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00.000.1993 WTC World Trade Center was attacked-was why-USA support for Israel + 11.Sep.2001 The 9/11 Commission Report (on page 147) + mentions that. So the .."
00.Jan.2003 Posts: 11285

27.Aug.2004 06-39 a.m. Post subject: Re: ZIONIST NEOCON TIMELINE FOR WAR URL:

... for more about Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski who is mentioned in the 'Timeline for War' as having seen Israeli military officials walking to JINSA/CSP Zionist extremist Douglas Feith's .."

27.Aug.2004 USA FBI investigation. 00.000.2004-27.Aug.2004 -For months, I have been working with my colleagues Paul Glastris + Josh Marshall on a story for the Washington .."

01.Sep.2004 -as far as it is known so far-Franklin spying affair - Juan Cole is Professor of .." Also, the Uggabugga blog has put up a diagram of the--

Franklin -USA DIA Defense Intelligence Agency officer, was assigned to the Near East/South Asia shop at USA Pentagon, where

Franklin, USA DIA Defense Intelligence Agency officer served as Pentagon USA Iran desk officer, reporting to Luti, Bill.   URL:

00.000.0000-01.Sep.2004 -continues-A long-standing- neo-conservative s Likud party Israel relation s ship exchange of intelligence information + Mr +

00.000.0000-01.Sep.2004 -continues-A long-standing- neo-conservative s Likud party Israel relation s ship exchange of intelligence informationFeith + other USA Washington ARE CONTINUING TO HAVE - had.

01.Sep.2004 Indeed, the very same USA+Israe li + Iran ian neo-con liars + shady arms dealers who brought you the North, Ollie Iran gate saga, have been .."".. chief.  

".. Iran gate II schemes would have gone a lot further.

27.Aug.2004 -now-USA Federal investigators a question for to ferret USA FBI investigation- Bush [BGW968]-Cheney USA Administration extent to which is actually gripped by this descent into Hell, out.

00.Jun.2004 First published URL:  
01.Sep.2004 -still insists Ledeen that Ghorbanifar's intelligence information was solid...called source insisted on a 250.000 $ payoff before he would reveal Ghorbanifar where the nuclear material was hidden, the deal fell through. URL:

01.Sep.2004 surfaced One particularly bizarre item, as this particular neo-con group scrambled to defend their 00.000.0000-longtime Ghorbanifar Iraqi asset. Following the .."
".. protege of Weld, William the Boston Brahmin who ran the ``Get LaRouche'' drive +

".. protege of Weld, William the Boston Brahmin was later defeated by Kerry [KFJ966] in a bid to enter the USA Senate.  

01.Sep.2004 Pollard, Jonathan Jay convicted Israeli on USA spy -Among the leading candidates to join in the hoosegow, or at least, in the hall of shame, are: .."
".. Ledeen+Perle, Richard + Timmerman, Kenneth + Mylroie, Laurie are equally hysterical +

".. Ledeen+Perle, Richard + Timmerman, Kenneth + Mylroie, Laurie are equally defending Chalabi + even touting Chalabi s work with the Iranians as being in the interests of the USA.   URL:

War Without End : View topic - ZIONIST NEOCON TIMELINE FOR WAR

Iran's Very Real War Threat In USA National Interest USA The National Interest (both in association with ) are ...

Zionist neocon infested as you can see via the following URL (+ we know how much the Zionist neocons have wanted the USA to do regime change in Iran for Israel just like the USA did in Iraq):

"'A Pretext for War' refers to Jason Vest's 'Men from JINSA + CSP' article ( on pages 138-145 of James Bamford's book) in the following article:

Here is the URL for the 'Men from JINSA + CSP' article (notice the 'Implausible Denial I' + 'Implausible Denial II' articles linked in the right margin as arch-neoconservative Cambone, Stephen conveyed the .."

".. Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinians is what contributed to the motivation for the tragic World Trade Center attacks in 1993 + on 11.Sep.2001 (9/11).

See the timeline at the following ...-nothing more URL:

USA american Jews do not support most AIPAC positions (a majority are much closer to USA for Peace Now) +

that this issue has to do with a small fanatical leadership AIPAC of a specific AIPAC lobbying organization

02.Sep.2004 Korruptionsverdacht gegen Siemens-Manager -Bei ihrem Versuch, die Korruption im Konzern einzudämmen, hat die Münchner Siemens-Spitze einen herben Rückschlag erlitten.

Die Ermittlungen wurden auf hochrangige Bereichsmanager ausgeweitet.

01.Sep.2004-00.000.2002 -noch bis zum Frühjahr- nutzten Untergebene Kleys ein .." ...ergaben die Untersuchungen der Frankfurter Staatsanwälte,

02.Sep.2004 -in der vergangenen Woche-überraschend-um 4.200.000 Barrel (je 159 Liter). In den USA sind die PETROLEUM Lagervorräte gefallen Dies habe den PETROLEUM Rohölpreis nach oben getrieben, sagten Händler.

02.Sep.2004 Marktbeobachter hatten hingegen einen Anstieg erwartet.URL:,1518,druck-316182,00.

02.Sep.2004 Zudem belaste der Hurrikan Frances, der vor der Küste Floridas...

02.Sep.2004 -Ortszeit- Wie das USA Hurrikan-Zentrum in Miami (Florida) mitteilte, orteten Aufklärungsflugzeuge das Auge des Wirbelsturms rund 250 Kilometer nordöstlich von Puerto Plata in der Dominikanischen Republik.

02.Sep.2004 Neue Hiobsbotschaften-Nachdem überraschend gefallen sind : die USA PETROLEUM Lager Öl Lager Bestände an Rohöl, PETROLEUM Rohöl preis steigt wieder an hat .."




00.000.19---00.000.19-- USA President Reagan, Ronal USA Vice President Bush [BGHW948] USA National Security Council NSC staffer North, Oliver used .."

00.000.19-- -AFTER Iran-Contra THEY Didn't Stop -  URL:

00.Dec.1999 The Gipper's Constitution ~ USA Republican judges are rewriting the law of the USA
01.Jan.2000-31.Feb.2000 USA Presidential Aptitude Test ~ What you really need to know to pick a president

02.Sep.2004 Para mais informações contactar: Margarida Santos-Reis Centro de Biologia Ambiental / Departamento de Biologia Animal Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de... URL:

20040830090102 ".. could do that job in a convenient way.At the moment, it only covers three engines - Google, Yahoo + Ask Jeeves - + the results seem very repetitive. But one day it could be really good.

URL info - Anyone who wants to find out about any website, or improve their own, should bookmark Michael Fagan's URL Info.

The top of the page has a space to enter an internet address plus 11 tabs, from General to Misc.

Each tab offers links to several popular services + URL Info simply enters the address + fetches the results.

The links include Whois + PageRank, translation services + many other features such as Textalyser, Spell Online, Speed Report + ...

Northother  + arch-neoconservative Cambone, Stephen   Ledeen KEYWORDS: Franklin, Lawrence + Rhode, Harold + Wolfowitz, Paul + Feith, Douglas + Luti, AIPAC, SISMI, Ghorbanifar, Mojahedin-e Khalq, MEK, Pollari   Feith Pollard 124 pages listed LutiWeld, William

the Boston BrahminZ Goto page Previous  1, 2 , 3  Next Page 2 of 3
Israeli Pentagon Spy - Jewish Neocon Feith Hired Suspect Douglas Feith, Top Deputy To Rumsfeld + Wolfowitz At USA Pentagon, Has Extensive Personal Connections To Israel And The Israeli-Jewish Lobby
28.Aug.2004 MER –
www.MiddleEast.Org This latest Israeli spy scandal has connections to the very top of the Pentagon.

The analyst involved is thought to have been hired by and worked for non other than Feith, Douglas a man long considered by many insiders to be a kind long-time Jewish lobby operative in Washington +

Feith, Douglas a man known to have long + deep connections to the Sharon regime in Israel.
Now those who are familiar with MER know that we have for a long time pointed culpability fingers at the extensive Israeli-Jewish lobby in Washington;

to the many ties between the Israelis + the top Jewish neocons in the Bush government, including Wolfowitz, Paul + Feith, Douglas at the Pentagon + Abrams, Eliott at USA NSC.

No doubt they are all working furiously now to contain + cover up this latest Israeli spy scandal, as they have so many times before.

And in all likelihood, one way or another, they will succeed in doing so especially as neither of the political parties will dare risk truly offending 'the lobby' and Israel during this crucial pre-election season.
Many, most no doubt, of these kinds of things relating to Israel never get out into the public domain;

they are buried + sucked up into USA official Washington where so many have so many reasons for always wanting to hush such things up.

But there should be no doubt that the Israelis have infiltrated at many levels + greatly influenced in many ways USA policies in the Middle East, especially of late the decision to invade + occupy Iraq.
The following quick list of past Israeli spy scandals all of which were covered up or sucked in one way or another include
* Israeli Attack on U.S.S. Liberty - 1967
* Steve Bryent Israeli Spying Scandal - 1982
* Jonathan Pollard Arrested outside Israeli Embassy - 1985
* AIPAC infiltration scandal, President forced to resign - 1991
* Mossad bugging of Clinton and Monica - 1997
* Martin Indyk's Security Clearances 'temporarily' suspended – 2000
04.Sep.2004 33
FBI probes DOD office By Richard Sale UPI Intelligence Correspondent

04.Sep.2004 URL for more about Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski who is mentioned in the 'Timeline for War' as having seen Israeli military officials walking to JINSA/CSP Zionist extremist Douglas Feith's office at the Pentagon like they owned the place (more about such appears below the pictures near the top of ):,2763,999737,00.html
ZIONIST NEOCON TIMELINE FOR WAR Goto page Previous  1, 2 , 3  Next
04.Sep.2004 War Without End The global war against terror from a UK perspective
UK and World News 
04.Sep.2004 11.Sep.2001
Commission Report (on page 147) also mentions that USA support for Israel was why the World Trade Center was attacked in 1993.

James Bamford conveys in his new book ('A Pretext for War') that USA support for Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinians is what contributed to the motivation for the tragic WTC World Trade Center attacks in 00.000.1993+11.Sep.2001 (9/11). See the timeline at the following URL: TARGET="_blank">
The Invisible Circus (200 bytes) 1: '''The Invisible Circus''' ([[ 2001 ]]), directed by [[Adam Brooks]], is a [[Drama]] starring [[Cameron Diaz]], [[Jordana Brew...5: [[Category: 2001 films]]

02.Sep.2004 Today as the Republican National Convention kicks off in New York City, a major new poll by Zogby International reveals that 66 % of New Yorkers want the 11.Sep.2001 investigation reopened.

A majority of respondents agree that USA Congress or Spitzer, Elliot, New York's Attorney General, should re-open the investigation + address the unanswered questions.

While the Republican Party + the Bush [BGW968] Administration tout their response to 11.Sep.2001 , the Zogby findings will show that the majority of New Yorkers doubt the official version of the events of 11.Sep.2001 .

The poll found that many, including a significant %-age of Republicans, suspect complicity on the part of government officials who deliberately failed to respond to specific warnings + allowed the attacks to occur.

This is the first scientific poll of it kind in the wake of the 11.Sep.2001 tragedy.

Zogby International will release full details at 2pm Eastern time today.

"This stunning findings will knock the red, white + blue wind out of the Republican convention + make them regret they ever returned to the scene of the crime,"

02.Sep.2004 -predicts- Kubiak,David Executive Director of,a coalition of researchers + journalist + victim family supporters that sponsored the poll + is dedicated to full disclosure about the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

"Extraordinary numbers of Americans suspect elements of our own USA government were complicit in the attacks of 11.Sep.2001," said Levis, Nick of the New York City 11.Sep.2001 Truth Alliance. "This case is anything but closed."

Scoop New Zealand SPSPSY.HTM
03.Sep.2004 on Friday USA government sources said the FBI is investigating whether the analyst gave classified documents to Israel via the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington

on Saturday Israeli officials denied the allegations + insisted Israel had not spied on the USA since an espionage scandal involving USA Navy analyst Pollard, Jonathan who was arrested 00.000.1985 outside the Israeli embassy.   The Washington Post said the probe was focused on a career analyst at USA DIA Defense Intelligence Agency who specializes in Iran + had risen to the rank of colonel in USA Air Force Reserve.  

Early in the Bush [BGW968] administration, the analyst moved to the Pentagon's policy branch headed by Undersecretary Feith, Douglas where he continued his work on Iranian affairs -Washington Post-.  

It was unclear whether the case would result in espionage charges or lesser charges such as the improper release of classified information or mishandling of government documents -Washington Post.

03.Sep.2004 “As you know, I oppose the Kyoto Protocol” ou como se deita um acordo internacional no lixo! (uma história em evolução)
As declarações de Bush [BGW968], de que não pretende ratificar o Protocolo de Quioto, fizeram vacilar os esforços conjuntos de combate às alterações climáticas.

Embora a UE deseje continuar o caminho traçado, prevê-se um cenário espinhoso. Gonçalo Cavalheiro e Nuno Lacasta (1), EURONATURA (2)
02.Sep.2004 Judge Drops Charges in USA Michigan - Terror Case

03.Sep.2004 on Thursday DETROIT (AP) - Acting at the request of prosecutors, a USA federal judge threw out the terrorism charges against two men convicted 00.000.2003 in a case once hailed by the Bush [BGW968] administration as a major victory in the war on terror. But USA District Judge Gerald Rosen said the two, as well as a third man, must stand trial again on charges of document fraud.

The judge's decision came after USA Justice Department admitted widespread prosecutorial misconduct in the case + asked the judge to dismiss the terrorism charges against two men accused of being part of a Detroit terror cell.

"It is an inescapable conclusion that the defendants' due process, confrontation + fair trial rights were violated," Rosen wrote Thursday.

"There is at least a reasonable probability that the jury's verdict would have been different had constitutional standards been met."

11.Sep.2001 -in the wake of- the attacks the prosecution's"understandable sense of mission + zeal to obtain a conviction" "overcame not only its professional judgment, but its broader obligations to the justice system + the rule of law." Rosen said

The government's change of heart, outlined in court papers Tuesday, came after a months long court-ordered review of documents connected to the case.

The Justice Department uncovered several pieces of potentially exculpatory evidence that should have been given to the defense before trial.Pawtucket Times Directory

03.Sep.2004 GOETHE-SAMMLUNG BEDROHT - Brand in Weimarer Bibliothek - Ein Großbrand hat den Dachstuhl der weltberühmten Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek in Weimar zerstört + die oberen Geschosse stark beschädigt. Flammen schlugen in den Himmel, das Feuer bedrohte die größte Sammlung von Goethes "Faust". URL:,1518,316387,00.html
Weimar - Das Feuer sei nach zwei Stunden gelöscht gewesen, teilte das Lagezentrum des Innenminsteriums Thüringens in Erfurt am späten Abend mit. Das Ausmaß der Schäden und die Schadenssumme seien noch nicht bekannt.

02.Sep.2004 Human ancestors quickly found their feet news service -six million years ago- Hominids started walking on two legs, shortly after diverging from chimpanzees, according to a study of the inner structure of a fossilised thighbone.

The finding puts upright posture at the base of the human family tree.

The evolution of upright posture is a key issue in anthropology.

Together with large brain size, it marks the dividing line between humans + the great apes.

Researchers know that upright posture evolved first because the skeleton of famed Australopithecine, Lucy, has a small braincase but modern ankles.

Yet with few known fossils older than about four million years, the details of how + when upright posture evolved have been hazy.

Over the past few years, however, two important new finds have begun to fill in the gaps.

The older animal is Sahelanthropus tchadensis , which lived in Chad six to seven million years ago, but only its hominid cranium was found. -six million years-about-old: Orrorin tugenensis -More complete-chimpanzee-sized- 20 fossils from at least five individuals have been found in Kenya. URL:

-initially- A team led by Brigitte Senut of the French Museum of Natural History in Paris classed Orrorin tugenensis as a hominid, on the human side of the split from chimpanzees.

This classification was based on skeletal features, but other anthropologists remained sceptical.

00.Jun.1931-00.Sep.1931 The "energy receiver" (gravitational energy convertor) had been built by Tesla himself. The dimensions of the convertor housing were approximately 60 x 25 x 15cm.

It was installed in front of the dashboard. Among other things, the convertor contained 12 vacuum tubes, of which three were of the 70-L-7 type.

A heavy antenna approximately 1.8 metres long, came out of the convertor. This antenna apparently had the same function as that on the Moray convertor (see chapter on Radiant Energy).

Furthermore, two thick rods protruded approximately 10cm from the convertor housing. Tesla pushed them in saying "00.000.1931 Now we have power." The motor achieved a maximum of 1800rpm.

Tesla said it was fairly hot when operating + therefore a cooling fan was required. For the rest, he said there was enough power in the convertor to illuminate an entire house, besides running the car engine.

00.000.1931 -for a week- The car was tested, reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour effortlessly. Its performance data were at least comparable to those of an automobile using gasoline.

At a stop sign, a passerby remarked that there were no exhaust gasses coming from the exhaust pipe. Petar answered "We have no motor."

The car was kept on a farm, perhaps 20 miles outside of Buffalo, not far from Niagara Falls.

00.000.1931 A few months after this automobile test + because of the economic crisis at the time, Pierce Arrow had to stop production.

It is very likely that the interconnection between the electric motor + the transmission had been performed there.

Pierce Arrow's tools were taken over by Studebaker, in South Bend.

00.000.1961-00.000.1931 -Not quite 30 years later Studebaker also vanished to form American Motors, jointly with Nash.

Later, some of its fans attempted to resuscitate the Pierce Arrow. Unfortunately, they were not successful. URL: NICOLA TESLA'S AUTOMOBILE

00.000.1930 Tesla asked his nephew, Petar Savo, who was born in Yugoslavia in 1899, to come to New York.

Petar was 43 years younger than his uncle.

Up to that date he had lived under stringent conditions in Yugoslavia, Tesla's country of birth.

1931 -During the summer of- Tesla took his nephew to Buffalo to unveil + test a new automobile. Tesla had developed it with his own personal funds. URL:

30.Aug.2004 Ölförderstopp im Irak: Opec will Lieferausfall ausgleichen,1518,315714,00.html

03.Sep.2004 Daheim in Buckingham Court kann Martha Frederick die Welt nicht mehr verstehen.

Eine "Marionette an Strippen" sei ihr "Chip" gewesen. Nichts weiter. "Die haben uns mit Lügen in den Krieg geführt", sagt sie, "+ jetzt benutzen sie die einfachen Soldaten als Sündenbock für ihre Verbrechen."

Von seiner erst einmal letzten Reise, so viel scheint sicher, wird ihr Mann keine Fahne mehr nach Hause bringen. URL:,1518,druck-315381,00.html
03.Sep.2004 Letzte Zweifel an ihrem Handeln nimmt der Vorgesetzte Stefanowicz den Aufsehern.

Er lobt Frederick + seine Einheit: Sie erledigten "hervorragende Arbeit", die Gefangenen könnten nun viel leichter abgeschöpft werden.

Gewalt gegenüber den Häftlingen wird zum Alltag in Abu Ghureib.

Keiner der Krankenpfleger, welche die malträtierten Körper behandeln müssen, stoppt die Misshandlungen.

31.Aug.2003 General Geoffrey D. Miller, Kommandeur der Joint Task Force Guantanamo, trifft im Irak ein.

Mit seinem Team, das den Gefangenen auf der Karibikinsel Kuba zu diesem Zeitpunkt auf Anweisung Rumsfelds bereits mit Schlafentzug zusetzen darf, mit Dauerlärm oder der Androhung sexueller Misshandlung,

sucht er nach "Möglichkeiten, Gefangene rasch auf handlungstaugliche Informationen hin auszubeuten".
00.Sep.2003 Miller empfiehlt, dass die Einheiten der Armee, die das Gefängnis kontrollieren, den Geheimdiensten unterstellt werden.

Zudem sollten die Soldaten dazu eingesetzt werden, "aktiv die Umstände herzustellen, unter denen die Gefangenen erfolgreich aus—ge--beutet werden können".
13.Jun.2003 -am- sagt Frederick:
"Es ist ziemlich hart hier"

00.Jun.2003 erhält die USA Generalin Karpinski, Janis die zuvor noch nie eine Haftanstalt geleitet hat, die Befehlsgewalt über alle Militärgefängnisse im Irak.

00.Jun.2003 Acht USA Bataillone Militärpolizei + 3400 Reservisten unterstehen ihrem Kommando.
00.Jun.2003 -Es ist auch die Zeit, in der sich Fredericks fröhliches Filmtagebuch dramatisch eintrübt.

00.Jun.2003 Unter den Augen hat er inzwischen tiefe Ränder, er nuschelt, den Blick in die Kamera scheut er ganz.

00.Jun.2003 "Dieser Ort ist völlig außer Kontrolle", sagt er leise, "Bush [BGW968] hat uns belogen.Der Krieg sei zu Ende, hat er behauptet.Aber davon kann keine Rede sein."

00.Jun.2003 Da ist er noch nicht einmal in Abu Ghureib stationiert.
00.Mai 2003 Der Feldzug gegen den Irak erscheint Ivan Frederick gerecht.

Die Anschläge vom 11.Sep.2001 seien von Saddam Hussein unterstützt worden, hat Vizepräsident Dick Cheney im Fernsehen gesagt.

Im Irak lagerten Massenvernichtungswaffen, hat Condoleezza Rice im Fernsehen gesagt.

Mit denen könne Saddam Hussein die USA angreifen, hat Colin Powell vor dem Weltsicherheitsrat gesagt. Und Frederick glaubt ihnen.URL:,1518,druck-315381,00.html

03.Sep.2004 Cheney: Choice is clear at time of ‘highest stakes’
Tuesday night, NEW YORK - Vice President Cheney, Dick accepted his party’s nomination for re-election painting Democratic candidate Kerry, John as soft on national defense + homeland security.
Full Story  URL:

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001 -Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 5 -Quotation taken from an article published by Donald W. Scott, MA, MSc, extracted from-
1957 -
Testing via Mosquito Vector in Punta Gorda, Florida - A report from The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that one of the first outbreaks of chronic fatigue syndrome was in Punta Gorda, Florida,It was a strange coincidence that a week before these people came down with chronic fatigue syndrome, there was a huge influx of mosquitoes.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 The USA National Institutes of Health claimed that the mosquitoes came from a forest fire 30 miles away.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 The truth is that those mosquitoes were infected in Canada by Dr Guilford B. Reed at Queen's University.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 They were bred in Belleville, Ontario + taken down to Punta Gorda and released there.
01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 -Within a week-, the first five cases ever of chronic fatigue syndrome were reported to the local clinic in Punta Gorda.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 The cases kept coming until finally 450 people were ill with the disease.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 Testing via Mosquito Vector in Ontario

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 The Government of Canada had established the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, where it raised 100 million mosquitoes a month.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 These were shipped to Queen's University + certain other facilities to be infected with this crystalline disease agent.

01.Aug.2001-31.Sep.2001-00.000.1957 -then-in the middle of the night-The mosquitoes were let loose in certain communities, so that the researchers could determine how many people would become ill with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, which was the first disease to show.

30.Aug.2004 -Last Release: Monday-Photos + Descriptions of NYC Protests |NYC Indymedia | URL:

30.Aug.2004 -Today in New York City, 500,000 people marched in solidarity with the rest of the world, denouncing policies of the USA government from every possible angle.

30.Aug.2004 -Today After a 6-hour long march, protesters did not just pack up their signs + go home.

Various autonomous contingents sprawled out across the city, doing everything from a "kick the heads of state" soccer game in Central Park, to jail solidarity demonstrations for those arrested, to a relentless verbal assault campaign on Republican delegates trying to hide out in Broadway theaters. "Republican scum! Your time has come!" was a chant that could be heard up + down the avenues 30.Aug.2004 -Today-this afternoon. - (Go there) USA
Goethe-Sammlung bedroht: Brand in Weimarer Bibliothek

03.Sep.2004 Cleric: Duty of Muslims to fight US in Iraq
Massive blast disrupts Iraqi oil exports
02.Sep.2004 The USA “war on terroris an absolute fraud.

The USA “war on terroris a war designed specifically to mask the injustices + inequalities which afflict millions of Americans by aggravating + amplifying the injustices + inequalities inflicted upon millions of non-USA Americans.

The USA “war on terrors very existence represents continuous + ever-expanding victory for only the most vicious + opportunistic+hateful elements among humanity, who will impose upon us USA tragedy upon tragedy +

terror upon terror, URL:

until we break cleanly + completely from the rotted chains of mindless fealty to false national leaders + forge links with those abroad whose friendships we have forgone for far too long. HOME

M. Junaid Alam , Boston, 21, is co-editor of the radical youth journal Left Hook (, where this article first appeared.

M. Junaid Alam , Boston, 21, can be reached at:

Other Articles by M. Junaid Alam :

* Six Grim Consequences of the Anybody But Bush [BGW968] Plague
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The Racism Barrier: Answering William Safire
The Wolf Who Cried “Wolf” Charging Anti-Semitism—and Extending the Iron Wall

* Why Do They Hate Us? And How to Move Forward
02.Sep.2004 An atmosphere of fear, paranoia, insecurity + racial hatred grinds down oppressively upon the American public, pulverizing goodwill, dissent and radicalism with ten times the efficiency of any cluster-bomb or laser-guided missile. That the war abroad is to go on in perpetuum against a “shadowy” and “dark” enemy is no accident or blunder. What better method of keeping the populace timid and tame for as long as is desired? What better way to dismiss the pressing needs of the underpaid, the unemployed, the medically uninsured - the neglected? What stronger toxin to poison minds and hearts that burn and beat with similar needs, passions, desires + dreams; to set them against each other for myriad petty reasons so that a select few may profit and accrue power and privilege? URL:
02.Sep.2004 The truth is that the grand enterprise known as The USA “war on terrordoes not have clear progress markers, decisive battles, concrete timetables, or geographical limits for one reason and one reason alone: it is a two-front war + the people of the USA are the other front. URL:
02.Sep.2004 Obviously, there is no peaceful way to convince 300 million Arabs and 1.2 billion Muslims to submit willingly to constant dehumanization, humiliation, torture, killing, bombing, bulldozing. They will not simply yield, in Iraq for instance, all their oil, their assets, their riches, to private American firms and attendant mercenaries who are all too eager to collect the spoils of a war which they have not only failed to win but have quite clearly begun to lose. Fatuous rhetoric about taking the fight to the enemy cannot mask the reality on the ground. The number of “terrorists” is not finite, their energies not split or splintered by armed American presence on multiple fronts. Rather, it is clearly the American armed forces which are tired, demoralized + stretched beyond their limits by their deployment, the very existence of which produces a groundswell of armed resistance among previously non-hostile populations. URL:
02.Sep.2004 -
Recently- the president of the USA was asked if The USA “war on terrorcould be won. His response was markedly free from the aggressive and self-righteous rhetoric that usually defines the outlook of his administration: “I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world.” What happened to the swaggering Texan? Had he suddenly slumped out of a depressing meeting with advisers informing him that Iraq was slipping deviously out of American hands and into the arms of Iraqi nationalists? Was he caught in a rare moment of honest reflection about the true nature of a war he has so zealously advocated? An unlikely prospect, no doubt. But just in case Bush [BGW968] did have an epiphany, the ever-reliable warmongers of the Democratic Party galloped onto the scene to remind America that now was the time for killing, not questioning.

Employing what is by now a tried-and-true tactic, the Democrats outflanked Bush [BGW968] from the right, beaming opportunistically through the ray of sunshine that is John Edwards: “After months of listening to the Republicans base their campaign on their singular ability to win the war on terror, the president now says we can’t win the war on terrorism.” His campaign partner John Kerry, when asked in turn if he could win the war on terror, chirped, “Absolutely.” A Kerry spokesman intoned, “We need a leader who knows we can win the war on terror and has a plan to do it.” URL:

But Bush [BGW968] was not going to allow himself to be outdone so easily: the task of launching America into The USA “war on terrorwas spearheaded and initiated by him + the glory of this momentous achievement belonged to no other, regardless of any fleeting doubts he may have had. Therefore his spokesman was soon rushed out to announce that there was simply a “false perception” of Bush [BGW968]’s statement + that no policy shift was in the works, because the president will “win the war on terrorism by continuing to take the fight to the enemy.” Bush [BGW968] himself elaborated, “What I meant was that this is not a conventional war…[T]his is not the kind of war where you sit down and sign a peace treaty. It’s a totally different kind of war. But we will win it.” URL:
02.Sep.2004 00.000.2004 (1) Understanding Terror Networks , Marc Sageman, University of Pennsylvania Press,
04.Jul.2004 (2)
US has false al-Qaeda view, ex-agent says, San Diego Union-Tribune ,
Creating the enemy, by Brendan O'Neill
-After the horrendous Madrid attacks of- conservative newspaper columnist Amiel, Barbara said of the bombers: 'They inhabit a different moral universe from us.' (4)

It might make us feel better to see terrorists as an alien breed, but the fact is that often they inhabit the same physical universe as us; +

according to Sageman's findings, they are like us in many ways too. It is surely time to look anew at what is driving the new nihilism + how we might combat it.URL:
02.Sep.2004 Such terrorism, it seems, is less a consequence of far-away fanaticism infiltrating the West, but rather suggests a failure on the part of mainstream institutions in the West to cohere society or to provide individuals with any meaningful sense of identity.

There is a growing sense of atomisation + alienation in the West, not only among immigrants but across society.

Homesick Arabs might feel it more acutely, but it affects everyone in UK + USA + EU societies, in the growth of disillusionment with public institutions + disenfranchisement from the political process. Could it be that the new terrorism, which we consider so strange, so awful, so alien,

is in fact a product of the same corrosive forces that impact on the rest of us?URL:
02.Sep.2004 Isn't there also something about Western society itself which encourages these otherwise well-educated + respectable individuals to hunker down,

to create cliques that 'distance themselves from society'? Sageman talks of the role of radical mosques in providing homesick Muslims with a means for venting their spleen + sometimes providing them with links to other, perhaps violently minded individuals. Yet the drift of young Muslims, whether Western-born or middle-class foreigners, to radical mosques + fundamentalism

also says something about a malaise at the heart of Western society URL:
02.Sep.2004 'They are completely different from the Taliban. They thought the Taliban were just a bunch of ignorant guys who couldn't read and write. They hated each other, in fact. Al-Qaeda thought the Afghans were just a bunch of crazy-eyed fanatics.' Sageman points out that not a single one of his 382 subjects is from Afghanistan, where the Mujihadeen was born 25 years ago during the Afghan-Soviet war. They are not Pashtun villagers but travelling, educated Arabs and Asians, many of whom are 'recruited' in London, Paris, Hamburg, Montreal, or other cities 'away from their own home'. URL:
02.Sep.2004 But that begs a big question: what went wrong? How did these people from 'caring and middle-class families' become mass killers? How did individuals so apparently like us - professional, well-educated, married and normal - turn into nihilistic terrorists who destroyed the Twin Towers, killed scores at the Pentagon, massacred holidaymakers in Bali + exploded rucksack bombs on rush-hour trains in Madrid? Sageman has no easy answers. But, he says, there is one thing more than any other that distinguishes these al-Qaeda people from groups such as the Taliban and Pakistani fundamentalists + which might provide some clues to their bizarre transformation. They are, says Sageman, 'international people'; they are 'global citizens' who left their homes and travelled, some of them to the West.
Sageman found that a high number of his subjects, 70 per cent, 'joined the jihad' in a foreign country + 'many of these joined in a Western country'. They were recruited - or rather 'they self-recruited themselves', he says, pointing out that there is little evidence of a hierarchical structure to al-Qaeda or its off-shoot groups - after leaving home and travelling abroad. 'Basically, what we're talking about here is the elite of the country sent abroad to study, because the schools in Germany, France, England and the USA are better. That is what you have with someone like Mohammed Atta', he says, referring to the reported ringleader of the 11.Sep.2001 operation, who left Egypt to study architecture in Hamburg where he set up the Hamburg cell that apparently coordinated much of the 11.Sep.2001 attack.URL:
02.Sep.2004 While al-Qaeda members and supporters may have a perverse and twisted view of the world, Sageman found that, contrary to some conventional wisdom, they are not mentally ill. He found only four cases of a 'possible thought disorder'; one subject had 'mild mental retardation'. There was 'very little trauma' in the subjects' upbringings + fewer than 10 per cent of them experienced the death of a parent while they were young. Overall, says Sageman, they were 'good kids' - 'with the exception of some second-generation Maghreb Arabs, who lived a life of petty crime'.
There is a tendency to view al-Qaeda and its supporters as completely different to us. They are described as 'cult fanatics'; one author claims that, 'When all is said and done, most men + especially men from non-Western cultures and less developed areas , are capable of taking great pleasure in great evil' (my italics) (3). Yet Sageman's findings suggest that some of the most nihilistic terrorists today are fairly Westernised and well-off. 'It is comforting to think of the terrorist as "the Other"', says Sageman, 'but that isn't quite the case. Mostly these guys are the elite of their countries; they are very much like some of us in the West'.
02.Sep.2004 Even more surprising are Sageman's findings on what type of education these individuals received. Of 265 of his subjects, only 9.4 per cent had a religious education +

90.6 per cent had a secular education. Among the Central Staff (bin Laden and co), fewer than five individuals had a religious education; among the Maghreb Arabs, none had a religious education.

A recurring scare story since 11.Sep.2001 has involved those Islamic fundamentalist schools in Pakistan and elsewhere, which are said to be breeding new bin Ladens.

'But very few of my subjects went to schools like that', says Sageman.
The al-Qaeda subjects' high level of education is reflected in their professions.

These are not drifters or unemployed loners tempted into a life of terrorism by the promise of money or glory;

rather, most of them had good jobs. Sageman gathered information on employment for 268 of his subjects:

42.5 per cent were professionally employed (doctor, lawyer, teacher + so on), 32.8 had a semi-skilled job + 24.6 per cent were unskilled.

The highest number of professionals was among the Central Staff (only one of whom was an unskilled worker),

while the highest number of unskilled workers was among the Maghreb Arabs.URL:
02.Sep.2004 He found that 'traditional theories of terrorism' offer few insights into the lives and motivations of these new terrorists. Where terrorists are usually seen as being ignorant and immature, as coming from a poor background and a broken family, with no skills and no family or job responsibility, little of this is true for al-Qaeda members and supporters. According to Sageman, even traditional theories about terrorists being 'evil' and 'religious fanatics' do not work for the new lot, a majority of whom had secular upbringings and schooling and some of whom adhere to few strict religious rules. 'I think it's comforting to believe these guys are different from us, because what they do is so evil', says Sageman. 'Unfortunately, they aren't that different.'
He drew his data from unclassified government documents, police wiretaps, news reports, academic publications and transcripts from trials in America, France, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia and Morocco, arriving at what one American journalist last week described as 'the most thorough profile of the members of this terrorist network available outside the walls of government secrecy' (2). His sample breaks down into four groups - Central Staff (38 leading al-Qaeda members), Maghreb Arabs (162 terrorists from the north Africa region), Core Arabs (127 terrorists from the 'core Arab' states Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Kuwait) + Southeast Asians (55 terrorists largely from Indonesia and Malaysia).
He admits that his sources are incomplete and sometimes of questionable reliability. He points out that because he largely relied on public records, his results may be skewed towards better-known, more prominent al-Qaeda associates; and where information about upbringing, profession, marital status and the rest was available for some in his sample, it wasn't available for others. Yet he believes his research is sufficiently detailed to show that 'there's something different about these new groups'.
Sageman found that, for all the simplistic claims made recently about poverty breeding terrorism, a majority of his al-Qaeda sample were middle or upper class and well-educated. Of his sample of 382, he had information on the social status of 306; he found that 17.6 per cent were upper class, 54.9 per cent middle class + 27.5 per cent lower class. The highest number of upper- or middle-class individuals was among the Core Arabs (from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Kuwait) + the highest number of lower-class individuals was among the Maghreb Arabs from north Africa. Even among those who seem most closely to fit the terrorist stereotype - the Southeast Asians - Sageman found a bias towards being middle class. Out of those for whom he had information about family background and social status, 10 of the Southeast Asians were middle class and two lower class.
13.Jul.2004 Meet the al-Qaeda archetype by Brendan O'Neill
'I suppose it must be disconcerting to be told that the guys who did 11.Sep.2001 were not lunatics from another planet, but were actually fairly normal.'
Terrorism expert Marc Sageman made waves at an international conference in Washington last week, when he presented his findings on 382 suspected terrorists who have direct or indirect links to Osama bin Laden's network. Sageman found that the terrorist stereotype - of poor, young, single men from the dusty backstreets of the Muslim world brainwashed into committing fanatical acts - doesn't stick when it comes to al-Qaeda. Rather, most of them are well-educated, well-off, cosmopolitan and professional, with good jobs, wives and no history of mental illness. 'Some people at the conference were…a little taken aback', Sageman says. 'I could have been describing them rather than bin Laden's men.' URL:
Trier: Stromausfall stürzt Region ins Chaos

02.Sep.2004 Republikaner-Parteitag: Bush [BGW968] gibt sich als Visionär

02.Sep.2004 Abu Ghureib: US-Regierung soll Mitarbeiter mit Foltererfahrung geschickt haben

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02.Sep.2004 Demonstrationen in New York: Rekordzahl von 1760 Festnahmen

02.Sep.2004 Vor Bush [BGW968]s Rede: Republikaner vermissen tausend Eintrittskarten

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02.Sep.2004 Unruhen in Nepal: Auswärtiges Amt rät von Reisen nach Katmandu ab

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02.Sep.2004 Dems Question GOP Approach at Convention

02.Sep.2004 Women of Spain live the longest Spanish women are the longest living group of people in Europe, according to figures from the EU's Eurostat department.

02.Sep.2004 Lady Thatcher pays £165,000 bail for Sir Mark Lady Thatcher has come to the aid of her beleaguered son Mark by agreeing to pay the £165,000 bail to release him from house arrest in Cape Town.
Special report: Equatorial Guinea

02.Sep.2004 Tunnels under top Paris jail French anti-terrorist police have opened a formal inquiry into three tunnels discovered under La Santé, Paris's main high-security jail.
Unique Roman collection to be restored to view A private collection of classic sculpture, said to be the biggest in the world, is to go on public view after being hidden for 40 years in a Roman basement.

Gibraltar and Madrid hold talks Spain and Gibraltar have held informal talks for the first time in three years.
Special report: Gibraltar
Curfew in Nepal as murders spark riot A curfew has been imposed on Kathmandu after thousands ransacked a mosque and fought battles with police to protest at the killing of 12 Nepalese hostages by insurgents in Iraq.
Israel sees Syrian link in bombings Israel has warned the Arab world that it saw Syrian hands behind this week's suicide bombings in Beersheba.
Malaysian ex deputy PM freed from 'political' sentence Malaysia's highest court overturns the sodomy conviction of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim and frees him after six years of imprisonment.

Bush [BGW968]'s missing year Salon: 'Who was this guy who came in late and left early?' Mary Jacoby finds out what the president really did in 1972.
Special report: US elections

Iran says it will resume uranium processing Iran has told UN nuclear inspectors that it is about to process dozens of tonnes of raw uranium into the gas which centrifuges can turn into nuclear bomb material.
Special report: Iran

02.Sep.2004 French headscarf ban comes into force A French law banning Islamic headscarves in schools comes into force as France intensified its efforts to free two hostages in Iraq.
Special report: France

02.Sep.2004 Straw calls for reform of UN The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, outlines a three-point plan for reform of the UN, suggesting new rules of responsibility for intervening in sovereign nations.

Court imposes lawyer on Milosevic Judges at the UN war crimes tribunal impose a defence lawyer on Slobodan Milosevic to prevent further delays.
Milosevic puts trial at risk

02.Sep.2004 Cheney lambasts Kerry USA vice-president accuses Democrat challenger Kerry of repeatedly making the 'wrong call on national security'.
Bush [BGW968] to sell himself tonight
More on US elections

02.Sep.2004 15 comments Complicated: Juan Cole has a new post that goes into more detail about the Pentagon spy story. We put the information into a diagram (an extension of the one below). URL:
02.Sep.2004 Too see the full size image, click
here. (large image here) KEYWORDS: Lawrence Franklin, Harold Rhode, Wolfowitz, Feith, Luti, AIPAC, SISMI, Ghorbanifar, Mojahedin-e Khalq, MEK, Pollari
NOTE: In order to put all this information into a single diagram, it has to be large and the fonts small.
UPDATE/NOTICE: Since this post is getting a lot of links, we shall use it as the 'home post' for the diagram and it will change as new information comes out and is incorporated.
UPDATE [2004-08-30] Include
contact between Franklin and Naor Gilon
posted by Quiddity at
29.Aug.2004 01-46-47 .PM. 14 comments URL:
02.Sep.2004 UPDATE - BLAST FROM THE PAST: Bush [BGW968] in the
2003 State of the Union address: Our war against terror is a contest of will in which perseverance is power. In the ruins of two towers, at the western wall of the Pentagon, on a field in Pennsylvania, this nation made a pledge + we renew that pledge tonight: Whatever the duration of this struggle + whatever the difficulties, we will not permit the triumph of violence in the affairs of men - free people will set the course of history. URL:
02.Sep.2004 The reason for the problem is that we're so good: Recently we have heard the following
explanation for Bush [BGW968]'s remark that the problems in post-war Iraq are due to the "catastrophic success" of the military: (emp add) "Had we to do it over again, we would look at the consequences of catastrophic success – being so successful , so fast, that an enemy that should have surrendered or been done in, escaped and lived to fight another day" That reminded us of a similar explanation for when Bush [BGW968] fell on his face from eating a pretzel: (excerpts, emp add) The medical term for Bush [BGW968]'s episode is vasovagal syncope, or vasovagal fainting ... In such cases, the body sends a signal to the heart via the vagus nerve that slows the heart rate enough to cause a brief fainting spell.
A vasovagal episode isn't the only possibility, Skibbie said. Somewhat less common is cough syncope, where a coughing episode — similar to what Bush [BGW968] reportedly had — can increase pressure in the chest enough to momentarily lower blood pressure. It, too, is benign. Both types of fainting actually can be common among the physically fit because their blood pressure and pulse already are at nice low rates ... It all makes sense now. People fall down because they are physically fit + the military campaign was so successful that it failed to capture the enemy. URL:
02.Sep.2004 Cheap shot of the week: Nicholas Kristof
writes about how Shakespeare's plays (especially Henry V) contain lessons Bush [BGW968] could use. For example: ... the world is full of nuances and uncertainties ... ... the brutality and inevitable excesses of war ... ... the inevitability of intelligence failures ... And towards the end, Kristof says: (emp add) Indeed, the only person who seems to provide Shakespeare's kings with sound advice is the court fool, who cannot be punished for saying unpalatable truths because jesting is his job. I urge Mr. Bush [BGW968] to appoint a White House fool . Hey, Nick! They already got one! URL:
02.Sep.2004 How low can they go? You've heard about the delegates at the Republican National Convention
sporting bandages with purple hearts, mocking John Kerry's military experience.URL:
Daddy defends Dubya:
Bush's Father Bush [BGHW948] Dismisses Vietnam Claims: USA President Bush [BGW968] s father Bush [BGHW948] says claims Bush [BGW968] used Bush [BGHW948] influence to keep [BGHW948] son Bush [BGW968] out of the Vietnam War are "a total lie."
In an interview aired Wednesday on CBS's "The Early Show," the president's Bush [BGW968] father Bush [BGW968] dismissed claims that [BGHW948] helped [BGHW948] son Bush [BGW968] stay out of the conflict.
"They keep saying that + it's a lie, a total lie," former USA President Bush [BGW968] said.

"Nobody's come up with any evidence + yet it's repeated all the time."

How then to explain this? Barnes, Ben the former Speaker of USA House in Texas, the guy who got Bush [BGW968] into the Texas Air National Guard:

"I got a young man named George W. Bush [BGW968] in the National Guard when I was Lt. Gov. of Texas + I’m not necessarily proud of that.

But I did it.

And I got a lot of other people into the National Guard because I thought that was what people should do, when you're in office you helped a lot of rich people.

And I walked through the Vietnam Memorial the other day + I looked at the names of the people that died in Vietnam + I became more ashamed of myself than I have ever been because it was the worst thing that I did was that I helped a lot of wealthy supporters + a lot of people who had family names of importance get into the National Guard ..."

Diagramming Kevin Phillips book on the Bush dynasty
Diagramming Bush [BGW968] the businessman
All the lies and distortions about Iraq peddled by Bush [BGW968] and his allies
Bush [BGW968] regime playing cards
Bush [BGW968] lies about Iraq having WMDs (14 times on the campaign trail)
Chalabi: Thief of Baghdad? (+ Baghdad museum info)
Bush [BGW968]: uniter or divider?
Seymour Hersh's timeline of North Korean nuclear program
George W. Bush [BGW968]'s Texas Air National Guard service (table)
Let's play North Korean Brinksmanship!
Bush [BGW968] lies about Saddam/alQaeda "connections" (11 times on the campaign trail).
Tim Russert uses a meaningless, 56 year old statistic about Social Security
Richard Perle's Secret Plan.
14.Jan2004p07-27-54 A.M.
osted by Quiddity at- Point – Counterpoint: Richard Perle and David Frum wrote a book, An End to Evil . The New York Times reviewed it.

Excerpt from the review: (emphasis added) [The book contains] triumphalist boasts ("the USA has become the greatest of all great powers in world history"), their macho posturing + their willful, flame-throwing language. "There is no middle way for USA Americans," they write in the opening chapter. "It is victory or holocaust. This book is a manual for victory."
[Perle + Frum] declare that "when it is in our power + our interest, we should toss dictators aside with no more compunction than a police sharpshooter feels when he downs a hostage-taker ."

Of the UN , another one of their nemeses, they write, "The UN regularly broadcasts a spectacle as dishonest + morally deadening as a Stalinist show trial, a televised ritual of condemnation that inflames hatreds + sustains quarrels that might otherwise fade away."
Mr. Perle + Mr. Frum argue that USA America "should force European governments to choose between Paris + Washington ," +

Mr. Perle + Mr. Frum assert that Iran is "the world's least trustworthy regime," ominously adding, "The regime must go."
Throughout "An End to Evil" Mr. Perle + Mr. Frum purvey a worldview of us-versus-them, all-or-nothing, either-or + this outlook results in a refusal to countenance the possibility that people who do not share the authors' views about the war in Iraq or their faith in a pre-emptive, unilateralist foreign policy might have legitimate reasons for doing so.

Instead, Mr. Frum and Mr. Perle accuse those who differ with their foreign-policy beliefs of failing to support the war against terrorism: of being cowardly, delusional or defeatist. Wild.posted by Quiddity at URL:

02.Sep.2004 Managerglück: "500.000 bis 600.000 Euro Rente im Jahr"

02.Sep.2004 Wachstumsroulette: Deutsche Bank kauft faule Kredite in China (Wirtschaft)

02.Sep.2004 Parteitag der Republikaner: Cheneys ätzende Kritik an Kerry