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29.Jan.2007 Video: Conyers calls for defunding the war - BG - Video:

Conyers calls for defunding the war.

Note the "9/11 Truth Now" placard in the background. (hat tip Gateway Pundit, via the nuts at Crooks & Liars) :
29.Jan.2007 LA Times Asks: Was 9/11 really that bad? (Outrageous Disinfo) - BG -Blogger thoughts:

If one looks at the lies behind the act + the psychological operation/false flag nature of the event, it ranks as a major crime against humanity.
The attacks were a horrible act of mass murder, but history says we're overreacting...,0,1900868.story?coll=la-home-commentary

WASHINGTON D.C.--With over 60% of the public against the war, it doesn't accomplish anything tangible except making people feel better.

Protests used to have a more important function before the days of the internet: they were a means of sharing and trading-information amongst activists.

This is still possible, but with the ease of submitting petitions, the informative-role of the blogosphere, the economy and speed of emailing, text-message devices and cell phones, this function has been usurped in a profound way by the new technologies. The personal has become political in a profound new way. Individual action has fused with collective action in a new way that almost beggars description. This isn't to say that strategically-planned + directed demonstrations (coordinated via-the-internet)... Source:
29.Jan.2007 9/11 Truth Seen at DC Peace Rally - BG -
This sign was repeatedly seen at the recent peace rally in Washington DC. The rally aired on CSPAN + sign was seen for nearly an hour.

However, it has been reported that the organizers of the rally barred any 9/11 truth speakers at the podium.

A disappointing revelation on their part.... Source:
29.Jan.2007 BlondeSense: Anti-war protest review - BG -A bunch of kids were reported to have "stormed the Capital"...
29.Jan.2007 FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned - BG -
02.Sep.2006 By
Walter Pincus Washington Post Staff Writer; Page A01 Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment -

Standing in an empty Miami warehouse on

24.May ---- with a man he believed had ties to Osama bin Laden, a dejected Narseal Batiste talked of the setbacks to their terrorist plot and then uttered the words that helped put him in a federal prison cell.

"I want to fight some jihad," he allegedly said. "That's all I live for." ... Link Backup Link:
29.Jan.2007 Pelosi: Give Billions to Corrupt Afghan Leaders - BG -
In order to not appear "weak-kneed" in the multi-generational fight against engineered "terrorism," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is determined to gift corrupt police and tribal leaders in Afghanistan with $10.6 billion.

"Pelosi, D-Calif. + Karzai discussed plans announced last week by the Bush administration to ask Congress for $10.6 billion for Afghanistan, a major increase aimed at rebuilding the country + strengthening government security forces still fighting the Taliban five years after the U.S.-led invasion," reports the Associated Press.

"About $8.6 billion would be for training and equipping Afghan police and soldiers; $2 billion would go toward reconstruction."

As Nancy confabbed in Kabul with the Afghan puppet and former Unocal employee, Hamid Karzai, Gethin Chamberlai... Source:
29.Jan.2007 Thousands Protest Bush Policy - - BG -A raucous and colorful multitude of protesters, led by some of the aging activists of the past, staged a series of rallies and a march on the Capitol yesterday to demand that the USA end its war in Iraq.
29.Jan.2007 The Old Jet Fuel Down the Express Elevator Trick - BG -Seatnineb does some analysis of the WTC1 elevators. .Source:
29.Jan.2007 Fake Terror: Jose Padilla, not so dirty after all - Updated - BG -
It is interesting how every now and then, the unwitting masses are blasted by a media wave of fearmongering, with announcements of impending doom and terror being made to remind us of our mortality, just to have that same media quietly admit that there was nothing to justify the hysteria. It happened this summer with the liquid explosions scare that resulted in ridiculous anti-juice security measures in airports.

And more recently with the warnings of a holiday terror surprise based on pure speculation.

So it is not surprising that one of the older apparitions of the terror threat to civilisation, the dirty bomber, is turning out to be squeaky clean compared to the monster he was initially presented as.... Source:
29.Jan.2007 The Most Dangerous Terrorist--Besides Osama - - BG -Before Osama bin Laden, there was Imad Mughniyeh. Imad Mughniyeh
29.Jan.2007 Christopher Chyba: Is There a Kind of Multipolar Security Spiral now Taking Place in Northeast Asia? - BG -
29.Jan.2007 Fonda, Sarandon among Iraq war protesters - .com - BG - U.S. News: Fonda, Sarandon among Iraq war protesters
29.Jan.2007 War Protest - BG -NOTEBOOK: People Speak Out in Capital
29.Jan.2007 I spent the day yesterday at the DC demonstration against the war + travelling back and forth- a round trip of about seven hours.

On the way, we met some college students who had made a seven hour drive from N. Carolina, so I'm not complaining.

We arrived, entered the press area, then got ourselves into the VIP area. I had a chance to talk a bit with John Conyers about impeachment and hearings and it left me encouraged.

We got some great pics. Check them out in the articles below.
After I started speaking with Conyers, he called over his communications director. I introduced myself as the publisher of OpEdNews and it was great to hear that he was familiar with us.

After I was done chatting with Conyers, I asked his communications director how he heard of us. "We check google alerts + you show up all the time," he replied.
It was pretty busy backstage, so it took me a while to digest that message. Then I put it together.

If Conyers' communication director subscribes to google alerts, then probably all the congressional staffers, at least the communications directors do.

Since OpEdnews articles are spidered by google news, our writers are surely reaching the people in congress. This just confirms my belief that we are doing work that is making a difference.

That means something when writers and editors work as volunteers, without pay.

I hope it encourages our writers to keep on writing, that it encourages more of our readers to take a stab at writing + that it inspires you to make a donation supporting OpEdNews.

We're working hard to make a difference. You can help. Can't afford to make a contribution-- let other people know about us, or better, volunteer as an editor.

Here's our FAQ with info on how you can help and how you can contribute content to the site.
Have a great day,
Rob Kall
Newest Articles

29.Jan.2007 -By Rob Kall Huge Antiwar Demonstration In DC

29.Jan.2007 -By Dave Lindorff The Case For Impeachment -Check out YouTube for the full video presentation by Dave Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky of The Case for Impeachment.

29.Jan.2007 -By Jane Stillwater OMG! I Just Interviewed Sean Penn! - It started out to be a bad day but then I went to hear Dennis Kucinich speak and bumped into Sean Penn.

"Can I interview you for my blog?" I asked. Yes! So. What did I find out? That Sean Penn is the Real Deal. And so is Dennis Kucinich.

29.Jan.2007 -By Jalil Bahar Iran's Intellectual Holocaust - Part I
Denial of the Holocaust is not only an affront to Jews, but also an affront to millions of dissidents, handicapped, gypsies,Slavs, Serbs, Poles,...all humanity.

Ignorance is a killer.

Perpetrating hatred through ignorance is tantamount to commiting genocide - and could lead to war against Iran!

29.Jan.2007 -ByStephen Osborn A Fatal Flaw In Our Alleged Foreign Policy - There may not be much difference between a "terrorist" and a "patriot."

It just depends upon which side you are supporting, or which side you find yourself.

29.Jan.2007 -By Dennis Kucinich - Kucinich: The High Cost Of Health Care Is Driving Our Manufacturing Companies Into The Ground
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) called for immediate House action on HR 676 �" the Conyers/Kucinich bill " which establishes a national health care plan.

He did this amid news reports illustrating the impact of the high cost of providing quality health care benefits to employees.

29.Jan.2007 -By Jayne Lyn Stahl -The Powers That Be-The mainstream media + the politics of exclusion...

29.Jan.2007 -By Rob Kall Interview With John Conyers, On Impeachment And Investigating Bush John Conyers, chair of the congressional Judiciary committee, talks to OpEdNews editor Rob Kall about impeachment and hearings.

29.Jan.2007 -By Timothy V. Gatto Iran Is Going To Be Attacked Why Congress is not trying to do what it is Constitutionally charged to do, is beyond my comprehension.

If this is "playing politics" maybe they need to be charged with treason along with the Bush Administration.

29.Jan.2007 -By Susan Galleymore Don't Send Your Sons...
Susan Galleymore is the mother of a U.S. Army soldier, a counselor on the GI Rights Hotline, founder of MotherSpeak sharing the stories of mothers affected by war and co-founder of Courage to Resist supporting the troops who refuse to fight. She returned from Lebanon and Syria 00.Jan.2007.

29.Jan.2007 -By Jgideon 'Daily Voting News' For January 27, 2007
a run-down of the days elections/voting news from across the country and overseas.

29.Jan.2007 -By W. Christopher Epler (Bill) It's Time For Political Science To Live Up To Its Name
It's life and death necessary for science to climb down from its ivory towers and help humanity to undo the Bush/Republican "revolution".

Mother Nature is being murdered and raped by these neo-Nazis and science must intervene a thousand times more than it has to date.

29.Jan.2007 -ByThomas Bonsell Sage Advice From A Supreme Court Justice Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia advises us to 'get over" the court's decision that put George Bush into the White House. But should we?

29.Jan.2007 -ByThomas L. Walsh Death To The Constitution In the month of January alone, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made two shocking decisions that directly attacked the Constitution of the USA.

29.Jan.2007 -ByJay Esbe "Conservatism" = We The People "Drowned In A Bath Tub". Conservatism has poisoned everything it's touched in my lifetime of 47 years

29.Jan.2007 -ByTimothy V. Gatto Rally For Peace In Rock Hill, Soth Carolina Some picture and a narrative of The Rock Hill, South Carolina Rally.

29.Jan.2007 -ByAllen L Roland CHENEY IN HIS ' LAST THROES '
Like a rabid bear being smoked from its lair, America's most dangerous unindicted criminal Dick 'Iraq resistance in its last throes' Cheney has been forced out of his self imposed bunker by the " Scooter " Libby trial revelations that Cheney himself was personally involved in an effort to try to discredit a critic of the Iraq War ~ U.S. Envoy Joe Wilson. The Pandora's box of Cheney/Bush abuses of power is finally opening.

Best News Links from the Web

29.Jan.2007 A Death In Istanbul 1915 Armenian genocide echos in modern Turkey

29.Jan.2007 Political Mileage Detroit automakers gear up to protect gas guzzlers

29.Jan.2007 Was There A Third-rate Burglary In Cuyahoga County, Ohio? Something Smells In Cleveland...
I hope that there's someone out there who is looking into Cuyahoga the same way a couple of no-name Post reporters started investigating a third-rate burglary a couple years before I was born.

Even if just to prove that nothing happened there that would have made a difference.Because our elections shouldn't be the stuff of make believe.And our faith in our government shouldn't be the stuff of fiction.

29.Jan.2007 Florida: Deal Frees 800 Machines For March Election
Jennings is still waiting for a state appellate court to decide whether to overturn a lower court judge's decision to deny her access to the voting machines'computer codes and hardware.

Once that decision is made, the case will move back to the trial court, where Jennings is seeking a new election.

29.Jan.2007 Libby Trial: CIA Briefer For Cheney, Libby Kept Subject Headings For Shredded Briefing Topics
Obviously the bogus Niger uranium story, including its aftermath, is but one part of the administration's push to war.

But even this one narrow investigative path has led to the undermining of federal agencies, loss of (further) public trust in government and news media, loss of livelihood and possibly worse.

29.Jan.2007 Feingold To File Senate Legislation Calling For Defunding Of Iraq War
his proposal to exercise Congressional control of the purse strings over military deployment in Iraq will and won't do.As well,the statement lists several other historical instances in which Congress voted to hold back funding while American troops were deployed,including in 98 when the Repub-controlled legislature included a provision in a Defense Authorization bill prohibiting additional funding for U.S. troops in Bosnia...

29.Jan.2007 Clinton Accepts Responsibility For War Resolution Vote
Hillary talks about her vote on the Iraq War Resolution and on her campaign.

29.Jan.2007 US Army to probe battlefield contractors in Iraq | Jerusalem Post - BG -From high-dollar fraud to conspiracy to bribery + bid rigging, Army investigators have opened up to 50 criminal probes involving battlefield contractors in the war in Iraq and the US fight against terrorism, The Associated Press has learned.

29.Jan.2007 An Israeli First: Muslim Minister Accepted in Government
The government of Israel took a historic step today, appointing its first Muslim Arab Cabinet minister: Raleb Majadle of the Labor Party. His portfolio will be determined later. Full Story Below

"The Enemy at Home" - BG - Can these guys make up their mind?
29.Jan.2007 From the Austin Anti-War Gathering (1/27/2007)
29.Jan.2007 “Soothingly sensible.” - Faiz - In its Sunday tip sheet previewing the morning talk shows, the Politico wrote, “Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman D-Conn., will be on, sounding hawkish yet soothingly sensible about the war.” Lieberman, who is actually an Independent, soothingly discussed how critics of Bush’s escalation plan are emboldening the enemy.

29.Jan.2007 D’Souza needs a tutorial. - Faiz - How Dinesh D’Souza distorts the words of bin Laden in order to blame liberals.
29.Jan.2007 Sudan peace deal may unravel. - Amanda - “A peace agreement that two years ago ended Africa’s longest-running conflict — +

that the White House considers one of President Bush’s signature achievements — is in danger of unraveling because of inattention by top U.S. officials + growing tensions between Sudan’s government + the former rebels who signed the deal, according to experts and congressional officials.”
29.Jan.2007 Cheney: Bush Has ‘Shored Up His [Political] Position…Specifically On Iraq’ - Faiz -

In a new interview with Newsweek, Vice President Dick Cheney falsely claims that President Bush’s Iraq escalation speech delivered on Jan. 10 “shored up his position…specifically on Iraq”:

CHENEY: My sense of it is that what’s happened here now over the last few weeks is that the president has shored up his position with the speech he made a couple of weeks ago, specifically on Iraq.

And I think the speech, frankly Tuesday night, the State of the Union address was one of his best.

I think there’s been a very positive reaction of people who saw the speech. And I think to some extent that’s helped shore us up inside the party on the Hill.

Cheney’s claim is false. Polls taken after the Iraq escalation address indicate that public support for the Iraq war and for Bush’s strategy continue to fall. Some examples:

USA Today, 1/15.2007 “Poll: Bush’s new Iraq strategy fails to rally public support”

President Bush’s address to the nation last week failed to move public opinion in support of his plan to increase U.S. troop levels in Iraq and left Americans more pessimistic about the likely outcome of the war.

Washington Post, 1/11.2007 “Poll: Most Americans Opposed to Bush’s Iraq Plan”

The findings of the survey, conducted after Bush’s primetime speech, represent an initial rebuke to the White House goal of generating additional public support for the mission in Iraq . The poll found that 61 % of Americans oppose sending more than 20,000 additional troops to Iraq, with 52 % saying they strongly oppose the plan. Just 36 % said they back the president’s new proposal.

CBS, 1/11.2007 “Poll: Americans Not Swayed By Iraq Plan”

Americans were not swayed very much by President Bush’s speech Wednesday night outlining his new strategy for the war in Iraq, according to a CBS News poll.

Bush’s BushJob.htm">job approval ratings have taken a hit as well.

00.Dec.2006 both and Washington Post polls reported he had a 36 % rating. In their most recent polls, Bush has fallen to 34 and 33 % respectively.

Bush_Has_Shored_Up_His_Political_PositionhSpecifically_On_Iraq">Digg It!
Kristol To Congress: ‘Do Nothing’ On Iraq - Nico -

Last week, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol advised war critics to shut up. “It’s so irresponsible that they can’t be quiet for six or nine months.”

This morning on Fox News, he had a new Iraq recommendation for Congress: do nothing.

Kristol noted an op-ed by Sen. John Warner (R-VA) which asked, “What do [Bush supporters] want us to do in the Senate? Do nothing?” Kristol answered, “Absolutely right. Absolutely right. Support the troops. Appropriate the funds.” Digg It! Full transcript: (more…)
29.Jan.2007 Brownback Knocks Down Lieberman Claim That Iraq Resolutions ‘Encourage The Enemy’ - Think Progress -

This morning on Fox News, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) echoed the Bush administration and claimed that people who oppose escalation in Iraq are emboldening terrorists. “[I]t will discourage our troops, who we’re asking to carry out this new plan + it will encourage the enemy,” Lieberman said.

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), who announced on Friday he will support Sen. John Warner’s (R-VA) anti-escalation resolution, pointed out the obvious: “I don’t see this enemy as needing any more emboldening or getting it from any resolution. They’re emboldened now.”

Watch it: Full transcript: (more…)
29.Jan.2007 Newsweek: - Nico - “The president’s approval ratings are at their lowest point in the poll’s history — 30 % — and more than half the country (58 %) say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over. … Congress is criticized by nearly two-thirds (64 %) of Americans for not being assertive enough in challenging the Bush administration’s conduct of the war.” (HT: Atrios)
29.Jan.2007 Immune system 'brakes' found Scientists say they have found how the body controls the machinery it uses to fight infections.
29.Jan.2007 Saudis seek Palestinian talks Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah asks rival Palestinian leaders to Mecca for talks to end days of factional fighting.
29.Jan.2007 Russia's party barred from polls One of Russia's leading liberal parties, Yabloko, is banned from local polls in the second biggest city, St Petersburg.
29.Jan.2007 India in aerospace defence plan India says it is to build an aerospace defence command aimed at preventing possible attacks from space.
29.Jan.2007 First Arab joins Israeli cabinet Israel's government appoints the country's first Arab Muslim minister - in what is being hailed as an historic move.
29.Jan.2007 Sinn Fein votes to support police Sinn Fein members vote to support policing in Northern Ireland for the first time in the party's history.
29.Jan.2007 Latinist laments 'dying language' One of the world's leading scholars in Latin at the Vatican says the language is dying out.
29.Jan.2007 Tijuana police get weapons back Police in Tijuana in Mexico are given back their guns after investigations into alleged drug running.
29.Jan.2007 China admits to climate failings A Chinese government report says the country has not made any progress on cleaning up its environment.
29.Jan.2007 Yemeni Jews flee Islamist threat A group of Jewish people in Yemen flee from their village after being threatened by radical Islamists.
29.Jan.2007 I am not finished yet, says Blair Tony Blair tells the BBC he wants to "finish what he started" on public service reform before leaving office.
29.Jan.2007 Experts: Climate Report Too Rosy In Paris this week, climate scientists will issue a dire forecast of rising sea levels and higher temperatures. But some say it's a sugarcoated version. By the Associated Press.
29.Jan.2007 Sundance: Strange Culture A nightmarish Big Brother film documenting the plight of an artist targeted by the FBI as a suspected bio-terrorist is screened simultaneously in Park City + Second Life. In Table of Malcontents.
29.Jan.2007 Google Blurring Sensitive Map Information - kdawson 141 - Cyphoid writes

"While viewing my school (the University of Massachusetts Lowell) with Google Maps, I noticed that a select portion of the campus was pixelated: the operational nuclear research facility on campus. Curious, I attempted to view the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It too was pixelated. What or who is compelling Google to smudge out these images selectively? Will all satellite images of facilities that the government deems 'sensitive' soon be subject to censoring?" Not surprisingly, the same areas are blurred in Google Earth. But how about images from satellites operated by other nations, such as SPOT or Sovinformsputnik?
Fight DRM While There's Still Time - kdawson 212 - ageor writes

"It seems (not only) to me that DRM is about far more than intellectual property. It's also about monopoly and freedom of choice. It's one of those cases where we, the consumers, must decide against accepting the new industry's rules, which care only about control and making money. The whole matter is very well put in DRM, Vista and your rights, where you can follow the subject as deeply as you like through the numerous relevant links."
Government Seeks Dismissal of Spy Suit - kdawson 99 -
The Wired blog 27B Stroke 6 is carrying the news that the US has filed a motion to drop the case the ACLU won in lower court against the government's warrantless wiretapping program.

The government's appeal of that ruling will be heard on Wednesday,

31.Jan.2007 in front of the Sixth Circuit court of appeals.

The feds argue that the case is now moot because they are now obtaining warrants from the FISA court + furthermore President Bush did not renew the warrantless program.

Turns out there's a Supreme Court precedent saying that if you were doing something illegal, get taken to court + then stop the illegal activity, you're not off the hook.

The feds argue in their petition that this precedent does not apply to them. Here is the government's filing (PDF).
Bacteria Harnessed As Micro-Robot Motors - kdawson 61 -ElectricBrian writes

"Researchers have found a way to propel micro-capsules by attaching bacteria (S. marcescens, the type that makes your shower curtain moldy). Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University fixed the bacteria to the micro-capsules and then used chemicals to turn on and off their motion-producing flagella. Quoting: 'In the future, such hybrid swimming micro-robots could even be used to deliver drugs inside the liquid environments of the human body, such as the urinary tract, eyeball cavity, ear + cerebrospinal fluid...'"
‘Tens of thousands’ turn out to protest Iraq escalation. - Amanda -

“The event drew demonstrators from across the country + many said that in addition to taking their discontent to the streets they planned to press members of Congress to oppose the war.” Nearly 70 % of the American public opposes President Bush’s plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq.
29.Jan.2007 Everyone knows except Mitch McConnell. - Nico  -

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “said benchmarks are the best way to determine if the Iraqis are holding up their end of the bargain but he stopped short of saying what the U.S. should do it the Iraqis fall short. ‘I think everyone knows what the consequences are,’ McConnell said without specifying what he thinks they are, even when pressed. ‘I’m not going to start playing out the scenarios,’ he added.”
29.Jan.2007 Tester goes transparent. - Nico  -

With encouragement from the Sunlight Foundation, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) now posts his schedule online at the end of each day. “Whether it’s a visit to the gym, a meeting with the founder of the Montana Meth Project, or an interview with Wolf Blitzer, staff for Tester post his entire schedule online each workday — a Senate first.” Check it out HERE.
29.Jan.2007 Chuck Norris Fact: Fabricated Path to 9/11 Scene ‘Should Not Have Been In The Film’ - Nico  -

Conservative actor Chuck Norris filled in for Sean Hannity last night on Hannity & Colmes. (He should really stick to martial arts.)

Norris commented on Hannity’s plans to broadcast the fictitious scenes that ABC cut from its controversial docudrama, “The Path to 9/11.” In one fabricated scene, which ABC acknowledges was “improvised,” former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger is shown refusing to give the order to the CIA to take a clear shot at Osama bin Laden.

Last night, Norris said, “I hate to see a movie used as a political platform, whether it’s leaning right” — which he said while gesturing to the left — “or leaning left” — said while gesturing to the right. Moreover, he said, if the Berger scene did not happen, it “should not have been in the film.” Watch it:

It’s one thing for Fox News to provide their usual biased political commentary.

It’s another thing to promote discredited fiction as news. Click HERE to send a message to Sean Hannity. Demand that he tell the truth about 9/11. Full transcript: (more…)
29.Jan.2007 Rove, Bartlett subpoenaed. - Nico  -

White House anxiety is mounting over the prospect that top officials — including deputy chief of staff Karl Rove and counselor Dan Bartlett — may be forced to provide potentially awkward testimony in the perjury and obstruction trial of Lewis (Scooter) Libby.” Rove and Bartlett have already been subpoenaed by Libby’s attorneys, Newsweek reports + while it’s not certain they will testify, “the odds increased this week after Libby’s lawyer, Ted Wells, laid out a defense resting on the idea that his client…had been made a ’scapegoat’ to protect Rove.”
29.Jan.2007 Mass US protest against Iraq war Tens of thousands march in Washington to demand the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.
29.Jan.2007 Japan confirms bird flu outbreak Japan confirms that a second outbreak of bird flu at a poultry farm is the H5N1 strain.
29.Jan.2007 Holocaust Day marked in Europe Events are held to remember Nazi death camp victims as the UN adopts a resolution condemning Holocaust denial.
29.Jan.2007 YouTubers to get ad money share YouTube's founder says people who upload their own videos to the site will get a share of the ad revenue.
29.Jan.2007 Blair sees hope of climate deal Tony Blair tells the World Economic Forum a breakthrough on climate change may be near.
29.Jan.2007 Chips push through nano-barrier A major milestone in microchip production is achieved allowing smaller and higher performance chips.
29.Jan.2007 Would Cloning Copy the Soul? Esquire ponders whether a cloned human would have a soul + that makes us wonder if identical souls could wander around the planet. In Bodyhack.
29.Jan.2007 Intel, IBM: Transistor Overhaul In what experts say is the most dramatic development in transistor tech since the '60s, Intel and IBM separately announce they have figured out how to reduce energy loss in microchip transistors. By the Associated Press.
29.Jan.2007 Gov Seeks Spy Suit Dismissal The feds argue an ACLU suit seeking to abolish warrantless wiretapping should be dropped because the government agrees to get warrants (for now). In 27B Stroke 6.
29.Jan.2007 BMW neues Kursziel Rating-Update: Paris ( AG) - Die Analysten von Exane BNP Paribas stufen die Aktie von BMW (ISIN DE0005190003/WKN 519000) unverändert mit "outperform" ein.

Das Kursziel werde von 48 auf 53 EUR angehoben. (26.01.2007/ac/a/u)
Siemens neues Kursziel Rating-Update: Amsterdam ( AG) - Die Analysten der ING stufen die Aktie von Siemens (ISIN DE0007236101/WKN 723610) unverändert mit "hold" ein.

Das Kursziel werde von 81 auf 92 EUR angehoben. (26.01.2007/ac/a/u)
eBay "outperform" Rating-Update: Zürich ( AG) - Die Analysten der Credit Suisse stufen die Aktie von eBay (ISIN US2786421030/WKN 916529) unverändert mit "outperform" ein.

Der Umsatz pro Auktion habe sich in Q4 dramatisch verbessert, was den Erfolg der neuen Strategie unterstreiche. (26.01.2007/ac/a/u)
Israel's use of cluster bombs from U.S. examined - .com - BG - Israel's use of cluster bombs from U.S. examined - .com
29.Jan.2007 Gates: Internet Will Revolutionize TV Within Five Years
The Internet is set to revolutionize television within five years, due to an explosion of online video content and the merging of PCs and TV sets, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said on Saturday.
"I'm stunned how people aren't seeing that with TV, in five years from now, people will laugh at what we've had," he told business leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum.
29.Jan.2007 Hillary: "When You Are Attacked, You Have To Deck Your Opponent"
New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton blamed President Bush on Saturday for misusing authority given him by Congress to act in Iraq, but conceded "I take responsibility" for her role in allowing that to happen.

- Bush Admin. Fights Climate Treaty Before Release Of Major Report
The US has also attempted to steer the UN report, prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), away from conclusions that would support a new worldwide climate treaty based on binding targets to reduce emissions - as sought by Tony Blair. It has demanded a draft of the report be changed to emphasise the benefits of voluntary agreements and to include criticisms of the Kyoto Protocol, the existing treaty which the US administration opposes.

25.Jan.2007 From: Seth Stevenson
Subject: What I Didn't Learn at the Urinal

9:23 a.m.: Scooter Libby arrives, walks up the courtroom aisle + before taking his seat at the defense table, gives a quick smile and nod to his wife in the front row.

As we're waiting for the judge to arrive and call us to order, I glance around.

This is a modest little room with a broken clock on the wall.

The public seating section isn't full:

Aside from the press, there's just a handful of spectators here--including a vaguely syphilitic-looking older fellow, in jeans and a sweatshirt, who carries a stack of newspapers and constantly jots notes on a tiny memo pad.

The last time I covered a trial, the defendant was Michael Jackson + there was a lottery every morning for these public seats.

Fans lined up by the hundreds sometimes for a chance to be in the same room as the King of Pop. Scooter Libby is apparently not quite the same draw.
'US Army authorised to kill Iranian agents in Iraq' - BG -'US Army authorised to kill Iranian agents in Iraq'
29.Jan.2007 Judges Resisting "Extraordinary Measures" Required By Gov't In Warrantless Wiretapping Cases...
The Bush administration has employed extraordinary secrecy in defending the National Security Agency's highly classified domestic surveillance program from civil lawsuits.

Plaintiffs and judges' clerks cannot see its secret filings.
29.Jan.2007 Bush Wants $10.6B For Afghanistan...
President Bush plans to ask Congress for $10.6 billion in aid for Afghanistan, primarily to beef up the country's security forces, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday.
29.Jan.2007 Iraqi VP: US Invasion Was "Idiot Decision"...
The U.S.
29.Jan.2007 How to Make the Poor Poorer Politics overrides economics in the minimum-wage debate. - By GARY S. BECKER
29.Jan.2007 Host Who Uses Racial Slurs Says Divisive Rhetoric Will Be ‘The Death Of The Country’ - Amanda  -

Yesterday on NPR, right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck criticized fellow conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for his strident rhetoric, saying it will be “the death of our industry + the death of our country.”


Beck may be right about Limbaugh, but his own rhetoric is equally divisive and destructive. Some lowlights:

The anti-gay slur “faggot” is nothing more than “a naughty name.” [1/23/07]

“What happened to the Duke lacrosse team was practically a lynching without the rope. And for the first time in my life, Mr. Oreo Cookie without the chocolate on the outside can understand why people celebrated when O.J. Simpson was acquitted.” [1/15.2007 using a racial slur for African-Americans that refers to “being black on the outside and white on the inside]

“[W]hat I feel like saying is, ‘ Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies .’” [11/14.2006 on what he would like to say to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first elected Muslim member of Congress]

“I wonder if I’m alone in this — you know it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims’ families ? Took me about a year.” [9/9/05]

“And that’s all we’re hearing about, are the people in New Orleans . Those are the only ones we’re seeing on television are the scumbags .” [9/9/05]

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has criticized Beck for his anti-gay comments + is now calling on “to address Beck’s crudeness + require that he adhere to basic standards of respect.”

(For more information on how to contact, go here.) Transcript:

HOST: Recently, Limbaugh joked that new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — the first woman Speaker in U.S. history — might well breastfeed a child sitting on her lap during official ceremonies. Limbaugh said he’s just using humor to make a point. But a rival conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, said such severe rhetoric only drives people apart.

BECK: I truly believe it’s going to be the death of us. It’s going to be the death of our industry + the death of our country, if we don’t stop dividing ourselves like this. It’s not right.

HOST: Beck has tv gigs on and ABC. Despite that criticism, he’s unabashed about his own beliefs + he’s taken flack for them.

BECK: There’s nothing wrong with pointing out differences. There’s nothing wrong with having a heated debate. There’s nothing wrong with doing all of those things in an entertaining way. But they cannot define you.
Rush Limbaugh on ‘why liberals hate America.’ - Faiz  -

“A lot of people have tried to explain liberals. It’s a tough thing to do because people who aren’t liberal, it’s tough challenge to try to get outside yourself enough to understand these people. Most of them are miserable, most of them are unhappy. Most of them don’t really matter, don’t amount to much + resent anybody else who does.”
29.Jan.2007 Profiles in courage? - Faiz  -

A top conservative Capitol Hill staffer tells Politico that more than 70 senators would oppose Bush’s escalation if their vote matched their comments in private meetings. “The White House is trying to but they really don’t know how to handle this,” the staffer said.
29.Jan.2007 Rockefeller: Former Senate Cover-Up Committee Chairman Took Orders From Cheney - Faiz  -

In an interview with McClatchy Newspapers, Sen. John Rockefeller (D-WV) said that Vice President Dick Cheney exerted “constant” pressure on the former chairman, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), to stall an investigation into the Bush administration’s use of false intelligence on Iraq.

The so-called Phase II report on the administration’s use of pre-war intelligence was delayed for over two years. Two of its five portions were finally released in Sept. 2006.

Rockefeller said that he knew Cheney attended regular policy meetings in which he conveyed White House directions to conservative Capitol Hill staffers.

They “just had to go along with the administration,” he said.

Here are examples of Roberts’ vacillations on the Phase II investigation per White House orders:

“We’ll proceed with Phase II. It is a priority. I made my commitment and it will get done. ” [Press conference, 7/9/04]

“ I don’t know if we can get it done before the election.” [Meet the Press, 7/11/04]

“That [the Phase II report] is basically on the back burner. ” [UPI, 3/10/05]

“I don’t think there should be any doubt that we have now heard it all regarding prewar intelligence. I think that it would be a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further.” [U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 3/31/05]

“To go though that exercise, it seems to me, in a post-election environment - we didn’t see how we could do that and achieve any possible progress. I think everybody pretty well gets it. ” [U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 3/31/05]

“ I’m perfectly willing to do it + that’s what we agreed to do + that door is still open.” [Meet the Press, 4/10/05]

“ It isn’t like it’s been delayed. As a matter of fact, it’s been ongoing. As a matter of fact, we have been doing our work on Phase II.” [Senate Floor Speech, 11/1/05]

“ I don’t know the relevancy of that. ” [, 11/1/05]

“We’ve been working on that. We will finish it. We had it scheduled for this week. ” [Face the Nation, 11/6/05]

The report was partially released on September 8, 2006.
29.Jan.2007 President Bush: ‘I’m The Decision-Maker’ - Think Progress  -

In remarks to reporters this morning, President Bush said he would ignore Congress’ opposition to his escalation plan, saying, “I’m the decision-maker.” Watch it:

UPDATE: Flashback to 4/18/06: “I’m the decider + I decide what is best.”

Bush_I_m_The_Decision_Maker_VIDEO">Digg It! Transcript:

One of the things I found in Congress is that most people recognize that failure would be a disaster for the USA + — I’m the decision-maker. I had to come up with a way forward that precluded disaster.
January 26, 2007 - Think Progress  -

“ Memo to Tim Russert: Dick Cheney thinks he controls you. ” Yesterday in the Scooter Libby trial, Vice President Cheney’s former communications director displayed notes from 2004 “about how Cheney could respond to allegations that the Bush administration had played fast and loose with evidence of Iraq’s nuclear ambitions.” Option 1 was “MTP-VP,” a Cheney appearance on Russert’s Sunday show, which would allow Cheney to “control message.” “I suggested we put the vice president on ‘Meet the Press,’ which was a tactic we often used.”

Prime Minister al-Maliki’s presentation of a new Baghdad security plan to the Iraqi Parliament yesterday “ broke down in bitter sectarian recriminations, with Mr. Maliki threatening a Sunni Arab lawmaker with arrest and, in response, the Sunni speaker of Parliament threatening to quit.” They eventually approved the plan.

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), chairman of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday to explore whether Congress has the authority to cut off funding for the war in Iraq . “This hearing will help inform my colleagues and the public about Congress’s power to end a war and how that power has been used in the past,” Feingold said. See the witness list here.

“The word I would use to describe my position on the bench is lonely,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 73, tells USA Today. “This is how it was for Sandra [Day O’Conner]’s first 12 years,” she said. “Neither of us ever thought this would happen again. I didn’t realize how much I would miss her until she was gone.”

The White House has “ authorized the U.S. military to kill or capture Iranians who are believed to be working with Iraqi militias,” a shift from an old policy of detaining Iranians “and then releasing them after a few days, which the Bush administration felt didn’t go far enough.”

The Bush administration is asking a federal circuit court to throw out a lawsuit challenging the legality of the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program because the government claims the issue is now “moot.” The Justice Department memo states that “the surveillance activity” being challenged “does not exist.”

Fox News said Thursday that it “planned to broadcast footage from ABC’s controversial miniseries ‘The Path to 9/11' that was edited out of the docudrama amid criticism that it inaccurately portrayed the Clinton administration’s response to the terrorism threat.” It will be aired Sunday night on “Hannity’s America.”

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, who once worked closely with the Bush administration, has rejected President Bush’s escalation plan:

“In my assessment, we do not necessarily need an increase in the strength (of US forces). We are not engaged in a conventional war against an invading army or something of the sort.”

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is “ installing in her Capitol Hill office energy-efficient lights that dim in response to natural light.”

At her urging, five other senators are doing the same. Boxer notes that efforts “could cut electricity consumption as much as 50 % in participating offices.”

And finally: Who are you calling ‘freshman’?

That term has become the latest politically-incorrect word, according to House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC). Newly elected Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) told the crowd that he “’suspected’ it had something to do with the word ‘new’ being more appealing to the public than ‘freshman,’ which can be seen by some as derogatory.”
29.Jan.2007 “Because I told them it had to.” - Nico  -

“He’s tried this two times — it’s failed twice,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says of President Bush’s escalation plan. “I asked him at the White House, ‘Mr. President, why do you think this time it’s going to work?’ And he said, ‘Because I told them it had to.‘” Pelosi reportedly then asked, “Why didn’t you tell them that the other two times?
29.Jan.2007 Stress 'harms brain in the womb' Children whose mums were stressed in pregnancy are vulnerable to behavioural problems, evidence shows.
29.Jan.2007 Staff woes hit EU border agency Recruitment problems dog the EU's border agency and may hamper efforts to curb illegal immigration.
29.Jan.2007 Nato 'to step up Afghan support' Nato ministers meeting in Brussels agree to step up military and economic help for Afghanistan, officials say.
29.Jan.2007 Pair jailed over royal phone taps UK newspaper News of the World's royal editor is jailed for plotting to intercept messages left for royal aides.
29.Jan.2007 Spain rallies EU constitution bloc Spain strongly defends the beleaguered EU constitution, rallying the countries that have ratified it.
29.Jan.2007 US confirms Iraq commander The US Senate unanimously confirms Lt-Gen David Petraeus as the commander of US forces in Iraq.
29.Jan.2007 Fever spreads Kenya panic Panic grips parts of Kenya as Rift Valley Fever crosses from animals to humans, killing 148 people since December.
29.Jan.2007 Brazil's Lula urges Doha progress Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva calls on rich nations not to hold back global trade talks.
29.Jan.2007 UK in whaling recruitment drive The British government will launch a campaign to secure an anti-whaling majority on the world's governing body.
29.Jan.2007 Libby misled inquiry, trial hears Ex-White House aide Lewis Libby did not tell FBI agents the truth over the CIA leak scandal, his trial hears.
Google Defuses Googlebombs - kdawson 56+ - John C. Worsley writes

"Google announced today a modification to their search algorithm that minimizes well-known googlebombing exploits. Searches on 'miserable failure' and their ilk no longer bring up political targets. The Google blogger writes: 'By improving our analysis of the link structure of the web, Google has begun minimizing the impact of many Googlebombs. Now we will typically return commentary, discussions + articles about the Googlebombs instead.'"
Boeing Drops Wireless System For 787 - kdawson 158+ - K7DAN writes

"It appears that state-of-the-art connectivity in Boeing's newest aircraft means a wired, not a wireless network. The Seattle Times reports that Boeing has abandoned plans to bring entertainment and information to passengers through a wireless system in its 787 Dreamliner due to possible production delays and potential conflicts with other radio services around the world. A side benefit is an actual reduction in weight using the wired system. Amazingly, the LAN cables needed to connect every seat in the aircraft weigh 150 lbs less than all the wireless antennae, access points + thickened ceiling panels required to accommodate a wireless network (the design called for an access point above each row)." The article concludes: "The net impact, [a Boeing spokesman] said, is less technical risk, some weight saved, the system's flexibility and quality preserved plus 'a bit of schedule relief.'"
US Pennies To Be Worth Five Cents? - kdawson 484+ - Z-MaxX writes to point out Reuters coverage following up on last month's news that the US Mint has made it illegal to melt or export US coins in bulk, since the value of their constituent metals — in the case of pennies and nickels — now exceeds their face value. The new story quotes Francois Velde, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, who thinks the new rules will not be enough — he believes that determined speculators are already piling up pennies. Velde suggests "rebasing" the penny to be worth five cents. Quoting Velde: "These factors suggest that, sooner or later, the penny will join the farthing (one-quarter of a penny) and the hapenny (one-half of a penny) in coin museums."
29.Jan.2007 Underground Water on Mars? - CowboyNeal 70+ - WaltonNews wrote in with a story about possible underground water on Mars.

The article begins: "The Mars Express spacecraft, from the European Space Agency (ESA), has indicated to scientists that the dry atmosphere and surface on the planet Mars does not necessarily mean Mars is dry underneath the surface. In fact, a huge storehouse of water and carbon dioxide could be found in underground reservoirs."
Nokia "outperform" Rating-Update: New York ( AG) - Die Analysten von Bear Stearns stufen die Aktie von Nokia (ISIN FI0009000681/WKN 870737) unverändert mit "outperform" ein. Das Volumenwachstum sei durch die Stärke der Schwellenländer und Europas angetrieben worden. Zudem seien die Bruttomargen stark gewesen. (25.01.2007/ac/a/u)
26.Jan.2007 today's papers
Dead or Alive
By Daniel Politi
Washington Post leads with news that the White House has authorized the U.S. military to kill or capture Iranians who are believed to be working with Iraqi militias. The program was approved by President Bush last fall as part of a larger effort to prevent the spread of Iranian influence across the region. The Los Angeles Times leads with the way in which Muqtada al-Sadr has been avoiding clashes with U.S. and Iraqi forces in the past few weeks. His followers are participating in the Iraqi government and some officials from his party are even meeting with U.S. officials. The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox + nobody else fronts, the latest from Lebanon, where the army has imposed a curfew in Beirut after at least three people were killed in clashes that began at a university between those loyal to the government and Hezbollah supporters. This raises concerns the Lebanese government can't maintain any semblance of order, just as donors pledged $7.6 billion in aid to help the country rebuild.

The New York Times leads with a look at the extent to which the Bush administration has used secrecy while defending its domestic eavesdropping program. Some lawyers and judges are starting to push back and say that much of the secrecy is unnecessary and ultimately impedes lawsuits objecting to the program from moving forward. The first appellate argument in the lawsuits challenging the program will begin on Wednesday. USA Today leads with data that shows airline delays reached a record high last year. By several measures the delays seem to be higher than in 1999 and 2000, when they were so frequent that lawmakers threatened to take matters into their own hands. Planes were delayed a total of 22.1 million minutes last year.
29.Jan.2007 In an exclusive article, Brent Budowsky speculates on the possibility that Senator Chuck Hagel will become an independent and how it will change the balance in the senate.
It is becoming clearer that Bush is going to start a war with Iran. We need to demand that our congressional legislators pass binding legislation forbidding the military from doing any such thing-- making it a crime for Generals to disobey congress, and, while we're at it, taking away their pensions if they disobey the orders of congress, while protecting their jobs and pensions if they disobey the President!, since Bush will probably threaten them.

The Eternal Plame
The Minneapolis Star Tribune weighs in on one of the pressing issues of the day:

The current edition of the Atlantic carries a photo of President Bush and the headline, "Why presidents lie + why the worst lies are to themselves." It may not get at why, but the perjury trial of Lewis Libby getting underway in Washington is all about Bush administration lies on Iraq + especially lies to itself. The trial offers an important window into how those lies were concocted and how the administration went after anyone who challenged them. . . .

Far more interesting than Libby's guilt or innocence is what will be revealed during the trial about how the administration lied itself into believing Saddam Hussein had an ongoing, vigorous nuclear weapons program.

Even Patrick Fitzgerald, the overzealous special prosecutor, said the trial won't be about the Iraq war + he said this over a year ago, when he first obtained the indictment of Libby. The Strib guys remind us of those Japanese soldiers found on Pacific islands in the late 1940s who had no idea the war was over and their side lost.
The "Chilling Plot" To Scare New York Senseless - BG -
The bogus terror scare we were sneering at on Monday turned out to be a big winner for the fearmongers at the New York Post. Under the headline "CHILLING PLOT FOR 9/11 II" New York Post readers found out that Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq planned to sneak into the USA with student visas and carry out a devastating new round of 9/11-style attacks [...]Whoa! It's a major emergency, right? Well, not exactly... Details of the frightening copycat plot were discovered in documents found about six months ago when coalition forces raided an insurgent hideout in Iraq, ABC News reported.OK, what do we know about this? Lt. Gen. Michael Maples, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recently submitted written testimony to Congress based on a classified report tha... Source:

29.Jan.2007 Just How Good Is Globalization? - Preview - BG -The business and political leaders who gather every year at the World Economic Forum have long shared a creed: Globalization is good.
25.Jan.2007 Debris in Space
The real "fallout" from the Chinese missile.
25.Jan.2007 today's papers
Cheney in Wonderland -By Daniel Politi
Washington Post, Los Angeles Times + USA Today lead + the Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox, with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approving a nonbinding resolution that declares the administration's plans to send more troops to Iraq is "not in the national interest." The resolution was approved 12-9, with only one Republican, Sen. Chuck Hagel voting with the Democrats. Although the vote numbers might make it seem like the committee was divided, in fact, most senators agreed the plan was not a good idea but many Republicans disagreed with the strategy or wording of the resolution. The New York Times leads with a look at how some big states are likely to move up their presidential primaries in order to make them more relevant. This shift could lead to fundamental changes in the way presidential campaigns operate.

Both the NYT and WP emphasize in the lead that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote came a day after President Bush asked Congress to give his plan a chance. The full senate could vote on the resolution next week. But now there's another contender in the resolution race, this one put forward by Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia with several Republican co-sponsors. Although the resolutions are largely similar, the LAT does the best job of pointing out the differences. Warner's resolution doesn't automatically discount all troop increases in Iraq, stating that the 4,000 planned for Anbar province may be necessary. It also does a thorough job of recognizing the president's power as commander in chief, which could go a long way to gathering support from Republican senators. To continue reading, click here.
29.Jan.2007 Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago - BG -Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago
29.Jan.2007 VOTE FRAUD COVER-UP IN SARASOTA ELECTION - BG - An analysis of early news accounts of the massive and unprecedented "undervote" in Sarasota FL
29.Jan.2007 Witness was unwitting helper with 21/7 purchase - Law - Times Online - BG - One of the alleged 21/7 bombers had condemned the 7/7 suicide attacks just days before he boarded an Underground train with an explosive device in his rucksack, a court was told yesterday.,,29389-2560725.html
29.Jan.2007 There is no war on terror, says DPP - BG - The UK Director of Public Prosecutions has made a bitter attack on US practices in a speech to the Criminal Bar Association.... Source:
29.Jan.2007 US Army report got Iraq right [Analysis] - BG - An Army War College assessment on Iraq in 2003 made stunningly-accurate forecasts of the risks in Iraq.... Source:
29.Jan.2007 Palestinians beaten at Guilford College - Yahoo! News - BG - Three football players at Guilford College, a school with a Quaker background, face assault and ethnic intimidation charges after an attack on three Palestinian students, authorities said.
29.Jan.2007, Fox ignored DOJ report's vindication of CREW in controversy over Foley emails - BG -
In a January 22 report on the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) review of the handling of the Mark Foley case, correspondent Carol Costello made no mention of a finding by the OIG that the Justice Department and the FBI "inaccurately suggested" that actions by the nonprofit group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) "were the cause of the FBI's decision not to investigate the emails." Costello omitted this finding, despite a prior report, as Media Matters for America noted, that the FBI blamed CREW for its inaction on the Foley case. In addition, an earlier report by Costello on the 4 p.m. ET edition of The Situation Room failed to tell viewers that the report found the FBI had misled the media on ... Source:

29.Jan.2007 Hannity shouldn't debate four star Rhodes Scholars - BG -
Wesley Clark made Hannity look stupider than usual last night. I want to highlight this specific moment in their discussion. Sean Hannity: Alright. You said there was no new strategy. Let me tell you what the new strategy is 'cause clearly uh I guess you're missing what the President's saying here. The prior strategy + the President admitted that there were some mistakes made, was that they go in and they'd clear out the insurgency and they didn't stay long enough or hold those areas long enough. Now the new strategy with the troop surge will be go in, remove the insurgents, hold the areas as pa...and also accelerate the training of Iraqi troops and police. That is a new strategy. GENERAL WESLEY CLARK:: I don't think that's ...

29.Jan.2007 Witness for the Prosecution
The New York Times lifts the curtain on the trial of Scooter Libby:

In the trial's opening day, [prosecutor Patrick] Fitzgerald's task was to keep the issue before the jury simple: were Mr. Libby's statements about his conversations with reporters true?

To that end, he spoke for only about an hour in outlining his case.

The mission of [defense lawyer Theodore] Wells, in contrast, was to present the case as hopelessly complicated, thus leaving the jurors in doubt about the validity of the charges.

Mr. Wells spoke for nearly two and a half hours, ranging over issues of the reliability of memory; Mr. Libby's duties, which during the relevant period included crises in Liberia and Turkey;

and threats from Al Qaeda on the days that Mr. Libby spoke to reporters.

Doesn't it sound as though the Times is taking sides here? In this telling Fitzgerald is presenting a legal theory, whereas Wells is trying to throw sand in the jurors' eyes.

Anyway, if the case is so simple, why can't The New Yorker, with its army of fact-checkers, get it right? Here's Nick Lemann, dean of Columbia's journalism school, in this week's issue:

In that spirit, the White House dispatched former Ambassador Joseph Wilson to Niger, in

00.Feb.2002 to find proof that the country had shipped yellowcake uranium to Iraq. Wilson not only came up empty-handed; he said so publicly, in a Times Op-Ed piece that he published five months later.

The Administration then went on another search for evidence--the kind that could be used to discredit Wilson--and began disseminating it, off the record, to a few trusted reporters.

That led to the unlawful exposure of Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a C.I.A. agent.

As John Podhoretz notes, Lemann makes at least three factual errors: He misstates who sent Wilson on the Niger junket (it was the CIA, not the White House).
He gets the date of Wilson's op-ed wrong (it was

00.Jul.2003, which was 17 and not five months after the Niger trip).
He falsely claims that Plame's "exposure" was "unlawful."

In fact, no one has been charged with a crime + no one has offered any evidence to back up Wilson's claim that Plame was covered by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

To which we could add one more:

The first person to expose Plame's identity seems to have been Richard Armitage, then the State Department's No. 2 + no one has suggested that he was part of an administration effort against Wilson.
Paramilitary Assault Teams Terrorizing America - Paul Joseph Watson -Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan highlights disturbing use and abuse of SWAT teams that
29.Jan.2007 Tancredo wants to abolish Congressional Black Caucus. - Amanda  -

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) today said that “the existence of the Congressional Black Caucus and other race-based groups of lawmakers amount to segregation and should be abolished.” He recently received attention for calling Miami “as bad as any ghetto in any Third World country.”
29.Jan.2007 Cheney’s ex-spokeswoman contradicts Libby account. - Nico  -

“Vice President Dick Cheney’s spokeswoman testified Thursday she told I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby that a prominent war critic’s wife was a CIA employee earlier than Libby has said he first learned it from a reporter,” the AP reports. “On the third day of Libby’s trial, Cathie Martin became the first member of Cheney’s inner circle to contradict statements by Libby that led to the charges he lied to the FBI and a grand jury investigating who leaked the wife’s identity to reporters in 2003.”
29.Jan.2007 Conservative Senators Attempt To Abolish Federal Minimum Wage And Pass Tax Breaks For Businesses - Amanda  -

Yesterday, a minority group of conservative senators killed a clean minimum wage bill that would have raised the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour. Instead, the Senate will now be voting on a “compromise” bill that will pair a minimum wage increase with tax breaks for small businesses.

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) justified his opposition to the clean bill by stating, “We’re trying to make sure we don’t put mom-and-pop businesses and their employees out of work.” President Bush has also said that won’t support a wage increase without business tax breaks because he “punish the millions of small businesses that are creating most of the new jobs in our country.”

But their objections to a clean minimum wage increase are based on myths:

MYTH #1 — Raising the minimum wage will hurt businesses. A study by the Center for American Progress found that employment in small businesses, the number of small businesses + inflation-adjusted small business payroll growth grew more in states with higher minimum wages than federal minimum wage states. Almost 300 large and small business owners across the country have signed on to Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, which is pushing Congress to raise the federal minimum wage. A recent Gallup poll found that “three out of four small businesses said that an increase in the minimum wage would have no effect on their company.”

MYTH #2 — Businesses can’t afford to give workers a wage increase. In the past 10 years, Congress has “showered corporations with $276 billion in tax breaks, plus another $36 billion aimed exclusively at small businesses.” Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post adds that even though the Bush administration has gifted declining tax rates to small businesses over the past several years, “according to the Internal Revenue Service, small-business owners, sole proprietors and the self-employed are, as a group, the biggest tax cheats in America, responsible for $153 billion of the estimated $345 billion tax gap in 2001.”

Today, some conservative senators tried to go even further by completely abolishing the federal minimum wage. Amendments no. 158 by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and no. 116 by Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) would have allowed the states to set their own minimum wage levels.

Send a message to your senators voicing support for a clean minimum wage increase.

(Bob Geiger has more.)
29.Jan.2007 Wal-Mart to pay $33 million in back wages. - Nico  -

“Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will pay $33 million in back wages to thousands of employees after turning itself in to the Labor Department for paying too little in overtime, according to an agreement announced Thursday by the U.S. Labor Department.” Wal-Mart Watch has details.
29.Jan.2007 NPR’s Rehm: Delayed Iraq NIE Will Undermine Case For Escalation - Nico  -

Six months ago, Harper’s Ken Silverstein reported that “in spite of pressure from CIA analysts, intelligence czar John Negroponte was blocking a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq.” National Intelligence Estimates present the consensus view of the U.S. intelligence apparatus. Despite pressure from Congress, the administration insisted it could not complete the NIE until January 2007.

Last week, however, an administration intelligence official told senators that the report is still not complete. According to Silverstein, Senate hearing attendees “believe that senior intelligence officials are stalling because an NIE will be bleak enough to present a significant political liability.”

Yesterday, NPR host Diane Rehm may have revealed why the NIE remains so politically sensitive. On her national radio show, Rehm said:

It’s my understanding that the National Intelligence Estimate…is going to suggest that adding troops is the wrong way to go, that it’s not going to improve the situation. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) + the House and Senate intelligence committee chairmen wrote President Bushurging prompt completion of a national intelligence estimate (NIE) on Iraq first requested by Congress six months ago.” Read the full letter HERE. Digg It! Full transcript:

REHM: It’s my understanding that the National Intelligence Estimate — that now at least two months overdue — is going to suggest that adding troops is the wrong way to go, that it’s not going to improve the situation. Why has that NIE been delayed for so long? And was it deliberately delayed until after the election — after President Bush’s speech last night?

VIN WEBER: I don’t know. I doubt it. I mean, I don’t often buy into conspiracy theories in Washington. There’s too many reporters that uncover those.

REHM: Do you question that John?

JOHN PODESTA: Well, you know it was due in August. I think when they want to get something out, they get it out. And when they want to have more review, they have more reviews. So I think at this point that the Congress demand that that NIE be completed and provided to the Congress.
Bush’s SOTU Leaves Social Conservatives ‘Lifeless,’ ‘Disappointed,’ ‘Shaking Their Heads’ - Faiz  -

Social conservatives who have been longtime loyalists of President Bush are speaking out in anger about the president’s silence on divisive right-wing issues. Cultural conservatives who have become accustomed to hearing Bush cater rhetorically to their wishes found “little to cheer” in his speech Tuesday night. Some examples below:

In a video address entitled, “A Lifeless State of the Union,” President Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said, “ I believe the president failed to challenge the new majority to advance core family and cultural issues. What will become of the culture of life, the defense of marriage and permanent family-friendly tax policies?” [FRC, 1/24/07]

“ I think the president left a lot of conservatives shaking their heads ” by avoiding the issues atop their agenda, said Bill Lauderback, executive vice president at the American Conservative Union. [WSJ, 1/25/07]

“ We’re disappointed that he didn’t mention cultural issues at all ,” said Rich Lowry, editor of National Review magazine and a summit host. “Everyone realizes that this is a product of his diminished circumstances.” [AP, 1/24/07]

The Wall Street Journal reports the administration has now been forced to defend itself against criticism from the right. “Yesterday morning, the weekly meeting of conservatives that is convened by antitax activist Grover Norquist, a White House ally, was marked by ‘tense exchanges‘ with administration press secretary Tony Snow.”
29.Jan.2007 Union membership drops to historic low. - Nico  -

“The number of wage and salary workers who were union members dropped to 12 % of the work force last year,” the AP reports, “the lowest %age since the government started tracking that number over two decades ago.” Workers represented by unions earn 28 % more than nonunion workers, are 62 % more likely to have medical insurance through their jobs + are four-and-a-half times as likely to have guaranteed pensions.
29.Jan.2007 McCain to introduce his own Iraq resolution. - Nico  -

“Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Wednesday he will introduce his own Senate resolution on Iraq that calls for a series of benchmarks and intensified congressional oversight.”
29.Jan.2007 Hagel On Cheney Remarks: ‘He Has So Little Faith In This Country To Say Something Like That’ - Amanda  - Yesterday on, Vice President Cheney told Wolf Blitzer that “the biggest threat” in the Iraq war right now is that the American public may not have the “stomach for the fight.”

Responding to Cheney’s comments, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) told PBS Newshour host Gwen Ifill that it’s astounding the Vice President so “underestimates the people of this country” and “has so little faith in this country to say something like that.” Watch it: Hagel also suggested that Cheney talk to the families of the soldiers and tell them “that they don’t have the stomach.”


GWEN IFILL: A final question + for you both + once again from Vice President Cheney. His interview, Senator Hagel, today at, he said that part of what’s going on here is that people do not have the stomach to complete this mission. Senator Hagel, your response to that?

SEN. CHUCK HAGEL: Oh, I’m so sorry the vice president so underestimates the people of this country. He has so little faith in this country to say something like that. That’s an astounding statement from the vice president of the USA.

You’re telling me — or maybe more directly, maybe the vice president should tell the families of those who have lost their lives, over 3,000 + over 23,000 wounded, some very seriously for life, that they don’t have the stomach? Come on, let’s get real here.
Katrina Victims Outraged Over Bush Snub - Payson  -

President Bush’s State of the Union address did not include a single mention of Katrina or the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast region. (A year ago, Bush promised the federal government would “stay…at it until they’re back on their feet.”)

Last night, CBS News reporter Armen Keteyian traveled to Mount Olive Gardens, a trailer park near Baton Rouge where 200 Katrina victims live, to gauge the reaction to Bush’s speech. “I almost broke my TV, knocked it off the stand,” one resident said. “In places like Mount Olive Gardens,” Keteyian concluded, “words like relief and recovery now seem as empty to them as last night’s presidential address.” Watch it:

While the residents of Mount Olive Gardens were outraged over the snub, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) was “more forgiving,” saying he was “mildly disappointed.” “I didn’t necessarily expect [a mention],” Vitter said.


COURIC: In his State of the Union address, President Bush took note of the unrest in Lebanon as well as the suffering in Darfur but there was not one mention of Katrina — though the suffering and hardship continue. The federal government has spent $80 billion on recovery efforts in the Gulf region, but there are still 13,000 people living in FEMA trailers. As chief investigative reporter Armen Keteyian reports, some who lost everything are asking, “What about us?”

DAVIS: I don’t like the way I’m living.

KETEYIAN: It sits on a flat gravel mud-soaked lot. The irony of the name not lost on its residents. Seventeen months after Katrina nearly 200 people uprooted by a hurricane still live in Mount Olive Gardens. Whole families packed into 200 square foot FEMA trailers they now call home.

DAVIS: God can’t let this happen.

KETEYIAN: Chris Davis is one of the displaced from New Orleans now leaving near Baton Rouge. Like many here he watched the president’s speech. His rage rising with every word.

DAVIS: At this time I almost broke my TV, knocked it off the stand, you know.

KETEYIAN: A Vietnam vet, Davis lost a job at a ship builder to Katrina now in a place where crime is a constant worry and children rarely venture outside. He’s long since lost hope.

DAVIS: It gets hopeless and more hopeless everyday.

KETEYIAN: Toni Bankston, a mental health case worker, couldn’t believe what the president wasn’t saying.

BANKSTON: People were already feeling forgotten. And I think this may potentially reinforce that.

KETEYIAN: There are 5,596 words in the president’s speech last night in reaction to the fact that not a single one was either Katrina or Louisiana which felt not here in tiny mount olive gardens but all across the gulf.

BLANCO: The pains of the hurricane are yesterday’s news in Washington.

JETSON: There’s been a lot said, very little done and now we have evolved to the point where there’s very little if nothing being said.

KETEYIAN: To a point where in places like Mount Olive Gardens words like relief and recovery now seem as empty to them as last night’s presidential address. Armen Keteyian, CBS news, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Exclusive: House Intel Chairman Reyes Declares Opposition To Bush Troop Increase - Nico  -

In a new statement, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) tells ThinkProgress, “I don’t support the President’s plan to send an additional number of troops to Iraq,” arguing that Bush’s plan is “not tied to a specific strategy and will only needlessly endanger more soldiers.”

Reyes was an early opponent of the Iraq war and voted against the October 2002 Iraq resolution. But in a Newsweek interview earlier this year, Reyes said he would support sending some additional U.S. forces to Iraq.

Reyes explained his thinking at the time. “In late summer to early fall of 2006, military leaders were of the opinion that if given the mission to neutralize these militias, they could do so with a temporary increase of 20,000 to 30,000 troops. My position then was that this would be a worthwhile investment that would result in a more secure environment for our troops + would provide the Iraqi government a better chance to establish itself.”

However, Reyes notes, as the year progressed, the security situation deteriorated further + CentCom commander John Abizaid testified that sending additional troops was not advisable.

Yet President Bush has pushed ahead with troop increases anyway, a plan “supposedly initiated by Prime Minister Maliki.” Given Maliki’s “past performance and inability to command the Iraqi military or order the disarming of the militias,” Reyes argues, “the President’s support of this plan without specific benchmarks of accountability is unacceptable.” Moreover, he says, “When I met with the President before his announcement of the plan, I asked him if he intended to take the advice of the military leadership and use the troops for dealing with the militias; the President confirmed that his plan was not the same.”

Now, Reyes says, the solution “is to make the Iraqi government accountable for both their own security, with U.S. support + to find a political solution to the sectarian differences and subsequent violence, not to put additional U.S. troops in danger.”

[ThinkProgress is keeping track of where every member of Congress stands on escalation. Using media reports, press releases + submissions from hundreds of readers, we’ve compiled an interactive tally showing every member’s position. (Check it out HERE.)
29.Jan.2007 Anti-escalation rally in Washington, DC, on Saturday. - Amanda  - “Tens of thousands of peace advocates from across the country are expected in Washington on Saturday for an anti-war rally that could be among the biggest since the war in Iraq began, organizers said yesterday.”

(The organizers, United for Peace, have more information on the march here. Campus Progress is also providing funding for students who will be attending the march and organizing a discussion with American Progress scholars.) 29.Jan.2007 Rumfeld Remains Defense Department ‘Consultant,’ Opens ‘Transition Office’ Near Pentagon - Nico  -

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld “has left the Pentagon, but not the Defense Department.” The Washington Times reports:

On Jan. 4, Mr. Rumsfeld opened a government-provided transition office in Arlington and has seven Pentagon-paid staffers working for him, a Pentagon official said.

The Pentagon lists Mr. Rumsfeld as a “nonpaid consultant,” a status he needs in order to review secret and top-secret documents, the official said.

The Times reports that Rumsfeld has brought with him close adviser Stephen Cambone, a fierce advocate of the Iraq war and the chief planner of questionable interrogation tactics at military and CIA detention sites around the world.

Rumsfeld’s new office is reportedly raising eyebrows at the Pentagon:

The Pentagon official said former secretaries are entitled to a transition office to sort papers, some of which can be taken with them for a library, for archives or to write a book.

The transition office has raised some eyebrows inside the Pentagon. Some question the size of the staff, which includes two military officers and two enlisted men. They also ask why the sorting could not have been done from the time Mr. Rumsfeld resigned Nov. 8 to when he left the building Dec. 18.

Rumsfeld’s predecessors, William Cohen and William Perry, both returned to private life immediately after leaving the Defense Department. Cohen had “two military personnel…sort through his papers for about six weeks,” while Perry had his papers mailed via compact disk to Stanford University. Digg It!
25.Jan.2007 January 25, 2007 - Think Progress  -

Senate conservatives yesterday blocked legislation to raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25, “insisting it include new tax breaks for restaurants and other businesses.”

The Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday that President Bush “can balance the budget within five years, or he can get Congress to extend his tax cuts beyond their scheduled expiration — but he can’t do both.”

In the Scooter Libby trial yesterday, former Associate CIA Deputy Director Robert Grenier testified that — pursuant to a request — he told Libby that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA

00.Jun.2003 -a month before Libby claimed to have learned that information from NBC’s Tim Russert.

Another CIA employee said he delivered a stark warning that the Bush administration’s leak “could lead to the deaths of people who aided American intelligence gathering abroad.”

“It’s water over the deck — get over it,” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said yesterday about the

00.Dec.2000 Bush v. Gore ruling, “drawing laughs from his audience” at Iona College in New York.

Christine Todd Whitman, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency under George W. Bush, said the president “missed the ‘perfect opening’ to call for a cap on greenhouse gas emissions in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.”

A Washington state school district’s controversial ban on the screening of Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was “lifted Tuesday night, subject to rigorous conditions. Still, the action has appalled the film’s producers and triggered a ferocious national backlash.”

“After the bloodiest year in Afghanistan since the U.S. invasion,” the Bush administration “will ask Congress for $7 billion to $8 billion in new funds for security, reconstruction and other projects in Afghanistan as part of the upcoming budget package.”

“Authorities at Tarleton State University said they plan to investigate a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that mocked black stereotypes by featuring fried chicken, malt liquor and faux gang apparel.”

And finally: Senator, Dr. Frist will see you now. “The average age of members of the U.S. Senate is older than it has ever been,” and for “many senators, advanced age is starting to show.” Before his retirement from the Senate, former Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), “a noted heart surgeon, was being consulted for informal medical advice by two dozen of his colleagues — more than 20 % of the Senate.” “They went to Frist complaining about a host of illnesses and chronic maladies, most related to aging.”
29.Jan.2007 The right wing attacks Dick Cheney’s daughter, - Nico  - but when Wolf Blitzer asks about it, Cheney says he’s “out of line.”
29.Jan.2007 Ad hominem ad nauseum. - Nico  - National Review Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru — author of “The Party of Death” — keeps writing factually inaccurate columns about stem cell research. Jonathan Moreno and Sam Berger from the Center for American Progress keep knocking his falsehoods down.
29.Jan.2007 Opium-Anbau in Afghanistan: kein Einsatz von Herbiziden - sfux Kabul -

Trotz einer Opium-Rekordernte in Afghanistan will die Regierung in diesem Jahr noch nicht nicht mit Herbiziden gegen die illegalen Pflanzungen vorgehen. Das Kabinett habe beschlossen, auf den Einsatz von Chemikalien zu verzichten und die Felder mit traditionellen Mitteln zu zerstören, teilte Said Mohammad Asam vom Ministerium für Drogenbekämpfung am Donnerstag mit.

Dabei werden üblicherweise Arbeiter auf die Felder geschickt, die die Pflanzen zerstören.
US to boost Afghan troops and aid The US says it plans to spend $10.6bn on Afghanistan, while bolstering the number of Nato troops there.
29.Jan.2007 Dozens die in Angola flash floods More than 70 Angolans are reported dead, most of them in the capital, after rain storms cause flooding.
29.Jan.2007 Ford hit by record $12.7bn loss US car giant Ford reports a $12.7bn loss for 2006, the biggest annual loss in its 103-year history.
29.Jan.2007 Indonesia jet 'black boxes' found A US ship locates the flight recorders of the Indonesian plane missing since 1 January, the US embassy says.
29.Jan.2007 Maximum fine over China pollution A Chinese firm is fined the maximum amount over a toxic spill that cut off water to millions, state media report.
29.Jan.2007 Israel MPs allow Katsav absence Israeli MPs narrowly approve a request by President Katsav to step down temporarily to fight rape allegations.
29.Jan.2007 Impotence fears hit polio drive Officials in Pakistan say a folk myth that a vaccine causes impotence has hampered a polio immunisation drive.
29.Jan.2007 Hobbit cave digs set to restart Archaeologists who uncovered the "Hobbit" are given permission to restart excavations at the cave where it was found.
29.Jan.2007 Criminals 'may overwhelm the web' Criminals controlling millions of PCs could threaten the internet, experts at the World Economic Forum warn.
29.Jan.2007 US military unveils heat-ray gun The US military unveils a "revolutionary" heat-ray gun to repel enemies or disperse hostile crowds.
29.Jan.2007 India and Russia in nuclear deal Russia agrees to build four nuclear power reactors in India under a draft deal signed by their two leaders.
29.Jan.2007 Concern over net security patches The firm that makes hardware for much of the net's backbone releases patches for security holes in its products.
29.Jan.2007 Crash kills Ecuador defence chief Ecuador's Defence Minister Guadalupe Larriva and six others die in a crash involving two military helicopters.
29.Jan.2007 China economy grows apace China's economy expands by 10.7% in 2006 - the fastest growth rate since 1995, official data shows.
29.Jan.2007 Caverns give up huge fossil haul An astonishing collection of fossil animals from southern Australia is reported by scientists.
29.Jan.2007 Howard says water key challenge Australian PM John Howard backs controversial measures to tackle severe water problems and drought.
29.Jan.2007 Georgia-US op foils uranium plot Georgia gives details of the arrest of a Russian man who tried to sell a small amount of weapons-grade uranium.
29.Jan.2007 Putin set for arms, energy talks Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in India for talks expected to focus on arms and energy deals.
29.Jan.2007 Gene switch makes tumours shrink Sparking a key gene back into life could provide a powerful new treatment for cancer, scientists find.
29.Jan.2007 Siemens board faces tough AGM Management at European conglomerate Siemens face a hostile AGM after it was given a 396m euros fine by the EU.
29.Jan.2007 Fanning Fears of a Space War U.S. space hawks seize on China's anti-satellite missile test. Luke O'Brien reports from Washington.
29.Jan.2007 Tax Takers Send in the Spiders Under a little-known project called Xenon, several nations are deploying sophisticated bots to troll web businesses in search of tax cheats.
28.Jan.2007 YouTube to share revenue--original videos need only apply Blog: YouTube is about to show us the real meaning of "sharing." Not only will amateur videographers get to dull the world with clips...
28.Jan.2007 Chip companies entering their metal period Intel, IBM and AMD plan to unveil chips built using new materials, marking a historic shift away from traditional transistor ingredients. Intel shows off Penryn chips
28.Jan.2007 Adult films and the battle for high-def Blog: A hundred years ago, you had to be a well-heeled gentleman at an upscale house of ill repute to see naughty films. Nowadays, of...
28.Jan.2007 License lapse let porn onto school PC Blog: A teacher faces up to 40 years in prison in part because the license on Web-filtering software at her school had lapsed, according...
28.Jan.2007 Charge up your cell phone while you ride a bike If you ride your bike to and from work every day anyway, why not charge your phone at the same time? From Crave, CNET's gadgets blog.
28.Jan.2007 IBM donates new privacy tool to open-source Software designed to let people keep personal information secret when transacting online is going to open-source identity project.
28.Jan.2007 Bill would stiffen penalties for crimes posted online Congressman wants to force states to boost sentences for criminals who post images or videos of their violent crimes on the Internet.
28.Jan.2007 Maine rejects Real ID Act State's legislature overwhelmingly opposes act requiring national digital ID cards, putting Bush administration in a pickle.
28.Jan.2007 World's Densest Memory Cells Created - CowboyNeal 42+ - toybuilder writes

"A Reuters new article reports the development of the world's densest memory circuit at Caltech & UCLA. The circuit has a bit storage density of 100Gb/cm^2; about 100 times the density of today's memory circuits. Interestingly, this new design places memory cells at junctions of a tic-tac-toe-like grid of wires, somewhat reminescent of core memory of the past."
Maine Rejects Federally Mandated ID Cards - CowboyNeal 457+ - WebHostingGuy writes

"The State of Maine rejected the federally mandated ID cards passed by Congress. In a non-partisan vote the legislature flatly stated that they would not force its citizens to use driver's licenses that comply with digital ID standards, which were established under the 2005 Real ID Act. It also asked Congress to repeal the law."
At Least 25 Million Americans Pirate Movies - CowboyNeal 247+ - ThinSkin writes

"Roughly 18 % of the U.S. online population has illegally downloaded a full-length movie at some point in the past, according to a telephone and online study of 2,600 Americans. A typical movie downloader is 29 years of age, while 63 % of all downloaders are male + 37 % are female. Kaan Yigit, director of the study, observes, 'There is a Robin Hood effect — most people perceive celebrities and studios to be rich already and as a result don't think of movie downloading as a big deal. The current crop of 'download to own' movie services and the new ones coming into the market will need to offer greater flexibility of use, selection and low prices to convert the current users to their services — otherwise file-sharing will continue to thrive.'"
Science Journal Publishers Wary of Free Information - Zonk 187+ - Billosaur writes

" is reporting that the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which includes the companies that publish scientific journals, is becoming concerned with the free-information movement. A meeting was arranged with PR professional Eric Dezenhall to discuss the problem. Dezenhall's firm has worked with the likes of ExxonMobil 'to criticize the environmental group Greenpeace', among other campaigns. The publishers are worried that the free exchange of scientific information may be bad for the bottom line, as it might cause the money from subscriptions to their journals to dry up. Among the recommendations: 'The consultant advised them to focus on simple messages, such as "Public access equals government censorship". He hinted that the publishers should attempt to equate traditional publishing models with peer review + "paint a picture of what the world would look like without peer-reviewed articles.' The AAP is trying to counter messages from groups such as the Public Library of Science (PLoS), an open-access publisher and prominent advocate of free access to information, or the National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) PubMed Central."
HP Accused of Spying on Dell - Zonk 76+ - "An ex-HP exec claims he was instructed by the company's management to spy on Dell's printer business plans. Karl Kamb, previously HP's vice president of business development and strategy, was named as a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed by HP in 2005, after he allegedly began his own company before leaving HP. Kamb, who has denied any wrongdoing, filed a countersuit in US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas claiming he was fired because of shading dealings involved in the corporate espionage. From the article: 'As a member of HP's imaging and printing group's "competitive intelligence team", Kamb said he was in a position to know that HP senior executives signed off on a plan to pay [Former Dell Japan President Katsumi] Iizuka to obtain details of what Dell was up to. Iizuka turned over the information to Kamb and he passed it along to HP, Kamb claimed.'"
28.Jan.2007 Schools Act to Short-Circuit 'Cyberbullying' - Zonk 316+ -Carl Bialik from WSJ writes

"So-called cyberbullying is a growing problem for school administrators, the Wall Street Journal reports. What may once have been snickers in the hallway can now be an excruciatingly public humiliation spread via email, text messaging and online teen forums. From the article: '"There's always the legal discussion of 'if it doesn't happen at school, can a district take action?'" says Joe Wehrli, policy-services director for the Oregon School Boards Association. "If a student is harassed for three hours at night on the Web and they come to school and have to sit in the same classroom with the student that's the bully, there is an effect on education + in that way, there is a direct link to schools," he argues.'"
Microwave Experiments Cause Sponge Disasters - samzenpus 67+ -gollum123 writes

"Reports about a study that found microwave ovens can be used to sterilize kitchen sponges sent people hurrying to test the idea this week — with sometimes disastrous results. A team at the University of Florida found that two minutes in the microwave at full power could kill a range of bacteria, viruses and parasites on kitchen sponges. They described how they soaked the sponges in wastewater and then zapped them. But several experimenters evidently left out the crucial step of wetting the sponge. "Just wanted you to know that your article on microwaving sponges and scrubbers aroused my interest. However, when I put my sponge/scrubber into the microwave, it caught fire, smoked up the house, ruined my microwave + pissed me off," one correspondent wrote in an e-mail to Reuters."
NASA to Launch Magentic Storm Probes - samzenpus 26+ - eldavojohn writes

"The aurora borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) has long been known to be an effect resulting from the Sun's solar wind pushing particles into the earth's magnetic field and atmosphere. In light of the possible danger that these substorms could pose to astronauts & equipment, NASA is now planning a mission to track down these magnetic storms and disturbances. The program's not so catchy name of Time History of Events and Macroscale Interaction during Substorms has a slightly catchier acronym of THEMIS. From the article, "In order to scan the Earth's magnetic field and pinpoint the origin of substorms, THEMIS researchers plan to stagger their spacecraft in different orbits that range in altitude from 10 to 30 times the radius of the Earth (the planet's radius is about 3,962 miles, or 6,378 kilometers).""
Street Fighting Robot Challenge - samzenpus 87+ - ianchaos writes

"There's no better way to assure the eventual destruction of mankind then by the event sponsored by Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency. Newscientist has a good writeup of the robot challenge, which is to build a robot that can operate autonomously in urban warfare conditions, moving in and out of buildings to search and destroy targets like a human soldier."
U.S. Cities Don't Make the Intelligence Cut - samzenpus 204+ -coondoggie writes

"For the second year running, no U.S. city has made the list of the world's top Intelligent Communities of 2007, as selected by global think tank Intelligent Community Forum. The ICF selects the Intelligent Community list based on how advanced the communities are in deploying broadband, building a knowledge-based workforce, combining government and private-sector "digital inclusion," fostering innovation and marketing economic development."
Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung"

Epagogix, deren Firmenname von Aristoteles stammt, bei dem Epagoge den Weg induktiven Lernens bezeichnet - "Experience. Knowledge. Prediction" steht auf der kargen Firmenhomepage. Sind sie kühle Rechner, die eine für ihr enigmatisches Geschäftsgebaren bekannte Branche Effizienz lehren wollen? Genies, welche die Geheimformel gefunden haben, wonach die Branche seit Jahrzehnten sucht? Oder sind sie gerissene Geschäftsleute, die Hollywoods latente Heilserwartungen geschickt für sich auszunutzen wissen, ohne dass man deshalb von Schwindel sprechen könnte? Wunderheiler, Filmflüsterer, die strotzende Gesundheit für kränkelnde Drehbücher versprechen?

Schwer zu sagen. Sicher ist nur: Wenn Epagogix mit der Formel Erfolg hat, wenn immer mehr Kunden sie anwenden, dann wird die Filmbranche, wie wir sie kennen, nicht wiederzuerkennen sein. Es wäre so etwas wie eine friedliche Revolution. Wenn, wie gesagt, wenn die Formel funktioniert.
Palästinenser- Streit: Hamas und Fatah bereit für Versöhnungstreffen in Mekka

28.Jan.2007 Irak: Mehr als 250 Tote bei Kämpfen in Nadschaf
28.Jan.2007 RAF- Gnadendebatte: Gutachter rechnet mit Entschuldigung Klars
28.Jan.2007 Abwanderung beim Festnetz: Gewinn der Telekom schrumpft
28.Jan.2007 Abgas- Grenzwerte: Autolobby schießt sich auf Brüssel ein
28.Jan.2007 Weltwirtschaftsforum Davos: Hoffnung keimt für neue Welthandelsgespräche

28.Jan.2007 Neue Zahlen: Telekom senkt Gewinnprognose erneut

28.Jan.2007 Afghanistan: SPD hat Vorbehalte gegen Tornado- Einsatz im umkämpften Süden
28.Jan.2007 US- Schulposse: Wut und Spott nach Verbot von Klima- Dokumentation

28.Jan.2007 Rückendeckung in der Kurnaz- Affäre: "Steinmeier bleibt Außenminister - bis mindestens 2009"
28.Jan.2007 Private Verwaltung: Die Rathaus GmbH
28.Jan.2007 Gitmo case rankles Germany: A tale of torture and imprisonment told by a man with a scratchy voice and a beard flowing to his waist has shaken the German parliament and sparked an intelligence agency scandal that has engulfed Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

28.Jan.2007 Britain’s Arms Trade with Israel: Britain’s licensed military exports to Israel nearly doubled from 12.5 millions in 2004 to 22.5 millions in 2005.

The British Government has been consistently selling weapons to Israel such as small arms ammunitions; anti-aircraft guns; armored vehicles; and components for tanks, combat aircraft and missiles.

28.Jan.2007 Chávez tells US ambassador to stop meddling:

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, is threatening to expel the outspoken US ambassador William Brownfield for what he claimed was meddling in the country's affairs.

28.Jan.2007 Veterans for Peace wants to tell its side of the story:

The non-profit organization "Veterans for Peace" wants an access policy that would allow its members into high schools on the same basis as military recruiters.

28.Jan.2007 U.S. Detention Camps? : KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M: - KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co, said Tuesday it has been awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security to supports its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency.
28.Jan.2007 Palestinian Abbas forces amassing arms -sources: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's security advisers have been amassing weapons in Gaza and the West Bank to build up a wider range of forces than just the presidential guard, Palestinian security sources said.
28.Jan.2007 US military: Afghan leaders steal half of all aid : Corrupt police and tribal leaders are stealing vast quantities of reconstruction aid that is intended to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans and turn them away from the Taliban, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.
28.Jan.2007 Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq : Turkey's parliament went into secret session this week to debate sending troops to invade and occupy northern Iraq for security purposes.

28.Jan.2007 Turkey warns of endless war if Iraq split : Turkey urged the USA not to leave a power vacuum when it exits Iraq nor allow the country to split, saying a divided Iraq would slip into “endless war” involving all of its neighbours.

28.Jan.2007 Video: George’s speech to the UK Parliament on Iraq: A powerful speech highlighting the appalling situation in Iraq + the pathetic handling of it by the British government: Ill-equipped troops, brutal treatment of civilians + support for death squads: Welcome to democracy, Bush & Blair style!

28.Jan.2007 Mayday from the Circus Tent: The dedication and loyalty of our armed forces and intelligence officers are being perverted and abused in the service of a war effort most charitably described as completely demented.

28.Jan.2007 Russia to launch nuclear plant in Iran on schedule: top official: Russia is committed to launching Iran's Bushehr nuclear power station on schedule this year, a senior Russian official said on Sunday according to the state news agency RIA-Novosti.

28.Jan.2007 Davos Ponders a U.S.-Iran War: - In the row over Iran's controversial nuclear programme, Russia warned the USA Saturday against additional unilateral sanctions against Tehran now that a compromise resolution has been passed by the United Nations Security Council.

28.Jan.2007 Israel tries to cut off Tehran from world markets: Israel is launching a campaign to isolate Iran economically and to soften up world opinion for the option of a military strike aimed at crippling or delaying Tehran's uranium enrichment programme.

28.Jan.2007 The problem of the Mujahadeen: BBC Video:

00.Apr.2003 Iran offered international access to its nuclear facilities - but was rejected. In return, Tehran wanted help to disband a fanatical group called the People's Mujahadeen.

28.Jan.2007 US must explain Mideast military build-up: Russia: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday said he would demand an explanation from the USA over its military build-up in the Middle East and criticised Washington for "hardline" policies against Iran.

28.Jan.2007 Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders:

Iran's efforts to produce highly enriched uranium, the material used to make nuclear bombs, are in chaos and the country is still years from mastering the required technology.

28.Jan.2007 Bush's backdoor attack: Iran via Hizbullah: New policy authorizing attacks on Iranian agents in Iraq also allows for covert ops against Iran-backed terror groups all across ME, including Hizbullah

28.Jan.2007 Six dead in Yemen clashes : Six Yemeni soldiers have been killed and 20 wounded during clashes with Shia rebels in the country's north, government officials said.
28.Jan.2007 Rep. John Conyers: “Congress Can Fire Bush!”: In a shot over President George W. Bush’s bow, Conyers said that Bush likes to fire military advisors, who tell him he can’t win the war, but “he can’t fire you [the people]. He can’t fire us [the Congress], but ‘we can fire him.’” With that line a roar went up in the audience. The loud chant began: “Impeach Bush!”
28.Jan.2007 500,000 US protesters oppose more troops for Iraq: Tens of thousands of protesters crowded Washington Saturday to demand Congress cut off funds for the Iraq war and stop troop increases ordered by President George W. Bush.
28.Jan.2007 Scott Ritter - "We're on the edge of the abyss...."Audio
Wars against Iraq and Iran are part of a larger US strategy that would eventually include conflict with Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Ritter says. Why? A main reason is that the US wants to dictate the growth of China and India.

28.Jan.2007 Hegemony and Appeasement: Setting Up the Next U.S.-Israeli Target (Iran) For Another "Supreme International Crime" -By Edward S. Herman and David Peterson
Still digesting their recent and ongoing aggressions in the Middle East, the Bush and Israeli regimes now threaten to attack Iran. As these warrior states cast their long shadow across the region, they find themselves aided and abetted by the Security Council, the other major powers, parties of the opposition + the media.

28.Jan.2007 How America's Conflict with Iran Will Begin -Translated By Mutasem Sinnokrot -“The first open signs of an American collision with Iran will occur in Iraq, after the liquidation of the major [Shiite] militias and paramilitaries allied with them.” Continue

28.Jan.2007 Muslims fight for Political,not Religious reasons-By Salim Lone
Those Muslims who fight against occupations invoke their religion in order to mobilise the people. That is no different from others invoking freedom, democracy or human rights as rallying cries for war. What should determine our view of all wars are not the rallying cries but whether they are "just."

28.Jan.2007 World ignores signs of civil war in Lebanon -By Robert Fisk in Beirut - The Lebanese army lifted its overnight curfew on Beirut yesterday morning but the smouldering cars and trucks of a gun battle was matched only by the incendiary language of the country's bitterest antagonists. Continue

28.Jan.2007 Why Fisk is wrong about Lebanon -By Mike Whitney -Robert Fisk is all wrong about Lebanon. The country is not on the brink of another “civil war”, but has been subsumed in an “imperial war” engineered in Tel Aviv and Washington. Continue

28.Jan.2007 "If Arafat were Alive…" -By Uri Avnery -Sharon asked for permission to kill Arafat and Bush gave it to him, with the proviso that it must be done undetectably. Continue

28.Jan.2007 Daffy Does Doom -By Maureen Dowd -Dick Durbin went to the floor of the Senate on Thursday night to denounce the vice president as “delusional.” It was shocking + Senator Durbin should be ashamed of himself. Continue

28.Jan.2007 Liberty Bound -Video -
In this documentary, Historian Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti, explain how America is neither fully democratic nor entirely free of fascism.

In recent years, however, the scale has shifted in favor of a fascist state, as our leaders deprive Americans of civil rights with Nazi-style textbook precision, in the interest of war + the elusive promise of security from fear. Click to view
The Bush Administration isn't a slave to reality - it makes reality.
A reality to be ignored:

11.Sep.2001 -Before- Iran had built up a large number of contacts among the various Afghan warlords.

11.Sep.2001 -After- the Iranians worked those connections above + beyond in cooperation with the USA to stabilize Afghanistan under the interim government.

James Dobbins, a participant in that accomplishment, explains:
Two weeks after the fall of Kabul, all the major elements of the Afghan opposition came together at a U.N.-sponsored conference in Bonn.

The objective was to create a broadly based successor government to the Taliban.

As the U.S. representative at that gathering, I worked both with the Afghan delegations and with the other national representatives who had the greatest influence among them, which is to say the Iranian, Russian + Indian envoys. All these delegations proved helpful. None was more so than the Iranians.

On two occasions Iranian representatives made particularly memorable contributions.

The original version of the Bonn agreement, drafted by the United Nations and amended by the Afghans who were present, neglected to mention either democracy or the war on terrorism.

It was the Iranian representative who spotted these omissions and successfully urged that the newly emerging Afghan government be required to commit to both.
The second was even more decisive. The conference was in its final hours. The German chancellor was due to arrive momentarily for the closing ceremony.

Yet we still lacked agreement on the central issue: composition of an interim Afghan government.

The Northern Alliance was insisting on 18 of 25 ministerial portfolios, which would have marginalized other opposition groups.

From 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. the four key envoys -- those from Washington, Tehran, Moscow + New Delhi -- worked along with the U.N. representative, Lakhdar Brahimi + our German host to persuade the recalcitrant Northern Alliance delegate to make the necessary compromises.
Two weeks later President Hamid Karzai and his new cabinet were inaugurated in Kabul.

The most senior foreign delegation was headed by Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, who had stopped in Herat on his way in to pick up the one warlord, Ismail Khan, whose attendance and support for the new government was most in doubt. At the Tokyo donors' conference the following month, Iran pledged $500 million in aid to Afghan reconstruction, by far the largest sum from any neighboring state or developing nation.
It's Time to Revisit the Scene of the Original Crime. Read, "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President" (Paperback),By Vincent Bugliosi, With Opening Comments by Molly Ivins and Gerry Spence. Because America Has Been the Victim of a Silent Coup Since the Theft of the 2000 Election. We Will Not Forget. Vital Book to Read and Remember.

28.Jan.2007 Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Republicans Scared Stiff of Bush's War Bumbles
Be the first to know. Does Your Inbox Buzz? Click here for free daily updates. Tell your friends and relatives to sign up and be the first to get Buzzed everyday.
Biden says Bush has support of perhaps 20 senators on Iraq. The Delaware Democrat says it's President Bush's failed policy that's emboldening the enemy. 1/29

28.Jan.2007 U.S. Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq Near Najaf 1/29
Childrens' blood spilled after attacks on schools 1/29

28.Jan.2007 The Only "Surge" in Iraq is in the Deaths of American Soldiers. Bush is the Grim Reaper, Not the President. 1/28
Pathetic "madrassa hoax" began on Web site run by cult leader Rev. Moon 1/29

28.Jan.2007 Chicago Tribune: An atomic threat made in America. How the U.S. spread bomb-grade fuel worldwide ? and failed to get it back.
The thanks whistleblowers get: You?d think a guy who helped bring down a corrupt congressman would get the thanks of a grateful government 1/29

28.Jan.2007 Although the piece is now nearly a month old, I direct your attention to "George W. Bush Is Going To Bomb Iran" by a frequent D.U. poster who calls himself Bolo Boffin.

It's pretty damn hip:
Later on, Iran was asked by Karzai and Washington to keep a particularly nasty anti-American cleric Gulbiddin Hekmatyar in their country.

Washington wanted Iran to keep him close, keep him safe. Tehran agreed, but they asked that Washington not accuse them of harboring terrorists.

That would be a pretty nasty trick, don't you think? Ask a country to keep a terrorist under the equivalent of house arrest + then accuse them openly of supporting terrorists?
Bush did so. And: Nine days after the May 3rd meeting in which we promised to disarm MEK, terrorist bombings erupted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The US blamed Iran + cut off talks. Some other countries tried to get the USA and Iran back to the table but failed.
Did you go to the link? Because today, it's clear who did those attacks: al-Qaeda. Hekmatyar's compatriots. Osama's army. The terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.
Not Iran. (One other thing I like about this "Bolo" fellow: He has been called a "disinformationist" because he has posted some sensible 911 stuff.

28.Jan.2007 that Bush's actual intent is to kill Iranians on Iraqi soil in the hope of provoking retaliation.

Why else would our Commander in Chief place so many ships within range of Iranian missiles? Permalink
28.Jan.2007 The Dream of Anti-Islam Forces These are the people who are running governments, UNO and its branches, banks, ...

The solution to the problem of anti-Islam forces is the education of ...

Osten hat sogar Saudi Arabien sein klares Nein zu einem Angriff auf den Irak von ...

Jordanien hat sich unter dem neuen König Abdullah II. nach dem 11.
11. September

Damals wurde gegen den Iran u.a. Giftgas eingesetzt, dessen Bestandteile von der Firma ... Direktorin dieser Firma war damals Hillary Rodham Clinton !
28.Jan.2007 USA VOR

Damals wurde gegen den Iran ua Giftgas eingesetzt, dessen Bestandteile von der Firma American ... Direktorin dieser Firma war damals Hillary Rodham Clinton !
28.Jan.2007 US-Wahl: Hillary Clinton liegt auf Beliebtheitsskala vor Konkurrenten das beste beispiel ist doch das hillary clinton direktorin von american lafarge war, die saddam die chemie bestandteile für das giftgas gegen die kurden ...
28.Jan.2007 War die CIA Auftraggeber des Anschlags auf das WTC - HTML-Version Damals wurde gegen den Iran u.a. Giftgas eingesetzt, dessen Bestandteile von ... Direktorin dieser Firma war damals Hillary Rodham Clinton ! [siehe ...
28.Jan.2007 Die Emigration der NS-Täter nach 1945 Schwerpunkt: Argentinien - Se som HTML-version
Vertriebschef für das "Unternehmen Bernhard" war Friedrich Schwend, ... u. a. der zuvor beschriebenen Fälscherwerkstatt von Friedrich Schwend aus dem KZ ...
Exordio - La Segunda Guerra Mundial - Operación Bernhard Schellenberg, contó con la colaboración del millonario hombre de negocios Friedrich Schwend, quien le ayudó a colocar los billetes falsificados en los ...
Nazi Gold: Operation Andrew, Sweden and Nazi Gold"

To accomplish the widespread distribution, Friedrich Schwend was brought into the operation.

00.000.1920 -In the s- Schwend was an arms dealer.
28.Jan.2007 IWG - Records of the Central Intelligence Agency (RG 263 Finally, Barbie (like Mengele), had some contact in South America with Friedrich (Federico) Schwend . Schwend had specialized during WWII. In ...
IWG - Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226): Entry ... Wilhelm Hoettel, Kurt Auner, General Kaltenbrunner, Friedrich Schwend + the Rumanian Iron Guard Reports on Scandinavia, including Wesfield Mission, 1945, ...
«HE COMES FROM ODESSA. AND THIS MEANS...» - MIKHAIL GOLD ... as among those greeting the crew were ODESSA's heads - general von Allen and SS sturmbannfuehrer Friedrich Schwend (a Nazi treasurer in Latin America). ...
Lawrence Malkin - Krueger's Men - the Secret Documents Enter Friedrich Schwend and his crew. Documents on how he washed the money, how he used it + how he hid it with the help of his own money launderers, ...

28.Jan.2007 Gold & Silver Forum - General Chronological Studies:

00.000.1763 The first recorded episode of biological warfare in the USA occurs when white colonial settlers give smallpox-infected blankets to Native ...

Washington - Anfang 2002 lag die Quote noch bei 83 %. Mehr als die Hälfte der US-Bürger (58 %) wünscht sich jetzt ein sofortiges Ende seiner Regierungszeit, ergab eine gestern von dem Magazin "Newsweek" veröffentlichte Umfrage.

Rund zwei Drittel der Befragten (67 %) sind der Ansicht, dass die Entscheidungen der Bush-Regierung zum Irak und anderen Themen eher von persönlichem Glauben als von der Realität geleitet sind. Mehr als zwei Drittel (71 %) der US-Bürger meinen, Bush habe für die nächsten zwei Jahre nicht ausreichend Unterstützung, um seine Entscheidungen umsetzen zu können. 83 % glauben, dass die Geschichte Bush als allenfalls mittelmäßigen Präsidenten einstufen wird.

Für die Marine und die Regierung in London ist die Diskussion über möglichen Kannibalismus innerhalb der Royal Navy von politischer Brisanz. Denn Großbritannien ist das Empire der kolonialen Expansion und erhebt den Anspruch, die erste Macht in der Welt zu sein. Welche zivilisatorische Führungsrolle aber kann eine Nation geltend machen, wenn deren Elitesoldaten - wenn auch unter extremen Bedingungen - Kannibalismus praktizieren?

Im Juni 1856, beinahe zwei Jahre nach seinem Report, werden John Rae von der Admiralität die 10.000 Pfund zugesprochen. 2000 Pfund verteilt er an seine Suchmannschaft.

Auf Schlitten aber gelangt McClure mit seinen Leuten bis zum Viscount Melville Sound und nach Melville Island und stößt somit in Regionen vor, die William Parry schon 1819/20 von Osten aus erkundet hatte. Damit hat McClure den letzten fehlenden Teil der Nordwestpassage erkundet.

So arrangiert, ertönt die Musik aus den Ohrstöpseln mit vollem Raumklang. "Man braucht gar keine fünf Boxen. Schließlich haben wir auch nur zwei Ohren", betont Popp. "Man muss sich nur zunutze machen, auf welche Weise das Gehirn verschiedene Geräusche räumlich zuordnet."

Kaum mehr Speicherbedarf

Domestic surveillance and intimidation should not be the military's role (nor should it be allowed to privatize that role with pr firms).  Congress must become involved with this.  Appropriate regulations should be put in place to ensure that the Internet doesn't become an excuse for behavior we would not have condoned previously.  The military should not be policing free speech domestically.

Let me bring your attention to some interesting recent articles on matters related to these things.  Some articles are no longer available, but there has been a curious consistent reference to the Net and bloggers as "the enemy" in some military documents.  It would be an alarming development if the Pentagon treated domestic progressive bloggers (or conservative bloggers in different times), who have consistently been more accurate than the mainstream media, as "enemies".  There have been questions about the treatment of foreign press in war zones like Iraq.  Foreign press were less responsive to the needs of the Pentagon + they seem to have been the recipients of some degree of substantial wrath, as the British Press has confirmed in its release of information relating to discussions between Tony Blair and George Bush.  Imagine if that non-democratic mentality migrated into some sort of official domestic policy.  It would be effectively the end of American democracy.

National Security Archive - Information Operations Roadmap
BBC on the Roadmap -"Fight The Net" -
Online Journal - Not Sure About This Publication - but info seems correct -

Recent CyberStorm Exercises:
Business Week on Cyber Storm
Christian Science Monitor - Cyberstorm
Australia's The Age - on Cyber Storm

by BigBite on Fri Mar 03, 2006
It's made of people. (
4.00/2) Only makes sense. The president has said that America is the battlefield.

His every action and word reminds us that this is, at it's core, a war against truth. And of course the enemy, shizzle, it's us cyber hippies.

by acb15 on Fri Mar 03, 2006

guys running this program have no clue.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" -- Voltaire

by ohwilleke on Fri Mar 03, 2006

I see this from both sides.

The Democrat party (people like us) really needs an education about the military, a more informed Democratic party will be able to provide viable counters to the Republican military doctrine that has been established for decades and isn't even questioned in the media.

The military really needs the democratic party. The military is people, not machines. Republicans spend all the military money on machines, the Democrats have a history of spending money on the military in regards to people. 28.Jan.2007

I think going to the bloggers directly is a good idea, the media is trying to figure out how to report news in the new media 21st century + I never, ever see the Bush administration working for the military, all I see is the military working for him. I think CENTCOM has realized they need new avenues to communicate with people directly, to educate people about what it is the US Military is, as opposed to how it is often portraited due to association with a specific leader.

We saw the military portaited as a weak military falling apart during the Clinton years, not because the Military was either weak or falling apart, but because that is the image of the military painted by Republicans as a reflection of how they saw Clinton. Now the military is being portaited as this bad branch of government because they are being asked to fight in Iraq, when in fact the military is people like most posters at KoS, same ages even, but took a different career path.

I can't think of a better way to get information out to the American people than the open structure of the blogsphere, bloggers don't repeat answers, bloggers ask questions + that is what the US military really needs, better questions asked than what they are getting via traditional methods.

by Raymond P on Fri Mar 03, 2006
Its not just bloggers (
none/1) Though originally developed as a part of the military industrial complex, the internet today is viewed as an ungoverned zone.

To the government and business that means its untarrifed and untaxed, uncontrolled, out of control, uncertain, risky, dangerous + terrifying.

Its terrifying to businesses which believe their secret deals and improprieties might be hacked and made public.

Its terrifying to the government which has no idea of how to deal with unpaid citizen grassroots lobbying efforts, boycotts, calls to action + targeting of politicians on the take.

They want your email, your web browser history, your phone records + your contacts + so lets allow they have them.

The only really good solution for those of us who are secretly lone wolf terrorists, al quaida sleeper cells, or friends of the library (all lumped together by the Patriot Act) is to make sure you don't have anything you can't leave behind in 30 seconds and replace at the next stop on the underground railroad.

Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH THEN TRY FOR WAR CRIMES

by rktect on Fri Mar 03, 2006
You can bet anyone going to that site will be tracked from there on out. What better way to build data on bloggers than to invite them to a site that will plant tracking spyware ?

-8.63 -7.28 It's time for a Nationwide Strike, nothing less will work. If Bush wont shut down the War, we shut down the nation.

by OneCrankyDom on Fri Mar 03, 2006
"We have to address the fact that the president has broken the law." -- Senator Russ Feingold

Jimmy Carter is right.

by LandSurveyor on Fri Mar 03, 2006
CENTCOM Creates "Blog Team" To Scan Blogs by
georgia10 Fri Mar 03, 2006 at 11:12:33 AM PST Your tax dollars at work:

[Army Reserve Maj. Richard J. McNorton, CENTCOM's chief of engagement operations] said the team contacts bloggers to inform the writers about any given topic that may have been posted on their site. This outreach effort enables the team to offer complete information to bloggers by inviting them to visit CENTCOM's Web site for news releases, data or imagery.

The team engages bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incomplete information. They extend a friendly invitation to all bloggers to visit the command's Web site.

The team also has as its mission to spread "good stories":

"Now (online readers) have the opportunity to read positive stories. At least the public can go there and see the whole story. The public wants to hear these good stories," he said, adding that the news stories the military generates are "very factual."  [...]

The team's motto is "Engage," and Flowers and others work with more than 250 bloggers to try to disseminate news about the good work being done by U.S. forces in the global war on terror. The effort, officials here said, has reached more than 17 million online readers.

The contacted bloggers, the press release states, are surprised that the info CENTCOM feeds them isn't presented in the "mainstream media" (CENTCOM's term, not mine).  

This newest effort, I think, should be viewed in the context of the military's PR blitz. Almost two months ago, the Army hired a PR firm to funnel "exclusive editorial content" to selected bloggers (diaried here). 

And so, the military takes on a new role: concern troll.
CENTCOM, propaganda">propaganda,

Daily Kos: CENTCOM Creates "Blog Team" To Scan Blogs

DNIC DoD Network Information (none/0). DoD Network Information Center OrgID: DNIC Address: 3990 E. Broad Street City: Columbus StateProv: OH


00.000.1852 finanziert Lady Franklin aus ihrem eigenen Vermögen jeweils eine weitere Expedition.

Die Lords der britischen Admiralität schicken zudem fünf weitere Schiffe aus.

Jede der Unternehmungen liefert neue Kenntnisse über bislang unbekannte arktische Regionen vor Nordamerika.

Die Franklin-Sucher leiten damit indirekt eine neue Epoche der Erforschung und Erschließung der Arktis ein.

Aber von der "Erebus" und von der "Terror": keine Spur. So verstreicht auch das Jahr 1853.

Zwei der Toten stammen von der "Erebus", der Dritte tat Dienst auf der "Terror". Und alle drei sind zwischen dem

01.Jan.1846-03.Apr.1846 gestorben. Der jüngste mit 20 Jahren.
27.Aug.1850 meldet ein Matrose der Lady Franklin aufgeregt: "Gräber! Gräber!" Tatsächlich heben sich auf Beechey Island - einer kleinen Insel vor Devon Island - drei Gräber aus dem Boden.

Mit sorgfältig gearbeiteten Kopfbrettern. Darauf sind die Namen der Seeleute eingemeißelt, die Todestage, das Alter sowie Sprüche aus dem Alten Testament.
23.Aug.1850 findet Kapitän Erasmus Ommanney von der "Assistance" die ersten Spuren der Franklin-Expedition. Auf Cape Riley, am Südwestufer von Devon Island,
00.000.1850 -Im Sommer- durchkämmt ein Geschwader von britischen und US-amerikanischen Schiffen die arktische Inselwelt nach den Verschollenen.
00.000.1850 -Im Frühjahr- setzt die Regierung 20.000 Pfund Sterling als Belohnung aus
Fast scheint es, als sei die Geisterbeschwörung der einen das Gegengewicht zu den technischen Fantastereien der anderen.

00.000.1850 -Im Frühjahr- tauchen erstmals auch "Medien" auf: Okkultisten, die behaupten, in Trance Kontakt aufnehmen zu können mit Franklin.

Der Spiritismus ist neu in England. Und schnell sehr populär.

Trotzdem schickt die Admiralität noch Ende 1847, Anfang 1848 drei Suchmannschaften aus.

Bis weit ins Jahr 1849 sind die Hilfsexpeditionen in der Arktis unterwegs. Sie finden keinen Hinweis, keine Spur.

Die Expedition ist bereits mehr als zwei Jahre unterwegs, als die Lords der Admiralität

00.000.1847 zum ersten Mal ernsthaft über deren Verbleib diskutieren. Sonderlich beunruhigt sind sie wohl nicht.
Den ersten Versuch, einen westlichen Weg nach Asien über den hohen Norden zu finden, unternimmt Giovanni Caboto, ein Venezianer in englischen Diensten.

00.000.1497 erreicht er dabei immerhin den nordamerikanischen Kontinent.
19.Mai 1845 Und so segeln die beiden Schiffe aus der Themsemündung. In Richtung Norden und auf der Suche nach der Nordwestpassage.

Zwei Schiffe stellt die Navy für die Expedition bereit, die "Erebus" und die "Terror": Ursprünglich als Kriegsschiffe gebaut, sind sie in den 1830er Jahren speziell für Polarexpeditionen umgebaut worden. 1840-44 hat James Clark Ross mit ihnen die Antarktis erforscht. Für das nun anstehende Vorhaben sind die Schiffe nochmals auf den neuesten Stand der Technik gebracht worden.
Denn im Großbritannien der industriellen Revolution breitet sich eine neue Anschauung der Welt aus. Man glaubt nicht mehr an die Ohnmacht des Menschen gegenüber der Natur, sondern an die Überlegenheit der Technik. Für die Royal Navy bedeutet dies: Die Admiralität setzt auf eisenverstärkte Schiffsrümpfe, auf Dampfmaschinen, auf Nahrung in Dosen.

1818 segelt Franklin das erste Mal in die Arktis.

1819-22 und

1825-27 leitet er zwei Expeditionen, die ihn berühmt machen und im Laufe derer er Tausende Kilometer der nördlichen Küste des amerikanischen Kontinents kartiert.

00.Nov.1828 heiratet er Jane Griffin. Sie stammt aus einer wohlhabenden Familie, und genau wie Franklin ist sie eine tiefgläubige Christin.

00.Apr.1829 erhebt der König Franklin in den Ritterstand. Danach wirkt er unter anderem sieben Jahre lang als Gouverneur im heutigen Tasmanien.

Und trotz seines Alters von fast 59 Jahren bestimmt ihn die britische Admiralität im

00.Feb.1845 zum Leiter einer ganz besonderen Forschungsreise: der größten Arktisexpedition jener Zeit.

Die Sonne ist unter den Horizont gesunken. Irgendwann, vor Wochen schon. Wie eine Glocke hat sich die Dunkelheit über die "Erebus" und die "Terror" gestülpt und die zwei Schiffe eingeschlossen in einer einzigen, endlosen Nacht. Die Zeit selbst scheint erstarrt in Frost und Finsternis + im Januar 1848 haben die Männer der Besatzungen vermutlich längst jedes Gefühl für den Rhythmus von Tag und Nacht verloren.

Es war die größte Arktisexpedition ihrer Zeit. Als alle Kontinente erschlossen, alle Meere befahren, alle Wüsten durchquert sind, soll Sir John Franklin 1845 für das britische Empire die Nordwestpassage finden.

Es wird eine Reise in den Tod, nach deren Opfer die Helfer 14 Jahre lang suchen.
Umfragetief: 58 % der Amerikaner wollen sofortigen Regierungswechsel
28.Jan.2007 Tod auf der Farm: Gangster erschießen engen Freund von Prinz Charles
28.Jan.2007 Virtuelle Entwicklung: Autos aus dem Rechner

28.Jan.2007 Antikriegs- Demonstration: Bush bekommt Druck der Straße zu spüren
28.Jan.2007 RAF- Debatte: Talkmaster wollen Mohnhaupt einladen

28.Jan.2007 Japan: Minister nennt Frauen Gebärmaschinen
28.Jan.2007 Gazastreifen: Palästinenser bekriegen sich gnadenlos

28.Jan.2007 Lobbyismus in der EU: Kapitulation im Kampf gegen die Krebserreger

28.Jan.2007 Führungskräfte: Unternehmer - die besseren Politiker?
28.Jan.2007 Why the Emperor has no Clothes ... Michel . Chossudovsky . now also available in pdf format.

The Globalization ... hit man: How the US uses globalization to cheat poor countries out of trillions ...
Hicks in 'nightmare isolation' : DAVID Hicks is spending 22 hours a day in "nightmarish" isolation in conditions described by Guantanamo Bay inmates as "a dungeon above the ground", court documents suggest

28.Jan.2007 Arar gratefully accepts apology, still on U.S. list : Maher Arar says Ottawa's formal apology and offer of $11.5 million in compensation "means the world."

But he remains on a U.S. watch list because of his travel history and personal associations, according to a top official.

28.Jan.2007 Michael Isikoff: Will Rove Testify? : The president's political guru—and counselor Dan Bartlett—have been subpoenaed by Scooter Libby's lawyers.

What it means for the most-watched trial in Washington—and who's next on the witness stand

28.Jan.2007 Libby trial witness leaves White House reeling: President Bush's administration was today preparing for damaging repercussions from testimony by one of its own officials in the perjury trial of Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, the former chief of staff to the US vice-president Dick Cheney.

28.Jan.2007 Fitzgerald reveals immunity gamble in CIA leak case : As Fitzgerald's inquiry was heating up into who revealed CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to reporters, Fleischer stepped forward with an offer: Give me immunity from prosecution and I'll give you information that might help your case.

28.Jan.2007 Pardon Scandal Still Looms for Sen. Clinton's Brother : A court-appointed bankruptcy trustee asked a federal judge this week to schedule a new court date in a case against Tony Rodham, the brother of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.28.Jan.2007., accused of failing to repay $109,000 in loans from a carnival company whose owners received controversial pardons issued by President Bill Clinton in the last hours of his presidency.

28.Jan.2007 John W. Dean: The Controversy over Curtailing Habeas Corpus Rights: Why It Is a Bad Day For The Constitution Whenever Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Testifies

28.Jan.2007 Lincoln Proposes to Ship Blacks Out of Country : A Long-ago State of the Union Address

28.Jan.2007 UN dossier 'ends all climate-change doubt': CLIMATE change is real and set to cause dramatic temperature rises in the coming century, according to a leaked draft of a major United Nations report
28.Jan.2007 'Iran is installing 3,000 centrifuges: Three inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency who arrived in Iran on Saturday are scheduled to visit the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, Iranian state-television reported.

28.Jan.2007 Iran denies MP's centrifuge claims : An Iranian nuclear official has rejected a statement by a Tehran MP who said Iran had begun installing 3,000 new atomic centrifuges for uranium enrichment

28.Jan.2007 Iran nearing satellite launch, U.S. magazine says : Iran has converted a 30-ton ballistic missile into a satellite launch vehicle that will be used to send a satellite into space soon, a move that could have wider security implications, Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine reported.

28.Jan.2007 Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar: Ahmadinejad’s Achilles Heel : Iran with its tremendous natural resources and a young educated population has the potential to become an economic power house for the whole region. It has the potential to grow at 8 to 10 % per year for the next two decades.

28.Jan.2007 Mysterious death of Iran’s top scientist : One of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, a professor at the University of Shiraz, has died under mysterious circumstances.

28.Jan.2007 Putin gets in nuclear bed with India :

Russian President Vladimir Putin sealed a deal on Thursday to construct nuclear power plants in India, as Moscow moved closer to its long-term Asian partner through lucrative energy and arms agreements.
Saudi warns 'interfering' Iran :

In an interview published in Kuwait's al-Seyassah newspaper on Saturday, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud said attempts by Iran to spread Shia beliefs in Sunni communities would fail.
Israel May Have Violated Arms Pact, U.S. Officials Say : The Bush administration will inform Congress on Monday that Israel may have violated agreements with the USA when it fired American-supplied cluster munitions into southern Lebanon during its fight with Hezbollah last summer, the State Department said Saturday.

28.Jan.2007 General’s evidence could oust Olmert: ISRAEL’S outgoing chief of staff is expected to give evidence to a commission of inquiry into the conduct of last summer’s Lebanese war that could seal the fate of Ehud Olmert, the embattled prime minister
28.Jan.2007 Tens of thousands rally in D.C. for end to war in Iraq : Tens of thousands of anti-war protesters rallied at the National Mall, marched to the Capitol and sent a unified message to their newly elected lawmakers Saturday: "Bring our troops home."

28.Jan.2007 Gates: Democrats 'embolden enemy' :

Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, has said a Democrat proposal to pass a congressional resolution opposing a planned buildup of US troops in Iraq "emboldens the enemy".

28.Jan.2007 Impeachment: The Case in Favor : His impeachable offenses include using lies and deceptions to drive the country into war in Iraq, deliberately and repeatedly violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on wiretapping in the USA + facilitating the mistreatment of US detainees in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the War Crimes Act of 1996.

28.Jan.2007 UK: 11th-hour bid to halt Iraq war revelation s: The foreign office has made a last-ditch attempt to stop one of its former senior diplomats from publishing a book claiming that the government knew that Iraq did not represent a significant threat to the West in the run-up to the Iraq war.

28.Jan.2007 Voters are responsible for Bush's Iraq fiasco : George W. Bush was a profoundly ignorant man who was putty in the hands of the neocons who were the true architects of the Iraq fiasco. The responsibility for allowing that to happen lies with the people who voted for him in the face of ample evidence that he was not equipped for the job.
28.Jan.2007 Bush Is About To Attack Iran - Why Can’t Americans See it? -By Paul Craig Roberts
“Within weeks from now, we will see the informational warfare machine start working. The public opinion is already under pressure. There will be a growing anti-Iranian militaristic hysteria, new information leaks, disinformation, etc. . . . The probability of a US aggression against Iran is extremely high"

28.Jan.2007 Bush Throws The Dice -By John Damien
By funding the Iraq war and supporting Israel, Egypt and Jordan, the US pays an oil security tax running at least $100 billion per year. China doesn’t pay billions per year to secure their oil supplies. The Europeans collectively spend a fraction of the US amount on oil security.

28.Jan.2007 A National Intelligence Estimate on the USA -By Chalmers Johnson(2)
The imperial project is expensive. The flow of the nation’s wealth – from taxpayers and (increasingly) foreign lenders through the government to military contractors and (decreasingly) back to the taxpayers – has created a form of “military Keynesianism,” in which the domestic economy requires sustained military ambition in order to avoid recession or collapse.

28.Jan.2007 Gangsters for Capitalism -By Clinton L. Cox
Although benign U.S. intentions are an article of faith among many Americans, theft, murder and oppression have always been central to U.S. policies and practices in the non-white world. George Bush’s crusade for ‘democracy’ is yet another chapter in the shameful saga.

28.Jan.2007 Why We Must Have Impeachment-By Dave Lindorff
When impeachment hearings began for President Richard Nixon, a scant one in four Americans thought he should be impeached.

During the Clinton impeachment farce, support for the president"s removal from office never topped 36 %.

Yet a Newsweek poll taken last fall found that a remarkable 51 % of the American public felt this president should face impeachment . Continue

28.Jan.2007 Interview With George Galloway MP-Video -Both of Britain's main political parties supported the war in Iraq; neither advocates an immediate withdrawal of coalition forces.

As a result much of the anger generated by the war has been harnessed by George Galloway. Continue
28.Jan.2007 CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: Ex-aides ... Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands), filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service ...

Khalilzad nominated new US ambassdor to the UN; BUSH ADVISOR: IRAN WAR 'IN ...
28.Jan.2007 Kein Krieg! - Kriegsschauplatz Irak Es geht nicht um Öl und aber doch... Es geht um die Kontrolle des gesamten Raums. Um die USA als asiatische Großmacht... "1992 verfasste Wolfowitz [heute ...

George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House - NSA, CIA & Spies Gen. Gehlen (middle) was imported along with his Gestapo by the Dulles Brothers

after WWII. to help setup + train the CIA (operation paperclip)
28.Jan.2007 Who needs conspiracy theory when we have stuff like THIS?

Today's must-read piece is National Security Whistle Blowers: The ‘Undead’?, found over at Congressional Quarterly.

What struck me about Jeff Stein's article is that it reads like deep-dish conspiracy theory -- an indicator, perhaps, of the loopiness of our times.
The Bush administration has actively punished patriotic insiders who tried to expose the following outrages:
The escape and protection of Osama Bin Laden, who could have been captured with relative ease...
Saudi Arabia's attempt to buy off a Republican Congressman...
Penetration of the FBI by a foreign intelligence service...
The compromise of a Federal program to catch drug smugglers...
Foreign intelligence services hacking into hundreds of military computers...
A defense contractor whose "Arabic" translators could not speak or write that language...

It's Time to Revisit the Scene of the Original Crime. Read, "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President" (Paperback),By Vincent Bugliosi, With Opening Comments by Molly Ivins and Gerry Spence. Because America Has Been the Victim of a Silent Coup Since the Theft of the 2000 Election. We Will Not Forget. Vital Book to Read and Remember.
On Saturday, sane people demand U.S. troop withdrawal in series of war protests. The House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. John Conyers, threatened to use congressional spending power to try to stop the war. ?George Bush has a habit of firing military leaders who tell him the Iraq war is failing,? he said, looking out at the masses. ?He can?t fire you.?
Now We're Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of the Iraq War: "Iraq is in negotiations with San Ramon-based Chevron Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. to build a new $3 billion petrochemical facility + is in talks with several other Western companies over industrial projects." 1/28

28.Jan.2007 Simply Brilliant. From the Archives: Jon Stewart with Bush Vs. Bush (Video) 1/28
Blog Update on D.C. March 1/28

28.Jan.2007 WP: "Over the past few years, whenever the White House has seen or sensed trouble looming for its most controversial and tenuous positions in the legal war on terrorism, it has suddenly changed course, altered the playing field, or unilaterally declared itself beyond the purview of the prevailing rule of law. No legal defeats for this administration, no explicit concession of limits on its authority, just a series of tactical or strategic retreats that allow it to show to the world a visage of supreme executive branch power."

28.Jan.2007 Democrats may revise 2002 bill allowing Bush to call war 1/28
"Bush declares open season on Iranian agents in Iraq" 1/28

28.Jan.2007 Ron Fournier: President Bush has lost the greatest commodity a president can possess: The public?s trust. Scattered with Katrina?s winds and buried in the bloody battlefields of Iraq, his credibility is likely gone forever, which means there will be no political comeback for Bush. His die is cast. 1/28
David Sirota: "As I noted before, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is actually asking the public to sign a petition demanding President Bush back off his escalation plan. The petition, of course, says nothing about the fact that Democrats, now in the majority, could themselves stop the escalation by using any number of Congress's constitutional powers." 1/28

28.Jan.2007 Ha'aretz attempts to argue that the balloons were simply a misinterpreted promotional stunt intended to advertise a newspaper. All other reports, however, make clear that the balloons were dropped by Israeli war planes violating Lebanese airspace.
A promotional stunt? That's the most ludicrous cover story I've heard in ages.

28.Jan.2007 former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky's book By way of Deception reveals that Palestinian captives were subjected to human experimentation at Israel's Nes Ziyyona facility, which is devoted to studying chemical, bacteriological and radiological warfare.

00.000.1950 -In the s-, the Israelis conducted massive radiological experiments on Sephardic Jews. In the year

00.000.2000 an Israeli medical journal published an article bearing the ominous title "Human experimentation in the Israel Defence Forces--between the hammer of necessity and the anvil of ethics"; it remains untranslated.
One should keep this history in mind when reading the
following report (see also here):
Beirut- Israeli planes violated Lebanese airspace Saturday and dumped green balloons over the southern port city of Tyre, Lebanese security sources said.
Lebanese troops cordoned off the area around the coast of Tyre and prevented people from touching the "suspicious balloons" after reports indicated that some people were poisoned when they did.
According to a hospital source in Nabatiyeh, similar green balloons were dropped over the market-town of Nabatiyeh, 54 kilometres south of Beirut.
Five people suffering from nausea and dizziness were brought into hospital after they touched the "suspicious green balloons," the source said.

28.Jan.2007 Encyclopedia BETA A Complicated PlotA Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in US SupermarketsA Comprehensive Retrospective: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Release ...
28.Jan.2007 26. Jahresbericht des Landesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz Intelligence Agency), weitere US -Geheimdienste sind die NSA (National Security Agency), die die ... Keine allgemeine Überprüfung zu den „ Rosenholz -Dateien“ ...
Nach Angaben der Dachorganisation "United For Peace and Justice", die ein Bündnis von 1.400 Antikriegsgruppen vertritt, stieg das Interesse an der Demonstration enorm seit Bushs Ankündigung, weitere Soldaten in den Irak zu entsenden. Die jüngste Rednerin war die zwölf Jahre alte Moriah Arnold. Sie rief die Jugendlichen in den USA auf, aufzustehen "und unserer Regierung zu sagen 'Es muss Veränderungen geben'". Als Redner wurden außerdem die Schauspieler Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon und Tim Robbins sowie der Bürgerrechtler Jesse Jackson erwartet.

Die Argumentation in der US-Stellungnahme ist zwar teilweise abstrus - wie etwa die Bemerkung, es sei eine große Schwäche des Kyoto-Protokolls, dass "einige große Treibhausgas-Emittenten" dem Vertrag nicht beigetreten seien. Die USA sind der mit Abstand größte CO2-Verursacher der Welt und haben bis heute ihren Beitritt zu dem Abkommen verweigert.

"Die Veränderung der Sonneneinstrahlung könnte eine wichtige Strategie sein, falls die Senkung der Treibhausgas-Emissionen scheitert", lautet der US-Vorschlag dem Bericht zufolge im Wortlaut. "Es ist eine wichtige Rückversicherung, die notwendige Forschung und Entwicklung zu leisten, um die Folgen der Anwendung einer solchen Strategie abzuschätzen."

Vergangenes Jahr haben die Regierung eine Vorabversion des IPCC- Berichts erhalten, deren wissenschaftliche Details der endgültigen Version weitgehend entsprechen dürften. Dem "Guardian" liegt nach eigenen Angaben nun die Antwort der US-Regierung an die Vereinten Nationen vor. Sie enthalte die Forderung, dass der Teil des IPCC-Berichts mit Empfehlungen an die Politik die Möglichkeit einer direkten Einflussnahme auf die Sonneneinstrahlung beinhalten solle.

Direkter Eingriff in die Atmosphärenchemie

Der Zeitung zufolge hat die US-Regierung auch zu verhindern versucht, dass der IPCC-Bericht die Forderung nach einem neuen internationalen Abkommen zur Reduzierung der Treibhausgas-Emissionen enthält. Dies wäre ein Nachfolge-Vertrag zum Kyoto-Protokoll, das die USA bis heute nicht unterzeichnet haben und das ab 2012 ausläuft.
Dem "Guardian" zufolge bemüht sich Washington, einige drastische Maßnahmen in die Empfehlungen des IPCC-Papiers aufzunehmen - darunter die Installation gigantischer Spiegel im All oder das Ausbringen großer Mengen von Staub in die Atmosphäre, um das Sonnenlicht zu reflektieren.

In den USA ist der Klimawandel im öffentlichen Bewusstsein angekommen: In der Bevölkerung wächst die Angst vor katastrophalen Folgen der Erwärmung, Politiker entdecken den Umweltschutz als Wahlkampfthema + selbst Energiekonzerne drängen die US-Regierung inzwischen zum Handeln. Im Weißen Haus verhallen diese Rufe nicht mehr ungehört, glaubt man einem Bericht der britischen Zeitung "The Guardian".
USA: Zehntausende demonstrieren gegen Irak- Krieg
28.Jan.2007 Holocaust- Gedenktag: Merkel ruft zum Kampf gegen die NPD auf
28.Jan.2007 Neuer CDU- Parteichef in Brandenburg: "Ich sehe den Hass in Ihren Augen"
Globale Erwärmung: US- Regierung erwägt drastische Klimaschutz- Aktionen
28.Jan.2007 Kampfabstimmung: Tumulte um neuen CDU- Chef in Brandenburg

28.Jan.2007 Bekennerschreiben: Anschläge auf Manager- Dienstwagen
Eine Gruppe "Revolutionäre Anti-Militaristische AktivistInnen" übernahm in dem dreiseitigen Schreiben unter dem Motto "Nato-Kriegskonferenz in München angreifen - G8-Treffen in Heiligendamm lahm legen"

die Verantwortung für die "militanten Aktionen gegen Rüstungsmanager". Der maschinell erstellte Brief sei den Behörden übergeben worden.
Fall Kurnaz: Schily attackiert Steinmeier- Kritiker
Ermittlungen: Schmiergeld- Verdacht auch bei Siemens- Mobilfunksparte