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00.000.2002 European Committee of Radiation Risk claims that previous figures massively underestimate the nuclear industry's impact on human life-Research published Nuclear Weapons + Pollution Linked To 65 Million Deaths.

05.Oct.2004 But Bush lost more than control in the first debate. Bush has lost the plot.

05.Oct.2004 Nothing like this critique of pure reason has ever been heard in a presidential debate. "It's one thing to be certain, but you can be certain + be wrong," said Kerry.

02.Oct.2004 The Guardian Comment - Retreat into a substitute reality-
By touching on Bush's ambivalent relations with his father, Kerry exposed his delusions about Iraq

After months of flawless execution in a well-orchestrated campaign, President Bush had to stand alone in an unpredictable debate.

He had travelled the country, appearing before adoring pre-selected crowds, delivered a carefully crafted acceptance speech before his convention +

approved tens of millions of dollars in TV commercials to belittle his opponent. In the lead, Bush believed he had only to assert his superiority to end the contest once + for all.

But onstage the president ran out of talking points.

Unable to explain the logic for his policies, or think on his feet, he was thrown back on the raw elements of his personality + leadership style.

Every time he was confronted with ambivalence, his impulse was to sweep it aside.

He claimed he must be followed because he is the leader.

Fate, in the form of 11.Sep.2001 had placed authority in his hands as a man of destiny.

Scepticism + pragmatism + empiricism are enemies.

Absolute faith prevails over open-ended reason, subjectivity over fact. Belief in belief is the ultimate sacrament of his political legitimacy.

In the split TV screen, how Bush felt was written all over his face. His grimaces exposed his irritation and anger at being challenged.

Lacking intellectual stamina and repeating points as though on a feedback loop, he tried to close argument by assertion.

With no one interrupting him, he protested, "Let me finish" - a phrase he occasionally deploys to great effect before the cowed White House press corps.

05.Oct.2004 Every time he was confronted with ambivalence, his impulse was to sweep it aside.

He claimed he must be followed because he is the leader. Fate, in the form of 11.Sep.2001 had placed authority in his hands as a man of destiny.

Scepticism, pragmatism and empiricism are enemies. Absolute faith prevails over open-ended reason, subjectivity over fact.

Belief in belief is the ultimate sacrament of his political legitimacy. URL:,14259,1318185,00.html

05.Oct.2004 Behind the Franklin Affair -The FBI’s unsung battle with the Israel-firsters. URL:

05.Oct.2004 Sidney Blumenthal: Retreat into a substitute reality : By touching on Bush's ambivalent relations with his father, Kerry exposed his delusions about Iraq

04.Oct.2004 Video: Dance of Death: Soldiers and their families speak out against the war. : Lambs led to slaughter or centurions for the Empire? A Must Watch Documentary

04.Oct.2004 Congress’ Abdication of Oversight Responsibility: One of Congress’ main constitutional responsibilities is to conduct oversight to check abuses of power by other branches of government.

04.Oct.2004 Today, Rep. Waxman releases a fact sheet detailing the Republican leadership’s four-year failure to conduct investigations into allegations of misconduct involving Bush Administration officials. . pdf file

04.Oct.2004 House told to alter intelligence bill: The White House has told House Republicans that it wants them to remove provisions in their intelligence-overhaul bill that would crack down on illegal aliens' obtaining drivers' licenses, allow easier deportation and limit the use of foreign consular ID cards.

04.Oct.2004 Three nuns and one unholy case: The judge's question was like a bunker-buster to the heart of the case. Was all this really necessary?

00.000.1963-00.000.1966 -a period of heightened USA commitment in Vietnam -During Vietnam War- USA Vice President Cheney, Dick received five deferments. Cheney Had "Other Priorities" -

[ 27.Jul.2000 McGrory, Washington Post; 06.Feb.2004 Geyer, Chicago Tribune; 22.Jan.2004 Arizona Republic]-later- Cheney dismissed questions about his failure to serve by simply saying, "I had other priorities in the '60s."

04.Oct.2004 Dick Cheney's Real Record Cheney Lied About WMD s + Hussein s Links to Al Qaeda URL:
04.Oct.2004 Divided against itself : If Americans choose Bush over Kerry, it will be from fear, a lack of choice - + a preference for power over safety

Bush+the Republican Party+ Eliminating Competition through “Strategic Initiatives”: It does not take a genius or rocket scientist to see + understand the direction this nation is being led under Bush + the Republican Party’s “leadership” A Theocracy-Oligarchy combination, a one party system, an American “Taliban

1962 Cheney, Dick arrested for drunk driving. Dick Cheney's Real Record: A History Of Deceit

1963 Cheney, Dick arrested for drunk driving, again.

1963 Drops out of Yale. Cheney, Dick :

00.000.0000 Cheney firm won $3.8bn contracts from government : The oil services company once headed by USA Vice-President Cheney, Dick reaped massive rewards in government contracts + bank loans after he took its helm, including one deal with a Russian firm under investigation for mafia connections.

In case you missed it: Manuel Valenzuela

04.Oct.2004 04.Oct.2004 -for hours Friday- Fox News site posts falsified Kerry quotes: A story containing false quotes attributed to Sen. John Kerry was posted on Fox News Channel's Web site.

The article was pulled Friday afternoon + Fox News apologized.

04.Oct.2004 Fox News Kerry "Metrosexual" Article As It Appeared On Fox News Website

04.Oct.2004 Where are the Martha Gellhorns of today?: In an exclusive extract from his new book, John Pilger argues that investigative journalism still matters

04.Oct.2004 Nader Charges DNC Chair McAuliffe Told Him "We're Going To Try To Get You Off The Ballot In All Of The Close States"

04.Oct.2004 Kerry, Newest Neocon: On both military tactics and grand strategy, the newest neoconservative announced doctrines more hawkish than President Bush.

04.Oct.2004 U.S. Policies Stir More Fear Than Confidence: A growing number of nations no longer look to the U.S. for leadership and sanctuary. The Bush administration's unilateralist policies in Iraq and its perceived aloofness have left it less trusted at a time of widening global vulnerability, according to polls and interviews in more than 30 countries.

04.Oct.2004 Longtime CIA official laments surging battle with White House : James Pavitt spent 31 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, the last five as head of the clandestine service. But never, Pavitt said Friday, does he recall anything like "the viciousness and vindictiveness" now playing out in a battle between those aligned with the White House and the CIA.

04.Oct.2004 Rule of violence : Guantánamo is, in fact, in flagrant breach of this fundamental piece of international law.

04.Oct.2004 Paramilitaries shoot Aristide supporters : Reports are surfacing from many neighborhoods in the capital of paramilitary forces aligned with the US-backed regime of Latortue patrolling at night and shooting suspected supporters of ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. More on this topic

04.Oct.2004 John Pilger: Paradise cleansed : Our deportation of the people of Diego Garcia is a crime that cannot stand

04.Oct.2004 Sentenced to Be Raped: I firmly believe that the central moral challenge of this century, equivalent to the struggles against slavery in the 19th century or against totalitarianism in the 20th, will be to address sex inequality in the third world - and it's the stories of women like Ms. Mukhtaran that convince me this is so. Fox News

04.Oct.2004 Response by Commissioner-General Peter Hansen to allegations regarding misuse of a UN vehicle: It is not the first time that the Government of Israel has propagated falsehoods against UNRWA: . pdf file

04.Oct.2004 Citing civilian casualties, Annan calls on Israel to stop incursions in Gaza Strip: The operations “have led to the deaths of scores of Palestinians, among them many civilians, including children,” a spokesman for Mr. Annan noted in a statement issued on Sunday.

04.Oct.2004 William S. Lind: The Grand Illusion: "Throughout history, armies of hirelings have melted at a touch when faced with people fighting for something they believe in. "

04.Oct.2004 Italians fall out of love with 'two Simonas' : Italy's adoration of the "two Simonas", the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour yesterday, as the extent of their sympathy for the Iraqi fight against the allied occupation became clear.

04.Oct.2004 To quit Iraq now would be as shocking as the invasion : The weekend battles in Samarra are likely to prove only a foretaste of what will follow in Iraq if + when George Bush has secured re-election.

Once casualties become less politically embarrassing, he will launch USA troops on an intensified offensive to crush the insurgency in advance of 00.Jan.2005 elections.

04.Oct.2004 A Shiite-Sunni Islamist 'high command' may be forming: There are ominous signs that, far from dying down, the conflicts in the Middle East are set to widen in the coming months, sucking in new actors + posing new threats to theUSA + its allies.

04.Oct.2004 Poland to pull troops from Iraq by end of 2005: defense minister: His comments in an interview with Polish public radio marked the first time a Warsaw official has set a precise timetable concerning the withdrawal of Polish troops from Iraq.

04.Oct.2004 Iraqi Girl Blog: Samarra Burning...: It's like a nightmare within a nightmare, seeing the corpses pile up and watching people drag their loved ones from under the bricks and steel of what was once a home.

04.Oct.2004 This is a Massacre, Not a War in Iraq: Woe unto us for allowing the madman Bush to kill people in Iraq, Afghanistan and by proxy, in Palestine. Some day, as Malcolm X prophesied, "The chickens will come home to roost."

04.Oct.2004 The Joint Chiefs of Staff have defined psychological operations (PSYOPS) as those that:

" include psychological warfare and, in addition, encompass those political, military, economic and ideological actions planned and conducted to create in neutral or friendly foreign groups the emotions, attitudes, or behavior to support achievement of national objectives. " Another proposal" develops the concept of 'strategic psychological operations' as aimed at influencing and shaping decision-makers' power to govern or control their followers ." Wake up America, we the American people, are among the groups being targeted and controlled.

Council on Foreign Relations members in the State Department, The National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency + in the Department of Defense continue to control the lives of the American people through well planed psycho-political operations. These psychological operations rob American citizens of the present, by creating false reality worlds. These false reality worlds are created to trick the American public into acting not in their own best interest but in the best interest of a group of subtle fascists intent on creating one world order under their control.

04.Oct.2004 The Special Group is alive and well today. It consists of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense + the Director of The CIA, none of which are elected officials. The only way to abolish this ad hoc committee is to abolish the Department of Defense, The Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of State. President Clinton, Secretary of State Warren Christopher + Director of the CIA John Deutch and his predecessor James Woolsely belong to the Council on Foreign Relations. Les Aspin, Secretary of Defense William Perry's predecessor also belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations.


20.Jun.1951 Truman, Harry S. signed a directive establishing the Psychological Strategy Board.

The directive read, " Directive to: the Secretary of State, The Secretary of Defense, The Director of Central Intelligence: It is the purpose of this directive to authorize and provide for the more effective planning, coordination and conduct, within the framework of approved national policies, of psychological operations. There is hereby established a Psychological Strategy Board responsible, within the purposes and terms of this directive, for the formulation and promulgation, as guidance to the departments and agencies responsible for psychological operations, of over-all national psychological objectives, policies and programs + for the coordination and evaluation of the national psychological effort.

The Board will report to the National Security Council on the Board's activities and on its evaluation of the national psychological operations, including implementation of approved objectives, policies + programs by the departments and agencies concerned. The Board shall be composed of: a. The Undersecretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense + the Director of Central Intelligence, or, in their absence, their appropriate designees; b. An appropriate representative of the head of each such other department or agency of the Government as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board. The Board shall designate one of its members as Chairman. A representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall sit with the Board as its principal military adviser in order that the Board may ensure that its objectives, policies and programs shall be related to approved plans for military operations... " URL:

04.Okt.2004 Bush Blasts Kerry, Signs Tax Bill in Iowa

04.Okt.2004 Eternal Darkness of the American MindManuel Valenzuelas: Our government is as much a terrorist as those in Beslam, Bali, New York + Madrid.

It is time we stop thinking ourselves the enlightened culture we are not.

It is time to stop a hypocrisy that seems to validate the atrocities we commit while castigating those made against us.Continued

04.Okt.2004 US elections 2004 Polls show John Kerry making up ground on George Bush following the pair's first televised debate, watched by around 60 million people.

04.Okt.2004 In a speech in Miami, Rumsfeld claimed: 'Detaining enemy combatants... can help us prevent future acts of terrorism. It can save lives and I am convinced it can speed victory.'

However, Christino says, General Miller had never worked in intelligence before being assigned to Guantánamo + his system seems almost calculated to produce entirely bogus confessions.

Earlier this year, three British released detainees, Asif Iqbal, Shafiq Rasul Rhuhel Ahmed, revealed that they had all confessed to meeting bin Laden and Mohamed Atta, leader of the 11 September hijackers, at a camp in Afghanistan in 2000. All had cracked after three months isolated in solitary confinement and interrogation sessions in chains that lasted up to 12 hours daily.

Eventually, MI5 proved what they had said initially - that none had left the UK that year. Rasul had been working at a branch of Currys. The disclosures come on the eve of a House of Lords appeal on the fate of the foreign terrorist suspects held without trial in British prisons.

Tomorrow, the Lords will determine whether it was lawful for the government to opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights to allow for the detention of the men at Belmarsh and Woodhill prisons. It is widely believed that some of the men are held on evidence obtained from prisoners at Guantánamo. An officer from MI5 admitted under cross-examination by lawyers acting for the detainees that the British intelligence services would make use of information obtained under torture by foreign governments.

A high court appeal in 00.Aug.2004 found that it was lawful for the UK government to use information obtained under torture by foreign governments to avert an imminent attack, but there was no evidence that it had done so in the case of the detainees held in UK jails.

00.Oct.2004 -last week-Speaking at an Observer fringe meeting at the Labour party conference,Lord Chancellor Charlie Falconer backed the decision of the court but said it was 'an almost impossible ethical question'

04.Okt.2004 The real world is President Bush's Achilles' heel. He can't keep his distance from it forever. URL:,1518,druck-321380,00.html
04.Okt.2004 Mr. Bush is a man who will frequently tell you - and may even believe - that up is down, or square is round, when logic and all the available evidence say otherwise. During the debate, this was most clearly displayed when, in response to a question about the war in Iraq, Mr. Bush told the moderator, Jim Lehrer, "The enemy attacked us, Jim + I have a solemn duty to protect the American people, to do everything I can to protect us."URL:,1518,druck-321380,00.html
04.Okt.2004 Bush and Reality President Bush has tried to portray the war in Iraq as the right thing to do. But the violence + chaos suggest otherwise to voters. URL:,1518,druck-321380,00.html
04.Okt.2004 John Kerry got the better of President Bush in last Thursday's debate in Coral Gables, Fla.

The president seemed listless, defensive + not particularly well prepared. His facial expressions + body language at times were odd.

Some of his strongest supporters were dismayed by his performance + polls are showing they had reason to be concerned. URL:,1518,druck-321380,00.html

04.Okt.2004 Börse am Abend: Dax knackt 4000-Punkte-Marke

04.Okt.2004 Arbeitsmarkt: Die Herbstbelebung fällt aus

04.Okt.2004 Minderheitsregierung in Köln: Schwarz-Grün will weitermachen

04.Okt.2004 "ManU"-Übernahme: Fans erklären US-Milliardär den Krieg

04.Okt.2004 Sony: Abschied vom Kopierschutz (Netzwelt

04.Okt.2004 Verbotene Prostitution: US-Soldaten droht Hormonstau

04.Okt.2004 Historischer Weltraumflug: "Space Ship One" gewinnt den "X-Prize"

04.Okt.2004 "X-Prize": "Space Ship One" startet zum Entscheidungsflug

04.Okt.2004 Opinion: Bush and Reality

04.Okt.2004 Irak-Einsatz: Polnische Truppen ziehen bis Ende 2005 ab

04.Okt.2004 Wahlen in Brasilien: Lula kann aufatmen

04.Okt.2004 Auszeichnung: Medizin-Nobelpreis geht an zwei US-Forscher

04.Okt.2004 Aktionskünstler gegen Bush: Guerilla unter Magnolien

04.Okt.2004 Australien: Vibrator löst Bombenalarm aus

04.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "No news in the newspapers"

04.Okt.2004 Plastikgeld: Handel beklagt Verluste durch EC-Karten

04.Okt.2004Bundesliga-Kommentar: Rette sich vor Kahn

04.Okt.2004 Karembeu: Miss Wonderbra als nymphomanische Tänzerin

04.Okt. 2004 iMute: Selektiv hören, selektiv gehorchen

04.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Neue Hoffnung für Kerry

04.Okt.2004 Nahost-Krise: Annan fordert vergeblich Ende der Gewalt