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24.Okt.2004 Afghanistan: Karzai gewinnt Präsidentschaftswahl

24.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: "Washington Post" empfiehlt Kerry

24.Okt.2004 Betrunkene Insekten: Alkohol wirft auch Bienen um

24.Okt.2004 Schönstes deutsches Wort: Die Begründung der Gewinnerin

24.Okt.2004 Umstrittenes Gesetz: Israels Regierung billigt Gaza-Räumungsplan

24.Okt.2004 Wettbewerb: "Habseligkeiten" ist schönstes deutsches Wort

24.Okt.2004 Japan: Schweres Beben hinterlässt Tod und Zerstörung

24.Okt.2004 Junge Informatiker: Die beliebtesten Arbeitgeber

24.Okt.2004 Debatte: Ein Bush, der Berge versetzt

24.Okt.2004 Japan: Schweres Beben hinterlässt Tod und Zerstörung

24.Okt.2004 WestLB: Der "Rote Pate" Neuber ist tot

24.Okt.2004 Beschützte Reichen-Ghettos: Leben als Angstpartie

21.Oct.2004 TEEX given $20 million for homeland security. .. accounted for $12.5 million of the additional money, May said. Texas lawmakers, including U.S. Sen . Kay Bailey Hutchison + U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, were instrumental in convincing the Bush administration to restore...
Defense bill to send $5 million to A&M System ... needs + enhance Texas A&M s standing as a leader in defending America,” said U.S. Sen . Kay Bailey Hutchison , R-Texas, co-author of the bill + a member of USA Senate subcommittee for defense appropriations.
At least 9 Texans in Congress got flu shots ... Cheney, Dick + Treasury Secretary Snow, John + Senate Majority Leader Frist, Bill for getting shots. ... Texans who declined the shot were Republican Sen . Kay Bailey Hutchison + Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Woodlands, + Rep. Chris ...

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00.000.1998 Halliburton's books probed SEC investigates accounting under Cheney's watch By Steve Gelsi,

29.May 2002 Last Update DALLAS (CBS.MW) Halliburton shares fell 3 % Wednesday after the oil-services company disclosed that SEC Securities and Exchange Commission is probing the way it booked revenue from disputed construction jobs beginning in 1998, when U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney headed up Halliburton .

29.May 2002 Halliburton (HAL: news, chart, profile) said that it received notification from the SEC + that it expects to receive a formal request for documents or a subpoena in the next few days.

29.May 2002 Halliburton's stock regained some ground after falling nearly 7 & in early action.

29.May 2002 The stock closed at $18.72, down 63 cents.

29.May 2002 It was the most heavily traded issue early in the day, but the velocity tapered off as 13.3 million shares traded hands by the bell.

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Halliburton Have you been watching Halliburton?

It is a lot like the Enron Case, except U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is involved.

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney arranged the purchase of Dresser + the asbestos liability that came with it.

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney was also Halliburton CEO while Anderson implemented „aggressive accounting“ +

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney subsequently made $18M in Halliburton stock options.

29.May 2002 -Now, Halliburton stock has dropped to under $18 from $50.

29.May 2002 Most analysts think Halliburton will pull out + go up from here, but it still looks like a pump + dump, even if Halliburton company is not destroyed.

Halliburton should pull through with all the defense contracts Halliburton have been getting.  

Halliburton Index

Cheney's former oil firm founders Boston Globe Online / Nation | World /

But Halliburton is not Enron;

it is the Halliburton Corp., + the former executive is U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney .  

The War on Terrorism's Gravy Train Issues - Military Industrial Complex - Articles

- Bush and ''Angolagate'' Issues - Money & Politics - Articles

- Dick Cheney: Soldier of Fortune Issues - Military Industrial Complex - Background

- Cheney's Firm Backed Bill To Limit Asbestos Liability

Although Halliburton is an enormous operation with more than 100,000 employees in 120 countries, it is a relatively small player when it comes to asbestos litigation, at least when compared with W.R. Grace & Co., GAF and the Johns Manville Corp.

Nevertheless, Halliburton has spent $99 million to settle or dispose of 129,650 Broker Reports - News - Investor - Brokerage Center -   Litigation Cauley Geller Bowman & Coates, LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Halliburton Company on Behalf of Investors
Federman & Sherwood Announces the Filing of a Securities Class Action Lawsuit Against Halliburton Company
Law Offices of Leo W. Desmond Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Halliburton Company
A Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Purchasers of the Securities of Halliburton Company Lycos Finance | Law Firm Milberg Weiss Announces The Filing Of . . . on Behalf of Purchasers of the Securities of Halliburton Company Yates Class Action Yahoo! - Pittsburgh Law Firm Announces Private Securities Class Action Litigation Against Halliburton Company Schiffrin & Barroway Class Action Yahoo! - Shareholder Class Action Filed Against Halliburton Company by the Law Firm of Schiffrin & Barroway, LLP Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman and Herz Lycos Finance | Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman and Herz LLP Commences Class Action Against Halliburton Company and Arthur Andersen, LLP on Behalf of Halliburton Shareholders Yahoo! - Halliburton Unit To Manage $65 Million Gas Pipeline Project

Cheney Led Halliburton to Feast at Federal Trough

Investigative Report: Firm Linked to Russian Mob / U.S. Export-Import Bank Halliburton Buried as Investors Stop Believing

Proposed Bui Dam, Bui National Park, Ghana - WORLDTWITCH - Environment, Conservation, Corruption, Fraud, Halliburton, Brown & Root, Richard Cheney, World Bank
international aid donors are preparing to finance the building of another massive dam on the Black Volta River by a consortium led by a subsidiary of U.S. Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney's company, Halliburton.

Enron Ralph Reed: Associates of Bush Aide Say He Helped Win Contract " Mr. Rove's involvement in Mr. Reed's hiring underscores the close association between Enron and the Bush inner circle."

Enron Lawsuit in pdf

09.Jan.2002 USA Government opens criminal probe of Enron

26.Nov.2001 USA investors lose on Enron - Enron used special companies to control market, hide debt

BW Online |

17.Dec.2001 | The Fall of Enron

10 committees investigating Enron

Google Search: Enron Employee Lawsuits illegal Accounting

Laws possibly violated

Letter to GAO on auditing standards

00.Mar.2002 Google Search: Enron Auditing Illegal

Lights Out At Enron | Houston | Enron Coverage

Background on Enron

The Bush Administration + Enron


Carlyle's tentacles stretch far The Daily Texan

- Viewpoint: Bush Faces Flak Over Links to Defense Contractor

News - USA: Unocal Unocal on Lycos Unocal Corporation - A new breed of energy company

Unocal in Myanmar (Burma) - The Story That the Media Doesn't Tell About Unocal In Myanmar

Human rights abuses associated with unocal pipeline in myanmar (Burma) EarthRights International

- Resource Center: Doe v. Unocal Chevron on Lycos ChevronTexaco Corp. Home Page

Arthur Andersen

Congressman Sanders on US Corporate Welfare Giveaways

The Center for Public Integrity

W.R. Grace and Libby Mt.

Corporate Articles   GW Bush Went AWOL - Home Page

The Federalist Society; by Jerry Landay

President's oil companies funded by Bin Laden family . . . Bush family's dirty little secret:. . . and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden

Our Fake Energy Crisis: What Really Happened in California

The Nation on 9/11 Corporate Probes: A Scorecard BW Online | June 10, 2002 |   Political Links New

Our Fake Energy Crisis: What Really Happened in California

Drug Reform Coordination Network

From The Wilderness Publications

Citizen Works People-powered democracy, not corporate rule, is the only way to create a sustainable and just society.

Student International Forum

SIF Calendar Columbus Events CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism.

The Nation on 9/11

Bush GW Bush Went AWOL - Home Page George W Bush -- not a crackhead! - The Adamson Report: Zapruder/Bush & the CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs: Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Makkenschildt Story, Oswald's Closest Friend Ser. Series #10 Barnes & - Adamson Report: Zapruder/Bush and the CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs: Oswald's Closest Friend: The George de Makkenschildt Story - Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush Webster G. Tarpley George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Bush book: Chapter -2-

Bush book: Chapter -7-

The Bush Watch Can a Jew Go to Heaven? 70% of the way down.

Bush Family Patriarch Financed Adolf Hitler

History IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black buying info: IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation Search Results - "IBM and the Holocaust"

The American Nazi Party


The Redneck Manifesto Jim Goad cuts to the chase with his cogent arguments + evidence that class rather than race is the key to American history.

JFK Assasinated by Zionists

Sen. Robert Taft in Profiles in Courage the DRAHEIM REPORT Why Because fascism kills people and fascists are active in today's world.

A Fresh Look by Carla Binion Digital National Security Archive CIA Electronic Document Release Center

GOP Election Day Boycott the GOP

Conclusions - Old Nazis, the New Right + the Republican Party

Nazis and the Republican Party

New Jersey and the Nazis

Mario's Cyberspace Station: Bloody Money - Nazi Gold Forty-one nations attended a three-day conference on looted Nazi gold that opened in London on December 2 1997.  The U.S. promised to contribute $4 million . . .

BEHIND THE BUSHES: Chronology of a family KEY WORDS: George W. Bush Science of Coercion: by Christopher Simpson

Communication Research and Psychological Warfare 1945-1960

The Order of Skull and Bones    

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U.S. Navy War College "New Rules Set"   The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism: Part 1

By Norman D. Livergood The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism: Part 2


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06.Jul.2002 All The President's Enron s By Frank Rich
George W. Bush is so peeved about corporate America's "wrongdoers" - not to be confused with "evildoers" - that last week he spoke out about them four times in four days.

By the time he took a breather, the markets had hit their worst half-year finish since 1970, the Nasdaq was at a five-year low, the dollar was on the skids +, despite much evidence to the contrary, a majority of Americans had told CNN/USA Today pollsters that the country was in a recession.

On Tuesday the president returns to the subject in a full-dress speech on Wall Street.

Maybe it's time to try pinning the whole mess on Ann Richards again.

Mr. Bush keeps saying all the right things. He is "deeply concerned." He will "hold people accountable." But words, like stocks, lose value when nothing backs them up.

It is now more than six months since the president promised "a lot of government inquiry into Enron." Since then, Playboy has done a better job of exposing the women of Enron than the Bush administration has done at exposing its men. Just as the Justice Department rounded up some 1,000 alleged Sept. 11 suspects and failed to indict a single one of them for terrorist activity, so it has made a big show of its shaky Andersen conviction while failing to indict a single Enron executive or individual Andersen accountant. (Not that all the law-enforcement news is downbeat: last month John Ashcroft's minions held a press conference to boast that a 13-month investigation had led to the arrest of 12 prostitutes in New Orleans.)

The sight of a corporate crook being led away in handcuffs, Giuliani-style, would do far more to restore confidence in Wall Street than any more presidential blather. Mr. Bush says that only "a few bad actors" are at fault. Why is the administration so lax about bringing them to justice? URL:


Rubenstein, David appeared on the video praising Andersen for not collecting its fees right away when Rubenstein, David first started Rubenstein, David company, The Carlyle Group. "They carried us for quite a while," Rubenstein said.

11.Jul.2002 Cheney Praises Andersen In Video URL:
15.Nov.2001 The Hon Klein, Dale E. sworn in as usA Department of Defense Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs ATSD NCB

In this position,ATSD ( NCB )) Klein, Dale E. is the principal staff assistant + advisor to USA Secretary of Defense

for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) for all matters concerning the formulation of policy and plans for nuclear, chemical + biological weapons. +

In this position,ATSD ( NCB )) Klein, Dale E. is the principal staff assistant + advisor to USA Deputy Secretary of Defense

for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) for all matters concerning the formulation of policy and plans for nuclear, chemical + biological weapons. +

In this position,ATSD ( NCB )) Klein, Dale E. is the principal staff assistant + advisor to USA Under Secretary of Defense

for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) for all matters concerning the formulation of policy and plans for nuclear, chemical + biological weapons.

In this position,ATSD ( NCB )) Klein, Dale E. also is directly responsible to USA Secretary of Defense

for matters associated with nuclear weapons safety and security, chemical weapons demilitarization, chemical and biological defense programs + smoke and obscurants +

In this position,ATSD ( NCB )) Klein, Dale E. also is directly responsible to USA Deputy Secretary of Defense

for matters associated with nuclear weapons safety and security, chemical weapons demilitarization, chemical and biological defense programs + smoke and obscurants.
Prior to his appointment by President Bush, Dr Klein was a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear Program) at The University of Texas at Austin.

He was the Vice-Chancellor for Special Engineering Programs at The University of Texas System from 1995 until November 2001.

Dr Klein also served as the Chairman and Executive Director of the Amarillo National Research Center (ANRC),

during which time he oversaw over $45 million of funding concerning plutonium research and nuclear weapon dismantlement issues.
Dr Klein held other positions during his tenure at The University of Texas at Austin:

Director of the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory;

Deputy Director of the Center for Energy Studies; +

Associate Dean for Research and Administration in the College of Engineering.
In addition to his duties at The University of Texas at Austin + the ANRC,

Dr Klein was an active member of several Department of Energy national committees, including the Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee. URL:

Devastation most vicious: Israel steps up its barbaric military campaign in Gaza, reports Khaled Amayreh who also reviews a recently-released Human Rights Watch report 23.Oct.2004 Some Voters Say Machines Failed, Incorrect Choices Appear on Screens : Kim Griffith voted on Thursday— over and over and over. She's among the people in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties who say they have had trouble with early voting equipment.

23.Oct.2004 Ted Lang : Defeat the Press! : The State Silences Dissent: It is already widely known that the Bush administration has ordered the American press not to take photographs of the caskets of military dead being returned home. Additionally, military operations in Iraq that are videotaped for newsreel presentation must be cleared by the military.

In case you missed it: Chris Floyd: Pin Heads : If enacted, the Constitution Restoration Act will effectively transform the United States into a theocracy, where the arbitrary dictates of a "higher power" can override law.

23.Oct.2004 Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election? Asks Journalist Lynn Landes: The Associated Press (AP) will be the sole source of raw vote totals for the major news broadcasters on Election Night. However, AP spokesmen Jack Stokes and John Jones refused to explain to this journalist how the AP will receive that information. They refused to confirm or deny that the AP will receive direct feed from voting machines and central vote tabulating computers across the country. But, circumstantial evidence suggests that is exactly what will happen.

23.Oct.2004 Judge: Votes in Wrong Precinct Don't Count : The state must reject provisional ballots if they are cast in the wrong precinct, a federal judge said Thursday in the latest in a series of opinions on how such votes should be counted.

23.Oct.2004 Seven more killed in Iraq violence : Seven

23.Oct.2004 Estimates by U.S. See More Rebels With More Funds: Hard-core resistance numbers between 8,000 and 12,000 people, a tally that swells to more than 20,000 when active sympathizers or covert accomplices are included, according to the American officials.

23.Oct.2004 Terrorists in Falluja: Who are the terrorists in Falluja and how are they terrorising the civilian population?

23.Oct.2004 UK: 1,000 Territorial Army soldiers failed gun test: Nearly 1,000 Territorial Army soldiers were sent to fight in Iraq despite failing their weapons test, a court martial heard today.

23.Oct.2004 Is Suicide Part of the Job?: When troops' orders in a war are wrongheaded, mutiny can be the result

23.Oct.2004 Pentagon touted link between Saddam and al-Qaida : Pentagon officials told the White House in September 2002 that Saddam Hussein was linked to the Sept. 11 attacks, even though U.S. intelligence experts couldn't verify the information and considered it dubious, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said yesterday.

23.Oct.2004 Senate Armed Services Staff Report: Feith Named (Again) In The Saddam/Al-Qaeda Lies

23.Oct.2004 Senator says Pentagon unit hyped terror tie: A small Pentagon unit set up after Sept. 11, 2001, to review raw intelligence later exaggerated the relationship between Al Qaeda and Iraq, leading White House officials to make overblown or inaccurate comments in the run-up to the Iraq war, according to the Democratic staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

23.Oct.2004 A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent': White House insider report "October Surprise" imminent

23.Oct.2004 Bin Laden’s location is known, official says: The Pentagon knows exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan, it just can’t get to him, John Lehman, a member of the 11.Sep.2001 commission, said Thursday.

23.Oct.2004 Jonathan Schell on Bin Laden's illusions and ours

23.Oct.2004 George, God here ... : President Bush has words with the Almighty

23.Oct.2004 US drops Guantanamo tribunal trio: Three of the six US military officers sitting on the Guantanamo tribunal have been dropped after complaints of potential bias. 23.Oct.2004 “Days of Penitence” or Days of Genocide?: Killing Palestinian children is becoming a competitive sport for the Israeli soldiers. ”Mohammed Aaraj was eating a sandwich in front of his house, the last house before the cemetery of the Balata refugee camp, in Nablus, when a soldier shot him to death at fairly close range. He was six at the time of his death. 23.Oct.2004 Iraq coalition vanishes from White House website : The “coalition of the willing” in Iraq has vanished — from the White House Internet site, at any rate.

U.S.: Soldiers Failed to Report for Duty : More than 800 former soldiers have failed to comply with Army orders to get back in uniform and report for duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Army said Friday.

23.Oct.2004 Redeployment of our troops may be the final nail in coffin : Very few governments will allow themselves to become embroiled until the US approach changes. Bush, for all the campaign-trail rhetoric, is desperate to extricate himself from the mess of his own making. So is Blair.

23.Oct.2004 America, Imagine This! : On the lofty banner of American hubris, unfurled after the attacks of 9-11, are inscribed in black letters the words, 'The Muslims hate our freedoms.' This is now the accepted, formulaic substitute for all discourse, all questioning and probing into the history of America's relations with the peoples of the Islamicate world over the past 57 years.

23.Oct.2004 Heading towards the apocalypse : It comes as no news that Bush is a fundamentalist Christian, nor that he sees himself and his America as God's agents on earth. 23.Oct.2004 Ben Franklin Weighs In On George W. Bush : Americans now face a crucial and perplexing decision in whether or not to send Mr. Bush back to the Whitehouse for another four years. If ever there was a time for careful evaluation, this is it! So, in the tradition of Benjamin Franklin, let’s do a balance sheet on George W. Bush

23.Oct.2004 100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration

23.Oct.2004 We want to see the back of Bush: The word ‘hate’ should be used cautiously, but most British people seem to hate George W. Bush.

23.Oct.2004 No shooting please, we're British: The storm over the movement of Black Watch troops in Iraq suggests the British elite is happy to support a war so long as it doesn't have to fight one.

23.Oct.2004 Jews As Cannon Fodder For Zionists: Zionism and anti-semitism : We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide.

23.Oct.2004 Halliburton may keep disputed money : Army may let company retain billions of dollars from Iraq work, despite auditors' questions.

23.Oct.2004 Only American Big Business Sees Iraq Campaign As A Success: Not surprisingly, some of the profits generated by the war in Iraq appear to be making their way into Republican Party coffers.

23.Oct.2004 More US soldiers charged over Iraq abuse : A US military court in Baghdad on Friday ordered the soldiers, including an alleged ringleader, to stand trial over the sexual and physical abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

23.Oct.2004 Israel may Have Iran in Its Sights : Increasingly concerned about Iran's nuclear program, Israel is weighing its options and has not ruled out a military strike to prevent the Islamic Republic from gaining the capability to build atomic weapons, according to policymakers, military officials, analysts + diplomats.

23.Okt.2004 Bagdad - Die US-Streitkräfte haben in der Rebellenhochburg Falludscha ein Führungsmitglied aus al-Sarkawis Terror-Organisation festgenommen. Der Mann wurde zusammen mit fünf weiteren Aufständischen bei einer nächtlichen Razzia gestellt, wie die amerikanischen Streitkräfte mitteilten. "Weitere fünf Terroristen sind während der Militäraktion festgenommen worden", hieß es in einer Mitteilung der US-Armee. Bewohner der Stadt sprachen sogar von der Festnahme von mindestens 17 Menschen.
Während der Razzia im Süden Falludschas wurde nach US-Angaben ein Versteck des innersten Zirkels der Gruppe Dschihad und Tawhid ausgehoben. Die Organisation bezichtigte sich zahlreicher Selbstmordanschläge und Entführungen und operiert nach Einschätzung der US-Streitkräfte von Falludscha aus. Der Name des festgenommenen Führungsmitglieds wurde zunächst nicht mitgeteilt. URL:,1518,druck-324631,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Die Vereinten Nationen äußerten unterdessen die Einschätzung, dass das irakische Sondertribunal für den geplanten Prozess gegen Ex-Staatschef Saddam Hussein internationalen Rechtsstandards nicht genügen wird. Eine Unterstützung durch Uno-Institutionen komme nicht in Frage, weil das irakische Gericht auch die Todesstrafe verhängen dürfe, sagte ein Sprecher von Generalsekretär Kofi Annan am Freitag in New York. Die irakische Regierung habe beim Uno-Tribunal für das frühere Jugoslawien in Den Haag angefragt, ob eine Ausbildung von Richtern und Staatsanwälten möglich sei. Das habe Annan jedoch abgelehntURL:,1518,druck-324631,00.html

23.Okt.2004 Firmeninhaber Nathan Sproul, der frühere Parteivorsitzende der Republikaner in Arizona, wies die Vorwürfe als "Erfindung der Demokraten" zurück. "Sie prangern Betrug an, wo keiner ist + bekommen auch noch die Medien dazu, darüber zu berichten."
Zuvor hatte der "Orlando Sentinel" berichtet, dass zig Tausende Wähler in mehreren Bundesstaaten registriert sind. Die Zeitung verglich Wahllisten in den Bundesstaaten Florida, Georgia und North Carolina. Dabei stellte sich heraus, dass etwa 68.000 US-Bürger Floridas auch in einem der beiden anderen Staaten registriert sind mit gleichem Namen und gleichem Geburtsdatum.
Republikaner schicken Wahlbeobachter nach Ohio
Die Republikanische Partei leitete formale Schritte ein, um Tausende Mitarbeiter in den Wahllokalen unterzubringen. Sie sollen laut "New York Times" Wähler überprüfen, ob sie sie teilnahmeberechtigt sind. Da sei notwendig, um sich vor möglichen Täuschungsversuchen zu schützen, denn die Demokraten hätten sich zuletzt aggressiv darum bemüht, Zehntausende neue Wähler in Ohio registrieren zu lassen. Der Staat ist einer der Swing States, in dem der Wahlausgang bisher völlig ungewiss ist. URL:,1518,druck-324653,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Alles gelogen, schreibt nun die "Washington Post". Eine gute Woche vor der Präsidentenwahl gebe es keine konkreten Hinweise auf einen groß angelegten Terroranschlag. Frühere Warnungen hätten auf erfundenen Informationen eines Geheimdienstmitarbeiters basiert, berichtet das Blatt unter Berufung auf Geheimdienste und Polizei. Auch der Einsatz von rund 2000 Spezialisten des Bundeskriminalamtes FBI, Hunderte von Verhören und 120 Festnahmen von Ausländern allein in diesem Monat hätten keine Anzeichen auf einen Terroranschlag zu Tage gefördert.
Die innere Sicherheit ist ein zentrales Wahlkampfthema in den USA. Die beiden demokratischen Kandidaten John Kerry und John Edwards haben US-Präsident George W. Bush wiederholt vorgeworfen, aus Wahlkampfgründen gezielt die Ängste der Menschen zu schüren. In einer neuen Fernsehwerbung zur Wahl am 2. November setzen die Republikaner von Bush ein Rudel Wölfe als Metapher für die Terrorismusgefahr ein. Zugleich wird Kerry unterstellt, dass die USA unter seiner Führung in Gefahr seienURL:,1518,druck-324651,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Washington - Der US-Präsident schürte bewusst Erinnerungen an Madrid: Die Terroranschläge vom März dieses Jahres hatten Hunderte Tote gefordert - und wahrscheinlich die Wahl zu Gunsten des Sozialdemokraten José Luis Zapatero entschieden, der wenig später eines seiner Versprechen erfüllte und die spanischen Truppen aus dem Irak abzog.
Auch in den USA, so hatte Bush am 15.Sep.2001 gemeinsam mit den Chefs des Geheimdienstes CIA + der Bundespolizei FBI gewarnt, könnten Islamisten versuchen, mit einem Anschlag die Wahl am 02.Nov.2004 zu beeinflussen. Bush hatte von Terrorplänen mit möglicherweise vielen Opfern berichtet - + davon, dass die potenziellen Attentäter zu jenem Zeitpunkt bereits im Lande gewesen seien. URL:,1518,druck-324651,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Zeitungsbericht - Bushs Terrorwarnung basierte auf Erfindung
Mit dramatischen Worten hatte US-Präsident George W. Bush davor gewarnt, Terroristen planten einen verheerenden Anschlag, um den Ausgang der Präsidentschaftswahl in den USA zu beeinflussen.

Doch einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge waren die Hinweise auf den Anschlag von einem Geheimdienstmitarbeiter frei erfunden worden. URL:,1518,druck-324651,00.html

May 2004-00.Jun.2004 World Watch Magazine: Silent Winter?
PDF Free.
- Claire Hope Cummings A California company is introducing human genes to open-field rice crops. Echoing the warnings of Rachel Carson a generation ago, environmentalists now worry that the unanticipated consequences of such biopharmed crops could lead to a twenty-first century “Silent Winter.” The Greening of Kenya
PDF $4.00 Add to Basket
- Hilary F. French In the region around Mount Kenya in central Africa, people are taking the restoration of their environment—and future—into their own hands. Interview: Don't Get Mad, Get Elected! A conversation with Kenyan activist Wangari Maathai
PDF Free PDF Download Now
- Danielle Nierenberg Jailed, harassed and vilified by the autocratic regime of former President Daniel arap Moi, Wangari Maathai is the founder of the Green Belt Movement (GBM) of Kenya, which has supported the planting by women of over 20 million trees in that country since 1977, while also advocating for better governance and human rights. In December 2002, Maathai was elected to Kenya's Parliament as a member of the Green Party in the country's first free election in decades.
Matters of Scale:
The Hidden Cost of Embodied Energy -Matters of Scale Archives-
History of

23.Okt.2004 Stimmt es eigentlich, dass man eine Teflon-Pfanne nicht mehr benutzen darf, wenn die Beschichtung verkratzt ist?
Stimmt nicht. Ein Spiegelei mag an der zerkratzten Stelle zwar leichter anbacken, nachteilige Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit sind damit aber nicht verbunden.

00.000.1938 entwickelte Jahrhundert-Werkstoff Teflon (kurz für Polytetrafluorethylen) trotzt selbst hohen Temperaturen + aggressiven Säuren, ohne sich in seine einzelnen Bestandteile zu zersetzen. URL:
Aufgrund dieser hervorragenden chemischen und thermischen Beständigkeit hat sich Teflon zahlreiche Einsatzgebiete jenseits der Bratpfanne erobert.

Erst ab einer Temperatur von über 260 Grad Celsius beginnt der robuste Werkstoff sich zu verändern – + diese hohen Temperaturen werden von Haushaltsherden üblicherweise nicht erreicht.

23.Okt.2004 Dabei zeigte sich, dass die flachen, bis zu 40 Kilometer tiefen Störungszonen gleich doppeltem Druck durch die Gezeiten ausgesetzt sind: Zum einen macht das Gewicht der heranrollenden Wellen die geologischen Verwerfungen extrem verwundbar. Zum anderen zerrt die Anziehungskraft von Sonne und Mond, die letztlich für die Gezeiten verantwortlich ist, nicht nur an den Wassermassen, sondern an der gesamten Erde. Das übt zusätzlichen Stress auf die Platten aus, Erdbeben sind die unausweichbare Folge.

23.Okt.2004 Wenn Geologen zuletzt versucht haben, einen Zusammenhang zwischen der bebenden Erde und anderen Kräften im Universum herzustellen, wurden sie ein ums andere Mal enttäuscht. Egal ob Anziehungskraft der Sonne oder wechselnde Stellung des Mondes - nichts von alldem hat als Verursacher von Erdstößen getaugt.
Doch nun haben Geophysiker aus Japan und den USA zumindest einen indirekten Zusammenhang gefunden, wie die Forscher in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Fachmagazins "Science" berichten. Demnach können besonders starke Gezeiten einen so hohen Druck auf Erdspalten unter dem Meeresgrund ausüben, dass urplötzlich die Erde zu beben beginnt.
23.Okt.2004 "Die simple Idee, dass ein einziges der vielen hundert Gene auf dem Chromosom die Erkrankung auslöst, lässt sich nicht länger aufrecht erhalten", sagt Roger Reeves, einer der Co-Autoren der Studie. "Nun sollten Forscher einmal tief durchatmen, die Komplexität des Down-Syndroms akzeptieren und nach vorne blicken."
Offensichtlich wird Trisomie 21, so die erste Schlussfolgerung der US-Mediziner, durch ein komplexes Zusammenspiel von genetischen und durch die Entwicklung bestimmten Faktoren hervorgerufen. Falls sich dieser Verdacht erhärtet und die Gene nicht allein Schuld sind, könnte eines Tages sogar, so Reeves, eine Form der Behandlung für das Down-Syndrom möglich werden.

23.Okt.2004 Artensterben: Der Todeskampf der Tierwelt,1518,323714,00.html
27.Aug.2004 Artensterben: Hochsee-Angler gefährden Fischbestände,1518,315341,00.html
10.Sep.2004 Unterschätzte Gefahr: Kettenreaktion könnte Tausende Arten auslöschen,1518,317127,00.html
Zum Thema im Internet: University of Oxford
23.Okt.2004 Aus den Digitalfotos erstellten die Wissenschaftler ein 3D-Modell des Tieres am Computer. "Obwohl man das Wort Rekonstruieren verwenden könnte, haben wir hier ein richtiges Tier vor uns", sagte Siveter. "Es handelt sich keinesfalls um eine Fantasie." URL:,1518,druck-324275,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Virtuelle Auferstehung - Computer erweckt Spinnenfossil zum Leben
Asselspinnen leben im Meer, bestehen fast nur aus Beinen und saugen wirbellose Tiere aus. Ob sie mit "echten" Spinnen verwandt sind, war lange umstritten - bis Forscher einem Fossil mit Schleifer und Digicam zu Leibe rückten und es virtuell zum Leben erweckten. URL:,1518,druck-324275,00.html
23.Okt.2004 Der Oxford-Professor David Siveter hatte keine Wahl: Wenn er etwas über das Asselspinnen-Fossil erfahren wollte, musste er es zerstören.

Denn das vor 425 Millionen Jahren verendete Tier steckte in einem kalkhaltigen Stein, so dass chemische oder mechanische Techniken keinen Erfolg versprachen. "Die Zusammensetzung des Fossils und die des Gesteins, in dem es steckt, sind gleich", erklärte Siveter gegenüber "BBC News Online".
Also trug das englisch-amerikanische Forscherteam mit einem Präzisionsschleifer den Stein Schicht für Schicht ab. Nach jedem Schleifvorgang schossen die Wissenschaftler ein Digitalfoto.

Das Gerät arbeitete sich in kleinen Schritten durch das Gestein: Es holte pro Schicht nur etwa einen Fünfzigstel Millimeter herunter, schreiben die Wissenschaftler um Siveter im Magazin "Nature" (Bd. 431, S. 978). URL:,1518,druck-324275,00.html

23.Okt.2004 Verleger-Vorwurf: Theater treten Urheberrecht mit Füßen

23.Okt.2004 Genazinos Dankesrede: Ein Loblied auf die Langeweile

23.Okt.2004 US-Wahl: Staatsanwalt ermittelt wegen Betrug

23.Okt.2004 Georg-Büchner-Preis: Wilhelm Genazinos Last mit dem Rummel

23.Okt.2004 Zeitungsbericht: Bushs Terrorwarnung basierte auf Erfindung

23.Okt.2004 Gute Umfragewerte: Schröder warnt vor Euphorie

23.Okt.2004 Virtuelle Auferstehung: Computer erweckt Spinnenfossil zum Leben

23.Okt.2004 Anti-Reform-Kampagne: DGB erlebt Debakel mit Unterschriftenaktion

23.Okt.2004 Irak: Führungsmitglied von al-Sarkawis Netzwerk gefasst

23.Okt.2004 Wettbewerb für Nachwuchsmanager: Miraculix der Moderne gesucht

23.Okt.2004 Suchaktion: Leiche des "Ötzi"-Entdeckers gefunden

23.Okt.2004 Japan: Erdbeben fordert fünf Tote und Hunderte Verletzte

23.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: Von Moralaposteln und verprolltem Mittelstand