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02.Sep.2004 Para mais informações contactar: Margarida Santos-Reis URL: https://www.naturlink.pt/canais/artigo.asp?iCanal=1&iSubCanal=11&iArtigo=11268
Centro de Biologia Ambiental / Departamento de Biologia Animal
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edifício C2
1749-016 Lisboa
FAX: 217500028 TELEFONE: 21 7500000 ext 22305 E-Mail:
12.Mar.2004 -After Madrid: a strange sort of solidarity -The bombings in Madrid have understandably set off a huge wave of human solidarity across Spain + around Europe.

Yet in these uncertain times, it is a strange sort of solidarity.

Since nobody knows who planted the bombs, we are not certain who or what we are uniting and demonstrating against.

As Brendan O'Neill explains elsewhere on spiked, whoever is responsible, the bombings fit into a new pattern of terror for terror's sake,

where terrorism becomes an end in itself rather than a means to a political goal (see Terror for terror's sake).

The terrorists have no political cause against which we can all take a stand. There is no 'pro-bombing movement' to oppose;

no sooner had the Basque separatist movement Eta been blamed than the Basque people were staging protests against the Madrid atrocities.Reprinted from : https://www.spiked-online.com/Articles/0000000CA471.htm
12.Mar.2004 The New Labour government is now pointing to Madrid as 'proof' that those of us who protest about governments exaggerating the threat from terrorism are wrong. Of course terrorists can always stage a spectacular attack. Where Blair and co exaggerate the threat is in describing these attacks as a threat to the British and Western way of life - part of a final 'Armageddon'-scale battle between Good and Evil, as the prime minister put it last week. But while bombers can blow up trains, they cannot bring down civilisations - those tend to crumble from within.

The best lasting memorial to the dead of Madrid will be to get on with life.Reprinted from : https://www.spiked-online.com/Articles/0000000CA471.htm
Geiseldrama: Bush sagt Putin Unterstützung zu

02.Sep.2004 New York: CDU-Politiker Hintze enttäuscht über Republikaner-Parteitag

02.Sep.2004 London - Ein Barrel Rohöl der Nordseesorte Brent zur Lieferung 00.Okt.2004 kletterte zuletzt um 1,54 $ auf 41,15 $.

02.Sep.2004 war der Ölpreis zeitweise bis auf 39,20 $ gefallen.

02.Sep.2004 In New York stieg der Preis für USA-Öl zur 00.Okt.2004 -auslieferung um 1,53 $ auf 43,65 $.
02.Sep.2004 In den USA sind die Rohöl-Lagervorräte in der vergangenen Woche überraschend um 4,2 Millionen Barrel (je 159 Liter) gefallen.

Dies habe den Rohölpreis nach oben getrieben, sagten Händler. URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-316182,00.html

02.Sep.2004 Marktbeobachter hatten hingegen einen Anstieg erwartet.
02.Sep.2004 Zudem belaste der Hurrikan Frances, der vor der Küste Floridas tobt, den Rohölpreis, sagten Händler.

03.Sep.2004 am Mittwochmorgen (Ortszeit)Wie das US-Hurrikan-Zentrum in Miami (Florida) mitteilte, orteten Aufklärungsflugzeuge das Auge des Wirbelsturms rund 250 Kilometer nordöstlich von Puerto Plata in der Dominikanischen Republik.
02.Sep.2004 Neue Hiobsbotschaften Ölpreis steigt wieder an
Nachdem die US-Lagerbestände an Rohöl überraschend gefallen sind, hat der Barrelpreis in London + New York wieder deutlich angezogen.

Nordseeöl kletterte wieder über die 40-$-Marke.

00.Jun.2002 Bomb Saddam? How the obsession of a few neocon hawks became the central goal of U.S. foreign policy.

00.Jun.2002 Low Roads Lead to Rome Cicero was an ancient master of dirty politics.

02.Sep.2004 Borderline Insanity President Bush wants the INS to stop granting visas to terrorists. The biggest obstacle? His own administration.

00.May 2002 Starr's War Ken Starr saw his job as truth commissioner. Everyone else still sees it as a disaster.

00.Apr.2002 * The Other War Room President Bush doesn't believe in polling--just ask his pollsters.
01.2001-31.2001 Feature Listings

Studs and Duds Why our newest weapons are hitting the ground instead of the enemy.
Rich Man, Spore Man If the elite want to survive bioterrorism, they'll have to make sure the poor do, too.

00.Dec.2001 George Washington's Bioterrorism Strategy How we handled it last time.

Nationalism and Its Discontents In the wake of Osama bin Laden's global religious terrorism, old-fashioned nationalism is looking better + better.

00.Dec.2001 Clowns in Gowns How Nixon's Rehnquist nomination screwed up the way we pick judges.

00.Nov.2001 Now Do You Believe We Need A Draft? We're in a new kind of war. Time for a new kind of draft.

00.Nov.2001 God's Foreign Policy Why the biggest threat to Bush's war strategy isn't coming from Muslims, but from Christians.

00.Oct.2001 Disconnect How Bush and Powell are killing the new economy. And how they can turn it around.

00.Oct.2001 John Edwards, Esq. Should America elect a trial lawyer president?
Dear Mr. President, From A Black Dude How you can get my vote.

00.Oct.2001Left Hook Most people more conservative as they grow older. Am I the only one going the other way?

00.Sep.2001 Student Movement The fatal flaw in Bush's education plan.

00.Sep.2001 Avoiding the Laos Trap In a seedy Bangkok hotel, I found pimps, prostitutes + the guy who makes America's foreign policy.

01.Jul.2001-31.Aug.2001 The CIA's Weakest Link Forget James Bond. What intelligence agencies need are a few good professors.

00.Jul.2001-00.Aug.2001 Missing the Boat in Macedonia Why the experts didn't foresee the latest crisis in the Balkans.
Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney The dangerous competence of OMB director Mitch Daniels.

00.Jul.2001-00.Aug.2001 Is the Corporation Obsolete? Corporate irresponsibility? Blame the charter---and rewrite it.
00.Jun.2001 Monkey Do Bush's White House is repeating the Clinton administration's biggest mistake.
00.May 2001 Bird Brains How comic books lost t.

00.May 2001 Bird Brains While 23 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder, the NIMH is studying how pigeons think.

00.May 2001 Weapons of Mass Confusion There's anthrax in your subway. Who you gonna call? 00.May 2001 Extremism in Defense of Moderation is No Vice. Why aren't the moderate Senate Republicans more influential?

00.Apr.2001 The Myth of Military Poverty Most servicemembers aren't poor. The ones who are need fiscal boot camp.
A Good Way of Getting Rid of Bad Guys ~ The CIA didn't play a lead role in ousting Milosevic. Thank God.

00.Mar.2001 Manufactured Consent ~ How to win back our civic faith after the non-election.

00.Mar.2001 Bandits in Black Robes ~ Why you should still be angry about Bush v. Gore.

00.Mar.2001 Market Myths ~ The failings of conservative economics.

01.Jan.2001-31.Feb.2001 Locking Up the Vote ~ Disenfranchisement of former prisoners was the real crime in Florida

01.Jan.2001-31.Feb.2001 Campaign Lite ~ Why reporters won't tell us what we need to know.

01.Jan.2001-31.Feb.2001 The Last Angry Man ~ What happens when the Nation of Islam turns into a black version of the Promise Keepers?

00.Dec.2000 Shotgun Diplomacy ~ The dangers of letting the military control foreign policy

00.Nov.2000 Contempt Of Court ~ How Jesse Helms and the State Deparment are helping future Milosevics escape justice. 00.Nov.2000 Finding The Civil Service's Hidden Sex Appeal ~ Why the brightest young people shy away from government.

00.Oct.2000 Bobby: Good, Bad + In Between ~ The many incarnations of Robert Kennedy.

00.Oct.2000 Flying Too High ~ A year after JFK Jr.'s crash, general aviation still enjoys stout subsidies + unsupervised skies.

00.Sep.2000 Tax Free Millionaires ~ How the super rich get away without paying any taxes.

00.Sep.2000 Monkey See... ~ How the Bush campaign copies Clinton's.

01.Ju.l2000-31.Aug.2000 Global Shell Games ~ Sen. Byron Dorgan - How Corporations Operate Tax Free

00.Jun..2000 Substance Abuse ~ Faking, flubbing + cramming with the media's talking heads.

00.Apr.2000 He's No Pinocchio ~ How the press has exaggerated Al Gore's exaggerations.

00.Mar.2000 The Conservative Cabal That's Transforming American Law ~

01.Jan.2000-31.Feb.2000 Presidential Aptitude Test ~ What you really need to know to pick a president

00.Dec.1999 The Gipper's Constitution ~ Republican judges are rewriting the law of the land

02.Sep.2004 Korruptionsverdacht gegen Siemens-Manager -Bei ihrem Versuch, die Korruption im Konzern einzudämmen, hat die Münchner Siemens-Spitze einen herben Rückschlag erlitten.

Die Ermittlungen wurden auf hochrangige Bereichsmanager ausgeweitet.

01.Sep.2004 ...ergaben die Untersuchungen der Frankfurter Staatsanwälte, nutzten Untergebene Kleys noch bis zum Frühjahr 2002 ein kompliziertes Geflecht aus geheimen Konten in Liechtenstein und Abu Dhabi, um drei Enel-Topmanager mit rund sechs Millionen Euro zu schmieren. Ob ihr Chef davon wusste, ist noch unklar. Nach umfangreichen Durchsuchungen - Anfang Mai bei Siemens in Erlangen und Offenbach sowie in Privatwohnungen mehrerer Manager - sah es zunächst so aus, als würden nur drei untergeordnete Angestellte der Energiesparte beschuldigt. Inzwischen wird auch gegen den früheren Finanzchef der Erlanger Siemens-Sparte ermittelt - wegen des Verdachts der Bestechung.
00.Jun.2004 -erst Ende- war Kley in den Ruhestand gewechselt + für den SPIEGEL vergangene Woche nicht erreichbar. Ein Siemens-Sprecher lehnte jede Stellungnahme ab.
01.Sep.2004 The NYT piece today reflects continued efforts at the Pentagon to paint Franklin as a low-level desk grunt with little access to Paul Wolfowitz.

This last is just a lie.

In a conversation with me, Franklin indicated that he was in very close contact with Wolfowitz + Franklin offered to get me an audience. I said, "You don't read my web log, do you?"
CNN reports that AIPAC, which passed confidential Pentagon documents and information from Franklin to the Israelis, holds 2000 meetings a year with US Senators and Congressmen, leading to the passage of an average of 100 pro-Israel pieces of legislation every year!
Some readers have suggested that I have exaggerated AIPAC's hold on the US Congress.

But I have direct knowledge of senators + congressmen being afraid to speak out on Israeli issues because of AIPAC's reputation for targetting representatives for un-election if they dare do so.

And, it is easy to check. Look in the Congressional record.

Is there ever any speech given on the floor critical of Israeli policy, given by a senator or representative who goes on to win the next election?

And look at the debates in every other parliament in the world; there are such criticisms elsewhere.

The US Congress is being held hostage by a single-issue lobbying organization that often puts Israeli interests above US interests, as the spying scandal +

the attempts to thwart the prisoner exchange by Iran of high al-Qaeda operatives for Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists demonstrate.
Indeed, you would expect the revelation of the FBI case to provoke congressional investigations of AIPAC. There won't be any, for obvious reasons.
Again, I underline that the USA Jewish community does not support most AIPAC positions (a majority are much closer to USA for Peace Now) +

that this issue has to do with a small fanatical leadership of a specific lobbying organization, nothing more.URL: https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6818.htm
the Uggabugga blog has put up a diagram of the Franklin spying affair as far as it is known so far.
Juan Cole is Professor of History at the University of Michigan. https://www.juancole.com/

01.Sep.2004 There was a slick pol named McCain
Who played both sides like a game
But when push came to shove
He grabbed his ankles for Rove
And sold his own Bush for some fame.

01.Sep.2004 Journalisten-Entführung: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Saudis

01.Sep.2004 Entwaffnung der Dschandschawid: Uno stellt Khartum vernichtendes Zeugnis aus

01.Sep.2004 Tschetschenien-Wahl: Empörung über Schröders Freundschaftsdienst für Putin

01.Sep.2004 Börse am Nachmittag: Wall Street kaum verändert

01.Sep.2004 Neue Hiobsbotschaften: Ölpreis steigt wieder an

01.Sep.2004 Konvent der Republikaner: Cheney knöpft sich Kerry vor

01.Sep.2004 Falscher Bush fleht: "Gebt mir eine zweite Chance"

01.Sep.2004 Evolution: Der Nasenfaktor bei der Partnerwahl

01.Sep.2004 Ikea-Eröffnung: Drei Tote bei Massenandrang

01.Sep.2004 Irak: Gaddafi und Papst fordern Freiheit für französische Geiseln

01.Sep.2004 Schulterschluss in Frankreich: "Wir lassen uns unser Kopftuch nicht mit Blut besudeln"

01.Sep.2004 Open Access: Nobelpreisträger fordern freien Zugang zu Forschungs-Ergebnissen

01.Sep.2004 Dumm gelaufen: Leibwächter lassen Scharon stehen

01.Sep.2004 Interview mit Apple-Manager: "Wir kommen nicht nach"

01.Sep.2004 Kaution: Thatcher kauft ihren Sohn frei

01.Sep.2004 Nordossetien: Unruheherd im Nordkaukasus

01.Sep.2004 Anti-Bush-Proteste: Polizei nimmt fast 1000 Demonstranten fest

01.Sep.2004 West-Nil-Fieber in USA: Ärzte empfehlen dringend Mückenschutz

01.Sep.2004 Islamistische Bekennerschreiben: Geheimdienste zweifeln an Putins Qaida-These

01.Sep.2004 Anschlagswelle: Russland bezichtigt Deutschland der Terrorhilfe

01.Sep.2004 Gruselkabinett: Forscher will totes Mädchen geklont haben

01.Sep.2004 Hijacker-Programme: Plötzlich spinnt der Browser

01.Sep.2004 Kino im Irak: "Mein Film ist der erste ohne Propaganda"

01.Sep.2004 Flugverbot: Barfüßige Passagiere müssen unten bleiben

01.Sep.2004 Al-Qaida: Festnahme zweier Terrorverdächtiger in Pakistan

01.Sep.2004 Astronomie: Zwei Leichtgewicht-Planeten entdeckt

01.Sep.2004 Einzelhandelskrise: "Es genügt nicht"

01.Sep.2004 Umfrage: PDS profitiert weiter von Hartz IV-Protesten

01.Sep.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Glücksritter des technischen Fortschritts"

01.Sep.2004 Republikaner-Parteitag: Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde ,

01.Sep.2004 Artenschutz: Tigerbabys funken durch Russland

01.Sep.2004 Parteitag der US-Republikaner: Schwarzenegger wirbt um die Stimmen der Einwanderer

01.Sep.2004 Streit wegen Strompreis-Anstieg: "Beitrag zur Deindustrialisierung Deutschlands"

27.Aug.2004 https://www.warandpiece.com/blogdirs/001067.html
Posted by:
Collin Baber at 06:45 AM https://warandpiece.com/












MAYBE IT IS A GOOD THING CAUSE THERE IS TOO MANY KOOKS THAT NEED THINNING ! Posted https://www.warandpiece.com/blogdirs/001067.html
01.Sep.2004 So Bush is dumber than "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth."(Tommy Franks)? https://www.warandpiece.com/blogdirs/001067.html
.2004 12:30 AM Posted by:
Jonathan at

Laura quite a reveal. Take a look at this article by Julian Borger at The Guardian. Perhaps there's a connection of the Israeli agent with what your reporting.

17.Jul.2003 -The Guardian-The spies who pushed for war https://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,2763,999737,00.html

Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA + deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force.

17.Jul.2003 -The Guardian-Excerpts: Office of Special Plans (OSP), was set up by USA defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld + run by Doug Feith + Wolfowitz has a key role in coordinating.

USA OSP was an open + largely unfiltered conduit to the White House not only for the Iraqi opposition.

OSP also forged close ties to a parallel, ad hoc intelligence operation inside Sharon, Ariel's office in Israel specifically to bypass Mossad +

provide the Bush administration with more alarmist reports on Saddam's Iraq than Mossad was prepared to authorise.

"None of the Israelis who came were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels," said one source familiar with the visits.

Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith's authority without having to fill in the usual forms.

The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith + other USA Washington neo-conservatives had with Israel's Likud party. https://www.warandpiece.com/blogdirs/001067.html
27.Aug.2004 The FBI investigation . For months, I have been working with my colleagues Paul Glastris + Josh Marshall on a story for the Washington Monthly about
pre-war intelligence.

In particular, the component I have been focusing on involves a particular series of meetings involving officials from the office of the undersecretary of defense for Policy Feith, Doug + Iranian dissidents.
As part of our reporting, I have come into possession of information that points to an official who is the most likely target of the FBI investigation into who allegedly passed intelligence on deliberations on USA foreign policy to Iran to officials with the pro-Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, as alleged by the
CBS report. That individual is Franklin, Larry a veteran DIA Iran analyst seconded to Feith’s OSP.

01.Sep.2004 One senior USA intelligence source told {EIR} that, were it not for Colin Powell pitching a fit, the Irangate II schemes would have gone a lot further. The extent to which this descent into Hell actually gripped the Bush-Cheney Administration is now a question for Federal investigators to ferret out.URL: https://www.rense.com/general56/supreb.htm   First published June, 2004
00.000.19---00.000.19-- Reagan-Bush [BGHW948] USA National Security Council NSC staffer North, Oliver used Ghorbanifar as the intermediary between the Iranian government + Israel.

00.000.19---00.000.19-- -then- Reagan-Bush [BGHW948] USA National Security Council NSC consultant Led een, a to the National Security Council NSC , had promoted Ghorbanifar as a trustworthy asset.

As part of an elaborate scheme to win the release of USA hostages in Lebanon, Ghorbanifar had brokered the secret sale of 508 TOW missiles to Iran.

Proceeds from the missile sales were illegally funneled to the Contra rebels, waging a USA and Israeli-backed insurgency against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

00.Oct.1986 A plane carrying arms to the Contras was shot down over Nicaragua + an USA crew member was captured, along with documents and other evidence of the USA covert backing for the rebels.

This began what became the ``Iran-Contra scandal.''  

00.000.2001-00.000.2003 -When in- word of the Ledeen-Ghorbanifar – USA Pentagon machinations surfaced, Powell also accused Feith of running an illegal channel to the Iranian regime, undercutting his own sanctioned, but secret diplomacy with Iranian officials in Geneva, Switzerland.  

00.Aug.2003 -But as late as- Ledeen and Ghorbanifar were at it again, pressing their allies in Feith's office to open up contacts with the USA occupation forces in Iraq.

This time, Ghorbanifar claimed he had Iraqi Shi'ite contacts who could lead USA weapons inspectors to Iraqi weapons grade nuclear material, which had been smuggled into Iran. He claimed that his sources had ``saved USA lives'' by providing details of Iranian terror plots against USA GIs in Afghanistan.   When the so-called source insisted on a $250,000 payoff before he would reveal where the nuclear material was hidden, the deal fell through. Ledeen still insists that Ghorbanifar's information was solid.   URL: https://www.rense.com/general56/supreb.htm
01.Sep.2004 Indeed, the very same USA + Israeli + Iranian neo-con liars + shady arms dealers who brought you the Ollie North Irangate saga, have been caught, engaged in the same dirty dealings, all over again.   Chief among the Iran-Contra veterans, who are up to their eyeballs in the present Irangate II caper, is Ledeen, Michael the self-professed „universal fascist“, who is also, according to several USA intelligence community sources, a prime suspect in the scheme to forge Niger government documents, purporting that Iraq was seeking uranium precursor to build nuclear bombs.

A USA Federal grand jury is probing the forgery scheme.  

00.Dec.2001 Ledeen first moved to revive the Reagan-Bush era Iran connection, setting up a meeting between two Pentagon civilian neo-cons + Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms dealer, whom the CIA denounced as a criminal and a liar. Three days of meetings took place in Rome, involving Harold Rhode, Larry Franklin, Ghorbanifar + two still-unidentified officials of the Iranian regime. According to an Aug. 9, 2003 {Washington Post} account, the Iranians were offering to help the United States in the war on terror. Citing an official Pentagon statement the previous day, the Post reported, ``The first contact, in late 2001, had been formally sanctioned by the USA government in response to an Iranian government offer to provide information relevant to the war on terrorism.''   Rhode and Ledeen go back 20 years, according to Ledeen's own acknowledgements, in a recent book. Both are proteges of leading British intelligence operative Bernard Lewis. And both are also prime boosters of Chalabi.

23.Mar.2003 -Following the USA invasion of Iraq- Rhode was dispatched from Washington to Baghdad, to be the contact point between the Office of Special Plans and the INC chief.   Franklin, a Defense Intelligence Agency officer, was assigned to the Near East/South Asia shop at the Pentagon, where he served as the Iran desk officer, reporting to Bill Luti.   URL: https://www.rense.com/general56/supreb.htm
01.Sep.2004 One particularly bizarre item surfaced, as this particular neo-con group scrambled to defend their longtime Iraqi asset. Following the raid on Chalabi's home and offices, two attorneys, John Markham and Colette Goodman, fired off an angry letter of protest to the Bush Administration. Goodman, with the international law firm of Shea and Gardner, is the official registered lobbyist for the INC, according to papers on file with the Department of Justice. A leading attorney at Shea and Gardner is R. James Woolsey, the Clinton era CIA Director, who, as a member of the Bush Administration's Defense Policy Board, has been one of the biggest promoters of the urban legend that Saddam Hussein was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on Washington and New York.   Lawyer John Markham, a longtime leading member of the overtly Satanic cult known as the Process Church, was later a Justice Department attorney, responsible for railroad prosecutions of Lyndon LaRouche. Markham, at the Boston USA Attorney's office, was a leading protege of William Weld, the Boston Brahmin who ran the ``Get LaRouche'' drive + was later defeated by John Kerry in a bid to enter the USA Senate.   - It Didn't Stop With Iran-Contra -   URL: https://www.rense.com/general56/supreb.htm
01.Sep.2004 Among the leading candidates to join convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Jay Pollard in the hoosegow, or at least, in the hall of shame, are: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith; Near East South Asia/Office of Special Plans head William Luti; Feith deputies Harold Rhode, Abram Shulsky and Michael Rubin; Office of Special Plans staffer Col. Bill Brunner; and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. All have been known to maintain intimate ties to Chalabi. Another Irangate ``veteran'' and Chalabi booster, Elliott Abrams, who was convicted of perjury (and later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush), was named the top NSC official on the Middle East in late 2002, a post he still holds.   The authoritative Republican Party insiders newsletter, {The Big Picture}, reported on May 24, that, following the raids, an angry Chalabi phoned the Pentagon + demanded to speak to his longtime friend and patron Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz refused to take the call. Wolfowitz's snub mirrored the actions of other neo-cons, who are desperately clinging to their positions in the corridors of power at the Defense Department + the Office of the Vice President - + are, therefore, anxious to cleanse themselves of links to the now thoroughly discredited Chalabi.  

Even Mark Zell, the longtime law partner of Doug Feith, announced his break with Chalabi, accusing the INC chief of reneging on his vow to seize power in Baghdad, recognize the government of Israel, and reopen the oil pipeline between the Iraqi fields and the Israeli port of Haifa. Following the USA invasion and occupation of Iraq, Zell, a West Bank-based lawyer, had formed a Baghdad business partnership with Salem Chalabi, Ahmed's nephew and business front man, which reportedly arranged contracts for Israeli security firms for postwar ``reconstruction'' and security missions in ``liberated Iraq.''   Several well-placed USA + Israeli sources have claimed that the Chalabi-Zell firm arranged subcontracts, that allowed as many as 50 Israeli interrogators to work in Iraq. In January 2004, ``Jack'' London, the CEO of CACI--a northern Virginia-based company that provided interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison--traveled to Israel on a business junket, to drum up joint-venture business with Israeli security firms. According to a former top USA national security official, both CACI and Titan, the two USA firms implicated in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, have had longstanding business dealings with Israeli high-tech companies. The Feith and Zell international law firm recently established a Washington-based front, FIST, dedicated to pairing up Israeli + USA high-tech companies for joint venture contracts on homeland security and Defense Department outsourcing.   Other neo-cons outside of government, including Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, Kenneth Timmerman and Laurie Mylroie, are equally hysterical, defending Chalabi, and even touting his work with the Iranians as being in the interests of the United States.   URL: https://www.rense.com/general56/supreb.htm

01.Sep.2004 Hartz-IV-Protest - SPD-Spitze fürchtet Zerreißprobe für Deutschland
Die Wut im Osten wächst, radikale Parteien legen in den Umfragen zu, im Westen lässt der Solidargedanke nach. Im Streit über die Sozialreformen zerfasert das, was eigentlich zusammengehört.

Zahlreiche Regierungspolitiker warnen vor einer Eskalation, die eine neue politische Spaltung Deutschlands nach sich ziehen könnte.

01.Sep.2004 Berlin - Der nordrhein-westfälische Ministerpräsident Peer Steinbrück warb an die Ostdeutschen gerichtet um Verständnis dafür, dass es auch im Westen Regionen mit sozialen Problemen gibt. Viele Kommunen in seinem Bundesland seien zum Teil auch wegen der Finanzleistungen für den Osten verschuldet.
Auch NRW-SPD-Chef Harald Schartau schlägt in diese Kerbe. Er warnt vor schwer wiegenden Risiken der Tiraden im Osten. Die Menschen dort sollten die Lage nicht weiter eskalieren lassen, mahnte er die Ostgenossen im SPD-Präsidium diese Woche. Auch im Westen sei die Stimmung inzwischen explosiv.
01.Sep.2004 New York - Mehr als 5000 Radler hatten sich nach offiziellen Angaben an der Demo beteiligt. Sie verlangten im Sprechchor ein Ende der Bush-Regierung und versuchten, mit Autofahrern ins Gespräch zu kommen. 250 Teilnehmer nahm die Polizei am Freitagabend (Ortszeit) fest.
New Yorks stellvertretender Polizeikommissar Paul Browne begründete die Festnahmen mit Ruhestörung und der massiven Verkehrsbehinderung durch die Demonstranten. Sie seien mehrfach gewarnt worden, hätten aber nicht darauf reagiert, erklärte Browne. Dagegen nannten Teilnehmer die Demo friedlich und das Vorgehen der Polizei absolut unnötig.
Bereits am Donnerstag hatte die Polizei 22 Demonstranten beim Protest gegen die regierenden Republikaner abgeführt. Das allein war das Dreifache aller Festnahmen, die die Polizei in Boston während des Parteitages der Demokraten von Bushs Herausforderer John Kerry vorgenommen hatte, berichtete die "New York Times" am Samstag

01.Sep.2004 18 Vor dem Wahlparteitag Hunderte Bush-Gegner festgenommen
Der Wahlparteitag der Republikaner in New York beginnt zwar erst in zwei Tagen. Aber die Polizei ist sichtbar nervös: Sie verhaftete bereits zahlreiche Bush-Gegner - unter ihnen die Teilnehmer einer Fahrraddemonstration.

URL: https://www.uspoliticstoday.com/news/IraqGeorgeBush?afid=355
Wanniski: Would Kerry Have Invaded Iraq?
31.Aug.2004 Bush Distorts Kerry's Position on Whether He Would Have Invaded Iraq
Despite Their Denials, Bush & Company Are Inching Toward A Theocratric White House
31.Aug.2004 'We Have Lost Lives and Allies, Liberties and Freedoms. In the Age of George Bush, We Have Lost Our Way' (extract From Graydon Carter's Book 'What We've Lost')
31.Aug.2004 GOP Sen. Coleman's Wife Reveals Almost All!
31.Aug.2004 Election Forecasts: A Numbers Game

01.Sep.2004 The two buses blew up 15 seconds apart, about 100 yards from a busy intersection in the center of Beersheba.

"People were screaming + yelling. Everybody was running," said witness Tzika Schreter, a 50-year-old college lecturer. URL: https://info.mgnetwork.com/printthispage.cgi?url=http%3A//ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGBNS8GEKYD.html&oaspagename=www.tbo.com/ap/story.htm&image=tbologo80x60.jpg

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said President Bush had been briefed on the attack.

"We USA condemn these kind of terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms. There's simply no justification for the killing of innocent civilians," McClellan said.

The State Department said Hamas must be put out of business. Spokesman Richard Boucher said action, not words, was needed as he again denounced Hamas as a terrorist organization. Unlike after some previous attacks, he did not call on Israel to be restrained in its response.

URL: https://interestalert.com/brand/siteia.shtml?Story=st/sn/08270000aaa047b0.upi&Sys=siteia&Fid=WORLDNEW&Type=News&Filter=World%20News

27.Aug.2004 Powell echoes Bush on Iraq errors - WASHINGTON, (UPI) USA Secretary of State Powell, Colin Friday echoed President's Bush's comments that "miscalculations" had been made in Iraq.

"You make plans, but what you have to be able to do is adjust those plans when faced with reality," USA Secretary of State Powell, Colin told Tony Snow's talk radio show.

USA Secretary of State Powell, Colin :"There is an old army expression, "No plan survives first contact with an enemy."

In a New York Times interview Friday, Bush said he made a "miscalculation of what the conditions would be" after USA troops went to Iraq."

USA Secretary of State Powell, Colin told Snow, however, the USA would continue to press ahead, supporting the interim Iraqi government, in its attempts to stabilize Iraq.

01.Sep.2004 Hicks beaten for 10 hours : Australian terror suspect David Hicks suffered two separate 10-hour beatings by his USA captors, his father said.

01.Sep.2004 Top USA general in Iraq sent memo authorizing use of dogs to scare prisoners : The senior USA military commander in Iraq sent a secret cable to his boss at USA Central Command outlining more-aggressive interrogation methods he planned to authorize immediately

01.Sep.2004 Equatorial Guinea Halts Trial, Seeks Thatcher Detail, AP Says

01.Sep.2004 Adventure playground : What happier roost could there be for Mark Thatcher and his mother?

01.Sep.2004 Video: Swift Boat Veterans for truth? : On examination, it seems the Swift Boat Veterans for truth are neither swift nor truthful. Windows Media.

01.Sep.2004 Zogby Poll : Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks

01.Sep.2004 Sack AIPAC! And Abolish Their Tax Exempt Status! : Why then are donations to the foreign State of Israel allowed as sheltered contributions?

01.Sep.2004 Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to the Zionist "State"

01.Sep.2004 Jewish Voters: Bush's Secret Weapon? : If Bill Clinton was the first black President -- a moniker he relished -- then Bush [BGW968] is the first Jewish President.

01.Sep.2004 Used to working behind the scenes, AIPAC suddenly thrust into limelight: The Jerusalem Post reported that the AIPAC officials involved were Rosen, Steven + Weissman, Keith + The Jerusalem Post reported that Rosen, Steven + Weissman, Keith have spoken to USA federal investigators.

01.Sep.2004 Nest of Spies : 00.000.1979 -When Iranian “students” took over the USA embassy they called it the “nest of spies.”

01.Sep.2004 -Now- it seems, USA FBI has discovered a real nest of spies, Israeli ones. Inside USA Pentagon.

01.Sep.2004 A Long History: Israeli Espionage Against the USA

01.Sep.2004 Israel, Iran Trade Threats As FBI Investigates Spying: USA Ally Said to Have Received Documents on Tehran

Iran says several people arrested for nuclear spying: Iran's Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi said that "several people" have been arrested for spying on the country's nuclear programme, the official news agency IRNA reported. 01.Sep.2004 Let's stop Bush-bashing and listen to what he has to say : If it is so blindingly obvious to the rest of the world that Bush is dumb, dangerous and the rest of it, how is it that millions of intelligent and perfectly decent people in the US see it so differently?

01.Sep.2004 Charley Reese: Don't Waste Blood: What is being accomplished by these young Americans dying in Iraq? It's not saving Americans from weapons of mass destruction. There aren't any. It's not saving America from al-Qaida.

01.Sep.2004 Giuliani and MacCain make case for Bush. Dig grave for America: What went on was a frightening descent into a bizarre pro-Israel anti-Islamic Crusade which both these men urged, nay, demanded, that Americans wage with every fiber of their souls.

01.Sep.2004 Media Elite Toast McCain : Guests included NBC's Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert, ABC's Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Ted Koppel and George Stephanopoulos, CBS's Mike Wallace, Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer, etc.etc

01.Sep.2004 Standing on the bodies: Re-Electing Bush Is Debt Americans Owe Victims Of 9/11: Rudy : President Bush must be re-elected because the nation owes it to the victims of 9/11 to continue his unrelenting war on terrorism, Rudy Giuliani declared last night. 

01.Sep.2004 Juan Cole: Republican Convention "We did not seek this War": No USA president has more desperately sought out a war with any country than Bush [BGW968] sought out this war with Iraq.

Only Polk's war on Mexico, also based on false pretexts, even comes close to the degree of crafty manipulation employed by Bush + Cheney to get up the Iraq war

01.Sep.2004 Sistani most popular Iraqi leader, US pollsters find 01.Sep.2004

Bush’s “War on Terror”: No Lack of Imagination : President Bush has the chimerical and dangerously naïve notion that al Qaeda attacks America because of its freedoms—that is, the United States is attacked for what it is and not what it does. All evidence is to the contrary.

01.Sep.2004 Paul Krugman: A No-Win Situation : Trying to install first Mr. Chalabi, then Mr. Allawi, as strongman - can be seen as a persistent effort to avoid giving Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani his natural dominant role.

01.Sep.2004 Adjectives pigeonhole Dems, GOPers By their uniforms you shall know them.

01.Sep.2004 CORRECTION -Due to a production error, several sentences at the beginning of yesterday's column by Sheryl McCarthy were missing.

It should have begun: Punchlines David Letterman, "Late Show With David Letterman": "The mayor is telling New Yorkers to stay away from Madison Square Garden. ... Here's what you do: Just pretend the Knicks are in town."
01.Sep.2004 Walking softly, speaking clearly At 10 o'clock Sunday morning, when I joined the crowd that two hours later would begin a protest march past Madison Square Garden, the Republican National Convention site, I felt good about how the day was starting.
01.Sep.2004 Bringing religion into politics can backfire The president said on Sunday that his politics and policies were "dictated by faith."
01.Sep.2004 Bush's politics show with unwise rush to give CIA director wider authority Is it reform or is it politics? When President Bush [BGW968] picked the weekend before the Republican National Convention to announce changes in the nation's intelligence community, he made that question unavoidable.

01.Sep.2004 Bloomberg spared park, protesters The convention isn't over yet, but it looks to us as if Mayor Michael Bloomberg won his turf war decisively.

10.Mar.2004 The Road to Serfdom A Cato Institute Book Forum featuring James M. Buchanan , Nobel Laureate in Economics + Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics, George Mason University;

Edward H. Crane , President, Cato Institute; Leonard P. Liggio , Executive Vice President, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, + President, Mont Pelerin Society; +

Daniel Yergin , Coauthor of Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy + Chairman, Cambridge Energy Research Associates.

23.Mar.2004 Nurturing Minds or Fostering Hatred? USA Involvement in Education in Muslim Countries A Cato Institute Policy Forum featuring Andrew Coulson , Mackinac Center; Taspinar, Omer, Brookings Institution;

Amb. Husain Haqqani , Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; + Bill Evers , Hoover Institution.

25.Mar.2004 Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can Do about It A Cato Institute Book Forum featuring Star Parker ; with comments by Debra Dickerson , Columnist, Beliefnet.com; John McWhorter , Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute.

Digital Pearl Harbor: How Real is the Cybersecurity Threat + Who's Responsible Anyway?

25.Mar.2004 A Cato Institute City Seminar featuring Andreas Kluth , Moderator, The Economist ; Ben Golub , Senior Vice President of Marketing + Corporate Affairs, VeriSign; Scott Culp , Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft Corporation; Larry Clinton , Operations Officer, Internet Security Alliance; + Wayne Crews , Director of Technology Policy, Cato Institute.

29.Mar.2004 Extinctions of Logic: Is There a Link between Human-Caused Global Warming and Mass Extinction? A Cato Institute Capitol Hill Briefing featuring Pat Michaels, Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute.

27.Apr.2004 Triumph of the Hacks? A Cato Institute Policy Forum featuring Bruce Reed, President, Democratic Leadership Council; Ron Suskind, Author, The Price of Loyalty: Bush [BGW968], the White House +

the Education of O'Neill, Paul + Frum, David Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute + Author, The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of Bush [BGW968].

3.Apr.2004 The War on Terrorism: A War within Islam?
A Cato Institute Policy Forum featuring Husain Haqqani, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Salam Al-Marayati, Executive Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Charles V. Peña, Cato Institute; + Michael Vlahos, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

20.May .2004 The Republican Revolution 10 Years Later A Cato Institute Conference featuring Gingrich, Newt, Former Speaker of the House; Armey, Dick, Former House Majority Leader; Ed Crane , Cato Institute + Thomas Edsall , The Washington Post.

31.Aug.2004 Canberra - Blair sei als Kind nach UK Atomwaffenversuchen in Australien radioaktivem Niederschlag ausgesetzt gewesen, schreibt Dick Van Steenis in einem Beitrag für das morgen erscheinende australische Nachrichtenmagazin "The Bulletin". Blairs Gesundheit sei wahrscheinlich dadurch beeinträchtigt. Eine Sprecherin des Politikers wies die Behauptungen als lächerlich zurück.URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,315992,00.html

31.Aug.2004 Fest steht: Im Alter von drei Jahren lebte Blair mit seinen Eltern in Adelaide, der Hauptstadt des Staates South Australia. Das Magazin schreibt nun, dass UK

00.Okt.1956 in der 600 Kilometer von Adelaide entfernten Maralinga-Wüste einen Atombombenversuch durchführten.

00.Okt.1956 Wegen einer unerwarteten Änderung der Windrichtung wurde die radioaktive Wolke in Richtung Adelaide getrieben, heißt es in dem Bericht.
00.Okt.1956-00.0001975 -19 Jahre später-Blairs Mutter starb an Schilddrüsenkrebs.

Der Medizin-Wissenschaftler + Toxikologe Van Steenis schreibt in dem Magazin, ihr Tod sei eine Folge von radioaktiver Belastung gewesen.

00.Okt.1956 -damals- Als Kind habe Tony Blair in Adelaide Milch aus dortiger Produktion getrunken. Deshalb habe der Premierminister ein erhöhtes Risiko, an Knochenkrebs zu erkranken. URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,315992,00.html

31.Aug.2004 Beistand vom Terminator: Schwarzenegger lobt Bushs Führungsstärke

31.Aug.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Erholung zum Handelsschluss

16.Jul.2004 12:00 pm (Luncheon included) Collision Course? Taiwan + the Danger of a USA-China War CAPITOL HILL BRIEFING
Featuring Ted Galen Carpenter, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute. The USA must take a sober look at its interests and its commitments in the Taiwan dispute.

There is a growing possibility that China will someday attempt to forcibly reincorporate Taiwan if the Taiwanese do not agree to reunification voluntarily.

USA Washington has made an implicit pledge to defend the island.

This commitment puts the USA at the mercy of decisions made in Taipei + Beijing + is likely to result in nothing but bad options for the USA down the road.

Join us for a discussion of the steps that must be taken now to avoid a disastrous dilemma. URL: https://www.cato.org/events/040716pf.html

31.Aug.2004 -in den vergangenen Monaten- Die Preise auf den Weltmärkten waren in die Höhe geschossen.

Ein Grund dafür war die Ungewissheit über die Zukunft des russischen Ölkonzerns Jukos. Jukos steht kurz vor der Zerschlagung. Kritiker werfen Putin vor, dabei eine entscheidende Rolle zu spielen.
31.Aug.2004Der internationale Ölmarkt beruhigte sich nach Putins Ankündigung.

31.Aug.2004In London fiel der Preis für ein Barrel (159 Liter) Rohöl um mehr als einen $ auf 39,43 $.

31.Aug.2004Auch die Hoffnung auf Stabilität im Irak sei dafür verantwortlich, sagte Steve Turner, Analyst der Commerzbank Securities in London.
31.Aug.2004 In New York gab der Preis für Öl auf 41,80 $ nach. Die US-Ölpreise sind seit dem Rekordstand am 20. August von 49,40 $ um mehr als 14 Prozent abgesackt. URL: 
31.Aug.2004 Sotschi/London - 255 Millionen Tonnen wird Russland dieses Jahr exportieren.

01.Jan.2003-31.Dez.2003 hatte Russland 421 Millionen Tonnen Erdöl gefördert, 228 Millionen Tonnen flossen ins Ausland. Damit ist das Land nach Saudi-Arabien der größte Exporteur weltweit.
Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder, der 31.Aug.2004 -zurzeit mit Putin + dem französischen Präsidenten Jacques Chirac in Sotschi weilt, begrüßte Putins Ankündigung.

Dies schaffe mehr Transparenz auf den Erdölmärkten und wirke den Ölpreis-Spekulationen entgegen.URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,315970,00.html
Parteitag in New York: Lobreden auf den Kriegspräsidenten

31.Aug.2004 Zurück zur Natur: Wanderer sind sehr individualistisch

31.Aug.2004 BND-Präsident: Geheimdienst befürchtet großen Anschlag vor US-Wahl

31.Aug.2004 Ölförderung erhöht: Putin sorgt für Preisrutsch

31.Aug.2004 Börse am Abend: US-Daten drücken den Dax

31.Aug.2004 Dumpingstreit: EU darf Sanktionen gegen USA verhängen

31.Aug.2004 Gesundheit: Wissenschaftler hält Blair für verstrahlt (Panorama

31.Aug.2004 Fall Levke: "Ich schlafe in der Erde, bis die Sonne mich weckt"

31.Aug.2004 Kehrtwende: Bush glaubt nun doch an Sieg im Kampf gegen Terror

31.Aug.2004 Kindesmissbrauch: Jeder vierte Junge bekommt zweideutige Angebote

31.Aug.2004 Gekaperte Internetadresse: Domain-Entführung könnte für eBay teuer werden

31.Aug.2004 Big Bang: Forscher rechnen mit verheerendem Beben in Tokio

31.Aug.2004 Anwaltswechsel: Motassadeq-Prozess wird unterbrochen

31.Aug.2004 Republikaner-Parteitag: "Moore, du Verlierer! Raus mit dir!"

31.Aug.2004 Neuer iMac: Apple steckt G5 in Flachdisplay

31.Aug.2004 Touristen: Die US-Amerikaner kommen wieder

31.Aug.2004 Militär im All: Russland schickt Weltraumkrieger zur ISS (

31.Aug.2004 Schröder, Chirac, Putin: Dreiergipfel zur Irak-Politik

31.Aug.2004 Konjunktur: Die Unternehmen investieren wieder

31.Aug.2004 Aufruhr im Osten: Klassenkampf am Supermontag

31.Aug.2004 Interaktive Karte: Die Montagsdemos im Osten

31.Aug.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Wie eine Vergeltungswaffe der Regierung" (Kultur

31.Aug.2004 Künstliche Befruchtung: Trauerfeier für ein Zellhäufchen

31.Aug.2004 Buhrufe für Deutschland: Wie Giuliani mit dem Olympia-Attentat 1972 Stimmung für Bush macht

31.Aug.2004 Opinion: The Courage Factor (

31.Aug.2004 Parteitag in New York: Der lange Schatten von 9/11

31.Aug.2004 Entwarnung für Defizitsünder: EU-Kommission will Stabilitätspakt lockern

31.Aug.2004 Parteitag in New York: Lobreden auf den Kriegspräsidenten

31.Aug.2004 Zurück zur Natur: Wanderer sind sehr individualistisch

31.Aug.2004 Iran Says It Arrested Several Nuclear Spies

31.Aug.2004 Consumer Confidence Fell Sharply in August

31.Aug.2004 Captors' Focus on Islamic Head Scarf Ban in France Prompts Harsh Criticism in Arab World

31.Aug.2004 US Welcomes Steps by China and Taiwan to Ease Tensions

31.Aug.2004 Former USA Ambassador to U.N. Says World Is Not Doing Enough to Stem Darfur Crisis
31.Aug.2004 Powell Calls Shalom With Condemnation, Condolences

31.Aug.2004 Former Hospital Safety Inspector Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Admits He Faked Credentials

31.Aug.2004 Former Enron Broadband Executive Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

31.Aug.2004 Oil Market Shrugs off Iraqi Export Troubles as Fears of Supply Crunch Ease

31.Aug.2004 Flooding From Tropical Storm Devastates Historic Richmond

31.Aug.2004 Judge in Court-Martial of Soldier Accused of Passing Secrets to Al-Qaida Hears Sensitive Testimony
31.Aug.2004 Appalachian Trail Vulnerable to New Forest Rules, Environmental Group Claims

31.Aug.2004 WTO Authorizes Sanctions Against USA Over Antidumping Rules

31.Aug.2004 Stocks Close Higher Despite Consumer Confidence Dropoff
31.Aug.2004 pm Drug-Food Retailer Posts 36 Percent Decline in Second-Quarter Profits

30.Aug.2004 On Monday morning, scattered protesters took aim at Republican visitors. -YAHOO- URL: https://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/cvn_convention_protests

Protesters in oversize Bush [BGW968] masks + wild costumes harassed convention-goers as they left their hotels.

"Corporate orgy in Iraq (news - web sites)," they chanted, a reference to accusations that firms friendly to the White House are making money on reconstruction contracts there.

Outside the Plaza Hotel, protesters in pink wigs stood at the door with plastic cups of champagne, toasting "to tax cuts and the rich" as the conventioneers walked out.

Police formed lines between the protesters, some of whom wore giant papier-mache masks of Bush [BGW968], Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites) + National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites).

The group that organized Sunday's enormous demonstration, United for Peace and Justice, found its headquarters a target of protest on Monday — by pro-Bush [BGW968] demonstrators from a group called ProtestWarrior.

About 15 members, chanting "Four more years!" + "U SA ! U SA !", targeted the anti-Bush [BGW968] group.

URL: https://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/cvn_convention_protests
30.Aug.2004 The heavy police presence around Penn Station + Madison Square Garden, aimed at guarding against the twin threats of terrorism + violent dissent, lent an uneasy feel to the first morning rush hour of convention week

URL: https://story.news.yahoo.com/news?g=events/el/072604elecprotests&a=&tmpl=sl&ns=&l=1&e=36&a=0&t=&prev=35
30.Aug.2004 New York City Police arrest a protester in New York's Times Square after a large demonstration against USA President Bush [BGW968] (news - web sites)'s policies August 29, 2004. The United Peace and Justice coalition estimated more than 400,000 people attended the demonstration the day before the Republican National Convention. REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

30.Aug.2004 Mercenaries cashing in on booming global industry : LIKE that other "oldest profession in the world", there is no shortage of people prepared to pay for the services of mercenaries. But times have changed + the so-called Dogs of War are learning new tricks.

30.Aug.2004 For Shame: A leaked video reveals what Bob Dole really thinks about Bush [BGW968]'s tactics.

30.Aug.2004 500 at ‘war crimes tribunal’ find Bush [BGW968] guilty: More than 500 people assembled in New York’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium concluded the War Crimes Tribunal with a resounding unanimous vote of guilty, declaring the Bush [BGW968] administration guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity + crimes against peace.

30.Aug.2004 The Battle for New York: 500,000 March Against Bush [BGW968] in Historic Antiwar Protest: More than half a million people take to the streets in New York City to protest the Bush [BGW968] agenda on the eve of the Republican National Convention in a historic march organized by the nation's largest anti-war organization.

30.Aug.2004 A Warning Fire: As a free people, we must stop following the swindlers who tell us that it's in our interest to sacrifice the lives of our children + the wealth of the nation, in small countries that pose no real threat to the United States.

30.Aug.2004 A Second Bush [BGW968] Term Not In The Best Interests Of Republicans: Might four years of Kerry [KFJ966] not be preferable to eight or more years of really effective Democratic leadership?

30.Aug.2004 Gandhi's 'march home' cry:The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi yesterday urged Palestinian refugees to march home from Jordan en masse, even if the Israelis "kill 200 people",to shock the world into taking notice

30.Aug.2004 In the name of God : Bush [BGW968]'s tearing up of the Middle East road map, last April, has found great favour with God.

30.Aug.2004 Jordan to check for possible radiation from Dimona : Jordan will ask the UN s nuclear watchdog body to help it check whether it has been affected by radiation from Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona.

30.Aug.2004 Neocon vs. neocon: The neocons have turned upon one another - + on Bush [BGW968] himself.

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] Or Kerry [KFJ966] - Our Straussian Future Is Cinched: Next year will realize a military draft-indentured servitude, slavery, call it what it is-+ thousands will serve the Straussian Master Plan as bullet-stoppers + cannon fodder on the road to Tehran and Damascus.

30.Aug.2004 Israel to US: Now for Iran: Having succeeded in getting the United States to invade and occupy Iraq, Israel is now making efforts to instigate the Bush [BGW968] administration to deal with the "Iranian threat".

30.Aug.2004 The neo-cons give Iran the Iraq treatment: History is beginning to repeat itself, this time over Iran. Just two years after the British Government's notorious "Downing Street dossier" on Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction and the first efforts to get United Nations approval for war, Washington is trying to create similar pressures for action against Iran

30.Aug.2004 Juan Cole: Franklin Confesses: AIPAC Under Separate FBI Investigation: Franklin's passing of confidential documents to AIPAC was discovered because AIPAC was already under FBI surveillance for possible espionage for Israel.

30.Aug.2004 Israeli Held Meetings With USA Analyst: The Israeli diplomat was identified as Naor Gilon,head of the political department at the Israeli Embassy in Washington+ a specialist on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

30.Aug.2004 Manuel Valenzuela: The Cradle of Devastation: Those sitting pretty in houses old and white and in the bordello called Congress would rather your son or daughter die than declare that a mistake has been made + a debacle is taking place. Those that represent and those that we elect are cowards, some of the most immoral and dishonorable people to walk the green grasses of Earth. They will do nothing + so we must.

30.Aug.2004 Attacks Halt Oil Exports From South Iraq: Oil exports from southern Iraq have been halted because of attacks on pipelines + are not likely to resume for at least a week, a senior Iraqi oil official said Monday.

30.Aug.2004 'We Were Supposed to Humiliate Them': Interview with US Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick on torture at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison.

30.Aug.2004 Dr. Robert Abele: An Attack on Democracy: The Bush [BGW968] White House is the most corrupt we have seen in recent history. 

30.Aug.2004 Days of plunder : Coalition forces are doing little to prevent the widespread looting and destruction of Iraq's world-famous historical sites

30.Aug.2004 1,000 US Dead : I have watched how stories of US military deaths were almost always covered by yahoo.com, up until the Iraqi government installation. At that time, reporting of US deaths has fallen off almost completely, despite an actual increase in deaths per day

30.Aug.2004 Sexed-up reports, pressure on the UN ... here we go again: USA claims over Iran's nuclear program sound eerily familiar -but this time around, the UK is siding with France + Germany in promoting engagement

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] defends Sharon : A young woman had asked Bush [BGW968] in a question-and-answer forum how he could have called Sharon "'a man of peace' if he causes death and torture among innocent Palestinians."

30.Aug.2004 The Axis of Treason : Israeli spies in the Pentagon : The death agony of the neoconservatives is going to be a prolonged and quite ugly procedure, painful not only for them but for the entire country – which will learn, to its chagrin and growing anger, how and by whom they were lied into war.

30.Aug.2004 Juan Cole: FBI Furious at Leak : It appears to be the case that someone in the Pentagon got wind that Larry Franklin had been flipped + was terrified that the investigation might go on up the ladder at the Pentagon, in AIPAC, and with the Israelis. So they leaked news of the investigation to make sure that everybody clammed up and shredded everything.
30.Aug.2004 A few weeks from now, fear and not fortitude will dominate the Republican National Convention in New York. President Bush [BGW968] has already set the tone when only days after 9/11, he went to New York + proclaimed, "those who aren't with us are against us." Until he ordered those forces to attack Afghanistan on Oct. 7, it wasn't clear what he would do to avenge the 3,000 people who lost their lives. 
One reason for the Oct. 7 attack could have been that the reclusive Taliban had just signed accords with China for developmental projects, as reported by John Pomfret in the Washington Post. Bush [BGW968] had only been in office for less than nine months and was inclined toward the "China threat." 
According to neo-con theory, China should have disintegrated some time in the 1990s, following the Soviet Union. But already on 9/11 it was clear to the Washington think-tank analysts that China was getting stronger and stronger. That meant China could sooner or later catch up with and or even surpass America. 
Fear once again triumphed over faith. And the USA empire once again expanded outward as if that would abate the fears that were growing among Americans
As to democracies, the future is not bright.  URL: 
Folterskandal: Kamerad belastet US-Soldatin Lynndie England

30.Aug.2004 Leuna-Affäre: Fax belegt offenbar Verstrickung Möllemanns

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] and the City: McCain und Giuliani sollen New Yorker erweichen

30.Aug.2004 Teurer Strom: Neue Preisrunde eröffnet

30.Aug.2004 Forschung: Nanoelektronik-Institut entsteht in Dresden

30.Aug.2004 Spionage im Pentagon: FBI auf dubioser Spitzeljagd

30.Aug.2004 Japan Must Revise Its Pacifist Constitution - Powell
30.Aug.2004 Grass, Pine Needles 10,400' Under Greenland Ice

30.Aug.2004 Open North Pole Water Said Not Global Warming

30.Aug.2004 Makow - Countdown To World War Three

30.Aug.2004 Goss Wants CIA To Operate In US Against Civilians

30.Aug.2004 Elite Bankers Pulling Plug On US Economy 

30.Aug.2004 Explosive Charges In NJ Gay Gov - Israeli Fiasco

30.Aug.2004 Kiss Your Internet Good-Bye?
30.Aug.2004 Horrible Birth Defects In Children Of Gulf War Veterans

30.Aug.2004 Abe Lincoln - America's First Republican Tyrant

30.Aug.2004 Mercenaries In Arab Dress Attacking Najaf

30.Aug.2004 Churchill And Hitler

30.Aug.2004 FBI Harrassing Political Activists 

30.Aug.2004 McGreevey Sex Scandal Was Israeli Intel Op - Expert

30.Aug.2004  The Energy Tug Of War - Halliburton The #1 Winner (pdf)
30.Aug.2004 Cyber Fears On Fed's Web Plan

30.Aug.2004 Stalin's Jewish Enclave In Siberia Stages Revival 

30.Aug.2004 Flash Floods Send 10ft Waves Through Cornish Streets

30.Aug.2004 Big Business The Big Winner Under Bush [BGW968]

30.Aug.2004  Feds To Take Over 'No Fly' Lists From Airlines
30.Aug.2004 US Trade Deficit Exploding

30.Aug.2004 'War May Be A Total Waste' - British Envoy

30.Aug.2004 Terrifying Rights Violations In Bush [BGW968]'s 'War On Terror' 

30.Aug.2004 US Intelligence Agencies Can't Beat Al-Qaida

30.Aug.2004 De Facto Dictatorship USA

30.Aug.2004 Fahrenheit 911 Raises Heat In The Arab World

30.Aug.2004  Malaysia's Sea Turtles On 'Brink Of Collapse'
30.Aug.2004 US Population Forecast To Boom 43% By 2050

30.Aug.2004 Can Mad Cow/CWD Prions Get Into The Water? - Yes

30.Aug.2004 Proof Mad Cow Prions Stick To, Remain In Certain Soils

30.Aug.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] Will Win - But So What?

30.Aug.2004  How Many Wars Can America Fight?
30.Aug.2004  Retiring Rep Congressman Says Iraq War Wrong
30.Aug.2004 Hail, the Conquering War Criminal Comes!

30.Aug.2004   How Far Will Bush [BGW968] Go? Part II
30.Aug.2004 Another Plum Island Mishap - FMD Spreads In Lab

30.Aug.2004 Tesla's Automobile

30.Aug.2004 Global Warming To Devastate Europe First

30.Aug.2004 Now We Know For Sure They Lied About 911

30.Aug.2004  Iraqi Women's Lives Worse Than Under Saddam
30.Aug.2004 Archaeological Discovery In England 'Changes History'

30.Aug.2004 4x4s Whip Up Worldwide Dust Storm

30.Aug.2004  Bush [BGW968] Or Kerry [KFJ966] - Our Straussian Future Is Cinched
30.Aug.2004 Another Study Shows Fluoridation No Benefit

30.Aug.2004 Police Ready Military Accoustic Device For Protestors

30.Aug.2004 Senator Kennedy Flagged By No-Fly List

30.Aug.2004 Ruins Of 15,000 Year Old Town In Western Sahara

30.Aug.2004 $2 Million, A Photo Op + The Federal Gestapo

30.Aug.2004 Mini Flying Robot Unveiled In Japan 

30.Aug.2004 Punta Gorda - Some Residents Arm Against Looters

30.Aug.2004 Washington Accused Of Ignoring Nuclear Terror Threat

30.Aug.2004 Ramsey Clark's Criminal Indictment Of Bush [BGW968], Et Al 

30.Aug.2004 White Police In UK Claim Racism

30.Aug.2004 Average Joes Have Tough Time Leaving No-Fly List

30.Aug.2004 Can Global Warming Lead To Earthquakes?

30.Aug.2004 Meat-Eaters Soak Up The World's Water

30.Aug.2004 Noah's Ark Discovered?

30.Aug.2004 New Iraqi Army Desertion Rate Tops 80%

30.Aug.2004 10,000 Israeli Army Deserters Last Year - Report

30.Aug.2004 NY/FL Voter Fraud - Thousands Of Double Voters

30.Aug.2004 When The Feds Come Knocking

30.Aug.2004 Covert BioWeapons Testing In Punta Gorda In 1957 

30.Aug.2004 The 911 Cell Phone Calls - More Holes In The Story

30.Aug.2004 FL Absentee Ballots Said Even Worse Than 2000

30.Aug.2004 Idea Of Implanting ID Tags Raises Orwellian Fears

30.Aug.2004 The Politics Of Bullying

30.Aug.2004 Army Says JetBlue Data Use Legal

30.Aug.2004 911 Cell Phone Calls From Planes? Not Likely

30.Aug.2004 How Soviet Intel Sized Up Oswald 

30.Aug.2004 Creation Myths Vs Evolutionary Stories

30.Aug.2004 P2OG Allows Pentagon To Create Terrorists

30.Aug.2004 Why Bush [BGW968] Is Not So Welcome In Small-Town America

30.Aug.2004 North Korea Denounces 'Imbecile' Bush [BGW968]

URL: https://www.rense.com/
30.Aug.2004 Was Bush [BGW968] CIA Pick On Agency Hit Team?

30.Aug.2004 'Hijacker' Visa Said Found In Flight 93 Wreckage

30.Aug.2004 1999 Data Showing Cell Phones Could Be Used On 911

30.Aug.2004 Can Americans Be Fooled Again?

30.Aug.2004 Real Estate Vultures Eye Land After Charley

30.Aug.2004 Rumsfeld Blamed Indirectly For Abu Ghraib Abuses

30.Aug.2004  If Bush [BGW968] Wants The Truth, Let's Expose All Of It
30.Aug.2004 Jewish And Arab Americans Both Favor Kerry [KFJ966]

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968]'s CIA Nominee Tried To Gut Key Intel Ops

30.Aug.2004 Oil's Slippery Slope - 136% More Expensive Than Pre-911

30.Aug.2004 The Man Without Doubt: Bush [BGW968] [BGW968]

30.Aug.2004 Margaret Thatcher's Son Charged African Coup Plot

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] Campaign Lawyer Quits Over Ties To Ads Group

30.Aug.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] Renews Call for Rumsfeld To Resign

30.Aug.2004 1/3 US Lakes, 1/4 Rivers Contaminated With Mercury

30.Aug.2004 More MTBE Horror - Vapors Contaminating Groundwater

30.Aug.2004 'We Killed 6 Or 7 Million Germans' - Butcher Churchill

30.Aug.2004  More Proof Of Flight 175/WTC Bombs
30.Aug.2004 Globalists Create Wahhabi Terrorism To Destroy Islam

30.Aug.2004 China's Reliance On Food Imports Raising Global Prices

30.Aug.2004  Seas Seen As Viable Power Source
30.Aug.2004  US Jets Fly Into Iran - Test Iran's Radar Defenses?
30.Aug.2004 Pentagon Admits Idema Bounty Hunter Contact

30.Aug.2004 Zionist Neocon Timeline For War

30.Aug.2004 Attack On 20 Iraq Pipelines Cuts Oil Exports In Half

30.Aug.2004 Clock In Times Square Counts Iraq War Cost

30.Aug.2004 Nearly 36 Million Americans Live In Poverty

30.Aug.2004 Pentagon Opposes Independent Prison Abuse Probe

30.Aug.2004 America's Problem

30.Aug.2004 Campaign To Tell Bush [BGW968] The World Says 'NO'

30.Aug.2004 Canadian MP Calls US 'Coalition Of The Idiots' 

30.Aug.2004 About-Face On Halliburton

30.Aug.2004  Is The Pentagon Monitoring Political Websites?
30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] U-Turn On Climate Change Wins Few Friends

30.Aug.2004 Earth Warned On Environmental 'Tipping Points'

30.Aug.2004 RNC Protestors Warned Not To Play Into Bush [BGW968] Hands

30.Aug.2004 Tampa Radar Failed Before Charley Hit

30.Aug.2004 Discrimination At Polls 'Subtler, More Creative'

30.Aug.2004 Uncle Sam Hides More And More From Americans

30.Aug.2004 Gen. Sanchez Approved Torture At Abu Ghraib - Army

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] To Give New CIA Chief New Power

30.Aug.2004  Porter Goss Real Estate Frauds In Florida?
30.Aug.2004 Theodorakis - Jews Control World Finances 

30.Aug.2004 Canadian CSIS: Montreal Man Blew Up Flt 587 Over New York

30.Aug.2004 Middle Finger News - US/British Media And Big Oil

30.Aug.2004 The End Of Privacy As You Know It

30.Aug.2004 FBI Probes High Level Israeli Spying In Pentagon

30.Aug.2004 TV Is Damaging Society, Says Veteran BBC Broadcaster

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] Admits He May Have Misjudged Post-War Iraq

30.Aug.2004 Israeli Pentagon Spy - Jewish Neocon Feith Hired Suspect

30.Aug.2004 264 Arrested In NYC Bicycle Protest

30.Aug.2004 Bananas Could Power Aussie Homes

30.Aug.2004 Asian Farmers Sucking The Continent Dry

30.Aug.2004 Drug Firms Accused Of 'Disease Mongering'

30.Aug.2004 Kissinger OK'd Argentina 'Dirty War' Of Mass Murder

30.Aug.2004  World Unable To Grow Enough To Feed Itself
30.Aug.2004 The Pentagon's Repeat Offenders

30.Aug.2004 Latest Israeli Spy Story Makes No Sense

30.Aug.2004 Still Unreported - The Payoff For Bush [BGW968]'s Air Guard Fix

30.Aug.2004 Faltering Bush [BGW968] Plays Terror Card

30.Aug.2004 Morbid Litany Of Bush [BGW968] Cabal's False 'Terror' Warnings

30.Aug.2004 More Problems With Electronic Voting Machines

30.Aug.2004 Pollution 'Slows Down' Workers

30.Aug.2004 USA Soldier Says Torture Encouraged

30.Aug.2004 Who Counts Them?

30.Aug.2004 Suspected Pentagon Spy Reportedly Served In Israel

30.Aug.2004 Whose Streets?

30.Aug.2004 Protestor - 'Please Tell Me Why I'm Being Arrested'

30.Aug.2004 Cops Videotaping Bush [BGW968] Protesters

30.Aug.2004 Masses Denounce Bush [BGW968] As They Pass RNC Site

30.Aug.2004 White House Report: People Cause Global Warming

30.Aug.2004 Feds' 'Super Pot' Warnings Are Bogus Say Experts

30.Aug.2004  Florida Fixed Again? Absentee Ballots Go Absent
30.Aug.2004 Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case

30.Aug.2004 Charely - Scalar Electromagnetics Used?

30.Aug.2004  Addiction, Brain Damage, Dry Dunk Syndrome And Bush [BGW968]
30.Aug.2004  Fed Whistleblower Removed For Exposing Terror Threats
30.Aug.2004 Hundreds Of Thousands March In NY - Photos

30.Aug.2004 Houston, We Have A Yukos Problem

30.Aug.2004 PEAK Z CON Russian Proves 'Peak Oil' A Misleading Scam

30.Aug.2004 DEATH CHARGE Depleted Uranium - The Real Dirty Bombs

30.Aug.2004 MISSING 757 The Pentagon Boeing - Still Missing (shockwave)

30.Aug.2004 WAR WITH IRAN Maximum Danger Of War With Iran Nearing

30.Aug.2004 BENITO'S DEATH Churchill 'Ordered Killing Of Mussolini'

30.Aug.2004 ISRAELI SPIES Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case

30.Aug.2004 Suspected Pentagon Spy Reportedly Served In Israel Israel Caught Spying Against Its Cash Cow Again
30.Aug.2004 Israel Spy Data...

30.Aug.2004 Bush [BGW968] A Failed Presidency

30.Aug.2004 Cataloging The Bush [BGW968] Betrayal Of America

30.Aug.2004 Kehrtwende: Bush [BGW968] glaubt nicht mehr an Sieg im Kampf gegen Terror

30.Aug.2004 Ölförderstopp im Irak: Opec will Lieferausfall ausgleichen

30.Aug.2004 Abu-Ghureib-Skandal: Wie aus Ivan Frederick ein Folterer wurde

30.Aug.2004 Terrorverdacht: Italienische Kampfjets begleiten Passagierflugzeug

30.Aug.2004 Krebsforschung: Leuchtende Tumorzellen verraten ihren Weg

30.Aug.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Bush [BGW968]s Spam-Maschine

30.Aug.2004 Anti-Bush [BGW968]-Proteste in New York: Schaukampf gegen die Republikaner-Show

30.Aug.2004 Gesundheit: Zigaretten schädlicher als Diesel

30.Aug.2004 Massendemo in New York: Hunderttausende marschieren gegen Bush [BGW968]

30.Aug.2004 Tschetschenien: Kreml-Favorit gewinnt die Präsidentenwahl

30.Aug.2004 Hartz-Proteste: SPD-Politiker verärgert über Oskars Montagsdemo

30.Aug.2004 Republikaner-Parteitag in New York: Proteste, Massendemos, Verhaftungen

30.Aug.2004 Kopftuchverbot: Französische Geiseln appellieren an ihre Regierung

URL: https://www.wordiq.com/definition/2001
Dec.2001 Enron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection five days after Dynegy canceled a US$8.4 billion buyout bid. At the time this was the largest bankruptcy in the history of the United States.

13.Nov.2001 Symbionese Liberation Army member Kathleen Soliah (Sara Jane Olsen) withdraws her previous guilty plea.

13.Nov.2001 War on Terrorism: WWII.-In the first such act since- Bush [BGW968] ,USA President signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against any foreigners suspected of having connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the USA.

12.Nov.2001 New York City, an Airbus A300 carrying American Airlines Flight 587 crashes minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on-board.

12.Nov.2001 Attack on Afghanistan: Taliban forces abandon Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, ahead of advancing Northern Alliance troops

14.Nov.2001 (Northern Alliance fighters took Kabul on).

00.Nov.2001 The Doha Declaration relaxes the grip of international intellectual property law by a bit

04.Oct.2001 01. case of anthrax in the USA (attack) is announced by USA federal officials.

07.Oct.2001 USA Attack on Afghanistan

10.Oct.2001 -begins USA Attack on Afghanistan

10.Oct.2001 War on Terrorism: USA President Bush [BGW968] presents a list of 22 most wanted terrorists.

12.Oct.2001 War on Terrorism: Prompted by a request by USA President Bush [BGW968], an episode of America's Most Wanted aired featuring 22 most wanted terrorists.

09.Sep.2001 Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance, is assassinated in Afghanistan September 11 -

11.Sep.2001 Terrorist Attack Around 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center in New York City, The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, + rural Pennsylvania.

17.Sep.2001 The Late Show with David Letterman is the first TV talk show to return to the airwaves six days after terrorists attack USA New York City + USA Washington D.C.

05.Sep.2001 Peru's attorney general files homicide charges against ex-President Alberto Fujimori.

09.Aug.2001 USA President Bush [BGW968] announces his support for federal funding of limited research on embryonic stem cells.

19.Jul.2001 UK politician + novelist Jeffrey Archer, Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare, sentenced to four years in prison for perjury + perverting the course of justice.

07.Jun.2001 Tony Blair's Labour Party elected for second term

07.Jun.2001 UK General Election

11.Jun.2001 -

11.Jun.2001 McVeigh, Timothy is executed for the Oklahoma City Bombing.

19.Jun.2001 USA missile -by an- 23 people killed + 11 wounded- hitting a soccer field in northern Iraq, county of Tel Afr

01.Jan.2001 A black monolith measuring approximately nine feet tall appears in Seattle's Magnuson Park, placed by an anonymous artist in reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey .

06.Jan.2001 USA Congress, presided over by Vice President Al Gore as President of the Senate, certifies Bush [BGW968]'s Electoral College victory + thus as the winner of 2000 presidential election.

20.Jan.2001 Bush [BGW968] succeeds Bill Clinton as President of the United States after prevailing over Al Gore in the disputed USA presidential election, 2000.

29.Jan.2001 Thousands of student protesters in Indonesia storm parliament and demand that President Abdurrahman Wahid resign due to alleged involvement in corruption scandals.

00.Feb.2001 Iraq disarmament crisis: UK+USA forces carry out bombing raids attempting to disable Iraq's air defense network.

06.Feb.2001 Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon wins election as Prime Minister of Israel.

09.Feb.2001 USA submarine USS Greeneville accidentally strikes + sinks Japanese fishing vessel Ehime-Maru.

16.Feb.2001 Irak Baghdad suburb bombed by USA+UK war planes, 3 people killed

01.Apr.2001 USA EP-3E spyplane collides with a Chinese F-8 fighter jet + is forced to make an emergency landing in Hainan, China.

01.Apr.2001-10.Apr.2001 The USA crew was detained for 10 days + the Chinese pilot, Wang Wei, went missing + presumed dead.

05.Jun.2001-09.Jun.2001 - Houston, Texas is devastated by flooding when Tropical Storm Allison dumps 36 inches (900 mm) of rain on the city. 2001

05.Jun.2001-09.Jun.2001 Particularly hard hit are the downtown area + the Texas Medical Center, which lost years of research + data + thousands of lab animals. Twenty-two people die; damage exceeds five billion USA $.

20.Jun.2001 Pervez Musharraf takes over as President of Pakistan.

05.Jun.2001 Senator Jeffords, Jim leaves USA- Republican party, an act which changes control of the USA Senate from USA Republican party to USA Democratic party.

June 7 - Tony Blair's Labour Party elected for second term in UK General Election

2001 URL: https://www.wordiq.com/definition/2001

2001 is a common year starting on Monday (see link for calendar) + also: The International Year of the Volunteer The United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations

01.Jan.2001-31.Dec.2001 Events

01.May 2001-31.May 2001