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Homeland Lockdown: "Red Alert" = Martial Law by TOM BALDWIN 4:48pm

18.Mar.2003 Tue Mar 18 '03 (Modified on 3:03pm Fri Mar 21 '03)

Mittwoch, 19.Mär.2003 22.15 Uhr (Ortszeit)

im Oval Office des Weißen Hauses:

Der Präsident verkündet den Kriegsbeginn

FBI and other federal officials in NJ

outline Homeland [In]Security's "Red Alert" response:

it will mean Martial Law.

Red Alert would end some personal freedoms

Published by the Gannett State Bureau 3/15/03


If the nation escalates to "red alert,"

which is the highest in the color-coded readiness

against terror,

you will be assumed by authorities to be the enemy

if you so much as venture outside your home,

the state's anti-terror czar says.

"This state is on top of it,"

said Sid Caspersen,

New Jersey's director of the office of counter-terrorism. Caspersen, a former FBI agent,

was briefing reporters,

alongside Gov. James E. McGreevey,


when for the first time

he disclosed the realities

of how a red alert would shut the state down.

A red alert would also tear away

virtually all personal freedoms

to move about and associate.

"Red means all non-critical functions cease,"

Caspersen said.

"Non-critical would be almost all businesses,

except health-related."

A red alert means there is a severe risk of terrorist attack, according to federal guidelines from the

Department of Homeland Security.

"The state will restrict transportation

and access to critical locations,"

says the state's new brochure on dealing with terrorism.

"You must adhere to the restrictions announced by authorities and prepare to evacuate, if instructed.

Stay alert for emergency messages."

Caspersen went further than the brochure.

"The government agencies would run at a very low threshold,"

he said.

"The state police and the emergency management people

would take control over the highways.

"You literally are staying home,

is what happens,

unless you are required to be out.

No different than if you had a state of emergency

with a snowstorm."

"The reason being is, what we're saying is,

'Everybody sit down!'

"If you are left standing,

you are probably a terrorist.

And if you are not law enforcement or emergency response;

That's how we're going to catch you.

"You're not going to have a seat to go to.

"That is the basic premise of it."