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25.Sep.2004 Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors

25.Sep.2004 Big Brother sends in the hit squads to clean up national security threat URL:

25.Sep.2004 Like Dogs In The Night "No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting + reasoning as fear" ~~ Edmund Burke URL:
By the time Republicans saddled up + headed into the 2000 election, the total breakdown + betrayal of fundamental journalistic principles by the mainstream media had occurred,

AM radio was spewing hate like an East Texas gusher + Rove, Karl with a string of tooth-and-claw victories under his belt, was riding shotgun on the entire herd.

Rove's plan for Bush opponent, Vice President Al Gore, was simple -

"We will fuck him. Do you hear me? We will fuck him! We will ruin him. Like no one has ever fucked him!"

Rove, Karl is out of control.

Rove, Karl has gone beyond the +, quite possibly, beyond the law in leaks + attacks on those perceived to be a threat to the current regime.

It's time for Americans - both Democrat + Republican - to wake up + face the truth - we are struggling under the heel of a morally bankrupt, rabid right-wing, pre-WWII.Germany fascist cult.

Trust me.

They have no intention of voluntarily giving up the power for which they have lusted so long.

They are coming at us.

Coming for us.

Like dogs in the night.

I can think of at least 1,176 reasons why we need to meet them more than half way.

We have no choice.

We have one last shot at salvaging democracy as we know it.

02.Nov.2004 we must jump on the John Kerry campaign Swift Boat, turn that baby around + blast headlong into them.

It's too late to put the fun back into politics.

However, because our young men + women are needlessly dying + will continue to die if we remain silent, we must put fear aside at least make the effort.

Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma freelance writer + a former US Army Public Information Officer.

She is a proud member of the Order of Saint Barbara - the Field Artillery's Patron Saint.

She will accept praise + atta-boys at: Complaints + death threats should be directed to her cousin, Junior Samples, at BR-549.

25.Sep.2004 00.Aug.2000 -Just three months before the selection- Bush breezily told reporters in the critical state of Iowa :"I don't know whether I'm going to win or not...If not, that's just the way it goes. URL:

25.Sep.2004 Haiti nach "Jeanne": Mit Tränengas gegen Hungernde

25.Sep.2004 Small wonder that Iraqis feel humiliated and impotent. They are trapped between different sets of foreigners. On one side they face the barbarity of outside Islamists, who use Iraq as the latest and most convenient terrain for jihad against America. On the other, they see the stubbornness of Bush and the arrogance of Blair, who refuse to admit that their adventure was wrong, has become a disaster + needs to be ended. Every Iraqi is a hostage now. URL:
25.Sep.2004 What of Saddam Hussein himself? Has he, too, become a pawn in Bush's bid to retain power? Few doubt that - unlike the scientists - he is a war criminal, although technically he remains innocent until convicted. When + if, an Iraqi court with judges chosen independently by Iraqis puts him on trial, not many tears will flow.
The issue is the timing. It was only thanks to the International Committee of the Red Cross that the former dictator appeared in court at all.

On the eve of the formal transfer of sovereignty in June, it declared that as a prisoner of war he must be released, if he had not been charged. The USA hurried to comply.
After his brief but powerful defiance from the dock they said his trial would take months to prepare. His lieutenants would be tried first in the hope they would give evidence against him.

Saddam would not go back to court until 2005, if then.
Suddenly we hear his trial may take place next month. This will be the famous "October surprise". Bush will use the spotlight on Saddam as a way of trying to justify the war on Iraq and put John Kerry on the defensive. In this cynical scheme of things, America's best-known prisoner becomes a hostage of Bush's election bid.URL:
25.Sep.2004 In the mayhem of kidnappings, suicide bombs + US air attacks, the continuing detention of a dozen Iraqi scientists may seem trivial. Thousands of other Iraqis have been arrested on suspicion of being part of the anti-American insurgency. Most are eventually let go, some after beating and torture. Only a few have been taken to court and convicted.
But the holding of Iraqi scientists, whom the Americans call high-value detainees, is significant because they, more than any other group, seem to be hostages. Taken initially into custody because it was thought they could shed light on those elusive weapons of mass destruction, it is clear they had little new to say. There were no WMD, as they always insisted.
Dr Rihab Rashid Taha, called Dr Germ by UN weapons inspectors, was an expert in biological warfare, who consistently told them before the war that all stocks had been destroyed years earlier. Why has she not been let go? She has not been charged with any crime + even if she were, could she not be freed on bail? Is it that the US authorities don't want her talking to the press about the biological specimens she received from USA companies in the 1980s when Saddam Hussein was Washington's friend?

Are they worried she might produce the receipts she has said she holds?
What of Dr Amer al-Saadi, the rocket scientist who briefly became the government's link man with the inspectors in 2002?

He, too, repeatedly told them Iraq's WMD were dismantled long ago.

He was the first senior Iraqi to surrender voluntarily to the USA authorities in

00.Apr.2003 -last year- expecting to be held for brief interrogation + then let go.
Yesterday his brother, Radwan, told me he was assured last month that Amer's release had been authorised and only a few bureaucratic procedures remained. It seems he was part of the same joint Iraqi-USA review process which apparently gave the green light to releasing the women scientists weeks before Kenneth Bigley's kidnappers focused on them.URL:
25.Sep.2004 In Gaza and the West Bank, for all the chaos and confusion of authority caused by 37 years of Israeli occupation, Palestinian leaders and Palestinian society remain far-sighted, civic-minded + secular enough to keep out these kinds of Islamist soldiers of fortune. Al-Qaida and its followers are unknown in Palestine. Foreign aid workers and western journalists have never been kidnapped. They are more likely to be killed by the Israeli army than by gunmen on the Palestinian side. URL:
25.Sep.2004 Thanks to Zarqawi and various small groups of local Islamists whom he has managed to inspire, all non-Arabs in Iraq have become potential targets. No distinction is made between those who take jobs with the occupa tion + journalists, UN employees and aid workers, who are neutral or, in many cases, severe critics of US and British policy. URL:

Lawyers say PM could be impeached over Iraq : Parliament has the power to impeach Tony Blair over his decision to invade Iraq, lawyers acting for an all-party campaign to use the ancient right say today.

25.Sep.2004 Bush's campaign depends on the containment of any contrary perception of reality. He must evade, deny and suppress it. His true opponent is not his Democratic foe - called unpatriotic and the candidate of al-Qaida by the vice-president - but events. Bush's latest vision is his shield against them. He invokes the power of positive thinking, as taught by Emile Coue, guru of autosuggestion in the giddy 1920s, who urged mental improvement through constant repetition: "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

It was during this era of illusion that TS Eliot wrote The Hollow Men: Between the idea/ And the reality/ Between the motion/ And the act/ Falls the Shadow."

Sidney Blumenthal, a former senior adviser to President Clinton, is Washington bureau chief of URL:,3604,1310710,00.html
25.Sep.2004 The period of Leon Klinghoffer's murder in 1985 on the liner Achille Lauro (by Abu Abbas, in fact) coincided with the US courtship of Saddam, marked by the celebrated visits of then Middle East envoy Donald Rumsfeld. The US collaborated in intelligence exchanges and materially supported Saddam in his war with Iran, authorising the sale of biological agents for Saddam's laboratories, a diversification of his WMD capability. The reason was not born of idealism, but necessity: the threat of an expansive Iran-controlled Shia fundamentalism to the entire Gulf. URL:,3604,1310710,00.html
25.Sep.2004 Bush explained that, for him, intelligence is not to inform decision-making, but to be used or rejected to advance an ideological + political agenda.

Bush dismissal is an affirmation of the politicisation + corruption of intelligence that rationalised the war.

In Bush s stump speech, which Bush repeats word for word across USA, Bush explains that Bush invaded Iraq because of "the lesson of 11.Sep.2001 ". WMD goes unmentioned;

the only reason Bush offers is Hussein, Saddam as an agent of terrorism. " Hussein, Saddam was a sworn enemy of the USA ; Hussein, Saddam had ties to terrorist networks. Do you remember Abu Nidal? He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer. Leon Klinghoffer was murdered because of his religion. Abu Nidal was in Baghdad, as was his organisation." URL:,3604,1310710,00.html

25.Sep.2004 Foreign investors hold about 8 trillion $ ($ 12 trillion) in USA securities + everybody realises that a concerted move to bail out of them would trigger a collapse of the $ + the destruction of their investments.

On the other hand, everybody also knows that the first investors to get out will save most of their money + the laggards will lose most of theirs. It is a highly unstable situation.
A far-sighted Democratic strategist might therefore conclude that this is the wrong year to win the presidency. Democrats don't want the blame for an impending economic crisis that is mostly due to the Bush tax cuts - + since their chosen candidate has no strategy for pulling out of Iraq, why not let the Republicans collect the blame for that debacle, too? URL:
25.Sep.2004 The inflow of foreign capital is dwindling, the current account deficit is up to half a trillion dollars a year - and the budget deficit, thanks to the Bush tax cuts and the Iraq war, is also up to half a trillion dollars a year. Neither Bush nor Kerry even discuss the issue + the value of the US dollar has been drifting steadily down for a year and a half now.
Foreigners have seen the value of their US investments effectively cut by 20 % because of that fall in the dollar + they are getting nervous. URL:
24.Sep.2004 Winning US presidency may prove a poisoned chalice "
New Zealand Herald" -As the opinion polls move steadily in favour of President George W. Bush + the likelihood of a John Kerry presidency recedes, Democrats in the USA can take solace in two facts.

00.Jan.2005-00.Jan.2009-for the next four years- If their Democrats man is not in the White House, then they will not end up carrying the blame for the almost inevitable US defeat in Iraq - + they will not have to preside over the biggest financial crisis to hit the US since the Great Depression.
"The US dollar is going the way that [the UK pound] went as it lost its place as the world's reserve currency," said Jim Rogers, the Wall St wizard who in 1973 co-founded the Quantum Fund, one of the first + most successful hedge funds, in a recent interview. "I suspect there will be exchange controls in the US in the foreseeable future ...

01.Jan.2005-31.Dec.2006 Whoever is elected President is going to have serious problems in-. We Americans are going to suffer." Why?
If Kerry won, this would be the third time in a row that an incoming Democratic president inherited a gigantic budget deficit from his Republican predecessor.

00.000.1976 Jimmy Carter took over a budget deficit of almost 4 % of gross domestic product + halved it in four years.

00.000.1992 Bill Clinton was handed a deficit amounting to 6 + of GDP + turned it into a 1.5 % surplus in eight years.

Kerry would inherit a 5 % deficit from Bush, about par for the course - but for the first time he would also be burdened with a huge current account (trade) deficit. URL:

25.Sep.2004 There are financial flows that need to be stopped. ''There are many well-known things happening in the financial system + these channels need to be cut, there needs to be a better central financial system.'' And with terrorism arising from fundamentalism, ''religious leaders need to speak out against the actions of their followers''.
Finally he said there is a need to fight terrorism by fighting poverty. ''Where billions are deprived of hope and a decent life, it becomes possible to recruit followers for terrorism.''

24.Sep.2004 -this week- Gorbachev said in London that war on Iraq was a mistake, .
RIGHTS: Come Clean with Gorbachev -Gorbachev, Mikhail is an ex-president going after weapons of mass destruction. But not the way USA President George Bush thought he was going after them in Iraq.
LONDON (IPS) - ''It not only undermined international law, it undermined democracy. Millions spoke out, but the war was launched in spite of their democratic views,'' he told media representatives.
Gorbachev was in London to launch an offensive against weapons of mass destruction (WMD) of quite another kind; he came to launch a Come Clean campaign put together by several NGOs including Greenpeace, the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in Britain and Medact, a group supporting health issues in conflict areas.
1990 Gorbachev, Mikhail became President of the Soviet Union +

1991 -at the end of- Gorbachev, Mikhail stepped down as head of state of the Soviet Union.

-earlier- Gorbachev, Mikhail was one of the key Soviet leaders as a member of the Soviet presidium.

1992 -Since- Gorbachev, Mikhail has been president of the International Nongovernmental Foundation for Socio-Economic + Political Studies, better known as The Gorbachev Foundation.
The leader of the former Soviet Union seemed at peace with his new role. A naïve attempt? ''I have been suspected of being naïve many times,'' he said.
00.000.1986 Gorbachev, Mikhail had been called naïve, he said, when he appealed for elimination of nuclear weapons by 2000.

''There were two reactions to that,'' he said. ''One, that it was all propaganda. Two, that it was an illusion. But we were able to eliminate whole classes of nuclear weapons.''
Gorbachev was emphatic about his campaign against WMD. ''If they exist, sooner or later there will be disastrous consequences.

They can fall into the hands of terrorists. It is not enough to safeguard them, they must be abolished.''
22.Sep.2004 If America Were Iraq, What Would it Be Like? Informed Comment

18.Sep.2004 Daily Telegraph, Secret Papers Show Blair Was Warned of Iraq Chaos
18.Sep.2004 Daily Telegraph,
Details of Leaked Blair Papers
20.Sep.2004 The Independent, Optimism in London, Carnage in Iraq
The War is Lost, Say USA Generals and Military Experts
17.Sep.2004 Associated Press,
Iraq had no WMD, Says Top USA Inspector
22.Sep.2004, The Slow-Motion Wreck of American Values
The Bergen Record,
American Dominance
00.Sep.2000 Project for a New Century,
Rebuilding America's Defenses
15.Jan.2004 Common Dreams,
America's Empire of Bases

15.Sep. 2002 Glasgow Sunday Herald, Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President
00.000.1997 -Spring- Naval War College Review,
War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity + Command Responsibility
00.Feb.2004 Foreign Policy in Focus,
The Militarization of USA Foreign Policy
19.Sep.2004 The Observer,
Iraq Leak Has Blair Back in the Firing Line
18.Jun.2004 Freedom Foundation,
Reagan's WMD Connection to Saddam Hussein
01.May 1995-31.Jun.1995, Iraqgate: Confession and Coverup
25.Sep.2004 How many times must the truth be told before it conquers the lies?

Again + again, the brutal realities behind the rape of Iraq -

that it was planned years ago,

that the aggressors knew full well that their justifications for war were false +

that their invasion would lead to chaos + ruin + unbridled terror - have been exposed by the very words + documents of the invaders themselves.

Yet the reign of the lie goes on, rolling toward its final entrenchment in 02.Nov.2004 .

25.Sep.2004 -Last week- as hundreds of Iraqi civilians were being slaughtered by insurgents + invaders, as more pipelines exploded, more hostages were seized, more families sank into poverty and filth, the cynical machinations of the oh-so-Christian Coalition of Bush + Blair were revealed yet again.

25.Sep.2004 This time it was a tranche of leaked documents from 00.Mar.2002 , a full year before the war:

00.Mar.2002 -a full year before the war- reports to Tony Blair from his top advisers plainly stating that the intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was unsubstantiated,

that there was no connection between Saddam + al-Qaida,

that there was no legal justification for invading the country, +

that any such invasion would lead to years of chaotic occupation,

The Daily Telegraph (an arch-conservative, pro-war paper) reports. URL:

25.Sep.2004 Dr Mathews wrote the letter to Mr Howard in a "personal capacity", according to sources, because he had been thwarted for several months by senior figures in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation from relaying his concerns up the chain of command.

Dr Mathews faced reprisals after he sent the letter, including having his top secret security clearance frozen while he was investigated. He also had his travel abroad restricted while senior government advisers considered prosecuting him for passing on classified material.

Dr Mathews remains at DSTO. Friends say he faced a distressing decision about whether to "pull the pin or stay". URL:
25.Sep.2004 Dr Mathews sent his letter to Mr Howard on March 17 last year, three days before the Prime Minister formally announced Australia was at war.

In his televised address, Mr Howard said that "the reason above all others" for the Iraq war was the threat posed by terrorists with WMD. URL:
25.Sep.2004 Australia would have greater difficulties dealing with South-East Asian nations in combating terrorism due to the Iraq war. URL:
25.Sep.2004 A copy of Dr Mathews' letter has been obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald . The lengthy critique called on Mr Howard to reconsider his position and take action to dissuade the US from its path. In the letter, he said there was not even circumstantial evidence to back the view that Saddam Hussein had substantial stockpiles of usable WMD.

If he did have WMD, according to Dr Mathews, the chances of it being passed into terrorist hands was a "high probability" should Iraq be invaded. He wrote that he believed there was no chance of it falling into al-Qaeda hands while Saddam remained in power. URL:
25.Sep.2004 Australia's leading expert on weapons of mass destruction defied political and bureaucratic walls to warn the Prime Minister that his case for war against Iraq was based on falsehoods and it would make Australia a bigger terrorist target.

00.000.2003 -three days before Australia Prime Minister committed Australia to Irak war

00.000.2003 after the expert was repeatedly blocked by his superiors from expressing his views- Bob Mathews, a 35-year veteran of the Defence Science + Technology Organisation, wrote privately to John Howard . URL:

25.Sep.2004 If we don’t have a major change in this election, I fear that if Bush is allowed another 4 years we won’t recognize our country by the time Bush + Cheney + Ashcroft + Rumsfeld + Rove + Feith + Wolfowitz + Perle + Hastert + Frist are done with itURL:,150&values%5b0%5d=&values%5b1%5d=1920
25.Sep.2004 To sum it all up, America is in deep trouble. We have a president and vice president who consistently lie to the people, using their “war on terror” as an abstraction that allows them to have a war without + to allegedly “protect us.”
In the meantime, they are taking away Constitutional and legal rights in America, just as Hitler did in Germany, “to protect our nation.”
They have installed in Iraq, Allawi, an exile who is their puppet + is no more legitimate than the Vichy government that Hitler installed in France in WWII. URL:,150&values%5b0%5d=&values%5b1%5d=1920

25.Sep.2004 Aus dem Bericht ging nicht hervor, ob es sich bei der getesteten Rakete um eine neue Version der Schahab-3-Rakete handelt. Dieser Typ kann bereits Israel und im Mittleren Osten stationierte US-Truppen erreichen. Die ältere Version hat eine Reichweite von 1.300 Kilometern, eine neuere könnte nach Angaben aus israelischen Kreisen mehr als 2.000 Kilometer Reichweite haben.
Die Nachricht aus Teheran wird die Spannungen zwischen dem Iran und der Weltgemeinschaft verschärfen. Seit Monaten erhöhen die USA und auch die EU den Druck auf den Iran, endlich alle Informationen über sein Atom-Programm offen zu legen. Israel hatte wenige Tage zuvor den Kauf von 5.000 amerikanischen Bomben bekannt gegeben, die bis zu 1,8 Meter dicke Bunkerwände durchschlagen können. Indirekt drohte Israel dem Iran so mit einem Angriff auf die Atom-Anlagen. Im Jahr 1981 hatten israelische Kampfflugzeuge einen irakischen Atomreaktor zerstört, bevor er in Betrieb genommen werden konnte.
25.Sep.2004 America is not welcome now, nor will it be welcome in Iraq for many decades to come. This is the truth; what Bush, Allawi and Cheney have to say is but a sack of lies.

25.Sep.2004 T
he Sunni Triangle, Sadr City, Najaf, Ramadi, Karbala, Mosul, Samarra—all of these important centers, even Kirkuk, which once seemed safe in the hands of the Kurds, have all become no-go zones for the American troops and the small number of Iraqis who dare venture in to be shot. America is bombing all of these places on an almost daily basis; thus, antagonizing more and more Iraqis and more Muslims throughout the world. As I said in an article months ago, America and its puppets around Allawi have succeeded in doing something that could not be done since the 700s, they have united the Sunni and Shi’a against America and its occupation army. URL:,150&values%5b0%5d=&values%5b1%5d=1920
.Sep.2004 Fahrenheit 9/11...01.Aug.2004.31.Aug.2004 was a hellish month.

The heat was incredible. No one remembers Baghdad ever being quite this hot- I think we broke a new record somewhere in mid-August.
The last few days, Baghdad has been echoing with explosions. We woke up to several loud blasts a few days ago.

The sound has become all too common. It’s like the heat, the flies, the carcasses of buildings, the broken streets and the haphazard walls coming up out of nowhere all over the city… it has become a part of life.

We were sleeping on the roof around three days ago, but I had stumbled back indoors at around 5 am when the electricity returned + was asleep under the cool air of an air-conditioner when the first explosions rang out.

25.Sep.2004 Expertenwarnung: Jedes vierte WLAN ist völlig ohne Schutz

25.Sep.2004 Aufrüstung: Iran meldet erfolgreichen Raketentest

25.Sep.2004 Bild des Tages: Kerry wartet auf die Erleuchtung

25.Sep.2004 Astronomischer Ehrgeiz: Marburger Verein plant Mars-Flug bis 2009

25.Sep.2004 Seeungeheuer: Langer Hals lässt Fische zittern

25.Sep.2004 Der heftige Regen infolge des Tropensturms hatte am vergangenen Wochenende in Haiti besonders verheerende Auswirkungen, weil dort 98 Prozent der Wälder abgeholzt sind.

Es war bereits die zweite Flutkatastrophe dieses Jahres in dem armen Karibikstaat:

00-Mai 2004 waren bei ähnlichen Unwettern 1.191 Menschen umgekommen. URL:,1518,319883,00.html

25.Sep.2004 Auf Haiti sind seinetwegen über 1000 Menschen gestorben - nun rollt der Hurrikan "Jeanne" auf Florida zu. Die Bürger dort sind nach drei früheren Sturmheimsuchungen völlig demoralisiert.

25.Sep.2004 Erneut sollen 750.000 Menschen ihre Häuser verlassen.
Fort Pierce - Vielerorts sind die Leute noch mit dem Aufräumen der Schäden des letzten Hurrikans "Frances" beschäftigt.

"Ich weiß, die Leute sind frustriert, sie haben die Nase voll", sagte der Gouverneur von Florida, Jeb Bush.URL:,1518,319883,00.html
25.Sep.2004 Lebensverhältnisse: Clement sieht den Osten noch bis 2019 im Nachteil

25.Sep.2004 Sudan: Extremisten sollen Putsch versucht haben

25.Sep.2004 Wankender US-Verbündeter: Pakistan zweifelt am Sinn des Irak-Kriegs

25.Sep.2004 eBay: Wütender Kunde droht mit Bombe, Gelände geräumt

25.Sep.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Amerika IST sein Gott"

25.Sep.2004 Terroranschläge: Explosionen in zwei spanischen Städten

25.Sep.2004 Irak-Wiederaufbau: Allawi widerspricht Rumsfeld-Ideen

25.Sep.2004 Neuer Hurrikan-Alarm: Zehntausende in Florida fliehen vor "Jeanne"

25.Sep.2004 Anti-Terrror-Kampf: Beckstein weicht Schilys Sicherheitspaket auf

25.Sep.2004 What World Leaders Say About RFE/RL URL:

00.Nov.2002 George W. Bush, president, USA Prague Atlantic Student Summit,
I want to thank Tom Dine, President of Radio Free Europe + Radio Liberty, [and] all the good folks who work there... I appreciate your service.
Dwight Eisenhower said this of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty - "The simplest + clearest charter in the world is what you have, which is to tell the truth."

And for more than 50 years, the charter has been faithfully executed + it's the truth that sets this continent free.
00.May 2001 On the 50th Anniversary of RFE/RL

00.May 2001 On the 50th Anniversary of Radio Free Europe + Radio Liberty, congratulations on your contributions to expanding access to information across Europe.

00.Mai19---00.May 2001 Over the years, your reporters helped freedom-loving peoples win the Cold War and brought messages of hope to those living under dictators.

I wish you continued success in the years to come.URL:
25.Sep.2004 Rumsfeld: Iraq Troop Pull-Out Possible Before Peace URL:

24 Sep.2004 USA Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said today he felt it was possible to start withdrawing troops from Iraq before peace was established over the entire country.
Rumsfeld, who met visiting Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi in Washington, afterwards told reporters it was unlikely the situation in Iraq would be absolutely calm any time soon.
"Any implication that that place has to be peaceful and perfect before we can reduce coalition and USA forces I think would obviously be unwise, because it's never been peaceful and perfect and it isn't likely to be.

It's a tough part of the world. Our goal is to invest the time and the money and the effort to help them train up Iraqis to take over those [security] responsibilities," Rumsfeld said.
Rumsfeld said there were clear disadvantages to having a large force in any country, adding no country wants foreign forces on its territory any longer than they have to be there.
Rumsfeld's comments came one day after he suggested Iraq could hold elections in 00.Jan.2005 even if some areas were unable to participate.

04.Jun.2002 Terroranschläge: Ägyptens Geheimdienst warnte USA (),1518,199265,00.html,1518,199321,00.html

04.Jun.2002 FBI-Chef: Terroranschläge hätten verhindert werden können,1518,199029,00.html

00.000.1920 forderten die Nationalsozialisten in ihrem Parteiprogramm, daß die Juden unter Fremdenrecht gestellt werden sollten.

00.000.1938 -Seit-stehen die Juden nicht mehr unter Fremdenrecht, sie stehen außerhalb jeden Rechts, hors la loi. URL:

24.Sep.2004 US-Truppen im Irak: Rumsfeld hält Abzug vor Befriedung für denkbar

16.Aug.2002 -A data do documento é de -

30.Nov.2003 Pentágono destina bilhões para "estimular" atentados terroristas Plano de Rumsfeld para “combater” terrorismo pede US$ 3,3 bilhões/ano para financiar atentados + foi proposto por um órgão do Pentágono -

o DSB, criado por Rumsfeld - e abafado pela mídia servil.
O Pentágono destinou US$ 3,3 bilhões para promover atentados terroristas.

Em nossa primeira página, e nesta, o leitor poderá ver fac-símiles do documento intitulado “Operações Especiais e Forças Conjuntas em Contra Terrorismo” (“Special Operations and Joint Forces in Countering Terrorism”).

No item “Manter um quadro global de reformados + reservistas + outros que tenham sido treinados + qualificados para atender a um chamado imediato, incluindo expatriados” (ou seja, mercenários + gusanos + outros bandidos), especifica-se: “Fazer os investimentos agora” - o sublinhado é do Pentágono. . URL:
17.Sep.2004 Teacher Arrested for Carrying a Bookmark
:. Darkness at Noon: For the past month, Kathryn Harrington has stared down the possibility of a criminal trial, a $10,000 fine and the stigma of being deemed a security risk at Tampa International Airport. The reason? She had a bookmark with her as she passed through airport security screening. URL:
24.Sep.2004 The Greenest House on the Block
:. URL:
24.Sep.2004 Wind Carries GM Pollen Record Distances

...This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a... Pollen from a genetically modified grass has blown on the wind and pollinated other grasses up to 21 kilometres away, says a new study.

This distance is "much further than previously measured", say the authors + is thought to be a record for any GM pollen. URL:
24.Sep.2004 October Surprise? Is an Attack Imminent?

I'm surprised that They haven't done another one already! This is from Cryptome:
>>>>> >>> Paula Martinez 22.Sep.2004 7:44:54 AM >>>
>> At the meeting of the Southern District of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC) that was held yesterday in Houston, US Attorney Michael

>> Shelby, informed the group that a terrorist attack of 11.Sep.2001 proportions was going to be carried out on US soil within the next 6 weeks.
>> Mr. Shelby stated that on 13.Sep.2004 , USA Attorney General John Ashcroft,had a conference call with all 93 US Attorneys, an event which is extremely rare.

02.Nov.2004 -prior to the elections-The US Attorneys were informed that without a doubt, an attack was going to be perpetrated in the US within the next 6 weeks-
Mr. Shelby urgently requested that all law enforcement be aware of any situation that may be out of the ordinary + report the activity immediately.

Mr. Shelby also requested that we get the word out to patrol officers + detectives to talk to their informants + report anything odd or remotely suspicious.

Mr. Shelby ended this warning by saying that unless we get a bit of "luck" + the attack can be detected + prevented, that another attack of 11.Sep.2001 scale will be carried out.
>> Please disseminate to all of your law enforcement contacts ASAP.
24.Sep.2004 University of California UC Regents Lose Control of Nuclear Weapons Program
Carlyle Group , University of Texas stealth takeover

00.000.19----for decades- Teller - also known as Dr. Strangelove - went on to promote a grandiose USA nuclear weapons program at the nuclear weapons labs: Berkeley, Livermore + Los Alamos.

00.000.19---for 61 years The USA nuclear weapons program remained under a no-bid University of California UC management contract.
In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group, facilitated by five admirals, the management contract will be transferred next year to the University of Texas, where the military + the Carlyle Group will have control.

A new "ramping up" of the nuclear weapons program is underway, with program funding at the highest level ever - even higher than during the Cold War – extending nuclear weapons into outer space, into the very atmosphere that makes life on earth possible + with no “real” enemy in sight. URL:
24.Sep.2004 Fannie Mae + Freddie Mac Could Imperil USA Nation's Entire Financial System

Washington Post: Yesterday's disclosure that government regulators have raised safety + soundness questions about mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae has given new ammunition to critics of the company + its sister firm, Freddie Mac.
Such critics, who recently have included Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan + Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, worry that the firms have grown so big so fast that if they get into financial trouble, they could imperil the nation's entire financial system URL:
24.Sep.2004 21:29:06 Ibis Tek Mounts Machine Guns + Grenade Launchers to SUVs!
24.Sep.2004 For the soccer mom with everything! Must see
Jobs? Affordable housing? Healthcare? Education? How about SUVs with machine guns?
I never thought the collapse of society would be pleasant, but I always knew it would be weird and absurd:
The Viper ushers in a new generation of mobile protection + reconnaissance vehicle, built to meet the rapid deployment requirements of today's security forces.

The Cobra and Viper Security Vehicles provide a stealth platform able to respond with decisive fire power.

Whether you are protecting a head-of-state, engaged in peace-keeping, or involved in low-intensity conflict, the Cobra and Viper Security Vehicles should be part of your team.
Excellent Bush Speech Remix --> :. "We will embrace tyranny + death as a cause + a creed.

We can be summed up in one word: evil."

24.Sep.2004 "Oh, it's not that bad," said the wise man, "It's worse." URL:
24.Sep.2004 Interesting Note: Does this story contain elements of weirdness similar to the establishment of the
Information Awareness Office, with its almost unbelievable symbol, the all seeing eye, freaky uses of Latin, etc.? Note the acronym for Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group: P2OG. Any takers on a possible connection to the infamous P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge of Italy?
Original L.A. Times article
Research Credit: TR posted by Kevin F at
4:20 AM
USA Using the Same Scam Invented by the Brits (Again)
Is anyone keeping a tally sheet of my analytical hits? HAHAHA! Recall
this article I wrote from a couple of days ago:
Over the past few decades, UK, one of the world's most powerful states, used roughly 300 armed Irish people (IRA, et al.) as an excuse to turn the entire place into a large penal colony.

Now the USA is doing the same thing.
And now this from the Telegraph U.K.:
America is contemplating a radical overall of the FBI and the creation of a domestic spying organization modeled on Britain's MI5, according to US intelligence sources.
Tom Ridge, President George W Bush's director of homeland security, will hold talks in London next week focusing on the British experience of combating the IRA over more than three decades.
I think I should stand on a street corner with a sign that says: Will Predict Global Political Events For Food.
posted by Kevin F at 4:18 AM URL:
24.Sep.2004 International Banking Software and Services Company "Counts" Your Votes
I don't vote for Republicans. I don't vote for Democrats. I only vote for third party candidates. So, I know I'm throwing my vote away.

00.000.1993 -back in- I read Votescam so I basically stopped believing in the electoral process in this county long ago.

I just show up because it's nice to pretend that there's some form of representative process in this country.
TR + I were sitting here, casually discussing how simple a matter it would be for a few bozos to completely manipulate the voting and vote tabulation process using closed-source computer systems.

You know, eliminate any possibility of a recount or investigation. No paper trail. Then we started looking into some of the electronic systems in use.
HAHAHA! This stuff is off the rails.
Why is a UK company (De La Rue, parent of Sequoia Voting Systems) involved with USA elections? Take a wild guess at what De La Rue does!

De La Rue is a MAJOR vendor of goods + services to governments + international bankers + central banks + THE Central Bank, the Bank of International Settlements !

De La Rue manufacture tamper proof I.D. Cards + passports + maybe even the cash in your pocket.

I find it very interesting that a company with so many connections to elite government + banking circles, a company with access to the most personal information for hundreds of millions of people,

would also be involved in producing closed-source + unauditable voting systems for USA elections. If this is some sort of nightmare, I've had enough, I want to wake up.
From the De La Rue ABOUT page: De La Rue is the world 's largest commercial security printer + papermaker + involved in the production of over 150 national currencies + a wide range of security documents such as travellers cheques + vouchers.

Employing almost 7,000 people across 31 countries, De La Rue is also a leading provider of cash handling equipment + software solutions to banks + retailers worldwide helping them to reduce the cost of handling cash.

De La Rue are also pioneering new technologies including tailored solutions to protect the world 's brands through to government identity solutions in secure passports + identity cards + driver s licences.
Does anyone out there find it interesting that

01.Sep.2001 a gas pipeline expert + 15 year employee of British Petroleum was appointed to the De La Rue Board of Directors ?

To the Board of Directors of the same company that is making voting machines for USA elections?

Yes, as I type this, the Oil Junta in the White House is reveling in their massive (! + historically unusual!) mid term election gains!
Nolan, Philip -Non-Executive Director
01.Sep.2001 Nolan, Philip BSc PhD MBA, 48, was appointed to theDe La Rue Board.

Nolan, Philip is Chief Executive Officer of Eircom, the Irish telecoms operator + 00.Jan.2002 was appointed.

Formerly, Nolan, Philip was Chief Executive of Lattice Group plc. Lattice Group is one of three successor companies of British Gas, specialising in the provision + management + servicing of infrastructure networks.

The company comprises UK s gas pipeline business, Transco, as well as telecommunications + other businesses.

00.000.1996 Dr Nolan, Philip joined the then British Gas,

00.Jun.1997 Dr Nolan, Philip becoming Managing Director of Transco.

00.Jul.1998 Dr Nolan, Philip was appointed to the British Gas Board.

00.000.19—00.000.0000 -15 years Dr Nolan, Philip spent with British Gas +

00.000.1995 Dr Nolan, Philip British Petroleum seconded to the role of Managing Director, Interconnector (UK) Ltd,

00.000.19-- Interconnector (UK) Ltd consortium formed to construct + operate the pipeline which links UK gas network + mainland Europe gas network .
From Elections In America - Assume Crooks Are In Control :
Sequoia is another voting systems company that sends a cold chill down my spine.

"Mob ties + bribery + felony convictions + threats of coercion are visible in the public record of the election services company," according to investigative journalist + filmmaker Daniel Hopsicker + reported in

-over the course of almost an entire decade. Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci, a 65-year-old senior executive with Sequoia +

-recently Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci, a 65-year-old Sequoia 's Louisiana representative, pled guilty to passing out as much as $10 million dollars in bribes "-Hopsicker says that-

According to American Law Education Rights & Taxation (ALERT), Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci, is the president of Sequoia International, which also manufactures casino slot machines.
04.Nov.2002 URL:
04.Nov.2002 a poster to wrote:
"Note the acronym for Proactive Preemptive Operations Group: P2OG .

Any takers on a possible connection to the infamous P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge of Italy?"

Disinfopedia Resources

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction

Patriot Act I

Patriot Act II

Proactive Preemptive Operations Group Task Force

preemptive war

Stanley Foundation’s Independent Task Force on US Strategies for National Security

Task Force 121

Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

war propaganda

External Links :

00.000.2003 -undated- Eisenhower, David + Burack, Alix The Wages of War,

30.Jul.2001 Deadly Deception, Pretexts for War. USA Joint Chiefs of Staff approved plans for 'launching a secret + bloody war of terrorism against their own country',

00.000.2002 -no date- TALES FROM THE GRASSY KNOLL. P2OG, The Ur-Fascist Manifestation Eva Sion, TabletNewspaper-

02.Jul.2002 Expert Sees More Proactive USA Policy Against Terrorism. Raphael Perl addresses German Council on Foreign Relations, USA Department of State, International Information Programs.

01.Nov.2002 The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks,Chris Floyd, CounterPunch.

01.Nov.2002 Global Eye - Into the Dark, Chris Floyd, The Moscow Times. Also here.

05.Nov.2002 'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty, David Isenberg, Asia Times.

06.Nov.2002 It's not a fight for freedom; it's a retreat into darkness, Alexander's Gas & Oil.

12.Nov.2002 Warhawk Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Plans to stimulate reactions from terrorist cells, Kevin Bayhouse, Idaho Indymedia Center.

13.Nov.2002 Hellzapoppin' at the Pentagon. Rumsfeld's Defense Science Board proposes 'prodding' terrorists to terrorism, Bill Berkowitz, WorkingforChange.

14.Nov.2002 Pentagon board proposes "prodding terrorists" to terrorism,

22.Nov.2002 Executive’s Secret Army, Voice of Revolution.

00.Jan.2003 New USA Covert Agency to "Stimulate" Terrorists, Chris Floyd, Issue # 50 Press for Conversion!.

01.Feb.2003 Inventing Crimes. The FBI-CIA Entrapment Tag Team, Kurt Nimmo, CounterPunch.

19.Feb.2003 Deranged Agendas of Bush Gang, Dove NESARA Updates.

23.Mar.2003 USA Steps Up Secret Surveillance. FBI, Justice Dept. Increase Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches,Dan Eggen + Robert O'Harrow Jr., The Washington Post.

11.Oct.2003 Jack Dalton,$87 Billion Extortion and Theft, : "It seems good old Don Rummy-fool has a brand new covert trouble-making group. Are you ready for the “Proactive Preemptive Operations Group?” 100 people with a $100 million a year budget. It just keeps getting better + better, doesn’t it? Their job, “…missions designed to “stimulate reactions” among “terrorists” groups, provoking them into committing acts of violence which would then expose them to “counterattack” by USA forces.” As if we don’t have problems enough, these fools want to go out + deliberately incite murder + mayhem!"

13.Nov.2003 Pentagon takes quiet aim at terror. Military amassing more secret warriors, :

"The covert side of the military's special operations force resides in a sub-command, known as the Joint Special Operations Command.

Based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, it reportedly has command of the Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, a secretive counterterrorism unit. ...

William Arkin, a private military + intelligence expert who has written about the Pentagon's efforts to expand covert capabilities, says Rumsfeld is building up 'an elite secret army' +

that this emphasis on covert action reflects Pentagon frustrations with the performance of the CIA + other intelligence agencies. ...

'Insulated from outside pressures, armed with matchless weapons + technology, trained to operate below the shadow line, the Pentagon's black world of classified operations holds out the hope of swift, decisive action' in the war on terror, Arkin wrote recently in The Los Angeles Times . ...

11.Sep.2001 -in the wake of- This approach fits with Rumsfeld's emphasis on pre-empting future terrorist attacks,rather than relying on the military's traditional approach of organizing forces to defend against or to deter attacks. ...

In fact, the word 'pre-emptive' is in the name given a proposed new counter-terrorism organization. The Proactive Preemptive Operations Group ..." URL:

24.Sep.2004 One way to invigorate USA intelligence would be to "Develop an entirely new capability to proactively, preemptively evoke responses from adversary/terrorist groups," according to the DSB.

Such an approach would "improve [intelligence] information collection by stimulating reactions" from the target [5] ... which is to say, provoke the terrorists into action. See Counterpunch article.

Definition : preemptive attack - (DOD) An attack initiated on the basis of incontrovertible evidence that an enemy attack is imminent.[6]

Definition : proactive measures - (DOD) In antiterrorism, measures taken in the preventive stage of antiterrorism designed to harden targets + detect actions before they occur.

05.Nov.2002 [7] Look Out! Here Comes P2OG, , : "The Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG) - as described in an internal briefing drafted this summer to guide other Pentagon agencies - would carrry out 'secret operations' aimed at 'stimulating reactions' among terrorists + states possessing weapons of mass destruction - that is, for instance,

prodding terrorist cells into action + exposing themselves to 'quick-response' attacks by USA forces.'

Wait a minute - prod terrorists into action?!

Hello again, Dr. Strangelove.... And just to make sure that we lose international support altogether, the brief declares the USA will hold 'states/sub-state actors accountable' + 'signal to harboring states that their sovereignty will be at risk.' That is sure to play well with the rest of the world." URL:


"One hundred 'highly specialized people with unique technical + intelligence skills such as information operations, PSYOP, network attack, covert activities, SIGINT, HUMINT, SOF, influence warfare/deception operations' could constitute a new, elite Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG),' reporting to the National Security Council with an annual budget of $100 million.

"The proposal is the latest sign of a new assertiveness by the Defense Department in intelligence matters + an indication that the cutting edge of intelligence reform is not to be found in Congress but behind closed doors in the Pentagon." [4] URL:

Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (Redirected from P2OG)

00.Aug.2002 -the first public hints of a new USA secret counterintelligence group - the Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG) - emerged from a report of the Defense Science Board (DSB), a Pentagon advisory group + found its way into daylight.

26.Sep.2002 "The DSB briefing was first reported by Dan Dupont in Inside the Pentagon ".

27.Oct.2002 The briefing was also discussed by William M. Arkin in the Los Angeles Times [1][2]

26.Sep.2002 United Press International (UPI) announced that it had exclusively obtained documents summarizing the report of the Defense Science Board, which were to be publicly released in late 00.Oct.2001 after it has been presented to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. The report is entitled Special Operations and Joint Forces in Support of Countering Terrorism . [3]

Aktuelle Nachrichten, Archiv: Strategische Weichenstellung in ...

Studie über Terrorismusbekämpfung empfahl die Schaffung einer Super-ISA namens " Proactive Preemptive Operations Group " ( P2OG ), die Nachrichtensammlung ...

24.Sep.2004 Kurt Nimmo: Inventing Crimes ... Department and Robert Mueller's FBI -- the Pentagon wants to get in on the action with something called P2OG , or Proactive Preemptive Operations Group . ... 23

24.Sep.2004 Combatting Terrorism By Stimulating It ... And yet the administration's Defense Science Board has recommended exactly that with the creation of a Proactive , Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ): ...

24.Sep.2004 heather - War on Peace: Now is no time for complacency ... Plainly put, the so-called " Proactive , Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )" aims to save citizens from terrorist attacks by actively provoking terrorist attacks ...

24.Sep.2004 Fwd: "Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)": PROVOKING ... Fwd: " Proactive , Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )": PROVOKING TERRORIST ACTS AGAINST INNOCENTS. From: Gdnson; Subject: Fwd: " Proactive ...

24.Sep.2004 Erst provozieren, dann zuschlagen... Die Experten schlagen vor, eine " Proactive , Preemptive Operations Group " ( P2OG ) einzurichten, deren Aufgabe nach Informationen des Militärexperten William ...

24.Sep.2004 (Cont'd) September 11: The Big Lie ... A 2002 classified outbrief drafted to guide the Pentagon "calls for the creation of a so-called ' Proactive , Pre - emptive Operations Group ' ( P2OG ), to launch ... -

24.Sep.2004 Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 603 für Proactive Preemptive Operations Group P2OG . ( 0,34 Sekunden)

24.Sep.2004 down with murder inc ... P2OG ... It recommends the creation of a super-Intelligence Support Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ), to bring ... -
North American Samizdat - An Illegal and Insane War, by Carl ... This is, after all, the homicidal maniac who established the Proactive Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ) to deliberately incite terrorist strikes against ... -

24.Sep.2004 USA: Pentagon plans to provoke terrorist attacks ...document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organisation —the Proactive Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ) — will carry out...

24.Sep.2004 Atomstreit: EU will härter gegen Iran vorgehen

24.Sep.2004 Washington: US-Regierung über Irak-Wahl zerstritten

24.Sep.2004 All-Wissende: Her mit der zweiten Erde!

24.Sep.2004 Journalismus: ARD zieht Korrespondenten aus Irak ab

24.Sep.2004 Orientalistentag: Mohammed Atta unterm Mikroskop

24.Sep.2004 Aralsee: Elender Staub

24.Sep.2004 Aralsee: Im Land des giftigen Staubs

24.Sep.2004 Das chinesische Team warnte vor den möglicherweise katastrophalen Folgen für das globale Ökosystem. China hat die Hälfte aller Gletscher in Asien und weltweit einen Anteil von 15 Prozent. Bis zum Jahr 2050 könnten 64 % der chinesischen Gletscher weggetaut sein, fürchten die Wissenschaftler. Bei der jetzigen "alarmierenden Geschwindigkeit" wären 2100 alle verschwunden. Langfristig drohe eine weitere Wüstenbildung in China.
24.Sep.2004 Falls irgend jemand wissen will, ob die Antarktis schnell auf die globale Erderwärmung reagiert, dann lautet die Antwort 'Ja'", kommentierte Theodore Scambus von der University of Colorado die Ergebnisse. "Wir haben gesehen, wie sich 250 Kilometer Küste in gerade mal 15 Jahren dramatisch verändert haben." URL:,1518,319544,00.html
24.Sep.2004 Gletscher schmelzen immer schneller Infolge der Erderwärmung gelangen immer größere Wassermengen aus Antarktisgletschern in die Ozeane. US-Forscher prophezeien deshalb einen raschen Anstieg des Meeresspiegels. Auch in China beobachten Wissenschaftler eine beschleunigte Gletscherschmelze. URL:,1518,319544,00.html
24.Sep.2004 Schwedische Studie: Selbstmordrisiko von Geburt an vorherbestimmt

24.Sep.2004 Unwetter: Monstersturm "Jeanne" bedroht Florida

24.Sep.2004 Herbstsaison: Gas- und Ölpreise auf Rekordkurs

24.Sep.2004 Namibia: Feuer frei aufs Nashorn

24.Sep.2004 Dopingforscher: "In zwei Jahren erwischen wir alle"

24.Sep.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Bush liegt sieben Punkte vor Kerry

24.Sep.2004 Knoppix online: Linux für Zaghafte

24.Sep.2004 Antarktis und China: Gletscher schmelzen immer schneller

24.Sep.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Konfrontation mit den politischen Outcasts"

24.Sep.2004 Haiti nach dem Sturm: "Es ist ein Alptraum"

24.Sep.2004 Umfrage: SPD und Grüne legen zu

24.Sep.2004 Schwarzarbeit - Fahnder feiern Schlag gegen Baustellen-Mafia- Berliner Fahnder haben eine bundesweit aktive kriminelle Gruppe zerschlagen, die in großem Stil Schwarzarbeit auf Baustellen organisiert haben soll. Über Strohmänner soll die von Italienern geführte Bande ein sich ständig änderndes Geflecht von Scheinfirmen unterhalten haben. URL:,1518,druck-319563,00.html

24.Sep.2004 "Forbes"-Liste der Superreichen: Google-Gründer sind die jüngsten Milliardäre

24.Sep.2004 Türkei: Deutsche Wirtschaft sieht EU-Beitritt positiv

24.Sep.2004 Kommunalwahl in NRW: Wie sich die DKP im Bottroper Rathaus hält

24.Sep.2004 Koalition für Brandenburg: SPD lotet Möglichkeiten mit der CDU aus

24.Sep.2004 Volkswirte optimistisch: "Der Aufschwung hat gerade erst begonnen"

24.Sep.2004 Förderpolitik: Ost-Länder verlangen mehr Geld

24.Sep.2004 Uno-Sicherheitsrat: Altkanzler Schmidt gegen ständigen deutschen Sitz

24.Sep.2004 Uno-Sicherheitsrat: Paris und London für ständigen deutschen Sitz

24.Sep.2004 Spanien rockt: Zapateros kunstvolle Verbündete

14.Sep.2004 Spanien rockt: Das Ende der 1000-jährigen Isolation,1518,317847,00.html
17.Sep.2004 Spanien rockt: Shoppen statt beten,1518,317966,00.html
24.Sep.2004 Die Enkel der Toscana-Fraktion treffen sich heute in Al Andalus. Das ist keine Szene-Bar, das ist der uralte Name, den die Araber einst ihren eroberten Gebieten auf der iberischen Halbinsel gaben.
In Córdoba etwa kündet jeder ziselierte, von Säulen getrage Bogen der Mezquita, der einstigen großen Moschee, dem Besucher von der Hochzeit der Künste + der Wissenschaften.

In Gránada lassen ihn die Gärten der Alhambra mit ihren märchenhaften Wasserspielen, den betörend duftenden Jasminsträuchern + Orangenbäumen heute noch eintauchen in die Geschichte, die hier Christen+Juden + Muslime gemeinsam gestalteten: Ein historisch einzigartiges Experiment der Toleranz.

Das ist ganz, ganz altes Europa - + gleichzeitig reine Avantgarde.URL:,1518,druck-318468,00.html

22.Sep.2004 -never have seen military service : the majority of hawks, the men who want YOU to go to war, rather than THEM resort to diplomacy -No one should be surprised that .

They managed to avoid the draft during the Vietnam conflict.

Vice President Dick Cheney boasts, "I was smart enough to get five deferments."

Bush Junior served in the National Guard, went AWOL for most of his enlistment + somehow avoided imprisonment.









-none of them served, + all of them are eager to draw blood in Iraq.

The notable exception is Powell, Colin the only Bushista to have credibility in the realm of tactics, strategy + diplomacy.

Unfortunately, Powell, Colin is in the same position Powell, Colin occupied during Bush Senior’s regime when Powell, Colin repeatedly covered up the Iran-Contra crimes.

Against what we hope must be Powell, Colin better judgment, Powell, Colin exercises the same function for Bush Junior.

22.Sep.2004 Bogus Bioport Study Promotes Anthrax Vaccine by KATHERINE HUTT SCOTT
Anthrax-Hatfill Scare: SAIC-Connected Inside Job? by PETE VELLIS
The Anthrax Timeline - Connect the Dots... by NICO HAUPT
The Bush-Bin Laden Anthrax-Vaccine Connection by IAN GURNEY
FBI Harasses Dr. Rosenberg, But Still Clueless by WILLIAM J BROAD
All-American Anthrax Scare - Made in the USA by BARBARA HATCH ROSENBERG
22.Sep.2004 You searched for alfa.

1. Erinnerung an Moskau: Das Desaster vom Musicaltheater Nord-Ost - Politik - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Das Geiseldrama in Beslan weckt die Erinnerung an das Unglück im Moskauer Musicaltheater Nord-Ost vor knapp zwei Jahren. Tschetschenische Terroristen hatten damals 58 Stunden lang 830 Menschen gefangen gehalten, um das Ende des Tschetschenien-Konflikts zu erpressen. Die Befreiungsaktion endete im Desaster.
".. Tatort. Sondertrupps der Miliz beginnen mit der Operation "Gewittersturm". Panzer rollen durch die Straßen Moskaus, sie sollen eine Flucht der Täter verhindern.

Die Spezialeinheit Alfa bezieht Stellung vor dem Gebäude, Scharfschützen gehen in Position. AP Musicaltheater Nord-Ost: 58 Stunden Schauplatz des Dramas Knapp drei Stunden nach der Besetzung, kurz nach .."
".. einzudringen und seine Tochter zu befreien. Die Kidnapper töten ihn. Um 2.19 Uhr am frühen Samstagmorgen fallen die ersten Schüsse - die Befreiungsaktion beginnt.

Die Spezialeinheiten Alfa + Witjas nutzen das Chaos beim Abtransport seiner Leiche, um in den Keller des Theaters einzudringen. Dort verschanzen sie sich + warten auf den weiteren Einsatzbefehl. Der kommt gegen halb .."

Halliburton Corporation's Brown and Root is one of the major components of THE BUSH-CHENEY DRUG EMPIRE

24.Oct.2000 - FTW Halliburton Corporation's Brown and Root is one of the major components of THE BUSH-CHENEY DRUG EMPIRE [Lead story in the October 24, 2000 issue of "From The Wilderness"] by Michael C. Ruppert © Copyright 2000, Michael C. Ruppert and "From The Wilderness" Publications, P.O. Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, 818-788-8791, . All Rights Reserved. - Permission to reprint for non-profit only is hereby granted as long as proper sourcing appears. For all other permissions contact

19.Sep.2004 02:12:13 Into the Dark
How can Rumsfeld, Donald H. be certain of more „terrorist attacks“ against USA American people?

Because these „attacks“ will be ordered of the USA Secretary of Defense himself.
01.Nov.2002 "
Moscow Times"- This column stands foursquare with the Honorable Rumsfeld, Donald H., USA Defense Secretary,

when Rumsfeld, Donald H. warns that there will be more terrorist attacks against the American people + civilization at large.

We know, as does the Honorable Rumsfeld, Donald H., USA Defense Secretary, that this statement is an incontrovertible fact, a matter of scientific certainty.

And how can we + the Honorable Rumsfeld, Donald H., USA Defense Secretary, be so sure that there will be more terrorist attacks against the American people + civilization at large?
Because these attacks will be instigated at the order of the Honorable Rumsfeld, Donald H., USA Defense Secretary.
This astonishing admission was buried deep in a story, which was itself submerged by mounds of gray newsprint + glossy underwear ads in 01.Nov.2002 last Sunday's Los Angeles Times.

There - in an article by military analyst Arkin, William detailing the vast expansion of the secret armies being massed by the former Nixon bureaucrat

01.Nov.2002.18.Sep.2004 -now lording it over the Pentagon -

came the revelation of Rumsfeld, Donald H. 's plan to create "a super-Intelligence Support Activity" that

01.Nov.2002 will "bring together CIA + military covert action + information warfare + intelligence + cover + deception."
According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld, Donald H. by his Defense Science Board, the new organization -

- the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group P2OG " -

01.Nov.2002 -will carry out secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups,

provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to "counterattack" by USA forces.
In other words - and let's say this plainly, clearly and soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of Rumsfeld's plan -

01.Nov.2002 -the USA government is planning to use "cover and deception" + secret military operations

to provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people.

Let's say it again: Donald Rumsfeld + Dick Cheney + George W. Bush + the other members of the unelected regime in Washington

plan to deliberately foment the murder of innocent people -

- your family, your friends, your lovers, you -- in order to further their geopolitical ambitions.

19.Sep.2004 Finanzielle Stabilität - Für Unternehmen ist + bleibt die Kommunikation die Basis jedes wirtschaftlichen Erfolgs.

Daher müssen Sie sich darauf verlassen können, dass Ihr Telekommunikationsanbieter über die Stabilität + Finanzkraft verfügt, Ihre Kommunikationsanforderungen heute + in Zukunft zu erfüllen. BT ist dieser Anbieter. URL: URL:

Erstklassige Partnerschaften -

"Wir BT arbeiten mit weltweit führenden Technologieunternehmen, darunter Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Oracle + Sun Microsystems zusammen."
BT gewährleistet weltweite Connectivity-Services durch die Kombination aus eigener Infrastruktur + bindenden Verträgen mit strategischen Partnern und Lieferanten.

BT wählt seine Partner im Hinblick auf ihre Fähigkeit aus, Lösungen nach Maß zu liefern, um den individuellen Anforderungen unserer Kunden an Reichweite, Funktionalitäten und Geschwindigkeit gerecht zu werden.

BT arbeitet mit Cisco Systems + Nortel Networks auf dem Gebiet der Netzwerke zusammen

Mit Microsoft + Oracle in Sachen e-Business

Mit Dell + EMC² für Storage-Lösungen

In Nordamerika arbeiten wir BT mit den Carriern AT&T & WorldCom + mit Universal Access & Verizon zusammen

In Südamerika kooperieren wir mit einer Reihe von national + international tätigen Unternehmen, wie Impsat Telecom Argentina + Entel + ALA + Alestra.

In Asien haben wir Partner in Japan, Singapur, China - einschließlich Hongkong + Australasien für gemanagte Datenverbindungen zwischen Einrichtungen von BT + Partnereinrichtungen vor Ort.
Outsourcing ist ein bewährtes Mittel, Einsparpotenziale aus-zuschöpfen + Betriebskosten zu senken.

Unternehmen ziehen sich auf ihre Kernkompetenz zurück + reduzieren somit die Komplexität ihrer Strukturen. So auch Halliburton Brown & Root.

Nachdem zunächst das Datennetz ausgelagert + BT anvertraut wurde, sollte auch das europäische Sprachnetz outgesourct werden.

Eine weitere Aufgabe, die BT Solutions gerne übernahm.

00.000.1919 Halliburton Brown & Root in Texas gegründet

1950 in den späten er Jahren ließ sich Halliburton Brown & Root in UK nieder.

Hier befand sich das Unternehmen näher am aufstrebenden Ölmarkt in der Nordsee und konnte seine Interessen direkt wahrnehmen.

Heute ist Halliburton Brown & Root nicht nur Marktführer in der Öl- + Erdgasbranche + unter den Top 5 der Rüstungsunternehmen in UK, sondern auch ein engagierter Geschäftspartner bei Infrastrukturprojekten des öffentlichen Sektors.

Halliburton Brown & Root zählt zu den größten Maschinenbau-unternehmen in UK + Kontinentaleuropa.

Halliburton Brown & Root beschäftigt mehr als 25.000 Mitarbeiter in über 30 europäischen + afrikanischen Ländern.

Halliburton Brown & Root betätigt sich in drei Geschäftsfeldern:

Mit "Energy Services" stellt Halliburton Brown & Root Kunden aus der Öl- + Erdgasindustrie Produkte + Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung.

Im Bereich "Engineering und Construction" bietet Halliburton Brown & Root ein breites Spektrum an Leistungen für Unternehmen aus der Petrochemie, Rüstungsindustrie + der zivilen Infrastruktur.

Das Angebot umfasst unter anderem Planung + Konstruktion sowie Projektmanagement + die Instandhaltung von Anlagen.

Die Halliburton Brown & Root Dresser Equipment Group schließlich stellt Geräte für die Energie verarbeitende + petrochemische Industrie her. URL:

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Kellogg, Brown and Root is an American company, a private military contractor and a subsidiary of Halliburton. Formerly known as Brown and Root , the company has had many contracts with the USA military during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as during the Vietnam War.

00.000.1919 Brown and Root founded in USA Texas in by brothers, Brown, George + Brown, Herman with money from their brother-in-law, Root, Dan.

00.000.1919 Brown and Root began its operations by supervising small road-paving projects, but grew to building enormously complex oil platforms + dams + USA Navy warships.

00.000.1929-00.000.19-- -during the Depression years- Brown and Root was to build a dam on the Texas Colorado River near Austin.-One of its first largescale projects, according to the book Cadillac Desert.

00.000.1929-00.000.19-- -during the Depression years- Brown and Root -For assistance in USA federal payments, turned to the local congressman, Johnson, Lyndon Baines .

00.000.1929-00.000.19-- -during the Depression years- Brown and Root had a well-documented relationship with Johnson, Lyndon Baines which began when he used his position as a Texas congressman to assist them in landing a lucrative dam contract.

00.000.1948 -In return Brown and Root gave Johnson, Lyndon Baines the funds to "steal" USA senate race from the popular Coke R. Stevenson.

00.000.1929-00.000.------for years- The relationship continued, with Johnson, Lyndon Baines funneling dozens of USA military construction contracts to Brown and Root .

00.Dec.1962 Brown & Root sold out to Halliburton -According to Dan Briody, who wrote a book on the subject,

00.Dec.1962 -became-Halliburton Brown & Root part of a consortium of four companies that

-during the Vietnam War Halliburton Brown & Root part of a consortium of four companies built about 85 % of the infrastructure needed by USA Army .

00.000.196-s-At the height of the war resistance movement Brown & Root was derided as "Burn & Loot" by protesters + soldiers.

00.Oct.2003 members of USA Congress Waxman, Henry -D-CA +

00.Oct.2003 members of USA Congress Dingell, John -D-MI demanded an investigation in the high prices that are asked for the oil that is sold in Iraq.

Halliburton Brown & Root was importing Kuwaiti oil for 23 eurocents a liter, which shouldn't have cost the USA government no more than 60 eurocents according to experts.

The USA was selling this oil for 3,400 eurocents a liter. URL:

18.Sep.2004 More than one journalist has uncovered corrupt connections between the Bush Family, psychiatry + Eli Lilly & Company, the giant pharmaceutical corporation.
While previous Lillygates have been more colorful, Lilly's soaking state Medicaid programs with Zyprexa, its blockbuster, antipsychotic drug may pack the greatest financial wallop.
01.Jan.2003-31.Dec.2003 Zyprexa grossed $ 4.28 billion worldwide, accounting for slightly more than one-third of Lilly's total sales.
01.Jan.2003-31.Dec.2003 Zyprexa grossed $ 2.63 billion, 70 % of that attributable to USA government agencies, mostly Medicaid.
Historically, the exposure of any single Lilly machination, though sometimes disrupting it, has not weakened the Bush-Psychiatry-Lilly relationship.

01.Jan.1993-31.Dec.2003 -In the last decade, some of the more widely reported Eli Lilly intrigues include:
*Influencing USA Homeland Security Act to protect itself from lawsuits + *Accessing confidential patient records for a Prozac sample mailing + Rigging the Wesbecker Prozac-violence trial
A sample of those who have been on the Eli Lilly payroll includes: ##
Former USA President Bush [BGHW948] (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors) + Bush [BGW968] +Former CEO of Enron, Ken Lay (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors) +#
18.Sep.2004 URL:
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11.Sep.2001 Timeline Was it Allowed to Happen ?
11.Sep.2001 Timeline -Summary of- Developed by Thompson, Paul
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01.Jan.1960-31.Dec.1969 -s in the early- USA s top military leaders drafted plans to kill innocent people +

01.Jan.1960-31.Dec.1969 -s in the early- USA s top military leaders drafted plans to commit acts of terrorism in USA cities to trick the public into supporting a war against Cuba.

01.Jan.1960-31.Dec.1969 -s in the early- USA s top military leaders drafted plan Operation Northwoods approved in writing by USA Pentagon Joint Chiefs, even proposed blowing up a USA ship + hijacking planes as a false pretext for war. [ABC, 01.May 2001 ]

00.000.1996-11.Sep.2001 -for years before- USA Federal authorities were aware that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden were receiving flight training at schools in the USA + abroad.

00.000.1996-11.Sep.2001 -for years before- One convicted terrorist confessed that his planned role in a terror attack was to crash a plane into CIA headquarters. [Washington Post, 9/23.2001 ]
00.Aug.1998 USA CIA intelligence reports that Arab terrorists are planning to fly a bomb-laden aircraft into the WTC World Trade Center. [
New York Times, 9/19.2002 ] , Senate Intelligence Committee (Witness Hill), 9/18.2002 ] ]
1998-2000 On three occasions, spies in Afghanistan report bin Laden's location. Each time, the president approves an attack.

Each time, the CIA Director says the attack can’t go forward. [ New York Times, 12/30.2001 ]

2000–2001 The military conducts exercises simulating hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets causing mass casualties. One target is the WTC. Another is USA Pentagon. Yet after 11.Sep.2001 , over and over the White House and security officials say they’re shocked that terrorists hijacked airliners and crashed them into landmark buildings. [ USA Today, 4/19/04 ] [ Military District of Washington, 11/3/00 ] [ New York Times, 10/3.2001 ]

2000-2001 15 of the 19 hijackers fail to fill in visa documents properly in Saudi Arabia. Only six are interviewed. All 15 should have been denied entry to the US. [ Washington Post, 10/22.2002 ] , ABC, 10/23.2002 ] ] Two t op senators say that if State Department personnel had merely followed the law, 11.Sep.2001 would not have happened. [ AP, 12/18.2002 ] ]

00.Jan.2001 After the Nov 2000 elections, US intelligence agencies are told to “back off” investigating the bin Ladens + Saudi royals.

There have always been constraints on investigating Saudi Arabians.[ BBC, 11/6.2001 ]
Spring 2001 US government documents legitimize military force in the pursuit of oil. One advocates presidential subterfuge and hiding the reasons for warfare “as a necessity for mobilizing public support.” [
Sydney Morning Herald, 12/26.2002 ] ] Another advocates war with Iraq to control its oil. [ Sunday Herald, 10/5.2002 ] ]
00.May 2001 : For the third time, US security chiefs reject Sudan’s offer of thick files on bin Laden and al-Qaeda. A senior CIA source calls it “the worst single intelligence failure in the business.” [
Guardian, 9/30.2001 ]
00.Jun.2001 : German intelligence warns the CIA that Middle Eastern terrorists are training for hijackings and targeting American interests. During the summer, Russian President Vladimir Putin also alerts the US of suicide pilots training for attacks on US targets. [
Fox News, 5/17.2002 ] ]
04.Jul.2001-14.Jul.2001 Bin Laden may have received kidney treatment from Canadian-trained Dr. Callaway at the American Hospital in Dubai. Dr. Callaway is unavailable for comment.

During his stay, bin Laden is alleged to have been visited by one or two CIA agents. [ UPI, 11/1/01 , London Times 11/1/01 , Guardian, 11/1.2001 ]
26.Jul.2001 Attorney General Ashcroft stops flying commercial airlines due to a threat assessment. [
CBS, 7/26.2001 ]

00.May 2002 Ashcroft walks out of his office rather than answer questions about it. [ AP, 5/16.2002 ]
06.Aug.2001 President Bush receives an intelligence briefing warning that bin Laden might be planning to hijack commercial airliners. Titled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US,” the briefing specifically mentions the WTC.

Yet Bush later claims it “said nothing about an attack on America.” [ Washington Post, 4/11/04 , Briefing, 8/6.2001 ]
08.Aug.2001-23.Aug.2001 : Israeli Mossad agents go to Washington and warn the FBI and CIA that up to 200 terrorists have slipped into the US and are planning a major assault there. [
Los Angeles Times, 9/20.2001 ]

The Mossad gives the CIA a list of terrorists. Four of the names are 11.Sep.2001 hijackers; one is lead hijacker Mohamed Atta. [ BBC, 10/2.2002 ] ]
27.Aug.2001 An FBI supervisor says he’s trying to keep a hijacker from “flying a plane into the WTC.” [
Senate Report (Hill #2), 10/17.2002 ] ] Headquarters chastises him for notifying the CIA. [ Time, 5/21.2002 ] ]

The FBI Director later states, "There was nothing the agency could have done to prevent the attacks." [ Senate (Breitweiser), 9/18.2002 ] ]
10.Sep.2001 “Newsweek has learned a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns." [
Newsweek, 9/24/01 , fifth to the last paragraph]
11.Sep.2001 Data recovery experts extract data from 32 damaged WTC computer drives. The data reveals a surge in financial transactions shortly before the attacks.

11.Sep.2001 -immediately before + during the disaster- Illegal transfers of over $ 100 million may have been made through some WTC computer systems. [ Reuters, 12/18.2001 ]
11.Sep.2001 Described as a bizarre coincidence, a US intelligence agency was all set for an exercise on Sept 11th at 9 AM in which an aircraft would crash into one of its buildings near Washington, DC. [
AP, 8/22.2002 ] ]
11.Sep.2001 Warren Buffett, the second richest man on Earth [
BBC, 6/22.2001 ] , schedules an event at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.A group of business leaders attend, including at least one who would otherwise have died in the WTC. [ SF Business Times, 2/1.2002 ] ] President Bush flies to this same base that day. [CNN, 9/12.2001 ]
11.Sep.2001 Hours after the attacks, a "shadow government" is formed. Key congressional leaders say they didn’t know this government-in-waiting had been established. [
CBS, 3/2.2002 ] , Washington Post, 3/2.2002 ] ]
13.Sep.2001-19.Sep.2001 Bin Laden's family is taken under FBI supervision to a secret assembly point.

They leave the country by private plane when airports reopen days after the attacks. [ NY Times, 9/30.2001 ] [ Boston Globe, 9/20.2001 ]
15.Sep.2001-16.Sep.2001 Several of the 11.Sep.2001 hijackers, including lead hijacker Mohamed Atta, may have had training at secure US military installations. [
Newsweek, 9/15/01 , Washington Post, 9/16/01 , New York Times, 9/15.2001 ]
00.Dec.2001-00.Feb.2002 The US engineers the rise to power of two former Unocal Oil employees: Hamid Karzai, the interim president of Afghanistan + Zalmay Khalizad, the US envoy.

The big American bases created in the Afghan war are completely identical to the route of the projected oil pipeline. [ Chicago Tribune, 3/18.2002 ] ]
13.Mar.2002 President Bush on bin Laden: “I truly am not that concerned about him.” [
White House, 3/13.2002 ] ] Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Myers: "The goal has never been to get bin Laden." [ DOD/CNN, 4/6.2002 ] ]
17.May 2002 Dan Rather says that he and other journalists haven't been properly investigating since 11.Sep.2001 . He graphically describes the pressures to conform that built up after the attacks. [
Guardian, 5/17.2002 ]
23.May 2002 President Bush says he is opposed to establishing an independent commission to probe 11.Sep.2001 . [
CBS, 5/23.2002 ] ] Vice President Cheney earlier opposed any public hearings on 11.Sep.2001 . [ Newsweek, 2/4.2002 ] ]
30.May 2002 FBI Agent Wright formally accuses the FBI of deliberately curtailing investigations that might have prevented 11.Sep.2001 . He is threatened with retribution if he talks to Congress about this. [
Fox News, 5/30.2002 ] ]
05.Oct.2002 Congressional investigators say the FBI attempted to block their 11.Sep.2001 inquiry. The Justice Department also fought congressional requests, while the CIA has been antagonistic. [
New York Times, 10/5.2002 ] ]
27.Oct.2002 USA Defense chief Rumsfeld’s board recommends the creation of a super-intelligence body that would launch secret operations to “stimulate reactions” among terrorists + states owning weapons of mass destruction.

It would prod terrorists into action to force “quick-response” attacks by the USA. [ LA Times 10/27.2002 ] ]

11.Sep.2001 For a fact-filled 10-page summary of the timeline,

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