 US- Studenten und Irak: Krieg auf dem Campus
07.Dec.2006 Remains of St. Paul May Have Been Found 

Vatican archaeologists have unearthed a sarcophagus believed to contain the remains of the Apostle Paul that had been buried beneath Rome's second largest basilica.posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 Changing Mars Gullies Hint at Recent Flowing Water 

The changing appearance of gullies on Mars over the last seven years suggests that liquid water flowed recently on the red planet and may still seep out in brief bursts, researchers said Wednesday. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 Magnetic field puts bats on track  The mystery of how bats can navigate long distances in the dark may have been solved. posted by Prof. Hex

00.000.1944, medium Helen Duncan became the last woman in Britain to be convicted of witchcraft when one of her seances exposed a government attempt to cover up the deaths of 861 sailors.

Now, campaigners aim to clear her name. Via the Anomalist. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 Lost hoard of 2,000-year-old gold refound 

A priceless collection of Afghan gold, thought to have been destroyed by the Taliban, resurfaced in Paris yesterday after mysteriously disappearing almost 20 years ago. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 Too-low tally of attacks serves Bush policy, report says 

The Bush administration routinely has underreported the level of violence in Iraq in order to disguise its policy failings, the Iraq Study Group said as part of its report. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 Jeweler Was Told To Lie In Princess Diana Case 

A key witness in the inquiry into the death of Britain's Princess Diana recently claimed police threatened him to change his evidence. Via Supernatural News. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Dec.2006 We surrender if we permit torture: The Military Commissions Act overturns a number of legal protections previously provided by the Constitution, not just to foreigners but also to average American citizens. Unfortunately the Act also enables torture. It cancels rights assigned by the Geneva Conventions and protocols despite their protection of our own troops.

07.Dec.2006 U.S. fails to protect asylum-seekers, group says: A Canadian refugee group says the USA is no longer a safe haven for people who need protection,

accusing Washington of flouting international rules against torture

07.Dec.2006 Chris Hedges: George Bush’s America: “This is part of a government campaign to silence and intimidate all Muslims in America by persecuting their leaders.

It is part of an effort to disenfranchise American Muslims.”

07.Dec.2006 Richest 2% own 'half the wealth' : The report, says that the poorer half of the world's population own barely 1% of global wealth.

07.Dec.2006 Richest tenth own 85% of world's assets : In terms of wealth distribution the US was among the most unequal, whereas Japan had one of the lowest levels of inequality.

07.Dec.2006 Michael T Klare : The post-abundance era : At least some strata of the global population will continue to experience an increase in personal wealth in the 21st century, but the sense of abundance that characterized the late 20th century is likely to evaporate for the great majority of us.
07.Dec.2006 Russia demands the handover of Putin's critics in exchange for poison case help: Russia named its price yesterday for providing help in the investigation into the death by poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. It demanded that Britain hand over the enemies of President Putin who have been given asylum in London.

07.Dec.2006 Fijian prime minister sworn in : Commodore Frank Bainimarama, Fiji's military chief, has said that troops will suppress any uprising against the coup he launched on Tuesday.

07.Dec.2006 Hicks's lawyers granted urgent court hearing: The legal team has launched an action against the Commonwealth, alleging the Federal Government has failed in its duty to protect an Australian citizen abroad.

07.Dec.2006 Canada: Suspect Tortured Despite Warning:

Canadian police said Tuesday they had told U.S. authorities they had no evidence an Ottawa software engineer was an al-Qaida agent before Washington deported him to Syria, where he was tortured.

07.Dec.2006 Italy prosecutors want kidnap trial for CIA agents:

Italian prosecutors asked a judge on Tuesday to order CIA agents and Italian spies to stand trial on charges of kidnapping a terrorism suspect and flying him to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.
07.Dec.2006 Israel plans to destroys 42,000 homes of Palestinian Bedouins :

The Israeli interior minister, Roni Bar-On, declared that his ministry has planned the demolition of more than 42,000 homes of Palestinian Bedouins that were built

00.000.1948 -even before-

00.000.1948 -when Israel was proclaimed.
The Taliban Gets Closer to Kabul:

A report from the German military, the Bundeswehr, warns that the Taliban is approaching Kabul and that attacks on the capital city are likely to increase. Security in nearby districts is already deteriorating.

07.Dec.2006 Journalists Release Guantanamo Bay Report :

Titled "Broken Chains of Guantanamo", the volume describes the extreme physical + mental torture to which the inmates -

mostly suspected Taliban + their allies who were picked up from Afghanistan or Pakistan - were subjected to.

07.Dec.2006 Rice's Iran Strategy Fizzles, Cheney Waits in Wings:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's months-long diplomatic effort to get five other powers to agree to a tough United Nations Security Council resolution on sanctions against Iran now seems certain to fail,

because of Russian and Chinese resistance.

07.Dec.2006 'Alternative Nobel' winner says U.S. attack on Iran likely before 2008

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked secret Pentagon documents during the Vietnam war, said Wednesday that he believed the U.S. would attack Iran

00.000.2008 -before- + urged Washington insiders to make new disclosures to prevent a new war.

07.Dec.2006 Video: Dr. Javad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador to the UN: Mr. Javad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, in a presentation to students at Princeton University.

In his talk, Mr. Zarif looks to clarify various widely held misconceptions about his country and its policies.

07.Dec.2006 Euro Faces Huge Change If Others Follow Iran: ``It's something to keep a very close eye on because if'' other oil exporters ``were to shift from dollars to euros as they invoice oil receipts changes, it improves the euro's value as money.

07.Dec.2006 Revenge of the Euro: Forget the U.S. dollar. Up, down—who cares? If America catches a cold, Europe barely sniffles.
07.Dec.2006 Study Group says administration's policy has led to chaos in Iraq : President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working," a high-level commission said bluntly on Wednesday, prodding the administration to use diplomacy to stabilize the country and allow withdrawal of most American combat troops by early 2008.

07.Dec.2006 Iraq war costs could top $1 trillion: The Democratic co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group said on Wednesday that America's ability to resolve the crisis in Iraq is narrowing and the costs could rise to more than $1 trillion 07.Dec.2006 Full Text: Iraq Study Group Report : "We do not recommend a stay-the-course solution; in our opinion, that approach is no longer viable." James A. Baker III, co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group.

07.Dec.2006 Why the Baker Report Leaves Iraqis Cold: Nobody living in this country needs a high-powered bipartisan Washington committee to tell them that (a) the situation is "grave and dangerous"; (b) there's no "magic bullet" solution; (c) talking to Iran and Syria is the smart thing to do; and (d) the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki isn't up to scratch.

07.Dec.2006 New Pelosi Appointee Wants More Troops In Iraq: Rep. Silvestre Reyes, the soon-to-be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops as part of a stepped up effort to ?dismantle the militias.?
07.Dec.2006 Becoming what we despise? - By Robert Scheer
An examining psychiatrist wrote that "as the result of his experience during his detention and interrogation, Mr. Padilla does not appreciate the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him, is unable to render assistance to counsel and has impairments in reasoning as the result of a mental illness ... complicated by the neuropsychiatric effects of prolonged isolation."

07.Dec.2006 Congresswoman Calls For The Assassination Of Cuban President
07.Dec.2006 Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law -By Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor
It’s amazing what you can find if you turn over a few rocks in the anti-terrorism legislation Congress approved during the election season.

07.Dec.2006 Goodness Gracious! The Truth! -By Maureen Dowd
First Junior took over the house with grandiose plans to remodel it and make it the envy of the neighborhood. But then he played with matches and set the house on fire. So now he’s frantically trying to stop the flames from torching the whole block. 

07.Dec.2006 Al-Jazeera And The Truth -By Charley Reese
You don't need an electronic bug in the offices of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee to know that AIPAC and the Bush administration are putting pressure on the distributors to shun Al-Jazeera. Denying Americans their First Amendment right to the truth, in regard to Israel, is always Job One with AIPAC.

07.Dec.2006 situation is going to go to hell anyways.
The Peace Team argues for an immediate pull-out. That course of action will keep our troops safe -- although we will forever after know that we entered a police state and turned it into something even more hellish: The policy is, always was + in the minds of the Bush cabal will always will be, to occupy Iraq indefinitely while we install 14 permanent military bases, where they have absolutely no business of the Iraqi people to be there. And until they are absolutely forced to do otherwise that is where they will stay, which is what is precisely meant by Bush's recent rejection of any kind of "graceful exit."
To the contary, they are about to ask for ANOTHER 100 billion dollars!! Dennis Kucinich is calling for an end to funding for the war and occupation now. Ultimately, that's the only reason the war in Vietnam ended at all. Congress stopped paying for it.

That's what must happen now.

If you agree, just visit their page and you can take action with only a few clicks.

Yes, I still believe in taking action, even though I took my Camus pills this morning... Permalink
Bush's Brain Still Working on One Watt of Power.

He's Back to "Beating the Extremists" to Win In Iraq. Can Someone Remove this Detriment to World Peace and Life from Office? And Then Prosecute Him to the Full Extent of the Law.
Elizabeth de la Vega's Criminal Indictment of George W. Bush
Et Al. -- A BuzzFlash Interview

07.Dec.2006 Just Released From Greg Palast: Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans (DVD) (With Autograph from Greg Palast)
10 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq: Scores of Iraqis Die in Blasts, Other Attacks in Baghdad. Iraq Burns While Bush Smugly Continues Wallowing in His Ignorance and Arrogance. 12/7
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

07.Dec.2006 Vote the News Up or Down at!
Dr. J.'s Short Shot: Tony Snow's Job

07.Dec.2006 The Bush administration routinely has underreported the level of violence in Iraq in order to disguise its policy failings, the Iraq Study Group report said Wednesday.
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for December 7,
07.Dec.2006 Zypern- Streit: Türkei knüpft Einlenken an Bedingungen
07.Dec.2006 Zubrot nach Feierabend: Der Trend geht zum Zweit- und Drittjob

07.Dec.2006 Großeinsatz: Amoklauf- Drohungen halten Polizei in Atem

07.Dec.2006 Milliarden- Übernahme: Indianerstamm kauft Hard Rock Cafe

07.Dec.2006 Irak- Politik: Bush erwägt Kurswechsel noch in diesem Jahr
07.Dec.2006 Totenschädel- Fotos: Ermittlungen gegen Soldaten eingestellt
07.Dec.2006 Inflationsangst: EZB erhöht Leitzinsen

07.Dec.2006 Hirnscan: Schizophrenie lässt sich vorhersagen
07.Dec.2006 Chaos auf den Flughäfen Brasiliens: Passagiere demonstrieren mit Trillerpfeifen
07.Dec.2006 Fall Litwinenko: Russland eröffnet eigenes Ermittlungsverfahren

07.Dec.2006 HipHop- Star Sido: Deutsches Schädeltrauma
07.Dec.2006 Union am Scheideweg: Der Niedergang der knallharten Konservativen

07.Dec.2006 Bondy Blog: Wie Sarkozy afrikanische Parteifreunde versetzte

07.Dec.2006 Mensch- Tier- Transplantation: Wettlauf um das Schweineherz
07.Dec.2006 Fernüberwachung von Rechnern: BKA will Löcher in Firewalls bohren
07.Dec.2006 Tiefsee- Mysterium: Steinplatte in der Größe des Mittelmeers entdeckt
07.Dec.2006 Reichstag: Heimlicher Raucher löste Gasalarm aus (Politik)

Mr. DeFazio said the fire, which law enforcement officials are calling suspicious, began shortly after midnight in the apartment Ms. Burlingame shared with her companion and was still under investigation, as was the cause of Ms. Burlingame’s death. No one else was injured in the fire, Mr. DeFazio said.

Ms. Burlingame was the daughter of Charles F. Burlingame III, a 25-year Navy veteran who was the captain of American Airlines Flight 77, which slammed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11., 2001, killing 189 people.
12/06/2006 - 4:54pm.
Webster Tarpley: "Filibuster Al Qaeda Founder Robert Gates" Webster Tarpley

(Today, Webster Tarpley released a statement against Robert Gates' nomination as Secretary of Defense.

Gates' relationship to the Muj has also recently been explored at the Daily Kos, in a post called, Robert Gates Promoted and Financed Osama Bin Laden. -r.) ---------------


"Most damning of all is the fact that Gates was one of the founders of al Qaeda, the CIA’s Arab Legion which was assembled to attack the Soviets in Afghanistan. Gates is thus part of the infrastructure that produced the patsies of 9/11..."


The nomination of Robert Gates to be Secretary of Defense must be rejected. Gates is deeply implicated in three decades of crimes by the intelligence community.

There is no reason to think he intends to begin the necessary rapid departure of US forces from Iraq.

His nomination by Bush can only be read as a deliberate provocation directed against the new Democratic Congress.

Will the Democrats fight back, or will they capitulate?

The American people are watching the Democratic Senators carefully + they are appalled by the self-congratulatory + clubby narcissism of the Senate

at a time when US forces are facing encirclement + decimation in Iraq + Afghanistan.

Senators must not only vote against Gates; they must stop the confirmation process with a filibuster.

A look at Gates’ sordid record shows why.

Most expositions of collapse theories invoke the "tremendous energy" of falling mass impacting the floors below to explain the thorough destruction of the Towers.

Yet the seismic records clearly show that

the vast majority of this mass did not participate in the destruction of the Towers since it evidently did not encounter substantial resistance to its descent until it reached the ground.

Origin of Claim that Spikes Preceded Collapses

The claim that the largest seismic signal marked the beginning of the destruction of each Tower apparently originated with reporter Christopher Bollyn, who published in

28.Aug.2002 the article "Seismic Evidence Points to Underground Explosions Causing WTC Collapse" in the American Free Press, the sister publication of the Hitler-lionizing Barnes Review.

That article, commented on here, includes the following:

Seismographs at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York, 21 miles north of the WTC, recorded strange seismic activity on

11.Sep.2001 that has

07.Dec.2006 – still- not been explained.
While the aircraft crashes caused minimal earth shaking, significant earthquakes with unusual spikes occurred at the beginning of each collapse.

The Palisades seismic data recorded a 2.1 magnitude earthquake

during the 10-second collapse of the South Tower at

9:59:04 and a 2.3 quake during the 8-second collapse of the North Tower at

The Palisades seismic record shows that -

- as the collapses began -

- a huge seismic "spike" marked the moment the greatest energy went into the ground.

The strongest jolts were all registered at the beginning of the collapses, well before the falling debris struck the earth.

These unexplained "spikes" in the seismic data lend credence to the theory that massive explosions at the base of the towers caused the collapses. -- Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press

The article mixes facts about the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's charts with unfounded assertions.

While it's true that the station recorded 2.1 and 2.3 magnitude quakes, Bollyn provides no evidence that the spikes occurred at the beginning of each "collapse".

This story was reproduced by numerous websites + continues to be cited even by scholars who apparently have failed to check the validity of its claims.

After first providing some background on seismology, I will provide three lines of analysis showing that the largest seismic signals correspond to the times that the rubble was reaching the ground,

not to times at or before the onsets of the Tower's destruction:

Origin of Claim that Towers Fell in Ten Seconds or Less

The assertion that both Towers fell in ten seconds or less apparently originated with proponents of the collapse theory less than a month after the attack.

An article in the Journal of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society contains the following:

This started the domino effect that caused the buildings to collapse within ten seconds, hitting bottom with an estimated speed of 200 km per hour.

If it had been free fall, with no restraint, the collapse would have only taken eight seconds and would have impacted at 300 km/h. 1

-- Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering + Speculation
Figure 1: Table 1.1 from Chapter 1 of FEMA's WTC Building Performance Study .

The statement cites reference 1, which is listed as

"1. Presentation on WTC Collapse, Civil Engineering Department, MIT, Cambridge, MA ( 03.Oct.2001 )."

Most of the more contemporary references to the ten-second collapse times appear to have originated with FEMA's Building Performance Study.

Although the Report makes no claim about how long it took the Towers to "collapse", it includes the chart on the right describing the duration of seismic signals.

That chart gives 10 and 8 seconds for the durations of the signals corresponding to the South and North Tower "collapses", respectively.

Apparently, the only official report that gives a duration for either of the "collapses" is the 9/11 Commission Report, which states that the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds in Chapter 9, Section 2: At

11.Sep.2001 09-58-59 , the South Tower collapsed

in ten seconds,

killing all civilians and emergency personnel inside, as well a number of individuals-both first responders and civilians-in the concourse, in the Marriott + on neighboring streets.

The building collapsed into itself, causing a ferocious windstorm and creating a massive debris cloud. 156 -- -- 9/11 Commission Report

This passage cites reference 156, which is listed as "NIST report, 'Progress Report on the Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the WTC,'

18.Jun.2004 , appendix H, p. 40."

However, lists no publication dated June 18, 2004 +

NIST-SP 1000-5 June 2004 Progress Report on the Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center,

does not appear to provide any estimate of either Tower's collapse duration. Video Records Show 15-Second+ Durations


Ben Menasche told Hamilton that one of the FBI agents, E.B. Cartinhour, was disaffected because his superiors had refused to indict high Reagan officials for their role in the October Surprise.

Ben Menasche claimed the agents were prepared to give Casolaro proof that the FBI was illegally using PROMISE software....
Ari BenMenasche, a self proclaimed Israeli military intelligence officer, was responsible for the tipoff to an obscure Lebanese magazine about what later became known as the Iran-Contra scandal .
07.Dec.2006 Synergie Informatik, Robotik, Mikroelektronik, Lasertechnik und ... - HTML-Version
Service- und Reinigungsroboter ,. • Kletter- und Schreitroboter als autonome ... Bei der heute üblichen Roboterprogrammierung überwiegt die Teach -in-Methode. ...

11.Jan.2000 Weapons against terrorism By Timothy Towell appeared in "The Washington Times"

00.000.1990-00.000.1994 Timothy Towell was USA ambassador to Paraguay.

Similar groups, like the Lashkar-e-Tayyba, whose membership and leadership include retired members of Pakistan's army + Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), are so much a part of the unofficial body politic in Pakistan

11.Jan.2000- now that they enjoy open material support from the Musharraf regime.

At that group's annual meeting last November, Lashkar's chief, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed ranted that "Issues cannot be solved without introducing the Islamic system.

The Jehad is being organized under the leadership of Lashkar-e-Osama [Soldiers of Osama bin Laden].

In this fight, the USA is the biggest terrorist. Its diplomatic missions here patronize us!"

Even more unsettling than the fact that this speech was made

exactly one week prior to the attack on the U.S. mission in Islamabad, is that this conference received a permit and security protection from the Pakistani government.
Council of American Ambassadors - Elite Wiki

Vice Presidents - Patricia Lynch Ewell | Timothy Towell | Leon Weil. Secretary - G. Philip Hughes ...
Google Groups: soc.culture.nigeria >>>

Timothy Towell, a fprmer deputy chief of protocolat the State >>Department.

"Usually you have to have a criminal background" to be ...
EMBASSY ROW - World - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

Timothy Towell, a former US ambassador to Paraguay + Albert Borg Olivier de Puget, a former ambassador from Malta, agreed that he left a vacuum on the ... - 40
The Christian Science Monitor | Says Timothy Towell, former US ambassador to Paraguay +

--.---.---- -now- a Washington foreign policy consultant : " Now the little players have gotten into phony ...
Govt Rwanda vs. Johnson, Robert W. - US Court Of Appeals - DC ...

Johnson II;

Timothy Towell, a retired US diplomat; +

Edward van Kloberg III, a Washington lobbyist.

Under this agreement, the three Americans, ...,01.html
Verdades de Cuba: ¿Los Bush en el Chaco?

... cuyo embajador en Paraguay en sus tiempos de presidente, Timothy Towell, la estaría administrando, según el periódico paraguayo La Nación ....
26.Jan.2002 Timothy Towell served as the U.S. ambassador to Paraguay from

00.000.1990-00.000.1994 ; before that, he served as President Reagan's deputy chief of protocol ... NucNews -
Corporate Council On Africa

Timothy Towell, Former US Ambassador, Kissama Game Park - Paulino Baptista, Vice Minister of Hotels and Tourism, The Republic of ...
Los Archivos del Horror del Operativo Cóndor.

Esta carpeta también incluye una carta del entonces Embajador de Estados Unidos, Timothy Towell, en la que da instrucciones a la policía paraguaya y adjunta ...
Mailgate: soc.culture.dominican-rep: El triunfo de la verdad: Bush ...


Timothy Towell, the US Ambassador in Asunción ( the capital of Paraguay ) is the present administrator of the land,

PII: S0261-3050(97)00062-4

As Ambassador Timothy Towell (

00.000.1988-00.000.1991 ) stated, 'the. US played a part in isolating Paraguay, to the point of making it the Mongolia of Latin ...
Coming up: Bad news for Gen Musharraf The Baltimore Sun

article by former US Ambassador to Paraguay Timothy Towell ran under the heading ‘Hollow alliance with Musharraf yields only empty ...
GW Bush + family to relocate to Paraguay!! - Above Top Secret ...


Timothy Towell, the U.S. Ambassador in Asunción (the capital of Paraguay) is the present administrator of the land ...
Rumores 07.Dec.2006 Desinformación - Embajada de los Estados Unidos Asuncion


que el actual presidente George W. Bush posee 40.000 hectáreas (98.842 acres) y que un embajador estadounidense ( Timothy Towell, ex embajador.
Havana Journal buys American Chamber of Commerce of Cuba domain name

Ambassador Timothy Towell (ret.), Foreign Policy Group and Business Affairs.

00.0000.1997 Gareth Jenkins, President, Cuba Business, Ltd., Hon. ...

07.Dec.2006 Democratic Forum on Paraguay Introduction:

Timothy Towell Former Ambassador of the United States in Paraguay.

I have a short commentary rather than a question, if I may. ...
OneWorld Magazine - The Mbaracayu Forest Reserve

00.000.---- -At the same time-, U.S. Ambassador Timothy Towell + his wife Dane had taken up residence at the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay.

Gauto + Randall couldn't have ...
Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0): Moonshadow


Timothy Towell, the U.S. Ambassador in Asunción (the capital of Paraguay) is the present administrator of the land....
Intern'l Conf. on the Paraguay River Basin: Speakers

Amb. Timothy Towell served as U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay 00.000.1990-00.000.1994 .

Currently, he serves as President of the Foreign Policy Group in Washington,
WCPSDP2: Rapporteur's Report

Former U.S. Ambassador Timothy Towell was among those who pointed to the need to get the conservation message to the public in every circumstance.
Taliban - The New York Times - Narrowed by 'TOWELL, TIMOTHY'

Timothy Towell letter on

09.Apr.----- article urges Bush administration to recognize Pakistan's role in terrorism backed by Taliban in Afghanistan ...,%20TIMOTHY&field=per&match=exact
Why isn't Pakistan seen as terrorist state? - GupShup Forums


-Former US ambassador to Paraguay Washington ... Timothy Towell was USA ambassador to Paraguay f00.000.1990-00.000.1994 ,
ADST Board of Directors Timothy Towell Abelardo L. Valdez Allan Wendt. Honorary Directors Henry A. Kissinger Warren M. Christopher Alexander M. Haig George P. Shultz ...

07.Dec.2006 USA Has No Plans for Military Base in Paraguay - US Timothy Towell, former U.S. ambassador to Paraguay from 1988 to 1991, administers the 70000 hectare ranch on behalf of former President Bush. ...

La Nación : Es de todos El ex embajador norteamericano Timothy Towell también montó una oficina para trabajos parecidos que ha trabajado de cerca con el grupo comercial articulado .

11.Jan.2000 Weapons against terrorism”- By Timothy Towell appeared in "The Washington Times"

00.000.1990-00.000.1994 Timothy Towell was USA ambassador to Paraguay.
Nicht nur unter der Oberfläche schlummern möglicherweise gewaltige Reservoirs gefrorenen und flüssigen Wassers, auch das Gesicht des Roten Planeten könnte sich ständig verändern.

Spektakuläre Fotos von Eisschollen und Schluchten sowie Radarbilder vom Inneren des Mars haben diesen Verdacht bestärkt.

Möglicherweise, vermuten Wissenschaftler, finde diese Aktivität bis in die Gegenwart statt.
Arbeitsmarkt: Zahl der Zweitjobs nimmt deutlich zu

07.Dec.2006 Hamburgs Bürgermeister von Beust: "Richtet euch nicht danach, was eure Väter hatten"
07.Dec.2006 Darfur- Einsatz: Kapitulation vor den blutrünstigen Banden
07.Dec.2006 Baker- Empfehlungen: Kehrt marsch, Mr. President!
Korea Exchange Bank: Richter liefert Belege für Kursmanipulation

07.Dec.2006 Foto- Vergleich: Junge Wasserspuren auf dem Mars entdeckt
07.Dec.2006 US- Botschaft im Irak: Von tausend Mitarbeitern sprechen nur sechs arabisch
07.Dec.2006 Baker- Empfehlungen: Bundesregierung will zwischen USA, Syrien und Iran vermitteln
07.Dec.2006 06. DEZEMBER 2006
Neuer US- Verteidigungsminister: Überwältigendes Ja für Gates im Senat
07.Dec.2006 Schmiergeld- Affäre: Siemens soll Vernehmung von Aufsichtsrat abgeblockt haben

07.Dec.2006 Schornsteinfeger- Monopol soll fallen: EU- Ausländer dürfen bald deutsche Kamine fegen
07.Dec.2006 Vice President Dick Cheney gets hit with lawsuit by Joe Wilson ...

Ken Lay is dead Mia, but the Enron case is not over ! __________________ ...
Democratic Underground Forums - Marvin Bush worked for WTC security

PS No wonder James Baker looked so nervous during the Florida recount . There is always a way,
Die Verknüpfung von Handy und Internet Das Handy der Zukunft wird ein „ILK“ sein, ein Identifikator, Lokalisator und Kommunikator. Er wird folgende Bedürfnisse befriedigen: ...
07.Dec.2006 20041219

00.May 1986 the Enterprise paid Defex Portugal about $860000 for contra weapons, Christian virtue " is actually the party of filthy electoral tactics,

00.000.1991 per la realizzazione del esercitazione di difesa " DEFEX 2/92 . . . web ... com/2004/05/heres - nickel - now - beat - it - you - filthy . html ...
While worst-case scenarios were in order for the Soviet Union and other communist enemies, best-case scenarios were the order of the day for Reagan-Bush allies, including Osama bin Laden and other Arab extremists rushing to Afghanistan to wage a holy war against European invaders, in this case, the Russians.
As for the Pakistani drive to get a nuclear bomb, the Reagan-Bush administration turned to word games to avoid triggering anti-proliferation penalties that otherwise would be imposed on Pakistan.
There was a distinction made to say that the possession of the device is not the same as developing it, Dickson told me.

They got into the argument that they don't quite possess it yet because they haven't turned the last screw into the warhead.
Career Reprisals
With Gates using top-down management techniques, CIA analysts sensitive to their career paths intuitively grasped that they could rarely go wrong by backing the company line and presenting the worst-case scenario about Soviet capabilities and intentions, Ekedahl and other CIA analysts said.

Contrary to the desired White House take on Soviet-backed terrorism,

Ekedahl said the consensus of the intelligence community was that the Soviets discouraged acts of terrorism by groups getting support from Moscow for practical, not moral, reasons.
We agreed that the Soviets consistently stated, publicly and privately, that they considered international terrorist activities counterproductive and advised groups they supported not to use such tactics, Ekedahl said.

We had hard evidence to support this conclusion.
But Gates took the analysts to task, accusing them of trying to stick our finger in the policy maker's eye, Ekedahl testified
Ekedahl said Gates, dissatisfied with the terrorism assessment, joined in rewriting the draft to suggest greater Soviet support for terrorism +

the text was altered by pulling up from the annex reports that overstated Soviet involvement.
In his memoirs, From the Shadows,

Gates denied politicizing the CIA's intelligence product, though acknowledging that he was aware of Casey's hostile reaction to the analysts' disagreement with right-wing theories about Soviet-directed terrorism.
Soon, the hammer fell on the analysts who had prepared the Soviet-terrorism report.

Ekedahl said many analysts were replaced by people new to the subject who insisted on language emphasizing Soviet control of international terrorist activities.

One risk of putting career intelligence officer Robert Gates in charge of the ... were accused of shipping explosives to Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen, ...

Robert Gates, George W. Bush’s choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Wot Is It Good 4: Robert Gates scandals.

I really wonder which side Robert Gates thinks he's on. ... to gates' namebase record - and notes that Gates + Carlos Cardoen ("arms dealer to Iraq, ...
Wot Is It Good 4: Robert Gates' (other) confirmation hearings.

KOPPEL: [On camera] With Robert Gates about to begin his confirmation ... nor the agency as a whole has had any type of relationship with Carlos Cardoen,
THE CHILEAN CONNECTION/Carlos Cardoen - arms dealer to Iraq

Carlos Cardoen next to one of his company's helicopters. ... separate allegations surfaced regarding Cardoen's connections to Robert Gates, whom President Bush ...
THE CHILEAN CONNECTION/Carlos Cardoen - arms dealer to Iraq

"Although Carlos Cardoen always tried to maintain his warlike business in the back ... allegations surfaced regarding Cardoen's connections to Robert Gates, ...
The Secret World of Robert Gates |

... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...

The appointment of Robert Gates suggests that the Bush Family is circling the ...
How U.S. Arms and Technology Were Transferred to Iraq

Robert Gates is the man nominated to become the next director of Central ... CARLOS CARDOEN, Chilean Arms Dealer: Of course, we couldn't be less than proud
Scoop: Robert Parry: The Secret World of Robert Gates -By Robert Parry Consortium News -

... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Iraqgate: Confession + Cover-Up

... of selling cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen + Robert Parry on Robert Gates, Barbara Kopple on "Shut Up and Sing" ...
Iraqgate: Confession and Cover-Up

... of selling cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen, During the

00.000.1991 hearings to confirm Robert Gates as CIA director, ...
"United States of America, Plaintiff, v. Carlos Cardoen [et al.]"

" United States District Court (Florida: Southern ... contact with both CIA Director William Casey and Deputy Director Robert Gates,
Environmentalists Against War [For details, see’s “Why Trust Robert Gates on Iraq.”] ... What do you know about Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen ?
Political Friendster - Robert Gates - Connections

Robert Gates Nominated as Defense Secretary (NPR)

... the CIA authorized + approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + ...
Political Friendster - Rate Connection - Robert Gates connected to ...

Rate the Robert Gates - Donald Rumsfeld connection ... the CIA authorized, approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + Illinois - Gatesgate - Illinois senators noncommittal about the ...

Former CIA director Robert Gates (right) with former President George H.W. Bush at a

... of Teledyne Industries + Carlos Cardoen, a Chilean arms merchant.
Iraqgate Could Obstruct Robert Gate's Nomination as Defense ...

One risk of putting career intelligence officer Robert Gates in charge of the ... arms dealer Carlos Cardoen, used to manufactured cluster bombs for Iraq.
Who is Robert Gates?

I enjoyed researching this article about incoming defense ... + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + ...
World Magazine Blog: Comment on Who is Robert Gates?

Comments: Who is Robert Gates ?

1. Hey, it never hurt Oliver North.

... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + ...
The Secret World of Robert Gates

George W. Bush's choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Blackmail and Bobby Gates - The Smirking Chimp

Under it, CIA Director William Casey + his

00.000.19-- -then- deputy, Robert Gates, ... were accused of shipping explosives to Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen, ...
Defense Pick Gates Unfit for Office

Robert Gates, who awaits the Senate to confirm him as United States Secretary of ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Former Cia Director Robert Gates Will Take Over At The Pentagon ...

Actually the Head of CIA, Robert Gates, announced that there was a secret agreement ... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ... [Powered by Invision Power Board]

former CIA Director Robert Gates will take over at the Pentagon ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + sale ...

00.000.1981 Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million.

Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + Paraguay's Alfredo Stroessner, ...
Robert Parry | The Secret World of Robert Gates

Senator Tom Harkin |

Robert Gates Not Right for CIA

00.000.1991 • ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture and sale of ...
Robert Gates Robert Gates remained as Deputy Director of Central Intelligence until 20th March, ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
The Teicher Affidavit: Iraq-Gate




... Robert Gates . 3.

00.000.1982 -In the Spring of- Iraq teetered on the brink of losing its war with Iran.
Daily Kos: Robert Gates involvement in Iran Contra (Update 3)

Mr. President, I rise in opposition to the nomination of Robert Gates to be ... Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + Paraguay's Alfredo Stroessner, ...
Re: [lprc] RE: US imperialism; WMD tech to avoid regime change




JORGE BURR, ... had regular contact with both CIA Director William Casey + Deputy Director Robert Gates,
Asheville Global Report 9-

Robert Gates, President Bush's choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Hope and Onions: What about Bob? Why Iran-Contra isn't Gates' only ...

I'm a-blatherin aboot: Former CIA director Robert Gates has been nominated ...

Iraq via Carlos Cardoen, an arms dealer in Chile with close ties to Gen. ...
rss ...

CIA director Robert Gates has been nominated to replace Donald "stuff ... to Iraq via Carlos Cardoen, an arms dealer in Chile with close ties to Gen. ...
Pan-African News Wire: From the CIA to the Pentagon: The Secret

... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture ...

Robert Gates, the new nominated US defence secretary, is a former CIA ...
IRAQGATE Robert Gates . 3.

00.000.1982 -In the Spring of- Iraq teetered on the brink of losing its ... cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen,
Robert M. Gates Secretary of Defense

08.Nov.2006 President George Bush nominated Robert Gates, ... charges of selling cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen, Message Boards :: View topic - Rumsfeld is Stepping Down

So, anyone have any info/commentry on former CIA chief Robert Gates ?

... meeting with a Chilean arms manufacturer Carlos Cardoen who allegedly was supplying ... Message Boards :: View topic - Rumsfeld is Stepping Down

So, anyone have any info/commentry on former CIA chief Robert Gates ? ... a Chilean arms manufacturer Carlos Cardoen who allegedly was supplying cluster ...
Science & Philosophy :: View topic - Who Is Robert Gates ?

Robert Gates sabotaged efforts by the US government to free U.S. hostages in Iran. ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
louds Over George Bush

Robert Gates, assisted in the Paris contacts with the Iranians. ... to Iraq via Carlos Cardoen, an arms dealer in Chile with close ties to Gen.

Garbage in, garbage out (PsychSound by Steve Bergstein)

It's been 15 years, but the last time Robert Gates came into our lives he was a highly ... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ... PsychSound by Steve Bergstein alternate text/html link1 self ...

The Secret World of Robert Gates By Robert Parry

09.Nov.2006 Robert Gates, ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the
Gates Past Coming Out. - Topic Powered by eve community

Gates shadowed the arms dealing using a Chilian arms dealer named Carlos Cardoen, Microsoft's Bill Gates is the son of Dr. Robert Gates ? ... Lost History (Part 2): The Devil & Bob Gates |

... approved and assisted [ Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture and sale of ... Robert Gates remained a respectable man writing memoirs celebrating U.S.
Declaration of Howard Teicher, Re Inslaw Case, at American Buddha ...

CARLOS CARDOEN, FRANCO SAFTA, JORGE BURR, INDUSTRIAS CARDOEN LIMITADA, ... contact with both CIA Director William Casey and Deputy Director Robert Gates,
the deskrat chronicles: like re-shuffling a marked deck...

"The Secret World of Robert Gates ... the CIA authorized, approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the..
5.Mar.2003 The Lost History of The U.S. and Iraq ...

Casey and involved his deputy, Robert Gates, according to Teicher's affidavit. ... Carlos Cardoen, who used them to manufacture cluster bombs for Iraq.
Military intelligence as oxymoron ...

CIA DDCI Robert Gates + his "breakdown", Ollie North's handy ability to ... investigating British and American dealings with Dr. Carlos Cardoen + ...
alt.politics.bush | Google Groups's "The Secret World of Robert Gates [4]."] ... arms dealer Carlos Cardoen ? 2. In December 1984, you wrote a memo to CIA Director William ...
alt.politics.bush | Google Groups [For details, see's "Why Trust Robert Gates on Iraq [3].

What do you know about Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen ? 2. ...
GWVRP: Document Detail ... former CIA Director Robert Gates says,

"I hear a distant bell tinkling. ...

Carlos Cardoen, head of Chile's Industrias Cardoen, alleges that he was ...
Chile Security News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News

Robert Gates & Locking You Up Forever

02.Dec.2006 06:00 GMT, in arranging arms supplies through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen for the Iraqis.
Chile Law News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News

Robert Gates & Locking You Up Forever 2 Dec 2006 06:00 GMT ... Director Casey, in arranging arms supplies through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen for the ...

MySpace Blog,

The Man Common,

The Secret World of Robert Gates, approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture and sale ... [For details, see's "Why Trust Robert Gates on Iraq."] ...

What do you know about Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen ? ...
vehemently opposed ... helped Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen sell sophisticated cluster bombs to ...

William Casey + his deputy director Robert Gates ; he says the notes, ...
Pro Libertate: Short Takes -- November 9, 2006

This is signified by the appointment of Robert Gates to replace Donald Rumsfeld ... + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + ...
<nettime> Nato and beyond

Former CIA Director Robert Gates hinted about future wars when he wrote:

Another unacknowledged ...

Most notably through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen,

The name of Carlos Cardoen, mentioned in the latest column by Sherman ... by Mr. Cardoen that Dr. Earl Brian of the United States + Mr. Robert Gates, ...
Attacco NATO contro la Yugoslavia

Former CIA Director Robert Gates was more precise: “[O]ur people and our Government must accept ...

Most notably through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen,
begin forwarded message: -- Covert Action Quarterly NATO and ...

Former CIA Director Robert Gates was more precise:

N[O]ur people and our Government must accept ... EMost notably through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen,
Common Ground Common Sense > A Trojan Horse at the Gates:

If Robert Gates does with his new Pentagon power what he did at the CIA during his ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) Former CIA Director Robert Gates was more precise:

"[O]ur people and our Government must accept ... Most notably through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen,
Iraq: The Best of "Enemies" ... and Deputy Director Robert Gates and traveled with Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq.

... dealer + manufacturer in Chile, Carlos Cardoen, who sent it to Iraq.

What do you know about Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen ? ... John McCain + others handle the upcoming confirmation hearing of Robert Gates,
Palestinian Pundit: The Teicher Affidavit: Iraq-Gate

CARLOS CARDOEN, FRANCO SAFTA, JORGE BURR, ... security Council, I had regular contact with both CIA Director William Casey + Deputy Director Robert Gates,
The Arabists. - book reviews Progressive, The - Find Articles

However, after tracing the career of such people as Chilean arms merchant Carlos Cardoen, who sold cluster bombs to Iraq +

once met with Robert Gates, ...
William Casey Carlos Cardoen, et al.

[Charge that Teledyne Wah Chang Albany illegally provided a ... but according to William Casey’s executive assistant Robert Gates, ... » Blog Archive » Cluster Bombs–Uncle Sam, ready ...


00.000.1982, CIA director William Casey and his assistant Robert Gates decided that ...

With CIA help and guidance, a Chilean businessman, Carlos Cardoen, ...
M of A - First Test

With the nomination of Robert Gates as new Secretary of Defense, the Democrats and ... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
[THS] Rummy Out - But Don’t Start Cheering Just Yet

Former CIA director Robert Gates, Rummy’s replacement, is well-known for politicizing ... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Blogger beta: Pan-African News Wire - Post a Comment

"From the CIA to the Pentagon: The Secret World of Robert Gates ; NSA Documents + ... approved + assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
The Randi Rhodes Show > Bob Gates Thread-Rummy's Replacement

President, Robert Gates is a career Soviet analyst + former Deputy ... with a Chilean arms manufacturer Carlos Cardoen who allegedly was supplying ...
Dog Skin Report

00.000.1981 Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million .

Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + Paraguay’s Alfredo Stroessner, ...

05.Oct.1992 IN THIS ISSUE ...

Robert Gates, now head of the CIA, was then the main contact for arms sale to ... at the Israeli's request to try to stop Carlos Cardoen from selling U.S. ...
Missing U.S.-Iraq History ...

Casey + involved his deputy, Robert Gates, according to Teicher’s affidavit.

Carlos Cardoen, who used them to manufacture cluster bombs for Iraq. ...
The Digest » 11/13/6 Elections: Advancing Global War of Terror

... approved + assisted [ Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + sale of ...

Robert Gates remained a respectable man writing memoirs celebrating U.S. victory ...
FTR#489—Second Interview with Robert Parry—(Two 30-minute segments

In addition to CIA director Casey,

his assistant Robert Gates worked v very hard ... approved + assisted [ Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture + sale of ...
LP: Bush pick called for "dialogue" with Iran (Gates)

Whatever else he may bring to his new job at the Pentagon, Robert Gates ... Carlos Cardoen, head of Chile's Industrias Cardoen, alleges that he was ...
Vanderbilt Television News Archive: CIA/Gates Nomination/Iran

... about the involvement of CIA-director designate Robert Gates in secret arms shipments to Iran examined; details given of charges that Carlos Cardoen was ...
Robert Gates is the man nominated to become the next director of Central ...

Chilean arms dealer, Carlos Cardoen, who was one of the biggest shippers of .. DOSSIER IRAKGATE - HTML-Version
Chilean arms dealer, Carlos Cardoen, who was one of the biggest shippers of ... Robert Gates .

With a man's career in the balance, that needs to be said.
Chaos Across America :: View topic - Remarks by the President at ...

Earlier today I announced my intent to nominate Robert Gates to be the next

... cluster - bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen,
Robert Gates and a blurb RE: his involvement in the Iran-Contra ...

00.000.1981 Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million, Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + Paraguay's Alfredo Stroessner ... - 25
Los aamables de la CIA con Cardoen
Robert Gates . La declaración surge en el contexto de los cargos que Washington ...

La CIA estaba tan interesada en que Carlos Cardoen produjera bombas para ...
Iraq ... William Casey + involved his deputy, Robert Gates, according to Teicher’s ...

Carlos Cardoen, who used them to manufacture cluster bombs for Iraq,
Rogue Network ODESSA's evil plan for world domination - using war ...

This was criticized by Robert Gates + ruled out by Robert Kimmitt ... having shipped explosive zirconium pellets to Chilean manufacturer Carlos Cardoen.
AlterNet: War on Iraq: Bush Senior: Hating Saddam, Selling Him Weapons

Robert Gates : A Cold War Bombthrower Becomes Iraq War Saviour ... exporting 130 tons of zirconium to Iraq through Chilean arms manufacturer Carlos Cardoen, /
So, what's the dirt on Gates?

00.000.1981 Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million, Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + Paraguay ’ s Alfredo Stroessner ...
Google Groups : alt.conspiracy

00.000.1981 Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million. ... Thatcher's son Mark, Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen + ...
Whatever Happened to Iraqgate? Was it swept under the rug because ... Carlos Cardoen, head of Chile's Industrias Cardoen, alleges that he was ... Teicher said CIA director William J. Casey and his deputy Robert Gates then ...

Texas A&M University President

Robert Gates waits at the start of a meeting ... selling cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen,
High Country Citizens for Peace and Justice - High Country ...

Robert Gates, George W. Bush's choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the
High Country Citizens for Peace and Justice - High Country ...

US in distress Robert Gates, George W. Bush's choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Troubled Times: An online journal of policy and politics: The ...

Former CIA Director Robert Gates was more precise : " [ O ] ur people and our Government must ... Most notably through Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen,
Desde el exocet a las uvas envenenadas Los pasos del Mossad en Chile

Bien es sabido que Carlos Cardoen vendió bombas de racimo a Saddam Hussein ... el ex agente del Mossad culpa al entonces director de la CIA, Robert Gates, ...
Fountainhead Forum - New Secretary of Defense

Robert Gates, the former director of the CIA

during the presidency of George H.W. Bush ... approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the ...
Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 08 ...

Carlos Cardoen of Cardoen Industries.

During this meeting, I was informed by Mr. Cardoen that Dr. Earl Brian of the United States + Mr. Robert Gates ...
US Armed Iraq Through BNL - Rep Gonzalez Special Order

Mr. Robert Gates is also listed as a recipient of several Commerce Department memos dealing with the submission ...

Where is the Carlos Cardoen indictment?
1993 us congressional record

... involving Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen's activities in Iraq. .

Lawrence Eagleburger, Boyden Gray + Robert Gates will be clouded by their ...
Kurt Nimmo: Bush the First, Hating Saddam, Selling Him Weapons
... Administration Act and the Arms Export Control Act for indirectly exporting 130 tons of zirconium to Iraq through Chilean arms manufacturer Carlos Cardoen,

06.Dec.2006 Bush.html">Clouds Over George Bush
... security aide Howard Teicher, Gates joined in a secret operation in the 1980s to funnel sophisticated military equipment to Iraq via Carlos Cardoen, an arms ...

... Federal agents have seized DOZENS of bank accounts and about $30m in Florida office buildings, homes and other properties owned by Carlos Cardoen,
Scoop: Recovered History: When Donald Met Saddam

... cluster-bomb parts to a Chilean arms manufacturer, Carlos Cardoen, Media & Finance: John Deuss The Publisher - THE HUSH HUSH nature of the John
How U.S. Arms and Technology Were Transferred to Iraq

We left standing, however, the allegation that Mr. Gates had personally met with the Chilean arms dealer, Carlos Cardoen, who was one of the biggest ...
NYC Subway "Plot": Just Another Fake Terror Alert
... NYC Subway "Plot": Just Another Fake Terror Alert ... This is just the latest in a long line of fake terror alerts that are used for multiple reasons ...

Fake Terror Alerts New York subway threat was a hoax, security sources admit

The alleged terror threat that ... NYC Subway "Plot": Just Another Fake Terror Alert "the plot to bomb ...

FakeTerror - 9-11Review

11.Sep.2001 -before-

00.000.2000 Mike Rivero wrote a seminal article entitled Fake Terror - The Road To War And Dictatorship ... reviews the many usages of Fake Terror in history where leaders needed ...

Fake Terror

It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times;

creating the enemies you need. ... slave revolt led by Sparticus in order to strike terror into the hearts of Rome, whose garrison Sparticus had already ...
FAKE TERROR >> THE ROAD TO >> DICTATORSHIP >> simple. Note: This article first appeared as a post written at Free Republic.

Fake Terror Arrests
Fake Terror Arrests. Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar: "Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent ...

Another Fake Terror Alert Is Exposed Yesterday's verdicts on five defendants + ...

The Blog From Another Dimension: Fake Terror Scare #2
09.Jul.2006 Fake Terror Scare #2 ... As I mentioned earlier, the fake terror scare is replacing the fake terror alert as a method ...  

Endless Fake Terror Alerts:fear Based Mind Control - THR
Endless Fake Terror Alerts:fear Based Mind Control Legal and Political ...

ENDLESS FAKE TERROR ALERTS: FEAR BASED MIND CONTROL ... that the White House was releasing fake terror alerts.

They could then dismiss it ...  

Fake Terror & Real Money, Homeland Security Plans New Mock Attacks & Says Private $ Needed - CBS News
The Homeland Security Department will foot the bill for a new round of mock terrorist attacks, but

when it comes to defending America's ports against a real attack, Tom Ridge says private funding is needed.  

Fake Terror: The Road to Dictatorship
Spirit of Ma'at: "Freedom & National Security" — Vol 2

00.May 2002 Fake Terror . The Road to. Dictatorship. by Michael Rivero

... governments routinely rely on fear-producing hoaxes — " fake terror " — to sell their agendas to an otherwise ... no other choice. " Fake Terror " + the Fall of the Roman ...

AETV Discussions: Road to Dictatorship - Fake Terror ... Welcome Guest. Search for:

in Community Investigative Reports

Do you think enough is being done by the U.S. government to protect us from further terrorist attacks?

Road to Dictatorship - Fake Terror Bush Guilty of Treason for 911 ... Report Abuse. FAKE TERROR - THE ROAD TO DICTATORSHIP ...

Alternative News - Chain - Fake Terror - It's All Here
Signs of the Times chain of Alternative news articles. This page deals with news articles under the chain name Fake Terror - It's All Here ... This was a fake terror alert designed to scare the population and push foward British and ...  

Gothamist: Fake Terror Attack Drill at Shea Stadium
15.Mar.2004 Fake Terror Attack Drill at Shea Stadium ...

Office of Emergency Management detonated an unspecified type of fake weapon of mass destruction inside the stadium ...  

Fake Terror - America's Debate ... + new topics cannot be started in the archive.

Fake Terror + the governments that orchestrate it ... agents were accused of creating fake al-Qaeda cell (more, with pictures ...
Newsvine - john-deuss JOHN-DEUSS .

Take the 60 second Newsvine tour. ... business, oil, fraud, netherlands, banking, big-oil, money-laundering, bermuda, fcib, john-deuss ...
History - Graduate - PhD's Awarded Blackenburg, Howard Academic Year:

1930-1031 Advisor: Chester Higby ... Title: "A History of the Delimitation of Afghanistan's Boundaries + the ...
AT&T - Press Room

Visitors will be able to create their own video MASHup, play online gaming, catch AT&T Homezone SM service on big plasma screens, make local or long distance ..
AT&T takes bundled services to a whole new channel - 11/01/06 ...

" Homezone is the next evolution of video," said Randy Feger, AT&T Michigan vice president + general manager who tested the product in his Novi home.
20060622 Notable changes include notification that AT&T will track viewing habits of customers of its new video services Homezone + U - Verse, which is forbidden ...
Fall Litwinenko: Scotland Yard spricht jetzt offiziell von Mord
Der Titel des Fachaufsatzes lautet
"Is somebody watching you?" - wirst Du beobachtet?

Yekutieli ist überzeugt: Das panoptische Prinzip hat den Bewachern Macht über den Geist ihrer Gefangenen verschafft.

Big Brother lange vor Orwell und Foucault
Laut Bentham werden solcherart bewachte Sträflinge zu "einsamen und isolierten Individuen". "Eine Verschwörung fand deshalb nicht statt", sagt Yuval Yekutieli.

In detektivischer Feinarbeit hat der Forscher das Lager untersucht und konnte so die Mechanismen der Macht rekonstruieren. Seine Ergebnisse wurden jetzt im "Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology" publiziert: Die römischen Herren nutzten effizient das Gelände aus, um die Geknechteten in Schach zu halten. Der Titel des Fachaufsatzes lautet "Is somebody watching you?" - wirst Du beobachtet?

Die Idee, den unsichtbaren Blick als Mittel zur Kontrolle größerer Menschenmengen einzusetzen, schreiben Historiker dem englischen Sozialphilosophen Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) zu. Er war besessen vom Traum zur Errichtung eines "Panopticon". In diesem idealen Gefängnis sollten sich die Probleme des Strafvollzugs einzig durch ausgeklügelte Architektur lösen. Bentham ersann ein kreisrundes, mehrstöckiges Gebäude mit einem zentralen Beobachtungsturm im Inneren und ringförmig darum angeordneten Zellen - für die Bewacher offen einsehbar.

Totale Kontrolle Jahrhunderte vor dem idealen Gefängnis
Diplomatie- Offensive: Baker- Kommission will Deutschland für Irak- Initiative gewinnen
Fledermaus- Rekord: Die längste Zunge der Welt
06.Dec.2006 Iraq Study Group: Das steht im Bericht der Baker- Kommission
06.Dec.2006 Schmiergeld- Affäre: Siemens gibt Existenz eines Geheimkontos zu
Katholische Kirche: Kardinal Meisner untersagt multireligiöse Schulfeiern
06.Dec.2006 Kongo: Präsident Kabila legt Amtseid ab
06.Dec.2006 Baker- Kommission: Kampf dem Chaos - und dann raus aus dem Irak
Vollautomatisch im Untergrund: Nürnberg testet erste fahrerlose U- Bahn

06.Dec.2006 USA: Iranische Studenten wieder erwünscht
06.Dec.2006 Überraschende Bilder: Satellit erspäht nach 30 Jahren "Viking"- Sonden
06.Dec.2006 Irak: Bushs Kriege, Napoleons Erben

06.Dec.2006 Baker- Kommission: Bush will nach schonungsloser Irak- Analyse rasch handeln

06.Dec.2006 Totale Überwachung: Der Big- Brother- Steinbruch der Römer
06.Dec.2006 Studie mit 420.000 Teilnehmern: Keine Krebsgefahr durch Handys
06.Dec.2006 Irak- Empfehlungen der Baker- Kommission: Weniger Kampf, mehr Ausbildung und ein Abzug auf Raten

06.Dec.2006 Baker- Kommission: Generalabrechnung mit Bushs Irak- Strategie
Billige Drogen: Teenager werden high mit Hustensaft

06.Dec.2006 Lesererlebnis Ökomobil: In meinen Hybrid lasse ich nur Gas und Ethanol
06.Dec.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Guck mal wie der zuckt"
06.Dec.2006 Giftaffäre: Litwinenko- Kontaktmann beschuldigt russische Geheimorganisation

06.Dec.2006 Neuer Sprit ab 2007: Biokraftstoff ist kein Allheilmittel für die Umwelt

06.Dec.2006 Alternde Tiere: Auch Katzen bekommen Alzheimer
06.Dec.2006 Jamiri: Weltherrschaft der Maschinen, Teil III

06.Dec.2006 Kernenergie: Der Traum vom eigenen Reaktor
06.Dec.2006 Irak- Debatte: Die Stunde der Realisten
06.Dec.2006 Fidschi: Putschisten verhängen Ausnahmezustand
06.Dec.2006 Afghanistan: Tote bei Anschlag auf US- Sicherheitsfirma
Chinesischer Aktivist Fu: "Ich habe vor niemandem Angst"

06.Dec.2006 Irak- Politik der USA: Baker- Kommission wirbt für Nahost- Friedensplan
20050113 DAF Special Products Division in the Netherlands ;

Nauteknik Defence & Security in Norway ;

Bravia - - Sodedade Luso - Brasileira & ITB in Portugal ; DEFEX ...
00.Sep.2002 CAAT REPORT - The Employment Consequences of a Ban on Arms Exports -by Ian Goudie, Table of Contents Introduction

The economic impact of a ban on arms exports

Impact on suppliers | Loss
06.Dec.2006 As the government has said, "We should not seek to hold back the forces of change, but to enable industry + all those working or aspiring to work in it, to adapt to change and exploit new opportunities."

digg/benicles/dugg The writ of habeas corpus is actually the lynchpin of a free society, Science show. Space; Environment; Health; General Sciences. World & Business show ...
06.Dec.2006 Ex-Putin bodyguard was also murdered 

A former bodyguard to Russian President Vladimir Putin was murdered with a poison that produced symptoms remarkably similar to those that killed former spy Alexander Litvinenko, it emerged yesterday. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 The House of Death 

When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 India's oldest woman dead at 125  Fulla was known for her love of smoking ganja and cigars and palm juice. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 VF: Did White House know about Foley's e-mails to pages? 

An article in the coming issue of Vanity Fair discusses rumors that the White House was aware of former Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley's e-mails to underaged boys. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 Putz on Iraq: a timeline 

Ever wonder just how wrong, misguided + patently ridiculous right-wing bloggers can be on Iraq? Well, wonder no more! Keep in mind that this idiot is a law professor, which makes me glad that my lawyer did not graduate from the University of Tennessee. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 Our Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials  Republican values at work.posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 Boy Crazy  Why is one accused Orange County serial child molester still free and awaiting trial after nearly four years? Because he's a Republican of course! posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 Mmmm, polonium  The owners of a restaurant in northern England are having their hands full these days, unexpectedly capitalizing on the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. posted by Prof. Hex
06.Dec.2006 UN ambassador Bolton resigns in face of Senate hostility : The White House yesterday bowed to Senate opposition and gave up its attempt to keep its controversial ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, in his job - the latest sign of President George Bush's diminishing authority.

Graham: Putin a '1-man dictatorship': Vladimir Putin is a "one-man dictatorship" + he should do more to help the U.S. confront Iran's nuclear ambitions, Sen. Lindsey Graham (news, bio, voting record), R-S.C., said Sunday.

U.S. Senators Speak Against Putin`s Policy: Biden says Russia is “moving more and more toward an oligarchy.” “Our relations with Russia have to get straightened out,” he was quoted as saying.

'I was poisoned for shared secrets': An Italian contact of poisoned former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko said he believed both were targeted with a radioactive substance because of secrets they shared.

Was ex-spy trying to sell dirty bomb?: The radiation spy scandal took a sensational twist last night with the revelation that KGB defector Alexander Litvinenko had converted to Islam before he died.

U.S. Sailor Pleads Guilty to Espionage: If convicted, Petty Officer 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann, 22, of Salem, Ore., could face a sentence of life in prison without parole, a dishonorable discharge from the Navy and forfeiture of all pay.
06.Dec.2006 Israel is on freshman lawmakers' to-do list: Foundation-funded trip is popular withU.S. legislators
06.Dec.2006 Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq:

There are about 100,000 government contractors operating in Iraq, not counting subcontractors, a total that is approaching the size of the U.S. military force there, according to the military's first census of the growing population of civilians operating in the battlefield.

06.Dec.2006 Ray McGovern: A CIA insider's take on Gates:

The lame-duck Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee seems determined to force through confirmation of Robert Gates to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense.

The hurry is synthetic - + totally unnecessary.

06.Dec.2006 James K Galbraith: The dollar melts as Iraq burns: The demise of the dollar has clear links to the Iraq war and the world's loss of confidence in America's elites.
06.Dec.2006 Anger at UN chief's Iraq comments: Iraq's national security adviser says he is shocked by UN head Kofi Annan's suggestion that the average Iraqi is worse off than under Saddam Hussein.

06.Dec.2006 Kofi Annan interview: Full Text: BBC: Was the invasion of Iraq in 2003, without a Security Council resolution, the most difficult point for you in your term?
06.Dec.2006 Bush Is No Conservative -By Paul Craig Roberts -Neoconservatism is actually a more extreme form of revolutionary utopianism than that of the Bolsheviks and the Jacobins. Continue

06.Dec.2006 Video Is a Window Into Jose Padilla's Isolation -By DEBORAH SONTAG
Lawyers for Mr. Padilla, 36, suggest that he is unfit to stand trial. They argue that he has been so damaged by his interrogations and prolonged isolation that he suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to assist in his own defense. His interrogations, they say, included hooding, stress positions, assaults, threats of imminent execution and the administration of “truth serums.”

06.Dec.2006 The U.S. Has a History of Using Torture-By Alfred W. McCoy
06.Dec.2006 This (new) legislation has effectively legalized the CIA’s right to use

methods that the international community, embodied in the Red Cross + the UN Human Rights Committee, considers psychological torture. Continue

06.Dec.2006 Democrat's Defacto Pardon Bush et al-By Karl Sanchez
The greatest miscarriage of justice in modern times far beyond Ford's pardoning Nixon--the Democrats will provide the members of the Bush administration--who've committed known, documented, most heinous crime.

06.Dec.2006 Global Dimming Video - BBC Investigates
This is a film that demands action. It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon. One that until very recently scientists refused to believe even existed.
Click here to watch . Video and transcript.

06.Dec.2006 From the Frying Pan into the Red Mud -By John Maxwell
We are under siege by a system gone mad, an economic system gone berserk, unaccountable to anyone and responsible to nothing because this system has no rules. It can do anything it wants to anyone.

06.Dec.2006 In case you missed it: 'Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy': A Documentary Film By John Pilger: Pilger uncovers the shocking complicity of the US and Great Britain governments in the East Timor genocide - the same governments who were willing to go to war with Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait, but who stood aside as Indonesia broke the exact same UN regulations to rape + pillage East Timor using Western arms.

06.Dec.2006 Fiji: Troops shut down media, streets and towns: Fiji's military head and self-appointed President has closed the country's key media outlets and warned of military checkpoints across the country, but has told Fijians 'things will operate as normal,' according to reports from the capita

06.Dec.2006 Chavez named presidential victor: Mr Chavez received nearly 63% of the final vote, 25 points ahead of his main rival, Manuel Rosales.

06.Dec.2006 US rejects offer of talks with Raul Castro: The United States (U.S.) State Department yesterday rejected an offer of talks with Raul Castro, Cuba's acting President, saying it saw no point in a dialogue with what it called the Caribbean island's 'dictator-in-waiting'.

06.Dec.2006 Former Paraguay president jailed: The former President of Paraguay, Luis Gonzalez Macchi, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud and embezzlement.

06.Dec.2006 U.S. predicts bumper year in arms sales: The U.S. government is on its way to brokering about $20 billion in arms sales in the fiscal year that began October 1, steady with last year's near-record total, the Pentagon official responsible for such sales said on Monday.

06.Dec.2006 In case you missed it: Exposed: The Carlyle Group:

I defy you to watch this 48 minute documentary and not be outraged about the depth of corruption + deceit within the highest ranks of our government.

06.Dec.2006 Another Former Russian Agent Poisoned:

Andrei Lugovoy, a former FSB agent and a friend of Alexander Litvinenko, says he and his wife and children have been contaminated by polonium-210 + says he is being framed for the killing.

06.Dec.2006 Russia won't extradite suspects:

Russia will not extradite suspects in the Alexander Litvinenko case to Britain, its chief prosecutor has said.

06.Dec.2006 Canadians to deport 'Russian spy:

The intelligence agency said the man had spied on Canada for 10 years and worked for a successor to the Soviet KGB, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), which deals with foreign operations and intelligence-gathering.

06.Dec.2006 Italy prosecutors want kidnap trial for CIA agents:

Italian prosecutors on Tuesday asked a judge to order CIA agents and Italian spies to stand trial on charges of kidnapping a terrorism suspect and flying him to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.

06.Dec.2006 David Hicks: Unconvicted, Tortured, Broken:

If the Australian government thinks it can breeze through yet another anniversary of David Hicks imprisonment in an American military hellhole, they are going to brutally surprised.

06.Dec.2006 U.S. Administration tried to cut payouts to nuke workers:

The Bush administration repeatedly sought ways to limit payouts to nuclear weapons workers sickened by radiation + toxic material, according to a memo written by congressional investigators and obtained by USA TODAY

06.Dec.2006 Denver housing market in free-fall as foreclosures eclipse record: Denver's 2006 real estate foreclosure rate is now officially the worst on record
06.Dec.2006 Pakistan makes Kashmir offer :

Pakistan says it will give up its claim to Kashmir if India agrees to a self-governance plan for the contested region.

06.Dec.2006 General Musharraf has no right to reverse Kashmir Policy: Qazi:

Qazi Sahib expressed his concern as to why did President Musharraf suggested this recommendation + castigated the President for bargaining the integrity + interests of the Country, on behalf of his foreign master(s).
Rabbis ban use of schoolbooks showing pre-1967 border: An organization of right-wing rabbis on Tuesday issued a Halakhic decree forbidding students from using schoolbooks featuring maps of Israel which include the pre-1967 Green Line border, Israel Radio reported.
06.Dec.2006 Is John McCain now the most dangerous man in America? These statements certainly make it clear that he lacks the judgment + skill necessary to be President. Let's look at each of his wacky comments in turn.

06.Dec.2006 More troops won't help: The latest serpent at which a drowning Washington Establishment is grasping is the idea of sending more American troops to Iraq.

Would more troops turn the war there in America's favor? No.

06.Dec.2006 Iran urges Arab countries to eject U.S. military:

Iran's top national security official urged his Arab neighbors today to eject the U.S. military from American bases in the region and instead join Tehran in a regional security alliance.

06.Dec.2006 Russia balks at broad Iran sanctions: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday that imposing wide-ranging sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program would be "irresponsible."

06.Dec.2006 Ahmadinejad: Any EU decision against Iran's nuclear program will be considered hostile:

Iran's president warned Washington's European allies on Tuesday that Iran would reconsider its relations with them if they insist on punishing Tehran for its nuclear program, saying

that would amount to an act of ‘‘hostility.''

06.Dec.2006 Iran to replace dollar with euro in foreign trade:

Finance Minister: Iran has decided to replace dollar with euro in its foreign trade given the continual impediments and hostile policies directed by U.S. toward the country, Iranian finance minister said on Monday.
Gates says U.S. not winning in Iraq: Robert Gates, nominated to replace Donald Rumsfeld as U.S. defense secretary, on Tuesday said he did not believe the USA was winning the war in Iraq.

06.Dec.2006 U.S. plans to hand over control of Iraq military in 6-7 months, general says:

This is part of an accelerated timetable discussed by President Bush + Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during their summit in Jordan last week.

06.Dec.2006 There has to be equality -Ismail Patel-

If Britons can join the Israeli army, those who fight for Palestine can't be treated as terrorists . Continued

06.Dec.2006 Are We Changing Planet Earth

David Attenborough - BBC Video Documentary

David Attenborough explores just how much climate change is altering our planet.

He looks ahead to find out what needs to be done to save Planet Earth from the worst impact of global warming and discovers what could happen to the planet once a 'tipping point' of carbon emissions is reached.

He also discusses the solutions we can all adopt to prevent catastrophic change. Click to watch.
06.Dec.2006 No More Victims!

Its time we did something to help repair the broken bodies of children who have been injured by U.S. bombs + bullets.

Our government has spent hundreds of billions to destroy Iraq and hundreds of thousands of children have been injured.

Watch this 15 minute video and discover how you can help restore an injured Iraqi child to health. Click here to view

06.Dec.2006 Two More Years -By Paul Krugman
How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a bully's ego?

06.Dec.2006 Solving the ‘Stability’ Problem- By Patrick J. Buchanan
America is failing in the Middle East because our leaders of both parties will not look at the region through Arab eyes. What Bush saw as a glorious liberation of Iraq, Arabs saw as an invasion. Where Bush sees in Israel a model of democracy, Arabs see a pampered agent of U.S. imperialism, persecuting and dispossessing the Palestinian people.

06.Dec.2006 The Rumsfeld Memo: “I was just about to change everything….Really!?! ” -By Mike Whitney
Rumsfeld’s memo is great reading for fiction-lovers. It provides a revealing snapshot of a leader who carefully considered every alternative before making a decision. It’s a stark contrast to the intractable narcissist who ignored his advisors and bullied his generals. But, like I said, it’s great fiction .

06.Dec.2006 James Webb Stood Up to the Patronizing, Insensitive, Arrogance of Bush. For That, He Deserves This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award.
Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law
"A federal panel voted yesterday to begin developing a national standard that could result in the gradual phasing out of the paperless electronic voting machines in use across the Washington region and in many parts of the country." But Will We Get a Paper Trail and Open Software? 12/6
BuzzFlash's First X-Rated Bush Fridge Magnet: "With All Due Respect, Mr. President"
Try This Holiday Gift Auction for a Good Cause.New Items Posted. Great gifts. Why Spend Your Money at Big Corporate Chains for the Holidays? Bid to Battle the NRA. They are So Nutty, They Want Handguns in National Parks! Send Them Packing, Support Gun Control Now.

06.Dec.2006 "Iraq report to ramp up pressure on Bush" -- Yeah,Right, Sue. Has Anybody Noticed It is Getting WORSE Over in Iraq While All This D.C. "Study Group" Stuff Dithering Goes On?
Putin's government said today that Putin's government will call the shots in the probe of whether Putin's government killed the former KGB agent in London who used to work for Putin's government. Sounds like America. 12/6
Democratic Senator Joe Biden thinks it's really important that the Republicans get back on their feet after their dismal election losses. Is his name Biden or Lieberman? 12/6

06.Dec.2006 Incoming House Intel Committee Chair Reyes says we must add 20,000 to 30,000 more troops to Iraq. For real. The guy must be smoking some of that bumper opium crop they're cranking out of Afghanistan nowadays. 12/6 06.Dec.2006 Finally + this has a little something to do with the delay (but mostly technical problems....), but do let me be the first to announce that

Thursday night Ms. Elizabeth de la Vega will be on - none other than - THE COLBERT REPORT!!!
So most definitely stay tuned for that, as well. And while you're tuning in, allow me to encourage you all to network like mad on this COLBERT REPORT appearance.

Tell all your friends via phone + email + then tell them to spread it around. Permalink
06.Dec.2006 Bernays, Edward L. Freud's American nephew and disciple

Emotional words +judgemental words+ angry words + stirring ... words belong in writing that's designed to inspire, outrage, ...
2000 16:13-Wim Borsboom-Re: [K-list] The Role of Consciousness ... conditionals', words, judgemental sentencing, damning pronouncements.

Chains of logically mis-connected words, sentences + ... ·
Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html
Bernays, Edward L. impact - public relations in America.

Has. powerful public relations machines turned U$ into a nation of consumer slaves. ?

How has television given corporate America a showroom in every home. ?


our country?

... that in a democratic society the masses were getting too much power? ...
village voice > specials > Voice 50th Anniversary by Frank Smyth ...

(The New York office of the FBI tends toward Obdidallah's view; according to ...

According to the ex-agent, Bin Ladin dropped $15 million on one shipment of ...,50thvest,69291,31.html
20050630 FBI agent says Al - Arian was bugged, tapped for nine years : The government ... sex marriage insist they have no agenda other than ending discrimination,
One Man's Private Jihad

(The New York office of the FBI tends toward Obdidallah's view;

according to ... former spokesman for the American- Arab Anti- Discrimination Committee.
Another mistaken 'conceptzia'2 [WHY WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER CLINTON]

There, in the global spotlight, he can pose as the great Arab hero saving Islam ...

New York FBI believed that was a "false flag" operation run by Iraq, ... :: View topic - FBI will have voting results a ...

Ex-Agent Spurns New York City Police Job After Aides Criticize F.B.I. ... of protests from Arab -Americans and civil libertarians once the so-called "

October Surprise ...
27.Jun.---- -This Date- During his twenty-four years on the high court, Associate Justice Marshall consistently challenged discrimination based on race or sex, opposed the death ...
Political Discussions Latest US News topics

Washington's Death Revisited (AP);

Muhammad Begins Questioning Witnesses (AP);

Sago Mine Hearing Ends With More Questions (AP);

Ex- FBI Analyst Pleads Guilty ...
11.Sep.2001 -Discussion about- [imra] Daily digest - Volume: 2 Issue

... when it provided aid to several Arab countries, belongs to the so - called ...

Palestinian city of Jericho, after complaining of discrimination,
MI6 Skiver McIvor (Retired)

Mr Shayler, a former MI5 officer who was jailed for disclosing security secrets, believes there are some elements within the FBI + CIA + the US ...
arm releases its top 10 "Most Dangerous" intersection list, which ...

00.000..1942 The FBI announces the capture of eight Nazi saboteurs who had been put ...

labeled BUSK IS CRIMINAL and something in Arabic ] on the floor of the lobby ...
shortlist:feature 8 | the canary project - verweist auf aktuelle Umfragen, nach denen 59 % der Amerikaner die globale Erwärmung als kein 'sehr ernstes Problem' betrachten; ...
EUROPA - Rapid - Press Releases Europäische Forscher fordern stärkere Nutzung der Umwelttechnologien im Kampf gegen die globale Erwärmung . In den geltenden internationalen Vereinbarungen ...
thyssen Es kann nach diesen Ergebnissen jedoch davon ausgegangen werden, daß ein Großteil der Forscher übereinstimmt und die globale Erwärmung als Prozeß verstanden ...
umwelt-online: Empfehlung

00.000.2001 /680/EG über Leitlinien für die ... Pressen von Produkten, Globale Erwärmung und Versauerung ...

Globale Erwärmung, Versauerung, bodennahe Ozonbildung, Beeinträchtigung der stratosphärischen ...
F5 - Die Fünf Filmfreunde In seiner Präsentation zeigt Gore

Zahlen von Wissenschaftlern, die eine globale Erwärmung vorhersagten + vergleicht diese mit aktuell gemessenen Daten, ...
World-News: Global Warming - Globale Erwaermung Global Warming - Globale Erwaermung . Samstag,

02.Dez.2006 ... to understand - + compensate for - their own contributions to global warming. ...
World-News: Global Warming - Globale Erwaermung -Donnerstag,

30.Nov.2006 Sea temperature rise will intensify global warming · Marine life may be badly hit, ...
Rhone-Gletscher: Zusehen beim Gletschersterben - Urlaubstipps ...

Ja das schmelzen ist die eine Seite, aber es gibt noch eine andere, denn es gibt auch “Experten” die die globale Erwärmung als "normal" betrachten da es in
News: Wissenschaft und Technik

"Die Studie sieht die globale Erwärmung als Hauptgrund für die Zunahme des Wachstums", so Studienleiter Ramakrishna Nemani von der Universität von Montana ...

06.Dec.2006 Geldanlage in Klimaschutz Investitionen in Baumprojekte als Beitrag zur CO2-Verringerung. Umrüstteile, Umbausätze, Service ! Alles rund um Diesel & Pflanzenöl
Globale Erwärmung stoppen Jeder kann aktiv etwas tun. Wir planzen Bäume, helfen Sie mit.

06.Dec.2006 - Basler Zeitung Online Das Oberste Gericht der USA hat sich zum ersten Mal in die Diskussion um die globale Erwärmung eingeschaltet. ... weiter
Warum Amerikaner fast alles glauben -D-.htm

Wenn beispielsweise General Motors damit herauskommt, daß die Globale Erwärmung ein Scherz sei, der von ein paar baumvernarrten Liberalen in die Welt ...
ESA - Kids - Auf der Erde - Globale Erwärmung

Jedes Mal, wenn wir ausatmen, geben wir das Gas Kohlendioxid an die Atmosphäre ab. Kohlendioxid ist ein Beispiel für ein Treibhausgas, ein Gas, ...
YouTube - Globale Erwärmung

Globale Erwärmung 00:04. From: Sveeenja Views: 103. << Now Playing ... Futurama erklärt globale Erwärmung ...

01:48. From: Borschy Views: 722 ...
Dr.Sno* Daily: Coral Bleach

This is all happening as an effect of global warming which is, although constantly denied, probably happening because of the greenhouse gas emissions.
Die globale Erwärmung: Die zugrundeliegende Wissenschaft + die ..

Die globale Erwärmung :

Die zugrundeliegende Wissenschaft + die mögliche Reaktion.

J HOUGHTON KI. Luft- und Kältetechnik 31, 556-557, Müller,

00.000.1995 .
Erdsystem Intro

Viele der von den Modellen vorhergesagten Änderungen im Klimasystem sind bereits eingetreten wie z.B.

die mittlere globale Erwärmung, die Verschiebung der ...
Untitled Document Quelle: Lindzen, R.,

Zur wissenschaftlichen Grundlage der Szenarien für die globale Erwärmung, in:

Europäische Akademie für Umweltfragen (Hrsg.), Globale ...
LibLog Deutlich mehr als die läppschen 20% aus durch globale Erwärmung .

Wir sollten unsere Regierung stürzen.

Würde Herr Steinbrück nur Kredite in Höhe von 1% des ...
Vorbeugen und Katastrophenschutz - HTML-Version
Die Zahlen belegen:

Wir können uns den Klimawandel, die von Men-Schen verursachte globale Erwärmung nicht leisten.

Die Zeche zahlen dabei übrigens die ...Kinder