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07.Jul.2004 The trial of Bush [BGW968]  France invades the USA (part 5)  URL:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
07.Jul.2004 France Invades USA Jerry Ghinelli
11.Apr.2004 "ICH" - After months of build up, the French government, led by Jacques Chirac, launched a preemptive attack on the USA.
Declaring the USA "a rogue nation in violation of international law + in defiance of UN resolution 1441," France launched a major ground offensive to overturn what they called "the illegitimate regime of Bush [BGW968]."

Citing the 00.Nov.2000 election as proof of an unlawful government, the French claimed they are invading the USA to bring democracy to the USAn people.

Termed Operation USAn Freedom, Jacques Chirac declared on French National TV:

"the failure of the USA to disarm and the threats against France by the unelected president has created the need to invade USA

in order to protect us against the inevitable aggression by the USA along with Bush [BGW968]'s stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction.

The USA, he declared, was part of an axis of evil along with the United Kingdom and Israel.
After a relentless bombing campaign termed "Le Shock e Le Awe," French along with a German coalition forces captured Washington DC + surrounding areas.

German troops controlled territory from North Carolina to Florida.
06.Jul.2004 "Information Clearing House" -Jerry Ghinelli-

28.Jun.2004 -the Government of France, led by its President Jacques Chirac, transferred sovereignty to an appointed coalition of select USAns who will run the USA government

until free + fair elections can occur on 07.Nov.2004
The French government concurrently transferred custody of its prisoner, Bush [BGW968], the former USA president,

who was brought before an anonymous USA judge + formally indicted for crimes committed while he served as President of the USA
Bush [BGW968] served as USA's 43rd president until he was captured by French liberation forces on 13.Dec.2003, nearly eight months after Chirac invaded the USA to free the USAn people from the unelected tyrant. 
Bush [BGW968],bedraggled+confused, was pulled from his "spider hole" near his ranch in Crawford, Texas +

charged,by Chirac’s government of possessing weapons of mass destruction+invading sovereign nations+violating UN resolutions. Until now Bush [BGW968] has been held in an undisclosed location for security purposes. 
In a courthouse hastily built just outside the former residence of the 43rd president, an anonymous USAn judge, appointed by the French government, asked the former USA president to identify himself. 
"I am George Walker Bush [BGW968], President of the USA, elected by the USAn people in November, I mean, in Dec.2000 ." 
After the laughter subsided the judge warned the spectators any further outbursts will not be tolerated. 
Bush [BGW968], who was without legal representation, asked the judge if he would identify himself as well. 
07.Jul.2004 Foreign detainees are few in Iraq -USA TODAY- Suspected foreign fighters account for less than 2% of the 5,700 captives being held as security threats in Iraq,

a strong indication that Iraqis are largely responsible for the stubborn insurgency.

Since last 00.Aug2003 coalition forces have detained 17,700 people in Iraq who were considered to be enemy fighters or security risks, + about 400 were foreign nationals,

according to figures supplied last week by the USA military command handling detention operations in Iraq.

Most of those detainees were freed after a review board found they didn't pose significant threats. About 5,700 remain in custody, 90 of them non-Iraqis.

The numbers represent one of the most precise measurements to date of the composition of the insurgency + suggest that

some Bush [BGW968] administration officials have overstated the role of foreign holy warriors, or jihadists, from other Arab states.

The figures also suggest that Iraq isn't as big a magnet for foreign terrorists as some administration critics have asserted.

07.Jul.2004 Mr Bruguiere described radical Islamism as built on three circles: an inner core that is al-Qa'ida proper; a tier of radical groups with regional agendas that moved into al-Qa'ida's orbit after 11.Sep.2001 ; +

a loose outer ring of "shifting, polymorphous movements, pursuing their own goals + with their own memberships".

"When you have a three-level structure like this, the almost random interaction between them makes it extremely hard to draw up a precise model of the threat.

"But what we see today is that (Islamists) are refining their strategy, notably in their choice of targets.

They are increasingly aware of their effect on the world economy and on markets. They are acting on specific agendas."
07.Jul.2004 The level of international co- operation had improved dramatically, he said, with even Saudi Arabia showing an abrupt change of approach in recent months following a spate of terror attacks.

In Europe, judges from different countries communicated directly and cross-border investigation teams had been set up between France and Spain.

But Mr Bruguiere conceded that legal disparities and variable threat assessments often hampered progress on a case.

"Cultures are very different. Methods are not the same. We need to develop a network of relations and improve our structures of co-ordination in order to gain reaction time.

"Because time is essential in a state of war. If you have to wait too long ... you can lose the fight," he said.

07.Jul.2004 "In Southeast Asia there are real potential worries, even if today everything seems calm and under control," he said, singling out Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

There was so far no evidence of an organised network in Europe smuggling militants into Iraq to fight USA forces there, Mr Bruguiere said, but

he warned that groups linked to al-Qa'ida were making full use of the instability as a propaganda tool.

"Jihad is above all about taking up arms and fighting the infidel + Iraq is getting to the point where it can play this role.

Increasingly it will wield a power of attraction for groups in the region ... It is a kind of black hole, drawing them in," he said.

At 61, Mr Bruguiere is France's most experienced man in the fight against terrorism.

He has a 20-year track record as investigating magistrate that includes judicial triumphs over the far Left, the Irish Republican Army, "superterrorist" Carlos the Jackal, Libya + --

in the mid-1990 s -- the first manifestations of Islamic militancy.

06.Jul.2004 "We were wrong on the stockpiles, we were right about the intention," he said.

The former diplomat's comments yesterday mark the first categoric acknowledgment by a current or recently serving senior UK official that mistakes were made in assessing the threat from Iraq.

00.Feb.2004 Bush [BGW968], USA president, agreed in it was "apparently not the case" that Iraq had WMD stockpiles.

Whether Sir Jeremy felt that raw intelligence or analysis of it had been at fault was not clear.

The Iraqis may have misled Mr Hussein about their weapons capability, he suggested.

But he said that the reasons for taking military action were "actually quite compelling", founded not just on the intelligence but also on Iraq's persistent violation of UN demands and its intent to acquire WMD.

Blair is the man to find Beagle 

05.Jul.2004 USA + UK spying alliance under the spotlight 

01.Jul.2004 Philip Stephens: Nato must face up to its divisions 

30.Jun.2004 Details of Iraq pull-out on way, says Blair 

29.Jun.2004 Michael Skapinker: Final truth for truthful reporters 

28.Jun.2004 Blair welcomes transfer of power

28.Jun.2004 Iraq needs more backers on board

26.Jun.2004 Basra's bottom line

25.Jun.2004 Basra's bottom line

23.Jun.2004 Sea and air ports will stay under foreign control

06.Jul.2004 Sir Jeremy told the BBC's Breakfast with Frost programme:

"We didn't know they [the stockpiles] were there, but we thought that there was a considerable danger that they were there because the intelligence,

not just in the USA + UK systems, but in the French, German, Russian systems all said, was quite compelling at the time."

06.Jul.2004 No WMD stockpiles in Iraq, admits ex-envoy -London -
04.Jul.2004 Tony Blair's former envoy to Iraq has admitted that claims Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction were wrong, saying no evidence of them had been found.

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who was UK s most senior diplomat in Iraq after the conflict + ambassador to the UN in the run-up to military action, said

there was "no doubt that the stockpiles that we feared might be there are not there.

"We were wrong on the stockpiles, we were right about the intention," he said.

The former diplomat's comments yesterday mark the first categoric acknowledgment by a current or recently serving senior UK official that mistakes were made in assessing the threat from Iraq.

Bush [BGW968], USApresident, agreed in 00.Feb.2004 it was "apparently not the case" that Iraq had WMD stockpiles.