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19.Feb.2001NEWSWEEK EDITION - STINKING GUN No.1 /conteudo_gallery/gallery01-
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19.Feb.2001 NEWSWEEK EDITION - STINKING GUN No.1 /conteudo_gallery/gallery01-

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NEWSWEEK 19.Feb.2001


19.Feb.2001 Terror Goes Global - Exclusive_ Bin Laden's International Network

Newsweek propagated a virtual fraud on its cover by showing

- under the headline "Terror Goes Global - Exclusive:

Bin Laden's International Network" -

a frightening photograph of a man (head and shoulders),

his face covered in an Arab scarf,

holding a rifle in his right hand.

The reader would imagine this to be

a member of Osama bin Laden's network of "global terror".

But I traced the Finnish photographer who took this picture.

He snapped it at a funeral on the West Bank.

The man was an armed member of the Palestinian Tanzim militia

-- and had nothing to do with Bin Laden.

The Tanzim are violent enough.

But the cover generically smeared the entire Palestinian people

by associating them with the man supposedly responsible for bombing US embassies in Africa.


The Independent / UK April 17, 2001

"When journalists refuse

to tell the truth about Israel"



Washington Post owners acknowledge cooperation with CIA.

The owners of the Washington Post

long ago acknowledged

that the Post is the government's voice to the people.

In 1981,

Graham, Katherine

who owns

the Post




that her editor$


"cooperate with the national security intere$t$."

Nutsional security in this context means