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22.Jul.2006 Illegale Migranten: Fast 250 illegale Einwanderer auf Kanarischen Inseln gelandet
22.Jul.2006 Eskalation im Libanon: "Montag geht es los"
22.Jul.2006 Unfalltod von Lady Di: Zuständiger Richter gibt Fall ab
22.Jul.2006 Libanon- Offensive: USA forcieren Waffenlieferungen an Israel
22.Jul.2006 Islam: Zeichen für einen Wechsel
22.Jul.2006 Vogelgrippe: China und Bulgarien melden neue Fälle
Heute in den Feuilletons: "An Wasser wurde gespart. An Menschen nicht."

22.Jul.2006 Israels Kriegsplanung: "Wir kämpfen bis zum Ende"
22.Jul.2006 Hilfsaktion: Äthiopische Truppen dringen auf somalisches Gebiet vor
22.Jul.2006 Arbeitsmarkt- Studie: Ältere am Arbeitsmarkt sehr gefragt
Minister condemns Israeli action Foreign Office minister Kim Howells criticises Israel's bombardment of Lebanon, while on a visit to Beirut.
22.Jul.2006 128. Judd  Number of embryos that have been “adopted” out of 400,000 that are stored in fertility clinics, according to Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA).

President Bush vetoed a bill last week that would have expanded federal funding for stem cell research using embryos that would otherwise be discarded. (HT: Atrios)
22.Jul.2006 Bolton: My Support ‘Would Probably Be The Kiss of Death’ For Next U.N. Head Nico 

The White House released a fact sheet yesterday entitled, “Setting the Record Straight: President Bush’s Foreign Policy Is Succeeding.”

The sheet declares not once but four times that the administration “is rallying the world behind its policy,” and claims that “a consensus is building behind the President’s foreign policy approach.”

Actually, U.S. standing in the world has plummeted under the Bush administration, as John Bolton tacitly admitted yesterday.

Asked who he would choose as Kofi Annan’s successor at the UN, Bolton acknowledged, “If I told you who I thought we thought the best candidate would be, it would probably be the kiss of death for that person.” Watch it:

As Jeffrey Laurenti writes in a new piece for Mother Jones:

It is fair to say that no one has done more to isolate the USA in world councils than Mr. Bolton, who has virtually alone opposed, time + again, the path-breaking reform initiatives that have passed the U.N. since he arrived. Full transcript:
NASA quietly had its mission statement changed Payson  last February by the White House, who deleted the phrase “to understand and protect our home planet.” NASA scientists were surprised to learn of the change. “Without it, these scientists say, there will be far less incentive to pursue projects to improve understanding of terrestrial problems like climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.”
22.Jul.2006 The Bolton blitz begins. Admin  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced today it will hold fresh hearings on the nomination of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who failed to be confirmed by the Senate last year. The hearings are set for next Thursday + the White House has scheduled Bolton on multiple Sunday morning news shows this weekend.
22.Jul.2006 Fanatical Zionist On Display Atlas Shrugs: GILLERMAN ON O'REILLY
22.Jul.2006 Bush himself admitted to violating the law Who Will Prosecute Bush for a Double Felony? | BuzzFlash
22.Jul.2006 Newsmax Insanity Strikes Again 'Fire 9/11 Conspiracy Prof.': Wisc. Lawmakers
22.Jul.2006 Soldiers in Murder Case Claim They Were Ordered to 'Kill All Military Age ABC News: Soldiers Say Ordered to Kill Young Men
22.Jul.2006 Spanish intercept migrant boats Spain says it has intercepted boats taking almost 250 presumed African migrants to the Canary Islands.
22.Jul.2006 Tsunami death toll rises to 650 More bodies are found after Monday's tsunami on the Indonesian island of Java taking the death toll to 650.
22.Jul.2006 Indians arrive home from Lebanon Indians escaping an Israeli military offensive in Lebanon return home after being evacuated.
22.Jul.2006 Warming Pacific Hurts Food Chain A scarcity of krill in warmer waters near Pacific seabird breeding grounds means some species won't have enough food for chicks. Scientists expect severe population declines, which will mean other species up the food chain will go hungry.
22.Jul.2006 Anna Konda, the Robotic Firefighter ScuttleMonkey 68 Roland Piquepaille writes

"In fact, Anna Konda is a robotic fire hose moving like a snake. This robot, which has been developed in Norway by SINTEF, is 3 m long and weighs 70 kg.

The snake contains 20 water hydraulic motors that move the robotic joints. And the energy needed to power these motors comes from water pressurized to 100 bars and already available inside the fire hose.

This gives enough energy to this water-powered robot to climb up stairs, to lift a car up off the ground or even break through a wall. Very clever design!

The designers think that this robot could not only replace humans to fight fires when it's too dangerous for them, but could also be used for subsea operations or explosion prevention.

An additional overview contains more details and pictures of this snake robot."
A Preview of Election 08 - Podcasting Politicians Zonk 121 Video Blogger writes

"The LA Times predicts that the 2008 election will feature the rise of Podcasting Politicians, as strategists from both parties try to ride the latest trends to secure a victory 00.000.2008.

'You'll not only be able to text people with messages, you'll be able to raise money, deliver video, audio, create viral organizing -- where one person sees something really interesting and it gets passed on and on,' says Donnie Fowler, a Democratic strategist."
Überraschung bei den brasilianischen Präsidentschaftswahlen? sfux Karl Weiss -

Soeben ist die letzte Wählerumfrage des angesehenen brasilianischen Instituts ?DataFolha? zur Präsidentenwahl im Oktober herausgekommen.

Lula liegt demnach bei 44%, der Gegenkandidat der konservativen (noch konservativeren) Opposition Alckmin bei 28% und die Senatorin Heloísa Helena bei 10%.
Kein anderer Kandidat kommt auf mehr als 1%. Dazu kommen mit 7% jene, die nicht wählen bzw. einen ?weißen? oder ungültigen Wahlzettel abgeben wollen....

Politisches Ziel: Sex mit Kindern sfux Harald Haack ?

Soziologisch gilt Sex mit Kindern als typisches Zeichen für den Verfall und bevorstehenden Tod einer Gesellschaft. Offenbar war sich ein niederländisches Gericht dessen nicht bewusst, denn es unterstützt mit seiner Entscheidung eine im Mai gegründete Partei, deren Ziel es ist, die Altersgrenze für straffreien Sex mit Minderjährigen von derzeit 16 auf 12 Jahren zu senken. Das...
Israelis and Lebanese talking — on the net. Nico 

Sites like On the Face are bringing ordinary citizens together even as violence continues. “We have tons of things in common. We come from two of the most liberal, educated countries in the Middle East. Many of us received a western education. We have talked, wrote + dreamed about open borders between our countries.”
22.Jul.2006 Snow: ‘Nobody Has Been More Diplomatically Active Than We Have’ On The Middle East Peace Process Amanda 

This morning on the Today Show, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow argued that “nobody has been more diplomatically active than we have” in the Middle East, citing all the phone calls White House officials have made in recent days: Watch it:

Real diplomacy requires more than just phone calls. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger famously went to the region and used “shuttle diplomacy” — meeting repeatedly with each party — to negotiate “disengagement agreements between Israel, Syria + Egypt” following the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Similarly, 00.000.1996, Secretary of State Warren Christopher spent “seven days shuttling between Damascus and Jerusalem” and successfully negotiated a “truce between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas.” President Bill Clinton visited Israel in the midst of the 1996 terrorist attacks by Hamas to show U.S. support.

In contrast, the Bush administration has taken a “hands off approach,” and has derided diplomatic efforts as “naive and ineffectual.” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will finally visit the region next week, but has rejected calls to press for a cease-fire.

Full transcript below:
Afghanistan is “close to anarchy,” Amanda  warns Lieutenant General David Richards, head of Nato’s international security force in Afghanistan.
22.Jul.2006 Right-Wing Attacks American Evacuees: ‘Ingrates,’ ‘Whining,’ ‘Spoiled-Rotten Little Children’ Think Progress 

The Bush administration’s evacuation of Americans in Lebanon has been disorganized and lagged behind the efforts of other countries.

As of yesterday, only a few thousand had been able to evacuate + they departed “two days after the first Europeans left on ships.” Denmark, for example, “evacuated more than 4,000 of its citizens” by Thursday.

Conservatives have reacted to this incompetence by attacking the evacuees:

Rush Limbaugh, 7/19:

Even in the eyes of our ingrate, spoiled-rotten little children, brat-type ingrate citizens in Beirut , it’s our fault. (Crying.) “ It’s a war zone. It’s a war! How do I get out? (crying) We’re having to shield ourselves from the sun in cardboard.” (sobbing) That’s embarrassing.

Fox anchor Neil Cavuto, 7/20:

The media is playing up a lot of whining, complaining Americans in this country who said there’s been no warning, no communication. columnist Mike Gallagher, 7/21:

Amazingly, we’re not even going to charge these ungrateful evacuees for the free trip home. … Their sense of outrage and entitlement is slowly but surely becoming the American way. And it’s positively disgusting .

Fox anchor Steve Doocy, 7/19:

Shockingly, after they’ve been plucked out of Beirut, a lot of them are whining and complaining that, you know what, I had to sleep on the concrete and they didn’t have any food for me to eat .

Watch Fox & Friends (a Fox correspondent in Cyprus disputes Doocy’s account, describing the evacuation conditions as “really chaotic”):
22.Jul.2006 Bush Refuses To Estimate Future Costs of Iraq War, Violating Federal Law Think Progress 
Congress passed a law requiring the Bush administration to estimate the future costs of the war in Iraq.
Here’s an excerpt:

The President shall provide to the Congress a report detailing the estimated costs over the period from fiscal year 2006 to 2011 of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom , or any related military operations in + around Iraq + Afghanistan + the estimated costs of reconstruction, internal security + related economic support to Iraq and Afghanistan… the report referenced above shall be submitted no later than 01.Jan.2005.

There is an exemption if the administration certifies that estimates “cannot be provided for purposes of national security.” But the President hasn’t done that. From Bloomberg:

Instead of a presidential waiver, Joshua Bolton, director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote congressional leaders in May 2005 that the Pentagon couldn’t compile the estimates because “ there are too many variables to predict accurately.'’

Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) isn’t happy:

The Bush administration hasn’t followed a 2005 law requiring the Pentagon to estimate the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan military operations through 2011, a Republican lawmaker said today.

“ The administration does not appear to have compiled with a statutory requirement to provide Congress with a report ,” wrote Representative Christopher Shays in a letter to the chairmen of the House and Senate armed services and appropriations committees.

Shays has good reason to be concerned about mounting costs. Total appropriations for Iraq by Congress will soon exceed $400 billion.
22.Jul.2006 Fox News host Julie Banderas Nico rhetorically asked viewers yesterday “to ‘guess which television’ outlet Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah had recently appeared on + then stated: ‘No, not The New York Times, but Al Jazeera television, broadcasting this terrorist on TV.’” Oh + also Fox:
22.Jul.2006 Sen. Inhofe: ‘Gore Is Full of Crap,’ ‘All Recent Science…Confirms This Thing Is A Hoax’ Judd 
Yesterday, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) attacked Al Gore and global warming science, claiming that Gore was “full of crap” on global warming.

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show and CNN television program, Inhofe said that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which concluded that global warming was real and caused by humans, used “one scientist.” Inhofe added: “[A]ll of the recent science…it confirms that I was right on this thing. This thing is a hoax.” Watch it:
22.Jul.2006 Reid: ‘There is a civil war going on in Iraq.’ Nico 

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said yesterday he has been “somewhat gingerly approaching this… No longer. There is a civil war going on in Iraq.

In the last two months, more than 6,000 Iraqis have been killed…and we need to make sure there is a debate on this.” Senate conservatives “questioned why Reid wants to go over old ground.”
22.Jul.2006 Bush and Merkel, united against stem cell research. Nico 
Germany’s conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel may not have appreciated President Bush’s
awkward “massage” last week, but she does agree with his stance on stem cells.

Germany yesterday “pressed its EU partners to ban European funding for embryonic stem-cell research, a day after President George W. Bush vetoed a bill that would have expanded such work in the USA.”
21.Jul.2006 July 21, 2006 Think Progress 
A short exchange between President Bush and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond that referenced some individuals in the crowd yesterday who were heckling the president was removed from the official White House transcript . The White House
described the disruption as “applause.”

Top NASA scientist James Hansen explained why he did not attend a recent House committee hearing on global warming .

“I would get out of my sickbed to testify to Congress on global warming, if they were ready to deal responsibly with the matter,” Hansen wrote.

“But obviously they are still in denial, inviting contrarians to ‘balance’ the science of global warming.”

A federal judge did not buy the administration’s argument that a lawsuit challenging the NSA domestic wiretapping program would endanger national security.

The ruling yesterday marked “the first time a judge has ruled on the government’s claim of a ‘state secrets privilege.’”

Scientists say earth is losing species “faster than at any time since 65 million years ago” as a result of human activity .

Senior CIA officials pushing to produce a new National Intelligence Estimate for Iraq, in part to answer questions over whether a civil war has begun , “have been stonewalled” by intel czar John Negroponte, “who knows that any honest take on the situation would produce an NIE even more pessimistic than the 2004 version.”

Redefining “quiet.” “Thursday was one of the quietest days in one of the year’s bloodiest weeks, with no single reported attack in Iraq claiming more than 13 lives.”

Police squads “looking for the corpses that are found most mornings on the city’s streets” did locate 38 bodies, most shot in the head.

$591 million: Halliburton’s second-quarter profit, a 51 % increase over the same period last year.

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and his relatives have claimed millions of dollars in tax deductions through a type of charitable foundation they created.

The foundation has, until recently, paid out very little in actual charity but instead invested or lent to the family’s business interests and real estate holdings.

Colorado State Rep. Jim Welker (R), criticized for forwarding around an article titled “‘Black Culture’ Blamed For Hurricane Katrina Woes,” defended himself by claiming, “ Some of my good friends are different colors .” Welker also recently had to apologize for forwarding a racially charged essay that said Hurricane Katrina victims were “welfare pampered” and “immoral.”

And finally: House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) reveals all to Capitol Hills interns. “Boehner explained to the young ’uns that he thought he’d never get elected because people couldn’t pronounce his name.

They thought of everything, he said, except the way it’s really pronounced, which is BAY-ner, including… ‘Boner.’”
Katrina victims “not allowed” to talk to media, reporter told FEMA a Disaster for Freedom of the Press
22.Jul.2006 America’s War on Terrorism, ‘Al-Qaeda is a U.S.-sponsored Intelligence Asset used to Justify War in the Middle East: Interview with Michel Chossudovsky The Use of 9/11 as a Pretext to Wage War :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch
22.Jul.2006 Alex Jones panel on C-SPAN By reprehensor DHS sent us this note;
"Apparently, according to Alex Jones today, the roundtable discussion from the LA Conference will be shown on "American Perspectives" on Wednesday at 8PM, on CSPAN.
That would be 26.Jul.2006 "
Please bear in mind that C-SPAN is notorious for moving things around at the last minute! As current events crop up, they adjust programming to accomodate live feeds.

Last year they moved McKinney's Congressional Hearing to C-SPAN2 at the last minute due to Hurricane Katrina, (but they did play the entire session), so watch the schedule + let us know if anything changes.
22.Jul.2006 Views on torture and the Geneva Conventions Top-Secret World Loses Blogger
22.Jul.2006 Man Dies After Fall From London Citigroup Building, Police Say U.K.
22.Jul.2006 Samuel Danner, Pentagon eyewitness, speaks out By Total

Samuel Danner saw an aircraft apparently crash into the Pentagon on 9/11 and went to the scene to offer his help as a trained emergency medical technician.

Five years later, with his children now grown and himself facing a life-or-death battle with lymphoma, he has decided to speak out.

Sam Danner (red arrow), was one of the people who helped pick up scraps. The white arrow points to a
Israel's military targets "have no conceivable relationship to Hizbullah."
22.Jul.2006 Cadbury's 'linked' to salmonella Cadbury's confectionary is the most likely source of an outbreak of salmonella poisoning, says the Health Protection Agency.
22.Jul.2006 Blogging From the Belly of Beirut As the Israeli-Lebanese conflict boils over, moderates on both sides seek understanding and reconciliation -- and they're finding each other online. By Cyrus Farivar.
22.Jul.2006 Judge: NSA Case Can Proceed In a landmark ruling, a judge rejects the Bush administration's argument that a suit against AT&T must be blocked on national security grounds. Now the EFF can press its lawsuit, accusing the telecom of helping the NSA illegally spy on internet customers. By Ryan Singel.
22.Jul.2006 Möglicherweise Kriegsverbrechen sfux SDA -

Bei den Auseinandersetzungen im Nahen Osten sind nach Auffassung der Uno möglicherweise Kriegsverbrechen verübt worden.

Menschenrechtskommissarin Louise Arbour verurteilte die Tötung von Zivilisten in Libanon, Israel und den palästinensischen Gebieten.
Besonders durch das Ausmass und die Vorhersagbarkeit der Tötung und Verletzung von Zivilisten im Libanon, Israel + den Palästinensergebieten könnte der Tatbestand der Kriegsverbrechen erfüllt sein,...

Können die USA bankrott gehen? sfux Karl Weiss - ?

Die USA könnten bankrott gehen?: Diese klare Aussage, wenn auch im Konjunktiv, hat laut einer Meldung des britischen ?Telegraph?, der keinerlei Panikmache verdächtig ist, ein Professor Kotlikoff von der

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis gemacht, eine der führenden Institutionen der US Federal Reserve, der US-Zentralbank.
Der Professor bezieht sich dabei auf eine Reihe von Fakten:

Sanktionen für Nord-Korea: Nichts als Show sfux Karl Weiss -

Von allen Medien wurde unkommentiert die Meldung gebracht, daß der Sicherheitsrat der UN wegen der Raketen-Tests Sanktionen gegen Nord-Korea beschlossen hätte.

In einer Kolumne der Herausgeber der ?New York Times? wird dies als ?Show? bezeichnet.
Es wird betont, daß die genannten Sanktionen überhaupt keine Wirkung haben, da entsprechendes auf Betreiben der USA sowieso bereits seit einiger Zeit praktiziert wird. Nord-Korea wird...

An Inconvenient Truth and An Intolerable Summer Payson 
Greenhouse gas emissions have not only heated the earth to its
hottest temperature in millennia; they have also made heat waves more intense.

The journal Nature said 00.000.2004 that “severe heat waves are now four times as likely to occur because of increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.”

A roundup of news coverage from this week’s heat wave in the U.S. and Europe gives a sense of what we can expect in the future:

Nevada: “Reno set a record for heat Sunday, breaking an 81-year-old record, according to the National Weather Service.”

Czech Republic: “The temperature in Prague climbed up to 34.3 degrees centigrade today and beat the 141 year old record of the day by 0.6 degrees.”

South Dakota: “Saturday’s statewide high temperature that unofficially tied a South Dakota record set 70 years earlier is likely to stand, a National Weather Service employee says.”

Britain: “Britain sweltered on the hottest July day for nearly a century as the current heatwave reached its peak.”

California: “Indio (122 degrees), Palm Springs (118), Riverside (108), Sun City-Perris (108), San Bernardino (107), Temecula (106) + Moreno Valley (104) all set record highs Saturday, according to the National Weather Service and records kept by The Press-Enterprise.”

Arkansas: “Another scorcher today after record temperatures were set in some Arkansas cities yesterday. Monticello reached 109 degrees Wednesday + in Little Rock a record of 104 degrees for the date was set.”

New Hampshire: “It reached 95 degrees in Manchester. That beats the previous high for the date of 93 degrees. The old record was set 00.000.1968.”

New York and Connecticut:

“Dangerous heat settled over the Central Plains + Northeast for another day Tuesday, producing record high temperatures in New York and Connecticut, said Dennis Feltgen, a spokesman for the National Weather Service.”

North Dakota: “In Bismarck, the temperature broke a record and Dickinson tied a record.”

Kansas: “…a day that saw a record high temperature of 109 for Wichita, topping by 2 degrees the mark set during the legendary heat wave of 1980.”

Germany: “Germany’s national meteorological service said July was on the way to being the hottest since records began in many parts of the country.”
22.Jul.2006 Tony Snow on Minorities In The White House: ‘Every Group Raise Your Hand, We Want You’ Judd 
The National Journal reports that, among the top 20 White House staffers, “
there are no African-Americans or Asians…and only one Hispanic.”

Today, following President Bush’s speech to the NAACP, a reporter asked Press Secretary Tony Snow about the lack of diversity in the White House.

Snow reponded “You can come aboard and do personnel. You want it?.” Then Snow snapped saracstically, “Let me leave no one behind. Just, every group, raise your hand, we want you.”

Full transcript:

QUESTION: If he is proud of the diversity in his Cabinet, wouldn’t you expect him to improve diversity amongst the White House staff?

SNOW: What the president does is he looks for the best available people.

QUESTION: And they’re all white?

SNOW: I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?

You can come aboard and do personnel. You want it?

QUESTION: I’m asking a question.

SNOW: I know you are, but it’s an argumentative question that also applied to other previous administrations. Would we like more blacks and Hispanics on? Yes, sure.

QUESTION: And Asians?

SNOW: Asians, too, yes, thank you. Let me leave no one behind. Just, every group, raise your hand, we want you.
Snow Falsely Claims Racial Income Gap Is ‘Not Widening Anymore’ Amanda 
Today White House Press Secretary Tony Snow claimed President Bush had closed the income gap between races:

QUESTION: After the speech, people said that the president said what he needed to say about the Voting Rights Act + they were very appreciative of that, but that the speech fell flat when he spoke about education, jobs and other issues.

And they felt very passionately that on jobs, housing, education, affirmative action, the administration has not put forth policies that have improved their lives.

How do you respond to that?

SNOW: Well, two things.

First, you take a look at the economic data. And you have seen growing — I guess I could put it this way — income equality has a better record in this administration than in previous.

There was this widening gap. It’s not widening anymore.

But a look at U.S. Census data (Table 647) shows that not only is the income gap still widening, but African-Americans are faring worse under Bush than they were under President Clinton.

The chart below shows that, under Clinton, the racial income gap was closing because the average median household income of African-Americans grew faster than that of whites.

Under Bush, the opposite has been true:
White House’s doctoring of climate reports Faiz will be investigated by the House Government Reform Committee.

Chairman Tom Davis (R-VA) + Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) announced today that that they will launch a bipartisan inquiry into allegations that White House officials, including former adviser Philip Cooney, edited climate reports to play down the potential threat of global warming.
22.Jul.2006 Charles Barkley Abandons Conservatism: ‘The Word Conservative Means Discriminatory’ Nico 
Former Vice President Dan Quayle
walked out of a John Mellencamp concert this weekend after the singer dedicated a song to “all the poor people who’ve been ignored by the current administration.”

Suprisingly, long-time conservative and NBA star Charles Barkley, who for years has suggested he may run for Alabama governor as a Republican, took Mellencamp’s side:

“He’s right,” Charles Barkley said of Mellencamp. “ The word conservative means discriminatory practically.

It’s a form of political discrimination. [Conservatives are] against gay marriage and for a war that makes no sense.

A war that was based on faulty intelligence. That’s all they ever talk about. That and immigration. Another discriminatory argument for political gain. “

Barkley’s shift against conservatism may also have something to do with his interest in poverty. “My No. 1 priority is to help poor people,” Barkley has said.

“In this country, 90% of the money is controlled by 10% of the people + that’s not right.”

Tony Snow is quoted in today’s Washington Post: “Does [President Bush] often talk about poverty? No.”
22.Jul.2006 Israel hints at ‘full-scale invasion.’ Nico 
Israel today “
hinted at a full-scale invasion” of Lebanon, warning residents “to flee a nearly 20-mile swath of south Lebanon along the border.

Its warplanes also launched new airstrikes on Beirut’s southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold.”

Meanwhile, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the Security Council that “hostilities must stop” between Israel and Hezbollah + condemned Israel’s “excessive use of force” in Lebanon.
22.Jul.2006 U.S. military reports 40 % spike in Baghdad attacks. Nico 
“U.S. spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said there has been
an average of 34 attacks a day against U.S. and Iraqi forces in the capital over the past five days. The daily average for the period June 14 until July 13 was 24 a day, he said.

22.Jul.2006 Linda Ellman This looks like great 9/11 Untruth......9/11 documentary director wants truth to prevail - Yahoo! News
22.Jul.2006 "No More Infrastructure to Destroy" Informed Comment
22.Jul.2006 'My Personal 9/11 "Smoking Guns"' Humint Events Online: My Personal 9/11 "Smoking Guns"
22.Jul.2006 BOB HERBERT still doesn't have a clue about what happened on 9/11 Fountainhead: Leading to Low Ground
22.Jul.2006 In Israel's actions today we can detect many of the elements of hubris A protracted colonial war Fountainhead: A protracted colonial war
22.Jul.2006 Joe Lieberman’s appropriation of the Rovian politics Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Joe Lieberman: Running Against Himself

Now it turns out that Lieberman was playing Mark Davis for a fool + he himself holds Halliburton stock. It is the third largest holding, in fact, in his "Victory Fund" mutual fund (PDF of Lieberman’s 2005 Personal Finance Disclosure Statement, p. 7, line 7). technorati tags:Lieberman, Scum, Halliburton
22.Jul.2006 “I’m just sick in the stomach, to put it mildly,” The American Thinker technorati tags:AIPAC, Israeli_Lobby
22.Jul.2006 WTC Forensic Opportunity Engineers seek what's left of WTC facade - Yahoo! News

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the trade center and carted thousands of tons of trade center steel to an airport hangar for storage + cataloguing, recently hired a structural engineering firm to determine what's left of the widely photographed facade. technorati tags:WTC, 9/11, Truth
22.Jul.2006 The Coca-Cola company has severely polluted the groundwater. OneWorld South Asia Home / News / News:Today's Headlines - Indian report confirms water pollution by Coca-Cola
22.Jul.2006 Leo Strauss, Authoritarian (Leiter)

The letter by Strauss translated here is certainly revealing, though the comments section is, alas, quickly overun by zombies from the Strauss Cult reciting their mantras against the real scholars and philosophers.

From the latter group, Tad Brennan (Northwestern) gets the prize for the single, best comment, which captures both Strauss and the cult rather well:
22.Jul.2006 RadioActive sanDiego (9/11 Persuasion Psychology) 9/11 Truth Persuasion Psychology : Indymedia Radio
22.Jul.2006 Media Targeted by Israel? Al-Jazeera technician 'shot in West Bank'Ben Dowell

19.Jul.2006 An al-Jazeera technican was shot by the Israeli military today during the filming of a live report, the Arabic satellite broadcaster has claimed.Al-Jaz... Media targetted by Israeli military in Gaza | Newfoundnews

Press Release technorati tags:Scholars_for_9/11_Truth, Fetzer, Foxnews, O'Reilly, Death

YITZHAK LAOR, LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS, 2004 - The real struggle in Israeli society today is not between doves and hawks, but between the majority who take for granted the IDF's image as the defender of our nation, with or without biblical quotes + the minority who no longer buy it. If the army does something bad it is always an exception (harig, in Hebrew). Those who believe that we are fighting for our lives also believe that we do our best to be humane + more or less succeed. This fragile complex of axioms depends either on foolish optimism ("soon everything will be resolved") or on images. Arguments don't work anymore. . .
Atrocities are always perpetrated against us + the more brutal Israel becomes, the more it depends on our image as the eternal victim. Hence the importance of the Holocaust since the end of the 1980s (the first intifada) + its return into Hebrew literature. The Holocaust is part of the victim imagery, hence the madness of state-subsidized school trips to Auschwitz. This has less to do with understanding the past than with reproducing an environment in which we exist in the present tense as victims. Together with that comes the imagery of the healthy, beautiful + sensitive soldiers. . .
Every once in a while opposition arises from within the monster. Hence the Courage to Refuse movement, the letter last September signed by 27 pilots who refused to attack civilian populations in the Occupied Territories, the letter in December from an elite commando unit that refused to fight + so on. A society living in the past as if it were the present is vulnerable: the past/present becomes a double-edged sword. You may be sued if you call anybody here a "Nazi," but one hears it a lot. It would be more appropriate to compare Israeli brutality with the French in Algeria, or the British in Sudan or Malaysia, but we are taken up with the notion of "our past turning into our present." . . .
22.Jul.2006 Vetoing Science… By demosthenes on Republicans

Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice + all fashionable vices pass for virtue –Moliere

It should come as little surprise that this administration’s first veto is used to stymie science. The administration has had a bone to pick with any science that brushes up against its own notions of morality and sense of manifest destiny from climate change to evolution to biology in the classroom.

What is most disturbing to me about this is the opportunist nature of his posing with the ‘snowflake children.’ This hits pretty close to home for me, being the father of one of those adopted embryos he prattles on about with no understanding. I spoke about this first and at length a year ago here.
22.Jul.2006 Irony Alert Part Deux By BlondeSense Liz

"It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect, so I vetoed it," Bush said. Today the president vetoed his first bill. There was no ceremony, no ball, just idiocy. I agree that there are moral boundaries our decent society needs to respect, however this is not one of the boundaries I was thinking about. I was thinking about already living human beings. Silly me.
Anti Bertelsmann Kongress kanalB Unter dem Titel "Du bist Bertelsmann: Wie ein globaler Drahtzieher Medien, Bildung und Politik steuert" fand vom 14.-17. Juli 2006 in Hamburg ein Kongress statt, der Bertelsmann-Kritikerinnen und Intersssierte zusammenführte.
22.Jul.2006 Man Clicks on EULA, Now May Get 55-years in Jail John C Dvorak Screwball story if ever there was.
22.Jul.2006 Net ignorance of the Christian Coalition Perspective Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey says there&apos;s a contradiction in coalition&apos;s position on Net neutrality.
22.Jul.2006 Dare Violate a Copyright in Hong Kong? A Boy Scout May Be Watching Online In Hong Kong and China, the newest Internet copyright police may brandish a different kind of identification — a merit badge.
22.Jul.2006 House Wants To Prohibit Judiciary Ruling On Constitutionality of Pledge’s ‘Under God’ Uncle Dave Religion is taking over our secular government.
22.Jul.2006 Goodbye YouTube Ianiv YouTube has changed their terms and conditions to include the following: "…you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display + perform the User Submissions in ...
22.Jul.2006 Visualization Dave Via Information Aesthetics, here are a couple of incredible web-based visualizations: Population: One 6.5 billion pixels, one per person on the planet. Hydrogen Atom Scale Model One proton, one electron + a whole lotta nothing. What I love about these pages is how they take advantage of the ...
22.Jul.2006 NYC Pagan Resource Statistics Welcome to NYC Pagans - a site for pagans, wiccans and those interested metaphysics to discuss every day topics ranging from divination, the tarot and the meanings of dreams; to politics and poetry. We also have a growing pagan art gallery and a list of nyc pagan resources that includes a ...
22.Jul.2006 Google-Earthing the North Korean Military Poking around Google Earth at a moment of geopolitical drama, I took a look at North Korea. Turns out that military installations are not only indicated by the Google Earth community, they’re described in some detail. There are areas in several countries that have been left at low resolution ...

22.Jul.2006 US Airways to place ads on barf bags The Tempe, Arizona-based airline plans to sell advertisements on its air-sickness bags -- those pint-sized expandable envelopes tucked between the in-flight magazines and safety cards. "They're in every back seat pocket," said spokesman Phil Gee. "We figure while it's there, why don' ...
22.Jul.2006 The Wisdom of Robots Artificial intelligence makes it possible for robots to play cards, drive cars and spend all day browsing the web. David Cohn reports from the big AI conference in Boston.
22.Jul.2006 Gallery: Robots Get Smart Crafty automatons storm the American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference in Boston.
22.Jul.2006 3-D Imaging Goes Ballistic Government-funded research produces new gun-fingerprinting technology that can analyze and compare 3-D images of spent rounds. Luke O'Brien reports from Washington, D.C.
22.Jul.2006 Congress' Top 10 Stem-Cell Flubs Sometimes legislators make stuff up when they're not sure about the facts -- especially when it comes to complicated science like stem-cell research.

Here are the worst offenses heard in Congress this week. Commentary by Steven Edwards.
Judge: NSA Case Can Proceed

A San Francisco judge rejects the Bush administration's argument that a class-action suit against AT&T must be blocked on national security grounds. Now the EFF can push its claim forward. In 27B Stroke 6.
Amnesty Charges Web Companies

Promoting the web as a free-speech zone, Amnesty International accuses Yahoo + Microsoft + Google of violating human rights principles by cooperating with China's web censorship.
State Loan Boosts Stem Research California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pushes a $150 million package so the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine can move forward with stem cell studies.
22.Jul.2006 Search, the Next Generation The move toward a more social, collaborative web is set to revolutionize the search industry. In Monkey Bites.
22.Jul.2006 Punish Spying? I Must be Abroad South Korea's high-tech eavesdropping scandal offers proof that democratic countries aren't immune to government-surveillance abuses. But the Koreans are actually holding the perpetrators accountable. Commentary by Jennifer Granick.
22.Jul.2006 NatWest Three cannot return to UK Three British bank employees accused of fraud surrounding energy giant Enron lose a court bid to return to the UK.
22.Jul.2006 Mass rescue for Lebanon Britons The mass evacuation of Britons from Lebanon hits top gear as thousands are rescued by land and sea.
22.Jul.2006 MPs get 'veto' over new Trident MPs will get a vote on replacing Trident nuclear weapons, says Commons leader Jack Straw.
22.Jul.2006 Proposals for GM crops launched The UK government announces a consultation on the cultivation of genetically modified crops in England.
22.Jul.2006 Bombing 'killed Afghan civilians' A US-led bombing raid in southern Afghanistan killed 10 civilians, an Afghan government inquiry finds.
22.Jul.2006 Lebanon: Key facts Lebanon: Key facts
22.Jul.2006 Japanese PM defends shrine visits Japan's PM says he will continue visiting a Tokyo war shrine despite evidence the former emperor opposed it.
22.Jul.2006 US 'worst' for online child abuse More than half of all images of child abuse found on the web can be traced back to the US, a report reveals.
22.Jul.2006 Annan demands Lebanon ceasefire The UN chief urges a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, amid fears of a humanitarian catastrophe.
22.Jul.2006 Men face higher cancer death risk Men in Northern Ireland are 40% more likely than women to die of cancer, according to figures released on Thursday.
22.Jul.2006 Minister urged to condemn Israel Margaret Beckett repeatedly rejects calls by MPs on all sides to condemn Israel's actions in the Lebanon.
22.Jul.2006 Tigers struggle with tiny lands Habitat for tigers has shrunk to a tiny fraction of its original size, says a new report which urges better protection.
22.Jul.2006 Libel trial hears of sex admission The leader of the Scottish Socialist Party tells a court Tommy Sheridan admitted visiting a swingers club.
22.Jul.2006 World Cup boosts UK retail sales UK retail sales grow in June, driven by food and drink during the football World Cup, official data shows.
22.Jul.2006 Bed sharing 'drains men's brains' Sharing a bed with someone could temporarily reduce your brain power - at least if you are a man - scientists suggest.
22.Jul.2006 Q&A: Mid-East war crimes Paul Reynolds examines the issues of international law and the Middle East conflict.
22.Jul.2006 Japan's Iraq troops arrive home Japanese troops who served in Iraq return home, ending Japan's most significant deployment since WWII.
22.Jul.2006 Fighting inside Lebanese border Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah militants clash inside Lebanon as aid agencies warn of an impending catastrophe.
22.Jul.2006 Human rights laws will not change Ministers rule out repealing or amending the UK's human rights laws as part of reforms of the justice system.
22.Jul.2006 Music therapy 'can aid healing' Listening to music makes us feel better - but many doctors are now beginning to believe that it does much more.
22.Jul.2006 US marines aid mass evacuation US marines land in Beirut to help Americans citizens as a mass evacuation from Lebanon gathers pace.
22.Jul.2006 Israel bombs three Gaza tunnels Israeli jets bomb three tunnels it says were used to smuggle weapons as it continues its Gaza offensive.
22.Jul.2006 Storms cut power to 18,000 homes Overnight lightning storms cause power cuts in more than 18,000 homes in Northern Ireland.
22.Jul.2006 June sees record mortgage lending Gross mortgage lending reaches £32.2bn in June, the highest monthly figure on record, say lenders.
22.Jul.2006 World 'needs new wildlife body' A new global organisation is needed to slow the loss of plant and animal species, scientists argue.
22.Jul.2006 Rise in child abuse images on net Reports of child abuse pictures on the internet rise sharply, prompting calls for greater global action.
22.Jul.2006 Antibiotic runny nose 'warning' Doctors should avoid prescribing antibiotics to patients with runny noses, a study says.
22.Jul.2006 Ageing 'linked to social status' People in lower social classes are biologically older than those in higher classes, according to research.
22.Jul.2006 Worm 'could screen medicines' A primitive worm could help to screen new medicines, according to research.
22.Jul.2006 Hi-tech boost for plastic surgery A 3D facial imaging system is developed in East Sussex which predicts the accuracy of different surgical techniques.
22.Jul.2006 Bush 'out of touch' on stem cells Scientists react with anger to President Bush's veto on a bill allowing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
Indonesia bird flu deaths hit 42 Indonesia confirms its 42nd human bird flu death, bringing it level with Vietnam as the nation worst hit by the virus.
22.Jul.2006 USA to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah Bush 'gave green light' for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources
Beirut Evacuations Israel has opened “windows” for the foreign powers to evacuate their terrified nationals from Lebanon. Obligingly, the foreign media have turned these “windows” into an opportunity to avert their gaze further from the death and destruction in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.
22.Jul.2006 Robert Fisk: Paradise Lost We leave the Lebanese to their fate like a diseased people and spend our time evacuating our precious foreigners while tut-tutting about Israel's "disproportionate" response to the capture of its soldiers by Hizbollah .
22.Jul.2006 Lebanon’s Expendable People Lebanon was the last straw. It proves that everything Bin Laden said was true: “They have come to take your land and your resources; they have come to shame your women and disgrace your culture; they have come to humiliate you in front of your children and heap ignominy on your religion.” Where was he wrong?
22.Jul.2006 If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours
Israel is staking a claim to the exclusive use of force as an instrument of policy and punishment + is seeking to deny any opposing state or non-state actor a similar right. It is also largely succeeding in portraying its own "right to self-defence" as beyond question, while denying anyone else the same. And the international community is effectively endorsing Israel's stance on both counts.

22.Jul.2006 Uri Avnery: "Stop that shit!"
The most disgusting sight: George Bush in a playful mood sitting on his chair in St Petersburg, with his loyal servant, Tony Blair, leaning over him + solving the problem: "See? What they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbullah to stop doing that shit + it's over." Thus spoke the leader of the world + the seven dwarfs - "the great of the world" - say Amen.

22.Jul.2006 Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land How Israel manipulates and distorts American public perceptions
22.Jul.2006 U.S. Occupation Death Toll Rises Above 100 Per Day, U.N. Says: An average of more than 100 civilians per day were killed in Iraq last month, the United Nations reported Tuesday, registering what appears to be the highest official monthly tally of violent deaths since the fall of Baghdad.
22.Jul.2006 Iraq: Killing reaches new heights: 696 Iraqis were killed in sectarian or occupation-related violence in the first 18 days of July. That's a sharp rise over the same period last year, when an AP count showed more than 450 Iraqis were killed.
22.Jul.2006 Turkey Announces Readiness To Invade Iraq: Turkish officials announced today that their country is now fully prepared to go into Iraq, if American, as well as Iraqi, forces do not combat Turkish Kurdish guerilla troops
22.Jul.2006 300 civilians killed in Israel's week-old bombardment: Lebanon's prime minister said Wednesday that 300 people have been killed, 1,000 have been wounded and a half-million displaced in Israel's week-old onslaught on Lebanon.
22.Jul.2006 Pigs at the trough: Bush Supports Israel's Attack On Lebanon In blunt language, President Bush yesterday endorsed Israel's campaign to cripple or eliminate Hezbollah, charged that Syria is trying to reassert control of Lebanon + called for the isolation of Iran.
22.Jul.2006 Pigs at the trough: Congress Is Giving Israel Vote of Confidence: Both Parties Back Ally, Court Jewish Support
22.Jul.2006 Rice will back demands for ceasefire - after a few more days of carnage : "It is clear at the UN, at the G8 + at the EU foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels that the US has used its influence to block calls for a ceasefire," a senior European official said yesterday.
22.Jul.2006 Juan Cole: Call Congress!: Ask them why we had to evacuate 25,000 Americans if civilian non-combatants are not being put in extreme danger by indiscriminate Israeli bombing?
22.Jul.2006 Abid Ullah Jan: Greater Israel: Does it make sense now?: The blame for the current Israeli war falls entirely on Israel's friends, who approve occupation, racism, repression and deployment of inhuman methods in the service Zionists hegemonic designs.
22.Jul.2006 Israeli Assault on Lebanon Inflicting "Mass Punishment on a Whole People": I think the massacre of the innocents must obviously apply to both sides. The Israeli dead have an equal right to that claim. But the scale -- I mean, “disproportionate” is not the word for it -- the scale of the response is obscene.
22.Jul.2006 Politicos push to update Cold War-era alert system In age of omnipresent cell phone, Net and BlackBerry users, why does government rely on TV and radio to beam national emergency alerts?
22.Jul.2006 Video: Technology lets you manipulate three dimensional images

Video: Technology lets you manipulate three dimensional images. The future is here: TouchLight technology, slated to be released by the end of the year, lets users move and manipulate three dimensional images with their hands. CNET's Neha Tiwari talks with David Harnett, Microsoft's senior director of IP ventures, about how the technology works and what practical uses it will have.
DMCA dismissed from tape backup lawsuit Court rules a consulting firm did not violate the DMCA when performing maintenance on StorageTek tape backup systems.
22.Jul.2006 British banks to cancel cards used for Net child porn Under new legislation, police to notify credit card issuers about transactions used to access illegal content online.
22.Jul.2006 A pixel for each person on Earth Blog: We're not sure exactly what this is for, but it seems appropriate amid today's headlines involving oil consumption, global warming...
22.Jul.2006 Human-rights group targets China cooperation Google, Microsoft and Yahoo accused of hypocrisy for touting the free flow of information and then cooperating with China.
22.Jul.2006 PC shipments kicked by World Cup While all of Europe was busy chanting for their favorite soccer teams, PC shipments slowed down.
22.Jul.2006 Could That Be The Wireless Police Knocking? Zonk 303 netbuzz writes

"Should private-property owners be required to practice safe wireless? Are the wireless police about to come a-knockin' on the front door of your castle? Network World reports on a condo complex in Arizona that will monitor your wireless signal for security. Is this the way all condos and apartment complexes should go?" From the article: "'We just kind of kicked it around the table and everybody said that's a helluva good idea, (mandatory encryption) ought to go in the declarations,' says Welch. However, a lawyer warned that wireless technology could quickly overrun any specific covenants they put to paper, 'so we decided that instead of recording (declarations) at the county that we would leave it up to the hotel manager to put it in their rules and regulations.' Why bother at all? 'We just don't want to see anybody hurt with their wireless system,' says Welch. 'If someone (unauthorized) were accessing it and an owner's information, there could be damage and a potential lawsuit.'"
The History of Hacking DRM Zonk 43+ phaedo00 writes

"Ars Technica writer Nate Anderson has penned an in-depth look into past DRM-crackings and what the future looks like for people who are vehemently anti-DRM: 'Like a creeping fog, DRM smothers more and more media in its clammy embrace, but the sun still shines down on isolated patches of the landscape. This isn't always due to the decisions of corporate executives; often it's the work of hackers who devote considerable skill to cracking the digital locks that guard everything from DVDs to e-books. Their reasons are complicated and range from the philosophical to the criminal, but their goals are the same: no more DRM.'"
Indian Government Lifts Ban on Blogs Zonk 95+ iDope writes

"The Department of Telecommunications of the Government of India has lifted the ban on blogs (reported previously on Slashdot) following pressure from the Indian blogger community and the media. Even with the lifting of the ban several bloggers from BloggersCollective are getting ready to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) (similar to a Class Action Lawsuit in US) in the Supreme Court of India against the Government censorship of the Internet."
Linux-powered Robots From France? Oui! Timothy 176+ An anonymous reader writes

"A French start-up created to build autonomous, easily programmable, affordable humanoid robots expects to ship its first product — a humanoid household service robot running Linux — in early 2007. The walking, talking, WiFi-enabled Nao household robot will stand 21.6 inches tall + will feature 23 "degrees of freedom" of motion — three more than the 14-inch tall Choromet android announced earlier this week by four Japanese companies. Nao's extra degrees of freedom appear to come in the form of gripping hands."
Pharaoh's Gem Brighter Than a Thousand Suns timothy 151+ Tamas Feher from Hungary writes

"An Italian archaeologist accidentally found that the central gem in Tutankhamun's regal necklace is not amber, but a mere piece of yellow glass. Kinda cheap for the famous Egyptian pharaoh, best known for his splendid golden mask. Except that piece of glass is much older than civilization. Where did it come from, StarGate? Kind of. Scientists now think a meteorite much larger than the Tunguska event fell from the sky and exploded over the Sahara in prehistoric times. The tremendous heat of the 1000 A-bomb sized fireball melted large chunks of desert sand into perfect glass. The memory of such an apocalyptic event may have made sand-glass gems a desirable symbol, meant to emphasize the pharaoh's heavenly powers."
Search 2.0 vs. Traditional Search timothy 171+ ReadWriteWeb writes

"Ebrahim Ezzy reviews 5 new third-generation search technologies — and how they compare to the big guns of Google, Yahoo and MSN. These so-called "search 2.0" companies are combining the scalability of existing internet search engines with new and improved relevancy models; they bring into the equation user preferences, collaboration, collective intelligence, a rich user experience + many other specialized capabilities. The new search engines profiled are Swicki, Rollyo, Clusty, Wink and Lexxe." Note, as the article points out, that the author has developed yet another search engine, called Qube.
UK Street Crime Rise Blamed on iPods timothy 639+ CNET reports that

the British Government today attributed the country's 22% rise in street crime to iPod robberies. This has hit CNET close to home. Guy Cocker, a CNET (Gamespot) journalist based in London, was mugged last week. The muggers held 'a semi-automatic weapon to the back of Cocker's head and told him, "we're taking all your stuff"'. CNET's solution to the problem is suggestions on how to conceal your iPod from attackers. These include 'The gaffer tape method,' 'The Coke can method,' and 'The Christopher Walken method.'
Growing Insulin samzenpus 213+ McLuhanesque writes

"The Globe and Mail reports that a Calgary biotech firm has developed a process to turn genetically modified safflower oil into human insulin in commercial quantities. The process reduces capital costs by 70% and product cost by 40%. 'SemBioSys says it can make more than one kilogram of human insulin per acre of safflower production. That amount could treat 2,500 diabetic patients for one year and, in turn, meet the world's total projected insulin demand 00.000.2010 with less than 16,000 acres of safflower production.'"
Test Driving the Tesla Roadster samzenpus 555+ stacybro writes

"Wired has an article about the Tesla Roadster. It is similar to other electric cars that we have seen in that the electric engine's serious torque will allow it to do 0-60mph in about 3 seconds. Part of what is different about this is that they are using over 6,831 laptop-type lithium-ion batteries. They are claiming the range is about 250 miles. As the battery tech for laptops improves, so will the range of these cars. The car will run about $80,000, which is about par for an exotic two-seater. So who is doing the poll on which tech CEO will be seen driving one first? My guess is one of the Google or E-Bay guys, since they are investors. It is nice to see more companies serious about helping to getting rid of our oil dependency. It is odd that the big car companies aren't more on this track!"
Bush Uses NAACP Speech To Promote Estate Tax Repeal, Doesn’t Utter The Word ‘Poverty’ Nico ( UPDATE: Alternet has the video)

President Bush addressed the NAACP today for the first time in his presidency. Speaking on behalf of his friend, multi-millionaire conservative BET founder Bob Johnson, Bush used the opportunity to promote the repeal of the estate tax on the ultra-rich:

One of my friends is Bob Johnson, founder of BET. He’s an interesting man. He believes strongly in ownership. He has been a successful owner. He believes strongly, for example, that the death tax will prevent future African-American entrepreneurs from being able to pass their assets from one generation to the next. He and I also understand that the investor class shouldn’t be just confined to the old definition of the investor class.

President Bush’s “death tax” pitch demonstrates his stunning disconnect from the African-American community. According to an American Progress analysis, just 59 African-Americans will pay the estate tax this year + that number will drop to 33 00.000.2009.

Meanwhile, as of 2004, 24.7 % of African-Americans lived under the poverty line (up from 22.7 00.000.2001) — that’s more than 9 million people. The number of times Bush mentioned “poverty” in his speech: 0.
22.Jul.2006 Noonan: If Global Warming Is Real, Blame The Scientists Judd 
In today’s Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan asks why all the top scientists can’t get together and
decide if global warming is real:

During the past week’s heat wave–it hit 100 degrees in New York City Monday–I got thinking, again, of how sad and frustrating it is that the world’s greatest scientists cannot gather, discuss the question of global warming, pore over all the data from every angle, study meteorological patterns and temperature histories + come to a believable conclusion on these questions: Is global warming real or not? If it is real, is it necessarily dangerous?

Actually, Ms. Noonan, that’s already happened. It’s called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which involves thousands of scientists from over 120 countries who develop detailed reports on climate change. Their most recent report (from 2001) was reviewed by more than 1,000 top experts, including so-called “climate skeptics” and representatives from industry. Here’s what they concluded:

There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities.

The IPCC predicts that global warming will increase temperatures worldwide between 2.5 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit between 1990 and 2100 if no action is taken to reduce greenhouse gases. This amount of warming, according to the IPCC, could raise sea levels by as much as three feet. That’s extraordinarily dangerous.

Noonan also laments that, if global warming is real, scientists won’t tell us what we need to do in response. Actually, they’ve done that too. Here’s Noonan’s big finish:

If global warming is real + if it is new + if it is caused not by nature and her cycles but man and his rapacity + if it in fact endangers mankind, scientists will probably one day blame The People for doing nothing.

But I think The People will have a greater claim to blame the scientists, for refusing to be honest, for operating in cliques and holding to ideologies. For failing to be trustworthy.

Actually, the blame should go to people like Peggy Noonan who give our leaders the political cover to do nothing in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence.
“Dogs aren’t born mooing + people aren’t born gay.” Nico Some scientific insight from James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, in response to a new campaign called BornDifferent.

Dobson has launched a counter-campaign.
22.Jul.2006 July 20, 2006 Think Progress 
“Today, al-Qaida has not only regrouped, but it is on the march ,” Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at the Rand Corp, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Al-Qaida is now functioning exactly as its founder and leader, Osama bin Laden, envisioned it.”

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said if he were running for reelection this year, “you obviously don’t embrace the president and his agenda .” “

The first thing I’d do is acknowledge that there have been mistakes made,” Thune said.

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH), who refused to back John Bolton to be U.N. Ambassador when he was first nominated last year, has caved.

In an op-ed titled, “ Why I’ll Vote for Bolton ,” Voinovich said questioning Bolton’s renomination “would jeopardize our influence in the United Nations” and “undermin[e] our policies and agenda.”

Yesterday was the “deadliest day yet in the deepening two-front Middle East crisis .”

“Israeli weaponry rained down on Lebanon throughout the day and into the night, killing 63 people by nightfall,” virtually all civilians, while two Israeli Arab brothers, ages 3 + 9, were killed by Hezbollah rockets “as they played outside in Nazareth.”

After promising to make its unconstitutional military commissions comply with the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the White House yesterday took a “harder line” and announced it would propose “only minor changes” to the tribunals.

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) “has pulled an image of a burning World Trade Center from a campaign commercial attacking Rep. Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) record on national security because the image was a fake.”

The spot was produced by the firm responsible for the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” ads.

Yesterday the House voted to “bar federal courts from ruling on the constitutional validity” of the Pledge of Allegiance.

“We are making an all-out assault on the Constitution of the USA which, thank God, will fail,” said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that many hospital patients who have a limited ability to speak English + who need a translator often don’t get one, which puts them at risk for poor and sometimes life-threatening medical care. One study showed that no interpreter was used in 46 % of emergency department cases involving such patients.

“A federal Department of Homeland Security agent passed along information about student protests against military recruiters at UC Berkeley + UC Santa Cruz, landing the demonstrations on a database tracking foreign terrorism.”
22.Jul.2006 First half of 2006 is hottest on record. Judd “The first six months of 2006 were the warmest, on average, since the USA started keeping records

00.000.1895 + global warming is a contributing factor, a U.S. climate expert said on Wednesday.”
22.Jul.2006 House vote to overturn stem cell veto fails. Nico The House voted 235-193 today to overturn Bush’s veto, 51 short of the required two-thirds majority.

Rep. James Langevin (D-RI), who is wheelchair bound, spoke out about the veto in a emotional speech.
22.Jul.2006 Ralph Reed returns to corporation humping. Nico 

Former Christian Coalition head and Abramoff associate Ralph Reed may have lost his bid for state office in Georgia, but he’s “still the owner of the consulting + lobbying firm Century Strategies.

He’s working it. He’s working it harder now,’ said a campaign staffer.” Apparently Reed knows some corporations in need of a little humping.
22.Jul.2006 VIDEO: House Conservatives Reveal What God Thinks About Gay Marriage Amendment Think Progress 
The constitutional ban on gay marriage was
defeated yesterday in the House. During the debate, several right-wing congressmen revealed what God thinks about the gay marriage amendment:

Rep. John Carter (R-TX): “It’s part of God’s plan for the future of mankind.”

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN): “It wasn’t our idea, it was God’s.”

Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO): “We best not be messing with His plan.”

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA): “I think God has spoken very clearly on this issue.”

Watch the video compilation: Not everyone believes that writing discrimination into the U.S. Constitution reflects biblical principles. The Clergy for Fairness has organized clergy members and religious leaders around the country who strongly oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Full transcript
22.Jul.2006 “The condition there is worse than I expected,” Faiz 
according to Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-MN), who just returned from a visit to Iraq. “
Baghdad is worse today than it was three years ago,” he said. Gutknecht was critical of some of the “spin” from Bush administration officials. “We learned it’s not safe to go anywhere outside of the Green Zone any part of the day.” He added, “What I think we need to do more is withdraw more Americans.” (via The Swamp)

22.Jul.2006 Energy Secretary in Baghdad: ‘Far More Stable’ Than 00.000.2003, ‘People Are More Relaxed’ Nico 
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman was in Baghdad yesterday to meet with Iraq’s oil and electricity ministers. The New York Times reports, Bodman “
had a rosy view of progress here since his last visit 00.000.2003?:

“ The situation seems far more stable than when I was here two or three years ago ,” he said in an interview in the fortified Green Zone. “The security seems better, people are more relaxed. There is an optimism, at least among the people I talked to. ”

Iraq is not more stable. The same day of Bodman’s visit, a U.N. report showed that 3,149 civilians had died violently in Iraq last month. Baghdad’s central morgue alone received 1,595 bodies in June.

As for Bodman’s sense that Iraqis seem optimistic and “more relaxed,” recall what one private contractor wrote in an intelligence brief to the U.S. military earlier this month:

Baghdad looks so exhausted these days and so do her people; the relentless violence, the lack of basic services and the scorching heat abolishes human desire to do anything or to even think of anything. Sure sounds relaxing. 22.Jul.2006 Bush on Stem Cell Veto: ‘These Boys and Girls Are Not Spare Parts’ Judd 
Moments ago, Bush made a statement at the White House discussing why he vetoed a bill expanding funding for embryonic stem cell research.

(The media was barred from covering the veto itself.) Bush explained, “these boys and girls are not spare parts.” Watch it:

An embryo is not a boy or a girl. It’s a cluster of about 150 cells smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

The embryos funded by the bill Bush vetoed were “created for the purposes of in vitro fertilization…which are spare or in excess of clinical need and in every single case are slated for medical waste.”

Only about 10 % of embryos are adopted — the rest are disposed of. Had Bush signed the bill into law, they could instead be used to develop potentially live-saving cures for millions of people. Transcript:

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yet we must also remember that embryonic stem cells come from human embryos that are destroyed themselves.

Each of these human embryos is a unique human life, with inherent dignity + matchless value. We see that value in the children who are with us today.

Each of these children began his or her life as a frozen embryo that was created for in vitro fertilization, but remained unused after fertility treatments were complete.

Each of these children was adopted while still an embryo + has been blessed with the chance to grow up in a loving family.

These boys and girls are not spare parts.
A high-level Interior Dept. official has stepped down Nico  after the Inspector General accused him of violating gift rules in the shooting of an American buffalo, U.S. News reports.
22.Jul.2006 Bush Bars Media From Stem Cell Veto Judd 
Today, President Bush will
veto his first piece of legislation – a stem cell research bill that “could lead to treatments that save millions of lives and improve the quality-of-life for millions more.”

Apparently, he’s not too proud of it. Moments ago at the White House press conference, Tony Snow announced that no press would be allowed at the signing:

SNOW: The president will, however, before he delivers remarks this afternoon, veto the Castle bill.

Here’s how it works, because I know a lot of you have had questions. There will be no photographers, no ceremony.

What the president will do is, in his office, he will sign a veto message, he will hand it to a clerk, who will convey it to a clerk of the House + then you go through the formalities of announcing a message from the president + at some point the House will vote on the veto.

QUESTION: Is there a reason why he’s not having photographers in, at least?

SNOW: Because he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate. He’s signing a veto.

67 % of Americans support embryonic stem cell research. The same %age believes “It would be terrible if cures were delayed because of policies that make embryonic stem cell research difficult.”
22.Jul.2006 Kristol Suggests People of Iran Would Embrace U.S. Attack, Triggering Regime Change Faiz 
This morning on Fox, Bill Kristol continued to
escalate his calls for war against Iran, stating, “We can try diplomacy. I’m not very hopeful about that. We have to be ready to use force.” Kristol claimed the people of Iran would embrace “the right use of targeted military force.” He added that military force could “trigger changes in Iran,” causing them to embrace regime change. Watch it.

Kristol’s argument is a regurgitation of what he argued would result from the Iraq war. This is what wrote on the pages of the Weekly Standard in the days leading up to the Iraq war:
22.Jul.2006 Alabama elects first openly gay legislator. Nico Patricia Todd, 50, associate director of AIDS Alabama, “is poised to become the first openly gay member” of the Alabama Legislature.
22.Jul.2006 Defending Bush’s Veto, Rove Grossly Distorts Stem Cell Science Judd 
Today, Bush is
expected to veto a bill that would expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. It will be the first veto of his presidency. Last week, Karl Rove –- explaining why Bush planned on vetoing the bill — told the Denver Post that “recent studies” show researchers “have far more promise from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells.”

The Chicago Tribune contacted a dozen top stem cell experts about Rove’s claim. They all said it was inaccurate. So who wrote the “studies” that Rove was referring to?

White House spokesman Ken Lisaius on Tuesday could not provide the name of a stem cell researcher who shares Rove’s views on the superior promise of adult stem cells.

In a letter to President Bush last year, a group of 80 Nobel laureates wrote that “current evidence suggests that adult stem cells have markedly restricted differentiation potential.”

Question: Does President Bush believe that adult stem cell research has “far more promise” than embryonic stem cells? Is that a contributing factor in his decision to veto the bill?
“Hezbollian” attacks. Amanda  President Bush’s new made-up word to describe the rocket launches against Israel.
22.Jul.2006 White House Website Violates Federal Law Amanda 
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act “require[s] federal agencies to ensure that EIT [electronic information technology] they procure is accessible to people with disabilities.” That includes websites.

The White House website does not comply with Section 508. A review (located here, here + here) of three pages on found 49 instances of Section 508 violations.

Most notably, these White House pages don’t provide alternative text for all images. A blind person surfing the Internet uses a program that searches for text that identifies images. Many images on the White House site have no associated text in the web code and leave a person with disabilities unable to tell what the image is.

Contact Linda Sites and <>Linda Tolkan in the Executive Office of the President and ask why the White House site isn’t in compliance and what steps, if any, are being taken to fix the problem. (Check out American Progress’s letter to the EOP here.)
.Jul.2006 July 19, 2006 Think Progress 
The Bush administration has reportedly “giv[en] Israel
a window of a week to inflict maximum damage on Hezbollah before weighing in behind international calls for a ceasefire in Lebanon ,” the Guardian reports.

Fighting has intensified , as Israeli ground forces undertook a cross-border raid into southern Lebanon and Hezbollah fired hundreds of rockets into northern Israel. Meanwhile, an “emerging humanitarian crisis in southern Lebanon” was exacerbated when a food processing plant and a milk factory were bombed.

Former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed , who later worked as a lobbyist on gambling issues with “close associate” Jack Abramoff, suffered an “embarrassing defeat in his effort to win the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in Georgia on Tuesday.”

“More than 14,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the first half of this year,” a U.N. report says. Civilian deaths are on “an upward trend,” reflecting the fact that “killings, kidnappings and torture remain widespread” in the war-torn country.

President Bush’s faith-based initiative “lacks adequate safeguards against religious discrimination and has yet to measure the performance of the groups, a new Congressional report says.”

“ 2050: The last gorilla. ” The great ape “is threatened with extinction by the mid-21st century if poaching and destruction of its habitat continue at the current rate, the United Nations has warned.”

“Former Time Inc. Editor-in-Chief Norman Pearlstine is to join elite private equity firm the Carlyle Group as a senior advisor,” indicating “greater involvement by Carlyle in deals involving publishing and media.”

A new Government Accountability Office report found that because of “poor training, lax oversight and rampant confusion,” the “ Homeland Security Department wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars last year on iPods, dog booties, beer-making equipment and designer jackets.”

The World Bank website contains many pictures of Paul Wolfowitz in markets, schools and clinics, nearly always surrounded by smiling children. “Isn’t it amazing how these opportunities just seem to present themselves wherever he goes? Not really. It turns out they’re planned well in advance and tightly scripted.”

And finally: Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) “abruptly called off” his planned Casino Night fundraiser “amid much grumbling over the fact that the fundraiser coincided with a markup of his off-reservation gaming bill ,” and concerns about Pombo’s close ties to disgraced former gaming lobbyist Jack Abramoff. According to a Pombo spokesman, the event will be put off “indefinitely.”
22.Jul.2006 American evacuees from Lebanon won’t have to pay. Nico 
Earlier today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized the Bush adminstration for telling American evacuees from Lebanon
they would have to repay their transportation costs. “A nation that can provide more than $300 billion for a war in Iraq can provide the money to get its people out of Lebanon.” CNN reports that the White House has reversed its position and will be waiving the costs.

22.Jul.2006 Kick the Oil Habit road trip visits Exxon HQ. Nico Watch the video, then sign the letter to Exxon yourself.
22.Jul.2006 New York Times Finally Retracts Clinton Story Think Progress The New York Times has finally retracted its flagrantly false story about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY):

An article published on the Web site of The New York Times on Sunday reported on a speech by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Rogers, Ark. The headline and article said that Mrs. Clinton had criticized Democrats on Saturday for “wasting time” by dealing with issues that helped Republicans turn out voters rather than finding consensus on mainstream subjects. The opening sentence of the article and the headline were based on a misinterpretation of a passage in her speech in which she first referred to the Democrats’ agenda in the Senate and then went on to criticize the actions of the Republican majority in Congress.

She was referring to the Republican-led Congress — not Democrats …

This is a victory for the progressive blogosphere, particularly Atrios, who first discovered the error + Media Matters, which kept the story going. Some questions to consider:

– Why did it take the New York Times more than 48 hours to correct the record? – Will right-wing news sites that picked up the story, including Drudge Report and Newsmax, inform their readers?
Mandated Health Funding from Walmart Measure Overruled Judge overturns Maryland law affecting Wal-Mart - Jul. 19, 2006
22.Jul.2006 Past Peak Cause for Alarm
Reality Begs To Differ By Jonathan on 9/11, "War On Terror"

Regarding Condi's recent comment that "the notion that policies that finally confront extremism are actually causing extremism, I find grotesque", you might want to revisit these two posts.

She can have her opinion, but the facts refute her completely. Stubborn thing, reality.
Please tell me the public doesn't fall for Bush's rhetoric. Bush Stem Cell Remarks
22.Jul.2006 Bainbridge Surprises with Finding Israel's Actions Unjust TCS Daily - Just War for the Sake of Argument
22.Jul.2006 Feinstein hammers Gonzales on FISA, NSA + the declaration of war By John Amato on NSA wiretapping

Dianne came prepared Tuesday and Alberto seemed confused in this clip. She left him speechless and in stunned silence… Video-WMP Video-QT very rough transcript:

FEINSTEIN: Now, Congress did not leave the question opened. FISA explicitly says that warrantless surveillance can continue for only fifteen days after a declaration of war. Now that you’ve had an opportunity to examine Hamdan, is it still DOJ’s opinion that it does not affect the legality of the TSP?

GONZALES: Of course, there’s been no declaration of war here, so we can’t take advantage of that particular provision. Uh, our judgment is…is that, um, it does not affect the legality, uh, of…of the, uh TSP program. But let me explain why…

FEINSTEIN: Whoa. But if I might, just a (unintelligible). Then you’re saying, clearly, that the AUMF does not carry the full constitutional weight of a declaration of war.

GONZALES: Yes. That…that is correct. When you…when you declare war…well, when you declare war…

FEINSTEIN: I understand that.

GONZALES: …that triggers diplomatic relations. That trig…that…that maybe nullify treaties of…there’s a big differ…there’s a reason why Congress has not declared war in sixty years. But they’ve…they’ve…they’ve…they&rs quo;ve authorized the use of force several times. Clearly, there’s a difference, yes.

FEINSTEIN: But you’re creating a caveat now + saying that the fifteen days does not extend to the AUMF.

GONZALES: No, what I said was we…we can’t take advantage of that provision under FISA because there’s been no declaration of war. Maybe I misunderstood your question. I’m sorry, Senator.

FEINSTEIN: Yeah, well, see I…I think that Congress did, um, prepare for that eventuality by providing the fifteen days. And, you’re saying, well, it really doesn’t apply. Well, in a…in essence you’re restricting the AUMF, which I think should be restricted. So you are, in essence, agreeing with my point.

GONZALES: Well, I agree with your point that the Authorization of Military Force is not a declaration of war. That…that is certainly true.

FEINSTEIN: All right. So, we’re in open session, but I really don’t accept that, because of past actions with respect to the FISA court.

GONZALES: Senator, I beg your pardon. I’m…I’m gonna go back and look at the transcript of your question. And I’m…I’m…I…I…I probably want…want to modify it. I want to make sure that I’m being as accurate as I can about…about what we’re doing, because there may be some things here that may affect my…my response.

FEINSTEIN: I…I would appreciate that because, the way I view it, a very conscious…(unintelligible) effort has been made not to submit…certainly content collection to the FISA court.

GONZALES: Senator, this is something that you and I should have a…a conversation about.
It’s different in Europe Group Paul Thacker has an interesting interview with a European and a US journalist on the media coverage of climate science in Europe. The standard contrarian line does not get as much attention there as it does in the US (which is good), but whether that means that the journalism there is actually ...
22.Jul.2006 Western Digital pays up in class action lawsuit Daniel Fleshbourne 

Following the July 17, 2006, Settlement of the class action lawsuit accusing Western Digital of misrepresenting the capacity of its hard drives, Western Digital has Sent out emails giving free backup and recovery software to roughly a million of its customers. Anyone who purchased a Western ...
Web users urged on China policy Amnesty International asks users of Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google to complain about their China policy.
22.Jul.2006 Who stands where The BBC's Paul Reynolds looks at the positions of the various parties in the Middle East conflict.
22.Jul.2006 WTO investigates US betting row A new panel is to investigate whether US restrictions on internet gambling breach world trade rules.
22.Jul.2006 EU plans emergency border squads A plan to create rapid reaction border guard teams is put forward by the European Commission.

Leading microbiologist Professor Hugh Pennington described the outbreak as "big".

He told BBC Scotland: "It's a big number, it's a big outbreak. It's not the first outbreak we've seen in this particular kind of circumstance.

"The first outbreak was in Australia 00.000.1935, which was associated with a meat plant. But 11 cases is a big outbreak."

However, Prof Pennington said the risk to the general public was small.

He said: "The organism can spread in the air but usually you need pretty close contact with an infected source.

"For example, the bedding on which a sick animal has been resting. If you breathe in the dry dust from that you can get infected. So, I don't think people living in the immediate vicinity should be too worried."

The infection is usually passed to humans through the faeces, urine or milk of goats, sheep, or cows.

It can also spread if people inhale dust that contains particles of infected animal tissue.

Within a few weeks of becoming infected a person will experience a high fever, severe cough, headaches and muscle pains. However, many will fight off the infection without needing treatment.

When this is the case the symptoms disappear after one or two weeks. However, some people can develop more severe problems.
Q fever is caused by a bacterium called Coxiella burnetti carried by farm animals
22.Jul.2006 Meat staff contract 'farm fever' Eleven people at a meat processing plant are suffering from a rare infection known as Q fever.
22.Jul.2006 Indonesia death toll passes 500 The death toll in the Java tsunami rises to at least 520, as questions grow over why no warning was given.
22.Jul.2006 Israeli strikes claim more lives The latest Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip and a raid on the West Bank leave at least nine Palestinians dead.
22.Jul.2006 O'Loan concerned by MI5 move The switch of responsibility for gathering intelligence on NI security to MI5 concerns the Police Ombudsman.
22.Jul.2006 Remand prisoner freed by mistake An investigation is launched after a privately-run prison releases an alleged mugger two weeks before he was due to be tried.
22.Jul.2006 Secrets of ocean birth laid bare The largest tear in the Earth's crust seen for centuries may create a new ocean in Eastern Africa, say geologists.
22.Jul.2006 India bloggers angry at net ban India's burgeoning blogging community is up in arms against a move to block their web logs.
22.Jul.2006 Heatwave breaks record for July Britain has sweltered on its hottest recorded July day as temperatures hit 36.5C (97.7F) in Wisley, Surrey.
22.Jul.2006 Lebanon Britons speak of relief The first Britons to be evacuated from Lebanon by sea speak of their relief at leaving the conflict zone.
22.Jul.2006 Fleeing homes in line of fire Beirut's residents flee homes in the firing line for the dubious safety of classrooms in Christian suburbs.
22.Jul.2006 Briton held on US terror charge A British man is arrested in London at the request of US authorities who allege he ran websites raising money for terrorism.
22.Jul.2006 England's heatwave continues The heatwave continues, with Wednesday the hottest day ever recorded in England during July.
22.Jul.2006 Ofwat planning Thames Water fine UK water regulator Ofwat is planning to fine Thames Water for failing to meet adequate levels of customer service.
22.Jul.2006 Israel claims Iran link to crisis Iran co-ordinated the capture of two Israeli soldiers to divert attention from its nuclear programme, Israel says.
22.Jul.2006 Migrants stuck in Malta stand-off Malta is refusing to allow African migrants aboard a Spanish trawler to dock, drawing criticism from the UN.
22.Jul.2006 Concern at Black Watch deployment The SNP plans to raise the deployment of Black Watch soldiers to Iraq in the Commons.
22.Jul.2006 'Secret' Euro meetings under fire Peers criticise UK and EU ministers for holding meetings on issues about terrorism and immigration "in secret".
22.Jul.2006 Britain 'had apartheid society' An apartheid-like society existed in 5th Century Britain, an analysis of genetic origins suggests.
22.Jul.2006 Breastfeeding 'kills baby's pain' Researchers find breastfeeding reduces the pain babies feel during a needle prick test.
22.Jul.2006 Severe migraine heart risk link Middle-aged women who get migraines are at an increased risk of heart conditions, US researchers find.

The consumer group's researchers surveyed 275 different types of cereals from leading brands and the UK's four largest supermarket chains.

They looked at the amounts of sugar, salt and fat per 100g and compared these to Food Standards Agency guidelines to work out high, medium and low content.

The Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers said breakfast cereals contribute a "nutritionally insignificant" amount of fat to the average diet.

A spokesman told the Daily Telegraph: "On average, cereals also contribute less than six per cent of the average daily sugar intake in children.

"There is no evidence to show that breakfast cereals make a significant contribution to energy, fat or sugar in the diet of the UK population."

Researchers said there was little improvement since their 2004 study. Figures showed 88% of the 52 products specifically targeted at children were high in sugar.
Five of the worst offenders Jordan's Crispy Nut Four Combo Nestle Cinnamon Grahams Quaker Oatso Simple Kids Nestle Cocoa Shreddies Kellogg's Fruit and Fibre Source: Which?
Five of the healthiest cereals Nestle Shredded Wheat Quaker Puffed Wheat Tesco Value Wheat Biscuits Sainsbury's Basic Muesli Asda Good for You Apple, Blackberry and Raspberry Flakes Source: Which?
22.Jul.2006 Many cereals are 'high in sugar' Many cereals have high sugar levels and others have as much fat as a bacon roll, research suggests.
22.Jul.2006 Music therapy 'can aid healing' Listening to music makes us feel better - but many doctors are now beginning to believe that it does much more.
22.Jul.2006 Smart Car Goes Electric DaimlerChrysler unveils an electric version of its tiny two-seater. In Autopia.
22.Jul.2006 A Wiretapping Revolution News accounts misdescribe the White House-Specter bill as a "compromise." It's actually a White House power grab + Sen. Arlen Specter is folding like an umbrella. In 27B Stroke 6.
22.Jul.2006 Senate passes bill expanding stem cell research. Judd 63-37. Not enough to override a veto, which President Bush has promised.
22.Jul.2006 Washington Times Encourages Israel to Attack Iran Payson Today, the Washington Times reports Israel is in a good position right now to take out Iran’s nuclear sites:

Israel is in the best position militarily in its history to mount air strikes against Iran , after a decade of buying U.S.-produced long-range aircraft, penetrating bombs and aerial refueling tankers. […] “They have the capability to strike Iran,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney , a former fighter pilot who has trained with Israelis. […] “I’m not worried about them hitting the targets. They will suffer losses, but they are capable of doing it.”

It doesn’t matter how much advanced weaponry they have. As Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and others have pointed out, conducting air strikes against Iran is “not a viable, feasible, responsible option.” Newsweek pointed out the dangers of such a strike earlier this year:

The Israelis admit they can only disable the Iranian program, not destroy it. “The real question is what you achieve if the best you can do is to delay the project for a few years,” says a senior U.S. administration official, speaking anonymously because it’s a sensitive topic. The cost to the region’s stability could be devastating.

American Progress nonproliferation expert Joe Cirincione has even warned that such a strike “would not, as is often said, delay the Iranian program. It would almost certainly speed it up. That is what happened when the Israelis struck at the Iraq program 00.000.1981.”

(Read more from other experts who think there are no good military options in Iran HERE.)
22.Jul.2006 Snow on Bush Stem Cell Veto: ‘The Simple Answer Is He Thinks Murder Is Wrong’ Judd 
The Senate is expected to vote overwhelming this afternoon to expand embryonic stem cell research. The bill would allow federal funding for research that “could lead to treatments that
save millions of lives and improve the quality-of-life for millions more.” President Bush has vowed to veto the bill.

Today, a reporter asked Press Secretary Tony Snow why Bush opposed the bill. Snow responded, “The simple answer is he thinks murder is wrong.” Watch it:

An embryo is not a baby or even a fetus; it’s a cluster of about 150 cells, also known as a blastocyst, which forms a few days after the joining of a sperm and egg + is no larger than the period at the end of this sentence. Stem cells are derived from the center of this cluster + are like biological blank slates. They have the potential to become any of the 200 kinds of cells that make up the human body. In any event, the embryos at issue are currently being discarded. Transcript:
22.Jul.2006 House defeats gay marriage ban. Nico “The House on Tuesday rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. … The 236-187 vote for the proposal to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman was 47 short of the two-thirds majority needed.”
22.Jul.2006 Snow To Helen Thomas: ‘Thank You For the Hezbollah View’ Faiz 
In a contentious exchange at this afternoon’s White House press briefing, Tony Snow attempted to discredit reporter Helen Thomas by characterizing her comments as “the Hezbollah view.”
Watch it.

Thomas asked Snow why the U.S. recently vetoed an Arab-backed U.N. resolution calling for Israel to halt its military offensive in Lebanon . Snow claimed, “We didn’t even veto — please get your facts right.” Thomas followed up by specifically asking, “There was no veto at the U.N.?” Snow maintained: “No. There hasn’t been a resolution at the V.N. — the U.N., whatever it is.”

Snow’s the one who may need to check his facts. The AP reports:

The USA blocked an Arab-backed resolution Thursday that would have demanded Israel halt its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, the first U.N. Security Council veto in nearly two years.

The draft, sponsored by Qatar on behalf of other Arab nations, accused Israel of a “disproportionate use of force” that endangered Palestinian civilians + demanded Israel withdraw its troops from Gaza. The USA was alone in voting against the resolution. Ten of the 15 Security Council nations voted in favor, while Britain, Denmark, Peru and Slovakia abstained.

UPDATE: Commenter John points out that the U.N. veto dealt with Gaza operations, not Lebanon. It’s unclear from the transcript whether Thomas was referring to that vote or not.

Full transcript:
Congressman: We Should ‘Prevent Those Who Commit Adultery or Get a Divorce From Running for Office’ Judd 
Today, the House of Representative is spending the day debating a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (It has no chance of becoming law, since
the Senate rejected it last month.)

On the House floor, Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN) said he was opposed the amendment but only because it didn’t go far enough. Davis said Congress should “outlaw divorce in this country” and “outlaw adultery and make it a felony.” In addition, Davis said, “we should also prevent those who commit adultery, or get a divorce, from running for office.”

Davis said it was important to “go after the other threats to the institution” not just the threat from homosexuals. Watch it:

There are currently at least 29 divorced members of Congress. There is no official data on how many members have committed adultery.
22.Jul.2006 Brownback Holds Up Drawing Of Embryo, Asks ‘Are You Going To Kill Me?’ Think Progress 
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) is leading the opposition to the H.R. 810, the
Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Yesterday, during debate on the bill, he held up a picture of an embryo drawn by a 7-year-old girl. Relaying a conversation with the girl’s mother, Brownback said the embryo was asking the Senate, “Are you going to kill me?” Watch it:

Brownback is misleading. The embryos funded by H.R. 810 were “created for the purposes of in vitro fertilization…which are spare or in excess of clinical need and in every single case are slated for medical waste.” Only about 10 % of embryos are adopted — the rest are disposed of. If H.R. 810 passes, they will instead be used to develop potentially live-saving cures for millions of people. Full transcript:

We’re talking about destroying the youngest of human lives for research purposes. I want to show a quick picture of that so people get the idea + I know people do, but it’s just, it’s important to remember we all started out looking like this. Even the presiding officer, as handsome as he is, he looked like this at one point in time, just a little clump of cells, that was him.

This is a particular person, young girl named Hannah that I just met with a few hours ago. This was when she was adopted as a frozen embryo. This shows her kind of development taking place. You destroy her here, you don’t get her here. That’s key. She was called a snowflake, adopted frozen embryos. I hope some people that are maybe watching or hear about this, if they have frozen embryos, human embryos, that they consider putting them up for adoption, because a number of people want to adopt them. The couple that adopted Hannah had infertility problems themselves, could not conceive, IVF, otherwise + so adopted her as a snowflake, as a frozen embryo, implanted + now we’ve got Hannah. Hannah is quite, I guess you would say out of the mouths of babes, children comes great wisdom.

This is a chart she did last year when she was in Washington, talking, when the House was considering legislation, the same legislation, she did this chart, this letter that kids write — my kids write — I love them. She said, this is Hannah, snowflake, “We’re kids. I love you.” And then she draws three pictures down here below. This is her smiling because she got adopted and she’s here. Here is another frozen embryo — these are embryos — that’s sad because he’s still sitting in a frozen state and then here’s one that as she explains is saying “What, are you going to kill me?” This was her explanation to her mother that just gave this chart to me. I hope people really would think about that. This is not just a clump of tissue. This is not just a group of a few cells. This is not a hair follicle. This is not fingernail. You know, this is Hannah. And if nurtured, grows to be just this beautiful child + we got a lot of them, of frozen embryos. And I hope people will consider put putting them up for adoption, because there’s a lot of people that want to adopt them.
H. Clinton Update
Hil, Rupert sly as Fox at fund-raiser
BY HELEN KENNEDYDAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERTwo of the most public people in the world had a chummy breakfast yesterday, but media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) tried to keep their political get-together as secret as possible.
New York Daily News - Home - Hil, Rupert sly as Fox at fund-raiser

22.Jul.2006 ‘Al-Qaeda Is a U.S.-sponsored Intelligence Asset’ Bulatlat - The Philippines's alternative weekly magazine

Michel Chossudovsky, author of the international bestseller America’s War on Terrorism , personally graced the jam-packed local launch of his latest book held at the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City last June 24. During the launch, he gave a lecture about the imminent danger of a U.S.-made nuclear catastrophe amid the Bush administration’s preparations for war with Iran.
"One of the most malignant aspects of the new chapter in the Arab-Israeli conflict is the myth of Israel as the assaulted party,..." Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Israel's path to total war
22.Jul.2006 HuffPo has a problem with their headline writer; he or she often produces headlines that read like the National Enquirer 33% Say Syria/Iran to Blame? Not True, Arianna | TPMCafe
22.Jul.2006 By KATHLEEN CHRISTISON, former CIA analyst Kathleen Christison: Atrocities in the Promised Land
22.Jul.2006 "US policy has turned to dust and ashes." Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - The Gumps of August
22.Jul.2006 This could never happen.... yeah right... Hezbollah website hosted by a US defense subcontractor (Hejailan Projects / United Defense Industries, Inc. / BAE Systems Land and Armaments)
22.Jul.2006 POLITICS: As Long As The Bridges Aren?t Mexican Help 
President Eisenhower created the interstate highway system to move troops and tanks and evacuate civilians. But, sadly, we never experienced the joy on war on our home soil. Instead the highways have mostly been used for boring cars and trucks to drive around on. But now the US is selling roads ...

22.Jul.2006 U.S. Rescue Bogs Down in Lebanon
BEIRUT — Thousands of Americans whose vacations and business trips to Lebanon have degenerated with sickening speed into stints in a battle zone remained stranded here under Israeli bombardment Monday, their frustration and anger mounting because the U.S. government hasn't gotten them out ...

22.Jul.2006 Festivals too dear for older fans 25% of people aged 55 to 64 would like to go to music festivals but cannot afford tickets, a survey suggests.
22.Jul.2006 Asylum backlog 'under-estimated' Ministers are to admit they may have under-estimated the number of failed asylum seekers in Britain.
22.Jul.2006 Judiciary 'in touch with reality' Judges are more in touch with the real world than most people, the Lord Chief Justice says.
22.Jul.2006 Argentina marks 1994 bombing Argentina remembers the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre that killed 85 amid calls for justice for the victims.
22.Jul.2006 Indonesia tsunami system 'not ready' The many deaths in Java raise questions about the ability of a promised Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system to sound an adequate alert.
22.Jul.2006 Medics face Katrina death charges A doctor and two nurses are charged with murdering New Orleans hospital patients in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
22.Jul.2006 Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton US Ambassador John Bolton said there was no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in Israel from "malicious terrorist acts".
22.Jul.2006 "The Insane Brutality of the State of Israel"
It needs to be said now, loudly: those who devise and carry out Israeli policies have made Israel into a monster + it has come time for all of us -- all Israelis, all Jews who allow Israel to speak for them, all Americans who do nothing to end U.S. support for Israel and its murderous policies -- to recognize that we stain ourselves morally by continuing to sit by while Israel carries out its atrocities against the Palestinians.

22.Jul.2006 Fmr. Director of the CIA calls for U.S. attack on Syria "I think the last thing we want to do now is to start talking about ceasefires" Click here to watch Windows Media
22.Jul.2006 One Giant Gaza Strip from the Caspian to the Red Sea Israel’s rationale is merely an apology for state terrorism and it’s utterly meaningless in respect to the enormous damage they’ve caused.
22.Jul.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: Where are the Christians?:
Israel's rampage against a defenseless Lebanon – smashing airport runways, fuel tanks, power plants, gas stations, lighthouses, bridges, roads and the occasional refugee convoy – has exposed Bush's folly in subcontracting U.S. policy out to Tel Aviv, thus making Israel the custodian of our reputation and interests in the Middle East.

22.Jul.2006 Interview: Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad on U.S. Foreign Policy, the Resistance in Iraq, Syrian-Lebanese Relations: An interview with Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad. Audio and transcript
22.Jul.2006 A telling insight into the one-sided relationship with Bush : The live microphone exchanges captured yesterday between George Bush and Tony Blair offer a snapshot between an articulate but ultimately subordinate Prime Minister and the verbally stumbling President.
22.Jul.2006 Terror survey has frightening outlook: Some 84 % of the analysts disagreed with President George W. Bush's assessment that the USA was winning the war on terror.
22.Jul.2006 The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile: You don't have to be an intellectual to see how painfully stupid our president is.
22.Jul.2006 U.S. is called unhelpful in probe of abduction: Germany said Sunday that the U.S. has refused to help probe the alleged CIA abduction of a German citizen.
22.Jul.2006 Gonzales: Bush blocked eavesdropping probe: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that President Bush personally blocked Justice Department lawyers from pursuing an internal probe of the warrantless eavesdropping program that monitors Americans' international calls and e-mails when terrorism is suspected.
22.Jul.2006 Bob Herbert: The Definition of Tyranny : Congress is dithering and the American public doesn't even seem particularly concerned as the administration of George W. Bush systematically trashes such fundamental American values as justice, due process, respect for human rights and submission to the rule of law.
22.Jul.2006 Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 42 Israeli air strikes killed 42 people across Lebanon on Monday, raising the death toll since Israel's offensive to 204, all but 14 of them civilian.
22.Jul.2006 Nothing but anti-Arab racism can fully explain the behaviour of the Israelis As we witness the bombardment by Israel of Lebanon and Gaza - a grotesque over-reaction - and, as the death toll of Arab civilians mounts, you have to ask how the Israelis can do what they do. My only answer now is to conclude that it is racism. No political or territorial struggles can convincingly explain or excuse the maddened onslaught by the Israeli state
22.Jul.2006 We're Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East The old adage, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" does not apply to Americans, who have shown that they can be endlessly fooled.
22.Jul.2006 Hezbollah, the USA and the Context Behind Israel's Offensive on Lebanon As Israeli warplanes continue to bomb Lebanon and Hezbollah fires rockets into northern Israel we get context on the crisis with two analysts: As'ad AbuKhalil, a Lebanese professor of political science at California State University and Chris Hedges, a senior fellow at The Nation Institute and the former Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times
22.Jul.2006 Israelis are dying: it must be an escalation Here we go again -- more than 130 Lebanese dead after five days of savage aerial bombardment from at least 2,000 sorties by Israeli war planes that are making the country’s south a disaster zone and turning Beirut into a crumbling ghost town. Those dead, most civilians and many of them women and children, hardly get a mention, their lives apparently empty of meaning or significance in this confrontation.
22.Jul.2006 Robert Fisk: 'If our Prime Minister is crying, what are we to do?' The few who were not lying in their basements ran shrieking through the streets - not gunmen, but women with screaming children, families holding suitcases, desperate to leave the heaps of broken buildings, entire apartment blocks smashed to bits, the roadways covered in smashed balconies and torn electrical wires.
22.Jul.2006 Where is the rage? Where is the outrage? A large segment of this society is currently in a state of conditioned silence. It watches as America is undergoing radical changes that are transforming this nation into an instrument of world domination with the objective of controlling this planet's energy resources.
22.Jul.2006 Gods among Ordinary Men Bush and his cadre of neo-conservatives may think that they are above the law and that they can act with impunity and without consequences. They may think of themselves as Gods who operate above the strata of ordinary mortals, as the result of their socioeconomic privilege. That is because other people have always born the cost of their wrong doing.
22.Jul.2006 The Caped Crusaders in a Comic Book War When we last left off, our gallant crusaders, Bush Wayne and his trusted confidant, Dick Grayson-Cheney—oil executives by day, freedom fighters by night—had earned yet another significant victory in their divinely inspired war on terror
22.Jul.2006 Bush Vetoes Stem-Cell Bill In the first veto of his presidency, President Bush bars a bill to allow government funding for limited research on embryos destined for the trash. In Bodyhack.
India: Militant E-Mail Is Hoax E-mails purportedly from an Islamic "army of terror" claiming responsibility for the July 11 Bombay train bombings are actually from a boy posing as a spokesman for the militant group Lashkar-e-Qahar, according to Indian police.
22.Jul.2006 Alzheimer's Skin Patch on Horizon Delivering a drug that helps ward off the onset of Alzheimer's through the skin instead of orally may have fewer side effects.
22.Jul.2006 Toyota Plugs In The automaker wants to cut the gas-electric vehicle premium by half -- it says it will build a plug-in hybrid. In Autopia.
22.Jul.2006 Senate Says Yes to Stem Cells Lawmakers approve a bill that would expand federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, but President Bush has promised to veto it.
22.Jul.2006 Spy law changes divide House panel Democrats, Republicans can't agree on whether to rewrite a 1978 law governing foreign surveillance to address NSA program.
22.Jul.2006 Podcast: Bush's wiretapping policy and the Internet Bush's wiretapping policy and the Internet, Google crosses swords with Tim Berners-Lee + Pam Anderson tells a cyber-secret.
22.Jul.2006 Big tests for fuel cells coming 00.000.2007 The technology is really around the corner this time, according to a CEO of one of the leading manufacturers of fuel cells.
22.Jul.2006 Ancient Reptile Had Wings Like a Fighter Jet ScuttleMonkey 146+ anthemaniac writes

"A reptile that lived 225 million years ago had triangular-shaped wings like the delta-wings of some jets. At least that's what a new computer model suggests. Researcher have generated several possible shapes for the wings of Sharovipteryx mirabili before, so this is just the latest guess (based on one fossil). Last fall NatGeo reported that the first biplane configuration was on a dinosaur. Maybe airplane designers should delve into the fossil record a little more."

All diese Erkenntnisse zeigten laut Studienbericht eindeutig, dass es einen ganz bestimmten Zusammenhang zwischen dem Rückgang der Pflanzenvielfalt und dem der Bienen gebe. Unklar sei nach Angaben von Biesmeijer jedoch, was Ursache und was Wirkung ist.

Weniger Bienenarten wurden auf der Hälfte des britischen Gebietes und auf zwei Dritteln der niederländischen Fläche gezählt. Projektleiter Jacobus Biesmeijer prophezeit, dass "viele der seltenen Arten nun so rar sind, dass sie wahrscheinlich in den jeweiligen Landstrichen komplett verschwinden werden". Jeglicher Verlust an Biodiversität sei eine Angelegenheit von öffentlichem Interesse, schreiben die Biologen in der Studie, aber den Rückgang von bestäubenden Insekten finden sie besonders beunruhigend: "Das beeinflusst die Pflanzenvermehrung."

Immerhin: Die Wissenschaftler hätten auch festgestellt, dass die Anzahl der Bienen liebenden Blumenarten während der letzten zweieinhalb Jahrzehnte zurückgegangen ist. 75 Arten wilder Pflanzen, die süchtig nach Insekten sind, wären seltener gefunden worden. Gleichzeitig seien 30 Blumenspezies, die ohne Bienen auskommen, öfter gesichtet worden. Diese Arten ließen sich durch Wind oder Wasser bestäuben.

Insektenkundler haben ein bedrohliches Beziehungsproblem aufgespürt. Auf den Feldern und Wiesen in Großbritannien und den Niederlanden gibt es immer weniger Blumen und Bienen, die auf sie fliegen. Experten bangen um die Artenvielfalt.

"Die Ergebnisse sind schlimmer, als ich befürchtet hatte", zitiert das Fachjournal "Science" den kanadischen Insektenkundler Peter Kevan. Seit über 25 Jahren haben einige seiner europäischen Kollegen Bienen und Schwebfliegen beobachtet - und nun ein Bestäubungsproblem niederländischer und britischer Wiesen publik gemacht: Die Vielfalt an Bienen und der Reichtum an insektenliebenden Pflanzenarten sei dramatisch zurückgegangen, schreiben die Biologen in der aktuellen "Science"-Ausgabe.
Surgical Tools to Include RFID ScuttleMonkey 260+ andrewman327 writes

"Reuters is reporting that hospitals are considering embedding RFID tags in surgical tools to prevent leaving them in patients. After closing a patient, doctors would wave a receiver over the body to look for the chips which would indicate that something was left inside. The biggest current stumbling block is the chip's size, though scientists hope they will continue shrinking as the state of the art advances."
'Laser Tweezers' Used to Sort Atoms ScuttleMonkey 89+ luckyguesser

Physicists at the University of Bonn are claiming to have knocked down one more quantum computing hurdle. Utilizing what they term "laser tweezers" they were able to sort and align seven atoms while capturing it on film. The plan is to construct a quantum gate using atoms imprinted with data.
Japan Plans 30-Year Supercomputer Forecasts CmdrTaco 183+ BaltikaTroika writes

"According to a ministry representative, 'Japan is planning ultra long-range 30-year weather forecasts that will predict typhoons, storms, blizzards, droughts and other inclement weather.' Maybe they should tell their secret to my local weatherman, who usually can't even get tomorrow's weather right. Whatever happened to chaos?"
Worst Tech CEOs Earn the Most Money ScuttleMonkey 44+ tappytibbins Baseline is reporting that

in a recent look at the 100 largest tech companies they found that there was a striking correlation between the highest paid CEOs and the lowest returns. From the article: "The one-third highest performing companies paid their chief executives an average of $7.12 million--while the bottom third paid their CEOs $9.29 million. The study compared direct compensation, which includes base salary, bonus and value of stock grants. Why the disconnect? Jack Dolmat-Connell, founder and president of the firm, cites the phenomenon of 'chasing the median': Companies benchmark their executive compensation figures on peers instead of looking at factors related to performance."
Hong Kong Using Children to Hunt for Piracy ScuttleMonkey 92+ westcoaster004 that

according to The New York Times the Hong Kong government will be using some 200,000 youths to scour the internet for piracy. Members of the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides + nine other youth organizations will be drawn from with the first 1,600 being "sworn in" this Wednesday. From the article: "Tam Yiu-keung, the Hong Kong Excise and Customs Department's senior superintendent of customs for intellectual property investigations, said the program should not raise any concerns about privacy or the role of children in law enforcement. The youths will be visiting Internet discussion sites that are open to all, so the government program is no different than asking young people to tell the police if they see a crime while walking down the street, he said."
Krieg im Libanon: Diplomaten und Armee im Anmarsch
22.Jul.2006 Artenvielfalt: Bienen haben weniger Blümchensex

22.Jul.2006 Weblog- Nation Iran: Aufstand per Mausklick
22.Jul.2006 Gewaltherd Libanon: So schnell begann der Krieg noch nie

22.Jul.2006 Fragile Auslandseinsätze: Beirut, Mogadischu, Bagdad
Und nach wie vor gilt: Der mythische keltische König aus Wales ist immer für eine Entdeckung gut.

Das Fragment umfasst die letzten vier Seiten des Werks, nach Fasbenders Angaben fehlen rund 10.000 Verse, über deren Verbleib nichts bekannt ist. Von Hopfgarten, bislang vollkommen unbekannt, habe jetzt schon seinen Platz in der Literaturgeschichte: "Wir haben einen neuen Autor entdeckt, der lexikonwürdig ist."
Es wird sehr schnell ein sehr großes Gedränge um den Text geben", prophezeite Fasbender, obwohl es sich nur um einen Ausschnitt des gesamten Werks handelt. Vorlage sei ein Versgedicht des Franken Wirnt von Grafenberg, das um 1220 entstand. Darin wird von dem Ritter Wigelis erzählt, der an den Artushof zieht und dort seinen ersten Auftrag erhält: die Befreiung eines Landes aus der Herrschaft eines Unterdrückers. Hopfgarten habe den Text dann überarbeitet. "Es könnte das Manuskript eines Spielmanns gewesen sein, der daraus vorlas", so Fasbender.

Erfurt - Ein Forscher hat ein bisher unbekanntes Fragment eines Textes aus dem Sagenzyklus um König Artus in der Bibliothek des Augustinerklosters in Erfurt entdeckt. Die Handschrift stamme aus dem Jahr 1455 von dem unbekannten Thüringer Verfasser Dietrich von Hopfgarten, erklärte Christoph Fasbender vom Institut für Germanistische Literaturwissenschaft der Universität Jena heute der dpa. Der Fund sei die veränderte Abschrift eines Textes aus den Jahren um 1220 und für die Literaturgeschichte eine Sensation von internationaler Bedeutung.
Gefährliche Virusinfektion: Afrikaner in Münster hat Lassa- Fieber - Kontaktpersonen gesucht
22.Jul.2006 Israels Mobilmachung: Panzeraufmarsch an der Grenze zu Libanon

22.Jul.2006 Krise in Nahost: Steinmeiers Friedensmission
22.Jul.2006 Militäroffensive: Internationale Kritik lässt Israel kalt
22.Jul.2006 Nahost- Krise: Zorn auf Arabiens Straßen

22.Jul.2006 Eltern in Angst: Deutsche Kinder im Südlibanon eingeschlossen
22.Jul.2006 Somalia: Islamisten erklären Äthiopien den "heiligen Krieg"

22.Jul.2006 Sahara: Der Mensch folgte dem Regen

22.Jul.2006 Irak: Prediger al- Sadr ruft Muslime zum Kampf gegen Israel
22.Jul.2006 Zeitungssatire: Polnische Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen "taz"
22.Jul.2006 Forschungs- Skandal: Schädelfälscher vor Gericht
22.Jul.2006 Irak- Krieg: Saddam wirft USA Täuschung vor

22.Jul.2006 Flucht aus Beirut: "Das beste Semester meines Lebens"
22.Jul.2006 Artus- Legende: Fragment aus Sagenzyklus entdeckt

In den letzten Jahren wurden Dämme gebaut, um die zwei Seen komplett voneinander zu trennen. So sollte nach Angaben der Esa verhindert werden, dass noch mehr Wasser verloren geht und der Salzgehalt weiter steigt. Sich verändernde Wasserspiegel hätten diesen Effekt allerdings bisher verhindert. Die "Los Angeles Times" hingegen berichtete unlängst vom "Gezeitenwechsel" in der Aralsee- Katastrophe. "Es gibt sieben Weltwunder, das achte ist der Damm im Aralsee", wird der stellvertretende Bürgermeister von Aral Stadt, Kolbai Danabayev, zitiert. Sie würden endlich wieder fischen können, hätten einige Einheimische der Zeitung freudig berichtet.

Raketenwarnung für 4 Cent

SMS eignet sich für wichtige Mitteilungen insbesondere, weil die Kurznachrichten auch bei schwachen oder überlasteten Handy-Netzen noch relativ zuverlässig ihren Empfänger erreichen - und im Libanon ist auch die Mobilfunkinfrastruktur von den Zerstörungen durch israelische Luftangriffe betroffen.

Mit der relativen Zuverlässigkeit von SMS argumentiert unterdessen auch die israelische Firma Cellact (, um einen speziellen SMS-Service im Norden des Landes zu vermarkten: Neben Werbe- oder Börsen-Neuigkeiten bietet Cellar auch SMS-Warnungen vor Raketenangriffen und anderen aktuellen Sicherheitsrisiken für rund vier Cent pro Textnachricht an.
Augenzeugenbericht: "Beirut verlassen, mein Herz blutet"

21.Jul.2006 Südlibanon: 350 Deutsche sitzen im Kriegsgebiet fest
21.Jul.2006 Stammzellforschung: Schavan will Europa ausbremsen
Krise im Nahen Osten: Libanon will Bodenoffensive zurückschlagen
21.Jul.2006 Satellitenbild der Woche: Verdurstender Aralsee
21.Jul.2006 Boom: Chinesen verschickten mehr als 200 Milliarden SMS
Mögliche Bodenoffensive: Israel fordert Bewohner Südlibanons zur Flucht auf
Nahost- Konflikt: Raketenwarnung per SMS

21.Jul.2006 Militär- Meeressäuger: Wie Delfine für den Krieg gedrillt werden
21.Jul.2006 British anger at terror celebration: AS ISRAEL wages war against Hezbollah “terrorists” in Lebanon, Britain has protested about the celebration by right-wing Israelis of a Jewish “act of terrorism” against British rule 60 years ago this week.

21.Jul.2006 The unfair politics of Palestinian prisoner releases:

00.000.1967 -Since- an estimated 650,000 Palestinians have at one time or another been imprisoned by Israel. Every day Israeli troops and Israel's Border Police add to that number, often by the dozen

21.Jul.2006 War pimp alert: U.S.: Iranians witnessed N. Korea missile test : One or more Iranians witnessed North Korea's recent missile tests, deepening U.S. concerns about growing ties between two countries with troubling nuclear capabilities, a top U.S. official said Thursday.

21.Jul.2006 "Israel wants U.S. to fight Iran": Pat Buchanan Slam Neocons For Mideast Warmongering. Must watch.

21.Jul.2006 Jose Padilla convicted after refusing to turn informant: The FBI initially sought terror suspect Jose Padilla's cooperation to help prevent what intelligence sources indicated might be an imminent al-Qaida attack, an FBI agent testified Monday. Padilla refused and was later implicated in an alleged radioactive ''dirty bomb'' plot and declared an enemy combatant.

21.Jul.2006 Revelations of spy links set Taiwan abuzz: A veteran State Department officer takes up with a beautiful Taiwanese spy. FBI agents observe them in intimate circumstances in the man's car. He gives her the lowdown on a crucial U.S.-China summit meeting.

21.Jul.2006 Earth faces 'catastrophic loss of species' : Scientists say that the earth is on the verge of a biodiversity catastrophe and that only a global political initiative stands a chance of stemming the loss.
21.Jul.2006 Third of Lebanon casualties are children, says UN : Nearly a third of the dead or wounded were children and the wounded could not be helped because roads and bridges had been cut by Israeli air strikes.

21.Jul.2006 Analysis: could Israel face war crimes charges?: A UN warning that Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon may constitute war crimes has legal legs - but with the issue as much about politics as law prosecutions are unlikely anytime soon, analysts say.

21.Jul.2006 Ralph Nader: U.S. Carries "Inescapable Responsibility" for "Israeli Government's Escalating War Crimes"

21.Jul.2006 Who Are The Terrorists? : 20 year old Lebanese student describes Israel's crimes

21.Jul.2006 Annan calls for ceasefire : The UN and the US government are on a collision course over the war in Lebanon, after the UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities.

21.Jul.2006 House overwhelmingly backs Israel (slaughter) in vote : The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.

21.Jul.2006 Canadian government indifferent to Israel’s murder of eight of its citizens: Canada’s Conservative government has responded to the murder of eight Canadian citizens in an Israeli air strike with a shrug of its shoulders.

21.Jul.2006 Iraqi Prime Minister Denounces Israel’s Actions : His stance is noteworthy because it is a significant split with American policy toward Israel.

21.Jul.2006 Spanish prime minister accused Israel of using "abusive force": Spain wants the United Nations Security Council to agree to deploy international troops to stop fighting which has claimed hundreds of lives since Israel launched bombardments nine days

21.Jul.2006 Turkish PM raps US attitude to fighting terrorism: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan rapped the USA on Tuesday for tolerating Israel's attacks on its enemies in Lebanon while refusing to allow Ankara to crush Kurdish rebels hiding in northern Iraq.

21.Jul.2006 Juan Cole: Israel's maximal option: Part of Israel's war strategy may be to push the Shiites out of Lebanon's south. That would be a humanitarian disaster -- and it won't work.

21.Jul.2006 Syrians open homes to help Lebanese refugees: "We are finding them places in private homes, mosques and monasteries," said Bassel Hamawi, head of Banque Audi Syria, which set up a call centre along with other companies to house refugees and offer them medical help.
21.Jul.2006 Letter from President Saddam Hussein to the American people. By Saddam Hussein

People of America, it still seems to me that the officials in your government are still lying to you and are not giving you true explanations of the reasons that led them to embark on their aggression against Iraq.  Continue

21.Jul.2006 We Can't Make It Here Anymore Must Watch 7 Minute Video
Will work for food. Will die for oil. This music video touches on America's economic corporate control, struggles of workers ,conditions of veterans, war in Iraq + the prison industrial complex.
Click here to view

21.Jul.2006 The drums of war sound for Iran: -By Jim Lobe
While Israel-centered neo-conservatives have been the most aggressive in arguing that Hezbollah's July 12 cross-border attack could only have been carried out with Iran's approval, if not encouragement, that view has been largely accepted and echoed by the US mainstream media.

21.Jul.2006 The child lies like a rag doll - a symbol of the latest Lebanon war -By Robert Fisk in Beirut
How soon must we use the words "war crime"? How many children must be scattered in the rubble of Israeli air attacks before we reject the obscene phrase "collateral damage" and start talking about prosecution for crimes against humanity?

21.Jul.2006 Fire and Sword Will Americans join Iraqis, Lebanese + Palestinians as neocon victims? By Paul Craig Roberts
What explains the indifference of the Bush administration to the slaughter of civilians in Iraq, Lebanon + Gaza?
As of the morning of July 19, Israeli bombardments of Lebanese civilian residential districts and public infrastructure have murdered 300 Lebanese, wounded 1,000 + displaced 500,000. The Lebanese prime minister said that Israel's attack has caused "unimaginable losses" and that his government will seek compensation from Israel .

21.Jul.2006 The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World -By Norman Solomon
"In American media, the current mumbling about the need for “restraint” is little better than window-dressing for bomb-dropping. The prevalent dynamic is based on a chain of rarely spoken lies, however conscious or unconscious: none more important than the lie that a religion can make one life worth more than another; render a human death unimportant; elevate certain war-inflicted agonies to spiritual significance."

21.Jul.2006 Noam Chomsky  - The Murder Of A Nation Lebanon - Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You 7 Minute Video and transcript. Click here to view 

21.Jul.2006 Israel’s historical use of violence -By Jonathan Cook -Israel may be able to drag its paymaster, the USA, deeper into the mire of the Middle East as a junior partner rather than as an honest broker, giving Israel cover while it carves up yet more Palestinian land for annexation. Continue

21.Jul.2006 A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: $108 Billion -By Shirl McArthur-Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. aid since World War II. The $3-plus billion per year that Israel receives from the U.S. taxpayer is about one-fifth of the total U.S. aid budget + amounts to more than $600 per Israeli. Continue

21.Jul.2006 The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel's Moral Decay - By Manuel Valenzuela

20.Jul.2006 " Information Clearing House " -- -- The labeling as anti-Semitic of anyone critical of the state of Israel's policies in the continued destruction of Palestinian identity + now Lebanese society and infrastructure + the increasing domination into American foreign policy no longer has the sting of threat or intimidation it once mastered. For too long this masquerade has been used to silence those opposing anything Israel, shouted at anyone disseminating truth and seeking justice. Continue 

21.Jul.2006 Why Hezbollah is Winning... So Far -By WILLIAM S. LIND

21.Jul.2006 The stakes in the Israel-Hezbollah-Hamas war are significantly higher than most observers understand. If Hezbollah and Hamas win—and winning just means surviving, given that Israel’s objective is to destroy both entities—a powerful state will have suffered a new kind of defeat. Continue 
21.Jul.2006 South Lebanon, Has Become A Killing Zone -By Ed O'Loughlin
PARKED outside the small general hospital in Tyre is a badly refrigerated lorry container in which are stacked the bodies of 91 Lebanese civilians, 55 of them children.

21.Jul.2006 Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: " Bombings and shootings soared by 40 % in the Baghdad area in the past week, the U.S. military said Thursday."
The Monopoly Board Game for the Age of Bushevism: "Wreck the Nation." Get It at a Reduced Price (Including Shipping) -- And Feel the Power of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to Destroy America! For Real. For Fun.
Hear Bruce Springsteen's "The Seeger Sessions" (CD) and Glory in the Authenticity of American Music that Glorifies Justice, Hope and the Common American. Available from The Boss is Back.
Approval Rating for George W. Bush as of 7/18/06: Only three states have a 50% or higher approval ranking; Only six have a disapproval rating below 50%. 7/21
Pitched battles raged between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters on the border Thursday + Israel warned hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon "immediately," preparing for a likely ground offensive to set up a buffer zone. 7/21
The 1965 Voting Rights Act, which opened voting booths to millions of black Americans, won a 25-year extension from Congress Thursday as Republicans sought to improve their standing with minorities before the fall election. 7/21
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Hear Bruce Springsteen's "The Seeger Sessions" (CD) and Glory in the Authenticity of American Music that Glorifies Justice, Hope and the Common American. Available from The Boss is Back.
"The United Nations? top human rights official said Wednesday that the killing and maiming of civilians under attack in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza and the West Bank could constitute war crimes." 7/21
From the "It Gets Weirder All the Time Department": President, Bill Clinton, whom Lieberman Was More Critical of Than He is of Bush to Campaign for Lieberman. We Expect Bush Himself Will Show Up Praising Lieberman Soon. 7/21

21.Jul.2006 The Hammoud clan, Hopsicker contends, is fairly large and has long had an involvement in various unsavory activities, primarily smuggling. More importantly, Hopsicker connects one clan member with Atta himself... But Assem Hammoud's most intriguing relative in the U.S. is the Dearborn clan member who moved to Sarasota Florida, where he was quite a busy boy...
Wissam Hammoud owned a cell phone store in Sarasota which supplied mobile phones to Mohamed Atta... bragged of helping Hezbollah buy assault weapons and night-vision goggles (the group needed them so they “could kill Jews at night”)... was convicted in February in a Federal Court in Tampa of soliciting the murder and beheading of a Federal Agent...and suspected of having foreknowledge of the 9.11 attack.
“In September 2001, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement interviewed Hammoud because someone had anonymously called saying Hammoud had made a comment that the Oklahoma City bombing was small compared with what was coming,” reported the Tampa Tribune on Jan 6 2004, in a story headlined “Man Bragged Of Ties To Terror, Records Say.”

21.Jul.2006 The NYC tunnel terrorists: Hopsicker's latest Regarding the plot to blow up the tunnels in New York City, Daniel Hopsicker has (as is his wont) staked out a weltanschauung outside both the "official" view and the standard un -official view. Of course, he has done this sort of thing before, in his investigations of Mohammed Atta.
21.Jul.2006 Ungebremste Dynamik: Google verdoppelt Gewinn

21.Jul.2006 Notstand in St. Louis: Nationalgarde rettet Menschen vor der Hitze
21.Jul.2006 Studieren in Palästina: Die besten Köpfe flüchten
USA: Zwei Hinrichtungen in einer Nacht

21.Jul.2006 Grenzforschung: Telepathie- Test mit Hightech
21.Jul.2006 Atomstreit mit Iran: Neuer Resolutionsentwurf droht mit "vorläufigen Maßnahmen"

21.Jul.2006 Hilfe für al- Qaida: US- Gericht verurteilt Pakistaner zu 30 Jahren Haft
Krise in Nahost: Israel schmettert Annans Kritik ab
Vizepremier Medwedjew: Putins Wesir leitet die "Gasifizierung"
authentico index Cassiopaea Center for Cooperative Research ... 19.Sep.2002 Transcript from USA"Senate 'Armed Services Committee'"Hearing ·

Beyond the Backword - 11/02 ... systems by "the degree of individual freedom versus the degree of centralized political control... manuscript of The War on Freedom , ... ·
Save 10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Remarks to the 2nd edition ... ... suddenly yearns to bring democracy to Iraq - after a decade of mass murder of Iraqi ... "the degree of individual freedom versus ...

Lies Father, Lies Son :: Armed and Dangerous - Serial Killers on the ... ... systems by "the degree of individual freedom versus the degree of centralized political control... manuscript of The War on Freedom , ...
21.Jul.2006 Briefly, I crave your indulgence (PDF File) 1 QUID 9: AGAINST IMPERIALISM A PROLEGOMENA, EX ED.
21.Jul.2006 Macedonia News - Consensual Paranoia: The War Against Terrorism, by ... results, creating Outsiders versus Insiders, Us versus Them, the Good versus the Evil ...
21.Jul.2006 Interludes from a Philosopher of the Future Promethea is the website of the Promethean movement, dedicated to the advancement of human life through true freedom + diverse individualism.
Libanon: Uno warnt vor Notlage der Flüchtlinge
Krise in Nahost: Israel lehnt Annans Plan für Waffenstillstand ab
Fehlalarm: Angeblich entführte Journalisten in Polizeigewahrsam

20.Jul.2006 Horn von Afrika: Äthiopische Truppen marschieren in Somalia ein
Krise in Nahost: Libanon bittet um Hilfe bei Hisbollah- Entwaffnung
Israels Forderung: "Hilflosigkeit des Westens muss ein Ende finden"
Erbgut: In zwei Jahren zum Neandertaler- Genom
Hitzometer: Skala der Rekorde
Libanon: Israel droht mit Ausweitung der Bodenoffensive
Hohe Ozonwerte: Bürger sollten Autos stehen lassen

20.Jul.2006 Jordaniens Außenminister: "Joschka Fischer hat genug Erfahrung in der Region"
20.Jul.2006 Umstrittene Kampagne: Merkel hinter Gittern
20.Jul.2006 Top- Raubtiere: Fressen für die Umwelt
20.Jul.2006 Nahost- Debatte: Israel in die Nato!
20.Jul.2006 Extremwetter: Hitze wie im Rekordsommer 2003

New York - Kurz vor der Flucht in den Sommerurlaub hat der US-Kongress noch schnell einige dringende Projekte abgehandelt. Projekt Nummer 1: Er hat sich selbst eine nette Gehaltserhöhung verpasst. Projekt Nummer 2: Er hat, wie jedes Jahr seit 1997, die Anhebung des gesetzlichen Mindestlohns für die ärmsten Amerikaner verweigert. Für Ökonom Jared Bernstein vom Economic Policy Institute ist die Sache klar: "Das ist eiskalter Klassenkampf."
Menschenrechte im Netz: Amnesty kritisiert US- Unternehmen

20.Jul.2006 Geologie: Magma- Druck reißt Afrika in zwei Teile

20.Jul.2006 Verteidigung: USA stationieren Raketenabwehrsysteme in Japan
Flüchtlingsstrom: Zypern schlägt Alarm
Libanon: Experten befürchten neuen Zuspruch für Hisbollah
Krise in Nahost: Israel bittet Deutschland um Hilfe
Nahostkrise: "Es ist ein Krieg wie jeder Krieg"
Israels Militäroffenisve: Endloser Flüchtlingsstrom

20.Jul.2006 Hitzewelle in den USA: Eine einzige glutrote Masse

20.Jul.2006 Embryo- Streit: Bushs Veto spaltet Republikaner
20.Jul.2006 Destruction Of Chinese Books In The Peking Siege Of 1900 - 62nd ... The Siege of Peking --called by one historian, "the episode best remembered ... The Chinese have suggested that the British destroyed the library as a ...

Listen to the voices, feelings, sights and experiences of our ancestors. Their lives, joys and fears are within us. In that way, they are with us always.

"There were no duties on mummies," Wolfe said. "So you didn't have to declare them when you came into port."

She said her own research helped turn up a Connecticut document that states it was printed on paper made of mummy wrappings. She said the document is "the smoking gun" that proves paper mills made paper from mummy wrappings.
20.Jul.2006 Boeing and QinetiQ Expand Network-Enabled Capabilities
20.Jul.2006 "As far as what's really going on in the world, I don't have a clue, except that it's much stranger than we once thought + somehow consciousness seems to be involved," Kuttner said.
20.Jul.2006 Looking for it causes it to be in a single place, so that what is observed depends on decisions made by the observer. And what is true for atoms and molecules is, in principle, also true for baseballs and cats, Rosenblum said.
20.Jul.2006 "The quantum enigma rears up at a boundary of the physics discipline + beyond this boundary, a physicist flounders just like the next guy," Rosenblum said.
20.Jul.2006 When Kuttner and Rosenblum proposed a course for nonmajors on the quantum enigma, one colleague told them that "presenting this stuff to nonscientists is the intellectual equivalent of allowing children to play with loaded guns." They said they'd teach gun safety + it's now the most popular course in the department, Rosenblum said.
20.Jul.2006 Rosenblum, a professor emeritus of physics at UCSC. "A mystery in quantum physics indeed hints at some really wild stuff. The problem is that a layperson can't tell where the quantum physics ends and the quantum nonsense begins."
20.Jul.2006Terror database tracks UC protests

A federal Department of Homeland Security agent passed along information about student protests against military recruiters at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz, landing the demonstrations on a database tracking foreign terrorism, according to government documents released Tuesday.
I am shocked! Shocked!

20.Jul.2006Toddler Flips off Bush During Veto Announcement 
The kids are alright. Hysterical.
20.Jul.2006Small Town Investigates String Of Cancer Cases  There's growing debate over whether something in a Nebraska town is giving residents cancer + some feel a new study may prove those fears correct.
20.Jul.2006Frank Miller Adapts Eisner's Spirit  Amazing news. A Spirit movie, directed by Frank Miller.
20.Jul.2006 E-Mail the Editor
20.Jul.2006 Ironically, Playboy has embraced new burlesque, even featuring new burlesque diva and fetish queen Dita Von Teese on its December 2002 cover.  
20.Jul.2006 “Feminism and the explosion of porn conspired to make burlesque obsolete,” says Shteir, who marks the actual “death” of burlesque as being synonymous with the first issue of Playboy 00.000.1953.
20.Jul.2006 In the 1930s, Fiorella LaGuardia essentially banned burlesque in New York City, but it persisted elsewhere, including Jersey City, Newark and Union City. Touring groups traveled the country, but burlesque’s popularity diminished as other forms of nudity entered the culture. 
00.000.1931, the Minskys moved to Broadway and opened the Republic Theater.  There, they helped give rise to many popular performers, including Gypsy Rose Lee, who became a headliner at the Republic and used comedy as she undressed. 
During the depression of the 1930s, burlesque became a popular form of entertainment for working-class men.  Business boomed at the Minsky theaters but declined elsewhere, including at Ziefeld’s theater.

Striptease came to burlesque performance in the 19th century.  As Jessica Glasscock notes in her recent book Striptease: From Gaslight to Spotlight, concert saloons used sex appeal to sell alcohol by employing scantily clad waitresses. It was Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes who, in 1867, posed the first real challenge to decorum when they exposed their legs in flesh-colored tights and moved about on-stage without corsets—an act considered to be nudity. 

The turn of the century brought more risqué performance to the stage
20.Jul.2006 WWIII. Newt Gingrich has crafted what he considers a winning Republican slogan for the upcoming elections: "We're in a world war. The Republicans started it + only they can win it!"
This odd mixture of hubris, hypocrisy and sensationalism conjures up an uncomfortable historical parallel. When was the last time an imperial power ruled by an unpopular autocrat alienated the populace by blundering into a global conflict?
I'm thinking of Russia under the Tsar. The results were unpleasant.
20.Jul.2006 Britische Studie: USA sind Zentrum der Kinderpornografie
20.Jul.2006 Israels Militäroffensive: Peres zweifelt libanesische Opferzahlen an
20.Jul.2006 Flüchtlingsstrom: Zypern verlangt mehr Evakuierungsflüge

20.Jul.2006 Israels Außenpolitik: Bewährungsprobe für Golda Meirs Erbin

20.Jul.2006 Iran: Ahmadinedschad schickt Brief an Merkel
Japan: Quallenhorde legt Atomkraftwerk lahm
Bombenhagel: Israel zielt auf Hisbollah- Bunker

20.Jul.2006 Patriotismus: Kein Ende der Fahnenstange

20.Jul.2006 US- Mindestlohn: Klassenkampf im Kongress

20.Jul.2006 Militäroffensive im Südlibanon: Tausende Flüchtlinge durch Angriffe eingeschlossen
Prior to joining AlliedSignal, Leonard held a wide range of executive positions. These included chief operating officer for Eastern Air Lines as well as a number of key management positions at American Airlines, Northwest Airlines and the Boeing Company.
00.000.2004 he was honored by the publisher of Aviation Week and Space Technology with the prestigious Laureates Award. The Laureates represent an elite class of distinguished men and women who epitomize the values and vision of the global aerospace industry.

20.Jul.2006 Honeywell Manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products, integrator and also service...

Über uns - Lumilux Lumineszenz Pigmente Die US-Konzerne AlliedSignal Inc. und Honeywell Inc. fusionieren zum neuen Konzern Honeywell. Aus der Riedel-de Haën GmbH wird die Honeywell Specialty ...

FCC Ruling on Inmarsat Privatization Will be Key for Intelsat Lockheed Martin also owns 16 % of New Skies Satellites NV of The Hague, Netherlands + 14 % of Inmarsat. Lockheed Martin previously wrote down ...
The moment new students begins their studies at St Edmund Hall, they automatically become 'Aularians', a word that derives from the Latin 'aula' (Hall) and means 'members of the Hall'. This membership is life-long. The college's ethnically diverse Aularian community stretches right out across the world and currently comprises almost 10,000 alumni (former students) and current students, made up of nearly 80 different nationalities
Anthony Best (1979) Managing Director, JP Morgan Securities; Nigel Blackwell (1966) Chairman, The Blackwell Group; Philip Broadley FCA (1980) Director, Prudential plc; Sir David Cooksey (1959) Chairman, Advent Venture Partners; Nicholas Cross (1965) Oxford Semi-conductors Ltd; John Currey CBE (1959) Chairman ACAL plc; Steve Edwards (1976) Chairman & CEO, Geneva Technology Ltd; Timothy Elliott (1978) Managing Director, JP Morgan; Charles Fisher (1968) Chairman, Sharpe & Fisher plc; Richard Gillingwater (1974) Managing Director, Credit Suisse First Boston; Richard Grainger (1979) Director, Hill Samuel Bank; Adrian Haxby (1977) Managing Director, UBS Warburg; Peter Johnson (1965) Chief Executive, George Wimpey plc; Ian Laing (1965) Chairman, Lansdown Estates Group Ltd; Douglas McCallum (1985), Managing Director, ebay UK; William R Miller OBE (1949) former Vice-Chairman, Bristol-Myers Squibb USA; Gareth Roberts (1971) President, Denbury Resources, Inc. USA; Andrew Rolfe (1985) President of International Division, Gap Clothing Inc.; Peter Rothwell (1978) Managing Director, Airtours Holidays; Gurdon Wattles (1978), Director, Deutsche Bank

U.S. SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 17944 / January 21, 2003

SEC v. Blackwell et al. , (U.S.D.C. S..D. Ohio, Civil Action No. C2-03-0063, filed January 21, 2003)

SEC v. Parker et al. , (U.S.D.C. S.D. Ohio, Civil Action No. C2-03-0065, filed January 21, 2003)

SEC v. Maxwell et al. , (U.S.D.C. S.D. Ohio, Civil Action No. C2-03-0064, filed January 21, 2003)

On January 21, 2003, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed three related cases with the USA District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, charging 11 individuals and two entities with illegal insider trading in Worthington Foods, Inc. ("Worthington") securities prior to the announcement on October 1, 1999 of the Kellogg Company's ("Kellogg") acquisition of Worthington

In the first case, the SEC charged that during August and September 1999, Roger D. Blackwell ("Blackwell"), a resident of Columbus, Ohio, illegally disclosed inside information he obtained while serving as a director of Worthington about Kellogg's proposed acquisition of Worthington to: (1) his father Dale Blackwell, a resident of Upper Arlington, Ohio, (2) son Christian Blackwell, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, (3) his office assistant and close friend Kelley Hughes and her husband Kevin Stacy, residents of Columbus, Ohio, (4) his close business associate attorney Arnold Jack, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, (3) Black-Jack Enterprises, Roger Blackwell's 50/50 investment partnership with Jack + (6) the Roger Blackwell and Associates Pension Plan Trust, Roger Blackwell's marketing company's pension plan (the "Blackwell Group"). In total, the Blackwell Group made approximately $245,000 in ill-gotten profits by illegally trading on the inside information.
St Edmund Hall, Oxford: Home Anthony Best (1979) Managing Director, JP Morgan Securities; Nigel Blackwell (1966) Chairman, The Blackwell Group ; Philip Broadley FCA (1980) Director, ... -

20.Jul.2006 CA Blackwell (Contracts) Ltd information and related industry ... Past projects include the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Middlehaven Docks remediation. CA Blackwell (Contracts) is a subsidiary of the CA Blackwell Group.
20.Jul.2006 Blackwell et al.; Parker et al.; Maxwell et al.: Lit. Rel. No ... In total, the Blackwell Group made approximately $245000 in ill-gotten profits by illegally trading on the inside information. ...

20.Jul.2006 KB IMPULS HELLAS Formed through the partial privatisation of INTELSAT, New Skies Satellites NV ( New Skies ) is a wholly independent satellite operator with five satellites in ...

20.Jul.2006 Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) The Committee is especially troubled by INTELSAT's New Skies , NV proposal. This spin-off will be harmful to private satellite competitors because it will ...
20.Jul.2006 Vendors and Services New Skies Satellites NV ( New Skies ) is a wholly independent satellite operator with five satellites in key orbital locations around the globe. ...
20.Jul.2006 Testimony of Daniel S. Goldberg Chief Executive Officer New Skies ... - HTML-Version

APPLICABLE TO NEW SKIES SATELLITES NV . Provisions Specifically Applicable to New Skies Under Section 623: Public offering conducted no later than July 31 ...
20.Jul.2006 FALCON STREAM CAIRO, Egypt, May 6, 2004 - KMS (Kuwait Messaging Services)/FalconStream + New Skies Satellites NV (AEX, NYSE: NSK), the global satellite communications ...

:. FALCON STREAM THE HAGUE, Netherlands, May 5, 2003 - KMS (Kuwait Messaging Services)/FalconStream and New Skies Satellites NV (AEX, NYSE: NSK), the global satellite ...
PTC2002 New Skies Satellites , NV is a global satellite communications company with five satellites in geo synchronous orbit and ground facilities around the world. ...

Purchase Values PanAmSat Higher Than Rivals SES Global, New Skies ... markets are currently giving competitors SES Global + New Skies Satellites. ... of Luxembourg + New Skies Satellites NV of The Hague, Netherlands.

Blackstone Gets New Skies with Bid of $956.1 Million PARIS — Satellite -fleet operator New Skies Satellites NV solicited buyout bids from 15 private-equity companies and two satellite operators before settling ...
LOCKHEED MARTIN AWARDED CONTRACT TO BUILD FIRST INTERACTIVE ... Headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, New Skies Satellite NV is the only satellite operator based outside the USA with true global coverage ...
New Skies Selects Boeing 702 Satellite for NSS-8 Washington/March ... Washington/

28.Mar.2001 Satnews- New Skies Satellites NV (NYSE: NSK; AEX: NSK), the global satellite communications company, has signed a contract with ...
TBS: Interview: Delores Martos, New Skies Satellite New Skies Satellites NV is a private global system of commercial telecommunications satellites incorporated in The Netherlands.

Ms. Martos joined New Skies ...
02.Nov.2004 New Skies Satellites NV was suspended from trading on both ... cash for the underlying ordinary shares of New Skies Satellites NV Holders ...

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP The firm represented The Blackstone Group in its acquisition of New Skies Satellites NV for $956 million in cash (equivalent to approximately $7.96 per ...

Boeing: New Skies Selects High-Capacity Boeing 702 Satellite to ... New Skies Satellites NV has placed an order with Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. (BSS), for its most capable satellite , the Boeing 702.


28.Mar.2001 -- New Skies Satellites NV has placed an order with Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. (BSS), for its most capable satellite , ...
Lobbying Spending Database: New Skies Satellites NV Summary, 2005 Summary profile of lobbying by New Skies Satellites NV 00.000.2005.

New Skies Satellites - Blackstone Group On June 25, 2004, Munaro Holding BV (“Munaro”) and New Skies Satellites NV (“ New Skies ”) (collectively, “Applicants”) filed an application pursuant to ..

Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554 ... HTML-Version Satellite Radio Applications For Earth Stations To Operate With INTELSAT Satellites Transferred to New Skies Satellites NV . File Nos. ...

New Skies Satellites To Be Acquired By Blackstone The Hague (SPX) Jun 07, 2004 - New Skies Satellites NV , the global satellite communications company, today announced that it has signed a definitive ...

New Skies Bird Shipped To Kourou For April launch The NSS-7 telecommunications satellite , designed + built by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS) for New Skies Satellites NV was shipped ...

20.Jul.2006 NewSkies - Wikipedia New Skies Satellites NV war bis zum Kauf durch SES Global im Dezember 2005 ein in Bermuda registrierter + in den Niederlanden tätiger Satellitenbetreiber ...
James K Galbraith: Doing maths in Mexico : While Mexicans take to the streets over the presidential vote, democracy's fairweather friends are standing silent.

20.Jul.2006 India: Spy game: Big guys being shielded? : Shiv Shankar Paul, the computer analyst at the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), who was arrested recently on charges of alleged leaking of secret documents to a US diplomat, has said in his bail application before a city court that there are "Big Guys" from the NSC behind the espionage ring, apart from him and Mukesh Saini.

20.Jul.2006 Another war for democracy? Ethiopia may invade Somalia to stop Islamic militia: Ethiopia is prepared to invade neighbouring Somalia to defend its UN-backed government against what appeared to be an imminent attack by Islamic militiamen, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

20.Jul.2006 Kenya sect bunkers down for doomsday : Members of a religious sect in central Kenya are bracing themselves for a nuclear war predicted to take place no later than 12.Sep.2006.

20.Jul.2006 Maureen Dowd: Animal House Summit : Reporters who covered W.’s 2000 campaign often wondered whether the Bush scion would give up acting the fool if he got to be the king.

20.Jul.2006 Cindy Sheehan: Me, Hugo and George : On a recent appearance that I made on MSNBC's Hardball which was being guest hosted by Norah O' Donnell, she introduced me as someone who has been photographed with "dictator" Hugo Chavez. Reed Concedes Defeat Ga. Lt. Gov Primary: Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, unable to overcome his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, conceded defeat Tuesday in Georgia's Republican race for lieutenant governor.

20.Jul.2006 Evidence Chicago Police Tortured Suspects: The four-year investigation focused on allegations that 148 black men were tortured in Chicago police interrogation rooms in the 1970s and '80s. The men claimed detectives under the command of Lt. Jon Burge beat them, used electric shocks, played mock Russian roulette and started to smother at least one to elicit confessions.
Bush Has Killed More Americans Than Were Slaughtered On 9/11
Abid Ullah Jan: Greater Israel: Does it make sense now?: The blame for the current Israeli war falls entirely on Israel's friends, who approve occupation, racism, repression and deployment of inhuman methods in the service Zionists hegemonic designs.

20.Jul.2006 Israeli Assault on Lebanon Inflicting "Mass Punishment on a Whole People" : I think the massacre of the innocents must obviously apply to both sides. The Israeli dead have an equal right to that claim. But the scale -- I mean, “disproportionate” is not the word for it -- the scale of the response is obscene.

20.Jul.2006 Get ready for more Arab roundups....: FBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise: The FBI is trying to ferret out possible Hizbollah agents in the USA amid concerns that rising U.S.-Iranian tensions could trigger attacks on American soil, FBI officials said.

20.Jul.2006 10,000 rally in Dearborn in support of Lebanon: Carrying banners saying "Stop Israeli Terrorism" and chanting antiwar slogans, some 10,000 people rallied in the center of metro Detroit's Arab-American community in Dearborn on Tuesday, demanding that the U.S. government put pressure on Israel to halt attacks in Lebanon.
20.Jul.2006 Pigs at the trough:
America's deadly messenger : Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York) stood at a small podium adorned with the symbol of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations to give a speech in praise of Israel.. "We will stand with Israel, because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones," Clinton said.

Report: Two Israeli troops killed in Lebanon: It has been reported that two Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes with Hezbollah guerrillas inside the Lebanese border with Israel.
300 civilians killed in Israel's week-old bombardment: Lebanon's prime minister said Wednesday that 300 people have been killed, 1,000 have been wounded and a half-million displaced in Israel's week-old onslaught on Lebanon.

20.Jul.2006 Pigs at the trough: Bush Supports Israel's Attack On Lebanon: In blunt language, President Bush yesterday endorsed Israel's campaign to cripple or eliminate Hezbollah, charged that Syria is trying to reassert control of Lebanon + called for the isolation of Iran.

20.Jul.2006 Pigs at the trough: Congress Is Giving Israel Vote of Confidence: Both Parties Back Ally, Court Jewish Support

20.Jul.2006 2 Minute Video: Tony Snow and Helen Thomas: “Thank You for the Hezbollah View”

20.Jul.2006 Rice will back demands for ceasefire - after a few more days of carnage : "It is clear at the UN, at the G8 + at the EU foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels that the US has used its influence to block calls for a ceasefire," a senior European official said yesterday.

20.Jul.2006 Juan Cole: Call Congress!: Ask them why we had to evacuate 25,000 Americans if civilian non-combatants are not being put in extreme danger by indiscriminate Israeli bombing?
Israeli air raids kill at least 49 civilians and a one Hizbollah fighter: Israeli troops crossed the border invaded Lebanon and attacked Hizbollah posts. Al Arabiya television said two Israeli soldiers had been killed + two wounded in clashes with the Shi'ite guerrillas
20.Jul.2006 Secrecy ruling by judge on Blair-Bush talk : The public must be prevented from learning the contents of a conversation between Tony Blair and President George Bush about the conduct of the war in Iraq - crucial evidence in a forthcoming official secrets trial - an Old Bailey judge ruled yesterday.

20.Jul.2006 Turkey Announces Readiness To Invade Iraq: Turkish officials announced today that their country is now fully prepared to go into Iraq, if American, as well as Iraqi, forces do not combat Turkish Kurdish guerilla troops
Lebanon’s Expendable People -By Mike Whitney
Lebanon was the last straw. It proves that everything Bin Laden said was true: “They have come to take your land and your resources; they have come to shame your women and disgrace your culture; they have come to humiliate you in front of your children and heap ignominy on your religion.” Where was he wrong?

20.Jul.2006 If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours -By Ahmad Samih Khalidi
Israel is staking a claim to the exclusive use of force as an instrument of policy and punishment + is seeking to deny any opposing state or non-state actor a similar right. It is also largely succeeding in portraying its own "right to self-defence" as beyond question, while denying anyone else the same. And the international community is effectively endorsing Israel's stance on both counts.

20.Jul.2006 The Politics of Proportionality -By Remi Kanazi:
In the past six days, more than 230 Lebanese have perished at the hands of Israeli forces, nearly all of whom were civilians. The scene in Gaza is equally bleak. Since the start of the month, the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) killed nearly 100 Palestinians.

20.Jul.2006 "Stop that shit!" Death, destruction. Unimaginable human suffering. -By Uri Avnery
The most disgusting sight: George Bush in a playful mood sitting on his chair in St Petersburg, with his loyal servant, Tony Blair, leaning over him + solving the problem: "See? What they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbullah to stop doing that shit + it's over." Thus spoke the leader of the world + the seven dwarfs - "the great of the world" - say Amen.

20.Jul.2006  Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How Israel manipulates and distorts American public perceptions This is a must watch documentary. Windows Media

20.Jul.2006 U.S. Occupation Death Toll Rises Above 100 Per Day, U.N. Says: Anaverage of more than 100 civilians per day were killed in Iraq last month, the United Nations reported Tuesday, registering what appears to be the highest official monthly tally of violent deaths since the fall of Baghdad.
Lebanon's 9/11 - Picture Album

What exactly do our politicians mean when the say we support Israel in its action against Lebanon? What is it that they support? Surely not this carnage?

WARNING Graphic images depicting the reality and horror of Israel's Invasion and destruction of Lebanon.. Click here to view

20.Jul.2006 Beirut Evacuations By Jonathan Cook

Israel has opened “windows” for the foreign powers to evacuate their terrified nationals from Lebanon. Obligingly, the foreign media have turned these “windows” into an opportunity to avert their gaze further from the death and destruction in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. Continue

20.Jul.2006 Paradise Lost Robert Fisk's elegy for Beirut
We leave the Lebanese to their fate like a diseased people + spend our time evacuating our precious foreigners while tut-tutting about Israel's "disproportionate" response to the capture of its soldiers by Hizbollah.

Civil war spreads across Iraq -By Patrick Cockburn in Iraq
In the past 10 days, while the world has been absorbed by the war in Lebanon, sectarian massacres have started to take place on an almost daily basis, leading observers to fear a level of killing approaching that of Rwanda immediately before the genocide of 1994.

20.Jul.2006 US hawks smell blood -By Jim Lobe
Seeing a major opportunity to regain influence lost as a result of setbacks in Iraq, prominent neo-conservatives are calling for unconditional US support for Israel's military offensives in Gaza + Lebanon + "regime change" in Syria + Iran, as well as possible US attacks on Tehran's nuclear facilities in retaliation for its support of Hezbollah.

20.Jul.2006 USA to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah -By Ewen MacAskill, Simon Tisdall + Patrick Wintour

Bush 'gave green light' for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources . Continue
Sturm in den USA: 440.000 Haushalte ohne Strom
Eskalation in Nahost: Uno erwägt Untersuchung wegen Kriegverbrechen
Studie: Schlechte Sicherheitsstandards bei Online- Banking

20.Jul.2006 USA: Bush blockiert Gesetz zur Stammzellforschung
20.Jul.2006 Israels Militäroffensive: USA wollen Flüchtlinge durch eigene Soldaten schützen
20.Jul.2006 Sommer 2006: Hitze- Welle fordert Tote
20.Jul.2006 Angebliche Hasspropaganda: Indien lässt Weblogs sperren
US- Notenbank: Bernanke treibt Aktienkurse an
20.Jul.2006 Libanons Armee: Sozialarbeiter in Uniform
Funkstille an Bayerns Schulen: "Ohne Handy fühlen wir uns nackt"
20.Jul.2006 Irak: Tausende Zivilisten getötet
20.Jul.2006 Krieg in Nahost: 3000 Deutsche flüchten aus Beirut
Italien: EU nimmt TV- Imperium von Berlusconi ins Visier
Eine Zwei-Klassen-Gesellschaft herrschte im England des ausgehenden ersten Jahrtausends nach Christus: Das halten britische Forscher für die plausibelste Erklärung.

Die Angeln und Sachsen hätten als privilegierte Klasse deutlich mehr Nachkommen hervorbringen können als die ursprünglich ansässigen Kelten, sagen Wissenschaftler des University College London.

Der Evolutionsbiologe Mark Thomas und seine Kollegen untermauern diese These mit einer Computersimulation der Bevölkerungentwicklung über die Jahrhunderte.

Als Basis nahmen die Wissenschaftler die Zahl der Einwanderer, geschätzte 10.000 bis 200.000 + die Anzahl der damals einheimischen Briten von rund zwei Millionen.

Im Computer spielten sie durch, wie sich das Verhältnis dieser Zahlen abhängig von herrschenden Gesellschaftsmodellen verändert haben könnte.

Bei diesen Simulationen versuchten sie, ein Endergebnis zu erzielen, das dem heutigen Genpool nahe kommt, wie sie im Fachmagazin "Proceedings of the Royal Society B" schreiben.

Am ehesten, so ihr Ergebnis, lässt sich die Ausbreitung des Angelsachsen-Chromosoms mit einer Zwei-Klassen-Gesellschaft erklären.

Die privilegierten Angelsachsen konnten mehr Kinder ernähren und großziehen und sich daher auch stärker vermehren als die überwiegend arme Unterschicht. "Kulturelle und genetische Germanisierung"
Historiker Tom Segev: "Israel hat nur auf eine Gelegenheit gewartet"

19.Jul.2006 Computermodell: Angelsächsische Apartheid in England

19.Jul.2006 Festnahmen und Klagen: Druck auf Wett- Anbieter wächst
Nahost- Krise: Fischer wirft dem Westen schwere Fehler vor
Krise in Nahost: Direkte Gefechte zwischen Israel und Hisbollah
Offensive gegen Hisbollah: USA wollen Israel noch eine Woche gewähren lassen
Supercomputer: Extremwetter- Vorhersage für 30 Jahre
Flüchtlingsdrama im Libanon: "Vor meinen Kindern versuche ich, fröhlich zu sein"
Krise in Nahost: Israels Luftwaffe bombardiert Innenstadt von Beirut
Uno- Einsätze im Nahen Osten: Zahnlose Blauhelme
Nahost- Krise: Künast wirft Merkel Untätigkeit vor
Revolte im BDI: Ex- Präsidenten machen gegen Röttgen mobil

19.Jul.2006 Aufstand gegen EU: Glos verbündet sich mit England und Frankreich
Uno- Einsatz im Libanon: Kampfeinsatz oder Beobachtermission?

19.Jul.2006 Genom: Forscher wollen das Neandertaler- Rätsel entschlüsseln

19.Jul.2006 Trotz erwartetem Bush- Veto: US- Senat will Stammzellenforschung stärker fördern
Rupert Cornwell: A telling insight into the one-sided relationship with Bush : The live microphone exchanges captured yesterday between George Bush and Tony Blair offer a snapshot between an articulate but ultimately subordinate Prime Minister and the verbally stumbling President.

18.Jul.2006 Terror survey has frightening outlook : Some 84 % of the analysts disagreed with President George W. Bush's assessment that the USA was winning the war on terror.

18.Jul.2006 The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile: You don't have to be an intellectual to see how painfully stupid our president is.

18.Jul.2006 U.S. is called unhelpful in probe of abduction : Germany said Sunday that the U.S. has refused to help probe the alleged CIA abduction of a German citizen.

18.Jul.2006 Gonzales: Bush blocked eavesdropping probe: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that President Bush personally blocked Justice Department lawyers from pursuing an internal probe of the warrantless eavesdropping program that monitors Americans' international calls and e-mails when terrorism is suspected.

18.Jul.2006 Bob Herbert: The Definition of Tyranny : Congress is dithering and the American public doesn't even seem particularly concerned as the administration of George W. Bush systematically trashes such fundamental American values as justice, due process, respect for human rights and submission to the rule of law.
18.Jul.2006 War pimp alert:
Israel in its best position to mount air strike on Iran : Israel is in the best position militarily in its history to mount air strikes against Iran, after a decade of buying U.S.-produced long-range aircraft, penetrating bombs and aerial refueling tankers.

18.Jul.2006 In case you missed it: Lebanon exposes Mossad network: Lebanese authorities have broken up an Israeli spy ring whose members have claimed responsibility for a string of killings of leading Hezbollah and Palestinian militants since 00.000.1999 .
Blaming The Victim In Gaza : Few readers will be aware that on June 24, the day before the "kidnapping", Israeli commandos had entered the Gaza Strip and captured two Palestinians claimed by Israel to be members of Hamas.

18.Jul.2006 Michael Lerner: Middle East Violence: Neocons' Fantasy: The champions of American global empire are using the latest upsurge of violence in the Middle East to give new life to their discredited plan to extend the war in Iraq to Syria and Iran. The neo-con Weekly Standard has taken the lead in its July 24th cover issue, proclaiming that the current violence is "Iran's Proxy War" against the West.

18.Jul.2006 Interview: Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad on U.S. Foreign Policy, the Resistance in Iraq, Syrian-Lebanese Relations : An interview with Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad. Audio and transcript

18.Jul.2006 War pimp alert: Blair: Iran and Syria must stop Middle East crisis : "Hizbullah is supported by Iran and Syria, by the former in weapons, weapons incidentally very similar if not identical to those used against British troops in Basra, [and] by the latter in many different ways and by both financially," he told MPs.

18.Jul.2006 War pimp alert: Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel: If America wants to ignite World War Three ... we welcome it," he said.
World Health Organization: Lebanese Residents Displaced by Israeli Bombardment Expected to Top 900,000: We go to Beirut to get a report from Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Anthony Shadid of the Washington Post.

18.Jul.2006 'It is madness. Why is no one doing anything to stop this?': A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in southern Lebanon where the Israeli war machine, determined to destroy Hezbollah once and for all, has been pounding the scruffy villages that dot these stony hills and valleys.

18.Jul.2006 Israeli airstrike destroys medical truck : A truck carrying United Arab Emirates medical aid for Lebanon was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike today, an Emirates official said.

18.Jul.2006 Jonathan Cook: Notes from northern Israel: This is all part of Israel’s claim that it is fighting George Bush’s “war on terror”. Predictably, the BBC obliged by regurgitating this piece of racist nonsense.

18.Jul.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: Where are the Christians? : Israel's rampage against a defenseless Lebanon – smashing airport runways, fuel tanks, power plants, gas stations, lighthouses, bridges, roads and the occasional refugee convoy – has exposed Bush's folly in subcontracting U.S. policy out to Tel Aviv, thus making Israel the custodian of our reputation and interests in the Middle East.

18.Jul.2006 Israeli children sign their missiles ‘with love’ : Never have I witnessed such an appalling display of utter contempt for human life. + they're not even ashamed to beam it across the globe, for all the world to see. 18.Jul.2006 Nearly 6,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed In May, June as U.S. occupation continues: The report by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq, which was released today, said most of the victims were killed in Baghdad.
18.Jul.2006 One Giant Gaza Strip from the Caspian to the Red Sea -By Mike Whitney -Israel’s rationale is merely an apology for state terrorism and it’s utterly meaningless in respect to the enormous damage they’ve caused. Continue

18.Jul.2006 Israel's path to total war -By Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Despite dire warnings by certain US politicians, such as Senator John Warner, the Bush administration has failed to call on Israel to halt its offensive, opting instead to focus on Syria and Iran - reminding one of the Vietnam War when Moscow or Peking (Beijing) were often blamed for the efforts of the North Vietnamese.

18.Jul.2006 Writing with their children’s blood. -By Sam Bahour
Israel’s disregard for the rule of law, let alone the well-being of its own captured soldiers, coupled with the US’s blind and public support of every Israeli violation of UN resolutions and acts of aggression is the foundation that was poured to allow for Israel’s current rampage.

City mourns air strike dead -By Clancy Chassay in Tyre
Whatever the Israelis' intended target, the bomb fell on a small water canal next to the Qasmia refugee camp, home to about 500 Palestinians. Its victims were 11 children taking an afternoon swim in the canal.

18.Jul.2006 Leviathan run amok -By Pepe Escobar - The perception in the Arab street - as well as for most of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims - has been reinforced: the US/Israel axis seems to hold a license to kill Arabs with impunity. Continue

18.Jul.2006 "The Insane Brutality of the State of Israel" -Atrocities in the Promised Land -By Kathleen Christison

It needs to be said now, loudly: those who devise and carry out Israeli policies have made Israel into a monster + it has come time for all of us -- all Israelis, all Jews who allow Israel to speak for them, all Americans who do nothing to end U.S. support for Israel and its murderous policies -- to recognize that we stain ourselves morally by continuing to sit by while Israel carries out its atrocities against the Palestinians. Continue

18.Jul.2006 Fmr. Director of the CIA calls for U.S. attack on Syria 2 Minute Video

18.Jul.2006 "I think the last thing we want to do now is to start talking about ceasefires " Click here to watch Windows Media

18.Jul.2006 'Blow up my city and I'll blow up yours' -By Robert Fisk in Kfar Chim Lebanon
We pant like dogs as we run for the vast palace in which the Lebanese Prime Minister holds court and where the men from the United Nations have arrived to bring us Peace in Our Time.

Israel kills another 42 Lebanese civilians -By Juan Cole - There may be an element of ethnic cleansing in Israeli tactics. Continue

18.Jul.2006 Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton - By Agence France Presse -US Ambassador John Bolton said there was no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in Israel from "malicious terrorist acts". Continue
"From the 'pain ray' to the 'death ray':
Have direct energy weapons already been deployed by U.S. forces in Iraq?" -By Brett Wagner
Nothing in my training or experience as a national security specialist prepared me for what I witnessed last month when viewing a newly released documentary news video concerning an extremely controversial new generation of U.S. weaponry which may have already been secretly deployed in Iraq. This sort of thing is not for the faint of heart.
For the past few years the U.S. military has been developing new technology based on "directed energy" yielding two new types of weapons.
The first, "Active Denial System," has been nicknamed the "pain ray" -- and with good reason. It fires out millimeter waves -- a sort of cousin of microwaves, in the 95 GHz range. The invisible beams penetrate just 1/64th of
an inch beneath the skin, directly affecting the nerve endings + a 2-second burst can heat the skin to 130 degrees. Charles Heal, a widely recognized authority on nonlethal weapons who has dubbed the ray the "Holy Grail of crowd control," likened it to having a hot iron pressed against the skin.
Deploying the pain ray would be a clear violation of international law, which prohibits weapons whose primary intention is to inflict pain. Earlier this year, a U.S. military commander in Iraq requested that, despite the ban, the weapon be deployed immediately. But following the efforts of our organization and others opposing that request, Washington has indefinitely delayed any deployment pending further testing and analysis.
The second form of directed energy weaponry fires out microwaves, a form of energy well known for its use in modern kitchen appliances. I have nicknamed this weapon the "death ray" -- and with good reason. Exposing mammals to microwaves is known to make them explode.
The documentary news video in question, which was released online recently (16 May 2006) by a major Italian news service, examines evidence that the U.S. military has deployed – dating back to the 2003 battle for Baghdad Airport – a new generation of weaponry likely based on firing microwaves. Viewer discretion is advised: even as a former professor for the U.S. Naval War College, this goes way beyond my comfort zone
Judging from the reported effects of the weaponry, it likely includes "speed of light" technology defying the generic term "laser" and it is my professional opinion that it also likely includes the use of microwaves, judging from the descriptions of bodies that seem to have inexplicably exploded.
However, I cannot imagine the scientific explanation for the cadavers that reportedly shrunk to the size of approximately one-meter in length after being exposed to some sort of ray (the cause of death) and then inadvertently struck by bullets. Neither do I have an explanation for what one eyewitness describes as a bus transformed "like a cloth, like a wet cloth" and shrunk to
the size of a Volkswagen. To me, it sounds like a very intense form of microwaves.
The statements by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and General Myers excerpted from a 2003 archived press conference are especially revealing:
JOURNALIST: Mr. Secretary, can I ask you a question about some of the technology that you're developing to fight the war on terrorists, specifically directed energy and high-powered microwave technology? When do you envision that you can weaponize that type of technology?
DONALD RUMSFELD (appearing noticeably uncomfortable with the question): In the normal order of things, when you invest in research and development and begin a developmental project, you don't have any intention or expectations that one would use it. On the other hand, the real world intervenes from time to time + you reach in there and take something out that is still in a developmental stage + you might use it.
JOURNALIST: But you sound like you're willing to experiment with it.
GENERAL MYERS: Yeah, I think that's the point. And I think we have from the beginning of this conflict… I think General Franks [commander of U.S. forces in Iraq] has been very open to looking at new things, if there are new things available + has been willing to put them into the fight, even before they've been fully wrung out… And we will continue to do that.

18.Jul.2006 Psychedelic mushrooms earn serious 2d look from science  Psychedelic mushrooms have been a stubborn part of the nation's drug problem for decades, offering their users a potentially dangerous + decidedly illegal, way to warp their consciousness. Now government-funded scientists have found that the active ingredient in the mushrooms could be a powerful tool for scientific research + they say it should be explored as a potential treatment for depression, anxiety + other disorders.
18.Jul.2006 US using 'dangerous new form of weapon'  Death ray in Iraq?
18.Jul.2006 Colonial myths of Angkor Wat in ruins  The effect of the temples and of the myths surrounding them has been enormous and by no means entirely beneficial. Many of the myths surrounding Angkor and the Khmer developed in the colonial era (1863-1953) and only recently have been called into question. Contrary to much popular writing about Angkor, for example, the ruins were never forgotten by the Khmer, nor were the temples lost in the jungle, as many early writers suggested.
18.Jul.2006 From the Bush Obstructs Justice Department: "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that President Bush personally blocked Justice Department lawyers from pursuing an internal probe of the warrantless eavesdropping program that monitors Americans' international calls and e-mails when terrorism is suspected."
Don't Talk About the New Pro-Democracy Media; Make it Happen! Vote with Your Dollars.
Senate approves embryonic stem cell bill; Bush vows veto. Tony Snow, simplifying the subject to the point of stupidity, says, "The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong." Murder? What sheer stupidity. However, Snow's idiotic remark begs the question, "If Bush thinks murder is wrong, why'd he start a war in Iraq?" 7/19
"Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future." Read About It and Support BuzzFlash at the Same Time.
Gun Industry Fights for Bill That Would Turn Cops Into Criminals 7/19
Here's Your Chance to Sound Off on the Middle East Crisis at The Last Chance Democracy Cafe. All Opinions are Solely Those of the Writers. And Keep It Civil, Alright?
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Senate Should Stop Anti-Trigger Lock Bill In Its Tracks 7/19
Fetus Farming - Another Rove and Republican Issue That Doesn't Exist 7/19
Our Dr. Evil, Dick Cheney, "Warns" Against Iraq Timetable. If Arrogant, Stubborn, Wrong-Headed, Profiteering White Guys Can't Make Mistakes and Keep Making Them, While Chronically Lying, What's This World Coming to? (That's Our BuzzFlash Translation of the Dick's REAL Thoughts?)

18.Jul.2006 By the way, our news agencies are at it again. Reuters refers to the crowd pictured above as "thousands." I think we are safe in presuming hundreds of thousands .

Fortunately, pictures speak louder than lies. Permalink
18.Jul.2006 Mexico shows the way Corrupt government has beset Mexico for so many years, it is surprising to see that democracy -- true in-the-streets, in-your-face democracy -- is now more vibrant there than it is in the USA.

Huge crowds chanting "You are not alone," cheered Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, runner-up in the July 2 election by a fraction, on a march through the capital to the Zocalo square.
The size of the protest, bigger than a similar demonstration last week, gave Lopez Obrador a lift in his attempt to persuade an election court to declare him winner.
"We are going to start peaceful civil resistance to defend democracy," Lopez Obrador told supporters, some of whom walked, traveled on battered old buses or even rode on horseback to the capital from around the country. Damn. That's how to do it.

18.Jul.2006 This is the clown funding a country using white phosphorus weapons in Lebanon.

Wowie kazowey, Butchie-boy -- how did they fit the entire valley of Megiddo in the center ring? Permalink
18.Jul.2006 I encourage you to tell everyone you know what is going on. We need to shed as much light on this situation as we possibly can, as fast as we can
MUST READ: Brad Friedman interviews
RFK Jr. An excerpt: HAVA was written specifically to require the states to buy Diebold machines. I mean one company basically had control of the whole legislative process.

That's why HAVA has a provision in it that discourages vote verification by paper ballots. Both Republicans and Democrats tried to reform the HAVA, saying of course we should have paper verification of the vote.

Paper verification would allow you to go in, make your vote on the electronic machine + you get a receipt that is a copy of who you voted for and you are allowed to examine that receipt.

You deposit it in a locked box in the voting area. That way, if there's ever any question, if you need to count, you can count the papers + see if it compares to what the machine says.
But Bob Ney fought tooth and nail against that provision because Diebold made a machine that does not provide a paper ballot.

And he went so far, because Diebold contributed a million dollars to an organization that purportedly protects the rights of blind people.

And in exchange for that, that organization got one of its officers to testify on Capitol Hill at the HAVA hearings, that blind people in America did not want paper ballots - voter verified ballots - because it would deprive someone of the right to vote secretly. Now the other organizations that support handicapped rights and rights of the blind, do not take that position.

This was a position that that organization adopted after accepting a million dollars from Diebold. The whole operation was corrupt and now Bob Ney is going to jail for it.

Hearings? The head of the Democratic Party in San DIego has asked for hearings about those notorious "machine sleepovers" -- which allowed all-too-hackable voting machines to rest in the homes of private citizens. Permalink
18.Jul.2006 Vote news: It's happening AGAIN! EMERGENCY!

They are robbing Cynthia McKinney's vote at this writing: DIEBOLD ELECTRONIC MACHINES MALFUNCTION, VOTE FOR OTHER CANDIDATE
(Decatur) After one hour of voting, the McKinney campaign has received numerous calls that the voting machines are malfunctioning.

Voters casting votes for McKinney are reportedly having their votes switched by the machines for Hank Johnson. This is not a new problem with Diebold machines.

Lawyers for the campaign have been alerted and said that If this situation is not corrected, Cynthia McKinney for Congress will be forced to take additional measures.

A McKinney representative confirmed for me that these reports have been coming in all morning. By every account, votes for Congresswoman McKinney have "morphed" into votes for Johnson.

So far, nobody has heard one anecdotal report of an intended vote for Johnson turning into a vote for McKinney.
Gonzales: Bush Blocked NSA Probe Under sharp questioning from the Senate Judiciary Committee, AG Alberto Gonzales says the president is responsible for nixing an internal probe by Justice Department lawyers of the warrantless eavesdropping program.
Fuel Economy Stuck in Neutral Despite the move to hybrids, lighter weight materials and the ability to turn off cylinders, vehicles on the road suck up just as much gas as ever. In Autopia.
Attorney general: Bush blocked spy program review Alberto Gonzales also presses for controversial law that would permit secret court to review NSA spy program.
00.May 2001 Actualités sur les sectes - ... dont celles de la World Anti- Communist League ( WACL ), à partir de 1966 ... quantité d'argent, destiné aux établissements bancaires du Luxembourg .

Les malfaiteurs ont aussi ...

VIIe congrès de l'Association française de science politique Lille, 18, 19, 20 et 21 septembre 2002 ... , en septembre. au Luxembourg . 10. , en octobre à Rhodes ... l'extrême droite américaine, la Ligue mondiale anti-communiste. ( WACL ) et aussi, semble-t-il, avec le colonel Pak, bras ...

World Anti-Communist League: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic - The World Anti-Communist League ( WACL ) was a shadowy + controversial international ... France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg , Mexico, Netherl ...

Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics

00.000.1986 ... mojahedin in attending the WACL 11th annual conference in Luxembourg during which General Singlaub announced that the WACL representative in India, Rama Swarup, had ... ... &zoom_cat=-1&zoom_and=0

education_populaire : Messages : 684-713 / 1519 ... COLLOQUE DU B'NAI B'RITH FRANCE AU SENAT (Palais du Luxembourg )

06.Jul.2004 De 14h à 18h30 ...

Le mollard d'omar TOUS CONTRE LE NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL ... de fascistes asiatiques et européens pour créer la WACL (World Anti-Communist League - Ligue Anticommuniste Mondiale ...

Ruber Roseus: Lännen Paratiisit - kirjoituksia vallasta ... Maailman Kommunisminvastainen Neuvosto ( WACL ) perustettiin Söulissa vuonna 1966 ... Vuonna 1976 WACL rahoitti ja perusti järjestön ... että suorassa yhteydessä WACL 'iin ovat sellaiset ... ...

FTR#367—What's Going on Here ... The former World Anti-Communist League or WACL was among the organizations that overlapped the development ... the originals in caches outside Luxembourg .

The documents are a mine of ...

TRAVELODGE SPRINGLAKE WALL BELM WALL NJ TRAVEL DIRECTORY ... Liberia Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macau Macedonia FYR Of Madagascar Malawi Malaysia ... ... ?hotelid=134726

PEHI - Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions - Le Cercle membership list ... registered in Luxembourg + the Luxembourg + EU politician ... banking contacts in Britain, Luxembourg + the U.S.

The ... Belgium Ambassador to Luxembourg claimed that Auchi's bank ...
"Sollte der August so sonnig weitermachen, wird das ein Jahrtausendsommer", sagte der Sprecher.

Es wird schwüler in Deutschland

In Frankreich hatte die Hitze jetzt auch die Hauptstadt Paris im Griff. Bis Donnerstag werden je nach Region Höchstwerte von 36, teils auch 37 bis 39 Grad erwartet. Experten sehen die Gluthitze als Teil des Klimawandels durch die allgemeine Erderwärmung. "Der Klimawandel hat begonnen - es gibt keinen Zweifel, wir stehen am Anfang des Prozesses", sagte der Chef des Labors für dynamische Meteorologie beim Wissenschaftszentrum CNRS, Hervé Le Treut, in Paris der Nachrichtenagentur AFP. Françoise Bénichou vom Wetterdienst Météo France betonte, von den Höchsttemperaturen der tödlichen Gluthitze des Augusts 2003 sei das Land aber noch weit entfernt. Damals waren allein in Frankreich 15.000 meist ältere Menschen gestorben.

Schwitzen müssen auch die Briten: London war mit 33 Grad heute wärmer als Rom oder Lissabon. Unter dem ungewöhnlich drückenden Wetter hatten vor allem Pendler zu leiden: In der U-Bahn der britischen Hauptstadt wurden Presseberichten zufolge bis zu 47 Grad gemessen, in den Bussen sogar 52 Grad. In der ältesten Untergrundbahn der Welt sind Klimaanlagen ebenso Fehlanzeige wie in Linienbussen. Die Londoner Nahverkehrsgesellschaft TFL strich einige Bus-Dächer weiß - ohne damit die Hitze deutlich senken zu können. Für morgen erwartet der Wetterdienst Met Office im Südosten Englands neue Rekordtemperaturen von bis zu 39 Grad Celsius im Schatten - eine solche Hitze wurde in Großbritannien bislang noch niemals gemessen. Normal sind in Großbritannien im Juli Durchschnittswerte von 23 Grad.
Libanon: Israel schlägt Waffenstillstand aus

18.Jul.2006 Gaza: Uno- Konvoi entgeht israelischen Granaten
18.Jul.2006 Trockenes Königreich: Die Queen sorgt sich um ihren Rasen

18.Jul.2006 Hurrikan Katrina: Haftbefehl wegen Tod von Patienten
18.Jul.2006 Rekordsommer: Europa ächzt unter der Hitze
18.Jul.2006 Tsunami: Regierung gab Warnungen nicht weiter

18.Jul.2006 Klimaschützer Al Gore: "Humor entsteht durch Schmerz"
18.Jul.2006 Evakuierungen: Uno zieht Mitarbeiter aus Beirut ab
18.Jul.2006 Verfassungsschutz: Regierung billigt Überwachung von Abgeordneten
Interview mit Cohn- Bendit: "Die Nato soll Israels Grenzen sichern"

18.Jul.2006 Sensible Bankdaten: US- Geheimdienst setzt Überwachung fort
18.Jul.2006 Widersprüchliche Signale: Iran droht, Iran beschwichtigt
Atomstreit: Ahmadinedschad will nicht mit USA verhandeln

Wieczorek-Zeul hatte israelische Angriffe auf zivile Einrichtungen und die Bewohner des Libanon als "völkerrechtlich völlig inakzeptabel" bezeichnet - und dafür harte Kritik geerntet.

Der Generalsekretär des Zentralrates der Juden in Deutschland, Stephan Kramer, bezeichnete die Ministerin als "nicht länger tragbar".

Kramer sagte, die Ministerin betreibe antiisraelische Propaganda und bediene Klischees gegen den jüdischen Staat.

Hamburg - Die Rücktrittsforderungen gegen die Ministerin seien "ungerecht und unangemessen", sagte Außenpolitiker Annen. Die Äußerungen von Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul seien verkürzt wiedergegeben worden.

Eigentlich gebe es zwischen der Position der internationalen Gemeinschaft und ihrer keinen Unterschied.

"Ihr Engagement gegen den Antisemitismus und für einen friedlichen Ausgleich zwischen Palästinensern + Israelis kann ihr zudem niemand absprechen", fügte Annen hinzu.
Wieczorek-Zeul unter Druck
"Völkerrechtlich völlig inakzeptabel" hat Entwicklungsministerin Wieczorek-Zeul den israelischen Angriff auf den Libanon genannt. Der Zentralrat der Juden, die Union und nun auch die Grünen kritisieren sie heftig dafür.

Aus der SPD verteidigte nur Niels Annen die Ministerin.
Äußerung zu Israel: Wieczorek- Zeul unter Druck
Rückkehrer aus Libanon: "Kinder haben Ohrenschmerzen von den Bomben"

18.Jul.2006 Stammzell- Debatte: Showdown zwischen Bush und Senat
Internetfähige PCs: Kritik an GEZ- Gebühren ab 2007 wächst
Kurdische Prunkhochzeit: 20 Kilo Goldschmuck für die Braut
China: Wirtschaft legt kräftig zu
Minister- Besuch in Kunduz: Grimmige Soldaten wollen sich Jung vorknöpfen
Krieg am Hindukusch: Taliban erobern Distrikt in Südafghanistan
Konjunktur- Indikator: Stimmung ist überraschend trübe

18.Jul.2006 Verkehrsrecht: Auch Altmetall bekommt vollen Schadenersatz

18.Jul.2006 Evakuierung aus dem Libanon: Deutsche in Düsseldorf gelandet
Krieg um Ressourcen: "Ölschock in Zeitlupe"

18.Jul.2006 Libanon: "Wenn der Krieg vorbei ist, wird es noch schlimmer"
Funk- Chips im OP: Ich bin ein Tupfer, hol mich hier raus
USA und Iran: Planspiele für die zweite Front

18.Jul.2006 Nahost- Krise: Hisbollah lehnt Waffenstillstand ab
Israel: Minister erwägt Freilassung libanesischer Gefangener
18.Jul.2006 US- Elitestudenten: Von der Top- Uni ins Armenviertel
18.Jul.2006 Kämpfe in Nahost: Volkswirte dämpfen Angst vor Ölpreisschock

18.Jul.2006 Nahost- Konflikt: Hillary Clinton demonstriert für Israel
18.Jul.2006 Libanon: Israel erwägt Bodenoffensive
18.Jul.2006 Bush Personally Blocked DOJ Investigation Of Wiretapping Program Faiz 

Earlier this year, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which is charged with investigating attorney misconduct, announced that it could not pursue an investigation into the role of Justice lawyers in crafting the NSA warrantless wiretapping program because it was denied security clearance.

Previously, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would not explain why the security clearances had been denied, saying he did not want to “get into internal discussions.” But in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning, Gonzales said President Bush personally blocked Justice Department lawyers from pursuing an investigation of the warrantless eavesdropping program. Watch it.


SPECTER: Now when you had the first line of review, Mr. Attorney General, by OPR, why wasn’t OPR given clearance as so many other lawyers in the Department of Justice were given clearance?

GONZALES: Mr. Chairman, you and I had lunch several weeks ago + we had a discussion about this. And during this lunch, I did inform you that the terrorist surveillance program is a highly-classified program. It’s a very important program for the national security of this country –

SPECTER: Highly-classified, very important, many other lawyers in the Justice Department had clearance. Why not OPR?

GONZALES: And the President of the USA ultimately makes decisions about who ultimately is given access –

SPECTER: Did the President make the decision not to clear OPR?

GONZALES: As with all decisions that are non-operational in terms of who has access to the program, the President of the USA makes the decision because this is such an important program –

SPECTER: I want to move on to another subject. The President makes the decision and that’s that.
Lebanon offensive will last ‘weeks.’ Nico 

“A top Israeli general said today that Israel’s offensive in Lebanon would last another few weeks + he said that the use of large numbers of ground forces had not been ruled out.”
House Energy Committee Commissions Political Propaganda Attacking Global Warming Science Judd 
On Friday, House Energy Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX) released an impressive-looking “report” attacking a

00.000.1998 study by Dr. Michael Mann which suggested that recent global warming is unprecedented over the last several centuries.

The Energy Committee report was quickly seized on by the Wall Street Journal editorial page as proof that scientific consensus about global warming is “more like group-think.”

The House Energy Committee report isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Here’s why:

The report rehashes criticisms that have already been discredited. The House Energy Committee report, which it commissioned from Edward J. Wegman, is not original work.

Rather, it seeks to “verify” the criticisms that Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick (an energy consultant and an economist) made about the Mann study three years ago.

These claims have been discredited in peer-reviewed journals.

McIntyre + McKitrick’s criticisms were considered by a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences – the organization created by Congress to evaluate scientific research — which concluded that the Mann study is “supported by an array of evidence.”

2. The report did not involve any climate scientists. Wegman and his co-authors are statisticians with no apparent expertise in climate science.

The report was not peer-reviewed. In fact, Wegman attacks the concept of peer-review, claiming the Mann study had “too much reliance on peer review, which seemed not to be sufficiently independent.”

Wegman has no basis to claim that the peer review of the Mann study was not independent because peer-reviewers are anonymous. Rigorous peer review is a core principle of legitimate scientific inquiry.

Even if the Energy Committee report were accurate, it wouldn’t impact our basic understanding about climate change.

The National Academy of Sciences explained “large-scale surface temperature reconstructions for the last 2,000 years are not the primary evidence for the widely accepted views that global warming is occurring, that human activities are contributing, at least in part, to this warming.”

House Energy Committee will hold a hearing tomorrow to discuss the wide-ranging implications of their report.

UPDATE: Chris Mooney has more.
July 18, 2006 Think Progress 
“President Bush is apparently ready to end his boycott of the NAACP , the oldest civil rights organization in the USA, with a possible speech Thursday before the group’s national convention.”

Despite soaring gas prices, automakers “have made no progress in improving vehicle fuel economy over the past year” — stuck at 21 mpg for 2006-model vehicles — “continuing a nearly 25-year trend of industry stagnation on gasoline mileage , according to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

In an analysis of 13 American cities, the Brookings Institution found “the nation’s working poor households pay much more than moderate- and high-income households for life’s essentials.”

U.S.-led troops are facing “intense resistance” in southern Afghanistan , where the Taliban have recently captured two towns and are now believed to “operate freely.” The violence “forced police and government officials to flee.”

“Rising seas caused by climate change could destroy half the mangroves on some Pacific islands,” reports one new study, while massive droughts in Brazil are threatening the Amazon basin, “drying up tributaries more than a mile wide.”

House conservatives have “organized a communications ‘war room’” to push their hard-line, enforcement-first strategy on immigration reform “during the remaining months of the 109th Congress.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), “who comes from a long line of family military service,” has proposed a bill that would deduct $1,000 from Donald Rumsfeld’s salary for every day after Jan. 1, 2007 that a military sexual-assault tracking system is not active. The Pentagon “has had 18 years to implement” the system.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker “is worried that the Army cannot repair vital equipment fast enough because supplemental budget requests have been too little, too late.” Congress has started to push back on the White House, trying to force the appropriations into the Pentagon’s regular budget.

And finally: Bush rubbed the German Chancellor Angela Merkel the wrong way at the G8 summit. The Los Angeles Times reports, “Bush headed directly behind the chancellor, reached out and, placing both hands on the collar of her gold jacket, gave her a short massage just below the neck. She smiled.” Yet, according to the video evidence, it’s pretty clear the chancellor wanted nothing to do with the massage. Watch the video here.
George Will vs. William Kristol. Nico 
In today’s column, Will slams
Kristol’s latest war-mongering and answers Kristol’s question, “Why wait” to bomb Iran?: “Perhaps because the U.S. military has enough on its plate in the deteriorating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which both border Iran. And perhaps because containment, although of uncertain success, did work against Stalin and his successors + might be preferable to a war against a nation much larger and more formidable than Iraq.” Steve Clemons has more.

18.Jul.2006 Former CIA Director Woolsey: ‘I Think We Ought To Execute Some Air Strikes Against Syria’ Faiz 
Today, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack stated that the USA’ position with respect to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East is to deescalate the tensions:

We believe that finding a way to deescalate the tensions in the current crisis…is really the way forward to achieve that ultimate goal which everybody agrees upon.

But Joseph Cirincione explained this morning that deescalation works against the goals of neoconservatives. Those who argued strenuously for a preemptive war against Iraq are now clamoring for a deeper regional war against Iran and Syria.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who signed his name to a letter addressed to President Clinton

00.000.1998 arguing for the Iraq war, appeared on Fox to make the case against Syria. “I think we ought to execute some air strikes against Syria,” adding, “The last thing we ought to do now is to start talking about cease-fires and the rest.” Watch it. Full transcript:

WOOLSEY: Without talking to Lebanon about it, frankly, John, I think we ought to execute some air strikes against Syria, against the instruments of power of that state, against the airport, which is the place where the weapons shuttle through from Iran to Hezbollah and Hamas. I think both Syria and Iran think that we’re cowards. They saw us leave Lebanon after the ‘83 Marine Corps bombing.

00.000.1993 They saw us leave Mogadishu.

00.000.1991 They saw us back off when we had Saddam on the ropes and there were revolts in 14 of Iraq’s 18 provinces + we stood there.

I think they think Israel, similarly, by backing out of Lebanon a few years ago + by backing out of Gaza, they’re fielding their oats.

In that part of the world, the most dangerous thing to do is look like cowards in the face of these totalitarian groups.

QUESTION: Mr. Woolsey, are you saying that we should be hitting Syria? We should be hitting the airport? We should be hitting Bashar Assad’s office?

WOOLSEY: Yes. The last thing we ought to do now —

QUESTION: You mean we the USA, not Israel?

WOOLSEY: Yes, yes. The last thing we ought to do now is to start talking about cease-fires and the rest.
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18.Jul.2006 "This is our war, too" By The Cat's Dream

"This is our war, too" By Gabriele Zamparini How many babies has Israel slaughtered today? REUTERS reports:

"An Israeli newspaper said Israel's offensive had so far destroyed a quarter of Hezbollah's fighting capabilities. [But the REUTERS continues]

It has also killed 176 people and wounded more than 500, Lebanon's health ministry said. All but 13 of them were civilians. The dead include seven
Israeli Diplomat: All Arabs are Terrorists By Administrator on Uncategorized

Imagine a member of the KKK going on the Bill O’Reilly show and declaring all African-Americans are shiftless crackheads.

Imagine the outrage and calls for Fox News to be investigated for promoting racism and hatred. Now imagine an Israeli diplomat going on Bill O’Reilly’s show and declaring all Muslims are terrorists.

In fact, this happened + nobody is calling the diplomat, Dan Gillerman, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, a racist or are there demands Fox News be investigated for promoting racism + hatred.

In Bushzarro world, it is fine and dandy to characterize all Muslims as terrorists.

“While it is politically incorrect to say that all Muslims are terrorists, unfortunately, it’s true that all terrorists are Muslim,” Gillerman said on O’Reilly’s show yesterday, 16.Jul.2006 .

I picked up this quote from a blog. It was not mentioned in the corporate media. A Google News search returned no results.

Either the people who post at the Truth Will Set You Free blog made the quote up or Israelis spewing racist hatred is so common and acceptable nobody bothered to mention it.

Of course, when Iran’s Ahmadinejad says anything about Israel, it is front page news.

In fact, so eager is the corporate media to demonize Ahmadinejad, it reprints distortions of his comments (Ahmadinejad never said Israel should be “wiped off the map,” as widely reported), which are then used to further rationalize “all Muslims are terrorists” comments.

As FAIR noted late last month, the starting point of all discussion in the corporate media about events in the Middle East begins with the assumption Arabs + Muslims are terrorists.

For instance, in regard to the Palestinians.
How the MSM works.... - Politics and the Middle East - Bill O’Reilly | The O’Reilly Factor To be Continued... for now I'll say it's a magic act, a distraction, a form of mind control.
...struggling to build a force capable of conducting a long -term global war.... The American Thinker Testimony to Congress about Army Strength
JURIST - Paper Chase JURIST's legal news weblog, powered by a team of 20 law student reporters and editors led by Professor Bernard Hibbitts at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
US says war on terror not governed by UN rights treaty By Joe Shaulis -[JURIST] Making the first US appearance before the UN Human Rights Committee [committee materials] in more than a decade, American officials on Monday defended their position that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [text] does not go

18.Jul.2006 File Under "I Can't Believe This is Happening": The DOJ Arrests CEO of BetOnSports PLC While Changing Planes in Dallas By Christine Hurt

Growing up in Lubbock, the joke was that to get to heaven, you had to change planes in Dallas. Apparently, Dallas is also the gateway to H-E-double toothpicks if you are the CEO of a successful online sports betting site that is headquartered in the UK and traded on the LSE. On Sunday, the DOJ indicted three online betting sites and eleven individuals on charges of "racketeering, conspiracy and fraud." Enforcing the Wire Act against online gambling sites has many problems (although most substantive problems are not present with sports betting sites, as with online casinos), the jurisdictional hurdle was jumped by arresting David Carruthers, CEO of BetOnSports, while he was changing planes in DFW on his way to Costa Rica.

Now the puzzle is to figure out why now? Does this new energy on the part of the DOJ spring from the House passing H.R. 4411 last week?

So, my question is this: If millions of Americans are gambling online at offshore sites, why is this the problem of the offshore sites? Casinos in Monte Carlo or the Bahamas attract Americans to take vacations there and visit the casinos, but we don't arrest the owners of foreign casinos should they take a vacation here in the U.S. or change planes in our airports. Why is creating an online casino any different? Why is the burden on the online gambling site to keep Americans out? (Other than that burden being almost impossible to meet.)
Bush Administration Hypocrisy It’s a given that presidents relish leaks to the news media when it serves their purposes + that they act outraged at leaks that do not make them look good. But George W. Bush’s relativism on this score is like watching a roller coaster on acid. - Craig Crawford: Indignation, Full of Holes
Mellencamp told the Harveys casino crowd, in effect, that it was dedicated to everyone hurt by policies of the current Bush administration. | 07/16/2006 | Heard this one?
18.Jul.2006 Vegas Sex Workers Demonstrate at Courthouse

LAS VEGAS - Strippers and hookers are trying to get some respect in Sin City. The so-called sex workers demonstrated yesterday on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. They're calling for more legal protection and decriminalization of the world's oldest profession.

Starchild, a 36-year-old former Army Reservist stood amid rallying sex workers in Las Vegas on Thursday and boasted of his bid for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

"And that ballot is going to say 'escort/exotic dancer,'" he said, beaming.
L.A. News Service Sues YouTube Over Beating Video

A Los Angeles video news service sued YouTube Inc. on Friday in federal court for allowing its users to upload copyrighted video footage onto the popular Web site, including the beating of trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 riots. Los Angeles News Service and its owner and operator, Robert Tur,
India Imposes Ban on Blogs: Your Questions Answered Amit Agarwal 

Everything you wanted to know about the recent ban on popular websites in India - an FAQ: Q. Which sites are blocked in India ?

Access to all blogs and websites hosted on the following servers is currently blocked in India. • • • &...
Raving Stick Figure To Media: "I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You All!"
Here's another dose of whimsy from noted humorist Ann Coulter, 45. Asked by WWD 's Jacob Bernstein what she thought of the recent anthrax scare at The Times , Coulter "not only responded, but claimed to be the sender of the mysterious powder. 'So glad to hear that The New York Times got my letter ...

18.Jul.2006 Stupid Rules Dept: Mother Changing Baby’s Clothes At Pool Banned In New Zealand Uncle Dave -Baby's nudity "offensive" at pool.
18.Jul.2006 Google's growing list of domains
Have you ever wondered how many domain names Google owns? Currently Google owns 520 domain names.

Their domain collection has been growing over the last couple years because of all of the companies they started + have bought. Some of these domain names are not in Google's name, but in the company'
Top Terrorist Targets from the DHS It&apos;s a seriously dumb list: A federal inspector general has analyzed the nation&apos;s database of top terrorist targets.

There are more than 77,000 of them -- up from 160 a few years ago, before the entire exercise morphed into a...
Arrest Made in Crackdown on Internet Betting U.S. prosecutors filed charges against the chief executive of BetOnSports, a prominent Internet gambling company.
18.Jul.2006 Lebanon condemns Israel 'madness' The Lebanese PM says Israel is opening the gates of hell on his country, as cross-border attacks claim more lives.
18.Jul.2006 Labour £27m in red after election Labour is £27m in the red after last year's general election with the Tories owing £18m, party accounts show.
18.Jul.2006 Roads melt as temperatures soar The heatwave across England continues, with temperatures possibly hitting 37C (99F) later in the week.
18.Jul.2006 UK's Lebanon evacuation begins A Navy ship arrives in Lebanon to take 180 Britons to safety in Cyprus, as a major evacuation begins.
18.Jul.2006 Britons' anxious wait As thousands of British citizens await evacuation from Lebanon, some of those stranded have been describing the situation there.
18.Jul.2006 Bush set to veto stem cell bill President Bush vows to use his veto for the first time as the Senate is set to pass a bill on stem cell research.
Border opens for stranded Gazans The only crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt is opened for the first time in three weeks.
18.Jul.2006 Gaming shares hit by US charges Shares in UK-listed online gambling firms slide on fears of a crackdown on the sector by US authorities.
18.Jul.2006 Lebanon evacuation gathers pace The mass evacuation of foreigners from Lebanon is stepped up, as thousands of people are shipped to Cyprus.
18.Jul.2006 Rubbing suncream in 'cuts effect' Rubbing sunscreen into the skin reduces its effectiveness, a study says.
18.Jul.2006 Guatemala urged to act on murders Guatemala is accused of not doing enough to investigate the murders of hundreds of women and girls.
18.Jul.2006 UN force 'viable option' says UK The UK's foreign secretary says an international force is a "viable option" in finding peace in the Middle East.
18.Jul.2006 Cancer and suicide blight Europe Cancer is the biggest killer of middle-aged Europeans, while road accidents and suicide top the list for young adults.
18.Jul.2006 Busting Burglars With Spit, Vomit The Justice Department is helping police detectives solve simple property crimes with advanced DNA analysis. Can CSI: Special Shoplifting Squad be far behind?

Luke O'Brien reports from Washington.
Brits Float Solar Boat It may be slow, but developers hope the 42-passenger Serpentine Solar Shuttle cruising a lake in London's Hyde Park will usher in an era of solar-powered transportation.

A 60-passenger sun-run train and a 300-passenger Thames ferry are in the works.
Report warns of financial melt-down from abrupt climate change Blog: A financial services firm has published a report forecasting far-reaching and "dire" impacts from the prospect of rapid climate...
18.Jul.2006 Robot spy planes get government boost British government will help pilotless aircraft take to the skies for police and fire surveillance.
18.Jul.2006 UK Hackers Face Antisocial Behaviour Orders Zonk 137 ukhackster writes

"The UK government has proposed that suspected cybercriminals could be banned from the Internet or have their PCs seized, even if they've not been convicted.

These so-called Asbos have typically been used against teenage hoodlums or small-time crooks, but now they're gunning for organised criminals." From the article: "

Asbos give the courts almost unlimited powers when imposing conditions on the person receiving the order.

Under the Home Office proposals, the courts would have almost unlimited discretion to impose the order if they believe it probable that a suspect had 'acted in a way which facilitated or was likely to facilitate the commissioning of serious crime.' In a civil court, hearsay is admissible evidence + the burden of proof is lighter than criminal courts."
Internet Gambling CEO Arrested by FBI Zonk 150 tightpoker writes to mention the news that

several key individuals associated with online gambling site BetonSports have been indicted in a Missouri courtroom.

Founder Stephen Kaplan, CEO David Carruthers, 9 other people + four corporations have been charged with crimes ranging from racketeering to fraud.

The Sunday Time reports on the story as well, addressing fears this may be a prelude to a crackdown on all online gambling by U.S. law enforcement. From the article:

"Nigel Parson, leisure analyst at Williams de Broë, said the move would 'throw online gambling stocks into a spin,' adding: 'David Carruthers is a prominent advocate of online gambling.

The fear that this is an escalation of the anti-lobby will trouble markets.' Greg Harris, an analyst at Cannacord, said:

'It is too early to say if this is part of a broader strategy on prevention of internet gambling in the U.S. or if it is the Department of Justice flexing their muscles and trying to influence legislation.'"
Virtual Reality Gaming System Tests for Telepathy timothy 406 Big Ben writes "UK scientists have built a virtual computer world designed to test telepathic ability.

Approximately 100 participants will take part in the group gaming experiment at the University of Manchester which aims to test whether telepathy exists between individuals using the system.

The project will also look at how telepathic abilities may vary depending on the relationships which exist between participants."

Note: for their sakes, I hope they succeed in proving anything paranormal's going on — if they can reproduce such a result, it could earn them the $1 million prize long offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation.
Paint-on Antennas for Mile-High Airships ScuttleMonkey 41+ Bravoc RTI International is reporting that a group of researchers are testing a "paint-on antenna" for high-altitude airships. From the article:

"'The successful airship test flights demonstrate exciting possibilities for 'paint-on' antenna technologies,' said David Myers, vice president of RTI's Engineering and Technology Unit.

'This new technology can be used to assist with hurricane disaster relief, provide enhanced security of ports and borders, perform science observation missions and improve military communications.'"