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07.Aug.2004 Playing politics with terror warnings: A timeline -The Bird- "Many thanks to some diligent researchers from the Democratic Underground website for digging up this information.

It leaves little doubt that there is indeed a direct correlation between news that is unfavorable to USA Bush [BGW968] administration + the bogus terror alerts that have been issued over the last few years.

So here is the compiled evidence:...All of these alerts are a mystery to Americans.

There is nothing we can do with such information.

They have served no purpose, other than to throw unfounded fear into Americans.

07.Aug.2004 -Now- it appears as though there is a second purpose - that of the administration changing unpleasant + embarrassing topics of conversation among USA American people." (8/9)

06.Aug.2004 -on Thursday Clinton on the Five Threats Facing USA "Clinton, Bill said in a radio interview that the Bush [BGW968] administration had made a grave mistake by turning USA security with regard to al-Qaeda over to Pakistan while concentrating its own efforts on a low-level threat like Iraq.

The former president listed the security threats to the USA

11.Sep.2001 -after- security threats to the USA in order of importance, as follows:

1. Al Qaeda;

2. Middle East bloodshed (i.e. the Arab-Israeli conflict);

3. The India-Pakistan conflict (i.e. Kashmir);

4. North Korea's nuclear programme;

5. Iraq...That Clinton listed Iraq # 5 indicates how obsessed the USA power elite in Washington is with Iraq.

Saddam Hussein's regime was toothless as far as threatening the USA is concerned + surely it does not deserve to be rated that high in fall 2001 ."   (8/9)

05.Aug.2004 These Are Their Ends -Tom Paine- "Publicly, President Bush [BGW968] offered four rationales to justify USA Iraq invasion:

the presence of WMD, Iraqi collaboration with Al Qaeda, the possibility of giving WMD to Al Qaeda + bringing democracy to Iraq.

00.Mar.2003-05.Aug.2004 -Since-USA Iraq invasion, numerous USA commissions have shown the first three to be plainly false.

The lack of post-war planning, the elevation of Iyad Allawi + the pervasive corruption among USA-funded contractors has put the lie to the fourth rationale.

So just why did Bush [BGW968] choose war?

05.Aug.2004 -today- From the evidence before us, there is no one single reason.

Rather, there are three converging + tightly interwoven reasons: USA oil + Israel + USA military transformation.

USA Cheney energy strategy required Iraqi oil; {TO BE DESTROYED --> ROCKEFELLER -->}

USA Project for the New American Century + USA Christian right wanted to weaken the Arab world to strengthen Israel; +

Don Rumsfeld wanted to expedite the transformation of the USA military." (8/9) Paul Krugman: What About Iraq?, New York Times

11.Aug.2004 Time to get out the Bush [BGW968],  San Francisco Chronicle -"You know it's time for a serious change when the president of the USA actually mutters the infantile, instantly infamous line,

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful + so are we.

They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country + our people, + neither do we „ ...

And you know it's time for a change when not a single one of the rigid + spiritually curdled military yes men standing around the ceremonial signing table,

those sad automatons with their wooden smiles + stiff spines + bone-dry souls, not one broke into a hysterical bout of sad, suicidal laughter,

followed by uncontrolled wailing + the rending of flesh + the muttering of oh my freaking God what the hell is this man doing as leader of the free world...

There are signs + indicators.

There are feelings + intuitions.

There is that undeniable tang in the air, that clenching of the cultural colon, that cringe in the collective soul.

Something has got to give.

A USA national shakeup is more than imminent -- it is desperately, urgently needed. +

Bush [BGW968] is just about finished. Don't you feel it?

The sensation that USA country cannot continue to careen down this ultraviolent, antihumanitarian path much longer without implosion + desperation +

a massive increase in sedative prescriptions for anyone with an even slightly intuitive sense of justice + future + long hot sighs of hope?

You're not alone."   (8/12)

09.Aug.2004 The Writing on the Latrine Walls -truthout- "It was two years ago that talk about invading Iraq began to circulate.

Reasons for the invasion were bandied about - they had weapons of mass destruction, they had a hand in 11.Sep.2001 they will welcome us as liberators - but

it was not until USA Project for the New American Century got dragged into the discussion that an understanding of the true motives behind all this became apparent. . . .

The goals codified in 'Rebuilding USA America's Defenses,' the manifesto, can be boiled down to a few sentences:

The invasion + occupation of Iraq, for reasons that had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein.

The building of several permanent military bases in Iraq, the purpose of which are to telegraph force throughout the region.

The takeover by Western petroleum corporations of Iraq's nationalized oil industry {TO BE DESTROYED --> ROCKEFELLER -->} .

The ultimate destabilization + overthrow of a variety of regimes in the Middle East, friend + foe alike, by military or economic means, or both.{ }" (8/12) 
Padilla redux: Arbitrary imprisonment a symbol of tyranny -Counter Punch- "By refusing to hear the Padilla case USA Supreme Court condemned an innocent man to continued incarceration

without any opportunity to challenge the terms of his detention.

USA Supreme Court refusal serves as a de facto guilty verdict + overturns the 00.000.12---00.Aug.2004 -long held principle „HABEAS CORPUS“ of "innocent until proven guilty."

Additionally, their USA Supreme Court ruling reinforces the muddled position of the Bush [BGW968] Administration that prisoners in the apocryphal „war on terror“ can be dispatched as "unlawful combatants";

the spurious rhetoric that is without any legal meaning. . . .

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the Padilla case.

By any objective standard, the Padilla case is the most important case in the history of the USA Supreme Court .

This is no exaggeration.

What makes it so extraordinary is that, in its essence, it does not merely deal with "what rights citizens have" or "what the parameters of those rights are" but, whether or not citizens have rights at all.' " (8/12)

12.Aug.2004 How Bush [BGW968] Got (and Lost) Bush [BGW968] Wings -CounterPunch- "Bush [BGW968] didn't want to remain a lowly private or corporal in those drab uniforms.

Bush [BGW968] saw himself as officer material.

Yet, Bush [BGW968] had no desire to subject himself to the mental + physical rigors of Officer Candidate School.

In his mind, he was a birthright officer.

And so it came to be.

After a mere six weeks of training, Bush [BGW968] was promoted to the rank 2nd Lieutenant.

Bush [BGW968] didn't even have his pilot's license...

Bush [BGW968] is scheduled to take his required flight physical, which will for the first time include a drug test.

Bush [BGW968] fails to show up.

Failure to take a flight physical is grounds for immediate suspension of his pilot's license...

The flight physical was a mandatory requirement of service...

Bush [BGW968] was sent a letter commanding him to appear before USA Flying Evaluation Board to explain why he had refused to take the medical exam.

Bush [BGW968] never responded.

At this point, Bush [BGW968] was not only AWOL, but in breach of two direct orders....

In order to escape service in Vietnam, he had exploited his Bush family's political connections to secure a choice spot in USA Texas Air National Guard, despite failing his pilot aptitude test.

Though a blatant act of patronage, Bush [BGW968] was promoted to officer status before he earned his pilot's license + without going to officer training school.

Bush [BGW968] refused to take his mandatory flight physical + also refused to show up for a mandatory evaluation.

Bush [BGW968] went AWOL for a year and a half and then requested + received an early discharge."

13.Aug.2004 "Bush [BGW968]'s War Stories Simply Don't Fly" BuzzFlash 8/16)

13.Aug.2004 Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Ask Bush [BGW968] to Get Honest,  BuzzFlash ,

"When Bush [BGW968] joined the guard, he said he had a goal of 'making flying a lifetime pursuit,' and signed a document stating,'"I understand that I may be ordered to active duty for a period not to exceed 24 months for unsatisfactory participation.' Yet, even under the threat of being placed on active duty, he failed to show up. Bush [BGW968] 1972 suspension order states: 'Verbal orders of the Comdr on 1 Aug 72 suspending 1STLT George W. Bush [BGW968] ... from flying status are confirmed ... Reason for Suspension: Failure to accomplish annual medical examination. Off will comply with para 2-10, AFM 35-13'...Two retired generals say it is unheard of for a pilot to miss a flight physical + not be investigated."

13.Aug.2004 "Was Bush [BGW968] AWOL? Another Look",

13.Aug.2004 "You Can Look It Up").  (8/16)

21.Aug.2004 Do you have a gut feeling that things are not quite right in the world today - that America is in decline just as the Roman Empire was centuries ago? Do you know anyone who doesn't? (You probably do.) Most conscious folks do sense that liberty and freedom are inexorably being swallowed up by unseen forces.
The purpose of this "little book" is to lead you to the truth of our current situation and to help you understand why you have been "in the dark". As you journey through our tome by clicking on the button and text links, you will begin to realize that you have been deliberately kept from
TRUTH , lied to by the government, media + your elected politicians. You will discover that the corporate structure of your state and country have deceived you. (Enron is not the only outrageously fraudulent corporation)
You will discover that your elected government operates within two domains - a corporation (look up the definition of
USA in any law dictionary) + a constitutional REPUBLIC. You will discover many truths that may change your life forever. Once you learn the truth about WHO YOU ARE, you will be able to find the remedies to reclaim what you have lost.
You will learn why our education system produces very ignorant citizens - it is not by accident. The biggest failure is that the talent of learning to
THINK is neglected. You will learn the difference between a sovereign free human being and a corporate fiction slave. You will discover why wars occur and how they are linked to the banking industry, how our courts operate and how they are supposed to operate (BIG difference).
Our "courts", which once defended our individual rights, have turned the pursuit of justice into a mission of using statutes to take our property for the benefit of the state. See
USA Legal History if you find this hard to swallow.
Spend the time to carefully digest this "little book" and you will eventually KNOW what is broken and HOW to fix it. This applies to your own domain as well as your country's.
People who believe that
freedom is free are lost souls. Freedom was never free + never will be. One of the most disheartening truths today is the extreme gullibility of the American people to the point that even when confronted with facts, the lies are believed rather than the facts. This is not only with respect to the propaganda put forth by the government controlled media, but also in regards to the denial of statutes that state clearly (rare) to whom “laws” apply. The purpose of this website is to correct this little flaw - to succeed where our education system fails. Sheeple get what they deserve and so do sovereigns.
The Enemy From Within

21.Aug.2004 URL:
INDEX NAVIGATOR TO Little Book III "Wisdom and Freedom"

Prologue and Contents to "Wisdom and Freedom" (Little Book III Home Page)
Restore the Republic
Chapter I "Wisdom of Our Founders"
Chapter II "Behind the Scenes, Lurks the BANK"
Chapter III "The Occult Technology of Power"
Chapter IV "Education"
Chapter V "The United Nations"
Chapter VI "New World Order"
Chapter VII "Solutions"
Chapter VIII "Wisdom"
Chapter IX "War Truth"
Chapter XI "Environmental Issues"
Chapter XII "Super Science"
Chapter XIII "They Told The Truth!"
Chapter XIV "The Media"
Short Summary of "Wisdom and Freedom"
Conclusion to "Little Book III"
WORLD NEWSSTAND Index More than 50 Sections!
SITE MAPS to WORLD NEWSSTAND & 'The Search for Wisom and Freedom'
Little Book II "YOUR HEALTH"

21.Aug.2004 Milton William Cooper, der Autor von" Behind the pale Horse ", " the secret Government ", er war Naval Intelligence Member, bestätigte dass es diese Insider gibt + dass sie genau diese Weishauptschen Taktiken benützen um die bestehende Weltordnung zu stürzen. Er fand 1991 entsprechende Geheimpapiere. Cooper versuchte die Oeffenlichkeit mit unzähligen Vorträgen und Artikeln zu sensibilisieren. Er überlebte 3 Anschläge auf sein Leben, einer kostete ihm ein Bein. Am 6. 11. 2001 wurde er in Arizona von einem Polizisten "versehentlich erschossen.", nachdem er auch die Anschläge auf das World Trade Center den gleichen Kreisen als Manipulatoren zuordnete. URL:

26.Nov.2003 Bible Gets Girly Makeover Capitalism is nothing if not inventive—and where a market is perceived, products inevitably follow. Take niche Bibles.

00.000.1999 Thomas Nelson Inc., a Christian publisher, teamed up with Audio Adrenaline, a Nashville band, to form Extreme for Jesus, a subsidiary geared to young consumers. Their first release was Extreme Teen … --> Paradise Not

In last year’s film Punch Drunk Love , a lovely scene takes place in an outdoor venue by the ocean in Honolulu. The camera glides through—capturing a female duo singing + strumming the classic song “Waikiki”—before settling on Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, beautifully lit with the iconic outline of Diamond… --> Bioprospecting Corporations profit from indigenous genes

You can’t own a Hagahai man from Papua New Guinea, not even if you’re a scientist. As a scientist you can, however, have part of him delivered to your door for $200 plus $81.50 in shipping and handling. When you call the American Type Culture Collection and ask for CRL-10528,… --> Dishonorable Discharge Bush [BGW968] administration slashes veteran’s benefits.

26.Nov.2003-Over the last year + a half- President Bush [BGW968] has staged more than a third of his major public events before active military personnel or veterans. Bush [BGW968] rowdy “Hoo-ah”s and policy pronouncements—even when they have nothing to do with military matters—are predictably greeted with rabid applause. But those easy and… -->

25.Nov.2003 Primary Numbers Several states opt for caucuses - Citing maximum expense and minimum impact, Republican-controlled legislatures in Kansas, Colorado and Utah have canceled their state-run 2004 primaries. Republicans in Arizona and Missouri also tried calling off their primaries, but Democratic governors either vetoed the measure or restored funding. These actions have some Democrats complaining that the GOP is… -->

06.Sep.1901-24.Nov.2003 Anarchy in the USAA. President William McKinley visited Buffalo, N.Y., for the Pan-American Exposition, a celebration of the USA’ emergence as an industrial and imperial power. Around 4 p.m., McKinley entered the Temple of Music, a building on the fairgrounds, to greet the public. A few minutes later, Secret… -->

21.Oct.2003 Randall Terry Resurfaces Christian right jumps into Terri Schiavo fray - The so-called “Terri’s Law” signed by Gov. Jeb Bush -on-might better be named “Terry’s Law”—in honor of rabid anti-abortionist Randall Terry, who played a key role in mobilizing Christian fundamentalists to pressure Jeb and the Florida legislature to intervene in the heart-wrenching case of Terri Schiavo. The… -->

The Candidates on the Environment Each of the Democratic candidates would do a superior job to President Bush [BGW968] at stewarding the environment. But will they get the chance? Polls show that while Americans care deeply about the environment, it’s far below their top priorities: job creation and the economy. Democrats would be smart to talk… -->

21.Nov.2003 Liquidation of the Commons There has not been such a wholesale giveaway of America’s public assets since McKinley was president in the late 1800s By Adam Werbach

When the Bush [BGW968] administration’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency was asked to describe his goals, Gov. Mike Leavitt of Utah summed up his general approach by invoking the Latin term enlibra , which roughly means “in balance.” In typical fashion for the Bush [BGW968] administration, the choice of language is… --> Not So Special Protests question Bush [BGW968]-Blair lovefest By Ian Williams

The UK British tabloids once derided Prince Charles for allegedly talking to plants. Bush [BGW968] eccentricities continue. 18.Nov.2003 he spoke to a Bush [BGW968]. It appears, however, that the prince had to be careful what he said to this particular shrub. According to the Guardian , the British Foreign Office has been… --> End the Silence .

1880 -s, By the- How does this sound? most Indians had been confined to reservations, often in areas of the West that appeared least desirable to white settlers. Or this? But the more the colony developed into a modern state with a strong military organization, the more the whites tended toward… -->

19.Nov.2003 The USA Presidential Candidates on Health Care -Given the long + sordid history of GOP connections to USA pharmaceutical industry, health care + especially, prescription drugs are issues Democrats usually have in their favor.

This makes all the more disturbing recent Republican attempts to co-opt these issues with glossy pronouncements of working for prescription drug coverage while… -->

The Beehive Collective Images of human beings don’t appear in the world conjured in the posters of the Beehive Design Collective.

But, filtered through an intricate narrative of metaphor + allegory, the posters depict a world recognizably + disturbingly our own.

It is the world of corporate globalization - contemporary colonialism + imperialism - + people’s resistance… -->

Scandalous Measures States might lose controls on corporate crooks By A.C. Thompson and James A. Thompson

The Bush [BGW968] administration is quietly seeking to roll back oversight of the banking business and the scandal-riddled securities market through two pending proposals—a planned rule change for the banking industry and a house bill - that diminish the ability of states to police banks + stock brokers.

The plans are worrisome because…
Opus Dei Startseite

00.000.1928-21.Aug.2004 "Das Werk Gottes" Opus Dei, ein von dem Priester Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer gegründeter katholischer Laienorden, stieg in 50 Jahren zur einflußreichsten Organisation in der katholischen Hierarchie auf.

In einigen Ländern, besonders in Spanien, errang der Orden jedoch auch Einfluß in der Wirtschaft + Politik.

In der Kritik steht der Opus Dei Orden wegen seiner sekten ähnlichen Methoden + wegen der Infiltration der Gesellschaft im Sinne einer reaktionären Idelogie.
21.Aug.2004 URL: Topic List

case studies of deceptive PR campaigns

criticisms of PR doublespeak

corporate PR campaigns

industry-friendly experts

industry-funded organizations

media watch

religious groups

religious propagandists

list of lists (other industry sectors, individuals + organizations too long to include on this page)

propaganda techniques

public relations associations

public relations firms

public relations professionals (individuals)

think tanks war propaganda

21.Aug.2004 Did you know... Nexis is an expensive but powerful research tool if you want to search for newspaper articles around the world (or more narrowly) on a particular topic.

However, research sections at good public libraries often have subscriptions + will search topics for you. It is also common for journalism schools at universities to provide access for enrolled students.

(See research using the web for further information). URL:

Henry Kissinger ( )


21.Aug.2004 Kissinger was appointed USA Assistant for National Security Affairs by Nixon, Richard M. .

21.Aug.2004 Die Veteranengruppe "Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" habe "mit unrichtigen Spots gegen das Gesetz verstoßen", erklärte das Wahlkampfteam Kerry [KFJ965]s.

Kerry [KFJ965] wird In den Spots von Vietnam-Kriegsveteranen unterstellt, seine angeblichen Heldentaten in Vietnam seien erlogen.

Kerry [KFJ965] warf Bush [BGW968] vor, er lasse "seine schmutzige Arbeit" von Frontgruppen erledigen.

Der Sprecher des USA Weißen Hauses, McClellan, Scott warf Kerry [KFJ965] vor, mit falschen + haltlosen Attacken gegen USA President Bush [BGW968] vorzugehen.

Der demokratische Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ965] habe seine Gelassenheit verloren +

Der demokratische Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ965] sei damit kaum für das höchste USA Staatsamt geeignet, deutete McClellan an.URL:,1518,314355,00.html
Für die Wahlkampfführung der Demokraten konterte deren Sprecherin Stephanie Cutter, Kerry [KFJ965] sei nicht der Typ von Präsident, der Zweitklässlern Bilderbücher vorlese,

während USA angegriffen werde - eine Anspielung auf den Schulbesuch Bush [BGW968]s während der Terroranschläge vom 11.Sep.2001 .

Die Demokraten brachten außerdem neue Fernsehspots heraus, in denen der ehemalige Luftwaffengeneral Merrill McPeak für Kerry [KFJ965] wirbt.
Der parteilose Präsidentschaftskandidat Nader, Ralph erlitt unterdessen einen Rückschlag bei der Zulassung zur Wahl am 02.Nov.2004

In den Staaten Virginia, Maryland, Illinois + Missouri wurde Nader, Ralph wegen Fehlern bei der Einreichung von unterstützenden Unterschriften die Aufstellung als dritter Kandidat verwehrt.

21.Aug.2004 Kerry [KFJ965] klagt wegen Anti-Vietnam-Spots
Wegen Fernsehspots, die seinen Vietnam-Dienst in Misskredit zu ziehen versuchen, hat USA-Senator Kerry [KFJ965] bei der Wahlkommission Beschwerde eingelegt.

Der demokratische Präsidentschaftskandidat USA-Senator Kerry [KFJ965] beschuldigt zudem Amtsinhaber Bush [BGW968], die von einer Veteranengruppe in Auftrag gegeben Spots unterstützt zu haben.
21.Aug.2004 USA-Wahlkampf: Kerry [KFJ965] klagt wegen Anti-Vietnam-Spots

21.Aug.2004 Terroranschläge: Explosionen in zwei spanischen Städten

21.Aug.2004 6Umfrage: Jeder CSU-Abgeordnete zählt sich zur Elite

21.Aug.2004 Seltsame Firmenpleite: Neuer Verdacht gegen Münchner CSU

Dietzgen, Joseph, WORKING MAN, socialist, lives, near Cologne, Germany. Important socialist theorist whose writings exerted considerable influence on the workers' movement.

00.000.1869 Wrote The Nature of Human Brain-Work -

"While the anarchists may have mad & brainless individuals in their ranks, the socialists have an abundance of cowards.

For this reason I care as much for one as the other." *** 2001-2010 Dekade zur Zurückdrängung der Malaria in den Entwicklungsländern, insbesondere in Afrika
2001-2010 Zweite Internationale Dekade für die Beseitigung des Kolonialismus
A/RES/55/146, A/RES/56/74)
2001-2010 Internationale Dekade für eine Kultur des Friedens + der Gewaltlosigkeit zugunsten der Kinder der Welt (
A/RES/53/25, A/RES/56/5) URL:
International Year of Deserts + Desertification (A/RES/58/211) URL:
2004 Internationales Jahr zum Gedenken an den Kampf gegen die Sklaverei und an ihre Abschaffung (
A/RES/57/195) URL:
23.Aug.2004 Internationaler Tag der Erinnerung an Sklavenhandel + dessen Abschaffung (UNESCO) URL:

27.Feb.1998 1998022721 February 27, 1998 URL:
2 ]
Wage levels in an industry are largely driven by the average wage level of all workers in an economy against whom the industry's workers compete.

27.Feb.1998 1998022721 February 27, 1998 Chairman Greenspan, Alan Remarks by : „Risk management in the global financial system“ - Before the Annual Financial Markets Conference of USA Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Miami Beach, Florida[ 1 ]
Nonetheless, it is reasonable to expect that despite endeavors at risk

+ prevention the system may fail in some instances, triggering vicious cycles + all the associated contagion for innocent bystanders.

A backup source of international financial support provided only with agreed conditions to address underlying problems, the task assigned to the IMF, can play an essential stabilizing role.

The availability of such support must be limited because its size cannot be expected to expand at the pace of the international financial system.

I doubt if there will be worldwide political support for that.

The policy conditionality, associated principally with IMF lending, which dictates economic + financial discipline + structural change, helps to mitigate some of the moral hazard concerns.

Such conditionality is also critical to the success of the overall stabilization effort.

Convincing a sovereign nation to alter destructive policies that impair its own performance + threaten contagion to its neighbors is best handled by an international financial institution, such as the IMF.

27.Feb.1998 February 27, 1998 Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan
Risk management in the global financial system URL:
-Before the Annual Financial Markets Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Miami Beach, Florida

It is a pleasure to address this conference on risk management once again.

The conference has consistently been an interesting + constructive one.

I regret that I cannot attend in person.

As I have noted previously-+, indeed, as is evident to everyone who attends a conference like this-

-the global financial system has been evolving rapidly in recent years.

New technology has radically reduced the costs of borrowing + lending across traditional national borders, facilitating the development of new instruments + drawing in new players.

One result has been a massive increase in capital flows.

Information is transmitted instantaneously around the world +

huge shifts in the supply + demand for funds naturally follow.

This burgeoning global system has been demonstrated to be a highly efficient structure that has significantly facilitated cross-border trade in goods + services + accordingly, has made a substantial contribution to standards of living worldwide.

Its efficiency exposes + punishes underlying economic weakness swiftly + decisively.

Regrettably, it also appears to have facilitated the transmission of financial disturbances far more effectively than ever before.

The crisis in Mexico several years ago was the first such episode associated with our new high-tech international financial system.

27.Feb.1998 The current Asian crisis is the second.

We do not as yet fully understand the new system's dynamics. We are learning fast + need to update + modify our institutions + our practices to reduce our the risks inherent in the new regime.

27.Feb.1998 -This morning- I should like to offer an analysis of the origins +

I should like to offer an analysis of the nature of the Asian crisis +

I should like to offer an analysis of some implications for risk management - with respect both to systemic risk +

with respect to the risks facing individual financial firms.
20.Aug.2004 *We reserve the right to substitute prizes for items or concepts of equal or lesser value. URL:
00.000.1987 -- Protestor Hatem Abu Sisseh, 16, killed by Israeli soldiers, igniting the Intifadah for self-rule.

00.000.1987-00.000.1994 -In the 7 years to follow- 1,306 Palestinians slain by Israel is,

192 Israelis killed by Palestinians.

00.000.1982 -- -After 10 hours,- USA police kill him- USA: Will Norman Mayer stop the MX missile ? Demanding an end to nuclear weapons, Norman Mayer, holds the Washington Monument hostage.

He had no explosives.

Who then are the terrorists?

Among his demands was more media attention to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Mayer said,

"They USA have been pretending that we are not threatened every day of our lives with annihilation. + whether by conclusion or otherwise, they USA refuse to give the real information about the precarious +

uncontrollable situation the world finds itself in. It's up to the press."

He climbed back into the van + started driving away at 00.000.1982 -- -After 10 hours,- 07-30 pm.

USA Washington Park Police opened fire, hitting Mayer twice in the arm, once on the chin, + once in the left temple.

USA Washington Park Police insist they were aiming for the van's engine. Mayer was pronounced dead on the scene.

20.Aug.2004 00.000.1980 -- USA: Lennon, John permanently loses his voice; killed by a fan.

The former Beatle is shot + killed outside his apartment building in New York City by Mark David Chapman, a former psychiatric patient.

"I think of John's death as a war casualty — it is the war between the sane & the insane. Love, Yoko."

Price of remaindered John Lennon posters rockets after news is telexed around the world that Michael Chapman has used a 38mm handgun to give piece a chance
00.000.1927 -- England: UK Premier presented with 128,770 signatures of persons refusing WWII. service.
00.000.1919 USA: Jailed at Ellis Island on the 5th, "Made Anarchists"
Emma Goldman + Alexander Berkman

appear in USA federal court before Judge Julius M. Mayer, who declares that as aliens, they have no constitutional rights. They remain in detention at Ellis Island.
00.000.1864 Pius IX, Pope, issues the „Syllabus Errorum“-condemning+Liberalism+Socialism+Rationalism +
Dietzgen, Joseph socialist, lives, SIEGBURG, near Cologne, Germany.

Important socialist theorist whose writings exerted considerable influence on the workers' movement.

00.000.1869 Dietzgen, Joseph, LOHGERBER, Wrote „The Nature of Human Brain-Work“ -“Das Wesen der menschlichen Kopfarbeit“-Davon können sich bis heute 99 % aller „Intelektuellen 100 Scheiben abschneiden..Bis in die 1920 iger Jahre hieß es nicht „MARX, Engels, Lenin“ sondern „Marx, Engels, Dietzgen“..Wurde wohl von dem Jesuitenzögling STALIN aussortiert..

"While the anarchists may have mad & brainless individuals in their ranks, the socialists have an abundance of cowards. For this reason I care as much for one as the other."
20.Aug.2004 URL:
But because USA Federal Reserve Bank -Greenspan, Allah n has increased liquidity so much this time, it is affecting property prices in most places at the same time.“  

„USA Federal Reserve Bank -Greenspan, Allah n policy has created a global property market, in my view.„  „

When a bubble loses momentum, it has a tendency to burst.“  

„I believe global property may begin to deflate in the coming 12 months.“  

„If this indeed occurs, the global economy will likely suffer a recession, as the growth that the bubble has borrowed from the future over the past two years will have to be paid back.“

20.Aug.2004 „“The Property Burst May Be Coming URL:

„The inflation that the massive boom has caused will likely put an end to the property bubble.“  

„Even though the high oil price is slowing the global economy, most central banks (perhaps with South Korea ’s as the only exception) cannot ease and will probably tighten to maintain price stability, in my view.“  

„I think the global liquidity boom could turn into a bust.“  

„The main sources of inflation are food + energy.“  

„Both are related to China ’s boom.“   „

„Because this boom is occurring in the Yangtze River Delta, the most fertile agricultural basin in China , food production is coming under pressure.“  

„Much food production is not profitable in China“ .  

„Market forces are causing peasants to switch to cash crops that earn them a better living.“  

„But this reduces grain production.“  

„When agricultural land is lost to industrialization or urbanization, it cannot be brought back during a downturn.“  

„Hence, food inflation is here to stay, in my view. „“URL:
Disclosure Statement“URL: „Morgan Stanley does +2 seeks to do business with companies covered in its research reports.“

„As a result, investors should be aware that the firm may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report.“

„Investors should consider this report as only a single factor in making their investment decision.„
Important USA Regulatory Disclosures on Subject Companies“
„The information + opinions in this report were prepared by Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated +

its affiliates (collectively, "Morgan Stanley").“

„The research analysts, strategists, or research associates principally responsible for the preparation of this research report have received compensation based upon various factors, including quality of research, investor client feedback, stock picking, competitive factors, firm revenues and overall investment banking revenues.“ URL:
Under the presumption that such prices stick near current levels, the outlook is worrisome, to say the least.   Just as the previous three oil price disturbances led to recession, there is good reason to fear a similar outcome in 2005.   For an unbalanced world that has run out of policy stimulus, there can be no mistaking the mounting perils of another energy shock.“
For the USA -- the world’s largest consumer of energy -- Dick Berner calculates that energy consumption per unit of GDP has fallen by 46% over the past three decades.   Similar results are evident in other major industrial economies -- especially Germany , the UK , Canada , Italy + Japan .   With conservation leading to sharply improved energy efficiency, there seems to be good reason to temper any concerns over oil shocks.   Yet that view hasn’t worked out very well over time.   Since OPEC I, each successive energy shock has still managed to spark recessions in the industrial world -- despite meaningful progress on the conservation front. In large part, that’s because of the reasons noted above -- namely, that it doesn’t take much to tip an already vulnerable economy into recession.  

There’s one other key element of the conservation story.   For every developed country that is reducing the energy content of its GDP, there is rapid growth in the energy-guzzling Chinas and Indias of the developing world.   According to the International Energy Agency, in 2002, China’s oil intensity -- primary oil consumption per unit of GDP -- was 2.3 times that of the average OECD developed country; India is even worse -- fully 2.9 times the OECD average.   Little wonder that China , which makes up slightly less than 4% of world GDP, accounted for fully 7% of the world’s crude oil consumption in 2003.   In that same vein, the emerging China slowdown would seem to provide some relief to world oil demand.   However, given the nation’s widespread energy shortages, in conjunction with its recent indications to start building a strategic petroleum reserve, any cyclical curtailment in Chinese oil demand might be surprisingly limited.   It may well be that globalization is an inherently energy-intensive endeavor -- suggesting that world oil markets might enjoy little relief from ongoing conservation efforts in the developed world.“

At work, in my view, is a classic “geopolitical angst premium” - dominated by uncertainties in Iraq + Russia + Venezuela , along with concerns about terrorism + the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.  

Add to that a tight supply-demand balance - especially for refined petroleum products - + this oil price run-up has

all the characteristics of the disruptive shocks of

the past.   „

„That same argument, of course, paints an equally compelling picture of the potential for a sharp decline in oil prices.“  

„Relief on the geopolitical-tension front could certainly change supply expectations + „Relief on the geopolitical-tension front could certainly quickly take oil prices a good deal lower.  

„How much lower is anyone’s guess.“  

The case for reduced geopolitical angst is also anyone’s guess.“  


right now, all we know is that the oil price is high enough to make a real difference to a vulnerable USA + global economy.  

If today’s surge miraculously turns into nothing more than a momentary spike, then the downside to the global economy will be both contained + brief.  

It sure doesn’t feel that way at the moment, but stranger things have happened.  

Whatever the outcome, the macro conclusions are relatively straight-forward :

Growth optimists need oil prices back in the $30 range.  

Growth pessimists draw support when oil is the $40 range.“  

„As always, only time will tell.“URL:
Date/Time: 08/20/2004 02:11:14
?   „Of course, not all oil shocks are alike.“  

History also tells us that a supply disruption hurts { } far more than an increase in the oil price stemming from an increase in demand.“ URL:
The current recovery in the USA economy has been the most anemic on record. „ 

„While there was a policy-induced spurt of 5 % real GDP growth from 2Q03 to 1Q04, gains in the other seven quarters of this upturn have averaged only 2.2 %.“  

„Moreover, the renewed slowing to a 3 % pace in 2Q04 masks a 1 % gain in real personal consumption expenditures - matching the weakest quarterly performance since early 00.000.1995 .“  

„In my view, USA ’s saving-short, overly-indebted, job- + income-constrained consumer looks as vulnerable as ever.„ 

Add to that the ever-mounting perils of outsize twin deficits + there is good reason to believe that an inherently vulnerable USA economy could be hit hard by another oil shock.“ URL:
10.May 2004 -dispatch, “Global Wildcards”“URL:

00.000.1916 -"With his pro-war attitude Kropotkin separated himself from anarchism, + he even went so far as to sign in URL:

00.000.1916 -the Manifesto of the Sixteen a document which marks the culmination of incoherence in the pro- WWI. anarchists;

Kropotkin also supported Kerensky in Russia on the question of prosecuting the war." Camillo Berneri,

Peter Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas

20.Aug.2004 URL:
Roach, Stephen is a Managing Director + Chief Economist.

Roach, Stephen has overall responsibility for the firm's global economics + strategy functions.

Before joining Morgan Stanley, Roach, Stephen was a Vice President of economic analysis for the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.

Prior to that, for six years Roach, Stephen served on the research staff of USA Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC,

where Roach, Stephen supervised USA Federal Reserve Board 's official staff USA GNP forecast.

Roach, Stephen has also been a research fellow at the -->Brookings Institute in Washington, DC.

Roach, Stephen !Steve“ received his Bachelor's degree from USA University of Wisconsin +

Roach, Stephen !Steve“ received his his PhD from -->New York University -->.
20.Aug.2004 „Strategically located in five major financial centers around the world, Morgan Stanley's team of global economists is dedicated to being the preeminent provider of economic research to the global financial community.“

„Drawing from our focus on thematically driven macroeconomic research, we are constantly striving to keep our clients apprised of market-moving insights.“

„We produce a wide range of printed + electronic products that are disseminated exclusively to the Firm's clients.“

„The Global Economic Forum is designed to provide a daily update on the ongoing dialogue among our far-flung team.“

„We hope you find it helpful as a vehicle that takes you into the inner sanctum of the rapidly changing global financial markets.“

Date/Time: 08/20/2004 01:51:28
During WWI a few anarchists — most prominently, Peter Kropotkin — issued a "Manifesto" in support of the Allies; most anarchists opposed choosing between oppressors, & Malatesta was a prominent opponent of Kropotkin & the few other signatories to the Manifeste des sieze (Manifesto of the 16).

00.Nov.1914 In a letter called, "Anarchists have forgotten their principles" , Malatesta wrote:

"...there will be no definite victory on either side.

After a long war & an enormous loss of life & wealth, both sides being exhausted, some kind of peace will be patched up leaving all questions open, thus preparing for a new war more murderous than the present."

00.000.1919 Malatesta returns to Italy, where he starts the first anarchist daily, Umanità Nova .

It is a period of turmoil prior to Mussolini's ascent to power.

00.Oct.1920 Malatesta urges that workers strike & occupy their factories.

Metalworkers in Milan & Turin do so.

Other strikes follow, but the Socialist Party & the General Confederation of Labor undermine betray the workers & work to convince the workers to end the strike.

Malatesta + 81 other anarchists are arrested.

00.Jul.1921 Malatesta goes on a hunger strike to protest the delay in being brought to trial.

Malatesta is found not guilty & released, two months before the facists gain power.

00.000.1924-6 - Despite harrasment & censorship, Malatesta publishes the journal Pensiero e Volontà In 00.000.1926, Mussolini silences all independent press.

00.000.1932 - Malatesta dies.

Errico Malatesta: born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy, died in Rome 00.000.1932.

Important Italian anarchist militant & thinker;

member of the Naples section of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA);

00.000.1872 -from-member of the Fraternité intime, derived from Mikhail Bakunin's earlier inner group of 00.000.1864

00.000.1873 -from on- Malatesta imprisoned many times for his revolutionary activities & repeatedly forced into exile to evade imprisonment;

00.000.1876 Malatesta developed together with Covelli & Carlo Cafiero a theory of anarchist communism.

00.000.1877 Malatesta took part in the abortive uprising of Benevento in the Neapolitan mountains;

00.000.1883-00.000.1884 Malatesta published a weekly, La Questione Sociale in Florence,

1885-1889 Malatesta resumed in Argentina +

00.000.1900 -around- Malatesta resumed again in Paterson, New Jersey, USA ;

00.000.1896 Malatesta at the London International Socialist Conference opposed the Marxists;

00.Jun.1914 -before & during the Red Week of the Romagna- Malatesta prepared the unsuccesful anarchist revolt;

00.000.1920-00.000.1921 Malatesta edited Umanità nova Milan/Rome +.

00.000.1924-00.000.1926 Malatesta edited Pensiero e Volontà

Malatesta lived under house arrest by the Fascist government during the last years of his life.

20.Aug.2004 anti-CopyRite 00.000.1997-3000, more or less

00.000.1934 -- Civil libertarian Roger Baldwin discusses Emma Goldman's application for a new USA visa -- & Rudolf Rocker's application for an extension of his stay -- with the authorities in Washington, who advise him they will deny Goldman's request; only Rocker's application is approved.

00.000.1919 Germany: On the initiative of Rudolf Rocker, the founding Congress of F.A.U.D. (Freie Arbeiter Union Deutschland), free union of the German workers, is held in Berlin, from the 27th-30th. The union declares itself anarchist-syndicalist & opposed to the State & parliamentarism. It eventually counts 125,000 members.

The Anarchist Timeline

1896 Landauer began publishing the newspaper " Der Sozialist " & is condemned for its activity several times.

00.000.1908 Landauer, Gustav, Influenced by Tolstoï's pacifism formed the "sozialistiche bund," an organization made up of about 15 federated groups which will try to prevent the coming WWI. by advocating the general strike.

00.000.1915 Landauer, Gustav was a signatory to the Ernst Joël Petition (), among other leading cultural figures of the day, including Walter Benjamin + Martin Buber + Kurt Eisner + S. Fischer + Alfred Kerr + Heinrich Mann + Thomas Mann + Fritz Mauthner + Frank Wedekind.
17.Nov.1918 "Red Bavaria" Revolution.

17.Nov.1918 Workers revolt in Germany.

17.Nov.1918 The Bavarian monarchy is overthrown + a Republic is declared by the Socialist Kurt Eisner, who becomes its president.

Eisner proposes a ministry position to the anarchist Ehrich Mühsam.

Muhsam refused, preferring to fight, along with Gustav Landauer + Ernst Toller + Ret Marut (B. Traven) + others, for the development of Workers' Councils (soviets) + Workers‘ self-managed co-operatives.

17.Nov.1918 The anarchists are the principal actors, but

30.Apr.1919 the troops sent in by the socialists will crush the revolutionaries, killing over 700 victims

02.May 1919 the troops sent in by the socialists will crush the revolutionaries, killing over 700 victims.

B. Traven ( The Death Ship; The Treasure of the Sierra Madres , etc):
1848 Revolutions  (32)

Opium Wars  (9)
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