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00.000.1841-00.000.1922 Rockefeller, William, American financier, b. Tioga co., N.Y.; brother of Rockefeller. John D. associated with copper interests,

railways, & public-utility corporations. With vast resources Rockefeller, William built up the „National City Bank of New York“, a successful stock market manipulator, NY representative of the Rockefeller interests until the „Standard Oil Company of New Jersey“ was dissolved by the Supreme Court 00.000.1911 .

00.000.1865 Rockefeller, William joined Rockefeller. John D. : brother in the oil-refining business.

00.000.1900 s -since the early- Rockefeller family's dominant role in directing USAmerican public health policies & programs, & the bio-medical industry along with their financial &political ties to the European oligarchy, intelligence community, & banking industry is detailed. Again, as mentioned above in items 9 & 10, Rockefeller investments, if not oversight & direction, of the leading vaccine & drug companies currently under investigation by the FBI, along with their global political influence, must not be overlooked in both the etiology of this disorder (what appears to be well-managed chaos) & the ineffective FBI investigation of the suspects.

00.000.1908-00.000.1979 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich b. Bar Harbor, Maine; grandson of John D. Rockefeller </ce6/people/A0842151.html> A Republican, US

public official, also served in many government posts, Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich wrote The Future of Federalism (1968),Unity, Freedom and Peace (1968),Our Environment Can Be Saved (1970). See biography by C. Reich (1996).

00.000.1931-00.000.1958 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich a director of Rockefeller Center

00.000.1959-00.000.1973 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich governor of New York

00.000.1959-00.000.1973 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich as governor of New York expanded state services in such areas as education, transportation, housing, welfare, & environmental control.

00.000.1974-00.000.1977 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich Vice President of the USA

00.000.1940-00.000.1944 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich coordinator of the Office of Inter-American Affairs

00.000.1950-00.000.1951 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich chairman of the International Development Advisory Board

00.000.1952-00.000.1958 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich chairman of the „President's Advisory Committee on Government Organization“

00.000.1958 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich defeated W. Averell Harriman </ce6/people/A0822805.html for the governorship of New York;

00.000.1962 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich reelected for the governorship of New York

00.000.1966 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich reelected for the governorship of New York

00.000.1970 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich reelected for the governorship of New York

00.000.1960 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich unsuccessfully campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination

00.000.1964 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich unsuccessfully campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination

00.000.1968 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich unsuccessfully campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination

00.Dec.1973 Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich resigned from the governorship of New York to serve as chairman of„National Commission on Critical Choices for America“

00.000.1974 President Ford </ce6/people/A0819143.html> nominated Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich for the vice presidency under the terms of the Twenty-fifth Amendment.Despite some criticism of the political uses to which Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich put his vast wealth,Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich was confirmed by Congress.

00.000.1839-00.000.1937 Rockefeller, John Davison,b. Richford, NY, USAmerican industrialist & philanthropist,Rockefeller, John Davison was also prominent in the affairs of railroads & banks, being second only to „J. P. Morgan“ in the domain of finance. Intensely religious, Rockefeller, John Davison „had an interest in philanthropy as deep as his interest in business.“

Rockefeller, John Davison gave generously to the „Baptist Church“, , „YMCA“, & „Anti-Saloon League“.

00.000.1853 Rockefeller, John Davison moves with his family to a farm near Cleveland

00.000.18-- at age 16 went to work as a bookkeeper.

00.000.1859 Frugal & industrious, Rockefeller, John Davison becomes a partner in a produce business,

00.000.1863 Rockefeller, John Davison with his partners, established an oil refinery, entering into an industry already thriving in Cleveland.

00.000.1870 Rockefeller, John Davison, & associates-including Harkness, S. V. Flagler, H. M. Rockefeller, William,brother -“organize“ „Standard Oil Company of Ohio“,capitalized at $1 million. By enforcing strict economy & efficiency, through mergers & agreements with competitors, by ruthlessly crushing weaker competitors, & by accumulating large capital reserves,

00.000.18--soon Rockefeller, John Davison, through „Standard Oil Company of Ohio“ & associates-including Harkness, S. V. Flagler, H. M. Rockefeller, William,brother, dominated the American oil-refining industry. Rebate „agreements“,which Rockefeller, John Davison forced from the railroads, & the control of pipeline distribution of refined oil strengthened the near monopoly of the „Standard Oil Company of Ohio“.

00.000.1882 the diverse holdings of the various members of Rockefeller's combination were tied together into the „Standard Oil Company of Ohio“ -trust.

00.000.1882 10 years later, Court action compelled the trust to dissolve but in a few years the „Standard Oil Company of New Jersey“ was chartered as a holding company, with a capitalization of $ 110 million.

00.000.1901 Rockefeller, John Davison one of the directors, when the United States Steel Corporation is formed

00.000.1911 a decision of the US Supreme Court required the holding company to dissolve & its directors to relinquish their control over the numerous subsidiaries

00.000.1911 Rockefeller, John Davison ends personal rule over his enormous petroleum business, retires with a fabulous fortune.

00.000.1892 Rockefeller, John Davison also founded „University of Chicago“.

00.000.1901 Rockefeller, John Davison „Institute for Medical Research“ founded in New York City („to which..turned over some $ 500 million““The most prominent of the philanthropic enterprises“)

00.000.1965 Rockefeller „Institute for Medical Research“ since known as Rockefeller University. </ce6/society/A0842156.html>;

00.000.1902 Rockefeller, John Davison, the „General Education Board“ organized to make gifts to various educational & research agencies;

00.000.1913 the Rockefeller Foundation </ce6/bus/A0842155.html>, established to promote public health & to further the medical, natural, & social sciences;

00.000.1918 the „Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial“ founded in memory of Rockefeller, John Davison wife, for the furthering of child welfare & the social sciences.

00.000.1909 Rockefeller, John Davison wrote Random Reminiscences of Men and Events