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Java villages drown in mud lake By Lucy Williamson BBC News, Surabaya

In the village of Porong Atas, just outside Indonesia's second city of Surabaya, people are preparing for a flood.

Using pickaxes and shovels, labourers dig a narrow canal around the edge of the village, past the grocery store with its boxes of biscuits stacked outside and a newly arrived army tent.

This sleepy place is now on the front-line of a shifting tide, but it is not water that is approaching, but mud.

Peer over the canal wall and just metres away the fields and buildings are covered with the sticky sludge, which has been streaming from a fissure in the earth since early June.

With the rains coming, people know how easily they could lose everything. Some, like Poiman, already have.
US-Piloten nach Flugzeugkollision in Brasilien festgenommen - sfux AFP -

Fünf Tage nach dem Absturz eines Passagierflugzeugs mit 155 Toten haben die brasilianischen Behörden die zwei Piloten des mit der Boeing 737 kollidierten Business-Jets festgenommen.

Ein Richter im Bundesstaat Mato Grasso ordnete die Beschlagnahe der Pässe der Piloten an. Beide wurden von der Polizei in Rio de Janeiro vernommen.

Die Ermittler wollen herausfinden, warum das Anti-Kollisions-Warnsystem des Jets versagte und warum das Funkgerät des Geschäftsfliegers kurz nach...
Neues zum Flugzeugabsturz in Brasilien - sfux Karl Weiss -

Im Laufe des Montags und Dienstags gingen ein Reihe weiterer Meldungen zum Flugzeugabsturz im Amazonasgebiet ein, dem Flugzeug-Desaster mit der höchsten Zahl von Toten in der brasilianischen Luftfahrt (155),

die wenigstens einige der offenen Fragen beantworten. Allerdings kamen auch neue Fragen auf. Die erste Nachricht war, daß ein Staatsanwalt in Mato Grosso die Beschlagnahme...
Pajamas Media, Instapundit Facilitate Outing Of Foley Victim - Judd 

An obscure right-wing blogger, Wild Bill, has outed one of Mark Foley’s victims, a former Congressional page. It is a despicable act.

Wild Bill however, gets almost no traffic, so the damage done to the victim’s life could have been minimal.

All that ended, however, when some of the most highly-trafficked right-wing bloggers decided to direct their readers to Wild Bill’s site.

First, Roger L. Simon, co-founder and CEO of Pajamas Media — a portal and advertising broker for nearly every major right-wing blog — posted a link to Wild Bill on his personal site.

(The Pajamas Media portal also linked to Wild Bill.) Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit — probably the most highly-trafficked right-wing blog — followed suit by linking to Simon’s post and the Pajamas Media post.

To give you an idea of the how Simon and Reynolds provided an audience for Wild Bill’s egregious post, here’s a chart from that gives you a rough idea of the relative traffic of the three sites.

Reynolds is in green, Simon is in red and Wild Bill is in blue:

There are other sites, large and small, that have linked to Will Bill as well — that’s also wrong. We won’t be providing links to any of these posts. Digg It!
05.Oct.2006 Hastert No-Shows Major Interview; Anonymous Hastert Staffer Falsely Claims Interview Was Never Booked - Nico 

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) was scheduled to be interviewed tonight by Chicago radio host John Williams.

His previous radio appearances had been exclusively with conservative sympathizers like Rush Limbaugh + Sean Hannity. Williams is a moderate who planned to ask tough questions.

But Hastert never showed.

This evening, National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez published this face-saving post at The Corner:

A top source in the speaker’s office tells me: “We never booked WGN. Am not aware of a call.”

But according to the show’s producer Matt Bubala, who spoke to ThinkProgress tonight, the interview was very much scheduled + Hastert staffers apparently were not telling the truth about why Hastert bailed on the show.

Bubala said the statement by the anonymous Hastert staffer was a “flat out lie.”

He says that Hastert’s deputy press secretary Chris Taylor emailed him midday — before Kirk Fordham’s revelations were made public — requesting an interview with Williams for tonight.

As the scheduled time for the interview approached, Bubala said, Taylor called several times claiming that Hastert was on an important call and likely might not be available in time for the interview.

But according to Bubala, an employee for WGN’s sister television station said that while Hastert was supposedly on a telephone call, a WGN cameraman was filming Hastert arriving at + entering his home in Illinois.
The last refuge of Hastert supporters. - Nico  Blame it all on a gay cabal.
05.Oct.2006 Poll: Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets Say Military Is Overstretched, Underequipped - Faiz, a political advocacy group founded and funded by veterans, released the first-ever poll today of Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

Respondents, most of whom were conservatives, delivered a shocking assessment of the equipment shortages and other hardships facing soldiers on the battlefield. Here are some key findings:

63 % of all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans believe the Army and Marine Corps are overextended at this time.

- 67 % of Army + Marine veterans believe their forces are overextended.

53 % of respondents said they “did not always know who the enemy was” when they were engaged in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

42 % of the veterans said their equipment was below the military standard of being 90 % operational.

- 35 % said their Humvees and trucks were not up-armored when they arrived in-country.

Click HERE to see a summary of the poll’s findings.
05.Oct.2006 Al Qaeda Letter Says Prolonging The Iraq War ‘Is In Our Interest’ - Payson 

A newly translated letter from al-Qaeda’s leadership to their Iraq organization shows the Bush administration’s “stay the courseIraq strategy is exactly what al Qaeda wants:

The most important thing is that you continue in your jihad in Iraq + that you be patient and forbearing, even in weakness + even with fewer operations; even if each day had half of the number of current daily operations, that is not a problem, or even less than that. So, do not be hasty. The most important thing is that the jihad continues with steadfastness and firm rooting + that it grows in terms of supporters, strength, clarity of justification + visible proof each day. Indeed, prolonging the war is in our interest, with God’s permission.

This summer, Bush administration officials repeatedly justified their Iraq policy by pointing to al Qaeda propaganda. One example of many:

DAN BARTLETT: So, it doesn’t matter what we say. We should be taking the - the words of the enemy seriously. They think [Iraq is] the fight of the war on terror, so, we must as well. [8/31.2006 ]

Will the White House change its tune now that al Qaeda has endorsed “stay the course”? (HT: Abu Aardvark) Digg It!
05.Oct.2006 U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos - Paul Joseph Watson -Immediate Congressional investigation demanded, media oversight of clear and deliberate
05.Oct.2006 Aspirin 'can block tumour growth' Scientists have discovered aspirin reduces the formation of the blood vessels that help fuel tumours.
05.Oct.2006 Nato takes over Afghan security Nato extends its responsibility for security to the whole of Afghanistan by taking charge of US troops in the east.
05.Oct.2006 UN faces Geneva attack threat The UN boosts security at its European headquarters in Geneva after authorities warn of a possible threat against it.
05.Oct.2006 Rice in talks with Israel leaders The US secretary of state holds talks with Israeli ministers in Jerusalem, on the latest leg of her regional tour.
05.Oct.2006 Mixed outcomes at climate talks Despite a positive mood at international talks on climate change, key nations were still dragging their feet, writes Roger Harrabin.
05.Oct.2006 US 'cannot allow' nuclear N Korea The US issues a strong warning that it will not accept a nuclear-armed North Korea, amid fears of a nuclear test.
05.Oct.2006 Israel sacks war critic general A top Israeli army general is sacked over his criticism of the war in Lebanon in a series of media interviews.
05.Oct.2006 Met defends Muslim officer move A Muslim police officer was excused duty guarding Israel's embassy for safety reasons, Scotland Yard says.
05.Oct.2006 Eurozone rates increased to 3.25% The European Central Bank raises eurozone interest rates by a quarter point to 3.25%, as widely forecast.
05.Oct.2006 'Monster' fossil find in Arctic An unprecedented treasure trove of marine reptile fossils is found in the Arctic by Norwegian scientists.
05.Oct.2006 Why Everyone Must Be Screened
Isn't it logical and more efficient to allow people carrying U.S. government security clearances to bypass airport screening? You might think so, but you'd be wrong. Commentary by Bruce Schneier.

05.Oct.2006 NSA Spy Program Gets Temporary OK
Hold the phone: Warrantless surveillance of international calls and e-mails into and out of the USA can go ahead while a judge's ruling, which called the intercepts unconstitutional, works its way through the appeals process.

05.Oct.2006 Google To Predict Accuracy of Political Statements - samzenpus 68 pestario writes

"Google CEO Eric Schmidt talks about a service which can give the probability of the accuracy of statements made by politicians, among other things.

From the Reuters article, Schmidt says: "We (at Google) are not in charge of truth but we might be able to give a probability."

Can Google's 'truth predictor' bring an end to sound bites and one-liners? I'm not holding my breath...""
Making Computer Memory From a Virus - samzenpus 120 An Ac writes,

"By coating 30-nanometre-long chunks of tobacco mosaic virus with platinum nanoparticles, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have created a transistor with very fast switching speed.

They say it could eventually be used to make memory chips for MP3 players and digital cameras. A device fitted with such a virus-chip would access data much more quickly than one using flash memory."
New DNA Test to Solve More Cases - samzenpus 57 Krishna Dagli writes From the BBC,

"Tens of thousands of unsolved crimes could be cracked with a new forensic technique, it has been claimed.

The Forensic Science Service (FSS) is piloting a computer-based analysis system which can interpret previously unintelligible DNA samples.

It claims the technique is a world first which will boost its crime detection rates by more than 15%.The method is being tested by the West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Northumbria and Humberside police forces."
Teleportation Gets a Boost - ScuttleMonkey 310 saavyone Yahoo! News is reporting that

while teleportation may not quite be a reality yet a team of Danish scientists have raised the bar on this line of research. From the article:

"The experiment involved for the first time a macroscopic atomic object containing thousands of billions of atoms. They also teleported the information a distance of half a meter but believe it can be extended further.

'Teleportation between two single atoms had been done two years ago by two teams but this was done at a distance of a fraction of a millimeter,' Polzik, of the Danish National Research Foundation Center for Quantum Optics, explained.

'Our method allows teleportation to be taken over longer distances because it involves light as the carrier of entanglement,' he added."
Vista to Include Stepped up Anti-Piracy Measures - ScuttleMonkey 459 snuffin writes to tell us the Washington Post is reporting that

Microsoft announced stepped up anti-piracy measures being implemented in their latest operating system, Vista. From the article:

"If a legitimate copy is not bought within 30 days, the system will curtail functionality much further by restricting users to just the Web browser for an hour at a time, said Thomas Lindeman, Microsoft senior product manager." Ars Technica also has coverage available on this new development.
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Bomb attacks in Baghdad have hit an all-time high
New Foley IM Conversations Revealed: The chats seem to make clear that Foley tried to lure the boys into sexual encounters + certainly encouraged lurid behavior online. In one conversation, it appears clear that Foley met with one boy in San Diego. In another sequence, Foley suggested that a page meet him at his house a few blocks from the Capitol. ``I could give you a massage here . . . just a block and a half,'' he wrote. Later in the online conversation, Foley asked, ``so you do see us palyin around''? Often implicit in the chats is an exchange of professional advancement in exchange for sex that plays on the allure of power that Foley used to entice one of the teenagers.
Foley Sex Scandal is Just Tip of Republican Iceberg of Failure. Democrats Must Still Focus on the Real Issues to Win -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Cindy Sheehan and Her Theology of Peace -- A BuzzFlash Interview
Brent Budowsky -- Washington 2006, Nixon Redux: Haldemann, Ehrlichman and Kissinger Are Back In Town

05.Oct.2006 Losing Busheviks Report Alleged al-Qaeda Leader in Iraq #1746 is still Alive. Got to Keep Each New One Around for Propaganda Purposes, Right? Remember that the Washington Post Recently Reported that 60% of the Iraqi Population Supports Attacks on Our GIs. That Makes the Majority of the Iraqi Population Enemey Combatants, According to the Recently Passed "Bush Torture and Get Out of Jail Free Card" Legislation. 10/5
Hastert Says He Would Resign If...But He Won't...But Then Again, He Might Have to Walk the Plank...But...Oh, Well, Unless Rove Pulls a Big October Surprise, the GOP is Stepping Deeper Into the Deep Muddy Everyday. They are Clearly Showing That They Have No Moral Values. Their Only Interest is to Clinging to Power At All Costs.

05.Oct.2006 Hastert Says He Would Resign If...But He Won't...But Then Again, He Might Have to Walk the Plank...But...Oh, Well, Unless Rove Pulls a Big October Surprise, the GOP is Stepping Deeper Into the Deep Muddy Everyday. They are Clearly Showing That They Have No Moral Values. Their Only Interest is to Clinging to Power At All Costs.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

05.Oct.2006 "Rick Santorum has spent 12 years in the Senate ? and millions of dollars on TV ads for a third term. Yet a lot of Pennsylvania voters just plain don't like him." Besides the Fact That He's an Unctuous, Lying, Hypocritical, "Man on Dog" Talking Bushevik, We Can't Imagine Why, Can You? 10/5
02.Oct.2006 Item Helped Foley Story Come Together, & Helped Foley's Career Fall Apart Source: -

Mark Foley 's secrets "emerged when ABC's Brian Ross obtained an e-mail to a 16-year-old male page that asked for a... ...
Candidates divest themselves of Foley contributions, GOP committee to keep its Foley money Source: -
05.Oct.2006 Ex-Foley Aide Claims He Told Hastert of Foley Misconduct 00.000.2003 Source: -

Rep. Thomas Reynolds , R-N.05.Oct.2006., told The Associated Press that when he learned of Foley 's inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had "more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level ...

Sources: August Terror Plot is a 'Fiction' Underscoring Police Failures

British Army expert casts doubt on 'liquid explosives' threat, Al Qaeda network in UK Identified

Filed by Nafeez Ahmed
Horror has long been a popular Hollywood genre and filled theater seats for generations.

Taking the hint, the Karl Rove crowd in Washington, the other great mecca of American fantasy, is now working to keep conservative Congressional seats filled using B movie terror tales.

Their latest over-hyped production was the 'liquid explosives' plot that the UK supposedly took down on 10.Aug.2006 .

Like most made-for-TV thrillers, it's a wee bit light on facts, truth and reality as "War Against Truth" author Nafeez Ahmed shows below. - Ed.

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Nigel Wylde, a former senior British Army Intelligence Officer, has suggested that the police + government story about the "terror plot" revealed on

10.Aug.2006 was part of a "pattern of lies and deceit." Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next
Full Details/Events at
Please submit your events to be posted--
05.Oct.2006 National Day of Mass Resistance (156 cities nationwide... If not now, when???)
07.Oct.2006 St. Paul, MN

08.Oct,2006 Bordeaux, France, San Diego, Ann Arbor
12.Oct.2006 Santa Cruz 911 Truth presents Press for Truth
28.Oct.2006 Denver/Boulder: Jones, Barrett & Ryan, "The Science of 9/11, the Suppression of Dissent + a Nation in Crisis"
03.Nov.2006-04.Nov.2006 Media Accountability Conference, Steven Jones Keynote   Current Projects
Help Poll All 2006 Candidates on Their Support for 9/11 Truth
The following campaigns have fully endorsed the need for new criminal probe into 9/11 supervised by victim families. Please help them in any way you can...

Howie Hawkins, Grn, NY, Senate Web:
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Carol Brouillet, Grn, CA, House Dst 14 Web:
David Nolan, Lib, AZ, House Dt 8 Web:
Samm Simpson, Dem, FL, House Dst 10 Web:
Bob Fitrakis, Ind, OH, Governor Web:
Dennis Morrisseau, Ind, VT, House Web:
Craig Hill, Green, VT, Senate Web:
Donna Mancini, Lib, KY, House Dst 3 Web:
Michael Metti, Lib, CA, Senate Web:
Matt Woodson, OK, House Dst 5
Brian Moore, FL, Senate
Morgan Stack, Irish parliament, in Cork South Central and Kerry North constituencies.
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Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11

The Great 9/11 Cover-up and Pakistan Connection

FRONTLINE Examines Lodi Terror Case to Gauge U.S. Response to Homegrown Threat

Strange death of a 911 witness

Sources: August terror plot is a 'fiction' underscoring police failures

What the 9/11 Families are Saying

DVDTalk Review: 9/11 Press For Truth

Good Video Hunting: '9/11 Press for Truth'

Film Review: 9/11 Press for Truth

Gaping Holes in the 9/11 Narrative -->   NEWSWIRE Citizens for Legitimate Government
In Bill's Fine Print, Millions to Celebrate Victory

Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

UK 'turned down Guantanamo offer'

Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill

Washington scrubs NSA wiretapping inquiry

Up to seven U.S. soldiers killed in attacks around Iraq

2 Canadians killed in Afghan attack

Rumsfeld defends war on terrorism, rejects talks

Atta's Father Accuses Israel and U.S. of Planning 9/11

Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush's 2004 Re-Selection

N Korea ready to test first nuclear bomb

New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote

Ex-page threatened over role in Foley flap

Bush supports Hastert in Foley scandal

The century of drought Global warming devastates sea ice in Arctic Circle

More breaking news

The 9/11 Visibility Project For those ready to take action for 9/11 truth disclosure, our sister site offers campaign ideas and downloadable flyers.
Reading Room at Saved from the memory hole,

an archive of hundreds of "mainstream" news articles providing the basis for 9/11 skepticism: from "Afghanistan" + "Anthrax" to "White House" + "World Trade Center" (nothing under Z yet).

The Complete 9/11 Timeline Sorting out the discoveries of dozens of researchers, Paul Thompson has created the definitive online resource for understanding 9/11.

The timeline documents thousands of open-source facts from 1979 to today, with a minute-by-minute chronology of 11.Sep.2001 . A group of sites started by Jim Hoffman present the most reliable and sober analyses on the "physical evidence."

The original site, deals with the smoking gun of Ground Zero: the destruction on the afternoon of 11.Sep.2001 of the 46-story skyscraper Seven World Trade Center.
The Deception Dollar Blaine Machan's Deception Dollar is probably the most successful 9/11 skeptics' resource ever.

Designed to promote 9/11 truth sites, it replaces the portrait of Washington with a scowling George W. Bush.

Millions have been minted and distributed by Carol Brouillet, director of the Deception Bank, who plows the proceeds back into the movement.

Also available are an "Election Deception Dollar" and a "Media Dollar."

Official 9/11 Coverup Guide The Kean Commission came to New York the second week of 00.May 2004 for a two-day set of hearings at The New School University.

As hundreds of Sept. 11th family members, reporters and curious New Yorkers lined up for airport-style security checks, they received copies of a 24-page booklet published by NY 9/11 Truth with help from
A movie that might actually reach our complacent mainstream.

No agenda.

No finger-pointing.

Just the facts and the mysteries ... 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence + analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials.

Moving from "the myth" through "the analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science.
05.Oct.2006 Press for Truth - Build the Buzz... Help this film help us all. Click here...

--> Great New WTC Science Film: 9/11 Mysteries

Watch it now at Google Video! Hands down, the most detailed, accurate and persuasive documentary on the WTC collapses/demolitions yet to appear.

The producers at have also made this extraordinary teaching tool available for free download and viewing at Google Video here.

We urge everyone to watch it, buy a copy + get it out to groups, schools and Public Access TV stations in your region. - Ed.

Are You an 'Unlawful Combatant'? Maybe So...'s Justin Raimondo analyzes last week's legislation, including its frightening breadth of application + potential, with historical depth, thoroughly linked for perspective and further study. --Ed.

...It doesn't say "alien" or "terrorist," although it specifically includes members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. It says "person" – any person, including American citizens.

As Bruce Ackerman, professor of law at Yale + author of Before the Next Attack: Preserving Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism, puts it:

"Buried in the complex Senate compromise on detainee treatment is a real shocker, reaching far beyond the legal struggles about foreign terrorist suspects in the Guantanamo Bay fortress.

The compromise legislation, which is racing toward the White House, authorizes the president to seize American citizens as enemy combatants, even if they have never left the USA.

And once thrown into military prison, they cannot expect a trial by their peers or any other of the normal protections of the Bill of Rights."

The Double Standard of the Reich Wing
The news today that Prof. Steven Jones has been put on "paid leave" by BYU, when compared with the current ABC propaganda piece, illustrates the double standard employed by the Reich wing in the US with regard to 9/11 .

Let's start with Prof. Jones, who has fought a tremendous battle to force America to consider alternate hypotheses to 9/11 + in the process has pretty much rubbed the official story line into the dirt:

one only needs to look at the scholarly glee with which he refuted the desperate and absurd theory floated by NIST that the orange color of the ferric material cascading down the side of a WTC was due to conmingled pieces of carpet. And what is one of the biggest hypes against Prof. Jones ? It is that this studies have not been adequately "peer reviewed" !

Just think about it: the NIST claims it has conducted 8,777,333 interviews, evaluated 832,199,203 photographs + consulted with 6,233,001 experts in publishing it's worthless crap, but as far as we know, HAVE NOT BEEN PEER REVIEWED.

So how does the Reich wing make it's case ? In looking at their success, we must acknowledge how their 9/11 stunt converted an AWOL cokehead who had just stolen the US Presidency into the most powerful man on the planet + how they swiftboated John Kerry to keep the POS POTUS in power, we should understand that they don't have to play by the same rules: THEY MAKE THE RULES !!! This allows them to farm out their "dramatization" to 20,000,000 Americans, who won't have the brains to worry about whether this ABC hit piece has been "peer reviewed".

What can we do to combat this ? First of all, there must be a tremendous outcry to defend and protect Prof. Jones, who has done so much to defend and protect all of us.

If BYU does what Bushitler wants + ejects Prof. Jones, let us make sure that this will be a Pyrrhic victory for the Reich wing, a hint of the the death rattle for them on their path to disgrace and oblivion.
War, Peace + Subversion of Democracy Stop The Fourth Reich ... www. . ... Bush & 9/11.

9/11 Press Conference. Time Running Out For Peace ...
Impeach Hell! Bush should be tried for treason ASAP and either put away for life or hung in ... Bush ...
08.Dec.2001 It was Hitler's *father* who was a bastard, in the literal sense, anyway... The following Web page contains an excerpt from the book "The Mind of Adolf Hitler" by Walter C. Langer:'s%20bio/Schicklgruber.html ...
The Arrogant, the Misguided and the Cowards -Out of Iraq, Out with Bush -By Sean Penn
We the people of the USA have a unique opportunity. We can show each other and the world that what the Bush administration claims is their mission is not ours.

And, by leading our country as a citizenry + demanding of our government an immediate end to our own military and profit investments in Iraq, display for the entire world that democracy is a government of the people. Continue

05.Oct.2006 The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.-By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
The Pentagon has already drawn up plans for U.S. sponsored attacks on Iran and Syria.3 Despite the public posturing of diplomacy by the USA and Britain, just like the Iraq Invasion, Iran and Syria sense another Anglo-American war in the horizon. Both countries have been strengthening their defenses for the eventuality of war with the Anglo-American alliance. 

05.Oct.2006 Human Hell and the Demons of War Branch Warfare and the Evolution of Aggression -By Manuel Valenzuela
Wars of religious proclivity are the greatest example of the malignant human hell that legitimizes the murder and killing of our fellow ma n.

05.Oct.2006 A Soul Defying, Tacit Approval Of Torture: How Did We Come To This? -By Phil Rockstroh
For most of us, the price we would have to pay for confronting authority would be far too prohibitive;

hence, we learn it is acceptable (as well as politically useful to our power mad leaders) to displace our anger + fear upon outsiders.

Ergo, the so-called Clash of Civilizations is unloosed + slouches, by way of the Washington Beltway, to Iraq, Iran and beyond to be born. Continue  

05.Oct.2006 Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill -By Chris Floyd
It was a dark hour indeed last Thursday when the United States Senate voted to end the constitutional republic + transform the country into a "Leader-State," giving the president + his agents the power to capture, torture + imprison forever anyone - American citizens included - whom they arbitrarily decide is an "enemy combatant."

05.Oct.2006 Why does Thailand have all the Luck? -By Mike Whitney
Imagine the Abrams tanks and Humvees trundling down Pennsylvania Ave;

knocking down the flimsy roadblocks + wrought-iron fencing + plopping down on the White House lawn waiting for a white flag to emerge from a window in the Oval Office. Continue

05.Oct.2006 Latin America Declares Independence -By Noam Chomsky
Five centuries after the European conquests, Latin America is reasserting its independence.

In the southern cone especially, from Venezuela to Argentina,

the region is rising to overthrow the legacy of external domination of the past centuries + the cruel and destructive social forms that they have helped to establish. Continue
05.Oct.2006 Cold War Era 2006 A.D. The Future . Home " ... to foreigners in exchange for economic goods, without the prospect of buying ... of the newspaper in which they appear.
1864-31.Dec.1866 Timeline ... held in San Jose for the completion of the San Francisco + San Jose Railroad. This marked the birth of Helena, future capital of Montana. [ see 1863]
Unter dem Titel Google Code Search hat das Unternehmen eine Suchmaschine speziell für Programmierer eingerichtet. Mit deren Hilfe soll man sich durch Millionen Zeilen frei verfügbarer Sourcecodes hangeln können.
Im Kampf gegen den Büroschlaf führt die US-Elektronikkette Radio Shack einen neuen Verbündeten ins Feld:
den Mini- Helikopter "Micro Mosquito". Dem 15 Zentimeter langen Rotorflügler genügt ein Post-it als Landefläche.

Messing aber war vor der Ankunft der Europäer in ganz Amerika unbekannt. AP

12.Okt.1492 Christoph Columbus auf San Salvador: Indios mochten Messing Mit der Radiokarbonmethode hatten Wissenschaftler die Begräbnisstätte datiert:

Sie wurde demnach angelegt wenige Jahrzehnte nach der

00.000.1492 Ankunft von Columbus' Flotte.

Daraus schlossen die Archäologen, dass das Messing von den spanischen Eroberern stammte. Sogar Columbus selbst erwähnte in seinen Tagebüchern den Handel mit den Messinghülsen der Schnürsenkel.

Mit Hilfe einer strukturellen und chemischen Analyse des Messings identifizierten die Forscher schließlich Deutschland als Ursprungsort für die Legierung aus Kupfer und Zink.

Wahrscheinlich habe der mittelalterliche Handel in Europa das Metallgemisch nach Spanien + schließlich in die Karibik gebracht, schreiben die Wissenschaftler im Fachblatt "Journal of Archaeological Science".

Das aber erklärt noch immer nicht die seltsame Abwesenheit des Goldes in den Indiogräbern. Martinón-Torres und seine Kollegen glauben, dass die Ureinwohner eine spezielle Vorliebe für den Glanz des Messings hatten und es wertvoller als Gold einschätzten. Frühe Chronisten hätten berichtet, dass reines Gold bei den Indios als relativ wertloses Metall galt - ganz im Gegensatz zu kupferbasierten Legierungen.
São Paulo: Stadt der Gewalt
Terrorismus: Saudi- Arabien erwägt Bau von gesicherter Grenzanlage zum Irak

05.Oct.2006 Machu Picchu: Die Gralsburg der Inka
Republikaner: Kongress- Führer gerät wegen Sex- Affäre unter Druck
Columbus' Schnürsenkel: Deutsches Messing für Indio- Gold
05.Oct.2006 Anti- Terror- Kampf: Verwirrung um getöteten irakischen Qaida- Chef
05.Oct.2006 Opec will weniger Öl fördern

04.Oct.2006 US- Heimatschutz: Software soll kritische Zeitungen identifizieren
Heute in den Feuilletons: "Feuerwerk im Schädel des Propheten"

04.Oct.2006 Hewlett- Packard: Anklage gegen Ex- Chefaufseherin Dunn

04.Oct.2006 Aktienoptionsskandal: SEC ermittelt gegen Apple- Manager

04.Oct.2006 Blutbad in Amish- Schule: Polizei rätselt über Motiv
Börse: Dow Jones schafft die nächste Rekordmarke

04.Oct.2006 Neue Sperranlage: Bush verstärkt Grenze zu Mexiko
Zeitungsbericht: Kein Prozess gegen Hewlett- Packard- Chef

04.Oct.2006 Nahost: Abbas droht Hamas mit Ausnahmezustand
Sensor- Patent: Handy riecht Pollen und Bomben
04.Oct.2006 BREAKING: Hastert’s Senior Staff Asked ‘To Intervene’ Two Years Ago - Think Progress 
Here’s the AP:

A senior congressional aide said Wednesday that he alerted House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office two years ago about worrisome conduct by former Rep. Mark Foley with teenage pages.

Kirk Fordham told The Associated Press that when he was told about Foley’s inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had ‘’more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene.'’

The conversations took place long before the e-mail scandal broke, Fordham said + at least a year earlier than members of the House GOP leadership have acknowledged.

We’ll have more as this story develops.
FACT CHECK: Bush Slashed Funding For School Violence Prevention - Amanda 

In the past few weeks, the nation has been stunned by the rash of school shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin + at an Amish schoolhouse in Pennyslvania. President Bush said he was “saddened and deeply concerned” about the shootings and plans to convene a summit of education and law enforcement experts to discuss federal action that can help communities prevent violence.

Bush’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record. He has consistently recommended pulling funding for school violence prevention programs:

00.000.2006, Bush proposed a five % cut for youth and crime prevention programs. Bush’s 2005 budget proposed a 40 % drop in juvenile-crime prevention , following a 44 % cut 00.000.2004.

The Bush administration has repeatedly recommended eliminating federal funding for the Safe and Drug-Free Schools
and Communities State Grants program , which works on juvenile-crime prevention.

  • Since 2001, Congress has voted to retain the Grants program over the administration’s objections, but at reduced levels.

  • Funding for the program was $439.2 million 00.000.2001 but fell to $346.5 million this year , with $310 million recommended for 2007.

More than half the nation’s school districts receive $10,000 or less per year to fight violence and substance abuse — “too little to make a differenceaccording to an Education Department official.
Hadley’s Hypocrisy: “Our Strategy Is Far From ‘Stay the Course’” - Faiz 

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley pens an op-ed in today’s USA Today claiming that “stay the course” is not an accurate description of Bush’s strategy for Iraq:

Our strategy is far from “stay the course.” The president continually challenges all of us to learn from experience, adapt to change and improve our performance.

But in June 2005 on the Charlie Rose Show, Hadley described the Bush strategy as “stay the course” and urged the American public to support it:

What the Americans need to understand and what we need to explain to them clearly is that we do have a strategy. That strategy is making progress. But there are still difficult days ahead.

But if we can stay the course, if we can pursue our support for the Iraqi people, if they continue to perform the way — the way they are performing, we will not only build a democratic Iraq, but

it will be a democratic Iraq that will send a message of hope to the region as a whole , to encourage the spread of democracy in the region as a whole.

It’s not just Hadley. As ThinkProgress has documented on video, other administration officials have repeatedly used “stay the course” in the past.

Despite the White House efforts to cut and run” from “stay the course,” the truth won’t let them.
Blunt attacks Hastert’s mishandling of Foley scandal. - Nico 

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) said today “he would have handled [the Foley scandal] differently if he’d known about it.”

I think I could have given some good advice here, which is you have to be curious, you have to ask all the questions you can think of,” Blunt said.

You absolutely can’t decide not to look into activities because one individual’s parents don’t want you to.”
Reynolds chief of staff “resigns.” - Nico 

ABC News reports that Kirk Fordham, the former chief of staff to Mark Foley + current chief of staff to Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), has “resigned amid questions over whether he supressed information about Foley emails.”

UPDATE: ABC now says Fordham was “fired.” Also: “People familiar with Fordham’s side of the story…said Fordham was being used as a scapegoat by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

They said Fordham had repeatedly warned Hastert’s staff about Foley’s ‘problem’ with pages, but little was done.”
John Walsh Rebuts Conservative Anti-Gay Smears - Amanda 

Several conservatives are using the Mark Foley scandal to push vicious anti-gay smears.

Just today, Human Life International (”pro-life missionaries to the world”) put out a statement blaming Foley’s behavior on his sexual orientation:

Foley’s actions were that of homosexual predator, not a pedophile. Homosexuals reproduce sexually by molesting children.

This creates a cycle of violence and disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators.

But as John Walsh — host of “America’s Most Wanted” and an advocate of childrens’ safety — told Larry King last night, the Foley case is about pedophilia, not homosexuality. Watch it: Full transcript:

KING: A couple things revealed today, did you know that he was gay?

WALSH: You know that was always the issue on Capitol Hill + I think that his response in the past was that “That’s my business and would you ask President Bush or would you ask, you know, Chairman Harry Reed if he was straight?” I think in the 21st century, people have a right to keep their sexuality, you know, to themselves.

But, you know, making overt advances to 16-year-old boys from a 52-year-old man is nothing about gay.

It’s about pedophilia.
Conservatives Repeat Baseless Claim That Foley Scandal Was Timed To Affect Elections - Nico 

Top conservatives continue to react to the Mark Foley scandal as political operatives instead of as concerned parents.

To minimize political fallout, they are spreading the baseless claim that the release of Foley’s emails to underage pages was timed to impact November’s elections:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL):

[S]omebody had [Foley’s emails], and, you know, they’re trying — and they drop it the last day of the session, you know, before we adjourn on an election year . [Link]

Rush Limbaugh:

I’m just telling you that the — the — the orgy and the orgasm that has been taking place in the media since Friday and with the Democrats is — it’s all coordinated + it’s all — it’s all oriented toward the election .

There’s no concern about the kid — no concern about the children. [Link]

Tony Blankley, Washington Times editor:

While I don’t have any proof, I will be amazed if Democratic operatives and at least a few Democratic congressmen didn’t know about this and fed it to the media through various obscure blogs and to ABC . [Link]

But the reporters who broke this story have discredited this conspiracy theory:

ABC investigative journalist Brian Ross:

Ross dismissed suggestions by some Republicans that the news was disseminated as part of a smear campaign against Mr. Foley.

I hate to give up sources, but to the extent that I know the political parties of any of the people who helped us, it would be the same party,” Mr. Ross said, referring to Republicans. [Link]

ABC producer Maddy Sauer:

They were passed to a colleague of mine from a source, not someone from a Democratic campaign, a source on the Hill.

And when we talked to Foley’s office about those emails, they seemed to know all about them. “It’s no big deal. He is overly friendly.

He’s overly engaging. If he’s guilty of anything, that’s all he’s guilty of. He’s very close with the pages. He has worked with the page program for some time.”

So we published that story + then almost immediately we began receiving emails from former pages, some going back as far as five years, who said this is the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more here. [Link] Digg It!
04.Oct.2006 Stephanopoulos: Hastert ‘hanging by a thread.’ - Nico 

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos this morning: “He’s hanging by a thread. He’s fighting very, very hard. He said he will not re-sign + most Republicans feel that forcing him out now would cause chaos + make the problem worse. But with these new stories that congress Mark Foley’s attraction to young pages had been known for a long time, I think the chances that Speaker Hastert will return next year are almost zero.

I don’t think his caucus will return him as Speaker.”
Powell: ‘Staying the Course Isn’t Good Enough Because a Course Has to Have an End’ - Judd 

In a speech at the University of Minnesota yesterday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell blasted the Bush administration’s “stay the course” policy in Iraq:

Only the Iraqi people can resolve this,” Powell said.

U.S. troops have to stay in Iraq for “some time,” he said. “But there is a limit to the patience of the American people .”

In Iraq, “ staying the course isn’t good enough because a course has to have an end ,” Powell said.

The White House is trying to distance themselves from the phrasestay the course.” But it aptly describes a strategy that has not changed in spite of repeated failures.

Moreover, President Bush and top administration officials continue to use it. Here’s a video retrospective:

Powell’s objection to the “stay the course” strategy is grounded in the Powell doctrine, which states:

We owe it to the men and women who go in harm’s way to make sure…that their lives are not squandered for unclear purposes.” Digg It!
04.Oct.2006 Reynolds convinced Foley to run for reelection. - Judd 

A member of the House leadership told me that Foley

was considering not seeking a seventh term this year but that Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), talked him into running,” Bob Novak reports.

According to Novak, this occured after Reynolds knew Foley sent inappropriate emails to a congressional page.
October 4, 2006 - Think Progress 

Tucked away in fine print in the military spending bill for this past year was a lump sum of $20 million to pay for a celebration in [Baghdad] ‘for commemoration of success’ in Iraq and Afghanistan ,” the NYT reports.

Not surprisingly, the money was not spent.” But in the spending bill approved last week, conservatives rolled the $20 million over into 2007.

The Dow Jones Industrial average closed at 11,727.34 yesterday, besting the previous record in January 2000, though “[i]f inflation is taken into account, the Dow has to rise another 2,150 points before it will set an all-time high.”

Members of the House ethics committee will return to Washington, D.C. , on Thursday and are expected to approve an investigationinto the scandal involving Mark Foley.

Congress has set a 2007 termination date for the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction ,” Stuart Bowen, “at the behest of the Bush administration, removing the source of a series of audit reports that have emboldened critics of the president’s war polices. Bowen has said post-war reconstruction planning in Iraq was “insufficient in both scope and implementation.”

Democrats are renewing their vow to impede the annual congressional pay raise until the minimum wage is increased ,” The Hill reports, “but their options for a successful block during the lame-duck session likely depend on the outcome of the Nov. 7 midterm election.”

39 %: President Bush’s approval rating, a drop of three points since September, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll.

In the second month of a security crackdown” in Baghdad, U.S. military casualties appear to be rising ,” according to military officials.

At least 17 troops have been killed in combat since Saturday, including eight U.S. soldiers who died in gunbattles and bomb blasts Monday in Baghdad - the most killed in a single day in the capital since July 2005.”

The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed the first challenge to legislation passed last week that stripped detainees of their centuries-old right to challenge their detention .

CCR’s habeas petition was filed on behalf of a detainee held in “secret CIA detention for 3 1/2 years + subjected to ‘alternative interrogation methods’ that amount to torture.”

Security weaknesses have left millions of elderly, disabled and poor Americans vulnerable to unauthorized disclosure of their medical and personal records,” according to a federal investigation of the computer system used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Extreme drought will affect about a third of the planet and spread across half of the earth’s land surface by 2100 because of global warming, according to new predictions from Britain’s leading climate scientists.

And finally: Students at Bush Elementary School in Stockton, CA , were surprised yesterday when President Bush stopped by for a visit, after initially sending his regrets. “I think the president was happy. He was smiling a lot,” said Brandom Zarate, 8. Richard Therman, 7, recalls that the President told him “You guys, read a lot.”
ABC debunks claim that Foley scandal was election trick. - Nico 

ABC’s Brian Ross “dismissed suggestions by some Republicans that the news was disseminated as part of a smear campaign against Mr. Foley,” the New York Times reports. “I hate to give up sources, but to the extent that I know the political parties of any of the people who helped us, it would be the same party,” Mr. Ross said, referring to Republicans.
04.Oct.2006 The E-Revolution: Ed Halter - Paul Joseph Watson -Ed Halter talks to Alex about the proliferation of free online video content, what it means for the media monopoly and how the
04.Oct.2006 Shouting Telescreens Announce United Kingdom Of Fascism - Paul Joseph Watson -State launches psychological warfare as establishment manufactured Clockwork Orange mind control
04.Oct.2006 Scheiss Rassisten, Nazipack! - Antifaschist aus DO 
02.Oct.2006 wurde e00.000.19-jäähriger Azubi in Dortmund-Brackel (Dortmunder-Osten) von zwei Faschos (wie so oft) grundlos angegriffen.
Die Täter wurden festgenommen (Einer der Täter ist 29 Jahre alt), Anzeige wurde gestellt. Das Opfer erlitt einen Nasenbruch und 2 blaue Augen.

04.Oct.2006 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Interviews with Mr. Bob Woodward / Part II - sfux

07.Jul.2006  Interview -continued on-
LT GEN RENUART: You know, Mr. Secretary, from the other side of the world those 29 things drove us crazy, because we spent thousands of brain bytes trying to make sure that as we went through that we answered all those "what if" questions. And some of those are a little later in the process, but certainly the vast majority of them got a considerable amount of effort put to them as we talked about early on.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Interviews with Mr. Bob Woodward / Part I - sfux Defenselink: July 6 and 7, 2006 / Part I
SEC. RUMSFELD: You know, I asked Jean Renuart, my incoming senior military assistant + he was with Franks this whole time. And Bill Luti was...

04.Oct.2006 Zweiter Wahlgang in Brasilien: Verliert Lula noch die Wahlen? - sfux Karl Weiss, Rio de Janeiro -

Nun wird es doch noch spannend bei den Präsidentenwahlen in Brasilien. Noch vor zwei Wochen nach den Umfragen scheinbar uneinholbar mit 25 % der Stimm-Intentionen in Führung, sah Präsident Lula seinen Vorsprung am Wahltag auf etwa 7 % zusammenschnurzeln. Der Kandidat der (noch rechteren) Rechten, Alckmin, wird am 29. Oktober mit Lula einen zweiten Wahlgang absolvieren und dessen Ausgang...
Botswana, Survival International, Leonardo DiCaprio und die Buschmänner - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Wo viel Licht ist, da ist natürlich auch Schatten, etwas Schatten im Fall von Botswana: Es handelt sich um die Buschmänner (Basarwa), ein Stamm, der im Central Kalahari Game Reserve lebte. Und zwar wie in der Steinzeit und mit Pfeil und Bogen auf die Jagd ging; fantastische Fährtensucher in den Zeiten der Satellitennavigation.
Der Schlüssel für den Sturz von Schüssel - Österreich vor einer grossen Koalition... - sfux Malte Olschewski -

?Österreich bleibt besser,? hatte die Österreichische Volkspartei ÖVP geworben, worauf die Wähler den mangelhaften Satzbau verbessert haben: ?Österreich bleibt besser ohne Schüssel.? Die Nationalratswahl vom 1.10. hat die Ära Wolfgang Schüssels beendet. Die ÖVP war nach den Wahlen von 1999 an dritter Stelle gelegen. Schüssel hatte Verhandlungen mit der stimmstärksten SPÖ...
Mohammed Atta: Gelungene Überraschung - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Die Oktoberüberraschung ist da ? Karl Rove, das Hirn des Präsidenten hat es bereits letzten Monat angekündigt . Die Überraschung hat...
Treatment 'to neutralise all flu' Scientists say they are developing an entirely new way of providing instant protection against flu.
04.Oct.2006 Rice pledges US support for Abbas US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice seeks to boost beleaguered Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
04.Oct.2006 Fresh claims fuel US e-mail row Republicans struggle to contain the scandal around ex-Congressman Mark Foley's e-mails amid new claims.
04.Oct.2006 Putin fury at Georgia 'blackmail' President Putin warns Georgia not to use "blackmail" against Russia amid a bitter spying and sanctions row.
04.Oct.2006 More signs of US slowdown Growth in US services - the engine driving the world's biggest economy - has slowed sharply, a survey suggests.
04.Oct.2006 'Bulge' yields new planet class Astronomers discover a new class of planets that take less than a day to whiz round their parent stars.
04.Oct.2006 DNA work earns chemistry Nobel The Nobel Prize for Chemistry is awarded to American Roger Kornberg for his work on protein synthesis.
04.Oct.2006 Nicaragua plans Panama Canal rival Nicaragua proposes a new inter-oceanic waterway that would carry bigger ships than the Panama Canal.
04.Oct.2006 Amazon crash pilot passports held A Brazilian court seizes the passports of two US pilots involved in a mid-air collision that killed 155 people.
04.Oct.2006 EU considers visa snub against US Brussels suggests making US diplomats vet visas, as many EU citizens still need them to travel to the US.
04.Oct.2006 Europe to overhaul trade policy The EU could seek free trade agreements with leading Asian economies as part of a radically revised trade policy.
04.Oct.2006 EU warns Iran 'time running out' Time is running out for Iran to avoid UN sanctions over its nuclear policy, Europe's foreign policy chief warns.
04.Oct.2006 World figures urge Mid-East talks More than 130 former world leaders, politicians and Nobel laureates call for urgent efforts to find Arab-Israeli peace.
04.Oct.2006 The Green Room GM crops are still more of a liability than an asset, argues GeneWatch UK director Sue Mayer in the Green Room.
04.Oct.2006 India to share bombings evidence India's PM vows to share evidence with Pakistan about the devastating train blasts in Mumbai.
04.Oct.2006 Misery continues for gaming firms World Gaming shares plummet a third, after saying it may be "in default of its loan conditions" as its debt soars.
04.Oct.2006 HP Insiders Facing Indictments Four people, including Hewlett-Packard's former chairwoman, Patricia Dunn, will be charged by California's attorney general for their role in the recent corporate spying scandal.
04.Oct.2006 Plant Hybrids to Drive Biofuels The processes for growing crops as raw material for fuel and converting it to liquids are in their infancy, so expect ethanol + biodiesel to become much more energy efficient.

04.Oct.2006 A kite that generates 10,000 horsepower
Video: A kite that generates 10,000 horsepower. CNET's Neha Tiwari speaks with the CEO of KiteShip, Jeremy Walker, about his company's football-stadium-size kites that help cut 20 % of fuel and emissions from commercial ships. The interview took place at the California Clean Tech Open competition in San Francisco on Sept. 26, 2006.

Official Web site: Foley=vacancy Blog: Newly resigned Congressman Mark Foley, R-Fla., no longer has an official congressional Web site. But a quick visit to the House...
04.Oct.2006 AI to Monitor Foreign Press for Threats - ScuttleMonkey 77
jefu writes

"According to the New York Times, the US Department of Homeland Security is funding AI tools to monitor the foreign press in order to detect threats to the USA. While the article says there are restrictions on doing this kind of monitoring within the US, there are no restrictions on media outside the US. (No hint is given as to how this would apply to syndicated articles written in the US and published abroad.) This is as yet experimental."
HOWTO Commit Corporate Espionage - CmdrTaco 74
bart_scriv writes

"Worried about who might be spying at your company? Businessweek looks at the latest in espionage gadgets and technology in response to the recent HP boardroom scandal. The article looks at devices designed for counter-espionage, which range from mundane confidential email services to sophisticated camera and listening-device detectors. '...for every method of spying, there's a counteroffensive. One of them is the eavesdropping protection kit, manufactured by Dynasound in Norcross, Ga. To secure a room in an office building, devices are placed on ceiling plenums, floors, HVAC ducts, doors, walls or windows — basically anywhere voices can travel.'"
Hubble Discovers Dark Spot on Uranus - CmdrTaco 290
TheDawgLives writes

"Just as we near the end of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, winds whirl and clouds churn 2 billion miles away in the atmosphere of Uranus, forming a dark vortex large enough to engulf two-thirds of the USA."
US Population to Top 300 Million - CmdrTaco 598
"The number of Americans will surpass 300 million this month, a milestone that raises environmental impact questions for the only major industrial nation whose population is increasing substantially. The US census buereau says the 300 million mark will be reached 39 years after US population topped 200 million and 91 years after it exceeded 100 million. That makes US the third most populous country behind china and india. It is noteworthy that sheer number of human beings do not necessarily have the heaviest impact on the environment. Instead environmental impact is a calculation that involves population, affluence and technology. The US consumes nearly 25% of the worlds energy though it has only 5 % of the worlds population and has the highest per capita oil consumption worldwide. Each american produces about 2.3 kg of trash a day, the current rate is about 5 times that in developing countries."
Illumninatus! Author Needs Our Help - kdawson 438 Criceratops writes,

"Almost every fringe-geek worth their salt has read 'The Illuminatus! Trilogy,' or at least the 'Principia Discordia,' and much of the enlightenment therein came from Robert Anton Wilson. On the eve of 'Xena' being officially named Eris, Douglas Rushkoff's blog reveals that the extremely ill Mr. Wilson can't make his rent. Another testimony to how our society refuses to reward those who enrich it... but not if we can help it!"
Network Neutrality Threatened In Norway - kdawson 92
eirikso writes, "In

00.Jun.2006 NextGenTel, one of the biggest broadband providers in Norway, decided to deliberately limit the bandwidth from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The CEO of NextGenTel, Morten Ågnes, told the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that they will give priority to the content providers who pay for better bandwidth. The Consumer Council of Norway takes this as a serious threat to network neutrality in Norway and wants to call a meeting with the biggest broadband providers in Norway to find a solution."
04.Oct.2006 Foley claims abuse by a clergyman  Foley's lawyer, David Roth, stated at a press conference that Foley was abused between the ages of 13 and 15 by a clergyman and that Foley, as an adult, has never had sex with a minor. Apparently, he will reveal the name of the clergyman at a later date. And finally, "Mark Foley wants you to know that he is a gay man." We pretty much had that last one. posted by Prof. Hex
04.Oct.2006 The century of drought 
One third of the planet will be desert by the year 2100, say climate experts in the most dire warning yet of the effects of global warming.
04.Oct.2006 FBI examines threat to page in Foley scandal 

The FBI is investigating a possible threat against the north Louisiana teenager who was on the receiving end of suggestive e-mails from disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley, a Louisiana congressman said Tuesday. posted by Prof. Hex
04.Oct.2006 The prehistory of prebiotics 

Our plain-dwelling ancestors were big-time eaters of inulin-containing plants + prebiotic consumption was significantly higher than today, an archaeologist told attendees at the 5th Orafti Research Conference in Boston. Prof. Hex 04.Oct.2006 Protest Against Bush Attack on Iran at Norfolk Naval Base: Nuclear carrier strike group led by the USS Eisenhower said to be steaming out of Norfolk on Tuesday, October 3.

04.Oct.2006 Britain revives threat of sanctions on Iran : Renewed tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme emerged on Tuesday as Britain warned that world powers would return to the United Nations Security Council to consider targeted sanctions against Tehran.

04.Oct.2006 Russia says talks to solve Iran atomic case : Russia believes a dispute over Iran's nuclear programme should be resolved by negotiations, the secretary of Russia's Security Council, Igor Ivanov, said on Tuesday.

04.Oct.2006 Iranian nuclear official proposes that France enrich Iran's uranium : A top Iranian nuclear official proposed Tuesday that France create a consortium to enrich uranium in Iran, saying that could satisfy international demands for outside oversight of Tehran's nuclear program

04.Oct.2006 France rejects Iran uranium offer : France has distanced itself from an Iranian proposal for French investment in Iran's atomic industry, enabling it to supervise Tehran's nuclear programme

04.Oct.2006 Ted Koppel : Let 'em have nukes. But... : The elimination of American opposition on this issue would open the way to genuine normalization between our two nations. It might even convince the Iranians that their country can flourish without nuclear weapons

04.Oct.2006 War pimp alert: Rumsfeld: Venezuela build-up is concern: "I don't know of anyone threatening Venezuela, anyone in this hemisphere," said Rumsfeld, who is attending a meeting here of Western hemisphere military leaders - many of them concerned about the weapons, jets and helicopters Chavez is buying.

04.Oct.2006 U.S. General Says Chávez Worries Region: The commander of USA military activities in Latin America said Monday that Venezuela under President Hugo Chávez had become a destabilizing force + that other countries in the Western hemisphere shared that concern.

04.Oct.2006 Putin: No third party involved in Georgia-Russia spy row : Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his U.S. counterpart George W. Bush, saying no third party should be involved in the row over Georgia's arrest of four Russian officers last week, a president spokesman said on Monday.

04.Oct.2006 Putin's ultimate weapon – control of worldwide energy sources : India, China and Eastern Europe will be soon dependant on energy from ‘Russian Oil Block’. China is already dependant on it. The Eastern Europe that rebelled out of Soviet Union ultimately realizes that in order sustain and achieve prosperity they need cheap energy resources

04.Oct.2006 Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back : Documents obtained by the Guardian show US authorities are demanding that the detainees be kept under 24-hour surveillance if set free - restrictions that are dismissed by the British as unnecessary and unworkable.

04.Oct.2006 'I thought Britain stood for justice, but the British government has abandoned us' : At least nine former British residents are being held at Guantánamo. They include two former public schoolboys and two political refugees, a one-time MI5 informer and a man with a history of mental illness. US authorities say they want to send most back to the UK, but the British say they have no right to be in this country.

04.Oct.2006 Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on Al Qaeda Threat : A review of White House records has determined that George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, did brief Condoleezza Rice + other top officials 10.Jul.2001 , about the looming threat from Al Qaeda, a State Department spokesman said Monday.

04.Oct.2006 Video: Condoleezza Rice Facing 9 - 11 Commission. : Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have committed perjury in her testimony before the 9/11 Commission 00.May 2004 .

04.Oct.2006 Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and former Attorney General John Ashcroft received the same CIA briefing about an imminent al-Qaida strike on an American target that was given to the White House two months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

04.Oct.2006 North American Union Escapes Scrutiny: Judicial Watch uncovered documents that shed new light on the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” announced by President Bush, former Mexico President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin on 23.Mar.2005 .

04.Oct.2006 America is living beyond its means : China and India will be calling the shots when the US is no longer top dollar

04.Oct.2006 Reports Show Economy is Squeezing Most Americans: Government data suggests that for most Americans, there has been no economic recovery + financial security is fast becoming a fantasy, according to recent analyses by public-interest groups.

04.Oct.2006 Are we rich if we don't feed the poor?: As it is, the richest 1 % of Americans have seen their incomes pull away dramatically from the merely rich, the middle class + the poor. That 1 % 00.000.2004 got 17 % of all income nationwide. The bottom 90 % got less than 58 %.

04.Oct.2006 The Health Costs of Wealth Inequality : Not that long ago in this country, you could raise a family on a single paycheck. If you were working, you didn’t have to worry about an unexpected medical bill making you homeless.

04.Oct.2006 A Wealth of Advice: Nearly $2 billion paid to consultants 00.000.2003-2004 federal elections

04.Oct.2006 Man Says He Was Arrested After Criticizing Cheney : A Colorado man accused a Secret Service agent Tuesday of arresting him on trumped-up allegations of assaulting Vice President Dick Cheney after he told Cheney the administration's policies in Iraq were "reprehensible."
The threat of civil war in Palestine : This is the most dangerous stage in the history of the Palestinian nation’s struggle because

the USA, Israel + the European Union are making serious efforts to spark a civil war in Palestine.
Musharraf U-turn on Taliban: Retired Pakistani intelligence officers could be running the Taliban insurgency against coalition forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan's president, Gen Pervez Musharraf, has said.

04.Oct.2006 Afghanistan: Nato is Now US-ATO: The pre-planned war in Afghanistan will be 5 years old on 07.Oct.2006 .

The PNAC gang had their eyes on Afghanistan + its oil prior to 9/11, as seen in R. M. Gerecht’s (

00.Mar.2001 ) NY Times article, reprinted on the PNAC website.

04.Oct.2006 US eyes Latin America's help in Iraq, Afghanistan: The USA is pressing some Latin American countries to send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq for non-combat missions as the Pentagon struggles to transition those operations from war to reconstruction.

04.Oct.2006 Wanted: a world leader : The U.S. collapse couldn't come at a worse time, says former Canadian diplomat
American Narcissism and Iraq: The Iraq War Isn't a Quagmire. It's Just Wrong.

04.Oct.2006 Allan Weisbecker: Reading Bob Woodward to steep myself in lies: A question for Bob: What State of Denial were you living in that you could claim that a car bombing that slaughters scores and maims hundreds is rule breaking? - You want a list of laws, international and domestic – plus supreme laws of the land, this land, the U.S. of A.– that were broken in this collusion between the President and CIA Director?
North Korea Vows First Nuclear Test -By CHOE SANG-HUN and JOHN O’NEIL
A statement released by the North Korean state-run news agency declared that “the U.S. extreme threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure” compel the country “to conduct a nuclear test, an essential process for bolstering nuclear deterrent, as a corresponding measure for defense.”

04.Oct.2006 The October Surprise -By Gary Hart
For a divinely guided president who imagines himself to be a latter day Winston Churchill (albeit lacking the ability to formulate intelligent sentences) + who professedly does not care about public opinion at home or abroad, anything is possible + dwindling days in power may be seen as making the most apocalyptic actions necessary.

04.Oct.2006 Lincoln Weeps -By Bill Moyers
Once upon a time the House of Representatives was known as "the people's house." No more. It belongs to K Street now. That's the address of the lobbyists who swarm all over Capitol Hill.

There are 65 lobbyists for every member of Congress. They spend $200 million per month wining, dining and seducing federal officials. Per month! Continue

04.Oct.2006 America the Tyranny- The Road to Authoritarianism -By Manuel Valenzuela
The red, white and blue, sadly enough, has become the symbol of what we most hate, of what we swore to never become. It has become a flag hijacked by tyrants, with the American People unconcerned and unwilling, to the point of embarrassment, to free it from its dungeon, with most too lazy or apathetic to care, most too ignorant to know.

A Libby Pardon for Christmas?: Maybe you are thinking that Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's case against Scooter Libby is yesterday's news, or, worse, in its last throes. Think again.
04.Oct.2006 World Can’t Wait…Drive Out the Bush Regime!: Help stop the Iran attack - Be There on 05.Oct.2006 .

04.Oct.2006 "79 % of Gazan Households are Living in Poverty": According to the World Bank, Palestinians are currently experiencing the worst economic depression in modern history.

04.Oct.2006 Here's why Chávez is so mad: A quick glance at recent U.S. policy and posture toward Venezuela gives us some clues as to why people in Venezuela are getting set to reelect a president who calls the USA an empire.

04.Oct.2006 Chavez says he has White House informant: Citing what he said were warnings from an alleged White House informant, Chavez told thousands of supporters at a campaign rally that President Bush has ordered him to be killed before he leaves office 00.000.2008.

04.Oct.2006 U.S. must be more relevant in Latin America: experts: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has had sway over Latin America's smaller economies but could now eclipse the USA' influence over the third-largest economy, Argentina, two top former U.S. diplomats said on Tuesday.

04.Oct.2006 US drops tourism bombshell: Passport decision akin to a 'category 6 hurricane' - Stewart said it appeared that the region's flirtation with Venezuela's Chavez had triggered the US decision

04.Oct.2006 Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the Military Commissions Act: "Wake up America!" A Must Listen - INN Interview:
General: U.S. Army in danger:

The Iraq war has left the U.S. military in critical condition, stretched beyond its limits in manpower + equipment and in danger of "breaking," retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey said Tuesday.

04.Oct.2006 Iraqi police unit linked to militias: Iraqi authorities have taken a brigade of up to 700 policemen out of service and put members under investigation for "possible complicity" with death squads following a mass kidnapping earlier this week, the U.S. military said Wednesday.
The Arrogant, the Misguided and the Cowards-Out of Iraq, Out with Bush -By Sean Penn
We the people of the USA have a unique opportunity. We can show each other and the world that what the Bush administration claims is their mission is not ours. And, by leading our country as a citizenry and demanding of our government an immediate end to our own military and profit investments in Iraq, display for the entire world that democracy is a government of the people.

04.Oct.2006 The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
The Pentagon has already drawn up plans for U.S. sponsored attacks on Iran and Syria.3 Despite the public posturing of diplomacy by the USA and Britain, just like the Iraq Invasion, Iran and Syria sense another Anglo-American war in the horizon. Both countries have been strengthening their defenses for the eventuality of war with the Anglo-American alliance. 

04.Oct.2006 Human Hell and the Demons of War -Branch Warfare and the Evolution of Aggression -By Manuel Valenzuela
Wars of religious proclivity are the greatest example of the malignant human hell that legitimizes the murder and killing of our fellow ma n.

04.Oct.2006 A Soul Defying, Tacit Approval Of Torture: How Did We Come To This? -By Phil Rockstroh
For most of us, the price we would have to pay for confronting authority would be far too prohibitive; hence, we learn it is acceptable (as well as politically useful to our power mad leaders) to displace our anger and fear upon outsiders. Ergo, the so-called Clash of Civilizations is unloosed and slouches, by way of the Washington Beltway, to Iraq, Iran and beyond to be born.

04.Oct.2006 Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill -By Chris Floyd
It was a dark hour indeed last Thursday when the USA Senate voted to end the constitutional republic and transform the country into a "Leader-State," giving the president and his agents the power to capture, torture and imprison forever anyone - American citizens included - whom they arbitrarily decide is an "enemy combatant."

04.Oct.2006 Why does Thailand have all the Luck? -By Mike Whitney
Imagine the Abrams tanks and Humvees trundling down Pennsylvania Ave; knocking down the flimsy roadblocks and wrought-iron fencing + plopping down on the White House lawn waiting for a white flag to emerge from a window in the Oval Office.

04.Oct.2006  Latin America Declares Independence -By Noam Chomsky
Five centuries after the European conquests, Latin America is reasserting its independence. In the southern cone especially, from Venezuela to Argentina, the region is rising to overthrow the legacy of external domination of the past centuries and the cruel and destructive social forms that they have helped to establish.

04.Oct.2006 Men And Women Of Faith: Sweep Out Morally Corrupted Republican Congress - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from Brent Budowsky
Special Early Edition of the GOP Hypocrite of the Week. The Chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus simultaneously Exploiting Children. We give you Mark Foley. Really. Take Him.
Third congressman says Hastert knew; Speaker Hastert continues to deny he knew of Foley?s lewd emails to pages. The knives are getting closer. Activist Richard A. Viguerie was among those who called for Hastert to step down. "The fact that they just walked away from this, it sounds like they were trying to protect one of their own members rather than these young boys," Viguerie said on Fox News. Limbaugh, Who Sought Sex in the Dominican Republic and Did Drug Shopping in Pal Beach, Stands by Hastert. These Men Value Power Over Protecting Youth from Perverts. 10/5

04.Oct.2006 Bill Clinton had enough of the right-wing effort to shift blame for Bush's failed policies and negligent governance and stood his ground for the truth. That's why he's this week's Wings of Justice Award Winner.
Cindy Sheehan has become, in a short period of time, an important voice in the peace movement. Read "Peace Mom" to understand her journey from Mom to Peace Mom.

04.Oct.2006 Poll: Iraq, sex scandal halt GOP momentum 10/5
Conservative icon Richard Viguerie calls on House Republican leadership to resign 10/5
Iraqi police unit linked to militias 10/4

04.Oct.2006 Success in Iraq! Party 00.000.2006, Um . . . I Mean 2007? No, 200 . . . ? Republicans provide $20 Mil for Bush's War Success Celebration, only to have nothing to celebrate. Move cash to next year. Really. 10/4
Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda? The more the House Republican leaders try to defend themselves on the Congressional page scandal, the worse it looks. 10/4

04.Oct.2006 From BradBlog. When Dems regain control of congress, this should be reason enough to revoke dear old Rupert's broadcast license. The bastards deserve NO MERCY.
04.Oct.2006 Stay awake; even the Foley fiasco can lull us into ignoring what's really important ahead of us. Permalink
04.Oct.2006 New definition of terrorism Now, members of the ASPCA -- I'm not kidding: The ASPCA -- may stand accused of terrorism. H.R. 4239, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), is a bill that could make it a crime punishable by imprisonment to cause any business classified as an "animal enterprise" to suffer a loss of profit—even if the company's financial decline is the result of legal activities, such as peaceful protests, consumer boycotts or media campaigns. The term “animal enterprise” would include manufacturers, distributors and sellers of animals or animal products, research facilities, pet stores, breeders, zoos, rodeos, circuses + animal shelters and the like.
While the ASPCA strongly opposes acts of violence, including vandalism, property damage and trespass, this bill threatens to criminalize as “terrorism” otherwise lawful, constitutionally protected acts often utilized by citizens and organizations to effect change. Lawful and peaceful protests that, for example, urge a consumer boycott of a company that does not use humane procedures, could be the target of this provision if the activity resulted in economic damage to the company.
The bill would also make it illegal to expose cruel conditions at facilities such as puppy mills and research labs, if exposure of such conditions—even if done lawfully—would result in economic damage to the animal enterprise. There is no exemption in the bill to exclude “economic damage” that results from the disclosure of information about a company’s treatment of animals, which is disclosed through public information.

04.Oct.2006 Nahost: Abbas droht Hamas mit Ausnahmezustand
04.Oct.2006 Genreis- Skandal: EU will alle Reis- Importe aus USA kontrollieren
04.Oct.2006 Georgien- Krise: Russland droht mit Militärschlag
04.Oct.2006 Sommer 2006: Rekordozonloch über der Antarktis

04.Oct.2006 Misshandlungs- Vorwürfe: Verteidigungsministerium ordnet Untersuchung im Fall Kurnaz an
Nordkoreas Atomtest- Pläne: Kim will USA Deal aufzwingen
US- Wahlkampf: Jeder Fehltritt landet im Netz
04.Oct.2006 Islamreformer Tibi: "Rassismusvorwurf ist in Deutschland eine starke Waffe"
04.Oct.2006 Buchmesse- Eröffnung: Bücher, die Berge versetzen
04.Oct.2006 Schweden: Alleiniger Chemie- Nobelpreis für US- Forscher
04.Oct.2006 Dokumentation: Der Sex- Chat mit dem 16- jährigen Büroboten
04.Oct.2006 Uran- Streit: Iran will Touristen in Atomanlagen lassen

04.Oct.2006 Feueralarm: Mamas Geschrei weckt Kinder besser als Feuersirenen
Schweiz: Frauen machen gegen Waffentradition mobil
04.Oct.2006 USA: Bush von Sex- Affäre "angeekelt"

04.Oct.2006 E- Mail- Affäre: Sex- Skandal erschüttert US- Wahlkampf
Schwere Stürme: Chaos im Südwesten
04.Oct.2006 "Volltextsuche online": Verlage machen Google Konkurrenz

04.Oct.2006 Konflikte: USA verurteilen Nordkoreas Pläne für Atomwaffentest
Antikes Rezept: Römer kaschierten mit Nano- Paste ihre grauen Haare
04.Oct.2006 Report: Bush plans Bolton recess appointment. - Nico 
Human Events Online reports,

According to an administration source who requested anonymity, if the Senate does not vote on Bolton before his current recess appointment expires December 18, the President will again name Bolton to the post during Congress’ post-election recess.”
ABC: ‘Foley bombshell coming.’ - Nico 
Foley bombshell coming … Former Congressman’s attorney to hold news conference in West Palm Beach, FLA.”

UPDATE: Attorney says Foley was molested by a member of the clergy between the ages of 13-15.
58 %. - Amanda 
Number of Americans who believe the Bush administration has deliberately misled the American public about the war in Iraq, according to a new CNN poll.
Hastert: Foley Scandal Is A Liberal Conspiracy To ‘Get To Me’ And ‘Affect Our Election’ - Nico 

Interviewed by Rush Limbaugh today, House Speaker Hastert said Mark Foley’s inappropriate behavior was “a political issue” and promised Rush that “we are going on offense.”

The “offense” is an effort to portray the scandal as a conspiracy specifically timed by liberals to affect the elections. “We are the insulation to protect this country,” Hastert declared, “and if they get to me it looks like they could affect our election as well”:

SPEAKER HASTERT: There were two pieces of paper out there, one that we knew about and we acted on; one that happened 00.000.2003 we didn’t know about, but somebody had it, and, you know, they’re trying — and they drop it the last day of the session, you know, before we adjourn on an election year. Now, we took care of Mr. Foley. We found out about it, asked him to resign. He did resign. He’s gone. We asked for an investigation. We’ve done that. We’re trying to build better protections for these page programs.

But, you know, this is a political issue in itself , too + what we’ve tried to do as the Republican Party is make a better economy, protect this country against terrorism — and we’ve worked at it ever since 9/11, worked with the president on it — and there are some people that try to tear us down.

We are the insulation to protect this country + if they get to me it looks like they could affect our election as well. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO Digg It! Full transcript here.
04.Oct.2006 Conservatives Respond To Foley Scandal With Anti-Gay Smears - Nico 

Some conservative commentators are using the Mark Foley scandal to push vicious anti-gay smears. A few notable comments:

Ben Stein, American Spectator:

On the one hand, we have a poor misguided Republican man who had a romantic thing for young boys. He sent them suggestive e-mail.

I agree, that’s not great. … I hope it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that a big part of male homosexual behavior is interest in young boys. [Link]

Linda Harvey, WorldNetDaily:

Open or suspected homosexuals should never be elected. The problem with homosexuals is that they frequently don’t have common sense and don’t acknowledge appropriate boundaries.

Weird sex, public displays of “affection” and nudity + sex with youth are built into the “gay” sub-culture .

Jonah Goldberg, National Review:

The funny thing is that you would think the left — particularly the gay left — would be a bit more interested in not having 16 + 17 year old teenagers classified as young children for legal/sexual/political purposes .

If that were the case, then a whole lot of dirty old men would need to be prosecuted for felonies when they pick up street hustlers. [Link]

Wall Street Journal, editorial:

But in today’s politically correct culture, it’s easy to understand how senior Republicans might well have decided they had no grounds to doubt Mr. Foley merely because he was gay and a little too friendly in emails .

Some of those liberals now shouting the loudest for Mr. Hastert’s head are the same voices who tell us that the larger society must be tolerant of private lifestyle choices + certainly must never leap to conclusions about gay men and young boys. [Link]

Tammy Bruce, political analyst:

All I want, frankly, is a gay person in office who is not a sexual compulsive. I mean, is that too much to ask for? [Fox News]

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy In Meda:

In fact, the entire scandal might have been avoided if Foley’s homosexuality had been exposed and confronted , rather than protected, over the last several years. [Link]

The Foley scandal is not about homosexuality. As ABC News’ Maddy Sauer, who broke the Foley story, said today: “This is an issue about minors and congressional pages that have gone to the Hill to learn about how our country works and, you know, are aspiring to work there themselves one day. It’s just — the story is not about whether the congressman is gay or straight.”
04.Oct.2006 Bush
praises Hastert. - Nico 

President Bush told reporters he was “shocked and dismayed” at Foley’s behavior + said: “I know Denny Hastert. I meet with him a lot.

He is a father, teacher, coach who cares about the children of this country. I know that he wants all the facts to come out.”
Hannity Insists Liberal Conspiracy Behind Timing of Foley Email Release - Payson 

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity devoted a large part of his show to the Foley scandal. But rather than discuss Foley’s behavior and the possible cover-up by the House leadership, Hannity focused on the timing of the release of Foley’s inappropriate emails and IMs + wondered if they were “held back to maximize the political impact before an election.” Watch it:

The House leadership, not those who released Foley’s inappropriate conduct to the public, should be questioned about the timing of their actions.

ABC News reported, “Foley’s obsession with 16- and 17-year-old male pages has been known to Republicans on Capitol Hill for at least five years, but, other than issue a warning, little else seems to have been done about the congressman.” Among those informed were House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL), House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) + Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who chairs the three-member House page board. None of these officials apparently ever contacted law enforcement about the emails. None of them informed the Democratic member of the page board. Foley was permitted to retain his position as a member of House leadership and as the co-chair of the congressional caucus on exploited children. Digg It!


HANNITY: Do you find it a little more than curious that some of these instant messages that went back and forth are, you know, several years old + were only released after the Republican primary election was finished, which makes it difficult to replace him on the ballot? Do you find the timing, the fact that they’ve had — some people have known about these for years + that they’re only released at this point? Is that curious to you? [Snip]

HANNITY: Who knew? Why did they leak it now, 30- some-odd days out of an election, when they had this for three years? That’s a big question in my mind. [Snip]

HANNITY: But do you suspect that this is — do you suspect that there is some funny business going on? Do you suspect politics may be involved here? [Snip]

NEGRON: The reality is that what he did was wrong and he needs to pay the consequences.

HANNITY: I got that part.

NEGRON: I’m asking voters to give me a chance.

HANNITY: But do you think politics is involved in the timing of the release of this, after the Republican primary in Florida, which makes it difficult to replace his name on the ballot, which you can’t do, in other words, to replace the candidate? [Snip]

HANNITY: We see a lot of things unfolding just before an election. You see that this is just pure politics. Is there any principle left? [Snip]

HANNITY: Apparently some of these instant messages are three years old. So I think we all have to have a question raised here. I want to know why these instant messages were held back until now. Who knew about them? Why did they hold them back? Did they do it for political reasons? In other words, were they held back to maximize the political impact before an election?
More Foley instant messages. - Nico 
ABC News reports that Foley had internet sex with a page while awaiting a House vote on the 2003 Iraq supplemental.
04.Oct.2006 Sen. Trent Lott: ‘Iraqis Look Like Iraqis And Americans Look Like Americans’ - Faiz 

Appearing on the Daily Show last night, Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) was asked about his recent comments expressing confusion over the ongoing sectarian violence in Iraq. “Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me,” he said previously.

Last night, Lott explained, “Iraqis look like Iraqis and Americans look like Americans.” In Sen. Lott’s view, all Americans apparently look like him. Lott added, “Methodist, Baptists + Catholics live in my hometown. They all look the same to me, they all look like Americans.” Watch it: Full transcript:

STEWART: There was one other thing that you mentioned after your meeting with President Bush that I wanted you to have a chance to address.

You mentioned Sunnis and Shiites are fighting each other and we don’t know why they are doing that. And why should they fight each other + who the hell knows the difference, or something along those lines.

Do you want to address that quote in some way. I was trying to be delicate about this.

LOTT: I certainly didn’t mean to offend Muslims, but one of the points that I’ve made –

STEWART: You better not.

LOTT: I never have understood why people kill each other over religion, number one.

STEWART: Nice, I appreciate that, that’s nice.

LOTT: I always had trouble understanding — Iraqis look like Iraqis + Americans look like Americans. Now I can’t tell –

STEWART: You mean that as unity, not as what the hell, they all look alike to me.

LOTT: Methodist, Baptists + Catholics live in my hometown. They all look the same to me, they all look like Americans.

STEWART: Methodists have a little mole here.
Tony Perkins: ‘Tolerance And Diversity’ Are To Blame For ‘Congressmen Chasing 16-Year-Olds’ - Amanda 

Yesterday on CNN, Tony Perkins, President of the conservative Family Research Council, blamed the Foley scandal on America’s belief in “tolerance and diversity.”

He also excused the House leadership’s neglect of the issue, saying they may have been “fearful of acting because they would be seen as homophobic or gay bashing.” Watch it:

This scandal has nothing to do with Foley’s sexual orientation. Preying on children — of any gender — is unacceptable. Digg It! Full transcript below:

JOHN KING: As we speak sir, John Shimkas is still the chairman of the Page Board. Would you send your child to Washington to be a page?

TONY PERKINS: There’s no defense of this behavior. It’s outrageous. It’s shocking. But it shouldn’t be totally surprising. When we told up tolerance and diversity as the guideposts for public life, this is what you end up getting. You get congressmen chasing 16-year-olds down the halls of Congress. It’s a shame. It’s a tragedy and it does need to be addressed. But not just the symptoms here. We need to go to the source of the problem. And if the leadership was negligent, it should be dealt with and should be dealt with in the most severe way possible. But what prevented the leadership from acting? Were they fearful of acting because they would be seen as homophobic or gay bashing?
Boehner throws Hastert under the bus. - Nico 

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) this morning: “I believe I talked to the Speaker and he told me it had been taken care of,” said Boehner. “And + + my position is it’s in his corner, it’s his responsibility.

The Clerk of the House who runs the page program, the Page Board–all report to the Speaker. And I believe it had been dealt with.”
CBS Turns Over News Broadcast To Man Who Blames School Shootings on Teaching Evolution and Abortion - Judd 

Last night, the CBS Evening News turned their broadcast over to a man named Brian Rohrbough, who lost his son during the Columbine massacre.

Mr. Rohrbough proceeded to blame recent school shootings on:

1) the teaching of evolution +

2) abortion. Watch it: Mr. Rohrbough suffered a great loss and is certainly entitled to his opinion. But CBS does not have to broadcast his extreme views to millions of people.
Intel Officials: Rice’s July 2001 Briefing Described Urgent Threat, ‘10 On a Scale of 1 to 10' - Judd 

Condoleezza Rice describes her briefing with CIA officials George Tenet and Cofer Black on

10.Jul.2001 as relatively unremarkable. Here’s how her spokesman Sean McCormack described it yesterday:

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack [said]… the information Rice got “was not new'’ and didn’t amount to an urgent warning. “Rather, it was a good summary from the threat-reporting from the previous several weeks ,'’ McCormack said in a statement from Saudi Arabia where Rice is traveling.

Earlier in the day, Rice questioned whether the meeting even happened and said that it was “incomprehensiblethe meeting included a warning that U.S. interests faced an imminent threat from al-Qaeda.

Here’s how the briefing was described by the officials who prepared it, according to McClatchy:

One official who helped to prepare the briefing, which included a PowerPoint presentation, described it as a “10 on a scale of 1 to 10? that “connected the dots” in earlier intelligence reports to present a stark warning that al-Qaida, which had already killed Americans in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and East Africa, was poised to strike again…

The briefing was intended to `connect the dots’ contained in other intelligence reports and paint a very clear picture of the threat posed by bin Laden,” said the official, who described the tone of the report as “scary.”

Rice also considered the August 6 President’s Daily Brief, entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike US,” an historical document. Digg It!
04.Oct.2006 Speaker Hastert will not resign, - Nico 
a spokesperson tells MSNBC.
October 3, 2006 - Think Progress 

Would have, could have, should have ,” Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said yesterday, “responding to questions about whether Republicans should have done moreabout Mark Foley.

Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft “received the same CIA briefing about an imminent al-Qaida strike on an American target that was given to the White House two months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.” The presentation was described as a “10 on a scale of 1 to 10warning that al Qaeda “was poised to strike again.”

Flanked by about 30 children of supporters,” Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) yesterday defended his decision to not inform authorities when he learned of Mark Foley’s inappropriate emails last spring. “When a reporter suggested to Reynolds that the children step outside in order to have a frank discussion of the sexually charged case, Reynolds declined.”

North Korea said Tuesday that it will conduct a nuclear test to bolster its self-defense capability amid what it calls increasing U.S. hostility toward the communist regime,” the AP reports. World leaders “acted with alarm.”

While the stock market and corporate profits have rebounded, many Americans’ paychecks haven’t grown fast enough to keep up with rising prices. A recent WSJ/NBC poll found the “gap between rich and poorranked as the No. 2 economic issue — after gas prices and energy costs.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) wants to put the Taliban back in power in Afghanistan. Frist yesterday urged support for efforts to bring “people who call themselves Talibanand their allies into the government.

The US, Russia, the UK, France and Germany remain the world’s top arms exporters , accounting for about 82% of the market 00.000.2005,” a new report shows.

The weapons fuel conflicts around the world, including in Darfur and Uganda.

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon is close to being named the U.N.’s next secretary-general , after winning the support of all five permanent Security Council members in an informal poll Monday.

Ban said in an interview last week that he wanted “to make the U.N. relevant again.”

New census figures show the “ burden of housing costs in nearly every part of the country grew sharply from 2000 to 2005.”

The numbers vividly illustrate the impact, often distributed unevenly, of the crushing combination of escalating real estate prices and largely stagnant incomes.”

And finally: Don’t blame me, I voted for the other clown. “A real clown is running for mayor of Alameda (CA) + even his sister won’t vote for him.” Kenneth Kahn, aka “Kenny the Clown,” “admits he’s running a long-shot campaign” for mayor. “People ask me, ‘Do we really want to elect a clown for mayor of the city,’” Kahn said. “I say, ‘That’s an excellent question.’”
Atta's Father Says Video Fake, Credibility of 'Hijackers Tape' - Paul Joseph Watson ' Crumbles Islamic Terror Expert: "Was this a video by al-Qa'ida or by a security agency?" "New"
04.Oct.2006 Will Americans Seek Repeal Of Constitution Killing Enabling Act? - Paul Joseph Watson Or are Mark Foley's perverted e mails of more importance to the existence of freedom in the
04.Oct.2006 Father of Mohammed Atta says Video a Fake - sfux AKI -

The father of Mohammed Atta, the leader of the September 11 hijackers, says a video published by the British daily The Sunday Times, showing Atta 20 months before the Twin Towers attacks, is false. "The video-testament of my son is false and I continue to believe he is innocent" Muhammad al-Amir al-Sayd...
Weldon rejects DOD report on able danger & harassment of military officer - sfux Washington -

U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, today released the following statement about the Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG) report on
N Korea warned over nuclear test A North Korean nuclear test would be a "provocative act", US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says.
04.Oct.2006 Key powers seek Iran sanctions The US and the UK say key world powers will seek UN sanctions against Iran over the nuclear stand-off.
04.Oct.2006 Dow Jones closes at record high The Dow Jones hits an all-time closing high, beating its record set six years ago as oil prices continue to slide.
04.Oct.2006 Q&A: EU passenger data row Why EU-US talks on renewing a deal on the transfer of air passenger data collapsed.
04.Oct.2006 India calls for calm over dengue Indian officials tell people not to panic as an outbreak of dengue fever claims at least 28 lives.
04.Oct.2006 'Ancient light' takes Nobel Prize Discoveries about the "oldest light" in the Universe earn John Mather and George Smoot a Nobel Prize for physics.
04.Oct.2006 EU urges Russia to end blockade The EU calls on Russia to lift economic sanctions it imposed on Georgia amid a bitter spying row.
04.Oct.2006 Misery continues for gaming firms World Gaming shares plummet a third, after saying it may be "in default of its loan conditions" as its debt soars.
04.Oct.2006 Rice plea on Palestinian clashes The US secretary of state calls for an end to the violence in the Palestinian territories, during a regional tour.
04.Oct.2006 Shoelace tag valued above gold Simple tags to prevent shoelaces from fraying tell a tidy tale about Christopher Columbus in Cuba.
04.Oct.2006 Iran pushes France nuclear deal Iran suggests France could monitor Iran's nuclear programme, as powers move to consider sanctions.
04.Oct.2006 Big Bang Brings Big Prize
The work of two Americans didn't prove the "big bang" theory but certainly advanced the argument for it, prompting the chairman of the Nobel committee for physics to declare it "one of the greatest discoveries of the century." It also brought them the Nobel Prize for physics.

04.Oct.2006 HP investigator twice raised objections After his first caution, Vince Nye sent a second e-mail warning that obtaining outsiders' phone records didn't pass smell test.
04.Oct.2006 Graphite that can absorb oil Video: A-Z Comp CEO Alisher Abdul demonstrates how nanocarbon graphene can absorb oil spills regardless of size and scale. The demonstration took place at the California Clean Tech Open competition in San Francisco on September 26, 2006.
04.Oct.2006 HP's boardroom drama Internal investigation into media leaks at tech giant blows up into full-fledged media event.
04.Oct.2006 Google's Schmidt meets the Tories CEO pops into a Conservative party conference to insist the Internet can help combat repressive societies.
04.Oct.2006 Mark Foley: Scandalized, but still logged on to AIM Blog: Even a sex scandal over communicating with underage boys can't make newly-ex Rep. Mark Foley sign off of AIM, according to liberal...
04.Oct.2006 Dead man's hand for online gambling? Blog: Online gambling has just gone bust in the USA.A bill approved by Congress over the weekend essentially outlaws most...
04.Oct.2006 In Washington, a Net protector or predator? Mark Foley, who resigned from Congress over sex-chat allegations, touted himself as its leading defender of children on the Net.
03.Oct.2006 Abgeschmackt – Religion- Da könnte sich die Vatikanbank mal ein Beispiel nehmen ... Dörfert, Hasenhüttl + ... die Skandale der katholischen Kirche in Trier nehmen kein Ende ...
03.Oct.2006 Bernays, Edward L. impact - public relations in America ... problems in America . go back much further than public relations does. One ...
03.Oct.2006 Tory- Parteitag: Krückstock und eine Tasse Tee
Protest gegen Papstbesuch: Flugzeugentführer geben auf
03.Oct.2006 Tschechien: Parlament lehnt neues Kabinett ab
Börse: Dow Jones klettert auf neues Allzeithoch

03.Oct.2006 EADS: A380- Krise wird zum Debakel für Airbus

03.Oct.2006 Idomeneo- Debatte: "Das Abschlagen von Köpfen ist nicht trivial"

03.Oct.2006 Massaker in Pennsylvania: Den Amokläufer trieben Schuldgefühle

03.Oct.2006 Athen: Türkisches Flugzeug nach Italien entführt - Protest gegen Papst
Leipzig: Massenfestnahme bei Anti- Nazi- Demo
03.Oct.2006 Spionage- Affäre: Kalter Krieg am Kaukasus
03.Oct.2006 Nahost: Fatah- Gruppe droht Hamas- Chef mit dem Tod
03.Oct.2006 Monopole: Microsoft klagt gegen EU- Bußgeld

Die europäische Raumfahrtbehörde will Anfang 2008 ein Weltraumteleskop ins All schießen, von dem Forscher sich weitere Details über die Kindertage des Universums erhoffen.

Es trägt den Namen "Planck" - nach dem Physiker, ohne dessen Vorarbeit heutige Wissenschaftler das kosmische Rauschen wohlmöglich nicht einmal richtig hätten deuten können.

Seine geistigen Enkel Mather und Smoot werden am 10. Dezember vom schwedischen König Carl Gustav XVI. die Medaillen mit dem Konterfei Alfred Nobels überreicht bekommen. Mit Material von AP/dpa

Kosmologie: Von Spekulation zur harten Wissenschaft

In der Realität jedoch ist kein solcher Körper bekannt - und nach den Vorstellungen der Physik auch nicht möglich. Das ist der Grund, warum die Entdeckung der Radiotechniker Penzias und Wilson die theoretischen Physiker Robert Dicke und James Peebles von der Princeton University so sehr erregte: Ihnen war sofort klar, dass es sich bei den Mikrowellensignalen um Reste der Strahlung vom Anbeginn der Welt handeln konnte.

Gemessen hatte dieses Echo bis dahin noch niemand - geschweige denn die Milliarden Jahre alten Signale charakterisiert. Die gesamte Kosmologie, die Wissenschaft von der Entstehung des Universums, war lange Zeit eine höchst theoretische Angelegenheit gewesen - notgedrungen. Weil Forscher weder auf der Erde noch am Himmel Aufzeichnungen oder auch nur Spuren aus der fernen kosmischen Vergangenheit finden konnten, beschäftigten sie sich mit abstrakten Spekulationen: Wie könnte es gewesen sein? Doch nun endlich gab es Daten, mit denen man forschen konnte. 1978 erhielten Penzias und Wilson den Physik-Nobelpreis für ihre Entdeckung.
Pastors charged over £4.6m hole in collection plate The weakness of two pastors at the church in Palm Beach, Florida left an $8.6m (£4.6m) hole in its collection plate.
03.Oct.2006 Republican in sex email scandal White House fights to contain damage to Republican electoral prospects from Florida congressman under FBI investigation.
03.Oct.2006 Big five line up behind South Korean for Annan's job The next secretary general of the United Nations is almost certain to be South Korea's foreign minister, Ban Ki-Moon.
03.Oct.2006 Russia escalates Georgia row despite release of 'spies' · Moscow cuts trade links vital for smaller neighbour · Putin warns Bush not to intervene in dispute
03.Oct.2006 Arms firms duck controls with 'flat-pack' weapons · Spending to surpass Cold War heights, says report· Shipping components avoid embargoes and bans
03.Oct.2006 UK rejects Guantánamo nine Britain rejects US offer to return nine detained UK residents.
03.Oct.2006 North Korea nuclear test claim North Korea to conduct test due to 'increased US hostility'.
03.Oct.2006 Physik- Nobelpreis: Spuren vom Anbeginn der Welt gelesen

03.Oct.2006 Italien- Skandal: Vieri verklagt Telefongesellschaft, neuer Verdacht gegen Lazio
Schriftsteller Salman Rushdie: "Indien ist reifer, als viele glauben"

03.Oct.2006 Tag der Deutschen Einheit: Merkel warnt vor Substanzverbrauch
Physik- Nobelpreis: Die Laureaten der letzten zehn Jahre

03.Oct.2006 Deutsche Einheit: Jammern auf höchstem Niveau

03.Oct.2006 Schweden: Nobelpreis für zwei US- Astrophysiker
Study: Four Israeli companies join global top 100 arms list: Four Israeli companies appear in a list of the top 100 arms dealers in the world, according to a report published Monday by Amnesty International. The companies are Israel Aircraft Industries, Rafael Arms Development Authority and Israel Military Industries.

03.Oct.2006 Jordan's King Risks Shah's Fate, Critics Warn : A politically inexperienced king takes control of a Middle Eastern monarchy from his powerful father, surrounds himself with U.S. military hardware and spies, loses touch with his people and is finally ejected in a popular uprising.
State Of Denial Video -Bob Woodward 60 Minute Interview. Click to view

03.Oct.2006 Woodward’s 60 Minutes bloodbath -By Mike Whitney
Veteran journalist Bob Woodward can always be counted on to tell the truth… after all the other options have been exhausted. His new book doesn’t veer too far from the pattern he’s followed his entire career; one minute he’s the “kingmaker” dishing up hearty-helpings of literary tripe like “Bush at War” and “Plan of Attack” and the next minute he’s ramming a scimitar into the lower lumbar region of his prey.

03.Oct.2006 9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting -By PHILIP SHENON
Members of the Sept. 11 commission said today that they were alarmed that they were told nothing about a White House meeting in July 2001 at which George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, is reported to have warned Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, about an imminent Al Qaeda attack and failed to persuade her to take action.

03.Oct.2006 War is Peace-By Irene Rheinwald
Israel and the USA, as self-styled purveyors of democracy and freedom, have ironically fallen into their own propaganda trap. In seeking to rationalize aggressions towards Arabs and Muslims, collectively termed “terrorists”, both nations employ techniques reminiscent of totalitarian regimes + decry the “enemy” as fascist, irrational “evildoers” naturally bent upon violence.

03.Oct.2006 The Axis of Powers; Nazi Tactics by Israel and America in the Phony War On Terror -By Joel Fischer
Terror bombing, illegal invasion of other countries using trumped up excuses, dehumanization of the enemy as inferior, widespread use of torture; these are exactly the same tactics the Nazis used. But these tactics will never produce either the peace or victory the Axis of Powers claim they want. Remember WWII. The Nazis lost!

03.Oct.2006 British documentary alleges pope linked to "child abuse cover-up" BBC - Panorama Investigates
A British documentary claimed that Pope Benedict XVI was implicated in the systematic cover-up of child sex abuse allegations against Catholic priests.
Click to watch - Real Video

03.Oct.2006 Battlefield Foley 
Has Mark Foley checked himself in to a $cientology "rehab" center?
posted by Prof. Hex at
9:44 PM

03.Oct.2006 Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on Al Qaeda Threat  review of White House records has determined that George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, did brief Condoleezza Rice and other top officials on July 10, 2001, about the looming threat from Al Qaeda, a State Department spokesman said Monday. posted by Prof. Hex at 9:24 PM

Republicans knew about Foley 00.000.2001  Despite repeated warning signs going back at least five years, almost nothing was done in Congress to stop Foley's suspect behavior with pages. I am shocked ! Shocked I tell you!
See also:
Cong. Tom Reynolds'(R-NY) chief of staff tried to get ABC to cover-up evidence of Foley predatory sex chat posted by Prof. Hex at 7:46 PM

E-mails Show Foley Sought to Rendezvous with Page 

In addition to explicit sexual language, former Congressman Mark Foley's Internet messages also include repeated efforts to get the underage recipient to rendezvous with him at night.
From the text of the message it seems clear that Foley had at least one person-to-person encounter with the boy. posted by Prof. Hex at
3:29 PM

When did Jack Abramoff find out about the Iraq war?  Before you did, it seems. posted by Prof. Hex at 1:44 PM
Pro-Bush, Moonie-Owned, Washington Times Calls for Resignation of Hastert
Bush Could Declare You an Enemy Combatant, Under Legislation Passed by Congress

03.Oct.2006 "Republican strategists said yesterday that public revulsion over the sexually graphic online conversations between Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) and former House pages could compound the party's problems enough to tip the House to the Democrats in November -- and could jeopardize the party's hold on the Senate as well. As House GOP leaders defended their role in handling revelations that forced Foley on Friday to give up his House seat, party strategists said the scandal threatens to depress turnout among Christian conservatives and could hamper efforts to convince undecided and swing voters that Republicans deserve to remain in the majority." Like, We Can Handle That. 10/3
Yes, There is a Plan for Withdrawal from Iraq. Read it Now. "Out of Iraq: A Practical Plan for Withdrawal," By George McGovern and William Polk.
Jeff Cohen's 'Cable News Confidential' Gives an Eyewitness Account From Inside the News Room -- A BuzzFlash News Interview

03.Oct.2006 NYT Editorial: "That House leaders knew Representative Mark Foley had been sending inappropriate e-mail to Capitol pages and did little about it is terrible. It is also the latest in a long, depressing pattern: When there is a choice between the right thing to do and the easiest route to perpetuation of power, top Republicans always pick wrong." 10/3

03.Oct.2006 Confirmation: C.I.A. Chief Warned Rice on Al Qaeda. There's a Simple Response to Condi's Assertions that She Did Take the Threats of Terrorism Seriously Before 9/11. It's Quite Simple: Condi, Tell Us What You Did Before 9/11 to Prevent a Terrorist Attack, Particularly Considering that You Received an Intelligence Document that Said bin Laden Was Determined to Attack in the USA AND a Four-Alarm Meeting with the Head of the CIA. What Did You Do Condi? Tell Us, Please. 10/3
Hastert: Foley Misconduct Was Presented As Something That ?Might Have Affected Campaigns?

03.Oct.2006 In addition to explicit sexual language, former Congressman Mark Foley's Internet messages also include repeated efforts to get the underage recipient to meet him for drinking, dancing and more. Foley was trolling for sex. There's no doubt about it.

03.Oct.2006 Bush Could Declare You an Enemy Combatant, Under Legislation Passed by Congress
03.Oct.2006 Omar Saeed Sheikh Xymphora has directed our attention to this story,

in which Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf reveals (or should I say "claims"?) that Omar Saeed Sheikh is or was an agent of British intelligence.
Are you asking yourself "Omar who?" I should hope not -- he's one of the most important and fascinating characters in the 9/11 mystery, a figure intimately connected with the former head of Pakistani intelligence, Mehmood Ahmad Mehmood + with Khaled Sheik Muhammed, the accused mastermind of the World Trade Center attack. Omar Saeed Sheikh is said to have helped train the hijackers. He's in prison now, convicted of murdering Daniel Pearl.
From Wikipedia: On

06.Oct.2001 a senior-level U.S. government official told CNN that U.S. investigators had discovered Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (Sheik Syed), using the alias "Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad" had sent about $100,000 from the United Arab Emirates to Mohammed Atta.

"Investigators said Atta then distributed the funds to conspirators in Florida in the weeks before the deadliest acts of terrorism on U.S. soil that destroyed the World Trade Center, heavily damaged the Pentagon and left thousands dead. In addition, sources have said Atta sent thousands of dollars -- believed to be excess funds from the operation -- back to Saeed in the United Arab Emirates in the days before September 11. CNN later confirmed this. If this guy worked for the Brits...well. I wonder what arch-Anglophobe Lyndon LaRouche will have to say about that .
The more you look into the Saeed Sheikh affair, the stranger it gets. The best place to start is
this bio derived from the timeline prepared by the Center for Cooperative Research. He studied in London + was, by all accounts, quite brilliant -- just the sort of person an intelligence agency would try to recruit.
But were the Brits the only ones to approach him? In the late 1990s, Saeed Sheikh was doing time in an Indian prison for terrorism.

By his own admission, he “lived practically like a Mafia don.” [London Times, 21.Oct.2002 ] It has been claimed that 00.000.1999, British intelligence secretly offered Saeed an amnesty and the ability to “live in London a free man” if he would reveal his links to al-Qaeda.

He apparently refused. [Daily Mail, 16.Jul.2002 , London Times, 16.Jul.2002 ]

Even more curiously, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review suggested 00.Mar.2002 , “There are many in Musharraf’s government who believe that Saeed Sheikh’s power comes not from the ISI, but from his connections with our own CIA. The theory is that ... Saeed Sheikh was bought and paid for.” [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 03.Mar.2002 ]

Even more telling: In his roughly two years of freedom before 11.Sep.2001 ,

Saeed was a very busy terrorist.

According to Newsweek, once in Pakistan, Saeed “lived openly—and opulently—in a wealthy Lahore neighborhood.

US sources say he did little to hide his connections to terrorist organizations + even attended swanky parties attended by senior Pakistani government officials.”

The US government inferred that he was a “protected asset” of the ISI. [Newsweek, 13.Mar.2002 ]

In fact, his house was given to him by the ISI. [Vanity Fair, 00.Aug.2002 ]

Even more remarkably, the media reported that Saeed was freely able to return to Britain [Press Trust of India, 01.Mar.2000 ], just as if he had accepted Britain’s secret amnesty offer.

He visited his parents in Britain 00.000.2000 + again in early 00.000.2001 .

Obviously, this guy's spookier than Caspar + evidence links him to Atta. If you want to formulate a real 9/11 conspiracy theory, start here. Permalink
03.Oct.2006 Foleygate: Arrogance, spying and...Scientology? Not only did the Republican leadership keep Foley's creepy behavior secret from Democratic members of the House page program, the pattern of partisanship continues.
03.Oct.2006 in order to log IMs using AIM, one must download and install a special program. Did all the boys go to such trouble?
Joe Scarborough makes much the same point: "Someone had these IM's and held on to them for a year so to inflict maximum damage on Mark Foley and the Republican Party.")

03.Oct.2006 A Feeney connection? Another Florida Republican congressman, Tom Feeney -- now in a tightening race with vote fraud whistleblower Clint Curtis -- is a staunch opponent of internet predators. So was Foley, until the world learned that he had become what he opposed. As BradBlog points out, Feeney is a Deputy Whip as well as a fellow Republican; he may thus have had inside knowledge of Foley's problem. Foley has contributed money to Feeney. More conspiratorial minds than mine may detect the subtle, lingering odor of blackmail; I jump to no such conclusions + merely note the sequence of events.
A Scientology connection? Justin Rood (citing Wonkette) has found an
interesting tidbit:
Foley had a
relationship with the Scientology community in Florida; the Scientologists have a detox center in Clearwater, Fla.; Foley's attorney David Roth faxed news of his client's treatment to a Florida TV station from a fax machine in Clearwater, Fla.; Roth's office, however, isn't in Clearwater. The relationship was one of long standing.

00.000.1999 Foley condemned Germany's crackdown on Scientology.

00.000.2001 Foley was present at a Scientology event in Los Angeles;

00.000.2003 Scientologists held a benefit for Foley's abortive plans to run for Senate.

00.000.2003 The Clearwater Business Association - a Hubbardian front group - held a brunch for Foley;

if you go here, you can see a shot of Foley holding a copy of Dianetics . Since most politicians shun the sect, this embrace seems very odd.
Clearwater is the home of the Narconon center -- another Scientology front organization.

This, some suspect, is the "hotel" where the congressman has checked in, although we should quickly note that there are eight other drug rehab centers in that city.
A Foley/Scientology connection would be ironic, given Hubbard's intolerant view of homosexuality.


Moray also realized the potential of his devise as a weapon. He was fully aware that the only difference between a controlled energy device and an explosion is the rate of release of the energy.

00.000.1938 his father received an offer to go to Japan because he had built a deathray which operated off the device -According to John Moray.

According to John, a representative of the Japanese government came to the laboratory and offered a position to Moray, but he refused.

Allegedly Moray had managed to rig the device so that it projected a ray of energy in a beam + could kill mice instantly at over fifty feet. When radiated by the beam, the mice were carbonized immediately.

They appeared frozen, but nothing was left except their shells + they simply fell apart when touched.
One of his: greatest fears was that big interests would take up his invention and simply shelve it to keep it from benefiting the public.

When large companies made him offers, he always demanded written guarantees that the device would be put into production and sold to everyone, once it was developed
Today we know that one cubic centimeter of pure vacuum contains enough energy to condense into 10 80 – 10 120 grams of matter!
02.Dec.1941 -Quotes from the Salt Lake Tribune of- attributed to Representative Thomas D. Winter, imply that Moray's suspicions of the R.E.A. were well founded, since Representative Winter called for a full-scale investigation of the R.E.A. on the grounds of Communist infiltration.

02.Mar.1940 -Indeed, Moray was wounded by gunshot in his own laboratory, which seems to suggest that his fears and suspicions were based on fact.

00.Feb.1941 Moray severed his association with the R.E.A..

One of Moray's efforts to develop the machine involved an association with the Rural Electrification Agency for a short time before WWII. 

At that time, the R.E.A. was apparently infiltrated by Communist sympathizers and high level officials of a decidedly pinkish tinge.

These officials continually urged Moray to turn over all details of his device to the Soviet Union + even arranged the visit of high-level Soviet scientists to the Moray laboratory to see the device in operation On the initiative of the Communist-infiltrated R.E.A., one person—let us call him "Z"—spent about two months in Moray's laboratory + succeeded in worming his way into Moray's full confidence.

Moray eventually disclosed most of the details of the construction of his special valve to ''Z"—the only person in whom Moray ever completely confided.

There is strong reason to believe that "Z" was a Soviet agent + that this is where the Soviets first obtained the impetus to develop the hyperspace amplifiers later used in their psychotronic weapons.

In test after test Moray demonstrated his radiant energy device to electrical engineering professors, congressmen, dignitaries + a host of other visitors to his laboratory. Once he even took the device several miles out in the country, away from all power lines, to prove that he was not simply tuning in to energy being clandestinely radiated from some other part of his laboratory. Several times he allowed independent investigators to completely disassemble his device and reassemble it, then reactivate it themselves. In all tests, he was successful in demonstrating that the device could produce energy output without any appreciable energy input. According to exhaustive documentation, no one was ever able to prove that the device was fraudulent or that Moray had not accomplished exactly what he claimed. On the other hand, the records are full of signed statements from physicists, electrical engineers + scientists who came to the Moray laboratory as doubting Thomases and left with the complete conviction that Moray had indeed succeeded in tapping a universal source of energy that could produce free electrical power.

But in the face of all of this, the U.S. Patent Office refused to grant Moray a patent, first, because his device used a cold cathode in the tubes (the patent examiner asserted it was common knowledge that a heated cathode v as necessary to obtain electrons) and, second, because he failed to identify the source of the energy. All sorts of irrelevant patents and devices were also presented as being infringed upon or duplicated by Moray's work. Each of these objections was patiently answered and nullified by Moray; nonetheless, the patent has still not been issued to this day, although the Morays still keep the patent application current.
Perpetual motion at AllExperts A perpetual motion machine of the second kind is one which converts heat completely into other forms of energy . Such a device would violate the second law ...

03.Oct.2006 Thomas Henry Moray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In the 1920s, Thomas Henry Moray demonstrated a " radiant energy device " to many people who were unable to find a hidden power supply. ...

Moray Valve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Moray Valve, housed in the Moray Radiant Energy device , was a device created by Thomas Henry Moray , patent filed 13.Jul.1931 .
Free Energy and Free Thinking Tesla realized the immense danger of AC electricity + by

00.000.1892 he had discovered a means of broadcasting safe radiant energy to any point on our planet.
History of Scalar Weapons & Quantuum Potential Weapons Moray ’s radiant energy device weighed 55 pounds and produced 50 kilowatts of power without conventional input. Numerous demonstrations are documented by ...
03.Oct.2006 0018-8670/00/$5.00 (C) 2000 IBM Things that talk: Using sound for ... In this paper, we explore the possibility of using the existing audio capability found in many commonplace devices .

About sound. Sound is radiant energy
Aufrüstung: Nordkorea kündigt Atomtest an
03.Oct.2006 Atomstreit: Frankreich soll Irans Urananreicherung kontrollieren
03.Oct.2006 Bob Woodward: Mit Bush- Bashing auf Tour
03.Oct.2006 Uno- Generalsekretär: Sicherheitsrat einig über Nachfolger von Kofi Annan
03.Oct.2006 Internnetverwaltung Icann: EU begrüßt Rückzug der US- Regierung

03.Oct.2006 Pennsylvania: Massaker an Zwergschule erschüttert USA
Nahost: Erneut blutige Gefechte zwischen Fatah und Hamas
Washington Times to call for Hastert’s resignation, - Judd 
according to Drudge. From the

10/3/06 edition: “House Speaker Dennis Hastert must do the only right thing + resign his speakership at once… Mr. Hastert has forfeited the confidence of the public and his party + he cannot preside over the necessary coming investigation, an investigation that must examine his own inept performance…”
State Department admits Rice-Tenet meeting. - Nico 

White House records show George Tenet “did brief Condoleezza Rice and other top officials on

10.Jul.2001 , about the looming threat from Al Qaeda, a State Department spokesman said Monday.

The account by Sean McCormack came hours after Ms. Rice…said it was ‘incomprehensible’ she ignored dire terrorist threats two months before the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.”
ABC News: Pages ‘Sending All Sorts of Messages About Possible Other Members’ - Nico 

Tonight on ABC, investigative journalist Brian Ross suggested there may be other members of Congress who engaged in inappropriate behavior towards congressional pages:

BRIAN ROSS: So far, Foley is the only member whose overt sexual approaches have been documented. Charlie?

CHARLES GIBSON: The only one to be documented, but are there other shoes to drop?

ROSS: We’re hearing quite a bit from former pages. They’re sending us all sorts of messages about possible other members. Digg It!
Neues Schweizer Strategie-Institut - sfux SDA -

In Wädenswil entsteht ein neues Institut für Strategische Studien. Unter der Leitung von Albert A. Stahel werden Experten Konfliktherde auf der ganzen Welt analysieren.
Unter der Leitung von Albert A. Stahel hat am 1. Oktober das Institut für Strategische Studien in Wädenswil seinen Betrieb aufgenommen. Das Institut und sein Leiter seien einer objektiven und sachlichen Beurteilung der jeweiligen Lage verpflichtet, heisst es in einer Mitteilung des...

Pentagons ?Blutgrenzen? in Nahost (Teil 2)- Umstrittene US-Pläne - sfux Malte Olschewski -

Der vom Pentagon geleitete Militärtheoretiker Ralph Peters lässt in seinem umstrittenen Artikel ?Blood Borders? (Armed Forces Journal? 2006/06) den bisherige Verbündete Pakistan nicht ungeschoren. Der grossteils von Paschtunen besiedelte Norden soll zur Gänze Afghanistan zugeschlagen werden. Und im Westen würde mit dem ?Freien Belutschistan? ein ethnisch reiner Staat des...
Mysterium um den Flugzeugabsturz in Brasilien - Mehr offene Fragen als Passagiere... - sfux Karl Weiss, Rio de Janeiro -

Eine Boeing 737 der brasilianischen Billig-Fluglinie Gol, Flug Gol 1907, fast fabrikneu, stürzte am 29. September, etwa um 5 Uhr nachmittags örtlicher Zeit, auf dem Weg von Manaus nach Brasilia über dem Gebiet des Amazonas-Regenwaldes ab. Alle 155 Insassen kamen ums Leben. Gleich nach dem Bekannt werden der Meldungen über den Absturz begannen sich widersprechende Aussagen von offiziellen...
N Korea 'to conduct nuclear test' North Korea is to conduct a nuclear test, the foreign ministry says in a statement.
03.Oct.2006 New Iraqi plan to curb violence Sunni and Shia leaders in Iraq agree to a four-point plan aimed at cutting sectarian violence in the country.
03.Oct.2006 Moscow keeps Georgia blockade Russia keeps up a freeze on vital links with Georgia, despite the release of four alleged Russian spies.
03.Oct.2006 Iron ore deal 'bad for Liberia' A deal between Liberia and the world's largest steel company is unfair and bad for the country, campaigners say.
03.Oct.2006 People-trafficking centre to open Europe's first centre dedicated to fighting human trafficking is due to be opened in Sheffield.
03.Oct.2006 Rice on new Mid-East tour The US secretary of state begins a regional tour to try to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace moves.
03.Oct.2006 India to hold dengue crisis talks The Indian government is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss an outbreak of dengue fever in the country.
03.Oct.2006 Overeating 'like drug addiction' Scientists show the same areas of the brain involved in drug addiction control appetite.
03.Oct.2006 My Big Bet on Biofuels The road to energy independence starts in a cornfield in Nebraska. Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla explains why he believes in biofuels.
03.Oct.2006 The Best: Public Domain Movies Wired's list of must-see movies you don't have to pay a cent for.
03.Oct.2006 Report shows HP sought expert to help find leak Hewlett-Packard sought the advice of an intelligence specialist, Brian Jenkins of the RAND Corporation, according to the report. The New York Times
03.Oct.2006 UK Firm to Release 'Screaming' Cell Phone - ScuttleMonkey 54
rubberbando writes

"Yahoo news is running a story about a plan by a UK cell phone company to help reduce cell theft. Apparently, this new cell phone can be sent a signal after its owner has realized that it has been lost or stolen. The signal tell the phone to wipe all of its data and begin emitting a very loud and obnoxious sound. The sound will only stop if the battery runs out or is removed, but it will begin again as soon as the battery is replaced or charged. Even replacing the sim card will not help."
Intellectual Property Manifesto for the UK - ScuttleMonkey 60
feepcreature writes

"Ars Technica is reporting that the British Library has published a Manifesto calling for a balance in Intellectual Property rights between the interests of users, creators and publishers. There are 6 key recommendations, including: DRM should not override users' statutory rights; analogue rights should apply to digital media; and copyright terms should not be extended without evidence that this would be good for society. There is also part of the debate on the UK Government's Gowers review of Intellectual Property, due to report in the Autumn."
RNA Interference Leads To Nobel Prize - ScuttleMonkey 48
gollum123 writes

"The Nobel Prize for medicine has been awarded to two US scientists who discovered a phenomenon called RNA interference, which regulates the expression of genes. From the article: 'The breakthrough has also given scientists the ability to systematically test the functions of all human genes. [...] The Nobel citation, issued by Sweden's Karolinska Institute, said: "This year's Nobel Laureates have discovered a fundamental mechanism for controlling the flow of genetic information."'"
Surprise Surprise, It's Another Al Qaeda Blockbuster Release - Paul Joseph Watson -Media reports on Atta/Bin Laden video fail to Mention the Fact that Atta was under CIA
03.Oct.2006 Rabbit Hole Of Elitist Perversion Far Deeper Than Foley - Paul Joseph Watson -Media obsession with E Mails of sicko Republican congressman overshadowed by ignored White House child
03.Oct.2006 Hastert: Foley Misconduct Was Presented As Something That ‘Might Have Affected Campaigns’ - Payson 

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, says he told Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) of Mark Foley’s inappropriate emails in late 2005.

In an interview today with CNN, Hastert said that Reynolds presented him with information about Foley’s behavior in the context of “other things that might have affected campaigns”:

REPORTER: Congressman Reynolds put out a statement on Saturday saying that he told you in the spring. Do you think he’s lying?

HASTERT: No, I’m not saying. I just don’t recall him telling me that. If he would have told me that, he would have told me that in the context of maybe a half a dozen or a dozen other things . I don’t remember that.

REPORTER: Other allegations of improper e-mails?

HASTERT: No, just other things that might have affected campaigns.

Watch it:


REPORTER: Just a few moments ago when I sat down with Speaker Hastert, I asked him the question on the minds of many: what did he know + when did he know it?


HASTERT: First I was really aware of this was last Friday when it happened + all of a sudden the press came out and said that there were these e-mails that were from 2003, I guess + congressman Foley resigned. That’s when I learned of it at that point.

REPORTER: All right, but I thought that you were also notified - I mean, Tom Reynolds said that he spoke with you about it last spring.

HASTERT: You know, I don’t recall Reynolds talking to me about that. If he did, he brought it in with a whole stack of things + I think if he would have had that discussion, he would have said it was also resolved because my understanding now that it was resolved at that point. The family had gotten what it wanted to get.

REPORTER: I mean, Congressman Reynolds put out a statement on Saturday saying that he told you in the spring. Do you think he’s lying?

HASTERT: No, I’m not saying. I just don’t recall him telling me that. If he would have told me that, he would have told me that in the context of maybe a half a dozen or a dozen other things. I don’t remember that.

REPORTER: Other allegations of improper e-mails?

HASTERT: No, just other things that might have affected campaigns.

REPORTER: Ok. This is the kind of thing, I gotta tell you, if somebody told me that a senior congressman was sending, perhaps, over-friendly e-mails to a 16-year-old page, I’d remember.

HASTERT: I’m just saying that I don’t remember him telling me that.
Bay Buchanan: Email Hastert Calls ‘Overly Friendly’ Had ‘Predator Stamped All Over It’ - Judd 

Prominent conservative pundit Bay Buchanan appeared on CNN this afternoon and lit into Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and the rest of the House leadership.

Buchanan said that the email that Hastert was informed about — and described as “overly friendly” — “had predator stamped all over it. No one in the country can suggest otherwise.”

Buchanan said that Hastert and others “failed the parent of this country.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

KING: Bay Buchanan, a member of the leadership team came to the speaker months ago, says he told him about this questionable one e-mail exchange. not a sexual one of nature but a questionable e-mail exchange in which then Congressman Foley asked a 16-year-old to send him a picture. That is red flag for pedophilia and inappropriate conduct. The Speaker says he doesn’t dispute Mr. Reynolds told him that but he can’t recall that conversation. What does that say about the speaker?

BUCHANAN: I tell you what, I don’t know who knew what when and who is remembering correctly. I know one thing: that e-mail they call an “overly friendly e-mail” that had predator stamped all over it. No one in this country can suggest otherwise. You’re in a leadership position. You have a colleague you know is at least a potential predator and we have the pages coming through his office every day? They had an obligation, that same day, to investigate him further, to call in the FBI, if that was an appropriate action and also to call in those pages and make certain every one of them was interviewed to see if there is any problems here that goes deeper than what they already knew. They failed the parents of this country is what they did.
FACT CHECK: Excuses About The Foley Cover-Up Debunked - Amanda 

Some leading conservatives have tried to excuse, justify, or downplay the scandal surrounding Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-FL) predatory behavior towards underage pages. We debunk their claims below:

EXCUSE #1: Foley’s initial e-mails seemed harmless, “over friendly”.

Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) said he dropped the matter when Foley told them, “When I was a young person, an adult (who) became my mentor inspired me to be a congressman + that’s all I’m doing.” Foley said if he was guilty of anything, Shimkus said, it was of being “overly friendly.” [St. Louis Tribune, 10/1.2006 ]

[T]he actual notes were relatively innocuous — there was nothing sexual in those notes.” [Newt Gingrich, Fox News Sunday, 10/1.2006 ]

FACT: At least 11 House members and staff, all Republicans, knew of the inappropriate emails sent by Foley to a page 00.000.2005. In the e-mails, Foley asked the page to “send me a pic of you” and said about another young page, “he’s in really good shape.” The boy told House officials that Foley’s messages freaked him out” and were “sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.” Dr. Timothy M. Osberg, a psychologist and professor of psychology at Niagara University, said that the e-mail, coupled with the boy’s reaction to it, “should send up red flags.” ……

EXCUSE #2: The parents didn’t want the matter pursued.

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) said Rep. Lamar Alexander (R-LA) “told him that he had spoken with the page’s parents. They didn’t want the matter pursued, he said, ’so I thought it had to be pretty well satisfied.’” [Buffalo News, 10/1.2006 ]

FACT : The House leadership had an obligation to protect the dozens of pages who are under their care. At the very least, Foley’s emails should have been passed on law authorities + the full House page board should have been informed. ……

EXCUSE #3: Democrats are exploiting this issue for political gain right before the November elections.

Reynolds called his critics’ reactions to his negligence in the Foley case “as crass as anything I have seen.”

I’m certainly not going to react to some campaign rhetoric…on a tragic incident of a page,” he said. [Buffalo News, 10/1.2006 ]

I don’t believe in coincidence + apparently neither does Hastert. The timing of this revelation has more to do about helping Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats than protecting teenagers with whom Foley was communicating.” [Mark Levin, National Review, 10/1.2006 ]

FACT: The House leadership consistently hid this case from the public for partisan purposes. In late 2005, Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), chairman of the House Page Board, “was notified by the then Clerk of the House, who manages the Page Program, that he had been told by Congressman Rodney Alexander (R-LA) about an email exchange between Congressman Foley and a former House Page.” Shimkus interviewed Foley and told him “to cease all contact with this former house page.” But Shimkus never informed Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), the only Democrat on the House page board. Today, Hastert held a meeting “to review ways to protect pages,” but once again, Kildee was not invited. ……

EXCUSE #4: Former President Bill Clinton wasn’t harshly penalized for his relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Nor did inappropriate behavior toward a subordinate even cost Bill Clinton his standing within the Democratic Party, even though indirectly he was impeached for it.” [Fox News host Brit Hume, 10/1.2006 ]

FACT : Foley made unwanted advances toward underage boys, which one page described as “sickand reported to authorities. Clinton had a consensual relationship with an adult. The fact that it was an extramarital affair was virtually unanimously condemned by members of both parties. ……

EXCUSE #5: This scandal is minor compared to other scandals on Capitol Hill.

I hate to tell you, but it’s not always pretty up there on Capitol Hill.

And there have been other scandals, as you know, that have been more than simply naughty e-mails.” [White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, 10/2.2006 ]

FACT : The emails were not “simply naughty.” They were predatory, extremely inappropriate + potentially in violation of federal law. ……

EXCUSE #6: House leaders would have been accused of “gay bashing” if they had pursued the case.

Well, you could have second thoughts about it, but I think had they overly aggressively reacted to the initial round, they would have also been accused of gay bashing.” [Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 10/1.2006 ]

FACT : The issue here is not homosexuality. The issue is sexual harrassment of minors.
Foley speaks to House pages 00.000.2002. - Nico 
From Fox News:

According to ABC News, pages in the 2001-2002 class were warned about Foley by a supervisor in the House Clerk’s office. Digg It!
03.Oct.2006 Conservative Activists Call on Hastert To Resign - Nico 

Conservative talk show host Michael Reagan and Citizens United President David Bossie have called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign immediately over his role in covering up Mark Foley’s inappropriate behavior. Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, was molested at age 8 by a camp counselor.

From a release:

Speaker Hastert had knowledge of Congressman Foley’s inappropriate behavior and chose to protect a potential pedophile and powerful colleague over a congressional page ,” said David Bossie, president of conservative advocacy group Citizens United.

This inaction demonstrates a lack of leadership on Speaker Hastert’s part + calls into question both his judgment and character. If Speaker Hastert was willing to sacrifice a child to protect Rep. Foley’s seat and his own leadership position, then he surely does not share our American and conservative values,” says Mr. Bossie. …

Michael Reagan, nationally syndicated radio show host and chairman of Citizens United’s Faith and Family Project, is also calling for resignations. “ Any member of Congress who was aware of the sexual emails and protected the congressman should also resign effective immediately. I was sexually abused by a day camp counselor at age eight and also made to be part of child pornography,” Mr. Reagan stated. Digg It!
Hastert Holds Meeting On Foley Scandal, Democratic Member of Page Board Excluded - Nico 

The House leadership continues to treat Foley’s predatory advances towards underage pages as a partisan issue.

The Note reports that Speaker Dennis Hastert held a meeting today “to review ways to protect pagesbut did not include Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), the Democratic member of the three-person House Page Board:

The Speaker will continue his effort to rid the GOP majority of Foley’s taint by meeting with the Clerk of the House, Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) + his staff today to review ways to protect pages while they are serving in the nation’s Capitol. The Speaker will also discuss how Congress can protect pages after their program concludes.

The Clerk of the House, Karen Haas, is a former aide of Hastert’s. Both Hastert + Shimkus are part of the problem. They were both told about Foley’s inappropriate behavior in late 2005 and did virtually nothing to stop it.

This meeting will not “rid the…majority of Foley’s taint.” It simply reinforces the notion that the House leadership is more interested in protecting themselves politically than protecting the children under their care.
Foley sought rendezvous with page. - Judd 
ABC has the details, including new IMs.
03.Oct.2006 When did Jack Abramoff find out about the Iraq war? - Amanda 

It seems that the President was very sad to have to come out negatively regarding Israel, but that they needed to mollify the Arabs for the upcoming war on Iraq,” Abramoff wrote in a March 2002 e-mail, a year before the USA went to war in Iraq.
Hastert Yanks Press Releases On Efforts To ‘Keep Kids Safe in Cyberspace’ From His Website - Amanda 

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert first claimed he was made aware of Foley’s emails to a young congressional page by media reports on Thursday.

He has now admitted he was actually informed last fall.

Up until this morning, the top of Hastert’s website highlighted the congressman’s efforts to “Keep Kids Safe

In Cyberspace,” with press releases from 8/29 + 8/22, as well as a link to an 8/29 event:

Those documents are now gone. Hastert has removed the three links, with the top news reading, “Hastert Applauds Federal Funding To Stop Emerald Ash Borer” (7/22 press release):

UPDATE: TPM Muckraker has posted a copy of the August 29, 2006 press release, “Hastert Drives Effort To ‘Keep Kids Safe In Cyberspace,’” here.

UPDATE II: Salon’s Tim Grieve notes that the press releases are back up on Hastert’s site, “albeit right under breaking news about Indian gaming in Shabbona, Illinois.”

The information on the 8/29 event has not returned. Digg It!
03.Oct.2006 Snow on Foley Scandal: ‘Simply Naughty Emails’ - Judd 

This morning on CNN, Soledad O’Brien asked Tony Snow why “any communication between a 16-year-old and a congressman” didn’t “raise red flags — major, massive red flags” with Speaker Dennis Hastert + others

who have known about the communications for months.

Snow responded, “I hate to tell you, but it’s not always pretty up there on Capitol Hill. And there have been other scandals, as you know, that have been more than simply naughty e-mails .” Watch it:

Americablog, which first noticed the segment, has more. Digg It! Transcript:

O’BRIEN: I would assume everybody would want to know, including the president. I mean, we’re not talking about any old person. We’re talking about the leadership of the Republicans in Congress.

Why would he not hear something that’s disturbing, or his office — over-friendly — when I see that word as a parent — and I think any parent would say, Whoa, over-friendly? Any communication between a 16-year-old and a congressman, why doesn’t that raise red flags — major, massive red flags?

SNOW: Yes, look, I hate to tell you, but it’s not always pretty up there on Capitol Hill. And there have been other scandals, as you know, that have been more than simply naughty e-mails.

You know, look, again, I reiterate my point. I think it’s important to protect these kids and make sure that they have a good experience. And look, like you (inaudible) want to find out what happened. But before we prosecute, let’s figure out what all the facts are. That’s probably the most important thing to do is to be fair to all parties.
Snow on Foley Coverup: Even If Congressional Leaders Knew, White House Won’t Call For Resignations - Judd 

Appearing today on ABC’s “Good Morning America” White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was asked, “If it turns out that the leadership knew or had reason to know about what Congressman Foley was doing in those e-mails should they be forced to resign?”

He responded, “I don’t get into the calls for resignation, especially when it comes to members of the House.” Watch it:

Yesterday, White House counselor Dan Bartlett announced his opposition to an independent investigation of the Foley coverup.Digg It! Transcript:

CUOMO: Congressman Foley, a lot of letters going around now by Republicans and their leadership calling for investigations and accountability.

Let me ask you this simple question: If it turns out that the leadership knew or had reason to know about what Congressman Foley was doing in those e-mails should they be forced to resign?

SNOW: I don’t get into the calls for resignation, especially when it comes to members of the House.

People got to figure out what happened here. Members of the leadership as well as Representative Foley — or former Representative Foley — look, it’s a terrible story and I think people deserve to figure out what went on.

On the other hand, I think what you’re seeing also are a lot of people trying to figure out, OK, can I get political advantage out of this?

Let’s figure out what the facts are. Let’s take it one step at a time. There will always be time for people to call for investigations and so on. Frankly, I think we just need to get to the facts.

CUOMO: But we do know, Tony, that many of the calls for investigations are coming from Republicans. And we do know that as long as five years ago there were warnings to pages about Congressman Foley.

Where’s the accountability here on the part of the Republicans? Doesn’t someone have to step down if they knew about this?

SNOW: Well, again, Chris, you’re assuming that I know what’s been going on for the last five years. You and I are just trying to figure it out.

CUOMO: You are aware that five years ago they were giving warnings to pages about this congressman, though, right Tony?

SNOW: Yes, I am aware of it. But, again, I’m telling you, Chris, you got to figure out what’s going on.

What would you do? What would you do?

CUOMO: It’s not for me to decide, Tony. It’s just for me to ask the questions.

October 2, 2006 - Think Progress 

The Supreme Court begins its term today , with abortion and race dominating the agenda.

Conservatives want the court to uphold a 2003 federal law banning the procedure opponents call ‘partial-birth’ abortion + to strike down local integration policies that distribute students by race.”

Bob Woodward’s new book paints a devastating picture of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld “as an arrogant, indecisive bumbler who won’t take responsibility for his mistakesor even admit any.”

Asked if Bush still supports him, Rumsfeld said, “Oh, my Lord, yes.”

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft is set to publish a memoir of his time in office, “lashing critics of the Bush administration’s strategy in the war on terror.”

The book reportedly has particularly harsh words for some of the members of the 9/11 Commission.

3,000: Aug. 2006 total of Iraqi civilian deaths from violence, up from 2,000 a year ago. Five thousand Iraqis have been displaced.

[T]his year’s violence was the worst since liberation + probably the worst over all since 1991,” concludes the Brookings Institution.

Texans are unhappy about the border fence. “From Laredo to Brownsville, a meandering 200-mile stretch of the Rio Grande that would be walled off if President Bush signs, as expected, the bill to fence 700 miles of the border, reaction was overwhelmingly negative.”

Wal-Mart “is pushing to create a cheaper, more flexible work force by capping wages, using more part-time workers and scheduling more workers on nights and weekends.”

A 2005 company memo noted the benefits of this switch, saying it would “ lower Wal-Mart’s health-care enrollment .”

In the worst fighting since a peace deal was signed in May, “ [f]ierce clashes between rival African groups in south Darfur have left up to 40 people dead and prompted most foreign aid workers to abandon Greida, one of the world’s largest camps for displaced people.”

Softer Voices, a conservative political group, is “shelling out nearly $1 million to soften the image” of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) in the hopes of boosting his popularity with female voters.

The group has received funding from John Templeton, who has been an outspoken advocate for intelligence design.

And finally: Tony Blair meets Kaiser Soze. Before his speech last week to the speech to the Labour Party Conference, the Prime Minister received speaking tips from actor Kevin Spacey .

He got Blair to pause a lot more than he usually does and did some work on his posture. He also wanted Blair to use his eyes to a much greater effect.”
Drug firm's tactics reprimanded A major drugs firm has been named and shamed over "serious breaches" of the industry's code of conduct.
03.Oct.2006 Scandal-hit US lawmaker in rehab Former US Congressman Mark Foley, embroiled in an e-mail sex scandal, says he is being treated for alcoholism.
03.Oct.2006 Musharraf nuclear claims attacked The daughter of Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan criticises claims in President Musharraf's new book.
03.Oct.2006 Top 20 polluters gather in Mexico Ministers from the world's top 20 polluting nations gather in Mexico for talks on tackling climate change.
03.Oct.2006 Hungary PM calls confidence vote Hungary's PM calls a vote of confidence after heavy defeats at regional polls follow his admission of lying.
03.Oct.2006 Pakistan seeks Mumbai bomb proof Pakistan says it will take action if India proves it is connected to devastating train blasts in Mumbai.
03.Oct.2006 Delhi raises dengue fever alert Health officials in the Indian capital launch a drive against dengue fever after 11 deaths in two weeks.
03.Oct.2006 UN studies Lebanon environment The UN sends experts to study Lebanon's environment following the conflict with Israel.
03.Oct.2006 Powered by Mother Nature Forget hybrids. The Venturi Eclectic urban buggy doesn't use natural energy reserves at all. In Gear Factor.
03.Oct.2006 Clones in One Easy Step A University of Connecticut scientist may have discovered a new and efficient way to clone animals. In Bodyhack.
03.Oct.2006 Invisible Unmanned Aircraft - kdawson 179
MattSparkes writes,

"A Minnesota company, VeraTech, has applied for a patent on an unmanned drone that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. The Phantom Sentinel takes advantage of the phenomenon where fast moving objects appear as only a blur, so it fades out of view once it speeds up. This is achieved by rotating the entire craft. The center of gravity is in open air between two of the blade-like wings. There are some videos of a prototype in action on the VeraTech site." The company says you could get usable video of the terrain by processing the images from a spinning camera. One version of the drone is small enough to launch by throwing it like a boomerang.

And it folds for travel.
US Outlaws Online Gambling - kdawson 422 - imaginaryelf writes,

"As reported earlier on Slashdot, in the closing hours of the US Congressional session on Friday, September 29, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (H.R.4411.RH) was attached to the Safe Port Act of 2006 H.R.4954.EAS. To the surprise of many, the bill passed both the House and the Senate + Bush is expected to sign it into law this week. This effectively outlaws online gambling in the US, by way of making it illegal for credit-card companies to collect payments for bets. The financial markets punished the stock of online gambling companies as some prepared to pull out of the US entirely."
Two Tiny Gas Turbines - kdawson 173

Turbines are in the news this morning. bobtheimpossible writes to point out a BBC article on a Swiss turbine that runs at half a million RPM + generates 100 watts.

It's the size of a matchbook. And af_robot alerts us to an even more diminuitive gas turbine on a chip, developed at MIT, that generates 10 watts — plenty for portable electronics — + should run 10 times as long as a battery of comparable weight and cost. A commercial version is 3 to 5 years away.
Videogames Used to Train Terrorists? - Zonk 214 - kalpatin writes

"Reuters reports that videogames are being used to train terrorists. The title Counter-Strike is apparently being used as a tool to prepare individuals for a mission: blowing up an oil tanker.

The ultimate goal is to 'make the strait of Hormuz impassable, the Jomhouri-ye Eslami daily reported. About two-fifths of globally traded oil passes through the channel.

The game illustrates a warning by Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said in June that oil exports in the Gulf region could be seriously endangered if the USA made a wrong move on Iran.'"

"Kupferminen, etwa in den Anden, zerstören die Landschaft, vertreiben Eingeborene und stellen die ganze Gesellschaft der Region auf den Kopf", sagt der Australier.

Der marine Kupferbergbau hingegen sei lokal, der Staub beim Abbau werde von den Pumpen weitgehend eingefangen + wenn die Bagger abgezogen seien, kehrten schon bald die Lebewesen zurück.

Den Optimismus des Nautilus-Chefs teilen Umweltorganisationen nicht. Sie erklären den Meeresboden zum gemeinsamen Erbe der Menschheit, das es vor den Begehrlichkeiten der Industrie zu schützen gelte.

Bedenken gibt es auch von Seiten vieler Wissenschaftler. Ihre Sorge gilt weniger dem Abbau von inaktiven Schwarzen Rauchern, sondern den Manganknollen.

Diese kokosnussgroßen Gebilde liegen in großen Tiefen des Atlantiks und Pazifiks im Schlick und enthalten neben Mangan auch Metalle wie Kupfer, Zink oder Nickel. Sie lassen sich zwar mit einer Art Rechen auflesen.

Das allerdings wirbelt gewaltige Staubwolken auf, die sich wegen der Tiefenströmung aus den kalten Regionen der Antarktis nur sehr langsam wieder absetzen.

00.000.1989 -Bei einem Versuchwurden die meisten Bewohner am Meeresgrund, darunter Borstenwürmer und Kleinkrebse, durch das Gepflüge nahezu ausgerottet.

Davon unbeirrt hat das Bundesamt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) in Hannover in diesem Juli die Schürflizenz für ein 75.000 Quadratkilometer großes Gebiet im östlichen Pazifik erstanden.

Vergeben hat dieses Recht die International Seabed Authority, eine Uno-Behörde mit Sitz in Kingston/Jamaika. Der Preis der Konzession für ein Terrain von der Größe Bayerns: 250.000 Dollar.
Most Canadians Believe Afghan Mission A Lost Cause: Survey: A clear majority of Canadians consider the mission in Afghanistan a lost cause, according to an extensive survey that hints at deep public skepticism about the war on terror.

02.Oct.2006 American in Torture Case Freed From Afghan Jail : Bennett was one of three Americans convicted of torturing Afghan suspects in a vigilante counter-terrorism operation.

02.Oct.2006 'US paying Pak $70-80 million a month': A British analyst has stirred a hornet's nest by revealing that the USA is bankrolling Pakistan's military ruler Pervez Musharraf to the extent of $70-80 million a month, adding fuel to the dictator's incendiary visit to the West this month.

02.Oct.2006 Eric Margolis: How Pakistan became an ally: Musharraf says he “war gamed” a U.S. attack and concluded his nation would lose. But many Pakistanis believe Musharraf was far too eager to comply with Washington’s diktat and to turn against Pakistan’s old friends and allies in return for $4 billion of U.S. aid and secret CIA stipends distributed to Pakistan’s ruling elite.

02.Oct.2006 Analysis: War on Iran started a year ago: A strategic thinker who called all the correct diplomatic + military plays preceding Operation Iraqi Freedom now sees diplomatic failure + air strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities.

02.Oct.2006 Turkey rejects PKK ceasefire offer: Turkey's most senior general has rejected a unilateral ceasefire offer by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

02.Oct.2006 Gingrich urges overriding Supreme Court: Supreme Court decisions that are "so clearly at variance with the national will" should be overridden by the other branches of government,

former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says.

02.Oct.2006 Training children to die for God: Christian camp : It scooped the "Scariest Movie" award at Michael Moore's liberal film festival.

But this is no Hollywood slasher flick - "Jesus Camp" is a documentary about an evangelical retreat that teaches children they should prepare to die for God.
Rice to propose 'creative means' to bolster Abbas, weaken domocraticaly elected Hamas government:

The U.S. administration wants to shore up Abbas' position + weaken Hamas by "creative" means, one of which would be the moving of funds to the PA through Abbas.
9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting -By PHILIP SHENON
Members of the Sept. 11 commission said today that they were alarmed that they were told nothing about a White House meeting

00.Jul.2001 at which George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, is reported to have warned Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, about an imminent Al Qaeda attack + failed to persuade her to take action. Continue

02.Oct.2006 War is Peace-By Irene Rheinwald
Israel + the USA, as self-styled purveyors of democracy + freedom, have ironically fallen into their own propaganda trap.

In seeking to rationalize aggressions towards Arabs + Muslims, collectively termed “terrorists”, both nations employ techniques reminiscent of totalitarian regimes + decry the “enemy” as fascist, irrational “evildoers” naturally bent upon violence. Continue

02.Oct.2006 The Axis of Powers; Nazi Tactics by Israel and America in the Phony War On Terror -By Joel Fischer
Terror bombing, illegal invasion of other countries using trumped up excuses, dehumanization of the enemy as inferior, widespread use of torture; these are exactly the same tactics the Nazis used.

But these tactics will never produce either the peace or victory the Axis of Powers claim they want. Remember WWII. The Nazis lost! Continue

02.Oct.2006 British documentary alleges pope linked to "child abuse cover-up" BBC - Panorama Investigates
A British documentary claimed that Pope Benedict XVI was implicated in the systematic cover-up of child sex abuse allegations against Catholic priests.
Click to watch - Real Video

Windenergie: Start für Offshore- Park in der Nordsee
02.Oct.2006 Atomstreit: Solana warnt Iran vor Spiel auf Zeit
Rohstoff- Knappheit: Ingenieure greifen nach Schätzen der Tiefsee
02.Oct.2006 Spionage- Streit: Russland droht Georgien mit Sanktionen
02.Oct.2006 Sexualität: Kleiner Unterschied der Erregung
02.Oct.2006 Wahlen in Österreich: Brauner Sumpf breitet sich wieder aus
Medizin- Nobelpreis: Strickleiter als Stummschalter

02.Oct.2006 Nachlass- Streitereien: Schlampige Vorbereitung bedrohte Nobelpreis
Kurscrash: US- Verbot lässt Internet- Wettanbieter abstürzen