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WARNING Some of the video footage in the clips below are of a very graphic nature + should only be viewed by a mature audience.

What's it like to have your home demolished by Israeli terror squads


Scenes Of Israeli Massacre In Qana 1996

The Apartheid Wall



More of what you DON'T see on CNN or Foux Mews.

SEE ALSO: Traces of poison Israel's Dark History revealed.

06.Jul.2004 Saddam Hussein is accused of using chemical weapons against the Curds. Who sold them to him and what type were they?

Did Washington say anything when gas was used to stop the Iranian army breaking through?

Is Depleted Uranium not a form of chemical weapon?

Is the act of dropping cluster bombs into housing estates any better?

Or is Bush [BGW968], President of the United States of America, nothing more than a barefaced liar, as well as a mass murderer + a war criminal?

In which case, why isn't he in the dock alongside his country's former buddy and comrade in arms, Saddam Hussein?

Or is Bush [BGW968] above the law just because he was born in the US of A?

Welcome to freedom + democracy, winning hearts + minds by blasting the legs off six-year-old kids playing in their back yard, in their city, in their country.

And the crime goes unpunished?
06.Jul.2004 Are the USA + the international community not ultimately responsible for millions of deaths inside the Iraq that Saddam Hussein was trying to govern, his task made impossible just because he refused to allow the Americans access to control his economy?

06.Jul.2004 Saddam Hussein is accused of committing acts of mass murder.

Would these mass murders be including the need to put down armed insurrection inside his own country after the USA had interfered + financed + armed the insurgents/terrorists?

And is Bush [BGW968] not responsible, as Commander in Chief of his country's Armed Forces, for the ten thousand civilian deaths during this illegal war, including one thousand children?

Is Bush [BGW968] not responsible for the mutilation of thirty-five thousand people, their legs and arms and faces and futures blown away by his Armed Forces?

Is Bush [BGW968] not responsible for the cluster bombs deployed in civilian areas or the Depleted Uranium munitions which left swathes of Iraqi territory radio-active?

04.Jul.2004 Bush should follow Saddam into the dock - If Saddam Hussein is in court, why isn't Bush [BGW968] ?

Saddam Hussein is accused of a number of crimes committed during his Presidency of Iraq. An analysis of four years of government under the Bush [BGW968] regime reveals some shocking parallels.

Saddam Hussein is supposed to have sent people to their deaths as President of Iraq. Bush [BGW968] sent people to their deaths as Governor of Texas.

Saddam Hussein is accused of being responsible for acts of torture committed during his presidency. However,

Bush [BGW968] was President when the prison at Abu Ghraib in Baghdad was turned into a medieval torture chamber by US military personnel + Bush [BGW968] is today President + the tortures continue at Guantanamo Bay.

Who would ever have thought that a President of the United States of America would have to defend himself against accusations of torture?

And more than accusations, they are fact.

06.Jul.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Technologie-Aktien verlieren, Ölwerte gewinnen

06. Juli 2004 Afghanistan: Parlamentswahl erneut verschoben (Politik,

06.Jul.2004 BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh + Bin Laden URL:

03.Jun.2004 BBCURL:
06.Jul.2004 "The idea that a shadowy clique is running the world is nothing new. For hundreds of years people have believed the world is governed by a cabal of Jews.

"Shouldn't we expect that the rich + powerful organise things in their own interests. It's called capitalism." URL:
1950 -in the s- As an up-and-coming statesmen, Denis Healey, who went on to become a Labour chancellor,

was one of the four founding members of Bilderberg (which was named after the hotel in Holland where the first meeting was held 00.000.1954).

Denis Healey s response to claims that Bilderberg exerts a shadowy hand on the global tiller is met with characteristic bluntness. "Crap!" URL:
06.Jul.2004 In the void created by such aloofness, an extraordinary conspiracy theory has grown up around the group that alleges the fate of the world is largely decided by Bilderberg. URL:
06.Jul.2004 On Thursday the Bilderberg group marks its 50th anniversary with the start of its yearly meeting.

For four days some of the West's chief political movers, business leaders, bankers, industrialists and strategic thinkers will hunker down in a five-star hotel in northern Italy to talk about global issues.

06.Jul.2004 The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers, has been accused of fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors.

As the organisation marks its 50th anniversary, rumours are more rife than ever.

Given its reputation as perhaps the most powerful organisation in the world, the Bilderberg group doesn't go a bundle on its switchboard operations.

Telephone inquiries are met with an impersonal female voice - the Dutch equivalent of the BT Callminder woman - reciting back the number and inviting callers to "leave a message after the tone".

06.Jul.2004 CAPITALISM: An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned + development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market. Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory URL:
06.Jul.2004 CAPITALISM: An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.
03.Jun.2004 BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh + Bin Laden

Comment: Don't read this nightmare piece of 'journalism' before you go to bed or you'll have bad dreams.

This criminally bad report links anyone that thinks Bilderberg have power with world-renowned terrorists.

There's also the rudimentary 'Jewish conspiracy' tactic used, a pathetic worn out attempt to brand anyone who thinks 200 world leaders meeting in secret is interesting as a racist.

If Bilderberg has no power, perhaps 'Jonathan Duffy' can explain to me how Bilderberg's own archives discuss the creation of the EU and the single currency years before the EU even existed .

Perhaps Mr. Duffy should talk to his colleagues at the BBC because they reported on it a year ago.

07.Jul.2004 U.S. Sen. John Edwards at Bilderberg
UPI/Washington Times

Among the 100 or so invitees to the annual Bilderberg conference under way Sunday in a northern Italy resort is potential U.S. vice president John Edwards.

Reporters generally are not invited + those who are observe the conference group's general pledge of secrecy, reinforcing the view of conspiracy theorists that the elite gathering is up to no good, London's The Guardian newspaper reported.

Sen. Edwards is regarded in Democratic circles as a good performer in his battle with Sen. Kerry [KFJ965] for the nomination to be presidential candidate + so is expected to be a finalist when Kerry [KFJ965] chooses a running mate.

Other invitees are Mrs. Bill Gates and likely are regulars Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and U.S. Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld.

00.000.1954 The Bilderberg tradition began as a transatlantic post-war sounding board.
URL: [KFJ965]picks.htm
06.Jul.2004 Kerry [KFJ965] Picks (Bilderberg Invitee) Edwards to Be Running Mate Associated Press

Comment: We told you that Edwards would be the choice over a month ago.

How did we know? Well, we didn't have a crystal ball, we just looked at who was invited to the Bilderberg conference.

FLASHBACK: U.S. Sen. John Edwards at Bilderberg

Another exmple of how Bilderberg has no influence over American politics + anyone who thinks otherwise is with bin Laden and McVeigh, according to the BBC.

FLASHBACK: BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh + Bin Laden

06.Jul.2004 Kürzungen des teuren, aus einer steuerähnlichen Umlage finanzierten Angebotes liegen seit Jahren im Trend.

So wurden viele der weltweit hoch geschätzten Auslandsradio-Engagements gestrichen + die entsprechenden Angebote ins kostengünstigere Internet verlegt.

Spätestens jedoch seit der Affäre um den Waffenexperten David Kelly, der Selbstmord beging, nachdem er öffentlich als Quelle eines kritischen BBC-Berichtes geoutet wurde, steht die Leitungsstruktur der BBC in Frage.
06.Jul.2004 >>
Another Story of Police Suppression at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

>> Storm Troopers At the Doors of Fahrenheit 9/11

06.Jul.2004 Bill Clinton hat seine Memoiren veröffentlicht, das Buch ist in den USA ein Riesenerfolg. Eine Lesereise führt den Ex-US-Präsidenten auch nach Deutschland - und in die Sendung von Johannes B. Kerner.
06.Jul.2004 Edwards stammt aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen und machte später als Strafverteidiger + Anwalt mit dem Spezialgebiet Schadenersatz ein Millionenvermögen.

In seinem Wahlkampf hatte Edwards vor allem auf das Thema soziale Gerechtigkeit gesetzt.

Der attraktive + redegewandte Anwalt mit dem jungenhaften Kennedy-Appeal gilt nach US-Medienberichten vor allem bei jungen Wählern, bei Wählern in den Südstaaten sowie bei Frauen als attraktiv.
06.Jul.2004 Der Präsidentschaftskandidat und sein "Vize" werden offiziell auf dem Wahlparteitag der Demokraten nominiert, der am 27.Jul.2004 in Boston im Staat Massachusetts beginnt.
06.Jul.2004 In case you missed it:
This war on terrorism is bogus: The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

06.Jul.2004 UK: Legality of Iraq occupation 'flawed'; The senior Foreign Office lawyer who resigned after ministers ignored her advice that the war in Iraq was illegal has issued a damning legal critique of the occupation, claiming that the alleged abuse of prisoners "could amount to war crimes".

06.Jul.2004 WMD report shatters Blair's credibility : TONY Blair’s credibility over weapons of mass destruction is set to face its sternest test after his special envoy to Iraq conceded yesterday Saddam Hussein had stockpiled none.

06.Jul.2004 ? It was at the American Enterprise Institute - a conservative Washington DC thinktank - that the idea took shape that overthrowing Saddam should be a goal. Among those associated with AEI is Richard Perle, a key architect of the president's get-tough-on-Iraq policy + Paul Wolfowitz, now the number-two official at the Pentagon. But none of the thinkers at AEI was in any real way an expert on Iraq. For that they relied on someone you probably have never heard of: a woman named Laurie Mylroie.

Mylroie has credentials as an expert on the Middle East, national security and, above all, Iraq, having held faculty positions at Harvard and the US Naval War College.

00.000.1980 -During the s- she was an apologist for Saddam's regime, but became anti-Saddam around the time of his invasion of Kuwait 00.000.1990 .

In the run-up to that Gulf war, with New York Times reporter Judith Miller, Mylroie wrote Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf, a well-reviewed bestseller.

00.000.1993 It was the first bombing of the World Trade Centre that launched Mylroie's quixotic quest to prove that Saddam's regime was the chief source of anti-US terrorism.

She laid out her case in a 2000 book called Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America. Perle glowingly blurbed the book as "splendid and wholly convincing". Wolfowitz and his then wife, according to Mylroie, "provided crucial support".

Mylroie believes that Saddam was behind every anti-American terrorist incident of note in the past decade, from the levelling of the federal building in Oklahoma City 00.000.1995-11.Sep.2001 itself.

She is, in short, a cranky conspiracist - but her neoconservative friends believed her theories, bringing her on as a terrorism consultant at the Pentagon.

The extent of Mylroie's influence is shown in the new book Against All Enemies, by the veteran counterterrorism official Richard Clarke, in which he recounts a senior-level meeting on terrorism months before 11.Sep.2001. During that meeting Clarke quotes Wolfowitz as saying: "You give Bin Laden too much credit.

He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because FBI and CIA have failed to find the linkages does not mean they don't exist." Clarke writes: "I could hardly believe it, but Wolfowitz was spouting the Laurie Mylroie theory that Iraq was behind the 00.000.1993 truck bomb at the World Trade Centre, a theory that had been investigated for years + found to be totally untrue."

Mylroie's influence can also be seen in the Bush cabinet's reaction to the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

According to Bob Woodward's recent book, Plan of Attack, Wolfowitz told the cabinet immediately after the attacks that there was a 10 to 50% chance that Saddam was implicated.

Around the same time, Bush told his aides: "I believe that Iraq was involved, but I'm not going to strike them now."

The most comprehensive criminal investigation in history - pursuing 500,000 leads and interviewing 175,000 people - has turned up no evidence of Iraqi involvement.

06.Jul.2004 Shoveling Coal For Satan: Christopher Hitchens collects check from Microsoft, calls Moore a coward.

06.Jul.2004 Former CIA officer rejects conventional view of terrorism: A CIA officer who served in Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan says the theory that terrorists are poor, angry + fanatically religious is a myth.

06.Jul.2004 FBI expanding interviews to ward off potential attacks: The agency has conducted community interviews before -- for example, sending agents into Arab-American neighborhoods to seek information after the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

06.Jul.2004 Mexican Soldiers Demand U.S. Marines 'Disarm' : Mexican soldiers with automatic weapons interrupted the

04.Jul.2004 funeral of a U.S. Marine + demanded the Marine honor guard give up ceremonial replicas of rifles they carried.

06.Jul.2004 US jail camp must end, says Blair : The USA prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was an anomaly that must end, Prime Minister Tony Blair said yesterday.

06.Jul.2004 Charge him or release him : Padilla has been summarily imprisoned for over two years in solitary. The Bush administration should not wait until it inevitably + deservedly loses this case. Charge him or release him.

06.Jul.2004 Pre-emptive War; Pre-emptive Arrests: Bush's Police State and Independence Day: Even though you are not a "terrorist," you may be detained, imprisoned, charged, arrested + tried as one.

06.Jul.2004 Saddam lawyer claims convoy of 1000 legal experts ready to ride to his defence: Saddam's wife, Sajida Khairallah, said on Monday that among the large contingent of lawyers ready to defend Saddam are 700 non-Arabs, including 400 Americans and Europeans.

06.Jul.2004 Cartoon: Made In America:

06.Jul.2004 Eric Margolis: Degrees of Fahrenheit: The movie should have focused on how the neocons conned America

06.Jul.2004 Satire: France invades the USA (part 5): The trial of Bush [BGW968] : Bush served as America's 43rd president until he was captured by French liberation forces on

13.Dec.2003 -nearly eight months after Chirac invaded the US to free the American people from the unelected tyrant.

06.Jul.2004 In der nächsten Woche könnte sich die Kritik an der Blair-Regierung noch verstärken:

14.Jul.2004 -Am- soll ein Bericht über die Erkenntnisse des britischen Geheimdienstes zum irakischen Waffenarsenal veröffentlicht werden.
06.Jul.2004 "Die Waffen könnten entfernt worden sein, sie könnten versteckt worden sein, sie könnten zerstört worden sein."

In einem Aufsehen erregenden Dossier der Regierung, das 00.Sep.2002 veröffentlicht wurde, hatte es geheißen, irakische Massenvernichtungswaffen seien innerhalb von 45 Minuten einsatzbereit.

Blair steht wegen der britischen Beteiligung an dem Irak-Krieg unter starkem innenpolitischen Druck

06.Jul.2004 London - "Wir wissen, dass Saddam Hussein Massenvernichtungswaffen besaß, wir wissen aber auch, dass wir sie nicht gefunden haben", sagte Blair vor Abgeordneten in London.

"Ich muss akzeptieren, dass wir sie nicht gefunden haben und dass wir sie möglicherweise nie finden werden."
Er hatte eine skeptische Bevölkerung im vergangenen Jahr vor allem mit der Gefahr durch irakische Massenvernichtungswaffen von der Notwendigkeit eines Krieges überzeugen wollen.

Mittlerweile sind Blairs Umfragewerte stark abgesackt.
Iraqis want Americans to leave : A majority of Iraqis, nearly 60 percent, now feel it was wrong that the US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq, according to a just-released poll.

06.Jul.2004 Iraq magnet to militants in Europe: THE US-led occupation of Iraq had boosted recruitment to Islamist groups in Europe + was a "black hole" pulling in militants from across the Middle East, France's top anti-terrorist judge warned yesterday.

06.Jul.2004 Two Iranians arrested in Iraq: Iraqi officials have blamed foreign fighters and religious extremists for a wave of vehicle bombings in recent months.

06.Jul.2004 Foreign detainees are few in Iraq: Suspected foreign fighters account for less than 2% of the 5,700 captives being held as security threats in Iraq, a strong indication that Iraqis are largely responsible for the stubborn insurgency.

06.Jul.2004 Non-Iraqi captives singled out for harsh treatment, records say: It is unclear from the Army's investigative reports whether such instructions were given specifically for foreign captives.

06.Jul.2004 Al-Qaida-linked group threatens to drag U.S. into a third battlefield in Yemen : A statement on a Web site known for carrying Islamic extremist comment has threatened to turn Yemen into a "third swamp" for U.S. forces now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

06.Jul.2004 No WMD stockpiles in Iraq, admits ex-envoy : Tony Blair's former envoy to Iraq has admitted that claims Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction were wrong, saying no evidence of them had been found.

06.Jul.2004 CIA knew there were no WMDs: Some damning evidence has been uncovered by the U.S. government committee looking into Washington's pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

06.Jul.2004 Iraqis want Americans to leave : A majority of Iraqis, nearly 60 percent, now feel it was wrong that the US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq, according to a just-released poll.

06.Jul.2004 Iraq magnet to militants in Europe: THE US-led occupation of Iraq had boosted recruitment to Islamist groups in Europe + was a "black hole" pulling in militants from across the Middle East, France's top anti-terrorist judge warned yesterday.

06.Jul.2004 Blair says WMD 'may never be found': Tony Blair has said Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "may never be found".

06.Jul.2004 - Längst vor dem Irak-Krieg hatte die CIA von Angehörigen irakischer Wissenschaftler erfahren, dass Bagdad die Entwicklung nichtkonventioneller Waffen aufgegeben hatte.

Der Geheimdienst habe diese Erkenntnis jedoch nicht an US-Präsident Bush [BGW968] weitergeleitet, berichtet die "New York Times", nicht einmal dann, als Bush [BGW968] bereits öffentlich vor der Bedrohung warnte, die von Saddam Hussein ausgehe.
Der Senatsausschuss zur Untersuchung der Geheimdienste soll herausfinden, was die Regierung vor dem Krieg wirklich über den Irak wusste.

Nun förderte er zu Tage, dass die CIA vor dem Krieg eine geheime Aktion laufen hatte, bei der Angehörige irakischer Wissenschaftler über die Waffenprogramme der irakischen Regierung befragt wurden.

Geheimdienstbeamte versuchen mittlerweile, die Vorwürfe herunterzuspielen.

Es sei nur eine Handvoll Verwandter besagter irakischer Wissenschaftler gewesen, die mitgeteilt hätten, dass das irakische Massenvernichtungswaffenprogramm gestoppt worden sei.
Doch die Vorwürfe reichen weiter. CIA-Mitarbeiter hätten die ihnen zugegangenen Informationen verfälscht weitergegeben.

Sie hätten Berichte verfasst, in denen die Tatsachen verdreht worden seien, um die Annahme zu erhärten, dass der Irak Programme zur Herstellung von chemischen, biologischen und nuklearen Waffen betreibe. Der Senatsausschuss fand zum Beispiel heraus, dass ein irakischer Überläufer, der angeblich Nachweise über die Existenz biologischer Waffenprogramme lieferte, das genaue Gegenteil gesagt habe:

dass er von solchen Programmen nichts wusste.
Der Ausschuss wirft erneut ein schlechtes Licht auf die Arbeit der Geheimdienste.

Es stellt sich die Frage, ob die CIA Anwalt bestimmter politischer Interessen war, statt objektiver Beobachter zu sein + Informationsmaterial zu sammeln + wertneutral zu sichten.

Ende der Woche soll ein umfassender Bericht über den bisherigen Fortgang der Untersuchung veröffentlicht werden.
Es wird damit gerechnet, dass der CIA schwere Versäumnisse vorgeworfen werden.

Die Verantwortlichen sollen nicht erkannt haben, dass die zusammengetragenen Informationen keineswegs die Einschätzung rechtfertigte, Saddam verfüge über verbotene Waffen.

Auf der anderen Seite hat der Ausschuss laut "New York Times" bisher keine Beweise dafür gefunden, dass die CIA ihre Berichte unter dem politischen Druck seitens des Weißen Hauses verfälscht habe.

00.Jun.2004 -Anfang- CIA-Direktor George Tenet hatte bereits seinen Rücktritt angekündigt.

00.Jul.2004 -bis Mitte- Offiziell ist CIA-Direktor George Tenet noch im Amt.

06.Jul.2004 IRAK-KRIEGSGRÜNDE CIA hielt wichtige Informationen zurück
In die Untersuchung der Kriegsgründe für den Irak-Feldzug kommt neues Licht.

Ein Senatsausschuss hat festgestellt, dass die CIA Informationen darüber hatte, dass der Irak keine Programme zur Herstellung von Massenvernichtungsmitteln verfolgte.

Die Berichte gab sie jedoch nicht an Präsident Bush weiter.
Kürzungspläne: BBC Online unter Druck
Bietet BBC Online zu viel des Guten? Der privaten Konkurrenz ist das britische öffentlich-rechtliche Angebot seit langem ein Dorn im Auge: Mit Europas größtem Onlineangebot hält kein Konkurrent mit.

Jetzt drängt eine von der Regierung beauftragte Kommission zur Schließung von Teilen des Angebotes

06.Jul.2004 Kriegsverbrecher: Richter schicken Milosevic zum Arzt

06.Jul.2004 Österreich: Kinderpornos in Priesterseminar entdeckt

06.Jul.2004 Unter den entdeckten Porzellanstücken sind Vasen, die einen Stempel des Kaisers Chenghua tragen, der von 00.000.1465-00.000.1487 in China herrschte.

Andere Teile tragen Stempel des Kaisers Chia-Ching, dessen Machtperiode von 00.000.1522-00.000.1566 reichte, erklärte Adi Taha, Direktor des malaiischen Ministeriums für Museen + Antiquitäten.
Beim 21 Meter langen Schiffswrack handelt es sich um ein portugiesisches Handelsschiff, das nach einem Kanonenbeschuss vor der Küste Malaysias gesunken war.
06.Jul.2004 Schon jetzt erzeuge die Luftfahrt mit einem Verbrauch von 205 Millionen Tonnen Treibstoff (Kerosin) jährlich 300 Millionen Tonnen Treibhausgase.

Da die in oberen Luftschichten entlassenen Schadstoffe dreimal so schädlich seien wie solche in unteren Schichten, müsse damit gerechnet werden, dass 00.000.2050 rund 15 % der Wirkung von Treibhausgasen durch den Luftverkehr verursacht werden. Nach derzeitigen Mengen und ohne die Berücksichtigung der erhöhten Schädlichkeit beträgt der Anteil ein bis zwei %.
06.Jul.2004 Billigflieger-Boom torpediert Klimaschutz
In 20 Jahren werden sich die geflogenen Kilometer verdreifacht und die Flugzeuge in der Luft verdoppelt haben, berechnet das Stockholmer Umweltinstitut.

Die Forscher halten die Zunahme des Flugverkehrs für eine der größten Gefahren für das globale Klima und fordern eine Fluggastabgabe.
06.Jul.2004 Iapetus, der Sonderling unter den Saturnmonden, irritiert die Zunft der Sternkundigen schon seit der Entdeckung durch den Namenspatron der Saturnsonde Giovanni Domenico Cassini 00.000.1671 .

06.Jul.2004 Studie: Billigflieger-Boom torpediert Klimaschutz

Yale University

06.Jul.2004 Michael Moore: "Ich bin der Überzeugung, dass Information, Kunst und Ideen geteilt werden sollten"

06.Jul.2004 Jetzt sorgt also offenbar eine eigentümliche Koalition aus Moore-Fans und -Feinden dafür, dass "Fahrenheit 9/11" zu einem der populärsten Downloads im Bittorrent-Netz wird.
Moores Äußerungen wurden von MPAA-Chef Jack Valenti heftig kritisiert. Raubkopien und Piraterie kosteten die Industrie Milliarden und damit auch "Tausende von Jobs".

Recht eindeutig stempelte Valenti Moore einmal mehr zum Außenseiter der Branche ab: "Der Sieg über die Piraten hängt in höchstem Maße von der Geschlossenheit und Entschlossenheit der gesamten Branche ab."
06.Jul.2004 Ich bin mit den Copyright-Gesetzen nicht einverstanden", zitiert ihn der "Sunday Herald",

"und ich habe keinerlei Probleme damit, dass sich Leute den Film herunterladen und ihn mit anderen Menschen teilen, so lange sie nicht versuchen, Profit aus meiner Arbeit zu ziehen. Dagegen hätte ich was."
Moore macht also gute Miene zum bösen Spiel: "Ich verdiene schon genug. Ich habe diesen Film gemacht, weil ich die Welt verändern will."

Alles andere entspräche auch kaum seiner propagierten Mission: "Je mehr Menschen diesen Film sehen, desto besser. Also bin ich froh darüber, dass das geschieht."
06.Jul.2004 London - "Guantanamo ist eine Anomalie, die zu einem bestimmten Punkt zu Ende gebracht werden muss", sagte Blair heute vor einem Unterhausausschuss.

Die Haftbedingungen in dem Lager am Ostende von Kuba und die bisherige Ablehnung eines Rechtsbeistands für die Gefangenen werden vor allem von Menschenrechtsorganisationen verurteilt.

06.Jul.2004 Und überlisten lassen sich die Waffen unter Umständen auch. Wer sich einer Taser-Pistole gegenübersieht, könnte schnell darauf zulaufen und hoffen, dass der Polizist nicht sofort abdrückt.

Bei zu kurzen Entfernungen, zum Beispiel von nur einem Meter, stecken die Pfeile nämlich zu dicht beieinander, so dass der Stromstoß seine Wirkung verfehlt.
06.Jul.2004 Auf der Website des Taser-Herstellers finden sich ärztliche Unbedenklichkeitserklärungen zuhauf - allerdings noch nicht von deutschen Medizinern oder Behörden.

Selbst über Todesfälle bei Taser-Einsätzen wird berichtet. Eine Liste nennt 20 zu Tode Gekommene aus dem Zeitraum 00.Jun.2001-00.Nov.2003.

In allen angegebenen Fällen hätten Gerichtsmediziner den Taser als Todesursache ausgeschlossen, heißt es.
"Weltweit wurde der Taser schon über 50.000 Mal von der Polizei eingesetzt", sagt der Waffenhändler Lipke.

Und mindestens 80.000 Freiwillige hätten sich von der Blitzpistole beschießen lassen - "ohne Folgeschäden", so Lipke.
06.Jul.2004 Hauptkommissar Mario Hahnemann weiß, wie sich ein solcher Treffer anfühlt: "Es ist ein sehr unangenehmes Gefühl, das ich so noch nicht kannte."

Hahnemann ist Waffenexperte beim LKA Berlin und von einem Taser-Hersteller aus den USA als so genannter "Master Inspector" ausgebildet. Zur Schulung gehört auch, sich einmal selbst abschießen zu lassen.
Psychologie: Depressionen sichtbar machen Mit Hilfe von Kernspintomographen wollen Ärzte schon bald Depressionen zweifelsfrei erkennen.

Die in der Hirnforschung genutzten Geräte können einen Botenstoff anzeigen, der mit der depressiven Störung in direktem Zusammenhang steht.
"Cassini"-Mission: Planetaren Dreckschleudern auf der Spur
Archäologie: Wrack vollgestopft mit Ming-Porzellan
Michael Moore: Kommt, klaut meinen Film! Es dauerte nicht lang, bis erste Kopien von "Fahrenheit 9/11", Michael Moores neuestem Dokumentarfilm, ihren Weg in die P2P-Börsen fanden.

Moore selbst findet das "okay" und erntet dafür heftige Kritik. Seine politischen Gegner rufen sogar dazu auf, den Film herunterzuladen - um Moore wirtschaftlich zu schaden.

06.Jul.2004 11 Wall Street: Google-Gier frisst Gehirn Nichts ist an der Börse derzeit begehrter als Google-Aktien.

Ein findiger Niederländer nutzte den Rummel um die Suchmaschine aus + erleichterte mehrere Finanzprofis, darunter ein Investmentbanker + der Chairman eines globalen Telekommunikationskonzerns,

um einen sechsstelligen Dollarbetrag.

06.Jul.2004 Italien: Berlusconi stößt Regierungspartner vor den Kopf
Premierminister, Medienmogul, reichster Mann Italiens, Präsident des AC Mailand - all das ist Silvio Berlusconi nicht genug.

Nach dem Rücktritt von Giulio Tremonti ernannte sich der Regierungschef auch noch zum Superminister für Wirtschaft und Finanzen - und löste damit eine Regierungskrise aus.

06.Jul.2004 BLITZ-PISTOLE 50.000 Volt,5 Sekunden K.o.
Schon seit Jahren testen deutsche Polizisten eine Waffe, die nicht tötet. Statt von Kugeln wird das Opfer von einem Stromschlag getroffen und geht zu Boden.

Doch niemand traut sich so recht, die so genannte Taser-Pistole offiziell zuzulassen.

06.Jul.2004 Moderator unterbricht Sommerpause: Bill Clinton bei Kerner

06.Jul.2004 US-PRÄSIDENTSCHAFTSWAHL Kerry [KFJ965] macht Edwards zu seinem Vize Bis zuletzt hatte Kerry [KFJ965] ein großes Geheimnis um seinen "running mate" gemacht. Jetzt hat der Herausforderer von Bush [BGW968] sein Schweigen gebrochen: Sein früherer Rivale John Edwards soll mit ihm das Gespann Bush-Cheney stürzen

06.Jul.2004 AGENDA-KRACH SPD und DGB vereinbaren Nichtangriffspakt Es kam zum großen Knall. Kanzler Schröder hat sich bei den Gewerkschaftsbossen lautstark über die Kritik an seiner Reformagenda beschwert.

Jetzt wollen sich Genossen und Arbeitnehmervertreter wieder lieb haben - bis zum Herbst. Sogar der schärfste Widersacher, Ver.di-Chef Bsirske, ist eingeknickt. Denn SPD und DGB brauchen einander.

06.Jul.2004 Anschläge im Irak: Gefangene bestätigen Sarkawis Führungsrolle
Entführter US-Soldat: Familie bestätigt Freilassung
Irak-Kriegsgründe: CIA hielt wichtige Informationen zurück
Suche nach Saddams Waffen: Auch Blair zweifelt
Blair verlangt Schließung von Guantanamo-Knast Missstimmung im britisch-amerikanischen Verhältnis:

Tony Blair hat sich mit scharfer Kritik gegen das Gefangenenlager auf dem US-Stützpunkt Guantanamo Bay auf Kuba gewandt. US-Präsident Bush soll nach Ansicht des britischen Premiers das Lager schließen.

If there is one thing this war has taught us all, it's that we can't believe what we're told. For Donald Rumsfeld these were "breathtaking". For the British Army they were "historic".

For BBC Radio they were "amazing". A wide angle shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based) +

the presence of at most around 200 people – most of them US troops (note the tanks + armored vehicles) + assembled journalists.
The BBC website had the honesty to say that "dozens" of Iraqis were involved, but this grain of truth was swamped by the overwhelming impression of mass joy. The radio and TV were even worse.
The masses are no doubt glad to see the back of Saddam Hussein, but was this a US Army propaganda coup.

05.Jul.2004 After the colonel — who was not named in the report — selected the statue as a "target of opportunity," the psychological team used loudspeakers to encourage Iraqi civilians to assist,

according to an account by a unit member.

But Marines had draped an American flag over the statue's face."God bless them, but we were thinking … that this was just bad news," the member of the psychological unit said.

"We didn't want to look like an occupation force + some of the Iraqis were saying, 'No, we want an Iraqi flag!' "
Someone produced an Iraqi flag + a sergeant in the psychological operations unit quickly replaced the American flag.
Ultimately, a Marine recovery vehicle toppled the statue with a chain, but the effort appeared to be Iraqi-inspired because the psychological team had managed to pack the vehicle with cheering Iraqi children.

Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue "
Los Angeles Times" -- The Army's internal study of the war in Iraq criticizes some efforts by its own psychological operations units,

but one spur-of-the-moment effort last year produced the most memorable image of the invasion.
Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue: It was a Marine colonel — not joyous Iraqi civilians, as was widely assumed from the TV images — who decided to topple the statue, the Army report said.

And it was a quick-thinking Army psychological operations team that made it appear to be a spontaneous Iraqi undertaking.

05.Jul.2004 In case you missed it: A tale of two photos: The masses are no doubt glad to see the back of Saddam Hussein, but was this a US Army propaganda coup

05.Jul.2004 In case you missed it: The photographs tell the story... : Is This Media manipulation on a grand scale? YES!

05.Jul.2004 White House Nominee to Head the CIA has Dubious Links to the Terror Network : Following George Tenet's resignation as Director of Central Intelligence at the CIA,

the Bush administration immediately pointed to Rep. Porter Goss, as its handpicked nominee.

05.Jul.2004 Their George and Ours: Read the Declaration of Independence + you may feel something other than admiration: an icy chill of recognition.

The bulk of the declaration is devoted to a list of charges against George III, several of which bear an eerie relevance to our own time.

05.Jul.2004 Musharraf Government is protecting Osama, says Benazir : Mocking the wild-goose chase for Osama bin Laden,

the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto today suggested that the best place to look for him was in the "basement of the presidency of Pakistan".

05.Jul.2004 Congressman suggests Bush hiding Osama: 'They are trying to decide what day they should bring him out'

05.Jul.2004 Iran: A short account of 1953 Coup : The plot was under way, even though the shah was a reluctant warrior and Mr. Eisenhower had yet to give his final approval.

05.Jul.2004 In case you missed it: The Secret Government : Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy.

05.Jul.2004 Islamic Democrats: Somebody ought to tell President Bush [BGW968] something he obviously doesn't know.

Most of the reformers in the Middle East in recent years have been Islamist + sometimes the Islamic fundamentalists.

It is they who have provided social services the government neglected to provide. It is they who have often demanded democratic elections + honest government.

05.Jul.2004 Israeli paratrooper filmed abusing Palestinians: The sergeant was filmed committing three separate acts of violence, despite his being aware that he was being filmed

04.Jul.2004 Robert Fisk: So this is what they call the new, 'free' Iraq: Americans continue to hold Saddam - in Qatar, not in Iraq - + Americans ran the court in which Saddam appeared.

American soldiers in plain clothes were the "civilians" in the court. American officials censored the tapes of the hearing, lied about the judge's wish to record the sound of the trial.

05.Jul.2004 Takes a lot to make Bush [BGW968] feel 'welcome": The photograph stretches eight columns wide across the front page of the newspaper: Tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles as far as the eye can see. The setting was not war-ravaged Iraq, but a stretch of highway on the outskirts of Shannon, Ireland.

05.Jul.2004 This Is How You Bring Down Fidel Castro? : Just when you thought that U.S. policy toward Cuba couldn't get any dumber, along comes President Bush [BGW968] with another grandstanding stunt that is doomed to backfire.

05.Jul.2004 Brazilians pelt Minnesota legislator during protest : Paulsen and Illinois Rep. Susana Mendoza, D-Chicago, were not hurt in the incident.

05.Jul.2004 Government Is Not “Us: When Rumsfeld talks about “us,” he blurs a crucial distinction, most likely intentionally. But a moment’s thought is all it takes to see that we, the American people, are not the government + vice versa.

05.Jul.2004 Video: Elite Propaganda: The Myth of the Liberal Media: Edward Herman + Noam Chomsky demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture, the idea of the "liberal media."

Instead, utilizing a systematic model based on massive empirical research, they reveal the manner in which the news media are so subordinated to corporate +

conservative interests that their function can only be described as that of "elite propaganda."

05.Jul.2004 They Behead; We Do It With Smart Bombs: Moral self-congratulation is an addiction in our nation.

At present, we luxuriate in our moral superiority over thugs who behead the innocent, but all along we have deemed ourselves civilized warriors in Iraq.

Bush [BGW968] should follow Saddam into the dock : If Saddam Hussein is in court, why isn't Bush [BGW968]?: Saddam Hussein is accused of a number of crimes committed during his Presidency of Iraq.

An analysis of four years of government under the Bush [BGW968] regime reveals some shocking parallels.

05.Jul.2004 More Than 16,000 U.S. Service Members Wounded and Injured from Iraq War : The national press missed this blockbuster on

18.Jun.2004 : the Pentagon confirms more than 16,000 U.S. service members have been wounded or injured in the Iraq War. DoD failed to report 11,000 soldiers who were wounded or injured.

05.Jul.2004 Did one woman's obsession take America to war?: She is a conspiracy theorist whose political conceits have consistently been proved wrong.

So why were Bush [BGW968] + his aides so keen to swallow Laurie Mylroie's theories on Saddam and terrorism?

05.Jul.2004 In case you missed it: This war on terrorism is bogus: The 11.Sep.2001 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

05.Jul.2004 UK: Legality of Iraq occupation 'flawed'; The senior Foreign Office lawyer who resigned after ministers ignored her advice that the war in Iraq was illegal has issued a damning legal critique of the occupation,

claiming that the alleged abuse of prisoners "could amount to war crimes".

05.Jul.2004 WMD report shatters Blair's credibility :

Blair’s credibility over weapons of mass destruction is set to face its sternest test after his special envoy to Iraq conceded yesterday Saddam Hussein had stockpiled none.

05.Jul.2004 UK: Politicians go on offensive to dodge the fallout from report: Even before Lord Butler's report has been sent to the printers,

leading members of UK Government have embarked on a concerted campaign to shift the blame for the fiasco over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to the intelligence services.

05.Jul.2004 Mit Baseball, Feuerwerk, Paraden und Hot Dogs begingen die Amerikaner gestern ihren 228. Geburtstag.

Für das Führungsteam unter Bush [BGW968] allerdings gab es am 04.Jul.2004 , dem US-Nationalfeiertag, wenig zu feiern + das nicht nur im meist liberalen Baseball-Land.

Bush [BGW968]s Popularitätsquote, seit dem Folterskandal von Abu Ghureib im Freifall, hat dieser Tage einen neuen, historischen Tiefpunkt erreicht:

Nur noch 42 % der Amerikaner sind mit Bush [BGW968] + seiner Amtsführung zufrieden, 51 % dagegen missbilligen sie.

57 % finden inzwischen, dass das ganze Land "in eine falsche Richtung" schlingere - national wie international.
Das sind Werte, an denen Präsidenten zu Grunde gehen.

Zumindest schaffte kein Amtsinhaber der letzten 25 Jahre, dessen Werte im Frühjahr eines Wahljahres unter die 50-%-Marke rutschten, die Wiederwahl.
Doch natürlich ist in diesem Jahr alles anders. Der Dauerkrieg gegen den Terror hat die verstaubten Polit-Axiome des US-Wahlkampfes verschoben.

Ob zu Gunsten der Republikaner oder der Demokraten, das weiß noch keiner.

"Dies ist eine neue Zeitrechnung für uns", sagt ein demokratischer Wahlstratege. "Die alten Rechnungen gehen so einfach nicht mehr auf."

05.Jul.2004 Unerträglicher noch schien den Fans jedoch der Kurzbesuch von US-Vizepräsident Dick Cheney im Yankees-Stadion.

Bei einem Rückspiel gegen die Bostoner Red Sox saß der vorige Woche zunächst unbemerkt in der Privatloge von Clubeigner George Steinbrenner, dann eine Weile hinter dem Spieler-Dugout.

Erst als Cheneys Konterfei auf der monumentalen Anzeigetafel erschien, zu den Klängen von "God Bless America", bemerkten die restlichen Zuschauer den Gast aus Washington.

Prompt brach das gesamte Stadion in laute Buhrufe und Pfiffe aus - so laut, dass die Yankees das Bild Cheneys schnell wieder ausblendeten.
05.Jul.2004 Freiheit, Unabhängigkeit und Baseball -Der Machtwechsel im Irak sollte das Steuer für US-Präsident Bush [BGW968] herumreißen.

Doch die Stimmung der Amerikaner am Unabhängigkeitstag blieb trübe. Dies wäre eigentlich die Stunde für Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ965].
05.Jul.2004 Rights of Terror Suspects -Where were the champions of due process in 00.Nov.2001 when the president first imposed draconian order? By WILLIAM SAFIRE
HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. - "Misadvised by a frustrated and panic-stricken attorney general, a president of the USA has just assumed what amounts to dictatorial power to jail or execute aliens."
So wrote a purpling libertarian kook on Nov. 15, 2001, the day after President Bush [BGW968] issued an executive order cracking down on suspected terrorist captives.

"At a time when even liberals are debating the ethics of torture of suspects," this soft-on-terror wimp went on, "weighing the distaste for barbarism against the need to save innocent lives - it's time for conservative iconoclasts and card-carrying hard-liners to stand up for American values."
They did not, of course; hard-line commentators dismissed the wimp as a "professional hysteric" akin to "antebellum Southern belles suffering the vapors." Attorney General John Ashcroft said such diatribes "aid terrorists."
At the same time, most liberals - supposed advocates of the rights of the accused - did not want to appear to be insufficiently outraged at terrorists.

Only two months after the shock of 11.Sep.2001 , with polls showing strong public approval of Bush [BGW968]'s harsh measures to protect us, these liberals turned out to be civil liberty's summer soldiers.

No senator from Massachusetts rose promptly to challenge Bush [BGW968]'s draconian order, thereby to etch a profile in courage.

05.Jul.2004 Dabei hätten die Behörden spätestens vor vier Jahren reagieren können.

In einem Bericht des wissenschaftlichen Komitees der EU (SSC), der im 00.Jul.2000 erschien und SPIEGEL ONLINE im Original vorliegt, warnten die Experten schon damals vor weitaus höheren BSE-Zahlen in Frankreich.

Auf Seite fünf des Papiers kommen die Experten zum alarmierenden Schluss, den seitdem erst die Autoren der jetzigen Publikation ernst zu nehmen schienen, nämlich,

dass die Überwachung "kein reales Bild über die Zahl der BSE-Fälle wiedergibt".

05.Jul.2004 "Wir gehen davon aus, dass 00.000.1980-00.000.2000 insgesamt 301.200 Rinder in Frankreich mit BSE infiziert waren", resümieren Virginie Supervie und Dominique Costagliola.

Die beiden Forscher vom Pariser Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (Inserm) machen damit einen neuen BSE-Skandal in Frankreich publik. Laut ihrer im Fachblatt "Veterinary Research" veröffentlichten Studie gelangten bis zum Jahr 1996 insgesamt 47.300 infizierte Rinder auf den Tisch der französischen Verbraucher.
Besondere Brisanz erhält das Papier, weil es nach Ansicht der Fachleute Fehler in der Bekämpfung der tödlich verlaufenden und auf den Menschen übertragbaren Tierseuche aufzeigt.

Denn laut Supervie und Costagliola wurde erst die zweite Infektionswelle erfasst; die erste blieb unentdeckt.
Nachdem in den achtziger Jahren die ersten Fälle der gefährlichen Prionenerkrankung in Großbritannien bekannt wurden,

hatte sich die französische Regierung vorwiegend um einen Importstopp infizierter Kühe aus dem Nachbarland bemüht.

Doch die Kontrolle der eigenen Bestände startete erst Jahre später, nachdem 1991 das erste französische Rind BSE-Symptome zeigte.
05.Jul.2004 Die SPD hat sich für die Politik der Agenda 2010 entschieden - und damit eben auch dafür, bestimmte Schichten zurückzulassen und den mildtätigen Ton der Arbeiterwohlfahrt aufzugeben.

Im Moment ist es so, dass die Verlierer dieser Politik entweder in die Apathie zurückgefallen oder zur Union gewechselt sind. Die Union ist heute von München bis Hamburg die Partei der Arbeiterklasse.

Das kann die SPD ja nicht ernsthaft wollen. Sie selbst kann diese verlorenen Schichten aber nicht mehr erreichen.

Insofern ist es schon fast eine ausgeklügelte Strategie, jemanden zu finden, der diese Schichten dem bürgerlichen Lager wieder entwindet und zumindest in ein Verhältnis des Tolerierens hineinbringt.

In der Linkspartei liegt damit die Chance, die Hegemonie des bürgerlichen Lagers zu brechen.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Die neue Linkspartei würde also nicht die SPD Stimmen kosten, sondern die Union. Und sie könnte resignierte Nichtwähler reaktivieren.
Walter: Ja, genau. Insofern kann ich auch gar nicht verstehen, warum sich die SPD so über die Linkspartei aufregt. Hinzu kommt ja: Die SPD hat sich wirklich tief greifend verändert.

05.Jul.2004 Jungsozialisten und junge Gewerkschafter warnten vor einer Spaltung der Linken.

Der zugespitzte Konflikt drohe das traditionelle Band der Arbeiterbewegung zu zerreißen, heißt es in einem gemeinsamen Positionspapier, der "Berliner Erklärung".

Das "Tischtuch von SPD und Gewerkschaften" dürfe nicht zerschnitten werden. URL:,1518,307314,00.html

Die Unterzeichner warnten davor, dass sonst Konservative und Liberale "eine reaktionäre Zeitenwende in Deutschland einläuten". URL:,1518,307314,00.html
05.Jul.2004 Michael Müller sagt, einige, die sich da getroffen hätten, kenne er, die täten seit 30 Jahren nichts anderes, als neue Parteien zu gründen.

Er habe den Eindruck, im neuen Bündnis herrsche "eher Dogmatismus als inhaltliche Offenheit" vor.

Wenn man auf die krisenhafte Situation mit einer "Beschwörung des Vergangenen" reagiere, "dann wird man scheitern", so Müller.
05.Jul.2004 Um die Unabhängigkeit des Navigationssystems zu testen und auszuschließen, dass sich die Tieren an markanten Punkten in der Landschaft,

am Geruch des Nestes oder seinem Aussehen orientieren, haben Markus Knaden und Rüdiger Wehner von der Universität Zürich ihre Testameisen in eine Falle gelockt:

Angezogen von einer künstlichen Futterquelle, mussten die Arbeiterinnen zunächst von ihrem Bau aus 20 Meter genau nach Norden laufen.

Dort wurden sie eingefangen und auf einem leeren Feld wieder ausgesetzt. Sofort machten sich die Tiere, die offenbar Richtung und Entfernung ihres Hinweges exakt gespeichert hatten, auf den Weg nach Süden.

20 Meter später, am Ort des ursprünglichen Nestes, starteten die überraschten Ameisen eine systematische Suche nach ihrem fehlenden Bau.
Lange Wege, blanke Nerven
05.Jul.2004 In der Heimat wird gespuckt und gebissen -Ein eingebautes Navigationssystem verrät streunenden Wüstenameisen, ob sie sich in der Nähe des heimatlichen Baus aufhalten.

Und wehe, Vertreter einer anderen Kolonie kommen den Tieren in diesem Augenblick in die Quere.
05.Jul.2004 ERKENNTNIS -Frauen haben mehr Hirnwindungen als Männer -Ihre Gehirne sind zwar kleiner - bei der Zahl der Windungen schlagen Frauen die Männer jedoch deutlich.

Die stärkere Furchung ist im Laufe der Evolution entstanden, um den Größennachteil auszugleichen, glauben Forscher aus Frankfurt.
05.Jul.2004 Die Datenbank von "TorDACH" listet gegenwärtig fast 900 verlässliche Tornado-Meldungen aus deutschen Landen auf; die älteste stammt aus dem Jahr 0855 .

Das Archivmaterial dokumentiert: Es gab Tornado-Tage, die waren noch weitaus schlimmer als der 23.Jun.2004 .Kühe wirbelten durch die Luft
05.Jul.2004 Der sachsen-anhaltinische Wirbelsturm mit seiner bis zu 300 Meter breiten Zugbahn war "stark bis verheerend", die Windgeschwindigkeit dürfte bis zu 330 Kilometer pro Stunde betragen haben.
Frau fliegt 20 Meter bis in Scheune
05.Jul.2004 Die bislang besten Fotos des Saturnmonds Titan enthalten keinerlei Hinweise auf Flüssigkeiten.

Der erdähnliche Trabant besteht an der Oberfläche vor allem aus herkömmlichem Wasser-Eis, in der Atmophäre schweben Methanwolken.
"Cassini"-Mission: Forscher suchen vergeblich Titan-Meer
Die bislang besten Fotos des Saturnmonds Titan enthalten keinerlei Hinweise auf Flüssigkeiten.

Der erdähnliche Trabant besteht an der Oberfläche vor allem aus herkömmlichem Wasser-Eis, in der Atmophäre schweben Methanwolken.
Unwetter in Deutschland: Im Juli haben Tornados Hochsaison
Erkenntnis: Frauen haben mehr Hirnwindungen als Männer
Aggressive Ameisen: In der Heimat wird gespuckt und gebissen

05.Jul.2004 SPD Wo bitte geht es nach Links?Die SPD ist ratlos.

Das neue Linksbündnis droht zur Gefahr zu werden. Sollten sich die Agenda-Kritiker mit der PDS verbünden, könnten sie der Partei entscheidende %e wegnehmen. Derweil suchen Parteilinke nach Auswegen.
Interview zur Linkspartei: "Historisch neue Situation"
Reformdebatte: Stoiber macht sich Sorgen um die SPD
Reformdebatte: SPD fürchtet die Bedeutungslosigkeit
Franzosen verspeisten 47.000 BSE-Kühe In den letzten 13 Jahren gelangte das Fleisch Tausender BSE-kranker Tiere unerkannt in französische Geschäfte.

Der Fall gilt schon jetzt als Desaster für den Verbraucherschutz und für die behördlichen Kontrollen - + hat möglicherweise bereits erste Todesopfer gefordert.

The flag has become a muzzle, a piece of cloth stuffed into the mouths of those who dare to ask questions.
I think it's time for those of us who love this country — and everything it should stand for — to reclaim our flag from those who would use it to crush rights and freedoms, both here at home + overseas.

We need to redefine what it means to be a proud American.
If you are one of those who love what President Bush [BGW968] has done for this country and believe you must blindly follow the president to deserve to fly the flag,

you should ask yourself some difficult questions about just how proud you are of the America we now inhabit:
Are you proud that one in six children lives in poverty in America?
Are you proud that 40 million adult Americans are functional illiterates?
Are you proud that the bulk of the jobs being created these days are low- and minimum-wage jobs?
Are you proud of asking your fellow Americans to live on $5.15 an hour?
Are you proud that, according to a National Geographic Society survey, 85% of young adult Americans cannot find Iraq on the map (and 11% cannot find the USA!)?
Are you proud that the rest of the world, which poured out its heart to us after Sept. 11, now looks at us with disdain and disgust?
Are you proud that nearly 3 billion people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water when we have the resources and technology to remedy this immediately?
Are you proud of the fact that our president sent our soldiers off to a war that had nothing to do with the self-defense of this country?
05.Jul.2004 URL:
I Can Dream: Republicans After Fahrenheit 9/11 03.Jul.2004
Sleeper In The White House
Bush [BGW968]: Bratty Rich Kid, Wants It Both Ways 23.Jul.2004
Different Times: Nixon + Clinton + Bush [BGW968]
Bush + al-Qaeda: A Symbiotic Relationship 31.May 2004
Where's The Compassion, Conservatives? 19.May 2004
Attitudes Reflect Leadership 05.May 2004
Vote Republican: It's Easier Than Thinking 04.May 2004
Permanent Vacation

05.Jul.2004 The level at which they denied, misdirected, and outright lied to keep doing what they were doing and to keep from being prosecuted for it seemed to rise in relation to the stakes.

They knew about but failed to prevent the events of 11.Sep.2001.

They’ve invaded a country that was not a threat to our own, based on lies.

When the lie became more apparent, then it was time for the misdirection.

Finally, when the misdirection fails -- deny, deny, deny. Bush [BGW968] + Co. are knee-deep in their own cesspool.

Invasion under false/illegal pretenses, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay -- these are all high crimes and misdemeanors that could (should) land just about the entire Bush [BGW968] Administration in jail.

The denial they use is that they gave no orders to torture prisoners.

Yet another lie, as revealed by the recent assertions from the Justice Department.

And there’s another word we’ve allowed this Administration to bastardize - justice.

Justice would be Republicans seeing the Bush [BGW968] Administration for the criminals that they are.

Justice would be seeing each and every one of them on trial right next to Saddam Hussein.

I can dream. Can’t I? URL: Don’t blame God for the mess we’re in.

Contrary to what President Bush [BGW968] says, God did not choose him to be president. The Supreme Court did.

Maybe making a deal with God insuring that the Supreme Court does not make such a catastrophic mistake in the future would be worth bargaining for.

Bush [BGW968]’s claim that God called him to lead America is either a delusion or more propaganda. What better way to sell yourself to the religious Right?

God no more wanted Bush [BGW968] to be president than Bush [BGW968] wants gays to have the right to marry.

God was disenfranchised in Florida, too! Ever since, that decision by the Supremes,

God has been bastardized and blasphemed by the Bush [BGW968] Administration.

Maybe, you should be angry about that. Maybe you should bargain with God to smite them all or turn them into pillars of salt.

Whatever you gotta do.

Maybe if you promise to be more informed about your political choices, God will miraculously ensure that no more unqualified people will run our country.

The fourth stage is depression

Whether it was due to fear of losing prime real estate within the White House press corps, or worse, to profit from war coverage (war sells as much as sex does), the media failed us.

This should have absolutely nothing to do with partisan politics. Whether the media does its job or not is everybody’s business.

This is the first group we all should be angry with. Second is the Bush [BGW968] Administration. Although we usually do, we can’t really get angry at the criminals first, this time.

Get angry at the group that is charged with keeping the criminals in check. In this case, that’s you: CNN, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. Okay, FOX News gets a pass.

They actually did do their job. They know full well they are neither “fair” nor “balanced.” That ‘Fair and Balanced’ farce was taken too seriously by far too many people.

In fact, anytime I happen by FOX News, I take a magnifying glass to the TV screen to look for the disclaimer that says,

“This is really not news. We’re really a Right-wing propaganda network.” I haven’t found it yet, but I know it must be there.

So, conservatives, you have only yourselves to blame.

Like exiting Texas Governor Mark White said after Bill Clements was elected:

“Don’t blame me.” Ditto, conservatives.

05.Jul.2004 Eyes And Ears Of The Nation URL:,8816,1101040705-658321,00.html
After the session in Little Rock, two newly initiated Highway Watch members sat down for the catered barbecue lunch.

The truckers, who haul hazardous material across 48 states, explained how easy it is to spot "Islamics" on the road: just look for their turbans.

Quite a few of them are truck drivers, says William Westfall of Van Buren, Ark. "I'll be honest. They know they're not welcome at truck stops.

There's still a lot of animosity toward Islamics." Eddie Dean of Fort Smith, Ark., also has little doubt about his ability to identify Muslims: "You can tell where they're from. You can hear their accents.

They're not real clean people."

That kind of prejudice is hard to undo, but it's a shame Beatty's slide show did not mention that in the U.S., it's almost always Sikhs who wear turbans, not Muslims.

Last year a Sikh truck driver who was wearing a turban was shot twice while standing near his tractor trailer in Phoenix, Ariz. He survived the attack, which police are investigating as a hate crime.

Highway Watch, which will receive an additional $22 million next year, preserves the part of TIPS concerned with monitoring behavior in public space.

The Department of Homeland Security has also launched Port Watch, River Watch and Transit Watch.

Then there are the familiar Neighborhood Watch groups, many of which have expanded their missions to include homeland security.

In New York City, government outsourcing of surveillance has even trickled down to doormen and building superintendents, thousands of whom are being trained to watch out for strange trucks parked near buildings and tenants who move in without furniture.

So how exactly does one spot a terrorist on the highway?

Members of Highway Watch are given a secret toll-free number to report any suspicious behavior — people taking pictures of bridges, for example, or passengers handling heavy backpacks with unusual care.

"We want to hear from you when something just doesn't look right," Beatty said. "Say you're out at a truck stop and you see someone hanging out near your truck, wearing a jacket. Maybe it's too hot out for a jacket. Go back inside, alert someone and check him out through the window."

Eyes And Ears Of The Nation
Thousands of truckers, bus drivers and rest-stop workers are being enlisted to spot terrorists. Is this comforting news? By AMANDA RIPLEY/LITTLE ROCK

On a blazing hot morning last week, 75 men and women of the highway — bus drivers, truckers and van operators — convened at a nondescript office building in Little Rock, Ark., to be trained as terrorist hunters.

The Department of Homeland Security this year gave $19.3 million to the American Trucking Associations, which is based in Alexandria, Va., to recruit a volunteer "army" called Highway Watch.

So far, 10,000 truckers have signed on to become amateur sleuths.

Over the next year, the goal is to add tollbooth workers, rest-stop employees and construction crews, creating a corps of 400,000 people drawn from every state.

Waiting for the training to begin, Jo Anna Cartwright, who manages the rural public bus system in northern Arkansas, said she had not yet encountered any terrorists in her job, as far as she knew.

"We got a terroristic phone call the other day," she said, "but it turned out it was just the boyfriend of an employee."

Her bus drivers pay special attention to a gentleman from Afghanistan who recently married a regular rider, she said. Cartwright had come to the training to learn what else she could do.

The tutorial was led by Jeffrey Beatty, a security consultant, formerly of the FBI and CIA. He started by showing clips of alQaeda training videos. "They are out there training for operations in the U.S. homeland.

Make no mistake about it," he said, warning that Little Rock cannot afford to be complacent.

"You're getting a presidential library here — for a President who launched cruise missiles against al-Qaeda," Beatty said, referring to Bill Clinton.

There are not enough police and federal agents to protect all of America, but transportation workers could be a "force multiplier," he said.

"We want to turn the hunters into the hunted," he intoned for the first of four times that day.

05.Jul.2004 Av-Gay too will say nothing about what his studies have revealed. "The story seems to be gearing towards the idea that these are not bacteria, but maybe a new living form.

It is a very interesting story, but you won't get the answer now."

Samples from aneurysms caused by a genetic disorder did not do this, nor did the density of the medium change if no filtrate was added. Some of the particles were removed, cleaned of their mineral coating, and then imaged with an electron microscope. This revealed small cell-like structures. This much is just repeating the work of Kajander and Ciftcioglu that has been so widely criticised. But the Mayo team has also come up with further results that are much harder to explain away. When the particles were "grown" in a flask, they absorbed uridine, one of the building blocks of RNA.
05.Jul.2004 The evidence is suggestive," is all Lieske claims. Critics are not convinced. "I just don't think this is real," says Jack Maniloff of the University of Rochester in New York. "It is the cold fusion of microbiology." John Cisar of the National Institutes of Health is equally sceptical. "There are always people who are trying to keep this alive. It's like it is on life-support."

The first claims about nanobacteria came from geologists studying tiny cell-like structures in rock slices. But

00.000.1998 the debate took a different twist when Olavi Kajander + Neva Ciftcioglu of the University of Kuopio in Finland claimed to have found nanobacteria, surrounded by a calcium-rich mineral called apatite, in human kidney stones.
Objections were raised immediately. Many of the supposed nanobacteria were less than 100 nanometres across, smaller than many viruses, which cannot replicate independently.

Maniloff's work suggests that to contain the DNA and proteins needed to function, a cell must be at least 140 nanometres across.

Kajander and Ciftcioglu, however, insisted that they had observed the nanoparticles self-replicating in a culture medium + claimed to have identified a unique DNA sequence.

How could this be explained if the cells were not alive, they asked. URL: