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Industry: Financial Services - Investment Firms

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With former USA Defense Secretary Carlucci, Frank as Carlyle Group chairman, it's no surprise that The Carlyle Group is drawn to defense.

The Carlyle Group Defense + aerospace firms such as United Defense Industries (maker of the Crusader artillery system) make up a significant share of the world's largest private equity firm's portfolio.

Also represented are information technology + health care + real estate + bottling companies.

00.000.1989 Since Carlucci, Frank joined in Carlyle Group, a host of staffers from the Ex-USA president + first USA president Bush [BGHW948] administrations have stinted at The Carlyle Group company, including

ex-USA president Bush [BGHW948]Secretary of State Baker, James III +

ex-USA president Bush [BGHW948]budget chief Darman, Richard +

Former USA president Bush [BGHW948] +

former UK Prime Minister Major, John have also made appearances.

Carlyle Group Subsidiaries/Affiliates Covered By Hoover's Online : Empi, Inc. + MedPointe Inc. + Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.

Carlyle Group Top Competitors Goldman Sachs  |  Hicks, Muse  |  KKR

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09.Apr.2002 Hoover's Selected Stories Carlyle hits opposition to Boto purchase (The Daily Deal)

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01.Mar.2003 See No Evil – What USA president Bush [BGW968] Didn't (Want To) Know About 11.Sep.2001

01.Mar.2003 ".. coming back: "Carlyle group"+"Arbusto."

While some people have guardian angels, our USA president Bush [BGW968] seems to have guardian sheiks....

Carlyle group : Behind is a private, invitation-only investment group whose holdings in the war industry make it effectively one of ## USA's biggest defense contractors.

Carlyle group owned, for example, United Technologies, the maker of our USA fighter jets.

Carlyle group has the distinction of claiming both USA president Bush [BGW968] + Ex-USA president Bush [BGHW948] as paid retainers.

00.000.19-- Bush [BGW968] served on the board of Carlyle group s Caterair airplane food company until Carlyle group s Caterair went bust.

00.000.1999 Bush [BGHW948] traveled to Saudi Arabia for Carlyle group.

11.Sep.2001 -until just after the attacks, when the connection became impolitic-The bin Ladens were among Carlyle group s select backers.

Carlyle group s chairman is Frank Carlucci, former USA president Bush [BGHW948] Sr s USA secretary of defense.

00.000.19---00.000.2003 The average Carlyle group partner has gained about $25 million in equity.

Notably, Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Prince employed Carlyle as his advisor in buying up 10 % of Citicorp s preferred stock.

The choice of Carlyle group for the high-fee work was odd, as Carlyle group is not an investment bank.

One would almost think bin Laden, Osama wanted to enrich Carlyle s group members....

Who Lost the War on Terror?

So who lost the War on Terror?

bin Laden, Osama ?

From bin Laden, Osama point of view, bin Laden, Osama made the celebrity cutthroats' .."

2. 130403antiwarblogg.html

14.Apr.2003 Hinzu kommt, dass Carlyle group s Geschäftsverbindungen mitunter dubios erscheinen.

".. USA Kriegsgefangenen mit dem internationalen Gerichtshof, also mit einer Instanz, die gemäß .."".. dubios erscheinen.

So sollen Carlyle group-Fonds nicht nur die Vermögen von Superreichen wie dem Finanzmarkt-Spekulanten Soros, George gemehrt haben.

Vor allem Bush [BGHW948] sr. hat dank seiner Kontakte zu den Scheichs in Nahost viele arabische Multimillionäre angelockt.

11.Sep.2001 -nach den Terrorangriffen in den USA -bereits- musste Carlyle group einen Zwei-Millionen-$-Kontrakt rückgängig machen:

Das Geld gehörte Verwandten des wohl .."
".. de/berliner-zeitung/wirtschaft/236515.html

14.Apr.2003 Noch mehr aufhorchen lässt der Name des Käufers: Carlyle group zählt mit seiner Tochter United Defense zu den größten USA-Rüstungsunternehmen.

Darüber hinaus verfügt die Carlyle Group zu den besten Verbindungen ins Weiße Haus:

Mit Bush [BGHW948] sr. arbeitet ein Ex-USA president + der Vater des heutigen USA president Bush [BGW968] für Carlyle group.

Der einstige USA-Außenminister James A. Baker III .."".. unterhält - beide haben während ihrer College-Zeit ein Wohnheim-Zimmer .."

Der einstige USA-Außenminister James A. Baker III gilt zudem neben dem Carlyle group-Chef + Ex-IBM-Boss Gerstner, Louis als mächtigste Person im Führungszirkel der Carlyle group Firma.

Großen Einfluss übt weiterhin .."
".. ehemalige Budget-Chef von Bush [BGHW948] sr. in der Carlyle group Firma;

Levitt, Arthur Ex-Boss der USA-Börsenaufsicht SEC, gehört ebenfalls zur Carlyle group Führung.

Major, John, conservative, früher : UK Premier, fungiert überdies als Carlyle group Europe-Chef.

Auch der direkte Draht zu Bush [BGW968] dürfte exzellent sein.

Schließlich verschaffte Carlyle group laut New York Times dem derzeitigen USA president Bush [BGW968] 00.000.1990 -mitten in- Bush [BGW968] größter Lebenskrise einen Job im Carlyle group s Caterair Management.."
14.Apr.2003 Angriff aufs alte Europa

Zug um Zug kaufen USA-Konzerne Europas Militärzulieferer auf.

Einer der wichtigsten Akquisiteure: Carlyle group, die Firma von Bush [BGHW948] sr. URL:

3. 140403antiwarblogg.html


14.Apr.2003 Gegen  die als Beilage zu dem Buch " .."



".. without allies or even a hint of hostile action by Iraq.


For one thing, the Bush dynasty is heavily invested in the arms business through Carlyle group, along with their cronies, the bin Laden family.

Carlyle group has mushroomed over the last decade by political influence, with Bush [BGHW948] still on board as director + consultant.

He is widely suspected .."