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0040822 -die : Öl-preis-rallye.
Schlechte Nachrichten sind gute Nachrichten -


19.Aug.2004 -Donnerstag- war ein guter Tag: Da überfielen irakische TERRORISTEN Aufständische NOCH eine Öl gesellschaft MEHR + trieben damit den Ölpreis -der Wert für die Ölsorte USA West Texas Intermediate (WTI) - in den USA auf den neuen Rekordwert von über 48 $.
Die Spekulanten, in der Regel große Hedgefonds, sind Profiteure + Akteure zugleich: Sie verdienen an den Preisentwicklungen, die sie selbst mitverursachen.

Nach Ansicht von Wolfgang Kraus, Chefhändler für Energie + Rohstoffe bei der Bayerischen Landesbank,

geht der PROFIT der „Öl-Preis-Rallye“ der vergangenen Wochen "wohl zu 30 % - 40 % auf s Konten der Finanzspekulant n „.
Die Tageskurse für das physische Öl orientieren sich eng an den internationalen Rohstoffbörsen.

Der wichtigste Handelsplatz ist die New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).

Hier wird neben den Preisen für Gold, Aluminium oder Gas im Sekundentakt elektronisch

auch der Wert für die Ölsorte West Texas Intermediate (WTI) ermittelt -

für UNSERE Gegenwart, aber auch für UNSERE Zukunft.

04.Aug.2004 'Scrap unfair terror laws' UK parliamentarians tell Blunkett -PA News-

11.Sep.2001 -in the wake of- Emergency counter-terrorism laws passed- should be urgently replaced because they are discriminatory, a committee of UK parliamentarians warned 04.Aug.2004 -today-.

UK all-party Joint Committee on Human Rights said laws drawn up by UK Home Secretary David Blunkett risked UK courts admitting evidence obtained from the torture of UK suspected terrorists.

The UK parliamentarians also said they were "not persuaded" of the need UK to create a new terrorism offence - 04.Aug.2004 currently being considered by Mr Blunkett - which would make it illegal to be involved in "acts preparatory to terrorism". Printable Story

30.Jul.2004 Someone Should Give Lil' Caesar a Drink - The Pathology of George Bush - CASTRO, FIDEL

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,

I - CASTRO, FIDEL - shall address a sinister character that keeps threatening + insulting + slandering Cuba.

This is not a whim or an agreeable option; it is a necessity + a duty. URL:
This fact shows how the fruits of everything I, CASTRO, FIDEL, have talked about before are beginning to sprout all over our country, despite 45 years of a harsh blockade + of aggressions by USA governments. +

And these are not biological weapons, nor chemical weapons, nor nuclear weapons;

these are scientific discoveries which could help all humanity.

Let's hope that, in Cuba's case, God does not 'instruct' Mr. Bush [BGW968] to attack our country but that he rather inspires him to avoid this colossal mistake!

He had better check on any divine belligerent order by consulting the Pope + other prestigious dignitaries + theologians from the Christian churches, asking them for their opinion

Excuse me, Mr. President of the USA, for not writing a third epistle to you this time but it would have been difficult to analyze this subject in that way.

It might have been taken for a personal insult + I, CASTRO, FIDEL, rather adhere to common courtesy.

Hail, Caesar! I, CASTRO, FIDEL, say, but this time I, CASTRO, FIDEL, add:

Those who are willing to die have no fear of your enormous power, of your unbridled rage, nor

of your dangerous + cowardly threats against Cuba !

Long live the truth!

Long live human dignity!

Speech made by President of the Republic of Cuba, Castro, Fidel,

at the ceremony for the 51. anniversary of the attack on the Moncada + Carlos
26.Jul.2004 Santa Clara,Manuel de Cespedes fortresses,Ernesto Che Guevara Square. URL:
26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
Some words spoken by Ashcroft, John in his speech introducing Bush [BGW968] to

USA National Training Conference on Human Trafficking:

"In the 19.Century USA President Abraham Lincoln held firm to a vision of freedom for all +

was rightly called the great emancipator."

"In the 21.Century we have a great leader who has made Cuba see that liberty is not a gift

from the USA to the world but a gift to humanity from the Almighty." URL:

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
Bush [BGW968] said that 'Human life is the gift of our Creator + it should never be for sale."

"It takes a special kind of depravity to exploit + hurt the most vulnerable members of society.

Human traffickers rob children of their innocence;

they expose them to the worst of life before they have seen much of life.

Traffickers tear families apart.

They treat their victims as nothing more than goods + commodities for sale to the highest bidder." URL:
26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
The Italian press agency ANSA reported:

"The regime in Cuba Havana is adding to its crimes: it welcomes sex tourism", said Bush [BGW968] who even repeated a supposed quote by , CASTRO, FIDEL, 'Cuba has the cleanest + most educated prostitutes in the world.'"

Later, wire services have reported that the quotation of something I, CASTRO, FIDEL, supposedly said on this subject, which the USA President used in the Tampa speech I, CASTRO, FIDEL, just mentioned to back up his serious accusations,

was taken from a paper on Cuba written by Charles Turnbull a law student from Vanderbilt University in the USA

who has emphatically stated that Bush [BGW968]'s speech misconstrued the real meaning of a sentence included in his work + clarified this + other matters in the following way:"Prostitution boomed in the Caribbean nation after the collapse of the Soviet Union..."

"Castro, who had outlawed prostitution when he took power in 1959, initially had few resources to combat it. But

00.000.1996 -beginning in- Cuban authorities began to crack down on the practice."

"Although it still exists, it is far less visible + it would be inaccurate to say the government Cuba promotes it".

19.Jul.2004 -On Monday-USA Bush [BGW968] administration officials admitted they had no other source for the quote except the paper written by the aforementioned student. URL:
26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
Given the fact that it was shown that the USA President had launched an extremely grave accusation

based on a sentence found in a paper written by an USA American student, who himself refuted the deliberate way Bush [BGW968] misconstrued it, it's hard to imagine a more bizarre response than that given by a USA Whitehouse spokesperson when told about this refutation.

According to the news agency report, the spokesperson simply, "...defended the inclusion [of the sentence] arguing that it expressed an essential truth about Cuba", in other words, for the White House "the essential truth about Cuba" is anything that the president conjures up in his mind whether it has anything to do with reality or not.

This is exactly the kind of fundamentalist approach that USA President Bush [BGW968] constantly resorts to when there are more than enough data + arguments + truth + reasons + facts on a particular subject but the only determining factor is the idea he has in his mind or the idea that suits him: anything becomes the absolute + irrefutable truth simply because Mr.Bush [BGW968] imagines it to be so.

Many people in the world who know very little about the Cuban Revolution might fall victim to the lies + tricks the USA government spreads through the huge media available to it.

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
According to ex-presidential speech writer David Frum, when Bush [BGW968] took over the Oval office

he summoned a group of religious leaders, asked for their prayers + told them:

"There is only one reason that I am in the Oval Office + not a bar... I found faith, I found God.

I am here because of the power of prayer".

Dr. Frank thinks that this statement might be true + goes on to say the following:

"...surely all Americans would like to believe that the president no longer drinks,

even if we have no way of knowing for certain.

If so, he fits the profile of a former drinker whose alcoholism has been arrested but not treated".

He then adds:

" Former drinkers who abstain without the benefit of the AA program are often referred to as "dry drunks",

a label that has been bandied about on the Internet + elsewhere in reference to Bush [BGW968].

"Dry drunk" isn't a medical term, + not one I use in a clinical setting.

But even without labelling Bush [BGW968] as such, it's hard to ignore the many troubling elements of his character among the traits that the recovery literature associates with the condition, including

grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, detachment, denial of responsibility, a tendency toward over-reaction and an aversion to introspection." (p. 41)

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
"In writing about Bush [BGW968]'s halting appearance in a press conference just before the start of the Iraq War, Washington Post media critic Tom Shales speculated that "the president may have been ever so slightly medicated".

"More troubling though, are the appearances that arouse suspicion not because of how he talks but what he says.

He has repeatedly engaged in confabulation, filling in gaps in his memory with what he believes are facts-

14.Jul.2003 -most notably -when- he stood next to Kofi Annan +

made up the idea that USA had given Saddam "a chance to allow the inspectors in + he wouldn't let them in".

(As the Washington Post noted, "Hussein had, in fact, admitted the inspectors + Bush [BGW968] had opposed extending their work because he did not believe them effective".

Confabulation is a common phenomenon among drinkers, as is perseveration, which is evident in Bush [BGW968]'s tendency to repeat key words + phrases, as if the repetition helps him remain calm + stay on track." (p. 49)

And Dr. Frank concludes his analysis of these two questions with the following words:

"Even if we assume, moreover, that Bush [BGW968]'s drinking days are behind him, the question remains

how much lasting damage may have been done before he stopped-

-beyond the considerable impact on his personality that we can trace to his untreated abstinence.

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
Finally, Dr. Frank points out that Bush [BGW968] would reduce the fear of many Americans by submitting himself to psychological tests that could scientifically measure the effects of alcoholism on his brain function + warns:

"Otherwise, we are left to suspect - with reason - that our president Bush [BGW968]

may be impaired in his ability to make sense of complex ideas + briefings" (p. 51)

And he ends up by saying:

"We all may be a little afraid to find out: after all, he has already held office for three years and has led our nation into war. But if we fail to do so, the consequences may indict every one of us". (p. 51)

Another aspect discussed in depth and in detail by Dr. Justin A. Frank in this book, "Bush [BGW968] on the Couch", is that of President Bush [BGW968]'s religious fundamentalism.


26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
xamples of phrases Bush [BGW968] used repeatedly during that press conference:

"And so we're making progress.

It's slowly but surely making progress of bringing the -those who terrorize their fellow citizens to justice +

making progress about convincing the Iraqi people that freedom is real.

And as they become more convinced that freedom is real,

they'll begin to assume more responsibilities that are required in a free society...

"And the threat is a real threat.

It's a threat that where--we obviously don't have specific data, we don't know when, where, what.

But we do know a couple of things...obviously, we're talking to foreign governments + foreign airlines

to indicate to them the reality of the threat...

"I don't know how close we are to getting Saddam Hussein.

You know - it's closer that we were yesterday, I guess.

All I know is we're on the hunt.

It's like if you had asked me right before we got his sons how close we were to get his sons, I'd say,

I don't know, but we're on the hunt.

"Well first of all, the war on terror goes on, as I continually remind people...

The threat that you asked about, Steve, reminds us that we need to be on the hunt,

because the war on terror goes on...

"I just described to you that there is a threat to the USA.

There is no doubt in my mind, Campbell, that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the USA' security +

a threat to peace in the region...

"Saddam Hussein was a threat.

The UN viewed him as a threat.

That's why they passed twelve resolutions.

Predecessors of mine viewed him as a threat.

We gathered a lot of intelligence.

That intelligence was good, sound intelligence on which I made a decision... (pp. 65-66)

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
00.000.19---00.000.1959 -before the triumph of the revolution in - Has no one told Bush [BGW968] that in Cuba about 100,000 women were directly or indirectly involved in prostitution for reasons of poverty, discrimination + lack of work + that the Revolution educated these women + found them jobs, + outlawed the so-called "tolerance zones" which existed in the pseudo-republic + the neo-colony installed by the USA ?

Has no one told Bush [BGW968] that the Cuban children, whose physical, mental + moral health is the number one priority of the Revolution, are protected by more severe laws than those of the USA + that they all attend school, including more than 50,000 who suffer from mental or physical disabilities + that,

without exceptions, receive specialized care in special education centres?

Has no one told Bush [BGW968] that infant mortality is lower in Cuba than it is in the USA + that it continues to decrease?

Has no one dared to whisper in his ear that Cuba occupies an outstanding + internationally recognized place in education;

that health + education services are free + extend to the whole population;

that today programs are underway in education, health + culture

that will place Cuba far above all the other countries in the world?

26.Jul.2004-26.Jul.1953 51.anniversary of the attack on Moncada fortress, Cuba,
The USA Bush [BGW968] Administration has not even dared to say a single word about the generous offer that our country Cuba made of saving, in a short 5 year period, a life for every life lost in the Twin Towers,

by providing free health care to 3000 USA citizens who have no access to healthcare services

that are indispensable for preserving life.

Neither have they replied to the question of whether or not those who may decide to come to Cuba

to take advantage of this opportunity would be punished.

It is really revealing that on the very same day that Mr. Bush [BGW968] spouted such outrageous slanders + threats, a prestigious USA American scientific institution from California

signed an agreement with the Cuban Molecular Immunology Centre for transferring technology developed in our Cuba country for the clinical trials + later manufacture of three promising vaccines in the battle against cancer,

which, as you know, kills more than half a million USA Americans every year.

It is only fair to acknowledge that in this case the USA authorities did not set any obstacle.

30.Jul.2004 Shattering Illusions: Kerry [KFJ966]'s Speech Tells Anti-War Activists They're Not Wanted

22.Aug.2004 There is absolutely no guarantee that opposition to their schemes

will stop the likes of Cheney, Dick + Rumsfeld, Donald + Ashcroft, John + Co.

from continuing to act ruthlessly + without any principles whatsoever

to preserve their grip on power.

This crisis calls for a dramatic public response from the USA American People, demonstrating conclusively that

we will not allow this illegitimate gang

to destroy our democracy + our freedom.URL:
Election 11.Sep.2001 Surreal Political Theater

00.Jul.2004 only about a month after millions of the American People began flocking to movie theaters

to see Michael Moore's incendiary exposé of the Bush [BGW968] administration, "Fahrenheit 9/11,"

officials appointed by this administration floated a bizarre + unprecedented proposal.

Because of the possibility of anticipated, unspecified "terrorist attacks" somewhere in USA, they said

it could become "necessary" to postpone (or even cancel?) the scheduled 02.Nov.2004 presidential election.

This has to be the final+irrefutable proof of this administration's absolute lack of legitimacy.

No such election has ever been postponed in American history,

even during the darkest days of national emergencies during the civil war + the world wars of the last century!

This latest outrage of the lawless Bush [BGW968]/Cheney regime has already met the widespread denunciation

it richly deserves in many quarters.

But that will not be enough.

Even worldwide condemnation failed to prevent the Bush [BGW968] pirates' insane attack on Iraq in 2003.

Only the full moral weight of "the other superpower" ­ public opinion ­ has any chance of affecting their last gasp attempts over the next few months to hold on to their power.

22.Aug.2004 Afghanistan: Within less than a month of the terrorist attacks on New York + Washington,

the USA military struck the prostrate nation of Afghanistan, former USA allies in the Taliban government +

Osama bin Laden's jihadist terror network.

Systematic human rights violations, widespread violence inflicted on innocent civilians caught in the chaos of war, intense human suffering

00.000.2001-00.000.2002 -throughout the winter of- + the beginning of construction on long-sought lucrative natural gas + oil pipelines, accompanied the first round of their declared "Global War on Terrorism."

But even as the long term consequences of the 11.Sep.2001 terrorist attacks began to sink in,

gradually displacing the shock + horror of

2001 -Fall-the illegitimate USA government was only beginning its drive for total power

through killing + domination + corporate oil politics.

Iraq: The "National Security Strategy" of 00.Sep.2002 spelled out this government's imperial + militarist goals +

its intention of waging perpetual aggressive wars to enrich its base,

by capitalizing on the "vast, new opportunities" opened up for them by the 11.Sep.2001 crimes against humanity.

Iraq would be the test case of their new "doctrine," which failed spectacularly.

The whole world now knows that the illegal invasion of Iraq in 23.Mar.2003 was based on lies about alleged weapons + nonexistent connections to al-Quaida + other fake security threats.

Bush [BGW968] + his chickenhawk advisors sent over 100,000 working class USA Americans to kill + die in the heart of the Middle East's coveted oil reserves.

They projected USA military power into the world's most strategic region for the benefit of their corporate funders. In the face of vocal warnings + opposition from around the planet + across the USA ,

they created an obvious, bloody + ongoing disaster.

00.Apr.2004 -By- seven months before the 02.Nov.2004 election, their project began to collapse in chaos + blood + fire.

Suicide bombings, armed resistance, kidnappings, blackmail, beheadings + the installation of a puppet government headed by a known USA CIA stooge ­ "Saddam Hussein Lite" ­ define the absurd, unstable + completely insane second round of Bush [BGW968]'s fanatical + fraudulent "war on terror." URL:
22.Aug.2004 The very suggestion that the 2004 election could be postponed is itself a call to arms to defend the ideal of American democratic self-government.

22.Aug.2004 The combined precedents set by USA PATRIOT Act + Guantanamo + Iraq + the withdrawal from ICC, amount to an attempted rolling coup-in-progress.

Although the Bush [BGW968] - Cheney administration has pursued this coup in the name of freedom + compassionate conservatism + USA national security + „the war on terror“, the main features of it are exactly the opposite: dissolution of the rule of law + arbitrary arrests + detentions + violations + abuses of human rights + dignity + disregard for the sovereignty of USA-other nations + even for the most basic principles of widely accepted international norms + increasing forms of international terror + violence in many forms.

Abu Ghraib should not shock those who have witnessed the repeated violations of USA domestic + international law committed by + for USA Bush [BGW968] - Cheney Administration.

It should not surprise those who noted how USA Supreme Court put Bush [BGW968] into USA presidency, or those who are aware of Bush [BGW968]'s family connections or business dealings 00.000.1800-2000 .

Nor should it shock those who followed events 11.Sep.2001-23.Aug.2004 -to USA unlawful invasion of Iraq.
A lawless administration cannot be expected to engender anything but lawless subordinates.

As Human Rights Watch says:

This pattern of abuse [at Abu Ghraib] did not result from the acts of individual soldiers who broke the rules.

This pattern of abuse [at Abu Ghraib] resulted from decisions made by USA Bush [BGW968] administration to bend +

This pattern of abuse [at Abu Ghraib] resulted from decisions made by USA Bush [BGW968] administration to ignore +/or

This pattern of abuse [at Abu Ghraib] resulted from decisions made by USA Bush [BGW968] administration to ignore {internationally} cast rules aside.

00.000.2003 -the beginning- Abu Ghraib was not. -long before Abu Ghraib Members of the Bush [BGW968] Administration showed a penchant for torture.

USA President Bush [BGW968] Administration recruited + elevated several previously indicted war criminals.

Bush [BGW968]'s frequent use of the death penalty + Bush [BGW968] s indifference to human suffering while Bush [BGW968] was governor of Texas are well-established.

01.Jan.1980-31.Dec.1989 Negroponte, John implicated in systematic human rights abuses in Central America,

00.Jun.2004 Negroponte, John appointed USA ambassador to Iraq.

Bush [BGW968] even attempted to appoint Kissinger, Henry who is under indictment for war crimes in numerous countries, to head the 11.Sep.2001 commission.

22.Aug.2004 Government of Laws, not of Corporate War Criminals

11.Sep.2001 -Since-

our USA government has placed us in further danger with policies that inflame the conditions giving rise to terrorism.

We must replace this USA regime, + continue to work for peace + social justice in order to create a brighter future for our children.

The USA response to the 11.Sep.2001 crimes against humanity has led us into even greater peril.

Under these crisis conditions, George W. Bush [BGW968]'s incompetence + Cheney, Dick's arrogance threaten our survival.

We must start acting like self-governing adults who reject rule by the oil industry, military contractors, + other corporate profiteers.

One of our best-loved artists sings in tribute to the unforgettable heroes of 11.Sep.2001, who bravely raced into the fire in service of others + died:

May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
May your love give us love

George W. Bush [BGW968] + his government lack the moral strength to serve social justice + peace rather than big business.

They lack faith in democracy.

They lack hope for a better world for the masses of the world's People, which is the only real answer to terrorism. And they lack the love of humanity.

Their strength is killing, making money + lying about it.

Their faith is non-existent.

They hope for apathy of the American People.

They love only money + power.

George W. Bush [BGW968] + his government lack legitimacy. Jennifer Van Bergen , J.D., is the author of The Twilight of Democracy: The Bush [BGW968] Plan for USA, coming out 01.Sep.2004 Common Courage Press. She is one of the foremost experts on the USA PATRIOT Act + has taught anti-terrorism law at the New School University.

Tom Stephens is a lawyer + a member of USA National Lawyers Guild in Detroit. 1997 Press Releases /


CHILDREN'S VACCINE INITIATIVE SAYS Countries reeling under the global financial crisis are having to cut back on children's vaccinations or delay plans for protecting children with newer vaccines, a world gathering of 400 vaccine experts learned here 10.Nov.1998 -today-.

They were meeting as the "Consultative Group" of the Children's Vaccine Initiative (CVI), a worldwide coalition of organizations from the public + private sectors, including the vaccine industry, set up 10.Nov.1998 eight years ago to ensure that all children everywhere are getting all the vaccines they need to protect themselves against all life-threatening infections.

The Consultative Group meets every two years review progress + thrash out roadblocks in achieving the CVI's.

22.Aug.2004 The IMF and the Indonesian Elections: The Invisible Hand in the Voting Booth

22.Aug.2004 Was Iraq a Mutual Charade?

06.Aug.2004 makes it so extraordinary is that,

in its essence, it does not merely deal with "what rights citizens have" or "what the parameters of those rights are" but, "whether or not citizens have rights at all."

Remember, Padilla has not been deprived of particular rights ...He has been stripped of ALL his rights. As yet, he hasn't even been charged with a crime; just the periodic and prejudicial allegations from a Justice Dept that has worked tirelessly to demagogue the case.

Bush [BGW968] is making the untenable claim that he may dispose of all constitutional protections and imprison suspects indefinitely ENTIRELY AT HIS OWN DESCRETION.

If this is so, then "inalienable rights" are nothing more than provisional gifts of the state which can be removed at the pleasure of the USA President.

This, in fact, is the president's view on the matter.

It is a perspective that is openly shared by the majority of the court who have endorsed this position by default.

Their message is quite clear; THEY WILL NOT DEFEND EVEN THE MOST BASIC TENANTS OF THE CONSTITUTION, but will defer to the executive as the sole arbiter of justice.

We are no longer a nation of laws; the Padilla case proves that convincingly.

There were warnings of this earlier in the Court's history. This same court refused to instruct Vice USA President Cheney to release the Energy Task Force papers to the public. These documents certainly would have shed light on the manipulation of energy markets in California, as well as, exposing the 60 oil companies who colluded with Cheney in dividing up Iraq's oilfields and, ultimately, leading the country to war.

The content of these papers is clearly in the public interest and the Court's refusal to force their exposure demonstrates the depth of their venality.

Similarly, but more spectacularly, this is the same court that subverted the democratic process by applying a cynical reading of the 14th Amendment to overturn the 2000 election. By invoking the "equal protection" clause to suspend the counting of votes in Florida, the court established its partisan bone fides and savaged the foundational principle of democratic government.(the right to have one's vote counted)

In this regard, the Padilla case just finishes the work that began long ago; dismantling the institutions of self-government. By eviscerating the safeguards that protect the citizen from the vagaries of the state, the court only adds to its litany of dubious triumphs.

"Arbitrary imprisonment" remains the enduring symbol of tyranny. (Apologies to Alexander Hamilton)

Justice will not be restored until the five loathsome occupants of the present court are duly impeached and removed from the bench. URL:

22.Aug.2004 Das teilweise zerstörte Pentagon-Gebäude im Größenverhältnis zu einer Boeing 757
Das Gebäude hat ein Höhe von ca. 23 Metern. Eine Boeing hat eine Spannweite von ca. 37 Metern.
Was passierte mit den Flügeln? Und wie ist erklärbar, daß sie keine Beschädigungen verursachten?

Entsprechend der offiziellen Version ist das Loch von einem Flugzeug erzeugt - einer Boeing 757-200.

Die offizielle Version ist kompliziert + in sich widersprüchlich:

Um das Fehlen von der Trümmern der Boeing zu erklären, behaupten die Behörden, daß das Flugzeug pulverisiert worden sei, als es auf solch ein extrem gehärtetes Gebäude wie das Pentagon aufschlug.

Um das Verschwinden von widerstandsfähigeren Teilen des Flugzeugs wie Motoren oder Bremsen zu erklären, wird uns gesagt, daß das Flugzeug geschmolzen sei (mit Ausnahme eines Landelichts oder der Black Boxes).

Um das Fehlen der 100 Tonnen geschmolzenen Metalls zu erklären, versuchen Experten zu zeigen, daß aufgrund des Feuers eine Temperatur von mehr als 2500°C entstand, was zur Verdampfung von Teilen des Flugzeugs führte -

(aber selbstverständlich nicht von Teilen des Gebäudes, des Landelichts oder der Black Boxes, Märchenhaft!).

Um die Existenz des Lochs zu erklären, behaupten Beamte jetzt,

es sei durch den Bug des Flugzeugs hervorgerufen, der trotz der Härte des Aufpralls drei Gebäude durchdrang.
Gemäß der offiziellen Darstellung zerfiel das Flugzeug also beim Auftreffen auf das Pentagon,

schmolz innerhalb des Gebäudes,

verdampfte bei 2500°C +

durchdrang dann noch zwei weitere Gebäude durch ein Loch mit ca. 2 1/2 Metern Durchmesser.

Ein Flugzeug hätte das Gebäude zerstört, aber nicht die Mauern durchdrungen.

Die Frage ist, was für eine Art von Objekt in der Lage ist, eine derartige Beschädigung zu verursachen?

Eine mögliche Antwort ist: eine Rakete.

Raketen haben Sprengköpfe, die wesentlich härter sind als der Bug eines Flugzeugs.

Sie sind hergestellt aus abgereichertem Uran + für das Durchdringen konzipiert.

Solche Raketen werden insbesondere verwendet, um in Bunker einzudringen.

Ein Flugzeug schlägt auf + bricht auseinander, während eine Rakete ihr Ziel durchdringt.

Feuerwehrleute sagen aus, sie hätten ein Teil gesehen, das sie - wenngleich mit Schwierigkeiten -

als Bug eines Flugzeugs identifiziert hätten.

Der Bug eines Flugzeugs allerdings überlebt einen derartigen Unfall nicht.

Drei Gebäude können nicht vom Bug einer Boeing durchdrungen werden.

Eine mit abgereichertem Uran hergestellte Rakete hat dagegen sehr wohl die Fähigkeit,

einen solchen Schaden zu verursachen.

13.Dec.2002 -Published- Pentagon plans for smallpox outbreak -UPI Pentagon Correspondent From the International Desk
WASHINGTON (UPI) The military could be called on to keep order + quarantine affected areas if there were a smallpox outbreak in the USA, according to a USA Defense Department response plan completed in 00.Sep.200-

The White House + Pentagon unveiled plans Friday to begin vaccinating health-care workers + as many as 500,000 military personnel against the release of smallpox on the battlefield, but it also has a step-by-step guide for military commanders in the event of a domestic biological weapons attack.

URL: /pandeAMEX90
Various other initiatives to save Europe's Jews met with obstruction from Long, Breckinridge.

00.Apr.1943 For example, in- Gerhart Riegner, the World Jewish Congress representative in Geneva,

suggested a plan to save thousands of French + Rumanian Jews.

Even after the proposal had the support of USA president, Long, Breckinridge + his subordinates delayed acting on it

for eight months.

00.Nov.1943 -again in- Long, Breckinridge obstructed rescue efforts, when the USA House was considering a resolution that would establish a separate government agency charged with rescuing refugees.

Long, Breckinridge -In a closed hearing on the matter, gave testimony that was peppered with inaccuracies.

Long, Breckinridge greatly exaggerated the number of refugees to have reached the USA

-since Hitler came to power.

Long, Breckinridge also claimed that everything that could be done to save the Jews was being done.

Long, Breckinridge's presentation effectively crippled support for the measure, but only for a time. Eventually publication of Long, Breckinridge testimony revealed the apathy + even callous attitude of Long, Breckinridge + his associates.
00.Jan.1944 before the resolution for a rescue agency came to a vote, USA President Roosevelt established the War Refugee Board, which relieved USA State Department of responsibility for rescue efforts.

The War Refugee Board had some success in rescuing Jews +

The War Refugee Board may have been responsible for saving as many as 200,000 lives.

00.000.1944 -at the end of- Long, Breckinridge left USA State Department.

Long, Breckinridge devoted much of the rest of his life to breeding race horses +

00.000.1944 -at the end of- 14 years later Long, Breckinridge died at his luxurious home in Laurel, Maryland.
WWII.00.000.194- -after the war- USA captured Eichmann but -

WWII.00.000.194- -after the war- USA captured Eichmann + Eichmann escaped to Argentina.

Living with his wife under a series of aliases, Eichmann was able to elude capture for more than a decade,

in part because Eichmann had destroyed all photographs of himself.

11.May 1960 -But on- Israeli agents tracked Eichmann down.

00.000.19---00.000.19-- -After a lengthy trial in Israel, Eichmann was found guilty of his crimes + hanged. URL: pandeAMEX86.html
22.Aug.2004 URL:"Kerry [KFJ966] thinks he was voting to turn up the heat +

Kerry [KFJ966] thinks he get compliance with inspections.

Kerry [KFJ966] thinks Bush [BGW968] betrayed two of Kerry [KFJ966]'s principles: process + allies," Saletan says of Kerry [KFJ966] explanation for why Kerry [KFJ966] voted for the Iraq resolution.

"Does Kerry [KFJ966] now agree with Bush [BGW968]'s decision?

Would Kerry [KFJ966] have gone into Iraq?

Would Kerry [KFJ966] have voted to give Bush [BGW968] the authorization had Kerry [KFJ966] known what Kerry [KFJ966] now knows about the absence of WMD + about how Bush [BGW968] would use the authorization?

The answer, if you look closely at Kerry [KFJ966]'s statements over the past three years, is no."

Read Saletan's column here.
--> If Bush [BGW968] Dubya Had Read What Poppy Bush [BGHW948] Wrote . . .

In Bush [BGHW948] memoir, "A World Transformed," written five years ago, Bush [BGHW948] wrote the following

to explain why Bush [BGHW948] didn't go after Saddam Hussein at the end of Gulf War I.

"Trying to eliminate Saddam...would have incurred incalculable human + political costs.

Apprehending Saddam was probably impossible....

We USA would have been forced to occupy Baghdad +, in effect, rule Iraq....

There was no viable "exit strategy" we USA could see, violating another of our principles.

Furthermore, we USA had been consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going in + occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the UN mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we USA hoped to establish.

Had we gone the invasion route, the USA could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."
22.Aug.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] and Nader: Why Can’t We All Get Along?

In an article in Common Dreams Harvey Wasserman + Bob Fitrakis argue that

“It's time for the Kerry [KFJ966], Nader + Green campaigns to get locked in a room until they disarm the circular firing squad + focus on the real enemy Bush [BGW968].”

They argue that tactical voting in 2004 would serve everyone’s interest + get Bush [BGW968] out of the White House. Read it here.

22.Aug.2004 Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass

The Washington Post reports that "an Army investigation into the role of military intelligence personnel in the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison reports that the scandal was not just caused by a small circle of rogue military police soldiers but resulted from failures of leadership rising to the highest levels of the USA command in Iraq, senior defense officials said."

"The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the report has not yet been completed, said the 9,000-page document says that a combination of leadership failings, confounding policies, lack of discipline and absolute confusion at the prison led to the abuse. It widens the scope of culpability from seven MPs who have been charged with abuse to include nearly 20 low-ranking soldiers who could face criminal prosecution in military courts. No Army officers, however, are expected to face criminal charges."

22.Aug.2004 Anatomy of a Smear -- Funding the Anti-Kerry [KFJ966] Swift Boat Captains

22.Aug.2004 A long article in Friday’s New York Times reveals the real players behind the so-called 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth' and details the inconsistencies and contradictions in their stories about Kerry [KFJ966]'s record in Vietnam.

"Records show that the group received the bulk of its initial financing from two men with ties to the president and his family - one a longtime political associate of Mr. Rove's, the other a trustee of the foundation for Mr. Bush [BGW968]'s father's presidential library. A Texas publicist who once helped prepare Mr. Bush [BGW968]'s father for his debate when he was running for vice president provided them with strategic advice. And the group's television commercial was produced by the same team that made the devastating ad mocking Michael S. Dukakis in an oversized tank helmet when he and Mr. Bush [BGW968]'s father faced off in the 1988 presidential election.

The strategy the veterans devised would ultimately paint Kerry [KFJ966] the war hero as Kerry [KFJ966] the 'baby killer' and the fabricator of the events that resulted in his war medals.

But on close examination, the accounts of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth' prove to be riddled with inconsistencies. In many cases, material offered as proof by these veterans is undercut by official Navy records and the men's own statements.

Several of those now declaring Mr. Kerry [KFJ966] 'unfit' had lavished praise on him, some as recently as last year." Read the story here.

Anti-Kerry [KFJ966] Swift Boat Captain Exposed
--> This Weekend on Air America The Revolution Starts Now
22.Aug.2004 Steve Earle -- song writer, country music icon and protest singer -- premiers his show on Air America Sunday at 10PM. Steve’s first guests will be director John Sayles and Bobby Muller , President of Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. For a flavor of where Earle is coming from
check out the liner notes for his new album.

22.Aug.2004 Doch Cally Roper von der University of London ist anderer Meinung.

Wie die Molekularbiologin im Fachmagazin "Science" berichtet, lassen sich die genetischen Spuren des Malariaerregers mit den erfolgreichsten Mutationen bis in den Südosten Asiens zurückverfolgen.

Von dort begann demnach die Resistenz - versteckt im Körper einer Malaria-Mücke -

ihren weltweiten Siegeszug. Neben Afrika sei mittlerweile auch Südamerika betroffen.
Billig, aber wirkungslos
Die neue Unempfindlichkeit gegen Pyrimethamin trifft die Malaria-Forscher doppelt hart:

Das Medikament sollte ausgerechnet Chloroquine ersetzen, lange Zeit das billigste und zugleich wirkungsvollste Mittel gegen Malaria.

1950 Seit den- Jahren ist Chloroquine verschrieben worden, doch zuletzt waren die meisten Malariastämme gegen das einstige Wundermedikament immun.
Dabei dürfte auch die Chloroquine-Resistenz aus Asien stammen, wie das Forscherteam aus UK, den USA, Südafrika + Thailand in "Science" berichtet.

Möglicherweise seien die beiden Resistenzen sogar im Genom desselben Erregers nach Afrika gekommen.

"Der Import eines Parasiten aus Südostasien hat somit zum Niedergang zweier preisgünstiger Medikamente geführt, die lange Zeit die Hauptstütze der Malaria-Behandlung in Afrika waren", schreiben die Wissenschaftler.
Eine gefährliche Entwicklung.

Das Forscherteam fordert daher, Reisende aus Südostasien systematisch zu untersuchen + gegebenenfalls zu behandeln, um somit die Ausbreitung neuer Resistenzen in den Griff zu bekommen.

Die fortschreitende Unwirksamkeit bewährter Medikamente sei ein "internationales Problem" - +

das ließe sich nur, so die Forscher, durch eine "koordinierte internationale Antwort" lösen.

22.Aug.2004 Immer mehr Medikamente versagen den Dienst
Gleich zwei bislang zuverlässige Mittel gegen Malaria haben sich zuletzt als wirkungslos erwiesen.

Offensichtlich verbreiten sich die Resistenzen gegen die Arzneistoffe - ausgehend von Südostasien -

deutlich schneller und effizienter als bislang angenommen.
22.Aug.2004 "In dem Bericht hieß es, DGB und PDS hätten die Demonstration verlassen,

nachdem sich die Rechten mit ihren Spruchbändern an die Spitze des Zuges gesetzt hätten.

22.Aug.2004 Das Bündnis verurteilte "mit aller Entschiedenheit" die Anmeldung einer zweiten Demonstration.

"Das ist eine offene Spaltung der Berliner Montagsdemonstration", hieß es.
Der PDS-Politiker Grego Gysi wies in der "Berliner Zeitung" Populismusvorwürfe gegen seine Partei zurück.

"Als wir am Anfang gegen Hartz IV waren, hat das niemanden gestört.

Nur weil jetzt auch die Bevölkerung dagegen protestiert, müssten wir, um nicht als populistisch zu gelten,

unsere eigene Auffassung über Bord werfen? Das wäre doch absurd", sagte er.
Der frühere Fraktionsvorsitzende wandte sich gegen Einschätzungen,

zwischen der PDS + rechtsextremen Parteien gebe es Übereinstimmungen.

Auch bei den Demonstrationen während des Vereinigungsprozesses

seien "Rechte auf die Montagsdemonstrationen gegangen".
Der DGB dagegen warnte ausdrücklich vor der Teilnahme rechtsextremer Aktivisten.

Die Gewerkschaften könnten zu Montagsdemonstrationen nicht aufrufen,

"wenn die Gefahr besteht, dass eine nationalistische oder rechtsradikale Ausrichtung erkennbar ist", zitierte der "Tagesspiegel" aus einem Brief des DGB-Vorstandsmitglieds Dietmar Hexel an alle Bezirke.
22.Aug.2004 Kerry [KFJ966]s Darstellung seiner Militärzeit wurde am Sonntag auch von einem Redakteur der Zeitung "Chicago Tribune" bestätigt,

der als Augenzeuge bei einem Einsatz im Vietnam-Krieg am 28.Feb.1969 dabei war.

Auch für diesen Einsatz wurde der demokratische Kandidat später ausgezeichnet.

Es sei nicht wahr, dass Kerry [KFJ966]s Leistungen überbewertet worden seien, schrieb William Rood in einem 1750 Wörter langen Artikel in der Sonntagsausgabe seiner Zeitung.

Rood hatte sich zuvor nicht zu dem Thema äußern wollen.

Die unlauteren Angriffe auf den Senator hätten ihn nun jedoch bewogen, sein Schweigen zu brechen.

Wie weiter bekannt wurde, haben die Ausgaben für die USA-Wahlen in diesem Jahr ein Rekordhoch erreicht.

Laut Unterlagen der Wahlbehörde haben die Präsidentschaftsbewerber sowie Kandidaten für die Kongresswahl + die Parteikomitees trotz verschärfter Vorschriften zur Wahlkampffinanzierung in diesem Wahlzyklus

bereits mehr als eine Milliarde Dollar ausgegeben.

Allein Bush [BGW968] listete in einem am Freitag vorgelegten Bericht 209 Millionen Dollar (170 Millionen Euro) auf,

die er bis Ende Juli in die Kampagne für seine Wiederwahl investierte.

Kerry [KFJ966] meldete den Wahlbehörden bis Ende Juli Ausgaben von rund 186 Millionen Dollar (151 Millionen Euro).
22.Aug.2004 Der demokratische Herausforderer habe seine Gelassenheit verloren + sei damit kaum für das höchste Staatsamt geeignet, so McClellan.

Das Weiße Haus bestreitet weiter jegliche Verbindung zu den "Swift Boat Veterans".

Wie allerdings am Samstagabend bekannt wurde, war einer der in den fraglichen Fernsehspots auftauchenden Veteranen, Colonel Ken Cordier, bis vor kurzem Mitglied eines Beratungsstabs der Bush [BGW968]-Kampagne.

Ein Sprecher der Kampagne sagte am Samstag, wegen seines Engagements für die "Swift Boat Veterans" habe man die Zusammenarbeit mit Cordier beendet

22.Aug.2004 Das Spiel mit dem Feuer beginnt für alle Investoren gleich am ersten Tag.

Gewinn- + Verlustzahlungen werden täglich verrechnet.

Sinkt zum Beispiel der Ölpreis für einen Long-Kontrakt November 2004 einen Dollar unter den Einstandspreis, bucht die Börse pro Barrel einen Dollar von einem speziellen Konto des Investors ab, also tausend pro Kontrakt.

Ein Preissturz kann also schnell sündhaft teuer werden.
In diesem Jahr aber ging es meistens aufwärts.

Wer zum Beispiel im 00.Jan.2004 Kontrakte auf Termin 00.Okt.2004 gekauft + bis 22.Aug.2004 nicht verkauft hat,

freut sich über einen Gewinn von rund 60 % auf seinem Konto.
Die besonders kaltblütige Fraktion finanziert "mit diesen bestehenden Gewinnen jetzt noch weitere Long-Positionen", erzählt ein Hedgefonds-Manager. "Pyramiding" nenne sich dieser Poker in der Szene.

"Das ist nur noch von der reinen Gier gesteuert."
Oft deuten solche Exzesse auf das baldige Platzen der Blase hin.

22.Aug.2004 -Noch- setzen die meisten Fonds aber auf weitere Preissteigerungen. Ihre

Computermodelle schlagen erst Alarm, wenn der aktuelle Ölkurs unter den 50- oder 100-Tage-Durchschnitt fällt.
00.Jun.2004 -Zuletzt kam es im-so weit, als das Kartell der Förderländer Opec eine Ausweitung der Produktionsmenge ankündigte + daraufhin der Preis absackte.
Eine solche Wende scheint bald wieder möglich.

"Kühle Rechner", weiß ein Insider, "bauen schon kleine Short-Positionen auf."
22.Aug.2004 Bereits seit 00.000.2003 -Ende- investieren Fonds mittels derartiger Future-Deals verstärkt ins Rohstoffgeschäft.

"Dabei haben sie viel mehr Öl auf Termin gekauft als verkauft", sagt Händler Kraus,

"was den Preis weiter nach oben getrieben hat."
Die Statistik der Nymex belegt, mit welcher Wucht die Finanzspekulanten auf steigende Ölpreise gesetzt haben.

22.Aug.2004 Im laufenden Jahr bunkern sie in ihren Büchern zwei- bis dreimal mehr Kaufkontrakte als in den Jahren zuvor + treiben so die Future-Preise in die Höhe.
Die Short-Positionen, also die Anzahl der Verkaufskontrakte, nahmen dagegen ab (siehe Grafik).

Im Lager der Großverbraucher, die größere Volumen handeln, existieren solch extreme Ungleichgewichte nur selten.
Der massive Nachfrageschub aus der Zockerecke beschleunigt unmittelbar die Rallye des aktuellen Ölpreises.

Denn jener Future, der als nächster fällig wird, bestimmt den Preis für physische Öllieferungen in der Gegenwart.
20.Aug.2004 wurde der September-Future zum letzten Mal gehandelt.

Zu seinem Preis von fast 49 Dollar gab es 20.Aug.2004 auf dem Weltmarkt ein Fass mit 159 Liter Erdöl der Sorte WTI.

22.Aug.2004 Seit dieser Woche schaut die Wirtschaft gespannt auf den Oktober-Future.
22.Aug.2004 Auch renommierte Banken zocken hier auf eigene Rechnung mit.
Finanzinvestoren kaufen + verkaufen das schwarze Gold nur auf dem Papier.

Schneller Profit ist das einzige Ziel.
Jedes Geschäft läuft über einen Future.

Der Handel dieser Kontrakte, die in der Zukunft zum Kauf oder Verkauf

einer bestimmten Menge an Öl zu einem bestimmten Preis verpflichten,

beeinflusst die Entwicklung des Ölpreises.
22.Aug.2004 Schon heute existiert in den NymexComputern ein Future für

00.Dez.2010 -

22.Aug.2004 00.Dez.2010 Wer glaubt, dass in sechs Jahren der Ölpreis hoch sein wird, kann sich das Fass zu 35 Dollar reservieren.
22.Aug.2004 Der wichtigste Handelsplatz CASINO ist die New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).

Hier wird neben den Preisen für Gold, Aluminium oder Gas elektronisch im Sekundentakt auch der Wert für die Ölsorte West Texas Intermediate (WTI) ermittelt - für die Gegenwart, aber auch für die Zukunft. URL:,1518,314384,00.html
22.Aug.2004 "Von der reinen Gier gesteuert"
Banken + Fonds beschleunigen : Mit riskanten Termin geschäften -
"Der Schrei": Bewaffnete rauben Munch-Meisterwerk

22.Aug.2004 Öl-Spekulation: "Von der reinen Gier gesteuert"

22.Aug.2004 "Der Schrei": Diebe stehlen weltberühmtes Munch-Gemälde

22.Aug.2004 Streit über Vietnam-Dienst: Kerry [KFJ966] erhält Rückendeckung

22.Aug.2004 Antisemitismus: Jüdisches Gemeindezentrum in Paris niedergebrannt

22.Aug.2004 Malediven: Aufruhr im Ferienparadies

22.Aug.2004 Proteste gegen Hartz IV: Zoff bei den Montagsdemonstranten

22.Aug.2004 Tag der offenen Tür: Rekordbesuch im Regierungsviertel

22.Aug.2004 Kleinvieh: Kubaner züchtet Mini-Kuh

22.Aug.2004 Seltsame Firmenpleite: Neuer Verdacht gegen Münchner CSU (

22.Aug.2004 Umfrage: Jeder CSU-Abgeordnete zählt sich zur Elite

22.Aug.2004 Terroranschläge: Explosionen in zwei spanischen Städten

22.Aug.2004 Terroranschläge: Explosionen in zwei spanischen Städten

22.Aug.2004 Politische Programmatik: Lafontaines Zehn Gebote

22.Aug.2004 USA-Wahlkampf: Kerry [KFJ966] klagt wegen Anti-Vietnam-Spots

22.Aug.2004 Malaria-Resistenz: Immer mehr Medikamente versagen den Dienst

06.Aug.2004 Playing Politics With Terror Warnings |
Permanent Link

Many thanks to some diligent researchers from the Democratic Underground website for digging up this information.

It leaves little doubt that there is indeed a direct correlation between news that is unfavorable to the Bush [BGW968] administration + the bogus terror alerts that have been issued over the last few years.

So here is the compiled evidence:

00.Oct.2001 -Last week of- A wealthy Saudi businessman who lives + works in the USA, with many ties to important USA businessmen is found to have funneled money to terror organizations.

29.Oct.2001 Terror alert. USA FBI + Ridge, Tom cite no specific evidence for basis of alert.

00.Dec.2001 -First week of- Enron bankruptcy plastered all over the news..Lay, Ken's close ties to Bush [BGW968] spotlighted.

03.Dec.2001 Ridge, Tom announces a general alert, with no specific information concerning who, what, where or when an attack may occur.

09.Sep.2002 -While USA Bush [BGW968] administration was putting on a media blitz to make a case for going to war in Iraq, a New York Times - CBS poll shows that 64 % of USA Americans believe that USA Bush [BGW968] government had failed to adequately explain it's position on Iraq, + why military action was needed.

09.Sep.2002-00.Sep.2002 -During this week- Condoleeza Rice + Colin Powell + Cheney, Dick all made the Sunday morning talk show rounds trying to make a case.

08.Sep.2002 Cheney made the famously erroneous assertion that USA Bush [BGW968] administration knew with absolute certainty that Saddam Hussein was attempting to procure aluminum tubes needed to enrich uranium, in order to build nuclear weapons.

06.Feb.2003 Colin Powell gave an unconvincing performance at the UN, as he tried to make a case to the world for going to war against Iraq.

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix summarily dismissed Powell's testimony, creating a credibility problem with USA Bush [BGW968] administration's case for war.

07.Feb.2003 Orange terror alert was issued by USA Department of Homeland Security on general information, throwing Powell's poor performance the previous day off of the front pages of major newspapers.

17.Mar.2003 Terror warning by USA Department of Homeland Security, citing possible multiple attacks by al-Qaeda, in retaliation for the eminent invasion of Iraq.

USA president Bush [BGW968] addressed the USA nation this same evening, issuing a 48 hour ultimatum for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq, or else.

06.Aug.2004 As we know now, Saddam had no links to al-Qaeda + did not want them operating in Iraq.

19.May 2003 The Jessica Lynch story is proven to have more holes in it than Swiss cheese +

USA Department of Homeland Security is taken to task for being used inappropriately for tracking down Texas Democrats who fled the state to keep Republicans from re-districting the state for the benefit of the Republican party.

20.May 2003 again USA Department of Homeland Security issues terror alert,citing no credible specific information

01.Dec.2003-31.Dec.2003 Numerous news stories, unflattering to USA Bush [BGW968] administration covered the front pages of major newspapers + media outlets.

12.Dec.2003 Halliburton was found to have overcharged the army by $61 million for gasoline delivered to the citizens of Iraq.

17.Dec.2003 Thomas Kean, co-chair of 11.Sep.2001 commission declared that the 11.Sep.2001 attacks could have been prevented.

20.Dec.2003 there were widespread reports that the USA version of Saddam Hussein's capture was pure fiction. Sources said it was a betrayal by a Tikrit family whose daughter was raped by Saddam's son Uday to Kurdish forces, who then found Saddam, captured him, drugged him + then handed him over to USA forces.

19.Dec.2003 a USA federal appeals court ruled against USA Bush [BGW968] administration, in a case pertaining to detainees rights to legal counsel.

21,Dec.2003 Another terror alert was issued, citing possible attacks for the holidays.

Again, no credible information prompted the alert.

06.Jul.2004 Edwards, John announced as Kerry [KFJ966] running mate.

Announcement was met with widespread approval. A lot of positive press coverage.

08.Jul.2004 Ridge, Tom announces that USA elections could be a target.

00.Jul.2004 The news is dominated by the Democratic convention.

Kerry [KFJ966] gets bounce from the convention + inches ahead in the polls.

01.Aug.2004 Ridge, Tom announces that there is specific information on a possible attack on certain USA financial institutions. Information is later found to be more than three years old.

+ in between these alerts were alerts to the USA people, with USA Bush [BGW968] government warning us to be on the lookout for people carrying Farmers Almanacs + suspicious people carrying beer coolers + scuba divers.

All of these alerts are a mystery to USA Americans.

There is nothing we can do with such information.

They have served no purpose, other than to throw unfounded fear into USA Americans.

06.Aug.2004 -Now it appears as though there is a second purpose - that of USA Bush [BGW968] administration changing unpleasant + embarrassing topics of conversation among the USA American people.

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